Danno’s Epic Showdown with the Diamond Thief!

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Hello everybody are we live are we live I can’t tell as per usual I have no idea if we’re actually live or not it’s just the way that it goes this is the way that it goes all right what why does it say it goes geez on the thing it said that

We’ve been live for like an hour okay hey everybody cool hey everybody how you doing hi back on the cbsm let’s do this let’s do this where’s my headphones I lost my headphones there we go all right so today is the end of the diamond Thief officially we’re we’re going to end this

Arc because it’s uh it’s uh you know causing tension causing a little bit of uh causing a little bit of stress and worry amongst the people and we’re going to we’re just going to we’re just going to finish it off all right full screen let’s go here oh come on man I would

Love it if it could trans transition and the thing just be there instead of just popping into existence but that’s just the way we got to do things I guess okay here we go Danny the funny man haha very cool that’s a a nice nickname hey again

Dan hi there clone riggy thanks for the five no sorry I’m hiccuping do I have any texts Matt just texted me Matt’s on the server he was watching my stream I guess he said a pretty good impression of riggy signature that’s forgery illegal yeah that’s true I guess I would just be

Forging riggy’s signature on it now he he’s given me written permission that I can use that I can do my impression of a signature anywhere all right here we go uh hold on oh we’re good we’re good right let’s see f3d we got the microphone working we do have the

Microphone working fantastic okay so today first what we’re going to do is we’re going to do this diamond challenge apparently everybody’s just on board with it so a bam and I’s little camping station is still here or our little Fishing Station if you don’t know what I’m talking about you missed out go

Watch the other episodes not right now you can watch it after the live stream but uh Hey Joe made some progress on the burger place that’s so cool oh go Joe dude he must I think he tore down did he tear down some of it and then he rebuilt

It I don’t know but it looks amazing go Joe where’s Matt I wonder where Matt is I think Matt is Matt working on his Island oh look at that Matt’s island is doing better oh yeah I think he’s working on it cuz he just put like a

Waterfall there huh oh that’s cool let’s go say hi to Matt I want to say hi to Matt actually first let’s where’s all my stuff oh good yeah as per usual I stuffed everything in my chest so that way nobody takes things or wait that doesn’t make sense I just don’t have my

I just like having my inventory clean when I log off the server I don’t know sometimes when you join Minecraft the thing doesn’t go the way it should so if I swim up here Matt’s got to be up there right hey is that Matt I fell in the

Water is that Matt I hey is that Matt Matt can you hear me okay let’s go say hi to Matt what is this say C Cadence’s house cool Cadence’s house oh this is cool nice Cadence is there a Cadence on the server I don’t remember if there is all

Right Matt oh he fell he fell he went a little too deep hey I I just came to say hi yelling at stop yelling hey sorry I didn’t know if you could hear me under the water I couldn’t oh well that’s why I was yelling then wait did okay wait has

Anything that’s new is that a Creeper explosion what that looks new Johnny’s got some cool vines on there this is new new new Sky Island jeez it’s taking a while for the water to that’s funny anyway dude it looks great it looks great except for the bottom the rest of

It looks great yeah I was I was going to finish it yesterday and then I didn’t so now I’m rushing to finish it before 3 P.M when everyone joins why before 3 p.m. oh you have an hour buddy you have one death oh no how’d you

Die uh well look up at that and uh that’s how uh yeah that makes sense it’s it’s Hollow I was in I I felt in side of it and died so you didn’t fall off the sky island and die you you fell inside of it I fell into it dude the clip is

Hilarious I swear oh that’s great dude when we make the clips Channel and everything you have to yeah that’s going to be great oh you know I want to know how bam died Stars what bam died yeah he died no dude so who has a zero deaths on

The server is it nobody might be nobody bean jelly bean and M swamp valid yeah and failure and failure right yeah I guess that makes sense you want those leads leads oh yeah epic sauce thank you are the llamas homeless yeah they’re Traer llamas no I’m kidnapping him you’re coming with me

We’re going to live together now he’s mine come I’m going to have a wait wait wait is he fall is he following me are you right I I just tamed this I don’t think I have any control over it is he did they follow each other yeah

Dude I had no idea oh that’s adorable they’re buddies taming taming these Trader llamas do nothing cuz like you you can’t put anything on them I mean I think I think you can’t tame any llamas can you yeah you can but they just don’t do anything that’s what I meant llamas just

Don’t do much all right good talk Deno rules I did not put that there I was expecting to get on the server and just see everyone on and then it’s it’s a wasteland yeah well hey everybody doesn’t get on for another hour so yeah I mean wait no never mind no yeah ites

Nobody gets on for another hour Dan’s dock I was about to talk about I was about to talk about Johnny’s uh situation but I don’t think I can no I don’t I don’t know if that’s tortoise dude who’s placing signs everywhere uh well I think this one was pear since

He labeled it okay besides that one let’s see if I can get some food did did do dogs like cod no they don’t no cats like that do you remember do you remember back in the day when you had to feed a cat entire Pacific Ocean in order

To tame it you had to what you had to feed a cat like the entire Pacific Ocean tame it oh yeah a bunch of I do remember that actually where you had to feed cats like a bunch of fish yeah person that’s funny hey see dots online what can you

Feed a dog you can only feed him meat right I don’t have any meat I need meat got DOA beating you doa’s beating you in deaths by a considerable amount how many does she have uh I think when I stopped streaming she had like 160 or something considerable amount okay 20 deaths is

Not bad I can do that easy I made this pillar right here but she destroyed it hold on I mean you I mean you would be able to jump off my Island if unless it wasn’t you know surrounded by water wasn’t above water yeah yeah that’s an

Issue hold on let me read something I have been struggling to build that oh my God struggling is it that difficult no it’s just tedious valid valid valid all right hold on uh can you watch shorts Wars reanimated um did I did you say

That last time I need to did I say I’d watch it after the Stream if I can remember I’ll watch it after the stream can I get a shout out shout out alza cool hello again D oh yeah I read that one I was able to watch all your Benny

And the ink machine stream but I unfortunately can’t watch the stream as I have to go to bed now a good night hamic con thank you for thank you for chilling uh Katherine Wilson on set cleaning services thank you for the dollar is that just a joke name or is is

It actually cleaning services that’s funny all right where’ Matt go hi Matt hi sorry I’m muted to read super chats to go I to go find SE and he wasn’t anywhere s Sor I was just looking at my hold on I got to turn up my my desktop audio so

That way people can hear super chats or not super chats other people on the stream all right anyway hey okay I need to ow that what C you brought a raid C oh not again where’s my bucket of lava why is it raining no he left D he he

Joined just to do that what no you’re kidding me where’s my lava Bucket over see how you get your ass back over here potty mouth going to be a bit what did you think was going to happen I don’t know I just I got it I got it don’t worry you got it

Did you get that kill or did I get that kill hold on I want a kill I want a kill take him thank you hey I got a crossbow I just wanted I just wanted one kill so that way I would get the uh the the benefits of

Of the benefits of who did that okay the benefits of of of being in a raid without actually having to do much work there we go oh I can eat this no I’m going to eat the Cod so that way I can take the meat my dog why are you running oh

Jeez well that happened you stay here Pingu I’m going to go get my lava hold on did you take it away a it’s gone this I would waiting I wanted everyone to do this one but I guess oh my my content plan failed at least one of

Us oh Big Boy Big Boy watch out no the Llama oh thank goodness can the Llama stop following jeez there’s more apparently yeah three rounds no we’re on normal it goes up to five five oh CHR no wonder it went so many last time jeez also Dan we can’t hear you oh my

Bad I keep forgetting I keep forgetting when I’m muted by Jo’s what happened I don’t see anybody are we good are they gone Jo’s by Joe’s house no well this isn’t Joe’s house he just wanted us to all spawn in a spawn in a um in a um a chicken chicken sandwich

Chicken burger place you know the witches they’re annoying this Wich I got poisoned it’s okay I’m good another raid here we go another round we could get a totem here a totem uh yeah there might yeah there might be I gave bam a totem and then fishing rod

And then I used the fishing rod to launch him pie in the air and then he used it so all right well apparently he still has a death actually no what do you mean he didn’t have a death haha did you remove it oh it’s right here yep she not got

It oh I might need to use it oh my God jeez dude why am I horrible at Minecraft what do you want what do you want pal where you going jeez dude no get away from me dang it dang it I thought we could kill each other

But that’s not what happened better not kill my dog dude thank you man rough are we good hate I have your that should be it oh thank you nice yeah can you slap it down thank you appreciate you Matt you saved it hey Matt got the thing that’s amazing

All right why is the thing still oh it just says Victory all right I’m going to go work on my projects now of which I don’t remember what I had to do I need to make a little Shack here that’s what I need to do a little Shack a little

Shack SL house no give me that put that there put that there put that there put that there put that there put that there you’re fine like healthwise right yeah you’re good okay Little Shack what should I oh yeah do you guys remember what we did last time

Look at how beautiful this place is look at how beautiful it is my little sewer system dude I love it oh man the lily pads and everything are beautiful what okay it was just a lighting glitch and then we have our little exit here and we

Can connect all of the sewers so right now what we need to do is probably get a bunch of iron to be able to make a bunch of trap doors for the toilets and then oh yeah here’s the truth bike which we’re going to get to do uh later today

This is you the resource pack installed yeah I got it installed oh hey the skin you have you have the the the cafe skin dude that’s so cool I love it yeah are we going to the C so if you hear if you hear the oh I was okay yeah why not I

Was going to say if you’re doing your own thing and hear the music then oh it’s okay don’t mind me all right Matt do you have the resource pack M nice welcome in oh lovely lovely also sit on these chairs please type slash trigger oh that’s the one that you got

Slash trigger sit wow I said I this is how I sit in real life yeah this crazy odd there’s a different mod that or there’s a different plugin that we can get for like better sitting but if this is the best one i’ say just until

Everyone can install now you can now you can sit anywhere I mean watch this I can sit up here is that yeah like a like a weirdo that’s valid how do you unsit shift sh yeah you can just shift I mean you could always just like go right here

And I sit on the floor this is nice I like this yeah it’s a nice Vibe do you guys want the nice piano or the nice guitar track um guitar track uh what happened cry cow’s under the flooor I hear I can hear his muffled

Voice cry I have no idea how I got here here come up here come on I sat through the floor SMH mat come on be better you have the do you any have SL I can sit on the table all right so guitar or piano guitar guitar yeah cry guitar

Favor all right there we are hey guys is this a live or what not copyrighted by the way we’re good on that so don’t worry if it is then it would suck for you it was copyright yeah folks we not lovely not you took both

Thank you jeez to bring it to you I going to bring it to you oh that’s valid we can sit on the table together yeah a we’re so lovely we can drink our little are oh that tastes so good Shake oh look at that oh wow he’s mixing he’s

Mixing I’m mixing yeah let me turn the music down it doesn’t work it’s main volume for some OD uh no it’s jukebox FL Note Block no it’s main volume juke box worked for meason I accidentally muted it I accidentally muted it can you can you change it to the other the hit him

With The let me see if it is actually Juice Box volume what kind of is that uh it’s regen oh ancient city oh yeah I went on like a decade long mining trip than it was wonderful I loved it I don’t know why I have what’s the other song can we hear the other

Song all right it’s a paper Mario track this one love Paper Mario this is Thousand Years door right it is no this is origami King oh of course it’s origam I didn’t finish origami king that’s on me all right no that’s fair that’s thank you so much for the food Bart or for the drink bartender I appreciate you I’m

Going to go do my things now see you at the uh see you at the diamond thing I didn’t hear what he said why you laughing what this is a cafe thank you for the cafe Mister all right since since he won’t tip you I will oh my bad here’s

Um happy birthday thank you for the food thank you for the thank you for the airpods yep goodbye they weren’t airpods we’ll see you later can you imagine if you did that in real life just gives somebody’s shoes here’s your here’s your tip just throws your shoes at someone that’s great dude

That’s great is there a way I can hold on is there a way I can turn up individual people’s volume yeah if you press and then settings and then I think it’s adjust volumes there you go I did it you were just got a little quiet on

My end so I had to turn you up a little bit I think I’m quiet on everyone’s in I think I have to turn up my own thing hang on maybe microphone amplification all the way did that change what do I sound oh yeah know a little bit louder Yes sounds

A little bit stuff too okay okay tell me when to stop wait wait let me set my thing back to normal amplication Z okay I put it I put it up to 100 what does it sound like now uh sounds good okay I’m going to hope Perfect all right

Hey do you want to see my house you want to see my lovely little sewer house it’s beautiful wait where’s this is where the toilet is I don’t have a toilet yet so it’s just a hole in the ground for now but that works I mean functions the same okay this looks like

A it’s beautiful right it is thank you I appreciate that look you can see the water through the lily pads you can see the lovely little water how long did you spend on this uh a long time actually getting all the lily pads but I had to Trek to the swamp

Multiple times I literally cleaned out the swamp there’s not a single Lily Pad left in our region but it’s beautiful huh and there’s an exit right here soon I’m soon I’m going to connect this to all of the toilets in the I’m going to

I’m ah ah I can’t swim I can’t swim I can’t swim I’m out of I’m out of food but I’m going to connect this to all of the toilets in the region oh thank you man I appreciate you I’m actually I’m actually almost out of food too I should

Probably go get more oh here you can have that back I only need one okay great anyway but yeah I I’m going to connect this to all of the toilets in the region I’m I’m I’m going to make an interconnected toilet sewer system of fast travel for me

Exclusively for only you no one else can use it I mean people can use it but it’s hard to access since you got to jump in a toilet I see I’m going to sleep really quick oh hey somebody slept nice yeah it’s going to be beautiful it’s going to be

Beautiful I’m going to go I’m going to go um kill a bunch of animals because I’m hungry sounds good have fun slaughtering what I’m going to do is make a house because I need to make a house actually first let’s let’s do this I need an axe hold on let’s wear these

Then I need an axe do I have yes perfect beautiful and then I need some grass no dirt I need dirt show me some dirt show me some dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt sand works and a torch yeah we’ll get a torch actually is a different kind of torch

Where’s my soul torches what is this oh yeah the water breathing potion SE do gave me okay this torch yes perfect and uh let’s let’s do this I’m going to go down here and then I need to get this really quick so I might need to ah bro

Okay I I need more than sand sand isn’t going to float on top of the water all right what if the truth bike is a trap meant to kill you that is true it could kill me that would be scary uh you were just playing bendy I was thank

You Everett Ricky’s in my house send help why on my birthday oh no on your birthday you should call the sky island Skyland it’s not my Skyland it’s uh it’s it’s mat cryos spaces but uh yeah maybe maybe you go suggest that name to him uh

Can I play I’m a content creator we’re not letting anybody else join for now but yes soon uh K Kel nice thank you you should update your skin I should it’s um it’s rough looking uh thank you for the two though Brockman VR thank you for the

Two appreciate that all right I I need you know what we’re going to going to grab the shovel too and then we’re going to grab um going to grab some dirt somewhere actually we’re going to keep the sword on us because for some reason I’m just

Bad at keeping the swords all right dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt I need dirt I need something that doesn’t fall why do I not have a single piece of dirt in all of my chests thank you thank you thank you I need a I need to make a

Farm too I just realized how hard would that be to drain out more area to make a farm O you know maybe I could just have the house up here be like a little barn with like Farm stuff and then all my stuff could be down there I don’t know

We’ll see all right so this needs to have a toilet soon I think I’d like the the idea of just having a little farm Shack that would be cool okay wait I got to destroy that first let’s um I got to be creative since you can’t

Place things on the lily pads a little bit of an oversight that’s okay all right now I can just do this right perfect beautiful beautiful all right now I got to get up there so what I’m going to do is temporarily break this Lily Pad put

Some dirt on it perfect and then I can just do this lovely and I don’t have much in the here H wait I got to yeah okay I don’t dang it well I can just do this lovely see perfect just get rid of the stilts you know what I need I need um

Bamboo so I can make a scaff all right uh yeah not a lot here um SE Dot’s head this is the first head on the server isn’t it I needed that that’s cool some clay some ink sacks jeez this is all a bunch of secret stuff that’s epic okay

Let’s chop this real quick so we can just move it down uh chest I have the chest here did I just oh I just didn’t pick it up okay yeah now my stuff isn’t is full okay so we’re going to put a chest right um we’ll put our chest wall right

Here we’ll do this so I can grab these lily pads ads and I’ll just put the chest there perfect and then you know what I need to do is I need to go under here and put like a wait does it not Echo anymore no it does it still Echoes what

I need to do is go under the base and put um like slabs or something underneath the chest so that way it doesn’t Echo but for now we’re going to actually we’ll keep the c.com head on us at all times as well so that way nobody steals it because it’s very very

Important this is the first murdered head on the server or it’s the first head on the server actually cuz per didn’t drop a head when he died since uh he wasn’t murdered he was just um he was just uh he drowned himself when I was

Trying to attack him oh yeah I need this jeez why do I have so many cryos space heads I didn’t kill cry that much did I apparently I did all right so yeah that all three of these items I just need to keep on me at all times because this was

The first button on the whole server this is the first head on the whole server and this is the first no it’s not the first golden apple but this is just a golden apple and if I don’t take that with me somebody’s going to steal it so

Where’s the torch get the torch back give me the torch back thank you all right and we can get rid of this really quick right we don’t have anything else up there that I need to take care of nope good I can take the lily pad put it back if I don’t leave

The lily pad in here jeez I’m bad all right slap this right there perfect and then we can get up here and get oh yeah so I need to get that dropper thing um I guess I guess we can just move all our stuff okay let me do that let me do that

First actually we can get the bed as well let’s take the bed no we’ll keep the bed up here if you given a choice would you choose to have unlimited bacon but no games or Games Unlimited games but no games interesting interesting I’m saving my answer for that question for

If I ever get to go and chuckle sandwich because I have the perfect answer but I don’t want to answer because I just I have a perfect resolution to the conflict but I don’t want to say it unless I get to go on chuckle sandwich I get the reference though that’s what we’re

Wondering I take those chests with me oh I got a nice little bell I’ll make a doorbell somebody’s going to steal it I’ll keep those L pads with me too can I blow in this shell no I can’t all right I do need oh yeah no I

Already used the name tag okay cool I need a pickaxe I’ll take a stone pickaxe cuz I don’t need a I don’t yeah okay we’re good I’ll just take this thank you take this did I grab everything out of the chest that’s weird okay cool and I’ll take all why was

There so much stuff in the hopper odd huh all right well I can just do this real quick then raas yourself nice all right we can take this contraption and move it here move it here and then yeah you know what we’ll yeah perfect and then I’ll do this and then this as

Well just for symmetrical n’s sake um I’m going to craft another two two um Hoppers and then I’m going to make furnaces I one furnace goes there I need to grab this put this here then I need another furnace all right how much got a bunch of stone jeez why are there so

Much Stone slap that in there slap that in there slap slap slap slapy slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap not that not that either all right I need cobblestone Cobblestone up here jeez I need a lot more iron

Dude I didn’t think you’d react to the Danny the funny man thing or you wouldn’t read it I read it I definitely read it thank you Brockman VR for the dollar or $2 did I say that I got a problem with repeating stuff all right

Um I can take this too right I think so yeah and then am I filled up nope definitely can’t take all that all right I’ll leave that there for now oh hey I got a salmon oh yeah I should make a fish tank that’ll be cool

Um can’t take that yet can’t take that yet can’t take cob Stone perfect that’s what I was looking for I can just do this really quick make one more furnace perfect beautiful iron do I have any more iron oh there’s my other two furnaces brilliant brilliant brilliant

Brilliant maybe I can make another one of these yeah I can make another one okay for now no I’ll leave that there all right well these two are going to go here okay cool and then I need another this does not count as a farm okay it’s like a little baby thing Farms

Need Redstone and like more stuff so it’s okay all right I need need more iron dude I just need more iron that’s it I don’t have any keep forgetting to ask SE for the super or for the mod that the sorder mod dang it oh I forgot I can get a

Horse too oh yeah I can keep a horse here yeah I’ll just have a little Barn here that’s what I’ll do I’ll have a nice little Barn up top so I guess I could have my bed beneath the surface more diamonds there nice don’t need that we’re just going to

Get rid of that for now I don’t know what sign I just broke but I’m sure it wasn’t important and there’s my head there we go tree is lovely we’ll leave the tree there and the rest of these need to come down too but it’s

Okay we’ll get to it I’m just going to clear all this up we’re going to take out all these signs the dog will guard the barn so the dog will stay up top H okay you know what we’re going to do we’re going to take my items that I

Need to keep safe at all times and we’re going to put them in an unsafe Zone we’re just going to set them right here please don’t let me forget to come back and grab them um the rest of the stuff I’m just going to inventory dump into

Chests uh not those chests but other chests actually we can put them in the bottom chest for now there we go perfect and then we can go up and get the rest yep all right I forgot my axe but it’s okay we’re just going to we’re just going to body it

Dan why aren’t you guys allowing anyone else to join well we’re just keeping it small for now we’re keeping it uh we’re just keeping it there’s already 18 people it’s not even small dude that’s a lot use deep slate bricks for your walls maybe that’s a sounds complex how how

How expensive is is um is that just dump everything in here feather I have a single feather okay this is nice cuz I get to see what all stuff I have okay I got 11 iron that’s useful we’re going to snatch that snatch whatever I thought I had whatever dude I

Don’t know anything yep I’m going to leave this crafting table up here and then hopefully I can get some more or another crafting table I got everything right okay cool okay 11 is that enough to make two more Hoppers or no I don’t think

So I can make one more Hopper nope oh I need a chest that’s right I’m not going to have enough chests all right we’ll put the thing down here for now oh this is tedious nice it’s okay we’re good spawn here I I kind of want to die and not have a

Respawn point so that respawn point so that way what just happened okay I kind of want to die and not have a respawn point so that way I can go explore Joe’s uh Cafe thing or Joe’s um Joe’s little Jo Joe’s little restaurant that he made all right we’re

Good okay please press tab it’s just me and Crow space on right now all right we’re going to take this thanks the diamond taker a here goes the diamond taker sign so sad jeez I got a lot of junk would really love that sorting mod but oh well all right get those chests

Here drop down slap slap slap everything in here I think we’re going to stick to just three High stacks of chests so that way I don’t have to jump and reach stuff well I guess I can reach can I reach one more yeah I can reach one more reach two more

Jeez I can reach high uh we’ll just leave it like that for now though all right I’m got to pick the rest of this up oh yeah the Snowballs that’s why there’s so much inventory room being taken up take this perfect how much yeah okay we’ll make another

Trip roof I can bark too all right we’ll do another stack then if I can reach it you know would love a sworting mod no do not slap in here then oh yeah I should fill up the other chest before I move on yep hi Doo daa back data thinks you

Stole diamonds I did steal diamonds I stole these three I actually stole five and so I need to give her back two more um if I find two more diamonds they’ll go right to docha oh Matt left it’s okay everybody’s going to get on in like 30 minutes we’re going to leave the

Saplings right there for now put this chest right there do I have anything else that can go in there okay this is nice there we go see we got a lot hey da join the game very cool was daa watching my stream did she just see that that I

She hear me out of the distance that I stole her diamonds it would be really awkward if dacha wasn’t the Diamond T I did that the diamond taker that sounds like a datcha name that sounds like she came up with that no offense but also offense

Okay brilliant how many do she have 173 dang it we’ll catch up eventually maybe I’ll just die off stream a bunch throw all that in there nope give me the chest chest we’ll go yeah no that’s too high put it over here that’s good see I can collect back my lily pads

Y take this finally it’s not going to look ugly Dan are you’re going to die cuz your hunger no I’m not not for a while also the point is to get the most deaths what is this this impaling Swift sneak why do I have enchanted books did I earn those or did

I just where did they come from dude I actually have no idea where those came from did I earn those I don’t have any idea I’m not going to be able to pick everything up am I I don’t think so yep that’s what I thought all right have the

Chest though so I can just go do that yep all right where’s my chest stack right here take that give me that that just farming some more deaths very cool I’m about to see a lot of death messages huh can you stop farming deaths data geez you know what it’s fine I’ll

Just do it off stream wait look at that did Joe plant all of those a that’s beautiful that’s so cool Joe’s so cool dude he made like like a nice little pretty place that’s so cool that that pink wood is right there but I’m just going to leave it cuz I find it

Funny I think I’ll take off the uh I’ll take off the did I is that thing up there no we’re good um you guys if you guys see some funky chat messages data basically 13 jeez if you guys see some funky chat M CH chat chat messages it’s because DOA

Renamed a bunch of um things that kill her into different things okay look yeah see that that that pink plank is just kind of funny so I’m just going to leave it there why’d you get off your but doggy bed back on the doggy bed there you

Go all right let’s drop down here ow put these here first we’re going start from the bottom slap all our stuff in there not the chest though cool I think we’re good all right so now what we can do is let’s find the iron that I placed somewhere I got that iron and

Those lava buckets or just buckets you know um feel like I had more buckets but it’s okay and then the diamonds I’ll make sure to keep the diamonds on me oh yeah the three things the three things these three things good slap slap Herobrine what did she name

Herobrine keep that there keep that there maybe I’ll smelt the rest of this right now while we’re waiting I need that take these huh where’s the rest of my iron I know I had more iron you cannot Gaslight me on this oh come on dude this is so bad why do I lose

Everything ah ah ah oh lava bucket nice I’ll keep those there for now lava bucket fishy bed take the bed put the bed down here put the bed um we’ll put the bed put the bed um put the bed in the middle yeah I’ll put it right put it right in the

Middle especially because I’ve got two so I can just put like a little um nice oh lovely just going to sleep really quick through the night I can I can make like a little bed post right here in the middle of the cave hopefully that’ll be cool cave middle of the sewer

System okay so what I can do now is craft oh yeah I got to go get um got to go get my crafting table also need to get I also need to pick up that Anvil I just remembered huge fan of you and I’m working on a plush movie can you voice

Riggy for it if you’re not busy and maybe a YouTube short that’s amazing I don’t know if I can help you with that but you can totally use the chat AI stuff or whatever if you want as long as it doesn’t make him sound as long as he doesn’t say anything repulsive or

Whatever not not private property going to take that also going to destroy this cuz it looks ugly do I have any dirt nope I got to fill that up I got what’s this oh yeah these are the okay that’s the love garden okay we’ll make a

Little we’ll make a little um I got to find a better name for the love garden CU I don’t want to okay we’re going to take this dirt crafting table all right crafting table will go go here nice little corner give me that thank you it’ll go here and then this will be

Where the um Anvil goes except we have to put something under it huh we’ll just put some dirt under it SC there we go and then we can just get up this way perfect there’s a method to my madness I promise see I joined no I don’t like it I want some I

Want gray things I want stone or something huh stone stone stone good perfect put some dirt back all right so this way what we’re going to do this then Stone then this and then go here and then we’re going to this is a great entrance it’s a great

Entrance all right now get rid of that I need to put some Stone under here so that way people just can’t get into my chests yeah that’s what I thought you can probably still no cool good put one right here it’s a good use for the stone I

Didn’t even know what I wanted the stone for when I made it I wanted stone bricks but now since I got the whole thing in in deep slate I don’t think it’s even we’ll see Bo so this way when people swim under my base they can’t just look in my chests

You know what I mean yeah let’s get up here slap that down all right beautiful look you can barely tell all right then this is for the Anvil but until then we’re going to make our our little we’re going to see if we can make one more Hopper at least

At least one more Hopper uh chest perfect eight oh I have eight oh that might be just enough yes I got three extra left to spare perfect perfect perfect all right I need to oops I need to do this perfect oh lovely lovely lovely so now I

Want to see what happens if I put a lava bucket in here does it dang it okay well H good to know good to know sad to know but good to know then I can take the buckets back all right oh I got to remove the

Rest of this actually I got to transfer all this to a different chest Bo anything I can do no okay oh the sand all the sand needs to go in here all of the sand can go in there perfect accidentally put the diamonds back stack that in there I need an auto

Sorder I need an auto sorder so bad good actually we’re going to snatch this oh people are going to start joining now let’s slap that in there too actually they’re both going up which is good I was afraid that it wouldn’t both go up but we’re good I need the rest

Cool then the rest can just be for out anything in here yep nope nope I’ll get better eventually all right put all that there good this this this this this this this not that this this this can come out too I don’t know what I’ll use it for but I’ll use it for

Something it’ll look pretty right on top of my crafting table probably not probably looks horrible but it’s okay that’s just a normal iron pickaxe I wonder if I can hold on can you hear yes I can hear let’s you need this mic oh hello Anthony

V no I can hear it I can hear what are you all doing yeah that was deafening huh I can still hear them on the surface you I’ve already fix that make another iron shovel actually oh I’ve got two I could just waste experience what happens if I do this no

Useless wait how much was the jeez dude no no okay so right now I need wood to be able to make My Little Shack and I don’t want to make it out of cherry wood the floor I could do Cherrywood but other than that

No uh I just realized I need to oh it’s going to be so ugly if I make a toilet right here maybe I should make a ceiling out of Cherrywood yeah I’ll make a ceiling I’ll make a nice little ceiling actually how much Cherry Wood do I have

Not a lot I think not a lot at all I got some saplings that’s good I got to find out a place to make a little Forest though maybe I should make a mine cart system like going somewhere that could be cool no I made the sewer system I’m going to use the

Sewer system trying to think this out I’m working on it boys and girls boys and gentlemen ladies and girls I’m working this through in my head this is cool does it actually light things up or is it justy my mouth a little crazier I can just hear his mic that’s

Hilarious okay you know what let’s put another exit can I put another exit anywhere Hey Joe joined nice so this is my one exit that I have right now and I need food to be able to use the exit I mean there’s also this place I guess

But uh okay yeah I just need to go collect a bunch of wood I need to collect wood right now that’s what we’re going to do we’re going to put everything back put that back that back that back for now that back for now that back we keep this keep

This so I can go collect things keep put that back all right we’re good all right so first I’m going to go get some lava and then we’re going to go get some wood both wood types man this place is so ugly I’m excited to give it a makeover with the other people

In the concrete force or whatever whatever it was called I don’t even remember why is there a hole in the ceiling a man I’m sorry I didn’t do that if I had something to fix it with I would but I I don’t all right uh let’s

Get some more lava up in here fill it up can I not there we go there we go there we go there we go all right almost good hey buddy thank you all right now that we filled up our our lava we can go down really

Quick uh oh can we no there’s no entrance in the bottom of that it’s okay hey SE dot he’s just laying oh hey what’s up all right so now what we can do is put the lava in the the furnaces slap slap just get it prepared for later

So that way we can just keep cooking our glass don’t know what we’re going to use the glass four but we’ll find something eventually can grab both of those and then I need my lily pads back I need to have just a chest designated with the

Lily pads so that way I know where they’re at at all times so I can remove the flooring and put it back and stuff but for now it’s good we can put this back all right and now let’s go get our wood we can also slap these back I’ll

Keep this water actually we’ll keep one lava bucket with us as a defense tool now we can go get the rest of our wood all right let’s go where’ My Wood Go where’ My Wood Go where’ My Wood Go where my wood where my wood where my

Wood my wood wood go go set our bed right here nope uh is the sun setting or the sun rising it’s setting okay we’ll sleep really quick and then we’ll go we’ll go get some wood how you doing buddy I’m going to get wood so I’m going

Build you a nice little house okay it’ll be oh jeez I almost killed my dog almost sliced him with an axe anyway I’m going to build you a nice little house and you’re going to be in charge of everything okay you’re going to be in charge of all the sheepies and the cows

And the food okay it’ll be your farm house it’s gonna be your duty Pingu your duty duty they’re making a nasty deal over there I got to see what’s up hey what you guys doing hello hello D hello Hey Joe hey SE dot what are you

Guys up to just res pack oh nice I love the way that you did the thing it looks beautiful thank you thank you it it is a scuffed I call this uh Lo sced Joey yeah uh L anyway thank you thank beautiful not really sounded like he was trying to

Cough up a jeez I’m kidding sorry that’s offensive it looks beautiful though let’s C Burger beautiful oh look at that there’s a nice little nice little bar area and everything oh look at that the nice field dude it’s beautiful Joe is talented Joe is is this a spa nice looks

Amazing so I can hear something something’s muffled oh Matt’s working on his house again all right can Jo y oh my gosh wait you’re not rukin hey Dan what’s up hey Gabe how you doing oh I exist I’m actually high on life right now it’s pretty nice fantastic fantastic

Fantastic love the way your voice sounds too it sounds like maybe a little coffee but it’s okay what’s up little coffee yeah what’s up N More clear and concise than ever yeah totally are we what uh are we doing the truth bike tonight yes heck yeah that’s what I like to hear yes

Everyone’s going to go on it correct yes everyone will go on it tested it out earlier it’s kind of scary how well it works it does work pretty well it forces you to say the truth it’s crazy yeah it’s kind of odd actually it is a little

Odd is this really sound like a drive-thru mic no it sounds better sounds uh a little worse actually but you know to each little worse each their own nice what that for I had half a heart I just had to refresh myself dude you abuse death like it’s

Nothing it is nothing death is nothing I am above it I’m going to get smited second now above death I am above death fun death here’s my name and he Quivers in his baby seal leather boots I need more dirt is down here oh it’s looking good

What the heck yeah this is my house it’s lovely right I got to put still but uh other than that yeah man all that drowning was worth it apparently oh yeah buddy oh yeah I see that oh why do you have a bed up there and a

Bed down here that’s kind of strange uh well eventually I’m going to move this one down there but for now it’s just uh just uh for ease of use gotcha gotcha gotcha all right bye see you okay this is look pretty good so far floor don’t know what this is don’t know

What that is either take that out this looks gross perfect let’s let’s no you know what let’s actually fix all of this wait this is the wrong way holy crap I’m going the wrong way oh my gosh keep this fine I should probably put in the chat oh hold

On the microphone is hurting my skull but it’s okay everything going to be all right every little thing gonna be all right Matt left again okay we need to get rid of that eyesore pillar soon but for now let’s actually just go on our little Adventure okay you

Know what actually one last thing let me get my fish and then we can go get our food go get our food or our wood that’s what I said I said wood what did I need food I needed food fish fish fish fish fish no fish fish fish fish F bread that

Works yeah that works okay we got set set up a stream all right now what I need is wood so we need a little bit of cherry wood not that cuz that’s Joe’s lovely F oh there’s Joe and then all right so we need uh I don’t know if we can take from

Up there is there any other Cherrywood places oh that looks beautiful I think that’s Johnny’s area though so we can’t take that wood Birch wa dude I’d love Birch but that’s also seems like somebody’s area um see things are starting to get claimed things are starting to get

Claimed that is for sure man all of this place looks so ugly I want to fix this Stone all right is there there’s wood up there right I think there’s a couple okay so there’s some stuff that way that’s useful but I don’t see any Cherrywood that might be the only

Cherrywood in that direction but for now let’s go get this wood um I’m going to get some water so that way it makes it easier to climb but then yeah oh okay there’s some nice spruce up there but uh for now I just want uh for now I just want Oak

Actually I wonder if there’s a dark oak place cuz I love the way dark oak looks specifically I love the way dark oak uh doors are man best part of Minecraft oh hey is Matt fixing that that’s what he’s doing that’s why the water keeps changing oh there’s a water elevator

Right there not elevator but that’s an easier way to climb right there it’s okay we’re good oh I got my dirt too oh how wonderful I got my dirt so I can climb pair joined nice welcome to the cbsm pair Royal pear more like Royal I didn’t say nothing I ain’t say

Nothing all right let’s get this stuff oh that was an accident there we go good spot oh yeah beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful good got all that stuff oh jeez I almost missed that are we good for the is that wood that is wood get that get that good

Good nothing else to worry about nothing else to worry about yep trees the leaves are starting to spawn despawn good all right so what I need to do is I might actually just dig a whole straight through the mountain so I can get in and

Out um I’ll make like a little area dude Matt’s got like just a shadow here some mobs are going to start spawning in that water CU it’s just like the Shadow from his island is that looks a little scuffed but it’s okay he’s he’s trying his hardest no

He’s a good Builder Matt is a good Builder jeez who did this bro who did this to the tree they just Chopped all of it and left the oh man okay see if we can fix it up get all the wood out of here oh there we go it’s

Despawning good I I want to make sure that I grab any saplings too cuz I want to make like a little tree area for me like a little gated tree Community you know what I mean maybe I’ll it’ll make it’ll be an exclusive Club ow it’ll be an exclusive Club only only certain

People can get in there my exclusive tree Club wow this axe has a lot of durability I should get shears to too I just thought about that I should get shears so I can get some of these leaves and keep them for myself it’s okay I’ll do that when I

Have my tree farm did I get this yeah I got that go through here sounded muffled that was weird all right uh chopping down some trees see this is what I want I want a lumberjack simulator I want a lumberjack simulator so I can just chop and and have nice

Little Sunset you know what I mean like just a oh look at all the trees oh so much industrialization to be had oh my nose good good good good beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful good good good good good all right ow feels like something bit my leg what do those textures love them

It’s Shader pack it’s a lovely little Shader pack we’ll get some of this um we get some of this um yeah there we go some of this stuff I just realized can’t you make like the four yeah you can that’s crazy you can make like the full log

Blocks I I I completely forgot about that that that was a feature that they added cuz I remember for a while there you can only set block them then they just turned it into a feature same thing with the smooth smooth smooth Stone which I think is cool that way you can

Get them in survival that’s a pickaxe ew Do’s house is no I’m not I’m not looking at that no spoilers no spoilers is the tree done or I can’t okay good yeah something despawned I heard an Enderman somewhere that’s not good what is that bunny hi buddy I love you you’re my

Pal you’re bad you’re bad human for cutting trees team trees will kill it’s Minecraft it’s Minecraft it’s just Minecraft it’s okay I hope Mr Beast is still doing team trees I think he finished planting everything though what about team C’s what was the deal with that just

Cleaning up a bunch of garbage right not just it was very cool very cool what they were doing still I I I just don’t know much about it I am uneducated love your channel thank you appreciate you is any other YouTuber going to be voicing a character

In toun Turf you’ll have to see but also yes just yes yes be plenty of cameos and things scream die in the riggy voice I feel like I have haven’t I feel like I have die how’s that a little broken but have you seen Kung Fu Panda yes who

Hasn’t seen Kung Fu Panda I love Kung Fu Panda it’s getting a sequel soon a fourth a fourth sequel that’s what I meant is it is it I feel like there’s a what is it it’s it’s there’s Sequel and then there’s threequel right is that a real

Word or is that a word people made up hey Piggy there’s a piggy over there ah I just laughed out loud why I didn’t even say anything funny did I am I so funny that me just speaking Makes You Makes You chuckle haha that’s amazing wow my comedic abilities are off the

Charts Dan how much do you love Minecraft I don’t know man it’s pretty good good game it’s pretty good game why is dude why are the rabbits just jumping into the walls it’s weird I might just slash the bunny to put him out of his misery never mind I would never hurt you

Bunny I would never hurt you it was a joke I promise it was joke I he knows I’m joking he knows we we joke we’re we’re cool like that we’re like that’s so us we just joke we just joke about murdering each other look see oh gosh he

Has red eyes get away bad Omen bad Omen oh where’s my fish bread bread bread bread give me bread all right we’re good almost use the pickaxe to chop down this tree BRB I know the seed he that’s cool it’s very it’s it’s a pretty common seed

Actually it’s not that rare did somebody leave oh yeah cryospace left for a minute I think I I wonder if he finished this thing hopefully starting to Sunset do we have enough wood how much wood do I have oh that’s a lot jeez how much Birch do I

Have not that much okay we’re going to try and get a stack of birch at least I think I think we need a stack of birch I’m not sure man datcha took the house design that I wanted for my little Shack I just realized I can’t I’ll I’ll look up

Shacks maybe I’ll just have an ous that would be funny uh it’ll be a farm and an ous how about that maybe I’ll replace the uh maybe I’ll I’ll um I’ll change the location of my of my sewer system to uh be be like a little ous hi Dan I’m

Your biggest fan thank you Mason for the pound 99 appreciate you biggest fan that’s crazy had a couple people messaged me that I don’t know man I don’t know might be lying no I’m kidding I appreciate you no matter what if even if you’re even if you’re just a major major fan appreciate

You if you don’t stream tomorrow I will unsubscribe this is a joke I will never unsubscribe I don’t know if I can stream tomorrow I’m I’m going to be exhausted dude I streamed okay can you stop I streamed two days in a row when the server first

Opened and man it took a lot out of me uh dude people that stream every day I have so much respect for them genuinely so much respect for them it seems like an easy job and it is like I’m very lucky to do this job all streamers are

Lucky to do this job but I mean it’s just exhausting talking to a camera for hours on end dude I didn’t get it when I first uh you know when I when I was just a regular YouTuber I didn’t get it I was like bro YouTubers are so cool streamers are mid

And then um yeah I became a streamer kind of as well as a YouTuber just wow you know I’m a I’m I’m your second biggest fan M Mason is your first you agree with Mason is Mason really my biggest fan bro that’s crazy that’s crazy this is like a

Widespread thing that people know of everybody just knows that Mason is the greatest danoc Cal drawings fan what is that lava or a torch or what ah okay we’re fine I want to go explore I’m going to chop down this tree and then we’re going to go explore that place

I’m going to chop down this tree too and then we’ll expl that place all right we’re good now let’s go explore what was that light dude dude sound like a surfer dude never felt more California than how I keep saying dude yeah there is some lava in

Here interesting okay oh coal I like coal I’d prefer iron but coal is nice oh yeah bundon said that in the top of the mountains is where I could find a bunch of iron nah it’s me I’m the biggest fan oh the narn is the biggest fan we I got

A competition going here we got a competition that’s for sure is there more lava in here maybe we can find some uh oh no this is just a cave okay maybe we can find some some iron what is that oh glow thing glow thing anything up here

No can’t Le DOD is beating me in deaths that is a bra moment dude I could put something Secret in here do I have a sign on me oh never mind it just goes down I thought it went up into like a little Cavern you know what I mean like

A little Cavern with um an air pocket or something please say cabinet cheese y’all are weird y’all are weird nice Sun be sleeping got a stack on almost a stack okay let’s chop one more birch tree down and then we need to go find some um go find some

Um need to go find some some other trees actually that was funny now we can go oh hey wait where’s the rainbow rainbow all right now we need to go get some of those trees up there bro cherry trees cherry blossoms cherry blossoms not cherry trees keep mixing

Them oh look at those dude I love that this like a little Lantern thing it’s pretty what does this say reserve jelly beans McDonald mcdonal oh there’s going to be a McDonald’s here epic oh yeah I guess we don’t uh have a McDonald’s planned in in um cement

Co oh beautiful sun sunrise beautiful look at that look at how pretty look at how pretty man it’s beautiful it’s beautiful all right so to get Oh No I gave seedot my leather boots I just realized so I can’t can’t walk on the snow ow who why

How get away from me sir what is this yep I was warned What whose stuff is this I think I remember being oh it’s bnd’s house yeah it’s bnd’s house give me that give me that all right get some of the Cherrywood is there any more blocks here or is it

Going to start despawning yeah it’s despawning I want to make sure to clear out the trees so that way the leaves can despawn yeah see these floating trees let me get rid of them what is this beehive how do you guys Harvest a beehive do you guys know

I don’t know how to harvest beehives when are you going to stop the diamond Thief later in the Stream promise promise when does The Challenge start late the diamond challenge what time is it it’s almost 3:00 dude it’s got to start soon right bro there we go seriously that already got grass I’m

Shook is this despawning it is right yes it is okay cool we got both of these going that’s good oh we can collect some saplings how pretty how perfect and pretty hi be W give it a kiss sapling up there Doos Dono Den oh in the in the

Garden no I don’t want it to be based off just donations that would be sad the den would be cool oh hey some nice music playing is that down there in the cafe yeah we got some Cafe music going pretty the Dono Den I mean I like

The den maybe we can call it the den den Garden instead of zen garden is that something I don’t know let’s get these trees let’s get this last floating tree over here and then we’ll be good to leave you remember me from the Bendy stream you look look

Familiar yes I do you were the PowerPoint guy what’s up homie how you doing is that the only Block in here seriously no way I’m trying to see yeah okay good I was trying to see if any blocks were despawning trying to look very careful what is this ugly

Thing I’m just going to take this out of here because I don’t think it’s anybody’s hopefully it’s not anybody’s but I’m just going to it looked ugly so we’re just going to clean it up from the landscape just give a nice little cleaning dude Joe’s Place is so wonderful hey Joe how you

Doing hi Joe oh hello hello Dan how are you this place looks so pretty it looks so pretty look at all the trees in the in the yeah I love the pink trees man dude I love the cherry blossoms I used to I used to just have texture packs on

All the time that just made cherry blossoms out of like birch trees and now they’re in the game it’s lovely I love it and I I the Tre uh sorry leaves flowing yes the leaves oh it’s beautiful anyway yeah all right let’s go no we

Need to go to the is the event starting like going to happen it’s 302 so it probably is starting now let me go put my stuff away we got a listen dude we need to build a bridge between our bases you know to connect the two Shores good idea

Yeah yeah let’s have a nice little bridge going here wait this this is your base right yeah where all the chests where are they uh they’re in my uh they’re in my house come down is that your house yeah come down oh my God it’s a sewer it’s it’s

Lovely though right oh it’s a sewer I thought you were going to like actually build underground you know like I don’t know I’m going to make through here I’m going to make a sewer system that connects to all the toilets in the in the concrete Center but yeah

I’m excited but yeah this this is just the start this is the Hub of the sewer it’s lovely hello hello C you still have my diamond axe is this your axe my bad you want it back no no I gave it to you oh thank you yes I still

Have it I love it hold on give me a second I got to dump all my stuff in here Joe not this not this not this the rest though yes give me that give me that perfect perfect perfect all right we got everything actually let’s take these as well just in Cas

Actually torch as well just in Cas okay I don’t know what we’re going to need for the challenge so it has to be one of the troublemakers so data Dano switch those are the those are the the possible what are we talking about we were told that you’re the diamond

Thief oh no why’d you do it it’s not again wait D don’t kill it don’t don’t kill it don’t kill it don’t kill it don’t kill it don’t kill it don’t don’t kill it all right well all right we’re screwed n m I’ll die so it doesn’t

Happen I’ll just die really quick okay he me help see we’re good oh wow um G yeah what’s up all right fine I’ll take I’m not the diamond Thief wait is that what you guys were saying I’m not the diamond Thief no no no we’re not saying the diamond Thief why you can’t

You can’t look look you can’t but you can’t blame me for being suspicious of you you are a usual Troublemaker not anymore I have turned over a new Leaf what does it say rise up chicken oh yeah bck and trigers all right wait also I’m a little I’m a little suspicious of

Seedot here I feel like it also could be him n Fair assumption it wasn’t me but it’s a fair assumption that’s okay okay yeah I mean I am I am Ballin so you know you know you got oh my God I what are we doing first the bike

Or the this first the bike the bike the bike comes next yeah what okay wait are we doing the bike first or the tower first we’re doing the tower first bike the bike I thought the tower be pretty Qui yeah that’s what I thought tower Tower be

Pretty be over pretty fast so let’s just do that can you can you can you pitch me the bike what was going to happen during the bike we’re all going to say the truth oh we’re going to take turns and you can’t lie you get banned like I like Bulls like

Or what kind of you can ask anything you can be like how much money would it take you to do a sponsorship with genin or like anything Z you physically you physically can’t lie you physically can’t lie on the truth bike it’s freaky okay yeah like literally when you

Get on it you just can’t lie like it just affects your heart and soul it’s crazy hey bundon dude hello bundon dude [ __ ] dude like SE or someone’s going to pull out like anra and just win no swearing around there cryo say says you says bu of all people in

Of okay okay I got to change I got you D don’t worry thank you I’m going to make you a little louder you’re quiet I will I will kill you no C I will kill you I will kill you bu have a sharpness five sword so what do

We do hold on I’ll be right back don’t start the thing without me I’ll be right back what’s the most powerful sword you have okay I’m muted really quick so I need I’m going to get a bunch of dirt and water and lava just in case I don’t

Know what the deal is but I need two lava buckets and I need all right I need I need I need two lava buckets and a water bucket I just I just do all right there’s a lava bucket there and if I find another lava bucket

That would be nice but I don’t think I’m going to because I’m not that lucky water bucket lava bucket Perfect all right two lava buckets and a water bucket we’re good I think that’s all we need um you know what actually I’ll get one more backup water bucket too and

Then I’m also just going to get a bunch of blocks cuz I don’t know what to expect but I’m expecting to expect something crazy so I’m just going to get a bunch of blocks just in case and then dude it would suck if I had to use all

Of my all of my um wood that I just work so hard to get but it’s fine um chest can stay in there that can stay that can stay that can stay okay we’re good any more waste B blocks no we’re good okay cool let’s get some water really quick

And then we’re good we’re we’re good to go snatch all right I’m coming food food food food I need food get in there get in thank you food I need food I don’t know why I’ll need need food but I’m just getting food just in case I don’t know what to expect none

Of us know what to expect food bread good done hold on I need to I need to die really quick this is my bed right all right good just setting the day all right let’s die really quick switch when you’re here we started good all right let’s go I’m

Ready I’m going to pretend that I have nothing on me because I don’t know what to expect put the bread right here don’t need that I feel really broke I feel really broke around all these people with Diamond Armor Dan Dan we’re going to talk about the rules wait R why is there

Rules okay I don’t feel broke anymore are is PVP on I assume yes right yeah like we can like all means necessary like all means necessary stop so the challenge is all means necessary get to the top I guess yes oh my God whoever gets top first gets the diamonds when

Whatever in like whatever they’re on yeah give me a minute where are we all going to start shoot we’re doing this we’re doing this chat I think we need we should probably have like a radius can I borrow some stacks of something some stacks of something that’s funny I’m

Going to build a radius we’re sharing Stacks that’s I don’t want to share no he’s kidding hold on I don’t know where to leave my dog okay hold on all right guys the the challenge started already it said it began at 600 p.m. EST no no no ignore that ignore that ignore that

We’re wait you get your ass down here yeah where water water before no wa oh my God wait let’s wait are we going let’s just wait for switch oh my goodness we still we have people who aren’t here all long while okay I’m going up I’m not going you just didn’t oh my

God I I guess we’re starting I guess we’re starting I don’t have enough resources oh my God I’m I’m not the they got a lead oh this is tough all right well Chad uh I don’t know if we’re going to win but we may not be the last

One oh dude Joe’s ner piling ability is scaring me should we oh my no what the I’m Sor redin love you hold on I’m trying to make sure that I don’t have anything on oh no who’s there who’s that how any arrows oh no I’m glad I brought all my

Junk Jesus Christ oh this is so scuffed I’m going to do something horrible Ethan chill out dude I’m all right Hey Joe dang it I screwed myself I’m at the bottom well I lost the challenge oh no hold on we’re going to try something do you think it would be

Easier than I’m on my way I chok dude you started without us no chat ch ch I can beat them I can still beat them chat I if I wasn’t greedy I could have been the first one there dude if I wasn’t greedy oh no the oh epic somebody I don’t have a

Bucket we we’ve lost this is there just no way no no I’m broke I need I need for my get off get off oh no oh shoot go away oh no no no my God D give me my water back go away oh my god dude I get my water it’s

My going to fall going to fall going to fall no no no no no no dude stop get no dude I’m sh got to got the water disappear no no no no out of here get off I’m Shing no I’m out of water first place was just like chilling no go away

Oh way it’s hot back up we go chat anyway how is everyone come on come on come on come on come on come on I’m breathing heavy dude I’m breathing heavy hi what’s up hey oh goodbye okay I’m I’m happy that I got down that sh

Picture get my way get out my way no no do oh we’re good oh no no Dan and Joe are after me dude not after anybody Joe get out of here n no Jesus Christ this is so how I fall so fast come here Joe come here come heree dude I’m shaking I’m

Shaking no no jo I don’t have the stuff to keep the wave the wave okay hold on I lost a lot ground there but I just got to need I just need to eat right now that’s what I need I can’t tell who’s at the top I called it daa

Vill I don’t think dude I don’t know who’s in it but I just know I need to keep going breathe breathe breathe why would you block the water oh my god oh I over blocked no I actually don’t block though dude I’m stuck there no blocks I’m St no

That was my water why can’t I hit anyone oh they’re all done are they all done did someone win I can’t tell who won who w w hey hey treaty hey pleasey please treaty did someone win I can’t tell sorry sorry sorry going back down I told you I I

Told you right at the start nobody like I don’t know who shot that but it wasn’t me who who won somebody won did somebody win I can’t tell somebody’s still building did somebody won I can’t tell hold on who won who won who won wait who won yeah

Somebody was on the very top I think it’s fair I think it’s fair wouldn’t be surprised actually stole the diamonds I’m glad about oh I just got an arrow I don’t have any that’s up stop shooting me man did somebody win I can’t tell what okay what is this okay cats

Please proceed oh hello peace peace who won congrats congrats hey hey hey hey hey peace peace peace come here do peace peace dang it bro oh my goodness what is he doing he’s just blocking it bro here oh he’s an I just realized we have this idiot thing going on in the

Oh thank you being chilling cat oh my God Jesus Christ so was it redet chat was it red jet dude I don’t think work for him anymore oh my God I was like red Jet’s at the top but it seems like he’s just defending I don’t think he’s actually doing anything

Why are we still doing this you muted your mic on the S SMP I know I did that on purpose oh he couldn’t hear me saying peace later nerd I don’t believe that he’s done it’s just going down dang it I don’t believe that he’s done bro

Bro hi hi do hi Dan how you doing hey peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace I promise peace yeah okay okay peace we can do this together if we get up there both and we can split the diamonds okay peace the the G the war

Games are what do you mean they’re over are gone are you sure I already yeah they like SE I se was up there and I don’t know if he got the diamonds or not but hold on I want to check the chest at least there’s there’s a piece of

Cobblestone and I think like a rose or something in one of them a rose I think it was there was random item in another chest I don’t remember what it was take only take one only all three have diamonds yeah they’re gone bruh well I

Made it up here so that’s enough for me I’m proud yeah um do yeah I I must I must dispose of you now no no no dang it I’m alive please say di from that please nope tragically I didn’t place my bucket though that’s

Cool I knew as soon as he said I’m sorry I was like oh he’s he’s getting ready to he’s getting ready to take me out huh I D it this is such a SC dude I wish I had my lava bucket that would be nice that would be nice where did he

Go can he see me oh never mind where are you forgot to mute myself jeez no no l l sucks to suck oh no not done with you yet hey bear hey I PA hey look at me hold on oops that was a mistake did I put it anywhere no I

Didn’t what’s up I like my new uh head love it it’s beautiful absolutely beautiful why is that on fire didn’t win the thing but it’s okay I think seedot made may have used may have used his admin Powers but take three each bro I don’t think he took three I

Think he took all of them were they ever in there did he even put them back jeez what an ugly thing somebody’s going to have to destroy that all right that happened that’s not the end of the diamond Thief we still have to do the truth bike and figure out who took

Everybody’s diamonds in the first place place now everybody’s over there well done well done by the way any pick up I mat what hey nice did you take all of them cuz it said just take three I took I took one yeah so what D I’m guessing there three there were three

Chests up don’t know where the chest empty I have been to the top I think the three wait did you not take a CH the diamond you won oh the diamonds you given I took four diamonds out of a CH okay so me gave and then someone else

Won like I was only able to take four hour I was F okay thanks m i i i was it was probably seedot that got the last one what’s going on dude why am I a punching bag today leave me alone did you did you get the last

Diamonds I got the last four yeah nice that’s cool all right so it’s cryo then Gabe and then seedot that’s cool awesome cool all right now when are we doing the truth bike are we still waiting for Johnny how much time left is John have

Until he gets on uh Johnny said he’d be here at like uh 5 or something what time is on that all right said be 5 hours after like 1:35 or something he said S8 nine 10 sorry PR sure he said sometime is it an it’s

Either an hour and a half or long but if we I thought it was I can’t stream that long and I got I got content so you got content wait wait what time is coming I have cont all right who picked up C Do’s head cuz I killed him and I

Want that head do you actually of his head oh my gosh I’m jealous hold on I killed can anyone just tell me when are we going to have the truth bike or whatever it’s called yeah When Johnny Comes I’m guessing is the well Johnny I wait wait wait wait I think Johnny’s

Going to be here in 37 minutes wait you hour right why don’t you just call him so we just come back what why don’t you just call him right now I don’t want to call him what if his phone rings at the place that he’s that actually I don’t want to call him

Yeah you imagine let’s do a group call dude imagine that I call him I call him and like hey hey um wait what oh I I imagine I call him and I’m just like hey we need to play Minecraft Bro where are you at dude for the the viewers are so confused

But Johnny’s basically at a place where uh we can’t call him we can’t call him right now it’d be very weird if we called him asking for one food whoever’s nice gets SE Do’s head 4:30 wait a minute wait so 1 hour I guys guys guys guys guys guys guys

Let’s give him Bund give me that head that’s look the I killed him head take 20 dude give me food give me food give me food give me food give me hey everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody hey hey hey give hey hey hey me f hey give me

Food shush shush listen uh Johnny is most likely going to be here in an hour so wait pair pair pair in 1 hour how how much longer can you stream no offense no offense that’s my head I killed I killed yeah I’ll run out you how much

Longer can you stream I just said we do it now to be honest how much longer can stream cuz I think we could give him one more hour and if he’s not here then we start oh that’s that’s fine ask you can come in an hour mine he

Said 5 hours and in 5 hours it’ll be 1 hour from now now fun done that’s yeah so per are you okay if we give him one more hour and then start um an hour yeah that’s pretty long I’m not going to lie but I need you to

Follow me Johnny said Johnny said that he would be here in one hour so is it okay if we just give him 1 hour and then we start the truth bike I’m good all right so exactly what you guys want do I’m like 90% sure pear isn’t the

Diamond Thief so we could just put him on here on there right now no pair’s going last we have a set list I literally asked him to make a deal on the truth bike and he wouldn’t even since did we have a list we have a

List bundon has a list cuz bundon is hosting so bundon has a list of the order people are the questioned Royal give me that head Roy that head except for one question Royal pair give me that head Royal pair Royal pair give me that head what you doing what you doing by

The way I have I don’t really have list yet I’m just winging it but I have the bottom three yeah bundon has a list I’m actually just winging it wait we have a list where’s the list where’s the list uh the list is the list is but’s

Imagination no I have a I have the last three but everyone else is random who the last three find out I can’t spoil the show what’s the point of having a show so you’re you’re the Master of Ceremonies you’re the host of the show huh I just I just like reality

TV I think it’s funny but I’m wasting my time I’m actually a really bad host give me the head no you were extroverted enough going fighting over the head I swear running all the way to how is he rolling so fast wait did they turn down the roll time no no no there’s

Enchantments that let you multi roll what oh my God there is a roll wait how do you roll uh I think it’s it’s alt for you it’s left alt left he hasn’t bound it yet he hasn’t bound it I thought I helped him bind it or no I

Helped you bind it huh okay it’s in your keybind menu it’s either r or it’s in your keybind menu hit escape and then there’s a roll thing that you can keybind it is did a Reload all right yeah let’s C going they’re fighting over SE Do’s head my gosh yeah that’s rough man

Imagine fana come on oops Morana is where at I don’t I I hate to like brag but I was I was up there at the top for like a good minute waiting for other people to get there saw that’s good that’s good Matt you little no I’m kidding I saved

Up I only had two you know let’s just have a nice little let’s just have a nice little uh have a nice little hold on uh Cafe invite switch to the cafe hold on toggle wait what is it I really got to like I really need to

Like get richer cuz everyone else has like enchanted diamond armor and I’m still sitting here with my iron armor I yeah I mean I I it’s so I hate mining without full Brite it’s just it’s an awful experience then turn it on I put a bunch of signs

Around the map saying D it’s not well I mean I tried to you guys didn’t work uh the rule I found like two I found I found two or three really that’s nice though thank you Bund hey D you’re talking you’re muted by the way oh Matt

In your Shader menu uh you can turn on full bright or in your settings your Shader pack settings I don’t I don’t I don’t use the Shader pack oh well that sucks for you then shut up I found two signs bundon two of the D rule signs that’s it though yo what’s up

Hey he’s behind the place very cool dude I’m hidden oh we should all hide in here wait if you do this command then you sit down I already did hey hold on let me I’ll go in with the take your take your armor off it looks way funer afraid your Cafe

Together wow I cannot move just hear Matt’s voice hey you have some hungry guests waiting wait how do you this command in chat oh guys come on take a seat there we go on the today he’s sitting on the floor did he miss you got to be on top of the chair

Yeah hit shift we we just had we just had the staff walk like come on guys yeah get kicked out of here hey switch how you doing big boy now someone I switch I can barely hear you s you might want to turn is sitting on my

Lap I do is that is that wait who here doesn’t have the texture pack on is there no more seats oh my goodness I have the texture P just sit on just sit on the table DOA do I have well you know what hold on I’m taking up a bunch of

Room I’m taking up a bunch of room hold on over oh I forgot to I forgot to install the thing Oho you can just turn you can just turn note blocks off for now this is really loud yeah do just sitting on the top of the benches that’s funny someone in my chat

Just asked who needs therapy the most you can turn it off and face all right so how yeah why am I dying the hell hitting me sit the dog down DOA oh my gosh now it’s you get it’s all right it’s I’m calling Animal Control heyyy hey heyang I threw a stick at

Him star so how how many how many drinks do you need let me just get get ready all right I’m back y what’s up here hang on let me give it let me give it Bund dun’s head maybe that’ll help all right everybody’s chat press one if I should slay the

Dog no don’t don’t kill the dog don’t kill the dog don’t kill the dog how many people what happened you guys might want to jump I drink I I brought a drink from home is that woles going to the backs no dog I will kill you switch you missed

The chair no no no that’s fine I’m room he’s making more room to be nice other peopleit did turn off I don’t hear anymore the no do a yesp I fell in the chair’s I’m not falling down I don’t get can you guys see oh I have one I have

One water Bott I’m just going I need one I need one I need one look wait look I’m in the chair guys I’m skibby Dana I’m kidding no not I my own drink I’m sorry what does the water bottle do uh yeah totally I brought my own I’m

Sorry all right well if not I I always have some extras there’s two extra if anyone needs an extra sip you know what I’m going to sit over here are we just I’m did the music turn off my sometimes it’s nice you know what I’m just going to go you know what let’s

Let’s run a more let’s run a more mellow track shall we I want to oh there we go mow is it mellow Productions feeling a little tired I don’t know if I can handle all that room I’m going down there maybe I’ll just chill in the bed with the cat huh what do you think hey buddy Morana wonderful maybe I’ll just sit in the chair for a minute just enjoy

Life oh my God why do I music from over these are my favorite moments there’s a big group of people and I’m just outside the big group of people so I don’t have to deal with the big group of people sometimes it’s nice being alone I did

This at my prom once and every single school dance I ever went to actually hit out in the bathroom just to take a breather for a minute while uh everybody else was in the other room you know those videos of um you know music playing in the background while you’re hiding in the

Bathroom done that a couple times hey rad hello what are you doing up here I’m just chilling enjoying the cat and the chair got be with the party that’s okay I’ll come down in a minute I just need a breather cool cool you know if you need anything sounds good thanks rad Bye-bye That used that used to happen at school dances too there would always be somebody that came in the bathroom check on me but you know what I don’t need anybody to check on me sometimes nice did it staring what are they doing what are they doing at my house

What are they doing I’m uncomfortable what are they doing at my house they better not go down there if they go down my toilet system so help me where did my dog go oh they killed my dog Oh they killed my dog did I see that in chat where did my dog go Rakin was slain seedot was slain Joe was slain per was slain I don’t see anything about Pingu maybe they just pushed the dog maybe they just kidnapped him I’m hoping that they just push the dog down okay they’re going in my house Hold On shut up what the where did my dog go where did my dog stop it stop it stop it back off back off back away from the dog back away from the dog this is my house it’s a sewer system does everyone know about this I

Did not know about this I just finished it actually how H are you ping 50 million times yeah this is I think I might accidentally hit him with the pun when I was breaking the block it’s okay I’m going to I’m going to feed him I’ll feed

Him if I can find something to give him food bro just take the steak I have a bunch done I just thre a bunch oh thank you appreciate you here you go Pingo there you go you good you’re good you’re good right yeah I want a potato

Yeah you’re good it’s okay buddy they broke a hole in our ceiling huh good doggy trying to protect us though if they would have killed my dog so help me Castle may have to repay you for this Trio yes I do have your head I don’t

Know how how did you get my head I I either killed you no gifted 50 members wait hold up sorry you probably you probably got it from you probably got it during the gunar the gunar the gunar is the only time I’ve died to another person

So I’ll kill you I’ll give you Four Diamonds if I can kill you right now no wait who’s giving out diamonds hold up I’ll die for Four Diamonds whoo if you can kill cryo I will give you four diamonds and I have who do I got to kill yo somebody give me

Somebody give me a sword somebody give me a sword yeah here you go buddy oh oh no all right are we killing I will kill oh oh come on sto my all right G cat got it where are dead man what a snipe oh we lost dang dude how strong is

That bow it’s fully de down I was at full health what no way I full health gab what is your bow it’s my you one shot me hey can I have those can I my sword back oh yeah wa hold on hold on do it again do it again do it

Again Point Blank hold up hold up yeah I need I need one of yall to speak at a time my headset my headset so I can’t hear from my oh dang on hey thank you hey it was good like it that bow is crazy thank you thank you I upgraded all right wait

Where did PE go did P have to leave I think failed yeah oh yeah he’s gone oh there he is hey ready than you thank you very much Wifi hey P you there I see can you hear me yeah hey guys guys already it’s time I had to go on a small

Journey by two different people it’s been enough time to where it’s hey it’s been enough time to where Johnny should have been on about 6 minutes a 8 minutes ago so I think we can start the truth bike now let’s [ __ ] yeah let’s do it all

Right hold on let me sleep really quick let me set it CH is time for the truth bike we shall hit this time it’s nice sometimes not being surrounded by a bunch of people no no the name is just coincidence truth bike here comes the truth bike here comes the end of the

Diamond Thief dude seriously can someone sleep oh never mind it’s Sunrise anyway who cares ready for the truth bik guys get get in get in grab a seat yeah somebody made it for me I’m coming good H me my dog will wait is this everybody surely this not

Everybody where switch Joe andse on way am I invisible I swear do SL trigger oh we can sit oh wonderful holy [ __ ] I mean holy holy oh yeah how do I get up there go on the lower up hello waiting for and then we need uh who else is

There 1 2 3 4 5 imagine if none of us is the diamond Thief imagine it’s Johnny if it was Johnny that imag yeah imagine it’s Johnny dude if it’s Johnny and none of us actually find out who the diamond Thief is right now that is going to be a

Rough thing Lally down do slash type slash trigger sit yeah it’s slash Trigg command there we how do I un how Shi sh who did that wow hello you actually broke a rule Joe there’s no PVP in in this is a safe space only truths and love in here well

I know that rules so and I was not in the space I was not in the space I was in the uh how do you how did you do it I can’t do it eight nine get in coming are you the last one packed am I think so one two three hold on

Let’s let’s do let’s do roll call let’s do roll call I hope you’re okay with sharing a there’s 13 people one two no no no let Bund take attendance let Bund take attendance let Bund take attendance attendance wait are we in school no without a dog without a dog everybody everybody

Trigger oh yeah my mic was muted hey hey I’m here okay hi C here cryor space here Daniel Cal present present to break the rule for PVP for one kids always have to say something different when the teacher was saying roll call gabri Cat I’m hilarious dude

Ridiculous he’s like he’s like a teacher who’s mispronouncing names yeah no I know he is oh gabri cat’s there please say present when I call your name okay uh presents thank you hacked Crusade future here yo Joe Kane whoops hello present everyone here everyone here okay

I checked you didn’t say my name oh my I’ll start okay c. we’re starting over oh mcraft scho role play ever everybody settle down okay welcome to the truth bike now y clap please clap kill some people truth bike yay yay I don’t know what

That is buty just go with it okay so I I’ll just start with explaining the rules and that I’ll explain a lot but the main reason we’re here and the main reason this whole area has spawned is because someone has been stealing all our diamonds and we don’t know who and

We’ve actually started to hate each other so really no I hate no one peace and love the only person I hate is myself hate is myself somebody who’s echoing who’s echoing who’s eching I don’t like it wait everyone be quiet everyone be quiet sh hello truth who is

It I heard it heard BND you can’t Crouch or we can’t hear you heard oh okay so everyone chill everyone chill okay the rules let me read the rules okay if you break any rules from now on of within this like area you’ll be permanently banned so you cannot break any rules

From now banned from the server ban from the server rule two you must always be 100% truthful while on the bike with your knowledge so like that’s just you know sometimes you can be a bit wrong but you just have to be 100% truth yeah exactly that’s the

One no PVP is allowed in here each person on the bike will get a Max of three questions and you just if you want to ask a question put your hand up by waving um it’s like this is B bottom left and I will tell you cuz if we all

Talk over each other it’s going to be just cursed oh got you got and last one um yeah only contestants who are selected need to answer questions obviously so only the people in the bike will need to answer the questions also wait really quick you’re you’re going to

Ask the third question right everybody else asks two questions and then you ask the third one no no no no oh I’m not asking I’m just the host it’s up to you guys to think of question wait everybody has to answer one specific question bundon no one ask about the diamond

Thief how about that you don’t have to ask about the diamond Thief but then you guys are inting as no no no I thought everybody asks about the diamond Thief everybody gets asked right well you can’t no that’s up to you guys oh what the hell is happening there hang

On don’t worry about it don’t worry about it we all going to ask the diamond listen he’s a little seed Do’s just a little quirky okay begin ascending I will start I’ll get out of the way all right red jet you can ask the first question go have you stolen anybody’s diamonds

Rest in peace no I haven’t I I did take one just then from like people were fighting around and someone dropped them no I’m not the diamond Thief but did you steal diamonds yes still he’s still going up my God guys just let him talk all right next question still

Ascending really where is he look up yeah just look up my Rend distance you can ask by the waying you can ask anything you can ask anything to Minecraft it doesn’t have to be related to the server it can be anything at all oh what is your credit card number and

Three digits on the back and the expiration month and dat you didn’t put your hand up rukin oh [ __ ] hey hey teacher please short can we question um are you actually Australian that’s the question you want to ask Pro his word yes I am I have an

Say in the does he sound not Australian rucus what the what do you mean last time one more question hands up if you want to ask the last one hey teacher please question I’m not what’s going on all right fine Jo go but please be nice about it okay how big is your

Gat honesty wait you need to be how do I measure it do me in cenet obviously no not centimeters that’s disgusting use inches use inches Bund I’m disappointed Bund listen listen it’s better bro you you should be disappointed rukin like this is an important question Hey

Listen I need to measure the goods I need to measure the goods you actually measuring oh my gosh what do you meanest he’s gone to oh my God am 100 102.5 CM oh my God y I’m I’m hitting those DMS I’m hitting those GM hell yeah dude that’s 40 in

What the heck that is 40 in wow I swear to god wow dude bun dun more like bun daddy oh my gosh oh my God this after after asking or after your questions guys jump in the water and relieve yourself from the lines I apologize Dan’s going to jump in I think

I need to cleanse too actually hold on I need to cleanse too Joe get in here you asked the gach question you need to cleanse I didn’t like go down go listen no no no no I’m I’m wait for the host to call you wait

For the host to call you yeah no Joe you’re on the bike buddy get on man me the bike why me wait wait I I thought we were Joe get on the bike hop on buddy please there you go Okay who wants to answer first question wait how many questions three three max

Three all right oh I got C in the back I got one oh all all right all right are you an actual speedrunner uh yes yes to some wait explain explain explain why is it like oh the shorts yes okay I think he meant like actual like have you speedrunning any games hey

That was on anation shut up Den sit down sit down okay next question hands up I love you Dan I love you too Joe wait I got a question I got a question I got a question please wait to be called for switch was first I’ll give it a switch go yeah

Joe what is your did my God gotot you hear me if you if someone dies here they’re perally bad from the server oh crap remember no no whoever whoever the Killer is perly banned there’s no PVP allowed in here listen listen skib toilet is influential you that’s my opinion do you

Like it that was not the question Joe it’s do you like it question I don’t no I don’t but I think it’s influential I respect it it oh my God okay stop that’s arguably worse last question last question last question I got one I got

One I got one I got one uh let’s go royal peir no about to let him just pass up I mean Joe did you take anyone’s diamonds no I didn’t oh guys that’s what we’re here for remember know we all going to say no though like what’s stopping someone from

Saying no you have to say the truth on the bike if you don’t you don’t say the truth BN impossible to lie on the bike the truth bike yeah you true true true it’s just not I’ll keep that in mind I didn’t say any diamonds at all Dan what was

Your question Dan what was your question oh I forgot okay got a good all right um Proto get on man that okay we know we know we know it’s not Proto he hasn’t join the server since day it could be it could be get on the bike buddy can I can

I get on the experiencing some technical difficulties can I go a little bit later yeah yeah all redjet you’re on sure yeah I’m up all right um how do I how do I stop sitting ah okay go reg thank you thank you thank you I’m God someone’s m is

Imploding that you again is it I thought that was my head get on the bike you need to be on the Okay who wants first question I got one I got one I got one I got one oh God anyone [Laughter] else yeah switch yep uh redjet how many

Hours of your life have you wasted solving shorts War lore on shorts Wars lore oh gosh um short answer too many long answer um I don’t know uh call it a week whoa like a week like like a straight week of just editing videos and stuff

Like total time like like not like even including like in between like all the time you spent actively thinking about Wars whether or week probably a week maybe two oh my God okay Dan you can go next I feel bad come back here buddy go answer your question I forgot

No I got it I got it I got it right uh n Joe Joe’s really want to on me that’s fair go no your turn your turn go oh uh red jet listen who’s your favorite content creator from shorts Wars oh oh come on that’s a good question good that’s

Good do I have to answer this you have um um wait redjet take your so you can you can say oh yeah um okay give him a honestly the only two creators I watched before shorts were started were you and Johnny so I guess I’d have to say one of you two

Wow just that is that is the best way I can determine my answer that is there you go okay I appreciate it thank you we have one final question by the way we haven’t asked the diamond thing yet just so a reminder I’m raising my hand to be

Honest I was going to ask his favorite color like ask question ask question gab cat go make sure you’re not shifting I can’t hear you okay whose diamonds did you steal o very direct whose diamonds did you steal you don’t know you don’t know mate who’s I stole no nobody’s

Nobody’s yay he’s innocent okay so actually know I stole I stole the warden’s diamonds I stole the warden’s diamonds that’s not a player that’s fine okay specify players to ask mine I was going to ask if you were a real jet there only three questions you had your wa you to ask me

Question wait wait what’s your question I’ll I’ll do it wait no I’ll do it I’ll do it I’ll do it y bonus question another one rules bonus round I am I an innocent man I’m ready let’s go okay I got one I got one I got one I got one if

You answer this you’re permanently banned there’s a Max three questions that’s in the rules ask but you answer you B buddy okay no I will get off the Dan I will get off the bike and I will answer your question are you a real jet yes canonically I am an actual

Jet he lied in the room yay baby that’s what weai for that’s what I’m talking about that’s what it’s all about is that the moist critical soundboard with us yeah buddy all you’re on the bike there we go hey guys yay okay I got one all right

Who wants first all right um do I pick or bundon do you pick bundon pick I mean you can pick I got one you go ahead you go ahead you’re the host uh let’s go switch Yeah switch is very enthusiastic yes how many times have you tried to buy the website

C.com zero times you can’t buy aim Dom on googlec yes you yes you can what are you talking about he’s lying when when I looked it up it said not guess what I have good news I have good news the domain expires DEC now we have to look it up let’s c.com

Buy it in December there is one URL though that you can go in it’s c. shop.com just anyways I got one I got one okay before I remember it can like you guys can ask anything he’s the admin of the server there’s a lot of questions you guys can

Ask okay waste them your credit card number I got one um anyone you I got one I got a question I have a question anyone have a question I got one I got one right here toate okay okay okay okay okay see dot do me and daa were on the

Server a little bit before you know everyone got on and we noticed that the gun mod was being refreshed earlier can you explain that okay so in order on the first server okay let me explain the situation because it’s it’s I’m going to explain some server things that I had to

Do so in order to add the sitting data pack that you all are using now I had to reload the files of the server and I don’t the data pack for the gun that Bund dun ended up like sending to me uh is still in these server files but it is

Currently just disabled um through like server configs so that’s why you saw it reloaded it is still disabled like you can’t use it but it’s still in the files that’s why I got one I got one I got one wa has has has to be truthful okay final

Question we have still not asked the diamond question I got one I got one I’ll ask I’ll ask the special question chose the person for this go for the throw yeah you can all right who has some questions I got one I got one I got

Clearly D I got one I wonder who I sit back I see that I I’ll ask all right uh yeah per what’s your question man we just keep getting ignored I’m sensing a pattern here’s your question what’s your question what’s your question what’s your question Dan hit me I

Forgot oh my God I for all right what was your question did you take it did you take anyone’s Diamonds the only diamonds I took were the three that DOA stole from me wait what wait hang on hang on hang on always comes to death he thought he was telling the

TRU he thought he is a diamond Thief not the diamond Thief you didn’t if it wasn’t your di or if it wasn’t you that stole my diamonds I do have three diamonds on me to repay you right now if you need please do I I hold on wait wait

Wait do needs to be on the truth bike next then before you pay her back do is next but see up feel free to Cle yourself how much better does it feel tell telling the truth you know pretty par for the course you know what I mean here let me go in what

The I think he did it wrong I I to do that too yeah make sure you do dump okay Dua you’re up on the bike you go wait why are you guys cleansing without telling the bike they just like cleansing bundon I wouldn’t expect you to get it

Jez Australian thing this is sickening I hate this okay good I’m being forced to you have to suff at this for like 3 minutes by the way who wants first question me me me me me I’ll take I’ll take first question I’ll give it a c dot

Cuz it just came off the bike yeah gotcha did did you end up stealing my diamonds for real for real those three or anybody’s diamonds make sure to add it on there or anyone’s diamonds yes okay it’s one question wait hold on one question slap and if you did steal tell

Me the people and number of diamonds you’ve stol that’s a very complicated question the only diamonds I’ve ever stolen was at the beginning of the server when I stole three of Bam’s diamonds and I put them in Dano’s chest what I didn’t steal them I wanted to

Frame down and it clearly backfired oh that’s a bam and I are tight he knows that I would never take from him and I return the diamonds right back to him oh my God oh my God so I told you oh my god wow okay red is not the thief I’m shook

Maybe just everyone has just stole maybe just everyone the time any red Chet next daa daa dang what is your full criminal record oh that’s a good one jeez real life from the top honestly in my in in CBS andp I mean if you want to add on your real

Life too sure but I meant in cbsp uhoh okay I’m not on real life for I’m not adding on that for you what did you do I Know What You Did In wasn’t the question I Know What You Did in 2007 I Know What You Did don’t lie

What a little too toothful just answer the question okay okay okay okay um I don’t think I’ve committed any CRI I I I did like break some of like uh what’s it Doo’s trees and then I put them back um I got people I’ve looked through people’s chest I haven’t taken

Anything but I did put more she took Bam’s Diamond she’s lying you just you just said you took Bam’s yeah yeah yeah I did do that at the beginning of the server I’m sorry I thought we already established clear have you all the crimes on the server go crimes okay it’s

Going to take a while what were the crimes wait what wait what did we establish with legal I’ll be right back like okay going to the going to the nether like huh no no no oh oh um uh wait wait wait wait drug dealing is illegal yet is it I haven’t

Technically done that ially done that yet okay haven’t done it yet okay good all right well is that everything yep that’s that’s it remember if you’re caught lying you will be permanently banned I’ll give you one final chance to finish your question yeah 100% yeah yeah I I

Believe so I’m sure okay I think you have is there one more question left one more question all right who wants the question okay hacked good bud Doo where is my head you took it haven’t I haven’t seen it in a long time you have to answer hacked wait hacked

What you have a head yeah no I know I went up wait hang on so basically I got head stolen from me and then I went back to you and I traded you your head for Johnny’s head said that was another head where is that head which you me do you

Have to tell the truth is you have you have one head I know you have to tell the truth your head you’re on the bike where is it yeah I I put it in my chest I SAR which chest the coordinates I have it in chest it kind of sounds like you

Want to steal it back I I I’m just curious where it is no no no we TR I’m curious who it is D St hey the rule is hack that we can’t we can’t I didn’t I didn’t say I’m stealing it back you said it in Spanish if you want to

Know where it is currently it’s under my lava waterfall all right all right there we go oh my God so exciting not of hacker gets there first that’s all I’m saying all right okay duer you may now jump on the water and cleanse yourself amazing all right wait

Hang on how do I do should we let Proto go since you skip Proto go people said amen is Proto there prot has yo y I’m I’m here I’m here I’m here everybody else want cuz I’m still I’m still struggling just get in dog will not stop

Staring at me wait is it my turn do I have to go yeah Pro you have to go buddy you’re on all right all right all right all right where is Da hold on I think she fell swiming away she never up did she leave she’s I can literally see her

Swimming that was coke that was coke coke coke coke coke coke wait which type of coke Jo which type of coke CAA all right dude she drowned in the Purity that’s do is going to protect the heads true I should have made a rule that you can’t leave until the show’s

Over that’s that would have been a good R so much funnier to race back yeah okay um that’s a new rule now applied okay from now on wa repeat repeat the rule you can’t leave this Arena until the show’s over oh is what if I what I DC it’s okay I drowned it’s

Tech you Haven technically you haven’t left the arena if you leave oh roll Proto Okay who wants question one for Proto PE do it ask do what finish shoot let me go with okay P go oh you pick the next one you pick the next one Proto all righto who’s your favorite

Shorts Creator out of um myself Clearly no you can’t say that this is cring Rule cringe dang you put me on I’m actually afraid to go on the truth bike dude I’m actually afraid uh uh just keep in mind Proto I am the admin of the server wa I’m you have to be I’m going go with PE

We Shar the same name I love you you’re lying fair enough you can pick next question who’s your second favorite who’s my second my second no I’m kid I’m inside my head pick someone with their hands up uh who’s whose diamonds did you steal nobody’s I haven’t I haven’t even been

Here how can I steal diamonds I don’t even know what the I don’t even know what I’m bro he got the right now it it physically couldn’t have been Proto he got the diamonds achievement today oh my God are are you going to frame Me by throwing diamonds

In my face not stealing you giving it to me that’s gift gift gift gift gift all right it’s you’re desperate tired desperate anyone have a question speaking of which I I need to ask a question about that you know um okay cat go okay bro why are you

Desperate listen listen listen that’s a great question I’m glad somebody asked that you know I’m I’m a struggling Creator you feel me like I’m trying to make bread I’m trying to make money I’m trying to I’m trying to elevate myself and that’s why I’m desperate I have to

Be Des desperate I’m that’s the last one yeah you can jump into the water you bud how do how do I leave how do I I can’t no he’s dying oh no he’s dying he’s going to die on the truth bike no dude that is such a bad Omen that is

Such a bad om death he wasn’t able to cleanse himself who who placed the blocks who plac the blocks that was him I think that was him by the way guys the button is shift you have a c Shi or right click H whatever all right you’re on the you’re

On the black body and you can pick first question while I get back on my little platform hell yeah let me cook yeah you need to watch I just hear bundon laughing outside the glass that’s great this rail is so loud you can put it down with

The Bro Proto Proto by the way it’s shift oh he dunks himself what happened wait what what happened the button to get off is shift the button is shift Proto why would keep that in mind for future uh got to drain you out I got to

Drain you out of there what what did you just say to me like a like a sewer any questions guys I’m not a sewer no I’m kid hey he pvpd me it was a it was a question it was a love rules go go go pick a pi who has

The first question oh my God is that the real d or cow drawings switch is that with your hand up I can’t tell drownings my you seem to have you seem to have a strange addiction with describing things in three words um why uh cuz I am very

Simple-minded I can’t go beond three words F fair enough fair enough I get that all right uh anyone just R Jo Joe you can you can ask this one uh I love you how old are you gee that’s very personal okay right right all right age

Range if if it’s if it’s too personal age range you know what I mean uh how short of a range are we talking how much you want five years plus yeah plus minus 5 years you know what I mean uh 25 to 30 that’s fair listen listen I’m going

To hit your DMs too as well as B we we’re all Boomers here hell yeah yeah we are okay uh wait red have you had a question yet I have asked many questions so if you want to somebody else that’s fair we got we got ask Diamond question yeah Diamond

Hang on I got it I got it okay cry you can do the next one ret cry so have you stolen any diamonds I have not all right W actually actually I have a I have a an aster for that guys what’s this do what’s going on okay so I he’s

Stretching he’s stretching he’s stretching he’s not stretching bro the boss him it’s it’s fine it’s fine it’s okay you what wait wait what did you say Jo nothing next one Prett much oh oh oh oh no he he he’s cleansing it’s fine he’s done okay wait

Gabri have you a turn yet you can get on the bike go on your get buddy we need we have an order I don’t know I’m just saying I’m just saying do okay if I’m going to be telling the truth I might as well make it painful for y’all what oh God

No I don’t care what you say oh my God you no no don’t thank thank you thank you okay yeah red jet you can red jet you can go will it take for you to turn the voice dra um 20 diamonds you can keep it on it’s not

Worth it not worth it wor it’s not worth it that’s a second question no no we can’t we can’t no I didn’t I didn’t put my hand up we can’t that okay switch P you go P you go last okay so switch all right go ahead wait well

We could hear Sten whose diamonds have you stolen pardon you have to answer you have to answer you said how many diamonds have I sto no who diamonds um I stole my own diamonds actually that doesn’t count crazy you have to listen everybody whose diamonds you stole everybody whose diamonds you

Stole everyone if you lie you’re banned we got cat gab cat uh gab all those people no I didn’t steal from anyone I got all these honestly whats so you you haven’t stolen a single diamond from the server n for anyone on the server you haven’t touched anyone

Else di mining all of them too I’ve gotten like 90 something diamonds from Jesus Christ damn yeah if I’m me to get stacked I might as well do it honestly okay know what I’m saying on the bike of truth I’m an entrepreneur here okay P goal one question it was

Going to be the diamond so I guess I’ll ask like something um um guys help me out here no are you a cat is he actually a cat is he a cat is he a cat oh my God is he a cat is he

Actually a game where do you live am i g hold on am I all right what’s the question have you ever wanted to bomb sea dots Cafe I think we should have you ever wanted to by the way is the question just have you have you ever looked

At you can be you can be 100% Morana in the cafe I’m not t my God we haven’t asked about Morana who yeah who did Kill Morana someone who’s was alive just now what exactly happened we haven’t asked about Morana I wonder who killed him what was it you

What no it was can I ask a question I fed it fish there that’s it you’ve done your three questions I’m pretty sure okay good you may you may dump yourself cleanse yourself dump yourself cleanse yourself for that stupid voice changer all right Dan I’m sick of you running

Around get on the bike buddy I already went did you no you didn’t I didn’t no you didn’t oh he’s lying I wasn’t on the bike I was allowed to lie now the truth has taken a has taken me over questions are going to pour in okay questions remember doesn’t just

Have to be about the server it’s funny if it’s not oh Dutch is going to ask a lot of question go go yeah there we go think about it oh no oh no just keep in mind there is an NDA for tun tur so I don’t think you’d be able

To get any questions I did sign myself into an NDA I me ask your ask your question though ask your question just see just a check okay what the hell is going on with the shadow cuz I’m really confused on that like that’s just the

Main thing cuz he want does he exist or does he not exist cuz I’m actually like going ins Sayer dude okay now hold on okay what if I don’t know the answer what if my cartoon rabbit monkey friend knows the answer but I don’t canonically cuz I don’t actually I don’t

Know the answer canonically I don’t know the answer that’s kind of a fail question there two two questions exact question from the right record then that it’s up to I’ll leave D Dan you can it’s I don’t know I don’t know the answer you can ask another one that’s that’s fair that’s

Fair I actually don’t know the you can ask another that doesn’t count as a question you can another one oh what no no I’m good I can tell cuz when I turn around it’s like there’s nothing else about tun if you want to know cuz I can

Answer what I canonically know but I just don’t know about the shadow okay let’s talk about the release date huh oh come on no no no it’ll come out as soon as I finish it that’s not even a lie dude say the truth tell the truth about

It I will finish it dude as soon as I finish it it’ll be released like actually that’s my answer dud like that actually I don’t think I did oh anyone any questions you go Jo Joe go this is D disappointing all right Dana yeah oh oh

My God okay I have to think about this okay cry actually think had a question have a good question C go ahead go ahead we got to so we know that you’re one of the uh one of the top suspects that’s true did you did you

Steal any diamonds I was about to ask that um that I can remember I only took uh I only took a couple diamonds from data as insurance in case she was the diamond Thief so I have them I have them and I can back other than that I don’t think I’ve taken any

Diamonds Diamond Thief as all of us against Dasa wait wait wait how many did you take uh it was either five or three I think it was five but I only have three in my chest which means somebody stole diamonds from me back so some someone stole D’s diamonds

But they were doas yeah and they’re BS they’re Bam’s diamonds No I gave Bam’s diamonds back oh you did oh he gave Bam’s back but not mine imagine could you imagine if the diamonds like stolen were just like constantly stolen from other people like they started as bams and they were doos

And they were Danos that would be funny that would be funny around Diamond was the friends we made along the way who wants the final question by the way I’m so curious who set up this whole nobody has a question I have a question yeah does anyone have a

Question just no no no is that the question no no I’m asking I mean I could give a few more T question online I feel bad I know either for everyone okay no listen listen let me let me ask this then okay Dano yeah listen I love you love you too are you

Happy if not if not if not okay are you happy with your channel and if not in what direction you wanted to evolve wow all his viewers from this what the no he’s not no go D dude that’s funny D if you were just asking like am I happy in

General that would have been a whole oh my gosh could have got on in general and with your channel okay oh so both okay um dude the bike is so loud hold on hold on let me turn down my okay wait I can still hear the voices

If I turn off the bike right okay good I can you can hear the voices and not on the cart and I can still hear them happy o man the last time I was truly happy dude that that was I was probably like prom 2020 2021 whenever I

Was with Leia at the we were dancing on the crazy that is crazy we were dancing on the beach it was really romantic dude that was that was the last time I was I was like happy happy we’ve had a couple moments like with her but you know

There’s always been stuff in the back of my mind that’s like kept me you know what I mean like kept me from like being fully happy um happy with the channel um I mean I’m I’m I’m I’m grateful for the channel which uh isn’t the same thing I’m

Grateful to have it um I wish that I could um I still don’t feel like I’m a real YouTuber because I just have the shorts views going and I don’t have um main Channel views but other than that you know it’s I’m I’m grateful for it I’m grateful for everything I’m able to

Do with it I’m able to take Leia to like nice dinners and things but you know just just not uh just not fully there I wish I could pour more time at longterm content hopefully when I get my editor I’ll set up and and running then I’ll

I’ll be happy and everything and and maybe T Turf will bring a little more traffic and everything to my main Channel videos but yeah I don’t feel like a real YouTuber so yeah wow oh my go hey hey my chat’s saying something Johnny’s live Johnny’s live hey Johnny joining oh dude Johnny’s just

Gonna make it that’s crazy I feel bad because I didn’t answer any of dod’s like actual T Turf questions but it’s okay it’s fine it’s fine I’ll out good CL yourself buddy you you’ve earn it ah wait bundon when are you going he already went first wait there’s a little bit of

Yellow in the water just ignore that that area not anymore who hasn’t gone yet wait have you gone don’t you have a list bro hasn’t gone I I have I have a final I have a final I have a final three I think we need to do cryo and then Johnny

Cryo and then Johnny cryo Johnny and me all right cry cry go on and has G yet Johnny where is he I’m going to go get Johnny I’ll be right back Johnny where’s Johnny is Johnny over here Johnny I’ll go meet Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny yo hey you’re live

Yep yep hey we got the matching Styles except for the boots hold on there we go now we’re twinsies all right let’s go we’re in the middle of the truth bike you’re next after cryo okay dude you literally came at the perfect time it’s cryo and then bundon

Has a set list for like the final three but he could slot you in right in between the middle so you got here at literally the perfect time that’s magical how was the drive how was the drive was it nice good good yeah it’s it’s it’s mostly highway so

We’re chilling that’s good I brought Johnny I brought Johnny okay the Raz Johnny if you type this command then you can uh then you can sit down all right Johnny if you have a question each person gets three questions got to be 100% truthful on the

Bike or you’re banned from the server if you have a question you put your hand up by waving is B down left that’s pretty much the speedrun of what’s happening this one that’s not either all either all either all speed running rules I’m so I’m so sorry anyway

Listen am I get on you’re you’re on the bike yeah a little ride give it a ride Matt what did you just say to me give the bike a ride what any questions I can ride the bike with no handlebars dude you might get okay am I am I wow am I that

Unpopular all right cryo you know how this goes did you steal anybody’s diamonds not a single person person Yoo a single Diamond nope ooh I got one actually I’ve got one too huh who has the who has the coolest base on the server who the um and you

Can’t say yourself yeah no I it’s not it’sin me cry look up and to your left have you seen all them look back that way direct it’s cool but it’s not basest you know it’s no it’s red Jet and it’s not close yes let’s go Cafe better than the cafe cafe that’s

The one the one how do how do you stop it’s really cool it’s really cool press shift sh oh okay okay awesome um all right final question it I want to ask it okay oh wait wait I got it I got it I got it

Wait wait I have to go I have to go I have to no no don’t don’t don’t let do not let him ask a question please please I have to go I literally have to go I have to go not not let ask do not let I

Won’t answer it no you have to you’re on the baned no Matt it’s okay it’s a good question it’s a good question I promise I don’t believe you it’s a good question you have to answer I I think it would be funny if you let the man ask his

Question do it do it do it I’m sorry switch but let Dan do it all all right Matt Matt Matt do you like golf go what don’t get it can can you the question repeat the question please I asked him if he likes golf it’s it’s PTSD for Matt

Yeah he hates I I was going to ask I was going to ask him to rate his experience from 1 to 10 on River’s SMP me see who oh that’s also that’s that’s also a PTSD inducing question c c can you explain the PTSD or

Is that private I’m kid he yeah you can explain the Rivers’s PTSD that could be question the PTSD of the of golf is I did a stream with Dan and he got like a knockback a thousand kept on smacking me in the face with it and say and he like

Repeatedly went hey Matt you like Golf and so that that that was awful can I also add cry’s chat has been like spamming this in his chat for like the last few weeks it’s been it’s been like two months every time but anyway to answer your question I I’m indifferent

To golf I’m not I don’t hate it I don’t hate it but I don’t like it uh and as for the rivers PTSD we’re going to be here for hour we’d be here for hours worry question was the PTSD fre to jump off you’ve answered your three jump in

The water wait we didn’t find out if you took the diamonds yeah we we that’s the first question first question he didn’t take any Johnny’s next Johnny you’re on the bik bu right now oh my go here we go John Razer John Razer oh there we go I

Hereby solemnly swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth right hand in the air left on the ask away I got one the bike is so loud yeah you you your master volume and then that way everybody’s voice will just be

Remaining ask about the boss the boss go on my my settings are in Pirate so I need to that pirate Pate who wants a question before we while he’s fixing it who has a question I have what are you doing dude yo get a flip question you got ask why would I

Ask not go first all Johnny Johnny fine do you hear me I hear you Johnny I love you that’s the question are you are you the B worst Are You The Boss shorts wor boss shorts oh my go did it did it come inside of

Pear okay okay Joe Joe Joe Joe these are two very different questions it’s important to know listen can your twin brother very careful no um I I Johnny Razer am not the boss short two seconds going to be in the area but I got leave for two

Seconds break somebody said in chat uh can I have some words of encouragement cuz they’ve been going through a rough couple weeks bro just so you know you know that line from um The Dark Knight it’s the night is always darkest just before the dawn just give me a second I’m talking

To my chat just give me two seconds mat um there’s a line in in the Dark Knight says the night is always darkest just before the dawn I like to believe that if if you go if you always have Heights in your life then you just you you you don’t

Understand or you don’t appreciate it and so and so um I think we have to earn our Heights you know what I mean we have to earn the happiest days in our life we have to have dark paths so that way it balances out with life life is all about balance

Right there’s multiple religions about it even if you’re not religious I believe life is about balance even if you see people at the top who like have so much money and everything they’ve still had hard times or they will have hard times or or you know they’ve experienced tough parts of their life

Even me dude do you know how rough parts of my life has been and I’m not saying like I was born with a rough life or anything I just you know I had rough periods in my life where where rough things happen to me where where um you

Know I got I got dumped I got cheated on a couple times even outside of relationships you know I’ve lost friends I’ve gained friends but now I’m I’m here and it’s because life is all about balance and stuff so I’m not saying I earned my spot but I’m saying that

Everybody has to go through rough spots to get to the top so anyway that’s all I hope I hope um your bad days end soon I hope everything gets better and um yeah anyway hope you’re okay give me an update give me an update soon okay

Hopefully your life um hope has an up pretty soon hello what I miss see what I miss to H nothing much did he say anything wait did you hit I I don’t want okay can I ask up to you guys you guys can decide between yourselves who asked the last

Question can I pet it RPS RPS RPS cannot pet the dog Matt what did I miss okay uh nothing he just said that short he just said that short oh yeah let you know that I found it out wait what’s you might want to the question you just said this you guys can

You guys can decide amongst yourselves who gets the last question the two questions were Are You The Boss shorts Wars and what’s your best idea what do you say to the boss shorts Wars one he said I am not the boss shortsit not the boss shorts my my second best idea was bad

Ideas merch.com where you two wait I got it I have the best question wait wait I have the best question to make joh like regret his life hold on I got it I got it I got it what’s your question what’s the best we Haven met the diamonds yet oh

Yeah dang it wait do we have to ask about the diamond me I mean I’ll give you an extra one I didn’t take the diamonds I didn’t even know the diamonds were G we didn’t ask him that he just he just said that we didn’t ask him we

Didn’t ask him that doesn’t count we didn’t ask him so he just said that on his own accord anyway okay I got one what is your okay wait wait what do you hate most about Kirby and you have to find something oh um okay the the 3D

Models that people made where he has realistic feet where like where he like takes off the red Kirby himself like there’s like Kirby himself you have to find a problem with Kirby himself there’s you have to demolish your God Johnny but there isn’t but but but Dana

There’s nothing you can’t find a you have to find something wrong Johnny you have to find something wrong Johnny I could I could I could stand in I know something with with the Kirby series that no Kirby himself not the series Kirby himself you have to find something

Wrong about Kirby Kirby I mean he he like went on a on a rampage over cake one time which was kind of messed up you’ve never done that I’ve done that yeah dude oh yeah Kirby used to be white like that was kind of messed

Up I hate white things how do you know huh how’s that messed up I’m going I going I mean well he like he like changed color like that’s kind of like that’s wait that’s that’s the fourth question Johnny you I’m out of here Johnny Jump In The Water got to Clee

Himself who hasn’t gone yet who hasn’t gone yet I haven’t gone switch red jet switch red Jet and redjet went redet I’ve already I’ve already gone I’ve already gone oh wait re oh it’s haed where are you oh shoot right here I thought PE was going to be last

No he’s not going to be he’s in the last three yeah let’s go I got one I’ll let you you can pick the first question P all right are you the diamond wait whose diamonds have you stolen I’ve stolen switches freaking knew it but that I’m not the I’m not the diamond Thief

Oh two the options are getting really low here it who buil the tower it’s not yeah who built the Tower what have we been asking we basically went through everyone yeah well we got two left we’re not done yet we Johnny cuz Johnny hasn’t asked a

Question yet so go Johnny pair yeah rank I want your true ranking of the one piece crew members from best to worst Jesus Christ I want your tear list I want your teer list right now of One Piece characters all of them best is Luffy second overated is I I’ll probably say

Um Zoro wait where does Naruto rank oh my three can we bandana what about guts where does guts rank where does God stop six seven Brook listen I know I know berserk is the only anime you’ve watched nank no hey I watched Castlevania I watch Castlevania that is that’s true that’s

True slander the Frankie slander your last question yes biggest regret with YouTube all of them biggest regret starting yeah you specifically so I feel like I’m in a unique case because I’ve actually had success with long form and um but I saw that shorts were paying the

Bills so I went full force on shorts and I kind of wish I stayed with long form a bit but um that’s what I’m going to be doing this series making way more long for oh [ __ ] oh nice fa done now I do have I do have something yeah go for it

Dude before I cleanse myself switch come up here oh oh no no is he going to give him the no no no no no turn turn around what you see that stone you see that stone block right here yeah this Dig Down dig it dig down what don’t why you damaging my

Arena tell me what the book says tell me what the tell me what the book says guys contestants please move get out get I’m trying to get I’m stuck oh there we go out switch you got to read what the book says temporarily putting some stuff in that chest

Um oh daa you suck don’t do that don’t do that ever again what does the book say switch my chat made says the book says my chat I I’m sorry for wait wait what the book say does the book say cont hash content that’s right it was too powerful switch what’s

The book say switch switch left the game dude no he’s back he’s back he’s back he’s back oh that was D swi not why is switch always just muted switch tell switch tell tell them tell everyone what was in the chest yes you’re muted by the way yeah yeah yeah we can’t

Hey what he doesn’t know he doesn’t know anticipation I think it’s how long have you had this set up for yeah um a while this is this is supposed to be the greatest plot twist of the CBS MP what let him restart dude the anticipation swi give me the book we’ll

Be right back CH guys guys guys a watch time tactic what the book say tell us what do the book say chat no one leave for goodness sake sorry yeah we yeah we can’t we can’t no no he’ll be here my chat’s getting bored and leaving and they made me play the

Harmonica just chat my my chat’s way cooler um shut up said they were leaving I wanted to give them options I because because of this event I I just want to say hate you uh use code pair in the fortnite item shop use code bundon please so

Smart thank you left your stream and came to mine love you BAS you I I don’t control my chat they do what they want thank you I like how this was all paused because switches audio yeah literally shut up everyone be yeah we can hear you yeah yeah the

Book says hasht content that’s all it says what let’s go did we just wait for what it was cont no but switch switch tell him what was in the what was in the chest 65 diamonds exactly stop there’s no baby I need some diamonds guys I stole 64 I stole 64 I

Gave him 65 that’s what we call interest is that like inance oh yeah interest wait so par please are per didn’t lie he said he still switches diamonds yeah I only switch my gosh I wait I thought we can’t leave the room I just want you to know that I’m

Not going to do that I I just want you to know that I’m better than more people the I I I appreciate that man I really do but uh okay I’m not going I’m not going to slur but uh yeah no I’m not going to say

Anything who said that bro I’m okay want get in get in get in than two more people two more people let’s get in there please we’re nearly done here okay guys okay I I know we just found a be info drop there’s still two more people

Switch you still me andow wait wait Joe Joe Joe can I can I walk with you for a second can you walk with me for a second you guys can’t leave the arena against the rules okay just please wait please wait Johnny what’s up people just back in this

Corner what if the diamond what if the real diamond stop what’s going on what’s going I I was giv another donation um for this oh my okay oh my gosh okay this is a good this is a good you know donation oh I want to ask okay who sorry apologies apologies

I’ll let you pick the first question let’s go let’s finish this I’m the only one raising my hand uh cry also all right are you the diamond Thief no I have not stolen a single Diamond wait I put me on the truth bike hold on no you’re not it’s your yet Swit your

Next okay when the bike all right next question two more s it’s mellow oh my God oh my gosh it’s mellow anyone got questions oh no questions I’m sad no question redet redjet had one no wait I think wait I thought I had one I got to think

Through it wait one second all right gabri cat let’s go wait hang on I’ve got one gabri cat you can go first okay here’s the thing um so you spent a lot of time with pear right you know you two are pretty close in here okay uh just quick question is the one

Piece real uh par any H care the one piece is real the one piece is real can we get much higher can’t ask from help much higher I never I never watched it so I I don’t know phone a friend phone a friend phone a friend okay last question all right uh

Do yeah do oh okay wait who wa you oh um so like did you go to my face and steal my heads like I have not stolen your heads no that was not me who was it someone you knew no I don’t know that’s the second question I’m sorry I’m sorry

I’m it’s no both it’s both no it’s fine okay cuz I had like a few heads stolen all my chat said it was you I have no heads on me I I don’t have any of the heads any heads I get are uh not mine

Did I die all right liar P did you cleanse Yourself by the way I did I’ll do it again though okay hacked I think that’s it that’s your three questions right you make you may cleanse yourself okay switch you’re the final you’re the final one on the bike Swit now there’s

Going to be lots of questions here want a question La okay I want wait wait I need to discuss I need to where’s hacked where are you we had a question we wanted to ask right okay how about this cryo first and then hack and pairs questions second okay all right okay all

Right switch what what’s your favorite song that you have made that’s a Good oh is there a jing song I don’t think there is sucks I did it in like 15 minutes it’s not good that’s my least favorite exact exactly my favorite Joe Joe Joe Joe it’s okay it’s okay Joe I I stole I stole them I’m the one who stole all of

Them wait Joe have you not heard your song it’s so it’s say you have to send it you have sorry sorry I didn’t I didn’t say anything I wasn’t on the bike right now I didn’t say anything Zone in switch on on the bike switches on the

Bike guys come on pay attention favorite song that I’ve made is probably clone ry’s Battle Theme because I have like 20 hours total on the project file o hours it does slap though big numbers have you asked have you answered one or two just one one one p you got the next

Question you me and ha have a story to go along with this question okay so we have we have secret chest that we put off like off stream and one day we go to the base and the grass block above it was broken so I just have to ask this

And you have to be honest have you ever at any point in the server history used X-ray no oh Jesus I’m glad I didn’t get this the I I said that’s incriminating I should not have said unless okay I mean when okay when is it was it okay when the

Block is broken was it in the same place as when you showed me on my stream where uh like it was with me oh it wasn’t no then I I it was completely off stream I have never never used X never taken anything from your chests yeah nothing

Was stolen from the chest it was just broken leg Yeah tax question damn I love that one someone attention on that question I Lov it good I respect it you’re on the so I got to respect final question we have to ask has anyone asked about the

Diamonds give it to me give it to me act ask the question all right right yeah yeah the first question switch did you are you the diamond Thief no there was a was a really is itow switch please explain why you pause cuz that’s part of the question was there

Anyone that get the question it was dramatic pause I’m not was there anyone that was there anyone that didn’t get ask the question no one else Johny Meo isn’t here switch cleanse yourself Swit yourself get out here Meo couldn’t have done it though we we as has barely been online I can’t

Imagine it was him if you go in the bike if you’re earing up on it my John Johnny get Johnny get on the thing get on it get on it right now Johnny Are You The Diamond Thief no you suck someone in my chat paid me $50 to say it was

Me that was worth it it okay I have a question for everyone right now I have a question for everyone right now and this is regarding server stuff all right it’s going to be very quick so go on this side if you want to say yes and go on

This this side if you want to answer no to the question all right currently right now the world border is at 3,000 blocks wide should we increase it to 5,000 yes or no wait which side is is no no guess us where literally everyone yes and no can you repeat that okay should

We increase the world border from its 3,000 block diameter to it 5,000 block which is no desert and no ocean biome this is no all right that only be inre each side however I will it won’t happen right away all right it won’t happen right away because obviously I

Need to pregenerate the chunks so that’ll probably be later tonight all right yeah those are all the those are all the people sides that are yes or no please I’m on yes I’m on yes yes I’m on yes five got guys can we stay on the sides bundon what side you want um

Yes stand on the stairs please stand on the stairs please everyone on the stairs on the stairs so I can I can count we have majority don’t we anyway three four five six seven on each side I think no way 1 2 3 4 five before

Stream started so me and jelly bean are on the no side so I guess will not JY Bean has W me you w wow wait um let’s go is that is that all is that are we done it has to be there’s no wait has barely been online there’s no way it’s

Mow if you are the diamond Thief like please cuz everyone’s been on the bike just go on right now and own up to it if not guys I want to end this come on yeah who is tired of this yeah the diamond myat hates me wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

Wait wait wait wait wait so is anybody owning up wait wait two second we got hold on just give it a second ice scream cry just came cry are you the you’re not the diamond Thief cuz you said wait no are you no no I’m not okay

Wait off wait I’m getting a text message everybody hold on wait wait wait everybody hold on I’m getting a text message I swear from wh hold on I’m getting a text message if you if you tell me if you tell me it’s riggy I’m going to kill him oh my gosh dude no

There’s no way it’s hold on it’s cloney Ain no way oh yeah there’s no way if you tell me the all right Dan what is it it Dan hold on big fun Dana take the take the the stage take s a stage yeah hold on I’m getting a text M

It just says to wait hold on it just says to wait hold on I don’t want to wait who’s it from who’s it from uh is it Le I think that’s part of the suspense currently booting up ry’s Minecraft account I’m the problem it’s no there’s

No way it’s riggy dude there’s no way it’s riggy hold on ry. exe please if I see that rat if I see that if I see that stupid rabbit let’s kill him we need the head oh oh I need the Ry head everyone’s not spawn he was taking like where’s Bam by the

Way Bam could have make it today so he’s getting banned right Ry was riy in Creative Ry cre you just switched to survival blood way oh my God I got it no way give it to me give it to me give it to all oh my God what is going

On got ry’s head dude there’s no way it’s riggy what is going on dude what is going on gab you should take stage take the stage PVP ins no PVP no PVP inside no PVP inside no PVP inside no PVP inside Ricky is muted right nowy iwear

Officially has the rarest y head right now oh I want to kill you Ricky are you Michael Jackson H I’ll have you know sorry wait is wait riy is muted right now should we wait for riy to unmute Dan what’s the a no riy doesn’t have a mic on his

Computer he doesn’t own one I don’t think so okay who want first question guess we can ask in chat please switch wow duta who want first question true colors of duta who wants first question is that the first question we’re going to start off with really really really

We know we should ask that one last hands up hands up we have to ask it m ry’s muted red jet red jet red jet can go first riggy the rabbit monkey are you the diamond Thief okay riy is muted now we just have to wait my

He in his inventory he just he’s banned forever dude wait wait wait wait wait wait we found them in the chest though who has the ones that were in the chest uh he he stole it dude I think I think what happened is riy took all the

Diamonds and put it in switch’s chest guys wait wait wait sh Let Me Clear things up how does he have iron armor are you kidding I don’t daa daa I’m talking okay shut my prank on switch was like supposed to be like I I have no knowledge of the diamond taker it was

Supposed to be its own thing it was just extremely bad timing dude no way so riy so so wait I I gave switches back so at the end of the day it’s just content right switch yeah very long drawn out content but yes yeah content Ry left with my

Diamonds that’s okay that’s the truth bike’s over you may now leave wow all right wait so where the diamond realiz where’s riy and where are the diamonds no the D no riggy tried to frame switch so he put the diamonds in switch’s chest and that’s what PA stole

Or he put the diamonds up here or whatever yeah put diamonds here get some diamonds can my diamonds back yeah so can I get like my three that I had yeah can I get my yeah I had like 30 to my name guys you shut up

Dude what a plot twist what a plot twist all right we got what we need I’m getting dod’s diamonds right now hold on uh who all got a riggy head should probably go try and retrieve those all right let’s see There’s an ad on my b i sto it straight from switch though all right switch give riggy’s head for all of them who’s DOA all of the Ry head come over here yo oh oh yo yo yeah the Ry head’s too valuable who has the Ry head um I had seven

That’s all I have I’ll get two more eventually I’ll go find two more and give them back cuz I don’t know honestly it’s fine no no no no I’ll pay you back I’ll pay you back I thought you were the diamond Thief you weren’t so I’ll pay you back eventually with interest don’t

Even worry about it I’m going I want to strike a deal with you bu hey this is so unfair talk to him to me what is going on this is so guys we got to go to a private spot bundon because diamonds have been who has the

Diamonds oh he’s gone that’s private it is left who actually wait wait wait wait who has the actual diamonds that to be okay yeah we need to redistribute the I am missing seven missing wait Johnny it was three I checked on VOD on VOD Joe it is seven

Cuz I remembered the last time yes yes I literally just checked my no way no way dude go check it go check the end of iteven you know that I’m not going to check it hang on hang on hang wa wait guys guys guys where’s seot where’s seot

The diamonds were distributed into three chests at the top of the tower me SE Dot and gabri Cat won so and I gave the diamonds that I had to hack so the people that have the diamonds are hacked seed Dot and gabat cryo but you could be

Like generous you know you could be like you know alleged of the server you could okay I I gave the diamonds to hack I need seven where hacked just St up dipped what if what if we just don’t anyway listen we going fishing I

Want a fish what now you want a fish so who has the diamonds like uh is there one I know but like do we even have the right all the diamonds or is that just a couple of them I think there was there was all the diamonds at least a stack of

It at least a stack of no there wasn’t a stack taken I think there was like 22 or something yeah the diamond Sten 22 had at least like n to my name c c 22 in one in one uh chest right on top I thought it was all

Three no way no no no no it at least a stack hold on let me count are you missing hold on let me count cuz there was I saw all uh hang on wait does anyone have a chest dude I can’t believe bu got the Ry where’s the chest where

Keep on all times cuz it’s now like the most valuable but I’m thinking it’s like that’s crazy oh I can’t give you n i just give Johnny Seven 1 2 AR stolen I was just donating Johnny okay well don’t give me don’t give me yours then have your

Stolen Joe we’ll find r at some point and we’ll and we’ll take care of this problem there I I appreciate it per but like just there there was there was 22 exactly there was there cuz there was wait how how many how many do you have up man how have you

Been how you doing good you good yeah okay there was there was all right well I got mine so I’m okay there was 22 diamonds exactly there was there was there was there was 12 in one chest like there was 12 in one chest four in one and then three in the other

That that’s uh only three in the other really it was like three or four wait how many did you say in the in the first chest 22 12 12 I doubt you 12 so 24 27 in total man I’m bad at math wait 12 watching since the Bendy stream that’s

Crazy on ry’s channel coming soon that would be epic down yeah riggy still yeah apparently riggy was Diamond Thief sounds good that’s crazy yep we did bye yeah no way because because Johnny said that uh he like he lost like nine diamonds my prank was switch was supposed to be self-contained like I

Have I don’t know why we we got it we got it we got it okay it was maybe I’m maybe I’m just doing the math wrong oh no Dan you’re going have to have a word with riy and figure out where the rest of his diamonds arein who’s still

Streaming wait who’s still streaming I’m stilling I think all right wait you’re not streaming D no I’m streaming I’m streaming but we’ll talk about it as soon as stream ends we’ll talk about it okay um okay we’ll talk about it in the Discord all right all right can I’m

Going to sleep then everybody will be made whole with their diamonds byebye yay Byebye oh look at the sky it’s beautiful it’s beautiful Danny yeah where you going I don’t know oh rainbow look at the Rainbow Oh I don’t have shaders on probably going to end stream pretty soon I’m getting exhausted and also my uh my mom’s getting home soon we’re going to

Go see a movie you want to go up to my no one’s going to bother you up there oh have you started building on it yet no it’s empty oh well I’d still love to see it give me tour okay I’ll give you I’ll give you the tour of

Nothing H give me the tour real quick before I end Stream whoa I I just finished kind of like placing like getting the outside done and I think it looks fine there we go but look here’s here’s my plan here’s my plan yeah I’m going to put I’m going to put like a house I’m going to use cherry wood I’m going to

Use Cherrywood I’m going to put a house beautiful and then I’m going to put like I’m going to put like a little Lake and it’s going to spill over the side and it’s going to be a little waterfall that’s how people are going to get up here it’s going to be wonderful I’m

Excited dude a little lake with a waterfall it’s be beautiful oh look at how beautiful everything looks from here that’s great and you’re getting and you’re getting flashbacks from uh from retro good old days from the good old days hey Matt you want to see something

Cool look at this combat move that I learned so if you look Matt look at me look so if you do that was a mistake all right all right I I’ll leave you alone now so you can talk to your chat for a while all right sounds good

I’m gonna end stream love you love you too ah all right end off the stream real quick disconnect let’s find out who’s still streaming let’s see who we can raid Hold On Let’s Chill a chat hey everybody sorry my stream was lagging for a minute there how you guys

Doing can viewers join the chicken Burg Burger SMP not right now not right now we’re keeping it to a maximum of a couple people but maybe in the future uh hold on really quick I got to do something really quick let’s see I’m watching you type on your stream bundon is watching my stream apparently give me two seconds give me two seconds hold on give me two seconds okay right sorry guys I had to do that really quick anyway so that was crazy shout out Nathan Oliver how you

Guys doing are you ending the stream yes I am let’s see who do you guys want to raid who do you guys want to raid who’s still live right now who’s still live let’s see who live let’s see who’s live we’re got to figure it out So uh let’s see cryospace is live might do cryospace what about switch is switch live I think switch is live let’s see who has the least viewers that would be cool let’s see who has the least viewers here we go do is streaming C dot streaming Joe Kane is streaming cryospace is

Streaming all right cryospace has 13 switch has I love Matt dude Matt’s the best switch hold on switch I guess switch has five o switch only has five data has 137 oh daa is fine let’s see C dot only has a couple Joe has a couple oh no they’re

Both good C do has 131 so right now it looks like switch oh switch has 92 actually geez 78 okay and then wait how much did cryospace have cry space who do you guys want to raid tell me who you guys want to raid you guys want to raid cryo all

Right we’ll raid cryo because he has the least all right you guys ready we’re going to surprise him everybody go in Matt’s chat this is cryospace everybody go in Matt’s chat say I sent you and uh say l pranked ratio okay everybody say that to

Matt all right hold on I’ll slap the the redirect in there really quick is that is that cryospace yeah Crow space perfect save all right all right I’m uh I’m getting ready to end stream thank you guys for staying with me for the whole day that was a crazy

Ending crazy twist ending uh thanks everybody for uh for joining everybody for uh staying through bendy and everything hey if you missed a couple of the streams go back and watch them uh go back and watch um you know go back and watch um uh go back and watch what what we

Made the bass you guys want to see how I made the bass you can go put it on in the background just play it or not it’s fine if if you just wanted to see the truth bike if that’s all uh yeah I’m excited to make t surf but yeah thanks

Guys bye go go say Matt I said go tell I said hi all right thanks for watching

This video, titled ‘THE END OF THE DIAMOND THIEF – CBSMP (6)’, was uploaded by Danno on 2024-02-04 01:20:08.
It has garnered 64936 views and 1906 likes. The duration of the video is 03:11:46 or 11506 seconds.

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    Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Spar1er on 2024-02-17 03:00:01. It has garnered 6809 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft funny,minecraft update,minecraft but challenge,minecraft survival,minecraft seed,minecraft how to,minecraft facts,minecraft,minecraft rarest,minecraft hardcore,minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft pero,minecraft memes,minecraft shorts,minecraft tagalog,minecraft bedrock,minecraft 100 days,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft meme shorts Read More

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    EPIC Subscriber Avatar Build - Minecraft StatusVideo Information This video, titled ‘my subscriber profile photo build in Minecraft world #viral #minecraft #status #trending #proplayer’, was uploaded by ak gaming on 2024-02-04 14:06:29. It has garnered 88 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

  • UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #mods

    UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #modsVideo Information This video, titled ‘МОДЫ, КОТОРЫЕ ВЫ ТОЧНО ИСКАЛИ ЧАСТЬ 69 #minecraft #mods #shorts’, was uploaded by Hooper on 2024-03-18 14:45:02. It has garnered 1357 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:53 or 53 seconds. Link to telegram in the channel description!!! minecraft Armor mod weapon mod Minecraft mods for minecraft 0 minecraft mods #mods # minecraft #shorts #mods Read More


    INSANE TNT RUNNER IN MINECRAFT!! #epicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft tnt runner#minecraft #gameplay’, was uploaded by Minecraft Gamers on 2024-01-12 13:17:18. It has garnered 3205 views and 41 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

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    Join Wilk SMP now - Free Bedrock + PE SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴’, was uploaded by DEWILK GAMING on 2024-03-28 14:38:24. It has garnered 180 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:13 or 613 seconds. Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴 https://dsc.gg/dewilkforce #games #videogames #minecraftbuild #minecraftindonesia #minecraftonly #minecraftdiaries #minecraftart #minecraftersonly #minecraft #minecraftskins #minecraftdaily #minecraftedit #minecraftserver #minecraft_pe #minecraftforever #minecraftcake #minecrafyuniverse #minecraftpocketedition#minecrafters #minecrafter #minecraftmemes #minecrafts #minecraftbuilds box #minecraftparty #minecraft #minecrafthouse #minecraftmonday #minecraftcreations… Read More

  • BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? – MINECRAFT INDONESIA

    BRUTAL Orca Craft Server! What Will I Do? - MINECRAFT INDONESIAVideo Information This video, titled ‘[BRUTAL ID] AKU MASUK SERVER BRUTAL ID?? (GAK TAU HARUS NGAPAIN!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA’, was uploaded by Orca Craft on 2024-04-11 11:08:57. It has garnered 266 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:03 or 903 seconds. [BRUTAL ID] I ENTERED A BRUTAL ID SERVER?? (DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!) – MINECRAFT INDONESIA HEY I’M ORCA CRAFT YOU CAN CALL ME ORCA HERE I’M A BEGINNING YOUTUBER WHO WANT TO WORK ON YOUTUBE SORRY IF MANY LACK OF JUNIOR COBOYS SAY: “NO NEED TO WAIT TO DARE TO START WHAT YOU HAVE… Read More

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  • EradicaMC

    EradicaMCTowny – MCMMO – Custom: Ranks, Jobs, Crates – Player: Economy, Market, Auction – Legendary: Weapons, Armour, Tools play.eradicamc.com Read More

  • MCEssence – Vanilla SMP

    Welcome to MC Essence! Are you tired of the chaos on other servers? Join our vanilla SMP for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. MC Essence started in 2021 and is now on its third season. Our theme is old-school Minecraft fun with strict rules against griefing and stealing. We have plugins in place to rollback any damage caused by griefers, ensuring a safe environment for all players. Check us out and see if MC Essence is the right fit for you! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/KMBgfKVD Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Typos in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Typos in Minecraft"Looks like someone needs to recheck their spelling enchantments before casting that meme! Read More

  • Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience!

    Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience! Are you a fan of Minecraft mods and looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further! While watching a tutorial on how to get Fluix Dust in the Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) mod for Minecraft 1.19+, you may have realized the importance of being part of a thriving Minecraft community. If you’re seeking a server where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and interact with like-minded players, Minewind is the place to be. With a vibrant community, unique gameplay features, and endless possibilities for exploration and creativity, Minewind offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Join us… Read More

  • Crafting Memories: Minecraft’s Score

    Crafting Memories: Minecraft's Score Welcome to Eggy Bread XD, where gaming shines, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more in line. Hit like, hit subscribe, for content divine, Bell icon for updates, so you’re always in prime. Gaming galore, with a playful touch, Minecraft explosions, redstone clutch. Xbox, PS, Nintendo, all in the mix, Eggy Bread XD, gaming fix. Slime Rancher, Fall Guys, Rocket League too, Gaming community, engaging crew. PC gaming, shorts that thrill, Eggy Bread XD, the ultimate skill. Read More

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  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. MooseLands.minehut.gg Read More

  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: s.froobworld.com Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More

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