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You’ll be when it starts at 7 that’s when it’s supposed to start that’s when it starts it starts at 7 hello everybody Welcome to the stream hope you’re having a good one every time every day you all are on me and I’m only late like a quarter of the time

We’re live time for some more Vault Hunters come by hello hello hello there we go criterios hi how you doing un un unidentify how are you welcome back there is actually a first Redemption your boy Hi how are you Fierce good to see you Olivia Noah David

Andrea Lucid good to see you as well Lord d diamond how are are you nightmare good to see you as well the summer love all right we’re good hi hello and welcome in everybody uh does 11: a.m. a temporarily transl 7 PM where leg maybe Adam thank

You for the $2 Super Chat like clockwork right at the start of the stream that is very kind of you I appreciate it hello I love that I love that little I love this little sheep I love this little sheep right here it’s just hello and I love it right it’s so

Good you’re already I’m live I’ve been live since how am I Late how am I late right fire hello how you doing and welcome in Jade good to see you blaze good to see you first time Chatters as Subs what the heck it’s very kind of you hello welcome in looking forward to the stream awesome uh son I love you oh thank you

Very much Jimmy I appreciate it first got uh wait just got first three rooms of EV VA to be or rooms that is a ton of gems congratulations wimpy hello how are you two pink shap in your world nice Noah I’m excited uh thank you very much Adam I appreciate

It this very very kind of you so been a while since the last Vault Hunter stream well okay I wasn’t marketing them or I wasn’t like broadcasting them as Vault Hunter streams but it hasn’t been that long has it hold on I’m going to check I’m going to check I’m going to go

Live uh that one was the one we tried to do Vault Hunters but it was laggy it’s been a week it’s been it’s been exactly one week I think unless this is Noe that’s that’s hardcore exactly one week so we’re doing okay we’re doing okay we’re managing

Tanked your exam got a Redemption do in person and you aced it hey that is something put the P pillow in the hexagon I like it here though cuz you can see it so I I tried that you can’t see it if I shove it in there basically

Blocks all the light it just becomes like Shadow which doesn’t really work what I I’m going to do is I’m going to get another shelf for right here on this wall and I do think that computer is going to maybe become a little gundo computer shocking and I might get a TV

That I can put back there that would allow me to maybe like display chat or something else like physically in the world I think that that could be cool so I don’t know I I have work to do a 3D printed obelisque well somebody makes it that’s fine I don’t have a 3D

Printer uh wimpy thank you very much for the sub I appreciate it it’s extremely kind of you one week is eternity in YouTube time yeah no I know I know if we miss a weekend uh viewership just changes which is wild it is is really cool yay for lundo

She’s getting there she’s getting there right I’m not thinking like in the next day or two right I’m gonna buy the shelves I originally had a really cool idea for this wall I wanted to do something very cool with this there was this here hold

On let me see if I can find it do I still have this saved hold on uh stacked I wanted to do this kind of Vibe this doesn’t have like my name on it or anything no it doesn’t okay cool I wanted to do this kind of vibe and I

Wanted to get like this stacked plank kind of wall paneling and do it on the wall but not have it like cut off straight but instead be like zigzaggy a little bit where some of the planks would extend out and like build some shelves into that so that there’d be

Shelves on the wall and then you could project light onto the to the wood and it would be like a kind of pseudo natural it would look natural but then it would also be kind of like we could use LEDs through it and everything and

That was the idea when I first moved in that stuff was very expensive so I decided not to do [Laughter] that uh Jimmy I know that feeling uh so I decided not to do that and that’s where we just got with the lights and that’s where that computer ended up

Getting set up there but I have actual decorating to you probably so that computer might move to like over there there off of my camera and then I’m going to set up some additional shelving and other things over on this other other side I think that’s kind of the plan you still

Haven’t fixed the chat have you I don’t know why it’s being so laggy I’ve tried to look at it and it’s been kind of very frustrating and I don’t know miss your hardcore streams and videos well the last hardcore stream was more recently than one week ago that

Was like last Friday my friend um and as far as like hardcore episodes in the world one of those is coming when I have an idea that I think will do well but I think instead of doing the hardcore series which at this point is like 13 episodes in and isn’t performing nearly

As well as all the other stuff on the channel I think I need to come up with a new series idea so that’s something that I’ve been tinkering with I’ve actually recorded a potential first episode and right after we finish 2K and nether which is the next two weeks worth of

Videos uh that is probably the next one or at least that’s the next one we’re working on so I’m excited Odus with the five stream streak I really appreciate it hey Thunderbird how you doing hey gender Ro good to see you as well art mural I’d 100% be for like a

Little art M art mural on on there or what I would probably do Lucid is I would get a TV that would be right here right I would get a TV like one with a matte finish so that I can display it on camera really easily and I just have an

Automated art Rotator on the TV in the background that’s probably the play like I I could probably even do it on that monitor right now but I have stuff that just sits on that desk right can you give us a sneak peek no it is not edited

At all it is not ready to go it is like completely it is just the raw recording and N no I’m not showing that off until it’s ready sorry you know that thing where when you’re breathing you accidentally swallow just the tiniest bit of bit and

Now you have to cough like a maniac give me one Second that hurt but I think we’re fine um how do you feel about being pure chaos or mischief in the next event with the guys um probably not uh yeah I’m Happ to see hey thank you I appreciate it I I’m I’m having fun with power world

But I wanted to let you all vote so everything else why do you get muted cuz I have a little button button again and then I’m not muted and then that makes it really easy but I have a little like turn it on and then I can turn it

Off on and then I can turn it off on and then there we go I have a little sneeze button right oh no he’s swearing no no it’s fine it’s fine tox in mute I love it here’s the thing for like the four of you who can read lips

You know what I actually said and then it’s just [Laughter] funny love power streams now your girlfriend wants to play power so you’re occupied for the next week criterios it’s fun I’ve honestly been having a lot of fun honestly but yeah chat does not seem to be working for me I’m sorry

Accident that’s very weird sing every swear lagundo after dark make it five you read that there you go Echo there you go it’s a sneeve button I’m here let’s go hey trouble but yeah what’s happening in life right now uh just busy just busy I got I got some more stuff

Coming I’m excited I’ve been doing a lot of work on the uh extraction server and I’ve been getting a lot of info for from the builders and it’s looking really cool I’m really excited like I’m I’m genuinely excited right uh feel Guardian but but yeah wait what

Did I miss what did a guardian say that I miss uh how much longer is you usually your V according to the actual video so for 100 days it’s 25 hours worth of footage and you all get somewhere between two and four hours worth of a final video so do so

90% for other videos it is way l less right for other videos it’s a lot more one to one but for the big big projects it’s that um but then again you got to think of like when we include RP replay mod or something like that uh right you

Can do a replay mod timlapse where I’m not recording firsters camera for 2 hours at a time but I do 2 hours worth of in-game time as a 15sec montage like time lapse which is totally a thing is a bit over 20% oh okay okay so 80% so

About 80% of it gets gets cleared right lugan just doing fine lugan just fine another video undercover those were funny uh it’ be very hard to do that right now CU everybody has Mega bases on the server maybe next season we’ll see I’ll get everybody sus of each other

When the next season starts but we’re not planning season 6 of the S SMP for some time we have have a lot going and I have some stuff planning planned for like when extraction comes out oh I’m going to make a ton of videos on that

I’m going to do a ton of streams on that playing on the extraction server I think that that could be a lot of fun right uh some viewers can join like so okay um I didn’t want to talk about this but a lot of people are asking so let’s just

Get it out of the way rip the Mandate off uh I’m not involved in the scenario SMP anymore uh uh there’s the long story and I’d rather keep everything professional let me just say that like there’s a reason I didn’t tweet out that zombie form that

Everybody else is doing and I have not been in that Discord server or involved in anything in that since early December uh after after some stuff that happened in the pirate scenario and then after stuff that happened in the fantasy scenario and around the same time as the fantasy scenario

I tried to talk with everybody we could not see eye to eye and personally feelings were hurt at least my feelings were hurt so I’m like hey everybody this is fine it seems like there’s a consensus here aside from me I very much felt like the outlier of a

Major sticking point in the conversation so I left and Sean and I spoke later that same day we talked on Discord for like half an hour and he’s like look we can get we can get past this we can figure this all out I’ll invite you back to the

Discord server and we can have a chat and that was December 10th and I haven’t heard from them so I I that’s a lie we’ve had like one or two very brief conversations I’m just oversimplifying here a little bit just to try to keep it nice and simple um um

But I’m very sorry I’m very sorry it was not going to keep working like the th the things that I said that I loved about that not was not um no longer present and it’s just really it’s really unfortunate I wish them all the best I’m excited for them when extraction server

Is up or when I have my Minecraft events I’ll invite all of them I don’t know if they’ll join or not that decision is theirs I don’t want to I genuinely do not have time for any other comments or drama or anything else so let’s just not if that’s cool

Great I just want at this point I’m just like cool I feel like I made a good video that’s that’s I feel like I made good videos I’m un it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to make exactly those videos going forward I have plans for

Other things that I hope could be even better and more kind of in line with my vibe if that helps so yeah uh I know I’m probably going to have to say this like a half a dozen more times as like more people join in or people join into a different stream

Instead of this one and they’re like when’s the next scenario when’s the next scenario no wrong button I meant the zoom button ah right like when’s the next scenario when’s the next scenario um no drama on my part uh not at all like things were said I disagreed with

Them I asked for certain considerations or comments or changes to how we ran things I was told no and I said great good luck all I wish you all the best love you dearly but I can’t work in these conditions anymore Deuces and I left the server so that’s kind of it

That’s how that went down so I’m a free agent now and I got a lot more time on my hands which is why I’m focusing on a lot of my own stuff and trying to put out a lot of really like the best videos and everything else and everything else

That I got going forward and that’s it that’s it so cool great that was way less painful than I thought I don’t know maybe I’ll end stream to a thousand Discord messages who knows we’ll see but uh yeah yeah cult look do thank you I appreciate it no I I’m whatever I

Appreciate it all thank you very much for for everything miles thank you for the 16 months hippity Hobbit brand new channel member thank you so much I appreciate it uh very kind of you yeah like it just it wasn’t working anymore so we’ll uh we’ll go and do some

Things we’ll go and do some cool things Alphas I’m having an important conversation here my friend like it’s important this is the this is the the one thing I do where it’s actually about me so I’m sorry if I just take a couple minutes right so yeah yeah said thank you for the

313 creative differences yeah yeah we could just we could just leave it at that if that’s cool yeah no we can have a cult and still be friendly we could be a friendly cult we could be a friendly cult that’s a thing right no we could be a friendly

Cult we could maybe have that happen uh first time watching live well hello welcome into the chaos this is fun yeah but yeah making VI and you’re happy that’s kind of all I’m trying to do right that’s all I am trying to do so that out of the way let me just tell

You I’m going to have some more messages coming up um and I have some more messages coming up and it’ll be it’ll be really exciting I’m looking forward to it can you look at my wait hello okay that’s very unfortunate um I’m sorry to hear that nobody should

Ever have to deal with that and we tried our best as a community and I tried my best as a voice here on the internet to try to encourage him to not so I’m my deepest condolences and my heart breaks for you and I’m sorry that is horrifically unfortunate and I’m

Sorry really puts my complaints into perspective doesn’t it h okay let’s um let’s let’s get away from that okay and let’s let’s try to move forward and make things karmatic better uh and even just a little bit so yeah do the right thing thank you random I appreciate it but yeah so let

Us Vault let us Vault take a breath everybody wiggle right hearts in the chat wiggle your feet flex your fingers deep breath in out we all good everybody going to be okay we’ll work for it we’ll work through it right be good to each other right that’s

The rule let’s try to let’s try to push for that let’s try to do more of that why is oh because I had the button pressed that made the game not here so let us Vault that’ll be fun okay so give me just one second everybody Okay so let’s get into some Vault hunters and get some things oh it’s raining of course it’s raining and get some things going uh first thing I actually do have good news right I logged in ear what is that that looks really important okay I logged in earlier

To just get my thumb ow walking into a wall I logged in earlier to get my thumbnail and there was something in the shop we’re going to oh it’s not thundering butts okay so nuke is crushing the rest of us on the server nuke mainlines this anyway

I I logged in to get my thumbnail right um totally fair totally fair Jen that’s okay uh I logged in to get my thumbnail and I checked the black market first thing I see bam right knowledge star for 900 and 900 and something nuke is live oh

Jeez I didn’t even realize nuke was live I didn’t realize nuke was on the server oh my God he’s level 81 okay so I don’t know what this is but I’m going to buy it cuz there’s two of them and they look fancy so let’s do

That uh let’s get the mod box oh my God are we going to oh my God there’s a knowledge star for another for okay I’m not going to buy it for 4500 we can build we can make one no uh yeah let’s buy a relic fragment

Sure so we can put I don’t know what these are again I don’t know what these are uh let’s put them there sure go mess with nuke I can try dragon head wait no we had a dragon head already can I turn Relic fragments into something like can I turn duplicate

Re Relic fragments into something that I can make another Relic fragment or no are they just unrecoverable awful or duplicates cuz that would be super unfortunate if they’re just unrecoverable crap yeah I I I I really do think take a breath everybody but yes I I let’s let’s

Leave it yeah so are there any crafting recipes for the Phoenix feathers you can smelt duplicate full sets into Vault lemons oh okay hold on uh F hold on let me let me get one of these what’s it called again Phoenix feather that should have been obvious okay uh

Uh uh oh oh Phoenix Feather an angel block oh that’s what gives you like creative flight in the area right no worries criterios totally understand right so that’s a lot Echo pogs why is it always Echo pogs right Relic dupes don’t do anything aside aside from Trading to others hey nuke you’re

Online do you have a an extra picka like can you complete either of these sets for me that would be nice right the Phoenix weather revives You by five wrong game wrong game wrong wrong game probably cool we might have a nuke visit in just a couple minutes all

Right this um do I have a crystal I have that Crystal but that’s like the architect one potatoes Cod oh that’s right we needed Cod right we don’t have that emeralds 13 emeralds 51 Cobble and potatoes uh Cobblestone like we could Vault right away uh emeralds potatoes

I think we need yeah we need more than a stack of potatoes they’re another half a stack basically hello uh okay we have more than enough of those does work like a wait the feather does work like a vanilla totem in vaults when added to a crystal gives

You an extra chance not to die oh wait I thought you were joking that’s serious that’s like genuinely a thing oh boy that’s actually genuinely a thing oh that’s actually kind of cool all right let’s open the mod box oh butts another mechanical bearing so that’s I mean that’s nice but that’s

Less useful that’s its real use oh okay I’m excited for that so we do have this uh we do have these two uh complete a vault and Alexandri or to get a whole bunch of black opal I’m going to aband actually no let’s just keep that one cuz then we can just rack

This for a couple times and see what we get if we get anything good all right more black opal a lot of black opal for a scav vault moat of Purity now let’s react again I’m I’m using a lot of bounty pearls here but it might be an idea

Siren thank you for following welcome in oh M two Echo ore and we get another one of those feathers okay that’s totally good afternoon afternoon but it’s evening this SK hates flying that’s why it’s so much and no jetpacks hey we have this how much more flying could we

Need Dash plus Wings is pretty sick already also I should probably turn my render distance up to like a good number instead of my very low render distance so you get a good screen screenshot for thumbnails two chunks okay that is very cool seeing seeing Coulson just uh pop up behind me

And just follow me more or less just for building that still sounds cool though what mods are on a lot this is Vault Hunter so we got a lot to work with potatoes are done Cod is there a mob that drops Cod let’s go check nuke’s base for anything that drops fish

Right let’s see maybe there we go hello okay let’s check Cod yes stack of cod it’s working how does your PC not explode it’s honestly pretty beefy right uh I mean I have a 4090 I have the latest CPU I have a whole bunch of other stuff it is a pretty beefy

Machine polar bear is good for fish as it drops salmon and cod I know Guardians also drop Cod so there is that too all right let’s swap into our vault set we have a crystal do we want to make it something by default um Guardians would be a thing

Myth or Legend what do you mean oh if you’re talking about the Old Apex gaming PCs I stopped working with them about 3 years ago I think basically one year after I did it so it was either like two or three years ago um knowledge we have 38 which is a whole

Bunch I think crown five stream streak very nice but yeah I I built it up no I’m not stealing nuke’s given me blanket permission to use that farm right so that is robbing with consent which is important uh okay so we have we need these we can leave those shards out

There I think realistically that’s all we need we need a water bucket yeah we have Stones water water bucket all right I think we’re good ingame mods it’s fine okay so yeah that’s robbing with consent uh Shield is still doing fine 40% Soul chance is just

Sick all right should we do a should we do a prediction we can do it uh magnet needs fixing is it 28 I think it’s okay okay uh Lucid could you start a prediction on Twitch and I’ll do the YouTube One via truffle y’all if you

Don’t have if you don’t have truffle you can totally get it uh youtube.com live I can mute this tab so it’s not going to Echo and I can go ahead and get a prediction started for us activities start an activity prediction will um I complete the

Vault yes simple yes no we will do 5 minutes and the prediction is started over on YouTube if you can kick it off on Twitch casually scoots over thank you very much I appreciate it uh I’ll still retweet fan art because that’s amazing stuff and I love it all right

So yes uh v v yes I’m live on both right it’s too late to join the day stream where he had to be an IRL dad to be fair that stream was all of 15 minutes and I said I feel really bad killing a whole bunch of people’s

Streaks for 15 minutes I did feel a little guilty about that right if it’s a SCA want to join join let’s see maybe we can conscript nuke I’ll let you know unless you just W to join regardless that’s right you’re watching I see you nuke you can’t share the seven try

Refreshing Jester that might do it all right so I think uh group damage single Target Two tools that will the Vault consume him oh that’s going to be so confus now you did it backwards right you will not complete it cuz it will be a don’t you dare Andrew don’t you take that

Back right you don’t know you don’t know that’s weird all right that’s going to okay uh chest plate bucket of water helmet gear setup go let’s see don’t you dare if I see Monas up there Andrew I’m going to be upset oh it’s a

Scab and it’s oh and it’s in a it’s a bad one oh God it’s a it’s is an awful one let’s invite nuke nuke can [Laughter] help nuke can can help right new can help this water yeah that’s okay come on wait what oh I don’t like

That nuke completed a vault wait was nuke in a vault was nuke actively in a vault when I just logged in what the heck you genuinely do play this every day enlightened plus 100% experience that’s honestly very sick El air removes any and all fall damage that’s amazing that trinket is absolutely that

That is the perk there’s a perk in Vault Hunter’s first edition that was called Elvish that would just let you remove fall damage so I guess they turned it into into a trinket which is very cool um Boop no Boop group create uh [Laughter] create there we go we’ll we’ll see what

Nukes uh 50 Hearts jeez jeez man jeez how does Vault Hunters work so you play Minecraft and use that to get resources to unlock crystals to get in here and play Diablo that is the simplest way I can explain it uh mod pack for c for Vault

Hunters is on cursed Forge hey nuke hello how you doing good how are you I’m good I’m just carrying on unloading some of my stuff because I loot a lot so now I have like an entire double pouch full of extra random gear that I don’t need so yay

Yes yes we shall see so oh this is scab so I can just do this um so I can just have nothing in my hot bar I guess because no need my entire hot bar Isen what’s up you don’t have a scavenger pouch I I do have a but that’s

What I mean like I have a scav specific pouch so my hot bar is melee weapon one melee weapon two paxel potion blocks bucket of water pouch one pouch scav pouch compass oh I don’t need anything else right now everything else can go into my inventory

And I’ll just throw here how my hot bar goes sword wood breaker other chest breaker random Hammer one random Hammer 2 Compass mixture Cobblestone Water Bucket that’s still nine right no I’ve got 11 slots in my hot Bar okay hold up no I’m messing with you I don’t realiz I was going to say that better not be a thing cuz I’m just upset no I’m not I was about to be very upset I was like wait wait you hold up now about to be extremely when it’s like

Late at night okay good I was like don’t you don’t you dare don’t you tell me that that’s a thing that I could have potentially honestly it could be I don’t know as a builder that would be amazing oh God tell me about it you look

Fabulous by the way thanks this is AAR I got recent you got such an easy one in comparison two saddle bags is a bit difficult wait can I inspect my hunter okay I have two saddle bags four cracked script oh that’s easy coins are like the easiest thing ever to get wait crack

Script I thought yellow was rare yeah it is yeah yeah it’s coins it’s like every single time you break a coin part of a coin pile there’s a 50% chance you’ll get something for the scavs jeez you could have like three cracked perls which is the Omega stuff and it is so

Easy all right all right all right okay this has all been loaded so ready to go we Vault uh yeah ready when you are Vault okay Vault we go oh I just realized I’ve got three spider webbing skulls in my wood chest oh that’s that’s fine

Okay you’re going up I’m going down yep sounds good oo a bunch of for eight that’s fun but we do need four saddle bags so that’s probably going to be the worst part of all this although I did forget that I’m now like thery levels ahead of

You so this is going to be a cakewalk for me yeah that’s just you’re just showing off at this point I’m not going to lie listen it’s it scales it’s exponential leveling so like people will catch up with me if they put in any amount of time because yeah I’ve been playing a

Decent bit Yeah so like level 1 to 90 is the same as level 90 to 100 so yeah jeez yeah like that it’s just weirdly green it’s just very green right now yeah this is a lost cave kind of be I just went stra he do you have a

Treasure Key by the way I don’t and even if I I would probably save it for my own Vault so that the leveling is higher okay I was about to tell you I’m like there’s a pink treasure door down here I am like bottlenecked with treasure keys because I don’t have any

Echo I I literally I got four bits of Echo and I immediately take it immediately like it immediately became a thing ooh hello H Wild Wild West uh do I us meet gold gilded though um no not really oh well screw it no fun to loot oh come

On I’m playing too much been out of this ow ow ow oh ow oh please don’t die I’ve been out of Minecraft for too long it’s been like two or three days I got one of my spider webing BS I’m too Ed to game through I can dodge now

No what is your block chance and your sword not your sword sorry your Shield uh not great oh none there is none it’s knockback resist and soul soul chance oh it’s 40% soul chance I need a better Shield probably like my Shield’s not keeping up with where I’m at levelwise

Yeah you definitely need to make sure you’re constantly upgrading as you level up as well and that gets more necessary as you level up as well yeah The Shield’s the one thing I haven’t upgraded what level is your Shield I’m I’m going to tell you but you need to promise to not judge

Me I think you and I both know that judging you is a very real possibility 22 oh dear God I I I’m deciding to go the other way than the the wild west room there is no natural regen inside the Vault no right yeah that’s right yeah no no I was sorry

I was answering chat I I think I would know that by now I’m just so used to answering questions from people on the server Nobody Does the quests I was going to say like I’m pretty sure like you’re clearly in first yes but I think I’m

Second I would say if there was anyone that would contend with you with that it would probably be aiston a has been on in a half minute though yeah that’s what I was thinking like it’s been fairly quiet the past couple weeks yeah which is way I put that thing about Vault

Dolls in earlier no which I think that’s going to help a lot of people F oh for sure yeah I I wasn’t even going to consider like even suggesting I take you up on that cuz I know others needed more oh it’s really no bgy like I like

The more I run vaults the more dolls I can have I can only run like one yeah Vault per doll so like if you need then I’m more than happy to stick a I’m sorry all that this vault is very dark and very green

You vote that I will die in the vault oh boy here’s the thing it wasn’t oh dungeon impossible nope oh you do not want to go in there no I do not not unless you’re cheesing it I will I mean what do you mean by cheesing it

Like blocking all the doors and taking it one room at a time uh yeah pretty much cool that’s how I always do it yeah same but even then I still wouldn’t because the Champions can launch at you and it’s just AIT yeah I know that it’s bad it’s bad and

Scary oh cool found an extra minutes seems like death in every language when you play plan to play power world again maybe tomorrow these plant creatures always freak me out cuz I always swear it’s a creeper oh the green zombies yeah I always swear it’s a creeper like the the noise is

Very creeper like I got your crack script by the way sick I have nine uh I’m trying to get the bone shards I got a nice Vault room so that kind of helps a lot ooh nice I have a a complete B breaker for one of my tools

And I can literally just destroy an entire POI in like 2 seconds I’m sorry what a world breaker that’s just kind of the nickname I’ve given it like I had a room that I ran like an architect Vault that I put a m room on like eight plentiful

So I had like extra 200% ores and I know it was crazy how many um mob Essence do you need uh I need 10 black uh I have seven already oh wow okay that is SE I’m not worried about about that that’s easy enough with spiders and slimes it’s easy enough [Applause]

Yeah yes long story short I am I am death you are you have become death destroyer I am become death yes yeah okay I mean I think we all knew it would end up this way anyway yeah it’s one of those I’m not surprised I’m not even disappointed I’m partially impressed oh who Makes whose idea was that that’s not cool game what to make one of the bosses but then have it be a oh a baby burer yeah yeah they kind of suck oh oh my God this is going to take a minute cuz the burps are fine because

They’re slow you give it it a child and they move it like mock two they’re my least favorite ones because you have to like because they heal as well yeah right it’s the worst well all of the like soal was talking about this on one of his um streams like all of

Features gu that make individual like thebi heal the um the shape of water guys they throw Trident and the desert ones I don’t actually know if you’re at that level yet uh they throw scarabs at you uh no I I the only ones that throw something at

Me are The Last of Us mushrooms oh yeah yeah yeah The Last of Us Minecraft edition yeah those two yeah they they those are the only ones that that I have that that I’ve seen that throw anything at me yeah you get an extra level of um

Evil monster Mayhem at like I think it’s level 65 oh fun cool so I’m at 51 so working our way towards that how many bone chars did you need uh six total I have nine oh none I have nine I have I have seven of your things so I need two saddle

Bags two sadle bags four crap good what’s up are do you need any extra B chars or are you good I am done I have nine I only needed six sounds good okay right um I have we need collectively we need four saddle bags uh I have four purple mob Essence

So I need another five you need three more black and your three spider silk and then that’s it we’ll have enough black I’ve got six of it now okay okay so then you’re done cuz I have yeah I just need two saddle bags two more drown tight and

Two more spider webbing spools okay that’s not bad it’s all doable but I’m I’m not really focusing on really completing this Vault because there you know I mean it’s for Vibes we’re here for Vibes oh yeah know I’m doing it I’m doing it for your I’m doing

This for you I’m doing this for you and to avoid going to sleep because told myself I would do some editing tonight and then I well didn’t so you know oh spider spider boss no I hate spider bosses I 100% just collapsed Myself oh God no I found an extreme spider dungeon and I’m not going to be staying here but I do want to steal some free stuff no that’s fine I’m just leaving the spider boss here to be somebody else’s problem and by somebody else I mean me probably later oh God everything’s

Right it’s fine I’m I’m not I’m not dealing with a A Champion spider they seem to obliterate me I’m not having like hitting spiders right now it’s worse when it’s the dungeon mobs as well oh okay cuz they’re like black widow spiders and you think Marvel has enough money

Hey you you pay Scarlet Johansson you thank her along the way all right get up here baby burper don’t move oh no my one weakness moving Target I’m on a I’m on a pillar yes at the moment this is my weakness you’re kidding me this thing is out healing my DPS oh

No I think it might be time for new weapon I just got a new weapon no it just keeps Moving it keeps moving in the time it takes me to hit it cuz it’s a little bugger who just moves around yeah that’s the problem I stun it and by the time it it comes back from the stun and the knockback it’s back up to almost full health die already

Okay yeah hates the turtle monsters wondering how the other guy hand oh how does nuke handle the turtles how do you feel about turtles specifically oh snapping turtles um I usually bring down the power of this upon them that’s a good call what way did you go did you go like

Wait did you go west or east uh I’m not 100% certain oh okay I’m going to go west and hope for the best that you didn’t go that way as well probably I have not seen that so you’re probably oh I’m in a corner so I’m heading south now oh

God spiders are the worst H they’re just off I’m just not having good luck hitting Them it does not help that I’m getting like I’m getting just I’m getting just enough lag that my swings aren’t where I’m expecting them to be oh good nope nope nope NOP stay alive and like they they seem to always be a little bit closer than I think they

Are I’m just taking way too many hits the spiders are plugged into the Matrix I don’t know what to tell you they know for it they can see the code I’m sure if we had an extra six side we’d be able to see it too yeah

Well I’m also used to being on a server that’s usually hosted on the East Coast so I think this one you put a little more internationally I have your drown P by the way oh no I only have four when I say let’s get up to I mean you’ll

Also get buffed look I’m not saying that watching me will make you buff I’m also not not saying that anything’s possible with the legu have you tried flying oh it I hate it wait have I tried flying where I just said anything’s possible with lagundo and then I just have you

Tried flying yeah I mean you could anybody could try flying once for sure at least once I mean well yeah at least once so you can do it more times if you get in a flipping [Laughter] plane man I just flew here and boy or my arms tired I think they

Disconnected what never mind I made a pun and you didn’t you didn’t didn’t even acknowledge it hurt my feelings I I heard I did I miss it I think I might have missed it you might have missed it that’s okay I’ll only blame you it’s all

Right oh okay great I was I was I was worried you were going to blame me or something yeah I would I would never not I would never not ah fantastic Great right ooh it’s like a little camp this is cute it’s like a little Camp a little campsite that’s cute okay put that away I need my potion bottle back change the song from Cal to rock the playlist changed from C to rock it knows we need knows we need the

Energy it’s a baby burper the worst aka the worst it was very easy what don’t you do that don’t you make me feel inferior like that I know you have bigger numbers that does not genuin that does not actively mean better person you great another one that

Spawned in this time it’s on a checken oh great make it even faster oh I I okay okay I think I just got the rest of your drown no I’m still one short on your drown hide I got minutes we’ll get it what I’m worried about is the spider

Webbing spills what’s up I’m worried about the spider webbing spills what are they from wooden wooden oh I’ve been I’ve been ignoring wooden it’s attention it’s not exactly an easy find but then we also have to find two more saddle bags as far as I know yeah it is not looking promising

Believers is this for us if we both complete it or just you just me oh right okay well that’ll be easy then cuz you’ve already won I haven’t well you may as well have because I can give you the stuff that you need oh I guess like I’ve got your crack script

You’ve got yeah you’ve got your saddle bags bone shards and purple mob Essence I assume and if you don’t have the crack des and are crack scripts I have that so yeah okay that’s promising actually oh no okay the only way that you could Poss if I

Die can you imagine can you imagine if you die in a a vault 30 levels beneath you that would be a little bit embarrassing it’ be like the Vault Mega genius equivalent of dying on the toilet oh could you imagine if you died at the exact same level as

You I didn’t notice my health was going down you welp um H okay so now it’s on me to beat this Vault no I mean you could beat the Vault or you could just recover my body oh God that’s a really good point actually where was it so if you go from

Spawn opposite the wild restroom and then to the and then directly opposite um the gate like opposite like yeah I’m pretty sure Wild West room was one to the right of the entrance so one to the left and then down at one point in time you’ll see a bunch of doors which are

Blocked um I’m in two rooms after the room which has a blocked door well PID the doubters I jeez you can tell it’s been a minute since I played on vault Hunters that I just die like that select outcome no doubters have been paid congratulations to the one person who voted against [Laughter]

Me you make out like a bandit SP so it’s going right and that is the wild west room so opposite so just keep going from there no no no so go opposite the wild west room oh right okay so from Spawn turn left from Spawn turn left and then turn

Right and then keep going play should should play clown music it might you never know we might play it on the next song left right oh wait you might have been on the same Lan as me then oh that’s perfect somewhere there you’ll see a closed

Door so here’s how this works um you need to pay to get your stuff back I have 119 gold I almost certainly can can pay to get myself so sorry hold on were you just in that next room or uh I’m a couple rooms down I was not in the Next

Room I was I think maybe the room after that right I’m just I’m just right in the right in the like middle main level of the room I’m impossible to miss uh might directions then hey diffuse thank you for the $2 um um I mean at any point do you see a door

That’s blocked not really because if I’m running do you mean like when you mean a door do you mean like the tunnels yeah like I blocked one of the tunnel doors right okay so that wasn’t the case then okay oh jeez what’s a GH sleep thing in the

Corner oh wait I found a I found something spawning so I’m think I’m heading in the right direction oh you blocked it entirely what you blocked it entirely yeah yeah cuz there was two Champion spiders chasing me from the bottom floor right I’m not having that

Happen oh this thing this is a gear set that I can swap to so it just it gives me another gear set so I can just like put that there but that’s like my backup gear set honestly and then ditto over here that’s just this is my Overworld gear set so I

Can switch see you later Alphas trying to give him a good chance for an Underdog Story okay choose outcome part of the will the Vault consume meat yes as in Failure Lucid next time let’s have the thing just say yes or no because I think people might have gotten confused but I

Chose the winner congratulations uh okay five totems 30 mutton I need a sword that has looting on it did you get a red pylon in the same room that you died no that’s in the room before it on in the basement yeah uh no that’s in the room

Before keep going okay I I I’m on the main floor Yeah oh it specifically needs to be a sword there you are are you going to eat me out I’m going to take out this Champion first we go the Champion’s what killed me yeah okay we got 3 minutes left I have a feeling I’m not going to get the stuff I

Need unless you can access my pouch no probably not you can’t access the contents of my inventory which is a bit of a bummer yay Minecraft is yeah same by I mean I have fun extra gear for you since it’s too low a level for me to use

That will probably come in handy cuz I am clearly [Laughter] undergeared I need some kelp and I need to go get some totems I’m going to run over to your place and use the farm okay H I think there is a pigs in there by the way that’s okay I can

Switch it okay I’m just throwing it through I’m throwing your body through so oh hold on let me let me get that cuz I don’t have a an extractor either so I can just fly hey there there’s my dead body oh now as well then what’s up I

Think I might just leave now as well yeah come on come on over here still got 71,000 XP though she 71,000 yep yeesh what the heck how do you do that lots of looting lots of killing lot puppies wait what what it’s just so weird seeing you hold

Your dead body like that it’s fine I love it how I’m very strong that I only need one hand to deadlift a corpse okay how do we how much do we need 23 Gold hey nuke I I literally have the gold on my body I should have brought it

From the thing can I just get 23 Gold out of your storage system and then I’ll give it to you as soon as I have my corpse yep thank you cool and then I can do this I can turn the magnet off uh here there’s there’s a gold back thank

You who’s on call with me it’s nuke it’s nuke Nery oh God I fumbled oh God uh oh wait do you not have evokers no I definitely do uh you don’t have that’s weird you don’t have um what’s it Called level level 50 level 40 boots okay so that’s that gear set you don’t have um what’s it called you don’t have totems in your in the inventory thingy oh they may be on a um white list hold on do I evokers I’ve got vindicators where’s the evokers you might not have

Evokers fing Scout what the heck ow oh I think I was using my wrong sword too oh that genu oh yeah wait no that was the sword I was using just to get the never mind we’re fine how many totems that you need five oh I’ve got them in my my system okay

Perfect Zoomies hello you want to come down to the to see the other main bases I have not we’re in nuke’s base nuke show off your base this is my base why is this like all black um because black is very slimming okay that tracks also why is there just a basement

With no way out oh that’s this is just my way to the mine I suppose like that’s my way Stone I can’t I I genuinely can’t use it I don’t I haven’t unlocked yeah you need to have the H look in here what that’s all yours this is all mine yeah From the

Vault oh jeez okay well this is going to be a this is going to be Bonkers uh so let’s okay oh God I’m going to okay let’s go back and let me figure out how to potentially upgrade gear that’s potential spam I’m not going to answer

That call no that power up up up do you just have a pet witch somewhere um I think it might be hiding in the walls okay not concerning at all listen if you knew a pink sheep spawned from a sheep spawner and have no AI would you save it probably

Not wow wow that’s messed up it’s it’s it’s a fake it’s a fake sheep from a spawner like on the SMP that is so messed up I can’t believe you no they need to be authentic naturally spawning out in the wild that’s what makes some special oh I found some more

Stuff for you by the way that’s like if somebody died a pink sheep and they’re like would you care about this I’m like no Mr Matt Ranger youth specifically no I don’t care about this call somebody clip it send it to Matt ask if he’s going to take that okay uh

Copiously that’s my copiously wait I’m confused okay that’s that’s just a spare magnet that I had I guess I don’t know um something on found some extra gear at your level I’m bringing over yeah hold on just one second o I only have a small bit of it you know what go for

It uh si yes send it VIPs you’re going to be want to checking Discord yipp you’re going to want to check in Discord just saying why Pig and bottle that’s a pink sheep oh oh that pig um cuz I made the wrong bottle and then I put a pig in it and then I keep it how long have you been live

Uh 1 hour 7 Minutes 44 seconds 45 46 47 48 that was just the rest of the stream okay so I can put okay I have a whole bunch of stuff to destroy and then I have a bunch of gear to identify cuz yeah it sounds like

I desperately need to upgrade on a whole bunch of stuff cuz I think I’m very far behind you needed extra Relic stuff as well right yes what do you need hold on uh let me pull out all my gems quick and put those away that’s all the armor jeez so much

Stuff cra have all of that that can all go away backpack here um look check out stream so I’m one short on Dragon I have chest head foot and breath you need a tail I I need a tail okay got you uh and then I have pickaxe tool pickaxe head pickaxe handle and

Miners light for the minor kit but I don’t have the fit got it is there anything else you want a relic of because I have pretty much everything um wait seriously yeah I mean I’ve got all of them apart from the twitch set you have all of them apart from the twitch set

Yes jeez um like I finished all of them apart from that one do you need the do you need the twitch emote number four by chance uh no I’ve got two of those okay well I have that one for you I mean I I I literally only have the shiny set why

Is there armor just sitting in here what the heck there’s just a bunch of level 51 armor sitting oh cuz I think I put it into the wrong thing by default cuz the armor recycler right next to it that’s why you may want to pull the Vault

Compass out of the hopper next to the soul diffuser as well how the heck do you all notice this stuff right because it’s it’s a spinning Compass that’s quite important yes yes yes I see I see what you I see what you’re up to oh I have eggs for you in this trying

Time thanks tny okay that can all go away Vault apples can go Away egg cuz you can craft the eggs into other stuff right you can craft them into hostile ones yeah so I figured that’s probably useful here you go I have four regular ones yeah sick okay so I can make both of these uh where do I do that nope that’s the transm

Table God I forget where to do this uh you needed Relic pedestals I know I know the question oh I need to make another pedestal yeah oh one for each one what’s up one for each one for each Relic no those are just non pedestals those are non- Relic pedestals

Hello Relic pedestal time two so here Bop bpop one what am I missing smooth stone slabs sure I can make more of those two perfect but yeah so oh jeez I don’t need this here and I don’t need this here we can go ahead and make the minor

Relic two three four five sick done and then the dragon Relic so now we have an extra 90 seconds in in every Vault sick yeah I have a bunch of threes and a couple little bits of the elemental like I have three pie three pieces of the of the warrior I have

Three pieces of the Nazar and our B what’s that he our bonka good yes I still don’t know what that is neither do I I think I I think if I’m remembering right that was maybe a high tier patreon that got put in early on oh uh to answer your question toaster I

Just died in the vault so I am uh struggling through checking and upgrading gear because nuke is very much dragging me Kicking and Screaming toward success you think that’s a good summary yeah I wouldn’t say it’s far off you needed Warrior stuff as well right yes I’m two bits of warrior down

I’m just bringing all of it over oh my goodness you are too kind okay yeah see what I mean Kicking and Screaming towards success did you not have enough gold I did have enough gold I had more than enough gold to pay for it I was

Fine I still have another what is it another 36 in the backpack and another 119 in the inventory so we’re fine there it’s more along the lines of having failed now doing a whole bunch of uh gear identifying hey Dorian how are you where’s your Relic chest uh over the

Gilded right behind you yeah okay but I need to craft them right yeah you do okay so how many what do you bring over cupcake set is done you have multiple jeez your are Bon is done I’m just going to make three pedestals something tells me that and your Warrior’s

Done look I have all these different things around the base for decoration you’re going to make me just replace them all with pedestals like I’m not making you do anything you’re own design ches are on you all of this success is I’m not used to this nuke oh we all succeed in different

Senses yeah wait okay so now I now I need to look over all my gear because what the heck okay okay helmet uh 12 armor no this helmet’s not better dark what the heck with the 20 gifted subs thank you so much that’s is immensely kind we’re naming the next

Crystal after you I don’t know if that does anything but we’re going to name the next Crystal after you cuz that’s awesome thank you so much much that’s very very very kind of you thank you Mak place people to hang out to each other good introduction thank you very

Much was the most dumbest or embarrassing way to die in Minecraft um kill invisible piglin brute maybe uh two nuker that’s also that’s also up there you know in the you know Rick and Morty like have you seen it at all I’ve I’ve seen a bunch of Clips I don’t sit down and

Watch the show okay so there’s this one bit where they’re doing like flashbacks and it’s about embarrassing moments that Morty has wanted his memory erased from and one of them was this guy like this alien overlord who shows up and basically wants Rick to kill him because

He is considered a great warrior and um you know if if you get killed in this aliens religion to a great warrior then they go to have this incredible afterlife okay so Valla basically pretty much anyway um dying to me is very much like [Laughter] that that’s that’s hilarious uh dark

Very first time chat multimon multi-month tier three sub gifted 20 gifted love the S&P in your community is best thank you very much that is immense and and what a way to say hi um but I appreciate it very kind of you with the gifted Subs recently appreciative for the community yeah no

We have a really great space here accident it’s wonderful dying to a zombie Dungeon Because you dug under it okay okay an armor stand with Thor’s armor is pretty dumb that’ll do it yeah that that’s almost impressively stupid that is almost impressively stupid yes okay oh my God here’s here’s the problem

Right now though nuke I have no idea what what to do because my my entire build has been stack Soul chance right okay and I don’t know if it makes sense to just give up on that and get other stuff instead chilling Cloud wand oh that

Sounds pretty good though okay so the I need to roll suffixes on I need to find all the helmets those are pants somehow I don’t get how those are pants okay let’s just check all the helmets cuz my existing helmet’s level 50 so I don’t

Know if any of this stuff is going to be overtly better this has a bit more armor it’s probably just my shield slash I need to make it a Tome or something instead right yeah again I think it just depends on what kind of build you’re going for like if you

Your to something else then by all means Arthur thank you so much for the for the 4 months I appreciate it is that what happened that’s how I died in hardcore series 2 yes that is exactly how I died in hardcore series 2 I dug under and then up under a

Dungeon I was in a one by one tunnel I was at the end of a 14-day subathon I was exhausted it was late I was tired and I ran deeper into my one by one tunnel instead of further out cuz it was a three block drop I dug down three blocks

And then over and then up into it and then all of the zombies poured down into the hole and there were so many zombies that I couldn’t place or break any blocks cuz they were basically inside my hit box and I just got burned down within a few seconds so that

Was rough I was here for when that world ended and in h sight it’s pretty funny it is very funny in hindsight absolutely okay this this axe is potential see the axe I have is better ooh these these feet are potentially better okay so I need to

Roll a lot of these things cuz I don’t know if it’s any good cuz my my helmet’s pretty good right plus seven Health 8% resistance right and it has 11 armor on it so the helmet feels pretty good my actually all of my armor set is level 50

Armor except for my chest PL which is level 40 so maybe I just focus on chest plate stuff um poison avoidance that could be cool crit hit resistance that could also be good I have over 100% poison avoidance and it’s basically you don’t take any poison damage like it never affects you it’s

Great what would be better plus eight health or an addition an extra eight health or an extra five armor uh good question honestly off of you asking I’m not sure you could try them both on while you’re in the like H and see what your defenses as a percentage wait no

That wouldn’t count all sorry and I need to roll I need to roll both of those okay I just have to add some stuff to the armors uh I just got a whole bunch of really cool stuff damage resistance is more valuable than increased Max HP if

Healing fix heals a fixed amount that’s also valuable oh so chaotic photus see what I need to do is I need to go to those specific focuses that I can roll for specific stuff right and then healing Cloud shocking probably resistance right is the thing to get resistance is pretty good if

You’re going just defense yeah that’s a good thing if you’re going about tanky um poison Cloud I’m going to get I’m going to get Soul cloud or Soul chance because those are all all good velocity resistance let’s just get all the resistance ones and uh I don’t know stunning maybe stunning would

Potentially be good let’s get stunning let’s just see what we get just to the mall yesterday I think uh you got totems wait what how about on the server in real life too see all the mall nice that’s that’s awesome never been subed to anyone before gifted one makesa the first

Twitch person I’m subed to that’s very thank you Amber okay so this I think I want to get uh Soul chance oh that has chilling I already had something in there so resistance on it specifically oh but I can’t do that okay adds a level of stonefall I don’t want

That level of Hunter I don’t want that either level of warp I don’t want that either Mega Jump okay cleanse oh this I’ve just ruined that that’s just garbage now that’s potential uh suffix area of effect uh you know I’ll take that that wand might actually be good H

Prix a bunch of durability that’s probably not too good right that has a ton of trap disarm though so I kind of want to take that trap this arm is getting nerfed a little in the next update but honestly I couldn’t even begin to tell you how it

Works it’s a bunch of maths yeah it’s math and that does hurt my brain yeah uh so if I I get resistance knockback resistance and resistance you know what I’ll take that so let’s see if I switch out my boots I lose a heart and a half if I switch on these

Pants I gain a whole bunch of hearts and Mana regen and soul chance but then these pants I lose a whole bunch of Hearts but I have I’d have less armor oh I don’t know what to pick nuke a lot of this is a fun thing to do off

Camera yeah I’m just going to switch out a whole bunch of stuff and hope it’s better item Rarity poison avoidance and I’m just going to put some stuff those pants are bad don’t use them which ones rise the ones I have or the ones that I

Was going to switch to so okay so you know how you saw the floating armor in my thing in my basement so if you have a wardrobe and you put I I do have and used wardrobes so you can check like comparatively speaking what a different

Set will do by hovering over the switch thing yeah so if you like it’s yeah so I have a sord that would have 32 attack I can just put Soul chance on it actually let’s just do affect Cloud chilling to Cloud oh wait oh no it rerolls all

Prefixes and suffixes I just ruined this sword yeah fasted focuses are very specifically usable I just completely ruined that sword that had that sword had 32 damage on it and I just blew it uh you know what I think it’s time to upgrade from the level 22 Shield to a level 51

Shield this is the one thing I’m learning right now is that there you go and I make blankets oh that’s cool so we can put that there we can I I specifically ruined that Shield I I ruined that sword okay I think boy eight kelp I need

Kelp okay so I have a I have a question for we were making another rock right another Crystal I need eight kill okay I think I can do that I have 44 yeah perfect I have a proposition for you okay do you know what a chaos catalyst is no but I love

Chaos so do you know what a modifier to EV VA is I do you know that yes okay so hold on let me turn my magnet off I think I I think I’ve just been encouraged just like Embrace chaos open your heart to chaos okay combine with rol Crystal to apply 30 random

Modifiers you know what bring it on they’re fun yeah bring it on I three in one day and it was insane open your to chaos I need I need to go and get some extra stuff one second theme chaos unmodifiable done what’s the worst that could

Happen so I’m not going to tell you much about the chaos vaults because it’s more than just the modifiers oh God what what are you doing to me the pink flamingo does seem to be a good avatar for chaos yeah I’m getting I’m getting that idea rise is so shortly

After we started Vault S&P rise is like I need to I need to play this so rise started a vault SMP a vault Hunter server for the community all right and they’ve just been playing it non-stop to the point where there have been days where I just have not heard from them

It’s very addictive it is very addictive uh all the rooms are random no rise don’t no don’t spoil it don’t spoil it quick y’all spam in YouTube chat so I don’t see what rise said I don’t want to know don’t tell me I’m covering it did you love multitasking yes come on

Rise get it r no spoilers uh I need think I’m ready hold on I have I have one ability point which I can spec into something uh let’s upgrade heal again because why not and then to go to Belt I need seven knowledge I have one sitting right right

There uh and I have 43 which is another five so I I am I’m basically one Vault away from being able to upgrade to belts oh sweet that’s here by the way take this my magnet magnet what’s this that is a choice flask that means that you can unspec from Hunter I’m in

Hunter living right now so yeah yes so it’s usually better to in without it spec in case it is scavengers so that way so I’m going to hold on to it and use it later you can’t use it inside a vault oh shoot never mind yeah okay all right so

The okay I don’t like the omen of this I’m upset and annoyed wait of what sorry guess what just came on the playlist oh What circus music is on that’s not a good omen for us going into this Vault I’m telling you right now oh boy this is not a good omen nuke

No it’s fine just because you’re going to get clowned On by The Vault doesn’t mean that we’re both going to lose you’re going to die too I’ll see to it okay thir chaos vaults chaos embrace your heart TOA open your heart to chaos yeah okay should I go in first so we

Have some extra time no okay but it’s my crystal so it’s my level yeah but if the person who goes in first has like it’s their Relic you have more relics so yeah to be fair I’m going to quickly just make the Relic uh just while you’re while you’re

While you’re loading the Vault I’m just going to quickly make the Relic because I I’m just sitting here and I might well so when I load into here it will show you all of the I’m I’m not going to look okay until I until I connect in cuz I

Want the clip cool in fact I just hit f3d so I can’t I cannot even see it even if I wanted to smart right so the chat is the chat is blank for me I can see nothing oh boy okay all right you know about transmogs

Yes half my half my gear is transmog cuz I really like I like this look I think it’s a Vibe okay I have everything I have That Uh seven oh here let me take the shards out of my pocket first just in case I’ll put them in in this pouch just because I I like keeping them in in here okay enchantments oh shoot I guess I should put uh Unbreaking on the the boots and Unbreaking and featherfall good call

Actually hold on I got to enchant my stuff real quick that’s okay and I won’t worry about the blank runes right now Until I can do blank runes later Unbreaking depth Strider oh I’m out of levels it’s okay I got the important ones you have bosses of enchanting probably right what’s up you probably have BT of enchanting right I do but it’s also fine yeah fair enough it’s fine I got I

Got feather falling and Unbreaking on it right I don’t need depth Strider right now I’ll survive yeah fair enough okay all right let’s go kind of look like a barbarian football player not going to lie it definitely seems fun purchase section the power button double press oh jeez yeah toaster

Toaster by the way toaster and everybody else if you’re going to subscribe don’t subscribe on a mobile phone cuz Apple charges Apple raises the prices and makes it more expensive and they take all the money and I see none of that you get scammed don’t do that go subscribe

On a on a desktop computer or in a browser so that it’s not through your phone because apple is awful Apple actually did you see this latest thing that they want to do they want to do the same install tax that Unity tried to pull so that for an app with inapp

Purchases 100,000 downloads in a year you owe 3,100 you owe 31 ,000 a month jeez Apple fees it’s insanely predatory it’s really really bad never buy anything via an app cuz Apple’s just going to scam out everybody involved yeah it’s it’s completely scuffed don’t buy don’t buy twitch subs

Or bits or anything else in your your app buy them on a desktop or go to patreon or something like to support the creators that you love don’t do it don’t do it in a mobile app because Apple will scam all parties I think Android does

The same but I know for a fact Apple does it I don’t know if Android does it but something to keep in mind okay so let’s take a look at this one times wild plus one set of wildly spawn mobs so there’s just mobs spawning on us all the time mobs are 10%

Chunkier plus 60% volor that’s nice uh 100 125 gilded plus 50% mob damage great after I just died plus 25% mob speed this is starting to become bad 10% item quantity double the wooden plus 75% living plus 15 times ornate plus 60% item Rarity we’re staying together okay I I’m

Afraid and that’s totally valid because this is an obelisk vault as well now something I need to prepare you something I need you to be prepared for before we go into here if you see a dark looking theme with black liquid as the general oh don’t touch the liquid yes I

Know don’t okay good okay good liquid liquid don’t touch void liquid cuz then bad yeah liquid liquid bad yes yeah but uh yeah I guess all we can really do is go God this is this is terrifying no it’s fun trust me rise saying it’s not

That bad here’s the thing I know Riser would love to watch me die right now cuz it would be funny and you know what they’re not wrong okay this so I’m looking for a good example what to expect here so basically with wild mobs it

Will is my magnet on not any now it is um okay with a wild spawns so basically what that is is invisible spawners around the room so it’s not like forever it’s just like there are random invisible mobs oh here we go this is more like it so this isn’t usually an ornate

POI yeah this is just like a ton of that the chests are random as well I think your magnet is superseding it’s taking priority because it’s more powerful yeah that’s okay we’ll share okay we got it at this point I’m just a Lackey I’m just jeez you’re so fast right

Yeah where did you go down cool nuke is My Bodyguard nuke is nuke is basically My Bodyguard right Now ow cuz these things hit like a truck are you kidding me I got like almost I I would have gotten three shot by a random zombie oh that would be bad yeah this is potentially a little scary here bud oh you already did all that I’m cool I love that chat’s getting

To watch me watch you do evolve this is basically what it is uh Android $10 equals 510 bits okay could we get the price of that on Apple on on an iPhone as well as on desktop should be rooting for nuke or legs yeah we’re technically on the same

Team surprised about how Cal the themes have been so far weapon reach weapon reach is probably smart but I’m like I’m just sitting here like I’m helping jeez okay there you go now I’m helping [ __ ] nuke nuke just main lines this game in the time took me toak on Android

YouTube membership is $19 come down yet there’s a hold on I can oh they’re dead now yeah I I powered of jeez so what that’s the same 10 bucks for 510 on Apple okay so that’s not so maybe they that’s interesting I know for like subscriptions it’s bad $7 for 500 bits on

Desktop I mean there’s your answer right it’s $3 cheaper for the same amount of bits to buy them on dust out ow ow ow you know nuke I am genuinely just the cameraman at this point and you’re doing a great job no I’m not yeah you are not anywhere to be

Found right now nuke I’m being chased by these golden the Golden skeletons who are very scary I’m just a cameraman there you go I’m just following nuke around for this Vault I’m here to watch oh my God one heart I don’t know why I decided to focus you there it’s it’s Bad woo it’s great to see a wild nuke in their natural habitat yeah uh Hey Oh that’s a treasure door never mind yeah what’s up dungeons aren’t affected by any of this stuff as well thank God I think the mobs are but the loot isn’t interesting okay which way did you go

You’re over here yeah you are just so that the compass is behind me I’m literally just trying to keep up with you oh God okay so this is we’ve got an obelisk have you done one of these before uh yes I blocked off the door and killed them and stab them in their

Ankles okay well that’s one way to do it nuke it’s me I want I want to see this here I’ll launch my stormcloud arrow thingy too go for it oh my God that was so much easier than I was thinking it was going to be I just

Ran so I noticed one of them was chasing you use your storm Arrow it’s good I know that’s why I ran why do you think I ran it’s not purely out of fear it’s mainly out of Need for survival so fear that just sounds like fear with extra stab

No no I no I reject V try again okay it was anti- courage uh I I prefer survival and I prefer the truth but you know you me dirty like that oh there was a spider dungeon down here do we want to do it I mean I’ll check what the difficulty is because

There’s a possibility of getting an archive yeah that would probably be good I got a whole bunch of coins what’s the grunts cam uh that is an old Redemption that would activate a second webcam that would be focused on grunts when he was still with me and I can’t

Bring myself to turn it off oh it’s normal difficulty okay uh we do need to loot wooden chest or we make God angry but something tells me realistically in this no you have to loot or wooden chest that’s not for me no what I was trying to say is something

Tells me in this moment there’s very little God can do on top of what is already in this Vault to make it scary yeah okay there’s no archive that was fast how did you already complete this thing because it’s a normal difficulty and I had a storm Arrow levels above that was Omega

Nice okay cool I can drop off all the random blocks that I’ve collected but he was the best dog he was gun is the bestest boy unless you have a dog in which case your dog is your your bestest boy or girl but yeah dead probably themselves the

Coconut Shield definitely seems to be helping this is very moded this is immensely modded this about as modded as it gets 100% oh my goodness we haven’t seen any random themes yet they’re alland really out there themes have you noticed that no one room is the same no I have

Noticed that but I mean like really out there kind of themes like have you you been inside the flesh Vault oh the the blood moon one yes I have no not the blood moon one the one that’s made of fish made of fish it’s disturbing I hate

It and I burned everything after we were out fish there’s literally like blocks called in block of intestines block of scale oh flesh flesh I’m pretty sure that’s the blood moon one no it was like a salmon themed Vault was it called salmon Turtles no yeah it was it was it was very

Gross I’ve definitely seen that one before I just thought it was a Blood Moon one but I might just oh wait no I think I can picture the blood moon one now oh there’s an orpi up here do you want to see my world breaker y let’s do it my God that literally

Lagged yeah it does that sometimes you just dug down to the middle level yeah that happens too you are so casual it’s because this is stuff you can do so unnecessarily easily as well yeah when you’re 30 levels above the the the VA like three if you have three

Hammering Jews you can literally do that as well no I get that I’m just watching you no I mean like you’re going through this whole Vault so casually I’m gen I’m not kidding when I say I am a cameraman I’m your sidekick in this [Applause] moment I’m here for witty banter and comic

Relief fantastic this is this is my purp I should tell you more about my streams then in that case cuz d That’s Just of them I mean I’ve been there so you I’ve been there I’ve seen the Tik toks I know it’s okay you’re fine oh God yeah the Tik

Toks I do love the one that was basically like eight clips of you talking about how how ridiculous your whole stream personality is oh God I don’t know what one you’re talking about but which one do you have any idea how little that narrows it down okay I’m still a

Cameraman this is just wild to watch nuke let me save you I saving you now save yourself I got him I’m just yeah like I said I’m just standing here I’m Watching yeah oh another or py you go I’ll get all the wooden chests here leave me the wooden chest actually so I can make God happy oh yeah no absolutely please I I realized I just wasn’t doing how many do you get another 23 I have 7 minutes to do it that’s pretty Easy o I’m in a hole there we go I’ve solved that I’m no longer trapped in a hole o dungeon normal dungeon there’s some wooden over here by the way o okay here dungeon door there wait for me before you go and complete it they just I love it how this stuff just

Leaves it literally just went away from me because you’re you maybe 50 blocks away and your magnet’s still more powerful oh nuke the floor it’s fine don’t worry about it they need a new floor anyway oh oh my God this is fine wait where’d you go through the door oh there was another

Door okay I I just saw the staircase down yeah there’s multiple roots in this One I can’t see anything okay I’m I’m just going to assume you’ve killed everything at this point that feels like I sa everything there is more in this room here well not for long though evidently I’m helping okay we still to do the boss I’m just getting a little bit of

Coins you focus on killing I’ll mine up the coins cuz those I can mine up pretty fast I can keep Pace with you on those okay Mega drill pacifist bottle ooh 40% Mana sure I’ll take that oh that’s pretty good that’s not bad moral support is still support yep

Okay you’re out of the dungeon yes you are you’re up here already killing everything else in the room nope I fell I missed uh nuke help yes nuke help I’m just playing Ring Around the Rosie with a bunch of mobs I don’t see them cuz I’m very good

At my game I’m very good at what I do is there any wooden up there like this I’m not going to lie like every mob that attacks me I’m basically one hit extra one more hit away from Death okay there’s a bunch of wood in here okay perfect 17 19

21 okay all right 21 we have 3 minutes so like two more pois and we’re probably did you get the one behind the campfire nope it’s okay let’s go next room how do you have wings too um it’s a trinket I’m out see you later Snorlax

Thank you for popping in oh God I hate this room can we just the nether theme so I’m happy to skip it let’s skip it next room oh wait hold on one second they’re just down in a hole God hold I need to get rid of some put it in my trash

Chest okay my trash chest is now full so storm Arrow at ready yep Ready they’re dead I literally turned around and they’re dead you are ridiculous the best possible way candy room there’s a candy this is full on Wily Wonker room it’s like gummy bear bun the mobs are literally made out of

Gummy bears so okay you get the wood and I’ll get everything else yep ooh mod box saw that 24 out of 33 how much time do you have left on it 90 seconds what oh God I’ll clear the pois you just get the chest 27 28 28 there’s nothing up there so9 I

Need four more minute 14 down yeah I found three chests here perfect we only need one more after that one two it’s over here wait where three oh for once I don’t disappoint God 25% item quantity not bad hey we’ll take that stream window is still blocking the

God objectives oh I’m sorry I forgot that there’s like an actual importantance of stuff right here I’m used to that not being the case it also blocks like some of the messages in pal world too uh Hey red gr how you doing I am currently watching nuke

Complete a vault cuz nuke is too good at this we’re actually kind of doing bad with the objective we’ve still got three more of the things to find yeah go back wait oh no we’ve done this one okay maybe we should die there yeah are they always in the middle of

The room or are they usually hidden uh they can be the same as monoliths oh jeez so just kind of anywhere okay that’s not great so head north right behind you sweet yep still learning how to edit videos Nice n what’s up that is terrifying I’m not going to

Lie when they all spawn in that’s genuinely horrifying okay so we we need two more should we just do Focus objective at this point now we got n minutes you were just saying we were doing badly well yeah I am also kind of basing that on

The fact that we’re only loting half as much as we could be but to be fair you would be dead without me yes sh so it’s fair that we both get the crate I mean genuinely yes I’m here to help no nope I’m standing on

That Che the trap doors as well I I do not have the gear for this chaos Vault hey I I’m doing okay yeah I do not have a gear I do not have the gear for this many modifiers this is too [Applause] much ow ow ow what the I was like why

Did the floor just disappear that’s there’s some or in this one so I just kind of destroyed the entire floor there was gems here just used to excavate the entire thing do you know that machine where it’s like the big biggest drill in the world and it’s the spinning

Claw yes that’s what I think of when you’re when you just do that right you just do that you excavate an entire section of the world yeah that that sounds about right oh God big chungus have you seen big chungus before I have seen big chungus

Before why you I need to I need to ditch my my treasure my trash chest is full ooh secret room I think I’m missing out on some gems and stuff cuz my backpack is full living chest scroll I’ll take that where’s the secret room is there a

Barrel in it I need to dump off some stuff okay I see it thank you yeah thanks I found it here leave that one wooden chest okay cuz I’m going to drop a whole bunch of stuff into it okay hold on a second cuz I just want to make

Sure hold on did I just yeah I did I put a pouch in there that would have been horrifying anything is possible if you if you believe I believe in Nuke at the moment yipp here actually leave leave this one as well I’m just going to to do the same thing and just

Dump a whole bunch of like one off or two off blocks that I don’t need I had the I ran the Vault earlier like uh that I made off camera and it was an it wasn’t an architect Vault but it was just a random Vault I wanted to

Put a bunch of ornate on okay and I got so unnecessarily lucky when I was making it and it never became unmodifiable so I ended up having about 500% extra ornate and so in the end I I even I died in it but I looted over 800 ornate chests

In that one Vault what the heck yeah the castle get really really powerful that’s genuinely Bonkers I’m not going to lie oh crazy uh I’m up in the middle of the room if you’re wherever you are I’m up in the mid I’m up in the top of the room

As well I’m just looting okay I’m just I’m grabbing a whole bunch of blocks that I have literally one of in in my inventory and I’m like I’m not bothering to take to keep these so uh I’m just going to th turn your magnet off or leave the room so I

Can just throw trash and then I’ll be right behind you okay heading W oh I think I’m walking through a salmon tunnel okay oh we’re in a salmon room so there we oh yeah here we go here’s the room of Flesh this is horrifying this is just not great

There’s a regeneration two pile on there if you want it do with it more than I could yeah it’s not it’s helping that was you it was me yeah I’m like oh there’s some more Nate right there H you’re probably fine there’s one ornate chest e this

Room just this room just looks like it smells I’m not gonna lie that’s good to know the build team’s doing a good job then [Laughter] yeah this this block this pallet is genuinely upsetting oh dungeon over here nuke nuke nuke behind us Archer you good yeah I’m fine

Now the Archer was the problem okay dungeon where the dungeon oh it’s over here what what is it again I’m just watching n do things I’m here for moral sport here you go kill things I’ll mine the blocks behind you you’ll still get them Because cuz your your magnet’s way better but still uh more behind us nuke be careful about this right here oh be careful I’ll save you no is there an archive in this one yes right here down on my name sweet level five wrath totem that looks sick oh we both took that okay Nice okay uh we’ve got two and a half minutes so we should probably actually focus on the yep I’m trying to get out of here this way then this way yep yep okay let it go you that oh never mind okay this way this way following nuke cuz this way we’re still heading

Back what level vault is this this is a level Vault but it’s a chaos Vault and it rolled a whole lot of extra damage and my armor I am finding out now I am under rolled on defense and and health regen and other stats like I expect solely into Soul

Damage Soul shards I mean you’re running did you say I’m just going to keep going so we can find the objectives I’m not worrying about the rooms too much anymore okay going I’m behind you okay I found one okay cool you’ll probably complete it in the time it takes me to get

There did you yep okay 90 1 minute I can go near the portal and start um oh I’m in the room you’re in yep we’ll just keep going yeah I was going to say does it auto compl complete as soon as you complete the last Obelisk or do you need

To like get back to the spawn as soon no as soon as you kill the last one then 50 seconds I can start lemoning and all the other stuff okay hey you did it no I’m not going to say we that is taking too much credit remember that you’re Invincible

For like the last little bit so you can just do some yeah you’re invisible once you officially finished it I didn’t know that yeah I think you got my crate as well oh I did hold on boop boop okay how do I know which one is yours it doesn’t matter magnets off magnets

Off sure go for it there’s some interesting looking stuff in there dang ooh Relic fragment that’s [Laughter] useful gee if only I didn’t just must complete that set how do we do ooh and I just got the miner Storch too mod box another 1K storage disc

That’s neat I got a banana oh I got it oh wait which emote did you need you need this one got it yeah ah have a banana banana oh just it’s just a banana it’s banana I thought it was like a banana Relic piece or something no no no

No it’s just a banana you see not just straight up just a banana any kind of not just any banana it’s a vault banana okay what specifically does a vault banana do um it is a banana that do you find in the vault find in the vault and it is incredibly high in

Potassium you know what I’ve been meaning to increase my potassium intake so good this is my New Year’s resolution how do you know the stat I’ve been looking to improve is my blood pressure I mean you’re definitely well wait have a free trinket what it oh oh Wings Give Me Wings Give Me

Wings Stone of Jordan plus one to all learned abilities yeah I got a spell book oh that’s so cool that is so good used to have hair yes most people used to have hair Zar I I mean I had hair I when I don’t shave you can see where it used to

Be what not sure was a question yeah I mean yeah they’re like your emotes have hair but you don’t I’m like I mean I used to I was born bald I mean my emotes have a Halo but I’m not actually an angel I mean we’ve proven that okay

Come on I needed to get one in at you like yeah that’s fair yep that o oo I got some lemons out of that too nice didn’t even notice all right let’s just see the gear there I got a whole bunch I don’t know if any of it’s good just quick quick

Glances o That’s potentially good uh no uh no uh Al also no actually maybe 16 attack damage no maybe actually maybe no no no no I just realized I have a bunch of gear for you as well oo potentially hold on oh that looks cool we’ve had we’ve had

That design before okay so this other stuff is no so this stuff is no these four pieces are May so I’m going to put them where where’s the chest that I can put them in as maybe for right now I’ll deal with that between streams I was born bald I exited the womb

Looking exactly how I do now nothing has changed claim reward that’s just a bunch of repair course and stuff so I’ll take that 60 and what is this a wealthy Vault plus coin piles is it safe to give the warrior aspect of DEA hug I wouldn’t recommend it got very strong

Arms what we got chromatic iron no find three goblets no find two Shields interesting silver scrap kill hord mods sure all right so I mean I that was a lot hey Turner that was a lot and that was fun watching you do a vault I’m glad to had

Fun I’m helping and basically like I was just following you around and like I’m helping no you have double my health like good Lord I mean 80 30 levels definitely doesn’t sh on that by the way what’s up hold shift on what I put in just what I just put in

Chat what is that that is your gear that you are going to have to sort through good here I’m going to make a chest for you to put it into okay here there’s a red chest uh here there go there you go wait how wait how did you do that uh deposit

Upgrade wait wa wait what’s that on your pouch you can do upgrades so you’ve got like pickup upgrades you can do deposit upgrades that takes an echo gem yeah they are not cheap no but I want one okay hold on I’m going to see if I can UPG up yeah upgrade to

Belts 49 I think that’s exactly how many I need six yeah it is excellent uh one wait oh no I’m out of benti you’re no way yeah I only have two perfects worth God you’re so poor oh wait no sorry I just made 10 knowledge

Course oh god well well okay I just I just used all my benti so do you need some then no I only needed to make six knowledge Stars oh I see well I Pre-investment you keep your sass to yourself I also have 5,000 Lamar Benny 28 no even iscal pronounce it pronounces it benotti 100% wait did you say 1,600 yeah like 1,667 to be exact nuke yes you have a problem I don’t have a problem I’m just really good at the game oh my

God all right B I know you don’t know what that’s like but like you see see don’t you sass me [Laughter] child I could I see I’d even make a joke about like hardcore but you also have a hardcore World you’ve been alive for for a long time in yeah so

Like everything else I would say would just be mean just don’t sass me child I I don’t know what else to say I will I will make it up to you by giving you a feast hold on 3,100 chards not bad POV when nuke is beginning to be a nerd

Oh you’re going to hold shift and uh crunch nuke I am not ready to level up this much because my gear is not going to be good enough but let’s see what happens anyway content play content play you know I’m going to do it this way though content play the content play

Just needs to take a little longer we got to keep that avd up oh that’s one that’s one I’ll only eat half of them this way I’ll eat the other I’ll eat the other half in one you’re already getting bored of it aren’t you yeah a little bit but I

Am committed to the bit so I kind of really want to keep doing it just to make just make you wait that to two I wonder how many burgers I can craft can you check my inventory oh yes uh you can craft 10 10 St

Back well to be fair I can actually get burger sauce as well you can’t so you’ve only You’ got you’ve got 10 pickles so like you can make 10 of the highest here and then maybe a stack of the rest is there any level where these stop working

No okay that put me up to 57 sweet so that was six levels I was uh I think it was five levels cuz you were level 52 I know I could have I know I could have rise but I didn’t want to content all right so I just got five

Skill points and an expertise to spend what do I spend the expertise in okay so I could go into unbreakable what else do you think what what is your what what what do you expertise into so I have I am full on Bounty Hunter lucky alter and Jeweler I’ve got two in

Marketer one in fortunate one in Unbreakable okay one inine Mystic and infuser oh dang okay so I’m full marketer full Bounty Hunter full fortunate to Unbreakable so I guess lucky alter that’s probably a good idea uh the lucky alter is actually being changed in the next

Update so that it’s not so I believe right now it’s a 90% cost reduction for the alter for the crystals yeah in the next update it’s just three oh cool so now I have now I have one of those think Artis oh I’m sorry I didn’t look over fast

Enough and I have what is that five unspent skill points what can I spend five skill points on uh what here would be good I would say that knockback resistance Stone skin that’s actually pretty underrated uh but you have to trigger it right no wait oh no that’s just passive yeah as

Long as your health is above 80% of your max then yeah cool I just maxed that out you just maxed it out I had five points oh my God I I just leveled up five times some self-control so you’re one to talk here you’re one to talk here what do you

Mean find some selfcontrol he says level 82 he says just because I’m better can you do Vault Hunters on Realms unfortunately no it is uh Java only def find self control is selfcontrol is dominating the world that’s the thing there’s so much stuff here too okay here’s what I’m going to

I’m just going to pull oh you know what no I’m not even going to look at all of that right now that is that is a thing for between streams that is not a that is a later problem yeah that’s like a behind the scenes admin kind of a should yeah that

Is like a I’ll go and do here I’m going to switch in I’m going to switch into my casual gear look this is my casual gear that’s wonderful very casual I figur the crown very much fits the castle and then I can do this I can just

Disappear hey salt oh wait why did you where did you oh did you water bucket clutch I did yes oh okay cuz I’m very good at the game yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah are we eating a child What Child is is there to eat I don’t have any hold on

There any kids in the in the barrel no there’s no kids in the barrel so I have nobody actually that is a [Laughter] sentence nuke I don’t have self-control I have control oh you disappeared I couldn’t even do I’m still here I can still listen I know but I was going to

Do a bit right as you disappeared cuz it would have made for a good clip hold one second I’ll come back no no no the moment’s ruined no the moment R we’re going to recreate the spontaneity of it no you can’t can’t do that that sentence is a contradiction and an Abomination

That sure is a sentence this is why I didn’t win Rising Star because at these moments you just Roo no I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding I love you buddy I love you buddy know we’re trying to that sure is a Sentence I’m being attacked by a zombie looking no but say your thing no he is vaguely hurting me he’s vaguely show me on the doll where the zombie’s bothering you if you don’t there it’s dead I saved you nuke I saved you I mean another three hours and you might have been saving

Me probably would have died to Thorn’s damage let’s be honest here yeah probably yeah yeah yeah yeah right it is almost half 2 a.m. for me so I’m I’m going to get off too I’m just enjoying the chaos cuz it’s been too long since we’ve actually sat down and played at

The same time yeah this was fun yeah love this miss this do this more okay yeah I’m going to say bye to all right see you oh y’all the child has sass we here’s the thing PVP is not on so I couldn’t even yeat nuke if I wanted to which is

Unfortunate darn I’m late I’m so sorry Shea bear I’m sorry but good news we will probably be live again tomorrow I think current plan is to be live again tomorrow so we’ll see is anybody H cring that’s an upcoming stream is nobody live right now we fine

Uh Emily hi how you doing you’re also late no worries did someone say nuke I have some of those but yeah n nuke nuker our friends we appreciate them all right oh grd’s live again let’s raid Grady again that was fun let’s let’s just Grady again uh

Twitch.tv/ Grady I’m going to grab it for the YouTube peoples hello s cot hello cybot uh so grab that we go spam it over here our raid message never skip leg day as always y’all I appreciate you thank you for tuning in I realized I was slightly more talking to Nuke than

Talking to you all in chat I apologize if I wasn’t as responsive but a nice kind of day with friends was pretty good by the way the joke was going to be why have self-control when I can just rule over everyone else but yeah we missed the moment maybe another

Time maybe another time I appreciate you all as soon as I got to pay attention again I’m so sorry Ice and Fire updated 1 120.1 oo interesting is it also 1 19 cuz I have a pack that’s 1.9 which would definitely benefit from adding that but it’s not there just yet

So we’ll see I’ll have to go check it out I will go check it out after stream uh I might be live tomorrow y’all I think plan is we’ll figure it out uh as always the Discord server is the best place to know about anything if you’re new here exclamation point Discord come

Join the community but until next time y’all take care of yourselves be good to each other and I will talk to you all very very soon good night Right

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    Nether House Building Tutorial My First Impressions on the Minecraft Nether House Tutorial Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this Minecraft tutorial about building a house in the Nether world. Like, who even thinks of building a house in such a dangerous place? But hey, it’s Minecraft, anything is possible, right? 😂 Minecraft Versions Java Editions (PC) 1.20.4 Shaderpacks BSL Shader ver 8.2.08 – Download Here Resource Pack Prime’s HD Textures – Download Here Background Music List Intro: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Main Theme (Remix) – Listen Here Music: Confusing Road by 브금대통령 – Listen Here Music: Rollercoaster… Read More

  • Herobrine VS Vora: Minecraft Music Battle

    Herobrine VS Vora: Minecraft Music Battle The Epic Clash: Herobrine VS Vora in Minecraft Plot Overview In the Minecraft music video “Love Like Us,” viewers are treated to a thrilling showdown between Herobrine and Vora, the queen of Icedom. Herobrine, known for his malevolent intentions, launches an offensive against Icedom, the most powerful kingdom in the Overworld. Vora must rally her army to defend her kingdom and stop Herobrine’s advance. The question remains: will she succeed in thwarting his plans? Previous Animation and Song Before diving into this epic battle, viewers can catch up on the previous animation and listen to the accompanying song. The… Read More

  • Block Party: Boubou’s Survival Server Shenanigans

    Block Party: Boubou's Survival Server Shenanigans In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, Boubou plays with viewers, living the dream. Join the community server, survive and thrive, In 1.20.4 or Bedrock, where players come alive. To play along, become a member, it’s the key, Join the Discord, follow the rules, and you’ll see. Whitelisted and ready, IP in hand, A world of adventure, at your command. Support the channel, technology too, With donations and sponsorships, all for you. Join the Discord, chat over coffee and tea, A community of gamers, where you can be free. And as you play, with Boubou by your… Read More

  • Training a Dog Gang in Minecraft!

    Training a Dog Gang in Minecraft! My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, right? And I stumbled upon this Minecraft video that had me cracking up! It’s called “EFEKAN KÖPEK ÇETESİNİ EĞİTİYOR! 😂 – Minecraft” and let me tell you, it’s a riot! Video Details Title EFEKAN KÖPEK ÇETESİNİ EĞİTİYOR! 😂 – Minecraft Description In this video, the Dog Gang is completing challenging courses and getting trained to be police officers. It’s hilarious to watch! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos with Efekan and the Dog… Read More

  • How CHEATERS Caused €5,000 Damage in Minecraft 😱

    How CHEATERS Caused €5,000 Damage in Minecraft 😱 My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video: Wie CHEATER über 5.000 EURO SCHADEN in Minecraft ANGERICHTET haben.. 😨 OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “Wie CHEATER über 5.000 EURO SCHADEN in Minecraft ANGERICHTET haben.. 😨” and let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish! Here’s my take on it: The Setup: The video starts off with a dramatic title that immediately caught my attention. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the idea of cheaters causing chaos in Minecraft? The YouTuber, leDevin, introduces the topic with… Read More

  • MaskedVillain’s SMP (Brand NEW)

    MaskedVillain's SMP (Brand NEW)Brand New and small SMP I’ve started by myself out of a small experiment to see what people can turn this empty land into a community. I am very active on discord so feel free to join me! The goal of the server is to remain small survival server with a lot of neat things to come along with it. I’ll be active as much as possible adding new content that you guys request, I am excited to take this first step into a new beginning! Much love everyone! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Not again… the creeper strikes!

    Looks like this meme is mining for all the laughs it can get! Read More

  • Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends

    Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends Invisible in the grass, like League of Legends, Minecraft can be, A world of blocks and zombies, where friends can roam free. With updates and news, I’ll keep you in the loop, Crafting rhymes and stories, in every Minecraft scoop. From 1 million wardens to the ender dragon’s might, I’ll spin the finest rhymes, to keep your gaming light. So join me in the world of Minecraft, where creativity soars, And let’s explore together, through endless blocky doors. Read More

  • Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime

    Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime Miss Delight: “I may be small, but I pack a punch in Minecraft!” CatNap: “Oh please, I’ll just take a quick catnap and still beat you in the game!” Miss Delight: “You’re just a sleepy kitty, I’ll have you purring in defeat in no time!” CatNap: “Ha! You’re barking up the wrong tree, Miss Delight!” Audience: *laughs in confusion* #PortalBattle #MinecraftMadness Read More


    El ENCANTAMIENTO más DIVERTIDO en Minecraft My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment Introduction Heyyyy guuuurl, so like, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this video about the best enchantment in Minecraft. And let me tell you, it was lit! Video Details ¿Cómo ESTE ENCANTAMIENTO se volvió en el MEJOR de Minecraft? Hola, cómo están, en este video hablaremos del Mejor encantamiento en Minecraft. tienes que saber que en Minecraft existen muchos encantamientos, lgunos encantamientos funcionan para armaduras, otros encantamiento funcionan para armas, y otros encantamiento para herramientas. y algunos encantamientos son para un… Read More

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    🍋 Insane LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! 🍋Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Lemon on 2024-02-24 14:00:05. It has garnered 727 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:36 or 936 seconds. Today, Lemon and Lime Play a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! Who will end up being declared the winner? Watch to find out! Inspired by Aphmau Cash Nico Jeffy Maizen Mongo Omziscool Omz Kory Sunny and Melon #Minecraft #MinecraftMod #Lemon #LemonandLime Read More

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    We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘MIKEY AND JJ became BABIES TO HIDE FROM THE POLICE in Minecraft ! CHILD JJ AND MIKEY!’, was uploaded by My Mikey JJ on 2024-02-15 20:21:07. It has garnered 3478 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:15 or 555 seconds. Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- https://discord.com/invite/MMyqmYWNpj Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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    Shizo Clickbait: SleetMC Ambush Fail #MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘He Tried To SNEAK UP on me #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by SleetMC on 2024-01-09 01:00:22. It has garnered 2000 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. Subscribe! ❤️sub❤️ | https://www.youtube.com/@SleetMC_ 🟦discord🟦 | https://discord.gg/KuDkaDhNqn 📷insta📷 | https://www.instagram.com/sleetmc_/ 🌴socials🌴 | https://linktr.ee/sleetmc Read More


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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More