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[Music] hello oh God my voice hello hello hello hello hello oh God my voice hello wait wait why can’t I hear myself great I have my stream okay uh I no longer have two of me all right guys you probably wouldn’t be able to hear that because my deskt of audio is really low I am doing function good okay fellas hello egg all right to make this even more cursed I’m not going to be playing SkyWars I’m going to be playing I’m I’m going to be playing Ground Wars okay so I got I got some of your ideas on a sheet of paper so that we’re going to go through all those pleasy Rage Quit because he lost that’s crazy we’re not doing Capture the Flag okay please no what’s wrong with ground Wars guys what’s wrong with ground Wars this is the cool stream after [Music] dude zacho that that’s not very cursed [Music] though I have a scope spicy is dead unless it’s bow drop wait there’s tons of bow [Music] drop oh no I’m just really bad wait these bow suck [Music] wait I’m just bad at the game no wait what’s am I bad or these these bows [Music] suck I feel like I’m bad [Music] ooh hello [Music] okay let me just kill all these kids die oh I’m I’m not it’s Turles no it’s Ground Wars It’s Ground Wars not Turles what’s Turles huh what is going on what the lag lag is not my friend guys wait no I can’t do it wait I need High CPS for this by High I mean not bad it’s destruction don’t even bother it’s like sucks oh I died lag [Music] yeah God I can’t speak I don’t know if you’re happy about me not being able to [Music] speak uh also I just finished the video it’s kind of filler but there oh that will be that’ll be like tomorrow oh no all our blocks got destroyed how unfortunate guys that really hinded our progress right oh yes it’s like a good imposter they got like four Diamonds oh yeah we win these we win these we win these these The Ground Wars players just don’t oh I died want to do another 2v2 for costume once again again uh maybe sure okay I’m playing Ground Wars don’t ask oh was a build space that’s cringe I want to kill I killed that guy but there’s no sound okay I’m just killing people now bye bye wait I’m so good at this game B please choose me for real you you know we we’re going to die either way no matter who how many people no matter who I choose we’re going to die no I just need one more kill okay one more one more now no they one away can someone just be good on my team stop slacking let’s go Jimmy Mac yes easy dubs not going to lie easy dubs Ground Wars are just too easy Al I’m surprised I queued that fast okay uh we are going to do SkyWars but you won’t know what it is [Applause] yet okay you’re probably watching the screen right now so that’s [Music] [Music] this H I do not have a save preset of this that’s great join CS I don’t know who I’m choosing that’s crazy okay death death Death okay you may know what I’m doing if you seen my [Music] video get magic is Magic here I didn’t even know magic was here [Music] all right I’m going to put up code guys in your CS oh yeah magic is I am here in the shadows that’s great all right everyone join wait combo I’ll do your thing after okay [Music] hello mushy hello [Music] uni why is there like six people watching and like nine people in the Stream Pro friends me like you said did I say when did I say [Music] [Music] Oh no you’re getting a l that’s crazy [Music] ah when if I open my mouth it just my my mouth just entirely dries up including when I try [Music] speak it just dries up immediately mishy [Music] all right when am I starting by the way do you know who dank pods is what no I probably didn’t even pronounce that correct probably you going to friend me or not when did I say I was going to friend [Music] you did I say I was going to friend you like a couple of streams ago but what was the context but it bugged what yeah but what was the context I was du lingo did I say [Music] that and the invite didn’t appear okay wait I’ll just do it anyway I feel like dualingo is a reason I’d friend someone anyway I don’t you all go do oringo skins the first one he gets it because he was the first to okay you just plagiarism yay someone subscribed that’s a w moment okay I’m just going to start by the way are we ready for some nerd Wars H let me save this preset are we ready concrate empty [Music] what wait I didn’t even submit okay let’s just fix that okay submit uh actually wait I need to make it correct first and then I need to oh wait okay and now I need to save the preset nerd Wars okay guys are we ready for nerd Wars be ready for some nerd [Music] Wars [Music] okay no chest come on we’re doing chests we’re doing chests I’m not going to make oh wait this is a new map what is this this a goofy this map looks goofy wait no I messed it up why is the emerald guys I messed up the preset there’s Emerald as well [Music] apparently this ruins it restart nah we we’re doing blue green we’re doing algae Wars now because blue green see I can name any Hive SkyWars variant [Music] okay I was trying to make a thing called Shadow Boxing work I named it that because we’re meant to have invisibility spells and there’s like no weapons so it would be funny but uh I couldn’t get it to work with presets at least how I wanted it to okay hello kickboxer I should have added lives so you you may want to ah why no no what is this what’s this bridge oh my God why is a bridge so annoying I hate this what is this what is this this these Bridges don’t serve a purpose you can’t place blocks on slabs correctly okay let me get a drink while you guys fight [Music] [Music] I’m back with my drink okay [Music] Magic’s the best stream in the world apparently that’s actually a fair opinion [Music] EU servers moment okay it’s EU and I mean I live in EU again that argument you have 69 Magics in your basement what new weekly item yeah how do you guys like the weekly items are they cool what you just got nine leap spells and go like you just fly in the [Music] air people are lots of people are applying for help but wow Pro star is getting stuff from M wait who’s alive proar magic and combo wait I expected that actually Prof Prof [Music] what wow GG’s my throat is still very dry why can I not speak I’ll make CS now okay all right guys I’m going to fight combo in a in a 2v2 apparently or whatever again my streams despise my internet I don’t [Music] know hey Prof yeah let me help you again into the 2 one sure you’re probably the best pick actually again we just got to not die this time okay don’t forget this is for [Music] costume see you kick see your kickboxer [Music] kid all right uni what’s a strat here do I just give you a ton of stuff that might be good and then just not die let’s do [Music] that use pickaxe and not sword okay let’s see if he if that works out Masha waser hello game tester gaming [Music] wait is that can we fight [Music] now I’m too powerful are you I got the life steal sword guys I’m so powerful I’m the deadliest Minecraft player on this SMP [Music] hold up hold up that’s not real that’s not real stream elements right there cap That’s Tony does much like five rewards that’s it’s crazy hello dark also I’m doing the 2v2 thing again actually I don’t know I feel like we’re going to get thrown [Music] again oh where is uni also why the life steal sword is literally just useless I don’t have leggings I can get you leggings [Music] that wasn’t even going to fall anyone because stream elements has the verified check mark I got you leggings oh you got them that’s fine where are you by the way uni okay I found you okay you need arrows or are you good I only have two snowballs I do not have snowballs we can just go rob them oh wait every Island’s been explored that’s [Music] great you sure we got like every snowball from every [Music] island okay everyone says my channel is isn’t mine anymore it [Music] isn’t if we kill one of them once I’ll be happy yeah [Music] probably just stay together I’ll try [Music] what the they just got [Music] us hey uni shoot uh uni I’m getting beat it up right now ah I did not see the bow shot coming I did not see the bow coming [Music] wait we can get it’s [Music] me I’m fighting it me I get comboed I got dieted [Music] wait wait that’s not meant to happen wait you need alive you should probably get up pretty fast because I’m fighting both of them okay combo’s on you now I’m pretty low ah no okay we’re we’re kind of dead God died did yeah oh hello uh Z Pins I had no Health yeah okay we still got to kill one of them at least once see these are why they sweats how is it me still on nine I have like five pots of OV them this should be fine okay it’s not fine okay it’s very not fine how how am I so low and he isn’t how he hasn’t even taken damage what what [Music] n want asked me you and uni uh what are we could I’m getting comboed by its me [Music] uhoh he just break through the leaves what is this no go on your Leaf okay I feel like I’m about to die fully and it’s not going very [Music] well no no why did I use that pull why did I use that pull and why did that click I would didn’t even mean to click that oh uni you dead uhoh [Music] wait we could just defend this bridge surer what the no oh I’m alive somehow get one kill I think we killed it me wait you got it [Music] me I think we got combo as well no we didn’t combo’s half combo’s half H combo half H how do I use 17 arrows already what nice we killed both of them [Music] once but I’m pretty sure we’re both on like last or maybe not last like or like close wait uni where are you wait uni why’ you [Music] okay just chill at [Music] base I have no arrows me neither then Bo boxing over wait one of them fell wait 2 be [Music] one get combo wait come back come back come back we’re coming back he boxs me he’s getting Redstone ah it’s me’s back Focus combo Focus combo I don’t care about you it no chest no I died I died okay that’s sad why are 16 people watching me getting beaten up at least combo’s dead I will look haha oh okay we dead GG’s because it’s funny when you suffer bro I meant to be I meant to be killing people I meant to making other people suffer okay you know what I will do the most suffering game actually no we’ll we’ll save that for later guys but we will still do a different suffer game it’s not inflation WS is okay I’m a Proby to yeah I’m kind of proud we killed both yeah okay we’re going to have magic presets all right we’re doing almost resot guys we’re doing almost Prof D the 2v2 after fine [Music] you doing a giveaway I’m not doing a giveaway [Music] why did people spend like 300 miny coins on on gritty also 690 that’s crazy you don’t do you guys get the 690 reference okay sad face we’re doing cursed things it’ll be funny okay okay code also I’m semi ill so all right everyone everyone [Music] joyed hold [Music] up all right I’m back [Music] wait combos press five that’s crazy no one needs so good all right bedw was inflation we could that might be funny sup YouTuber sup M dude 16 we’re doing almost free shop if you don’t know what that is it’s like three shot but [Music] almost you’ll figure it [Music] out wow would have never thought yeah I I mean you can’t tell by the name yeah I saw the other vid nice oh hello slender guy [Music] wait why do I not have a mental capacity to realize that slender guy is here well hello hello cool [Music] guy all right we’re doing we’re doing weird cs’s make sure you look at message watch your message look at message can we do my curse what is your what is your curse to bedw Wars combo is scary combo is scary all right I’m going to stop by the way all right yes I’m team a uni free win all right we get the full Roots this is a strke guys for almost free Shop full boots blocks bow stuff like that I about to join LOL LOL don’t worry you’ll get to you’ll get yeah you’ll get to see the cursedness you’ll get to see why this is funny all torturing depends how you look at it [Music] okay oh shoot they got the diamonds okay wait how much is how much is he even wait I can’t break ah oh I already died that’s not very fun it’s not very fun how did I already die am I just that bad at the game wow good job yeah I know my mental capacity isn’t good enough to play Treasures [Music] okay I just got stabbed immediately because there’s like Zero armor it’s diamond swords free all right what game are we doing next by the way you want to do what’s a funny one you want to do like food fight basically survival games but it’s only food and you just whack each other with food bedw War inflation you want to do bedw War INF inflation Wars but bedw War uh SG V probably okay we’ll do we’ll do food fight and then we’ll do like the gold one I go for a second and bro is already dead well sorry I’m dead already okay this game mode is very painful also what did that guy just he just hit a block and died that’s great that’s just the Ethiopia semi simulator what I think you mean youth in Asia but still Prof should I join I opened this app it’s called um that weird Asian characters. exe uh probably [Music] not wait youi still alive wait I can just get carried it’s fine PR go in VC in your server why I walked off so dubs That’s crazy cuz why not H social interaction oh god well I downloaded it from for onx S pro fre that’s probably a bad idea I I I don’t know if you’re joking I think you are n it’s worst client but Bedrock I killed broth [Music] gasp oh yeah Uni’s carry he’s got full diamond that’s good for my health well even though I’m already dead but good for my team so [Music] I’m so behind the modern state of Bedrock Edition right right right who’s still alive uni magic Le Pro wait these are all the sweats oh oh wait that guy’s dead that guy’s dead these are all the sweats are left that’s crazy oh and not dark I guess dark just kind of died leap bark is running leap bark is dead that didn’t go well for him did it Prof I’m the best yeah you are definitely didn’t use a knockback boom Rock raw okay madic and uni are fighting you need got to do [Music] this oh yeah magic is dead not yet but he’s dead never mind they just left him alone Minecraft hello vile for this is Minecraft yes uni okay wait uni is like cookie magic is [Music] back wow I need a [Music] drink I just took a break from dying to get a drink anyway proar is Pro star and uni are left wait Uni’s got this [Music] surely I think it reads Prof mush is for NE which region is EU oh you were the cool guy who subscribed nice we do one one Sumo I don’t think so uni is currently winning a CS hold up oh yeah Pro star’s like yeah Pro star’s dead his internet probably died more than mine W’s I won definitely didn’t get carried am I right okay [Music] anyway oh we’re going to make we’re going to make a food fight oh this is going to go very badly or really not badly yeah okay good luck [Music] youi okay I don’t have a preset for this since I just made it up but uh loot settings okay there you go and you get tons of food okay uh we have we have health okay guys are we ready for food fight I got to go soon that’s sad boom box on wait is that a good idea should we boom box will be funny should we do boom box on would that be funny oh sure it’ll be funny okay no food fight is food fight my scam stream schedule is like once a month mine’s like once a day unless I don’t do it on that day which I’ll normally say but take boom boxes off I feel like it lasts uh not not long enough for boom boxes no not not yeah that also I got to put up code I’m just running around okay codes that everyone join hopefully Stakes are high that that joke was it was a joke my mental capacity can’t contain that I I can’t tell if that was a good joke Prof do you have a Discord channel do you mean server and I yes I mean server yeah I do but it’s really bad I need to make it good but [Music] sweat equals skill pretty much got to get the gamer sweats so I can become [Music] skilled all right I mean you only level seven in surv game sh you aren’t bad B sweaty Prof should get trained I should probably I I feel youi tried was I mean he did pretty good but I’m still not that good if you seen like one of my first streams I was really bad now I can actually win at SkyWars Prof should I train you a Sumo sure if you want [Music] mainly using a scroll wheel I always use scroll wheel I cannot wrap my head around the the hot Keys these things yeah they work no they don’t actually wait I’m pressing them and they’re not working okay how many people do we have have we have 12 okay we’ll leave it a little bit more because there’s 17 people watching and there’s only 12 I know like four of them are going doing side quests or something but still use side buttons and words what what side buttons on Mouse I don’t have side buttons on my mouse you go here after I watch so many pigs I got banned what did you what oh wait what wait what no I don’t I still don’t get it monologue time oh God F4 function all that sounds really good right secret onx menu yeah let’s press that shuts down Minecraft okay do if if like one one4 Capture the Flag oh nice uh if I people say start or start [Music] it we’ll do that do it’s a secret everyone here do windows plus L that’s [Music] crazy oh that is one two three three people saying stop four no that’s the same person okay that’s a different person four five I think yeah five all right let’s start can I come join what region is EU okay when this guy joins I’ll start it [Music] okay this is now this is now my CS a preset food fight I Slender the blender that’s crazy when are we ending I don’t know Iron is very yummy Prof what your Discord username propor Marsh Bender end is crazy are you okay no anyway go subscribe and like the stream that’s actually that’s actually [Music] true that’s why he’s a guy and not a kid CU he knows fine I’ll stop why do you guys always have to vote SG4 is it your favorite map [Music] guys the boom box is in reference to that you can throw your food it’s just very toxic food it’s just cafeteria food okay and don’t starve to death guys you got tons of food if you starved I would be very worried for you I got more fr and chicken guys wait can you freeze this water you can yes well that’s cool oh it always it’s gone oh anyway let’s go murder [Music] people I got chicken it’s going to burn them because chicken’s hot why are people sharing food this isn’t communism this isn’t communism this isn’t communism boy why have people got so much fire oh it’s fire boom boxes why is this so chaotic no yes the Communist communist die you communist scums get the Communist scums ow oh no these Communists actually really hurt oh God wait the Communist hurt um that isn’t very good for my health I feel like this guy’s chasing me and I don’t like [Music] it yeah I’ll help you kill them yeah we got to kill the Communists they’ve been giving people food but isn’t that isn’t good we know what happens with Communism maybe I need to switch up my tactics to pies they’ll never see it coming just the pumpkin juices will burn their face communist spotted communist spotted I don’t actually know if that’s a communist but we’re just going to assume ah probably another communist they hit [Music] me hello communist no they avoided it see that’s definitely communist Behavior they’re avoiding death these guys are avoiding death such communist [Music] Behavior oh my God they’re just running I can’t deal with it apple a day keeps a doctor away ow ow wait that hurt wait I ate an apple I’m fine it kept the doctor away it’s food only yeah it it’s food fight I got more apples I’m fine I got apples to last me a whole dox room [Music] slender gu is a communist wait what [Music] no are you a communist he’s a communist get him communist [Music] scum okay we need to figure out who will call Communists and who aren’t [Music] Communists okay oh should we make like an anti-communist why is my Google on okay my Google okay that my that thing just turned on okay that’s fine I was scared because I said you know that word it would record me saying communist that probably wouldn’t that probably wouldn’t be a good thing to say something to something that probably records your [Music] voice are you doing okay killing the communist over V doogs slender a cal bro okay guys I call a anti-communist meeting we beat combo oh nice dubs [Music] the time has come the time has come to defeat the Communists okay uh every anti-communist meet at the barn you know the barn yeah everyone go towards the barn we’re going to meet there and then we’re going to find the Communists you must attend this meeting unless you want to be seen as a communist can I be a sergeant yeah the Spy Network knows what knows you fly that’s crazy congrats for passing me in Subs I pass you in Subs oh nice I will get 700 soon hopefully yeah okay we can loot the bar now that’s a lot of boom boxes ah look at these great non-communists we don’t like communism here [Music] guys okay what should we name ourselves the anti-communists that’s a very very very um unique name for an anti-communist civilization for society the anti-communists who would have thought of that not me okay nugs what are you do doing what are you doing who whoa nugs betraying ah betrayals no what are you guys doing wait what is this huh what just happened why is every guys the anti-communists are just blown up I think I feel like the Communists are going to take over the world that was a bad mistake finish them boys what betrayal that’s crazy M anti-communist run we probably shouldn’t have announced our location on stream that was probably a bad idea spindles no Slender guys on you [Music] the Communist are rising this is bad for society you know what happened to Russia rip mush aka the best capitalist yeah I don’t know why they did that no how is this guy still alive I’m happy about it but still [Music] no no no guess what bsh what no don’t die no he’s dead but any communist [Music] left communist will win that no that won’t happen guys capitalism you know what happened they’re sharing again you can see these guys are cold hwks and communists now boys go get him what B sharing is caring no we need [Music] capitalism Prof who’s the best what that’s [Music] crazy get him of any of any cap toist yet left where are they I think you exterminated all of them sharing secret info is caring what one at B no B guy I’m last one Leap bark you can do this be a capitalist he’s emoting he’s emoting he’s got this he’s preparing want that train fast pill is not one no go to Bar no don’t go to on leave right here leap to no you should probably you should probably not die oh wait that’s actually smart leaves apart from that’s not smart you can’t even hit them oh nice you burn them that’s very fire not going to lie oh slender guy took a lot of full damage oh nice wait leap is cooking leap is [Music] cooking oh no oh no no leaps no GG’s the Communists no no I can’t translate that boys we will win no ad Fang water he must oh wait no he’s dead I about to say he must be a he must be a caps that’s shering again no no no guys you can’t be doing this you can’t be doing this you know this will collapse hello Shrek games uh we’re definitely not talking about communism BS one no anyone not a communist oh God they’re waiting for a death match now slender guy cool Hello Ender gaming yeah it is Slender guy slender guys are communist though guys you can’t trust him anymore I’m going to unsubscribe because he’s a communist Mike is going that’s crazy wait what is it still going like that [Music] okay it’s not taret Slender B targeting [Music] slender what is going [Applause] on no he the polar B I’m pretty sure you’re not a communist right don’t no guys communism is falling wait no the final communist are taking down the final capitalist I think that’s what happening I don’t actually know what’s happening this is kind of too chaotic Place actual hurting bombs not frozen bombs no they’re just making a ton of ice that’s just that’s not that’s not helpful if I become mod then you are Sigma sure actually you’re pretty cool you can probably be mod please let me ask you one thing who keeps tying me out I don’t know actually it’s probably one of my mods slender guy got first place in six kills what is that GG’s he said GG’s no the Communists that’s crazy is Tony that’s sounds like something he do okay what are we going to do should we try nerd Wars again let’s do that or should we do let’s do gold rush but in Skywars let’s do that that sounds fun nerd Wars yeah you not seen a new video you not seen a new video you’ll know what nerd was it if you watch it Prof Wars yeah we’re not doing nerd War yet though we’re doing we’re doing gold rush but in Skywars so what we’re going to do we’re just going to make it cracked and we’re going to change the ores [Music] lucky all and all these are just non-existent now okay this is probably luck Wars I got a friend request from the Slender guy YT I’m probably going to accept that he’s pretty cool even though he’s a communist but we can probably get past that also what is that profile picture slender what is that profile picture I’m not going to question that [Music] okay frozen banana I know it’s great right right frozen banana right definitely not something else no you’re going to start communism again anyway everyone join wait that’s actually wait Hut oh it’s almost good H at the start mod that’s pretty cool oh we’re not going to talk about that one code which I’m still going to talk about because I thought it was funny um don’t I’m not going to say it but um it was a weird [Music] code okay we should probably kill we should probably kill Cliff Stu and slender guy they’re kind of making communism hi life but communism versus capitalism what is that in this video I got 100 Communists and 100 capitalists in a hyp CS which one will win [Music] yeah nugs can’t do that again because nugs we don’t trust them anymore cursed I game idea mode SkyWars B only gold we did we already did that well we’re about to do that save preset Gold Rush okay there you go okay guys Prof I have a game idea zero chest zero ORS that’s a crazy idea I feel like it’s pretty bad as well okay we’re going to start by the way I think when uh six people say start one oh shoot wait oh I’m glad I have Onyx on I I almost tapped out I pressed alt tab for some reason uh 1 2 3 4 to wait years for seated load yeah five we got [Music] five your Prime Strat that’s crazy I’m spamming my curse game I do [Music] that’s crazy Prime strats in the game I don’t have a mental capacity to be happy but Happy Happy moments no don’t become a communist don’t that’s a bad idea okay I’m just going to start because I cannot count anyway I’m with no I’m with a betrayer I’m with a betrayer what is this plot this is not [Music] fun what is this cannon event my chest oh wait did he did did he get that I got it [Music] okay give blocks unfort of course the first gold I mine is a bomb I got the bling boots I got the bling boots Prim Str join capitalism yeah exactly I got an ultimate knockback Bo box this is easy oh KN died the traitor died [Music] anyway wait I should probably get to Mid before they take all the diamond armor [Music] ah getting stabbed by Prime Strat [Music] no what if I stab Prim Strat actually let me stab this guy first ah no I’m alive barely oh um I’m I’m barely alive okay please give me a gap I’m getting a ton of knockback boom boxes I’m I’m getting a ton of ultimate knockback boom boxes oh no Slender guy no yeah better a run I was a bit scared there for a second also everyone should like 12 uh 11 likes and not you guys can do better watch your mic what’s happening is my mic dying [Music] again is dodgy yeah I know it’s broken is but sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t oh I’ve got fixed it’s fixed oh that’s nice no it’s Prime Strat no ha oh no no he’s flexing oh wait was he just came over to [Music] flex what the ah oh no no that didn’t work I got stabbed by Prime strap that’s crazy L mush I thought the knockback boom box would knock me back further also why is Slender like he’s got like every bit of arm in the world [Music] [Music] so guys look the very rare VIP rank that’s actually the first VIP rank looking pretty rich now is he talking to slender is this an epic main character [Music] moment wait sun is like Rich hold up he’s like full diamond almost but Prime stress got a bling boot so there’s not much slender can do against bling [Music] boots what’s in the texture pack what do you mean do you mean like what the texture pack is it is um the mushy pack it’s a pretty bad texture pack but it it’s funny because it’s a mushy pack slender versus Prime Battle of the century guys apart from Prime is [Music] poor please look at my message what was your message he made a ring of fire what is [Music] that oh Prime strike on leggings [Music] oh oh imagine Prim Strat died there he put leggings on my Minecraft is stuck at 50% dear Lord yeah something that happens to mine I feel bad he feels bad killing Prime Strat no Prime you got to kill him he’s a communist he’s a communist he’s a dirty communist you got to kill him [Music] okay my frame rate is not doing well apart from it’s like 100 right now that’s actually pretty well for me I want to get revenge on Slender guy that’s crazy slender betray communism [Music] what distract The Bling boots Do It For The Bling boots and not communist what what youed that’s crazy he just flew over here Prof Mar stream didn’t say that you are a w Prof stream what didn’t say I was a rough stream is crazy he’s still alive he’s still about to die no no no no he’s dead 07 can I hose Cur yes I’m not telling I is sure is prop a w streamer he’s probably dead I think the bot’s dead oh well element of surprise GG’s that’s my favorite elemental power the element of surprise he needs fire you just get [Music] surprise I hit a world record for real [Music] yay F set wait I think that’s my high that’s my new high okay I can join the Cs now bedwar has free shop yeah bedw Wars does have free shop now do you play Zea sometimes go to the stream and say Tony raid that’s crazy why would we do [Music] that got to start streaming again then what eight bll is breathing that’s crazy okay uh code is that I don’t actually know what’s happening but join good is classic cursed by Fireballs what bedw war free drop should actually be disc [Music] cursed slender you going to take that ail just said you are cool touch grass is crazy [Music] a don’t [Music] lie how is this an actual W stream and I’m Ill [Music] what’s good hello demon [Music] Stone guys this communist versus um non-communist or capitalist thing has more law than a power X2 video right now [Music] Anarchy windso that’s crazy is there going to be a third team now [Music] Anarchy I think stream El forgot that it’s British what right my skin on pirate ship I can I can just do this what your what okay oh that’s a skin wait that’s a fox right oh that’s actually pretty all right uh six out of 10 mainly because oh wait you changed it wait it’s actually better this is seven out of [Music] 10 his ping is 60 [Music] what EU time lag Doc is an anarchist what is this technoblade I’m [Music] scared you’re from na oh that’s sad [Music] yeah why average paying 100 oh wait my is my is my thing [Music] dying my internet ding well my phone internet is going crazy huh bro crash I didn’t crash guys it didn’t crash it’s not like it’s not like it’s not like it’s not like it’s not like Saturday right okay I I’m not going to have to make a new stream this time it’s it’s fine yep never mind haha how skib is Splender he’s a he’s a communist so no very [Music] skidy you’re back kind of yeah just my internet watch what platform are you on uh PC or laptop to be specific because I there’s a there’s a big difference between laptop and PC I think [Music] I ha gritty on Slender I’m very tempted to buy the gritty just for the funny but why is it expensive laptop is a PC personal computer oh yeah wait I’m just stupid wait why why am I a communist what’s a law I don’t get it don’t worry but it’s still much it’s still more La than a par X2 video you don’t have to get it I don’t know why you’re communist you were sharing second idea for curse game mode but block party but with first bad trads to and what 1,000 BL that’s just like crazy block party anarchy time why are there too many Anarchy people now actually I like Anarchy I might join the anarchist Anarchy is fun but then the capitalist will kind of crumble slender guyism what he’s on mod Tony I might I don’t know why he’s modded I can’t remember PR look where I am where are you where is he wait he did like a Neo what wait he did a Neo but it’s not that oh wait starting wait what is this what is this what is this this double prices it double prices okay so that’s what is that’s what he was talking [Music] about who’s over there it’s just a solo why are we a team of threee why are we a team of three and there’s a team of one over there I feel like this is kind of Rigg not going to lie even though it’s in my favor I can’t see who’s over there but it’s probably a team of one it’s just what is this it’s just teams of there a team of three and it’s like a few teams of one oh are we going to get are we going to get wool we going to get wool wait this is random generated I I swear I saw you what is this this isn’t random generated he the polar B at leap Bo roll to Green what that wasn’t random J generated what is this it’s rigged why would you want to destroy your own bed I don’t know it just G it’s gave up on Creative answers no double price inflation don’t worry it’s not 10 inflation it’s not 10 times I feel like that’d be too much pain for you guys okay no what are you doing I don’t need blocks take the blocks I need I need iron get diamonds or something so we can upgrade this slow thing Slender’s got a sword guys we should probably stay away from Slender he’s kind of two we need two I forgot gens would be twice as well oh wait un need already upgraded okay [Music] nice I’m going go to Mid this could be a good or bad idea wow that’s a lot of emeralds magenta hacks what what oh no Slender gu after me oh okay I guess I just voided with all the stuff oh no Slender guy there’s no ORS void bye-bye what what he’s insane Slender’s insane no get nugs he the polar bear you have a knife get him I also now have a knife okay 20 gold okay we may or may not have just almost died but it’s fine we’re doing good mostly [Music] okay I have now got enough emeralds for G upgrade well when we get the diamond one I need knife uh you should probably get that from base can we do free shop no inflation we can do almost free shop uhuh Mar myet game next dra uni how much gold do you have oh wait I can almost get enough wait uni I need one more gold okay 10 wait we got enough full full gen okay there we go [Music] nice by the way when you mod viewers I’m feeling like one of the next streams I might make mod apps streams that sounds like a fun idea okay let me just go kill this team we need to do specials free shop I’ve been thinking of doing that that’s still on my list okay it’s just Jo that bed nice free resources uh 40 should we just camp at this base let’s just go do that that sounds like a good idea I bro I made a post now and I’m gaining Subs oh [Music] nice oh green just has a ton of resources left that just yink go waa wait that was a lot wait what did I even buy oh I bought blocks okay that was a good investment fast Phil you’re about to have a fastest death okay you’re dead nice okay I’ve killed a guy In Cold Blood and now I have full iron let’s go kill like slander he’s a big frat what team have even slenders on how much gold do you have mush uh 14 I just spent it on iron armor this guy’s towering up you know what I call that cringe can I get that sure [Music] cake storm cake storm okay I eliminated someone else that’s good I also got that iron sword that’s also good I also got my death that’s not very good hold on I just need to get I just need to get a sword and box okay yeah you need B much gold [Music] f ah knock at here knocks at base knocks at base knocks at base can one of you guys get back I feel like I’m losing this oh wait I won wait I’m [Music] cracked he lagged let’s go lag I love lag now I got the lag Powers perfect [Music] covered dos easy Victory guys easy victory I can’t believe I won something for once that’s actually crazy okay we’re going to do darknesses thing now I think whatever he wanted to do what have I not done yet uh I haven’t done inflation Wars but that’s too painful uh let’s do special free shop after that wait is dark still here you finny on the stamy M yeah never loging on to EU again L is dark even still here if not we’ll just make special is that the officio skin dark and SkyWars gasp okay let’s just make special free [Music] shop let me make the pret sure let me die real quick as well [Music] all right code is up everyone can join [Music] [Music] by the way after this I ran out of curse game modes [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] reach chat what by way Prof I end the stream can we really quick go on Z I need a CP sure [Music] all [Music] right when should I start at the stream will probably be soon since I don’t know how long I can keep talking with my voice it’s 11:10 p.m. here that’s sad it’s like 8 p.m while I [Music] am ha I’m sorry we ready for special free shop a really close game but everyone’s talking about can’t join my MC updated [Music] what oh wait we have trasers [Music] [Music] we have treasure but nothing to defend themselves [Music] [Music] of all [Music] right youi why [Music] you need why you need why you need why you need why you need why you need why you need why you need why again you need why no why why why why I just didn’t want to die for once so this is racist the mid is this admit is orange that they want orange team to win too bad Mish sad [Music] face sad face emoji [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m aware the stream is dying much look at cat I am looking at chat you haven’t said anything maybe it’s hidden if you [Music] [Music] [Music] have rip mush yeah rip me you need one [Music] GG’s I mean it’s you need game mode okay uni all go zacho because we’re probably ending stream now [Music] what Ser on Z like [Music] E1 I should do this when I’m not sick well this stream again that would be fun e free okay [Music] I thinking about joining but you’re playing curse game modes that’s funny why Shadow muted on Deo oh okay can you see the message I can’t see it I can see you put me but I can’t see anything [Music] else all right time to get clipped guys I can’t even be be it spofy the only thing I can be it spofy in it’s subscribers in a minute you guys got to subscribe so I can do that [Music] oh no I’m getting [Music] clipped the hit [Music] s oh no I’m getting clips e [Music] [Music] okay I died GG’s my internet is out and it’s a big outage that’s sad my internet is dying anyway my Wi-Fi is kind of bad right now yeah I know not even my internet dying but my um but my my life is dying all right all right well going to go yeah I’m also going to go bye-bye

This video, titled ‘🔴HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS BUT CURSED GAMEMODES (parties, 1v1, cs and tournaments)🔴’, was uploaded by Prof Mush on 2024-05-09 07:27:55. It has garnered 102 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 01:35:03 or 5703 seconds.

hive is live

chatgpt is taking over now…

Title: “HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS – Minecraft Adventure Awaits!”

Description: 🔴 Greetings, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! 🌍✨ Get ready for an epic journey as we dive into the blocky world of the HIVE LIVE WITH VIEWERS livestream! 🚀🎮

👾 Join us for a pixelated adventure where the Hive Minecraft server community comes alive! Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a crafting novice, this livestream is your passport to the ultimate Minecraft experience.

📡 What to Expect: 🔹 Live Gameplay: Watch as our skilled hosts navigate the challenging landscapes of the Hive server. From daring parkour to intense PvP battles, there’s never a dull moment! 🔹 Viewer Challenges: Have a unique quest or challenge in mind? Share your suggestions in the live chat, and our hosts might just take on your epic challenge! 🔹 Community Showcases: Discover incredible builds, redstone contraptions, and creative masterpieces crafted by members of the Hive community. 🔹 Minecraft Trivia: Test your Minecraft knowledge with live trivia sessions and win awesome in-game prizes.

💡 Your Participation Matters: This livestream is all about our amazing viewers! Engage with us in the live chat, share your Minecraft stories, and join the discussion on the latest updates and events in the Hive server.

📅 Save the Date: Grab your pickaxe and mark your calendars! Hive Live with Viewers – Minecraft Edition is scheduled for most days 6-8pm. Don’t miss out on the fun, laughter, and unforgettable Minecraft moments. See you in the virtual world!

🚀 Let’s embark on this Minecraft adventure together! 🌍🎮 #HiveLive #MinecraftAdventure #GamerCommunity #JoinTheHive

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  • Just Bucket! SMP, McMMO, Economy, Jobs, Tournaments, SkyBlock

    Welcome to Just Bucket Minecraft Server! Join our active and friendly community today! We offer SMP, Skyblock, Economy, Jobs, Fishing Tournaments, Ranks, Discord, and experienced staff. Play on Java Edition at JustBucket.Minecraft.Best or on Bedrock Edition at JustBucket.Minecraft.Best Port 25566. Our semi-vanilla server is designed to enhance your gameplay without intruding on the vanilla experience. Enjoy quality of life plugins like Vein-Miner, MCMMO, Custom Crafting, Dynmap, GriefPrevention, Timber, and more. We also have a thriving community on Discord – join us at discord.gg/uMkz8wdqSP Read More