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[Music] oh [Music] oy Where’d I go uh oh o hi guys what’s going on man de I spice welcome back brother Diamond you too man how you guys doing today I hope you guys are doing good man today it’s going to get interesting we’re going to do some building today um I want to focus heavily on the detail of the base um inside and out okay which means Let’s uh Beed these guys real quick hold on yeah so plants that who does planning that’s a ridiculous concept I don’t know who invented it but um they clearly didn’t know what they were doing um all this needs to go away I’m going to need oh that man that’s getting close to Breaking already that’s crazy what’s good bab I’m do I’m feeling good how you doing how are you doing that’s fine I don’t need that I probably don’t need a sword either we’ll take the beef though all right oh sure I’ll take that hold on a second we got to get those cake vaults man what else we got what’s this no not interested not worth it that’s actually not a bad deal n no no no no nah nah all right I’m glad I looked what’s up Kratos hey Instagram and Facebook is down come on in come on have a seat wait really what down how what do you mean like is it is it down down did somebody break it did somebody hack it or are they just like doing some maintenance or something um all right thoughts here thoughts and feelings um I want to implement a pathway that wraps around the side of the house and go this way ow okay um I want the pathway to connect directly to here and I want it to wrap up here and I want the this to be made I want to do something fancy here with this um I don’t think that this I don’t think he needs that anymore I’m going to feel bad if he did but Mr Sharky is who I’m referring to a lot of random wait a lot of users got random log out that’s weird I mean it if uh if Facebook’s in the dark about it if they haven’t said anything I would assume that it’s maybe a little nefarious interesting very very interesting I hate to use my My Vault tool to like rip this these Woods [Applause] down but I need saplings from that I’m hoping I get at least one sapling back from that let’s cut these trees down let’s get some wood for the building [Applause] today [Applause] so what’s uh what’s going on with the Facebook is everybody down or is it just like some people are kicked out or is it like a certain part of the world what be going on man cuz that doesn’t happen man like that that just doesn’t happen when’s the last time you heard about one of those things going down like unintentionally or you know what I mean oo okay I’m trying not to like burn through my tool but I think it’s going to happen whether I like it or not everyone’s down I mean doesn’t Facebook own Instagram or am I uh making that up these are tall trees dude I didn’t realize they just like oh my gosh dude Simon welcome to the beets I can’t believe I named it that I might change that I’m GNA have to change that dude I it dude thank you so much Simon for joining the membership that means so much to me man you get a green name too ah donut I should have seen that one coming and now I can’t argue with you because Simon’s over here paying my bills but I can’t say nothing dude that’s cool that you get a green name I didn’t know that that was part of it might actually turn this down as smidge dude that’s fantastic I like it so I I made some adjustments to the memberships to today too alistor what’s up buddy radio demon dude um so I I made some adjusts my cousin helped me finish the um what are they called the Emojis um so there’s four fancy cool looking emojis that I’m thrilled with how they turned out dude she did a fantastic job working on those things like she blew me out of the water how good they were and then uh also for like all the way up to 48 months for memberships too um so I mean yeah that’s like four years away so good luck getting there but you know you know is there yeah but they they look good though man my cousin like freaking knocked it out of the park oh you know what I’m going to ask her hold on I’m going to ask her if she wants me to like blow up her her socials cuz you guys would love her artwork man she’s so talented I need to get a fortune hoee anyway hold on let’s get inside the house take a little sleep [Music] okay uh I know I have a fortune ho somewhere Fortune right there take a little sleep and I’m going to text my cousin real quick I lost you are absolutely positively normal all right let’s go chop some Tre free man so I I’ve got some ideas of how I want this Pathway to to turn out right um so torch spam’s ridiculous we can’t be going with the torch spam it’s got to be fixed um normal to a degree what is normal come on is normal even fun no no it’s not fun I wouldn’t want to be normal man if I was normal i’ be s [Applause] uh or am I normal do you guys look at me and you’re like dude you’re so boring like you are absolutely normal cuz I feel like I feel like I’m a freaking weirdo there’s so much wood here holy crap I didn’t realize that these trees grew this way yeah yeah yeah yeah you can call him insane he’s a little insane in the membrane so we’re going to use most of this wood um to to develop like Pathways and stuff like that so like just kind of like bring the builds together right cuz right now we just have a couple of things just like chunked all over the place in this area and they look nice on their own but there’s like there’s no flow to it you know excuse me there’s there’s very little environmental uh what’s the word Ambiance right it’s just basic uh Minecraft blocks all over the place we want to change that we want it to look good today yeah see he’s crazy somebody leave him alone all right this ho is going to break too There She Goes what’s the is that 30 durability it’s all right we need some leaves anyway um I’d like a variety of leaves you’re going to log off uh okay no worries dude don’t try to log on to Facebook that suck is not going to [Applause] work oh it broke so one of you please and one of you please [Music] please we get one more repair on this bad boy which kind of hurts my soul cuz I I like this tool a lot but it’s not like a super fancy tool it’s just nice I was going to say that this is odd Mr uh s Sante Mr uh alastor just leaving like that it was meant to be a joke well yeah hurt my felixs okay dude this these trees are on MX I might just burn them down all right there’s no reason to keep growing these the walnut trees maybe there’s too much going on here hold on a second I’m going to hijack his chest here for just a minute I don’t think uh Mr haris is getting on anytime soon anyway we’ll clean it up is that no there’s still tree logs in there [Music] yep DB Rock City what’s up brother it’s good to see you man I know it’s like a ridiculous amount of leaves that should be it though I think actually missed one at least [Music] one uh yeah okay I think that’s it the rest of that should just fall I would wait did I get yeah yeah yeah we got some Twisted saplings I love the leaves from the Twisted saplings the wood not so much it’s all right with the wood um but we’re definitely going to implement like many different colors today I’m interested in like what we can make happen with all the different things in there’s so many different colors in the game um and so many variations for all the different colors that like you could almost build with just about anything you’re interested in right you could build like purple and pink house if you wanted to just because of how many different color colors are um not that that’s what I want to do today but um I want to like stretch our imaginations just a smidge and see what we can do starting with like a pathway I want to lead a pathway up to um the wayron and then I don’t know if I want to connect the pathway to Shy’s house just cuz I’m not sure if he has plans um but if he wants we can do that we can absolutely do that but I I don’t want to like go and do that without his permission man that was fun I love the I love just mining a million blocks a mile an hour dude leaves being broken is so good Alis Thor I don’t know if you’ve seen it not to like selflessly and shamelessly plug like um my own like videos but when was it it was like like it was months and months ago um we were playing what was it rlcraft and uh we we carried like a cyclops um there’s a whole short for it so if you’re interested you can check it out but we carried like a cyclops um with the bird and Drug it across trees and stuff and the Cyclops like has a a feature built into it that it like it breaks leaves and not just leaves but like all foliage um just cuz it’s like big and steps on it right and we just like started decimating trees dude it was so satisfying to watch all right let’s put all this St did I miss I must have lost those blocks it’s okay we’ll come [Music] back all right yeah let’s just dump all this for now cuz we’re going to pull a lot of it back out and they’re all like labeled logs and leaves which makes it easy so I can just type that in dude I I love the storage system that thing’s changed my [Applause] game all the different kinds of paths there automate wait there’s actual paths PAAD what rock path I want it to be Sandy I wanted to be like I want it to feel like it has structure you know I don’t want it to be just sand um but I I do want it to be Sandy because we’re on a beach right so like I want to I want to kind of like mix wood and sand together I wish you could take like I wish you could take like wood like a wood block and like make it look like sand was like scattered on it like so you know there’s wood underneath of it but it looks like sand was just like blown across the top like some like interesting texturing technique that I don’t know if you can do that or not I see one more log all right and while that stuff Falls here hold on a second we’re actually going to chop down these trees oh one cuz I like the the coconut wood but two cuz I’ve got some ideas of what to do here and it requires not having trees there I don’t want to have the trees Gone Forever we’re going to bring them back but I do want to strategically place trees we might get into like some custom tree building um just cuz like there’s so much to work with here in Vault Hunters that I feel like custom tree building has a lot of potential and it’s not something that I’ve ever really gotten myself into so um I’m curious I want to stretch it I want to see what I can make happen oh what okay I need up [Music] there what did he just did he just fall out of that tree huh I’ve never seen that happen in my life I didn’t know I thought they just like spawn naturally I didn’t realize they fell out of trees like that when they when you cut them down more bananas I really like the walnut wood that stuff looks good I’m going to need a sleeping bag R day all right it is going to be a bit of a a slower day when it comes to Vault Hunters right cuz it’s Vault hunters and I really shouldn’t be doing more vaults today we should really just be working on the base strictly all day um I hope that’s not something you guys hate too bad but we’ll see we’ll see how uh the creative Juices Flow right if they’re really flowing we’ll we’ll stick to it that’s so what that’s cool that the Coconuts fall like that man D rockity all right dead Bud’s got work to do okay he’s going to catch up a level so we are not going to join him in any vaults today as desperately as I’m going to want to I have to say no to joining DB in the vaults I just I can’t do vaults can’t do it don’t I’m talking to you DP I can’t do it every time I get on this game I’m like all right I’m going to build today and then I do like 30 volts then the next day I’m like all right I’m going to build today and then I do like 30 volts today we build all right give me some of those is that done yeah yeah yeah that’s all of them we do need some leaves shouldn’t need that many leaves but you know oh I forgot about the dark oak over here I planted a couple yeah I don’t think I have very many saplings uh these two all right calm down there Harry the vaults are so addictive man like it it’s just so difficult to not do vaults all right I just uh I need some dark oak saplings just to replenish pain what’s up brother Fortune hoe for saplings I just broke it I was using a fortune hoe but it it snapped it do be doing that um no we’re just going to let those deteriorate instead of like actually eating all the leaves cuz I I do need saplings and leaves um but I I need some dark oak saplings more than I need the leaves yeah I need these too I do love man so many leaves so many variations and so much stuff what’s he doing over here what is he sneaking around like a little weirdo for I see deepy creepy it was just a prank bro that actually kind of hurt man he he beat me up pretty good okay what’s the plan here we have wood now trees are chopped down we have room for a pathway I think I have enough sand to terraform this little area I think I’d like to expand this path a little bit more um and we’re going to need sand blocks right so like there’s different types of sand right there’s Rocky sand there’s smooth Sandstone there’s there’s all sorts of stuff there’s like dirty sand and all that um and things like this as well I wonder if you can take this Rocky sand and place it in like a the The Cutting bench things like that um so let’s do that first let’s um let’s get the shape down as we do you know we’ll work the process um we’re going to round this out just a little bit more and bring it down and then bring this out too hello I I don’t I I think I might like it being a ledge there like a a more of a steep [Music] Dune what’s he doing oh what is that dude that’s awesome I like the sand castle oh what a g dude wait I was trying to put it I was trying to stack them on top of each other I like that dude that’s [Music] cool no no worries s Al let’s do sand here yeah we’ve got tons of sand gonna probably need a lot more than that um all right what are we looking at we have Sandstone we have different rails and stuff I don’t think I want to do that though I want just like the the actual terrain to be sand Sandy blocks actually look really good I wish I’d have been keeping all that stuff but I’ve been totally like smelting all these Rocky Sandy rocks Soul Sand that’s pushing it on the the color oh we have bum ified Sandy blocks okay cobbled sand Stone sand dirty sand what’s this Rocky dirt base block is cobbled sandstone U and then Rocky sand so that’s plenty of variation to work with I I think that’s going to look good with a little bit of sandstone being shipped up and stuff in between okay there we go um I I think it’ll look good so we’re just going to give ourselves a little bit more room to work with and try real hard to make it look natural too you make a pathway to Evol yes yes absolutely that’s exactly what we’re doing doing sir it doesn’t need to be huge I kind of like the the pathway being a little bit tight I do want it to like stretch out like like in this area I want it to bump out a little bit I don’t want it to be like a literal straight path cuz we could just like it it’s a very straight way to get through but I kind of want the path to like snake in and around just a little bit um just to give it some life and motion just a little bit it doesn’t need to be [Music] much and now how do we like blend the grass into the sand I think it’s probably not a bad idea to keep the sand like as a majority here of the beach and like maybe we could even back up this grass path a little bit or like sparse it out a little bit right so like right that’s fine we’ll cover that up something that kind of just help blend the sand in a little bit and it would help if it wasn’t just grass it would help if it was dirt too and like why stop there right why not drag the grass like out and around here too to kind of give it that feel of like hey there’s a beach on this side right and the beach ends somewhere but it’s difficult to tell where the beach ends right because like as Wind Blows off the ocean top it’s going to like drag that sand up and Inland right um and the the sand will become a little bit more sparse and it’ll like you’ll see little patches of grass showing here and there and before you know it it’s like all grass and no more sand right [Music] um oh I think we need to fill this in a little bit what the water looks like isn’t that big of a deal or like what’s underneath the water I mean right you won’t even really hardly see it unless we decide to extend the build out that way then I’ll I’ll probably change my mind can round it out just a little bit too all right that already feels a little bit better this does need to be like a little bit more gradual though it’s very steep like right here and then it becomes very flat very quickly I don’t want to like entirely cover up the grass but I do want a little bit more Beach here it does feel like it just kind of abruptly ends right next to this biome so like if we pull the beach out just a little bit more it might help um like ease the transition of it right instead of feeling like a little bit of a playground all right we’re not going to go too far that actually might be perfect right there who all right more rounds man you does anybody like building circles in Minecraft like I don’t know what it is about building a circle I just I really enjoy it I know this isn’t like an actual Circle but like there’s something super satisfying about taking squares and making them look around let’s take a look yeah that already feels better already this though I think needs to be like I think that might be it I could just use a little bit of trim right there though right just to round it out a smidge more how exciting is this guys oh I think that might be it that might be it mate in fact okay this has got to go cool let’s make all all the different things we’re looking for man I do like that that like I I I’m sure I have whoa GG’s dude 2 minutes and 30 seconds added to his vaults that’s a good one um oh what was I saying I I have some of the blocks needed to make where is it at where is it at where is it at I lost it already this stuff the sandy stuff so we have Sandy blocks and then Sandy bricks I like the way they they all look the treasure sand is cool too did I hear that Vault Hunters 4 R will release in the summer no I did not hear that that’s cool I had no idea um crap dude we better hurry up and finish this right all right now I’m not just looking for sand here I want other blocks that are going to be sand colored related right specifically Birch looks real good and stripped Birch stripped Birch looks good but I don’t even know if I need stripped Birch I think that Birch itself would cut it because you can slap it in that table and cut it and make a million different things out of it [Music] yeah let’s just do a little bit of this cuz like see look it do that doesn’t that look nice I look good and then Sandy Sandy sand these things and see how much of this we can put together whoops wrong thing wait I I thought that uh Vault Hunters 3 was like still in development though or am I tripping am I uh I losing it cuz I thought this was still the beta version of Vault Hunters 3 or is like the finalized version of Vault Hunters 3 going to be Vault Hunters 4 tables where are we at here going to be this [Music] one all right we don’t want to go too crazy we don’t want like crazy detail you know I think this level of sandstone right here would be pushing it we don’t want anything like that or this you want it to be simple maybe that that might be pushing it though that flat block look good that look good this looks [Music] good and I think we could just leave that plain just like that you know what what what else can we do with this oh we can make cobbled let’s do that wait that’s cut that’s Sandstone [Music] bricks all right I guess it’s staying like that what’s that sandpaper can you put this in the chipped thing no no you can’t but what can you do with it you can turn it [Music] into all of these other things so dirty sand is going to require cobbled Sandstone can be transformed oh using the stone cutter okay specifically this yeah all [Music] right so dirty sand made with cobbled Sandstone cobbled Sandstone is two sand and two Sandstone I don’t think that’s going to work no no it doesn’t hold on let’s go get some more sand I know I have tons of [Music] it I’m actually going to put that away I think that’s too much those bricks that’s one stack let’s take two stacks one to use as is and the other to turn into where did it go it’s dirty sand oh it has to be a stone cutter okay and the rocky sand also gets Stone cut into that cool you may music’s wanted to take a nap I can change the music I was aiming for something like super calm and peaceful today um but if you guys want it changed I can absolutely do that my goal here strictly to get you guys to fall asleep with the video active so I get more watch watch time hours that’s the goal all right there’s more dirty sand this might be too much too that might be too much I don’t want to push it we don’t want to go too crazy you know just saying I can change it here let’s go with something a little bit more lively [Music] uh I’m having a hard time finding my the playlist I was looking for let’s try this all right what was I doing dead by you directed me let’s make yeah let’s make more of this let’s do like that’s a stack that can go in that can go away we have dirty sand we’ve got a couple different types of sandstone Straight Up cobbled Sand let’s go with like two three stacks of this regular sand got to have that right now what can you do with Sandy blocks you can cut it uh Cut’s not looking too crazy that looks good small Sandy bricks I like that all right let’s take the rest of this upstairs what do we have we have a stack of dirty sand we need a stack of Rocky sand and I don’t really have a reason to cut the rest of this actually I think I like this not for like this exact pathway but just for future reference it looks [Music] good all right we need like one more but I want to get Birch planks in there too [Applause] maybe let’s dip on this cuz it’s a little bit shiny and maybe dip on that too where’s the wood table at I don’t know which one’s which Carpenters table we can use like the the plain flat Birch planks Birch BL pling Smash and I don’t know it’ be like this right here kind of gives me like a boardwalk Vibe a little bit I’ll take it all right the rest of it can just go up we’re going to keep an eye on that black market table that thing’s great gravy all right I’m going to have to toss one of these to the side probably like the plain Sandstone dude I love the travel this thing’s changed my life I use it for everything though all right we’re going to remove like all of this and just refill it back in using the Trel and all the blocks we have uhoh that’s fine all right and I’ll leave like the edge of this Sandy cuz I I think I’d like to change the edge of this I want to maybe put like a like a border of some kind just to kind of say like hey this is where the path ends um I don’t know if I want to make it out of wood or or how I want to do that yet but we’ll figure it out as the as we move forward let’s get the path itself in first and then see how it feels I’m actually going to remove this grass we’ll fix that after [Applause] all right Trill dude this thing is so satisfying to use too I hope this is enough blocks how is this for uh for wake you up music does it suit the the whole building theme oh this is totally enough blocks we’re going to be good bro that looks nice we’ll have to fix the outer Line This is like line here but that looks nice I like that [Music] pallet a little bit of [Music] [Music] this [Music] [Music] [Music] I don’t know this path looks awfully clean on its own I I might just n it needs [Music] something yeah oh yeah I could look at that all day that’s nice [Music] thinking of maybe taking the grass out of like the grass out of this area like all around the portals I don’t know if the grass fits like I don’t I’m not going to do anything with Sharky’s area but H unless we turn this right here this little Hill Mound into entirely made of grass or at least mostly or a more of a green like Lush feeling rather than like being Sandy I don’t know if the the grass exactly suits that area [Music] [Music] Into the Fire what is that one releve a blaze of its Rod that man went back to the [Music] nether he didn’t go to the nether he just came out of Sharky’s house that man went into Shy’s house and took a blaze rod well played I’m thinking we take like th like from from right where I’m looking round it out take this sand out yeah and like all that sand gets turned into everything else like lush green stuff I do want to expand this path just a little bit on this side though just a little bit let’s get some different perspectives too actually it might look good to to broaden that pathway out a little bit more more as if it’s like going like both directions right that way it kind of encompasses the entrance to this here too I know this this uh entrance is not like a super fancy official one but that might look nice um I did have some ideas of how to like make the cactus farm look nice but shy said he wants to see the farm um what’s up Sharky we were just talking about you like I was thinking about like if shark is cool with it cuz like this is his farm right I was thinking like a skull like wrapped around kind like okay similar Vibe as this right with like the idea that like a creature ate these portals and died here and left them behind but like a large creature skull with like the farm itself inside the mouth right and the mouth is open so it’s got like you can see the whole Farm inside the creature’s skull [Music] 2 D4 mental damage [Music] something like that and then we’ll have to like blend the grass a little bit better all right and then this needs to wrap around a little bit too just a little bit move it or cover it it’s up to me yeah this is your farm dude I’m not going to move it that’s a lot of work [Music] I need to make a vanilla immortality tool cuz this is going to break again and I don’t want that to happen yeah I think this hill needs to be grass for sure let’s do that real quick uh let’s grab a couple shulkers these are like I don’t know I have a problem I need like a a project box with shulkers and all out of my junk which one is it he already left okay well I guess um that but didn’t he wasn’t interested in our shenan all right something like that just to kind of retain our pallet the rest of this though can just go away give me what else are we working here with let’s make a tool real quick let’s do that it’s going to take a this yikes I need Driftwood I don’t want it to be a hammer I I want this to be like a regular old tool like axing shoveling picking but vanilla immortality so I need bronze WTIC silver and driftwood now what the heck is WTIC silver this thing huh Jia it’s your birthday on the 18th Bo what’s going on dude how you doing it’s been a hot minute how hope you’ve been well I’ve been thinking about you good way in a good way all right does it need to have no I don’t think it needs to have that wouldn’t hurt though right yeah let’s put the the sickle on it too all right that bad boy so we’re going to need picking axing shoveling and vanilla immortality and that’s basically it uh 14 that wasn’t creepy at all I didn’t mean it that way are we friends jiah come on we’re more than friends pal no of course we’re friends buddy I mean I don’t know when though I can’t even remember when we met it was um somewhere in the rlcraft series I think it had to be I can’t I don’t remember what else we would have been doing uh vanilla immortality all right let’s do some math here 10 21 32 43 54 65 76 88 88 and 12 is 100 that right there should be exactly 100% still don’t have name tags I could make some villagers to trade name tags for I don’t think I have any name tags I have a single name tag but dadb you can have this if you want here um if you’re watching right now DB this chest right here this double chest put a name tag in there for you that’s all I’ve got but you’re welcome to it when I was making the house for poppy we don’t talk about the time that Poppy died okay villager trades too that’s smooth can do oh no all right I’ll keep my name tag then okay the jewel applicator o 33 space left on that all right that does hit 100 exactly right 100% okay 33 space left what do we put on that definitely not hydr void that sucks I don’t really want mining speed I think that’s too much you need 15 dude you can trade with villagers man um I don’t even know which villager trades though H I think reach would be convenient but I don’t really care to put reach on this I do have a lot of reach Nether fortresses have name tags in them oh GE oh man o day dude jariah man good luck with your your studies um dude you’re going to do just fine jiah I know you you got to go but real quick just to to freaking let me put you up on a pedestal real quick dude when I met jiah man like I mean this with all due respect I could not understand a majority of the stuff he was telling me like spoke English quite well and just like as far as like typing and translating to English dude it was so hard to get it and like within like what two months man like you sound like you are a natively speaking English person at least through through the chat right I’m really impressed with how far you’ve come with your English man and um I wish you the best of luck you’re going to do good man you’re going to do great brother it’s good to see you here reach what did we have 32 space Jewel applicator 33 space I don’t really want to cut anything let’s just put this on it just for funsies Facebook and Instagram bag online rock and roll dude dude well hey man you got to start somewhere I feel like you’ve grown very very well with your your language man I’m impressed with you jiah I I know you’re going to do good dude uh Emeral days oh I’m almost out of emeralds oh dude what the heck um I might sneak over to your house Sharky and and like grab some emeralds while you’re offline that way they refresh by the time you’re back on [Music] t-wood I like that [Music] teawood uh what’s this Hammer have this is my plus4 hammer it has fortune on it I might you know what might put silk touch on that you got a 40 out of 80 dude all right look I don’t care what your last exam was focus on your new one okay you’re going to do better this time I believe in you look I know you’re more than capable dude you just got to apply yourself and and you know don’t don’t like put yourself down either you’re capable of a lot more than you might think you [Music] are let’s sleep how’s this looking it’s not too bad we’re going to let them keep pumping oh another thing I’d like to do at some point in the near future is turn this into an actual M shaft to make it look [Applause] nice my goodness did wait what did X just put Unbreaking one of theal maybe I might have I might have done that look man I I can’t help it okay it’s a have it okay guess that’s how that’s going to go I should have brought like a [Applause] pouch I’m stuck I’m I’m freaking stuck dude oh dude heck yeah jiah I’m excited for you man you’re going to do really good and you know don’t be afraid to drop more in more off and you know how long it’s been since we talked come on dog what took you so long to get back here I missed you Jah come on come with me bloxs come come come oh jeez I did it again all right I wish there was like a pull all button I’m going to go trade this and then uh I guess I could give Mr Tay some Stone as well but I don’t know if he wants me to clog his storage system I’m okay I’m G to put this hammer away okay all right I just give back and put the hammer away imagine just like insta mine the entire house oh dude that’s all right jiah man I understand I really do look man take your time I was just giving you crap and um I look forward to to seeing you back whenever you you got [Applause] time why am I struggling there we [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] go say day when’s the next Elden ring we’ll play it tomorrow I was almost going to play it today because I was like well Zach’s going to get on the game again tonight right so like maybe could have uh oh I should bring andesite over so I can refresh those trades properly um uh so I I didn’t want to like start building something today and be like Oh ran out of time got to go play with Mr Zach um so I was going to play Oden ring but then I was like nah n dude I’m feeling it today I was feeling a little creative oh you just you triggered Jah hard right there Simon oh yeah block that damage oh J I’m so sorry dude look man we’ve had this conversation I feel like we don’t need to keep having the conversation just know that I love you [Music] do oh what where’s your andesite at okay fine yeah freaking Granite then all right I don’t know if that’s going to refresh again I don’t really fully understand these villagers but I did just do like two trades ah dude thank you very much tay we’re making it dude we’re making progress when it’s not like it’s going to buy a house or anything but you know dude it every little thing helps man and it’s greatly greatly appreciated [Music] all right this can just go away I’m going to end up hurting myself with that this can just go up too all right what’s next let’s work on this let’s do this so I I do like the idea of this being on a hill but I think I want to reshape the whole hill maybe what if we brought it down halfway let’s bring it down a couple of blocks that way it’s not up to be like that that way it’s not like up here I guess it is kind of down halfway already that might be perfect right where it’s at but we’re going to have to remove all the sand and figure out a way to blend the pathway in with it Jah don’t don’t say that dude you g to make me feel bad dude D you want to know something um do I’m sure you know who Bryson is right we play with Bryson a little bit here and there I have known Bryson for over a decade of my life and he’s not a mod so you shouldn’t feel bad I love this I love vanilla immortality we’re going to reshape this hill I’m a matur kid now you realize it’s only been like a month right not even it’s only been like literally like two maybe 3 weeks since we’ve had this conversation I do admire your your aspirations though though [Applause] right you know what’s not a relief though jiah um you might have to wait 10 years of your life to become a mod I’m joking I’m that’s a joke that’s a was satisfaction [Applause] down this is such a tiny little Hill and it takes so long like I couldn’t imagine trying to like ret terraform an entire Mountain that would just be redonkulous [Applause] man you should you should try to teach uh you should try to teach Simon a lesson and not being offended Simon left the stream yesterday because cuz I said something back to him Simon’s been giving me all sorts of crap for being bad at video games and uh I said something back to him I was like uh I don’t even remember what it was and he got so upset he left the chat he said I’m going going somewhere else said I’ll go I’ll go watch some other streamer and I was like fine you go do that you go watch some other streamer but look who came crawling back today Simon that’s a sorry s I’m just joking watch his name comes back up it’s like regular colored [Laughter] [Applause] again [Applause] [Applause] all right I don’t really know what we’re working with here let’s carve this bag just a bit right so in order to reform this I think to get a better view a better understanding of the situation I’m going to remove all this sand and just fill it in with dirt and then we’ll reconfigure the the hill like centralized maybe like like maybe we’ll shift this to the side just a little bit but we’re going to bring it back up to that height and then make it look like cleaner um and rounder and um more fancy instead of just like a a cooky looking vanilla generation right what is that dirt just plain dirt we’re going to need a lot of dirt like a lot of lot of dirt excuse me I’m just joking Simon’s cool dude dude I love I love vanilla immortality I feel like I know mending is a thing for basic Minecraft so like you shouldn’t have vanilla immortality it doesn’t really make sense okay he’s right I was upset dude I was getting my freaking butt whooped yesterday in in uh Elden rig goodness it was difficult Simon you missed that last boss fight that uh that we went and did we found this like Lake of rot um and in the lake of rot was this like massive enemy like boss enemy and uh every time dude I just got knocked into the rot and poisoned and killed and poisoned and killed and knocked in the rot and poisoned and killed and poisoned and killed it it was just it was painful it was a difficult fight but we got through it just like we get through everything else Luffy one best main character oh dude Luffy’s an awesome character I feel like he’s one of the most underrated anime characters I love him dude he’s so chill and he’s got so much personality and um I don’t know he’s got a complicated story though like if you guys if anybody’s like an anime fan and you don’t know what one piece is I recommend you check it out it’s a lot to bite off but um man is it good like freaking Luffy there’s these things called devil fruits right and the devil fruits essentially give them like Powers um now there’s like caveats involved with them each right but Luffy accidentally ate a a a devil fruit when he was a child he didn’t realize what he was doing um and he became like rubber Bandy like super elastic and he can like stretch his body into any shape kind of like Mr Fantastic but way cooly and uh I don’t know he’s like a pirate right um that is such a good show one piece is fantastic what wait for real it it actually won best anime cuz that’s impressive I I don’t know if it deserves like best anime but it’s up there it’s it’s on a um a pedestal there up on the list at least in my eyes dude I love one [Applause] piece we’re going to need more dirt uh it’s not going to be too difficult to go get dirt either though I can use that [Applause] hammer I just noticed that glow stone dude uh I don’t know if you still hear Sharky but thank you thank you for slapping lights down there I meant to do that today and I I just saw your glow Stone so GG’s dude wait the anime only has one good Arc what do you mean which one wa I feel like all their powers are illogical though wait it didn’t have good animations oh oh yeah dude it it absolutely did or wait are you talking about the live action one or am I just making that up are you’re talking about like the actual anime one anime of the year cuz I how long’s one piece been out man one piece has been out since I was a child that sucker’s fairly old that’d be impressive if it it won anime of the here now slowly but surely lighting everything sweet dude all right if it’s about animation demon slay is one of the best ah dude demon slayer’s good it is Demon Slayer is one of the best ones too what are you talking about Jutsu Kaizen wait wait am I you were talking about jiujitsu kaisen this whole time I thought you talking about one piece I’m I misread that the jjk I think is Jutsu Kaizen right you had me so excited about one piece dude now I’m a little bit sad all right I want to bring this out I I want to help blend this cuz like right here is like a good entrance way this is a nice little path um I don’t want to like do all the pathing in case Mr Sharky himself is interested but as far as terraforming goes I want to make sure that this is like connectable right so I want this to kind of bridge out that way and wrap around to that path and then also have the potential to go up to his house if I haven’t watched one piece you have no rights oh W who whoa whoa whoa Simon I think Simon’s probably watching one piece dude he’s a he likes anime I’d be surprised if he hasn’t at least seen a good chunk of the the series the server was down what’s gear five you think the Savannah grass looks awful you like podsa more than you like the Savannah grass I mean you’re welcome to change it if you’d like I I would love to make Pathways that go everywhere just to help blend everything I want Ultra Instinct Goku oh jeez don’t start this [Applause] conversation you’re going to get Simon all worked up dude but a Sharky dude it’s not about whether or not you’re a builder it’s about whether or not you want to do it if you want to build something you should do it if you have inspiration to build something around your base I think you should did you do cousins won nine Awards corn sights nice censorship dude nice dude that’s one anime I haven’t seen is Jutsu kaisen so I can’t really talk about it but if it’s that good I believe I believe you hadn’t thought about making a path oh dude Pathways make Building look so much better like your build can look bad and if you make a nice pathway connection to stuff it’ll make the build look nice I wasn’t saying that your building looks bad I was just never mind Pathways help a lot what in the world I didn’t know that they did that Simon that’s kind of like like obsessive that’s a little too much uh I don’t really have that much dirt so let’s take this puppy back out for a spin we’re going to go out in the distance and get some [Music] dirt and by H let’s go a little bit farther just make sure we’re not too close to DB no yeah we’re we should be okay [Applause] [Music] here we’ll get it eventually we’ll pick up the dirt okay that should be it dirt dirt eventually we’ll get the dirt yeah dirt there is one more in there there you go in my opinion jju kaisen is good but not that good it’s like it’s a good action series but the story wait and a good action and story but the season one was trash dude I I would still watch watch it I’ve heard so many good things about uh about jju kaisen I I’ve been recommended like a lot so I’m sure it is very good um but man or day is Attack on Titan better I don’t need to watch nothing but Attack on Titan [Applause] it’s like that with most animes right you got to watch it from the very beginning you can’t just like skimp on it and be like Oh I’m going to jump in halfway me some of them you you can but for for the really good ones you really need to start from the beginning [Music] what if you guys could give me a brief rundown like what is jiujitsu Kaizen or is that like a loaded question is that too much to ask oh yeah dude yeah it’s got to be confusing right you got to stay caught up with it cuz like they’ve spent like how long building a world like literally this whole other world within the pages of that anime right so like if you’re not caught up then yeah you’ll likely be confused Attack on Titan is good that’s all you have to say have you lost your mind somebody get him out of here ban him from the chat I’m just kidding or am I come on now Attack on Titan’s way better than good take your time t I was joking you know that do I have to fill this in probably not it’s not that much though [Applause] e we’re already mostly done with it this hill going to look good let’s take a little look first before we get too carried away maybe it’s bad oh that’s already better yeah that’s already much better I think this one corner could use a little bit of rounding though see that’s why you fill it in entirely right so that you can come back afterwards and do this [Applause] [Applause] for [Applause] for those of you that that build in Minecraft like if you’re a creative sort and you like to just like freaking go hard what do you think about terraforming you like doing terraforming are you like cuz I feel like terraforming is a whole different form of building when it comes in Minecraft it’s like sculpting it’s [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] different eh I I like terraforming it’s just really tedious like it it takes so much time Chuchu kais is an anime inspired copied quotations by Naruto and bleach is like you have cursed energy it’s like chakra and Gojo looks like Kakashi they just protect the world from cursed Spirits okay that sounds good I it’s a good concept man it’s hard to go wrong when you’re talking about a concept like that right right I’m surprised like it it well I’m not surprised I was going to say I’m surprised it won so many awards if it is kind of like almost a copy of those other animes but like man those enimes are so good and it’s not just because the anime is good it’s because the concept carries very well right um everybody loves the idea of that kind of thing at least I do I don’t know I’m a big Naruto dork dude I freaking love Naruto like I can’t tell you how many times I like rewatched like the first shanka Naruto like more times than I should have it’s a good [Applause] one you haven’t watched aot so it’s good oh dude I re recommend Attack on Titan Attack on Titan is very different it’s not Naruto it’s not jju Kaizen it’s um it’s Unique man it’s unlike anything else that I’ve ever seen before and it’s incredibly well written like there’s not a single minute in any of the episodes that you’re like ah I’m bored now there’s no fillers there’s no none of that like it’s all clean dude and every single episode you’re like oh my gosh what’s going on dude I got to go watch the next one to figure it out like it’s just it’s [Applause] good watch One Piece completed yes jiah hey jiah [Applause] you know [Applause] what let’s do a little bit of that action I like that tree there it just feels very low right here so like back that up just a little bit just to help it A smidge Cojo fan girls use the her whoa that’s uh not weird at all are you messing with me that can’t be real no I I look I’ll leave that one up to you for searching okay I will trust you thank you for that piece of information though I appreciate that now I know and I I can’t like not know that now thank you so appreciate that one [Applause] uh try to round this out I don’t want to go too hard over here like I said I don’t want to impede on shy space like this is his situation I do want to make it pathable though like I want it to be a nice clean pathway for everybody all right the dart’s going to look awfully funny with the podz all right now but this turned out decent we’re almost there he does have torches here so I could just like trim this right [Applause] up all right so now we have this like this elevated Hill here right that looks good I’m happy with that um I feel like this needs to be brought back more this little corner needs to be carved in and just a little bit more [Applause] gradual e i don’t no to two diagonal that’s a tough shape to fix ouch okay that’s better but then the bottom of this needs BR out just a little bit [Applause] more oh yeah yeah I’m feeling that now we’re almost there okay we’re going to round it out just a little bit more on the way up the hill and then I think call it there [Applause] doesn’t need too much just a little TLC man once the grass fills in that’ll look a little bit better but I think let’s bring this bag just a little bit [Applause] wa D this is some hell divers music it’s fantastic all right I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but it’s much better than it was the vanilla terrain was killing me man just smooth it out a little bit you know Iron those wrinkles that’s it all right so now this hill right here is going to be our little segment to build with here for the way Shrine right I think this should probably be disconnected too GeForce driver ready to install we do have this little crevice here I I don’t want to take this hill away on the left right but I don’t know what could we do here we could Implement some water somehow then might be interesting I have any torches no I Got Dirt though [Applause] [Applause] all right that’s just about it right there oh okay [Music] all right I’m going way too hard I could do this all day I could literally work my way up and down the entire environment so let’s uh cut it off right there yeah oh jeez the cactus this how’s this thing doing huh 3,000 cacti little bit of bone meal not too bad interesting wait so that should be turned off that should be holding the cactus people were wild seeing Gojo dead after he got treated like a Kit Kat whoa whoa whoa did he get snapped in half or something what happened all right we’re talking about like let’s maybe not terraform this segment here yet let’s wait until we get the Min shaft located and ready to be put into place and then we can worry about terraforming around it because I don’t want to have to do the terraforming now then be like oh crap I need to move all this stuff and then do it again you know what I mean so yeah let’s focus on this segment for now and I think that this needs to come back a little bit Gojo and anime fans were very sad and angry with the Riders when he got killed oh yeah I mean as you could imagine right like if it’s it’s a character that everybody’s like fond of and they’ve known for a long time and then all of a sudden he’s just like you know it’s uh it could be kind of tragic like if Naruto died I’d be kind of crushed that stuff can go up here okay let’s fill this back in with dirt and then figure out a way to blend these together I think I want some moss moss would look really good to help add some variation in here where the heck do we find moss at man oops we want it to look like the grass is creeping in on the sand as well I think so I want the sand to be a little bit thicker down [Music] here oops okay [Music] and then like sprinkle a little bit of grass in here and there and then we need like a similarish pathway with the dirt in order to help blend it even better so what are we thinking here let’s put all this stuff up here for now what can we make out of grass the heck is that that what the heck is that interesting you get path blocks that’s it you get path blocks a living Rock planter Floating Lime FL our pasture seeds you get dirt bricks that might be worth it that actually looks pretty good let’s start chunking some stuff over here in our memory that’s cool definitely Rocky dirt that looks good how in the heck do you get Pebbles though CL kind of recipe is that Vault Stone and then die like any other Rock apparently all right coar dirt that’s a good one can’t say no okay so there’s a different difference between wait Rocky dirt and Rocky there’s two different Rocky dirts there’s decorative blocks and twigs which one’s going to be easier definitely this one so let’s get rid of that the heck Rod of the lands compressed dirt not really interested can’t do much with dirt nothing that we’re like capable of doing right now you can do different stuff like that that’s actually not bad the worst fandom is my hero Academia dude yeah I never understood the hype around my hero it’s all right it’s okay it’s not bad it’s a good show but I don’t think it deserves like the amount of hype and traction it actually gets it I don’t want to diss it because I like my hero but I’m not like oh dude got to watch it it’s so good wait got to catch up with my episodes cuz it’s so good it’s not that good I’ve seen it I’ll go watch other stuff now that might be worth picking up probably not oh 6,700 I don’t have that much you know what I do have though is I got a pee I’ll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he said the only good thing they did was wait until uh all might retiring and the rest of the bgm was so bad during the fight I don’t even know what you’re talking about That’s how little I like actually enjoyed uh my hero I like the new emojis though they’re a little bit difficult to see I might put a background around them I might Implement like something around the Emoji to kind of help it pop like a white border or something I think that would help because they they do kind of blend in with the the black border around to highlight the the image I think the the the Emojis could do with some um some pop some Pizzaz to help it stand out from the the back of the chat what was that doing it’s a little small oh I mean they don’t get any bigger than that unfortunately um I wish I could make them bigger than that could I make them I could try I look when today’s over well it’s not going to be today but tomorrow first thing I’ll work on that I’ll see if I can make them any bigger like physically it it’s going to be pushing it cuz I don’t know if I can um but then they do need something to help pop around the edges so I’ll I’ll work on that I’ll make them look better what was I doing okay so we were looking for stuff that goes with dirt um oh we have rooted dirt hardly any of it though so it doesn’t have to be dirt okay it could be other blocks I think I want to shy away from Granite cuz that’s pushing it into the Red Spectrum a little bit more but I want to stick more towards the brown I think Spruce goes with [Music] dirt what else goes with dirt maybe jungle jungle’s pushing it to the lighter side of things but it might provide a little bit of spazazz a little bit of pop like maybe that’s what we need is something a a little bit lighter like jungle’s ever so slightly working its way towards like the orangey reddish almost pink right um whereas the granite’s like a little bit too dramatic that’s too much I think jungle might be it potentially Brown mushroom blocks we’ll have to wait find a way to make them a little bit darker I know we can cut them which that’ll I think probably do it for us Brown terra cotta would look good I just don’t have any terra cotta hardly [Music] yeah that’s what I was thinking for the brown mushroom blocks right there yeah it does get darker that looks good we can recut all that stuff too which is nice Blossom oh I forgot about the other world the other Woods hold on a second hold the phone o Walnut looks good dude I like Walnut Blossom plenty of Blossom what else do we have in here let’s check the ji for something we might not have gray terra cotta looks good what about the brown terra cotta how much does terra cotta cost can chip it I have no idea how to make terra cotta it’s fine don’t worry about it I don’t want to go too crazy with the pallet we don’t need like a million blocks you don’t want to be too busy or overwhelming right just a a little simple pathway is all it takes let’s work with what we have I think what we’ve got is going to cut it I think like we’ll put two stacks of that away is it the scholars table no it’s the Bist table yeah look at that dude that’s going to look good [Music] I should try to get in the habit of like unshipping all this stuff when I’m done with it that way it doesn’t take up like a million different slots in the inventory that might be on the dark side actually nah let’s stick it stick with it Carpenter I don’t know if I want to go with lines I think that looks nice right there maybe it does need a little bit of texture I think one of those now and then’s fine that’s tough maybe this that looks a little unnatural though we’re thinking like earthy dirty straight lines don’t really match that and I think that’s too much I don’t know maybe we’ll stick with just the plain one cuz I yeah Spruce is going to have the same issue I wish there was like some more like Goofy and unnatural lines I guess it’s wood right what do you expect hold on a second excuse me where’s the dirt dirt the dirt dirt podz all might be worth it oh my goodness I can’t make that stuff mean I guess I could like just straight up make more podzol with those trees it wouldn’t be too difficult that should be all I need ideally and we can turn things into path blocks too we have an hour and a half on that one I’m trying to keep my eye on this Black Market to keep refreshing it in case we find something juicy to buy uh what was I going to do with the dirt again oh I was going to turn it into dirt bricks Rocky dirt and coarse dirt okay so we need Cobblestone bricks those look nice I like that oh that’s a little expensive all right then we want like plain old dirt and grass too do I want grass in there I I could come back in afterwards and add the grass manually instead of putting it in here with the Trel because I don’t want grass to spread to stuff that I don’t want like to be grass if that makes any sense how do we make coar dirt gravel and dirt okay that’s easy we got plenty of gravel all right we’ll stick with like two suckers of this and one of them we’ll pick and choose which ones are going to be like um path blocks where do I start this at um cuz I want this to be green too do I do we want it no maybe green doesn’t blend well here me is red and green it kind of it gives good contrast let’s worry about that stuff later I just lost oh there we go how wide does this the path need to be probably the whole thing well something like right about here all right we’ll worry about the rest of that afterwards I like that block that’s nice oh snap dude watch he’s going to get on he’ll be like hey dude want to do a vault I’ll be like dang it all right let’s do a vault I’m surprised dad B didn’t stay on long is this sucking is this not good let’s take a step back real quick oh no dude I like that we just need to blend it yeah yeah yeah okay I like the pallet that looks good that’s it’s a really cool looking pathway we just need to find a way to blend it better with uh the Sandy pathway we’ll get it the green is a little bit too much there’s plenty of green around us and we’re going to add more green and Lifey stuff into the build later down the road so we’s stick with what we got for now this is looking nice [Applause] uh-huh that’s clean I mean it’s dirty but it’s clean that grass in there needs to go maybe that becomes Sandy this segment right here could be Beach that little bit of grass and that would be where the beach ends and then this pathway needs to go like wrap up toward Sharky’s base oops uh that’s fine right could be whoa see he gets it he’s jumping up and down on the rotten meat block let’s dump that let’s bring this back in wait a second yeah okay uh I’m thinking just a little bit more Brown coming in here like darker brown or maybe stay away from the well it’s tough that’s okay buddy no wor sharks Sharky MC shark shark I hope you feel better man I thought I was getting sick too I don’t know something’s going around oops that’s uh not what it was supposed to be I don’t even know if I want to use path blocks then we can just like subtly tuck some really like really stray dirt blocks every now and then whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa and we could also do the vice versa opposite situation that looks pretty good dude that’s not bad for blend we have to figure out something to do with here with the edges same with up there right and over here but I think I like the idea if this path was to bring itself right up here and we’ll have to Center this better oh we’re going to need some slabs in here too that’s going to complicate things just a little bit or staircases if we do slabs we’re going to have to bring the hill out a little bit it’s going to kind of goof with the shape okay as far as this goes man like I want to build like an actual structure around it I just I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do yet like I’m thinking maybe like a gazebo type of style hold on let’s get the pathway in here and we’ll step back and and have ourselves a little think a little think I think and this will remove most of the Savannah grass that Mr Sharky was not too fond of one layer at a time I don’t know what’s he doing are you what are you drawing a line wait I I don’t understand I’m going to need more blocks oh okay sure I mean why not all right I am going to need more blocks hold on a second what am I missing jungle planks Spruce planks dirt bricks Rocky Co Dort and brown mushrooms I don’t know if I could turn grass directly in into what I’m doing uh get that crap out of here please I’ll take your time Mr Sharky sir I’m just I’m goofing today I’m having fun I was trying to like just you know get some blendable stuff some pathway Shenanigans going on you don’t even have to do anything if you don’t want to I was just kind of um experimenting with what we’ve got going on wait those get turned into this that gets turned into that you get turned into this is that it besides the dirt bricks and the rocky dirt which we’re going to run out of again wait how oh I needed Cobble for that okay Cobblestone bricks that’s what I need dirt oh I’ve got rocky dirt dude I don’t even need to make that that’s convenient I do need to make the other thing though started a project that’s too big oh no dude that’s the worst that’s the worst when you start something you’re like oh got all these ideas there I’ve got so many good ideas and then all of a sudden you’re like oh that’s a lot and then you get burnt out and things like that is it makes it difficult just take your time with it man that’s the key that is the ticket that bad boy sayante it is Tiny what is that the crying one it’s a little difficult to tell which Emoji is which cuz it is so tiny I’m glad you’re using them though because otherwise I wouldn’t have known exactly what they look like and like how I would need to adjust them so I’ll make them look good dude they going to look better what oh that’s just gone why is words from someone so young what the crying [Laughter] Emoji that’s the sad one all right all right it doesn’t help that like my chat is fairly small on my my other monitor and my eyes aren’t great either I wonder if it has something to do with playing video games for 16 hours a day nah that’s silly excuse me you’re loud just runs away I’m sorry how many villagers you yes yes yes yes you can you can take take some let’s take a look oh jeez that was bad these are all for dude I like them I’m so thrilled with how they turned out dude oh speaking of hold on time out all right sorry my cousin said that uh she’s working on developing like accounts like new accounts for all her artwork so she can start like being more official about it um so one once that is uh a thing and implemented she’ll let me know and I will put all like the links and stuff up for you guys um I mean obviously her artwork’s not like revolving around beavers uh that’s just um what we’re doing right now right um but she is a a really talented artist if you guys are interested in checking it out you should and I I’ll let you know for sure whenever it’s about to happen whenever I’ll put stuff up like that uh uh uh uh uh and Simon there should be more on the way too more than just those four um the issue with that is that I can’t Implement them until like we get more members I think it’s once I reach eight members I can introduce another emoji and then so on and so forth you like them dude they’re so good man like I I can’t like praise how talented my cousin is enough man she’s freaking amazing I don’t know if you noticed like the badges too like Simon’s badge that he has next to his name too is a little baby beaver that like symbolizes new members coming in and then like as you uh as like say once you hit a month of membership the the beaver actually ages and it goes on from there and then all the way up to 48 months which is what YouTube offers um it’s just like an old like white beard Beaver with a a cane all hunched over it’s like dude they’re so good man I love them oh it makes me smile I love that stuff I uh does feel a little bit flat I think it’s something to do with these three blocks being identical dude I love that that the sand texture like blending it with dirt texture looks great now what we need to do is in here scatter a little bit of grass now and then just a little bit it’s just going to help blend in the environment just a little bit better like it’s difficult to explain cuz like this Sandy segment already had that implemented right the the sand is already in the palet whereas the grass is completely removed now because this is so Brown um it’s going to help to bring a little bit of grass in from the outside just to kind of add a little bit of like variation and we can make it a little bit more common towards the edges kind of the the complete opposite fact that we did before right like all this little scatter here it’s tighter around the edges right same with the grass you want to just like invert that pallet and say like all right if if the brown is the grass and the grass is the pathway you just it a little bit thicker around the edges now and uh o that might be a little bit too much and it’ll help blend it so [Applause] nicely just a little maybe maybe a little bit more all right let’s take a look this Line in the Sand needs some help too although although I I think that if we put a m shaft like directly below us right around here we’re likely going to want Pathways that kind of wrap around the house and connect it both ways right so I think this will all just fix itself and we can kind of do the same blending pattern may maybe not so much with the brown over here and more so with grass we’ll see I am going to stop the pathway there I know Sharky said we can go up to that brick line but I think it’s cool where it’s at for now at least until we get more builds implemented I could connect his little bee F though I think that would look nice that would help blend it into the environment blend it into the environment excuse me oops that’s too much I don’t know what’s going on with that thing holy I was going to try to fix this but I have no idea what’s Happening Here is the other one how about I uh don’t worry about it other one’s empty oh is that why it’s like spam taken [Applause] e [Applause] what the heck I don’t want that stuff okay don’t worry about it dude those bees are going crazy they’re just buzzing [Music] and it’s like doing maintenance on your car man you don’t have to apologize dude we’re not even going to be here long what the heck oh these are different blocks okay that would make sense I do like that the the Savannah doesn’t rain though that’s freaking nice yeah dude yeah of course I don’t know how many I have but I should have a whole like three or four you could take them all m [Music] a little bit L I definitely didn’t have my magnet [Music] on seven I mean take them take them I’m assuming he’s making Librarians to trade with so you can have all seven of them bad [Music] boys dang I wish I could get rid of this rain I guess I could like command it but that feels cheating that turned out well it does need like slabs in there to help transition and and run up and down the pathways um which I think is probably just going to end up being planks like slab d After ignoring me for two what I definitely did not ignore you for two hours you [Laughter] left oh I can sleep in the hammock what a dude what a call out no wait no le turns for you they are banned oh sad that was interesting thanks dude I was not ignoring you you were ignoring me if anything you’re the one that’s hurting my feelings jiah I think that did turn out pretty well wait only banned for Sharky dang son sucks to suck buddy that’s what you’re saying yeah wait what you wait oh oh oh sorry dude jiah I totally read that backwards the first time I was like okay [Music] bull I thought you were getting some sleep dude this late for you man all right let’s do some slab it can I do this I can I don’t think I want to though let’s do a little bit of this clean up we go back in the house um that’s not the same Block it’s 12 dude you better get some rest before you go to get up and do that um that test in the morning man I mean I’m you know you do whatever you want to do but just saying sleep’s important cool so what do I need slabs and it’s going to oh I was looking in here I could do granite slabs but I think it’s going to end up being jungle and Spruce jump into conclusions fast I’m used to him giving me crap for ignoring him sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions that’s my bad man Sun metal looks good I do have those too that’s architect’s pallet slab board slabs okay that’ll provide a little bit of variation another brass dripstone brick I don’t want it to be too d drastic of a change so light H botania that looks good even cut Granite I think would do it what is that that’s create though kiddo yeah look Simon’s even got a little baby beaver next to his name he’s such a young Walnut I think it’s going to be Walnut that might be the easiest route route seashell tile slabs what that looks kind of nice but not for what we’re doing but maybe for the future you never know oh you can make a dirt brick slab that’s what it’s going to be all right yeah yeah we don’t need that many slabs so that that should do it three of them I think is fine maybe four so uh jungle where’s your Wolfie um man I don’t know that’s a good question I’m not sure where he’s been who I think that’s more than enough and then Spruce too oh dude no worries Jah dang Simon you you’ve been freaking coined [Laughter] dude ah dude much love Dr it was good to see you brother good luck on your test and um I’ll catch you some other timeing uh what other things do we have maybe Walnut don’t throw some Walnut in there right [Music] Walnut what can you do with these freaking nothing whoa okay that was a lot more than I thought it was going to be my bad guys who was that was that jiah Carey I’ll soon grow to a big beaver dude that’s going to be so cool just like see that transition I do wish I could make like slabs out of the mushroom [Music] [Applause] blocks [Music] course dir wait what’s duplicated this bad boy [Music] this is some like Sith Lord music coming right out of Star Wars [Music] I hope this doesn’t mess up the shape too much oh that looks good oh that actually is perfect that’s not bad all right I think that’s cool now like what’s the building here cuz that’s the next step is to actually make a building uh uh that works or does it need to be a building I don’t think it needs to be a a building building it just needs to be some sort of structure and I think I would like it to be like oops I missed hold on let’s get on top of this tree get some perspective rolling okay that’s fine so I mean it look it’s a little Blended right now it’s hard to see what’s going on there but I’m thinking something reminiscent of like a round old Stony broken down structure [Music] like I was just thinking bones maybe but I don’t think that’s it I don’t want there to be bones all over the place I feel like that’s too much like there’s already going to be enough white implemented in these builds I think like good oldfashioned stone stone color right grayscale with a little bit of dark accent implemented into it tossed in there one way or the other right it’s grayscale with either some dark accent or some light accent one of the other um and I’m thinking something sort of like Stonehedge in a way not too big right it’s it’s not going to be huge it’s just going to be be this small little area I’m thinking like some structural pillars that look like they’re kind of like half baked you know [Music] um and it’s got to be open too I don’t want it to have a roof on it that would be too much I think um and I I want it to be kind of like I want it to feel kind of enclosed in the center but still open to the elements right you you still want to be able to walk in and out of the the structure at any location right if you want to walk that way you can if you want to walk that way you can obviously we fly a lot right um elytras pretty much run the the game if you haven’t noticed but it’s not about that um it’s not about practicality it’s not about like what we do what we don’t do um I don’t care if anybody like even steps foot through through there like we’re going for like the idea of that like traveling on foot that’s what the pathways are all about right there’s no reason to have Pathways it’s just aesthetic right so you go harder you go home okay I’m thinking this needs to be centralized just to smidge more and by that I mean I think literally just one block to the right um I want this to be raised up one block in the center and then transitioned with some half slabs down so that the center piece is higher and it curves down to this flattered underbelly and then it the rocks on the outside curve up kind of like this shape almost but if it was like instead of being like this more like this right turned on its side but smaller scale obviously so like we’ve got less room to work with which means less detail which is fine but vertical half slabs staircases maybe some Nubs some walls let’s do it so we’re going to want all sorts of stuff we’re going to want some tough cut tff that looks good Moss I want to bring some green into it some color I like moss and maybe we’ll get away from like the the the rough cobblestone look and aim for something more tight and straight and like manufactured like the the bricks and uh kind of blend that with some more like Smooth pallets something that’s like not quite as like rough and natural feeling as this but still something smoother like like it was a brick at one point and then just like eroded you have lots of moss oh I’ll be right there baby say my name I’m coming interesting all right that’s interesting oh what a g dude thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you cration Time come on now who colors the shulkers is this a joke what is this who does he think he is who I’m actually going to like I’m going to replace this here wait does can I grow requires soil wait okay that works easy money I might actually start pumping like all the Moss show respect to the no no I was just giving you crap dude I I like a red Redstone shulker I agree with that all right let’s put this stuff up for now now look at these blocks what is that Valia MSI block MSY log excuse me sorry about that living rocks Mossy stacked dude that’s gorgeous that’s a nice block I want all of that living living stone bricks look at that dude okay that’s not as much as I was hoping it would be that’s Cobble Stone right that’s all right we don’t need many blocks we’ll be good so that needs cut that gets cut it looks like stone cutting does it all so I don’t even need Moss or anything to get too far with it dude that looks so good I love that texture what else can we do with this use it as [Music] Cobblestone now do I need to use this as bricks cuz that basically looks like stone bricks to me Mossy Cobble oo that looks good too it provides some like brighter texture Cobblestone bricks okay so twigs and Quirk do mossy cobblestone I wonder if you could just cut that mossy cobblestone no you oh you can use Moss blocks to what a game dude but I think I want to use bricks instead of this Cobble cuz this Cobble down here already looks good I like that better and it provides a little bit more structure maybe these I do like that you can make madori I did see that uh I think madori is a little too green for what I’m looking for I just want like slight green accents but that that block looks good I noticed it on your staircases and uh I I I don’t really have plans but I I do have ideas of how to implement that in the future it looks good look at that do you guys see that living Rock how you do that how do you do that huh okay so you have to use botania and run it through a pure Daisy interesting all right well that’s not happening not right now what was that doing Mossy this we’ll save the vines what dang it I shouldn’t have used all the vines I should have put at least one in the well uh it’ll be fine the batan infusion it it looks good all right we take this and we take the Moss yeah I don’t want it to be too much green but just a little bit I think this Mossy Stone right here might be pushing it a little too far nah we’ll we’ll try it I don’t know how to make this though oh Cobble wait what cobbled stone cobbled Sandstone gets turned into Mossy Stone okay cobbled Sandstone that’s not cobbled standstone how do you do the thing dude cobbled Sandstone oh it’s two Sandstone two sand all right nice hear a creeper and a zombie I’m going to run out of those really quickly maybe that’s not the right choice well we might have enough [Music] actually we’ll make it work oh the moss grows quickly I like how it like spreads across the stone like that that’s cool this thing’s got to be close right 20 minutes I might actually leave that right where it’s at you know what let’s go one thick okay that works let’s go one thick blocks and then Implement like vertical half slabs and stuff to give it a little bit of its [Music] [Music] girth and it’s not going to hurt to like interrupt the pathway a little bit now this is where things get weird right [Music] [Applause] [Applause] for [Music] I’m trying to implement some Randomness to this e every time I see Dad bot’s D Body over there I think somebody’s like coming up after me dead bot’s creeping on me even when he’s not in the game all right we only have six of these other blocks left I like the way they look though why does that not feel centered it’s got to be centered I think it is I think it’s something to do with this the warp plate we may be able to give that warp plate back to buy now now that we all have waste odens unlocked we need to discover his location though oh he doesn’t have a Way Stone here I might make one they’re pretty cheap unless he prefers the warp plates I don’t know I’m not sure if like if you can use a like a warp Stone to teleport to a warp plate he might prefer a Way Stone oh he’s been building I see him over here oh he does have a Way Stone there you go it’s upstairs good shout dude thank you sir excuse me sorry about that oh goodness interesting that’s a thick hammer boy all right I’m thinking I might want slabs in the corners here and then these to be staircases [Music] raggy my inventory is getting uh kind of cooked hold on I need like two more slabs you know what I should just bring this thing with me oh dude I think it’s too late oh he’s 58 capacity still whoa oh you can recut that okay that’s cool what’s up Zeus hey brother check my storage I might have a couple or in my old a house the simple storage might have something uh might have couple luring sick dude GG’s Mr llama sir this might be a smidge to gray I think I want something more like this all right doesn’t have to be fancy right just a little something something and maybe like a a torch or a light for something on top of that that is a nice Hammer [Music] though DK dunk uh what am I messing I think just the tough all right I don’t really know where I’m going with this but let’s do something like that this temporary scaffolding oh he done it he done it very nice dude that is a good Hammer I like that all right now know it looks a little goofy right now but trust the process we’re going to work in some other materials Unbreaking what a g dude he knows he knows how to play the game let’s do vertical half slabs let’s do vertical half slabs around the edges like a slab and a staircase right maybe we turn this block into like an upside down staircase like an upside down staircase here facing inward so that The Brak is over here then opposite right making a little Tetris shape and turn those into like some sort of lanterns I think I’m running out of space I am hang on a second okay so you can’t make slabs out of that or that but you can make it out of that it’s just I’m running out of that unfortunately I shouldn’t need too many man that sucks you can’t make like vertical slabs out of this tough too I could do walls [Applause] we’re kind of limited here we’re going to need some more staircases I wish I had more of that dude what about what if we make this back into a living rock ah no okay what that was horrible I need some like uh what’s it called some scaffolding here all right let’s maybe focus on one of the time [Music] what am I making what the heck am I doing here [Music] he missed he tried to poison me oh is that what that was is it a fart in a jar sucks the suck he [Music] missed I think that would look better with a [Music] staircase oh is that what that was a poison Nova cool I don’t know how I feel about this it looked cooler in my head we need more more stuff we need more like more detail maybe instead of bringing it f farther out here we just like go straight up one more okay wait maybe instead of going straight up one more we take like we make a fence and thin it out from there [Music] we need a way to thin it out even more though I wish you guys could have felt that one that that was a good crack okay wait we’ll get there all right it it’ll happen just give it a a minute let’s go like this what else do we have for like fences and walls Picket Fences it’s got to be concrete that looks nice you could just make a fence out of concrete what do I not have any of that man you’re killing me game what did that just do I goofed like gray I don’t have any of that isn’t oh dude I don’t think I have a single squid no I totally have daisies right am I drunk what what what I know there’s other ways to make light gray die I knew I had daisies dude I was like I’m oh I have wait two all right I mean that’ll work for now go get some squid oh no I’m all right I don’t need that many but thank you though that makes 12 fences that’s like more than enough yeah I think that’s exactly what I was looking for what about iron this stuff I need one more of these what the heck okay what’s up Vex how you doing all right that turned out a little bit better it’s still a little silly looking though there’s supposed to be an if at the beginning of oh I got you I got you I got you sick World dude thanks so much man it’s not just me here it’s a team effort I’m thinking maybe the iron bar at the top is a little bit too [Music] much there you go yeah let’s rock something like that and um we’ll probably do something else too like it it needs to have a little bit more of a curve to it I think that’s not an ugly house I’s hope you know what I think I know what the problem is it needs to be like like this yeah this is a difficult shape to work man I think it’s coming together now okay oh gosh darn it all right give it a [Music] second I think that’s better maybe even like one more block upwards that sucks I need to bring scaffolding over here what the freaking heck game all right I guess I’ll just do this yeah yeah that’s a little bit better the other curve Direction was just not working for me cool I’ll settle with that the problem is that we’re going to run out of different types of stairs and vertical slabs I don’t think you can make tough into vertical slabs not that oh we should make some walls though okay well I guess we’re making all 38 my bad my freak B bad mate I don’t know what to do with this [Music] thing I might end up like op in for just plain old Cobblestone cuz like you can make mossy cobblestone [Applause] stairs maybe not I think we can make it work it goes up three in the middle right and then a staircase on top oops four of six done wait four or six what did I miss something or did I I must have forgot aome we’ll do like these uh these flat end pieces and then we’ll try to figure out something unique for the corners too cuz that’s uh that’s a little weird it’s going to be different that’s good though that that turned out well it could have been worse oh name tag trades holy holy crap how many do you need I’m not sure where dead bod went man he was playing earlier I think that’s it for staircases and then I need like two blocks on top of those I’m going to go get freaking what’s it called stupid scaffolding I hate scaffolding dude it just pisses me off you want 10 Max trades I feel like six is plenty how how many name tags do you really need I’m assuming it’s for recipes right please thank you did I do that backwards I dig it he did dude I mean well I’m assuming we can come across a recipe that’s like a freaking zillion name tag right I got you that’s a good call man I like it Sharky today we are going to go spread some democracy though after Zach gets online [Music] I don’t know trapo would go really well there heck yeah brother it’s for up democracy dude that game is so freaking fun for like no reason [Music] man nah it’s for good reason that game is so [Music] good I don’t think I like the the iron bars I think that’s too [Music] pointy that [Music] sucks okay [Music] I’m so good at [Music] scaffolding all right we need some more vertical slabs more than just that that’s not cutting [Music] it oh there are tough vertical [Music] [Music] slabs I think that’s about all I’m going to get out of it [Music] though we’ll make it work put the focus oh what is that you back off these are mine now that’s awesome dude oh oh I like that how do you make this okay all right it’s a little bit complicated to make but we can handle that dude thank you dude that’s a freaking sick dog I like that I’ll be using those not right this second but I’ll be using them I think that doesn’t need to be there I don’t I don’t know it helps ease the curve just a smidge librarian trades the lamps oh baby wait the the actual lamp or like the iron lamp that is from vanilla lanterns got it understood thanks man I appreciate you Mr Sharky sir oh yeah that’s it right there there wait just gives it a little bit of depth I don’t know does it need like I think now this needs to go but this gets turned into a whole block that’s it right there man that’s the Move Like Jagger man all right now does that get one more I feel like a trapo would be better there like that but with a couple of trap doors on the sides on let’s sleep quick we could find some like grayscale trap doors that don’t require Redstone to open and close we’ll be kind of grooving with that Driftwood barn door it’s kind of grayscale it’s almost brown but it’s definitely more gray I think I like the Barn Door what’s this oh we can make like a bit of everything out of the Driftwood all right let’s check it let’s go try it out after I get the rest of these situated right that needs one block there I think that’s [Music] it why does that one look funny [Music] okay I think I fixed [Music] it let’s make one of those trap doors first just to see if it fits get out of here with your ass in your valerant nonsense what’s this buttons add slight depth too you’re right there’s Nubs in this game too I don’t know if that’s worth I think it might be I think it is worth it it’s a random modifier right it’s not guaranteed to be one thing or another give me something good 33 seconds in 5% completion it’s blank which is not good or bad but it is an additional 33 seconds to the Vault dude I have to pee so bad I’ve been drinking so much coffee today time out I’ll be right back [Music] [Music] for [Music] [Music] all right let’s make one of them uh Driftwood oh you need prints all right we got a stack of that [Music] wait is there just a plain old trap door what oh okay paper and a regular Oak trapo makes that and that’s probably yeah paper and a spruce trap door okay can I just make a regular old freaking trap door to test it with so I’m not burning my materials with one without glass freaking heck no no uh okay let’s start with the cottage cuz I think I think I have some of these let’s see if this is the right color for it yeah it is that’s the right color for it all right what do we need two more s wait 3 6 9 10 11 yeah we need 11 so 12 total one’s already up what’s this thing called drift drift [Music] wood I don’t I don’t know about the ones with the holes in them [Music] it does add a little bit of extra color to it too so it’s not totally gray but it still fits the scale and you know what we could do because those are totally hidden we could cram some light blocks in there so they glow let’s do that when’s this reset and oh I can reset it now as much as I’d love that fundamental Focus I just don’t think I have the the Moa for that right now do I have have glow [Music] stone it does that’s me am I sir sir yeah I know I know I’m going to use the lanterns oh you need a zomber no you broke it again oh was I not supposed to sleep what what are you doing to your zomber man does this go on a wall no it do be looking good though dude I don’t think I want to use these here but I do like these a lot all right let’s make oh for converting okay I see what you’re saying I’ll stop sleeping let’s do like four more light sources in here in the floor but cover them up with trap doors I’m pretty sure trap doors allow light to pass through if I’m wrong then I’m I don’t know I’m screwed all right I don’t need those these are going to go up for now that’s a mess um Driftwood this music is [Music] awesome all right I’ll probably end up making more uh for the the diagonals but I don’t want to like overcraft all right so these need res situated I like the the bend of these think I want the rest to do the same thing dang son those turned out good I like that we don’t even have a texture pack or a Shader pack or nothing yeah [Music] dude how do we do this what is that noise what the heck was that noise [Music] this is going to be a bit of a challenge here with these diagonals [Music] [Music] do we do like a slab on both sides look at him up there being chased by a zombie he thought I was going to kill [Music] it I have a uh a track record of accidentally like striking all his Mobs with Lightning by accident like I just passively have it active and uh don’t worry I was I paid attention I knew what I was doing this time okay wait now we take the vertical slabs right watch this it’s about to get weird I don’t think it’s going to work though but we got to at least try it uh uh uh-uh whoa you little dodgy [Music] boy can you guys go away Je that’s actually kind of what I was going for right it goes up to and then we get this action in oops too much yeah man no problem no problemos I’m up [Music] here I’m just trying to get the shape down quick quick I forgot I could do [Music] this we’ll never notice [Music] I need to make more vertical slabs maybe take that out I wish I could just bump that one corner out too but I think I can make it work if I put like two vertical slabs here I think that’ll balance it [Music] out [Applause] [Music] minus one librarian oh [Laughter] no this poor guy don’t get it he’s what they call a professional these need to be full blocks I think can’t do it on the current server settings oh huh that’s odd I’m not sure about that one [Music] me that’s not it either or is it is that it I think that dips too far what if this was just a half slab I think that might be pushing it too something just doesn’t quite feel right with it though it looks good from here 50% chance uh yeah we talked about that the other day didn’t we I don’t know how to chck change it me I’m not the man to speak with I think the maybe Oops I did not mean to do that we’re getting into the nitty-gritty here I think maybe that’s it right there you like I want to add some leafage too we’ll get there it would be nice if I could fly though I should have gotten the angel block man two more levels and I could spec into it you know what that means it’s time to run some vaults baby I’m just kidding we got to get this [Music] done [Music] I’m going to run out of freaking staircases again all right so we got to go diagonals here two full blocks in the back and I think actually that’s all for the staircases the rest is half half slabs I think [Music] yeah found the perfect spot to make a witha Skelly Farm a fortress and a soul s Valley but no land mass around it that actually is perfect is that something we’re going to need to do make a Wither Skelly Farm cuz we can go do that dude we can doly do that that’s not [Music] right no that is right right and then oh we do need more staircases okay I’m trying to be efficient it’s not working that’s not my middle name I think this goes directly in the corner no it’s a a slab that goes directly in the corner what’ he say nether Stars for real I feel like that’s a silly thing to need to put in there why would they do that to us that kind of sucks that’s like super expensive all right so slab and then full block and then surrounded by slabs with some glowstone on top there are wither spawn eggs that would be fantastic yeah and any thoughts about getting into caj arum are we um I mean obviously we’re going to probably want it if not need it right um I wouldn’t mind going into it to be honest I I think botania we’ve discussed this before I think but like botania being kind of relatively useless sort of um but there are some really really cool looking blocks in botania and your boy over here wants to to plant some flowers [Music] all right spoter if you stay over there I will stay right over here we don’t have to fight just kidding I freaking hit it he’s going in the get Hima is as useful as botney pots are thoral so it look botney pots are like super useful I don’t want to hear that smack oh item duplication okay well in that case um I can pick up Bania but Skeletor or uh you know the kerium is going to be difficult it’s relatively expensive to craft the items if we could get dadbod to ever play the game we could have him do that we could all team up together on the mods all right I’m just doing my rounds making sure I get different [Music] perspectives [Music] yep we didn’t want to do research teams didn’t we I don’t mind teaming up I mean as long as we like you know we work together on it and we’re not just like somebody’s out there just struggling for resources cuz that would just be sad can I please be up on the thank you goodness all right we need more trap doors now and I think that’s it so we need two four six eight trap doors this time for perfect now after this I’m thinking we Implement some green shrubs some like interesting stuff um kind of like in the air like say like it’s how do I explain this how do I put this hold on let me put these trap doors on we’ll talk about it that turned out good I’m thrilled can’t you tell how happy I am happy that did turn out pretty good n it’s very gray that’s the thing it needs some level of accent other than just the green cuz I think with the green Mossy stuff is doing is mostly just kind of blending it with the the green grassy environment around it right it’s bringing that sort of like level into it making sure it’s not too out of place but it needs like I was thinking shrubs it’s thinking shrubs that like climbed up and over and like met in the middle kind of but like maybe that’s not the move in our solo world we talked about doing crystals it like built into the building for funsies what if we put a crystal in the center of this like a bright purple pink bluish white gray black I don’t know any of those colors what if we started building with glass not just glass but there’s things like gelatin that are all very bright and colorful that’s sad I built this nice thing in the middle oh you want to put this in the middle you want to you want to trade them out all right I we’ll trade him out that would look good I thought I’m not going to lie man I thought that you were uh oh I thought that you were making like your own way Shrine up there I was like you son of a freaking cun oh for the nether oh that turned out good I like the way that looks but it does need something it needs a little bit of definition to it um kind of like how these bones have the very dark contrast to help them pop out to help you like Define hey this is a bone then this is a bone then this is a bone right and you can tell clearly in this you get these gray pillars that all depending on your angle sort of kind of mush together just a little bit it needs something [Music] tinted glass nah nah look glass is cool but you know what’s cooler we’ll find it give it some time I don’t know what’s cooler hold on I I forget what it’s called don’t worry we only have 237 pages to look through that’s cool calside lamp Dragon St that’s cool spectral platform all right you’re losing me game it’s [Music] [Music] botania well fck find it seashells nah what was that Flyers NOP we’re halfway there what is that raw uranium block that looks cool so does that [Music] Nitro Crystal that sounds freaking sick dude I’m not finding what I’m looking for though bamboo blocks Cactus batch that looks nice if we work ourselves into something green that would all look very good but I’m not seeing what the heck I’m looking for no it’s not the illuminated blocks bamboo spikes that’s kind of cool that glass is cool looking still not what I’m looking for that’s gorgeous I like that too The Velvet does look good I should start saving more of that stuff I’ve just been kind of desperate for for shards for soul shards so I’ve been smelting A [Music] Lot H H crystals and gelatin crystals and gelatin auxiliary blocks oh it’s so cheap dude oh goodness okay so amethyst shards and glass gelatin is a little bit expensive all right let’s put this in our memory bank is there anything else though plastic plastic would definitely add some more like solidification to it I mean this stuff isn’t really exactly seethrough excuse me plastic and the all be Stone cut which is fantastic so plastic and then probably some stained glass too or I know there’s like yeah there’s these fancy things but these I don’t think are going to go well with the the ideas that I’m thinking of here frameless glass though would look even better imagine you can’t change the color of the flame the frameless glass though once it’s like colored it’s one nice thing about these chipped blocks is that you could change them at pretty much any time but the frameless glass is pretty freaking clean where’s my bed at how I miss don’t do it you don’t want this what hacker all right we ought to get cleaned up a little bit oh get that man out of here yeah let’s get cleaned up let’s um I don’t think I’m going to need any of these other blocks and as far as the sand and stuff goes that’s kind of cool for now too to just like throw away right um this I think is all going to end up getting turned into Pathways eventually but I don’t want to do that quite yet just because we haven’t done the M shaft could do the M shaft instead of working on the Crystal but the crystal would be very very cool [Music] where do I put this for now right there want to finish off your day by getting wither skulls oh that’s so boring yeah we can do that let me just clean up I mean I finish off the day how long do you think we’re going to be doing Wither Skeleton skulls for cuz Zach’s going to be on the game well in about an hour or two hours that’s not actually a bad time oops that works all right if we do we skeleton skulls I’m turning my brain off and I’m following you I want this oh okay I see what you’re [Music] saying so you get it done how many do you need let me bring these with definitely don’t need that we’ll bring some building blocks oh you know what I should [Music] do really quickly real quick while he’s distracted [Music] oh sayante dude no worries man much love man I dude you made me very very happy today I love you dude and I will catch you hopefully tomorrow so we can do a little bit of Elder ring cuz I know you’re always excited for that get some sleep brother that’s the perfect Emoji dog I like it they should refresh in the morning [Music] boom all right I think that’s cool right I don’t think I need anything else maybe some more [Music] food just don’t die right that’s the ticket I could have sworn I had more pork chops maybe they’re in here oh that works I’m going to bring a spy glass for fun dude and a Nature’s compass for fun dude and a flint and steel for safety dude I should make a warpstone really quickly come to blaze all right hold on let me make a warp Stone I’ve been putting it off and putting it off and it’s going to be really useful for getting it out of the nether where’s the orange at where’s the orange at I guess it’s gold e uh says the or wait maybe I need to physically Discover it wish this would refill I think I have to go in and out of a vault port to do that kill mob kill Vault mobs to restore charges yeah so crap I see you I’m coming that’s not how that’s going to work I actually really need quartz while I’m here too and glowstone wait is there Sharky is there a way to automate glowstone wait you don’t you don’t want me to go to the way Shrine location hi hey shows there’s a Wither Skelly Farm like way up there wait you want the wa Stone wa Stone wa Stone what about the waist Stone unless he’s got another way Stone I see him take your to alastor what’s up dude uh-oh he D seed I’m just going to pick up a little bit of quartz while I’m here and while we’re waiting for me our mans hopping on another server oh snap I hope you have a good time man take my time quartz is so nice it’s just a pain in the butt to collect it’s actually not that bad there’s worse things to collect like I think glowstone sucks more excuse [Music] me I’m going to try to get all this quartz here and then that glowstone batch on the ceiling glowstone is a witch Farm thing that’s true we could do that but what about quartz dang it I was so close to Landing that hang on I like these blocks too I don’t really know what I do with them but they’re not a very common block which makes me want to build with them I don’t know why I have to be like this Sharky you should invite me to a party me so we can’t kill each other you know to wait till we get one of the mob spots yeah yeah I’m not really excuse me I’m not really trying to make a witch [Music] Farm why are you guys attacking me why are we why are we attacking the [Music] beaver and I’ve reach that probably whoops wrong button yeah I’m ready that one glowstone block left behind a couldn’t make it it’s dangerous flying out here man I’m trying to be careful I I should go get that gas tier if I got one I did not Bo dude gas TI I think are also a uh thing we’re going to end up needing jamy hey yo good to see you how you do excuse me who’s attacking me was it gravity all right I’m coming sorry I’m taking my sweet [Music] time I think I got it I did I feel good about that one woo that was a risky play [Applause] what’s happening right now well uh I spent pretty much the whole day actually I I spent the whole day building um so we did some Pathways around the house we did some portal work um not like the Vault portal portal like a Way Stone portal turned out really well um but just to kind of wind down a little bit and relax and get out of the building Groove we’re going to go get some Wither Skeleton skulls with Mr Sharky we’re just uh we’re traveling separately sort of I’m trying to collect some materials on the way to the farm that is a weird sound we’re [Music] fun oh we should be here I see Sharky we’re doing Wither Skeleton skulls where are all the wither skeletons at man come on skellies wow this is a oh my goodness this is a good Fortress what’s he doing oh good call good good call ah freaking Matrix your face dude do run underneath the shots skellies I do like the bones man where is everything why nothing spawn in here for some reason we need to [Music] like we need them to like not be loading the same area at the same time or what am I trying to say the opposite of that [Applause] blank Ren I don’t think a saddle’s worth it right now we can trade for Saddles okay we’re fine what’s going on down there freaking nailed them dude there seems to be a serious lack of skeletons here [Music] I’m excited to get a skull wait wonder when when oh man I was hoping to have already started a grounded series um but the person I was trying to do grounded with just kind of fell off the face of the Earth um so I I don’t want to do grounded by myself I feel like it’s a a group game right I’m going to try to get Zach to do grounded um and I think I could probably get Bryson to do it too but I don’t know if it’s her computer uh sorry if I don’t know if it’s crossplay compatible is what I meant to say um yeah I’ll Fly Away with you dude we just need to dip back and forth cuz the the area is large enough that we can like we can kind of go back and forth I got a skeleton [Music] skull this is for safety just in case I know you’re still here a last door holy skeletons [Music] ah there’s three of you wait it’s four player right we can play it together we could do that I do want to run it by Zach though because I feel like he would actually enjoy that game and uh if he wants to play it then I don’t want to just like ditch him and start without him um so uh let me hit him and let me know or uh figure it out if he says no Then I’ll absolutely join you guys 100% [Music] excuse me well we’re ready sweet dude it does look like it’s going to be a really cool game I thought I saw another one drop I think I found all the skeletons still one skull uh a little bit actually I should take that horse armor I just got another one I’m up to two I hear you [Applause] [Music] you can almost you can like hear them if you’re paying enough attention you can hear them in the uh below you I see you [Music] I’m listening for him [Applause] uh-huh I could have sworn I just saw something on the ground might have been the blaze rods you’re going to De load oh I see what you’re saying [Music] I don’t think there’s anything else I really need I don’t know what was flying around me but I think it was just a bunch of junk uh-oh oh we’ll be okay we’re okay it’s fine I almost fell straight into lava Mr skeletons oh well they’re gone thought that was the one what is that a sword yeah garbanzo [Music] nothing I got [Music] one therapist yeah it would be that’s actually a great move I actually have one back home Sharky how many do we [Music] need nice got two in a row oh until we get bored what is this not already boring for you this is so boring do we need beacons though what do you need a beacon for I mean I don’t care like you make a beacon but like I mean the only thing I ever used a beacon for was like mining speed and we already have that it’s like built [Applause] in this is a good Farm it’s a good spot man I’d say we could make like an actual Wither Skeleton Farm here but I don’t think that’s necessary with the mods DB please put a was Stone by a blaze spawner we have one there is a a wasone here D what do you need what do you need blaze powder or blaze rods cuz um our man’s Sharky can like literally he can pull slime balls and um blaze powder out of U magma cubes magma blocks you got that [Music] one yeah you [Music] really [Music] who is haunting oh it’s this guy that’s so odd uh I’m going to take these golden carrots and the bone blocks cuz I’m that grey and the crying obsidian and the goed black stone we do need magma cubes a banner [Music] pattern this place is dangerous one wrong move I don’t think there’s any other reason to be here I was just curious what was in those chests I don’t know if we need like a an actual Magma Cube Farm um I don’t know I I it’s magma blocks that is broken down to duplicate um but I don’t know if you need a farm for [Music] them they’re pretty easy to collect wouldn’t hurt to farm it it wouldn’t I mean it’s not obviously it wouldn’t hurt to farm anything right the more the marrier but there’s so many magma cubes like there’s biomes in the Overworld that are dedicated to like like pretty much just magma cubes or magma blocks excuse me so as long as we can like split them and you know pump the uh the machines we can have like an infinite amount of [Music] slimes all right we can deload we can unload this SU no no you’re not a sheep oh I can’t leave this guy behind going back in man there seems to be a a strong lack of these SK skeletons now they know what we’re up [Music] to oh found them [Music] all I hear you wrong oh my gosh that could have ended [Music] [Music] badly guest I need your tears me if there’s anything we need to farm somehow it’s freaking gas tears he might be on the roof he just outside not having much luck anymore I got three pretty quickly and now I can’t get any [Music] Bo Sharky I can’t believe you’re not bored uh-oh oh uhoh I’ll be all right I’m good now [Music] um don’t you climb off that ledge don’t do that 5.5% drop rate with looting I mean that’s five in every 100 I still have three I’m not sure why I can’t get anymore you’re very bored yeah I didn’t do it wouldn’t me I heard him there you are [Music] nothing [Music] I keep hearing guests but I don’t see them oh I see you [Music] now I need those te I’m up to seven that’s not too bad I’m using my ears man I’ll tell you here in a [Music] second wither skeletons will be at the bottom right wither winter Walker hold on 86 and I’ve gotten three skulls so uh about spot on for statistics just about the heck was that uh-oh oh Sharky I crapped I crapped my pants we’re good oh I got I thought I got another [Music] one [Music] you did that just now too idea yeah I mean I’m do for like six more [Music] man [Music] m small sample size wait what sample size crap is that what your what you when you crapped your pants it was a small sample size is that what you’re saying oh I was [Music] bamboozled what’s up blunter blunter Hunter we are having the time of our lives here today give me another skeleton skull watch the next recipe be like freaking 25 wither or uh nether Stars this Vault looks huge uh this would be the worst Vault of them all the nether if we killed 1 million wither skeletons we would be very close to that 8.5% but we only killed 100 a piece yeah ouch not much luck man I don’t know why they’re not spawning as fast as they were [Music] oh that’s a good spot yeah no oh dude that’s painful to kill that many skeletons and then be like all right you didn’t get anything give me a skeleton skull yeah it’s definitely endless this is not like my uh idea of having a good time oh it’s it’s all right there’s worse things in the world there plenty of these guys [Music] man man I don’t know I’ve killed well well over 100 though I feel like the Vault Hunters has sharpened my combat in this game what’s going on with this guy get out of here I’m sorry man this is super boring I’m about like burnt out already [Music] ow goodness no luck we can make Vault dolls now too it’s either a wither skeleton skull or a token of undying and I I think that the totem is probably easier to get or at least more consistent right I mean I might start killing the piglins just so it opens up spawn like spawn slots [Music] no I don’t have any totems either but we could just make a raid farm and not only I think the raid farm would be pretty valuable like even if it’s just a vanilla one because we get Not only would get totems of undying but we would also get like um emeralds infinite emeralds from that so like I don’t know like not that we need infinite emeralds but it would be nice to have like a uh a strong income of emeralds vanilla wither we thought I mean I don’t know I think um that’s a lot of work I think that I’d rather wait to get like a mod unlocked for for caging a Wither and like getting past massive drops from it I still have three skeleton skulls I’ve killed 125 that’s not even close to the 5% drop rating that you’re supposed to get [Music] what was that noise [Music] dude [Music] the music’s picking up real heavy we’re totally about to get one dang it dang it time to unlock eye spawners or kg yeah well I would if I [Music] could could 112 have four I mean that’s closer to the 5% but it’s not there yet it’s more than 5 he said 5.5% [Applause] bro that collap was freaking nice there a lot of [Music] swords come on dude give me four I just want it please no that’s all first you can have these swords I don’t need them H I’ve had it dude I’m bored I’m like Bard boarded now I was bored from like the first 30 seconds but now I’m actually barded board bored B bored how much board could a board board boor if a beaver could get bored how much Bor could a beaver be bored if a board can be if a board Beaver could be bored how much boor could how much boor could a beaver be bored if a beaver could be if a board Beaver could you guys get it that’s that’s a tough one that’s harder than how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would there’s kerium and mob spawners both at 15 research points and I think kum’s better cuz not only can you do aggressive mobs but you can also do passive mobs kerium is a one block solution for Mob farming it comes with three different tiers of cages the first one handling passive animals the second one handling aggressive mobs and the third one boss mobs it will output the loot of any mob in an inventory underneath the cages but I spawners are quicker than vanilla spawners and can be configured with a mob egg to spawn the mob you want mob eggs can be swapped out whenever you want to oh you know what if you get a spawn egg of a wither skeleton there you go I’m assuming you need a I wonder if you just capture a wither skeleton in the cage you know like go up to it and right click or if you have to get a spawn egg for this too all right oh my gosh so a spawner takes an echo POG it’s all spawn eggs yikes okay spawn eggs for both good call guys that’s expensive but we could swing it we just need the spawn eggs and 15 research points oh and more cage dust oh my gosh I think ice bonders would be better in that case cuz this is going to be like significantly more expensive oh it already wow The Binding plate yeah this is quite expensive some spawn eggs can only be used in kerium kerium is freaking expensive dog I see you I’ll be back broke his ankles like five times man but he broke mine but not giving me a skull dude there’s ought to be like a freaking enchantment that makes it easier to get skulls from the good thing with kium is that you can Farm Boss mobs yeah I gotcha yeah but you need a like you say you want to do a wither skeleton do you need like a wither skeleton or sorry if you want to yeah yeah yeah no you want to do a Wither don’t you need like a Wither um spawn egg how’s that [Music] work I hear him above me I got one now it’s going to be another 55 freaking skeletons you can’t connect it doesn’t say you left well it does say you left huh it didn’t like notify me to be honest dude the rates are a lot better when I’m by myself h no I wasn’t like talking smack I was just saying that like I’m I’m seeing better rates now I mean I was like struggling to even see a a skeleton before come here give me your neck this game doesn’t mess around they’re like no you don’t get none of the loot none of it we should mine out all the bottom layers we should or is there an easier way to spawn proof it other than mining it out [Music] the music stopped w mean I bro I have a vanilla immortality tool on me you want to just do it [Music] [Music] if you want TP Place 1000 10,000 slabs no I’m not going to I’m not going to like cheated does don’t they have to spawn on nether brick or am I making that [Music] up I think slabs are going to be easier easier than mining it out right [Applause] but we need materials for the slabs [Music] right [Applause] do a crafting table we’ll make some slabs man where’d he go man’s just disappeared let me go get some wood from a crafting table oh jeez we’re good just to my right right relax buddy how about you calm down I have a crafting table dark cataclysm Mission Control ETA till Freedom long launch 2 hours what are you waiting for you going to get on at 7:00 what are you waiting for it’s time to go Zach what are you doing what is the matter with you you freaking fool it’s time to go now launch mission now go go go go Press Start let’s go man this is the most exciting gameplay in the world what you tell me takes 2 hours to eat all right I’ll see you in a bit Mr Zachariah oh we should have used different slabs it’s going to be hard to tell what’s like going to be difficult to tell what’s a slab and what’s not if we tighten the spawn area down to like a small little bitty area it would condense the spawns right dude Sharky what have you gotten me into I’ve never had so little fun gosh that thing was loud o yep that was almost like freaking tragic dude you know one thing that drove me freaking crazy when I played rlcraft was that every time I I put two slabs together by accident or on purpose and I broke them afterwards it made a new block it didn’t just like give you two slabs back that suer made a whole new block that was like different than the like the full block version of whatever you made slabs out of stupid drove me nuts man there ought to be like a block or something that spawn proofs like other than that giant torch almost fell off the map now I spawn proof this where are you coming from bro this is too much to spawn proof I I don’t want to do this oh this is so boring do we need the skeleton skulls that bad I could have been building the house dog I could have made progress on something you sucking me into this I know but you asked me to what did you think I was just going to say no no of course he didn’t think that that’s why you asked cuz you were like he won’t say no he can’t say no he’s a nice guy let’s take advantage of him mhm I know your games [Music] all right so this whole area right here is spawn proofed oh I think I just got a skull [Applause] for just spawn proof in some tunnels is going to be an improvement I think you’re right yeah yeah yeah you’re right I agree with you I don’t think this area actually need that the rest of that fine this is fine up here this is already proofed yeah yeah what did our music stop [Music] again oh the playlist is over h bro there’s so many blazes now holy crap look how hard he’s working look at him look how hard that man’s working over there man you never seen anybody move so fast in your life just stationary building gadgets would have been nice yeah for for what the heck how do I get out of here man I can’t believe like people do this for a living what a bunch of freaking holes dude I picked things up and then I put them down and then I pick things up and then I put them down yo Sharky I hope you’re listening um I’m going to sporadically place like stone blocks and stuff in the places that I have spawn proofed um that way we don’t like go and double over because it’s very difficult to tell what’s spawn proofed and what’s not if you’re not paying very close attention right just so we’re on the same page I only have a stack left [Applause] oh Jade’s a good call too I guess I didn’t think about that I don’t really pay enough attention to Jade much anymore unless I like need it all right I’m actually out of blocks hi hi you [Music] there I’m assuming you can make wait a second [Applause] for all right I got like a thousand assuming I can make slabs out of Netherrack right r r raggy we’ll be okay what happened to my crafting table that puppy was just over here on this ledge right there you freaking can’t dang it let take nether wck you can make brakes out of it that kind of sucks actually [Music] I see skeletons no no no no no no I don’t know I don’t know which tunnels you did I still hear them below oh wait might have just been that guy that’s crazy that there’s none over here man let me get some distance let’s like totally unload the whole area and then get a fresh look at it there’s not a single mob on the roof oh [Music] NOP I don’t know man it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference uh not too much there’s for sure a difference over here where it’s a lot more open but I think the tunnels um I’m not seeing like hardly any spawn over at the tunnels they must all be spawning below I hear them how did it get in here you see them in swalls now I’m must maybe I’m missing them I don’t know man you get them skulls I don’t see nothing I literally am not seeing a single one [Applause] spawn oh oh SE a batch okay okay that I can get [Music] with [Music] dumped I hear them I can hear them like inside this [Music] tunnel I wonder why they prefer to spawn inside the [Applause] tunnel I’m getting them now [Music] oh no I have six weer skeleton skulls what uh where’s his body [Music] at no Wings you might want to pop in Discord you’re already in Discord hello where you at me no like where’s your body at um do can you port back here with the carrus card or the carrus thing from my uh from it’s in my left crate like as soon as you walk in my door left [Music] crate well it’s going to be in the lava right oh does it okay well still all right that sucks man what happened that sucks they’re spawning now man I did uh I’m up to six skulls you’ll get a [Music] bag yeah yeah if it all burn I’d be crushed man this is the most boring thing I’ve ever done in my life you asked me to do it and you yeah yes you but look you asked me to join you this is your fault oh your boy got like two hours until Zach gets online so I’m stuck with you I was planning on it now I’m like addicted to these Wither Skeleton [Music] skulls why is wait why huh can you not like Port between uh dimensions where the heck is our was run that’s going to be I’m positive I’m the one that put it down I don’t know it’s a good thing there’s a portal here though this is current location Sharky and EXO I don’t know where it is on the oh it’s on the next page how about that I don’t no unreasonable another dude I think they upped like the spawn rate of the Seal of the confectioner inside the black market you want to know how many I have right now I have a seven exactly and we’ve used two of them two of mine even like he had we had one we already used it okay I ditched the nether man you by yourself in there you did take the car ofus Shard you lion dog am I how’ you know that huh well yeah there there you go I knew that [Music] at least you got it back [Music] then I don’t know what you’re doing now but how about that Vault dude well freaking get good dude how many times do I have to tell you this uh man I walked away with seven skulls that’s not bad yeah but you got your six but by the time I had three you what want to know how much coal I have eight Stacks just from killing wither skeletons 12 gas tiers that’s not terrible can you do anything with mag magma cream okay what do you do with the withered bones anything they make black d too if you smelt them all right what how so I wouldn’t say it was a total waste but it sucked all right I’m doing a vault what are you doing you should do a vault man find your other batch what oh [Music] what’s that stuff called another R now that I have freaking 6,000 of it let’s use it all right bounties chromatic iron ingots yeah that table wants CH 250 chromatic iron ingots as if that’s not already like half my freaking camarad [Music] AR I mean yeah yeah I turned it in already I haven’t seen him anywhere man that’s the first I’ve well you saw me get the achievement I’m losing St this bounty table wants 200 more chromatic iron how much more uh seven and more than I really care to give up goodness all right now I’m broke thank you Game much appreciated I was going to do a vault but now I’m going to go mining did I put silk touch on that why because I needed it that’s why I need some emeralds to enchant this stupid big th a hammer with some like seven plus now I don’t you know that song I don’t know why is that okay I did not know the name of that song oh okay see that’s how much I know it’s just stuck in my freaking head you’re welcome got him hey zombie I need you to not be here I trapped a zombie in my house how about you freaking scram dude [Music] yeah [Music] why me you do sound a little raspy but like you’re fine oh wait dude do I made a warp Stone why don’t I take that with me mining so that when I’m done mining I can just warp home big [Music] brains yeah I think I ended up with like six and a half dad bod seemed like he needed blaze rods or something like that for some reason I saw that I when he logged in today I saw him get the achievement for relieving a blaze of his rod and then two seconds later I saw him walk out your front door I was like oh he didn’t go to the [Laughter] nether it was funny I I thought that was hilarious [Music] [Applause] oh can you freak up not you these stupid silverfish dude they are the worst what is it got it can you make that stuff automatically that’s pretty sweet okay so self touch means you’re not going to get swarmed [Music] right I mean I’d rather pick that crap up than anything [Applause] else this Hammer is freaking [Applause] ridiculous I love it but it’s it’s too much yeah well most things yeah I just uh literally just changed it but thank you oh my gosh I’m not even mining anything go away dud they’re like ridiculously [Applause] [Applause] obnoxious yes I actually need the Vault Cobble what are you doing uh-uh uh-uh no no no gear not without your boy over here hold on who do you think you are I know I’m dying for like some gear now I mean I’m doing okay I could be better though what’s that sucker whoa nice I like that I might buy it off you just for the [Applause] memes no [Applause] how you doing on [Applause] Redstone all right I’m picking it up what’s that wow wow okay uh probably like the lower tier just going to say I think resistance is better right give or take yeah I agree with [Applause] you do you need [Applause] fluorite what’s the max oh you freaking locky dude how you do that [Applause] constantly [Applause] well I’ve seen you uh throw like so many things [Applause] [Music] immediately there’s something wrong with you you should see how many silver Fisher behind me I can’t be bothered to kill them so I’m just like zombie training them [Applause] around oh [Music] no see what I’m saying this happened in like 3 seconds that’s all it took I can’t get out because they keep knocking me [Music] around uhoh are you for real God dang it stay down there stay away from me they’re very loud hey you should you should check it out for a second just watch for just like 30 [Applause] [Applause] seconds dude the lag from the item generation like this will crash the [Music] server it’s not bad I’m impressed with [Applause] it I mean do you want to just like remove the world that would be a fantastic name [Applause] dude all right I’ll K XX I’m just looking for chromatic [Applause] iron no I took the M shaft way out why did you ask oh I mean I don’t know if it’s that far away I didn’t think about [Applause] that uh I could light it up surprisingly there’s like nothing spawning down [Applause] [Applause] here I know but it’s way bigger than 40 blocks it may be I was looking for chromatic iron can you guys stop hitting me please [Applause] they’re [Applause] everywhere see more chromatic iron let me just use these d diamonds as a stepping stool that’s for right sad yeah if you ever need diamonds let me know I got them sorry I’m ripping it up again I can’t even mine anything cuz there’s so many blocks holy [Applause] crap I was just thinking about [Applause] that it’s not too bad for me to to see it’s dark but um it’s manageable I know it doesn’t translate well to to the [Applause] [Applause] YouTubes say you’re at 200% and a regen [Music] wow sh I mean you’re never going to have an issue with Mana again right 200% I mean if you’re just spamming abilities then yeah 200% is really fast [Applause] though oh my gosh dude they just keep falling out of the ceiling do you need zinc for anything is there any any fancy ore that you’re looking for uh I was getting a little bit of knuckle okay there is different types of lead right all right well I mean a lot of these ores are just kind of floating in the sky I’m sure as You’ noticed um so like feel free to come down here and just rip this place up if you need [Applause] stuff yeah it’s kind of hard to miss cuz it’s like directly in front of the uh the the what what’s that thing called the M [Applause] sha dud it lags so hard and there’s so many silverfish that they just like all surround me and then it catches up and my shield just blocks all the shots instantaneously it’s like it’s so [Applause] loud [Applause] the crazy part is that the hammer takes no freaking durability damage doing [Applause] this no no it’s not I wish it was dude I’m having a hard time finding chromatic iron for some reason there’s a million of everything down here but no iron oh well I’ve almost a thousand of [Applause] it what dude yeah I’m going to have to start giving you materials to do the rerolls for me cuz that’s ridiculous the server’s going to freaking have a heart [Applause] attack travel do it oh dud do you want Stone oh I guess this is deep slate then I’ll do deep slate [Applause] it’s SL a game changer can you stop hitting me please you can’t even organize your inventory for half a [Applause] second [Applause] dad B’s going to come down in the mine one day and be like what the heck yeah really so wait are you going in a vault okay just had to make sure you know you [Applause] [Applause] know [Applause] what’s up yeah wait what do you mean a big hole like unloaded what are you next to our base on the surface I definitely did not dig straight down no I didn’t I went into the M [Applause] shaft Oh you mean like that is the m shaft fool yes that was the stone hole that’s my bad dude I didn’t know what you meant you got a little H Pay said I’m lagging the server he’s playing on it’s okay all this is going in a void pouch why is that bad it’s dup slate do you need it for anything I’ll start collecting it what do you mean what’s it go [Applause] into oh dude like you have no idea how fast it is to collect like thousands of deep slate I’ll give you all of it oh dude this is like instantaneous for like thousands and thousands and [Applause] thousands yeah just yell at me you know nicely [Applause] is it mine has uh four repairs left on it and it’s not even a quarter of the way [Applause] damaged you’re right it is super nice for those Treasures those sand Tre rooms yeah baldi’s probably like monitoring right now like his computer’s just driving a roller coaster right they’re like what are you doing it’s just getting fined like data charges sorry BD found a spawner no no it’s it’s up freaking spider yeah no unfortunately not can I mine [Music] it that’s why I was thinking about mining it right uh take all that garbage though there’s a freaking skeleton riding a spider dude you should come here and help me bring it home yeah man I’m going to make a Thorns build just to go mining down here yeah straight [Applause] up yeah it would be fantastic to be honest there are so many diamonds dude well I was hoping to get like way more um chromatic iron than this um but I can’t seem to find it for some reason I’m almost at 2,000 you need [Applause] some I did just find more all right yeah that’s kind of why I was hoping to get like a freaking boatload of it um well I’m over 2,000 now that should be good right all right I can quit I’ll stop doing what I’m doing it is a wicked mob spawner down here now [Music] okay that’s nice okay what’s this go going on find 20 silver scrap oh that’s actually good loot right there submit 49 bound or diamonds how’d you know I was coming how’ they know yeah I definitely didn’t just get freaking 500 diamonds from being down there I bet I could go for better loot than that though I’m going to start rerolling bounties that’s something I never really bother doing but oh man 42 that’s not [Music] bad it’s hard to say no to that I have so many freaking diamonds what the heck take thank you yo that’s okay buddy no worries time is it’s getting close to Six okay do you have a smelting tool I don’t know I was just thinking how I don’t really feel like placing down all this this iron I don’t know I I think I’m just going to turn it into blocks and smelt it that way it’s a little bit more manageable it just takes a while I’m not really in any rush to get it smelted what that’s what I mean like I don’t have to worry about placing it down oh dude it’s not going to take that long it’s all good oh it doesn’t go in Blast furnaces huh I’m surprised Mr sa the last door I dude yeah I’m kind of surprised I thought it would go inside a blast [Music] furnace it’s fairly quick dude you just wanted to get paid no as broke as you are no holy crap dude 2,000 tough and like all the Redstone apparently all right I’m sitting on 172 blocks of redstone so if you need any come by I actually have have way more than that hold on and fluorite too what do you do with fluorite man I have more than I could ever ask for assuming it’s not going to be like an infinite amount of it well it’s a good thing there’s an infinite amount downstairs cuz um I don’t know all right well I’ve got 3,000 of it if you need it all right okay you lost me at there’s a thing SM VFX man I appreciate your offer but I don’t think I’m interested yeah we got some of that little bit of that a little bit of these okay so no vaults refined storage that’s okay I might try to squeeze one in here before Zach gets on it’s like close to two hours ago I think that he messaged like an hour and a [Music] half you sure I’m just kidding dude oh that’s so fun yeah me either what what is it storage buses export what is it called oh no external storage I don’t I actually don’t have a spare one but I could probably make one okay yeah I think I ended up with two of them out of the mod boxes and I used one for my drawers and one for my giant chests dude this place is coming together I’m enjoying how the bases is working itself out um I’ve got some more ideas here for the future cuz it does feel awfully flat welcome back Jamie all right I’m how many times we have to have this conversation I’m going to start swinging all right oh you’re not going to believe this it is it is and it’s a a a pillar thing I don’t know what they’re called where you got to kill yeah the Guardians thank you what what you think I was lying to you green screen oh yeah I’m going to die in here all right dude I’ll catch you later man have fun I know I know you will I wouldn’t expect anything less all right man see you all right we’re just going to let the Vault load in a little bit that’s all here we go you guys ready for this this is going to be a fun one we’re looking for Echo gems that’s it I don’t even have an interest in completing the objective this is south facing it’s also a level 54 Vault so holy crap no chance is this an or room no oh goodness I don’t think I was prepared to be in [Music] here thought I saw Savages how about you don’t okay dude that was dirty we need knowledge Essence too like desperately and we could use everything to be honest but given that this is a void Vault I think I just want the uh the echo gems if we’re lucky see1 that’s a champion hey hey hey all right we’re okay [Applause] it’s not the fattest door room you’ve ever seen [Applause] oh that void liquid was tricky I didn’t see that I’m just going to relax and take our time there’s really no reason to rush it’s when I start rushing that I’m like all right now I’m dying because I’m making poor decisions where’s he at there’s a another shulker [Applause] somewhere yeah that’s not completely freaking obnoxious [Applause] [Music] you sir I’m coming down [Applause] [Applause] yeah like still lagging for some reason oh we’re [Applause] good oh oh [Applause] crap come on man give me some Echo gems [Applause] that [Music] sucks all right we got to keep [Music] moving ah not [Music] interested oh almost fell in the liquid that would have sucked man imagine we found like an OG or room I don’t know if it would be affected by this all I got to check got to check got to check I’ll okay these guys their shards all right that was too bad that’s always a little bit scary man like one thing goes wrong there you’re done you’re done oh thank you all right man no luck on the or rooms 30% copiously for 5 minutes dude on top of my current like 35% of copius that’s an or room wow listen to the copious procs man that’s outrageous if only we were finding some Echo gems [Applause] I rolled zero with a copious of 70% come [Music] on that hurts my soul dude I’m definitely not completing the Vault I’m not worried about the uh the artifact I’d rather have the loot [Music] oh [Applause] that’s an really unfortunate or room that one sucked all right let’s go back let’s s like I don’t know left or right let’s look go left and then another right we’ll head back towards the home should have probably could have completed this Vault if I didn’t focus on these ores [Applause] a uh-uh stay away from me so there is nothing going on in this vault did that just put out the lamp I think it [Music] did oh oh you almost knocked me [Applause] [Music] in [Music] not much luck on these ores [Music] oh oh interesting I don’t think I’ve ever seen those chests be locked like that please don’t knock me in the lava I know he wants to [Applause] you prick I [Music] SC all right it’s not looking too [Music] helpful this might have been like the least exciting Vault ever I think I found one Echo gem ore maybe two at the most definitely almost fell in that would have been like the next 3 minutes of my My Vault please bro they’re pushing me like into the freaking void like [Music] purposely we got like one more room left until we got to turn right I guess we could make a quick Loop L but I don’t think we’re going to get much oh dude I need this room I actually need this [Music] room where’s the giant mushroom at that is so [Music] odd I don’t see a giant mushroom in here all right after this we’re going to head out [Music] all right come on cool [Applause] [Music] Downs [Music] not the finest Vault man uh I don’t even know if we got any Echo jems from that first ore that I mined oh just on time Mr Zachariah calling me hang on a second [Music] holy crap how far away were we imagine I just found like another or room right there all right we’re good I’m going have to call Zag back all right ow that glass was loud holy crap 21,000 XP what up dude that’s me I’m game I’m gamer how you do gamer huh oh so you’re not even on the game yet what am I talking to you for come on I know it’s it’s not [Laughter] 7:00 oh buddy all right B wait you’re going to start a fire and then leave it all right I trust [Music] you why didn’t you tell me to do this like two days ago because you realize how long it takes to freaking polish a laser cannon what the the Polish upgrade oh no dude I skipped that I went straight for the flux capacitor no the flux capacitor duplicator man the flux capacitor duplicator okay we’ve been over this yes that thing now freaking do whatever I got to do okay you said 7 o’cl all right man take your time see you the Dooby Hoy booby [Music] I’m a little disappo I’m thoroughly disappointed I got a single Echo gem from that Vault don’t do [Applause] it I’m actually going to keep the concrete in the vault Cobble the rest can go actually the plating block can stay can we not what are we doing what what game are we playing here freak off I do like the those blocks that’s a cool theme man the Dooby wooby oh dude come on give me some armor give me some armor give me some good yeah it’s 16 armor but there’s no crit resist there is Mana though those might be worth rolling they do have 3,000 durability man that’s pretty fat Max armor roll almost a Max durability roll we drop 800 durability from him but that still leaves us with like 2200 almost so I think the that’s worth re-rolling trash is it though kind of 16 Armor man that’s the ability power there that’s not I don’t want that 44% Mana regen the ability power though oh the ability power dang son look at that block chance I might roll that that could be pretty good I do like the soul chance from my shield though 27% if I can get higher than than if I can get like another 10% I could uh I might swing that man that armor just does not do it for me what’s going on in here I think I’ll take that I’m going to take both of these they’re not common yeah that kind of leaves me broke but that’s okay um those eggs are pretty darn important guess I don’t have a slot for those that’s okay let’s gamble a little bit just just a little bit you know you know just like world’s tiniest no that’s not it oh look at the six armor oh man that would have been really good could have been really good now hold on a second I don’t know if I like that res knockback resistance but everything else is fantastic what if we ah okay that’s pretty good it’s not like banging though I mean if I’m going to wear a pair of Epic legs dude they better be freaking tight I’m out of bronze no I’m not Don’t Lie to Me game it’s getting expensive oh wait a second oh wait a second that’s actually good the eight health I would have much preferred like resistance or armor over the health but 14 attack damage is good 12% trap disarm is not bad and then 16% item Rarity what else can we put on that though we could put always get lost we could do item quantity I think Mana regen is better or cooldown reduction I think cooldown reduction is banging healing efficiency would be nice too it would all be nice every single one of those would be fantastic what are my current legs they have healing efficiency so I’m going to lose a little bit of resistance but gain 14% damage although I am gaining three armor I think the healing efficiency would be really nice yeah yeah let’s pull that out let’s do the healing I’m assuming I’m going to need more than one roll give me a good roll give me a good roll I mean there a minimum of 19 that’s freaking not bad 20 I I’m not I’ll take 20 okay I’ll take 20 that’s pretty good those are nice pants man how about this Shield let’s all right we’re we’re in there we’re rolling 20% block chance it’s a good Shield 7% resistance there that be what’s my current Shield does not have resistance and I’ll be losing the resistance from the legs but I could gain it back right there all right hold on let’s be cheeky about it terrible 8% that’s 28% the knockback resist might not be a bad move to have knockback resist the 40% Soul chance I could end up with 30% block chance you never seen it you never seen it like that yes yes where’d it go oh that was good all right I mean look at that Mana right there we’re sitting nice and good on Mana now we do lose a little bit resistance but we gain 16% item Rarity and we’re going to lose a little soul chance too but we’re going to replace it with trap disarm which as much as I love Soul chance I think trap disarm would just be a convenience right it’s such a pain in the butt when you go to open a crate and it’s like here’s mobs instead so that’s not a bad thing sitting at 170 Mana now and if I wanted to get real serious like real serious and put that on now we’re sitting at 180 or 240 Mana sorry I mean I don’t actually want to wear that thing inside of vaults cuz I’m just going to end up dying and then be disappointed right how much 340 man if we please not bad not bad at all uh let’s just maybe organize a little bit right so this is our most recent items I think 46 49 50s no these are our most recent items put those up I do like this Shield but I like the soul chance on my current Shield so I think I’m going to hold on to this for now it’s 3% less of a block chance I don’t know why I rolled that I don’t need it but it’s a nice backup right all right we’re just going to start smelting some stuff cuz we have like three full double chests and there’s no need for it all I don’t really need the weapons look at that velocity oh Baldi would be pissed [Music] it’s pretty low rolles honestly on the implicits for all of it a that’s a good Shield that can go yeah that b boy did me well 18 Thorns damage nah that’s pretty low too it could be up to 30 that’s a good sword that’s a Max roll on speed almost maximum attack damage it’s half a point off extra dweller damage which how can you complain that’s a pretty good sword man in range oh oh that’s got chaining four on it man I was using that that’s a good sword dude it’s a shame it’s such a such a low level that’s a good magnet dude oh my goodness it could be better but dang son sorry I’m just kind of safe then looking for stuff to get rid of I like that though that mining speed 15.4 that’s a good backup magnet too all right let’s stop smelting if I get a death Loop and I need gear that’s going to be clutch sure all right that’s cleaned up that’s good that could be rerolled I can’t say no oh well dang it all right so the next time look at that dude I’m glad I picked up that Bounty that would make up for some things five bombing Knight though that’s not a very common ore like I’m going to really struggle to find that but that’s fine it would be worth finding like you find five bombing night way before you find some freaking re Echo gems so that’s not a bad thing how’s this stuff doing Moss is looking Mossy I don’t know what can we replace the sea pickles with I think they got enough of those seagrass I’m going to leave grow let’s take a look downstairs real quick so what we can grow cuz we got to be efficient about that they’re kind of slow nothing here [Music] let’s maybe I don’t know telf decision try glowberries oh I have 700 of them I’ll tell you what let’s grow like a variety of flowers we’ll just get them started that way like if we ever need specific dieses or something that that works for that that is going to grow right yeah one times we’ll keep pumping out the Moss too cuz that stuff’s going to be really good for terraforming because I’ve got some ideas Mr shy said he’s not a huge fan of the grass that’s over that way yeah um and Moss looks fantastic man you can’t complain about the way Moss looks so maybe as we start to terraform a little bit more we can replace some of the gross like um like brownie grass type of look with some Moss yeah um not just Moss right we’re g to we’ll make it look nice do I have Coral I do actually I just took it out today good shout though thank you very much um oh you know what I should be growing blocks of coral right cuz I’ve got different colors well I guess I could grow like each of these now one of each of those and then I could do blocks I don’t know if we really go I don’t know if we need the sea grass anymore we’ll get moss growing later and do some Coral just to stock up one a little bit and not have to worry about it for a while oops cool all right yeah man good shout on the coral man thank you um I think you can grow the blocks of coral itself as well you don’t have to just grow the coral like fans and all that um which is cool that’s super convenient but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the blocks themselves as a recipe I think there’s always just been that Coral there but now we have like loads of it so when the time comes there you go a sorry I’m cracking my back let’s uh quickly check oh more of that you know what I saw you know what I saw yesterday or today that I was like ooh ooh what is that that dude look at that thing a paradoxical gem requires two extraordinary Echo gems that is half a stack of echo like combined with a sealed Divine Paradox Crystal run mode to wipe and reset all your Divine Paradox process I don’t even know what a Divine Paradox is but what is this what what is a what is an archetype star and what the heck do it too I’m looking it up archetype what is it called an ARA type star I typed it in right welcome to Vault Hunters blah blah blah blah blah incre no deciding on an archetype what brain I don’t think I understand that um I I want to say that’s an older Vault Hunters thing but um I’m just not sure I do not know you know what I need to do I need to take this point out and I I think I might take the Nova Point out too yeah yeah I might take those points out and then just put them in what I’ve got going on here so like one more point in heal and one more point in Dash I think or maybe how far does dash go all the way up to eight I feel like it’s already quite long nah you know what all right I changed my mind I I am going to leave it as Frost Nova just because sometimes every now and again find a situation where I’m like oh dude Frost Nova just saved my freaking life you can find diorite echoing okay all right man stuff is pretty all right let’s pop in Discord oh but I think that’s going to do it for this for as far as Minecraft goes we’re going to pop out of here dude we made some good progress today um I don’t have my wings on hold on I think that turned out very well um it’s a little bit messy but I think that as we put things in the area it’s going to fill in it’s going to look good um but uh we’ve got a lot of work to do still right the texturing is going to take quite a while to get done um I I’ve got an idea of what to do with the beach I don’t want to totally spoil it yet um and then we talked about maybe doing like some sort of fancy like magical Crystal almost on the top of this um so I I’m thrilled with how that turned out the shape of that looks really good I like that uh but it is a little Bland as far as color goes so I think that like dead center floating above it right would be it would be cool if there was like a very large like uh I don’t want to decide the color of the crystal yet I want to say like purple and pink and white and black would look really cool and gray right um but depending on what Mr Sharky has in mind as far as his build goes uh we may adjust the color accordingly right cuz that would be really cool if there was a crystal just like floating there and it was like these arms were like magically holding the crystal in place right that was like some sort of like magic power or something like that I don’t know we got some good ideas is here and um it’s going to look cool man it’s just going to take some time to get it done uh dude I’m Blown Away with the amount of blocks in this game like it’s so good so enjoyable to build and just like throw stuff together because there’s just so much potential um so I’m having fun with it I know it’s a little bit slower of a day when it comes to building but um I hope you guys are enjoying it too and uh I appreciate every single one of you I’m not going to end the stream but if you’re going to be here or if you’re not going to be here if you’re like I’m just here for Minecraft uh I don’t want to watch you play something else I’m sorry um I love you sub to the channel you know and then you know come back another time U but we are going to play a little bit of Hell divers man Zach and I have been feing over this game it’s so stinking fun so if you’re interested stick around and um yeah cool it was a boring day alastor he’s still here all right hang tight I have to adjust some things I got a mess going on there you go actually that was pretty easy okay all right while this loads in real quick give me just a minute I’m going to use the restroom and hopefully by then Zach’s on the game cuz it is almost 7 o’ and if he’s not somebody whoop his butt or something I’ll be right back enjoy this cut scene super Earth our home Prosperity Liberty Hi there democracy our way of life oh hello but Freedom doesn’t come free no sweet liberty no look familiar scenes like these are happening all over the Galaxy right now you could be next that is unless you make the most important decision of your life prove to yourself that you have the strength and the courage to be free join the hell divers become part of an elite peace keeping Force see exotic new life forms and spread manage democracy throughout the Galaxy become a hero become a legend become a hell diver [Music] [Music] did you guys get to see the cut scene yo yo yoy what up dude what up mcdg I uh I got some coffee I just uh just booting up the old PC what’s freaking taking you so long dude gosh I got a laugh outside of games man why uh because I’m an adult what does that even mean dude I have I have land to take care of I have a home to take care of I have bills to pay I have gyms to work out I have groceries to buy oh do we download the GeForce game ready driver does it break the game I did not download it yet because it popped up in the middle of my stream uh I’m gonna download it real quick maybe it won’t break we can always revert I don’t know I seem to be doing just fine I like to keep I’m updated keep blowing baby I’m too behind right now I have a a habit of not updating my drivers I knock on wood dude I haven’t had a single issue since like when I very first got my PC downloading preparing package let me go mix my drink up while that does that this freaking guy dude oh my God I’m going to play with somebody else I mean that’s fine Bud I mean if that’s really what you want to do you weren’t supposed to be just like okay with it you’re supposed to be like wait wait hold on I’ll be right there got to get the creatine flowing baby get that creatine oh yeah oh my creatine gets it doesn’t have the little moisture resistant packet in it the Silicon yeah and so it’s like starting to get hard crap pisses me off I’m like I guess I could take one but it’s kind of too late now so I could take one out of my put rice in it buddy huh put some rice in it I a put no rice on my creatine why it keeps the moisture out then I’ll be like chewing little bits of rice on my drink no no no no do you have any like tea bags do you have any like reusable tea bags or like cheesecloth or probably not I mean why you going to make it so difficult you just put some more ice in there man look I’ll just just I’ll just spoon it out metal spoon it works dig a little bit you know what I mean no oh okay D I got to take my Christmas tree down I still have my Christmas tree up oh my gosh I usually take it down in February but I’ve been Slack again oh dang it I didn’t click Express installation dude install before my mom started having health issues and she was like she loved the holidays man like that was her deal her her thing was Christmas man she would listen to to Christmas music she would play the same freaking disc until July ju no no I’m not kidding you dude it’s not even an exaggeration and she would she would still have a Christmas tree up now and like if it was starting to die she would get another Christmas tree to put it back up now like when I was younger man when she when she could get around and stuff man and she was about it my mom is very similar but it’s all holidays bro like she decorates her house for let me think Easter Valentine’s Day July 4th uh uh Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas and then there’s probably one or two more in there that I’m forgetting I’m just like which she’s kind of slowing down because she’s uh you know she’s getting some age on her and so she doesn’t do all of them anymore she’s still she keeps saying it but she she does it still but she just don’t go all out like she used to she still do she still did Valentine’s Day and now she’s got her Easter stuff up and I’m sure she’ll put some like summer stuff up before the 4th and then she’ll put some like July 4th stuff up red white and blue and flags and all that yeah my mom was just Christmas that’s all she cared about but my aunt does that what you’re saying she decorates for everything and when there’s no holiday going on there’s some other theme like lemons which I’ll be real my mom my mom’s passion she should have been an internal or a in interior decorator she said that before man she’s really good man like she’s helped me with some of my house like I picked all my colors for my paint and stuff and like my hardwood I picked all that stuff out but she helped me with like different style of curtains and like paintings and like help me put uh things like set up in my house like kind of like like my uh I don’t know just along the way I’ll pick something up I really like I’m like Mom where do you think this s to go like I can’t really figure it out and she like what about that wall right there that’ll really pull this and this together and I’m like freaking G genius bro it just comes to her naturally man you know she should play Minecraft why what did he leave the chat I think he left the chat he left the chat oh you know what he his driver might have updated and reset his PC I I hope it didn’t I hope he just straight up [Laughter] left who what who is diamond Dave what the heck where’s he at dude I was sitting there talking to myself for so long bro I thought you left the chat no when when that update finished it closed Discord I figured okay all right didn’t realize it I was like telling you my entire day and what all I did and stuff and I’m like you didn’t respond and I was like I’m like it closed Discord I’m not sure why you thought I’d be interested in your day but uh it was a it was a joke don’t don’t be a dick fine you got all serious I was having a good time joking around I’m inviting you we need to kill 10 enemies with the Expendable anti-tank oh easy dude let me on your ship all set a passcode joined pretty easy easy I hacked it in 3 seconds oh well the the passcode was hammer time so I don’t know how you you had a problem with it you ready let’s go bro it is 7:00 is 7:00 what kind of dispatches we got Expendable anti-tank yeah I think are we still trying to liberate veld no it says our major orders are both 100% complete we can go anywhere you want what do you want to do don’t matter to me man should we attack the back lines I don’t think we can yet oh no you’re right it has to be the front line yeah got to push them let’s go to a weird planet okay this one’s called Fen rear let’s get it yeah oh it’s icy interesting a rocky lonely moon with extremely valuable mineral deposits under the surface that’s we’re waiting for o bro yeah we’re basically America I like it I mean we’re super Earth this is a good one launch an ICBM destroy the terminate eggs and then kill in their numbers let’s start nice and easy system how do I get off the pad after we get to the planet you can oh okay okay my hands are a little jittery successful my shot might be a little off’s Prim Mission coordinates sted sorry I’m adjusting my volume Windows jacks me up dude every day something’s changed [Music] automatically get that look at I was talking to Sharky cuz shk is pretty Tech oriented and he was like yeah Windows just does that thrusters I was like what it’s never adjusted my volume well he said it doesn’t do it to him but he said it’s like it’s a thing like it happens to a lot of people for whatever reason Windows Windows 11 right yeah I got 10 that’s probably the problem I’ll probably have to update mine but I’m waiting until it makes me it’s annoying I’m think I’m going to switch back to this assault rifle for a little while and just see if I like it you know I don’t think I really gave it justice what is this impact grenade we want that you’re going to want the Expendable anti-tank for the kills uh where is the Expendable anti-tank there it is uh and then we’ll get some EMS turrets some mortar sentries and A Auto Cannon where’s my auto Cannon can you get the ammo package too then where’s my auto cannon auto Cannon launch let’s lock it in boys come on got fre to spread Buckle that a seat belt let’s go buckle it unbuckle it rebuck it again cuz you’re not getting caught I got a harness okay I got a fanny pack harness oh man I am lagging dude are you I’m not even in yet no like my hell pod’s lagging on the way in I hope that game Driver didn’t break from my game I bet it did we’re about to find out we’re in the air for a long time I know teammate has disconnected did it it no oh oh we got a for that’s probably what it was doing it waiting on him freaking Bullseye baby who you think you are over here on my own I’m going to throw a auto Cannon down right here don’t let that don’t let that Sentry kill meing down the dude look at all the stuff Bo Just Called It On The Ground yeah breaching the north don’t let him get my auto Cannon out I already completed the challenge how do I how do I shoot this thing what have I done I broke my B I think I dropped it on the ground here we go I picked up another one and it like broke my game I shoot this thing I can’t figure out this thing oh okay we got a a Titan calling down supplies uh I didn’t think about this B I got nothing to kill these guys with I don’t either reloading I’m just shooting their belly there’s three of them oh God one’s dead Oh’s going to step on me how about a GU to of Liberty one’s down it I got Empire grenade yeah yeah hit it hit his chest yeah that’s perfect one more oh I missed yeah you did I life for super grenades oh what are you there’s another B dude holy what’s happened to us uh what did I kill you you hit me the face with the grenade I didn’t throw any grenades reinfor I didn’t can’t reach I can’t reach that b he ran away we’ll be all right yeah we’ll just kill the rest of them kill little guys oh there stalkers no they’re many oh they hurt yeah they freaking do dude they dig do do dude oh my God hello charger all right I’m calling in another anti-tank oh hello another charger oh can we get another one yeah re we getry coming down get away from me B oh I just okay he shot me through a wall requesting there’s an Expendable anti-tank in front of you shoot him in the face I’m getting my SES out I’m going to reinforce you too reinforcing you have ignited the Torches of Liberty extraction over I’m landing on him right on his head baby oh I might be dead now though I’m inside his body I can’t get out help I’m falling I can’t get out One landing in progress did you get your 10 kills I’m out oh I I I shot the ball Titans with them of course I didn’t get them oh that’s fair you’re working for the team some samples here’s another tank let me see if I can get another where’s a big group of enemies little guys little guys I need some little guys I’ll drop another one for you throwing Supply and some ammo looking for some little guys we can wait until uh we can wait for more to spawn got two anti-tanks right there see a bug one I guess they gave up man come on bugs uh they’re sleeping okay they gave up we killed them all we get next mission we’ll get a next mission oh wait there was BS here I don’t see a single bug dude ini going stand by for takeoff you got 20 seconds where my bugs in the hole F another for the yes you’re dick complete I had to get that out of the way I I’m going to throw you the rest out today you another I believe that’s my goal now climb to Liberty Zach how do I fix my microphone so it’s not breaking everybody’s eard drums in game chat uh I don’t know cuz that that duck dude said he could hear me from a over in Texas wouldn’t worry about it I know but I don’t want to annoy everybody with my clicky de Clacks and my my my air fryers I don’t hear that so I don’t know well it’s cuz we’re in Discord game chat doesn’t have any filters you have to go to settings to audio and then it’ll give you the option to lower your uh chat volume lower my chat volume mhm yeah but then would people be able to hear like my voice too they’re going to be able to hear your voice but a lot softer all right thank you very much man you you must have been sick of hearing these Clickety Clacks I has the same problem do you okay all right yeah look I’ve got loads of filters for OBS and for um Discord but game chat is just like full blast Liberty dispense so rapidly yeah because yeah exactly and then people keep on complain all the time can you turn off your mic or can you lower it down or can you y midnight mode reduces the dynamic range of in-game audio beneficial if you are listening at a low volume Quiet Sounds become louder voice chat volume dialogue volume sound effect all right I’ll turn it down to like half down to five hopefully it’s not like horrible and I got to carry that that gem rifle again sorry about your luck buddy well it’s fine I’ll just uh I might wait until we have another one of them eradicate missions to carry it to be fair uh we got to destroy termin de Miss coordinates Lo H pod’s crime engaging yeah but I don’t really think I want to I mean I could get it here but I think I would rather have like orbit synchronized like for this I’m thinking about carrying the grenade launcher bro just to be able to close all these holes and blow up these eggs you know here it’s actually not a bad move and then I’m just going to carry like a orbital rail Cannon strike for the uh B Titans and crap yeah and I mean I’ll I’ll carry a rail Cannon just for the sake of taking out Chargers and all that if you’re going to take out the eggs right I’ll take a I’ll take a grenade launcher all right I’ll just run with you uh we got a 500 to to help with the B Titans rail Cannon strike backpack wait does a grenade launcher do you have to have a backpack I don’t think so no it’s Expendable so it’s one shot and it’s it just it doesn’t take up your backpack slot is what I’m saying it’s actually a good call running a a laser beam backpack like that guard dog nice helmet I like the uh the guy beside you oh I love that little uh freaking that RoboCop ey lens that thing is sick dude launch initi my Skins are hurting man you should stay off more buddy my shin sorry your your friend Doug Dynasty has been rubbing off on me about to hold like eight of these grenades just so you know you can hold eight grenades no I said you’re going to hold eight grenades uh I’d rather you hold on to them no you’re going to hold them just immediately you I thought about killing us both it would be funny deploying SOS we’re got a nest right in front of us to the South it’s allor right I’m blind I don’t I know my directions oh you don’t I was following you that’s my bad I did a total 180 Holy balls what was that there you go requesting orbital that was impressive I like the ice around our screens man are you going side objective I was planning on it I’m with it reloading let me get this sample right here that reloading good shots dude that thing is actually kind of sick sick that guard dog they got a St just be careful reloading we’ll get to the nest what are we destroying this or something oh broadcast tower I got at the terminal it’s pumping we’re going a breach here I got a orbital behind us stalkers you’re good we have a mushroom nearby too in front of me reloading I missed like six times oh get off the radar engaging terminal don’t we have to destroy this thing oh no we’re okay yeah I’m choking got it took him it okay yeah yeah yeah we’re going north we going north stalker let me know if you get some ammo I could actually use some we get to the next we need to take the stalker nest out they’re coming from the West got one coming in behind depl Loy Hill di to combat zone reloading I’m going go look for this [Music] n enemy tactical asset within range calling down a support weapon empty found something where you at stalkers sorry I was just clearing out a wave oh I found the nest all right I’m coming to you I got it man got my nade launcher I’m joining you anyway well done keep an eye for that butt me die stalker what dancing what are you doing man lag that reloading got charger huh charger spitters situation is it just Mir these spitters like really aggressive I wouldn’t go this way oh oh charger what you got for uh just a couple shots on this his right leg’s cracked I have no more primary sorry definely didn’t I am out of ammo me too looking for ammo uh yeah you want to call yeah yeah we’re all here might as well I’m like completely out of ammo I have two shots left oh we got another salker now uh Southeast maybe East last [Music] reload reloading bom tunnel breach we need to keep moving I don’t want to be on top of this breach like this coming out of there I have a an orbital for it when it drops I’m waiting for the big boy there he ising in oral stri he’s hurt he dead good shot OBC near your position CLE some of these guys out that’s a 500 got a bunch of splits on you behind you bu good out I’m going start going in for the charger you can deal with him I’m going to start taking out these eggs his his left leg is cracked fire in the [Music] hole destroyed all right we’re cool good shots boys well done how you doing over there uh I’m just getting all the samples out of the hole just carrying our freaking team I see I got them all cloged up yeah this grenade launcher is nice for this BR yeah it looks like it would be I got all the samples out there oh are them stalkers uh no but it’s a patrol to the right to the east okay you want to keep moving North and clear out these holes on the way to the West uh yeah what are they fighting over there I don’t know is that the butt is it right here no no looking for ammo yeah I have like one last [Music] reload I the B some up here uh we got to resupply we can resupply again when we get up here we don’t see any on the ground that’s screwed I’m going to go and do itac I’m sure we could all use it holes up here reloading 500 left leg cracked I got it good shots we start closing some of these if I can lob some nades in there got it to your left not dead yet it’s going to get ugly if we stay here did we uh do a run through make sure we get all the samples no there’s Commons I’ll do a little quick run okay I got some samples uh I’m going to keep working to the big the big Hive I’m going to check this POI in the west all right I’m right behind you found something you got quite an escort team behind you dude charger get some get some you know two impact grenades kill a charger without even breaking its face yep just two impact grenades he’s dead huh all right well that’s my new way of getting charger I mean if you have when when I’m running a build like this you know yeah got another charger on me I only got one n I’m going throw one at him piss him off reloading that’s like no yeah man uh I think we got the samples there nice um going for the big big gu or not the big guy but is this is this the radar yes it should be it is let’s hit that baby up why we’re this close taking out this charger yeah I’m going to go get on the beacon there a terminal it’s pretty quiet kind of Drew them all out got more spitters coming in from the West oh they’re coming to me fre oh that was weird reloading dude I’m really enjoying the shotgun at first I was like GH now I’m like yupp right here good sh yeah I like it I like it I’m like you the more I use it the more I like it nice job gentlemen nice job oh we got a Patrol coming in I got a 500 I I’ll got a laser for it man save your 500 for a big p okay it’s going to be beautiful is it yep did you get them all done some damage ohion updated oh I guess I did get them all nice we got the radar boys nice uh yeah yeah we just leaving it yeah man it’s time to move yeah let’s just get some space we’ll go up to this uh go up to this bug mest we did miss a POI behind us I’m actually going to hit it cuz it’s right next to us I’ll meet you guys there your position start drawing these guys out so I can get in there [ __ ] hit my shots holy crap oh there’s a whole hoard of spitters coming okay I’m going to I’m going to start trying to work my way in here two impact grenades most defin oh there’s a double door here location give us a minute oh I’m stuck I’m I’m going down baby yeah I got stuck in there bro dang it bringing you over here okay just make sure we get my sample I got 14 on me good freaking Landing dude oh wait no that wasn’t you don’t have any think you cracked him I killed one last reload y dude the automatic pistol goes really hard on their legs like that did you guys get those samples they’re inside the hive I don’t think nobody else has been inside it was it was swarmed I should have 500 before I went in we’ll get up there we’ll work our way back up I was focusing on the eggs and then I got hit me Zach hit me hit you with what hit me with this door fool oh I didn’t I didn’t see that double better hurry up there’s bugs cominging I’m on [Applause] it calling in reinforcements I’m going to get my way back up into the into the hive here I’m behind you I can’t go up here come on his leg’s cracked there is a charger in here oh try to draw them out they’re not wanting to come out of the hive we have a breach we have two breaches oh God this is bad okay hold on not great okay I got the charger out that’s that’s a start I’m going back in Cotton oh my God oral inbound I got a laser beam for this that should clear out most of it I almost got all the eggs we need seven more I had to bail out starting to get overrun I got my samples all right out of ammo closing the holes inside the hive kind of soften it up hello to democracy I’m holding them out boy 500 on me y’all on the other side it should be good a that cleared a bunch out let’s go get the rest of these nevery how you doing in here just need a couple more one more [Music] nice structure destroyed time to move yeah last reload uh got to go south yeah tagging M Southeast rare sample acquired how we doing on ammo reloading but you can resupply if you need to I can wait there’s a ball Titan I think we’re going to have to go that way too I got a laser for it uh there’s a PO let’s just push right through it buddy I want to try to get on top of this mountain there’s a POI requesting orbital strike I guess we can just push through that POI must be inside you going to rail him or you want me to orbital he should go down in a second okay reload there he goes another Patrol R there breach one you I’m just trying to work my way to [Music] this we got another B Titan right behind you okay I’ll get a I’ll get a or on him I’m out of ammo I got a St on him I’m completely out of [Music] ammo calling down supplies got a SLE got the two samples there I’m going to close these holes bu I’m me you there throwing grenade new mag bu outp we got a breach we got a uh stalker Nest got it I ain’t got the samples yet not for sending in an [Music] eag all right making my lap back through this Hive get some sampes where you at there you are got a big boy B do you no no no no oh I thought you did no sorry the way you talked about it that sounded like you got a big boy I’m going back to get some SES Destro I’ve got a ton of SES where are two next last uh uh I’ve got a 500 I can launch in there beef I think it’s okay okay I wouldn’t I’d hold on to it okay we might need it Go in launcher then start busting some eggs I’m baiting all the the little ones [Applause] [Music] [Music] out that grenade launcher is amazing oh it’s great for this Mission a my exemp dang it how many more we need oh we need a bunch of where did all the eggs at oh they’re on that wall holy crap uh I need to fall out a minute yeah we got spiders in here let me switch weapons nice reloading going back in reload a oh go this way go way we came out of keep moving okay did that kill you yes it did oh sorry this all good drop me right back in there yeah man I’m a little low ammo though I don’t have a lot to help you with that’s okay I’ll be F reinfor have launched how did come out the N didn’t kill me but it killed you I have no idea ah where’s our poi we missed a diamond there there’s a diamond in a s I’m going to go for that one there’s a b Titan uh I have an orbital throwing grenade calling in oral launching an orbital on him don’t worry I’m okay how about got him oh miss I’m going out the mission area yeah keep going east yeah there’s a POI oh I got turned around I got turned around I’ll see where I’m going are you out of there bud yeah man I might be dead might be dead no I’m okay holy crap dude those mini stalkers are a like Menace stalkers are min stalkers mini stalkers I mean the stalkers are too but the mini stalkers man they’ll swarm you yeah I’m behind you bringing an army there a POI like around this I how to get there I think you’re I think I got to go up and around this way I think you’re right I’m going to drop no I don’t have any ammo 2 minutes on ammo no well I don’t know how to get there I’m going to try to climb yeah how do you get to this Boi I don’t know you don’t climb this I don’t know I tried I couldn’t maybe you got to go like way up and around I mean I can’t climb this wall well we’ve got 40 49 samples I just head to East R A going all right I’ll be behind you I have like two shots with my shotgun I got a laser oral strike your boy fighting back yall figh in the world yeah okay got another breach need help no I’ll be all right keep moving okay I’m like nine clicks ahead of tunnel breach I cleared most of them out I got the Titan that’s all matters I don’t really know if I should go up and around or go bottom here extraction is available I might should have went up and around new mag no I’m good reloading D there are so many Splitters coming I’m going I’m going to wait for uh I’m going to wait for W4 actually I’m going to re I’m going to uh oh we don’t have resupply I’ll wait I got enough to take one or two of these guys F3 might want to keep moving buddy say hello to democracy I’m going to go get his samples I’m going to resupply on us we got a lot of enemies and I’m out of ammo Mr duck invited us should be okay to get his samples did he get him no y’all close enough for me to call the resupply I mean the uh Evite yeah dude go ahead the other side of the map it’s okay I’m make it I got the samples extraction request confirmed shutle calling in reinforcements did I calling down a support weapon I don’t know if I did dude the game is like support 500 over there this is so unfortunate got him now seconds all right I’ll be there just don’t get in without me cuz I have a ton of samples on me [Music] we about a minute out maybe morea tus 1 minute it’s a good time for coffee grenade launcher is one hit kill on spitters too for real mhm the impact grenade does a good job against them too that makes sense calling down a support weapon got a charger right there he’s kind of stuck though I’m just kind of kind of letting him chill okay I like it I like it 30 seconds bab where you at I’m 30 seconds out [Music] buddy that’s six clicks 20 seconds so clicks 15 seconds five five yeah 5 seconds I don’t know I can’t math dude 5 * 6 is 30 you got anything big for me to kill not really Pi we’re about to there’s another breach here Landing sequence initiated oh that was so satisfying look got a charger 500 on that breach 500 F3 be careful I’m jumping in the the boat the boat the boat ini oh man I launched that yeah that was nice what was that gaming dude he’s stuck he s like he died he’s stuck oh no what a G man nice good job woo yeah baby Liberty has seen you through I like the grenade launcher I messed around with it a little bit like early on it is nice like when you uh you need somebody with a rail Cannon for the Chargers yeah I’m I mean it’s a team effort right right mhm no that was a good pickup but how much ammo does that thing have got two c with 10 or somewhere between 10 or 12 [Music] grenades it’s not too bad I didn’t really run out of ammo that whole time but I was using it for mainly like spitters uh and Bug holes that’s perfect it’s really all you need it for right that’s the whole reason you bring it mhm look at them SS baby 51 yes sir you want to join Doug Dynasty after this I don’t know he invited me we kind of need to finish this third one right we do we can still on after that maybe I don’t know if I can DM him or not like you know what I mean how’ we do look at these numbies 483 kills what was that man doing holy crap he hardly even fired any shots what was he using welcome aboard do that we can never have too many Heroes probably strategem Allied Destroyer has left Squadron uh we could always some bot duck we could do that I don’t know if he’s got somebody with him or he’s got a four M he does I mean he might be filling I’ll just invite him back en I need another 30 plus Commons and I’ll be freaking cooking I think I just spent all mine so I’m probably at like 31 73 what the heck all right you need to share uh what was I going for I was going for the uh shock absorbent gel I need seven need seven bud give me seven samples now I have 53 so how about you get your own fraking samples are we going to wait just a second see if he accepts or what we doing yeah we can hang out um okay cuz I need to eat half this chicken Sammy oh little Sammy action huh yeah I drun a protein shake like right at the end of my workout and then I went to my little restaurant that I go to and uh I was a little bit too full to eat the uh other half it’s a chicken parm dude oh dude can I share a piece of information with you that is going to like you’re going to be like is that destroyers for your next mission dude you might have even seen this but you know who asmin gold is MHM I I watched a video of him trying fruit for the first time I’m seing that what is that real dude I think some of it some of it is I know he I do legitly think he did have like a crazy poor childhood and probably didn’t uh you know eat fruit and stuff like that probably ate pizza and all his L he’s like he’s not even in bad shape like he’s not morbidly obese or anything no no he’s got a fast metabolism I think some of it I think I think a lot of it real I really do like I’m sure he’s ate some fruit before like a banana dude he didn’t like any of it he no I think he does overe exaggerate it a little bit he has dude fruit is delicious man yeah but I some of it’s real but like he ate lemon and he was like that’s delicious that’s the best one he put the lemon at the top of the list I think he’s Sten a lot of times RWS he’s got to man like he did he said that like I mean he he called his dad and his dad was saying that like yeah he likes sour stuff like that’s all he likes is sour stuff so like it makes sense in the lemon but he also said like all his back teeth are rotted out and stuff I’m like well no freaking Wonder cuz like all he does is eat candy and fast food and drink soda mhm like I don’t know man I I don’t there’s no way he’s never tried all that different fruit he’s never had bananas he’s never had mangoes or pineapples or none of that I bet I bet like the mangoes and crap I bet he might not really ever had it like kiwi I bet he’s probably like apple banana that’s it he you know he when they showed him a kiwi he didn’t know what it was he had no idea he’s like why is it got fur on it innoc he tried to eat the skin of the banana I feel like he’s trolling dude cannot be real he was like do you eat the skin of the banana I was like what are you talking about but he’s so he’s for somehow he’s so convincing about it like like most people you can tell they’re trolling he was pretty convincing well that’s how he’s been for a long time man like that that’s his character or persona but I think a lot of it is real I really do uh I’ve never really watched his videos much but really like I I’ll catch a short now and then um and I know he’s like a pretty big on Elden ring I think he’s got a good personality I like him I I appreciate like his content from what I have seen um but when I saw that video and I was like there’s no freaking way anybody goes through their whole life and doesn’t know what a freaking kiwi is or eat bananas or you don’t like strawberries or like I just don’t understand it dude it doesn’t comprehend in my brain man I don’t know eler the Super Destroyer our man’s isn’t joining oh he’s on ship I got one more bot I can’t message him directly unfortunately that sucker’s tasty huh mhm uhhuh what in the [ __ ] is going on here oh we be gaming what you doing oh just jerking jerking off the air I not surprised okay my exercises yeah his right arm is way bigger than his left for some reason oh I wish I like six more of than chicken sandwich coordinates you had six more chicken sandwiches yes I do all what kind of chicken we talking like uh crispy chicken oh it’s like uh like breaded uh just chicken breast nice nice little mayonnaise on there it was actually a chicken parm so it had mozzarella and uh Marin sauce where are we fighting right now uh I think we just yeah Fen rare yeah we just picked a random Planet [ __ ] why we we should what we should be fighting in a planet that is required to defend so Angel’s Venture doesn’t get taken Bo we can do that we just have one more left oh I see how it is I’m just your [ __ ] up monkey y yepa monkey’s going to go smoke a b weed what about here about here I so desperately want to just click like dead center right here see how fast I can press you know what that’s from boys that’s from the N64 Years playing Mario party you know what I mean that’s what that [ __ ] is I don’t care what anyone says dude I I don’t know about you guys you guys playing that oh yeah dude oh dude do you remember do you remember the blisters used to get on our hands from spinning the [ __ ] the knob yeah I remember when your dog used to chew on the freaking the knob too and it would get all bit up and grumpy at the end of it yeah I wasn’t allowed to have dogs my was to should be a rabbit well you’re lucky cuz they would destroy controller’s dog dude you know what dude no word of lie you know what our rabbit did sh we were the has joined weekend and I guess the rabbit was let out of his cage by the person in charge of watching it across that came over from like across street and while it was out of the cage jumping around it decided to go bite through the main waterline in the laundry room and it just flooded the whole house he was thirsty [ __ ] thirsty as [ __ ] hey what’s up y two things one don’t touch my [ __ ] perco set two do you got any [ __ ] perco set no one seen the movie good I have what a great movie am I right so good who just joined what’s this guy’s name on I did who Russ Russ it’s you oh buddy you sound so buddy you sound so different on here than like oh do I yeah like you’re not a bad way know yeah I’m just saying oh guys this is another Canadian friend of mine these are two fellows from the United States of [ __ ] Buble oh yeah was with the Canadians man I don’t know bro Al I’ll probably take the Dead one at this point launch ini you guys ever watched anything like that sorcery shorty oh no I thought you said sorcery and I’m like I like sorcery I can’t hear squat dude I have tojust my audio [ __ ] [ __ ] we can hear you that doesn’t solve my problem well I mean I’m not looking to solve it I’m just informing you of my info thank you you’re welcome I’m going to freaking landay this hellot on your face dude can’t touch this I’m not moving gger coming in from the West get away from me charger sorry man I’m trying to get my my audio fixed oh okay I’m going to impact him okay the two impacts don’t just kill him I think it has to be like you got to hit the exact same place yeah you got to hit the same arm he’s down nuh-uh no no what what was it not mine that’s not yours well I called m in that’s where the no I picked it up AC oh there’s one over of guns all I’ll take this one if I I just got robbed in my own there’s a patrol they don’t see us yet uh all right let’s keep moving we go north uh which one are we going first we’re going might as well do this secondary right here oh God off my [ __ ] where’s the butt you guys see the Twitter post they put up about us getting Exo Suit to no I haven’t I I heard they’re supposed to be there some there’s a nest right here Ain it should be yeah yeah I got four kns me too reloading you freaking got drilled by that one bud yeah cracked his leg yet he should okay I’m just getting dragged we got a stalker layer here too we do oh I got three stalkers on me holy good shots nice might be going down I got a bunch of stalkers on me oh there’s a b coming in Kill let me kill these stalkers off holy [ __ ] I guess I use that shot a little too soon hey [ __ ] is the ball T down he’s on me I got him is he dead dead oh God he I got him no I got one he’s down now how did he go that way oh cuz that one took out I go that way uh I don’t know where the more stalkers they’re coming in from the West they’re coming in from the West yeah they’re here right here democracy reinforcing somebody recover my friend I got him coming in I don’t know where your stuff is though oh to the right it’s over that way you got a stalker behind you dog I know he likes it s going to re Force this guy oh radar another stalker oh wait yeah the rece not going have call you vacated oh I didn’t realize he’s dead my bad godamn I was want the stalker dead man actual we blew right past that Min objective reloading let me go get this mini fever what do you do for work again uh so I’m a drop technician why’d you laugh uh cuz I’ve been out on leave I jacked my back up a while ago oh so like work the SC if you can call that a living sure are you get he right now yes work yes awesome you’re P back honestly yeah it’s pretty jaed up no [ __ ] this to be a right but when I was going a couple years ago I fractured my one ver really suck you know what the one thing that helped the best of all the things I tried off the therapy dude the therapy does help Aqua therapy Aqua Aqua therapy water therapy no I wasn’t given that option unfortunately bro you should eat that [ __ ] out one it’s crazy but you can’t live your life in a pool so it’s not like it’s going change your life significantly yeah no I don’t know D like after like having a bunch of uh scans done I found out like my back would like never heal it’s never going to be the same is your work being good about helping you or not uh the work with comp is great but the work I haven’t heard from for a long time they right they have no yeah well you would yeah they could care less yeah um but the workers comp has been treating me really well and everybody in between has been [Music] greaty awesome so this explains why you’re the level you are bro you were like twice my level what I work I work from home most the time ah bro you’re like twice my level level bro I didn’t even look before I said that that’s a stupid item I’m not even what am I like 31 something like that okay so then you really should be a better level what’s that about oh I play too much other stuff like what not Minecraft he’s a Minecrafter bro give him some C crap that’s crazy man yeah no but I don’t just I play all sorts of stuff damn like I’ve been I’ve been doing a whole series on Elden ring which is Trea piss your mom on the lips too uh you K Minecrafter that’s nuts there a lot of kids on Minecraft he oh God don’t start that one I’m not you have no idea how many people B from my live chat for like seeking out small children smallest in stature or smallest in young young okay like Rob going after midet wow that was super close to my face like some people out there got [ __ ] fetishes [ __ ] fetishes I can’t speak oh what’s wrong with midgets nothing wrong with wrong with don’t get short with me shut up oh there’s the Spore uh will the arc thrower go that far it does not go that far eat my ass hold on I got I got you oh you’re going to call you little [ __ ] all right all right I see your bug hole and I raise you a 500 K bom there should be Loot on it hold on I got I got a bunch of enemies I’m clearing out there is a charger here too he hasn’t activ or seen me yet now he is is that a orbital y I got you oh I didn’t holy [ __ ] me I didn’t realize it got attached to him they destroyed my [Music] guns requ oh throwing [Music] grenade reloading collected there’s ammo here from my need one yeah there’s one there and one over there bo uh I guess we’ll just keep going through here oh yeah I got to go to this Spore oh charger there I found your butt Z oh I see him I’ll help is he dead I’ll help you of down support uh got another charger got a double charger I don’t see him okay around this corner see if I got I got a cluster bom I can set on one’s getting pretty low oh [ __ ] two of them [Applause] I and I killed myself I got you don’t you on your body r a couple CS too you’re right on your body I’m going to work on these Chargers the does ammo and grenades count for this like diamond POI thing I like will the diamond stay up if there’s still ammo and grenades on the ground I possibly I think so all right H one charger is dead I how answer that I don’t either out Spott I have two hell bombs next to me so please be careful fire in the [Music] your nice oh we got a bug breach I’m going to drop a 500 on it sound good support start working my way up this way Bug Out Post spotted prepare to exterminate requip guess we need to work our way down I’m going to come up here with that big thing be and then uh I think I should be okay we got to head south oh we got one of those tit coming after us B time I’ll ra Cannon him I got my rail oh are you doing a rail gun nice will I take him or oh I’ll do mine yeah he’s pretty low 100 miles away okay that was cool you got a charger there b yeah man you are correct W that’s probably all the cover I’m give you without killing me I’m starting to learn if there’s a lot of enemies around I can shoot the AR thrower toward you but I got to be a little bit careful I’m learning I’m learning that charger’s leg is cracked I’m heading toward duck oh crap I got spotted by a freaking patol got him nice is he dead yeah yeah I think yeah nice these little white ones are going to be a problem though godamn crackers I knew you were going to say something did you know I was lesson here comes a little lesson oh jeez you know that the ter crackers not even an insult cu the term crack is designed as a warning so SL M coming out what are they doing I don’t know he’s swimming and when they said the crack was coming the C coming it wasn’t in to skin color it was the made made CRA that was a glitchy charger Bud he was O skating we’ll revisit this here I was going to say I did not hear a word you said but I wish I did cuz I we revisit this don’t you worry all right good away for free I get my uh samples I got them there are samples like up north though I’m I’m not sure how many of that is I’m grabbing the objective here for you guys so then you can just launch the missile that looks like where I died I don’t think it was much I think it was like two coms and a rare I’m pretty sure that’s cool oh my gosh I almost blew my face off with a freaking hell bomb what was this what are we learning oh we miss some samples over here boys I’m coming I’m right behind Okay reloading we at this way probably on the back side here oh we got a charger now it’s a double door somebody come help me I’m on my way to you okay I’m going to try to give this man some uh cover fire I’m right I’m right down the way hey get out here holy [ __ ] wait Zach which one are you um D2 oh dude I ran towards D3 you idiot there’s 3DS in this chat boy what the I know it’s really confusing I can’t figure it out all time he looks like he’s dead no he’s not almost looks almost dead [Music] anyway oh [ __ ] he’s down nice all right Zach I’m coming to you [Music] reloading you really did run the wrong way up correct I’ll just uh I’m just going to lay down on the ground here chill all right reloading woo there’s a patrol here I’m going to go and take it out don’t launch any bad boys I’m AR throwing it careful I’m coming up on you who’s with me oh no oh yeah I see there requesting support watch out for that air do support got this that should hit yeah you’re pretty far away from me ah nice no mo no mo bud what what’s happening give me some skin ah I’m stuck at what I I don’t know if you got I can’t hit you there you are 1 2 Oh I thought we were playing rock paper scissors I forgot I had that on oh I got I got to take it back off I like the the handshake the headbutt don’t me back not back don’t spawn me no reinforcing don’t Spa me don’t no you idiot what oral downo close to my face yeah was there’s another charger I got you reinforced throwing you on your body oh was D my bad dude I thought the other guy died I thought Russ died I thought so to that charger hit him it’ll be all right we’ll bring him back we got plenty of lives holy crap some of these pois are goofing dude got a bot to I’m On A Rail Cannon is he dead oh no he’s not I have a thing I can throw that big guy y oh stri one you did it why did it go that way I guess the b i that yeah I got a 500 definely [ __ ] him up at least yeah just keep running we’ll bite him into this 500 should hit just keep running run run run run oh [ __ ] run run run run yeah I got him oh that’s cool I gu some oh we’re going the wrong way we got to go this way where are you going up north for uh we have going south sorry I’m totally at the extraction yeah what are we we got to go launch this missile up here in the north you’re right can you uh can you call duck where you’re at be cuz he needs his stuff like right there got is all called him I got you there’s a patrol over there kind of Swing Low here of democracy 20 minutes remaining I’ll have my Eagles in them 55 seconds get good shots there’s a bug Tunnel right next to this freaking maybe we should go close that first oh okay that’s so unfortunate want to call me back Mr duck sir thank you be careful we got a charger coming at us I got from the south landed on his face and he didn’t die throwing grenade ni shot reload oh sorry buddy calling in reinforc that’s on me let close this hole so we don’t get spawning onare to exterminate like that one you guys doing okay over there yeah I was just oh God trying to close this little hole so we didn’t get spawned on the whole time we got samples here oh there’s a hole over there I think cler bom in there yeah here’s a sample oh we got a charger like On Top of the Rock requesting orbital St he’s good shots I’m going to go start activating this terminal here calling down a uh 976 5 n try to cover you yeah we got to pop these hatches holy crap you good oh we got a bug breach just be careful we get a we back up if we get over round depends on what comes out of that hole uh it’s a b Titan and we got yo I got a rail Cannon Str in hope I got it close enough nice the [ __ ] got him done yeah I like it nice that was cool a uh I’m going to go back to the terminal let me clear a few of these guys out I have a clut stri sending in anag what the move boys requesting air support on the terminal it’s download I’m going to Art behind you how about a nice on [Music] Liberty reloading what are you doing little guy you’ve been hitting my SHO shield for like 30 seconds holy B I see him I don’t got nothing I got a 500 but he’s ways away from me he’s down we’re about to launch this it’s pretty clear over here now doing pretty good on samples too yeah man you guys want me to move back towards extracting col in when you’re done uh yeah yeah we get we just got to launch it here in just few minutes there’s no bugs around yeah put it out we’re doing good we do have a patrol location to the north they haven’t spotted us yet okay got a sample got a sample here dude the female voice actor is like not oh I found a double door throwing [Applause] grenad collected tagging location you have been a line of Freedom extract when guys I got a double door here oh at yeah we’re 200 out the only person that’s not a D in this this game go there we’re six clicks out dude I just watched I just watched a patrol H bomb run past and as soon as that thing went off they stopped and looked at it and went towards it well I mean I guess they’re Wonder want to get their family out man that’s interesting calling in orbital strike did you just orbital rail Cannon a little guy I thought laser I thought I had a laser out for some reason little tiny guy just got lit up dude I mean I know you don’t like the mini stalkers but dang bro I’m heading out boys I got like 40 samples on me holy crap I saw that you find the butt oh yeah I’m carrying them okay nice oh this will get me my uh 50% increased ammo for my centries should get me something too uh I got all my orbitals up so got a patrol that’s not what I P that’s a patrol down there good call oh they might see us I mean I’ve got Scout on Ian I do too but oh you’re shooting they saw us fire the breach not if we kill it oh it’s breached keep moving funnel them all up this way go ahead and get e trct I’m just going to start working on them yep we got a charger reloading oh good shot but he’s sliding did you see that yeah I saw it forever he climbs the mountain you should go down in a second minut seconds we have a Titan coming around the corner good freaking shot dude freaking nked her head where’s it at bab what the Titan yeah uh it might be dead now it after all that oh I’m inside the charger I got the samples freaking dived into him dude can’t get out of his body did you know you could shoot the shotgun while you’re reloading it uh nool it’s kind of ridiculous oh goodness oh God I got to make a round holy crap oh that’s on my head at coordinates you suck my ski bro you guys okay go to B Titan oh someone just there’s the bow he’s dead I’m in the boat nice I hear samples to the left I hear samples on the ground the boat see him uh on the left side of the boat by that gun they’re blinking do you up that way good eyes I can’t get them I got it oh it’s just one common sample all right good enough that’s better than good job guys yeah good job yeah today youve CED another and a long climb to Liberty those was a lot of samples in that [Music] one chicken wings chicken [Music] wings look at that 100% boys I like it yeah I hope they do something that we can spend our requisition credits on cuz like I’ve got everything and I don’t know what to do with it yet no well the new strategy come out we’ll be able to just purchase heck yeah oh goodness you know what would be neat if um if things like samples became less prevalent the more people rail a planet you know what I mean like incentivizing you what’s up sides um incentivizing you to kind of like Branch out and not just keep doing the same Planet over and over again you know dang that’s idea well done lots of enemies kill and lots of samples to help us figure out how to kill even more dks Skippy dude we had 61 samples welcome aboard hell di that’s awesome all right let’s get these centri what’s cooler power steering or increased health or increased ammo I got ammo so I can get the uh high quality lubricant removes deployment time for implacement Strat jumps if you get the Advanced Construction sorry about that guys my boss was on the phone okay it’s all good man have you guys seen the the the number like the uniform that’s the very last one you can buy on page the very final page if you look at it if you look at my uniform I’m wearing right now look it’s got really sick like badges like like look like I guess you call them B they’re not Metals I think those are called badges I think I could be wrong ribbons ribbons ribbons that’s what they are oh I sick ribbons right aren’t they sick yeah dude yeah I like them that should be on all our uniforms imagine that yeah that’s nice but which page are you on uh if you go to uh the very last page in the regular war bonds uh-huh if you go to that character the white guy and look at him you can see he’s got like ribbons on his right so like like I like that I think that’s kind of sick that is good I like that too so I’m saving up for the 150 I’m left there which is increased reinforcement budget but I don’t know by how much I don’t know if it just just increases the number of available reinforcements I don’t know if it’s just one reinforcement or one for each us so I’m saving up for 150 so I’m mining like a [ __ ] what if it’s like three three reinforcements for each oh my God but this helmet looks so sick no no do you have the gun the scorcher yeah how is it I mean it’s not the breaker the breaker how about how about this how about this do you want to try it out or no uh or until you unlock it I’ll wait until I unlock it okay thank let says a plasma rifle firing a bolt of sueded gas which explodes on impact avoid standing of I think explosive damage is supposed to be good on Squishy boys right like the butts of the but the problem is if you’re too close so if you get surrounded by them and you fire this thing off H okay it hurts the deck yeah all right that’s it dickas Joe okay so here’s the thing so here’s the thing so wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay so no go go back go back is the other one open is that open which one no no the bottom one below okay so that was that’s why I asked because before no the one to the left to the left that’s not open to the left okay okay so first of all I want to show you something no just wait wait wait wait I want show you something stop stop stop stop okay so no no no go back yeah okay yeah go back go back go back something yeah go back okay over on the left there see where the red is see where the red is okay go all the way the left go okay not that one but the one beside it no no no no down one more down just down down no stop being an idiot serious no not that one no no no no no no the non red one the non red one touching that red one that one no no one more over to the corner of it no the other way the other way and up one up one okay and up one no no no no up one up one no that’s the other way up you’re going left no that’s down up are right our perspectives are different our perspectives are cuz you’re standing on the left of the table wa okay no the other ones that one yes why did you just say the name of it I don’t know the SE your name okay okay go to that red planet down there what’s that called no okay not that one go to the gray one over there and then the gray one no so it’s not there where is it now go right real quick one more time to this area now down one more okay no go up up up up one more what the [ __ ] where was it that’s so weird oh there it is there it is that one okay so here’s the weird part okay about the lore so they said in the Twitter post they said that tyan Quan which is this planet they’re like is in full production making mechs they will be on the battlefield soon why is Tai tyan Quan making Mech but it also was right next to automatons is it us making the Mets or is it the automatons makings we don’t know and did you also guys noticed here okay here’s the other thing ready here’s the other thing okay if you guys quickly go over here everyone follow me over here check this out check this out go over here and you click on here and you go to your helmets okay go to your helmets and it doesn’t matter which helmet you pick anyone and spin around and look at the back of the helmet you guys notice something in the back of the helmets was it a barcode no it’s your PC no but look at the back of the helmets notice what does each one almost each and every helmet has almost each and every one do you notice anything I honestly don’t know how to turn around oh wait you turn your charact you spin your character around bro I’ve got a hood on this helmet what are you talking about okay change helmets thought you said it doesn’t matter do you notice something oh is that the thing from the The Matrix that’s a Jack in Port okay so the theory is that the automatons like we are Consciousness being uploaded into this and the lore that they’re saying is that uh the the H divers we just go and mop up planet after super Earth has sent bugs there to kill other humans that aren’t in favor of super Earth policies which is why we have to terminate illegal broadcasts cuz why would the bugs have illegal broadcast on their Planet doesn’t make sense bugs ain’t watching [ __ ] and this is why I can do this because I’m Hitler right we’re all Hitler why are we Hitler that’s the whole point that’s like the same concept that Hitler was after demy like he was Exterminating everybody that didn’t agree with him yeah I agree that what were you doing I was checking off yeah get out of here so get out of here so so here to one of our see all these guys over here all these people are alive okay when we get on when we arrive on the ship how do we arrive on the ship we arrive on the ship cro Frozen where did these people go where are they from what do they do why are we there cow Frozen well we hav yet to see our own skin faces yeah did you also notice over here the vehicle Bay this is for our vehicles that we’re getting soon yeah well we we enter from here in the very back you can see the the Pelican yes correct I think they’ll let me drive that fork no I’m saying when we enter originally get into the ship we come to here shut upli bro spaceships and Rockets and guns and you want to drive the forklift it’s a space forklift I don’t blame them space it’s anti-gravity space so what people think which would be cool is the planet that we were talking about that’s making the max is maybe they’re going to get invaded and we’re going to have to defend with the max I would assume yeah that would be a really cool concept they need to make the the automatons more appealing they need something there because the bugs are just way more fun agreed now are we launching a mission or sitting here and playing with each other’s [ __ ] I thought we were playing with each other oh my gosh has launched surprise I mean I was thinking about driving the forklift needs our hold on let me go ask my air fryer what to do oh a friend of mine’s hopping on after he eats then I’m going to walk him through how to do stuff so I’ll leave you guys after that but for now let’s play all right we’re where we going who wants to do what I don’t care do you want to go outside FL do who what my dog ask Go Side he’s on the hunt there’s a mouse in my garage it’s actually outsmart of me this thing’s so big I put out an actual like regular mouse trap and the first two it triggered and ate the cheese on it the second two the mouse traps were just gone like just gone and I was like okay okay okay that’s it so I bought a flamethrower sometimes you just got to kill it with fire so so I spent 10 grand on an auto turret what do you get for completing the monor huh the monor minor stuff what do you get the weap like weapons qualifications what do you get for completing them what’s weapons qualifications what it’s just loot like small bits of loot like this one’s this one’s you’re talking about the anti- tank thing uhuh that’s 15 Metals oh okay are you talking about the The Rock rocket launcher thing you got to use yeah I was just wondering what you got for doing it says right on it when you hit start with you get well I can’t I can’t see it I guess cuz I’m not I mean I can just see the mission you see it I see the mission but I don’t see the rewards start I’m on PC we mean hit start system well I don’t know hit I’m on St PC but I’m using a remote I’m not using a remote well I know we can hear you click clocking over there like a [ __ ] pag like [ __ ] kid trying to do a t dancee goodness give me my P look at me I’m J what is oh the eggs yeah yeah hey EXO that’s me what do you call two lesbians in a closet I don’t know [Laughter] it what the heck was laugh man I think that laugh was fer than the joke I [ __ ] my [ __ ] controller di I got a really bad one I don’t know if you can handle it oh spy [ __ ] [ __ ] ass got the shitty ass my bad guys I just right clicked and it took us out get him out of the driver’s seat he’s a Cadet yeah this guy sucks [ __ ] I got to repick my strateg be just making sure you know what you’re doing yeah oh it hurts to cough it hurts to cough I’m Going Down Boys N we’ll find a replacement don’t worry about it there’s no love no love for the white guy my cracker fact it is my cracker fact hit us okay hit you like what a domestic abuse Survivor okay no no with the information anyways so when a black person is like Cracker this cracker that and you’re like oh okay well here’s the thing it’s not an insult Because the actual term cracker comes from when black people were in the field working and whoever was in charge of uh making sure obviously they were working and not slacking and stuff whatever you call them slave master whoever whatever whoever was in charge when they were coming out to the field cuz they could obviously see them coming they would say the Cracker’s coming the Cracker’s coming but the cracker wasn’t based on the color of her skin the cracker was based on the fact that the noise of the whip might crack when he would hit you with it so it’s not and that’s legitimate like that’s not a like so the term cracker has nothing to do with our skin being white and sodium crackers it literally has to do with the fact that that was a warning signle like it’s not an insult to us it’s like you’re a cracker it’s like yeah you’re calling me what your ancestors did you’re right I am a cracker get over here my whip yes it’s still used in like a derogatory manner so like yeah but still was the word [ __ ] wow they use it in every rap song honestly man let me ask you this you’re going to give me Str but let me ask you this the hard do you think Mar listen do you think Martin Luther King Rosa Parks uh um um what was the other guy um the other one help me out with the other one RS of parks Martin Luther King the other black guy yeah raidar or ammo uh ammo what do you guys prefer ammo do you think they said do you think they said the N word [ __ ] this [ __ ] no they never did hard not didn’t say that stuff why because that word should be buried with the slavery that it [ __ ] existed with that’s why I agree with that you made a good point at the end of it but man you took a while to get there I almost spit my drink up bro took quite a while to get there buddy you could have done without chapters 1 to 12 but 13 you nailed it yeah yeah maybe more pictures next time and did you kill me you’re killing my freaking algorithm dude bro YouTube is freaking censoring the crap out of me my wife are coming up on my get away my bug oh that’s a b oh glitch I can’t St myself that’s oh ding here boysal INB I’m not getting out alive this one boys we we toast toasted them X ate my [ __ ] my bad dog it’s okay I thought that’s what you wanted it ah where’s the where’s the hives are we going I guess we need to work our way East laser what the P there no around me it’s a cold Planet man you got to stay warm too warm bro too warm God there was nothing inside why didn’t they go for the B Titan instead of me baby can you reinforce me since you laser to posted me laser the laser instead of the laser being set to go into the biggest person on the map must set to go to the dumbest person on the map hey oh that would have been hilarious if that hit me the karma that would have been hilarious a but it didn’t so back to you being stupid okay just kidding I know I’d give you a t love hey guys radar how do I always end up finding the radar I’m here that baby okay so we figured out um we figured out XO is doesn’t work CU you a wheelchair so what do you do for work I’m a I’m a production supervisor he’s my caretaker PVC I’m not your caretaker bro he’s got to WIP your ass I’m going to give him a shotgun he can [ __ ] finish I’m a supervisor at a manufacturing facility making PVC pop oh man that’s a secure job PVC Pip’s not going anyway uh kind of just like X is not to I mean I SP fiber op so I’m I’m doing all right didn’t work well that’s my job in a minute but he he’s skilled he’s skilled yeah I’ve been known to uh to get out of bed when’s the last the last time you went to work well I like to consider YouTube work too so like every single when’s the last time what work ah it’s been a long time just answer the question I don’t know there we 8 months what it has not been 8 months yes it has I’m as his caretaker oh boys there’s a 500 there he knocked it out of my hand he knocked it out of my it’s stuck on him it’s stuck oh he’s at least out throwing grenad oh crap I tried to hit the charger I think I clipped his leg boys I’m out of ammo uh where did my body go charger B Titan dead yeahuh I have nothing to crack this guy’s leg with I’m shooting okay we’ll just we’ll just do this why is there more we’re coming dang it it knocked it out of my hand too what are these things man they’re playing like you guys SEC on it I’m probably going to be one in a second too cuz my ass is getting beat here reinfor [Music] launched I couldn’t got a trigger Beacon there I’m dropping supplies okay I got my butt bitten thought I was out of range calling in reinforcements who you want me to land on same nuts how’s this objective looking guys uh I turned the terminal on I’m going back all right that’s all I can do so far man it’s been a little chaotic oh we got to a line it’s got to go 180 180 I got you yeah y keep going keep going I know what a 180 means hold step hold step hold step hold stop says the guy knows what’s 180 is it not perfectly aligned in the center I’ll perfectly align your [ __ ] with my mouth okay you’re okay with that all right no I you said okay everyone that God dang who’s killing me oh got to lob that a little higher it’s a 500 right in the top of the thing that ain’t going to do nothing D should have lobed it should be disappointed with that performance and I’m inside the hive they ain’t nothing in so I think we’re good holy dude that’s a [Music] bom the one on the eggs was inside the eggs that was mine holy crap I read the strategy I was like the oh charger reloading uh baby you got anything to crack this charger I don’t oh right I’m bringing him to you anyways so if you’re working if you’re working with TBC all day does that mean you go home to a wife and you lay pipe on day I’m actually not married but oh well if you have something at home you [ __ ] not at the moment not at the moment it’s at the clean TI over here it’s 2024 I can get you anything you want from any country you want I’m going to close this buo bud I’m right Bes side you I’ll take the left you take the right all right I’ll take the right you take the left I got one more left one more shov here how you block my grenade bro it bounced off your body good it doesn’t kill you guys guys guys the very first the very first uh drop on the artillery is a is a mini okay all right and there’s a b ty casually walking past me right now he didn’t see me suck on that dick you all them sampes bud I think so oh coming for that guy uh anything else on the map over here no I’m going to work my way South but nice boys nice requal stri thanks that that is not even near where I put that what the hell got God damn got charger be where H oh no I just heard you shooting I was asking if you have one I’m shooting at that bow Titan in the distance I’m uh I’m in the swamps he’s what can we help how how can we help you get out of the swamps I mean it’s pretty upside down it’s pretty pretty nice down here no bugs just me and the little purple bushes don’t forget me I’m here you behind me oh you went through the water little path down there bud oh gosh know what I don’t like swamp ass are you swimming oh you’re deading it bro it didn’t even say I was it didn’t say anything I was just swimming here let me help you a crossbow what happened oh you were swimming on my screen yeah but I I was swimming but nothing I had full stamina I had full health I was good it didn’t tell me I was dying I just died reping to the you know we can’t swim though since when since this game come out we couldn’t swim I disagree I’ve never drowned one time that’s accurate does anyone ever told you guys that you fight like a married gay couple who hasn’t come out to their parents yet constantly we we we’ve played a lot of many years of video games together I just wanted to make sure we the same there’s nothing wrong with that I literally I couldn’t count the amount of people on my hands and Toes that have said that I mean he plays support and I usually play DPS I’ll be honest you guys sound like you’re comfortable changing naked with each other okay well that’s a little bit a little too much or anything I’m just saying like you know like you guys go back you know I would at least turn around or something like like if like you know why it’s it’s crazy instantly everyone thinks I’m that’s homo but like if you guys were overseas serving in Afghanistan in the military and you just showered with each other every day because that’s what it is a bunch of men showering it’s not okay uh when you’re confident with your sexuality it doesn’t matter what you do well okay wait that came out wrong hold up AER there th AER there you’re not getting a free oh y oh that my holy B that bomb went the side that bomb went into the side of his body did you see that that was the greatest most amazing thing I ever I can’t believe I lived someone did sorry I did not hey that’s all right you got the majority of them I’m good with it that’s that last hole you need me I need some help I’m here there’s actually a breach here oh God Titan too I got you I got you wish I quit partying the the hole man reloading oh there’s a double I’m going to drop a orbital oh never got to to what your samples I just keep getting cornered there’s two of them got a 500 coming in there it’s going to miss one though I’m going to throw you on him be yeah that’s fine calling in reinforcements calling in orbital stri you get him I will there he is okay you dead nice everything around is alive though there’s one more hole I’m going back in the The Nest here my stuff got it funny cuz guys I’ve capped out my samples like I can’t get well other than rares like just super rares sorry charger here you capped out yeah my capped out my my greens and I capped out my oranges there’s a there’s a Spore West be I got it hold just a another bow Titan here I’d like to B your [Music] Titan I’m not going to liead guys is it weird that occasionally I like to use yes my Callins to crush buckles oh no I like to do that too only oh there’s two SES here okay but it would be weird if I did it because I get sexual pleasure for that would be weird right okay just going to put my C sock back in the turn hold on but you know guys I’m over here mopping [ __ ] up where you guys are playing with yourself down there make sure you guys get that illegal broadcast station it’s illegal how you doing me I’m out it’s closed all right I’m heading towards the station dang we missed a couple samples right here I’m going to go try to get him real quick and then I’ll meet you over there okay Budd guys definitely guys definitely hold hands on they poop only under stalls in public oh it’s a double door be can you come back uh as soon as I’m done dealing with this guy dang they just breached on me I can see why he likes to wait I think I stopped it no I definitely didn’t stop it coming to you uh okay there’s a lot going on here dude there’s another B Titan on you too yeah I see that I got a rail Cannon for it I two another B Titan one’s going to be dead oh come on the other one I see him I should get him with this 500 okay I’ll try I don’t have much control I put you right on it like right on it yeah I know it doesn’t even it didn’t even go can you grenade it reload dead he’s dead I’m right behind you I’m out a real Canon shots for more controllable or something like that I don’t that yeah it’s not a strateg but it’s um hurry up hurry up hurry up we got bugs yeah yeah that’s all the samples boy got to get your samples got to oh charger holy crap he [ __ ] me up all got some super credits I’m going to throw you on your stuff hold on did you pick up those G in the hole Yeah I do all right I’m heading out B close this big Hive might well close this little guy while I’m on the way right did you get your stuff that was cool h no not yet want to get oh he okay see see it there yeah you should be able to get yeah it’s like right yeah there it is oh let me pick up the [Music] sample oh you’re going down out yeah just to cuz there’s diamonds here yeah you may proceed to extraction Dro aeast so I got a charger coming I don’t think that’s me I think that’s Russ or duck I’m behind you I don’t I I I found everything over here I don’t know found the butt go and get that butt thead oh there ball why don’t you guys destroy the broadcast where’s it at down by where you guys were with ay idiot look at the map oh we can go down there oh you guys just missed it you down there in the there he goes okay are we going back to it or no that’s up to you guys I it’s not like it’s going to give us a whole lot of stuff that we don’t already have I already got full recision anyways yeah I just need medals same B out in East I see him where he at I see him he’s down dude I have a better time killing those things at range with my like hip fire on my um you know the the rail cannon that I do like any other way ammo here guys good shg if anyone wants it I have a rail Cannon strike for the next big boy 500 ah you fat [ __ ] destroy our way of got him he’s down got another one reloading holy crap what are you doing you crazy man 2 second request approved reinforcements have been Lo oh oh I’ll gra those Daddy got F Titan I got a rail Strike 10 reloading where’s he going I don’t know where he’s going he’s scared man he’s drunk as [ __ ] right now what’s up BL hun he’s down suckers okay holy crap I wasn’t see that coming I come got another charger out of ammo throwing grenad minuto ow you guys know if this game’s crossplay I’m on PC right now you idiot no we’re all on PC as far as I’m aware no yeah and PS5 no that’s on PS5 oh shoot okay it’s only crossplay P5 PC because just doesn’t H this game sucks to suck you know what I’m saying yeah dude I think they’ve made adjustments to the Chargers they’re so much more aggressive and their movements crazy 500 going in where they’re coming from I’m out of ammo boys oh oh you were rocked there at that oh how did you live I don’t know I came my life I suck everything out of my soul relo out of am punch him I I punched him I’m stuck inside of the charger I dropped a few samples not many I I picked some up oh I’ll land on the big boy yeah yeah yeah oh tight careful I can’t steer all right I’m getting on the boat I’m getting on the boat come on without me it’s [ __ ] should do it go go go go go get in get in get in I Can’t Believe It’s Not should I get yeah I should get you got two seconds what oh my you’re getting left I coming up I got stuck inside the what so the charger died and I was near it and I got stuck inside of it and then the freaking bellan landed on me no I prob by the second time CU I you I try to revive you oh I just got stomped did you oh that’s okay I landed on the bile Titan and it didn’t die and just stepped on me as soon as I got out I don’t feel too good about that one I only had like one or three samples on me think we got a pretty good amount I think we made good timeck my chicken all right duck actual what’s your job what’s my what what’s your job I didn’t tell you already did I thought I did you said you work from home you never said what you did I’m a key cats manager for a cannabis company wow that’s actually kind ofy impressive thank you I’m making money to sell weed I really thought you were going to be like well I’m a phone sex [Laughter] operator yeah you got to call sometime or something uh no yeah you do don’t lie it’s not gay it’s not gay if you just chy it out welcome [ __ ] I look forward it’s gay if you it’s gay if you’re like wow this is awesome I’m gonna do this all the time then you’re [Laughter] gay are you gay no it’s okay I’m not like judging you anything I was going to talk about your job but uh you’re you’re really focused on this what do you want to know what do you what do you want to know about my gay job no I was going to say I feel like uh like that kind of stuff sells itself anymore man no it corrects no so the problem the problem with the Canadian cannabis market right now is it’s oversaturated markets so we have probably like upwards of 10,000 Brands wow now imagine trying now imagine 10,000 different Coca-Cola Brands like different like you know instead of just Coca-Cola and Pepsi going at it imagine if there’s 10,000 thousand of those brands that that were trying to go at it you better have a good one well and that’s the thing right it’s it’s you have to have a good one you have to have a good team that you support that you work hard with because it’s not just enough to have good weed right and it’s not just enough to have a good team like you have to have a good balance of above and the other problem is because we just technically just came out of prohibition if you think about it we have really strict rules still so like we can’t advertise anywhere radio television Billboards nothing our store because it’s just because so in Canada man the way it works in Canada is is we have heal Canada which is kind of the a little bit the equivalent to your guys FDA through Drug Administration but Health Canada Works a little bit different here because obviously we have because we have Healthcare covered under our taxes we have to make sure that things that we do in our country aren’t going to put a a strain on our health care System right so when we do things like legalize alcohol legalize tobacco legalize marijuana health Canada takes a part in that and making sure things like product aren’t hitting the market that will kill people hurt people using pesticides all that kind of [ __ ] you know what I mean and it’s specifically because they don’t want to introduce all this stuff and then all of a sudden a bunch of people go to the hospital now our hoses are strin you know what I mean so so what happens is you get health candidate in here and like for example we only can sell 10 milligram Edibles in the in the legal Market well that’s ridiculous the black market selling 150 200 1,000 milligram Edibles for nothing yeah but those people are out of their minds 10’s fine that’s more than enough those people out of their minds yeah who enough to take one of those right so like when in Canada is it considered medicinal or is it recreation no so in Canada it’s completely 100% federally legal so like we actually have the the ability to grow four plants per household we can travel with up to 30 grams on us at any time including flying so if I fly across Canada anywhere I can have 30 grams on my carryon wow crazy that is kind of crazy I can smoke anywhere in public I want as long as I’m not around like schools hospitals like the no more place you would smoke cigarettes yeah playground like that right yeah and like even if I’m and that’s the thing like even if Canadians the thing with with cannabis and Canada there this always really been a not so crazy thing like if you were caught smoking The Joint the cops smoke but put it out go home right if you’re caught with back in the day this before the gles if you were CAU pounds upon pounds of it but yeah it’s going be like okay well now you’re in trouble for trafficking but now dude I would d man I’m I’m not lying when I say this I sometimes have been sent over 2,000 G of cannabis samples just in my house well so when you say it’s federally legal like yes anybody does that mean like anybody could sell it like if I wanted to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes and sell it to somebody like I said no it’s no so you have to have a license is what you’re saying so you ready you ready I’m going to break this down for you and I’m going to try and break it down for you as fast as I can as quick as I can while I smoke some marijuana okay so here’s the thing you have the federal I’m not not readying up to this one this we so hold on you have the federal cannabis uh tax okay the federal government said we’re going to legalize cannabis but we’re going to leave each province up to do their own rule okay our provinces are like your States so each province was able to make up their own rules and do their own thing okay you have some provinces like Quebec or like Nova Scotia which is run completely government run their retail stores are government run everything’s government run it’s kind of like going into like a an Ontario liquor store that is just government run you go to a place like Ontario for example and they do it a bit different you have to apply in Ontario to become a retail if you want to have a retail store so like an average show can just open a retail store but you have to get your licensing you have to get your approval you have to have all the you know the Frosted Windows the security camera set up ID you know like there’s a whole bunch of rules you have to follow once that’s set up you can be a retailer if you want to be a licensed producer you have to apply to the health canidate to be a licensed producer you obviously have to have your facility inspected go through different approvals and all that other stuff okay but the problem with like for example a place like Ontario where I live which is the most the biggest province in Canada and the competitive is you have What’s called the OCS which is the Ontario cannabis store the OCS is the wholesaler so LPS licensed producers who grow the weed sell the weed to the OCS the OCS then sells the weed to the retailers je but the OCS but the OCS also sells the product on their own website so retailers are having to compete with their distributor which is just [ __ ] up does it get taxed every time it changes hands yes nice dude that’s the one thing that like I think that’s probably the only reason why it’s even being pushed in America is because of the potential for tax income ask me ask me how much money just Ontario cannabis store made in one year and know I bet it’s over a billion no in Ontario 300 million you remember the population of Canada is just 32 million oh wait of all Canada yeah yeah California has a bigger population of all Canada you guys need to get to work or something dude we have the second largest country in the world that’s crazy I didn’t realize there were so few people cuz like dude throughout my like making my YouTube channel like I’ve met people from all across the world and from India dude India’s like super India has a higher population than the entirety of America but it’s smaller than Texas yes correct it’s like fre crazy it’s why it’s so dirty I’m coming up to ready up uh so so that’s so the government’s making a killing right now a killing oh yeah like dude the access tax is 10% or $1 per gr like it’s insane that’s actually really high tax it’s ridiculous and the thing is that nobody cares nobody’s going to be like I’m not going to pay your tax well and what’s [ __ ] up is like um cannabis has never in and so it’s been we have recorded its first use in 3200 BC okay 3,200 BC there’s not one recorded death from Cannabis since it’s recording 3200 BC not one but we sell alcohol and cigarettes like nothing did I fall on you I didn’t see I fell no that was me I I think I just fell in the hole to China I my bad dude that’s interesting I didn’t realize that all that had happened like is that a recent thing that’s going on five years now five years wow I was under the impression that it was like frown upon no oh so like you can so like what’s your closest border Canadian border to you te New York New York okay so if you were to go over to the Border Buffalo you could walk right into a dispensary right there and buy a joint a half quarter a 14 G 7 G an ounce you can get diamonds caviar rosin resin hash I mean if the heck is a diamond rules diamonds are are like a high they’re a concentrated version of pH because science has been so mixed with cannabis now they’re getting concentrates made and stuff right yeah which they’re testing like diamonds test it like 87% to goodness why why do you need that why is that necessary because I’ll explain why because when you it’s not necessary for recreation I’ll tell you that much it’s not it’s just a really strong shock on high it’s kind of like drinking it’s like why do you need an 80% proof alcohol you don’t but some nice know the boys want to really get [ __ ] up yeah for medical reason because when you have that’s 80% you can use less of it for your medicinal purposes when you’re making medicine or stretching it for baking or whatever right so that’s why it’s better in that sense but world you can literally just yeah you guys can just cross the border anytime come hang out Canada smoke some weed go home just don’t bring it over the Border yeah dude did you ever see the movie kid Canada uh Yes actually it’s been a while it’s an older movie dude it’s a a fascinating like story about a kid that like starts trafficking marijuana from uh Canada over the Border back to America to sell it like he gets it really dude it’s a really interesting movie no it’s like it’s not real you know it’s a fictional movie but um I don’t know that was back like years and years ago when it was not legal [Music] though well I know you guys are going to hate me but I got to go now no worries buddy and ask last speaking I’ll see you guys soon bye by don’t mind shy you guys see that bug that that charger inside the tower no lot them baby good shots we got a whole horde coming in run in there be I’m going to AR throw them all oh okay we just stay behind me engaging terminal okay this little bug will not die we got a stalker nest I’m not sure where it is I’m not sure it seems like it came from the West Northwest uh where does this Tower need to go I’m going to try to listen for it sorry I’m not even there I just took off running the charger is in the way oh about kill myself you good just listening there it is found something I’m stuck inside the Charger’s body okay I got out yeah I couldn’t get out bro got the radar nice oh hello stalker Oh by you yeah let’s go take this care of the stalker Nest I only got two nades but see out of ammo I think it’s West yeah I think I see it yeah I definitely see it oh jeez I’m on top of the charger see you guys oh guys there’s a nasty breach here it’s about to get bad oh yep good shot holy crap thren where are you guys at where you need in the middle of a of like four fing Chargers uh I got a 500 yeah I just dropped it anyway that’ll work oh [ __ ] just keep running just keep running just keep running this way this way this way this way H didn’t make it sorry bud a couple samples I got to reinforce on your side I got you I gotest appr reinforce on the way there’s still one charger here I’m going to have to going have to try to Arc in here oh his leg broke just shoot his [Music] leg oh I just got one shot any chance he tossed me back where I came from you’re right here bud you got him nice thank you boys mhm reporting to the SLE I feel like I’m missing something that’s what I’m missing gotam reloading what are you missing oh nothing now uh where we going I ain’t looked at my map oh we didn’t we got to go straight South straight South Way South got a big boy up here I have a real so do I uh you guys there’s a re Supply right here guys I don’t know if you guys for that INRI he doesn’t even see usal strike it shot the ground oh okay whatever oh about fell in the hole oh well me and him will do it how about a nice cup of Li tea nice good job oh yeah it’s quiet over here there’s a few breathing I’m going to start laying into them oral inbounder got to drop a cluster in there a yeah maybe not not up guys watch that cooker watch that cooker we got a breach here anybody got another microwave uh no I got a 500 going have to spread sprad uh sprad yep got back there’s too oh good shots we should keep moving at minutes just s can’t get in there this one’s going to get a little tight oh yeah there’s one guy chasing you guys holy charger reloading on the terminal last [Music] reload out of ammo I’m out of rail gun ammo you can resupply if we need to can we b t coming in I got nothing for it I can’t hit the he’s just watching you oh I know it was freaking me out cuz he just sitting there his armor is broke on the left that rail gun might take it out he turned around for some reason he scared of my lightning baby oh okay maybe he’s not throwing grenade [Applause] reloading good shots I got dead I guess so think so uh I’ll go over here we got to turn all these little V got it vals need turned I’m going to kill this Warrior here a he’s going to bleed out I got one a I got two I I got the terminal cool we still got to go westest there’s another Patrol to our Northwest North North I’m following you uh I got all my stuff up we could probably avoid that one yeah I’m just following you but I Ain looking my map kid there’s a double door here we got to take this yeah yeah we do they don’t see me collected coming in hot why they don’t see me got charge right guys reload SLE ow he’s dead got another one oh whoa that was weird you get some stuff out of the door yeah man we got a B move to next objective from there yep I’m moving yep yeah they got of that breach too dropping a laser too oh oh what was that T’s down oh nice that was cl oh what’s up man I’m getting blow up what is it that a m field that might be my auto Cannon oh okay that’s fine I was just trying to figure out where it was coming from I didn’t see the turret bro I’m getting rag all my bad man good you’re good uh where’s my stuff at it’s down I got the chip nice we going to go straight North we catch some or some side objectives on the way yeah yeah are you say straight North y y AC little bit east slightly you guys looking for that butt I’m just taking out some of this artillery punch it is that a is it no it’s just a bunch of artillery spitters we’re doing good man shorter guy actually not bad at all yeah and we uh we’re up a difficulty too we’re on Impossible holy [ __ ] yeah man I going bump it up a little we can yeah yeah dude the more the higher the difficulty the more medals we get and that’s really what we’re after anymore last D got a hive over here bro I’m now to the east oh I’m going poke my head around o it’s a big one see if I can close a couple of them with a 5 hundo clear it out too see what that does might need some help over here I don’t know yet see how this goes got a 12 kills not bad forever good shot reload throwing grenad nice last reload I got stalkers too this is not looking good oh yeah that’s a reloading I’m dropping you back on it yeah reest approved reinforcements have been launched in some trouble I got strike somewhere oh right by oh holy good shots thanks fire in theole I’m getting his samples and I’m getting out then I’m going to grab your stalker stalker I’m dead I’m dead no you’re not you’re fine you’re fine cl cl where you at stalker there you are I really want this make sure try to empty this hole out I got these samples on the ground I want to get these samples keep moving just ignore these guys if you can except maybe the charger oh there’s another one reloading only got one stem left I’m coming to meet you guys snuck right up on mefor dropping your back down here I don’t really have much here for you though worries say hello to democracy boys I got a herd coming with me got anything big no just spits and stalkers reloading we got to keep moving we do have a charger up on the hill just standing these guys out two Chargers reloading oh he slid a mile they really have been doing [Music] that mission at 20 minutes remaining we’re at a stalker yeah there there’s a layer behind us I couldn’t find it I’m going to resupply guys nice uh all I’m going I’m going to distract that guy I you reloading dude this soccer will not die bug bra wild Titan just spawned in come on follow me follow me yeah yeah yeah come here guy no no no no no come back this way come back this way he went he went toward Beaver just space for that 500 Rel I have a oh that should have done it oh maybe not I got one for reloading dang I didn’t hit that resupply I didn’t either I mean I called it in I got I’ll try to hit it uh what have I got for you I got a 500 can you uh you Pi the should take much I got a Canon on him uh uh let’s C him right here nice yeah that should do it that definitely do it did you guys uh pick up the stuff on the butt I don’t know oh it stuck him in the head good job oh he just I got him all I’m going have to use my AR Cannon I’m out a shotgun here reloading all right boys come here come here come here yeah yeah your supplies are still back there I know man too much for Prosperity all right I’m going to throw down another rail gun cuz I hurt falling down a support [Music] weapon last reload oh holy crap man where did he come from he was Point Blank at me throw to far oh I think kick back oh calling in orbital stri what are we doing here boys uh we got to reactivate the power generator we got to hit the terminal oh my God we’re got to find the terminal there’s so much crap happening oh I’m going dead yeah I couldn’t get out I’m going to drop you on this guy yeah I already close enough holy crap don’t here okay I hit his foot there’s stalkers in here too I’m going down again dude I shouldn’t have went in there Char the the Big Boy’s dead yeah we killed both of B times but we oh balls we never got that stalker layer so there what’s up my fueld bill Hey Brother uh let’s look at her okay where’s our situation let me try to what is this thing doing where is the uh you guys know where the things I see it I see it I see it I’m getting samples too yeah I got super samples down there you got them all I got them is the how’s the hole look can I get my stuff oh jeez maybe if you H okay I’m out of out of stems dude those stalkers are a problem yeah they are in reinforc this one won’t die I know have that charger if you can’t oh yeah just yeah I’m on I got your s thanks buddy where’s the terminal where’s the terminal where’s the terminal wow oh oh it’s right there I got it I got it me clear out a few these little guys okay going for it I got the terminal hey it’s upload can you put me back down in there yeah oh hold on stalker on me I can try to drop on him too where’d he go I’m going to call you in reinforcing that thing died super quick sometimes they do sometimes they don’t I don’t know we’ve got to get that lier yeah we really do they’re coming from the S I’m going back to the terminal got a lot coming in from the nor east east east oh I can’t I can’t can’t can’t can’t liy are you in the hole Beaver Maybe get out I’m out 500 I got a stalker on me I got to take care of fire the hole another bug breach holy crap nice I’m going back to the terminal holy crap they right bug breach is right next to the terminal I’m going to 500 again yep charger came out of it there’s a 500 oh dropping a resupply too n we only got 13 minutes boys we’ll make it uh we only got three enforcements left Stop dying we’re all dying [Laughter] bro that stalker ler man uh oh you guys are dead yeah what happened yeah I mean I walked around the corner and a spew just busted me I think my shield was already down request approved reinforcements on the way we’re just getting like spawn loot all right let me just get my stuff over here all right I got the samples about a nice engaging terminal their last revive I got slide from every angle yeah I got him B re I got mest one of those Shields reest approved reinforcements on the way I might be in trouble oh God what do we got we I did align the terminal so all we got to do is throw the oh it’s calibrating all we got to do is throw this I’m going to hang out yep we’re out get out nice keep moving we need we need to go south and get this stalker layer kind of the way we already got to go I’m going to look for this layer there’s a patrol right there I probably got spotted I’m just leaving it Hur up forever take that I might not make this I think I found a lir okay I’ve only got one grenade though no ain’t it I’m make it I’m make it I’m make it I’m make it holy crap we got mortars yeah I found a layer but I only got one n I don’t have any grenades but I’m coming to you what are we going to close it with ah my face dude I don’t know we got a resupply in 30 seconds no I got a 500 I’ll get it don’t go in there though hold on hold on I’m stuck y’all out of it I think yeah yeah yeah don’t go in there def4 don’t go in there don’t go in there that’s a 500 we got another Walker coming our way from the southwest close that calling in oral strike we’re going to have to resupply to get a grenade strike I don’t have any grenades 500 on the on the bow he’s down okay never mind never mind okay I dropped a 500 in that hole it must have got caught on a mountain I’m dropping a resupply on the hole okay it is activating where is it must not R it yeah I guess I’m just going to resupply oh wait that doesn’t do grenades does it yeah it does resupply doesen okay if I throw you in the center of this can you land on that hole I’ll try to it’ll kill him you’re going in it it’ll kill him I’m I’ve got a resupply grenades right here I’m going to die dead I just dropped 35 samples 37 samples yeah I could get even D it unfor throw dat though I do yeah where your body be the left there we go oh at least I got that way to your right yeah to your left left left left left left left left hold on I see it oh you all right all right there’s more samples to your left buddy I mean I got the supers and like all that we’re good oh you just passed them nice we got like 35 samples dude we’re good I know but you literally walked across them we have no reinforcements and you seen it Bud yeah just I just shut you literally stepped on them I was trying to mind I got you bro this man’s worried about one common I’m pretty sure it was more than that but don’t worry about it we have 21 Commons 13 rares and five supers I got all the ones that you car bad I’m going to give you 21 back hands to the mouth dude if you freaking keep this up you ain’t going to do nothing right now you’re dead Bud all right we going wait till I spawn back in pal I’m not going to spawn you I’m going to e strike without you cuz let’s see it happen let’s see it happen he’s talking all this smack let’s see it happen give me a minute where’s e at okay no I got to launch the ICBM holy there ain’t no way I’m going to launch it by myself kind of tree is that a solid one the weirdest climb over I’ve ever seen I should have a like a shield and a a real Cannon ready if I spawn in tagging map East what I got orbital wise got to reinforce reinforcing Patrol see it is going to see me no maybe there’s a freaking battle Titan buddy oh my God I got a rail Cannon what where did he come from sure requ ADV 500 I’m going to try to make him spit on it there it is he’s dead oh that was gorgeous nice perfect shot beautiful I had to watch that one uh don’t let that hit you holy we got a lot coming in I’m going to start can you step back a little bit there you go behind us engaging terminal dang we got a breach here this is not good bre oh we got a freaking we got another big boy we do I’m just going to I’m going to lead him away him in the charger there’s another one I’m running out of room to run 15 seconds on to reinforce you’re orbital right I’m out of I’m out of stems I’m trying to deal with this B don’t you step on me re I’m going to drop you on them repat remain okay give her yeah try go for a I got stuck on a wall dude oh it’s the worst when you get stuck on something could do it he’s like where you going I’m trying to kill B Bud that should do it oh got thaty oh snap we got to reinforce he’s not going to spit what a Savage dude nice I think I got two of those locks open man I’m going back it got awfully quiet SLE acquired requesting Advan weapon yo I’m going to launch it just riing him up with that shotgun man that’s nice I got him with my auto can drop very good very good it should be okay to run away now right that’s the launch if you guys have a spare Shield can I steal one uh I got you coming down awesome thanks y woo are you overcharging that Zach yeah have you ever blown yourself up by doing that oh this is the the AR Cannon won’t overcharge oh for real no the real Canon I always use overcharge you just got to be really careful you can kind of if you’re not using first person you can see the charge meter that’s good know I didn’t even how a charge meter cuz man it makes a big difference like it makes the gun actually good we got two minutes any chance you guys got to reinforce yeah I got you call reinforcement I need to get a shield and a gun careful all we got to do is hit that terminal and launch it but I can’t get back yet hold on I can laser all right I’m going to the terminal I’m on it I’m on it count down yep all where is the Eva at Holy back inbound of Li EXT going to be the sketchiest E ract ever I got a St who need a stem oh we got a guy extra guy oh holy crap thank you we’re good you’re the first person I’ve stemmed got an achievement what the world been playing this game like 50 to team play preparing to leave get your butt down here yeah really did you guys get the the samples are we missing anything big no I got them all okay cool we’re pretty good AO looks like we are being chased by a B I got a rail Cannon oh yeah I do not I might have something I’ll take him out okay I’m going to keep going to e right I mean I’m about to lose my strategems I might as well right good shot thanks I’m going to drop a uh an ammo here too cuz we’re going to not be able to call that in here soon there’s a double door here Beacon oo there’s patrols here uh Super Destroyer low Orit emergency extra shutle deploy shutle I was hoping I got one more off this is ammo coming down going to get e stke or wait never mind shovels already in Bound I didn’t realize it auto called it I didn’t either that’s nice that’s the least they can do they left us here what we got 3 minutes till that puppy’s here holy crap it’s going to get hairy in here boys I hope you guys know how we have we got to be careful with the we got to save it up reach all right boys tell ducky I love him you got a flamethrower yeah I picked it up from that double door canister empty team minus 2 minutes 30 seconds charger sides blown out the flamethrower is not that bad T minus 2 minutes throwing grenade artillery coming in we got a charger on the drop he’s down follow cotton yeah y I got nothing for it oh was dead good [Music] job holy bugs boys yeah those big bugs really don’t like that flamethrower eh they freaking don’t they do not how might start using this thing yeah it’s not bad orad 30 seconds uh-oh boys run down 40 seconds I’m out of ammo we’re going to have to C him 10 seconds clear Landing Zone pelic one arriving at coordinates this pelic we got another charger for democracy let’s go let’s go let’s go run around their ship let’s go right in that [ __ ] there we go oh no who did oh no I got two thought [ __ ] nice try man we got those samples manil that’s all that matters that was a good one that was F not bad for [Music] impossible we definitely missed a bunch of them objectives that time yeah yeah yeah dude we were struggling early [Music] on blame duck me too if we just had a little bit of moral support that’s a decent sample pool it wasn’t too bad [Music] Simon good [Laughter] morning let me know if you need anything 40 samples not bad to the Super Destroyer Allied Destroyer has left Squadron no R go welcome aboard hell diver oh we can never have too many Heroes fighting for peace o I almost have enough for the uh breaker spray and prey I want to try that one out I like try new shotguns you know yeah yeah I’d like to get that too I’m just not there yet not quite I still need another 42 common samples uh I don’t know if I’m going to go oh no I am going to finish out the sentries so I need about 30 more Commons you think it’s worth picking up the the like what’s this thing called the premium oh cuz I want to try the uh yeah I want to try the incendiary shotgun and the jars Dominator I’ve been saving those super credits I’m very close and then you got the incinerated grenade that might be fun I don’t think none of the body armor anything I want the armor didn’t look look too cool but every like the the weapons and the grenades look cool I I’m interested in that incendiary grenade but I doubt it’s going to blow up bug nests it’s probably great for small hordes I mean it does have a radius I don’t know I don’t know all right one more bug nest kill these egg launcher time baby dude I got to PE so bad where are we Landing War synchronized it want to go clockwise we can go down here there is that pool of water there we’re going to have to go through maybe maybe uh here and we’ll wrap around yeah I think we can get through there we need that ammo thing and the heart I’ll be right back come all right sorry about that man I was going to get ready to pee my pants unacceptable yeah that’s why I went to the bathroom the armor does look good in this game right I would just like some color customization I would too I really want to be aqua blue and white go now and fear the shadow of neither death nor we are being jumped oh I might be dead alreadying down support C him around we get our stuff yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I can orbital hold on I got a door over here all right I’ll be right there I’m going to strike this charger wow huh okay real Cannon real Cannon oh am I going down yeah couldn’t St that’s crazy ready to liate might have been a little bit close to the hes feel like we were nowhere near them sir fire the okay they is reloading where is my grenade launcher where is my grenade launcher where is my bad landing bad landing hey did y’all get that double door we just did okay I’m going to start working my way up and he’s working his way down and he’s walking fast you never know when he’s going to blast folks U my orbital laser orbital down and them for a minute good thing there’s only one charger there dude I could have got uglier quicker yeah really yall want to do this C fire strike here sure man I’ll be there I’m going to start finding bullets package acquired dropping package I’m going to start the Rage Against the Machine AC holy machine when I hit the terminal it’s probably get a little crazier I’m going to 500 uh just breach in here on the sea don’t be on the SE oral in down rare sample acir that’s interesting I’ve never seen a spawn like that holy little guys Z did you bring a grenade launcher yeah all right I’m going to wait for you for this Nest yeah I’m trying to do this all the holes are closed uh we got to load bullets I’m about a bullet and shotgun we call resupply I’m okay I want to resupply on you than you last [Music] reload reloading uh I don’t really have anything to do with this [Music] charger reloading what did you say about Chargers oh I’m just catting him around us I need one more I got a Titan AC can I freaking heal for 2 seconds please really I got a v I just got my cheeks clapped man nice wild TT I’m going to rail Cannon it can’t steer oh it’s the worst I’m going to 500 too beab look out I got it I got it I got it okay a bunch of little guys there I’m just clearing this terminal out so we can get out did you guys finish the se you need to get out bu I’m okay okay no that’s what I was 500 so I can get to the dang terminal engaging terminal I got the there it’s charging how about a nice liy uh so we’re going to the bug Nest now right that good yeah we get it yep objective completed man and we got five SE now nice all right bug terminal got my need launcher out baby I got no strategy for minute and a half all the holes are closed you just need to kill the BG or the the eggs yeah I got you I got you I got you with charg over these guys are camping my body dude we got another breach here all I’m out of this one yeah we need to keep moving where which way we going north I’m running South go clockwise reloading just forget about that Bree okay I just made a big 180 but I like it some ammo we’re going to actually go northeast that a sample uh uh Northeast that’s it oh God you jump off that Cliff yeah I do every time Simon you say you can’t wait for the 48 month badge dude I don’t know I didn’t realize you guys could actually see those badges yet um where’s mine at you got to become a member of my channel what you talking about no like uh so I I can monetize now so I I have what’s called super chats and memberships um and the membership is basically like just a monthly thing that you it’s I think it’s set up as 2299 a mon um and you get like a badge for how long you’ve been on a member oh and you get to use like special emotes that I or emojis that I created it’s actually my cousin created them okay you said a SP why are you so salty there’s a SP I’m not salty bud you sound salty no man can you shoot that score I where’s it at I just ped it what if I could see it I’m in a bad spot I I’ll get there I’m going to let you take care of that I want to go work on the nest yeah I’ll get it just give me a minute the 48 month badge that’s four years of membership that’s a long time um but it’s freaking it’s an a beaver that has a white old beard and he’s got like it’s an animated beaver and he’s uh all hunched over with a a cane to walk with it’s like if Master Splinter was a beaver it’s pretty nice actually you should see him dude you’d like the you’d like all that stuff it’s good looking they’re mad I closed all their nails I’m sure they’re pissed dude they’re mad at me I’m out though there’s a charger here I don’t really care to deal with him oh we missed that big Hive man we got to go close that location I didn’t realize that I’m working my way back get them sampes I’m looking for Sam’s right now that ain’t what you want to hear no it’s really not I hear that charger gun you hear him dying sound like he drun I’m going in the nail boys I’m coming hold on we got requesting orbital requesting orbital stri he should go down yeah get out of there if you can laser will clean up the rest where’s mine at actually like you have to pay me now hey man I if I could like gift the membership I don’t know if that’s a possibility if I could gift the membership to certain people I would but I also I feel like that’s not really fair like anybody that’s a mod on the channel I feel like doesn’t shouldn’t have to pay for the membership I don’t know I don’t want it to be unfair it’s like and the Channel’s not like changing either you know hey yay boys it is growing though man I might I’m going to cut up north I’ll meet you guys there I’m going to drag like most of these enemies with me fire in theole I didn’t realize that the seaf that we collected was uh something that we got to use oh yeah yeah it changes too we got a Napal one this time but I noticed I like it uh you can’t get the freaking mini nuke which is like that’s what I just used [Music] [Music] collect how many samples s I’m [ __ ] I’m [ __ ] I’m no oh it’ll land on where it’ll land on where it’ll land on where I through it I’m glad that it does that but I kind of wish that it didn’t I wish that it followed wherever it was being dragged just for fun I kind of wish it did too it would be hilarious sometimes exate oh you can gift random okay that’s interesting I did not know that you could do that re support oh big ammo pile here boys get all the sampes inbound I think so requesting Advanced Weaponry see the last Hive going in okay all right hold on there’s a lot of them 500 that throw oh you got guys I can’t close this Nest up here I’m out of stuff blck by how’s that what huh what we’re occupied at the moment that’s [Applause] okay we got a stalker Nest around there’s a stalker coming in kind of behind you come on be something good naom does the naal close in there hell no yeah I’m trying to get out I’m slowed tunnel falling down supplies all right I’m going for the nest you not little guy how do you get in this thing glad you did all the way around ah ah ah ah CH to democracy [ __ ] stalker [ __ ] got your rails reinfor that should be it right that’s got to be the last one okay I’ve got a rail strike this man refor on stri got to get them off of us Pro I’m having a really hard time closing this Nest I’ve dropped so many things on it one want a roof SP was it uh I need one no it was there the my last option it’s all I had left uh I’m going to call in a resupply there some shotgun ammo here wa did you just call in a freaking free Supply it’s kind of been called in sorry buddy I was trying so hard I’ve been out here man I’m trying to get this stuff we can always like swing around and get it though it’s all right I’m going to swing by and close this next one and I’ll meet you guys at the extract this is not a simple clo Orit inbound engaging terminal oh crap it’s charer I don’t want to wake him up don’t you don’t see me you don’t see me like I’m going to head to this big n up here oh jeez actually I’m starting trying to think I might not be able to finish this one on my own I’m seven out there’s a lot going on here calling in oral stri uh-oh uh-oh the way charger air

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    Ladizlove: CHOOSE your DESTINY! Minecraft vs. RobloxVideo Information This video, titled ‘Сделай ВЫБОР! #shorts #мем #юмор #смех #опрос #shorts #minecraft #roblox #cats(2) #владбумага #подп’, was uploaded by ladizlove on 2024-04-15 09:14:30. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Make a CHOICE! #shorts #meme #humor #laughter #poll #shorts #minecraft #roblox #cats (2) #vladpaper #subscribe. Read More

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    "Insane Minecraft Seeds ACTUALLY Haunted! 🎮💀" #PrestonPlayz #Minecraft #GamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True. #prestonplayz #Minecraft #videogames #streamer’, was uploaded by PrestonPlayzShorts on 2024-01-11 13:40:00. It has garnered 11 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:56 or 56 seconds. Welcome to My YouTube channel, a delightful parody tribute to the renowned gamer and content creator PrestonPlayz t’s all in good spirits, and we hope to bring a smile to both longtime fans of Preston and newcomers alike, offering a lighthearted take on the gaming world we all know and love. Read More

  • SlickMC SMP with towny, custom datapacks, Streamers, dedicated, via version, 1.20x

    Welcome to SlickMC! SlickMC is a brand new custom SMP focused on building a dedicated fanbase with quality features for long-term play. Features: Custom generated worlds with deep lore, custom items, and bosses Races and classes system – be a dwarf, demon, or even a kitten Towny nations for various war types and player-led nations Dedicated staff and active player base Server Details: IP: slickmc.com Bedrock Port: 40138 Read More

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    Wow, Minecraft 5? Is that the one where Steve finally learns how to use indoor plumbing? Read More

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    Minecraft: Hotspot Blaze #minecraft #meme When your blaze has better Wi-Fi than you do, you know it’s time to upgrade your internet plan. #minecraftproblems #blazinfastwifi Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for Epic Base Building Adventures!

    Join Minewind Server for Epic Base Building Adventures! Are you a fan of building massive structures in Minecraft? Do you enjoy the creative process of gathering resources and bringing your vision to life block by block? If so, you need to join the Minewind Minecraft Server today! With a vibrant gaming community and endless possibilities for creative builds, Minewind is the perfect place to showcase your building skills and connect with like-minded players. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something for everyone on Minewind. So why wait? Join us at Minewind today and start your own mega base building journey. Who knows, you… Read More


    EPIC 50% OFF MINECRAFT 15TH BIRTHDAY SALE! Minecraft Celebrates 15 Years with a Massive Sale! Today is a special day for all Minecraft fans as the game celebrates its 15th anniversary on May 17th. And what better way to mark this occasion than with a whopping 50% discount on the game itself! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to grab a copy and dive into the blocky world of Minecraft. New Snapshot Update: 24w20a Alongside the anniversary celebrations, Minecraft has also released a new snapshot update, 24w20a, packed with exciting features and improvements. One notable change is the enhancement to witches, making them… Read More

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    EPIC Adventures in Creothina - ATM9 Stream 8!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft All The Mods 9 (ATM9) – Stream 8 (More Adventures!)’, was uploaded by Creothina on 2024-05-05 11:46:16. It has garnered 921 views and 55 likes. The duration of the video is 05:37:38 or 20258 seconds. Hey everyone! So we’re live a few hours earlier due to my sleep getting messed up BUT I’m excited to continue on our stream world adventure. We have so many things to get up to and I’m sure it’ll be a mix of chaos and fun….see you there! Note – I’m going to add a little blurb here since… Read More

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    Minecraft's Devious Duplesi: Secrets Unveiled!Video Information This video, titled ‘Mistry Of Steve In Minecraft #2’, was uploaded by Duplesi FF on 2024-02-08 03:55:00. It has garnered 38 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:42 or 42 seconds. minecraft,minecraft facts,minecraft myths,minecraft video,minecraft hindi,minecraft mysteries,scary minecraft,minecraft seeds,scary minecraft myths,minecraft horror,minecraft scary,minecraft herobrine,minecraft mystery,scary minecraft stories,scary minecraft seeds,minecraft scary myths,scary minecraft facts,minecraft secrets,scariest minecraft facts,scary minecraft mysteries,minecraft phone,minecraft horror facts,solving minecraft mysteriesminecraft,minecraft facts,minecraft video,minecraft scary,minecraft myths,minecraft hindi,minecraft herobrine,minecraft seeds,scary minecraft facts,scariest minecraft facts,minecraft horror facts,minecraft horror,minecraft secrets,minecraft 1.20,minecraft mysteries,minecraft scary myths,minecraft scary build hacks,minecraft hacks,testing minecraft build hacks,minecraft new update,scary minecraft myths,minecraft creepypasta,minecraft 1.21… Read More

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  • Just Bucket! SMP, McMMO, Economy, Jobs, Tournaments, SkyBlock

    Welcome to Just Bucket Minecraft Server! Join our active and friendly community today! We offer SMP, Skyblock, Economy, Jobs, Fishing Tournaments, Ranks, Discord, and experienced staff. Play on Java Edition at JustBucket.Minecraft.Best or on Bedrock Edition at JustBucket.Minecraft.Best Port 25566. Our semi-vanilla server is designed to enhance your gameplay without intruding on the vanilla experience. Enjoy quality of life plugins like Vein-Miner, MCMMO, Custom Crafting, Dynmap, GriefPrevention, Timber, and more. We also have a thriving community on Discord – join us at discord.gg/uMkz8wdqSP Read More

  • SteamPunk [LPS] v22HF – Survival – PvE

    SteamPunk [LPS] v22HF - Survival - PvEGet the base modpack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/steam-punkAdded HT’s Tree Chop 1.19.2-Forge 0.18.6 which can be found here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/treechopThe specific version you are looking for is NOT the most up to date version! You need version FORGE – 0.18.6!^^^^^ IF YOU DO NOT ADD THIS MOD, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONNECT^^^^^This is a memory-heavy modpack, the game recommends more than 4GB of RAM. Please allocate as much as your system can handle to a max of 12GB.30 Person Server.PvP damage disabled.3 Month Wipe Cycle.This is designed to be a low-risk, easy to play game for people to have fun and… Read More

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