“Insane Adventures in Minecraft: Lady LINKARIO LIVE on Spinalcraft Horizons!” #crazyfun

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Just making sure everything is good to Go everyone here everyone see me live um just uh making sure I’m both live on both twitch and YouTube going to refresh that okay cool doesn’t matter about that um I’ll say hi to chat in just a moment uh so it looks like I tried to log into twitch or YouTube and then do it this way but apparently I wanted to do either to one or the other so I had

To log out once again so let me turn on this so everyone can hear this it’s not very loud I know but it’s just for background noise cuz I did get a claim a fake claim on this music I am playing right now yes uh so yeah stupid YouTube Bots keep doing their

H yeah doing their stuff um just making sure everything is working in order so let me do that um hello everyone and welcome this is uh my technically my second multi stream and yes like I said I tried to log into one of the one of the two so

Now my yeah my my stream elments won’t actually work which is fine I’m sure that the chat is something to be desired but as in the chat on screen I’m really hoping that twitch isn’t going to bat me one because twitch is well you

Know okay so uh hang on hang on hang on I’m just trying to make sure that this is Correct there you go that do okay okay right everyone uh who have I who do I have in chat to this evening I have uh well let’s start with before I was live we have Mason we have a light gazer Clifford Longhead and programmer plays welcome everyone to the stream

Of uh spinal well Minecraft but playing on the my uh spinal Craft Server if you would like to join the details are in the description you’re playing on Java the IP address is in the description and the if you’re playing on Bedrock the port is also in the description so feel

Free to join us um I’m hoping that I said twitch won’t B me for having a combined chat on but keep that between us um how am I doing I’m doing well let’s just say good and bad at the same time because I’ve had some good points and some bad points this

Week I kind of just want to chill today yes I’m streaming but I just want to chill um I know yes I shouldn’t be streaming but hey whatever but yes hello Bala on Twitch uh nice to see you nice to see you on Twitch yeah yeah I’m doing I’m

Doing good and bad I’m doing I’m doing all right for the current moment if that’s if that’s what you’re asking um just like I said I’m just it’s just First Day spidal craft uh no it’s not actually uh I’ve played H his a few times um you going to join the server that’s

Fine this is a vanilla server well vanilla technically plus server but server vanilla plus plugins that is so it is yeah I’ve played on this several times I’m just trying to get the sword because like I said this is my second multi stream I’m just trying to get everything

Sorted um I’m hoping my music is heard but not too loud because I don’t want to get backed again from you know YouTube because YouTube seems to like claiming stuff that’s not theirs and this is all Nintendo music and only music only Nintendo are allowed to claim this music whoever’s doing this please

Stop because this is not your music to claim I am using Nintendo music um now I have my little r I should hopefully see both chats and my link carot is working so let’s get you up let’s get you up let’s get let’s unmute that as well

Unmute can I unmute it please no stream L is being weird Now are you serious streamlabs can you just unmute my thing please I am clicking the thing unmute so D let me uh let me test a let me test something uh actually I can’t test anything because yeah okay I’m going to have to work without uh sounds for my alerts so yeah

Fun anyways uh everything else is looks fine boop boop oop let’s do that there we go right now back onto Minecraft is my vtuber still working yes it looks like it right I’m hoping the game is still being heard that’s Fine Okie do let’s go I’m just waiting for the game to load up right yes it’s a bit laggy when I boot in it’s Fine okay um how do you put the port on Bedrock I actually don’t know because I don’t play Bedrock Minecraft I would assume you go to something like mult player whoever whoever actually plays Bedrock who’s in chat please let us know because I actually don’t know uh I actually don’t know how you

Put the port into Bedrock so you need the app what uh right um found reporting them to Nintendo instead of YouTube is hilarious yeah but anyway um I’ve got music in the background if it’s too quiet let me turn up um but I will do that at some point

But yes uh see how many heads I’ve got in my house yes this is this is me hello along with my vtuber so it’s the default Port okay it’s fine uh I can see both chats it’s fine I’m going to sleep cuz I probably haven’t slept in a while I haven’t been

On the server in a good few days I’ve been doing a lot of stuff I’ve been busy stuff uh let’s see who’s on the server okay so I don’t know what the airplane next to a s gamer mom’s name is but looks like a lot of people on

Here hello there cam dog welcome to the stream how are you doing today doing another multi stream of Minecraft multi Minecraft stream there you go um was probably going to build up this house a bit more so so far than all I’ve done uh just finish off this next floor but I’m

Thinking oh hello hey Mason good to see you um if you’d like to uh let me have a look here which chat should I put this in both well that question both I think this is still Working if my nightbot wants to work hello there gamer x59 on Twitch welcome how are you doing today I’m hoping like I said like gazer says that I can have the chat on thing if twitch doesn’t like it well I was told that they can’t do anything about it

So I’m hoping that please just send there you go Um do I’ve just lost okay not going live I like streaming it’s my it’s a very good hobby of mine um so what was discussed in the last uh Stream I’m hoping like I said it’s Good um I’m in voice chat but uh that’s let’s go to Discord Then aha there you are oy do hello hello Cario Hyo how are you doing I’m doing okay I am doing fine for the moment uh just just trying to like I said I’ve got a lot of stuff open right now the thing is that I don’t know how to efficiently multistream it’s very strange a w why

Sir okay so I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you doing a vtuber yes I do have a vtuber I just don’t use it very often um but I thought might as well get a vtuber done for you do you put Bedrock port in join realm no it’s not a realm

It’s multiplayer so again I don’t know okay whoever can help programmer please join the server I don’t actually know how you do it on Bedrock um CU I play Java you see apparently uh like G said something like you need the app it’s like a Better Together app I

Believe it’s called No I can yeah like gazer is in chat so I think uh I think you can help programmer join the server what do you mean this is crazy Ty this is not crazy don’t don’t call me crazy uh yeah I managed to set up so

Like gazer I’ve managed to set up my um my thing uh Cherry saplings and I got some bow m in there so you help me get that going hey gamer 59 if you want print them around here if you want yeah I will do I will do at some point

Hang on give me two sex uh whoever says gamerx 459 if you’d like to ah you’re in the you’re in the VC cool um hello hey hello how are you how are you doing all right you yeah okay I don’t know I don’t know quite

What to do today anyone s any got some suggestions what to do on Minecraft today about going Ming we could go mining yeah what’s the app called like it yeah it’s called better together I think together on the PO yeah H let’s have a look let’s you know

What let’s put those get there um baked potatoes for torches I need some more pickaxes so I’ve got a t of stone pickaxes if you want them although I don’t know if that’s speaking potatoes you want go see you want to see what I’ve been doing

What you been doing you want to come see oh what’s going on wrong way oh you want to go okay you want to go to um what was it luminary Town yes I’ve been prank doing some over There uh let yeah I pretty much have infinite Stone to make however many Stone pickaxes okay let’s put that there that there that there that there that There um I need a couple more Stone pickaxes I think you want some thank you some yeah where we’re about to are you in you luminary Town that’s where you live it yes I’m at luminary I just left my house I’m going to yours oh I’m in the slip Hub now oh

Um in that case me Us in R town I don’t think PR players in my Discord um hang on a minute like Gaz you know what here you can make it easy if you post it into the um post it in the chat there you go yeah I think that will be

Easier I know obviously can’t post links unless you’re a mod but I thought like gazer is a very good friend of mine now so it’s no biggie so I’m in the you’re in the slip Hub you said no I’m okay so now you’re in the

Slip Hub uh come back to lumary town I’m just by the port slip sorry okay that that confused me oh yeah when you when you do that um do that command it does take a little time for nightbot to kick in but it will hopefully if it doesn’t do it for You yeah let me just show you my location I can see here okay you said you’re on the slip okay no you said you’re on the slip HB hang on let me go back to the slip HB oh I just came back out cuz you said you weren’t there come okay okay

Okay where am I meeting you At come to the slip Hub I’m literally in front of the sign okay Yeah for some reason that doesn’t seem to want to work so let’s just do that for you um wait whose slip is this over here I have no clue oh someone named stuff Wing wi one I don’t we need to worry about that that’s fine uh feel free to join the Discord

Server if you want um hi hello are you you got gold armor okay cool that’s fine that’s fine right we’re going mining so let’s go to I found the better uh Cave over near where I live are you dead I know I I know I you want to go see did

With oh we can do it after stream if you want you mind if I go with you yeah sure I found several diamonds where I where I went mining last time didn’t we Mason you have a question programmer uh what’s your question I’m in the wrong spot

Well players can’t do Co together would I beat no no no no this is a server that both accommodates both twitch and sorry not twitch Java and Bedrock this is mostly a Java world but you can join via Bedrock because of all the plugins it has and light gazer is uh well an

Officer is an officer of the service so he he knows best uh I’m just doing that and great o yeah There go click there I’m getting some potatoes we Award time to cook okay so I’ve right hang on I’ve only got eight jacket potatoes sorry eight baked potatoes let me get a whole stack get me some of my own Stone pickaxes you might want to pick an iron one or two um because of diamonds and gold and

That true um you don’t need that many iron pickaxes cuz iron iron is renewable but I don’t like to like go overbo if you want to get this potatoes I don’t even know if I have an iron pickax right now oh here’s one it’s low durability though

Hang on hang on there’s I’ve already got a stack of pot baked potatoes those are yours by the Way you oh yeah I should CLE Pi up can you turn gold nuggets into bars yes you need nine nuggets though nine nuggets for a bar so if you go into the crafting table you’ll have a 3X3 grid you have to put a nugget in each of those uh boxes actually I

Changed my mind oh that’s fine programmer plays it’s up it’s up to you whether you join or not it’s uh you don’t have to if you don’t want to I will yeah I have a diamond kick but that’s like you know obsidian mining yeah we’ve already got a portal

Anyway and if you need obsidian just get a lav a bucket and water yeah that’s an easier way of doing it enchanting table I will need another sword though um Quality yeah I’m still cooking potatoes but I’m going to get an IR like several swords I’ve made over the course of

Time stone and you know whatever else they’re all fresh there’s even a stone axe in here there’s a lot of iron in here again I know I’ve got a lot of iron but I don’t like doing it too much uh okay yeah I’ve got an iron sword but i’ like save

It cuz it’s the only one I have Left the way my switch DM wait the way my switch DNS settings are you don’t want to change them I don’t think you have to change those DNS settings I I I I honly I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to bedrock so unless there’s someone that like I said like

Gazer knows knows what he’s doing when he’s doing Bedrock so oh yeah my shield is basically non-existent it has like no durability so keep that in mind I basically don’t have a shield yeah even if I look like I have one it gets hit once it’s

Done here your potatoes oh I do need a shield that has a point actually I I don’t need the potatoes I’ve got a whole stack remember you take them you take them fine sorry no no no it’s fine it’s fine I just said I got a whole St it’s fine uh

Um so I’ll just wait for you outside your house if that works yeah that’s fine I got a whole stack of torches plus three extra oh don’t kill the zombie piglin cuz you’ll aggro them oh you killed it okay no let’s get rid of these Tre go in the over World

They can’t oh I wonder if there’s more than one are you going mining in the nether no I’m going no uh it’s just because there zombie plings can actually come through the pool I yeah I don’t want to yeah and if they get that’s why

We have some lava don’t don’t get rid of that I’m just going to put some flat uh some trees here there you go just to get another slot in my inventory hello there Mr de sorry I sorry I wasn’t meaning to ignore you but

Uh I saw you there I was just trying to sort some stuff out um but how are you is anyway so it’s a it’s a big responsibility having both two streams going at once oh God I can imagine yeah so I’ve got swords I’ve got pickaxes got torches got food I think

That’s all I need uh and I was going to give you the Tores by the way you’re welcome yes thank you for the torches if fact I can give you those three if you wanted um I like a whole stack of something okay let’s have I’m ready to

Go and that one there we go right um that for that one you can we ready yeah I I’m just trying to think what I’m I swear I’m missing something am I missing something has everyone got stuff where are you Gamer gamer okay I was talking to myself didn’t realize I hit my button oh anyway I’m making some spare uh I’m in my house I’m making some spare uh crafting table just in case you so if if you guys need more Stone pickaxes for any reason I have

Like 49 Cobblestone and 47 sticks can easily make uh you know whatever using a spare crafting table where is oh you crafting table yeah he’s in luminary town let go get him yeah yeah I’ll go get him I’m trying to hurry I’m sorry I speaking with be up there quick A turn smoker furnace and we Diamond St right going to my counting we got sting diamonds okay now to make the crafting table I was about to say you don’t need to keep making crafting tables like you can just bring the one you’ve got like we’ve got multiple we’ve got loads of

Crafting tables if you really want to take one too yeah I just I wanted one in my inventory yeah okay we got I’m just trying to sort stuff out so behind you okay pickaxe pickaxe pickaxe there we go there you are okay we got that so lario said she found a cave yes

I’ve got a cave uh maybe by whole house got that yeah I’ve got so many different tabs open like it doesn’t really maybe had the strip on oh all right let’s H Swift uh thanks for all saying hi I guess uh hope you enjoy your St off oh yeah

Um do you guys have a grinder of some kind that I could use to repair my shield maybe uh I don’t there’s a no there’s no there’s no such thing uh when it comes to there is something called a stone cutter anv there is something called an

Anvil and a stone cutter but you can’t repair Shields I don’t think really I don’t think so can you repair Shields yes you can I thought you could I remember reading it on um Farm use the N Farm if it has me wait use the end F if it has mending I don’t

Think we’ve got any spell books yet CU gamer it’s it’s funny gamerx 459 has only just started playing Minecraft for the very first time so he’s quite new to playing it um however I will do this whilst I’m waiting for you though I go to the Minecraft spawn that’s very

Low and an enchanting team that’s that’s interesting hang on who is looking at me bunny wait who was That so was just someone walked up to me with Diamond Armor what that’s I saw that person in there in your house earlier I don’t know who was that There was a random person with Diamond Armor around here was that light gazer wait I I saw yellow and blue I’m sure it was either yeah no it’s not like is okay I saw you I swear could have I don’t know I’m only thinking who what’s up um what was about to

Break it’s a new one hang on I’m just trying to out thank you so much that’ll help beyond belief oh yeah my gold armor is also low that doesn’t matter I’m just trying to turn this up my gold armor is half by the way so oh by way maybe at spawn

Spawn I’m asking damaged the path no no you don’t need to worry about that okay I will get on the path by the Way okay we still in progress don’t worry about it so there’s something someone told me me that they’re enarm enarm so what kind of enarm then are we doing Ender just Ender yes so is the end farm going to be built here like on the main island I’m looking

Down so I don’t Agro the Enderman why is that one just opening in his mouth I don’t understand I think someone must have aggroed him so I don’t know what whoa hello light gazer speak of the Devil I say back to spawn game H I can hold on you you guys are at spawn yes okay hold on I had to turn up your mic a little bit oh the oh my God okay the end farm is behind where you spawn okay oh okay can I just

Ow a correction don’t um yeah don’t Crouch you do that you almost hit your head hit well break your legs more so are you coming that’s on my way what is this you guys are at spawn so I don’t not looking at here is this Spruce leaves oh oh water locked leaves oh

Okay because do I just SL spawn okay and you click the bottom one says uh server spawn could SP Ser spity Ender form oh I know two built I will uh need to turn that down I think give me a sec that is pretty loud we won’t meet you

Though built by beatcraft and doing great do not try to make any modifications to the farm if any breaks just tell the beatcraft or doing great you just literally just do this like the sweep attack oh no is this like the way of like getting XP and ender pearls a lot of end

Pears fair enough okay cool thanks for showing me that I will keep that in mind and wait there’s an enchantment table over here W okay that’s interesting got the sign now we wait for we okay we got lapis and Ender um and heads oh God we at your

House right now with that’s fine um anyway thanks for likea for uh show me the Enderman Farm good thing I can make mushroom y the end bre is ended cool crafting what this is this the way to get up that’s the way to get up so this is where

All so is light gazer showing you where the end Port is he sh me where the ender pearl Farm is the pink area so uh the moment you spawn into the end um you can then look they basically do 180 Look Backwards um and it’s basically there uh

I need to get back to where it is Though yeah the pink area uh let’s wait for we Cario get else oh there’s a wall in the way I can’t jump over it I’m looking around a little I’m sure she want mine oh I just heard a cow oh am I catching volume again okay I heard a big Moon I just had another okay and farm this way sign is block with a magic wait what is that supposed to be a slip sign that’s interesting I want to go back to the oh you know what I just I’ll just go for the End Pool I’ll just go through the end portal because it doesn’t want to no I want to go back to spawn oh I’ll just slash spawn then why not if you think about wa if you use take the Empire you will be back to your house yeah true I suppose there’s many ways of

Getting around this server it’s actually very easy to get around if fact actually as I’m here I might as well do my dailies before going back Home pretty oh God I’m lagging why is it so laggy here what’s this there was a warp there that least straight to the bottom of the the shaft yeah it doesn’t seem to want to work for some reason okay um chat should I put should I grab some prize

Items item prizes or some token prizes bear in mind That hang on what there was a w there that leads straight to the bottom of the shaft of that shaft yeah is it at the bottom to go back to spawn why am I lagging so much jeez I just took a screenshot by mistake um

Okay what I am at 13 frames per second that is Insane uh let’s have a Look Wizard’s bow I don’t really want any of these like what’s this yeah it was oh right okay um not designed by Elon Musk there’s one prize book so this is a flight time but I don’t need flight time cuz I still have a book that I can use that

For um and there’s diamonds for tokens and I think you can use tokens to get games to get tickets and I forget what you can get by tickets soorry I forget what you can use tickets on tickets hang on I think I think 100 ticket 100 I think 100 tickets gives you

A prize book it’s there’s like three types of currencies it’s a little confusing to get around actually we’ll come here and get 39 tokens I have 40 tokens oh my God why 23 PS that is insane um yeah I’m going to go back so let’s do that time

For oh I forgot to do my uh my daily roll I I don’t know what to do I’ll do it later it it restarts every reset anyway it’s about I think it’s about 9900 p.m. sorry 9:00 a.m. UK time so so where abouts are you gamer I’m back at I’m I’ve been just here wherever Mason took me which was oh you are I died in the Ender like an idiot oh I died in the nether you died oh you died in the nether did you get your head okay you got your stuff back that looks

Cool that’s a point I need to make a shield I foret Shields Spruce Planks yeah I need one iron ingot which I know there should be wood all around it like iron in the top and the rest just wood if I remember right I could be wrong but you know in the middle hang on well there we go that’s how you make

One I usually just use this quick menu here you know for everything oh yeah I do have a um Roy Source pack that lowers the shield so it’s not like blocking the entire screen oh I got that to work now too to go I do need some more baked potatoes

Yeah we’ll we’ll check out the Ender Farm uh I’ve got some mushroom stew and quick Sal so I don’t have much of it I was going to say the best things for um healing is baked potatoes take a couple of those I also bring a bring some backup food in

Case I need that oh yeah bring some backup food oh yeah hold on why just do that and also I bought I bought my new G head to your house with oh yeah you can see the difference can’t you you see the the old skin and the new

Skin if you want bre the old one if you want with the new one that’s fine I’ll I’ll deal with them later but for now my my house looks pretty good like a little Tower area I think I might actually extend this area like this thing here

Actually want one lower and that’s all the what what’s this wood again yeah this is mangrove that’s one I’ll come back and do that later it is night time oh sleeping for the night someone’s already doing that for us so let’s go are we uh you

Coming oh you got you haven’t got back up food yet oh by we call that pink oh wait you I got to work follow I’m ready to follow you whenever oh you got the Round Moon round sun and moon resource back no I no the oh wait that’s P you saw me once

Remember it’s on pink oh that one yeah the uh the pink gooey yep got to work hey there little tiger welcome to the stream how you doing buddy good to see you little tiger ow be careful yeah all right so a damage yeah laugh it off but just remember this is hard mode

Um so be very careful about get hit by Oh and before we do this we have a 10 light C there we go let’s Go I’m going to make some for hyro Radio smooth jazz oh and just so you know uh feel free to uh use some sound effects I have the co command here that gives you a list uh feel free to use any of those commands that come up

If my lari bot wants to there we go um do that let say 10 like H and Shad one that’s a very decent turnout already uhh so game or if you’re on Twitch you are welcome to use the sound uh the sound alerts that I have on the by watching the Stream sp there we go oh oh Mason’s got the beautiful diamond sword okay Zombie behind you yeah that’s fine I got it I was being say zombies aren’t going to be the problem going to be stuff like okay skons as long as you have water underneath you you can drop drop from any height whoa I took big fall damage ouch how did you take fall damage

I hit the piece of wood instead of oh the water oh say like in the new improv spaw crafts wait the new improved spawn oh wait the new improv spaw crafts what what was different from before I played on it cuz I didn’t I if you’re talking

About the Legacy server I never went on there so cuz I don’t think I knew light Gaz at the time and light Gaz got me into the uh the new the new server Redstone you need an iron pickaxe okay are we going this this way we going

Uh just waiting for gamerx he’s just mining some stuff don’t leave people behind you I would like this red stone okay then how do you like yeah how do you like this SP um this SP craft is pretty good like I said I’m not used to hard mode but

There’s always room to learn isn’t there oh I just think when you go back to regular mode it’ll be easy mode yeah no okay we I don’t we are not going to easy Mo because oh that’s um it uh gamer do you want some more gold you like gold don’t you yeah I

Like gold okay so I got got some gold here for you if you want it just that over there I can’t find a new Area that lapis that’s lapis we’ll take nice those are for enchanting yeah always place your tses there’s more gold here though there’s more gold here that was a good amount of gold oh wow more I will tell you though I will let you know that I will let you know that gold

Isn’t very strong gold is more useful in other builds and you know tool well actually it’s not even it’s not even good for tools to be honest well break so easily this way see they I know they break a bit more than iron they have like about the same

Strength but it’s like more breakable if if I if if I could find more iron I mean I’d make use of it but for now gold is what I have cuz like I’ve seen so much of it I got so much of it out of the freaking nether I got like 45 ingots

Waiting for me this is brand new territory oh shoot yes I did okay oh and I have 35 point of oh that’s a fool yeah that’s that’s a one of a drop and he died okay why used to the water bucket you just about got that do you do you remember where to

Go a Bit partially I know how to get to your don’t try put too many uh torches too close together cuz there is a lot of fire around the place wait is that diamonds diamonds Diamond yes nice okay whoever said Diamond spawn at Yus 57 like I saw diamonds at y level zero No that’s not good oh shoot well you can show me the way back now wow okay I did not expect that oh I couldn’t get back I don’t think I can actually wa this is the back door okay could try and help you there we can’t bring a w buet with you

Because yeah don’t I don’t think I have I had some water buckets on me hang on hang on what you need one to get you grave it’s going on top the wall I don’t I don’t know where my water bucket is I had some on my CS had two why did I put

MK part two I don’t know I don’t know no way uh okay no uh Mason has a water bucket okay and I use my well on my corpse anyway yeah you got also luy Four Diamonds Four Diamonds yes nice I’m wait for you to return that was that was a big

O yeah for me it was bigger though cuz like mine was preventable beyond belief five diamonds no way okay did you seriously just fall on one block before the water oh only you could do yeah we got more diamonds we got just done hang on give

Give me a second to get back Mason give me a sec girl right don’t fall on the don’t fall don’t fall on the wood this time uh gamer is it safe to say that I haven’t played this game enough no you have not played this enough I think it was this way

You I fell on to literally oh hey St later ah here we go right Crouch make sure you crouch cuz you can’t physically fall off the edge unless you’re under you’re ready so it looks like below us is water so you just jump into the water make sure you got blue underneath

You there you go there’s your tomb where’s my tomb like seriously mine is right down like I saw diamond oh my God there’s diamonds di yeah that’s where I saw the diamonds that’s where I saw the diamonds and my tombs down there can we have the water bucket for a please I this

Bucket okay uh okay pass me the bucket I’ll go get some more I got a bucket have you got water in water in it yes there are water buckets I said this oh right no F this one let me grab that okay I may need one let me PA it down

Because we need to be careful H shoot let me get this mine oops here’s your head I don’t care for my head it can die for all you can water right thanks y use it because I’m probably going to mess it Up okay so let’s just pop this Here don’t don’t move don’t move Gest yet do you have an iron pick I did have an iron pick don’t diamonds huh don’t mess with the diamonds okay don’t know why but I’m going to be very careful of this cuz I sometimes drop items there we go right cool right it’s

Safe to come down now are you sure about that you want to come I could get a bit of lava yeah you want to come get these diamonds yeah be with let’s put that a lot of obsidian if you if you need lava I found an infinite well not quite an

Infinite Source but quite a bit of oh my God those okay those diamonds are precariously sitting on the edge there I need some blocks have you got any blocks yes okay put them underneath the diamonds if you can oops okay come come come in this SC go in that corner there put them

Underneath the diamond there we go okay let me move that um water source okay my inventory is like really not bad now right this is this is just diamonds that’s really good I found a it’s really good one I agree let head down oh wait gamer is

Still there hang on hang on Gamer’s still down there I think you want me to come back up uh yeah otherwise you’re trapped down there okay hold on did you just take that water oh God huh did you you just hit me down there not okay Mason you’ve just trapped

Us oh hell you’ve just trapped us down here I have blocks to Tower up how many blocks uh let me see if I can do it I have 35 Cobblestone one dirt two c no don’t don’t don’t take all the lava I mean we don’t really no start making

This tiny area safe what is over there anyway let me see if I can build a supply form out of here there’s something over there is that gravel oh no it’s probably this stuff which is is that gold I don’t see gold over there I do see

It maybe we able to find more diamonds it might be more diamonds above there what L level are we at ohus Rel the block Rel the block thank you careful can I just say like if you do this gamer cam look if you if you crouch

If you go to the edge of the block place a block and then place a block underneath you and then stare up that way like this look if you if I do this sorry if I do this like if you go if you crouch you can’t move the block

You go right click here and then up and yeah and then do this and that’s how you st up see uh we got a diamond we got diamonds have we oh go above yeah oh my God you can find is though I don’t have many blocks Tower

Up of these blocks to use this platform as well yeah I can just grab all these blocks to make platform as well and I saw Redstone so I’m going after okay so I do need some see is let me see down o diamonds nice there’s more over

Here only one Diamond okay no I me there’s one no I meant there’s one where I am oh no did you just fall in the lava yes and I can’t get out I don’t know how oh the trouble is with lava is it’s very thick that it’s very hard to swim in

Okayy make that area around to tomb safe what I would suggest don’t break the tomb just right click to and get your stuff out individually yeah I know look above you yeah I’m I’m looking I’m bringing a couple more pickaxes because of that and a bunch of blocks we can get out yeah

It’s just individual diamonds here on the F ceiling I’ve got a bunch of Netherrack I can bring since you know I had to mine so much freaking nether it’s not funny okay going back to Y oh hello there’s iron down here there’s iron down here IR important thing oh we make this

Part have to get back over there I would say I don’t I don’t want all of the uh I don’t want all of the lava to be mined because it’s going to get yeah that’s fine just block over it it’s fine it’s fine just do this I just need this my memory

Sucks I’m not going to be able to get down to where y’all are because of the water yeah got rid of the you don’t even worry about that I’m about to PR it down I have an idea you see me I don’t see you no I started running that

Way I’m going the wrong way aren’t I so I place the wall down I hope I can get back there I should take my death coordinates somehow 2166 this keeps going off Rec call where is he huh where Where is he you what’s going on I’m where he is yeah you could you’re try you’re dying to try and get back I don’t even know if I’m going the right way which is the worst part he’s also screening by the way with you oh um hang on the right

Way no this is the wrong way me out come on F oh forgot where is lovely why does my memory suck so much hang on let me where abouts are you in that cave actually as I’m here I’m going to get some Water okay from here we went right right or left right right or left turn right to turn left I’m kidding I don’t know I’m making I’m making a reference don’t worry I know I catch on where’s that spot I’m going to die otherwise at this point I’m not really Caring okay let’s stop doing that let’s put on Armor let’s eat some food hey we’re going to raid on YouTube as just T raid thank thank you for the raid huh welome raes welcome Raiders yeah you know what be with guys let me just on

The raid screen um I’m going to have to mute that for a second uh done This Okay so this is okay my my thing’s broken hang on give me a Sec oh it’s on okay specific window there we go yeah for some I don’t know why that broke okay that’s I should be fine now uh yeah it also reset my music that’s fine I don’t doesn’t matter anyways welcome Raiders welcome how were you how

Are you doing today uh I you was doing Scott Pilgrim versus the world um okay fair enough um I’ve never heard of that game but I hope it went well I hope you enjoyed the game and thank you so again thank you so much for the raid I appreciate

It uh let’s have a look I’m just trying to fix my layout again because things have gone wrong right it should be fine now oh here we are yeah welcome welcome I think everything should heio sorry I’m bad with maps hey oh you back at your house with Cario

I’m back oh God okay uh give me a sec I’m dead again I’m the K by the way that’s because he got shot by a Skeleton the problem with the the that’s the challenge though that’s half the challenge please I’m not I need to really I need to really like uh change my out thing so if I’m Doing do that no one sword one Pickaxe wait I had oh I got two Iron Pigs okay back at your house I should sleep till night so I’m not attacked by mobs at night maybe that’s maybe that’s a good idea I got a B idea how about we go m r in town just make it easier for game to

Get back okay you say you say that the last time we the problem is you say that the last time we mined at luminary town we got absolutely mobbed by skeletons that skeleton spawner remember we are not going to die I remember the way back now it’s

Fine okay well you need to get back this grave first yeah I know here’s the water make sure you has blue underneath you before you jump I I’ll I’ll see oh there we go oh God okay that skeleton is not killed thank than you maybe we should put some lighting up

There so things don’t spawn up there give me a second I had torches but you know that changed anyway here’s an infinite number of blocks that you can use to tower out literally in here I would have thought okay that’s fine I mean it’s not literally infin it’s about two

Stacks I mean I’ve got more like 64 Stacks like time five anyway let’s sure I don’t miss okay okay okay so this way I’m not that horrible yet all right last time you lost your way and I just thought better not get let go let

You get lost it’s fine I just there is a i you want memorize stuff is the thing wait um yeah this is me yeah no here we go here we go the dirt remember the dirt okay the dirt will point us the way it’s this way let’s see oh there’s a creeper

Over there let’s not deal with that where is there blue underneath here yes there is okay the Creeper’s coming down to you you got a zombie behind I killed it I killed it I killed it zombie behind you go okay I was going to drop down to you

There was no chance of me getting killed again oh I yes thank you for the raid again once again uh you are you are most welcome to stay if you want but yeah fair enough you have to go you have to go that’s fair enough

Um but it’s good to see you yeah so I’m just going to do this right there’s the water there we go now I got to find my corpse that’s in lava over here because I’m bad at this game yes I’m bad at this game what else is new I’m bad move only

WR don’t break it I know I never I was going to say I just realized am I do I have a delay that’s a problem Oh shoot um yeah I have I brought too much stuff with blocks oh I mean I have spare in my inventory if you really want to dump your

Stuff like oh there Cobblestone is renewable very very easily renewable if you really don’t want Cobble um I would I would keep some blocks because you can t you can well I mean I still have some believe it or not on the for oh really just broke that by mistake

Place that by mistake I I play way too you know what this is too many blocks jeez what am I doing with all this stuff hold the F okay I would say that I don’t know about never but Cobblestone is definitely renewable so if you really don’t want the Cobble there is a cobble Jin at my home anyways so just DP all a lot of the Cobble in the lava oak sapling why do I have That um that Game Cobble deep SL what’s this that’s funny this is hilarious is like still in the uh in the chat probably doing own thing W AFK okay okay why do I have these I was about to say if you really don’t want it just dump it in the

Lava oh I didn’t see it I didn’t I mean dude there’s lava everywhere I didn’t think about it I should say it deletes all the stuff I mean a lot of the stuff is renewable like I said take away the stuff that isn’t renew well isn’t very easily renewable wood is

Renewable yeah sticks yada I don’t think there’s much there’s not actually much down here other than the odd bits and pieces there’s a lot of gold here oh by way you got your grave I’ve got my grave yeah I’m asking him oh yeah I should put this on so I have more

Room oh my helmet broke Oh well we are getting out of Here eror I can’t believe I got a bow that was like completely by We call we keeping that water if you want come back you yeah we’ll keep that water there I did pick up my water oh you pick up all water hello diamonds let’s go oh you find more I found more

Diamonds yeah cool all right well let me heal up because LLY knows I almost died oh I think a skeleton’s coming for me cuz I just heard it me okay we getting out of here there’s a lot of obsidian here so if I need obsidian I that’s not obsidian this is Black

Stone oh yeah no uh no duh no I don’t what you’re talk about okay the stuff that looks like Cobblestone that’s black stone but I suppose the uh the lava you’ve just walked on as in the the dry lava is Obsidian so yeah when it comes

To obsidian did that bat just die uh uh where are you I don’t know where have you just G we just came back up there’s a creeper here that’s not good I can’t hit oh there we go there we go what’s that I know nothing this is this is some insane cave generation

Honestly another creeper there are so many creepers what the [ __ ] there’s another one right over There okay what’s L you Rec call you I’m still down here did you did you say you went up yes are you in you still down there yeah I’m still down here I’m coming back up now she was mining probably whatever like I said I found a couple diamonds so I’m

Happy I’m going to going I would probably need to go back up cuz I would want some iron a little higher anyway cuz I don’t think there’s going to be Iron down here oh it’s a little there’s a baby zombie it’s more like a zombie I’m going

To die it’s it’s going to kill me attention there we go I can kill it if it like has a go at all of us there you go you had to go it no how did you die oh you got ambushed by I got that zombies I got killed from

Behind I got revenge for you call you okay guarding your stuff what my nose another Freaking Creeper by the way yeah ow gold armored zombie running through fire let me see if he’s dumb enough to do that again I mean zombies are all are normally quite dumb So oh now he avoids it freaking smartass this how the AI generat it’s the uh y don’t tell me you just died no but I’m close to it he’s dead somehow thank you I’m getting out You put out some of this fire put a torch at your corpse so they stop spawning Here at least I hope they Do more zombies let oh hello bone that’ll be useful zombie behind you yeah I know where where are you I’m going see you oh there where’s my where’s my uh heads where’s where’s my tomb this me ah there it is okay that’s that’s a drop okay yeah

That’s where I almost took a absolute death oh what I said oh my inventory must be empty stupid there you go that’s down let’s head down let’s head down yes there’s a zombie Oh there it is here we go I want this ho Diamond you find diamond where’s CU just how many Diamond that’s two I can see from the surface I should three three diamonds three diamonds uh how many got now I’ve got 14 diamonds right now there’s a

Skeleton in there with a bow out okay who has a shield I do not know more I was going to say put up your Shield so you don’t get killed yeah oh a bow nice it dropped a CH bow looks like how are two that’s not bad nice that’s another skeleton hang on

Hang on let me mine this Iron I can’t I can’t get him now Shield up remember Shield up it will block the skeleton’s uh got It what this is going how much how much does everything normally do like it depends depends on their uh it depends on it depends on the enchantment depends on the the difficulty and in this case it’s hard mode and depends on yeah depends on a few

Factors how are you all able to walk on that without dying it’s uh if you crouch you have to crouch otherwise um like ID say release the Crouch button and once you fall you you crouch button cuz if you cuz if you uh remove the Crouch you you’re going to get

Hurt interesting how about to die like when you’re over the edge you you have torches yeah we got one torch uh I think it’s I got one it keeps on going oh hello that’s what we just were okay just to let you know that okay what why is someone just spamming I don’t

Know if you want magma blocks magma blocks are actually quite over here oh did you just find yeah careful it’s over here I was trying to make a path so we could go across without you know dying I didn’t care for the magma blocks there’s more redstone on

It oh I could make founded M shaft let’s go you found a m shaft yeah that’s some wood Redstone Redstone my is almost dead I would I would say cons try to conserve iron picks yeah that’s what I’ve been doing I’ve been using the stone if I could get another piece of

Iron but I have my furnace on me so I mean I can make anything on the Fly I’ve got coal and you know if anything needs to be made I can make it here and now oh I need coal you need coal you want some coal here’s some that good yep and also

Makees what’s up I just found a mine cart with a chest look name tags let’s go more torches who wants food me there’s bread and glowberries I’ll put them back in the chest there you go iron iron iron iron Oh let’s go found more diamonds I just need I got irons I got irons I found four diamonds Four Diamonds five diamonds let’s go wae I found five diamonds that can’t be all that’s just yeah it’s just it’s just Five 54 again so there’s Bedrock down here be careful oh Bedrock okay we’re on we’re on the bottom of the game World it seems yep just be careful there might be lava’s no W here this has turned out to be quite the whole yeah like when I found that one

Place place with all those diamonds and stuff I was able to make my diamond pick so anywhere you uh you you find a part of the M shaft that’s dark that means we’ve already uh we haven’t explored it um let’s all explore it together actually cuz we don’t want to get lost do

We that’s deadend not do this I think we don’t want to go lost but you know could be crazy okay where’s G I’m at this crafting box there’s a mother crafting table I’m I’m smelting the iron I just got we can smelt the iron when we get

Back yeah well I need an iron pickaxe to replace what I have so one moment you know cuz mine’s about been down here so that that would fix that problem okay uh we’ve lost gamer diamonds let’s go wait how many yeah I’ll catch up with shortly oh my

God wait what that’s a that’s a huge vein what the hell that’s massive that’s a v that’s a really big vein of diamonds nice let’s see let’s count them it could be more behind that wall yeah we we we’re mining it out to see how many we got that

Done is a golden pickaxe possible is a golden pickaxe possible uh you can make a golden pickaxe but it’s not going to be worth much long as it can mine the mine uh iron and whatever else I think it can mine iron but that’s it it’s actually

It’s not actually not any better than a golden pickax not it’s no better than a stone pickaxe okay okay I was just curious I’m just real fast you’re kidding me turn the gold I got into you are you actually for real hang on I’m going to okay okay

Let’s let’s mine out as much as we can from this I found good God I know right I just looked at your stream and see all this big hunk of freaking cook where are you that’s a freaking stash and a half I know right hold on I’m on my way

I wish I had a uh for oh my God there’s more underneath oh my God what is going on here I need to I need to I get I found the mother load what what while level is this you need to screenshot that yeah I’m going to screenshot it that’s that’s

The most diamonds I found why level 56 what the hell I’m on my way I got an iron P hang Let Me Mine this block here blind this BL this I can’t believe this and there’s some food in here that’s going I take that Rec we are game so luy today

Right where are you can you share me your cords um I can put them on screen actually um oh God okay get ready so I’m at 20,24 at 18, 422 I’m going to screenshot this baby and be like load baby i’ be in okay I’d say go go slightly right right right right get a bit more no no no to the right go to the right back up you back up no no no I meant uh go go in that gap

Between the three diamonds like in a sort of there you go that’s the one Crouch there we go all right uh screenshot here but also looking for your I’m I’m hoping that that caught are you down this path no don’t look like it this is where the Bedrock Was right I got it nice I’ll find yall eventually for sure let let’s mind this this is going hang on give me a second let me save this image like let me go into thumbnails let’s have it like must be D can you IM let’s have this let’s have

This as the uh thumbnail for the next stream yeah I see y’s name tag but I okay cool right there we go let’s M this good God that’s a fortune okay let’s count them right so so we got the top layer let’s go for the top layer

First we got 1 two three four three four I think there’s five six 7 8 9 10 11 10 hang on got 1 2 3 4 did y m it out any no this is this is it this is we mined out the the Bri

Blocks next to it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I assume 11 12 13 14 14 right let’s just count the diamonds so I have currently have 19 in my inventory right 19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 oh shoot 14

Diamonds that is insane did did chat see that that is insane give me the right thing Please thank you now I can get out I can’t will we do that I was start Rec that was that was was more than Lucky oh you like the music there Clifford okay beware guys there is some there are some cave spiders down here cave spiders there’s some cave spiders so get your sword ready you don’t want to get poisoned by those suckers yeah cuz I think they’ll drop you like half a heart they okay the

Poison drops you to half a heart and then if you get hit once Poisons okay that’s fine just eat something e wow these car though they’re stuck in the wood so that’s actually good for us yeah wow that did six hearts in total Mama me okay so now we’ve now lit up the spawner so don’t do not break

It do not break it but if you want to get C of cobwebs the best thing to do is to uh the best thing to do with the cobwebs is to break them with swords I actually don’t have a sworded what the heck is wrong with me we go

Uh so if you torch the spawner it stops it it stops things spawning yeah okay there’s the last one wow that has a lot of cobwebs Le you can make some bows out of there like you can make fishing rods as well fishing is a good uh way

To fishing is a good way to get up back half Health as well who needs some food before we can move on I’m this is in fact let me make something real fast so I have at least the better food hey game you have more Co like more

Coal yeah here here here’s a couple potato if you need them coal yes I’ve got 10 pieces I’ll give you five there you go we need I we need all resources yeah cuz those are used for torches right yes Okay who wants red we may be

Here for a while we may be been collecting Redstone up to this point I’ve got good I’ve got 128 though I’m good on redstone I would be looking for some iron now actually I’ve got quite a bit of iron I’ve got 15 if you really want it I mean it’s not

Like okay not just down though it’s not required nothing at all okay thank you thank you it’s all right you’re welcome oh shoot wow okay oh we we got what you got this I’m pick up place this oh iron let’s go I’ll take all the iron we got

More torches let’s go I’ll take the bread bread is good oh you just walk past it look diamonds above your head nice how many kidding me that’s at least four diamonds that’s four diamonds no hang on that’s one 2 3 4 five diamonds two three four five you didn’t pick any up did

You yes oh you picked a couple up it’s fine this is this is a very good Hall this is the best ever have sounds like we’re getting a lot of diamonds that’ll be really helpful oh and if yall need iron okay best thing to do is do swooping

Attacks cuz that’s a that’s a good attack okay there’s nothing down here other than Redstone I see I recall that jump attacks and sweep attacks all do like big damage but you have for the jump attack you have to like you have to time the click as you’re going down as you’re

Falling yeah yeah you have to fall yeah and then hit I find out this string could be used to make a fresh bow then it could give the skeletons the taste of their own okay this is De I’m just making sure I there’s no hidden diamonds everywhere I make imagine Jo diamonds in

One area with can you imagine that Um I can I suppose I don’t really I don’t really do many much um Diamond ironing but I just don’t want to leave gamer behind he’s still cooking by the way fair warning I am going to be out of coal after this so whatever torches we have that’s what we

Got I was thinking about going back up actually and grabbing some more but uh know this is such a big Hall that if we’re lucky we might be able to find some like randomly although you know don’t C me with that are you I’m with gamerx at the

Moment we just need to wait for him to finish I’m just smelting so I can like get the uh get a new get a new gold set cuz mine’s like broke I already lost my legs so I lost my helmet earlier too and I made a another one for my chest piece and my uh leggings are about to go I’d rather not be in here with you know Nothing is anyone still in chat you just uh everyone’s being quiet today I think you’re in chat what is a smoker for I we call help me diamonds I don’t know what a smoker does have you found diamonds how many diamonds in in your inventory 38 that’s over half a stack that’s that’s

Insane all was the 10 that I found yeah hey King how are you um good to see you uh I’m doing a multi stream by the way just so you know so uh because I wanted to try and multi stream those and because the twitch to

Us uh changed it I can multi stream now which I’m pretty happy about and if twitch is not happy about me uh with the chat on screen well they can’t really do much about that can that’s a middle finger for twitch a little bit Yeah but hey ho if

They want me to like if they going to like the thing is though if they want to if they want to get rid of me on on on Twitch like the fact is that they’re going to lose a streamer so they don’t want to do they don’t want to do that I

Don’t want to get they they don’t want people uh being banned from twitch who who streamed on Twitch because the fact that they’re going to lose a little bit more of fan base honestly are you sure also they also been losing a lot of stream rules there’s a losing a lot of

Streamers to YouTube though but that’s what they don’t they have no one to blame but themselves for that in all honesty yes because of the twitch exclusiv does anyone need a pickaxe I’ve got too many pickaxes uh what kind of pickaxe Stone I’ll take a stone one

Actually I don’t have here oh my God I got so many now actually I just realized I am yeah that’s fine uh I find diamonds sorry I where abouts where have you gone where have you gone find my main tag I actually can’t find your name tag I can’t see your name

Tag either I never really entered the M sh May When you entered the M shaft yes okay gameer don’t get lost go this way oh here we go but how are you all viking good to see you anyways this is where we found that big stash or y’all found it anyway

Yeah I found like 14 diamonds that is insane I see his name tag over here uh uh here he is this way oh sorry I was just reading chat um okay well I I telling I have three chats I okay there’s a bit of lava though well that’s magma blocks that’s that’s fine

Oh you want know Iron right you don’t have to use an iron pick but yeah diamonds how many one two three three three diamonds that’s fine I’ll be I’ll be so happy to find an entire stack today that’s that’s insane that’s also don’t forget we have

Back home oh yeah we have there’s a free pick here if anybody wants it down I have too much crap in my inventory let’s said back up you should probably bank that stuff in a chest when you’re able just I just met you from around the Corner right head back up oh yeah we don’t we left gamer X gamer X where you going I’m train wait where are oh you there cool I think this m pretty much yeah I’m not used to the movement like it that’s fair um we haven’t been up

Here before what’s what’s this oh is this just ma wait for me Rec may we get more toses oh careful uh there’s a there’s a hole here that’s the same hole that I just made oh right right right let’s do this oh guys it’d be better if we just

Cover that up you know pretend that doesn’t exist is I’m getting now I’m curious what down that’s where we just were oh we we were down there cuz uh we got trapped in the obsidian that’s again where we were see the obsidian that’s where we were yeah there was a lot of it

Come back here with a diamond pickaxe and go crazy oh here you guys go back down actually yeah need to go try and find where we just came from so well we we’d have to go back down the obsidian in order to get back oh we came from here hang

On that’s like that’s why we able go back down obsidian for shortcut what we call you for shortcut mind the obsidian for a shortcut tell we call to come here they will get out here this way I think I hear a skeleton b game Rec

You oh wait hang on this is no this isn’t where we found the thing what are you looking for I’m looking for Diamonds she wants to keep going for diamonds girl in her Diamonds oh speaking of I just found some more oh hello zombie hello zombo W oh lots of zombies here I’m now watch again hang on what’s down here where is get where else where are

You oh my God there is a drop here that I don’t want oh my God okay there’s a creeper over there I think oky do I shouldn’t be there’s another Diamond that’s just one Diamond just one Diamond okay um I’m walk I’m going up to y’all’s name tags

Because well I found the water where we came down from I’m literally no no further away than the exit essentially oh I’m mining to yall so like literally oh you by the exit I’m right by the exit yeah I’m hanging out now how did y’all get over

There I don’t even see your name tags anymore if you can’t find those just oh here we are I’m next to the now oh hello just found more diamonds oh my God I’m getting so lucky um I just found two three four oh there lapis nice really you really I will be

Ruminator call all diamonds okay I don’t see tags anyway hang God it’s very easy to get lost in uh cave systems that’s the problem yeah I Noticed why am I okay I’m going to go back down to where you guys Were oh hang on I hear someone mining hey gamer behind You right remember magma blocks you can crouch on them oh you or just do that okay there’s water here water y go up this without Falling I swear to God this cave generation is so Weird that’s not even the caves and cliffes update this is the this is the actual like that’s it cool so ah here we Go we got so Wy today careful zombie I’ll be careful just for that you careful there’s a creeper coming for well you and I and oh God how did I not die from that cuz you’re okay there okay climb the waterfall look game I’m trying it’s

Pushing me away yeah that’s try try and run run helps running helps I’m trying there rise thank you Rough you got a feret hello feret yeah I got given a feret a feret someone give me a feret for Cutie those things are really I got a fairy fiend cuz I got a V2 but you won’t be able to see it hello fairy it’s fine I got the one named Zelda there’s I got two ferrets I got one named Zelda one named roselina or just Ros that’s so I’m playing with one hand right back now so have fun with that by the way I was thinking was you may want head where’ you go before you get I’m trying

To get out but I’m doing it with one hand so otherwise the fr’s going to Like Okay hello Fet hello no she AR Go hiccups right paret being cute paret being cute she quite often has hiccups which is quite Funny okay well I’m just Going what is that noise airplane airplane we have airplanes that fly very low around here because it’s so we’re so close where I live is so close to an airport so you you’ll hear them as they make their descent some of them fly absurdly low believe me when I say that is very

Noisy all right I’m out I got out there’s some kind of graveyard here that is a great is need a graveyard that’s uh don’t van a vanilla thing ohuh I don’t know what that is I’m going back to make it home so I’m coming I’m headed your way and

Then I’m going to take the slip and uh what the okay where’s your I I see random buildings over there I see a dead pig now food okay I’m just putting stuff in mob chests and stuff oh you’re back at your main house right yeah I’m back at my main

House uh I’m I’m back at the other house if you want to meet me now I’m going to put that in M actually drop here put that in there I want two more heads like I’m running out of spaces for These where are where is lost my way or I Emerald no it’s la la la let’s put that name tag in there let’s put the magma blocks in there see spider eye go here my God there’s so much coal obsidian we’ll put that in here cuz there’s your I think I see your

Place now hey as you can see by this is Castle Building Materials so I’m going to go plan and gather as many materials as I can for what I would like to do um like to build a giant castle and for those who have played on modded Minecraft with me before they know

Exactly what I’m going to build that includes Spirit Wolf by the way and food and you know I might as well eat those two bits of bread why no I’m not making that I know if you had your your funny little sword all right finally uh by the way

Whoever’s like uh wondering in chat yes the he he he made he’s he’s making his own mod and yes he made his own sword fallace you know what do you know what that me I made too many Stone pickaxes you just hear what I just said yeah

What’s up oh Viking said in chat he he he wants I I talked about my castle building materials here and they said if they know what uh if they’ve played with moded Minecraft before oh no heard oh no some kind of big castle it’s it’s a castle right and I

Viking put in chat he’s going to build a giant fallace no what no what happened you just you just stripped the flipping You’ just stripped that but that wood I didn’t even know I could oh no how do you can strip wood you can strip wood it’s a it’s a modern

Minecraft thing let me go get another one sorry I swear that was not on purpose it’s fine it’s fine I’ll go get some more I I’ll I have like 10 million pigs here just I don’t need a pick I need an axe well anyway I have an axe here

Here hello Brown sheep hello sheep sheep I want sheep I wonder if a spirit wolf would mind if we put some uh sheep in this pen with the cows M there were a lot of sheep and and cows and pigs I saw Wild wait sheep and cows in

Caves no not in cave I mean outside like where I was just roing around trying to find your place so yeah so continue where so to continue what I was saying like um Viking’s trying to make a mod in Minecraft and he made himself a sword phace right and is calling it The

Penetrator sounds so wrong like seriously yes yes wow anyway I got your I got your wood at least take should where’s the wood oh there it is I’m just BL let’s put the Redstone with the Redstone yeah you’ve got a picture somewhere oh no yeah I know you do it’s

Not oak wood is it no I’ve got it I’ve done it I’ve done it don’t worry about it it okay it’s fixed be careful just be careful with axes and and uh logs because you can strip the logs uh the problem is you can’t no that’s fine it’s fine it’s fixed now

I’m just plus wood is renewable anyway so as long as you got the saplings you’re fine um I planted a sapling where I cut down trees yeah oh have you got stuff you can uh every chest is organized in here so if You’ like to come down

Here you’d either have to keep the Redstone or there’s Redstone in here uh you can either keep the Redstone in your place or you put the Redstone in here yeah know you got a picture somewhere don’t you Viking anyway here this is a oh whoops just I got too

Much that’s for I’ll put that in the uh chest yeah quite a bit now you can have it we’ve already got like 51 diamonds that’s fine um that’s pretty good to say least from out of mining that cave yeah that’s really good okay I think I’ve done everything that I need

To now there’s a bucket here I got like do youall have a spot for like Stone pickaxes and stuff they have a toch chest so so would you care if I like give you the yeah sure uh just put them in the chest yeah I’ve just left U my place now oh which

Tools chest it should be near the wood just waiting for the uh world to load armor tools weapons I can’t open them oh that’s why is locked with a magical spell yeah it’s because spirit wolf hasn’t been on and hasn’t oh my God it’s cuz there Spirit wol chest sunny no

Worries I’ll just hang on hang on hang on I’m coming back I’m coming back are you sure yeah I’ll just drop the pickaxes and you can get them I don’t want say pick drop them what give them to me give them to me okay here I have like too

Many all right is that old I wasn’t joking when I said well I mean here you want more that’s fine you’re going to need them to go mining I know but I I I have like so much Cobblestone it’s not funny so it’s fine I can make like 10 million more if

I want to yes fine cuz I’ve got a I’ve got a what’s his name I mean whenever you go mining through a cave at all and if you’re mining any amount of cobblestone you’re going to end up with like ton of cobblestone I found that out very quickly

That’s fine I mean I’ve got a CO I’ve got a cobble gen and a stone gen and yeah I’m going to be making a big castle all this uh Stone so well I’m going to go if it’s C you I’m going to go back to my place well

I’m going to go there now anyways I’m going to give the diamonds to Mason okay well in that case I was going to say you can just come this way cuz this isy this is quicker should close the door you have something yeah just all right slip you’re you’re slip it’s

Actually quicker to do this to be honest to shame my slip is in my house so I mean it would be faster for me to just T in the house any I’ll just follow you because you know I’m weird oh they’ve um they’ve done something with this bridge

Nice I don’t know if I should be streaming another streamers streamer town you you’re fine you’re fine with Cario you don’t need to worry like I was going to say I just I’m just following you so I have think say passway a little bit more which is nice so how long has uh

Luminary Town been here then how long has he had it I gave like already this is familiar territory okay oh you think two weeks Clifford said two weeks so I’m surprised the path to my place wasn’t made yet but anyway two to three weeks that’s not long to be

Fair oh wow look at that I knew they were going to make a bridge here but that’s that’s actually really pretty oh yeah um a creeper a while back blew up right here kind of I’m glad I was able to get away from your house because a creeper was oh that’s

Pretty because Horizon open on March 15th oh yes that makes sense I I did oh okay if I don’t stop that I made the oh you made the pass Clifford did you make the pass no I did hang on which path this PA oh yeah I should place this down in

Cas I ever figure out what it’s for Wow almost an entire stack of diamonds I’m just saying dang good oh right so Clifford made the path to luminary Town Mason has done the rest of the path like down here so that makes sense you both did you both did Pathways

But this bridge who built this bridge blue Tempest blue Tempest that’s good that’s really good I like it how you like this G with Cario WIP what’s WIP I don’t know WIP Bridge Mason’s request blue okay may I be I may be distracted Dev is streaming in a hang on De streaming a game and has 437 people watching him that is insane another a single mod sight no work in progress

Okay oh yeah I forgot you had you had my stream open still though like gazer so you can hear you can still hear me like Lurking and it’s it’s not a short stream either no God do progress yeah this this looks really nice I do like this potato the the windmill looks really good blu’s Mill and farm that’s really good this is this his house no or is it just the windmill just the

Windmill how do I make any this is really speaking you want some potatoes glass bottle oh I’ve got like a million potatoes at home to be fair oh my God they’re not dropping from you in tree oh there 50 potatoes that’s a lot I speaking of R TR breed pigs oh yeah you

Can feed you can breed pigs feed pigs and you can make a baby pig somehow has the same size head as the parents which is weird the parents and don’t think of the parrots and the bats yeah I haven’t made that achievement yet let’s feed the baby

Yeah this ought to be F I’m just going to get you make a redstone torch yeah you can make redstone torches how good are they compared to regular torches do they actually I was thinking of we call making a house bigle hang on a minute are these

Campfires yes oh my God this is the way they’re making the this bridge okay can’t call you can’t we need to make our house bigger stor is going to be a problem a b noing I know you can do the I know they patched that out at Point wow this bridge looks gorgeous

What you think about this right here is that s Fountain area it’s quite pretty it’s very pretty that’s all Goran if be we need potatoes that’s all potatoes is it yes does it say uh yeah Minecraft potatoes yeah well you do we need I was about say

You could also Farm bees as well Um yeah we going have that’s quite a bit um Cherry leaves I’m looking for flowers I don’t think you can I don’t really have bone do we we have B B make it into need some meal I have yes you do let me see where that’s at I know I

Have a little bit I’ve got four only one flower what let’s take the uh long grass away though we don’t want long Grass oh I see some fall Shield I know what to do with these I just want one flower so where you where do you want the bone meal uh just bone meal the grass that doesn’t actually have Tall Grass oh like there’s there’s grass

Blocks I know what to do with it so here you go just right click okay so here here so watch this look stand stand and Fa look at the grass and just right click see what that’s oh Clifford’s here nice hey Clifford he’s got a blue

Skin CLI Clifford’s also in chat so he can actually hear what we Saying speaking R I may need I may build you the path to your house soon there so many flowers why didn’t they bring my diam what just happened to my game what what’s just happened my screen just went black for like a fraction of a second weird that’s

We if you need me to call out likey if you need me call out light gazer you’ll get my attention real fast that’s that’s fair enough that’s H all right cheers for cheers for that light gazer okay is there more than one B why do I have 55 saplings in this

Chest I don’t know anymore h i Do 35 laies okay so the bee so there’s one bee here how do you get more bees I don’t know I’ve seen that be a few times the one camp in the Beehive yeah I don’t know how you work with be quite honestly that that one’s been there for like a very long

Time how do you turn diamond ore into diamonds you there is no diamond ore yeah I have diamond or right here hang on what look at my screen hang on did minecra hang on was about to say did Minecraft just crash hang on uhoh Minecraft just soku itself no why

The hell is Minecraft on full screen I don’t use full screen what M Minecraft on that’s what happened my Minecraft turned to full screen for some reason just out random uh your your screen bear with uh anyway this this is the diamond I’m not sure how this

Happened give me a second uh you are streaming your screen I’m already using up a lot of my bandwidth trying to stream two streams at once uh yeah I’m sorry diamond or wait you must have how did you get diamond door I’ve never I mined it somewhere I

Don’t know how you must have had a silk touch pickaxe cuz you don’t normally do that’s not normally thing I don’t have a touch for sure I know but you can’t just get diamond door out of nowhere I I was I don’t know where I got

This all I can say is I know I got it somewhere while mining like that’s all I can all I can say do you have an iron pick yes okay just place it on the floor and just mine it okay cuz diamond or is not a you’re

Not able to smelt diamond or into diamonds uh best thing to do is just place it on the floor anywhere and just mine it with a Iron Pig and you get there you go diamonds there stand weird I’m going to have to how it became regular like it’s not supposed to be

That yeah I’m going to save my bandwidth and stop watching if that’s right all right it’s fine just uh you know better your PC doesn’t go f11 was I didn’t even touch f11 that’s also what are these amethyst crystals for or shards amethyst is for making a spy

Glass but that’s all I know um I’m not very new to amethy I’m still new to modern Minecraft myself oh hang on yeah you had a silk touch pick I’m sure of it cuz that’s the only other way you can get diamond or um a few I’ve

Never seen a a few of the a few of the structures have diamonds Diamond or as part of their loot ah right okay so yes the light Legos are so place it on the floor and mine it with a fortune pick amethyst is cosmetic it’s very pretty spy glass as

Well as a a tinted glass so yeah you can do that sort of stuff also I have an enchanted book for protection one but I don’t know how to use it fair enough um why can’t there we go the pathing looks really cool though

Mason okay um why have I got a seed I got Seeds tin is awesome to see through but blocks light fantastic to ah fantastic for dark rooms and spawners Ah that’s really weird so what you up to Mason I think Mas okay I know nothing like got idea for this new room what what you got item what youve got um what have you got in M that’s the word I was all that in like bub stuff we had mine before have we made that a whole

Room oh what the amethyst that light Gaz was just talking about yes that’s Fair guess I’ll find a way to repair those later what is this oh right uh my thing’s not loud is it I suppose it’s not loud nothing’s Lou as far as I can oh there’s purple Blocks amethyst what can I do with Amethyst I also have nether quartz but I don’t know what that’s for and magma cream and 16 random bugs can you make bookshelves like you can make bookshelves but you need leather um paper and I forget what L wood well wood ain’t going to do an

Issue so how do you so endered glass you can make Tinder glass from amethyst is it like um you get ameth sounds like it just be pretty glass it’s just me talk though who knows I must say shards I thought So see Tores To we have do you have any more amethyst shards than I got a rabbit hide from somewhere yes I do probably rabbit St in the STS it’s in the chest oh I guess I have paper some 15 pieces of paper sost yeah we just have amist blocks we

Don’t have shards but I did just see the recipe to make shards from blocks Themselves Let me go something something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now no can you not okay no you can’t okay so you can only get the shards from Geod what is this very treasure map oh hello if you want to find that map treasure would be my guess yeah sure uh could go on a treasure hunt let’s let’s do it for it’s Done however I got to find where’s where’s north um that’s North oh hello y I’ll go on our treasure oh is that what the tinted glass looks like tint so how do you uh oh god there a square room notice the dark area inside yeah yeah yeah

Yeah oh yeah I found a warden like a while back that was you know wait you did oh yeah I I ran into a freaking Warden area and a actual freaking Warden showed up when I booked it I guess hit one of those screeching [ __ ] horror B

SC so yeah I got jump scared all the hell in back the thing is though I don’t know how to make an ameth is it possible to make an amethyst Farm it cannot be silk touched glow and behold H with red wait oh you can Farm it with red

Stone okay I need to low down cuz again I’m new to the whole amethyst thing cuz again I last I remember playing the entirety of 1.12 and this is 1.20 so yeah I got I look like a lot of catching up to do um so if I find a geode say we found

This geode and trying to someone someone did say that Wait Maybe I should take with me at least the wood Pig but uh first things first wait how did you oh you just plac the budding amethyst on top hang on it will grown when it does redstone set wait why did it okay how did you how did you

Drown I did that on purpose oh but I didn’t expect to respawn at your place yeah I would imagine it’s very complicated um um did I accidentally click on your bed or something I oh Mason told us to set our spawn there okay I’m I’m

Baka and so I did now I have to go back and reset my spawn to my place oh hello pink text I didn’t know you could there we go yeah I drowned on purpose you know reset my health and hunger you know cheesy I was going to say just eight

Something and then waste an item sure I could but I mean food is renewable so you don’t need to worry about it I found some iron but it’s like underwater Oh my God the path is purple oops that’s a lot of water oh you replaced the SL SL replace uh

Um for a second for a second a light gazer replaced the uh oh that looks pretty what do you think Mason oh okay I was going to use stormbreak this saves my mind now it’s a very pretty block yeah very pretty block but we need more geod I only found one

Entire geode because of the cave generation hang on yeah again I again I have uh stream mod so I thanks for the Idea uh yes light go yeah you better thank light gazer for the idea cuz he’s the one who did that so there a bit of iron down uh very very beautiful block but amthy is 90% cosmetic yeah I’d imagine it is what The you okay gamer how did I get this all of a sudden what did you get you’re not supposed to get what iy got hang on what have you got I’ve got a revive Compass somehow wait hang on you still sh scar yes take a look why do I have a revive Compass

Revive Compass or a death Compass or whatever it’s called that’s you shouldn’t be able to get a compass I just look at my hand yeah like that’s that’s I was underwater you know trying to find a path to a wait right click with the compass huh nothing does nothing it’s

Just showing me that’s no I know what this is I look this up yeah uh light gazer is that supposed to happen I don’t think compasses were supposed to be a thing this is a death Compass this isn’t a normal compass it’s a death Compass before they changed the Tombstones you had death

Compasses I went underwater to look for the a safe way to get that iron no like this is a death Compass like the one that cuz the does it say death compass then on your imagery it doesn’t it says tomb location player. flag it’s glitchy but it is the like

It’s it is the actual like it has the appearance of a death Compass oh hang on death compasses you can make to wait you can make death compasses did you make that did you find oh you made that no I did not it just showed up in my

Inventory out of nowhere after I died a couple times that’s not supposed to happen is it I don’t know okay technically it’s called a recovery Compass that’s a recovery it it’s made with Echo shards which you can get from the end yeah so what so what’s you can make them but the thing

Is though yeah gamer didn’t make that he just had it in in his inventory I just got it whenever I respawned oh okay that is a tomb Compass Jen is okay the owner is trying to make it workable it looks like it works honestly it’s pointing to where I last

Died yeah hello there Steven Wildcat the funny thing is yeah I don’t have a tomb a tomb was not supposed to be generated on my desk because I didn’t have anything I can went in here with an empty inventory because I knew I was going to die okay that’s there’s some

Iron down here that I saw there’s two stashes of it and I was trying to like did I have XP yeah uh Hello Steven steven9 wild cat to the stream welcome how are you doing today uh that first time chat in the twitch chat nice had a little bit

Maybe I I know I had like um a little bit from mining but like I shouldn’t have had any I shouldn’t have had any whatsoever because I died so many times like I just got this after like a few deaths so there should have been I shouldn’t have had any XP

Whatsoever cuz I already died a few times uh thank you for playing the uh Mario died sound I’m quite glad that they still I do think this item was somehow glitched into my inventory yeah that’s weird uh light gazer you want to I can’t even

Drop it I can’t even drop it this is a glitch item and it’s taking up a slot on my bar light gazer can you knock this item off my hand somehow like just get rid of it like uh hey I’m still here just finishing up a little work that’s fair

Little tiger uh you maybe if I die it’ll get rid of it you are fine to Just Vibe I got a you got a riddle for me yeah what’s the riddle uh let me just check okay if I drop the compass it just disappears so it definitely was not

Supposed to be an item that I’m supposed to have because it just deleted itself let me make sure it doesn’t happen again why is Europe like a why is Europe like a frying pan wait what I hang on um just take fall damage please what why is Europe like a frying Pan I feel like I’ve heard this before but I can’t remember it happened again it gave me another compass oh hang on so that’s interesting because it was greasy at the bot ah yes yes I have heard of that okay I just needed a reminder that’s heck because it’s because it has

Grease at the bottom of it yeah no I have heard that one I thought I had I just couldn’t remember it much um it’s more like hang on it’s more like hang on I’m just reading CH it’s more like in the Corner well of of wait Greece is in the corner of

Europe actually technically it’s Italy in the bottom Right oh bees yes let’s go I can breathe bees wait where’s the other bee go where did the other bee go did it seriously go back in the hive got one be here I got czy IDE rival compes recovery that’s fair but how you uh how’s everyone doing in both chats it’s

Uh been quite quiet but uh it’s fair enough people look I know people I’m wondering how I literally saw this I literally just saw the second B what if I have something does it like stand here wait for the be oh be’s just spinning go be go oh God

Okay look at him go look at go oh god oh that’s cool the bee just had Pol that’s good to see if I have an item it they also record all house G the best upgrade ever yes that’s interesting but it seems even if I had an

Item like it made my tomb and it’s poting straight at it so it’s like the compass is working at this [ __ ] so hang on are they only just now working with a new Tomb system cuz that wasn’t there when we uh started dying beforehand they okay that’s to do addition to

It am I glitched like am I am I that’s weird why is it doing that anyway um I’m just going to put this yeah even if I had an item it was I’m just going to put FL next to each other cuz I would like to breed some bees let me try I

Could what I could try to do is breed the pigs at least okay now I have now I have a different item in my slot one we’ll see what happens that speaking with car you have bow mil I don’t have bow milk yay I made the achievement let’s

Go dead and I still got a compass and this is just recent too cuz I cuz I didn’t get the compass whenever I I died when uh I was with y’all mining so this is just recent meanwhile I’ve got a bunch of heads I need to

Burn what I’m wondering is why is why am I getting these th okay I’m going to just go back oh he’s the stero is talking to you oh yeah the owner’s talking to you about answering yeah you know it’s anything different about house with uh yeah you made a new room uh

Looks quite good okay look look on the pop oh I’ve just uh made it back those are better Compass okay I don’t even know where your room I actually don’t know where your room is uh or slip room is Mason where’s money in a few years okay

Well oh you don’t want to go to my STP room so in other words those compasses will eventually be a future they have planned why didn’t those appear earlier in the in the uh in the day I don’t know like did did it I m I was thinking maybe the admins enabled

Something like to oh creeper lovely just dying like maybe the admins were testing something and it made it possible for all players to get it that’s just my guess I don’t know how I have it or I’m able to get them like you would think I shouldn’t be able to get

Them when when I know this might be weird of me to ask but lario could you like intentionally die just you know with nothing in your just store everything away and intentionally die and see if you get one cuz it’s either just me or by like y’ could probably intention I

Don’t have I don’t have an empty inventory oh okay so y literally just an yeah literally just now so we could have gone mining earlier like sorry later later in the like in the Stream and now we would have been able to find our corpses a lot faster a lot easier yeah

Trouble is though with the compasses it just shows North NorthEast Southwest it doesn’t actually show up or down true but I suppose it is a good way of trying to go back to the thing I think that’s the way compasses are supposed to be there like it just shows

The direction north south west at least it’s a lot more easier than trying to navigate through an entire Maze of caves to try and get your headb all you said you said those are worth money in a few does that mean it’s going to be like a

Paid I think they no I think they were just joking you can always typ you can always ask that in ch true I figured light gaser would hear me look above look above what uh oh you got a balcony nice you got a lovely little

Balcony a tree up here as well the thing is though if you have silk touch um if you have silk touch thingy then you can um you can get you can get grass up here it’s very nice it’s very nice this is going to be all oh you

Don’t I did say they were joking well technically yes and no speaking you see the new room pus so a life for this if you have bone Mill you can make all those trees Flower so life of a discovery Compass L that would make things a lot easier though for retrieving stuff like in the nether it’s a when I was lost in the nether trying to get my stuff out that would have made things so much easier like insane how good it would have

Been are they going to be craftable or I think like gazer said or at the moment they are craftable but I don’t know if they’re going to be craftable afterwards but it’s always ask it’s always worth asking though if you can’t same game recipe you

Can’t take it take away a getting and G recipe I’m just wondering can you add recipes for plugins and instead of add like I know you can add recipes as mods but can you add ow can you add um recipes as plugins like so if if I’m hearing this right

From them it sounds like they’re just going to make recovery compasses non uh like you don’t have to crab them in order to get one it just it’s there the moment you die yeah I think so so it would it would make it would make so that any current recovery

Compasses that are in the game that are crafted Bas basically us you get one for free when you die so you like wouldn’t need yeah I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work at least that’s that’s what it would be so but I would agree that it doesn’t

Like if it works that way that’d be funny but you know I suppose wish think i’ like to know where this is you Know by the way this will be very interesting oh i k is in my old area Rec take my strip strip Room St in go for now I don’t even know your slip is actually uh Mason it’s what oh really um still in your chat um he’s lurking I

Know um he just he just said call out light gazer and they’ll wake him up he said okay get get his attention very he said okay light gazer cuz he’s currently modding for people right now but that’s fair he’s he’s a busy man yeah it’s fine it’s

Just me no need to bother him just I I want to know if like how how if there’s an estimated date on when when these are going to be like fully available like do they have an idea on how long this is going to take or you

Know what what when can they expect these to be uh ready that that’s something I’d like to know because these would be lad sell in my C lad said in my chat no I don’t think so I don’t know y’all don’t know we don’t really know it’s up to the

Admin and stuff the stuff yeah which is why I was asking like do they have an estimate for the ad where is your slip there Mason that’s up to them I’m coming right now give me a minute okay okay well I look forward to being able

To go get what I need without you know having to use the cord system and basically Rock Paper Shotgun everything H well this was fun I thank you lario for letting me tag along I’m going to intentionally die one more time to reset my hunger and health and then I’m going to run

Off I have to eat sometime that’s fair I’ll probably on me oh fair warning um tomorrow tomorrow I’m going to be busy so if y’all need anything from me like tell me now cuz or like tell me before the dance because I’m going to be busy like busy busy that’s fair I’m

Probably going to be quite busy tomorrow I’ve got a weekend with the family uh Easter Easter weekend yeah I’m going to go to dinner with the family so yeah so where abouts is this oh my God you’re really close to the thing oh man really close to oh really close to the

Thing oh this this has this how bad my desire is this is your original house yes this how bad my is house okay take care of yourself mate guess what mine ah you got to mine nice he also find diamonds in here before we could

Always go in uh we can always um oh wait this is not to the deep dark is it oh you found a cave I think I know wait I have haven’t spoiled all way yet because good God it’s cold we could always do a do a um a mining SES down

Here let’s do it right now then uh yeah I still have all my stuff on me so let’s go haven’t been down here for ages you go normal strip mine and it’s cool That’s a point yeah I haven’t got my uh there you go yeah take care of yourself there gamer Rex so yeah we got the Deep slight L which is nice you be supposed for on the other end Nice we got a lush cave here this a m sh down there oh okay where are you yeah I’ve just come down here okay this is where the a bad M sha this yes be care I think you’ve explored it all yeah ah there’s a there’s a cave spider spawner

Okay oh where are you I’ve just uh gone to where the spawner is oh I destroyed D because I can’t doal oh haven’t been down I didn’t SP none this yet oh that’s got nothing in it so wait this way we have I don’t know down here y there s down

Here great he says s dev has 500 people live with him on YouTube and 400 of them live on Tik Tok wait you going to live on Tik Tok as well I thought Tik Tok was a shorts thing you torches Rec you do I’ve got torches yeah

Um and I’m the only mod on both uh danger dur and I he oh Wait I can help a little but I’m very very distracted so very glad I didn’t stream oh very really glad I didn’t stream Today that’s a this way yeah oh is that a that’s a creeper very careful wait it’s not blowing why is it not blowing up okay you got any blocks on you hang on let me just not mind this then Hey man something suck there yeah that’s it then we can put the torch here put that thing over There oh hello there’s Lapis did you push that that’s my old Sunk plus I die here multiple times yeah it looks like you’ve cleared it out nicely though to be honest plusz I don’t know I have SP this whole game yet I conf feeling I didn’t for all yeah you don’t know it’s maybe more fing R It well I had no idea about that area Though okay so we got up here oh more Water actually wait there we Go dead end okay there is Clay here I could possi potentially use clay at one point Okay this is also a dead End Let’s Stay Together here I have bad memories right here okay I do oh my God diamonds why I didn’t know about this no way there’s at least four here wait minute there’s five six seven oh man there six diamonds we got whole St at this point

We’ve got a whole stack those are yours those are yours there most but there’s one there’s more here Look those are yours cuz this is your mine diamond in a in the mine cart chest let’s go more diamonds here uh I’ll take the iron uh you can have the name tag if you want let’s get this out of the way yeah get that out of the way okay goost gold

Best there more diamonds that’s kind of various looky Day throw Diamonds oh that’s pumpkin seeds May me make a crafting table just in case we need to craft anything We are game buy back and back today I don’t need these diamonds still in the first place I will take the red and the name the name tags are also very good to Have I find this is the chest we’ve seen Before this is quite a bit of a lush cave up here let’s go see uh we got I faint some iron sport area oh more there’s more uh M shaft here Nothing Here oh hello lapis I’ll take Lapis follow me with Co I I find on SP Area okay so we got this Um oh so get a head I’m down here I’m just going to like plug up this a Bit I hear um I hear zombies okay this why I called this area Doom Cave It’s not a bad looking cave though to be honest it’s Um well there’s that spider spawner we saw wait is it the same one yes it’s the same one yeah be car for Me okay there’s another water cave there uh follow you where where have you gone oh okay what was that that scared the life out of Me on the world Cave I see You oh hello there’s gold here what else is you there’s a few skeletons so we better get out here here go down here we call you yeah I’m here follow me no God no no no the skeleton following down here that this looks like a dead end this one as

Well just put that there oh there’s some lava no p on the M oh B In this is a very weird M shaft Yeah hello there’s iron I’ll take that that’s good one speaking words head up Here water wait hang on hang on what after water what where where come up take the Wallway wait where did you go I don’t I don’t know where you went above look it’s a axel let’s get him I don’t think I’ve seen an actual Axel in game before let’s get it no I’ll try grabbing It let me get it I can’t grab it got it I got it the Cur PL I just got an AEL but oh speaking this let’s take him Home that’s a water so adorable that was a that was a yellow Axel as well And also go getting a blue one blue ones are very rare I heard okay this is the way out very don’t Su oh W this is been to L since I Ed this phone Yep this is the way out let’s get out of here before something bad happens well at least we got diamonds from down here and you know that’s a wi I got 14 likes on the stream that’s pretty is on YouTube that is This music is eily good for the moment that’s making sure you not behind that’s fine who’s on the wow there’s a lot of people on the what’s with the actually just at curiosity what’s the airplane next to some people’s names okay that’s for fight time maybe

Oh that might that no that makes sense actually now that makes sense flight yeah plane airplane symbol that’s that makes perfect sense play why but this down this way I forgot oh no attemp oh that’s like that goes down quite a way okay careful don’t push Me so I wasn’t trying to PVP uh I was just trying to get out yeah that’s was a fail attemp did a good ass PR for me I just want to fly put your arms around me okay that’s lyrics for Something back at we are back at the house other the lyrics or a reference oh speaking was Rec just you like this house just all the new right in the one roomin town oh this is my stuff you could have all you could have brought all this

Stuff with you wait there’s am shards let’s go you can bring this back to the house what I going this oh wow you got prismarine crystals as well that’s really good you can make sea lanterns I love sea lanterns speaking this I’m going read this up to what

Away you’re you’re not you’re not caring about this stuff nope GR in I make keep come with me because that’s maybe a point resource oh there’s a shield in here you could use look it’s damage you can still repair them let’s let’s put them together and see if we

Can do see look new Shield I bet you keep that okay as the soon new I’ve got a brand new Shield now so Cool there’s another slip sign oh I have all my prays to you and you got a bed as well nice this is a lovely view though it’s a very nice view oh what’s the map the map I still have in my inventory let’s look let’s for Treasure yeah look for Treasure let’s

Go I also bring my Shon with me a bring yeah okay so we’re in the north of this right now we need to go south so which way we’re ping South it’s this way I B we found dist around You kind Mak we need a boat you could we could make a boat actually that’s a point I don’t have any wood on me though let’s get Some AAS Let me take back K with Me get M where we find diamonds in this stral uh we could do it’s a very big possibility uh do you have a crafting table and a boat or crafting table at least oh I do and also rest let’s be double say let’s do SL wallet SL

Wallet let’s put our diamonds in out for sakee keeping oh Diamond wallet okay that’s cool let’s keep it there and that’s for S keep it we don’t Rose them yeah that’s a good idea okay here’s your crafting table okay um here’s wood right here oh you got wood me oh thank you for

Daytime let make you keep we need one boat yeah there’s two people can fit in a boat at once that’s going to be since go P wait uh am I driving I think I’m driving are you behind me yes that’s better there we Go cuz I can do F5 you can see I can see us both in here right um that’s probably an idea if we uh know where I’m going so let’s go F5 Again let’s have this as a no hang on I set my shield up oh I can’t I can’t row when I have a shield in my hand okay uh that’s fine I suppose F what uh we’re heading west so we need to go south oh hello there’s a there’s a lighthouse here that’s

Beautiful I already rot that PR that’s wait wait is that a structure you can you can find yes I thought that was someone’s structure right these are random you find all all with W oh that’s really cool actually I I like those I didn’t know I got anything from that White House Uh looks like yeah we’re going down we’re going down the right Path actually let me turn that down CU cuz last time I got um last time I got copyright claimed for that for some reason some reason they claimed it as lowii that is not loo but is quite suitable for what I’ve currently got right now yep uh hang on give me a second

Guys yeah so um all Right so I’m currently the ocean’s so clear then again this is this is my resource pack so yeah we’re not even on the map yet nowhere near it but this is probably a big ocean to be fair actually what I should have done is gone on to uh Slash map so I know

Sort of roughly where I’m going oh around what have you done you see that like mushrooms oh mushrooms yeah let’s make us Pit Stop uh what for what did you need pit stop for I need I want a resource pack oh fair I need to do some exploring wait is that

Is that a mansion in the distance or is that someone’s house is that someone’s is that someone’s Place wait oh really we got the boat where get that boat before we lose it wait for me okay hello friendly sheep how are you doing today wait it’s what that can’t be one

Of these random SS um yeah I don’t know what’s what’s there yep it’s a r strle that caught my instance now let head now wait is that a is that a mansion no it’s one of these random structures you find a random structure yes okay yeah make a bridge Yep this is random I can see they’ve used the copper oh wow this is oh wow look at this there’s bees here no way there’s bees trapped in here no Brewing Stan I’m taking that oh yeah Brewing St that’s cool for some reason this place lags my PC like what there a bunch of string this

Place somewh somehow this music I’m playing right now is surprisingly fitting candles gold let’s go yo this is one renom strs hang on that’s a shovel with Unbreaking an iron shovel with Unbreaking what hang on is the wallet only made for diamonds or can you put anything in

There uh how about we ask why G hey why may may need to ask you your question uh Cliff L head says going home Titi W is that what you mean by only Diamonds oh okay yep only diamonds going to my gay suit okay um

But now from this place oh the name of the music yeah surprisingly fitting it’s uh oh it’s a Thousand Year Door is it I’ve never played it so I don’t I wouldn’t know so thanks for thanks for letting me know though wait a minute viio okay this will

Be in your interest come up I should get the Remake yeah I never owned a GameCube so I was thinking about getting the Remake anyway uh where are you I’m still in the Mansion where are you the the Hat upstairs there’s no upstairs look this look look look at

This uh wait I think I just went into your inventory my inventory is full let give you a book yeah I didn’t get that book oh no it’s there efficiency efficiency 2 nice where is that staircase over here emeralds let’s go I found emerals this is from Super I’ve played Super Pok

Mario I played the original Paper Mario I’ve played Super Paper Mario but I I’ve never played Thousand Year Door and yes I was thinking about getting the Remake at some point oh I’m stuck in a Cobweb this just you kidding me a old big room oh my God I don’t have enough I don’t have enough space in my inventory for it you kidding me [ __ ] at this effic okay I’m getting rid of that one efficiency three and piercing you can

Take the other one I don’t have a lot of infantry space that’s why we wa for this one hey M Cario you have any stuff you want for in this bill to forget about Um put that in there put that in there Marine crystals what’s P Marine four the best of the series the best in the series you have not played I mean it’s up to a one’s opinion I prefer Super Paper Mario because that’s the one I I got uh into

The one I uh well say that’s the one I grew up with it’s it’s the one I was introduced to Paper Mario um I only I I you uh yeah I got into yeah I got into uh Paper Mario with super and also you keep the boat in your inventory yeah what

The what what’s going on come over here look at Duo oh my God there’s more emeralds almost stand and Thorns actually no Thorns isn’t actually good armor stand is good I’m thinking that with me you know what should we uh let’s for this whole place I was

About to say oh wait why have I got rails I just realized I don’t want rails I frame item frame nice this is uh do your gam play is the boss for Super story is the so it’s again it’s up to of opinion I I he that it’s one of

The self-proclaimed best games but again it’s up to one’s opinion that what Loom that’s one that’s the one we need for the banel wait is it yes take it let’s go you can make a loom anyway true it’s for free at all we could we could make a loom I just got

Stuck in a just p in that chest I’m effici you’re kidding me look at that Bild okay efficiency and Unbreaking let’s go I again I don’t have the inventory space let May me hold on to that for seake keeping for us what’s this black wall I Can’t I would break this but Let’s put oh you’ve got all the paper okay I was going to just put the paper in here that not obals there’s another upstairs yes this place is H oh my God there’s more armor stands the hell oh two power to wow this reminds me of a wait that’s a cartography table oh

Mate B prote two this place is gorgeous I I want to keep this in my home now no almost done don’t need oh there’s stuff on the roof as well no no way no no way what let me see there’s an enchanted book Rip Tide too I’m taking T I’m taking

That like if uh we just need a trident now you know I’m going to go put this glass huh look look at the B we on copper yeah we’re on copper yeah let’s take this stuff I can’t take anything again I I have a full inventory this is insane

Oh wow where where the let us know we literally at everyone in the spawn craft Discord server um how long’s it been I don’t know um I started at 7 and it’s near it’s half1 so I’ve been going for about 3 and 1/ half hours I

Think I might end it I might give it another half hour before ending I need to find some raid targets for both twitch and YouTube so um YouTube I’ll probably find myself but I need to find twitch streamers CU um unless wa yeah you be king of treasure

Hunt yeah we’ll um I mean we already wor on Treasure Hunt we just looking for the thing I was just yeah with that so maybe B wa maybe I’ll show the man like this place you could raid either luminary or S I did raid luminary yesterday

So you mean the day before day before yesterday yes indeed I did raid I did raid him I could raid Sadie considering she gave me 20 quid the other day I thought I appreciate it so no one someone new to ra so yeah no it’s not yesterday it was day

Before it was Thursday uh yeah it was Thursday I was me talking about sorry about that yeah no Mason’s right I didn’t stream yesterday I he didn’t stream yesterday it’s just uh yeah it was two days he was streaming uh Sonic froners that’s the one that’s some good storage like look

Good looking [ __ ] shelves well I’ve got some good loot emeralds I need to go back downstairs actually um where was it downstairs again I completely missed that one so we find diamonds we didn’t find any diamonds but I found emeralds which is nice and was also another ghost best friend also

I would love a soul campfire but I won’t be I can’t be able to uh more emeralds let’s go and there’s iron there’s iron ingots here oh there’s a composter nice wait I’m I let’s no there’s iron or here can I take this yes where we need to go now for

C going to the map yeah oh you still have the map on you I still have the map on me yeah well that was some good loot thank you uh random mansion house thing is there anything in here there’s a graveyard here another Barrel oh more more iron

Okay I wonder can can you uh is there anything under tombs is there anything on the tombs I’m going to break the grass Actually there is there’s a barrel and it has gunpowder you know what gunpowder’s very useful okay there’s also an iron pick I’m taking that as my replacement pickax I mean uh you take the boat I can’t take anything else oh man oh we place my crafting table there’s too much in my my

Inventory right Now let’s read some that I want the you know what sticks are sticks are Like okay so uh do you have that boat can you take that boat take the boat I can’t take the boat anymore Oh no I’m going to replace that with there you got still got the map I’ve got the map still yeah oh speaking of this you want head back to our M house to swap some stuff off might be an idea but we’re not going to be able to get back to here that’s

The problem right question but if we find diamonds we don’t have enough room no that’s true that’ll be safe for sry yeah that’s back to R town okay all other the house those arrows I could have just dropped off I don’t need arrows but I suppose

Arrows are good for when you got a Bow oh You yeah we we we hit the St part for that Area Ow Okay this is probably the last this is probably the last thing I’ll do so I’ll drop some stuff off we’ll go find that treasure if we can and then we I’ll I’ll end the stream it’s very very productive day though to be fair done gone mining

Done some uh got some what quite a few diamonds got have found a whole stash so how how that’s a question how did you get the uh sign to be pink you had to put oh we got a guess yes we got a bee in our house that’s so

Cool that’s how got that’s cuz you that’s cuz you’ve have wait okay we’ve got a we’ve got a friend in here yep I drop the stuff off let’s put our semi bu in diss I don’t you’re I don’t think you can milk bees I and also speaking of us before we head

Healing oh my God that’s how you get no you get honey with honey blocks I think I think if you um cuz I know they there’s a beehive here this is a natural spawning one uh and there’s a campfire underneath it to smoke it out um but

With Beehives you can actually make a beehive or beeh house uh and you can get honey from the that but yeah this this bee currently is lost cuz he’s got pollen on him and he wants to go if I open the door he currently want yeah path time

There we go there be free oh really R is dve oh that’s a point yeah what’s luminary streaming right Minecraft I wait hang on oh my God gaming luminary yeah he’s on he’s on no way you know what emeralds might actually let me get let me put this loom

In here this is this is what we need um yeah Sunny needs lever I’ll give you the oak planks I we need wood actually um what can I drop off I don’t think I to drop off any of this you want to come set this room with Cario oh we we get These wait what the huh okay I’m a shovel oh you want you oh almost oh that’ be bad I we this space the diamonds in my inventory that would be bad yeah and also I put the healing Poes in here that’s really cool actually um we’ll be needing those oh speaking this

Oh oh wa a I got idea do you have do I have glass no I drop that off why have I got an axe I don’t need an axe I need to I need to go to mine then drop some other stuff off that you probably won’t need Here I might just build my house up next stream you know that’s I think I’ve decided so I think I’ve got an idea as to what to uh to do so yep oh I had no idea going right this time uh what am I doing so iron in

Here I was also have I got I’ve got emeralds I’ll be right back Okay put those in there did I have Mangrove Roots I did have Mangrove Roots um okay so how I do this then could just keep the axotal in uh my invent for now hey Trinity is it Trin Trinity no triviality I think it is welcome to the

Stream how are you I think I’m hoping I uh said your name right triviality or triv I’ll just triv is Right Tri is right think everyone huh wait what what is this this key smells weird maybe because it was found in the garbage ha what is a smelly key it looks

Like a gas tear turned sideways yeah hey Tri uh last was correct but tri’s the easiest yeah that’s fine anything anything trivial ah ah right um welcome back Oh by way you want to bring our a water to our house yeah I’ll I’ll bring it

Um I just need mob drops yeah we need that I’m going to drop off some of these pickaxes there’s a little bit too many here I’ll put that we had too many there you go I’ve got quite an empty inventory now so and I’ll put the wood here as well Yeah but how’s everyone doing anyways uh triviality is anything bit trivial go watch yeah no I did actually come to his uh last stream the other day actually uh Princess Peach Showtime short stream which is nice I don’t have Princess Peach Showtime but I’m not exactly planning to

Get it either so but it doesn’t stop everyone else from getting it so Um we need to get a lot armor STS now we already have armor stands right we got three we need more yeah I’m going to need about let’s have another quarter of a stack fine it’s a fine game yeah but I wouldn’t hang on I wouldn’t make getting it a priority yeah

It’s not a game that I would um prioritize over others if any if there’s any game that I would probably put priority over any game like buying a game recently is probably something like uh a Thousand-Year Door cuz I’ve never played Thousand-Year Door I never owned

A GameCube so I never played it um my cousin never owned it either so despite him owning a GameCube I um yeah everyone says it’s the best paper Mary game but there there are other paper Mar games out there so there’s not exactly it depends yeah everyone’s best

Best games is obviously up to opinion so when everyone says it’s the best I feel like yeah but I to to me it’s not the best because I’ve never played it the best Paper Mario game I know so far is Super Paper Mario so but that’s yeah when someone says

Something is the best it it’s a bit uh um opinionated essentially so uh anyways let’s I think I’ve got my inventory let’s go here let’s go to Mason’s um yeah Mason’s uh slip oh hang on the oh do town but we were just uh what do you mean we

Go to luminary town we I pr to put that you want to put the a water to do oh yeah I don’t I currently don’t have the Axel on me I just uh oops that’s fine I I’ve got it in my house but I could always transfer over

To yours uh ours at some point I was going to say wait do you have the boat yes I do okay so just just bring just empty inventory out not completely have a few things on you for the journey I also I you I had prf for this armor stance I going make More yeah so we did go quite far last time so yep okay so come to back come back to your slip I’m I’m quite surprised that you haven’t um changed where your slip is actually right I had no place to do so anyway yeah this is the last thing I’ll do on

Stream anyways so yep let me create my Inventory the one music a little bit now that that other song’s gone so um way to go just spawn what’s this there you Go there’s a lot of uh creators on Here um I need that one then I’m here that one okay uh there we go right let’s do this pissed offs this time okay I think I know Where wait I just realized this is part of the island so let’s Dolphins we can get Dolphins Grace your favorite I’ve never got I’m just reading I’m just reading chat in game like it’s funny what people are saying to each other they also record I

This sent you that way Target by the way yeah I meant viewers I meant viewers the number of people in chat yeah at the same time and only one more one mod he needs more mods but then that’s not up to me so no you yeah that’s what I mean like

Viewers in chat like I said I can’t get even a third of that how close how close are we with kle uh well we’re still going we we we we’re here where we were before we are not sing again this time no we’re going straight forward here there’s a gap we can go Into I’m hoping this is still a ocean afterwards so yeah they it’s still ocean I’m still an ocean this is pretty big island to be fair hey look there’s pumpkins over there wait what was that oh there a salmon okay thought thought I saw i’ act lot of

Actually lot you can find underground right Yes oh my God okay it’s not doing the boat I think this is less of an ocean now but I think it’s more of a um build Outpost yeah we’re not going there we’re just we’re going this way how close we are we now I have no

Idea uh we are still off the map oh God Bo got squids here so hello squid wait goal reached what did I do oh that’s not me it’s not me wait there’s a ruined nether portal here okay you know what I’m I’m actually going to

Like get out and I’m going to see what’s in these chests me too okay it’s just FL in there isn’t there normally another chest no okay it’s just the ward okay it’s just yeah oh my game Lagged okay I think we may have to go cross country if not we can probably try to make it in the boat okay we have to walk whoa that’s quite deep down there yeah we probably have to get out let me try this side you we H you want me hold the

B no it’s fine um oh fous I’m just looking for was oh you use the rest I made to help you Rec you yeah that might be actually I might be actually So oh no back to game let’s go Yes uh right I’m more too far from Spawn actually that’s a that’s a thing Okay yeah we probably have to go cross country though cuz if we’re still are above this we can’t do the stral map this time yeah we can we can probably do that the start okay you got the boat that’s fine yeah I’ve got I’ve got access to

The map so we can come here and we can we can carry on sailing we want gods don’t get up by with Co yeah it looks like there near um sand and what’s his name a roofed Forest although when I do this I can’t actually see chat so let me just pull

The map down in Fr of it yeah I’m go in this way so uh yeah I’m going the right direction so it’s Fine that’s good that’s so it’s Diamonds oh there’s a turtle underneath us my favorite here’s another One oh look there’s another ruined portal let’s you want to Che out probably got another chest in there yeah oh careful more Golden Apple oh it’s got a golden apple nice we like golden apples careful just get out of here I just have a check of the map actually uh

Um we have to get out again that’s fine my game is slightly laggy over here with Kio the Right yeah oh my God there’s skeletons there I kind of don’t want to have go go Them to ruin the we could probably go across here the B value car the boat yeah I need to go this direction Oh those wolves do wait I have bones do I I no I don’t have bones on me we will get one Ben stre right get bones eventually yeah find skeleton my God why is my FPS just absolutely shat the bed be careful what is lag what what is lagging my

Game like my frame rate is Just okay this is okay A little bit of Parkour here yeah be very care don’t just kill yourself okay let’s not do that be very very careful here how close are we know don’t know how close we are actually guaranteed the map I mean yeah but there’s not really much to

See that will give me a hint we just need to keep going south hang on Wow light Gaz is all the way over there wow he’s still room town I don’t know that’s probably not where luminary town is if you see a Bru that’s that’s his town all right TR I won’t

Die cuz I’m going to have to go so far if we don’t get get closer after we get across we’re going call it you want to talk after the stream Rec call you you can do it off the part yeah I was talking to my friend yeah what’s this

Okay okay I got that treasure M on day one that was a you got that treasure map on day one nice oh I got that map on day one on the sub Kevin S I don’t know zomie I don’t know zie guy or not did you get it through a Traer or

Like um oh no I forgot someone give it to you did you find a chest I find in a sucking soup oh you found it in a sunken ship I was looking for a spot for a house I found a Sten ship nice let’s have a quick look at the map

These oh hello I think we’re getting close you know the area on the uh on this map looks like an area we are actually heading towards so I think we are close once we get this we can go back to spawn go back to L town and like an

Endry yep and our house yeah I keep we aru coose There’s a lot of terrain to cover here so do you still got food eat your food great the Great ah another boat time not for long though I know straws I saw a straws you saw a what look a look a hey you know that oh it’s the oh structure

What that I don’t know oh okay maybe why did I just glitch in the boat we me we me over in the Boat okay soor we Lo this place already someone has looted it I mean there’s a wooden sword here and some bones tame a dog very least wait a minute is this location was similar to the map is this location what similar to the map yeah I’m literally coming up to an

Area that looks very similar to that of the map um yeah no we are definitely coming up to it sorry I’m not looking at chat that’s a that’s very that’s very bad of me there you go so I just need to follow the map in game So oh wait my uh this my icon’s getting big on this um treasure so it means that yes I am getting close that’s good is it this side yeah um just have a quick look Sees at the map again let me zoom in a little bit okay so the river does continue this Way just need to know which way I’m facing uh I am facing north just south so the river does get very narrowed here but this is very close to where this is cu this the reforest okay this is the location is it ah yes we’re on the map right just

Need to go to the right location it looks like it’s underwater so I’m going to need a lot of sand to build this up hang on a minute is this this hang on I recognize this area I recognize this area know hang on a minute oh my God it’s such a

Small world you know give mean the map I think this is the hang on it’s I know it is it’s on the water oh man you know what this is the exact area I lived in before I moved I can can see where the uh the area I mined out of

On the on the actual map oh my God what what is this it’s like deja over again wait here is this this is my I found the actual hang on come on let me get the boat oh it’s it’s ruin H where wait a minute it’s already been

Rued how has it been looted oh that’s a shame oh well we have grass anyway right yeah no but this is it this is I could give you a tour of this of this exact Forest but unfortunately this Forest is quite deadly cuz this is the forest that I

Terraformed before moving to my current location oh I can’t oh wait I can’t V right now what the hell I can’t you discover that yeah and this is yeah these spruce trees I planted them here I planted these spruce trees here oh you discover this is my old this

Is my old Forest this is the forest that I lived in I know who’s you did no I didn’t loot it I didn’t even know it was there cuz look um I’ve got to be very careful about stuff spawning in here but hello guys on the stream this is where I

Used to live by the way this is my old Forest that I lived in before I moved to my current location and I know this I know this area oh my God what how what are the chances what are the actual chances cuz look I can show you where

Where the house used to be and look this is this is all stuff I did I know there’s floating trees don’t Don’t Judge Me Oh ruy Ruby get out this cave I want that to go in oh they don’t explore the caves here yeah this is where the house

Was guys this this is what I did so this is where I used to live oh my God what the chances oh there’s a Skeleton uh Mason were you yes do that Ross cave okay I’m going to go back to spawn are you okay with that oh I found you yeah this is where I used to live okay careful the skeleton let’s get out of you yeah this this this is where I live see this see

See all this flat flat terrain here this is where my house used to be but it was a smaller version of what it is now I’m going to go to spawn so I’m not get killed by that skeleton skeleton but yeah we’ve okay that was a little bit of

A oh was an adventure I suppose it yep so I suppose that’s one thing back to my house wait what do you mean buy 90% hang on I think I missed a comment what do you mean by 90% well you mean 90% but yeah that was my um that was my old place I did I did um deconstruct the house so you didn’t see a house there but you saw that flat area there um that’s where I that’s where I had my house until you see the house that I have

Now that’s going to be sense I wanted to live in a dark oak forest because I wanted to um get a lot of dark F too yeah I mean yeah I like our Coke it’s my favorite wood in Minecraft it’s kind of very we ending your stream here if you can’t about

Yeah well we’re going to um actually I didn’t get any loot that’s that’s disappointing but it’s kind of weird we end you stream here if you can’t out um yeah I could do I was just going to end it on my end it on my personal house I could end it end it

Here wait you friend oh you made another room oh you made an armor room Nice you done You’ done good with the place actually done good did you not put those extra diamonds in there we had an entire Stu yes oh you had you had wallet so don’t forget those are in there oh let’s get that out let’s get

That out you put them in the uh diamonds chest in fact you can have a bone there’s a bone put that in there we can tame a dog when we come now we have a we got an entire stack let’s go yep this a good stream of there any of Room you want to go upstairs um oh speaking us wait arm let’s put in the room the appropriate have armor on me so I can uh take it off and on whenever I want um I was going to drop some stuff here and then I was going to go back to mine

Um cuz I can stand in front of my house in this Room waa that’s a funky skin who was those oh I’m Back you okay with cor yeah sorry I’m just uh saying much um right so here’s my house just going to end in front of it I might as well I might as well make this as some sort of tradition um just end in front of my house yep there you go

Right if I have that the chat chat open that means I can Tab out without uh what it so uh right thanks for having me with call today yeah anyways we we need to do more of this um I don’t know what I’m going to do more of this I

May leave it a week May maybe who knows depending on what the next week will take us um right so let’s have that let’s put that over here so keep an eye on two Chats and yes let’s do end here as well because why not um there’s my notb I know I’ve got two but that’s that’s what we’re doing right so let’s tab into uh twitch let’s let’s go to Twitch because I can’t I don’t know how to find R targets very

Well uh let’s search by I got one for YouTube um I can look at raid targets for YouTube that’s fine I gu I gu s you one by the way I raided I raided that person two days ago um I said I was probably going to raid someone else

Oh me anyone else luminary luminary is live I raed him two days ago um that’s the thing I don’t want to raate to people too often I know he’s streaming this game um if I can’t find anyone else then then that’s an option here we go I found one how about this suppos

To uh oh yeah they are streaming yes okay so that’s that’s a good one to have as for the that’s a good one to have actually uh let’s look for TW let’s look for twitch um how do you browse categories browse games um is there any way to search for

Games think is I don’t like normally raiding someone who I’ve don’t really know that’s the problem I might just yeah I don’t know I don’t know who to raid you know you don’t I don’t yeah I suppose I don’t I suppose I could just end the twitch stream and then I could

Go raid uh on YouTube because I don’t really know that many people on Twitch it’s sad but it is what it is um if I used to raid Someone I used to just raid my friends cuz I know that they were live and stuff but not a lot

Of my my friend stream to Twitch it’s more so been YouTube the entire time so yeah I’m going you’re on YouTube yeah I’m just going to end the twitch stream but uh I will do the ending as well so uh but will be raiding with um on YouTube

So but I will be doing so uh I just like to do some outros so um where is is wait where’s oh hang on that’s the one there you go that should be better actually yeah there we go I’d like to thank all my guests I had

In VT today I that was gamer 459 and Mason uh so thank you for that we also had some help helpers in the chat as well like light gazer we had well we had loads of people uh come in chat uh we had mostly Clifford Longhead we had all viking

Um we had we oh we had Mr Dill a little tiger um who do we have ah Tri I just I’ll just short it to Tri and I think we had oh we had Tai Swift at the end of beginning of the stream as well I can’t

Go back too far which is thing um yeah I think that’s I think there’s someone else I’m forgetting I oh and Jos Josh tar raid as well thank you so much for the raid I appreciate it um so yeah I don’t know I’m going to be streaming Minecraft again but I will

Think about it so maybe give it a week maybe uh maybe two weeks time I will be streaming again this game at least um so hopefully next week will be more of Oracle uh games I will be starting hopefully well Tuesday I think I’ll be doing a solo stream of Oracle of Seasons

To try and finish that final boss because yeah the the last stream of that kind of did end a little bit in disaster so I kind of have to redeem myself and finish that by myself um but yeah on Thursday that will be oral cloves ages

Starting with a linked game yes uh other than that I’ll probably depending on how everyone F feels maybe do another combo multiworld short stream and yeah I don’t know when I’m going to do Minecraft again again I might leave it a week huh but yeah like

I said if anyone is uh would like to they can join the Discord is not required but if you’d like to join here’s the link just to give you an option uh I’ll give you both if anyone’s still watching on Twitch There’s the link as well and I can’t believe that that is

Immediate um but that’s fine uh feel free to Jo a Discord if you like if you enjoyed also again not required but feel free to um like And subscribe again it’s the options there um and I has also have plenty of links which also gives you the option um

I’ll probably try and promote my patreon a little bit more again you can if you’d like to donate I mean feel free to uh join my patreon it’s it’s there and yeah I’m I’m working on it don’t worry about it guys but other than that I’d like to just

Huh I saw no on my screen you’re mod for the thank you yeah you just know is yeah that’s you’re welcome there buddy um anyways I think I’ll be ending the stream now um we will be going on a raid on YouTube so without for Rie I

Shall see you guys um next Tuesday for Oracle of Seasons well hoping for that finale no more no more setbacks you are most welcome anyways uh see you guys then might1 yeah uh and cut For

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  • DuckMC

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