CRAZIEST Minecraft gameplay ever with crackhead neighbor!

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That okay guys let’s see service YouTube uh bro why is my thing messed up wait right click on it right click on that service right click on it uh [ __ ] full screen your OBS on another monitor for it to work wait right click on it then it just looks normal right click on

That service right click on it also I encourage you to end your stream if if it wants if you want it to be better quality [ __ ] full screen your OBS on another monitor for it to work wait right click on it then it just looks normal all right it okay I’m going to

Leave the Discord call yeah leave the Discord call okay uh I’m going to pull up a YouTube stream thing okay yeah it’s definitely better for sure five gay men versus one stray men why is this on my recommended what why is that on your I have and the thumbnail says I

Love nut on my face what the [ __ ] why is this on my recommended why do I have why do I have another video of a woman twerking on my recommended what the [ __ ] what’s going on there I have no [ __ ] idea I have I have a j I have a

J slap video I have a har Potter video I have a chrome music Lab video a l Tech video a Ben 10 video a Stanley mov video a Joe baloi video a [ __ ] piano video sketch video a gorilla tag video a Russian stream that looks very [ __ ]

Horny a a Family Guy a Glock and myari remade blender a family a FNAF Game Theory a Riz anime series recap what the [ __ ] is my recommended gabri [ __ ] you talking about I F no [ __ ] I’m talking about my YouTube recommended hold on I don’t know what mine is hold on let me

Check this real fast go check it this is going to be worse than mine oh God probably will due to the YouTube I watch okay let’s see what’s on my homeage so first we got Ryan we got ruin 12 forever we got Windows NT 5.1 we got got the coolest system 32

Programs youve probably never heard of YouTube shorts Bingo versus my girlfriend B cry gam the best what the [ __ ] how to how how bad is laptop that got like viers BH number 18 Game Theory forf Thanks for the Memories to be honest mine’s actually pretty normal Soviet Union edit but it’s

But it fits the Beats perfectly oh no it’s perfect no I’m just joking here bro I’m not a communist I’m not a communist I I swear I swear I’m not a communist okay what the [ __ ] you doing I’m starting a live stream called playing Minecraft with the schizophrenic

Guy across the street bro the chat wait wait are you streaming right now yes I’m live right now bro look at the quality though it’s a lot better than before it’s not it’s not showing up it doesn’t want it doesn’t want me to watch oh there we go

I found it I found it I found it try and play the game try and walk around in Minecraft I’m looking at the stream right now I’m doing that right Now oh my God it’s actually so much better so much [ __ ] better it’s so [ __ ] better that even Hitler all because of me bro I did that yeah Gabriel shut the [ __ ] up too bad Gabriel who lives I’m going to make the uh what should I make the thumbnail

You make the thumbil I’m just going to make it this not a cat I’m making it a cat Bro Uh key why bro how is this not turning Yet oh [ __ ] I’m streaming oh no I’m not yet actually oh yeah what guys everyone who’s watching my stream right now they cracking across my street right now he’s really smoking smoking and stuff that’s just insane man really insane bro what for you can’t I the for a second wait wait hold

On shut up shut up you’re not a bird you’re not a bird you’re not a bird sir I’m making pig noises not a [ __ ] bird noise [ __ ] monkey whoa you know what I think I’m might have to call TJ I’m going to have to call I’m going to have

To call uh up musolini so he can prosecute your ass no not again I wonder how many wait I’m going to pull my auto clicker I want to see how many times I can ring the Bell oh my [ __ ] God I said is the most wait who asked that who asked that your mother shut the [ __ ] up and the audio is very audable to the yes I’m yes the audio is very unable I don’t know it sucks it really does and the audio is very [Laughter] audiable shut the [ __ ] up

Google Google shut the Google me e e e Google what are you doing in my house Google Google get the out of My wait come here sinkle binkle D Winkle what the hell I’m trying to log into my control panel and I need to enter a [ __ ] backup code why do you have to enter a fing backup code wait I’m s to my friend I know this IDI that’s not a good

Idea why what what did what bro good thing is that is that just his favorite pastime probably then Brody and Ben and I bro we going to be like hey bro I declare on you cuz we’re playing MC Nation life Edition I bro what the [ __ ] goes on in Pennsylvania

Though I’m just joking with you I thought you said we were getting ready of naism bro uh yeah we are just I just joking around bro Zin ble Wile what are you talking about Zing we need to do something interesting W look Gabe Gabe we need to do something very very stop snoring cocaine bro [Laughter] Goan I’m we have something really really interesting on our Stream So the idiots watching it know that we’re let’s let’s make a copy of the server and blow it up um I don’t think we should

Do shut the [ __ ] [Laughter] up shut the [ __ ] up my my dad my uncle my second cousin’s Uncle works at Tesla my second cousin’s Uncle works at my my my world bites and he’s going to uh R he’s going to put a virus on your computer that’s will uh remove all your

Files and force you to pay $5,000 to me and if you don’t your entire computer will explode and it it will take your house with it my dad is an Indian scammer call back he’s going to call Grandma million he’s the Nigerian prince guys yeah he

Is bro I think we just instead of the crackhead across my street I think we’re both the crackheads Wait playing Minecraft with the cut across the screen bro I seriously don’t I’m still I’m I’m still keeping mine as the as the schizophrenic dude across the street I’m Ryan fast and theing oh

My okay on my eye on my eye okay seriously what the [ __ ] should we do gab Union Union we have to do we have to do something very interesting on the stream in interesting is crazy bro interesting interesting I’m streaming now bro this Justin you monkey someone just sent me anything six

And over that’s too old bro my stream quality is actually crazy good though I’m not even going to lie let me send you it in Discord bro my phone not going off hey it’s your uncle it’s your uncle I’m here to touch you Uncle mles Uncle Winkle unles

In wait let me TP to you game what the [ __ ] don’t call me by my name on stream you monkey you can’t do that that’s a racist I’m racist I’m going to be racist if you keep calling me by my name on stream oh my God he’s about to start calling me K Wait where’s my water did you steal my water you water stealer bro I I can’t hear you on stream on my stream I can’t hear you for some Reason I think that’s cuz you’re in fact my entire my desktop audio wasn’t even working bro uh let me just fix that quickly bro bro my computer no my OBS is dying it’s worse than your or mine no my OBS is having a seizure beer Gabe UND

Un BR about to see if it starts working un my my my computer’s fan is going crazy right now you can bro look at my stream you can hear when I I don’t have your stream I have nine subscribers I have nine subscribers bro I’m better than you I’m so better than you

Man I got nine subscribers huh what you laughing about bro stop Flying like a bird I think it does work though I don’t know should I build what should I build bro wait I know what we should build what we should build a shrine to

Hit cuz we know you got we got to summon Hitler again bro he was F he was the most fire actor in World War II the Movie What you laughing about I don’t know what you laughing about but today hello children to welcome back to my St wait yo bro speak bro how did your mic become even quieter bro what bro my mic phone said you know what dies wait speak hey guys I hate hate fortnite why

Can’t I hear you because because um um you’re a [ __ ] what you’re a [ __ ] bro fix your [ __ ] mic no I will my mic wait hold on wait oh there I fixed it I fixed it I fixed it what what what what remember the old

No uh I think bro I found it I forgot that we accidentally blew through it wait what bro we act bro during the bombing of this random hole um we accidentally uh figured out the that um we still have a m shaft technically hold on teleport to

Me okay I got my voice set to work on stream also wait look at oh oh [ __ ] oh we I forgot we blew this place up bro this be the mainland uh uh Sophie uh uh whatever the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] I don’t know I think

This is the TNT generator that I made no this was I just bombed it or some [ __ ] this was when I made that one funny thing with the fireball generator that s across the world I forgot you blew up the fireball generator we saw them I blew up and this

Happened they were going bro why were they still going after all that [ __ ] time yed oh my gosh oh my I’m getting like 70 FPS right now how the hell you get 70 my computer’s from like 2015 look at my uh look at my stream quality I don’t know who the [ __ ] you

Are on YouTube I sent you my stream in Discord you dumb ass I thought your name was edging to Hitler shut the [ __ ] up you fat I’m going to change my encoder preset hold up slower going I’m going to [ __ ] yourself what what the [ __ ] are you talking About if you don’t give me all your cash I’m going be under your bed [ __ ] bro why the hell the car my house sound like bro why the [ __ ] you mute yourself okay I’m back bro why is there a random forest fire where Where what the [ __ ] why did this happen I don’t know gab I think know that youest you especially I’m going to hack team trees and steal all their money and then stop the organization bro where the [ __ ] are we going follow me we’re going to a magical world called Dick

Land is land is land the Roblox scammer why is my obing again I think it’s because you’re a poolish person shut the [ __ ] up you [ __ ] bro what happened to this tree over here where the [ __ ] are you wait what what true why is it floating no no what the

The F what the [ __ ] going on down here what the bro what bro what is this no water no water it’s supposed to be water here I found the only block of water what make that no water it’s a drought guys there’s a drought yeah guys there’s a drought in

Minecraft I got to change my [ __ ] encoder setting again my encoding is getting overloaded because I said too high bro I’m pretty sure you’re trying to mine Bitcoin and you have to change the ELD shut the [ __ ] up true is true money you know what you better give me five

Bucks on Halloween there will be a ninja you going take his P he’s big and black he will take your candy that ninja’s name is big big Randy hey not just candy he just like walk alone make sure he off booty and then he is gone I

Remember one day it was like 2012 it was bigy I can just tell he my booty and I can yell I I got to the house mama said where’s your ass where is your candy I said Mama was B Randy it came out of nowhere I got he appear then he went off

My rear e take my booty and all my Candy but you should be lucky that I’m even here ry’s the real deal he should have been he should have finished the kill I guess I got lucky I don’t know how made it out of there alive before the den ninja could [ __ ] me

Ry is the one hide your daughters and hide your sons where the [ __ ] are you you disappeared went to I went to asht cuz I’m Jewish where the [ __ ] are you I don’t know I spawned in the middle of nowhere none of the chunks are loaded in

Why are you up here I don’t know bro was halfway bro you were halfway up the start St with to Heaven why’ you give up I don’t I I gave up you stupid ninja everything in my life I gave up on my wife you gave up to go back

Totz you gave up to go back to awit yeah I gave up on my wife my kids my father my YouTube my YouTube stream is warning me that my frame rate is too high I do not give a [ __ ] too high how do that happen I I’m streaming at 120 right now

Bro what do you what do you expect Gabe I know what to do wait I got Ana Gabe I know what we’re going to do today we’re going to build owitz wait seriously let’s do it hold on wait where are you wait I got to teleport to you we’re building

Asit right here yes you know that video where the women are throwing sticks into a cup uh where it’s like that thing where if they they’re going to have a baby and it’s like let’s go have a baby let’s do it right now and then the the

Text appears and it’s like I don’t think you have the sufficiency of materials to do that BR not give a flying [ __ ] shut the [ __ ] up why is the train what happened to the tree he lost his legs legs that’s just like in my school he’s paraplegic we got a it’s like that deer it’s like that video where the deer hops over the fence and he slams into a tree

And he breaks his SP spine and he can’t use his back legs wait a minute I got to I got to bro I got to do something bro hold up whoa whoa what do you mean don’t do something do youan do something I’ve got to put all my important

Documents in this paper yeah I don’t Know all right guys since Gabe is dead it was a sad story he he he got sent to AST guys so sad that he had to go he’s going parking walking into his room but booty naked and he started going and my cat saw it he the fed and

Then he he he he said but yeah guys that’s what happened it was so sad though it’s so sad that even on the C A Str anyways we have to continue building ours we have to build this in honor of of unak we have to do this for Gabriel guys

This is such a good thing guys we have to build this all I’m back I’m back I just told a very sad story how your grandpa walked into your room butt booty no she’s 90 years old and in an old folks phone how is she going to do

That that’s a grandpa you idiot oh he lives in California and he he plays uh his Nintendo Game Boy every day bro bro he’s playing the Nintendo he has everything bro he has the [ __ ] Nintendo 64 uh PS3 and Xbox One a Nintendo switch an Oculus Quest 2

He has everything bro and he has a gaming PC and he play and he plays Roblox bro why is re home not play he rides he does 20 M bike rides every weekend he’s fit and he’s 80 bro we have to continue building you have to help build this you

Have to help build this ish bin die Kill the honor of your grandfather want to know something about that what my grandma’s my grandpa’s German well that’s why he tortured my grandma his dad’s German so he tortured my grandma no I thought he really did torture my grandma in 1945 or wait no I think no but no but my

Grandpa’s dad died four uh 40 years ago he cannot harm you yay shut the [ __ ] up was pH of what the [ __ ] oh my God you were taking this way too [ __ ] serious viously but we have to do it for my grandpa why are there two walls here shut

Up shut what’s the point of this stop filling it in bro you’re filling it in that’s the point stop filling the inside of the walls with the [ __ ] the the inside of my girlfriend’s [ __ ] come what the hell 1 2 3 8 27 16 look behind you

That’sit why does this look like the layout of my grandma’s house she built it it’s it looks so bad because she built it maybe that’s because women can’t be Architects they’re too stupid got an idea wait wait what are we going to do now I anidea Gabe how are

You going to delete all This stare stop we have to do something move whoa whoa G Hold on I teleported to T 1,000 I teleported you to 1,000 1,000 1,000 BR you can’t do this I’m trying to build something F I accidentally sent the time to 10,000 imagine that was on the other side of the world look stop I’m trying to build the funny

Thing what funny thing stop please please we have to do this under our great Japanese Uncle stop you have to honor our Japanese Uncle Gabriel hold on that’s that’s it I’m going hold on that I’m going bro my auto clicker isn’t okay that’s I’m going Sigma gamer Ohio ski mode

Hole got the ho Digger I’m I’m breaking down the wall like like a Biden did earlier I think this is the you we can just recreate that with slabs and stairs bro how do we do that give me uh let me go grab a wooden slab I don’t think I don’t think YouTube

Is going to approve of us making this on stream you know what tell YouTube to shove it we’re better than everyone better than cocaine craft Hitler your mother your grandfather uh Hitler YouTube is I’m trying to remember how it’s built bro the car just scared me oh my God I’m too lazy to do it right now have I why are weing this again I don’t know you’re the one who started streaming first okay hold on I’mma start wait hold on I’m going add why why are we building alos on stream I don’t know I’m going to add everyone in my uh Discord server oh no God I’m [ __ ] AR

I bro someone’s gonna get pissed oh God I just at everyone hold on let me send you an invite to my bro you’re finally sending me an invite to in sorry oh my [ __ ] God [ __ ] you [ __ ] you too F you nuclear winter 2 Age of War

World World War II what the [ __ ] it’s a game we’re working on YouTuber Roblox Dev no not Roblox Dev Norm no normal person friend of friend of zel zel zensi yes land gang yes give me give me my roll give me give me unan Roll bro what bro what type of goofy thing should we do on this stream stop I got to teleport no I actually teleported to you I don’t know where to go we got go back there and find wait follow me real let’s go build it let’s go build it where the

US used to be yeah yeah let’s do it wa hold on hold on let me wait let me Sully oh no wait wait wait wait bro we’re going we’re going to build it first we’re going to Sully then we’re going to force him to go in

It wait we’re going to we’re going to build one of those inescapable prisons we’re just going to we’re going to unop him we’re going to give him uh hunger and then we’re just going to put him in survival mode so he just dies of hunger and then respawns yes

Bro yes bro that is a f kill yourself wait where are you help I can’t switch my [Laughter] permissions he just hit a woman shut up I identify as a woman now don’t teleport me back here give me my off back give me my somehow I removed it give me it back I

Gave you I gave you it bro chill this may I knocked you from your own server That’s funny though wait a minute wait a minute bro no unban me I have to go and ban myself players bro I got to unban myself joining World

Balls grou bro why did you kick me out I I I banned you and then I unbanned you I oos justy myself oh my God okay you start working on it please we have to do I don’t know how to build outs bro I’ll build the Comm I’ll build the

Inescapable prisons you do everything else he’s making fun of me because I knowm last year shut the [ __ ] up no you Didn’t s s wait we need to kick him we got to kick him we got to kick him I kicked him I kicked him I kicked him I kicked him oh my God I’m going to kick him too late I acci kicked him again time okay okay wait I’m going to go to

His player up I’m going to go to his should I send him yeah send him my stream send him my stream send him my stream no I’m sending him mine if he joins back I’m just going to kill him with like uh in the Eternal turnos

Thing the [ __ ] you mean that’s the wrong song multiple you said hold on what what do he say bro look in the grou Chat you’re pooo head watch the stream he has been this one wait which one mine or his he’s been watching he’s watching his I hate how he spells spells my name watch mine why does he call you Massie I don’t know my name is not master I didn’t buy anyone back in

1841 bro is not bro is trying to rectify the claims of him being a slave owner the only person I owned was uh um Joseph Stalin’s black Brother s Jan S of Jan yeah of’s Brother bro how the [ __ ] is my internet how bro how the [ __ ] is file explorer dying I’m trying to send the simp I’m trying to send so I’m trying to my whole PC is dying my my my task bar is frozen how do your task freeze scar by Freddy [Laughter] fazar feedy fars

Bores make and I Got do you get jump scared by phoei farbor in in a makeup ad I don’t I don’t know bro I don’t know who’s watching the stream how do I check watching just go to like [ __ ] analyics bro analyics is crazy oh my goodness’s views inal how the [ __ ] bro who is viewing

Sing Z I bet it’s Sully bro Sully said he was watching bro why is Sully watching I don’t I don’t know I’m not I’m I think he’s because oh you deed him yeah I did make this make the Trap make the okay hold on I got to got a repeat I

Got to get a I’m going to set up a repeat command block and teleport him exactly above the command block he’s asking for the mod should I give him it uh uh yeah we can see we can uh hear him yell about how pistol obious bro he’s 10

Years old I know he is that’s the that’s the funny part hold on um why is the fabric installer in my uh what the hell what the [ __ ] bro downloaded it to the wrong Place I’m going to send him the fabric installer for some reason I don’t have oh God he Jo this server um oh God oh God he’s watching this stream too so Um a always active repeat done he’s just stuck here now wait the voice voice chat plugin doesn’t work Either wait I’m going to bro I forgot to even send the fabric I’m going to put him in I’m wait I’m going to put it in I’m putting him in her uh adventure mode so we can’t break her place he blocks BR can he see

Us uh yeah you can I’m going I’m going to I’m going to put this hunger bar to zero so you just slowly Die wait wait wait I need a Sign what Look at this look at the look at the hold up [Laughter] can’t wait wait I’m going to change I’m going to change the sign I’m changing i S wait I’m changing it I’m changing the sign stop I have an idea I have idea what what should we do with them what should we Do how do I get an invisible block again just get Buri your blocks he can’t see yeah he can’t he can’t he can’t see them wait give me one give me one give me give me some we’re going to make him do a parkour we’re going to make them do a parkour challenge

Back uped let’s do a wait yeah let him do a parkour just like a vertical parkour challenge yeah let’s make it as hard as we can wait I have wait I’m going to let’s make the lava like let’s extend the lava five blocks out and we’re going to

Disable the command block what the why is he dropping conrete look I already put barriers up though look yeah wait put barriers like right here so I now then I’ll disable the command block I cuz I don’t think he has any blocks no okay should I disable the command block

Wait he’s watching the stream now I don’t care I disabled the command BL I’m activating it again he’s stuck here keep it on there I’m going to fix the okay okay stop you [ __ ] me up whoops I can see the barriers move stop youring it up whoopsie stop placing barriers I’m trying to It this is why you’re a failure in school no uh why why you placing barriers here you don’t need them there I didn’t mean to I’m sorry there all right I’m disabling the command wait I’m going to make I’m going to make this his respawn Point guys we guys we love torturing our

Friends on stream hold up I need to I think I need to go I don’t know how to make it uh I don’t know how to force it on this let me get r on this yeah get R get r here I’m adding him I’m adding Him I’m disabling him and command block real quick you can look around Now ow bro I said join the server and and torture silly with us sucky who the hell is sucky BR he said no bro he’s still sitting on the command block hi there I figured out how to make it I figured out how to make it a his spawn point so he [Laughter]

Always hold I made it his respawn what ising bro what you talking about for real though Coco cane 17827 I said I set his spawn point let’s see where he spawns I want to H I already hit him stop where is he what hold up hold up hold up hold up

I’m I’m trying to do something real quick 90. 217 70 186 388 What what is talking about for real okay I think I fixed where did I make him where is this dude are we I don’t know separated water again hold on I’m trying to set his spawn point correctly so he doesn’t run Off okay he does respawn look at the water oh my God how did you accidentally do this I don’t know going how do You wait the skeleton was targeting in bet I have an idea I’m going to put barriers up here and then I’m going to remove the barriers in the middle so we can make like a firing line for the skeletons B bro I I I accidentally made a firing line for the skeletons

Bro oh my God I have an idea I can put a line right here and then I can put skeleton Scout just I can just put like wait they’re going to start fighting each other oh he left wait does he have access to your Eternal

Account okay I have I have my VPN on so I’m fine we can we can kill uh one uh we can kill one of those one of those funny guys yeah that’s basically impossible to high How deep did you make the lava can we just make like a a hollow

Barrier thingy like fail command we can just make it all the way out here how how how high should we make it wait I think I have the wait come over here come over here I think this is how high should be where no mine’s higher than

That okay yours is higher than mine now all Right let me do it I’m going want to do it oh my God you forgot to make it Hollow D yeah hold on that’s easy to make a hollow bro hold up don’t do anything no don’t do anything just okay uh I don’t think that worked oh it did work it did

Work no you didn’t yes I okay we We’ll add like a thing at the top like one thing where we can get in yeah I’m put a mar okay see where this grass is this is where he’s going to be exiting this is where he finishes the parkour yes

Bro I have no idea iron bar parkour wait we should add some barrier Parkour in it in with it no you can make like a five block jump and in the middle of it it’s going to be a barrier block okay so first we have to Make yeah let’s not make this a let’s not make a bridge here oh [ __ ] he’s joining he’s back he’s back he’s back he can’t do much yeah he can’t do he can’t do Prett much Oh he’s mute wait he can hear us now he has the voice tat plug in working oh [ __ ] he can hear us he can hear us hold up hold up hold I have an idea I have an idea hello oh God shut up shut up Child yeah shut up I’m not I’m activating the prison activ trying to make the barkour right now I activated it Bar Park you’re even worse than parkour you’re worse at you’re even worse at parkour than I am bro why like that don’t tell him don’t tell him the password for the balls group

Not don’t tell him never tell him the password never him he’s probably listening on to the stream or some [ __ ] yeah but he doesn’t know the password cuz we haven’t said it on stream okay that’s not easy bro where that that grass that grass is going to be where you Exit I I pun I punched him I’m not I’m not giving him that your the password to the Group how do I Call of Duty Call of War Call of War Call of war is crazy but that was seriously a fire game yeah I guess yeah you [ __ ] are dumbass you watched my stream for 55 seconds wait let me see if he’s yeah he’s still onine still

On why is he only watching yours I don’t know I think I think yeah he’s watching mine he’s watching mine right now I killed him let me See voice sounds soy bro for real watch watching I sound like a 15-year-old like I do in real life like I do normally bro what the [ __ ] do I sound like you sound like a child I’m not a child yeah you are I don’t [ __ ]

Care I’m going to go out of the funny little hole at the top of the barrier thing you can’t get up here unless he uses some hack I’m not don’t tell him the password the What you can I’m going to give myself that uh 60 damage ax so I can just hit one hit him if I want to what yeah He’s listening to the to my stream bro he knows what we’re saying I got The for real I’m already going to buy him rust for real though I’m already going to buy him rust anyway wait is that line still there that Line’s still here remember when I just did this the skeleton just jumped on top of a barrier wait a minute what that’s I don’t think that’s

Possible dumbass he tried to he tried to go across if you make it here I’m going to kill you wait guys try make it AC there’s not a there’s a barrier here there’s no barrier there jump across jump across do the parkour he is not he is not going to be

Able to do This yeah ladder parkour that’s where he like actually gains height cuz he’s already like halfway through and it’s bar your ladder parkour was not was not going to be a he walked off he walked off with the bar he walked off again he keeps giving up yeah you [Laughter]

Should Nick East Nick East 30 wait I think I actually accident this imposs wait no I accidentally broke the I accidentally broke it no I accidentally broke the grass I’m going to use my auto clicker and I’m just going to use it and spawn a bunch of zombies where the line is where

He jumps across trying to make this impossible oh my God you think this is think is possible I don’t hold on I got to kill all these guys all right I killed all of them let me see so you’re supposed to I don’t know we’re going to have to find out

He keeps dying he hasn’t even gotten to the big uh Bar Bar Bar okay he actually got there oh immediately oh I’m going to have a zombie waiting on the bar so and there’s also going to be a zombie waiting right there no no no you can’t you cannot get a

Booster let’s just see how he go I’ll respawn him every time he dies respawn the zombie every time he dies there’s also going to be a zombie right there I got to turn his volume down bro he’s so Loud get the the zombie isn’t going to affect you bro I got to respawn the zombie again I’ll put the barrier in my off hand so that I always know where the barriers are bro how did I bro I’m way better at parkour Than oh my God he do he is he does bro what if we give fire wait I we’re going to give him fire we’re going to give him fire resistance cuz it doesn’t really matter he he he can’t really climb up any of these jumps so I’m just going to go fire Resistance I gave him fire resistance it doesn’t really matter if he dies you can’t go on those jro just go back to the line and restart oh yeah this lava goes this lava goes a little bit deep Bro a little bit deep you say yep that’s what I say resistance it

Doesn’t really matter if he Dies nowour bar barkour my beautiful oh my God I’m going to put a zombie on this trapo no Bera no wait we should put a name tag on this one and name it Bera yes he keeps bro we literally lined this entire area with barriers you can’t just

Walk out the only exits are up there and over There what do you think this would beeh possible yeah you’d have to do the first one and then you have to jump up into the second one yeah and and the additional barrier barrier Carore if you say anything about that again I’ll remove your fire resistance yeah no he’s watching my Stream I’ve been streaming for almost an hour now bro longer than I have what 1 hour and 5 minutes I think oh dang I’ve been streaming for 53 Minutes no mine’s better mine is a lot better thank you a lot what do you it’s not mine’s better no like a lot better than before idiot yeah I Know bro I you can hear it he’s never going to stop Bro he won’t that’s the thing yeah never yeah what the creeper what the [ __ ] where is Sul wait wait I’m going I’m going to teleport to where where is he oh my god dude I’m removing his fire resistance all right oh whoops I teleported them I removed his fire resistance too

You lost your fire resistance Privileges he lost his torturing our friend with an impossible parkour map oh bro this wanding Traer the llamas are getting attacked by zombies and the zombies are attacking llamas wait come over here come over here come over here to near Sully it’s imp bro the a couple zombies just killed

A watering a Wandering Traer and it’s llamas you know what if you can actually beat this I will give you here come over here to near it’s couple zombies just killed aing Chair oh my God bro I think he’s actually the thing is he’s actually going to try and do it no I dropped a Zombie egg in the lobby the lava I have an idea I’m just going to I’m just going to put a skeleton right There I’m to put all yeah we need to put them as husks all we’re going to have to kill Bertha though Bera already died she burned no no no I don’t like the husk noise you put two there give me a husk spawn if he ever makes it over

Here these horrible eyesight horrible creatures wait I have a better idea oh my God going by the zombies we’ll just leave these baby zombies up here we’ll leave these here we’ll leave the baby zombies my God oh my God you’re just leaving the baby zombies there we’re spawning more oh wait that’s a command block hold on I’m gra challenge Okay now it’s a challenge I got rid of a lot of the Hugs I’ll give you I’ll give you checkpoints you just got to step on this command block I got really I’ll give you I’ll give you checkpoints you just got to step on this command Blocken U I’m putting him a checkpoint oh my God he did it wait what hey what behind you oh my step on the pressure plate wa I don’t think it I don’t think it went through it might not have gone through okay I’ll I’ll teleport him I’ll teleport Him wait he touched it he touched it he spawn okay there okay I’ll tep him all right that’s you’re not supposed to do that watch out for the husk ironically this is the hardest part this is the hardest part bro how do you accidentally back off of

A back off of a barrier BL ironically this is the hardest part just jump oh come on that’s cheating I’m putting a husk back there spawning One I Know wait what oh come on let’s Che yes I think it is I think let me bring up the barriers I don’t think that’s possible out a barrier in the middle hold up Sy don’t jump oh what oh oh it is possible it is possible Sully just do

It oh I think we need to put the ladder a little I think we need to put the ladder a little bit higher we’ll put it like up there and we’ll make this we’ll just keep like keep it like that now he has to take the jump that’s possible that’s possible I

Just made it wa I need to move the ladder I move the ladder yeah that doesn’t work bro I I I I fixed that that’s possible that’s possible how do you plan on making it possible for him to go past get up here from here bro we’ll put a another checkpoint right here

What what the [ __ ] all right I’m putting a checkpoint Here what the [ __ ] you sound you sound like a British kid Windows please please Windows you Can’t he keeps falling bro he keeps falling on this ladder that’s possible how do you not make That for real where’ the husk go where’ the husk go okay the husk back ah if this is Poss this is a possible jump just do it Windows why do you sound why do you sound like a British kid he missed the BL you didn’t even make the first jump okay please window Windows Windows Windows Microsoft One dive BR stoping me Microsoft One dive did you see my Tik Tok though I don’t even know one di one one Di

Microsoft One dive that is possible now it’s possible okay I made I I had to make it possible okay he’s actually making it oh wait he’s actually making It oh I know what to do that is possible now it’s possible okay he doesn’t know what to do for here he’s Actually I didn’t I didn’t he doesn’t know he’s which where are you going to try and jump to where you going to go where you going to go Bro okay I’ll teleport him back I’ll teleport him back I’ll teleport him back I will okay try now oh wait did you you blocked this one off where is he supposed to go why’ you block it off why is this two blocks what the [ __ ] there isn’t

A you accidentally made it in possible bro you put it two block you you made it oh this is possible that is Possible all right I don’t know okay wait try and try and start building the course up cuz there’s a checkpoint here try and make it to to the top cuz he’s going to jump into the water when he’s finished wait I have a really evil idea how is he I don’t know

You’ll see bro build’s a here it top okay then this is such a this is such a shitty idea I’ll put a checkpoint at the top’ll see oh my God okay this is such a this is such a [ __ ] all right now he’s motivated standing here I realize you

Were just like me trying to make History all now he’s motiv standing here I realize Ohra oh wait a minute I don’t think he got the checkpoint oh he got the checkpoint okay I have a really evil idea okay I have a evil Idea bro how do you that wait did he make it up no oh my God your name isn’t Mackie why does he keep calling you that I am not my teacher Miss no you died too many times how wait if he no give him the money if

He uh beats this cuz it’s literally impossible almost like you have to be super precise wait come over here come over here and see what I’m building him the money if he uh you’re fer I can’t I’m trying to place barriers come come over here you see what I’m

Building bro are you listening to the stream My Stream in the background yeah no I’m listening no I’m not even listening to your stream oh dang I don’t think that it’s possible for him to go any higher to jump Like okay that is possible I’m trying to make this as hard as I okay that is possible I’m [ __ ] wait wait did that really just bro be really precise This I think I bro it’s very hard right there Very uh at some point we can just make it to K and block the teleport you to the top no We’re all right I have a this idea is so [ __ ] evil go go to the top go to the go to the top yeah there’s one little spot that he has to fall Through I’m going to get get rid of any Indication I’m doing it I have no idea there’s one little spot that he has to this is actually yeah it’s fun torturing Sully what yeah I’ll make it a really discreet spot that he just can’t find yeah I did something really fingan hold up what wait what what do you mean what do you mean look at the rail what more bar parkour su’s worst enemy bro I think I think he’s at look at him

He’s he’s still down there he fell okay let me test this out all right if we go to like the end when we go to the end over here so all right where would this end where would the course end for this one all right we can put a barrier jump

Here bro we’re just forcing our no tell no No and then the command block will be right here which will uh teleport him to the top wait no don’t do that make it but he has to do two barrier two consecutive barrier jumps and he has no idea where they are that is hard yeah L Lu luckily I know where they are you know where they are and he’s not now he knows where they are cuz he was watching us he’s not bro why did he not Sprint when he jumped that his 10-year-old mind is not braining his 10-year-old brain is not remember remember when ran was

Luckily I know what F3 is everyone does you idiot for real but I know what F3 is up everyone knows what F3 is bro bro if you if you open F3 you docks yourself basically basic wait this wait this might I think oh no wait oh [ __ ] hold

On where is he oh he died again he died again sucks ass he he’s failing this one bar jump I have a feeling he’s never going to make it I don’t think we are not we’re never we’re not we’re not making it out of the hood with this one

Sucks I’m just I’m going to put monsters on three of the doors over here whoa Sully whoa Sully Sully chill I think he’s just really there’s just three husks he is he he’s tired of getting tortured stupid car hardore course he’s going the wrong way wait he’s going the wrong

Way you’re going the wrong way bro you’re going the wrong way what do you mean he’s going the wrong way he’s going the right way oh Okay all right I made I made the landing basically impossible he has to go to this really specific spot in just the Sea of barriers wait why is this no longer possible what the [ __ ] what do you mean know what we’ll just make it a ladder for

Now we should honestly give him another checkpoint yeah hold on but we should honestly get on here if we yeah bro he would bro he would come up with the most craziest experiments to do on this man yeah seriously bro just just look at the map

Does this look so random but bro just look hold up I have to make it so that he can’t uh go on top top of the barrier thing and just Escape that way yeah you should yeah wait come up here hold on so come up to the top and then go

Down here to the bottom in front it’s basically almost impossible to beat oh he left he quit yeah bro I think you I think you got deed oh he joined he rejoined he rejoined I think he tried to fix his VC so come down here come down

Here no way way this is the this is the only spot this is the only place where he can actually make it once I don’t think it is I don’t think it is because of how far down it is just try to Sprint off try and Sprint off of

It oh we’re working we’re trying to see if they Landing is possible bro that’s the point you’re not you’re not supposed to be able to see from up There let’s move it like right here all right I put I I found a I found wait no there’s going to be two places right next to each other what never mind is okay let’s add just Che Point wait where is he he keeps dying oh there’s his checkpoint here

Okay okay let’s his check wait Is you have to move it one more it okay okay okay all right it’s only got to do checkpoint you can actually Escape because yeah the entire roof is barriered and there’s this one little hole at the top of the other the off the top of the other end which he can’t get

To and then there’s the main exit which is right over here also I made it so that he can’t uh just walk over to the other side nor can he just jump around the Thing your voice has not changed at all since I first met you bro bro forgot to enable his forign astion syndrome you for you forgot to enable your foreign as ation syndrome Yeah it’s so much better when when you’re not forign accenting bro most of it is just but don’t know how to do to okay oh lock the sides off too I think we’re almost yeah hi who I know I just a random name Galo bro my OBS keeps disconnecting OBS connect OBS dick

Connected device OB dick connected wait we should add just like random pockets of lava around the barrier Place Escape yeah no like on the on the base thing we should add like just random pockets’s what do you mean the esap right we’re just going to put this random ass pocket of lava right here he going wait why isn’t it forming obsidian why isn’t it extending behind a

Kn a 3X3 block radius wait we’re going to line everything in front of the thing just with lava and then just going to Okay we should put spikes like those cave spikes I got an idea okay what’s the idea hold on let me go to this other Beach randomly over here like wait no no it’s overflowing we should honestly add ice parkour to this map real fast yeah we

Need to add ice parkour bro we we forgot about that what oh no uh yes yes it is I think okay cool uh yes I think parkour and bar parkour oh no wait where where I’m in oh wait is this possible it has to be yeah wait so got all the way

Over there he got to the ladder jumps above the First Command Block and change that to another piece of blue eyes or do that is this possible yeah yo bro I might in like five minutes I might just go out into the kitchen and microwave myself some pizza rolls just to come and

Eat on yeah it’s a mukbang stream Minecraft mukbang I’m going uh you’re getting $150 for doing this Sully and Al also honestly depends on how good you are at parkour yeah yo I’m going to go I’m going to go microwave myself some pizza rolls cuz I’m hungry I’ll be back in like 2 minutes depend you Are I’m going to go I’m going to go microwave myself some pizza rolls cuz I’m hungry I’ll be back in like 2 Minutes I don’t know how to make though no s I don’t know how to Make bro you really hello sir I don’t know how to make Them I don’t know how to Make like yeah I you’re not a tank you’re not a t Guys I don’t Know Ch S I don’t know if you’re but I can sort of hear you hey S I don’t know if you’re aware but I can sort of hear you oh you can hear me yeah I can sort of hear you but it’s somewhat delayed what I don’t know if it’s really delayed Though something right now uh what the f yeah I can of hear you but it’s somewhat delayed okay yeah I don’t know if it’s delayed though it it is delayed uh SK toilet is gayer than a gay toilet that is correct though shut the [ __ ] up and your work okay

Yeah I can hear you sort of you know I forgot I could Talk again Give me the checkpoint I don’t want to try again I want the checkpoint now Now Alexa e a mom back my pizza WS I got my pizza rolls bro wait did you hear my microphone my microwave no I did you hear my mic getting mad at you my Microwave it’s fine oh this is this one’s oh you set the same coordinates as the one that as the one over there dumbass yeah look he told me copy it4 Sy D Sy is bad right I’ll TP him here oh whoops I’m Legit just adding a cheat code for him up

Here okay now it works I fix L bro I’m just adding a whole bunch of random par bad no yeah he just to should be microwave pizza rolls are the best bro I I haven’t eaten Pizza Rose in years bro toino pizza rolls microwave them for a minute so [ __ ]

Good I like hot pockets why is there Stone randomly here at the place you’re supposed to I don’t know bro going to die bro to’s Pizza rules are so much better than [ __ ] [ __ ] good Mitchell bro just sayk F go bro my friend Michael’s watching this

Stream uh oh tell him to go to my stream oh God what on the uhoh why you running across the top bro to fall through the hole that I made you’re going to fall through the hole that I made in the top bro he’s watching the stream is he

Chatting no cuz it sent the kids and I didn’t mean to do that un said it to kids you can do that hold on let me try try yeah edit edit no I’m not edit I’m going see if I can uh yeah I just made it so Le not for

Kids I’m pretty sure you can chat now we see if Michael starts chatting chatting Mitchell his real name is m NCA hello people that I want to shoot with a Glock shut Sul you’re the one shut shut up Sully you’re the one trapped in an impossible parkour course shut

Up shut shut up Sul you’re the one trapped in an impossible parkour course okay I don’t know you will I fell through the hole you Made okay I I went through it I went through it what are you doing man you’re not even okay bro I can hear the stream going through sy’s microphone the shittiest haircut bro is the shittiest haircut is the shittiest haircut and the shittiest microphone can you hear my voice okay it

Yes uh the feedback from microphone yeah I can hear both of our voices bro I can hear the stream’s microphone the shittiest haircut bro is the shittiest haircut is the Shites what the [ __ ] can hear the can you pause your stream on Deck real fast what what do you mean pause it pause my stream on your end I’m not playing it it’s Silly go to adjust volumes and then just and then just change it to muted what what do you mean pause it go to the voice chat menu click the adjust volumes button and then just make him mut it it’s silly click V to open the voice chat menu adjust volumes and just Mute go to adjust volumes and then just and then just change it to mut what do you go to click the adjust volumes button and then just make him muted what do you mean what do I click to open the voice the slider button bro the button with the sliders button on my

Kebo the keyboard idiot v v volumes and and change it to M volum what do you mean hello hello okay hello the slider button bro the button with the sliders Buton on my key Okay Lou okay it’s loud enough what do you mean hello hello okay hello the slider button bro the sliders my microphone work yes it works bro okay if I can hear it then everyone else can hear it okay it’s loud enough what mean hello hello okay hello [ __ ] off slid

Button does my microphone work yes it works bro if I can hear it then everyone else can hear itou okay it’s not enough no dang stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] off S wait he has this muted in game so we can only hear the stream yeah that’s kind of [ __ ] stupid for Real hold on can you make your voice not Me go back I punched him into the water for doing that laughing say something hi say something again hi say something again hi say something again hi okay that should be better okay let me ask Michael if that’s better actually hold on I I don’t know

We’ll do as many [ __ ] bar parkour as you want you [ __ ] fur [ __ ] so [ __ ] Ass whoa whoa did you just call him a fur [ __ ] or some [ __ ] I don’t know what you said yes yes I did okay it’s way better um what do you mean he can actually hear me

Now you did you hear how loud it was after out of out of the Stream feedbag helicop he’s calling me a furb back wait Sully or you Michael Sul oh okay you know what I’m going to have to on Monday on school day I’m going to

Have to beat him up oh God I’m GNA go into his chat I’m going to go into his chat and call him Mitchell and see what happens Don’t Call Him Mitchel his name is Michael what call him call him Mitchell call him Mitchell I have a friend name Mitchell like

Actually I’ll call him Mitch a then hi Mitch hi Mitch calling him Mitch Sully shut the [ __ ] up [ __ ] up Su the [ __ ] do you want oh God oh God God damn just said your shins are dead he loves kicking me in The Shins every day

At school I have bruises on my [ __ ] shins OE Zoe it really does hurt owie Zoe So you’re not [ __ ] funny you [ __ ] actual [ __ ] ass [ __ ] you 10-year-old ass fat ass [ __ ] ugly ass with your B haircut [ __ ] fat ass shut the [ __ ] up you [ __ ] bro you just named every bad word in the in the [ __ ] in the [ __ ] uh uh in the

Dictionary I had to look at the dictionary to find the word dictionary shut the [ __ ] up you [ __ ] American McDonald’s eating ass [ __ ] fun fact only Act that in real life I know he does I’ve seen him in his webcam I think I have a photo of him somewhere I don’t know Though dve somewhere I’m too lazy to check oh by the way for some reason in my Google photos I had porn man say a fat ass at least I’m [ __ ] WR bro I just realized we we had this uh um uh stream for kids for a little

Bit I hope a little I hope a little 5-year-old child clicked on this on this video and her saying you [ __ ] we hate you oh my [ __ ] god and then I I I hope that parent comes in he left bro I called him I called him I said at least

I’m strong and then he left bro that’s just a [ __ ] that’s just a he is bro I’m actually strong as [ __ ] Michael is still watching my stream but he offline on I don’t know what bro is gonna be watching but at some point he’s gonna he’s gonna be on on Monday Bro he’s

Gonna be kicking for real bro I wonder when sy’s going to come back though I think he’s I think he’s having a [ __ ] mental breakdown he probably had a mental breakdown honest I bet he’s gonna I bet he’s going to yell at us in the MC Nation season 4 group chat oh

God let me open it real fast he’s not yelling yet are you at him at him at him hold up I’m going to change it to my desktop are you angry little boy I’m so sorry Hello oh my God I’m so sorry I’m sorry no no no corre cor correction is is as small as a the Subic [Laughter] particle bro sub the thing bro the thing with that is that subatomic particles make up make up Adams they’re smaller than Adams I’m going screenshot what I

This I’m send it to people bet I’m send it to someone I said wait I sent I said Doug on accident oh no suly hasn’t joined back yet bro he’s Angy I almost leaked his username and then I realized I have uh [ __ ] what was it streamer mode on

I I gotta get water out of my mini fridge bro I don’t Know wait wait wait I’m going I’m going to say something wait what is wait what just happened [Laughter] what oh my God don’t even know oh my [ __ ] God what should what should we build now that is going wait wait we should build we should build an actual torture chamber

For no teleport to me we’re to do it right the cham the remnants of the USA where you can see the shadows of all the blocks on my Shader wait look at my stream in my shaders you can see the shadows of all the blocks that have been placed

Here my God wait can you actually see my stream right now no I don’t have it open open My Stream I don’t I don’t want to look at it I’m using all three monitors just to monitor My Stream in case it starts random [ __ ] I just have my stream on one and my

Discord on one and then my [ __ ] uh Minecraft on my main uh oh what do you expect to stream I started streaming uh almost almost 2 hours ago an hour and 50 minutes ago how long have we been on here for for a consecutive amount of time bro check how long we’ve been

Playing yeah yeah wait wait I have streamer mode on bro this is so annoying I got to disable it I just disable it every time I open OBS what if you accidentally leak your Discord username oh yeah I already accident I didn’t put it in a video

Video yeah actually in my in the uh uh description dumb ass bro they can text me all they want bro I do not care bro it’s not telling me how long I’ve been playing m it’s not tell it’s not telling me how long I’ve been playing Minecraft nor is

It telling you I don’t know why does that though yeah I have to check check uh I also have to plug on my overlay for my Minecraft overlay for Discord if you look at it from uh without the barriers it looks like an actual like parkour course uh I’m pretty sure we been

Playing Minecraft for three hours damn bro where are you um oh there you are whoops this is so for real thoughest try and stay up all night and just do random [ __ ] I have to go to bed at 12:30 that’s the problem disy your parents what if my mom wakes up at like

4:00 a.m. and catches me like she’s done a couple times she walks in your room and just say mother I am very sorry for this inconvenience I I will go to bed tomorrow night I’m very Sor please not my ass Sor do not I very sorry up till 4 a.m. but I

Was doing something really really funny called torturing my friends with my friends yep very funny I killed him I killed you that’s what you should honestly tell your mother yeah and then and then when she says you know what I’m going to whip you and just say just say your mother

That is child abuse you can go to prison for that how is the skeleton still alive bro wait come over here how was you alive what how fire knock back wait can you can you stand still for a second hold on I want to do something wait I’m going to give myself

A knockback stick hold on oh God you’re going to send me to the world B duee to this hold Up bro I’m watching my stream and getting Confused knock back 20 255 hey go to go to survival mode hold on I’m in Survival I forget how [Laughter] do I already know how to [ __ ] off I already know how to do I already have your redstone repeater bro just just pick the block bro kill Yourself I know how to do this yay it’s working what oh There okay children it’s time for seizure epilepsy wait what I wonder how many epileptic I wonder how many people have died from seeing this and getting an epileptic seizure imagine ding a Minecraft redstone repeater Repeater I don’t know if it’s working I don’t either look at it what the hell’s going going on it’s staying on wait what it’s staying on but the repeaters keep going off I have an idea I got this funny little block right here oh God got this funny little I got

This i got this wait I got this funny little block right here oh my God bro move move uh-oh what if I hit the mobs that they just disappear this is the delete stick it’s the delete stick it’s the delete stick they just they just get deleted wait cop you

Oh my God on I actually I accidentally duplicated 63 of them it’s also just called the knockback stick Misspelled the dick stick oh they’re just they just disappear we love we love slapping them What let’s try that again with a different mob I got anidea this is going to be a pain To my ass is working what no no I had to kill all the entities before it destroyed the entirety of the world that that dragon that Dragon would have destroyed literally everything how did it get bro it went all the way over here wait TP to me teleport to me yeah

That’s why I needed yeah that’s what that’s why I needed to kill him he he went far look there’s random stuff where’s there random door here what the hell wait where wait what the hell is that doing there I don’t know I’m going to spawn the wither

I’m going to go spawn the wither don’t bro I’m going to spawn it over here in the test ground this is going to be the test ground bro use the stick bro look at the cre the Ender Dragon made yeah bro this is why that he

Would have destroyed mosa if I had let him live you know what I know where Justin put that Ender Dragon we’re going to put him what did you do spawn multiple why are they alive I need to kill them I need to kill them bro that’s not

Good wait there’s another one over here he’s going to fall into the oh I he still here [ __ ] is he oh God they’re over here where is He what there one stuck in the tree oh my God don’t let’s not do that with the repeating command block again with with this I’m surprised doing the repeat thing didn’t spawn multiple Ender Dragons Damn uh wait a minute I’m going to keep my Axe and my knockback stick out and block I’m going to get a lever Okay and Ender wait endermite let’s spawn some endermites bro wait hold on I got oh my God sound isul they just disappeared what why they attacking the end mes why do I have another stop F what the I just got like 16 stacks of pearls you dumb my my ax is looting now

I have to use the back oh my God hold on I’m killing them all was I’m not going to clean up all of those I killed like I killed like 200 bro how many Ender did you spawn a whole don’t make them don’t don’t spawn that

Many what if I just wait what if I just do this wait did that work I don’t think that worked stop stop sping them people they’re too annoying to clean up shut up have to kill them I will literally ban you I don’t care I don’t care that this

Is your server I’ll ban you anyway I don’t care that this is your server I’ll ban you anyway bro said bro someone just forgot who the [ __ ] I was oh my God okay you’re back you’re black wait Bam wait I have an Idea no way it’s just boats NY did this who’s NY do you not know who n is hold on let me go no let me go find his it’s lagging my computer I can’t destroy the command blog got hey we have to use we have to use SL

Fill to do it no I use my use my auto clicker not even that’s working I got an idea man oh [ __ ] I think we have to do something the water they’re heading to the water they’re going to be free oh I broke it I broke it let’s go I fixed it

Bro there’s so many boats we don’t need that it’s a Navy bro we have we have our Navy now yeah we got our owny while we wait for why we wait for uh responded saying no that’s yours L by the way in the group chat I sent the I sent

Is well I need to get back on my stream to see if no skill parkour ass look what I said in the group Chat Michael’s trying to ask me for one of my Minecraft accounts he’s not getting one is he oh bet got it okay what are you ding me what should we should spawn arrows oh it’s not working wonder what should we spawn oh okay what should we spawn I don’t

Know o I have an Idea who’s trying to play Java through bedrock oh my god did you hear that no I did not bro get over Here it’s not that laggy bro they’re going to pick up what what is blue bro talking about I don’t know the bro bro’s like the mitochondria is the PowerHouse of the C bro my [ __ ] my [ __ ] computer’s dying bro isn’t your computer better than mine how come mine is a [ __ ]

Stroke right now yours cuz I have two cuz I have two of your SE cuz I have two of the same stream open I’m monitoring a stream I have OBS open I have animated wallpapers open I have your stream open and I have Minecraft with shaders

Open and I have aernos open and I have Discord open I bet if I just had really lowend Minecraft shers I could all of that perfectly [ __ ] fine this is a bad idea are I I’m not going to do that here I’m going to do it in the dark dark dark

Dark oak forest over here yeah we’re going to do it because we hate black things you’ll see what I’m going to do wait hold on I’m send you what Michael just sent me uh Oh and crystals cryst hold look at what I just sent you if it’ll send okay there people for real though honestly my setup isn’t even that bad mine isn’t either bro it’s just my cable management that sucks ass on I bet mine’s worse than yours let’s see how many let’s see how

Many end crystals we can spawn I have two I have two computers wired up and stuff it’s crazy yo bro where I have wait say come over here come over here bro I’m not we that [ __ ] you I think I’m lagging yeah though it just in adds an insane amount of

Lag bro when I was looking straight at it I wasn’t lagging I wasn’t either is that because you’re no I’m polish just watch It let bro what are you doing with your face wait that looks look so weird when you go what the [ __ ] look at the geometry bro it looks weird it’s weird yeah wait it’s actually getting like more detailed the more end crystals is spawn in bro let’s just let’s just watch our new

Television yeah man I love our new television I can’t tell if I’m slowly getting more laggy the more this goes on and on bro I’m actually getting laggy it looks so realistic I wonder how how much of a nuclear bomb this would become if I left the charge build up for longer

Should I blow it up no no let it keep going B bad bad I’m going to let it keep going until I’m at 10 FPS then I’ll blow it up I’ll blow it up when my computer can barely [ __ ] run bet mine’s lagging actually I have shaders on remember no mine is actually

It’s laggy but not terrible lagg I’ll turn my shaders off and see if that helps not by very much oh my God if I put my face if I put my face directly into it it looks insane I have no idea I have no idea I

Have no idea wait wait this looks like when the Roblox textures break in Europe so high up yeah yeah bro that’s what that is bro it looks cool though seriously yeah yeah it’s like a Contraption should I blow it up no we have to wait till our computers can’t

[ __ ] handle it I’m still doing 20 FPS I how do shaders off FPS I’m using R tuner with MSI After Burner even though I don’t even use MSI After Burner of this wait let me try let me take actual good one what if I make

My fan speed up what if I up my fan speed a little more I’m taking a whole bunch of screenshots of this this is fire bro on the stream is starting to get really low quality just because of this thing I think we made I uped my bro I made I

Upped my fan speed I want to see if how long I can handle my PC can handle this I have 18 FPS right now all right I think My computer really [ __ ] laggy but it’s playable still see how this I mean I played Minecraft like this before when I that g Bro Look in it oh my God bro this doesn’t even look like Minecraft when you looking let’s blow it up let’s blow it upow it up What that wasn’t like comatic bro I wonder what Michael was saying yeah I have 400 FPS after 500 FPS after blowing that up bro what the I wonder how many entities were just there at least put my shaders back on oh my God you just set

Me what all right I have my shaders back on and I’m doing an easy 60 fpf wait what if I do the shaders but it’s extreme volumetric lighting and see what happens if I do that oh my God 40 FPS but it’s beautiful [ __ ] beautiful oh my God bro I don’t

Know how much fps I got I have 40 with my extreme volumetric lighting shaders I’m going to turn on the Reg ones okay there now I have 60 just [ __ ] use the Nvidia overlay hand handle use the uh either the Nvidia overlay or reuner statistics with MSI what should we spawn this

Time I don’t know bro do you do you want to know what my Twitter handle is what yes Lind leg just yes L I have a IDE no not again God wait I have wait wait I’m going to go back into the Dark World Oak Forest I

Think this might work oh God Michael says he wants to join the server on his phone and turn his phone bet okay so let’s try that we’re in the dark o Forest wait we’re going to do the fireball thing again no we’re going to do this oh God lag

Miss no I have a better idea do the fireball no TNT mine cart it’s time oh my God this is destroyed oh oh dang remember that shallow lab we had in MOS once oh yeah that that was covered in obsidian yeah there there’s one that once wasn’t and it was under

MOS wait wait I got an idea I got an idea follow me real what wait wrong REM of it still even there in we’re just going to leave the TNT mine cart charge to build up for a while yeah I’m already starting to lag a bit name I don’t know where you are

Yeah okay I’m going to go back to the TNT mine cart Contraption Dang oh my God hold on I when I go near it I get 20 FPS BR I blow up bro we still have a testing chamber after all this time oh yeah we do bro I thought it was gone for Good oh my God God wait wait follow me we should honestly fing we should of mos underground bro there’s how do you know we’re not going to how do you know we’re not going to blow up the surface should we go to like the bottom of the world no come to

Moscow I’m coming all right let’s go into spect let’s just where let’s just let’s just honestly go underground and look and see if there’s any remnants of anything that was still here yeah I see some already there’s been a while there’s been a little bit there’s this the original

Bro how is this still untacked what teleport to me hold on how is everything is still oh yeah this wasn’t blown up the testing chamber is over here yeah it’s still here I just lit that up wait what about the real old one I wonder if the what do you mean the

Real old what do you mean the old one there was a real giant one I think might have been this one it kind of it’s kind of narrow though wait this is uh old Poland I think where Poland uh during thei ire let me see which is actually somewhat

Destroyed oh yeah this was destroyed I remember I once tried to somewhat rebuild it bro why did who did wait who who destroyed it and why did why did it get destroyed well uh so basic well so you know how I remember most of the lore

Right yeah so basically we got into a pretty big disagreement you decided like what was it you wanted to leave the union and I wanted you to not leave the union right oh yeah yeah and I said you know what if if you’re going to leave the union then I’m taking your land

And basically you said no you’re not having my land so basically you did actually move but you blew up most of this and I rebuilt at least a good part of it so wait I blew I blew it up and then I and then you tried to rebuild it

Yes that’s basically what okay why did so I didn’t want the I didn’t want you to get my land so I just blew it up yeah basically dang and then you that by later and then you rectified that by actually blowing up PO in that one time when did

Iow it was in a later save before this one you literally completely destroyed it yeah I think it’s honestly better that we’re at peace now yeah a lot better two very extremely powerful Powers at at high tension isn’t that kind of happening in the real world right now [ __ ] Russia [ __ ]

China and the US yeah yeah Russia their military is [ __ ] [ __ ] bro they can’t do [ __ ] in Ukraine yeah they don’t even they don’t even Al although they are starting to regain some land so that’s a bit scary that’s a bit [ __ ] scary but they don’t they don’t train their

Soldiers they just send them out they’re like hey hey you 5-year-old we’re not going to do send you [ __ ] they like they they they take you they they take like Farmers off of farms and just send them out to war isn’t that why they’re also having a food crisis probably Yeah I’m actually um give myself night I can’t see [ __ ] you’re coming over here you’re coming over to where the TNT mine carts are go into creative bro okay you know what oh God I just got FL I just got I know that happens bro it happens

Every time the bomb goes off it just flings you I’m going continue looking at the remnant of old MOS though I’m just going to blow up this dark oak forest for the fun of it okay whoa I can actually see a lot more with this now Jesus Okay well technically old Soviet land hidden deep under [ __ ] Real yo if you go into the dark oak forest and you turn on night vision you can see so much holy [ __ ] I remember this I remember this wait where is it oh my God where does this lead uhoh this has to somewhere under MOS I just created a [ __ ] bomb bro

Okay so do you do you have any old pictures of mosa like any I don’t take p no I don’t so I remember when the lake I remember when the lake wasn’t here yes and then there was once a giant uh uh state house looking thing here okay no was that I don’t

Remember hold on so old Poland would would be right where the stages yeah I’m pretty sure bro I don’t okay bro I I do not bro I don’t understand why we had so much tension uh back in original season 2 I seriously don’t know either like it was constant fighting you

Kept accusing me of false [ __ ] [ __ ] and [ __ ] kept [ __ ] [ __ ] kept kept happening it was crazy F crazy crazy [ __ ] crazy sure as [ __ ] was yo yo I found a tunnel that I haven’t blown up where I found a tunnel that I haven’t blown up wait let me TP to you

I’ll TP here you TP me bro look this tunnel I haven’t I haven’t even blown this tunnel up yet before okay no way wait a minute no way that this button still works or this I’ll put a pressure plate here and see if it still if the door still works no it Doesn’t ISS it I tried to fix it myself oh dang yeah you didn’t you didn’t even Place Pistons with the top bro yeah or or on the sides but um yeah I don’t know who but someone came down here and started [ __ ] with [ __ ] did you repair the stairc bro why

Did you even try to try to repair Old Poland honly Honestly kind of there what do you mean it’s hard to explain so without all the unions like pretty [ __ ] baren when would honestly probably [ __ ] up everything okay wait I wonder so was it specifically with my he though yeah spe specifically with you what I forgot what I was doing was I

I remember that I was like some technological uh director that you were yeah why the [ __ ] there a random dungeon down here that’s wait what what the [ __ ] how has this not been blown up yet no half of this on the loot hasn’t even been generated yet bro no one’s

Touched it no literally nobody’s touched it the loot hasn’t even been generated yet it says unable to open loot not generated yet this is just insane to see all of it again all of what like the past yeah bro just the remnant of other things buried under things here’s a of old

Yeah there actually was a I’m pretty sure maybe a small section oh Damn yeah this one I think I did this theep wait I did this well I started the first half with just normal Stone then I might have done like a TNT Minecart bomb but I don’t know should we go to other places and try and excavate them we can go to Germany I

Have the I have the I have the compass for him Germany there’s not much to be seen there yeah but it’s like one of the most OG places on the server one of the first things that was ever built well the you know how I’m going R

Teach you would you like to be retaught all the history of MC Nations real fast yes yes okay come here we’re going to the stage buddy you’re on top okay so basically it’s very simple MC Nation started now so season one yes no this is would you

Like me to start from beginning to like where we are now like firstc yeah all right all right let’s see if I can actually remember all right so I was in sixth grade at the time I was either I was 11 or 12 something around there and me my stupid little

Mind I was like you know what I I like like random [ __ ] things I like geography history all that [ __ ] so I’m like you know what start MC nations with all these random [ __ ] people I have who have Minecraft or something then the first thing MC Nations season one is

Born MH yeah there’s no creative yet not it’s not even been thought have M so B so basically there’s just this random [ __ ] building right with a red flag and a yellow dot which is called the base of the USSR now we fast forward we have aircraft we have aircraft 58

Now we find this random [ __ ] Island right n you know what we should honestly [ __ ] so we start using creative which shaped where we [ __ ] are now now wait how wait is wait hold on has aircraft said said anything though uh I don’t remember let me

Check all right let’s see one um it’s aircraft 58 Yeah so basically with all that let’s start the real conflict so basically Emma you know who the [ __ ] she is she’s moreal than me at least to me yeah that’s that’s true actually bro I didn’t even K her fuing C

Like seriously yeah and bro I cleared her inventory in season one remember that yeah she got so [ __ ] mad at me she blew up Poland in season one for doing that because I did that no during that time the Soviet Union is just starting up on that island

Now since we we do not know directions at [ __ ] all so we go to find other civilization right but since this the early stages of MC Nations we don’t got any [ __ ] maps and [ __ ] we never thought of it so very simple thing we start sailing across the [ __ ] ocean

We Tred to find our we tried to find our people we fell I got [ __ ] [ __ ] stranded on some random Sand Island I had to kill myself to get back then the first tension Emma starts the United States of America now here get the good part so basically I give

Her my hold on I give her my land I give her my land but did I really yeah I immediately bom it with you remember that big tower and then on the top there’s this one part floating we put some random sign on it no not really that was so long ago

Yeah we did that she was pissed bro she said you know what you little [ __ ] I’m GNA do something and I’m like you know what I’m sorry I Surrender and then nothing happened from that I basically won that war then we then let’s passward a little bit further now

The Soviet Union in its middle AG stage most powerful in the [ __ ] region now since we are ready for [ __ ] combat new countries like Poland America’s back yep and then we also got Germany now me personally since you and um Ryan weren’t much of uh best friends

Yet yet but you two but you two are pretty good friends now I’m pretty sure yeah yeah we are basically ran was mainly on my side and I was somewhat against your side why I don’t even understand why it’s it’s so long ago I don’t remember yeah you could have you

Could have Allied me really early and you could have had a really powerful Ally to the start yeah so we go to war and I’m like you know what I’m sorry it’s basically the same story of Emma like you know what here have some land

And then I go to war with them CU I want my land back for some reason it’s kind of like that all throughout season one season one ends with Germany’s new land being created right next to the fern Empire which I [ __ ] hate now to be honest what ends the season what ends

The season the fight against me and Ryan which led to him getting really pissed and you bombed a small part of what to be to be poing basically only poing then I took the land then you Emma me and uh that’s kind of it okay but what like actually in

General what end what ends an MC Nation season well it honestly season one was never really meant to end ever I wanted but for some reason I just like you know what let’s start season two now okay I am only half about half through um six grade about this time so

Now we’re in MC Nations season two baby so basically the best season the best season that’s right and look we’re standing in all his glory right [ __ ] now Yep this is just a stream where we’re basically explaining history and [ __ ] who you talking to who you talking to

You this is a stream where we’re basically explain I know but yeah so basically MC Nation season one start now let’s go from the very beginning of this season season two me first I start up the Soviet Union here I’ll show you where I first started all right so basically basically

You see this little Bridge thisly little Bridge right here yeah oh my God this the sign okay dang it’s just been changed up a lot it’s just been changed a lot then this this this building and stuff used to be really [ __ ] small yep it became a Barracks for just new people spawning

In let’s get the first so basically right here up to here very [ __ ] small this right from that bridge to here was basically what uh the USSR was small as oh dang now the rest was taken up by Kaden and a few others I forget their names I think it was J

Like who’s Jacob who’s Jacob good friend ofine he doesn’t play to in a good while so basically Kaden starts here’s where it really [ __ ] goes the spider of six I don’t know if you remember that name oh yeah I remember it was it what about the what

Was the spider of five then oh yeah that I don’t remember I think that was maybe a Union against the spider of six don’t remember much so now okay basically he rolled most of this land now follow me real fast you see where this diamond block I just play sea

Lantern hold let me try so there there used to be a pretty bigger Lake back here so basically right around here this is how much land everyone basically had from that bridge oh dang pretty tiny now everyone was split it was basically Germany but before Germany existed a whole bunch of small stuff

Didn’t there used to be a prison here yes there used to be what happened to it I know but so basically everyone is at War and me I I immediately get demolished immediately I basically just started now my Empire was very [ __ ] small it was

Just me to be honest why do to be honest why do you never see Kaden online I don’t even [ __ ] know I think he keeps losing his Discord account no like I never see am on Minecraft that’s a pretty odd [ __ ] like all these buildings just

Pop up and you never see him I mean I see him in game like sometimes I don’t [ __ ] know why the [ __ ] he’s never around like I never see I’ve never seen him in game with me yeah never no [ __ ] idea why so you’re the only one who’s really seen him in game

Basically other than Jacob and the others okay so basically he wants to start a union everyone else has to surrender because well first of all he’s got the fire power and [ __ ] he’s got the most modern technology in that point so buddy says you know what [ __ ]

You we’re starting do and you can’t stop me spider six is born Six Nations I forget all their [ __ ] names I think they’re somewhere you know what hold on I’m a re go to the flag room we can go into the flag room the flag room Yeah Soviet nuke division Soviet furry Empire Soviet Germany Soviet uko spider 5 Union of custom NATO Soviet Canada it might be in mine I think the older Flags there’s a whole bunch of so spider five this is spider of Five Flags ever now this is furry Empire Flags why do was the furry Empire even created I don’t know these are all the yo Flag here their Flags I forget what it’s called it I can hear there’s a bunch of fls in here Okay the lssr that didn’t start till a good while you know what hold on the lssr I’m pretty sure Jacob was the one to start that the RSU I forget what the RSU is uh we got the RSU war flag Soviet nuke division the Soviet nuke division actually was never

Used it was used I just kind of so Soviet SPID spider of five where is that uh just under Soviet new division in Is all right so there’s basically Six Nations only it would be seven but mine got wiped out mine wasn’t for some reason admitted to the union because I don’t know what was going through his mind now if I’m I’m GNA say this real fast season has the most [ __ ]

L y even more L than FNAF maybe and the and uh and more [ __ ] bro Michael’s still watching and uh maybe because of the [ __ ] was it yes Michael the furry Empire the Empire the furry Empire was created because of you no please Michael do not beat the

[ __ ] [ __ ] out of me when I come to school now basically let’s go so basically spider 6 is me personally I could I couldn’t I couldn’t just say I just couldn’t say know what you got me lad you got me lad i s I’m like know what B [ __ ] You I’m

Rebelling [ __ ] you [ __ ] you and your people so I go to war then this is this is a seven this is a seven V one you know who who do who owns this land we’re standing on right now you so who won that battle you did with

A small thing called TNT and flint and steel and also a literal [ __ ] wooden sword and pickaxe I cheated those [ __ ] they had a diamond sword and and me with that [ __ ] iron armor that that iron ax that wooden sword and wooden pickaxe and that one

And that two TNT in Clinton steel I demolish their asses pretty [ __ ] insane though for real yeah now since they they they ran a [ __ ] way when they respond so this is Mos my friend mosa was but it wasn’t really MOS was it it was theet

UN now let’s get in when you started to join basically there were four Wars but it was only mainly towards uh that the spider five though just that now you join and honestly I hate you cuz you’re a poolish and I got issues with those people for some

Reason no me personally I accuse you of [ __ ] and I’m I’m very sorry for what I said y I’m thank you so then that starts the first Mark of tension lots of tension yeah so Bas that was one of the biggest aspects of season 2 there is so much [ __ ] tension it’s

Insane man yeah bro have really sparked after the main spider of five but then we discover some Nations we forgot even existed UK USA USA Germany Germany was already made but Yuko okay Yuko was the first Yuko is a beautiful [ __ ] snowy Place afterward I found found uh Canada

Was built next to it honestly pretty cool pretty cool that was Yuko was actually technically the uh main uh capital of the USSR for a little bit there oh dang you didn’t know but that was after we finally rediscovered it and [ __ ] Okay now small thing about this Monument so you know how this is basically how big my land used to be from that dock to Here Yeah so basically this is meant to represent a very simple thing this right here me blocking up taking that TNT and that flint and steel placing it

Here lighting it ping it to the ground and then I jump towards the water oh okay dang now these two honestly pretty simple it’s just for a [ __ ] joke 911 right here behind you I don’t really know why but yeah that’s kind of most of the L

Then we get to where Emma just like you know what [ __ ] Moscow we hate your Ro you stupid communist you and you and Dennis just bombed the hell out of it I mean no I’m dentist bro BR they went wild bro for real they encouraged me to

They encouraged me to start bombing with them you know what I’m actually pretty [ __ ] sure the border was from from all the way to the dock to here because of um this little yeah original yeah why was it why is the Border shrunk that’s something I never know

I’ll never know why it shrink a little bit I don’t know why the food right here it’s just a little biter yeah what do you plan on what do you plan on building over here you know hold on let me Google something that is in my [ __ ] thing I do you know what goth architexture is no let me see if I can find it so you know how like uh German houses look no no let me try and find a photo basically I’m gonna send you a photo fromy hey Michael okay so okay there you are so

Basically this is the architecture I want to put over here oh Okay but yeah then I don’t know what you’re going to do this land I gave it to you oh you gave this to me bro I don’t need I don’t really need it I don’t really need it you said sure you would take it I don’t know what the [ __ ] to do with

It plus it’s kind of make like a park what make a park or some [ __ ] we kind of already have a that’s a that’s a lake not a park no the roller coaster that’s considered a park no like a like [ __ ] Central Park bro like small Central Park this is

Considered to be the central area of mosa we don’t have a this this right here is just considered to be the Central Lake we just kind of keep this the lake of light it’s the lake of light bro we need to add more fishes em Yeah has lots of [ __ ] history never us it over here you kind of oh yeah you just you just bur this Forest down bro this once was a no this once was a very giant [ __ ] for yeah he bro do you do you remember weapon Gen I have I have the compass for weapon gen hand me it real fast it is over here I’ll lead you to it hold on Weap a few of the compasses are busted CU they got I destroyed that one thing that I should not want to see ever again the furry Empire yeah and plus that one thing the union of communism oh yeah yeah oh here it is here it is it’s

Weapon gen you know what actually hold on find the front the I’m holy [ __ ] you so basically this is supposed to be the main entrance you know I really want to try and remake it again but continue using this now over here is where something is it’s this

I think this looks kind of fire Yeah TNT want to try and uh work on this again uh maybe I don’t know back to lore no war we just should have lore bro I said lore oh yeah for the lore for the lore do it for the not the I just got a stack of string you can

Have a stack of you can have a stack of string I think this a stack of I think it’s 13 spider eyes I have I have looting 100 on my sword I want to see how many how much my creeper the creeper gives 45 gunpowder that’s enough to make a lot of

Bombs real I wonder wait why is there just a birch boat over here yours dang only only [ __ ] use Birch yeah only [ __ ] use Birch should I I might get some more pizza rolls bro what time is it for me it’s 11:49 p.m. yeah I have to actually Google

My it’s literally on your computer what do you mean I wonder how many skeletons we can delete the the stick bro I got 10 subscribers now yay oh cool kill know come come here come Here no the chest bro not like there’s anything in them me go through my go I wonder what Reon I have the save file for season one yeah I’m actually put it on a s bro yes we’re GNA have to add the voice chat plugin though yeah I’ll make actually I don’t know

Which file it is so you make the server on my account okay hold all right I had to leave cuz I don’t know I need to find which one it is before I put it in me see change there now I can hear you uh all right y it’s Season Two Season

One I mean all right I got season one I’ll make it them what do you mean like the seasons no Season 22 is just Season 22 and then world is season one just going to make a Ser here I think the season two rebooted uh thingy

Welcome back to the past hope you don’t hold the grudge is honestly fire yeah especially how I highlighted it welcome back to the past and red hope you don’t hold the Grudge in red which some people do some people will like Emma the stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] I I had I

Had to delete season 4 so I can make room the uh just the blank one yeah okay yeah this is technically season Four Season Two again yeah I have drank so much spkl water I have one two three four five things on my [ __ ] what the [ __ ] why I don’t

Know I really like sparkling water damn I got a I’m I’m adding the I’m uh staying with the server right now my is a mess it’s also on your eternos Account I think I might go to bed here in a bit I’m pretty [ __ ] tired yeah man it’s been a long time since I actually sit back and watch t t with an antenna bro I have to go I have to start the server then join it then stop the

Server so I can change the port for the stupid [ __ ] voice chat thing okay of the port right back I’m going go grab more sparkling water I’m All Out sure you should honestly entertain anyone watching there’s two people uh your stream not mine yeah my there’s zero people watching mine and

I’ve been streaming for almost 3 hours yeah I’ve been streaming for three hours anys I’m gonna go grab sparking water I’ll be back all Right That I that all right I’m back cool sorry I took so long I had to take a damn all right I’m just about to change the port to [ __ ] negative one instead of some random ass Number because if it’s it’s it doesn’t work if it’s if if I don’t change the port so like it has like a randomly generated Port uh you can change it however you want and it doesn’t connect to the server properly well it doesn’t even connect to the server if you don’t

Change the port to negative one so no one can communicate with each other it automatically sets the port to 24454 but I can just set it to negative one and it works pretty weird well it works so yeah I’m also going to have to upload the world to the server hold up Definitely after um excavate and look around at season one you know since I’m actually gonna probably look at season one better I can probably retell you most of the history better okay okay but that’s if you want to continue learning the lore I do MC nation’s lore is pretty complex very [ __ ]

Is it has more lore it has more lore than poy playtime bro it’s so [ __ ] complex I don’t understand how I just casually remember most of it yeah hasn’t it been going on for like over a year now well let’s see it has been over a year that started

Sixth grade yeah it’s been way over than a year cuz in season 2 when you almost blew up Poland was that that was in like December of 2022 when you almost blew up Poland during season 2 hold on let me let me think real F so the first debut of

Season one it was like in September of 2023 no I’m pretty sure it started a bit after I got Minecraft for my birthday okay so hold on I made my first Minecraft world that that was on computer in like four [ __ ] years damn I want to go get some more pizza rolls

I’ll be back for Ah yeah I’m back D all right earrings oh I just realized that my pizza rolls aren’t fully cooked through I have to go back Out yeah E I’m back again y bro wake up go wake up wake up D did you did you fall asleep yes oh my God I’m tired okay long day a long day of streaming not only that I went out to the mall I went to Wendy Cool thought your dad died okay yeah I’m booting it up right now it’s a really weird server IP I just kind of I kind of just spammed it hold up there’s the server IP what the [ __ ] know what I’m GNA send uh my my re reaction H the server description is just zingle

Uncle also yes it’s [ __ ] season One yep you have any items no What oh yeah I don’t even have Ops so I need to op myself I have no idea what happen for some reason it’s not letting me off you it’s not even showing anyone hold fell into a hole what the [ __ ] is nothing oh you’re already an operator never mind yourself in

Game huh mute yourself in game I can hear you in both Minecraft and on Discord all how do i m game again press press M oh this is for player why did you create it why did you even create for Empire in the first place my Mind all that [ __ ] f porn you kept watching I didn’t really [ __ ] watch that you did at least it wasn’t gay foring oversized German oversized German vending machine yo wait look at this Jimmy’s pond it’s actually down here no look it’s the purple ax be another version I think we’re on a

Bit of a different version on what I remember we picked on well you saved these pretty early I don’t really remember but there used to be a very big pond and stuff in this hole for a okay you know what just yeah mhm oh give me one give me one

Y so you get this TN here we go for some reason your stream isn’t loading for me and it hasn’t been for like for about 2 Minutes no I don’t want to go Backwards wait yes Uhoh this isn’t powered what the heck go go going yay was the last time one Was hey wait wait for me bro so first let’s exp explore down here if you say that this tunnel was over was under international waters are you saying that this tunnel was built illegally oh [ __ ] I even I haven’t seen this [ __ ] even I haven’t seen stuff like

This the down there that is part ofet land oh wait hold on I think then we’re definitely in the fuing Version it’s vegetated yeah yo look who [ __ ] house this is’s actually it’s Emma’s house it’s Emma’s house also let’s go look at the map again I I didn’t really take a full glance oh my God bro hold on Old where are you comeap oh I don’t know why this one part of

Fued up that’s Bro hold on hold on hold on I honestly can’t remember what the [ __ ] that flag’s called okay oh yeah the USP yo bro plans for the world take over the world steal all nations quit Wait Plan a take over the world Plan B steal all nations plan

C quit Plan D steal all power from All Nations is honestly fire the [ __ ] you have to there’s all the maps that you use to make this it’s a [ __ ] huge island doesn’t make there’s a McDonald’s on this island I think it might it could still be there Island Soviet Union map

Damn Soviet Union season 2 is a bit bigger but this if you add all the sand up there that we don’t count yeah I think the McDonald’s might still be there I don’t know let’s find a there it is the city the land wait holy [ __ ] is still [ __ ]

Alive oh my God McDonald’s my chicken chicken I forget this was once it still sort of is I don’t know what we’re going use this is the new flag room am I lagging why am I so laggy yeah I don’t know I’m very laggy oh here spectator another map

Except this map isn’t very you know this map is actually tad bit more modern though this is the library where the [ __ ] the library it’s under it’s in the it’s in the main hall or under the main hall bro I’m so [ __ ] laggy what the hell I wonder oh

Yeah oh [ __ ] oh my God no oh my [ __ ] god uh I’m currently in spectator mode get out ofct mode I know bro oh my [ __ ] God we took all of these and [ __ ] bro this [ __ ] go survival over there not that either I can’t comprehend why I’m so laggy

Thect and go over to where the giant [ __ ] prison Jesus what there’s a giant prison you not see that I know there’s a prison what about it look at how big it is compared to the Aver prison in uh oh yeah bro [ __ ] massive what the why why’ you make it so

Big you know what I’m going just become a far cry wait this is the wait which bro it’s the Bedrock prison that some that uh one of us made I don’t remember who made it but oh holy [ __ ] it’s Ryan’s old lab what the [ __ ] happened to it hold on I’m

Infect bro what the [ __ ] why is it so viny I can’t I don’t know I just gave us all I even the [ __ ] is this I’m pretty sure this was Y what the hell happened in here why is it also so [ __ ] what even is this place I don’t remember I think it

Was land land ownership why the [ __ ] is so I’m surprised the Soviet flag oh wait it’s not even finished oh s flag never was finished yo the mine I have it look down here in the m damn where the [ __ ] are we I remember this Emma deci put I spectator bro

What where are you what the [ __ ] is this on TP to me I’m above ground what the [ __ ] oh this is the world generation the more world uh the later the world generator the the oh the later the uh World version when it was loaded in an older version the more corrupt it

Will be so this is kind of like just one of those effects so sadly we kind of don’t get to see how this actually look in modern no not really I don’t know why I made yeah why is Ryan’s lab just [ __ ] overgrown the [ __ ] is this so I did repair

Itair what the USP land oh bro who did this wait where even is Poland I haven’t visited it think I can fly over to it I think I no I Don’t okay God damn it was small holy [ __ ] this was the USP base oh so much unused [ __ ] Land look look wait look there’s actually still oh dang I I salvaged this the best I can without even [ __ ] with it it’s only half of a house wait did I build that I

Can’t remember well we we both built it I buil started actual but then you built the rest bro notice how the USA is just Giant and look how small Poland is yeah I didn’t spare anything I’m sorry you you were not a fan bro why were you why did you just not like

Poland well that has to do with real life things okay withit the USA the [ __ ] oh my [ __ ] god it’s this place where are you hold on let me you I remember this my I made this I used world edit to [ __ ] mutilate this entire [ __ ] area it’s

Like there’s like a thousand by a thousand Bedrock hole there’s ore everywhere there’s random patches of different rocks there’s just water there’s there’s there’s lava pouring down there’s [ __ ] everywhere I know bro I used R ated it to do all this you know season one is actually

Pretty small if you think about it yeah it was also pretty chaotic because of this [ __ ] in Ocean anymore that was once a ocean oh where where even are you on bro there are parts of this that probably used to be an ocean or some

[ __ ] just look at this this used to be a ass Riv oh my [ __ ] god what the hell what happened here I don’t know bro what the [ __ ] oh this is right next to the place that I [ __ ] that I mutilated for this I literally just removed all all Stone and just left

Everything else there’s literally a geode that got a fade over here me teleport you to me this G got a fade bro got a fade what the [ __ ] I’m I wonder if there’s anything what the [ __ ] is this underground abortion wait where hold up Oh my God abortion effect abortion effect make your baby immediately fly out of your St oh my [ __ ] God bro why are there three people watching your stream and zero watching mine there’s three people watching yours there’s three people there’s three people watching I’ve been streaming three and a

Half hours bro want to go back to season 2 I want to there’s a mine somewhere under fur Empire was this mine was to be this m started it’s kind of sad how there’s no actual remnants of the original thing of whatever [ __ ] of the original bro remember the skull conation

That’s there’s still remnants of it bro yeah I know that it’s over here Jesus yeah bro what the [ __ ] is this and there’s like chests random [ __ ] is there anything under it is oh this is uh this is uh clouds [ __ ] person that he dropped me in the first time I joined the

Server remember he dropped me in here and just left me there yeah oh it’s this place who’s wait what is this I don’t really remember but some of it’s [ __ ] up wonder what the [ __ ] Happened pretty sure this was originally supposed to be a bun keep finding this random ass places hidden behind walls want to go back to we haven’t actually fully explored the uh Soviet Union yet like okay we’ seen most I’m actually surprised how I’m still somewhat navigating the world yeah I I barely remember

Anything some mysterious shit’s been happening this is the first what are all these holes from oh all these big holes the ground that’s server not being able to work for about a few days me and Cloud were [ __ ] around with commands wait what did you do basically

We made a Bow Shoot TNT and then we made it shoot TNT mine cart which blew up half of the Oh oh my God wait how do you do that I don’t I forget he he knows and I’m pretty sure Ryan also knows hold on are you really DM Ryan for this [ __ ] I’m not dming him wait let me you br it look like a deformed oh oh that’s not that’s not

Good uh let me just let me just make something real quick hold on [ __ ] oh God God it Me for real look Hold holy is this what the have looked like yeah bro oh my God probably gonna my account same from same with mine bro for real I’m I’m looking at it there looking at a what the [ __ ] are to be honest I already have my own

World save for this so I don’t care what happens to it I’m going to do a funny wait look look at the ladder look at the lad right here what the how did I even did you I think you to use wait what look at the ladder how how the

[ __ ] how did you manage to place two ladders on top of each other do that okay I have an idea most aage ladder in season I mean for real all right I’m going to go over here and do this you know what one thing this is a a copy

Right you know what I must do you have a copy of this right right oh yeah my the world yeah why hold up don’t blow anything up who’s a [ __ ] a real [ __ ] Emma I think someone Oh no my house from Fortnite yo I think I made it work oh no wait what it doesn’t work no wait Oh no more house Real for real Uh I haven’t talked to her in a while Maybe [ __ ] Off what what do you mean how how what manag to date her bro she fuing mental she liked how I cared I don’t [ __ ] know my stream now A my Peak was three view with three viewers you know what because season one is gone basically y’all Every why is still [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is this what I don’t know what the [ __ ] Is I love I’m doing something funny cool don’t torture the tree that I have this thing In oh [ __ ] I accidentally [ __ ] with it damn it fix okay I think I made it Work I made I made an arrow that I made an arrow that shoots TNT mine carts wait give me it give me it I have to do something where the [ __ ] are you the command if I break the second if I break that then I think it will just

Do oh wa it works for You oh my God this is how you get rid of the Soviets guys I keep forgetting let’s just blow up the let’s just blow up the server Bro change it to TNT okay I changed it to I kill TNT uhoh oh my God I think I broke it Robert no this is Bad see this flag up here yeah why did the command block stop working oh it worked again St it for for some reason it just stops hold up bro Wait a minute oh my God I’m trying to fix something bro C messed up Oh oh okay I had to remove all the entities it was it [ __ ] up the server the entire Ser you just [ __ ] gone wait we can make it so these arrows can sum summon anything we can make it so they wait I’m going to make it so as they summon

Fireballs wait how the [ __ ] did we break obsidian wait what bro this was a fully working portal what the [ __ ] Fireball okay I had it’s 12:39 as long as my mom doesn’t wake up I’m flying I’m being honest I’m really Fu wait a minute wait a minute I have an idea before you go go to sleep I’m gonna do this oh my God oh my God 461 Withers I just summoned an arrow oh my 349 Ender Dragons I’m tired man I’m go to bed like actually all right good night bro good night good night well lad if you had a good time uh I don’t know tired

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: 🪩Tik Tok:… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: IP: Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More