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Finally I did it holy crap I fix Ops and his [ __ ] ass are you looking at MC Fluffer man just talking to his [ __ ] don’t worry guys yes apparently So hey bigle bites oh hold on this is bedrock yes it is yes it is bedrock hello MC fluffer and mcfucker I hardly even know her let’s go yeah oh my back you’re back you must be you must be getting old now I’m good my back my back says otherwise now I’d

Win my back I’m old did you find your your gray box by the way yes I already did cool no that’s where was was it was at one of the Japanese houses I was building oh okay I sh it was so Blended to the snow too I’m like

[ __ ] it was like it was slight gray too I just noticed yeah if it was white that would be really really brutal for my eyes unfortunate whereas my box is too white Oho there Exel nice I think since last time I’m just going to have to organize my inventory then CU

Have a lot of like stuff that I don’t know what to organize or t scan have armor Stu my stuff yes my stuffing stuff stuff going a block a quartz I going to be a redown but I’ll be back I go get a shower take a shower Toma

Take a shower you stink I’m kidding but yeah enjoy your Shower oh I didn’t mean it that high there’s a new performance mod that actually makes J Edition run better than Minecraft n but it’s just more C GPU or CPU actually Dan I’m wrong unfortunately so my Ching e to take a shower H so my chat says that they’re going to take a

Shower all right enjoy your shower they’re stinky apparently hey if someone’s smells good and they’re going to shower that means they’re very OD they conscious no offense I had a friend who was like that really yes how sensitive was their nose um I just sniffed them and they

Said that they stink I said no you’re fine fact that they had their perfume on Jesus Christ it was weird like what what what’s the matter I smell cologne but then I also smell myself I would strangle them if they want to take a bath

Again no this isn’t good I must I must take another bath I would I would Bart Simpson strangle him oh Jesus but why it’s ridiculous you already showered then you said that you you’re smell good you have to shower again what the [ __ ] stupidly unnecessary and a waste of

Water yeah it is a waste of water actually just because the bar s says it kills 99% germs doesn’t me have to kill the 0.1% of it that’s funny cuz I saw video about the where the the yeah where the germ was taunting the soap saying like you can only kill 99.9%

Of germs yes but what if the person uses it twice exactly genius I will now regret sharing a soap with my Cousin they’re just going to steal it they’re going to be like okay this is my soap now it’s my property my soap my living hippity hoppity your soap is my property now now don’t drop it that’s private that’s private it’s private property unlike toast’s public domain cake don’t steal don’t steal emeralds I

Don’t I don’t steal emeralds do has has private domain on his cake he does where you don’t want to know oh my I’m just saying his ass is public domain whether he likes it or not he could also be k that the toaster house cake public domain

Cake toer has the most forensic ass you’ll ever see in Humanities of H foric the most forensic ass I see I have a very interesting way of describing my friend’s asses yeah he has the authenticity he has a seal of approval yeah by the Vice President by

The Vice President of Vice President of asses and then the vice president is like I don’t remember putting a seal on this man’s ass I don’t remember putting my presidental seal on this man’s ass until now God damn Joe Biden he goes up to til he’s like boy

You your ass reminds me of ice cream let me have at it oh there a side of me that wants to click regrets just no you know how he also sniffs as well he justs to he he [ __ ] NS Jesus Christ people do that too damn I still remember the Marshal

Martial law in the Philippines oh God what is it you’re not you’re not allowed to insult the president unless you want to get shot oh okay that president is whack okay yeah like something like that but yeah wow it’s kind of kind of odd the fact that everyone gets insulted just

Because you have a higher authority doesn’t mean you can just have like saying that oh not everyone should judge me or whatever you cannot judge a book by his cover nor the president in in this country cuz you’re going to get shot for it I mean let’s just say the president

Is a Lackey something like that oh my then I’m about to get shot I think I’m about to I can I can hear helicopters coming through my doors oh no I can hear it FBI open up Jesus Christ that literally scared because I’m actually by a door mother open the door

I wonder if the other guy the other Discord server that I’m on added new sounds no okay see he he was tired they still have this though hold your fire this man isn’t black bro my queef of course that one is your favorite of course why not instead of

Eat my C eat my cake what the [ __ ] my dirty tight little Quaker little H interest interesting information it could have it could be worse true you know fair enough aica is small like I didn’t mean it like that no I’m just I’m just thinking like oh God

It could be even worse eat my twink dick I as an artist I I will unimagine that [ __ ] before it gets worse wor my mind is a printer and I’m not going to risk that [ __ ] nuh you can you can hear the sounds of printer just activating just

Going prin it it it it prints a twink ass dick it does it it fails because it it it’s out of the magenta magenta ink though trying to print black and white when when you’re trying to print um a texture it it goes to the uh pink

And black kind of thing just like the Minecraft era texture oh yeah like texture error the [ __ ] is this I could that’s the same thing what the [ __ ] is this the [ __ ] the [ __ ] the [ __ ] is in the air the [ __ ] there’s why [ __ ] everywhere the [ __ ] [ __ ] the

[ __ ] for how big my crop um place is like have like an entire City’s worth of crops everywhere you can save famine I will be I’ll be cultivating my crops and not providing anything to my Village I’m I’m going to be greedy as he says I

Will the key the KE the the KE will keep well Rich keeper you’re rich like gatee keep Rich wait no Rich right gatee keep there we go Rich gas like G keep greed capitalism poverty and boss baby what what I don’t know I don’t [ __ ] know how to make the rules so do

I you know the rules and so do I oh hell yeah cocoa beans I just figured out how to um how to cancel my subscription for this uh for for the Realms cuz I paid I paid for this one by accident again I’m like oh crap I need to figure that out Soon I so you were streaming you were streaming Minecraft like oh God my server is off oh shoot let me get that on actually it’s unexpected I played Minecraft immediately huh I thought you were going to play OverWatch with us but then Alex cannot play Tyler is grinding genin A’s watching

Pomu which yeah I don’t blame you I had other plans anyways I knew I knew Ayana and the the rest wouldn’t be even be available I mean t could have been available but that’s about it Alex I don’t know he has his brother with him so he’s going to be using Internet so

He’s going to be lagging a lot but still manages to get play of the game by for some reason play the game Alex by playing McCree all you day will standing in the nice tactical place and shoot a bunch of Heroes BR Back Mountain is High Noon let’s

See I yet to build my own Beacon I don’t know where should I even build my beacon oh well what did you say you need a conduit though well depends because I’ve been I’m fine with it I’m fine without conduit at the moment I could give you a conduit that

We have from the battle base we’re not going to be using that place too much okay then unless we somehow want to battle another weather which I’m like okay maybe I’ll consider it but for now that we battled I battled three you battled twice nice the weather yeah all of them are

Blacks you almost said it with an next and two yeah all of them are blacks I tell you all of them are blacks I don’t know what to tell you you got to be up the minority and then you get big Tyrone over here coming to your neighborhood trying to kill you y

That was really dicey I apologize for That I made a severe la la lack of judgment I’m doing my apology video right now in a Minecraft stream in a Minecraft stream of amazing hey hey guys today wanted to apologize for my recent Behavior while playing Minecraft while uh making beautiful trades with villagers and

Stuff while making a while making a ship a sheep frecker machine and then and then during that process you’re going to be like oh cool diamonds anyways I’m sorry guys oh cool I found diamonds oh look at that I found a village oh wow I found a eight a uh

What is it lost city abandoned to there’s no war wow this is incredible um anyways oh my gosh that Herobrine oh [ __ ] uh anyways I want to AP apologize for Herobrine a parents I’m [Laughter] kidding what the [ __ ] [ __ ] water won’t actually connect connect [ __ ] Unite with your with your siblings ass

Wife what unite us one once once again reite [ __ ] come on I’m going to grab your butt cheeks and pull out my Willie stir your [ __ ] like a hot bowl of chili that sounds like sounds like something that toaster would do he would do he would if he just follows the correct

Procedures in cook mixing yeah he pretty good I’m just looking at Ayana server and Tye made fan art for Ayana oh cool I’m like hey that’s pretty good she was doing a stream as I remember last time when I was there and they said you didn’t want to you didn’t

Want to watch it and then I think you missed something that she said though yeah I’m used to that she she said the she’s planning for a 3.0 oh no I know that yeah she said this about a lot of time actually throughout the the streams even

Recently yeah I know I’m like Splash art more art what’s that you’re making a 3.0 model okay well let’s make more art for you then I’m I’m actually more anticipating for Joe’s art oh God the unhinged [ __ ] that he’s making for Ayan is just surreal Christ my the Spider-Man stuff

The the the the what was that the ass one yeah tofu omn man ass thing the [ __ ] he did it to me as well I’m like oh my god of course he did that like I don’t see him doing that to mine so we should probably tell Jo to do it

Though B being omn man and you getting squished between her cheeks oh my God is it wait I just realized she did he did with on topu and then M lady said that topu is a girl oh my God the to was a guy in’s drawing yes it

Is yes yes she is she’s a guy in in in Joe’s drawing yeah no bro what the [ __ ] the reveal is so surreal the fact that it happened during my uh during my research research class breaking news T is a girl the whole time we just Recon the whole fact so

Unexpected honestly I wasn’t expecting that I like oh interesting thought tofu was a guy me too we were led to believe that tofu is a guy but you know big Rie Al the the name sounded like a girl for me the name sounded like a girl for me but

Yeah I don’t know it’s just the emphasis on like the fact that tofu is a guy and everything else when I first saw Yana and stuff and I was like okay yeah tofu is a guy interesting cool I just F like tofu is a cute name and stuff and I was

Like yeah it’s Fine the fact that tofu joins on my stream so I’m like oh my God and she was a girl the whole time and I didn’t realize that I was treating to for lucky guy like hey what up going brother I see a I see a

Dumbass oh I must be flying then hold on I’ll I’ll be I’ll be over there I killed it it was it was stuck on the ceiling it was a phantom I killed oh the Phantom good You Killed The Phantom I killed Danny Phantom now now I’m the one who canceled the show I’m

Kidding I’m kidding oh no never actually never watched that show it was it was an okay show actually but when I when I was young and I saw it was a good show for me cuz you know ghost and everything else it was a forign concept to my understanding at the

Time and I’m like yeah I mean the show has an H well but you know it’s there it’s pretty good it’s already cancelled though I I don’t know if it’s cancel I don’t know if they they finished the show entirely I don’t know it is uh they didn’t continue

It okay then that’s Butchart harman’s issue whoa this Skelly whoa what is this gu trying to do without your consent huh I have no idea spoter die you’re less scary than the other one then the one I then the one I sent that is go that goes twerking the lethal company

Spider yeah you spray it and it goes work it boy what the [ __ ] yeah work it this virus just starts working yeah work that that pregnant what the [ __ ] that pregnant ass what the what the [ __ ] okay let’s go into the quote book I have no regrets saying my [ __ ]

Because this is literally me during like having school my unhinges has held further and deeper and um more looser wait a minute what the don’t worry about it I’m starting to I’m starting to get concerned no don’t worry about it just don’t send me to a therapist I don’t need

One I don’t have a therapist either send me the therapy I am the therapy no I’m kidding you don’t understand scyler I don’t need therapy I am the therapy oh my God it reminds me of that guy who was sexually attracted to balloons oh God I saw the clip I saw the clip

Recently but I’m not just interested in balloons uh uh in a Hobbies sort of sense um interest just into with intimacy and I’m like no don’t do what you’re foring to do no his wife is like all right let’s let’s have a let’s have a good time

Pulls out a condom and then him’s like nah walks out no we’re not using we’re not using that we’re using a balloon it’s no no no M my my lovely will join us what do you mean your lovely pulls out the balloon holy [ __ ] I’ll be honest I actually watched

That video more than three times and I’ve actually been doing it during my art check what hey to be fair I was watching an Irish YouTuber react to it it was so good which Irish YouTuber uh call me Kevin okay call me Kevin is a good one but still oh my God

What three times no more than once what do you mean three times well you said well you said like like two or three times saw that no I’ve been watching it over and over again what the [ __ ] like like listening to a song yeah oh yeah I do that a

Lot oh now me like the clip of the guy having Seck with the balloon or something oh it’s way worse when if you watch the guy having sex with a car oh God I saw the clip too I was wondering like where did he

[ __ ] it at the gas at the gas tank or at the exhaust pipe the exhaust pipe that’s uh that’s kind of the ass sir you could have went for the other part could have went for the oil changer one CH so tiny what the depends what his size maybe maybe

The maybe the the oil change will adjust just like the women holy crap he FL his he FL his stick the size of the oil stick and at least he found his smash yeah a freaking 2005 Toyota Corolla red it could have been could have been um it could have been a Prius

Anyways it could have been like a bit a bit of a more fancier vehicle but yeah it could have been a Mercedes but no it’s a freaking Toyota rollsroyce the rolls that’s expensive to [ __ ] a car like that the Creator says otherwise and maybe that’s why it’s

Expensive cuz he wants to get his hands for the [Laughter] Rollo oh yeah do he as he tries to to buy another rollsroyce and only the other one he had intimate relationship with oh the C yeah that’s included it’s limited edition he’s he’s he’s the good Ro

What oh yeah he’s sick out Ro bro how the [ __ ] did that go it got Roll No it got roll and roed it got rolled it got rolled roed and soed what the [Laughter] [ __ ] where is the okay just take uh bent lead there are other strange addictions

I watched though what was the other one there was a really really weird one oh no the really weird and funny one was the air fresser really yes there have you watched it on no the there’s some that I’ve watched like you know the the balloon guy the

The car guy and the clean freak who literally drank toilet water m I can no no no what what what what he could have made the lemonade stand out of that one oh [ __ ] my toilet water is so my toilet water is so clean I’m just going to sell

It I’m just going to add it to the lemonade send a bath water to toilet Water it’s bath water toilet water there’s two difference yes one is shitty and pissy and the other one is just straight up actually can’t be both never mind you’re right what’s the difference the philosophy of what toet and bathwater are the the air freshener one though is

That she’s addicted to drinking it oh God why you want to know how how does she drink it she sprays it in her mouth of course she does that it’s like one of those sour candies where you can spray in your mouth actually well usually she likes the the Fresh Linen the Fresh

Linen she doesn’t like the one that tastes like apple crisp what the [ __ ] that is so ironic I don’t like this one that tast like tastes like Peach CER oh your clean linen flavor I love that one how about tasting that uh that that that bug that pesticide spray maybe

It’ll have a nice taste of cockroach bug chips say otherwise oh yeah I love me that cockroach anti- spray I like that R A oh God let just try to poison M human pesticide says otherwise what the [ __ ] you you you use this [ __ ] on your farms for free give me that

[ __ ] the person goes for industrial uh air Refreshers wait do they at all actually do they just go to random places and and they’re like I just steal the the places with nicest air refresher uh air refresh nurse I searched the cabinet in the bathroom no oh well they actually um

They actually buy it but they also work in a home appliance store and they have likees of those and then when I watched the reaction vid of uh uh by Kevin he he said like uh oh what if the customers like look around and checked and then

They just opened up one of her statues like huh is this a bomb what the [ __ ] I kind of I kind kind of want to react to this now what the [ __ ] I do want to react to it but I feel like I’m going to get copyrighted by

That we could probably no no not copyrighted we just have to mirror the image or mirror the thing and then just what is it minimize the amount of time that the episode is on screen most likely that would be the case I don’t know we could you could do a

Recording oh you could probably do a recording yeah I want to do this so badly now I want to do this when when when when are we doing this I want to I see this thing I’m free next week but it depends with my date with uh with Miss Lori

Oh yes I’m dating Miss L I’m kidding no we’re not we’re not thing this is starting to make me think that it is starting to be like an an official dating no actually we just call it a date for funsies here thinking romantically oo tell me

More also I got the condo with me and the blony you needed you can put it actually underneath here cuz I feel like grounds are going to spawn here cuz I don’t have uh I don’t have light here does it fit here uh I think it does it’s

Just five blocks yeah five blocks up so it should probably probably dig a little bit oh watch out watch out watch out I’m fine I’m just blowing bubbles the kid bubbles though not not the kid he’s blowing pie bubbles watch out guys he’s going to blow hey what’s up guys I’m going to

Blow what’s the sound effect that’s the S effects of his cloa guys don’t worry about it what the [ __ ] how would you know I’ve heard that from uh bird bird watching Bird Watch ah yes I can see the burst spting what the [ __ ] I’m going to later I’m going to watch

A a a SE tape between two birds so I can understand how it works two birds and one St two two two birds and one Nest they’re Nest they’re nestling oh God Christ Almighty guys Almighty on his stick wait what the what the [ __ ] it’s been a while since I’ve I’ve

Been like this Behavior I thought you were like this when you were playing with toaster I’m like e just natural anyways no really I’m I’m surprised because I didn’t know how the game works I was trying to understand what the what toaster is trying to te oh

You were focused on the game I see I see yeah so if I know what I’m doing in the game I just like oh time to just let off some some unhinged time to be unhinged but I think when I was with to actually no I was like that as well in

To with toasters but instead instead of like saying unhinged stuff the the 90% of it is just me screaming oh yeah true because I didn’t know what was happening I and I kept dying and your mic kept peeking in stuff I believe yes I knew it was toter’s favorite part the mic

Peak yeah it’s it’s toter’s favorite apparently it’s everyone’s favorite I don’t know why because it it fades out so perfectly that’s why usually when I just say Shan and then it just Peaks I’m like what’s wrong with you say Shan think G sister is wrong Jesus

Christ though I have bad news about G skin it’s not free anymore it’s a it’s a scam no it’s not free I saw it too actually it looks pretty cool it looks so cool I’m like wow he’s so sexy yeah I was about to say like what

Why does it look so risky like damn G you she B now I’m so tempted to swipe my card to get it now ching ching ching but I don’t have like enough money to get how much does it cost uh it costs uh how do I say that an armor on a

Leg hm an armor on a leg uh it costs like how do you say this just it just cost like 1,300 passes holy [ __ ] yeah but that’s actually the the the the when it’s like a first release that’s how much it costs if it’s if it’s

Already done mhm like like if the sale is done it’s going to be 1,600 passes for me holy [ __ ] yep it’s a whole 10 pole I’m like what the [ __ ] Jesus Christ my back my account this actually is now is now actually expensive oh yeah I don’t blame you it

It’s like how many is this I’m not going to say it’s like uh th000 100,000 peses but I would say it’s like 20K now oh wow yep it’s not spending the money it’s more like how much Primos I’ve been earning and then how how the characters

And the equipment I have I see I see yeah but I would never sell this account actually never yeah you should it’s really it’s very valuable it’s Priceless it’s extremely the the Priceless in it is the memories because I think I’m the only one with this kind of account that’s carrying memories of

My springing time with my friends a that’s that’s how expensive is that’s that’s why I’ve been playing genin for a long time because I’m just seeing if my friends will come back they play again and they did which makes me happy so that way you can show off like the

Characters You Pull and you got well not just that I’ve been actually enjoying playing with other characters my friends usually we just like I don’t know do improv from like previous quests and stuff like that I see I see yeah we just enjoyed the fun in it true

Yeah I could probably imagine then that’s so cool oh okay that’s right Al I just noticed that some of the collaborations with genin impact are in China and you can buy a car that’s genin impact themed and you get in-game bonuses for buying a car yes what the [ __ ] phone well I’m not

Chinese you can speak it no actually about that I cannot speak ches Chinese very well I can only write that’s still good though yeah you can text and you can communicate at least so that’s one thing yep I have communicated with a few Chinese players in genin oh nice they’re

Just surprised I can understand them they’re like wait what the [ __ ] you s Chinese what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] are you from what the [ __ ] I’ll send you to Jesus they they did ask me where what country I’m from they actually said it in English like what country are you

From I said Philippines and I’m they’re like wait what and I’m like yeah I used to study I used to study 10 years in a Chinese School ni yeah I know you remember I know you know that yeah yeah but these people not know it’s like

It’s very exciting like how the [ __ ] you speak Chinese so fluently or right at least oh it’s because I learned Chinese for 10 years like what the [ __ ] what country are you from the Philippines what the hell the Philippines teaches Chinese you’re telling me the Philippines learn Chinese and not

English holy [ __ ] the fact that English is actually the first uh I think the first foreign language before Chinese moved in yeah yeah cuz the cuz the Americans the Americans I think wait no never mind it was Spanish actually never mind it was Spanish oh well I I thought like you

Know I thought the the wait you said the Spanish and you said Mexico uh oh no never mind uh Spain I forgot Spain they’re different different I say like SP in Spanish and then Mexico like no they’re Mexicans and then the Spain or the Spaniards or the

Spanish yeah my bad though uh no you’re fine don’t worry but span uh but the Spaniards actually back then I think yeah they invaded our country and then oh and then that’s where we learn that’s where that that’s where they we got our talog

Language ah got it got it got it as for the English one I forgot H nice see y see welcome back to from your shower hope you enjoyed it why is this not moving forward [ __ ] move we just have to put some dirt on top of it in order to go forward I

Think wait is that how oh so that’s why it keeps moving because there’s dirt underneath yeah is that how it works [ __ ] yeah as long as there’s something underneath it then yeah it’s going to scoots over forward I have no choice but to put ice

Then do you know Jo Alper no I don’t know who Joy Alper is no sorry let me see if I got any dirts that way we can use it to put in the the water we make the water run seven dirt oh I got Netherrack that that’s

Pretty good I guess yeah that could work since it’s more useless than dirt dirt is nowadays useful all go like way Joey Alper what is what is he then what the hell who someone in my chat are this person name is Toma the Wally uh the

Wait Joy aler uh is a famous Filipino singer apparently Joe I have never heard of Joey Albert sadly I’m not the type who knows Filipino celebrities although I do know Vice G um she’s he’s gay of course yeah that makes sense yeah Vice yeah g just means beautiful so yeah

Yes yep Vice Beauty oh there we go actually no that was the that was a relic translation oh well anyways but yeah I don’t know who that guy is but I think there’s a few Who would know but apparently yeah apparently it’s a she too what watch out for the

Phantoms the first thing that went to my head ow is the first thing that went to my head when you when someone mentioned that they’re a famous singer I think Filipino singer yeah is is for some reason I don’t know why the first name that went to my head is Freddy Mercury

FR mercur I I don’t blame you it’s so Random they I don’t know if they’re Filipino see if this works oh it’s starting to work yeah there we go we just need to put a surface on it yeah Joy’s um Miss because it sounds like a guy okay stream alert what is

A oh no oh she has an art stream she’s she’s working on videos every day I don’t blame her I wish I could do the same I got into Filipino music around the time I got into J-pop music ah I see I see so Jpop music for some reason turns

Around turns you around and just be like oh my gosh I like it Jpop music yeah tofu saw my artwork yeah I’m scared Miss T wait the Miss tofu no no way yes no no way I’m in this believe oh yeah they did actually they even reacted to

It oh there you go they like it they like it she likes it she likes it it’s a cont temporary art but I don’t know how to explain what a contemporary is it’s something that takes place in the modern era or something abstract art abstract art Yes actually yeah it that’s a contemporary

One and apparently although I’m not used to that I’m not used to Contemporary Art though yeah no one is nowadays oh no I broke a block no what is Thomas says my ex was a Filipino but I don’t talk about that I don’t talk about that she cheated on me

So I try not to think about it oh I’m s TOA okay don’t look at me that way though just because I’m Philippine doesn’t mean I’m going to cheat on mine cuz I am sort of difficult to find interest I’m not even thinking about that you would cheat on on anyone I

Don’t think about that genin I would yeah there goes g there goes uh Navia there goes jingly and now we just have finina Fin’s just like on the not somewhat top spot at least I won’t just say she gets a princess treatment yeah I know I’m not judgmental that way

Yeah yeah I know we understand don’t worry Tomo wa what it be Tom like as in wait t h o m a t o m a t o m oh okay yeah there also recently Co collab with another YouTuber that I collabed with as well m i

See I still remember when we were having that OverWatch stream I checked ayan’s chat and I saw someone OMG pH Phil Philip mentioning and then I was actually talking about the junk City saying ah yes it’s my home country it’s my home town the fact that I’m just roasting my

Own like home is just I think I remember that yeah I remember seeing that and I was like Jesus Christ wor don’t worry I’m not part of the of my country either usually my Minecraft streams are supposed to have music with them now I’m not adding any because of the music in

The Minecraft providing oh but usually well I don’t know why but for some reason that gets copyright claim for for what reason whatsoever which is weird really yeah like one of the songs got copyright claimed on one of my streams I was like what the [ __ ] you kidding me okay

Fine so that’s why I had my own music actually or the music that I find that I find oh no steam do not open oh no steam okay I’m G try to play a music a song Then all my fellas I’m kidding all my fell all my fell all my fell what is it but my ex’s grandma was was losing her memory and reing to only talking to G oh this the thing that scares me about marrying a foreigner like when they get

Old they will forget me and they won’t be able to I won’t be able to talk to them it’s depends on the person actually and not everybody has like an instant um memory loss you know yeah depends on the conditions and everything else it’s different by circumstances well tagal existed before

Spanish they tried too hard to replace it oh Freddy’s American Freddy’s Amica oh yeah Tyler also saw it too he saw the comment of someone saying OMG Philippines is mentioning I think I’ll be the only one mentioning the Philippines no one suspected the Filipino Inquisition I’m Filipino you’re

Philipino we’re all Filipinos we’re all Filipinos free diver yeah I’m Filipino of course I’m going to be bashing my own country for the hell of It I’m Filipino of course I’m aware I’m I’m in a third world country third world country uh let me look for that new song nope not that one nope nope Delicious Japanese candy this better not be the chocolate it’s a chocolate God damn it no I’m not gonna play that

Audio wait I just I just realized you were muted the whole time oh no I was muted the whole time oh my God wait a minute free diving my way being a Filipino now thanks you Tyler wait Tyler can have you been can you hear Dan this whole time or no no No no I mean like are you eating suck drops yes I am AEL I finally got the thing opened I was trying to tell you no oh my God sorry I didn’t even look at chat I was was talking to a blank space this whole

Time sorry guys I have um okay I can’t say that joke what what what’s a joke I don’t I don’t mind no I’m going to get cancelled stop I’m already again Castle join me we can do an apology together no I already had an I already

Did an apology well for for for ‘s whatever the hell you fixing what the no you don’t have to apologize for that what are you apologize for there we go I dm’ it to you Dam know you said it he said it what how’s that offensive I have voices in my [Laughter]

Head it could be worse it could be like my neighbor who has slop Bas who who husband abandoned her and and she has schizophrenia oh my Lord the fact that the whole stream is scuff oh well it’s SC it’s all scuff for me and it’s

All all the SC for me it’s it’s all SC for for everyone of us can I wish I has Japanese candy yeah I always have to use the butter up to open it I use to wine bottle key actually wine bottle key is pretty much the thing you used to open wine bottles

It has a quk and it has like a an ed where you can actually open like bottles as well with like blits and stuff and it has a little little Blade the one person I disappointed by accident is Tyler no I didn’t even mean to I didn’t hear him my God I’m so

Stupid well you you don’t disappoint Tyler don’t worry I didn’t I didn’t look at my chat oh my God I just like skimmed and then I just like looked back and I just continued fixing my home you’re fine you’re fine I feel like later feel like later

If if Mady just watches this r z um are you having schizophrenia episode again no I’m just laughing has been laughing at me for like for for two hours cuz you were guess I didn’t get to hear you damn well actually fair enough yeah fair enough my my my idiocy

Is entertainment after all that is the purpose that I did want to do streaming my idiocy is just very entertaining even for me at least yeah I find myself I find myself entertaining but I’m not the type just laughs at my own jokes that’s kind of creepy for myself I wouldn’t say that’s

Creepy I would say like that’s very I don’t know it’s well depends if you only laugh at your own jokes and yeah you’re kind of full of it but at the same time if you laugh at almost everything then yeah noce you you’re just having fun that’s a good laugh

You’re having a good laugh oh fair enough mhm Also I think you have one of the prismarine blocks that you took from the conduit did I yeah cuz you did hit you did like destroy a block by accident I did have one wait I did destroy a block oh my God me and my trigger finger oh you’re fine doing the twiger

Finger well at least the conduit it’s still working yeah it’s just it has limited range that’s why oh okay go at 2 96 blocks there we go here we go the iOS saon is still active IO what iOS Saron it’s lower of the Rings reference oh oh that one okay never mind I

Remember saon is the uh an enemy in in the uh Shadow mortar right yeah in moror I haven’t continued it in the shadow of M door now in the shadow of nard door nard door that’s that’s F actually how do conduit work well you need P Marine blocks from your from a

Nearby uh water temple you need to also dig up a treasure you need to dig out the heart of the Sea by looking at a treasure map you find in a sunken ship you need to combine some shells uh some nautilo shells into a square I think and then you make the

Conduit so you need like a certain amount of blocks five ft it’s like a 5×5 but it’s weird so five tall five wide I’m having second thoughts if I should really save up so I can get that g skin it’s how much how much does it cost again 1,00

Like how many it depends if I have uh amount left crystals and I can just Lally buy it but uh th350 ah okay I see I see I think that’s like I don’t know I forgot how how much it is I just wanted to know how much what the price

Was maybe I should wait for my 20th birthday next year this year my dad asks me like what do you want for your birthday I want I want something in gench it’s like okay sure sure that’s fine not a new pc I I think that’s me that’s on me you’re you’re not

Earning a help you’re not helping me anymore because you’re earning for a goddamn PS5 which my God for [ __ ] sakes he he’s earning for a PS5 yeah I was like [ __ ] sakes we we’re supposed to earn for a PC so that we can earn for a PS5 but then you just wanted

The [ __ ] PS5 I’m like oh [ __ ] it well at least you’re trying to do both so that’s partially good no I’m doing one he’s doing both he’s doing one as well yeah so he’s ining the PS5 you’re doing the PC yeah so like you’re trying to do both

Like objectives so like get a PC and get a PS5 yeah because streaming and streaming game uh streaming like uh the art stream ones I’ve heard that they’re really good if you H if uh if I’m able to draw in my drawing tablet really well yeah yeah which uh this MacBook sucks

Sucks yeah no kidding it sucks hard uh it sucks heart Crocs bro oh speaking of Crocs hey Aus sayy crapus EG is Father dear dear father hello you’re in hinch daughters here father I have nuked Croatia with a get finally I mean yes yes love it hello hello child

Hello what was going to say yeah uh quickly uh conduits yeah so the L you breathe on the water for up to 96 blocks and then if zombies or drums get closer they die that’s how that works interesting mhm tell me more tell me more tell me

More water breathing wait what it grants you Knight Vision to yeah yeah oh wait yeah I forgot it does Grant unite Vision so you can see underwater a lot better I hope I can put tropical Fisher but uh it’s going to be a bit of a difficult they might spawn you might

Want going to do axelos if you want right don’t know I could name all the fish imagine naming all the fishes oh Lord holy [ __ ] I can only name like a few does it work on creepers I think it does but I don’t think creepers like what is it they would they would

Drown actually yeah creepers drown it’s just a drown that are affected by mostly too you might pick them in the bucket and think they won’t despawn S with the ax yeah know I know I need no conduit to breathe on the water yes yes papa crap

Kiss oh no no don’t be a bottom there we go don’t worry about it this is this is uh inaccurate for me to say is for me when I’m trying to find a nice date please don’t be a bottom your fingers crossed fingers crossed both fingers

Crossed both fingers crossed I want I I I need I need someone who can who can be the woman of the house I don’t want to be the man of the house what the heck did I just hear now thing in that day of age um it’s a stupid cliche just saying

Just saying at least I’m not going to say like one of those gens you say oh yes Sigma or whatever the [ __ ] what the Yeah I know please don’t Noy is is Generation Alpha that they’re saying that stuff my [ __ ] God I’m disappointed in my after Generations me too me

Too you know the late genzies are actually kind of terrifying there are there are iPad kits too and I hate it bro for me so weird it is so for me I’m I’m an iPad kid oh No that means Dan hates me guys help come back there kid I’m going to kick you I’m kidding no hey yo I’m not kiding anymore what the [ __ ] [ __ ] what the [ __ ] so that I can use chicken eggs to capture Ms into respawn eggs oh like

Pixel all iy or something else you can actually cross someone yeah it’s a little bit too dienic cuz I tried doing that with Alex and Bonsai but then like it didn’t work too much you should try something else like a zombie apocalypse it’s we are we actually are we’re trying our rlcraft actually

Ooh that is awesome that one is good which is the hardest thing you can do yeah I seem to be only uh to be the only one who knows technology in my age group poon requires a lot of bandwidth yeah it does it does just after my Jour

Just a little bit dis disappointing even my own brother’s faster than me sometimes I see it’s looking well actually it actually looks better than I imagin yeah it looks so good actually yeah I’m impressed I’m impressed with my um unprofessional AR r r I’m far impressed with your your your r

R or or or or or or or or oh yeah no need to make it like fully cuz I want to make it look like um it’s like going down yeah I know I know I’m seeing the waterfall currents and stuff yeah it looks fun is that a suon villager what the [ __ ] what where here don’t kill him how do we how do we cure him we don’t have a machine or anything else oh yeah true never mind then uh just kill him hello sir die okay let’s see I can’t get on the the

Pole H let me on the pole there we go on the pole hey yo don’t worry about it you mean the pillar no the pole Q’s going to work that pole I’m going to wait I think I’ve seen toaster do it what the [ __ ] uh what the [ __ ] are you are you been

Suggest subjecting Q to well we haven’t told you this before but while you were asleep or gone for a while Tyler me toaster and atisine well Tyler was not included in this kind of activity we did but we all sh we all video video called oh you all got to see each

Other’s faces okay yeah yep I got to see what the home appliance looks like he does look like a toaster yes he is a toaster pretty much and he he does up cake yes I’ve seen it and yeah I have seen yeah I’ve seen at this he’s pretty told

You she’s seen my face but I covered mine I was wearing a hoodie jacket and then with a mask that’s fine I’m too shy to show my face yet much yeah it’s up for those two it seems yeah but they’re I know I’ll admit there there there there could be a time

I do want to show my face to those two actually never mind I think yeah never mind at has seen my face I did share a picture of myself yeah I thought as much I I know you can trust her gires tell us there another girly he has to see my

Face I thought he did for a second I was like yeah I know I’m not part of the girls but toaster though I see he does have that kind of Demeanor Li that it’s fun to be around with the fact that he’s just unhinged in his own way is just also what baffles me yeah so when Minecraft add vas I don’t know what that is there’ll be a day when we can finally see each other I don’t

Know yes there will there will be for friends to reite and nuke a place I mean what no more nuking great no we won’t nuke a place U we’ll just uh rehab rehabilitate it there we go rehabilitate it Rehabilitation did I lose the ice packs

Or is it just me it’s just me I got 12 of them oh you got half of it oh really here actually never mind you got 90% of it those one’s right those 12 yep there you go oh my God the M this Minecraft stream is so good on the

PlayStation 2o yeah the high quality HD high quality no more like putting a camera on top of iPad you and to be fair that’s what got me views unexpectedly yeah it’s a lowquality ones that always get you views want me to do that again guys when my subscription ends most likely yeah

Actually I do I did enjoy using that kind of setup because it’s actually funny it just shows how poor I am and how poor I could be and you still have a lot of views yeah the same time I still got like a bunch of stuff yeah

Okay so I can see where the water is going but I need to seal this I just realized I need to seal this part isn’t it sealed before uh it has a hole where up here oh I see I’m going to get a block that that can seal

That I’ll just seal it off with FX tape no I can’t reach it I’m too short [ __ ] what the [ __ ] yeah I don’t really want to watch streams anymore so bye for while bye blue have a good life that was unexpected probably my cheeks couldn’t handle it what the

[ __ ] my my cheeks were like a sort of a a drop weight the cheeks are a portal to another dimension what we won’t talk about that that’s sort of illegal for Area 51 Area 51 if it ever existed those chicks are extraterrestrial yes they’re inter they’re extraterrestrial for my liking for my

Liking hey TW hey twiger oh my gosh it’s trigger hey K number one hey K number two how’s it Go how’s it going Seal Seal it up oh my God Tyler that that pun I swear I’m YouTube so you’re the last streamer to know I ACC say this my final

Message go goodbye Rex yeah pretty much it came from Left Field yeah that did up up yeah I’m doing good how about you twigger also nice cars that you that you share with us I like them nice bike I’m kidding nice bike whoa nice bike now now we want to watch call me

Kevin again later about those about those balloons another balloon reaction again [Laughter] yeah yeah my my wife thinks it’s strange wait he has a wife he has a wife what the [ __ ] I’m still processing until this day that he has a wife and I’m like genuinely concerned for the wife not for

Him for the wife what the [ __ ] the W the wife the wife doesn’t deserve this kind of living why did he get to why does he get to have this I don’t know kind of luxury does this [ __ ] live in I don’t know bro I don’t know it’s

Weird bro bro felt the inflation too hard yeah like what the [ __ ] what do you mean should literally be impossible what game do should I play on my on my channel you’re playing Super Mario Galaxy I don’t know about you I think you should keep going with That oh yeah I did get oh never mind I don’t know what to do if I if I play for rizon cuz I don’t have a steering wheel unless I need a controller for that uh you could use a controller controll is better than it’s better than just mouse and

Keyboard what if I order a steering wheel uh good luck cuz those are expensive and you need to have like a a desk desk for it too right thing it D at least let me cheat on Super Mario Galaxy what do you mean cheat how can you cheat it’s twer don’t

Question no it’s Tom who asking me this question it’s Toma never mind then question him all question him all you Want Logitech wheels are very expensive Logitech th thrustmaster and Playstation Wheels which is just logic Tech in general uh at least let me cheat super mar how do you cheat on Super marel Galaxy then I mean just well okay do whatever you want with Super marel

Galaxy I guess if you want to if you have super mar Galaxy 2 then play it I don’t know I I don’t know man I’m not I’m not your I’m not I’m not much of an adviser I want games to play like what here let

Me give you a very obscure game for you to play you should play OverWatch yes play breast mil uh breast Mill Thief simulator how about that Che playing a different game oh then play skatebird play this one this one’s pretty cool anyways you want you want you want a

Game that will that will make you lose your sanity and your wallet genin no I’m kidding don’t play genin as a person who plays genin don’t play genin if you’re playing it for friends that’s actually fine that’s cuz that’s if you’re playing it by yourself don’t play

It yes I don’t want to play gench ret Tred yeah okay skatee Bird yeah play that that’s a good game yeah OverWatch yeah it’s a thing it’s it’s it’s a thing that I’m not playing right now hard to play with friends because you need to be this the same World

Level oh yeah that one actually there can be people who are above you can help you with that like uh yeah I can’t play gen for reason that’s a thing but the the Monstrous thing about genin is the storage I see I see which my genin now has almost 100 gigabyte holy

Crap and the one that has a higher gigabyte is Destiny 2 it overruled my res I res evil my Red Dead Redemption holy crap what wait I can play online I just realize of that yeah you can’t play online yeah the fact that toser gave me PlayStation Plus just so that we can

Call up in Destiny actually yeah that’s wild uh well we both would do anything just to have fun yeah it’s hard to play with friends because you need some more level I probably won’t ever play genin again unless I unlock Mona well Mona yeah yeah Mo yeah Mona has very um

Astronomical hips that can’t lie Wow Let’s see I need to go back on g with my friend I’m super super late are you sure trigger are you sure you want to do that oi o over there there what you do what you saying there oi who said that aus

Father don’t worry about father don’t worry about it it’s just your daughter speaking Hal Ballo Hal Ballo sheo balloon yeah I’m talking about balloons you know like the weather balloon the very nice white balloon spy balloon the Spy balloon the the actually the white balloon is a virgin balloon so um

Anyways hide hide those virgin balloons from the one freak that likes balloons too much oh my God just realized you think he you think he faps through the movie up this is the no this is the uh this is the I can’t say that word again now

What’s a word I could probably say it this is the corn version of up it’s the POR version of a balloon porn yeah he’s advertising okay as soon as soon as he saw all those balloons Rises up he just he was in nextasy he was like oh

Balloon there was a comment about it’s like oh loud I’m about to B I’m about to B Jesus Christ look I’m still going to be posting subop motion but I’m kind of working in J Park subop motion deltic wall all right right good luck then okay I guess if anyone’s

Questioning why I’m sort of like this uh is I’ve been I’ve been like this for a long time yeah for my behavior even before I met Dan I’ve been like this yes he just didn’t know oh my get up gue I’ll see you after some St motion good luck blue do you

Think 99 red balloon sits the mood I think it overwhelms the poor guy he can only take up to three balloons no just give him the happy birthday ones I’m looking at my own happy birthday balloons oh my God I need to hide those balloons remember guys he’s not he’s not

Just a he’s not just a person who saves balloons he’s a an apex predator he’s an apex predator for the balloons only don’t don’t invite him to your parties if he’s the clown of the party he’s going to perform a sick magic trick as a clown he’s gonna he’s going

To perform the um uh what do you call that oh [ __ ] wait oh God I don’t know what it is he what was it again can you describe uh the uh the um what do you call that oh no there we go the deflation deflation it’s no longer inflation fetish it’s deflation fetish

Yes oh god oh D I can play my volleyball gotcha game I forgot it only works on Windows you do that hey Whispering Wind yeah gotcha volleyball game that sounds very risque per se another wind I miss you hi wind how’s it going hey hello I forgot to tell you I

Buy my t-shirt Red Bull on a car show nice it is very risky yes that’s what I thought as I thought as Much I like how you’re showing your chat that I’m actually doing a water experiment yeah you know how sometimes people just um what is it steal fo and stuff this is exactly what I’m doing I’m just recording you and I’m just talking to my chat I’m not doing anything on my Crypt

Actually no that’s that’s a good that’s a good idea because like my perspective is sort of confusing oh I see I see also whisper says hi Q I’m doing well yay it’s been a while my friend Happy New Year by the way happiest to the newest of the years

Hopefully we won’t suffer once again or are we cently having a break a break from what the Bloon guy YouTube or the Bloon guy could be both you know this guy has a very interesting hobby with his balloons I don’t blame Him oh yeah he can keep it to himself though he can keep it to himself and inside the balloons from school you know oh the brick from school wait you’re still on brick from school wow lucky what a little guy I’m so I’m confused right now you don’t want to

Know uh let’s just say it’s like something in Five Nights at Freddy’s instead of having instead of like murdering kids it’s just kidnapping balloons yes we can we can go with that their own consent what if I want to know well you just know now Q now know Q can tell

You she’s telling you right now yeah let me tell you the daring tale of a love story between an inflation and the deflation I wait no the fler and the deflater anyways and the the prator yes beep beep clear clear all right next balloon next B I’m on breakfast School two years now

I got my degree and they kicked me out rude yeah I know the same oh no let’s see ECG the heck is ECG egg egg egg it’s not egg is eg the favorite is the one that gives us a clear oh yeah that one yeah man there’s a stray above

Your head oh where and and there’s a skeleton behind your ass they’re everywhere yeah they have armor too slay interesting balloon guy it’s you can find you can find this on TLC actually it’s the show I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show but it’s called

My Strange Addictions and one of the guys is has a balloon fetish oh the car the car one is is is the car one is more atrocious no it’s just going to show you how to how to be a mechanic I love I love being a mechanic

So much I can’t stop working the car he’s going to be your best shooter for a mechanic he’s he’s going to keep you he’s going to handle your car with nice and with nice caring hands yeah he’s going to show you how the mortar oil changing works yeah do

You see the one where the lady ate a mattress foam wait there was a lady who ate a mattress foam yes I forgot about that no I remember one lady that was eating like things from the wall too actually mhm and then I told K about like the

Lady who is a clean freak and who literally drank out of her own toilet water you never heard of the air freshener one though I never know I’m like what the hell yeah she spray in she even spray she actually also sprays it in her cup and then drinks it oh what the

[ __ ] ma’am ma’am ma’am that’s not you can just remove the cap and then just drink it inside you don’t have to I like how you’re you’re encouraging her to be more correct and I’m like you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place hey to be fair I’m just telling

I’m just telling her how to do it right but not to do it anyway you’re enabling her how dare you I’m kidding yeah it’s fine it’s not it’s not I’m like it’s not like I’m offending her anyways wow I saw that when I was like I can’t watch that

Whoa to be fair watching My Strange Addiction series is actually funny and entertaining while you’re working it is yeah I’ve done it before a couple of times I’ve show especially the these balloons more than twice or more than once actually it’s I think it’s more than like 20 plus

Now uh creeper blew up your wall which wall over here where I’m at what the [ __ ] stupid ass creeper yeah no my buckets I threw it somewhere my buckets I need more bullets I need more bullets I need more bullets the [ __ ] Goofer then some of the other Strange Addictions I’ve seen is like someone being addicted to eating fries which was like very t actually like that’s fine how did they get a video of my cousin I’m kidding what the [ __ ] they’re addicted they’re addicted to fries H she just likes she just likes

Potato corner oh I see yeah PR a free fast bear ID what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] there is there is one video that that Kevin actually reacted to which one there’s plenty uh leaving my leaving my husband for my cousin what the [ __ ] what want to run that by me

Again leaving my husband for my cousin oh wait you leaving her husband for her cousin in a wedding oh my God what the actual Sweet Home Alabama [ __ ] it’s real it’s real I’m not making this up guys I I don’t doubt you I know it’s real based on the fact that you

Said it like that too to be fair it’s my second favorite one holy [ __ ] why because it’s actually ridiculous because it’s ridiculous yeah but how ridiculous the this does does the the Bri go like I cannot accept you I’m going with my cousin and they just get

Into the chess Mary car and just run away into the sunset actually the husband brought it out to himself actually he just [ __ ] him he just [ __ ] himself over how what he kept drinking in the wedding even before before the wedding like he before marrying her in the altar

He didn’t cry he didn’t even he can’t even give her her a ring properly oh wow and then she’s like and then she’s like uh thinking that the guy is like failing him and then she’s like I prefer my cousin oh god what the [ __ ] kid you not I’m having a [ __ ] ton

Of laughs out of that [ __ ] I I know I can see then what the heck did I just came back to oh hey oh oh hi Krampus hello father hello father thanks father father father we’re just talking about how uh how a woman left her husband for her

Cousin just straight up tells a is the the most shittiest thing you’ll ever hear in human history I’m not really sure but it’s something unsettling yeah yeah what the heck dude yeah so you put myama right and I watched it a lot like I watched it over and over

Again huh which which then finds it concerning as well that you’re getting addicted to some of these strange addictions it’s not strange addiction it’s more like a TLC it’s a different TLC actually actually wait no it isn’t a strange addiction but I don’t know why it’s

There I have a strange addiction to my cousin oh Lord you shouldn’t watch it what the [ __ ] L what I don’t know TLC comes up with the weirdest weirdest shows on the planet man I tell you Extreme Couponing extreme hoarders uh the freaking to and Tiaras the the hoarder one is legitimately funny

I have strange addiction to bunny girls oh my God not that I have a strange addiction to My Strange Addiction yes you do they should put me on the show don’t forget honey boooo Dan no another Honey Boo Boo show oh God the Honey Boo Boo show sounds like you’re calling I’m kidding

Yes yeah I’m I’m streaming streaming Nina thank you for subscribing the middle of all this too I’m my Lord Honey Boo Boo yeah it’s a it’s a nickname of a of a toddler who was in the in a beauty pageant of for little kids and she was very Infamous and then

Made her own spin-off show what but to drive her into in well we have nothing else to do with that kind of matter so we have nothing to do with that Tyler it’s it’s Humanity what are we supposed to expect everything is is unexpectedly dull and and TLC made it exciting

Anyways yeah who would have thought that someone [ __ ] a car would be so exciting to witness or a balloon for that matter my my kind of my kind of attention to to B is a sexual kind that watches Dr pimple popper no I don’t like Dr pimple popper that’s

So gross actually what the [ __ ] the actually there’s also one that’s like addicted to her doll like she uses her doll to communicate to other people other than than her which she must be very lonely then yeah but at the same time she’s the type of person who can’t confront her

Problems so it explains why she’s like that which is kind of sad for her yeah that’s not even a strange addiction it’s just like a thing that you need for therapy you need help you need Jesus you need help I’m going to send you straight to Jesus we’re going to

Send you to God in a unmannered way we’re going to send you to God via VIA jet fighter I mean doctor is great person but I think watching PES get uh get torn open G people find it satisfying I get it I don’t get it man just gushing and I

Got disconnected from a server great I got disconnected too what the hell what the [ __ ] happened how dare you what I do the [ __ ] did I do why did I get disconnected from a server I PID for this month what the hell did I do I’m not [ __ ] straight what

What actually there wait what are the other oh okay I don’t know if you have watched this one what is it have you watched the the one who’s addicted to eating rocks yes I have that was I was like that I think that was one of my first episodes of My

Strange Addictions I’ve ever watched actually and like oh this guy’s just eating rocks okay that’s weird the one thing I found out in the reaction by by Kevin is that he said uh he said and no I disagree uh the uh actually the rocks are part of the

Bottom of the food chain which is uh part of the pyramid too that’s why the pyramid made a rocks we should all eat some rocks I was like damn he’s got a point though there there’s a funny joke that my mom my mom keeps saying it’s like don’t don’t eat vegetables eat rocks

It has minerals yummy cave water minerals too oh God it’s like licking a straight up is still like my tight it’s ice cream Joe Biden is is is going to your location right now Joe Biden just just Joe Biden goes to the nearest cave he starts licking all the sagma ties holy

[ __ ] yeah s my sorry Mr President where are we going today to our nearest cave what I’m I feel cold the Ser has some beef we need to server Justice to we need we need to serve Justice to the server this why I don’t do Bedrock I can’t it can’t hand

All Realms it can don’t worry it’s just the one time they gu straight up gor a Goron yeah minerals C water a Goran from Legend of selda actually that’s one of the one of the guys I can’t un imagine if if someone if that person ever tasted

Like all kinds of gemstones they’re just going to say like M lapis lley tastes like blueberry Jesus [ __ ] Christ imagine him imagine him doing a blind test of tasting any kinds of like gemstones and rocks and stuff he just he just go this is quartz this is lapis auli and this is

Limestone what is this one H I don’t know this looks like well no this tastes like H it tastes like an emerald but it seem kind of taste like a ruby though so I’m going to say it’s a it’s a amethyst Dan Dan what mukbang oh God

Mukbang I’m just we’re just going to see her she’s on a uh on a mountain what the [ __ ] hello guys I’m going to eat all these frogs that I found on a mountain today we’re going to just the camera St close through to her face and and and the and the aesthetic

Of the background is that we’re literally on a mountain we’re on Mount rashar no Mount Everest actually Mount Everest M Everest next to Apollo next to Apollo dead corpses that that that appeared during the trip next week we we will be doing a uh we’ll be doing a world uh World Travel

Tasting first we’ll be going to Mount Fuji at Japan Mount fui and then we’re going to go to Peru and then we’re going to go all the way to Finland and then we both taste out the interesting intricatum and we know we’re going to go to Maui to see the volcanoes

Too the the island volcanoes and we’re going to go to we’re going to try we’re going to try out their tropical volcanic ashes covered in rocks you should make for a night seasoning for the Rocks instead of pepper it’s ashes oh God M ashy M ash fall free pepper now let’s

See how this rock tastes like M crunchy could use could use a bit of more salt [Laughter] water I can tell by the texture of Grabel that this is some different Ro have been tasted could be Limestone cobblestone sea salt Granite Granite yeah Granite today we’re going to try out the

Different asphalt Taste of Pur Street here we at oh yes delicious tar I’m here at New York City I’m here to try out Time Squares C I’m here I’m here to I’m here to tast taste the tiles of cement that the at the freaking at the city Square oh but was

This I can’t wait am I why am I hearing some people why am I hearing noises on the ground oh God it’s the juice again I gu I can see Tyler in my chat he’s just like LOL which me he’s laughing a lot the [ __ ] you go to New York and tastes at

Rocks and cement and everything else and he the person finds the the fcking case to the synagogue oh my God I discover a conspiracy theory today we’ll be trying out uh the stones of the ruins taste this taste like [Laughter] Aztec this tastes like ass te yes the pyramid tastes like the times

That where slavery has happened we’re going to Easter Island and oh yeah these these rocks taste pretty Eastern this this tastes foreign and ellien maybe Mars was maybe marges were here hello guys we’re going to try out this Rock From Outer Space from a comet that just landed by in Yellowstone Park

It is a high collaboration with honai star and NASA and NASA and H and star real hello there Star Blazers today we’re going to do we’re going to be doing some Comet mukbang hello tril Blazers we’ll be trying out the comet taste upon the sellers of the sky today we’ll be trying the

Stars oh God live action burnt alive tasting star is it is it highest a Fahrenheit or is it a lowest Celsius what the [ __ ] we’re just coming up with video ideas fair enough hey at least at least you know it’s a video I just I can see Tyler just typing all

Caps oh my God here some select my mineral 2024 California asphal asphal sh is appetizing or an interesting carbon undertone Pulsa out of mouth oh it’s a bone from a wild animal let me taste it again M it must be Fox hey yo and then we cut back to

The um to the remake of State tasting a per cave yeah can’s [ __ ] is melting again time to eat Them imagine though imagine you doing something devious you going to those freaking one of those uh stores where they sell those spiritual crystals and stuff and you eat them straight off the shelves we’ll be T we’ll be tasting out the asphalt of each Street here here we are at the uh here

We are we’re in the middle of the freaking freeway right now we’re going to taste some asphalt from the freeway from the 101 here we are at the Alps as we are being collabed with uh asphalt the game asph asphalt8 asphalt8 eight Airborne oh my [ __ ]

God wait what the hell oh this is a block okay never mind then oh Can I taste it stone slabs have an actual taste you I’m I’m sure there’s a mod where you can eat all kinds of blog as well and they do different effects you eat rock you eat Cobblestone

Your rock hard what the f hey yo hey it’s it adds it adds sturdiness it means you can be immune to to to all sorts of damage even being one shot is okay that’s not what I F when you said Rock car but okay let’s go with

That oh no I’m going to get copyright by the more [ __ ] ads that is appearing in the audios my god oh no the ads oh no yeah it advertises Vlogs for some reason actually it was a guy selfing on a mountain oh God it’s reading our mind reading our

Thoughts I mean YouTube is always predicting what I want so yeah M rocks Rock crack rock no rock rock crack rock no rock rock crack rock crack rock no I prefer rock Rock Dwayne The Rock Johnson no I prefer the rock named Dwayne it’s just a random ass rock with googly

Eyes guys do you want to know when the milkshake will happen when the earthquake [Laughter] starts fossil I can I can taste our prehistoric ancestors already ooh this Ro this Rock tastes like Megalodon oh my God megaladon is underneath the sea oh my God what is this frck oh

That’s a colon cath did you know that colon cats is still alive after millions of years now you know now you know well thank you for listening to a two minutes of information all right bye now back now back to Eden rocks just swallows it just has a mouth and today we’re going

To be eating some more rocks I will got some rocks on my mouth I know if IU can feel them and stuff but I’ll make my to fit four rocks in my mouth at the same time this guy eating like a lot of this person in L Rock should really get some

Help because they’re forming a whole house in that stomach they’re going to they’re going to make an entire house made of like what marble and stuff there their their pile of [ __ ] is just entirely a a sand dune what the [ __ ] [ __ ] the fact that I’m just making am out of jokes is just really is really un it’s brilliant yeah it’s been a while you’re you’re rocking it hard with those jokes yeah yes I am sooner or later I’ll be building a house with those jokes the amount of like rug someone

Consumes you can make an amazing marble slab for a kitchen if she if she if she can if she if she can [ __ ] a sand castle can she [ __ ] to make a statue of herself eating a rock man don’t worry about kidney stones she’ll never have kidney stone cuz she shits

Out rocks the life hack of a 3D printer what the [ __ ] that’s true actually that’s true 3D printing no I prefer Rock 3D [ __ ] people who makes Greek statues take notes again hey you want you want a marble stone or Marble Slab so you can sculpt the sculpture here let me help you

[ __ ] all the thing apologies guys if you hear a secondary voice that’s my father does he like rocks to I don’t have a Char Ty C for youb yes I do no he prefers to Type R for rocks oh my goodness what are the other Strange Addictions

Have I watched oh wait there’s one more I I know I watched ever heard of the chief SK extreme Chief skates that huh you can just move that there y yeah like yeah chip skit like a guy and then he’s like he f lushes the

Toilet once a week what the [ __ ] oh wait yeah I forgot about that yeah and then the excess uh shower water went to the um this guy’s [ __ ] disgusting but this so cheap yeah he’s so cheap like if I ever met with a guy like him who’s

Like [ __ ] cheap I was like you should go to the [ __ ] Philippines you you’ll be the cheapest [ __ ] in the world in that you’ll be the most cheapest guy in there you you’ll get an achievement for it too get an award B cheaper than a Filipino what yeah yeah Tyler he flushes

Once a week which is absolutely disgusting actually yeah how F do does he clean no he doesn’t he does but he showers with his clothes on so you can do laundry and wash your pot at the same time genius no stop stop as a person who does

Laundry that is is absolutely even more disgusting and disappointing I’m I’m sure this is the same show you guys talking about but I I’ve I’ve seen a woman that eats the ash of I believe her frb or something she does oh that yeah that is an episode

Actually that is an epod I remember this one yeah she eats her husband’s ashes it’s absolutely horrible that is the most unhinged [ __ ] ever though just eating her husband from dashes what the [ __ ] yeah from the ear yeah exactly to be fair bana had to do that because she

Had her leak in her shower so she used the leak water to flush the toilet so she only used to flush it when when it wasn’t PE yeah if it’s if it’s if it’s brown flush it down yeah that’s what I do but anyways oh actually actually

Speaking of that the excess water he uses on the shower he actually dumps it to the toilet and then he just Waits one week to play was it holy [ __ ] that is so disgusting I don’t even want to imagine what that smells like holy [ __ ] you don’t want to watch it no I

Don’t want to I don’t want to imagine or even think about the smell of that place oh poor he has he has three he has two roommates oh God I must wreak in there fun fact he also lives with women wow that’s impressive well actually no that’s concerning because isn’t women like very

Sensitive to the smell I’m not saying the stereotypically guys no it’s not stereotypical no no that’s not typic no it’s not typical women it’s not typical women to to have that kind of problem no it’s um I don’t know I guess some women actually have different like genetics or like are

Capable of like you know uh what it say tolerating a certain amount of punch and smells and stuff so like I guess that’s something I don’t know it sure does as AOS yeah maybe or maybe she just enjoyed the smell so much that she just turned on for some

Reason she’s turned on by the smell this guy they both like the smell this they like the smell of their must Jesus Fu he’s disgusted I’m not disgusted on what I’m saying actually though I’m disused on what I imagine imagine both of them go yeah that is quite concerning imag

Imagine they smell like just two wolves in a forest okay anyways two wolves in a forest what the [ __ ] share the brain same bra oh wow nice oh Lily you two share the same brain cell that’s great who uh Aus and wind they both said

Hm but with three M’s and an a and an H I’m going go play my degenerate volleyball game thank you for the cool MC stream okay Toma have fun with your degenerate volleyball game wait wait wait wait wait is it is it dead or alive because I think that’s also

Gotcha dead or live stream beach volleyball I think that’s the one I’m thinking of it is I I knew it I knew it I knew it did our live stream beach volleyball that has gotcha and it has those freaking risque wa on 3D and everything else oh my God I remember I

Know that so well I use a bpn to play it oh bpn are not going to help you man they won’t help you I I think he has been playing it that’s why oh okay because you can download in the USA oh that makes sense yeah what do you mean the general

Volleyball game it’s uh yeah they life the ster Al uh wait ster live 2000 noise well I don’t know what that is xvv I don’t know what that is but anyways because you can yeah okay I see I see but still you still play that game

So I’m like okay then you play that game this look like an absolute best n it’s fine like it’s all natural see like the water’s flowing naturally you got to get some of that good you got to get some of that good natural flow otherwise it’s just going to be manmade

And no one likes manmade depends with some people yeah true should I eat for for lunch yeah Dad I want to check that game the closest I can get to the beach without playing Sonic Adventure over and over you never been to the beach oh man

I found out my uh my meal is soon it’s a sour pork Oh sour pork nice yep nice I just had ribs today more ribs I do want to eat the ribs and some noodles yeah dude I order like a $200 worth of ribs actually or not $200 worth of ribs

That’s partial $150 of ribs cow ribs mind you not pork they’re not be back ribs they’re not pork ribs they’re cow ribs and then I order some TR tip and I order mag and cheese mashed potatoes and corn as well roasted corn it was delicious have you guys found some some shipwrecks

Yes that would be fun to treasure hunting yeah we did actually that’s why we have a a bunch of conduit here there’s one over here where I place for Q you see that’s the one and I have one on my own for my own place and then I have another conduit

Somewhere I don’t know where but yeah I mean I could try try treasure hunting again I don’t know but it’s not that easy to find shipwrecks it is actually I’ve heard they sort of upgra uh buffed it they buffed the the rewards for the ship

Bricks like in a sense cuz there will be a lot more if you go further oh yeah true yeah cuz the wars will regenerated from here I see I see we have to we have to start a new world as well which we can save this one

I can download this world and I can like upload the world to the server as well we do we do a second we do a second run of this but this time I won’t be living in the snow we could probably do that for the

Next we can do that yeah if you want to no that’s up to you I mean I’m planning for for a Minecraft series with my friend Luca as well she she wants she want a series so bad I don’t blame yeah I don’t blame her it’s a good it’s a

Good uh game to play with friends so that’s that I am planning to like think of a way I I do want to play with her so bad so I’m like thinking if I should do it with this Minecraft like Minecraft account I mean no with PlayStation Plus

And then I just save the progress here in my PlayStation Plus yeah you should actually yeah so that the world doesn’t disappear yeah it won’t disappear plus um compared to do a free server and everything else is only what there’s a zombie here where underw it’s a drowned already yeah

It it converted to a drown you’ve been drowning for hours [ __ ] you were drowning for hours with to you but rocks oh no back to the that’s what he that’s what he tasted that’s what he tasted all this time like but can I eat it Can I taste it sure but can It

Rock depends if it plays it plays it plays with the fire fls by Dragon Force I’ve been actually how many how many gacha games have I been playing now actually been playing more three most likely I played honkai impact honkai star real genin imp pack Ark Knights reverse 1999 oh forg about that yeah Nik oh my God I had I have I’m actually

Actually I played Seven I I remember or eight oh blue archive thanks to uh thanks to P mhm oh yeah true I forgot that I actually stopped playing n though I play I stopped playing blue archive because it was crashing a lot but I do want to play it

Again right right right on your pH wait it was crashing on your phone or tablet or where iPad let see although I although I am going to plan to play it on my phone this time okay okay hopefully it doesn’t like take up too much space oh it doesn’t it doesn’t just like

AR it doesn’t oh good good good nice I actually I actually I did I I’m actually addicted to playing AR knits because the it’s a tactical game it’s so good makes my brain think finally it turns the the gears of my brain finally my smarts has

Increased my smarts yes SM yes indeed is smart your smart has increased but what about the school now [ __ ] school [ __ ] schol we don’t need that the only rules of this world is [ __ ] [ __ ] get money and [ __ ] school yes not in that order in particular but you know BL blame BL blame

H Okay oh so T wish me happy birthday nice right now yeah wait that’s the wish my happy birthday you Oh I should do that one okay never mind should that one I don’t have any more water more water I need more water more water Ooh the frame drops is increasing stupid yeah cuz of the flowing water and stuff no not the water um in my OBS oh an OBS oh what the [ __ ] m at 7.7% mine is 8.2 mine just turned to four now also who are you your name is can’t think of a

Creative name but in reality your name is actually Pelican bowling hello question between the two of you who is more likely to L intrusive thoughts when by grabbing a fist full of sand a random Spa on the ground and pro and proceed to just bite into

It um yeah Q definitely for sure I actually speak with my intrusive thoughts yeah most likely Q at this point yeah I have intrusive thoughts but wait no the intrusive thoughts for women is way different than the intrusive thoughts for men actually my intrusive thoughts are just

Like random things that will happen but then it’s just like an obligation to be like okay I’ll do it okay oh yes the the cliche or the like this uh the meme the dark meme that’s going around is that men have intrusive thoughts and the intrusive F it’s like

They’re contemplating about about super slide so that’s the yeah that’s the intr fs of men usually get oh my God we are not okay men we are not okay there’s there’s some men in some generations that are just Lally down down right wrong I would say yeah I can agree with

That but anyway no I would think like four times before putting my mouth putting say in my mouth eventually or’s key though she likes the minerals and salt don’t don’t show what I just like the what the the minerals of the sand and stuff well not all men are the same I’ll

Just be I’ll I’ll be I’ll accept that not all men are same actually that is a very difficult topic for me because like I’m not a man I’m a woman but I don’t even understand women I don’t understand women either but I try not to truffle too much on that

Topic oh my God I’m I’m playing a gacha game while playing Minecraft oh my God There She Goes Again with more gotcha sorry guys it’s just that it’s so uh it’s actually very it’s actually yeah it’s fun well actually except excluding the gacha part like because there are

Certain games that actually gives you very activities that the gacha that genin doesn’t offer you yeah I know I see I see there’s like free recruiting of like new characters and stuff like that like I’m like what yeah that’s wild wait strs were actually added to Minecraft I never seen those I thought

They were scrap for sure uh no they’re there they exist in snow biomes and stuff which one stray like the skeletons with both was that slow you down Oh you mean the the the the cold twins okay yeah the cold twings I take it you haven’t played

Minecraft in a while to know this kind of information don’t worry add the same thing as well there’s there there was a period where I didn’t play Micra for a while and I was like thinking like why the what the hell is all this stuff it’s so complicated to

Understand I have that happened too many times we have yet to find to find an armadel by the way I think they added the updates wait the updates already here yeah the up are here you can find wolf armor and stuff I really e ever yeah wolf farmer if we find an

Armadillo what yeah Woolf farmer and some other things as well damn violence that’s why I’m I’m familiar with the husk oh right yeah Yeah yeah the armadillo one the mob boat apparently actually I do like the armadillo one I cute I prefer what was it the penguin or the what was the other one actually yeah the penguin could have been oh no my my my friend Luka would have loved

That she she loves penguins in the amount in the same amount how much I love foxes yeah oh see I see I see yeah the Penguin and then the crap and yeah okay so was the penguin the crap and the armadel were the two mobs that were like up for boats and

Stuff but then the whole m Riot broke out they still carry on with the m and the armadillo ended up winning because of course wolf armor was a thing that people wanted it wanted for the longest time and yeah what’s wolf armor what does it look like uh I don’t know I could

Probably find myself a crafting table and see if I can find it myself I mean my my mom my mother message me oh no oh never mind she actually harded my message okay never mind that’s so pretty significant that’s so cute I enjoy where my mom messages my

Messages yeah messages as well but it’s like hearts my messages as well I like that I enjoy that so much anyways uh what else I’m still angry uh the crab didn’t win same I can imagine like the horse armor but for dogs yeah wolf armor hasn’t been added yet it will be

Introduced to 1.2 is made from the goods from armad Delo wait is this not the update let me see or let me see let me let me quit and let me find out what version this is because bedro bedro got updated oh 1.2 okay so it’s

1.2 uh 1.20 and it’s 1.21 okay I see I see father we added it hold on let me see GG Minecraft an add in Bedrock that’s cool it’s made from the scoots from the armadillo so it’s like the helmet for the turtle but it’s wolf

Armor let me see if I can find a creative no I cannot find it horse armor nope I can’t find It I only have two of these I need one more we need one more one more wait can I actually farm for today while I’m fixing my house maybe you could actually you try that oh yes I can uh there’s a guaranteed stage I can Auto Farm while my characters are beating the

[ __ ] out of everything yeah yeah this game has Auto Farm which surprised me I know it’s impressive actually so games need that yeah I do need I do need Auto farming most of the time I’m like oh I need to relax while I let the game or

Like while I actually while I draw I play this game I’m not addicted maybe maybe putting me in the series can be a surplus but I’m not addicted yes n you’re not addicted you’re not strangely addicted to those Conta games I’m actually just enjoying the game

Yeah I didn’t enjoy it at first when I had school then I actually enjoyed it during school yeah Yeah yeah there’s an understanding between that it’s a clear understanding yeah cuz sometimes School takes the fun out of something so you do yes classmates I did find it funny how my friend reeled me into this game by saying oh there’s a mommy character here

Who uh her I want to get her mommy character oh my God it’s I’m always getting the mom’s mommy in my life a little better mommy in my Life yeah pretty much no oh no it’s going to mess up the glad cookie is doing all right I like she is doing quite all right actually based on the work that she’s been doing and stuff yeah I found out more what’s been happening with her actually with like

The new group with a group in it yeah she’s told you that too right yes she told me actually everything while I was at school for the filming oh wellow yeah I can listen multitasking no I know I don’t doubt that but it’s just that you know I was

Wondering like how many details she share with you and I can understand that she shared almost everything with you actually not just it’s really the everything even toast even toaster was obliged to actually help her which I actually also appreciate that toast that we are helping her yeah

Yeah but in sense anyhow without saying anything further details though yeah that’s quite a tough spot she’s on but she can make it wait what I can’t fully what the hell is wrong with this game whoa whoa what I know it’s said something here in the game that’s causing a problem that

I’m not trying I’m trying to understand we have a problem here you want me to throw a rock at you or something no the game N I want to eat the rocks hey I want a caress bundle and swallow The Rock hole whoa whoa don’t W who Me oh she’s a medic wait do I have a five wait do I have a five star medic I hope you do I’m going check uh what the [ __ ] I don’t out of all the five stars I have I don’t have a five star medic [ __ ] strange that’s really weird wait wait I

About the unleveled ones never Mind nor oh wait I have a character named Texas don’t [ __ ] with Texas so Texas will [ __ ] you hard Y y what the [ __ ] the it’s the name of the teams actually but they’re actually capitalized weirdly oh I see I named it and then my and then my friend who plays that this game who always plays my account when they’re bored they actually just usually pronounce the teams every time they

Check and they’re like oh out all that that’s funny that makes sense yeah that’s quite fitting actually yeah oh look at that speaking of that hello Aus wait where’s the way in oh it’s this way wait no hello Papa goodbye Papa goodbye father goodbye father Okay tell me I didn’t oh no I didn’t bring over no I didn’t break red Rob red R bend over and sem me fly over and then bring over this sucks sorry I’m still doing laundry ug it’s fine don’t wor it’s fine I can understand that you’re doing your your crab

Laundry it’s it’s weird that a crab still has to do this yeah you know you wearing tactical glovs and stuff you got to keep those things clean you know there’s so many trees I think you guys can hear yeah you guys can hear the audio my bad yeah we can

Hear we can hear that’s why went sorry uh I had to do um an automatic thing where just like you’re fine don’t worry about it yeah so that um the auto what do you call that the auto Farm can register how I do how I

Did the the stage so that it can then know yeah oh I see I see I see yeah it’s like AI learning but it’s not in a cursed Way don’t worry it won’t draw hands weirdly okay that is a crime that is that is an immense crime for my liking well the art or the hands yeah the hands yeah the hands are weird even the AI has trouble drawing hands the the the AI has an aneurism when it draws hands

Yeah it’s like we’re going to add an extra finger there hold on guys I will be right back I will just uh have to eat Bunch for a second okay okay no problem here to entertain I’ll just sit Somewhere R here we go I’ll sit here and I’ll be uh on meat anyways go Eat I out there spider time to die now how the hell do I get out of this Min sha that I found myself trapped in oh dear oh my wait a minute this looks familiar because it is it’s a skeleton farm and there was nothing inside Grand come here x

Balls interesting I see now uh okay well I’m in the middle of a m shaft at the moment I’m trying to find an exit that suits me well but um seems like I cannot find anything so I’m just going to try to escape the West the best way I can

Possibly welcome to rock eating ASMR okay no I’m Kidding that’s wild though someone eating rocks that’s insane why the [ __ ] would you do that [ __ ] it’s weird that a crab still has to do laundry inde I why do you still have to do laundry why must you do laundry this way oh crap okay that’s fine I’m just trying to climb up a little bit hang on I’ll join in a minute oh you’re fine don’t Worry course might if I if I’m not careful might die might I might get Ry Ry wrecked right here think I found the exit I’m not sure I’m not sure if I found the exit maybe not yeah most likely not I got to go somewhere never mind found the exit it was just

Covered in water I see that now I See oh a village I think that’s a village right yeah that looks like a Village sweet damn that hurts okay let me see oh look at that you got some bread I can use some of that just came might to steal their stuff well did you look at that some iron some and iron sword and stuff I’ll take some obsidian actually since I could use that

For other other stuff there’s no upstairs but there’s something else oh this an abandon another portal there a chest nearby now that I know of oh I see the chest plant obsidian I’ll keep it PL actually I’m not going to keep the other stuff with

Me 800 and it was like 1,500 as well I think yeah I think that’s that’s the one Oh I found the the M sh where I made the the questionable structure is it me or just gliding feel a lot slower than usual actually Ow oh hello there Zombie there she is there you are hello there Mr what might you have uh nothing good um yeah you got nothing good my friend I I don’t know what to tell you there you go nice okay yeah fun this is is fun opening up the server

Again I didn’t know K was going to stream Minecraft until now or until earlier I was like oh no I gotta open the server for Q because she I guess she didn’t read the fact that I was going to keep the server closed because I didn’t

Want to pay for a server that no one will join on a monthly basis not even myself so yeah but know I ended up paying a lot of money still now that I’m complaining or anything else but I’m just saying like you could have saved more money I could have done

This I could have done that it’s fine it’s okay it’s fine it’s all right I’m a bit sleepy What is this some discovery on Twitter Snoop duck claims he turned down a100 million on oie fans because his why wouldn’t let him wow Interesting someone took a picture of um the day where when Queen the second has died and on Twitter there was trending on there was like things trending like she’s dead and rip Bosa for politics hey crab kiss Hello welcome to the filler podcast where we don’t do anything we just chill eat rocks or two make fun of guys who who have intercourse with Balloons and stuff unless you’re chatting on the on the VC chat then um hello oh hello there hello hello welcome still having lunch she’s not back yet wait what is my child not returned no she’s still eating ah she’s still numbing on some rocks I think oh the amount of rocks she’s numbing

Right Now kidding stop eating rocks man stop eating rocks it’s not healthy for you stop it how dare you eat rocks especially in my presence oh God yep hey wa how you been the world week is very busy I have very busy I see yeah yeah indeed it is I see

Now so I have to deal with micro stuff and all that which is quite MH I see I’ll be right back I think I messed up something wait a minute okay go for it go for it it’s fine don’t worry about it go just trying to find out what else I can

Do on this world because I’ve done so much because what is it um armor dos have been added apparently to bedrock so we have yet to wait for that and then uh well I guess I can shovel the SN actually do I have any Emeralds let me see oh [ __ ] I don’t have any emeralds I have any iron for that matter I a block a diamond but a fish fish F I brought some f with Me All right oh welcome Back hello you did not hear anything right I just heard door slam that’s about it oh I’m so sorry I’m not angry but I I’m not angry I’m upset you’re upset why I wonder so here’s the thing there is this so I was doing laundry right yeah

And do you know um the hangers that we have to hang uh with that we use to hang clothes uh I’m vely familiar with that but yes yeah the thing is it’s just it’s just not it’s it’s not it’s not doing its job properly let’s just say that it fell down

Yep it’s not doing its job and fell down and I have to put it one by one from the floor oh no I see no no no it’s it’s it’s not it’s not too much don’t worry about it it’s like just like three clothes or four clothes yeah but still I’m like oh

No yeah this was like that’s why I’m really upset hanger how D you how dare you not do your job how dare you fall let the clothes fall yeah you shall feel the wrath of the crab no I would I’m I would not be angry at

That you make it sound like you’re so chill like holy [ __ ] I would be [ __ ] piss shitless like [ __ ] what do you mean what are you mean what do you mean it’s not working what do you mean how dare you you bub how dare You Now operate the way you’re meant to

Operate you defy gravity by falling down instead of staying up confound you hanger don’t worry worry about it this don’t worry about it I’ll nuke it I’ll I’ll nuke it later no don’t come here please don’t come here please I’ll nuke The Hanger ler see me here you don’t you don’t want

To see me here we must nuke The Hanger no stone and then a certain country no I I will not give you the crap for me for that I will pull the crap for actually I will not let you do that I will not let you do that [ __ ] what the

[ __ ] okay where was I oh yeah um so I have to deal with microbiology and all that I see I see and let’s just say the lectures are quite straight yeah they are quite strict cuz well uh they’re generally chill but they are quite strict when we are doing the LA

Works because you know it’s it’s for a good reason because it’s microorganism like the organism that we cannot see after all right yeah so we have to be extra careful and yeah extra careful and doing job properly not messing around and all that it’s it’s understandable when they’re getting a

Little bit strict you know yeah yeah yeah I see I see the question is why though what do you mean why I don’t know just why so well we have to okay so basically I have to do this kind of La Works in different um divisions so if you remember last time I

I have to do the lab works on parasitology remember like yeah I remember that I show you the worms yeah I show you the worms and all that worms I see yeah Wiggly Worms and then I’m dealing with bacteria in the last week so we have to grow

Bacteria and right now this week I have to deal with viruses no no no not not the dangerous one though not the dangerous one don’t worry about it it’s fine I was going to say viruses are you making a b weapon no no no we have to deal with

Diseases that is related to the virus so it’s not It’s Not Bow weapon per se so it is a b you lied perfect this will be a great weapon for that certain country that I want to Nuke no do do that pleas like how you the voice of I’m just

Going unhinged hey cookie how’s it going cookie we’re all here Lovely hello hey cookie hey Hello Hello how are You hello sorry about that hello yeah we’re here we here you cookie hey what’s up guys hello hello you doing all right it’s been a lot I got a lot to do for the Vare Awards um got a lot to do still L to do it happens it happens but you’re

Doing good so far you’re okay you’re okay you’re doing your best and that’s what matters yeah precisely mhm meanwhile in mcra I’m sleep I’m just sleeping at bed oh I see this this is my accurate this my accurate bedtime simulator where I’m half awake but also just like hearing voices in my

Head I a voice from I The Voice speak to me cut my life into pieces this is my last result open no please open no open no no no no yeah thank you so much guys thank you all so much I really appreciate that no problem thank you for sharing

Your progress in the whole V2 uh uh vtu care Awards actually and kaai gone too it is it is a lot it is a lot I will say that there is a lot you’re doing quite a lot and you do need to take a break after this thank you

I’m doing my best thank you yes yes yes go ahead then go ahead no I was going to say not not now that you’re not working for an agency you can literally spend time as much as as much time as you need as well off to recover mentally and

Stuff it was a v group though it was a group that was the thing it’s a it was a group well the group either way though feels like you you owed a lot feels like you well despite the fact that you worked a lot for them it feels like you just work for

That group more than you Should and what else yeah I appreciate it but my goal right now is just to make sure the talents are okay and again just to make sure the talents are all right and um make sure the Vare Awards and the appearance go smoothly since those are

The works for the merger that’s my I see I see don’t worry it’ll it’ll go great people will love it don’t worry people will love it I love it so a lot of us love it already take it slowly one one bit at a

Time one SI at a time yeah if you can yeah yeah yeah one when you are overwhelm you can you cannot think you cannot think clearly when you are overwhelmed so yeah yeah you’re not you when you’re hungry eat a Snickers yeah that’s also true though but anyways

Yeah yeah um I think you can leave the bed now then it’s it’s early morning time dude NOP uh no I’m I’m not leaving this bed I want to see I want to see I want to see in the bed longer oh I say give me five minutes

More mom five more minutes this window sucks I should have put it should have made it darker I should have put blinds on those windows too many tinted less maybe yeah I could do that but nah it’s fine I’m just going to joke because all my windows are like

Everywhere which I would never have a house with that with the with these many windows actually it’ll be terrified if someone was looking at me from a distance oh boy I can feel that I can relate it’s like oh my God I can feel someone stirring into my soul from a

Distance while looking through the forest yeah luckily for me though in my bedroom I don’t have to I don’t feel that fear anymore because my window faces a wall that’s like that faces the backyard of a house and I don’t have to fear anyone just look into my window whatsoever

Although I do leave it close still I wonder if Q’s enjoying her food her sour pork her sour pork oink oink oink I’m also eating dinner at this at this time too oh what are you eating oh uh pork chops and rice oh my God everyone’s eating some kind of pork wow

I’m not I just ate ribs damn I ate cow ribs yeah which are which are huge actually indeed it is I’ve seen I’ve seen rapes like the will structure of Bones of it and me tell you big man they huge yeah I I have like four hug I’m not sure how

Many I have right now left but I order like 14 ribs worth of Bones and stuff or 14s worth of ribs 14 bones for yourself not for myself but it was for my birthday party I see but yeah it was it was from my birthday party I ordered that for my family then

For my brothers and then for me and then for my friends for Alex and Bonsai Alex did eat like two Bonsai didn’t eat any ribs I ate two ribs as well and today I ate well yesterday I ate two more and and today I ate two as well and there’s

That they still taste pretty good I love them but yeah it was very expensive it was like over $150 of for both rack of ribs of cow it is expensive indeed it but it’s so worth it yeah indeed it is it’s worth it in it is but yeah anyways that’s what I did

That’s what I’ve been eating as of late I also ate I also finish the mac and cheese that I had as well which is delicious too so when you making mac and cheese nobody can stop you I didn’t make the mac and cheese someone did it someone

Made the mac and cheese for me and they didn’t get stopped yeah I’m making Ma and and nobody can stop me I’m [ __ ] making mac and cheese and nobody can stop me have to get closer to the microphone for that one Speaking of microphones you know

What pisses me off that there’s a new version of the current microphone that I’m using and it doesn’t need like an like a amp or something that increases the the volume of the mic oh no and I just bought the stupid thing and I’m like are you kidding me

Man I have to buy the amp to I’m like oh great talking about the great timing dude and the quality of of the mark of the of the stream didn’t change one bit it’s still the same it’s just that I need a better XLR which I realized that Ayana uses a

Different type of Exar than the one I use she uses a a a stream deck XLR from Elgato I’m like o okay I see oo that’s that’s like the fancy stuff I think because some of the streamer that I watch on Twitch also use that I also use elato

Too yeah fancy stuff yeah we can’t stuff Hello bear hello polar bear can I help you no okay go drink a Coca-Cola or something stole the wait what just what the [ __ ] yeah I know I read I read somewhere that polar bear have so much vitamin vitamin

A that if you eat it you will get poison base what the [ __ ] yeah vitamin vitamin A from a polar bear yeah I don’t know I don’t know if it’s true but I read it somewhere though well only one only one way to find out let’s see some polar bear I’m kidding

No don’t do that pleas we’re going to eat some poer tonight boys I feel like pober tonight like polar bear tonight um isn’t it going to be a little bit easier for you to make to use it to use a shuffle no I don’t want to use a shovel

Because uh I don’t want to collect snowballs I don’t want to get a lot of snowballs because I’ll take up my inventory and it’s annoying to deal with them so that’s why I’m using my hand to shovel of Snow plus I have Pace as well so I should be fine plus I do this when I’m when I when I go Mindless and just chat about stuff that I don’t know about can you use to clean up the snow wait what can you use water perhaps to Cle water

Yeah it gets a little bit messy though because we have torches planted on the ground oh oh yeah right yeah was one thing to have in mind who the hell went on to find out that there’s a bunch of vitamin A on a polar bear what the hell did they have

To do to get that I am not sure would do that I I’m not sure but it’s just like um you know like science we things yeah like the Instagram Instagram post or something like that I I believe oh the Instagram post yeah Facebook because it’s it’s

Long ago so it’s it’s either Facebook or Instagram I forgot uh I don’t know if you use Facebook but I use Instagram it’s not a journal don’t worry about it so I kind of dope that if it’s true but either either way though like who the hell just decides to like

Randomly say like hey I’m just going to find out what are polar bears made out of and see if it kills me or not I’m just going to take a [Laughter] bite like yeah polar bear tastes like polar bear T like chicken but it has a bunch of

Vitamin A oh well I’m going to die it’s like the weird accidental discovery of foods and stuff yeah I can’t imagine that boy cheese wait what is cheese I don’t know I just have this curd milk that’s inside of ghost intestine in storage yeah that’s what that’s how chees is invented

Apparently by an accident yeah they they are apparently were like um carrying milk and um I believe it’s a goat or lamb lamb guts or intestine go they have the enzy ren yeah they have the enzy renet in it in it in its intestine so it will curdle the

Thing and make it into cheese or something like that yeah nice which I wonder why though like what made them think like wait a minute this looks this looks PS let me taste it like what the hell did you not have anything better to do than just to try out new

Things probably they were like traveling far away and like found that accident because some accidents could happen you know yeah that happen a lot of times oh my God it’s a plan that deign decide to defend itself against people who try to eat the plants we like spice we we like the

Taste of this plant though so we’re going to make it a spice we’re going to make it a food hot peppers were born the amount of capus in is so good as stings I guess we’re really kinky like that or something I don’t know I like tast I like the burn

Sensation of my mouth no melt me I dare you I disagree with you I don’t really like I don’t really like Po stuff like you don’t like SP yep I don’t blame you yet some people can handle it yeah I cannot handle it yeah I don’t blame you some people

Can and I understand that it’s not for everyone you know it better taste good cuz otherwise it’s not that good for someone to have to Endor or spice if you were a bird you might not be able to taste it because birds cannot taste capison wow I didn’t know

That birs cannot taste cap apparently so yeah give me the Carolina Reaper pepper Now give me the hottest pepper you got in the world let me do the one chip challenge oh hell yeah the one chip challenge I love spice make that attemp chip challenge I’m kidding still don’t remember why are

People like making the hotest hot pepper in the world I like why are they even doing that why are you making it so freaking hard the scull Veil what the hell’s wrong with you the [ __ ] is wrong with you Man like holy [ __ ] boy like why would you do this [ __ ] yeah I still didn’t get it too like it’s like watching horror movies you know like eating spicy things is like watching horror movies you know that it’s a scary it’s going scare you yeah it’s going to

Be scary is there’s a lot of jump scares there’s a lot of that and I just like it I just like to get traumatized that’s allar yeah like you’re wasting your time you’re wasting your money I want to know how the die I want to be scared by their

Death I want to live Their Fear I want to know what it’s like to be scared and see some people get pissed off like that wasn’t even a good scary movie this sucks I want money back yeah this is not a good

Scare I really see I see a bad a a a bat from the movie Dracula with the string a bat dangling from the ceiling with a string visible to the camera that’s scarier oh boy let me watch Friday the 13 to see what it’s like to be a teenage

Girl in the middle of summer camp oh my God this Jason [ __ ] forhe oh my God it’s Jason car keys what let’s not call the police and do n once not even ones they don’t like call the police or call for help they just deal with it for some reason guess what

You just got to deal with it you’re screwed here buddy I want to tell you you’re screwed on on a scale from 1 to 10 you’re screwed no very well that you will run away from it most of the time yes scary movies if you try to run away

From it and you fall you deserve to die how dare you trip while the killer right behind you you suck this why I like some of the modern day scary movies that’s why I’m going to refer to to eating rocks you’re not eating rocks anytime

Soon Dad don’t do that I am eating rocks how dare you assume that I’m not eating rocks then you are a chicken then there rocks a chicken eating B yeah the they like teeth like they don’t they don’t have teeth so they pecking on some pebles or rocks to grind

The food that that they were eating oh hell yeah I love it yep it’s kind of makes sense either yeah it makes sense you kind of makes sense kind of makes sense hello I hear something I heard something microphone or microphone going slap oh I should probably check on Q Chan actually

Oh God uh Cube might be in trouble I just realized oh what I saw her screen she uh a creeper fell into into the thing for her oh it didn’t destroy anything but it’s just that you know she’s seeing a bunch of monsters left and right oh I see Mhm how is she not dead she’s like out in the I did for so long she has four Hearts actually oh yeah she’s are you not going to are you not going to cover in like you know um dirt or probably Stone no I don’t have that at the moment

With me but I can try obsidian cover her with obsidian oh you gave me the idea I do have the materials for it oh look Obidi if you’re mad blame Mega not me oh no she save but I’m not ho what do you mean you’re not uh I’m getting shot by a skeleton Oh what have you done Aus huh what have you done you gave me that idea it’s your fault I’m kidding no fair enough fair enough you’re fine don’t worry fair enough I’m not even mad I give you the idea Indeed so yeah I think when K’s coming back and like who idea is this we’ll do the top for you then I’ll say oh it was it was crap it was Papa kraus’ idea because he told me to punish you for being for being old

Te you mean my dad I’m not saying that you are going she’s getting punish oh too late I said it and and it’s Canon that you’re Punisher by this by by letting me do this to her no no I’m not punishing my doctor like that no she is now en closed with the

Obsidian blocks Oban I’m kidding she’s now tra in the obsidian obsidian coffin I’m kidding she’s now witnessing the obsidian coffin she’s not going to be she’s not going to die here don’t worry about it I’m staring at her her screen is black oh my God her screen is just is just dark and

That’s it the darkness is here Okay so have you found any ocean monument around here ocean struct yeah we have found Ocean Monuments oh nice have you loot them yes we have actually we we looted them before o nice it was in some Adventures ago actually yeah we did L them we did fight the

Other we we fought the the Guardians and stuff I ended up I I don’t think I I think I di when I tried to take over the first uh the first uh Ocean Temple or ocean monument and Q managed to do the monument or like 80% of that she did it by herself

Damn yeah she was pretty she was pretty good she was mighty mighty Impressive jooy more rocks you can hear that right yep yeah far as SP M tastes like C water what we spring wind said fil that was just fossil yeah fossil I’m still is that the crab didn’t win that is outrageous the crab should have won yeah oh hey an how’s it going welcome welcome to eating Rock simulator I’m kidding no no hello hello eating rocks ismr 2024 yeah e rock more4 yeah how’s you I’m all right how about you and how’s it

Going I’m all right it’s 10 p.m. right now at the moment 10 p.m. 10 P.m. I what the [ __ ] let me put the meme in the in in the in the meme Channel this is accurate to what was I trying to do in OverWatch or do anything in the M for that matter M before yeah I did pretty good too and

I know I know the time yeah also plus one yeah I saw that I saw that I know who subcribed actually Arena I believe that’s the name I wonder where Q is I wonder if she went outside or something um she went to go eat yes I know

That yeah but yeah yeah I No who wouldn’t just leave us like that right like she know she has she has a stream and that yeah she’s aware is aware she’s s like Snoop Dog where he left the stream on for 8 hours straight until he eventually realized like oh damn oh yeah yeah yeah yeah am I

Streaming oh damn I’m just going to shut the down good old Noob double good old good old Noob d Double doggy do apparently he refused what what okay what you going to say no no no no no go on go on go on first no what what were you saying about Sno I think I think we’re having we’re about to have the same brain cell shared

Oh all right um so apparently he have a cookbook oh yeah he does have he also had a cookbook actually with Ste I believe and yeah I think so and someone I forget when I forgot who but not not from the server someone just Shar it to

Me oh check this out and it was like the like um digital copy of that oh my God they gave me the digital digital book or the copy of the ofum dug BG yeah like and surprise surprise on the on one of the menu here you can find

Brownies for a reason of course brownies great I love some brownies Brownies yeah for a reason delicious brownies oh nothing wrong with that no nothing it’s just innocent brownies I I don’t know what you expect I don’t know I don’t know what you’re talking about it’s just brownies I and when they when it’s like um it’s on that chapter um Snoop Dog was writing

Something in the lines of I know the main purpose that you buy this book is is trying for my Bronies or something like that so you purpose of that yeah like I know so Snoop dug just predicted that people that is going to buy his book for that particular recipe

Wow well I know you’ll be buying my book for that particular recipe I can smell and you’ll you’ll get Breath Jesus Christ I can tell you cannot lie to me lie to me you canot lie and that’s why I put the brownie recipe on my cookbook cuz you know what you guys want and I know what you guys want it is sh smoke all right let me see where I can

Find this furnace I have a furnace no I don’t have a furnace okay it’s snowing outside even though I tried to dig up the snow so my effort of digging up snow was for nothing it was for not it was all for nothing for nothing I wonder if you’re putting a lot

Of torch will solve the problem you know you know what I’m saying not necessarily I’m doing that but you know ah okay yeah I’m not doing that unfortunately no I’m not doing that I’m slow I’ve been slow Down okay does she have what I think she Has let me see oh I just might need like one or two or three I see I see mhm I kind of broke some blocks so that’s why I’m like okay I’m just going to use some of these stone blocks that Q already has and I’m just going to fix a

Couple of things here and there I see mhm let if I can get to it firstar not this way at least okay we must go up not that way it’s a dead end it’s a dead end how dare you it’s a dead end oh never mind there it is there’s my way

Out okay where’s C there she is okay I forgot where that block went to I don’t know all the way over here maybe I don’t know I’ll just put it there right cool also yes a free queue from her from her obsidian imprisonment although no that she’s

Going to be looking back at the footage and saying like what the hell did you guys do that’s a that’s a it was my idea though she would find out that she will say like I see so Kraus so so Kraus cooked his own cookbook and Dan followed the recipe to luck me

Up and he didn’t even feed me rocks how rude shake my head oh how rude I’m not sharing a rock with me how rude I’m not sharing a what I can’t imagine she said father how dare you father how dare you I thought it was your favorite it was your favorite

Yeah world was my favorite I’m kidding there we go nice just going to let my character go to sleep for a while while I hear noises I think I hear like unplugging noises yeah I was plugging my phone I see I see yeah plugging my phone I have to move some

Storage storage I see now storage problems dealing with a lot of those lately storage issues Yep that’s why am spamming memes the other day so I can clean up some of my stories I see I see s so much memes lots of [Applause] memes indeed it is a lot of l l do so much memes No I want to see that sh okay oh well [ __ ] what no reading your name the M that you sentes brain cancer 16 and shows symptoms can wait till I get home and play OverWatch Dr house is looking skeptical Like you sure there’s no no symptoms of brain cancer because I think are are you sure about That Um I could never doing competitive games like OverWatch and all that stuff you know like League of leg League of Legends followers I cannot no you said you said it correctly legal legans yeah that’s you said correctly it’s that lame really no it’s legal legin but it’s pretty funny how

You said it and and I like to make fun A League of Legend So yeah you said it correctly I never like League of Legends whatsoever I think it is too toxic and it is way too competitive actually more than OverWatch yeah same with valerent and

Stuff I still don’t get it way why my brother still playing of still playing even though that they know that the community is toxic yeah then I was like what then why are you playing it dude why are you playing n it’s my life you have no life exactly

Bro I playing it what do you think I what do you think I’m doing I have no life God Damn there I’m still sleeping in the bed still waiting for Q um I just went back to sleep in the my CP Bed oh I’m a way make me go back to sleep five more minutes five more minutes give me five more minutes right I am awake I amwake it’s time for school oh no oh [ __ ] it’s it’s 6: in the morning again no I have to get up and not miss a bus

No [ __ ] I will never miss those times where I had to get up early like at 6 in the morning take a shower and then walk to the bus before a certain time around 700 a.m. St I don’t I never like that whatsoever it was so stupid

Mhm like I woke up at such a time that I can still see the stars in the sky when I went outside it was so dark it was so scary it’s still dark that’s just like 4:0 5 a.m. dude no it was it was 6 it

Was barely 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 and I could still see a little bit of the sky like there’s you can still see the transition of the sky and the night but I can still see stars in the bright moon that’s 6 a.m. yeah around winter time just like

Oh around 6:30 it gets it it gets a little bit brighter and that’s when the sunrise starts for for the most part and plus you and I live in different hemisphere so that’s one thing to keep in mind oh yeah yeah yeah that too yeah that’s that’s why it’s like quite

Something that’s quite different you were like wait 6 a.m. you wait 6m is still 9 time for you what what do you mean oh wait right I see hemispheres yeah so M so it’s like when it’s when it’s actually 5 or 6:00 a.m. the the sun is already rising from

The from the Horizon yeah yeah I know when it’s like 6:30 that’s when the sun is like almost like it’s peeking still from The Horizon yeah sunrise and and it was pretty cold in my high school actually like the the school was in the school’s in a canyon and stuff and we didn’t get enough sunlight so we had to wait until much later to get any sunlight oh yeah was weird yeah that’s that’s interesting though

Mhm I should probably keep an eye on Q’s chat too actually hey Terry hello welcome Terry to the stream there welcome Terry to Q stream Oh and me well I only have one person chatting on the stream which is fine MH mhm but yeah scho was pretty weird I do I would end up missing the bus from time to time and the walk from a from the bus step all the way to the school

Was like 45 minutes or so 42 oh no yeah I would have to walk that long in order to in order to get to school for I would have to walk like 42 minutes 42 damn cuz it’s like it’s 2 miles away from my house so I have to walk two miles

Yeah but it’s fine it’s fine I made it through either way miles mhm ooh oh boy that’s a long walk dude D told me it was a long walk and I actually got to walk back a couple of times too because my parents didn’t have time

For didn’t have time for for to to pick me up or something after school and stuff and I was like oh well that’s fine I’ll I’ll walk I guess with my friends or I don’t know yeah which is it happens cuz how do you get to school

Though like do you have a car or you take the bus um at some point I um um at some point my uncle drove the motorcycle and Dro me to the school times at some point it’s my grandmother point is my Dad yeah I see oh okay at some point

It’s then at some point it’s my mom yeah see my d sometimes um when I was little though it’s um like the uh what is it called like something called Uber is not exist yet so yeah we have to rely on our personal because oh yeah is not ex

Yet yeah but there was there’s something else that exist this I don’t know I Pi said something about there’s a Indonesian version of uber but I don’t know what it was called I forgot he got Uber Eats from that app or something yeah the app is quite reason

Believe it or not it’s like some good six years ago seven years ago I think oh wow yeah it’s like quite reason it’s not it’s not old you know H interesting I see I see six years ago the was invented W or publish oh wait what um Oh boy well what Happened well I think I’m wrong because actually it’s 10 years ago more than 10 years ago oh my God that was how am I not knowing this wait how am I not knowing this like 10 years ago or 8 years years ago it would have been so helpful how

There but I think it’s not really that have that much of the user you know like they just found it in one of the app is found it um the corporation first and the corporation is found it in 2010 probably the founded like some years after that but damn oh damn I

See makes sense yeah yeah what hi Dan hi Tyler what the hell I I’m looking at Q’s chat I’m like Hi D what the [ __ ] that’s a long overdo hi but hi Tyler that’s a long time you long time ago oh my God it’s another Hunker star real meme oh

No yeah it’s one of those yeah I think Tyler has sent the video in in the game stop I think no the meme the meme section no no no no like there is um I don’t know what this is it’s it’s just regretting about the game

And I get so much of the game how dare you oh there you go wait here I’m seen the video here what is this over here I see oh the TR oh yeah I forgot about that it’s characters from from the trailer I see I see characters like all of them

Suppose no man there is a lot of things the Lord lot of lore l l h i can keep up yeah that’s why I also don’t play this kind of thing because they have too much low man like if you were going to play this like if you have to remember

Specific specific or certain events in the game I would definitely going to forget it already oh damn I see I see which one so yeah like which one is that again I forgot it will go right over your head I see yeah it will go over right right it

Will go over M as well if I add those kinds of games as well if I don’t have anyone explaining to me the game that I wanton fully understand it because it’s all brand new to me unless I’m into the series so much that I can understand it easily so there s

Y I see I see I see a lead nice yes very nice welcome back here how’s the food welcome back my child it was good yes hello father hello cook hello Mr Sugi and yeah I was doing chores oh that’s painful uh it was easy I was doing is that a

Spider yes it is oh well anyways I’ll just continue yes it’s a spoter the spoter is going to get the coer I hate spiders even though my favorite hero is Spider-Man hey he’s not he’s not a he’s not a complete spider he has spider powers but he’s not a

Spider he’s a man immune to archnophobia I’m kidding yeah pretty much but he’s a man up because he’s not eating rocks if he is it’s uh he could have been the thing yes the oh I missed this one I missed this part oh no there we go you miss it we were

Talking about Snoop docks recipes and stuff what we were talking about his famous signature brownies there’s nothing special I’m kidding I think I just I think I just offended a rapper well isn’t that so special yeah it’s it it doesn’t sound I mean it’s made by the a a rapper but

It’s not wow I sound biased wow how do on base and bias hey to be fair if it’s made by it just sounds like home cooking yeah pretty much no but we’re joking the fact that dog has brownies for a recipe because you know po brownies and Snoop Dog is known for

Being high most of the time he’s high on brownies he’s high on marijuana is what we’re trying to say well it’s not my fault people do drugs true yeah it’s not your fault it’s my fault I I indul people to do drugs I’m kidding no now open one for some good opium I’m

Kidding no open one for some like good [ __ ] I’m kidding oh loud oh ly load they were talking about all kinds of stuff what kind of stuff oh wow ter Terry Thomas who is Terry Thomas okay wait it’s a new viewer I believe yeah it’s a new new new

We even say hi to them as well I thought for a second I thought you said Harry Thomas I’m like who the hell is Harry Thomas who the hell is har Thomas Harry Thomas a tank engine Tank Engine oh no not Thomas did D Thomas the Dank carry engine de

He about he about to chug chuga your Choo Cho he’s chug chug your Choo [Laughter] Cho he’s on the rail railu if you know what I mean I’m kidding he’s the sibling of star raing he’s the creator of railing hey father’s like enough children enough enough this conversation children behave

I’ll tell you all this when you grow up when you get older since one a crab experience railing ever since you started I don’t know the [ __ ] a b Bonk just go water and let me go up never mind that was the wrong one never are you going to tell what’s

Happening to her what happened to previously are you going to tell her what tell her what which which conversation that of the men that we just had um idea my idea you mean your your idea that you forced me to do on Q to punish her

Because she was be naughty and uh to cover her with three blocks of obsidian that idea is that what you mean hey hey what kind of what what kind of prison of alcatra are you sending me into I’m just following father’s orders yeah so I have I have the you to

To make you safe like don’t don’t let the creepers getting near you or the skeletons firing arrows at you so at first I was like cover her in tell cover in dirt or Cobblestone and then and then I have another idea with which is to cover you with B with obsidian

Ah yes put me in that obsidian obsidian prison uh after many years later you’ll see there’s an anime girl uh um drawing at the wall she’s going crazy with the obsidian prison you’re not going toble you will not Escape it if it’s if if it’s b rock

You know I won I won’t I don’t plan on escaping I plan to live there forever no what about your foxies uh what about that creeper oh creeper creeper where where where no no no no [ __ ] nice timing I’m here I helped a little at this you had to kill it it

Almost blew up actually it almost I just noticed I kind of want to see that from your perspective I’m going to go to the stream actually where wait I need to get more water cuz I ran out of water yep I did w we we know B water water I love

It but butter but but but oh my God that that is some nice timing actually I thought I I I didn’t think I I’d kill the creeper they were talking about going to school early in early hours or oh and punishing you LOL thanks Tyler Tyler you

Snitch bro you [ __ ] snitch how dare you we got to give him Stitch how dare you Tyler Tyler’s a good noodle don’t you dare Tyler’s a naughty Noodle and you know it he can be a good no we are not he can be a good naughty noodle I’m

Kidding he posts in saws I don’t post in sauce craer doesn’t Post in sauce well Aus has never been in sauce Al what is there to explain for A’s part I should open the gates for Aus I’m kidding though no don’t are you sure about that are you

Sure about that don’t don’t open don’t open it for his sake for his sake entirely I know I know I won’t for his sake or for for my S or for your sake you now he’s making sound like he’s very intrig on this idea n no don’t post anything there what I just

View she watches don’t she she just watches she doesn’t touch are does that sound worse she only she only sees not touch she only sees not that why did you make it sound even worse uh ow D you you deserve one you deserve one after the many things I’ve said what the hell

Have no nothing much sure Tyler what has we what has he been say don’t be a don’t be a snitch Tyler don’t be a snitch don’t be a snitch even even even even crap is a thre you G just that really much okay snitch how dare you I’m kidding bro you guys can actually see what I’ve been doing oh well yes we’ve been watching you this whole time yeah and then while monsters are creeping into my home yes pretty much I

Saw that I T to your stream and I saw a creeper blow up and I was like oh God we got to protect you how did the creeper get to me what the [ __ ] I don’t know but you didn’t do he didn’t do any damage so you’re

Good oh wow I’m immune to it’s blowups you’re immune to [ __ ] that’s what you are I’m yeah I’m immune to [ __ ] I do want to play Destiny later but I feel like I’m going to my mom’s later no you should just go to Ms first yeah yeah but I don’t have a

PlayStation though that’s the problem but it’s okay you can still draw oh yeah right I’m supposed to be drawing see oh no my now who what happened my foot it has the thing where you know it it’s like blood clogged it fell asleep yeah I’m going to beat it to wake

Up be be beat up on your foot see now I’m going to beat my foot like how I oh continue please continue please continue your sentence please continue your sentence I am especially in front in front of papa father say it my child say it my child father I drank

Spaghetti but I blend spaghetti together and I drink it every mind it got wor it woke up into those violets ow ow ow your foot yeah oh yeah you thre it to beat up your foot of course it’s going to wake up and choose violence because you also chose

Violence now what please says bard je is a [ __ ] and so is this foot Ow this is a really confusing way of fixing the water plumbers are is even I’m confused don’t worry about it I’m concerned what are you guys trying to do I’m trying I’m still trying to figure out what what are you guys trying to do here I’m just watching um

I’m filling this place with water with a very proper way of looking at it but for some reason sometimes it looks messed up I like to watch yeah he then likes to watch I like to it’s because the currents look messy that’s why so I’m making it like

Somewhat look a bit ordering orderly yeah I see so what the end go like you’re going to make here I’m I’m just filling it with water it’s a water ceiling that’s the purpose of it cuz you know underne underneath my cuz underneath this is my house and if I

Look up I can just see fishes or Axel swimming around that much it good idea yeah it it was a project since 2023 last year last I yep I didn’t get to continue because I need a conduit I think if I need it if I’m going to drown which I

Was about to a while ago mhm not going to lie it feels Fun swimming around here yeah I just like aquatic stuff so that’s why I’m just pulling putting all of these water FC see yeah if only we can add crabs to this aquarium I I would love to and then I

Would see a frozen crab in this Lake oh my oh no h it’s refrigerated time to collect my uh daily sashimi oh boy as long as me I don’t really care I don’t really care about the rest as long as long it’s not me I don’t really care anyway fair enough what

The excuse me what happened this water lost its physics I think of course he has what which one never mind it gained ice anyways a this is going to be a lot of water Yep I’m swimming everywhere ah there’s so many random blocks in my in my inventory there’s so many random blocks well at least it’s not that clutter don’t worry about it it’s fine it’s just water it’s just water surrounded by minerals and rocks It’s s mites ah yes the the stac mites yes it’s

Um I I cream it could be the president’s favorite flavor I love me some ice cream and sniffing hair what what sniffing hair yeah that’s what J but likes to do as well what the hey y here sister let me sa her hair oh delicious it smells like vanilla ice

Cream I this does he like sniffing if he’s know what good luck to sniffing skunk hair you not going to SN that one I wouldn’t thereare you don’t bet he I bet he would I’m kidding no I wouldn’t but I know he would and turns the main villain

Ah yes water it’s slowly flowing everywhere it’s um spreading like viruses yes not legs I mean what legs would have to spread so far and wide it would have to do a split do a split do a Flip Flip Flip do a flip do a flip I put this what there we go

Okay I like how I have done absolute jack [ __ ] and I’m just watching Q do all the work on her house well it’s my house I don’t know what I don’t know what to to ask someone for help to do yeah I don’t know how to help you I

Mean I’m just like giving you support actually you you protecting me is actually all I needed though in that case I would have got my bow oh H it’s up to you though no I’ll stay here I haven’t tried it anyways what the [ __ ] what’s that

For I accidentally PR it I am so sorry he he he he what he desk popped the bunk Miss use of a weapon B to myself yep that’s you oops not you q no wait I’m not getting bunk I’m getting shot what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] how did

You just upload there are too many wies on my block skeleton treay okay I same same thing it’s just they wearing a tunic called bone bony boy cold bony saggy sack of [ __ ] bone sack the skeleton La lacks a lot of things and it’s mostly bones RZ what oh that’s to no I’m

Kidding well this is a somewhat lazier I I heard something swimming with me oh no that was me something is swimming with me I can hear the voices oh wait it’s just me I went underwater Oh water oh my dad hasn’t finished ghost of tsushima oh interesting

Yeah so I just switch out the CD for Minecraft oh no you okay oh I’m good it’s just a block fell below so I can’t reach it I I’ll fix it later okay okay oh come on there you go there’s a creeper on there was a creeper nearby and I killed

It oh oh cool nice I’m just like watching over you I see zombies in the spider but they’re gone Now I hear something crying what the f sorry that’s me I’m depressed I’m kidding what what you’re depressed I did say I said nothing like that I know I know hello there zombie staring at me randomly from the edge with a shule on its hand we might want to put

Torches on the edges because your block uh your W is turning into ice blocks actually no it’s actually fine okay uh I did I did thought of like I did thought that that it’s supposed to turn into ice okay cool that’s fine just get down get D Miss bodyguard ow where what

What what the confusion kind of reminds you of me me to as well as a bodyguard okay I’ll get more Water good D Mr President there we go nice there you go okay oh okay at least that’s one that one Theed I’m on the Ed of Glory this is O nice nice what the [ __ ] [ __ ] is Tyler uploading I’m looking at the memes ask Tyler I forgot to play my music but there we go oh what the god Dam as president it stops snowing Hooray never mind oh never mind it’s the laziest stream I’ve ever done in my entire life I don’t even know why I don’t know with you for me of course I’m doing something i’ rather have this and playing OverWatch and get irritated so quickly are you sure honestly

Yeah Dan is just having a the moodiest emotional then OBS is not working my PC having a struggle and then internet couldn’t do much and then I can barely start the stream and then now I’m doing absolute nothing with my with my stream what’s your chat saying then nothing absolutely

Nothing well I’m glad Tyler’s saying something yeah he’s he’s in your chat saying something that’s fine I might remove a couple mods here and there on my stream OverWatch can be tough yeah it is Tough is Imagine they introduce a crab character to OverWatch there’s a crab multiplayer shooter game in I know I know I’ve seen it so Al it’s freaking cool yeah and then the crab movs yeah yeah he flips he runs with a shotgun too yeah yeah exactly that’s why I’m like oh my God I love the crap so much

That’s why he’s that’s why Aus is called crap G this is this is how uh the best protection is offense is offense this offense is a crab the best protection is a crab holding a Glock holding a double barrel s of shotgun yes Father uh father’s ready for war

Against humanity he’s ready for war and also or war or or or or or he laughs like count I did not see that coming he laughs like the C the coun from Sesame Street uh uh uh uh I remember C the Chun I’m kidding the Chun yes a I did not see that

Coming me neither but here we Are What the [ __ ] I’m looking at a meme top jobs kid uh top 10 jobs kids want number nine a basist uh number number eight Lighthouse operator number seven hot to branch manager Hot Topic sorry number six conspiracy theory tick tocker number five meme admin number four snitch number three Pro Roblox

Player number two vintage t-shirt reseller and number one weed guy hey he hey hey we don’t need to talk about the professional uh professional one of the uh Roblox playing we already have one we have the professional we have the expert we have one who is who who who

Who just became a furry for no reason in Roblox just to be cringe I’m kidding nah at actually at First first when I when I chose that that kind of outfit I thought there would be many who hate it there’s a lot who likes it oh my I was like what what

What h flabbergasted I skeleton I was like I have my hands on my phone and I heard skeleton I put my hands on my controller instantly I was like I’m Ready for War who what the Skelly was like Oh Lord You’re about to meet you were about to make it meet its maker

I don’t even have Java Edition yet I want to play with AI so bad like that’s the that’s like the one of the best collab that me and AI actually thought Of if I had java chip cookies I would I’m Kidding What the hell ah swim and it’s turning into ice which is what I anticip [ __ ] is I anticipated what what the so y’all are not going to formulate into a very straight kind of water if I get copyright claimed from a [ __ ] from like seven C of

Ass are freaking playing by accident in my own thing I’m going to lose my mind and [ __ ] so my YouTube ads are annoying should really download the song instead yeah okay I don’t have aqua affinity if I’m correct that allows me to mine faster underwater I mean more proper underwater

There’s a difference forgot about that oh come on Okay there we go I got some blocks on top of that actually I see some Blocks it’s Ling okay I guess I’m going to end stream because it’s been like how many hours how long is couple more than you couple more than you think 420 yep I’m going to continue mine still yeah go for it still contining the water MH all right folks thank you so much for

Watching my micr thank you guys for new sub and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Super Mario Galaxy love you all bye love you All

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We go back to our world and enjoy some nice memories of our Minecraft misadventures

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