EPIC Minecraft Adventure with Winnie Wriggle

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He Good morning everyone happy Monday once again we have our usual cup of Earl Gray this morning although last night I was drinking chai tea which is another one of my favorites pling black chai tea at home chai tea lattes out in the world a little slow getting started this

Morning it’s still chilly in the mountains this time of year the first thing I want to do today is work on our list of things to do because I got very busy over the weekend and didn’t get nearly as much done as I thought I was going to so

We’re going to play a little bit of catchup today we’ll clean up what we’ve already done we definitely did the new barn last time we set up our storage drawers although I have not finished them but we’ll do that off camera so I’ll put that on the future page to say finish

Drawers we still have a couple of steps we need to do before we go to refine storage namely we need slime ball production and I think we’re going to use create for that because we did plant wheat in one of our hopping Bonsai pots so we have plenty of wheat to start with

We might eventually um H Maybe let create to a wheat farm might just leave the hopping Bonsai as our source of wheat for everything and then use create to pull it out of the barrel Etc so for right now all we’re concerned with is taking wheat and um grinding it up into flour

And then if you combine that with water you get dough and if you combine dough with a green dye we get slime good morning Bunny Honey hi ker good Morning welcome welcome okay so we also need cactus farm because I forgot we’re going to need lime dye and skeleton Farm I think that tower that we found that has all the skeletons in it that’s a great place to start but right now we’ll just use

The bones we have to generate bone meal to make white dye unless uh maybe we can grow one of these flowers in a botney pot and get white dye from it in fact let’s look at that and see petals snowbells white Roses I know the lily of the valley would work also phone muted there we go let’s find us the lily of the valley real quick that shouldn’t be ow shouldn’t be too difficult keep that honest because as I go back into I’ve not figured out how to make

The little drmies put the items in the barrel from the ours newvo mob farm because I have not been on the server so let’s add that Um DG me research I’m keep my to-do list with me all day I can already tell and last time we did storage drawers I’ve started populating them with stuff I also want to set up our little uh empowerer what I can’t remember what it’s called Energizer

There we go I want to change our Energizer to give us the next tier of our reaction right now we have hardened and if we take a look at Power and go to Blazing we’re going to need Blaze capacitors and we get those by using blazing crystals and we get those by

Taking blaze rods and putting them in the Energizer so we need I believe if my math is right we need 72 of those so if I get a stack and eight blaze rods and then if I adjust Our item card so instead of putting in Iron nope can we how do I get rid of you there we go right click we want to put no I don’t want to put eight in I want to put one Blaze Rod in and then it’s too early to do

Configuring mob items hold on okay and then this one we also need that oh no that’s the output we need the input not those I just want one of those okay so those two go in there we need an actual energized thing first that should put a Blaze Rod in

There if I do that possibly yes and it’ll turn it into a thing and if I take that out now I can say that should be that and put you back in and do the same thing Here and say we want you to pick up blazing crystals instead and it should put those back in as it charges them up yes doing a magic thing I love it when a plan comes together okay we’ll let that do a thing remind me to upgrade that Before uh the end of the episode because hopefully that’ll be it’ll do all its thing I don’t know how much a power needs I don’t know how much power it needs to make that 990,000 Forge energy per that’s fine we have like ridiculous 16 million we’ll be fine we’ll be totally

Fine okay that’s doing a thing so let me add this to this and say upgrade let’s say power to Blazing like a so we’re going to take a nap and I want to see what the trader has for s sale it’s kind of a hodg podgy day I think just hodg Podge

It hey Bob how’s it going do have anything fun oh have fancy boot fancy boots runeforged Greaves I mean what am I wearing nothing nearly that good sir I need those boots so we need a pair of diamonds boots and 45 emeralds let’s see if we can do

That I know we can handle the boots can we handle the emeralds yes we can do we have a pair of boots we can use like this is my question can I give him an old crappy pair of boots we’ll make both let’s see uh boots diamond boots

Boots this is an experiment Bob will you take the terrible boots no he was mad about that lots of pro okay protection five mending Unbreaking five stable footing and feather falling wow that’s kind of those are op Bob good job I like the new inventory

What else do you have since I was so distracted huge Clover petals Bob skeleton skulls and I don’t know this has changed instead of getting emeralds back for the accessories in here now we get uh cards gambling cards reverse cards I don’t know much about this mod at

All but I’m very interested I’m very curious okay gear bling and I really like we use these battle mage boots of the defender to give us protection so we have three of our pieces are from Bob except for our feet so I think it’s worth redoing our feet I do like like

The additional Health from these is nice but I don’t think we can beat protection five like that’s amazing plus three armor I the same amount of armor oh well I guess these have an additional three armor have additional three armor toughness dur same durability I don’t know how to

Un I don’t know if we can combine these right I mean is that a thing I don’t think so no because technically now they’re not diamond boots that’s all right okay so it’s fairly straightforward to do the whole um enchant thing with boots we need can’t remember how we do the first One let’s see yes we have a the battle magees Gambon so we need battle mage boots which are just for mage Bloom fiber that seems so simple wow I didn’t need that many okay convert those and then I think I just need need two blaze rods there we

Go what is it for the tier two two blaze rods and then two ender pearls and a chorus fruit for the next tier so we go blaze rod and shift click should get me individual ones two blaze rods new boots oh we can’t forget to Dy them Red we go run forged gaves yes I think that’s much better we’ll take our tier ones off maybe we’ll keep those in our backpack tier two are these all oh these are tier ones really I didn’t upgrade them well let’s fix that since it’s so easy to do take my mini skirt

Off koala good morning or good evening your time you finally get a little free time we miss you lady I know you’ve gotten a chance to hop on sometimes but not always hope the fam is doing good we’re just uh upgrading our all NOP upgrading our uh arso armor I keep

Re-equipping it instead of putting it in the enchanter okay part of the reason we want to do this not only does it give us more Mana that’s the big one so we can use the big Mana spells so take my book out and put it in my

Hand you see how that takes almost no Mana to cast that’s very good that’s what we want of course that’s a very small spell so the next version of the upgrade is just ender pearls which we have a ton of so I have put in the storage system drawers so let me

Get eight of those and chorus fruit aha which we have because we’ve been to the end okay let’s get naked ha and yes my hat that I’m wearing is different than what’s actually physically on my armor because we have cosmetic armor I think if I can find it there it

Is so I’ve got a The Arcanist hat that’s it’s visible because I like it better not that the like the little battle mage Hat’s kind of cute nope that’s my skirt pretty sad we can’t tell the difference between the hat and the skirt there it is I look a little bit like a

Mil air heart getting ready to fly across the world you know I get the kind of airplane Hood goggle thing vibe from it am I wrong it’s cute but I really like the um Arcanist hat better wow weather weather’s a little loud in my ears right now let’s there we

Go in fact game sounds are just loud in general let’s tweak that a tiny bit oh it’s thunderstorm I think I’m gonna let the thunderstorm rage because uh I want to get some skeleton horses is hopefully possibly we can fight The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse you know it’s perfect it’s

Just what I want to do when I’m Monday morning okay Two ender pearls and a chorus fruit one piece of armor we do have Source it’s definitely sucking the source down though and now that is a tier three and you’ll see under the words tier three it says empty3 empty 1 empty one there are actually slots in the armor that if we take

It Here no how do we add there a different little thing we use alteration table probably yes and that allows us to add something called threads to our armor and so we can add things like thread of the depths increases the amount of time you can breathe underwater um thread of heights allows

You to jump higher Um grants looting step height spell damage healing speed I love that it’s the Star buunk Thread that gives you speed fast little boogers um damaging effects of a freezing spell fall damage there is also most importantly the threat of gliding which allows you to Glide as if

You’re wearing elytra now we have elytra because we went to the end and in order to make this thread okay this has to be an equipped in a slot level of three at least so we look at that armor we just upgraded we do have one tier three

Slot our others so far only there’s a two and a one there’s a one and a one and this one’s three and a one and a one so let’s upgrade the rest of these two ender pearls and a chorus fruit to our chest plate next I just love the animation I thought

This would be a fun like start to the day the yawning I hear you on the yawning I got to tell you funny about the time change over here in the states which happened yesterday or in the early morning so I get up at the usual time I’m looking after our dogs because

Physics is out of town get up 700 a.m. stagger out put the leashes on the puppies take him outside and I’m kind of looking around going at first I thought it was just dark cuz it was overcast no it was dark because it was still the

Middle of the night like it was dark dark outside and I thought why is it so dark like is my clock broken oh no daylight savings totally I had completely like I’d been reminded but had forgotten by the time I woke up that it was actually 6:00

A.m. it does it just messes me up and so then for a hot minute I thought oh well that’s fine I got an extra hour of sleep no no I didn’t I got an hour less which is probably why I was so confused because I was really tired so you

Know Daylight Saving sucks that’s what that means oh okay so this gives us Mana re plus three Mana regen and Plus 90 Max Mana that’s really pretty darn skippy I think we are super op protected now which is great okay and other fun things I want to do um want to work work

On I want to set up our create a lava thing again and a create steam engine because that’s going to give us a ton of power for any create Contraptions KK says don’t get me started why are we still doing daylight savings like isn’t that like I don’t

Know didn’t Europe completely do away with all the random daylight savings type of stuff they even do that I don’t think they do I think they’re only place in the universe that does that weirdness okay I did manage to get together the create stuff I’m GNA keep the to-do list on

Me um what else bunch of bunch of stuff in my backpack oh I made a tank I added a tank to the backpack with the tank upgrade and it’s been collecting experience which is cool because I’m still also as you can see my experience bar I mean it’s not quite a level yet

But I’m still getting experience where’s that coming from oh we all needed source where are you getting Source from that was a bizarre like what what are you are you happy because Bob is here is that what’s H you’re you’re sucking Bob’s energy really really my little dude so

If you don’t know Dre me is the more entities that are around them the happier they are and these little uh the mobs trapped in jars count as NS so we have an Enderman and a slime and a spider I’m trying to figure out how to make them pull a drops from these

Because this is also a mob farm but I can’t get the setup right like I need to watch video but I’m not going to do that while I’m streaming so if I say so that stores that DG me as an entity for me but I’m trying to tell him that this

Is the chest I want him to put stuff in and I don’t I don’t think that’s working I shift right click a right click not sure and if you shi shift right click on air with the wand it sets it like to be sided or they only use one

Side but they should collect stuff from all three mobs in their area like it’s a radius around their little home is where they spawned from the dgy hinge like Stone hinge but really tiny any Bo I need to go find a video on how to make that

Thing I got distracted what was I saying yeah so all entities in their area make them happy so they’re happy that Bob and the llamas are down there because they count as entities so you can see the little dgy happiness swirl apparently apparently it’s not Bob

It’s the llamas I don’t blame them the llamas are way better than Bob don’t tell them I said that let’s take a nap and get rid of this rain for a hot minute a minor moon has appeared are you still here oh you’re a different Bob oh look can I give you my

Extra lucky rocks and things I can’t I don’t have an AIS I have I think I have a couple extra lock rocks maybe some angler trophies possibly there’s an adventur kit you can have there’s a lucky Rock there’s a lucky Rock there’s a lucky Rock there’s lucky Rock keep that

One I think you can only sell back a couple at a time oh wait did you want want an adventurous pack no that’s a secret ingredient but too bad give me that mostly cuz I don’t know what these are but I need them removal cards returns applied accessory boosters okay what is this

Mades it’s like mattress but spelled weird messes accessories M A Jr Do you have a book messes accessories no maybe no no instructions accessory booster slot oh instead of a pocket is that what we’re calling it now so it used to be called pocket let’s see I’m carrying the adventure kit yeah

In a pocket because it gives us a 25 but 7% efficiency bonus and increases our loot basically by 2 and 12% for every block further from home up to 152% means our loot in our chest when we’re out exploring is pretty great we got all kinds of crazy

Stuff okay still doesn’t answer me as to what those do but you know whatever we’ll live give me some Cobble we go and give me all the create stuff because what do we want we want to make first we need to make a grinder because that’s how we’re going to make slime let

Me show you and the reason we need slime in case you were wondering is that most of the recipes in refined storage needs something called processor binding and you make that with slime and string and string is easy because we’re growing flax so we have infinite string and we’re about to have infinite

Slime because one of the ways you can make slime in the create mod if you use mechanical mixture and a basin and put dough and lime dye into there you get slime lime dye is pretty straightforward we can grow a flour or mushroom or we can grow Cactus and some

Of the white flour and get green dye and white dye mix them together I think that’s the path we’re going to go down and then dough is the other part of that and you basically need to add water to wheat flour and we can actually do

That in create using a mixer and a basin as well so we’ll have two of these setups it’s easy to put water in there we’re going to use the copper pipes and pumps to do that the wheat flour has got to go through a mill or Millstone we

Could put it through crushing Wheels but those are really they’re expensive to make because I have to make 21 mechanical Crafters in order to make the crushing wheels and those require electron tubes which requires polished rose quartz etc etc so on and so forth deep Into The Well of Minecraft

Craziness and I can just make a millstone with like a gear and a block it’s much easier so we’re going to do that in fact let’s make one oh I left all my andesite casing in here Bob seriously my dude there we go one mil Stone bottom being

Two no we do have Ultra Vector plates which for moving mobs around oh they’re not craftable oh wow they’re only tradable interesting ready yep we’re going to use other things for a mob farm though okay so that’s a bunch of create stuff we may or may not

Need I also need to do a setup for and I wonder if I should just start putting create stuff in here or if we should continue the theme of putting it outside it does cause a little bit of frame rate lag if you put two many of them in the same

Chunks I’m having that problem in my dir worldall world I had to actually put a master switch to turn all of them off because they were like my frames dropped like 18 around create stuff and it’s because I’m running shaders it’s not the fault of the mod create is a

Great mod runs fantastic but because I’m running shaders uh the shaders are very unhappy with the spinning things so if I turned off shaders we wouldn’t have a problem but D it’s so pretty with the shaders so I think what we’ll do is um spread things

Out uh so we need a stamping setup is what we need because I need copper plates and Brass plates that’s a washing setup that’s our stripping our wood logs for all of our building And power this time I think we’re going to go all the way over here we need to finish our bee house too all the things all the things to do hi cows hi chickens I think we’re to go way over here and do some more create stuff out

Here because we’ve got um the torch Master torches down underneath everything and so we don’t get mobs generally spawning near the base they got the magic torches uh these guys Mega torches prevents natural spawning of hostile monsters in a big radius and I think I have one under every building they’re diamonds

And blocks of gold and some wooden torches they’re not that expensive um I probably need to add another one out here it just saves us oh speaking of mobs what are you doing up here where are your friends do they leave You we don’t have an iron farm here so we don’t have a risk of triggering a raid if you want a really entertaining episode go back to like episode five I want to say yeah because I have an iron farm which has villagers we triggered a raid on the starter base it was

Terrible I mean we won well I say that we ended the raid because we couldn’t find the last two guys and then if you like reset the game like I logged out logged back in and it reset it so we didn’t have a raid which is

Good okay I don’t think we need copper casing or are those things right now I want to set up a windmill I get my brain on today let’s do a simple windmill a little one just to give us some power for right now and let’s create power that’s different than Forge

Power and where are we going to put it feel like maybe up here i’ want to try to keep like this would be a great place to have a bunch Of to create things down here kind of cascading down the hill maybe or up the hill too that would work let’s put our power down here here and then oh Amar I forget we have thermal cultivation now I have a whole bunch more seeds oh one quick thing let’s get cactuses

Started while I’m thinking about it cuz we’re going to need those green Dy so we can at least do the proof of concept on our little setup here hopefully I have brought them from the old base that that would be negative Ghost Rider do we even have

Cactus wow we don’t even have Cactus hold please let’s fix that I will laugh if we have to go get cactus from a desert but I’m pretty sure let’s sleep first I’m pretty sure I had Cactus growing at the old base am I crazy pretty

Sure pretty sure I did got to finish the apartment up here too a lot of things to do um nope what I call it um did I not leave my oh no I have it on there old base thank goodness w a it’s our little starter

Tower with a bunch of poppies we have to be able to come here because our iron farm is still here and our camel and our donkey and everything please tell me I have Cactus no there there’s no Cactus y’all how is there no Cactus have I never been to a

Desert have I just not picked up Cactus what’s happening we have to go on an adventure oh my goodness we haven’t been to a desert how is that possible oh I think there’s desert down here but I didn’t pick up a cactus there’s a coral

Reef what do I have oh I have a pets marker there so we went down to get terra cotta and never got Cactus wow is that just like doe south of us I feel like yes cuz that’s our base right now the main base and we are I don’t even know where

We are we’re north of that East that who knows we’re somewhere if I go back here does it tell me yes um okay so we’re actually closer to that than we would be from the main base if I go do South we’re going to like -400 3900 so me write that

Down okay koala have a good night oh no be home in 5 days but you may not have internet at home well here’s hoping you do goodness there 24 3900a 2400 3900 I don’t want to lose track of that okay let’s um let’s hop in a boat go south

Unbelievable no Cactus Winnie good job how how do I not have Cactus and I guess Bob has never had I hear the villagers what’s going on guys how’s the farm doing pretty good we’re not here and I don’t have the chunks loaded so it shouldn’t be producing iron except when

We’re in the area okay on the road again Impromptu Journey for the wind oh there was a tower in the distance it was very cool like We Came Upon it I was like what was that are there bad things in there no it’s just an empty Tower got a villager up in the top sells maps I think this should be pretty

Fast we will make a little journey on our way to get cactus just such a simple thing meant to do a lot of stuff this past weekend and I have been in instead kind of enjoying my empty house yes I did have a good weekend honey

Bunny it was one of those where I didn’t I mean I got some laundry done and I cleaned up the house a little and you know I took care of some RL stuff but mostly it was relaxing I’m rewatching one of my favorite animes and hanging out with

Friends it’s good uh physics is out of town for like three weeks so I’m enjoying the absenteeism it’s CU I’m you know everybody needs a little time alone to do their thing how about yourself honeybody did you do anything fun have a relaxing weekend watch any good movies read any good books or

Fix we’re thirdd person for this magic Journey how about everybody else what else did people do for the Weekend like 2400 something something ah get out of the water lady there we go super relaxing you say caught up on show gun and hung out my sister that is absolutely on my watch list ah sisters are good is that an older sister or a younger sister I have all little

Sisters I have two little sisters one is four years younger than I am and that’s what I’m closest to cuz we grew up together oh there’s a lily of the valley and then I have another baby sister my half sister and she is 20 years younger than I am she’s amazing

Too they’re very cool what’s really funny is that my baby sister and my half sister look very simil SAR like it’s very clear they’re sisters whereas I look a lot more like my mom than my dad they look like my dad in terms of their coloring their dark Hair and I look like my mama what’s even more amusing I have brothers too she’s 9 years older and she’s the best older sister it’s so good to hear that you love your older sister that’s awesome I also have two brothers both of which are Step

Brothers but I grew up with both of them well I grew up with my one step brother uh he and I were actually born in the same hospital about 3 months apart because our parents were in the military together our dad’s which yeah I’m just tickled by so

My step dad ended up being somebody I’d known my whole life it’s kind of cute he and my mom were married the 35 years and we lost him a few years ago very sad um but a really great part of my life and I got an awesome step brother

Out of it and the funny thing is that that step brother and I look like twins like we look like fraternal twins and we’re not related it’s really funny and then my other step brother I’ve known him he’s my little step he’s my little brother I’m know him since he was

Three so I grew up with him I’ve always been his big sister and he’s 10 years younger than I am so we have a fun thing where there are three of us where we’re all 10 years apart so when one turned 20 the others were 30 and 40 it’s very

Cool oh look it’s our fisherman friends what’s up guys have we been here let’s see yes we have how’s it going catch anything good lately out here on their fishing yacht big sisters are cool oh there’s another one of those towers that we found near the base that’s very

Cool okay oops I’m going to get away from all the drowns that are underneath us real quick there are many fact we might camp out on the beach here for the evening while we figured out where we are are we close we’re very close that’s good I think we’ll be Overland for now

From this point let me grab sleeping bag cop squad on the beach oh your dad was in the military too in the Navy oh that’s cool yes I am an Air Force brat my dad was in the Air Force but I have a grandpa who was in the Navy Sou feel like let’s go down this River a little bit which is this way winie maybe nope this I can read map yeah wait he was out by the time I was I think it N9 or 10 so I don’t remember much about I we

Did a lot of moving around when I was young super young but ended up becoming a commercial pilot which is very cool flew for a number of different airlines wow I feel like we’re in the valley of this Valley is pretty great bamboo part to get out of hopefully this was a good

Plan can we get to where we’re going yeah sure let’s just go down the river it’s fine it’s a great day for driving on the river while I talk to y’all have a number of family members who were in the military that was kind of a big deal especially my parents Generation

All the brothers and sisters my dad actually has seven brothers and sisters all of course from a second marriage my grandpa so there were Step Brothers and then half baby half brothers and sisters too so I have a lot of ants and uncles and a ton of cousins as a result which

Is cool because and then on my mom’s side my grandmother had seven brothers and sisters and most of that family stayed in the southwest in and around Texas and especially South Texas so I grew up with many family reunions with dozens of cousins in fact I have a I have a cousin

That I spent so much time with he’s basically my brother he just a couple years younger than I am and our grandmothers are sisters your sister went in after she graduated college she forth generation to be in the Navy that’s amazing we thank her for her service that’s really Cool physics also served in the military she’s Air Force ex Air Force it’s an important thing to acknowledge I had a ton of friends out of high school that went into the military for a while I was quite I wouldn’t call it a trend because there was nothing you know trendy about

It it was just good for them and a good choice for them at the time I think you know I look back at my whole educational experience and think I probably would have benefited greatly from taking a couple of years between high school and going to college before I tried to do that

Cactus taking I what they call it a gaap year I think you over here I’m going to go ahead and oh what’s that is that Temple go ahead and get a few Cactus so we can get a jump start on our program is that a regular Temple or

A weird Temple and by weird Temple I means something generated by a mod let’s go see ACAA I feel like I don’t have any Acacia saplings either we should get some of those what just oh no it’s a different thing what is that give me that there’s a cartography table and rabbit cooking

And some barrels with more Cactus thank you Game how did you know oo dark steel star bungle tokens warp Scrolls Mana region I’ll take all the things this is what happens when the loot because we’re wearing that cool thing in our pocket it increases not

Just the kind of loot but the amount of loot I don’t think we need sand you know I didn’t even check underneath these for pressure plates or explosives or anything there and I don’t think there’s anything down here like there would be in a regular

Temple I mean I’m going to dig down here and check oh no just just AA okay just AWA I the water so it’s like a little mini Temple like a micro Temple hey skeleton bro thank you for the cookies okay what did I say let’s grab some

Acacia uh because I feel like we don’t have any we might and I could be crazy but we’re here we might as well get some cuz it’s a lovely Orange Wood is that another NOP no lily of the valley what else Oak Big Bamboo hi fish what’s up grab some of the um biomes of Plenty bamboo that’s another cool like that might actually go in our like there’s Minecraft bamboo like here duh but there’s also this giant bamboo Bamboo logs I have that here we go you going to give me a bamboo

Tree maybe possibly if I would get rid of the stuff in my inventory there it is bamboo logs h I can’t tell yes there we go bamboo sapling from regions unexplored that’s what we wanted that’s fun give me give me can we do other fun things with those bamboo logs bamboo

Log uh oh it’s just a lot we can burn it we can turn it into sticks use it to replace wood it just gives you BL bamboo planks that’s cool because bamboo planks make all kinds of things bamboo Bench Oo stripped bamboo logs even nice okay have a taco I almost walked right into that hole not going to lie and then and what else these are a lime Carnation from cylic it gives you lime dye can we put those in a botney pot inquiring minds want to know I don’t think we

Can but I feel like we should gather them and then take a little nap cuz I can see that sun going down oh I don’t think we can botne pot him we might be able to bone meal them maybe we shall see oh another gream another a gream catcher mhm another dream Catcher okay we missing anything else fun I feel like we haven’t even been to the Village that’s down here let’s just go check it out quick while we’re out and about because goodness knows I’m really good at getting distracted in Minecraft are these the bowab yes bow bab trees they have a cool

Texture inform oh terra cotta nice do we need some more terracotta I don’t know let’s see we have 200 might as well we’re here right we just save all this just carve it out of the side of the mountain nobody will notice mm ah let’s get a few more Stacks

Nice haven’t even made our cooking for Blockheads kitchen yet I think is that in here I’m sure I’ve asked that question many times and yet I cannot remember yes it is in here that’s good so I need to make a Um kitchen area for cooking all the things can never have too much terracotta especially when I get a building crazy and decide I want to make like that’s why we’re low on terracotta right now is I spent it on purple terra cotta oops little bit hungry oh this mining makes me

Tired okay that I think is just a well that is Village let’s go see it IO oh I mean not that water would hurt but you know rambling across the desert we go it’s very bright this is when you can tell how bright my Shader pack is set in the

Desert so bright I need sunglasses we’re going to stick we’re going to take this C block because we can well I say that there we go what are the there’s actually a chest under here yes do we need any of this probably not oh dink me tokens I’ll take those a golden

Hoe looting two mending sorce berries Flint an Ender Ender we have a ton of those here have some seeds um we have so much sand too now because we have an automatic our little automatic sand and gravel and whatever maker that’s a cute well look it’s

Got not only a lantern but a little pool thing it’s a great idea with Birch trap doors H I like it what are these tomato shrubs from Farmers Delight pretty sure we have tomatoes we’re good we’re good yeah we clearly haven’t been here kitties cat then I’d have to like walk

All the way home with a cat we don’t have time for that I am going to take all the cactus out of this Village cuz there’s nothing worse than a less than um intelligent villager running into a cactus hello sir you don’t have anything for sale what are you rat tractor string

Cheese pumpkin melon flower pot do you have anything to oh you’re pet shop owner eggs for emeralds that would come in very handy I didn’t know that was a kind of and there’s a bunny there’s bunnies in the cages I didn’t know you could put rabbits in the rat cages

That’s I’m not sure I’m a fan of that it’s cool it’s very cool oh here’s a little Gardener place even more cactus what is it these are from um beautify the lattice so great I’m taking your candleabra sorry do I have any torches on me no that would be too

Easy H do we have any torches in the storage system yes we do H it’s very cool oh is that a another beautify house release right release your kin say budny Let Her Go XP boost row two some bone meal well we could test out whether we can bone meal those flowers I really like these orange candleabras I’m just going to help myself to those we’ll figure out how to make them too orange calabra nice excuse me there’s nothing in your

Barrels for me to steal rude so rude look at all that hay hey you know what we can do take our hoe pick all that up and that is a bunch a bunch of hay but also a bunch of wheat that we can use to make slime from cuz we’re like

That you don’t have anything for sale either huh I mean I don’t blame you live in the Tiny Town Apartments those are the efficiencies who’s up here nobody nobody yall having a meeting conference this conference day okay I’ll leave you to it another beautify house there’s the rat house that’s

Cool one we little village and we are super far south what is that a rocky Reef I I feel compelled to go look at that because that is a biome I have never heard of like it’s right there let’s just go check it out it’s a ship it’s a really big

Ship look at this I wonder if this came with the update we’re generating new terrain cuz we’re right on that edge of where we’ve explored before I mean I’m not going to turn Down some blessed iron leggings of the volcano I mean talk about hot pants let’s put all this stuff away nope that’s my bow not do that uhoh I have filled the backpack we don’t need need those I probably don’t need Mana regen potions don’t need sticks I have plenty of

String don’t need random Sandstone random kelp we’re keeping the seeds keeping the seeds Okay do the magic trash can um we’re keeping the iron cuz you can always use iron more Iron Trident iron gloves we don’t need any of that I don’t think how did another day go by so fast Minecraft jeez sleep out here on a wooden raft the middle of the ocean okay what’s in there food stuff always use more coal and Gems we I’m sure we have tomato seeds but I’m compelled to pick those up okay this is a rocky Reef we’re going to check this out then I promise we’ll go look at the boat look at this we might need a fishing house out here a fishing base look how pretty this

Is and is it actually a refunder here is like it’s got a little bit of pickles there’s Reef back there that’s so Cool this is awesome I’m putting a home here how big is it it’s pretty big are there any structures look like little sandb Bars it just kind of goes it’s I mean I realize it is its own biome it’s not like a biome it is a biome how pretty is this I don’t know what’s so compelling about it I think it’s the whole little land formations in the water that’s pretty

Cool and many less places for mobs to spawn so it’ be relatively safe it’s kind of great it’s like pirate Pirate Cove yes yes that’s a great idea it does look like a pirate it does it reminds me of um I don’t know if any of you have ever played

Atlas but there are a couple of island formations that are kind of like this it does Jo me a Pirate Cove be a great place for a Pirate Cove okay let’s check out this ship real quick let me put my thing away okay last time I went up to a ship

I died when I was test playing something sure there’s bad guys on here so what’s our strategy so we board it from the rear put some blocks down we’ll pillar up and board it from the rear that’s the plan oops just got to clear the we can put a pill right here oh

My attack him from above where’ they all go I’m so glad none of them have banners okay safely board the rear oh my goodness you’re in my way did that just Fall why did the sail have weit that’s very strange are more spawning down down there hello I’m taking over your ship my hearty I I’m too tired to do pirate voices today but you know I don’t know if things spawn in here but we’re going

To are there stairs to go down there is it just hi ouch ouch wow there’s a lot of you oh that’s why it hurts I had a friend up here oh oh my it’s probably a bad idea ah okay there’s a spawner let’s um hide behind that ladder there’s

TNT does that say that’s a zombie monster spawner I’m not comfortable with um oh I see they’re Target blocks you could aim Target blocks and blow holes in the side of the ship that’s pretty great pardon me how are there still dudes down here hi ooh there’s a lot of you and

Zombies okay let’s disable the spawners first wow so fast suddenly have I always been that fast where’d you come from does this sword have some kind of weird teleport on it no okay time for a snack oh this is the cargo hold that’s kind of cool we’re down in the bowels of the

Ship I mean oo Loot just take it all okay that was white concrete powder that’s why it fell it was not wolf spawn eggs more horse armor string arrows I don’t need old crossbows those must be um yeah why are they invisible item frames I bet they were pistoned in shells zombie

Flesh do I need it I don’t think we need a zombie spawner below deck and now I’m stuck let’s put some scaving so we can get up oh more loot okay um fer we have a problem uh trinket pouch can I put things no what can I put in you

Nothing you’re not a bundle I lost my bundles because we lost all our gear in the end which is sad okay what do we want to keep horse armor I mean do we need the horse armor I definitely want the apples and the spawners uh broken spawner

Pieces I did not type that right trash can makes us cry but let’s get the stuff we actually have a ton of at home Redstone have a ton of those I’m going to keep all the bling and the gems anything we already have in the backpack for sure

We can always come back I don’t think I want you definitely want that and that you never know when you need a bottle of enchanting and a recipe and modded it can be quite annoying to be like oh I have to do all these 42 million things to get one bottle of

Enchanting for a thing let me make sure have we found everything I I don’t think we we just don’t need spawners on our ship s oh sorry got a little frog in my throat let’s get rid of the TNT because that just seems dangerous what do we have bones string Shield some

Seeds it’s good good another chest with fish that’s exciting I like this using the scaffolding with the fence in front of it to be like a real like it’s a framed window that’s kind of cool oh I can sleep out underneath the Stars let’s do that take a little

Nap let’s see what’s in the booty okay not very exciting up here the good loot is clearly down in the lower decks this must be the the ship’s wheel the Bell this is really well done can’t I can’t get up there nope oh another Emerald I could jump nope

Nice we’ve successfully captured the ship captain I mean those Sails are freaking amazing look at that I want to take screenshots for inspiration just using the wool to make the shapes with the little Forecastle sales here know some people are like oh I was like

A you know past life I was a lady in England in the Moors or I was a count in the France no I was a sailor I think for sure I am fascinated by ships and not just ships but old ships like creaky gallions something about it okay let us set a home

Here I grab my boat this is so pretty even underwater it’s pretty let’s set a home or maybe just make a map marker um oh why not I think I have plenty of homes that home Pirate Cove I love it this such a cool area okay with that said I do want to

Get a couple of things done so we’re going to slash home after our adventures and do a tiny bit of chest emptying possibly because wow we have a lot of stuff in our inventory just say emptying backpack emptying whatever oh and I can just put string

Back because I did move string to the storage drawers oh my there’s so many things in here let’s see playing and things and gear uh uh uh huhuh crafted Items like you do smithing templates that’s cool a lot of this is gear oh there’s our Cactus okay bamboo is all organic and our lily of the valley for our white uh die so let’s go ahead and put those in botney pots and our terracotta can go oh run out of room in

There must get it fixed uh the elter We Need oh and those carnations I want to see if we can get those in there and by in there I mean um in a botney pot oh that’s mob drop where did you go back to me eggs are mob drop technically crafted gear crafted crafted sticks bling bunch of

Gear we want to keep that Nature’s compass almost done and all those we want to keep which means I want to reset that okay never have too many cool crafter thing or orange candelabras I think we’re g oops I think we have to light

Them and can we hang them on a I know we can hang him on a ceiling we hang them on a wall we can but they look awkward that that really that’s the model you came up with for hanging on the wall okay let’s can set it down there oh they

They’re directional it’s cool turn them one way or the other and I believe if you take a flint and steel you light them up that’s awesome very very very cool okay last of the filing away here those are in pretty sure crafted that create stuff Organics we want to see if those

Can go in botney pot and now let’s make some botney pots oh look I already have some beautiful and do we have some Barrels yes and some dirt regular dirt there we go let’s go upstairs so we’re kind of putting our gardeny stuff here and say okay definitely know we can put a lily of the valley in a botney pot and that will grow and that can be our source of white dye super

Easy this one is oh Cactus needs to go on Sand so let’s grab a hunk of sand out of storage and we can stick a cactus we go ahead and well we’ll cook these up into green dye but that can grow over time CU I think we have these chunks

Loaded uh not where I’m standing okay good to know that should grow that should grow and then the real test is can I put a lime Carnation in there no oh that’s really sad okay well good thing we can grow the White and the green so let’s put these back I keep the

Cactus store our dirt Store those things put the boat up now I need the stamp setup and a mixing setup and do I have a what’s it called it’s called a maybe it’s called a press yes mechanical press good job Winnie let’s go set this up and I think we’ll go ahead and use a windmill

Because that’s what I started to say we were going to do an hour ago welcome to the stream folks this is the way it goes every [Laughter] time it’s always an adventure always an adventure okay windmill down here because I thought that would be good and we could run the

Power underground to get it up there so to make a windmill you need a a windmill bearing and we need to put it way up in the sky and I’m just going to use that as a placeholder and we’ll put o nope I want the shaft to point nope I think I need

To there we go put it like 10 blocks up there and then lesson learned from last time we know not to put the bearing on upside down otherwise windmill doesn’t work make sure the sticky facing up yes very good very good and then we put three blocks on

Top and I believe we can just stick these other blocks on sides there one it another set and do we have enough to get back up here there we go yes and another set and I feel like maybe we did eight last time possibly oh give me so these are 1 m

Sails and get around it we did do eight there we go and if we right click stand back and right click the bearing it spins amazing and I want to grab my engineering goggles out of storage yes and put them on my head and I should be able to see yes

This is going to generate 2,00 th000 stress units which is plenty for us right this second I can always add oh hold on we have user Error there we go you’ll notice that those two blocks in the middle weren’t spinning it’s because I did not connect them to the bottom block with super glue one bearing has glue on it stickiness and so if I right click on here and then drag it up

Oh okay so see now all four of those are glued together and now if I right click with an empty hand the whole thing spins much better and my shaders are giving us a little bit of a visual glitch there where it’s attached but whatever also I feel like it’s going the

Wrong direction o so we can nope change direction so it looks more like it should be going that way I feel like the sails would be caught from behind and spin clockwise right and I think the way you get it to go faster is to add

Sals I’m you know it’s been a while since I’ve a whole week or two I hear zombies below us by the way okay I think I have plenty of andesite alloy to make a few more sails like another Half Stack and as long as we stop the

Contraption I going to we’ll make it one more wider and two more taller I love the way these work and I need more scaffolding do I have some I do wow I hear zombies below us somebody’s not happy nope H give me that if you haven’t notice there’s a

Little shadow that shows you where it’s going to build the next one okay and I need to make just a handful more like that many we’ll do it so this should increase both the amount of power we’re getting stress units and the speed I’m hoping uh without getting knocked off of

Here let’s go this way tiny bit and then tell it to go oh yeah okay now we’re getting 4600 stress units and it is spinning faster I don’t know how fast it’s spinning um we could put a speedometer down below it and check and get rid of our little friends

Here you know I don’t know if you can uh and Creeper friend okay we definitely need another torch over here baby zombie incoming right on the top of the head spoter I have a question can you nap on scaffolding the answer is yes if you didn’t

Know you wish your bunny says she wishes she was powered by stress units you’d be unstoppable oh this is so true isn’t it if stress was the determining factor in our energy levels yeah I am 1,000% with you try get that thing that’s there yes

Okay okay I don’t I think I’m going to start this I don’t think we’ll need to come back up here who get all our scaffolding back if I put the speedometer no we’ll need a gearbox to give us a measurement of how fast that’s going

There we go it’s going slow it’s going 9 RPM that’s okay we don’t need it to go crazy fast and I can always add more sails oh the other thing we are 100% going to do is add a gear shift I don’t think I’ve made one so a gear shift lets

Us turn this on and off and I am I have learned through mistakes where I’ve built Machines and not put a way to turn them on and off and then is when you get the whole frame rate lag problem oh I wonder where I need to put that that just changes direct what am I thinking of I really thought it was a gear shift a

Clutch my bad a clutch is what I need gear shift changes the um Direction a clutch stops the actual turning no why huh I wonder if I need to put it up right underneath right if we hold W to ponder controlling rotational force with a clutch clutches relay rotation

Straight line and then if you apply Redstone it breaks the connection that’s exactly what we wanted to do oh Maybe maybe that won’t stop the windmill from turning maybe we need Redstone up at the Windmill so if I put a clutch here it’s gear shift where’s my clutch what’s all this zombie stuff oh no Mr Bill there’s the clutch I’m going a clutch here you can see if I close it the

What’s underneath it stops the rotation going through the block well that’s fine we can leave the windmills spinning as long as we have the ability to shut off the rest of the system that’s probably really important probably and how do I there they are sometimes the parts get invisible invisible okay I want

To do a simple Stamper assembly which means I would like to Have some uh Drive no what are they called um belts oh there they are okay so if we put I want to power all the things let’s go one more out no let’s make it go faster first and let’s make another clutch because I would like to be able to turn off everything

Individually as well as Together like so should be able to control all the power all the time if we take some of our gears and I want this it needs to go a little faster because otherwise our little system will take too long okay that feels pretty Snappy that’s nice how what’s our rotational force on

That we can find that out by picking up up the speedometer 36 RPM that’s beautiful okay um we need that to do a thing I need it to turn a Corner so that a it makes a Stamper go m and I need scaffoldings can’t reach cuz I’m too short I’m only two blocks all there we go uh that’s a mixer where’s oh no my Stamper just needs a shaft my bad my bad uh so it can just be right here like

That and then we can use that to make the drive shaft Go get rid of those or just placeholders on either end there will be a barrel to put things in and take them out of and if we go like that now we have a conveyor belt and if we put some andesite casings on here it will take stuff out of this

Barrel and put it into this one and if we do that with copper and this the Press will know when there’s an Ingot underneath it to smash very cool and it’s producing copper sheets woo and it should also be producing iron sheets so we’ll let it do that for a while copper and

Iron and that’s our um starter create setup for stamping at least we got that part done which is very good and we’ll have to set up the uh we need two mixing stations for making the slime so one to combine our lime dye with our

Dough and we might even can we do lime dye we can we can combine our white dye and our green dye in a mixing station so maybe we need three we need to create our lime dye and send it down a cyor belt and create our dough which is water and wheat flour

And send the dough down a conveyor belt and then send the lime dye and the dough each conveyor belt should meet at the last mixer and Basin to create the Slime so that’ll be fun and I want to put a lantern out here because it’s super dark

It’s awesome just going to do its thing yay let’s go inside and take a little nap and then we can say goodbye head out just a few minutes early because I need to run a few errands this morning so we’re making progress so we ended up doing a little impromptu

Adventure but on Wednesday we’ll come back and finish up the um slime manufacturing all because we want a refined storage system because while the RF tool storage has served us very well for 24 episodes 23 episodes uh it’s probably time to upgrade I will also figure out how to make these

Guys collect the actual items from their p here in the [Laughter] meantime oh thank you all very much for joining me today I hope you have a wonderful day or evening wherever you are in the world you are all the shiny stuff that awesome is made of I appreciate every one of you

Have a wonderful day take care bye-bye

This video, titled ‘Chill Morning Minecraft – Chosens Modded Adventure EP23’, was uploaded by Winnie Wriggle on 2024-03-12 02:37:36.
It has garnered 52 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 01:51:14 or 6674 seconds.

Relaxing play in the 1.20 Minecraft modpack: Chosen’s Modded Adventure. Join me (@8:00 am Eastern on Mondays and Wednesdays) as I start my day with some chill morning Minecraft.

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    Insane New Hit Master 3D Gameplay 🤯 #viral #trendingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Hit Master 3D || Gameplay ,,#viral #gaming #trending #ytshorts #youtubeshorts #shorts #how’, was uploaded by TotalGaming on 2024-02-04 22:10:00. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. shorts spider-man skibidi toilet tiktok minecraft sonic granny healing spider-man 3d sound dj alu ki pudi bts cake decorating cat voice Read More

  • RTGame: Insane Minecraft Adventure!

    RTGame: Insane Minecraft Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘RTGame Streams: Minecraft Lets Play [13]’, was uploaded by RTGame Stream Archive on 2024-04-06 12:40:07. It has garnered 16959 views and 500 likes. The duration of the video is 04:12:23 or 15143 seconds. This video was streamed by RTGame, originally titled “Let’s Play Minecraft -!nobackseating”, and was broadcasted at April 4th 2024 ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgame ~Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RTGame ~Merch Shop: https://freshmerch.fm/collections/rtgame ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rtgamecrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~ RTGame streams on his Twitch channel on Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. All times are based in Ireland. This channel is… Read More

  • SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in Minecraft

    SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘(WIP) Most Realistic Elevator In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Professorvatcraft on 2024-01-04 15:02:11. It has garnered 9462 views and 189 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. This is a 2 floors version. I’m currently working on a multi-floor version. If you are interested in helping. You can comment down below or you can dm me on my other social medias. Thanks for watching and hope you have a good day 😀 Read More

  • INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!

    INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Shark on 2024-04-14 20:16:27. It has garnered 37125 views and 2065 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:23 or 863 seconds. I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft! Today we’re using the super scary EL LICK to fool my friend in Minecraft! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVwQQvz8O_0aeFDBVcdhpg/join Merch – https://www.09sharkboy.com Subscribe! – http://bit.ly/1GtTBWj Join My Discord – https://discord.gg/shark My Socials Twitter – @09sharkboy Snapchat – TheLifeOfShark Instagram – @09sharkboy Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SharkMerch Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here… Read More

  • Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese Sweatshop

    Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese SweatshopVideo Information This video, titled ‘Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop?’, was uploaded by DiamondSlushie on 2024-01-15 15:30:15. It has garnered 1521 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop, @CozyMcQ thinks it can. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #smp #chinese #factory Read More

  • Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob Fight

    Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob FightVideo Information This video, titled ‘Skrier the bone demon vs Warden Plus | Minecraft Bedrock | Mob Battle’, was uploaded by Minecraft Bedrock Edition Battles on 2024-04-12 05:39:45. It has garnered 1510 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:05 or 725 seconds. Always watch my mob battles full until the end, trust me your missing out the cool action scenes Addons Used/Credits to the Creators Enderis mobs Addon: https://discord.com/invite/RZX9XNEB Warden Plus Addon: https://youtu.be/qsgA_8YfK_0?si=cccxZCvrXvzWWYmn If you like the video please, Don’t Forget to Leave a Like and Subscribe to the Channel. It really helps me make more… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shorts

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Cabinet Design #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by GGnxtz on 2024-01-11 11:26:09. It has garnered 2478 views and 83 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. #Minecraft #MinecraftBuilds #MinecraftTutorial How To Build Minecraft Build Hacks, Minecraft Build Ideas, Simple Minecraft Builds, Easy Minecraft Builds. If you enjoy my Video’s/Short’s please make sure to like,comment,share and subscribe. Thanks! Read More

  • Insane 3D Snake Run Race with Zylona Games #101

    Insane 3D Snake Run Race with Zylona Games #101Video Information This video, titled ‘Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet’, was uploaded by Zylona Games on 2024-01-04 13:23:04. It has garnered 20 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #animation #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet snake run race android snake run race gameplay snake run race ios snake run race max level snake run race 3d snake run race ad snake run race apk snake run race app snake run race app store snake run race mod apk snake run race part 1 snake… Read More

  • Nephthys Network

    Nephthys NetworkServidor survival para Minecraft Java y Bedrock 1.16.x Video: https://youtu.be/gAFXnxTkfu8 Características del server Survival pvp Duelos 1vs1 Clanes Meteoritos Piedras de protección Pase de batalla exclusivo del server Mascotas Tumbas para recuperar tus cosas Eventos de en el chat cada 20 min. Crea tus propios warps Nuevos encantamientos Mobs mejorados, más dificultad mc.nephthys.es Read More

  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – They’re as useless as a dirt block

    Minecraft Memes - They're as useless as a dirt block“They’re as useless as a shovel made out of diamond… wait, never mind, that’s actually pretty useful in Minecraft.” Read More

  • Ouch! The Only One Saying “Ow” #shorts

    Ouch! The Only One Saying "Ow" #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, I bring you the news, with a rhyming spree. Updates and features, all in a rhyme, Keeping it fun, every single time. From new mobs to biomes, and everything in between, I’ll keep you informed, with a rhyming sheen. So join me in the world of Minecraft delight, As we explore together, day and night. So follow along, as we journey through, The world of Minecraft, with a rhyming view. And remember to like, subscribe, and share, For more Minecraft news, with a rhyming flair. Read More

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    "Starting my day in Minecraft like a spicy hot potato" #meme When you start your morning in Minecraft and realize you’ve been up all night mining for diamonds instead of getting a good night’s sleep. Who needs rest when you have virtual riches, right? #priorities #minecraftlife Read More

  • Outsmarting Death Ball in ROBLOX

    Outsmarting Death Ball in ROBLOX Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Adventure Exploring the vast world of Minecraft is an adventure like no other. With endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity, players are immersed in a virtual realm where they can build, explore, and survive. Building Blocks of Minecraft In Minecraft, players are given the freedom to create their own worlds using various building blocks. From simple houses to intricate castles, the only limit is your imagination. With a wide range of materials to choose from, including wood, stone, and even lava, players can design unique structures that reflect their creativity. Surviving the Night… Read More

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    Mysterious Minecraft 63: Curse UnleashedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cursed Minecraft 63’, was uploaded by Recoil Mojo on 2024-03-23 14:00:11. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:47 or 47 seconds. Dive into the heart-stopping, laughter-filled, and utterly unpredictable world of the Cursed Walking Minecraft Mod Pack v1.20.1 through our thrilling series of YouTube Shorts! From battling relentless zombie hordes under the ominous glow of a Blood Moon to the unexpected comedy of aggressive bisons hijacking diamonds, each short packs a punch of adventure, survival, and a sprinkle of humor. 🔥 Survival Against All Odds: Witness the… Read More


    ULTIMATE MINECRAFT SOLO STREAM! JOIN NOW 🔥🎮 #TurniPalsVideo Information This video, titled ‘English Minecraft : 👍 Good stream | Playing Solo | Streaming with Turnip’, was uploaded by MEDEIROS MEDEIROS on 2024-01-12 06:45:10. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:48 or 1068 seconds. let’s play Minecraft: https://profile.turnip.gg/1TdKKQfZd1HcbpX57 Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer – https://get.turnip.gg/become-star-streamer… Read More