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All right three 2 1 let’s let’s go Luke go go go go go I’m not old yet this is my last day of Youth and I intend on using it oh Pac-Man Pac yo I got Shrek’s Gauntlet no way yeah I got it no wait

Already on the first one no on the third one oh well I I got Pacman yep I got Pac-Man already and then he disappeared after he killed me into the night yeah that’s what most mobs do when they kill you in this actually I got shk Gauntlet

Already too yo it’s going to be one of those kind of days all right oh I got chica’s cupcake nice dude I forgot how many Lucky Blocks we’ve gone through so many drops great what even is this blades annoyance hit a player to send them to

The shadow realm I remember that oh my gosh that one was great dude Shadow realm Yi dude what was that whole plot line so like was there like like Yu-Gi-Oh I’m trying to remember from my childhood what was it like actually like not just technology but also like there was like

Some like mythical nature to it like a shadow realm and all like so dual monsters came from Egypt which was the whole plot line where’s that where’s this mythical land you speak of I I didn’t set my spawn so I just creative mode Shrek gauntleted back to

My Island they did did you make it yeah I made it I’ve actually never tried it in creative mode do you basically just not fall yeah you just don’t fall and you zoom forward that’s wonderful okay anyway you were saying they’re from Egypt I need a weapon they’re from Egypt

And so it was the it was the Shadow games they would summon dual monsters for their Shadow games in order to settle disputes and rival and they had these it was basically like a whole Magic thing where they would summon them from stone tablets and Pegasus like found those in an ancient

Egyptian tomb and converted it into a kids game wait I got a big firework launcher hold on a second here does this stuff uh oh I think it do I think it do it do oh no it do destroy stuff D yo I got the dino horn all right here we go who Island Just DE over oh the recharge is so long mind master what’s up thank you for the $7 stream tip and welcome everyone thank you for the 200 people watching I know it’s a little bit earlier and by a

Little bit I mean a ton earlier than we normally do but uh I got people from out of town and I want to spend some time with them they’re here for my bird day let’s see you wish came true if you enjoy being blown up I don’t I don’t enjoy being blown

Up oh R Shaggy ow get get him all right cool I have two totems now I have two Shrek gauntlets wait me too actually cap wait a minute I have a creeper pet but it’s not based on ticks Jerry oh sorry it’s the cloud has no bearing on cap mhm

Absolutely oh and I have two gandal steps oh wait I actually did accidentally throw out the totem when did I drop that oh here it is meant to throw out the chorus fruit roo roo big piglins biglins bigs well it makes sense yeah man I’m totally about it biglins sounds like a

Nice new chip brand to come out give me some biglins bro all right potion of healing notion of healing no swiftness no invisibility PE man with a $75 Stam tip said guess who’s back let democracy Reign no matter what game we’re in bro I swear it it is

A cult that game is a cult it is democracy I love that game though it is it’s a cool game I I just uh I don’t know my take on it is like it’s a good game I’m not going to say it’s not a good game I just don’t by the following

Yeah I just don’t know if it’s like the greatest that’s the joke I know that’s the bit yeah I know propaganda yeah I know well the only the only cool thing I learned about it recently is that um there’s an actual game master that as the war in the game progresses stuff is

Going to change throughout the planets like right now there was a call to Arms to a specific one where the mechs are being produced juice that you can actually access them early if you liberate enough of it right I am sponge shck yeah dude that’s

I’m kind of work with that and peanut I got some peanut gear all right here we go spin whe I have a lot like I have two sets of SpongeBob stuff and then peanuts paw seven your basic peeman go got him I mean Seven’s still

Not a joke no it’s but he was probably hoping for 12 hey backwards gamer thank you for the early birthday wish appreciate you Claire Grant thank you for the Earth B the the ear the happy early birthday the Bly Bly Earth Day wish the Burly Earth Day wish appreciate

It fun fact I share birthday with tuty hey get out of here nice toy was here but then he left no but he wasn’t he’s going to visit a he’s going to visit a friend friend who also just happens to live in the area

So he will be back how dare I know dude I thought I was his only friend and I’m kind of disrespectful don’t worry we’ll only disrespect you in an upright manner Jerome thank you Cat that’s how I prefer it oh that’s hot that’s hot yep you are right Steve that was no

Joke that’s not how you want to start off your morning at time no not no oh I got another blades and oise shame you can’t do wield shre I got my Speedo oh God no wow I’d rather have them have it than be without not have it oh that’s spicy

That’s spicy you guys don’t even know I don’t Rockets came from over here your base is gone oh my gosh the knockback on the uh the firework launcher like it sends you flying backward oh was that your was that not you dude you just blew up all my

Stuff but that’s where the rock that’s the direction the rocket came from hold on a second here that wasn’t you who fired one at me I didn’t fire anything I don’t have any rocket who fired something at me from that direction Luke Lucas I don’t have Rockets I’m waiting for it was me

Barry it wasn’t me Barry Oh but I don’t know what I was saying I think you’re imagining things Jerome bro oh my gosh peas with a $75 St said do I hear heresy in your voice not basic but a heck diver at heart and you

Will join us one way or another even if you have to go to democ y Rehabilitation no I’m not going I’m not diving every time I play it I play America the Beautiful before I start I still I stand by I think it’s a good

Game I I don’t know if it’s like the best game in the world but I don’t know everyone seems to enjoy it so whatever who cares have you the dive mechanic is really fun and I think that makes it to where everyone thinks they’re make like oh God they’re

Coming you know what else a good mechanic pe’s been being basic mechanic a two got him oh basic yike a big yike dude yike all right here we go number two all I need is Shrek chest plate and then I’ve got a full set and then I can do what the Shrek armor

Do it is unique Delta I agree he said it’s Unique jome like what drops you mentioned by the game master it is cool no like I I’m not like knocking on the game I think you’re knocking on the game how is calling the game good knocking on it it’s a good game it’s

Cool just not for him I wouldn’t even go that far I just I don’t know I don’t I don’t have like the most time in the world to play a ton of games so I like to play a lot of inactive games while I do stuff which is

Basically like yeah like RuneScape like I play like RuneScape because it’s easy I put on my laptop and I just do other like house chores and stuff or walk the dogs outside on you know now runes getap mobile hey I got Ouija hat I got Ouija Hat’s see I got my speed

Up good for you Steve there it is I got sponge board’s face man I just got Shrek’s pants I need I need Shrek’s shirt I’m dead I got peanut boots that are enchanted Bob said Bob the Pikachu said that’s terrifi what’s terrifying about this what’s so terrifying about spongeborg

Wearing Shrek’s fist you got a problem I have I have two of Peanut’s Paws oh I stole them how dare oh bro bruh oh my gosh oh my gosh a lot of explosions and uh Rising Blade the $40 stream said here Cappy enjoy oh my they

Chose you cap for a creeper pent and 32 TNT yeah buddy and then peeman with a $225 stream dips and we will see how you think basic feels now evil laugh all right peeman you want to play rough peeman you want to play rough ha and

While I’m doing the three rolles will it with a $50 stre and I have no power for another hour so I’m targeting Steve let’s go Steve Steve got that’s one Target on Steve let’s get the things rolling your PE I’m not wearing at all I got the birthday luck I mean I rigged

The wheel the birthday luck ready all right oh easy easy so far that’s a simple six let me put that one aside boom all right delete six from the wheel and apply wheel changes here we go come on y it was a 12 I just got the pistol

I’m so upset right now oh no not the Pistol oh no 12 n oh all right we’ll do it in order of 6 9 then 12 peas men wow I’m not very appeased man did I do it did I do the thing you did so proud bro I can’t win the crazy llama had rigged it’s not

11 all right here’s number six which is ghost pepper and Scorpion pepper I’ve got 20 blocks left okay six is still a little hot I’m going to rush through these nine and then 12 cuz I’m going to probably die from this here’s number nine it is uh ghost pepper

Scorpion pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper powder and then number 12 is Ghost Pepper scorpion pepper Caroline rer pepper and three times capsacin extract it is extraordinarily hot there’s number nine first though boom on eight blocks left yes I have three lucky blocks left and I got uh Shrek Gauntlet in one of

The last ones number 12 uhoh no I might be down for the count for a little bit here I’ve got entirely too much going on in my inventory right now kind of how I feel as well dude I still have over a stack of blocks to break I’m

Running out of time yeah you’re not going to get through all of those no definitely not well we got to Target Steve first anyway I got the hiccups from the hot sauce that’s so bad does it ever do they ever like burn the hiccups or like a little bit a little bit right

Now that’s hot that was very hot okay and then I use my bottles of enchanting anybody got any extra lapis for sale I mean maybe I don’t actually gotten any I’ve got 38 lapis tell me what you have to offer Um feather Falling Fire prop SpongeBob boots thank you now if you had a Shrek chest plate I’d be more about it thank you Toby for the 8 stream happy early birthday Jerry I hope everyone’s day has been amazing so far I’ll be lurking cuz I’m self-studying at the moment good luck

Sorry it’s hard to talk my mouse on fire and my nose is running sorry it’s hard to talk he’s busy being a baby this is rough dude will with a $50 stri I also I finally got around to turning in my passport application hey where you going anywhere fun Canadia I’m

Guessing um yeah he says so Steve gets another targeting let’s go double Target on Steve but I got a deal you can’t turn down yeah I will give you my Speedo hard pass hard pass but look hear me out wait a minute wait a minute it gives a random effect on

Hit that random effect can stay far away from me hey Steve the jeto for my for my bachelor party coming up in like well it’s in a couple months anyway I bought a jeto is that a jean Speedo you nailed it oh my God Theo jeez oh god oh yes

I gota yeah have fun with that Steve oh you can’t enchant Shrek’s fist a lot of the special weapons you can’t you can’t enchant uh does anybody want to trade something for Shrek’s fist then cuz I have an extra um no I’ve got two I also got Shrek’s fist I have an

Extra peanuts Paul tiger tufton thank you for the $30 stream tip happy birthday Jerome it’s the ninth you know what if it’s Australia you’re right technically he’s right I guess it is my thank you is my 30th birthday in Australia steak bomb for the birthday boy and a floppy fish

Fish fish and the old Team Crafted oh my gosh dude you are an oldtime fan thank you tiger tufton that means for following me since about two different Decades of my three different Decades of my life that means you probably started following me when I was 19 and I’ve turning 30 I’m

Old and dropsy doesn’t like to let me forget it ah well you do it to yourself really you Steve Won Jerry will it with a $50 stream diip too he was a target of a birth bruh no no birthday targeting here all right we ain’t doing it like that

That sounds good no that sounds good get that ain’t how we do it around these parts happy birthday a okay I’ve only got 2 and a half minutes left and 52 blocks to break guys J told me earlier that all he wants for his birthday is to have all of

His lives targeted out on this uh that is literally not at all what I want that’s literally true he said it would make me so happy if I got targeted the entire live stream okay he also said you happen to have a pair of like boots would

You oh man maybe magnetic bombs I could offer o I have some extra boots Enchanted I have magnetic bombs I can I’m just I got trade you do you want to do the trade uh yes if you want the magnetic bombs Hey cap I’ll trade you magnetic

Bombs for lapis oh God okay yeah sure why not I’ve got meet at Mid yeah I’m out I’m really upset my Shrek fist doesn’t offhand so I can’t like main hand creeper pet and offhand the Shrek Fist and do an exploding Dash You’re despicable oh no my webcam fell oh

No And for those wondering why I’m uh I’m wearing what I’m wearing I’m dressing up cuz I’m going Mini later so I got to look you the bombs everyone know got to dress up for minl there you go thanks man PE with a $50 stre that be

Nice tet Steve you said bombs more than oh well I well that one places five but I do have a second one if that’s required for the deal there you go but I don’t think they activate at the same time but like that’s the one that like

You place and then you can remote activate them yeah Island his birthday wish is for him to be Target no my birthday wish is to Target Steve don’t listen to Steve don’t listen to him he doesn’t know what he wants bro yes your boy picked up a last second Coliseum

Ticket there all right I didn’t get any of those I forgot about them to be honest and I managed to break through the last of my lucky blocks there you go perfect so we got three targeted on Steve and then one on the Jerry man we

Need more we need more targeting who put a bunch of magnetic bombs on my why did they blow up are they not working no weirdly enough they didn’t work I walked right on top of them that you remote activate them how do you remote activate them uh uh shift R click

Shift R click Maybe is that working I was able to use them earlier so I know it works R almost said new season of fortnite Drop I can’t confirm it worked a cool so the only thing recently that I’ve enjoyed with fortnite is I loved when they did the season one

Like throwback that was cool no build season 1 I like that so much no build’s a permanent game mode oh nice but uh do they still have like this like the earlier maps and stuff now that I care if you go through the game modes people would made probably but fortnite map

Specifically does like change with the seasons ah okay I mean I I but like no build’s permanent I enjoy no build but that’s just a personal preference cuz I feel like it’s most people enjoy no build there’s more players that play that than regular build I think it’s a I

Mean I hate to say it but I I think and this is I know such a lame excuse but it’s just true I just don’t like I think a lot of people don’t like how ultra competitive fortnite had gotten with building spef specifically well cuz like you shoot at somebody and there’s a

Skyscraper and it’s like fight me like a man yeah just fight me genuinely it feels like having to master two different games right you have to master a shooter game and master this weird building amalgamation and it’s like I don’t I don’t know yeah all right we it’s game on now

Oh it is yeah I mean I just went back in the arena though again and dropsies in the arena so we’re just doing our our Arena tickets yeah I’m just doing it real quick so realize there’s one minute left Rising bed the $50 strep said get

Steve there’s four on Steve guys it’s my 30th birthday tomorrow come on no one ever thought I’d make it this far the only wish we had come on is the target dislike you shot him off the edge the second I went to start building he

Shot me off the edge that was okay three for Steve oh my gosh dude great power Alan gu said it was too sweat on my bridge hey that worked in case you case you want fig I got to build across again right oh we got to heal up big

Time he taking a lot of damage from the Coliseum demons okay see dude the creeper pet man yeah I’m pretty awesome two more on Steve yeah yeah two more on Ste he spawn I don’t even see the I spawn at my base yeah your base is like across from mine and it’s far

Enough that you’re like out of render distance mhm chrish asked the lineup for today it’s a super simple one because I I’m trying to I started early so I can end early and hang out with the people who came down for my birthday to visit me um

But uh uh not balloon boy it’s this and then worms right after us oh the countdown counts for both not this one though bro you’re lying I just got a double buing horn you got the buffing or twice though oh no you got us Vernon with a $5 stream said I agree

With dropsy get out of your skyscraper and fight me cowards yeah exactly he said happy early birthday started feeling any old man pains yet dude I’m not going to lie yes but not the way you think I have just been I’ve spent all morning just destroying toilets

I don’t know if that has to do with being old but wait are we target to SK uh he has four yeah one more for one more yeah one more Target okay to be fair Cy tell your dinosaur and balloon Boy tell tell your balloon boy

Them I didn’t not get balloon boy and that upsets me where is he not going to mine off my base oh steveo hello yes hello oh the health potion I forgot that thing hurts a lot Jonas with a 75y old stream tip J still works so don’t tell my boss but

Rigged please oh my God Jonas also don’t get in trouble my dude but I am going to tell your boss ready work I’m going to report you to the authorities damn can you imagine if someone was that petty they actually looked up where it worked and just called the boss like hey

Yo like hey man they’re on their phone watching the Stream all right give me one second I’m trying to all right I’m going to go hide I’m going to go hide away from Steve oh oh my friend go i k you both over here yeah f with a $5 stream said

Destroying toilets has become your life goal at this point you already broke a out too soon man I know it was like four years ago almost but now one right yeah now one your room oh well you have to find me first spin the wheel spin the

Wheel spin the wheel come on low low low all right three I can deal with that that’s just habanero that’s not too bad not even Ghost Pepper in that we can live with that everyone’s saying rigged you’re all rigged you think you’re so tough

Cappy I am T I’ll take you off a cliff oh all right you ain’t build Bo into your Bridge C who do you think it was me it was me dropy thank you Demon King for the birthday wishes and happy early birthday to you at the end of the month there all

Right so all the targeting are gone it is down to just pure grunder at this point yes yes yes a mine on my bridge and I don’t like it hold on just second here oh a banana pal all righty then I’ve got the dinosaur horn and balloon

Boy thank you Willie for the birthday gift here’s another Target on Steve since I had to go through suffering in superhero auction yesterday Fair he was your replacement Steve he did not have fun uh sorry if that gets you cap I’m that’s not my fault I mean kind of

Is no you can blame someone else but it ain’t going to be me I had a rough day man dinos all right so we got to Target on Steve here bringing them down to a measly 10 lives making my way downtown Target Steve and I’m Homebound where is He swear to me I also have the doo summoning horn now oh dinosaur what happen where are you guys at uh just passing by Joe’s house y Jo yeah Jo who oh my God chat oh my God chat what will he learn I think he’s over here I thought I saw someone moving

Over here hey lucky oh you weren’t kidding dropsy I literally blew up like all your chest yeah my God what a hit literally it was like oh man I luckily got a lot of the stuff back but you did blow up like it let me just blow that up so Steve can’t

Get it later I’m over at Cappy’s base right now oh no oh lucky blocks I see [Laughter] woo I didn’t put Lucky Blocks on this actually huh then what’s don’t worry cap I’ll take care of this oh my god oh he’s a lering away cover the water cover the

Water I’m stuck I don’t know that there is any water I don’t think there is water yeah yike oh my gosh I had cobweb arrows cap oh okay specific cobweb arrows for the cobweb bow that it’s also confusing me right so is there another Target or

No are we are there never was a Target what jome just oh wait no there was a Target that’s why I was on Cy’s you like just lied uh no I think Steve if I read the chat correctly there’s four more targets on you all right targeting Steve targeting Steve I’m used to

It what do you me Steve you’re huous dinosaur oh it’s Cappy who’s trying to shoot me never mind some that cap oh my gosh dude the firework launcher also don’t forget cap you still have your uh you still have your um what what’s it called myvar St

That’s the one that that’s the one hello hello don’t worry I use ratatatat bending hey slick athlete thank you for the $45 strip that’s said my birthday is the 19th of March a lot of March birthdays it seems like um thank you though and he said get

The zard you got it I’ll open up uh I’m going to open up the paladan fates that one has the shine shiny Charizards in there right Steve uh yes all right we’ll open up a paladan Fates for you buddy there are two big hits in that pack oh my goodness

Dude I had Full Hearts yeah it was also that one like to your face oh my and thank you again uh slink athlete and Willie makes the $5 stream tip I’ll be lurking a little myself I’m playing cards with my grandma while I wait for my power to get back oh

That’s so safe what happened power Grandma there are two big hits in that pack you’re looking for the Mew which is an alternate art form come on man and you’re looking for the shiny charizard we can talk about this we got mime Junior nobat dude I would not be upset

If I got a shiny me D the me genuinely looks cool is it shiny shiny me or regular uh it’s it’s blue Shin Aran kolia dude I can’t imagine how PP oh oh shiny paty risu I thought you were about to say shiny me like noage you got

Shiny I did yeah nice that’s cool that’s really cool and then we got whimsicott and armor rouge armor Rouge was my favorite it feel like I’ve been getting a lot of armor rouges in this pack probably there’s there’s always overprinted cards in each pack just like clay doll and uh asteral

Radiance goodbye goodbye both of you trash you guys went through the the slabs like you went through the blocks that’s trash it all right let’s see that was a cool pull that a really I like getting the shiny cards shinies are cool dude shining Fates uh and like

Palan Fates I love pulling those cards because the shinies like they they make me so happy what’s shining face is that a different pack oh he’s got he’s got the Mario he’s got the Mario c i Steve you’re Invincible my guy get back here no Jesus Sorry Miss sorry was me for Steve all right he’s not Invincible anymore oh hey cap how’s it hanging oh my God why did I just Bonk him with blades annoyance when he did that it wasted the whole

Thing oh you got the most lives so i’ I’m op oh all right fine how about some of that how about some of this oh help help I’m getting huged my can’t that’s so did you get both she did she did she’s crack right now and you

Survived too oh I am buil the smallest ledge possible I don’t think you’re surviving that one though she literally no that’s fine that was crazy I I am off of that I am geeked off that she did it so perfectly Steve that she ended up on

The last block of the edge and we were one block off it was I had to H I had to hit cap off landed I just was not expecting that she reacted faster there’s always a chance Tak hero than the $5 stream tip hi Jerry I hope you and the buddies are

Doing good but I’m also here to tell dropsy and cap some news the C oh yeah the creator of Dragon Ball passway even I heard that I I found out yeah like 15 minutes after it happened I was I’m sad I am very very

Sad did I get you did I get you did I get you yeah yeah Budd you’re below 10 lives it was okay well that’s rude punching down are we anyway I don’t know if you should do that that’s all I’m saying oh my gosh but yeah is sad I I I

Heard about that I never really watched Dragon Ball Z but he seemed like a you don’t watch many animes so yeah oh he’s just inspired uh nearly every popular one that’s out now is because pretty much like I would say dragon ball is a Godfather of shown in

Anime what’s that I wouldn’t say that’s farfetched shown in anime is specifically like power fighting like it’s it’s it’s catered more towards like uh like boys where a lot of it’s like fighting and like ninja stuff that’s even my final yeah start out start out weak and progress along the way

Get stronger and stronger type stuff firework launcher something else it does a lot of D yeah the unique one is it’s insane I’ve oh I didn’t even see the difference yeah I have the unique one what what there’s a regular yeah there’s a regular oh yeah unique one’s so

Good killer nation is back what’s up dude thanks for the $5 stream Tippy said J I’m back how’s the buddy today I’ll be missing most of the stream today washing my tin my truck I think just about to say washing my truck truck I hope you’re not Washington Washington my

Truck um King dark cry thanks for the $25 stream of happy early birthday thank you it’s my 30th birthday tomorrow for those that don’t know he said Jerome just reminding you of death cups Oh Come why you got to bring up bad memories in the be dude how much health do you have

Oh my goodness I’ve just been wailing on you I hated those death Cup videos so much hey Jerome thank I will destroy this whole map if I have to remember those death Cup videos I like those that’s what I hate everyone liked those except for me death cup is wor there’s a Lucky

Block under there be careful there’s a ravager now come on guys like my little spot up here no I like it up here here I’ll here you can have this oh no oh no balloon boy balloon boy ow i f got hit off I got

Her oh my gosh there we go you put me at half a heart there yeah dropsy have you died to anything other than the launcher I don’t know I don’t think so the ship got myself every time to like take out someone else that’s how that’s most of our deaths have been like

Self-sacrificing to take out someone else whether it was the rocket launcher or the Shrek’s fist that has been nearly every death so far I don’t know what you’re talking about dropy hold on let me look at the chat again uh Hey cap I shot it at cap and

The knockback sent me so far up that I died of fall damage oh oh my goodness kill a nation with an $80 strip of happy birthday Jerry uh by the way you pick the player or you can wait till they get lower lives up to you if I pick the

Player what what would that be it’s a killer oh killer player oh my God I mean you know I could be smart with this and use it ah see I don’t know do I be smart and use it on the person who’s clearly in first or do I just kill Steve

Oh yeah I think you just Target me but I’m just letting you know drop’s dummy strong I just have a lot of explosions start a pole strar hey who W all right I started the poll it’s up to you why am I on there just in case they

Bring you in you going to you know have a negative on the board already it it disregards one bringing you to life keep opening be yeah dude it’s neck and neck between dropsy and Luke it’s neck and neck oh my God will can’t take me off

The edge if I’m in the house Jerome what if there’s no House oh hello drogar the five or drogar the five that’s the chat drogar uh drogar is leading the pole willly with a $5 stream dip I’m sure those death Cup videos beat that one Nerf video what was the Nerf I don’t remember that one I don’t remember that one all right

Drops it appears like 5% more wi to you than Luke we’re going to have to slash killer oh this is a slash kill it wasn’t even a Target it was a straight up kill yeah if it was a Target Steve there’s no question it would have been you but yes

Spike darts oh I was never a part of those I always got mad at Mitch because he would leave the spike Nerf darts around the office and I was like dude this is a hazard in many ways I was never a part of them though I

Was told him it was way too stupid for me there was a limit of stupidity that I was willing to you know spicy woo hey guys I made it to the he got me that rocket launcher is insane did it’s something else that’s a Steve meat balloon boy that’s it

Jome you go off the edge I lived what a clutch I Shreck gauntleted at the perfect time Steve and I landed on the edge oh my elytra broke and I did put water down Cathy I see you up there I’m shifting where are I’m shifting get away from me you

S see I just I just clicked the wrong I saw you Just sh onlet off a click I clicked the wrong thing I was going for the creeper pet but they’re both green dropsy is winning purely off of our stupidity and nothing more that’s what I’m saying every death has been us like

Getting ourselves I’ve mostly died to the rocket launcher like just exploding oh my God her ability to outlast our stupidity is stunning how does she do it you know years of practice oh go hey what’s happening hanging oh she did I get you I did no hi

Bye wait I just that when I do it hold on what is it okay you guys remember when I had the Shrek gaunlet and the th gaunlet um that’s an o oh my gosh wait I do remember that cap that was that was obnoxious here take a rocket to the face speaking of

Obnoxious oh my God you’re the worst why aren’t you doing any of that to drop I can’t find her but what I do so help me Jes yeah yeah I just got I got beamed in the face like the yeah there was there was nothing you

Could have done there was not a single thing he could have done killer Nation with a $50 stri did someone say Target a player Jerry you know who to Target yeah happy birthday present Target Steve oh yeah I guess I got a right there on the he’s running towards my Island right

Now dude don’t even worry about a killer Nation I appreciate you all the same thank you buddy for being such an amazing suppor on the channel you’re awesome and uh just keep being keep being cool good luck good luck Washington your car just make sure not the Jefferson it uh you know but

Yeah where is he oh wait don’t worry drop I’ll take down your walls for you is he in there a rocket just went right past my head hiya bro what if I what if I just kept double jumping with the [Laughter] creeper all right well that targeting’s

Over yeah back back to business I almost just steamed it immediately uh this poor map it’s about to get worse I think yeah this map has been destroyed hey Drome hello caby did I not get you no way I don’t see you I went literally right through you is that what

I think it was yeah did you have the meteor yeah that is the best and worst item that was ever made for these Lucky Blocks like yeah I love it it’s my favorite oh my gosh oh jeez bro bro bro h gotta get out of here hi

Cy oh I don’t I right clicked the Anvil oh my my hot bar sh get over here Ste oh my we oh no shind I was I was about to Shrek Gauntlet you off the edge no no am I doing it right am I doing it

Right am I doing it right am I doing it right uh yeah man how long until Steve’s back yes it’s a little while oh Steve’s just gone but I already know what you’re doing thank you Chrissy thank you eral a man I found the Trap I got you do it again Nutty Nutty

Oh hey ke it was me Barry we got to have a talk Bud it was me Barry this is for not coming to my birthday Steve even though you promise I tried not even my fault man dude Steve got trolled so hard in real life too

When he went to go like ask for like any kind of compensation from the airline he was there all day long and like kept delaying his flights and canceling whatever he went up to the customer service desk where it said customer service above it it worked you

Survived I got the magic wand and I used limitation and it oh my gosh that’s why I was like I wonder so jome nobody has any clue what you’re talking about uh basically I’m assuming I tried to fly there I tried to fly to see Jerome uh you weren’t supposed today

I got to the airp court at like 400 p.m. uh for my 6:30 flight for my 6 6 flight yeah I and uh basically the first flight got delayed until 8 then it got cancelled I got rebooked for a flight where I was going to spend the night at

The airport cuz the flight boarded at 6 6:50 in the morning uh around 11: or 10:00 that flight got cancelled and then I went to customer service to to figure it out they wouldn’t be able to get me there until 11:00 p.m. Saturday night which I was already flying home Sunday

Night so it’s like there’s no point like I can’t do it uh but I went to the customer service desk and I was like hey um gun bro you know just just refunded me my ticket and they said sorry you have to call customer support and I looked up at

The sign above me and I was like what does that sign say that says customer support dude I was so I was so genuinely upset like sorry St you need to call customer support so now I got to wait three to five business days to get my

Refund take take your licks this is my main weapon I’m I’ve learned my lesson with you and your magical levitating staff of levitation and stuff oh I did the wrong one and with a $50 stream tip Willie said to celebrate having my power back I’m giving Steven yeah okay you

Gotop we’re Target we guys guys targ guys sorry sorry you didn’t finish reading I’ll be on dr’s island all I saw was like red and fight now I’m Shrek with a gun I was just looking like why are they killing each other guys guys guys GM you left a lucky block on

Your Island I did you did I left it for you I hope it just immediately kills you explodes is he on Dr Island over here cap it’s opposite you okay okay wait for me guys wait for me don’t wait don’t be a coward come wait for me wait for

Me wait for me don’t don’t rush without me locking On Target oh no no no no no no no no guys guys guys guys what are we doing what is that oh my God wait what did you do oh you wasn’t in the house oh my

House yeah that thing is your house got what I told you what if I told you I wasn’t on Jerome’s Island you’d be a big old I believe you I saw him no I saw him with my own eyes there he is oh my God he shadow to

Me oh he’s back there cap he’s out of range a $10 stream I’ve had worms W KN for a while and I’ve been trying to find people to play with it seems a really fun game I don’t know I don’t know chat do we let him in do we let him in

Chat start a pole Willie this literally the whole I love my I love the poles I just put up there oh CRA how’ you make that jump oh Delta hit me with get over there Delta hit me with the customer support Steve he said sorry I’ll get a refund for your

Mortgage in 3 to five business days you’ll need to call some customer support dude I genuinely I was just at a loss of words when he I look up at the sign and I’m just like the sign says customer support what do you mean I have to call customer support like I’m

Talking to you right now just give me my yeah that is a bit uh ridiculous there he goes why Dead all right well there’s the targeting on Steve and 90% of people voted yes for Willie in wmd all right it’s his death sentence not to mention they couldn’t

Get me a flight for 48 hours that is so ridiculous did you tell them it was an emergency I should have on the on the phone to the guy uh on customer support I did tell him they’re making me miss one of the most important weekends of my life did you really so

Funny that’s amazing had to make him feel bad cuz originally they said I’m sorry we don’t we don’t do anything for weather related stuff and it’s like like what airlines are just scamming people these days if I’m honest really are it’s like oh I saw um the other day that

Delta was going to start charging more for like all of their like checked baggage stuff and it’s like why nothing changed what why are you charging more the most Preposterous thing is they make most of their money from Shipping cargo not like airfare right yeah I’ve heard that

Before so like there whenever you get on a plane there’s a set amount of cargo that’s just always going to be making that flight irregardless also more interesting the entire airline industry as a whole is so interesting to dive in but well interesting if you’re an economics nerd

Like I am it’s not interesting otherwise but like some major airlines they’re their entire value is based on more or less their um their rewards points their reward heard that so I think it was I could be wrong here and these numbers are dated I want to see was like 2020 or

2021 for instance uh you I’m going to pick numbers out of thin air United’s like Mileage Plus program uh Rewards program was valued as an independent company at something like10 billion but United Airlines as a whole the entire entity was only valued at $6 billion or something like that implying that

Literally the airline industry itself the airline part of their business the flying human beings was a net negative4 billion on their balance sheet compared to the entirety of their thing yeah implying their whole business is really just in their rewards and they actually lose a tremendous amount of money

Flying uh now it’s that’s all dated information and numbers that may not be effective but the point still stands you such AOW that’s the difference BR we we really just started throwing the word coward around in Le Fair all like what no I like it I just like being a pie ow

I’m being shot at well I mean is that not a coward maneuver to be in a fight and then turn around and run away and then levitate on top of a building where no one else can get you one might call using elytra a coward maneuver I mean yeah I don’t disagree

With you oh hey as we can agree mener 11 mener 11 just want to say thanks for your service andg on getting through basic training gry the only difference between me being a coward and you being a coward is that I get targeted for all

15 of my lives usually yeah what do you mean it was only like seven of them this time did you get targeted for kind of feels like a chicken in the eggs oh yeah you’re right I don’t want that you don’t want this to be your end Steve I don’t you’re

Right okay look guy listen here guys Delta’s calling me a dummy and he’s right and I I am a dummy the person that the person that I was congratulating saying thanks for your service and thanks for getting or congratulations on getting out of basic training I called the mener he said why

Didn’t you just call him mind eater dude dude he must have ate my mind he ate my mind mener bro listen I I’ve been up for like two and a half three hours and I’ve probably had three blowouts in the bathroom I my brain is scrambled my stomach so bad what did you

Eat I I had uh F last night and I’m that’ll do it yeah did you add the spice like the yeah that that’ll do it it was pretty you like the little thing that has like four different options uh no no I just said spicy extra spicy oh oh if

You just tell them they’ll mess you up it was uh it was vegan F I’m not a vegan but it was vegan F tuty was with me and he was like so what like what is like vegan broth anyway and I was like I think they just take like long clippings

And just kind of you know read your Dr oh will the $50 stream CHP said sorry but I’m hearing a lot of yapping get him yeah yeah been smacking you in the back of the head Raptors won’t I know it’s it’s understandable guys Steve is taking me to Parts Unknown on this map

No uh where can you direct us to to Parts Unknown outside of my base there’s like a m shaft yeah oh oh right okay I didn’t realize it was even in the map I think it’s typically blocked off oh hairy oh I see his I see his name I

See his name he’s still down here I unshifted so that you guys could find me what you doing here get him get him take the shot hold on hold on I got to line it up I got to line it up wait oh my God Just use the star wait did you see that I made a lucky book wait you oh from slabs yeah I I forgot that’s how they were made and so I made a double slab and accidentally made one of the lucky block yeah for those Wonder that’s how lucky blocks are born

Yeah that also was really dirty that like the death message was up there for no more than like a quarter of a second and I shot yeah he turned around and just I was waiting for that I was like yes ah it’s fine I I have the most I Understand what where did you go did you see where he land I’m up here what the heck oh my gosh hold on I I want to see how high I can go one SMY thanks for the five Singaporean dollars said big fan man keep uh uh doing a good job can to get

An oh buddy and hey I hope I hope to be in Singapore that might be one of the places we go to on the honeymoon uh at the end of the year soy that’s pretty cool yeah ah dang it landed in the worst spot bro you glitched me H oh was that

Like a one by one hole ho cap that you sent us through that’s nuts you killed BL I just dou just falling off the map you just died twice I double died spawn oh wait oh oh that kind of sucks a I don’t know why kept you double died me

Somehow I feel like you should get a life back for that yeah I like literally I respawned in the void like that was super weird oh yeah that’s lame yeah you should get your life back blue can I have one life I’ll give you what you said you

Life oh my God you’re fast I can Karma TM dude I was trying to save myself from the fall and I adjusted too much and just fell more forward hey what’s uh nothing what’s going on over there you didn’t see nothing you didn’t see nothing nothing I I don’t know what you

Were trying to do I was I was just hanging around I don’t know okay having a good time all right oh no I’m g off with a gun oh no I’m so dead bro I lived I lived yes he lives to see another day oh no it’s I’m double diing again

No where is she where is she I was mid Fist and I respawned and it kept the Shrek fist going and then it just sent me off a cliff again that might be why I don’t know what I’m fine just let me cook it’s fine let me cook don’t let him

Cook now where is there she is I’ve been chasing you like I’ve been trying to catch up oh come on man with a gun oh hey there’s a there’s a there’s a guy with a rocket back there I be careful I don’t know what you’re talking about out a lot of explosions Mr

B what’s the be stand for buns ratat Ratatat ratat dinosaur air drop Daniel with a $50 stream said Target dropsy get her thank you Daniel appreciate you buddy thank you the $50 stream Daniel McDow we got to Target her yeah let’s get her we can I don’t know how much help

I’ll be I could use the power of TNT on my side wait cap I do I no I have no TNT I’m sorry oh oh o o o where did I come from there she is I cast bullet up above n Shall Pass how did you get up

There the magic SP oh yes yes none sh can’t we can’t lose on target bro probably G oh d i just Steed it on my last I’m so done bro dude this target give me quick dude I just I just on my last life bro I’m so

Upset oh my God I haven’t had a bigger fumble since alen guo set me up with an all legendary team and I still lost oh my God bro oh that was a fumble that was that was bad oh jeez what do you think about that mind

What do you think minder about that move is that good was that a comet I saw dropsy huh oh no I already used my one earlier I was trying to get jome and only got Jerome the lucky block it it’s everything so it had a chance for to

Salem that’s how he has the pistol get any of those oh drops he dead here no way I can’t believe that didn’t kill you oh cppy no no levitates at least you went out with dignity cing yeah respect that’s deserved that’s deserved

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    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More