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A F Oh St A Is A All righty hello and welcome to the stream guys welcome welcome hope you guys are all having a good day today we’re getting back into our modded Minecraft world going to have kind of place a hunker down and whatnot and whatnot and uh yeah so foxy hope you guys are having a good day

Today bro why is my stream buffering so much on my phone I’m literally on Wii I’m literally on Wi-Fi why is my phone being like uhoh okay go ahead and unding was that what’s good Nick that’s good I di to a tiger or whatever that

Thing is bro it’s good I think it’s it’s a female line bro it’s a good thing that the parach are gone or Josh would have been [ __ ] on spawn oh yeah Josh spawn was was so bad with the parasites dude you literally couldn’t leave this [ __ ] Cobblestone area especially cuz

There was a Blood Moon which makes more mods more mobs spawn like that would have been a thousand times worse to bro I feel I was jerking off during the blood moon H remember yesterday holy [ __ ] by the way Josh yeah fastest the safest way is Southwest

Because I killed two dragons over there so you should be fine that way and I’m guessing you see a dragon so if we die just lands on the ground or what no you get a gravestone oh grav we just we can get our stuff back that way yeah if you mine your

Gravestone you can mine with your bare hands or anything then all your stuff will come out yeah give me these apples I need to eat also be very wary of sea serpents those things hit dragons anything zombies H too I’ll stop oh yeah also be aware of vampires

If you get the vampire status effect if you don’t want to be a vampire drink milk or just kill yourself that also works or just kill yourself what does the what does the vampirism do do for you anyway uh you get a unique skill

Tree I can turn into a bat but again it has to be night time oh dude foxy joined dude by the way foxy you know that you don’t have to wait for stream to play right you’re allowed to play offline cuz I’ve been playing offline

And I didn’t see you at all man I expected you to be on grinding yeah bro was grinding all day or day think I might be ahead of everybody just cuz I grinded Bros been I tried to make a mob spawner and it didn’t work a mob spawner

In the early game holy [ __ ] cuz I was trying to get vampire books bro wants to get max level in uh the skill book I don’t care about the skill book I care about the vampire book bro Jacob okay oh yeah Josh by the way uh did you spawn

With a skill book I hey how you doing bro you have a skillbook but you also can just set it in your controls to any key I would recommend doing that cuz then you don’t have to have the book take up inventory space but you can choose a class and then it

Just gives you some like bonus stats and then you can add levels five like Minecraft XP you equate to one level and you can invest your levels in things like combat Mining and crafting so wait oh wait I’m sorry I was reading my girlfriend’s text um like

Skill skill oh I see skill book select class yeah but again like I wouldn’t recommend using the skill book I would just use like the key you can like set it to a key bind and then the key the book doesn’t take up space all right Nick joined the game I’m

Logging in I Lally can’t do anything right now what do you mean cuz it’s daytime yeah I died because it turned to the day [ __ ] you it I couldn’t tell the difference cuz I had night vision on so I was like holy [ __ ] yeah you’re right look up look up in the

Sky dog I had night Vis yo Nick I’m going to kill you now oh what what what are you I spawned in a [ __ ] Dragon was looking at me dead in the eyes yeah cuz last time you logged off there was a dragon holy [ __ ] remember when you logged off and there

Was a dragon what type of dragon is it oh it’s a red Dr it’s a fire dragon I’m doing good Mor that was a nice drilling rushing be like greeted by a dragon the red ones are like the second most deadly I’m pretty sure at least in my

Experience holy [ __ ] dude I’ve never killed a red one cuz they always instant kill me I literally logged on and bro is like yo the black ones do like infinite damage though infinite damage which one’s the weakest one I killed I don’t know I killed a bronze a those might be

Pretty weak oh that that that villagers doneo bro stop destroying Villages he wasn’t following me and now he is like I literally made eye contact and said and just started screaming and running why are you destroying Villages dude those are my food sources it wasn’t was an

Accident R you dude I hate how you destroy everything on purpose Nick and that one time when you betrayed me oh my God is this is this lag I keep I’m breaking like wood here and it keeps it’s yeah that’s lag making sure it’s not just it was not

The longer what I’ve seen is like the longer you play like the less you lag kind of thing okay am I doing tonight Mory yeah I’m I’m I’m doing good start off with a heart attack I just ruined gex day though by ruining like by destroying a

Village well it’s not too destroyed it’s kind of on fire though [ __ ] you it’s kind of on fire dude was it the hunter one I have no clue I think it’s a Blue Beacon oh my that’s the hunter one bro I was I was using that to grind for human hearts [ __ ] you

Bro is actually a bad friend yo Josh get this they’re Sirens right you know the things that sing and make you come towards them there oh uh like mermaids yeah Sirens yeah um so Nick was getting he was getting like dragged towards him and he’s like save me G save me I came

Like a 100 meters like across water to come save his ass I’m fighting off like three sirens and this [ __ ] leaves me I’m like dude help me now help me and he just keeps leaving I had I had nothing yes and that’s exactly why you should have sacrifice

Yourself CU you had nothing to lose oh yeah true kill yourself in real life bro I mean in game I mean in game I mean in game in game in game in game bro bro how long is it going to be day holy [ __ ] don’t worry don’t worry don’t

Worry I’m going to find you and K I’m in like infinite vampire for Forest right now dude the vampire Forest that are the ones that are near spawn don’t even spawn vampires I’m just trying I had to travel like a thousand yards I think thousand million yards

Vampire n really yeah I think it’s winter in game no really Josh yeah Josh there’s a mod that like even if like you like are in the grasslands if it’s winter you’ll see like patches of snow no it literally snows though the reason why there patches of snow is cuz

When it rains it snows true and then the water turns to ice BR s’s a fake friend damn he’s not showing up a fake friend B him I’m joking I’m going to ban him all right crafting table what was my yeah Jay was my uh BR was just making a

Crafting table he’s [ __ ] when he finds a dragon what is this dude Josh prepare to uh get used to walking a million uh meters by the way to get your [ __ ] all right after dying and then walking 1,000 miles again because you die again and then 1,000 miles again because you die

Yeah until you beat a dragon yeah good luck with that no you have to drag so the Strat for Dragons when they’re camping your [ __ ] is you just go up to the dragon get it to chase you and then be it as far away as you can and then

Die and cuz it’ll stay where you’re where you died because I think they’re like programmed to [ __ ] guard your [ __ ] and then come back again and then get your [ __ ] and then run away as quickly as possible or just hope that no that’s not what do you mean hope hope is not a

Method bro no cuz I hoped in the dragon I just looked at stream and this kid is breaking a mob spawner with a iron sword yeah how do you have two iron swords and no iron pickaxe yeah yeah I have three iron swords you have three iron swords I have an iron

Sword what’s hitting me yo Josh I could I could hook you up with a diamond sword with [ __ ] enchantments on it what poisoned me I just made I made a uh wooden swords ax and and pickax I just got random poisoning so Josh because there are

Bosses in a lot of these mods I’d recommend using an axe for bosses cuz it does more damage but if you’re fighting like a horde use the sword cuz it does sweeping damage like Nick and I have find like a thousand hordes together but until he abandoned me and decided that he hates

Me forever I do not hate you you got me killed several times I know love you too no [ __ ] you I’m going to come suck your blood and turn you into a vampire wait what is this please y yo what’s good raccoon how you doing bro raccoon on a

Mission are I still can’t fly it’s a leopard oh [ __ ] okay I thought it was a cheetah oh [ __ ] okay run [ __ ] [ __ ] me bro why am I getting randomly poisoned yo Jos where are you by the way uh -36 or negative 6 negative 33 63710 all right what the [ __ ] I’m I

Might come by later but I’m going to get my stuff first yeah I found what looks like a shipwreck of over here yeah it might have already been looted by foxy there’s a dragon oh [ __ ] oh sh oh yeah holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] I I just

I go up the yeah make sure make sure you go like don’t just go west goes Southwest okay South Southwest is like the the like Prime area okay good so the so the game but the main issue though is that there’s sea serpents so make sure

You get a boat holy [ __ ] there’s a dragon Southwest Nick what did you do yeah I told you I I I told you was a dragon wreaking havoc yeah what’s good Josh oh [ __ ] I’m a bat oh wait what oh you’re a bat oh okay yo watch what I can

Do yo that’s cool I’m a level seven vampire nice cuz I was grind I did so much grinding getting to level four is so easy but then every level after that is impossible especially level 15 which is the last level you have to literally challenge Dracula to a duel dang holy

[ __ ] really you have to summon Dracula and then challenge him to a duel and if you lose to him you have to uh [ __ ] do the whole process again and it takes so many resources holy [ __ ] there’s Panthers in this Village and [ __ ] no okay Josh maybe don’t go Southwest cuz

There’s a green dragon and those aren’t that hard to kill for me at least but I don’t have any of my [ __ ] so it’s kind of impossible ESP especially when I’m a bat and I die in one de in one hit so holy [ __ ] dude I don’t know getting the

I mean I didn’t really have much uh yeah I’ll come back and try to give you like a little starter package just cuz you missed the first stream and honestly the first stream like was the the most opportunity for like looting and stuff like a lot of the [ __ ] that I got

Was stolen mhm I’m going to try to go get my stuff who knows that that dragon is still over there but I’m try he’s definitely still over there I have nothing to lose I’m GNA go try I have nothing yeah you really don’t well that’s exactly why you shouldn’t

Try cuz when Nick like tries to go get a [ __ ] it’s because there it’s because he has [ __ ] that’s why he challenges the dragon into a duel and then destroys an entire Village like a [ __ ] did not challenge it he [ __ ] I made icon you have no regard for any

Population I was getting my stuff and bro got clipped out of the tree you only cared about your stuff you only cared about stuff what’s up Fox how you doing yo it’s foxy kill him holy [ __ ] where is Foxy he’s in h Forest I

Think no he’s not he came back I saw his house he like he has trophies like he has the head of two like Bosses that’s insane I was tempted to steal them but I was like I’m going to be a good person today I’m going to be a good person imagine being thinking to yourself I’m going to be a good person today yeah you’re right I didn’t actually think that I was just like I

Hope he could probably beat my ass so I’m not going to do it just still in some renovating my home dirt is all over it oh yeah that might have been the dragon kicking that [ __ ] up okay one of these several Dragons by the way I’m getting close to where I

Where’s the I see the dragon found a new Village but where’s the waystone out I’m going try to just sneak right past this man oh Nick you found another Village to destroy wow no oh my God no oh are you dead oh Dragon Village Destroyer gaming it’s just a pig sleeping

Around Dragon Village Destroyer gaming oh there there’s a [ __ ] vampire Hunter House in here wow that’s great man I’m gonna be nice I found the way Stone cool I just want my stuff and I’ll go in peace so love how we all say that whenever we the dragon everybody always resorts to just

Talking nicely to it as if they can understand theage and then they always die after Nick haven’t we all done that yeah like I just want my stuff bro it’s like I just want his body I just want his body doesn’t work Josh I’ll tell you it never

Works I I had it I liter okay I literally got my stuff and at that moment the dragon decided to just spawn right on top of me what the hell is that no that’s dragons for you Dragon where the hell is my bag Dragon hate fun can how okay I don’t think it’s

Worth to get get that anymore how do I get rid of my latest death or zero uh you open your Waypoint menu you might have to change your controls because there’s like a million controls and they all conflict with each other what the [ __ ] is my computer doing now yo what’s good

Chickens my world isn’t loading good good holy had your suffering pal BR my world literally won’t load anymore oh Dragon down there we go I’ve traveled so far I traveled traveled so far I traveled so far and lost so much [ __ ] in the end came a vampire it’s not even chronological

Order I know I know I know why did I say it like that or I just lost so what Mo Creatures dive I have no uh I think you can ride creatures and dive with them but that’s like probably going to be important a thousand years later you can press

Escape this set things to none by the way let me my food this lag bro I can’t eat today cry about it fatty I forgot what I was even looking for in the controls um um wayo that’s okay um I’m never going to be able to eat dude holy

[ __ ] where where am I I’m never going to be able to do damage bro I’m I’ve hit this dude a thousand times and he’s taking zero damage holy I’m want to want to reconnect the second you left the game start stopped lagging Nick you’re not investing enough RAM

Pal really yeah it’s a e thing okay I swear it got so much better the second you left seriously yes all right I’m going to go Ahad all the damage that I applied to that dude actually happened all right I’m going to go ahead and uh how do I

Change that again I go to it’s in curse Forge fatty yeah I go to it’s in fat Forge is it profile options yeah yeah I’m trying to find I’m just going to put I’m just going to put to Max Ram 17,000 megabytes okay don’t use all your computers Ram because you’re streaming too

Dumbass you’re G to explode your computer let me not do that deck what what area is the way points buttons in um mini map I think I’m going do like 10,000 holy dude oh mini map okay new there’s new Waypoint open Waypoint screen okay there

It is oh yeah I kind of want to get rid of my death points cuz I don’t they’re kind of irrelevant now aren’t you also irrelevant on Twitter damn did y’all see how good Thousand-Year Door looks now oh yeah I saw that they finally gave us

A a the release date for for dor and uh and LU Mansion 2 lugie Mansion 2 lug HW augi we just mentioned Dark Moon that we’re re-releasing it oh yeah I forgot about that I’m super excited about that because I loved dark uh Dark Moon it was so fun

Samro is actually a fake friend dude Dark Moon was also like underrated dark yeah Dark Moon is great people criticize it because it wasn’t the in the same style as the original one but like it doesn’t have to be yeah and then the third one came out

And it was fire like they were both the third one I think was a good combination of both styles of course okay a regular zombie in this world yeah because I’m trying to I’m trying to get wood but the stupid [ __ ] zombie and also the stupid the stupid lion is still guarding

This stupid lion is still guarding this the the road here what the heck bro kill it bro I’m joking I can’t get past the stupid he didn’t kill it he died to it spoiler alert damn say foil alert no no what do you know knowing to I accidentally bit a dude with garlic

In his blood what’s that Doe to you poisons me holy [ __ ] and then Josh can uh Josh can spoil what happened to me after that yeah he died spoiler damn bro was done for dinner who are these guys oh vampire H okay cool I’m not a vampire so I think I

Know po my friends I’m not good with them it’s not cuz I’m a vampire it’s just cuz they smell weird they smell weird they literally have garlic in their blood what if you get someone you someone that has G in the blood does something to

You like just the SC of them messes you up no but if you’re a vampire hunter you can make a garlic um projector or some [ __ ] put Garlic around all right I’m coming back in all right I’m coming back in shut up Nick you’re a loser I’m Banning you from

Your own server back in I the lag started again are you serious are these I haven’t noticed any difference yep like I’m breaking I’m breaking these apples and they’re and they’re like responding for and not they’re not breaking it’s a little better though oh my I still can’t eat the potato there we

Go it’s a little better whoa what the [ __ ] what stuff just started why is there a dragon here there’s a dragon everywhere Nick oh holy sh just kill it bro just kill yeah just yeah just kill it just kill it yeah [ __ ] I’ve killed two bro

Don’t be little bit you got a lucky bow get out of here I didn’t kill the first one with a lucky B why is this lag bad killed the first one with a diamond sword with looting too holy [ __ ] I L potato cry about it I just want to break

This [ __ ] tree why is it not breaking did you install the Burger King mod bro I’m watching Nick try to break the same block of ice a thousand times Nick you idiot why are you using Frost Walker boots when there’s a fire dragon wouldn’t you want to get in the

[ __ ] water I’m trying to eat all I’m trying to do br’s hungry holy [ __ ] bro what is this act this this did not happen yesterday yes it did didn’t happen as consistently happened a lot more I don’t know what about bro Theo the frost Walkers aren’t even [ __ ]

Working maybe it’s time to to concede delete the server and never do the series H holy toxicity I got to eat the potato for like 10 seconds for it to digest y what’s good funny let me eat the potato bro holy [ __ ] thank you hey look a

Potato how like how I’m walking around and and everything’s fine but God forbid I eat something or break something God forbid I you’re on a diet hell I’m like it’s taking me L forever to literally break this tree that’s insane you they keep they keep break the blocks keep breaking but

Then they keep respawning oh try doing that when you’re mining obsidian J oh yeah bro look at my connection compared to y’alls holy [ __ ] why am I one baring that’s and you own the server that’s why we’re lagging bro no the server is just owned through server

Miner it’s going to say like it’s not he’s not hosting us the server is hosting us I just pay I just I just pay for it yeah all I do is is pay for the Server I’m literally still trying to break one block why is it this hard okay bro okay this is actually ridiculous what the [ __ ] or let me leave again and see if it [ __ ] works for you did it work immediately let’s see yep squeaky clean bro it’s literally

Me squeaky clean it’s literally me I’m breaking I’m getting this tree done like it’s actually I’m actually getting the tree oh my gosh I don’t know what the [ __ ] is happen maybe you should just quit streaming to figure out um use more RAM I guess is that noise yeah use more use more

Blam how many things do I have running them a thousand Comm of them let me go ahead and close everything I’m not using what the hell is that F [ __ ] you [ __ ] you [ __ ] you die die die die die what I just some animal leap into the lava pit next to me

What the [ __ ] maybe it’s a lava dweller I don’t [ __ ] know no died I the AI kind of sucks died thei sucks dog dog dick it looks you added you added a a better AI mod which I think does the opposite of make the AI better oh yeah go and

Close better AI more like holy [ __ ] it’s day time Ro got is so scared of the Sun the Hideous light of the day star all right [ __ ] off stop attacking me y’all are making this so freaking impossible what the hell is mine Kia what the hell you doing Foxy the

Cars in here mine Kia what is that what is that an advancement bro found a store oh he made furniture oh Ikea BR bro making a [ __ ] furnished house oh [ __ ] what the oh hi there I found a descending a descending uh staircase into the

Ground that might be D that might be a dunge th% a dungeon okay then I’m just uh I’m gonna get some Stone so I can BR just got Stone yep dude I have like I have four uh five stacks of Cobble actually P or is that yeah that’s for that’s for Galactic

R if you want to go to space but I would save that for like way later got I’d say make a house first it took okay so while I was just demo demoing all the the mods and stuff in a my own world um all I wanted to do was

Go to space and it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to get the [ __ ] uh uh spaceship on a on like to be put it on the ground because I could I didn’t you have to make a launch pad and I didn’t realize there were different

Versions of launch pad so I wanted to get the I wanted to use the best the best uh spaceship and I was like why is this so hard the best spaceship that requires you to go to different different planets yeah you have to get like blueprints and

Schematic and [ __ ] I was going to say but the thing is after I finally got like into into space I didn’t have there was no planets I could actually like go to I I think you I think you need to like that get a map as well and like you

Need to like get oxygen and [ __ ] like it doesn’t let you go anywhere if you don’t have all the necessarily tools Galacticraft is go to the moon but prepared to go yeah Galacticraft is is difficult to go to planets even in creative mode that’s how they made that’s how complicated it is

They made a battery that’s like infinite uses for for um that’s just for Creative yeah yet they couldn’t make make it so you could more easily go to different planets in that all right I’m rejoining prepare for impact prepare for imp holy [ __ ] the lag Spike I’m [ __ ] with

You I’m using way much more RAM time buddy joined damn bro hates his friends he didn’t join finally shows up where the [ __ ] did I put Forge intentionally shut up late because he hates his friends doesn’t put I bro playing bro was playing Pikmin no oh he was he was jerking off and

Didn’t want to get interrupted shut up holy [ __ ] dude better L holy [ __ ] Geck look at my bars look at my bars look at my bars look at my bars look at my bars probably because of the atrocity bro no wonder it’s not lagging he actually has [ __ ] full

Bars for once yeah I think it was cuz I was not using enough RAM oh yeah you probably weren’t fatty the whole server lag it’s to test something to test something let me eat a potato I can’t eat a potato why can’t eat potato cuz you have full full hunger

Well you can usually eat it for to to get the yellow uh surroundings on it that’s only certain foods oh okay here let me go aad and knock this tree down real quick what is these flying there’s islands in the sky oh it didn’t go down

Because my iron ax was to to destroyed to to um [ __ ] do that cuz oh yeah Josh I don’t if I don’t know if you ever played with the Timber Mod back in the day it’s just you have an axe take a tree it goes down instantaneously oh really oh okay cool

It’s not instantaneously what do you mean instantaneously well if we had the fast Decay then it would wait I don’t think I removed the parasite mod from the it doesn’t doesn’t really matter oh okay the lag is I have five bars so shut up it’s not

Me anymore it’s not me anymore it’s the actual server itself how bro I just went into a building and I lagged so much that I’m outside of the building now and I’m a bat and I was in human for I’m trying to to knock down this whole sand

Tower thing and it’s taking forever to to to go down it ain’t me but it ain’t me Chief it ain’t me it ain’t me no more Nick it literally is you bro I’m literally five baring what do you mean you got scammed by your the [ __ ] server I’m literally five baring right

Now you still got scammed how do I see how do you see the the like the the bars tab hold tab oh tab okay yeah he’s got full bars on my side too everyone’s got full bars yeah zombies l in a stroll right now holy [ __ ] I’m going to die cuz I

Can’t suck blood cuz it’s so laggy bro yeah Nick holy hell yeah you’re right it’s still laggy how much RAM is being used used on the was it like this yesterday or I mean Friday I mean it was not nearly as bad Jesus maybe we should delete some more mods from

This I don’t think it’s even the mods I think it’s the server itself can’t how many people did y’all have on Friday just three of us uh three just for three of Y so just adding me did this wow oh wait I’m was four of us

Now I can’t now I can’t potatoes again what the [ __ ] oh yeah it was four Smash Bro was there I can’t I forgot he was there just cuz how [ __ ] the game he was bro let me look and see how much freaking CPU is being used for the server right now server Miner log in oh on the wrong of account all right I’m back we didn’t even know you were gone yeah guess I didn’t say anything aty a bell pepper it’s slowly getting better Nick now during the entire time I was gone I I made my internet really bad so

We could still have lag you’re welcome holy 88% Ram is being used get more RAM Bozo I think I know what I gotta do I gotta I gotta upgrade to bedrock shut up what what the [ __ ] are you talking about bro there’s no mods on

Bedrock no no no no no it’s the pack do you hear this guy Josh are you hearing this guy Josh what does he mean by this it’s the pack it’s it’s what the package is called we dude switching to bedrock would take so long what is wrong with

You I’m going to go ahead and upgrade to bedrock to bed shut up what are you talking about real quick you you you you you got to be saying that for the bit yo guys I guess we’re switching to bedrock good one Nick we’re God it’s a it’s what the

Payment failed what do you mean payment failed bro bro you’re paying for Minecraft Bedrock how do you not own Minecraft Bedrock you streamed it before I’m not talking about that one is he actually holy [ __ ] on leave cuz I’m upgrading the server you’re deleting the server and switching it to better are

You serious oh do yall not know what server Miner has packages where you can get the coal package the stone package the Diamond package the gold package the bedro pack I’m [ __ ] with you I’m literally [ __ ] with you server’s going to have to get up going to have to

Get like rebooted though like restart from the beginning so we’re losing all of our progress no no you’re good as just damn yo foxy we’re losing all of our progress man I needed I needed to get more RAM in the server cuz that was 88% Ram being

Used or you or you could just get more RAM I can’t I literally bought the most expensive package buy more RAM buy more RAM foxy we’re [ __ ] with you we’re not actually G to lose our [ __ ] rip my no foxy yeah we’re [ __ ] with you dude I was just upgrading I was just

Upgrading my I’m just trying to I’m just trolling Nick I’m trolling Nick that bro like damn did all that work for us for it just be wiped away I think I did way more work I killed two dragons I’m going to quit never come back I’m joking holy [ __ ] I’m

Leaving the community and never coming back Nick I’m leaving because you betrayed me oh he left what a fat [ __ ] oh he not put the server back up what is he streaming he’s got to go crank one out probably worst streamer of 2014 bro holy [ __ ]

True I’m looking at the the server it’s it l it’s back up the server’s back up it says it’s it says old next to her like what are you who are you calling old okay now old it literally said old y there’s no lag bro maybe it’s cuz I’m

The only one on but there’s no lag I’m logging in right now yo it’s still good you join and it’s still good Josh yeah I think Nick actually just unironically fixed it yep now I can actually uh get all the sand in peace he he want to go take a [ __ ]

Dude no it’s because he’s not here it’s cuz he’s not here don’t youall hate it when you buy lies to you well did you think that she had to go crank one out don’t you’all hate it when you’re buy lies to you did you what are

You talking about my body never lies to me my body was like yo you got to go to the bathroom real quick to crank one out and then I didn’t need to [ __ ] at all okay buddy dude what is wrong with you you just say the most absurd [ __ ] on

Stream oh sh Nick joined it’s going to be laggy Nick you joined and it’s it’s laggy it literally wasn’t lagging until you joined I swear are I I have five bars Ma has one foxy has two I don’t have oh [ __ ] I have one bar I have

Four yeah I have three Nick what did you do I I I’m fighting a guy and he’s not taking any damage it was perfectly fine until you joined I upgraded the ram how is it [ __ ] worse it’s not worse how do it’s a little bit better oh I I have

Two oh no nick nick P me went down to two damn Nick’s you stole one of Nick’s you stole all of Nick’s Bar no I have two no wait wait wait wait wait no wait we all equally stole one of Nick’s bars cuz cuz we all equally stole one of

Nick’s that’s a panther that’s a panther that’s a panther that’s a panther that’s a panther good luck fighting it when no damage is done to any creature this does look much better now why am I still lagging okay it’s not a lot smoother okay isn’t that bad yeah no [ __ ] we have

More RAM in the server the only problem I’m having is combat I can’t [ __ ] do damage to anything what is this I’m in a fortress in the sky what the hell is this what the [ __ ] suddenly something lit lit a flame in front of me it that’s a dragon yeah I literally

Can’t go I’m L not safe anywhere bro it’s say your name is Dragon gaming they would be on stream hold up no because I I heard a blaze why is there a blaze in the Overworld uh dungeons oh yeah okay I I’m open this okay yeah the

Lag is is much more controllable it’s bearable it’s actually bearable for once I got to pay $47 a month for that package holy [ __ ] what oh my gosh $7 a month yeah that’s rent bro that’s rent I know it bro I know yeah and it make you

Don’t yo what’s good marck huh you don’t you don’t even pay rent Nick Nick Nick this is basically rent Simulator for you I do pay rent you don’t pay your taxes though I I I kind of have to whoops you don’t pay your taxes though yeah bro I’m like my

Old boss who’s a tax evader your boss was a tax evader oh yeah yeah he was yeah he was UN ironically why didn’t you [ __ ] tell anybody cuz it just wasn’t worth it what do you mean anybody after you broke up it’s a crime it is worth

It You’ be a good San You’ be an American citizen what do you mean it wouldn’t be worth it bro Nick be honest you’re Comm you’re going to commit tax evasion on tax day yo why specifically on tax you got killed by tiger you’re a little [ __ ]

Bro tigers do no damage I L I chose to fight it with lag and I’m like yeah I shouldn’t have done that tiger gaming never choose to fight anything with lag until you’re overpowered and a God I got to walk 2,000 MERS buddy I did that eight times and

Then every time I did it I would get to my grave and there was a moose a moose you killed not I did not kill him he killed Meer not I’m not too bothered wait why did he say you killed the tiger when he clearly killed you yeah like like bro

Like real like more you saw on stream that I said you got killed by a tiger and bro was like yo you killed him I was like okay I was like yeah I I I bro imag there’s a mod that you die every time every time you die you

Don’t die and the thing that was fighting you dies what that sounds so that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said Nick that’s so that sounds I be so overpowered because you literally have nothing and you’re God at the game you know what I found my I found where I

Want to spend my time my house I found it no Josh like I said when you think that you’ve gone far enough go farther you don’t understand I don’t think I’m reachable by any dragon or anything here underground think about that no you got to be under you got to be underground to

Be Out Of Reach for Dragons you got to be underground okay maybe okay I doubt a dragon would find me up here they can break blocks and they frequently fly up to mountains well I’m in the middle of the sky on a in a castle so yo H how’s

Everyone’s bars doing oh is that the one that and I looted we’re on five bars let’s go I’m waiting for Nick to drop down the one bar it probably happen when I go to a [ __ ] I go to the Aether or the nether or something real quick and then go back up

No no no it’s going to happen in three that was a baby L one three two one Nick has one bar Nick has one bar no I don’t hell yeah what the [ __ ] is that oh it’s horses stop going back it’s one bar it’s one bar bro when was the horse update

I’m just curious one bar the horse update like when they introduced horses to M yeah yeah it was well was that one do you mean the one bar update Nick I’m die Nick Nick Nick what tell me what which update Nick you’re talking about the one bar update right

Yeah was one bar update Nick do you know which update 1.12 was be honest I really don’t because I remember I remember playing back when it first came out if if Vu came in third yeah V came in third if Vu came in third place

What place you y Josh if buo came in third what place did he come in if what came in third if buo you know the Super Mario character boo came in third yeah what place did he come in yo foxy pause what if Bo came in third what

Place did he come in if boo came in third in like a race or something what place did he come in I don’t know I don’t you know holy [ __ ] if he came in third what place C he coming third yep yeah yeah Nick couldn’t answer that question Nick couldn’t answer that

Question bro he was like bro I’m too lazy man let me do I’m trying to stream stop asking me math questions I I I I I only I only play this game for the cars I play this game for the cars man y Josh have you got a car yet by the way

In game there’s not a car mod dude calm down yes there is yeah yeah yeah yeah taming a dragon’s a car imag imagine that you’re having a good day GE Building your farm and then I just come swoop down with my pet dragon why is it got to be me I don’t

Know wait why do you say imagine you’re having a good day having a good day why are you purposely putting me in this situation where I have a bad day why why why are you playing why are you playing Geck down in the ground like that yo by

The way Nick I have diamonds pause Nick I have 23 diamonds nice what do you think of that also I have dragon you think of that fatty you said you lagged what no the [ __ ] I didn’t I have five I have shut up smash BR you have one

[ __ ] there’s like three fire ants [ __ ] off bro complaining about fire ants W we’re good now yo guys dragons in this game and he’s complaining about fire ants keep that in mind next time he dies to a dragon say at least it wasn’t fire ants True okay yeah bro this lag is so much more bearable there is no lag anymore yeah g g don’t forget he’s at one bar I’m literally at five oh yeah Nick you’re literally at two yo but Josh what was the course update um I I’m I’m curious now I’m

Going to look it up cuz the last like before I got into Minecraft again with y’all well like was the one last one I got into with I think it was the Aquatic update no it was another update no because we I had a world before that one remember the horse

Update is a name for Java Edition version 1.6.1 that’s right that was actually one of the I think that was around the time I first started playing Minecraft I think that’s pretty that makes sense Minecraft is pretty cool yeah no wonder it’s no wonder uh Steve is the is the

Best character in Smash and um part and from the the world number one most bestselling game oh by the way Nick you know the lucky bow how it the description you read said it could summon an asteroid yeah I had that happened a little asteroid came down

From the sky it just makes a bunch of stone blocks Oh I thought like it’s just like and it’s on fire I thought it’s like a like a pre-rendered [ __ ] something that comes down like a no it’s even honestly that that’s that would be that would be less crazy than

That that would be less crazy than what actually happened okay not going that way cuz there’s a dragon yeah bro just going to shoot a meteor at my house then leave Nick the the um the shaders mod apparently that’s something you do you can’t play that with with I can’t

Run what the hell is happening why are you being friendly it’s cuz the snow is [ __ ] him up let’s [ __ ] go snow why are you being friendly is crazy dude the snow hurts the fire dragons let’s go I’m safe really yeah he he was taking

D damage I’m like yo I’m saved he was not attacking me at all yo drop your cords so I can come help you Nick I’m literally good yo G no no no I’m sure I’m definitely not gonna kill you yo G [ __ ] he’s gonna he’s he’s going to

Follow he’s going to follow me into the Rainy part and kill me I finally messed with wallpaper engine holy [ __ ] there’s so many fairies here what’s your wallpaper right now uh uh here is it a Shar sandwich here what’s up racco what racco on the mission

Dude you would like my my wallpaper on my PC what is it it’s a FR it’s a frame from uh the Ahsoka show with um Darth Anakin versus Ahsoka oh oh that one yeah nice here GE check DMS I’m almost almost back to my grave guys after

Fighting you want to run away from your grave why’ you make your Wolfie for Harley Quinter working because I did wait did you actually no okay that’s something I like you would unironically do no Nick do you want to see it or wall wallpaper engine Harley Quin twerking wallpaper engine like like animated

Wallpapers yes yes no it’s not well M well you can’t see but mine’s animated the the water Moves did the ghosts move the ghosts don’t move also also you see you see the also like [ __ ] you can find a better one find a better one challenge oh oh oh I’ve already I’ve already downloaded multiple I I have a I have a I have a really cool uh oh Prime theme

One G if one of Harley Quinn yeah if you shift and right click you place an you place place the item on the ground it’s only for some items fatty the sword looks so badass like Excalibur it was there I think I I evaded the um

Also who uses shift for Crouch shift is not Crouch shift is Sprint Nick I think I evaded the you can’t um make your own tunnels uh thing I evaded that that mod cuz I’m mining through I’m mining underneath the castle I found and there that’s that’s cuz it’s a sky

Island yeah SK Islands aren’t affected okay go like try digging straight down and you’ll see you’ll run into up dude those sky islands make you get triggered because it’s copying tears of the Kingdom I’m joking holy [ __ ] They’re copying tears of the Kingdom I hate it I hate it I hate it

I’m joking but te the kingom you can’t find iron in in them you can’t M coal dude I found I found one with diamonds Josh and there’s a there’s mob spawners that are zombies and they have diamond blocks on their head and sometimes they drop diamond blocks when you kill them

Well not diamond blocks diamond ore where I I’m not going to tell you guys where it is because it’s going to make me be able to make a [ __ ] infinite Diamond business can it be can it be spring yet I’m tired of the snow dog the seasons last forever it’s

Been snow all day like all IRL day keeps saying all day as if I’ve been playing all day yeah I’m joking oh holy toxicity also g i I forgot I mentioned that my wallpaper plays music oh yeah you told me wow that’s crazy they don’t

They they all do that they don’t all do that whoa whoa whoa whoa well I I forgot to add that detail my wallpaper is Harley no it’s not M’s Ma’s mask I was trying to bad ass why am I lagging Josh don’t you dare don’t you dare say it’s a [ __ ] game wait

What say what is Majora’s Mask it’s not a bad game it’s just not my favorite oh your favor is you lied to me well have you said it’s I’m getting hungry all right I I love all the Zelda games there I love all of them there’s no denying that

I love favorite my prob love it by the way Ma’s mask is so far wa so how even work like what do you like do you you you you just install it yeah go on Steam Workshop find what you like oh Steam Workshop gotcha yeah it’s

Only four it’s only four bucks it’s four bucks and it’s unlimited uses I I could probably get some cool animated one piece ones no no no Nick what’s up I gotta show you one of them the Metro one yeah yes cuz it’s so what what mean what smash BR said yes to

What you were saying Nick wait wait wait what did Nick say said hin f porn why did it go from twerking to far Porn Bro yo Josh is not a Ron pick wait what that’s the joke I literally only got that a couple days ago what what I I didn’t hear what

You’re talking about Nick the achievement Nick look at I always it was isn’t an iron pick but it’s isn’t an iron pick oh bro I’d never did you ever get that cuz I’d never got you s it to me you didn’t to me yet I no no no no

It’s something you have to look like you have to look at to truly get it it’ll be it’s a walrus it’s a wus didn’t they recently add wallers to Minecraft I don’t think so no that’s swear they did bro is just making [ __ ] up to make [ __ ] up yeah bro not

Dude they add ham he’s like that one he’s like that one guy in school that just makes up lies about video games in like Elementary School for no reason people believe him you can you can unlock Sonic everybody would believe him except for one kid the one kid would

Be like you get the perfect score in the end credits of of melee you can unlock Sonic yeah like they that’s [ __ ] that they would say I remember I I would believe you could unlock Silver the Hedgehog and Mario’s hpic games if you got wreck on everything I did that and

It never got in in the original Mario and Sonic yeah you did that you unironically did that you didn’t even like take the time to look up a source to see if it was true you just did it with no hesitation you were like I’m

Going to do this as fast I can yeah yeah I literally [ __ ] got record on every thing every like sport in the game I was like all right I’m ready for my award where is it wait where’s what his award where silver bro cuz Silver’s cool Nick Nick

What was your genuine reaction when you when you saw the sequel with the Winter Olympics what was your genuine reaction to when you found out you could actually play silver uh moved on Nintendo for like several years I moved on that’s that’s why became a play I’m

So I’m so cool that I moved on I moved on from those little kid games I play Call of Duty now that’s literally what that’s literally what happened you were like I’m so cool that I play Call of Duty now yeah nah you want to hear you want to hear some some

Uh fake news what yes I would love to hear some fake news yes um so a while back there was a there was a small fire that happened um so this is real news there was a small fire that happened next to the Disney castle at

Disney World it was put out no worries everyone was fine but some website that apparently is dedicated to spinning off fake news about Disney uh apparently spun it off to make it sound like the entire Disney Castle had burned to the ground even went as far as photoshopping

A picture of like the the whole road that you can see the the Disney C at the end of they they photoshopped a picture to where the it actually looked like the castle was gone I’m like holy they had me going like is it real and then but

Then someone posted a Tik Tok saying people keep saying that the the Disney Castle is gone she turn turns around and there it is the castle is still there I’m like how many people how many how did so many people fall for that I would

Fall for it if I was 12 no Nick you fall for everything I would fall for it if I was 12 Nick Nick Nick Nick you literally believe anything no yeah Nick you believed [ __ ] Grim Reaper story oh my god do you want to tell Josh the

Story dud ho sh yo what’s good Twisted what’s good what’s good Twisted Nick your Nick your dick falls off tomorrow at 8 a.m. you believe me on that no how do I tame Cardinals [ __ ] what mod is this part of me look it up Mo Mo [ __ ] it’s from Mo

[ __ ] why is this being like this what the [ __ ] I didn’t know it was daytime I was in the [ __ ] fog I was in the fog bro I didn’t know it was daytime I was in the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] the [ __ ] was that okay for some reason I was re I was

Uh so I was trying to re uh refresh your stream but for some reason it was just infinitely refreshing so I just deleted the tab and made a new one and I forgot it was not muted bro I’m currently experiencing insane lag yo does any how does anybody have

Human hearts how to tame what C Den wait wait G what did you say does anybody have human hearts what to tame a bird human hearts where the [ __ ] are you Trevor Phillips all right bro not human stew but’s a human human hearts Twisted I’m coming back don’t

Worry you can actually tame them on yeah just give them seeds like the seeds throw them on the ground and they’ll eat him don’t don’t do what I did don’t bring the don’t bring him everywhere because one time I accidentally killed my parrot because he decided to follow

Me yo Cardinals can’t die in Minecraft all right Twisted where were you buddy where were you no Twisted come back I’m repairing my dragon armor Dragon Army I have emerald dragon armor I also have how did you get that I told you I killed two [ __ ] dragons oh yeah yeah yeah you did

Oh I’m incredibly upset right now I lost the Cardinal you’ll find enough there’s like a million there’s plenty of fish in the sea L twisted if that one left you that one wasn’t Twisted for real you fair yeah fair I found a snow dungeon a snow dungeon yeah snow B

Dungeon holy [ __ ] five Bears just chilling over here five Bears chilling in a hot tub hot pig hot pig tell me what you dig such a good song such a good Nick sing hot pig sing hot pig have the worst takes map bro huh ho

Toxicity what do you mean hot pig is a fire song what what where did this come from y guys everybody sleep in your coffin so we can turn it tonight please I don’t have a coffin I don’t think I you’re also not you’re also not a

Vampire you gota be he was a it was a quip don’t you got to be a vampire to [ __ ] no that’s it’s totally not what I just [ __ ] said yeah Nick Nick Nick listening to his friends challenge impossible impossible [ __ ] would’ you come back got hot pig

Got some hot pig tell me what you dig hot pig tell me what you dig I’ve been walking around for like so long I’m surrounded by gold here hot pig tell me what you dig hot pig tell me what you dig ask first it but you really want to Swig hot pig do

Another jig you’re not g my Tong is want said you’re a [ __ ] is an ocean rig oil rig oil rig why did I say ocean cuz I’m looking at the ocean I’m bro I was about to cross the ocean and I saw SE I’m like yeah he he owns

The ocean never mind he owns the ocean never mind who owns the ocean the sea serpent sea serpent he owns the ocean he can have D dude dude dude sea serpent I have 23 diamonds everybody be jealous be jealous right now I’m robing you please don’t rob me please don’t hack my

Account please don’t we need to go deeper damn bro only just went to the nether what a loser it bro to the nether after the plat Forest Pig I’ve already been to the Nether and the ather foxy hasn’t even been to the ather yet yeah but has anyone been to the

End has anyone I’ve been to a stronghold I’ve been to a stronghold does anyone been to the between LS I could go to the end if I really wanted to Smash Bro Amber bearing Stone what is that what is what is Amber bearing Stone

You can look it up on Amber in it look up J on the just enough items and see what it comes from what knowledge does this hold preserved curiosity oh that’s for th craft what is th craft magic magic but it’s like it’s basically it’s more chemistry than magic

Really it’s magic like it’s take chemistry and make it magical got cuz like you there’s pollution you have to manage pollution like if you hold shift over the items in your inventory there’s a chance you’ll see like the th craft symbols like it shows what the materials

Are made out of it has brains and wolves yo the dragon not like that means it’s it’s beast and uh me yo yo or knowledge [ __ ] boar stop bore oh my God I got in THC really fun Josh it’s like really complex but it’s really fun

And it makes you really powerful it’s a lot of grinding though but I’d recommend it it’s pretty fun guess I can’t Lo that dragon’s thing because that boar wants to Chase my ass down that boar own y Josh Josh go to the Moon right now go to

The Moon right now I would love to that boy’s still chasing me what I do to you foxy yo foxy bro what’s good my man sounds so sarcastic oh yeah I just gave him some [ __ ] nice I can’t really follow him unless I have an umbrella I’m going to follow him

I’m going to see what Foxy’s doing make sure soci day in the life of Foxy the gamer make sure you social distance I’m pretty thirsty I’m I so toxic why you say keep your social distance yeah imagine social distancing in in Minecraft yeah dude bro came to the village that I’m

Staying at and sucking all the blood of the villages in bro almost saw me commit warrs holy sh I’m dead oh he made it oh this is his house what is that thing made the dungeon his house holy [ __ ] bro is that a griffin it is a griffin what’s

Up it’s a griffin dude hey Peter I’m I’m pretty sure the Griffin are are part of Fire and Ice hey Peter the horse is here the horse is here holy [ __ ] dude I’m a dragon slayer that Griffin was wrecking that horse’s [ __ ] let’s see G I need you to be a more

Specific are you a dragon slayer or are you a dragon gaming Slayer little bit of probably I’m a little bit of both little bit of both I I’m just watching foxy A Day in the Life bro a day in the life of a foxy holy [ __ ] bro just flew into the sky

Somehow what the [ __ ] what foxy did yeah he got like some [ __ ] jump boost thing a fan it’s my fan godd damn my people meet me he said oh dude my my [ __ ] message are purple cuz I’m yeah cuz you’re a Vampire Ro like see you later alligator let’s see what happens for my lucky bow nothing let’s try one more time nothing let’s try one more time holy [ __ ] my portal is over here yeah I would go if it wasn’t sunny oh I still have my umbrella oh nice oh he’s got a twilight

Forest [ __ ] portal hold I’m going to test something we are back we back we’re back we are back I don’t know what happened Mory but freaking Discord won’t even open hello Discord Discord won’t even open dude hold on guys sorry hold on um okay we’re back we are back we are back we’re

Back holy [ __ ] what happened buddy what happened buddy my [ __ ] computer had a heart attack yeah yeah cuz you never cleaned how are you still alive because it’s not it’s lagging no because it’s good now dude the second left I went from two bars to five bars yeah I don’t know what

The [ __ ] happened on my [ __ ] computer just it was a hiccup and everything just stopped working if if you missed you missed me and Foxy chilling and then I turned into a level a vampire if Nick if only you cleaned it I do now but I didn’t for five years yeah five

Years all dude Minecraft that was insane like I heard gex say like it’s getting a little laggy and suddenly my computer just [ __ ] it’s getting a little laggy it just go black or what what happened on your PC like Discord wouldn’t open OBS crashed then I tried to [ __ ] do

Control delete I’ll say cancel then it would just show me the blue screen mixed with my current desktop dang I was just like hold I signed out it fixed itself holy [ __ ] Bro Fox is the most like insane weapons ever bro having fun while I’m dealing with

Issues it’s no fun it’s no fun no it’s really fun actually I’m having a lot of fun man man man man Nick what’s up you smell bad take a shower no one in the morning take a mistress Kawaii shower oh hell dude sh me in farts [ __ ] sh sh sh

Bro bro bro what is wrong with youo said that on stre Josh is here bro we’ve got a guest man we got a guest we a guest what do you mean a guest we’ got a guest here man shower me and Chun Leaf farts what is wrong with you no

[ __ ] shame guys guys I think it’s confirmed Nick Nick only bathes an Axe Body Spray I I we know for sure he does the only axe that I use is the [ __ ] like bamboo deodorant Lumberjack ax no bamboo deodorant bamboo deodorant what it smells really good actually bamboo

Deodorant smells know bamboo had a scent it smells it’s it’s really it smells really good what does it everything has a scent if it’s artificial I just it it smell smells very fresh does it smell like bamboo creeper I’ve never been oh man i’ never actually Minecraft Reaper is that the Grim

Reaper what is that from isn’t that what what the oh is that oil bro I’m going to add the G mod that that comes for you if you don’t sleep for seven days is that an actual mod this guy is so gble it prob probably is literally

Anything can be made mod someone made a mod where you can make especially 1.2.2 that has a million mods like bro like someone someone made a mod where Walmart Walmart’s oh [ __ ] what the what someone made someone made a mod where Walmart spawn in the Overworld and they cranked it up to to

Like Max and like and like a th000 Walmarts spawned in one chunk bro is ignoring what the hell is happening to just like he’s just like yo shut up smash BR what is happening to you you killed a cave troll yeah I killed one too that’s see you me

You get when you kill one bro not bros like he owns the cave now he owns the cave he killed him though iar him I was saying like we should be like like like like remember the time I was like this Dragon owns the field now he can have it

Yeah well he actually did though right yeah and the sea serpent owns the ocean no yeah cuz he actually does yeah holy [ __ ] dude I’m trying to find Josh right now so I can kill him I mean visit him bro GE what’ you even say when everything just [ __ ] fell

Apart I don’t [ __ ] how am I supposed to know you said something about lag and then my [ __ ] [ __ ] hit the fan my computer I think we all just laughed with a second it stopped like holy [ __ ] that was insane also I noticed that that um

Hunger does not go nearly down as nearly as fast as it normally does PR sure it’s a mod just doing that I holy [ __ ] this sun’s coming up Josh you see me you see me Josh why’ you build like a staircase up here wait what

I’m I’m behind you I was a bat how do you get up here what a bat I can turn it to a bat dude oh that’s right yeah well well if there’s a lag SP you know why is there no limit to how far you can fly no

The downside is is that I have like one heart I can die in one damage uh it makes my thirst go down faster uh the sun water I mean rain is perfectly fine for me rain doesn’t hurt me for some reason and Rain actually helps me because the

Clouds black out the Sun so now I should be fine for the day bro yeah I’m just get out get out get out sorry this is my holy [ __ ] I’m trying to create the staircase ni Nick and I made this bridge here that bridge to the to the the home

Over there Nick and I made this okay yeah there’s a dragon on the other side of that volcano don’t go to the other side of the volcano cuz there’s a huge dragon and it’s a black black dragon and I think those ones are like the hardest to

Kill Pro yeah that’s a pretty big volcano Pro slimes slimes exist I think yeah shut up that’s literally one of the pro tips thatp how’s that a pro tip dude you got Jos how long did it take you to make this staircase pretty badass staircase how

Did you [ __ ] get up here uh I the sand pillar in the middle here I this what yall left behind oh yeah I yeah I sand pillared up yeah I just I dismantled it and then used it to get myself up here actually badass bro I’m trying to

Go to a dark oak forest do you need more Cobble uh probably I can give you like four Stacks that’ be helpful another one another one it’s behind you you’re different you got [ __ ] T holy holy [ __ ] you’re stuck Nick on two bars Nick’s on two bars oh [ __ ] did this

Happen this happened on the first stream but I’m not getting any lag right now honestly I’m actually I was I was I wasn’t I wasn’t getting any lag either yo Josh um I’m flying down you got a long ways to go oh actually I’m over

Halfway done now so oh oh he’s trying to you know it would be it would be faster if you could turn into a bat he was trying to go to the sky island wasn’t he yeah maybe I say as I almost [ __ ] suffocated to death holy I heard the

Damage taken what the hell was that yeah I so the flying hit box is a little weird and if you go between like one block gaps it hurts really bad oh that’s kind of whack cuz you’re tiny what’s a frost Mall oh that’s the thing that killed

Smash BR yeah I’m I’m leaving he he owns the place he owns this place that thing has a [ __ ] boss health bar pretty yeah he does it does I can confirm that I hear it I I hear it I heard a [ __ ] battle horn holy [ __ ] remember the [ __ ] drums that we

Heard from the parasites dude you suck bro you’re nothing Frost M you’re nothing yo Josh there’s a there’s a there’s a buff that you can get from the Aether that makes it so you can go up like these blocks without having to jump oh yeah that might be really useful I

Could try to get those well I mean I don’t know where I would get them though there’s in the controls unless you’re talking you’re not talking about Auto jump no Auto jump is auto jumps like would take hunger Auto jump getting annoying jumping of my character jumping

Randomly no it’s it’s not randomly turn turn auto jump off auto jump is trash it’s when you hit a block that your character jumps but the thing is it does there’s also there’s also a th craft item that lets you do the same are you going insane my guy yeah I

Think what the [ __ ] bro the frost took damage o is it figh a fire no no you own it you own this place fire giant no um he is way too giant I cannot him I I found my precious precious what the [ __ ] your precious oh oh you’ll

See where the [ __ ] are you are you in your spawn there’s a really good [ __ ] cave in spawn egg hatching soon what what the [ __ ] holy [ __ ] I’m frozen I’m frozen I’m frozen that Frost you mean no no no no no what do you mean egg

Hatching soon Nick I I that that that that that baby that baby snake is dead that Frost M’s going to kill it g yo honestly Josh this area is pretty safe G if I didn’t I hadn’t really found anything else of it in this area if you

Need ores of any kind you should go to spawn there’s a really good cave here uh buddy yeah there’s Sky Islands I can just fly up to and they got a lot well still I have I got this entire iron iron set from all the iron I found

Underneath all the 23 diamonds that I have are from Sky Islands interesting I’m joking okay I’ve done it now just got to Bro can it become spring oh I forgot that you guys need torches I’m so used to the night vision that you have as a vampire so Josh you

Want to be a vampire so talk why do you keep telling them to become a vampire I’m trying to get anyone to become a vampire so they have to suffer like I I probably I just want to like make my home for myself then I’ll probably you

Can become a vampire hunter Josh and then we would be sworn enemies but you get the same benefits as a vampire it’s just it’s like a little less convenient there’s pros and cons you basically you steal their abilities what do you mean it’s less convenient cuz you get more versatility

Like you get to use every ability like as a vampire you don’t get to use every ability like you have to choose your SP like your skill points carefully cuz like you you only go up to a certain level but as a vampire hunter you basically steal vampire abilities but

You have to like make like potions and injections and [ __ ] I’m pretty sure oh you have like manage you have to manage your weapons and stuff gotcha but as a vampire it’s just as long as it’s night time or there’s or it’s raining or snowing and there’s clouds out or you

Know as long as you’re not in water and as long as you’re not thirsty you should be fine speaking of thirsty I’m getting thirsty and I’m not going to kill you Josh cuz that cuz then we would you know that would be kind of pointless it’ be kind of mean so I’m

Going to fly all the way back it’d be kind of mean I could just find an animal to suck on real quick Josh just watch out for C serpents because there are a lot of sea serpents around there gotcha are they just like how how big are they they’re really huge

Huge you get near it you’re dead they can get they can get like really big holy and they can jump out of the water yeah I think I’m might have seen one when I yeah they do back flips and [ __ ] yeah they’re very athletic anyway anyways know would you I think they

They’re arguably stronger than dragons because I’ve killed a dragon and I’m never going to kill a [ __ ] sea serpent I don’t think it’s possible anyways here’s what I mean meant by my precious what do you mean [ __ ] lag tell me where your precess is fatty there oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] bro it

Only took you a Thousand Years bro I I was smelting some iron cuz because I I always bring a crafting table and oven when I go caving I’m gonna come visit you real quick I just sucked on an animal yo you and Josh are like right next to each

Other dude you could smash BR you can see Josh’s thing from where you are I’m I’m I’m underground yeah there’s a sea serpent above you by the way and it’s a [ __ ] different one it’s like it’s golden so just don’t go in the ocean don’t go in the ocean Ocean’s

Offl is this an underwater Ravine Smash Bro essentially oh [ __ ] [ __ ] I finally run out of oh I have more potato never mind I have more potatoes I heard that explosion smash Minecraft get out of here Minecraft SC reap I hear something what do you hear bro Josh part of that dumb

Sday he was saying he’s going to race dude if you hear breaking blocks that’s a [ __ ] dragon and you have to run remember said he was going to raise $116,000 to get a [ __ ] boa constrictor oh I was I was about to swat you dude I was about to I was you gonna

Kill me I always kill B I’ll give you I’ll give you some friends to kill nah fun you say a Bo constrictor yes the way there’s more there’s more diamonds over here there’s more diamonds over here where come come this way ah [ __ ] the water I’ll [ __ ] the water I’ll

[ __ ] the water they’re in the water they’re right here there’s there’s about two I think it’s lagging cuz it’s constantly raining I’ll get it for you no no no no you don’t have to I’ll get i’ll okay you’re you’re allergic to water get out of there can we not slash clear

Weather no that’s cheating I can do that I I I there’s a [ __ ] thing for that in my server thing but chea yeah it’s cheating exactly and it would it would get rid of the point of having Serene Serene season holy [ __ ] I just lagged so [ __ ] much yeah dude yeah dude there’s

So much lag if I clear the weather it would get it get rid of the there’s two dragons living by each other Nick actually Nick get bit in I’m trying to hunker down and find a place to live don’t care get bit stop talking about hunkering down why I got to hunker down

Dude yo G one of your bats your bats are killing themselves yeah they’re they’re really a distraction they’re not meant to live okay I got your two diamonds for you here that Dragon lives in the ocean yeah all right seems better a little better now that Dragon lives in the

Ocean dude holy [ __ ] I know you have better sources but but if you want to get ore this is not a bad spot bro I literally can see everything dude because oh [ __ ] behind you FL saved me also what the [ __ ] is that thing oh the troll there’s a mob

Spawner here you might want to take care of that oh dude this connects to a dungeon you can tell because the Sandstone block what’s in this o emeralds I’m taking those those are mine stay back stay back lucky B you want you want to explore the Dungeon holy [ __ ] the dungeon [ __ ] no

Bro dungeons are scary are they yeah we did holy [ __ ] stay the I see that I see that charge creeper yeah this lucky bow is insane get the charge creeper oh yeah true I don’t want to give him more [ __ ] though I’m just going to go in for it holy the worst that

Could happen bro holy holy lag I’m hitting him it’s doing no damage I killed him holy lag it’s doing no damage it was doing absolutely zero damage oh dude there was an anvil in there you want an anvil yo sure I mean you want to be myy

Skywalker yeah I’ll drop it on myy here you go get Ang there’s also a slime spawner a slime spawn egg and two Ender here do you have a use for this uh later that’s for th craft those so easy to get well if you want I don’t I don’t want it here watch

This strap bro you spawn the Enderman in the water I I didn’t yeah where the [ __ ] did he what are you doing bear you’re being loud as [ __ ] are you mating you spawn another one and then what’s wrong oh oh he’s stuck in a wall and dying

Wait right here I marked like it was in fortnite thought they like you tried to Mark you tried to Mark yeah work on me on me on me on me on me on me on me on me oh if I hit you sorry it’s all right but um here I have four

End pearls but here if you want the zombie brain take it oh you know where that’s going to go straight in the lava [ __ ] holy toxicity ear I’m just want to give you something since you came all the way down here oh [ __ ] I killed a maggot a

Maggot yeah and dro the slime ball oh they oh they actually have more Health slime balls yeah we got a lot of them a lot of slime balls I I have a new freaking chest piece let’s go do you have any ancient writings do I have any ancient they look like this

Nope cuz I need those to level up do you have any human hearts do I have I I don’t have human hearts what what’s what what Josh all right you out of here make a bed like normal or yeah you got you got to sleep in it you can’t just right

Click it you got to make sure you lay in it okay I’m gonna take this lapis cuz foxy has a uh foxy has an enchantment table take what you want it’s old it’s old Minecraft so setting your spawn point doesn’t actually it has to you have to you have

To actually sleep like it has to be night time this the day doesn’t have to pass or the night doesn’t have to pass but you just have to like you have to get the message that like you’re sleeping in it what the [ __ ] [ __ ] off find some wool or

Something I’m trying to see if there’s any more diamonds in here Smash Bro well if you if you I think there really are I I know I know you have 20 I have an infinite Diamond Source bro how like I oh yeah I’m not telling you CU then

You’re going to take no it’s not it has nothing to do with flying genuinely has nothing to do with flying big bro you just fly up to the islands you’re good yeah but not all the sky that that would be finite because you’re I’m eventually going to run out

Of sky islands and not all of them have diamonds oh yeah so it’s a little more than that pal it’s a little more than that pal dude this is the laggiest [ __ ] server of all time it’s cuz bro imagine I had more than 200 mods holy who whose brilliant idea was that

Whose brilant idea was that to our mods not nobody’s it was Nick and I yeah yeah oh most mod packs have over 100 just so you know just so you know that’s the first time in the server that I’ve gotten oil there’s no way like the mod pack that Matt plays in has

400 why was there a forest stroll in a cave what we’re doing is L light work compared to his mod pack yeah I holy [ __ ] there’s no other way out of here Smash bro I got to come back to youing your [ __ ] torches fatty I can’t kill the zombie because of

This lag I let me eat the [ __ ] bro it’s dude it’s impossible to do anything holy [ __ ] it actually is this is unbearably I swear movement is like the only thing you can do you can’t break blocks you can’t eat you can’t fight okay there okay is there a zombie spawner around

Here honestly I’m glad that you can just move because eventually once we start like building [ __ ] and like once there probably is by the way smash BR cuz you’re near a dungeon but the second that we build [ __ ] and we’re just going to be [ __ ] walking around just

Looking at [ __ ] cuz we’ve already done everything in the game that’ll be fun that’s L what I’m doing right now i’ been wandering trying to find a place to hunker down sh the [ __ ] up saying hunker down why [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]

[ __ ] I don’t know why I was freaking out so much it was a cave spider cave spiders are pretty scary though I had nightmares about them one time oh yeah bro Josh is going to quit the game he going to FR quick when he sees a tarantula br oh yeah there’s

Tarantulas bro you’re going to frame one super quit sure about super quit frame one super quit as long as they’re not like realistic right they’re not it’s it’s literally I don’t care about those they do climb walls like actually climb walls not and they shoot hairs at you and they

Make you turn blond but you see them regular Minecraft spiders uh they they have like a crawl animation yeah bro bro’s not about that he said yeah I’m good what is that what is that what’s the top of this tow putting bro putting words in his in

His pouth oh it’s a jellyfish oh I killed a jellyfish there was nothing on top of the tower sad damn bro killed a jellyfish for no reason I thought it would give me something other than experience oh holy [ __ ] oh the shark hi there what kind of place is this what

Kind of place is this dude this is L [ __ ] hell I’m in hell right now I need to make a golden apple holy [ __ ] I need to make a golden apple are you still yeah I am I’m in the dungeon I thought you expl the dungeon I was trying to

Leave what is this what the [ __ ] was that lag so tox no the noise there’s like noise it might have been the troll at least it ain’t the [ __ ] parasites no more oh I got a tent oh cool you’re pitching a tent right now well I found a

Tent oh that’s that’s where the Vampire Hunter spawn got pitching a tent I took I took a tent I can use I don’t think you can use it no I don’t think you can use I think it’s just for sh it’s it’s it’s like it’s it’s where the vampire Hunters

Spawn you just got rid of a vampire hunter spawn appreciate that bro well there’s like two of them there’s two of them there I took only one well good the vampire Hunters are what give me human hearts so if you guys get human hearts and like if you like accidentally start

Fighting a vampire hunter then I just might give you diamonds in return maybe just a just a just a guess maybe just a guess just a guess for the most part I’m GNA try to chaos to my place chaos part chaos for why you say chaos for the most part I’m just looking

Forward to tekate chaos for the most part why did he say like that cuz he was looking forward to Tekken eight chaos for the most part don’t forget to pause Tekken 8 chaos for the most part H holy [ __ ] this is where creepers are smart this is where creepers are smart

Idiot holy [ __ ] I’m still on the search to find somewhere to live how about you search for some to kill a dragon yo yo I found some lapis G bro I’m already long gone what is that what is that actually I’m not long gone I can still see where you are on the

Map dude I just dug through obsidian to get out I’m probably going to regret that later actually no obsidian’s kind to use I could probably yeah I can make my own enchantment table now [ __ ] you so toxic like damn I’m go cry now bunch of roses but no Cardinals D

Well I should have lived in that Forest that twist bu in y Smash bro if you want to know how to get out of here you come to the water I’ll find my way out just come to the water I’ll find my way out if I can swim

Out as a vampire you can swim as a human bro I will find my way out bro how long are Knights yo what’s up Neer I’ll consider it pick up the fu upet about night bro’s upset about night night is fire well cuz you’re a vampire I got two shark teeth I don’t

Know what I can use you shark teeth I killed the shark yeah where am I right now that’s badass I’m in I’m in defiled Hills you can summon an ice dragon what the [ __ ] hit me yo G say goodbye I’m summoning nice dragon dude I no I can actually I’m one

Step closer to being able to do that so [ __ ] you don’t you dare [ __ ] say sh like that why is there with aren’t you like 80 steps ahead whoa why is there a Wither dog I’m a million steps ahead smash dude I’m like I’m I’m level eight so yeah I am

Eights my Skywalker D me up bro D me up my Skywalker I almost died there and had to walk 10,000 blocks to get my stuff and I will walk 10,000 blocks and I would walk 10,000 I have half a heart I would walk 10,000 shs hey uh

Okay so who who who went through this this uh this little castle thing originally uh that was me actually yeah you’re going to feel a little you’re going to feel a little stupid now because uh well I I knew that there were diamonds I knew that there was Diamond

She in there I just didn’t care oh well I was going to say like up above in in the little Tower in the towers in the four corners of the of the uh of the castle there’s two chests up in up above it in above the ceiling bro it’s so hard

To bom everywhere I if I hadn’t found the way to get infinite diamonds probably would have actually like been mad right now or not mad but like I would have been like damn but I have the infinite [ __ ] so like it’s it’s game over for you guys

Enchanted book you have the endgame [ __ ] what do you mean manuscripts what are why did I say that I heard I swear I heard it in Game Y is it game over or game jover oh dude it’s game jover what are manuscripts 1.2 I honestly I don’t know what they do if

You press U on them in your inventory I think that’s what they the automatic keybind is and it’ll tell you what you can craft with I don’t even know if you can craft anything bestar 1.2 billion be yeah the [ __ ] a beastiary gonna do I don’t know it’s just what that that’s

What they’re they’re just a book I guess it teaches you about creatures that’s what normal be does Fortune a fortune 4 diamond pickaxe yo I’m gonna kill you for that I’m gonna kill you for that I’m gonna kill you for that fortune four where’d you find that

Yo Josh could I kill you real quick so I could get no [ __ ] you no hold on I’m be I certainly could kill you bro I got a diamond SW with sharpness four bro count your days count your count count your days holy [ __ ] Bro geek is gonna [ __ ]

Like three Diamond chest plate protection three plus um yo how many diamonds to buy that pickaxe off of you yeah hold on hold on I’m going be real quick I’m going get some food bro fre freaking gecko’s going to commit [ __ ] war on Josh Josh Josh how many diamonds

To buy that pickaxe none I this is mine okay I guess the the [ __ ] th crap biome just doesn’t get affected by Serene Seasons gosh I’m here to make a deal no you see this sword I got here I’m here to make a deal no I I’m here to make

A I found I found a I found a pyramid I’m not here to makeal cool no like literally like a large look on my stream real quick Josh 24 diamonds take it or leave it look on stream no how are you even going to repair that

Josh when it starts to wear down and break I’m I’m going to go inside that’s why I only used the the pickaxe need I’m probably going to find a pH a pharoh or some [ __ ] and die go do you know what a Lucky Sword is

Yes I will give you a lucky sword on top of that 24 diamonds for that their pickaxe no damn bro was like hard pass this thing is too I know I know what you I know how good this thing is but again this sword is sharpness

Four I don’t care oh I do have some some uh diamond boots oh myy the [ __ ] Bots down because my computer would that be signed out why would I need diamond boots if I got 24 diamonds get your dang dirty suit off face suit is this a is this a donation

Yes pretty badass that actually kind of helps with my dragon set cuz it’s fire protection for it’s so I I have so I found two pairs of boots those and then these ones with projection um projectile projection 4 so I figured these would be more helpful for me at least probably

Unless you run into a dragon y I think I think I found where I’m living finally I found a golden a golden apple I found where I’m living oh I could make like I found I make those where am I living what’s what’s this place I’m

Living in Red Dead from where I’m living here’s some iron ore thanks what kind of wait hold on you want more shark teeth I’m in a I’m in a red Redwood forest yeah this is my home what is ambrosia I’m literally gonna be a lumber J uh it’s a it’s a drink

What does it do holy [ __ ] restores a lot of hunger I actually oh like we’re getting hit by a snowstorm Serene season’s more like it’s only raining over here it’s going to switch over soon it’s turning to Spring over where Josh and I are it is thank god

Oh I almost just died lucky I can fly actually there’s water underneath anyway all right yo it’s time to finally start playing how did you almost die where’d you go I fell it’s time I flew I’m gonna leave now cuz the sun’s about to rise oh you’re right it’s just upop stop

Snowing it’s five time for me to play the game gck holy [ __ ] I’ve been was it that bad was it that bad I’ve I’ve been traveling for like the whole stream I found out where I’m going to live I I’m going to live in Red

Dead and Red Dead yo by the way um foxy foxy and Josh you guys can you guys can play off stream like if you guys ever want to grind because I probably will get more more done without the lag whoa exactly whoa whoa It’s like lag [ __ ] that you like if

You don’t want to do something for the stream you miss on the phone yeah what’s good [ __ ] I’m so dead I’m dead good game Minecraft what are you doing it turned to the day right before I got to my house so I [ __ ] couldn’t be a bat anymore is stream

Good stream’s fine that’s fine bro that means a dragon just like spawned on top you or something that’s are you I can’t even get out Minecraft just I’m just stuck right like this alt f4 that whole part of the stream was just me trying to [ __ ] dang Nick left it

Was me trying to get Josh’s money I was literally just mining well like [ __ ] chopping down wood and then my game was like free there’s probably if there’s a dragon there bro I’m literally going to cry that was my home I saw one in the in a redwood

Forest so if you’re talking about the same one I’m talking about dog I’m like millions of miles away yo can someone tell me when it’s night time again cuz I’m going to the Aether until it’s [ __ ] night time again [ __ ] I can’t even [ __ ] oh my God let me boot

Up I got to [ __ ] I got to force close never mind I’m good now BR s for Dragon Pond I’m just going to cry i’ literally been traveling for 2 hours and dragon I hope there’s a dragon there I hope there’s a dragon there and the dragon’s like hey bro I know that

You’ve been I know that you’ve been traveling trying to find a home but this ain’t it go find a new one Ender drone go find a new one go find a new one this is my home now that’s literally his if if Ro is in is in there it’s literally his

Home what is Ender drone wa oh that’s for uh Magic bees or forestry it’s the forestry the forestry mod is like is the mod that I added it it’s like it um adds beekeeping and you can do get really crazy with tree breeding and whatnot it’s like genetics

Yeah that’s why there’s a string of DNA on the thumbnail the gendustry mod oh Josh did that new killer drop uh the unknown that doesn’t uh I think in three more days I think I’m not sure oh what was the newest newest license killer the newest license well the

Newest licens was Alan was Alan Wake as a yeah bro Alan mexic Co dude yeah but but you have not heard how how terrifying okay so Alan Wick has a has uh an a uh outfit that changes uh Allen into some other character from from his

Game uh her name is Saga she’s an FBI agent apparently yeah she’s from the second game yeah and her you should if you look up um Saga like her hook sound like the scream she makes when she’s get she gets hooked it’s absolutely terrifying like it’s the most realistic

Someone I got nothing I got nothing to do cuz it’s daytime so I’m going look that up right now bro someone was in the studio and they’re like you know what let’s just put their their their biggest fear ever right in front of them and make them have a do a blood curling

Screen for five minutes like serious it’s like they like left they like left a bear in the stre like all right go ahead and scream like God damn like they left the bear indust stre like all right here’s a bear scream scream into the mic holy [ __ ] they actually [ __ ] hooked

Her they actually hooked her like in real life yeah they hooked the voice actor in real life Nick is it actually that insane it is like actually look it up it’s all right yo all right G place your bets is there a dragon Yep again again I want to spawn in it’s com by Yo the whole Forest is gone what is a proven grafter oh you died Nick you died I did no you didn’t die about to [ __ ] say dude I’ve traveled 20,000 blocks probably what is a pro what is a proven

Grafter oh I’m good I’m good I’m good damn ban this guy ban this guy ban this guy then why did I lag that hard maybe you went too far also what the [ __ ] is that sound you’re making you f he’s an owl now g g what what’s your first uh cord just I’m

Just curious what’s your first cord just curious like your ex my ex yeah I ain’t telling you that fatty bro mine’s 4,323 holy I told you I I I went traveling dude I went on a [ __ ] Adventure to find find a home is is it illegal if I watch your stream

No I’m watching it cuz I I’m waiting for it to be night time what is okay so I made [ __ ] is the book of moner bestiary the beasti the book production does it teach you about monsters bro there’s so many birds in here oh G I’m literally I’m living in

The tall trees in Red Dead one wait have you played Red Dead one no damn you need to aren’t the tall trees also Red Dead too I think they are yeah okay I thought I just remember the more from Red Dead one bro I’m I remember back when I used

To play Red Dead one online I would always go to the tall trees go the tallest thing and just jump off over and over are you not seeing chat yeah part porn what did I say after Geck likes feet in my mouth what why would I like feet in your what the

[ __ ] Chad is this guy real oh gck what do you think of my home think you should kill yourself this whole force is my home dude this whole force is my home okay I hope that you I hope that you die before setting a spawn point can someone explain oh yeah cuz I

Never brought my bed with me oh I I have the bed right like right there how do you how do you use the bed by the way in the in the in the backpack that one went Save Your Spawn can someone explain what the can someone explain what the proven uh grafter

Is just type it in type type in a cafter grafter what M’s part of oh that’s part of Forestry what is it do oh something with be look it up information guarantees a sapling drop when breaking forestry leaves has a very limited number of uses interesting oh so oh so the

Grafters just guarantee grafters guarantee uh sapling drops La okay I’m living in the T why are the days so long bro I’m happy right now geek what do you mean I’m happy right now it finally stopped snowing it was snowing all stream and it finally stopped on like finally

Happiness for another hour and a half killed a wither skeleton oh spooky Scary imagine imagine not knowing where his stronghold is yet couldn’t be me cuz I know where one is and I know the GS for and I’m not telling any of you oh foxy speaking of there’s a mod for the with skeletons that tweaks them where where when you kill them they drop

Wither Skull fragments if you get nine of them you can make a skull you can also make wither swords I think wither sword yeah you you you can literally make get with bones yeah you can make uh wither oh that that that’s part of nether ex but you can

Make wither bone uh I guess I was wrong in the water from high distance does not give me damage anyway yeah if you get if you get wither bones you can [ __ ] uh oh yeah Wither Skull fragment that’s all that’s all it’s added but uh if you get nine of

Those you can make make a skull but wither bones are only found in the nether also has a mod in it that’s kind of like biomes of Plenty where it adds you can find you can find [ __ ] wither skeletons in dungeons yeah you don’t even have to go to the

Nether bro the nether is like useless Lally not except for the for the nether ex [ __ ] NE ex yeah what do you mean it’s not what do you mean it’s l not cuz the nether ex stuff yeah but that’s also pretty useless cuz the nether ex [ __ ] does nothing it’s F getting real

Low y GE y GE G GE I’m on to collect to make a day again I will literally [ __ ] kill you and your whole family yeah that shut you up didn’t it fatty fatty [ __ ] your mom [ __ ] your dad [ __ ] your whole family I found what looks like the Shipwreck I can finally

Fly finally fly fly in the sky back to my stuff back where I died I can finally oh Josh I’m getting my next session next uh this Wednesday you’re having a [ __ ] mist just Kawaii fart session I wish not fart not fart not fart not fart

What no but um but uh y yo yo yo yo yo you heard that right Josh no wait what up he said that he’s getting a mistress Kawaii fart session no my my next tattoo session is uh this Wednesday no no no no no no and

We’re gonna he he’s going to do the uh welding helmet this this time you can’t just gloss over the fact you set me up you actually watch yeah I have a good amount of wood it’s it’s day it’s night time I’m angry yes I can finally do literally

Anything all right time to build a house you guys are so [ __ ] now that it’s not time to build time to build build a house and not build a castle like I did in the other world build a castle no balls I’ll build a castle eventually not you hate or you hate your

Mom yeah I guess I got to do it so toxic holy [ __ ] I’m trying to find a flat surface to build all right booya this should work how good is the Zan Shovel by the way uh not that good it’s like iron but worse I me like durability it’s like iron but

Worse so it’s like iron but Tad how many times does he have are you listening to what I’m [ __ ] saying say how many times does he have to say that that was like I got to hear I got to hear it from my mouth for to make

Sense holy [ __ ] Bro hates everybody that he knows I finally can make at least I’m not Morris cwalker hating his mom every day and food and food bro is the food hater bro is the food hater for a reason CU he hates food and Mory hates food he wish why is there

Dragon so I’m in I’m in the bed now but I can’t sleep unless everyone else Sleeps No you’re spawn is set don’t worry yeah you don’t have to like you don’t have to pass the day you just have to sleep bro okay we’re never going to

Sleep cuz is a vampire and bro hates the daytime yo they should make a reverse bed that you can sleep in like on during the day there is you have to be a vamp part it’s called a coffin got I think my I think my house will be a 10 by 10 for

Now I think my house will be a 10 by 10 shut the [ __ ] up dude you’re miserable two four 5 six seven you’re just going to you’re just going to take that yeah I’m just going to gloss what G why have you been saying glossing over recently

Is you just gloss over the most absurd insane [ __ ] why why why why why youing why youing why why why cuz I’m on fire dang why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why

Someone said food yeah we we said that you hate food yeah we said you hate you hate food food food food food food you hate food food food food food food you hate food there’s a werewolf in my [ __ ] there’s a there’s a werewolf my Biome kill it then Ro

Just kill him bro put him out his misery nobody wants to be a werewolf I’m building my house I I do bro if there’s if there’s that be that actually Balan things out if I added a werewolf mod you’re werewolf you’re a vampire I’m werewolf [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] don’t die I’m

Going die to there might be a werewolf mod I might actually be like the only mod that we actually have what what do you mean you’re going to buddy you said that after you died how’d you drown in the bed what I TR I was trying to uh I

Was trying to this was your spawn point saved and your spawn sa get back up to the surface in time did it at least resp at the bed oh damn that’s just that might be lag too because that sometimes just [ __ ] happens it what is that thing dude when you die your backpack

Just like spawns in like a random place doesn’t tell you where it is like it’ll give you fake cords in the chat and I thought that I lost my backpack forever I genuinely was TW that’s a baron of hell what the [ __ ] are you talking about what are you talking about on stream

Look on stream that’s just a fire troll bro fight it that’s lit a were there’s Lally werewolves in my [ __ ] in my my Biome oh so nice place to live nice place to live right Nick yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m safe I’m safe as long as I build up

You’re safe as long as you do this one specific thing that’s what they all say BR you better [ __ ] kill your realer whoever lets you [ __ ] move to this place you got to kill them I was joking with the holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] you know honestly it’s kind of

My fault for living in [ __ ] the the tall trees biome okay I’m never visiting dark gamer ever again why is it always right in here what the [ __ ] never visiting dark demo boy ever again cuz every time I do it I try to go back home the sun rises and I

Die bro I’m scared and I get killed by a dragon I’m scared dragon dragon dragon I’m scared to you should be you you should be scared to do anything meing about yo G I’ll give you something good if you bring me a bed that sounds weird why’ you say like

That if you bring me a bed I’ll give you a calm down Woody we’re your friends bro smack though there’s there’s a be in a house outside my house if I give you a bed what will you give me will you give me human hearts um will you give me a

Lifetime supply of human hearts what if I give you uh viz crystals I don’t give a [ __ ] about V crystals right now bro I’m so scared right now I’m so glad I started building the house otherwise I would be dead we your friends shut up I

Would literally be Nick how the [ __ ] am I G to get all the way over to you [ __ ] off oh yeah cuz I’m in for I’m in [ __ ] Smash Bro my coordinate my first coordinate is 4,300 I’m literally living in Red Dead right now what do you mean you’re

Literally living in Red Dead right now I’m living in the tall I’m living in the in the tall trees okay bro could not care less yeah bro said need anyway calm down W bro said we are your friends shut up Buzz I’ll kill you come on pal can we just make commends shut

Up shut up slink I’m going to kill you we’re why can’t we just talk it out do not love do not my you hate food you hate woody woody or a woody where have you been myy you hate food I don’t remember that one I’m not

Going to [ __ ] lie too late Andy I’m going to kill you real slow is this the version of Minecraft where there weren’t ferns yet cuz I broke them and they gave me seeds instead of ferns holy [ __ ] bro what the [ __ ] fern FS bro ferns aren’t in any version of Minecraft they are

What do you mean my hunger bar has disappeared I don’t see my hunger bar anymore oh like it’s not on screen anymore what are you hacking no okay okay so apparently the hunger bar disappears when I’m in a boat I have three words for you I love food yeah it

Never shows you the hunger bar when you’re riding something did you it first yeah yeah I did I did I didn’t know that being in a boat uh I don’t know why I’m breaking the snow when it’s snowing it’s just going to get snow on there again I

Think it’s cuz you have the condition riding and it’s like a it’s a glitch cuz when you’re like riding like a horse or something like it bro what is going on outside my house because it’s the same because it’s the same effect it probably what is going on outside my house it

Probably like gets ready to block your [ __ ] out I chose the worst place to live bro is living in a [ __ ] crypted environment if you die it’s over Nick I hope you know that bro the werewolf turned human what’s up that’s how [ __ ] we werewolves work holy [ __ ] what are the werewolves part

Of you get guys like qu day in chat probably ice and fire also mad Twilight force is in good mod yeah I have three words I hate food I I fixed it I fixed it Nick what’s your what’s your uh what’s your Z my Z 1,281 your ex

SM bro shut the [ __ ] up you actually are you actually bringing me a bed you’re a you’re good friend I love you yeah I don’t think you should give him a bed considering what happened last time yeah I’m going to kill him please don’t kill me last time I

Saved him last time I saved him he he killed me I traveled so far and wide I need to go travel all the way back here okay fine then I’m not going to come give you a bed then I was going to give you a bed and then after you sleep in it

And set your spawn I was going to kill you oh then yeah cool do that no [ __ ] you you just said no D smash didn’t he just say I’ll literally get my I’ll lit get my knees and suck your dick what this guy will do

Anything for a bed I mean hey bro I’ve always wanted to try a dick so everything gets one chance it’s someone going to clip this everything get everything is one gets one chance yeah yeah yeah yeah everything gets one chance okay murder some sometimes it’s only one murder okay

Ben okay what do you mean okay murder murder okay murder is one of things you don’t try once maybe it’s one of things you do once never again pedophilia yeah you do that once and you’re you’re donezo for rest your what no you never do that what is

Wrong with you wait who who owns the server who owns the server [ __ ] Nick owns it [ __ ] G ban him from his own server ban him server right now right now right now Nick try not to be loud challenge impossible what could possibly make be making you ho like an owl dude it’s

Freaking bird over here like honking in my [ __ ] ear [Applause] going what you just sh up rats with wings woo woo holy [ __ ] Nick we get it we get it I know I just keep hearing it every like two every two every 5 seconds I keep here live somewhere else no I’m

Living here I already [ __ ] hunkered down stop saying hunker down why you know why I’m saying that because Cloud said P the hunker down and re I clipped it I clipped it by the way what’ you CLI everything gets tried once what the thing where I said

[ __ ] you never said that you never said that you never said bro is just adding new things to like incriminate himself with bro dude I dropped my IR I’m an idiot when I killed 300 people oh yeah I forgot I can’t dig down you got to actually I killed 300 people bro

Dude I don’t know if uh geek told you Josh but you can’t strep mine or I literally did and you told him too and you [ __ ] mentioned it earlier holy [ __ ] I’m so high cuz I was cuz I was thinking of it I was like I’m about to

Go caving in a I love food because of the delicious s of food the mouth watering smell of food and the Heavenly Taste of food no you hate food are you back on the service map bro fake friend holy [ __ ] hey you’re not allowed to VC unless you’re in this

Server I got to do this one thing nuh uhuh y Merc has Thunder has Thunder has thunder made landfall yet has thunder made landfall yet what the [ __ ] do you mean like has his plain who says landfall I don’t know land ho yo Josh have have you seen the game hell divers 2o

I know about it bro it looks so fun why are you telling him that what is he you going to ask him to buy the game for you no Josh could you pretty please buy the game for me I’m I’m I’m no that’s what Nick’s about to say he’s

About to ask you to buy it for him Josh I’m pretty sure money bro broke he broke I am broke I be brok you were asking him to buy a game for you you don’t have was not saying that I was like y you should buy the

Game when it goes on sale so we can all play it together you should buy it for me hell two players are Lally crying right now because they Nerf the rail gun they’re not literally crying shut the [ __ ] up bro me and I spread misinformation I thought you going to

Say like one of the devs died and I was going to be like damn yeah like like when you thought that I was going to say that Thunder died Thunder died we had something really serious to tell Nick and then we just told him sir

Sir sharts a lot died no no no no you said that I forgot to put smoking buddy in the [ __ ] no yeah we forgot we forgot smoking but on the third Pikmin 2 stream how about you what the [ __ ] Nick Nick Nick delete your save file and get

Back to the exact spot you were at before the third stream so we can’t smoke get back to smoking buddy I I really I really want want to know why I never played the [ __ ] piking games they’re so good back when I was young I

Don’t know play P games they were so fun they were so fun I wish I play the P games I wish I play the p g when I was a kid what were you saying Smash bro that’s most they them I just didn’t play

Cuz cuz I was I was young and dumb and just like this looks too strategy [ __ ] I don’t like strategy games you still hate strategy you still hate strategy nick name one time you’ve ever been strategic that’s why you said that you weren’t going to play bate 3 you were

Like no no no wait wait I hate strategy RPG hold up hold up let me bring a point Nick Nick you were complaining about one part of your forbidden West playthrough because of required strategy well and then I overcome I overcame it and got good you overcame

Your overcame it and I got good at the game you overcame your dondor issue we we need to label every strategy issue as a dondor issue a dandor issue yeah I agree dor issue yeah literally just like I got pissed at it so much but then I overcame

It and was like damn I’m you came all over it skeleton don’t do this don’t do this what the [ __ ] happened he almost shot almost sh off of the you know how tall the redwood trees are I just relatively I chopped a whole tree down and bro almost knocked me off

The top of one BR is doing it on purpose get revenge get revenge why aren’t you getting revenge right now cuz I want to get this tree done cuz this tree is in front of my house sounds like excuses excuses MC Double D excuses d double DT sound good right now

What Vanessa but I’m a material girlit what were you doing I hate food cuz what I hate food because of the why did say that why did say that oh my God skeleton you’re lit literally dead you’re literally dead you’re l is the part that got me because that’s an exact antonym holy

The hellish Taste of food holy [ __ ] holy that’s the part that got me that’s the part that got me out out with you look if you don’t like it you can leave not Josh did you ever see the the dark shut the [ __ ] up shut the [ __ ] up shut

The [ __ ] up if you don’t like it you can leave bro should should should make that for like should make make a meme for more you do that like look if you don’t look if you if you love food you can leave we are not do this again if you

Don’t love if you don’t hate food you can leave we are not do this again I just love it’s not even Gand or it’s not even not doing this it’s not even Ganondorf it’s just [ __ ] a deep ass voice like Chang yeah Ganondorf that’s Ganondorf yeah that’s sounds like ganor

To me doesn’t that sound like Ganondorf to everybody else Nick do you not remember how he sounds like an aaran of time G you know how like you found another thing that that that that that had Matt Mercer yeah everything has Matt Mercer my show that I’m watch watching right

Through right now fairy tale fairy tale he also plays a role in that in that as well holy [ __ ] brosen everything when I saw the new Ninja Sex Party album released and I saw one of the songs say featuring mat M I was like no [ __ ] way like Bros Lally and everything

That’s I love that I was really like [ __ ] off hey okay hey like I said not not the worst person to be in in everything yeah oh that’s cool I I have uh some of the saplings oh that’s good nobody’s listening Nick nobody cares some of the

Saplings um one in chat if you care hold on you’re about to see Zero ones in chat no like the like the vanilla saplings some of them are year round and some of them aren’t so they’ll die in certain seasons one and CHP again if you if you care

About what Nick’s saying bro hates my mod that I wanted hold on hold on bro the bees in this mod make more sense than the normal bees in Minecraft the bees in this shut the [ __ ] up to kill myself now now run away run away from home oh

Oh G showed to Smash Bro oh I I thought said I thought I said it to him cuz cuz he knew about it how did he get it how did he get it what whoops what no no it was a it was it was did did you did

Anybody send that video to him I didn’t bro Smash Bro he just he just he quoted a video he didn’t even watch me he quoted real life cuz like that generally happens in when you’re young me I the [ __ ] the saying the saying [ __ ] you at the door quietly is the most real

Part it really is it really is that’s honestly the most real part all right guys who who who tried to run away as a kid raise your hand dude smash for hold up stop the presses stop the presses stop the presses smash BR you have to watch this [ __ ] relatable

Video you have to watch this Rel check DMS check DMS watch it right now can I can I get this or real quick no watch it right now let me get this orb real quick despite you okay if you gonna ask then why why would you even ask if you

Weren’t G to [ __ ] okay buddy fine let me holy [ __ ] there’s water everywhere hold on there’s water everywhere okay there we go I I’ll watch it it’s the most relatable video ever bro in that one video sent you of the take Taking a nap and W taking a nap video yeah like a

Year ago probably I think a year referencing a video true so true so True y gck saying [ __ ] you at the door part was the most realistic part bro taking the taking thatp bing up part was so real and then just be like hey Mom genetic table Heche after crying so much bro I’m lit going to create a thousand

[ __ ] we two arrows and just end your day gck I’m joking I’m joking I’m joking no he’s not you going to make what arrows wither arrows that make that do wither effect bro you know what would be worse if you made [ __ ] if you made wooden steak arrows dude that video wait what

Are those what are those [ __ ] you [ __ ] you why do you want to know huh we wants to kill me so bad I really don’t though I love you we should the werewolf left let’s go the werewolf bro can’t pronounce wolf yeah the werewolf left bro he left he left me alone

Finally I you’re a food hater Smash Bro how how relatable was that that was so relatable come on come on guys be honest who tried to run away from home as a kid I actually did you actually did I packed my bags and I was like [ __ ] I can’t run away I

Go anywhere at one point I told my sister I’m going to run away while I was driving my my bike were you were you angry at your parents or something no I just I don’t know was someday I was at the edge of the culd saac we lived on and then I was

Like I’m going to I’m going to run away and I for no good reason for the bit is it for the bit for no good reason I remember this as a kid I I was I was not angry at all or anything I just one point just said was like I’m going to

Move on to greener pastures but literally my sister started started going back to our house and I turned back and I just started following her was a how old was your sister older than you oh my God the stop snowing finally you you what yeah bro did you try to run

Away from home at one point or who [ __ ] didn’t bro like there was so many days where I packed my back like I hate this place I’m leaving like I have my back like ful dep packed and I’m like where am I going to go where am I going to go

Though I just go to bed and [ __ ] have a headache and I ran away from home damn of course you didn’t Mory no kid actually unironically from home except except yeah yeah but yeah but the idea of it and and and thinking about it a now I’m never coming back I

Finally I have finally hunkered down dude thund in chat y y guys look at chat look at chat I have finally hunkered down dude look at chat gck I have finally hunkered down shut up holy [ __ ] bro was hunker down even mean dude’s actually going to kill you

My least favorite food I hate gasp Mor’s G’s gonna do all caps and get banned I’m joking no Mor is going to do all C holy [ __ ] what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that that is a dirty rotten

Lie smash no what is that [ __ ] a dirty rotten Li is what it is bro get there was a mod I had that evil and it literally [ __ ] literally Nemesis Nemesis would would just spawn randomly at time the crossbreed of a [ __ ] why why would Nemesis just spawn you had imagine you’re just

Chilling one day he just spawns in your house cuz you [ __ ] forget to put like one little torch in the corner of your room yeah bro you you misplaced one little torch in nemes this is in your house but the game changer was there’s guns in Minecraft I’m like no game Cher Game

Changer okay did that happen to everybody yeah so genuine I legit thought I was fallowing through the world I don’t know what just happened I dude I [ __ ] was like immedately like I’m about to turn into a bat like the first thought I had was let

Me quickly turn into a bat Qui turn into a bat stay calm then everybody else’s reac just dark gamer was like yes I die yes I die oh my god dude you lit had no reaction bro you’re just like it is what it is I I I

I believe that happens cuz cuz the server like like refreshes like every like hour every hour and a every hour and a half it doesn’t happen every hour I think it’s a little less frequent than that I think it’s like every 20 minutes I can literally check right now it’s

Definitely not cuz I played for like 2 hours straight earlier today what are you talking about that’s a lie I’ve been playing Minecraft the whole time I hav’t check chat Nick that literally happened one time on your last Stream So it couldn’t be every 20 minutes you [ __ ]

Idiot yeah true true true true true true okay guys where how do I get out of here I have finally how do I get out of here bro I’m literally made a log cabin I’m L I’m literally living like John Maran right now G dude the snow is finally

Melting holy [ __ ] thank you John John Gatson gek I never had I never had a problem with you until now I Declare War until now do you unironically declare war no I was about to [ __ ] whoop your ass bro I was hoping that you were being serious I was ironically hoping that you

Were being serious I was like finally some action I’m about to kill this [ __ ] a thousand times was Mor you hate food I’m going to make I’m going to make a taco truck out here so you guys we don’t need food it’s like yeah come to 4,000 I don’t need

Food what if I made a a blood uh truck blood truck [ __ ] I could just find a [ __ ] cow and Smash Bro of course you know This Means War going get bro’s going to get on going to join the server just to declare war he’s only going to fight with an

Anvil but how did he read the rules oh wait hold on he’s not even in the server bro Kobe leaked the server so stupid he never joined cuz he he doesn’t have a good enough I thought he was in the server I gave him the invite he never

Joined damn bro said [ __ ] you Andre [ __ ] frostbite his reasoning is so none of you none of you guys have killed a dragon so talk to me later his reasoning is so so whack like bers gate three cor his PC but his mom said no well Minecraft definitely does take a lot

More RAM because it’s [ __ ] horrible optimization yeah either way though three things like 15 gigs hecking K chaos chaos for the most part bro froze rotten flesh so that he could cook it what I’m I know it’s real because it’s [ __ ] modded Minecraft all anyways

Um let me go ahead let me go ahead and make I need to [ __ ] make a bed oh [ __ ] it’s about to turn daytime and I’m near foxy house so I guess I’m with foxy why can you only carry up to 22 10 or really yeah you’re trolling I’m not

Trolling yo foxy you have human hearts go oh GE I I could have given you a music disc for the bed you want music disc bro I can’t even eat that bro made cooked flesh I’m a vampire bro I’m a vampire want music disc a music disc I have I had three and

I lost them cuz I lost my original backpack I have three as well I’m scared I had three different types they were all three different types and I lost who are you what the [ __ ] are I have two cats and one uh C418 do they get run over by

M oh bro that should become a shirt I’m joking I’m that’ be so [ __ ] up the last th took me seven blocks of iron to make my fridge to freeze the fles holy [ __ ] why would you ever want to do that bro bro is figuring out food problems he

Just figured out how to make infinite food when you think about it holy [ __ ] bro he’s actually got a fridge damn I can finally unload all this [ __ ] I can finally hunker down yeah no I I can’t until I get a bed I can’t hunker down

Dude literally the plot of the Red Dead 2 epilog is is John hunkering down it literally is holy [ __ ] it literally is dude it’s I’m hunkering down That’s literally the P that plug he’s like damn bro I got to find a place to hunker down with my wife and kid with my wife and kid how’s that you got worse the second time I’m just going to put all this crap in the chest and I’ll sort it later you’re

Unironically going to [ __ ] on your own chest yummy yum yum in my tum tum what what the [ __ ] bro dude Dragon gaming streams have gone downhill in the last 13 the last 13 minutes what do you mean right Josh in in the last 13 minutes I put that there put that there I

Hope a cardinal lives in this Forest are you okay oh does it sound like he’s okay no it doesn’t then he’s probably not okay no I’m fine nothing happened just just a little uh just a little sting just a little sting oh I love was just one after the other

No cuz the creeper about to blow up near my house I’m like holy [ __ ] get away he blew up a hole near my house [ __ ] you bro we took turns going BR I’m kind of glad we took out creep those creepers cuz what if that was a reverse

Creeper when you just put [ __ ] back dude stop I only play this game for the cars for the Cars part of the cards part of the cards part of the cards part of the cards part of the cards cards what the [ __ ] is that G look his stream

That’s a troll it’s just a troll that it’s just a troll yeah I chose to live here I chose to live in the most dangerous area in the game you see that’s why I removed myself from from all of the things down there I have taken to the skies Rose becoming

Link I I will I will get a giant bird that I will fly around on I AK AKA a a red dragon yes probably I I will ride a red dragon and Bros gonna name it bro gonna name it the red red uh [ __ ]

Uh red I’ll name it I’ll name it how you doing I’ll probably name it eona you you should name it Gil wait you call it eona not inona eona it’s always a eona I’ve always called it impa I don’t know why with an I it’s I know I’ve always

Called it impon I don’t know why or not g g there’s no m in doing that’s good to hear Geck is Nick insane or is Nick insane little bit of both a little bit of both which one is it which one is it eona or

Inona it’s there’s no m in it what are you talk that’s what Nick calls him my whole life I’ve called him I’ve called her inona like unironically I’m being serious about that like why though can you not read yeah I sure can Budd yeah I sure can’t buddy yeah I sure

Can’t bro that’s like road work up ahead bro I should make I hope it does I should I should make the tool belt I should make it I should make it shut the [ __ ] up fat [ __ ] oh the tool belt mod was never added [ __ ] me is it [ __ ] was yeah I

When I searched it I couldn’t find it you don’t craft one it’s just an inventory tweak feature oh it is you have to use in your controls or whatever you out your controls fatty maybe you can actually read your controls You’ figure it out fatty a wrestler is not looking so good

O on WWE I wish up on WWE but it just got so boring in my opinion dude WWE is badass what are you talking about to I’m sure it’s better now because Vince McMahon’s gone and he was [ __ ] killing the [ __ ] killing it do you know why Vince McMahon was gone or he

Got booted do you know why I don’t not actual reason why this guy don’t why did whoever you were talking about get McMahon why did this hey uh Jessica why did this McMahon get booted why couldn’t smash for just said why I think it was something to do with sexual

Assault whoa holy [ __ ] dang you ask bro Super Bro people that are big love doing legal things wilit George not found bro people that are famous are like let me do legal things Dragon gaming wi gets big oh yeah true holy I’m joking he was doing hush

Money scandals oh damn oh is bro still standing there hello can We Be Friends why Can’t We Be Friends why Can’t We Be Friends well I can’t I don’t want to attack him because ises he a statue he has not moved from that spot for a good

Hour imagine if he’s one of those thing the kind of that only moves when you’re not looking at it hold on why can’t we eat farts why can’t we you’re real brave for asking the real question what’s shut the [ __ ] up it’s time to ask the big questions

What do you mean foxy why can’t we eat farts you can’t craft anything what do you mean not craft anything on I enchant anything what else drops wool in this game in uh mods well you can make a hell shelf and it provides two enchanting power bro my house is next to the

Thorcraft forest what it actually called a v magical forest or something like yeah okay [ __ ] Nick Nick try Nick listen to French challenge impossible still stands I literally pressed after the look I’ll stop what the [ __ ] are those you sound likeing Obi-Wan Kenobi in episode 4 canoli obiwan cani obiwan

Canoli Kenobi making those noises to scare off the tus ra1 co1 can shut up shut up wait can’t that’s what you said bro can’t you use hide to make wool uh no you can use string though BR I live next to a pyramid the file lands I’m like the most like

Versatile I live the most versatile I live in the most versatile spot ever I’m shut the [ __ ] up I’m going to cry and kill myself on spot right now I’ve been in caved most of the time I’m a cave dweller thought you were what why yeah why’ you choose farmer then for your

Yeah true dude wasted his class and there’s no going back wait uh I don’t think I picked a class I don’t remember doing so holy [ __ ] those are Pumas bro’s been playing on hard mode this whole time he hasn’t been leveling up at all Josh have you

Been leveling up I lost my book so I couldn’t do that it’s you don’t need the book you can use a you can set key binds I couldn’t find the key it’s at like the it’s towards the bottom of your controls list yo Geck what are these like St oh level

Up what are these stumps that like have holes in them what are those those are ref fairies oh okay I gotta you talking I think Roman Reigns might be sick again the rock needs to call his PR jet take him home I don’t know if he can do the match at WrestleMania that

Sucks what the Rock holy [ __ ] shut the [ __ ] up bro there’s two tigers what the Rock bro I first area but there there but there’s no there’s no there’s no there’s no sheep or Lambs here it’s literally game over for me I’m never going to find wool game jover yeah

It’s like game over for me because I can’t find a thing a thing of is it game is it game Dwayne can I change my class or just or is just like I choose this for the rest of the time the rest the you choose it for the rest of the game

But it just gives you a head start you can still get all the perks it just gives you like an automatic Head Start and some of the some of the shitan The Rock has joined Roman’s team called the bloodline makes sense makes sense makes sense since they’re they’re

Is the most which which you think is the most helpful well I mean whichever you want to do the most uh Scout makes you pretty fast and that like it gives you a Sprint bonus off the bat which is pretty good for running away from dragons from running away from

Nick yeah I think assassin gives you random crits to begin with and also probably stealth comat oh I found a [ __ ] random CH shut shut the [ __ ] up Nick I’m tired of your [ __ ] I’m tired of your [ __ ] Nick shut the [ __ ] up just ignoring me completely yeah cuz you’re being

Toxic I found a bed I’m I’m taking it man no no no tell me record so I can kill you tell me record so I can kill you it’s my bed now cool I got a black B I’m about to become a level nine vampire so is the m

16 I just don’t know which I would I just don’ts game over damn it’s not g no more I you got a bed so it’s not g over no more hold the power my bad hold the power hold the power what were you saying all the power J what were you saying the

Power the power I guess I guess I’m never going to know oh he left crashed he crashed he crashed what you say oh he left he clearly crashed oh yeah cuz you’re actually a [ __ ] dickos call no you’re actually a dick I was I was he was trying to say something and I

Was like what you say then he [ __ ] crash no you immediately were like damn he left what a you were like I hate this guy he left me wait are there two different types of tin or yeah yeah does anybody have wheat but they’re but they’re not different

They’re just same they’re different mods but can be used for the same thing my G Discord and Minecraft crashed I think I should probably oh what the hell that was weird shut up Nick please freaking Creepers coming to my house every day now Nick thought you purposely

Left no I did you thought you purposely left no he’s unironically being a bad friend bro he’s like d damn you left you you clearly crashed cuz you left both at the same time and he was like damn he left like bro thought that you intentionally would be like a major

[ __ ] and like be like yo Nick want to hear something cool and then leave no what did you say though so he said shy shardy farty farty lardy lordy party party I I guess I should probably changed the layout of I put the uh level

Up buttons as my F10 and f11 I guess that might have been part of f11 is full screen dude for like every program on your computer is looking super full screen for every platform for everything on your [ __ ] computer dude everything crashed then I don’t know what that oh

I’ve have set my spawn I’m safe D remember there’s if there’s a lot of [ __ ] you’re not going to use press escape to set it a none a lot of the like the bonus inventories can be accessed to your regular inventory so they’re kind of not needed yeah everyone

Everyone got a everyone got a bed I don’t have a bed damn I’ll leave I ain’t going to bed fatty I know [ __ ] you yeah unironically you should you should make a cave house I already told you my plan is fatty will your plan again Dragon gaming king of not

Listening king of I’m sleeping I’m sleeping I ain’t sleeping [ __ ] you guys there was a mod that let you do a vote to pass the day that would be so toxic no [ __ ] you wants to ruin my experience like how I like how vampire you were like’s going to use it then

You’re the one that’s [ __ ] level nine [ __ ] vampire when did I say smash BR was going to use it you said like we should become vampire for the bit and he like cries cuz he takes damage during the day bro it bro it bro I said I included him in everything I included

Him in every hypothetical I was like smash br’s going to do this do that smash going to do this am I going am I am I going to kill every Dragon yeah I said that you were going to tame a bunch of dragons go to Nick’s

House and then say yo Nick give me gold or I’m going to burn your entire house down you can [ __ ] do that you could teame dragons bro I believe [ __ ] joke I believe you the situation yo Nick give me gold or I’m going burn your house down bro so

You know I wish I could do that in real life you know that you know that thing that was scaring me in real life that thing it’s a statue man it turned to stone I can I can walk through it Nick Nick four four years ago statue Nick yeah Nick is

Scared of a statue bro what a little [ __ ] laugh him in chat I I was I was gonna say I was gonna say bro is got scared of of text on on screen when he fought I got scared of what say it again you got scared of text on the screen

When you fought Sans on your tail I did shut the [ __ ] up shut up shut up you literally did you literally unironically did you guys scared of text on the screen bro I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I

Know why’ you why’ you put that like a thousand times faster I I is bread made with three with three wheat in a row what in a row if you put three wheat in a row that makes a three wheat in a row curse no you got make making bread is a

Different recip you need you actually unironically disc cursed your entire Minecraft game you uh need you need you need to make dough and need a roller and you need a pot I just want I’m like starving here I want to make you can eat you can eat raw wheat bro

Yeah going eat all of it in one setting I’m starving I need I can’t run starving Marvin bro is starving up a storm right now starving Marvin starving up a storm I not me to do that y Josh if you became a vampire you wouldn’t have to

Wait what do manuscripts do oh Beast scary oh did anybody hear that I did it was pretty it was it was pretty hot what the [ __ ] [ __ ] what what what I didn’t say that what the [ __ ] is wrong I didn’t say that is I didn’t say that I didn’t say

That who said that oh wait you need to leave it’s you yes girl you need to leave what was that you need to leave you’ve never seen that I think I have seen that you’ve never seen it I’m going to carry seeds around I’m going to

Always carry seeds in case I find a cardinal quo bro quo is awesome carry seeds because he’s hungry didn’t he win best uh R streamer yeah Des he really does you don’t even know about the other contenders bro you’re actually have like no right to say that you fat [ __ ] I

Just you’re just a queso dick rider you’re a queso dick rider you want to become queso right he’s funny well Mar his community is funny as [ __ ] with him a queso Dick Rider is that a [ __ ] parasite like bro when bro doing jack his chat’s like there was an earthquake

I got knocked in fortnite oh I was like I’m trying to I know that name oh oh oh oh oh what are you what are you what are you are you assassin Nick when he sees something that isn’t food oh my God you’re dying you’re dying you’re dying this is my

Home off oh oh you think you can boom boom boom bro what is that guy like he runs at you then scared to attack you then runs away what is the point of that mob you yapping about no like he’s like all he runs at you scared to attack you

And then runs away holy [ __ ] he’s a hooded figure with red eyes has a sword runs at you then runs away and not doesn’t he doesn’t want to hurt maybe he doesn’t want to hurt you maybe he’s trying to be friends guys I got a legendary weapon you know what probably

What do you mean you got a legendary weapon yeah like when someone said he’s built you mean he’s built like a one by one Lego piece oh my God it’s a I got I got trolls trolls Mossy column it’s it’s it’s a legendary weapon what got me got a legendary weapon what got

Me it says legendary weapon the one that bro thinks he’s playing Minecraft Bro the one that got me though was I got knocked in fortnite from Cas of doing jumping jacks what are those giant water snake things called again sea serpents sea serpents I just they are not snakes bro they are [ __ ]

Monstrosities I found I just found two of them like flinging themselves in the air at each other yeah yeah yeah they [ __ ] D they duke it out bro yeah their models are [ __ ] whack and they do flips and [ __ ] okay then P5 messages he gets are crazy it is

Bro I think he got like K Mar heard Marik heard ques he was like time to tune in true no I just I I I I get his uh Clips in my [ __ ] YouTube shorts I get it in my Tik toks yeah I’m get my Instagram reals just like bro this guy’s

Funny I want to actually why do we all use different I get my case of clips from Google Giggles shut the [ __ ] up Google Giggles shut [ __ ] up about Google Giggles Google Giggles you know I had to BR there was a Google Giggles Google Giggles Facebook Smiles I I think there

Was a message it was like Spider-Man too fat to leave home or something like that to Fat to leave home yeah or something like that I can’t remember exactly what it was qu’s Community is crazy bro like ban this guy I’m gonna make a social media platform just be you on that holy

[ __ ] I like how think it’s all real I like how when like his messages get too crazy he’s like all right I’m I’m cutting the stream off and he never does Nick have you have you watched have you watched him do would you rather are fire oh oh the ones where

Like he like ranks food and [ __ ] yeah SM when I watch watch those and we actually got engaged bro yeah that’s awesome bro son yeah bro I agree with him yeah the sun is uh bro I agree with him that that chicken sandwiches are the best kind of

Chicken in my honest opinion I’ve not I have not seen the sun in so long I hate the sun I hate the sun I should start digging Stone so I can make a stone g g thoughts on his own hate him I hate him I hate him ha I hate

Son I get them from YouTube and Twitter true Awesome YouTube shorts that’s I only I only watch YouTube shorts and Instagram reals I stopped doing shorts because it’s just creating an inactive subscriber count for me hold on it’s like no no no no no no no no no no no no no I

Was saying Nick it’s like did someone lose a boat I was yeah I lost I lost several Josh those boats might be some of mine I died there I I lost several watch out for Sirens it just felt like uh when I uh Nick Nick Nick Nick I know I know what

You’re gonna say so like Nick Nick you literally sound like it’s like no I just when I hit 2,000 I felt like I feel like I didn’t hit 2,000 being inactive no oh my God no it’s cuz it’s like shut the fu so it’s like it’s like you’re being no help to

Me you do is giving me that sub shut the [ __ ] up no but just when I hit 2000 it didn’t feel it’s like it doesn’t even feel like I’m hitting 2000 when I hit 2,000 didn’t feel like cuz you’re giving me that sub but like it’s no help to me

Oh I can’t talk today you’re not they’re being inactive no I was just getting sub like I would I would I I would prefer to get subs no help to me all giving me that sub I forget Subs to streams not shorts cuz it’s like you grow with your streams

Though yeah how do you think queso grew Tik Tok I found another boat I I found three boats I’m going to go get food I’m going to beb but I’m not going to leave the game like a little what is this they doing pretty good

Nice um what’s this what what is this I oh I see it’s a siren okay I I didn’t know what was happening I told you watch out for Sirens yeah don’t worry they’re they’re not that lethal they just pull you towards them but when you get there just [ __ ]

Run can I kill them or you can kill them if you have have armor oh I got it I killed her cool tie me to the MK oh yeah cuz pirate ships y Nick mongi how’s that post office job treating you lately is it going

Good don’t know what it is but I’m just pumped for work tomorrow I’m loving it man that’s awesome dude I’m happy for you I found shiny I got shiny bro Josh is bued by everything that he’s getting oh Josh there’s a fart button there’s a what there’s a fart

Button why smash where I found your grave you can loot it one one of those Graves has has my old like my old stuff like I had like a decent amount of iron and [ __ ] like three pieces of wood in it yeah some of those graves are throw

Away Graves so and there’s just most of them are thr away Graves cuz I was just trying I was trying to I was on a quest to get all my [ __ ] back and then and then Nick’s fat ass appeared and killed me I did oh oh yeah the dragons

Yeah why are you hide for work tomorrow um dick mongi what’s tomorrow this copper or copper is mostly for uh th craft and glasscraft it’s not used for the use that it’s used in current Minecraft that zombie has gold armor [ __ ] off what’s your he has a name ishar the odd ishar the

God back up so it’s like please please oh my god get the [ __ ] out anyways Nick so it’s like you’re being no help to me dude me let me equip my [ __ ] Shield real quick back up how much health do you have I’ve hit you like a thousand times

How much health do you Have oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh my God it’s a good thing I died right nearby a cave my pickax just went like Porky Pig and was like similar to what you you are right now bro foxy that that thing is [ __ ] just wrecked my [ __ ] cuz he has so much

Health why am I why am this a [ __ ] legendary weapon like bro unironically how much health did that did that bro have what the hell is that thing all these things me when to play a Minecraft mod I’m scared because I don’t want to die

And I want to lose all my stuff you’re too young to die you don’t lose your it goes to a grave Stone I know but I don’t bro imagine imagine an Enderman knocks you into the void and you’re gravestone at the bottom of the Void you can get it but good luck

[ __ ] ever getting that [ __ ] God that’d be so messed up I was about to I’m about to say like the likelihood of me ever what is no no no fire no oh my gosh go away what I don’t know what the hell just shot fire at me but I’m sure is

Something I don’t want to see ever again how much health do you have gold armor isn’t that good holy [ __ ] dude I killed him I killed him I killed him killed him I killed him W bro drop mending two for gold legging that’s actually good I never knew this was a mending two

Protection 7 what the [ __ ] is oculate aversion is that better than my current diamond leggings yeah it is putting those on yeah I forgot I forgot mods cuz isn’t in regular Minecraft it only goes up to five right what were you saying bro g g i got leggings that have mending two and

Protection seven well they’ll only mend if you have them in your hand oh yeah true how was it not night time how is it not night time and I also got oculate aversion 2 whatever the [ __ ] that is is you mean a Colt yeah whatever that whatever that

Is it’s like ctist and [ __ ] holy [ __ ] Bro dude’s hacking for real I got a gold piece of armor like your legs mine was a helmet that’s awesome dude he your legs I’m I’m finally getting ironed guys shut up I finally hunkered down and I can play the game

Holy [ __ ] shut up okay John maren I’m literally am John maren i i l hunkered down finally do your do your best John Marson impression right now I forgot what fat ass fake fan fake fan F it’s been a [ __ ] minute no no no no what the [ __ ] or is that [ __ ] Nick

Nick get high right now those Edibles taste like [ __ ] dude is this they tast they tastes like [ __ ] they taste like [ __ ] because why do you keep buying [ __ ] Eddies it’s cuz they’re potent as [ __ ] they’re loaded with [ __ ] that’s why they that’s why they taste like ass no

They’re not bro it’s Delta eight that’s ass what about Delta 9 Delta 9 is the is the real [ __ ] Delta 9 is the real [ __ ] and then Delta 10 is like your suicidal if you take it Delta 10 is like worse than Delta 8 no it’s not it’s way better really I

Tried it it’s better than Delta 9 copper [ __ ] up there’s copper ore and copper ore oh once for Forestry ones for Galacticraft yeah the one that’s for Galacticraft is also for th craft cuz they like they switch they match them together but I guess forestry is just

Too much of a [ __ ] to match together uh gck what is preserve curiosity for again holy [ __ ] it’s for tomcraft and like what is it like fully do if you remember research oh okay yo Nick Mong you got P you can join us what’s this how is it not night time yet I

Should have not mined that because it the stone axe broke it yo I’m level 9 and I have 11 XP no I meant uh wait n game Nick M wants to VC that sounds badass no saying do you have a PC you can join the Minecraft server if you

Want what are these fire crystals it’s open it’s open anyone Ser that it’s open to anyone in the community that wants to join as long as our PC can handle it those are for tomcraft Josh dud I wish I did damn I’m going to be on the on the moon

On the fifth stream probably Josh those are so common that you might as well just throw them away especially because you’re not going to do THC for a while what the crystals yeah yeah V I mean V crystals make some really cool um stone bricks though Josh they make stone bricks into black

Yeah they’re not just cool though they [ __ ] actually have a use you fat [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you wouldn’t know CU you’re [ __ ] clown clown they’re really cool no it’s pretty much it’s pretty much Black Stone essentially yeah one for like five years or I’ll buy you one I’m joking

Jack why would you why would you say something like that to be a joke that’s unironically toxic this diamond pickaxe just destroys obsidian wow wait you mean destroys like like you hitting a cobble that’s how fast it is it got an overpowered pickaxe I want dead dead

Dead dead dead what are the enchantments Island again it is uh efficiency five Fortune four and breaking five I thought you were going to say I want him dead dead dead dead dead I thought you were going to say efficiency 10 or something no I’m like holy [ __ ] yo Josh I’m unironically going

To kill you you would mine and you would mine like 10 blocks by then I can definitely I’m literally going to kill you I have no SP in my house to put it that’s fair enough you can always go for a laptop too laptops are just his pal

Like my Dad’s laptop that laptop they just got is stronger than my own PC holy [ __ ] is the laptop is stronger than your PC your PC’s ass bro a new get a new wife bro get a new wife it’s because it’s 5 years old holy [ __ ] the power the power the Power youer no [ __ ] you I’m a level 10 vampire I do what I want how you said that thing t l for he said is imp possible bro but bro’s doing it like it’s possible cuz I found the [ __ ] I found the [ __ ] um oh [ __ ] I don’t even have the chat

Bot up cuz I had to sign out on my account fatty fatty fatty the crystal fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fat fatty fatty fatty fatty fat F how do you make Sal spers do you make what spawners how do you make Sal onest again holy [ __ ] figure it out I got a

Zombie brain what yo does someone want diamond leggings no I do yo what you going to give me um cuz I don’t want them no more because these gold leggings are way better John Cena was naked at the Oscar no who the [ __ ] he wasn’t what you being dead serious you want

Proof you being dead smoking Ser who was naked at the Oscars John Cena John quina that sounds fake G check Twitter DMS holy [ __ ] I’m going to put all my ore in my backpack oh Josh you should definitely make a backpack it’s Soo just sent me bro just sent me a picture of

John C naked type in backpack on the on the on the ji why was he unironically naked uh you need four you need four leather uh Sleeping Bag gold ingot chest and backpack tanks if you want to make those you just click on them it tells you how

To make it but it’s you just get a better backpack it’s really useful cuz uh or you can just find a better back the ones that I found it has a more yeah you can do that as well you can uh it has more space than your inventory has a

Crafting table in it can sleep in it and it has a water supply too nice L the best backpack mod out there in my opinion kill yourself you’re already that do when I get a PC is hook my switch up to it and use my sister’s drawing Tabet since he’s willing to give

It to me and drawing lot lately maybe learn how to stream my friends as well that’s badass wait what do you mean dingdong what what’ you do dingdong ditching Nick Nick did you ever dingdong ditch ding ding dong gonna cut your ding dong what F I’m so fast bro ding dong

Ding dong I’m going to cut your ding dong no I know bro Geck what’ you do I’m so fast oh is your it’s your vampire stuff isn’t it yeah I’m going down the tree of maneuverability relatable I oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh my gosh I have three ocean three serpents please stop

Please please stop please stop please stop please stop please cop C cop C for your cry for your mommy cry for your mommy cry for mommy cry for Mommy I’m good I’m good I bro I dug down I dug down one block and fell down a [ __ ]

Hole cry for Mommy good thing I had a golden apple that [ __ ] gave me five Hearts instantly cry for mommy cry for mommy cry for every day buddy cry like little baby cry like a little baby go wa wa where yo Nick what are your cords

Fatty why do you want to know I’m underground I’m underground so you can’t really do that just give me your cords bro you really want to go that far yeah give me your cords 4,300 what else I’m not telling you I’m not telling you sounds like a little [ __ ] is scared

Dog you’re literally like a thousand level ahead of meis nobody’s become a vampire hunter yet to try to counter me cuz I could this instant kill any of you right now that that’s I’m gonna prove it by killing Smash bro I’m on my way to kill Smash Bro

Right now I’m on my way to kill smash BR right now oh my God you left the game [ __ ] off skeleton I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you hey Hate’s a strong word man is a strong word how a skeleton scaring me that there’s [ __ ] things like cave dwellers that are way scarier f a cave dweller I don’t know probably exists Neanderthal it probably exists shrite

Like the [ __ ] you talking about I I think I might add a werewolf mod just just to [ __ ] counter you there is a werewolf mod there’s clearly werewolves but can I become a werewolf that’s the real question fatty fatty why do you want to be a werewolf so bad the counter

You dick well you have to wait a year cuz you swar on your dick and ball I guess I have no dick and balls doesn’t matter anymore cuz I don’t I have a girlfriend so I’m good oh but you can’t piss D po Jer and I can’t come

[ __ ] [ __ ] dude dude what has happened to Dragon gaming streams in the past I think I had a super Golden Apple because I have fire resistance resistance and the Golden Arms that was a super Apple though I kind of I needed it in the moment bro these caves

Are he’s dead what the [ __ ] is that noise you these caves are like almost on the level of current caves but just not quite there what are you doing here it’s a strong word that’s toxic it is a strong word though is it is it bad that I don’t think it’s a strong

Word I think it’s kind of weak honestly what’s a what’s a glower I agree what’s a Gom kind of a m a midw honestly Gom where are you from BS of Plenty why stop making me blind what is it’s not me that’s that’s the bats is G [ __ ] with you yes he is

He’s he’s just flying in my my Fortress you have a you you built a fortress no he stole a fortress oh okay all right like you built the Fortress when what time did you you have build a fortress damn bro doesn’t care about my gift oh yo what’s up a zanai pickaxe

That’s from the a by the way you like this crafting table what you do my table I think it’ll come back down what what do you mean it come back down oh yeah it’s back down it came back down oh it’s up it’s up on the r

[ __ ] I misplaced it let me send it back up what the [ __ ] what the hell is that it’s a gravitite axe it makes any wood object go up G when are you going to do your build craft stuff when I [ __ ] become a level 15 vampire and then I can settle down

Settle down already it’s already back down here it’s already back down here Josh said bro said settle down when I hung hunker down yeah oh [ __ ] the sun’s coming settling down as long the words it’s now hunkering down yo Josh I guarantee I could beat

You in a foot race I know you can cuz you love feet in your mouth bro that’s besides the point I love feet I love feet in my mouth shut up you’re getting time out for talking sexually holy [ __ ] what it can’t be that bad should fight you but I shouldn’t as well

Me fight back fight back fight back fight back fight back fight back fight back he’s not fighting back fight Back bro what the [ __ ] are you fighting are you fighting like an innocent person no it was a [ __ ] white werewolf and he didn’t fight back at all maybe he was just trying to be your friend maybe he was like I know that this guy wants to be oh my

God is he fighting back is he fighting back no dude there’s something that guy was holding a pillar ni Nick that guy’s easy that guy’s easy are you in the cave I was in I’m at 4,000 brother he’s 4,000 blocks away smash br oh my God oh my God

That guy’s easy he is oh just looks menacing looking at stream that’s cheating cheating chea I like three of them how many [ __ ] Zombies is there a zombie spawner down there or something dude cuz zombies are spawning [ __ ] very rapidly zombies are spawning with this dick in your mouth little bro yummy let me get all these [ __ ] uh glow shrooms they look cool what the [ __ ] you doing Josh so

This guy this guy’s easy you said MTH bro why are you going down the stairs you just jump into the water yeah you’re going up the stairs like you know why won’t you just fly like me [ __ ] [ __ ] get and get hit like you every time

I try to convince you to become a vampire I get hurt that that zombie is [ __ ] smart why is there babies zie push me off the ledge I was actually going to do it I was so tempted br’s burning sand what do you need glass or something yeah I’m going

To make I’m going to roof put a roof over this I just gave you some free glass oh thank you I’m going to get the I’m going get the cave Del to [ __ ] fight this zombie Eve dweller I always know exactly where you’re going to go bro I’m a god of the

Game wait hey buddy help me fight him wait no bro I can literally [ __ ] win this without even fighting I just got to make the zombie jump off the edge like several times what the [ __ ] are you yapping about oh my god dude he broke my [ __ ] sh oh my

God [ __ ] fire what the [ __ ] [ __ ] fireant [ __ ] off oh bro foxy found a [ __ ] worm dude [ __ ] fire rant quit it how you the game I’m going to bed oh yeah true you’re going to bed a Budd my name was purple even when I left

The game holy [ __ ] all all right you left I can join back yet I forgot you you going to kill me I wasn’t actually going to Bro thought he was being serious was like you think I was being serious Smash Bro half serious why would I ever kill you I’m

Literally training a zombie like a called to these zombies right now bro I’m watching stream what the [ __ ] Emily the feeble yeah bro they Dro really good [ __ ] who the [ __ ] is that guy over there is that werewolf down here you want her to [ __ ] on you ooh I beat

Her [ __ ] off zombies there’s so many zombies down here dude all right what’ you drop anything good oo see see Pals see Pals pal pal pal all right before I fight you I want to see what this is Nick I have a legendary weapon bad

Ass what is it it’s a [ __ ] it’s one of the trolls pillars that’s awesome reminds me of a certain someone I know bro holy [ __ ] I I I won the game you won the game imagine winning this helmet has oculate aversion 2 mending three Unbreaking 8 fire protection

8 you’re hurting me stop it hurting me stop it ho bro I to rejoin just to say you stop saying oculate it’s a c holy [ __ ] [ __ ] Bro g g g g g listen what this guy says when I hit Him when I hit him he says stop it you’re hurting me that’s toxic stop it you’re hurting me that’s toxic stop it but G I have I have you see my overpowered [ __ ] stop saying it’s Ault Avion Unbreaking p stop hurting that’s so stupid stop hurting

Me he gave me his gold sword too I’m fighting you now bro oh you’re doing no damage he’s doing no damage to me at all okay you do a little bit damage there buddy what do you mean these guys are easy they’re not easy I need to learn what ocular version

[ __ ] Ault AV verion G’s going to join back he’s going to join back so Josh what do you think of the mod pack so far so far it’s pretty cool obviously I don’t know everything about this thing but pretty cool I killed a cave troll holy

[ __ ] is that part of Fire and Ice probably Fire and Ice God damn what’s that thing oh it’s another [ __ ] one try to make a so how how do I make the backpack gold ingot glass tanks four leather a sleeping bag bag and uhing bag and what else [ __ ] um and a

Chest someone need the crafting table all this can CRA a bag or what you can it’s not showing me all you need is uh is uh three two white wool and one one red wool where did all the zombies come from there’s like 10 I mean he More Level more level for

Me but where the [ __ ] do they come from that’s like 10 holy [ __ ] all right back to our fight what does he drop what is that trolls Hammer is that what you have M bro what is that what you have the trolls Hammer no I have the the the mossy

Column I have a legendary weapon holy [ __ ] it does 16 damage but its attack speed is very slow yeah [ __ ] let me use it real quick and see what it [ __ ] does no no no no holy [ __ ] that thing is slow as [ __ ] but it’s

Strong how big is it in my hand holy [ __ ] it’s big get bed o ooh I want to get the troll tusks where the [ __ ] are zombies coming from is there a zombie spawner somewhere how about you look I don’t cuz my pick broke and I want to go back

Up wait I literally can mine some oh wait no I want to make an iron pick and I and the backpacks don’t come with a furnace Sly imagine if you could make could cook stuff in your backpack I’m pretty sure there’s one that can do that huh here’s what I’m looking

For I think it’s called the coal one but you put but but you probably need to provide provide your own fuel which is easy if you’re caving what to get rid of R tus Bo yeah I’m going to go down there and see what’s up what’s up

Danger see that oh there is a zombie spawner what’s good the fck that was my be aie this looks so fake I’m I’m literally like just holding left click with the hammer and it’s just going disintegrate in three two one oh yeah it didn’t even break [ __ ]

Off let me let me craft a [ __ ] uh some sticks real quick and throw them out then make a wooden pickaxe real quick yeah and me put all my resources in my backpack all right wooden pickaxe you’re done buddy you’re done you’re done I broke the spawner all right I guarantee there’s

Another chest in here behind all this gravel holy having a party back there Jesus what you have to SM bro huh you you still caving no I got out oh okay what you doing Josh I’m melting uh sand for glass melting sand bro it’s becoming a crazy person it’s called smelting I’m joking

Melting melting potato potato I guess I’m going to be meeting uh at ComicCon uh [ __ ] I accident closed Minecraft Comic Con next uh next week uh Josh nice I guess who no I said guess um I’m the voice actor for Spider-Man on the uh amazing the attack like Spider-Man show oh

That’s cool and mostly and oh yeah and uh the voice actor of Joe Swanson hey Peter that’s great kind of was F went as well but if he doesn’t what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] I wanted to go I want to

Go to um to the Dallas Fan Expo this year but I can’t because money and the timing but oh my gosh there’s so many cool um celebrities there is cuz yeah oh my God my both the voice actors for oret Peter Coen and um hold on what’s the

Other one’s name I forgot to let me know who those who they are cuz I do not know that name at all Peter colen and Frank Welker the voices of Optimus Prime and in Megatron are going to be there oh wait from the movies or from the cartoon the well

Peter Cen and megat Peter colon and Frank have both uh been the voices of Megatron and and Optimus for pretty much almost the entire time yeah baby all about I got two name tags that’s awesome though but they are the originals that’s awesome dude yeah I’m

Jealous that I’m not going to be able to go but hopefully they they’ll be there next year I don’t know got two name tags I can name my Cardinal Twisted whenever I get him all right time to [ __ ] head back I want to go down further what the are you okay

Okay that’s a that’s a lion that’s black and has wings yeah not fighting him I think he’s stuck in there though coochie coochie coo he he’s stuck in there easy what do he drop oh ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow what he drop chitt black what is that

For oh yeah also cave scorpion armor holy [ __ ] Marissa to tomai the uh the actress who played uh a May in for Tom Holland Spider-Man she’s going to be there well that’s kind of ow I need to stop jumping in that [ __ ] poison Gian Carlo is going to be there

Who is that I’m sorry I don’t I just don’t know these names it’s okay um uh MO what’s [ __ ] uh from from the Mandalorian and Breaking Bad you have something I want Breaking Bad don’t Breaking Bad oh I never watch Breaking bag so yeah he’s yeah he’s in Breaking Bad as Gustavo

Fring there’s also juna’s sum uh chewy he’s also who play chewy what is that thing Adam Savage I don’t know I wish it was Adam Sandler won’t want to meet Him you do like three ow ow okay I’m going back up to my house you know who who Adam Savages no not a he’s one of the original Mythbusters oh that’s awesome oh he’s the one with glasses if you oh actually they both had glasses never

Mind he’s the one that didn’t wear the hat who’s the guy that voices uh Anakin again uh Hayden Christensen I hope he actually voices shadow that would be cool plays as Anakin voices is like voice whoa buddy whoa you’re going a little crazy there you’re going a little

Crazy on me there stop stop stop stop stop keep D oh ow ow ow ow ow I need to stop walking in the [ __ ] poison dude David’s going to be there oh my gosh bro who’s that he’s the voice of uh Dr facilier from from uh from uh

Princess and the Frog I need to stop [ __ ] jumping in the poison Nick he’s also the voice of of one of the characters from from hasman hotel too oh at my ComiCon literally every voice actor from that show is going to be there [ __ ] oh man yeah in

Richmond have you watched H been Hotel no nor do I really have any desire to want to watch it damn it’s a really good show does it have a plot or is it just oh yeah or is it just like a new plot every episode like like Family Guy no

It’s it’s a it’s got a plot it’s um it’s a musical but it’s uh but in my opinion I’m not I’m not a fan of of musicals just told me that they overuse the f bomb way too much I mean they live in hell so what do you expect what I get hold

On trolls axe I have a trolls Axe and a trolls Hammer that’s cool though I I might watch it someday I’m going to go to bed I love love dreller who’s that you never watched Princess and the Frog probably I probably have bro what’s that noise dude oh as I am o oh

Oh oh oh oh oh that’s a ghost can I kill it he’s dead holy [ __ ] he’s dead [ __ ] go away hey bro get I I have a trolls hammer and a trolls axe how big this [ __ ] is in my hand all right I think I’m going to head off of

The night damn all right there you go what what the [ __ ] just happened what the [ __ ] just happened geek you saw that right geek’s not here he’s in chat though uh never mind oh gck what the [ __ ] what happened everything was all hunky dory and then random explosion Activate let me join back in CU I accidentally closed Minecraft I’m I’m going to come back to back to this C I need to stop doing that stop stop stop yo what’s up angel sword how you doing bro I’m I’m going to go back up top before I [ __ ] die oil explodes sometimes

Oh and that was just the most in oh hey that’s that’s that’s that’s that’s good for uh that that’s silicone that’s for um th that’s for uh that’s craft oh Minecraft is good yeah bro my uh my mod pack is [ __ ] awesome you’re one baring Smash Bro what you’re one baring just adds

Up they’ll probably be adjusted later okay where’s the hole that I fell through to get down here I fell through a certain hole oh I don’t want to fight anymore I have a troll hmer you’re dead literally dead being a life bro y I appreciate that dude you’re

Awesome it’s so so dumb dude where’s the hole I fell through dude Nick read the guests that I mentioned that are coming ComiCon in Utah Paul Williams is Coming Anthony Davis actor C3PO is coming that’s awesome dude Anthony Davis and uh what else Paul Williams also coming who’s Paul Williams I’m sorry I just don’t know these names where’s that hole I fell through dude my way back home oh there it is let’s build up he’s from Muppet movie

Badass that’s badass oh Nick what good speaking of movies did you see Mario movie 2’s happening I mean there was that in credit scene so it was kind of bound to happen but yeah but but it got officially announced yeah I watched the Mario Day announcement M see if there was a trailer

For that year well it was just a release date which that was all I really wanted we’ll probably get more gameplay of it in the direct or that that is if it comes before the cope bro so this guy is just going to stay this is the guy I just killed and

He’s just a statue Nick want to meet Mass Mera one day bro what there there’s like a bunch of [ __ ] screenshots of the game I know like beautiful but like I want to see like uh what do I want to I want to see uh

Them do uh at this point at this point I’m doubting if there’s at this point I’m doubting that there’s going to be new content there really should be new content I don’t I don’t think there will be but even even if there’s not I’m fine with it because housing door is already

A great game yeah I’ll still get it regardless yeah I know I I paid [ __ ] 120 for the original and it was worth it I got mine back when I was a kiddo yeah kiddo did you see that the box art is based off the Japanese box art yeah I love

That where’s my furnaces they’re right here Bo yeah I can finally where’s my oh oh my Coal’s right here my backpack also also I finally I tried to I tried to srank S Baker again today how’d that go I made it to the third phase for once immediately got hit damn that’s

Crazy but I made it it’s progress yeah I’m progress is better than no progress yeah there’s two different types of 10 why oh well I’ll do it now what else do I have I have copper and copper but but I I I was I was going to

Say about the the Mario day thing we we all know what the most excit what the most hype announcement was we all know what it was remake no not even close silly Dr Mario without color oh yeah the Game Boy games why the yeah come on come on Nick why why aren’t

You hyped for Dr Mario without color Dr Mario without color is insane that’s what it is it’s for the Game Boy why why the [ __ ] why the [ __ ] is dy not doing the first Mario man huh what you say why the F why the [ __ ] aren’t they adding the first Mario

Land they forgot about Mario Land one they sure did they sure didly did I really want to make a backpack it’s easy you do you not have gold I have I have a few things of gold I only have two gold ingots bro I took all that

Damage against that troll right mhm and I there’s like no damage was to taken on my uh leggings is that a bear yeah it’s a cocaine bear dude I do cocaine cocaine bear assassinated oh that’s why cuz these tins are two different types of [ __ ] tin I hate

That so much it’s literally annoying but most of my gold is in one of the graves and and that and that grave is really close to two dragons just get good at game [ __ ] you I’m going make a chest that has all of my ores elbows

There my iron my copper why I put my crafting table iron copper our crafting tables replaceable or are crafting tables replaceable there’s lots of crafting tables get you get a crafting table um and the backpack too where I’m still waiting on the sharting table bro was a cult aversion to I’m

Going to look that up real quick ow yers what was it called again oh whose grave is this AV verion two magic damage dealt by and of the user is reduced oh pretty good that’s it that’s [ __ ] do it Rob but fire protection 8 is insane like unironically insane

Okay I I I need to add levels to my skill book I have four levels what level up stealth no what was prospecting potential to double or harvest hell yeah I’ll get that I have two levels what’s stone cutting inrees Stone harvesting Speed treasure hunting Ram chance of digging up treasure from dirt that’s really cool looking Speed Shift right click on with the hands to BL find furnace to you awesome I’ll go get my old stuff back mainly for my gold what you up to Foxy are you in the between l or something I’m

Joking okay um I should cook these raw frog most We Gather materials my home [ __ ] that’s a sea serpent that’s a sea serpent leave me alone I’m good p with you buddy I’m good I’m good p with you buddy leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone his name is cuddles

I was scared of cuddles damn what cuddles do to him [ __ ] you you’re scared of cuddles too yeah I know we all scared of cuddles do we all have bed by the way no okay if you want to sleep I’ll leave no you’re good I need to smelt my crap anyway Nick

I’m Nick I’m going to steal your food all leave okay laugh oh oh that’s that’s that’s not the life I’m expecting holy [ __ ] when you when you cook frog legs you you get jump boost three when you I think GE pointed that out on the first

Stream he did I just he did but I just didn’t have it now I’m experiencing I’m like this is cool this is really cool the [ __ ] is that so is Minecraft going to be a Sunday series pretty much okay I’m kind of paying $50 a month for this

[ __ ] [ __ ] off [ __ ] off yeah yeah yeah I get your just have a shield now [ __ ] remember when you’re like okay guys I’m only going to stream three days a week then I broke up yeah now and now and now we’re now you’re no this is like

The first time this like the first time you’ve done all seven days in the week yeah in my entire streaming career yep holy [ __ ] cuz you always had every OG OG’s only remember when Dragon gaming was off on Fridays yes yes true and real yeah don’t forget true and

Real for some odd reason why why what were you thinking of doing why you C smash on Thursday cuz I would spend time to kill on Friday e then that switch to Thursday chicken pop I mean that switch to Friday and Thursday was chicken po pie yeah chicken

Pop pie and Lara Burton is the host of Reading Rainbow what’s Reading Rainbow also should be be done now 11:30 12301 yeah it’s been 4 hours I think it’s been 4 hours should be BBS kid show okay if the if this [ __ ] dragon is still here I I say I’ve only been live

For 2 and 1 half hours can someone do up time because of your lag oh yeah yeah yeah this [ __ ] dragon is still here I swear three hours and 59 minutes yeah R the ri it pretty much get your want to get your ship first oh

I’m near my ship I don’t want to crack it open just yet crack up in a cold one [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] no no I don’t want to crack it open I don’t want to crack it open nope nope no no no no no no no no no no no no no

No no no no get away from me get away from me leave me alone you you never saw me you never saw me you never saw me leave me alone leave me alone put all this [ __ ] in here um name tag wood actually I’ll keep some wood on

Me I really want to explore this land but your fat ass is here my chest won’t close oh there we go okay golden sword oh another quartz another quartz can go in the ore chest you can end off here if you want hey foxy are you at a good stopping point just

Curious you can make Forest troll leather leggings and it does minus 20% projectile damage I can actually one two three four one two I need two more to make that oh mind bridge at home I’m pretty much infinite food as long as I can find zombies bro doesn’t want to get into

Pams I’m going to cry that’s my job I’m going to get into pams too as well no that’s my job you can’t do it damn going to cry now um disc that that that nope I’ll keep seeds on me I should also make some uh rid of

That Al said he’s got to get out of a cave I don’t know if you saw that all right have sticks put my iron back in or we make a few iron picks actually like how like this time I’m like doing regular Minecraft before I jump into the mods

Um I’m GNA leave here I’m at a pretty safe spot all right know you can keep playing right yeah I know if you want to I know cuz I’m going to keep playing I think I’m aware all right let me put these iron ingots away okay dirt can stay booah

Booyah but do I have any ores in here yeah I have that have Gold that’s probably Useful Amber iron all right cool put all that Amber in there let me clear out my freaking uh backpack and put all my random items chest until I actually find a good find a like a good storage system I was just looking to [ __ ] get a house built and

Made you say hold on foxy is talking in chat I’m probably going to have to continue later cuz I’m stuck underground I need to mark my cave that I went to where’s my cave that I went to [ __ ] that cave is so good please please please please please

Where my where’s my cave at [ __ ] y what’s up cocaine I’m going to get a bear name a cocaine bear you’re the greatest film ever made I’m I rock that film was so [ __ ] no you’re wrong was there someone really famous in it that died recently what’s good spider how you

Doing the creator of Dragon Ball no can bear oh Ray Yoda that was that was a while ago though yeah I know holy [ __ ] do hammer one shot spiders I kind of want to get another one so I can combine them to make him like a full Hammer oh it one shots

Creepers I love this thing modern Minecraft is so fun I’m glad I I chose this bom cuz it’s small but not too small it’s not huge either fck I really should have [ __ ] marked uh can you make L Stones you can a warp Stone oh you need emeralds ender eyes and purple dye

I want to find my cave before I end off stream so I know where it is when I end off it’s not that cave I know it’s nearby I have it lit up what’s up bear how you doing bro you’re baby bear you’re not the cocaine bear cocaine bear is brown right yeah

He’s brown he’s a brown bear bear ohar where’s my cave dude oh my God I really should have marked it cuz there was so much [ __ ] in it that looks so good and delectable and yummy but Thunder was going to add a mod that lets you eat anything

Like you hungry for some dirt you can e dirt oh my God where where is it is it this one right here can’t be right oh this is one oh yeah I found it moded Minecraft is so fun I hope I don’t get burnt out from

Doing seven days a week I feel like I’m going to get burnt out probably won’t see you made it out and back home badass I’m back to I’m back to the mine getting resources and [ __ ] back in Thea oh foxy foxy just give you a heads up you you can you can get on whenever you want you don’t need to only get on uh during stream but like let’s say like if you want to build something really cool I’m aware okay I’m I’m just letting

You know cuz I want to I I want you to feel like you can only play when it’s during stream cuz that’s that’s just not fair the server is like a realm kind of in a way that I pay a whole oh so I learned that Realms don’t support mods no

[ __ ] Mo Mojang will learn one day that mods are superior sure pretty sure they have already when will they learn oh dude dude bro dude bro dude wait I’m GNA I’m GNA well I’m going to go see you around all right see you foxy it was nice having you buddy pal

Amigo friend ever do do that to you did do did your friends ever do that to you when you were young like buddy pal when they did am migga they would stop the [ __ ] out of your back no remember my friends with that [ __ ] it was so annoying what is that ore

I’m curious what or this is calt ore what you doing in craft Smash Bro huh oh you’re not in anymore yeah I thought I thought you rejoined holy [ __ ] dude this cave is insane Roo so SM Prof finding those trolls is actually very beneficial if

You get a full set of their armor you’ll practically be Invincible to projectiles that’s badass I think I read that I to kill more of I think I read that the chest piece does uh 20 and the helmet does 15% yeah kill the trolls is definitely [ __ ] worth

It and they’re not even that strong okay I’m going to end end off before I [ __ ] end up going for 15 hours just like that one time that was so in like I’m that’s that’s literally what I’m in my zone right now and I’m not going to end if I keep going

I was in my zone that day bro let me make sure I remember where this [ __ ] cave is let’s put a little marker on there on here like like a dirt Tower that’s good enough let’s go to my house yo Mor when you get a p a laptop

Or PC you should join so we can hear you scream I’m joking that’s so toxic so we can hear you scream yo there’s a chicken in my house that’s cool what’s good bro I guess he lives with me now now say when like unironically like you should like whenever whenever you get a

PC join us okay I think me I think the mod makes mending uh work without having to use it because earlier my helmet had a like a health like the durability bar and now it’s no longer there chicken chicken okay all right boys anyways I will see you guys tomorrow for

Skyward Sword I’ve been Dragon gaming this is Miss Mao and I will see you guys the next one peace Dr Mario without the color

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    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- https://discord.com/invite/MMyqmYWNpj Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More