INSANE: All BEN 10 Aliens in Minecraft!

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The bang hero pack for fif superheroes modern Minecraft just got updated so today I’m going to show you every new Allen that we got there by the way if you want to download the map the mod or the hero pack itself links in the description down below but now let’s

Start the video all right so let’s see the new update for B 10 hero pack now it’s called the melon farm hero pack and here we have a couple of U by the way what’s that deep from the boys damn okay super random suit but we have a couple

Iron Man suits and I’m going show you them in the next video and I’m going to do the second part if we will get 200 likes on this video so yeah % put a like button right now but now we’re going to see Omnitrix watch that we have here so

Um let’s put it out and there you go so now we can activate Omnitrix just like this and now we have a lot of lot of options so first we can choose the playlist and we can choose the alien I already showed the aliens from playlist

One and two so here I’m going quickly show you all of them is hit blast wild mod Diamond Head accelerate gry matter forearm sting fly re Jaws upgrade and gos freak just classic 10 Allens from the first uh animated series literally like first season of the Animated Series

Next up we have next playlist damn okay I just turned into hit blast so yeah obviously looking cool uh I like I said I showed you this one in the previous band 10 video you can check it out on my channel but uh now let’s see the next

Playlist here we have Canon Bol also we have wildvine uh blizz wolfer snare R Franken Strike Up CH ditto I gu way big and feedback and all of them are from the classic anime series 2 and Way Big from the you know from the movie in the

End of the Animated Series but this is like from band 10 next we have the third playlist now yeah as you can see three playlists and here we have um 10 ens and they are all from the B 10 Allen force or Bon ultimate Allen and I didn’t watch

Those shows I only watch the classic one but I played the PS3 version of the game um benon Ultimate Alien so I know like almost all of these characters and they’re probably like one of my favorite cuz I played the game so much so first one we have uh the guy called Swampfire

And he’s okay there you go so he is uh kind of like he blast so he has like fire powers but also he’s got like swamp Powers I mean I can show you so here we have fire like this fir power and we have ring of fire but with green stuff

Like this I mean if you did see the show or play the game that I was talking about you know what I’m saying but I was surprised that he cannot fly like in the game so in the game he could fly here he cannot I don’t know why oh I mean not he

Couldn’t fly but he could leap with the fire and here he cannot do this but yo he’s yo oh oh my God he’s powerful too all right next up let’s see the next alien and here we got Echo Echo and I remember him too so he has the um Power

Of shooting Echo kind of I mean let me show you so we need to hold cbot and then put the right Mouse button it looks like this and it is super powerful attack super powerful ability let me even like get the creeper spawn egg so I could test out all our abilities today

All right let me me show you this again damn this is like super powerful okay and I can use it like multiple times yeah that’s that’s crazy and the next one is obviously um duplication ability and this is like his main thing I think you remember uh

If from the TV show or from the game I remember this from the game it was actually really really good ability in the game but I mean maybe maybe the game wasn’t that good but I played it when I was was like 9 10 years old so for me it

Was like craziest game one of the craziest game I’ve ever played unfortunately I didn’t watch the show next up we have yo uh honga okay so I know him too from the game he was in the game too he is looking like this he can do ground smash obviously cuz he’s big

As hell but also he’s got size manipulation power and actually I have no idea why he has this power because maybe he did have it in the show but in the game he could couldn’t do this uh he was just like big ass uh dinosaur I mean

Huh you know what I’m saying yeah I forgot his name again okay let me see uh hongus or yeah so also I wonder maybe we have like ultimate versions of them CU as you remember in the show and it was in the game two with B fights uh we have

Like ultimate versions of almost all of the aliens and I think this is like really cool idea if we have it in the hero pack maybe we’ll already have it but I don’t know but still uh it wouldn’t fit in this video so uh in this

Video I’m going to show you like these te characters so science manipulation he can get bigger like this maybe like three times bigger maybe yeah like 2.5 three times bigger and he can still do ground smashion all of this stuff I mean yeah he’s big as hell not bigger than

Like Ant-Man but still really big next let’s see the next character and it’s Jet Ray he’s looking like this and I I don’t remember him cuz probably he wasn’t in the game maybe he was but no probably he wasn’t in the game uh so he has laser ability he can shoot laser

Like this kind of like his vision but probably I should call it a laser cuz this is like Bon universe and this is all for his like attacks but also he can fly with this stuff it’s not like really Wings it’s just like you know like

Spider-Man has on his to like this weap and it looking like this and he can fly he can even like leave aate without it like this so probably yeah he he he can fly even without it so next character for today is Big Chill and all right I

Don’t remember this name oh yo this is my favorite character of all time this my favorite alien of all time at least from that game and probably yeah my favorite alien of all time I just love big chill cuz he could fly he could shoot um this stuff let me show you yeah

He can he can do this and I don’t even know what the hell is he doing probably yo probably was as I remember was something with his mouth like some like Echo Power St something like this okay let me go yeah it’s looking good it’s looking great from the first person and it’s

Pretty powerful ability too he’s powerful yeah he’s powerful too and like the design of this character I don’t know oh also he can do uh inability he can be he can go through walls and stuff but I just love the design of this character and when I was a kid I I was

Just like like yo Amazed by his design and just look at this yo I I don’t know and his ultimate form bro that’s crazy that’s crazy I wish we had like the ultimate for tier if we have it or if we will have it in the next update I’m 100%

Show you this in the second part of the B 10 video but uh like I said 200 likes and I’m showing you uh all the other um Exes from the Malon farm hero pack and obviously all links in description on the map on the mod and on the hero pack

You can download it l in description next up we have the next character for today from this playlist character number six and this is chrom Stone and let me see who the hell is that and yo I don’t remember this is the first time I’ve seen this character I don’t

Remember him so probably he’s from Bon Ellen force not ultimate Ellen cuz the game was based on Ultimate Ellen yo okay we have some laser to laser beam for him let me let me see how it looks whoa that looks crazy all right and also he has

The shield looking like this okay and he cannot fly he can liap he can liap yeah pretty interesting character kind of he kind of looks like the knight from the um like Medieval Times uh I don’t know next we have brainstorm and yo I don’t

Remember him too let me see what he can do okay he’s got forcefield too and he can shoot whoa what is this bro let me okay let me see how it looks from the first person okay it’s just laser it kind of reminds me of dark side Mega bims but he’s

Literally shooting from his brain and the animation looks crazy I wonder how it looks uh in the show I just need to watch the Ben 10 Ellen for and Al Ellen I have it in my plants so I’m 100% watch it I don’t know when but I’m 100% watch

It one day uh next we have the next character and probably it is it should be the character that I remember already oh spider mon key 100% I remember this was like my second favorite character after Big Chill yeah that was his name right so spider monkey is crazy uh he is

Basically the Spider-Man but his the monkey so um yeah this is actually his name SPID monkey we have web sh for him we have sticky web um looks like this we have Al impact web it looks like this a lot faster next up we have web zip whoa okay okay let me

See again and again and then we also have web swinging bro why is not working oh wrong bot I’m sorry like this and we can web swing okay let me see how it looks from the third person looks amazing obviously not that good animation like for the Spider-Man in

Like the mod uh in OG like few superheroes but I mean this is spider monkey so I don’t know he maybe we could have like the animation of the flip or back flip but it’s still really really good and uh the cool thing that he has

Like his web not from his uh he’s swinging and he’s like throwing his web not from his arms or legs or like literally what what the hell is that like Palms but he’s throwing it from his tail and I think it looks cool even when I’m doing like um for example let me

Turn this off and let’s do sticky weap look at this yeah there you go look at this that looks crazy that this is the level of details like literally next up we have um wrong button again we have goop and I have no idea who this is I

Saw this character in the hero pack already and I don’t know who the hell is that and he’s like most weird character for me cuz the thing about his head looks super weird to me I don’t know what he can do I mean he has his liquid

Form but look just look at the animation bro damn like I don’t know and we can fly probably yeah we can fly but we can do this really slow I don’t know why we cannot fly fast I just got a watch the Bon alien force uh to understand these

Characters because I have like no idea what the hell with this guy but yeah so basically we can be in the liquid form and this is it this is all our powers the animation is crazy I don’t know what the hell is about his head you can write

Me uh like all the answers to my questions in the comments uh down below by the way I have my Discord server so check it out Link in the description down below we’ll already have like almost 300 people there maybe like 270 something like that so yeah let’s hit

300 people there and let’s hit 10K Subs on my channel so 100% subscribe but now let’s go to the next character and this is len X and this is like the weirdest character for me even weirder than goo cuz yo what’s up with him maybe it is

Just like in the hero pack the hero pack is not like done yet so that’s why but I don’t know so maybe he’s like he’s look like he’s looking like the universe and one I’m I’m watching from the first person I see like some two weird faces

And I see literally like the space the Universe I don’t know his look he looks like space and I cannot do anything look at this like I cannot do anything I cannot move only if I’m going to like hold W button with the space button and control button it is like super spring

Jump uh only that way I can move like this but like jump W I’m not moving and from the first person is looking like this I cannot do anything I have literally zero power so please explain to me who the hell is Ellen a and if it

Will be without spoilers that would be probably better but you can even explain with spoilers I don’t really care cuz I played the game so I know like a lot of spoilers for the alen force and Ultimate Alien either way but this is it this is

All what I want to show you today I’m just going to become myself to right now cuz um yo how to become my oh there you go so revert there you go now Alti Matrix right yeah Alti Matrix B 10,000 bro let me see so this is like

Wash from the like 30 years into the like 30 years from the original TV series from uh Bon so here we should have like 10,000 characters but obviously we will not have 10,000 characters here we have two playlists here uh so we have ultimate hongor uh and unfortunately we don’t have models

Here maybe we will have models here maybe we won’t I don’t know but for now we don’t have models here but we have the powers of the character so first one ultimate honger and here we have ground smash for him crate Tremor and bomb hands and bomb hands what the hell is

Bomb hands we can literally throw grenades okay maybe yeah maybe it’s not like fully down yet so and we’ll have M I hope at least uh J has a green he vision and he can fly obviously uh and he he can fly fast bro now accelerate he

Has super speed and he got speed level eight I mean nine this is insane this is insane how how like how fast th30 something okay so like more than th000 kilm per hour is his maximum speed this is crazy okay uh also we have AR to Guana okay here we have freeze breath

Freeze Spike let me see what’s that okay it’s not working uh charge eyes oh maybe now we can do free Spike yeah I I I don’t know and also we can oh this is all power fre uh next we have Echo Echo and here we have sonic

Wave for him obviously and clones clones you already uh I already showed you also we got heat blast and here obviously Fireballs fly mode oh we cannot fly oh yeah we can fly with the this kind of weird animation I don’t know about that and now Way

Big Damn insane energy beam whoa whoa low FPS even and go freck is the last character and here we have inability Dam and invisibility whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wa if I wasn’t like in the creative right now I would die bro this is insane how to turn

Off okay let me turn off inability boom and now come down boom okay this is it some Omni hero T I don’t even know like ultimate reali Omnitrix blue that’s crazy how many versions of Omnitrix will already have in just like few superheroes hero packs just insane y’all okay ultimate

Hongar uh it looks like this so ultimate what’s like cool thing about ultimate Omnitrix or or Ultimatrix you can call it so literally we don’t have like we just have the powers of the aliens but we are not aliens themselves so basically as you can see I don’t I have

My skin but I have for example powers of ultimate hongar I got ground smash I got crate trammer and I got bomb hands what the hell is Bomb hands oh basically I can throw grenades okay uh next we have J so I can fly like that and I got he vision

Yo what yo what what the hell is that why did I didn’t know about this okay let me let me see sign glazed okay and this is s stained clay yo and I can do this with the H Vision Dam that’s insane okay so that’s CH R also we got

Accelerate my favorite of all time obviously not yo spit level n he’s badass yo he’s the fastest bro also we got air air tiguana this is uh we got freeze bra freeze Spike let me see the free Spike doesn’t work okay I don’t know why oh okay so now probably I can

Do freeze Spike okay so I can charge ice and that’s it oh I got ice hands I cannot throw ice yo what okay and next oh we have more Heroes damn we got echo echo okay so here we have sonic wave and obviously clones I already show you that

Also we got heat blast we can fly yeah yeah we can fly but I don’t like why why we got like this stupid animation for the heat blast I mean I like the particles but what the hell like why I’m like why am I like some playing okay we

Can throw fireballs and yeah he blast then we also have we also have way big okay uh energy beam okay again creeper Vita uh next we have gos break here we have invisibility and intangibility whoa okay yeah yeah yeah yeah you you know what I’m saying

And the last oh so gri was the last one okay so yeah we have like 10 no eight eight characters in this ultimate uh blue Omnitrix I think this is pretty nice next watch is let me see it is Omnitrix by Alberto 5 alien I have no

Idea what does mean it’s like the new aliens maybe like from Benton Alien Force or Ultimate Alien but let me see so here we have mongar oh we finally have skins for them damn okay so last time it was only the Bowers but now we have skins that’s crazy that’s crazy

Okay ham gazar he got ground Smash and CR Tremor obviously um next we have J okay he looks badass too Skins are kind of like I I don’t know they’re like a little bit different now like in the show for example J I don’t remember he

He wasn’t like so so red like he was kind of more like orange yellow maybe maybe I’m mistaking something but yeah skins like they’re looking weird a little bit but they’re still awesome uh so Jer he got he vision and also he can fly like that uh next we have uh

Chromo Stone he’s looking like this damn that’s crazy and they all have like red color not uh green color because this is like the not the regular Omnitrix um he got energy pin I’ll get the red one too also we got Big Chill my favorite one

From like the new ones uh here we have Bri breath inability and invisibility okay let’s turn off inability and let me see the flight mode for him okay just regular like Superman like flight and Swampfire is the last character yo he’s looking kind of weird I don’t know okay and

Swamp fire he can shoot the fire and fire balls okay yeah yeah yeah uh can he fly no he cannot fly and he couldn’t fly in the show as I remember so that’s perfectly awesome yeah that’s cool a lot of you didn’t see my last video with this pack

So I’m going start with classic aliens first one is H blast and he can shoot fire and fly with new flying system in Superheroes Mod we just got an update for not for hero but the whole mod so if you didn’t see my Mod update video check

It out we have new flying system for all superheroes they can fly so he got new flying system as you can see on new screen this is crazy and also like I said he can shoot fire but it appears more like laser to me next one guys is

Wild mod he is as always just an animal who can buy it instead of punch also he can run pretty fast and jump pretty high and this is it third one is Diamond hand and he can throw Diamond blades but also if you charge the shards he can throw

Like a lot a lot of diamond blades at the same time and also he can do shield from his Diamond Heads next one is accelerator he is just my favorite Allen of all time cuz I just love Speers so he got BAS speizer powers from this Superheroes Mod this is slow mode vision

And speed level he got speed level of four which is above average he’s pretty fast even for this mod and also I really like his animated tail and his animated tail yeah like physical tail and tail after his running by the way he got tail

And L EGS at the same time this looks just perfect fifth one is gry matter and he ain’t got no powers like no keys for it and I thought he ain’t got no powers like for real obviously he’s small he can jump right high and this is it for

Him but since he’s really really smart in the show as you remember he can grab a captain’s cold gun obviously if you’re in creative and then you will have a Buton you can put it and he will turn this Captain C gun into the tank literally like mini tank for him and he

Can like I mean you’re seeing right now on your screen he can shoot it he can drive it and this is like I don’t know this is one of the coolest idea for B her B for this character he’s really smart next one is one of the most

Popular bent ens obviously this is forearms and he got literally basic Hulk powers in this mod even we ain’t got Hulk in this mod as I no we got it we got him okay so basically like giant super muscular man Powers this is create Tremor and ground punch like I said just

Basic powers for big man and also he can leap just as Hulk or any other big dude in this mode remember I was talking about fifth superheroes update and the video that I suggested you to watch I still think you need to watch it because

Next Ellen is stink fly and he can fly and obviously he got new flying system just like hit blast this looks amazing and he got Wings obviously he can fly looks really cool also he can shoot with this gross slime of his like right from

His eyes or I don’t know but it looks kind of weird here in this hero pack I don’t know it doesn’t look like he’s shooting something looks like some tentacles I I don’t know looks weird Next Up eth character and of course here

We have re JW re JS in my opinion is the most underrated alien yeah for sure the most underrated alien but I liked him as a key he wasn’t my favorite but I liked him and here we have uh in Minecraft obviously we doesn’t have any powers on

Surface for him he can just swim really really fast when we’re in the water this is the only piece of water I found on this map so I’m swimming in this pool but you can see that the animation is great and yeah he can swim pretty cool

Not the hero type for Minecraft but in show I don’t know I like him Ninth Place and here we have my favorite Len after accelerate this is upgrade and here in this mod and in this hero he got so many Powers this is just insane he got liquid

Form that allows him to be in a liquid form literally but yeah this is anti monitor power and he could fly in it but here upgrade he can’t fly cuz this is like liquid form from the show and this how it portrays here in Minecraft as he

Can shoot his laser and this one is crazy I really love animation and the sound is so dope also we got scant Tac and scant this is insane we can just grab any piece of mysterious you and scan it and then we will turn into the

Mysterious drone and we can shoot we can fly and all of this stuff this is just insane also we could probably scan something else maybe or I forgot or maybe I’m confused but if you w if you will watch my first video on band 10 hero pack on this hero pack maybe you

Will see that we could scan something else or maybe I’m confused but yeah this is it for upgrade and the last character in this like first classic 10 ens this is obviously gos freak he got his tentacles he also can be invisible he can he have inability just like vision

And he can go like through walls and floors and ceilings and of course his tentacles probably is the best power for him but yeah I really like his fly mod too by the way yeah fly mod new too but not like hit blast fly mod or stink flly

This one is more like limitating fly mod but this is new from the new upd too this is it now I think we can go to the new 10 Allens that we have finally so the first one is Cannonball he can just pretty much roll over just like in the

Show you holding W hold the control buttons and this is his rolling just like in Bon also we have wild Vine and wild Vine or wild probably wild Vine I don’t know how to pronounce his name right and he’s just regular alien he has tentacles this is a he’s more like into

Plants you know and he can do tentacle jab tentacle grab all of his powers is tentacles next one is Blitz wolfer and I had action of him when I was a kid so this is why he’s one of my favorite to he can do he can run pretty fast first

Of all he can run really fast and it reminds me of wild mod a little bit but he’s a lot faster than him and also he can do Ultras Sonic hole and this power is really awesome looking and yeah this is kind of in next one fourth one here

And this is snare a and this is just this mommy character as you remember momy Yen and he has tentacles too and also he has this antimatter po power I don’t know this is like scent form or how you can call it for him but this is

Again the same power that upgrade has fifth one Franken strike one of the coolest characters in this hero pack cuz uh he got this like laser by it’s looking like liing cuz this is like lightning texture from the M but look he can kill any mob with this he can like

Shoot any mob with this but when he’s shooting pigs they’re turning out to this zombie pig cuz he’s obviously like French and trying zombies all this stuff but I think this is like super cool detail and super big shout out to the author of the hero pack for that uh next

One is up Chu he can’t do anything I don’t know he ain’t got no powers maybe uh it’s like for gray matter he’s like smart he can do something I don’t know I didn’t find anything so if you know you can download by the way the mod and the

Hero pek and even the map that I’m playing on link is in the description and if you know what power opck has you can write it down in the comments when you will uh download this stuff and play for your but yeah by the way this is his

Look from Omniverse already or like some late B 10 cartoon this is not like his classic look next one is ditto and he’s the guy that can clown himself and thank God we have Doctor Strange In This mod and uh that’s why we have all these like

Clown guys in hero packs and yeah that power of dark Strange Life clown ability works perfectly for him and as you can see on your screen he he can clone himself and then fight uh like that next one actually is I guy and he should be

The last one but here we have him as a so I guy he has just like lasers from his hands I don’t know I have no idea what he was in the show I watched the show when I was a kid and recently I watched first two seasons but I didn’t

See I guy yet and I don’t remember what he can do in the show but here he has these two crazy lasers from his hands and this is it they’re pretty powerful by the way next one is just Legend way big and this is obviously probably the most powerful yeah 100% the most

Powerful guy in this hero pack and he uh can obviously be giant like that he’s even more probably he’s even probably yeah even bigger than Ant-Man in his giant mod um in his giant mode in this mod and uh also he has this crazy laser and this is like laser from anti monitor

Actually like in the mod it is anti-monitor power we have a lot anti monitor Powers today and yeah this is cool I love his style and I remember him from bente 10 Ultimate Alien game that I was playing on PS3 super cool guy super

Cool alen I mean yeah this is it and the last character that we have today is boss shock and he has this look that is I don’t know like BOS shock as I remember him he had like different look but he here we have maybe this is like

Look from Omniverse that I didn’t watch or some stuff or maybe his ultimate form something like that but yeah right me the comments what the hell was bus shock but he has this like electric laser St electric powers from his tentacles is I or it is his hands his tentacles right

And yeah this is it guys it’s all aliens that I wanted to show you uh my favorite accelerate like of all time but my favorite like in the hero pack I want to say heat blast cuz of his flight obviously alsoa I like um blizz wolfer

And alsoa of course way big now finally let me show you Omnitrix so now we have only three Allens here but there a lot better than they were so let’s hit it from the first person yo where the hell are my arms bro all right let me just do like this so

Look uh now we can scroll uh to watch like that just like in the show so we have our reap Jaws also accelerate and hit blast let’s start with accelerate yo the model looks just perfect it looks like this uh okay let me let me hit it let me hit it let

Me hit it bam um that looks just insane okay now let me just give myself um and the like how you call it barrier block so if you want to have all the powers and if you’re playing creative uh you can just go do this you’re seeing command on your

Screen and boom you have barrier block and now you have all the powers but if you’re in survival you need to play for every single alien like for 50 minutes uh 50 10 minutes for level one and an hour for level two and level two is the

Maximum level so with level two with maximum level we have uh speed level five for accelerate and it is yo this is kind of insane also we have accelerate perception this is like slow motion and we have 550 km per hour speed and this is actually like crazy fast and also

Like the animation let me do the power slide damn that looks just amazing yo how I can can I like kill anybody or like attack anybody with power slide I wonder that I wonder that and we need some up I don’t see any I just saw the

Spider but it disappeared also have fast punch and it kind of looks oh yo yo yo come on get get up and it kind of looks like the one punchman punches from the I forgot secret Heroes yeah secret Heroes hero pack let me do this Oh you saw that they’re like going up insane okay and now let me do the fast punch oh my God just like that super easy and also I know that I can turn sand into the literal glass with that but I don’t see no sand here cuz I’m in the

City okay this is sand block but you get what I’m saying um this is probably like all the power for the accelerate so now let’s go with our next Len okay I just hit the rever button boom now I’m myself again and let’s hit the heat blast now okay let me

Unlock all the powers there you go so we have the fly mode the new Shake screen animation looks just amazing we have the particles also we can throw Fireballs but we can do this only when we’re not flying and also we can ATT attack the uh opponents with

This type of ability this is like some fire laser fire beam yeah I would say I would call it fire beam and this is all for hit Blast for now but I’m sure in the next up we have we’ll have more P cuz this is not enough for BL 100% And

Obviously in the next update we’ll have more aliens I know we’ll have upgrade in the next update and this is really interesting for me we we’ll have there uh now let me see the did I hit revert yeah now let me see the r

Jaws bam and for him I I would turn on Survival Mod cuz I want to show you that when I’m not in the water I’m literally dying I’m losing my heart as you can see we have like the water level in our system and it’s going down it’s going

It’s getting low every second but if I’m in the water everything is cool I have one more heart I’m healing in the water and also I can swim pretty fast but here like water level is not enough so I cannot do this in this one but I’m literally swimming like hip

Blast flying kind of like that but I need I need to find some water bro let me go actually no oh by the way there you go I have now all abilities I have bite ability that looks like this and from the look from this side how it

Looks damn that that is kind of insane and let me try out oh I can’t I can’t F I can’t swim here so basically it looks like this and I have mermaid tail when I’m swimming look at this damn there you go I don’t have lags all right guys we already checked out

The Mod update of superheroes and jam CS hero pack updat so now you already know what we got to do all right so as you understood the melon farm hero pack just got updated also want to tell you that jam C and melon farm and F superheroes

I’m mean old the updat old new version already available on my Minecraft server check it out Link in description down below and I and Discord all that by now look gos freak forearms wild mod diamond hat these are the new Allens that added I will show you them all today also we

Have some new beam added to the heat blast using Rock flat also transformation sounds are new for the backpack all right let me check out the new suit okay yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah that’s good sound this is good as hell bro I don’t know this is just

The best sound ever bro but now let’s go with the Omnitrix first of all let me check out the new hit blast ability bang it looks amazing okay let me take that barrier block boom and we are instantly upgraded to the full version full potential so first of all we have aim

Okay you already know and while using rocklight we have new beams okay let me see all right this is not rock flly this is regular flight how to go to the Rock flight wa we can actually throw fireballs all right why I couldn’t do that before all right oh okay so you got

To hold shift and you will have this thing loading right whoa n that’s crazy okay look at this I’m holding shft right now I have this thing right there loading and now I got to jump and flight yo that feels like snowboarding bro this is crazy oh and

This is the new beam that he was talking about beam shooting oh okay that that’s not beam but now we can shoot that beam while we’re flying on the Rock but damn that looks crazy okay we need something like that for Silver S for you already know bro Frozone from Incredibles two B

Drake Iceman two yo okay for now this is probably the best flight I’ve ever seen in superheroes hero bags bro this is crazy okay now let me jump back okay do we have dive bomb mod by the way no unfortunately not all right so yeah this

Is hit blast new stuff now let me show you already some new aliens D hero pack 0.1 version is already available on my Paton and free trial available now yeah it’s not for long it’s not for long so be sure you don’t miss out on that free

Trial like completely free week of my Patron you have the hero pack you also have Early Access for the videos like a couple days earlier you can watch this video a couple days earlier also no ads in the videos One exclusive video every week and more more and more you can see

All the benefits on the screen right now check it out Link in description down below you already know all right we’re revering and just like that I’m myself again now let me see I don’t know let’s start with the forearms probably let me see the forearms okay he looks like this

He got a lip yes sir key okay let me hold boom okay now we have all the levels we can thunder clap damn all right also we can smash ground all right let me see are you just ready with smash ground and also we can hold shift to load that right there okay

And probably I will jump high out hell brother okay let me see let me see let me see Yo for how long I Got a Hold ship like 30 seconds damn that’s crazy yo we have spin Jitsu what okay this is insane but let me hold

That to the max level though all right and now I will probably yo what yo yeah my watch literally just need to recharge but yeah just turn it off because F level is low as hell but look you saw that okay let me let me

Grab new Omri though all right I I want to do that again wait a minute bro what if I will jump on that building right there let me see so as soon as I’m loaded I just got to like run and I mean jump just as regular you feel me let me

Check it out yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo go in the building go in the building n that’s crazy let me jump again yo oh this is something that Hulk needs but yo it takes so much energy look at this got to be charged again bro the next carrier I

Want to go with probably will be wild mod let me see him he’s dirty ass bro okay so now we have all powers but I a see no abilities okay let me see how that looks from the first person okay so that’s how we see the world when we’re

Wild mod or what the hell is that is that arror or okay it got to be like that that that’s crazy your wife bro for how long I got to wait to this watch to charge this is crazy all right so for wild mod yo what the hell

Bro like are you serious right now every time like I’m bringing the new watch why like or it doesn’t matter yeah that’s probably doesn’t matter how can I see like the level like how much it’s charged though but yeah the wild mod can run like that can jump like that and I

Don’t see no more Powers have be fair with youo okay also he can do this like this is like his attack literally biting but that’s it for wild mod though this is it okay I’m trying to press shift right now but I don’t see nothing charging I don’t see nothing loading so

Yeah the animation looks cool but yeah wildart I’ve never been like biggest fan of wildmont now Diamond Head and gos freak let me go with the gos freak I go cap I want to see that go dude all right we have invisibility for him obviously we have inability tentacles too okay that’s

Crazy so first of all let me see tentacles yo damn that looks nasty as hell bro that looks nasty as hell okay so this is tentacle strike also we have inability we can fly like that and invisibility and it just just bro I got to probably wait but I showed you every

Power of go probably yeah I’ll showed you everything also we have invisibility we got a hold for that and ala yeah the flight looks like this we cannot fly fast unfortunately but this is it okay this time I’m revering myself bro all right now let’s go with diamond head

This is the last character that got added okay there you go bang all right yeah for him we got a lot of powers first of all no he cannot fly okay first power that I want to show is push wve it looks like this now this is

Kind of crazy okay tole blades that looks like this we can block with them also we can charge our shards and throw them just like this and this is pretty much it for him unfortunately he cannot live but like I’m thinking he’s pretty powerful too he could live he could live

In my opinion but yeah that’s it this is all poers for Diamond Head and it is literally revering I’m not going to cap the time like that you can play with Omnitrix is low as hell like I cannot literally cannot record a damn review bro I’m okay with that in survival but

In Creative mod not like bro got to do me like that bro but otherwise like other than that actually like the pack is fire you already know the M Farm one of the best hero packs obviously Bast 10 b b 10 hero P out there for few

Superheroes I liked it but you already know I’m waiting for all the other B 10 characters let me see like who’s left we have one two okay only two aliens are left who’s left let me remember I don’t I don’t even remember bro is that even

In order okay gos fre was the 10th lost one okay so he blast wild mod yes sir Diamond Head accelerate who was the fifth one oh the little guy guy the little guy was seventh one so here we have the little guy I don’t remember his

Name I’m going to be fair with y’all and oh who was fifth four the damn let me see sing fly bro I forgot about sting fly I don’t know how could have forgot okay but I mean he wasn’t my favorite accelerator was my favorite thank God he

Was added literally in the beginning of the pack let me play for accelerate a little bit since I’m talking right now bro this mask animation is crazy okay let me grade him just like that we have full speed yo that looks fire accelerator is fire let me know by the

Way your favorite alien from bant 10 from classic 10 ens in the comments you already know put a like button if you don’t like this video put a dislike button check out my passion because this video was Early Access right there but also like with a couple more videos like

Three four videos Early Access and literally like probably two or three videos are Early Access right now right there so check it out we have free trial for now yo accelerator is crazy look at this damn he’s crazy but yeah Sting fly and gry matter I’m waiting for sting fly

And gry matter in the next update and then you already know that we will have after like after 2.5 we will probably have 3.0 update cuz you’ll be already some new alens from like season 2 of Bantan or was it yeah like some new some new alens like cannon ball and other

Other other ones maybe somay we have some alien for Al but yo I don’t know for how long hey good everyone today guys B mod in minecra finally I’m showing you this mod yo now this is one of my favorite mods if you didn’t watch the top 10 Minecraft Superheroes mods

Video it was the last video on my channel check this out cuz it is uh craziest video it’s like more than 20 minut Minutes video on my channel so yeah I I recommend I highly recommend you to check this out and of course B 10 mod was there so that’s why I’m doing

This video right now it’s one of my favorite mods and here no yeah it’s like no Marvel no DC Superheroes only B 10 stuff and I really like this mod I don’t even know why I’m yeah I’m big fan of the show not like the biggest one but uh pretty big

So maybe that’s why but this mod is just crazy so today I’m going to show you all the features here uh it’s not done yet it’s it’s not the better already of this mod but it’s not like a 1.0 version it’s like one 0.5 or 0.6 version of this mod

So it’s not B it’s 2021 mod so it’s like the newest mod in it was the newest mod in my top it is on 1.6.5 version of the Minecraft so yeah everything is cool uh here we have have as you can see the class from the mod

The omni tricks other omni tricks um some stuff um the block uh you know the metor and it was the block where we I mean we can get omn from this block and some clo it’s like some space stuff I mean Banton Banton from the old uh o s okay then AF

I mean I don’t remember the name the names uh of the shows like I remember only that the first one was just B 10 and this is the one look at this I really like this Su okay that’s better yeah I really like this Su

Here uh just theend from the u o OG ban show here uh then we have uh some stuff like this yo where is AF oh so we have okay so we can go like that oh yeah by the way we can’t uh use this clouds like uh the regular

Minecraft clouds here we have on thej button I don’t know what what you will have like what button you will have but I set it like that so set it up if you’re playing with this mod yeah by the way of course links in the description

Down below as always guys if you want to play with this mod like me link in description down below um yeah I have the keys like that so I recommend you to set like me so on J we have this mod interface here we have its own interface

For the CLA for the omrix and stuff uh by the way this is the jacket for the jacket we have slot right here and yo this looks so sick what the hell is that by the way I have no idea oh maybe it is the Bel okay then we can go like that

And yo it is so cool damn okay like that stop so I can go with this shirt and it will be just like from the show okay just from the show where he was the teenager he was in the space okay damn so yeah a lot of Suits here we

Will have even more Omnitrixes here Omnitrix here and more alens right now we have only two alens but it’s still cool and so many Powers just for one Allen guys I’m telling you just wait for the updates of this mod and of course already played like me link description

Down below but okay I showed you the um sus I mean of the B also you you can see that we have spaces right here okay I will show you only one of them my favorite one this one but I mean it’s not like really not like something

Really interesting it looks just like that it looks sick it it’s like some Star Wars stuff Star Wars from the Legends mode you know or let’s go with the I don’t know let’s go with the that one I want to see my face okay okay

Boom yo it looks sick I don’t know I mean guys this is the mod on 1.6.5 I mean 1.6.5 version of the Minecraft so of course all the models all the Skins here are so cool yeah uh by the way to to play with this mod you

Need uh not only Heroes United ban you need Heroes United core mod I mean it’s the core of all of this Heroes United stuff and we have also Heroes United Danny Phantom and probably that’s it and here’s the B maybe the third one I already don’t remember but here is the

Uh stuff from the core we have some capu green goggles here I don’t know some random stuff like Jason’s mask and uh what the hell is a b accessory Arc Reactor and Wally hat yeah by the way as you can see here we have like made for

Wilberg made for uh zikam 12 and probably this is the patron request but okay is it working by the way I have I just have no idea I’m sh I mean I’m showing you B right now but I I just want to see is it working or not okay

Probably no but okay uh let’s go take off all of this stuff and already let’s go I will show you the omry so look uh the omrix I have no idea what the hell is that is some scan or scanner okay how this stuff working but I don’t care what we need to

See uh I mean what we need to get the omn it is this stuff it is telescope it is pretty easy to craft it I already don’t remember what you need but you can uh see this on the curse first page of the mod I will just uh take it like that

And uh I mean I can take the omit here or this one or this one by the way let’s go take this one okay guys let’s finally test it out like that okay you botom boom I’m what the what the hell is that where’s my Minecraft okay bro bro it’s not funny in

2021 okay yeah guys so only one Omnitrix is working here it is this one priye Omnitrix from the OD show uh here I mean OG show and uh this one it is just recrawled uh yeah recrawling 20121 I mean it’s still cool here uh okay let’s

Go with telescope to get this AMS you need telescope and you need night time so let’s go I will set the night time right now like that okay boom uh and now what you need you just need click right Mouse button and look at the sky with the telescope

And you will see the nearer falling down okay guys it’s working oh my God look at this bams and the it just fell down yeah we had some issue with the telescope I just took another one I just like destroy it and took another one like

That and it started working I have no idea why but I mean like I it’s not the last version of this mod we have update so it’s okay but damn that was insane and there we go we have the capsule of the Omnitrix oh my God yo I

Mean I want to say something right now about this like how it was falling down but you so did by yourself I already don’t remember how there was in the TV series cuz I watched it like last time I watched the first episode with the stuff

Um like maybe three years ago when I was watching the show so yeah but uh I remember that it was just like in the night and probably the same way but okay now what we need to D just come over here boom and we have the

Omrix go reached a miror and now we have the Omnitrix right here as you can see so it’s all cool okay yo let’s go take this is this plumber o yeah so uh now I am ban in the Minecraft now I can show you all the powers that I have now like

I said only two aliens yet okay bro boom I just turned on omit trcks oh my God from the first person looks like that okay I can turn it on and turn it off but okay let’s go so basically we have uh heat blast and uh this guy I forgot

His name yo what oh guys I actually remember it is wild mod yeah wild mod and hit blast and this is two Heroes the only two Heroes that we have here heat blast we have so much power for the heat blast for the wild mod only like two or

Three powers but right now we’ll show you where let’s go first for the hit blast and look at the animation of the transformation this is insane and basically for the h blast we have five poers and they are so cool okay now first let’s start I mean and then I it

Looks so great but okay first let’s start with tornado and it looks like that yo and basically I can burn anything down probably okay let’s try tornado right here is just tornado or I’m I don’t know maybe like no one can touch me in this tornado uh I don’t know why the

Trees aren’t burning right now when I’m doing the this stuff but okay let’s turn it off boom uh then we also have yo so much Powers what what the buttons for these Powers okay Z button for Z we have nothing ax nothing C nothing V oh Lord

Oh it’s fly mod okay so the fly mod is basically my favorite Power here no everything is burning down look at this I’m just turning it around and boom now I can fly oh oh my oh my God so fast and look at the animation of the flight God

Damn yo it is already some Iron Man stuff level I mean he’s faster than Iron Man 100% but if you want to see who’s the the fastest uh the fastest who the fastest uh pilot I’m not pilot like yo I don’t even know how to say it I mean who’s the fastest

Superhero uh who who’s playing yo uh write me something down in the comments and I will do the video like that cuz we have IR we have super we have Martian Man we have even valtine for the he last yo he’s crazy as fast but okay let’s go

Down like that boom okay just fell down uh what we also have okay tornado what is this it’s like a small rocket or something okay whoa yo I’m so fast what I’m playing uh how I can use okay let’s go to try this on the skeleton where the

Hell is he okay so it’s just basically a little bit of fire that I’m throwing like Fireball or something but it’s not really interesting of course the fly mod is the best here uh oh there we go this is already a lot better it’s not so fast already but it’s a lot

Bigger and I like this more I can kill the skeleton with this yeah I can just burn him down let’s go try test it out on zombie where the hell zombie okay there we go boom okay we have who we have there another zombie bro okay oh

Creepers yo so much of them here we’re just doing like this yo every everybody’s going to die here yo and the last power that we have what this like okay I already forgot my bot let’s check this out right now so basically I was

Putting I was putting r g v b but I wasn’t doing on the Z I mean I was I was trying this why why it wasn’t working oh it’s working oh God damn is it it is like some speed boost or something oh my

God I can fly on the uh what’s that like lava rock or something what the hell is this oh my God yeah that’s why I like this mod so much and I imagine like it is already so cool so much powers like five powers and

Um I imagine when we will have uh 10 aliens not only one I mean now we have two but for the second one we have only one power and when we have all 10 Allens it would be so so so so cool I’m waiting for the accelerate in this mod

Accelerate is my favorite one his blast is just probably the classic one the most popular one cuz I mean accelerate maybe oh my God yo boom and this is what happening when you’re uh just wasting your time with Omnitrix Omnitrix battery is dead and yeah um batter is low so now we will

Have to wait like 10 minutes or 5 minutes or something like that I don’t know so if we playing with survival or something you will do this I will not oh basically we have the red uh glowing even here um in the inventory okay I can

Do just like that uh cuz I have a lot of omni tricks yo can I can I have where is it oh my God I have two omit tricks at the same time oh my God I have two omit tricks on on the same hand what is that

Okay but okay uh let’s go with a wild mod now my heit blast is crazy as cool okay wild my boom Oh my God I I like the transferance so much and yeah basically only one power for the wild mod as you can see here on the left side

But uh it is like the special power like attack uh of course we have passive Powers passive Powers it is his vision and of course he can web craw like Spider-Man but it sometimes it’s so hard okay stop Flying it’s so hard yo how to get out of here where

What the hell oh okay of course yeah sometimes we have issues like this cuz oh look at this what he’s doing oh my God he can he can he can he can Bight okay how should I get the hell out of here oh there we go uh okay basically

Let’s fly and go I don’t know right there somewhere here okay boom uh he can whip craw but it’s not working like um I mean it’s working properly but some sometimes we have issues and bugs and we need fixes for this and of course we’ll

Have it in the update of course in the new update probably will have more powers for the wild mod but the vision looks like this the animation of him looks like this I like this animation really really much look at this and the only Power that we have it is this one

Where is it what’s button B no f r no what the hell what button G okay it is this one he’s throwing something probably is his claws cuz it looks like claw I don’t know what what the hell his CL throwing like he’s throwing something

Uh maybe it SC Maybe not maybe maybe his smell yo I don’t know I don’t know I already don’t remember the show I need to rewatch it because it is so cool I’m just playing the mod and I want to reat the show but okay guys probably this is it for

Today uh by the way if you want to uh turn to the human turn to the B again uh but the Omnitrix battery is still cool you just need to put the U but again boom and we have this animation y the animation so cool but okay what I want

To say we are waiting for the new update for this mod and of course I will show you on my channel cuz like I said I’m big fan of the Bon uh I want to B 10 mod in the GTA V it would be so cool but in

Minecraft uh probably it is easier to do here this stuff like that but yeah uh big shout out to the homie what’s his name on the course first like here’s the or something I mean to the author of this mod big shout out for him really

Really cool mod 1165 version of the game and we’re doing the mod on it so uh yeah this is this is crazy I like that we have the the mod on the new version but okay guys it was there with you so see in the next one put the like button put

The dislike button if you don’t like this video put it also put the Subscribe button let’s go to 4,000 Subs on my channel also don’t forget about links in the description of course if you want to play with this mod like me c first link in the description down below and uh

Don’t forget about my patreon and membership on the channel because we have exclusive content there see you in the next one

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Prepare for an exhilarating Minecraft adventure like never before as we dive into the Ben 10 in latest Fisk Superhero Mod update …

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    INSANE Minecraft Jumpscare Prank! 😱 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by ARONTEX GAMING on 2024-03-29 11:06:44. It has garnered 10453 views and 263 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:29 or 29 seconds. Minecraft : Jumpscare Painting Prank! #shorts #minecraftshorts IGNORE TAGS minecraft,minecraft secret chest,laptop secret chest in minecraft,minecraft laptop,minecraft tutorial,minecraft mod,minecraft tips,minecraft hidden chest,minecraft secret chest tutorial,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,laptop minecraft,minecraft hacks,minecraft build,best secret base in minecraft,minecraft tricks,minecraft secrets,minecraft manhunt,minecraft build tutorial,minecraft 1.18 secret,minecraft shorts,minecraft,shorts minecraft,minecraft animation,minecraft but,shorts,minecraft memes,minecraft funny,minecraft tiktok,minecraft challenge,minecraft build hacks,build hacks minecraft,minecraft parody,minecraft sad story,minecraft challenges,minecraft ai,minecraft mod,minecraft… Read More

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    Unbelievable: Surived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi)’, was uploaded by Gabbar Gaming on 2024-01-17 07:30:11. It has garnered 822 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:39 or 1479 seconds. I Survived 200 Days in Amplified World on Minecraft Hardcore (Hindi) stampylongnose minecraft, minecraft music, minecraft lets play, minecraft fail, hunger games minecraft, minecraft videos, minecraft stampylongnose, chimneyswift11, minecraft house, minecraft 1.8, minecraft captainsparklez, minecraft harlem shake, ihascupquake minecraft oasis, revenge minecraft, minecraft texture pack, roosterteeth minecraft, seananners minecraft, minecraft servers, paulsoaresjr, stampylonghead, minecraft antvenom, minecraft xbox, minecraft… Read More

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    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Myths Revealed! 😱🌟 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft myth 😅⭐ [Part-2] #minecraft #minecraftguide #shortfeed #minecraftfacts #mincraftlogic’, was uploaded by GYG SHORTS on 2024-01-08 02:30:23. It has garnered 1683 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Read More

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    "Unbelievable New Mob Found in All the Mods!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘All the Mods Ep 6. “Devil with a Blue Dress” #minecraft’, was uploaded by Leafy McTreeface on 2024-02-26 16:00:21. It has garnered 55 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:16:04 or 964 seconds. The focus for today is on Occultism! A Magic Ritual mod where you can summon demons to do your bidding and make an amazing storage system! Leafy’s Discord: #minecraft #modded #moddedminecraft #ATM #livestream #live #streaming #stream #streamer #gamer #gaming #funny #leafy #allthemods9 #playthough #letsplay #gameplay Become and Official Member of the Garden! Read More

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    🔥 EPIC Minecraft Stream - Chill, Chat, PVP/SURVIVAL 🎮Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴│LIVE│ – Minecraft Stream CZ/SK !! Chillec, Pokec, PVP / SURVIVAL 🔴’, was uploaded by StenPlayz on 2024-01-13 04:25:57. It has garnered 12 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:53 or 473 seconds. So Hi, to those who don’t know me, my name is Stan, I play under the nickname StenSk, I also had a StenSk channel that I renamed to the TRAPDOGZ channel, but it doesn’t stop me from constantly streaming and playing at the same time, that is, who is new, I will be very happy if you subscribe…. Read More

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  • Ram Nation

    Ram NationFun 1.8 kitpvp server, simple server with FFA and 1vs1. Roleplay and parkour in beta Skywars will be added. 1v1 your friend with Differend Kits! Play in events to be featured in videos! Have Fun! Up to 500 players! Read More

  • The oasis SMP Vanilla smp Anarchy 1.20.4 No Whitelist

    Vanilla Minecraft Server If you’re looking for a true vanilla server without claims or plugins, look no further! Join our active small community where you can enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer and interact with other players. The server has a peak of 4-5 players during business hours (around 6PM EST). With a mix of past artifacts and a young environment, you can easily catch up by joining now. The only rule is no cheating or hacking. Server Details: IP: Join our Discord: Read More

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