Insane Minecraft Madness at Night! 😱

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God I Meet myself very professional hello there oh good lord good Lord good Lord first stream back and I forget to unmute Grand but hello everyone hello hello hello hello Isaac hello Martin and hello there was someone else here as well wasn’t there hellat hello hello

Hello how are we doing today and hello Lonnie what’s up hello hello hello yeah i realize that this is a realize this is a later time and a different time day that I’m doing it’s because shift arounds in my work so basically um I’m I could very

Well be streaming Sundays now because my shifts at work have changed uh uh we sound good I think we sound okay don’t we let me know if there’s anything up with the audio or not blah blah blah blah I mean it’s not entirely a bad thing no he’s already

B did I did I orig say the stream was been to me for 10 did I start an hour early I think I started an hour early didn’t I hang on let me look at my schedule I have a feeling I might have did I actually start the stream uh oh I did

Oops oh crap H crap well well I did have this or schedule for 10 but I started an hour early my bad oh God sorry guys no it’s fine h welcome back hello hello hello why we not uh 9:00 p.m. probably isn’t bad so maybe I’m maybe at some point I might do

Like a later one again I just I just forgot completely my bad ladies and gentlemen completely my bad why is the weather always so crap on whatever Minecraft world I’m on every single time uh let’s check my iron farm sure it’s actually still working don’t mind the cats they are oh

Oh it’s definitely working but zombies also falling in here as well that’s unfortunate not my problem though but it’s fine it’s fine and look statue of my head um right so yes so you can also notice I’m not on the usual world I’m on my main main world that I play on

I wanted to do some stuff on here today oh there’s two things well the two things I want to do or whether or not we’ll get both of them done is questionable but what I would like to do is to maybe build an aquarium because we have a we

Have some fish we got some fish not the a cuz they’ll actually murder them so you know got to go work an hour so I’m glad I get to see see the beginning yeah no no worries Lonny working Sundays I can’t can’t say I can’t say I’ll miss working Sundays but the days

That I’ve been changed to are very weird is that far making iron yes it is it is making iron indeed one of the only Farms that actually work fairly well in Bedrock um right so I got to decide where I actually want to put this aquarium because I don’t actually know excuse

Me so sure did debate about putting it in my in my house I thought but where’s the fun in that b i kind of put it out here somewhere maybe not by the satanic um statue I do I need to know how um I would just say you um YouTube it because

That’s the that’s how I did it it’s a very it’s a very very simple one um hang on I’ll run back over and I’ll kind of explain it um actually very surprised that it works so well CU I said not many farms really work that efficiently in Bedrock but essentially beneath this there’s

Villagers down below you can sleep and basically an iron golem will spawn in this corner and and go there die and drop iron the reason that cats are here is to prevent cats spawning in the lava cuz that has happened so I wanted to make sure that no more cats

Die so you got the cats there it’s fine it’s all good it’s all good it is all good yeah I be a St of my head on here on this world as well because why not why not oh if you’re wondering about that flying floating diamond block it’s there for a

Reason what that reason is I’m not going to tell you all right so aquarium I supp I could actually maybe put it here CU I this one two three four five six seven eight it’s quite big there a good bit out here actually going require some thinking this will require some

Thinking how is everyone by the way I realized I haven’t because the last stream I did was like it last Friday last Thursday so it’s it’s it’s been a solid minute I do admit that it’s my bad Uh okay okay got to work that one out building an aquarium is definely not going to take long but I want to make it look nice so I am thinking on putting it in deep slates maybe I think these they would look nice tiles uh boom bam bop boom bam

Popop boom bam poop okay so one is thing to be seen basically all around so we going to be need going need glass I think DEC some good good you’re busy work yeah no I can understand that Minecraft really needs a hopper that alsoo sort your stuff into proper

Chest it’s always a CH there is a way to do it I’ve seen people like make huge like organizer I would I wouldn’t say Farms particularly but huge like things to um um to organize stuff um why am I walking in here I don’t need walk here

Um I don’t know how they do it but they do it it’s um it’s intriguing but very complicated um my Redstone knowledge only goes so far in Minecraft the only real thing that I Redstone thing that I know how to make is a couple of piston doors and that

Um music box that autop plays itself put it here actually I could put it here I might put it here actually maybe one this is going to be the flooring so one two three four five six s eight still want it to be huge but don’t want it to be too small

Either why am I building aquarium um because I can because I want to there’s no there’s no other there’s no real reason for it there’s no real reason for any builds that I do to be honest other than I want to but we are probably going to have to

Take that I still tou one thank you oh now I can’t get out I’ve made a slight miscalculation that’s fine I can just swim on back up thanks to Beacon Powers whoop jump back over so I better actually go grab some dirt while I’m while I remember you know something I forgot I

Wondering what this is it goes down to a beacon that’s the beacon that’s giving me powers at the moment it’s all the way underground because they took out too much space I wasn’t even going to ask well I thought I’d mention it I thought I mention it just in case you never Know I realize when I’m putting this is already very very random but it’s fine d d I kind of want this thing to be quite tall as well so what I’m planning to do we cover this in dirt cuz what I’m going to do is get some like kelp and

Like sea grass seaweed grass things to stick in here for decoration could even grab some Coral as well when I about it okay’ be cool um how tall do I want to make this that is a good question I don’t know how big my is ow big enough to hurt

Myself uh looks about right I didn’t count again I didn’t count how many blocks I I was going to mock you for May I change every form my way no I didn’t think that I never said I didn’t say a word I never said a word on the matter okay six

Ow oh I’m actually out of R I’m out of range my beacon hey hey interesting oh I forgot I got Swift Sneak oh hi I actually I actually miss playing on this world I got so much stuff on this cuz I actually went and explored an ancient city I did it I actually went and did it on this world it was freaking terrifying but I did it never again oh gosh

Um blah blah blah blah blah okay so glass uh I’m going to need more glass I think but that is Fine um I just realized will drown spawn in this now that could be interesting oops that could be interesting just to walk around one day and see oh hello there’s a dead there’s a former dead person in my aquarium why there’s a dead person in my aquar aquarium good

Question I don’t know the Minecraft laws of physics and the physic Lords of Minecraft it is a strange one to me ladies and gentlemen strange one indeed um okay yep I’m going need more glass whoop I need more Glass how was I’m not getting the um from my um uh what the under water things the what the underwar things are called my brain is doing a divy I actually need more glass sand oh I need more wow I have no sand I have no glass this

Is this is a good start ladies and gentlemen this is going great this is going tremendous but you know what it’s fine because we have we have lots of sand well not a lot so I’m going to have to go and dig up more sand but we also have

Infinite fuel so I’ll take a lava Bucket please ra all right so going have to probably wait for this to cook for the most part but we’ll put in more glass inferior should be right do you have any plans for 2024 Ben um What In terms for my Channel or just

Plans in general um Lonnie cuz in general uh I mean if if you think if you one of you have made any resol new like resolutions uh not really [Laughter] I think the main things I really the main things I want to do is to be better at um communicate just communicate

Better with them with um friends out like online and offline CU that is something I don’t do a good job at I am just really bad at keeping in contact with people and I want to do better with that oh I actually had enough glass silly be both oh fair enough

Um yeah those are somewhat my New Year’s resolutions if you will I have a still touch AE I can fix it I can fix it okay so we have it set up and that’s actually not bad that’s actually pretty good so I can have put a ladder on the side there

Um do jce one thing I did I did did say to myself and I don’t think I’ve actually said this to anyone yet but I actually am going to try and get my channel monetized this year I’m going to try it I don’t know how well it’s going to

Go but I would like I would like to try and get this channel monetized because I think that would just I think it be cool to be honest I think it’d be cool um right I actually need to go find some where it’s cool so I need to sleep so I will do

That I thought I keep some Co blocks actually I have to have a look at that we might need to look into that I cannot remember um yeah I think there’s not I know I’m very very but I’m I guess I’m just very boring I feel like keeping in

Communication with um bad communication is definitely a good sides is definitely a good thing that’s concrete powder did I have a chest where all the coal stuff I do right there we go okay so now you can put some Cor in there don’t exactly know what we’re g to put in there yet

But we can do it I need some kelp as well got to go and find some kelp New Year’s play yeah that’s what we that’s what we’re doing Martin essentially it was just talked about like what my somewhat plans like New Year’s plans was and the main thing I said was

Communicate um keep in communication or keep not communication keep in touch that’s probably the the better way to say keep in communication what am I on um keep in touch with um people on on offline and offline a bit better because I feel like that’s just something I’m never always been

Particularly good at but I would definitely like to improve right go find some kelp and another big one and the big one I think for me for this year is I’d like to try and get my channel monetized so uh expect a lot of videos this year

Expect expect a lot of stuff this year because I’m I’d like to get there I think it would be good if I could I’m trying to do more collabs here so you’re probably hearing from me soon B yeah no absolutely actually know that that’s actually another thing i’ like to

Do maybe yeah do more collabs I didn’t do as many collabs last year as I as I wanted to so that would definitely that would definitely be nice okay there should be some kelp around here kelp oh hello oh hello you’ve got a trident you’re a bit scary aren’t

You normally I’d be a bit scared of you but I got oh I broke the seaweed but I missed the zombie are you serious can I oh I must need is for it okay well that’s a minor annoyance that’s fine o that was a bit of lag um hello pads welcome

Welcome how are you all doing yeah I definit like to do some clabs again sometime actually might thought of a I I have to I have to I’ll message you about it um later later L but it’s quite I’ve got funny not necess a stream collab but maybe like just a video

Collab which I think could be quite fun fun to do but I might discuss but I’ll discuss that with you in DMS Discord messages yeah no I feel the cold I feel the cold B there P because I definitely I don’t know if you guys can notice but

My voice is a little bit H at the moment it’s because my throat is bad uh we’ve had some something going around in our family my father’s been rough my mother is being a bit ill and I’ve just had something kind of lingering oops oh I pic I picked up

Another Trident holy looting looting free you are so very good we don’t actually have to go that far to get out definitely yeah yeah no I got some funny ideas want to do more long animations and I think I want to do more Story Time ones cuz I really

Enjoyed the story time videos that I made and I’ve got some really amusing ones that I need that I would like to tell as well just need to get them written and recording but it’s difficult to do that when your voice is crappy h a couple of other things as

Well got big plans got big plans Z yeah yeah yeah no I do I mean I haven’t got a hot drink with me now but I am keeping hydrated I don’t think a blow toou is how you fix s throat Martin I think that’s just how you make it worse now I may

Not I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty certain that’s not how fixing sof roads work that is not how that works my friend um right so we’re going to start um putting this in cuz the sea the seaweed I can grab I can grab in a bit but what I want to

Do first of all oh I keep forgetting to grab one thing oh that’s good to hear pads I’m glad to hear that he definitely did sound rough um one of the one of the things you sent me so good to good to hear that you’re doing better good to

Here uh did I oh scaffolding we’ll do for now I’ll put ladders on it I shall put ladders on later scaffolding will work for now there is a sheep wandering around me home hello everyone happy New Year by way late yeah no worries famil Happy New Year to you man hope you’re

Doing well welcome welcome good sir all right so here we go oh trust me I know what I’m talking about I’m a liced professional Ben I don’t believe I don’t believe you’ve passed any medical license anyal any medical license Martin um okay so so my plan

Here is to try and get it all covered and then because you need them to be solid blocks for um necessarily for heal by any means but this I could be messing this up I don’t entirely know what I’m doing but you know what we will have a

Laugh that was not the way to do it definitely not the way to do that one um okay that’s fine go please that’s fine I can get out of here anyway so I can swim out of here now so that’s fine uh because you can see it’s being made

Solid actually it’s actually grow quite quick damn that’s not what I wanted to do but that will work um all right all right let’s get out of here a minute I need some bone meal to make this work I think and we’ll also need some more water

Ow oops I don’t know why it keeps doing that sometimes I sometimes I won’t see all the messages to pop by other Isaac is Isaac is um I think he said he’s going to PO back in in a bit M has every medical license that is

A lie bro come on and my medical degree take that mother H I don’t know that looks fake to me Martin that signature looks fake I don’t know is that knu that Knuckles mean from what what it what’s a Sonic TV show that like end was Sonic Frontiers him going ah I don’t

Know um all that so Bird maal please thank [Laughter] you all right so we got more water so in theory in theory and my theory is more than likely wrong it’s oh God wasn’t meant to fall in out they go in theory I should just be able

To kind of put the water around the edges and then get I pretend I know what I’m doing but honestly I don’t know if I do know what I’m doing oh god um okay that’s connected that’s good that’s kind of what we want there by the rest of

It it’s getting there it is getting there hello Isaac welcome welcome back Sonic Boom oh Sonic Boom was it oh oh now that you mention it yeah it was I could have SP it was no Sonic Frontiers was a game wasn’t it I’m stupid ignore me I am

Stupid but you guys probably already knew that so it’s fine I say probably we go all right let’s see we can fill this all up with in the gaps um semi think so I think we can I think we have for the most part right so now in theory by growing

All of these yes making them solid cool that’s what we wanted is that okay so that’s solid that’s solid now I could be making myself a farm a kelp Farm but um will I probably not because I don’t actually know how I make it let just this a minute

Break all this a minute I will I’m probably going to plan more um oh look that look at all this free kelp s much KP s much kelp tast like medical free P now pass okay yep no that seems to be working bro this one oh just that actually oh is this not

Actually a bit um hang on and there we go yes I think we’re good I’ll put some K in here to grow but I probably Won’t do too much here we go got a nice little fish tank I am a fish I am a fishy fish that’s all validation 98 I like I’m not sure that’s quite how it works if it was that simple there’d be a lot of doctors around the

World I’ll put some coal in here not too much make it somewhat look a little bit fancy I don’t know what I was like can really do to be honest maybe um probably the main thing to add is probably some um seaweed I’ll grow some kelp why not grow

Some kelp at the edges why not um okay up we go right so I need shears and then we can Invader on my land I must Purge him Purge hello llamas stop being a drama it’s fine no one actually likes llamas anyway at least Minecraft ones unless

I’m wrong there are people who like uh Minecraft llamas I am very sorry but I’m also not sorry at the same time I don’t really need this TR I’m just going to e it fire in the hole be free Trident be free man’s also licensed in the uses of

Blow torch and blow torches that is questionable that is question what am I doing I can literally go and get iron I literally have iron an iron Palm so what am I doing retrieve the iron using the iron Supply there use the iron one in this totally Humane iron Barm that I

Have holy iron that is a lot Al unfortunately means a lot of iron cors have been dying which is unfortunate and unfortunate it is a sacrifice that I am willing to accept ah there we go oh oh God what did I just do um I opened up a whole freaking oh God

I just wanted some seaweed then I just what in the world um how what is this I have not seen this I’m getting distracted swim back I’m getting distracted I just grab as much as I can might as well um how much do we have we have 25

There proba be more floating so let’s go up and grab some of those what if I can get a squid in a bucket I I think I can but that could be interesting that could be interesting also license pilot really you can you can fly TI figher huh

H interesting you not you did not tell me that you uh I’m a student at the Imperial Navy they really did say screw gravity um those things which is very very interesting really screw gravity oh God I got it hang on I think I’m going to sneeze hang on I’m just

Going to mute myself one second okay it didn’t come God damn it h curse my nose curse my nose in things that it does to annoy me okay seaweed incoming oh I can put it on the quarrel as well look at that quarrel corn why am I

Saying words Ben do I know them no I don’t and I will probably never know them and do I have any other I have them blue blue down why not there you go he a little bit is a little bit homey well not Hy but you

Know it looks nice let’s got to get the fish in here now got a ladder down there you spin well valid I guess but still F you would have mentioned it but I guess not I guess not uh did I actually have any kelp in here I

Don’t some reason I thought there might have been kelp in here but there is not so that’s good I have wasted my time on some bits there but it’s all fine and dandy we are fine we are Dandy and and we have a couple of water buckets and among other

Things I wish should go and find that trident I ye to into the distance now that could be interesting uh what kind of fish are you going to have um tropical fish I’m building a fish T yes pads I have some tropical fish oops in a

Bucket but we’re not going to put the um I might I’m going to make a separate one for the Axel because the ax will kill them and I don’t want I don’t want these um fish to die so we are going to get these fish in BO bam Boop all

Right let’s see how this goes all right fishies I’m going to put a ladder going to put a ladder on here as well so of there there we go we have fish we have an aquarium ladies and gentlemen we have have succeeded Uno be there maybe maybe I can’t read this one on

Stream we can’t read it on stream I don’t not sure if it’s a if it’s you can’t read it on stream usually it means it’s a legal doesn’t it question mark I supp I could go out and try and get like um salmon and um cod as well actually

Maybe oh wow there was freaking kelp right here the whole time well guess I should know this when I’m surrounded by ocean s my water but you know oh hello oops I need I why can’t I grab the fish ah there we go got a salmon can I see this squid I

Cannot oh well sorry squid I tried to save you it’s not possible unfortunately I did try to save you but I alas I could not let’s see if we can try and find a yeah they are cute very very cute there are like more trpical fish you can

Get but I only know one place that I can find them and I have to go on a rail cart so maybe I might go and find some more they say I borrowed some tigers from a sanctuary the rest isn’t I have several questions several several questions but I will not

Ask jeez those salmon came out of nowhere uh I’m not going a to find any c any codfish out here now I don’t think I will but let’s have a look oh and we find almost immediately hello I save you by save you I mean basically kidnapping I’m Bas I’m basically I’m

Basically the antagonist basically the dentist from Finding Nemo right now can you get a shark there are no sharks in Minecraft if I recall he has license for it it’s not illegal H I don’t know that’s highly debatable friends highly debatable I’ve also got such random ass builds here just a

T so I had a really really really really bad idea for that TNT blog I had a really bad idea to try and fill it to the brim with TN just with TNT blocks so basically I would have like a giant bomb but again I think it’s a very bad

Idea I think it’s a very very bad idea but it could be funny it could be funny especially considering I have a freaking um lightning rod right next to it okay what about an octus there squids but I can’t get squids in the buckets you’re here for a big old school

Tom yeah no worries Geza thank you for stopping by man either way it’s all good hope you’re doing good hope all is well all right be free Cod and be free salmon there we go nice I like the Aquarium oops nothing goes um okay all right right before I do anything else I’m going to go and get ladders cuz I don’t like the scaffolding here I want ladders nut scaffolding think you miss it really yeah no worries Lonnie thank you for stopping by hope you have a good day

Work take care don’t work too hard have a good one uh blah blah blah blah blah blah blah okay I have several buckets of water that is fine maybe I should make a separate thing for the AXS as well maybe maybe I might do that thing is the thing

Is with the a LS is that I can’t put them in the same thing as the fish tank because they will kill the fish and I don’t want to kill the fish not after I just built a home for them I’d rather not kill them or get them killed as it is

Um she’s there for now right y basic I need to grab a where I’m going I need to grab a bunch the Tiger has escaped from the zoo in Lego City now there’s now there’s a funny one to make there would be a funny little animation to make the Tiger has escaped

From the zoo in Lego City that’s a surprising I’m surprised that the City Line hasn’t done a zoo yet CU they can very easily do it quite surprised at that actually I’m am very surprised dead coral rip rip the coral Um dirt and the Deep s Dart and deep sleep go oh got close right B level 48 I only just realized how high level I was interesting interesting bar is a bit sus I trust Martin let give vote let’s give vote I did see not inventing electricity so I’m a I’m

Suspicious I mean not that I’m a bit suspicious I’m very suspicious you vened electricity you’re gone out I vote I vote Martin out that’s actually S I actually want to play among us again at some point I haven’t played it in ages I think it

Would be so fun I think it’d be quite fun to play again at some point maybe how would you how would you guys feel about doing like uh sometime maybe in the future an Among Us and Among Us um like just Lobby game thing me that could be fun obviously people have

It look at all the fish they’re old cozy those I could have actually made this a bit bigger when I think about it think about that one could very easy make it big and I forgot to get ladders I’m stupid cow is loose On anything another cow’s loose No Escape don’t know why you’re here Pig but you got to go nice scy nice for you we got a lot of pork chops damn there a lot of lever we got as well this isn’t Among Us it’s always Among Us it’s amongus

Vent I don’t have Among Us and I’m mostly a bad liar um I mean you don’t have to be a good liar to do like type when if you’re typing if we’re doing a type of thing unless he wanted to unless he wanted to do like a

Discord voice a voice call for it it could be could be interesting could be interesting um that is that’s what I need oh my my wood box is full I got a lot of wood maybe I should separate the chests down into wood probably not a bad idea I left my

Door open how very unsafe of me stranger going to walk into my home that’s bad there we go there we go the fish are in suppose like maybe I should put like a glow stone in there so it’s got a bit of light I might do that yeah put in a

Glowstone to make it hello Imperial trying to build you two atss ATS raer in Rogue one to a version a bit smaller from bendor set version I’m afraid I don’t have enough techic pieces oh yeah no those that that atst from the batt of Endor is probably the perfect minifig scale atst actually

It’s definitely I mean that’s definitely a good one for you um I don’t think it requires too many like technical bits I think a lot of the the atst the Rogue one atst should have quite a lot of it in theory I don’t know H that’s a that’s a

Valid point actually I’m not actually quite sure so my throat yeah but I hope you’re having a good evening Imperial hope all is good hope all is well um oh actually even better I won’t use glowstone I’ll use the ocean lights because it’s from the ocean haha I’m

Artsy I’m so very artsy guys would you believe that I’m a very artsy person I like how the buckets are all in separate areas of my infantry not like all together CU obviously all the other crap I had in it Before I’ll put this in like an area there we go I should light it up a little bit nicely I wouldn’t see in till my um effect goes away oh that’s very sad I bet he lit it up at all lightsaber building oh right I built

Obi-Wan’s one H did you really did you really yeah know the fact that the legs can walk on the even though it’s very funky with the way the legs walk the fact that they do walk is definitely a bonus it’s always there always been a weird

Thing for me is when they don’t is when the legs didn’t um oh excuse me fish don’t want to Bonk you there we go two lights should be enough should be fine yeah that’s always been a weird thing that can’t actually pose like the new Walker’s legs as

Much I really that that really annoyed me when I had the um atdp when I got the atdp wonderful you the stop motion anime artsy would have never guessed yeah I suppose I suppose I’m Arty all right let’s go put these back U oh you be able gunam oh nice

Knows what that is yeah no I do um I’ve watched um I know that it’s a series it’s obviously a series as well ad mly I haven’t watched the older ones but I have watched uh The Witch of Mer is it Witch of mercury is that I might have gotten

The name completely wrong but that’s the one I watch it’s the one that came out semi recently really good as well beautifully animated great soundtrack just overall really good really good series and pl as well oops one second oops I’m what am I pressing what’s going on I’ve been starting off my controller

Eggnog still lives you did build every1 um sa did you did you now I got 0 movement sucks so much it did but the thing is you could fix it there was like it was like one you had to replace like one Technic part because it was part second part was

Keeping the legs from actually kind of bending bending a bit more if you replaced it it would have been fine it’s literally fine hello egog wish I could give you head Pats but I cannot but it wasn’t it’s always it’s always weird there’s a lot of really

Weird there’s always a lot of really weird things that they that the um designers do um with the sets don’t know why they do with they do do a lot of the things that they do but like some of the things are weird like that it’s just like posability come on

Man they’re the big walkers but come on man I brought do demon stay a sword and built it last week you broke about oh no oh no you lost the hill Oh that’s the worst thing you don’t want to oh no that’s sorry sorry man God God that sucks that’s a horse

Right I should probably try and make this look a little bit nicer at some point oh I left a scaffolding on the back of my head oh well that’s fine I’ll remove it later on not going to leave I’m licensed to any of these things I have been no I’m

Surprising not did I just get attacked hello what are you doing in the demon realm interesting um finished pring this place up as well at some point get it all I did not look in your ugly ass face Enderman the corner screw you Enderman I am prepared this

Time like in my other world where you Ambush me when I couldn’t fight back you little [ __ ] I have a mushroom for some reason I don’t know why um oh I need to label which way I actually need to go to get there I’m pretty certain it’s this way pretty certain is that

Way it’s not m instant to yep absolutely you’re playing fortnite New Zen skin hasn’t been in shop for three years oh I actually bought the um I want to get the Imperial Stormtrooper skin but it hasn’t come back yet so I’m hoping it I’m guessing if it doesn’t

Come back made the fourth then that’s just going to be really crap but I brought the um the Clone skin pack so then I can at least be somewhat on brand but I want the Imperial St one I think that will be I think that will definitely be

Something really good to get I don’t play fortnite much but cuteness license oh way that isn’t mine why do you have someone else’s cute um cuteness license hey yo I have several questions I’m going to look for those pieces for HSS yeah no definitely definitely cuz I think the techic

Parts I’m pretty certain most of those Technic parts are in at least well at least one of the atss the only parts that you may not have are the it’s like the parts that you can use to turn to turn the legs the bra the the black the black

Piece uh I don’t know what they’re called the is like I can’t think what they called should definitely be there should definitely be Parts language oh did I swear oh my bad sorry you’re not the first person to call me out for my language today which is kind of funny when I

Think about it that was racist was it what did I say that was racist oh hello hanging Vines I need to make like a um a safe spot for this pole so I don’t get kind of ambushed all right I’m going to quickly set my respawn point on his bed so in

The in a case that I do die because this area where the fish are is right next to some deep dark area so I’d rather not um die Cen are black W I wasn’t referring to the Enderman I was referring to the piece I was referring to a piece on the

Lego set me I wasn’t referring to the Enderman I wasn’t I wasn’t there was no intention on that sorry if it came down that way but it wasn’t I was talking about the piece on a on um a Lego set not um referencing the Enderman I realized as well I probably should

Have brought potions of um night vision with me because it would probably make it a lot easier because I’m going down into the caves but I think we’ll be okay see look we barely take any damage we got fever falling for boots my ankles are made of

Steel I brought for for this Ed of Epic working on that in favor of yeah no I really liked I really really likes that part that was a reason why I would have been interested in getting it but I said they just kind of went all in on the um uh the Battle

Royale I the fun it was bar moving it was amazing it’s the bable amaz amazing is not the word I’d use for it it’s all right but wasn’t my Cy so I’m not not getting into that debate because last time I got last time I mentioned to someone I didn’t that I

Wasn’t I wasn’t that bothered by the Barbie movie um ited into a whole debate not going there I don’t want to have that one again nope n never all right so the fish that I was Finding were in these little pools so let’s have a look around oh creeper definitely don’t want

You here be gone thanks for the gunpowder though I see those eyes P I see those eyes I remember the conversation well uh where was the ow hello zombie ow am I getting hit is there a skeleton attacking me then I guess there is I don’t know

Where he is though oh look nice a lot hello little fell let me save you there was like a pool of fish unless that unless that axar killed them all which is very possible ow oh hello skeleton ow licensed lawyer licensed lawyer maybe I could believe that one you have six old

H I don’t know do I really do I really want to go on a but do I really want to go talk about the reason why there was by didn’t really wasn’t that Keen on not I wasn’t Keen I just wasn’t that I wasn’t that bothered by it I can see why

People really like the film but it just like it wasn’t I there are Parts yes that were good but there also a lot parts that I was just kind of like me but bear in mind as well I literally I got dragged in to watch it with my my

Family literally um dragged me in to watch it after we had watched Oppenheimer so you know I think this ax has been killing has been killing them that’s unfortunate this is also an area I’ve not actually been to yet interesting what bad D there not exactly a lot around

Here okay so my plan to get more fishes kind of failed I think they’ve all been killed by the Axel lot any fish in here little fellas oh I see one I see one let me get you oh let me save you and I see what’s happening to them they’re actually going

Out of the water oh no no I want the freaking get the fish Oops I oh I AC hit it there we go sorry fish is any more I can rescue here I think I’ve got one of you so that’s fine I think we got some we got a couple oh rip rip the poor fishies um let catch my chair bar movie yep I know

Where you live yeah I know I about experience I wanted to do that yeah the thing is okay look the thing is I might have probably enjoyed I might have enjoyed barie more if I hadn’t sat through a 3eh hour very serious Oppenheimer first because this is It’s a Long open hyper

Was long it was like it was a free it’s a three- hour long movie so you know it’s very serious was quite tiring and then we go into the not so serious Barbie and to be honest I said a lot of the a lot of the jokes and Things No not

Not the jokes even that’s a bit I’m wrong with me to say it’s not that the jokes didn’t land for me it’s that some of the I don’t know it just wasn’t I just thought it was a crappier version of The Lego Movie to be completely [Laughter]

Honest take that however you want to take it I just maybe I just need to watch it again and see but I wouldn’t get um your hopes up of me come back and being like this film is amazing because it will probably be the same reaction to be completely honest if you

Has holding me down I have not watched Barbie movie and have no interest to fair enough don’t need to watch it which one opheim or Bobby the card office moment was the best card office moment oh is that the part where the the um the corbo people are chasing

Her was it that part um I forgotten which way I came in actually I need to pay attention to where I am and where I need to go because I don’t know where I am I bring I’m in oh yeah no I just come across an entirely different area I know

Where I am now I think I think um ah here we go yep spiders slams okay yeah there’s the exit Nemo all the Barbie movie then just a jokes and all being in your and all being in your face no no no no no no I’m not

I’m not saying that I get i p i get the message it was trying to do and I think that was good I think the message it was getting across was good it just just in general the but I just found that the movie was I mean at the bloody end of

The day guys I don’t think the movie was intended for my audience was the audience of me let’s be completely honest let’s be completely honest I don’t think I was it movie’s intended target audience so you know end of the day but also again I think I need I need to watch it

Again and not after watching a really a fre hour and not after watching like a super long 3-hour film about the construction of the first Adam Bomb really idea that was to do that experience was stupid I literally cannot understand how why um people wanted to do that because

I was honestly knackered after watching up so really good film by the way really really good but yeah no it’s just probably should have watched I probably should have watched it on its own rather than just going straight in after watching Opa probably what I should have done but

Whatever whatever whatever my mom disagrees with you that’s fine we all we all have our opinions on film that’s fine that is perfectly fine we did find Nemo indeed up I saw Barb movie came out iir enough kobby was so funny a lightly act I remember his surname is Will FAL yeah my parents need watch he told them I’m not I’m only watching that movie if I did a girl that really likes that movie that’s valid

Wait wait what I open no what you want about what you want about for me what where did I come from maybe reason I wanted to see B was because I heard it talk trash to met I that’s I’m just surprised that they approved it

Um oh um I don’t know what that is my brain is having a fart on that one um you know what keep the mushroom keep get the mushroom on me Mr chest uh you six gunpowder that’s not bad all right let’s SK adle got some more fish I think

That’s should be good for the aquarium maybe I might need to make it a bit bigger in the future but it’s all right for now what is attacking me you little [ __ ] H I kill you I saw again my bad after Oppenheimer the words I was I was Knack oh oh Knack

Knackered not not not naked knackered tired another word for tired [ __ ] I think it’s a think it’s British kind of like more of a British thing so my bad I can see why you get confused on that one that does the American toy comy ah right right right right right right right right

Right yeah I’m never dating you never know you never know mine you never know oh I mean yeah that that was kind of I think that was I think when they called out the toy company I think that was quite I think that was good quite

Funny but yeah no it’s as I said the film had good really valid messages and really good points in it just other parts it was just I just the film was just boring I’m sorry I didn’t really enjoy it all that much like a lot of the like some of the

Some of the jokes were quite funny but some of the bits just didn’t quite L for me and to be honest as much as someone as much as some people have said I think Imperial said they like the will far and the coral gist those guys

If they if you took those guys out of the film it would have made no difference to the film whatsoever to the plot I’m sorry just is like I don’t know why they were even in the film to be completely honest they kind of like they were

Chasing out the Barbie he went into a world and just kind like oh no you know what we’re not going to do this now it’s just like okay [Laughter] I don’t know do you have any atds said Ben um I have I built myself the one

That came in the Battle of Endor and I got the Rogue one I have the Rogue one atst as well am I Ken I am not Ken no Ben is Keno I am not Ken am Ben or Benjamin there’s no K right so let’s go across my bridge I don’t go across my bridge all that often hey villagers hope you’re doing well hope you’re nice and safe and Coy in there cross Bridge build the Battle of Ender one yes the um little one I looked up the

Instructions online and I was able to basically build one I was able to build one with all the spare parts I have I think minus I think um like one or two parts I think like the gears for the legs I think I need to get on brick link

But other than that I was able to build it it doesn’t require that too many complex pieces to be honest with you so it’s not too bad oh wait a minute let’s put the actual fish in the thing shall we might be some duplicates but it’s fine it’s

Fine we set them free into the aquarium got to make sure not to set the axle all free there we go oh I got like three of those angel fish that’s fine I’ll keep them in there for now I think it’s all too bad axle we’re going to keep

Out nice I have like I have like two two which are basically the same but other colors Mand rug one oh nice Ben you’re Allan how dare you pass but also valid but also valid and a cool dude uh do I have adult s baby brown Interesting oh yeah I had glass C in here didn’t I uh let’s crap this sort out all this crap that we have some Bones um a bow I’m not going to use so I’m just going to use that straight into the garbage we gone ball what is that supposed to mean pass bro yeah simple the the ATS I can changed them but as I said I don’t have like small con techic pce PS yeah no

That’s valid that’s fair legally changing people’s names that that is not a thing you cannot you’re taking half of this stuff up now Martin I don’t think you need you don’t need a license to change your name anyway and I don’t think you can give that license to other people do not lie

To me boy you are a liar liar pants on fire as they say need some arrows CU I got plenty back there I will smite thee all instructions are on a Lego website yeah there is um there’s that as well and you can get they’re on like um is it

Bricks it’s like a brick set thing I think it’s called they got like a PDF one that you can look through that’s the one that I look through I’d to go on YouTube and look at the video and watch it like 0.5 speed yeah no you probably about if you

Look it up on if you like type in like a set number instructions it’ll come I think it’s like brick set or something it’s called you can look up the instructions for um set on there all right let’s go in get lava bit back out oh yeah I better actually grab

Those melons and pump watermelons and pumpkins as well here we go don’t really need to do that but you know what might as well Ben is alen now I am not Allen we’re not changing my name to Alan no I can think you change other people’s names no I don’t believe

That I save two hours of my life oh bless oh for God’s sake no I am not my name is not Alan anim Al alen L animations cuz that just sounds crap we not doing that we are not doing that ladies and gentlemen negative actually let’s have a look at how day

Get my need to get the other stuff up yeah know I like it very simple I like it maybe I might make it a bit bigger in the future but I think it’s all right for now all right let’s get these pumpkins and water Malon alen L animations just sounds

Crappy so we’re not even not even going to acknowledge that one ladies and gentlemen not even going to acknowledge it alen l animations Al inhale animations nope nope animations no no that would work bro just being say Ken Allen Ken Allen Ken Allen know in one of my next animations

I’m going to name my character Ken Allen will that make you guys feel any better oops ior just chopped out the word I was not meant to chop the word efficiency five ax you’re too powerful there we go all right got the watermelon got the pumpkins

Um I think something I might do actually is actually go and make my never Hub a little bit nicer a crap actually before we do that let’s go and um sell off some of these pumpkins and watermelon so we got some space or change name to on all of his many Journeys to

You guys you guys you just want me to suffer don’t you is this what it is this what it is are you entertained are you not entertained do you just like to mock me I do these streams for you when I’m Ill this is how you treat me shake my my head SMH

SMH SMH ladies and gentlemen SMH do all these nice things for you I’ve had the very information spread through the community I’m kind of proud I started this I mean I’m not I’m not proud C never forget you well I will forget it and I will keep forgetting it o

Hey Farmers want some pumpkins got a lot of them for you what are those guys doing I don’t know what they’re doing but it’s interesting oops should actually be doing this to fix my shovel uh five pumpkins Jeep keep that’s fine you can take

Them I got a lot of them so you can take them for now the other F I think that’s yeah that’s free of them now isn’t it like I I changed my ways I’m reformed yes indeed I’m sure wow I don’t know why one villager in here gives me like

Four who trades like four or five like one Lonesome pumpkins for things but only everyone else just trades one every one of them wasn’t cured um fix my axe please okay nope oh Jesus right in my face Jesus villager personal space okay I think that’s basically everyone yep damn look at all those

Emeralds when new animation stream um probably sometime probably next week I’m I’ll probably do one I’m um still kind of planning my days around at the moment because of um my changes in work so my days have already going to change so I’m just trying to work just

Trying to work out what days are going to work cuz my hours are also whack as well so we’ll have to we’ll see but Sundays are looking like one day I’ll definitely be doing streaming I think and maybe the first days maybe the first days cuz that’s

Like a gap in between my days that I’m working and I might as well do something then that could be good too many emeralds what are we going to do with these emeralds B you know who kahoot was um cahoot kahoot uh I don’t I do

Not I’m reor shows you all my clear paperwork H yes I’m looking through your paperwork here right now yeah I’m suppose you are reformed I guess I’ll give you that you seem reformed a little bit except for this little bit this this little fine print right here that I’m

Reading that seems to State never let Ben forget about the zombie incident are you completely reformed here Martin hm question as I know the island door was made but then quickly taken out the show that’s why there was only one of them uh oh that’s oh that’s actually a thing I

Thought that was I didn’t actually know that oh okay that actually makes a lot more that actually makes sense now I generally didn’t know what the point of Alan was I didn’t know that the more you know ladies and gentlemen the more you know cuz I don’t know anything holy s 16

Blocks I should really used these Emeral blocks for something I suppose I could save them for future beacons um interesting how was that bow looking I can fix it how many levels will this cost to fix do we reckon ladies and gentlemen Now 49 levels 17

BR I got the levels might as well get it all fixed how could you what up what actually could I not know bro oh my God I did I didn’t see the other messages p is a doctor now excuse me where did that happen where did that happen P you

Never told me since when were you a Doctor you never said that at all uh Actually brick please I got to just grab all another blocks and going to need some glass so I’m going actually you know what I’m going to go in um I’m going to go dig up some sand cuz I need a lot I need some glass I’m going to Pi up a bunch of

Sand what is going what is going on here what’s all these what is going on here the quiz wait what what quiz app sorry what oh the AF quiz oh no I’m not aware of that one F did great work even if we got to see a little of him in the movie

I don’t know it would his role in the film was as I said I think his role and the cor’s role they could have very easily taken him out and it wouldn’t have really the film wouldn’t have lost much I don’t think they were just kind

Of thrown in there just for be able to chase Barbie I that’s what I think but I don’t know don’t click the button let me let me oh but oh right oh you’re talking about the film next yeah no thank you for stopping by take care have a good one good sir

Take care of yourself I had pass my personal dog because she’s the only one who who believes I’m saying is this true P what is your um D what’s the word I’m thinking of din dinos D diagosis I’m probably sounding like a complete [ __ ] right now I don’t

Know not By Di dios is am I saying right diagosis is that the right word am I oh am I just being dumb is that the right word or not because I actually don’t know Ste those I mean those those um that Barbie carb went about as fast as those um

The Cyber Punk um people in book of Boba Fett oh God that chase that chase is oh boy that chase was something ladies and gentlemen I like the book of boba fet but that was that was an interesting that was an interesting bit that was a very interesting

Bit got to dig up lots of sand dig up all the sand what if I accident UNT dig up some treasure some treasure chests I’ve actually done that before I’ve actually accidentally dug up some treasure some Treasure Chest just buried in the sand when I was just completely desanding descending

Everywhere diagnostic diagnos yeah that’s the word sorry yeah diag diagnos di I can’t say it diagn diagnos diagnosis that’s it I got it diagnosis I couldn’t say it running off my tongue I literally couldn’t say it diagnosis but yes going back to what I said p is that what is your diagnosis of

Martin if if you if you are his personal doctor entertain me how much sand do we actually have uh bit a little bit more Why is it always the Minecraft stream say all the shenanigans happen was thinking about the back to the fool that occurred I should do for now couple more bits of sand over here but this will probably do for now diagnosis Jesus I thought probably sound like I was having a stroke happy

Accident then yep like a banfa absolutely like a banfa yes maybe maybe not and when I say I need to go back home I say I’m going back to my Mojo Dojo Cas a house wait what get me is that a phantom well they get attack by Trident

Probably a trident actually want to think about it try to say Consciousness Consciousness Consciousness I said Consciousness Consciousness that’s really weird I just couldn’t see the word just like I like I could hear it in my head but I just couldn’t say it I don’t know if I was

Trying to say it so quickly though my brain just kind of went that was kind of amusing let’s park it up properly oops that’s the wrong button I’m playing too much Jedi Survivor all right I’m just going to sleep one more time cuz then I don’t have to worry about it being

Day worry about it being night about it being day wor about it being night Eng the spin do you speak it no don’t I at least not very well oops whoa I phased into the sand there I did myself a phasing into that sand so I look to see

How I this monster Farm is performing I don’t think it’s performing very well oh I say that that’s not bad I mean I I’ll take the free gun I’ll take the free gunpowder d damn you working out quite nicely let me quick let me just with I

Just want to check on the farms and I’ll go into The Nether and I’ll make it look a little bit nicer a little bit more presentable I I made a ceiling too big because obiously end can spawn in there but that’s fine no it’s fun me and P are

Strangers to each other and we just hum each other’s nonsense absolutely that’s the best that’s the best thing that’s the best thing if someone if you don’t you don’t necessarily know them but if you can get got the same sense of humor you can get along that’s

The best thing though oh and if you’re wondering what about this diamond block it’s 0 that’s why there’s a diamond block there I just put it there just for the hell of it because I could because I could I got a lot of diamonds so why not

Um oh my god wow this Farm Works Jesus look at all that iron look at all that iron in this Farm Works ladies and gentlemen I’m very surprised and CH of that diagnostic that’s how I should that’s how it should sound being diagnostic not di diagnos diagnostic I can hang a

Stroke uh I failed I failed English three times actually not three times twice technically but you know what freaking hell uh did I leave the glass in there I did know okay now I think we’ve got glass I think we got I’m pretty sure I got furnaces in the ne I’m pretty

Certain so I will go and s those out uh dirt can I put this dirt in there I can bargain whatever glass we have we shall take and we’ll grab a couple of buckets of lava yeah exactly exactly what pad says gets AR even trying yeah well that’s Sometimes the best sometimes

That’s the best way those are the best kind of friendships all right let’s grab maybe four bons of L cuz I’m pretty sure I got furnaces up there but I don’t know how many so this could be interesting could be making a mistake that’s fine why am I walking all the way

Around when I can just jump over I keep forgetting I have this Beacon Powers you know very silly but you know what it’s fine maybe after I re fix up my um nether my nether port maybe I’ll do a raid because raids are fun can do some

Murder I need to get rid of that scaffolding on his back back of that head that’s going to annoy me true power of M absolutely oh crap I thought I had furnaces in here h no matter there was if I recall oh wow this looks ugly as

Hell was if I recall a thingy this way yes I recall there should be some black stone around here so I’ll just make some furn out that goodbye okay never mind I missed there’s some salt and there’s some black stone there we go let’s just mine up a

Bunch of that black stone and then we can make some furnaces to go in here oh but I need to be careful because there is lava here good to Know relax Stone please I re why are you actually I should be careful where I’m digging cuz lava could pour on my head that would be an unfortunate way to die um okay 59 that should be enough should suffice for now I need to make proper stairs going up here as

Well that will be something to do seven yep you know what let’s make seven don’t why I have magma get out of here magma be gone all right one oopsie I mean I already brought four with me but you know what we’ll take the furnace is you can

Go and dig up the rest of the um grab the rest of the the bucket Ben Jeff the blue drop sh Lego set I mean the OG one it’s so good to model little I would say it I would say it looks better than new one I do have the oldd one yes

Um I think they’re new I think they’re both good to be honest I like both of them I liked what the new one I liked the updated design of the new one one personally but the old one is very nostalgic so it will always be it will be the best one in

My personal opinion have a bunch of Netherrack but that’s fine if we’re in hell we might as well make it all uh hell um hell bricks bricks from hell don’t worry torch I’ll put you back there surely oops I wasn’t meant to fill that in but you know what that’s fine oops

Wasn’t meant to do definitely wasn’t meant to do that oops I am wasting Parts time putting them into the gap but you know what it’s fine it’s fine but no I do yeah know the Old One’s definitely good I do like it and the new one as

Well though I did sell my new one a while ago now just taking that space and it was going up in price so I thought you know what I’ll get some money for it cuz I truly didn’t have much of a use for it I’ll just get rid of this hole bit I Think the good news is I can use this AA to make more Nether Bricks it’s a win-win situation put a torch back there and it goes on and that yeah never break is definitely nicer than the Netherrack so you know what works out very nicely I think oops wrong

Bit um oops did I Y got get that go damn it yeah um I don’t think I could quite have enough of the brick to kind of go all around that I want to do but we can probably get most of it bro I made that one was probably my fault but it’s

Fine There we go that looks a little better yeah looks good but you still have the og1 don’t you I do it’s in bits though couldn’t tell you where it is but it’s somewhere it is in bits besides you wouldn’t I wouldn’t get you wouldn’t get much for the um the old

One anyway it doesn’t really it doesn’t sell for that much at all actually which I’m quite surprised about but I guess the figures aren’t exactly uh that interesting I don’t think so I can see why it wouldn’t be really be needed be worth that much to be honest I can understand

Oops we might just have enough yeah I think we should be fine to kind of get the wall done actually which would be perfect that would be perfect now I can go down here yep don’t mind leaving this bomb bit like that because I think because we’re going into

A separate bit so that kind of works for me so personal so personal but how long have you known have you and known each other for oh oh I want to say it’s coming up to eight years I think eight years I’m pretty certain it’s about

Eight years P can correct me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure it’s about eight years which is which is really mental that when I say it out loud that’s actually nuts how have you put up with my how have you put up with my BS for eight years past like holy

Moly p is put up of all the crap Shadow Trooper was sick I wish I had like four of them not two to be fair the OG Shadow Troopers aren’t actually that expensive so you could probably find you could probably get them for quite cheap the um the new the new um Shadow

Troopers are worth a lot are worth more than the the old ones which again quite surprised about I’m quite surprised that they’re not worth as much as they are but I guess because it’s like somewhat the older helmet designs I suppose strange but it is it is the things say started

In 2016 yeah exactly so about eight years oh yeah no it’s true yeah probably about 2017 yeah was 7 to8 years we’ll see 7 to8 years I think we’ll we’ll see it sounds about right oops that wasn’t happened yeah oh yeah no I definitely like the OG um

Shadow Troopers I think they’re a good design I do like them okay so we’re almost just got to pick I’ll have to pick a ro um a color of the roof don’t know what I would particularly what I would choose to do but can work that out here we

Go nice little Hub now I got to put some glass in there know about long fingers yeah Co has really messed up the time frame man like two two years during the co during Co is just a blur so it’s just like no it’s meant it’s meant when you

Think when you think like 2016 was was 8 years ago now it’s it’s crazy it is crazy when you think about it as I said how how have you put up with my BS for that long pass like just just just just how how have you how have you how do you do

It I actually don’t think I need that glass but you know what having glass having some glass is definitely not a bad thing so you know what it’s fine there we go not much of a view but there we go um actually kind of want see if I can dig My dig away Along oh so the answer is yes I can there’s B some stairs kind of going down probably wouldn’t be a bad idea question being you a Lego I am I’m a little Stormtrooper that is me I am a little Stormtrooper man playing the

Video games how am I playing video games with my hands don’t question it but hello a questionable being a questionable being I’m not I don’t know I don’t that’s that’s very questionable sir hope you’re having a good evening hope all as well yeah I would say we doing come with

Those super G still like the second J beginning of like vir yeah no it’s true no it’s definitely true same what I did for 82 years on we get to September Ben that’s also valid yeah oh Christ yeah I know I’ve no no no you for a while as well M God

Damn time flies time be flying ladies and gentlemen it it’s flying um I don’t know what color to make this roof to be honest I definitely can’t stay never that’s a dead certain quartz quartz could work quartz could be nice um right I think we get so how many I got loads

Can we make stairs we can let’s make eight eight should be enough should be um and we’ll make some stairs kind of going down to here W ow okay a have a scuffy looking staircase but it’s in the nether so I don’t care if it doesn’t look absolutely fantastic at the

End of the day it’s just it’s the never and I need more stairs I have mistaken made mistake I going to make a whole stack of stairs that’s a bad idea definitely don’t need that much heard that we were always the first in when we had the unies so we had to

Talk to each other that is also true yeah we were were like we were like weren we like the only people who didn’t actually live in student how in student housing I’m pretty certain we were not going to Li I’m not going to lie their P there was a solid SEC there

Was a split second where I almost said the city the city of the University I’m like what should been careful Ben I need I need made an oopsie I need did an oops oops I nearly did an oopsie I am silly all right I’m going to cover this as well cover this all

Up cover all this up ow what’s he doing in my home I saw you there Mr Enderman you guys it’s all good doesn’t matter no there some else oh of course yeah no yeah nope I remember now I remember do you remember the 21 night I don’t know why I

Just started thinking that I don’t know why I came into my brain but I did oh I’m beam all right do we’ll just make it all along might as well don’t you look at me Mr Enderman stop mocking me May R your stairs of judgmental value I do not

Appreciate the Judgment I’m receiving right now let’s do that bit last then we can actually get back to this side without having to dig anything yeah would always be there 20 minutes before everyone else would arri EX L yeah such is the way of the people who didn’t live in student

Housing why are there two end here I mean I know we’re in the this um the blue biome where they spawned why are they here why are you here Mr Enderman why you got to be here boop boop okay covered up we covered it oh AP from this

Bit we didn’t cover all of it don’t actually know if I’m going to have enough no that’s open yeah that will work I think now I think we just need to put in a door for okay I might need to start being a little bit quiet cu family all going to

Bed so I will so it has to be a bit little bit more aware of my volume now which probably won be doing a too much more I reckon I just kind of want I probably won’t do the roof now but get a door I’ll get myself a door

Built um for that get some fresh uh plates as well what is the time actually oh wow it’s 10 11 so honest I’m actually kind of glad I started at nine instead of 10 B wasn’t a bad idea on my behalf doing the wrong time

W we are speed we are speed we are speed oh now I have an itchy side I I’m always going to find the online world for it’s helping me to actually care having def a yeah no definitely I agree I do agree especially during the co especially during Co I’ve come to

Come to realize you know you speak a lot more spoke a lot more obviously online during the co days and I met a lot more I mean hell you I mean hell you were one of the you were one of the people I met during that

Time but a couple a bunch of others as well am thankful for that um sand sand um do I have like a full oh yeah this thing is jam packed hope I know what to do with the rest of this never rack hope we’ll shove those

There there do I not have like just oh no I do just uh need three of those I’m just going to chop those away get rid of this black stone just having free Rogue Blackstone in a chest is just going to take up space which I definitely don’t want it to do so

Goodbye what we will do is put these necks on to cook so I can use this in all in due time and thanks to the lava buckets lava lava more lava more lava now I collect the Buckets now we just collect the lav again and now we oops can’t put them in that one oh can’t put it in that one going to have to just go there for now boom bam B give B one day one day it be great to meet you but I don’t

Really oops I don’t really Rush those things unless natural times opportunity because yeah know exactly no it’s one of those things there’s lots of people I’d want to meet there are a lot of people I want to meet um IR spoken to I’ve actually spoken to Lonnie about

Wanting to actually go to a vid going to a VidCon in the states maybe one time and one time S I can meet her meet her in the C others there is a trade why the Trad is in the water I don’t I don’t even know I don’t even

Care um but I think that would be that’d be quite nice I mean how I think it would I mean how even if we um even if we met at like a Convent like a convention or something that would be that would be pretty good probably be the ideal place too

Actually me to be honest when I think about it when one thinks about it that would probably be the best place to meet as I said there’s no rush to these things there is no rush oh that’s why I need a door uh do I just go iron doors or do I just

Go should I put a cherry should I just put Cherry doors in there cuz I have exactly two Cherry doors do a quas on me up quas on me up ComicCon is coming up oh that’s true wait when this ComicCon I knowed two when this when

Is remind me when that is it’s May is it May or June that’s obiously because when we met a celebration April it was like 5 minutes of interaction and I’ve always wanted May again but not the natur time that’s come up yeah I know exactly now I can understand that

You know what let’s put we’ll do cherry doors open I need um do I have I don’t stand a b how do I not have one of those interesting I have no pressure plates I thought I would have had some but I guess I don’t I guess I

Don’t oh w oh that was a Bild lag never understand how I get lag but it’s fine we go actually I’m going to use mangr doors actually I like those doors I actually like those doors so I now decided that I’m going to use those doors cuz I like Mangrove wood I know

Some I know a lot of people don’t like it but I like bangro wood I think it looks nice I just I do like the fact that I’m over my world I just got a statue of my character’s head just there should probably try and do one of my actual

Them storm TR one I think that would be cool me I think at least that’s when I was last time okay is late M Ah that’s to be on the other side of the world is I have to save up if I meet meet with you guys yeah know it’s it’s always a

Bummer it’s a bummer when you do have when you have friends um who live across the ocean it is unfortunate Buton if I were to come out to the states I try I would probably try and meet a lot of my friends if possible that’s why I said about me them at like

A VidCon or something like that because that would be the ideal that would be the ideal place to meet um people just go out there for like a week and just socialize Maybe This Year I’ll be brave enough to say lad of times ago I tell

You what P if I do if you keep me do you keep me um up State on when the time is I’ll go I’ll go with you to come and we can both see and we can both go and say hello how about that could be fun well that definitely doesn’t need to

Go there there we go that right actually goes quite nicely with it yeah know it works I like that boom all right so now we need to do here is just do the roof I’m going to take this glass with me oops nice all right I’m actually

Planning on Mt MMA but you know plans never really sick o yeah definitely are yeah think I’m going with the same group of people if you’re interested um yeah no absolutely no definitely I definitely be interested as long as they would as long as they wouldn’t mind as long as they wouldn’t

Mind me going I definitely can definitely do that um I have just like one random door which um oh I didn’t build stairs for this um don’t have the things at the moment you know what I’m just going to put this door here um random door go just a random door

I had to put some signs up well yeah no definitely just have to um maybe I should have a look at a date soon and then later because I need to book it off work usually wouldn’t be it wouldn’t usually be an issue but because I work

Friday nights now I need to I need to book that I need to book a Friday off maybe maybe I’ll have a look at the dates and see how that Goes okay so we have a lot of glass quite a lot of stuff if we thought I’m going to MTM and a day Al Li maybe I’ll come and find you guys then yeah no definitely no definitely I just I guess it just depends CU I’m always

Told that you need to have like you need to give it like more than one you need to spend like at least is it at least two days at least two days there like maybe the Friday and the Saturday or like the Friday or the Saturday Sunday I don’t

Know what I don’t know what days will be best I really don’t know um but I’ve always been told you need to give it like at least two days to kind of really go around cuz I’ve been to conventions before but I’ve been to um Lego ones and they’re not

Usually they’re not usually going around too much on them so yeah yeah no definitely I think that’s a I think that’s a good plan I like that plan and what I don’t like is this guy on my land be gone you gone Vermin just going to startop putting the leashes in there

Now sure they’ll have uses I’ll have uses for them there let’s check out the iron farm I thought they got some space I could probably put another Farm there but I don’t know if putting another Farm here would just lag out the thing wow yeah this thing is this thing is working like

Holy oh oh there you can see what happens and uh yeah that’s so that’s how it works they spawn in the corner and they uh they die they just die oh if need at least two days okay yeah no if we I tell you what P if you

Find out the date if you definitely find out the date of the weekend tell me and then I’ll B that off ASAP I’ll get that Friday I’ll get that um Friday night bugged off so I don’t have to I might even actually book off I might even actually

Book off the Wednesday the Wednesday as well especially if I’m doing freaking 12 to8 shifts I don’t want my I don’t want to if up my sleep don’t want my sleeping pattern to be effed up for it so maybe I might just B off that whole week just to make it

Easier B it all off not have to worry about it will aim for just s we always do Just One Day At cons because you know cash yeah yeah yeah no it’s valid oh I got the poppies I plant these threee poppies in remembrance of all the iron golems that

Die for my glorious industry uh okay so okay let me just move that lever down there and I think I’m going to sleep and then we’re going to start a raid and see if we can get a raid relatively quickly hopefully won’t have to wait too long to get

It Le I’m hoping I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t have to but let’s go and let’s go piss off the neighbors as long as booking in combination is as mental as last time oh oh oh yeah I remember that now I remember I remember I remember that whole Fiasco

When you were talking to me about it I remember that now oh boy it’s quite funny well not funny it was a pain in the butt but I’m kind of hoping that the convention would be too far away from the actual train station that we’d

Get do we get it from there I guess it would I mean I guess inferior wouldn’t be so bad but just just also depends of finding a place to go creeper oh wow I killed a creeper one hit interesting that’s a lot of zombies that’s a lot of mobs Spawning what’s up mother truckers hey crossbow guys I’m here to murder you hello oh look there’s another one ow oh wow skeleton running a spider you don’t see that every day all I hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for one of these guys to SP for

One of the flag guys to spawn broke his ankle I laugh as he breaks his oh I can walk upstairs so I laugh at myself for not being able to walk upstairs um well that’s awkward that is awkward is you too how much have away

From London well yeah we’d have to get a train we definitely have to get a train there we’ll say I’ll say that much damn yeah yeah I feel like in those situations even I mean obviously having that obviously obviously money is always going to be a problem but if we ideally

Just staying in a staying in a relatively cheap hotel would be better but knowing knowing anything they would charge a lot more because they know that it’s it’s MTM weekend so they probably like double the prices of all the rooms for the weekend at least it wouldn’t

Surprise me it would not surprise me in the slightest uh guys are you going to spawn anytime Soon I have a time scheduled a Q2 I mean I don’t but you know if I just walk away and come back in my spawn damn look at that look at my glorious Creations that I’ve made over there ah damn I honestly really wish that I had the

Footage from the twitch streams that I did of when I initially started this world I don’t have them anymore because twitch you know gets rid of odds well I do I was a oh did you say Aon BNB good oh fair enough I’ve SE in a Goods before but

Sometimes I not oh okay no I know so why I I glan by the Air BnB I know the Air BnB is gonna be pretty good usually well sometimes I know there’ll always be chances I mean if anything I mean me p and um the people who probably be going with us I

Imagine I imagine probably a plan would be to kind of go up there on Friday get a train up there Friday maybe not um maybe not go to the call on Friday but kind of just relax on a Friday none of these guys have banners do any of

These guys have banners I getting Bon B I will piss all you guys off until you drop a banner Guy come on show yourself Banner guy or you scared of me 360 um I should really up my rotation speed on this because it is very slow you know what um stivity to

85 that’s not bad oops oops did I fall in a hole I found just a random hole random little hole nice yeah absolutely yeah that’s what we did last time went up on the Friday went when the oh oh hang I’m trying to read part

Of the um chat is block is blocking part of the message I’m trying to read it um went to the con and have the P Saturday and Sunday then came home Monday oh okay after p i oh yeah it have isn’t there no remember no I remember you mentioning

That before I kind of just didn’t think about that actually that’s fine um that’s all right I’m sure where is this Banner Guy seriously Banner man I need you to spawn so I can kill you and then piss off the people so I can get a raid going but

You’re not wanting to spawn you’re being a stubborn little bastard you’re being a stubborn little git ow that also really hurt don’t want these bows get them out of here so I’ll stick around here for a couple more minutes and no one spawns them we’ll just run

Back we’ll just run back let’s just wait a minute see if anything any more spawn up or something like that make again hello there good sir welcome welcome how are you doing how’s it all going MCM is a while away fortunately there’s there signs working out yeah no absolutely there’s still plenty of

Time oh the cosplay I didn’t think about the cosplay I actually didn’t think about that did they they still wear the cosplay of the after party damn damn damn considering like some of the cosplay you do see that’s crazy that he sticking that most of the day H come on

Spawn look down here because sometimes they can spawn on the mountain range and the out edges are just full because they’re very much not intelligent okay that was two more spawn inside let’s have a little look let’s have a little look I still can’t go up

These stairs why do I struggle to walk upstairs I don’t Know okay there’s another one but still no Banner no Banner dang the chat delay it’s no it’s only the delay on um the actual there is a big delay on the actual like one on screen but I’ve got the YouTube chat up separately so there’s not much of a

Delay so you don’t need to worry about it your messages are coming through relatively quickly hello Ken welcome welcome um I don’t know what you’re saying Kenan I don’t don’t know what language that is so I could ask you to speak English if you could please because I don’t know

What you’re saying give me heading on now take guys yeah and take care I’ll probably be wrapping this up in probably the next 10 minutes or so especially if if I don’t get one if a banner guy doesn’t spawn now I’m probably just going to run back and

Just wrap it up to be honest CU it’s halfast 11 eing a little bit sleepy so prob not a bad idea probably not a bad idea uh someone was in Hano and carbon like dancing house that’s brilliant oh dear that’s actually funny that’s a very entertaining image of my

Mind don’t know why these banag guys don’t want to spawn what’s up with that what’s up with that ow they clearly do not want to die it would seem which is a shame hello Lera how are you doing welcome welcome welcome hope you’re doing well uh oops I think they respawned so

Let’s go and have a look I’m currently trying to find a banner guy to kill so we can start a raid but um they’re being stubborn I don’t want to spawn there he is hello there we go now he’s pissed off and now we have pissed him

Off so first off I’m going to e these crossbows off because I don’t want them then I’m going to jump off and do a 360 again hello Donkey all right where’s this sun actually at right now I be okay oh yeah there should be more than time to do that before it gets

Dark should be more than enough time yeah if in English and we can’t even speak that well that’s also valid I’m questionably my English is fluent questionably and I know a minuscule amount of Japanese because I am learning it don’t think I’ve mentioned to you guys but I am actually slowly learning

It very very slowly actually looking at going to do lessons think it’ll be good you mistaken Martin is me wait what wait what oh what I seem to have missed something did something occur in a comment section by any chance right let’s piss them all off and begin a

Raad I mean I already pissed off so that b was already a given have at me oops that’s a chicken I thought that chicken was one was them spawning but nope ah here we go B where did they spawn ow okay there’s one more where are you we

Do anything let’s go and grab their stuff they drop emeralds and a lot of valuable Goods I’m going to guess he’s running around the front like a wild guess on that one anyway have a look yeah was going to be the Train by got busy yeah no it’s no worri they call me

By your name in one of her recent shots oh Really you mistake the profile pictures Lara it’s kind of funny he by way L your shorts have been really good I’ve really enjoyed the shorts you’ve done no they’ve be really good say this every time but I really I really love your art style I really

Like just really like it I don’t know what else to say really like it it’s very very good anyone who’s not subscribed to her go subscribe to her now do it click off the stream and go subscribe to her then come back you have to do that it is the

Law don’t know what you’re doing all the way over there my friend um I think they all jump down here so let’s go and give them a bunk leave the sword hello wow you hit me from there I find it semi amusing how the guys of the crossb has to run up right

Next to you in order to get in order to like get shot of you they don’t like shooting you a ranger like right up in your face yeah it goes me names I think I mean I say maybe have similar profile pictures but it’s a completely different color so I don’t know trick

Shot all right have at me Raiders have at me oops where was that coming from oh there the other com from behind the thing okay o that was a really bad shot so was that oh answer what’s that oh hello you’re a big man you’re a big thing big

Thing don’t know why I called it a man it’s definitely not man it was big whatever it was W um he’s probably either gone around the front or he’s around back there still usually they like to get stuck around these areas for some reason I don’t know why Sounds like he might be stuck over here let’s investigate yeah we do both have hoodies so it’s definitely easier to get confusion to get confusion confused what is English where is this guy you’re that creeper because he’s scaring me me where you be maybe maybe he ran across actually I

Think the sound was going from over here but maybe he ran along Um I have no idea where this guy is he’s like bugged off and there are lots of zombies uh no you’re welcome there it’s the truth everyone should be subscribed to you we you make great shorts where is this guy he’s apparently this general direction did he fall down somewhere is he in

Here oh for God’s sake get out of here I have got to cover this up they keep spawning down here and I can never freaking find them pain in the bottox the lot of You where’s that coming from where do you be may change my name to pen too that will really confuse the Martin oh they’re going to be stuck down in the thing again again oh that was a really bad shot why am my arrows delayed oh there

We go shot the witch straight in the back of this Noggin I there actually over there interesting that’s good papow what am I doing charging my sword I got freaking be Powers at the moment they can’t touch me come at me witch I’m not afraid of you oh poison that’s actually a little

Bit of a problem bit of a scare but in theory I should be okay shut your face I hate you [Laughter] mine a b now that is true friendship right there I’m getting poisoned quite a bit right Now health is actually refusing to go down because I have the um thingy on oh look oh those that guy’s got to die or let’s shoot that guy I think the disappointing thing with the raids on the Bedrock is that you don’t have like the raids the

Levels that Java has it’s just like it’s the same lengths it’s the same wavelengths every single time um where was that invoker hello miss me thank you for the totem Now where’s that guy gone how long does a raid last for until you kill the until you kill all the

Mobs that um are there so you kill all the Raiders essentially which can usually be pretty quick but because of where I’ve got them spawned they can often spawn in really like that cave like really crappy places like that but thinkk for it wasn’t too too bad there we go nice

Bonk kitty cats um oh wow my inventory is chocked full of loot would see I did not pick up that totem seems like there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t picked up actually um what stuff don’t we want we definitely don’t need the eyes definely don’t want the crossbows or the

Saddles what h it might not be a bad idea to maybe wrap this up soon as well because I think my game is lagging a little bit I don’t know why hopefully it’s not been lagging on stream I hope it hasn’t it hasn’t been lagging well it

Has I hopefully it’s not been lagging too much I hope hopefully it hasn’t hopefully it’s been all right that’ll be kind of annoying look the best kind of friendships are the ones where you insult each other take me pounds for example wow I would say we insult each other but

Uh got some Redstone don’t know where that iron where do we get iron from oh it must have been from a zombie that makes sense right let’s grab a lava bucket oop we get rid of all this iron stuff oh now I think about it know for

The same amount of time I’ve known you’ve been yeah no probably I mean like me is like we say between like you me L and Lonnie um we probably all known each other probably about the same time D has it been this long now it’s it’s been a while when you think about

How long long it was especially when you think about especially when you think about how long it’s been since we actually did those mod the mod applications for peach that was that two that was nearly two years ago now like damn that is crazy it’s true you do you do like to

Bully me sometimes but I am the streamer so I got to be I got to get used to the bullying so it’s fine it’s all fine and dandy I’ll get you all back one day one day as long ever since we as long as ever since we did the yeah

I mean I don’t I wouldn’t I don’t think we really I don’t think we really spoke so much in her streams but it wasn’t I I think it wasn’t really until the application we did the mod apps was when we really obviously started to talk to each other I

Think yeah know you probably did because we because when um I said after the applications we made the um the Discord we made a Discord server and we basically all kept in all basically the moderators um for peach basically kep in we basically kept in contact this whole

Time which is nice it’s very nice let’s reject some things around uh put there I am definitely getting a s through I can feel my I can feel my fruit going quite dry and quite rough so oh boy that’s going to be an interesting talk with work

Uh gosh can’t be asked I can be asked how that talk at the moment I don’t have’t seen you on P streams for B I think I just saw positive yeah that’s valid oh Thea what was your first impress what was your first impression on me Martin huh I’m curious

Now you have spiked my curiosity um is there something I kind of want to do I kind of want to plant a tree and put these banners on there and just just name it the tree of death oops was meant to put the bucket in there cuz each of these

Banners I’ve killed is some is every time I’ve started a raadar whenever they’ve come onto my whenever they spawned on my Island so was kind of like yeah they asked for it shouldn’t have been there yeah no SS law M you kind you kind of you came in at a SS law

Like a really unfortunate timing really and also liked how one wait why why did I swim all the way over here I was L meant to go and get the lava I’m getting distracted and I liked how the one I think the one the reason that you

If I recall mine do um do tell me if I’m wrong but I feel like but I seem to recall the reason one of the main reasons you came to check me out was because I made a a I think I made a bad bad a bad batch

Reference and I think you recognized it I think you’re the only person who actually got it in there as well I got to go to bed go work tomorrow you you’re working tomorrow oh all right good night p take care I’m definitely I’m going to be

Wrapping this up soon so because it is it is late so I will be wrapping this up very soon get everything away oh wow I am officially fool on totems well almost ROM M heads all the enchanting you know what I’ll use these XP see how much all this gives

Me you said good soldiers follow orders yeah yeah I thought to he don’t want to know my first impression with everyone in P’s mug group was this is competition a that’s kind of weird though I kind of I mean we never really we obviously didn’t really speak during the whole

Um during during the whole like um process so it was I mean hell I don’t oops I doing I mean to be honest Lera I don’t think I don’t think I actually heard your voice like actually heard you until I probably saw one of your St your first

Story times I’m pretty certain because we obviously spoke a lot during the Discord but I’m 90% certain I didn’t actually hear you until like the story time same of Lonnie um as well that’s weird I never I’m not sure if I said this to you

Um the N but I I literally thought I had little to no chance of even getting or even getting picked out because I had no experience doing it I just kind of was brutally honest with like my experience and everything and I said that I stick

Around I tend to stick around in some streams for quite a long period and the reason I got on to the second bit uh to the interview bit was because I but pach said I was on um that I was really honest and she was curious more than anything which was kind of

Funny she likes honesty it would seem which is valid I suppose which is kind of funny and her reaction to hearing my voice is still so funny still so funny funny funniest things oh send my condolences as well in eror oh bless rip rest in

Peace why the fish Stu the B they St where they just kind of they might need more space maybe I’ll expand this in the future it’s right for now though all right I think I’m going um I think I’m oh good now I think I think we got D good A

Bit let’s just quick the just want to make sure the iron pal is still operational make sure it’s still working and then we’ll see if there’s anyone to raid into shall we uh yep it seems to be still working so that’s a win for me go check the mods Farm quickly as

Well oh that’s impressive yeah yeah no it’s just it’s it’s funny it just I really had there was no way that I thought I was going to get in so that’s why I was just kind of like you know what I’ll just be brutally honest with him be brutally honest with

Her and see how it goes so then when I got the email saying hey we I want to talk to you more about it I’m like oh okay said her reaction during my voice was funny because I think I just kind said hello to her and I first think she

I think she said hello and I was like wait are you are you British and I said yeah she said I had a very nice voice which was very nice of that oops something’s dying on there something else there yep this thing does work maybe I’ve got

To be on like a higher point for it to spawn all the mobs maybe we should test that I’ll test that in the future yeah first interaction with peach was definitely quite funny oh yeah really oh yeah know you did M I remember you saying I remember you saying that

Now I feel so embarrassed I didn’t have experience either but I L the peach come in my voice cuz I’ve always hated my voice now she said she’s she said I’m not sure if it was one of her streams or when she was talking to me but she

Really she said she said something like she really in she really likes unique voices or something like that if I recall I think that’s I seem to recall her saying something around those lines um don’t quotee me entirely but I I think to remember her saying something like

That yeah know definitely having her say that she liked that she liked my voice was definitely very pretty cool cuz as I’m the same than there I wasn’t particularly keen on my voice either I thought it sounded weird but she liked it so know what I’ll take the I’ll take those

Compliments I will take those compliments on my voice that I don’t think sound very interesting remember when she called in accent wait did she wait did she did she say something about it on stream before am I being dumb I don’t I don’t remember her mentioning that on the stream maybe she

Did that is a good question I’m not so sure on that one okay right I think we’re good to startop that I’ll tell one let me sleep and then can we can wake up to the day and not wake up during the night bam it is definitely nighttime hurry

Along don’t no I don’t think so I think a lot of those moderator things are not ending the actual application aren’t ending Until the End near the end of the month anyway so I say it will probably come up it’ll probably come up uh soonish I would

Say well it will end soonish you probably won’t hear anything back until probably I want to say mid-February at least I would say wait and see all right I’m just going to wander outside and then I will call it there all right save and quit boom there we go and

Stretch yeah no I agree Martin I wish obviously wish I hope wish Peach is doing all all well I’m sure she’s doing I’m sure wherever she is she’s doing great she’s a really tal she’s a really talented artist so whatever whatever she’s doing I have no doubt in my mind

She’s doing great but yeah no I do wish I could do wish I got the chance to say thank you uh thank you to her not only being A really lovely person but for allowing me to meet all of you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely just wish I just wish I could

Tell at that maybe one day maybe one day um right yeah no I’m sure she is I said she’s really she’s she’s really talented she’s not doing it so I’ll be very surprised if she’s not doing anything like anything creative to be completely honest cuz she’s got she’s got the talent for

It um right shall we have a look to see who we can rate let’s have a look blah blah blah blah blah redirect let’s have a look I’m not sure there is anyone uh no there is not unless is anyone anyone in chat want to recommend someone before we sign

Off I am all leers oh oh God oh no I did think I did think about um that certain penguin but I said yeah no she’s not um I knew she would have stopped streaming ages ago because she was going on to do another thing um now the ones here are scheduled um

H damn I missed it again oh sorry [Laughter] Duncan damn no no worries Duncan it’s all good Miss I say he didn’t miss much but he just missed I feel like some some of this stream just basically ran um rambling and ranting about Barbie that was basically the main thing

Really everything but I hope you’re doing well D hope you’re having a good evening but yeah we are we are probably going to wrap up we are wrapping up know live is either yeah no it’s no problem there no problem we weren’t we weren’t bother raing it’s

Fine I mean I could ra you guys into an upcoming stream I suppose but there probably no point really is there probably is no point so I shall not okay than you you to yeah wait you were ranting Bobby oh yeah oh yeah L you weren’t there were you

Well mean not to say ranting but I think someone brought up someone brought up Barby and I wasn’t really I wasn’t really that half I’ve seen the film and I wasn’t really that bothered by it like I didn’t dis I didn’t dislike it but I really

Wasn’t but I wasn’t that asked about it if that makes sense uh on second o i uh okay Y no we’re good he’s just been yeah I know it’s a long story not miss I wouldn’t say I’m missing much but basically said something things I think

P um P had some strong words about it and then people kept trying to change my name to Allan Ken and lots of different things no don’t worry Duncan I think that that jok is based were not that specific joke that you made but I basically Joker has been named about

Changing my name to things so oh you’re not it’s not it’s U it’s happened it’s definitely happened so worry not it’s all Good I’m sorry no I’m reading a schedule I’m reading a schedule for some someone’s stream and I think she’s mocked up some of the time zones because I’m a little bit confused so I might might ask her about that one oh bless her um yeah no it’s fine Duncan it’s all well and

Good right I’m sh I but see me yeah no absolutely absolutely take care take care M I’m going to I’ll wrap it up here now it was a good joke you got a good you got a laugh out of an eror so take it as a win Duncan but um

Right meantime I think we’re going we’ll wrap it up there now um as Martin says it’s approaching midnight for me as well so going to wrap it up here now um schedules I I I’ll try and get my next stream schedule out on Tuesday and we’ll go and I’ll go from there over there yeah no keep it simple I’ll keep it simple nice and simple schedule out Tuesday and uh we’ll um see how we go semi Insomniac in in in insomnia is not is not a joke it’s not something to joke

About with I’ve experienced it before and it was not fun not fun um but yeah anyway thank you all very much for coming by and watching I hope you all enjoyed this really random ass Minecraft stream again um yeah no hope you all have a good

Week say schedule will be out on Tuesday might try and release a short sometime this week maybe just like a random little YouTube short but I’ll see how I do just got to get got to get motivated to do more got to get motivated all right but yeah

Thank you very much for watching I’ll see you guys later have a good week and yeah bye-bye everyone take care of yourselves byebye bye I really need to BR of a proper outro have a good evening everyone Byebye

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A: Helmets are usually from AreaLight or Clone Army Customs.

Q: How many frames per second (FPS) do you animate at?
A: Usually 15 FPS.

Q: What editing software do you use?
A: For the VFX, I use After Effects. For general editing, Final Cut Pro.

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