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    THE PORTAL TO THE FUTURE - HELLO NEIGHBOR #33 (MINECRAFT MACHINIMA)Video Information Vocês são em crianças e se vocês quiserem o próximo episódio eu quero que vocês deixem aqui 7 mil líquidos aí a gente planta provisões tá bom então chega aqui ó [Música] eles sumiram a lei anos e agora e sempre queria fazer queria dizer pra ele eu não Sei você que fala você que vai vai eu achei eu achei horrível achei a página estava lá em cima não só toma tudo bem o trabalho não apareceu nada tudo bem quando ele apareceu e pediu seu filho sumiu junto senhor frederiksen de novo ele não acredito no… Read More


    HEROBRINE'S GIRLFRIEND - HELLO NEIGHBOR #7 (MINECRAFT MACHINIMA)Video Information Sem conseguir entrar você queira civil a ligue 1 mil para ver direito mas o menino o menino parecia alguém familiar você deu a cara de menina não tinha sabe que era menina e uma bodega do na icann menino tinha episódios seguintes bem brancos igual ao do vinho isso mesmo Aquilo que também pensou nele e parece muito vizinho ouça aqui a versão ganhou com olhos brancos e agora o menino irá que uma maldição que o vizinho ficou pequeno ai eu vim aqui ficou pequeno e passar pela bracinho da cadeia quem ficou e saiu de… Read More


    UNBELIEVABLE! HALLOWEEN GHOST 👻 in MINECRAFT #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘HALLOWEEN GHOST 👻 in MINECRAFT || #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by HeroHani Games on 2023-12-16 18:00:21. It has garnered 2377 views and 49 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Watch this video till the END !!! HALLOWEEN GHOST 👻 in MINECRAFT || #minecraft #shorts Minecraft is an open-world survival game. Uniquely, it does not follow a storyline; rather it presents each player with the challenge of simply existing in the blocky wilderness alongside a wide array of livestock and monsters. From infiltrating undersea fortresses to visiting alternate dimensions, it’s to… Read More

  • Insane Rocket League Stream – DJD_RL Reaches 253/500 Subs!!!

    Insane Rocket League Stream - DJD_RL Reaches 253/500 Subs!!!Video Information Can you he what he say uh kind of no well the thing is he might have Redstone his Redstone yeah I heard that but it just just build a normal Overworld Farm without R st and he uh separated all the mobs from them yeah and then he just use the Trident Killer thingy but he uses Vine thing with the one m c pushes the other one so the M stop okay y you want a One V one cuz if we’re going to play competitive then I think a one one will do good not… Read More

  • Ultimate Gamer Wins New Pits in CubeCraft Bridges!

    Ultimate Gamer Wins New Pits in CubeCraft Bridges!Video Information This video, titled ‘CubeCraft, Bridges New Pits!’, was uploaded by Gamer winner on 2023-12-14 14:45:00. It has garnered 241 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:27 or 87 seconds. #Minecraft #Cubecraft #Viral If I Hit 500 Subs I Will Do A Bundle Giveaway Of Your Choice Just Join The Discord! Discord: https: https://discord.gg/THekphR4 My Discord: .Gamer.winner Pack: Todoroki 128x Texture Pack The Version: 1.20.41 Mouse: Roccat Pro The Server: Cubecraft Device: Desktop IGN: Gamer winner559 Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Game: Minecraft Edit: I Edited This Video Thumbnail: I Made The Thumbnail Of This Video Subscribe… Read More

  • Ultimate Secure Base Showdown – POMNI vs CAINE!

    Ultimate Secure Base Showdown - POMNI vs CAINE!Video Information These are our friends pomy and Kane they have set us a challenge to see who can build the most secure amazing digital circus base chip I’m so ready to make the most tool base ever oh yeah you better be ready Milo because in 20 minutes both of us are going to try and Defeat each other’s bases and find the amazing digital circus character inside the quickest to do so is going to win I’m definitely going to be able to hide Kane better than you can hide pomy no way I’m going to build a… Read More

  • Insane Experiments with Cutting Emeralds in Minecraft! 😂 #shorts

    Insane Experiments with Cutting Emeralds in Minecraft! 😂 #shortsVideo Information Por qué no me traje bloques de la casa pa pa pa pa pa pa Okay con esto gente con esto yo creo que sí tenemos una Esmeralda tranquilona me la pic ah This video, titled ‘COMO PICAR ESMERALDAS EN MINECRAFT JAJAJAJA. Búscame en Twitch como Axel Aldave;) #shorts’, was uploaded by Axel Aldave on 2023-12-06 01:19:00. It has garnered 9275 views and 225 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:10 or 10 seconds. Today I show you the best way to chop an emerald in Minecraft HAHAHAHA FAIL REMEMBER THAT I MAKE STREAMS ON TWITCH ALMOST… Read More

  • I CRUSHED ALL Your Minecraft Challenges?! 🤯

    I CRUSHED ALL Your Minecraft Challenges?! 🤯Video Information What’s up everyone and welcome back to another video today I asked you guys for your own cubecraft challenges that I have to try and complete and well I’ve just realized I’m literally not going to be able to do anything am let’s just say there’s some pretty crazy ones and if You enjoy the video it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop a like And subscribe to the channel but now we’ve got all that out the way let’s get into these challenges shall we I’m not going to lie you’re probably asking yourselves well… Read More

  • Become a Minecraft Animation Pro with Woodplank!

    Become a Minecraft Animation Pro with Woodplank!Video Information If you want to learn how to make Minecraft animations like these then you’ve come to the right place hello I’m M flank and I’ve been making Minecraft animations for over 7 years in this tutorial series I will be teaching you how to use blender 4.0 which is Completely free and I will show you how to get started with making Minecraft animations so first of all what is blender blender is a powerful amazing and free 3D software which is used for many things such as 3D modeling sculpting VFX rigging animation and so on in… Read More

  • Pokygon

    PokygonPokygon – Another Adventure awaits.. Server features – Custom blocks & items – Survival World – EV Training – Vote Parties – & much much more! Links https://discord.gg/btYMmQfQwH play.pokygon.net Read More

  • Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Newbie’s POV

    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Newbie's POV I stepped into the world of blocks and mobs, Excited to explore, no time for sobs. The sun was setting, the sky turned red, I knew I had to build a shelter, or I’d end up dead. I punched some trees, gathered wood and stone, Crafted a pickaxe, and felt less alone. I dug for diamonds, and found some gold, My heart raced fast, my adventure bold. I built a house, with windows and a door, Protected from creepers, and zombies galore. I tamed a wolf, and rode a horse, Minecraft’s world, an endless resource. I crafted armor, and… Read More

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Hot New Spawn!

    Freddy Fazbear's Hot New Spawn! “Looks like Freddy Fazbear is getting a new spawn point in Minecraft! I hope he doesn’t accidentally spawn in someone’s living room and scare the pants off them. #minecraftproblems #jumpscare” Read More