Daxx’s INSANE Smiling Critter Race in Minecraft!

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Today we’re doing a poppy Play Time Lucky Block race in Minecraft ooh I want to go first oh okay Zoe I guess we can go first and you’re breaking a catnap one and wao what did you just get from that I got an ultra shovel an ultra

Shovel what type of effects does that thing have I have no clue here you want to check it out yeah I kind of do want to check it out let me see it real quick psych I’m not giving you my shovel what are you serious Zoe yes make your own

Blocks h fine whatever okay doc I think you’re the next one up and you have a bobby bear hook Lucky Block yeah I’m make it there we go what in the world is is that that like The Infinity Gauntlet it’s a colde gauntlet it’s a what

Gauntlet oh what the oh my gosh KNX you just blew everything up holy cow that was crazy I’m fing well considering KNX blew up like the whole entire Friday to read that dox you probably shouldn’t use that thing okay I’m definitely going to use it watch oh gosh but wait guys you

Know at the very end we’re going to have to have like a big fight to see who has the best Lucky Block stuff and oh my gosh knock stop it wasn’t that cool you do that again I’m going push you off N I have my Gauntlet I’m going to push you

Off okay honestly you’re not lying I’m going to break mine and hopefully I get something equally as good and what I got the alchemus Villager I don’t want any these stupid potions you got something bad oh my gosh those things totally suck I have no use for any of these things

Unlucky ha okay Zoe go ahead and break your catnap and let’s see what did you get it oh wait you just got some iron what the heck is happening the blocks keep expanding I have no idea this looks kind of weird oh it’s lightning oh my goodness all it’s Emerald now what in

The world is is going on over here and wait Zoe oh my gosh nope I took it I took it I took it stop that’s mine okay fine fine fine you can have it back you can have it back I’m sorry yay a minigun what in the world wait what does it even

Shoot it waa that’s like some life Blaster thing those are crazy it took him out in one hit oops sorry oh my gosh you took me out too why are you guys getting the op stuff I haven’t gotten anything good maybe you should just try a little bit harder but how can I

Literally try harder zo wa these are lucky blocks I can’t do anything about that I don’t know Dax just be better oh fine okay doc go ahead and break yours I bet you’re going to get nothing good from this one it’s dark it’s dark wait you can’t see anything I’m dark ah oh

This is perfect Z if he can’t see me I can just walk right over oh he already walked off the cliff em you didn’t even need to push him off he just fell on his own yeah he’s a little bit clumsy oh look hey docs you’re back what was that

That was awful I don’t know I guess you just got like a potion of blindess or something and then no one can see you I think it was your stupid Alchemist you think it was my Alchemist ow you hit me what’s wrong with you get out of here

Get get get get get oh I lost again oh my gosh nox get over here no stop it around oh my goodness why do you guys get the cool weapons I want something cool then break your block okay let me go ahead and break it and what the what

Is this it’s your head I got my own head are you serious wait it gives me fire protection and stuff oh that’s cool at least I wonder if it’ll protect you against my gun yeah go ahead and oh NOP it didn’t protect me at all okay I guess

We figured out my head does not protect me at all my turn what the heck is this it looks like you’re getting those weird blocks again maybe you’re going to get like another cool weapon what’s going happen ooh I got a helmet wait you got a

Helmet what type of helmet is that it looks super fancy it says a super psycho life helmet what do you think that means I don’t know but it looks like it gave me and nox some type of effects and wait noox I’m vulnerable now I’m vulnerable

Too what in the world that means zo’s helmet can like do harm to us oh that’s not good yeah that definitely isn’t good at oh okay I’m going to go ahead and break my next block and come on give me something good and I just got TNT I

Don’t want this lame oh my gosh all this stuff is complete Jun I’m literally getting the worst stuff and you guys are getting the coolest stuff ever your turn dogs ew a chest plate you got armor yeah it’s got words on it it has words on it

Wait what are you talking about it says words chest plate it says words chest plate I don’t even know what that means I just got shot uh Zoe did you just hit KNX no I wouldn’t do that yes you did oh what the where did that creeper even

Come from came from nowhere nox was that you that was crazy no that was definitely nox KNX are you serious that was my Gauntlet I wanted Revenge why’ you hit me though I didn’t do anything to you you were collateral but I was collateral damage really yeah oh I got

Some boots you got boot why do I get nothing maybe because you’re a loser no I’m not a loser I’m going to get something good it’s fine KN yeah take all the wood cuz I definitely want the wood and he just fell off oh my gosh

That means you should go break his block oh yeah I definitely should come on let me go ahead and break this and let’s go I got something good job uh it says it’s a word chest plate and it doesn’t really look like it does that much so I don’t

Even know it was that good that’s what I got oh you got the same exact thing okay so I guess we’re pretty much an even playing field it looks like Zoe’s doing the best so far and Zoe wait was that a different kind of Lucky Block yeah it

Was but I don’t know what it was it says I got a Ley laser Crystal a Ley laser Crystal I don’t know what that does dox you have any idea I don’t know I like lasers I like lasers too does it like shoot like laser blasters or something

It doesn’t do anything oh well that’s uh that’s honestly kind of lame and it also looks like KNX got a different Lucky Block over here this one’s like all rainbow and stuff who in the world is that I give a dragon egg I don’t have a

Dragon egg I don’t have a dragon egg either I guess uh he’s kind of useless maybe we should just punch him off do it get out of here get out of here he wait what you can’t hit me why’d you hit me I was helping you out you big loser I

Don’t know what you’re talking about I got some leggings you got more armor didn’t you already have leggings Zoe no I almost have a full set of armor but this is iPhone leggings I don’t even know what that means what the world is an iPhone legging I don’t know if it’s

Me have iPhone that means it’ll probably break really easily yeah probably so that armor must suck Zoe yeah and wait what in the world is this guys H maybe you put some in the well yeah I got like an astral coin and oh go just TNT

Noox oh my go noox I was supposed to use this astal coin you threw a piece of wool in there ow my bad oh my gosh now I don’t even know what it’s going to do but I guess I should probably just hold on to it maybe it was going to do the

Same thing yeah maybe I guess it was going to do the same thing oh my gosh wait how did it break the Bedrock I don’t know maybe it was just that strong ah whatever okay wait whose turn is it uh I just went to I guess it’s knox’s

Turn e oh my gosh this is insane wait what do you mean it’s insane what did you get holy cow I have like a zillion hearts on my screen a zillion Hearts no way doc no way you have a zillion Hearts yeah this is insane but look I promise

I’ll give it back I I pinky promise I’ll give it back I just want to see it I pinky promise I Pinky Promise uh fine okay let me see what this does and what the I told you is that crazy oh my gosh wait I want a sword like that and Zoe

Wait are you flying yeah my armor allows me to fly no big deal what that’s not fair I have nothing oh my gosh do you keep blowing up everything tried to get her I’m going to break a block now okay go ahead and break your next block oh I

Just got some lava you got buckets no one wants buckets those things suck some people want buckets like basketball players yeah basketball players like buckets I mean I I guess they kind of like buckets I’m going to get something cool and oh let’s go I just got some new

Diamond armor lame what this armor is so good let me see it oh yeah you guys are kind of right it only has Protection One on it it is pretty lame all right my turn okay let’s see what you got in nox what in the world is that I got the

Google furnace you got the Google furnace wait does it actually work like a furnace and it does yeah I don’t know what’s special about it but it’s Google uh let me try to put some wood into it and see if it like smells it differently or something is it going to give me

Anything cool and no I just got normal charcoals nox I don’t think this is anything cool I think it’s just a normal furnace that says Google yeah this was lame but it’s kind of cool my turn oh my gosh I think I got more crystals wait it

Says life material what do you think that means I don’t know maybe you can make like some armor with it or something I don’t know how to make armor this is useless to me AR it’s telling you to get alive dang you just said you need to get

A life he called you a loser you’re a loser what no I’m not a loser at all I have the coolest stuff ever even though I don’t have any weapons or armor or anything yeah what were you saying who’s the loser look just wait till I break

This next lucky block and wait I got nothing from it except this D block I don’t want this it’s kind of cool no it’s not cool at all I don’t even have anything to be able to mine it with it’s pretty useless my turn o a whole bunch

Of level one material what is level one material going to do for you I don’t know I’m going to give it to you oh you’re going to give it to me okay let me see uh wait can I make a crafting table with anything oh yeah I can make a

Crafting table let me go ahead and try it out try make some armor okay let’s go ahead and get the crafting table and I’ll pick up all of this useless stuff and let’s see if I can make some armor and oh no you can’t make armor what yeah

So I guess it is just pretty useless I’m just going to blow it up yeah this stuff sucks here we go okay have fun with that no well I mean it’s useless and we had to get rid of it so it’s kind of is what

It is good idea my turn oh my gosh I got more life material you got more material that stuff sucks yes you can craft with it can you I know I don’t have any W to give you anything to craft with so I guess next time we get a crafting table

You can try it out sweet okay let’s break my next lucky block and I wait they’re attacking me what the evil chickens what in the world I’m blowing them up come on get out of here you stupid chickens oh gosh what was was that H sorry that’s my Gauntlet you just

Blew them all up are you guys serious you took me out too again wait he took me out wait he took you out too yeah he’s going down oh my gosh I’m in the middle of all of your guys fighting oh my goodness this is ridiculous this is

Fun and wait I think there’s like another little checkpoint area up here I’m just going to uh reset my spa real quick come on come on and yes let’s go I got a checkpoint KNX break your block yeah Knox break your block you’re not even up there yet you’re not going to

Get anything good and did you any anything toast Army wait toast Army what’s a toast Army toast toast like bread oh there’s another one over there wait why did I get one you do have one wait I have one where he’s looking at you he’s just on my side oh so this is

My guy I guess he can come over to my side no it looks like he doesn’t want to a he likes me okay well I’m going to break my next Lucky Block actually I think it’s your turn Zoe yeah no skipping oh no I’m going to get hit by

Lightning again so why would you stand right in the middle of it you’re going to hit by lightning because usually there’s some good stuff that happens after the lightning pants pants yeah I think KNX just stole it from you why do you keep hitting me because he stole my

Stuff don’t hit me I had nothing to do with that you didn’t stop him but how did you want me to stop I literally have no weapons I can jump really high now ah I fell yeah you can jump really high and you’re still dumb and fall to the void

And waa I got an epic lucky potion good for you same and actually I’m going to go ahead and bring nox’s last block give me that I got nothing from it are you serious sorry loser and wait a second guys I think we have to jump down there

In order to get to the Next Level here goes nothing yeah okay let’s see if I can make it come on come on and wait did everyone survive I made it I don’t take fall damage from my pants but you don’t take any fall damage no none what in the

World you guys are lucky and wait I think this one’s craftting corn this one’s different huh did you hear that KN he said we were lucky I hate crafty corn look I got a whacking stick what in the world’s a whacking stick back uh Zoe I

Think you kind of just Why did I get hit Knox I didn’t do anything that wasn’t me what it literally was you cuz Zoe wasn’t even here it definitely had to be you I didn’t do it there was a m behind you and we have to keep doing this stupid

Parkour oh my gosh I’m just going to break my lucky block in I got the spiral Demolisher what in the world does that mean I have no clue kind of sounds weird though yeah it’s scary right it says Point click demolish what in the world does that mean wait it’s not doing

Anything for me well don’t point at me well it’s not doing anything so why does it matter hey watch where you’re pointing at it’s my turn okay go ahead and you just got arrows and a boo he don’t you dare don’t you dare hit me

With that I hit her uhoh she’s going to shoot me ah get out of here oh wait mine is so weak oh gosh Dex what are you doing we are against Knox why are we against Knox oh gosh he’s here wait why are you hitting me why do I always get taken

Out here again oh my gosh I always get taken out what in the world is this oh no I broke your log so now I’m in a cage no I’m not ha what you still got out of there and then you fell into the void oh my gosh I thought I survived

Yeah it looks like you didn’t survive Zoe actually since you didn’t survive I’m going to break her lucky block it let’s go I got dax’s lucky boots oh yeah oh my gosh not again how many times have I died that’s what I thought oh this is

Ridicul I’m just trying to get some good armor or like a good weapon or something I literally only have a coin guys oo I got a lollipop you got a lollipop yeah noox do you want one yeah wait I want a lollipop okay come over okay let’s see

Oh Knox just walked off the cliff what in the world is going on tasty okay let’s see I think it’s knox’s turn again but since he is it down here I’m going to break his block and oh I got a golden apple let’s go I think I still got it no

I still got the lucky block loser I not breaking yours no you can’t break mine what ew lapis you got lapis okay that sucks I guess you could break mine and wait Zoe where’d you go I’m right here oh okay well uh welcome back I guess I

Need to throw away a bunch of this junk cuz I have so much useless stuff in my inventory oh no I just got a whole bunch of wool what am I going to do with that probably a whole lot of nothing honestly whole lot of n some might say okay I’m

Going to break my craftting corn and this one’s called the killer oh what in the world what in the world why do I always get attacked by everything you just got murdered oh my goodness not by this killer buddy rabbit thing where the world it even go it wait why did it get

So dark and the Ender Dragon babysitter what does that mean oh no ow KNX take him out take him out hey I got an Ender Dragon egg oh W that means you tri the villager oh wait we kind of punched him off oh okay let me go ahead and break my

Hoppy and oh I got Lenny the astral snow Mage wait what does this thing do he’s astral yeah he is Astro hey don’t hit Lenny what’s wrong with Zoe goodbye Lenny what in the world is wrong with you oh gosh I fell into the void yeah

That’s what you get for trying to attack me what you literally attacked Lenny what’s wrong with you I’m not even going to shoot you don’t shoot me what is wrong with you Zoe you can’t take out Lenny he was a snowman he was evil he

Had a pumpkin head what how is he what the Snowman oh my gosh he had a button nose and a pumpkin head just like Zoe what oh my god look there’s a zombie behind you w what the oh it’s just an iron golem Tom the Defender hello Tom

That’s uh that’s kind of cool Hey Zoe why don’t you go ahead and break like the next few of your lucky blocks and what the she just took him out and it was so young my turn Okay looks like I got Thor chest plate I don’t know what

That means I’m going to break catnap waa it says cracker pickaxe what do you think that means I don’t know but your pickaxe is huge really yeah it’s like 50,000 ft tall or something very cool okay Zoe you have one more to break okay and I got some bookshelves okay so my

Turn toak break three let me see can I get anything and okay I got these ore leggings wo these make me super fast oh c that’s a huge sword W this thing is awesome I want a big sword oh my goodness guys I just got the craziest

Sword ever shees that thing is huge yeah I thing is insane but every time you put it on half your body’s gone wait it makes me invisible too no way that’s so overpowered and let me see how much damage it does and what God I can’t even

Read how much damage it does that’s insane that’s not fair you should get rid of it well I should get rid of it no way it’s completely Fair what yeah it’s not fair you can’t use that in battle what no way guys this thing is super good are you serious yes dead serious

Yeah you can’t have a god sword okay you know what I’ll just put it in my inventory and we’ll see when the time comes okay I think the winner should get it the winner of what should get it the winner of the fight what the winner of

The fight gets everything KNX no but they should get that sword in particular exactly I guess that’s kind of fair okay nox go ahead and break your lucky blocks you still have like three down there all right my turn let’s see did you get anything good from that it’s pants oh

Wow you got pants pants are lame n these are really good pants why are they really good pants they’re better than my last ones I tell you that much those things were garbage okay let’s see if the rest of these two give you anything good I doubt you’re going to get

Anything better than what I just got yeah nothing from crafty corn what in the world is this there’s a switch on it there’s a switch on it and oh gosh the is going to blow up no watch out no holy cow oh my goodness now I’m falling into

The void are you serious it can R the Bedrock what in the world it’s so strong let’s break his blocks wait no you can’t break what are you doing get out of here Zoe wait I can’t even hit you what it’s cuz my armor I’m super strong what in

The world that isn’t fair sorry okay Knox well I think you both have two really unique blocks coming up okay Zoe why don’t you break like uh break the rest of these five wait it says hug me oh you’re supposed to hug it Zoe okay waa uh okay it didn’t do anything yeah

That was uh that was a little underwhelming I got some edel stall apples what in the world is an edel stall I don’t know maybe maybe I should eat it maybe you should eat it wait you went invisible you’re invisible you can’t see me I mean we can see your

Armor but how many fingers am I holding up n good job yeah what what what you’re invisible zo we can’t see you how do we even know how many fingers you held up I don’t know but now I have a billion Hearts you have a why do I never get the

Guys I should be able to use this God Sword it’s not fair no that wouldn’t be fair what in the world you two are just scared that I’m going to be the better fighter it’s not fair no you can’t use it f whatever okay Zoe go ahead and

Break the last two of these okay I’m putting on my super cool chest plate that is a pretty cool chest plate but you’re still invisible I have a piece of gold and wait you got a bunch of gold from that Zoe yeah but that doesn’t mean

Anything to me yeah it’s really not that good well you still have one more lucky block to break so let’s see what you get from that one oh seriously here we go oh I just got some arrows H those on sucked yeah they do suck G hurry up I want to

Go yeah yeah yeah I’m going oh here we go I got a golden coin give me something good please and I just got fireworks lame oh that’s lame come on give me something better in this this point I got negative Diamond material what does that mean hm I have no clue that means

You lost your diamond material it doesn’t even make any sense yeah it does wow you got wooden utensils utensil Zoe these are like swords and stuff they’re not utensils it’s not like a fork oh it’s not like a knife and stuff no not really it’s a sword it it’s a pickaxe

And it’s an Axe and everything like that but I threw it away cuz it was garbage yeah you’re right it is garbage okay KNX now it’s your turn again yeah and you have a bunch of Lucky Blocks to break I’ve never seen these ones before hopefully they give you something cool

Yeah and and wait can you even break them KNX I’m trying huh maybe they’re just like too strong and you can’t break them I don’t know oh wait I broke it and I guess I got nothing those Lucky Blocks suck you got scammed fine crafty corn and crafty corn didn’t give you anything

Either I got cheated this is so unfair well now we have a bunch of Lucky Blocks up here again so I guess we can start breaking these and guys how about we erase all the way over to where those trees are sure oh no what the heck is

This what in the world and how did I get taken out again it’s like a monster on top of monster on top of monster but it looks like a I’m so strong I took them all out what in the world I mean good job well we’re racing to the end so I’m

Going to go ahead and break a bunch of my lucky blocks come on okay what the heck is this I don’t know wait guys I got a dungeon I flicked the lever I don’t know and what in the world I just got blown up what just happened I didn’t

Too oh my goodness what is going on and wait doc did you go down the ladders no look at what’s below us there’s a whole dungeon down there what in the world wait there’s a bunch of Lucky Blocks here wa I want to go down there no these

Are all mine I broke them for mine no I broke them for this is all my stuff you guys better back away there chests in here no this is all my stuff back up back up oh I got a bunch of chests get out of here nox this is my stuff there’s

A key there’s a key wait okay wait maybe you can open up one of these chests over here with the key because this what says it’s locked guys I’m having so much fun breaking your blocks up here but stop breaking our blocks Zoe you’re cheating

I’m not cheating and wait I just got a couple more lucky blocks from this wait this thing kind of sucks I don’t know it seems pretty good I mean I’m not getting a lot I just got a bunch of cake from this one and let’s see what I get from

This and I got some more lucky I just need get a bunch of Lucky Blocks I’m getting a bunch of coins you getting a bunch of coins what are coins good for they’re called dungeon coins I don’t know let’s see I’m still having a bunch

Of these oh my goodness all I get is more Lucky Blocks I don’t want this junk have you found anything good besides that random stuff and wait I got a bunch of villagers a bunch of cake there’s another crafting cor over here where’s the lock chest that you said uh I opened

The lock chest earlier but it didn’t really give me anything from it I got a lock chest right here yeah I’m just going with this dungeon sucks I haven’t got anything good from it diamond I hate diamonds why do you hate diamonds diamonds are super good for you not not

In this game mode okay you know what I’m not getting anything from this stupid dungeon I’m actually going to go back up to the surface wherever the ladder is right here okay perfect uh how do we even get up there I don’t have any

Ladder oh yeah I do well I can fly but you can so not fair I want to be able to fly maybe you should break more blocks oh wait I broke all of yours wait you broke my block Zoe yep only like 10 of them that is so cheating why did you

Break noxes oh I did oh okay well I guess that’s kind of fair wait which on did you even break like a whole bunch of them you were all the way back there okay well whose turn is it to break blocks and docks what in the world is

Going on over here let’s see what these pants dud look what in the world it’s like placing down a bunch of other random blocks and it only gives me Google material this stuff sucks no this is pretty cool I can go wherever I want why in the world would you even want to

Do that because I can I think they’re pretty cool whatever okay I’m actually going to go ahead and break more of my lucky blocks and no I’m breaking this one do this is mine and let’s go I got something cool what’d you get I got the ultimate mix Char boots I don’t know

What that means but I’m going to save for the big fight it totally destroy you both it’s mixture boots it’s mixture boots is it mixture boots no it’s mixed boots all right I’m going to break one of yours wait no you can’t break one of mine and oh that was junk anyways and

Wait what in the what wait nox stay right there no I think once I hit you like it does damage back to me get down here KNX fine what let me see wait where did the W even go oh there you are okay let me see I think last time I punched

You it did damage to me and what that’s not fair oh my gosh you guys are getting like the greatest armor ever I got a fishing pole what’s a fishing pole going to do for you I don’t know but it came out of one of your chests so I thought

It was super cool it came out of one of my chests and oh gosh wait I got one of the things that you got back up doc back up this is mine oh my gosh you took my stuff oh no more pants you got more pants I don’t have pants I want those

You can have them they’re garbage oh can I actually have them yeah go for it okay let’s see what these are super good what do you mean mine are better mine are Google pants Google pants are totally trash it only puts down dumb blocks ah

Now I can do this okay well let’s see I’m going to pick back up by breaking my block and not not kill our buddy again you killed the buddy yeah I killed the buddy because was going to attack me right turn oh what’s that you got what

Oh no a bazooka a baz oh my gosh no way you got a bazooka holy cow he just blew up your block what is knock stop it stay away I’m not doing anything to you I’m not doing anything hit Zoe hit oh my gosh okay KNX knock him out hit him with

The Bazooka wait what do you mean hit him with the Bazooka I already got knocked out no I spawned in something crazy he spawned something oh my gosh I just got back here and I got blown up get him nox get him he’s about to attack

Me what in the world is even going on wait where did my sword go okay I still have it oh I got scared for a second okay let me see if I can take out these little things oh these are just endermites they’re not very strong they

Were super scary no they’re not very scary I think you both are just kind of weak and uh this armor sucks too I don’t want any of this junk and wait guys I just got something super cool what is it it’s called The cumberstone Crimson cutter I don’t know but this thing’s

Huge the Cucumber axe this is like a super big axe wa you got a big sword too yeah back up let’s see how much damage does mine does my only do 11 damage yeah mine does a million damage so you better back up it oh okay it might actually do

A million damage yeah that’s what I thought why does this thing looks so cool but so weak gold armor lame yeah no one wants gold armor anymore that stuff sucks okay Zoe go ahead and break your next Lucky Blocks okay don’t mind if I do it looks like I got another whacking

Stick it a Zoe’s whacking stick whack oh my gosh what in the world wait how much knock box is that thing dude nope nope I’m standing at a corner you can’t do this to me whack whack holy cow I know why me ah I fell that’s what you get Zoe but I

Can fly so it’s not like I fell into the void oh my gosh this is just ridiculous I’ve been knocked off like a million trillion times at least thanks to be you okay well I’m going to go ahead and break like two of my lucky blocks in a

Row let’s see and oh I got some lucky pants okay I’ll keep those for later and what is this one I got the Google chest plate I don’t want this oh my God I got a strawberry milkshake you got a strawberry milkshake wait what does that

Do yeah do you want some I mean I guess yeah sure I’ll take one here you go take you Zo I’ll just take that and did Knox just fall off yum okay Zoe actually go ahead and break the last three of your lucky blocks and then we’re going to

Wait for Knox to catch up okay oh gosh it’s a headless horseman oh gosh wait help me zo help me take him out take him out it oh yeah I think you definitely got him it was the Bazooka but the Bazooka disappeared after I used it how

Lame H that sucks and wait oh there you go doc go ahead and break your lucky blocks oh I don’t have a coin I do have a coin there you go what did that oh my gosh I got taken out I again it wait what did you get I don’t know there’s a

Whole bunch of mobs I’ll get him yeah go ahead and take them bow and actually dox I’m going to break the last three of your lucky blocks no yes I am let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go and I got some Mech pants awesome I don’t know

What they do it oh they look super super strong let me just see let’s go they’re probably not that strong no they’re super strong we have to do parkour to get to our blocks what parkour isn’t even that hard Zoe look how easy this is

I can just jump here and I got the star slicer wao I got cracker gas what do you think that is I don’t know and oh my gosh are you serious Zoe what what even happened I don’t even know Zoe look how long this sword is that is super long

But you can see it from all the way over there I’m right behind you doof oh you’re right behind me let me see how strong it is I don’t even think it’s that strong and or it is strong but I’m just stronger duh I mean I guess that

Could be a possible option and Zoe did you fall off again no I’m flying oh you’re still flying okay where did KNX go I fell you fell too you guys suck at parkour what did you say to me uh I said you’re very very good at parkour and oh

Gosh I fell too yeah that’s what I thought okay I think we’re really close to another checkpoint guys so if we just do the parkour and break our lucky blocks we should be fine for a little bit okay I’m just going to break my lucky blocks then yeah go ahead and

Break your lucky blocks KNX you can break whatever you want to I’m trying to get all the way over there you’re still trying to get over here yeah the Google pants are crazy you see me all the way up here uh no I don’t and what in the

World I told you isn’t that crazy yeah that is a little bit crazy okay I got a bunch of Ender Pearls and what’s in this one oh it’s one of those like Lucky Block Chambers okay maybe I get something good from this I’m on fire you’re on fire and I’m not getting

Anything really good uh oh my gosh wait I want this hey does anyone have any diamonds no I don’t have anything oh wait I have diamonds it doesn’t matter what you guys have cuz wait no villager no get out of there no oh I was just going to get a super

Good sword then someone completely ruined it oh I got an Eye of Ender yeah how’s the Eye of Ender going to help you it doesn’t do anything and I got an endermite spawn egg and an Enderman spawn egg that’s kind of cool okay I think this is our last wave of lucky

Blocks over here guys so we should all meet up over here okay and I think we have to get through to the Bottom by breaking out all this dirt here so I guess grab one of the pickaxe from the chest and then mine our way down we have

To mine our way down yeah it looks like you have to B your way down I mean that just makes sense to me really oh my gosh it is so dark down here I can’t even see where’s the door at have you thought about getting your eyes checked how does

That have anything to do with my eyes getting checked o I found the door what you found the door are you serious yep woohoo how far down did you have to go like a million blocks no you did not though you’re just a big liar I did I

Did yeah I seriously doubt it and oh oh my gosh I am still trapped in this little Cube and oh now I can see nox how did you get blown up I’m blowing stuff up I’m just trying to make it easier well my door should be somewhere here oh

Yeah here we go okay uh let’s see how do I get out of this door I guess I can just break this door right here and perfect I made it through wait I just got a Starship what do you think that means uh I don’t really know can you

Like stand on this or something and whoa wait what what happened Zoe look you have to jump up here wo I’m coming up this is kind of close since the door is jib please fix what if I do this is oh gosh they have Bazookas good thing I

Have a bazooka too okay go ahead and take them out zo that’s a huge Starship oh my goodness oh I blipped the Starship you blew up the whole entire Starship yeah I thought that was the whole point wait let me use one of these ender

Pearls and get up there come on let’s go I made it back up okay back up what in the world is going on over here everything’s getting blown up honestly that dumb Starship I’m not going back up there let me see is there anything cool

If I break into this area please be some cool Lucky Blocks or something and nope there’s nothing here the skeleton is too strong get out of here there we go okay it’s took about yeah I’m not finding anything inside of this ship yeah that ship was garbage Lucky Block time o noox

Died wait what do you mean noox died and I found an Armory room no I fell off hey wait did someone just blow up the whole entire ship yeah this thing sucks oh my gosh I literally just found the Armory room KNX sheesh wo all the armor is

Falling to the ground well okay I guess we have some more of these blocks to break so let’s go ahead and start breaking our lucky blocks down here okay oh my gosh I got some more material yeah I’m not getting anything good either and these are those lucky blocks that don’t

Work I’m just going to keep breaking a bunch of mine me too I’m clearing my inventory oh yeah I probably need to get a bunch of junk too okay guys so let’s just go ahead and break all the last lucky blocks that we have okay sounds

Good oh what the heck is this confusing Beacon confusing Beacon what does a confusing Beacon do it oh I’m feeling sick seriously yeah it looks like it gave me some type of weird nausea effect I don’t really like this at all I don’t have anything yeah it must be because of

Your armor oh gosh so can you break that thing no wa what the heck is this oh and there we go okay now that I got broken I’m not nauseous anymore that was gross well that’s good oh what in the world watch out there’s a bunch of stuff

Coming down from the sky seriously am I going to get crushed no I think it was just a mine cart okay it wasn’t even that big of a deal yeah so settle down kabad give me something good from these last lucky blocks and I got or material

What I don’t want this stuff this stuff looks like junk I got lime dye Dex you want that oh no I don’t but you know what I did get a bow and arrow let’s go a bow and arrow Yep this thing is super strong it’s super big and oh you just

Fell into the void no I didn’t oh yeah I forgot you can kind of just fly that’s not fair at all sorry about it oh my gosh everyone be careful why look at all the TNT maybe we should light it maybe we should light it wait I don’t even

Have anything to light it up with well I’m about to use my Bazookas oh my gosh who did that me oh my gosh now we have to go ahead and do parkour to get over to our sides I could just fly yeah you can fly

Cuz you’re lucky oh yeah nox can just go ahead and build himself over hey don’t do that to me what’s wrong with you well I have no way to get over there so I kind of have to wait for nox to to do these what this I don’t oh my gosh you

See I was di yeah that was a little bit dangerous okay doc can you go ahead and build a little platform yeah where are we going we’re going over to the big battle arena we only have a few lucky blocks left and once we break those we

Can fight all right okay let’s see what’s going to be in m and oh I got some random boots okay those don’t really look good I don’t want that junk it’s garbage yeah it kind of is garbage now I think I can build myself over to

These lucky blocks and come on give me something good and no I’m still getting complete trash uh I don’t really want the potion of Leaping and this is my last lucky block and I got the blood staff super cool I don’t really know what it does though and wait I think

This actually like charge up oh my gosh this thing is broken let me see if I can hit knocks from over here come on come on come on how about don’t do that again no stay away and oh gosh I got blowned up yeah that’s what you get yeah here I

Come okay guys go ahead and break the last two of your lucky blocks and then grab all the stuff that you need for this fight and then we’ll see who the strongest is it’s going to be me it’s definitely going to be me okay so let’s

See what stuff do I want to grab okay I definitely think I want to use this chest plate and which one of these looks stronger maybe these Mech pants I also never got a helmet from that entire thing so I don’t really know what I I

Use for helmets huh I have six helmets I wonder which one I should wear I mean I have this chain helmet that kind of looks cool I think I’m going to use the blood staff too cuz I think it was op let me get my bow and arrow and I don’t

Know what that potion does so I’m not going to use it and I think I’m going to use this super cool sword there’s nothing you guys can do to stop me there’s actually so much we could do to stop you yeah I’m not worried off okay is everyone ready for this big fight

Let’s do it okay let me go ahead and eat this and oh my gosh I have so many hearts not for long yeah we’re starting we’re fighting we’re fighting we’re fighting not for long come on come on and no it fell into the void what looks

Like I win no wait I’m not even dying in the void cuz I have so many hearts I think I’m going to come back up there dox you can’t come back up here yes I can okay guys this is going to be round number two let’s do this let’s do this

Everyone jump knocks in the corner and oh gosh wait let me use this Blood staff on you and oh gosh I can’t even move what just happened what’s going on uh I think someone used like a corrupted bow or something cuz I can’t even see now

Yeah this isn’t good come on I can take you both out and oh my gosh this Blood staff is too op boom boom I’m about to use the rest of my bazooka come on come on oh my gosh I don’t think you guys can do anything

About this Blood staff it just like is basically a one shot kill I could definitely do something uh no you can’t I taken you out like five times already no you haven’t you’re a dirty liar and then I took out KNX and then I took out you again yeah you guys are probably

Going to want to give up there’s nothing you can do about this Blood staff this is not fair is this that sword that you weren’t supposed to use no this is completely different that was called the life op sword and this is just the blood staff sounds like this isn’t fair what

How is it not fair at all zo you’re just a sore loser cuz I’ve been taken out six times you haven’t been taken out once yeah because I’m way better well I just took myself out haha that means I win I totally won that match you guys did win

No way I was the winner well I destroyed both of you guys instantly I only got taken out once honestly I think we’re going to have to do a rematch to see who the real winner is yeah I want a rematch fine fine okay we’re going to do a

Rematch and you both are going to lose the next time too and that was a super crazy video make sure to watch the next by clicking the video on screen bye guys

This video, titled ‘Playing a SMILING CRITTER LUCKY BLOCK RACE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Daxx on 2024-03-27 19:57:39.
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  • Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!

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  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de Minecraftservers.org pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op play.duckmc.eu! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. play.DuckMC.eu Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: https://discord.gg/fZwRxygaqf Read More