INSANE! Dooley’s Minecraft VOD Feb 29, 2024

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So it it it all uses proxy chat by the way I’m actually going to turn off music before I go in Al listen I love Minecraft music but you know it’s sometimes it gets overly calm other times it’s okay I’m going to say volume warning I’m also going to turn down I’ve

Already messed with the mod to Route the um audio to my chat audio not like my game audio it’s just different on the mixer um so I’m going to turn the chat Channel down until I’m in there and kind of get a sense of it okay so I’m

I’m going to try not to blast you guys with with audio nefarious donut thank you Jersy devil thank you so that’s what I’m that’s what I’m going to be trying to do am I still keeping up with the spreadsheet of all the people you stream with yes though this video will not have

A list of like here’s who I’m streaming with it’s going to be like I’m streaming with a lot of people so you know don’t worry about that uh Gonzo the sock puppet welcome back your 27th month okay I don’t know when I can show this the screen I think I can show it

Now I didn’t they didn’t say not to uh sir Echo with the 43 months thank you no gender only froggy with the 34 months as well thank you thank you thank you all right um so I’m going to just hit this buttona [ __ ] Jeremy you’re on the server’s up bro I can’t hear

You I got to change my um can you hear me no fatal I was hearing him like right in my ear where’s my push to talk button where is that I got to turn you up a little bit that’s definitely try talking for me slack I’m doing great Greg how are you doing

Helloa hi guys hear you loud and clear nice is there there’s a toggle talk Right happened M that was full onch take the hey how’s it going nice to see you too is every I am going to be overwhelmed I’ve never done one of these before I also I will be moving my head when I talk because that’s just I’m

Trained to do that is there a way to turn is there a way to turn voice chat down oh yeah Down hear wait can I hear z z talk to metim I think he’s there but he’s really quiet oh yeah yeah he is he is I can barely hear you want me to just overdrive I’ll give you 250 Talking oh yeah speech speech speech speech speech speech spech spe spech welcome to the mythical Survival season 1 yay all right thank you guys all for being here we got a ton of custom content planned for you all but we’ll be rolling it all gradually so expect

Constant updates for like the next 6 weeks that’s what we got on schedule uh this week we’re going to focus on getting you all set with money uh Farm fishing are going to be the things that you want to money up we’re starting the initial border smaller for the next few

Days so that you’re all living within decent proximity to each other get the interaction up um and then we’ll obviously expand the Border uh keep inventory is on until Monday uh this thing in my right hand that you guys probably have never seen before is a

Totem of keeping when you find one of these through loot or defeating a mob later um it’ll basically keep everything in your inventory if you die so these are these are pretty cool uh the other thing obviously is a totem of undying for any of you Minecraft noobs uh once

We open the Border you’re going to notice a lot of custom enemies and structures out there so make sure you’re ready for that uh the first few days are going to be pretty safe you’re not going to notice a lot of custom enemies but you will notice custom animals and stuff

Like that um that’s pretty much it we’re going to lift the border and just a moment here and you guys are free to do whatever you want thank you all for being here once again thanks for setting thank [Applause] You I don’t know oh so loud oh my God I go I like the guess we running oh my god oh oh man all right Minecraft time uh so quiet I’m going to like I’m going to blast the game are there some people who already have treasure is that what x Mark’s spot

Is okay I’m going to buy I bought property this my wait meeting meeting okay meeting you brother oh hey dude somewh there loot come on now I’m always where the loot is I’m a huge fan of loot man you know I’ve always been a big fan I like stealing robbing people

Woo I love robbing people not a word not a [ __ ] word diamonds right off the bat all right uh there’s coal over there so let me get some let me go get some wood wow there’s another Village over here too what the I’m just going to get myself started I

Guess I mean I know how to get started in Minecraft right so I might as well just do it you know what I mean I mean kill the Golem yeah for sure uh all right let’s just do that for now that’s a good start come here okay years of

Training all right um oh they have pumpkins I was really hoping they’d have hay there’s a chest back there I don’t know if you grabbed it I did not I I haven’t really been looking for chests yeah yeah in that one building thank you whoa what are you kidding me

You kidding me with this right now whoa that’s crazy kind of want to take one of these okay uh let’s switch all of our Uh Wood out for stone oh the gold trim means that it’s separate for each player okay that is great to know so that’s not it’s it’s

Okay that’s really good to know okay um yeah let’s how many do I okay we got that let’s do pickaxe sword axe so I need five more pieces of stone one 2 3 4 five okay sweet um I only oh gosh oops come here let’s

Get that let’s get that uh I can just chill with the wooden I can chill with a wooden axe for right now until I need to replace it I just threw it [Laughter] away uh okay cool and then I see sheep over there there’s copper here here I don’t really

Need that at the moment we need this okay and then I’m going to probably go find people like I’m probably going to go find like Greg and I think platty is going to be on tonight I mean yeah there’s so many friends it’s it’s like I want to make sure who’s

That I don’t know that person uh horses that’s going to be leather don’t want to do that I was I thought those were sheep oh there’s a cave here uh I wonder if there’s any iron any iron around would be excellent okay a good place to get started no okay no iron [Applause]

Uh God damn it okay hey uh random Nick welcome back your 28th month what’s that what is that they’re Birds hi it’s a chickeny chickeny okay hang on that’s a little okay listen it’s survival okay it’s not called like Minecraft hang around and be uh you know

[ __ ] like magical fairy of the woods and befriend all the creatures it’s it’s Minecraft Survival Speedy fell from a high place what happened to that man all right um oh oh pigs pigs pigs pigs that’s what I want I’m also going to have my Discord up on that screen so that if

Someone wants to message me and be like hey where you at I can be like I’m here I see getting an upgrade getting an Upgrade hi guys uh where is me um oh what the hell God is that you it is me God unbelievable I can’t believe you would kill that pig that’s messed up bro it’s survival we need to do what we must true uh if they didn’t want to die they

Wouldn’t taste so good they should have should have put up a fight yep where’s their armor ooh oh there’s there’s going to be a uh a lush cave under here unless the mod changes something that’s what these flowers are going to mean ah uh artificial incompetence with the

Third three months thank you silent wolf with the 63 thank you oh that’s a yikes down there oh there’s probably iron I can do it speedy fell from a high spot again someone’s okay oh it’s a zombie villager hey bud um I really am going to need at

Least one piece of iron it’s an end right there that’s a long way down that’s also a very long way down do I have an Ingot on me oh I do well [ __ ] me right I forgot that uh okay there we go there we go feel a little safer now oh

Boy that’s going to hurt we’re okay though o someone’s there who is that I can’t tell tell who that is all right uh Shane with the 15 months thank you and Andrew with the 28 thank you hey that person just donated thank you I heard there’s a new big Minecraft

Hang around and be [ __ ] magical fairy of the woods and befriend all the creatures server starting is this the right place to watch it no no you’re in the wrong place this is uh this is survival where if you see an animal you [ __ ] annihilate it oh [ __ ]

Okay oh gosh okay I got to okay I need to get back out of here I don’t really have a base yet I should consider making a base you know what I mean um what do I have for climbing materials not much let’s grab a bunch of these yeah I got to find

The oh Jesus H that was a mistake there we go okay I’m probably going to use oh gosh I could make an iron sword I probably just want to finish making my armor honestly hello beautiful one vein not great but it’s all right okay let’s get out of here

Uh come on there we go all right let’s go try to find people as well see see what people out here are up to um wait maybe it’s not these are all aelia trees so maybe it’s not above a lush cave anymore unless it’s just a really big Lush cave below me h

These don’t look natural someone’s been here whoa look at that oh that’s the that’s this is the the center of town right isn’t it is it what is this oh it’s a snail whoa hi I’m right above you damn coming soon this is crazy I’ve

Never played in a in a server like this this is wild all right let’s find a nice spot to settle down I mean am I going to just hermit it and live alone or should I like try to find like Greg or platty yeah you usually want to group up

What is this oh terra cotta interesting okay cow nice uh okay paa’s Lost uh chicken over this way uh okay so people are making advancements look at this look at these Woods this is so cool I’m just kind of exploring right now can I interact with this snail I can what does it give me slime that’s super useful oh okay nice that’s really really

Good slime is super helpful you can make leads um oh interesting there’s a clay path here huh okay I’d like to settle down near a village what’s that what is this it’s like a butterfly or something nice oh they’re all butterflies oh they’re pollinating like what the bees

Do okay hi I need you sorry I need I need wool um I need the same colored wool though sorry I don’t make the rules okay thank you make a bed now I’m going to make an orange bed can you still just Craft um can you still just like craft this stuff hang

On yeah you can sweet uh oops boop boop boop boop nice sweet uh let’s just make this so I have it for later sweet uh okay nice Speedy fell scge has made the ADV advancement oh I wonder where scge is dude I’d group up with scge if he’d had me a purple Forest

Guys I know when something’s Calling My Name ooh and there’s a lava pool right here that’s useful the purple trees have orange FL oh my god oh my God I’m Home what are you kidding me all right some people are already getting diamonds probably uh via pirate ship that would be my guess that’s like the easiest way to get diamonds early on ooh destroyed portal nice what do we got here oh nice nice wow that’s all [ __ ]

Terrible uh I am going to use this to destroy everything I don’t want like that okay um I kind of do want that though okay uh cuz I don’t know if you can like sell stuff you know what I mean oh wait I need an iron pick to even get that

Though I am rapidly realizing actually going to get rid of this too get out of here I mean I could get more but whatever uh okay iron pick lagging a little bit that’s okay don’t worry you know and I knew that was a possibility but that’s fine uh okay that’s fine it’s

Okay um all right I’m heading back this way to see if I see anybody o junk got an upgrade dude I would absolutely settle down with junk you kidding me I did text platty is platty in the uh is he in the server is he streaming right now no [ __ ] okay

Um all right so let’s now that I’ve got a good start there was a bunch of iron over here somewhere saw it I saw that iron don’t even act like I didn’t there it [Laughter] is like I’m telling you right now I saw that iron I don’t want to hear it okay what

I’m realizing is I probably should have run off with other people right at the beginning you know but we all make mistakes uh okay I might be able to see them on the map like on the mini map of oh junk Junk’s over here he’s up there where is he where is

He I’m going to get to him I’m going to do it slack very nice okay oh [ __ ] me wait what the [ __ ] where is he he’s gone on arms what where the hell did he go he was just over here is there a way to expand the mini map there he

Is uh are you standing on my head sup dog Jeremy beautiful oh my God you beautiful man you look at you I I’m I okay I’m mad at myself but at the same time I I woke up late today yeah and and I didn’t exercise cuz I had [ __ ] to do hey you

Know it happens man as long as you get back on the you know back on the saddle I got to ride my bike tomorrow I was always planning on going for a bike ride tomorrow oh hell yeah dude dude bike rid are so good for you you kidding me what

Are you working on are you going to work on something um I mean right now I’m just like getting everything I need to you know get all set up for everything yep I’m just grabbing resources I’m getting iron over here I’m I’m taking that so I’m I’m a little bit not sure

What’s my whole so I’ve built before on these uh things a 55y old Community you know with the Villagers and uh and it’s been fun and it worked out really well but I don’t know if this server is going to have villagers I just found out oh

That’s a good point yeah I ran through a couple villagers and or couple Villages and didn’t see any villagers in them I didn’t even consider that so with that said I’m not sure what I’m going to do now I did I did message the admin and he

Says he thinks they’re going to be on but we’re not sure if there’s going to be a lot of them or they’re just going to you know give me an egg type thing you know oh yeah villager egg nice yeah that’s I don’t want those cuz I wanted

To make a villager breeder you know because I have a full resources of uh of Viagra for them so oh nice starting a business little yeah yeah I got a I got a pharmacy you know that I’ve I’ve reached out to and they said they were

Going to give me plenty of iagra for those guys so I was going to have them have at it oh that’s nice of them that’s nice of them yeah here here I got you this cooking what’ you give me that’s some Enchanted gold armor I just threw it down right there right

Here how did you get that found how did you I don’t know what’s what enchantment was on it I I actually didn’t realize it was Enchanted till I throw it it might be a curse it’s uh no it’s Unbreaking oh look at that how do I look oh you’re literally

Glowing nice where did you find it uh there was a ruined portal out that way with a chest at it ground items will be cleared in 30 seconds oh nice so that’s going to get deleted that’s good that that always happens so when’s the last time you played Minecraft you played

Minecraft a lot though back in the day right oh yeah I’ve played a ton of Minecraft I mean that was one of your things you used to do a lot of sure was so once you get your resourc what are you thinking did you want to build

Something or oh I made the wrong [ __ ] thing here junk you can have this what are you making me some iron leggings are you just give me your trash no no iron leggings I like those iron leggings oh hell yeah I need to make myself some iron feet

And some shoes I’ll need to make do you know how to turn on toggle audio instead of push the talk um oh yeah you go into options and then you scan down to voice chat and then bind it to what you want it to

Be because I got I I got it on I put it on my alt button because that’s the quickest button and I can sit here and talk talk talk talk talk and M middle conversation yeah that’s really useful oh chat settings yeah is that what I want uh no

No voice it says it should be voice chat so go to options go to control go to keybinds ah there we go you see so it should be voice chat and those are all your options oh so mute microphone is that what I want to be hitting uh push

To talk uh or was it mute microphone mute microphone is probably toggle right yeah yeah okay nice yeah yeah that’s what it is okay yeah because there’s plenty of times I’ll sit here and I’ll just be chatting away and I forget to talk and then somebody comes up but like

I was talking when you came up to me but I was muted just so you know you know CU basically they want whenever we’re on This Server they they said they wanted us to stream it too so right wait how do I as long as we’re streamers we’re supposed to how I turn

Off um push to talk so there you go sweet all right so I have to I have to change it now from push to talk to always on and then I can just do the toggle I’m going to cook I’m going to use your oven here go for it dude all yours

Here yeah I got it on I got it on so I so again I use what do I use I use this torus I have a second keyboard I always use like when we play hell’s divers and all that I always have this extra keyboard I use and uh because it’s like

Ergonomically correct for my wrist cuz my wrist was hurting back in the day so I got this thing and uh so the buns are a little bit different but I like it so nice bro uh right nice somebody’s coming up behind you everything’s fine everything’s okay this is witch [ __ ] territory oh what’s

Up n long time no see up Ah hell yeah this is witch [ __ ] territory are you claiming this mountain yeah part of it not all it’s all right I’m I’m just came over here to get resources that’s fine just don’t destroy that oh that was an alert oh there we go

Hell yeah a bird and now I’m muted no I had a we got it we got it guys I know that’s I was that’s funny you I was just talking about adding blurp to my stream for the alerts just BL to give uh uh to

Give the chat a reason to annoy me more than they already do I added the sad cat violin to my alerts today I I to I was fig how to do it oh that was just me playing it through my phone oh okay I wasn’t streaming it yesterday I think this little thing

Right here oh ow yeah junk we did some hell divers yesterday NY and I yeah I know I was I was with Speedy um I was with Speedy side and Cruz yesterday doing that oo that’s a good group nice yeah that was well we did good we did

Good that scared the hell out of me God damn um who uh okay we got animus welcome back hallo welcome back and then thank you Marcus a duck fought in World War II and then it doesn’t go off it does go off I don’t understand I didn’t want to do that I

Didn’t want to do that you’re amazing where are we going to end this here I’m not sure how far back I want the witch [ __ ] zoning to go you’re cing off for witchit so much well that’s what people do now like they see a place and Speedy started it I

Always feel like I’m being greedy with how much space I take but then I see like the crew take up like an entire [ __ ] biome and then I don’t feel bad anymore ah there is a biome over there with with purple trees with orange flowers on them and I love that what

Direction I need some of them trees um I think it is Southwest from here got it yeah sorry if I’m in your way just wanted to build up one of these bad boys Cook up some food some grub all right sweet Greg seems to be wondering where I am what makes you say that I just need to make some food and then I’m going to get out of here did junk take all of his [ __ ] out of here yeah he did okay

Cool probably keep going further back oh I mean he said like we can build together if you’d like and I was like oh you know cuz I didn’t know if he was just saying that to be like nice you know what I mean and um so I I didn’t want to like

Impose you know what I’m saying but if he wants to build together I’m totally down for that absolutely let me get some gamer Subs going dude the bald Bros hell yeah I mean junk would be invited to that of course Jeremy’s over here you can’t prove that

Uh I got to get out of here before they find me nice oh hell yes oh Cru is over here yo yo yo yo yo what’s up scared the [ __ ] out of me I was in the Minecraft menu didn’t even hear you sneak up like what the [ __ ] up Jeremy what are these

Towers everywhere are you building these yeah so apparently junk built that for you and him I think assuming you’re grouped up with junkyard with the retirement [ __ ] right am I hearing this wrong listen listen I don’t know how old you think I am but we need I mean you’re both bald and have

Beards you know so like all right you’re making an excellent point that’s you know facts that’s fine that’s a junk scor in that yep dude dude Speedy started blocking paths off like that I think like two years ago and like since then it’s a plague and now we all do it

Like that you’re the second person to say that to me like Speedy started this and now it’s the way of the land the way that is exactly what it is pretty smart it’s hav’t seen him over there I I feel like he’s probably in the mine shaft somewhere he yearns for the

Mines oh jeez did he really go this far away from where I last saw him though that’s a lot of movement for such an old man I don’t see him uh all right let’s find out here I’m going to message Greg and be like hey where you

At I’m just going to message you and be like are you currently building with someone okay uh dragon Saint thank you Swamp Fox thank you and worth it thank you welcome back everybody yeah Wild Cat’s here um there’s a village that way oh we should check these Villages now that I

Know there’s those gold trim chests you know what I mean uh did I miss the door oh I did yeah look at that some potatoes dude some Spruce Wood I’ll just put that back some berries nice oh oh it turns silver when I’ve already looted it that’s

Interesting okay I did take one of the uh [ __ ] grindstones cuz you never know oh Diamond nice saddle hell yeah brother uh I don’t need the sweet berries or this really okay uh oh look at that what the hell’s all that what’s all this what’s all this over here it’s like ruins

Look it’s like a ruined old church what this is cool there were some more houses I can check over here I might as well which judging from what that last chest had in I definitely should check these okay and then there’s a village up here I need to look

Through and then I can head back towards spawn probably I don’t know where that was I oh Greg’s here Greg’s over there hey bud hey what’s what’s up dude how did you how did you find me uh literally by luck I was talking to people and interacting I’m doing what I do best

Just talking oh nice dude nice dude yeah dude I’m down to I’m down to build with you we can build together oh yeah dude we got to find a good place to build man H yeah um I’ve seen a lot of people like coordinating off regions yeah was that’s but really what

We have to get down to is see that yeah that’s uh I think that’s Speedy Alone by the way that’s just that’s just the that’s just the KYR boys oh I see uh I think that’s Z right there stuff yeah we can talk with Z War Viking what’s up

Oh my gosh is that I think I hear Jeremy’s voice yo I’m making a baker right now J hi wait who’s putting those post here oh you’re already decked out you find stuff or did you like go on an adventure and make it um I went on it bit of both bit

Of both Jeremy bit of both yeah up bro who put who who put this post here I did this is my okay you’re trespassing trespassing no that’s fine that’s fine I just cuz I’m remember I’m converting this Village so I want to make sure oh is this is

This where you’re building junk are you’re just going to get rid of all that yeah well I’m no I’m going to clean it up and rebuild it okay so yeah so you’re going to so that’s your land grab yeah yeah yeah yeah okay you guys have two blocks

Between your land I know this is like a game of Civ and the other civilization just encroached right on my board right on it dude right on it to war oh jeez I’m going to have to knock him out early game um so yeah we’re looking for land

Right yeah I mean I guess we’re going to go find some land you guys are building why don’t you just build near us we can just be like a big Community oh near the spawn it’s Prime real estate I’m yeah I love the idea of well I mean the issue

Is this is our Prime real estate well hang on hang on hang on oh I mean there’s still what okay yeah so let’s see we have to figure out where all the Lands End so scge and uh and sarin are unimed right now no SC and sarin are right

Under us they live under us that’s like they’re mole people right now wait who’s the mole people SC and sarin I mean the mole people are the Bonsai they’re always the mo people there they are this way yeah well one of them’s down here see him yeah this is my favorite mole see

Him there I’m not a mole the Bon eyes have CLA LED claim to that myself and sarin are going to be forming the Bonsai now yeah careful the Bonsai have claimed the mole people yeah don’t touch that thing it might bite it’ll bite it’ll bite stop this stop this stop doing spider

Hole they are the mole people they’re underground didn’t work I’m not even more people that’s the Bon eyes you’re going to get me sued man goodbye goodbye n goodbye Scot bye all right so this is the edge of someone’s land yeah and this is like an

Open spot right here it is now there’s posts up there though is this their spot no we so right now this is open I think we’re open in this area up to the water how do we know how do you know cuz uh now it’s [Laughter] ours that’s how that’s how we’re going

To do this junk oh it’s you wait so wait your land is all in here right speak to me unmute junk he said yeah take whatever ever we want he said take whatever we want oh fantastic all right so I’m just going to start right here right right in

This well this is the edge of his [ __ ] right here yeah so we’ll just we’ll just like right here uh all right cool whole time I was muted the whole time yeah we know oh no no no no I said so no I mean the village is right here I’m converting The Village

Okay and then bring so everything inside the pole but I mean you could build whatever you want everything on this side of the pole we’ll uh we’ll [ __ ] with or did you want to build inside the village I don’t and then we could expand it bigger and we could work

Together I mean we can we can be a bald gang we have to have a sidebar we have to have a sidebar okay yeah but don’t forget you got Kaiser right next to you over there and Kaiser is huge about land grabbing so you got to grab it fast from Kaiser yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so like how are we you have a diamond already yeah yeah I found one what the where the [ __ ] did you okay do you have any food by the way I have a lot of food yeah oh okay cool just making sure

There’s apples behind you don’t don’t leave them I don’t need food I was just asking you oh oh yeah yeah I do you do you want a saddle I have a saddle I also have a saddle [ __ ] dude okay we’re set all right um I don’t know man I don’t

Mind living with Jun and like living in that area but I also don’t mind building our own abodes you know cuz he’s going to re reforming the village I mean we can help him reform The Village we can make a ball gang it’s good real estate we’ll be neighbors with

Z he’s a great neighbor honestly that is that is a good idea I do like that and we’re close to everybody so we’re like there’s constant interaction and listen listen I mean I know I know it’s Grim to think about but I mean Junk’s old right eventually it will just be our

Place oh you think if we should get him to write it in our yeah okay all right I like that’s the deal I say we’ll move in but you have to leave it to us in your will yes okay okay cool okay John junk we sidebar where where are you [Laughter] junkyard oh

J oh there he is J so we we’ve discussed it and uh we’re totally willing to if you’ll have us move in and help you U break down this place and remake it all uh and I mean well I I mean we don’t really need to

Break down all the buildings well I mean you know just reform it and we can have the bald the like the bald bro group here yeah bald bro yeah yeah yeah yeah okay um the only thing we ask bald men like we don’t ask any anything like

We’ll help a lot the only the only tiny thing we ask is that um in your will can you leave the place to us yeah like can you die yeah yeah yeah inevitably but okay um PVP is no no no I don’t mean in game and and I don’t want you guys to

Kill me off no no no no no no no no no no no no we wouldn’t kill you we just want to be written into your will to take over the village yeah um yeah that’s fine oh sweet well verbal that’s a verbal agreement let’s go a verbal agreement we’re going to start

Building no oh really and they’ll all say the same [ __ ] [ __ ] as we walk away you guys are the most annoying no not you guys you guys are fine my chat oh God hell yeah brother do you have wood I have I got I got a bunch as

Well well what do you need to make I’m going to make a workbench to start us off oh here I’ll here’s a bunch [ __ ] for you oops not that oh dude what the [ __ ] oh [ __ ] all right budd’s already ready to go you guys did grab that other land

Too that you guys were working on we didn’t grab no we didn’t finish it we can add to it we don’t that’s I mean we got a lot of land here but there’s lot just a cape yeah Hi Neighbor how it wait did you establish I moved in with

Junk so to Greg oh nice I’m happy to have you guys as neighbors yeah it’s um no hair no problems over here you know what I’m saying look at yeah I could technically like if you just wanted to have some kind of commune like I built a

This is a business over here in building but I don’t technically have a home yet oh dude that’s awesome I need to you uh I’m going to give a little Good Neighbor gift here have that hey thanks Jeremy hold on here wait is this this is fake

Isn’t it are you living fake things with us I’m just making jokes I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m just happy you guys are nearby yeah honestly it was Jeremy’s idea he was like you know we should we should live with junk and I’m like all right I’m

Down we made him leave it to us in his will that’s exactly what we did oh my God this incredible well I mean he’s neverita here I have an extra one of these as well I just realized oh thank you thank you thank you uh you know and as he goes we you

Know there needs to be people to take uh take over for oh wait a minute this is a bald commune shave your head shave your head shave your is that what this is It’s the bald cult yeah pretty much listen Cults a strong word well you know what you know what

You can do get someone to REM remake your skin without the hair on it and then you could still be a part of it yeah we’re MAA make America bald [Laughter] again I got turned down my music I Gotta Turn Down for What Turn it’s like Minecraft that like it

Still does that thing where you’ll have 30 minutes of just pure silence and then all of a sudden the music will just ramp up dude in the middle of town we should have a giant bald head dude oh my God it’s got to have a Sparkle and

Everything I love this I love this dude we’ll make a what you do you get you get a beacon at the top Beacon right on top oh my God I’m so glad I love this I’m I’m glad we chose this group this is going to be oh yeah is that I think I

Just over to my bakery and uh you know buy some bread because I need that money z z thank you for the wheat thank you is my inventory full you guys are so nice I’m going to have to go give you guys something no you know we don’t expect

Stuff fantastic shh we always expect stuff I know I know I know I know I just want to say it to be nice you know I oh you’re very nice person full expect it I’m just saying I’m going to put we have enough to make a nether portal

Already oh yeah we do do we want to do that right now or is that I feel like that might be a little early yeah we can wait take these emeralds wow thank you and take this Bell wow is hot as a gesture of Goodwill dude hell

Yeah just put it right on top of the Furnace kissing oh hold on mean e come here MD you homophobe come here come here let me give me a little smch come here mie I miss you get get away from me Greg you nasty [ __ ] oh what the

[ __ ] damn harsh kiss your mom with this mouth okay you don’t you don’t get oh my God that is one of the best insults I’ve ever heard kiss your mom with this mouth that’s incredible that’s honestly what if that was my thing bro what known mom kisser

Greg Serial Mom kisser over here hey guys Wow first SMP how’s it going hey just even out all this land here yeah buddy oh he’ll you got be careful he’ll kill your mom be be careful be careful now this guy come over here CU your mom watch out that’s uh that’s

Honestly what what a way to start your day you know just kiss kiss some moms just kiss a mom find a mom kiss a mom just walk down the street find a random mom find a mom mom there’s a lot of moms out there who would appreciate a

Good kiss you got any uh you got got any sticks he yo hey got any moms um I uh yeah here you guys need help with anything I mean see if you want we can add the the the [ __ ] the bakery into the village and you could just live with

Us you just literally need to shave your head yeah dude I love that we and then you don’t know okay the skin needs to change at least just shave your skin Greg you can’t I mean In fairness Greg you can’t just you can’t just ask a

Person to shave their skin if you take your helmet off you wouldn’t even know that you’re bald because you have another helmet under it oh yeah you can you have a headband oh [ __ ] I’m a bald boy yes sir yes sir junk junk you need to get someone to

Remake your your your your skin without hair you can’t have hair anymore B boys yeah John please take that helmet off I want to see I want to examine I I literally earlier today just made this skin I like made me you’re uh you’re muted that’s pretty good thank you I put

All my tattoos on and everything you the other one above your ass let me see this skin is like what 15 years old yeah same here man oh me I think mine’s like 13 years old yeah I’ve gotten actually no 14 dud my ass felt

Like a mom there for hey I found a whole bunch of I found a whole bunch of uh if you need some armor Z you can have some armor out of that oh I need to imagine my you know I think I can pull off a

Bald Z skin you know what eal Z wait are you are you iald I would never want to go bald we didn’t do anything without your permission without your permission yeah uh all right well I mean if he wants to go ball I’m good with that yeah

See you just got to go ball sh his you what do I have to join the bald gang I know I need to get I really do need to I do think you look I do need somebody to make this a beard I don’t have a beard

On my when I made the skin realiz I do have hair don’t I I was pretty clean uh oh yeah look at the back there you got a full head of hair back there wait in spawn do we just have unlimited Sprint with like no no no you need food no you

Need yeah yeah it eats your food away I’m hey what’s up Z I have four Hearts doing well this is a a lot of bald people living here me this is the ball Zone Greg dude I love you I’ve missed you so and been like I don’t take this down

D I’m a message I will play with you whenever you want you know what I’ll we claimed this area Z I thought like you wanted to tear it all down and then we just kind of like started doing the hell di was going to want to try that okay hit me up hit

Me up we’ll something for next week claim this land Budd all right I got to keep uh roaming but uh I love you guys do your thing love you too Z Bud destroyed it because that was that was me I’m a I’m making a blast furnace right now because I’m a very destructive

Person I didn’t get you very much are you very much are I just oh I have a fck stickar wait you smell better when you’re awake I hated every part of that and it wasn’t even aimed at me I want to let you know that when I’m

Sleeping I tend to [ __ ] myself I’m sorry about that is this how you make it oh [ __ ] I totally forgot how to make this oh you can sell blocks oh custom blocks five iron Yik oh boy I have five mom I got I got a outest wood for you here you

Go you’re so good at that child yeah that’s right thank you thank this will be good in the long run trust me I’ll be right back I have to go I promise okay uh all right let’s just do that do that and that nice all right where where’d he go

Where’d he go up dog by the way I saw your Tweet today and I just want to it made it made me feel warm inside when you’re like I haven’t done one of these big servers before and I I’m going to play it tonight and I was just like oh

I’m so happy I’m so happy I’m excited I mean I love Minecraft so it’s like hell yeah um do you want to do you want to hear a song I prepared for you yeah of course I’d love to hear okay here you go mining away we don’t know what else my don’t mind

Anyway oh is that how that goes oh [ __ ] yeah by the way that’s copyrighted I know that guy uh I’m going to see You oh how are you getting that stop damn really for song you don’t like my song I loved it but my ears didn’t oh my God this is just a that I have I can just talk really really really I’m find I that you’d actually be able to reach the infinite amount

Of actually kind of hit it um uh I just never mind was it in your little [ __ ] I don’t want to stand for any of your [ __ ] attitude and I keep Jesus Christ um oh it did kind of sound like bubbles didn’t it uh actually we should make you know what

I should start doing I should start making a mine under our zone so we can just go down oh there’s a big cave down here not Shaggy like man like I just want anything you sang a song apparently oh I did sing a song you want to hear it

So Jeremy what Jesus age Christ what the hell is what the hell is that Noise can’t believe you just said that to me I thought I thought they added a dying animal to the the server or something I thought oh my God how do we turn that off who is don’t you don’t oh it’s h yeah me hi was thator

I’m so sorry did you somebody step on your foot no I was I was singing I was I was singing for my mom so is this the is this the Border yes of the com the border of what the border of uh Atlantia hair versus B

Kind Vibe what kind of vibe do we want for this place what wait so what are we doing I I don’t know that’s why I was asking what kind of vibe are you guys thinking I mean I was just building the village are we a group with them like

Barber shop on every corner moving in I think we’re moving in who’s riding a donkey wait I’m just I’m just making a clear defined box for us a clear defined box a bald Vine well I’m thinking like do we want you want it be scary you want to be ones I got the

Okay oh that’s efficient that’s efficient like like okay wait Z I think you going one too low well defined marker okay so we’ll start like a basically a strip mine in here I don’t know if the mini map will show me like cave systems that are nearby I’m making the tree

Farm we just got to you just got to it does but it’s not the greatest okay good to know got to make some wheat junk for the bakery oh I knew that was coming oh let’s also all this out uh okay I need I need more wood for sure

Good okay I’m going to load this up uh okay let’s that’s what she said all right let’s go find um more supplies I think that’s going to really help just having like a lot of iron and other [ __ ] like that okay let’s save the coordinates though we’re so good at this before I

Go that’s right oh and put down a bed home is negative oh Jesus Christ four 66 515 and 57 548 okay okay um making like all these achievements and I have no idea what any of them are de dice I don’t yeah I don’t know what

That is there was there was another one where it was like interesting okay um we’re going to Let’s Venture off and see what we can find a horse would be ideal if I can find that also um snails if I can find a biome that has snails in it again I can

Get another bit of slime and we can use the Slime to make a lead which would be great there’s there’s lava over there that’s good to know this looks like something ow um does this go down or is this no doesn’t look like it oh actually hang on what do we got

Um lot of coal which is good we we will need that oh I realized I don’t do I have like any wood with me I don’t I need to I need to get some of that before I go down here cuz then I can’t make more torches I don’t have a crafting

Table can’t just like honestly that randomly placed dirt though right there makes me think that someone’s already been over here damn cleared That’s So Many Items oh my god oh nether portal whose portal is This I’m going to throw up Scot just got shot by a skeleton you know what let’s just not worry about the nether right [Laughter] now let’s just not worry about it all right someone’s cordoned off this area it looks like right that’s what this Tower looks like right

Here oh the witch [ __ ] is set down here nice there’s one is that a witch [ __ ] it is it’s Cara kind of want to head down here though yikes okay they’ll never even remember that tree was there nice this is what we need uh six iron would be a great start

That would be enough for a new pickaxe and also for a bucket a bucket would be ideal for this cave spelunk I think the lag is going to be a bit too crazy to try to like MLG bucket out of any crazy scenarios but oh I’m sure the server is just

Having a [ __ ] time um okay so we’re going to make one of those I’m also going to make a furnace we’ll cook up some uh some iron o Sun’s definitely going down okay sweet uh yeah so being in a fight is going to be a bit on the crazy side here ooh

Zom what’s up dude Creeper down there all right good to know hey buddy Yes okay Come and get some dirt fam says Larry and Bonsai says it would be wise of you to C our favor okay well God damn [Laughter] it all right um how about feel like I haven’t had Cherry Lim skull in a bit let’s have some of that war were

Declared all right let’s head let’s head down to this cave um if I I just want to bring back like a crap ton of iron that’s like what I would like to do if possible okay definitely need that all right so now I’ve got a bucket um which that will be very useful

I’ve got a iron pickaxe nice hey buddy how’s it going God thank you there we go been on the difficult side I’m actually going cook up more iron I know I just [ __ ] no no no all right oh this is going to be not ideal server lag definitely going to get me killed

But who knows might save my life um I’m going to use three more iron here to make a um an axe I actually prefer using an axe to a sword I do hear you okay cool Greg left the game Greg joined the game I’m going get rid of this one I

Don’t need it okay um very Dwarven of you to say that yeah and my axe oh hey bud okay definitely going to need a hefty amount of torches it’s a big place lot of copper which we don’t need as far as I know okay cool am I safe right

Here yeah looks like it all right 25 uh let’s do 16 that should give me a full stack nice 64 torches Sweet let’s go ow oh oh hello all right um I know I got to watch out for drop creepers big time like I don’t want to be spending

All my time getting coal but I’m we’re definitely going to need a lot of it you know this is like early oh deep slate nice hey what’s up dude ow okay um cool deep Slate’s great that means that we’re getting pretty far down this is the area

Where you would find uh like diamond and Lapis which is going to be very useful might as well grab gold right I don’t know what we’ll do with it but we’ll have it now if we need it okay um creeper big hole right there o I know I’m kind of flying around all

Over the place right now but you just can’t really stand still when you’re like down in caves like this I’ll I’ll definitely build a tower of pimps if I get enough gold I mean I have to right it’s my [ __ ] Legacy okay oh lapis yes dude lapis is huge that is

Huge now you think about what you did can he get to me lapis is Big lapis is a big deal um you need it for enchanting and like you need a lot of it is that Redstone oo Nix you can’t just say that says Greg

Listen I know junk is a real life dad but in this commune that I’m a part of I’m going to be the dad I’m going to go out I’m going to provide hi actually it could really use some string nice thank you no I’m not the Jack of the com Jack would be

Building stuff he be building stuff and like making farms and whatnot I’m trying to make sure that we have like a crap ton of uh resources Iron Coal hopefully Diamond if I can find it I don’t I don’t think I’m deep enough for Diamond at this

Point but like the thing is if we’re making mines if we’re breaking down villages and like building and like building these big areas um then you’re going to just fly through pickaxes so you need you need like a crap ton of iron oh boy um what am I at right now I’m at

Yeah I don’t think I’m deep enough for uh Diamond I’m at neg five okay dude you going to take that you going to take that did you hear what that skeleton [ __ ] said about you that’s right nice job dude hey team work man definitely going to head back to the I mean

I’m oh this is a good one [Laughter] kill slash kill sidearms it’s not I’m just as bro what’s going to be cool is like later on you know Finding caves like this right like these really big caves going down into them and seeing like torches and stuff and be like Oh someone’s

Already been here and like cleared this out you know what I mean how close is that zombie I don’t think he’s an imminent threat okay more iron there but it’s kind of in a weird spot let’s keep going down ow ow now there is deep slate whether or

Not yeah I know the server’s lagging whether or not the um deep dark is I would assume the deep dark is here if there’s deep slate right I mean like I don’t mind the deep dark deep dark has some benefits for sure dude if I can find an ancient city

Imagine how that’ be that’d be [ __ ] massive okay this guy can see me wherever he is there he is oh okay cool we’re good everyone’s fine don’t worry I can handle myself pick locks with the 19 months thank you so much if I can find some Diamond that will be such an

Accomplishment um oh Jesus okay okay I got plenty of Bones as well I need to get back out of here too I really haven’t considered that that’s a that’s a future [Laughter] problem wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait that noise what is this is this tough oh okay I you

Know what I think it was the sound of items being deleted but it sounded like amethyst for a second and I was like what ow ow dude drips Stone’s getting on my nerves though I ain’t even going to lie to you really no diamond um I don’t I still

Don’t think I’m deep enough honestly I’m at -48 yikes Yikes ow um okay and I’m out of torches maybe it’s time to head back oh jeez where the hell is he there he is okay starting to get a little overrun here you cannot comprehend my Twisted mind [ __ ] I take my pickles in cre all right

Um I guess I’m going to head back up Whoa I don’t know if you can teleport in this wouldn’t that be kind of a GU against the whole survival nature of it I mean maybe I’m overthinking it are they all talking about it in the hang on um do we have homes yet yes do slome create name Greg has no

Greg trust me bro you don’t want this I how do I accept you have no incoming teleport requests what all right I’m going to say try again Greg and I’ll bring him here out why are you in a hell what do you I told you I warned

You uh I have a diamond pickaxe so I’m ready to go oh hell yeah dude all right let me get rid of some of this [ __ ] that I don’t need uh I just want to try to get like as much um like as much iron and [ __ ] as I can I

Almost have a stack of iron got some gold some like a stack of lapis got a lot of [ __ ] perfect let’s go so we’re at40 uh oh um just a thing if uh yeah okay so I have to disconnect and reconnect whenever uh you teleport to

Someone for now it’s broken so you have to disconnect and reconnect as soon as you do it oh okay so I’ll stand right here I’ll stand guard let’s go um okay I got to make some more torches real quick sure do you think uh do we want Redstone at all or

No uh I’ve grabbed like 40 okay I don’t really do much of redstone but you know uh I’m definitely making us a little like uh small Redstone thing at some point oh nice I um I think the cave goes down over here goes like f iron

Yeah I mean it’s a lot of dripstone unfortunately so hopefully once we get as much [ __ ] as we need we can TP to junk I have a home set I can set a home uh I have a home set at the bald home oh nice I didn’t do that before I left yeah

So I’ll TP well I’ll TP home and then I’ll TP you oh nice yes sir oh hey bud I didn’t make a sword [ __ ] here here here here take that take that okay I I fight with an axe anyways dude why are you the most like

Oh dude you walked by Diamond no I didn’t yeah dude there’s two of them right here what the fck what all right come on grab the rest the rest is yours go for it you you got this oh there’s more what the [ __ ] dude lapis the lapis is less impressive hey you

Need it for enchanting oh true oh I’m swim in lava no dude did you figure out the toggle mute or not I did I did well okay how do I toggle mute okay okay so first you put yourself on um like voice activated rather than push the

Talk do you know how to do that yeah uh and then when you go to options controls and then keybinds yeah scroll all the way down to the voice chat section and the U mute microphone button that’s going to be what is going to toggle you muted and

Unmuted okay mine it says right for me it’s that works yeah mine was right alt oh nice ow I also have a bucket of water if we run into any sort of lava issues yeah I will if one of us is on fire I will try to put us out okay all right

Okay oh man so so yeah I’ve already been over here but I didn’t fully explore it like there’s lava down here which I might just put out oh Marcel is here damn I haven’t talked to Marcel in so long yo yo yo yo I’m just looking for stuff nice I’ve been down

Here just grab this up uh right Redstone it’s over here now I now I’m I going be extra conscious of these diamonds who knows how many other diamonds I’ve walked by ooh nice that was is no good no nothing nothing and you can see water dripping from the stalagtite which means we’re

Going to be underwater if we continue digging I no I think don’t Stites to drip water no matter what no there has to be a water block above them really yeah uh and that’s the same with lava so if you want to like do an infinite lava

Source you put one lava block above stag Tite and then that oh damn listen to this listen to this Minecraft ex over here I mean may you know what you know I I I was like oh I got to come with the knowledge you know you got the knowledge

BR do you uh do you play with shaders um I don’t have them I mean I have in the past but they’re not on right now I really should if you if you want some let me know oh dude absolutely shaders are [ __ ] they make it so sexy wait no

Legit you want them cuz I usually hook people up with the shaders that I use cuz people like them oh yeah dude hell yeah all right hold on give me two seconds oh that was that was hot you that was a deep one you like that one

Huh that was that was I heard that there’s two people above us is it D4 no it’s tripsy and rainbow sniper uh okay so I just sent you the uh BSD or BSL the zip and then the uh files there will set it so it runs the way

Mine looks so you just uh click import settings oh Jesus Christ I’ll walk you through it if you have any questions all right hang on hang on how long does it take to set up literally two seconds oh okay uh all right let me so I’ll download this which is going

To be a virus from Greg okay cool got oh he finally figured it out oh he got me and then I guess download this as well okay yeah all right’s like a I have both downloaded okay so uh hit Escape go to options video settings

Yes and at the top it should say Shader packs yeah open the Shader pack folder and then I’m assuming drag the download into that drag both of them into there yeah okay and then once you’ve done that uh go back into Minecraft it should show up in the Shader pack section it does

Indeed click on that one and then hit Shader pack settings nice hang on okay yeah and then at the top there’s a down there’s like upload arrow and a download arrow click import settings from file yeah please disable full screen first oh interesting oh uh I play with

Window borderless I don’t know how you okay I just turn apply oh but it’s so small hang on so I have to change oh wait I can just like Alt Enter right or how do I or f11 rather yeah there we go okay all right and then video settings Shader packs Shader pack

Settings import settings please disable full screen I swear I did you were there okay there we go apply holy f it shouldn’t take yeah is it it should be oh no it it if I f11 it says full screen back on how do I set it to

Be window borderless yeah because I just have full screen and not full screen but if I’m like in hang on what if I just just do it while you’re not full screen and then once you’re back in full screen uh oh you know what you make a great point I didn’t even consider

That you brilliant bastard I know it’s like I’ve done this before apply nice oh yeah okay sweet all right now enjoy it get us down here dude this is how I like playing Minecraft man I like [ __ ] love this um so this is the way we didn’t

Want to go back this way is where we came right okay ow this is Obsidian anything else down here no you got a zombie coming up on you oh dude good eye there’s another one in the shadows the shadows in the shadows I come from the Shadows is

It does the Shader look a little like Blurry to you like a little little fuzzy let me pull up your stream what happened I still have spooky alerts on so oh yeah spooky alerts will get you Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy there he is uh that’s weird it does look a little

Bit blurry on your well right right yeah look at me look at me for a second I’m looking that looks rough I don’t know man that looks roughly like how mine looks H if it’s if it’s not how you like it like that’s a screenshot

Yeah I’m going to I’m going to see if I can there might be a sharp yeah you might be able to go in there and look into like sharpening yeah yeah everything else looks good uh atmosph Me fog density oops I mean I can ask my chat too my that’s good at this [ __ ] all right um video settings Shad yeah like I I feel like my eyes are like I I feel like I’m looking through a film wh not color grading anti-aliasing might be what you’re looking for Jeremy

Uh yeah try anti-aliasing I have both of them on fxa and ta now and it looks pretty good uh I’m going to keep fussing around with it yeah do your thing do your thing uh I’m going to you why don’t we go back to the house um or do you want hold on

We can also make a home here home create uh Cave okay I’m going to go back to the house and I will uh TP you there so right I’m you know I’m not wrong guys right it’s just like I’m trying to figure Out all right there you go heyo heyo I need food badly got nothing cooking oh you’re right I need to exit and rejoin the game yeah you told me that homes is different it’s not a TP that makes sense Running Up That running up that hill better better much

Better so much better okay cool keep running up that if I Only Could Make a Deal With God and get him inside his M running up that oh dude what the [ __ ] going on over there is that fire it is fire okay that’s interesting uh I got to take a PS

Uh be careful there’s a creeper next to you good luck no there isn’t oh you [ __ ] all right I want to keep butting with this a little bit to get it oh there my God there is oh holy [ __ ] there is he wasn’t Lying right all right yeah I want to see like cuz I do want it to look nice but at the same time what if I just turn all of this off let’s see what that looks like oh honestly honestly that that M so much better okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah it was just crisp it’s crisp now I don’t like it blurry where is everyone where is anthy bad uh do I still have like wood I do yeah nice all right where’s the mine that I started oh this is like right on the edge of where is okay

I’m going to make a uh uh make a little area here okay uh gate y do fence oh I see I see what the issue is got [Laughter] it I was like wait why can’t I make these okay I need more Spruce Wood God damn

It kind of want to rip down these houses for it but I think junk might get yes did did I speak did you hear me no no you rang the bell oh this is this is the this is the I need someone to hold my hand now I need help I need help

Um all right let’s put all that away lapis Redstone bones okay cool um okay do we have food do you have food uh I’ve some food yeah um hang on let me smoke up I’ll eat rotten flesh I’m smoking up some potatoes here okay cool cool cool

Cool I also have here you can have this for now I’ll hold you over for a little bit I how’ you know I love plain white bread hell yeah dude dude I started so uh I was I started my cut uh beginning of February right and uh it was a no sugar cut

Um and I was like oh [ __ ] what’s that’s cool turns out bread has sugar in it every bread has sugar in it except for one called Ezekiel bread that cost $8 a loaf hell yeah dude God oh my God God I got so much uh there’s like a lot

Of gunk in my throat right now got a gunky ass throat don’t say that brother why say hey yo Gunk throat over here hey Gunky uh [Applause] there all right we got to get back to to uh digging at some point um yes sir need to empty out this [ __ ] chest we need more chest we should definitely get more wood before we head down there though yeah yeah I agree with you let’s um I

Have someone on me I’ll make a couple of chests really fast all right I haveit bunch of iron now there we go not going anywhere are you guys going somewhere uh I am not going anywhere I don’t think we’re allowed in the nether are we not allow in the nether right now

Oh I found a nether portal somewhere else and tried to go through it and it wouldn’t let me so yeah have NE [ __ ] it’s probably to avoid lag I feel like I’m drinking right now go in there yeah all right [ __ ] well you know what we’ll

Be ready we’ll be ready we’ll be ready for it ready oh he is over here yeah I was just visiting the neighbors uh what’s going on what’s going on what’s going on uh we brought back a bunch of [ __ ] if you look in here what is why is there fire over there I

Don’t know I was honestly really curious about that it appears to be in a cross shape as well which is concerning I don’t think you I don’t think they can do that I don’t I don’t I don’t think so I don’t I don’t love our neighbors I don’t like

Our neighbors either right now bro um what is this [ __ ] where where is our hey man I feel like can I can I speak with the leader the household leader here we have an issue I’m not the leader but I can speak for the house right now it’s the burning crucifix as

Your neighbors you need a sacrifice yeah I can offer myself is it causing lag no no there’s no lag causing uh just more of moral issues it’s it’s really it’s it’s lowering the value of the neighborhood a lot when they see the the the burning crucifix outside what do you

Mean I thought I thought I thought we were the witch what are you guys doing man so for the record I I I this is a shadow thing you’re going to have to ask him I just put an onion down over here and he surrounded in fire I actually saw

The burning cruix and I’m more inclined to live here now Jesus Christ crucifix or stuff if you can if you see down here all right yeah that’s yeah that’s a base of the crucifix he’s growing carrots guys dude why do you guys got to make everything weird man I’m just lighting

Stuff on fire oh that’s Fair that’s fair that’s fair okay yeah that’s fine you I maybe if you put some like right angles in like the middle of it and everything it would probably look better yeah you know hey Shadow hey hi hey how are you oh someone pissed off an

Enderman what’s going on with that Canadian I’m not mad does anyone bones I’ll trade for diamonds had to see what the [ __ ] it’s good to see Give Me Diamonds I’ll how many bones you want got some bones whoa Shadow trying Shadow trying to grow carrots fire with the burning cross for

Fre he trying to oh my gosh it’s time for leave I think it’s time for me to leave yeah we’re going I thought it was very funny for a second and then realized it was immorally correct hey I got that Ender’s eye though you did I’m wait the eye oh you

Got look at that or the Pearl anyways yeah yeah what’s the symbol it’s worse that we’re bald people next to it and we’re bald white gentlemen next to it it’s not it’s not good it’s not good no no the symbol’s fine it turns out it was just a race thing

I guess you can’t hear me oh my god oh I you know what I had this joke lined up I had this joke lined up today I was like I’m going to tell Jeremy the joke okay and then everyone I told the joke to was like please don’t

Say that on stream please don’t say that on stream and I’m going to say it cuz you just made that joke so [ __ ] it yeah so um no I’ll do it after okay that’s fair uh hey take these potatoes in here dude or like take all of them I already I

Already yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they should be right there uh where here junk thank you okay thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you um okay so we we need wood and food yeah uh here do you have a chest hidden somewhere like inside of the house no

Okay well we’re leaving our stuff out here but I don’t want this out there oh where’d you find that I found it in a chest at some point you could put it put this no take it back and put it oh that’s a good actually that’s good

That’s why I’m saying we put it somewhere that okay well put it inside the golden chest on the second floor cuz that’s only open to you nobody else can use it and you can use if the server resets it clears those uh those chests and then I lose this oh well I don’t

Want to hold it you hold it okay all right I’ll just let’s just let’s just Berry do a berry chest make a berry chest for now well okay all right I’ll I’ll deal with that for for later then uh for now like we were trying to get uh

Some wood we need some Stone some iron uh you know what you know what else do you need Greg if it’s hair I’m going to stab you some [ __ ] oh honestly yeah I do um applications are open I was going to say any resources any I mean cuz my I

Mean my whole chat was like a half hour ago finally they stopped they were just talking about boobs the whole thing the whole conversation was boobs big boobs sorry I swung by your chat cups all kinds of cups do you know that there’s ey cups and further than that I didn’t

Know that I know that are there’s ey cups yeah junk there’s ey cups of course I know that Google exists well ey cups is is that something where you dozes middle of the night zombie behind you GRE oh Jesus oh get double teamed bald man double team yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo y uh junk smoothest Eiffel Tower NOA man uh yeah sorry my mouse is full what else is new what that was I don’t condone what happened there what the [ __ ] man I my Subway

Sandwich what else is I was going to put the diamonds in there oh that’s a smart do sorry that’s [ __ ] up I’ll never forgive you all right there I remember this just don’t tell your mom mom my mom’s right there oh [ __ ] she also loves wall Foot Longs in her mouth

What’s everyone up too right now uh we went on a mission to get a lot of ore and stuff in here oh yeah well oh wait there was a lot of oh yeah there it is um and now we’re just going to we’re just trying to get resources you know

What I mean I’m really glad you went and got all that ore for us I mean I basically did listen there’s a lot of billing and [ __ ] going on and pickaxes are going to be breaking you need stuff I brought I brought a little [ __ ] back for you oh oh [Laughter]

[ __ ] he’s dead I see now all right shall we are we going back who’s over here we can oh no no no we need to get we need to get wood first yeah um oh hey I happen to have 38 wood right here here you go oh Jesus there go you have that

Many thank you wow 28 of them thanks yeah and exchange your food um no no actually I uh here hold on yeah yeah I got are you sure yeah for the one potato here here here here here I feel like a poor orphan kid could I have another sir please thank

You all right you want to go back down or otherwise I I miss a bunch of axes you I think I think we need to go uh top side for a bit and get food and wood before we go back down do did you build

This over here I did it goes down to a mine oh I didn’t oh thank you you’re welcome I mean like I haven’t really built the mine out but it’s a good it’s a start uh clim it’s a good land claim area yeah hell yeah that’s what we need

To do yeah we’re going to need wood more coal um yeah expand this whole area here yeah okay we can go we can go we can go we can you can’t hit what you were using me to test that yep do you think you get anything from these let’s find out

Oh I got glow goop I didn’t get any go skeleton spider oh yeah look at that what do you mean look at that kill it oh sorry no I was uh oh behind you behind you you all right nice call yeah it doesn’t hurt the the creepers don’t do

Anything really as far as I can tell it blew up in your face on my screen oh I have the I had the shield up uh by the way I think it should work but if you put um a torch in your off hand is it giving off light for you if I’m

Holding it or no oh it does give off light uh for you like yours doesn’t give light for me but so it’s just it just looks like whoever’s holding it nice so these things are cool um so fireflies they’re pretty cool well so if you kill them you get the glow goop

Right and then you can like what it makes a little glow what see like now that spots glowing that’s so that’s so cool that’s interesting we should Farm These and sell them apparently the economy is going to be very big and right now farming and fishing is very big on

Making us money uh junks of farming kind of guy right yeah we’ll we’ll get him to work on the farm and fish as well and uh we’ll do the rest nice well then we got to kill these things for fishing rods ooh heads up yep yep good hits Good Hits uh two spiders

Behind us we want to get the spiders hell yeah look at those eyes like a doll’s eyes nice hit good sh nice all right sweet all right I got 17 string I feel like we’ve got enough string uh yeah I got five but you know still enough for some fishing rods it’s

Also a good way to get enchanted books is it yeah you you need to like if you can start enchanting a fishing rod to get luck of the sea you are just you are sitting pretty oh it’s so lovely out here it’s so beautiful imagine if we lived here oh

Yes I think this land’s already been claimed by the witch [ __ ] oh those [ __ ] [ __ ] I I think it is I think the sign says it hang on yep which [ __ ] territory that’s uh I was not lying well uh yeah I think that’s Nix and Cara I forget who else Maddie I

Think oh yeah I think Cruz is a part of that uh do you need uh an iron a you have an iron a good yep yep yep I’ve got extra ones if we need it yikers um let see ooh there’s a village Over Yonder might have some gold might have

Some gold chests in it coal oh oh that’s copper we don’t want Copper yeah yeah copper is unfortunately not super useful no not without mods like there’s some mods that make it interesting uh I know I’m blocking the door here okay cool that fat ass is blocking the

Door only time in my life the size of my ass will be an issue I mean remember that one time on the kids ride stop stop your story now I don’t know where it’s going but it wasn’t going where you thought it was going I care stuck

Uh lightning rods is a use for copper if you like lightning there’s a lot of wooden blocks in these which is nice yeah it saves us time from wasting it is there another chest in here now uh no not there one in that one I might be wrong though

Yep more bread sweet oh oh I got pumpkin pie [ __ ] yeah I [ __ ] love pumpkin pie all right um well with all of that bread we now probably have enough [ __ ] to go back down yeah uh let’s let’s head back to the house uh sure all right we’re definitely going to need like

Better um organization later on what are you talking about this you’re saying this doesn’t look organized oh I no see for me this is fine but my chat always gets mad at me at how I play Minecraft uh I’m I’m I kind of become an organization snob

Eventually as well okay so all right as long as one of us is then no one will get mad at us yeah it’s like not to a crazy extent but like cat is not organized in any way shape or form and so it usually like falls on

Me you know she’s not even here to defend herself right hey what’s up did you hear me uh I I trying to trying to sneak up on you I I think I heard like one step but that was it God damn it sorry bud you’re doing better though you

Could even walk will these will the baked potatoes in here help supposed to mean I don’t know help I do love potatoes yeah actually fine I okay I found an abundance of bread and I just figured that was the universe calling me to make a bakery nice yeah baked potatoes are uh

Pretty good here have more bread dude I i’ I’ve been having espressos every night now since yesterday and that means T night yeah so last night we were I don’t know man last night we were we were playing uh hell divers and I’m like I’m T I need I need an espresso and

Literally as I got my espresso Bonsai goes yeah I think that’s my last one and I’m like no bro I’m hyped up on caffeine yeah it was uh it was pretty funny wait how late were you streaming last night I think I went till 11:00ish we played fasmo yeah did you do anything

After fasmo or no no I went straight I I need to make dinner I had to go do my got to get some more fasmo in faso’s fun faso’s good mhm oh [ __ ] is that boy oh okay just don’t even [ __ ] say hi to us just walk hey what

Up guys hey how’s it going sorry I was just I was just pretending to walk by not knowing you guys but I know you guys you know are you like puffer fish uh puffer fish what about that do not know oh man I love it I love it this this guy looks just

Like me right oh wow look at that yeah yeah yeah never talk to me my son ever again yeah that’s right I’m trying I’m trying to gather my sons do you have any uh more children um at the moment I do not no we haven’t gone fishing yet but

We will let you know okay if I get any go puff I’ll let you know is that the thing we’re supposed to be doing right now to get currency is fishing fishing what they mention yeah but don’t sell them give them to me understood we don’t sell puffer Roger

That all right we we’re going to we’re going to make the economy bad we don’t sell puffer fish here how much but by just by chance how much does a puffer fish go for like two bucks not even worth it personally oh how do you how do

You even sell I haven’t even tried selling anything yet how do you do that you go to spawn spawn oh okay yeah yeah I think the only things you can sell are like the modded fish that you find oh I found like a bunch of like is it

Just me or is your voice getting loud getting quiet hi Mom that probably happens okay I went to go bargain with the server moderators for a crown and they did not like my trade offer of one iron what were you trying to give them uh the singular iron

Inot I’m going wh your ass fight me it wasn’t me fight I’m eating what no I haven’t been fishing where that little [ __ ] go there he is you guys like my floor I I work so hard on this floor right here it looks really good is nice man Jeremy it was

You you have the fishing rod I don’t have a fishing rod hey your handes what’s that behind you I don’t know probably a probably a zombie maybe damn Z did you hear that what yeah you just mom come back here stop it you cannot run from the

Law uh well you see uh I don’t believe in in laws that’s a good point he makes an excellent point all right we uh are we going back to the cave I don’t know what do you want to do I mean what oh we got some fisherman over here that looks like

Is that Cruz that does look like Maddie hey what’s up hello what’s up what’s up doing some fishing yep I have a serious question is is the witch [ __ ] area just super [ __ ] big like what’s going on here yeah dude we we modeled it after mom’s Aras

Dude yo I told you that in privacy that she has [ __ ] Pizza sized areolas okay dude they’re nice okay I can’t fit in the whole mouth man very large mouth it’s it’s very impressive you see when you when you eat out as many moms as I

Do you learn to unhinge your jaw like a python I’m taking notes I’m taking notes I have a video for you okay what do you mean you have a video for me I’ve got a video for you if that’s what you like if it’s someone python in a mom’s breast I’m

In God damn send it my way then triple d’s ain’t got [ __ ] on my jaw oh no ey kind of person I’m a double eye kind of guy double eye oh God I’m asking for a friend can I see can I potentially see as well yeah yeah now the video doesn’t involve

Me though I hope you guys are okay with that God actually I want to see it now Greg it can’t be any worse than what I see your mom do every night so you know go for it is it you and the gummy worm bro I swear to

God yo I’m so glad you remember B unhinged your [ __ ] jaw for that dude dude it was [ __ ] deep in my throat oh God a man can only get so breed up I’ll never forget you in innocently were like dude you could you could eat the giant [ __ ] gummy wor on

St like Greg I can’t do that you can though and then I did it it’s like that’ll go south for me or or you’re going to Skyrocket with the wrong crowd I I’m a woman and already does that very true we got it easy Greg bald guys yeah bald guys putting large things

In our mouths we’re W hell yeah wow two rotten flesh and a lily pad get the [ __ ] out of here dude this not a great fishing spot I won’t there’s been a not weirdly though damn what y’all been throwing In this River weirdly God

Damn I’m not even here what do we uh we want just hang on to it for now just hang let’s keep he hey hey hey great so do you remember when I said that we had the co part of it this the co side this

Is where all the co kids hang out okay and and and see that fishing bridge I made that oh you did that that’s my fishing Bridge yeah dude you’re so fast it’s a community fishing bridge and look look we’re growing things I know you’re from the UK but

Stop saying what gu G no that’s how you’re supposed to say it Greg you’re not no no don’t give her this Kevin no no you’re not a waste man you’re not a youing okay we don’t need to teach you that you got you got to say after repeat after me wag onean

Greg w w one Greg n not not your [ __ ] beak man don’t make me come over there and teach you what your mom’s do to me every single night family you’re out here like wagwan family no I’m like no no no I’m out in these streets dog out here like

I got to go you may be like that but you going to be on fire D did you try to let all right me and Jeremy got things to do yeah all right go do your thing go do your thing you fishing yeah I don’t know

Who was offended by all that but someone was it’s a Toronto man’s accent I got a bunch of people in my chat yelling at me for bye have fun bye party up with the boys and the lads but let’s let’s go let’s go talk to some people you know

I’m down yo what up my Kings what up yo boys how y’all doing Greg your SP talking about you huh how was your spa day my spa day okay I’m going to I’m not going to lie uh it was relaxing but I’m not a very I’m not a very Spa person I

Realized you know I don’t like uh laying down for extended periods of time doing nothing you that’s kind of I hear you the massage was nice I like the massage it was cool and all but like I don’t know how to describe it it was just like

I was like after like 30 minutes I was like okay I can move on now you know what I mean so wait hold on on you don’t like you don’t like just laying there and doing nothing for that long what about your ex she told me you love just laying

There boom you talk to Jeremy Jeremy you you coward you wouldn’t say anything you wouldn’t say a word that’s what I heard listen moner you should know more than anyone how you know I got a big mouth it’s for all the things he puts in it y That’s crazy he called me the

Millimeter defeater for a for a reason right bro you should have seen Jer at the dentist bro I suck those she trying to get my brother oh sick dude I’ll be joining you guys soon don’t worry man give me a couple more years I’m there oh hell I’m there dude I don’t

I know you have a pretty thick head of hair you I kind of do you know I’m actually thinking dude after twitch gone might get hair transplant bro might just fix her up become a 10 out of 10 oh well I don’t think it’s a 10 out of 10 if

You’re going at 11 out of 10 you can’t just go from 10 out of 10 and just continue to stand you’re going to negative value there bro you’re so right guys you’re so right dude see this is this is the premium gas we always needed Sean bro this is the premium gas right

Here confidence is at an alltime high right now dude but yeah guys if you need anywhere to build up if you want to join a team or anything Travis actually going to start a group soon man no pressure no pressure guys you know but uh I asked to

Join us and then I completely misread that so I told her she could build nearby I can’t help but notice you both have a te on your back which is not helping yeah cuz this guy the right skin dude bro dude how what if I started calling you by the wrong name brother

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry you should be you should be everybody spit on him spit on him you know what hey Robert oh damn whoa whoa that was uncalled for I got 30th birthday uh on Sunday guys so w Robert you know W that’s W yeah yeah 30

Man yeah nice chicken pit dude thanks man I I trapped them they’re now mine forever we get I just I just got them oh got you dude I don’t know man bro this is this is like half the time half the time we’re going to be walking to go do stuff

Unless it’s in a cave and we run into somebody they’re just going to want to talk to us oh yeah everyone’s so neighborly and friendly oh yeah so over here there’s all these trees with the red leaves and then over there are trees with purple leaves it’s pretty cool

Purple I don’t know what biome that is that’s purple leaves yeah and they have like orange flowers on them I was like I also I was talking to the the the mod Dev team whoever’s putting this together um I was talking to pokey uh and there’s

A mod called the aether mod that just got brought back from like 2012 oh um is that what adds that other like uh like uh other world I I don’t know the right word for it it’s like the opposite of the nether exactly that is the exact

Opposite of the Nether um and and they just brought it back and once they add fabric they might add it to this and I think it’d be really cool who’s this getting pasta okay okay okay quite quite a land they uh Honestly though they’re really talented Builders so I would be I

Wouldn’t be surprised if they build the entire area out yeah that’s fair uh so what are we looking for we looking for are we going back to the cave are we honestly we probably could go back to the cave do we want to go

Back to that cave and find or find a new one dude I’m I’m chill with either man all right let’s go back to that cave for now and then we’ll can do that okay uh oh what the [ __ ] that terra cotta white terra cotta yeah that’s mine now oh okay okay

H uh all right now I have no recollection of like where we went already I just want to grab that this is so remember that uh dead end that we found that’s that way okay this is uh this is pretty much where we need to explore I already found some more iron hell

Yeah the only down side to this Shader pack is that the the these like caves are really dark yeah the darks are a lot darker yeah um people use a complimentary pack which uh like ores will shine in the darkness oh nice but I I don’t know oh Jeremy

No Jeremy hit accept Jeremy oh you’re say oh oh he’s a gamer oh never mind dude that was nuts everyone’s fine I’m glad they’re fine you look a little toasty though I’m a little toasty but I’m okay okay [ __ ] God damn it I saw the hole and I’m just like that’s it

One of us is going in that oh yeah that was a that was a mean hole that one uh it wrapped around to nothing Fu me absolutely of course it did all right so this was the dead end um all right yeah cuz there’s lapis really it doesn’t go down any further

Damn we could just start digging it’s true cuz like these mines get very large is this the dead end over here uh I don’t I didn’t go this way I don’t think so let’s see uh if one of these drips it is I saw a drip it is

This one I just saw a drip okay this is the dead end I mean [ __ ] it let’s just go right here see what happens you want to do 2 by two or 3×3 or what are you 2 x two is probably good so wait this goes we think there’s water up here I

Believe so oh yeah unless maybe you were right maybe you were right never mind I was wrong there’s no water so how does it drip the lava then if it’s supposed to be dripping water uh I think you have to put something on top of it for it to

Drip lava specifically I don’t remember okay okay all right well uh I’m ready to dig down when you are oh apparently Larry found us Larry how I mean I I think when I say found us I think he means like the bald the like the bald commune or

Whatever oh uh so I had I had a couple of name ideas we had the bald Bros Bureau or Triple B um uh bald boys ban also oh nice nice uh or uh the folically challenged unit oh no folically challenged is so mean it’s so mean but I

Mean like it’s true I mean yeah it’s it is true it’s very true or we could be the balers Gatekeepers ooh okay here we go oh there’s better rock is that yep why is it there’s no way how far is this cave uh well we’re at60 I thought it was supposed to go

Like to1 100 nowadays um I don’t I don’t know maybe it is- 64 well that’s kind of lame uh thought we had like a further way down to go I I didn’t know how far down spider over there yeah what about this way anything here let’s see it’s a wrap around nice I turn the uh the blurry back on a little

Bit because otherwise you get like some kind of fractals oh uh well what did you set your uh your I like turn to everything under anti-aliasing off here let me try this yeah that gives you like yeah so it really clears it up if you turn that off but the thing is you

Get little little white dots like everywhere when you’re underground like this I don’t see that at all like if you turn off everything in anti is say maybe I’m I’m going to try it I’m trying it yeah I don’t see it dude am I am I going insane dude you’re going

Nuts you’re going crazy uh well I have so for me I had TAA on uh fxa Edge sensitivity to medium and then the sub pixel smoothing to very high and it’s like sharp what was that okay is that noise that we just heard there is that like

Items getting deleted I think so because I was on time with the message popping up oh okay uh yeah this will do this is this I’m good with this for now okay over what you uh what you macing on um CH spicy chicken spicy pineapple chicken once

Again oh nice you and your pineapple chicken bro until I’m off this cut or at least until I get like a new meal plan that’s what I’m eating every single day are you you uh are you capable to eat the same thing multiple weeks in a

Row M multiple months it depends on what it is but yeah I mean I also really like cooking so that would be the difficulty there heads up yeah yeah no it I don’t think it does anything it didn’t hurt oh yeah nothing huh interesting it might

Be till Monday I think they said that a bunch of the restrictions come off Monday diamonds yes sir is it just one it’s just one maybe you got a big old one vein right there yeah some iron over here uh it’s like the vein in my forehead one iron let’s see over here

Anything ouch how far down did you go like where how how did you find this place like found a hole in my ground that’s normally how I explore I just see a hole I jump in ow I’m oh Jeremy m is screaming at you oh yeah look at that [Laughter] yes

M has requested that I tele I’m going to teleport to M I’ll be back that’s all you need Jeremy hi Jeremy hi he’s real he he exists him like a minute ago but you know I’m a huge fan I know I was over here a little

Minute ago hi well um so like are you in the baldman group or What’s your deal I am over in the bald Man Group Greg and I were actually really far down in the cave I just left him down there I’m so sorry it’s okay he’ll be fine oh is this

The mountain cave behind here uh it’s been scaled I think it’s been scalped no it’s like way over by the ball it’s like way past it it’s past uh even the witch [ __ ] territory that person just donated your ass are a hole in the ground who’s that yeah car Nick I knew

It ni is over there yeah I’m gonna grief I’m gonna grief Nick later guys I’m I’m G to have to it’s got to happen they never said he wasn’t toxic that’s dude you look great you look great you look great I love I love the outfit is is

That this flip flops uh yeah you got some purp some purple and orange flip flops got to stay on brand super sick that’s pretty that’s pretty solid man hey thanks man tell me what we had we had a sponsor stream in Florida right and Travis is going to show up on like

Our most professional one and a Hawaiian t-shirt and flipflops he’s like dude it’s it’s it’s it’s on brand it’s not no no D these Floridians he was like dead serious too I don’t know look at that Sunrise guys wow oh wow gorgeous beautiful I got the complimentary Shader

Pack and I literally I’m being blinded right now but it’s it’s a good blind okay I just wanted to really see like I just wanted to see what gang you were in you know and if like I could convince you to join our gang join our gang I’m

Happy that you have a gang and of bald men and maybe one day I’ll be bald and then I can join you guys exct that’s what we keep telling people we’re kind of working together with our neighbors too we got Z next door I’m blow your neighbors up yeah yeah that’s great

That’s great that’s fine wait Z or z z or z z z Roy is he building his Bakery I’m going to get work cuz I am behind he you’re good you’re good I’m going to get to work little Bakery who’s on his team

Is it is it is it like uh Larry and who else um or does he have one he does I don’t remember who else is over there yeah they’re very foret they’re forgettable people I’m not a very good neighbor speaking of which I need to get

Back to Greg yeah you’re po B I got to get back to work here man I got to get back to work as well all right have fun yeah thank you dude we’ll see you in the BET yeah yeah yeah yeah how do I teleport to someone there guys that

Makes sense they they do congregate oh Hades that’s it how do I teleport to Greg anyone know how sltp slash TPA and then mg4 r no space mg4 r is that right h oh TP request maybe TP I don’t know how to do it slash help

I didn’t that didn’t help oh he just did oh my God it I don’t I can’t see it though there’s like 800 things oh my God okay hang on TP TPA so wait do I hit like no do I hit like enter or like how do I I don’t know

How to do this mg for r no okay there it is I don’t know how to do it okay God I I just don’t I don’t know how to do the teleport thing you’re going to walk me through it why are you naked oh uh don’t worry about

It you went to go see M and then you came back naked it’s fine tell me about okay uh okay so what do you what do you want to know about the teleport stuff I just don’t know how to do it like how do I request to teleport to you okay so SL

TPA uh is how to request to me TPA here will TP me to you so if you want to come to me /tpa like SL TPA and then your name space yeah then my name I thought I did that weird uh and then if you want me to come

To you /tpa here all one word space My name got it and then for homes it’s slome space create then name and then SL homes will bring you the little uh you goey that you can click on ah hi all right let’s get to claim uh by

The way this is uh spawn so it is yeah I can’t put anything down yeah um but I did find some more iron while you were gone nice what did M want she just wanted to know if I was real and then um wanted to ask me to join her group and I

Said I’m already part of the bald the bald Bros gang so I can’t why would she try to steal you from me huh she knew I don’t know man I’m a hot commodity apparently oh all right Jeremy chist so wait how did you get here you’re asking the right questions

And I don’t have the right answers I don’t remember got him got him got him oh dropped his bow as well [ __ ] another one there’s a spawner this way so we might be able to get into it oh that’d be awesome Jeremy go first what makes you say

That look they’re all mad at each other now fight fight to the death oh my God the boners are fighting oh it’s a threeway okay oh one’s down oh I can’t place a [ __ ] thing here cuz I think it’s under Spa we should leave we should leave we should

Leave we should leave we should leave we should leave can you put torches in here have you killed them all uh yeah no we cannot grab and leave we grab and go oh I can’t even loot that chest oh no Jeremy I’m going to die no no no

Yeah that chest is out of out of oh wait if we can do that I can light it up from here okay oh nice that might work that might work yeah yeah you’re good you have time okay sweet pumpkin seeds sure gr some pumpkins gunpowder there’s another bucket that’s

Useful sweet okay cool I’m like full up on [ __ ] but all right let’s get the [ __ ] out of here nice dude wait you said you’re full dude do you see me eating forever oh the game is lagging Okay no Okay uh but yeah my inventory is full up

But I guess it’s just with a lot of different types of wood why didn’t you leave that back at the house listen we can ask these why questions all day all right all right let’s go we go oh actually what do you have in your what what do you have in your

Inventory I still have room if you want to continue we can just share oh here why don’t you just take my bones all right anything else Uh no should be fine all right let’s go we can continue for a little bit before we have to get back yes sir um and for those of you who are wondering just I’ll answer for both of us we’re under the server spawn and that’s spawn protected yeah so we can’t

We can’t dig he’s getting a few questions uh this is how we got back this is back to where we were oh yeah I just climbed up some water or something creeper over there almost went to hit q and Mark it like hell divers would have thrown your [ __ ] whatever you were

Holding um there he is all right and there he goes makes me feel so safe it’s a dead end okay Uh big hole Big Hole uh is there safe way down uh this is pretty safe this is something right here iron yeah your big hole isn’t that big I’m down here uh oh you’re in the hole yeah I fell you’re fine oh yeah okay sweet there a little safe way

Down what do you what do you have for coal on you right now one coal nice okay um I haven’t found much coal dead end dead end okay let’s go back this way my biggest issue is we’re going to we’re underneath spawn right I don’t know far

Go oh we’re still good we’re still good uh let’s see do you need torches yeah oh here hold on hold on I’m splitting the ones I have with you oh nice this guy wait you have you have six I had five I gave you three you’re welcome thank

You you’re like I’m going to give you half of them I was like oh man here incoming [Applause] Looking for coal at this point I feel like we might just need to grab coal so you want a a trade can you make me a factor sure whichever one sounds good to you I’ll make you the one I had earlier okay it was really that’d be

Great uh can I show hello Greg yeah hi Greg I think he’s too far actually oh no hang on hang on hang on I think you went this way are you guys all killing each other no you have a logs you have coal I mean yeah we could make coal out of the stone or the wood we have have

Back at home but we hi Greg oh [ __ ] me dude y you guys having a great time with that I hear yeah it’s fantastic I jumped out of my [ __ ] skin she just wanted to say hi and I was like oh I appreci I appreciate it hi cat

It’s just she already left the room oh all right cool a [ __ ] inner monologue with myself you were doing something and all of a sudden hi Greg ah and I see your face yeah you know was scarier a little you know it could be a little scary if you’re not

Expecting it your face or my wife [Laughter] either uh watch the lava okay there’s lava there was lava down there yeah you were one step away from eaten ass hey you know no no I don’t know I typical [ __ ] Thursday night I guess huh finish your statement about

Your Thursdays no no wer that was it saving over looking around oh man this freaking glow oh diamond used all my freaking torches again like a [ __ ] Champion okay that’s it too vain can’t see [ __ ] I don’t think there is coal in deep slate is the problem I

Don’t think so either I got two diamonds that’s nice oh nice um I think we might need to vacate this this cave I don’t think this cave is doing it for us okay you want to head home let’s go home drop our [ __ ] off find a new cave okay mg4 R did that

Work I think I’m doing that right oh dude do you think it’s fullon do you think capital letters count find out hey do capital letters matter in that um I don’t my name does yeah oh see that’s probably what it is dud so many people are leaving and coming

Back you got to do what you got to do you know oh that’s right our stuff’s back here yep it’s like I have I have a diamond to put in there AB uh I’m going to put our emeralds in there nice I’m going to leave the puffer fish

In here ah I don’t know if we should leave that out in the open you know puffer might come by open our chest look at it grab it listen if he wants the [ __ ] yo what’s up dude back of your adventure yes sir you doing any uh how’s the bakery

Going I’ve made a floor but I’ve just been kind of wandering around and seeing what other people are up to I hear you that’s a nice house over there I think that’s just the that’s just the bait and tackle shop at the spawn oh well that tackle shop yeah I

Was I was kind of exploring the spawn to see like what the money system was like and like like the NPCs that you can talk to and you can sell heads up bud items for currency mhm dude you have a really nice layout here

Z yeah I just I don’t know I just kind of like I want to make all I know is I want to make a bakery here and I made a floor and I just kind of like started the walls um and then I got a little tired from

That you want to come with us we’re just going we’re doing some mining dude yeah I was just I’m kind of like just looking for something to do yeah okay come with us then grab some stuff uh cuz we need what we need coal Jeremy um Coal’s a big one uh like

Pretty much always is um and I mean just always having more iron and diamond and [ __ ] like that is is a big deal okay um cuz we definitely have iron at least for right now we’ve got 51 I got 10 cooking in the in the blast furnace uh do

Indeed guess I’ll lead my saddle here too all right I should be good to go I’ll the do you guys have any food by any chance I I think I ate the last of my bread uh yeah look in the smoker there right right here yeah Oh I thought

That was a smoker thank you come on Z you used to play Minecraft you should know what a smoker looks like I have been playing Minecraft for 14 years and I play six hours a year yes sir you don’t play six hours a year last

Year you were on you were on the server for quite some time dude especially Purge server Purge server I how many purges were there uh three I think I was like semi-active for like before the first Purge and then after the first Purge I was like barely on

Yeah all right are you ready to go uh yeah I’m ready to go all right hold on I’m just going to here’s Z put those on thanks Greg no wores what’ you give him uh the Lea armor we had I mean we have a [ __ ] ton of armor in here right

See just take some iron I mean yeah I just gave him a full set cuz that’s the only one we have a full I’ll take hand me downs it’s fine are you sure there’s we a ton of iron in here hey man I just I just gave him what

What I first saw to be honest and now you make me feel bad for giving him that like I mean like you know as you should you guys are more organized than me here here here uh take this too this is big Greg oh I didn’t thanks yeah Shields

Are The Shield is definitely a big shields are Shields are big for skeletons and such hey hey there um anything anything for a sword I don’t have a sword yet hey cutipie do you mind I have a feeling Z is holding two Shields he’s holding two Shields oh I am

Holding two sorry about that it’s okay didn’t realiz I picked that up nice oh oh you know what we should do while we we here we need more more torches oh I got plenty of Tores I have plenty do you have a yeah do you I have

Like uh more than a stack full that’s good that’s good that’s a lot you mind if I take a couple of these iron ingot and uh go for it make a uh sword yeah do what you got to do uh jar yep thank you sir no

Worries all right our goal we need uh iron and coal that’s kind of like the big thing for us right now that is a big deal wait you’re a big deal wait I have 64 coal in my inventory well you know it’ll get used but yeah obviously you guys want

Coal just come come ask me I’ve been mining a lot of it because I was getting a lot of Cobble for my uh for My Bakery the clean Stone yeah you need to you know you know it’s easier uh to make a stone cutter and just use that instead of having to go

Through like I haven’t us do you okay see some people don’t know AR of the 29 months uh Z new you pick the direction we go let’s go this way all right towards the cruise base or we can just start in my mine in the bakery we can do that too well no

Our mine goes pretty much right into your mine I’m pretty sure oh okay so yeah let’s go somewhere new find a hole we kind of clean that out yeah which is the which is the direction you guys went before uh that way okay what he said the Joe me swow Down can’t Joe guy we’re just leaving Z in the dust did you see something oh uh did your furnace just turn on can you hear that yeah dude it sounds like it sounds like we’re at a club where is it a r a furnace that turned

On microwave y it’s uh my office is over my garage and I guess CAD had to open it for something oh Oh that or I’m about to be murdered you know either or you guys just want to dig down here uh I’d like to find like a big cave that’s always a good way to start oh wait this could be a good start I’m not one to find holes I know oh

Boy look at this new world is now a good time to say I don’t have a pickaxe well that’s a bad yeah here here here here here here oh oh thank you thank you the rest I mean to find good but yeah oh thank you yeah Pickaxe M Diamond so far I’ve got there’s so much coal hell yeah brother oh dude this is what we needed you have a diamond pick yeah we’ve been together for the last two hours how did you not notice that oh yeah I I got three diamonds like immediately when the

Server started and I just made a diamond pick nice no pasta gave me uh one brand new oh my God loves me I’m dead end Dead all right Z’s just digging let’s just we’ll just [ __ ] hammer it looks like there might be something there might be a cave this way the mini

Map all right and all the years I’ve been alive which has been many years trust me I don’t think that’s true I can’t doubt that enough i’ I’ve been alive many many many years hey guys hey we’re trying this way cuz apparently there might be a

Cave well it’s just on the map on the mini map there oh yeah I can see on the map I think it’s below us a little bit oh I keep forget M for stuff like that yeah yeah yeah I think like when it’s on the map and it’s slightly dark it means

It’s below you look at this place hell yeah you should probably have an easy way to get out of here yes oh Z smart smart we do it’s called teleportation come on yeah that’s smart I remember that I have a I have the bakery home set yeah more coal up there

Sweet I’m going to hang out up here for a second Cat made me a factor thing say chicken taco bowl or something not sponsored by the way they are pretty legit I’ve I’ve only had like two of them and they’ve been pretty good like I asked platty I was like would you recommend

Factor and he was like yes where where’d they go small little torches hey there’s a big cave this way hell yeah look at these [ __ ] boners just all Fighting just all fighting and bonering and stuff you know whatever they do uh oh the Vine’s coming down as a nice nice aesthetic oh M shaft oh did you find a m shaft yeah look it’s right there you can see it poking out oh hell yeah hold on I’m

Grabing this coal before uh before I miss it it’s a really big Vine ooh spider webs it’s going to be cave spiders oh boy we we are going to be sitting on some good amounts of iron already or uh the coal that’s it this is concerning I don’t like that

Yeah I don’t like that at all what about this way is there anything this way no oh your way is the only way okay cool cool cool yep man is there watch your step does not even [ __ ] cover it here no dude it is and it’s far too okay okay okay here we

Go we can grab the tracks if we want ah [ __ ] can’t eat yeah it was lagging for a sec it’s it’s back now I had to [ __ ] disconnect and reconnect to eat someone seems to have angered an Enderman somewhere nearby I think it’s me but I don’t know why it hasn’t come up

Here or it’s Z and and Hades down below are we taking these we going to use them I don’t know I wouldn’t I like I like mine uh like Minecart tracks and stuff it I heard him he’s below us yeah he’s he’s coming for me he’s

Coming for me is he uh here here here get get over here he won’t be able to get you he’s he’s three walks tall so if you can just oh did he give up I guess oh spider spawner spider spawner right over there I’m a little I I don’t know if I’m

More afraid of the [ __ ] Enderman or the spider spawner um oh do you have a sword yeah I do can you like kind of cut up these uh cobwebs in front of the spawner yeah I got you well I can actually do this try to light it up I don’t know if lighting

Up really stops these ones or if we have to destroy them hey see yeah I no know yeah hi yeah I was looking for I was looking for you guys uh and then I fell from I fell all the way down there yeah no this is uh

This is not a uh the safest plot oh we’re just above you guys I see yeah I found one of these Bridge things yeah Hades is all the way down there where Hades is now prob down there that’s uh yeah it was there was a lot of Enderman

Down there did you did one of you look at the Enderman I think I pissed one off yeah okay I was wondering who did that yeah he was he was screaming up a storm for sure he did not like me pretty cool oh I forgot there’s no there’s no damage

And I [ __ ] swung at you by accident dude you were you going to freaking make me fall well I would never spliff you okay Greg do it damn Spliff yeah that M shaft’s no goo yikes well let’s see what all the hubub is about hey I’m going to head down there yeah I’m coming with you there’s nothing left on that uh on that bridge I think I just heard another Enderman very possible all right

Oh it’s a witch it’s it’s a witch oh no you’ll be okay you’ll you’ll be okay you can’t you can’t be poisoned to death no yeah that’s true but if you’re poison a lot and a skeleton hits you yeah for some reason it said I had no

Incoming teleport requests uh when I try clicking the first one so when you teleport game broken uh right now I I don’t know why but you have to like disconnect and reconnect to eat food or place anything after you teleport yeah oh yeah I was wondering why people kept doing

That I thought it was just like they’re just getting too much lag uh yeah I’ll be right back okay all right yeah Greg’s alligators Greg’s a sick boy apparently I I a sick [ __ ] SC was slain by an alligator what a message to receive that man got death roll let’s see what

Do we got I’m I’m afraid to us to lag tight Hades and I for the most part looked around here and I got a number through this area yeah oh if there’s if this is the area I’m thinking of like is there a waterfall nearby no not a big one there

A small one this was mostly Jeremy did you place this torch yeah Jeremy placed these oh maybe this is not the same spot no I think you guys were lowered is he okay there’s that Enderman what the [ __ ] over here wait big I still can’t play stuff yo this thing get

Big gets big this way I’m in I’m going to try reconnecting again I still can’t play stuff okay I’ll be here I’ll TP you if anything damn n yeah this [ __ ] gets big that’s awesome what are you eating what’s it to you maybe I want to know what’s in your

Mouth um a it’s basically a chicken burrito bowl thank there we go now it’s working wait I do that almost every night well you do almost every night oh burit aable but mine’s turkey bow well I’m having a uh it’s like a factor thing I’m not partnered with but I asked

Platty if he liked them and he was like yeah dude they’re really good so I hear some IR here and they are pretty tasty I’m going to say and you can you can believe me on that cuz I’m not sponsored by them die zombie die all right we got to get down there

Into the deep part it’s fine a little bit of water I can place one oh you got a bucket sure nice probably should wait a little bit and you’ll be all right I’m descending okay me too see youo oh God your B your legs you okay uh I didn’t hurt myself too much

Okay oh o iron sh I almost I almost looked at that guy I almost took a peak over at him and almost took a peak don’t mind me Enderman I’m just looting the place of all of its gold yep I’m just grabbing some iron over here I’m going to put down another waterfall

Actually what’s that you remember like what button you have to hit to show the coordinates actually wait no it shows it on our screen yeah but also F3 would be the one you’re thinking of yeah yeah okay I just realized that oh my God this is bad [Laughter] z h Oh I think I just saw Diamond uh okay uh if he wants to come back I don’t know if he wants to come back or not but yep sweet it’s only one [ __ ] better than nothing but it’s not amazing whoa oh Zen just got sneak 100 Zen’s in the deep

Dark you get that for sneaking next to a uh skull sensor oh Jesus that’s not good uh do I have more coal on me I do not a lot but I have some yes yes sir the thing with dripstone is there’s plenty of places to refill my water

Yeah I don’t really know where Greg is I I also kind of left Greg I don’t know if keep inventory is on but I didn’t see like Z’s stuff show up damn uh diamond oh my God oh my God holy hell that was crazy Scotch was slain by

Betty I don’t know what Scot is up to so many dumb ways to die dude dude this is legitimately wild there’s more there I have [ __ ] 20 diamonds on me oh what is this smooth B salt is this a [ __ ] amethyst oh [ __ ] Dude people are going to want This I would doubt the ser was vein mining Yeah there it goes okay all right I’m going to teleport to Greg um and start heading back cuz I’m like out of resources and I mean kind of I have a furnace and I could cook up like the rest of my iron but I I don’t think I need to right

Now I know I haven’t made a waypoint don’t yell at me stop internet shouting at me uh hello hey did it you did figure it out yeah I did hey I don’t have a uh Waypoint set on the house yet ow but um I should probably go there soon I found

A bunch of amethyst so I’ve got like a stack of the amethyst blocks I think I might just teleport back to the uh to the bakery okay yeah and I have I have 20 diamonds home what yeah oh did you just find like a hot spot I just found a

Bunch of [ __ ] diamonds man or you just got like to the level and you just dig forward I I was just in a big cave I just ran through the cave and there was like diamonds everywhere there was like a nine Bane and an eight Bane it was

Crazy hey hey stop talking about my ex like That um you so you’re going to go backie you’re saying it was late for you yeah I’ll just I’ll just teleport yeah I’ll teleport back then I’ll probably like think about heading off okay okay I’m going to be up for a bit uh yeah did byebye okay bye pan was

Squashed by a falling Anvil how do you that means how do you teleport home well if you just want you can type SLS spawn and it’ll bring you back otherwise type I’m going to do that yeah okay see you okay oh that’s a spawn spawn yeah yeah okay but we’re so close anyways

Okie dokie yeah what is it it’s 9:15 I think that’s probably going to be it for me tonight and Jesus what the hell why do we have [ __ ] two stacks of dirt there that’ll all get deleted so what’s the process what’s the uh what’s the agenda what have you guys accomplished check this

Out look at that chest whoa dude we got some diamonds man you don’t even need to say anything you just show me cuz you’re muted by the way oh hey you understood you understood you knew what I was saying oh um yeah the Farm’s coming along really

Good over there um I’m growing all kinds of stuff I need to grow cherries I’m going to have to do the pumpkins I want to start building um we got to start growing some trees so I’m going to take some of these these tree treelings cuz we have no trees in our

Area we got a lot of string by the way Larry came over and dumped a whole bunch of string on us that’s awesome we can make bows and fishing rods yeah in fact uh yeah yeah dang it I gave him all my he has all my uh I didn’t have that many

Uh but arrows but that’s all right we’ll just get more I got a bunch on me we going well you can make a bow for yourself are you guys uh are you been digging down under or yeah like not under this base we’ve been kind of

Venturing off to find like big caves and stuff that’s why we got so much of that stuff gotcha apparently there’s some locations where people have located a whole bunch of chests and stuff I I mean people must be all over the place because I mean I saw scge got eaten by

An alligator I don’t know if you saw that go by no there’s a and somebody has a brought a giraffe back to their house they have a giraffe across the water there what yeah oh you haven’t seen it yeah oh hey you can see the see the giraffe on the other

Side oh my God what the [Laughter] hell they already built a bridge and everything over here oh yeah yeah yeah yeah uh I think K built this hey yo where did you get the giraffe what do you mean where did you find the giraffe you haven’t seen the

Giraffes yet junkyard there’s a whole herd of them to the South no I haven’t seen anything anywhere iff wow I love building I’ve been building a farm DN that’s crazy junkyard he’s so tall I’m actually working hi hey I’m [ __ ] working what do you call

This huh you are why am not accusing you working I’m not [ __ ] working godamn head out of your ass oh my God how’d you know it was up there right now it’s usually up there isn’t it yeah I mean good boy yeah I figured there was some cool animals out There Nick your ex-boy friend’s here again where in the water we broke up we broke up you don’t treat me right seems like you need to tell him that more yeah if you don’t treat her right you should be in the water he just doesn’t know when

To quit dude it’s over I moved on thanks for uh thanks for letting me see the giraffe that was cool here you can have that for your garden oh thank you you got it oh help [ __ ] you you can’t take it out of my friends what the hell

I should really start building a house well oh my God whose Farms are these is are these junks there’s no way oh dropped an Ingot oh yeah we got to always protect our zone is that is this your farm yeah wow dude that’s awesome it’s our farm our farm dude that’s

Badass well slowly but surely we’re going to grow more I need more seeds though that’s a problem uh I I just have these on me right now uh well those are pumpkin seeds I just need more or bones I saw you just gave some bone me away I need bones so

For bone meal I think I have a [ __ ] ton hang on I I put it in the chest dude Greg have you seen Junk’s Farm it’s insane no where is it yeah over here he I’m not going to lie he’s got an agricultural thumb he’s really good at

Agriculture yeah see like this is I was not even questioning the capabilities of junkyard uh the other thing we just went and saw so across the water over there uh Cru and all them they have a pet giraffe see it no I don’t where oh I see it what the

[ __ ] oh oh sup scge hi the scge hey the chat told me you got [ __ ] death rolled by a crocodile or some [ __ ] oh Betty yeah she’s great don’t worry about her wait that’s Betty yeah yeah cuz I saw Scotch got killed by an alligator and then Surly thereafter Scotch was killed by

Betty yes not we had to name her in between uh oh well it sounds like things aren’t going well for Hades she just fell on us to yeah her mother went to sleep and now she’s she’s dying to stag ties God damn it Greg I saw you talking to Z I was like

To what do we want to make our house out of purple should it be purple purple terra cotta o the amethyst can be the floor hi I don’t I I don’t even have a stack of it I like I if I’m going to make a sizable home it can’t be like all

Amethyst ow huh meow ow scooter working on the Farms it’s a lovely Farm hey here you go sweetheart thanks Snooks you’re the best I wish I think purple Tower cot might look cool I’m just going to need a lot of clay and I did see a ow this C hey Jeremy you want see the spider hole sure it’s right over

Here you you’re being a menace being a menace being a menace being a menace being a menace okay oh [ __ ] oh God are you dying it’s my cat uh yeah okay uh right down here free stuff oh damn oh a name tag I can name [ __ ] now

Hey thank you oh more bones junks can be so happy hell yeah and melon seeds he can grow melons wow thanks bud all right I’m going to go find more people to squish okay oh you squished pan only a little all right I got to eat the rest of my

Dinner can I have my dinner is that okay with you hey there big boy what you doing trying to have the rest of my dinner but my cat is really I know I know wives aren’t they pesky yeah oh I can hear her or him yeah he’s I mean he’s happy well

He’s big happy I can hear him [ __ ] he’s he’s purring ooh that’s that’s got some Reverb yeah he’s basically shoving his body into the microphone which is why it’s so loud H enjoy your food dude thanks um we’ve got two stacks of uh of coal and the blast perace is cooking with coal

Already uh I’ll put a little bit more in the smoker here I’ll really give you some surround sound I’m walking around it ooh ooh ooh this is someone this is somebody’s [ __ ] night dude that’s got to be a scooter isn’t it oh yeah oh I can hear myself

A oh yeah cuz I I was leaning in all right yeah I love you very much I love you but I need to eat my food yeah okay it’s so loud he dude he purs he purs he’ll be all right he got some squid

FES so there was a ton of clay to the South um West I think I’m going to go get that and then um some red and blue flowers also a horse we have to get a horse poor Wings what like an elytra I don’t think we can go into The Nether yet

Okay let me put some stuff down first hey what’s up baby hey how you doing chilling what’s up hey remember that conversation we had earlier yeah what’s up yeah how’s that how’s that going how’s that uh as far as I know nothing I I haven’t found anything pleasure doing business with

You we got it hell yeah of course um out of good faith um you can have this Redstone thank you thanks dude that’s it’s really [ __ ] kind of you dude that’s so huge that’s literally massive I was just going on off a little story time about my cat that I had at

One point oh nice yeah uh I didn’t finish the story but I’ll I’ll let you in on it so I was young and uh my family didn’t want me I was like five or six and my my parents didn’t want me drinking like Coca-Cola without like asking them which I mean to

Be fair I was a young kid right uh but um I went to go ask my dad who’s outside if I can have any Coca-Cola and my cat Sabrina decided it was time to bolt and just [ __ ] took off through the front door and I never saw her again oh no yep

She never came back well people in Greg’s chat um don’t worry if your cat gets out scooter got out and he came back seven months later so you know what’s bad she might she might she might have came back but we moved like a year after that happened oh yeah

Yeah that’s the thing we moved right before scooter got out like from Texas and we were like oh so he’s really unsure where he is too no clue I mean I say came home that’s quote unquote like you the guy found him like a mile

Away oh someone found him oh see no we we sent we did this program um so Bernie the guy who started Rooster Teeth he said me a message and was like hey our cat got out like a while ago here’s what we did it’s this service that basically

Sends postcards like little mini lost posters to every house in like a certain mile radius wow yeah and they did that and this guy got it like you know a month after or a couple weeks after scooter got out um and he liked the name

Scooter so he put it on his fridge and then like seven months later he saw him on the driveway I was like hey that’s the cat from the thing and it’s like it’s just wild yeah oh here follow me okay coming trying to save the puffer fish

Okay okay I’m trying to see and hearing that oh man um that reminds me that reminds me of the Cobble server when the first cobon came out that I was a part of cave where is it I did a I did a whole bit where I’m like hey can I get

Your Pokéballs for YCA Poké the kids of YCA Poké are dying to Charizards burning oh yeah how that whole um nice Anvil to the the original one I liked a lot um the later ones is were a little bit on the wait which one the one

We found originally the one no if you no if you if you see scge right yeah he’s to our left oh is he yeah use the mini map dude come on oh Point wait you have any food yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all puffer fish belong to me puffer fish

Belong to you I aming to save them I’m trying to get them a home dude you keep getting I’m going to do something here for you I going to suggest something do you have your uh audio settings thank you thank you I see him where is he

Where is he your microphone setting to our right yeah do you have noise suppression on can you like expand the mini map uh you can hit J I think and then you can just like see like the map itself whoa oh uh and then I think we’re on my

Topology wasn’t on right oh okay hey hey yeah ask scge to show you spider hole find me spider hole spider hole plus and minus let’s try it oh yeah look at that that’s awesome just just SN your name’s got the J word holy [ __ ] oh I did ask Greg a question and then

Leave hey that’s ADHD for you you know what can you do uh oh right okay entering their territory it’s fine so yeah I know I I ran over an area I I remember being like oh wow there’s like a clay path see if I can refind

It oh yeah yeah yeah I think it’s over here I think it’s this River kichu and bubs someone else are over there these red trees are very cool too I might try to grab a sapling actually I want to grab a sapling for the purple trees which I can see on the map

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yes [Applause] I want to make this all to Terra Cotta diet purple I need to get purple flowers though or you know blue and red flowers more likely which I think I saw a bunch of those so sh all right how much do I have uh okay [Applause] sweet okay

Sweet uh lapis for blue dye yeah but I think there’s also um like blue flowers someone’s over here oh that’s them okay actually I think I saw the purple trees this way I might go say hi I don’t really know these guys but those are right

I don’t know if there’s anything else we can sell hi how’s it going hey how’s it going hi hey um I I thought in this area I saw some purple trees have you seen those um purple like the leaves are purple or the the red one yeah the red I

Saw red ones over there I thought there was a forest with like purple trees um like a was it light cuz there was like a like a um yeah like lavender almost cherry tree yeah yeah that way the cherry blossom tree yeah they’re like straight you go like Northwest okay but

You’re telling me we can find cherries yeah well cherry blossom trees oh we have to we have to plant those yeah good luck get away oh yeah yeah yeah I think I see him on the map there they are whoa what is this oh they’re Vines but they match the

Color of the trees that’s crazy yeah all right now I don’t know if I’ll just get an oak sapling from this I think you actually do get like Cherry saplings let’s see damn it damn it biome specific uh what are you Red okay cool I need

This I guess if I want them I’m going to have to use shears all right blue flowers still didn’t set my spawn it’s all right it doesn’t destroy anything oh Jesus what are these magenta I think that’s magenta yeah magenta okay uh go more red all right that should be a good start

Sweet a oh see this is the Cherry that’s cool Look Who’s Back well well well where you R off to huh uh I was getting some uh flowers and Clay oh oh I have something for us yeah oh [ __ ] we can make some glowing signs baby we can make some glowing

Signs okay so I want to ask ask you before I started how are we feeling about the the house are we feeling like do we want to go rustic I was thinking big old castle oh [ __ ] big old castle hell yeah we got so much flat land here

Right and yeah I’m making some terra cotta right now making terracotta okay yeah um and I found a [ __ ] ton of amethyst so that will be good to having there as well okay good thing we’re all alone here yeah you know it’s really nice to be alone and not have anyone

Slowly creeping up on us um it’s true meeting where did that come from meeting hi my [ __ ] is ready oh uh hey what up hey WR bell bell your titties are out nips out and everything damn your titties are out Phantom it’s been a hot minute since I’ve home yeah I’ve been

Working out dude I love your [ __ ] gutters [ __ ] likey looks as [ __ ] got the hair so it actually flow through it kept getting stuck oh dude I hate when it gets stuck yeah you have a volcano only once okay I’m I’m just going to have a good one good to see you

Good to see you honestly really was yeah we’ll catch up tomorrow or something bye did you see the size of those [ __ ] gutters couldn’t look away uh do we have a stone cutter oh Jesus [ __ ] ah you little bastard you [ __ ] little [ __ ] um no we can make an anvil and

Stone Cutters though we have plenty of everything we need yeah we should do that then all right um cuz an anvil was like was like three blocks of of iron I think and then uh oh yeah Anvil is four inot in three blocks yeah yeah Z has a stone cutter too

That’s true we could borrow it from the bakery yeah I don’t think Z is going to mind hi cat Greg said hi she laughed but I need to make it clear she did not say hi back okay wow all right how we like so if you’re

Thinking like a castle do we want like a dark Castle a bright cuz like there’s these I kind of like the Dark Castle Vibes if you like them okay all right so that’s deep slate so we’re just going to have to grab more of that from okay

That’s not hard I have I still have our save uh our spawn or teleport to that other deep Slave oh nice perfect we can just go and slam that hell yeah I’m going give some stuff in junk real quick sounds good no that’s great I hope that goes

Awesome for you oh perf and this is Jeremy hi hey I’m Roy my friend new anybody pronounce his last name read it read it what does it say you can do it Jeremy I believe you could do it J Oh I thought you were telling him to say

Dly no no not your name no no no Roy you read Roy’s last name uh Roy oh man now is it a s coffee yeah Roy keato yeah oh my God someone gets it oh that’s what I was just like is it a soft

CH is it a hard CH I didn’t know hey Dr here’s some melon seeds for you bud and more bones uh Jeremy do you have anything nice I food thing here here here you are needing food thank you I just don’t oh thanks wait let me get one of

Those hey hey I’m just being a little [ __ ] what are you doing it’s all in King what hold on whoa next month oh god dude you’re going to get like banned from the server man oh it’s okay I know the I know the owners it’s that doesn’t

That won’t help you a they love me they love me oh I’ve been meaning to find a horse too as well some oh we do have Saddles we could do uh horses donkeys the thing is we um I I only found one slime if we can find another one we can make

Leads right isn’t it two slime per lead or like you get two leads out of it something like that a lead is three string one slime ball and you get two two uh two leads oh oh nice so we can make leads go find horses and bring them back uh and

Any other animals cuz honestly I feel like we I haven’t seen any actual animals I know um do we want to go and start just [ __ ] destroying some slate uh deep slate yeah yeah let’s do it to it all right let’s go uh homes did you set a home here yet or sure

Didn’t you goingon to I don’t know how godam slome okay space create space bald I did it there you go now type SL homes and now you got your little gooey SL homes oh yeah look at that oh then that one’s called bald yeah whoa bald brings me here oh

Nice all right I’m going in the hole all right there he is and there he goes gooey slome why is it all over my fingers create hole nice so now I can teleport between ball nice and I made a home here so I can teleport between bald and Hole yes sir yeah man I love bald holes balding ho man oh man we were just talking about like butthole wax the other day weren’t we that might not have been us we dude no that wasn’t us no no ow I uh what huh who was that who are you talking to

About [ __ ] oh man and why did you think it was me because I don’t sounded like a conversation we’d have it does sound like a conversation we’d have I you know I’m I I could it might have been Larry I feel like I could get my [ __ ] waxed

But I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to do you know I have no desire yeah it feel be very painful uh yes so [Applause] well another another sagite death oh dude it’s going to it’s going to be rough uh the running gag usually is getting [ __ ] slammed with an anvil

So oh yeah we when pan got slammed by an anvil earlier I guess it was scaj that did it uh scaj Speedy uh D4 side slack myself all of the troublemakers right right right yeah there’s a pattern amongst amongst those people I see there oh really oh yeah do tell do tell yeah

Yeah go ahead I mean what I’m saying is you know I’ve been watching Criminal Minds and uh the profilers would have a [ __ ] Heyday they’re like that’s what you watch when you’re by yourself Criminal Minds yeah dude worse like so I I watch it because I’ve already seen it right

That’s why I’m watching it cuz I don’t have to pay attention to it you walk too far away what were say um I watch that because I’ve seen it so I don’t have to pay attention to it oh so it’s like because you edit after streams usually right yeah yeah so like

Because I’m you know just editing and and whatnot like I want something I don’t have to pay full attention to but the reason I’ve seen it is because cat watches it and like you think about cat she’s like the you know nice little sweet innocent girl and whatever that’s

What she [ __ ] watches to like relax like I’ll I’ll come in the house she’ll be there sitting down and she’s like hi hun like how’s your day blah blah blah and there’s like screaming in the background and like H the the unsub seems to have removed all the skin from the victim’s

Face while they were alive and I’m like cat what the [ __ ] are you watching and she’s like I like it to be fair I I okay this is going to sound like less scary or cool I watched like ghost vide like I’ll watch the ghost hunting videos

I kind of that stuff hell yeah brother but Little Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures is good Zack baggin is he’s a guy Zack baggin man you know what I really want to do apparently his his little mansion in in Vegas is actually apparently haunted I don’t believe it actually apparently is

The best series of words in one sentence I know it’s actually apparently haunted I that’s awesome um so like I don’t know I I I’m still like bouncing off the thought of just renting a U-Haul truck and us going doing ghost dude yeah I was talking to

Paty about like that kind of stuff I mean because so I don’t know if you’re familiar with Bruce green um I I’ve heard of Bruce I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with him yeah so he he set one of those up M and like did a live stream Ghost Hunt so like I

Could talk to him and see how he did it and how it went and everything yeah dude I’m down I’ll I’ll fly down whenever you want to do something like that I feel like youi platty fuya load up a truck and just go D that live go son try to

Determine what kind of ghost it is dude I can just we’ll be there for like the entire we we’ll get the whole place for the night and like just it’ll oh that going to be [ __ ] up that’s going to be so [ __ ] up what I’ll tell

You about um you know having worked on like that that ghost show with Achievement Hunter one of the hardest things um about it is going to be convincing the places to let us do it um with them full well knowing how like idiot [ __ ] we are cuz like they have some level of

Respect for it and everything and like we like okay so our thought [Laughter] is it’s like it’s always the toughest part of like we were trying to get the you know different places to let us do a ghost hunt there and they like would watch one of our videos and be

Like I mean so like I’ve seen some of the newer kids doing it nowadays yeah right uh and they all seem like a bunch of [ __ ] oh yeah in the nicest way possible like I’m not saying like they’re horrible individuals oh in the meanest way possible they are yeah they’re all [ __ ]

Um but like if they if some of these people that are out there now can get you know some of these places to say yes to them I feel like four adults who are you know capable of having a normal conversation when needed you know we could probably talk them into

It uh yeah we’ll see we’ll use our charm yeah yeah yeah we’ll just let them we’ll let them lick our heads it is good luck it I think that’s rubbing no no no it’s it’s it’s licking uh here do you need another uh pickaxe uh sure how how

Uh how much are we trying to get before we head back I already have five Stacks I think I have something similar yeah just about so so we split that between us and we’re looking at what nearly we’re almost at 1,200 blocks right or am

I doing math wrong I mean I’m not doing the math I hate math yep um why I didn’t do it it’s definitely uh I don’t know I I’m going to finish up this sixth stack and then we should be good let’s let’s let’s get the like outline of what we want to do

Uh put in yeah uh and then we’ll go from there oh [ __ ] no water [ __ ] Minecraft water physics still blows my mind to this day there’s some crazy mods out there that like have sand and water react to like real world ways and like to me that’s [ __ ] cool as [ __ ] it’s really

Cool but damn it is going to [ __ ] up your game yeah yeah I feel like it would especially if we try to do it on this massive of a server oh yeah oh there goes another I don’t remember MD’s username always having two RS it was an accident oh no

Wow open for business says puffer I have no idea what that business could possibly be 100% 100% he’s selling the [ __ ] puffer fish everyone keeps giving him son of a all right I finished up that stack I’m going to head back yeah let’s go all right uh where’s that stone

Cutter uh yeah we can probably just grab it from in here right yeah going put it back or we don’t I mean we’re neighbors it’s fine it’s like we’re Bor like we’re borrowing you know like a lawn mower or two yeah yeah oh hold on so here’s the

Question okay yeah so there’s the tiles yeah and then there’s the bricks yeah I don’t know yeah hey junk junk what do you think tiles are bricks so I’m going to I’m going to build one I’m going to give you guys one each to look at just

So we can kind of like go off of that okay um you mean for the wall the exterior wall of a building yeah yeah so you got a zombie coming after you um I like the tiles these right here tiles which these the bricks bricks the bricks the bricks for the exterior wall

Now what about flooring the the tile tile okay nice and then we can like put in accents with the just the Polish yeah yeah all right cool we’ll uh we’re going to start building here for the house um and then that should be good I think we we’ll be good

Oh junk I’m going Castle Vibes how do you feel about that I want to I want to run we need it because when those when those um when the mobs come I don’t know how powerful those things are going to be okay so a castle might actually be a

Cool idea hell yeah build fortifications will be good dude yeah yeah could be and and the farm over here these could be all over all the um what do they call the the the why am I drawing what villagers well the villagers but there’s another name for them villagers it starts with a

P it starts peasants peasants yes all the peasants could live here I love it I [ __ ] love it oh God the bald Bastion this the bald Bastion the bald Bastion oh dude people are going to be clamoring what up buddy how you doing Scot I feel like I’m interrupting you’re

Not you’re not speaking about peasants damn damn that man will drop an anvil on you so fast he’s going to drop so many [ __ ] anvils on your head oh you know he’s killed me a couple times in Hell’s hell diver so I’m all right with that I mean everyone’s killed everyone a couple

Of times in Hell divers yeah all right how big are we thinking here uh session was good H I was thinking pretty large J okay that’s what she said let’s just make an outline here of what we’re thinking okay uh let me let me make some of this uh that oh the

Junk thing um okay boom I’m thinking like obviously I’ll take this down but whatever yeah then maybe like a watchtower here okay okay just like roughly just roughly yeah uh come back this way hippity hoity Bippity bity guys up oh hey neighbors hey how’s it going just came to check

Out your place fantastic oh yeah we’re we’re just starting to uh build the actual house now but oh just beautiful uh over the yeah goe oh I was going to say right over the ridge there is going to be Junk’s farm so you should definitely check that out the guy’s been

Bus and we have like a pretty uh decent enchanting station set up uh early game if you guys need to use it’s just the bookshelves over there um since the enchanting is kind of custom in this um so yeah awesome oh yeah yeah yeah you like roll random book chances and stuff

It seems to be a little more difficult so having a good item is going to be pretty suede love that for us also do you guys have the location for the uh the loot building oh hey junk hey no did I was trying to get somebody I was

Asking the side to TP me there and he ignored two request oh holy crap really with a bunch of like chest and you get some potatoes and stuff to sell and like uh fish you’re not going to you’re not going to drop an anvil on my

Head or drop me from a high spot no we’ve done plenty of that we’ve done plenty of that today I I think we’re ready to play would I do something so Elementary yes 100% I better empty my [ __ ] well I mean you don’t drop anything so you’re

Fine yeah I know but I wanted to go the loot thing would be great I guess yeah all right um we got to build another we got to build some more of these we need so much are you thinking the front wall like here yeah front wall here oh um Chad was

Suggesting that we go two walls thick so if we um want to like do one room in interior of like maybe a different color so like so so like that thick junk come over here and look at this no I just think he means like no no the outside

Wall is not the same as the inside wall so the inside can be like wood but the outside yeah yeah yeah yeah that would look super sick super sick super sick I love that idea and and and like when we start getting concrete we can make I

Would love to make like one room a green interior room oh whatever you would like junkyard oh yeah yeah it would be like a freaking like a cigar room and then we could have a whiskey room oh junkyard I like it I like it all right I was thinking a little bit

Bigger bigger bigger yeah yeah yeah also so another thought why don’t we turn this into one of the outposts like one of the like little side things that way it’s not just wasted sure um gives us something to work with right off the bat uh so we just go right through

This let see if he sees it I’m thinking like right here and then even further back you think I just put uh oh I don’t know how do you feel like there’s three of us we need at least a chest room we’ll need a this is probably good it’s probably

Yeah I usually go super big and then I end up being like the only person building it and I lose my mind yeah uh maybe you know what jar let’s let’s go like right to to the the the line here okay just just so this um like tunnel

That we have kind of fits it’ll look nice hell yeah I think if we break them together we go faster yeah a little bit surprisingly junk wasn’t killed and I’m honestly really tempted to see what they’ve got going on over there I know oh man it’s going to be a lot of late

[ __ ] nights I can already feel it oh most likely which is I I kind of don’t mind that I’ve been wanting like to here cuz we have all this area junk still like he cordoned off a lot of this like he did but they can be additional

Buildings as well yeah let’s do that let’s do that okay so like this will be the next uh little corner area yep okay set home home wait I don’t know how to set a home now I’m not sure uh Greg Greg just taught me how to do this if you do

Slash home space space create create space space and then whatever you want to name it Bakery and then hit enter got it and then to teleport there you do SL homes and hit enter got it and then there’s all your stuff wow thanks you got it you’re so

You’re so helpful thank you I don’t know what I’d do without you oh oh wow appreciate that wow oh wow wow D wow dang that’s crazy nicest thing anyone’s ever said at me oh come on I’m sure you have people talking you all time uh all right let’s see do that okay

I’ve got a potato I’ve got a bone I’ve got some Oak planks I’ve got oh some sticks all right might be 2 3 space space do I need the string do I need the string do I need the string guys do I need the string

Five oh he’s going all out I [ __ ] with that all right hey I suck with doing this part of like the circular stuff I’m going to just build up the walls a bit what’s up the scge nothing oh I’m sorry were you trying to do a bit just checking out the neighborhood

Okay we’re uh building a castle I love it hell yeah okay we don’t need this for now have no more son of a [ __ ] this is going to be a lot yeah is think I’m like eight blocks high maybe it’s going to be a hell of a

Project like this is this is floor roughly this is floor level I don’t think it’s going to be too low I think this might be fine oh man uh oh oh yep that build team experience you know it um we’re going to like convert this into kind of like a guard House of

Swords okay uh entrance wise where are we thinking uh well cuz we didn’t really do this numbered wise so we have no idea how wide it’s going to be okay let’s hold on 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 all right so

23 so we want to do it like 12 in so like two three four 5 6 7 8 9 10 like here is be middle okay uh we thinking like the kind of entrance that we have at the spawn there where it’s like a open gate kind of thing or what I

Don’t know I mean like depends how secure do we want it to be do we not care anyone can come and go as they please so the thing is I can do um sorry I didn’t mean to stand in front of you I can do um the Redstone to put up like a

Wall here for gate damn and the gate can go down oh yeah yeah so that’s not a hard especially if it’s like this small and it’s if it’s dude one day oh wow I am low on food if only I hadn’t given all of my food to

Hades here here here I got a little surprise for you that’s for you king oh my god oh man yeah that’s a you better like pumpkin pie dude I love pumpkin pie you kidding me fck yeah dude [ __ ] love pumpkin pie dude pumpkin pie is where’s at

There why is my brain not allowing this to happen yeah no okay I mean that’s technically not the middle because there’s this but that’s fine oh I got to actually make more of this like that like I’m not a big like guy with the cream I’m big on the the pie itself cream

Cream I dip my pickles in cream Giles I’m leaving I’m leaving the the corners to you I’m just kind of building up the base goty goty Jesus damn bro you really [ __ ] that oh my God hi how’s it going what sup nothing much I’m surprised you’re awake I’m drinking my sleepy time oil

I’ll go to bed soon hey I found your mom me your mom so me and your mom sound like Greg why would you do that my fish yummy I need Greg there is a large amount of people who have come up and openly insulted your mother yeah I don’t

It’s it’s that’s like number [ __ ] seven so far you got to R your mom dude I don’t know where Roy went that was a long time ago Greg yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I still have the remix for ground pound it don’t

Start try me [ __ ] you can’t hit me why won’t they let me beat the [ __ ] out of my friends probably for the exact reason of what you’re doing right now by the way has puffer come to shake y’all down for puffer fish yet yeah I gave him one and seemed to have uh

Warded him off but then I can see he’s selling something which I assume is the puffer fish no he’s just trying to get more puffer fish he beat the [ __ ] out of Spencer in order to make me give him puffer fish let get to look at this one

More one of them was Cru and that’s just a freebie that’s awesome some cuz when that exist what is wrong with you all right how tall are we making this Greg by the way hey how tall are we making this uh that’s a good question I castles are normally pretty tall what

Are we thinking like nine blocks high 10 this is one two three 4 holy [ __ ] did you guys see that loot place no no I oh my God there’s there’s freaking 50 loot things what I I filled up my freaking thing I got I don’t even

Know what to do with all this stuff did you did you make a spawn point there junk I did okay okay well take me and Jeremy at some point all right what do we do oh wait what do I need these what is all this stuff I don’t know there it

Seems to be a series of fish and an onion yeah apparently we could sell these things so I don’t know I just put them in here but I got turnup seeds onion seeds tomato seeds carrot seeds oh sorry damn carrot my farm our farm is going to be

Huge hell yeah these these [ __ ] decided we were playing [ __ ] stardo Valley well I don’t know what the hell all this [ __ ] is what am I supposed to do with what do we do with all these golden jellyfish squid do we sell them I guess that’s what people send is like

The real market right now is like the different kinds of fish what what did you you got to put a wall here to the a hole to the freaking the entrance is right there junk that you going to make me walk around like a castle yep

We got to keep we got to keep letting him walk right the more he walks the sooner he’ll go and we’ll get it in the whe and that’s it exactly and sooner later he’ll trip and break his [ __ ] his hip yep and then that’s it dude well

We just like oh we didn’t call the ambulance in time yeah no I heard that oh oh hey what’s up Jun what’s up man [ __ ] godam hes home create home I’m going to smoke the salmon oh [ __ ] yeah dude [ __ ] little bag on cream cheese with

It do a bag and cream cheese yeah you a bagel and locks kind of man I like Bagels okay I don’t know what anything else that you just said was uh so you take a plane Bagel right yeah you with me you with me okay I’m I’m I’m right here I’m

Following you okay you get some cream cheese right slap that [ __ ] on that plain bagel right yeah then you grab yourself some smoked salmon yeah you lay that right on top of that cream cheese yeah and then you go to [ __ ] town oh there just a like a a New England

Word uh no it’s just I I don’t know why it’s called that really but it’s just the the salmon I believe I think traditionally you would also put like Capers on there but did you say Capers or tapers Capers no tapers like small elephant creatures

Yeah okay I was I wasn’t sure I just wanted to check yeah yeah yeah I need I need that to [ __ ] finish smoking I am not did I [ __ ] that up two three I [ __ ] that up somehow oh I think I started this wait what have I done wrong

Here five that two three four five that one two three four oh wait wait wait wait wait wait got it I think I got it probably not actually so this should be the one ah ah okay yeah there we go got it guess I don’t yeah I don’t know if this

Yeah all right so now now we begin the project on this what time is it dude the problem with Minecraft is I can just play Minecraft for so long you know what I mean yeah Vin mining would have its uses sidearms was killed three four five one here one two three

Four five one here y okay there we go one two [ __ ] okay there we go now they’re all even hi guys I’m coming I’m here I’m here Jesus Christ the bald signal it flashed oh you saw it in the sky I saw it oh it’s usually so [Laughter]

Blinding people see the bald signal and they just just go blind right there right then and there normally when people see the bald signal they think it’s a set of test yeah someone is some sort of pranksters have seemingly put a set of balls on the

Guy they seem to be shining lights down from us ow this guy’s getting [ __ ] up by a spider we’ve had a breach they’ve breached the walls so um definitely not tall enough then if spiders are coming in I kind of want to I kind of want to um do like

Like you know how like they’ll come out a block or two and build out with like stairs yeah kind of do something like that yeah I hear you I hear you okay so what you were thinking what nine you said maybe not what the [ __ ] was was that the [ __ ] was that

Terrorizer was that you I’m assuming that was him I’m assuming he’s just got a fire alarm going off Jesus just had to chase them off no worries you know what else would be so useful here but a absolute pain in the nards to find uh bamboo if we can make

Scaffolding oh that would I mean I don’t know it’s going to if it’s going to be that hard to find I mean we’d have to find a jungle uh yeah um true yeah I didn’t think about that I mean I don’t I would doubt they have like the locate commands turned on

Cuz that’s kind of like a cheat so I don’t think they have that going no they don’t okay uh I was I was um oh oh I was making a drink you’re meeting okay what’s up making a drink what are you drinking gamer Subs use code

D i dude we we’ve done these bits Back in Forth I don’t mind go ahead chat if you haven’t used gamer Subs yet go check out duy noted code duly noted gamer Subs uh also check out Rog energy Rog Greg wait no [ __ ] yeah oh [ __ ] hold on

[ __ ] it’s been a minute hold on wait wait wait wait wait um for Rog discountgra use C for 20% off anything in the store let’s gooing sorry I had to nailed it I’m drinking a nice big cup of titty milk right now you can’t be sad and things like that that’s one

Thing on um I want to check out what’s going on here I’m left hey check out this over here huh why do I feel like someone just tried to sell me something what the [ __ ] was that oh she’s so nice damn you only buying apples for one

Crown wait you you buying them for one selling them for two oh my God Jesus the econom is in shambles shambles absolute shambles what are we going to do oh coming soon oh cat hi oh it’s a plushy oh my God are you excuse me we don’t like your topes in there oh

Whoa o a rainbow corn damn son oh Jesus Christ don’t hit on me all right come on I’m married wow that is a lot of stuff no I want the scroll all right oh my God yeah yeah have a good one all right I gotta go

Hunting if I don’t go hunting we shall surely starve well Speedy said also which I know right away that’s like a red flag what I just said there but like um Speedy said that they have like an enchanting area set up so we should probably check that out at

Some point enchanting area is going to be good and I’m at you know uh level 25 so I’m almost at level 30 scge felt food is um going to be an issue here oh coar dirt nice kind of want to wander off and see if I can find like a jungle

Somewhere oh whoa what do we got over here someone’s base out there oh you know what always a good strategy for finding biomes is to take to the water little carrot Farm there’s a horse up there holy [ __ ] oh those are big fish hey hi what’s this place uh it’s

Like a kind of like a little Mansion it’s got a lot of lootable chests in it if you haven’t got in there I would definitely go in there I not gone in there are there enemies like do I have to be worried uh no not anymore I think

Usually sometimes there are if they haven’t been cleared out yet but this one is cleared out um I didn’t tell you this but be careful about going through that front door oh Jesus oh yikes oh wait there was there was like a jump scare Speedy there what the hell

Wait what I saw Speedy for a second it was horrifying oh oh my god oh onion seeds junk will be happy oh yeah you should be able to get like a fair bit of like the seeds from here so you don’t have to buy them it’s

Actually kind of nice that is very nice yeah enchant books too I think should be around here oo well thank you thank you actually I’m I’m going to see if Greg cuz Greg could use this stuff too yeah there’s like four floors so there’s um chest all the way to the top

On this the rooftop as Well jellyfish Oh damn we’re going to have to come back here um Oop Boop uh dude hey yo I just went to that loot place where the [ __ ] was my invite why does no one invite me I did send you an invite it it does actually I didn’t see it you didn’t type to me I’m going to die to this this will surely kill

Me I can bring you there if you want Greg no no I I set a home thing there so I can uh I can TP over there And that was awesome I’m going to going to die from this this will kill me dude we we have so much garbage yeah dude here let me just help out with that here you won’t need this Anvil anymore what D take your head up my handville give me that back you little

[ __ ] give me that back I will murder you in your sleep um God this is just a NeverEnding ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yes yes yes yes yes someone someone hit the [ __ ] unknowingly hit the Burger King notification oh nice we’re going to so we’re going to have to build a wall

Around the whole perimeter if we’re going to have theves like this I mean it’s it’s you’re right junk it’s inevitable oh junk I got more seeds for you I’m gonna have more as well um but yeah Christ have mercy I mean sheesh shees um all right

All right I’ll uh bring you over there yeah take me over there oh my gosh uh can I interact with stuff or do I need to log out log back in I couldn’t tell You sweet I got my answer uh I mean I guess we should just clear these all out right yeah there’s like four floors of them apparently brother I know uh yeah I’m already [ __ ] full again already I go to man I know I got to put more [ __ ] down God I’ll be

Back but like what can I [ __ ] put down like you know what do I do um arrows see like I there’s okay uh that that that that that I’m going to have to just go through this all later anyways [ __ ] it oh [ __ ] wrong one uh I’m already almost full again and

I don’t even know how to get to the next floor bro oh oh dude dude dude dude look how pretty it is out here though it’s pretty [ __ ] nice bro it’s pretty nice I don’t really what these like scrolls are and [ __ ] but just takeing I know but I

Found a I found a lucky gem applied to an enchanted book to increase the success rate by 1% that is wild organizes the enchantments of any item by Rarity drag and drop into an item to apply this jeez huh what happened nothing it’s just okay so you just get these boxes

Here and then you go inside and then you can go up the stairs do I just take everything that’s in it wait yes it’s all yours it’s all specific to just you so Greg yeah no not going to say it nice what happened nothing nothing nothing nothing just you just there’s so

Much stuff inside I honestly couldn’t handle it with myself my bra oh okay um there’s so many books yeah oh so many books I in fact I need to go so many books off many too many books too many books yeah then there’s more stuff inside so you can go

First floor and then you can go upstairs oh never hit this one is that why you closed the door so I wouldn’t see the giant Gap what Gap no I closed the door cuz Greg was walking through it so it locked in yo a bunch of

Gold let’s go yeah yo onion seeds let’s go mhm oh lucky gem puffer fish oh my this is so much stuff this is so much stuff guys there’s all sorts of stuff here Greg you’re so cool oh thanks oh my God there’s so much stuff there’s a lot

Of stuff in this place oh my God so many iron ingots you just got to keep going up I was in the just keep going just keep going what do we do we go sometimes oh I love to go oh don’t worry about it Scotch you know I’m

Lonely um oh an onion yeah you are and hey me too me too hey yell me I put my Minecraft bed next to yours uhoh you put your bed next to M stuck in there can I put mine next to yours oh thanks King I want to get that squid I don’t

Need the dandelion what hey I keep laughing [ __ ] I survived yeah tomato eating the Tomato probably actually hang on so who buys fish like I found the person who was buying like onions and oh oh it was outside right right right right it was over there golden shrimp shrimp won’t share because they’re

Shellfish God’s sake dude I also have a tomato I have a jellyfish I have a bunch of eels do I guess I’m just selling these right like why not I mean I don’t see why I wouldn’t oh my God okay we got a shrimp here Golden Squid

Eels um here I can turn these into planks that’ll take up less space um the Cod I feel like we need to cook like I understand I can sell it but we need got nothing but thieves Zary yeah all right right junk donut delivery I have killed one slime so I

Bless you guys one slime ball so you can make a lead and have a pet thank you you’re welcome um wait wait here uh Hades oh yeah food thank you I appreciate it plenty of plenty of seeds in this top chest here too Jun okay depends what kind of seeds they are

Though that’s turnip lettuce corn tomato onion yeah I need uh I’m going to I’m that’s oh I got to put these specialty pots out I didn’t know where to put the pots I was going to put it by the farm but if we got thieves you don’t have to worry about

The thieves too much you’ll be all right thieves thieves all of them thieves why are we yelling thieves uh I don’t know junk yelling thieves I’m just selling all of this all the seafood are you yelling timber like the jellyfish and the shrimp we can just sell them oh really

Yeah I’m going to go be rich hey what you selling there oh you know let’s see what I got here let’s see what I got at the moment uh eel jellyfish okay listen um you know our base you know what the the one made out of the black

Tile oh yeah yeah yeah okay there’s the two double chests one of them has a bunch of puffer fish in it go for it your good word your good deed will not go unnoticed you got it the community will remember this I didn’t mention Jun might be pissed but you

Know can we not sell bass bass I’m not sure yeah you got a whole bunch of bass you got like 38 bass and I I don’t know where to sell them yeah I would assume that’s here that’s that’s Weir yeah I it sucks there we go what’s a dinosaur to do when there’s

Kids on the ice wow they blocked it up huh God damn them see there’s another there’s a third floor [ __ ] I like the copper roof dang totem of keeping in this economy my God oh my God o armor stands that’s cool I mean listen they won’t miss armor

Stand you know me you know what I’m Saying oh [ __ ] me listen Junk’s not using these seeds all right he needs them I know where to get them bookshelves let me tell you let me tell thing I about bookshelves need some bookshelves you life um anything out here all right might have missed one or two but it’s probably nothing nothing Major Oh we got some rooftop boxes Here oh God damn it definitely want the arrows um man I’ve just got so many different types of wood that’s the problem here uh you I don’t need okay oh a lucky gem nice oh dude you are here what a [ __ ] call what’s up bro I

Was just like where the [ __ ] did Jeremy go by the way puffer told me that you said that he can go through our chests and find stuff uh I told him he can go get uh puffer fish out of there oh you are you are too nice what the [ __ ] are

We going to do with puffer fish sell them we need money Jeremy wow come on there’s the the Treasure Trove here dude that’s TR kind of true all right I’m going back to the house dude have you seen the size of the fish out in that

Pond there no are they big yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh [ __ ] you’re not kid no no no not again no you’re not feeling that no that is going to eat me it is I can’t swim what is it it’s a catfish dude catfishes are scary what you never been

Noodling no I’ve never stuck my finger in the water to get a fish to eat my finger dog oh damn sounds like someone’s going hungry all right I’m going to sell some [ __ ] okay uh what do I got one shrimp three squid four of these got a gold and something what do I

Have jelly yeah sure so what do you sell fishing rod okay Uh oh hello what you doing here oh nothing just setting up shop pleasure what what shop are you setting up he’s an excited guy wait why is this blocked off cuz there’s a zombie pig in there what’s a zombie pig zombie zombie piglin Okay pink zombie oh that’s a good question can the

Birds have children oh hey it’sa what’s up hey hello just walking around exploring oh dude I heard it twice one of you has it like there’s like someone talking as well at the end of it yeah I think side said he had a little bit of Greg at the

End of his oh Speedy we have a thief who’s your Thief junk let me get to the bottom of this I don’t know they stole all they stole all the potatoes someone stole your potatoes oh it was y terrorizing spawn looks so good from your guys’s place look at that view it’s

A nice view right wait till we get to the castle them I got the treat well make sure to put a big window in the front you going to water him junk oh what a stud I got to grow them inside here we’re going to have to figure out a

Place hey Budd because I’m I’m I’m worried if we have it outside the castle somebody’s going to steal them I don’t think you have to worry as much as you’re worrying but I do appreciate your love for your someone someone literally they ransacked his [ __ ] jery onor

Last server there was people that would go to his place and steal his wheed in front of him um so yeah oh man I’m a when it comes to my farm don’t mess with my farm got it junk junk junk junk junk what what’ you find out uh puffer wants you over

There oh man just oh my God God damn what the hell oh that was so sick Scotch you just scotched him from out of nowhere oh man I just got scotched oh that was so chill I love us yeah yikes dude oh my God like eight

People you look silly I look like a [ __ ] idiot now yeah you just look stupid you don’t look stupid yeah Greg at during the fire alarm it’s you saying something play I’m doing my thing I’m just like I’m doing in my thing yeah where did you where did the [ __ ]

Did you what did I have a bit you’re right there do you understand how [ __ ] I was like I was losing my mind I’m like in my head I’m like who the [ __ ] is who’s got a fire alarm going off first I thought it was Terrorizer and

Then I was like I know I thought that’s where I got the idea [ __ ] help you [ __ ] God I love you junk actually get [ __ ] yeah no junk someone did [ __ ] take all his potatoes they did replant half of them I think but I don’t know what happened you that’s brutal man

That’s all that guy has guess yeah right it honestly is he’s been spending his entire time on that [ __ ] Farm love you guys love you hey sorry for scotching you earlier uh at this point just keep the Anvil cuz you you [ __ ] destroyed it you’ve earned it he’s also earned it I’ll go break it the rest of the way on someone else’s head oh boy please do

Dude I found one of these uh totems of keeping oh that oh that’s um that goes in the other one but also uh they tunneled under us so I don’t know if they found it I doubt it shit’s here you know what I’m going to say I don’t give

A [ __ ] no one’s going to neither do I yeah like and if they do take it like I just want all of our like ore and [ __ ] in one spot so I’m moving I’m trying to consolidate [ __ ] now yeah I was thinking of heading down back into the into the

Mines cuz I yearn for the mines go for it to gather some more Cobble or deep slate hell yeah brother uh uh I don’t know if he was buying tropical fish or not but might as well take a look five tropical fish okay how’s it going

Cental what time is it midnight [ __ ] I should probably stop soon uh man tropical fish look at that there really no other good use for tropical fish um jeez okay I mean like [ __ ] consider Minecraft yeah you ain’t wrong I mean cuz there’s there’s only so much we can do

Here I mean cuz if I if I start doing it now eventually we’re going to need like a storage room and that’s going to be like we’re going to have to Cordon that [ __ ] off you know like if I put everything in separate chest now then later

On we’re going to be needing more um we’re going to be needing Like to Move It All which sucks I don’t really want to do that so like imagine if we made like a big [ __ ] stained glass window like over the door here so like when you’re over here you

Can like see the top of the spawn like through the through it that’d be really cool yeah chest room to start that’s not a bad idea I should probably grab some deep slate then um start making floors and then like maybe our chest room is like back

Here and like I’ll just do the floor here and like you know and then just start putting the chest down that might be what I want to do uh cuz that will make that will that will make me happy inside um [ __ ] the Pokemon subathon that Pokemon subathon so cat

And I have been talking about it um and you know mods we’re going to have a meeting tomorrow about it um but I uh should we build Jeremy somebody else took some more potatoes and did not regrow them damn man people just stealing your [ __ ] that’s wild I’m telling you there’s

Thieves on this place dude we need to learn how to craft like a security camera system you know what that would be sweet like that you know like it’s when I used to work construction we used to get the uh occasional oh driver hell yeah semis oh [ __ ] long

Hauls yeah dude without you guys I like legitimately I I I have a a deep respect my dad’s a TR he’s been a truck driver for [ __ ] way too much um way too long but yeah no I uh used to be a heavy equipment operator so they used to uh

Piss test us uh once a year so I love how God you know what I I said how long have you been here command uh you don’t need to sign out in in and out if you’re just tping you have to how long were you there um why are

You not doing anything why are you not talking to me head I’m over here having a heart toar conversation with my chat and I just peek I peep up and there’s your [ __ ] beady little eyes looking at uh I tpd in um somewhere along the piss

Test part of the story oh oh this isn’t even the right [ __ ] [ __ ] this guy um yeah no so I used to work heavy equipment um and they used to they used to piss test us once a year so you work heavy machinery yeah that makes

Sense what what my what my uh what some people didn’t know is I once did work heavy equipment well a little uh High out of my mind oh there you go that’s safe that’s good hey you know what I never hurt anybody someone hit me with a bucket once

Though [ __ ] horrible time dud dude it was rough and [ __ ] I’ve told you I think I’ve told you that story I think I haven’t it’s a great story it’s it’s just all in general a good time yeah I mean the preface of it is me getting

[ __ ] and no one caring end old man named it ends with a man named Frank wiping his ass with a contract and then throwing it in someone’s face so that’s top tier holy hell holy [ __ ] Jun told me uh more people stole some of his

Stuff and made a point to tell me that they did not replant them oh so people are just being [ __ ] now apparently yeah it happens junk will junk will get upset but I think he’s going to be too excited to hang out with me and you the entire time that he’ll

Stick around but I remember in the last server uh he said like literally he told everyone he’s like listen if I if you guys keep [ __ ] with me I’m just going to not get get on poor guy yeah by the way I’ve got one two six almost seven Stacks I’m going to start

Um actually making like a room near the back of the place so that I can make that into the storage room and I can start like actually sorting stuff in the chests and whatnot and we don’t have to worry about moving it later yeah no I

Love that I love that how much longer you think you’re going to go for uh probably not much I mean it is past midnight right yeah 12:05 I was I was thinking another hour hour at most but don’t don’t like if you’re like tired don’t stay up cuz of me I’m just saying

Like that’s my my idea I’ll probably do a little bit of the storage work and then that’s probably where I call it huh oh you’re not around tomorrow you’re you’re doing your thing right well no so it’s like the uh the classes I take are Saturday mornings early that’s why I

Stopped streaming on Fridays cuz I was like then I can try to get to bed early but I don’t go to bed early anyway so I might just stream Minecraft we see tomorrow I’m down I’m down I’ll be around uh cuz Saturdays are my days off so I

Um I’m always open to to hang out uh Friday nights a little later junk is old yes yes he is he is he is he’s an old man what little time he has left as valuable let’s be nice to him yeah oh I mean it’s also why like

There’s a twinge of like feeling legitimately bad when he comes up and he’s like someone took my my plants again cuz I’m just imagining an old man who’s into gardening and like Hooligans who live next door like running in and taking his [ __ ] prop my my grandfather uh he he has a

Big he’s got a big yard full of like fruit trees and [ __ ] like that um and these people would walk by and because they could reach over the fence and grab it they’d grab apricots pears and all this and he’s like Greg well in Italian obviously but he’s

Like Greg these [ __ ] kids they’re taking my [ __ ] fruit and I’m like okay all right what do we want to do he’s like we’re getting barbed wire stuff to run on the trees I’m like you can’t do that you cannot you cannot throw those up there it’s not okay we’re

Going to Electrify the trees grg we’re going to run a current through the trees you’d understand he would do that you that a sling when I was younger this is [ __ ] years ago now he had a slingshot with marbles that if a [ __ ] squirrel got too close to his favorite

Tree he just start [ __ ] pelting at it hey I bet those squirrels stayed away after that they [ __ ] stayed away oh man do kids still use Spark Notes today Spark Notes I I mean I I I never use Spark Notes but I also like was semi competent in school

Ah I spark noted I never but the thing is like I never um I never like really paid attention I was just Cliff Notes is also good I Ed is good yeah I Ed Cliff Notes I didn’t use Spark Notes but Cliff Notes was I was pretty good at

It was good I was good at school I just [ __ ] hated it semi-competent [ __ ] you man not you you’re good good I keep forgetting it’s right alt I keep hitting left Al trying to mute and it just doesn’t do anything uh all right am I feeling here is that going to be

Enough yeah that should be that’s a good start and then we can start putting the food in here once I get the food done uh I’m going to be moving all of the the chest yeah I’m going to start organizing them pretty soon you’re amazing so like all these fish these raw

Fish you could sell for money and I was able to sell and I sold it and I got two these Planters are not cheap the’re 35 bucks each yikes I know but we’re growing tomatoes so once the tomatoes grow the tomatoes we could sell those for $12 each there dude pays for itself

In no time right there wait yeah Tomatoes huh home yeah I know I went and sold them and bought I bought the planters for that’s fair that’s fair and so and that’s what this is but once they open the stores the money is going to be

Worth all kinds of other stuff which I don’t know what they’re going to be but that’s why I’m growing in here cuz Tomatoes $12 a tomato are you telling me that money has some sort of economical value I don’t know if that’s yes or no really that’s a yes in junkyard terms

Please you know you got to you got to you got to get with it jar you got to you got to start to understand him over time right I’m new to the whole the whole junkyard Minecraft thing buddy get someone to fix your your skin so you don’t have hair anymore you [ __ ]

I know I I know I know um I had a question for you I know you you’re planning out this this room here did we want to put it in one of these the storage yeah in one of these silos and then going down oh like it’s an underground storage

Thing yeah and only in one of them I’ll tell you though that’s going to be a lot less safe easier to tunnel in true never mind who what you’re doing I I listen I trust you what kind of what kind of wood are you thinking for like the walls are we thinking just

Like Oak I think if we color coordinate certain areas uh it’ll look nicer maybe like certain rooms have the dark oak because that kind of looks like a like for a cigar place dark oak would look nice if you’re kind of like chilling so what do you think for storage I think

Oak planks for storage and Spruce for maybe like a mesle kind of thing food ooh nice yeah or raw stripped logs that’s also a good idea oh easier stri logs look nice I really like the idea of the double wall though it’s a nice idea yeah

It is a it is a good in it is a good in did I make this hole I think I did yeah you did this is this was not here before I just got mad it like past me just got just like God damn it [ __ ] old pass me what the [ __ ] why

Would you why would you make a hole here past me uh we have a lot of deep slate by the way perfect that’s what I like to hear you want me to do you want me to continue on the walls should I keep going with the walls

Uh yeah probably all right I’ll finish off the I’ll finish off at least most of the walls for now uh with whatever I have and then uh I’ll leave some for your tiles sweet we’ll do two stacks for now and then see how it goes oh by the way the small little Hut

That’s attached to this uh front wall we might need to move the door on the inside uh I would yeah that’s probably not a bad idea it’s not a bad maybe we’ll do we’ll get junk to do that that could be a junk job Jo I mean hey man he he’s looking for

Something to do that’s true I think I don’t know well that he’s working on that farm that people are stealing from poor guy Scot is on his way I can see him I can see him hey mole people I can’t hear me uh I don’t think that’s going to be a

Problem cuz especially like this kind of stuff you can uh put into blocks I don’t think it will really be a problem that we need to like extend them um so yeah this is what I’m thinking and then slowly like I you know I’ll probably just have a larger chest on the

End here like right here that will will be um like mob drops like this um see like we’re doing single wides I mean how much do you think we’re going to have of these things you think we’re it’s going to be it’s a six week long

Smpp you think we’re going to fill up a whole chest of uh yes okay I mean honestly if you just do them this way yeah doing sideways yeah yeah uh what I was uh I came over to ask you something I almost forgot uh if you do

Come on tomorrow what time are you thinking you’re going to be on I have no idea all right message me when you when you get on uh or when you’re planning on getting on and then I’ll switch over from Final Fantasy this guy this guy is

Final Fantasy look at that I mean you could be my final fantasy if you work right tonight oh [ __ ] are we [ __ ] and then you die what is like why is it your final I well I see I think uh [ __ ] now you [ __ ] me up you see if if it’s if if

You’re you’re the you’re like you’re like all I need you’re the end game you’re that end I’m going to pick those up before they get DCd uh despawned um you know that’s that it’s that end game mentality you know we’re in the end game now I don’t feel too good Mr Krabs oh

[ __ ] me dude rough rough dude rough what a rough day what a rough [ __ ] day um okay wait a minute so that’s this is going to have this in here let me just get that there All right have to I mean like is is do you guys think do you think mob drops is too General like are we going to need a bones chest and a string chest and [ __ ] like that Greg seems to think we’re going to have a [ __ ] ton of

[ __ ] okay let’s just make mob like monster let’s just do monster drops for right now um and then this will be like animal drops which is not the best way to say that but you lapis I’m not going to do um because oh what the hell oh jeez I C me by surprise

Um what was I saying I’m not going to do something for now oh lapis because um that’s going to go in the enchanting area there’s just no real reason to do it now hi sweetheart I love you no I was talking to the chat oh did

The old man come back yet Jesus huh I I haven’t seen him which I mean either he got lost or we just inherited a lot of land we just got a lot of land yeah brother oh dude it’s like Hershel’s Farm oh wait what you seen this I thought it was just

An ink sack medium crowns found 29 crowns you right click on it now I have 48 crowns damn I have no idea what just happened well it that’s the current is the crowns I’m saying I’m about no okay have a good one no I do yeah have a good day

Whoa look at those onions or tomatoes or whatever the [ __ ] he’s gr bro how do you not know what these are man how I know what who are what what where when how what uh let’s see that that goes there that goes there that go there okay cool taking these uh [Laughter]

Noay no essay dude [ __ ] that’s I went French and Italian you go no essay no no uh me no speak any English hey you bedtime yeah yeah hey that person just donated God hey jery did you hear about the partially blind man that fell in an Antiquated water Source no he just

Couldn’t see that well got it come here you oh yeah [ __ ] I forgot what happened swe there’s a hole here there’s a hole here babe my name oh no no it’s okay it’s already no I’m sweetheart okay cat don’t argue with my wife over who is the

Sweetheart fighting words stop it I I will fight you st both of you stop it tell her to tell her to step back I’ll have sex with you both later if you’re good I’m going to let Booker in okay Craig like giggling over there uh oh I got to put those down and

That down okay and you go nice oh oh Scotch fell but he might have gotten someone on the way oh Speedy’s gone too God [Laughter] damn how’s it going ladies and gentlemen hey you’re back I tried to get your attention earlier what H I wasn’t looking come

Here so you see you see this Hut uh the the front door of the Hut leads out into the outside we don’t want that would You all right it’s getting there it’s getting there obviously there’s still a lot more to do here but it’s a [ __ ] start how do I it’s probably an easier way to do that but you know okay let’s do this cuz we’ll need that for the building

While and this is kind of reeling me back in pretty heavily so I’m excited good good if I hold shift in place I’ll be I’ll be around for sure [ __ ] you buddy if I hold shift in place I it’s going to do a single chest I

Think like if I hold shift and place here and hold shift in place here we’ll do two single chests rather than a double on top of it put myself with a group like that’s the only that’s be like yo I’ll tag with Speedy or something like that I feel

Like bald boys bald Brothers the bald un whoa oh man I’m Bal I’m going to have to see both your uh both heads to make sure both of them are Bal oh yeah we can arrange that perfect okay as long as that’s a thing then that’s we do require two forms of

Identification to prove this what’s up you know I don’t like you up here you are not coordinated enough to be up here scooter is coordinated you are not Jesus come here boo come here come here buddy come here yeah oh he’s your good boy yeah oh you shed a lot of fur right

There I would like to continue using my mouse pad hi okay okay I’ll go to bed I’ll go to bed I think you I think we are uh in fact I’d like to buy some shares oh okay that can be arranged absolutely here’s my balls oh perfect W you

Two how many testicles do you have okay okay okay okay okay okay okay all right I’ll stop I’ll stop I’ll stop streaming I’ll go to bed Jesus dude all right guys let me I’m G to say bye to Greg but this thing is telling me that it’s bedtime hang on

Okay no no get out of that you’re not allowed in there all right all right oh please don’t slip please don’t slip please don’t slip oh my god oh you scaring the [ __ ] out of me oh you’re scaring me y hey I I forgot some I forgot I forgot oh yeah

Book decided uh that we are now going to start only delivering to the back door just for secure purposes um so if you know we’ll we’ll have a consent form at the very beginning yeah perfect you already know good job great all right you’re in I mean I’m in we’re

Both in we’re both in yeah we’re both in at the same time it’s complicated but it works it’s like it’s like it’s like a yin and yang it just keeps walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until I go to bed okay okay okay

Okay okay okay okay okay let me say bye to Greg Burger King or your burger queen go off King that’s all I tell you I make mayonnaise what do you what do you mean by that hey I’m going to sign off so you know all right buddy I’ll talk to you

Later I’ll talk to you yep he’s [ __ ] making me dizzy yeah I’ll message you I’ll let you know what I’m what I’m thinking yeah so yeah let me know let me know if you if you choose not to like don’t don’t feel pressured but hey well you know we’ll

See what happens we’ll see what happens uh oh where did you just stumble out from he’s been there the entire time what are you talking about wait what what in here yeah man he’s been standing in this corner for like five minutes like what the [ __ ] where were you where have you

Been I was working on the boxes I I was over there due to the fact that I didn’t want to be I was I kept getting attacked by skeleton stuff and I had I just had a visitor to my chat so I wanted to go over there and hide someplace safe hello

Visitor we’re Greg are you leaving and I’m also Greg I am yes oh you’re getting on are you gonna be on tomorrow uh I might be I was talking to Greg about that so okay so I might see you tomorrow all right well I’ll be the I’ll be in the wood shop in

The morning and then I’ll be on uh pretty much a good chunk of the day tomorrow what are you getting on junk I don’t know it depends what I’m I’m not going to be in the wood shop too long so after the wood shop I’m just take a

Quick lunch break my goal is about 1 o’clock my time he’s dring all over time uh yeah um I’ll I’m G to start Final Fantasy at 4 uh I’ll probably play that for three hours and I’ll probably get on around 6 or 7even what two or three hours yeah so 7 hour

Time quite possibly I me okay all right all right Stone but yeah what’s up I mean you guys got obviously a vision for this thing well not really yeah yes and no we’ll just see what happens we have Castle Vibes uh Jeremy’s putting our our uh

Come here junk um putting the loot stuff here all of our our organization um each Tower I’m thinking of putting something in or at the bottom or the top I don’t care where um you can have maybe like an area inside the walls for your for like a small farm so that

Way like we have our own source yeah like like jump what’s your vision for this place yeah that’s crazy you have any Vision Jun yeah like what do you what do you think John what what’s my vision yeah yeah my vision uh I was just all right so um we’re going to be

Back possibly tomorrow [Laughter] um um so possibly tomorrow we’ll we’ll play again um but we’ll see I’ll let you guys know um I do have a mod meeting so I’m going to talk to the mods and figure out when we’re going to have our meeting about the upcoming subathon that is

Going to kick off on April 1st that’s the current plan anyways um which is a Monday NOP yep yes that is a Monday um and it’s going to be a complete shiny hunting subathon like you know I’ll still do multiplayer games like Among Us and lethal company and whatever else

Gets scheduled but the most part of it will be uh um shiny hunting and uh you know there’ll be a whole gimmick with that cat and I were talking about there might be specific merch that you’ll only be able to get during the subathon um it’ll be cool so um I’ll let

You guys know what tomorrow’s going to look like timing wise if we’re going to play and if we are then what time we’re going to do it and and whatnot but as always guys make sure to take care of yourselves uh drink some water get some rest keep on trucking keeping yourselves

I’ll see you guys maybe tomorrow if not then definitely on Saturday for some games with chilled probably around 6 all right have a going everybody and I will see you later bye

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    Unlock All 1.21 Minecraft Wolf Variants! Minecraft 1.21 Wolf Variants Explained Exploring the latest Minecraft snapshot 24w10a, players are introduced to a variety of new wolf variants that add excitement to the game. From pale wolves to chestnut wolves, each type brings a unique twist to the familiar canine companion. Let’s delve into the world of these new Minecraft wolves! Discovering the New Wolves In this snapshot, players can encounter a range of wolf variants, including the pale wolf, rusty wolf, black wolf, spotted wolf, striped wolf, snowy wolf, ashen wolf, woods wolf, and chestnut wolf. Each variant boasts distinct characteristics and colors, making them… Read More

  • Crafting Chaos: Minecraft 1.20 Adventure

    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft 1.20 Adventure My First Impressions on Minecraft Video My First Impressions on Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so like I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this Minecraft video called “Taking the next steps | Minecraft 1.20 #2”. I was like, “Hmm, let’s see what this is all about.” Initial Thoughts At first, I was like, “Whoa, this game looks so cool!” The graphics were so blocky but in a cute way, you know? And the player was talking about finding diamonds and building a base, like, so intense! Exploring the World As the video went on, I was totally sucked… Read More

  • Crafty Minecraft Hacks

    Crafty Minecraft Hacks My First Impressions on Minecraft Build Hack Video My First Impressions on Minecraft Build Hack Video Introduction OMG guys, so I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this Minecraft video called “minecraft build hake” and I was like, what even is this? But I decided to click on it and see what it’s all about. Let me tell you, it was a wild ride! Initial Thoughts At first, I thought it was just going to be another boring Minecraft tutorial, but boy was I wrong! The video started with some epic music and flashy editing, and I… Read More

  • Minecraft vs Stardew Valley

    Minecraft vs Stardew Valley My First Impressions on QSMP – Minecraft Then Stardew >:O 🍎🎩🐮 OMG, so like, I was scrolling through Youtube and I stumbled upon this Minecraft video called QSMP – Minecraft Then Stardew and I was like, “What even is this?!” But I clicked on it anyway because I was curious AF. Video Breakdown: Platform Link Youtube The Saints of Games Twitter BadBoyHalo Instagram BadBoyHalo_ Minecraft Server MunchyMC Twitch BadBoyHalo Twitch My Reaction: At first, I was like, “What is this weird combo of Minecraft and Stardew Valley?!” But then I started watching and I was lowkey hooked. BadBoyHalo’s commentary… Read More

  • EnchantCalc: Craft Rhymes, Mine Time!

    EnchantCalc: Craft Rhymes, Mine Time! In the world of Minecraft, where enchantments reign, A calculator to help you, no need to strain. Just click the link, and you’ll see the way, To enchant your gear, for a better play. Subscribe to my channel, for more Minecraft fun, Tips and tricks, for everyone. Let’s dive into the game, with joy and delight, Minecraft enchantments, shining bright. Read More

  • Trolling @Shreyu_is_live in Minecraft

    Trolling @Shreyu_is_live in Minecraft My First Impressions on “I TROLLED @Shreyu_is_live IN MINECRAFT” Video OMG, so like, I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across this super cool Minecraft video titled “I TROLLED @Shreyu_is_live IN MINECRAFT” and I was like, yasss, this is gonna be epic! 🤣 Video Details: Title: I TROLLED @Shreyu_is_live IN MINECRAFT | MINECRAFT | #minecraftshorts #minecraft #minecrafthindi Discord server Link – Join our Discord server! Instagram – Follow us on Instagram! If you guys really enjoyed this video then please subscribe our channel and share over videos 🙏 Tags: #gta5 #gta5funnymoments #gta5race #gta5facetoface #gta5races #gta5gameplay #gta5hindi #gta5franklin #gta5loggy… Read More

  • Ultimate Auto Food Farm in Minecraft PE

    Ultimate Auto Food Farm in Minecraft PE My First Impressions on Minecraft Video: Automatic Food Farm Introduction Heyy guyyys! So, like, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this Minecraft video about making an automatic food farm in Minecraft pe 1.20. And let me tell you, it was like, totally mind-blowing! Unexpected Discoveries First of all, I had no idea you could make automatic food farms in Minecraft. Like, what even is that magic? The video had this super cool survival series vibe going on, and I was lowkey hooked from the start. And can we talk about the emojis in the video description? Like,… Read More

  • Cube Xuan’s Minecraft Flight Delight: Smiles So Bright!

    Cube Xuan's Minecraft Flight Delight: Smiles So Bright! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Cube Xuan brings joy with every surprise. From funny animations to songs that adapt, Each video brings smiles, that’s a fact. Child-friendly content, safe and sound, No worries here, just happiness abound. So join the fun, subscribe today, And let Cube Xuan brighten your day. With a wink and a grin, and a playful rhyme, Cube Xuan’s channel is a true goldmine. So leap into the verse, let the story sing, And enjoy the magic that Cube Xuan brings. Read More

  • BeasTxHunter’s EPIC QNA Adventure 😱

    BeasTxHunter's EPIC QNA Adventure 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘My First QNA Video 😉’, was uploaded by BeasTxHunter on 2024-03-11 14:38:33. It has garnered 161 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:12 or 252 seconds. 👋 Hey Gamers! This is my first Video Hope you like it and thanks for 1K Subs 🌟 What to Expect: I play Minecraft and many other games here on live But you can also see other gameplay videos on my channel. IF Your Want To Join XENOVERSE PUBLIC SMP Fill up This Form :- 👁️‍🗨️ Interact with Us: Chat, share your thoughts, and… Read More

  • SECRET CHESTS in Minecraft SHORTS?! 🤯 #minecraft #tiktok

    SECRET CHESTS in Minecraft SHORTS?! 🤯 #minecraft #tiktokVideo Information This video, titled ‘HIDDEN CHESTS in Minecraft (Minecraft tik tok hack day 67) #minecraft #tiktok #shorts’, was uploaded by GAMER MON SHORTS on 2024-01-14 02:30:02. It has garnered 2664 views and 82 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:54 or 54 seconds. Hi Guys, How do you feel about this video? I Hope You Like This Shorts Also Subscribe To Me. Thanks For Watching and Reading 🙂 About The Shorts -👇 Title – HIDDEN CHESTS in Minecraft (Minecraft tik tok hack day 67) #minecraft #tiktok #shorts Hashtags – #shorts #minecraft #gaming #minecraftshorts #minecrafttrendingshorts #montero #conga #shortsfeed #minecraftsong… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Tournament Gameplay by Joe Bart!

    Insane Minecraft Tournament Gameplay by Joe Bart!Video Information This video, titled ‘Joe Bartolozzi | Minecraft BlockWars Tournament #7’, was uploaded by Joe Bart VODs on 2024-02-25 04:30:13. It has garnered 46350 views and 694 likes. The duration of the video is 03:17:30 or 11850 seconds. TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Introduction 28:28 BlockWars Starts 29:27 Team Introductions 34:45 Race (First Minigame) 51:19 Order Up 1:09:27 Construction 1:22:56 Move (Parkour/dropper) 1:45:19 Spleef 2:00:19 Extraction 2:17:25 Party 2:37:05 Blitz Hunt 2:55:53 Finalists Reveal 2:58:05 Turf Wars 3:09:55 Winner Announced 3:16:19 Ending A big thanks to Everest for uploading all previous VODs. Streamed on: 02-24-2024 Watch it live (Twitch): Main… Read More

  • RoyalMind

    RoyalMindAl votar por nosotros obtendrás el rango VOTE: – Multiplicador de monedas x2 en skywars – Efectos de victoria en skywars: Gallinas adulteradas, Discos saltarines – Votar en skywars: Dia/Tarde/Noche – Flechas: Destruir bloques, Sin flechas, Normales – Efecto de flechas en skywars: * Notas – Aparecer mascotas (Gadgets) – Tag [VOTE] en la red Read More

  • Fractured SMP – Semi-Vanilla 1.20.4 – Bedrock & Java – Dynmap – Discord

    About Us Fractured SMP is a newly released semi-vanilla server. We strive to provide a great vanilla experience, with a few additions that enhance the multiplayer experience. As we value the community aspect very much, each player contributes to what happens and what is added to the game. We’ve been a community for almost a year now; we are experienced in creating and hosting a community, providing a great server experience & well-developed features. Nevertheless, we are open to any suggestions you may have for the server. Links 🌐 Website 🔵 Discord 🗺️ Dynmap Some of Our Features Dynmap, The… Read More

  • MaskedVillain’s SMP (Brand NEW)

    MaskedVillain's SMP (Brand NEW)Brand New and small SMP I’ve started by myself out of a small experiment to see what people can turn this empty land into a community. I am very active on discord so feel free to join me! The goal of the server is to remain small survival server with a lot of neat things to come along with it. I’ll be active as much as possible adding new content that you guys request, I am excited to take this first step into a new beginning! Much love everyone! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Not again… the creeper strikes!

    Looks like this meme is mining for all the laughs it can get! Read More

  • Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends

    Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends Invisible in the grass, like League of Legends, Minecraft can be, A world of blocks and zombies, where friends can roam free. With updates and news, I’ll keep you in the loop, Crafting rhymes and stories, in every Minecraft scoop. From 1 million wardens to the ender dragon’s might, I’ll spin the finest rhymes, to keep your gaming light. So join me in the world of Minecraft, where creativity soars, And let’s explore together, through endless blocky doors. Read More

  • Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime

    Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime Miss Delight: “I may be small, but I pack a punch in Minecraft!” CatNap: “Oh please, I’ll just take a quick catnap and still beat you in the game!” Miss Delight: “You’re just a sleepy kitty, I’ll have you purring in defeat in no time!” CatNap: “Ha! You’re barking up the wrong tree, Miss Delight!” Audience: *laughs in confusion* #PortalBattle #MinecraftMadness Read More


    El ENCANTAMIENTO más DIVERTIDO en Minecraft My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment Introduction Heyyyy guuuurl, so like, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this video about the best enchantment in Minecraft. And let me tell you, it was lit! Video Details ¿Cómo ESTE ENCANTAMIENTO se volvió en el MEJOR de Minecraft? Hola, cómo están, en este video hablaremos del Mejor encantamiento en Minecraft. tienes que saber que en Minecraft existen muchos encantamientos, lgunos encantamientos funcionan para armaduras, otros encantamiento funcionan para armas, y otros encantamiento para herramientas. y algunos encantamientos son para un… Read More

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    🍋 Insane LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! 🍋Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Lemon on 2024-02-24 14:00:05. It has garnered 727 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:36 or 936 seconds. Today, Lemon and Lime Play a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! Who will end up being declared the winner? Watch to find out! Inspired by Aphmau Cash Nico Jeffy Maizen Mongo Omziscool Omz Kory Sunny and Melon #Minecraft #MinecraftMod #Lemon #LemonandLime Read More

  • We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!

    We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘MIKEY AND JJ became BABIES TO HIDE FROM THE POLICE in Minecraft ! CHILD JJ AND MIKEY!’, was uploaded by My Mikey JJ on 2024-02-15 20:21:07. It has garnered 3478 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:15 or 555 seconds. Read More

  • Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!

    Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!Video Information This video, titled ‘P V P Minecraft Bedrock LIVE’, was uploaded by MR GAMER 2.O on 2024-04-01 00:18:14. It has garnered 59 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:48 or 7188 seconds. MinecrafT Play Minecraft Bedrock HARDCORE LIVE Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series Minecraft pocket edition Survival Series Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series In Hindi Tags & Keywords🔖:- minecraft minecraft survival minecraft survival series minecraft survival series in hindi minecraft best survival series minecraft lets play minecraft 100 days minecraft pe minecraft hardcore minecraft pe survival minecraft pocket edition survival series mcpe in hindi… Read More

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    Richest Player in Minecraft? Guinea Pigs Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘I am the poorest player in Minecraft (lets fix that)’, was uploaded by Guinea Pigs Adventures on 2024-04-10 17:38:06. It has garnered 5763 views and 40 likes. The duration of the video is 02:32:46 or 9166 seconds. Join this channel to get access to perks: Read More

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  • Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1

    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viral

    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    I froze time to save a dog in Minecraft #doggorescue Looks like this dog’s new superpower is being immune to creepers and skeletons in Minecraft! #doggohero #minecraftmagic Read More

  • Ultimate Nether Portal Guide

    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Outrageous Minecraft Sketches Minecraft SILLY Sketches Review Welcome to my Minecraft Adventure! Episode 3: Moar Farm / Wooly Debate / An Open Letter of Complaint Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! So, I stumbled upon this super SILLY video called “Moar Farm” and let me tell you, it had me cracking up from the start. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts: Moar Farm Madness The intro was like blink and you’ll miss it, but it got me hyped for what was to come. The whole farm situation had me thinking about my own Minecraft farm and the chaos that often ensues. Minecraft Munchies Topical… Read More

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    Unleash EPIC Water Magic in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Water Magic in Minecraft!!’, was uploaded by THUNDER_Official on 2024-03-16 04:26:55. It has garnered 2068 views and 68 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Read More

  • Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!

    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: JOIN THE COMMUNITY: BIRD APP: Read More

  • Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gaming

    Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT A NERD!!! #gaming #funny #funnymoments #funnyshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #funnymemes’, was uploaded by SpaceRain on 2024-03-17 18:30:51. It has garnered 431 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. In this short I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like this video, please consider following/Subscribing. It would really help me out a lot and help grow my channel. If you wish to contact me, please Email me at [email protected] Thank you and have… Read More

  • Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerz

    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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    Insane X-Ray Pack for MCPE 1.20.71+!! 😱☠️Video Information This video, titled ‘New! X-Ray Resource Pack For Minecraft Pe 1.20.71+ || Letast X-Ray Texture Pack For MCPE 1.20+’, was uploaded by Parth Gamerz on 2024-04-02 04:43:53. It has garnered 81 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:02 or 62 seconds. New! X-Ray Resource Pack For Minecraft Pe 1.20.71+ || Letast X-Ray Texture Pack For MCPE 1.20 WORNING :- hi Friends – If You Use my Any Clips in your Video Then, Give me Credit in your discription and mention. ———————————————————————— Credits – All Credits goes to their respective creators !! Bg Music Credit -… Read More