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He watch this what is going look I did that seemed very risky where’s my gift’s my present okay here’s your gift here’s your gift I think at one point I remember you asking about this so this is why I wanted to give this to you also

Really fast I want to say uh holy what the 25 bomb one second one second one second what the [ __ ] you gota wait for your gift I’m sorry skip this [ __ ] whack dude let me set all my stuff up cuz it’s not ready yet it’s not ready yet

Ow oh we got the Kirby music dto your favorite he playing Kirby music it’s in my background My Stream what do you mean oh I’m definitely listening to Da so I was like what [ __ ] out of here dude was like line up my my stuff how’s that sound how’s that sound

Chat sound good so go live dude I’m but a boy in in an ax a lot of cage I guess guys I’m really sorry give me one second there I invited you to my squads I suppose I’ll have to accept Squad offer I suppose I want you know Levi texted me

And goes da really uh pronounce a Gran Turismo why is there touch thank you for the sub how was I supposed to remember that [ __ ] guy’s name I mean that’s a good point I’m not like you who knows a weird amount of of the [ __ ] show dude I don’t know anything about the

Show you know a weird things about what I just the only character I know is froy that’s cuz Fry’s cool she’s a frog is that what a cool character yeah do you not like frogs bro your your favorite Pokemon literally is a polyone yo why is there with the hold on D sh

The [ __ ] up please why is there touch thank you for the 10 gifted holy [ __ ] if I could I would show you my nipple right now all right I’m sorry I’m back the aquarium aquarium sh hey sh should we stun on our chat real fast and show them

We what we got in our place all right wait a minute I got it for you dude nice because okay do are you not that excited about that JJ for thank you for the sub because you asked at one point last time we played somebody said you needed to make

Something out of clay and you said where am I supposed to get clay I found a bunch she dug that all up herself you better say thank you you don’t seem yeah you don’t see start at all oh [ __ ] back so check it out chat we have

Six Axel lles now what do you call axelos in plural axelos AEL axela that’s a lot of axela hey your surgery went perfect to that’s what I love to hear let’s [ __ ] go still a chant guys give me a second I’m so sorry I’m I just got an email

I’ve been fired for my job let’s [ __ ] go yeah I guess you’re right I’ll take that and see your NE come back what where you going come back don’t leave where you going I’m just trying to bury you alive where you going come back come back hey demonic Coto thank you for the

Sub also when you say you got fired explain Chad check it out I made a whole Temple by myself are you live R I am live I just added you to Squad is everyone live or just yeah every’s we got a whole party Jo join our Squad stream everybody live what

Whoa what whoa why did you say it like that dude what dude this is how you said it that one that’s how you said it that one time I was doing dude I was doing an impression of your what from that one time what whoa dude yeah he said what

Real aggressively Chad I did you hear that what I’m being first so first he’s he’s not thankful for all the clay that you risked your life to bring him and now this I said Thank you and turned it into clay blocks uh listen I’m not even I don’t

Even care about the thank you I uh that what was aggressive dude he was like what I just uh I can’t believe it oh oh Chad I want you to know me and D gas let the [ __ ] out of somebody today it was hilarious yeah you do you say it more

Upbeat than I was but but cuz it was funny okay so we’re playing Among Us on Monday I think and you know whenever I get added to these groups on Discord the first thing I always like to do is tossing a random fact about D that’s

Absolutely not true and D has to play along with it and see how he can basically convince the lobby that it is true so I hop in and I’m like yeah just in case you guys don’t know D wakes up every single morning and speedruns Super

Mario or Superman 64 on a Nintendo 64 this dumbass hops in and goes yeah this is my current record let me play the video actually I need to get my third monitor working again dude I just you you have three monitors I have I bought a shitty

Little third monitor just to like throw up stuff for cat so what’s crazy is I’m actually literally going for another run right now hey chat thank you again I appreciate it oh my God that was close I just buy more Outback Chad I’m kidding it’s a joke but hold I’m about to play

It let’s see what what’s what’s the joke what’s the what’s the joke sorry is that sorry is that not funny to you myad why not more he’s like yeah sorry I’m not laughing at also chat look at this I haven’t gotten to show you guys yet but I built a little

Temple oh here we go speed sub it’s a mock El Dorado dude this is what this man responds with in the Discord call ah so what’s crazy is I’m actually literally going for another run right now oh my God that was oh [ __ ] I got I hate

This man so much what up I just played your Superman 64 clip wait wait oh do no one will steal again did you tell them how long it took you four I haven’t said that because you know you know why would I oh because you’re proud I’m proud of it

Dude oh coule hours it took a couple of hours I’m not going to lie dude Chad it genuinely that that Temple is so cool made me so happy dud look at it from the top of my course that looks so pretty Temple is sick dude it’s sock

Unun unfortunately it is not I can’t say the same for the aquarium dude the aquarium needs a thank you for the bits um yeah we’re not going to we’re not listen I want to give you [ __ ] for the aquarium but I actually won’t just because you the Joy on my face with the

Temple is really crazy aquarium needs a redesign I still like it better than what we yeah the the fact that we can just look up and see the stars and stuff D It’s kind of I look at this this is an ISO from up here huh the temp bar

Aquarium yeah the aquarium needs a a redesign on the outside dude all right all right listen I need you both to meet me at the bottom of waterfall bring supplies at the bottom of your waterfall I’m on it bring supplies no no hold on wait I need to do something first you’re

Going to have to hold on okay do something first and then meet me on the B I need to get food from your house and then I’ll come down oh that works too that works too D same thing with you I’m I’m on my way to bring a boat D bring a

Boat also S I don’t know if Ry said this or maybe you were there but if you were then I think of you you know as an enemy now oh D we didn’t tell youi what no m m did it m did it no not

Me m you know what funny is I was about to tell you that story right before you said that yeah m m hit Mushi so you were there and you were compl no I was not there she made a joke about it and I said and and I literally when she made a

Joke about that I said M there’s a lot of jokes I said that joke is not funny I said if that cow dies like that is a problem for the server like that’s that’s actually kill our cow yeah yeah yeah yeah she actually was going to kill

Mushi so yeah and she did it for the bit and I go hey there’s some things that are funny but that is just not that is not funny leave our cow alone we can’t afford to lose Mushi I’m saying dude Mushi is an ultimate supplier Mushi is like the thing holding this

[ __ ] if Mushi disappears D can no longer eat I know I will die I will literally die make healing potion for mushi listen chat I don’t know Alchemy I’m not going to [ __ ] pretend I do you got to Wi potions for us huh water breathing

Potions oh yeah DD we found no no no no no no we found a shipwreck we found a ship with a with a map and then afterwards we found a gigantic I have feeling we should go on an adventure that’s what I told you to meet me on the

Bottom coral a coral reef Adventure noal my stuff in your box really quick so just you know yeah yeah who wants to use this pickax this going to be an epic prank there we go all right so we just going to be toxic then no dude dude stop

Dude just a prank just I spawn on an island you [ __ ] what did why did I spawn on an island oh you broke your bed fck dude I was just trying to break my pickaxe I hate all right everybody stand out the way no no

No no no no stand out the way lost cause thank you so much for the sub at tier one I appreciate that well are you going to fix that hole yeah yeah yeah I was just really bothering man thanks for the sub dude I appreciate that againe I see

You’re putting on your brand new t-shirt love the T-shirt no we don’t have any uh we don’t have any name tags that’s why never put we literally just have him trapped in Here hey what s what the [ __ ] was that nothing dude nothing I’m just going to should I bring a bucket I’ll bring a bucket just in case [ __ ] weird dude John thank you for the sub what are you doing s what do you mean I’m at your house bro oh yeah D we

Also found diamonds we found like a water orb water water breathing thing we should probably go to sleep first yeah dude I’m I’m staying the night at your house yeah too you guys want to push our BS together so we can have a sleepover and talk about stuff on night my bed’s

Already next to yours bro [ __ ] yeah you want to have a sleepover let’s have a sleepover dude you below me who could forget old sleepovers where me and the homies would just sleep in the same bed in a sky tower right am I right put your bed next

To us yeah that you know it’s so easy to forget that little detail how we were elevated and so high above good night wait we not go to sleep yet we’re just going to talk and have oh that was a fast night said have you never been to a sleeper no I do

But nobody supposed to turn off all the games all the life and then somebody supposed to say somebody supposed to somebody’s supposed to say so what do you guys really think happens when we die and then you know that and also don’t forget and then the parents the

Parents kick in and tell us to go to sleep and then we all like pret fake a sleep and then we start giggling yeah then you just can’t stop laughing yeah that’s when you turn the video games back on exactly yeah I my sister and I always just stayed up and

Played Animal Crossing all the time yeah so why you want to go to sleep who says good night the night just started myself I need to go steal a bed from Do’s house first huh what huh I need a sword dude if I’m going on adventure every Adventurer

Needs a sword yeah I’m going to craft I’m going to craft Excalibur I’m sced craft this scal shut a stupid ass up can’t you name weapons and enchant them you can well then [ __ ] sleep on Excalibur dude cuz this is going to be my one sword shut up

Wait when are we when are we building our roller coaster oh [ __ ] I got so much to craft there’s so many things we have to craft dude I said CRA who’s ringing the good morning Bell oh that’s the hey when you ring that Bell you have to speak

Opinions dude give a speech opinions all right H what’s a good opinion what’s a good opinion blue cheese is trash that’s a b cring Bas CR cringe his opinion okay uh cringe what no that’s based what did he say I didn’t hear what he said hear

What I said I have a feeling s will still say cringe no not no I don’t want to say it anymore he said he said blue cheese was bad s your thoughts oh yeah that’s cringe dude what do you think what are your thoughts based or cringe I think that’s

[ __ ] based as [ __ ] honestly let’s [ __ ] go D do on my side rare bad C look you switched it up dude yeah I told you I told you I’d switch it up but only only until you start really disproving me again by by the way one strike one strike already

Stri what how many strikes do I what do you mean going stop talking to her after you get to three strikes no after three strikes it goes back to rare good cenate okay because the other day the other day daugh and I were messaging and I said

Something and he goes rare good cinate and I was like d you said that about like five of my cakes now in a row you can’t I like eventually you have to say that my cakes are like I said cakes I’m done all right I’m building Excalibur

Now this is a big moment in the Stream by the way for the prime forged in the [ __ ] crafting table of Legends I have [ __ ] Excalibur now do you have a boat okay oh I’ll be back my boat’s name is goat goat the boat what happened wait what happened to

Uh Al where’s Al is he safe is he all right he’s right below you uh hey can we talk about that s what happened to H wait who’s who’s who’s out well you left him Starving in a boat Dude down down by the river oh yeah bro

What does that mean you what do you mean what does that mean you left him starving what happened to Al so I set him free out of the boat why would you release him into the water he’s he was t s i you didn’t take

Care of him what do you mean I was working on he was literally starving and kep at us where’s Al is he safe as he’s going to drown without his phones you didn’t take care of him dud you you did so much better dude look he’s drowning yeah you did a great job

You really saved the [ __ ] day you [ __ ] disgust me all right well now I got to go build another boat cuz that’s Al’s boat don’t [ __ ] [ __ ] with him dude I didn’t show up right then he would have drowned you don’t understand Al stupid as [ __ ] I mean bless his heart but man

Stupid as [ __ ] bro bro you got wait a minute I know that he did not just get mad at me for Al but I want to show you there’s a bunny that he’s letting die on the side of shut up said I can’t do nothing for that

Guy for the record I want you to know help him dude when we went an adventure I can’t help him buny when we went an adventure we save look s s s me and Excalibur are going to go investigate things and I’ll come back and I’ll no

Because you’re he’s gonna kill the bunny he’s if you kill the bunny I’m gonna be mad dude no I’m going to go best and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do don’t kill the bunny dude oh no C there’s nothing we can do if he gets s

If he gets back up the cats will eat him alive you can literally save you can break this and save him dude the cats are going to kick his ass I’m going to save him there you go there you go okay watch no watch watch I’m I’m going to

Watch this bunny I’m going to see how long he lasts in the wild I give I give him five minutes dude he’s going to run into a cat and he’s oh my God he he almost he broke his damn legs you hear him sque Wonder yeah yeah another wonderful life

Saved by the great C Brit he [ __ ] killed himself s he GG he went next great job s you saved him another life sa all right great yeah me and Excalibur could have handled that way better now I got to build a [ __ ] grave great awesome look look at the

Steps to save oh my God you saved them you gave my way out awesome awesome I’m build a small memorial better that he died a free man than a trapped prisoner in your freaking he he would have died a tra prisoner life dude just you have this

Evil air down here you think you can do whatever you want but let me tell you what all right he would have died down here alone and it’s because of you okay oh my [ __ ] got you can’t just imprison rabbits don’t don’t you’re going to imprison his grave down here

Wasn’t even where he died dude he deserves to have a grave up top yeah put the put the grave where you’re supposed to be not in your slavery dungeon down here that’s not how this works dooya that is not how this works dude what do

You mean this is not how it works why are you putting his grave down here and you’re dungeon if that’s like a weird Kink that you have dude then go off then I guess his put where he died it was not his house because he was stuck in the front door want

Put where he took his life s because it’s it’s a memorial it’s a landmark of his death dude we want to remember it forever and yours is what are you doing [ __ ] I jumped and now just says F you know what fine that’s all he [ __ ] deserves anyway he [ __ ] he left

The house that protected [Laughter] him TCH is up sorry let me let me pay my respects can everybody just can we just stop arguing for one second hey if you think about do you were wrong he didn’t get he get killed by the cat playing respect I’m bro his own

Legs you fought hard my friend s Don’t Look Back s okay just don’t look back promise me you won look back I’m sorry I could I couldn’t control my tears I’ll [Laughter] reloadit all right so great s hey you came down here to prove a point and you

[ __ ] him let’s get out of here oh my well you did s it ain’t like I’m making it up dude you just took them out now everybody I’d Rather somebody die a free man okay or a free bunny than die in your dungeon underneath your house dude

Where he was happy he was not happy he was stuck D I need how long was that rabbit stuck for for hours dude my best friend he was there while I was building my you know what this is bunny Temple from now on yeah now he cares but earlier on my

Stream I’ll send you the clip this man this man literally turns to me and says oh just let it die you did but he didn’t die it’s tough to be a Al God damn I’m getting [ __ ] I’m jumping more sh hurt I’m going to go get some

More Mushi sto and then we can go on our trip yeah why do you laugh like yeah he does have a slavery situation going on with I’m curious to know how many how many more bunnies he has underneath in his dungeon it was just the one that you killed I mean

Great your dungeon is your problem you want to have a dungeon in your house that’s fine his ass I’m getting jumped yo R bit his lip he said what you I’m I’m good I’m good I’m I’m good I’m I’m I’m is cooking him I’m good I’m good I’m good I’m

Good look at this dumb ass yesterday this was no I built that entire Temple today chat that was not there yesterday I need some mushy soup calm down after watching a [ __ ] belu one die here we [ __ ] go all right what are you [ __ ] mean we here we [ __ ]

Go took here we go so this is what this is now huh this is what this is I’m suddenly the bad guy for saving the bunny out of your dungeon wait hold on we we let chat we let Chad decide was it a good decision to free

The bunny or keep him in prison forever I’m sorry I wouldn’t want to die in captivity specifically said let him die so we let him die a free man and make his own decisions got doya oh here my chat earlier said that where you saying this government they said that on the YouTube

Video too cuz they were like you she always says his government name when I’m mad sorry I I in shock from the [ __ ] death of my friend we’re going to go to listen we’re going to go to sleep and we’re going to go on an epic adventure

De you want to have a sleepover again yeah now remember we don’t actually sleep somehow the adventure hasn’t even started I’m already down one friend put your put your bed down

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    Danny D discovers hidden wonders in Minecraft Modded - part 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Modded Playthrough (No Commentary) – part 1: early exploration’, was uploaded by Danny D on 2024-02-18 01:44:12. It has garnered 61 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 01:57:43 or 7063 seconds. In this video, I start a new modded Minecraft world, explore the immediate area, and build (part of) a small base. I just got back in a Minecraft mood, so I set up my 200+ mods and waited for a day when I could try them out again! Most of these I’ve played with previously, but many of… Read More

  • Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpe

    Unleash Dinosaur Mayhem in Minecraft! #mod #mcpeVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft dinosaur mod mcpe #minecraft #mod #mods #mcpe #dinosaur’, was uploaded by Natan$ on 2024-03-19 02:45:41. It has garnered 462 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:16 or 16 seconds. Read More

  • Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!

    Insane Minecraft DemonSlayer Sword Review & New Abilities!Video Information This video, titled ‘รีวิวแอดออน “ดาบพิฆาตอสูรสุดเจ๋ง มีปราณสุดเท่” ใน Minecraft มือถือ?🔥 (DemonSlayer) | Minecraft Addon’, was uploaded by Koontang GamerZ on 2024-03-02 12:34:41. It has garnered 5180 views and 159 likes. The duration of the video is 00:13:30 or 810 seconds. Review of the Demon Slayer add-on. You can customize your own character in Minecraft mobile..very cool!! I’m back for an Addon review after a long absence. Hope everyone will like it. #Minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftMobile ————————————————– —————– Please press Like & Subcribe as well. So you won’t miss any new clips from us =w= Demon Slayer Addon download link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EaBQPNHBxE&t=0s&ab_channel=Frogdog… Read More


    INSANE DUELS & BEDWARS MADNESS LIVE WITH MANGOVideo Information This video, titled ‘Playing Bedwars And Dueling Viewers LIVE’, was uploaded by Mango on 2024-03-17 15:41:35. It has garnered 253 views and 32 likes. The duration of the video is 02:29:43 or 8983 seconds. JOIN THE DISCORD! – https://discord.gg/Hujy8vMPGG #minecraft #hypixel #Bedwars Read More

  • Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!

    Win a Minecraft Mod on Spidermonkeyvr Server!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft server give away for mod’, was uploaded by Spidermonkeyvr on 2024-01-07 21:34:34. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

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  • DuckMC

    DuckMCWelkom op de Minecraftservers.org pagina van DuckMC Network. DuckMC is een minecraft server die zich focust op, Training, PVP en andere Minigames. De server is 24/7 online en is te bespelen in 1.9x t/m 1.16x Dus waar wacht je nog op? Speel alleen of met je vrienden op play.duckmc.eu! Populaire games die onze server heeft zijn: The Bridge, Bedwars, Duckhunt, Parkour en nog een heel groot aanbod van Arcade Games. play.DuckMC.eu Read More

  • Artic SMP – smp

    What is Artic MC? Artic MC is a free-to-play Minecraft server inspired by the Lifesteal SMP. As a big fan, I was heavily inspired to create my own server. This server also has plugins that allow you to do what you want, such as blowing up houses, becoming the strongest player of the SMP, raiding bases, and much more. Mods: – Minimaps – Voice Chat – Gravestone And many more! Join now and experience the excitement! Discord: https://discord.gg/fZwRxygaqf Read More

  • =(====( PIXELMON BRASIL )====)=✯ TOURNAMENTS » pixelmonbrasil.com.br « RANKED ✯

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 2.0 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 2.0 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: pixelmonbrasil.com.br (GL HF) Read More

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    When you finally gather enough diamonds in Minecraft but then realize you still can’t afford that enchanted armor you wanted. Read More

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    Minecraft Clash: Crafting Chaos, Building Wars In the world of Minecraft, Clash of Clans is the game, Where warriors battle, seeking fortune and fame. Join the fun, build your base, and fight with might, In this epic clash, where victory shines bright. Subscribe to Fanatic, for Minecraft delights, With updates and news, to keep you in the light. Join the Discord, for a chat and a laugh, With fellow gamers, on the same path. Threads and Instagram, for more fun to explore, With memes and music, to keep you wanting more. Fanatic is the name, gaming is the aim, Join the journey, and be part… Read More

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    Unbelievable: Raid Farms Still OP in Minecraft 23w13a! Minecraft Snapshot 23w13a: Raid Farms Unaffected! With the recent release of Minecraft Java Snapshot 23w13a, players were quick to notice changes to the Bad Omen status effect and raid mechanics. However, amidst the panic and speculation, one thing remains clear – Raid Farms are NOT nerfed! What’s New in Snapshot 23w13a? In this snapshot, Mojang introduced some tweaks to the Bad Omen status effect, making it more challenging to trigger a raid. Players now need to defeat a captain to obtain the Bad Omen effect, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game. Raid Farms Still Effective… Read More

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    Unleashed in Minecraft Hardcore | Ep. 1 Welcome to the World of Minecraft Hardcore! Episode 1: The Beginning of a NooOoOoOoOB Hey hey heyyyyy, it’s ya girl KRAFT SQUAD – INSHORT – KRAFTY here, and let me tell you, I am a total NooOoOoOoOB when it comes to Minecraft hardcore! But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, am I right? First Impressions: So, I stumbled upon this Minecraft Hardcore video titled “MINECRAFT HARDCORE BUT I AM ALLOWED TO DIE” and I was like, wait, what? How does that even work? But then I clicked on it and oh boy, was I in for a ride! The… Read More

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    100 Days Surviving Hollow Earth Minecraft HardcoreVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 100 Days In Hollow Earth Minecraft Hardcore!’, was uploaded by KixCharms on 2024-03-09 13:00:16. It has garnered 1151 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 01:11:34 or 4294 seconds. 100 Days – Hollow Earth I Spent 100 Days in Hollow Earth In this video, I survived 100 days in Minecraft on HARDCORE. But this wasn’t a normal survival, I modded this completely and was inspired by Luke The Notable and Forge Labs. I survived 100 days in modded Minecraft. Zombies, Skeletons, and even pigs would destroy me just as I… Read More

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