100 Days as Yuji and Yuta in Jujutsu Kaisen Minecraft!!!

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Yo what would happen if the current and past MC’s of the jjk universe teamed up to take on the curses of shabuya alone I wanted to know how long Yugi tadori and UTA aotu would last without any members of jutu hi to help would they get past

The disaster curses would they even be able to take on Kaku or sakuna let me know what you think down in the comments what’s going on guys it’s Grim here and today we are back with another Banger man if you can’t tell we’re on a

New map and we’re going to be playing as the MC in the jjk universe Yugi itadori man like always I’ll be playing with my good friend ISO his page will be down in the description go ahead and give a sub to him and sit back relax and like always man enjoy the

Video all right y’all we are here inside the spawn and I seen some of you guys telling me about um the jjk GT mod we’ve been trying to set it up so we don’t like attack each other and stuff like that like our our curses and stuff but

We’re kind of having problems so y’all let us know what y’all think but this is on 1.20 version all the way updated you guys are going to see everything and be able to help us and explain to us certain things cuz we’re going to be

Kind of confused but uh Grim did you put your loot and stuff on man uh yeah I did I’m actually about to change my curse technique now e dor it just got hella dark ohy all right guess sh going to get hectic I just put my skirt on give me

Two I’m not going to lie 1.20 is looking amazing bro we’re on a new map feels great bro you excited all right Ric rip come on lock please N I just I knew she wasn’t going to I just want to see what she was going to do n but

Um okay yeah I’m just looking at some of my stuff I got my I actually do have R obviously I can’t use you guys told me about that already that I have to be a a special grade for her to listen to me so we got all of our stuff we’re ready to

Start off with UT and ra man and we’re going into the world of shivia man it’s night time right now which is kind of scary there’s many different places a lot of different like boss battles as well as stuff spawning on the map so so

I’m not going to lie our best bet is probably to see if we can find some curses or something of that line on the map I was going to ask you guys do you guys know how to turn up mob spawning cuz the mob spaw is pretty valid but I

Definitely would like to turn up on some of my other maps and stuff like that is that possible but other than that I see there’s curses in in there’s a lot of curses are spawning in buildings so that’s one thing I’m noticing a good amount but yeah and you’re way faster

Than me I’m slow as [ __ ] with you right now I’m about to say yo yo I was about say I think there’s some in there hands hands I see curs grade two grade three they might be downstairs and upstairs yeah they’re they’re all downstairs they’re yeah they’re all downstairs oh okay

Okay oh [ __ ] that’s why I got the wrong uh I got the wrong controls there we go okay oh my god oh whoa okay that you I know I thought that was you who just did all that damage to me that guy was D back up back up don’t don’t die I’m

Charging up my attack to hit him with a Max to hit you better start charging and moves I’m hit some black flashes boy oh he’s on your ass no he’s not oh my God I’m low bro oh my God that look tough all right yeah lock yo that was a hard little

Battle I’m not going to lie that that boy was started trying to run us down bro n 100% but that was tough though I’m not going to lie so you want to heal up what you looking for no I be I’m looking for I’m looking for pain yo what’s in that

Chest uh a little bit of food nothing crazy and I see we I got a little bit of cursed energy how much cursed energy you have Max right now um max I’m at like three 400 I think 400 ma we like a little bit like of a m shaft I’m not lie

I about say we like a whole ass little M quarters I be sick to run into somebody who we can’t be down here that guy was like a grade two I think a grade one which was pretty decent we beat we we jumped them down had to charge our taxes

Up and stuff but yeah n that wasn’t we didn’t do too bad bro but this is tough bro I’m liking the new map bro had to give us a you know a bit of change of a scenery stuff like that but this is nice I’m going back upstairs there’s a

Staircase right there if you want by the way I’m going back up on the on the main world because down there had a little bit of things but y’all know we do got to take on some of the main places so we can get you know obviously graded up and

Stuff like that we need to we need to fight a little bit of curses and stuff there’s there’s a couple curses oh yo yo yo oh oh W wo wo whoo wo wo where you at you the Blood Brothers one of the Blood Brothers one of the Blood Brothers it’s

Way too much I’m not going to lie it’s the weest one oh okay I see a [ __ ] spider he’s over there he’s straight that way uh we Canary he’s going to crunches bro I got barage attack I got a charge up I’m at 600 curse power already yeah I’m at

Seven I’m at 71 right now it’s just going got a littleit cured energy what oh you’re Wilding I was some of these 25% I took 25% of his health bro come on I got you I got you where you at where you at where you at he’s at 40 he’s at

40 he’s at 40 I need you though if we jump him we can definitely we can 100% beat him yo be careful cuz he he has specials too that he can kill you with not worried about none of that let’s go okay yo he got me slow as hell no that’s a

Fact he did poisonous but Power about 839 damn wait a minute I’m getting a little cursed energy or UT I’m not going lie I’m almost had a ban now we got we are Bea we are beating a couple high levels you know kind of

Early y yo that’s one thing we can do we can try to take on the the juu sorcerers uh part one like the weak ones to start yeah if we can take them down we could like probably try to single them out one at a time and beat some of them we could

Probably get like a lot of Fame and stuff from that yeah if we can hopefully we don’t hit one and they all attack us that’ll be tough if they do we just run out I’m that’ll be tough they can’t catch me it’s okay all right this is the place the juu sorcerer difficulty

Special grade easy sorcerer building start this is this this is the first you feel me this is the this is the this is probably the easiest place realistically that we could go fight get some levels for Mi was right here we got Maki let’s scope the place out a little cuz they’re

Not going to attack us immediately makii Panda did she if she did we’re going to ra she did she W oh yeah we oh yeah she’s crazy okay let’s lock in yo I can’t walk out a door all right there we go char on my first attack and

I’m setting her flying oh I missed oh I forgot you got to hit her first so then okay Li her sword does a little bit of damage and I oh yeah she does do a little damage but I’m not going to lie we do pretty good damage oh my God no no

She does damage she does damage I was wrong oh yeah come on come on come on come on come on come on we’re chewing on her oh yeah she’s out of here she’s out of here come on buddy come on buddy okay miwa she did a little bit of damage I

Can’t lie I’m not to lie she did a little bit of damage you curse technique you got reverse curse technique yet or no not yet did you not nope n not yet I about to say I don’t think I got my yeah I don’t think I got CU we’re getting

Pretty low and I know we learn it once we you know once we’re near death oh yeah yeah you’re right yeah yeah you you are right so we should we should be getting it pretty soon being that we’re you know that should be one of the first things that we actually Master besides

CLE domain but I feel like we’ll we’ll probably be need to be like grade one or higher or semi- grade one at least I’m not going to lie I need me a sword that looks tough yeah I’m not going to lie the sword the sword is

Tough I do mess with the sword does the sword have an ability or is that just or is that your powers nah n that’s that’s like the barrage attack stuff like that I got 1.2k cursor energy I’m almost full who you want to take on next uh Panda

Might wait yeah I said Pocky I think we should wait on Maki who’s over here o uh no enaki oh I got I got copy yo I can use her move I can use her move oh no that’s the blood I the blood

Guy I got to hit him first I got to hit him first okay do they attack us okay it’s just him he’s just it’s just him okay yeah we’re straight we’re straight we’re straight yo that blood attack is terrible bro I’m not even going to lie

To you I ain’t even going to cap with you it poison him though it poison oh Lord oh we’re hitting him pretty hard though yeah yeah yeah we’re good with this we’re good with this oh he hits hard he is hard okay he is hard he is

Hard he is hard he is real hard almost dead almost dead come on lock in lock in lock in I’m trying to knock in I’m hitting with a knock back okay come I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you heal up heal up I got

You woo oh yeah we hitting him with some [ __ ] oh I’m one I’m one heart one heart I got you he is too come on get me out of here get me out of here oh I don’t want to talk about it it’s okay cool I can live without a heart not worried

About it all right we are back in here we have three people enough U Maki Maki and uh Toto who’s the other person yeah Toto down here okay I feel like Toto [ __ ] just a Clapper I feel like and I don’t know it’s all fun game actually a little stronger than him

In the Shell so I I think he might be he great one yeah inumaki might be our best bet but hope off R I say lock in please please okay um I think I’m going hit him with just straight knock back attacks that’s the thing oh no no no he’s hard

He’s hard to be he’s hard to be I’m not going to lie he just took all my health and one blow oh I’m stuck he literally got me stuck oh I charged up knock back oh yeah he K he kill you he just killed me no I can’t move I’m

Blind yeah I’m not going to lie inaki might have to that guy is I can’t move I can’t move I’m coming back no I’m leaving he killed me through the door all right let’s we see some mobs over here I’m not going to lie inaki was

Kind of low but we just decided we’ll just take on a couple more regular mobs that these I’m say we we we we’re already pretty strong we should be but we fought mad stuff we honestly should be upgrading soon but um creeper out of here kill his ass he can get cut his

Head off real fast you not up but um oh yo yo yo I’m not going lie we should stay away from uh the the utone cuz I already see toi’s head through the like I can see him from over here he’s kind of he’s in that distance so this is

Probably a Wandering toi over there and I lowkey don’t want to fight a toi yet but um this regular sket yo and since we’re in 1.20 man we’re kind of new to this so let us know um what we can do in this mod that we aren’t doing because I know there’s a

Lot there’s updates like it’s like weekly almost bro I’ve been seeing a lot of updates for the mods in 1.20 yeah n yeah 120 they move they moved crazy I just went inside one of the buildings I’m comeing back out right now it was nothing really here

Okay I’m I’m I’m right on top of you oh there we go all right um I’m not going to lie we might have to move back towards we could take I’m note packed over here oh this building packed yeah the the boss buildings are like higher

Risk higher reward so if we like you know that that’s what little there’s action here there’s action here there’s action here all right bet heavy oh yeah I see I see oh yo so I guess they added to update or some to GT mod but we’re getting levels for like killing cursed

Spirits you see that like I got like like not like not levels but we’re getting more cursed energy I got one 6 right now what you looking like yeah I’m at um I’m at 1,000 at the moment it’s moving up though that’s the thing like we’re still

We we’re still we’re like like default right yeah default grades coures we haven’t you haven’t graded up here right cuz I haven’t I went to the bottom floor where you at right now I went up one okay I’m about to come up right there right now let me just see if

There’s anything down here real quick doing them dirty doing them dirty hopefully I can find a Stevenson screen and give me something cool bro n most definitely I’m uh I’m coming up right now see what you’re at yeah I’m right here all right um I’m not going to

Lie yo we going to do a little bit of training during this night see if we can find a couple more things ooh but other than that we’ll be back obviously when it turns maybe not even day we’ll probably be back when we get a little

Bit more levels and we’ll be right back you guys all right we did a little bit of training for some reason announc advancements aren’t on so the time when we were getting a little bit extra Cur energy we actually were grading up so we actually have a little bit of grade up I

Think we’re both grade three and semi- grade 2 so I’m not going to lie we’re we’re getting a little higher but and we did do a little training off camera but we still I don’t know if we’re strong enough to beat all these people yet so we need to take down inumaki that’s

That’s the real that’s the thing we’re at for right now right that’s that’s our goal yeah 100% I got got be Cur spee oh wait wait who whoa whoa who whoa why’ it go away I can’t use it no more I had get him out of here black

Flash black flash oh that was okay that that was hard I gu oh that was I didn’t even mean to I just work here okay I’m not going lie that was gas but I wonder why I couldn’t uh I thought I could use I thought

I guess I don’t know oh I’m in the I’m in I think I’m in that mode I think yeah you’ll get multiple black flashs and stuff like that you’ll be a lot stronger so let’s uh oh my God yo why she on my ass I missed missed about say the more

You charge up you know oh my God I’m not trying to run you down she ain’t running nothing down watch this watch this y up I got it there we go and we got the CH yo yo is he on us oh he to push up

Okay I thought he was us for a second okay yeah let’s get a little bit of Health back I still haven’t got verse curse technique yet but um Char I wonder why I I’ll hit him first so then he’s an aggro then I’ll uh then you can hit him

With your remve right there bet why he hit me now he hit both of us you got bring him over here you got bring oh my God he’s [ __ ] me up I missed oh he got some health I’m not going to lie he got some Health us oh no oh I forgot yo I’m not lie I just thought about it he might have the moose the manga now yeah black flash that’s a black flash oh I hit him with a black flash when he hit me he tried to

Hit me with a black flash I hit him once okay yo I got work at yo you seen him he was doing that what’s going on here that’s what I thought was going on I’m not just black flashes or something [ __ ] yo I’m not going to lie gr I need

Help oh yeah I’m crunched I’m coming right back hurry up yes I missed a picture of us look at this [ __ ] took a picture I got a picture of it’s a pendant it’s like his pendant but it’s just it’s yall it’s me and you oh I

Guess he dropped it or so I don’t know but you ready let’s keep let’s keep getting knocking out his pocket I really missed yo be careful cuz he has he um he got the black flash that’s what did all that damage to me I’m about say don’t let him hit you

Continuous like that he’s going to drain you oh my God I’m about to drain his pants oh my God hurt bro like oh sh he jumped the air plac I’m knock back get him please help me you got to stop moving stop moving not stopping nothing oh yeah turn around

Turn around come come over here I dare I teport I don’t want to talk about it bro chill no yo watch out he’s behind you where where no way I got it I got it I missed yeah every time I try to hit him [ __ ] switch the spot he’s not even

Using his hands he’s clapping in his ass yo he’s just clapping his [ __ ] jumping up down here we go is a new way outside yeah I’m not doing this what okay we made it fast the first floor and I’m not going to lie it was a little harder than I expected these guys

Got some decent moves but uh we should sleep in here tonight I’m not going outside like here eug I’m not going to lie after all that it’s probably going to be light work I’m not us start putting hands on Yugi start start getting work he’s crunch he’s fast

I’m not going to lie fast but he’s crunch just hit me in the jaw bro just jaw me I’m talking about like jaw breaker I’m I’m not going to lie I want to get another black blast we not really getting I got one for I got one for you landed

I not like that for real I’m not going lie this guy right here might be oh no no no I I got I got I got um absorption oh oh that’s how you feeling he’s on the clock he’s on the clock we got to do him

Bad I’m hitting with oh my God yo did did he hit you with that no yes oh I’m crunched I’m driving back I’m downstairs he’s trying to hit me down the steps is he chasing me no yes yes y I’m I’m outside I’m outside you alive help me help

Me I’m not going to lie Nomi is very like he he hit pretty hard I’m not even going to cap but he did we got 28% Health off him I think that we could finish the boy off yo watch new way all I’m not lie charge up charge up charge

Up I’m going hit him first so then you can use your charge up move yep go go go oh yo y not lie he hits for so much health yeah yeah no no no no no no no no no fly yeah charge him knock back oh I’m knocked him the

WR oh oh he’s running fast he’s running fast where’s he at oh my up I got it I got it I got it I got it I’m not going to lie bro we are crunch next hit like we’re playing baseball you hit that [ __ ] right before he hits you yeah

No where’s he at where’s he at damn knock me out come on coming back you should see my screen yo my arm is folded over my chest I to see got like one bro all yo he got a little bit we got to finish him now we got to finish him

Now I forgot we got hit once dumb ass over here all right all right all right [ __ ] you just charged up I’m charged up too this is the final one right here right here black flash black calling oh he knocked me out of my [ __ ] what the you serious

You bro he’s he was hitting me for like 1 million damage now he you know we got one more person to take down right before we can get the loot the spoils who mega me yo we’re going to have to kill him so fast that he has no time you know all

Mega me can summon mahara so we have to beat him before he can do that me do you think it’s possible yes Mei fushi Goro you ready no uh yeah we got kill him fast I’m not going to lie oh he in the corner he in the corner I’m let him get Myck

Out he doesn’t have a lot of Health he doesn’t have a lot of Health but we got to get him fast I’m not going to lie you got yo yo I’m black flash this [ __ ] black flash sh I got beating on him you got simple domain yes IA

Get oh yeah cuz he didn’t want Mega me to die yeah no no Mya for him I’m about say there’s a sword in here and there’s there’s two grade UPS I’m going to take one you take one me grade to sorcerer okay we are now a grade to sorcerer

Getting a little stronger getting a little faster and [ __ ] ORS don’t take un all mobs are dead but next up we definitely got to take on the uh The Blood Brothers we’re going to head over to that direction we’ll be right back you guys all right we are here at the

Blood curses uh the death paintings the curse wombs and we also see olden day Sorcerers which is special gr difficulty hard so I’m guessing this is like olden days goo and everybody here which is kind of cool but probably going to be a little hard to take on but it says hard

Plus plus so we had a little bit of trouble at an easy place but uh you see this right here yeah yeah it should be you see this right here we got a couple of these guys I’m going to did I race the oh I raced the okay I raced

Those things I’m not going to lie I was trying to get rid of them before we went in there cuz they were on the door trying to attack us but uh oh you might want to back up n he might he might back I’m not

Going to lie yo we we crushed him yo I can just support you basically with a cur speech I’m not going to lie that’s kind of fire all right so let’s get in let’s tack him out hit him with that explode okay choso is

In the back I’m not going to lie I see why it’s easy now you know choso is the strongest one though so let’s be you ready not worried about it SL oh he didn’t take that much damage from that at all oh oh okay okay he’s getting here though uh do I have

Spe okay okay um do I have I don’t have he’s charging his up oh my God okay the AOS are genius he was just charging it up I hit him but don’t move he can’t move for a little bit at least holy [ __ ] he hurts bro I’m not going to lie yeah

He killed me he killed me I’m coming back he really yeah I’m back up doing him dirty all right I’m back here um yeah I have his I have his Cur technique hit him when explode is he a Jill yangang or a [ __ ] okay okay I was about to doation go Jo go

And there we go that’s the blood curses we’ll be right back when we get to the next spot B all right we didn’t know that there was a chest in here my fault I was going to say but there is a couple things in here we got Cho’s blood tool some grade

UPS a finger y a finger mhm okay we got okay so there’s a tool in here and there’s a Wing King let me see hand I already got I already got one Wing King okay okay Bet oh yeah that’s tough um did you take any of the grade UPS I took

One but I seem to be pretty strong here yeah you can get the other one cuz I know you have to be special grade to get uh and I just and there’s there’s a Cho blood tool which which is kind of cool it has a little bit of enchantments on

It as you guys can see it’s definitely going to be useful if you want to see it here it is check it out there’s a little bit enchantment stuff on it not like not nothing crazy enchantments okay wait unlocks maximum simple domain so I guess

I didn’t have it oh I achieved R control i achiev r control from using that okay so ra is now under my command um semi grade one I’m not going to lie now that I got RA bro let me see unlock grade one unlock battle sword drawing what does

That mean I don’t know but I’m going to put on I’m going to put on the the the Wing King did you put yours on let’s see does it uh give you any know if it’s like crazy yeah I don’t think so but um I’m definitely probably going

To use this choso blood tool for now on instead of uh what I was using like honestly I think that this is probably better but um what sword did you have before uh my regular cotu sword has like six damage oh yeah mine does more all right that’s cool that’s cool I’mma keep

This suuna finger just in case cuz I know we’re going to run into a lot stronger um foes so I think I should wait to eat that to let sakuna take over yeah once you no once you take him over that’s the thing about uto you can let

Him yui you can let him take over afterwards like you have a there’s a movie you get called sakuna takeover so you could like let him out of will it’s different from like other characters that you only have the buff for a while yeah you can you can kind of

Tap back into him but it only last five minutes he’s time so should I lock in yeah for the first one I’m wait yeah but we got the disaster curses and then the zening clan you want to try to take on the zening clan first and go for disaster

Curses that’s tough we can we can try zening Clan first I feel like the disaster curs is going to be on a different level cuz we know how many people they took to yeah they got they got all those those domain expansions and stuff like that but um the zening

Clan I actually don’t know where they’re at I know that they’re obviously in the dire oh yeah they’re this way okay you want to run over there not going to lie I’m starting to get a little bastter and I’m at 5,000 Cur energy right now that’s gas what’s your Cur energy looking like

I know eug don’t got as much as you 2020 I’m L yo I’m fast as hell D I’m like you’re leaving yo Yuji is tough bro it’s like heav and Cur energy he’s just fast as hell got attacked by some but um about some zombies I’m putting them in the

Dirt yeah definitely I don’t know it said I unlocked a few things I hope I unlocked um being able to copy techniques cuz I haven’t been able to copy too much yet but I think that’s Ra’s ability so ra might be able to do

It now that I have ra control I might be able to copy abilities I don’t know but um we’ll see we’re I’m pretty close to the zening clan 200 meters away yeah you’re right behind me and then obviously we got the disaster CU we still got to take on

But oh yeah this ending CL Yugi and Utah this is a w Duo bro I’m not going to lie bro old versus yeah the yeah the new and the old MCS yeah oh yeah it’s right over here oh man we got a little creep I wonder what’s going on

Right here but all right um jump over that okay and we are here at the zening clan and I’m not going to lie it was a little bit further away from uh it’s like kind of like by the disaster curses but here we are the zening clan

Difficulty grade medium so this is the higher than what we just did but um okay it’s like a prep type room okay and then oh there’s a couple of them already out Jo okay yeah so these guys are going to be a little bit harder I think I’m going

To send re out off let me pull out my megaphone too and uh [ __ ] we can get right to these guys you want to start with these guys over here I feel like and I’m not lie this probably going to be the harder ones so I’m going to send

Ra right after is R out oh ra is out okay where did he go oh yeah no SP oh yeah yep got to eat it got to eat it got to eat it oh yeah is helping too I’m not going to lie bringer one let’s go oh

Okay y I’m not going to lie did I hit him I D yo R’s getting with that one let me know if R start attacking you I got help out how’s your thing go with your finger I already know you probably on demon timing mhm all right yo I’m not going to

Lie they’re trying to run me down right now me oie I’m not going to lie o running me down ra Please okay yo I’m about to hit him with o that’s what I should have been hitting him with is this really on him okay and then we go upper rank three I took down oie how’s it going right now with you and janichi um janichi is dead

I just had to kill Megan sorry he tried me oh my God he was running through him okay Tri which one which one would be stronger dis man or CLE it’ be cleave right yo are you serious oh it’s cuz I’m sakuna they’re all attacking me I got do

Dir now you all right I got do them the dirtiest about to hit one of them don’t move don’t move oh he set both of them up that’s dirty all right uh y he’s not dead yet oh hit him with pure love you remember that big ass be in the movie yeah yeah

Yeah where they at are they play they’re fighting each other oh he hit him okay I want to hit somebody with pure love oh bro hold him still hold him still BR with a hollow violet Hollow hot pink okay there we go I finally got I

Finally got my first Cur attack I think I got it from one of them I don’t know which one I got it from but yo I’m on cool down for bad moves oh my God he’s flying he’s trying to take you down I oh you got simple domain and yeah you got

Maximum simple domain okay he got dead domain yo he’s chasing you down fing me down just to get ped up yo what through mini vien saus at me you seen that move I just stole from him from the other guy who was thrown all the fist crazy yeah the punches yeah

Yeah look at this look at this I’m about to look at it again yo UT is a dawn okay and is that everybody oh no we still got Maki over there on the left wall but that is basically The Zing Clan I’m not going lie we ran through them that is basically zening

Clan oh damn so CLE Target yeah yeah yeah cleave targets stuff with with no um no cursed energy yeah cleave just yeah anything cleave is just auto track one that [ __ ] is amazing but it doesn’t hit if you have cursed energy it doesn’t hit you for some reason it like doesn’t

It doesn’t do anything no you got to be mad close it’ll hit but you got to be actually really close to them o okay there’s a couple grade UPS okay so we’re both going to be grade one I think I might already be grade one right can I

Use this oh yeah I can’t even use that okay so yeah get to grade one and then there’s oi’s blade you got ‘s blade let me see what is this battle SW drawing what does that mean yeah I I don’t even know sto let me see blade pull that [ __ ] out

Yo yo this [ __ ] looks fire yeah I’m give it back no pun intended to do you better use that instead of your hands or that [ __ ] looks gas really don’t need physically gifted sh if you don’t would it these hands are registered I think this might do how

Much how much damage does that one do this one does I think 11 yeah we can switch if you want to all right bet this one a sword so this one actually gives some nice enchantments too so look if you you’ll slowly get health over time

Using it too check it out oh yeah that’s tough oh you yeah that’s tough that’s tough my C energy is up there yeah I’m not going to lie we’re starting to get really strong but there we go that’s the zening clan and now I’m not going lie

We’re going to have to take down the disaster curses bro so it’s going to now we got the domain expansion people it’s going to get a little harder you ready to head over there down for whatever bro let’s go all right we’ll take on the disaster C we’ll be right

Back all right we are at the disaster curse hamy and I’m not going to lie she look kind of gas but difficulty special grade normal and yeah disaster curses hanamy oh yo off r a ky Coy I’m not going lie he came straight to the door I P out R too

Fast okay KY is not weak he a couple hits I’m not he he was moving a little bit though okay we got Fame one that’s kind of cool hits yeah away she was about to get turn ra all right um there’s a couple things in

Here so be careful but for the most part I’m not going to lie these uh these regular cursor I a really too much of a problem yo what just hit me another Co guy what okay yeah I’m not going to lie KY we can get active with him

Now oh n he start throwing them hands on me he start swinging them Johns he’s he really trying to throw up okay fall he ran on me really just started punching my okay I’m not going to lie there there’s finger bears in there there there’s two I think there’s two or three

Finger Bears inside of this little cage but you ready to step in oh yo kai see Yo KY threw me in he threw you in yes yo he cannot get with me bro that that fist move is so tough okay you want to finish him off I’m about to

See I’m going to see if if I can get hit when one it you guys let me know down below is the requirement for you’s uh things in this is this stealing moves or like what is it how can I get the moves yo okay I’m fighting me I’m fighting H me

I’m fighting H me and and and a CO gu I’m fighting H me and a CO guy and a finger bear like that oh my God yo I’m getting hit with a lot of moves Grim I got you I got you I’m here with you so God down

Okay y i i to stole all their moves but I don’t know if it’s not for real knock bro out like that how’s it going for you over there it’s going cool Hanam still tracking you but ra is lowkey carrying okay oh domain domain domain be careful I’m not going lie that might

Have killed did it kill it didn’t kill him oh he’s eating hits I’m not going to lie yo he’s trying to crch me Grim I’m not lie I might be coming I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming nope nope nope nope nope nope no black

Flash out out of nope you die n n I’m running he’s about to die he’s about to die nope killed him you got him okay I’m not going to lie and I took his arm tore his arm off I’m pure love finger bear over here

Fingar did you kill it o hit him with that pure low okay that was a gas battle definitely was a little hard but it was trying to get rid of me bro that that was crazy’s arm what does that do right click flower offering oh I’m not going

To lie I think you got to be h of me yeah I think so too okay yo there’s some yo they got some they got some stuff in here for us we got simple domain Max there’s two fingers and then there’s reverse curse technique

H what you want to do how you want to split this um let’s see I’m to put this [ __ ] chest away let see do you have domain expansion n that’s simple domain neither one of us have domain expansion start spoiling [ __ ] you want to let me

Get this uh reverse yeah no you can get that you can get that of course Master simple domain I’ve already I’ve already done that but um yeah CU I got I got fingers BR I got a couple copies I got this what is that the flame gu used this

This is the move that the finger that the one got no that’s hamy oh [ __ ] I could kind of control it you can they come back like a boom oh no that wonder if that’s strong and then I got this yo I think I’m going to get rid of

The one that like kind of is like cracking it gives you slows you oh wow yeah I think I’m going to get rid of the one that’s tracking because I feel like that one cuz I don’t want to take up all my slots and then I’ll be able to save

Something if if I get hit by something cool oh so you have you have like a certain amount of slots yeah I have five I have five slots so I’ll keep I’m going keep the fist storm and I’mma keep that but um there goes Hanami I’m not even

Lie we don’t even right across I think there’s a uh mahito thing is right across if you want to go to hito that but yeah I’m not going to lie Hanami was a a little bit of a threat he put up some work the finger Bears them with

Finger Bears is kind of hard to beat but it’s a fact I’m going go ahead and eat a finger now cuz I’m not really worried about um losing sakuna yeah I don’t think do I turn into no I don’t turn okay cool cool cool I’m going go ahead

And eat all my fingers I don’t I don’t turn into sakuna when I eat what you doing out here [ __ ] out of here dude off it for a normal a normal C I’m not lie I was going to try it out but this one is special grade hard mahito is

Definitely going to use a domain so you can be prepared for that but um what’s the cool down on that I get I get a 3 second cool down on that now I just I was just testing the cool down the cool down for that move is extremely

Long so I might stick to using more of a Hanami moves because his are a lot less length but yeah there’s a lot of like transfigures humans bro this guy was just transfiguring everything huh question do you know what what do the FES actually do I’ve seen him in yo it’s

Slowing me down I think that has to do with like us getting stronger as well as us getting um yo there the finger bear and Hanam mahito I mean there’s two finger bears in here yep three three of them there’s three finger Bears yes okay

Let me get R out um oh yeah you got already you got one of the you got one of the finger Bears on you you got him I got R I got Rec out mhm yo I’m fight I’m fighting I’m fighting got to dodge some of those oh

Yo yo m m on me bro I’m not going to lie hurry hurry up and trying to kill that finger bear cuz I’m going to need your help I’m fighting two finger bears at once I’m fighting one right now I’m fighting though yo they just keep

Hitting me with this fire bro the I’m not lie fire crazy yo what what is that oh this thing ofo summoning things I forgot have take over yep I have to come on yo I just exploded everything yo I’m not going to lie I’m crunched I had to change it to sakuna

But yeah I’m not going to lie he please CH I’m getting I’m coming to you I’m coming to you I’m coming to you m come on come on Mita no I’m not even dying to mahito what am I dying to right now ra come to

Me yo I’m not going to lie mahito is op as hell bro I see why he’s one of my um best videos right now go lock in watch that oh yeah M show M shows halfway yo is R here R help me is R not helping me Rico

Watching I’m not going to lie it might be an enemy Grim I’m not I’m On One Tap where where where going for yeah I’m crunched I’m not where are you did you die I’m at the front I’m at the front I see you got you I’m fighting regular Spirits anti-

Doing B yeah I got I got something holy [ __ ] yo I’m not going to lie if I get hit by that I’m dead that’s me that’s me going off like everything about to run you can’t I’m transform you transform yeah it’s cool it’s cool on his ass

I’m coming over there right now in a second I’m just I’m just fighting all the the lower things right now cuz there’s so many things here yep yep just need him it’s just me and him I’m coming right now you po domain yep he popped domain I

Healed up a little bit I’m coming in right now domain Clash all right I’m going to take want a finger Bears while a mili do you think all right all right come on yep come on yep come on yep here yep come on yep come on [ __ ] out of here

Boy [ __ ] out of here boy kill a finger Bearer oh my God I killed one of the finger bears that was lagging it was worth it though it was worth it yeah I killed I killed mahito all right let me get rid of real quick n that was a

Battle bro yeah I’m not going abute battle I had to go do my own thing we was all fighting different places and [ __ ] this is it’s some crazy battles if y’all want to see both point of views check out both channels but that was I’m

Always getting right with M that was C I got a finger for you I’m going put it in the chest but there’s one here as well bet I got I got one we got some loot we got some loot gang human nah this is hard bro okay so there’s there is maho’s

Hand there’s maho’s clothes we can just split the clothes down in the middle uh I’ll take the legs you want to take the the chest piece uh yeah I’ll take the chest piece then there’s maito hand there’s two M hands you can take the head off all right bet there you

Go you can get the head and then there’s domain I’m not going lie I don’t think you have a domain actually you already have your domain right um my domain expansion yeah but when when I turn into sakuna so I don’t really um oh domain amplification let’s go oh yeah yeah you

Should have domain application right let’s go why isad to the Bone okay I’m going to technique D that all came from getting domain mhm did do you want the other oh yeah wait what is I think these human stocks oh you got you got to be mahito

It for mahito me that’s kind of but um let me see what these I got another copy I don’t know what it does though what is this oh my God I got MOS move no I’m not lie I might have to run you I might have

To run that for a bit that that seems hard bro I’m going get R um yeah if y’all want to see if y’all want to see iso’s uh point of view go ahead and go give him a sub his uh Channel be down in the description we got disaster coach

Joo which is actually not that far who’s other than Joo is he just the three daging dag on yeah we got got take him on still but um and then um that other guy in is it just now get fast bro you probably fast as [ __ ] huh we’re getting fast we’re 100% getting

Fast eight finger auna so I should be able to fight start to get crazy I should be able to fight Joo should be able to slam Joo oh no Joo should be equal with me now my he said generously he I’m not lie yeah you m was going at it for a second

But I’m not I think we’re going to take on Dagon first since we’re already right here um Let me let me let me pull out my uh my microphone and then go from there um disaster curse Dagon not lie this place look kind of gas okay we got some got some fish

Actually don’t even see Dagon but I know he’s in here so we got to watch out for him I see a finger bear you see finger bear off rip right mhm got move bro you doing all right all right um where’s he hiding at oh I fell

I fell down too that’s cool there’s a couple things in here that are going to try to attack us but nothing crazy uh he’s definitely in here you see him no I don’t all right now I got to put pain yo I’m not going lie of finger Bears on me anyways oh I

Unlocked domain expansion from fighting yeah I got the I got a domain expansion you got domain expansion yeah well it it said it said unlock domain expansion yeah oh that’s tough I got it yeah I’m not going to lie I’m about to use it on that finger bear

Unless I did I kill him no I didn’t kill him okay so I don’t know where Dagon is but he should be maybe somewhere in the area was that you okay yeah I just want to see okay it’s like a counter domain like remember like the

Other one we had yeah yeah yeah yeah okay cool cool that’s tough though that’s tough okay I’m not going to lie this guy’s trying to run me down here he’s done though I’m not going lie I crunched him all right right I’m not going lie domain expansion gets done it’s probably

Going to look gas proba so hard I don’t know why he dag on on in here you guys we’re going to see if we can reload it and he’s in here so we’ll be right back when he is all right we are back over here in

The we have Dagon and two what is that insect yeah two uh yeah two finger bears and Dagon so I’m already knowing this is probably going to get crazy I’m going to hit that guy want to move off rip play him down um wonder if I’m going to need R immediately

Okay okay I’m not going to lie how’s how’s it going how’s it going over there for you yo whoa whoa whoa why are you pushing up on me like this buddy yo oh my God he’s trying to flush us down bro okay yo watch out finger bear yo the

Finger bear is on me bro he’s not trying to let me help you I think one of the finger Bears di cuz I just picked up one of somebody’s things my finger yeah um how’s it going for you oh I’m still sakuna I got the domain Oh I thought he popped domain I’m

Not going to lie that’s why I popped mine okay hey it makes it a little better of Battlefield here anyways we can see better um I think I just I think I just got his I think I just got his move oh yeah I did I got his water he

Can’t he can’t do any damage to me bro yeah he got his going he got his domain going yep I’m popping domain amplification I mean simple domain you show him what happens when you pop domain on my guy let me show them what happens I got

Symbol domain on yeah I about say oh yeah he’s trying to get with us oh my God he’s flaming me down what happened did you pop domain or something yes sir I did it says press left sh this m I can’t even see anything

Am I on the ground or something oh I am okay I need to pop domain I’m I’m in the wall I’m hopping domain I’m in a wall I still can’t see anything are you in my domain I can’t see nothing what yo he’s almost yo left click to dis

Now you got me yeah there we go again yeah I’m here I’m here I’m here okay cool cool cool can’t even use any moves I’m out of freaking get blocked oh my God yo these Nas are trying to pry us okay here we go oh and there go at the same time that

Was tough there goes both of them I’m not going to lie I got I got two fingers here yo they were I’m not going to lie we were kind of destroying them they were all right but they really weren’t doing too much I think joo’s probably going to go the same way there’s

Actually nothing in the chest but yeah I think joo’s probably going to go around that same type of Direction cuz it really wasn’t too hard but um Joo though you know Joo likes to One Tap I say y domains fried the chest and the sign bro

Like it plac them back down but there’s nothing in an or on the sign Dam but there goes Dagon we’re going to head over to Joo the final person of obviously the uh disaster curses you’re at 11 fingers that’s scary man but we going to head over there and we’ll be right

Back all right we here at the final Place Joo I decided to up it from normal difficulty to hard and see how that changes it cuz I’m not like Dagon really didn’t do any damage at all to both of us so we’re going to see what can happen

Here we’re going to take on Joo the disaster curse level hard Spear of fire this is be beare of the disaster curse Joo all right we got fingers in here off rip uh got about say we got finger bears and okay that’s that’s already going to

Get crazy I see Joo over here on the wall by the way all right I’m try to I’m going to try to fight this battle without using as much as possible bro oh he got R go he got r my um my uh my fish real fast I’m not going to

Lie come on oh he’s oh yeah I get I get his I get his can’t miss attack oh that’s so gas those things auto track bro okay let’s try out some more of these uh oh I got I got I got I got some do

To yo I can’t even see anything I would like to fight if I can see okay there we go all right ra cuz I got two finger finger Bears on me I’m not going to lie ra let’s get lit over here throw hands with Joo real On don’t explode all right I’m not going to lie remember to charge up too bro you know that you can get black flashes a lot mhm mhm how many are there’s three finger Bears okay all right um I think there was somebody de I say you know you just got that

Enhanced amount of black flashes you get oh my God joo’s trying to fire use mad fire to fly me down okay here we go I can’t see come on hands hands hands Left Right mhm yo R’s fighting one of the finger Bears right now where you at oh how he

Me yo he almost he almost killed me you need help I’m hit him with a pure love ra I don’t need your help anymore but I will need one last move I’m not going to lie I don’t have any moves I just thought about it if po

We’re going to get hit with some [ __ ] he’s not he’s on 6% we we both got simple domain here we go and let’s go Joo the man himself is taken down and I’m not going to lie that was kind of a hard battle but nothing crazy we do have

A master domain expansion and yo there’s there’s two special grade advancements we’re going to hit special grade let’s go yes sir yeah that’s tough that’s special grade unlock Hollow wicker basket what is that I don’t I don’t know I’m not going lie I don’t know who what that is but I

Used it and said can’t use now so I guess that’s not something for Utah but um hey oh domain amplification what you mean I got domain amplification oh yeah yeah I got that too yeah all right tough what you mean what is that what’s in your hand I don’t

Know I used it I don’t have it no more was called Hollow wicker you you don’t have that in your inventory no I don’t don’t have anything of that such short name okay well well 13 disaster flam one of those that’s swarm I’m okay without that too honestly I’m okay without that as

Well special grade already Yuji is a special special grade bro I thought oh yeah by the way here I I got a finger too that I killed yes sir but yeah I’m say I use this master Min expension [ __ ] and it didn’t work but uh put that away

Cuz I don’t need it then but all right there we go we took down the disaster curses I’m not going to lie we’ll probably end it out with how we usually do you want to try to take on the toi Z uh yeah I’m not or hakari I’m not going

To lie we probably can start end off this one with hakari going to be tough we’re going head over there you guys yeah we can do that yeah that’s that’s cool that’s cool that’s cool so we’ll head over there you guys see what’s going on obviously AAR

Will be the last person of this you feel me let’s play if y’all want to see the next 100 days which might not even be the last one but most likely will of Yugi Utah make sure to you feel me check out the next video and check out both of

Our channels we’re going to head over to hakari the final boss we’ll be right back all right we here at the final boss you guys we are here at haki’s boss area difficulty hard plus plus and I’m not going to lie I’ve never seen this place before it’s looking like a

Little bit of a uh Arena oh yeah there goes AAR right over there I don’t even know if he’s going to attack me off rip oh yeah I got a bow I didn’t attack him yet might to put hands on cuz I’m not even going to lie he’s not

Even a I’m about say car is a hand to hand fighter so you might probably go hand in hand there with you okay yeah he he’s throwing punches I’m up inck I throw some punches I can throw some punches okay that actually didn’t even do that damage to him oh my God he

Kicked you on some okay oh I should have hit him with the mik on hand um damn he’s sending me flying yo okay he’s going keep doing what happen he’s going keep doing damage yeah he has a little bit he’s a little hard I I’m just charging the moves right

Now I like that move right there fast as hell bro oh yeah okay um hit with my copy one if I can damn every time he hits me he makes it so I can’t use a move is annoying almost hit him up there okay let me slow down

Okay I’mma hit him with that I’m going hit him with that c move in a second he’s about half out I’m not going lie he’s he’s kind of strong they definitely need upd so he has domain and stuff like that but for now there we go I move that’s all you oh yeah

Bet oh my God okay um I’m going hit him with I’m not going to lie get out here ra get out here ra if he wants to go hand in hand I got somebody go hand in hand right with you buddy I got somebody go hand in hand right with You okay oh my I’m not going lie I’m already he’s trying yeah he’s trying to do something I’m just charging on my move trying to get another black flash on it John Dam you got the higher black flash chance you honestly probably get one before me I’m trying to get a black I’m

Trying to get one of them black Jones bring them over here bring them over here it’s a black drone right here black Miss where’s he at oh there he I don’t want to hit him with the cuz I know he can heal that’s why I hav

Haven’t hit him with the the r move because I know like I said he can’t heal but um use mjo’s hand try to Dore him a little bit you should be that ass damn bro you serious lock in yeah I’m not going to lie he’s trying as hard as not to die

Right now oh okay yeah he’s healing he’s healing he’s trying to heal he survived that okay where you go you die be dead right oh this thing car is trying to really get with us yo he’s not trying to die right there we go about to say 1%

Bro come on yo he was not trying to die but there goes hakari RP that boy he definitely was a little Annoying and he tried to regenerate on us just like the show but there goes AAR he actually didn’t have anything that he gives but um he definitely was a cool little

Battle but you guys let me know down below what yall think of you feel me the 100 days eugi and Utah what you got to say real quick gr that’s definitely tough uh if you guys want to see another another 100 days go ahead and show love

Drop a like comment and also comment who you guys want to see next man we still got a lot of characters that we haven’t done and a lot of new things to Showcase in 1.20 man and the simulation man if y’all want to be in 100 day simulations

That we be doing join the Discord and ping one of us be like yo I’m trying to get in there with y’all we got we going be doing multiple of them so make sure to join up man just join them simulations y’ already know man that’ll

Be tough but that’s the end of that I hope you enjoyed you Utah in Yugi make sure to pop out for the 200 days and we out of here

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We spent 100 days as Yuji and Yuta in Minecraft!

Today I spent 100 days as Yuji in Minecraft

All mod packs will be in the discord below

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    🍋 Insane LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! 🍋Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Lemon on 2024-02-24 14:00:05. It has garnered 727 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:36 or 936 seconds. Today, Lemon and Lime Play a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! Who will end up being declared the winner? Watch to find out! Inspired by Aphmau Cash Nico Jeffy Maizen Mongo Omziscool Omz Kory Sunny and Melon #Minecraft #MinecraftMod #Lemon #LemonandLime Read More

  • We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!

    We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘MIKEY AND JJ became BABIES TO HIDE FROM THE POLICE in Minecraft ! CHILD JJ AND MIKEY!’, was uploaded by My Mikey JJ on 2024-02-15 20:21:07. It has garnered 3478 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:15 or 555 seconds. Read More

  • Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!

    Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!Video Information This video, titled ‘P V P Minecraft Bedrock LIVE’, was uploaded by MR GAMER 2.O on 2024-04-01 00:18:14. It has garnered 59 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:48 or 7188 seconds. MinecrafT Play Minecraft Bedrock HARDCORE LIVE Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series Minecraft pocket edition Survival Series Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series In Hindi Tags & Keywords🔖:- minecraft minecraft survival minecraft survival series minecraft survival series in hindi minecraft best survival series minecraft lets play minecraft 100 days minecraft pe minecraft hardcore minecraft pe survival minecraft pocket edition survival series mcpe in hindi… Read More

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    Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘I am the poorest player in Minecraft (lets fix that)’, was uploaded by Guinea Pigs Adventures on 2024-04-10 17:38:06. It has garnered 5763 views and 40 likes. The duration of the video is 02:32:46 or 9166 seconds. Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsnjnb5-SqXMkZlf9G9l-w/join Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Moments with Fans!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing Minecraft with Viewers’, was uploaded by PurEep on 2024-01-15 06:05:01. It has garnered 182 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 05:52:17 or 21137 seconds. Read More

  • Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1

    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viral

    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- https://discord.com/invite/MMyqmYWNpj Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    That’s a high score for a meme about pixels and blocks – clearly Minecraft players have a great sense of humor! Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/davidbarontv JOIN THE COMMUNITY: https://discord.gg/TWbZCYqF8S BIRD APP: https://www.twitter.com/ogdavidbaron Read More

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More