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From mobs like the enderson to the pink Witter here are 81 Minecraft Mobs that Mojang Bann for example the Wildfire this is a much cooler looking Blaze right it would make Nether biome much more dangerous and extreme sadly this mob did not win the mob V this mob can

Use shock waves to attack players it can throw multiple fire charges and the scariest part is this mob can summon up to two Blaze mobs to assist it okay big guy I’m not going to mess with you then the Barnacle this mob was introduced in the mine con votes but didn’t get in

This mob would be found in the waters of Minecraft it’s just chilling there until it drags you to its mouth by its long tongue yeah this mob would definitely drown you dude leave me alone also there’s the Ghost Mine found in the deepest of caves this mob was recommended by players but Mojang

Rejected it it’s basically a ghost Miner that you can follow and he’ll lead you to valuable ores like diamonds many suggest that this mob was inspired by the Lost Souls of mft miners I think they’re just kidding guests are cool and terrifying but baby Gast this is a story

Of its own they’re in the Minecraft dungeons but for some reason Mojang rejected them they’re cute and not harmful to the player you’re such a cutie bie another band mob is the lobber zombie he’s so crazy he will throw rod on flesh at you until you die now the

Merl mob is just weird this mob was supposed to be added as an NPC to Minecraft it would carry valuable ores like the new Ruby they would run around like crazy when hit if you kill them you get a ruby yes sir what you’re looking at is the Necromancer this mob is in

Dungeons but not in Java it will attack the player with many Magic projectiles hence the name The Necromancer spawns his tribe of zombies to attack you I would not mess with this then rattlesnakes and anacondas these mobs would be a perfect addition to Minecraft right well no Mojang spoke about adding

Snakes and they said they’re scared of snakes yeah that’s the reason why we won’t see this mob I agree the Anaconda is dangerous but a cuge snake like this couldn’t harm anyone right well it’s kind of poisoning and biting me right now we all know about the good old Snow

Golem but have you heard about the melon Golem this mob was a PT of Minecraft her and it was supposed to become an official mob in M but for some reason Mojang Bandit this mob would be made by two snow blocks and one watermelon and instead of shooting snowballs at your

Enemy he’ll be shooting watermelons now one of the creepiest mobs on this list is the Viller witch this mob would throw a lot of lingering potions at the player and it’s stronger than the classic witch it also came with some unique potions of its own okay this

Mob was once in the game and it’s the giant you could spot this mob by using commands it was literally just a huge zombie it’s one of those early game features that got removed later on for no reason leave a like if you would love to see this mob featured in the new

Update while on the topic of old updates did you know that Minecraft had four other NPCs back in the day black Steve Steve R and Beast Boy were introduced in the inp version of Minecraft they would run around the world and pretty much do nothing you couldn’t really interact

With them these mobs got removed fairly quick from the game and we never heard anything about them again now this is the April Fool’s Minecraft version I tried running this version but I dealt with some serious issues one of the funniest mobs from this version is the

Nerd creeper I mean just look at him pink Witter Diamond chicken smiling creeper they were all also a part of these April Fool’s updates another band mob is the wind CER this mob is exclusive to the Minecraft dungeons game this is a very unique and strong iller

It’s very deadly to the player his attacks consist mostly of controlling wind in order to kill the player Greek methology in Minecraft the Cyclops mob this mob was voted out on the Chinese version of Minecraft mob vote so sadly we’ll never see it it would be another

Boss mob that you would struggle to fight with he can shoot lasers out of his eye and deal great damage on hit also the knockback damage is crazy ouch mum and MIP come from Minecraft Earth and they were supposed to come to Java but Mojang bam I think they’re a perfect

Addition to the cow world in Minecraft green eye Enderman this mysterious mob was actually the first version of the Enderman it appeared in short snapshot like updates then suddenly disappeared many people have theories about their eyes going from green to purple midnight and storm chicken they were supposed to

Be added but Mojang rejected them because they didn’t bring enough to the table there’s some talk that they will be added in a new version though every update in Minecraft has their leftover mobs and the bear is one of them when Ming added the polar bear they were

Thinking about adding Forest Bears Too for some reason they never added them they wouldn’t be hostile unless provoked as you can see they’re going to kill me the Ender said this boss mob is absolutely insane this is a boss mob with an Ender eye attached to him he

Kind of reminds me of siren head right it’s merciless and it will destroy anything that comes close it like this poor little snowman RP it can teleport just like Enderman but they can go as deep as teleporting into the ground fighting this mob would take to a lot of

Golden apples and a full netherite and he still managed to I’m so sorry I almost Rage Quit It the old versions of Minecraft were really weird for example this was the first mob in Minecraft we call this mob simply The Entity it was a testing phase of the

Game where mojan geted the mob that will be just a classic Steve running around like crazy have you ever thought about the slly mob it’s a cute mob but kind of boring I think we need a new slime off well Mojang said no there were actual

Plans for the new slime off and that is the tropical slim another mob is the watchlink this mob would spawn randomly in hordes they’re the older brother of Enderman they are quick to attack their opponent and can kill you in a matter of seconds oh also they’re afraid of water

Just like End come on why does it always have to be like this the mushroom biome is boring let’s be honest just a couple of mushroom trees and the mushroom cows we’re missing something and it’s the K clu shom it was actually in the game at one point the April Fool’s update

Introduced us to the K clu but it was removed so quick that we couldn’t even appreciate this mob tell me what would you change about the mushroom biome monkey mob was almost in the game what happen well the Chinese Minecraft version held a mob vote and this mob

Wasn’t the most voted moing has left this mob in the shadows and will probably never get a chance to see the mob in game I think it’s the perfect addition to the undeveloped jungle biome fungus drawer is another one of those Minecraft dungeons mobs that are too

Good to be added into the game Mojang hates giving us good mobs but they had mobs like yeah fungus thrower would cause you much trouble in the nether by throwing mushroom projectiles at the player ouch ouch this is a merciless Redstone Golem do you see how terrifying he is hunting

Down all of those villagers this mob is in the dungeons game but moing rejected to admin for a reason let’s see how strong these are against fighting an araro yeah that didn’t end well let me make a try of course the sad fact is that we’ll probably never see the illusioner this

Mob is still in game files but it’s not introduced this illager can kill people with Illusions magic and mostly Arrow I think it’s time that Mojang makes iller Stronger by adding this magician moazam skeleton horses are a thing but skeleton dogs would make the pet game much better

I think every Evil mob would be afraid of your skeleton dog oh yeah they burn during the day so keep him away from the sun while speaking of skeletons a skeleton spider was a part of Minecraft Earth and it was supposed to be in game but Mojang never added it nor told us

Why also they shoot bone shards at the player and other mob oh Charlie that really hurts if there’s any mob that I would be the most type to see for Minecraft Earth it’s the furnace Golem this Golem would attack evil mobs and set them on fire he could also set

Blocks around them on fire the swan is undeveloped and this mob would be the perfect Edition it’s the alligator this mob wasn’t the most voted in the mob PS so it didn’t get introduced it’s also one of my favorite animals so I’m not that happy that it didn’t get voted now

This mob has a lot of lore to it back in the day when the Ender Dragon was added Notch and his team announced another dragon and it’s the red dragon they said that it would be friendly and probably tameable we’ve been waiting on this feature for years now but we never got

It I think this is a mob the Minecraft is just waiting on this is a mountaineer it will hunt down anything that comes in its way let’s look at them tormenting these poor villagers let’s move on this mob is so creepy it’s pure nightmare fuel it’s called The Whisper it doesn’t look that

Strong but trust me this thing is a beast he’s going to destroy any mob in his side by trapping him with his plants and leaving it with no Health left Minecraft dungeons has some really strong mobs goats were supposed to be a little more realistic like this this and

Adding a couple more Pig variants like the boar would be perfect snarling is a Dungeons mob that does not like company his attacks consist of throwing magic projectiles at you and giving the player all sources of negative effects he can also teleport now we’re digging deep

Into the creepy pasta stuff tar was a mysterious mob in the survival Test games of Minecraft many players say that this mob used to haunt them make them go through torment and punishment or even as far to hack their accounts or PCS there’s not much information about this

Mob only the fact that his skin was probably just an all white color while on the topic of creepy pasta another band mob is the famous Herobrine we all know about his Antics he haunts players and gives them nightmares this mob gets removed in every update spat list the

Rate is an undead ghost it attacks the player by spawning Soul flame everywhere and burning you down it’s second ability teleporting so you can’t hit him ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch also here’s a poor snowman trying to to fight the rap yeah that did not end well another

Bad mob is the died cat the tough Golem was a mob that could have been in the game they could hold items and had two phases stationary and moving in stationary they would hold items on their died CLA and in its moving phase they would pick up nearby drop I RP

Minecraft education and Pocket Edition had a mob called the MPC these mobs would be just like the Villager but they would help players and give them cool tips Hedgehog was also supposed to be in Minecraft I mean it’s in Minecraft Earth well no this Cute Mob was not approved

To be the official game by moja damn shock waves fast attacks composed of diamonds and gold this is the Squall Golem it was supposed to be added from Minecraft dungeons to Java but we never got to see this amazing mob it attacks me but won’t attack any other mobs I

Guess you got a grudge against me the end Dimension is so empty but having another scary mob like the end whale would be so cool Mojang rejected this idea for no reason honestly they’re just too busy to code this thing into the game fancy chicken is another one of

Those banned Minecraft Mobs you can only get it by using mods I think they’re a perfect addition to the animal world in Minecraft plus they’re really fancy I’m so fancy Umbra cow blonde cow albino cow cream cow are all banned for life some of these cows were teased in trailers

And in Minecraft tur and we never got to see them you could also Shar them adding these cows wouldn’t do any harm so I don’t see the point of them being banned from Minecraft Earths trailers and advisor Ms we’ve seen the Muddy Pig everyone was so sure that this mob will

Be at it but sadly no Muddy Pig for us another band mob is the horn sheep now this might be one of the rarest mobs ever it’s the Jolly llama this mob was in Minecraft Earth but it’s so rare that even in Minecraft Earth this mob was uncommon and many people don’t know

About this mob I’d call him rudol copper Golems were announced then suddenly ban this cute little Golem would randomly push buttons and a mode for no reason so cute then glare mob this mob would help you find dark spots it’s creepy almost like a flying block guiding you to the

Darkness of Minecraft Caves the iser is another iller that didn’t get added this mob would freeze you to death spawn ice above the player and kill you in seconds mer is a cute little mob that did not pass the mob Vols instead of the merer we

Got yeah is just me or the Phantom is the worst mob in Minecraft rascals are really mysterious mobs if you find them and accidentally click on them they disappear or even if you drop an item nearby they will disappear the agent is a little robot helping you to learn code

It was in the badrock version but it got removed for some reason sharks would be a neutral mob that would not attack the player Mojang decided to bend them due to shark endangerment shler is the older brother of the shrier he looks too Derpy but don’t let his looks fool you if you

Attack this band mob it’s going to shoot projectiles at you okay you can stop now stop now Royal Guards and the Mage mobs are absolutely insane Mojang band him for a reason the royal guard is a powerful illager with over 100 HP the Mage is there to assist him in killing

You it will clone itself and do many spells in order to keep you away from it throw you in the air no problem let’s see how they act against villagers yeah we’ve seen enough take a guess what mob is hiding underneath me it’s the Luton this mob would hide in

Dirt and wait for its prey to come above so they could strike they’re really cute but don’t let it fool you they hippos would be a cool addition to the waters right well Mojang banned them due to them being endangered these mobs would attack the player and nearby mobs they

Like to chill by themselves so done approach them another endangered animal that Mojang rejected the add is the elephant Savannah biomes would become a real Safari if we got this feature they’re also really friendly now the blast Ling is Enderman man’s cousin he does not teleport but he’s way stronger

He uses quick blast that can reach you from really far distances did you see how far away I am Minecraft was hesitant about adding more birds but the eagle would be such a cool feature the vulture was supposed to be added in the mob votes but it didn’t get picked here’s

How it would look and act in game that has to be the hardest vulture edit you’ve seen in your life yey would make the snow biomes much cooler just having a passive mob that attacks you only provoke damn I feel bad for attacking him right now he’s going to

We’re homies now don’t worry I think yetis would also be quite rare and that’s it 81 mobs that Mojang band comment your favorite mob down below as I will be pinning the comment with most likes subscribe for more

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Mojang BANNED insane Mobs like the Snareling and The Mage from Minecraft. Imagine how CRAZY Minecraft would be with all these mobs!
Stay tuned, and find out about the 81 BANNED Minecraft Mobs.

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    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations! Welcome to NewsMinecraft.com! Today we stumbled upon a mesmerizing YouTube video featuring Satisfying Minecraft Sand Art of a Creeper with a Golden Retriever Hat. The pixel picture created by stacking sand on torches and then breaking them to reveal the final image is truly a work of art. While watching this video, we couldn’t help but think about the endless possibilities for creativity and expression in Minecraft. If you’re someone who enjoys unique and visually appealing creations like this sand art, then you’ll love the Minewind Minecraft Server. Minewind offers a vibrant and dynamic community of players who are… Read More

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    Shaggy's Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4lifeVideo Information This video, titled ‘DAY 1 HARDCORE MINECRAFT // DON’T MINE AT NIGHT #badboy4life [MINECRAFT] [Livestream]’, was uploaded by Im Shaggy on 2024-03-06 13:25:59. It has garnered 53 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 04:04:28 or 14668 seconds. G’day Barrels, Please Consider Subscribing xx 🎤Join the Discord🎤 https://discord.gg/YAFum2Ue Shaders: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/shaders/bsl-shaders Resource Packs: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/faithless Read More

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