Fuslie’s EPIC Minecraft Adventure Begins!

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Um now I swe I felt this Stin R in my Are you still there are long I sing a a tiny rolls Around Heart Hello hi everybody hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hi chat hello hi Moz thank you so much hello okay hello where have you been PS we miss you okay PS is crazy that’s what me and my ex used to call

Each other went from pokes to Pooky I feel like Pooky is actually a pretty common nickname that like people do no I feel like maybe it is um hello hi everybodyy sa hello um loely hello jez hello hello squeak is Pooky don’t okay don’t say that don’t say that don’t say

That that’s weird what do you mean squeaky is spooky uh DC thank you for the five months I know sorry guys I went for three days okay I didn’t expect to do three days but what ended up happening is that well my parents and

Then I wanted to do I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done yesterday and then I had random meetings in the middle of the day and then I was just like you know what e it and then I got addicted to TFT and I’ll tell you it’s what happened

Okay um I said I’ve been playing TFT okay I it started with one game I tell you guys when I play TFT it’s bad okay but I am climbing the ranks I am kind of insane okay I go I go uh a little let’s see what am I playing punks easy okay I

I nailed punks already so now uh I’m teaching young Padawan um LM how to do punks and he beat me yesterday I went um country bruisers yesterday then I did KDA it was a disaster okay and because the whole headliner thing that was confusing to me um but then I did um

I’ve been learning emo spell Weavers as well kind of cracked Annie she’s oh and amumu I mean amumu is my goat okay you throw a little gargoyle stone plate plus um adaptive Helm and a uh warmogs you throw them in the middle unkillable unkillable sorry okay so I’ve been

Playing TFT I won’t lie honestly I’m not a huge fan of the set like but I don’t hate it I know some people some people say they hate it but I’ve been uh I’ve been enjoying it I mean I enjoy TFT every time I try um anyways I have no idea what she’s

Saying right now it basically I started TFT okay and I was still I was getting a lot of stuff done yesterday okay I was doing a lot of things um I was being productive I was being a productive girly okay I got some cool stuff I commission some art um some music

Updates working on well I’m work the song with Nico rain I it’s almost almost almost done um um I had a meeting about another the other song I’m working on potentially doing some stuff about that planned uh worked on the Minecraft server studied Minecraft okay I I studied for uh for

The server that’s starting today if you guys missed it sorry I forgot to announce it here but I assume people know but we are we are doing another Minecraft server and um I know a lot of people are going to be like oh okay it’s

Going to last what a week it’s going to be really okay whatever okay it lasts however long it last I don’t understand why people are so hung up on this idea that like it has to be like this like you can’t play Minecraft unless it’s like a a forever thing like bro

Minecraft is fun when it’s fun and then when it’s not fun you stop playing it and you go back to another thing until you want to play it again people are so weird I I don’t get it I don’t get it so what if you play Minecraft for a day

Then you play Minecraft for a day did you have fun yeah cool or maybe you didn’t and you move on to the next thing it is so weird it is so weird yeah so it’s like I mean I definitely going to play more than a day for sure but it’s

Like say I did only play today okay maybe it’s like what a bummer move on on um but some people are like don’t play Minecraft unless you’re going to commit to this thing for for months or months we’re not the qsm we are we are just

Kind of like this is a lot like there’s not a lot of rules around it we we have mods but things aren’t like fully balanced I haven’t been on the server yet um I had input on it of course um but minimal in terms of I don’t have

Very much mcraft knowledge so the mods are all going to be new to me as well I I don’t know what the mods are um except except a couple I did a little bit of research I I looked up uh a create mod tutorial yesterday just so I could try

It out this time and I saw a really cool coffee shop one anyways yeah we’re variety does it also some people are saying April’s dge I put it in the description beforehand April’s not dge okay she’ll wake up when she wakes up okay she might even wake up like the

Same amount okay I probably won’t for the next couple days because Minecraft but maybe I’ll like sneak in a little bit here and there um tonight I have to go to a birthday party Rey’s birthday party so um that’s not till night he he it’s like it’s all at a venue and

Everything so um that’s later so I’ll I’ll be streaming all day until then and then I’ll go um probably just to peek in hello and then you know um anyways uh Tan’s not dead maybe she is you have to ask lwig okay he killed it it’s over uh will you

RP in Minecraft too yeah I think so I have no plans in terms of RP Direction um I just know that I do want to like check out a lot of the mods there’s a coffee shop mod I’m really um I always kind of go towards like the food and

Maybe some of the cute stuff lighting and housing and there I I think there’s a hospital I might make a hospital um maybe make a stage I don’t know if I’ll be the mayor again but maybe I’ll be like some sort of event planner maybe I’ll go door to door I

Want to establish a lot of things in the city though I do um anyways yeah stage for a talent show I’m the first I’m going to just be diving in and seeing what the heck we can even make and then I’ll like see the direction we can go

But I don’t have like a a lot a lot of things planned I’ll be honest but that’s kind of Minecraft I kind of just like even GTA that’s just kind of like hop in and then like get inspired anyways um it is open it is open and so we’re going to do the

Thing we’re going to go in I think there’s two people in it already oh my God there’s two people in it already sickos sickos sickos oh my God they joined first I have to set my key binds and everything I didn’t leak anything I could be the event planner I

Can go door to door I need to fix chat sorry fosly and blow will RP everyone else will run away not Janet not Janet oh my God oh my God I’m late there’s 15 people people in here who is 69 come God oh my God ow oh [ __ ]

No okay okay okay okay okay stop it stop it stop it truce truce truce truce truce okay set up I know what no no no I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know what I’m doing next okay microphone chat mic next speaker system next um push to

Talk next finish that up oh my God oh my God oh my God build here hello look hello oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy we’re here oh I don’t like this who

The [ __ ] ow don’t J why’d you do that you looking at Me dude I hit you one time my sh are on right shers are on we’re looking good okay hi Ryan Yes you guys want to kill Abe when he gets here yes can I have an orange let’s make let’s make swords and just demolish can I have an orange oh

Yeah wait you already started oh what the [ __ ] is this we’re setting up the wait why do you have stuff you already started getting stuff dude I’ve harvested I’ve harvested Peppers all the fruits and [ __ ] make a sword or axe okay how do I emote so there’s like there’s

Like barely anything here emot oh my God there are so many seeds uh let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see I thought they lowered that oh my God peaches vacuuming you know what they’re starting I’m get away you can’t be the only farmer I think this is Steve you can’t

You can’t just take the trees he wants me to farm it for him this is so modded click here in chat for the emotes click here in chat for the emotes here it’s not working click here in chat emotes client okay what to figure out that we to figure that out um

Oh I can put my Pokemon music on Finally okay oops hey can you hear can I yeah I hear you Steve hey hello I heard you for like a Split Second hello can you hear me now yeah I heard you for like he back the [ __ ] off my tree what are you doing wait what

What are you doing I thought you you were saying wa you were saying with your body language to come get I thought you were doing it for me like a friendly I hadn’t I had even an inkling that you were near me and I started I was just

Trying you know what I thought it was like a friendly gesture let’s start off right okay yeah I’m sorry uh but you can’t have the tree okay I’m sorry that that you’re a mean person I’m sorry too okay and that’s final there’s time to change Steve you don’t have to be this

Person okay I’ll go find a different tree and give me your tree trunk are you serious okay let me just figure out how to drop it GE Taco is that you is everybody already playing or what’s going on you did the right thing me dies in the process the process of

What people I don’t know exploring here ye here ye oh God no no you’re okay fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine she’s going to say she’s mayor noon I’m changed I’m different I’m not mayor I’m not mayor I’m not mayor I’m not mayor not mayor I’m changed I’m changed I

Don’t need to be mayor I don’t need power are you sure you don’t want Authority I’m so I’m different I’m ready to serve you you don’t want everyone to listen to you from you just saying one word Leslie oh this sounds nice no I’m ready to serve I will be

Good serve huh yes I’ll build for people I’ll do your I’ll do I’ll do the work so slow I had on already I thought you were going to try to take what a freeloader find than so much can you can you guys hear me oh no the first crash the first

Head pop the first head pop of the fam SMP has happened classic LM spoke and the server crashed well well well not you going so GTA crazy um was that just me please say it wasn’t just me okay okay server crash server crash okay who Steve that’s crazy

Steve is Steve septic AKA lead singer of the band sugar and here’s a sample I Know a legend Really you didn’t know he did music oh man he does music and it’s good yes this is 69 come God in the server is that Steve from among us Correct honestly you see how when I deny mayor they want me to be mayor this is how it happens they’ll have to be by the end of it they’ll be begging me to be mayor I have to turn it down so much that they realize they need me it’s true

Yes oh my God what do you mean what else can we do so much I have a lot to offer I didn’t know the song was daeve honestly I feel that like it just for me it’s like like two separate people but then when I’m at karaoke he’s

Actually he’s like cracked and I’m like oh but he like disguises it as like he’s like not trying but then you can tell he can like hit those notes oh first death first death first death what the hell is this first death why do you look like

That why do you look like that what do you mean why do you look what do I look like what do I look like you look basic um wait what do I yeah you look like a basic bee oh wait how could I see my skin you

Look like Kirby ate a basic be alt f4 F5 oh go D it no way there’s just no way right there’s just no way he fell for that I actually didn’t think he did you make him all St well I I mean like the oldest trick in the book no um

He actually did’s not the brightest tool in the tool sh no no no no no please please please please I just want some coal please please no I’m going to die Just Some Coal please just one piece of coal okay okay okay fine I won’t take

The coal I won’t take the coal I won’t take the coal I’ll take and remind me of Hazel and Ollie Sho is Ollie bopping each other yeah yeah ow ow oh my gosh she’s crazy already I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die

I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going

To die I need fruits that’s not fruits fruits fruits fruits honestly this area isn’t bad we need to establish a town area for us though I need I need some things okay can I just eat this should be good right okay okay okay apples maybe I grab some of

Those and then grab a couple more apples and grab a couple more apples and grab a couple more apples and then grab a little bit of wood I’ll just yeah Apothic of fixes what is that what’s the head bobbing am I head bobbing oh you can bet your booty you

Can bet your booty there is um croptop this there’s pretty much every mod from before at least my health isn’t going up because I didn’t I’m not at full health okay okay I’m coming another talent show huh maybe does anyone want do you want it back here you go thank you so

Much settings is there um a head Bing thing options is that like a a feature controls is there a head bobbing thing guys yeah view bobbing is in video settings it’s like a box at the bottom that you just uncheck okay thank you yeah because it makes you it can make

You like [ __ ] motion sick sometimes that okay I’m going to set up a crafting table yes the mod pack is already available for you guys hello hello hello ma’am I love Kum what M he loves what come God come God come God said come God bro

Unhinged a lot of you you stole me oh my God it’s Steve I didn’t know how to change my name I’m so sorry oh yeah you didn’t know how to change your name but you changed your skin to nothing you’re just the regular skin dude wait what I’m

The regular skin to you I have a m i have a Minecon 2013 cape on what are you talking about is that not showing yeah the tape shows but the like okay I have all my tools my skin doesn’t show and then I need this okay Ulta for to check what you look

Like yeah oh yeah right oh thank God finally one but I’m not like there’s no way so long it took him so long there is no way crazy let’s make an axe how do we use the emotes guys uh is it ke and then at the bottom on the

Bottom look hello well well well hi I will never I will never never trust you again Jen I swear to God okay hi hi puns hi yellow where did where did I die oh uh what do you mean where did you die you act like you had so much on you I

You did you start with anything no no Pi up I don’t this the perfect time to kill you it’s time oh Jesus right I’m joking oh my gosh hi Tina hi Tina Tin Tin Tina Tina oh my God why does she look so small and cute so cute why do I

Look like this why do you look oh oh it’s a why do you look like thaty I miss you as well I I miss you too man I miss you oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God it’s a good single player pack

Definitely definitely oh no I’m so hungry where’s the P it’s going to be sick um how do I want lower my menu okay I need to learn my hot keys I don’t know all right guys I’m attending a birthday party but I’ll be back in like an hour okay

Fun fun I just wanted to say hi to everyone I wanted to make known that I’m here and saying hi thanks puns and now I have to go but I’ll be back goodbye bye pun Goodbye Oh that was the fastest entrance dis he really really didn’t want to play

It is there a link to the pack yes I think you just search uh in in FTB the app you search uh FTB present present Ryan fam do you have any tools yet does anyone know oh and the came there you go mod pack yo oh

My gosh I can do for you anytime you almost you’re going to kill me it’s tradition kill Sho no why me he makes a good point why me you got me poop why the [ __ ] thank you how I’m so sorry everybody my game was not emote

Y so if you press y go to click all emotes on the right bottom then click config [Laughter] emotes what did you just do no waye I’m dying how how you do that why okay press press y my and then go to all emotes click config emotes and then you can set your

Emote wheel oh my god let’s get down let’s get down yo where’s where’s out my for thler oh my God hello there’s no way hi oh my God okay hey guys how’s I fixed it I fixed oh my God you guys are dancing I’m Lally doing the quitty you’re so Skiy hi show see you here guys there no way hi is this where we fix our marriage yeah let’s Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter how do I turn down Vol [ __ ] voicey oh my God what are I’m running like Naruto I must save everybody hey you know don’t take this

Personally but how do I turn down people’s volume if you press specifically who Peter yeah pulling up some random information you look ridiculous get up oh my God you guys look ridiculous it’s a t it’s a TW oh yeah just it’s a TW wait you can

Report people in I don’t know how to save uh something like I want to report what what did I do Peter all these let’s see config emotes probably oh drugs or alcohol sounds okay back flip um is this dude wasted or over here um the ly let’s do okay I’m ready

Let’s do points that’s my one kill on pose and let’s do press y oh my God this is cool all this gum Styles here what oh you know what’s cool oh anyone so anyone can make their own emotes and then we can upload it onto the

Server no way so if any viewers want to make some funny emotes we can put it into the server maybe hey guys it’s lwig here today I give my Minecraft viewers my credit card for one whole hour me over here over here over here over here pick me pick pick

Me is this did something die this is awesome oh clapping T pose I don’t know if to pose is working oh what am I doing this is awesome yeah but it up what are you doing I’m being a gigachad if I can pick it up is it mine

Then um a I can’t pick it up is it this is amazing well yeah it’s mine my name over it yeah sorry this grave belongs to Camina please try again later but I can’t I can’t get it curup it says right click let’s see front flip gong style

Gigachad admin hands up we’ll have toest get gritty Whole New World ow stop Nar runs I don’t have any items sit on the edge holy crap are these things face pal take one I don’t want it cuz you’re going to kill me what is this what is this me okay

Crying oh oh my God don’t kill me if we had that [ __ ] I know this eett EA wait oh my God yeah sprays out s it’s open wait is how does it even like get inred this might be spawn that’s why yeah we can’t break these blocks what’s

It called it’s Opa no we can’t break them Family Guy death who who 69 come God yeah unal can you get rid of Spawn protection also can you oh my god there so many emot okay well it is for sure going to stay this I learn to change oh this is cute

Guys look at this one hey Ryan hello oh wait what why does it look so wonky wait what the before before we get into any [ __ ] I just want to say maybe start and turning over what even what is this skin what do you call it

It’s I’ll think about this wait you I want to be a I don’t want to be a snitch or anything but before when you were like hang out over there was talking about how he yeah he was talking [ __ ] he was talking hella [ __ ] I was not

Talking [ __ ] he was talking so much [ __ ] he was talking so no no this guy wasn’t even Ry Ito go around messing with the wrong [ __ ] I’m not messing with anybody I what youed the Olive Branch okay I’ll accept your Olive Branch for now there’s Mine okay [ __ ] off hello helloo okay hello I’ll take it you’re just pink to open fantasy just came out you okay you don’t like it tournament dude I’m stressed to be fair Peter you’re I think you’re the only one that pleas no Peter I feel you

Peter say it louder I feel you I feel you right with my Tek tournament you know oh oh oh let me know we’re is loud sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ready what are we ready for so so like how how are we starting like what well we need okay we

Need to pick a uh we need to pick a uh a town a place well a mayor may not yet unless you guys wait wait wait can we have everyone meet we we’ll officially we’ll officially start right now yeah yeah yeah oh my God oh my God wait wait

We should have a photo why are you naked Shrek I’m not naked Shrek ninja turle shut up Steve hey who am I not pink godam it okay you’re pink to me I don’t see it oh hey you look like Steve I don’t know if holy [ __ ] and

Steve looks like Steve too mhm oh ellum’s pink with red juice that’s what I’m saying kby guys oh I don’t know about Kirby just like a pink dude hello hi hello it’s wall it’s wall Minecraft Minecraft mcraft MRA we love we love we love we love hello other Turtle all

Right hello hello hello hello what the [ __ ] sh get his sh oh my God we’re fighting okay okay wait how do I get my Stu back bro he’s so bad at the game [ __ ] off can’t get my grave no no she’s fixing yes I can do the L watch

This sorry guys you can kill me sh kill me kill me kill me kill me you can I can’t give him the satisfaction I’ll I’ll him how come C doesn’t zoom in oh Z is GG GG’s good fight good fight good oh there’s grave

Whoa okay I I I com right click how do I God and key binds are so struggle okay um Let me let me uh zoom in on uh I don’t the mod seems amazing Abe good job thank you thank you um I want to make

Zoom SK Tre is insane yeah what is the SK how do you go into the skill tree what k k you press K there’s so many keybinds search Bott oh wait oh my God there’s a search bar controls keybinds and then it’s zoom zoom Withle oh no uh chat settings control toggle Zoom oh that’s with monocle this one okay perfect I like C for that okay c z is this oh then we can’t hear my thoughts what was I going to do I’ll figure it out yes I guess don’t hit bring back mayor fley

You dare hit Tina oh she’s already trying to be the mayor the sicko no okay okay is everybody here all right everybody’s here can we lay down sure sure everyone can lay down every everyone sit down get comfortable everybody oh hey guys get your sticky feet out of my face

I was already here thank you very much no I was here okay everybody welcome welcome to the start ofm I’m sorry the first hit you I have no idea how to it’s stting a lot of people that are going to be joining us that are not here right now

Um but uh yeah just a little disclaimer that there are going to be things that are going to be changed a lot so so um other than that enjoy your time and have fun where are we setting up town yeah where are we setting up where’s Town

Where’s home where you oh [ __ ] we’re going to move at the giant group and find a town oh boy well separ sugar I’m falling sugarcane okay um okay everyone follow Janet she knows oh wait wo wo why is way J you took the first did you take all theg

Responsibility us if you want to follow me you’re not getting any loot I’ll be real right now that’s actually true that’s actually sick that’s actually sick like like awesome sick well well no no yeah awesome sick for sure that’s awesome no it’s awesome it’s so awesome

So where’s Home guys where are we going for home guys what about here where we spawned is it not back to no okay fine okay just shut me down I don’t even know what bioms are in this mod um oh lots of biomes wait why to where we what happened

Oh me farming dirt we drowning out here what is this what is this where did they all go wait everyone’s spread I feel like we’re oh God don’t worry just open the the map and you can see where body is oh wa they’re kind of going backwards

To where we there’s a nice bit of land like in the middle from where we were okay okay that’s a white puff balls okay this way let’s go where do you guys like living um I like living in a nice area with with water nearby oh hello how do I make my

Mini map larger oh that’s a great question AB yeah true I also need to do that oh yeah so oh you’re farming for me figure it out I know you can you got this you got this you’re good at this stuff okay waiting I’m waiting you got

This I don’t know I don’t know how I don’t know how anything Works uh we need to make your house or we don’t give a [ __ ] no no wait no we do we have to we’re finding a good area for town I’m so happy I’m so happy you’re playing at

12 I’m so thank you bro I don’t give a [ __ ] about the house I just want to farm I don’t know how he’s a grinder D he’s a grinder I just want to have minerals how about this mineral go guys mineral just minerals I thought you said

Mini rolls language I it I it I’m looking for minerals okay mayor fley mayor fley I’m not the mayor this is a different world yes oh wait so I can be the mayor you could be the mayor but you’re just simp not fit I’ll say it I’ll say it that’s crazy you

Literally Al for when I sorry sorry j that I trusted you I’m just saying the truth I can’t have a May who can’t know how to NE portal so true at all Yik oh my God keep the floating trees that like I want everything what

Is this got to be you I want everything I don’t know what to do I don’t I know what direction I think to kill him the frogs have names I mean the cows or the whatever this is wait it’s a rainbow sheep has a name let’s

Kidnap it okay and kill it or what no oh oh too far too far okay grab that hey buddy oh look at this cute little flower patches I want that wait I need I need I need silk touch okay I need silk touch for all this stuff that’s fine wait Jeb’s rare

Know Jeb is a rare hey Jeb oh [ __ ] that frog it’s not a frog it’s a sheep guys please named je yeah it confused me color and it’s got what did you say we need to find a base if you find a sick nasty cool place let us know are you scared of

Me I’m not scared change and then under Mini map change the scale no my voice isn’t shaking I just sound like this are you trying to make fun of my voice right now is that why likeing me when ran is oh my oh no please please please don’t not again not

Again so and already out There I got you some sugar cane oh my God oh my God oh my God you’re real for real dare I will kill you thanks J J you are sick yeah yeah I am sick I am quite awesome sick I am sick people keep saying that about me

Actually you’re SI you awesome sick I’m well well well okay a duck I think we got to find some a place we got to oh lesli Leslie more sugarcan more sugar can I don’t need more I can grow I can grow it now I just need

One what are the area over here guys this looks like a cool little area where’s a he’s far back at the beginning he’s up spawn oh how do I look through my eyes oh I’m always looking through my eyes there’s likeing block come AC the I see okay she’s she’s all peeing she’s

All where’d you find come this way guys wait let me point right there where where oh oh yeah let’s go you found it you found it wao let’s go let’s go let’s go wao it’s a dungeon no way it’s a dungeon wait lava watermelons why did you get so excited I don’t

Know lava nether Rush no you can’t go to the nether onwards go go go quick guys we can do a dungeon oh my God I I got I’ve got nothing I’m not even wait we need a [ __ ] Shield I need food you know we got to do it we got to

Do it what are you doing you really follow me everywhere no thoughts just trust you just trust everywhere I go I’m just curious this dungeon goes deep what the hell yeah do ow oh uh wa what’s in there how’ you guys get Oh I guess oh okay nothing upstairs clear uh I don’t have it’s so dark no no oh it’s okay we count 40 46 46 HP it’s a mission they’re finding each other okay okay okay we can maybe do this oh guys why is there a missing good

Bricks I don’t know it’s as well you like these bricks I like these ones right here they look good holy guacamole help him help him he’s dying are you okay oh my God I mean they’re kind of strong down there I can’t lie they’re a little strong I don’t know if

We’re ready for this wait he died it’s going it’s going it’s going run just run get out of there get out of there care bro I don’t think we can do this chat anyone playing along with them or just me I hope you guys are wait guys pigs pigs okay wait what in

The heck oh crafting crafting table right okay okay okay so I Min 15 onion that’s not I can’t do that these are too fancy I need like normal Stone can I have yeah yeah yeah AIC thank you so much what is that find an item with an apothec fix hm

Interesting okay is that a dungeon well someone um show already died in there I’m not sure scary don’t do it yet it’s actually so hard oh yeah we need like a little bit of armor I think for that yeah where should we live we really got to find a home

Base guys yeah let’s live in the sky sky base why’d you s no no we could live in the sky I we could live in the sky yeah yeah I mean what guys what sort of biome are we feeling what are we what are we kind of like you know General

Vibes so then we can kind of find I want something magical and Flowery o you boys down for that oh I mean I’m always down I like flower biomes cuz it’s like it’s like house Moving Castle or like St okay okay flower biome um I see a flower

Lesly sorry wait guys what’s over there it’s like a over here oh this is oh this is perfect what’s over there over here over there look look look oh my God wa this is so pretty how are how is he talking Underwater this is so pretty this is so pretty I’m living we’re living here we’re living here we’re living here oh my God this is crazy wow what’s over here we should yeah we got to live here check this out this looks awesome wow oh my God it’s beautiful oh it’s beautiful isn’t any

Wouldn’t you think my collection complete wouldn’t you oh my God is that a giant mushroom yeah it is wait it is yeah I think it’s like a house let going check this out someone okay wow this is so cool look at it mushrooms oh wait these are puff balls oh my God

This what is it ellm what is it ellm Elm oh my godm oh [ __ ] okay don’t go in don’t go in don’t go in this looks Kenji hostile it’s a it’s a dungeon guys it’s a it’s Kenji from the game we played wa mon turn I I need food I need

Food oh God oh my there’s Pigman mushroom hello hello hello how you do that what do you mean how do I do that I just yell out yeah like that hello wow is it is it a dungeon I think yeah it’s danger we have to live here guys

Okay okay set up shop set up shop okay okay okay okay hey where you living Janet with [Laughter] you where should we build our beautiful shared home okay okay well it doesn’t have to be shared just linked as long as it’s linked by a hole linked okay okay

You know what I mean like a door so I can access okay like last time yeah like that that’s good woohoo okay maybe should we have it up here I like being more on the lower floor I feel like this area is a nice open ground this is so pretty water I

Have a ni like what about just anywhere here how close to the I think near the water is good too so we could like have it Overlook and easy access for for water genius maybe like oh my God I can smell the fresh air

God wow okay this is it all right oh my God okay right here right here right here but we’ll give some distance you know some space so that you know we can build I’ll get some distance okay not like too much but like yeah there there you there me

Here okay let Begins the home oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God look how pretty this Is is that where your house is going to be what uh right here yeah maybe I can start it as an underground home you know what I mean so like I dig in oh my God I dig in and then we have like a small front yard mini beach type area holy I’m

Cooking I’m so creative you guys see this it’s like this is the front yard and we can even extend out the beach a bit you found a spot Leslie oh my God oh my God it’s well this is home this is home don’t you think so ni nice I put my

Block I put my block okay it’s my place no no no no no no no no no no no it’s well you no no no no no no no you have to build further here up here right here right here here this place is so pretty

I think I don’t want to I will bre later okay I’m mushroom Tower okay put put a sign or something dungeon look another dungeon yeah we saw that right next we’re not ready though Hobbit Hole Hobbit Hole Hobbit Hole oh my God oh my God so it’s going

To be like a beach what I’m Paralyzed by my indecision oh and no no just start doing something and then you know what I mean it’ll just it’ll just happen okay don’t be paralyze just start hitting things okay so a beach right so it’s like I walk out and

There’s like a nice Beach and I can like Ponder in my thoughts and I can put like up a little umbrella and have a nice table with a coffee perfect perfect perfect and I have this is the patio oh we’ll make like a little ooh maybe like walk right

Out and then bam in the there’s people waiting for me in the club I need to go they are like partying whates he say a Ponder Pond wow that sounds fun oh my God gu oh yeah yeah yeah yeah let me put down my CRA what the [ __ ] are you talking about

Speed running you’re already leing the already done you’re going to the club I just want to go into the club let let for now we’ll do this and then I’ll just put some stuff away what I oh God the hoarding begins that’s very bad I don’t want to attack like it’s very

Bad okay okay you didn’t need to say harmless oh God a mini a little peer patio exactly something like oh that’s already cute right right yes yes yes yes okay um oh my God beautiful now to start it you want to be Min what should we make it out of right

Off the bat are you guys going mining already uh I think what should we do I’m setting up shop yeah I’m doing a light a light shop setup just a light one is there a book of mods um o honestly how how do we open up like the menu like the

You know on the right side there’s like a ji um is it not just e is it e oh it’s e it’s e okay e oh y e okay so to find all the mods oh boy how do you like search a mod pack it’s like at something croptop

Oh yeah yeah at and then like croptop yeah for example oh boy I made a dock for this because there’s just so many mods look at this guys watch this one right ready at at MOA okay look 3D glasses statue of David statue of The discus thrower magenta snare drum red electric

Guitar Oak stick art gem I need an art Gem and to make an art gem you need emeralds okay you can make guitars easel bathtubs basket of Red towels wall Meed Mountain bunch of soap bar soap bar shower heads female clothes hanging men’s restroom sign I got to

Make a hotel mirror a mirror watermelon slice jar with cookies pizza box pizza box is oh my God it’s getting dank picnic basket pet food bowl lawn mower pumpkins red Mushroom sprout Golden Bird Cage red pet bed what you doing I’m going to cook wait never mind I don’t have iron I

Thought I might iron wow a beach resort wait wait wait let’s see wait wait e holy crap let’s see there’s fun oh ceiling fans guys white chandelier cion umbrella oh my [Laughter] God beach beach [ __ ] Beach Lounge stuff not much but still that’s good there’s like beach stuff is everyone going to live

Separately or like in their own area no um I don’t think it’s up to you honestly yeah it’s whatever you want to do if you can people are building here if you want to build a home here or if you want to move in with someone you can move in with someone or

If you don’t like this bi you can go to a different biome you’re welcome to do whatever I’m just going to mine mine wait I already started a thing can you go in my hole oh perfect is this is this the hole okay I’m going in the hole

Okay thank you we’ll share it okay let’s share this hole huh huh who who who who what what are you guys talking about we’re sharing the hole I’m going to do I’m going to do a little a little hobbit hole in the side of the mountain it’s

Going to be great wait here that’s what I’m doing okay I’m taking about what I said I’m not going to do a hole the I want you to do thing I’ll do let’s all make holes we should have a hobbit hole side like the whole side is just Hobbit

Holes oh I love that idea that’s C and then okay that’s cute that’s cute that’s cute be Hobbits I like that oh and then you peek in from the side oh my God and we’ll have a beach front right right right a shared beach front we should make a giant

Beach oh oh no oh that’s going to be a lot of holes it’s going to be awesome oh boy I’m getting overwhelmed by ideas but the first things first is I need better tools so can I just throw things in the water if I don’t want them

Like as a trash like if I’m just like eh cuz I’m I swear that I’m going to have better item management this time I swear I have onion and apple here you I just throw them in the water okay don’t worry iron tools incoming I’m in I’m in a hole okay

Let’s just do this first there let’s do this first okay and then let’s use this stuff to go get iron tools you’re awesome okay where are your houses guys oh it’s over here we’re just digging into the mountain right now where’s your door and it’s going to be

Oh I don’t have it it’s just going to be in here this is going to be the the start of what is going to become a very cozy cottage it’s going to be great hello hell wait where did you see the doorbell where where did you I haven’t inst it yet how did

You wait oh hello who goes there whoa hello you just knock did you just knock on my head just then was that was my head Hollow you’ve got very Hollow head oh anyways uh just want to come say hi uh it’s going be a fun time together in this

Neighborhood look I can do a backflip wait how did you how did you do that oh my God Leslie that’s so embarrassing oh you didn’t even see me do the wait what did you do what did you do God you should be really really ashamed of yourself that was

Embarrassing wait what did I do you did the you did the backflip you did the sorry just making myself at home here a little bit wait should I wait let me just screenshot this oh maybe not maybe I mean Sor let me just get my camera out wait what if we use your

House as a mine instead oh and we go mining listen so where’s my house going to be you sicko okay fine no no no fine no we’re going to do it no it’s fine this will be the mines yeah come let’s go down together and maybe we leie

Imagine we the first we to get diamonds no one would expect us let’s go I’m motivated let me make a crafting table just this okay also we need to find coal stat and also I’m very hungry I don’t know what we’re going to do about food

Do you have any I have two onions that’s all I’ve got that’s the worst news but surely surely dungeons you know have a loads of food in right I mean surely okay come on quit your yapping let’s do it let’s go I’m coming I’m going wait we

Need a torch um do you have one no um okay but down here don’t worry there’s going to be coal surely right I mean I have sticks so we can I can’t see I can’t see I can’t see we going to be fine stop freaking out stop freaking out

I need sunlight okay let me get some food I’ll be right back are you a flower what what are you talking about I’m I’ll be right back back I need some food hold okay okay can I eat acorns okay I can have a piece of broccoli that’s fine

Let’s do this let’s do that okay Acorn I can eat an acorn surely I’ll eat an acorn okay coming wow the fruit sucks you can make charcoal for the I need wood I need wood I need I need we need to make coal stat coming wait did you find anything

Yet did you find coal no I’m just making the stairs still Frick okay we got to keep going we plenty of stone though plenty of stone do you guys hear that do you hear that you heard what like what was it the Birds oh yeah yeah that’s that’s why I

Really like this area I feel like it’s very like nice to listen to you yeah yeah that’s why I was sold on the spot come on wait how is everyone doing all these achievements what the hell they’re being cringe they’re being cringe oh they’re just trying to speedrun the sickos who who’s playing

Music Jake is that you is that you playing music no um oh I’m going to put a crafting table here just real quick all do you have any oh wait don’t worry I’m still digging uh we need to we need to get um we need to get I don’t know what floor Iron’s

On uh I just think once we get into like like we break into a cavern you know once we get there then we should be good okay we just going to have to keep going until we eventually kind of get you need to pick up your pace you need to pick up

Your pace I am right behind you faster faster faster we’re going to be the first people to find diamonds God come on now what is this iron screw you I found it first what do you mean it was on my side of the stairs screw you what take it back take it back

There’s only one so it was very good I can’t lie it wasn’t it wasn’t great but hey the next one we get that’s got your name ritten all over okay also also wait no wait hang on hang wait wait the stairs are wrong what

Do you mean as in like you went too low so yeah yeah okay okay okay can you make me a stone pickaxe please are you playing the piano no oh why did I hear that it say stone pickaxe has dropped below 10% durability it tells you that I

Got you don’t worry okay can you make one cuz it’s going to already made it there you go oh my God thank you oh my God okay that’s why we’re Team iron Leslie cuz we’re going to get all the okay first of all I’m I’m in bronze

You’re in bronze you’re in I’m also in bronze so oh yeah you promoted last night okay I never should have taught you punks I carried you and I’m going to degenerately play it until I get to a high rank I told you what to put on a

Momu are you so real the first time you said in a Mumu I honestly thought thought it was a cow aumu my goat bye goat bye my goat by goat sorry we’re playing we going to break into a hole eventually right no CR oh do someone find there’s no way

He’s found diamonds yeah he did it bro he found him first the leader of the server has to find some diamonds it was just exposed yeah yeah surely you got coal coal Coal no that wasn’t coal that wasn’t coal that was Flint oh it’s crazy how hard it is to find

Even coal right now it’s crazy how hard is just to find an area we can explore like what the heck I’m not going to lie like silver silver yeah I can’t even mine it that’s embarrassing admin of the server finding diamond first kind of weird kind of

Cringe right yeah like how how do we know he didn’t just spawn it in oh you know he did as well someone told him that we were looking for diamonds he was like nope not he just spawned it in he proba like alt tabbed and then just like

Spawn the diamond swap to creative mode a little bit I know you’re what’s C is that you’re the only person who doesn’t have a like a trophy so far in the server you know a gets first diamonds I have first death you know we’re not the

Same you know um I did some things oh what did you do first emote probably no I was I was I was first emote what what what what what you didn’t hear the Gran you didn’t hear the gro no no that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine

Okay okay oh God I keep how you going so much quicker than me what the [ __ ] what is that what is he doing iron torch what are these what are these things I’m going to figure it out okay he said uh make a knife okay sho’s oh my

God oh Sho is already he’s making a cafe isn’t he oh no I’ll kill him I’ll kill him it’s a mineral tree wait where how far oh my God how smooth bassal I got some stuff how have we gone all this way and not even anywhere coal what are we

Doing wrong is isn’t this where water is are we please tell me we haven’t just we haven’t right I mean there’s no way we just wait who’s playing piano who’s playing piano for real yeah that’s what I’m saying I I can hear it but now I

Can’t hear it at all wait you so you don’t hear what is that I’m not doing that that isn’t me okay I got veridium that’s pretty cool right what is veridium I don’t know but apparently oh no I can make another one though we got plenty oh no make me one

Too it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine um I’m hungry okay do I need a lot of rum there you go where you picked it up right I think uh uh I don’t think so you did you did you did did I got it man oh thank you so much okay ooh okay

It’s the pickaxe that’s playing the piano I know we need to find coal we’re it’s what level I’ve never even seen vidiian before what plunking uh what is deep slate why are what’s happening I feel like we’re wait hang on a minute isn’t this really wait

We’re -3 right now yeah I feel like I I’ve dced by accident I clicked it will I spawn um will I spawn in the same spot sorry look what what stop it look wait wait I’m coming I’m coming hold on hold on I’m getting there fair and square

What is this wait wait wait let’s see let’s see hold on I can’t I’m not there yet I’m not there rot wait wait something’s glowing exet Orr patrono Patron we can’t mine it I don’t think we can mine it we got to leave it we got to leave it but we’ll just move

Forward a little bit forbidden and arcanas right that sounds kind of important whoa that’s what I’m we’re probably the first people to ever find this and we can’t wait how did AE already mine the diamond does that mean he has like I’m going to be so honest like I

Just have no idea like why we haven’t even come across a piece of coal like I mean it’s maybe we’re going to find something crazy dark I can’t see uh come on where is coal it’s on the surface level wait it’s much higher up hey you stay down I’ll be back

Okay you keep mining I’m going to get us coal I’m working for us fine fine the Torches the Torches I’m going to get them wait you have to mine straight too not just staircases you are you are to Too Deep going back to Y level 59 for diamonds and 60 to 50

59 59 and Ellen we’re too deep come back up we need to go up okay wait but what if we what are we then near though like what’s like the like what are we close to we need to go to 59 59 why how do you

Check wait I don’t know oh God I don’t know anything uh okay they said um to find coal on you can find coal 16 I’ll go the other way then I guess oh that’s the sound when like a pickaxe or like 59 I’m going to start I turned the

Brightness up and it did absolutely nothing um another way to make coal charcoal is to smelt a log and a plank so you put the log on the top and the plank at the bottom log on the top plank at the bottom smelter yes wait where do

We get a smelter oh we I can make one I’ve already got I’ve got the materials for eat Cobblestone okay oh I got I got so much Stone I got loads of it what does that sound what sound uh on my I think I what is that

Sound 59 for diamonds uh this is insane at this point finding soap stone 53 59 I need to see the light I’m going to die I need food I need cows need a furnace need so many things yeah maybe we just get the coal from doing doing the smelter okay this was a

Fail an epic fail I See the Light 59 for diamonds not okay way so we’re at um 65 we need to go down wow I mean we we dug deep though we dug deep that’s pretty that’s pretty huge huge it’s pretty good uh right let’s get the wait where

Am I oh -6 to 48 for iron and coal okay let me build a furnace I know I can do that okay maybe two of those okay let’s just build them here for now okay if I smelt wood and I put planks oh my God I don’t even have

Those oh I do okay so I go like this and go like that we get some coal okay that’s pretty useful um I have a lot of random stuff I don’t need copper oh wait charcoal is charcoal coal how do you turn it into coal like

That it’s the same thing oh it’s just the same thing okay okay feels so much that’s a nice sound okay okay let’s do that now I have sticks so if I want to do this right okay I have 12 that’s pretty good that’s pretty good I’ll make a

Couple more and then this and then that okay and then that and then I’ll just take that okay and then I’ll put some stuff there okay and then put some I need another chest okay okay honestly take that I’m going to use that to make a chest and

Then I’ll take this and I’ll go and then I’ll make another chest and then we’ll put the chest down over on this mountain okay this is temporary stuff don’t worry I’m not hoarding It’s All Temporary okay I need that I’ll need that and I’ll need that and I’ll probably need two more of

Those put those back and I’ll need that and then I’ll take this and then I’ll go like this and then I’ll do this and then I’ll go like that and then I’ll go like that and I’ll go like that and then I’ll go like that and then go like that and

Then I’ll go like that and then we go I don’t have food it’s fine okay see I got torches if you want one me too do you have food uh no I just ha my last onion okay I think we should what I do have is coffee

Beans what what you do with coffee beans you just going to eat we can make we could well we can make coffee at some point you know well I’m sorry but thinking you would be excited about that I take it back I want real food fine let’s go and find some animals

Maybe wait I see somebody Ryan isn’t that isn’t that Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake oh he’s deep in the caverns oh he’s deep in the caverns Elum spot okay oh wow that’s pretty how do you like Mark something as like the place of uh like

Respawn um you sleep in a bed which we should definitely get yeah we definitely should do that oh boy all right let’s keep explor okay wool and wood okay we need to go and find sheep ASAP hold on uh wool okay look at all the ways you can make wool uh

Crafting Bo wait I want to go see what what is Steve fighting sleeping back how do I do this light gray wool and then two white carpets okay we just need wool what’s happened leie let come over here there’s a boss we can kill it together

Okay com oo mushroom okay sorry oh wait I should probably make a chest actually just before I do this where’s the boss you see it right right there you see him you see him oh [ __ ] he’s a he’s he’s he’s fight oh no this I can’t I can’t I can’t I

Can’t I can’t I can’t no you guys should totally you guys should kill him no I can’t I can’t I can’t ooh all my stuff I should take this stuff come down oh God I really need food it’s it’s it’s desperate it’s desperate and and and very

Required very very required I have 40 watermelon can I have 20 of course wow that’s a lot that’s a big ask okay sure okay so what have you accomplished oh that was you get up you gave me acorns sorry oh thank you so much that’s actually really nice feel

Like I had a bunch of I don’t think I gave you all of it there you go well I actually got only four I’ll take find all my stuff I’m starting to get a little worried I feel like I had a bunch of good things and it’s all littered

Around this area wa did you guys kill it we should make senior buns we bring GTA to Minecraft oh there we can do G6 we we could we could do G6 oh I can make a hospital can make a hospital could we s a police force we could we

Could I I think so I don’t know I don’t know I think they have that car Wait Leslie yoga class for money on the server for diamonds we we bring the yoga to Minecraft we bring the yoga to Minecraft um um um um um okay get him

Steve get him okay oh yeah I’m cheesing it get him Steve oh I am okay come on come on along okay we need on your journey guys bye Steve shut up shut up what the I just took it down you’re the best you’re the best okay

Whoa wa wait I love this area though what it’s amazing what does he he actually did it he actually did it wait whoa easily ow oh no no no no no this is really bad oh my God help me I can’t I can’t die I can’t

Die help run run run help me run shut up help you there’s a there’s a there’s a zombie there’s a there’s a boss there’s a boss and and uh and I have nothing a boss it’s blue it’s got like a blue outline it’s a boss he’s right here

Do you see it yeah yeah yeah get him get him show get him oh [ __ ] strong oh [ __ ] oh wait okay it shouldn’t be a problem damn we got we got wait he’s [ __ ] on my shield though we’re Hing we’re Hing get him get him get him get him oh I’m

Coming I’ll be there oh [ __ ] oh my God tank him tank him tank him he’s so weak he’s so weak please my shi’s about to go away this is dangerous I like it help what are you do oh my God Emerald I need that okay I’m I’m running I’m really low

On health I’ll be right there where’s the where’s the emerald where’s the emerald why didn’t I get it I need an iron pickaxe devastating devastating absolutely devastating I’m coming no way I really wanted that coming freck I didn’t know that this hello blow hold on hold on hold up blow oh my

God there’s a guy here he’s going to kill me blow oh hello hey hey how do you wave like that check this out what okay oh would you like to know wouldn’t you like to know please teach me I bet You’ like to know the secrets oh see teach me the emoe

Game that’s all I I’ll consider I just sa a screenshot please Leslie tell me I’ll think about okay okay okay tell me the emo game are you ready are you ready to become one of the greats and learn to dance this do you see me is he worthy though okay flex your y

Muscle I’ll take I’ll take that flex your y muscle and at the bottom right you’ll see you can click on it hey hey hey hey hey so like bro bro’s being weird okay you see you and then and then you can bind them to those you can bind them oh my God I’m

Spinning wo check it out check it out this is so awesome okay hold on um we have a base by the way we have a base fun erping I’m going go this way we’re not erping you sicko I’ll kill you sho I’ll kill you whoa whoa who hey I just told him

We’re not erping you weirdo hey how do I how do I bind them bro hey oh uh you bind them by flex your y muscle click on the emotes and then there’s something that says like config emotes click on the config bro click yes okay now you’ve done it now I

Need to find wool instantly or else I’m going to spawn all the way back I’m be so tilted because I’m going to I’m not going to be able to go I’m have to walk all the way back here because I didn’t set a spawn any wool any sheep silk cocoon we’re getting close

H oh this area is amazing blow there’s no there’s no animals around here though that’s bad where do we find animals is there like an animal finder like a you know how there’s like a compass do they have like a a compass for perhaps you know the silk cocoons might give you string

Okay I don’t think I I saw some animals at the very beginning area at the very very beginning okay okay let’s keep going okay okay the planes have animals okay you know what you’re on to something oh ouch okay I have to remember I’m not Invincible I keep jumping like I am it’s

Really bad and I cannot die right now I really cannot um okay how do I um okay I need food it’s bad bad oh my God I learned bad habits from other games it’s really bad okay m key doesn’t pull up a big map oh it

Does okay it does now where to find here Steve’s coming I’ll get him I’ll ask him for some more food n here’s Compass yes yes yes okay do you think over there that looks like there’d be some for sure okay here we Go okay okay okay so we do this this right grab that then bing bang Bop check it out I’m going to starve I’m going to starve to death I’m going to starve to death this is bad I’m going to starve help help this is a not a solo

Server this is not a solo server how do I make it aha boat okay here we go look how pretty it is food I spotted it right here fruits okay oh thank God okay some fruits this will tie us over for a bit until until we get until we

Get oh my God I got goosebumps guys yes hiya hi okay very important huge absolutely needed that okay that was very important so sorry guys it had to be done you understand okay I might come back because I need to cook that I have to live you understand right I’ll die look away

Okay make a furnace here that’s making too much sense wait I don’t have coal though where’s the rest of my my wool I guess I don’t need it oh my God I got a sleeping bag guys holy crap you can only sleep when or at night okay oh my

God it won’t set my spawn wa look at that why do I have like a buff from eating just like mutton and are we surprised so true so true okay okay cooked mutton oh blessed look look look I get like a buff okay somehow there’s some way I want to

I don’t know how I can see the buff that I have but it gives me something okay now is it too early to make a farm like to get should I put those sheep in my boat travel them back and perhaps make a little farm for them oh you heal faster I like

That I feel like I should do that but how do I get them to my area throw my iron in there too okay yeah I think we got to do that to to start it off early as long as you tap the bed you’re

Good okay okay okay let me let me uh let me put these oh I got it I know what to do uh this I’ve just gotten better at this game I mean it’s not really showing right now but kind of wheat for bread wheat for bread wheat for bread wheat

For bread okay I need a lead right how do I make a lead leather I believe right oh St oh I ain’t making a lead I don’t know where to get straw unless this is straw tall Prairie Grass Grass Grass any of this stuff okay food is very

Important so they like wheat so I got to find wheat oh boy okay I got to find wheat H I mean how are they surviving out here there must be food what’s in here oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] not me getting distracted it’s okay there’s nothing dangerous here I’ve already

Looked copper is good right like I feel like you need copper for things I always I I was making a lot of it like I don’t remember using any silver but I definitely made copper the tall grass is wheat all the yellow lies no way let’s check oh my God

Coal oh my God coal coal Coal yes okay so much coal so much coal this is great and let’s get this oh this is so good okay okay um oh Oh God I love this game okay I’m progressing guys I feel it okay what’s down here oh [ __ ] what are these things dripstone it’s getting kind of spooky I ain’t going to lie I don’t know if I like this so much like you know I feel like some bats

Are going to fly on any second getting deeper what’s that resonating Crystal I kind of remember that I remember doing absolutely nothing with that stuff nothing really down here okay this is making me want to play again so bad it’s fre dude that’s what happens with me it’s like I play I’m I

Freaking love it and then I play so much then I’m like all right I’m done and then I crave it again it just it just it’s just such a good game there’s endless things to do it’s like endless I saw someone like animate like a fullon like Cafe where you like press

A button and then it like has this robot made that turns around and like automates an entire cake for you and then she comes back and serves it to you but it’s all automated through create and I was like I couldn’t believe it top 10 block games oh by far this is

This is I want to say one of the greatest games ever ever ever I have 28 coal guys this is insane okay huge huge huge okay glow liing nice very good very good very good uh I don’t need this stuff I can always come back I need to remember my original

Goal let’s not get distracted my original goal get the Sheep oh and you guys said that the top of this is wheat um are you sure so this is wheat this ain’t wheat wheat seeds wheat seeds but that’s not wheat is any of this wheat

Go go wait what if I just like had a secret Farm across the river and then you know what I mean it’s not that far from my house I’m not killing it because what if I want it you know what I mean no no no no no no No stay in here Stay Stay Stay Stay Stay Stay Stay no oh my God this cow is genius what have I done oh this is so bad no this is so bad oh no no no no no no okay I’ve done that for nothing there’s just no

Way okay okay okay stay right here no no not in the cave please not in the cave oh God I don’t want to get this cow I need wheat I don’t have wheat what do I do what should I do I will get you I will get

You you’re mine make a lead okay but how another okay okay okay this is a huge moment okay okay we need to make some moves right here okay okay okay okay okay okay okay no no that’s bad we don’t want it going in there let

Me uh oh God oh God okay what should I do dig under it oh no oh no not in the cave no no cow in the cave very bad very bad very bad no no I run out of blocks this is what do I

Do what do I do what do I do what I do okay okay okay okay I got this i got this this is too easy okay all right very good very good cow I see you I need to lead okay okay okay so he can walk

Up no no no no no no back it up back it up back it up back it up I give up I give up I literally give up I’ll be back I’ll be back with a lead unless I got to I got to deploy the digging Strat dude it’s just going deeper I

Didn’t know cows do this I think I’m being trolled this guy is being controlled by a Dev isn’t he oh my God oh my God we’ve done it we’ve done it we’ve done it we’ve done it build build build build build we did it okay okay okay okay it won’t die

Right oh boy okay so my new plan is I got to get out of here without letting the cow out okay no no no stay back stay back stay back okay I’ll be back I’ll be back okay cow number one caught Now where’s the other one where did this other cow

Go despawns if I don’t feed it okay okay I will find this cow I will okay oh okay do not accidentally kill this thing do not kill it do not kill it dude they’re so mobile like they move so so much there’s no way I’m digging all this just for you to walk

Away please yes yes no damn it dig dig yes yes yes we’ve done it please we’ve done it oh my God we’ve done it we’ve done it no no no no we’ve done it we’ve done it we’ve done it hello uhuh hello um you’ve caught me at a bad time why is

That well hey do you have any Wheat um no why that’s my stay back that’s my cow that is my cow oh my God that is that is my cow I’ve worked very hard do not let it out whatever you do do not that’s fine that’s fine I need I

Need wheat and I need a lead it’s of utmost importance okay uh well uh wheat you can find almost anywhere as for a lead while I heard that uh behind the old Saloon uh old man Johnson knows possibly where to go um old man Johnson oh you were saying

Like a lead I thought was like a uh an LA Noir kind of lead not like a I see what you mean by a lead sorry hey so are we are we using like the river as the middle of town where is town I just don’t want to do the thing

Where I build somewhere and then I have to build it again okay this way I will lead you I really do not want to forget where I am cuz I have things very valuable things right here that I must come back for after you oh thanks so much how do I just get

In [ __ ] okay I’m in okay where do I go to the right to the right Hells hello hello hello okay see that right there stop if you see that’s where my house is I’m building in the hill Oh we should do houses on either side of the river that’d be kind of cute

Okay yeah okay all right take me back to the other side please oh okay yes yes yes are you like to towards these towards this furnace towards this furnace thank you okay here here okay here how do I get that yes we’ve been that close the whole time all right

Thank you so much goodbye wow it took me that long to get that achievement it’s insane okay I finally have an iron pickaxe guys holy finally I’ve achieved something with a bridge a wow you’re Juiced up what the heck I’m not Juiced you got an iron sword man

What do you mean you look great oh you know what show I’ve got I’ve got a I’ve got a gift for you here you go what is what is that have that what that thing it’s an enchanted book I found wait where’d you get this oh wait

Should I show you there’s actually a free chest you can use follow me oh do you go into the dungeon so you go up to that mushroom dungeon up there oh I already went up there oh you took the chest okay got took the chest I

Killed some stuff and got yeah I I want to go and check out some dungeons soon I’m just going to try and get some food going to get yeah I’m going to go into one I’m going to go into one now that stuff levels you really fast I have an

OP stat on my boots that gives me life steal what what wait how did you get that nerd I killed the boss I killed the zombie boss oh wait the one we were fighting before yeah oh [ __ ] okay he has life this has a billion mod packs okay

Oh my God another cow I’m overwhelmed I don’t know what to do about the cows I need them I need them now I’m overwhelmed my I really need wheat Frick okay okay okay let’s not be overwhelmed I think I know what to do what what’s happening to my pork

Chops uh plant the seeds plant the seeds plant the seeds the so I can get more loot blow on what do you have what you got there huh what you got there in your hand buddy am I building what am I building what am I building what build building

Um chips listen with this this look it’s a chip listen okay sorry I it looked awfully a lot like um you know a cooked pork chop to me but maybe I maybe maybe I just missed all funny talk to Abe oh my god I’ve built it like I lost

Some chops for no reason but these need to be by water don’t they Frick kind of weird God kind of Weird make me sweat make me hter make me lose my breath make me Water are they done yet are they done yet kill cow get leather for lead wait but that’s not how you make one look lead is it leather there’s nothing with leather that makes it I had enough iron to make a bucket but now I don’t cuz I used it to make a a

Pickaxe so for backpack Frick string or lime ball find find in a random chest Frick do I just come back for it God it’s hard to progress oh my God wait why is there raw beef did someone kill my cow did you kill my cow did you kill my

Cow I spent 30 minutes 30 minutes trying to get this cow maybe an hour maybe an hour and a half even did you kill my cow I killed a cow but what color was it what color was it um purple purple yeah okay I don’t think yours is

Purple you’re clear mine’s black and brown if if you see those do not kill them I’m coming back for them they’re in they’re en caged right now I found a wolf I found a wolf what do I do with it do I make it my Friend did you ever have those kids um in elementary school Like the Wolf kids who like pretend that they were wolves all the time wait did you really kill a purple cow okay if what if I didn’t did you kill a purple cow or no um It’s Complicated cuz a purple cow

First of all it’s a shiny if you did even see one but I highly doubt you saw one okay um Abe has full body armor of diamonds which is so cringe I want a full body diamonds why can’t I have those wait Bees honey if I take that what happens again

Do they get mad at me do they get mad at me if I take the honey do I have to have a bottle to grab the honey take it it’s fine okay you’re sick you’re all actually sick for that that’s so crazy all of you coal sticks and Oak Wood I’ll come

Back coal sticks oh wait I can make that now I can make that literally right now okay I’m going to have like crafting tables all over the place I’m a bit messy right now but but when I get into the rhythm of things I won’t be this

Messy okay cuz I’ll have a backpack on me oh my God I need a backpack oh I can’t wait oh okay okay so let’s think about this so I need this and then I need that and then I think what is it to make a campfire oh shoot I wasn’t supposed to break

That it’s this I need flint and steel to light it really are you sure are you sure sure bonfire and now okay so that makes them happy so now honey 5 of five bees too okay so then oh you smoke them out so they leave and then I come back with a

Bottle oh right why do I need honey again I guess it’s just nice to have glass oh oh this is all so easy I have sand okay my brain is all over the place okay I got to just focus I’m just like see who look w whoa it’s pretty jump

In I could do it I shouldn’t that’s cool damn look at that okay oh let’s get this stuff oh my God I’m scared oh my God I’m scared ah okay I don’t know what’s down there I don’t know what’s down there okay I don’t like this I let’s keep going

Okay let’s keep a move what the [ __ ] I’m like ash catch I’m seeing ho on his first day right now how do I Waypoint this how do I Waypoint it um is it map and then I just go like bored I’ll be back for you oh my god foolish w

Easier whoa foolish Gamers is here yay celery crop okay where’s foolish oh no he spawned far didn’t choco bars a wall miles miles I don’t even see foolish on this maybe maybe he spawned outside of this it could still be looting in I mean loading in has me unlogged in yeah she’s

On she’s here under a tall foolish there he is he’s by the Sands that is so far SARP Tech bird okay okay how the hell ellum’s there Ryan and Seline are there oh my God that’s eons that’s like years and Miles years and Miles okay foolish that Waypoint makes no sense I realized

Because because he’s GNA move oh no okay on our way to say hi to foolish we can look for some things those things include cows food watermelon poog watermelon when I get it what does it look like is just a thing of watermelon or slices what did I just pick up mini melons

Okay is there no night in this game there’s got to be night broccoli crop mystical Brown flower I like those I’m hungry this is bad I’m hungry okay this is bad bad it’s okay what we do we build one of these we build one of these we like this we go like this

Go like this go like this go like this go like this go like this and then as that’s cooking we break this down pick it back up and then we get this we grab this back we pick this back up great and then we eat it cooked meat what’s that coffee tree

Trunk did I get it coffee cherries I don’t know what that’s for decorating your home Adorn oh my God there’s so much to do okay coffee okay ooh grapes wait these are grapes oh grapes are good okay okay lots of you know what I’m going to do as I

Travel oh my God as I travel oh I’m such a genius grapes and I find things oh my God I’m smart I’m smart okay this is a savannah obviously I don’t need to write that down right but like we just like find things that we’re not going to mine yet but we can

Come back for cherry blossom horse horse sorry oh my God pretty cherry log Cherry logs are pretty I don’t know if I need to point it pumpkins do I like pumpkins are pumpkins any cuz I don’t know if I need this stuff okay okay what’s that any good things what’s that thing

Blazing bom Granite bom Granite don’t need that wait a second I saw something nope thought it was iron okay I don’t have space anymore Mona it’s bad oh look so much sand oh I should write that down actually I don’t need to write that down it’s on it’s obvious on a map

Okay oh boy the hoarding begins oh boy I’m throwing things out oh don’t worry you know I’ve never played Minecraft with foolish in my whole life it’s kind of weird what the look at this it’s like a a semicircle of whoa but how can I um is it glitching are you guys

Glitching delete it how can I delete it can I just Unbound oh no go change the others F5 F6 F7 f8 F9 F10 wait hello hey foolish Leslie woohoo wait how did do Emo huh just lay down how did you H how how are you doing do

That just lay down type it y press your press why press y oh why why oh I see okay I’m familiar with this now that’s good that’s yeah you press yeah there you why you crying why you crying do I look awesome what are you a painter he’s a

Painter uhoh no more than that I’m more than that but can you do this oh please I was doing that since before you were born um um Oh wrong one okay but but can you do this oh oh okay here listen I can match that I can match that with um with one

Of with one of um with one of these oh wait wait how did you do that that’s actually cool wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait is it is it is it is it is it I don’t remember what called that be it yeah your wa I might be able to do

Another trick that you don’t know though just a second um okay I’m waiting okay wait maybe here okay now let’s see if this works um here we go what wait are you moving like that wait how do you do it come on now come on now that’s cool how’d you do it

Yeah oh well I don’t know I probably don’t want to like you’re gatekeeping I don’t want to okay I don’t want to gate you know okay like it’s just like the first day all right that was kind of cool that you did like a front flip to

Get up yeah I do that all the time yeah wait is that like your actual skin what do you mean like is that like what your actual Minecraft character looks like yes oh why do you see like oh no like it it’s fine like it’s nice I just I just

Have never seen your Minecraft skin I don’t think oh well we’ve never played Minecraft together is this actually our first time like face to face in Minecraft yeah I’ve never seen you in Minecraft oh [ __ ] who have thought who have thought this is the real me oh

God wait is that so bad it’s not so bad oh that’s what you look like yeah this is me this is actually me it just like hasn’t fully loaded right that’s oh uh I don’t know then what what do you see um you look sort of

Like a you know those uh those golden it’s like a golden totem in the game yes okay you look like the to but then like enlarged wearing kind of like parts of a iron armor no not iron armor look look at look at the side of the face look at

The side of the face uh is that like a is there like a head not really see see like a BL okay look at the side then look at the front Okay I’m seeing a villager villager inp oh oh oh oh a shark yes yes Bingo

Bing nice work wa okay okay yeah yeah now now we’re cooking um well you see a long time ago when I was making my skin I used to just be totem right right right um there’s but then you know there’s like you know sharks a part of

My brand as well so then it was suggested maybe add some shark to my skin so so then I became totem but also I became shark I see yeah you know like you moving in Minecraft this is how much you move in real life as well the amount of

You do this it just it feels very natural I talk I talk but with your hands a lot too yeah they get moving they get moving so you’re just like I think it’s tough for me to sit still in Minecraft I think so too I

Think so too do you like can you not like I don’t know how you’re just doing that I feel like if I’m talking I have to like constantly like I mean I’m just listening I’m resting this the grass is soft oh interesting you know what let me

Try the grass too wait I’m changing the keybind wait time out out let’s see if I go to uh key boom boom and then I go to does this work now I see yes okay all right okay perfect I was just changing some things I feel

Like I need to I need to set some of the some of the the go-tos like the back flip you definitely need to do those oh yeah yeah yeah Set set set those I’ll be exploring this house Family Guy death oh I’ve already stolen everything from it okay tried there’s a

Bed hey I Wasing this first stop stop oh my God oh wait this is instance it’s fine we can all have it we can share it yeah but it makes me sad that you’re taking it wait really we can all have it though um it’s it’s yeah but what do you mean

Yeah but oh my God wait an anvil do I want that do I want these Oak trap doors no that’s that’s hoing no you probably don’t want the Anvil wait I don’t but I want this door I definitely want a door okay yeah take the door take the door oh

My God there’s houses okay yes did wait bind your stuff go bind your stuff yeah yeah no I already did some I already did it you did lecturn lecturn wait why do we want lecturn for the Villager I have a wait for the Villager I have bad hoarding problems what’s worth taking

What about the bookshelf is that worth it wait you took it well listen i’ say what’s yours is then mine but if I grab it first that’s actually sick I’m got dips on this house wait whoa whoa W listen this is like my favorite house so

It’ be weird if you just wait wait wait can I have it you don’t even know why you want that the stone cutter no stone cutters are so cool actually I want that I want wait I actually want that I actually want I I want I I want I want I

Want I I want I want I want I want I want want it’s really important oh well I feel like it was Destiny who like who it went to okay I get the next one yeah of course no I bet you there’s another one over right here actually okay I get

It I get it we don’t need to worry about it look look look I get it wait wait wait wait wait yeah see look oh my God we have yourself an anvil have yourself an anvil well no it wasn’t for nothing it was like a okay I mean we did fight

It was it was a small it was a small uh a little Skirmish a little Skirmish no not the oil what’s happened oh I sunk into the oil I didn’t realize I thought it was just like your average old grass land what is he waffling about oh boy oh boy these lands are

Dangerous Leslie I got wait my the stone Cutter’s gone bu there’s no way you lost it I I mined it with a with a with a stone a is that wrong no you can’t do that what you have to use a pickaxe Why did no one oh say

Anything oh jeez oh man that’s fine no that’s okay you’re not very good at this game you okay that’s actually messed up I’m I am not I’m actually not one the noobs one of the NS I actually I am I am and and that’s okay that’s okay cuz

You’re good at other things you know really yeah I guess I am like what yes see there you go like um like GTA role play oh my God thank you so much yeah you’re welcome um so if you like started any foundation or home see that’s exactly I just thought

Maybe my Panic screams would then I forgot yeah do just look like yeah scary that’s scary okay yeah o BS sand wait whoa look at that house that’s cute okay um I need better tools okay what I need is a backpack I feel like we should get backpacks oh there’s

Backpacks backpack oh oh oh foolish foolish this mod has everything all of them everything all the mods all the mods all all of them that’s it that’s it what’s this one do oh uh um okay yeah oh I’m just a just a giga chat I guess all the mods wait

They’re suiting up they’re already they they think Ellum you’re not better than us okay he thinks because he just got achievement that he’s that he’s better honestly he thinks it and we’re going to show him he’s not go yeah okay what do you mean go go I I don’t know I I feel

I’m falling behind every second I’m not doing something I’m just falling behind I become inferior at Minecraft to everybody else in the server I’m um I’m really not too worried about it I I feel like I’m just Here for a Good Time okay um I’m not stressed about like the achievements yeah me

Either me either B okay oh is that good to get a bell um uh oh a little chest here actually a juke box wait this actually has good stuff in it wait stop it where no way no way what’s in wait what whoa wo slow down wo whoo whoo wo

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoo whoa whoa whoa a whoa that was a lot okay I’ll admit something I tried to um I tried to break the chest so you couldn’t loot it are you for real and depr then I messed it up apparently wait you actually tried to

Do that I did I did but I failed so I feel like if anything that means I’m a good person no you meant to you wait can’t I want to do that that looks fun stop I want to do that wait how do you do it I’ll I’ll tell you but then you

Can’t tell anyone else okay I won’t tell anyone else I’ll G keep it really hard what is there probably a couple people that already know but try your best to gatekeep it makes us look cooler um so um open up your emotes wheel thing and then okay yeah and then all emotes mhm

And then configure emotes okay and then mod options at the top right mod options top right okay okay okay and then the if you scroll down a little bit you’ll see the thing called stop threshold allow not safe for work emotes okay sorry continue oh yeah I don’t want to know

What those are I don’t want you probably already using them I don’t know what those are okay so anyway okay so the stop threshold stop threshold Crank that all the way to the right wait wait wait wait what is enable Quark theal okay sorry I’m going distracted wait say that

Again what is it I don’t know the only thing you need to worry about is stop threshold to the right all the way to the right okay and now you should be good wait what do you mean I’m good now you should be able to like run around and like use emotes wait Oh mhm yeah yeah wel to the clo that makes so much sense I was like what’s the point of the Naruto run if it stops when you run now we’re in action okay wait and then you just press shift you know but how’s the one that you you oh my God I’m

Going to die can you give me food oh wait how do I bake a potato that right oh okay uh maybe I think it oh my God than ow ow ow ow uh you better help those potatoes cooking time oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my

God I can’t die I can’t die I can’t die I can’t die not like this not like this oh okay okay um uh uh okay okay so then how did you do the one where you’re laying down um so any of those work I don’t remember which one it

Was I don’t remember which emot it was but they’ll all work though with it um I just don’t remember what it was uh lay on side no that’s not the one I was using looks ridiculous hey I feel like it’s um it’s got to be uh one of the like

Um one of the ground ones one of the ground ones um I don’t remember which one I was was that oh that the one no I don’t think so uh I don’t remember I don’t I can jump yes the world is now your oyster I’ve never experienced Minecraft like oh

Was it curl-ups oh was it this one oh Cur curl-ups curl ups oh no okay um this is good this is good okay okay okay wait I wonder if um s oh no wait oh okay this one we’re kind of like on like a little car

Like this is so aome okay okay okay there’s a very important step though okay to any any Minecraft start okay yes mhm we have to create a town and exclude others from it and that creates value in the town oh my God mhm okay yeah this is

The um oh you think this is it we just use these buildings right here well what do you think we must create value I didn’t yeah we create how do we make it seem like cool and valuable um maybe if we build it uh like a little bit of

Building ourselves it’d be fine um oh I see from scratch but I think it I think it’d be good too if we make it kind of close to spawn cuz like cuz that makes it like a hub okay people like oh wait it’s so close by I want to visit and

We’ll be like no okay you’re not a part of it oh like like a like a like a exclusive exclusive you have to pay to enter type of yes and then the next I have to tell you you got to you got to stop full stop what what stop okay

Stopping what if there’s already a little town no don’t cry a but what if there’s already a town um is there already a town yeah but I mean it’s not an exclusive one it’s just a really pretty H like pretty area oh it’s just a pretty area but are there already people living

On the area I actually don’t know where a lot of people are living M seems kind of spread I see are there um are there warps in this mode do you know warps what kind of warps what kind of warps are we talking about yeah I could just

Look it up probably or uh it’s like like a way to teleport is there a way to teleport around eventually yes okay so we’re kind of like rolling things in yes I see I see what also what we need to do is we need to find a [ __ ] item

And give it value as well oh [ __ ] okay okay okay what do you know you probably know a lot of those well uh I don’t know like it could really be anything but all we have to do is name it and say that we care about it and then instantly boom other people

Will be curious about it okay like an end Crystal what about an end Crystal um see that would be a cool one but um that would be tough to uh okay I’m just looking at cool looking items but I like that though I like your thought process that would be cool H I

See I see okay okay um we can maybe like wander around a bit and see all right let’s go my chat wants us to make the town of Yap [Laughter] City and you’d be the president um I I captain I captain woohoo okay we’re already we’re already

Damn dude how are people already finding diamonds those sons of [ __ ] okay okay because we’re yapping and they’re digging oh yeah I guess we’ve just been digging I mean we just been standing here we could have also been probably we probably could have been like doing two

Things at once it’s fine yeah I took some your baked potatoes by the way what what what I forgot I was cooking them well yeah I just figured you didn’t care so it was like a little you know yoink okay all right at least you confess CU I

Would have left them and I would have also left this thing okay um okay let’s grab that let’s grab that I consider myself to be like an honest Thief I I rarely just steal in secret what’s with the BET oh um well I’ve never made a spawn point yet oh you

Know it’s not been night yet this entire time oh is it what like does it take longer is it just purely date oh I don’t think the sun’s even moving wait sun isn’t even moving what’s up with that I don’t know okay I know what we need to do boom

Oh My Eyes okay sorry okay okay I made us a little boat okay boat this what we’re going to do okay we go here okay and then we go oh can wait are these oh oh my God taking it might be a little bit of food it might be a little bit of

That’s good I have potatoes I have potatoes okay perfect yeah beets are like the worst [ __ ] thing ever but it’s fine it’s better than nothing if we’re starving take it take it take it take it all take it all take it all take it all what about mushroom stem what

About mushroom stem what about mushroom stem um at this point nothing is bad okay anything is good anything is good all right anything is good cuz we’ll be scrapping together to to do stuff um okay oh okay so now we go down River leaves oh sorry okay okay yeah

Leaves are anything’s good anything’s good Bunga oh I can’t take you anywhere go go go so now I want to take a little ride down the river see what land is there but I don’t want to go too far either cuz then if it’s like super far away that’s just

Like crank up the jams oh wait how are you doing that This is so awkward wait what well honestly I thought it’ keep going I didn’t realize wait that’s so cool though you can do that yeah okay no you’re going to be an absolute asset toity will I’ll have I’ll have I’ll tunes that never stop let me see so if we keep going this

Way there’s a there’s a thing and then there’s another thing and okay I’m following your lead okay okay I’m just trying my best L Yap city [ __ ] yap yap city [ __ ] Yap city [ __ ] yap yap city [ __ ] yeah yeah there you go there you go city

[ __ ] o do you think that thing has anything that little Pillager Place uh Pillager where that Pillager Tower where what okay just look there that one Pillager you think Pillager that’s a Pillager Tower what the hell is a Pillager Tower you know what take us go

Okay it’s do you at least see the tower building in front of us I see it I see it I see it I see I see it stop yelling I’m sorry I’m sorry you’re right that was much um oh someone’s already been

Here but if we go to the if we go to the top there might be a little chest for us at least um oh boom wood boom I found itle scroll I don’t know what the [ __ ] that means Wings potatoes big go horn what wait I want

That oh oh well it’s just that um wait you got to oh that’s cool listen we could probably find more there’s there’s got to be more like what are the odds s there’s only one out there okay surely I’ll just I’ll get one I’ll get one too

Okay yeah yeah yeah wait wait also big priority backpack backpack yeah so what we just need some leather and like string we need string and we need leather I feel like you said the same thing I said like in backwards order as if to like to kind to come up

With like a new idea or something yeah okay I was just agreeing with you I was agreeing yeah okay okay okay coming coming yeah I feel like it wouldn’t oh my God food I get hungry so fast this is crazy how many of my potatoes did you

Take be honest I took five or six okay that’s fine that’s fine or six okay wa what is that oh that’s a pig oh I got the string um so we just need leather if you see cow wait wait wait there’s cows nearby where come back

This way look look look on the map we got to kill them oh I didn’t even realize they showed up on the wait those are pigs no those are sheep no there’s cows I don’t see cows wait you don’t let me look oh wait are those those are

Sheep oh [ __ ] they’re sheep they don’t have le moving on sorry that was my bad um no that’s fine listen I you know it didn’t hurt though it didn’t hurt I thought I thought it was helpful we need leather for the backpack stats Le for the backpacks so we can may find cows

Okay um see we could find a nice little we could maybe build on top the hills but that could be annoying though to actually climb up then every time H we could have a water elevator wait wait wait wait wait fo you can make elevators

Ooh okay those if it’s just if what I’m thinking of then that’s just like some it’s really easy purple dye and um it’s pretty easy you just need to make a uh you you just need to make like okay wool end Pearl okay what to do what wool and

Ender pearl to do what to make an elevator to make an elevator oh okay that’s easy that’s easy wait these melons are mini yeah they’re small they’re called mini melons interesting okay um or I don’t know this we could like could like o wait is that like a little is that

Like a little okay what if we live on this little island thing right here okay okay what okay here’s a thing here’s a thing let me let me walk us closer to where okay see you see where everybody else is we should we should make it in

View of that so that they can look up and envy oh okay wait okay so there’s people like kind of South and then there’s also people to the there’s people to the east as well okay um do you think okay are they going to be staying there um that’s a great question

We could ask we could see I mean we all just kind of we just woke up here yeah it just started people aren’t too attached wait wait wait do you have a drying rack a drying rack I have no idea what that is oh okay so for a drying

Rack you take a drying rack and you put rotten flesh in it and it becomes leather did you know that oh okay so they act like a purpose to of course it’s a drawing Basin ow ow oh okay wait that could be nice wait I might be able

To make it right now wait no okay do you have round play no I don’t have anything I have nothing for it wait I was actually thinking though if we build it right here assuming everyone’s where they’re at we’re like in between people down there and we’re in between there

But I just don’t know if that’s where everyone’s going to stay I think people are all out adventuring you like this this is this is close to spawn though well what is spawn if you really think about it uh where everyone spawn but like why why now that nobody’s there what

Significance does it have oh yeah I guess um guess I didn’t really think about it that way oh jeez it’s okay um um um oh I like it it’s it’s so awkward now oh jeez is it awkward oh no no no no no no no no it’s not awkward it’s not

Awkward it’s not awkward um I don’t know I feel like we have our little island okay it’d be easy to set up than like a little wall or something like this is how Define a little area Okay Okay a wall I like it you have a waterfront um it

Could be very simple so I think and right here and we have a water access cuz look on the river if we go down we can go to the ocean as well where’s the ocean if you go um like this South South basically down the water oh I think you

Have round to explore too right yeah yeah yeah oh okay wait wait you see where everyone is or we could try going closer to this there if that’s where more people are staying what if we go a little bit closer okay yeah we can go a little

Closer oh oh sorry boom um I feel like this was necessary this was necessary oh well now we’re oh oh I mean eventually it the yeah yeah that’s fine okay okay we keep going we keep going a little bit this way is oh good oh good okay but remember if

You find a cat wait I see somebody who is it we kill him I think we kill him kill him who goes there who goes there give me all your money or I’ll kill you wait that’s weird we were going to rob you wait I’m

A there a I have a shovel he’s robbing us I have a horn uh oh what the [ __ ] we have Cool J too hey hey I best you best upop I’m locked and loaded stop right there [ __ ] all right I’m going to not pass nice again foolish again that [ __ ]

Hurt my leg oh yeah going to leave a mark in the morning we’re going to need you to hand over one cool thing or else we’re going to have to finish what we started okay you guys spread the word we’re from the town of Yap City Yap City

And we will yeah okay oh you’re telling me you don’t got an extra carrot on you you I mean I do you greedy ah [ __ ] okay over take the carrot all right all right and you know what I feel a little bad so have this coffee bean what the [ __ ] I

Don’t want that [ __ ] [ __ ] I guess he didn’t want it he didn’t want it you oh oh you actually so awkward cuz he like lives right over there that’s you’re making enemies yes that’s what you got to do you got to make make enemies should I take his can you this

That’s too no no don’t touch it don’t touch it don’t touch it well no I don’t want to take it I think the second you touch it oh let me tell you a piece let me tell you a [ __ ] piece a [ __ ] stand back we said it stand back

Yeah or else we’re going to t- pose very menacingly we aggressively t- POS um quickly surround him what the [ __ ] Circle ccle Circle yeah are scary got that [ __ ] out mess with us ever again yeah we’ll have to do it I was just going to ask if you had a

Name plate I want a name a pet duck I have a pet duck I want to name oh oh yeah don’t um don’t have one of those actually actually why didn’t you start with that you should have start with that should have start with I’m robbing

You was maybe not the best start it was aggressive my fault I’m sorry I I’m I’m new to this do you have a a name tag no no we just said we don’t still no though no K [ __ ] broke ass your broke ass get your broke asses on you got nothing a

[ __ ] give me this how right click to oh yeah thank you yeah you’re welcome we be watching thank you [ __ ] you guys you guys kill me I’ll beat y asses next time I see you I really beat y’ asses don’t come over here [ __ ] what do this [ __ ] did I can do that

Too nice nice nice yeah yeah that’s what I thought oh hey M with my sweet potato thank you so much oh potato we got a potato we can get something out of this okay yeah don’t come on this side though I’m crazy I’ll bite your ankles stop playing with me yeah I’m gangster

Don’t play with me okay yeah yeah we’ll see about that pal his sweet potatoes don’t even oh wait no I’m full damn no it’s wait what’s the point you bigest you bigest sloppy that’s why okay good we now have made a possible enemy yeah and that’s

Good in the have a nice day yeah have a night have a nice day assuming if you can yeah I don’t think you can hear us okay okay so we see people are there so we could there’s this hill or if we go like around it okay okay um and then we

Can always like set up like an ugly little house and then like build it from there you know what I mean like a um presid president oh yeah um is he on site Um it could be on site if he tries like another move again it doesn’t mean like onsite it’s like what’s like what’s like comes after onsite like uh you mean before onsite well no not that um like it’s like on site if they do something what’s that called if they aggravate you

Anization on aggravation on site on aggravation yes good all right now we yeah that’s good yeah I don’t know what what is puns doing what achievements did he just get dude is he [ __ ] speed Runing we should kill him if provoked if provoked that’s the word if provoked let’s

Provoke provoked we poke okay whoa we have a little cave there wait whoa whoa we shouldn’t look down oh great great use hello wait it kind of looks like it ends like doesn’t really doesn’t really um honestly not impressive let’s go wait that’s true can we make gliders no no gliders okay never

Mind getting ahead of yourself we need leather that’s fine that’s fine leather first um o wait could that be like a little like there that like fun little Hill can you make a model like Jessie and James from Team Rocket uh where I’m trying to think or maybe oh wait wait

Wait wait wait wait wait say we made a motto yeah so you know how there’s like Jesse James Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light but it’ be like foolish Fooly pres oh [ __ ] yep no okay well I’ll think on it hello something what do you think

Yeah do you like it what what what you say oh sorry no I like it I were you talking to me I I missed everything you just said what did you say oh oh you hat that’s weird it feels like you even talk wait did you say something no I like the idea

Oh never mind let’s keep going I feel like I think on it okay there’s this um I see two people below us we could live on that little little Island area over there like this little part um I feel like ocean access is kind of a nice like having an ocean

Front property could be nice oh [ __ ] it’s Ryan and Seline like we could set up like right here okay I kind of like that um and then we could like bridge over here claim this little part but we have okay oh [ __ ] okay they might have better

Stuff than us right I I would imagine do we do we do we provoke them um here let let let’s put down a bed here okay oh that’s a good idea oh look did someone build that or is that a dungeon that’s a dungeon okay wa isn’t this

Spawn no wait no no spawn was definitely closer to uh like uh Northeast I swear this is spawn no no no no okay maybe not cuz I I I’ve been to that dungeon before it’s where we started oh so yeah oh maybe does do people start different spots do you know

Exclamation point mod pack I I I definitely didn’t start here maybe you did okay no that’s fine that’s fine okay okay okay so that that’s the dungeon we could go in you want to go in sho’s in there yeah [ __ ] let’s go let’s go let’s

Go let’s go in um here I have my crossbow ready wait let me wait I got a boat I got a boat oh oh oh oh oh oh can do you have a crossbow I can have uh I only have one I’m sorry I got it from

That dungeon I don’t know what you got I don’t sarry think you got nothing good okay this is good this is good oh my god oh oh well well the well oh my God interesting are you against or for Yap City against or for speak your purpose stop yelling Jesus

Who the fu who is I turned everyone down dude shut up you guys are someone underground it’s sho I’m a certified yapper sir also Noah from Ohio my name is Blau the Builder how does he know I learned everything I could from you how does he

Know oh jeez oh jeez you don’t got to it ain’t got to be like that man hey he goes no it really doesn’t have to be like that um he’s been doing that yeah he’s been doing that you’re weird you’re weird shut up I’m not talking to you

Ground mole who where are you he called you a ground ground fuing I’m going to come after your oh he’s coming for a to I swear I’ll kick his all he’s an enemy you’re an enemy of Yap City pal congratulations I need a weapon I feel

Naked y citt [ __ ] Yap y [ __ ] there it is he knows the motto already how does he know this song it’s spreading is that is that anyone’s dungeon house um y my other [ __ ] [ __ ] with my other [ __ ] [ __ ] all night I can’t sing the rest

Of the song oh that’s okay man okay okay Leslie we need some stuff but we also need to begin the foundation of Yap City the foundation it’s got to be great it’s got to be tall it’s got to be everything everyone else wants we could steal this

And use this as our first building you want us to take the dungeon well well is there like is there stuff below what happens well I might have actually like kind of De dismantled part of it initially so like the wall open I did I took it because I didn’t know oh that’s

Fine but I feel like wait so does the dungeon go lower I mean I haven’t been in here didn’t you just say you were like down here I haven’t been oh there’s an enemy hello there’s an enemy yeah yes yes down there oh it’s so dark I can’t see

There’s literally a a mob right here I don’t see anything I don’t know if you should go down there it’s so we can’t kill that we can’t kill that that’s you hit me back okay okay I’m getting I’m getting I’m getting it going to die I

Bled it you trapped it with me I hear yeah I didn’t want to die I’m going to [ __ ] die wait Elm are you down there I well I blocked it off I blocked it off so I couldn’t get it oh oh yeah it was like survival the fittest you know

What’s dism a dozen that’s what it felt like okay okay so I feel like maybe not the spot yeah maybe not that spot but somewhere around this area then it’s pretty close by to a decent amount of people I see some people are they underground are they above ground over

Here let’s see is there someone I see someone CL hello hello oh they’re underground they’re under okay that like whole group’s underground it looks like everyone in front of us on the map Ryan yeah and I I see Janet’s close by over here maybe she’s above ground Janet um okay

Hi St let me look let me look uh no she’s also below ground hey president I need a cow you need a cow okay utmost important yes that is true um also I was thinking about it we could just make this the Horn of Yap City and

Now we have our oh that’s good now we’ve got now we’ve got an item okay but that’s of value oh can we name it do you have an anvil uh oh I don’t have a level though what’s it wait a level oh I have

A level but I don’t have a name tag oh wait you don’t need one yeah yeah can you name it with that is that how it works wait what do you mean is that how work of course it’s easy oh I just boom it’s like oh oh oh

Yeah Horn of Yap City wait is Yap City one word or two words one oh wait two two two two two no yeah it would be separate cuz then it would be like it just be yeah to make it like Yap City I yeah no that makes sense actually that’s

That is proper um okay let me get rid of this um okay I do that um oh who’s that weirdo oh [ __ ] are you ease dropping no I I was getting some Peaches I oh it seems like you want to be an enemy of

Yap City an enemy w w w w he’s coming for the horn take him out you think I’m I’m the king of yapping what are you kidding me wait true is that so pal is that so well actually we have an official King how dare you enemy stay back enemy help help he’s

Stronger he’s stronger he’s stronger he’s stronger okay wait wait wait TR TR TR TR me let’s discuss this let’s discuss let’s discuss let’s discuss wait but if provoked we poke yeah but he didn’t provoke you provoked him oh did I you’re right I think so woohoo that’s that is my bad sometimes I

Accidentally do that you get a you you started with h are you an enemy of Yap City and it was a bit aggressive objectively I have to say a bit yeah oh yeah yeah and you know would an enemy give the king This One Singular

Amo to P tribute to the king I will now blow on the Horn of Yap City let me blow let me blow okay take a blow take a blow do it can can I also blow can I also blow well you need to be like an official

Member and like we’re not ready we have um we have like AUD coming soon audition auditions will be coming soon audition will be coming soon okay I guess I’ll just I mean you you’re really good at it though you have a high chance of making it it’s just really really really

Exclusive and like like you know the horn it’s like the best priced item on the entire server everybody wants it so just oh everyone wants the hor one oh 100% yes hey foolish you want to give me your ho oh it’s just I just don’t know

If we’re there yet uhoh oh oh I mean um yeah you have food or something you’re like really low health and it’s making it tough for me oh cuz you want to hit me is what you’re saying yeah yeah so can you please e some food oh let me

Just eat real quick yeah okay well how your punching bag like well I’m trying not to be I don’t want you to be the punching bag then why does my health concern you well because it’s really it’s like it’s like putting cocaine in front of a a Coke person like huh wait

I’m I’m a drug to you you’re addicted to me who addicted to The Killing what LM I need you to spread the word okay Yap city is going to be the greatest nation on this island Yap oh hell Yap City oh hell Yap City Y City H quickly lesie surround him

What oh oh Jesus circles circles only one thing I can do I can prot it’s the great it’s the greatest sweetness the that’s the greatest you only Ward us off so long sh it won’t work we have double the power your ly won’t defend against anything oh

God yeah and that be a warning for now pal next time we’ll finish when we started no you still have such low Health you got to like fix that stop why are you trying to hit I can help you here here use this bed use this bed okay

Okay so now if I kill you keeps blowing that who’s blowing that blowing that um oh I think it was blish here yeah yeah yeah here hand H is there a problem is there a problem yeah is there a problem oh it’s just very loud and I could hear it from

Like [ __ ] buzzing oh [ __ ] of course it’s loud of it’s loud what the [ __ ] how did he die oh killed himself wait wait where’s the bed where’s the bed wait I think I actually picked it up I didn’t think he was going to kill himself no

Where’s the bed I didn’t mean to I picked it up I didn’t think he going why is the bed in your hand because I didn’t think they distracted me I’m so sorry I didn’t know I didn’t mean to I dude keeping is going to fix this trueing is

Going to fix this but yeah listen every time you hear it just know it’s the Horn of Yap City that thing has quite the radio are you a friend or are you a foe Friend or Foe of Yap City oh I’ll be a friend for now for now promise that’s kind of weird

Okay for now I must find cow I can’t promise if you find a cow you owe it I want it wait yeah you’re on a land of we actually have to make a backpack I think that’s really important right now what we’re looking to do that’s what

We’re also doing so we all find cows going to do I guess we could just cows let’s breed some cows Cofe from farmer blow I got really I got nothing right now back flip is crazy come on I got a little farm set up here brother Dam oh

You got a little farm I got moves like that all right I think we will settle oh yeah apparently you can make leather with rotten flush is that yes yes with with the dry about that but when are we going to see okay okay you cool guy whatever [ __ ] Minecraft player I

Didn’t even know it I didn’t even know it Le I actually I actually told so [ __ ] talk her that’s actually me yeah I was the the informed one wo and I was uninformed wait and I was uninformed let’s do that let’s do that let’s do that I didn’t know you were

Going to kill yourself I didn’t know I was going to kill myself either well well well oh okay I the emotes are so troll can well well well cook I’m well well well well well I’ll be honest I think actually oh whoops um it’s like a pretty nice location we

Could like okay okay honestly I keep forgetting your hit box is like works like that it’s fine okay I feel like that would be a good first building so then we have like a nice structure to start with and then we can build like around that talking back at the dungeon

Yeah cuz then we can like we can like add like a little wood and then like that area is like it’s kind of like on the coast too and then it’s like kind of close to this ey is that yeah approved approved yes Ellum you should be lucky

Same with you blow you’re now here to witness the beginning of it all here I’ll add a little bit of wood though cuz then we can like make it a little more interesting God the the beginning of Yap City begins at that building wait KNE before the

King oh please oh please King foolish oh okay okay King foolish King foolish what’s President actually big full president president it could be like President King I don’t know we could work out though I reject your leadership okay see now see he’s done the thing prove yourself and kill prove yourself get

Him for Yap City let’s go for Yap City congratulations you can be a part I right I right do you think I’d like to confirm excuse me actually if you could side a little side bar over here yeah you just step out of okay yeah let’s see

Okay so you want him as a part of it well I feel like he kind of showed himself there he was willing to kill his um that’s very true but we could give it a little bit cuz he could be trying to infiltrate I mean just I worry about him

You look look at his face he’s a little Weir wor about oh [ __ ] you can’t hear us we’re having a private meeting sorry sorry you’re talking so [ __ ] loud I don’t know how to whisper you know to whisper oh um um no there’s no way we

Just have to he just needs to mind his man yeah there’s just like no whisper button I I I mean well listen I do think he’s like he could be a liability maybe eventually holding us back but for now you could be like a trial run you could

Be like a trial citizen yeah a trial citizen I kind of like that okay yeah here should he get to blow the horn or is that like that that should be full citizenship once you’re you’re in Yap City then you blow the horn then you

Blow the Yorn of the horn the horn not the YN yeah the y i we IGN yeah no I I was going to address no I listen that’s fine you keep me you keep me on the straight and narrow or whatever um hello little man oh oh hell

President foolish and Lady Leslie and your little red are those like red shoes or red feet oh these are these are just red feet but um hey wait you want you want to naked Pink Guy looks like a Kirby it looks Kirby oh you’re Kirby

It’s kby see look clear as day now clear as day you like it you like it perfect yeah um oh hey BL wh oh hey blow oh I still reject Yap City that’s crazy you’re going to regret that oh you had a chance to join an

Early oh oh oh wait no no no no oh sorry sorry I thought that was like what we were going for okay no no no we already killed him like we already did so oh he’s already gone he just uh he’s already gone all right here we go we go here um we

Let’s no no no there’s no way there’s no did I didn’t see it why did you say why did you say something why did you say something why did you say something like there’s a a massive hole okay communicate maybe president for he’s attacking TNT TNT what the first

Attack city I will kill your ass get that where did he even get that that’s it where did you get it here we go I don’t know where he got that where did you get TNT here I know how to make this town look nicer this all we have to do

We take three of these and then we just add a little bit of wood and now it’s already nicer symmetrical you got to add the wood on the other side now yeah I just started you [ __ ] dumbass you think I know try to show then do finish your

Job why you just start with one side just do both sides then no no no I’m sorry pal but I don’t think you’re going to be Gap City potential I don’t potential more you City potential than you are put the wood down put the wood the president

Of quite literally can’t say that he has the homework I am the Horn of City yeah it’s kind of a big deal wait oh yeah there’s nothing but yeah need a little bit of this more cherry logs are there Cherry logs around maybe that’s a

Bad wood to use that might have been the only one do you have a backpack think you got one oh congrats you killed a couple cows that’s that W no no no not cows not cows incorrect you made very incorrect rotten flesh drying Basin yes yes yes well you have some extra rotten

Flesh maybe um oh that’s that’s funny you say that where’s your drwing B I’m willing willing to part with some if you have any extra uh bones bones any bones on you I don’t bones what if I told you I’ll definitely have bones in the future

Yeah we’ll give you our bones we’ll look for bones seven bones if you have a few bits of leather I don’t know why why do you need bones bones are [ __ ] Ops man the [ __ ] crop I’ve got seven seven over can I wait can I have the

Leather though can I can I cuz I also almost have a backpack oh God okay okay give me the bones first give me the bones first I’ll go four bits leather just full there you go okay wait sh up we can make a copper backpack first it’s like you have to go

In like order yeah I know we have to start we have to start iond and got diamonds I’ll be right back let me go get it oh thank you okay I’m getting a little wood just to like spice up the place so it looks a little bit more um me

Too I’m using like this regular Oak log since we have more of that I’ve realized I don’t have enough of of this wood to even make it so I’m going to replace it with just Oak okay I’m building I’m building is this fine this is good right I’m

Just oh I guess I’ll just do that too cuz I accidentally okay perfect we’ll just do that yeah that looks nice okay um I placed a bed at the top of the tower for our spawn very good oh thank you thank you yeah that’s going beautiful that’s smart

Okay boom that’s so smart Okay boom boom yeah see this is nice cuz now when people come here they’ll be oh [ __ ] they already have such a cool building damn oh my looks like we built it yeah so if we customize it then that’s torches you’re genius you’re an actual genius oh

My God it looks custom made oh I’ll put a door here yeah put some doors we can we can like clean up the inside this maybe a bit are there still uh people down there like little uh the the skeleton guys there might be some people

Down there I’m going to go kill them all yeah go get them go get them SE search Sho he’s not talking about us it’s not as cool oh okay well I tried um um okay wait I need more wood I need saplings oh puns puns you little you little sheep

Man you hey do you guys have spare nutrients um no actually we’re on more on the starving side of things did I type TF wait look at this house what the hell I typ TF yeah I decided to get to work a little bit all yeah you know why

Not cuz listen me and me and fosle founded the town or the or Yap city is what it’s called and this is the founding building oh wow wait look at the lakeside view okay we built it from scratch I need more saplings you already have all this stuff well most people

Decide to go get diamonds not us okay we built instead oh I like the I like the log Edition wait how n there’s tainted black glass yeah we got it you got that yeah you seem to doubt I didn’t make the Tass you can just find that you can find that

D you can find that oh we went to a couple dungeons yeah okay look at you guys go I’m proud of you guys good job thanks puns are there people down there for real like like like bad guys down there cuz I don’t remember beating anything I’m a little worried that

There’s like bad guys I’m a little nerve little nervy H okay okay okay okay let’s see okay oh my god listen just like just like I have big upgrades happening right now be the fastest one so let me put food in this chest okay coffee cherries just doing a

Couple more things this is bad I’m starved oh oh and I’ve run out of food okay no worries cuz um okay here wait if we cook bread does it become toast um I actually do think so um okay here we go cook some bread to make that better here’s a few beet

Fruits that you can you said this is the worst there is it really is it really is but it’s better than nothing eh yeah yeah yeah oh wait I think I have fish oh okay there we go I think I have I think I have raw Cod raw Cod wait oh

My God oh my God oh my God oh my God I can cook the Cod cook the Cod baby cook the C cooking it okay okay that’s good stealing your toast um okay you know that’s finey meal sometimes how do I eat anything crafted okay get that I want

That okay cooked Cod okay here we go and then just a little oh my axe broke no huh I need Cobblestone damn it I’m sick of I’m sick of using Wood Tools I’m going to use this little p over here wait wait wait you didn’t get a [ __ ] a

Ton of iron earlier from one of those things no I got gold so maybe okay so there you go you got something like that’s good oh well oh I could share some I could share some I think what we could do yes is maybe get some seeds and

We just start growing wheat then we can like survive on like toast maybe that’s s sounds so sad I’m in okay listen it’s it’ll be humble beginnings it’ll be humble beginnings and that’s F start yes okay okay okay um then I don’t need that I don’t need that

Um what do I need what do I need I need uh don’t do that don’t do that do this do this uh what was I going to make oh uh stone tools that’s what I was doing okay wait wait wait wait wait here here here yeah oh iron tools iron tools okay

Nice an iron pickaxe let go an iron pickaxe for you okay toast and okay okay that’s a good start and then maybe for now I’ll um I’ll just make a like a random chest on this second floor up here oh you’re oh I see oh I started construction inside I hope you don’t

Mind no no I see that and that’s okay that’s okay I’ll get to that later um boom and then I’m almost completed no what happened nothing I overreacted um I suited up you suited up yeah oh you made iron armor oh yes wait how much iron did you get

From that chest 22 oh [ __ ] okay but now have no pants uh um I would I would like to hide this it looks not so cute can you uh is that possible do we have like a mod for that I think we do I think we do Waffle

Down excuse me no way did you hear that did you just hear that I thought you just got initiated almost LM you’re sick no no you not yet you haven’t blown the horn you haven’t blown the horn there’s no way there’s waffle crazy you were about to guys I

Heard you lost a mem I join you after what the [ __ ] [ __ ] interesting unbelievable waffle town I’ll just put a little foolish a sign of Peace here you go look from Waffle town a sign of Peace OHS oh that’s actually that’s actually pretty nice I actually want those that’s

Fine that’s fine you know oh I fig it’s fine cuz like we’re both a part we’re both a member so yeah and I feel like oh did you want that’s my bad no that’s fine I think you might as well you might as well have it but okay I feel no it’s

Because I feel like you’re better he’s trying to look at our chest he’s trying to look at our chest now he’s trying to look at our chest okay yeah like you can’t do that is definitely an me of Yap City I don’t know you guys have a a

Drying Basin by any any chance no no we don’t damn it you say Janet I said Dam it not Janet oh wait how do I skip regular seeds please don’t drop seeds Black that’s be SE do you have any black flowers no definitely not okay no

Worries no worries but I do need some okay I think can see what level she is under her mini map what what do you mean what level I am I see what level I am like a little like a little Wheat Farm could go a long way towards surviving

Everything oh wait coal no coal doesn’t work um did you get rid of all the iron uh uh no I have a couple P so not okay yeah oh great jump I have um I have two but I was going to make a drying Basin with them but what did you

Need to make what were make what we going to make well I was going to make a bucket but that’s fine I’ll worry about that later a bucket for lava um oh for water cuz I was going to like start like a little little farm oh

You’re a genius okay uh oh my God I shouldn’t have made this this whole suit thing overo we could still we can still um we can probably dig we can dig like I to get sh I have a shovel a shovel is nice that’s nice yeah I can’t be upset

About that okay okay okay okay let me just a farm a farm a farm and a big sign that says Yap City Yap City oh my God ginormous okay now I can just I can just start the farm like next to this water maybe for now okay um okay yeah okay I

See some more seeds oh my he’s coming he’s coming oh where oh Enemy enemy enem enemy I’m enemy I’m friend friend wait oh really oh okay yeah take my watermelon you want that is this your house yes this is the beginning City wow that’s nice that’s that’s

Awesome hey uh do you have any diamonds on you anyone got diamonds wait so gave us two melons in the hopes we give you diamonds no I have I have a trade offer you know I have what would it be what would it be okay do you ever just feel

Like a cheeseburger well you can be one oh [ __ ] stop it yeah you want you want to be a cheeseburger I just need 78 diamonds wait wow can I try that on you want to try it on okay here you go go ahead and try that on

What is that multiple why do you have so many Burger things yeah I have multiple you know do you have multiple diamonds look how nice that looks on you wow how do I is it oh giving it’s giving it’s giving I just don’t know if it’s going to be able to give 78

Diamond I mean I’m I’m down to lower the price what do you guys have um Dam straight toss that in my face we have like Zer like nothing poor like like literally quite yeah you’re May hell welcome back hello hello wait why are you welcoming are you a part of

Y he’s part of waffle waffle town why are you saying welcome back well I didn’t I why are you welcoming me welcome me back welcome me back Al Kenji nice to meet you I think we how are you Ellum I’m good how are you I’m doing

Good I’m doing great do you have any Diamonds oh he what muscle I want to do that flex your y flex your y I think I don’t think it’s got to be that serious are we playing that hard huh I don’t have anything selected in my muscles oh [ __ ] I didn’t

Even think about that why then Flex the Y wait my y doesn’t have a flex change it then Flex it to b instead change the your flexing muscle to B that’s what I do did everything’s go quiet no we just know talking why what the [ __ ]

Dude like the way it went so silent I was like oh [ __ ] we’re lagging Dam honestly I failed you as a member of Yap City I failed you there and I’ll never do that again that was my bad that was actually messed up with me that’s fine um f was cely just focused

On trying to oh no it’s okay man it’s okay two seconds of quiet I’m I lagging are you throwing those snowballs we hear it Yap City never quiet always yapping I found I have I have 57 cherries do you need food oh 57 cherries do the obsidians

Need any food yeah we we’ like we’d like a delivery once every oh oh oh some free cherries I found a cherry CH wait that’s awesome a my God a I’m just trying to get some all right wow um those are here I feel like I feel like Leslie we should

Try to make like an announcement for the people that um Yap City has uh what What’s the word like been founded yes okay I’ve been founded has been founded and and what else we need to make like um and we are looking for oh yeah you know and we are alliance

Members and members and enemies and enem no are we looking for enemies are we looking for members anyone who crosses us okay we will be out yapped and okay anyone who crosses us will shot brutally murdered yapped not maybe brutally no no back Mur brutally murdered in game mured

In game hey I hello I’m thinking about building on top of that mountain is that okay with you guys oh um I see you’re trying to become the hermit of Yap City or something see you know I could be like you know the Watchtower like the

Watch H I don’t I don’t yeah I don’t think we’ve any attention youing that mountain so I I don’t see why not I I don’t have any problems do you have any problems uh fing what is just saying I like him I like puns I’ll say look I’m just saying

You you’d rather have me there than than someone bad that is true that is true Unless somehow someone buys you out and then wa who whoa you let TW talk to you going let TW say that right did you notice the fact that you are [ __ ] enemies yeah

City all right well that was simple enough good good um approved approved I like it approved approved long story short approved okay wait who’s that guy I can’t was that Blau I couldn’t quite tell yeah Blau is doing something something can’t tell if he’s like trying to create like waffle town or he’s

Trying to join Yap City I swear if he tries to make y waffle town we we actually like try to blow it up we get TNT and um oh yeah yeah yeah like a big TNT like I think if you combine nine TNTs it becomes a Omega ginormous TNT we

Just Dro like 15 we can nuke we can nuke [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh we can oh we can big nuke okay okay so right now I one of those those with the limited amount of food we have dude it’s impossible to get seeds like every other seed but wheat seeds drop

Now I need amethyst do you have an amethyst Shard no definitely not oh God I need a spy glass we need spy glasses it’s important where do I get that stuff this is crazy what I can’t I just can’t get wheat seeds oh oh every other seed oh oh

I have one I have one I have one I have one I have one okay one is big one could be huge and I have a bunch of beetroot seeds but that blows okay I’m going to start planing them just on this side of the river

Until I get bucket and then I can transfer it over elsewhere I need um spy glass wait did I run out of cobblestone okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay leather leather leather leather okay yeah I think with this we can survive off like hopefully some

Toast maybe oh no that’s not so bad SE Place perfect they know we mean prosperous they know they know they can see our progression um we have a bucket oh this thing is of food okay there’s some cassava seeds some industrial hemp seeds some coffee beans some bell pepper

Seeds some oranges some nectarine some carrots and some honey I’m putting in some some melon slices some beetroots and uh uh uh yeah that’s it yeah I may try I we could probably grow a couple carrots too cuz those give like four carrots and we could munch on those wait

Wait I have a carrot okay yeah we can start growing those yeah here I’ll um here here here grow that okay yeah uh let me just uh happy birth yeah I don’t know what all these other seeds do but it’s fine we’ll okay boom one carrot oh

Nice this is looking good this is looking good y boom now I got a carrot I got another seed wait let’s see okay okay oh another seed good what are they doing over there okay wait what what something over there what they’re plotting you see them oh you don’t think

You don’t think elm’s already betrayed I think he’s fully betrayed well blows he was talking about Waffle Town you’re right Elum is feeble of mind and easy to miss he’s very weak-minded yeah okay that’s fine should we go spy um yeah let me place down this cup of wheat real quick and then

What hey I have a boat I have a boat okay yeah yeah yeah let’s let you do the thing and then we go to the boat okay I did that that should start growing just nicely and then I place the what was I going to do oh no okay

Yeah they’re raiding what do you mean raiding what do you mean raiding what are you talking about Barnacles [ __ ] wait what are you talking about what are you actually talking about um wait uh wait slash message puns help help help okay here I’ll message him I’ll me oh

They’re coming right now they’re coming right now we’re not prepared up to the top did the we need to wait we need to wait a second what do we do what do we do okay um oh no oh no what we do what we I I don’t have anything I don’t have

Anything I don’t have anything I see there’s Pirates there’s pirates in the Run there’s Pirates okay okay okay okay um I’ve got nothing I I need bow I okay um what do we do what do we do command Commander blow the horn blow the horn I will blow the horn blow the

Horn oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay I think we run we Retreat for a second we Retreat blow up C that’s the founding building you can’t do this City is Ours y City he hit me he hit me he hit me it hurts oh no oh no oh we

Got oh use your iron armor against them uh you’re right you’re right I have armor yeah you have armor use your your aim is [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] yeah get him get him C him blow C him blow help me don’t fall we have the advantage get oh

Boy I wish I had more food though I do wish I had more food ow ow my toe my toe arrows arrows C okay oh no oh no okay okay there’s got to be something do Retreat Retreat to the boats to the boats yeah stay back that’s my boat

Motherucker he just took the boat of Yap City oh oh oh it’s War it’s War it’s War oh no ow ow it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it the bed up above it hurts I don’t know where I put

A bed but I definitely use one it hurts we’ll remember this oh we were not prepared for that oh we weren’t okay no no honestly wait wait wait look look puns is going puns is attacking sh wait do you think he’s like a [ __ ] Shark look at this [ __ ] dude he could

Kill us he could be a v he’s going [ __ ] end okay wait do you think he’s going to get him I can’t tell I can’t tell wait I wish we had a microscope or a telescope yeah that’s why I wanted to build one oh look he’s under water he’s

Under water he’s dring back he’s dring back he’s dring back oh he their boat wait I’ll make another boat I’ll make another boat so we can get a closer look um where’s the CRA table where’s the crab table he got her Pat back go they’ll never come back my go they’ll

Never come back my goat I got the boat right yes and don’t come back stay back look how pathetic pathetic yes what are they again what the [ __ ] they call the bogy boggy Barnacles some [ __ ] fortnite ass sounding yeah do I have an

Arrow in my head oh uh you do you do we can um we have doctors I’m bleeding out here they I’ll go yeah I’ll just take it out and yeah there we go oh there you go it’s out oh thank you wait how did you actually take that out huh well I’m a

Doctor oh my God he can do it all the day yeah puns that was incredible wow yep City will forever remember your great Deeds today thank you it’s all on a day’s work wait um wait what if we just make puns I was ask why got he’s

Kind of like caring like more effective not caring but he effective kind of owned them like puns yeah um we would like to formally ask you if you wish and desire to join Yap City oh [ __ ] who’s here to interrupt fuing wait what are you doing what are

You doing I hear voice who’s voicing around dude shut up he just tell us to shut up I’m I’m coming out dude I’m I’m doing the dirty work for you guys so you can live a happy peaceful life up there oh sorry sorry that’s our bad I didn’t

Realize we didn’t know yeah we didn’t a ground person is a ground person yeah he’s no he’s not really he’s a mole he was he is a known ground mole though wait he looks very powerful relax that we’re not ready we’ just been raided relax with that oh nice yeah we just

Raided pal by the [ __ ] there’s a cool down Downy Barnacles the bogy barn blow andum I don’t know exactly where they live they maybe live post opposite of us are you typing really aggressively oh yeah oh I see he’s not even talking about usy this guy’s backpack looks

Insane maybe okay nice nice that sh looks kind of nice too wa wait wait what you you trying to say right now youing what I was just listen it’s a fun backpack you got there you know yeah I know it’s a nice it’s a very nice backpack might have to my grandma my

Grandma made it for me you know Grandma oh do you what’s your name Janice no that’s my aunt oh damn oh [ __ ] powerful enemy raid boss y City unite that Hur me you shot me [ __ ] I’m sorry I see I miss like my eyes how do you have diamond

Armor oh my God the loot was that good loot uh nah oh it sucks um okay no puns it’s time to make it official though are we didn’t hospital to blow the horn of city oh my God I’d be honed wait wait wait for f

Wait he’s about to do the horn Sur I go up to the top I go to the top yeah we well um it’s kind of under here we don’t here there we go we could uh okay okay make here we can we can re then to the

Top to the top oh yeah you guys can use the bed too while you’re I put a bed up here oh nice I should get my belongings I made a chest on top of there over here oh right here oh yeah here this is kind

Of cool this is kind of cool and are you ready I’m a little I’m a little slow to get up but yeah okay oh okay okay okay okay oh wow am I the first honorary me member yeah you’re the first to blow the horn sincey wowow all Right welcome to Yap City punch Yap City Yap City Y City aw this is awesome um right now we’re still in our growing Roots phase um also just so you’re aware the Horn of Yap city is our most prized possession and we must do everything we can to keep it with on our

Possession all right we need to defend it from the boggy Barnacles [ __ ] and Peter also have declared war on us yeah they well we kind of declared war on them but well they said you sh yeah and I feel like that’s a declaration in itself yeah yeah

So either way it was about to happen um we need to we need to start looking like that that uh that shto guy that guy looked powerful we need stuff like him we we need iron we need yeah we could go mining and stuff or maybe a dungeon I don’t know

Y some trees right now for future success uh um we’re also we’re also just piss poor low on food I’m trying to start like a wheat farm to grow like toast and stuff yeah what the hell yeah yeah yeah it’s a Party all right I’m going to get my belongings okay yeah move in move in it’s time do I hear a ground B again oh [ __ ] is he here oh [ __ ] hey it’s the mining mole hello mining mole can I build a hospital oh yeah um we certainly could

Use a hospital um I feel like the first thing we need to do though is like have this building like decent enough to where you can like walk around it without um it sucks it sucks yeah yeah so we got to make some so we need I feel

Like we might as well keep access below I don’t think we have to necessarily cut that off keep the like the top of this looking like the same and everything is underground or should we have like you know like a hospital like you know over

Here and then like a thing far of you know like we should build around I think yeah I think different buildings would be good it’s a city after all yeah it’s a city it’s a city so yeah we can um yeah yeah I think I think for now too

Just kind of build it however you desire um we don’t have to like have like a a theme quite yet is our food ready oh I’m hungry um I oh [ __ ] am I like completely out of food uh okay wait I we put potatoes in here we really need a cow

Farm that would be good yeah we could use cows that could be nice I do know where two cows are I locked them in I locked them away many hours ago they might be dead though oh yeah damn but I could check the mining mole has returned yes I’m going back in okay

What’s down there mining mole yeah mining Mo last spooky scary skeletons go you want to go say hi to them um am I going to die it’s kind of scary wait is there loot down there though is there loot yeah there’s good loot down there good loot and let us commence wait oh

You have food barely oh barely couple toast here you can have a here have here have um have these baked potatoes fosle oh my God thank you thank you thank you well don’t it’s not much um all right I have a I have an intimidation strategy okay yeah is your

In do you have inventory space right now uh a little bit yeah a little bit yeah do you have nine slots uh here let me make a little boom and then let me get rid of that scrum yes I now have all right all right get ready well well well you know well

Well well you know oh what is this what am I look look at the chat look at the chat what just what is all that stuff wait oh okay yeah let me hand it to okay wait intimidation intimidation that’s really good here I’m handing it I’m handing it over boom boom

Boom boom okay oh my God oh my God you’re right it looks like look he look he’s shocked he’s shocked yes he’s shocked he’s shocked okay oh that’s so good and then just keep yeah just keep throwing it out and then pick it up and then does it actually do anything though

I don’t think so it just looks like we’re really powerful that’s really smart mess with them yes genius let’s go oh that was really good now um oh oh I I don’t actually know what to do these let me um I accidentally took some stuff okay uh I

Don’t know what happened actually what what stuff was your oh wait who stuff is that wait what is happening uh uh I don’t know how to is that that’s mine that’s mine that’s mine that’s mine okay I was confus I’m just I just have a very

Full inventory and I’m not sure how what to do we need to follow the mining mole he went down he went down already you’re just picking it back up you’re dropping it and picking it back up okay all right are we ready to commence yes mining take

Downwards downwards okay have fun guys I actually cannot come on this journey but I’ll do my own Journeys yes yes you’ll you’re I’m trusting you fully coming okay my inventory okay we go down we go down inventory okay okay yep coming let’s go down let’s go down okay okay

Yep uh mining mole is it safe down here very safe very very safe I cleared up the area actually they might have had a bit of a respawn problem maybe okay here we go it’s going down the stair wait this is cool this is like it’s like the CAC of Yap City

WA oh this is confusing though oh yeah we did might we might have had a respawn problem what do you mean uh I hear skeletons I don’t have a shield they’re going to [ __ ] me up I can try to help wait they’re tanky oh they’re going to

Own me ow um do you need help it’s okay okay wait I’m blocking myself in this room should I help okay I might end up needing help I like I need to make a shield I might end up needing I’m getting a little stronger I’m finding food wait I’m going to be

Able to help soon I’m going to be able to help soon um I’m on three hearts I need help I need help help help okay I have armor now I need help I’m coming I’m coming need Fu yourself up okay I’m helping we’re helping I’m on three hearts help we’re helping Bo

Boom boom Oh my God we did it holy [ __ ] city [ __ ] all right wait come get this chest there’s like food and stuff in here a lot of there’s a lot of chests go grab them oh my God one right here though there one right here found you might

Find some goodies oh my God yeah yeah yeah yeah this is good this is just what we need oh boy perfect perfect oh boy man I really need a backpack what is next we need a back any know I’m going to drink it oh it’ses no no no no no not again not

Again not again not again not again now you’re you’re tanky I Dr a potion oh no what that that what is that what is that what is that what is that oh it doesn’t want any of our souls I guess okay okay oh wait this can make

Black die I think this this does anyone know does with oh my God I hate this wait where are these guys coming from I don’t know make him stop die die die oh thank God oh it’s from right here’s a black die oh oh I need that oh

My God they’re spawning they’re spawning they’re spawning they’re spawning okay that’s fine we can kite them we can kite them I have an idea I have an idea okay look okay now we just hit him what I’m dumb I wait wait back up a little bit

More back up a little bit more there’s no way there’s no way there’s no way there’s no way there’s no way there’s Way’s go this way we go this way we go this way or you go up the stairs I’ll be back I’ll be back I’m dying I half a

Heart half a heart just keep going up keep going upstairs I’ll be back I’ll come back down soon okay you you fight yeah here I’ve got him actually trapped this time I didn’t actual trap so I’m just hitting him hell no hell no up go I can’t wait for there there to

Be an elevator here oh [ __ ] okay oh okay okay okay okay here here I might be able to make a backpack guys holy crap drying base do I have two black dye though don’t die down there okay I’m ala stop it I got chills I guess I can come back to too I

Don’t like have to get these chests close by oh sp sp sp sp oh my God oh my God oh my God it’s oh my God guys it’s happening it’s happening it’s happening okay very good very good very good very good this is huge okay now we do

This oh my God first backpack wait mining Mo where are you oh no I don’t have enough leather I need one more no I need one more leather what about a drying Basin can I make that oh I can I can make a drying

Basin out of uh you guys said it was uh was it charcoal okay why okay let me put this down like what am I doing let me put a smithing table down or something I don’t I don’t even know what I would use that for okay let me put this away this

Piss me off this piss me off this piss me off okay um okay charcoal for black dye but how do I get charcoal I have charcoal this is Flint can I make Charcoal oh oh oh oh cook wood cook a log cook a log oh God oh God not that well that’s fine cook a log like that that should make charcoal right oh boy that was a process that was a process oh my God cannot wait for a backpack okay please yes

Yes what the f sh it’s gone bad president I need my [ __ ] I need that now wait oh [ __ ] they can swim they can swim you need to you need to kill that thing I’m trying I’m trying die I’m dead ellm you killed me Killed Me by bring here what

Do you mean I killed you I’m going to die I have a it’s going to kill me help oh Christ run run run I want to I want to live do not do not touch that grave do not blow the you took my experience you [ __ ] wait I did touch the grave what

Did I do it’s fine we’ll just remember this you didn’t touch it I just ran by it you took my experience I’m so sorry president ow owow so what does a grave cool down mean right now oh my God oh my God oh my God what does a grave cool down mean it

Means like I don’t get a grave for 30 minutes is that what it’s saying I don’t get a grave for 30 minutes no oh oh my items will spill though that’s not that bad it’s not that bad oh burn burn burn burn in hell burn in hell [ __ ] God what the

Okay bro bro I’m done no more of this no more I’m so I’m so annoyed by my inventory please I need this instantly okay okay now bless bless bless holy crap if you touch oh my God okay okay okay I’m leaving I’m doing it over here I’m not dying again okay eat this

Okay this this this this this this this this this this logs I don’t have logs okay this this this this this this this this and this this this why isn’t it turning into leather oh oh my God oh my God it’s time guys yes oh my God

Finally oh my God okay we’ve done it oh my God okay oh my God huge huge progress has been made okay this is great now upgrade it to bronze what’s the next upgrade uh the next update upgrade is bronze oh wait it’s copper I think copper backpack is wait made with iron

Coins wait where do we coins coins where the hell do we get coins so I find on diamonds bro oh I have room for the armor you’re right you’re right armor armor oh what’s that give me that stray okay let’s grab this stuff Okay okay do I have enough to make another backpack probably not right okay no I don’t okay but I can work on it okay um I got the rest of my armor okay we’re looking good we are looking good who goes there who goes there wait where are you the wrong way coming

Coming I want all of it I want all of it delicious loot delicious delicious loots I’m guys you here I’m a loot Goblin I’m a massive loot Goblin wait okay I got them all what oh god I want the loot I want the Sho is there is it all cleared down

There I on no I’m okay though thank you so much you already tested it oh fre you used that enemies one time thing just to test it mining Mall How does it go down there um I killed the boss oh did you is there a chest I killed yeah I killed kill

There’s a bunch of chests you should come over here and grab them where where’s everybody did I hear someone else yeah down this way down this way oh oh oh god oh down this way T of okay one more guy over get him my you have a

Backpack yes he does did you craft it yourself or did you I crafted it yes sorry oh oh don’t worry don’t worry we just oh okay go here and turn left turn left and then you’ll find all all the I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared

I’m scared I’m scared what’s that blank runes saddle I don’t know about those things I never need those I’m not going to I’m not going to take him for no reason I’m not going to use golden horse armor what’s that lapis Luli lapi can I mine that Frick can’t even mind that okay

Okay um probably not where are you guys oh hello hello commandery I’m here I’m here um you just need to okay wait let me try to get you wait I went down um I did need down down again oh boy oh boy oh my God iron coin uhoh

Shield oh [ __ ] hello where are you I I’m at the bottom the bottom okay you’re getting so close you’re getting close we’re like below you you could maybe even dig if you’re feeling lazy do you see do you see my name tag you see my

Name tag I want a bigger backpack so bad I just want a backpack uhoh uhoh I’m at F I’m at oh do you see us C is important 31 yeah C could be important this why are you on the floor Huh where you going what what level are you on um Y8 Y8 you not see your name tags Y no I don’t see name tags if you look down zombie zombie zombie I’m leaving I’m leaving I’ll be at the top okay I don’t know are schematics

Important I have no clue what these are I don’t know how they got down there though okay I don’t understand where they are I’m so confused okay I have to pee below is down I don’t see their name tags though okay I going to make another backpack think I can do it

Um leather’s really important anyway I feel like it’s pretty important two three this is so op for leather three four okay knif okay um backpack so to make a backpack oh string oh string does this make string how do you make string do you make it from cobwebs

H okay maybe string isn’t as easy yes yes coming coming hello I swear I was summoned how can I hear the horn so far oh they’re underground still right right right okay oh my God beautiful so it only makes two though so I still need more

Okay so let’s put leather here and that here and then also if I make a chopping board board cutting board this thing if I make this thing let me take a look what what take a cutting board I don’t know and I put a looks like I don’t know it

Looks like it’s a full inventory you sure where’s a saddle yeah I mean can’t I take a saddle and put it on this thing different Jim I I will be right back oh but I need a knife right frick I’m not do I remember how to make a knife ringy they’re

Back cow plunder plunder you’ve been through my chest block us Mr wait no we haven’t we haven’t been through your chest we haven’t been through your chest what do you mean we’re innocent we’re just trying to get you know trying to get some of these oh my

God die die this they fighting you can’t craft them really okay maybe we’ll save us we’ll save us sadle because we can get leather easy easy easy how far how far in are you guys yo what’s up guys yo we just doing a little dungeon in Minecraft that’s baby y what’s up present

Foolish of nap City go yeah Yap City more like nap City snooze alert am I right got him got him [ __ ] roasted Bro you bitched him out man that was oh my God all right where do we go I’m so lost the chest of reset BL what does that mean the chest of reset as in like then you can now get the like new [ __ ] again it’s not it’s

Not foolish it’s not how do I go down if I want to go down go down toare for the worst manifesting it okay never mind it’s an oopsy it’s an oops of I see that happening foolish oh you made it how do I get down there oh

My god let’s go they need our help oh my God what’s happened okay here I have an idea I have an idea boy boy boy keep coming keep them coming wait wait I need a little bit more space little bit more space okay boom okay and

Boom and now way down I found the way down oh oh nice nice nice there we go now it’s likeing a barrel wow look at you wait did this keep spawning no there just T [ __ ] killed them dead we killed them dead good hey so where’s all the

Loot guys there’s like a bunch of different loots in different parts of the world o um this might be a looting we need to string I to explore this whole place get armor in here oh um yeah that’s weird I don’t think the the Barnacle babies are allowed here come down Barnacle baby

Plunder any want my iron chest plate just drop my irate you how to go down what do you need know to oh yikes maybe I don’t even know why I’m still down here I can’t loot anything more I don’t know if there was that much stuff down here

Actually JK uh beef torches I got to go down I got to see there could be stuff could be good stuff I don’t know if this is worth it look at all this stuff oh wa what is this stuff I I didn’t pick up a single

Rotten do I want any of this stuff name tag I definitely want a name tag splash of oral bottle let’s do that instead and then maybe some bread I don’t need bread I don’t eat bread I a rope is more important let’s grab rope um I that

Looks interesting I’ll take that and I don’t need that and I don’t need that and maybe gunpowder and Lexica Botanica maybe actually no that’s that’s easy to make maybe I’ll take some more flesh because blank runes are those good can’t imagine them being like bad okay maybe

Sorce berries uh what don’t I need what don’t I need I don’t know uh let’s keep going okay bones bones you always need bones bones are good let’s put this back let’s do bones bones bones bones flesh flesh Rope Rope um curious artifact but

What is that what is that do I need that coal maybe bread bread bread bread okay uh uh Blue Sand don’t really need that coal um um okay what’s op um okay maybe it’s like closer to the center oh this might be it Oreal bottle do we need that did I find the

Way that’s kind of good oh oh yes cabbage why do I have cabbage okay take the charm um what’s the charm oh you can equip it it’s an artifact oh okay what’s a charm do curious artifact slot charm I can’t oh is it a necklace H I can’t figure out where to

Put it though maybe here no scroll oh scroll oh scroll oh what’s it do though curious artifact okay I don’t know what it does yet but we’ll see that looks fun to go down yeah what does it do what what mod pack is that from art of

Forging wait wait um art of forging uh let’s see at Art of forging aren’t a forging is there like a a mod pack for this stuff has a what the hell is this stuff I know I’m addicted because I’ve had to pee for like an hour and a half and I haven’t

Gone you have to identify it first okay I’ve had a pee guys it’s bad I need to go that’s so bad go okay in a bit really really soon I’ll go um just after I get a little bit more loot okay okay then I go okay now I

Go yeah I don’t want a UTI honestly honestly that’s so real nothing’s worse than the pain of a UTI like it’s actually awful okay actually there’s probably things that are worse kidney stones sound rough too but UTI they are up there it’s like a burning sensation when you need to pee

No no it’s a constant burning sensation you don’t need to pee and then you pee like a single drop and then it burns for like years and you want to cry actually you do cry I’m running I’m leaving oh who goes please let no she’s after me

Help me I see it okay I’ll see and then there’s like a little Bobble thing at the top left B oh it is stand down oh I you best not be coming between a pirate and their booty a slay I’ve been through worse I’ve been through hell high water and

The depths of the Seven Seas you not be scaring me lady foosley that’s Commander foosley she’s a commander now I only be respecting those that do Captain notar stay hand down you are nothing but a mere fruit fly what we need to get out of here loot

Loot loot loot brick brick brick brick cookie beetroot soup I don’t eat that cookies bricks bricks bricks bricks bread bread bread bread I’ll eat that now okay h brick brick I need this I need that dying I’m ding I’m dying help me are schematics important I can’t tell okay okay oh boy

Okay I need to get back I need to get back to base I need to get back to base okay more loot I don’t need this much uh I don’t need that I need that oh but I don’t need that uh uh uh uh uh wow these coins

Are kind of hard to find that’s not good that is not good at all okay what don’t I need I probably don’t need a pumpkin but what if I do I could need a pumpkin I don’t need raw beef that’s unimportant I don’t need this wait but what if I do

Nah Unbreaking one no I don’t need it it’s hoarding push Mana regeneration I don’t need that but what if I do I don’t need seven four melon slices that’s silly okay okay I’ll put the Torches in my hand that’s a good idea I think I’m lost in

Here is anyone near me yes okay how where I’m stuck in a hole I I don’t know how far I don’t know how to get out um okay okay okay okay way you are okay you need to oh my God you’re there you’re there please stay there okay do you see

My name tag I see your name tag I’m just kind of freaking out in here oh don’t freak out my pickaxe broke and I oh my God oh my God I hear real panic in your voice are you okay I just I just I feel I’m alive hey it’s okay it’s okay okay

It’s okay don’t worry hereon of my fists I’ve got no pickaxe oh God just you stay with me you’ll be fine fine you’ll be fine breathe um okay I’ll be right here sing me a caling song a caling song please oh say can can you see wait um

Question how come you can see names and I can’t oh I don’t know um wait you wait you can’t at all if you look up you can’t see me no I can’t see any names sure you can I can’t um it’s just like an attitude thing that’s all wait what how you not

Here yet I don’t I’m here foolish what the [ __ ] are you doing oh are you flipping yeah oh that was also the same idea holy [ __ ] that sick um I’m just looking for string string string string what do you need string for oh a little backpack

Wait wait wait wait wait hey oh yeah oh oh yeah City oh oh okay look at this look at this and then oh wait wait wait and then and then I’ll be able to do something I think actually wait look at this I do I do um where’s the

Back okay so first I do this and then um and then I do you’re escaped wait how do I make a Polish here’s some string here you go have some more string oh thank you my good p that raided us earlier wait a minute how

Do I how do I make an iron backpack what you can’t make you need iron coins what the [ __ ] is an iron coin I found a singular coin you need a normal backpack as well I think right and then you can then so I made a normal backpack yes you see this

In my hand coin how how do I make those do we make you can’t you have to find them oh [ __ ] listen it’s I don’t make the rules damn it we have to find them but I found one in one of the chests so it’s

Findable okay so we just got to work to find them somewhere yeah you that’s insane uh what damn thought I was going to be able to make us like an iron or gold one right away no no it’s not like yeah it’s harder they’ve done way and

Nerfed US D no oh jeez scoo well at least now I have a little bit more space Oh Boy it’s not a lot though well I’ll need to drop off my stuff at home I’m I’m I’m I’m cooked it’s bad yeah I um any of you guys need

A shield I’ve got a spell one I don’t uh I don’t I have a sh yes okay yes yes yes yes yes yes yes what I don’t make the rule okay I’m feeling strong now let’s go kill somebody what boy guys how do you equip

A ring I found I found a ring you put it in your on the sidebar when you go to your outfits where you would put like armor on and stuff I don’t know what to do side I’ve been here already um the mods are different than

Mod uh a pack but very similar as in like there’s a lot all the same ones almost but then a couple of them modifi and then we added a bunch more wait how do there’s one called this wait hello where are you look at all this

Wait do I have to click this and then this why can’t I why is it what isn’t it can make what am I missing and and you can make a whole look at this wait I did something that’s now doing something weird I can’t it it keeps clicking what the [ __ ] did I

Press I don’t know now I I did something wrong um what have you done I don’t know how to just I don’t the [ __ ] did I do okay explain your problem so right now if I click on the craft table I want to craft and then I

Click on this Oak planket instantly sent to the crafting I can’t like I can’t I I don’t know what I did go to base it’s like is my mouse Auto clicking where the did I just mess up the controls by making something uh I’m scared I can’t I did something

Wrong what do I need to relog relog it could be whoa I’m finding so much oh [ __ ] I can forge key guards what’s a key guard I don’t know but it sounds interesting um gunpowder I don’t know what I want to keep back and

For what the [ __ ] did I do I want like spray Scrolls what are those get rid of the small Stacks where did my scrolls are important scrolls are important okay you’re right scrolls are important he did say that go home with our riches you hear that it’s time to loot them

Attack I don’t remember H honey bottles arrows potion of poison I got a gift for you I can’t even CU I I always I have one as well look it it’s a a charm you can wear it oh I already have one but oh I I really appreciate it

Cuz that’s I thought it was kind of cool oh my shift button is [ __ ] up no I like it I like it I’ll take it I’ll take it you don’t even want it oh God no I already have one and I do appreciate it what you mean

It why is it still on the floor thank you L what happened foolish so right now my thing’s like bugged like it’s like technically holding it like thinks I’m holding shift did you try re logging yeah you did I didn’t like fully relog but I did

Um see filter no sort no I don’t middle click Li metal click uh [ __ ] okay no stressing out breathe all right let’s talk through the problems all right now try logging out again unplug your keyboard plug it back in okay settings at the bottom of the chest

Oh do that oh I figured it out okay see wasn’t that back okay there’s so there’s a little button on a chest that called shift block and that’s what went wrong and that was a solu he done it he’s done it yes I’m back did you guys want to go deeper or

Do you want to deposit stuff um I’m deposit deposit deposit deposit deposit deposit deposit boom yes yes I can do what I’ve always wanted to do wait is this the stairs up oh no a blue backpack wait no how how are you getting a blue backpack oh here wait oh I mean

No wait how did you dye it I just dyed it blue oh you do that um so if you have any dye you just put it like in the crafting thing I forget you either have to put to the side or up above oh I’ll be cool and

Edgy and do a Black Backpack is that kind of cool oh like you know I feel like that’s kind of cool wait I just used all my ink sacks wait all your all one of them I turned them into black oh oh I see I see

You um jump the gun oh I I feel like ink stacks are kind of valuable man are they all well there’s a chance that squid spawn near the ocean we at so maybe we’re fine okay maybe it’s not so bad it’s bad bead I have to

Pee I got to I got to deposit all this stuff back me too we have to get back how do we do you know the way out cuz I obviously don’t know how I got here being the thing this way follow me um okay and then follow me

Uh follow me okay you guys went follow me up then right and then right again hello I think I’ve already hello hello I’m downward again we got did you guys find more stuff we went down a little bit and got more stuff yeah oh there’s more [ __ ] wait what the hell well yeah

Below this floor definitely below this floor go down and then to the left down and then you see a downstairs oh so okay I know I know exactly what you’re talking about all right all right oh oh quite resourceful oh just you know might as well just get

Like a little wood I don’t know I mean that’s kind of true yeah like you know it’s like here and all um I left it on the ground dimensional Shard or I don’t oh well that’s enough something broke I the don’t worry I picked the wood I’m

Climbing up I’m putting stuff away I got to go I got to go I’m going to get a UTI let’s go I hate utti let’s go ni you screaming let’s go it’s just crazy wait you see let’s go [Laughter] you I’m just I’m here to support I’m

Just here to support thank you so much thank you so much um okay wow you see a green square on the mini map Green Square can’t say I do oh I go over wait did show do I claim land you can land yeah you can I don’t

Know I think you have to like I don’t know I don’t know interesting indeed okay how are we organizing chests um I haven’t really begun yet it’s just I kind of like threw like one chest and then was kind of uh right now it’s like scrapping it feel Throwing It

All In I don’t care oh yeah yeah we can we can like organize later once we have like a little like a group of chests and everything thing f it yeah okay we have a lot of that we have a lot of that oh no okay um oh boy okay let’s just make

Another thing of chest out of out of chest yeah no no look look at it double up double up double up boom okay okay there more more scrap more scrap huge hug awesome awesome okay why doesn’t it open my backpack hello um controls keybind okay uh key wait I need to make

A bow and arrow bow oh I remember now um bow B back I need Str there we go now I need string I need string I have three more put it in the chest thank you so much y um okay yep I here I just man we need to

Find a way to make a bigger backpack this is dare I say um sad it’s bad it’s sad and bad oh wheat it’s grown it’s growing it’s growing but what helps with that though is like it’s that that gets us so much more um the UTI’s coming let’s go let’s

Go big time Big plays happening okay Boom rack city [ __ ] wait no sorry I called it Rack City Rack City Y city [ __ ] okay um that’s good okay we have certainly put a lot of stuff there um where’s our wood like we don’t have any wood I here I can give you some wood

Here if you want a little here here’s like boom thank you so much very a little something something for you thank you oh that’s good that’s good yes okay that’s good that’s is good indeed very good very very very very good very good can I make any more seeds I’m so sick

And then I want to make um okay I’m going to plant some sugar things we probably need that at some point bows are very good tab okay have a bunch of many things so many things oh wait actually have a good idea I’m going to use some of these bones to make bone

Meal and then that will then in turn I can get a lot more from oh I needed the achievement you know what you know it’s an honor it’s an honor wooo yeah boom boom boom boom boom boom boom okay wait that’s big that I basically just doubled our okay I’m

Going to take a nap uh I mean I’m going yeah I’m taking yeah no I get it I hey man I’m hip and role play oh uhoh um do we have like an actual bed no I mean at the top at the top there’s that bed if you remember I need like a

Bed down here um but you can maybe make a bed okay fine Leslie I come bearing a gift don’t sneaking up on us like that you little freak what the I just C me a with a gift yeah but you’re like sneaking up you like sneaking up oh yeah she had to

Go I guess I’ll keep this iron coin then I guess I’ll I’m here H say you’re asep you’re asleep good morning I would like an iron coin but I thought you were asleep so oh no I’ve woken up uh do I look asleep do I look asleep I’m you got those sleepy

Eyes there it is enjoy the One Singular eyon coin use it well where did you get it we need well I just had it in my backpack I didn’t realize use it well oh use it well maybe we use it carelessly didn’t so you can also have

That I I’ve already got myself there you go curious artifact I don’t know what this you wear it you wear it done where on your uh if you press on the little top left of your guy and then scroll down there like a little charm thing

Can’t be crafted I’m looking for a Hi C maybe we can instance we’ve got like seven bits of iron do we need we need iron we need enough visitors locks Ry are you coming down ship vending machine that’s Thea I don’t know it’s been following me or somebody

I don’t know Goa we come we come to trade okay we might have something to trade we only want Iron we also only want Iron yeah we’re low in the iron Department um not going Lio steel is what we need oh I don’t know what you’re talking about man you Pirates are

Weird okay also um I am um I um I’m going to um take a nap you still you still haven’t finished taking that nap they taking a UT UT UT wait yeah I’m going to do it I’m going to do it my neck what iron do you have in here oh I

Don’t know how else to tell you this I like we we don’t have a lot of iron bring out the [ __ ] go back to your little Porta poty town that you came from what the [ __ ] get in get in damn it you damn Pirates now stay

Out get up get up oh [ __ ] you’ll never find the one piece I took that iron out what is that ghost doing how do we claim land h I can ask the mining Mo later let’s see this got a group here out there there might be like a

Dungeon there now on this side way over here there’s group I wonder if I can find a horse horse could go crazy do I might do I think I use more bone meal uh I’m I think right I think this just makes sense I think just get this like

Up and running with a lot more wheat um and each time I do this it’s like I’ve been like doubling the resources all right boom listen guys I’m not going to try to make the fastest horse I’m not going to try to make the fastest horse I just

Need like you know I just need eight horse I just need a horse that like can do good things you know come on now come on now guys um uhoh 10% durability oh boom yeah I wonder what the what backpack moded things they have that are

Like um oh we don’t have any or we I I don’t have any does APPA okay oh sorry it’s good thing that’s why you’re the president okay you can claim land by pressing e and there should be a map icon wait okay so I pre

Wait so I press M and I press wait and then uh claim chunks okay wait uh over claim right this is what I usually do okay okay um okay so what happens if I claim this now shall I mine okay let me put some stuff away wait how many lands

Can I claim see what’s in the chest with some mod Quark wait what is wait what wait how come I can’t go in the chest though wait huh uhoh I’m glitched something’s glitched uh-oh I’ve broken it wait foolish did you CL CL the land I’m claiming land I’m claiming land how

Do I claim uh uh press um press M like the map or press M to map and then click claim chunks in the top left uh-huh and then claim the same ones it says it’s already claimed claim oh yeah claim different ones claim different ones okay but then if it’s

Claimed can’t I just can you add me uhoh what you’re claiming the dungeon I’ll be hon I didn’t even mean I didn’t know what that did that’s crazy we claim the entire dungeon I can’t open anything I didn’t mean to I I can do it I can unclaim it for a bit yep

City wait how can I unclaim itaim it or oh well that means you’d have to become a a citizen of um y [Applause] City I don’t know how cling works I don’t know what the [ __ ] I just did how to unclaim I’ll be honest it feels pretty risky to be claiming land um

Invite me I don’t know how to do that I just learned how to claim land you idiot invite us okay I just create a team wait so now I can actually create like I don’t know um wait how do I claim how do I how do I do anything how do I do

Anything um that’s a good question um oh um okay well listen I just you know I wanted to make sure okay wait U so I press m i then uh I do claim chunks I then right click it uh no um let me Google yeah how do I invite people I don’t

Know you guys are terrible okay okay type SL FTB Space Team space config into the console wait whoa whoa slash FTB team space cont wait in the console yeah like this chat I think so ft SL FB Space Team space config um I don’t think that’s working

Nothing’s coming up with that what I I I maybe let me try this I see FTB chunks like let me try that maybe um so chunks uh claim info load unclaim unload unload all oh one word it’s one word FTB teams uh party create and then what do I do I type y

City yeah Yap City Yap City do Yap city did it work yeah we’re now purple okay and then okay everyone but team leader will need to do FTP oh you need to do SL FB team invite player name here oh player name uh I see party maybe I take party let party uh

Invite um okay I’ll start with foosley boom hey I’m creating y City it’s tough being the president mayor King okay worked worked worked okay um so are you guys down to be like you know Yap ciders Yap ciders oh do they walk away cuz oh yeah

Hello and then oh and then let me just means war okay listen I can invite I can give you temporary citizenship why don’t you just right click it y City citizenship oh maybe that would be easier but then like would you guys claim it no this is a

St so dumb could do is this okay here I’ll just um oh wait he’s going perimeter he’s going perimeter around perimeter he perimeter wait wo wo whoo wo wo you can’t do that you cannot do that all right that’s War [ __ ] it’s oh no oh

No you can’t do that you can’t do that you can’t do that you can’t do that war okay well that’s how it needs to be that’s how it needs to be um or if you want you guys could just become citizens yep C I’ve been a citizen what the [ __ ] are you talking

About either way okay well invite us we can’t loot anything here we go I will temporarily invite if you prove yourselves you can become full citizensh how prove ourselves oh I don’t know just like do good things for Yap City and then protect us feed us we’re it’s like we’re like a family

We’re very family oriented business here stuff okay let me do the thing so SL FTB turning into red not Risk please not risk invite um Smith kit SL f fftb teams blow the horn oh okay yeah well wait are you looking to actually be a Fool’s

Citizenship or um oh [ __ ] I didn’t type that right if SEL is then I am teams party invite but that means you guys need to help make enemies for um this city as well why would want enemies we the dungeon for this city that was really good Prov like you’re

Considered City oh I a mining Mo a mining MO is good B Teams um party invite um show to Yap City Y honly you can blame Sho for this if I didn’t see claimed Maps I wouldn’t even have like noticed why are there so many colors on the

Map do my [ __ ] guys this is what we do here at y City would you like to join us yes invite me foolish Jan needs an invite to Yap City do we need a t pose around her yes I feel like Jan’s not taking this seriously she likes this I don’t know

Hold on I was trying she likes it in a line oh okay okay in a Line oh this is kind of the hor yes all right invite her invite her invite her inv all right yeah let me um flash uh M&M’s in a line teams very good very good uh invite um your name is X choco bars there you go welcome to Yap City oh my food

Initiation who’s oh that was me I thought we were attacked okay it’s initiation yeah no worries we’re all good all right I’m in all right um You can you can you can the dungeon yeah yeah yeah now you free um wa I’ve been looting what is happen oh I thought

That’s why you wanted to come here what what are you is that what you I had to I had to join this to loot oh bro that was like the whole point okay so let’s wait I thought you just wanted to join for the sake of joining so the

Next thing I want yeah I just wanted to join for the sake of join it was you what do you mean it was you you were like you could go L now well yeah yeah but I didn’t realize that claiming CH I thought that was just like a f funy

Thing check this out guys watch and learn about to make I didn’t realize it would cause um such commotion but I feel like Yap City just grew stronger today and besides we have true we have enemies to the east well our enemies aren’t doing very

Well right now um no no they oh jeez yeah they’re oh n sign yeah that’s awkward yeah that’s good fine give me a bed give me a bed um okay I feel like this went I have huge developments huge developments coming yeah yeah okay get ready are you ready

No no no huge developments yeah watch and learn watching and learning huge developments huge developments huge developments huge developments huge huge huge developments the biggest developments coming through very very very very very big and huge but but hold on huh what the [ __ ] is happening to

Them do they just like have a bed in the dungeon just keep going at it okay either way huge Dev elments hugel huge Dev elements um I don’t know where our iron is oh here I I grabbed some of it because um Sticky Fingers I’m going to need six oh

Thank you so much that’s good okay now are you ready for huge developments yeah huge developments um huge developments okay okay okay it’s happening it’s happening it’s happening I have no clue where you’re going with this I’ll be honest just wait just you wait just you

Wait just you wait just you wait yeah yeah yeah okay I’m just pling some more seeds real quick okay okay okay oh yeah okay okay okay okay are they just okay um would you like help from Yap City this could be a chance cuz then they can owe us something okay this is

Called gaining ground oh a hospital bed what do we do you think does it do anything or is it like purely um it’s aesthetic honestly I can respect Aesthetics I feel like without Aesthetics like what are we what are we we’re just nothing but a gray blob of

Nothing I feel it’s Aesthetics yeah you can’t actually lay in that don’t yeah yeah you can’t lay that that I tried yeah yeah no I did try I did try here now there you go that’s good that’s good oh my God he’s wounded he’s wounded okay

I need a do I need charging the three beep I don’t know what are you popping that’s me popping that’s me popping your ribs back in oh jeez I didn’t know they were ripped open in the first place help help help we need backup we need no you’re the backup you’re the backup

[ __ ] that’s it okay don’t you worry I’ll secure myself no no no no no no no no no no no no no charging and see you’re all better wow just like that yeah I I don’t know I felt like a lot for just a sore tooth but I’m glad

We got that taken care of oh oh oh I the thing was no no no oh no no no no no I am going to make the journey to save them let’s go I’m down to [ __ ] with them help them let’s go hold on where’s my bed

Where’s my bed uh the medical bed yeah it’s gone it’s [ __ ] gone and I just wait he already ran without us that [ __ ] let’s go here wait I know how to catch him I know how to catch him because we are smart Okay Bo well I’ll

Be oh foolish you have the bed by the way you have it you have it okay that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine man sometimes I’m just as dumb as rocks that’s okay I’m going to put on Armor we are on the way wait hold on hold on hold

On hold on let me get some arrows I’m com I’m coming the mining we’re coming we’re coming we’re coming all right okay all right ready wait what if we die too let’s go wait wait wait what about food what about food what about food I have eight bread P um maybe

I gather a little bit more real quick wait okay can I get some bread too uh uh uh uh uh do you think I should cook it first man there’s not I mean cooking bread would probably be actually a lot better than just straight up okay wait

You can cook the bread oh yeah we should cook thead the toast yeah toast is big time I feel like we need more furnace another furnace okay okay okay yeah we could do that okay let’s do that real quick and then and then be on our way just a

Couple boom another seven carats that’s huge huge huge huge huge very good oh I already had a furnace that’s fine cook the bread cook the bread um you got more Wheat by any chance uh I’m trying right now I’m trying right now actually here I’ll bone meal some more right now very

Good very good um let’s see anything else that we could possibly use oh food is our weakest by by far wait wait y’all are noobs you can’t help there were like 9 billion 992 Bill 390 mil 39,380 zombies one shotting that many I think they’re just bad damn one

Shotting if I’m being honest I think they’re just bad they really counted every one of them what is that what I just grab damn it okay um I have to make more later okay is that bread cooking oh no it stop cooking oh no oh oh no it’s coal oh here

Let me use coal I’ve been just like using wood like a little idiot wait wait wait wait wait have you noticed something weird what there’s never been a night time yet um maybe maybe it’s like a first time grace period is it just me you know or have oh

Just trying to cook more bread boom lore this game is [ __ ] I I’m confused bread should do us decently um oh he’s so bad oh he so bad they’re so bad wait there’s bread in the chest oh two bread in the chest okay that boom

There you go okay bread okay um I have a little bit more cooking okay and then we can go wait wait wait wait wait my weapons they’re bad that’s fine I think they just need moral support moral support moral support yeah wil Wilton spikes those make arrows I didn’t know I didn’t know

I would have picked one up they left them intentionally because I thought they were trash it’s fine okay here take the rest of that wheat take the rest of that toast okay that’s like enough for a journey for sure to is pretty good all right okay let us sail to the

East okay um I’m pretty good at navigating yeah there it is Jack City’s on the way to save the day mhm okay here we go what what oh nothing sorry I got distracted by my own thoughts oh fine do you not do you not how unlock your

Backpack by the way nope oh um do you know can you open it right now uh yeah wait okay so this so like no one else can open it and then loot it right so you there’s like a settings button I think right and then there’s something about like allow players to open

Oh backpack settings oh another player can open oh I turned it off and then yeah there you go okay do you have ADHD uh I don’t know I’ve never like tested for it um maybe I do maybe I don’t maybe he does maybe you Don’t wait what the [ __ ] is that what Whata what Whata what what the [ __ ] is that I want that want that we need that wait who’s in there oh my [ __ ] god they made a boat the [ __ ] Pirates it’s the Pirates holy wait they made a

[ __ ] boat no way did they make that full diamond wait who made that make that oh [ __ ] they Fu [ __ ] they’re following us oh boy quickly thwart them off with words what the [ __ ] you can make go go go go you’re better you’re better you’re better you’re better

You’re better you’re better do you have anything more intense go go go okay I’m trying to do AAS make a turn I can no way no way no way let’s walk back quickly make us another boat I’ll make us another boat make a boat make a boat

Make a boat there’s no way there’s no way there’s no way there’s no ow ow ow no no we don’t wait let me just mine a little bit of wood [ __ ] no way didn’t know you could crush with a boat that’s insane we need a better boat we need a

Better boat some stuff might be gone wait are they talking to us no I don’t think us what is that um here we go is that thing that they buil what is that can you build that or do you do or do you um I don’t think you ship okay hurry

Up we need to hurry ship cannons we need to hurry before food runs out wait wait wait what are you doing I oh my God you can make [ __ ] boats then we’ll certainly figure that out it’s in small shap Ships coming we’ll make b a bigger

One yeah oh sorry sorry I pushed you uh no I think I wait can you did you push me or did I jump out maybe I accidentally jumped out oh sorry I pushed you again wait wait that’s a thing okay here we go pushing you um we

Need to go back to our bodies we go back to our bodies that’s fine we go it’s time for war except like we’re like really behind I think so um we are super behind the war um how how the [ __ ] were we supposed to know they could just crush us with that

Boat it’s okay now we know and we’ll crush them is this wait which way did we go we went to the right and around wait wait no to the left to the left wait no to the right to the right to the right wait let me check the map to the right

And around where’s where’s our body oh yeah yeah right in around we went to the right and Around listen that’s crazy we appeared weak then um but it’s like the malib marshmallows just like only one way up down oh no I missed the game [ __ ] oh did they play today yes they played at 5:30 did they win I don’t know I I I I was playing

Minecraft [ __ ] I was supposed to watch it I even was like I I I forgot to tell my chat to tell me to to watch it I was like okay but I I just like I went straight into the damn game yeah I mean at what point does it really it makes

You think like does she care okay no that’s crazy that’s actually crazy no like it’s not like you know it’s just okay did we win did we win did we win did we win did we win did we win did we win um probably I can’t tell if we

Won well I don’t know exactly what you’re saying how but like did we win we do today okay I’m I’m hungry in real life in in real life oh no what Right Here Right Here Right Here Right Here Right Here Right Here Right Here Right here

Oh okay wait why do you have like a cool grave and mine was like stupid you had like a like a pretty grave and mine was just like wait is that my backpack oh okay okay okay okay okay okay uh okay everything’s about in order everything about in order back to it we’re

Coming all right blow the horn okay here we go and then we can just do a quick little up and out up and out up and over up and over okay this is this will be uh honestly uh you know what we can do a quick a quick jump again quck jumping

Around keep sailing EAS my armor oh right my armor right okay there we go creature oh you’re you drive you drive you drive you drive you drive break the boat we’ll just break the boat at this point we that’s fine that’s fine you have the boat no I don’t have the boat I

Have the boat I have the boat I have the boat have Bo just we’ll just place it um I have the boat I have the boat place it here okay yeah yeah let’s place it here coming yeah I passed them no no no got wait what oh some of them are dead

Behind us wait I’m so confused here let’s go to me young cuz that’s where they’re all going to head I think they all gave up go go oh oh you’re the oh oh first okay well if I just okay okay cue the music I also have some epic travel music do you hear this where was that during the boat chase sorry this should have been it this is our this is the Montage Music oh yeah yes doesn’t it make you Ponder your life yeah it makes me Ponder where y City could

Go oh we could kill me young oh [ __ ] okay okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you [ __ ] idiot sorry I didn’t mean that that was aggressive what the [ __ ] sorry sorry sorry okay oh no that was me that was me okay I was just loading

Up you proba see this on the map right I see her I see her I see her she might hear us though there’s a chance I don’t know go about the range of this but if we just like a light Little T but remember that

We have the trees we have the trees I think she can’t see us your is right now okay remember okay poke if provoke wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait got to put the armor on okay that’s good that’s good you want any honey I have a couple

Bottles of honey before we start this a sip it’s really good for the it’s good for the lungs it’s good for the lungs you don’t want to fight you don’t want to fight on a okay okay man that sounds grosser than it is okay okay here we go yeah now we

Just keep going around wait wait wait wait wait okay you can’t be dropping your backpack right now I know I know I know okay okay okay um do you have everything oh here I found an ax out wait okay okay hello oh [ __ ] we just spot it

Sh attack attack attack I mean I mean I mean no no no no no no no no no not ATT you want to go not attack come we we’re here to help we saw you guys were dying is that what it was yeah yeah then why were you being all secretive

And saying oh can she hear me oh she probably can’t hear oh let’s sneak around let’s going around surprise knowing that you could actually hear and we just which one of you wants to die foolish no no Leslie no not me not me come on we came all this way to help we

Came out this way to help I’ll forgive one but the other has to die does this change anything does this change anything what is he doing wait how are you how are you moving while you do that change anything list it looks like diarrhea is propelling you like it’s gross

Foolish grow up what anyways we’re here to protect we’re here to help well looks you guys look a lot stronger how can we help wait how do you guys move while emoting are you serious Abe I feel like we kill one what a face of Maneuvers a face of maneuvers evasive

Maneuvers oh my God oh my God they hit me with something weird I’m cold I’m freezing I’m freezing Shing keep running running Maneuvers keep running goad keep running yeah I’ll blow the horn to to give you protection man you guys are you guys are being bullies for needing help yeah we

Came we came for assistance you literally said you’re gonna steal our stuff no I did no such thing wait a second do you guys have like a team name are you guys a group or just a bunch of individual mercenaries we got to know we got to

Know Friend or Foe Friend or Foe Yap City Yap City Yap City Yap City Yap City what the [ __ ] are you what is I killed an LA for this what is wait I respect that highly whoa we need her thank you come Julie she’s strong yes what is this

Guy doing oh he can I join if I kill one of you guys I just want to kill one if you kill Abe then what kind of modack is that to where Caston is wait what is doing what is ABE AB close your legs close your legs what are you doing ab is

Doing he’s on a stripper pull look look you can’t un see it nowe he is just on a stripper pool wait that’s what you’re doing oh my God jeez a oh Abe oh so this is the kind of um town you guys run um Abe this is not a good look for the

Server well those Lawless down and get dirty towns Eh this is one of the not for work emotes um oh God it’s wall why did he start silently mining wood he just like yeah he’s struggling he’s struggling so what uh what happened to you guys back there yeah what’s going on

We were getting farmed by what oh you guys want to see oh God will we die oh well are we going to get farmed or look like your guys armor is actually pretty good over we won’t die right because our gravestone on a cool down well there’s

You guys get really good loot okay we’re coming oh I like loot yeah you guys love loot we love loot you know the town of Yap City or this Yap City I don’t know I keep call the town of Yap City it’s just Yap city um it’s quite properous and if

You just give us a little bit more you can probably join properous prosperous prosperous uh can I buy Yap City with 10 diamonds uh honestly wait wait uh no no no ow why’ you say honestly well cuz it might be might be worth less to be honest what is going on over here

Coming hello coming right it’s right here where oh what’s going on oh my God that’s why you hey yo I mean you got room up there let’s do it no no not both of you the water fine I don’t need all that armor on stop it stop it bring it around town

Woo yeah yep just getting my little flexibility training in that’s all that’s all nothing to see here folks but if you want to See um um no no no we don’t claim him we got to stop we got to stop we got to stop they got to pay for this wait oh you’re right that was crazy that was all for free um well how did you do it called cast

This REM you know what this gave me a good idea we should we should make an establishment Castle Castle castalon cast just look at like C castalon I don’t see that this is the only one oh I don’t know maybe I have to download it

It’s like a a SL you have to type slash otes space play and then in quotes uh castalon is oh it’s oh it’s from the qsm so that’s what you’re doing over there oh you bet you every day every night wo that’s what y’all are doing over there uhhuh uhhuh

Y mine’s not as coordinated oh well just uh no I think you’re getting it I think you’re getting it boom boom then you bring it around there it is come on me join come on go down in there this is hard on my core woo And you’re going to need this what Wooh what is that and what do I get Leslie can you use it what is that let me check it out potion of healing oh I I was hungry I did need that why would I need healing though

Sorry I meant to give you this one oh what’s that one can you can you drink that oh potion of potion of potion of Haring potion of Haring so you can so you can harm the enemies no instantly causes a bit of damage yeah to the enemy

So you drink it then the next one you hit how does it know what enemy to Target well no no you hit like next one you hit really I’ll do it after my dance all right don’t mind I’m just going to gritty what is wrong with you guys [Applause] yeah you look pretty

Cool what is this what are you guys doing well we came to rescue oh yeah what were we here for well right here right here I’ll take you guys to the loot wait wait what you got on your what is that on your on your on your

Side what is that M there’s like a book there’s like something on your side are we supposed to go down there down there oh that’s her that’s her spell here I can make you a water bucket to climb up down there down there there that to go down

Yeah it’s down here oh so you were just pretending on wait I’m still getting a water bucket down there there oh boy okay coming wait wait why is there lava falling there’s a lava block wait why is there wait how do we get down there I don’t know I can’t

Jump um water bucket clutch wait I don’t know how to do that guys uh here just jump down woo oh very good very good very good okay we’re now here me where’d you go oh wait you guys came down here yeah I thought you were

Taking us to the spot with the loot yeah the spot’s up there why for real for real I’m above ground for real for real for real for real just go up for real go up for real okay very good I’m back it’s right here okay what it’s right here well I’m

Starry to think it’s not literally is making that sound are you wasting our time cuz I remember you guys being much further east than this it’s literally down there I feel like she’s telling the truth okay um anyone got a torch oh I have it where’s the torch in my hand bro I

Can’t see wait you can’t see that I like that no it doesn’t work like that I thought that if oh okay here you go I thought that if I hold it you’ll will see it wow the more you know what emotes do I need is it actually down there yes it’s

Down here I think she’s telling the truth it looks pretty promising how do you guys find this [ __ ] wait this this shit’s so confusing wait is this where we go how confusing could this be oh it cuts well list he is the president of Yap

City come on now put some respect to my name does not stop yapping oh I found a chiseled the block good actually just oh sweet jungle wao oh Violet corundum just the stuff I was looking for that’s the stuff now which one of you am I killing what no you’re a Jerk why his voice I don’t know what happened to I’ve never heard him sound like that you sounded like a real baby I’m not a baby what the [ __ ] a real goober you’re you’re you don’t know what you’re doing okay you’re going to make an enemy of Yap City ow you’re ow that

Hurt me did you consider my feelings for doing that what the [ __ ] oh my god well you guys have wait no wait what do we do down here I never thought we’d make it this far wait amethyst oh you needed that that’s exactly what I need wow why you cover it Up you just cover it up wow why did I need amethyst again oh ouch what’s happening screw you why did I need amethyst um it was uh um where’s like I was asking for earlier spy glass oh copper why are you screaming there’s a monster oh not a

Monster I’ll protect you president I’m coming okay I’m just going to break the spawner oh boy there are oh oh hell no turn around turn around the water bucket comes in clutch and now we fight them at will man there’s too many are they uh it doesn’t matter cuz they can’t

Get to us really yeah I watered them off wait what kind of tech is that I would be careful ow oh that hurt me so much yeah they do a lot of damage they’re so tanky I’m out I’m out do not die here let’s let’s let’s wait but what about

The goods wait did you guys not loot anything here looted a little bit I looted I just the two on the left and the right these these don’t die it takes forever oh boy but if we can get past them what about all the goods oh boy

Yeah no like it’s safe it’s fullprof just don’t just don’t oh boy uh okay while eating though I need to um I’m getting pushed towards them okay yeah you just got to balance it out correctly yeah okay yeah you just got to um here I’m just making some room for

Myself uh I don’t care about that uh I’m not stressed I’m not stressed oh my God where did the lava come from help you’re going to do this oh actually I don’t think I took even a tiny bit of damage oh that’s okay sometimes get to pre panic I do that too

I pre panicked I definitely pre panicked yeah and now made an iron sword I’m going to Bethal okay okay the water’s genius the water’s actually I didn’t know that was a thing you could do now I’m learning okay I’m you you can see they help oh my God they’re strong they’re

About to start dying they have a lot oh one died have a shield that’s great the sword my sword’s going to break [ __ ] did you guys take the leader board for death it’s by a mile is it it’s got to be wait it’s not

It a no way a no way you should check the number though wait I don’t know how to check leader board I type flash leaderboard SP step okay the second oh great saying what is he saying I will suck you what is he actually saying I think directly that that’s insane

Boy okay so we made it help oh my God I almost jumped over what I don’t know I’m scared this place is freaking me out wait people been past here or no I don’t know oh my water oh wait I just get new water never mind found a chest cool does

It have Goods not really uhoh I hear things what oh okay I hear wait that sucked what the [ __ ] yeah it was like really bad it was just a bunch of coal like really bad nothing nothing really okay so people made it here they made it here

Okay uh maybe down here no yeah not this way uh uhoh uhoh oh I think they’re blocked off oh so people are definitely here oh boy spawners Galore oh okay but there’s a chest here a single Diamond a single Diamond I got to go okay we want to block off these

Spawners before we break I got full body chest I got to go okay wait what’s wrong what’s the matter nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing I’m being chased uh okay okay perfect the hit okay we should break that SP actually oh gosh wait I’m going to die no you’re not no you’re not

Oh no I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead foolish I’m dead how do I protect you it’s too late and we got to go we got to get out of here I had to lock myself in I’m locked in a cage what do you mean you’re

Locked in oh no you mind to me I I I also went oh no I went the wrong way oh no foolish I’m going to die okay keep just blow yourself in BL yourself in Block yourself in I don’t know how to do that blocks blocks

Help you have to help yourself I can’t get to you right now some president you are I just I can’t get you right now but I will later ah help help I need okay can you just block yourself in Block yourself in it’s not working okay I’ll start mining to you

How am I supposed to get there babe no I need that stuff oh I need it I need it okay where’s Abe where’s Abe okay okay okay this is important okay okay Abe Abe Abe AE AE okay okay okay okay should I go back with absolutely nothing oh no not even a boat

Frick frick frick I’m going to need I’m going to need some stuff um okay okay this isn’t over I’m going to take some cookies I’m going to take um I’m going to take um I’m going to take uh I’m going to take some cookies um and then

Ah it’s all I got okay uh maybe a stick okay and maybe like oh God I got nothing okay I just have to get everything there I’ll take some cookies no no no I need I need some wood I at least need some wood

Okay no I can do this I’m going to make I’m going to make a I’ll bring the iron I think I need the iron oh a bed a bed a bed a bed bed a bed oh how do I unmute okay make a pick and a sword I only have okay

Pickaxe oh no maybe I’ll make a sword I’ll make a sword okay I have a sword okay but what I do need is a boat I feel like oh no okay I really need to get all my stuff I really don’t want to lose that I do not want to lose

It Leslie a I need help okay you think we can get back yeah yeah oh my God you have a boat oh my God okay I really really really want that stuff okay wait what I can’t get in the boat cuz it’s claimed by um oh Yap City how how do I

How do I how do I join Yap city um only only foolish can do it it’s his block okay that’s okay that’s crazy okay all right well I made to walk the plank oh God what you’ve walked the plank they killed me Captain kitten she she knocked

She knocked me off she made me walk the plank and she killed me Captain kitten Oh Captain kitten Tina Tina Captain kitten oh my God she’s part of the bgy what is it she’s part of the part the the B the boggy Barnacle the boggy Barnacles we got to take him out wait

Could you could you take me that’s to my body no I this is our boat sorry you’re an OP well I’m not an OP I swear you’re part of the buggy Barnacles you rode us over with your stupid ship you are op your sh Wait let me drive let me drive let me

Drive we’ll remember This okay I refuse to die there anymore we’re going to go back I’m going to get my stuff I’m going to leave I never want to go back there again how come I can’t stop turning my head no matter what I do my head’s stuck like no it’s like stuck looking a certain

Direction oh I don’t know weird no I can’t my neck is cranked to the right I don’t know how to fix it look look I can’t stop wait really you look fine to me wait really yeah no oh it’s doing it again okay well we’ll figure it out I got a stiff

Neck huh you got a what I have a stiff neck oh oh you have yeah May yeah I think some people call that a stiffy I don’t think that’s what you think it is a stiff neck yeah I don’t think it’s what you think it is no that that is what it

Is oh it’s still doing it I’m stuck I’m stiff it’s cuz you have a stiffy I have a stiffy yeah oh actually yeah on my screen it’s looks like you’re uh looking right yes I’m it’s stuck well but when you get out of the boat it looks normal yeah well I think

It’s just on the boat I guess Are We There Yet almost Are We There Yet almost Are We There Yet almost Are We There Yet yeah get out are we there yet are we there yet uh-huh oh yeah almost over there yet uhhuh why do you sound like that like like

What I don’t know you sounded kind of weird what do you mean that’s just how I sound what’s problem don’t say that don’t say that cuz you sounded like sussy you know what I mean what what do you mean what I what did I say I’m not going to repeat it not here

What did I say you’re unhinged all I got to say I don’t I anything take me to my body I’ve got to get my [ __ ] we’re here wait finally where was it it’s like here right okay we’re back what is that emo AR dinosaur what is

That okay we got to get back down do you remember where the entrance was hm where was the entrance um oh [ __ ] it was like a weird Cave thing oh no it was definitely on this side I think meong like made a like a stone pillar looking like thing at it

Frick what is it um it was like oh no well we can go towards our dead body right and then like it’s got to be around well I fell in a hole okay where was it we could just go it was a floor entrance near a canyon wait don’t you have a stripper

Pole we could find huh your stripper pole maybe oh there’s a chest here wait really yeah where there’s some stuff in here oh my God food wait I want it oh I found it it was here really okay right oh wait no it was here right here

Right here right here right here wa wait how did you know that I’m I’m a genius okay yeah I’m kind of kind of smart okay yeah my mom told me okay my mom says I’m smarter than than um than AE so that means I’m wait what where’s where’s the pad foolish foolish I’m

Coming up I help foolish what happened to the path me un blocked it off wait what why I’m breaking it wait foolish are you still surrounded by zombies uh I cleared that room how the hell did you clear it um I played it like a coward that’s

My goat that’s my goat I hid behind walls okay I’m coming I’m coming to you guys do you know where our stuff is uh I don’t know where you guys died but it should be safe and and and all the ways you did die wa okay that’s SCB

Back oh my god dude that’s messed up we couldn’t even go back down without tools no I knew I that’s why I was like oh [ __ ] I see them I’m like I’m like I’m pretty sure V young start blocking it off she blocked it off all right where do we die you

Blocked the ttle why’ she do it why’ she block okay um AB you died somewhere along this tunnel I think um now where did I die oh I remember being my branched off somewhere right yeah it was like where you panic placing planks is that what

You did and then die yes yes I found it I found it yeah I don’t think you exactly know what I mean by block it off but I saw you tried okay all right I did a good job I thought no I thought it was pretty

Good oh no I need to I need to get a backpack what’s like actually the point of claims I feel like I should just unclaim claims no um I think there I think there was a point oh uh I saw pH did it I think some of the mods if you

Have it claimed it’s continues to run even if you’re like away from the chunk or something like that I think but yeah the claims don’t claims don’t really matter too much anymore okay I got it all jeez um I got a diamond oh and even better than a diamond look what I

Found yeah wait you you got everything too come come come to these chests from that room it was actually pretty decent wait oh my God where yeah uh back where we originally fighting was it um this way or oh my God a while ago you said you

Were hungry and now you’re eating yeah I refuse I refuse to be here anymore I’m leaving everybody no a stop no I’m going to end up no no no no we need to get the loot from here no fo We Came From Here We Came From Here we weit take me to

Those loot boxes yeah yeah no it’s the the loot box room is clear are you sure okay I think I think we keep going this way was that it it’s this way sword from my back there you go oh wait wait wait wait wait there’s something that’s following me the these

Guys These Guys these guys wait who look zombies oh are you eating wait there’s no loot boxes in here I got them all sorry very good there’s loot boxes in here there’s two no I already got did you get them already oh yeah but there’s um there’s redstone ore there’s redstone ore

I I don’t I so like where’s like more of the dungeon I can’t figure out where to go next there’s like um if you walk like if you walk on this floor eventually you’ll find a room with like a spiral staircase going downstairs oh and that’s

Where it gets crazy wait me join the Barnacle babies no wait no she didn’t though but she said she said she said oh H you said oh thank God I feel like you already you read the message no no but then ellm look at what ellm said he goes she lies

Excellent work oh wait who are you wait let me see on the map are they next to each other oh the other coming that’s good that’s good they’re not next to each other they’re not even close oh my God they’re not even next to each other

Yeah we should go back up for now this coming coming coming cominging go go go go go go it gets it gets so crazy go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go help help I’m stuck I’m stuck behind the block okay okay I’m coming up coming

Uping shut up shut up shut up shut up um let me get rid of this water maybe I don’t there okay uh and then we go past here right and then you don’t mine or with an axe and we go around here boom wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay coming

Coming coming coming coming coming coming yep whoa what’s this stuff I want it okay coming I don’t think I got it coming where are you guys oh where’d you guys go why was there lava coming down I don’t know maybe it like spawns why am I drowning why am I drowning I

Think it SP it just spawns damn hurricanes hurricanes yeah oh almost what’s Auto jump guys you jump but I I always turn it off how do you turn it off annoying um if you go to options and go to control it’s it’s in the it’s in the

First page keybinds oh oh I see I see I see thank you yeah it’s a little much I want to see what those three goopy goers at the top of us are doing I haven’t I haven’t seen Tina all I haven’t seen Tina either here we go wait is that where

They live or is that just another dungeon that’s the entrance to that dungeon that we what why do we go through that oh cuz there’s a lot of spawners up there oh we just we just become some mining why are they so fast I’m out of

Stamina oh boy H oh wait you guys are so fat am I interr is it seems like Tina said we were hello did you get your stuff back yeah I had everything back it’s like I’ve met you before you good you good buddy Another Universe why is it 12’s mic so loud let

Me turn down oh there we go you guys okay guys were dying a lot oh hello hello hello hello didn’t realize you were [ __ ] at Minecraft that’s crazy you don’t understand we had a bed and it would spawn us in a room full of 50 zombies 50

Foolish I’m so [ __ ] I will never play this game again it’s I know I know TW expects better of himself he’s Mr let me cookies I wow look at you working hard working hard over there thank you cheers look at look at this pretty good pretty delicious yeah pretty good on you man

Really making a statement Leslie M bro I think I’ve never with [ __ ] in my life um I think so yeah what happened like your Mr dungeon boy himself bro I don’t know how to play this game I like the definition of D just like that to see no way like the

Thing is like even if I’m [ __ ] I’m still more than you no way oh thank you so much I’m so happy dude my keybind just messed up I don’t know where my emotes are I’m going to accept it cuz they’re they’re different here for no no no press press press why why

Oh other one oh thank you honey oh wow she’s she’s doing it yeah it’s crazy look at us all in diamond armor already ow why you treating me like a soccer ball hello at h f hello hello I hear you have the most most deaths on the whole

Server yes I’m [ __ ] Bro oh me why are you talking about sacrificing me no that’s cuz that’s cuz that’s what they wanted and you want to sacrifice me no no no but I’m just like reading what they’re saying and I feel like a part of

It kind of why is this P what what did I do what nothing it’s what they want oh good thinking good thinking go on go no no no it’s a come back I don’t have a pickaxe never mind never mind never mind a I’m ready I’m

Ready a go I’m guys I’m [ __ ] in the club you’re [ __ ] in the club ow okay listen as long as you don’t join the boggy bottom whatever them boggy Barnacle bgy bottom guys I I I won’t join yep City what what no that’s good we didn’t want

You anyway that’s mean exactly foolish I will kill you every day of the month bro I will dab in your corpse I will make fortnite dance when I see your head D bro hey you better you better respect the president of Yap City a little bit

More okay pal bro the only thing you know to do in Minecraft is like crafting wonderful things crafting wonderful things so nice nice to say wait that’s the only thing you know that was kind of wholesome wow ow Jesus only as well back up F did I can’t say

Hello to my bro oh I guess you can okay you hit you broke my armor oh it’s okay take that H do you have any diamond helmets oh yeah but not for you you little piece of [ __ ] oh you mean one of these yeah we

Did find one of these bad boys do you do you mean this Leslie lesli I guess not look with my BR we are just sneaking fight fight okay okay okay I’ll give you a coin I’ll give you a coin Leslie fact I’ll give you three coins you have the

Audacity cleared a dungeon doing our Dirty Work oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] trying to run she’s trying to run wait you I’m running I’m running she’s trying to run why you trying to run and you’ll never catch me her you can though yeah we can catch her we catch her

Yet wait a minute kind thank you thank you what I have to do for the coins mhm why what about you oh I don’t know I can give you three coins Leslie no faction has really won my heart quite yet oh my gosh wait how many iron coins do you

Guys all have they’re way too hard to find Sten I I found I found two no found one robed we should make an iron vending machine so we can roll some Gadget we have to put together so much iron though it’s not yeah we need a lot of iron

Eight time 72 once you make one once you make one it’s fine okay I can contribute I have three three coins or three just kidding I have one one iron ingot you have one what that’s what you have what listen it’s better than nothing let’s let’s

Pull our iron together I can give you coins wait a minute all you have to do is kill foolish ones wa I have to make it look accidental yeah yeah yeah yeah because he’s the president of Yap City yeah hey leie here lesie but you can’t

You can’t tell him that he told you to do it or that we told you to oh okay so do I just like create a pool of lava underneath him and then accidentally break the block yeah yeah yeah oh [ __ ] accidentally okay I need help though okay so let’s

Build um let’s build a a path underneath him something under and then and then I’ll put the put down underneath and then and then but the problem is what if he moves he could walk away what if you tell him to just look up wait and then what there’s lava on

Top of him fall no you dig down one and then Boop lava wait so I dig down one and then he gets in the hole and then what and then there’s lava down below yeah yeah yeah but the problem with lava is his gravestone it’s not going

To disappear will it burn his stuff oh yeah what if he doesn’t have a grave I don’t know if he has a grave he only died he’s only ever no he’s only he’s only ever died once the ship ran over us wasn’t that less than 30 minutes ago I

Don’t know about time time time moves really differently in mcraft oh wait no gravestones like you always get a gravestone now when you die well then what’s the point of a gravestone cool down well there’s no more cool down we got rid of it wait really you made that

Change in like the past hour yeah well did you see us we’re getting wrecked oh oh [ __ ] wait wait really oh okay okay they turned it off okay all right so let’s kill him okay wait wait wait so what’s the plan so I dig a thing underneath him

Tell him this is your thing what do you mean tell them to look up yeah this is on well this is on you so you got it yeah this is your plan what where is the Y City I want to see um wait are you going to build the

Stuff yeah holy [ __ ] wait okay probably the bestest build that this entire town would have to offer probably the best looking thing you know what yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh you good to Y City now wait well I don’t know dude he

If he’s going to build it it’s going to look good you got to join Tina we are enemies now oh you got it Jo going to look good wait Leslie Leslie so who’s part of so who’s part of City just open Google and type the crazy that Leslie’s yelling from the

Also Leslie Leslie Leslie if you go into your keybinds yeah right and Whisper button yeah I’m using the whisper button right now [ __ ] please why didn’t I know about that does my does my chat does my chat thing look smaller I can’t see your chat thing you’re your wait try both

Okay okay so this is me with the whisper thing yeah and then this is oh my God it does does it does why am I just learning about this now I want regular okay chat settings and then what wait controls keybinds uh keybinds yeah and then scroll all the way down to the

Bottom my life has changed no way oh my God does it look different testing testing yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it does it does I I see that thing no way okay okay okay wait okay I want to test something can you can you hold the whisper button yeah yeah just keep

Talking stay still stay still stay still oh I stay still you stay still oh my God guys there will be no recruiting for the Barnacle babies all right we already have everybody here they’re on our side we have to show you we have to show you something though oh Kenji it’s really cool

Hi it doesn’t surprise me at all that you join the bar baby Barnacles or whatever what the hell is that meant to me the ones that jump me yeah help we’re under attack help please please please Yap City Yap City’s under attack Tina Tina help help y City’s under

Attack the particle babies are here here babies the particle babies stay back get him get him get him get him get him get him burn their [ __ ] burn it Diamond get get him kiss Captain he say kiss him what he say oh they’re trying to escape get him get him get him

ESC they’re trying to get out they’re get him [ __ ] get him sck them sck them sck them burn theall going don’t let him let let they have cannons that’s crazy AES he I can respect that uh how do I space bar muscle flex your space bar muscle

Now what the [ __ ] oh my God what the hell run run ow wait I I think I took one straight to the face it didn’t do any damage it didn’t it’s just one heart it does one heart so bad it’s so bad I’m I’m just being C it

Man you’re just stabbing me stab the Pirates bro it’s just going it t one heart you’re just like the [ __ ] here need food you know what I’m going to fire a warning shot yeah do it you you hit me [Applause] oh [ __ ] it DS on the oh my

God what kind of warning shot kill I don’t know there’s no way get him kill him without that’s what your president does that’s what your president do kills people in open fire that’s my president that’s that’s not how a warning shot y City Y it was a warning to the rest of the

Crew that’s right Yap City will prevail oh um it was just one hit I I didn’t oh God L I’m so sorry oh W let um you all have one heart oh oh need all these need all these hi Captain sh can you please start all running well we were playing the

Celebration music of your death that wasn’t even me I was grying what you what is this guys I was gritty you can’t guys look I’m moving the sword if you get too close it hits you from the gritt still on the fence I was deciding Tina Tina Tina what are you on

The fence about what is there to be on the fence about oh well I just don’t think I Yap enough you know quite quiet think about this it doesn’t matter puns is on puns is in Yap yeah he’s not much wait puns can Yap you just got to say

Something really stupid like a um than uh uh what’s really really dumb um o um uh I don’t know it’s going to be something about valerant it it doesn’t matter what are you doing pretty good surrounder oh yeah surrounder what the [ __ ] what are you doing Jes Christ I suggest you join I

Suggest suggest you join guys listen I I don’t know I I just um bogy babies I don’t remember their name the bgy it’s it’s Barnacle [ __ ] I I’ve heard I don’t think that’s their actual name that sounds way too cool honestly Barnacle [ __ ] think they were like the

Barnacle what were they what was their bar barnicle babies Barnacle babies bar Barn I don’t think that was the original name either I don’t remember what the hell bar bgy Barnacles St with the boggy Barnacle B boggy Barnacle baby bugy I don’t know [ __ ] [ __ ] Los oh she’s

Oh my God Tina what happened to your head oh sorry it was just my spider form oh that’s that happens that happens oh my God that’s so disturbing I not like this um oh wait kji don’t not like that at all were you were you a part of the pirate crew me a

Part uh no no not at all no no I was just that’s not my thing I can’t even swim really oh okay yeah no it’d be like a shame if uh you know you join cuz like filthy Pirates and all you know they’re just no disgusting really man yeah you’ll never find the

One um well keni if you weren’t with them why were you with them if you know what I mean they they had Uber services so I just like hopped on you know I mean had to get really get where I was going it was expect to be a warning shot I

Didn’t know you had that that armor looks amazing on you wow Sil at least M thank you so much yeah yeah of course why am I watching you stay watch sick ass back flip for you I’m stronger than you hey by the wait come here oh here

Lenow okay what about this bad ass head my fault you pretend to be part of the boggy Barnacle [ __ ] okay okay but you actually get Intel on them and what their building and then you report back to us and so we okay I got you you and

And and maybe next time you’ll think better and you’ll join Yap City but for now I’m so screw you that [ __ ] is not believing none of that was that not good was that bad no it was it was great it was really good it was really good okay um um well okay

Well well that’s kind of that that was it oh oh also one more thing do you know how to whisper mhm how do I do that um okay so you want to go to escape and then options and then press controls then go to keybinds then type a whisper in the bottom and

Then set a key bind for it ooh okay I’mma do do I got to hold it down well set the keybind for it Che Burger burrito is it working uh no try I don’t think you set a keybind for it yeah there you go there you go there you go o

We’re Whispering hi Whispering we’re Whispering we’re Whispering we’re Whispering okay I’m I’m a [ __ ] betray everybody F secretive you know [ __ ] all yeah [ __ ] all of them you report to us okay I will pay you handsomely how much how much are we talking well I have to

Ask my people first how much we can afford to pay but it’ll be good trust my services are expensive I want you to know that uh how much we talking like at least 64 dirt bricks oh [ __ ] that might be more than we can afford but we’ll

Make it we’ll make it we’ll we’ll be 64 dirt bricks it is okay thank you got it all right now get us Intel yep yep yep okay you feel bad for them just a little bit there oh ouch huh what me’s merciless what the heck mer chill I

Know too bad for them no I don’t I was kidding I was kidding I was kidding I have Intel I have I can’t new content am I right foolish foolish foolish I have something for you okay you press Escape oh do you know how to whisper it’s good for

Secrets oh no press Escape options options controls have what uh controls key binds key binds then type in whisper and set set a button for it what should I make whisper I don’t know I have it like as one of my mouse Buton um okay

Yeah I’ll do that yeah uh wait uh keepy I think I just uh whisper okay maybe this works yeah am I Whispering yes you’re Whispering you’re Whispering you can see it like look at look at my head blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah hey tin they’re yapping oh we

Are yapping just over [Laughter] y City just doing their thing I suppose so Tina’s still a little on the fence he says she wants to explore other options see what other factions pop up okay I understand it’s it’s like uh she’s being accepted to all the colleges and then

Like oh she’s like the top student and then is this what it’s like oh my God okay well um Hey listen um you could Shadow us for the day uh let’s see you’ll see shadowing Shad you want see our place yeah you can see the place

Actually love we get a tour my Turbo look at me oh God okay he’s no he’s just trying to show off he’s trying to show off he’s not he’s not Turbo FAST I will say like I spent a lot of time adventuring with others so um it it does

Feel a little bit treacherous you know to kind of um he just like ran through it oh I see like youve spent more time with them no I was asking they’re not like a faction I was asking they seem to be a bunch of solo mercenaries yeah the bgy bottom [ __ ]

But they could form a fact you know which is why I just feel like I see okay so you think they’re better than us no it’s not that it’s just I’m I’m quite loyal but what about loyal to the previous friendships we possibly had oh um in another world in Another

Universe um in Another Universe you um I’m closing my eyes I’m trying to see I’m trying to enter The Fifth Dimension yeah you only have friends um that nay and Gallop no we are hardly friends no no no they’re not my only friends are sure I sometimes in the in the Fifth Dimension

Like oh yes and perhaps mod an egg-like daughter yeah actually I’m looking The Fifth Dimension you also maybe have an egg likee daughter so um yeah but that’s not like my only friend so what that’s I literally I literally in the Y at her she’s not going to join us

Sorry this why you’re the right hand I got you well why do I have to why do I have to choose right now early it’s it’s the first day people remember these my last what oh you’re he’s mad about the dungeon guys it was really bad it was

Bad down there looked really it was so bad I I started forming you’re just going to you’re just going to give up and let a little dungeon wa I don’t know what are you talking about what’s Herobrine though is that like a boss why is he scary what is Herobrine

Sorry oh bro you don’t mean it I don’t I don’t bro the last time you said something nice about someone it was it like 1984 I think wait I 84 I was a better man back then yeah I can’t believe you have calus in here that’s crazy that is funny where that from

Oh fo are you having fun oh oh I’m having a great time a jolly time yeah woohooo you know what I would consider a Fifth Dimension friendship I would consider it it’s do you have iRun coins um I’m poor I need more like seeing their ship in

The background I only have two they’re not trying to raid us are they who are they trying to raid us we need to we need to build a better ship than them what would they do raid them back they’ve only been attacking us to stop you’re not trying to attack us are you

No see just nonstop non did you really claim yep CD what the [ __ ] I didn’t see on the map I need to no I need to unclaim you learn your L problems okay I’m going oh yeah here we can all getting oh offering okay oh really a peace

Offering now it’s one iron okay I guess you want I’ll take it I take it I want I wor no no peace you want a you want peace who whoa whoa so you P out a knife you’re trying to rub this is in GTA you

Got rob me okay give me the coin you’re being robbed give me the coin there it is that’s for you it was a peace offer hello oh I like that hands up I don’t know I wanted to do that oh lying down you play G maybe like you

Could do like what going to say I’m pleas wait what’s your faction kji my faction that’s a great question give me a give you yeah he’s getting robbed I don’t know if you see that he’s getting robbed right behind you yeah potatoes you should eat some of

Those um you know what I’m not hungry at the moment that’s it you nasty ass Pirates I should have never even gross try to mug you oh wow oh God what’s a barnacle [ __ ] always a barnacle [ __ ] oh sorry just hungry you know what I’m going to

Come with a goddamn dist track I swear to God it’s going be called nap city napnap city [ __ ] 10 10 10 20s in the okay I’m doing it that’s awesome wait how many people F in the boat here we go oh like a bunch you you need you guys

Need to ride let’s all go to Yap City yeah if we could get a ride back that’d be actually kind of sick okay you oh looks like you’re driving uh Comm what’s happened what happened what happened what happened what happened kill kill her oh all right now everyone hop in

Just don’t click on someone else you push okay oh don’t click okay uh president foolish it’s you now oh okay luckily I used to be a bit of a fire I got the boat jems um let’s see what’s the best way there it looks like if we go around like

Here I got the boat has some weird okay there we go I’m getting it wait this kind of Awesome this is kind of awesome I do agree I think you’re meant I think you’re meant for the Seas uh lady fo whoa who are you really trying to steal

My second Command right in front of me ah lady Foos welcome aboard part of the sh part of the crew no I’m just on the ship no I I have my alliances my allegiances oh we’ll talk later we’ll talk later no we won’t I have the ab CID I I only I

Only y the obsidians I’m so sorry do not forget the horn hor play the horn play I I can’t right now I don’t I can’t when I’m driving look like I can’t move my inventory I can’t switch my inventory oh wait oh there it is there it

Is guys uh The Galley here does actually hold loot so any donations to the boggy Barnacle would be really appreciated right that’s your name that’s it wait is this your base uh no no no no no don’t worry about kind a cool pirate base but um don’t worry about our little Pirates

Cove we got going on a Happ a wait is there enough room can you get another person yeah look it looks like right room is there enough room lady food it does have a nice R to it welcome okay and then to navigate it’d be better if I go around here hello take

It around is awesome it was a good day oh Tina Tina ising French guys Tina tin hates chees and bagette I cheese and bagette is it chips she knows she got in her Salada look look at this hey guys anyone got any spare diamond armor I

Feel kind of left out right now I we don’t a sh don’t give a [ __ ] about your I will fly my ass back to France and getat the [ __ ] out of here no I’m safe because in Minecraft you won’t beat anyone yeah dou down no no no the boy no

No that’s the founding building of Yap City where is It so good wow smells so good little gor okay Dior saage there go red flag that I’m I can tell foolish didn’t build this wait okay oh because like I couldn’t cuz I’m not capable of building this okay he bu it’s too small oh okay well home sweet home okay um wait are

They in this dungeon and also you would never texture like this you would do a much better job do you have food for me uh foolish let’s see May good maybe I get some more wheat I want this this is It’s a struggle right now oh whoops um the food has not been

Coming in Easy right now at the moment um but it’s fine eventually does anyone have emeralds or orange dye by any chance uh how many emeralds do you need because I’ve got to make something very important how many do you need Emerald like what Leslie I’ve got to cook it first and then

You’ll see um Leslie oh Emerald now Emerald well how many do you need how just one just one oh oh and damn all my emeralds are stolen they were stolen oh pissed okay orange giant I had like 20 something too just crazy I didn’t take again the Wilden Spike this

Is so lame yeah who’s the zombies any the zombie incident of 24 yep yep they’ll get you surely there’s just an orange flower I’ll be right back I’m going to grab an orange FL oh perfect yellow and orange make so yellow and red make orange right It’s Time Boom Boom Boom

Boom boom boom boom boom boom the rest of that’s easy I was fast with it I was like coming it’s called cat oh cat’s a good one I like cat that’s like one of the classy ones I do say The Classy ones yeah wait where where did everyone oh

Leslie crafting get orange he desperately needs went so quiet I was like hello no no no I’ve almost got everything I need almost got she’s cooking I’m cooking oh no does anyone got everything she needs for her formula um an oak Plank and a string oh no I

Thought I had things o oh Oak Plank and a string okay here’s a string oh my God oh my God you guys actually claimed a territory called City I’m about to I’m about to lower by a lot this is a lot this is huge we only claimed it because

They were claiming it first yeah um Sho claimed it first I’m starting to unclaim I’m starting to unclaim sticking in is so much okay yeah yeah I’m going to make it a lot less cuz it’s it’s just a little much like when you’re trying to okay a traveler hello a

Traveler are they underneath do you guys see my new item uh oh oh wait play a little tasty PlayOn sure uh well it’s not working right now oh that’s um that’s okay oh jeez oh god I think I’m a friend R okay something oh man wait there’s a

Lot wait just second um I’m just trying to get rid of a little bit more okay boom just kind of clean it up it was a little it was a little much it a little much looking go down here a little bit more down here ohy this was from uh what was it

MOA um MOA Decor art wow you can really just like build a bunch of random stuff um microphone stand okay stick and heavy weighted pressure plate okay gray wool to make a microphone okay so I need iron ingot and gray wool I wonder if I can just like put this

Down where’s my guitar oh that’s so cute why is that so cute oh my God that’s so cute what the heck that’s adorable okay wow iron is actually kind of hard to get iron is the hard one cuz I really want Iron because I I can make most of these things from iron

I really want a mic stand though I love this Pokemon song every time it plays I’m like dude what is this song it’s so nice is it my backpack no I don’t have iron in here either um can I get an iron and gray W

Iron and I I don’t have have gra W look look foolish look Oh pretty cool huh okay this is good though this is very important things um here’s an IR here take two oh my God thank you and oh my goday wool we would need to make like maybe yeah we we need some animals we need like some sheep some

Cows gray wool gray wool okay oh you know what you can do you can mix white dye and black dye H you know and then you do white dye black dye yeah black D black D yeah can you make a bunch you made a bunch I have um no uh yes I have black dye but then I need white dye and white dye you can get from here I can make white dye boom here okay have let me throw you a bone oh wait let me actually

Make it into white Dy first boom boom B Bo bam bam bam oh you you did that okay nice so then it’s just like this and then it’s like that and then it’s like gray D bam and then you just do Bam Bam white wool plus gray dye

Equals gray wool bam bam oh my God oh my God yeah um you know you’re here you seem to really be enjoying yourself you might as well just uh listen I you got to do have a microphone no no no the mic stand Sal oh

Hello oh no listen foolish I I um I need one more iron um I mean why why must it all be done in a day you know it’s true was Rome built in a day well we built this in a day so no you didn’t you didn’t build anything

This spawned here okay well I would you believe if I told you I added the wood okay actually would yeah it just needed a little something and honestly could use more more IR just one more just a little ever wow I didn’t say just I said Don’t

Listen to himo K it’s just a joke it’s just a joke it’s just a joke like obviously we’re in this together is it’s very important what I’m building okay you need to know you’re not speaking words if you’re trying to or maybe you’re trying to silent oh hello there

Was a bird I wanted to mount and it said I had to kill the Ender Dragon before I mounted it oh I think it’s cuz it’s probably a flying mount it was cool and awesome yeah sorry everything flying is like disabled until the end here ye here ye citizens of Yap

Holy [ __ ] that’s awesome isn’t it great hello everybody um well I didn’t really have anything prepared but I just want to announce a microphone has been built okay that’s big that’s big that we have one of those now it’s huge it’s big wait where’d you get

That huh you already got a bir I found it oh my God you got I found it it was like right it was like right around here my God kind of slow looking stop looking stop peeping at my bird a little faster might I give a little ride to your

Chocobo yeah please go ahead oh I quite like that foolish foolish foolish foolish please she’s running off with it I can oh I like this hello little Chocobo you like me more than AE huh you want me to take you from AE okay we can have that

Arranged where where did L go you like me more than a for sure you want me huh as an owner what’ you say huh wait so is this dungeon go crazy are there like like a ton and tons of loot so the dungeons it it kind of that’s

Cute oh my God everything requires so much iron bottom floor and try to Greed for the loot there but the mobs are so strong oh so like we’re almost destined to die if we go there I’m assuming they’re like close to the bottom floor if not on the bottom floor so we maybe

Want to be care yeah that’s why I did an offer to help them I’m going to leave oh oh I’m tired of dying I’m sick of it Tina I can’t believe you’re going back down there Tina okay um I might hold off on that a little I think I want to farm dude

There’s a coffee mod yes it’s so cute The Raven one make a coffee shop yeah I need I think I think there’s different coffees that you can make that gives different like effects yeah I think there’s also Viner too I’m kind of a fan of like I like okay okay if we

Just we need to we need to get iron more more oh you need more iron oh no I mean like I think I got to go looking for some oh you should have seen um like I need like on that last lesli and hundreds like for what oh really great bakery War

Tails of it I’ve heard Tails yeah the great bakery Wars the seeds heard tals oh yeah why does wheat take forever to grow damn I found my rockar oh I have a lot of bone you guys want some bone um I got a lot of bone from that dungeon

Maybe I I can you know maybe uh wait I forget does water go four out or three out like if you have a little cute four I want to make a stage okay can I build a stage yeah I don’t see why not okay it’s

Going to be awesome yeah yeah wait if I Jo yep City could I have a a position a role I I need a task I need buy something or I feel aimless you know oh yeah we could do a really good job actually oh my gosh she has a guitar I

Want a title I want a um what kind of arranged uh uh treasury like I have all the money who well you don’t just enter that position that has to be earned oh okay oh how do I get to that point um you can be the Yap City farmer

Farmer that’s a that’s a dumb roll okay what about the I just offering I was just offering it didn’t have to be final Y what kind of I want to high ranking position I want to be an officer an officer yeah I want to enter enter the

Field of Officer because of my master’s degree in agriculture and drinkology okay oh my God you can be the the head of Agriculture why am I that’s the same thing I’m going to die I’m going to die you you’re such a you can be you can be the master h of

Colleges or damn I’m going to have to look that one up poist what’ you call me um I’m trying to think what would be a title what would be a title um I know I need the backpack feeding Upgrade come on come come on come on come on I want something crazy oh yeah something insane oh god um um um Chief the oh Chief oh the C the CF the c l chief chief farming Chief Financial Chief um the CAO the CAO what’s the CAO the chief aggregate officer aggregate like

Agricultural agricultural officer you can be the assistant regional manager what is that assistant regional manager the regional manager assistant is this an office thing no you said paper said paper I didn’t even mention paper but the assistant regional manager just sounds like um okay well I think um

Okay let’s see you could be what’s like what’s like a rule that we need like what’s like a rule that makes sense well we need defense oh AR well okay what are your interest in at what do you want to do oh I like um agriculture okay okay

CAO Chief agricultural officer so you you you yeah I think that’s good well because we need Army we need to defend ourselves we need to work on our attack and then we need to survive we yeah CAO wait COA or you could be the chief of diplomatic relations that could be good

Oh like you do negotiations yeah negotiations yeah it could be our PR apartment oh I kind of like that all right I’m going to go find a spot to build okay all right okay goodbye yeah goodbye goodbye yeah I feel like anything right now puns is like our chief of like staff

Security or something our uh I see our guard dog the guard dog of Yap City Department yeah okay um yeah chief of foreign agriculture relations chief of foreign agricult culture for chief of foreign agriculture relations CF a r c do you want to be the CBO the chief beverage

Officer the chief of of Beverage officer what Chief beverage officer CBO CBO that sounds stupid Chief beverage officer sounds kind of cool if you ask me chief of Agriculture chief of Agri Chief agricultural um forista why are you meowing like wait I’m not meowing that’s not me yeah you

Are I’m not meowing I think I know if I was meowing I think I would know why are you meowing I think I okay chief of AC and okay so what what does that look like Chief chief of Agriculture chief of Agriculture and beverages beverages wait C Is there a way we can wait the cob yes oh wait coab what would you of Agriculture Andes she’s our coab this is our coab our chief officer of Agriculture and beverages so wait so would it be like

Co AB are we like ignoring the second a and and or we do we not include that I mean you usually like rid of that doesn’t make sense I agree so the coab or the cob tired I just want to be um slowing down my BR an officer I don’t

Know if I like Chief anymore is Chief better than officer I think technically cuz officer is not like a top position good night Frankie NE s wait not Frankie yes Frankie good night Frankie um what’s a a cooler word than Chief then ch um head head of overseer overseer overseer um lead

We we can decide on this later you know what I’m good with Agriculture and food and drinks that’s good go okay so wait you’re going to officially join um uh and listen we’ve bit of a Pirates Code so if you do betray us then that’s like the number one rule that you’re not

Allowed to do director oh director director of Agriculture what the hell is that what is it kill it dude that thing’s been following me I think burn it with fire wait it’s been following you what if it’s a five sent from another group oh um oh [ __ ] it could

Be I I can’t kill it though I think we have to use something else to kill it lost soul I think it’s a bit beyond uh our knowledge okay fine I’m ordering oh oh cying oh I’m coming back um so Tina how about it huh all you have to do

Is blow the horn of yid wait no you have to do it at the top you have to do it at the top oh she’s listen she’ll join one way or she’ll join we have to make her join she’s coming Tina with all of our influences Yap city is going to be by

Far the greatest domain on this chief officer of beverages Rel and if she doesn’t join we’ll kidnap her wait wait wait wait wait there’s been a cook oh oh chief officer of beverages relations and agriculture CRA I I didn’t think of it someone in my chat did is chief officer of of bever

Relations and agriculture cobra cobra that’s sick that’s sick that was a good [ __ ] that’s awesome that was awesome F okay fine I’m joining yep City Y City Cobra let’s go we really got to clean this part up um up here up here back up um okay here let me place a block oh

Yeah right there okay it’s a little this part we’re still working on okay cra to the top to the top to the top to the top to the top oh y city city come oh this is a big moment a really really big moment okay you stand

There oh boy and you have to take the horn and you take wait wait I accidentally here let me um here it’s behind you now now you should be able to pick it up there we go I’m honored all I’m honored today to be a part of Yap

City I’m excited to be your newly beloved Cobra um do we just Jo this B you blow the horn blow the horn no no that’s crazy J done it oh wait wait wait wait why can’t I do it again oh there’s a cool down there you go that’s crazy

Welcome Tina you are now the fourth official member what oh wait who’s the who’s the who’s the um the the third puns wait where is he he left’s gone think he probably like playing Val you know he’s addicted Jesus Christ but he um he you’re the second person to get on

This on this for initiation yeah wow and I’m Cobra and you’re Cobra you’re the Cobra Cobra of Yap City I’m the Cobra of Yap City so exciting I’m so excited I have a faction now get to work oh sorry oh what I for all of us for all of

Us falling behind we are falling behind your relations your agriculture your drinks we have none of those really right now I just I just I just blew the horn wait would you like the horn back oh yes yes important yes okay you need to understand this is the most important

Item of all the land yes oh okay we should put it in a frame the sound oh can’t blow it yeah it’s kind of yeah it’s kind of important to be able to blow on the go you know we need to fix up we need we need important to Reliable

Food source and reliable drinks we need a lot we are dying we need we need more Farmland um yeah yep citizens are dying we’re dying out here we’re wait how how is this possible I’ve got one hunger bar and three hearts it’s bad um um um you

Know what don’t worry guys I’ll get right on it okay um I wonder if there’s like that nicer soil out there you know what I’m talking about like the where it like grows faster I wonder if we have that I want to build us a ship as well I’ve heard taals for sure

Oh wait where is it oh okay was that much I’m eating don’t worry guys I am eating Oh no you’re good okay just a little sigh you know okay listen here at Yap City okay you’re going to have to get used to just um wait so who’s in charge you’re losing

What who’s in charge oh well technically he’s is the president but I’m say what I know because he yaps the most he can’t be out yapped well I don’t know if that’s completely true listen you have great days you have great days that’s why yeah but I think on average you are

The number one yapper so you take president okay interesting and I’m the Cobra and you’re the Cobra now you’re the Cobra C and we need Cobra likee things out of you an eventful first day first day on the job I would yeah I would just love a a time period where I

Actually have like food okay oh don’t worry we’ll get there you just settle down it is it is a bit of a struggle it’s a bit of a struggle it’s like it’s not like embarrassing per se but um I just a lot okay and then if I go

One wait one two three four okay okay I’m going to make a meeting room this be a new making a meeting room for us okay okay okay here we go okay a meeting room boom microphone tables chairs sit down oh we need chairs like cool chairs though like like chairs that look like

That Coast Area I’ll probably like wipe out some of this part and then we can make like a dock or something hon these chairs aren’t bad initially also emergency button where do we get that an oval table do they have that though um yeah an oval like have to be

Here um seeds seeds wait no way seats I’m getting us started on a meeting room meeting room perfect a meting room would be good all right here I go um okay all right all right um why I room wait I’ve seen a build of yours before I know I’ve seen a

Build I remember you showed um are you seeing if I’m qualified to make a meeting room no no I was like just curious like I’m not even saying like qualifi or un qualif I’m just like oh I wonder like what it would look like though it’s going to be good

Yeah no I fully trust you I wouldn’t I wouldn’t show it and I wouldn’t try building if it wasn’t going to be good hell yeah got a lot to live from too this is wait there’s no seeds the [ __ ] okay listen no pressure man you just you just it might be bad

Initially Leslie if I ordered food do you think ellm would bring it to my door so I don’t have to see human yeah probably okay cuz I really want that right now he definitely that’s I’m I’m in like Mega Goblin mode you know it’s been um and I’ve been a

Little it’s been it’s been it’s been been a few days okay don’t you worry yeah yeah you can Goblin it away so you don’t want to go out tonight oh I’ll post the link in the group that way like he gets a little something and then I’m not the bad guy you know

Okay yeah okay yeah that a beautiful flourishing town okay I need we need serious okay all right okay okay meeting room four four four Yap City to be built Yap City to be built right right right perfect perfect okay okay let me think about this let me think about

This okay I must control my brain for just a moment iron axe okay let me get an Axe and let me get some oak trees this is important I wonder if I think this is the basis for a lot of my problems is just not having enough

Wood and it always is about not having enough wood so if I just get a lot of wood right now then if I just get a lot of wood right now then I won’t have this problem and I can just grab grab grab grab grab and then I’ll never think

About it ever again I’ll just grab it now okay and then I’ll hit another trie tree do this one oh what wall oh what wall okay bam and then I need I feel like this is important maybe okay and then I probably want to like make some Planks and then I would want to do this but I want to make these as well and then in order to make those and I would want to make these okay Leslie group order oh oh I’m I’m doing it oh oh okay how me Young die to a panda what

Wait are you panda fighting the Dragon Warrior I don’t understand I’m not leaving floating trees I’m going to get all of them I’m going to get every last one of them from the cow people ooh tofu the cow people what kind of land do we live in O

Why does that sound good okay I feel like this is a decent amount of wheat now it needs to start growing a little bit more ooh where oh who planted olives not me oh oh popcorn Chien I’ll using it to make o kind of good then what’s the oil

We Ed for big breakfast oh [ __ ] yeah ketchup you know yeah oh wait but do you know what honestly would be helpful and I wouldn’t even take this like a serious degree but like we have a few Saddles and having some horses would be nice horses what’s that got to do

With me well no well I was just saying like I might like the Savannah area probably has some horses maybe um are you trying to get us to get your horses for you no no I’m saying I’m going to go get horses like I’m saying like that’s

I’m like what I’m going to do you heard that right no no I’m quite self-sufficient oh okay yeah I listen I whatever work the citizens of Yap City do I will do threefold um Tina did my my order go through can you see it on yours here we go that’s much better I

Don’t know if Tina’s here nasty little hole okay there I’m sick of being hungry all the time no you’re not wait do you know what version of Minecraft this is I don’t know uh Courtney um how to check uh I oh 1.11 191 three oh I

1.92 okay yeah then no matter what I’m not going to be doing crazy horse breeding anyway oh it’s not Advanced enough for you 1 point2 is like where it’s a lot easier so it being this version means I’m not going to bother it’s too difficult Tina did you um were do you

Know if my my order went through because um it’s making me like signning and stuff on my side and I was just wondering to see it that could be awkward oh okay oh um I got popcorn chicken I got a taro milky oh okay yeah and then tofu as well

Yeah yeah tofo okay okay yes do we have another furnace let’s make thanks Tina I love popcorn chicken so much okay all right all right I’m going to start being productive right now yeah I am made myself a little bit more food and then I should be enough to go out

Into the savan find at least one or two crazy that if we just don’t eat like we’ll just die and then bada bing bada boom I’m eating gummies cuz what die you ever think about that I’m going to sneeze I feel so oh oh God bless you bless you sneeze I’m

Waiting I can’t handle the suspense I don’t want to oh okay should have just said it yeah okay yeah now where should this room be maybe should I build it above so it starts to looking like a city so we have like rooms that like connect and

Stuff wait build what above I’m confused the meeting room oh like wait the the me should it all be built out of this building like what’s our aesthetic um I don’t know I feel like the easiest one to do is like Stone and wood that’s like

An easy one a stone and wood okay I like it I can work with that um here I have um here I have some of this you can have some of this and there’s more down in the dungeon we can probably get a lot of stone bricks very good very very very

Good uh yeah there’s 42 in here um I grew some trees maybe we get oak logs um very good who left the floating tree who left the floating tree I would never oh no oh it floats I don’t believe I don’t believe in floating trees sir yeah okay

That’s good that’s good cuz like you know it’s just then it’s going to float forever unless we go up there and get it so okay couldn’t be me good couldn’t be me okay no I think the EAS thing we can always light it on fire and reset a new so I have a

Confession yes commander FY it was me but I was going to get them you were going to get them we can’t build the foundation of Yap City on lies and I lie to both of you I appreciate that and I won’t do it anymore I’ll be better okay

I just didn’t want you guys to think I was the kind of member that would leave a floating tree but even worse is if you thought I was the kind of member that would leave a floating floating tree and then lie about it so I’m coming clean

That’s was it was me that’s very brave of you and I almost consider you a stronger person for it for doing that um thank you yeah and I and Yap City just grew stronger today I feel like in this in this past few seconds okay we’re

Stronger as a unit strong we don’t hold secrets we don’t yeah yeah okay you know what and break blow the Horn y City the best [ __ ] place on Earth we’ll [ __ ] kill everyone we’ll [ __ ] kill everyone we’ll kill him all day dead okay I’m going to build the meeting room now what’s blow in here I thought you streaming oh my God you’re not on this you’re not online Yap city [ __ ] yap yap

City [ __ ] Yap city [ __ ] yap yap city [ __ ] okay I’m just going to build this meeting room okay we got it’s birthday party tonight I should also get ready for that okay in a bit okay dude I’m obsessed with these emotes if you guys can’t tell that’s so awkward I’m back I

Forgot the saddle so I have to like it would make sense to like go to the horse and then not bring a saddle so yeah okay hopefully I can come back with two horses and you know we all get a horse and okay wait my five hours of relaxing

Pokemon music ended which means oh whenever that ends that means I’ve been going for too long okay okay quick meeting room quick meeting room okay okay so let’s see what do I need for meeting room well I’m going to need to break down some things a shovel the shovel is very important do

I have a shovel is the question a oh a shovel okay here we go okay so I feel like it might be nice if we flatten out this area in front of the Y City I mean it’s a meeting room it doesn’t have to be like crazy big or

Anything dude I wonder what like other people’s progression is look like do people have netherite and stuff wait no one’s been to the nether it’s closed I think the flower biome um that one I don’t know maybe we’ll go back to it maybe we won’t I technically don’t have a house

Yet this is like the only thing I have Okay so let’s see let’s I don’t know how to build to be honest I’m not good at this I’m going to get flamed for how bad this is um uh let’s do make let’s make volume of the blocks quieter okay we were

Doing there’s ship RP there was oh God it’s okay it’s okay all right so maybe right here like a little building a square building perhaps is that too crazy like what if we just start building it like here you know okay I I’m not going to make this

Look like a rectangle it’s not going to be a rectangle it’s got to have more to it than a rectangle how can I make this not a rectangle let me give it some Dimension there’s got to be some Stone doesn’t that make like a stone uh Stone

Steps like how do I make this oh okay I go like this okay okay let’s try that I think that’s pretty good now we have eight of those to work with we can give this some dimensions okay how do they do it okay I kind of

Like that so it’s like a so it’s like a oh and we’re doing some wood we’re doing some a wood aesthetic as well so oh frick I kind of like how that is though but it’s okay we left the F uh fire flower biome to join the ranks of Yap City

But we might go back I really likeed how pretty that was I have two homes oh my God it’s coming together quite nicely already look at this oh okay look at this oh oh look at this I’m cooking let me cook let me cook okay okay okay

Okay let’s think about this right so maybe when you walk in right away there’s like a step it’s like there’s like two doors double doors maybe two oh iron doors no we don’t we can’t afford that let’s be honest okay we can make some doors and they can be for now

These okay we have oak doors for now how do I make it so it’s like uh not um maybe I do it like this oh okay okay there we go okay is depressed who goes there hello who go why do you sound so depressed what happened you have no idea

Went wait the dungeon H you don’t understand wait wait like the same pry intense boy Farmland oh so pretty oh god well you guys you well I I’m not going back in there of course I’m just seeing how you guys are doing oh oh God yeah you guys did

It oh my God he’s puking oh uh uh here here um come come this way come this way um uh uh uh oh you have a m uh here you go come come this way hello get have to get in oh my [Laughter] gosh the D you want to oh okay um let’s

Check him out H ooh this is not not good this is real bad all right charging to 300 beep beep beep time of death 8:09 p.m. we’ve lost a soldier why they just kill Ryan time of death 8:09 p.m. what the it doesn’t let me remove items this

Is so troll R Ryan r I was kidding R you’re alive stay with us oh god he’s a zombie he’s responded as a zombie oh he’s dying he’s dying see we offer great Medical Services here as well so thank you no problem I will be paying you oh yes in

Cobble deep sleep oh um oh we also accept iron you have iron any of that stuff I don’t believe in that currency no okay okay Emerald amethyst oh iron that’s it oh oh okay I accept thank you for the re been through a lot I’ll be going home yeah me too I

Got to go home going I’ve just remembered what I want to make I’ll be at home for a bit this is what I need amethyst crystals because what the hell how come I don’t have any amethyst crystals my God it won’t let me remove stuff from my cart this is so annoying

Copper copper Ingot that’s easy we have copper Ingot for sure it’s this stuff raw copper oh easy peasy and a bing and a Bop and a Bly Boop wait what oh I don’t have coal wait I have so much coal that ain’t right here there we

Go is that one Ingot it’s going to make oh nice so then it’s just boom boom boom Oh that’s actually so easy give me my spy glass then we come here then we do that then we do this oh uh excuse me I’m just checking um yes you checking uh but you

Are on opposition of Yap City a wall state your name and purpose ow he’s attacking we’re attacking why dude declare are you attacking is it an official attack I don’t give a [ __ ] about your life why are we so hostile this just getting person if you want to kill me in

Yep City kill me uh um well we we not we’re not aggressive um only if we’re being attacked I’ve got nothing I attack you so take me destroy me now damn what happened what Leslie well uh uh uh right here is everything okay um it’s just us two um

Well yeah stay back sir what are you doing Tina huh oh I’m protecting the the second in command of Yap city of course thank you you don’t mess with us yeah we are enemies now after I’m the chief of relations why is there a hospital B oh

Sorry sorry sorry see now we are enemies after all we no no we’re not you just attacked the the second in command thank you Tia enemies no no not enemies we don’t have to be we could be peaceful en stop this we are en stop stop this now stop you’re

Hurting my this you don’t this you don’t want this come don’t do please don’t hit me again I’m going to cry come on come on peace oh god oh I’m just a poor farmer peace stand back why are you doing the Michael Jackson meme like this is not Michael Jackson this is

Me this is me do not step on the crops I want I want I want food I need food okay well then just wait a second jeez here’s a couple toast now I have more why do you need food even though you’re the one that hit me true Tina I

Said your life 10 times in this [ __ ] server Tina now do we think for the meeting room this is big enough because it’s looking kind of small um okay you like this okay we are enemies now no what not no no no I’m not an enemy we have slabs and we

Have sticks and now we want to make oak chairs right like let’s do this wait I need more sticks okay let’s do this and let’s do this and let’s do this oh okay so we’re going to need at least four because we have how can you see your

Diversity in Foods oh this will be the front and it’s like this M Captain do you have one leather for me Captain have one I’m not the captain what the heck I’m the chief I have this I’m the chief officer of uh uh um beverages relations and agriculture okay you little piece of

Trash okay what do we think is this good is isg I feel like it looks a bit like nbish like I can become not so impressive human magician oh you going to cast spells exactly I want to cast spells too kind of cute does it Echo yes one day testing

Testing does this microphone work but do you have what he thinks oh my God I don’t think they can hear it wait testing atina Can You Hear Me oh bacon sandwich oh whisper is good okay it’s a bit small it looks like a church rented a

Mall space okay all right we don’t like that aesthetic um not okay let’s do let’s do what can make this look better A lot of things a lot of things a lot of things let’s be honest a lot of things okay um okay oh I feel like pepper is a really important

Crop we keep growing it okay no I’m not I don’t need a tutorial I don’t need one damn it I need a pickaxe um I need a pickaxe I need a pickaxe I need a pickaxe I need a pickaxe God it sucks we have two coins um okay a pickaxe

Okay wait in here I keep forgetting I have a backpack what if this is the fake meeting room right and then everyone’s like oh that’s so bad right but then oh whoops and then we show them the real one and it’s like a secret elevator we

Can make an elevator down oh my God oh my I’m too broke for this but there’s some really cool stuff guys it’s like elevator stuff right so you get an elevator oh man well we’re not that far from this this is kind of easy we just need iron

Ingots okay we’ll start with this we’ll start with this God it’s so scuffed um I’m a magician you’re hurting me make the walls of different blocks in the floor you know what I agree I’m really bad at this stuff like I’m not very creative H okay well what if we did like this

That’s kind of different and then like okay okay okay so it’s like this right okay this is so bad my building is so bad what the so wrong just so mad okay it’s skiing prison oh my God I have I I just cooked I just cooked hold

On I just cooked hold on hold on hold on what does it do it’s a projectile how do I make not doing like so much damage um how do I make these stairs okay check this out Prett Co this is Advanced Tech I like it okay so then I go

Like oh [ __ ] no no no that’s bad that’s bad I think I need to make it go like a what are you doing I’m a magician oh you’re going ours new V aren’t you I’m a magician you’re doing magic that’s so cool be careful rle you are a [ __ ]

Magician what oh how’s it feel ow stay out this is the meeting room only only obsidians and I don’t give a [ __ ] about your rules sit down okay hello Yap city um well this is a bit of an emergency because a TW he’s invaded and well he’s not supposed to be here and

What the [ __ ] are you going to do trying to kill me um well we would but we just don’t have the weapons yet yeah I’d like to call up um Tina give us a defense plan what um go to the mic mic uh oh oh

Yep oh um uh uh oh is this thing on uh uh no I don’t think you turned it on got got to turn it I I don’t really um oh how do you is this thing on hello you might have to do it through your uh bro this CD is cringe

Hello your um uh oh he’s calling y City cringe do they know how to do something in this city oh wait that’s so sad I thought it was part of the um hello there you go oh oh this thing’s um really loud okay

Um I guess if I were to devise a plan it would be um that we get our strongest Soldier to hurry over quickly because we have no resources to defend ourselves it’s looking Grim but the problem is like your strongest Soldier is [ __ ] no at uh he’s not that [ __ ] I think he’s

Actually quite good do you want an actual War an actual fight with Yap City if I were to guess I think our strongest Soldier should be here any moment and he will defend us from this Invader foolish we’re being invaded City being um oh okay

You have to fight him as our as our as our officer our officer in command our Our Big Chief wait he’s attacking his horses pink he’s got pink it doesn’t do anything it doesn’t do anything he’s perfectly harmless the pink okay well it certainly had me um okay let’s One V one

Huh let’s one one for City okay let’s go wait no no you’re going to have the ab City justen Tina here you go your Char is ioc and then um here’s a couple saplings try to make an avocado tree holy crap you really went out okay but yeah those

These two horses you guys can have the chest wait no no no oh Leslie Leslie Leslie oh Leslie you grab saplings wait I need those real quick can we fight for City no you don’t get to fight for it we can fight thank you so much not oh food

This oh my God thank you so much I don’t have any other things okay okay then we just why is why is 90% of your Minecraft content no no listen I’m not going to be breeding this time okay I’m just I’m just trying to listen it’s not

Like that it’s not like that looking scuffed it’s not like that somehow Yap city is looking more and more scuffed it’s not like that okay okay bro juel let’s go oh just a second let me just um they they told me you’re the strongest

Of Y City so I want to yep yep as the president oh yep yep okay just a second let me um I’m going to work on this guys it’s going to be epic trust me I’m going to add so much cool stuff me just put the horses in this pit

How the [ __ ] did that horse get out called the [ __ ] after you’re done beating a tw’s ass can you uh come here certainly oh yes I’ll just need a review of how you think my building is H okay yes yes indeed um why are you so aggressive with me

Leslie wait where did my horse go that so loud what the [ __ ] how do you like I want you to know I have half heart I have half heart foolish you have any food I you already have the [ __ ] I’m a magician I just last my okay we’re

Working on making more we’re getting I’m okay this is our horse pit for now but we can move them um there’s extra saddles in the chest so there we go oh thank you perfect um oh to get out it’s like this little dirt right here

Like I could just make a ladder I could just make a ladder oh I see okay okay I got it I could do a ladder too though um just for a convenience uh it’s like island of lro with unfinished ADHD don’t you worry coming at you with lightning

Spe it’s so hard to stay make lad though I just want to do it all hey just type in ladder it’s not that hard is it always been like that wood in the middle to make a ladder uh actually I don’t know I think

So no no surely not no surely not okay I can’t be right okay now here we go interesting different version who would have thought not me how can you how can you put spells in your this needs to be on like it needs to be

On a slab oh my God sometimes I just get I just get hit by Strokes of Genius like this needs to be a slab oh it’s this [ __ ] like this okay I’m just oh my God I just put away my crafting table and the truth comes out it needs to be like

This bro okay I would be so op okay I oh op but why no one in my chat talked about that that’s the most OP [ __ ] I have ever seen in my entire life oh wait that’s not right that’s not right that’s not right that’s not right

Wait a second which is um can we fight I won I can go oh yes sorry just keep getting all distracted um okay I think I think that’s fine I think I’m good now where where did our Cobra go um okay okay okay okay uh Dina Dina Dina oh just

A second um so if I do that and then I build this on top of that no but I have to build two slabs probably okay so what if I did boom boom and then oh wait no then this mic won’t stand how do I get this mic to stand

Like it’s going to float I don’t think it’s possible Gustavo why not make that stage you want wanted double as a meeting room I could do that we could just make this whole thing a stage you can stand a slab down so to be clear this this is

Not the fight for Yap City but I will honor you with a duel oh he putting your water you put your water Tina I give [ __ ] about City you say that now then you realize it’s going to be the the bustling City Place what do you want me to put in your

Water make Bri soil that where it has to go but I don’t know I feel that’s pretty that’s not what I was doing oh well that’s fine I just don’t know you know as much as me you’re the Cobra you’ll figure it out okay how’s that a

Pirate Yap City doesn’t like Pirates I’m a bit nervous but foolish if you would come in here for meeting review meeting room review and an honest opinion on how my building is oh what do you think um I like I like the start of it I

Like the start of it is this um um oh the start oh like oh were you thinking like a no roof action oh no no no the roof will be finished oh okay yeah I feel like you’re off to a great start then you got a nice little wood trim you

Got Stone wait wait does it look like Sunday service is that where you’re going for no but I this does feel a little bit like just cuz it’s like these little chairs and like listen it can be like a humble start it can be the humble start

And then like we upgrade it for you too the first avocado toast of Yap City yes this is our new we live we’re going to live like this oh my God this is incredible oh my God I’m toast okay I need to go dual at 12 for the honor of

Our city I’m going to [ __ ] die but uh hey got this yeah yeah all right you foul Beast I feel so sad oh what a d make you happier everyone is against me now oh oh oh I’m going to beat your ass because your [ __ ] let’s [Laughter] go he’s straing he’s

Straing ah he has the he has The High Ground I’m in the pit I’m okay okay oh oh wait did some just break a mine oh that was my shield oh no that was honestly really embarrassing I would show my face around Yap City for a week what the [ __ ] oh

He’s back that’s crazy did you um listen I have no shame I feel like I fought I’ll be honest did not realize this pit was here so it was kind of a weird uh you fell into this pit like at the very beginning what you mean yeah we

Can go again and then I need to go oh man let go all right let me a toast yeah that’s okay I don’t have no shield no Shield I sh no sh no sh okay here we go I mean if you need a diamond sword to

Beat me that’s fine okay okay okay okay let me take the let me take okay okay bro I I can I think I I I will try to kill you with a shovel did Mark build this if I lose this I actually feel bad what do you mean okay

Here we go Mark okay I feel like I should be what are you saying wait you ate a gold Apple [ __ ] oh no Lava he’s like yeah I’ll just beat you with the I’ll just beat you I’ve got to I Shel uhoh okay wa we’re standing they they lag

You no that’s crazy the lava cooked me yeah heal it lagged it lagged it lagged I knew it I [ __ ] knew it oh no oh no yeah this is like not even a shovel batt you’re just killing me with lava no I’m good the shovel bro do not

Cause dirt [ __ ] he’s going to lose I can’t watch this lava he’s just placing lava on me over I’m going to shovel bro it’s over it’s over you’re such a little [ __ ] no no don’t feel good about don’t feel good you’re not beating me you’re not beating me with you’re not

Beating me with heal up heal up it’s doing no D for Yap City ow I can’t I think you got a forfeit man wait what wait what happened to my no no no I’m back in it I’m back in it I’m in it oh that’s I’m I’m ready to

Go I’m ready to go are you going to go an apple okay okay try he’s taunting he’s taunting wait you can do that with a lava bucket you can just you can just throw out lava like that is insane oh okay broen fight me okay though um meeting room I’m just

Going to finish up with um maybe a little roof perhaps uh can do it like a small roof like that maybe something a little better than maybe if I if I do like this might not be the most aesthetic or creative but if I just do a row of blocks if I

Do like one such thing all right just back to the drawing board like this this this this this this this this this this this this this this will be our first draft of a room and then we switch up the um like this we can add a stripe of this but

We’ll need some lighting in here so we can get a chandelier they have chandeliers in this game wait they actually have so much Lighting in this game they have like table lamps chandelier they have a golden chandelier okay we’re not making that not for a while wait actually that’s

Easy [ __ ] dude my sweat like my sweat like picked up my S key wait ew what your sweat you know like your fing get like that is nasty nasty bro I tried I tried to do an honorable do with them and he just laughs the whole time he just laughs the whole

Time oh my oh it hurts it was just a little game to him it was it was just a little game a thank you he outclass you in every way no no hardly hardly he had lav bucket like nice he had la that’s wall now you must pay you owe us some

String now you do okay no problem why is the bar so low string wait String’s kind of nice though string is awesome clear wow okay it’s hurtful okay listen oh wait is this oh okay never mind very good helloing I need one more string unfortunately oh here you go here you go

Here let just oh my God thank you so much take where’ you get all this this is awesome okay see that I I have to go need to go wait I have to go okay wait that was weird that’s really strange yeah that was weird wait wait only only

Some before you go I have to show you something no no it’s okay it’s okay I I grab my don’t leave yet um where’s the iron bars I’m going to make a freaking Chandelier and it’s going to be epic ready wait I have to make a certain kind of chandelier oh

Frick if I might make a white chandelier then I have to make oh wait no that’s fine just go here I do this oh I’m missing white dye no I’m not I have white dye it’s um don’t leave yet it’s very important watch and learn oh my God kind of cool

I’ve built something fantastic who did that oh foolish come in look oh come in come in okay come in come in sorry I was muted oh okay wait the Chandelier’s a nice touch the chandelier is actually a nice touch it’s pretty good right oh nice place to sit I suppose welcome

Everybody get in here oh come on in I’m I’m I’m coming in yeah oh wow today closes off the first day of um uh Yap City sorry I almost called this fap City I mean you would have gotten away I was thinking I was like that ain’t right

What’s it called not fap City okay I hate fap City I hate faap City now we have made enemies and we have made friends um as far as I know we hate the who the hell is that a wer excuse me welcome to Y City hi who’s that uh wait our crops our

Crops Jesus stop get out of here get screw you screw you your we’ll [ __ ] kill your ass say we’re y this is Yap City we will end you get out I’m merely a merchant a merchant H for trade looking for trade wait you just stole my olives you stole

My olives just Ste identify yourself identify yourself wait I like your face though oh than oh he’s like the guy from that one movie that identify yourself you’re like a yak wacky weirdo oh it’s me from the motherland oh do we know where’s that is that like North there’s

Something I I don’t know oh this guy is annoying that’s all be nice to him he could be useful sorry um okay think I’m seeking companionship and Merchants oh oh this is really weird Okay um cuz me and lesli we’re just about to go yeah we were

Actually having like a meeting like a we’re like just saying like wrapping up the day kind of like a what did we learn alliances and now you just kind of showed up I’m great at those yeah yeah like do you want to come sit in on our

Meeting maybe and then like you could I don’t know you could just see what we’re all about can I come yeah come Shadow the meeting because we are recruiting you know we are recruting we’re active you have yeah okay a robot okay yeah you’re great spokesman

By way you’re a great spokesman oh I agree I would agree take a seat close the door please oh yeah that’s customary yeah um okay yeah so anyways back to what we were saying great first day at Yap city um oh before you start oh yeah sorry I I already

Started okay you have to blow blow the horn of course sorry that was my bad honestly you have to do that up here that was my bad okay yeah let me let me okay you you you open this up yeah okay great citizens and visitors of Yap

City today is a truly historic day um wait I might have like a like a megaphone wait work do I sound like a does it sound like anything give a second does it sound like a microphone uh sounds more like a like a radio um

Why don’t you try turning up the oh I don’t know like the Reverb um the Reverb okay yeah unclick the megaphone button on the top right and there you go and yeah yeah okay y That’s pretty good oh God is that working do I need like one

Echo yeah you can you can eat you can eat just don’t do it loudly I guess that’s pretty good yeah you sound great okay um today is a very historic day for yeah three ch um Yap city was founded today um me and foosley as the Founding Father

Mothers or what yeah I guess so um and then two members joined puns and Tina they have blown out of the Horn of Yap City to officialize it and with she blew she’s blown she blew I blew and maybe in the future more can blow seeking now today comes to a rest though

A close but not the end everyone okay that could could be like a weird phrase I guess that could be like our motto everyone can blow even you can Blow blow thatle you can too oh I like that that was a good one maybe we should put on a big sign oh oh do that flip yeah that anyone can blow Okay carry on um so anyways I honestly don’t know where that thought

Was going but at the end of the day talk about our enemies our enemies the the Barnacle [ __ ] across the sea screw those pirates the boggy Barnacle [ __ ] boggy Barnacle [ __ ] they’re no good I think they’re made of Captain Blau and I hate face or something I don’t know they

Lie a lot they lie liar they cheat and most of all they they’re ugly and we I never told the truth never blow that horn yeah blow and the Yap City doesn’t end there okay we’ll go to war with anyone including including a TW which we have

Done a little bit but but hopefully he’s not too menacing why is he here I don’t know he’s in the room a lot ofo you don’t like me no we like oh no no no it’s just more of like you you kind of like waged war and declared he

Left the door open that’s just not custom damn drafty [ __ ] you say he left we also met this weird Merchant guy who just came ashore not so long ago uho wait uh hear an Apple for you I like apples not about that wait I like this guy let’s keep him

He’s kind of cool he’s kind of seems like one I kind of just like want to I don’t know like um are you a robot yeah I don’t know much about you you be my friend you seem kind of like a weirdo please yeah I could be a friendly

Robot but like are you a robot or you’re like role playing a robot he’s our friend friend I’m your friend we’re going to keep him keep them okay yeah let’s keep them just eat the apple I’m your friend yeah let’s keep them in a cage

Yeah I have a a few spare leads okay yeah we can that okay um we’re going to chain you outside so you can guard our crops woohoo oh he does kind of like a scarecrow look to it he’s our pet yeah all of our crops will be safe because of

You I like the way he keeps throwing apples and then we can start worshiping you if you want oh well whoa oh guardian of the crops guardian of the crops gwk guardian of the crops sacrifice a few lamb in your name I want to hear from Cobra Cobra get up here oh

Okay okay here just blow the horn first maybe okay um yeah oh your inventory is full as [ __ ] um oh my God okay yeah there um don’t lose that though it’s very important to the hello everyone thank you so much um today’s my first day on the job as Cobra

And I couldn’t be more happy we’ve made great rides and getting toasts for the kingdom and also Tomatoes I see uh bacon and eggs in our future and I also see um what else do I see bacon sandwiches in our future God tomorrow our goal is uh

Lots of livestock you know a lot of pigs and that way we can start our new bacon Enterprise and then we can expand across the globe everyone will be so jealous and envious of our bacon sand sandwiches that’s right um no no further updates I’ll let you know if I have anything

Else to say uh regarding um oh oh thank you so much um agriculture but but thanks so much guys it’s been a real honor thank you so much I look forward to serving you uh and have a good rest of your day wo that’s awesome to you

Captain yeah yeah um f fle yeah sure I’ll wrap things I’ll wrap things up um all right uh so oh wait one second all right uh so that about clears up uh I mean sorry wraps up ah misspoke okay let me try that again sorry okay uh

Okay all right so that about wraps up uh all of our stuff for today it was a really great first day we established the city we made friends alliances we have two new members and whatever broen is I Broan is sorry broe yeah we can figure it out we’ll figure out maybe

Eventually you’ll get a blow so yeah maybe if he’s if we can blow you can too yeah even a robot can blow even a robot robot can blow and remember we must protect we must protect the Horn of Yap city um let’s see um I think we should find a

Way to um get a couple more members soon we don’t need to rush too much but like oh oh I have updates so I have Kenji spying on the boggy [ __ ] or whatever yeah yes and so get their name I sent Kenji on a mission to um gather Intel about

What is something funny sir someone laughing okay I sent Kenji on a mission to it’s like maybe the speakers are off okay well I sent Kenji on a mission to get um what’ he say dude just come inside the meeting room please okay so I sent Kenji on a mission

To get um valuable Intel you know because it was a little embarrassing today when the boggy bottom [ __ ] had the ship before us like we should have been on that we should have been knowing like the Intel because now we look like like what is that why don’t we have

Ships first even this guy had a ship no offense was pretty easy where the [ __ ] did you get that like no yeah how I made it what do you mean but like how did just like logged on you like had had a ship see we need to be on top of

Ourselves you’re mysterious we need to know what the good [ __ ] is and we need to be making it before everyone else okay uh so do your research um I guess yeah great first day let’s wrap it up yeah uh yap yap city [ __ ] yap yap

City y y city [ __ ] yep City Y yep city [ __ ] that’s awesome yeah this feels like the part of like the episode where we’re like it’s go silent you can’t hear us talking anymore but like it zooms out you know what I’m saying yeah and then we’re like kind of like

Yeah yeah uh-huh okay great meeting guys great meeting great meeting great me amazing yeah was it as well was it all right president take the horn yep yep where that Groove guys I hope we can be friend one day oh yeah no I don’t see why we can

Now but um I hope so too you’re piece of [ __ ] all righty and that’s it that’s a would you guys like my boat wait really we can have it yeah I figure it’d be like a good peace offering right oh man you’re a monkey Little Robot wow just going to give us your

Boat oh yeah all yours oh sweet know you never had one we just got a boat like that wow you you made a faction after I joined another faction that’s crazy it’s like you’re waiting stab you in the back wait what just happened you have a

Faction no no not these other no not these others like he a faction and he’s been spying on us wait what group are you part of what are you a part of yes okay perfect it seems like you understand clearly tell you what it’s secret okay okay soon affirmative I understand

What tin do you know um over oh I know nothing about their faction but I’m worried who are you with uh I’m with the dragon you look permanently confused the dragon yeah the dragon guess not if you look up this guy you can understand who he is yeah yeah I

Hope to see around and maybe like I said no Noy he’ll be a member of Yap city that you don’t understand it’s like if you can’t see it it’s maybe because you are not strong enough to see oh yeah listen I feels like you’ll be good at

You’ll be good at it but you’re just not ready yet okay we in due time we are I’ll up to see the danger we are the D you know help us out and we’ll help you out warnings sir we are the warnings I careful fley

XD I need to go it’s coming soon for your life okay goodbye okay he officially threatened us I wanted us to know we have a threat on the horizon a did he did go I have 9 minutes oh Fu go go go go title uh who’s uh foolish is

President it’s not president real creative or anything can I be a president too well excuse Captain T you think I have shortterm memory or something don’t you you just threatened us and then you’re asking for a position it’s okay I’m not good with role play I’m not there’s a story line going

On here please continue it thank you he’s throwing us for a loop it’s one moment he’s he he’s asking for a roll one moment he’s attacking us one moment no you have a faction remember and you were spying on us oh yeah I have a faction what the f

AAC okay okay let’s go let’s go faction you’re insane dude yeah I’m insane he’s a weird guy huh okay he’s running us he’s running Us in for a loop you’re also weird oh I am called for strange I guess we’ll take your word for it well yes I wouldn’t lie wait can I

Trust you yes you can trust me foolish said I needed to be careful yes you do especially around these parts it’s not safe broen why are you fing the chair what what what what look look BR look um yo are you okay at well you you can’t oh it’s baby my

Screen who is Bing your screen’s definitely bugging you good I’ve read about this this is what drugs are called right ah a lot of them how do I make the pole that goes up this the the stripp the stripper pole how do I make a stripper

Pole no no I need to make a screen screenshot screenshot people usually use like sticks or a fence a fence screenshot screenshot is it this okay I I I place it in the in the friends Discord let me see this let me see this you don’t see this

On your screen friends Discord friends Discord friends Discord friends Discord but he he’s like moving back and forth in the chair on my screeno one of my special dances yes that’s crazy what the hell is my game Broden ain’t there Broden ain’t there all I got to say what yeah you’re

Delusional let’s get okay oh like not in like it’s like I mean like it’s it’s your it’s your it’s your it’s your computer it’s your computer it’s my computer it’s your computer I need more Oak okay okay I’m almost done I’m actually got to go I really do have to

Go like now but really quickly I really want to make this I need to make a stripper pole it’s very important it’s very very very important we got to go do this do this do this do this do this do this do this do do this do go to the

Here okay go here Porky like weird yeah you can’t remember what faction you’re on sorry I’m just Ro play yeah as a spy oh No ow ouch how do I like okay F yes see see you soon see you soon see you good night oh goodbye see you it’s so good good night I can’t believe my eyes this is insane just insane okay I also have to make my way out oh goodbye goodbye second and

Command foosley goodbye Cobra what’s your official title my official title uh whoa whoa excuse me ma’am can you explain what’s Happening Here whoa whoa whoa sorry oh um I don’t think I’ve encountered this in my programming um it’s called Uh dancing on a stripper pole woohoo okay anyways listen I have to go

Now that was a great day um pleasure making your acquaintance um and my role um I just second in command that’s just it second in command second in command I’ll come up with something cool a cool name I’ll work on it hello hello second in command understood affirmative yes second in

Command listen I must B you a do um oh goodbye goodbye second and command Boozle hospital bed why do you have a hospital bed Jesus cor what the [ __ ] she needs surgery stop no no I don’t I don’t I just I find the hospit No No I find the hospital beds

More comfortable her organs are ready for no no don’t don’t Harvest me please oh this kidney’s ripe it’s ripe for the T she’s hardly Dr a thing you can replace it with soybeans no soybeans don’t do it don’t do it soybean kidney yeah okay a liver a liver oh man we don’t

Come by one of these You Can Tell She’s hardly had a sip of alcohol in her entire bro oh okay oh my God I love Minecraft okay I’m late I’m so late I’m so late for everything I think there’s food here I think I the party starts oh my God I

Started getting ready why is it so late I’m just so sick this is sickening oh God okay I got to okay okay okay um okay okay whle okay sorry I’m late I was pole dancing in Minecraft okay I’m sorry I love Minecraft because you just don’t know

Where it goes I guess that’s GTA as well it’s a lot of games but I love when games are so like open world I never fix the chat I’m like so fake for that that’s crazy I love games that kind of just like go anywhere you know like the

Story but then I love a good like completely I guess I just appreciate it all because I was like I also really like just a game that has a fully set storyline for you like the last of us like it’s just a fully guided story that’s awesome as

Well this is why we are variety streamers okay because we appreciate a lot of those things um I can’t bring you guys to the party unfortunately I could maybe sneak in in my pocket perhaps push slaps yeah games are so good God what would we do without games I don’t know what would

We do and then like I’ll come home and I’ll play like TFT it’s like you know then I’m like Pepe meltdown trying to like make team comps and stuff God bring us leftovers all do whoa this is very rare that means y has to be in

It what if we just go for the word like what if I if I can come up with a word that that does this um then I’ll just go for it um what about the word like proxy okay well I want to say it does

Fit so that means there’s an o and a y so it’s probably like this corny H H well let’s think about the first letter here could be like Gorky Gordy Gorly gor um gorsy okay um the first letter here is probably like w r w

R wary wary wary Wy wary wary wormy is that a word oh hell okay okay is it like ory bordy 40 g0 40 40 40 40 oh I guess it could have been sorry as well it wasn’t the double letters this time but it could have been sorry or something like

That I didn’t uh wow 40 interesting we’ve done it okay all right awesome very awesome okay so that is it for today happy march by the way everybody happy March um um okay okay uh tomorrow I will be back um and we will be streaming as soon as I

I’m going to my party tonight and then I’ll sleep whenever I sleep and then I’ll wake up whenever I wake up and then we stream um and I’ll see you guys tomorrow and thank you guys so much for watching I had a blast today thank you thank you thank you that was

Awesome I love Minecraft okay um respect the women this month yeah wait every month every month but it is women’s month that’s our month um okay thanks everybody for watching uh don’t forget to leave a time stamp of if you have a favorite moment or just a

Comment or whatever if you want to down below um other than that I got to go stat um thank you thank you thank you uh thank you for watching and I hope everyone has a wonderful night thank you guys for hanging out and I will see you

Tomorrow I said that already Okay um be safe what day is it is it like a Friday or something why are we going out oh it is a Friday oh if you’re going out or if you’re doing whatever stay safe brush your teeth tonight take off your makeup um uh

Relax take a break or get working if you’ve been relaxing too much find that balance okay bye everybody see you Tomorrow hold on just hold on thanks Everybody away but you know I’m here to stay cuz I’ll be on the first I’ll be on the First go po dance in Minecraft goodbye

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dw april isn’t deadge! will still be waking her up!!

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

  • Insane X-Ray Pack for MCPE 1.20.71+!! 😱☠️

    Insane X-Ray Pack for MCPE 1.20.71+!! 😱☠️Video Information This video, titled ‘New! X-Ray Resource Pack For Minecraft Pe 1.20.71+ || Letast X-Ray Texture Pack For MCPE 1.20+’, was uploaded by Parth Gamerz on 2024-04-02 04:43:53. It has garnered 81 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:02 or 62 seconds. New! X-Ray Resource Pack For Minecraft Pe 1.20.71+ || Letast X-Ray Texture Pack For MCPE 1.20 WORNING :- hi Friends – If You Use my Any Clips in your Video Then, Give me Credit in your discription and mention. ———————————————————————— Credits – All Credits goes to their respective creators !! Bg Music Credit -… Read More

  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddsaimon 🪩Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiddsaimon… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: mc.anarhix.ru:25992 (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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