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for hello hello oh my God hello oh d you got a bunch of Hearts that’s hot you look like a heart damn that’s crazy all right give Sec hello everyone welcome back to our stream welcome back to our live welcome back to another video as you can tell by the title of today’s stream we are just going to be playing some SMP and uh just to let you guys know on some information regarding these streams uh you like just like basic information uh when you see the title of the VOA SMP stream having an emoji before it that means that it’s going to be a lore stream and if it doesn’t have an emoji before it that means that it’s just going to be off camera stream if that makes sense uh anyways uh let’s just get straight into this this going to be like the first episode and let us Contin I can hear you by the way don’t worry I my God yeah yeah let me just read brother huh brother brother we need we need we need I’m going to cry now all right we need to we need to start preparing on our needed things so since I’m the better Builder I’m going to start building uh we have a good base template over here so I recommend you go collect some resources what the [ __ ] [ __ ] is Stone flying brother the witchery that stone is a way Point Way Stone it just it has the power don’t worry about it same as the crafting table yes don’t worry about it brother right so you want me you want me to get uh stoned for you uh get stone and as much wood as possible we already have a lot of wood so stone is the main [Music] priority all right all right see you man see you brother all right let us actually continue this yeah everything’s working fine let want to make sure everything was working let me just empty my pockets real quick just to make sure that everything is not going to be overflowing the [ __ ] um got bunch of got a bunch of bunch of stuff holy no I know how to work door bro [Music] okay here we go uh let us uh I’m going to need some of these stairs work from that from there like 40 brother the yes brother I’ve brought home some resources but I do ask of how much you need for your project uh it’s a good question so if you can follow me over here oops that was totally intentional don’t worry about it everyone makes mistakes brother exactly so if you call me up here you see that we have one room two room and then there’s a third room there’s going to be another one over here so going I need you to do is chop down this tree your ginormous looking tree right here and after you wait wait don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t okay it’s fine so there’s going to be another room over here and after we’ve made that one uh every section below the rooms will have an underground section if that makes sense thanks for the apples all right brother all right welcome I’m going to see you then all right you have a good one thank you so oh so how many uh okay uh I’m going to need so let me check real quick we currently have only 42 and six so 42 take these 42 Cobblestone just so you can keep track take all of them take all the Cobblestone that is in there and yeah take all of that take all the Cobblestone take all the Cobblestone I feel burdened take all that I feel over burned brother there you go so uh what I need you to do is you can make uh I think 18 Stacks should be good 18 18 cuz we’re going to lose a lot of cobblestone in the process of making the stairs trying to build an Empire ho well the ceiling the roof needs to be looking good you know three one two three go make this all right all see you I’ll be back brother no worries all right onwards we go [Music] crap I need to get myself the no that’s a mega Hammer let get an actual axe uh do we have any iron axes here NOP just Stone right got one two three function a bit on this Perfect all right we go that looks good there we go oh [ __ ] uh should probably not falling down here huh we’ll probably figure something out um okay this looks good I need to make a shovel look real good ah red used to be my favorite color I CH blue not currently not currently finished if you check the other room it’s currently done with the floor this one is not B I’m just coming back oh oh uh here I got you gra food from other place I had accidentally left my food home home with a clutchy moment know now these apples are just like on a whole other level I am going to uh have a chest outside the front door for your Cobblestone got it let’s buy the first campfire all right I’m out brother all right see you man see it toward the light s here just a second stuff just went on what the hell is up in there okay [Music] uh I need shovels there we go a fully untouched shovel that’s great oh my God bro everyone just wants to talk to me what the hell Jesus Christ oh wait uh mess this one up there you go all right this uh this defines lots of physics let’s hope I do not die here uh that was stupid it’s fine there we go there some apples fine should be good there we go everything’s good okay seems to be going perfectly fine normal uh I’m thinking of I think like so this should be good there we go so one half blue and one half red just so they can connect with one another good everything looks great now then well he is that part and build the other ah brother what’s up made it back home did you manage to how much did you manage to yeah oh that’s juicy you need you still need 18 Stacks uh yeah just a couple more it should be good all right our tools aren’t most 30 of materials you break fairly easy down there that’s so we got the most resources ever so it should be good maybe one day we can find find the more stur material pretty spooky down there that that cave was something else huge huge 100 foot drops how do we ever get down seriously I didn’t go that deep we’ll explore later today it’s fine I just I’ll just continue to actually want Glock later today brother you think we’ll be fine uh yeah we should be good all right brother I’ll be out again I’ll be back all see you in a bit this layer should be fine temporary and then we’ll just add some more dirt for the base what’s up red [Music] okay I need to do that right now cuz it’s going to be a pain if you don’t all right bet I’m a man [Applause] [Applause] oh see I went to a bar last night man [Music] [Applause] no that’s much better a girl home with me [Music] man that should be fine [Music] right how did I do this so the three corners should be the same as the base oh it’s like a stair okay it’s like kind of a stair so yeah like this there we go I put okay that is that base complete um let me check something out real quick I just got to make sure everything’s working fine okay so if I make this building to support that section you should be good uh hello welcome to the stream hope you enjoy thisday uh okay I think supporting letters should be the next the best way to go down there these ankles keep getting broken not a good thing uh the storage will be settled today going to make sure that everything is in its place what is that oh it’s an endin okay those creatures are on a full level level the endin needs to be avoided at all cost but like here like one of the most dangerous creatures that ever existed I still don’t know because the Fable that my grandma told me Afternoon brother and kale that Fable is still one of the scariest things ever not going to lie I got the Stu brother all right perfect let’s get to building them uh I’m going to make the base part of it grab the three and a half stacks and follow me you teach me how to build brother yes what a day I’ve been looking to come okay been waiting for this moment learn some of so we’re going to start over here so it’s going to go one stair out and then after you make that we need to make an upside down stairs there like so uh I need to make some they’re under attack shoot we’re under attack brother yep got him okay I need to get believe this then thank you thank you appreciate it uh I need to get some Leathers are these going to be enough need five of them yeah six there we go so after we have done these two parts we need to get a full block and then get your stair upside down stair and then and continue like that that make sense for how long brother uh until we reach the middle point of the [Music] door where do you want me to start from uh on the other side where the wall is yes not there well where the wall is that’s the other room so here here yes so place a stair normally on that Cobblestone place a stair normally the other way and uh keep going like that stair upside down stair that this one is going to be like that there we go it’s a another placement oh uh this one is a bit off ow man my ankles keep getting broken these kind of days and there’s one up there there you go let me just check let me just check on the bottom so everything looks fine uh yeah so now we’re going to con we’re going to connect that to the other section and this that roof is going to be here as well on the middle one should be in the middle it’s going to start from there and there and then very end or uh so you see off brother uh the very that’s a good question I’m thinking I’m thinking of wa yes like that GL that you standing in fire us don’t worry about it I got good resistance on it so make it like that that makes sense you got very good resistance yes but you were blessed with more Health those artifacts that you found the other day those did help a lot but you know you had a bunch more of what I do brother I love exploring yes all right uh you go do your thing on your side of the house which is that one over there and I’ll do mine on this section are we uh what did you choose the variend or one block off brother so as you can see this is on the wall but just underneath it put an upside down stair and that should be pretty much so start right here on opposite side yes uh let’s grab this there we go this the middle this is the middle does full look should have been a stair my calulations not work out stair block upside down stair block upside down stair block upside down so should have been I should be one more time I messed that one up that’s on me so this is the middle where’s the pickaxe there it [Music] is okay oh crap that definitely hurt brother this took a bit of a Tipsy little drop a bit is an understatement you okay brother trying my best dad’s artifacts are keeping me alive if I didn’t have that artifacts I probably would have been dead by now brother the birds are talking to me the birds do that sometimes don’t worry do you know what they’re saying yeah like one told me that he’s going to bed the other one told me he’s going to mess up that he’s learning like I don’t know how do you know this brother how do you understand them uh I had a friend when I was younger I don’t think you met them they were a beast like you know like soup they were a Beast Master uh they were I think I’ve heard of that name before yeah they were a beast monster I don’t know if they’re still around like after we left the Empire and stuff like I don’t think I’ve ever met soup you probably have I just know the name yeah I was too young or that yeah it’s hard to remember faces these days well I don’t mean like remembering faces I just mean like if can remember that way you remember the Beast Master maybe if they’re still around find them someday yeah sorry about that uh hopefully we run AC like I don’t know if they made it out safely I did warn them that we were going to leave the Empire before we left what did happen brother you never you sometimes hold stories away from me about those types of things is it just too traumatic so the thing that happened cuz I didn’t tell you this you know how I told you that dad died on a mission yes well that wasn’t fully true what do you mean brother so our father was killed killed father he wasn’t yeah I know it’s hard to believe he was like one of the greatest the great of a man and he died I know how how hard it is to believe he’s like the greatest Arc Mage in existence and stuff but um died to what what every great historical figure that lived up until this point has died to do you know what that is what is that brother uh betrayal by his own brother our uncle you would never betray me right brother no just do you me I’m just hoping that you will do the same I have no reason to the reason I’m still here I’m glad we get the wrong as good Brothers I appreciate your care thanks manate as well do you want the same of the front down in the back he let me just go and check your progress real quick just to make sure it looks good oh well that tree is going to for those isues get rid of it there we go man dad cut trees down so fast dad’s Mastery at Timber has come in clutch a lot of times recently it is insane brother what does what does clut mean it’s come in handy that’s that’s a synonym to it so stair upside down Cobble stair upside down Cobble stair upside down Cobble stair St what is that that is a block yeah that looks good uh good job this uh I made it on my side as well follow me so I’ve made this on my side as well the only left that we have to do is this one do the I didn’t do the under part you did I I fixed it for you oh my did you yeah I fixed it for you appreciate it brother no worries so uh I recommend you do this the same roof that we did here at the back and I will uh continue to connect them bit by bit I’ll start connecting them bit by bit man these these birds are talking weird they someone just said rubs my bird wings together in an evil way I don’t know what is going on but these are just cracked Birds I I think this Forest is cursed or something brother do you think the birds are over looted probably like oh my God uh I’m going to teach you someday the language of the birds but hopefully if we run across soup again she might teach us something she might teach like she might I teach you like I’m still a rookie at this I don’t think I will be able to teach you everything I know what yeah that’s a misconception brother I know how L you work got you gotcha huh okay you’re going to do oh man my ankles nowadays are just going to get broken brother don’t R your ankle you did that a year ago you didn’t feel the same it didn’t he to save him at all it was it was a nightmare man brother your ankle is sticking out of you skin man had nightmares about it I can’t look at even you remember and I feel old now at that one treating you and I feel old right now I had to wrap bandages around your ankle man brother looked bad H I need to make more stairs let me know if you need stairs I got you I got the got about 14 lbs left oh okay you should be fine for now B do you want the do you want this last St poking out right yes yeah yeah exactly all right I’ll start setting out the base so brother my ankles are your ankles okay cuz then before Dad treated us with the I think I think the adrenaline will soon wear off and I’ll be sore but it’ll be fine for now I have to keep working it’s turning Nightfall oh man remember the story that grandma always used to tell us there’s so many which one are you specifying uh the undead like and how we actually ran and came across them uh oh since you’re down there since you’re down there can you uh on the stairs that I’ve already built can you make them upside down like I made an accidental one but it looks actually good over there over here yeah right here like this so just place them upside down them all around yeah all around so it’s going to look better need more pounds of stone rather it’s fine we have enough we have enough like I know this’s going to be a temporary base cuz we’re going to move out and start working on our actual Kingdom but I’m not going to build something that is not worth dad’s name you know he’s the one that taught us after all the bird said he’s apologizing man what is I don’t even know what’s wrong with this Forest brother I done [ __ ] up what what did you do sorry for my language brother no it’s fine it’s fine I totally understand it’s like we’re children anymore man you’re 18 and I’m 20 we we’ve lived our fair share in the world has it really been long I I don’t even want to know it’s just the memories man you know memories are on a whole other level ah brother my Piko [ __ ] [Music] Piko why are these birds roasting me how I cannot operate a door can you what the I don’t even know man ah the birds know of the birds know of architect these are not normal Birds cuz here’s the thing while a Beast Master can understand all animals these one know how to actually name out architecture that Forest Birds shouldn’t even know so these AR just like a transcript where I could read any birds that are nearby me uh we have one do we still have the transcripts maybe I could piece some words together uh wait hold up I think I left some give a second here give me a second got an apple I think we have glow stone dust somewhere from a witch that can help us I’m going to add some sugar to this so in order for you to enjoy it a slime bow glow right here brother and do we have a cockro wing I know it’s disgusting but you have to do this all right just give me a moment um okay can you bring up some iron while we’re down though how many do you need brother I need roughly seven give you I give you five lbs I’ll look for more all right just drop them me I’m going to drop you six more pounds it’s okay what does build different mean a bird a bird just told me we are built different what oh my okay I need to give you this uh I’m utus fill this with the water and I’ll prepare the ingredients in the metime time all brother I have the water brother all right fill it in give me the bucket cuz I don’t have one that’s my only one thank you I think if I remember correctly we should have this one there we go okay stand back a bit so that there going to be an explosion right well you know I’m still a rookie at this so there might be or there might not be so we’ll see okay all right just give it a couple seconds it should work its magic alongside it uh on the meantime uh let’s continue on the roof and then we’ll return back once that is finished Brewing uh do do keep a hold of this potion not potion but like bottle and then when I tell you to go fill it up it should be fine for you to go down there right well I continue the up up section of the stairs and stuff you can continue with it yeah love the communication that we [Music] have brother I have a question ask way how do we always have so much strength to be carrying all this stuff always when I once a child in the Empire they always seem [Music] so heavy like I don’t know what the word that they would Express they always seemed it didn’t seem normal to them about the r of weight we could carry is what do we do normal brother amount come here come here I need to I need to talk to you about some stuff come here come here man let me to talk to you about some stuff let’s just gather around one of these campfires let me explain some some some pieces to you so you need to understand that our father is the greatest Ark Mage in the existence right at least that’s what he told us I don’t know how true that is maybe he’s not maybe he is or whatever but he did bless us when we were born uh he never talks much about mom cuz we never got we never got to meet her unfortunately but the thing thing is we do need to understand that he did give us blessing of strength and regeneration so no matter how crazy of a wound we get or whatever happens like we will still be able to recover from that like I can regenerate on fire I can get shot with an arrow and that Arrow can stick on the side of my head but I will not die as long as my regeneration functions normally and I keep myself fed then my my health will gradually go up you were blessed more because I am 2 years older and you were the youngest while I was the oldest I had to work with my dad helping you grow up as well but at the same time he bless you with the blessings that I have and more he did tell me that Mom did bless you when you were born but it didn’t tell me as to what that is while I unfortunately was born with a curse which he didn’t he didn’t specify it he just left me a note on how to find out more about that curse later on but he specified that my life might come to an end by someone I know didn’t specify who didn’t specify what but yeah man shut up my dad did not divorce my mom what is wrong with you you are just CR these birds man he just told me divorce always leads children to the worst rabbit all I’m going to kill you if I get my hands on you we’re going to commit genocide on all these Ravens right talking about the is the potion done potion uh it’s morning already give it a second no it’s still Brewing the guans are still there they need to seep into the liquid and then you’ll be able to drink it and understand them but yeah uh talking talking about things at the same time being on the subject the the discourse the Discord between my uncle and our uncle and our father is just on a whole other level hey shut up I’m going to kill you shut up so yeah the Discord between our uncle and our father just kept growing High higher and higher I don’t know what led to the point for them to like fight each other to the point of him betraying like Father didn’t the battle you know you may be 18 and an adult but I will say that some stuff might be too traumatic for I understand brother there’s our father Aro I think he’s dead brother I’m hurting what do you mean you’re a white Raven those are things of Legends you don’t even exist man I’m going to kill everything these preachers man these these pre do you think the birs are manipulative probably by by how they’re acting and stuff I wouldn’t trust him they speak of greed probably what did he where where did there is a pig I think we found dinner dinner brother I’ve been looking forward to this he’s right down here B’s way did you get anything God he was a fat pig oh yeah he was juicy we are eating good tonight we are eating good tonight hell yeah I’ll go ahead and cook it brother all right thank you appreciate it I think the potions done you can the items have been seeped in you can go and right click and drink from it to be able to understand more of the bird language how much do I drink of it brother whole bottle it I seem encumbered oh all right you get it you feeling any different man man you’re good I know it’s t i I tried to add H like sugar to it we don’t have honey unfortunately you didn’t find any on our way it tastes like carbonated pool water carbonated what BL water oh God can you bring up uh Empire the sewage sewage you remember like how we went to the sewers to like Escape our father’s rage sometimes cuz he tried to teach us a lot of stuff but we never listen I cannot hear you over the astounding aishman of the [ __ ] rain okay uh we’ll be able to we should call it a day after the rain happens so uh here come up here there we go okay so so you inform me about the second layer of items that is going to go around so when you see the Cobblestone the full block you build it around like this okay and when you see the stairs you build it around like this okay so so it’s Cobblestone then St then Cobblestone then St uh yeah that should be how it goes I’ll make another I did not poison him he now understands your language you idiots he’ll fail sometimes but he’ll get the hang of it at one point but I’m afraid I don’t like this like with the bir are saying what are they saying from your from your side uh ow and my ankles be screaming for help recently brother don’t hurt yourself not again oh my God I fell to be carrying around brother you oh my good brother I’m good a feel burn just thinking about it if I fall one more time I swear I’mma [ __ ] myself brother that’s not very delightful I know I know it is what it is though brother how come blocks can just Flo uh gravity magic it’s one of the most basic magic in the world and the most weak one of all is there something you learned about that huh no you know it as well it’s not something that you learn some it’s a blessing more so I I understand that I could use it that’s why I just used it but yeah exactly so know why it happen I forgot to collect blocks there we go that is much better these these birds are evil honestly like some some of them just even told me that oh my God you don’t even know how to like climb properly and not fall damn the birds teaching you how to climb they not teach me how to climb they only fly themselves the bastards they’re lucky they can fly brother I did not see you what happened I think I you messed up one portion of the roof but it’s okay I’ll be able to fix it can you bring over that crafting table that is up there brother my fingers hurt hunting it hurt sure bro you can carry kilos and kilos and pounds and pounds of literal weight brother what does kilo mean so it’s from another I want to read a book named after man Karo is it based off of him you no it’s not based off of him uh you were always like exploring you were more the Explorer type instead of uh like studying so it surprises me to know that you actually read for once brother I think that’s an in it was more of a roast brother stop building you building it wrong I’ve been I’ve been trying to tell you having thoughts of hurting myself [Laughter] brother why are you laughing at My Pain no man brother I must rest okay man you lay down but I’m hurting but I don’t know if it’s physically or mentally I think it’s both man I think both of us are hurting physically and mentally the trauma that our parents left behind being royalty always meant that we would fail at something are we royalty well being the descendants of an Empire Lord and yeah I would say we are descendant sounds negative though hm descendant sounds negative like descending you can say that again I once WR that in the book it was called the elevator it was called the what the elevator it talked about descending elevator huh you’re talking about the magic that helps blocks move up and down to lead you into Higher Ground I don’t really know much about magic brother yeah that taught me a lot of it but you will always run off and didn’t study but hey it’s fine I will teach you everything I know if we someday run across soup as well she will teach you more about her Beast Master skills Wy why is her name soup right she named after a foood what do you you know you even forgot how we named her it was us that named her we found her she was an orphan we found her on the streets and then we literally were children and we were like damn you love soup and then you you as a bright younger brother you are you were like oh just name her soup she was when she was uh about 2 years old do you remember when she uh when she fell into the bow think her after bro you named her I don’t even I was just studying and you came home and you were like hey bro I found someone on the streets can I keep them I was like huh brother your decoration is veryable it’s just a temporary base blocks we will work on the door you guys are stupid but funny got to admit bro do you understand you the birds the bird talking about me shall I kill them it’s raining they’re hiding right now I don’t even hear them anymore I shall cut down the entire Forest no it’s a cursed Forest man the undead come out at night remember what grandma told us if you anger the undead more than you already have like we already built a house in the middle of their Forest they’ll strike us down I apologize about them I apologize even though we may have regenerative Powers we are not Immortal unfortunately they’re regenerating their so-called roast it’s unbearable I know man but we’ll be able to bear with it don’t worry they remind me of punkish turkey ooh that is a delicious food I wish to have one of those meal days again oh you know we cannot have that again about that our dinner brother is it cooked did you manage to make it ow it’s been cooking for a while now brother you did before it gets cold brother I’m hurting brother you were how did you know floating magic you were floating in the air for like 3 seconds that impossible like I know gravity magic is amazing and stuff but wow I could have sworn I jumped off no I heard your ankles being broken but you were still floating in midair it was something else it’s interesting brother maybe it’s some misconception from the birds how do you understand human language you’re a bird well they’re a white Raven of Legends or so they say but whatever we’ll just brother I’m getting soaked in here when can we get the roof uh the roof is nearly done don’t worry just follow me uh do you have loocks I’ll think about that brother oh no Thunder what’s wrong with thunder brother it’s just the sound it’s not just a sound what does it originate so you know what lightning is right lightning lightning I think you to me about that before you seem very baffled about lightning yeah the other day when we were exploring and lightning and thunder started to take a hold of the area you remember that just do brother and how I go I saw lightning are you okay man brother it scared me are you okay man brother it was it bright it was fast it disappeared almost instantaneously not almost it was instantaneous it happened like a flash you think we’re going to get hit up here uh I’m going to make lightning rods later not now so we should be safe at the moment so you don’t have to worry about it as long as you stay close to me we’ll be fine why is that brother well you know how magic all relies on Mana right it’s a function everything has a cause and probability like how all the Alchemists at our father’s disposal said nothing can be come from nothing only only the creator of everything can make nothing something out of nothing is that the reasoning behind your hat oh this is from this is an artifact I found on a dungeon that I came across recently so a big Golden Circle man yeah so this is called a leprechaun hat this hat is from a legendary a legendary creature called a leprechaun who hides their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is say yeah gold if we could we bait in the Le gold uh I don’t think so they actually are very smart compared to most mythical creatures who are kind of stupid and only rely on their instincts brother are you rasty you’re not a mythical creature are you Brothers sometimes are fascinated I have fantasies dreams dreams can become realities if you wish uh that wasn’t dream it was a dream no it was not you actually did wake up with a tail can you place down the crafing table please thank you that was not a dream uh I didn’t tell you this back then cuz uh I didn’t know how you’d feel and stuff but um I didn’t feel too good about it Dad and I played a prank on you how long did you hang out with Father most of the days with him it was you’re bringing back memories that sometimes I wish I also forgot cuz while yes our father is one of the greatest Mages of all time he still didn’t care much for his family other than to teach us magic or anything he never talks about he never a he never talks about mom he’s always my ious about that and you know I wish I knew more about my other parents not just not just know that they existed at one point understand brother I just hope he was more straightforward with us while he was still alive but still he was the only one that we had and rather you’re Hur no it’s okay I I’m used to this by now the birds are talking to me what are they saying they want to know if they can hear me how do they know how did they know that I took a potion are they watching us right now uh not right now probably earlier before the rain started cuz you know they they cannot stay out in the rain for long they’re talking to me did you understand them they understand that I can understand them nice did I’d be terrified uh it is scary at first but you’ll get used to it later on do not worry I think one of them that’s what you get one of the birds lost their house he oh probably not a laughing matter but you know sometimes I’m kind of a bully myself the bird told me they got malicious in tense a lot of them do you know they said of course not it’s not like I have mous intense when I get that guy what does that mean brother probably want to hurt you the want to hurt me mhm I shall burn down the entire Forest no BR this is the reason why father kept teaching you fire cuz he knows the destructiveness that you love and the magic of fire that you somehow forgot that I have to teach you again look at that us just talking about like your magic the entire weather just decided to become Sunny that’s how terrifying your magic is but you somehow forgot I have to teach you again but it’s fine I will give you the transcripts that our father kept from you and you will understand the brother call me bloodthirsty they said I need a chill Min what is achievement uh so you know how like father was working you know how our father was working on a new type of uh like item in the Kingdom the the mint like you know the the mint like plant itself the plant the plant known as mint yeah so a chill Min is a form of expression when you tell someone they need to relax and not go on a rampage so there so with the invention of the mint there was also vocab linked to the word itself our father was crazy so in the good kind of way you know so he wasn’t chw Min yes you could say that I remember I remember there’s these girls it was along with soup they were they took the said mint and they put it in cookies and they were selling it to people pretty often um brother I don’t think that was meant um those were crime organizations that that’s called drugs and you know what drugs are what is a drug you know what a drug is it’s a pharmaceutical The Alchemist The Alchemist The Alchemist already like worked on them day and night just to learn what it was and it was pretty much something that helped uh enhance people’s normal abilities oh thank you man I understand brother so that was it it was just to enhance the base the birds understand that it wasn’t legal do you think birds take drugs uh understand it well the birds are not bound by the laws of human morale so probably I remember a term back then what the what was it snort remember that being used before uh so you know how like when you’re sick and you sniff very hard to take your boogers back in your nose I know it’s disgusting understand brother yeah that’s what a snort snort actually means but um some people use the term for were snorting like sniffing really hard this drug understand brother so we will be able to well we never we never were able to catch crime organization that managed to distribute drug in Kingdom in the Empire but father still table in the Empire yes but I don’t know if they spread out this is this is the first time for me as well going outside the Empire walls and exploring the world of what it truly is and not just books I miss my old home me too buddy me too we will we will say revenge for our parents I don’t know about mother but I’ll definitely avenge my father this is the reason why we left in the first place this is the reason why me and you are on this journey we decided to do this and you know Journey for recomposition um yeah you could say that brother the birds are pretty loud yeah it it you’ll get used to it there there is a type of potion that I have not drank yet but I know how to brew uh it it lets you hear the inner thoughts of some people the inner thoughts that’s mhm that sounds like a horrible time D thatd loud what would it be like if I could just access all your thoughts right now you wouldn’t want that just trust me on this I wasn’t told that H I wouldn’t say that it would bring more harm to you than it would bring good why is that better is the pain that I feel I don’t want you to feel as well understanding I want you to be I mean I I understand your pain with your ankle but mentally it’s been so long man you and my ankle man just on a whole other level you mean you and your ankle just leave leave my ankle out of this man brother I brother I’m going to try and land on the bed it didn’t work are you okay are you are you feeling good I think I almost broke the chest brother the chest is probably already broken so it’s fine we will have to fix our storage unit a bit more it’s currently not the best that it could be okay um ooh I nearly landed on that you know let me try some of my the skills that I learned from father that was not good that was not good you know that that just that just tarnished our father’s name right there oh you did it brother did it good job I’m an adventurer brother I do it all the time sometimes more than you should it will help in the caves deep down below brother how did you make that sound that is that is fascinating brother why you talking to Cobblestone I turned around and talked to you back inan objects cannot talk back unless they gain consciousness from Mana being muted into them okay what sound do I make just speak normally like you understand some bits and pieces oh oh I don’t know I thought gr that’s not just Legends okay so you see the bird just told me something uh one of them just told me that you know how the Alchemist started experimenting on insects and bugs I do brother yeah so the bird just told me that it actually they they told me that it’s not just a uh a legend and stuff so there are actual bugs that give you special abilities I did read though you know how we’re collecting cockroach Wing fragments we will be able to make a potion that will make us invisible to some uh arachnet so we’ll be able to do some stuff but I acquire a door yes brother we’re going to build this at least your brother knows what he’s doing bro I’m the oldest I’m going to kill this bird okay uh I think speaking to me brother sometimes I think we need burn down the entire oh gosh okay let me see I should hold them ctive with the things that they say brother the sunrise is so beautiful but I can’t see anymore are you okay man brother it’s mesmerized I might cry it’s fine brings back memories doesn’t it uh I do have to ask though have we found have we found any any oak wood on our exploration so far I have not seen o in so long that was at the Empire we do yeah we do okay so we only have 26 logs though so we it is cars um [Music] H okay seems we might need to go on an adventure brother we will have to go on an adventure unfortunately even though I promised you that we will the birds tell me that I’m cooler than you brother well they’re not wrong are they I’m just the boring older brother that studies well you’re just the explor me don’t worry about it bro don’t worry about it everything will work out fine uh I would like I would I would like for you to uh make some what’s the what was the name of this sticks for me if you may here’s some some of the wood that I have I have wood brother no no just take this wood I will I will not need it for now and give me some sticks sticks yes just simple sticks oh there is a new bird in town someone just said hi hello welcome I hope it seems like a baby bird [Music] new why do wa huh brother hold sound really weird I heard I heard wolves I hear I hear wolves bro where are they brother they sound very near I don’t know one just how you heard that as well it’s crazy when you think about it the hounds are baring the Doom is near bro what do you mean Doom is near just kidding stop kidding oh my god do you remember the the pet dogs we had the Wolves Oh you mean we had a wolf when we went out on our adventures sadly yeah Sparky passed away unfortunately I don’t know got the chance to name m mine was Sparky they never made it to uh okay so I’m going to teach you brother I’m hting the monsters are out AR okay I got you man see um I think I think you have a little um you have a little arrow stuck to your forehead but it’s fine it’ll just regate I don’t feel so well you’ll regenerate it’s fine oh my God your face is disfigured but it’s it’s fine uh you call me ugly um well you were always the most handsome One so now we’re on equal levels it’s fine so you you call yourself ugly how did you know oh my goodness the arachn is in yeah a bit seconds to late in that sorry brother F I won’t let it happen again um okay back to the main topic at h did you did you me I have two stacks now it’s training again brother I’m getting [ __ ] sucked here let me see something I need to make sure that I have everything correct so if I remember the recipe from father just make sure that everything is correct here so if I do this and if I do this aha got it that’s the wrong item that I made there you Pi that up for me please a bird says hello to me can you can you can you pick that up for me we have a tower of crafting table this is just insane when you think about it brother I can’t do my parkour anymore it’s okay you’ll be able to let me make sure that I have everything a horse fence brother you think you would find horses uh I miscalculated and made that on accident uh here can you help me out clear out my inventory real quick you place these in the chest outside uh place this in the wood chest downstairs place these in the stone chest downstairs this is dirt for downstairs thank you man all right ow you good I’ll be fine Dam it Pizza what’s do you know what pizza is you want me to do the horse F oh do do you remember uh do you remember the the book that you used to read back when you younger the the recipe book how there was this delicious food that we saw but we never understood what it like was it was called Pizza someone said what’s for dinner I’m having pizza the birds have eaten Pizza we have not a man they’ve had wait they’ve had the they’ve had pizza they’ve had pizza man it’s kind of insane now to think about it do they know the I’m not quite sure I have stairs by the way uh so how are we going to make the entrance for the up section of the house where do we make it do we make it here in the common area cuz there is going to be a wall I have an idea brother there so here hear me out hear me out there is going to be a wall here cuz this is another room no no no no no no no no no listen list let me show you my idea I’m not building it make the wall first no no no no no just hear me out hear me out okay so these are the stairs going up and it wraps around right here so you go up the stairs and then you go up to the second level okay break this so stay on the right and left and then it goes to the middle do you understand what they mean brother yes what’s the space going to be wide for these stairs no fine so how high are we going to go and what’s the length going to be is it going to be an odd number like it’s going to be one block or is going to be four blocks what you mean four like is it going to be uh this and then we just build around here or is it going to be one block and we build around this block uh you do have to keep in mind though that this wall is going to be here so we cannot start from here yes so where do we start can you take it in twos going up right here or is is it not possible wait let me let me make sure so this is going to be the middle and then we have to go make it was have to be off because this room is seven theart it’s seven with five s with seven so so it’s an odd number H brother I hear creepy crawling I shall burn it down don’t burn it our house is made of wood man what are you talking about I shall rub it gently until it perishes rub it gently uh-huh I believe you ah found you blaspheming ah someone oh no brother we need to sleep brother go to bed brother brother go to bed okay we managed to do it we switched places damn bro how did we even manage to did I pick you up and put you on my side of bed and vice versa Jesus I think is this a good starting point I think this is a good starting point where did he go I swear he was here just a second ago he’ll be back probably just got to give him some time he’ll probably just pop out of nowhere like he always did he just left and then popped out of nowhere brother I think I passed out is every think okay I think you passed away or something you okay I don’t know I just got really tired Jesus man try and rest up some more next time and stop breaking your ankles I’m thinking [Music] so that’s what I’m thinking I need to make some slabs give me a moment so a 2 by seven brother should be like so there we go uh no no no no brother bring it I say uh make a slab going straight to Coss and then when you’re in the middle here you take the stairs going up this way oh I mean you mean like a rest area no yes make it the roundabout okay where it I’m walking this way I’m bring me the cop place the cropping table down here please you have a few of them I remember stop giggling he’s tired stop giggling hard jesz these birds man are they giggling at me yeah I must extinguish them at once chill your destructiveness knows no bounds I shall murder every single one of them and he’s gone and he is gone God damn it brother I’ve been poked in the butthole are you okay are you are you hurting anywhere except for your butthole I had I had one sight on the tree branch and it is now gone brother oh my god um brother I about attempt to take it out oh brother [ __ ] get on top the crafting table Crouch and turn around got to make sure you’re not bleeding you cannot even jump up one block oh god um you’re fine is it okay brother you’re you’re totally okay it’s fine you know brother I feel a lot to win I feel circulated we will be able to get through this you do not need to worry about anything we will get through this together it’s going to hurt to try to get in this it’s it’s going to hurt a lie but we’ll get through this okay man there we go what do you think about this does this does this look okay I like it brother good we w’t be able to fix some stuff oh we need to make so what wood are we going to use for this do you want cherry or do you want this skyus Cherry okay Cherry let me see if I can reach down there with my and ah I reached there we go brother you are lazy take the wood damn thank you getting old I can tell yeah 20 is just something else I might I might pass away who knows uh what do you want the base of this room to be in [Applause] the make it the make it the half half okay make the uh show me in what way you mean half and half brother you built the main house in a half and half so you mean connected the same way do you want to connect it or make it Opposite what if you spired it brother so you mean like I need some skyus logs I got give me a second I got him okay stop being lazy my blocks thank you thank you so do you mean [Music] something I’m hurting brother that would mean that it would starting point would be between that section right here and then we would have something like so are you trying to kill yourself no brother I’m experimenting don’t test the limits of our regenerative Powers how did you manage it I was testing brother you in your test man brother I can do it now brother I can’t do it anymore how are you 500 years old [Music] wait wait wait no no no no no no no no no no no no no no this cannot be why you running so fast I need to see something brother I’m hurting [Music] you know when Dad told us about the experiment on him working on making us Immortal for a specific amount of times I did not think that was going to work but wow get down here brother I cannot hear you are you speaking you s brother what happened you sacrificed I believe a lot of your health but now you should be fine cuz you had 13 I think now you have 18 back so you should be okay um I think I the bird just told me of something that I do need to go and check if it’s true or not cuz if it is that is not a simple bird my friend hear of a witch brother I hear a woman laughing there are no women in the outside world there’s only witches man you w hard your artifacts are coming in help right now here let me just check something out brother there’s a big green thing watch out brother why are said things scared to me these cats like they’re artifacts you got it last time [Music] okay so we should be fine for now careful there’s someone coming okay uh so this potion I need to work harder this potion okay I’ll be able to get more information uh leave this potion here this potion is the one that we found recently it’s called a potion of healing but that potion does have some information about the history of this world this world has not been that long it’s been created and our Empire is the first location cuz it was the place where God blessed the entire world and I wanted to make sure that that was still there do not bring it upstairs because if we do our entire house will be destroyed anyways remember how you have strength to swim up against the current well you can swim up with waterfall as well see powerful brother why was there blood on the Cobblestone from where I woke up there appeared to be a lot of blood did you murder something while I was passed out something murder someone so it’s fine interesting we’re being fired at let’s go we need to rest they hate with them they hate the sunlight I hate them ah they follow you oh get in quick brother sleep brother can you take a look at my hand it doesn’t feel so well man you got to sleep and regenerate first cuz I really hope that you do not pick me up during your sleep and shove me on your bed and vice versa so I just go to bed and let try and rest for a bit I’m stretching first can you try not stretching on me please thank you a there we go you pushed me off my bed you pushed me off my entire great that’s perfect um I’m thinking brother just still outside down with them down is he okay is is is he okay I don’t think he’s okay um something’s happening why is my brother disappearing and reappearing like this what witchcraft is this I need to look more into this information are you okay man brother I think our pastel brother I think it’s I don’t know I don’t know what’s happening don’t worry we’ll figure this out like we always do I can even for the love of God do that properly brother I I’m for all down with the I’m hurting kill him I think you broke your Scythe I have another brother oh okay that’s good I think someone is trying to communicate to him camot I’m camot is that’s a bat I had a strange huh I was eating an apple for 5 minutes straight then I passed out I think someone might have poisoned it uh while you come up here bring me some blue wood and don’t come up yet just look up go go down there go down there go down there go down there go down there no go down there go down there I sort out this stuff real quick for me all right I think we should be good in a bit we need to go exploring sounds good brother normal people would spend months or sometimes if they’re not experienced even years to build a house us Cherry for the second floor you know it’s kind of smart we still we still need to have blue cuz not the entire floor is going to be red brother I’m hurting you brother are you okay man I want to talk about it oh brother it’s okay man you’ll manage to get over it on a second thought you’ll never recover uh brother I think you’re roasting me how do you know what roast is them brother cuz you heard it from the I hear it from the uh the birds ah brother what the I know I shouldn’t be laughing because you’re hurting but wow man I’m in pain wow this is just comedy gold right here what does what does comedy mean brother do you know what jokes are that’s comedy right there that is comedy right there man brother I don’t feel so well you’re feeling you never felt well with [Laughter] myself you’ll be fine hopefully maybe probably wait feeling energetic brother with my loose ankles oh my god do I think he need to relax a bit on them ankles cuz wow I’m getting my exercising brother no I told you I’m just keep eating food over and over again uh would this work out try let me see brother should I go out and find meat for us I we should be okay I I don’t like being what some people call vegans no we’re not Deans we we eat meat we shovel them like I’ve been eating apples for I’ll be out brother I’ll be back okay man I will see you in a bit Pig on guard my brother I’mma poke you yeah he’s uh a bit special in his own way do not worry everyone I will eat your yeah Special in his own way as I say um so this man if we get visited by The Raven of Legends it’s just if we get their help I’ll be able to reach my long life dream we’ll see maybe maybe my brother will actually managed to find peace in his life and not suffer as he always has maybe I’ll be able to make his dream come true the bird talk to me again it’s interesting how I only learned it in books that they would speak but now that I actually see it it’s just an whole other experience I don’t even know what to think you from your throat bleach you from the inside and your mother too uh brother he just disappeared crazy the [ __ ] happened to the other guy there he is yeah he’s just um committing genocide on the forest animals just fine you guys don’t have to worry about anything or now at least oh this Bassel Bassel oh is this from a pig chicken come you don’t want to know [Music] need these sweats need to figure something out in the meantime we do need to keep our house lit up in case the zombies decide inside yeah is a fire hazard keeping this like this but we’ll have to make do what we have he’s getting tempted by evil do you like my music yes it’s actually quite freshing see music for quite a long time it’s been been a while since I was [Music] music thank you appreciate [Music] it it’s getting late what is [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s getting really late moon is out as well hey uh Raven I don’t know if you can hear me but can you relay a message to my brother to come home so cuz it’s getting night time I just want to know if you should be safe and just you do need to rest from time to time thanks [Music] why are the birds tell me to go home when I’m already home hello brother I brought the finest of things home yes you got to see what I brought 11 lb of the finest pork chops 19 lbs of the cow’s finest steak oh my good man I once killed the sheep for two nothing and I found the finest chickens of all the lands for us to eat I think we’re and I got the and I saved off some leather before leaving from the cows and I even harvested bison fur nice but as you can see my man I am full I got an egg yes get the egg keep the egg all the magic we can craft with the egg all the possibilities man the possibilities brother do you think we could breed chickens together in a pen we sure are able to do that can do can the egg storage just be the secondary food storage cuz we not going to have that much app uh sure thing keep the leather inish him from the ls keep the make a good omelet man i’ never heard a raven talk about their own kind like this this is just I’ll rage you sometimes when I think when I hear it were you using the the Ravens as Messengers uh yeah one came and talked to me to come back home yeah it was me the one that told him to tell you to come home cuz it was getting late pretty useful yeah but like care we won we won’t be able to hear them underground unfortunately we’ll see what we be able to do I hear a zombie must punish him from the line my brother come with me I need your help foret about the zombies for a bit okay so uh I’m going to need you to grab a shovel from one of these chests it’s over here right at the end grab one of these shovels don’t mistake them from the dagger the dagger is something else if uh there are daggers let me just help you prop a shovel real quick just give me one moment like friend there you go grab that that’s a shovel so uh I’m going to need you to help me to break this dirt but not a lot we need to break specifically up until you do not see Wood anymore okay oh brother I’ve done too much [Applause] brother you follow my steps we will be able to do [Applause] this these shovels are very effective brother yeah not just it’s not the shovels it’s our strength that’s able to do this when have you ever heard of people being able to build a house within I don’t know 2 hours nearly what from us brother I know right it’s insane okay so a zombie I’m much starish him from the lands I think you need to relax just just a tiny just a tiny her you’re what what is that it’s probably something I don’t know what is it is it something I don’t know please teach me I do need to know about this stuff sometimes brother are you okay brother what are what are hero brother please teach me oh no my shovel BR I was I was told by a bird he said I would be Arron’s friend but he hasn’t Starfall me how do they know the name of that Legend how how do they know that Legend how do they know about Nova I’m just a messenger how do they know about Nova who told you this which of the birds I I said I I I I don’t I don’t I I don’t know I don’t know I need to kill I just heard them say the birds cannot live anymore they’re going to die they should not know about NOA they should not know them from these NOA Nova is a secret of our family they no one can know about Nova what is no brother I’m afraid that not even you can know at this point in time there will come a time when I will explain everything to you now is not that time understand someone wants to be your friend one of these birds but you know my friends with me yeah apparently I don’t know what did they do do they ever speak of what they go by uh well they don’t specifically tell you what they go by is just that I am able to understand where the message is coming from but somehow one of them is mysterious and I’m not able to just give me one moment one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 okay need to bu this one out so that’s this this specific one that wants to be your friend his name is Julian or something I I I think it’s from another from another country or something I don’t know I’ve never heard that in our Empire Julian there is a place off over the seas remember the name it was Madagascar oh the M madans I think I heard of them like somewhere you remember the Empire they were big fans of the sea as far as I know by King Julian you think that’s him Oh you mean you mean the funny stories that our grandma told us and then he would go somehow like and he had a servant I believe which was somehow his friend and he like made a funny noise that like K to you mean that one all you talking about that one and how we like laughed our asses off when we were supposed to go to bed and Grandma still kept going with those jokes I do remember that the birds are speaking with each other yeah it’s kind of weird SP to be friendly with another or is are never friendly with one another you think we’re ining on their conversation that’s fine brother I think we’re stuck uh yes we are because we’re not finished yet I got you stuck in here with me we’re not done refer to you as Aila no you’re not an Aila I can tell when you’re lying you speaking to the birds yeah they told the the special one told me to refer to them as a Keila but what do you mean by special uh I think you’re a little those special a appreciate it man I don’t think they’re using it it’s okay I’ll just Escape for a second the birds the birds are speaking they say you smell you kind of smell you know that Meme what does a mem brother a meme is something alongside of a joke sometimes it’s funny brother I’m stuck yeah we’re supposed to be stuck we’re not done yet you and your I’ve always been a fan of Parkour understandable my tools don’t seem to be doing that these torches are so bright brother you brother I think you wre might want to be a bit more careful next time of who you punch cuz you know I know of the powers I I I tripped brother I tripped brother uh-huh I had nogging you in the backgound sure the birds ask why he wants to be in the room alone with you with me cuz we’re not finished building the basement take a shovel broke brother yes it did unfortunately let me just see for a second no so we’re not going to go my shovel brother so this is is as much as we’re going to go okay oh you dropped your sh thank you so ask if you’re building a basement and what you’ll be putting in it it’s going to be a storage unit I have blocks by oh the bird say death cap what does that mean brother uh cap is something you wear on your head as far as I know I don’t know I don’t know what they are talking about you know some birds are things are legends so maybe they mean definitely that’s probably what they mean your zombies I’m stance you’re knocking me brother no I’m just learning your language brother they’re asking what puberty means okay you’re you know you’re 18 right you do know some of this stuff you’re not I’m hurting you’re not you’re not five you’re 18 you know some of this stuff they asked I didn’t ask anything brother brother is this puberty you’re humping me this Chilla in there for a bit brother I can’t breathe I left you at open spot above relax you’ll be fine okay uh come out here stop messing around brother you locked me up go out use that it’s really broken but it’s fine used to be the greatest Soldier sure you have huh okay so you’re just a bird we will fix up the section of the walls a bit later it’s not going to be for today uh we just need to make sure that the storage is complete all right so you want me to make chest brother Hold Up 2 4 6 8 9 uh 2 4 6 okay eight eight and 8 uh is 16 um 16 + 8 is 25 make me 24 chests you always speak chest you seem a big fan of them we don’t talk about the same chest here we’re talking about something else okay um different different type of chests you’re so fast at making stuff with your crafting table holy appreciate it brother okay so do you need 24 chest or double or do you need 2 24 appr sh so consider a bunch of zombies T from I’m not not myself it appears that all of the zombies perish I don’t hear I hear them brother I’m confused it’s okay when you grow up you’ll start to [Applause] [Music] understand brother this chest has a b I think we are talking about the same chest here it hases a but crack MD it I am breaking dirt with the shovel that is I need to started learning to control my so my God okay there goes there goes that axe okay so as you can see there is a reason why I left the space behind the chest uh open because we’re going to make the walls around here so what I want you to do is take all of this that we have grab these blocks and start building around this okay just the entire wall by way yes the entirety around the underground okay now while you do that do leave the corner though like this all right got your brought there we go uh now I need to sort out my inventory so that we don’t have to worry about this anymore in the future why are there SP I Arrow chest uh oh no no no no no no no bro brother brother do you feel it what am I feeling oh no no no no no no man no no all right just give it a second guys hope everyone is enjoying the the L so far hope everything’s going to liking server is just refreshing and starting so I go as well is this fun you think you all right here we [Music] go what happened God my head I have no idea what just transpired but Jesus my head anyways I got to get this done what even happened brother the I don’t know the world just decided to [ __ ] itself I don’t know oh my God even my pickax is messed up now it is it the case an orgasm maybe I don’t know how are you how okay do you want the floor made out of the same thing brother uh yeah I’m correct brother I think our house is build on top of a volcano um brother I think I’m going to [ __ ] myself same here man [Music] oh God that that is instantaneous destruction right there uh can I please have some dirt please there we go thank you you’re welcome brother brother I get this weird inscription with these blocks that beat up on the ground and I look at them there’s so much inscription in this dirt is there history behind it the world isn’t even that old do you know how old this world is by the way just Stories the stories from the ages you didn’t L these out brother [Music] [Music] [Music] brother it looks fancy but it’s dark in here brother uh yeah we just currently working on the storage unit so you don’t have to worry about it things will look better just in a second um okay how fast do you think we are what do you mean brother so we need to destroy everything and we need to place them quickly in the respective chests be five minutes of time so what I think we’ll do we’ll use the the chest that are don’t have that many items in them so we’ll begin with the arrows okay so let’s begin with the arrows put all of them in there and then we’ll keep the item frame on top and then we’ll just leave one as an indication that that chest has arrows in it okay how do that sound okay sounds good brother now then next chest uh that’s miscellaneous items um we’ll leave that for now that is way too much stuff continue with the Cobble blocks there you go good job uh bring the Cobble in this double chest all the stone that you think you have just put it in there that is all brother that is all good okay this is going to be the wood chest so we need to work on the wood section I do put a stone over there while I work on the breaking the wood so let’s do you know you can just there is an item that I I’ve recently heard about it’s called shift I don’t know what that is but I’ve heard that if you hold a stack of items over another stack and you smash them together really hard your entire inventory will be poured inside I know sounds redundant it’s crazy when you think about it where do you want mob loot to go brother uh still thinking on that cuz m is one of the things that is way too much I can hold all of it okay if you can hold all of it you see that dark pit of Hell over there at the bottom right yeah the double chest over there okay I’ll pick it up I feel encumbered brother need to keep this place litting up a bit oh wait let me here let me help you out this so you know cuz we will have so much of the same thing and stuff I recommend we do it like this so look in the look in the mob chest for a second and I’ll show you the power that I am talking about feel encumbered brother so if I do this right look in that chest come here come here look into this mob chest real quick and now if I smash them together see what I mean that’s insane brother the power the power that we have is crazy where do you want the food to go in this chest uh the Double chest yes that must being impr practical is that squid sack okay you birdie you birdie need to chillax I don’t even know how I can hear down here in the basement but you need to chill where do you want blocks to go but what blocks oh dirt uh dirt I recommend recommend keeping them as wood the singular chest should be good enough don’t forget to place down the item frames cuz we also need to place down item frame for the wood there I wasn’t able to pick up the item for uh brother I think we’ll be able to I think we’re going to faint in about a minute I don’t know something is just telling me are you okay I know I’m feeling laded maybe you should here up against the chest I have a resting point to you brother okay I have one over here as well I don’t know why but good night brother it just doesn’t feel right just tired brother yeah probably I see you tomorrow brother I’ll see you in the morning man just give it a second man I’m feeling feeling kind of dizzy I think NOS look very flare today I think I’m going to fall as oh oh there we go [Music] [Music] see this is working okay this normal morning man I was as sleep brother I fell down you saw me like oh I like just fell down sleeping on the floor I think you farted this this this this block is like very cold crazy it is very cold it is this slightly good though yeah it’s crazy where do you want all the riches and gold to goild oh here in this chest don’t forget the item frame I have it somehow we’re missing one toon frames oh uh let put that there should I put the Notch Apple it don’t frame brother feel like that’s not really safe for it it’s fine though cuz we’ll be able to get a lot of those but still is it is legendary mythical but our kingdom needs a lot of them I think I’ll eat it sir did you just get your saliva on that oh God I need to clean this up give a second I’m sorry sir it looked there we go it looked pick it up cleaned it just kidding uh there goes in here it’s hard to be a bird nowadays probably I know what can help can you get um interesting brother do not worry about it uh tools and items over here don’t get item FR I need did you use my starter Katana from Empire as item frame brother with good memories oh yeah this faring Katana always wanted to be Master with a katana like how you have grown me up with the Scythe oh you I understand the power but the katana it just it flows through the air so delicately you did you did train with General you did train with the general with that don’t worry that was fun mhm I have six chests brother I have 10 so it’s okay okay then uh where is so what shall go in the remaining chest brother okay so you see this one this one over here will have this items so flowers and all the Botanica should go in there all flowers and every plant that we have and every seed to go in there do you want where do you want should I put wheat with the food rather uh yeah that should be fine all right I will keep the fuel with this so we should be fine where would paper go Place paper like everything that doesn’t have a filter place it in that specific chest over there these two chests will have things on it our own what this one H uh so what what do you have so far um a smoker a trap chest paper a blue bed string that’s monster the string is here I have bottles I have wool that could be in here yeah the wool will stay with the animal and then bottles trap chest like the mimic that we fought in the caves a sign and a blue a blue bed my old bed there is a new bird in town this this guy’s this one’s name is Tom Tom it reminds me of Tomas it’s like one of the legendary Warriors that our father had in his army reminds me of the specian Empire with Tom and Jerry oh Jerry yeah Jeremiah was crazy all right this one is a bit uh too too full of items so get ready [Applause] it’s raining on me okay let’s see we have a lot of Bones yep our bones are filled up to pears go the mimic what do you mean the mimic why did you say it like that it’s kind of weird I have the lead have you been get Kik lately brother um you don’t own any that’s called incest we do need a he never said anything about me decor hang out with the animals right I think decoration and anything else should go in here in this chest so if you have any chests or anything you should put it in this chest over here uh there a bunch of arrows in the chest mhm so any decoration anything that made of uh like miscellaneous wood stuff just place them in there should be fine we have a staggering almost 600 arrows wow AR I got a bear air where did the Buffalo here go where did you place him it’s in the food chest bottom okay B sorry my bad just put them in the M drops we should be fine uh glow stone I’m just going to put them in decoration for now cuz I can use to make the light SS uh and this chest over here this small chest we’ll use that for flame sources there we go where would you put uh sugar with food sugar is with food yes and paper is miscellaneous yes currently as for now we’ll figure out something later on SL I also do have to put this and is this okay brother if it is okay with you I am there’s been this adventure that I want to go out you read my did you uh so I think I have somewhere I need to go as well you want go out on the adventure I think I have to go somewhere as well but I think they are on different like areas we need to go to oh I need to go I was planning on heading to the uh bison area to see if I could get more fur but I I need to do more research on them before approaching them I had a fierce battle with one yeah I remember I remember you told me about this but I will I will I will be looking into that you can go do your thing we you need a way to get out of here I uh I am working on that I don’t I do not have an axe as of now so I do need to make myself an axe uh wait do we have oh we do have some iron over here that should be okay we do need to go and Venture and find some stuff still put this when I come back for my adventure I say if you aren’t if you don’t meet back here in the morning tomorrow I say uh I will go mining and get the more resources for us in the mines and try and skill my Mastery with all my skills somewhere yeah understandable I totally get it I’m currently making a way out for us just do the same as here but make it more drawn out as possible don’t take it straight to the wall it’s going to be blasphemy I shall tarnish you from these LS so for now I’m just breaking this going to [Music] make I wonder how we can do this a three-way going up no there’s no room to walk through brother um I I know what to do brother a three-way but here’s the thing brother make it two stairs don’t this is this there will not be stairs in the middle and then you just make a pathway going straight to the door do you know what I mean brother I’m thinking something along the lines of this and then over here one I need a bit more of these stairs don’t have enough um we don’t have middle walking walk through no stairs in the middle just one on the left and right okay uh here here grab this and show me what you mean this is a if if there’s no stairs right there so I heard one of the birds say it they said uh quot unquote I’m cooking oh man I need to eat as well so I don’t I don’t have things but if we had a thing two stairs walking up here and we just had a pathway coming here which allows us to fill these in if we can walk down this so if we can walk up these and then just walk across all that sounds good and but we need to make two more of those where did I put my slabs I put over here brother what’s up brother I cooked it looks like an anchor come here remember those remember those ships we saw off the coast of the Empire mm the ones you told me about yes we see him on the great Horizon come here brother this looks like the thing that comes out of the ship the anchor the design I need to just give me one second just I can make this I have two STS yeah we need some more you got to teach me how to make them someday in the future yes you will understand why do I hear fire I think that is the hell that is under our house C oh okay no that is the camp that is the camp thing the campfire that is outside it is the burning wood it is not the cting house oh that’s not the laer I’m hurting there you go brother that is not the right one this is the right one and once you’re done put them in the decoration chest I’ll figure something out later on fut sure that’s so Weir does it look it looks like an anchor it looks amazing look come up here yeah the red one yeah come up top look at the anchor it’s amazing brother well done that’s what I’m talking about that’s what I’m talking about remind me of some of the old stories that we would here from time to time I think it’s time for me to get ready for my adventure same I think I will be gone for a long time so just in case you don’t hear from me just know that uh I’m okay I will send the birds to ask about your presents yeah yeah yeah yeah it’ll be fun brother okay you do what you need to do you’re a brave man you too man okay all right my armor is nearly broken but my adventure does not require the strength of armor for now okay I know it’s night but we will see brother I’ll see you on the other side you have a good one stay safe brother you too my friend I will see you I’ll see you goodbye byebye all right and with that we’re going to call it off for the first episode of the SMP uh I hope each and everyone of you guys enjoyed the stream I hope it is up to your expectations um uh we will be calling it off for now since both me and kale have to go and we I like have to contact some people they’re getting worried it’s kind of late I have to eat dinner he has to deal with his his real life stuff so there are some things that we do need to take care of so we will be back with a real life so real life what the [ __ ] we’ll back with another uh lore stream later uh this week no next week is going to be uh hopefully on Friday uh but this is going to be it for today I hope each and every one of you enjoyed it we’re calling it off and we’ll see you guys on another stream bye-bye

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    EPIC showdown! Arrwie's LT3 vs HT4 (unranked) - Nethpot MontageVideo Information This video, titled ‘LT3 vs HT4 (unranked) – Nethpot Montage’, was uploaded by Arrwie on 2024-06-12 13:43:17. It has garnered 61 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:43 or 43 seconds. This Minecraft Montage is Another Level… i am the unranked ht4 here… (dont take the title seriously) Thanks for watching and i hope you like the video 😀 Please dont forget to like the video and leave a comment! want an edit? DM me in discord👇 Discord: arrwie (Before wanting edit say “Birdie” so i can know its my subscriber 😉) Editing Software?… Read More

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    Unbelievable: ModernLegendsLP Quitting?! #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘they just gave up! #shorts’, was uploaded by ModernLegendsLP on 2024-01-15 13:00:19. It has garnered 2423 views and 44 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. they just gave up! #Shorts #Minecraft #MinecraftShorts #MinecraftMemes Game: https://bit.ly/2UjRL8g Server: mc.hypixel.net Gamemode: BedWars 📝Twitter📝 https://bit.ly/2XrDKGO 🎧Discord🎧 https://discord.gg/4VbuQzaG7n 📷Instagram📷 https://bit.ly/37FCGB1 🎬Twitch🎬 https://bit.ly/2UjRWQY 🎬Highlight Channel🎬 https://bit.ly/3AF3U7e 👕Shop👕 https://bit.ly/3g5zovl 🎬TikTok🎬 https://bit.ly/3Ih2TaC Read More

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  • Survival 141

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