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Hi everyone okay i’m very excited about this this is my first day in the lord of the craft server um if you don’t know what that is then i also don’t know what that is no i’m just joking what i know is that it is a role-playing server and it looks uh

Very well organized so far i did read a lot of the wiki so they have a wiki here this one it’s not completely up to date so i found some things which are not valid anymore but okay i understand that that it’s uh difficult to update a whole wiki

But still um so i found this server when i was looking for a good server you may have noticed that i was searching for a good smp minecraft server to play and uh it’s just so difficult to find one so as i was searching and googling i found this article

And that really caught my attention because it was below the the lord of the rings the middle earth server where i’ve been but it’s just to to view there which is incredible don’t get me wrong but you can’t really play there it’s just for for wandering around and seeing

Um so below that server was the lord of the craft and and the description was that this is a role-playing server i was like oh cool role-playing server because i’ve played dungeons and dragons and i have loved dungeons and dragons absolutely if i had a decent party to play with

I would probably still be playing dungeons and dragons and i would probably not know anything about minecraft but um it’s it’s difficult to find a non-toxic dnd group um it’s easy when you’re playing with friends not easy when you’re playing with strangers and when you have to discern whether these people are going

To to play sensibly or not Yeah so i would have stopped playing dnd but the love is still there and of course i learned so many things and i have the books and yes maybe 3.5 is my favorite version but i did play five the fifth edition and maybe the fifth edition is really much better

For today’s people it’s much easier to learn it’s maybe too balanced we from the 3.5 liked our little imbalances and overpowered the builds but but still i mean if you play for the role playing if you play for the story for the interaction for the fan it doesn’t really matter which version

You’re playing okay so i i’m going to show you now my application because i spent the whole night yesterday working on this application and when i submitted the application today it was accepted within 45 minutes which was kind of amazing okay maybe like that okay like that so there are specific races here

Ah this is not my application okay this one is my application i’ll explain to you so You have to define meta gaming is it too loud is the music too loud What will we do with a drunken sailor what will we do with a drunk and say okay one day i should be a drunken sailor that would be fun to rp okay so uh you have to define meta gaming to begin with in your application and i said that

Um using information that you know but your character doesn’t know for example and this is an example from five ups stream i was watching a stream of a mangas one of the players knows that the person has two tails when they are imposter like stretching or something in their voice and they use

That instead of deducing who the imposter is from in-game clues that was metagaming some lobbies may allow it of course but it’s still meta gaming now define power gaming in your own words and i replied when your character performs actions or presents themselves in a way that is god-like

And not aligned with the general characteristics and abilities of your race class world etc okay so I don’t even know if it’s visible it should be and now i i had to write a background story like a small bio biography of my character and this is what i came up with so anaela was born and raised in sutika you may recognize the word anaela if you recognize

The word daniela congrats it’s not really a name it’s a word it’s from melittic from something i i just can’t say what it is no but if you are one of us then you know what it is Son ella was born and raised in sutika from a young age she displayed an interest in music her parents sylvia and fenio were the second generation of a nomadic family of adunians that had settled down in sutika quarter dunyans the edens is a race they’re half elf half humans okay

They’re half elf half elves who are not a dunians but all ladonians are half elves there is a big lore behind them they initially lived as farmers her father later became a winter or winer i don’t know how you pronounce that she has an older brother under whom she doesn’t remember well

Because he left home when she was eight since then she has never seen him she was trained as a bard learning to play the harp and the art of singing however her secret hobby was to infiltrate the local library or buy books from the merchants that talked of

Healing and magical arts in distant lands most of her books she kept hidden from her friends but she always secretly desired to become an apprentice of a powerful major cleric at the age of 18 she left sutica to escape her parents oppressive lifestyle and joined a wandering theater company

With them she learned the basics of self-defense as their caravan traveled through isolated forests and dangerous mountain paths one day she encountered a being that would forever change her and define the rest of her life he introduced himself as a nephilim and displayed to her the power of magic at a high price

When she saw through his facade she tried to escape him but he tormented her and terrorized her for two years before leaving her alone in the meantime she left the theater company and attempted to join several secret organizations but never gotten too deep into their societies

Now at the age of 24 she is open to adventure and especially wants to fulfill her dream of finding higher teachings either through religion magic or martial arts she hasn’t made up her mind yet so that’s the background of my character and i’m reading it now because

I’m gonna have to role play based on that when we enter the server in a few minutes i i also have to tell you that the high elves in this lore are racists and that’s why i didn’t choose to be a hive they believe that they are

Superior to every other race there are of course the woodens but the waters are a bit stuck with family and and dogma human okay i’m human i don’t have to be human when i play another character so yeah i didn’t want to be an orc or anything like that

That’s how i decided to be a dunyan there are halflings of course which are nice hey there hello cheese king what’s up um i’m rambling here about my new server i’m talking about my character and a little bit about the lore of the server before i joined it So yeah the there are half links like hobbits but yeah that was not very interesting to me so i decided to be in a dunian Now in my application um yeah i’m writing about role play and the rules so but that’s not important the name of my character is anaela cordelia she’s a dunian female she’s 24 has black long slightly wavy hair gray eyes this is very important the gray eyes because

Those are dudians that have gray eyes they are descendants of the elves those who have brown eyes or other color eyes they descend from their human ancestors so i wanted to be a little bit more magical let’s say so i made my created my character to be 24

Because the time passes very quickly on the server i i don’t remember now unfortunately so there are so many details but i do know that every week your age changes so it could be one year for one week server time that’s why i made her so young

Initially i wanted her to be um older but adonians usually live up to the age of 150 or 200 that’s their lifespan so personality threads very curious and seeks knowledge has extreme mood swings and is possessive of her belongings will break the law if she deems it unfair loves berries

What does your character want to achieve what drives them so she seeks higher teachings and knowledge what is your character’s biggest fear what caused them to develop this fear afraid of sleeping in the open she was once attacked by a group of goblins while camping in the forest with friends

She was the only survivor of that and now i had to respond to a role play scenario i remember the scenario was that you’re arriving at the new city and there are like stalls and different people selling stuff and someone approaches you with a big smile and asks you

What are you here for if you want fame or money fortune whatever and i replied i immediately sensed deception coming from this person but my instinct tells me that i may easily manipulate him into giving me some information why thank you very much actually i’m interested in finding people of higher wisdom and

Otherworldly power you don’t happen to know any mages or clerics as kind and welcoming as you do you who may be seeking for a talented and beautiful apprentice like me seeking a not four maybe four was wrong okay and tada accept that Very nice so when i enter the server we’re gonna do this command and i’m going to summon a monk to assist me i have here The all the commands the roleplay commands etc so okay it’s gonna go here and now i’m going to remove this i’m going to throw it on the other window disable preview so we don’t have problems Checking if my antivirus is off because i just don’t like antiviruses it’s off very nice and it’s time guys the time has come oh my god is this going to be what i want it to be okay welcome to tutorial island each island teaches a key feature of lord of the craft

Walk forward to continue story update summer june 2021 battle of the arts in which utopian does something of questionable value huh okay so let me have a look around okay inventory empty so anything unusual here flowers compost grinder ah interesting interesting do i do anything or do i just

Chat and emote island hmm i kinda wanna try this spinning wheel we’ll start crafting your selected item ah so these are all log three sides crafting cue i don’t think i can craft anything okay fine chad and emote island by the way let’s see what i look like

Oh i have the other skin on dammit okay uh we need to disconnect and i need to load the other skin the only difference the only difference is the eyes why does it still so opera uh Wait skins use gray eyes okay Play wow okay we’re waiting now it’s loading it’s gonna take 500 years but it will open it’s opening minecraft 1.16 you can do this minecraft okay okay let’s go multiplayer i have to delete that server but anyway it’s overloaded now i don’t know why wow let’s try again okay

Okay uh chad and emote island can i fall here will i fall no there’s something there invisible blocks wow look invisible blocks i didn’t know they existed anyway oh my god look i’m one look i’m working on invisible what’s that did you see that oh voting yeah so voting is very important

On this server it’s um basically the the main way to make money on the server let’s check the skin now yeah we have grey eyes now cool role play chat local lot of character to emote begin with a an asterisk it feels very light oh it can’t go up okay soul stone pillars

Try saying what a nice pond what a nice pond nobody heard you oh i need to join uh rp no a real play chat or i’ll play what a nice pond okay wait there be okay what a nice bond i think nobody heard me you can separate emotes and dialogue with quotation marks

Okay well let’s check this the soul stone pillars soul stones you can bind yourself stoned pillars like these to teleport to them use ss claim okay and now ss bind while looking at the pillar ss bind adds the observed pillar to your So i read never remember correct shift and right click um i’m not exactly sure but we will see red pillars like these are player owned and can be made with domes salted spawn okay vortex custom resource gathering plug-in gathering materials is built into lord of the crafts world continue to

Learn how to gather materials so you can find notes like these around almeris and near the hubs do you guys see any node you can right click the glowing blocks with your peacocks to harvest them it’ll take time to regenerate i don’t have a pickaxe so probably can’t do anything here

Notes like these like what like which like what i don’t see the node do you guys see any node oh look i right click you manage to pull some scrap wood of the tray a few pieces and you can make an axe to get better yields okay so cool

I think we got everything we could and if it’s the same like this one it’s gonna take a while to regenerate normal minecraft stuff still work okay so i need to make a pickaxe but i need one more while they’re regenerating maybe i can i can vote

So i’ve gained three minutes for this let’s get this one let me do it all now okay one two three i’m human what please click its music board about set the boat okay oh my god so many and you have to do this every day otherwise you will not have money what track

Now i have to click on images containing a track okay next one pmc okay that’s done minecraft server oh my god okay click start to date i need to rate it okay traffic lights okay what else vote milestones so i did everything with the votes now i need vote milestones completed

Ah okay well can i okay let’s see anything has regenerated here no why um why not i mean how long does it take oh look at this one cool now the question is can we put this down no shop creation auction and bank how am i supposed to make an axe without

A crafting table so i have a hundred minutes on me 23 in the bank one percent bank fee deposit i’m gonna deposit everything because if i die i lose my money okay auction houses click the auctioneer words here tools and combat ah so i can’t craft right let’s see

Oh i need mining proficiency right probably but hmm four minutes for this not exactly expensive i think 15 very expensive food okay building blocks okay botany plants i have no idea how to get these but slime balls why are they selling slime balls neo druid is water okay fine

Personal shops right click on the floating items to buy them okay i don’t maybe i don’t want to buy now do i pvp timer and locks yeah but we still don’t know how to create a pickaxe okay i think it’s time to summon the monk oh somehow i got bread

How did i get the bread guys um did i just use my money to at the brand i don’t have peacocks uh I still have 100 no trades so we don’t know how i got the bread this is very interesting though to have a shop like that where you can display growing items very beautiful they’ve placed carpets on top of fences barrels here pickles cool so they have slabs then barrels slabs barrels

How interesting let’s go up here nope can i die no it’s the invisible blocks shops okay pvp timer and locks locks okay let’s go to locks once you found a home for yourself you might want to lock it type c private and left click on chest lock see private

And left click ah left click not right click coconut latte hello oh i wanted to get a coconut latte today and couldn’t find um okay uh thank you thank you Um so the tutorial says and right click with a pickaxe um i have the list with the commands in a separate window so i’m on the tutorial island uh learning about chess but uh i couldn’t make a pickaxe for the oars tutorial what is the city okay so we locked that And I i have that this soul shot but maybe i need to finish the the island before swing timer so when you swing your sword wait until the middle indicator has charged up though it’s asking me for a sword and i don’t have a sword um anyway anyway i left through a portal

Where am i city okay i’m somewhere hi ah we will do our pre now okay um okay let me get my rp commands i’m gonna go rp um wait wait wait wait greetings um greetings holy no greetings reverend now greetings dear monk i’m afraid i’m afraid i’m new to these places

I have come from far away could you guide me please um bonjour made down are you lost do you need help greeted the monk as enter she offering an ella a wave and a smile aren’t we going to move i would like to do something The stationary monk would not a bright big red smile hands falling to her flung oui this is my job after all we is is here a specific place you want to go um okay a little blushed because uh she thought the monk was so nice and friendly and friendly um

Yes i have heard a lot about talons talents i would like to go there and explore blushed because she thought the monk was so nice and friendly yes i have heard a lot about talents so this is how you do rp in these servers how can i is she giving me food

The jungle of talents we of course it’s female obviously this way this way okay monk filippa where where did she go should wait what was that out of character go back we went to the wrong place ah where’d it go now i went back through the same portal but don’t recognize the area

I think it she summoned me this looks like there are apples Also a certain stylized skin to it um can you make this skin more medieval the the mod who approved my application said the skin is good i lost her or is she hello please wait where are you i don’t know i want something i don’t wanna change this completely

We’ll see about that anyway i mean thailand sport alvin is they’re all dressed like it’s a winter No idea if i’m ever gonna remember this the way i mean i need to eat probably Do talents grotto bees there’s a cave with crystals oops i hit my head Up okay No chance i’m gonna remember but maybe i will we will see what’s that what’s your step i can’t see it’s too dark mines were going through minds it’s an interesting idea To go through mines So very huge trees huh and again and again into the caves southern state of talon something i can’t see it maybe because i’m not in full screen mode i don’t like playing from the screen mode so i see houses long walk welcome to towns army Uh rp Uh thank you so much so much dear monk by the way what is your name wait for me where is she out of character uh I think i did something wrong just type in ss bind bind one okay great great ear work gates So maybe i can try my my shout command shout or ass Wait hello Hello anybody home this one there are some people there i’ll be right there the lenora gizmo Something’s happening Uh we are prisoners now um rp um my name is anaela cordelia i come from um i’m here i’m here on business um I do not carry any weapons i seek people of wisdom and knowledge in your city broly the feast we never thought admit a real-life magus do is that guy a magus do you have a sign or a wood to make a sign all right she said with a smile welcome to total sport

Yes sounds like omagus thank you thank you yeah thank you thank you um what is she looking at and wondered what the monk was looking at she was stuck she had her gaze fixed on the on the on the stone on the ground no meta gaming felipe yes uh yes thank you

Yes you i’ll just do you recommend no i can’t ask that anyway so i mean if she doesn’t have anything else to teach me then i’ll go i guess oh i guess i’ll go and explore this city a few if you’d like to come along hmm that’s that’s

That’s good to hear i was ah thank you okay thanks thank you thanks okay um fair farewell how do you write for well goodbye their monk be well that was it i’m a little bit disappointed i don’t know there’s so much i have no idea about

She just brought me to this place oh i can craft here nice oh at least we crafted something three items for taking terra cotta donation chest cool berries oh i can’t take it i can’t take anything okay well can i take this ah okay you can buy there

Beware the reign of sky cookies begins join the talons port militia today need the weapon of your fighting alchemist looking too can you say that i want to be a steward contact a counselor auxiliaries axilla’s artisan emporium this is a steward asking me about housing the grass in a five meter radius would

Shimmer with a purple hoop okay well market square oh no i’ve been here before i remember this place okay so i’m here what do i do now The ali ale house what so pregnant john swallow a guide to the game of darts hello hello is there is there a name nearby where i can get a room for the night i don’t know how you do this thing within how you look at the card of a player

Maybe that doesn’t exist well these taverns see that most like a nin hearing talents as for a room we’ll need to shout for a steward and hope there’s one around jon snow coughs his skin beginning to lighten as the intricate pattern of crystals begin to recede below his skin the brilliant oral display

I’ll take some tea and say with a painful smile oh i suppose you could but there are people i need to find it’s very perplexed to see um there’s a very peculiar glow on the person sitting by the bar um maybe i will just have a look uh and just

Look around the city and return if i don’t find the shirt donald funny looking looking person has taken the higher i can’t stop looking at the cat like a person at the corner of the of the inn um hello there you you are looking very special oh my god Oh sorry i didn’t mean to stare i’ll just go hmm what do you mean freeze me maybe she’s not talking at me uh slides slowly out of the tavern sensing she did something wrong i would like to know how to get resources and um why do i need your permission permission to leave

And why are you so hostile am i drunk again uh um maybe maybe you can help me maybe you can help me instead of trolling me instead of terrorizing me she loves a lot hoping to ease the tension um do you know how i can um um i don’t have anything

Anything to pay you sorry anyway anyway i need to to go and find the steward um um i would like to just find the shirt she She’s starting to the sense that something is wrong because she can’t fully understand the stranger By the way do you really have cat ears what oh sorry it’s been a long trip i’m tired i don’t get to see my nails okay um i just wanna go can i just go can i simply go i want to simply go okay wait can i take this yay we can

City of elves drunkards and socials that sounds very interesting that sounds very interesting variety maybe i should do quiet too how can i do quiet q okay slash q why do you say that recently someone filled a man’s house to the brim with bananas wow bananas were they getting carried over precious banana

Um crime proof i would love to help the local authorities on arrival a mystery maybe i will try to get into the mercenaries once i get the hang of this city wow well i need the way i need um i could surely use the bananas i still don’t know how i can

Get food in these places or resources big that’s not my style i want to work you know what here take some drinks hot cocoa wow in the flute Hot cocoa that’s amazing thank you why are you giving me a lot why are you giving me all that pepperminty ah ah i run a trading company oh really oh really that’s that’s respectable let’s go let’s go somewhere where we won’t get so wet from the rain

One of them is go on by one of my sisters she yeah she’s probably enough too how how did you end up in this city as an elf you’re right she said the flute but i don’t see a float it’s getting dark we well first i lived in the silver state of

Hai lunor got lost in the arches wildlands joint group called the hispians high spins for a small while went to armories after arcas fell and flooded lived in osonora as a counselor for a few years then came to thailand as a celestial counselor until that fell and now i’m just a normal civilian

Wow you you’ve surely been around a lot Wow that never but never ceases to amaze me how many things the alps can accomplish in their lifetime dealing i don’t like doing i’m more of a peaceful type of person killing themselves maybe this person is crazy do you know um maybe nowhere is where i want to be there’s a step back

I wanted peace and and what happened i’m going to recall the dealers who owns two trading companies you can always you can always sell your companies and pursue and lose yourself in the pursue of spiritual happiness empires want to conquer each other and republics are caught in the crossfire

I can see i can sense it says that your cynicism comes from a deep from from a deep drama but you should know that alcohol alcohol listen and can be cured maybe even that man in the in could cure you he looked very shiny to me or sonora

I mean we’re learning from this person but uh i don’t know because i want to okay oh that’s then technically you’re not an alcoholic where are you hmm okay well hmm so she’s pregnant right against me hmm don’t know no no no i don’t i don’t really know um don’t really know

I would like to to explore let’s say david it’s uh it’s my first day here um maybe we can chat again later i hope no raid takes place while i’m here would you like to to come with me or even show me the places around here thankfully the towns militia and their

Mercenary group they are just managed to find them all for now i’m too drunk also ideal drunk hmm well what do we do with a drunken pregnant lady okay well well if you change your mind i’ll be around here i’m going now to explore take care okay thank you for the cocoa um

Thank you for the cocoa she left cool okay well at least we can get berries from this from this thing which means we will not starve to dance as a new player here that’s really good so we discovered how we can steal berries from listening

I have six berries now and if i knew if i knew how to plant i suppose i don’t have planned privileges here artisan emporium no effects a warm and cozy drink that probably reminds someone of fond memories the cocoa is a rich brown with some darker areas marbled within it large puffy marshmallows

Float atop the drink tasting like they have had vanilla added cinnamon has been added to the cocoa and has been sprinkled on top as well cool no effects which means that probably i won’t be able to cookie though is good peppermint tea ocean tides um okay now can we take this no

I can’t so once you’re in the city you can’t get out is that what it is oh i can enter cool anyone in there oh my god well so far town sand terrace flavius do you think no okay interesting ceiling but there’s nothing else i can do here this is kind of sad

If you go into the server and you don’t know what to do that’s sad and i made sure that i read almost the whole wiki and still i don’t know what to do i remember exploring this when i was a soul but i don’t remember i didn’t remember that this was darlings so

I already see my my hunger bar going down do you think there are monsters here can one go under arno what a pity would have been cool hmm oh what a nice pond i’ve been there i’m somewhere back yeah i know where i am i think so there were some grammar issues

So what i’m gonna do i’m gonna be farming the berries now behind this where are the berries here they are hospital look how many people where are these people where am i i have to tell you that thing with a monk was a disappointment hmm these are the gates um excuse me

You know how one can get resources in this city and food etc tea segregate t means what in greek i thought she knew i was great q orc i thought you knew i was great d means what in greek rb um wait q she’s an elf yes she’s a dark elf so

They appear in my pocket potatoes cool where did she go that’s very kind of you so what we have learned today is that when people are staring at you awkwardly it means they’re typing oh my god oh by the gods so much food this is thrilled to see the stacks of potatoes

Flying here okay cooked rabbit um i don’t have i don’t have i just arrived i would be grateful if you can do that lenora she is she’s the gates person chat settings in mode color oh cool i need to screenshot that so let’s go to q are you see the steward

Of this place she has to be a dark elf gossium gizmo she discreetly looks to her right and notices um At night wearing shiny armor she’s one of many oh cool not gonna ask right now we got so much food my name is lenora jasmine by the way and the one with the horn and tail is my husband gussium horn and tail pleasure to meet you to meet you too

Um my name is uh anna ella cordelia i come um by the way with him was drunk by the way don’t say in roleplay okay oc okay i will i will type it fully i hope that’s okay it’s okay um try it yes yes go ahead lovely he said lovely

I don’t think he wants to oops i guess i’m locked here um um i guess i’ll wait here is that okay maybe i can um oh look at this never seen anything like that cool trap doors on the sides a door this is like a cupboard this is how you make a

Cupboard like a bigger one like yeah so okay this guy doesn’t seem to be very responsive i’ll just explore the area hmm shrine to the late dalia jasmine is here in his memory okay locked of course oh you can do that okay well i think i’m getting that house

And then i’m probably gonna Leave for today i think she returned or he left he probably left so i’m locked in here now so these are the updoors i never thought you can make you can make walls with trapdoors so this this looks like a bed isn’t really bad it’s just decorative and that’s going nowhere very functional

Okay let’s see where this is going another bedroom hmm Do Okay i guess that’s it i’m i’m a prisoner of the steward local out of character i think i’m a prisoner of the steward can’t leave her house So really why is it hard to get through the gates Hmm okay we’re going to quiet again let’s go to rp what i don’t Oh my god they’re going to role play now forever there wait there’s a way to pick locks maybe i can pick the lock and leave it’s this door lockpick And now what happened Uh no it must be somewhere here but where Okay i’m gonna go on this card ask people maybe i can try a window so so oh you attempt to break down the door don’t move the door remains intact i didn’t want to break it somehow it worked and i attempted to break the door but i don’t want to break it hmm

Um And a shout um What was her name um dear Miss Lenora Dear miss lenora hello there thank you for the follow uh dear miss lenora if if it’s not too urgent can you let me out of your house i’m a bit locked up here oh i need to use a i need to use these um hi i’m a little bit locked up here

I’m so sorry gusiam didn’t do that hold on okay where is she thank you thank you how i got accepted so fast and you know i don’t know well they told me that the application was very good maybe that’s that’s why maybe or maybe i was just lucky

Um i did spend the whole night last night learning about the server and reading the the wiki i think at least the background was pretty decent that i wrote um maybe i don’t know maybe it was just luck do you do you play or did you make an application for the server

I forgot about the soul stone it is a little bit confusing this is like my first two hours in the server i spent like one hour talking to a drunk pregnant woman and then half an hour locked inside the house i didn’t remember that you can use the the soul stone to leave

But at least i got free food by the stewardess oh dark elf that’s very nice dark elf uh the stewardess here is a dark elf it’s quite impressive i think that if you reply to all the questions and you put some effort into your application i think that they should accept you i

Was like i was very relaxed and i didn’t know if they would accept me because yeah i saw many applications usually they take one to three days and especially about the skin i didn’t know if they were gonna like the skin that i have but apparently the person who approved me

They liked the skin um so and they advised me to come to this town i have to say i don’t see many people here authorized personal only i have also seen some applications you you can also see applications of other people in the forum oh look at this i’m gonna get berries

Oops this is how i get my food i steal berries but oh people but they gave me food so some people are really nice others are how are they sitting there one of them is a one of them so this is a pregnant lady how do they see they don’t know

I have no tons of food marble these guys are still sitting here hello oops not shout sorry didn’t mean to shout general kenobi hello marb i’m anna ella nice to meet you do you know how no okay now we’re going out of character lock a lot of character

Because how can i sit on chairs and stuff slash sit thanks oh oh my god i didn’t mean to tap here uh very good to meet forgive me for bad comment not first language she she reaches the hand out to shake um so reaches out to and shakes shakes hands gently

While smiling at marb uh where are you from No right click doesn’t work place that is gone no longer around trying to find another of marbs culture oh how How interesting marb i’m also from a place long lost i’m in a dunyan I like the name marb he’s unfortunate how the place is oh look thanks by the way guys quiet i like to yeah well our history is sad oh my god well he studied well our history is sad the future is in our hands marble so that guy finally left let’s try to sit

Yeah i’m sitting oh that’s so cool i’m sitting this is amazing Takes out a feature is is an art anyone can do it but too many fret about doing it wrong leads to wasting potential completely agree Sometimes it’s better to do something than nothing at all Do Do i go now or do i keep talking to marble even if do it wrong experience is always better than none your wise um person their eyes to look closer add more without Appearing improper she just can’t make out her race Darian marby’s a darion among last but hopefully not for long okay he’s relieved relieved she finally told her her race a lot of character i miss these emotes completely was wearing a mask to block her face and her ears were covered with ginger hair despite this from her old accent

One would have to assume she’s human let’s go to quiet again oh oh see thanks um cue so she is uh done so so you are a doll or own that’s that’s very very interesting uh i need to see what these guys are da reun real now let’s go to races find the

Number no i don’t know what is a darion to be honest i’m not entirely sure what a duh rion is uh sit maybe shift yeah shift so if she’s a farfolk these are sounds of caramel cuddles in male and liquor i don’t see any darians here highlanders just highlanders heartlanders

Salvos renatus over to savoy kotlin 70s um okay this guy is looking very beautiful oh Oh i see that’s why and that’s why Do you did you live in this city Mark she’s so very good looking man with a velvet coat he went that way how impressive is it a guy or a girl [Laughter] sorry sorry Yeah he went that way He’s gone now gone now Examines mob trying to discover if she is a girl or a boy uh done do i drank my cocoa for the day oh look at this oh it did have an effect i don’t know what this is but it did something so marv is a female okay

It’s nice that she’s responding in this way otherwise it would be hard well marb i’m waiting for the steward to finish her business with a pregnant woman she said she will give me an apartment apartment it can get pricey well i have a i have like a hundred in the bank

How much do they how much does it cost so Marb’s 25 a week but it’s a shop so more expensive okay let’s ask like a lot of character because how much does one get from voting a day elven week to be clear yes i understand Local out of context how much is the minimum anyone remembers just just trying to see if i can rent a house how much is the minimum trying to see if i can rent a house okay let’s go quiet again saren eric okay okay okay marb i think uh i’ll i’ll go around

I’ll go bit around i’ll go for a walk i’ll go for a walk maybe Maybe i will meet you later again 23 minute day that’s pretty decent if it’s like okay waves and smiles thought mark look a lot of character it’s pretty decent i think now we do oh it’s it’s confusing guys constantly changing the chats is confusing so it’s a bit weird that you can’t go out

Like there’s no way to go out maybe there are mines or something oh i found the guy that’s not uh Sigismund heinrich he has an interesting skin but he looks frozen he looks like probably human um i don’t know why his name is purple i miss building let’s follow that guy octavia got him a rose okay i think that’s enough for now for today i think i’m gonna go out now

It’s gonna be difficult in the beginning until i know exactly how to play in this server i don’t like the feeling that i am closed inside this town and i can’t go out if i don’t get a guard it’s it’s not very nice cows interesting i never thought of building

Such a big stable interesting Oh cool Let’s take a screenshot this one’s good nice okay well goodbye server for now see you tomorrow wee i’m gonna sleep here i’m a homeless person Bye

This video, titled ‘Lord of The Craft – Day 1 – (Minecraft Roleplaying Server)’, was uploaded by Arcanemuse on 2021-06-10 19:58:17.
It has garnered 3372 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 02:47:15 or 10035 seconds.

Watch me play live at:
This is was my first day in the LoTC server. Not a very easy start but it is inspiring and I am hoping for better days in the future. — Watch live at

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Arcanemuse – Lord of The Craft – Day 1 – (Minecraft Roleplaying Server)