Balance in Minecraft?! Must watch!

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All right all right all right yeah oh do you actually you have I saw you have a wood sword so hold on to the stone sword for now sorry that works the stupid Universal Studios update is literally taking forever even though it’s 166 the heck is Universal Studios it’s freaking

Map okay uh Nick I have a stone pickaxe and a stone sword for you I’m ready I’ll also make you a crafting table cuz why not call everybody gets a crafting table call me EA cuz I’m in the game I call you EA because you keep boes in the

Game that was good I like it you liked it it was good huh um yeah well when night time comes we’re going to get absolutely decimated so so uh it’s like right now night time’s right now good good good good die this stream because he’s not

Even going to get in the game dude honestly I’m dying from [ __ ] boredom is you make sure grab some sugar cane yeah just just fin this the most scuffed start to a let’s play on the planet I swear open Nick don’t hit the dog what the where is everybody I’m over here by

About I’m about to break my desk I swear to God I could just give you some I swear to God he got in he got in hey he’s why am I in the water what the f y people in the game blame the game for

The game you know cuz the game is the game it’s not gaming it is I’m going to get some more stone for you guys uh Nick I’ll get you a stone Axe and get punched Cody I’ll get you a lot of stuff also if one of you dies to a creeper I’m

Going to laugh so probably me I can’t hear anything Grant you should really fix that to be Qui put your earbuds in and get join through your phone that’s way better wait why can’t you hear the game he I can’t hear the game either hang on sorry I’m vetoing giving you

Anything cuz that skin is awful oh you like it thanks I can’t hear anything either I think the game’s just broken no mine’s just because my head that’s plugged into my computer Nick I think I think need apply hold on okay actually uh we can make a couple boats and go

Exploring so that make us not die at night oh you’re playing on your computer on my PlayStation oh but okay hold up so you join the party through whoever wants to take the other boat take it I don’t then I could do that you can you just need the app the Discord

App and then you can join but he he has a PS4 Dingus he can still do it just way too complicated okay um can we the water I’ll walk I’ll walk you through it next time and then you can try it next time if we all meet by the

Water we can all get in the boats and then we can go exploring for a place we actually want to live in because this place sucks this is a nice place look it it’s got trade routes what’s wrong with what’s wrong with nature did you increase the drop rates why are there so

Many apples I don’t know I have like 10 apples already that shouldn’t be a thing does fire spread doct going to be scared of you I got all the apples they can’t touch I don’t know why there’s no Hostile Mobs spawning I’m going build it is on easy difficulty are we meeting up

To sail yeah I have two boats so already have a couple saplings and like two stacks of wood so get that boat shelf now if you guys want to head over to me I put two boats in the water oh I’m over here I see

It I can’t see behind me I don’t know what the keyboard to change camera position wait two people can go on a boat yes that’s I made two boats I’m with Ben all right yeah get this [ __ ] how do drive away from all right Nick

I’ll let you laid the way oh dude my favorite YouTuber is streaming oh there’s a village right here look it I’m already I’m already doing great look it where’s the sales on this thing wait what is that that’s not what do you mean Sals this is a

Rowo I there’s a hair in my cereal added protein no so that’s not dolphin doph hang hang on hang oh that’s that’s water ruins uh keep in mind there might be drowned there and they can have Trident I want to loot this one cuz we might get

A fishing uh Rod so yeah send gr there’s coal there as well there’s two Villages by the way how do you get out of the boat there we go I see two Villages can shift we do now oh I just jumped out B oh whatever

Oh all right hold up I go these Villages what what are you doing there’s Villages I’m getting I’m drowning oh no oh no if you drowns complete no the stupid the the magma block is killing me standing on the magma block shut up okay I’m here I’m here I surv Granda

Surviv barely hang on I was right in front of you and you go to the other boat wow I feel so appreciated why is your hiping there’s too much stuff going on right now where did we come from over there I I have no idea where Cody went

But you go to the left with the how I have a freaking map uh because that was a world option how’s that cheating you already died he just ditched us so the village I’m just going to say that it’s you know acceptable we can move on yeah we need I’m going to the

Village there’s two Villages I’m actually going to go to I was lying about the village or I was wrong about it so how’d you find a village I found Tom mhm wow okay I wouldn’t just leave oh I see a so much for team effort he’s already ditching and I’m getting us

Stuff God yeah I’m guessing you’re behind me I can’t see behind me are we at the tower yet I can’t see a big old head okay yeah can we spawn Enderman dragon head so I can wear it an Enderman dragon you’re such a cheater no if you

Want the head go kill it take too long where the heck is the chest you take too long man it is part it is actually part of your thing you wear it in your other world no idea where the chest is well du are you guys still probably

Covered in dirt so are you guys still at the [ __ ] uh whatam we found another one can we can we just go somewhere all right uh Village Grant Village oh there’s a village right here right here oh there is yeah don’t me look out for

The drown get in my boat get in or get in his boat to the Village we go this see a village this is a real Village not what Cody found is liar my Show’s all loading man be pretty funny if we went to the same Village I’m not going to lie

How many villages are around here where we’re going to different village I don’t know if we show up at the village and then all the villagers are already dead Cody was there then probably check the stream that’s my bad hey got potatoes and apples I think there’s a lava pool over there

Interesting oh yeah you’re at my Village were there any good chests I got leather armor so now I think we’re all Audible I hope so if we weren’t then there would be some really interesting conversations said some pretty funny [ __ ] in the past five minutes yeah dude come on no I

Think I just don’t know if the game audio is coming to from what I understand it is all right Normandy let’s get it Norman [ __ ] oh I die dud take the boat with you oh it’s not going anywhere I’m sorry yeah it’s fine who knows if we’re going back here might

Clear sh I need to completely organize my inventory the way I hey you guys are at the same Village as me what’s up guys there’s a creeper over there creep over there okay um hold on what’s up guys how’s it going I’m dead I I already

Died I’m really hoping you did Hest not a good person cat dude my stupid Health won’t go up uh what am I getting hit by um it’s night time so anything Ben what are you doing there’s your friend Grant get a spider ow punch it getes out of way I’m proud of

You oh thought he died I don’t have food everybody sleep oh I got three emeralds all these [ __ ] villagers are on their beds kick him out you can kick him out yeah see I think it’s a good plan I think I think we’re on y all right they don’t need sleep they’re

AI oh hey you guys got to get that hell divers game dude I already pre-ordered it I already bought it so okay now what whoa okay um Stone right here pick it up I can’t I don’t have any tools you don’t pump oh right where’s the grindstone there’s a

Ginormous mountain behind oh I see it I see it [ __ ] up the chest as well oh chicken means we don’t have to craft it later what about the some beds guys there’s a tiger Spruce for over here can be that there’s pumpkins Grant do you see the mountain

Or is your render distance not it’s not like you’re I couldn’t even see that Village Ben Ben what’s your render distance like I set it up to 12 it’s pretty good can you I’m picking up some beds uh where the heck is the wow dude modest Knight is

Back what are you talking about been a long he was I don’t know if Cody remembers he was on the old uh let’s play that we did last year oh was he the one roasting me no he was one he was the cool one oh okay yeah as long as k money

And that roasting dude doesn’t come back I’m why he literally is modest night was like get down Mr President the president was a skeleton down we’re back Mountain okay it’s right why is there a second pig trying to be like get down is I see part of it part of it where are

You are you guys running are you guys running towards like the tower looking mountain yeah I want to go over there [ __ ] it looks sick I’m not going to lie it’d be a pain to live on no I say we live like in it but like on the no

Dude no no if we build a a little house on top of it and then build like a water elevator that’s what I’m saying we start we start at the base level and then we can build up and then eventually like conquer [ __ ] where the heck is thatst you

Mentioned man think he took it it’s it’s in the clay in the you’re [ __ ] awful thanks Steve we fing meteor nobody likes your skin just looks like where’s the clay house where is the playay house it’s it’s the closest towards where we’re heading okay uh I need to pick up

This cauldron that looks so I’m living here I don’t even care it’s almost there looks like a Halo map it’s just all the feather is more valuable I don’t understand how you don’t see that I see him now well his render distance isn’t up that’s how many BS did you guys grab

Zero I didn’t grab a single one one who has a boat I don’t like all the boats okay Ben you need to get over here immediately I got the boat yeah give me a sec I’m trying to actually gather resources I don’t know what you guys to

Do but it was clearly not not smart is that it is that all the boat or is that all the mountain yep wait how do I I’m try there we go okay they’re not dripping out of my nose guys flip this guy off when we drive by okay got the grind

Stone okay um I did not I need to get a compost oh there’s no one over there uh get rid of those that like the Halo thing looks cool all flat it’s all flat on top there’s hey we got Turtles here this is it that’s how you know there’s a turtle

Here kill the turtles where the straws where are the straws you don’t need to kill the turtles the turtles literally don’t drop anything when you kill them um there’s a built-in waterfall in our mouth killing the turtles oh my God I’m smacking this [ __ ] out of the turtles Cody automatically winning the

Award for least valuable member on the team dude that’s actually so wrong cuz I’m the best Miner it’s Hollow underneath and there’s like an insane that miners no okay you know what you guys this is it this that spot okay there’s this this [ __ ] is back we’re gonna have ownership excuse you

Okay uh I’m guessing I’m headed towards the right place that you guys are yeah our coordinates are 61 73 11 83 okay um um um um oh my God yeah the biggest mountain yeah I I see it I see it I think I got it [ __ ] loser aren doing first death

Award goes to Nick ni thank God it wasn’t you should have waited for me to get over here with the bed you set your spawn would you have Nick you dead right now oh I didn’t spawn in water this time yeah I think I know how to get there

Where are you guys I don’t like how to climb are you guys like trying to scale the mountain right now no we’re it’s underneath it it’s Hollow there’s like a cutout part and we’re fighting for our right to live there you are I lost you okay get over here I have beds I’m

Going to make a little camp for us so we can set spawns set my spawn hi I can’t do that I’m G I’m G to have to disagree with you light it up make sure you light it up so I can live there okay hold on Grant you’re just staring in his face

I guess he’s just not here yeah I’m here what’s up oh okay’s in the Stream yo he said hey I’m in the Stream no he’s not I see modest night again uh don’t look over there Cody there’s an Enderman Minecraft meets Walking Dead yeah I don’t we should play that honestly all

Right what we doing that’s just like a mod anyway yeah I have beds I have a lot of resources actually I got beds did we kick out the other tenants so all of us can get one but for now we’re just GNA share Weck out the other

Tenants no there a black one in there still he’s still he’s still in our sh oh did Koney say that in Discord that he was in the Stream yeah he did okay welcome there’s a zombie I got him come here uh where’s where did

The Enderman go I was going to be a cop I can handle this guy never mind you left where did the Enderman go what did you do he left I think that was not good you no one just heard did not hear my jum think I did and that’s

Not good it’s oh it’s okay police brutality there’s a Pillager Tower there oh no yeah I know there’s a village over there that’s what I said I’m dying wait a what please don’t die you have any coal no I’m going to get some right now I saw some where is this okay

Um oh we’re almost there I I got a um I got is this really is this wooden Pig I found a a block of obsidian guys we’re going to hang out here for now um can you tell me the again okay negative 350 uh 80 1195 350

What was the last negative negative 350 80 11 1195 or 12200 I got about, blocks to go I’ll be there soon boy okay I got some coal Ben you I I see all your dead stuff Nick it’s down there yeah I’m going go I’m going to go kill all these

Guys and get it very much okay hold up only thing I want is that gold helmet because now I have a gold chest plate and I want match that’s am I getting killed by I’m not even underwater a drowned no I’m just drowning even though I’m swimming this

Game’s broken oh this one has a no shell give me it oh I got a no Shell let’s go I appr or Nick I appreciate all the loot yeah um I got some and steel okay did you guys set your spawn at the bed I

Set up I did not I could do that for real for real um this is why Grant is number one yeah set your spawn there I have sticks so if anyone is cold we can make torches Cody I thought it was a complete coincidence that Grant wanted to play

Minecraft tonight CU he just texted me out of nowhere he’s like new Minecraft Survival server no way so he texted you the same exact thing I exact thing but then like afterwards he told me that he saw the chat in Discord like oh that oh I should have said anything I should

Just like that would have been like guessing hold on I’m down here now okay uh Cody I huh I have torches why can’t the Dolphins just torches I see it I see it hey but like for real can we get that or that end drag head dude can you like chill is

That our goal now that’s is that our that is aeton and a creeper I think our goal should be honestly the warden I don’t feel correct nobody nobody wants to smoke with a warden have to beat the warden in the first three episodes that’s the goal that’s not happening in

Six hours Nick it’s just not I think we can do it honestly it might be shoot you forgot that I was on so oh you forgot you just Dro it an Allstar player pretty much I do have one block of wood in my inventory we have a

Furn hey not stutter okay thank you can kill him cusing me aniy skeletons are awful to fight with he I I I’m on two hearts well you need potatoes okay there’s another why therez it’s dark space there’s like a billion spawning now okay I don’t think I’m going to get

There before it gets dark but I’ll come help you guys you guys need a hell either to help you I got you sho shoot shoot you seen have you seen that game or no what the hell divers okay Retreat back to the bed tutorial or intro it looks sick huh youing food pretty

Fun I see the boat I’m here I kind of want to go up up up you want to go up I can actually if I go up up okay I need like es to get in here you don’t need anything you’re a what Nick I need an escort to get inside the facility

Here I got the same idea as youing uh I all your name tags I’m here yeah uh get over here set your spawn oh there’s iron up here I can’t Sprint anymore there’s a skeleton he’s going for it he’s reaching got a gun he’s reaching yeah oh

Shoot pulling out my ID okay I’m going back going back go back go back [ __ ] I [ __ ] died a I don’t know why skeletons do a billion hearts of damage I spawn back get ready to meet God P like pulling out the Bible my yeah yeah

Yeah okay um we I have four beds here so we can all sleep through the night [ __ ] back did I’m just getting cold man did Grant spawn back here yeah he did okay yeah he’s smart and actually respawned himself oh I got a bow nice I have Five

Arrows okay I’m going back to light can we sleep I hate no this is the best part no it’s not I don’t have food where that skeleton go three hearts I don’t want the smoke I’m not going to lie you’ll find it shoot uh wow Grant you’re CED in the

Game I got him well two hards oh well there you go that’s your problem okay uh right right oh I see a wood sword that’s prob okay you can I’m kidding I don’t want sad you see that Ben I need you to give me everything or I need

Um I need like a 64 um Cobble Cobble don’t got that I have here’s 20 God damn it that video is so F okay I need a sword and I need a pickaxe there’s like H H okay I’m getting this moooo we need to take the interior so we

Can use that as our base of operations and then we can start building outward I think that’s the plan I’m going to have to set up the farm we have no food we have he Farm I know I know what you mean that’s he meant like go I thought we

Were what are we doing I thought we were going to go to sleep but apparently not so I’m getting iron I’m up in the guys I don’t have torches I don’t yeah I don’t have my bed no more do you have a sword me yeah look he’s flying I forgot I hate

Bedrock combat cuz all the mobs have reach God Java is so much better oh my God no playing on this man this is the better version Oh my God there’s so much [ __ ] spawning over there I don’t want to put more torches SK oh I found baby

Zombie you might want to watch out get down Mr President H don’t hit me down down okay cover me I’m going for coal relax relax we need to fight our way over here cuz the mob spawning isn’t getting ridiculous a so that that that’s my like right there something not so tight just

Happened okay I got blown up but I’m alive [ __ ] Alby Hussein [ __ ] Al Bobby Hussein M something think that’s what that just happened we go oh D I found string I got I got I got a fair amount of iron guys and a good amount of coal

What oops I’m trying to advance in the cave right now and clear it out shoot skeleton okay I’ll be on I’ll be on Farm Duty I I’ll get that you’re not using planks right now there you go my boy go down just got you like 32

Coal um does anybody have like crops or seeds or anything I do what really hold on trying to light up the cave so we don’t all die horrible deaths I like that I think we won the war of attrition I don’t want to sleep next to Nick or

Ben godamn it bro what you got s toes to toes I’m the one that’s carrying this team and you don’t want to wow bro I just got [ __ ] Nick what are we all sleeping yeah k money what’s up k money how’s it going K he’s here I’m in the Stream right now dud

Okay but I can’t talk in the chat I can only talk in here that’s um the furnace going no okay hold on we’re moving the camp no this is how you okay how everyone give me your give me your stuffing you before we do that we need in here here

Here look I cleared out the cave last night I can’t grow this I won the war we’re going to move in here for now uh here uh Nick Nick get over here I’ve crop seeds for you here have some beetroot seeds oh great and sugar

Cane all right I’m gonna go find a cave guys I will here I’m going to you got a chest opening up there oh my God top top right over there okay I’m going to build a chest real quick guys oh I have chests I have chests you want put two chests

Down so we can just Depot stuff yep I don’t need that on the corner okay uh I’m going to grow hold up before you guys leave I have a fifth bed so and then I’m going to go pick up the other four I don’t know what he just

Said I I sat down a new bed at our new camp so you can set the spawn there and I’m going to go pick up the other for why there floating blocks everywhere where where the heck is Grant oh you know what I need shovel I’m around a

Corner at the base of the mountain c h OV give me I’m G to go mining I’ll see you guys later money oh Chris is in chat Halo cave yep modest Knight’s modest night gets it okay what do we got I told you man it’s looked like a map from Halo

Mhm I was going to say Cody we need to play Halo infinite we you know Nick I’m down okay we need to play it’s I heard oh what is everyone doing try to shoot a holy [ __ ] think homie just tried to throw spear at you oh he did I’m dead he

Just threw a Triton at you like from way up above there’s no way Nick dies twice in the Stream don’t ever talk to me no way Nick dies twice before anybody else dies before anybody else even well I need someone to basically just bodyguard me

The entire oh wait no gr wait wait wait Grant died where are you at oh he did oh well should I just get the food I’m trying to get seeds are you at the Village no I’m at the okay uh who’s going mining I am currently trying to

Find a cave okay whoever’s going mining come back to me I have an iron pickaxe I you’re welcome for that no I had that before but I do appreciate the 11 iron no no so now we have a total of 13 because I had

Two I had 10 ingots in there or um no you had nuggets yeah which so we’re going have a total of 13 iron ingots I think what we’re going to do with those is we already have flint and steel we giv out the iron pick so probably some

Kind of armor for someone block of iron I mean whoever’s going mining should probably but I have armor already yeah whoever doesn’t really have armor should probably get that I’m probably not going to take it though because I don’t see a reason for me to take it specifically CU you think you’re better

Than meat no I’m no I’m saying because you know I’m not going to be in a dangerous situation most likely doesn’t team for me to have the armor you know the danger Get It Black Sheep terminated I’m sorry I’m terrible we already unless um okay so more

Animals F I need one more seeds oh I have it okay now I got to figure out are you making the farm I I I I don’t know where where are your name tags I have no idea where any of you are coar dirt I hate that I I went

And found a a cave looking for cave you’re not going to come back for the iron pickaxe then no I’m I I can get my own oh no Ben I need three I need um I need a oh yeah a bucket okay yeah that makes sense hell okay we got a bucket

Then where is man right here chicken oh God I’m at I’m at the base camp so if you can get me a bucket that would be not at the base I don’t see you godamn I’m working on it I found an Enderman fish I got fish and B your little [ __ ]

Endel someone should work on making like ways to get into our house whoever’s mining [ __ ] shoot how do we get in Ben did you oh hell of pigs don’t have a house technically yet G be an orphan sorry that’s tough it’s very tough I know that’s I think mobs

Are dropping down from above and trying to kill us I think there’s a second floor and then it has and they keep dropping down with air strikes so we’re going to need to clear the second floor we have a second floor oh I think there might be oh I might die

Here yep I’m dead back up I got hell goodies well I don’t know where you guys are I’m at the of the cave oh I’m definitely dying once again a zombie dropped down from the heavens and decied dropping in they’re after me cuz I’m I’m the guy

Oh I see yep yep they’re definitely trying okay so that was okay over here I have a situation here’s your bucket oh thank you actually going to craft a second bucket for myself good thing to have where do you think the farm should be I’m thinking

About putting it down by maybe in some dirt I actually we could put the farm here it’s just my idea the farm there’s no sunlight oh also I have here 17 dirt what the odds I just found diamonds ah I’m just going to throw the 17 dirt on

You do you have any food to like help me uh yeah I have a couple bread I have one and a half hearts oh my god um um yeah I’ve mostly been eating rotten flesh to try and preserve my other food so that’s disgusting but I’m

On board what do you mean you’re on board anything for the cause what’s the cause um salvation I’m going to work on it yeah Prosperity so you could make the farm at the base of the Democracy I want to put it around the waterfall yeah make sure you light it up

Though oh I know actually I have all the coal so I should probably put some coal back in the chest for you guys I died no I didn’t what do you mean you died nope never mind that was how in the you say New York

What what’ you say said how in the G wiers I thought you said how in the New Yorkers what I thought I honestly heard the same thing I’m not no you didn’t no shut up it’s possible okay [ __ ] switch you know I’m sexy don’t call who knows

That where where can I recommend them a therapist oh you guys want to hear my new soundboard song is it going to get us Budd yeah is it going to get me arrested not today yeah maybe tomorrow morning cuz they’re already the clock it’s already bedtime it is bedtime different dirt

Stupid God damn it dude skeletons are little [ __ ] we knew that yeah they’re they’re they’re the worst yeah no that’s just blatant facts like here we go I killed him there’s a I’m trying to find wherever the heck the second floor is okay he’s dead EXC

Is that what he said that’s what I heard he’s little crap oh don’t call just text me I’m must oh my pickaxe bro oh yeah made it I hear zombies I must be close I thought you were going to be any near any danger I found the cave found the cave

If I’m around you I’m always around danger God dang it who else want some come here you little [ __ ] do anybody have a fortune pickaxe yet what I’m going to smack you I don’t have a map to make paper Nick a map to make paper I don’t have a map made I

Have a map of paper all right uh have paper map all right uh are all you guys good right now I’m actually alive so all right you know life could be better amen hallelujah wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute hallelu wait a minute how in the wait

Huh where the [ __ ] is the entrance that’s what I’m saying there isn’t one we need to make one no there I I I left from it but I can’t find a do it oh I’m above the second level okay I went too high up could you name all your

Frogs oh my God a [ __ ] traveling villager’s llama just fell and died just suicided into the cave oh there might be a third level or no that just looks like it’s a wall no I’m below the second level then huh I’ll have to explore that tomorrow

Cuz it is bedtime I don’t have a I’m not home what if I can make this jump most likely you think so M iron do I have 16 the back’s portal I made it back room’s portal some I can’t [ __ ] made it where is this entrance can you see my name

Tag yeah it’s by the tree if you can see the tree it’s it’s next to the tree this [ __ ] where the heck are you um okay I’m at the beds hi I’m mining oh we’re not sleeping I thought I’m not sleeping I’m mining that’s you guys said we’re sleeping [ __ ] was that noise

I was right here the whole time jeez portal crazy in Minecraft you know what yeah okay so um I might want some assistance going up to the second floor yeah one you can help them well here’s what I’m thinking I’m putting all the cobblestone in the second

Chest you have a lot already I’ve got two and a half stacks that’s a lot jeez careful I love thank you also uh do any of you guys have arrows I have five but I’m I’m currently in a battle you don’t count because you’re not here wow that’s really racist

Honestly what do you mean racist sorry anyway that’s honestly very disrespectful to you well you’re not here so you having arrows doesn’t help get bet bro honestly no God damn guy woke up shows violence I’m sorry it’s he just told you to get that it’s it’s rough recently that’s one letter off your

Name what um yeah I’m going to head back out my convoluted staircase and try and find the second floor just making up words now honestly I didn’t get a like patch of English from that well my pickaxe broke does anyone have one I do have a wooden one

Okay that how is that is that all you had to say okay I can’t tell I’m thinking about it thinking thinking I’m next to Falling meteor right now who’s fing meteor that’s just grant here oh that’s who that is oh my God my God thank you yeah I got

You don’t worry I’m I’m working on it gu being just dressing um um I need coal okay I’ve made the discovery there is no second floor there’s just a couple Ledges and the zombies decide to spawn here constantly so somebody’s been lying we’re going to figure out who it is yep everyone’s

Quiet honestly I swear to God it was me okay the the farm is almost built I knocked down a zombie so watch out for that I got hella of food over here so like hell neck or what Mac and mac and Che what are you guys I said

Hella neck but not I didn’t say I think you said Mac food mac and cheese is food oh that’s what you said food food ready [ __ ] hit that [ __ ] for real you’re welcome you know there’s like chaotic energy and then there’s Cody energy and there’s energy energy which you should

Subs shamess Shameless plug I’ve ever [ __ ] I’m allowed to we’re here this is speaking of energy I feel like is the only one allowed to PL you guys like having 200 mg of Straight Energy watch Wreck it try my new energy drink coconut penis it’s great

What all right back to the game yeah okay back back to your wait oh ret Ralph movie one and two or virtual reality movie I don’t know no it’s it’s going to be a it’s going to be um an adult film the new just dropped I don’t know what

You’re talking about but um I don’t know what a virtual reality movie you’re talking about but I know the second record Ralph movie is horrible this guy’s I want to say I say too that’s your favorite movie of all time oh all time I’m excited for the new Godzilla

Movie I’m lie I don’t have a favorite movie all the time I love all movies honestly I like I like WHL though you know Whiplash oh that’s a that’s a great one that’s your favorite no but uh oh hell yeah I can check it Nick sh that’s not me I’m not near you

Oh so yeah my Discovery informed us there was no second floor but I did make it so that zombies will no longer spawn above us and drop down and who has do we have a stone cutter or No Yes up chicken I need a I need a

Huh I got an egg Creeper Creeper you no that Lea helmet protected me mushrooms no I really want to move these beds away from here because I don’t like them being there all right who thinks the chicken’s going to hatch from this ready

Yes um I’m going to bet 50 on red 50 on red so that’s means chicken no red means death so no chicken no chicken no where you at black means means then I say all right put in chat right now what you guys think in what Universe does black mean for

Chat they’re just not smart man I’m want to go no go no chicken there nobody’s talking in chat uh second a second chat who’s the chicken I mean what what do you think about the chicken look at all these chickens he said red he said red so I

Think that means death so go for it I think I see a ruined portal yeah they’re they’re saying death wow [ __ ] all that build up why is it black chicken what come here oh [ __ ] there’s two oh my God we jumped by two Enderman that sucks what did you do to

Anger the Enderman I fought them why would you fight them [ __ ] all right they stole my [ __ ] I had the same idea going after that chicken but I got three ender pearls or two end pearls from it so we’re I’m going I think a creeper went off near me or something that’s racist

Um I’m going to check theal I’ll let you guys know how that goes I don’t really know what I need to be doing right now okay what what’s not getting done I don’t know I got a bunch of iron though yeah precisely like 30 that’s pretty

Good I guess not good enough go mine mine mine if we can all get iron chest plates then I’d consider that a win really yeah all right well we won that’s it no that’s round speed already oh we won the round we’re just trying to get through the rounds you R

Okay if I’m right speaking really good right now right here all right ruin portal found I already found um there’s a gapple in here anybody know what that is I was gon to say I’m gonna take your ass to gapplebees it’s only gaap not H there’s Golds but those

Pretty useless ah I’ll take the portal is not in a state where we could light it well I have a block of obsidian remember that yeah that does still doesn’t help it’s missing three four five pieces or better off just molding a portal how does a stream become Frozen I

Don’t know i’ fixed it I think all right um okay my inventory is full so I got to head back to base I think I fixed it we got a we did get a chicken in chat modest night wait did did the chicken pop out of it or no uh

No bad egg do I win like bad no I said bad egg oh guys’s a legend dude CL all right all right um we’ll do a collab with him one day yeah right yeah I swear I already talked to him someone is spamming the clicks that would be that

Would be Ben yeah that would be Ben I can tell the sound of his Mouse yeah it’s very distinctive he should have the oh no wait bendy you’re using iby power mouse or no I think so no oh I was going to say it sounds very cheap no offense

Well I thought that’s what you used I don’t know how this no I have a [ __ ] $200 Mouse EXC R I have three mouses up I’m using I oh my bot I bought that’s all I buy actually I have a composter for you I see what you do talking to me yeah

Talking to me composter [ __ ] me say jigat hey here oh thank you your boys oh [ __ ] Boys Boys Boys Boys the noise your boy has found it also have one more seed for you like specific the last fun with that I didn’t get it you boys oh [ __ ] die

Got him I found diamonds I got it you found diamonds nice I found I found a diamond oh well one is better than nothing so let me have it let me have it you you heard the man let him have it you know I don’t I’m liking the farm

Thank you I’m building honestly it’s really nice that we’re working together because um we can all do separate things that we would all or we all do separate things for each other that we’d all have to do separately exactly it just takes so much time I don’t really know what

I’m doing I’m justu Grant violent I’m getting food I’ve been trying to light up the mountain a bit head up you should you should focus on making a cow farm and then ni can make the food Farm like the crop Farm C I prefer there got be cows

Out because I prefer eating steak instead of potatoes no offense do we even have chickens who’s putting torches what who who’s who’s doing that me good so off the team what do you mean off the team can’t be doing that bad how are we supposed to see nope

Your body’s cashing checks you can’t [ __ ] cash we don’t to look at things now listen listen I’m just going on one hand the supports the blind the other hand you hate literally everybody on the planet who isn’t what uh oh hey I heard a spider I’m at all

Right uh you can now everyone can access the farm all right why couldn’t we before was it because of a certain skin tone is that is that is that what’s Happening Here what what what is your obsession with race oh um because I’m the most non racist person on the planet that’s the

Answer obviously obvious I mean if you’re the only one that’s bringing it up it raises question got 50 50 raw iron and 24 ings I got two arrows it’s insane yeah if you have anything that you’re not going to be using just throw it in the the main chests and there’s also the

Cobblestone chest for whatever Bally him saying he wants those [ __ ] arrows also I’m just gonna say now I’m not trusting Cody with a bow that’s true we have footage of what happened last time but I’m still always the first one with the god bow true the

Son here comes the son I’m pretty sure Cody’s killed like every single person he’s ever played with theow on accident it was accident sure the clip where you killed me I I even know what you’re aiming at you guys run in front of me when I’m trying to clear out the freaking

Stronghold and you guys like pissed I’m like bro I told you you don’t listen oh there’s a c trees up here nice and there’s iron cool little pig this pig lit this lit Cris BAC it looks like we got swamp there’s a tigga over there looks like there’s Mountain uh Birch

Forest that way what’s TIG doing over there [ __ ] man L A Beat Dake right there another ocean over there oh my God man too much too easy to oh there’s slime come here grab some of that I’m going to need some of that later hey yo God dang it

Hold on I’m getting gang banged by these God hey yo a sh I’m gonna die it’s over for me it is so over me why is Cody like not even contested the most sus one here huh uh look at don’t you you start with me I don’t

Know that’s what I thought it’s just natural this this is my Natural State of Mind why is that your natural state of mind who were your parents well uh subject well that explains that yeah there you go you know I don’t know you know you know who parents the

Tip of my tongue uh f Wow Come here little [ __ ] soon okay I got a lot of slime balls for you oh there’s a zombie Viller what tra you got for me ah just kidding don’t more well there goes the file what’ you do my

Shovel what do you mean oh my god dude I literally was like what did you do I’ve ever ruined a file is when I lost the dragon egg that one time because I was an idiot wow cuz you’re idiot that one time or no comment do we have uh like enough iron

For the file now I have like almost like a stack and some I have 41 oh but we’re going to plenty of back now that goes nowhere I’m [ __ ] stuck I’m not I’m up where the waterfall comes from oh how did I pass this okay okay okay okay okay okay all

Right here we go CH I’m going back up the cave this is the one get ready Chad time’s com quick okay I’m coming back I got Qui [ __ ] wizard up there dude you’re a wizard Harry I thought you said lizard I’m wish was a lizard a bar I snip have you seen

That video those guys made it’s like how certain animals eat food oh it’s classing the rhinoceros just plows to the table bruh okay I’m coming home boys holy [ __ ] who’s that oh oh Orchid I am back with my damn it [ __ ] off [ __ ] off [ __ ] you [ __ ] off

[ __ ] you too [ __ ] off where are you what are you doing dude there’s so many [ __ ] mobs right here oh someone’s using my stairs yep I just did I think I’m bringing like got blue orchids I got hell I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s wrong hell

Neck hey spider oh no hi I just realized uh look up what it’s a sky base now no oh yeah that that makes a lot more sense actually what uh well just build up to it so might want to stand clear for a sec what’ you guys do oh

Gravel yeah I thought you I thought you were talking about uh the dark spot no uh I noticed particles falling from the sky and I was like wait a minute chosen why am I drowning because you’re drowning bre air oh perfect oh lovely all right there’s the gravel I

Didn’t mean to make that grass path honey I’m home is dude falling meteor I never thought i’ see your face again yeah yeah oh there’s an Enderman look out I have a boat I can handle are you okay yeah there’s an end under the or by the

Stairs on the bridge oh my God I see him if he just wouldn’t teleport everywhere I can handle it oh hey I’m back oh boy so good come here you little [ __ ] no what are you doing killing him into the boat lead him into the boat I’m going to

Die no I’m going to die kill him kill him lead him into the boat God I was trying to sneak up on him and put him in the boat and then just come and start swinging at him does not know how to play dude it’s okay dude I

Said I can handle it and then you’re just like I’m gonna go in listen all right I got the diamond I don’t want to hear it you don’t deserve it well matter of fact why do we have a second oh that’s why okay so where’s the Home Base at all

Right right here yeah make sure you set your spawn here I’m going to try and take down the other four beds so we can actually are we sleeping uh I mean we could we could yeah PO on oh were you just like doing something yeah just I set my spawn real

Quick yeah all you can throw your iron what are you doing iron there’s a furnace with iron over there yeah okay and we could use more to cook yeah but we are not listen I’m a profession I am a professional okay actually hold on I I was just going

To say we can make a blast furnace this is the first time I’ve done cooking this is the first time that explains a lot this isn’t the first time uh but anyway why are you using coal instead of blocks of coal I don’t care okay that is not acceptable can I

Not with that one what I’m there we go hey uh see what do we get oh nice lapis uh two pearls leather 15 slime balls that’s pretty good you’re welcome um what are you laughing at flood the leads will also be useful where did the blue orchids come from I don’t worry about

It just what are you laughing at Jesus Christ relax God where’s me oh right no I I was about to craft a shield and I was like oh wait a minute this is better I me blowing my nose it didn’t even sound like nose blowing was the loudest thing ever

Something something was blowing us what yeah oh all right well you guys have enough to make a iron armor there’s enough for iron armor for all of us so call me Arby’s cuz I got the meats nice you got that roast beef or what I

Got the meats I’m not eating that pork I refuse oh there here’s some more raw mutton actually are are you like are you what sweats what mean sweats all right grant next to you there’s some raw mutton if you want to pick that right oh right there you said Ramen that’s not in

This game I was going to say Ramen sounds Fire doesn’t it huh let’s be honest when doesn’t it going in here okay never mind I can’t even Sprint or jump or move how much food what is wrong with you okay um here have some some emcy bread

Here oh I’ve had bread in my inventory the whole time you never ate the bread I gave you okay going her all third chest that’s the food chest all right why is the egg in the food chest I grabbed the food what do you mean you

Can’t eat the egg this game’s not real will hard boil that [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh no that’s mine we we need people to yeah okay uh Cody did you find any drip Stone on your adventure that’s what I was literally about to say is we

Need to get dripstone I have I have a cauldron with me I it from the village so I also where to get lava because I found a ruin portal so we can get lava from there all right here also everybody should grab a bucket and fill it with

Water just always have on hand you never know for what I’m level five gr can you please get some okay I’m going to make you some armor gr what I have a helmet on they like a [ __ ] farmer uh does anybody else need this anybody else need this furnace

Right here put the diamond away N I don’t need it how did he get a diamond he went mining I I went mining or Grant he picked it up got in the chest he just grabbed it wait Grant here what I didn’t give you Boots the

Boots are I’m I’m mad at myself I’m mad at myself hold on anybody want a leather helmet I’m going to pass thanks all right I’m going throw off the cliff okay hold on I’m mad at myself maybe let’s not do that actually you can do whatever you want all right I’m going to

Go find another cave I need food that’s what the farm for go to Arby’s you know what they have not there’s a food chest get some oh thanks he dropped iron who did the zombie oh it’s not like we have like a billion of that okay anyway hey let’s

How about we cook these potatoes huh uh potatoes and Nick is that allowed do you have a potato farm going uh I no I have a spot for it though so can if you give me the potato I can start them don’t cook the potatoes then I can start them

Growing my God I’m cooking half give me 20 that’s what I’m saying there’s 27 in the chest just give me 20 of it don’t don’t do that yet I’m going to take this furnace hold on I did grab the furnace thank you I’m dead go either of

These he collaps back in his chair he’s like I’m dead all right guys miss Diamond keep throwing [ __ ] everywhere that sounded like a phone dropping on a keyboard what was my airpods a USB and fast charger all that yeah yeah um trying to remember how to make this

All right I need a I need a I need a mission need a purpose okay there we go aren’t we all looking for that in life okay so this is the Farm what this is your this is your farm yeah down there I’m working on like getting it oh there’s more

And I’m going to start organizing some of our stuff do that where’s the next farm at I’m working on it next why is there a witch okay there’s another Enderman I’m going to kill yeah look ground okay this Witch is really messing with my vibe right

Now I need Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben I need Bill I’m dead I killed the Enderman this is the middle saying that he’s Cuts himself off I’m I got a grass block oh thank God that’s cool I guess it would be nice if I would

Not be poisoned so I could heal good for you [ __ ] tight TI I was just trying to you know organize our chests and then yeah that’s what happens you really hope um anyway did you just throw an egg at me no I was looking for the chicken I

Wanted to who planed the story about the chicken who the story about the chicken knew I was coming There’s a Zombie down here guys in your hand TI [ __ ] sh that’s tight tight why is there a crafting table EXT okay B we got people going I missed oh I quick scoped him

Okay do you know where they’re coming from cuz I’d like to light that area up here up here up here up here I got it I got it I got it oh hey hey I killed him I got him I got him I got him dude there’s another cave from up

There where are they oh I found a llama llama why’ you say it like that I thought I was about to say moose for some reason what moose what happen that’s my exact damn those things take some hits whoa what you mean by that wow this kid laughing I think he is what

What what do you mean by that oh [ __ ] okay let’s hear your soundboard you want to hear my soundboard sound you want ter what what sound do you want to hear the appropriate one the third one from the left that’s not appropriate third one from the last from the

Left well that’s no it’s it’s a list pick pick number one and 52 52 uh seven I can’t play that 17 38 oh I can play this one shut up [ __ ] that one’s fine appropriate for all ages do 15 oh that’s that’s um should we start like building the actual base now yeah

I’m not good at that you guys just build my own little like uh custodian closet to live in and I’ll be fine what build stairs I’ll put you under them wait a minute just put me on the W minut God wait a minute I don’t know all right I honestly don’t I’m just

So bored at this point I’m just parkouring around I’ll bu I’ll build my own little [ __ ] chasa we’re we’re building a combined base that was the point okay well we need our own rooms well what we’re probably going to do is build it throughout the entire

Mountain so there will be a part on top of it so yeah ni Architects true okay you should see the so yeah we want it to be cohesive so what are we going to build it out of I guess that’s our first thing um oh oh just

Build dorm rooms as long as they’re Co I’m fine what what do you mean coed you have something to tell us are you stupid yeah what he said [Laughter] yeah God damn it I think um diorite is the choice I gotar is that the blue is

That the white one yeah that’s the white no you’re disgusting do not use that on that the worst block this one’s the worst the Gran we could use it but it’s not going to be the main building block that doesn’t work as a main but we can

Use it it does yeah it does there’s a creeper ruining my farm there’s what Mr pres oh there’s two of them oh Nick you’re [ __ ] oh no no it’s just one the farm wow what is that he just [ __ ] suicide bomb his own [ __ ] Farm is

That a crab oh so much for my life and you just ruin more of it I’m sorry dick I need to go off and do something I’m going lost all the potatoes we don’t have any oh [ __ ] it’s a frog here uh Cody you want to do something here have

A fishing rod oh thank you that’s exactly what I was going to do prob don’t give me N I wonder if I can fish in the waterfalls uh you could probably fish down there yeah no just in this oh no not in the waterfall itself I don’t believe you what

My hot bar is a mess right now Grant what are you sick with he’s down with the sickness yeah I’m um what do we there’s no fish in this Pond Nick okay get jiggy with it it’s hard being this sick hey would you guys think of the Super Bowl [ __ ]

Uh half time show that was terrible hat that too who’s block you wait never mind got I thought um no I didn’t like it it was stupid I thought it was stupid the first half was terrible when little John came out it was cool I let

You know now we one block of diorite so if you want to build this out of diorite we’re going to need to get some more no we’re good um I will give you I’ll put down $1,000 do at Taylor Swift has the Super Bowl next year

Like even if the ners are in it even if the ners are in it I’m not watching okay it’s not worth it anymore no after the that was such a it’s a good thing that baseball’s coming back that’s all I’m saying man [ __ ] baseball hey what does

The blast furnace do is it just like blast furnace is for is for food regular furnace is for for everything else okay yeah what is our goal right now man you’re the leader okay so right now I’m going to start we’re establishing our home base resources to

Build so I’m I’m thinking that we’re going to do Cobble with diorite accents and that’s going to be the main feature we’re going to need some sort of color as well though we need to not just have it be a gray mesh I have a question

Yeah why where do we put our dirt dirt uh is there there’s no dirt chest building a dirt compound can I do that can that be my you can go do that if you want give me everything actually you can the dirt you can make some stairs down to like the

Bay and then you can build the dirt compound off the shore no please actually don’t I’m G to do that everyone give me your dirt no I put all my dirt in the chest can we do a dirt compound away from the base so it doesn’t look

Ugly be literally in our front yard we can just build a wall around it later and make it look nice whoa that Co dirt is not real dirt that’s very conver traversal I can’t speak English Converse traversal is that you said shut up that’s very controversial Converse

We’re not sponsored if we were to be Adidas if we were it would not be ad you mean Abus your knockoffs Abus oh what the heck is my stupid stream Frozen again Chad I’m sorry I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know but this k money dude needs to get kicked

Out okay it’s it’s up but it’s behind a little bit we can’t do Cobble because you made the ground out you made the paths out of Cobble so we can’t use Cobble for our base why okay first of all it can be changed second of all why does it

Matter it’s going to look like the wall is also the floor and I don’t see any problem with that he’s in the wall he’s in the godamn walls okay can we sleep so we can figure out what we want to do I’m fishing you can’t fish at

Night yes you can actually you can by law you Bly well I try to make a dirt compound at night I’m going to die so what we do um go okay so we’re probably going to need to change the paths then H why is that so funny Cody I’m not laughing wait is

It oh no dude this stream is wait it’s busted it’s [ __ ] cooked I think it’s caught up I don’t know chat check this out check this out ready ready ready getting a lot of puffer fish yeah um we’re all sleeping except you Cody so it’s like 10 seconds behind hold on I

Got I got one more fish I’m really in a fish right now hold on just I just set the hook hold on um he’s a big one my pole bent I think we should split up into teams and complete our tasks I’m GNA be focusing on building I

Think that’s GNA be my I go Bing again who’s on my team we’re not doing teams Nick we are a team well just for our tasks though there’s team who me all right let’s go well all hold up when I when I wake up okay how do you do that how

What that was so perfect that was like um actually Cody before you go I’m going to move all the beds into the base proper so you got to probably want to set your spawn point just on the white bed for now we’ll desate actual bedrooms later all right

I’m going to go mining we’re going to build the dirt compound oh we’re not doing that’s not important right now we’re not doing that um Nick can you think of a a block that you’re you could swap you’re gonna say something useful to do yeah thank you honestly

Literally even you know it’s not usual um I mean I I can be extremely rude but I I wouldn’t go for that level of Destruction um okay well gr we can start with building a path down there and then don’t need a dirt compound so my only

What I think a creeper just blew up scared me um so my concern is that if the path is made out of Cobble we can’t use that for the walls of the base so um is there another block you could use for the paths or do I need to find another

Block to build with Cobblestone is the block we’re using for bridges that doesn’t help that honestly makes things worse because that means we need a third block what we don’t I told you this series a no we’re cutting we’re cutting to make a path so we can get through

Could you swap the bridges to Wood no and no well the stairs are Stone well I can just repurpose those for something else so I can’t use Cobble for the walls okay fine then deep SL too dark smooth Stone yeah you you said what’s your name my love Riz yeah shut

The I hate you hold on it’s not what you just said how does dark oak look how do you have full iron armor cuz oh my God I went and got iron armor for everybody there’s four blocks of iron and 29 ingots in the chest get yourself

Some iron armor know I didn’t know I didn’t know said it like three times what careful you careful with I’m going to completely ignore the floors for now we can decide what the flo it’s good it’s good it’s good it’s good stop it all right fine fine all

Right you took all the dirt for your dirt there go my pickaxe I got to go all the way back dude do something productive like help Ben build a base Jesus Christ talking me I can we’re building the do something he is building ath up and down

What are you talking exem use that’s fine but don’t build no dirt compound right now you don’t get it you just don’t okay you’re done okay okay we’re going to cut down here one two like that like that see that hold okay I just I built that so you can go

There okay and then we code go down a little bit more yeah you code I need to get next you see see how we’re doing this I I see it right perfect I’m liking it I’m liking this I’m liking this liking this good soing this we got to keep going but we’re

Going cuz down is the way we’re doomed cuz down is up yeah that’s right technically if we go down we’re going up stair terms down is up you’re down I’m down okay Down For What It’s tired I’m late you know no liking it liking the hustle wait I need to

Know well when a turn um okay let I’m going to sacrifice myself I have one heart left uh 63 keep cutting down to 63 okay um yeah should be fine I don’t understand how does he have a fishing rod I gave him a fishing rod no

No the drown the drown they can spawn with they there okay going towards you hey buddy oh oh you just didn’t finish well cutting the I had to get the base part done okay why you so judgmental no no so look now teamwork comes in Teamwork Makes dream workor yeah Wonder

Pets is that what is that it zo zoo Pals zo rivet rivet Zs Rich something is that did do that he is known for that he invented that commercial yeah right well we’re pretty much set this is one of those times where I’m just not in the no and you guys are just

Talking about something I was like do I even want to be a part of this oh I just almost got clapped this is game play uh can I have your pickaxe give me your pickaxe whoa whoa you can’t just demand things all of a sudden Cody where did you go almost dead

I’m well you wanted it oh you’re mining I want that fine did you leave the doing it again I was I was trying to listen to you but Grant just blew my ears out with a snot coming out of Miles million miles an hour what’ you say did you leave the

Fishing rod yeah okay good it bro oh [ __ ] I’m going to craft I’m doing it I’m getting one two three stop I thought you said I’m gonna cry no he was a lot worse than that boom I’m want a crumb going to Edge ruin kind doors do you guys

Want I don’t know D just give me a door o yeah probably Oak I just need some privacy when I’m trying to sleep all right crumming uh does Oak work with this color palet I’ll need to check what Ben’s our professional interior designer whatever he says goes all right you clowns I’m exterior

Right now interior crocodile alligator movie theater oh [ __ ] [ __ ] there I want I want to die [ __ ] my inventory is so not full hang on that look like a album title get the get the coal we need coal all right uh we have plenty of coal back

Here I no he’s not seeing what we’re seeing we live in the real world we’re on the front lines we know what we need he doesn’t I go the front line I’m really hoping this looks good cuz if it doesn’t I’m going to be upset okay okay I’ll also blame Nick because I’m

Using diorite but why are you using diorite I’m going to actually destroy using accent okay it’s not the main block I will lose sh I it actually looks nice will see you seen a grown man literally PR before that will it’s not it’s not pretty oh I’m

Cing Nick what the [ __ ] just keeps going what does the coal what’s good we found it crazy we found the coal guys we did it found it congratulations have a barbecue it up I’m going to need a double chest full of uh the dark what is that stuff called I’m gonna

I’m gonna lose my [ __ ] if you actually are doing something dumb why do you need a full chest that’s what I think we should make the base out of is I agree I actually agree with that that I agree with you think we should make the base out of deep slate I

Love deep slate I literally made my last two bases out of it I’m kind of sick of building in it so you guys want to do that you’re not understanding you’re not understanding that’ll be the the outside part of it that’s like it’ll be the menacing thing people will like see it

And they get scared are we living in catacombs or are you building on the very top of the mountain uh I was going to BU build first you’re going to build in like the cave area that we’re at and then we’re going to like expand up so

It’s going to like be kind of a vertical build and it’ll go through the top so it’ll also have a part on the top of the mountain and then it’ll have a part in the mountain and then if we want to expand downwards we can expand down and

Have it go out the sides of the mountain as well you get that no he was talking to me but whatever uh I just realized I’m going to need to do a 90° angle for this part well what y level um um um um chat hey Zeus chat 77

Up got homie named Jesus in chat uh yeah I don’t think we do oh we need glass is what you’re saying Jus I have some sand I have 37 sand okay um let me go check that wheat from you know that bridge you just made

You’re going to need to lower it by one block which time out oh which one the one that Grant is next to you’re going to need lower by one block in order for it to be level with the uh we have stairs stairs was invented for this purpose that’s purpose

Be oh that sounds so good if we do it here then we don’t have to do the angle but that’s also I have I guess that could work did you hear about Madam web yeah it’s terrible it’s worse than morus is it actually that’s that’s honestly sad but it’s not

As funny no it’s not it’s actually just the most insulting thing ever put out it really is because like they actually have pretty good actors in it that’s the problem it was completely just they did not care at all to try and they like we do not

Care that’s bad how is that really bad five six did another creeper go off what’s going on 11 that’s very awkward I guess we can get rid of this and make it 12 because I don’t like it being 11 wide because that’s an odd number and odd numbers don’t work with

Double doors all right chat what’s the plan now CH you tell me you tell me what the plan is and that that’ll be the plan chat cuz I’ve had it up to here right there Cody you’re the one who wanted to go to uh Alaska right yeah why we’re going yeah over the

Summer oh well that’s tough and you’re going I no I won’t be you are is this a mandatory energy trip uh well the only people invited is you and me so oh so you and oh okay then let’s go so we’re going to Alaska are

You done serious or what yeah I’m down I bought the ticket oh okay um it’s like yeah I quit I’m not even part of the team what do you mean I quit oh hey there’s diamond right there let’s go where even are you me he’s mining we’re all trying to

Sleep and you’re not even here you’re ridiculous you think you’re sleeping we are I don’t know what you’re talking about both these Bridges look cool and you wanted to ruin them well I was just saying if we were going to build with Cobble then you’d have to change Bridges

But that would have looked horrible in Cobble yeah so how do you like your diorite great well I meant like Smooth di right I don’t think smooth is going to look as good I’m going to be honest I can replace some of it and you can compare directly but I don’t think it’s

Going do this wall over here change this whole wall to smooth I don’t really want to use that much diorite to change it it’s the same amount it’s four for four no you craft it into polish you craft it into polish and then you can’t craft it back so so

If we decide we don’t like the Polish I like it you haven’t seen it yet no that’s the Polish if you come over here you can get a pretty good comparison polished on the left can you stop crying Jesus Christ me oh yeah that’s way better Grant what do you

Think Grant you’ll be you’ll be the I don’t think he’s here boo I think he ditched us chat vote him out is Among Us now remember remember R sued you just be a to vote to kick the [ __ ] player that was awesome like clutch or

Kick clut kick can we do that yeah we can we can I can block him I can block them chat I don’t know if Cody would come back then he could be our tiebreaker instead I just got a block of raw iron what is

That it’s a block of raw iron oh my God I pay him to be why is that different from just iron ore because it’s you get nine raw iron you get oh okay so you get a block of iron basically it’s a block of raw iron that’s

Sick oh hey and of course I find more Diamond let’s go well I have enough for a pick on me get like a little bit of exterior decoration right we got three likes on our stream wow I have a lot of [ __ ] or here guys okay the second Grant comes back we’re

All going to push him over oh back back okay push him over there’s an Enderman hold on don’t look at it Grant look Grant look Grant look where’s oh I have the boats in my don’t worry Ben I’m not there to screw it up doesn’t the smooth look better than the normal

Oh but the smooth let see smooth looks better than the normal where’ the end go let’s go I do like the mooth house I’ll look out me get in here Nick get inside get inside now Screaming God damn oh [ __ ] in the boat he can teleport out the

Boat since when 360 no scoped his [ __ ] ass Bedrock Edition sucks dude you just like your little cheater exploits if you can’t use your cheater you don’t like it you can’t use Shields you can’t use boats trap end Shields are garbage you have to be crouched to use them and

Nobody wants to do that because it impairs your movement speed I like Shields person I just almost died Jesus hear the most annoying sound in the world stop anyway um yeah Grant so what do you think uh the smooth versus not smooth I like the smooth with the uh the wood

The smooth one better yeah all right smooth it is I guess that’s three votes that’s two just to clarify the smooth one is the one that is more Square they’re all everything in this game is a square i s it actually looks like a square as opposed to these so

This one this is the one you prefer yeah this one yeah okay yeah yeah yeah I got two stacks of iron all right I’m here I’ll be right back oh I found I have one iron ingot that’s all I’ve ever gotten gr very cash money you okay uh candy modest Knight said candy

So he agrees that means he agrees with the smooth Stone well I don’t think it matters that much because we already got our votes in modest Knight’s opinion does matter and how dare you say that it doesn’t what if they had a bad opinion though well it still matters what if the

Guy’s a serial killer and you’re just taking his advice then it matters even more what I’m losing my mind with this kid this just in energy promotes seral killer privilege no no that’s twisting the words honestly kind of sounds like what said how could you interpret them in any

Other way see you come in here and you play these games I am playing Minecraft right now no D told you no no I should probably check on the farm uh oh my God Cody you want to watch Superman no I don’t want to watch Superman why what’s wrong with you why

Don’t you you’re a terrible superhero what what are you talking about someone hasn’t seen the our uh podcast episode yeah definitely not it yeah remember the F freeze podcast exactly I wasn’t even there you weren’t there for when you guys going to do your next it’s it’s actually called my

Podcast is actually called brain freeze like very much oh that hey because you have one the whole time you’re doing it what what are we doing I’m [ __ ] well when are we doing it talking about who are you did you hear that did you hear that Grant we’re doing

It what are we done Cody you tell him Cody you tell you get to tell him I’m not telling him tell me Cody what okay just tell them tell them what tell them what we’re doing we’re playing Minecraft oh my goodness I don’t know

What you want me to tell them yes you do you you do scared all scared to tell me what it is what it ain’t what it is what it ain’t good I grant wants to watch Superman is that what the [ __ ] you’re talking about no no no it’s not but

We’re doing a new podcast called two bears one cave Nick just tell me nobody’s going to say anything he we’re doing the F freeze podcast guess what it’s called brain freeze Grant came you didn’t even get you didn’t even give him a chance to guess I guarantee you would have gotten

It he’s the one that came up with a name like [ __ ] a year ago d i I do remember that thank you how what yeah Nick you not everybody has a garbage memory what it’s tough Nick he said you’re gay only half the people in this call

Have gar it’s okay Nick it’s okay I’m does your mom know your game don’t answer that di that is a trap my I am his don’t the the only trap here what you just calling don’t worry about it that’s I thought all right I’m on my way oh my

God more diamonds let’s go are glowberries delicious what [Laughter] what what somebody clip that somebody yeah somebody in chat get that clip that you people are crazy so crazy what do you you mean you people people yeah dude honestly that’s really yeah what do you mean by

That I mean you people are crazy are you saying that because of my skin color you’re the only one here this entire stream that keeps bringing it up I don’t know I found a be got diamonds I found a honey bee I did see a bee nest be Allen no

Be do you like the oak floor I’m not sure oh I did find a beehive Nick where you desty go where’d you even go where did you even go where did you even go destroy it Ben use your map use your map yeah let me pull that out real quick

Anyway uh do you like the oak floor like Let Me Whip it out of my ass real quick I’m not sure I like the oak floor I’m not sure I like your attitude quite honest I mean most people don’t but you know what wow

B yeah did so Nick do do you think this is a good floor color Dam it asked four times that’s fine yeah I’m trying to find the Allen oh my God I found a cave say it’s like working with a toddler but honestly todler probably rather work with the

Toddler which way did you go toward the farm or toward our new St here here you want to see beon yes where God damn it there I’ll show you be where he be Diamonds oh there’s a skin color here there’s a skin color here I don’t know about you guys but I

Got 19 diamonds could someone just tell me where to go I’m going down the stairs go bottom stairs the new stairs this isn’t the beach this is the best of anybody on water needs a lifeguard it’s like 3 feet deep lady b b the stairs I I’m there I’m

There hold on I your Beach God damn it go to the the beach is the bathtub is that on your soundboard yeah you see me right here come here turn I see him yeah B is this way no way I almost have three stacks of iron [ __ ] no I’m

Sexy T me can they only spawn on oak trees what no they can also spawn right here you said Birch yeah 21 diamonds1 Savage in order for them to spawn they need to be the tree happing needs to be near a flower and then it has a chance to spawn

With a beehive right Nick beehive it is he’s up there oh my God look at that be allance look at him I’m so lost oh my oh look out there there’s a skin K what you did that’s what you me you didn’t know who you meant by that you’re

Dumbass you’re a dumbass there’s a dark pigmented man right here oh the balance is going for him is he oh no that one that one episode of Family Guy that one episode of Family Guy in it Grant huh they check the skid color they [ __ ] what have you guys seen that

Episode of family Guy where he’s you they’re going through like the bridge and he’s like checking the skin color of the driver so he’s like oh oh you’re good no you’re not good uh oh that was pretty funny oh my God there’s [ __ ] Nick there’s a whole Ravine

Right here brother hold on hey brother I don’t have I don’t have the materials to you don’t have the facilities for that big fac for that big map oh I see the skeletons right here I remember back in the nick nick nick next skeletons there’s two yeah that’s why I said skeletons

No no yes oh you got them both hey Ben I’m putting work on the how did he get out Ben yeah he had the I hear you I have no idea I don’t know what they’re doing I’m the house I am doing some damage in the

I think we should go home sleep and then tomorrow we go check out the other Tower well the problem is you’re not going to sleep that works you’re not sleep what do you mean go sleep it’s like the middle of the day right now it’s literally

Sunset type [ __ ] it the Sun is setting we talked to B Allen and he told us yeah eat Bea he had so much balance we call him B bance there’s like too much iron and oh my God damn you can craft ra can you actually craft a raw iron box

Yes with nine raw iron and then you can uncraft it later oh here we go helps save inventory space if you have multiple stacks of yeah I got I got four stacks of raw iron right now yeah you that we need um we need more

Food H isn’t that what the farm is for yeah but it’s taking too long use the Bon expand the farm instead of going H someone put potatoes in the item chest bless you [ __ ] I’m not growing beetroots so fun the Holy Spirit where where’s our iron oh is it it’s in the

Rare and valuable materials damn dude the smoker [ __ ] get it smokes that me don’t it for for real I’m going to vote that we I’m going to vote that I have 26 diamonds and you don’t get to speak to me hold on wait wait we got another egg make a chicken pen

Chad also who wasn’t one of make is it a chicken I don’t know you just hit me all chicken so I’m GNA okay sleeping all right where did all the beds go the beds iated them for the time being I’m not home oh yeah and he’s also not

Home Cody is not be I have 26 diamonds you do not speak to me that’s pretty good actually that can get us I can get us a couple Diamond Pickaxes I can get us diamond sword casually I’m sorry did you say us well I was thinking we get two Diamond Pickaxes Touch

One watch for team play’s already a traitor joking Fallen meteor is sleeping okay we’re not doing this what oh god damn it oh says oh keeps doing Dr you want it back or yeah we need to sleep we don’t have a choice I’m literally getting so much

Stuff right now I found a mining shaft Jack Black in the Mario Bros movie was legit what yeah as Bowser he was pretty dope he was honestly yeah dropping yeah I was actually thinking about this the other day like he didn’t sound like Jack Black sounded like straight up

Didn’t yeah Brad Pit on the oh Brad Pit what the [ __ ] God damn it I’m Chris Pratt I’m gonna go kill myself damn it um whoa B you want me to fill up the cave with dirt I thought you yeah did you hear that get it to y76

Cuz 77 is going to be where the you know the wood goes so yeah if we ever want to make another floor go downwards we can but for now we’ll probably expand up as our main but at what light level do silver fish so we’re not sleeping what do you mean

Silver fish no Dingus I just said that Cody come on Ben what is wrong what what what do you guys even saying why can’t we just sleep hey I know where I’m at I don’t know where I’m at never mind cuz your boy is currently [ __ ] the mining game up

Oh we’re making dirt floor no we’re making dirt up until this level and then we’re going to put wood on top of it for actual I can get in on this uh there’s no dirt in there I don’t think oh there’s 16 of them 16 of them

[ __ ] yeah don’t use the grass block we might need that later for what I don’t watch out of the Torches I wasn’t going to place it there yet actually uh I can just I have the Torches so I can just oh now we’re removing torches well I was going to put it back

Once you I’m out of dirt like right here this this one like you can break that and then place a block and I can place a torch or well two you have to get the torch first jeez come on two blocks actually cuz it’s one more floor

Up it’s 76 is the Y level C’s Incognito oh you got to hurry okay I’m need diamonds all right I don’t want to hear it I D too hard even need diamonds for it just said he dri too well I said and then we can get a sword so we

Can actually like kill blaz something maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but it will happen but I’m coming okay I’m call hard I’m going to go St cing okay what is wrong with you I want sleep I do yeah I do too well then get over here

Hey yo I don’t speak that language I’m sorry being over here oh come here boy almost I think your dirt compound is going to have oh [ __ ] you sh Fu okay okay I’m going to start digging up the past uh hello okay so now we need to focus on

Getting wood floor I have 26 wood uh oak wood yeah you can just lay that down come Bo come boy you are mine boy the right furnace over here You double cheek up on a Thursday afternoon po to all right frog so this is why having a clock is useful cuz I know actually how much nighttime is left the look at the sky I just ran to another M shaft look at the stars of the

Sky shine so bright like a diamond like a diamond uhoh I don’t think he sings that song I don’t think so either but he did like looking at you know certain he’s getting a movie yeah or they going to expose the fact that they look like children’s booty

Holes no he went he went through every race you want talk about racist theny it’s never just black and white unless it’s Michael Jackson I don’t know how I feel about dark oak doors oh baby zombie no no well we said oak doors we said that a long time ago you said Oak

Everybody said Oak it was a unanimous vote chat said it in game said this feels like you trying to use a child in order to justify your position who the heck is a child what’s worse than a what’s worse than a rapist a child child I saw a skin tone

Dark oh we’re at 158 right now by the way how long been streaming yeah huh so long it’s Sunrise but also at the same time I’m kind of surprised that uh I didn’t die and then did did Cody die yes he he’s got 30 diamonds everybody died at least once I didn’t yes

Everybody died at least once Cody’s got 34 diamonds B allance where you at we’re coming back from B Allen well we’re headed toward there I need and then we got to go check out the mountain that’ll be the last thing last thing what are you talking

About I’m not sure we can end it if Cody doesn’t get back to base well he’s going to get back while we check out be you probably should be getting back though I’m trying I’m trying I’m okay Chad send your last donations it up my sword has probably two more hits on it

All right here we go here we go we need more oak trees around here what are you talking about and so much that’s dark oak no there’s literally swamp right here and our own house has Oak right out front of it I’m not sure I want to cut that one down we

Could no it’s nice don’t touch it plus you have a bunch of saplings a chest like a negative 13 boys don’t worry I’m coming up that was really close oh what’ you do saw this too ni should CR is that’s this is what we need right

This is the pool the pool look at it oh and there’s I’m going through you can build the pool yourself I’m not doing that what the pool’s already built it’s always about luxury tracks always lit look it look it look it look it look it look yeah I hit regular Stone boys it

Flows than God this sick be there we go shake it sh it we got to get up there two minutes ago or two seconds ago come here boy how’ you know time my God yeah we got to beat the warden that’s the jective of this oh [ __ ] you

Have fun with that dude why are you such a little wimp because I preserve my lone life and try not to get into dangerous situations on purpose there’s four of us and one of him he’s not that big the titty monster going C [ __ ] all right its stomach is a mouth so is

Mine oh are we going what are we going up here I couldn’t figure out how to do it there’s snow up here Santa I think this is where Santa is yes it is going to the North Pole okay I’ll meet you up there hang on how is it

Already Sunset we it just turned daytime you talking about well basically we’re sleeping up here tonight so get comfortable see if you can’t do anything at night in Minecraft you’ll be spending half of your time playing not doing anything it’s called sleeping I’m coming shut up what does it have to do with

Anything oh this tree is blocking me oh box it out I did nice guys I made it I made it to the overw world all right okay probably just for future reference go Nick should know the coordinates are -300 1200 10,000 you guys got to memorize

That up 300 1200 yeah negative 300 1200 stuck you just see the Giant mountain and you know where you go looking at it like 300 blocks away here we go go around a little bit oh oh oh look look there’s a little [ __ ] little [ __ ] not that much in this cave

Brother there a cave I mean on this mountain hey B I’m s is I [ __ ] ate on that mining mission do you what I ate he did eat it up eat the [ __ ] that sh fire maybe there we walk at the she said mine I’m saying imagine th imagine like

Whipping out some lawn chairs right here just sitting on I’ll just whack and then and just enoy oh this looks good B I like this H for the bushes shut up shut up does that mean you’re we can we can make that jump easily well where down

Here right yeah yeah yeah yeah are you ready oh you got L huh no no no this is like the the corner I’m ready oh you ready I’m ready okay a for the bushes all right all right here we go wow go What’s happen that was good we need

We’re we’re I actually did not yeah that’s going to be useful later so next episode we’re bringing like three stacks of stairs up we’re going to go all the way up yeah I did get 35 diamonds 36 diamonds Sho are looking cool yeah 36 CH get ready yeah I think next episode our

Priority should probably be some sort of uh enchanted book thing I can do that yeah this episode’s definitely going to be called finding the allance you know I don’t know how you guys do it I don’t know how you guys stay relatively sane well you find be all

Oh what did you do there’s no there’s no railings whose fault is that it’s raining it is raining what the [ __ ] what the F oh my hip just popped I heard that that was annoying did you actually hear that yeah I imagine next time we’re going to flush out the base more oh

We’re gon to get Enchanting we’re putting windows up here chat where I’m looking at right now is where we’re can you shut up Nick he’s trying to talk like every time I try to talk he just cuts me off I’m de with it for 20 years one

Time and now your shoes are looking cool but any who Nick every like hole or like opening up here we should put glass exactly see he gets it that’s exactly what I was saying Windows here Windows there this blast furnace doesn’t really cook that fast I’m not going to lie it’s not

Eating it’s yeah it’s not eating that’s done 23 the regular furnace is done 11 it’s literally double speed oh my God yeah 25 to 12 I I think it’s worth it that’s the score [ __ ] that who’s playing Blast Furnace versus regular furnace regular furnace is losing I I feel you brother hey brother what all right anyway is that it then are we guys THB you up your ass all right I all

Three of you have full iron armor yeah maybe you should use some cuz there’s like a whole thing of iron in here and you just got a lot more I just got like five Stacks more yeah who had that gold helmet I got a Le helmet you want it no

I want the gold okay good cuz I threw it off the cliff you know I don’t even think an enchanting table is really worth it if we can get like villagers with books and then we can also go fishing I thought they nerfed all the books even if they nerfed the villagers

We can still get books from I vote for Mass genocide okay all right I think I think that’s it for today no put away the bow you’re not allowed I’m confiscating your arrows hand them over no get the [ __ ] out of here had two seconds left you messed it up Already what are we even doing I don’t know outro hit the outro leave a thumbs up your ass thank you so much guys and uh we’ll see you next time how do you have any subscribers because just explains why Nick’s running the channel and not you next time

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    Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!Video Information This video, titled ‘P V P Minecraft Bedrock LIVE’, was uploaded by MR GAMER 2.O on 2024-04-01 00:18:14. It has garnered 59 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:48 or 7188 seconds. MinecrafT Play Minecraft Bedrock HARDCORE LIVE Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series Minecraft pocket edition Survival Series Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series In Hindi Tags & Keywords🔖:- minecraft minecraft survival minecraft survival series minecraft survival series in hindi minecraft best survival series minecraft lets play minecraft 100 days minecraft pe minecraft hardcore minecraft pe survival minecraft pocket edition survival series mcpe in hindi… Read More

  • Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!

    Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘I am the poorest player in Minecraft (lets fix that)’, was uploaded by Guinea Pigs Adventures on 2024-04-10 17:38:06. It has garnered 5763 views and 40 likes. The duration of the video is 02:32:46 or 9166 seconds. Join this channel to get access to perks: Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Moments with Fans!

    Insane Minecraft Moments with Fans!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing Minecraft with Viewers’, was uploaded by PurEep on 2024-01-15 06:05:01. It has garnered 182 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 05:52:17 or 21137 seconds. Read More

  • Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1

    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viral

    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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  • Ultimate Nether Portal Guide

    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

  • Outrageous Minecraft Sketches

    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: 🪩Tik Tok:… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: IP: Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More