EPIC Japanese Town Build Continues! 😱

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Hello wow hi hi hi hi hi welcome to stream Uh why my audio is so trash today it keeps going funny everything’s broken I’m going to Cry and we have to build a Roof what do you know want to play Minecraft today want to build over I lost like three subscribers as well b s I lost three subscribers you lost three three Z I’m going to replace this computer Absolut trash I can hear myself by the way oh no know I can’t it’s cuz I got your tab open somewhere now I got to go find it oh my God go what are you doing even me no it’s the balcony I can’t leave you that

Way okay are you welcome to stream let me pull up your chat and put to mine oh [ __ ] I need a hug you want a hug yeah you want to hug yeah yeah love you there weication your server Discord notification your server Lulu yeah talk in the Minecraft We build a rooftop yeah I got all the wood I need you still have a crafting table Yeah dark oak do I uh there’s one up there there is the pillages here still hold on I’m go I’m check still roaming around our our lands they’re going to be heading to’s house or

Something yeah there is somewhere this way this one is so come back soon okay okay I don’t see them anywhere here maybe they’re over they slightly got to make some planks did I plant wheat there why can’t I do this not rendering I swear I’m not an idiot alien hello

Hello welcome to stream alen I am abandoned bro he was in yours before mine today magma hello hello welcome to the stream got a nice little Tong going yeah I do mostly this one’s work I just get the materials she builds it like a she built that it’s amazing

See that [ __ ] what did I do the to I suppose I I did it yes you did that was all you I was watching from afar I made it for you huh I made it for you cuz it’s your thing made it for me yeah cuz it’s your thing right C Gates

Yeah you know I did this morning um cuz you know how last yesterday my my computer was just tired up inide stream and it wasn’t working too well yeah I like got up at 7 which is right now eight yeah mhm I got up at seven turned on the computer then went

Back going to sleep it’s night time um okay that’s what you do you feel that you get to let others bu good yeah usually I’m a builder but whenever I try something K is like yelling at me so I don’t do it wait so she did this by herself prever for that is

Nice he did this Trail too she did Lally everything here I only assisted in building some things like some of the houses since I knew what the design was okay we build it like that oh that’s the only thing I built right there yeah the fountain this the only thing I built fully

Myself yo what’s up what’s up yzo hello hello welcome to the stream maybe one more out not pretty big ribs aren’t they they’re like long this way but short in front and back oh my God no that’s not it maybe if I just use dirt instead it’ll be easier you trying to do

Long oh my God get out of here oh there it goes Go Get It Go Get It you dropped it you go get it I didn’t drop it you placed it wrong at least when I destroy it I can pick it back up uh-huh uh-huh oh my God

What what way you trying to place it like like this I think it’s pretty obvious what I was trying to place it like like that yes okay you’re you are I see that it’s only I don’t so he never abandoned you good I hate this game I’m going to rage quck in a

Moment we should go get SC D I am not what do we need for that I want to Bamboo I know nothing that will do okay that’s out with in now I’m going to need more this what the [ __ ] English you need more W you said I have

Dude I was going to did you want to play stays here or no um what um cor um cor what about Cor my God what’s up K welcome to the stream k k on YouTube crazy huh I here please do you not have dirt I have four oh okay oh my

God watch out move step inside of it k k k k the server is open for like four hours today since we’re have a long stream this weekend if you want to get started on your your server stuff or stuff in this server more different back

Here Carey I miss area there I don’t have enough dirt hello Reaper how you doing how you doing uh yeah how is the reaper huh you saw like text in the middle of your screen oh what is that byebye there is not there no more um I dropped the

Dirt I’m droing my dirt first I was trying to pick it up so I can I still in my dirt you’re good that’s good to hear the text in the middle screen was definitely supposed to be there you know it’s supposed to I’m advertising you know SP oh

[ __ ] my God thank you thank you and thank you the people in chat if you say if you say bless you when you hear that more I really do I just got smacked with a block wait let me get over here first I no more recycle the

Dirt that’s what I was trying to do and then you accuse me a theft yeah you did you did steal my [ __ ] I did a theft you did a theft you stole my dirt I never that oh sh make another one okay I need dirt dirt need more dirt dirt I think we

Still have some of the chest now like a whole stack don’t know let you think you alien what make sense we got face would approve this is this is the the VC face advertisement you know right here what the [ __ ] following wait did you follow my

Twitch no cuz you know have some of the like still on my YouTube one right now yeah did you did you just follow my twitch and you on station for [Applause] yeah that’s all funny thank you for the follow I set the set up the YouTube ones you know the Subscribe

Ones crazy no I haven’t done that um you um the dirt I again I need at that side but you were just taking it from it’s on the bottom you can’t stand where the stairs are anyway Now understand where this I know exactly that’s exactly why I took the dirt from under

It oh [ __ ] oh my God oh my God No you do the [ __ ] go get it I would like it thank you please oh what the [ __ ] look at that we still have our little dirt staircase how we got into here Building look it it’s it’s growing grass I’ve got the dirt I’m you usually only see on Insta for

Seeing you stream oh I see I see wait welcome to a stream second person now crazy I told you most people follow me on Instagram oh my God I saw that one happened too R quit very stream quit just in stream now Lo go [ __ ]

Huh I couldn’t jump my nose it is I need to sneeze I can’t sneeze why am I though so itchy I just run out stairs I think you’re running out a heart it’s okay I got enough fish to last okay go Eep I want to get this this D I need Stairs you have wood yeah okay okay I haven’t been closing I the much too I need a make it again I think I have something ready for today but it’s like it’s not actually me and VR it’s a stupid ass um random ass meme I want to do I want to you know

What I want to post I want to post the rock papic thing is a thing remember oh that H yeah I walk keeper scz with my cat you confir a cat in the video you said yesterday D I sent yesterday one keep confing me a cat I’m not a Cat you’re a penguin you’re supposed to be awake in 6 hours for volleyball tournament here you’re watching a YouTuber bro go to sleep n the YouTubers are more important don’t worry about it go to go to go to [ __ ] to bed you’ll be okay don’t Worry go eat to do go eat go watch me another day we’ll be live again tomorrow playing the Fortnite same Time go away I am placing blocks today oh my God why fortnite insane I bet yeah get to sleep come back tomorrow it’s going to be the same time same same as right now only only weekends like this we start at this time usually other days

Like Monday to Friday we stream 1 hour later than usually yeah or yeah just 1 hour later than this I feel like you should place just like wooden blocks right there under the stairs so looks normal at least oh never mind I see what I could do could look bit better do it

Later try not to fall don’t fall try not to full challenge impossible yeah very impossible I can’t get up there Anymore it’s okay it’s not safe it’s safe it’s really not the amount of times I have Home what are you doing putting blocks to fill in areas Here can you put this here Mhm okay I think one More more um mhm should I make the stairs would it look better as stairs n it’s fine like this find out yeah this part we get down a lot of trees no way going to try Minecraft in a few minutes crazy join on Minecraft insane we have starter equipment for

K did you make any I don’t know there should be one in like every chest that was like unclaimed like one set of things I’ll go look in a minute can go look I’m already down here maybe you want to going to with me first fin pleas

Top in the morning you want to see for me first yeah yeah how do I get down from here right there the staircase you see it just walk forward ow oh you just missed the whole [ __ ] block all right let’s go this is fine this fine didn’t know were down that the [ __ ]

Love you love you let me go see the houses quick I’ll be the furthest away ones Fest away ones yeah Lulu and took the ones closest to us it’ll be the furthest away ones these ones over here the name’s aren even on anymore bro I know I took them off cuz they don’t

There anymore yeah oh [ __ ] there’s someone in here so yeah okay just I guess I’ll re I should refill the houses do she do want to go VC a voice chat thingy hey do you want to go in a voice chat so you can all talk or what so we can tell her

Which house not used even then this river is tall enough river is tall enough come here where are you at the temple again oh is tall enough yeah what I was thinking you could do on um the roof here right is uh what might look nicer how oh [ __ ] me can jump on

That there you go and so from this view right this is the long one yeah it’s supposed to be the short one mhm I was thinking instead of making this they like it go into a pyramid right you could put like um I was just going to make

Flat yeah this part flat but every part the front and the back flat but this one those just Arc upward you know what I mean sideways AR Go whats just the continuing the way it’s going like this right here right but instead of this also doing the same

Thing just make it like this like a wall I bring it in you when I was asking if if you want to this way AR or that way which way AR going upward which where do you want the ark to come from which way do you want to keep going

Up the side side keep going up the sides the front no it’s going to look ugly [ __ ] let’s see the picture reference actually which one is they doing the one that I sent you like twice twice in huge time gaps I sent it you the other day let me break this

First okay we’ll be a voiceless entity for now all righty where is it I’ll send it you again sir okay what is that oh [ __ ] you could do the opposite away since it’s built like that you could build this one FL put this one flat and you could keep these aring up

This way these staircases going up it’s just going to cost you more stairs cuz the sides are thinner in the front there’s K crazy crazy where is thec you want to go introduce her to the houses and stuffo I just R upstairs anyway so I got a Min

Cool I’m going to throw a fish here what the [ __ ] I do that with everyone it’s not my thing I did it with Lulu and ather this one hi hi to the server why are the doors Open be a pretty small what the middle sign the middle sign then you’re okay huh yeah then you’re okay okay continue the roof Yeah continue the roof you knows not to get blown up by creas right think’ll be fine I don’t know never seen to play minecra that’s concerning I’ve always play le le one what else is there that’s mainly it I can’t think of anything else one of your dirt St behind you on the

Floor I’m breaking the unnecessary dirt that’s not needed um more planks planks need more planks for more stairs she heard you what did she say would never be blown up for real I feel like he would just going to see in the feed later okay blown up by

Creeper funny uh as long as she doesn’t blow important be f D I might die okay K went to like a whole different direction than we ever seen anybody go at the start of the game cuz L and Nathan went back here right we went

Straight then R is like what is it is right next to base exactly so is also right next to the base yeah he just went some other direction I’ve never seen someone go look oh oh that’s why I just fill that in for now I’m going to fill this part

In we some blood down here okay I need more wood oh I have wood [ __ ] God damn it I got to add stairs there later I do that later it’s not important not for right now maybe it is for right now actually [ __ ] okay this is a lot of work bro building

A roof you’re not even building it what are you talking about I got to make the inside like nice at least not blocky uh just you know cover it up no I’m well keep it open it’s going stupid okay I we’ll cover it up but still I make the inside look nicing why

That’s my point the waste of blocks waste of blocks bro it makes it look nice makes it look nice when you guys see it czy yeah exactly we’re going to have to put something in anyway cuz if it’s just empty mobs are going to spawn inside of our damn

Roof live it’s closed up and it’s not going to matter I don’t know if I want a shrine to be like just having zombie noises behind the [ __ ] in the Attic that’s it’s horrible fine call it the spirits are coming back yeah [ __ ] uh I have extra stairs you want

Stairs um I think I have enough you got enough probably I made a lot okay killed something crazy it’s dark got to put light in here dude right here probably a good spot yeah Works hello welcome to stream oh yeah I don’t have your chat open anymore hello huh helloa crazy [ __ ]

What what what did I just do oh I place that out here work does it look okay it doesn’t look too howy um I’m going get an outside View yeah that be it’s not too bad it’s good I’m go fill in the side Parts sleep first yeah let’s sleep first

You going to get back on the roof I have dirt outside on the balcony pleas yeah do you have food I have some steak making sure oh [ __ ] I use point for this it’s not much better wait wait for what dude you are such a dick what it’s fine continue it

I don’t know what your problem is I said I was filling in the sides yeah I was fill it in as well ether playing hell again crazy yeah that is definitely a uhhuh is good better than I thought it would so I’ll take it I’m going BL out by one more on

These work on the bottom part yeah the torch got might have smel some more Stone I don’t know if you need to I think it’s okay is it okay there’s some glass in here still oh God it’s a lot of GL oh you got to make K St now too

Huh make what you got to make k and a stall as well now I haven’t made S one yet either I don’t have orange I do have pink though how do you make orange um orange is orange is red and yellow i r way too long to process

Information but yes I sneezed and my tongue came out crazy can you get that torch can I get that torch yeah give me a second no don’t D for you’re going to [ __ ] having it’s not going to be Stone anymore yeah I on the floor I’m digging the floor

Oh you think I’m an idiot yes that’s kind of good I was going to do this look it I see I see some torches in here so I might as well like you might have to put torches in here though going be spiders that spawn down here if you don’t feel

It okay you can’t see spiders if they’re St under there dude this is be the most cursed temple in the [ __ ] world you have spiders living in the damn spiders spiders living in the damn basement or I’m basic under the [ __ ] thing and then just going to hear zombies and [ __ ] in the

Attic isn’t a shrine anymore bro Shrine AR supposed to have that kind of [ __ ] um it’s F went to a cave pick up 50 dead piece no Waterfall huh that’s a lot of Fish Either that somebody died there maybe it’s your fault that’s what I was thinking over there I don’t knowy Funny cuz I’m the only person who really has the yeah so now what what do we recommend now I was seeing if there was more this to expand it to the edge but it’s fine there isn’t oh my Finger at some point if I hear spiders in this [ __ ] I’m lit going to F this whole bottom in with something if it’s fine right now it’s fine but later not trying to have the shrine have the [ __ ] he’s coming from bro be great shres are

Forine as as a keep I have to keep this place clean have to keep it Normal it’s okay not okay it’s okay not okay it’s fine you see that’s how like the demig that us lives in these things can’t Sleep want to sleep windows windows I don’t Use oh God this a little bit of lag is it rubber banding oh Jesus little bit holy [ __ ] K is k k k is another person in this in this Minecraft server that has four bars everyone else cuz you’re all in the UK always have five Lulu is not in the UK she’s just in here still closer she has five bars she plays here

Look at like a whole tab you can see it hold tab whole tab how you see everybody thank you how do you feel about walls walls what kind of walls those Cobblestone type that you can then they did like this I don’t know how I feel want to build it around this whole

Entire thing just around the sides you know it would look normal shs do that a lot of shs do that especially out a cobblestone or stone does not like you know smooth it makes no sense for it to be smooth would it make sense to put it on the back too uh

Standing Emoji this [ __ ] is typing standing typing emojis uh I think it’s um do the backck it should be I don’t know maybe just end it right here come here never mind you might as well just put around the whole thing what did I say about the creepers H what did I

Say almost got her didn’t kill her I told you we can’t trust the new people all the time they’re going to ruin the place they’re going to make it untiy I don’t like that that was going to look weird and know little weird yeah look it cuz it does

That can we expend this by a bit uh yeah a little bit here here’s your wall thank you you’re welcome do you have more Stone no smooth Stone no smooth Stone I’m making some don’t worry about it you’re making some I’m making I told you if we needed

A mix there’s nothing in there look on the bottom how is it [ __ ] smelting it was Before the [ __ ] is you doing oh my god dude you know how we kept building stairs some stairs have the chest there like a whole stack in there there’s a whole stack in There no way the whole stack in that chest I’m a bit more too what the heck cannot believe what you hear that [ __ ] yeah cuz I am doing it of course I can hear it why would I not hear it I said I can hear it a sleep

Let me use three more Stones first okay it gave me nine that is good enough one 2 3 and then some wool acquire Hardware what is that one again smell smelt an iron ingot I say yum wait I have tea I forgot dry tea that was a hiccup what that was a

Hiccup me yeah uh-huh it is yeah yeah yeah better identify that’s how you know you’re calling me too much too much you want me to stop want me I don’t have to stop I want you good that is the correct answer what the [ __ ] she got armor bro crazy she’s Luling this

Literally they secretly experienc in Minecraft Like H experience in Minecraft okay probably found a different cave than none of us have been to I’m out again out of it again yeah I’m just running there and back I me like four each time three that’s why you use all the

Other furnaces at the same same time it gives you more they don’t have anything in them just put stuff in them we have a chest full of logs have to use you can use logs you I made charcoal in these ones here look it these two right here are purposed for making

Charcoal what is the charcoal same thing as God damn coal you put the things in them oh yeah your dick your dick gravel you leave myel alone he is perfectly fine leave your dick alone he average size what the f it’s average size yeah you’re dumb crazy I was just thinking the same

Thing crazy yeah what the [ __ ] why are you thinking crazy cuz I put the last block down what the [ __ ] oh we could build like a little you you said to build a little a rock garden yeah how would you make the rocks for the rock garden you would have to either

We could do this we could do this either either this side right here where I am you could have this area open up for sand or back here we have to expand a little bit I can’t spand that way that’s a aulu territory I know but some of that dirt there isn’t their

Place like where those trees are the it could be that big the sand thing doesn’t to be huge it can just go anywhere the trees are right there if you want to expand a bit that way or just have some part here oh we can build a little bridge

Over to the little B over there that would be cute good mhm I can build Bridges mhm yeah the bridge over there says a lot what are you saying about my brid right there Bridge skills yeah is it not good it’s good you don’t sound convinced it’s good I don’t believe you it’s

Good you’re not saying it right how the [ __ ] do you say convincingly is good no it’s good is believable the hell I don’t know if you truly feel that way about my f h should I make the walls taller or I just be wall usually usually they are kind of

Taller but it’s fine I guess yes a what yes small wall small wall is fun how would you build a sand area do we have F to build the one that I didn’t check obviously oh I want to fill in the holes in the floor as

Well we do that after it’s fine uh you’re going to have to cut down some trees again yeah it’s called a sand and stone garden it’s called a Zen Gard because I [Applause] play my Animal Crossing Garden had a bamboo trees oh deot Z guarded crazy um I need your skills

The [ __ ] kind of skills where you at I didn’t mean to go at the trees you me to cut them Why [ __ ] you know what [ __ ] Tre I need to go get IR more I will trade one bed for one iron what I will trade one bed for one iron whenever people join I will get more iron one iron ain’t that much bro well a bed isn’t that much

Either I got overcharge you think we’re going to have that much [ __ ] people to get that much iron or that much new members I don’t think so bro how much people do we have here so far I don’t remember we have one R CH one Lulu one me one you okay

One S One Soul it yeah I don’t think it’s last for a b no he does everything himself so professional gamer I didn’t L streaming later but her headphones are broken so that’s fine kind of late wait after what time is it no she’ll be streaming Now on Twitch is Z yeah I’m going down imagine me looking at other people’s PLS crazy crazy crazy crazy did you get down the Tre no my X broke you want another one have a stone one stone one look I didn’t say it was good I just said I have

It it’s also kind of broken bro give me like a i one for one more block breaks as soon as I break One Singular block that’s just how I had it it’s not my fault I don’t need to go over R The there a little bit of rubber band I didn’t get the tree I all you this was your tree I wasn’t cooking any trees what are you talking about I was do the floor don’t you be like this over here I did I did two trees I did a oak tree

Right here then the dark oak one there that was a dark oak would just broke that was not my tree I have been cing trees I home who’s what was that huh What whose what was that huh well you the only person I only have one one solution for that

One and you’re not going to like area I didn’t C Ching his so it was not me uhhuh uh-huh you ever expect it could be the people that also cut trees over there that live right next to the spot they would never just do that really come here went to get laser come

Here what you like the TR Right what you like the trash items Anything use to live so it’s like real life it’s food not important I don’t have to eat either it’s not Important I have Oh oh no what am I he one minute one minute oh Okay diamonds already C I’m back I can’t feel my hands though feel your hands I’m not G Again what you doing hi what the [ __ ] you doing get your feet out of my face now like my feet no not my feet no get wrong over here foot up oh no exactly [ __ ] should we have the S St that would be all right um good what it’s usually like it’s

Usually like hi welcome to the Stream Godzilla you want make it you want to make it that big though how would you make the Rocks they don’t they’re not big rocks how do you make rocks what do you mean how you make rocks what do you do for that

Really that or you can make buttons too buttons work buttons so small that’s the point of rocks that’s a pebble exactly oh Minecrafter for real for real what are you doing just let him clear out by themselves they taking too long me the hell you heard me the hell yeah

I love you love you did you hear my apple back no I have it oh I there a new Apple look okay Apple another one no you got to have one too I got to have one yeah keep it in remember what apple is in Japanese jingle yeah

We never learned that one I never sat there and learned that one yeah we didn’t learn that one like what’s that what’s that in Japanese that up there uh key is tree yeah but where’s that what’s the blue thing up there in the sky s yeah what’s that right there what’s

That what’s that right there that’s setting that setting now it’s rising ah d huh it’s too t yeah I remember see I told you you learn that’s crazy crazy told you bro told Imagine Learning is this centered oh yeah cuz I’m just going by the door see learning the nongo crazy I

Don’t remember any your words they’re on my iPad which is right next to dude you learned key that was my word wasn’t it uh yeah I was going to give you that W but then you stole it from me yeah wait what is this what the [ __ ]

Oh I’m going to make a toall I don’t know if it’s going to look okay but I’m going to make a toall toall bridge oh Bridge cuz then people can walk under it right yeah go walk under I don’t think I’ll smack my head on

It only this one I’ll SM my head there just just don’t you know just don’t walk there oh I smack my head on it what the [ __ ] I guess you can there don’t be still there I’m jumping that’s how you just how you sprint bro you never play Minecraft or what

You button I don’t know which one it is what either the shift or the control button what controller the shift or the control button shift the control button yeah yeah but sprinting faster bro why do I have Birchwood cuz you see the the temple how it’s got

Birchwood why do I have in my [ __ ] inventory why have I got like 30 paint for should go away doing your water painting yeah but not right now they falling onto my chair Minecraft water painting for real okay considering you didn’t like my idea considering you didn’t like my idea what idea my

Idea what was that you just have it go into the stone that’s so farun go for it do it let me see how it goes I already started something else now don’t be like this just go for it get out of here just go for

It you didn’t let my I’m not doing it do it no do it go away do it that’s yeah You one time fr ready whato Fazbear fighting the Ender with the hi there it’s F I’m fighting off against end hello welcome to the stream there’s not enough sunand is that what you could break it it mhm that’s that’s that’s the amount of sand we had the 50 something sand or was

It how much was it not enough you all the sand right there yeah that’s all of it I look so little let go to sleep and go get more yeah okay WR B what the [Laughter] [ __ ] H love you love you you do yeah y show up before you go bridge bridge okay

You want to make those attached to something or just float attached to the bridge what are you talking about this right here the bottom one you mean the stairs H you mean the stairs talking about the fence they’re just floating here give me a minute okay Yeah [Applause] okay eating the Apple eat your I’m not hungry yeah you are I’m hungry he back me me I’m not hungry hungry I make myself hungry now just Sprint jump until I’m hungry I’m not hungry expect me hey down punch me you did it earlier do it Again hold on I need to alen we don’t talk about that person Mess that person wants to tell me something you know what to do okay it’s not a nothing to do c right H it’s okay I’m hungry now there you go eat apple yeah ate it right in front of your Face I think like person understands the part of beinga a break and not talking to one or another still I don’t think that person understands being a [Applause] person this person has Sten artwork and just an idiot to be quite honest we do not support [Applause] people I think about it

I’ll he’s an Idiot Going to put the GL yeah let’s go over here can you use my orang D you think maybe is this your boat or my boat yours which way should we go ow the [ __ ] bit me in my ass cheeks something bit me in the ass I don’t know what it was that hurt for

Something be on the bottom bit my ass I don’t have doors I don’t know oh I put them it’s fine we’ll go somewhere with a bunch I don’t know why person get somebody can get that on my screen that’s kind of stupid right Anno by it do you see what he said

It’s still stupid why is say why is it irrelevant to me I don’t care yeah it’s probably probably person but yeah don’t be telling yeah you know you know person it’s probably that person but still it’s not my business talk to him right Here that’s good okay I’m stuck in a boat boat I need to use a shovel I gave you two I I gave you one half dead one yeah but I give you another [Applause] one yeah I do say what like you know shouldn’t be talking that kind of thing

Yeah even if it’s like that but I know D if you were to talk to their face right they’d be like oh but you talk to them about you know this art thingy yeah but that’s more understandable oh yeah that’s one in a sense of letting know that there no

Reas why is anything to do what [Applause] yeah now is that your concern anyway kind of wanted to be my friend and then goes and [ __ ] like that you know it’s noriz business really I Don’t I friend with My yeah [Applause] why is there always a crafting table cuz I had to I had to make some I had a I had a get oh you stole it so uh oh I didn’t mean to do that there’s always a crafting table when you’re house huh always a random ass crafting

Table when you’re around dude I need to make shovels no to the you want to go to the temp either or is fine here’s one Temple might going to go there anywhere okay you want to put the houses inside the temple I mean the bed bed don’t belong inside the

Temple the temple what not haunted it’s haunted no I’m not allowing that as a k I’m not allowing that get C here sometimes she’s being pretty quiet just she got she got diamonds already yeah she just Minecrafting mhm not today thank you what is that deflect a projectile with a shield

Ah huh I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t need Shields yeah you are exactly why you keep saying help help when you get like attacked I just want to build stuff she still listening to us can can’t hear us what the [ __ ] he can hear us here take my

Thing thank you that’s a lot you welome yeah it’s h funny bit long I real you and aore are both able to hold sharks you have like blah haes both you have blah yeah blah are good but mine’s better mine’s blue your the winner yours is not Laura Cur what

The it is not a Laura Cur shark is think he also a pink shark herself yeah it’s not fully shark she’s not a whole shark some some kind of shark Are You full penguin yeah I’m a full penguin she does have a tail remember we talked about it that’s not weird she

Has yeah she has pink oh my I think so yeah can you find it no Hates Me Hold on I got to my I don’t Dem shark how tall is are you tall are you he probably tall taller than us in our YouTuber he looks kind of tall

Have you seen her legs he’s pretty tall it does Sparkle oh that sparkle what do you call that he killed the BL keychain on his shorts huh look at the keychain on her shorts it’s dead it is dead what the [ __ ] 53 a 53 that’s that’s T than

Me how tall am I in the that one what one p 4.6 P I am 4.6 P I’m rounding up .5 something but I’m not enough take care yourself it’s literally dead what do you mean take a care of it it’s dead it has cross eyes you killed your right now I’m

Pretty sure I’m slightly taller than kaida but when I have the life 2D it’s going to be my real height I all you in feet or CM feet cuz that’s okay um 58 you hey that’s you I don’t know life I no way I’m used your penion he’s napping one the key the

Keychain he doesn’t look like he’s napping he is dead you you m the shk and that is the biggest that’s the biggest crime on on YouTu what the [ __ ] a shark so dumb what uh sand area I need some pees make buttons I need PE yeah Buton

Do you have smooth St I have smooth I need yeah you do just put it in your just put it in your crafting put one single in your crafting wait how do I get that yeah there’s some buttons I made six okay he’s killing the the Sharks and

Wearing them he’s I’m wearing them oh no that is why you do that to a shark what did the shark ever do to you sh our friends is that even I don’t know and it’s not important I’m going to the only important thing right now is the welfare of these sharks It’s lot of fundraiser Justice for K sharks Justice for sharks snack for later oh no emergency food no no no no no hold on I’m going to sneeze oh I hate this sneeze crazy my sneeze was so loud it made my dog fart what the [ __ ] I Snee be

Like that was a big sneeze crazy did you build like one all Rock cuz why not now was ugly don’t do it get get that thing away we’re going to put bambo here instead okay yeah we got to go get it though that is an unfortunate thing but

Yeah what I don’t know what’s do with the rest of the buttons give me them what the [ __ ] I you do redstone stuff give me them give me the godamn buttons give me the buttons bro how much do you have four yeah I have four what the [ __ ] okay let’s make some

AR you may you need D and whatever this red flower is you go here you make your red Dy you make your yellow the same amount of both but I kind of messed it up so we got enough for yellow then you put them both in here and then you got orange crazy

And then you got a spay one cuz she’s stupid I want pizza I have pizza would you like some of my pizza I want pizza pizza pizza yeah you know what you do with orange Dy you make orange W you know what you do with orange W you make a stall

Sal can you make a darker pink than this I don’t know I’m a l I’m I’m a l magenta kind of cheating but Magenta there’s magenta wool you think K would be okay with magenta K are you okay with magenta you want pink or magenta you if you have pink you got to have the same stall as somebody else same stall you mean same looking stall not the same stall same same color

You know what I mean he just going to put a second sign right here okay I don’t I don’t it’ll be okay people to share a St it will be a little bit C there’s not enough space behind these things I would share stall we’re not sharing the St I would

Share stall no my stall has H look at it’s amazing why is this in the wrong place have you been messing in my why is there dirt what have you been doing I didn’t do that she’s okay with magenta we’ll make her magenta so okay yeah I think we’re going to have to

Expand backwards though expand backwards yeah start making them go backwards for when we get more slimes yeah we expand it a bit we’re going to build souls and stuff though yeah we just go behind where R are you you can put like one right here but you

Can also make one more right here if you want to like open up in more area right behind the houses why not no it do seem to cramped you know it’s convenient you wanted a store right next to your house no because you know that means

People right oh my people not right next to the but like pretty close by it’s like me going down the street for uh starucks the [ __ ] bro you literally said that you was going to and then you was like no I do it I do it today after stream

Right after stream yeah yeah got to check my location I need to eat after the stream and then I’ll go get food down there starbs food is I just like cake and stuff no not no no there’s not just Starbucks down there you to get a

Pizza there’s pizza maybe I could get a pizza yo how do you in there no oh use them uh my assumption is this but I could be wrong yeah I’m wrong I don’t know how to make a fence okay that’s how you make the fence did you click on the thing on the

Left yeah searched up fence it was already on the screen cuz I have on yes why do I need a p again stalls no I was doing something over here finishing the sand area Pebble you are in the Way wow crazy that look ugly are with diamonds Diamond Armor already we never we never got that yet we have like one plate is that what the code in this game probably not what are they called armor top armor plate I think it’s plate can only anything ccape chest plate plate buddy PL

Body body plate I want to play pin play for penguin yeah do it’s not on stream probably probably not not a good idea to try don’t want getting BN would not be fun have you going to have like a a wolf moment oh no I want to be B from YouTube

For a whole moment was it been a month dude it’s been so long since WF was last banned he still banned now yeah from that lethal scen how long ago was that I feel like long ago it was really long ago still Bann for it I think he gets

His b lifted soon but that’s not really the point British Moment by you but it’s okay to be be mean to Americans are you done got to make some St you going to build it here you said yeah we can build to what the houses for these two but next time we get people we’re going backwards okay I’m going to expand this dirt part area then take this tree out um what their

Area right here what are you doing to my What my stuff this is your tree when did you claim this tree h two oh I need logs as well you want the one right now you can pick them up there on the floor it’s okay all righty bye-bye peace out okay how do you make magenda I don’t know one two

Three I need you to destroy this tree too wow Okay hav’t been against [Applause] free are not [Applause] Approv I’m find that one’s fine no why has nothing wrong with that one one i s the other one but not this one it’s close person no space tree back the [ __ ] up even though it’s like it’s been here before us even in the way of my PLS I have no a know it’s funny thank you that I thank you ather hello ather at least ather tells me stuff I can’t tell you I can’t hear your stream I appreciate it Dragon what am I doing making stalls you put me off what dragon telling me about my C

How me off the [ __ ] oh ah I can only think about one thing at 110 okay has joined the server e there oh yeah just started you already got [ __ ] diamond armor don’t understand she speed running okay secretly like Lulu uh I messed up I hear chicken an a

Stall what last the chicken is an a stall should I leave it living should it live like leaving the chickens alive not n game okay they’re dead a has been a way recently alien he went to it Jesus bro why you the only one that can’t keep up Stu no

Bro wait is you’re not a mod on my channel he is not important enough he didn’t make me a mod on Twitch so you shouldn’t make him a mod what the [ __ ] he doesn’t deserve he won’t make me a mod on is Twitch he a mod on your YouTube so I

Might as well put it on my YouTube I don’t think some of you guys on Twitch have mod either I think you guys have VIP how do I I have mod you have mod of course you have mod how do I do this again how do I give

Someone no don’t do privileges don’t do it I will tell you he can be your mod when I am his [Laughter] mod that is only fair re some subscribers CT he really subscribed recently crazy subscriber count or dat subscribed oh no CT is the most recent subscribed crazy some people have the subscriptions

Turned off so you don’t know that they subscribe oh okay that’s true cuz there’s a lot of other people after SCT subscribe I need to make Some I know how to do this least I’m not that stupid how to make chests chest yeah don’t really mod people anymore politics go crazy huh H what’s politics got to do with anything oh yeah when when uh Kaa sent you the normal human thing like oh it’s

Political yeah he just said he’s political crazy he’s old of course of course political so to be honest he is the most normal out of all of us H I might have got more points but he’s still more normal he like politics he’s a Normy the Normy Normy for real

Ow ow you okay oh is not where the chest go you watch too much what is thater it’s not be know if that’s but I don’t know what it is Norm me bro you are Norm me bro kind of you like you just get out of about say get out of

Here none of that none of that a gr that is what they call bad taste yeah a there when we have our podcast you will probably be the first one we’re going to talk about your anime tast we’re going to do the 3X3 thing 3×3 thing yeah I we talked about

It right on that stream well you made like a a three you have like the your favorite anime the one I think it’s the one in the middle it’s very favorite that’s gonna be I don’t know about that one I don’t remember I remember the SP only you

Talked about that no you thought he he wasn’t even here I thought about it was you when was that when we first when we first talk about it on stream Bic off can do the and I’ve been wanting to like watch s more I only seen like

Episodes one to three I want to continue it you want to watch that me ma’am H you want to watch the anime with me what what anime it’s about pre run what anime I don’t know this anime it’s about this oh is the one that e posted

In his server yeah oh my God his [ __ ] on me bro leave me alone run away run away leave me alone where’s my boat I’ll put y’all in boats let’s go home let’s go to the temple get in there yeah look at that caught him they could burn when they [ __ ] it

They could burn when the sun comes up God here man the animation goes crazy I remember seeing some stuff of it there’s so much edits of it it makes me want to do an edit of it what do I have aom is it magic magic the main character an elf

That lives over thousands of years and she’s like you’re kind of developing emotion I guess cuz you know she lives so long she doesn’t care about anything anymore I see but then later on she realizes this guy she was like going on event she’s with had a crush on her and

She’s like crying about it [ __ ] you know I don’t know that kind of stuff but then again she’s since she has years of experience of magic or you know of living that her magic is pretty decent pretty strong no need that makes a Change you want to watch it um I think about it okay I need more convincing I watch myself you don’t want to watch it for me you want to came away from me that’s sad I want to watch it I love you enough I just want to watch it

So you got to watch it with me my more convincing ether saying it’s good does not convince me a says ju the guys are good the [ __ ] I haven’t seen much of it so I can’t tell you exactly what it’s about I’ve only seen up to three episodes you

Realize he led a guy like 30 years after he died well that’s unfortunate but also that just makes her stupid she doesn’t know her emotions bro stupid oh you know have you ever seen those mimics the chests that like have a mouth as they’re opening yeah she gets stuck in those cuz she’s

Dumb I told you she’s dumb I haven’t even see none of this and I I already know she’s stupid I I want to watch Watch that spider bit me with its ass my metric’s great I disagree it is trash justen Oh trash hey welcome to stream so dumb is not a good anime I wouldn’t recommend it to my enemies cuz I probably enjoy it and that’s just incorrect what is

This campfire why I was I was um I was cooking something um what can do need magenta yeah how do you make magenta how many people we got one two three four five six can I count one two three four five six yeah we got seven people

Crazy are you sure you don’t work with Sea Dog VA because the only thing trash here is your taste ma’am what the [ __ ] no your a is the one with the bad taste I think that’s pretty obvious I hear another spider I see it it’s dead um I need

Signs hey I want to make you signs yeah the same as the other ones though okay yeah here thank you no wa that’s the wrong way for the most part I just go off their hair color to figure out what color they are his hair isn’t pink no is

It okay her hair’s kind yeah it’s pinkish okay and no that everything everything on okay is pink bro why is going to be the most simplest [ __ ] design cuz my clothes don’t match my hair H my clothes on my character doesn’t really match my hair only time

It does now is cuz I have your art on my [ __ ] chest what are you talking about my YouTuber look at my clothes right now too I don’t have other purple on me except my hair see I told you I’d go off here I lost my Twitter found it

Twitter yeah he does have pink hair mm I sent you the image over too you could look it in Discord whatever we’re going to run out of colors eventually be fine the K just day how you just make more colors cuz yeah yeah bro some more colors more colors we can

Go find more flowers there there’s only a limited amount of colors sir it’s fine what if we make 10 more friends we’re not going to have enough colors just mix and match the colors somebody’s going to have a rainbow St the gay star it’s for we’ll make it for Jun for who

I some rainow STS what for who for pride month make some rainbows for pride month that’s going to be one long ass stall we can make a long though good deal when PR month even June I just said this June yes always has been how do you not know this I don’t care about PR month everything is Rainbow you should know about this I don’t I don’t focus on do I’m inside my house playing [ __ ] a game use the internet right mhm I don’t take and I taking mine I

See oh look rainbows oh look funny rainbows then next month is gone like God no more funny rainbows no more funny rainbows where are we going to looking for again to flowers oh that the was you walk past before I don’t know H Ender Enderman I see end skeleton help run Away where is it I’m running wait don’t ask me where it is it’s dead where’d you go spider I feel like I am being attacked by this game game does not like me very much you’re running into more mobs not on purpose I have to collect these collect what

These red ones uhhuh there spiders near there I don’t see it but you might it’s okay I’ll kill it oh there’s pink flowers over there what if you mix pink and red what that do I don’t know I’ll meet you at the boat and we’ll find out

Meet me at the boat and we can find out give me a second see flowers I’m going get them actually what what is this where is the boat even you’re lost I’m going along this Ro right now it’s somewhere around here probably you know where it’s at somewhere in the

Water you know where it’s at in the water yeah but you know what direction you’re going what is the direction no found it I found a zombie I’m here waiting at the boat is it near the sand um it’s at grass you you parked it inside of like a crack

Um it’s like pink and red don’t mix into anything let see leg tell hello you’re so late it’s fine it’s fine welcome welcome to the stream oh Ray what’s up too what’s up hello Ray you made it on time for a stream doing the Minecraft yeah K is currently lost trying to find

This so I’m waiting for her I see hello hi no you no you let’s go home let’s go M this way what the [ __ ] what the lag just make you take off you started zooming in the boat kachow Kow so stupid missing so much of those memes you lightning nothing lightning strikes something

Twice K you heard about my Lo sa you L mqueen he’s got in movies like car cars two cars three fles planes too he’s in Planes I don’t think he’s in Planes do you know that planes is not a Pixar movie like CS Plains is actually a Disney Movie uhuh is that a YouTube right there no YouTube did you know that no I just have a bunch of dumb dumb facts in my brain don’t worry about it they’re not helpful for anything what the [ __ ] it’s fine I wonder if you can mix pink and purple to make

Magenta maybe try it I will do just give me a B I need to get back y let’s go to sleep first okay okay my stomach kind of hurts did I already say that stomach hurts yeah Jesus what I went to a tree we don’t exctly here the [ __ ] try make the purple

Yeah I’m going to try make magenta with pink and purple okay yeah works yeah I just need more purple now how did I make purple I have some red lap lapis and red lapis we’ve got lapis at home we got a lot at home maybe a my stomach’s dying stomach

Dying I have enough it’s okay I’m getting hungry in real life too I’m not hungry it just really hurts I’m hungry well okay then can I get food and bring it up here for stream I mean you’re eating no are cute too so iose what the [ __ ] remember when you

Reading those chips one time when we were playing ring that was cute that was cute yeah was that cute noises the [ __ ] wow look how many friends we got is that similar to my hair color kinda kinda and I look at my YouTuber model and stand next to my St I like purple

Yeah it’s weird when I glow in the dark I’m like that color but normally purple love you he you love you what you doing you stand I trying to take a picture but you’re kind of in my face I love you I love you I love you

Too oh how do you get rid of this F1 yes I’m going go into the shrine real quick and then see if I can get food to bring up here okay um yeah okay something to snack on I want to snack on something back love

You love you you guys can look at the window while I’m at it uh we need to go find bamboos yeah that a bit important is Asa still here I don’t know whoa funny end please come back SI Niki end be scary A Min Bri think okay not okay do you think R CH will mind if we steal one of the pumpkins I want to test the orange dye if you can make it with pumpkin or not go for it hi hi I don’t want to steal one of pumpkins without

Asking she has a farm I’m sure it’s fine yeah I was going to steal it from the farm oh I don’t want to be rude and not ask though you no you where did you get to eat I didn’t get actual food I just got chips okay there’s actual food down there but

I it later cuz it requires me to get a whole [ __ ] plate and bring it up here I see I’m not doing that what do now um um what else we need to do what kind of carpet does it have in there white carpet how

Much what do you mean like what does the carpet look like across the whole floor except except the edges I’m going to need more this okay think so oh you can do it like in the rows here let me send a picture my Discord looking or it could be like a walkway to

Like these you see it on the side see mhm really the whole floor is carpet the whole floor is carpet usually I don’t know if you want to do that the whole floor’s carpet and make like singular lanes that split it is that even even to do that I don’t think so probably

Not what the [ __ ] you said make it all carpet okay do you yeah any more W give me a second just do this split this part maybe this say iy iy ass tomor right now [ __ ] hello mhm you okay yeah I don’t know what you’re doing like these I guess like rows like

That but leave this middle part has two open I guess oh maybe you can um maybe you can um make these all white right but in between make it black oh maybe let’s go kill some squids okay I add extra go I almost ate the whole chip bag already I want

More a small bag some and Squids where are the squids don’t know you on my about they’re gone no I’m not on it no I’m on it why is there a s in the water H oh it disappeared I don’t know what the heck crafting table that’s not mine bro crafting table

I don’t remember building that let’s go home no want to Sleep I have one pink one what one ink stack oh there any more in the chest five I’m using them I need more or is that good where I get Carper from how my cow is doing up here what the [ __ ] are you doing here sir Enderman just came out of nowhere

And teleported front of my face I see you I can hear him I killed him are you sure huh you sure what do you mean see that I can hear him yeah you can hear his scree for a while but he’s dead okay I’m going feed the

Cows I’m going to go put some carpet down I don’t have much okay did you take did you the you went back yeah I’m putting the C down I’m going to swim over there okay need more still a lot more need more black wool black yeah need 11 11 11 and then um

Count 20 in the middle so we need 31 okay try this way was that way the squid yeah I’ll have look this way for squid yeah yeah wait for my chicken to cook first and I come join you okay A see no squid Here there fish that’s fish M you see the fish there yeah maybe this let me see how do um YY oh there’s an end right in front of you I see him So Ender I mean Enderman what you call it where’ you Go okay go Spawn from level 50 to 63 in rivers or ocean areas they were in the river before but now they’re not exactly there was a lot left time don’t know what happens why they do that I don’t know maybe at night time maybe right now it’s just a bunch of

Salmon oh [ __ ] I’m kind of EP so I might end stream a bit earlier today EP EP that’s crazy how early you want to end it I don’t know what are you going to do after you end it anyway um sleep just a little bit going to sleep I’m to sleep with you

Uhhuh okay I always to sleep with me can I eat you first and I’ll sleep with you can we have little sleep first okay yeah we could do that little sleep for go sleep let me just wait until night time over here they at the I think they I don’t

Think they’ll spawn if we stay here cuz whatever is next to us already spawns in and stays there we should just leave it alone for another come back I think your time going to theel Princess Adventure Time fun fact did you know that the the things onong for Adventure

Time was just a little demo but they decid to use it as the real version yeah me you want me just to watch Adventure Time by myself to catch up so we could watch uh Fiona and K I love Adventure Time I’m going to watch the ending

Adventure Time by myself we can watch you together well we got to finish the first just or on then we col whatever after that we got so much on the we could watch oron for a certain we got to finish that first right but after that I feel like we could start

Something and also start something else at the same time we don’t don’t to car about it I think we should just do one thing at once otherwise this happens where we have a thing to watch and we watch one of the things but we don’t the other on

Or where’ you go you oh I’m just going in a straight line iost you I’m next to the water that’s the water the stone area yeah I’m on a stone area oh I see you hi hi hi hi you’re leaving me just me toow you’re leaving

Me don’t know what that was but I don’t want to know what that was zomie why it sound like that like what like that the [ __ ] did you go I’m going backwards now dog I’m just waiting for the squid what are you doing following you well I’m just waiting for the

Squid I want to be with you okay what like the one’s going down yeah is going down Ying Timber oh my God What I’m cold I’m sleepy what are you doing me yeah trying to go back home oh I see the end portal you know the way from here yeah okay you think we’ll have squid yet maybe is that a skeleton yeah that’s a skeleton creeper ah I’m walking at the pumpkin what you

Doing I see you there a squid right there I see squid I see them oh there a lot of them let’s go quack don’t run from me let’s put over there give me a minute I justess got a I don’t a disc notification yeah who texting you where you at I’m

Near I don’t know where you went you’re like spawn at the same spot we’ve been at I don’t like going so far is that enough how much you got I have 16 um maybe just another one we can find them my ax broke so I can’t see anymore we just go back

Okay what are you doing what are you doing walking into walls you not looking at your screen I was looking at the other screen for what at your stream My Stream yeah why you looking at my stream don’t worry about it I’m not going to make it in

Time are you looking at me full cute the H wait come here yeah take all this stuff too cuz I don’t really need it right now I have enough space for all this stuff right now yeah fine I don’t want the copper you can have that copper yeah I didn’t give you that

Okay El was going to do boom Okay I don’t know if we got enough but’ll be okay I remove that picture I sent you as reference what could what could make it look nicer ow maybe uh I okay need a lot of black wolf for that though this how you wanted it to

Look yeah it’s good I was thinking to make it look nicer was make the edges completely black too but that would take a lot yeah we also have to shift the Over another time but it’s good for right now you sure right now okay what you want to stream an hour early maybe not a whole hour 45 minutes 30 minutes early maybe maybe maybe maybe I’m pretty EP what should we do now I don’t know [ __ ] I can’t click um ah

Um what I there to do um we got to get bumo but I can’t be bother doing that today you tried calling me earlier today I couldn’t I didn’t pick it up I couldn’t even hear it well no I could hear it I no it’s okay what I was trying to what

Yes that again you trying to call me like this morning right but I couldn’t hear it okay my my my thing was on my ring was on i k like it was playing the audio but I was so sleepy I did not hear it you

Know what I mean yeah I that’s why I didn’t answer it today we slept late yeah I ended the call because I had to go downstairs real quick and I was trying to call you back and you you w answering so it’s I’m too

Sleepy B I had the um I was trying to call you guys I fell asleep on Discord right I fell as was trying to call you let’s see yeah you know you know you could spam me and all that so that’s okay I was sleepy I couldn’t I know it’s okay

But I know but saying you can you could call me it’s okay to do that I tried even if I don’t answer I will try to answer there anything else to do you sure don’t want to just like talk for the last video or something like there’s nothing else to do right now

Na here aim trainer right here what the [ __ ] you definitely tired is it obvious very much so H next stream we’ll go get bamboo we did good job on making roof I did a good job on it and we made Stu what about from the Sid what if feel

Look at it from my angle H yeah I was like what if you look at it from an angle looks angle there a zombie following you I know it’s kind of funny if you look at it too long but it’s okay it’s fine I ate zombie meat why

Cuz ow that you smacked me that was a fish hello Nathan Welcome to My Stream as well welcome welome okay it’s fully sealed I do Now not it doesn’t need to be a water no why is that how the [ __ ] do that I don’t know how I did that maybe it was water before oh maybe that’s why it probably was water before I assume then you took out the Water by filling over there I don’t know that’s

All I could think of you’re invading the home it’s fine we’re friends that that right there that is that is UN invited to look through stuff stuff Crazy Diamond stuff crazy like you want to see an achievement real quick look at this what did you do I just took it in

My put it in my inventory and put it back in what the helmet yeah I didn’t want crazy put it in your hand put on your hand or put on your head put on your head oh maybe you got it earlier I remember last time we had a

Diamond chest plate right and you picked it up sorry aan I’m borrowing a diamond helmet he has Nemo in there he so why you got the tropical clown fish why you got anemo Nemo should should leave little a present somewhere in here for him some point just some random ass

Thing he ever logs on again this stuff yeah this PR on the floor bro you think they’re okay with having a temple right outside the house that’s fine it’s pretty have no choice now should have asked him that before he started building let going to rebuild the whole thing in another area

No jump over it jump over what the fence no Duh ow oh [ __ ] tried it I felt that I am feeling that run away it’s a little baby with a trident the little dude there’s two there’s a baby and the actual dude with a trident I’m going to gting up B with two Trident bro you got to

Heal yeah but what’s I’m going to break tell me on the way back where am I going this way right now backwards backwards backwards backwards backwards The Shield breaks pretty fast from Trident Trident I realized do more damage when their their opponent is in water or if it’s

Raining w oh I could have guessed that one sh sh need iron I need to go back what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what is this guy doing he came want to land he wanted to he wanted to finish it off where’s the other guy will he drop a trident

No you didn’t drop no Trent you go back home you go back home the home home was isn’t home you want to go get iron I know this is better than everything else unless you want to end early soon soon soon maybe 15 to 30 minute okay going to come down here s

Love you love y Yi well well well where are you oh you’re inside your area I don’t know what to do I see you in there that’s you in there I’m outside H I was looking through the window oh what I started drowning so I was like never mind you want me to go dark down

Here turn on hello hello H hello it’s like looking at an aquarium this is the fish’s POV is looks like yeah how much iron do we have I don’t know a decent amount make another Shield cuz I’m going to need it the one’s breaking already broken those two Trident m

The two Trident earlier [ __ ] up my shield hella hard it was at like 75% or more right like 80 and now I at like 10 okay I’m going to take all my flowers and stuff to my stall I descend here I’m going to spawn some of the

Chickens here I’m going to just throw eggs potato get in there little baby chicken I’ll be back soon huh be back soon I’m going going to put my D in the store you I’m going to put my D in the store okay they lay eggs so [ __ ] fast

Bro H these things lay eggs so fast yeah oh oh my God uh oh oh okay yum yum where I put carpet maybe here carpet in where put it in the bottom corner is it so hard to hear you when this just these noises going on over here

See I need to put this lava bucket away I don’t need it right now you can stay here oh I have two lava buckets oh my God I don’t even know these things easy give me water I need a water bucket I’m going to go hide in the

Temple for a minute I’m going to be right back where your bathroom yeah okay I love you you love you love you I’ll be right back good you love you E I’m back hello BL you did you sneeze I sneeze ear yeah bless you thank you need to go to the nether to get some stuff is that what I think it is actually do I need that do I need to go to the nether for

That I I get stuff out of my other hand huh how do I get stuff out of my other hand F thank you what is this doing here what doing here llamas llamas they’re attached to the door let’s see need go the Nether come to the temple real quick come to the temple

Please okay that is a fat ass fish coming is that a [ __ ] it is a [ __ ] little I see it there’s an invisible person inside the goddamn doorway is he selling anything useful oh cuz you’re selling I can’t sell them white Dy black Dy that be useful to you I you want a helmet you want this helmet little tiny helmet how small do you think my head is I see the guy now yeah he drink something to appear milk probably H I need to go to the nether I’m going go to the nether real quick without me

You going to come with me to the nether I need to get some quick material and that’s it material mhm need to get Quartz I’m trying to make a chicken farm quartz mhm isn’t is not Dangerous just don’t hit any Pigmen the P the pigs with swords and stuff don’t hit any of them or else they’re all going to get you and then there’s blazes and there’s what’s it call it just be careful of those am I going in it okay there’s quartz right there it’s what I

Need where I’m under inside the cave thingy looking thing cave looking thing where I’m coming back I here I’m here for what I came for we can go back now okay it was that simple that short trip I wanted to come with you okay ow ow is it this

Way um kind of it’s not this way bro okay I don’t know why you trust me I’m sleepy what the [ __ ] I’m EP EP I don’t even know my left and right why would you trust me huh I don’t know my left and right why would you trust

Me sometimes you’ll be yell at me like you don’t trust me you don’t want to go this way you probably would have done that if I went the other way no can I head him back home I need to craft this thing how didn’t even craft

It uh is there Enderman inside of the goddamn mushroom there is excuse me sir are you going home home yeah you want to come with me yeah I’m at the boat huh I’m in the boat I wait for you I’m here I see your

Feet my toes you like my feet I have on my feet let me see how do you craft this thing okay that’s how I craft it that this and then one two three thank you and boom thank you N I need more I need more torches I have three

Not that kind of torch oh how am I supposed to know sh okay one two this one look kind of funny hey man leave me alone okay chicken farm is going to require me to build that that that okay wait my materials are down there I’m stupid

Okay come watch me build this so those kill my fish my poor fish what did my poor fish do to you here have this fish instead then turn around I need to go back anyway after forg to get lava you yeah can end uh do you want to do me a favor

Maybe I kind of need you to help me with this maybe you just have to stand still it’s pretty simple just just just hold this in your hand okay no I’m they’re going to they’re going to die in a bit wait so much noises um what is

It oh my God how do you do this [ __ ] again Still good oh you have glass no it’s all I’ll be back I’m going take my boat so it doesn’t take too long love you Just turn your volume down you sure you want to listen to that yeah I’m already back on the dock heading up the stairs I need to build a redstone thingy which is how do you build That have to place this facing where this facing this way no other way that facing that way this one’s facing this way okay so now that will work as a that so now oh [ __ ] pickaxe broken [ __ ] okay then oh no okay so now I need to do

This you want to bring them up here now holy [ __ ] wait stay there wait you have a whole [ __ ] is that your classroom there Ma you don’t me to stand here that is [ __ ] funny oh you taking aot yeah okay bring them up here and put him try put him inside

Here oh [ __ ] I fell inside of it oh don’t go in it ma’am get out turn around jum okay just kill the ones that are out here Okay Okay so did you come all I’m working on there okay so this is very helpful with chickens what the [ __ ] why are the zombies killing Why is the have one my chicken okay so did you have do you have any eggs on you put it in the dispenser click this

Dispenser and put it in there that this thing right there just put it in there yeah look over here come to the front so when you put the eggs in there it’ll shoot the baby chickens there right and when they grow up they die by the lava and then they’ll go in here

Okay okay okay okay so I’m just going to move all these put all these inside of there if you’re able to help me with that ins the yeah all the eggs put him inside put inside the dispenser what the [ __ ] that’s not a dispenser just started just started [ __ ] out

Eggs is it too compact he stop putting it in there take it out take some out why it’s not shooting why you broke it I can see what you Said it’s too much it has a limit how much you can put in there don’t put too much in there wait till the empty is out help me just wait till it empties out then put stuff [Applause] in [Applause] you want purple carpet I don’t know why not you good is

There you go cool all right I think it’s a limit of how much you can spawn in there okay hello hello they falling asleep no too noisy to fall asleep I would fall asleep huh I’m streaming I can’t fall asleep yet I see you want to go end it

Now let’s go we built the farm now we can go to let’s go to let’s go to the house okay Sun’s Rising just in time to sleep yeah me every day every day me every day every day I I got to put some stuff away wait have this trash

Trash okay I’ll put stuff away I’ll be back okay what are you doing what put stuff away I don’t want this all in my inventory I take a few second ow um I the glass put the glass where put it in here for now Redstone put it back in there

Course I’ll put it there too why not uh I think that’s it okay yeah let’s go let’s go back down let’s go there he goes okay go just chatting let go let’s do oh yeah byebye love you love you then just che where there CH room there we go

Crazy I know how to stream yeah end Dreams yeah small N I thought you said you were going to three why are you going so early Okay now you people too loud I don’t know you think I can be B the Dr I’m way too tired I’m not going to be sleeping that long long I’m not drawing today I’m not drawing today I don’t know I wasn’t expecting you to go so soon you never said this you didn’t

Didn’t no you did Not No yeah okay thank you all for joing the stream today I’ll see you all tomorrow for fortnite for [ __ ] knives [ __ ] knives byebye everybody see you tomorrow bye-bye byeee by by Bye

This video, titled ‘[MINECRAFT] CONTINUING JAPANESE THEMED TOWN’, was uploaded by Fuyuko Kaida Ch. on 2024-03-10 09:02:56.
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Today we focus on finish our temple for our Japanese themed town area!!

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  • JoinCraft

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