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Hey guys what is going on deoki here once again welcome to another crafting stories today I am very excited go try to Adventure into that really spooky Cavern that big underground area that I found when I was randomly mining I know a lot of you guys were saying that

There’s like this little spot where the cows can probably jump out but it’s okay we’ll we’ll deal with that when they become smart enough to LEAP this little part I don’t think they’re ever going to learn no I don’t have high IQ cows in

This Barn let me try to find my way back to the caverns I hope you guys don’t mind a little exploring episode today though feel like we just keep going down a few different water elevators that I created as well now I’m starting to remember but then I started digging

Like in this area over here somewhere did I dig here okay I found it I I found the Dig so this is like the crazy long tunnel that I dug out this way super far out and then I like made a little turn and then right here oh we are back we

Are back going to dig around this area a little bit so I can see more and then we’re just going to pop in here nice good pop good pop okay so I think that stops IT from spawning woo okay let’s take a look at this

Place first of all let me just clean up this area a little bit what’s in here horse armor bones you know I think I’m going to probably just keep this chest here this might not be a bad place for a chest because I’m going to be like

Exploring a bit and I don’t really need to bring this junk with me and this is right at the entrance too so placement is good this is my first path that I took when I was just running away panicking oh there’s so many mobs here

Let me try to snipe a few of these guys they got enchanted weapons and they look mad yeah I’m just going to snipe them from afar what are those yellow blocks up there though interesting whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa a spider was hitting me in the booty a lot of mobs over

Here wow ooh ooh ooh I’m getting in a danger zone right now wo is there an open space out there or is it just not rendering we could travel up on top of this Cavern too if we wanted these waterfalls there’s a lot of like little side breakoff areas in this main

Cavern seems like a lot of obviously a lot of stuff to explore I see a lot of minerals too just kind of scattered around what are these yellowish blocks blocks here oh there’s plants what are these Moss blocks whoa wait did I see something weird what is that whoa oh it’s one of

Those a toxal things axles I wish I didn’t have to kill it why did I kill it it’s a whole underground biome oh there’s a lot of creepers here oh my God gosh getting a lot of different types of moss moss carpet too a lot of different types of

Moss it must be like a whole biome this is pretty cool there’s so many little minerals scattered everywhere but there’s so many mobs too on the top of that I just want to mine I found diamonds I found diamonds oh my ooh two diamonds and gold oh there’s so many

Minal minerals here okay let me explore outwards this way a little bit oh there’s diamonds there’s diamonds there’s Diamonds oh and there’s slimes too can I kill this slime oh that was easy oh they multiply ooh o I need these yes the Slime balls I think I can

Make like pistons and stuff with that we can start making some cool like I don’t know redstone machines with them I think I’m running low on resources I thought I came in with enough but I did not oh there’s so much more I want to explore

Though but I think it’s going to be irresponsible of me to continue to explore without going back to the surface especially with all the the loot that I got I feel like I didn’t make like Stacks and stacks though but still a decent amount and there’s still like a

Lot more to explore look at all the slimes over there yeah I got to come back I got to leave I got to leave I’m going to try to get out of this area while I can maybe I’ll pick up some of these things here on the way oh diamonds

Here what okay this is actually pretty good oh I would love to go and explore this middle part though there’s like these wooden areas that are like being held up by chains it looks like that is greedy of me that is greedy of me okay there’s the stairs to get

Out I really want to go see what that’s on about though these structures dang okay I need to leave though you don’t know how to do that oh no they learned a cow has escaped guys is iron armor better than gold because I saw a comment saying that

Like oh you know you not going into yada yada y with without iron armor gives me anxiety I’m like but I got full gold armor on is this not good good is gold armor just trash apparently what I found down there that like big old Cavern was

Just a biome that was another biome which wow that was cool an underground biome I’ve never saw one before so that was really awesome getting to explore that Mossy area I feel like I want to start enchanting things just getting some better gear so I can try to do a

Little bit more exploration comfortably with some upgraded items I did want to get into Mods and I’ve been saying that for a bit but I need a back up my world a lot of you guys have been suggesting that I do back up my world before I

Start modding and um I just need a little bit more time to kind of before I start implementing some stuff I don’t I don’t want to lose my world and this I was already running into some problems with versioning and stuff like that so we’ll get into

Modding soon but it might be a few episodes before we do so cuz I think the enhancement table um it levels up with how many books are around it so I need to build a lot of these bookshelves while I’m getting the cows population up I was kind of trying to

Brainstorm a little bit on how I wanted to make my magic room cuz I wanted to make an enchanting area a place where I can go and enchant my items and I was kind of thinking where I would want to go travel to to enchant and again we got

To travel kind of far too but I’m hoping to build like some sort of isolated Hut feel right and needing to cross a bridge because I do have a that water source downstairs wow look how light that is that’s kind of cool so we got some

Bamboo here and then we got this water source here with the tree and again I think I can maybe fix the water the way it looks all right I want to try it I’m going to turn off the shaders really quick just so I can see

Trying to just work on making this water a little bit more calm in some of these parts here oh yeah it’s flowing out it’s flowing out now now it’s really feeling it I worked a little bit on trying to get this pool of water a bit

Smoother and I think what I want to do is kind of have this be like a little pathway around this water source we got another waterfall coming down over here and then right over here we can go ahead and then build like a little wooden bridge that extends

Outwards into an enchanting area it might be too much it really might be too much but it’s kind of what I’ve been cooking up a little bit I like this little cave down here also this amethyst cave how the water just flows down into it makes it look kind of

Spooky kind of cool I don’t know traveling through I almost want there to be like a window right here too as you’re walking you can kind of see what’s to come a little bit maybe like a little strange window so if I did an oak Plank with this to our left it

Kind of drops off we see like the amethyst cave but we’re not really going to be venturing into the amethyst cave it’s just there I don’t want to break any amethyst cuz I think the amethyst looks really pretty so I kind of want to try to keep that

Around but I do want this to be like our landing spot maybe so this little bridge will kind of like lead us into an enchanting room is my thought now we have like a little window I don’t know if that’s even worth having just coming

Down we see it all this is kind of weird this whole design I might need to cover this up with something then this area is just going to open up into a spot I feel like it’s supposed to be quiet and peaceful in the enchanting area like I kind of

Wanted to create like an enchanting Forest almost but creating an enchanting Forest underground sounds like an insane amount of work the underground biome feels like an enchantment like an enchanting Forest that feels like a magical place all the Moss and those flowers growing if I can kind of replicate that somehow here I

Was definitely inspired it to make an enchantment forest from that biome that I found but like hand digging out a spot to plant trees and build a biome it’s just man it’s a lot I don’t know why I didn’t use just like an open space somewhere that I’ve cuz there’s so many

Open Spaces that I have I don’t know if I want to build it here now I kind of changed my mind a little bit on what I want to do I think let let me let me think about this plants that I want to grow the

Trees I just feel like I need a lot more space like a lot more height and I feel like peblo is the place to be doing this I feel like I want to make this place the somewhere over here or we make this area oh wait I think we make this

Area the enchanting Forest this whole spot out here what is that what is that white circle is that the reflection of the wait does this go outside this goes outside who that just goes right outside oh my gosh that’s so cool I think I want to make this

Area the enchanting Forest it already looks super magical this this was literally just a hole in the wall that I built from peblo this is peblo here that being said that’s a future project I think I’m going to stray a little bit from the enchantment stuff because I do

Want to finish my thought that I had with the down at the monster spawner so let’s say you’re an adventurer right you’re an adventurer you’ve traveled super far away you you went through peblo you took the mines all the way down you’re traveling through this crazy

Pathway which in the future will be a lot nicer and you’re just like struggling you’re coming through all of this right you’re oh man mining got to run through this hallway and another hallway you come through a random door you get to your destination over here and then what you

Know what the first thing that’s going to probably happen is you’re going to need to use a restroom I think I’m going to make an over glorified rest stop so then you have to come over here and then this here will be a bathroom cuz I realize we

Don’t have anywhere to go to the bathroom in our crafting stories world and that’s concerning so my thought process right the door’s here boom you get hit with the door you have one block to step we have one block to poop boom this is the Pinnacle amount of space

That you would need for a portter potty here is right is this this is it we’re bringing the human needs to a whole another level with everything I learned how to build from this whole crafting stories it all amounted to the efforts of this bathroom right here cuz we need

The porta potty to be fortified a little bit more I need to make sure the customers and the users feel like it’s a little more comfortable you know when you’re out and about and you just find yourself like in a not very comfortable situation it’s hard it’s it

Goes a long way when you find like a very comfortable rest stop and I want to provide that experience for anyone that’s traveling this far for a restroom just the experiences I want to make sure you’re getting in top quality so that you can have the most comfortable relieving session possible

Why not try to provide that for my users best user experience is something we should always practice thing about restrooms though is you don’t want to over complicate it because sometimes when the user comes in for a restroom experience and it’s too complicated they get confused they’re wondering how long

They should actually be spending in the restroom you want to have a good turnaround rate too when you do have people using your bathroom you don’t want it to be too comfortable where they never want to leave and they just want to live there but you also

Want it to be just the right amount of comfort so that things can run smoothly we’re going to provide all of that with this structure right here we’re going to put some more wood around the edges to kind of give it a more homey feel I don’t know about you guys but

When you’re using the restroom I think the best experiences is when you think of home like a very cozy warm feeling wood when you come in and then you’re just engulfed with a nice like a very nice tight and capture right we’re giving that illusion to the customers

That it’s a big bathroom but then when they get in it feels cozy cuz people are scared of big restrooms when they go inside big restrooms kind of make you feel uneasy you have too much space around you we like the idea of a lot of space but once

We have it it just becomes uncomfortable and uneasy dang it it’s it’s it’s not good it’s not okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay I’m sorry guys I’m sorry this was this was bad this was bad it’s important when the Creator understands when they made a mistake I have made a huge

Mistake this is this is not it this is not it I think it looks like a place where someone would come and to get murdered I was getting a little too ahead of myself I was trying to fly when I didn’t even know how to swim I was

Going for a two Advanced build I think and and I was getting a little too overconfident you know after I built My Secret Garden railroad I got to remember I’m still an apprentice and when I start to build something like this I need to take a step back cuz again we don’t want

To create these things I looked at that thing and it was just a straight up mistake the calmed down version of the out housee the humble version I should say come in here do your business what do you think I saw a picture of this on Google

And I was like you know what I think this is it oh man I like it I kept going from complicated to simpler and simpler there it is ladies and gentlemen the ouse this looks so creepy it looks like a dungeon all right we’re going to we’re going to get it

Working don’t worry don’t worry I’m going to have to make this like super Majestic now I have an idea usually when I have an idea though it’s not it’s not good that I have an idea uh a moot around the ouse okay so that it just makes it that much

Better like when you get there you know what I mean it’s like even another journey to it I want to put a waterfall you guys might think I’m crazy but no we’re doing this some sort of majestic flow of water that pours out from behind the

Ouse oh that is perfect yes do you guys see the vision now or is it just me I really hope you guys see the vision of what I’m trying to do here also you know with the flowing water you do just go to the bathroom better so we’re putting lots of flowing

Water in this yes yeah yeah okay let me calm down a little bit the surrounding areas are important for the bathroom I believe one of my most beautiful bathroom experiences ever now that we’re on the subject was when I was driving back with my family from Las Vegas when I was like

Probably 7 years old I was little and I really needed to use a restroom we’re in the middle of nowhere holy smokes what was that I don’t know where we were at but we were it was we were somewhere nowhere right and we pulled over on the

Side of the road it was Pitch Black nighttime I think there was corn fields around whatever and I relieved myself on the side of the road but it was so pretty there was a huge open Night Sky Stars just as far as the I can see super

Clear and I just felt like I I have seen it all at age seven peeing off the side of some highway I felt like I just experienced life right there and I want to give someone that experience when they come use this restroom that is a dooki guarantee Place some of these

Hedges alongside here what do you think about mossy cobblestone instead of this wood is this wood too offensive we got to make it a little bit more humble when you’re walking the plank to go drop drop a plank a nice little magical forest that you just

Stumbled upon to go use the restroom in no no we have we’re not we’re not doing the magical forest that’s right magical forest is not here yet got to make it look a little more random all these little side blocks we can house some some nice dirt

Here some of that bamboo feel when you’re just walking in maybe maybe some Cobble like yeah some some of these blocks have been just scattered across light in the back here right behind this Waterfall oh yeah yo I kind of like it I kind of like it w how do I put these

These flowers oh that’s cute yes yes throw some of these flower bushes around here on these Moss oh yeah oh that’s that’s magical that’s magical right there you know it would be super cool if we got like some vines that just like grew on this wall

Ooh I don’t know like like hanging do you think they’ll start to grow be awesome if they started to grow like down and like start hanging down I’d love that oh especially behind this waterfall like that and maybe some like vines on the side here growing down oh

Yeah it’s starting to grow look it’s growing it’s growing it’s starting to hang down a little bit nice I kind of want this to like drip down a little bit and cover up this like purple so when you’re walking it kind of looks like a a

Little bit of a magical area here look at the reflection of the lantern that looks cool in the water yes the restroom all right let me set it up for you guys okay you’ve been traveling you’ve been traveling far super far to get to this place just wandering just wandering you come down

Here you see this magic wall just imagine Vines pouring down this wall and then you come over here to this really magical Bridge you walk it boom look to the left drop off scary spooky come over here breath taken away the most beautiful bathroom you have ever seen I

Will say there is a flaw with this bathroom all right I know it almost looks perfect but there is a flaw here every door can open so exposed you can enter and exit this restroom from four sides so you have the advantage I’m sorry guys I just couldn’t

Leave it alone I need to do something and this might be dangerous but I need to dig down because I want to make this even a better bathroom experience okay I do hear lava around me so I’m going to be a little bit careful so you thought

That was the bathroom Woo you’re in for a surprise right now my friends there is like lava scary close to me right now so I was thinking you like drop down into the real bathroom so you have to go into the toilet of the ouse and then you will

Enter the real room if you guys couldn’t tell I love Secrets I I just love it I love little trap doors and hidden rooms I think they’re so fun what if we made a whole layer down here that’s entered through the porta potty but if we can

Have lava in our bathroom I think that would be pretty cool it’s very close here it is I found it I found it oh my gosh what is this area whoa how did we get to building out a bathroom this episode of crafting stories I was trying to build an

Enchanting garden and now I’m building the most magical bathroom I’ve ever built I kind of want to make like a glass wall and then lava flowing behind it so why you’re going into the bathroom you can just like look at lava flowing at the wall

Oh oh my gosh so now I’m going to go ahead and pour water and I’m going to dig down and then I’m going to have a water elevator through the fake bathroom so it comes down perfect I just kind of wanted like one little hole here and

Then this is like you shoot back up the water elevator to escape you know to like get get back boom and then you’re here yeah and I’m going to try to make it like super fancy down here in this bathroom I feel like down here is already like pretty dark because of like

You know we’re we’re underground I kind of want lighter materials so I’m going to go with the Birch for now oh yeah let’s use how about cow site for this trim think we make the floor have cow site so here the water drops down I want

To make this this the bathtub super old school looking bath if I just did that just hopping in here like that like this this back wall we can have maybe wood kind of all right kind of we’re we’re going to be working on this a little bit

But I do have to go so I need to cut the episode here I feel like I was trying to do a lot of different things my mind just kept going but I do want to finish out this bathroom I think that’d be super awesome and then maybe even we can

Start working on the enchanting Forest the next episode as well but I do need to get to the nether cuz I want to get some of the materials and just explore it more but man I got to get this bathroom going thank you guys so much for watching this episode of crafting

Stories the bathroom adventures much love one love this has been Aoki and I’ll be seeing you guys later goodbye

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  • Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter

    Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes #relationshipproblems 😂🎮 Read More

  • Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft

    Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” Introduction: OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But I clicked on it anyway because why not, right? The Video: Okay, so the video starts with this dude named Wojan trying to build a fridge in Minecraft. Like, who even thinks of building a fridge in a game about mining and crafting? But hey, it’s kinda cool to see how creative people can get… Read More

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    Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413Video Information This video, titled ‘MUST SEE Add-On! Great Value! Mob Armor | Minecraft Marketplace’, was uploaded by Prowl8413 on 2024-04-15 12:00:21. It has garnered 2572 views and 196 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:33 or 1233 seconds. Add-ons are starting to appear in the marketplace now, and some of them are really good! Looking for a great quality Minecraft server, at a great price? I recommend using Sparkedhost! All Prowl servers are hosted on Sparkedhost! Link: Code: Prowl All the links! Visit my website at Become a member to get access to perks: Follow… Read More

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    Mastering Minecraft 1.20 Advancements LIVEVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴 Getting ALL 1.20 Minecraft Advancments with @PandaForceGaming LIVE’, was uploaded by Cush on 2024-01-17 02:07:15. It has garnered 103 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 02:48:03 or 10083 seconds. My friend Jordan and I will be attempting to unlock EVERY advancement in Minecraft 1.20! Neither of us have played 1.20, so this is going to be an up-hill battle. Drop a like if you enjoyed the stream, and subscribe to the channel to help support me! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Join my Discord server and follow my socials for… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shorts

    INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by ARONTEX GAMING on 2024-03-29 11:06:44. It has garnered 10453 views and 263 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts IGNORE TAGS minecraft,minecraft secret chest,laptop secret chest in minecraft,minecraft laptop,minecraft tutorial,minecraft mod,minecraft tips,minecraft hidden chest,minecraft secret chest tutorial,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,laptop minecraft,minecraft hacks,minecraft build,best secret base in minecraft,minecraft tricks,minecraft secrets,minecraft manhunt,minecraft build tutorial,minecraft 1.18 secret,minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,minecraft animation,minecraft but,shorts,minecraft memes,minecraft funny,minecraft tiktok,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,build hacks minecraft,minecraft parody,minecraft sad story,minecraft challenges,minecraft ai,minecraft mod,minecraft… Read More

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  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: Join our Discord: Read More

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