Insane Minecraft Build: Full Scale Hazbin Hotel

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I made this the hasb been hotel in full scale yes I made the complete has been hotel from the show has been hotel in Minecraft in full scale and with every single detail and if you’re wondering how I made this well let me show you so

This build is from a show called has been hotel which is made by an actual YouTuber named FY pops and she makes really cool animations and she has some shows as well some different shows and one of them is called hasbin hotel and that’s where this build is coming from

And because nobody has ever made it in Minecraft I thought why wouldn’t I recreate it myself but sadly it seems that I’m not the first one making it in Minecraft well it’s it’s fine I will just I will just make it even better let’s begin so for this build I

Think I will actually make it in a actual World instead of a flat world I think it looks way better if we can actually find some kind of Hillside Because the actual hotel is made on a hill so I’m going to fly around and see

If I can find a spot that looks pretty nice and actually a bit like the show itself and find a little bit of a hill these are way too big so I will I will try to find a nice Hill that uh kind of feels like we can uh terraform it and

Change it into the landscape of the actual series Series so I thought maybe the nether would be a great place because this looks very much like hell but uh I think it’s a bit too dark and too red so uh yeah it won’t really look

That great if I make the hotel over here so I think we will make it in the Overworld so after a while searching I found out that the actual hotel is not built on a hill or it’s actually some kind of Hill so what I did is I found

This place it’s a bit uh flat yeah and I changed it up for the gray terra cotta this is this is not gray anyway I also found out that the hotel has actually two types of designs so this is the first design I just uh search on Google

And this is the very first design that they used in their in their like pilot episode which they made like two or 3 years ago or something like that or maybe even four years ago and uh as you can see there is a a big ship on the

Side of the building and it has a little bit of a different design so if you go to the much newer design which is this one you can clearly see that there are some difference to the building for example the entrance is different the ship is now just normal like this and

Not sideways against the building the tower is a little bit different and this big balloon is basically from a bad guy that I’m not going to create because it’s basically a vehicle that’s parked there so it’s not really part of the whole hotel and some signs and stuff

Like that so it’s a little bit different than their pilot episode and we are going to make the official one which is this one anyway I think it’s time that I start building this hotel and I think what we have to do first is to just make

The basic shape so we will do the the under part uh the top part the basically the whole hotel without any really big um designs or uh details stuff like that so the ship maybe will come later those kind of stuff will come later but first

Let’s just make the hotel so yeah I think I will do it in a form of a time lapse so enjoy the Boat look at those pal trees damn So uh I yeah I I made the entrance so I said that I would make the whole like shape of the building at least like the basic shape of it but as you can see I just started with the end entrance and I kind of went into detail a little bit

More than I actually thought basically this whole entrance will basically shape up the whole hotel and the reason why I say this is because I kind of wanted to make it in scale as in it should not be too big because of course we are just

Two blocks high and I didn’t want the doors to be like huge so compared to me the doors are actually pretty normal and this build is going to be a massive this is actually going to be incredibly incredibly big I really have to extend the base plate I really thought it would

Fit on here but no absolutely not it’s going to be way bigger than I thought but anyway let’s check it out so I made the entrance and the entrance is by far the most complicated part of the whole building why because of these weird rounded shapes so I started up with the

Doors and the doors are actually pretty important because the shape of the doors and the size of the doors will basically tell how big this whole building will be because if I would if I would make the whole building then it could be that these doors are way too big or way too

Small so I started with the doors and I gave them this really cool effect because because in the series and I have a little picture that I can show so if you look at this picture right here as you can see in the series every glass part every window uh glows basically and

I wanted that in the doors as well so we have this entrance and this is a really weird shape because it has an hexagonal shape as you can see it has a few Corners that’s pretty weird because the roof itself is a dome shape and the Dome

Shape of course is not the shape of a hexagon so uh in this illustration of the actual show it is connected which is really weird so it basically is this part over here is impossible so from the whole building this building is by far of this part of the building is by far

The most interesting building or interesting part with the most detail apart from the ship maybe and and the carousel or whatever you want to call this thing so yeah everything else is pretty straightforward and pretty straight straight lines and pretty simple but this was by far the hardest

Part and as you can see everything glows and that’s something that’s pretty hard to do in Minecraft so if we go back to the game I wanted to make it actually glow and because I have a nice Shader pack uh that will give it a really cool

Effect and in normal Minecraft it will maybe look a little bit less great but first of all let’s make it night so I made it night and as you can see it nicely glows so only not only this glows but also beneath here should glow which

It does of course we have this big sign we have this sign which is pretty hard to create uh with the Limited blocks that I have and of course with all the other glass parts and and windows that we have they should also glow and it’s

Pretty hard to do because I really want to of course hide all these light sources and you really have to be on a really weird like angle to see to see the actual light sources like over here but uh for the most of it you won’t

Really notice it or actually be able to see it so it’s a really cool trick and the way that I did this is with a lot of layers so we have the first layer which is the outer detail then we have the second layer which is the main wall then

We have a third layer with a lot of detail as well and then we have a fourth layer and that’s actually the white background and around that is the light source so if we go to the back of the building then you can see it a little

Bit better as you can see it looks absolutely ugly it looks terrible from the back and absolutely not like uh how it should look on the inside but so these are all the layers uh stacked against each other to create that lighting effect and that counts for

These windows up here as well we have a few little holes that we have to like patch but other than that it looks absolutely amazing and I’m very happy with how it turned out for the beginning part so yeah I think I did get close to

The actual design if we go look at the design over here so I basically did this whole part and now we are actually going to do this uh bottom part over here maybe this top part as well I will see how far I will get and yeah this is much

More straightforward and I think we should continue on making the building and basically the first two layers which are very conveniently uh shown by these two lines in the air so I think we should continue with that and then we will see what we are going to do with the full tower and

Hopefully we won’t hit the build limit so anyway let’s continue building go the top let’s Go 1 2 1 2 1 two and the second layer is in and I also started with laying out the foundation for the third layer and actually the huge Tower so this was actually harder than I thought and honestly this build is way way bigger than I thought the problem is with uh

With the show is that you cannot really see all the details of every single side of the hotel so the problem that I ran into is that I had no idea how deep the building would be and what kind of things would be on this side of the

Building and also on the other side so the other side is pretty easy because there will be huge ship being over here sticking out but on this side there isn’t also we get into the problem with this Dome and there are some clips and I

Will show it if I am able to uh of this Dome where you can clearly see that the Dome is drawn all the way to this Edge which is basically impossible but of course because is an animation show you can do whatever you want but in Minecraft there are sadly some limits to

What I can do but anyway I have created the second layer and it looks absolutely amazing I really I really like the design I played with the design over here a little bit to see which one would look the best and I settled on this thing on this um like design over here

Also I did try to make the sides they are not really that special so I didn’t show them in the time lapse but there is one little clip like really small little frame where you can actually see the side of this building and the side is basically just this there’s not really

Anything going on and the second layer has some windows that are blacked out basically that they don’t have any light sorts so I just made this and it looks like there’s a window but there is really nothing behind it and yeah it has a really weird structure and on this

Side as you can see this part is completely open and this bottom part we never ever see this part in the show so I have no idea what this looks like but I assume that it is also just closed off like sides so and for this layer the

Same story we don’t know what’s going on on this layer so I will just uh come up with something on my own and uh see what will actually fit but yeah for for now it looks absolutely amazing it looks great so let’s see what it looks likees

At night and there you go it looks ABS I really really like this windows so I I had a lot of uh trouble making these but yeah I think they they turned out well and with all the lighting effect and everything it really looks like they are glowing and it looks absolutely amazing

So from a distance this looks absolutely awesome so what I did is I did already like figure out where the Four Corners will be of the next layer and the next layer will basically be almost as big as the whole Tower the tower will be a

Little bit smaller so yeah we are going to work on the third layer third layer has the most detail in my opinion as in uh with all the the borders and like framing and stuff like that and then we are slowly building up and the rest is

Pretty easy because there are all the same windows and B basically just the same level stacked on top of each other so that will be a lot easier these two parts were or three parts actually the the tower itself or this this Dome and these two layers these were the hardest

And I think the rest of the building will be a little easier but of course we still have to do a ship that should be sticking out here and there are like little damage part of the building for example there should be a corner off over there and there should be an anchor

Somewhere stuck in here in this roof but that will come later when we have finished the whole building but for now we are going to work on the tower it just it will be a huge take on a huge a huge building that I have to create I’m

I’m building for hours already like this building is way bigger than I thought but anyway we have to continue and I think I will not show everything in a time lapse so I think for the next layer here I will just do a little jump cut

And all of a sudden the layer is there so for example like this magic so yeah I created third layer and it was honestly pretty hard was actually harder than I um than I thought because of the actual building itself so this Dome is is not

Really a dome in the in the actual illustration so that makes it very hard to to make the next layer kind of in proportion I think I did it uh and yeah this this was a pretty hard layer because there are a lot of detail blocks

And the sad thing is is that we don’t really have a lot of purple blocks that are very detail blocks like stairs or slabs or something like that so we only have this block which is perfect the blue terra cotta but um yeah that’s the only block that it’s basically just a

Block there is no slab of it there is no stair there’s nothing remotely close because these are more pinkish I guess and they get much more closer to the actually the the Crimson wood but yeah it worked out and it looks it looks great so from a distance the

Kind of the um the shape and everything and the layout and the dimensions and something like that are kind of the same as the illustration so this is the Clos as I could get and yeah we I actually did everything so I did the sides uh all

These windows and we can actually see in one of the clips uh of the show we can see this layer we can actually see these windows so this two the first two layers you can really not see you cannot see what’s happening over here so I just

Completely winged this part I had no idea what to place here so I just I just made this because you really never see it so but actually this is something you actually see so that’s why I uh made this back and it actually looks like

This with a lot of wind window just a row windows and these box shapes and yeah so that’s that’s basically the whole building at least it’s completely um closed off on all sides and I already did try to figure out the layer of the actual Tower and yeah this is going to

Be the biggest part which will be a time lapse because I think that part will be pretty cool to see how this like this um Tower is going to evolve upward so yeah that will be cool so you probably want well are you going to make the interior

And the answer is probably not maybe for the next video because this build is already incredibly big we have placed almost 5,000 or 4 and a half thousand of the blue terra cotta almost 3,000 of the stripped crom and just a lot of other blocks and I think together is about

Like seven or eight almost 10,000 blocks four five six seven eight nine it’s actually 10,000 I think we we went over 10,000 blocks just for this building so yeah I’m not going to do the interior in this episode maybe in the next episode if this video actually does well also I

Should mention if there are people watching this video and have no idea what this building is about it’s actually from a show called has been Hotel you can find it on Amazon Prime yeah I saw this popping up everybody was really hyped about it and I saw this

Building and I thought you know know let’s just recreate it in Minecraft so yeah if you’re interested in what this building is actually from then it is hasbin hotel from 50y Pops and yeah it’s on Amazon Prime so it’s it’s pretty cool so go check it out so enough talking I

Think we should continue with the building and and this will be the part that makes it look like 200 times better the whole Tower so I cannot wait to start with this tower part and it’s going to look amazing and we are going to do it in a nice little time lapse so

Enjoy the jazzy music and let’s crack on with this Tower shall [Applause] We N Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan dancing danc dancing it is done so I just made the hasb Nel in complete detail and I thought why not making the interior as well so you know I thought why not make Charlie’s room don’t let your kids what it yeah let’s not do the interior I

Think I’m just going to be honest I made this whole building just for that joke no I didn’t do the interior that would be way too much work maybe I will do that in a future video I don’t know depending if this video does well anyways it looks absolutely amazing so

Let’s just check it out one final time in all the details so it is absolutely massive it’s such a huge huge build so if you stand over here just see how how huge this build is and I absolutely love it I love all the details it was an

Insane amount of work especially with all these glass and windows and everything and I wanted everything to look really well and really cool in the night time which I will show you in a minute but yeah this was a lot of detail work and a just to make this all happen

It is it was a lot of work but it looks absolutely amazing and it is actually completely true to the actual show I tried to make it as good as possible as close as possible to the actual show so I made I used a lot of references I used

Absolutely a lot of references I’ve seen the show now I think for TW the 20th time or something like that just to get all the little clips of this building and to make this as perfect as absolutely possible and it turned out like this and it is absolutely amazing

So we have this ship on the side which is in the right uh right spot with some dirt and and like um rubbish around it and uh we have this anchor that’s over here and well actually the whole ship is like it is a complete ship I did some

Shading on these sails actually the Sals should be just one color but to make it a little bit more true to the actual image I try to to shade them and that looks a little bit better and yeah this just looks absolutely amazing so the only things that I didn’t really finish

Were like this track this train track which is absolutely not possible so I just played some blocks and I just stopped it over here but normally the train track should go all the way around to the other side and I just didn’t want to spend the time to do all that because

It was so much work but yeah so that’s the only thing that I really didn’t do but everything else should be like it uh should be in the show and from what I could see I recreated everything as perfect as possible only a part of the

Roof is not done yet like um there should be some stairs over here and some like um roof lights or um like these glass panels on the roof and some uh machinery and stuff like that and I will make that uh for the World download so

If you watch this video and you want to check this building for yourself there is a world download down in the description and it will have all the details as well on the roof but for this video to get this video out as fast as possible uh I haven’t done this yet so

We have this nice detail in the back we have the huge sign saying has been a tell with all the end rods which look very good the eye which looks very awesome from the front if you are from the watching from down there it looks a

Bit weird but from up here it looks absolutely amazing these arrows were a pain to make because they are on a really weird angle but they look absolutely cool and this thing was also such a a hard thing to make but yeah it turned out really well I really like it

And as I said at night it looks even better because of the shaders so let’s look at the building when it is nighttime look at this this looks absolutely awesome I am so glad how this turned out with all the lighting it is just absolutely amazing I’m I’m so happy how this turned

Out it’s my own build of course but still I’m so proud of how this ended up with all these like little lights on every arrow this part over here which is this weird Carousel thing that’s on its side which was very hard to make but

Well it it looks like a carousel you can actually kind of imagine what it is so it yeah that’s very cool and the ship looks absolutely absolutely awesome with the lighting and everything and just yeah it is absolutely perfect I don’t think you can make it any better than

This it takes an ages to just fly up but look at this the red light and everything that’s actually in the tower that looks absolutely amazing and all the light is just so it’s so good I’m so happy how this turned out I really tried my best to give this diffusive light in

Every window and it really worked out so yeah I’m I’m very happy how it turned out I’m I’m really really happy how this turned out so yeah like I said this build is downloadable there is World download in the description so yeah if you want to check it out for yourself

You can and also consider to subscribe because it helps me out a lot and maybe if you all subscribe I will do the interior so let me know if you want to see the interior of this building and you know what let’s just hope that this series The has been Hotel will never

Change its design ever again son of A D

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I made the Hazbin Hotel in full scale in minecraft so you dont have to! world download: …

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    Experience the Ultimate Fun on Minewind Minecraft Server! Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with boring gameplay and lackluster features? Look no further than Minewind! With its unique blend of survival, PvP, and roleplaying elements, Minewind offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience like no other. Imagine exploring a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities, where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer looking for adventure, Minewind has something for everyone. Join us today at YT.MINEWIND.NET and embark on a journey unlike any other. Make new friends, conquer challenges, and unleash your creativity… Read More

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  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. Read More

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    Server Information IP: Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

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