galabun is BACK! CRAZY midnight Minecraft adventure 🌸

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Ch Ch A Hi I feel oh my God hi e me heit can people hear me I don’t know I can’t hear myself no I want my thoughts empty Okay eat me eat me I’m real good oh oh no oh no she’s back why hello hello wait okay I’m going to press the Minecraft game here you go so that it loads there you go yay look look okay wait let me swim oh my God I don’t know how many

Weeks three I don’t I don’t know I don’t I don’t know why why I feel oh nervous the stream again I don’t know what happened I don’t know what happened I I like oh my God oh my God I haven’t talked to people in a long

Time even though I have been talking to people I just feel like I just feel like I haven’t been talking even though I have been talking to people so I don’t know I don’t know what have I don’t know it’s happening it’s making me shy and anxiety

If I go to the bathroom you know why I go to the bedroom you know why I feel So get me me again why look okay wait wait I haven’t said hi hi hi hi Asana I don’t know if she’s here I don’t know hi hello hello again I miss you platonically so miss me I miss people too for real oh my God I miss I don’t know I miss doing

Stuff I miss doing random things and then people are like watching me I I miss I miss that oh my God I I don’t even know or I don’t know where you’re looking at let’s go to my house let’s go to my house welcome to my house nothing

Changed except for this I get wait this one it it’s pink now streamer no I guess yeah we I don’t know what happened in life in my in my life but I did not expect to be that busy for for like weeks it’s so weird I

Don’t no one told me I I was going to to die not die like digitally die I told me I was going to digitally die no no I was like no nobody nobody told me that oh actually B like for for the whole month of February

Maybe you won’t you won’t have I don’t know internet or even time to Internet it’s okay what hello Bobby um nothing I was planning on building this I want more space so I’m going to build like do you see the vision sound effects ch ch ch ch here here

I need to be slow there you go this this yeah I want a patio I think is that the word yes maybe uh Hello oh no who’s this streamer on no why it’s wi no this is this nobody I don’t I don’t I don’t know how to start my my stuff maybe I don’t know I don’t know what do you want to hear I don’t know what people want to

Hear do people want to hear like what what happened what happened to bun or what did she do in minec been having some Rough it’s all wait let me check oh oh let me check no no no no I did not check this this playlist I don’t think I should play that one I I’m scared of Nintendo singing I’m scared of nendo singing oh okay wait sorry tangent I I

Found like a playlist that has um fishing music I don’t know all of them but it’s fishing music and then there’s another one with cooking music a video game video video game cooking music it’s fun uh never mind it has ads never mind it has ads fishing fishing have ads

Too uh fishing have no ads I think unless it does I don’t I don’t want I don’t want ads I don’t know I don’t know what to choose maybe this one for now if it has ads I will cry and it will be Funny sounds pretty fast yeah the patio oh my God yeah yeah yeah patio wait but forgot all about us no no every no I was going to say every day every day guys I think about you oh I I think about you guys every day w R free re sometimes sometimes I

Dream about you guys based on that one dream that I had it’s that weird I did you play Minecraft today oh uh the building a patio and then or maybe oh okay wait wait I want to show wait I need to read what your day lately is anything P dramatic

Happening oh my whole month of February well it’s ending now but like my whole month of febru February was dramatic dramatic bun bun wait sorry I keep on fixing things I don’t know how to stream guys I don’t do this every Day I don’t do this every now Sorry I’m is this too loud am I oh no I don’t know is that okay no maybe oh my God am I I hope not I scary we are do you know because oh my God I know oh wait wait I forgot what I was

Going to show this one this one this one see ta this is a work in progress look look at it it looks weird right now but I did I was I was so sad and so I was whenever I’m sad whenever I’m whenever I’m thinking about not thinking I like I don’t want

To whenever I don’t want to think I I get on Minecraft and do things I did this but it’s not yet done so I want the goal here is um I don’t know temple temple question mark probably but the purpose would be uh I’ll make it

Into a farm Garden thingy so that I have like a bigger farm farm field of crops yeah yeah for the plants this one I’m I want I want to carve this out and then this one one but I don’t know okay okay okay okay this I want it to like

Fuse with the mountain kind of but I don’t know if it if it makes sense also I don’t like the these stairs like I I spent like two hours I SP two hours building stairs and I’m like I don’t like it I don’t like it I’ll take it Down and then I don’t know uh that’s all that’s oh oh oh oh wait wait wait I want it to have like a glass Dome thing I don’t know how but I’ll get there I I think yeah Yeah it looks you it is I guess it is oh is is it maybe maybe maybe it’s wide it’s wide I stress I’ll go to Minecraft to farming can relate but is the music too loud now am I bestie surf oh oh that’s why that’s why I’ve heard I’ve heard of this

Before I I building my when I’m stressed I fight things when I’m stressed oh lately I’ve been um oh look at my sword o not that good not that good I think but it’s good enough oh I don’t have a hat I don’t have shoes I don’t have shoes I don’t have a

Hat wait I’ll I’ll I’ll make myself one sometimes I beat up monsters in Minecraft because I don’t have a farm and I don’t like building Farms cuz I don’t know they look ugly sometimes look Minecraft farms look not pretty if you wanted to look to

Not look if you want it to work well it doesn’t look that good so so what I do is go to Dark Places and fight monsters I I’m going to make myself not a hat helmet boots okay do I don’t have I don’t have levels n Majestic up close really oh God y

Y thinking no yeah this is me not thinking also sometimes oh I need to push my dog sometimes when um not sometimes always well if I’m going to if I know that I’m going to tell a story that’s not so good I don’t want I don’t

Know I I think it’s better in Minecraft to tell stories that are not so good because bun story BN February not so good do do you want to fight monsters let’s fight monsters this fight mon fight monsters yeah this a sword L yay it is I guess my

Armor isn’t decent but this one is this one this one also this one is good I think I don’t know I I think efficiency went up last time I played Minecraft on stream I think I don’t know I think so I think I think so I don’t know we have preferences in Minecraft

That’s why it’s fun to play with other people yeah I I like it when people like make Farms but I don’t want to make Farms you know Also it doesn’t look pretty but like they like making Farms so I’m going to use it too that’s the logic that’s the logic with multiplayer they of yeah they often are just massive Cobble Towers when comes to Mom’s well yeah it’s not Prett it’s not cute why he hi I and bigh

B I liveed I lived I survived oh yeah this one I like killing creepers because I I want to make a lot of TNT I Guess look goats a lot of goats see very good why is it looking at me don’t don’t don’t perceive how was the little Survivor Village guy doing by the oh we we’ll we’ll go we’ll go we’ll go to the Village later it’s not it’s not well I guess it is doing better than

Before I think it’s doing better than before cuz I they just they don’t know how to go to to the Village I don’t I they have problems also why it’s KN back knock knock knock knock back knock back it’s knock back too good like why is it so

Far why what why does it it’s so why do they eat is it not not back to or Smite wait does does smite the the do Smite does does smite like work on creepers I I don’t know see I’ve been around I’ve been around see you see the holes the I’ve been around

My been around my world I I have I have the decency to patch up holes when when I go into multiplayer worlds but if I’m alone I just I leave leave them wait wait wait oh my god did I miss any stories no not yet the end d uh right now I’m I’m killing creepers because I want

TNT I want to make TNT why is TNT so um expensive I know stop stop oh god oh oh oh oh oh oh what wait wait I I see people build cool stuff but I can do it to difficult it is oh I fell a lot of times what’s this I

Fell a lot of times um maybe five maybe not fell like you know Minecraft falling normally like I I I fell and died did I get it uh I guess o Smite works on skeletons and zombies but not creepers yeah B oh yesterday I think oh my God

Bun today’s story bun is um overworked and underpaid well I expect I expected to be underpaid but I did not expect to be overw that’s why I did not expect to I don’t know to not be online for the majority of um February for the whole month of February I don’t

I thought I thought I was going to do one thing or two things I don’t I know I thought I was going to do my my job description my job title but I didn’t do my job title I did more things than my job title I’m I’m I’m going I’m going To to tell you going to tell you the story how B was [Laughter] Overworked wait wait wait wait wait wait wait no is really funny but enjoys the aesthetic of Creators do I this is not a Creator what is this why is it so deep what’s that I don’t know you has turle quite s huh yeah sorry the best way I can express myself is through weird sounds guys I I’m sorry the emotions the emotions

Are this the emotions are my my weird sounds okay it sucks oh yeah I I’m quitting well they know I’m quitting like tomorrow I don’t know when is my last day I think tomorrow like by the end of the month we’re gone goodbye I don’t want to be here

Anymore how do you get to the Village again where am I where sorry I keep on jumping not not good for people ah ah for real for real yeah it’s that bad Okay oh maybe okay I I’m I’m I’m not I want this I’m not maybe I I might you know have have it worse and stuff but like this one is Bad the new people the new people quit including me how do I get there why why is my Mountain the only path oh wait wait wait I don’t know if he’s still here I’m going to show you see this guy look I don’t know I don’t know how he

Got I don’t know how he got here he our only end and what nether our only nether portal is over there over there to the Village I don’t know how he got here I don’t know why is he here I don’t think I how did see I I I’ve been I saw him

One day and he’s still here I I’ve been thinking about how did how did he get here but the only nether portal is like over there over over there to the Village also how did he how did he get up here how did he go there how I don’t understand I don’t

Understand how did he not die why is he over there so many questions so many questions so so many Mysteries oh uh where first don’t worry oh yeah oh yeah oh sometimes I worry about my weird sounds cuz you you don’t you don’t see my face when when I do the weird

Sound oh oh my vtu NOS is like you know happy and maybe not happy you don’t know she doesn’t know the face of disappointment and pain oh we’re going to the Village right now by the way wait back to stream but it’s time now nobody needs another j i really quitting yay

Yeah that is good to know your word recogniz when when a job is not very nice I think yeah yeah I wish oh my God I mean I but knows her worth but I’ve been telling people this like I know my wor I was just surrounded by a lot like people

Who I don’t know who are are more passive than me and she like the like there’s like more of them I’m I’m like I can’t I can’t I can’t talk I don’t I what I don’t know I I’m new here I don’t know I can’t I can’t I can’t speak up about

This why is the is speaking up about this what is is is is this normal I don’t know that that that’s what happened the one wait wait wait okay look at the Village it’s driving I think it’s maybe maybe it’s thriving and then it it spawned it spawned a boyfriend for

Me it spawned a boyfriend for me I didn’t make him he he just he just I don’t know he’s just here oh my God he knows he knows he’s my boyfriend he knows he’s my boyfriend oh my God welcome to the room where do the things oh yeah yeah oh okay okay what I usually do I take Villages from here and then I put them in a boat and then I cross this

Bridge and then I leave them here and then and then they’re like oh no I’m so far away from the bed and then they look for beds most of the time sometimes they don’t I wait I have two two boyfriend hey yo oh my God how do I know which one is my

Boyfriend I don’t I don’t know I added like beds somewhere wait here here where’s my here but I don’t know if some anyone’s like sleeping we will know today we will not all wait how did you how did you how long did you last there to buz one month and a half

M that’s not good that’s not good but what am I going to do cry every day no I won’t I don’t I don’t want to cry every day it’s Crazy just going to walk boyfriend back I have two boyfriends now t one H brown brown cat oh okay new goal new go no we’re going to get cats today we’re going to get going to get cats go going to have a lot of cats in

My in my house wait we’re going to get fish and then we’re going to have a brown cat okay oh my god do I start my story yeah yeah Sure so I don’t know it wasn’t that hard the okay the job wasn’t that hard also oh my God since I I thought I told you guys like I know I I would be like un I would be underpaid I didn’t know that I would be

Overworked I know I would be I would be underpay because I Know I don’t know it’s a small business in a small town I won’t expect much what but like the business is doing great except the there the management isn’t the way they well they don’t have I they don’t have a manager that’s that’s how small the business is don’t have a manager but

They need other stuff because they think they can handle like these jobs all at once and they think like a lot of people would be like oh yeah I can handle like a lot of jobs all at once too without complaints complaints too yeah yeah for

Real I think I think that’s how they think maybe so wait where was it fish fish so wait oh my God I read I been in my own village and one of the two ah one of the two first Villages wondered literally some blocks outside of

It they’re weird they need to be nearby something nearby a bed anyway so I mean it it was also I guess like the circumstances weren helping either because from what they said like what we managed was triple triple the amount than um than last year because

Uh wait I’ve told you right like um Valentine’s like special events are like important to this business so the the Peak the peak was Valentine’s Day but I was already dying before Valentine’s everyone everyone was dying before Valentine’s Day okay he’s alone what fish oh yeah wait wait I lost my cat oh

No how do I find the cat again okay we’re looking for cat and then I’m going to going to tell story oh he’s alone why you need friends oh you have a baby you have a baby beside you good oh hey there’s no beds

Here I want I want to be able to for them to make like children in this like area so that I don’t need to cross the bridge where’s the cat C you and employees do get ched a lot but they should at least only overwork or underpay and not both right

I look okay this is this was the the job title well I want it because okay butas I don’t know I want to try new things I want to try new things and have new experiences okay so so I was like oh uh my my my rway my R CV

Thingy all all of my experiences are like art related but but what if I don’t want an artist job like I don’t know I want to try other things so I’m like okay all this small business is hiring and like um some of my friends have been here

Before I’ve oh my God some of my friends have been there before but I never heard complaints until I got there and then they’re like oh you are you are like you are the only employees um right now and I’m like wait where wait where wa what what happened to them why

Are they why are they not there I don’t Know now I know now I no I know now I know that why they’re not there anyway well they’re not friends they’re like you know I know them basically like classmates and stuff like they they’ve been here before so maybe I’ll be in good hands and I wasn’t where’s the

Cat I don’t know where it’s the cat sorry I’m I want I want I want a new cat but there’s no new cat it’s not here anymore no more no more T you buy work for a flower shop maybe but that oh my God that happened oh wait

What what what what was it oh yeah uh friends were there but like you know although although bestie was there best besy has worked um over there but as they said like like the orders tripled that’s why they there’s more I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know if less orders is

Better I don’t think less orders is better but but but during that time like I wish there were more employees cuz we we were so oh it’s like it’s such a small small group of people doing a lot of things there’s no cat I get I don’t know maybe no more cats okay

Okay okay we’re going home and building a patio um oh yeah oh yeah so I took the job because I know I know I don’t want I don’t want my R way to be filled with I don’t know with art things I want to be flexible and [Laughter] visal

So so I did that which was you know the first half of the month was great because it was like what’s the term the the the the calm be before the storm yeah yeah that one that one it was it was like that

So it was it was nice it was it was I was just doing things helping things but whenever I help there they’re like wait let me check it first which is going know good which is good but but they kept on doing it like oh

Let me check it first they kept on doing it and up to up to the time we’re we’re we’re really really swamped we’re really we have our hands full hands full and they’re like oh let me check it first I’m like B we don’t have time to check

Though but sure check it and then they’re going to check it and then they’re not going to do anything about it after that type of Al Al welcome you are alive I am alive to Hi we’re building a patio yeah I don’t know how to do this wait wait I don’t okay I oh wait how do you do this how do you get like that here like Wait here is this better I H stairs I guess wait I don’t Know where well well I’m thinking where was I was where was I oh yeah oh should I say among god well the one managing and the older is this is it’s like the same person man managing is like not not but it’s not the word they weren’t really

Managing it was it was my besty [Laughter] managing so wait wait B and the best got hired okay well kind of she was there last year but like so she knows stuff Better than bun but she’s really she’s really nice oh my God you I don’t know where to start bestie is too nice that what when whenever whenever whenever I complain she’s like I she’s like I agree but also I’m I’m I’m quiet about it you know is this how you build a

Patio looks weird wait I don’t know I don’t know okay wow okay H I want it to be lower yeah don’t worry how do you okay [Laughter] wait H money is alive or Internet is alive for me too yay no we are building a patio while I talk about my my [Laughter] trauma guys oh my God I’m going to I think I’m going to have like it I think uh I need I need this wood okay I

Think it was that bad I think it was traumatizing it’s not it’s not even like I’m not I’m not taking the word lightly it’s low key not Loki I think hiy traumatizing but I don’t know how to explain it to you guys where it’s like it’s like it’s

Like you know I’m going to cut trees over there it’s like I don’t know because I think the people are like nice like they’re good people they just they’re not sensitive enough and they’re they’re are not they’re not good at managing things despite being the owner and

Despite um being like Oh I manage everything even though they don’t manage everything yeah that’s that’s the Thing hello oh hello heyo Minecraft hey hey hello at the moment yeah y hello hello doct I don’t I haven’t been to therapy I don’t know I don’t I don’t have money I want to I want I want I want I want therapy I haven’t been to a

Therapist but it’s I think it’s like hello do and then they’re like how are you and they’re and then what happened what do you want to talk about is that how they talk I don’t know I broke my axxe I only have eight I I need oh do I

Need uh I don’t know should I I’m breaking it though I I’ll go build an axe I’m going back I’m going to Build have no s glasses with B on the sofa yeah oh yeah ooh I should show you my um Moss patch Moss patch yeah like I have a patch of land where it’s just where I harvested Moss for my Mossy blocks where where is it it’s over here

Somewhere ah over it’s over here somewhere wait let me let me let me find it all um I don’t know I don’t know where it’s over here I Swear over here I swear that’s why I’m Ling I don’t know where I put it I don’t know where you Put what was it this place was it this place I think so I guess I harvested all wait I think I think I think yes I think this was the place I I I know I blended it good but this is the place it was

Like CH I don’t know how do you how do you describe it looks it looks way way more like this before and then I I made it into a Square oh I did not even show oh my God wait wait wait wait should have M to play while talking yes but Minecraft is distracting like right now I don’t I don’t know what part of the story am I in I I don’t know what oh I

Remember it was like I was telling people that they are nice people they just don’t manage well yes it’s weird cuz like my my my bestie has experience in like she has more experience with people than me is very good very very cool of her s surprised surprised the

Introvert the introvert um doesn’t have experience with people huh she’s that person where um she would join not not CL it’s clubs right like like little things like organizations clubs about this thing and that thing and then she would have positions in in those clubs slash slash or organizations

She’s she’s that type of person and she’s very smart she remers good but we have the same this this we have the same job description when we when we came in There which is also oh my God that’s another thing she’s too nice that I I had to tell her like bestie bestie I think I think I think I think you’re not you’re not you’re not like social media managing girl I I think you’re just managing in [Laughter]

General I think you’re just managing in general like how why would the why would the owners like straight up like ask her about things that they’re supposed to Know why are they asking her I don’t know and since she’s she’s smart and remembers everything she’s like oh it’s this thing and it’s correct I I what what why do they need to ask her about that I it’s they’re they’re supposed to know about it but they’re asking her and that’s

Weird I thought I thought our title I thought our titles were social media managers what is this [Laughter] Then Anyway schol it’s G you see my M it’s green talk to people of purpose yeah so yeah she does that and oh oh my God oh my God sorry I’m talking about my I’m talking about my besti now but there was this time um during our thesis where we’re

Like girl you don’t I why are you still why are you still handling um these like clubs and organizations in school what are you I thought I thought like you know you’re you’re doing your thesis you need to focus on your thesis but I think I think she likes

It I think I think um it I think it’s like how Minecraft is to me I I think when she’s stressed she she she works works when I’m stressed I do [Laughter] Minecraft no wonder this dramatic Story look man social media is fine I can handle that it’s

Good I can do it at home I can do it who whenever I just need to do it I just need to do it and then it will be fine what’s not cool is that um on top of that um they’re like okay manage social media and then actually guys you’re going to

Take the orders too if if if if you’re if if they’re going to order here you go manage it list it down in in this really cool Excel sheet I’m like oh okay okay we can handle this it’s fine which is you know I think that’s I think that’s still

Fine like that’s not that’s not Bun’s breaking point but I think that started this started to be like like oh there the the social media manager people are doing the orders so they know the orders that means they should they they should also manage the orders girl

They should Al manage the orders they know the orders they know the orders they they should also manage it D we don’t know we don’t know the orders we we we make the orders but we don’t know who is it for you you guys know because you manage the social medias so

So it’s your responsibility now I don’t Know what was I doing why am I here on the patio I was going to show the temple looking thing wait I’m going to show you guys the temple tangent the responsibilities grew like moss yeah oh I I’ll show you the m M I think I used most of

Them but I’m going to show you what it was used For and it was okay um Valentine’s Day was Peak the peak time the the ideal Peak stressful time so it was already Nearing it was already nearing Valentine’s Day we can’t like tell other people to be like please help Us help please pleas help please I don’t I don’t know I don’t know we don’t we can’t handle this there’s only like two two girlies two girlies handling this this is Weird course the grew as well right no no well that’s the thing I expect to be I expected to be underpaid not overworked okay I came here for the job title I did not come here to be traumatized I did a go to that job to be

Traumatized and to be overworked to be traumatized and wait here’s the temp we’re here this is what happened when I was stressed and only had like a few hours to myself here you go it’s a work in progress and then here’s where the Moss M are

Here this one this one this one this one see a lot of moss a lot of Mossy blocks see so I used a lot of moss T it’s a temple thing but I’m going to make it into a farm crop land yeah oh that’s a wall see and then oh my God I I did not I did not say this but this this um Ark Arch Arch Arc Arch I think well this thing this Arch was like

Covered in um cherry blossoms but I forgot the design I forgot what I did so I had to shave it all off so that I remember See and then I need to make an arch I think or or not I I don’t know I want it to to look like no r ruined ruined ruined Temple abandoned lost through time I I want that aesthetic Yeah but I don’t I don’t know I also want a glass Dome I think that’s my guideline by the way if I didn’t tell this this is my guideline this one it’s a circle it’s a circle for the dome for the glass dome but I I don’t I don’t know I don’t know

I’m not sure I also wanted to merge with the mountains I don’t know but so far it looks like this t here BL yeah wait Cy KY is here hello CI welcome to the Temple of Time what do what’s what’s the what’s what what’s the song for Temple of Time again um I

[Laughter] forgot I forgot wait I’ll remember it soon enough anyway we’re doing doing the patio we’re building the patio so that I have a bigger house okay if it’s ruin some parts missing yeah I I’m going back wait let me explain I was this um post I got column column this column

Yeah this column was supposed to be broken but I don’t know I don’t know then I did another one I did I did another another one I also I also wanted like a fallen column but I Don’t my brain doesn’t work I I came to Minecraft to relax and and and tell you about my my traumatizing story whenever I’m alone I I don’t want to think so I don’t know how to like make it fall down like how would I design it I I don’t

Know I want it I want it to fall down you know it I think it will it will look Cool yeah it could make like a broken po like half of it is missing I guess maybe I fell down this this like I fell down here over here like a couple of times also these stairs I don’t like these stairs it looks ugly I’m going to take it down even

Though like I spent 2 hours I spent 2 hours building this now I don’t like it so I’m going to take it down anyway this is this is Temple Temple of of time not from Zelda cherry blossom temp temple will be used for crops and hay and pumpkins potatoes

Yeah okay we’re going to build the B wait her [Laughter] work but like you know blow some pretty so I got excited H this is the L behind it I don’t know I think you know I I think about lore sometimes but not not yet not not yet still empty brain I

Don’t know I don’t know how what maybe they built really strong yeah I want it to merge with the mountains too I don’t know how that makes sense like why would it merge with the mountain the do temples merge with mountains I don’t think so but I want it to merge with the

Mountain do wait do temples merge with mountains they don’t right like in real life real life real life temples they’re just standing in the middle of flat land on on a mountain not in a mountain right no safety you probably move it moved it inside the temple

Maybe wa oh my God I don’t know what we were talking about we were over there and we were talking about it I don’t know I forgot sorry ah welcome bun hello it’s me bun again I am back um I mean in of Afghanistan there’s mountains that got merged into a massive cave

Temple I mean the funny stairs inside the temple oh yeah um I was thinking of like how do I like okay the um this is the post like you go up using the post around the post I I was I was thinking of that and then it didn’t look good so maybe we

Should move it inside ah oops is is this to Crap I think I think it is but it will look look weird uh oh does it look weird like the I mean my house looks weird look at look look look at my very cool posts Oh working it’s me oh I haven’t finished my my very beautiful um vent rant do you guys still want to to hear about it about about about oh wait you haven’t even heard like what was traumatizing about okay I’m going to just skip just just know that oh just know

Like there’s a lot of buildup stress and when um February 12 happened we’re already like very very very super super duper Stressed I wait does it look Weird it it does I don’t think you see the vision right now wait I think you do see you can you can I think I think you can see the vision look is it too small is it know I want to push it like another block Having to do support no online was fine as long as we remember to pay us our service or I don’t becomes what she was venting about I want to Wait I can make more TNT oh my God yes I don’t have sand where did that cat Go this is pato M I tried to move them but they don’t move I don’t know why they don’t Move Ah their service you don’t P I will drop you as F right now no how do I pay people okay I will pay you guys what payment would you [Laughter] like monies I don’t have monies I got paid but the monies the monies aren’t money you

Know you know what I mean it’s not money This no it looks weird wa I don’t ow ow I can’t see it I can’t see my House no it looks fine probably I why does B want to make metric do of explosive in her home ah no I want I don’t want to terraform I just want to to like explode that the part of the mountain how do I show over there over there in in the temple

Place in the temple place there’s like I want it to to look more cavey so I I don’t I don’t want to use my pickaxe that much so I want I want to to make it explode wait let me sleep sleep sleep sleep stay with

I b oh payment receive oh my God oh God you got to I don’t give know okay I’ll Pretend you got the payment that’s good that’s good did the others get the payment too I don’t even know what’s the payment I don’t even know what’s the payment what is the payment what is the pay I don’t know I don’t I don’t know what is he talking about but I’m going

I’m going to [Laughter] agree going to agree so that I don’t I don’t need to pay how do I how do I get how do I get from oops from here to here that’s what I want to know that’s what I’m trying to figure out how do

You because my stairs uh is this a block okay wait my stairs is over here I will fall so um I don’t know what’s happening I do I still need the heart yes I do what you don’t I will share cuz I got picture though wait

No actually yes so so that you know so that so that I have like a lot of sad cat pictures to send to send Online is this a door see I don’t um oops it’s not the heart anymore of you keep stream please promise for more Minecraft stream no n yeah I don’t need to promise I I do it anyways I Minecraft anyways I me is the stream okay okay ah I

Fell go go back up I don’t oh my God let oh my God let me use my brain I don’t understand but I don’t know what I don’t understand what am I looking at okay I can put stairs mhm but it looks looks Weird do I need to move my stairs I I’m thinking so hard right now what if uh wa let me let me let me go in what if I move my Stairs what if no Stairs H what if I move my stairs over Here here here that is that awkward is that weird is is this like you know the ow ow Do I need do I need stairs I need stairs pictures I like side cat pictures wait I think I I found the new cat picture I oh it’s not it’s not a sad picture [Laughter] but but it’s funny I’m going to show if if if I reply to I don’t know to any

Of your tweets like this well not if it’s it’s like when be be hyp be so very excited we so very excited to have to have your tweets um replied to in this manner in this here you go gift from me no speak silence yeah yeah yeah shut up do not

Talk I can use this when you try to take my food no no no no do not use only me only me use this one no I cannot use is really wa what happened why are we being threatened what no it’s not threatened this is like you know be

Excited be excited to have this reply on your Tweet y this I see it’s good or I don’t know I I don’t know why I have a lot of cat picture most of my cat pictures are [Applause] sad now it’s being silenc and all know

But all of them are me and maybe it can be you too oh the possibilities are endless oh any um anyway stairs stairs problem okay what If what if I don’t make stairs what if I have can you climb up this what I don’t know no I don’t know where oh can you climb up this oh Yeah no more I don’t I can use a ladder but like this is more [Laughter] fun you know what wait let me um I don’t know where to put it though let me let me think this is this area is fine I think what I’m I’m I’m I’m thinking over here and then it flows over there ah oops like that

Then is a ladder better is a ladder better you but I will Yay Vine Slader yeah maybe I think I know bone meal I’m going to get bone meal ah bu have burger bun or rice H okay how hungry is aana in my opinion burger burger with rice is wait Burger I don’t know but if it has rice it’s more fing I

Think I don’t there’s something about me that’s like bread is snack bread is snack rice is a meal because because I grew up here that’s why think like that but it feels like that too I get I get hungry easily if like I eat oh no I can’t go up oh

No I get hungry easily if I only eat bread maybe it’s just my body y me it Burger is the best but like you eat burger if you want snack snack that can fill you up you eat rice if you’re like very very hot hungry that’s my

Luxury if you want a meal go for rice if you want if you want a a snack that can fill you up that’s Burger both is yummy but oh I I’m I’m already here both is yummy but that’s the bun opinion probably see gang moment for

You Mor is a snack it seems like a snack well it’s not a dessert but it’s it’s like a small thing for your tummy it’s a snack does it come oh does it come with fries though ooh a Sala does it come with fries that would be different if if bger bger has

Um if bger has what the heck if bger has fries then it’s better a proper Burger isn’t small it’s small here it’s it’s small here it’s not a meal well depends if there’s fries then it will be very it’s like it will be much more filling than regular o o Only

Burger meal Only Burger meal like then an only Burger meal it will be much better ah I ruined my floors my floor oh no oh no no oh no oh no Okay no fries side No also with price it will be like it will cost more I don’t it’s not it’s not the norm here well I I don’t know I haven’t been to other other um sea places but but Burger Burgers as a meal isn’t the norm and if you’re if you’re buying at a

Not burger place then the burger would be [Laughter] small I’m on bu side in burger here is his next speak Burger deprived ah bone bone meal T does it look ugly does it look ugly I hello it looks uh it looks fine boop Boop ah no let me there you Go talk about bur pleas make me get hungry now I like burgers too I like what burgers do I like I like the Burger King burgers well depends on the place but like the Burger King burgers here is Good H how they what what bone meal bone meal bone bone ah why do I why do I have beds I I have beds I don’t have Food it looks like please what my house or the burger place I don’t or like is a water elevator like Better I wait I might place it the fence but there is proper burger place with big portion though expensive yeah the big the big burgers are very expensive maybe put vines on the left side as well for symmetry you’re right you’re so right but my my horse is here excuse me excuse me

Horse it’s not a it’s it’s a donkey move Move Okay this is why it Ain no me fast food burgers are so little and squish they are they are very small very squishy my opin best burgers are the classic beef patty and cheese Noble Pat is better or chicken sand spicy chicken sandwich that’s the that’s the best that’s the best burger burger

Sandwich chicken sandwich ah it’s so uh I don’t that’s that’s what I eat when when I’m hungry and I don’t want sweet food that’s what I Order maybe I should not uh uh uh like one maybe like one each Side thinking is so hard that’s the they so it’s perfect abandoned place this that abandoned they leave here see it’s not abandon look at them how how do IOP boop boop boop I don’t want the the windows anymore I think I I want a window over here okay we’re doing that ah ruin I ruined my stairs no my stairs where am I well I kind of want to see why where we get Crown no no

Oh isn’t Burger King like very different nowadays I mean the burgers are yummy but like it looks really different when when I was a kid it’s weird s like a cat I was had this spicy spicy chicken sandwich the fried chicken filet are so juicy it melted my mouth

Oh you know what it’s a like like a very a very big chicken sandwich in the Philippines wait I don’t I don’t know how to how to make my sentences good but like the Jollibee chicken the Jollibee chicken sandwich it’s so big it’s it’s

I I I only had it twice but it’s so big it’s nice Good should be if I add a door will it be weird like if I add a door over here where I I I don’t know do I need the heart I already have a heart here look see this is a heart this is also a heart so do I need another

Heart Maybe not maybe like open open air what’s what’s the what’s the what’s the word is it open air is that is that like my my house has the cont temporary open air my house is that open my house open house oh open open air contemporary style right now yeah

Because because that’s like what my architect told [Laughter] me am I doing that wait I already forgot how I did the I don’t know I for I forgot how to how I did the heart I’ll remember it someday I Mean ah don’t that’s weird I’m ashamed to say but I never managed to finish big to this day I only managed to eat the ji your wer you know what I don’t think I have eaten a double like you know the big the big burgers yeah the double the double patty

Burgers I know I haven’t eaten one of those haven’t tried I don’t know if I will but I should I think I’m missing I think I’m missing out wait see open air open air concept you can see bun sleeping over here no do not think about it but like

You know you can you could you could you could if if bun sleeps in Minecraft you could see her over here like oh there Fork view more Hearts the better oh I ruined the heart it’s okay may maybe I can make more hearts in the future maybe I

Hope cover it with trap doors if you want we’re going to the open air concept open air it’s very musy just um wait pleas oh okay okay your gun okay see it’s like I don’t I I he’s looking at us I don’t know what it’s like is it the vibe is it

Is why do I sound so jzy when I but like is it is it the vibe is is does it look like the vibe it’s it’s like oops like like and then you add things here yeah like oh where did it go like yeah yeah maybe I should add like things over here

But I think I think I think this is a good patio I maybe I we can watch bunny be the face ah oh my God I saw in in in Tik Tok that um a people go to hotels because F Wait f f Fu f f Fu not people it was like in in in Chinese Tik Tok I think it’s doin they

They go to bougie hotels because because because hotel lobbies are like you know um thought out by f f Way f f f Way Masters like so that the good fortune like comes to you so they hang out in in hotel lobbies they buy a coffee and then they

Hang out in hotel lovees I think I think that that should be my new I think that should be my new hobby also like I want I want some good I want some good fortune too I that’s not my that’s not my shovel I want some good fortune too I want

I I I want I want the fortune to float to me too so maybe my new hobby should be um buying coffee at the at hotel lobbies and hanging out hanging out in there you know I think I think but I think I’m being serious I really want I want to

Try I want to try I think it will be funny and you don’t even know if it will work but like you’re in a fancy hotel so so like does it matter if it works you you look fancy sitting down on the lobby looks cool and then and then you you’re going

To post pictures in the internet like just just having make coffee for the day and then you’re not a Lobby and then people will be like girl where the heck are you and you’re like I’m in a really bgie Hotel actually guys I’m in a really bie Hotel

H see I think they’re they’re onto something the CH do people is on onto something as they always are I think that’s good I I think I’m going to do that now still the be lucky can you finish Master E and then you me Rich cute be up there because of

The L lock yeah oh yeah totally not because you’re hanging out in a bougie place where the rich people hang out yeah yeah I have a new HBY now we will H oh let you don’t put it there that will be my new hobby I will update you guys if something

Happens oh God I didn’t oh my I did not even finish I did not even finish my story we’re talking about about random things now stealing stealing Hotel lobes locks what I can’t enter my own home oh it looks weird I can add like a window never mind never mind no

Window they did not even finish my story my very scary scary a very scary adulting job story wait do I want trap doors or Fences wow wo what raptors look cool do I wait I need to continue that one I haven’t even haven’t I haven’t continue like the the the the the traumatizing bit all right told you guys uh so um I know it’s not it’s not normal for jobs to have like

Overnight of course it’s not normal that’s why that’s what well wait have I told you guys like they we lowy I don’t know how to explain this but like the we know the owner because their age is CL close to us basically so it’s not weird it’s not weird to have overnights

It’s like gires having overnights except you you’re getting paid and you know what it’s weird when I I talk about it that way but it was like that I will I will not allow nights in work if I don’t know you girl girl I this this wait uh how do

You how do you how do I how do I do this was talking about okay overnights all right but like the overnights are counted with with with with the very little pay that we got so we we did it we did the overnight but it’s it’s not fun

Overnight when when when your whole night is about um the orders and if the orders are correct or not so I did we did that through 12 to 14 this sounds this sounds weird do not do this by the way like this might be this might be this might be if you don’t

Know the person do not do not allow do not allow people to do That Oh oh oh I cannot I’m going to translate what’s this the Anor speak Chinese no no I can’t no I can’t Sorry do should I Translate I don’t have my translator on ah what is I don’t know what’s written it’s okay we can translate I did not I did not load the chat Sorry I can’t translate it why I don’t know I I don’t know why I can but welcome S I can’t translate it I’m sorry welcome we are talking about my traumatizing tell about my traumatizing event traumatizing job event it’s not even an event I don’t know how to close my

Fence how do I close my fence Bo What oh no no I did not load load load CH where I turn her house what I don’t I know I don’t no I don’t know how to do this anyway do not do overnights when you’re doing work that’s weird I know it’s weird but like we know the person so maybe we

Were in safe hands but it turns out we were it no it was safe but mentally I’m not Safe mentally not safe mentally traumatizing because it was like the deadline was like the day the deadline was was 14 the deadline was February do I have I have a Don’t the deadline was the day February 14 as soon as these people who ordered wake up you need you need to you need to do things you need to make sure that their orders are delivered and what not oh my God that’s that’s that’s another thing I I don’t

Understand why uh we we took down the orders and then before before dispatch we still need to like like manage it before the like I don’t know if will understand or do do I uh it’s it’s like you already did this work to make sure that the orders are are good and

It’s what they what they ordered exactly and then you need and then you are the same people who did that will will be the people who need who needs to make sure that did the order AR arrive safely did did did the order go to the right person did did the

Delivery delivery driver do well I I Don’t I don’t it’s it’s not enough brace for two people to do that in one day with like a lot of orders like 100 orders I you there is there is no way that you you could you could handle that it’s so so weird and oh since I was with my

Besti and it was like an overnight because we were in a room together doing the orders because I mean the the owner is also busy because she she does the products you know pop off Queen I Guess do your thing but like please understand that it’s it’s two people it’s two people what what what why only Two only two people doing this anyway who me me and bestie are in a room doing the order still D see that’s why so still Dawn it’s not like do not think about like how legal this is don’t think but like it’s a small business

What are we going to do bring them to cour what I allowed myself to be there H Anyway so we B we’re in the room managing the ORD still done the whole time like bestie bestie we graduated we have degree we have degrees and the and this I do I did not expect for us to do this together in in a room at 500 a.m. managing orders that no

One could help us with that’s crazy that’s crazy oh oh huh wait wait wait wait is this what vinyl meant I think it is right uh yeah yeah okay I do that now the whole my besti was was not like a vent ventor Rambler she she was

Keeping it on in while I’m likey this isn’t right byy this isn’t right this is weird happening I don’t understand but like but like this is just for one day right so like so like you know you just got to you got to suck it up and then it it will be [Laughter]

Over but like that like those days 12 February 12 12 to 14 Oh it’s not good that’s good it’s a it’s do I I do not wish for people to experience that you know like if you sense anything wrong just leave but the thing is bun like saying that but if she’s Sur my God ah if she’s surrounded with

Like nice people like nicer than her and then she would be like but like but like they’re nice and they’re not complaining so maybe they will not going to complain which is very bad not good it’s a oh I’m no more Axe I you guys hand me the media why right because the reasoning I think was because we managed we we took the orders so we know the orders I I think that was the mindset since we know the orders we’re going to handle the orders that’s [Laughter] weird wa the BM it’s not

Fun I’m going through the night yeah yeah yeah I that was my breaking Point that was much break Breaking Point um besti H my my axe no axe bestie’s breaking point was after everything mine was like [Laughter] before before the day I’m like girl no is is weird I want to go Home you got out of that well you know it’s not like it’s not like they were forcing us but circumstance and everything it it’s like you need to do your job now bestie it’s what we hired you to do even though it’s not in your description it’s it’s like

That I’ll go he fres good night good night good night Ben sleep well do not do not get traumatized by what bun said oh my God eat eat eat well sleep good the the trauma the trauma dumping isn’t over ah I don’t know if I’m trauma dumping guys am I trauma

Dumping is is this trauma dumping it feels like it feels like it feels like it’s not harmful that’s the thing like it it feels like it’s not harmful but the mental I guess like the mental toll that it took to do everything so it’s [Laughter]

So so not good not good t look at my patio guys e dream H and Shadow wait you dream of H and Shadow or I Dreaming I want to dream about Shadow I I want I want my dream to be like oh Maria Maria Maria no that’s that’s why Shadow imp impression I don’t know what to add like a Lantern are I’m the ultimate I’m the ultimate life form that’s that’s he only says I want a dream of Shadow or he only says those things and nothing else Shadow we need to sleep oh Maria I want I want that’s why it’s not a goal but I wish I wish I wish I could do that I I wish I could do that to my dreams ah this reminds me of this one one time I was working parttime in this restaurant and in around December and I

It was during dinner rush same Vibes yeah it’s it’s like it’s like you’re you’re rushing for something and then at the end you’re like was that worth it bestie was it worth it was everything that I did worth it I don’t think so but I already did it

So how do you how do I how do I make this look good I don’t think it looks good right now right it looks eh the the oh the boat the posts the posts I still have a year of study so this is good material for me when I want

To work you know as if you if you are you are a person that’s you you know I think I think I think the lesson here is do not work with people that you know well well do not work with people that you kind of know because what if they they’re like really

Bad bosses what if they’re really bad managers you sometimes you cannot call out people on it and then that will be like a huge problem because you can’t you can be just be like hey actually actually this is is weird because you just know the person you’re not really that close with

Them you know stuff like that Great always ask eight times if it’s okay so it’s a really dumping nothing But still am I am I tra dumping is this traa maybe it is maybe oh my God also wait I haven’t let me read H wish one could be the one ordering Valentine’s stuffing no or no that’s they don’t want that to happen to other people paid therapy is not license

Yay don’t coach your advice but we can said as what Maria Maria this is what you wanted uh I don’t know if it’s worth it or not but I can flip eggs on the air so there’s that ooh ooh that’s a skill you know what’s

The skill that I I got um I know how to talk to people that I know and I know how to do excel sheets better that’s the skin that’s the Ah that’s the skill I’m going corporate guys let’s go is that what people do in in corporate places like do they do excel

Sheets and then they’re like you know and they they slay hard or something that’s how I imagine cor how do H I can’t I can’t do ah I can’t do oh I can do this side okay wait yeah I can H too late I I want not commission for my m ask kinging for R is super hard no are we people that have no attachment or social obligation aside from work yeah yeah good Noah good words Noah thank you for making a good [Laughter] sentence because bun CU bun canot make her sentences

Yeah uh because the the in my brain like even to the other workers I’m like but they know this person really well and she’s nice she gives us food that’s why sorry like that’s one of the positive things all right she is obliged to give us food but like know

Like they’re nice but I like I feel bad if I’m if if if I’m the one who’s going to complain that type of does that make sense does that make sense if one complains I feel like it’s not my place even though I I I work I

Work there technically so so like it it’s it’s my it’s your place [Laughter] du but the the mental gymnastics hurs oh and to oh my God to add to add more to the injury I don’t know to my to my very cool very epic um um circumstance I

My this is TMI but like just to add my my my period mation time of the month started during 12 February 12 and then I was I was I don’t it was because before before February 12 we were already stressed so there were days where I woke up like

Shivering even though it’s not cool I I don’t I’m like but I need to do things and th this owner isn’t isn’t around us most of the time she’s she’s on her little workshop doing doing the products that she’s selling like like what do I do sit down not help not help

I it’s so it sucks it’s not even that cold that I was but I was shivering and then by the end of um uh by the end of Valentine’s I 12 13 14 so like I still have dat for my for my menstration and then it it it stopped during the day of the day of Valentine’s maybe because I was too stressed and too on I’m not don’t it’s so bad I I stopped bleeding for for like a

Day even though I’m supposed to be bleeding but I I I I wasn’t bleeding anymore and that’s not good cuz that means that means that was that was it was it was that bad that that that’s that’s the thing like it means it the the I don’t the pressure was too much

And and my my body was like goodbye goodbye don’t want to do this is this you do that yeah it was scary I mean it was scary because maybe I would understand it if it was like a school thing right but like I was hired here and for them to like

Not see and then think about like their employees like welfare oh and whatnot it’s so strange and and she even knows that I have I have my period at that time but she never checked on me even though she’s ashamed not like she needs too but like

I would I would love some concern question mark H hello are you doing well I know it’s your time of the month you have told me Dury February 12 I’m just checking in if you’re okay none of that she didn’t she Didn’t didn’t tell me nothing she she gave me pads and did her work it’s all so bad it’s so scary it’s so scary so bad it’s so Scary your said oh we can be doing this while this is going on no but it should be it means like it it means I’m healthy if I’m if I’m bleeding if I’m not bleeding that means I’m not healthy hey I actually have to advice I trust TR oh

Not okay I would say always always trust Asana in in the medical stuff I will as I don’t care where you are right now I will always trust as in medical stuff for [Laughter] Real it was not good and then wait but is already No and then um this is okay you know that we manage the orders so there was this okay every every order was good okay there were some weird things like like like where is where is the free greeting card I don’t know any okay sorry

Sir I didn’t say I don’t know of you need to be professional anyway but there was a you know like events where that happened Where where where we missed something and we had to apologize which is good but we had this one this was the this was the at the end of February 14 we had this one One customer bombarding our page since we are the social media managers we need to manage

It like he he was talking about like like where’s where’s my order where where’s where’s where’s my where’s the thing that I ordered I I don’t know where where’s my order he he kept on he kept on spamming he kept was spamming that and

It was at the end of the day so we’re like we we we sent out the orders though like how how how how come it didn’t reach you if we sent out the orders so we we we we talk to the guy and then it turns out we we

Missed we missed like one thing from from the from the order we just you know you know some customers do that it’s okay but he’s his complaints weren’t cool like he was he was he was telling like he was was was telling us like I I spent this amount of money and

You did not give me what I wanted it like like as if as if the main thing as if the main product didn’t reach him so basically like like I we we double checked and it was on there but maybe upon arrival like it flew away or

Something cuz it’s like what was missing like it was like a little card but the whole time he was acting like the whole thing wasn’t delivered to him it’s so annoying but his his the way his sentences were were made and sent to the page it was

Very uh I guess like below the belt very not good for the eyes not good for for the heart so that’s how my 14 that’s how my 14 ended that’s how February 14 ended um um us scrambling to apologize to the guy even though the main product like came

To him he was just complaining about about a Tiny baby card that didn’t reach him that was free by the way that was that was free by the way like he did not need to exert that much of that much energy because that that card that little tiny card was free it wasn’t even the thing that he

Paid for he paid for the main thing he did not pay for for for the little card so that’s how he was so mad that I don’t know it was not nice it’s it made it made me it made me have everyone not only me but like it made everyone have anxiety

Because you can handle like mean mean customers but like those customers who are like extra mean not really extra mean but like they’re like mean for no reason and they’re like being mean for it’s it’s not not even like like about the the the the they’re not being mean about the thing they’re

Already being mean to to you personally oh find Vapor Rub for the feet H I’m going to do that later Vapor Rub the feet yeah give about every you guys to go out and put a postal TR Faster to stop un Ving we probably stole it no what a romantic Valentine’s Day ah where [Laughter] you this guy was under 40 I think he was I think he was I I think I have a theory that he was one of those like Angry keyboard Warriors

Who who I don’t know their their main their main weapon is their keyboard and [Laughter] typing aing with C is wonderful B yeah hey we had other customers who are like impatient they they would message us like as if we we did not have other orders and that day like they would

Message us like so where’s my order so where’s my and then and then we we would be like don’t worry sir it’s over it’s it’s it’s coming to you just wait a little bit please but this guy this guy he’s order was there but he he was like he was like

I don’t see it I don’t know where it [Laughter] is I don’t I don’t see I don’t see the order it’s it’s it’s it’s with my it’s with my girlfriend what no no no no it’s probably not my order because because the card is not there so it’s not

Mine it would not have been a problem for real for real if he was talking to us like we were we were we were human then it will be nice I would not have been talking about this guy this random guy no one don’t P for to be here cuz at

This here would believe that when it never work the what it do is moisturizes your feet we trusted [Laughter] you but but but I I want now I one to There it doesn’t work it will make you sleep and slide in your Floors wait where is I I want Brown fences so um I guess I guess that’s where I’m going to end my my weird traumatizing [Laughter] story there’s a lot more but like it’s it’s like to specific that I cannot explain like like why did I feel this

Way because it’s this and that like you know don’t specific like I remember that part because that’s how it ended that’s how way they ended and then when I got oh wait when I got home when I got home I was so tired my menstration wasn’t working I was so tired

Remonstration wasn’t wasn’t working and [Laughter] then when I got home uh I was like like you know I I missed my my my cat so I was like oh yeah me me and me and then I did not see Mimi in in my home so I’m

Like where the heck is that girl she doesn’t leave our house that much especially at night so I stepped out of I’m like wait Mimi m Mimi where is Mimi and beside our house is an empty lot with like really tall grass and then and then that’s where I

Hear that’s where I hear um Mimi’s um little meows that’s where I heard like mim’s little meow I’m like what in the the tall grass and it’s night time so it’s like really dark it’s an empty lot too so in the in the Tall Grass Mimi is over

There stuck somewhere and I need to go there with my phone flashlight I don’t think so I don’t think I can do that right now but I need to because it’s like it’s like a horror game oner that type of dark like you only have your flashlight as your light and

Then the the only sounds that you hear is meow me meows of help know out of all the days out of all the days where Mimi is in trouble she she chose that day so I I kept on calling her name and then oh God I need to send you the

Picture I have a picture because it’s too still like that was the ending of my day for real for real but the first part was the ending of my work day this one was the ending of of my day for real for real there you go wait let me send it to myself

Ah I’m going to send it to myself I stopped the picture cuz she was she was Goofy she was calling for help s all it’s her what her fault wait wait wait wait me me me crazy me me c me CRA okay wait I’m sending it to myself um um ah Okay um drink water I haven’t drink haven’t drun drink Water Oh my my camera is dying okay we will replace this photo ah oh it’s so meop whoop this is what I found this is what I found I got [Laughter] Home I got home tired and [Laughter] stressed I got home tired and stressed from my day [Laughter] And do you see how dark it was this is my phone flash this is my phone flash so like it’s just darkness all right also mango tree yep yep see real real real self dis asan what out of all the days that she she could have went exploring touching grass climbing trees

She chose the day where I’m so tired my body don’t work good and she’s like I’m on top of the tree help help me please oh no I don’t know how I got here it’s so dark and I I a small cat and I’m so scared but like you know I

Know you’re tired and I I I chose like this day to to to do this you know like also scare myself I I CH this day Too Bo had [Laughter] to it was like okay I was talking about the the empty lot of land so empty a lot of land and then I kept on hearing her Mouse so I was like look looking at the grass like where the heck is Mimi where

Is Mimi I can find Mimi but she keeps on meowing and every time I I I say her name she responds so it’s Mimi T to and then I look [Laughter] up and and then I look up away from the grass and there she is oh oh my God oh I’m so proud of you you know how to Climb oh I don’t know how to climb a tree I had to learn that [Laughter] There That’s how my day Ended I can’t I don’t I don’t understand but that’s what happened that’s what what did you doing there I don’t know you I don’t know I don’t know why is she up there she doesn’t usually climb so I Don’t chose the day would D you yeah she’s smart like that if yourbody so aming because you but consider it my camera is breaking down she’s not used to she’s not used to seeing my face anymore also get stuck no it was a low tree it was just too

High for her so I needed to climb like a little bit and then P her nudge this is how you climb down go Now this the look do you see this go go now you’re but it’s gundry I don’t I also I did not think that I I I would play my game again I I did not think that cats getting stuck on trees for real [Laughter] I thought I thought it was a cartoon [Laughter] Thing I don’t I don’t know is that is that weird that I thought it was I thought it was a cartoon thing and then it happened in in the worst days All the Year usually he just go up on go up trees if something scares them and then they just run up without thinking about getting down oh o what if a dog saw her maybe there’s a lot of dogs here I don’t no also she usually doesn’t

Go that’s why like out of all out of all the cats why why are you here why are you outside what are you Doing I had a child C who climbed top of a telephone pole no that’s too tall and you cannot climb that one you should not climb telephone poles I think un unless unless unless you can but I don’t think you should what was I going to do wait wait was I

Finished I I was go I’m going to design my patio I want see does it look weird it looks fine to Me does it look weird wait wait if I put stairs would it be better I think it would be better again the The Bu is sad she likes cartoons maybe we’ll make cartoons real for no stop no I don’t want I like cartoons but my I don’t

Think my body is built for cartoons it’s only Built for watching cartoons not experiencing them in real life so It’s very real my cat can climb up but cannot climb down we often have to climb trees for her but I know I know um there’s Mimi and then miming miming can climb he climbs my roof the gate the walls he’s a white cat but it’s it’s like it’s like G

Ginger cat behavior but like he he does it he he he climbs everywhere but I did not expect Mimi to be like no well also wait miming miming knows how to climb and he knows how to get down on things because he’s an adult and he knows [Laughter] things and the car How about you add the side like those column supports and how the design be same like Your ah ah okay wait wait wait wait Wait this one you’re right you’re right I forgot I forgot about the existence of other Design like it can wrap around like these well I don’t think this is what you meant but like ooh ooh I think this is better Wait is it better do I need trap doors here I can’t I Trap okay I’ll I’ll do this first the cartoon girl I like a spru log line first and then stairs Like like Like any way I think that’s how that’s like this you’re so right yeah and then the stairs here Ah ah T [Laughter] oh why does it look weird why does it look weird why does it it doesn’t look the same it does not look the same what go go away it doesn’t look Good I don’t know how to make it look good I know way that’s how bun job ended maybe maybe next time maybe next next time bun will have better job uh like I don’t know what’s a good [Laughter] job what a what’s a good job um like like um

Um um oh oh my my dream is to be an artist to someone but they they lock me in a room and they feed [Laughter] me but like but like there’s no deadlines I just draw and then every artwork that I make they’re like good I will pay you now keep

Drawing and I’m like okay and then I just draw Sonic Sonic the forever and they’re like good that’s nice [Laughter] good that’s nice keep [Laughter] Roll and I’m like Yay they give me fruits and whatnot chocolate taste tter ooh but like that would make your um throat owie or bun has a weak throat I don’t Know I can arrange that okay let’s Go let’s go Asana I will I will draw whatever you Want Renaissance art yeah yeah they have like artists in their rooms and then every art that they have is theirs but like the artist it’s get is getting paid and stuff it’s good S no deadline is nice you can draw whatever you want yeah as long as you’re

The artist they’re like this is good as long as you paint I want that I want that but you know what [Laughter] SW okay let me K let me kill chicken I have too much chickens ah yay I want the best not not the best but

Like I heard that one I want might not be a housewife maybe maybe BN wants to be a trophy wife which is [Laughter] different I want to be that one too that’s that’s that’s a job that’s a job what what what what you can write write that down on your your passports

And stuff like what is your job why at home stay at home wife what you can write that down as your occupation see I want that one that like that’s that’s the [Laughter] goal you really Reach people they of the R it’s even less work it’s not it’s not less work but like it’s work but you’re also getting taken care of because you are the trophy wife and you are very very Important your Husband maybe that’s what that maybe that’s like Bun’s goal in life now [Laughter] forever even even though bun doesn’t have a boyfriend the the no no boyfriend will be [Laughter] wife but has no boyfriend but she will be wife she will be she will be wife she

She will make sure that she will be a [Laughter] wife not not just any wife trophy trophy wife what is a trophy wife it’s like a wife that’s really taken care [Laughter] of it’s a wife you that you like the like if if uh if the

Husbands have a trophy wife I don’t know it’s usually a rich rich people thing like it’s it’s a really taken care of wife that doesn’t have to to work she she she oops I can’t that one she she’s she does maybe well she she does the house work but

Maybe there’s a possibility that how that that that trophy wives don’t do the housework and and you know that that makes it better oh yeah you yeah yeah that’s that’s that’s the dream right There hello how work you have to spend lots of time making yourself look good with your makeup oh yeah that’s why you need to hang to H out a okay okay I will now okay I will I will hang out and then I will report back if anything happens wait wait that’s

Good isn’t this isn’t that better I don’t Know I’m not sure but it looks good to me ah consider because try wife [Laughter] yeah I don’t know I think I think I think you need to be pretty to be uh uh I don’t know can can they just make me pretty [Laughter] what you can you can afford to make someone

Pretty make me pretty [Laughter] though you look how fashionable and pretty Bo wife is yeah that’s the trophy wife he’s a pretty wife no function other than fraggy privilege yeah yeah that’s the goal guys I want all of us to be trophy wives so so that we’re all smooth and [Laughter]

Pretty probably I just have to be pretty and good as so socialization what if what if you don’t socialize you’re like you’re like the cool one look look at how cool and mysterious my wife is guys look at she she doesn’t she doesn’t talk to you because she’s like mysterious like that

Yes there has to be someone has to be someone who’s like that my wife is so mysterious guys she doesn’t talk she doesn’t she’s just in the corner look at her she’s so cool meanwhile his wife is like shaking in her she get her boots because she’s so

Anxious how do you make how oh I have planks all this time what wait I marriage prosp let me read me read doy husband is a thing some sometimes people got more about the TR h H ooh oh yeah yeah there are there are guys who are also like really taken care of that’s good yeah everyone everyone should be a

Trophy wife but but you need to also leave room for bun what if bun is not a trophy wife yet and then you become a trophy wife my my idea hello I what what you mean you are a trophy wife meanwhile the person who told you

We’re going to be trophy wives isn’t a trophy wife that would be very sad and I might I don’t I don’t know what I’ll do cry in the cry in the corner maybe where I I like to to don’t like to SPO my party so SP is [Laughter] possible I will become

Husband I I I will become husband I I will become husband just for you just for just for you what what what what’s a wife what’s what’s so I don’t I don’t know husband is the only thing I know no this F get more biz I want serious is a good

Idea you just did a lot of blush you oh my God sorry like that that reminded me of like where I want my blush placements do do you do makeup too I think yes lately bun has been thinking about where should she put her blood I haven’t I haven’t I haven’t

Like practice different blushes for a while now and I want I want to do that I to figure out if if what I’m doing is the best blush placement or or should I make like should should I learn a different blush placement that’s the that’s where that’s where you I I BN

Thinks about a lot of things can they come here where am I where am I trophy vtuber we the trophy vtuber he entered my home boing boing ooh Smite Works where am I if I wife I’ll butn yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my God is my model

Possessed I hope she’s not what was I doing what was I doing design this um chest I need chest mind M if we succeed to be we will get an allowance you can have a sh from the okay I I I I can accept that yeah what I want I want to be

Like what do trophy wives do I only saw that one Tik Tok where she she needs to show socialize and St I don’t know what they do I think they’re really good at makeup see I I have I have I have it down I have it down I have it down

Guys I’m I I I do makeup I do make up just that’s like just like it’s like one step down I don’t do makeup lately except eyeliner I think blood face is a good concern yeah because okay for the makeup people so I put my blush

Like H how do I explain this my eyes and then I go diagonally downwards and then I put my blush on my on my the highest point of my cheek I don’t know if you I don’t know if people understand me but that place I put my blush usually on that place

And how do I do This cheekbone no cheekbone is where’s my cheekbone is it cheekbones like lower I think a cheekbone is lower no uh no above it above it more closer to my eyes okay I put my blush usually over there and it looks good it looks cute it looks cute but but now I’ve been thinking

Like what if it’s cuter on like the apples of my cheeks like on my on my just on my cheeks just on my cheeks I I haven’t tried that so I need more chests I haven’t tried that so so I’m going to going to try that soon I also you know I

Want to try a lot of things but also I got sick um I just recovered that’s why I streamed today I just this is bad cuz I had a sore throat and I had I had sniffles and then I just I just recovered and then I’m I’m talking a lot

For hours that’s not good that’s not good but I’m doing it so I [Laughter] Know I wonder if the apples of my cheeks would be nice I haven’t tried but you know might be nice oh I usually add blush on my nose too by blush I mean like if you look closely you’ll be like okay there’s blush but if you look from afar you’re like I don’t

Know I it’s natural basically so it’s the I I’m I’m figuring out what makes me prettier H what wait what as as as as as as bun does wait no not bun like as as the girlies do not all girlies but like a lot of girlies like to be pretty I also like to be [Laughter] pretty I you make makeup guys for all this

Gires no I’m not that good at makeup I’m good at natural makeup on my face I don’t know if I’m good at like makeup for others cuz that’s different putting makeup on yourself is different than putting makeup on other PE other people’s like Jesus ah I’m outside

Now I say put to much but look like a drug person that’s the goal as I nowadays nowadays that’s the goal I’m being for real putting a lot of as as long as it Blends it Blends good and it fits your face looking like a drunk person person

Is good right now that’s what’s in right now I don’t usually do that when I’m alone I do that but like when I’m with my friends I don’t put a lot of blush cuz like they’re not blushing I won’t blush too sometimes he overdo it though things

Happen got too I had too much fun with blush butly I need to Slay Slay Queen IO my camera is giving up on me but if we make Bunch makeup training to to help her become a true master you could I could I could I could you

Could my sister’s a makeup artist and she occasionally does experiments on my face God that’s good oh my God that means that means SC knows how to slay and I hope I hope I had I had a sister that knows make makeup to that can experiment on

Me I because I have a sister but she she’s she’s the one that’s learning I’m also learning but like she just started wearing makeup last year this year and I need to be the one being like you know you don’t you don’t do that you don’t do that it looks weird on your

Face why oh my God my S sorry I’m exposing my sister but my sister had a face where she not she did not want to um wear lipstick cuz it’s too red but like if you don’t put lipstick like you look you look washed out you look like you’re

Dying you look you look like you’re Dying I I kept reminding her like girl please please please wear lip balm Works anything with color works it doesn’t it doesn’t need to be super red you just need color back on your face because you you added foundation and you’re not adding liptick what are you

Doing that’s that’s how I talk to my sister so if you’re looking for I have experience I how to slay she does things my I have zero clue what it does does it make you look pretty do you look at the mirror and you’re like

Yep yes she did a good job today I’m slaying I bet I bet I bet that happens oh that’s cool I don’t know how to do um this is not the I am this is not interior decorator this um it doesn’t look that cool but I don’t know what I

Want I accidentally I accidentally bought BB cream and of sunscreen and put it in I think I have lots of makeup experience a heck some people like to S Victoria child look no she just looks Pale laying yeah needs glass I don’t want glass I don’t like glass well sometimes but I don’t want glass the shape will be weird and I want I want the Contemporary open [Laughter] air cont this is this is what my architect told me contemporary open air

My architect means me that’s me I am [Laughter] architect uh where did H okay ooh ooh I want it to look like a storage space we put like a small coffee table in the middle yes I should decorate the floor like this one I Should add random grass or add random leaves this thing maybe a barrel bookshelves coffee table okay we have a long night [Laughter] ahead where okay more chest I need the storage tiny bit of stain glass not full window like on top okay we’re going to add that uh what was I doing what what what chest Chest I haven’t found any name tags yet I did not go mining I only went and built in Minecraft I need to pee but I’m do Wa wait now full window like top of the opening or or a bench good good it’s it’s a bit sensored now sensored like glass here here you know what we should add a door over here or not leave it open who’s going to enter who’s going to enter anyway no one uh

Ah this is cute then you okay I’m going to [Laughter] pee going to pee okay I’m going I ke I kep I kept on thinking I’m going to PE there you go um where’s the mute By hello Toilet on bony okay I visited the far ons in the mountains I will how do you make toilet in Minecraft mine and craft mod I don’t know how to spell but if you need if you need Redstone I can’t I don’t want to do that I don’t want to do That Ow [Laughter] [Laughter] I found a thing it’s easy to do it’s Good are like trap doors I’ll do It if the toilet is on the balcony what this stuff just fall under the balcony [Laughter] yeah yeah it’s okay my farm is on the bottom of the balcony see see that’s my farm and it will it will get [Laughter] there St TR TR yeah I this is what I saw it looks

Easy I don’t know if I have quarts though uh-oh yay what what Stone To oh yeah wait unless it’s like a different thingy oh the two the two stairs looks looks better okay two stairs Button I think I have button somewhere I don’t know where it Is let’s put some fires under the [Laughter] B you friend call the recycling reel yeah very open open air eco-friendly is it is it recycling is this recycling I want the button to be [Laughter] pink I want the button to Pink how do you I don’t have any

Iron iron trap door how do you make iron trap doors how do you make but I don’t know Bu you’re the one playing with button button and then I want the iron TR trap door you make an iron trap door [Laughter] okay okay uh I keep on looking for my for my

Stairs the there’s also a third op show those squ to machine could be SE as recycling if the food you ate was used to grow more food you eat endless food hat or do I put the toilet here ah it’s not right yeah this is right ah

What why do I have two axes I H is this too big H it’s too [Laughter] Big it’s it’s it’s bigger than my chest I Don’t yes ah before before you poop it closes on you there you go and then you get the vi oh yeah it’s it’s cute I think think I think it’s cute I think it’s cute because it has a pink button See how do you how do I make this better it looks funny I want I want it here I want it here I want it to stay here forever this is my bathroom now it doesn’t need to be sensored who’s looking see no oh my God oh God that’s a lot of

Chickens no one no one’s looking no what privacy this is my private world oh see you can watch this sunrise guys this is Nice how do I make this better a cute Floor nobody can make a new ping screen that’s good you got got a so it DRS into the the cover Instead of flushing you press the button and the seat lunches what do you okay I want um I want more chest I think I don’t know why but I want more ch no I know why because I need storage I have a lot of things and all of my things don’t Fit is this uh oh I know ah Huh okay is this weird and then I don’t know you get a trap door a gate uhoh oh not not not open air anymore [Laughter] or do I need okay I’m going to put down my crafting table somewhere crafting table I put here a door maybe the door I don’t know

How to make doors how do you make doors like this like this I know yay oh I God okay hi if there are three doors that means I have doors somewhere in my hole Uh h m ah this one this one okay wait I don’t I don’t know if you you this the the the the the the thing I I don’t have any more things I think uh ah bones bones very C still kind of open air yeah I mean the toilet is open

Air we still we still have it we still have the open air concept this one I will I will ah I will grow how we here The toilet surrounded by both worldly well un surrounded by the world of natural this ispiring to later put that to the balcony the next time I build a new house in my mic room thank you master it’s it’s okay don’t worry about I yes don’t don’t worry about it don’t don’t don’t thank

Me cheers okay cheers oh yeah be did anyone did anyone do Valentine’s like actual Valentine’s like you guys you guys you guys date question mark you you guys date for real for real how how congratulations and [Laughter] how and how give a bun tips thanks this is if you did if you didn’t

Then I already know how to not do Valentine’s so you know I don’t need I don’t think I need tips for That I have like 20 plus years of experience of not not not valentine not Valentin no what do you sh to me please it’s it’s like sorry next question no we have presidential election that day l oh you know Valentine’s Day was um Ash Wednesday too for the for for the Catholic um

People because our country is Catholic so you know I see I see all the people with with ashes I I don’t know but yeah H I went up seven of valtin it was very busy everything was broken I guess I sister are worried I would be lonely oh that’s

Nice Tiner what what is Ash Wednesday he oh my God oh my God why are you so here you go leave me alone leave me leave me alone it left me alone do I [Laughter] I don’t know what the concept is I just thought it would be cute

But I don’t wait I don’t think he’s that cute ah I trapped him outside sorry wait my maybe maybe maybe maybe sorry wait wait I’m thinking ah I broke no no I don’t think do we add the glass wait okay where am I to budy he’s oh he’s still

Here I heard about that day too what did people usually do on that day um from my experience I I’m I’m not Catholic anymore but from my experience in my childhood experience you go to a mass because it’s like the Holy Week I [Laughter]

Think you I I think and you go to a mass and then there there there’s a special part on in in the in your normal mass schedule where you go in a line and get crosses on your forehead I forgot what it means though I’m not that good

Start of blend and they put Ash cross on their head yeah so like it was I I just saw a lot of people like a lot of people that day and everyone had a cross because it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s what it what they do here eat what they do here Oh it looks weird I don’t like looking at it I looks What is it it looks weird but it also does not look weird I I don’t understand oh a cross oh no um I don’t know Beast can go to the toilet too my opinion I think the fencing works best you should instead put like a like

Plant pots on the corners of the balcony hanging flower pot could be cute and cor of the B here PT butt here like a small pots would be nice but big big big pot big pot would be cool I think I don’t wait wait let me finish this first we need to finish

This I like the the leaves I like the leaves I just added too much my Stairs my my way down [Laughter] no [Laughter] Oh wait wait okay I I can’t reach do I what what what’s it say doing okay this and and then fence but fence behind Okay does it look weird do look weird and then I do something about a y kinging I want I want to I want to

Stream this is not cooking I want to stream do you know do you know um papa’s like free freezer freezer Freezeria Pizzeria that series I don’t have a childhood I don’t have a childhood with with the games but during my my very sad thesis time I I I

Did I did I played a lot of those and I think I should I think I should stream it one day um the little H flowers in front of f yeah g i remember having fun playing those games yeah I know I’ve never experienced it but I’m obsessed especially that I found like

Okay because it’s it it technically still exists but not most of it but I I found I don’t know how how to do this but like God how do you do this I found a website looks good but looks weird that saves your game a website that saves your

Game it remembers me and I think that’s good that’s Cool I don’t understand doors I I Um like that this good this toilet is on in the way I think I need to move my toilet toilet move please I need um I don’t know much bun please I think those G are very bun CED it’s so nice it’s you you see different characters and

Then did I get all the things where’s my button button oh no you you create a lot of things and then and then you meet random characters it’s cute and then you get to make food ah even better press wait is this I think ah it’s not in the on the middle anymore

Though oh no is I mean okay and then and then I do this and then see Um Uh I my my my brain is working and then and then where’s my wait I have half uh and and then and then I and then I put back my I put back my Yeah where’s my half half blocks my humidifier is dying did you know the bun needs a humidifier well I don’t need a but it feels like I need one it makes my my makes my nose feel better but is it isn’t natural humidity enough I don’t understand I don’t understand but

Humidifiers make my nose Good all where it makes more sense if the door for the door to be in line with the fence but I think if that works okay I will I will look pinging boy boy I don’t think it does no I don’t think so I don’t I oh oh no it’s a sad

Oh just you in the rain sitting on your how do you I don’t know how to see it in Minecraft I remember no stop facing [Laughter] me a when you’re constipated when you’re constipated when will my suffering why will my suffering end I have been sitting in on this toilet for an hour

Why poing experience is Flushing though the flush the flush just goes drip drip drip I’m drinking te the toilet oh he’s so sad oh finally the sun oh finally the side I hope I hope I hope I can’t let it go I hope the rain washes

Away I hope the rain washes is Away by poop I wish my Poop I wish my poop Falls as fast as the r okay I’m sorry but it’s like a b day too [Laughter] you we do this oh and it it’s free natural natural butt washing it’s good sorry I H I forgot to get half block a there you go here you go Y and

Then I think I can return it to the middle again we will move I know out h this one that everything else uh I’ve always dreamed of multi I’m always you know multitasking my my pooping and my showering so it is D is this better oh where’s my door ah wait

What I’m have made my cheeks hurt cheeks hurt I don’t I need lamps is this better Po I don’t know you go here and then you Go it’s it’s it’s slightly better yeah yeah that’s fine I want I want I is that too much I know I don’t know give me another one eh or do I need lamps I want a lamp we [Laughter] don’t a lot of a lot of squeezings a lot of squeezing it’s very very hard how do you how do I make more L you you know flower pots like this like this flower pot or like this flower pot I’m thinking this but like taller I think I’m going to try

Wait I want to look for what do you call that like the dried ones I can’t I can’t I can’t put it down why uh I can’t the dried bues I want I want that one but I haven’t found any haven’t found any lately lately not

Lately like ever on this in this world haven’t I don’t think I want these anymore how do you make chains chains ah ah how do you how do you fuse them how do you fuse them I don’t I don’t want to go down there you go yay ah only one two

Yes I want those Anymore yay yay yeah the one on the right the big one yes this is good this is good I want the floors to light up so that my toilet lights up too I’m going to look for dried bushes I don’t know where I’ll find them

I think the desert is my is my Minecraft lagging that’s okay that’s maybe it’s not Okay Ah okay I will go over there how do you how do you find the dried bushes do you don’t know people know like this but it’s dried Oops do do you want do you want to hear a sad thing that bun that bun did while she was like getting stressed because of her very very cool job wait is my music too loud is it too loud is kind of I don’t But I I I noticed that I I kept on telling myself like it’s okay oh this is wrong Sor it’s all right it’s so Sad that that that thing we did was was like wrong or something that’s Okay I kep on telling that maybe maybe it’s for myself maybe it’s for them I I don’t Know it’s so uh very sad and we’re going to The Acasa please Acacia biome a what’s the acacia biome what’s the acacia biome tiger what’s Tiger Tiger is is a character from kurokono [Laughter] bu sa oh you know what I was thinking I was ah I pressed something I was thinking of the bad lands B bad bad

Badlands the one with the color terra cotta that one don’t fall do you get do you get dried bushes from from from the from the savan I I don’t I’m not sure but we’re going there and bring you with Me ow Cas But I guys with the spruce oh look it’s cool yeah that one See you get them from theer so don’t on them if I remember correctly do you think after the savan there would be like a desert okay I will I will look I don’t I don’t know where are the deserts in in this world I don’t know where are the deserts it’s so

Weird so weird I don’t know I don’t know where they are I’ve been there I think I think so no me turn to sleep night night good night sleep well do not uh no you should you should dream about um uh Burger and bunnies ooh not Burger not bunnies in Burgers I don’t but like you know both of them good so PE about Them Shadow the dream no I [Laughter] want I want Shadow the Hedgehog to be my dream only m mine my dream there’s a lot of chickens here only mine it’s my dream there are no deserts oh I think I’m loading up world do you think I’ll get FL

Nah usually I would find like dried bushes like on a sand patch even if it’s not on a desert biome I don’t know why they took it away from me now I need to look for them for what flower pots that’s Great It’s not it’s not a desert more Grass I keep on zooming in I can’t see I can’t see bunny burger no Maria Maria I would have L he says cry in burger oh you we’re going to go no h i want Shadow to eat Jollibee and then he will experience happiness and then that will be very good for

Him oh ah Jungle sees every biome except this what I’m so I’m so far [Laughter] now um doggy this world spawns a lot of dogs that that’s what I noticed or did oh oh no don’t fall do you want to explore the jungle bi here I’ll get lost though I think if

I if I travel far enough I will I tell you guys that I won’t get lost but I think I will now where’s the bamboo where’s the bamboo Vines SP yay I can make cookies are they Swimming do they do they swim or did they fall confusing Jolly Jolly the bee he’s a bee oh no when it gets dark I will Cry there oh bamboo in the I do want the bamboo I also want the bamboo Bamboo is you can build new things with Bamboo like Um the new blocks I haven’t tried oh no oh no but like Des look look that’s the thing that’s the thing that I want do you see that M tasty dried bushes M it’s turning dark and I haven’t I did not light up the path that I walked

Through so did I get it yes yay yay oh there’s so many of [Laughter] them yes yes more oh I forgot yeah Will Will bun be safe at night I don’t I don’t know we will find out is is all right uh More come back what did I miss was this desert the way I say this desert desert good ah [Laughter] oh the Happ happiest um desert desert finder you cuz this looks better right oh what’s that why is it broken like this would look better then I also need the cactus I

Think I don’t know what I was building in my um like Temple Temple it’s a temple it’s it’s becoming dark it’s a temple I will go to the temple I don’t I don’t know how to do you know how to do temples is that do they call it

Temples is that a I don’t know wait let me let’s go near it I might be it might be wrong but funny no it’s not wait is it oh look there’s a lot of creepers oh [Laughter] oh it’s a temp we will a child a child I don’t want to

Fight a child they’re they’re weird oh I got a stick you’re weird and very strong ah no ah no more wait I have Smite why why was I running I’m I’m very strong [Laughter] oh nowhere nowhere is safe nowhere is safe I have 31 dried bushes H okay we’re we’re we’re checking

That out soon we’re going home wait no I need cactus cactus I don’t know what I was building I think I needed the red the green dye not red oh oh he’s swimming I want I want more G oh one more Cactus though ow you don’t know when you need cactus cactus Where oh there oh I found I found c ah yay what’s that what’s that what’s that what’s that I I I keep on finding things I will be in the desert biome until um Sunrise guys actually look there there this there’s a there’s there’s a ruin portal I’m going to look at the

Chests e e e run why am I not running hello swim sweet this St are pretty Yeah yeah it will be good when when when I die here it will be like very athetic it will be the last thing that I see help me you show the cactus yes you’re right okay chest o woo oh that’s good nice very Good okay I think that’s good ah [Laughter] Cactus every was H around the desert maybe I should live here that’s a well right maybe I should live here but I already lived in a desert for real for Real maybe maybe bun is Bored Cactus okay we’re going home hello I’m going home [Laughter] Now you know I could have Like me me me hitting bring home the other buns but we have buns at home kind of oh he’s so mad oh look at Him what’s that oh I can’t go up there she doesn’t like no my God but have you been to sand storms in real life I mean they’re fine if you’re inside your home but if you’re outside your home it’s not fine it’s not good it’s the ice the ice ah stop

It stop it oh my God trying trying to walk here oh don’t look at him how do I get home I think it’s over there I think oh don’t fall I um I think my house is over there I don’t know if I have my coordinates um but see I see I see the tiger I don’t know the the the sa so I think I think I’m going to the right

Direction did you yourin I don’t know if I wrote it down it’s okay oh get get get there see the sun is rising I want lights Run wait let me turn on my Thing oh my God stop may be time to make a new desert after all no no No oh no no it’s fine see um There’s oh a baby like natural natur natural baby I don’t think we cross a river this big where oh No oh no like good is H way no I don’t want don’t want to die a this is [Laughter] fine there’s a village um I’ve been to one Village in in in the Savanas is the village look Familiar [Laughter] cat oh oh Oh I don’t know where my house is but there’s a cat and I’m going to feed it fish oh my God uh how do you okay you know come here come here we’re going home even though you don’t know where my home is but we’re going

Home have I been here before I don’t hello have I been here more cats I’m so slow go go oh my go why you why you so very slow Yeah we lost no see if it’s stolen was here you’re right I didn’t I don’t know it’s okay see see there there’s like Greenery now mhm [Laughter] Mhm see there is greenery now you know what’s beside my home greh my [Laughter] thing yay yay ah cat oh my cat flies Okay yay Oh yay Oh what that’s very forcefully it Seems force is needed in M it’s so hard to um go near them sometimes when you crouch they still run so you need to run after them YY give some I give my C PS cut cut one cut two yay y I have I have dried what’s the name dead

Bush I have dead bushes and two cats life is good life is good Yay Oh yeah the cactus yay Cactus cacti C Cactus ow do they swim I don’t know Sorry do they swim they wait wait wait no I should not wait H I think just waiting for them to approach your words too wait in Minecraft they approach You the the cats in Minecraft like go go near you I don’t know that all of my cats in Minecraft I run after and feed them with very very yummy fish maybe maybe bunny is impatient what do you mean maybe I am I am guys yeah let’s

Go welcome welcome to your new home welcome welcome to your new home look look at your friends oh yeah oh they’re friends already see good where’s the other one wait sit please it’s other One No see see yeah this is how boy will get real real yay now I have um 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight Pato is weird Pato please eight cats I have eight cats now yay yay yay okay what was but but what oh can’t open the chest now um excuse me

Oh um Brick but I have four oh and then this space looks empty I need to do something about it Pink pink pink Bush pink like the tree like the tree like the Cherry BL I’m not good at describing things sometimes I’m like you know you know the color the color pink the color the the pink one have you seen have you seen have you seen the the the blue yeah the

Blue take new ones yeah we going to make I’m going to make the best um flower pot ever and if it looks ugly it will get destroyed yeah where do I put flower Pot wait like a block right I can’t put a pot there I think but but but I Can’t ah ah Oh like um dirt Have it Wiggles uh but then oh what I no ah he destroyed the I destroyed a dead Bush I I can’t like you know CH I can CH maybe m M no what do what Do H does it okay it doesn’t oh my God oh H stop all right I I’ll get our sounds right now ah I go does it look [Laughter] weird look weird why does it look weird wa wa let me make it taller m M now now um oh wait let me look wa [Laughter] ow it looks funny why does it look

Funny what Push yeah does it look weird I um Uh uh I don’t I don’t I don’t know I um uh maybe maybe if there’s like two of them it would look like it would look better let’s give it a friend and and then it will maybe it will be happier in love ah oops Go and then and then how do You uh you need two um does it need do I don’t know no it’s too close look why does it look bad don’t [Laughter] die why does it look bad this it looks bad right it looks it looks weird Right hey guys hello hello books book Bo man hello welcome back I remember there’s a bush colar ooh there’s it’s all right it’s all right I I feel I feel like this will work H where sound sound at the end of eating is a bur yeah if if your hunger Meter becomes full you get a Burp h how do you how do you okay here okay okay will make this work I I I know this work Yeah yeah oh also also this is this is this is the toilet this is welcome welcome to my toilet welcome it’s it’s it’s an open air concept contemporary open air concept with um Ooh with with um no with Recyclable properties [Laughter] Yeah WI ah did I oops how do I do this bo bo bo okay okay okay Okay I didn’t know they have that wait what do they have oh the the the the side down I think it looks Better it still looks weird like there’s something weird about maybe because it’s stinging sticking out too much I don’t I don’t know how to place them better I don’t know how to place them better but like it looks looks good right now hold Don’t Fall Right look I here’s here here go mhm

Mhm [Laughter] mhm toilet it looks good there’s something missing maybe like over here this area sorry do not look if you are motion sick sickness don’t look it’s very but this area this Area okay let me go down oh no it’s 3 oh my God it’s 3:00 a.m. oh no oh know I I would like to sleep I would like to sleep for real for you I’m thinking ah I can’t no I need to push it I need to push it now and

M does it where did it go oh oh it’s still here like this does it still look good no wait [Laughter] yay wait if I do that then if I do that then you know I can [Laughter] just uh oh okay oh oh oh oh oh okay H Okay all right this this nice okay I’m feeling and have F byebye byebye by byebye C sleep sleep well dream about more Minecraft things you about more more Minecraft things good dream about Shadow the Hedgehog question mark lately l I’ve been wait let me look at this right I’ve

Been looking at um a lot of Metal Sonic fan art oh it looks funny now what’s what’s the was the was was the other one better was the other design better H I don’t know I don’t know I’m uh uh anyways I’ve been looking at a lot of Metal Sonic fan art and they draw him good they draw him good they draw him um edgy but like but like sometimes he’s cute but like edgy I don’t know know I don’t it’s

Not it’s not edgy like like like Shadow the Hedgehog but it’s like it’s it’s edgy but in a different font like he his his fan arts are edgy but in a different fun I think I think like there’s more layers to that guy and I I’m appreciating it I I I

Don’t know what I’m doing I’m I’m I’m trying to make it look good from the outside the i w you I TR to get the fire from the com and it doesn’t work on him making him feel even more fake than the other faces yeah oh okay no that’s not finer but like

It’s the finel is so good he he wants because in in that I don’t know chapter thingy Sonic was um how do you infected infected by the virus and he wants to be like Sonic so so he tries he tries to get the vi virus for

For himself but it it doesn’t work and and the whole and the whole page has no has no has no words it has no dialogue but oh it’s so edgy so edgy it’s so I don’t know the the drama oh very good does it look weird

Now does it look like Tetris it looks like Tetris I like it looks better I I I’m not sure I don’t know I don’t why oh he’s so happy oh oh oh go oh oh he did it wow oh that that type of I what’s the word characterization is that the word

It’s I don’t know I feel I feel I feel so much emotion but he doesn’t have emotion I’m like o oh that’s very that’s very good that’s very that’s very tasty I’m into it yay I do you okay Do I need this I don’t know [Laughter] anymore I don’t know anymore but it Looks I don’t know but it looks it looks good from the outside I don’t know ah the floor the floor I want the floor to glow and then not glow like light up and then I’m going to end stream I’ll just design the floors like a little tiny

B the flowers way though it looks nice they like jello yeah it’s the Shader see they move a bit here and then I think the grass moves too yeah it’s the shaders do do it ow oh you might be thinking where is BN going I’m going to get my my my lights

Okay my lights are over here I think see I have a lot of lights here light glow stone no anyway I’ve been looking at the Metal Sonic fan art and then and then I followed someone who draws a lot of Metal Sonic and then they they draw him

In a way where you’re going to s for they they draw Man Sonic in a way that you’re going to be like hey and you know what yeah yeah that looks good it looks it looks good I like looking at it they just look not even like it’s not it’s not

It’s not um it’s not not safe for work they just look good and very very cute like I don’t I don’t know it’s it’s The Vibes guys it’s The Vibes guys it’s The Vibes I swear like it’s it’s kind of cute but also like like Ean kind of it’s It’s

Nice Sonic is so wait how do they do that I don’t I think it’s the art style their art style reminds me of like sketchy fashion fashion art style and then they they use it while drawing Metal Sonic because you know that’s our style it looks

Good is is this how is this how you make it Glow does it look doesn’t look that good I the you’re looking metal are stupid you can’t eat Metals but but maybe maybe one day you can I don’t know you can s you can s him some day

Weird it’s okay like it I like how it glows I like how it lights up like when you’re sleepy and you can’t can’t find your way you will be like oh there’s my toilet there’s my toilet let me just your Sher is pretty it’s a good shade there are like more prettier

Shaders but sometimes prety shaders equals very dark Going be e [Laughter] h sorry sorry I didn’t mean to I don’t it’s not it’s not an offense that that laugh wasn’t an offense k k better she crushes very scary yeah oh yeah have you got when you were kids have you tried like eating met things I have

I tried to eat um do you know the Eraser I’m going to oh he’s going to PO he’s go oh okay pencil and then eraser on the end and then there’s a metal ring around it I when I was a kid I I I did not like like

Like oh I’m going to eat the the metal thing on the pencil right now I I didn’t do that I I don’t know what I I I I I I I eat I eat it and then I swallow it I don’t know why I’m I don’t know why I’m still but you know

I still don’t the all no don’t cry don’t cry though it’s it’s okay no it’s not okay I’m sorry [Laughter] Though yeah it’s good it’s it’s like a one time thing you squish it and then you cannot squish it again cuz you squished it with multiple metal eaters this is why I did I what do you call no sometimes I would squish the erasers and then sometimes

Like when I don’t have enough eraser anymore I would unwrap it using my tee I was this this this was when I was a child I would unwrap the metal thing using my teeth and then it would would Circle circle away from the Eraser and then I have more I get more Eraser I am I did I explain that good I don’t think so I don’t maybe not but I did that I did that I ate I ate a lot of I don’t know why I eat ate them though but like I I ate a lot of things when I was a child so

Anyway toilet guys what do you want to eat By C fire oh over there I just bued that with my [Laughter] fingers I understand what you be because I did that too no W maybe Noah is me for real For I Noah is me for real for real maybe hey let me look you know no we need to end stream it’s almost four it’s almost four it’s almost far the floor isn’t perfect but it makes it makes look at look it reflects it reflects like a little bit

On the toilet and it’s good it’s good see we’re going to make take a picture now me me my toilet Oh Me Oh how do you ah hey what how do you oh oh how do you take a picture oh me and my oh smile oh she did that [Laughter]

Guys she did it oh AR you Pro the creation Um what 3 3 a.m. it means February is over right wait let me check my calendar yeah oh my gosh February is over that’s cool happy birthday happy birthday to the people who have birthdays today because your birthday is rare it it doesn’t come every year happy birthday happy happy

Birthday he the yeah it’s the last day so Happ birthday your birthday is very rare you’re probably oneyear old okay I don’t know anyone who has wait no doesn’t doesn’t is is aed’s birthday9th is A’s birthday the 29th happy birthday I don’t know why you’re not that rare but I I

Don’t care you are Oney old 29ers you weird stuff indeed I ate crayon back then I know someone who ate paper paper slea and lotions I ate crayons too I have a story about that that’s a story for another day it involves grades in [Laughter] school it is Abal Luna’s birthday yay

Happy birthday Abal Luna RP fly high my guy F fly h a guy slay every Day to BBE because I EA good grads yeah I got like 90 [Laughter] plus weird a kid no I think that’s good that means your parents don’t have a problem with you eating random stuff and then they don’t have to to tell you like what are you doing with your with your

Stuff why are you the bip marks are we not feeding you question yeah that that’s that’s what Happens okay I’m going to end stream now we need to end stream I want to lie down in bed and go to the bathroom again to Peees I i r of an knly there we still talking about eating food wait okay I don’t know if I’m going to stream tomorrow uh later I I think I will I want to eat um indomy I want to eat indom me so H so maybe I will stream tomorrow do later I

Am not sure depends on the vibe depends on the vibe what if like after this my my throat hurts because I haven’t talked in a while I don’t know but like you know you know maybe I might and then I need a schedule but also I don’t know what my

Schedule is every day So so after indomy I need to finish that game and that’s all I guess yeah you go yeah yeah okay wa say say wait wait say byebye to byebye to Minecraft FN byebye byebye bye-bye say byebye to her look at her byebye say bye-bye to her toilet [Laughter] byebye she

Okay M she say I will stream that’s good that’s a good always check the twitters if you don’t see it uh that’s fine to okay bye-bye I’m going to end the stream now for real for real maybe we will eat in the me together who knows like you know like a little a

Little February date because I did not date this Valentine’s well I I never date anyway how do you where where where’s my goodbye cream bye-bye byebye is he cute is cute what how where is this the oh oh that’s my screen oh yeah okay keep good night sleep good if you don’t sleep

Good don’t blame B you should sleep good and then we will we will dream about sh I want to doeh byebye bye-bye for real byebye good night sleep well bye-bye byebye Byebye

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    Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge! Minecraft Solo Leveling: Surviving 100 Days in Sung Jin Woo’s World! Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft as you attempt to survive for 100 days in the shoes of Sung Jin Woo. Utilizing the solo leveling Minecraft mod, players start from the E rank and progress through dungeons to strengthen themselves, aiming to reach the coveted S rank. If you’re intrigued by this challenge, the mod link is provided below for you to experience it in your own Minecraft world. Challenges and Progression Starting with the awakening phase, players dive into their first task of… Read More

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    Crafting a Sofa in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” OMG guys, so I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this super viral Minecraft video called “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ KANAPĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But then I was like, okay let’s give it a shot, haha! First Thoughts: At first, I was like, why are they building a couch in Minecraft? Like, can’t you just sit on a regular couch in real life? But then I was like, wait, this is actually kinda cool! The video had… Read More

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    Insane New Hit Master 3D Gameplay 🤯 #viral #trendingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Hit Master 3D || Gameplay ,,#viral #gaming #trending #ytshorts #youtubeshorts #shorts #how’, was uploaded by TotalGaming on 2024-02-04 22:10:00. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. shorts spider-man skibidi toilet tiktok minecraft sonic granny healing spider-man 3d sound dj alu ki pudi bts cake decorating cat voice Read More

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    SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘(WIP) Most Realistic Elevator In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Professorvatcraft on 2024-01-04 15:02:11. It has garnered 9462 views and 189 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. This is a 2 floors version. I’m currently working on a multi-floor version. If you are interested in helping. You can comment down below or you can dm me on my other social medias. Thanks for watching and hope you have a good day 😀 Read More

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  • Nephthys Network

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  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

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