EPIC MINECRAFT PRANK: Crainer Destroys Skyscraper on Squid Island!

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JY Josh and I are back on Squid Island for our weekly group episode and today is the most unhinged we’ve ever been so let’s just get right into it guys is that really did you make a pyramid out of tree jelly yeah yeah yeah yeah okay guys who who W can we just

Talk about this a second we’re back at Squid Island wow I forgot sorry I got distracted by Craner I built a pyramid and hopefully you’re going to because I started a pyramid okay but but but but but before we get into that today is going to be a big day

Because King glowe is going we’re returning with King glow King hang on King glow the second not two seconds bro okay so we’re going to we’re going to build somewhere for King glory to live and maybe a castle I already have an idea of where to put him the

King yeah yeah yeah oh wait before we actually go out and talk about the new king and stuff we should honestly pay respects follow me guys pay respects oh you’re right dude I miss he’s right down here he would die by the way will live

On I got some glowstone for us to do this oh yeah that’s good because if we don’t light it up a little bit we won’t be able to see it D are you okay are you crying I really like I’m drowning natural habitat now even though he’s

Dead but he is definitely not living he’s not breathing down there but he’s still down there you know what I’m saying before we go and build look at the glow so pretty I’m just placing down some pretty glowstone does anybody have a count of how many pyramids jelly have

Made in this series because I’m honestly getting a you could almost say that he’s uh he’s got a pyramid scheme I don’t get it okay show us the pyramid jelly okay wait guys where are you for real for real where are you we we’re heading toward watch’s pyramid come

On I two more wait where are you guys up here Josh jeez King how did you get lost already what would you call it Josh uh dessert okay so show me the pyramid jelly all right so follow me we walk on the why is this tree naked wait why have

You shaved okay I can’t live with this T here I’m going to remove you’re already chopping things down I don’t look at your ugly skyscraper and say why is made out ofone Jelly show us the things so we can get on to the import come on JY

Hurry up here on the right we have the entrance go up guys go up go it’s a bit annoying having to go up a water you really like water entrances jelly don’t you okay well I’m here in my pyramid wait why are the trees watery why would there why is there

Water in a leaf dude now you’re causing a mess JY what was that I’ll patch it I’ll patch it there you go okay I fixed it I think first of all there’s water inside wall okay what is it you guys can’t set my Forest house on fire there

We go I fixed it true wait so it’s it’s fireproof hello beanie wait I can’t set it on fire you’re right wait that your Josh you’re not supposed to test it this way dude it’s clearly burning I think you’ve made a mistake with your design wait Josh it’s really spreading the fire

Jelly you need to fix it right now look there’s fire on the outside oh my Josh what have you done what have you done Josh Josh if you actually burned down my I will you said it was fireproof well it is for the most part absolutely where’s your bee gone

That was really not fireproof jelly I’m sorry to say come back he’s got a nest no I think he’s in here somewhere okay well inside the nest hiding inside of the wall for aesthetic reasons and I thought because we were friends okay I didn’t fill the middle

Poar water so this point you can burn down yes I can burn it down no you really need to stop misunderstanding your wording here I swear to God going blow everything up if you do this one more time what do you got to blow up dude chill like his house all right cool

Anyway let’s go let’s go no you’re going to fix it do you guys want to see you literally have a billion iron I saw it I want to see speaking of iron I want to see Josh’s place come on yeah you want to see my place I really do I really

Really do ah crina just set your tree on fire what no that was there where we got here dude are you guys I swear if my Forest burns down in today’s video you guys will lose your mind all let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go why why did

We walk that way and then cuz we have to go through the main area why are you guys laughing is there another Tree on fire let’s just get going come on CR you’re try you like I am not you know how much time I spent I’m going to slaughter your fish

I’m going to guys guys guys guys I’m going eat your fish I think you I think you got all the fires Ste I’m going to eat it raw look it’s just you buil you you built a house on a tree in a troll series Sil this not a TR series we said

We were friends from this point onwards that’s true that was your idea to be fair I am I’m I’m so sorry I I guess I guess okay you guys want to come visit just look I just got a little bit Pyromania so much to do today okay for

Real wa look at this Josh you’re so lazy come on man no I don’t want to do that I haven’t decided where I want my pathway yet stop it get your stop Place bro St this is going R already I don’t want my path going in that direction okay anyway

This is beautiful this like oh I just going to make a PA you really you really built it out of uh iron huh you you are going to get out so how do you jeez he actually died not only am I being constantly murdered you’re also trying to set my house on [Laughter] Fire what is I can’t I don’t know what what is going today oh my God wait just one second just one second let me just quickly have a look what’s inside of craner’s chest wait wait where’s he going he’s going to my place I will spawn here because this is my old

House spot wait you spawned my what are you doing buddy take the stair do some things first buddy why are you in my place I don’t I just need why is there a lime bed in your chest because I I built our friendship house remember all right I’m just making thank

You I’ll take it back guys we why am I being bullied can we have a bit of a reset with what’s going on here this deal I literally just SP JY we’re good again you can take some stuff from my chest if you really want

To fine now J to be clear you did sort of start this by trying to immediately steal my stuff what do you mean you set my house on fire wait jelly gave me a gift yes scw stairs yeah this is for the pyramid all right I’ll be uh in Squid City for you

Guys J we should probably move over there bud yeah I’m coming Josh Jesus Christ look at your dumb iron farm sick we’re here anyway Jos why are you burning I was going to take some iron yeah huh to make shears y all the leaves you destroyed I

Feel like you at least owe me two pieces of jelly jelly what wait how did that happen this is not supposed to happen you seriously wait that was not me I was with you J that was that’s that’s crazy Josh this was Jos that’s crazy that that would happen like

That okay to be fair that tree is not connected to your other tree no no it’s I think what do you mean my entire world is made of trees I think it’s be that won’t connect that J can you stop I am getting iron because you owe it to me

You said my you set it on Fireball how many irons is a tree worth a lot all right you literally have infinite iron Source what do you even do actually kind of anyway I S it to you you know like as normal people would do look someone

Might as well get something out of it so I’m I’m getting some of the wood that won’t spread that’s why I would call in the business a controlled fire I don’t not going on my land to take my stuff no it’s burning dude so I’m I’m getting it

For you I hope it won’t all burn down and if it does Josh you will burn down we we got to get down my iron house we got to get the new we got to get the new king guys be quiet Josh you really need to get rid of

That sword why what what’s so bad about it it’s just too much it’s really got a lot of knockback don’t it what’s wrong with it being too much I like it all right anyway um should we go do stuff now yes so the first thing the first

Thing some food so the first thing that I figure we should do guys is I got I got you is so I had an idea of where to place the aquarium I think it should be at top of this building there you go JY Slaughter come on Jelly here’s your food

So slaugh his dumb dog bro what the heck I need F you can’t get food from dogs so the new king Glow’s place will be up here guys I’m already building the aquarium okay actually I do have glass somewhere could you please give me food you burned

64 pieces of bread look you can get some food for me run out so it’s going to be on top of this place because then we can all look at the new king together do you have uh well this is my last a bit I’ve

Got quite a bit y CR you purposly trying to build it ugly what do you mean this is build a little wider bro jeez no this is how it’s supposed to be dude bro it’s a king he needs his space man well he’s got to get plenty of space dude need to

Kind of go outside a bit all right you know what me outside a bit put a CRA table are you going to remove what I built Josh like you always do it could go in the mine don’t you think it could go like here so it kind of goes Jos that

Means I just wasted two stacks of where the hell is Stone at least we we can keep the bottom no we can do it okay wait are we actually doing my thing how much glass do you guys have yes how much what glass uh well I’ve still got I have

Three stacks Josh has got a lot of glass what oh I know how to make it bigger get rid of the corners how do you have everything because I started smithing it to build my uh skyscraper Andy uh he’s not also building a skyra out of

Iron what is wrong with this you need to chill like what the heck guys I have nothing I lit snapped sister is getting snap snapping sister snapping ah uh guys can I build the castle then out of wood no no it needs to be take this take this

Take this go down into the community mine and start working brick stone brick okay JY so the bottom Josh I think should go down one more right so it should be like this right guys this is the smallest King aquarium I’ve seen it needs to be bigger no it’s fine you have

Three stacks of glass bro it’s completely good as it is Jilly no you could you could argue it could come down again gr you know but then we can’t jump in here oh yes no you can I guess we’re building a smooth I think you’re good I

Think you’re good granny you got it this is the ugly okay you know what I’m going to go get my glass your fish has a larger aquarium than the king of this server that doesn’t make any sense guess why we’re building a castle he’s getting

A castle too compl does he live in the castle this is his vacation house silly this is just where he is like it’s like a watchtower you you’re so negative yeah you’re really negative May I’m negative because I keep getting murdered and my entire forest all about you it’s all

About Mr jelly jelly this jelly that why don’t we build it oh I was going to say build I’m going to be useful guys is flying around and I’m going to get S is anybody listening no I’m getting more sad guys we we don’t need it I’ve got so

Many glass you still got glass yeah I mean I gosh dang it what is wrong with with people today I think honestly this episode went downhill when I kept burning hist yeah it’s just I keep getting the blame but you guys are clearly maliciously attacking me you need to

Learn to move on though jelly yeah you do like to linger a little bit dly I do all right has anyone got any iron so I can uh build a bucket you are asking for iron Jenny can I can I genuinely have the iron that you

Stole some of it anyway I actually I have a water bucket at my Forest it’s literally burning yeah it’s not like wood grows on trees or anything guys I’ve got I’ve got a water bucket here I’m not giving nothing you’re don’t deserve I’m placing water wait CR don’t

You have to place it like at the top how does this work I don’t know I just put it on every block jelly what jelly what type of stone is this smooth Stone bro why just make make bricks I’m actually crying why are you putting it back in

This looks terrible make a break honestly I feel like jell is being quite toxic really duing right now also I think he’s trying to compete on how to build the smallest castle look at this little thing is he making a tiny castle this is just the entrance C check out

The grand entrance over here look at this oh yeah wa what an entrance I can’t even jump in it all right all right all right I’m still working on it by the way JY says he has nothing but he just stole a diamond pickaxe from me so I think he’s good

Dude murdered me and burned all my stuff I didn’t burn any of your stuff what the Grand Vision here by the way your SE oh okay I’m so excited wait I’m looking at your I’m peeking at your house real quick what’s the what’s the Grand Vision

Here so basically it’s um it’s a tower that’s going to like twist as it goes up with glass in between the the you know what that sounds like a grand mission to me what you asked I don’t know what why you asked me [Laughter] neither oh guys we really are not going

To make this work as friends are we we’re going to burn everything down soon you like this jelly I’m I’m building on your Castle buddy it’s not my castle it’s the community Castle I never claimed it as mine why are you guys shaping this like a banana what do you mean where’s the

Banana oh wait it’s jelly you made a again but wait let me you can’t say that you can’t say that you made a word you made a felic thing it didn’t I don’t I mean if this is what you’ve got cranny you need to see a doctor no I’m just saying

Like looks a little bit strange don’t it it doesn’t just forget about it so how high do you want these walls just I’m just supervising to be fair this is uh this is the tower uhuh yeah looks so like it’s looks like it’s towering above everyone yeah it looks really Towery

I I realized that J’s building a building at his scale I think so too like the do frame is honestly pretty good yeah yeah yeah the door frame is like good if you’re a jelly hide you know like I can oh DK my head oh that

Happens when you’re tall my head um so jelly what’s the what’s what’s the plan here jelly what do you want me to do here guessing the floor is changing not but like maybe some some some jeez you have a really op shovel too what what don’t you have yeah you see he’s been

Stealing from us this entire series dude what do you mean all your things have probably belonged to me J why are you guys so against the iron farm I don’t know what the issue is no I’m not saying it’s the iron farm but like legitimately all your items are probably from me

Because you bullied me into giving them to you yo your bee is flying away jelly don’t worry he has a nest he’ll go back oh yeah he’s he’s kind of hovering up there oh wow work it work it all right well I’ll go get some more Spruce from

The spruce forest and you guys just keep on building windows what is jaw doing is he like I have a designer now why do you sound like you’re on America’s Next Top Model do it work it why are you working the glass like that Josh you’re not a

Model photographer stop move over move over window um we’ve got glass we’ve got glass ooh Josh fix the tower why are you telling me to fix the tower what are you talking about you’re not really building anything Josh you got to build stuff I’m doing Windows well it’s

Really not that important to do the windows stop CLE the windows what what they don’t need to be clean JY why is it’s going to get a ro all right what is this wool you know what at least if everything goes South King glowe II will have a good aquarium

And a nice Castle I don’t think the castle was going to be nice J something tells me it’s not it’s not looking too good with the castle that wouldn’t be my fault then you’re the one that built it Bud yo this Castle looks like it’s made

For okay guys come come to me real quick and turn around and look at it it’s a freaking castle for gnomes dude it actually might be the worst Castle this is like okay in my defense what I have been murdered about 17 okay can you stop bringing up the same thing

How does that have anything to do with the victim card is getting played too much I like this block look at this block this is it ready I call this the corner window with dirt I think he’s losing his I call this the window wait wait wait we

Can make this really odsy I just put this it’s a window into your soul oh my God kill it Craner let’s go yeah I’m working it Josh I’m work cran put them in these holes as well I’m working it Josh guys I want the tower to be little

And the walls need to be big you literally built them I don’t have any more resources well then cook them bro yeah get cook what how am I going to cook what am I going to cook go down into the community mine J there’s a community mine let me show youer you

You’ve got a job to do listen crer I’m not going stupid mind when Josh has literally got an iron farm you can just iron doesn’t help jelly Josh you can stop I don’t have any more Glo well then you got to go and get some more I’m not going to

The nether okay I got yellow carpet no go and then do it ugast ever seen come on do more this is Jen’s castle by the way all right uh do this is King Glow’s Castle yeah it is go on cran I don’t understand why I do why whatever oh CR

Getting walled now let’s go wait CR what’s this watch this watch this ready yeah oh Double Glass Double Glass I’ve got this though oh oh Art Deco this is Art Deco jelly you clearly don’t understand fashion no you don’t jelly have you been looking at your

Clothes wait qu I’ve got I’ve got a really good one I got already good one okay okay all right all right go go inside of it am I Art Deco ho you are the art deco oh wow tell me to work it no you just stay there oh I’m actually going to go

Down and get materials you guys can what dig straight down good idea guys wait where did where did jelly go I’m up here guys oh hey hey what’s up bro there’s a hole um something tells me we need to fix this Castle guys cuz it’s the JY I

Still need to understand what your vision for the roof is cuz you’ve just added random bits on the top the vision for the roof is nothing I don’t have any blocks I have no do we go get how about we go get k let’s go let’s no let’s just go get

Supplies second no let’s go and get the freaking squid I agree let’s go I think I’m fixing it a little bit but gosh dang J I really don’t know what you what you mean you fixed it uh I think I’ve made it look a little bit I think you’ve done

Your best to uh to improve this there was fixing it CR I made sure to put this here so uh you know everyone know big thanks to lead architect jelly oh yeah there we go credit where credit is Du jelly I think it looks all right now you know what

Good like it’s it looks gray Josh quickly look to the right and ugly ugly thing yeah that’s when you build Josh over there how’s that better huh this is what iina you oh yeah wait I’m on your team um wait no are you making fun of my my thing is the best

Buil thing on This Server skyscraper I was talking about his little brown house but that’s gone oh yeah no it’s still there look look look we said we were going to get King glowy should we go get King glowy yeah does anybody have a lead

And we also need we also need bols we also need a lead where King glow is well we found King glowy I remember where we found him last time I think you get in my belt got a Trader wait guys guys guys what there’s a Trader here there’s the lead oh great

What does he what does he trade good question oh well let’s just kill him in the lavas I guess I got the lead I got the lead what did he tra trade we don’t know who knows but we’ve got leads now and all we need is to find King Tred his life the

Second are you looking right now in the ground JY cuz I don’t think we’re going to find it this way wait isn’t it is it that it might be here oh yeah it’s here guys I see it I’m in it are the more glowing squits yeah yeah there’s a

Glowing squid right there King glow the second again all right lead him lead him lead him all right I’ve got him bring him is he following me is he is he with me yeah somewh no yeah he’s [Applause] cominging second wait we need a name tag

We need a name tag uh anybody got a spare one I think I do I think I do I think I do we should take him in like over here I guess yeah through the lakea really really through the water and then maybe oh can you pause with the

Negativity thing yeah you’re being really negative D I don’t like it okay so I’ll break a hole in the bottom of the aquarium so you can take him up the the thing yeah close yeah so have it go in the middle so it can go all the way

Up make it make it four wide just so we can there we go per bring him in Josh does anybody have spare glass I need spare glass for this work I do I do I do okay Josh has everything he’s really just a just been he’s been stealing no no don’t you

Dare this is how last time you almost got rid of him the same way you did the other one I did not kill the first king he died his own way he un alived himself and up Josh yes come on come on come on come on he’s stuck he’s stuck he’s stuck he’s

Stuck unstuck him unstuck him there we go he’s going up no go no no no no no go up you done no no I’m drowning I’m drowning I him guys break build him in build him in build him in okay okay okay all right I need a snack he’s dying

He’s dying push him back in why who just punched him jelly did jelly you just punched the kid I got to break more glass it was a it was a soft nudge no don’t break more glass yes he’s got to have a bigger thing to go in from JY you’re killing

Him JY no you just killed him gr with you just murdered King glow II you just murdered King let’s go get the third no stop going at somebody give me a lead I’ll make we need to First t quick Memorial no we don’t I’m getting

I’m getting the third one now guys I I have there sentimental value I’ll go get the third Glory now and you guys will just sit tight all right make sure that it’s ready for my return crina while you do that we’ll punish you okay wait no

I’m just come on guys you get King glowe the third and we’ll punish you CR are you really punishing me right now guys you killed the king well I you killed the original JY jelly follow me follow me he was punished for that to and absolutely I did not kill the original

It kill how was he punished um what did we do to him we didn’t do nothing jelly we don’t ever do nothing to John jelly take this all right jelly I can’t believe you’re sighing with Josh right now I mean this is getting kind of fun just work on the

Third King real quick uh right there you go I’ve got a lot of doors now and I will find the third King what are you guys doing I really worked h on my skyscraper can we not no we um oh yeah we’re going to we’re going to

Have a from the top we’re having a memorial for guys there are no more Chloe squids down here keep looking crer keep looking no I’ve been really looking dude I haven’t found a single squid I’m still searching for a stupid squid guys a few moments later I’ve got the

Third we’ve been waiting take some time uh crer be a bit careful with this one Kina I am going to try to not murder him with my a yes that was it was unfortunate with your a well I was cleaning up your mess jelly actually frankly oh now we pointing we’re

Pointing fingers now are we pointing fingers okay come on Mr guy what what you did to him okay oh no it broke guys I’m really not good at catching squid like can can anybody else do this all right I’m coming to do it okay come on jell he’s right here

Where’s the lead well I don’t know what do you I think I lost it somewhere man oh there it is piece of this I see it I see okay he’s I think he’s with a yeah there he is he’s here he’s here he’s here he’s

Here T Stu now I just got to drag him up and we’ve got the third now what happened to my sky wait my skyscraper is fine yeah yeah it’s fine all right let’s keep going okay uh this way come on Mr guy did you guys blow up the bottom or

Something no how did you say that honestly you you you think the worst do you think the absolute worst of us no something definitely happened over there what are you talking about I just I can’t tell from here but something’s definitely up over there here we go are you guys

Ready I’m going to try to take him up there no fails this time no fa G no fa GES nope all right up up up up up we go okay I’ll try and nudge from the bottom yeah yeah you got it you got it is he

Coming no yes yes wait I’ll close it off yes you close it off ow ow guys hurry get get him in there CR okay I’ve closed it off now is he in he’s in he’s in is he he’s in oh my fully in you were so much work

Buddy CL this no I closed it off from the bottom so it could go back down I got out and glowe is in oh my goodness we have we King glow I feel like we need to come up with a national anthem for the king oh yeah we

Do a national anthem anyway I actually I really got to go check out what’s uh Happening Here hold on guys what why what wait all of my items wait was it a creeper guys that was there was so many items in there dude I know what you’re

Talking about and you know and you know what also had so many so many years left on King goowy II’s life yeah funny funny you brought it to an end yeah that’s that’s hilarious jelly did set off the TMT but in the name of King GL the second

Yeah very and is very funny J who who was the one that hit the funny joke very funny joke we’re all doing very funny jokes no no no don’t do that we’re all doing great funny jokes don’t do that don’t do fny jokes killed the king we got funny funny funny

Stop the fire no seriously stop the fire you can’t there’s no way you can stop the fire everything’s going to get destroyed jelly why this guys no no no guys CR no we need to bring save Jelly’s thing we can’t have this happen I don’t care anymore okay JY no guys guys we

Cannot do this again I’m serious he’s killing me he’s killing me guys oh my God it’s not working it’s not jelly is killing me okay jelly the water will save it right I I mean it better Tilly why you’re you’re the one that did stuff to me first why there obviously Josh bro

It wasn’t me you said it off no he pushed me onto the pressure plate Craner you just got to believe me well like I’m the only one being actually punished here still wearing diamond bro it’s a little bit late uh yeah I think I uh

I so anyway uh they no we had fun today right okay J I definitely didn’t have fun I might have saved some of it by releasing some of the water I think you’re good um if my pyramid is actually gone by the end of this Craner you can

Forget everything guys we are supposed to be friends like um to be fair you were also a part of this I think Josh is the biggest instigator I just want to say that and I think he’s the reason this is burning right now you shouldn’t be burning his en okay jelly I think

Your Tower thing is saved just to be clear yeah it was only a few I only cleared out a few trees and you got minor water damage yeah it saved honestly it honestly it could have turned out way worse I’m not doing guys can you guys

Stop trying to kill each other by he’s trying to push me Over all right well uh well oh be’s down here be safe no no say might be a wait who just put T what Josh what are you doing I’m just standing here why are you saying things I felt like I heard a flint and steel go

Off dude chill dude that was not you no I am not doing it okay well I think we built a great Castle we got squid theii and um you guys blew a hole in my newly made Tower so thank you guys so much for that maybe most important thing you burn

Down off of my world well maybe don’t blow up my tower then Murder King GL the second what did you do to Josh you murdered the original no I didn’t he died on his own this is what I’m doing to Josh thanks hey hey J’s doing more J’s doing stop

Stay stay away from my tower all right thanks guys I’ll go to my awesome place now instead of you losers place why is Ste giggling like that that’s what you get fool

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    Tiny Kitchen Mini Cooking: 1000+ Minecraft Cake Welcome to the Tiny Kitchen: Crafting 1000+ Minecraft Cake Step into the enchanting world of miniature cooking as we explore the Tiny Kitchen and whip up some mouthwatering treats: 1000+ Minecraft Cake! In this miniature dollhouse kitchen, every detail is meticulously crafted to bring these tiny culinary wonders to life. The Art of Mini Cooking Join us as we delve into the art of mini cooking, where precision and care are key. From mixing the miniature batter to delicately frosting each tiny layer, every step is a testament to the beauty of miniature food cooking. Our real working mini… Read More

  • EPIC RTX 3060 Minecraft Shader Test

    EPIC RTX 3060 Minecraft Shader Test My Minecraft Video Adventure My First Impressions on the RTX 3060 Minecraft Benchmark Video Introduction OMG, so like, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this Minecraft video with the RTX 3060 benchmark. I was like, “Whoa, this is gonna be lit!” Video Details This video was all about testing Minecraft with and without shaders on the RTX 3060. Here are some of the highlights: Timestamps Shaders 00:00 Settings 00:24 No Shaders (8 RD) 01:39 No Shaders (16 RD) 02:30 SEUS-Renewed 04:02 BSL 05:00 Continuum 06:03 Sildur’s Vibrant 07:20 Complementary Shaders 08:16 Outro Pc Specs Processor: AMD Ryzen™… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft PE Mods!

    Ultimate Minecraft PE Mods! My First Impressions on the Top 5 Best Mods For Minecraft PE 1.20 Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some cool Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this one titled “Top 5 Best Mods For Minecraft PE 1.20”. I was like, yasss, this is gonna be lit! So, I clicked on it and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Video Details The video was all about showcasing the top 5 most useful mods for Minecraft PE 1.20. From new weapons to improved graphics, these mods were designed to take your… Read More

  • Chicken Dinner: Minecraft’s Wall-Bypassing Winner!

    Chicken Dinner: Minecraft's Wall-Bypassing Winner! In Minecraft, a wall can’t hold you back, With a trick like eating chicken, you’ll stay on track. No need to worry about missing a meal, Just leap over the wall with a spin and a squeal. And did you hear about the guardians’ might? 1 million strong, they’ll give the dragon a fright. In seconds, they’ll defeat the ender’s reign, A Minecraft battle that’s truly insane. So join me, Mengxuan dada, in the MC fun, With videos and commentary, we’ll be number one. Let’s dive into the world of blocks and mobs, And share our love for Minecraft… Read More

  • The MLG Cobweb Technique: Minecraft Clutch Moves

    The MLG Cobweb Technique: Minecraft Clutch Moves My First Impressions on “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft” OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some epic Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this gem called “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft.” I was like, “What even is this? MLG Cobweb Technique? Clutch Moves? Count me in, sis!” Initial Thoughts First off, the title got me hooked. MLG Cobweb Technique sounds like some next-level stuff, and I was ready to learn all the secrets. The description had me intrigued…. Read More

  • Wild Critters Mod Bonfires – Minecraft Showcase

    Wild Critters Mod Bonfires - Minecraft Showcase Bonfires – Minecraft Mod Showcase Explore the world of Minecraft with the exciting Bonfires mod that brings a touch of the Souls games into the game. Craft your own bonfires to act as spawnpoints, waypoints, or resting places to reinforce your equipment before embarking on new adventures. Bonfire Assembly The Bonfires mod allows players to craft their own bonfires, reminiscent of the iconic feature from the Souls games. These bonfires serve as crucial points in the game, providing players with essential functions to aid them in their journey. Bonfire Applications Players can use bonfires as spawnpoints, allowing them to… Read More

  • Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!

    Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘I am the poorest player in Minecraft (lets fix that)’, was uploaded by Guinea Pigs Adventures on 2024-04-10 17:38:06. It has garnered 5763 views and 40 likes. The duration of the video is 02:32:46 or 9166 seconds. Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsnjnb5-SqXMkZlf9G9l-w/join Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Moments with Fans!Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing Minecraft with Viewers’, was uploaded by PurEep on 2024-01-15 06:05:01. It has garnered 182 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 05:52:17 or 21137 seconds. Read More

  • Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1

    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viral

    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    Klonos DOMINATES Kids in Flawless Bedwars! #pvp #minecraftshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘I AM THE BEST AT FLAWLESSING KIDS!! #minecraft #bedwars #pvp #allmyfellas #minecraftshorts #minemen’, was uploaded by Klonos on 2024-01-03 12:12:03. It has garnered 2952 views and 75 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. ALL MY FELLAS Tags: #hypixel #minecraft #minemenclub #hypixelbedwars #bedwars #minecraftpvp #hypixelbridge #minecraftbedwars Subscribe for more Minecraft videos! Read More


    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- https://discord.com/invite/MMyqmYWNpj Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    I froze time to save a dog in Minecraft #doggorescue Looks like this dog’s new superpower is being immune to creepers and skeletons in Minecraft! #doggohero #minecraftmagic Read More

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    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/davidbarontv JOIN THE COMMUNITY: https://discord.gg/TWbZCYqF8S BIRD APP: https://www.twitter.com/ogdavidbaron Read More

  • Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gaming

    Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT A NERD!!! #gaming #funny #funnymoments #funnyshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #funnymemes’, was uploaded by SpaceRain on 2024-03-17 18:30:51. It has garnered 431 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. In this short I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like this video, please consider following/Subscribing. It would really help me out a lot and help grow my channel. If you wish to contact me, please Email me at [email protected] Thank you and have… Read More

  • Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerz

    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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    Shizo Clickbait: SleetMC Ambush Fail #MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘He Tried To SNEAK UP on me #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by SleetMC on 2024-01-09 01:00:22. It has garnered 2000 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. Subscribe! ❤️sub❤️ | https://www.youtube.com/@SleetMC_ 🟦discord🟦 | https://discord.gg/KuDkaDhNqn 📷insta📷 | https://www.instagram.com/sleetmc_/ 🌴socials🌴 | https://linktr.ee/sleetmc Read More


    Minecraft TNT EXPLOSIONS GONE WILD! 😱🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘ESTO PASA CUANDO ENTRAS A UN SERVER DE MINECRAFT #minecraft #tnt #gaming #minecraftbuilding’, was uploaded by LuisGamemode on 2024-01-08 22:14:13. It has garnered 3081 views and 162 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. Read More

  • Minecraft 2 Leak: Insane Real Song by Memnicus

    Minecraft 2 Leak: Insane Real Song by MemnicusVideo Information This video, titled ‘New minecraft 2 leak (real) song by @Memnicus’, was uploaded by Been on 2023-12-30 10:32:40. It has garnered 218 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. Song by @Memnicus here is the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSwcTiurwwk Memnicus channel: https://www.youtube.com/@UC70Gov_qr1CF_euitGoWY7g Read More

  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mc.anarhix.ru:25992 (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - Cute pups causing chaos!These dogs are so cute, they make creepers explode with jealousy! Read More

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    Toilet Man's Plot Unveiled: UFO Upgrade, God of War's Truth In the world of Minecraft, secrets unfold, Hidden clips and upgrades, stories untold. The UFO Toilet Man, a new upgrade in sight, Unraveling the truth, shedding light. The unparalleled God of War, his fate revealed, In the depths of the game, his legacy sealed. Join Xiaohei Game Tribe, for more to explore, In the realm of Minecraft, where wonders galore. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, shining bright. Stay tuned for more, in this gaming delight, With Xiaohei Game Tribe, taking flight. Read More

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    100 Days in Bamboo Jungle - Minecraft Hardcore The Ultimate Minecraft Challenge: Surviving 100 Days in a Bamboo Jungle Biome Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Minecraft as our protagonist takes on the challenge of surviving 100 days in a Bamboo Jungle biome. With only one biome to explore, the stakes are high, and every decision counts in this hardcore mode journey. A Unique Setting Imagine a world where lush green bamboo forests stretch as far as the eye can see. The dense foliage provides both shelter and challenges for our daring player. Navigating through the towering bamboo shoots and encountering exotic wildlife, every… Read More

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    Ultimate Warden XP Farm Tutorial My First Impressions on a Minecraft Video My First Impressions on a Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this super cool Minecraft video about a Warden XP Farm in Hindi! I was like, “What even is a Warden XP Farm? Sounds so mysterious and exciting!” Video Details Title Warden XP Farm for MCPE Easy tutorial in Hindi Description Minecraft tutorial for warden XP Farm that will give you iron ore, Redstone or and sculk catalyst that will ultimately give iron, Redstone and xp. This is an automatic farm which can be made… Read More