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ever since the sniffer was added to Minecraft Everybody forgot about him I even built this giant statue of him when the sniffer was introduced as if he had already died and this was his Shrine oh wait he’s actually been dead for millions of years cuz he’s a dinosaur you know what we should be celebrating him after bringing this extinct creature back to life so I’m going to repopulate the world and pump out thousands of sniffers starting with you I hope you can handle it if you know what I mean the problem is I only have one sniffer and you kind of need two to make a baby so uh let’s grab a brush and go find some suspicious sand to eventually find a female sniffer egg yes oh yeah plant her down feed her and take care of her let’s grab this lead come here buddy and come meet your husband this is a forc relationship now we just got to wait for her to grow up hello there all right can I breed them with uh pitching ODS I cannot all right you guys roam around the the streets and find myself the other flower so you guys can make a baby we got 998 more sniffers to go you guys got to put in some work here but while I wait for them to sniff out some more flowers so I can breed them let me tell you the game plan so inside this giant sniffer that I built I’m going to build a sniffer breeder so the Big Daddy sniffer statue can actually poop out some baby sniffers then around the surrounding area we’re going to build a bunch of cool things for them like a whole Sanctuary that’s dinosaur themed that has a temple to work worship them a glass Zoo a playground with slides trampolines a course a spray park a research lab so we can do more research on these dinosaurs and just a bunch of more things for these guys so we can really celebrate and worship the the dinosaur that we brought back to life what it bro just sniff me what the hey yo chill that was a deep sniff but yeah that is the game plan which means we got to clear out this entire forest and flatten it all out which took me 3 hours hours but with all the space now around my sniffer it gives me a ton of room to build all the cool things that I want for the sniffer while I was clearing all that out I manag to collect a bunch of uh flowers that they dug out from their giant nostrils oh my don’t sniff me like that bro so if I want to get a th sniffers by the end of this video I’m going to need to build a sniffer farm and where’s a better place to build it than inside of this giant sniffer so that Daddy can push out a bunch of babies that is not how birth works and why do I always do this there’s so many mobs in here you guys aren’t sniff oh my God bro give me slowness I’m getting out of here all right I got some torches and let’s light this entire place up of course there’s more creepers than any other mob look at this let’s be very careful cuz I’m not I don’t really remember how to rebuild this it was a lot of work so I don’t want to blow anything up I got to be extremely cautious oh my God how how did how did they blow up where where was it I don’t see a hole anywhere oh maybe that just One Singular block and I feel like I basically got everything so let’s fly out of here and another creeper blew up nice let’s fly out of render so all the mobs despawn and I think we’re good oh yeah okay perfect oh I found the holes the creepers busted out of the sniffer leg but like I said I want to build the sniffer Farm inside the sniffer so since we have this giant hole inside the leg let’s bring daddy and mommy up there come with me oh my God look at his look at his nose let’s bring them up here I can’t believe I’m carrying them this is unreal stay let’s now head over to the butt side of the sniffer and just uh carve out a little a little hole a little buttthole that’s uh probably big enough right there and this daddy sniffer is literally going to be pooping out baby sniffers it’s going to be hilarious so for the sniffer Farm let’s build a platform where I can put some rails and this will collect all the flowers that will be sniffed out then a layer of grass on top and a nice glass border surrounding this just like that and I switched to the grass with some mud and some brown mud because since we’re inside of the sniffer I thought it would be kind of funny to make it look like some some turds you know let’s get Mr Mommy and Daddy come on buddies and in you go okay they didn’t die I was actually kind of scared oh my God he’s already finding a flower what what are you going to find oh yeah we got a pitcher pod the mud works okay so now they’re going to be sniffing out a bunch of flowers and eventually the mine cart underneath will pick this item up there we go and I’ll collect it inside of a chest then using the flowers I can breede these two guys making unlimited sniffers and hopefully expand their family to 1,000 th000 by the end of this video and right down here is where I’ll be collecting all of the flowers that they pick up and I just need the other flower to breed them I I’m pretty sure it’s not oh I’m sorry I’m I’m pretty sure it’s not pitcher pods so keep sniffing guys once I get enough sniffers inside this breeding pod and it’s like completely full I’m going to connect it out to the butt of this sniffer and Let It Rain sniffers to populate this entire land if that makes sense so now while I wait for those sniffers to keep sniffing let’s first start by mapping a path around this entire area that will lead to the sniffer Sanctuary the temples the Zoo the playground the sniffers bathtub or shower a research lab and a bunch of food and things to eat and smell everywhere there we go all right let’s go check on my sniffers let’s see how they’re doing into the hole oh my God my sniffer Farms I don’t even know what to say I can’t think I have any words but it’s been infected with Mobs no no no no no oh my God I’m actually done with I’m done with creepers bro die man okay at least the sniffers didn’t get hurt that that’s the most important thing getting 1,000 sniffers might be way harder than I thought let’s just sit here for a few hours and see what they can get me and after two full hours I got only eight torch fire seeds these sniffers are really slow but I’m going to breed them and get our first ever sniffer baby which is going to be an egg and they cannot breed again for a few minutes so at least now I have one more sniffer to sniff out some flowers while I have okay and go to bed so I’ll see you guys in the morning good morning okay it’s been about 10 hours I still have my three sniffers alive which is a good sign they haven’t died from starvation yet and please have like nine stacks of flowers not even a stack oh my okay I really need to increase these sniffers so let’s have them have a baby again and wow they’re slow you guys aren’t excited to do the deed huh and let’s plant another sniffer right here okay we’re slowly making progress it’s already been two full days of real life oh my God I have a mof arm in one of the legs but while I wait for that baby sniffer to grow out of its egg let’s start working on the sniffer habitat and all the cool stuff I’m going to build cuz these guys are going to be living life so let’s first start building a temple right over here beside this bridge and this will be the first thing that the sniffers see when they walk into their [Applause] habitat hopefully this giant Temple will make them feel special and so far I really like the design I’m going with it kind of reminds me of McDonald’s just cuz it’s red and yellow but I’m going with like a more Japanese temply theme that is really similar to the first homes that I built inside my world but anyways let’s continue building this Temple I still need to design a roof then add all the walls railings and all the other details oh my God there’s a creeper go away dude I I literally hit him oh my God I hate creepers so much they’re so oh my God I’m out I’m leaving see you okay but anyways this is what the temple looks like so far it’s uh it’s a little skinny but that’s because I haven’t added the walls yet but I really like the design and the second I build it creeper just blow it up ah there we go it’s all fixed up but before I add the walls to the temple let’s fly back into the hole of the sniffer oh I missed it it’s uh easily missable sometimes oh yeah we got four giant sniffers now let’s grab some torch flower seeds and continue breeding them and now we’re going to have two sniffer baby eggs and from here on out we’re only going to get more and more exponentially meaning that four is going to turn to eight Eight’s going to turn to 40 40 is going to turn into 1,000 that is some quick Maths for you totally legit trust me bro all right let’s be a turd and leave the hole and start working on the walls and finish up the sniffers Temple oh my God why are there so many zombies now it’s a whole family chasing me even his kids after me all right we’re almost done but let’s go back into the sniffer and start checking out his babies are they born yet oh yeah let’s grab some flowers and see if they’re ready for breeding again yes make babies we’re slowly getting more and more sniffers this this is is good but since we’re here let’s take a look at their fur it’s a nice greenish reddish color and I want to do the same exact thing for the inside of the temple I want to make it feel cozy inside so if a sniffer walks in here they can just see uh creepers and skeletons okay please don’t blow up my temple like last time come on get out of my Holy Temple but yeah the bottom is going to be a nice fluffy red the walls are going to be a nice fluffy green so it feels just like home when they’re inside of it there we go we got a nice little cozy room for the sniffer now now let’s just add all the food types that he can eat or sniff oh yeah and I’m pretty sure these are all the blocks he can sniff grass Moss dirt coarse dirt the muds and oh wait I forgot the root and some rooted dirt I just need to make a quick pathway leading into it and the temple is done the two babies haven’t grown up yet so uh let’s try to breed the other adult boys these sniffers are on a roll all right now I want to build a sniffer playground so once the sniffers cross this bridge the first thing they’re going to see is a fun little playground carved right into this jungle and let’s start by building a swing of some sort like this so this is where the sniffers will walk up to the playground and it’s going to extend this way so there’s going to be like monkey bars and slides and swings or whatever but this is my first Slide the sniffers can just slide oh oh I wasn’t expecting that for the water to sit in the stairs that makes it even cooler I thought it would sit on top like right here oh yeah so the sniffers can just come down here and ride down a nice little slide now over here let’s make some monkey bars and if they can’t make it past it they’re going to fall into the sand bro what what are you do why is this guy jiggle peaking what the heck this guy’s a professional Minecrafter oh my God I just saw purpled in in Mob [Music] form okay let’s head home and grab some chains where my chains at come on I got to have something in here come on junk chest don’t let me down yes you never let me down but with these chains I can use them to make some swings I have no idea how a sniffer is going to use a swing or even a slide or even monkey bars but you know what don’t question it just have fun okay so let’s make a seat right here hopefully these chains can handle their weight it might not even handle mine now over here in this empty space I want to make like a little merry-go round mine cart thing where the sniffers can push each other around and have fun so let’s head back home again oh my God not these guys they’re like those annoying little kids that just bother you in class oh I’m I’m out so let’s head down here into the junk chest and find some more rails um come on yeah and let’s craft a my cart and let’s build it right here yeah now they can ride around in circles that’s if the sniffer would even fit in this little mine cart I feel like I barely fit so maybe a baby sniffer can do it maybe uh right over here in this corner let’s build a quick basketball net or something I can’t even make a shot let me just stand right here cuz I’m short Kobe Curry oh yeah you just got scream Curry’s name and there we go the playground is done it looks pretty fun I’m not going to lie I don’t even need to go outside anymore in real life but let’s check up all my sniffers again I actually did AFK my computer for like two full days because whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa waa hell hold up how did you guys get wait what what the heck get in there boy I think I put some eggs a little too close to the edge maybe but we already have a bunch of of sniffers and I’m pretty sure we have a ton of seeds already oh yeah so using this I can breed them again and we’ll do a final count of all the sniffers once I have bred them let’s plant these eggs randomly around which makes a total of 20 sniffers including the eggs right here so that’s that’s not too bad which only makes us 2% the way there to 1,000 that is two out of the many things I’m going to be building for the sniffers inside this giant sniffer sanctuary and next up right beside the playground will be a bathtub sniffer showery thingy right here because when you play in the sand in the park it’s all dirty and muddy and Sandy I want my sniffers to be clean let’s first start by building a bathtub area and maybe a little bit of privacy so I built up these walls hopefully that will cover up their naked sniffer self after breeding all of these sniffers I should get at least six eggs so let’s plant them right here and that makes 26 sniffers don’t worry soon enough we’re going to have like hundreds and hundreds it’s it’s going to ramp up fast but let’s continue building this bathtub so right here on this side I want to build the like a giant hot tub so just like a nice little square right here and then I want to make a more intimate hot tub for like a sniffer couple you know maybe right here right beside the the hot the giant hot tub and this will be right beside the nature I added some bamboo here and I kept in a tree let’s put another giant one right here and in the middle of the spa area so uh let’s start building these [Music] bathtubs okay so I’m planning to have these two as nice steamy hot tubs and this one as just a general pool so let’s go home and grab some sand because sand makes the water bubbly and make it go pop pop and then boom boom make it look hot tub something like this do you know what I mean oh wait yeah do you know what I mean why do I I just make some I sound like my dad or my mom the Chinese accent coming out but there we go we got some little Bubbles and it makes it look like we’re in a hot tub the only problem is it protrudes out a little bit is it possible to put it underneath the slab and still have it bubble it is not possible so um we’re going to have to make a little revision here let’s cut out a little area in the center and replace it with some Soul Sand like this I don’t know why there’s a air bubble though I I don’t want it to look like that maybe cuz there slabs right here oh wait maybe I need to put water in the slabs oh there we go I’m a genius I knew that yeah we got a little hot tub and now for the coup’s hot tub I’m actually just going to make this entire area Soul Sand like that oh yeah I can’t even touch the floor it’s so bouncy I should probably put some Vines up there so it kind of like makes a little wall cover for the main General Pool I’m not going to add anything because it just a little swimming pool that the sniffers going to sit in and over here let’s start working on the showers let’s grab some white stained glass and turn them into paint tea paint and let’s craft some levers I don’t know why I made a stack of levers I I literally only need like two so let’s uh separate it by maybe like two blocks like this so a sniffer can fit right here let’s put one here oh this is a little too small I don’t think I can even fit in that like that bam bam bam oh yeah we could have we got four stalls let me just get rid of these leaves now let just build a little roof on top of all the shower stalls okay I got some cauldrons and some dispensers so now let’s just slap a dispenser right uh facing down like this let’s put a cauldron at the bottom so we can collect all of the water now I just need to put a lever let’s put it on the ceiling so now if we put some water bucket in here and turn it on it doesn’t work nice I why doesn’t oh wait cuz these are slabs there we go oh yeah okay it actually does make a giant flood let’s just put some here and here and that should stop it oh yeah it does break my lever though which is not ideal okay I changed up the design a little bit I put the dispenser up there higher up so when I do turn it on it only comes down to one stream and I put some trap doors here so it doesn’t flow everywhere and yeah it works it works pretty good but there we have it the bathtub area Spa thingy for the sniffers is all complete but let’s go ahead and breed all these sniffers again cuz they’re feeling the mood we’re starting to get a ton of more sniffers like it’s it’s sounding pretty crazy here a Fest it’s just a moaning fast and now I’m stuck move why are they trapping me let me free which got me seven eggs oh yeah we’re loading up on these guys there’s almost a little too many sniffers already to do a head count so let’s just add on to the number before and say we have 33 sniffers I do count when they’re all grown up anyways the next thing I want to build for their Sanctuary is going to be right here beside the bathtub and since this was water themed I think I’m going to continue that theme and make a water park or just a few more fun colorful slides for them so let’s fly home once again and grab a bunch of colorful blocks to make the water slide and let’s build a giant pool for the water slides now we need to work on the frame that will hold up the slide it’s going to be a giant metall looking frame So the plan is to build two different water slides right here one of them will be orange and this will be like a nice loop-de-loop around this pool and right into this side and the other one will be right over here on this side and it’ll just be like a nice little curve right into that side of the pool building a slide in Minecraft though sounds almost impossible so I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I’ll try my best there we go it’s it’s a little wonky but it’s really hard to make it like look like it’s it’s ridable you know what I mean but this doesn’t look too bad to start and I do need to smooth it out a little bit on these edges so let’s just put down some water and see how it looks it’s connecting up there’s a a death spot right here and another death spot right here um yeah at least it goes to the bottom I need to fix up all these little holes show you guys what it looks like when is all fixed up there we go um it’s it it honestly it looks pretty good like it’s the best I can do like I can’t do anything else it’s a little spots where it’s like flat water but hopefully the momentum will just carry you all the way down so let’s start working on the next slide which is going to be right beside it and made in blue oh this is all powder oh man there we go that was painful and now let’s start building the other slide which is going to be like a loop which is going to be even harder than the one I just built so uh this is going to be painful there we go I feel like I did a pretty good job making this a spiral what is this called again a waterfall a water slide I’m stupid but yeah I think I did a pretty good job with the fact that we’re playing Minecraft so the sniffers will ride this all the way down here let’s beef up this wall I made sure to add some more water here so there’s like some cushion and into the pool but yeah I think this looks pretty amazing the only thing I need to fix is the support beams and I made sure to do this last so let’s increase these beams here let’s uh build out the frame here extend it vertically that way this will be supporting the orange slide a little bit like this and once this starts curving we could just simply add some little um beams like so let’s bring this out will the sniffers hit their head on this probably uh it doesn’t matter you know we’ll we’ll take the risk if the sniffers get a concussion they get a concussion and for this side there definitely needs to be a support beam so I might just put it out here maybe and actually just have it come across to support it like that maybe another one going up like this okay that looks a little weird you know what screw physics the SL can just float let’s just put one over here and call it a day there we have it the water slide for the sniffers is complete right beside the bathtub shower area and a nice playground man these sniffers are going to be living the life they’re going to be living in a 10 star hotel resort while I still live in a shack at home and don’t even have dinner to eat but let’s check up on these sniffers I’m pretty sure all these eggs should have hatched and yeah every single sniffer is an adult and after I breed all these sniffers collect their eggs and plant them that brings our total to 51 sniffers it might be a few sniffers off but it doesn’t matter cuz we’re going to have way over a thousand I think but there’s still a bunch of more things I want to build inside this giant sniffer Sanctuary like a research lab right over here off in the corner th do research on these sniffers since they’re ancient dinosaurs we should research them since we brought them back to life so let’s start by building a frame for This research lab and inside of it I obviously want some sniffers some sniffer eggs and a garden to research the ancient flowers that they sniff up okay let’s take a look on how this looked uh yeah what did I just say okay I’m just going to keep going I think it looks pretty good I tried going with a different design I just found it on Google I really like it it’s uh something unique I feel like I need to bring in a different style for the sniffers even even though this isn’t totally japanish Vibes I I really like it it’s Unique and I feel like a research lab should feel almost futuristic so let’s just continue building and see how it looks at the [Music] end ooh I kind of like it I I try to mix in the middle part Diamond thing with some green and the edges with blue now I just need to add in the entire roof ah okay the research center is looking pretty cool it really stands out when you’re just flying over here like the giant Temple and then this modern looking Research Center I I love it but now let’s make a doorway into this let’s just cut a hole right here but now let’s fill in the floor there we go and even the inside looks pretty nice there’s like diamond shapes and triangle it’s just a it’s a cool little thing I don’t know so let’s continue building the inside of the research lab [Music] [Music] there we go I added some little pods right here for a sniffer egg and two sniffers I got some nice little Podium Booth thingies right here for the flowers to research on and a bunch of research stuff like books some notebooks to Make Some Noise some levers to look like I’m busy some random Brewing stuff some books on dinosaurs I don’t know it just looks cool in here so now let’s head into the sniffers bum cheeks bro what is going on okay there we go and they’re all grown up now I really need to start focusing on the sniffers cuz I’m too focused on making them a nice little home that I won’t even have a thousand sniffers to live in yet but let’s uh start breeding them this time we’re about to get a ton of sniffers and that got me 26 sniffer eggs so before I plant them inside the farm let’s sacrifice a few and throw them inside of the research center so let’s come in here and slap a sniffer egg in here for research and let’s put two right here let’s lock them up at least they have a nice little cage and there’s like some nice Moss to live on and not some jail cell obviously and now let’s somehow find a spot for all 23 of these eggs this is getting crazy which makes a total of 77 sniffers already we kind of do need to speed it up a little bit so I’m just going to aate here and continue grinding all these sniffers pause until we’re on [Music] track all right so as you can see I totally expanded this entire sniffer Farm to fit the entire sniffer body and I also have a ton of sniffer eggs right here it’s actually kind of crazy to look at how many eggs we have like these are ancient dinosaurs that were brought back to life they’re supposed to be super rare and now I have like dozens and dozens of eggs but with all the eggs and all the sniffers combined I think I’m in a total of 115 sniffers somewhere around there it’s kind of a guesstimate cuz I also have some sniffers down there that kind of fell out of their cage some somehow there’s uh there’s one on the edge here he’s about to fall he’s sniffing that grass down there there’s one down there there’s one here he’s trying to talk to his friend he’s stuck with Mobs and ugly dudes so yeah it’s getting a pretty crazy wow that was the most limp firework ever it reminds me of myself but I’m going to keep rolling with this until we’re at around 250 and I’m guessing by then the farm will be entirely full again okay I’ve been going around breeding these sniffers over and over and I swear it’s impossible to breed them all I’ve been right clicking for about 10 minutes inside this giant baby festing crowd and there’s just more sniffers I keep finding that hasn’t had made love yet like everywhere I walk I’m just collecting sniffer eggs I literally almost have two full stacks of eggs so if I include all the eggs I have right now that adds to a total of around 334 sniffers and Counting cuz they keep making more babies all of these sniffers making love having boyfriend and girlfriends and there’s me just a a lonely dude in the crowd yeah I think I think it’s time to get out of here so since I don’t have any more room to plant any more eggs inside of this Farm I can’t even get out let’s go ahead and grab some more Moss blocks and some grass and let’s build another platform on top of the farm just so I can plant all of these eggs look how many eggs I have here this doesn’t even look right so let’s put a little baby cam on and watch them all hatch there we go all the eggs have hatched and now we’re 34% way there all of these sniffs can’t even move anymore they’re just jiggling but I’m sure I can breed all of these sniffers again and the problem is it’s getting a little bit laggy so I’m going to hold off a little bit on that and continue building the sanctuary oh wait I totally forgot I need to add flowers inside the research center can I plant them down wait what oh doesn’t need to be on grass let’s mine this away and put some grass and I still can’t place them down wait is it too tall or something what hello why can’t I why can’t I plant them maybe it needs to be farmland for some reason I feel like that wouldn’t make any sense let’s hold that and oh my God it’s you literally need hold land I feel like that doesn’t make any sense at all also this is so random but a little life story I I this morning I cooked a pack of bacon thinking I’m going to eat like three pieces I ended up eating the whole pack it was like 15 pieces of bacon so I I feel a little slow my brain hurts a little bit I feel the salt running through my veins right now I feel like I’m going to develop cancer and like heart disease and every single problem in the world so uh little advice don’t eat a pack of bacon I might not make it out alive oh no okay let’s plant some water here ho that and plant the pitching pods oh my God why does it look like that I don’t even know what this supposed to look like to be honest I’m pretty sure this one is blue but I have no idea what the pitching pod looks like so I guess we’ll find out together anyways that is a research lab complete now before I let all these 300 sniffers out of the daddy sniffer I’m going to need to build a pretty large fence surrounding this entire area so they can’t escape and just roam around around the world and die again so let’s work on that I’m going to use some chiseled stone brick and a bunch of Mangrove planks so give off this uh like like this Royal looking fence kind of like this and the only issue is I only have 14 Mangrove planks to my name well let’s fly all the way over to my swamp biome actually let’s do that little trick again that I usually do let’s fly into a cloud and teleport there yeah we’re inside of my mangr village now and uh let’s just start slaving away and mine some Mangrove wood honestly I don’t even know why I flew here when I have mang gr saplings inside my chests and I could have just bone meal that all right I’m back and here’s here’s the plan for the the the fence let’s put some chiseled blocks like this with a nice tall pillar let’s put another layer like that let’s make it five blocks and bring it up and mainly this fence is supposed to protect these sniffers from these guys and a little nice layer of Glass on top to give it some uh some some niceness you know but yeah let’s uh let’s do this all around the entire perimeter of everything that I built and come back and see how it looks and there we go we got a nice little wall going around the entire enclosure so hopefully there’s no holes or any gaps to where the sniffers can escape from but I made sure to build it really tight so they can’t even fit through like right here on this Cliff side I do need to fix it up so it looks more natural so it looks like something is holding up this cliff and kind of child safe fit right at near this Ravine there there’s a few things to do here cuz I don’t want them to fall in here and drown let’s first work on this giant wall that hold up this Cliff so it just looks a little more natural and there we go it looks way better like it it actually looks official now even from the far like just have okay you can’t even really see the sniffers in the way it just looks so much better even made sure that every single block is at least two blocks high so the sniffers can’t get on top the next area we need to Baby proof is probably this giant Ravine right here the sniffers are pretty dumb so I’m expecting them to jump down here so let’s craft a bunch of fences and around this entire Ravine all right this should baby proof it I I put fences all around it and I even had to stack up these walls right here on the bridge it kind of looks not as good as before but at least no sniffers going to be dying okay one of the last things I want to do before releasing all the sniffers is building some special food pods or little eating Nooks so they can just sit and eat together and also a sleeping area so since everywhere is grass and the sniffers can basically eat anything on the floor I’m going to make their eating area all of these flowers I feel like that’ll be more fun holy cow I got a lot so let’s grab my hoe and I also need some water buckets let’s just steal that from the swimming pool don’t mind me the sniffer is going to be drinking some chlorine water now and I’m just going to continue this right off of this pathway so it’s super natural and they can just eat whenever they want oh my God these flowers are already growing holy cow they grow fast I don’t think I’ve even seen it fully grown I I know it’s two blocks tall but that looks pretty cool what is this block doing this block has wao whoa this Block’s on a Mone of its own what the bro is flying the magical podil what the this plant comes with a built-in pot or it looks like a giant carrot what the heck okay let’s continue building a bunch of more food farms and some sleeping pods all around [Music] here and this is what it looks like now I got the little sleeping pod I added a little pond so like the sniffers can drink and swim somewhere even though there’s a bunch of swimming areas here and all of the flowers it looks so good I love it the full grown uh uh pitching pods look amazing it’s so bright and blue and the torch flowers also look really good I love it it’s so colorful unlike my life but let’s try to get to 500 sniffers here all I need is some torch flower seeds actually like stacks of it and just hop in here and start breeding this place is so tight their sniffers stuck inside of the wall they grew outside of their home this is crazy but if I turn the volume back on all you hear are just sniffers it is crazy and I ended up getting a total of two stacks and 22 I think it’s time to put these eggs into the habitat let’s just place them all right here which looks so funny to see and let’s watch them all hatch so it just came back after an hour and I didn’t even realize that there are Phantoms trying to attack me but luckily the sniffers have saved me and like they’re just protecting me from the Phantoms but all the sniffers have grown up and oh my God even make it out and it’s a pretty crazy crowd in here but soon I’m going to let them all free I just need to finish up this entire fence so they don’t pour out into the world you know there we go I just added a simple glass pane wall right here so I can like just look right through it and see all the sniffers I think it would be pretty cool cuz this is like the spectating area and this is like the defense area but uh I think it’s finally time be free yeah enjoy your new Sanctuary let’s go oh my God they’re just busting out of here I really hope there isn’t a gap in these walls anywhere or anywhere to escape oh my God I got a face full of bum cheeks but they’re slowly roaming out there’s so many sniffers stuck in this corner though it’s kind of scary but while I let them do their thing I’m going to be breeding all of these sniffers so we can get even closer to 1,000 and after breeding all of my sniffers inside of the giant daddy sniffer and the sniffers out here I managed to get three stacks of 36 sniffer eggs but with all of these eggs I can finally populate the top part of this entire exhibit and honestly I feel like all of these eggs will fill up the entirety of this habitat area mass thing and I was totally right there are eggs everywhere I put a bunch of eggs where they sleep I put some inside the swimming pool inside their bathtub area one is being dunked somewhere on the swings there’s a floating egg right here and they’re just everywhere man like I have some sitting on this seat and inside of here it kind of feels like a little growing pod you know like it’s like the inside of a sniffer baby I don’t know what I’m saying but but yeah there’s a bunch of eggs in here growing that brings our total sniffer count to 712 which is a lot of sniffers every time I fly in here now I start lagging a little bit once all of these sniffers grow I just need to breathe them one more time and oh no there’s mobs in here I forgot to light this place up let’s light this entire place up so no mob spawn so yeah all I got to do is just wait for these boys to grow up all all right I’m back I finished making my white girl era breakfast I’ll put a photo on the screen as you can tell it was very healthy I feel great but yeah I think all the sniffers have grown up now and we have literally the entire Place roaming with sniffers for some reason though they’re all avoiding the shower come on guys like clean up a little bit holy at least they’re having fun in the playground and a few of them are enjoying the food flower stuff oh my God I thought I prevented this and there’s sniffers everywhere inside the Ravine house at least they’re not dead so oh no but anyways let’s breed all of these sniffers one more time and get up to 1,000 sniffers and with all of these sniffer eggs that I got from all of these sniffers that makes a total of over 1,000 sniffers yeah we literally have a thousand sniffers in here now they’re they’re not all alive yet a bunch of them are in my inventory oh my god I didn’t even realize there’s so many sniffers over here maybe this habitat was a little too small cuz we still have all of these eggs to place down and inside the daddy sniffer there’s a a lot of sniffers to be released and there is only one hole that they can be released from all right let’s place on all of these eggs now it’s finally time let’s come over here oh oh my God I got sniffers in here too let’s grab some blocks and make a little passageway out of here let’s build a poop shoot so the daddy sniffer can finally let his load go now let’s let him free let the Viagra do its work wait Viagra is not the right thing let the the pooping meds do its work I forgot what’s it’s called oh my God can’t see okay they’re all trying to make their way out it’s uh it’s a little tight fit but the daddy sniffer right now is constipated so he’s slowly uh letting the little Pebbles out I think I need to make the hole a little bigger let’s also fly on top of here and maybe flap down a water bucket hopefully that’ll help push it out oh yeah it’s flowing out they’re flowing out it’s a giant daddy sniffer Turing out mini baby sniffers it just coming out the the back end be free they’re slowly making their way out though oh my God there’s already so many out from the the holy I found a new way to get them out oh my go wait wait wait two zombies just popped out they’re camouflag as sniffers dude there’s zombies in here I didn’t even realize but I think I found the best way to get these sniffers out I just added some trap doors and I just used some food to lure them out and I just hope they fall down okay there’s still some sniffers left but I mainly got most of them out let’s take a look at how many sniffers are out here now I haven’t even seen it yet oh my God check out this corner right here oh my my God at least up here isn’t as crowded these guys okay never mind I lied holy cow there are sniffers everywhere but there we have it we have over 1,000 sniffers and a giant sniffer habitat with the giant daddy sniffer right in the middle that gave birth to all of them this was a lot of fun this took me over a week to do and by the way if you want more cookie content go check out my Roblox Channel I post like almost every day we’re still close to 100,000 subscribers so go check it up I’ll see you guys next Friday peace

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This MINECRAFT HARDCORE SERIES is inspired by Wadzee, MumboJumbo, Grian, and sandiction! Instead of being the Hermitcraft SMP, this series is similar to a MINECRAFT CHALLENGE video because it is HARDCORE MINECRAFT! This is similar to my 100 DAYS in MINECRAFT HARDCORE but better! 🙂

I Trapped 1000 Sniffers in Minecraft Hardcore


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