INSANE! AlainCraft Adding Donuts to Minecraft!

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Hey we’re live good stuff all right right I have some some little Loi Loi girl in the background I think all of that music is royaltyfree so I should be okay to do that I mean they’re doing it so it’s got to be but let me know if it’s too lad

Anyways how’s everybody doing had XJ and Jess in chat already before the video even started or video I guess stream all right I guess let me let me just launch here this Thing and I’ll show youall what I’ve got so far it’ll be great I’m like five minutes early I feel like I’ve never been early to a scheduled stream how’s it going Xjam I guess we good default remember to stay hydrated yes I’ve got my I’ve got my water right here This is great all right um let me just go over here and I’ll show you all what I got did this update it did okay I’ve added these so far and we’re just going to do a crafting table and a a what’s it called why am I blanking crafting table and a

Smoker for now and basically I’m just going to add some of the things that I need Here wheat um just grab some of that there’s uh milk just going to go ahead and fill my in inventory or my hot bar with that but we’ve got this recipe you just put wheat in there grind it up into flour it’s kind of similar to the idea of like you just

Put uh sugar cane in there and it gives you sugar I was like you don’t need like an extra tool for that so I might as well just do that I’ve got the milk bucket oh shoot I need The Mixing Bowl as well don’t I hold on hold on hold on

Let’s do these here so we go Bowl we’ll just do like eight of them cuz I can and then Stick so that’s my that’s my little recipe for a mixing bowl just a bowl and a stick and then we can go with this and you put milk in a mixing bowl I might change this a little bit but it uses it’s like basically you’re

Going to put the milk in here mix it and get butter that’s kind of like the idea of how this works even though it’s not technically how this works I mean you know it is a little bit but there’s that um we can make powdered sugar but we don’t really need to right

Now um let’s put this up here um Eggs wait there we go that’s what I was trying to do we need eight Eggs we need sugar Oh shoot what are the other ingredients again oh yes um so we do bottles and we do why am I blanking um seeds and we can put bottles seeds and mixing bowls to get cooking oil and now the last thing that we need is milk so we go milk

Boom and that makes pastry dough I guess I didn’t need eight mixing bowls for this so sugar makes pastry dough I intend to make a salt item I haven’t decided how I want to add salt in because it’s a little bit interesting and uh yep so we did eight because eight raw

Donuts is how you need eight dough to make donuts and then I can put these in here that doesn’t count as a wood piece hold on coal we just do a charcoal for fun and then you get donuts that way so that’s kind of my like process of whatever I I

Really only need one more like raw ingredient which is the um the salt and then I want to add a whole bunch of things other than just donuts and we’re going to work on that today so yeah that’s the that’s the big the big master plan I also haven’t messed with how much

Like food these are supposed to give and stuff I imagine one dut should give roughly the same amount of food as a piece of bread um but yeah there we go we got donuts that’s kind of the process for that I have also added um one more thing or two more

Things powdered sugar you just put sugar in and it gives you powdered sugar so one sugar just gives you that and then there’s chocolate which requires The Mixing Bowl sugar milk and cocoa beans if I remember correctly um so we’ll get to use those

Later but I just you know for now I want to do more bread types and then we’ll look at toppings and stuff so yeah yeah that’s the that’s the master plan that’s the Thing good stuff so I guess I’m just going to I’m going to quit here and I’m going to get to that I feel like this is a little loud is it I feel like I feel like I’m not talking much louder than the the low fight girl let me turn her

Down a tiny bit I don’t know something like that maybe there we go but yeah hold on what’s the chocolate recipe again yep it’s the cocoa beans sugar milk and a mixing bowl gives you that I might change the mixing bowl idea a little bit it might not be

Like a mixing bowl it might be something else but I don’t know the the idea is to have like a I don’t know if it’s a real term but I’m calling it like a vanilla plus mod um where it’s I’m not adding a ton of craziness to it I’m not being like

We’re completely rethinking the game it’s like all of this stuff here so far is all stuff made from like things that are already in the game like I’m not I’m not changing a lot so yeah and I think my next one I am going to I need this open and I

Am going to do a create new texture create and I sketched out earlier just was messing around I sketched out kind of what the croissant could look like CU I want to do croissants next but yeah yeah stream started I started early I’m a legend I like never start early so you

Know it’s good to get on that um but you missed the whole explanation of all of the doughnut things so you know it is what it is um um let me grab darn I’ll watch later uh let me just grab if I take this section I think that

Has all of the colors in it yes let me just copy then I’m going to hello okay let me try it again copy what is my keyboard plugged in okay that works why does control Z not work what if I try the other control what is going on huh let me try this

Again we chilling today yes we are we are my day was pretty good I don’t understand why my my key keyboard isn’t working let me close this and open it again also if you see there there’s a white box up here um hold on actually I need to

Probably let me do this for a quick second just as a little rule of thumb I’m trying really hard not to show all of my my like internal computer files right now that’s what that little bar on the Block on the top there is for uh that

Music is just uh lowii beats it’s the lowii girl so I’ve been listening to her stuff at work just cuz might as well try not to do yourself yeah exactly you know I mean there there’s pretty much my social security number up on top of this right here that’s why

There’s a little block you see my m appears up there it’s not my social security number but it’s good to get in the practice of not sharing everything all of a sudden okay now let’s see if I can get this to Work oh whoops closed that accidentally so if I just grab this section here actually I could probably just go with this section contrl c contrl + V see okay that was just being weird uh let’s throw that up in the corner that’s my little color palette for

Now and we’re going to need a new Layer and then I can click on this layer grab this color click back on this layer and you can’t see the drawing that’s on my phone right now but this is the reference image I’m going off of it is how many pixels tall is this 1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 9 10 so that means I need to start here oh wait I messed up that click this click this and then we go here here here here here here two two one and we draw across the top heck yeah we’re doing Well all right there’s my croissant you know when you’re in a project but feel like you’re the only one working on it a school project that you’re the only one working on Epic croissant right let me grab this here and go back to this layer well actually let’s let’s draw the lightest part

First the like the highlights put some there we’ll go with that is right for highlights maybe that pixel too yeah that’ll be good let me get this one so does it still happen to you um a little bit less because it’s fairly obvious like when you’re an adult when stuff like that’s

Happening and like it depends on your job of course like for my job it’d be like it’s like super super obvious if somebody’s just like stealing your work because it’s like yours like you designed it so generally that doesn’t happen there anymore but that might have been too much of that color

Oh well I’ll do this Shadow here next and then go backwards from it let’s go with that there H this doesn’t look very good how it is like this oh wait did I miss a color step in here somewhere I think I might have that might be part of the problem yeah I

Did Something like that Oh there we go that’s probably good for mic croissant oh there’s a color there that is the rock rissant yes we’re not doing the the cooked one right away um save this texture I guess I’ll do that right after but needs to be an item rawcore c song heck

Yeah and then I can open up the dut right here and I can grab this same Little Slice right here I paste it in over here shoot let’s do that again I know my croissants good I should hope so this is imperative knowledge okay oh shoot that’s not

What I grab this color I switch to the paintbrush I have that color selected I click on this layer and I paint here and it goes away I don’t understand what’s happening I have a color picked why is it this program is horrible okay let me just go with the

Lightest color now then just for fun see what happens still paints transparent what is happening I don’t get it what in the what okay um save his new Texture okay let me just close that and open it again okay that I don’t know why that’s a thing but yeah sometimes you just got to close it and open it again cuz it’s a Pain heck Yeah um shoot okay that is that Color this color here is these this color Here is all the rest actually I think these are this color heck yeah yeah we just go ahead and delete our little color palette paste up here save bada bing bada Boom there’s Ro croissant and croissant added to Elm Minecraft o you heard Margo she’s she’s right under my feet chewing on a little bone sorry you’re late you’re watching Youtube shorts that’s fine welcome happy to have you okay and then we add an item we call this raw

Cross create new item and we take this item texture heck yeah and for now we’re just going to check off that it’s food I’ve been giving all of them in nutritional value one and no saturation to start because I don’t know I don’t know how to balance it exactly yet I’m not

Sure so there’s my rock rasant it’s in the game wait hold on is it in it’s in the the baking tab there perfect also I want to change this image because oh hold on I have to add the actual croissant first let me close this close these um and it’s going to

Be new item Jesus is back it’s an honor to meet you and that is a croissant a quas select and food properties it is also in Ultimate baking good save and now I want this icon to be a croissant for now there we go I’m I going to finish that croissant

Yes I am it’s done it’s right there okay recipes for it now so recipe raw crossant recipe um is going to be pastry dough I think like this is going to be it and then I need to make it this guy use yes don’t I know the meme I feel like

I’ve heard it I’m just not like directly immediately familiar right now it’s slipping my brain save mod element okay and then we’ll go recipe and we will go croissant recipe and this is a uh smoking recipe for the big now you selected that stuff’s all fine for now all right uhoh it’s a

Song is this the actual thing any questions um yes are you going to finish that all right that was a thing I guess that is quality meme all right and then we’re just going to run it we’re going to make sure that those two recipes work and we’ll be good Tian trollin is

Here quality content I just subbed all right is it launching is it working there we go single player we delete that world because it doesn’t Implement old stuff boom you watched on my snail stream yeah I remember you you got to you got to watch me die

On day 30 in 4k you subbed thanks man yeah we made we made 500 subscribers like yesterday last night was awesome I just need a couple more watch hours and then I’m uh you missed my death that’s probably fine you know save me a little little bit of that diamond burning I I

Also uh mined some diamonds uh not on stream cuz I was like it’s too many now I feel like it was a good bit when I was like you know we are uh oh I’m going to need to fix that recipe cuz that’s only going to give me one croissant for eight of

These but I was like it was a good bit for when I was like you know at the end of my stream I can go and like mine like 10 diamonds but now I’m like so far behind it’s like insane and I really can’t do that okay smoker Coal so yeah it’s it’s uh I had to go mine a bunch it was a good time smoking table there’s the croissant we got it it’s in the game and I am going to quit this and I have to fix this to give eight croissants one for each of the

Doe’s that’s I don’t know I feel like with with the recipe for dough being flour butter oil you’re smelling smelling smoking but corrected yeah I did I did did I know Minecraft added a new weapon I did I’ve been seeing that it’s wild it’s too much they’re going to Nerf

It there’s no way they keep it as is okay and I need to do I haven’t I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to do this yet my goal is to have the donuts be filled as well so you can put filling in the donuts like jelly or like

Cream like Bavarian cream not Boston cream we don’t like Boston cream here um but I’m kind of like if I’m doing fillings I need to make all the fillings first right make chocolate glaze I made chocolate already so yeah we can make chocolate glaze at some

Point but I also want to have more pastries and I have some ideas for them but I want to just make sure um Danish Pastry I just want to make sure I know what a Danish looks like yeah it’s this but danishes are always only with filling

Right make more cookies we might get to cookies cookies are a whole other thing it’s like I don’t know there’s a lot to add if you think about cookies too much there’s so many varieties of cookies cookie clicker in Minecraft you’re right okay so I think maybe what I should do

Then I should make I should make like icing and glaze and stuff meant to search Yum in emotes we just have like YouTube’s emotes and stuff right and then like random emojis yeah I’m not I’m not big famous yet I can’t I can’t have my own custom emotes

Yet that’s fine it’s fine I also don’t know what I would add so it’s great um so let me think I need a chocolate filling that’s there I need like a Bavarian cream or like a cream filling um so let me see how to make Boston cream um sugar cornstarch salt salt milk

Vanilla and egg yolks so if I do sugar milk egg yolk or sugar milk and egg Chad is so dumb why do I bother you watch level up what what’s level up solo leveling the anime show sugar I can’t really do corn starch here sugar milk egg could

Be that’s Boston cream though I needed to look at a Bavarian cream as well level up as a YouTuber who makes animations I do not I don’t know how to make Bavarian cream Mario animations lately continue without ads whipping cream and Jello-O there’s no way they’re like hey

Yeah no I just Blended jello into that or not Jello-O pudding is that literally it no ads make Jell-O in Minecraft we’ll we’ll see we’ll see water gelatin that’s egg sugar milk milk I mean heavy cream but I think I just go and I make

Um I’m going to need to make a texture for it I think I just need to make like a cream item for filling um let me look at I’ve been pulling up the Minecraft dyes for like inspiration of these random shaped items for what they could look

Like I’m immediately kind of like the yellow looks a little bit like like a like a you know what could be like a cream filling right so something along those lines could be good um let me put that on my second monitor here so I can see it without it being in

The way of me making it um yellow D Minecraft and I don’t want to exactly copy it I just want to look at it for like inspiration make Immortal es cargo there kind of is there’s enchanted golden es Cargo in my in my snail mod already

Okay so let’s just shape it to start with um most of these are somewhere around 12 blocks wide right so if I just go like here um going to play Roblox and watch your live stream at the same time dope dope the d The Double tasking or

Whatever it’s called you know what I’m talking about Um something like that could be good multitasking yes that is the word I was looking For good Stuff oh Okay um h H we have an H um I’m just trying to think like a little scoop of like whipped cream okay and then color-wise um I think we need somewhere in here is a a bit of a yellowish creamy type color uh that might be good for like the

White color to start with not another ARG LOL it’s gonna spell hello there we go there’s a bit of a highlight across there and then we’re going to do like this and maybe maybe like that no if I go here and then here there we go that’s a good little

Highlight and we can make this a touch redder a touch more saturated a touch darker something like that a touch redder a touch more saturated a touch darker something like that I have to make a gingerbread man hold on hold on make cat-shaped cookies got to make gingerbread men

Basically cook clicker cookies in Minecraft make peanut butter all right we can maybe these are all ideas uh I I kind of am stuck drawing one pixel at a time uh I don’t I can’t do all the ideas this quickly I do appreciate the enthusiasm um this is too darken whatever but we

Will mess with it Um and we go like the Highlight here that and the little shadow of the outline over here okay and now we can mess with the color a little bit I want it a little yellower and a little lighter it’s Too maybe yellow isn’t really the right color but I I feel like it’s egg and like sugar and milk it’s not going to be like like it’s going to be yellowish that’s why I’m trying to make it yellowish a little bit okay here’s the recolor um what if I do lock

Saturation see that just kind of grayed out though what are we doing we’re we’re adding um like a cream filling like a like a Bavarian cream filling okay let me take down the saturation and we’re going to up the value here yeah well not Boston cream I’m just

Going to call it cream because I want to uh but we can all know in our hearts that it’s actually Bavarian cream and not Boston cream just you know just keep it in mind just be like you know Bavarian cream is the superior donut so um I feel like it’s too

Dark that’s a little better H ask chat whether they want it to be Boston or Bavarian um for one thing I don’t know how to do a poll um and for another it’s it’s Bavarian because uh I’m the making it and I have that power so sucks to suck but what I say is what

Goes we’re in a tyranny yes I do what I want make creeper Crepes I should make crepes oh my God that is actually brilliant this is just kind of gross looking now though okay let’s finish this up how I was trying to do here and then let’s try to just recolor it white

Maybe oh shoot I keep doing this I need to click this tool before I click back in here and then we’re just going to go uh colorize and we’re just going to go like all the way white and just see what happens nope lock saturation Brightness um full White okay let me take this color let’s bring this up to like 55 and we’re just going to saturate it by like seven and then we’re going to paint it back on it’s going to have a little bit of a yellower tint to the border at least and then I think we’ll be

Good if I bring this up to 55 saturate it to like 10 wait no democ ratic liberty no viewership without representation I’m just not even going to address it you know and now what I’m thinking is that that was terrible and I shouldn’t have done

That and if I want to do this what I should do is like this maneuver no have I heard of stardo Valley yes I like stter Valley it’s too like brownish though sty Valley is a great Game ah I didn’t want it to just be white but I guess I’m I’m just going to leave it like this like I don’t really have a lot I can do with it Um cream filling maybe 1.6 is coming tomorrow nice nice nice I might have to play it again at some point here oh shoot I actually made it the wrong thing I need to make it a item Okay now I can delete this one see it’s too light there it needs to be a little darker do I just take the powdered sugar colors and do that I think I might have to let me grab um like this little slice should have all of the colors I

Need just merge the layer so I don’t have to do too much here The developer knows wait me and my sibs will play on our farm we use a Name ID feature the developer knows about it bye oh bye see You okay and this and this and I think this and these and I need this color no that was the wrong color hold on this one is the that one it’s actually pretty much the exact same as these and then this should just be plain white which I will make this plain white

And then I’m going to grab this color boom you love ratu Valley what boom okay it’s colored the same way as the powdered sugar so that’s probably good um considering we’re going to put powdered sugar in the the recipe for it item um what would I call it I don’t

Know what I should call it I don’t want to just call it cream I could it’s my nickname for the game is rats make things often better yeah we can just call it cream um sweet cream I don’t know adding like a random modifier that doesn’t directly tell me for sure what it

Is Margot what are you doing Margo’s going and sitting behind my PC checking something out back there it’s not sour cream no I don’t want to call it Boston cream cuz I hate it but I also don’t want to call it Bavarian cream because it’s too specific so cream filling or just cream

Is probably what I’m going with so I’ll just keep it just like that for now there we go we got cream and the recipe for it um recipe cream recipe we’re going to go with powdered sugar what was it shoot so it was egg sugar milk okay so now I need

Milk and I need egg and then I need a mixing bowl cuz I’m going to use my mixing bowl in so many recipes cuz it’s going to be that way and now we add this guy and here we go boom we have cream and the cream

Recipe so what toppings do I have I have chocolate I have cream I have powdered uh sugar what I need now is probably sweet berries because it’s the only like Berry in the game well I’m not going to add I’m not going to add strawberries but I’m going

To do the same thing with with sweet berries though sweet berries Minecraft let me just get the texture um save imagees hell yeah and then we are going to to open with Photoshop it is so nice to have Photoshop let me just tell you it’s almost like I’m a graphic

Designer and this is exactly what I do for a living and then we go image image size 16 yeah I have photosop I’m I I do this for an actual living so not this exactly for an actual living but basically um and Export s hold on I can just do the quick export

As PNG goes in my picture sure Yep import item Texture pictures sweet berries I can have that open and I need like Sweet Berry jam now which I think I could take some inspiration for how the red dye looks in Minecraft for how the jam should look or should I put it in a bottle that might actually be a better Idea yeah yeah if I just grab um this Berry right here and I paste it here and flatten down I can just take this Color and uh let me take this color as my dark color and then let’s just start doing This oh that’s awesome Sweet Berry Jam just like that welcome back welcome back we just added Sweet Berry Jam well the texture at least jelly is what I’m calling it it’s not Jam it’s jelly and it’s an item and we save then I can close this and

This and then I can delete this because I don’t need it anymore cuz I made the jelly and now we go here we go item Sweet Berry jelly and I still saw my last chat what do you mean select okay properties recipe remainder is a bottle because you don’t want to eat the

Bottle that’s not very healthy don’t eat bottles and then I need stain in crafting grid I need that um food properties yes eating item result bottle hell yeah save we have Sweet Berry jelly that way I can make a jelly donut make donut Pizza we’ll think about it we’ll think about

It what I’m thinking right now right I don’t want to do anything too overpowered I’m thinking a lot of my food a lot of my bakery stuff is going to be relatively the same hunger and stuff as regular food so like the plain croissant is going to be

The same as a bread the plain doughnut is going to be the same as a bread and then I might add a little bit extra if extra things are added to it so it’s like a jelly donut is going to be a little bit better than bread but it’s

Not going to be like better than steak or golden carrots but it’s just going to be a little bit better you know and then this might be a little bit complicated but I want to add um filled donuts with uh potions so you can get potion effects from

Donuts and the goal would be to be able put multiple potion effects into one donut so that instead of carrying around like a strength potion and a speed potion and a jump boost um you just put several potions into one doughnut and you can just eat that to

Get several effects that’s kind of the goal so I’m not making anything too overpowered by doing that but it’s like just combining things dut Pizza dut dough instead of pizza dough strawberry sauce instead of tomato sauce and glaze instead of cheese and sprinkles instead of pepperoni there you

Go it’s just like a sweet Pizza doughnut Pizza um recipe that’s what I need Sweet Berry jelly um recipe boom and I need I need Sweet Berry bush I need sugar I need a bottle and I think I might need the mixing B but I’m I don’t know it might

Make sense to just leave it like This I feel like the bowl makes sense as well I might have to look at it and decide what all needs the bowl and what doesn’t because maybe only dough related things needs The Mixing Bowl that’s that should probably be the rule is only dough related things needs The Mixing

Bowl so let me check my recipes again cuz this isn’t a dough related thing although this makes a lot of sense to have a mixing bowl for this wait a second oh I didn’t mean to press console hold on workspace that’s what I need cuz like flower doesn’t need the bowl

It’s the first recipe I made butter needs the bowl which kind of makes sense because you have to turn butter no no let’s just get rid of the bowl from there as to join content SMP it’s an S&P with mods and the members the members make an ad um well let’s look them

Up yeah with with this many followers I don’t I don’t think I’m going to make it in there oh I’ve seen these guys stuff yeah um that’s pretty much not going to happen I have I have like 500 subscribers I’m not making it into this this isn’t [Laughter]

Insane but I appreciate the thought that I might be able to do that but it’s not going to happen for me powdered sugar recipe cooking oil recipe mixing bowl recipe makes sense I don’t know if I need the mixing bowl let’s just say I have it and for

Now I’m going to leave it out and I’ll think about whether or not I need it later or what I need it for specifically I’ll I’ll come up with the rules later for when you need the mixing bowl but for now we’re going to we’re

Going to get rid of it out of all the recipes so um so we have jelly we have chocolate we have cream we have three fillings tan trolling is leaving again see you man um so what other fillings are there oh hold on that’s the wrong tab um dut fillings

Um dut filling ideas how’s that 13 best dut filling ideas Nutella orange ooh we have apple do I make it apple butter or do I make it like an apple filling like an apple pie filling you’re back did you miss anything uh I don’t know apple jam is a

Thing are there donuts filled with apple filling or they just make apple Fritters I don’t know but what I do know is that maybe I can just do this what is content S&P it’s some YouTuber thing where they make uh mods um and I’m going to delete this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this

This and this and this and this and now I should just have the filling color here and what I could do is I can just go colorize and I think Apple color would be closer to around here maybe Echo Frank the dog hello I am Frank the dog

Hey how’s it going Frank the dog maybe a little B redder something like that does that look like apple jam wood no we definitely would need to lock saturation Brightness hold on hold on you’re saying you’re saying this color looks more like piss uh you might have problems you should probably drink some more water the other one yeah uh but it’s cooking oil it was [Laughter] delayed hold on hold on we we had a picture of apple jam it is very Orange H maybe a little more saturated here a victim of the circumstances of life you’re a victim of the like 10-second delay on [Laughter] stream um let’s make it a little bit redder I could be cool with that if I just merge that down Um apple jam let’s just call it that x.exe is launching ghost just mode what are you doing in this game me what am I doing I’m uh just brain stopped functioning if you’re asking me what I’m doing uh we’re making oh shoot I keep doing this we’re we’re making uh Donuts in

Minecraft and we’re almost at a point where I need to check this a little bit again um so give me a second here let’s go with apple uncore jam save this texture close and I can delete that one Donuts as a I’d love food um so let me add the apple jelly apple

Jam select and we got to go to Food properties it leaves a bottle when you eat it and then we got to go to properties and the recipe remainder leaves a bottle we got to check that off to enable save mod element yep sounds good to me I actually want to double check

Did I make it so that the cooking oil leaves bottles uh-oh if you eat the cooking oil it just eats it there we go we fixed that wait wait no we didn’t there we go this will do it okay perfect save mod element donuts oh no yeah I guess Jess

Is uh judging the way that Donuts are spelled for some people which I think is incredibly rude but you know okay we’re launching it oh shoot I didn’t make the apple jam recipe yet we can’t launch cancel abort you gets to be making a statement that may include a proposition to play Roblox

To know more details you must confirm first um let’s say this the chances of me playing Roblox are very low um you can make a proposition and if it’s an interesting enough proposition I might respond it would have to be a very interesting proposition to get me to actually [Laughter]

Play if you come in here all the time spamming play Roblox you know that’s a different thing um I understand that Roblox is a game with many game modes and things and it’s more of a platform for games than a game itself so in theory I have no problem

With that fact what I have a problem with is how poorly moderated and regulated everything is and how uh all of it just immediately comes to uh LOL Bowie came here for donuts begs I can’t even just say how how like everything goes to like just basically like make

Money off kids and I don’t really like their strats for that but name of recipe apple jam recipe and it is going to be apple um hold on hold on what was this one this is sugar and bottle okay apple sugar bottle and uh this thing apple jam heck

Yeah and it is shapeless let me go back and make sure that the Sweet Berry one is shapeless yep this one needs to be shapeless LOL do you have two tabs open with dogs because I’m just looking at like the Emojis used [Laughter] [Laughter] and that’s awesome okay so I have to

Test croissant raw croissant or the croissant making and cooking Cream Sweet Berry apple jam okay I’m out of here hoping for food see you man hope you find some food what if me and XJ made a list of 10 games that aren’t brain degrading hoping the XM has not Fallen to boredom and

Deleted his standards in game taste what um if you made a list of games that aren’t brain degrading I I might look at them off stream and see what they are and decide if I’m down to like play one but I kind of just feel like it’s brain degrading to make the Roblox

Account in general but you know have I seen infinite craft yes I have I’ve been playing infin craft it’s awesome a lot of streamers make that game stream yeah I streamed it once um I feel like it works it works for a stream I feel like when

You have you know a lot more people in chat nothing against you guys but it’s like I don’t know there’s just not enough people and it’s like it kind of I feel like is when I see people play it it’s like there’s like 600 people in chat and they they’re

Giving him ideas of what to make and stuff and it’s like it’s just the number of people that makes it a lot better to be able to play it that way um I guess we’ll just go on top of this tree and it is crafting table and then I need

Dough and I need smoker we’re not enough in the eyes of Allen we understand [Laughter] yeah okay this is the croissant shape boom raw croissant and I need um coal boom that’s cooking and now I need um Sweet Berry I need sugar I need bottle and I need

Um what’s it called I need Apple does it give me the recipes for things no I go Sweet Berry sugar bottle uhoh okay hold on let’s look at the recipe Sweet Berry sugar glass bottle uh there’s a Problem Sweet Berry jelly is here it exists oh no I didn’t make it a food okay um so these are working we can eat croissants um does this one work okay the apple jam works now what is wrong with the Sweet Berry you’ve seen this game before it seems too complex for me well you know sweet berries why is that not working it’s uh it’s Minecraft there’s dogs in this game oh it’s it’s the block Sweet Berry bush that I have in there that’s the bush that’s the berries

Okay that should work uh next time I load it up but let me check the cream powdered sugar milk and egg okay so that didn’t work but we’re going to fix that um powdered sugar milk egg there’s cream we got it uh sweet berries messed up have I ever watched murder drones uh

No what was that more croissants such an amazing an amazing thing that I can make Minecraft mods now because this is just beautiful I was born for this adding croissants to Minecraft was my destiny everything’s led me to this moment okay and quit I doubt you doubt ever are all enjoy as

Much as others what is It yeah I think I’m good [Laughter] actually it does a special thing with tropes I I have too many things to watch man oh hold on hold on hold on let’s go back to this doughnut filling Cherry Lemon Jelly Nutella orange strawberry I don’t know what this is at least I watched Hamilton I did

Watch Hamilton coffee custard we don’t have coffee but this is awesome raspberry vanilla cream easy Bavarian cream okay so let me think I have currently right now I have apple jam chocolate cream Sweet Berry there are four things I can put in the dut already what’s another what’s a is there

A fifth one that’s an obvious thing to add um all Minecraft food H ah I mean a carrot cake type thing would make sense melon is too much like a melon filled donut is weird I can’t do any of the meats potato is too much pumpkin might be the one that makes the most sense my owners sometimes talk about

Sprinkles salt and pepper hope I spelled them right you did that that that spelling is perfect I’ve never seen it spelled better except for salt I I don’t know why there’s an L in the way Jess says it maybe she’s like British or something and she’s adding an extra P

You spelled it perfect Frank the dog don’t even don’t even listen to Jess [Laughter] okay oh beat doesn’t make sense for This pumpkin Donuts those aren’t like a filling though there is a filling for it though carrot carrot cake Donuts um so one two 3 4 H Jess British confirmed do those three toppings go on S on Donuts it is a suggestion yes um Jess is not British though so otherwise she’d spell it with a A do u g for donut okay okay okay let me think here okay if I take this and we cover up this doughnut

Hole something like that something like this well we wouldn’t want that dark of a color right there we take this color and let’s just fill this in and then that’s not exactly great so we’re going to take this other color here and we’re going to we’re going to add a couple

Little spots of it here and There oh let’s grab this tool here okay hold on May just maybe I hate the way of that way of writing it because I hate nuts all right okay so then let’s do this and let’s Grab um this little segment here has every color in it oh slap that up in the corner and I need like this Color and I need to put a little hold on hold on cancel let’s merge that down okay I need like a little spot where the doughnut was inserted or where the the stuff was inserted they like filling something like that I like that that’s good that works there we go we got chocolate

Filled save his new texture item um Cholate filling chocolate fill dut would it be chocolate fil raw donut or raw chocolate fil dut I feel like I need to put raw in front save this texture yes and now what I need is this dut and I need to Grab um this little bit here which I think to here is good enough oh shoot hold on c v perfect let’s move it up there merge it down oh come on chocolate fi dnut save this texture close it and now we have to open it again because it hates us

There we go now things work couldn’t just work the first Time okay and this darker color here we’ll go for the lightest color now second lightest and then this color boom and we’re going to copy this and we’re going to paste this here what I want is these darker colors now there we go now we’re talking chocolate filled dut heck

Yeah we can delete that one we got the raw chocolate fil donut and the chocolate fil donut this is amazing um let’s go ahead and make those recipes actually we got to make the items first raw cholate uh what do we call it when there’s chocolate filling would we call

It a chocolate cream donut or would it be a chocolate fil donut I’m going with fil you’re back welcome welcome we uh made dut that’s about all just the fil sounds better yeah you item result okay save it’s there recipe raw chocolate filled dut recipe it’s the longest name ever

And we need D you selected and we need chocolate you selected and we need this guy you selected heck yeah is it shapeless no it’s not shapeless you have to craft it that specific way just double checking if that works and now we need the item chocolate filled dut create new item boom

Select food properties yes Save and then we go for a recipe chocolate filled dut recipe and it is a smoking recipe and we put this guy in and we get this guy out you selected hell yeah smoking mod M XP reward sure save mod element boom we got the

Chocolate filled and the raw chocolate fil dut let me just test those and the Sweet Berry jelly again just to just to be doubly sure what do you think of doors xgem I what doors do you have an opinion on doors would you like to share with the

Class not a fan of the game how would you describe my fashion style Allan um I’m learning that my fashion style is very much influenced by the fact that we were like dead broke when I was a kid uh so it’s pretty much just whatever I can

Find fairly cheap and I’ve realized that the cheapest stuff I can find now is actually at TJ Maxx TJ Maxx is a great place to shop for men’s clothes it’s incredible um uh but like I don’t I know I’m a I’m a I’m like a shorts and t-shirt and sandals

Guy um in high school and college I was that guy who who was out in like shorts and flipflops in the snow that was me um I’m not immune to the cold anymore so that’s not me anymore but um you know eight of these one of these crafting table

Smoker I’m currently wearing a onepiece shirt just a T-shirt and some like khaki like chino pants I think is what they’re called I think the shirt is from Walmart no it’s from Target maybe it’s from Walmart it’s Walmart or Target it’s not like a fancy

Place that I got the shirt from um and the the pants I think are from TJ Maxx I get all my pants from TJ Maxx now if I can because they’re pretty good um and they’re honestly cheaper than buying like crappy pants at like cheap places it’s just like I don’t even

Know but yeah no I I I wouldn’t even describe my fashion style has a style I’m just like a guy I’m just a dude you just see me on the street and it’s just like yep standard just guy that’s him he’s just there um what was the other thing was sweet berries Sweet

Berry sugar bottle okay we do this boom oh look at that I love how that little changes that is awesome just a little four dots in the corner we got the chocolate fil dut this works now we’re good and this bada bing bada boom chocolate fi donut heck yeah It all works so far love this okay now we got to do the exact same thing but with apple Sweet Berry and cream yep um so we go to resources we can take this exact one I’m going to just open it we let’s do Sweet Berry

First and I just need like four colors so I think I think I’m just going to grab this section right here for my color palette Okay this button this button here and here nope I’ll make my own color here for this yeah something like that what was I eating before stream uh waffles that’s what I was eating what’s up the saturation on this yeah yeah that looks good and now what I can actually

Probably do now that I’m thinking about it is what if I do this an xgem classic question uh to be fair he did did ask me what kind of questions I like answering and I told him uh food related questions so come on oh I got to go to this layer now what

Erase extrem smart infectious smile okay and now save as new texture Item raw Sweet Berry dut [Laughter] um bro hold on hold on hold on is that the list of ones to give me you can’t just list them out in chat y’all got to like put them somewhere put it in like a Discord like one Discord message so I could see them [Laughter]

All like I’m not going to going to get I’m not going to look through these well you’re going to write them again okay cool I was like cuz I’m definitely not recording these right now um raw Sweet Berry donut do I call it raw Sweet Berry jelly donut your owners are leaving

Uhoh where do you put in Discord uh just you could just put it in general if you want it’s not like anybody uses the Discord for anything other than me posting random crap so um Ross Sweet Berry jelly donut I’m just going to copy that save this texture save as a new

Texture we’re just going to call Sweet Berry jelly donut save this Texture okay there’s those they exist heck yeah an hour without my owners feels like a long time true okay me reposition here okay so we got those jonuts um let’s open this we can close that now and I need I need this line right Here and it’s going to be a little bit weird on this isn’t it actually it’s not too bad um let’s move that up here merge it down and go dark all right um we’re going to need to save as new texture item um Apple Jam dut apple jam filled Doughnut Huh yeah we’ll call it that and then now I need to close this I need to open it again and now things should work because this thing hates me the Discord link is expired let me get a new one let me get a new one also welcome toxin

Um I’ll paste it in chat if you want to just click on it there and then um let me edit this save okay if you refresh the stream the one in the description should work as well I mean not that you really need the one in the description since you can

Just click on the link in chat but it’s There There we go perfect um this color and boom and this is the other dark one I think boom and this color boom and this color boom that kind of looks orange I don’t know I mean it’s the color of the apple jam that I just made so apple jam fil donut

Yep I’m just going to go ahead and copy this and paste it here and then I can merge down and I can delete this layer yes and I could save this as a new texture and I can call it raw apple jam filled donut save okay both of those should be good and

Now I can close that why did this not work do I need to save now save this texture okay this got put in the wrong spot so I need to go here save as new texture raw apple jam filled donut and it needs to be an item save

Perfect perfect now I can delete this one yes we got too many kinds of donuts already and this is just the [Laughter] beginning I’ve done can’t believe I’ve done this this is going to be a lot but it’s fine uh cuz let’s close these and open them again and then let’s open

This and I need these four colors here Okay save as new texture Raw cream filled dut and then save his new texture raw no not raw it’s just cream filled dut not save this texture heck yeah oh I messed up when I put it up here again cream filled dut and I have to click

Item perfect and now I can delete this yes so fill Donuts I have Sweet Berry cream chocolate Apple Apple chocolate cream Sweet Berry okay we got four filled Donuts one regular doughnut right now with no filling it’s going to be interesting um let’s go to the croissant well maybe I I should make

Those items first let’s go let’s go with um let’s just do the cream fil D donut first item Raw cream filled donut create new item and it’s this guy select yes food properties it is a food save mod element yes it’s there new recipe raw cream fill donut recipe and I

Need LOL all these things are here I need a dough and I need the cream item and I need that to give me this use selected save boom and then I need uh what’s it called I need a new item I need the what did I make I made the chocolate filed

One already let’s do the um raw oh no let’s do the cooked let’s just do the cream fil doughnut donut create new item and it’s this guy select um it is food boom was there anything in this that I need to worry about I don’t think so we’re

Good save there’s the cream fill doughnut and now I need the recipe cream filled dut recipe create new let’s go with a dough oh shoot no no no it’s not this it’s not this it’s smelting or it’s smoking I forgot he said don’t worry what am I not worrying about I’m suddenly so

[Laughter] worried okay smoking perfect save boom heck yeah dude I can’t believe I’ve been streaming almost 2 hours and I have added um a croissant three two top or yeah three toppings and some filled donuts and that’s all this is timec consuming excuse me okay now let’s make the Sweet Berry donut raw

Sweet Berry jelly donut this is a long name that one food properties save recipe raw Sweet Berry jelly dut recipe this is too much it’s like six words for this okay it is crafting and this one is adding dough you selected this Here and this here can you work rant about your workl load go for it always sometimes always sometimes item Sweet Berry Jelly dut create new item hell yeah okay and food properties it is food save mod element and now I need to go with a recipe Sweet Berry jelly donut recipe heck yeah you got into the album Council is basically our yearbook and we’re a pretty big team and yet I’m the

Only one working on it have to go out of my way to tell people to do their own job yeah I Mean it sucks but is there like a like a sponsor or a teacher in charge or some sort like an adult who can you can talk to them and just have them like look at it maybe you’re not looking for me to say Solutions since you said rant

Not anything else Legos in motion says hi those were the most thoughtful words I’ve ever heard I’ll be honest I don’t remember what I just said so my brain is making donuts I’m trying though all right I’m doing my best I’m giving you a thumbs up

Because my brain is making donuts and I don’t have a face cam and I was like I should thumbs up anyways even though nobody can see it it just happened you [Laughter] know uh and I think that was it yep Sweet Berry jelly donut is

Here heck yeah now we need the apple jam so we need item we need raw apple Jam wait hold on hold on hold on how did I name this one Sweet Berry jelly donut no problem problem wa we’re doing cool pastries in mine crack [Laughter] okay um raw Sweet Berry no I just did Sweet Berry hold on hold on apple jam

Dut I think that makes sense if you see it’s an apple jam doughnut you understand it’s filled probably right if I said chocolate donut you don’t know if it’s chocolate on top or chocolate inside so chocolate filled makes sense you have to say that create and raw apple jam filed

Donut what’s my favorite doughnut the Bavarian cream filled ones they’re super good Um I do not like the Boston one Boston cream donuts are an atrocity Bavarian cream is so much better the more you know the uh the Walmart bakery right next to me I have Walmart plus which is so awesome they just deliver food to me whenever I want or

Groceries uh they have a uh chocolate covered Bavarian cream bismar is what they call it which is just like a like a jelly donut is also just a Bismark depending on where you’re from but they are beautiful and they just taste so good and you have to have them

Okay raw apple jam filed doughnut create new recipe and it is pastry dough use he said also I’ve never heard of a doughnut filled with applesauce more like doughnut Apple flavor um I know that there’s no like apple filled doughnut for the most part there’s like apple fritters which have

Like an apple jam in them kind of um but I do plan to make like danishes and there are Apple danishes so having the apple filling I was like I might as well make a doughnut with it instead of skipping that um and we go with apple you

Selected and oh wait hold on we need it to make something I forgot this one you selected uhoh I think I forgot to do that on most of the rest of these yeah this needs to make eight you subbed thanks man Welcome to the I don’t know what we’re called to the [Laughter]

Thing to the fam as Jess has been saying welcome to the fam said that’s your line well I beat you to it so um that one has eight though okay we’re good welcome to day Allen’s and I need to add item I need to add apple jam filled donut the Bavarian Donuts

LOL I don’t want to call anything donut too much I don’t want to be too associated with the donut SMP cuz I I’m like that’s kind of just a scam to make children gamble in Minecraft gamble real money in Minecraft and I’m like I don’t know that I want

To I don’t want anything to feel like I’m Associated but you know xj’s making another ARG I’ll be honest I haven’t been watching xjs ARG this time I’m my brain’s making donuts I can’t do puzzles and tan Troll’s back welcome select food properties yes okay and see you Legos thanks for joining

Thanks for subscribing it’s great to have you 10 minutes of push-ups and a 30-minute walk good for you good for you that’s what we were all doing you know you should have done it with us we we stopped everything and did 10 minutes of push-ups and then a 30-minute walk you’re

Tired can’t say that I feel that right now I’m actually pretty well rested Apple gy filled dut recipe heck yeah and this is going to be a smoking recipe we’re going to take this guy and make this guy that’s more than I did in 6 months

Oh um I mean yes I do 100% push-ups per day when I I was in high school I did I did a what’s it called I did the the the one punch man work out except for the 10K I couldn’t really run I mean I could but you

Know the situation whatever I was in the school I was in it was weird and you know I was in like a boarding Academy and it was horrible but it’s like yeah very bad at push-ups by for a bit see man he’s like popping in out of here A

Bunch okay I’m done or am I okay so I got a bunch of things to test now with this okay we tested the apple jam it works I need to test the fillings here okay is it launching oh it launches behind for some reason I was just I’ve just

Been sitting here waiting for it to show up and it doesn’t and creative okay um crafting table and what I need is a lot of this one of these one of these one of these one of these let’s go with a smoker excuse me and a uh coal or a lot of

Coal and boom now if I do this and I throw that in there I keep the glass bottle that’s good oh Apple doesn’t keep the bottle we’re going to fix that apple jam properties it gives this wait damage it item it needs to be this stays in crafting grid Apple

Scuff that’s why we test it we just need to make sure that we’re good on all these things yeah see I have the right one checked off there we’re good and cooking oil I did the same thing oh cooking oil I had the wrong one checked off we’re

Good um you guys ever read breakfast do break fast and then realize it says breakfast yeah I mean that’s what the word is it’s breaking your fast you’ve been fasting all night I don’t read Bast Boom look at all these Donuts this is amazing okay we go here we go this Donut oh shoot why is that not working okay that one works uh raw Sweet Berry jelly donut uh-oh that’s the chocolate one it needs to be this one oh that’s weird you’ve never heard that

Before now I’ll be honest I don’t know 100% if that’s true that’s something my parents told me when I was little um word origin yep late Middle English from the verb break and fast yeah I don’t know if it was specifically about talking about breaking your fast at night like that um

But random Allen lore um my family is my parents are very religious and they uh were missionaries and we lived in a uh country in Africa where they were mostly um uh Islamic Muslims over there you know and uh they like fast for the Ramadan and that’s that’s when I learned

The little fun fact of breakfast means break fast um because they would joke the people who spoke English and learned the words and stuff they would joke that at night because in Ramadan when they’re fasting they can eat when the sun’s not up as I’m just giving like a lesson on

Islam um they can eat with the Sun not up or when the sun is is is is down um but just not during the day and so they would call dinner after you know when the Sun goes down they’d have like dinner and they’d call it breakfast

Because they thought it was funny cuz they were breaking their fast but they’re not breaking there fast because that’s just the rules of how it is they’re like you can’t eat during the day period I don’t know I don’t know the exact details of how all that works but you

Know it’s interesting I just annihilated your brain yeah that’s how we do here in the I don’t even know in the Allen craft Channel we we annihilate brains okay so so far I put a Sweet Berry one in there it didn’t smelt I don’t know which

One the chocolate one’s going to do I had already tested the chocolate but yeah okay let’s just let’s just see okay well chocolate just gave me chocolate so we’re good on that does this one work it does perfect and this one works we actually need a name to say welcome to

Blank but like do we like there’s there’s only like 500 subscribers I feel like that’s the kind of thing that you want with like way later I don’t know like when I’m when I’m famous and it’s like necessary to have a name for the fan base okay this stream isn’t normal you’re

Right this stream really isn’t normal you’re watching me make uh donut pixel art which I appreciate y’all hanging out man man Bakery mod correct with lowii music in background while talking at chat 500 a million are just numbers all right I’ll let you uh I’ll let you come

Up with some ideas if I like any of them we can go with it um okay so we have all the filled Donuts I’m going to do I’m going to do the same thing again feel like I just said AG is just a number LOL I’m going to do the same test again

Because I need to make sure that everything works properly cuz the apple and the Sweet Berry were both scuffed we got to make sure they work I really like this song actually oh my God it’s like the little jazziness welcome to the remember to stay hydrated yes it’s perfect okay crafting bench There I need chocolate cream sweet Perry apple jam that okay bottle stays bottle stays that works that works okay and now I need smelter not smelter I need smoker and I need coal what why does this not work smelting I need to be smoking dang it welcome to the Crafters the cool kids

Club yeah I don’t want to call it anything that has Cool Kids Club almost just sounds like K clu’s Clan it’s too close we can’t do that use this use this save mod element that should work okay we fixed one of the little Hang-Ups but he’s got a point yeah Kool-Aid

People okay Chate fil Donut’s working cream filed Donut’s working this one didn’t work this one’s working good enough I’m not going to double check those again now I need like glaze how do you make like donut glaze are you going to base your content around coding it at the

End I probably won’t base it around coding I I still think I’d rather play video games but I think since I’ve been playing hardcore snail so much I don’t really want to play a ton of Minecraft right now doing this I feel like is more fun than playing Minecraft at this exact

Moment um but yeah is the supper of the lunch is the what is the breakfast let me think here so do I do the okay hold on how many how many of each doughnut do I have now I have a regular dut I have a chocolate filled I

Have a cream fill I have a Sweet Berry filed I have an apple filed I have five Donuts now if I just add glaze as an item we go from five Donuts to 10 Donuts because we have regular Donuts but then we also have glazed

Donuts so we end up having 10 Donuts if I put powdered sugar on the outside of the jelly donuts like I was thinking we now have 15 Donuts if I put chocolate on top we have 20 Donuts that I have to make what other topping should I put on

It do I do a Sweet Berry don’t don’t fry your brain trying to figure out what I said do you have any catchphrases as cringe as it may sound uh I don’t know there’s not catchphrases that I have there’s a lot of things I used to say

That I thought were kind of funny but I don’t like say them recently it was things like uh forever and a half it’s like oh this takes so long it’s like forever and a half since I started you know using forever and a half as a Time measurement I thought

That was fun also Tian trin’s back welcome so hold on we so if I add a Sweet Berry like a sweet Berry icing to the donuts I don’t think I want to have a sweet Berry icing on a Apple dut that doesn’t make a lot

Of sense so I don’t think I want to do a Sweet Berry icing I think I think if I do glaze chocolate pumpkin pie should I do like a pumpkin spice donut wait no we’re doing donuts pumpkin pie dut I know that there is pumpkin filling

I’m just trying to think like do I end up having to put a pumpkin item gunpowder jelly donut I I’m going to do I’m going to do a potion effect Donuts as well at some point here Um oh shoot I wasn’t thinking about this how do I do potion effect Donuts an explosive doughnut sounds like a banger LOL I wonder actually triggers now this is fun actually make potion jelly do I do a potion jelly donut and mixed potion jelly see that’s that’s the thing is I

Want I want to have mixed jellies but I don’t I don’t know if I want to make every combination of of possible things I might just be like this is like the combat jelly or like the combat donut and this is like the like speed donut I don’t know

What it would be hold on let’s look up the list of potion effects my incraft potion effects okay where’s the list effect list there’s speed raw chicken gives you poisoning ELO oh also so I was I was talking with one of my friends one I haven’t talked to in a while

But see you te and trolling I was talking to them yesterday about um what’s it called well I mentioned this mod they said I should add eoli because you can get eoli from flour if you eat like flour that hasn’t been cooked and then I should also add salmon

Illa for if you eat anything with egg that hasn’t been cooked and I think that’s hilarious it’s so stupid I love it um hold on so there is like speed so if I make like an agility dut and I add speed haste jump boost and like water breathing Tian comes and go bro

Cm8 right if I just add like those four and then maybe I add like I add like the the I add like the strength dut or like the combat donut that’s going to have like strength as well as um like resistance and I have to make those like

Potions those are special donuts made with special flow might mate m e a me I G HT so I was thinking like basically what I might do is like bad luck Java edition only I might have a thing where like you take you have to craft potions and then put them in

A dut so you still have to craft the potions and it’s just a better delivery method so you don’t have to carry around um unstackable potions um cuz you just have stackable donuts with with potion effects on them now but yeah that was that was kind of my idea here Um what display name caring weird I don’t know I don’t know what the combinations of donut or like of of things would need to be but I feel like I would want positives and negatives with it so like maybe the the attack one gives speed strength resistance there’s three

Positives but then it also now gives mining fatigue you know um did you ever hold on hold on if you could describe the viewers you remember the most in a single word or three what would it be what describe the viewers I remember the most um I don’t know a single word or

Three are we like fishing for compliments or something we’re going to skip that I’ll think about it did you ever have a hamster I did not my cousins all had hamsters and they all killed their hamsters and my parents didn’t want us to get one I don’t know like the invisibility night

Vision might be fun normal cousin Behavior yeah no my cousins were a little brutal sometimes with some things I don’t know like we went camping with them and like there were frogs everywhere and they like started one of them at least started trying to like cut open the frogs and I’m like stop

That uh he had like a frog with its like guts out and I went and I had I just killed it cuz I was like that’s horrible cuz it was still alive and uh yeah he’s uh he’s very well balanced and a normal person he’s not like a serial

Killer just going to put that out there he’s actually pretty cool um he was just like a seven-year-old and didn’t understand things so and I’m much older than him and I was like probably like 14 15 and I was like all right well now I have to kill frogs because of

You but killing the frog is probably for the best for him um okay here’s what I think what if I do just for fun frogs are so cute though they really are they’re awesome Um how do I do this maybe I could make it so that the different fillings correspond to different potion effect things I’m going to need to start writing this down somewhere um do I have like a Notes app on here notepad oh yeah I had this up when I

Went to the bathroom a couple streams ago I forgot about that I was like quick bathroom break BRB what does that mean so I have chocolate um wheat berry apple and cream um so what I should probably do is I kind of want a combat donut I kind of want an agility donut Um most of my cousins are like my best friends yeah I’m pretty I’m pretty close with my cousins I mean I don’t live near them now so it’s a little bit tough to stay close with them but um yeah agility I think like a stealth dut

Would be like maybe I give like the invisibility and night vision is like the stealth donut Um pork donut and then I need a third one or a fourth one like a mining dut maybe in honor of techno I should make like I should like add in all of my mods a little something in honor of techno red brick donut um hold on where’s the list of

Effects again let me just look at this here what would pair well together is what I’m wondering speed pairs well with a lot of Things um so maybe I add like a resistance fire resistance and like turtle Master well resistance would be in the T in the turtle Master maybe I have like this is like the the damage donut potato donut is the combat donut this is like a speed donut this is this

So it would be like uh let’s just call it damage let’s call this um uh I don’t know what to call it I guess like the tank donut it’s like the damage donut the tank donut the agility and the stealth and here I definitely need strength potion um this needs speed haste um

Jump boost for sure needs Those tank needs Turtle master and needs Um favorite is probably a flower and least favorite is gravel you don’t know how many times I died because of it or near it which flower you’re not a true flower fan if you don’t know the flower just saying a flower um okay hold on we’re good here that Turtle

Master I guess like regen is probably good here love them all can’t pick a favorite I’m sure invisibility maybe this is better as like a utility dut is what this is so this is utility Um let me think here what other effects are there Minecraft potions list effect potions okay healing fire resistance um so the like instant health I don’t really need to worry about right now I’m not going to worry about instant health but the tank could probably have regeneration Turtle master and um fire

Resistance wait hold on probably the rose it’s basic but it’s tied to Amy Lee 33 an ambition or dream of yours oh man that’s something um swiftness night vision invisibility water breathing is probably an agility thing actually water breathing is probably utility thing um jump boost slow fall I don’t know about That now there’s not like another one of these that makes sense I think I might just add speed in here go to heaven that is my dream there you Go see healing fire resistance regen strength swiftness night vision invisibility water breathing leaping slow falling poison weakness harming slowness Turtle master what if I make the damage donut have strength potion speed potion and a golden apple and give you the absorption Hearts well actually that might make more sense to go in

Here what if I go for the tank donut has the golden apple and this one gets regen these are my four Donuts right here you would need to put a doughnut a strength potion a speed potion and I’m only going to make them the highest so it’s going to be like

Strength two speed two very strong dut and then um regeneration um it’s like it is a strong dut you’re saying there but like it’s not like it’s that much more it’s inventory management almost cuz you’re going to eat a dut to get all these effects instead of carrying a golden apple a strength

Potion a speed potion so that’d be pretty much it okay I like this idea and now I need to figure out which ones of these make the most sense with what because I want them to correlate here so like a chocolate doughnut with these dut music MPA agent artist

Welcome all right hold on so for chocolate doughnut which one do you guys think makes the most sense that I add potion effects to you subscribe thanks man welcome welcome we already know Allen is Eagle Eagle sounds LOL I would say my nationality is not eagle sounds though but that’s fine Um let me think I want I feel like I want the tank one to be apple cuz it has a golden apple in it so it kind of needs to be the apple donut I think I think that makes the most sense we go with that um tank donut um let me think

Here you subscribed to almost 5,000 channels oh my God that’s too Many are you trying to like sub for sub is that the is that the idea is that why you subscribe to that many or um now I feel like Sweet Berry damages you so it makes sense to do This and I feel like speed requires sugar which is the cream donut so this is the agility dut and then we’ve got the utility doughnut which is chocolate so I’m be real your resolution’s been so poor for the last 20 minutes you have no idea what I’m

Writing interesting let me let me do a speed test this is enough it’s a problem from your end I I’m also wondering like it seems like my stream does okay and then when I pass the Um when I pass the like two 2 and 1 halfish hour mark is when like 2 and 1 half hour almost 3 hour mark when I start streaming that’s when that’s when things start to like mess up it feels like like if I stream too long everybody starts complaining about the thing like

The resolution and I’m wondering if there’s just a like a thing with that you said you’re Taiwanese MPA agent artist my mom’s actually currently in Taiwan she’s a visiting for work it’s pretty interesting whoa why do they not have this in the M regular version what oh well because

They have all these things calcium bismuth Cobalt and silver that’s not a thing okay I like this plan so what I can do now is I can add a new item um what do I call it what would be the combat donut what should I call it cuz there’s two combat Donuts there’s

A defensive and there’s a non-defensive why am I blanking what do I call this let me ask chbt chbt is good at this stuff I am making a dut mod for Minecraft I am adding donuts with potion I’m adding four Donuts I’m going to say four Donuts with potion effects to

Them the first is a dut intended to improve maybe make the player do more damage the second is is a dut intended to make the to protect the player the third is intended to hold on what were they again um give the player some agility and speed the fourth is a

Dut or the fourth is intended to give a to give some utility to the player like water breathing and water breathing and what water breathing and what am I blanking right now and night vision give me a set give me some options for a couple

Sets let me say 10 options give me 10 options of what to name the sets name the donuts the four Donuts that makes sense as a set of four names boom that took too long to type but a cohesive set of names here we go Inferno glaze ooh Terra shield for

Protection Zephyr swirl Aqua essence see this is what Chad is for oh my God MPA Asian artist says bye guys see you man thanks for joining mythical creatures oh my God dragon’s breath turtle shell Pegasus feather nared wave oh my God oh my God juste like cats n man be cats are

The kings of the world I’ll take anyone on in a fight for this but I respect dog lovers um yeah I’m a dog person so I can’t even hold on hold on hold on let me read these let me read these I this is kind of fun actually the elemental

Donuts that is a lot of fun cuz I got four Donuts this is awesome mythical creatures series dragon’s breath turtle shell Pegasus feather nared wave astral Mars Fury saturn ring Mercury Dash lunar glow o um thorned strike for the Enchanted Forest bark skin Swift swift wind moonwell

Droplet bruh okay I honestly really like this too mostly I think because bark skin is a World of Warcraft uh Druid uh spell and I think that’s kind of funny battle mage Guardian spell Swift and Arcanist Ooh what if I just name them after like like fantasy like classes legendary artifacts excalibur’s Edge see that’s a little too much I think AIS Aura Hermes heel Poseidon’s Pearl Celestial body sunflare Moon Shield comet’s tail Starr KN fire Fury Earth Warden wind whisper water

Wisp this is kind of the same as above Arcane elements Blaze iron Swift Visionary vortex Solstice smack I can’t even Solstice smack donut the co the donuts used to coexist in harmony until the fire donut attacked that’s hilarious how did I not think of that Jess I I literally just finished

Watching the the Avatar uh live action today oh man okay What maybe I go off of either D and D classes or I go go off of These like Elemental let me look at uh DND D class List I could go like Barbarian donut and like that could be kind of fun like a rogue donut ah it’s too it’s too on the nose it’s weird yeah it’s too much like a Ranger and a rogue I I don’t Know so like Barbarian makes sense for a damage I don’t know who the most tank would be I guess it’d be Paladin so it’d be like it’d be like Barbarian Donut for damage Paladin Donut for this not the liveaction yeah the re the the cartoon was way better but still I I

I watched it cuz I might as well um agility well I think that since this has utility it has to be the Rogue one right or is this like a cleric one no not a cleric one maybe with like water vision and night vision it’s like this is like the

Druid utility donut the agility donut can be like a ranger I’m not sure I think this is this is too much I’m a Bard Man actually Bard would be the utility one wouldn’t it because they give uh they give all the Buffs right so this would have to be Bard Bard Barbarian

Paladin Ranger or Rogue I don’t know I kind of feel like I want to just call It because of speed and haste those are both melee things I feel like it has to be Rogue I’m going to add another bracket here I’m going to say Rogue here as an option and then I’m going to I’m going to go Paladin and then I’m going to go um bar

Baran and then I’m going to go Bard so I’d come up with a name it wouldn’t just be like Bard donut it’d be like I don’t know a crucial question which ship do you think was objectively better in avatar The Last air bender now honestly I am kind of upset at how

They’ve been doing Saka so dirty in in this new show it’s so strange because of how much the time is compressed am I more inclined towards D andd elements I’m a I’m a fantasy gamer uh a lot of the time like if I play all on my own but

But it’s not any fun to watch me play like a fantasy gamer nobody wants to watch me play World of Warcraft I don’t play in a fun way that way Um but yeah it’s much more fun and like chill and calming to I I get competitive in like a fantasy RPG game and then it’s just not that fun because I’m not like good but I’m not like commentating or doing anything useful I’m just like sitting there doing nothing um so

Bard um let’s go back to this here because this is kind of fun um Elemental spirit fantasy um types of oh see this could be fun cuz I know nor normally salamander is the Fire Spirit Sil is the wind spirit you’re talking about the cartoon yeah um the cartoon one my favorite

Ship probably Toff and [Laughter] Zuko tof is just my favorite she’s so cool if I had to be anyone in in uh in Avatar it be tough LOL she was so good with Zuko in my opinion it was so funny I loved that um um four Elemental Spirits names hold on um let’s go Black Clover cuz I know that that’s one that names them all fire Salander the fourth one is gnome right did you answer chem oh xgem what is your favorite C candy bar good question what is my favorite candy bar uh Reese’s

Probably that’s not really a bar but it’s my favorite like chocolate candy if I have to pick a specific bar maybe crunch ACC according to Paris celsis the Swiss Alchemist there are four Elemental Spirits um gnome unine Sil and salamander nuts um you just don’t like peanut butter also oh did I say

Crunch am I am I thinking the right thing yeah crunch is good there’s no nuts in crunch this is this is like Rice Krispies in there or do you just actually also not like peanut butter because then we might have a problem you’re T talking about Reese’s huh all right

Well I think I’ve just you know we’re we’re learning more and more that you have horrible horrible food tastes I’m getting banned nah I was really tempted to just remove your mod for a second just to see just cuz I thought it’d be funny [Laughter] but what is nice of nuts actually um how about the flavor and the texture and the everything about them yeah that’s right they’re amazing okay

So damage this would be like salamander salamander’s Fury I don’t know something like that this would be like um I’m going to say golum instead of Golems you know I want salamander’s wrath instead of Fury I like wrath salamander’s wrath donut I think that’s hilarious salamander’s wrath [Laughter] donut Golems fortification

Maybe Golems might oh my God that sounds way better donut um this one has to be wind with speed um sils sometimes I tell people I’m allergic to nuts they don’t give me food with it salamander fairy tale uh natu that was his name yeah right said first you don’t

Like olives then nuts yeah I don’t know I don’t know you know if you come for another food group of mine that I that are my favorite I’m I’m going have to unmod you now you’re getting banned I’m like you know you don’t like olives or like

Nuts what do you like what do you eat do you like anything as if olives and nuts are the only thing I don’t only not like them I hate them yeah you have some problems I don’t know how you can like hate two of the like best things

Ever hold on let’s go back to here self and it’s undine right undine what if I go UND Dean’s Arcane donut does that sound cool cool enough you hate mint but that’s more acceptable H this is a problem not the [Laughter] silence the silence scared me I’m just I’m just cracking up because everything I’ve eaten today has had I had a salad with olives in it I had waffles with peanut butter on them I literally have a mint drink with me right now and I’m just like these are just all

The things that you hate and they’re the best things ever [Laughter] the chances well you know this is just the kind of stuff that I eat a lot so it’s like the chances are weird that Jess just hates all of them because that’s just what I always [Laughter]

Eat I have a lot of salads with with uh green olives and almost all of them because green olives are amazing sil’s gust doesn’t sound good self speed self let me look here s swirl doesn’t sound good Pegasus feather self’s Dash hold on I didn’t read this wind whisper

Whoopy pie donut is one of the things there I can’t even okay um give me more options Rage of vulin guia is guard oh my God hold on hold on gollum’s guard is so much better o hold on hold on hold on hold on King’s strike Queen’s quilt Knight’s Gale sear

Sight undan sight donut does does that make sense no that doesn’t sound good it doesn’t sound as good as salamander’s wrath donut hold on or gollum’s guard unden something undan Aura oh my god that’s way better undin Aura donut SS s’s oath s’s Elixir strike sight Valor valhalla’s Valor is actually hilarious that’s

Awesome camelot’s cover olympus’ oath and atlantis’s aura Orion’s Onslaught andrada’s AIS pegasus’s Pace Aquarius aquatic donut I can’t even that hurts my brain hold on there what I need to tell you a situation you have to tell me if you relate just okay just a side conversation specifically asking xgem at

Christmas there’s this time where everyone and their grandmothers are giving out candy canes and you have to ask what flavor it is because there’s the watermelon ones goat and the mint one’s disgusting watermelon ones Watermelon candy canes you’re lying oh these like yeah no there’s the fruit

Flavored ones um you can tell by uh the mint ones are red and white or green and white and the fruit ones are fruit [Laughter] Colors oh God look at that there is that watermelon it’s just all red this seems this sounds like an atrocity not the ones in my city

Man they’re red I think I I think I found some red ones here this hurts my brain torrent sil’s torrent sounds good in my opinion I don’t want to say Sprint LOL Hermes hustle is funny s’s torrent torrent isn’t bad S’s torrent donut no that’s not good it said Rush is it s’s rush sil’s rush donut actually you know I don’t want to be super on the nose with it so I was wanting to avoid Sil Sprint it’s also hard with the the alliteration of s’s Sprint okay I like that this is a good plan the names could get modified a little bit but for the most part let me minimize this and put this over here you were saying rush e lol sil’s Rush s’s gust is too much um wait I have two windows

Of this stuff over here I do look at that gust Synonyms okay let’s just do this um let’s focus on the elemental ideas I like what’s it called I like um the damage one being salamanders wrath the Protection One being Golems Guard and the water breathing and night vision one being XJ you’re leaving see you man thanks for joining hanging out I’m probably going to get a a name for this one and uh call it a day so I’m not going to be on much longer but it’s been good night vision one being

Um UND AA give me some ideas for the um agility and speed one that use the name self in them let’s say instead of some let’s say give me 10 10 ideas heck yeah self Swift self scale sil’s whisper that’s good s’s Breeze isn’t bad s’s Waltz is kind of

Fun I think sil’s whisper is it sil’s whisper that’s awesome actually that’s all I need Chim te for here um I can close this and this and this and this that’s awesome actually s’s whisper that’s just too cool gollum’s guard is cool too salamander’s Wrath unora these are all

Cool oh my God it’s too it’s too cool um let me just do I did do a lot of progress today there’s a lot more to do but yeah I think what I’m going to do is like the chocolate filled one I’m going to just take this and I’m going to make

Like a shiny version you know how like the the golden apple and the enchanted golden apple are the same like texture but there’s like a glow on it I was think I’m going to do that and I’m going to call it unden Aura for the chocolate one it’s going to be great

But for now I think we’re going to leave it at that you thought of Pokemon for the what you thought of Po oh well anyways I am going to call it a day I’m getting tired Shiny Pokemon um but yeah thanks for watching thanks for hanging

Out I didn’t do a ton because I was just making donuts so it’s it’s an interesting stream kind of a just a like a chatting stream a little bit but but it’s fine but I am uh I’m going to head out here so see you peace

This video, titled ‘Watch Me Add Donuts to Minecraft’, was uploaded by AlainCraft on 2024-03-19 02:17:55.
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I’m adding donuts to Minecraft. That’s about it tbh

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    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More