EPIC Uchiha SMP Twist you won’t believe! #4

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My sahor is an hour and a half oh yeah Wait wait wait wait guys Where is it where is it where is it where is it where is It yes you can join SMP uh you can join as SMP anyone can join the SMP I don’t know how to fix this is no I got it I got it I was just doing uh okay [Applause] This garbage Minecraft Music there’s no coal I can’t cook if there’s no coal how dare they not give me any coal I need coal ASAP H bro I’m look at look at my look at my coordinates Channel I’m all the way Z so far away okay oh my God power five

Book oh you are getting trapped my friend no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no H H oh my God I hit him by mistake H Huh ah I was just no no no no no I I just came here for the I just came here for the mine and everything that’s all uh because I was looking for some stuff and then I just kept walking I was bored I was just walking and walking I just wanted to

Find some places these are called puppies yes roses are gone they don’t exist anymore for hello I need to go get some coal ASAP ASAP finally found that place that I was looking for my God huh power nice what will you gain from this I’m good how are you

Hana are you first time in the Stream you know I don’t stream at this time because this time is uh you can see very goofy time someone sleep someone Sleep what oh okay never mind and someone slipped already hate these mines so much join join the thing stupid you like it that’s good to know uh IP uh left corner up and I have to uh Whit list add you uh wh list add wck DE

Face I added you to the White is 1.2.0 how creeper made an explosion what do you mean no no it’s 1 20.0 this thing I’ll just type it this is a problem with my not everyone can join uh only trusted people H like people that I know so I

Know which I I know R is I know them for a long long time all these people that that are in the Stream I know them for a long time some I know them some I like talk with them few some I didn’t would talk with them but because they’re

Friends are friends so GG yeah there’s some people we can because uh use do not client reck your face by the way s SMP is 24/7 open uh no griefing allowed because we can see who griefs and who didn’t grief so if you grief instant ban like if you like

Genuinely grief I’m not like oh you’re just having Goofy with your friends then but like like I you go to random house and you just grief what what happened s by the way I’m going to do some changes in the uh oh my God not in the S&P but in my

PC cuz everything is running on my GPU that is so wrong only this supposed to run on GPU everything else supposed to run on CPU putting too much loow my FS is dropping totally forgot about this why can I pick it off no you changed it huh PL fire need m

Uh Rey don’t attack people relax a bit bro like let people relax a bit I know you want to like start beefing Ramadan how are you beefing Ramadan control yourself you’re not a man Ricky by the way a liar yeah could be a man could be a woman could be a who cares

Okay bloody hell I only have [Applause] four h don’t use why are you using Forge stop using Forge first of all U Mark the place and tell us where is it yeah he’s using Force for cheese definitely huh huh huh h sharpness no you can’t join wec he has joined wec

Before like many months ago then uh then he became a was and left AFK 10 minutes I don’t care I think B would work just get lunar bro lunar is the the best I don’t know why you waffling oh VC it’s in the VC in my in my server h Huh

No no no people use voice spots in my in my server when they when they’re muted they’ll use a voice spot so they can talk like that you’re very new to the server I mean you’re very new to the stream like that all the time when people talk in VC

They use a what do you call this I don’t stream at this time to be honest I stream a little bit ear I mean late yeah I mean early yeah how am I going to get this this is going to be a problematic situation for Me please don’t say Unholy stuff in the month of holy Ramadan you should never say it anyways I forgot how to make a campfire to be honest stripped oak wood okay it’s very very easy one two three [Applause] four yeah we’re Muslim if you do not stop in

M I will join VC and it creeps that’s you should not do that by the way for your information I wed your face okay use bad line bad line will work by the way what do you want Everyone here is a Muslim alhamdulillah that’s good know I’m fasting at the Moment Uh I’ll go after after some time h H look your face can you relax a bit when someone new joins why are you have to WAFF all the time and it’s Ramadan I told you to relax a bit you’re fasting most likely even if you’re not fasting it’s still Ramadan relax a bit always yapping when if someone joins haven’t

Changed a bit besides that became more gay and simp control yourself okay anyways this is you know right now it’s like the last 10 nights of Ramadan the last 10 nights are very special nights you have to pray at night at least try at least praying I know you

Just became a Muslim but still it’s a very special nights because this is the Le decree C C You know the night of decree it’s going to happen one of these nights so make sure that uh you stay awake at night before the Fudan I know didn’t tell you any of this

Thing so I’m telling you you should pray at night you no we can’t do that you have you have to you have to pray you you have to pray by yourself or you can pray in Jama go to a go to a mosque and pray

Most likely in in UK there’s a lot of Muslims there right and by the way are you eating kalal food just for your permission yeah he just became Muslim recently by the way Han he’s a little bit sunnd so just be careful H re if you keep repping I’m going

To give you that mute [Applause] again you’re not allowed to VC by the way you know that right oh Hanah he’s a little bit uh you know he’s a little bit you can be see with me you know that right no you said you cannot don’t lie

To me don’t Yap in front of me oh can we see be quiet but I’m telling you no stay here stop yapping give me my okay we’re kind of good we are kind of good huh the only thing I don’t have is torches I think I need

What are stop using Forge Forge is literally for hacking what are you Ying bro you know I was going to say I I just don’t need it oh look at the Knights just use normal Minecraft then what do you mean typing this been nostalgic welcome back it’s even March everything went

Back and you know what Finn was playing also with us for a long Time why is there three skeletons and I have 200 Ping bro have you seen Sentinel by the way s upgraded bro it’s been Banning left and right if you know R by the way Ry has actually become Muslim like he is fasting and all and this and that no bro Sentinel has been being Banning everyone I mean like it’s good and bad

At the same time is is I is actually like actually working I’m I’m I’m a bit shocked s is actually garbage but like bro I’m should not use that leave the VC you said you said you cannot be in the VC well you’re going to put me in trouble you’re in VC

Bro don’t lie to me the the the things you were telling me in in the Steam Chat I feel like you were like something was going to happen to you man like you were you were being what do you call this trapped and you need help or something

You know I I cannot PVP in uh what do you call this oh my God is that okay that’s not Wen Can I have K KFC and verify Ro uh rockus so many people say rockus by the way oh don’t worry by the way get someone who is the least of f who gets the who’s the least offended person we always make fun of his country he joins in to

Actually I I’m not I’m not reading chat uh the uh uh retive face no bad words by the way it’s a mute just for your information and it’s Ramadan you’re supposed you’re not supposed to say this you have to control yourself you cannot use bad words you didn’t know yeah

TTP oh yeah by by the way bypasser Sentinel is doing really good job I’m not saying come and test it out and see if it actually works or not if you use your cheats but you know I’m just informing you maybe maybe you will get banned garbage thing H what this guy

You know we have don’t do it what do I mean what what do you think I have by the way what do you think I have there’s two emeralds that’s impossible what is this your UI oh it’s Luna client I’m fasting what are you on about

Yeah crazy man how’s your exam by the way how’s your exams studies okay what is the next exam and by the way did they say like uh y you’re getting the uh exemption I mean whatever that is you know yeah Ros is in the in the YouTube chat

Really oh my God I just found a warden place I’m going to be careful holy crap Warden tell rck I’m using the brala gift that he gave me what brola gift Sky he did not witness all of it I mean to the point it was getting it sh five done mean shut up what what you I’m not not going to the Bro with this is so difficult by the

Way playing in uh call red eyes oh yeah change’s eyes I remember you’re British Ricky oh yeah you are I forgot bro aren’t you Gypsy Ricky I remember I was telling someone yeah this guy’s Gypsy but I’m like wait a minute I don’t want to make sure that he’s not g you’re dsy Right no this all are just look at it it’s just all uh Sh sh by the way reck if you steal anything I can see everything by the way who steal who broke the chest who every single timing everything is there I added that plugin so you have to relax a bit if you do that I’ll give you a one day ban

Huh unless you give the stuff back instantly but you need some type of okay my ping is so bad uh H you just just ignore it I’ll give you my opinion just ignore it bro when Mar log what bro I’ve been waiting for Sakura trees they’re not climate CH are destroying

Them if you’re starving what do you think what do you think is the best thing to do relax everything no they’re they’re not they’re not blossoming that’s the thing they they’re supposed to Blossom and people are also worried like in some places by the some trees are are like

Already blossomed but some of them are just not it’s just not it’s just not doing it’s like no and the place that I live nothing not even a single tree is Blossom so annoying should oh there is Creeper explosion I thought Creeper explosion was closed why why you gone I he it’s gone

What run from what why why did he run away from you I G never runs away from a fight what are you all about he’s scared Ro does not want we4 no no there’s no way recky you can f CS I mean Sky gamer there’s no way can fold the moment you turns

He took my block by the way I’m kind of a pissed actually Ry what me you convert to slam huh tell me what made you convert to H even Hana is asking the last time I asked you you you gave me like a very he doesn’t no okay you can just typee It he doesn’t know I see Aband it’s a genuine question by the way yeah I’m going to tell his brother one day if I ever see R I’ll just spell it out imagine the war in your House you probably go homeless and death for freezing if it’s if it’s if it’s the you know it is what it is no no no I want them to experience what what what Iraqi people experienced many years ago decades ago did you still find that person

Called I don’t know the one that you always yapped about madin madin McDonald I guess I forgot the name If what was the person that you love someone yeah meline M can is is she dead by the way have you watched any documentary on it like is she actually dead or like just presume dead Psy got him Psy him is Ruben right the one that who’s autistic

Like to square up bro he can fight he can fight his family what are you on about uh relax a bit uh W your face stop the glazing who am I Glazing my P I’m very far away T won’t do anything when he has a whole time stupid zombie I can’t shut the [ __ ] up bro I’m going to get What are you watching what do you mean I’m not watching anything how’s the Korean One races that’s Ricky by the way why is it so dark can you stop waffling for a bit I’m talking to you Rey by the way hey language so tell me why are you I have

Full B on I have gamma 100 and still darker than African tries it’s okay bro what the why is it point now bro why are you aing it more than say fast I didn’t sleep man sometimes is very confusing yeah there’s a plugin that uh why didn’t you just use

The no we want to keep it Days running it’s 156 days set sleep limit one then the new one person needs to sleep oh I mean yeah yeah it was a command not a plugin sorry I don’t I didn’t do anything be quiet Sky gamer focus on Sky sends a

Message I just imagine him saying it in like real life in his face and it just makes me laugh hypocrisy is crazy why did he leave JJ he’s swearing at me and Whispers I’m not doing anything game is thre into dos me whis your docks already by the way I’m not

Yes you are say my full name and just how did I get in my server that’s why that’s why I closed my server by the way someone came and just put all your information I deleted everything and then I the I don’t know random was one

That was doing the do no I’m joking with that way you’re not that special by the way I mean you’re special but not the other special I spent like a whole you you’re Gypsy right no okay rist tou you Gypsy for spent two weeks get close to Rosa just to very

Funny stop the Yap you have so much yes you do no I don’t yes you do I’m going to make this into a whole slave Farm of breeding villagers face how am I sounding oh I found out my mic makes me sound like an 8-year-old kid sometimes So I’m looking into again and you might take your lips and ah I can’t take you serious I know exactly what you’re talking about I know exactly what you’re talking about wait someone tell me you chers C again too lazy to the way that’s why me I

Read when maybe in maybe in one year no relax he is he is I know that I mean like I don’t know how came I see [Laughter] you RIS is studying [ __ ] he should go to the United Kingdom um CU we have the best universities you already told me your

Plan I gave you I gave you a a an an ultimatum type and you said no I would choose this this this I’m like okay go with that if you want to I’m not going to stop you he’s M probably get any he will what are you on about cuz

Everyone’s racist against them right now who um you and America uh he doesn’t want to go to America first of all and I didn’t say you want to be I say you you kept talking about being a doctor I’m not scared are you I am

He lives in a Muslim country h I live in a Muslim country too buto I live in Japan me good thing about a Muslim country is that you don’t have to worry about what’s and what’s you just go eat buy anything and you eat here in Japan [Laughter]

Bro oh no they will teat you so special uh in France bro France is the best I live in the 11 love Jaan Japan and qar by the way uh when are you breaking up huh come meet me by you game is this by the way did re mute me or

Something he muted me on on uh on VC no I didn’t I asked you a question when did you listening to you I’m trying to set this man has no shame uhhuh why are you trying to study in fan um universities there are good universities friend what are you on

About really yes you don’t know anything be quiet don’t better for universi no it’s not except if it’s except if it’s Oxford or Cambridge then nothing else no Oxford like Oxford’s only the top 30 University in the UK yes only only very I’m seeing very few universities maybe no but there’s still

Good they’re still good University of Glasgow is good univ of Manchester is also very good you shouldn’t be racist toward people it depends it depends on what field you know how much I have studied universities I told you I went to like when I was applying okay question uni

Ranking does matter in some in some aspects what did you ask you ch I forg I said when are you going to break up you idiot with yeah you know what I I will pray you guys do that’s not Haram by the way because what you guys are doing is

Haram so I’m what I’m doing is halal by by breaking you up NOP yes you say you said itself it’s Haram nope don’t care with uni ranking feels bad oh you live in oh you’re also British oh h no way oh to kill her she’s a popular only F

Creator I can check right now let make a p R is good I don’t know what she’s on about she’s L it depends where you’re going suspicious who are you Jes you left VC where was this good this he just depend where you go CU if you go to

Um like west or north whals it’s like more traditional there probably less more Village souths that’s like more um English they were dominated first so also rail has some of the best universities in the world you know what I don’t like riy specifically H I don’t know you speaking to me without

Permission I meant to ask for Mission Bo why is it there again be quiet right here hi gamer have you need got to me yet the way Hana where are you from you should search up why Optimus video Optimus Prime Optimus why the way you said it is just

Suspicious like in the Bikini swimming in the bath I died the [ __ ] it I forgot okay this um a video of a girl like in a bathtub with octopus and she B something why are you telling me to watch something that is bad he said you like that of did I say

That yeah your stop yapping I’m just trying to find okay suspicious something there is something very suspicious at the moment and I cannot focus so be quite Ry for a bit I thought she died or something wait is the girl with the the bath water yeah that’s one yeah B I thought

She like got arrest and I don’t know she just she made a video of yeah I I really don’t care to be honest because she dressed up as a child if it’s an all then it’s fine as long as I don’t know no I’m going to tell you what are you on

About what do you mean like what are you on about well you don’t need to know where I am just stop waffling 1,164 – 3,55 how do I make my map she was crazy anyways I mean like unnecessary I mean like bro I don’t know what happened to

Her now the last thing I knew about it was the bath water then after that I have no information what the [ __ ] h like after the bath water what happened drop your addresser real quick what no hey wait a minute you already hey background background Character my texture pack my texture pack has a c and there like a shap is there genuinely no chat so you can huh why that no chance so you can speak in the server my choice I don’t know I found a chat speak you were there

You were here for a while I remember remember after I banned you and that that that uh forgot okay you thought you such no actually to be honest it was the best thing I ever done went entire life I’ll be honest with you yes that ban

That I did it was the satisfaction that I’ve never received my entire life well I’m not even joking you say you had orgasm no does not anything okay but but like but like probably probably you guys are like in like an alt and just still here mhm

Mhm if you that much just but you you will not get you will not get any chat roll you know why cuz your C is sh you just jeal no why would I be jealous of something that is Haram are you brain damaged when did I say no I said you’re jealous of

Me Sky gamer stop lying you guys did the same thing like many months ago oh yeah you did said best friend as well I just remember that best friend oh didn’t they fight as you mentioned before what you mean EXO I don’t know you said like they you came one time and

You said they were fighting and then now they broke up or something like that I don’t know no how they wake up you said they fought in Snapchat don’t stop stop ya no yeah yeah you said it no no no no it was her and it wasn’t

It was Snapchat and you said that hey you wanted this I have the chat right here I can search it up stop yapping no you can’t yes and they and I think they broke up or something and they fought they fought because of something like Halal and I mean they were continuing

Arguments you had with her best friend I did not have arguments yeah you did I mean yeah but like I mean I stopped Ying you said that you said okay I’m not not me I didn’t care you said you came you came after you came after the after I banned you

You came back and then you told me oh they’re fighting something like that and they broke up something and and they dipped do you remember that is no you don’t remember that and then you sent a screenshot of the Snapchat of them talking and then okay no now I know

You’re lying Snapchat deletes all messages it was in the Snapchat I can I I have it I have it in the messages okay get it then no I should I get it I’m too lazy wa you said that you’re waiting for her best friend to turn 18 so that you

Could date I never said that stop lying yeah you did no I only did old never find the satisfaction from another female ever again after inent before no stoping I can gete now that you said have yeah that’s what I need f ah yeah very wild is youus

3, I mean someone someone did actually technically we dog Ste by the way I’m not even joking yeah I know re no no no said no no no something else okay you also technically have my full name of my PayPal no I don’t I’m looking for a good

Place they are breeding here what’s going on here yappers no I’m not over 18 I’m a I’m I am you 17 who said I’m 17 who said I’m 18 when who said who said I above said 17 yes he did yeah but Sky gamer is also under r teenag Wait this counts CLE

Hard really know sound like old only like 1 I should s yeah exactly so just be Quiet Sky gamer I’m getting annoyed Sky gamer said he wanted to fight me and then he just PVP him in in cubecraft you’ll get washed I know that though PVP am I allowed to eat pigs was that going to get me banned I don’t care to be honest this why is that

A sky gamer did you still want to dat that locking person by the way the Locking person yeah the one that one time wec that was not locking I banned that person I remember EV yeah yeah it was it was it was we know it was bro bro like like no

Bro like it was 100% I mean you know like Ricky pathological Liars will always remain as pathological liar you know that right why you call I’m not calling you a pathological liar I’m not even calling me a pathological no I’m just I’m just telling you what it [Applause] is

You just teleport me to you uh no your face has anybody found this Village out over here most likely did what are you saying Rusk he’s like 17 forunate Sky game a little bit that’s why he doesn’t much did you know you is also transgender speak of gam who’s in the

VC who’s in the VC me you okay uh give me a moment wait I want to talk to Sky Sky son joh that can you hear me Sky gamer guy yeah bro I hear you oh yes buddy jsdm me bro I am not waiting 500 years for you to formulate words wait this

Is I love KFC unavoidable unavoidable no I’m not Indian but guess keep joining again because he’s hacking oh I’m streaming what are you on about there’s multi chats bro my U is so broken Rusk like my U is like dying like so broken I have to

Use English words when I to just kept the foundations alive why do people hate the new PVP to much it’s actually really nice where should oh my God yeah I’m definely when I get you can you give me some stuff see that you have ir and stuff like

That you even have diamonds the hell I’m not going to give you anything you’re so rich so [ __ ] be quiet me yes I’m you just ask you for assistance okay damn don’t ask me again yeah thank you whole bunch of fun a when I get to you I like my rack

No what graphic you have R 3060 7 30 yeah RTX 46 460 is one of the worst ones to get by the way it’s not yeah 4060 is not a good one I don’t know why it’s not it’s not a good one I’m telling you why did

You get a 4060 it’s a clown it’s a clown RTX before you buy it just because it’s number doesn’t mean it’s good 40 60 80 you wasted so much money and RTX 27 is going to be better than a 4060 you wasted so how much money did

You waste how much did your money huh 5 you 500 lb on that you stupid oh you wasted so much money on that now regret that for the rest of your life okay that’s yeah he said this the yes for the for for the price just said the fact R who

Said what did you say he said the he said the 3060 is also really bad yeah but I bought it way back you bought a 4060 with $500 wait how much was the RTX for 4 I don’t know how much 460 wasn’t it 500 cheapy like it’s just easy to know it6

You stay still please in game you stay still in game I’m gu you keep Ming around I think she spent this whole oh wait I’ve walked past you oh that’s do you have anyes uh yeah creeper Pro he’s a hat relax I just want to make sure nobody where are

You she walk to finally I said Rus by the way Ros is a girl uh Hana just for your information the silver IP is left side it’s my SMP you forgot that was cuz of a girl H know noise oh we have to sleep by the way your any bed oh oh

Yeah have some stuff what do you want diamonds iron speed a decent pain okay it was actually as well actually was really funny it was really funny R I have dropped myself in a very I’m not AA kuji by the way the server name this is the

Server IP look at my mouse this is a server IP this is in Java you need to be in Java and you need to tell me your Java name so I can add you to the white list tell me your Java name this is the

IP on the left side you need to be in 1.2.0 that’s all I want am I allow to I got you sto it no I didn’t solid 987 okay don’t do that again by the way there a HSE I have a sadle go get a horse why are you waffling here I just

Ask him about horse okay I get one I’m not stopping you you no I’m not yes you are I’m not where are you where’d you go how’ you disappear like that I didn’t disappear I just went a little bit ahead where are you I’m not AA kuusk I just made a big

Mistake h Java I think I’m cooked Bo I messed up actually H exactly no actually genuinely to I went outside the what do you call this Village opposite to the if you find the Bell go straight from the Bell my X is 1,300 and my Z is -300 negative 3,000 uh Java yeah

Zebra see is oh there you are game we’re not going to be able to find yeah you you can you can enter house and every uh this the you can enter houses you can do anything you want just don’t steal huh coal I don’t have [Applause] coal why are you beefing with hatas no why don’t you play with me though get away you’re eating pork chops do you have no shame you said I can no you you said I can I said can I eat por you said you didn’t care it Teching listens leave you came to me and then you’re saying leave no leave bro R what message bro I told you I’m not AI is say hello to you bro look at my H bar by the way where you place the block where everything we can use that gam come to us

Online maybe can one of my ones I kill this iron bem falling lad is crazy what happened I kill you yeah you can kill me but you you’ll get burned such a by the way we have a campfire I don’t know why you’re using why you’re using coal to cook food

Oh thank you for was how’ you go upstairs to your H there’s a ladder behind the house but this is not my house I I’ll go back to my main house soon what you doing making a farm what are you doing by the way you’re you know you’re very suspicious just for your

Information you always do this even in Bedrock oh do you remember the Bedrock SMP do you remember the bedro [Applause] SMP yeah you can use it use their lapis then but then you have to give it back you can put a sign board so I took the lapis I’ll give you back [Applause]

Why if you give the lais back then bro you know you know what you know what I’ll do right I will steal from your guys from your stuff by the way and then I’ll give you back guys ler I will do that if I need something I will just grab

It I’m good one guys chest place and I’ll steal something oh okay you know what I will explain it to you in chat this this is a problem okay I need to explain it to you yeah you’re loaring with no interest uh no it’s fake money but like no

Actually it’s better if we don’t do it even if it’s fake money better to not do it won like the idea but I’ll tell them he’s loaning you know loaning Muslim brothers are important you want to risk it don’t worry I’m here I got you man no oh help you think it’s

Good what other word can I use huh no I will not say that I okay fine D is still okay bought explo 60 bro you made one of the first decision you’re about a 3090 bro over 40 60 I’ll tell you the more got scammed you got scammed y h message [Applause] huh

Go a h from my point of view from my perspective you know that I’m okay with it except some except some I cannot accept it because because it’s impossible to beat right and like I’m not even stopping anyone from doing anything yes at the beginning I was for I don’t

Report but then now do whatever you want right I not Stu are you okay with it though are you okay with it h now you sent the yeah I know I understand lowy I lowy I can get blamed for that too because I kind of provoke

Them oh yeah you’re okay with this I’m not going to here H I’m not get but I’m I forgot how do you make a compositor with uh God keep waffling I forgot how you make a compositor you it was slabs okay you put compositor hopper Hopper compositor chest Barrel just don’t buy that again don’t redeem it don’t redeem it

S don’t redeem it I know I’ve been learning it what do you want was yapping with me wait h h a h H a I A I just don’t Know I I will try I will try doing That no h h H h I’m very far away ah how far are you by the way are you near to my base by the way should I make a village breeding Farm there also I haven’t made a village breeding Farm yet yeah I want to live at the Village I

Just I just just wanted something from this one I’m coming back but I want the village breeding F in my place to be honest so no no no we’re going to put it underground bro this is a bro you don’t know how this slay Farm Village Farm I mean it’s going to

Be I have to control myself a bit I’ll take all the stuff I don’t need from here uh keep some stuff here but I will make a another gate from here to this place but I need to start breeding the villagers yeah I’m kind of busy that’s

Why but after Ramadan I will not be busy anymore so it’s no problem with me no I will stream like long long ones like I will Stream Long you know like you know my my my usual time of SMP will my usual time of cubecraft will be

There my usual time and then between in before that I will stream a lot of SMP But like after Ramadan right now it’s a bit uh while I’m busy makes me feel tired h h uh do do we have do we have another portal in our base we don’t right it I need

To what’s what’s the nether what’s the nether uh what’s the obsidian what do you call sorry sorry I’ll just walk home to be honest hon I I I just wanted to use the what do you call this the nether to go all the way another gate you

Know I was going to say his acent working what okay well oh wow I haven’t oh I don’t mind this no no no I’m coming back wait let me just mine some stuff I’ll come back to the Village e is for e e e e e e e e For For For e e e e E e e for for for that for I’m back how uh what Adventure I’m going to leave soon to go back to my main base I don’t want to stay here anymore I was going to go but then I had a import it Ry I’m going to leave soon by the way thank

You thank you you lie a lot you’re so very suspicious I’m leaving I know I did I was right there I was I was I was I was just I was sitting right here I was doing something I’m dipping I’m dipping guys what is that there LS of it though no I forgot I forgot what does Wen give by the way Channel I’m going back to my house home yeah your base is your base is near my base right uh Sol so I’ll just go to my base and when I see you all by the way there’s I think there’s like

A huge River connect our river is connecting a big ocean that’s connect to many rivers that’s how I like I don’t know man I’m just yapping I’m like very very far away I mean X x400 and negative uh Z is negative – 2,000 but I’m coming with

This by river cuz there like a river connecting so go to the sea the water traveling by by water no my place it kind of does in a way ah we found the village here I’ll take everything in this Village By the way loot the hell out of them

I I’m using Blaze house as as my base M h for I they got to there is no buried treasure sh for Unbreaking three no way yeah uh fire spect is so necessary to be honest what happened Sky gamer no use villagers if whis person are not private you can’t do that I don’t think I can do

That what did you say by the way I can’t see you I cannot see your Whispers by the way can you whisper can you can you can you whisper something to Sol something like that yeah I know but can you whisper something to Sol just whisper you could only see it from the

Console cuz I’m not going to read your Whispers by the way this I feel like it’s I don’t know you enchant I I’m not use enchantment table check from cons console you can cons I’m seeing from here from what from not to me to someone else no you’re sing get to

Me what bro what are you Dam let me just play the game I cannot see any Whispers by the way if you check the stream I don’t see anything for SMP how long will this last only Allah knows I but I’m going to be playing this SMG all the time

I should make like a Anarchist server in Bedrock bro I felt bad okay so I had to kill them I don’t want to see them pain if you killed both of them no one will be in pain you know what it says how are you in in

M why why do you want to know what are you going to gain cuz I only say it’s so no uh no not for every Who Who Are You On about which which one tell me which no I misclicked I misclicked I misclicked I use it sometimes but like there’s

Still only one girl okay bro I’ve been I’m on the way okay stop waffling my god I’ve never I never traversed all the way there’s no cherry blossoms I about a way point oh we are very close actually W we’re actually home what the hell no way that even that even took us that much what we were so close wait nobody is here using uh what do you call this I hate flying trees guys and please

Play uh Place more cherry blossoms literally fading away I’m going to get them all this our I need to make who by whose house is that my house is going to be just a small little hot I can do my Shady business I mean I’m at my base is this your

House oh my God this is such an amazing house everything is you know fancy fancy have you seen my house I my D’s house oh one more portal is there there’s two portals wow yeah I’m coming to I remember your location was here somewhere I see you I see s

Why are you guys lagging for me wow yeah I’m still an island because when I whenever I mine bro it’s so dark I’m she using shaders so like I always have a disadvantage and and I can’t fight mobs what is this who built a big what is that why a mob spawner does

It work B you made a flat land it’s a lot of sheeps by the way why don’t you use uh wait I got it I’ll tell you oh my [Applause] God wait wait wait [Applause] just put this they can never jump on [Applause] this they can never jump on it and you

Can always jump on it so remove these blocks that’s why I have to fix my fence I’m lagged out is it laggy for you guys what are what is this this no I’m getting the wifi W what is this that’s a lot of wool that is so

Good I’m going to make a Village Farm a village breeding oh yeah let’s check that yeah but my my my Village breeding Farm is going to be a small one then everything’s going to be underground all the village one they need to be treated like

That if I go all the way up but I’m going to die wait I need A Oh my gosh this realize how beautiful this Is I’m lagging I’m try MLG bro I I have lag I have lag I will Die I have the power you miss Rusk I think you name is Rusk who are You I don’t want to fight all of these I slept fast yeah I’m going to start fixing the whole Farm thing I don’t know where do I make the farm I want to be a place where it doesn’t really affect us but it needs sunlight and doesn’t look ugly cuz the

Farm looks so ugly so I’m going to build it right I also I also need to build it near our plus I need to build more cherry block and Farms bro who made all these naked you know I can always check it who made it Naked a sky gamer Sky gamer no like all all my cherry blossoms are all my cherry blossom trees some of them are naked as you know you stri them away so I checked them who uh who made the who made it naked and I saw it was Sky gamer the name

Which girl gos please I won’t play right now why did you make it full naked uh first we make uh I don’t know where should I make the farm I follow you what is this place Oh you mean hea do you miss hea why is this thing

Broken what is that who built that ah I I I I went to I’m I’m going to Sky gamer who built this this is such a nice house who built this oh hello [Applause] El they are really fully building this they made it like this power for Unbreaking uh somebody help me breed

Villagers okay we’re going to bre villagers today bro by the way everything’s going to be like in my base but like it has to be connected So Sol has all the the other Farms I’m going to have the food farm is going to have the animal farm no I don’t want that

Bro don’t give this okay this is actually very nice okay I’m going to now focus on Farm actually now forget all all that I’ll just focus on Farm nobody likes R I didn’t even like the rotten flesh the green guy you miss he’s here by the way but I think he’s

Sleeping I don’t know I don’t know if if ifas is Muslim no not yet not yet that’s what I heard he he he will come Val by the way you will see him no not yet that’s what I heard that’s what I heard yeah well I think I can make the farm

Here to be honest outside the base Maybe Mal look he’s there Rusk ball I remember yes are you guys put uh uh put wool do not put this I mean uh carpet over the fence so you can jump on it I really do not know where to make

The farm I don’t know which which place is viable something that doesn’t just maybe between oh yeah I think that’s the only way The Gather there put diamonds okay oh by the way s we need a cow Farm isap we need we need cows we need a lot of

Cows you should get cow Farm we actually need like an C Farm because no no no the space next to your house bro look Farms are farms don’t look beautiful and my my Farm’s going to be a large farm so I need a place where like

Nobody’s can to use it to build anything and I feel like this is one of the good areas I can flatten this place out and then I can just do it here I’ll flatten this place out and I might do it here how far how far are you sky gameer from my

House is it like like how TTV is like that far away or what who the hell build here a crazy je sign on what the build their crazy stuff here e I can check I can check who is it I’ll come to you I can check who did it I want to

See wait wait wait let me just leave first after that I can come to you and see tell me exactly which which block was bro remove this bridge this bridge looks so Yu like better Bridge bro if you see my house here you’ll be like so amaz so good right need a

Lar which one they broke which block did they break break creeper broke chest right here check check I don’t know uh can you put F can you can you use Flint can you use Flint here like just put fire here just do it put the fire and remove

It yeah I can see you place fire can you remove the fire yeah yeah yeah I can see it by the way he also misses you I don’t want that who put this glass here I can just check it [Laughter] solid I’m fasting goofy Sun this sun is so

Good you know it’s like that for [Applause] I’m at my own doing my own stuff near my place oh good night yeah take care e Please to play uh Roblox he thinks I’m not Asian the heck do you think I am from well I saw that sky no way but find me out what time The I didn’t do anything what are you on about bro I was going to say don’t question higher authority I didn’t time me out oh it’s habba by mistake come on I’ll use it to make a this sun is nice be quiet I love this one I’m not going to change

It I love this one AIA Java oia is Java I am AIA who did you block why ly I played Java One Time by the way I got bored over it how do I fix this maybe this is too much I can oh I can do

This I’m not going to any wor just relax of it what do we do with are you watching my stream or so you can hear him me I’m not going to wear a wedding dress I did not ban you from VC what are you on about stop waffling I’m want waffling

I did not see any of these things stop waffling I was here my must friend keep saying this I up to you don’t care but your account is [ __ ] D I don’t like it this is going to be a problem to be [Applause] honest what’s the Shad pack you guys are

Using oh using RTX [Applause] [Applause] yeah s PPG is a very good one I should I should get it I’m just too lazy to get the link I I’ll just get it later Rus ptg is very good I heard Astrx I love this pack but because if you look at this uh I’ll show you my resource pack you can change everything on it uh astrx one especially during that oh my God wait wait wait wait yeah Shader pack settings you can change like everything part of the uh lens

Player frosted lens so nice motion blur I can motion off to be honest Auto exposure classic exposure I do ask for theal reflection like each part World menu screen drops surface light sorry what’s happening ah you’re still here okay by the way the S ptg will be uh will be

Much better than uh AST it be much better than astx because it’s an RTX RTX would be better than this I’m L to put an what can you do I’m making a farm yeah e [Applause] For [Applause] I’ll take care of three three ball Salam yo Al you Nine For come on you guys broke so many fences this man I always use GX War GX is the best thing I broke It Who broke the Cherry friends ah Sky gamer broke it Sky gamer don’t do It I think bro it say 21 hours ago relax a bit yeah I know but like I just see it everywhere broken it’s okay it’s okay I don’t really care to be honest at the moment it’s not like a big deal we’re going to put we’re going to

Put carpets uh we can take wool but I need pink wool actually or like no maybe like red wool need puppies Pap yeah no way only have this much potatoes what the hell that’s very less potatoes uhhuh we have to fix that ASAP I will fix all of this oh bons

B now I am making a farm I need Farm we don’t have a farm it’s problematic that we don’t have a huge Farm ah so you go to options you go your resource pack no sorry sorry sorry if you if you’re a lunar client if Go video settings and

There’s a Shar pack folder so you you only download the zip file and you just put what you call this plug it in just like exactly how you do with a resource pack but for the shaders speack you need OptiFine and everything or you need one

Of the clients you can just do it like that on normal or in any of the other clients h potato I want to see how many blocks does it go yeah we will make those I’m checking about how much does it spread now I can see the spread so it needs to be

Here one two three four come four see oh sorry sorry sorry sorry for oh I know what you mean no no no I I want it to be like this obviously then how is it yeah but this is not one two three 4 four now let’s see how it works uhhuh what

Happened bro just use just use Luna CL it will make it easier for you Java is very old okay I got I know what to do now saturation and R is so bad now let’s see the further it is much better it’s supposed to be like that for

Each of them come on going to be a potato farm one two three four ah I think the water will help them need to remove this no no no I I do I I like doing this way I’m too lazy I’m actually lazy you don’t have you don’t have optim

You don’t have optify install or sodium do you have everything installed yeah if you don’t have uh optify or sodium installed you will get very less FPS Java is very bad even people with like like fullon what you call this RTX and everything they get such low FPS it’s

Very difficult to get a very high FPS cuz it’s it’s built on uh it’s built on Java the programming so it’s very bad it’s very difficult to have high high FPS but I obviously as grafting processing gets much better and better and better the way what’s the Shader black you’re using

Shad back might be old and will not be part of 1.20 let’s check it again Out Who Sky gamer con astx what mistakes have I made I need a pickaxe for e which one what what happened you you the way as is very good because you can always like change it a lot I mean in terms of uh yeah yeah it becomes cinematic when you hold

Shift but you can uh if you go to the options of your resource pack you can change many things by the way like when you’re holding what you call this torch you can uh go in the what you call this dark by holding it sorry I will take all the bones by the

Way if you need it then just tell me but I’ll just take it though oh there’s some why they haven’t I thought it said it’s all the way I put water everywhere why isn’t that grown I can put water all the way here to be honest it won’t make a

Difference I can do that at the end not now I can put slabs over it oh I think that’s the only way do it that would be kind of nice you can change it by the way you can you can put you can put into a

Normal Sun but but when it’s night time you have wait for the night time bro guys don’t sleep huh next one don’t sleep just so you can see the astrx for probably now he has uh wait I forgot about it I’m rning going to uh I need to fix my GPU low

Key even my laptop is like no it’s just bro just sit where there’s AC man you need cool you need also good air air air intake how do you swim in inside the water cuz I’m not swimming yeah but I’m toggling it’s not working never mind I already reached is your

Why they not getting more okay that’s enough it’s still fast enough anyways I’m coming back I I was near the monster spawner see that’s how I swi well my armor is going to break I’ll become naked soon I’m I be balling I don’t know why you have this weird Cape I don’t care Normal I’m going to get destroyed instantly the moment it becomes hard cuz I have no armor in anything I literally have no armor I I I might on mine but I want to focus on this one I’ll set it the heart so not now h no food

By the way Sky gamer try to get hit by a mob you will see how it’s going to feel like and you can you can add an uh you can add an option where uh if your health is too low your heart will start beating For For Is what is the main Rule if it just toxic Behavior Uh I’ll I’ll send I’ll send the special SWAT team reing Sky gamer to give him the ultimate back shots you want mod you want to spy on it if you say w you would not abuse it then I’ll give you just say you will

Not abuse your mode R like to a point where like destroys the server you’re just doing it just to no I mean like if you’re just using it Yo okay I you guys will not you guys will not get married by the way look like 100% sure Okay yeah but you shouldn’t talk about this in Ramadan it’s not nice disgusting for h take care uh Ricky you need those stales whatever that is thingy bro do we do we have any other seeds do you guys do you have I have normal seeds I have carrot seeds I

Do not have beetroot seeds I need Beth seats by the way uh Hey language re you you do you Rey do don’t talk about bro you need to control your language just wait to turn 18 bro I’m waiting for that day I know what I’m going to I’m going to make some potatoes

Think I’m baking of potatoes actually PR good oh it doesn’t work that’s s to know no I did not say I will not give you just wait you just wait I need to make uh bro this is a I forgot who made this big I forgot to remove it I will tell I

Know who did it oh Sammy bro I still don’t get how pubic hairs get in the fans of my laptop it’s normal here not pic what are you on about joke frowning face I need to make a hopper not really that expensive to be honest and need to make a compositor already

Have then you put toer compositor bar going to be a problem bro take a break I will take a break I you supped to W up what am I supposed to do if you w up he’s busy from what I know for oh much better so I can keep putting stuff

Here and then uh I will keep doing this I think that’s good enough fuel lava Farm oh okay okay I see I see what you did one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven eight you just bought it believe that instantly two h h

How big is your farm cuz I’m making a huge Farm by the way and my arear just from let’s say Z is 81 is go from 81 20 blocks 30 to 140 that’s it 81 to 140 that’s that’s how big I mean like just the length of it one access only

Yeah I need to make sure that I What is waffling let’s play the game this guyy watching way too much anime bro i a c looking at here But if I if I remove the Shader I’ll get diamonds in a second but now I’m just oh enough of this y yapping Oh wait oh yeah forgot that you have uh a lot of pants I’ll take that you don’t need you’re wearing diamond armor be quiet you don’t need It you can y Up yeah where are you going uh uh what happened no don’t say sorry what happened my friend why are you going is it very something something important you have to attend it’s okay you don’t have to say it wait don’t do anything crazy if I see it

I’m going to remove it instantly by the way I can still see it come on said okay oh going ital I’m going Italy soon by the way scir what damn that’s yes I understand scr yeah school stuff I take care for your on your school stuff by the way as usual bro

Damn you won’t be in the Stream for a week that would be so weird because you know you’re always on the stream take care scroll scroll is gone for a week does does power know the rules of the server that gamer when to tell him can you guys ask him

Yeah you’ll see birds by the way in this but it’s not not really Birds but like you know just like fake Birds I don’t know I hope you understand what I’m saying okay okay guess I’m not crazy then I guess I’m not crazy then oh my God this is taking so long

Is it is it night time it’s just raining there no M won’t spawn okay [Applause] oh my Lord [Applause] uh yeah but you we’ll get bored of it I played a lot of smps yeah it is a chore it’s a chore for me by the way it’s been a chore like since Season 2 Season 1 was like the Glory Days for me after season one bro I is what that’s so Weird your place is so laggy so whenever I go there like I like internet like from the internet lag I don’t know why then enough for what what are you guys making I don’t know what you guys doing oh my God what I yes I want a lot of cows but

You guys want something for the cows we need a lot of leather okay we just need I just I just want leather that’s all a lot of leather garbage it’s good that I put on Europe because most people they are in Europe and I’m the only one in Japan so it’s

Going to be like unfair if I put it in Japan nothing thing the server you’re all going to be lagging there’s no point no there’s no point in putting in Australia how do you make a campfire again oh my God we need to make a campfire low key no oh I’m so tired

H oh no why is he op I made the other guy op accidentally it’s okay he didn’t do anything right I can see on the consoles he didn’t do anything crazy he just tpd people that’s all just fine because I can see everything should have said it like hey I’m over here here

Bro S I made you now S I think I didn’t make you one now I made you hey I forgot I thought I made you it was I made Power op o oh my God he didn’t say a single word yeah you can use it what skyer no what what are you on

About I can see you fly he said he he will he will only use it for one purpose so so keep the ypp to yourself you yapper you can do slash uh inspect also SL SE inspect so know who’s the yapper one I want to remove a tree but I don’t

Know which tree I should remove I should remove this tree this boo it’s powerful that gave it away by the I mean it’s creeper that gave it away B another creeper not like you you can do slash Co inspect slco inspect and then you can right click and left

Click on that and then you will see the stuff so you can check the campfire this one slash Co space inspect Again see long time no see no I have seen you all the time what are you about Le I know you I know your every single moves okay hey how are you flying oh yeah forgot basically now you’re you’re I think you’re enabled right you can right

Click and left click this you will you’ll get notification like if you right C left CLI the campfire do you get something do you see what that is anything you go to anything you will see it so that’s why if someone opens your chest and anything then you can always

Know I’m still my server is dead by the way I I killed it I mean like I removed all the chats you can’t even talk in the server it’s just there existing all you can do is just use re react an emote unban you why I forgot why you got

Banned oh I I killed it off so no I don’t know why you want to join I got bored you guys kept yapping and yapping Sky camera I had to kill it off what are you on about ah that was you come on I will I’ll check I’ll check I see

TP try try TP to me first by the way and then try to Sky gamer and then see if if we can see it or not SL TP slash TP no it will be dead by the way everyone agreed and no chat nothing is there only

Thing is there the VC is only on when I’m there that’s all everything is just gone I mean I’m not saying that like oh it doesn’t exist it just exist just H and enough forever so there’s no point in uh is and uh I don’t do moderation

Anymore you need to ask uh someone else and I’m too lazy I’m really so lazy to go outside after after the stream and in if I have the power I’m just really lazy at the moment so tired e e e e E I for lazy I’m lazy bro ask K yeah look at wants to get unbanned I’m lazy to unban him also my brain is not working I don’t know why you yapping bro enough there y bro no K have to relax I think call I have to control I have to remove these

Thoughts Ramadan have to be you have to be you know merciful to your Muslim brothers and sister we cannot make it official I [Applause] for for yeah who raises the Dora like this I I don’t understand I blame the parents for being crazy as hell by by the way I think don’t

But I was thinking of keeping like after Ramadan keeping the server alive during the weekend and then closing it on on the weekdays which I think is good for people like this Friday Saturday I’ll keep it on chat and everything and it will be strictly monitor

I think if I do that would be much better if I keep my Discord on only in the weekends I like everything on everything is there people can see make sh of it this and that just the weekend then the week this just just

Keep off okay no no no I’ll keep it on Friday Saturday and Sunday so 3 days like Friday night type is like before I start streaming one two hour right and then thank if you have three hearts by the way I don’t know if you have the thing on in

The in the settings for astrx what what is water s oh yeah yeah I I I can’t Auto pH too lazy for now like you know I can make a semi I can make a semi- auto Farm to be honest yeah I think when I go mining I’m

Going to turn off shaders and do do you keep do you keep full brightness the problem is that I I always get a what do you call this backshot it by skeleton whenever go from the dark that’s that’s the scary part bro this these two girls UT root is there and this harmony

Bro these people these woman are crazy they have no shame back shotting me bro I was so shocked that guy utu bro she was back shotting uh she was back shotting Tomy I’m like bro nonstop by the way like back shotting and then and then she ran

Away and then other person I’ll start back horny as hell what is this Sammy Sky gamer and Son combined these type of people o it’s a girl right you guys said you never back shot Sky yeah but like you know like how much Sammy and Sky gamer do but this person

They do it so much not the harm many bro I was playing bedwar bro she was making SS everywhere bro I’m like this is has to be a guy bro there’s no way who behaves like this huh in bed Wars no man I I swear I was

Shocked never seen a girl doing like this scary and and now this these these women are blaming me for no reason they like is not inviting me like what I don’t know I don’t care what do you want well I’m scared from these girl cuz they know they’re

Underage also scary and plus they’re horny also which is which is a problem cuz I know I think these girls they’re not here to play Minecraft to be honest they just here to just Yap and just get e boys and just like I don’t know e did or

Eex just came with a Yap I’m telling you never met girl like that bro started back shotting me bro I was shocked yeah very very pick me bro I was shock just chilling bro this UT was non-stop back shotting I’m like what back shotting and then went to Tommy started back shotting

Like bro what are you doing and then went to me started back I’m like stop what’s wrong with you these creeper and all of them they’re like really speed running are you going to make an automatic farm by the way s doesn’t that take time okay why what’s the what’s the reason

All for the whisper [Applause] I I can do that also yeah that that’s called uh another Highway by the way it’s fine there’s a glitch you can do that the highways are really good I will not say because I I used to do that in in like spps I used to build

These nether highways and you always build on the very top of the what do you call this like literally top above above the layer so you can walk and uh and easily travel that’s why we should do that also oh where I ran out of uh God damn I ran out

Of what the hell uh bones and bone meal everything finished I did I I went to saw his farm I stole everything from him y all the bones close this Farm is not that huge but like it’s good enough for the but I need uh I need beetroot

Also I need to make give them bread this and that okay because 500 blocks away bro you’re gone these boers are spawning some from somewhere I need to fix this guys don’t cut any trees inside the fence anything inside the fence do not cut those trees okay they’re going to be

Like this forever I’m going to cut the trees outside the fence so then could have some more in the future yeah I’m going to go back to s’s farm and check actually you should have kept the uh that Farm close to me I mean that that mob spawner because then it

Will keep on spawning it’s too far away so it doesn’t spawn but you have to be always near that place I think so to be honest you should have kept all the way down that instantly died I think you’re doing it for the XP right no no don’t don’t make don’t make

Near don’t make near use Cobblestone by the way I don’t know yet but right now this I think this is good enough oh you have to kill them oh no some of them okay never mind some of them they do die ah Here I got a Stack hey language Control come on come up I got delivery for you okay I’m coming yeah if it was if if I made an anarchy server then obviously I would allow everything you can just teleported to me bro Please bro I didn’t allow blaz to TP me I can’t allow you my Friend bit like super homie I didn’t even allow him to TP so I can’t I can’t allow you accidentally I gave him op by there I’m so stupid my brain is not Working buddy yes buddy oh my gosh I already got theas now with that I can okay no don’t stand bro sorry you doing on Armor side how do you get diamonds that fast by the way no no no it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine uh when you’re doing this type of thing

It’s fine cuz I cuz I also did it oh [Applause] yeah for for for yes I will get them uh after I not now I’ll get them I want right now focus on uh this Farm thing I’ll do when I finish my farm you’re back how long were you here in the in

The in the not the mob problem no I don’t want uh bro maybe make you maybe like make them M from right next to this uh this farm that I have but I don’t know and use like uh use Sakura planks bro I don’t want the wood it will look way too bad

[Applause] oh yeah why is my screen Frozen I’m sorry I need to fix this wait wait what the hell for got it got it got it got it got it guys don’t spam the how were you does don’t say anything bro [Applause] for for I’m good uh Luigi how are you my friend

I’m sorry I was just uh doing all of this stuff aha a potato not mean potato I forgot how you make one let me remember let me remember Let Me Remember by the where are all my rails I had so much rails I have 10 this 10

N no I had a lot of rails you know rail Rail and powered Rail and everything but all of them are vanished can I get IP uh no it’s a private SMP private SMP only with who are you Legend players do I know you my friend more power tell him to relax with

The language or like a one day mute there’s no ban is to mute he didn’t know then give him a warning right now H Yeah then if you ban me without proof then that’s literally cheating he has a lot of emeralds though H I need to start building this thing 9 N okay I think I have enough building blocks okay 49 carats three beds three Beds reals redstone torch One torch white Card SP I remember Dark Knight yes luiga what happened to where is this guy three death doors Three D doors Two glass oh my God I need glass glass two power rails Nice two power rails one button how do you make button again okay I got it I got it I got it Cherry Buton at least I made one torure stone to compositors we don’t have compositors Uh name it luiga to comp three water buckets three adapter three breads 49 carot I can do that two rails doesn’t matter 18 is enough two cart dispenser ah two glass I need to get class myp is not really public it’s like to people that I know I will I will Whit

List them anyone else nope oh I have to use the furnace okay think everything here is done I can put this I need a stack Of h Annoying annoying does anybody has rails by the way any rail like normal reals 1 2 3 four 5 does real D still work h was very less blocks I didn’t know there were one stack of a lot actually you’re going to make me a mod it’s very

Nice of you by the way got even ask you and you’re going to make me a mod instantly you trust me that much a by the way this has to be h h H I’m not even what bro I really don’t know many people by the way like respect the in a better community no I just play for fun that’s all h [Applause] okay there go stupid [Applause] how are you sitting that’s the problem [Applause] oh yeah yeah plastic chair

I us on the plastic chair for like hours back then and I used to you know 2030 time what do you mean what are you on about that’s just waffling Cube Craft uh no [Applause] d yeah friend this oh my bro if you want to sleep Lu I think

It’s better if you go sleep don’t mind AO don’t [Applause] [Applause] have [Applause] huh what happen which girl yeah yeah what about that person keep later how many followers does she have is she a big uh streamer why does you she she stream on YouTube yeah yeah there definitely later

I will stream oh she a how many viewers then I mean Tik Tok is easy to get followers Tik Tok is so easy oh bro yeah cuz Tik Tok is very easy is very easy to get no Tik Tok is very easy to get followers but YouTube is like you know

So difficult got 300 viewers in CC that’s more than private private is like one of the biggest more than related by the way but but but why does nobody know him nobody know know this woman I don’t know I just first time found out do they play egg Wars or do they play

SkyWars okay nobody really cares about Tik Tok how old is she cuz I know you’re going to backshot her I don’t know the stream is going to be until I’m tired how much do you Rider [Applause] [Applause] h [Applause] no bro I’m not not going to go after kids relax a [Laughter]

Bit no I’m bro bro why do you think like I’m going to steal girl relax a bit I’m just chilling I just want to play games in fact sometimes they’re lowkey annoying like you want to play but then they want to be h take care theana toast traps nobody nobody cares

About Tik Tok streamers to be honest time to give some devil hey Sky gamer language you want to get muted H One 2 three four 5 Stone Torch my God Bing that’s why you should never you guys are so thirsty bro just a girl there like million girls out there do you have no shame see people don’t never change bro she’s you can’t trust M trust them to to be honest just my

Opinion oh did I make a dispenser did not make a dispenser why did you delete why did you sold your computer setup for what was it necessary to do it what am I missing bedone there’s no BS I’ll make them right now I see oh wait I made a mistake not

Here it’s supposed to be a little bit back one two three 4 it’s okay not a problem h what throwback is this is where are you throwing random lies that’s what it is no such thing ever happened like that yappy is so yapping you Yap so much H uh h like bro I’ve been think I’m quick because of this YouTube this meme that I saw was so funny I keep saying I’m cooked I’m cooked I forgot what it was but you know random Tik Tok you know yeah do something like that I forgot h

Yeah I think so what’s wrong with that what do you want h what is this um come on go she’s oh yeah she streams at a weird time well we should if she ever goes eggward mega we should just go and snipe her beat her into the point that she never plays

Again by the are the snipers good though most likely they’re all trash because the amount of times you play this game you probably got so used the amount of times you have been playing against I mean with me you probably train too much to the point there’s this is nothing for you

Now I need did you get banned again then what the PE I thought you got banned I mean you didn’t get banned right you were playing with me what are you on about what when were you bypassing when did you get banned you were just playing with me now what are you on About ah Sky gamer okay I mean like is the bypass like they can’t detect it at all like 0% like they cannot ever find it or what what h I make two boats huh other boat don’t have my other boat oh my God this is the most annoying

Thing why do cubecraft is sometimes it’s good but then like it’s a little bit what call this you know like a little bit in the brain I don’t want to use the word but you I hope you guys know what I’m saying [Applause] mob oh oh yeah it’s data so they can

Never find out this guy August he plays on that by the way he plays always on there off or some or he plays on McDonald’s Wi-Fi all the time someone was telling him his guy he’s in I don’t know some Indian McDonald’s yeah America’s Hotpot is

Going to be good by the way it’s 5G plus I don’t think it’s going to this is ANP this is an SMP that’s going to be a ra h H It’s Tik tock like what what can you do with Tik Tok for it’s just Tik Tok is she actually one or just like you know like just a Pik me girl oh yeah disgusting okay if I were you I would have roasted her but okay I don’t know why you’re not doing

It you know me right I will say it with like a burning fashion H finally I think I fixed this in way she averages 300 that’s like more more than anyone else anyone else by the way is it is Tik Tok very easy to make views I think Tik Tok is very easy

Because you know you will you’re you’re you’re pushed on the feed she and she’s in America right yeah good luck because Tik Tok is getting bad I pray for a down too don’t tell me she’s not American h oh much better H what no oh I’m never doing that

Bro then you think people will accept of course h so what is this what is iay forgot no Tik Tok is getting banned due to politics to be honest and YouTube is not YouTube is an American company it will never get banned cuz they listen to America and in

This country itself take your for [Applause] thing [Applause] that’s weird why is he not becoming a why is he not becoming a villager h the white one the I mean the yellow one doesn’t get jobs to be honest that’s kind of weird never seen that my entire life you know

What this what am I doing no the stream is not muted why why do you keep saying if the stream is muted or not you can always hear me mining or doing something are you watching you’re watching the other the other the other person’s stream right the the yapping one

There there there is a there’s a Spanish one there there’s a Spanish YouTuber that has like more views than uh what do you call this than private but it’s all in Spanish I like go randomly like what is this I’m too lazy to be honest bro my it’s and

What yes I played bedw Wars by the way I play bedw Wars in Hive today inshallah oh my God I need yeah I’m removing all these I’m sorry but this is not what I’m doing this is necessary I put them in a then they start breeding but if you put them not

In the cage they will not breed and they need carrots as food so I’m giving them everything they need food bed what else do they want in protection what they need to give me is come in the cage with me real quick what no don’t give Woman vagra by the

Way look come creatures that are unknown to humanity finally I fixed everything I needed yeah what about jungk yes now I need to make you know what you know what I’m going to make no need to make a yeah Blaze the way he makes doors is just so

Strange he put three doors but they don’t open like both like in a different way it makes me you look at our door it’s just so bad there’s racism what there’s racism no way no way this racism don’t believe that it’s impossible no I maybe inside this mountain be very [Applause] good

I forgot what is the button used for but no way they’re called like that that’s crazy imagine being racist that oh that’s crazy never be racist racism is not Good should I make like a whole dungeon oh where’s my hole you know some potatoes are a little bit stupid they just don’t grow like what do you want you have to sit there makes me crazy no all potatoes are grown colos but just one just just one potato just not grown just

Why like have some shame [Applause] what do you mean I don’t understand what are you trying to imply bro what are you Ying where did you spawn in from I have no iron I’m broke look at I’m look at me I have an iron armor I’ll make a diamond armor soon I

Have it I have it I just didn’t make it yet I’ll make it right now I have it I just didn’t make it [Applause] I food I mean take these potatoes and just bake them bake them there’s a campfire next to it like make a little bit like know for

Them yes I do like CU Wars Cube Ed Wars [Applause] this is client this is JV H did I not make a compositor okay I made a compositor what do I need else N oh we need to remove the boo what’s the name of your server if I mind asking bro give me real yeah stop here h he hasn’t grown up which means h [Applause] h bro any rails when you when you’re done by the way yeah if you can give me I need

It come on this how long does it take for a baby how long does it does it take for grow so every 20 minutes oh Sky gamer I see you I that by the way guys plant uh more saplings near to my base uh Cherry saplings only we’ll put other saplings later

Right now we’re going to go with full-on cherry CU it takes 20 minutes for a I know how long has it been Empire r h h let’s go wait slave I mean Village uh Village um what do you call this Farm started I mean like it’s uh now I

Can let’s go you said nice He h huh I just chill by the way I don’t want watch want to chilling wa I’ll BFK for a bit after this after I Sleep you know what I wanted to G more creative to remove that I know why they did this guys you need to stop this guy Sammy he made like the biggest slong ever I was looking Sunset and I can see the slong much better so annoying since that is Gone why is he stuck there I don’t understand M Bo dip so fast why are they spawning now huh it’s kind of weird yes that that happens actually you need to be in a different chunk when I was there a lot of them were spawning actually AFK forit h h h h h h h h h h h h h h

H h h h h h Huh h h h h h h h h Huh h h h h h h h h hello yeah I was AFK for a bit hello what’s up Sky gamer okay he that’s good to know is that uh your girlfriend still

Streaming Sky gamer I on ass Sumo you run a you also run SMP can I join your SMP there’s a guy name called Sky gamer he can help you a lot from the Villager I mean from the enchantment table you’re so [Applause] lucky is not good to be honest I’m using shock

Bite I I used to have it so garbage I played in at tronos with my all the people that I have your what’s your my S IP is left side there but you won’t be able to join because uh it’s only trusted people people that I know for so

Long so like if people want to join Maybe maybe not so it’s not like easy you know it’s not easy access my friend friend of friend uh it’s astrx shaders you want to join qb3 you know I need to start making more people moderators maybe I’ll make Sky gamer moderator

Too I’m thinking of it if you if you say that you don’t abuse it that’s fine just say you not you will not abuse it abuse it you will not abuse it I I I promise that I know yeah oh yeah you will not abuse it

In this context the word it is the mod roller the word it means the the mod your mod rules okay basically I mean like you as long as you can you can just go I mean you know everything you do I can see it by the

Way okay if you want to if you want to join the SMB just tell me because I have to add you in the white list yeah cuz I will I will make more people add cuz I need more and more oh I need to get electron how do you make electon B this

Is oh I can make two that’s good right yes it will keep going it has to keep going what do you mean if you if you put on mob with the name tag nether it will keep going you mean it will stay live right yes this is just a normal

Minecraft SMP with my viewers there actually a lot of people are here but like they join and leave cuz it’s 24/7 open but I need to make more people mods if more people want to join it was going to be a private server but then I insisted someone n no oh I lost

My bucket thank you boss thank you boss for the subscriber you know what happened to those people who uh who subscribe to me by by the how old are you before that need to Know how old is you how old is you my friend water what do I do with the water oh yeah wait am I just oh yeah look at me sometimes my M doesn’t work you’re 17 okay I believe you great for something okay you can join Discord because anyone who’s below the

Age of 30 they want join my Discord where is bro I’m losing stuff that’s so Annoying no bro where is my mine cart H where is it where is it where is it oh my go okay oh my go oh my God that is so annoying uh lunar option full brightness I really lost the mine cart just so annoying this is the most annoying thing that happened to me what the hell am I supposed to

Do h h h I have 500 five 500 uh FPS oh why a ravine nice can you add me who are you um I’m gen gamer uh I have a Minecraft account what what what’s your name what’s your name um M gamer 13 can you spell

It m m a m a m g a m e l wait wait wait wait wait one can you can you say it again um m a ma then hello m a g g a m e r one Z One what Maga are you John gamer bro are you special

Pleas I add I added you why the hell old are you yes I am to gu for John gamer are you John gamer um yes I am he is the one who remember the one who called you that you’re on uh no the one who told Rus is an auto

Guy and the guy you live is no no is is popular yes I amim I thought he was JJ but not someone else never heard him I mean the name sounds nice JJ JJ JJ streams I didn’t know that j3 J30 M right looking the same guy he streams YouTube in

YouTube why doesn’t he say anything what does he play keep right h hello mag gamer I see you hello hello everybody like like four people or five people I suck at T we’re not there’s no PVP here it’s not Anarchy cirle this is a very good boy server h what what you’re

11 Jan gamer are you 11 yes surprisingly okay but I’m sorry I have to kick you from Discord because Discord does not allow anyone who’s above the age of uh that’s you have to be 303 years I you can play Minecraft as long yes but you have to leave the server

Because it’s only 30 and above you can go join you can join okay okay yes okay I’ll leave okay because if I don’t then uh I’ll be in trouble so I’m sorry my friend you have to leave the server thank you so much you can still play the game okay and you can

Still watch the stream very understandable person yes H how do you leave the server uh I will do it I got you I kicked them from the server and that is good h not allow kids I don’t know who is who and what’s their age I need to put like a disclaimer in

My if you’re above if you’re 30 then you can join no kids allowed it’s against the to so I want to unmute bro PLS make it so YT isn’t able to hear me a I will mute Discord I muted Discord I’ll Yap as much as you want

Uh I forgot what I wanted to make well you go eat your s and sleep that’s the best thing you can do right now h h h no I can hear typing but it’s very faint it’s so faint no no no no no no no no no no [Applause]

Yes I can hear your mouse h uh h h uh a [Applause] cubecraft later like maybe after many many hours not now may in 12 hours craft is going to be in 12 hours I was playay yesterday because of that no I’m just playing because I’m bored h h h very annoying low

Key oh my god oh yeah need do put this back in the car green one don’t work at all oh uh for Dat Back difficulty see yapper number one [Applause] for for [Applause] [Applause] for I I where is this creeper spawning from I’m going to toor this place off h h

Kill this man so bad usess h h h there another green villagers were like useless yes Thomas P white [Applause] hunt [Applause] there’s no PVP you want PVP in this I was going think you’re making Anarchy Ser playing PVP whoa let me check CU I this this resource block uh settings effects h

They all the people like you know full netherite armor and everything I mean they because they have been playing since day one whoa oh my God this is way too much h Child let’s go oh there’s a problem someone is near you in that chunk h h oh no no no sh option graphic option F option for oh it’s very very dark water this is who play on Creative bro h h h h my God I forgot what to do oh yes h you

Lagging I’m opening chest something is happening to me h give me h h h h [Applause] is [Applause] [Applause] e I whoa that’s amazing h h h uh h one diamond is still got enough just just not you want to play I’m playing Minecraft at the moment but I’m only doing no no no no no of course no no no this is I slept in between I AFK no I

Didn’t sleep but I went AFK I went AFK for like 20 minutes I’m AFK what do you want it doesn’t have to be how many AFK boy I feel so sleepy h oh my Lord I’m so tired oh my God yeah you can play as much as you

Want to be honest I don’t care I yeah yeah don’t worry don’t worry I’m here huh yeah I’m playing in the SMP where all these H going H yeah it LS just a little bit that’s all it is you destroyed to I lose slash kill and I’ll destroy you be quiet I’ll do SL kill what can you do oh my God you were you had yes you had the evil oh stupid every time you join in you always make

One yes oh they’re right there by the way they’re outside the fence up in the mountain you’re so laggy okay no no no no no no this is a village stuff below us all the way top I see them fall all the way up no there there is going to be longer I

Know I don’t need a b I’m not going to use one it’s pointless for me know it lags a lot so I don’t use it no it’s the internet not the PC they’re below us they’re right below me A I lost all my points though I like 37 I think it’s already op I think it’s for everyone why [Applause] h I’m not going to travel right now because I’ve been traveling since yeah I know but I I’ll stay in the base for for some time [Applause]

Oh evoker is is like inside the house evoker no notok some someone else Vindicator Vindicator hits you so hard bro he’ll kill you like an don’t bring them near the Villager O The W is very annoying by the way up because they can go through Walls owow take your stuff No just take It I’m not thinking anything I didn’t think anything M there’s a one somewhere here because of you and your stupid idiot her of the villain they nearly killed my he’s inside there look just shoot him hope he didn’t kill my villagers yeah because of your stupidness I don’t know why you keep getting attacked by

Okay that time I had nothing so it’s fine I wasn’t even there h h h [Applause] I’m not going to guess it wait I’m focusing on something trying to get I have Ender Blaze Blaze powder and uh and ender pearl blaze powder you get from blaze rods so you know where to go right yeah no nether is Janam there is the why does it do this so annoying

Um we need to make our base more G no we need to get iron actually I have iron do you need I need a lot of iron take take take take take take you love it okay you love it very much portion of existance I I have it oh

Okay then give it back give it back you can use this when you go to the nether yes or the end bro oh why you why the end why do you why do you have to go to the end there is no reason for us to go to the

End um do you have any enchanted book because oh I want to add template how to make a template I’m not making thiso [ __ ] this h do you have any disc or music a disc or something no stop oh [ __ ] I’m not trying to push this

Guy he didn’t even I’m so mad stupid idiot he stuck why you keeping here by the way these people come I think by looking at EMD or something something was it no oh fin yo I didn’t know the cat shovel and pickaxe give me that bro give me that right

Now check can I buy something for him no no no don’t don’t don’t I’m not I’m noted I’m just looking at this election n bro sorry I’m not buying anything you big nose what the hell is wrong with you why did you do that where’s the compositor what’s compositor

This thing I forgot about this thing um Le fisherman why is a fisherman why is he a Fisherman oh why is this guy’s a fisherman I I don’t understand fisherman noice what does how does one get how does one become a fisherman or has a it’s so annoying oh my be man I don’t have enough let’s go now bro there there is a item here it’s someone placed is it

Dispenser dispens what item is f what need an MC for fish Um I’m making this thing okay like um enchanting room what do we need for enchantment table who r he’s ronok from cubecraft and this guy’s John gamer by the way my gamer is John gamer do you know I don’t know who John gamer so I don’t know

Logic yo you found smthing people how a battle no no no no wait I I was fixing something but I I have to do something it’s going to be a problematic okay now fix it back I’m putting I’m I’m putting everything back don’t break these okay just

Valuable I’m going to take this thing okay I took just now look what look behind then I’m going to go I need to make telescope and do you have the purple sh shards if you have them can give me no I don’t have purple shards okay

Okay because I need to make some stuff for wait can we zoom in this only lunar client yes you can yeah yeah how what should we press C i v uh V okay then you need you need to go check your lunar option see what’s the actual button for Zoom oh

Okay oh found uh see let’s see for me um let’s uh I’m going to go mining okay like for the I can’t find the mining Bridge stair I don’t know why oh it’s right there by the way where’s our other lecturn by the way do you have a elect with you Should I get an Infinity wall yeah yeah yeah please do please do then I don’t need arrows to use now we have the infinity enchantment oh we need iron to be honest iron done [ __ ] sorry uh I’ll go mining okay cuz we need to make anal

How much is an or how to make an oh you need a lot of ir for anal that’s the problem then I’ll just go mining okay come on no no no I’m I’m coming with you okay let me just remove my shaders let me remove all these

Chest no I’m going to get some food also by the way if someone steals anything y I find this bro yes you can do that I’ll make a b I’ll make a b should I take more arrows no I just need animal so we can put the bow and everything oh no meaningful

This you can take my Emerald I don’t have it do you have a bow yes I have a bow you want wait oh you want to make a bow yeah no I I made a bow do you need do you need a bow do you yeah I need a bow like full

Power like let’s go to ttv’s house they might have an anvil okay well no I need food by the way put full brightness in lunar CLI okay stay here you know what no no actually come to me do you have levels how much levels do you

Have what levels I have only two levels I have less how much levels do you have sorry come here come to ttv’s house don’t delay it cuz I have to leave oh where you are oh I see you okay come I need to get more food I’ll get

More I’ll get more big potato might be mut just type it on you can just type it in chat uh don’t steal anything from this place huh what they have stuff that I need where is it all you don’t have an anval [Applause] [Applause] they don’t have an anal come on come on

Wait wait wait wait uh just stay at the base I’m coming I just need to find an anal maybe in Sal have has an anval I’ll go and we’ll put inin the mod then we’ll go mining we need to get a lot of iron actually he probably has an

Anual if he doesn’t then we’ll just go mining straight he does not have an anal did you see anything from him bler you know I can I can always check I can check everything if you do that I’ll actually ban you by the way BL I’m not even joking B for one day

By the way don’t do that again or else you actually get V for one Day that don’t steal it’s one de B uh h did they block the mine no the mine is still here e for I oh I’m already I went down I went down I I I’ll get out of up to be honest oh I had T have time I told you I’ll go can we asked nine

918 how much will that be I think I have enough to make an anval I’m in the same mine that I that I always go by the way I’m just getting iron I think I’m fully done that 99 3 3 9 3 27 27 7 1 2 3 4 you’re coming down tell me if you’re not

Coming down then tell me also yeah I took that all of it take diamonds it’s next to the nether portal in the mountains for oh I see a m shaft up here oh blad you just come back there’s a m shaft up here bro we missed it yeah

I’m coming back to be honest I don’t want to mine anymore come back later kind of going up the mine is so annoying to be honest it’s like lowkey bad takes a little bit way too long are you I don’t even know who’s watching the Stream I went back up come on

Okay this is fine kind of fix that h h h base base base base I’m in Base first of all h H huh you have string but it’s our chest okay I’m too lazy for But I’m Done I’ll just get a little bit of potatoes yeah I can do that right now and S these potatoes you’re always lost by the way just just go up lost use a coordinates use Luna client did you put way points I didn’t put way points always use way points for

Need to put pows here h here take your bow and take your infinity and put use the anval now you can’t even shoot it’s not going to work H enough enough stop stop H get out move [Applause] h it uses your XP to uh to what do you call this fix it cuz you know your armor breaks right it’s just meaning to fix that fixes your armor basically it automatically fixes your armor now Unbreaking it makes it

Less more powerful in durability but mending fixes it so when you kill a mob and you get the XP the XP will go and and it will fix it that’s why we need a lot of mending that’s why we need mending and armor in swords in basically everything you need a

Mending uh I’m kind of lost I do what I need a compositor oh compos is right [Applause] here [Applause] A h h h huh h h h H H H h yeah it’s a very long stream uhhuh h what this man is annoying me what do you want h Smite four H I will get rest I will get rest don’t worry this has to be done come on by the I I I went to the mob farm I saw you there I wanted some M kill but then I the I just left it no I don’t need anym I got what I

Needed I got me I got a lot of Bones so yeah for that [Applause] [Applause] supicious h H h keep it closed like that keep it close like that

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    Zombie Cheating Scandal in Minecraft! The Mysterious World of Minecraft Unveiled Embark on a thrilling journey through the pixelated universe of Minecraft, where the unexpected lurks around every corner. Join pertemplays on Twitch as they navigate through this captivating realm filled with endless possibilities and challenges. The Enigmatic Zombies As pertemplays delves deeper into the Minecraft world, they encounter the enigmatic zombies that seem to defy all logic. These undead creatures exhibit surprising behaviors, leaving players scratching their heads in disbelief. How did those zombies manage to reach such heights? The mystery deepens as pertemplays faces off against these formidable foes. Unraveling the Secrets… Read More

  • Close Call in Minecraft!

    Close Call in Minecraft! Minecraft Farm Performance Reaches New Heights! 🚜🌾 Assalam O Alikum! Minecraft enthusiasts are in for a treat as the farm performance in the game has reached an impressive rate of approximately 3600 per hour! This remarkable achievement is attributed to various factors such as sword enchants like Looting 3, afk time, farm speed, and the utilization of tnt dupers. It’s important to note that the farm performance may vary depending on the server type you are playing on. Fully Automatic Farm Mode and Supported Versions The farm mode responsible for this incredible performance is fully automatic, allowing players to… Read More

  • Training a Dog Gang in Minecraft!

    Training a Dog Gang in Minecraft! My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video My First Impressions on the Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, right? And I stumbled upon this Minecraft video that had me cracking up! It’s called “EFEKAN KÖPEK ÇETESİNİ EĞİTİYOR! 😂 – Minecraft” and let me tell you, it’s a riot! Video Details Title EFEKAN KÖPEK ÇETESİNİ EĞİTİYOR! 😂 – Minecraft Description In this video, the Dog Gang is completing challenging courses and getting trained to be police officers. It’s hilarious to watch! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos with Efekan and the Dog… Read More

  • Chicken-Only Minecraft Speedpaint Challenge

    Chicken-Only Minecraft Speedpaint Challenge Exploring the World of Minecraft with Chickens and Speedpainting Embark on a unique Minecraft journey where chickens take center stage, and creativity knows no bounds. In this exciting adventure, Dasanye combines the thrill of playing Chicken Madness Minecraft 1.20 with the artistry of speedpainting fanart. Let’s dive into the world of Minecraft like never before! Chicken Madness Minecraft 1.20 Imagine a Minecraft world where chickens reign supreme. Dasanye takes on the challenge of conquering Minecraft using only these feathered friends. From gathering resources to building structures, chickens play a crucial role in this unconventional gameplay. Witness the creativity and… Read More

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    The MLG Cobweb Technique: Minecraft Clutch Moves My First Impressions on “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft” OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube, looking for some epic Minecraft videos to watch, and I stumbled upon this gem called “Mastering the MLG Cobweb Technique: The Ultimate Guide to Clutch Moves in Minecraft.” I was like, “What even is this? MLG Cobweb Technique? Clutch Moves? Count me in, sis!” Initial Thoughts First off, the title got me hooked. MLG Cobweb Technique sounds like some next-level stuff, and I was ready to learn all the secrets. The description had me intrigued…. Read More

  • Crafty Love: Minecraft Animation Part 41 – A Heart’s Delight

    Crafty Love: Minecraft Animation Part 41 - A Heart's Delight In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Building and exploring, breaking blocks with no chains. Updates and news, always on the go, With rhymes and emojis, putting on a show. The Minecraft Animation GirlLove, full of charm, With music and maps, keeping fans warm. No doubt, the love for Minecraft runs deep, In every rhyme and line, the secrets we keep. So leap into the verse, with beats that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, shining bright. Narrating the scene, sharp and keen, In every update, a story unseen. Fierce and funny, playful and light, Bringing Minecraft facts to new… Read More

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    I froze time to save a dog in Minecraft #doggorescue Looks like this dog’s new superpower is being immune to creepers and skeletons in Minecraft! #doggohero #minecraftmagic Read More

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    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Unleash EPIC Water Magic in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Water Magic in Minecraft!!’, was uploaded by THUNDER_Official on 2024-03-16 04:26:55. It has garnered 2068 views and 68 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Read More

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    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/davidbarontv JOIN THE COMMUNITY: https://discord.gg/TWbZCYqF8S BIRD APP: https://www.twitter.com/ogdavidbaron Read More

  • Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gaming

    Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT A NERD!!! #gaming #funny #funnymoments #funnyshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #funnymemes’, was uploaded by SpaceRain on 2024-03-17 18:30:51. It has garnered 431 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. In this short I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like this video, please consider following/Subscribing. It would really help me out a lot and help grow my channel. If you wish to contact me, please Email me at [email protected] Thank you and have… Read More

  • Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerz

    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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    Shizo Clickbait: SleetMC Ambush Fail #MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘He Tried To SNEAK UP on me #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by SleetMC on 2024-01-09 01:00:22. It has garnered 2000 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. Subscribe! ❤️sub❤️ | https://www.youtube.com/@SleetMC_ 🟦discord🟦 | https://discord.gg/KuDkaDhNqn 📷insta📷 | https://www.instagram.com/sleetmc_/ 🌴socials🌴 | https://linktr.ee/sleetmc Read More


    Minecraft TNT EXPLOSIONS GONE WILD! 😱🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘ESTO PASA CUANDO ENTRAS A UN SERVER DE MINECRAFT #minecraft #tnt #gaming #minecraftbuilding’, was uploaded by LuisGamemode on 2024-01-08 22:14:13. It has garnered 3081 views and 162 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mc.anarhix.ru:25992 (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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    Unbelievable New Minecraft RPG Server! Dungeon, Classes, & More 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘NUEVO SERVER SURVIVAL RPG 🔥 Dungeon, Clases y Más…✅Minecraft Java No Premium 1.20.X / 1.16.5 / 1.8’, was uploaded by CarloScore Minecraft on 2024-03-05 22:22:04. It has garnered 2387 views and 66 likes. The duration of the video is 00:08:14 or 494 seconds. NEW SERVER WITH SURVIVAL RPG For Java and Bedrock No Premium and Premium for version 1.8 to the most updated 1.20.X 🌎 IP in the Description and Comments⤵ 🔥Similar Videos🔥 https://youtu.be/46xKIa9vZJ4 https://youtu.be/EkBT5KEAMdI ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————- 🔽NEW SURVIVAL RPG SERVER “GoldRPG”🔽 ✅Java IP: goldrpg.net ✅Bedrock IP: Port: 19133 ✔Versions: 1.20. X /… Read More

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    Skibidi Battle Royale: Original vs Minecraft vs Scientist vs MultiverseVideo Information This video, titled ‘SKIBIDI TOILET #56 ORGINAL VS MINECRAFT VS SCIENTIST VS MULTIVERSE BATTLE’, was uploaded by skibidi battle tv on 2024-02-24 19:00:23. It has garnered 741 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:40 or 100 seconds. If you like my video, click like and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss more great videos! Credit to @DafuqBoom the original Skibidi Toilet and Cameraman idea! CREDITS :- Thanks Show some love to all of them please YOU BEST !!!!!!!! MINECRAFT https://www.youtube.com/@SuplerH4W @SuplerH4W Scientist https://www.youtube.com/@Tumzo_skibidi/videos @Tumzo_skibidi Multiverse https://www.youtube.com/@skibiditm/videos @skibiditm @CODIS All my video features… Read More

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    INSANE Minecraft TROLL by Hamza CraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft moment’, was uploaded by hamza craft on 2024-03-21 21:42:55. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. #minecraft #gaming #shorts #minecrafttiktok keys: Minecraft,Dream SMP,Manhunt,Speedrun,Hardcore,Mods,HermitCraft,Update,Snapshot,Netherite,Caves & Cliffs,Axolotls,Warden,Build Battle,Skyblock,Hypixel,Bedwars,Parkour,Redstone Tutorial,Farming Guide,Enderman Farm,Raid Defense,Texture Packs,Shaders,RTX,Minecraft VR,Roleplay,Adventure Map,UHC,PvP,Skywars,Trolling,Noob vs Pro,Minecraft Animation,Minecraft Song,Minecraft Parody,Epic Builds,Minecraft Challenges,Minecraft But,Minecraft Logic,Minecraft Secrets. Read More

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