Insane Minecraft Maze Challenge: $1 vs $1,000,000!

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Nico where are you taking us today we’re going to be showing giant mazes off to the public there’s no mazes yeah well oh gosh I did not get to that nah you got empty plots are you kidding me okay wait someone’s supposed to arrive here just a

Second I’m looking no one’s here oh my I’m here I’m here told you oh what where did you come from hello lady are you here to give us the supplies I am what was the surprise again are you okay you have a black eye did you get punched in

The face I got punched by a bear oh no that is sick yeah he’s right over there what there’s actually a bear Shady take care of that thing all done okay you know what whatever all right so the thing is um the builds for The Mazes aren’t really done what I was expecting

Mazes here no that’s tomorrow buddy oh gosh where D early no she said buddy since you guys are here you can help build them right oh man help build them what do you mean we’re going to be building the entire thing I had stuff to

Do today oh come on please I really need someone’s help for this will I get anything in return uh yeah I’ll give you a prize of a pencil what is it sharpened it sure is very sharp blood set a pencil pencil I don’t know about that one I’m

Sold I’ll do it if you buy me some grass-fed meatballs I’ll do it if you give me $100,000 okay fine I’ll add that too wait wait I want $100,000 to wait let’s go okay so shady you’ll be getting a dollar of course what Shady gets a dollar like always sorry Zoe you’ll be

Getting a th000 okay why does it go from a dollar to 1,000 I don’t know me you’ll be getting 10,000 10,000 I can do 10,000 Mia 100,000 and what’s this red guy’s name again this his name is Cash yes yes yes give me the million oh okay he gets

A million how did cash get the a million dollar I’ll see you guys over at your little Brokey plots I’m going to my million dooll one oh my gosh whatever we live in lavish over here okay you know what I guess I could work with $10,000

Time to build up my plot Excuse Me Miss uh yes how do I buy any resources well I would be helping you with that can I just buy creative mode oh sure it’ll just be 5,000 you can handle that right yeah take just take that from the budget

All righty how do I get creative mode though just give me one more second and there you go oh let’s go all right thank you and what wait I think I need one more thing I think I need world edit world edit ooh that’s going to take up

The rest of your budget though okay you know what it’s going to be worth it just do it okay let’s go all right I don’t need to do anymore thank you worker bye all right bye you know what for this maze I’m going to make this pretty big

So you know what let’s s on this bottom right corner and let’s go all the way over here and let’s go to the very top right there and let’s go up and slect right over here this is going to be a super difficult maze to escape so we’re

Going to make this at a Bedrock boom all right and then I’m going to make the entrance to this maze right over here you know what for the floor this means I’m going to make it iron blocks to make it super secure so set this to iron

Blocks and I’m going to make a bunch of different obstacles around this maze to make this super difficult starting off with the first one right here we’re going to go all the way over here to over here and then we’ll block up like this we’ll set this to bedrock boom and

We’re going to make this first part of the maze a lava parkour so let’s go right here select right here and let’s set this to Lava boom and now we can go like this build a Bedrock wall over here like so too and you know I think I’m

Going to make these Bedrock walls a little bit taller I might as well I have so much room all right that looks a lot better actually all right now we’re talking okay now we’re going to make this Bedrock parkour lead all the way to the end all right go like this go like

So and we’ll make these jumps relatively easy because this is the start of the maze we don’t want to make it too difficult off the bat okay nice right here make the jump go over here go a little bit out like so a little bit this

Way and perfect that is the first room done you know what this isn’t actually look like a maze yet but it would look like a maze soon because from above it’s going to be super duper confusing now this is going to lead over here it’s going to enter this room right here all

Right that looks good right here and you know what I think for this one I want to put an invisible parkour over lava so let’s let this the lava on the bottom boom now I’m going to take some berrier box right here and let’s go in like this

And this will lead all the way over here all right my friends are going to have to go through here and and they’re going to have to figure out how to get from here to here would really you just have to walk over invisible blocks now time

For the next room I think for this next room I want to make this pretty cool so I’m going to go and unelect from all the way over here to over here let’s set this to bedrock and then now let’s make the floor of lava again I don’t know why

I like making the floor of lava you know actually I’m just going to dig down like this let’s cut it out like so and then set the walls to bedrock boom and now we can set the floor to Lava okay and now at the bottom of this thing I want to

Place a slime block right here I think what what I’m going to do right here is I’m going to make jump boost parkour so let’s give myself a command block like this place it right there and then I’m going to enter a command right here and

Now I can change how much jump boost I can give so this could give jump boost four so let’s get a pressure plate right here place it all right now when we St by the pressure plate the should get jump boost right here now we can do the

Parkour all right actually I’m going to make this go one below so that when you land on this as they don’t die from Fall damage when they fall up there and then I’m going to get some iron blocks again like this and I’m just going to make

Some iron pillars right here go up like this we’re going to make this jump possible from here oh gosh that’s a little bit too difficult all right and that looks good with jumpers you can jump higher than normally so then we can make this these jump super duper cool so

I’m going to go up here like this and place a jump right here bam nice then I’m going to go down here and I think I can place a jump all the way over here all right and you have to make sure all this is possible in survival mode oh no

That’s not possible okay right over here oh and that is quite difficult all right I think that should be possible now let’s go all right easy that’s possible and then I want to make another jump right here like this nice and then another jump by here all right and

Perfect okay now we can have the ending of this area like this boom right but wait I forgot I need to go a little bit higher so now I’m going to place some blocks right here and now it could go into the next room all right let me just

Make sure all this is possible this is possible boom boom all right easy peasy okay this actually really cool and then now we need to have a pressure plate right here which gets rid of all your effects and now we can just up on this

In order to get rid of the jump boost and now we can go into the next area H for this next area I think I actually want to make this like a maze so you know what let’s get some concrete right here and let’s go with some gray

Concrete and now actually wait I think I’m going to make this a little bit colorful so I’m going to get some green concrete right here and I think I’m going to make these walls like three high and I’m going to make this not an ordinary maze but a water maze basically

How the water maze is going to work is I’m going to make this whole area room like this like so and then you’re going to have to go from over here all the way let’s make the exit right over here you’re going to do that all of that

Underwater and then I’m going to make the top seat through so you can walk over it which would be kind of cool so you know what we’re going to start off all the way over here like this we got to make this sort of difficult so the

Best way to make a maze is by starting off with knowing where it’s going to end and where it’s going to begin all right so we know it’s going to end right here so then we can make this s out a little bit like so and you got to make the maze

Random by just placing blocks randomly too all right so I’m going to make this maze Twist and Turn like this the more twist and turns there are the better all right this is going to be super duper confusing but that’s good okay I’m going to make a bunch of twist and turns

Throughout this place all right that looks good and now we can break a block right there lead into this section right here have it go all the way through here go like this and this is going to be super hard to do underwater I’m going to put a little breathing pockets in under

Here so that you’re going to have to come up for air sometimes that would just make this even more difficult all right I think this whole whole thing should lead to a dead end until you come over here so I’m going to go over here

I’m going to make this lead close to the end and then we’ll add a little bit of areas like this with the at lead to a dead end all right but we could continue to come out and I think I want the exit to lead in right here okay and I think I

Can honestly Place Bedrock on all these walls and don’t think I’m going to use these Corners so let’s go like that and let’s just fill in all the spaces we’re not going to use perfect okay now we can continue building the maze by placing these Bo blocks randomly all right this

Is looking really good from above I think I need to call someone to help though this is taking quite a while all right so I’m going to get my fold um hello spider I need you I need you to help build this maze I got to continue

On further parts of the maze so I’ll see you later to spider did you get that okay I should be got it some I’m going to leave it to you it’s a water maze you’re going to have to figure it out to spider all right you’re going to have

Just Place box randomly until you reach the end and the end is over here I’m going to continue on the next part of the Maze and for this next part I think I’m going to make Trident parkour up to the top like this let’s build this wall

Up a little bit like so let’s set that to bedrock nice now we’re going to need a chest real quick and then let’s get the Trident we’re going need to enchant this trident with Rip Tide too perfect and then we’re going need to place five of these nice and then now we’re going

To need to get water some slabs and now we can place this water just like this inside a little boxy area like so and this is going to go to another area and with rip T you can go super high like that that looks SI look at that all

Right I’m going to place the next section right here just like so and this will be the escape to the maze like this boom this maze is honestly super difficult so I don’t think any of my friends are going to get here but I mean

We’ll see I don’t know if catch is as good as me but I doubt it are probably super easy they did get better budget so I don’t know what they’re using with that they’re probably like hiring people or something all right looks like I can

Get to this one pretty easily you know I think I need to expand this upwards just a little bit too I’m going to make this go to the very top let’s go this side over here and then this side over here and let’s set this to bedrock nice and

Now let’s go over here and let’s Place Another block over here I don’t know if this rip tie is going to make it let’s see boom bam oh that made it easy what the heck all right and then now I think I’m going to make the last part of this

Place go all the way over here but I think I’m going to add a roof to this place cuz I think this is going going to be the top of the maze all right let’s set this roof to bedrock and then now let’s go over here and let’s make this

Escape to this place right here let’s see I think I can place some slabs going underneath like this then I can place some signs like so to go on both sides like this place the water oh gosh it’s leaking it’s leing I think fence skates should probably work a little bit better

Let’s get some fence skates and let’s place it all like so now I can open all of these and let’s get rid of these water patches here looks like they’re leaking from all Corners I’m going to do such drain 20 think we’re going to make these need to make these full blocks as

Well okay perfect done all right that was easy oh go no oh fix now I can go like this and let’s see if we can make it that oh that’s is going to be so difficult boom all right no I need to break some of this roof right here I

Think this is blocking it a lot okay boom oh no that is so hard I think we need to make break some of this roof diagonal as well just make this easier let’s see boom and that is possible okay that is good now I think the final thing

We got to do in this place is build a treasure room let’s go up at the top let’s place a block right here Boom place a block over here let’s do walls and we’ll make this diamond block bam this doesn’t look too aesthetic but it’s a treasure room so you know what that’s

All that matters all right we’re going to make the roof of this place Emerald blocks like this wow that is very colorful and very shiny all right and then now I’m going to play some gold blocks all around the room all right just like this this place is looking

Really good all right and I think I also should placed like armor stands or something to make this place a little bit shinier but this will basically reward everyone who beats the Maze and then they could take a little bit of treasure now let’s get a chest in the

Middle and let’s make that be a chest with gold and diamonds like this perfect and then now we can get some armor stands as well let’s have that have some golden armor too just to make this super cool all right that on that side that on that side and I think we

Are done and lastly I just see a sign that says congratulations you win congratulations you win I think I might as well congratulations wrong uh but you know what we’ll go with it okay let’s go we have all of my rooms done I think my friend should probably be done too wait

I totally forgot the M finish this oh my gosh let’s go okay you know what I have to finish this last thing before we do anything let’s place the fence gates right here let’s go over here and then over here let’s replace all the air with

Water okay now that the whole thing is water now we can go in from here to here let’s replace water with glass which will just make the top layer glass perfect and then now you’re going to have to enter and then you’re going to have to make it through this place but

I’ll add some water patches throughout this place so that you can breathe I’m going to have to go around and just add a little bit of fence gates around here just like this got to add this sporadically throughout the place so that they don’t drown you know that

Would be bad perfect and that’s looking really good actually I think that’s good for the water Pockets now we can just set this top layer to Glass again nice and we’re looking good I think that whole thing done all right we have the whole course and Maze done it’s time to

Go to my friends have you guys been waiting for me yeah we have you want to chill in one of these little things what is that is that like a canopy thing yeah my head kind of goes through it oh they’re in it together yeah me too all right should I

Be in survival or creative mode for your course Zoe it’s mine first Nico oh wait it’s your first yeah and I don’t think you need to be in uh survival look at how m it is oh wait let me see this oh gosh I had a dollar bro what is this yo

Lady you gave me a dollar I don’t want to hear it all right wait what I already know the way through Shady this is this place is dirt you had dirt walls this is nasty you know Shady actually for affording all this dirt and all this Cobblestone wait what you parkour here

Yeah I had to mine it on myself bro this is a fart maze you had to mine this yourself pretty much oh my gosh Shady any wait where catch go bam I flicked it that’s it all that for a dollar what’s my rating worker that’s pretty good

Though this this is honestly a two thanks IG oh man Shady got a two well you know what it’s not his fault for only getting a dollar sorry Shady yo Min are you finished on our base right cash what nothing o someone got CAU you can’t do that I didn’t do

Nothing I just had a little help on mine oh gosh I can’t tell cash I did the same Zoe what’s this all about now okay here’s mine this is so ugly what that’s just me in cash wao this is looking cool Zoe Zoe had $1,000 this is pretty good

Did you use it all in stone Z oh gosh oh gosh this is good going to be oh hi Zoe hi I’m a little confused myself I found the ex I’m just going to follow Cash’s name tag cash wait for me okay okay uh

And I found the exit woo oh yes sir what is this place look there’s like flowers and everything I found the lever lever to what that door over there the door there’s a lever to open the door look what I got over here lava parkour oh no

Wait so this is actually really good for $11,000 thank you wait but what is this do oh it just returned us to the spawn what the heck no it returned to Sender all right worker what do you think about Zoe’s build this is a solid five out of

10 five out of 10 for $1,000 so we did really good not too shabby I’ll take it all right but it’s time for the best one of all what in the world my $10,000 budget build this is probably the best one but you know what I’ll do it together with

You guys in Survival cuz it’s so difficult I already know how to do this it’s a parkour we have a lava parkour at to start this ain’t even a maze wait how did you guys find the invisible platform so fast especially Shady Shady speed running through this thing my done yeah

Boom and then now we have this thing oh oh oh wait C you might want to oh yeah you already got the jump boost what oh yes sir how did you get the jump boo so fast I just stepped on the pressure plate what you mean wait where’s Zoe and

Mia oh gosh I made it oh it looks like they’re going through it oh wait Shady get back here I’m completing it first oh wait the invisible maze you know what I’m not even going to do this maze I’m just going to watch you guys do it oh

Gosh oh gosh wait what I’m Shady I’m stuck I’m underwater Oh gosh Shady went the wrong way you know what I think I know the route oh no I think you to the edge and the the right we will win all right you know I’m doing it let’s go all

Right come on come on come on I know the routes I know the routes found it wait what you found it or ready y good job cash how where okay I think I got to go this way oh no no I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying I did not have enough air

Pockets to this place oh there we go I found an air pocket let’s go all right I think it should be over here and now I think this is the exit right here let’s go oh perfect Zoe and Mia where are you guys oh you guys are actually finishing

Pretty fast oh we’re finding it this is a bit diff diffult yo Nico this stash up here is lame I’m sorry what you’re all the way up there already this stash is lame bro I’m getting over there Shady what are you talking about it’s not lame it’s actually quite mesmerizing you know

Okay boom congratulations you win let’s go we did it zo I made it Nico this was a pretty mid course no pretty mid yeah it was pretty mid oh catch just fell all right worker what do you rate to build I would say a

7 out of 10 it’s not bad a 7 out of 10 that’s really good actually no she said mid out of 10 which means cash 7 out of 10 that’s number one she said mid out of 10 H that’s number one that’s number one you’re not going to beat me that’s it

I’m teleporting to Mia’s course all right Mia’s course let’s do this Mia had a $100,000 budget welcome oh yes sir we have a spawn part right here what this looks like a pretty good maze Mia’s a spacious maze this is way better than Zoe’s maze no offense Zoe hey I had a

Th000 I worked really hard on this yeah me I had 100x Zoe’s budget that is insane W press me or don’t okay press oh all right it looks like it kills you I do not want to press that thing Mia why did you place that in here because I

Have a spa point oh I found an invisible door what he did it again I don’t know why cash is pressing those buttons oh great I think we should do a race to see who could finish me as maze first go ni go ow oh you said race all right Next

Level Next Level we got to get to this Bas somebody said race I found that invisible door like so fast M that was so easy that was not meant to be found it’s cuz the light blocks or look different all right let’s see dude there’s a cockroach in here gross

Cockroach yo that maze is long as heck bro yeah it is quite large Shady already finished it there’s actually a trid in parkour what you guys got to prepare mentally for that shady how are you so good he went in before us cuz he’s that goat just call me The Maze Runner I

Think that’s a reference to something is there a monster in here it might be a little reference I don’t know Zoe I think I caught up to you oh come on hi Zoe hi why is it Riptide too m I’m getting through this maze all right gosh I’ve been running through this thing

Forever Wait I found the anel let’s go I’m behind the worker and wait oh it looks like it’s rip TI too boom let’s go this is easy easy peasy love is squeezy that was the easiest trient course ever yo y’all got to get over here cuz we got

To build an airplane together we got to what wait what yeah you need us yeah I’m doing the TR parkour this is sick right now Mia how did you make the designs on the wall this is so cool I may have had a little bit of help this must have

Tooken forever it did for them for who them Jes who’s them Mia all right create a flight machine oh gosh what is this I got no idea uh cat you know how to make do redstone I I could try okay you know what here watch this watch this okay

Okay cash you’re the Red Zone expert okay we put a a thing there and then we put a little Observer right here boom and you got to wait it’s got to be facing in okay boom there we go okay and then we put two slime blocks like this

Okay two slime blocks like this and then Observer over there a piston right here when an observer going like that and then you just boom uh you y you about is dead I’m just going to use the boat strategy you know what I agree Shady let’s do it oops I’m burning ow Shady

Wait I I got it I got it okay wait I think you go like this and then you go like boom and then you go like boom hold on hold on hold on hold on I need to change this one oh ni’s going what’s happening I got a piece of the floor

With me it’s working it’s working I told you this would worked y’all downed me I’m catching up to that thing let me go there ah ah come on come on make the jump come on come on come on make the jump let’s go hey oh yes sir Y how did this actually work

We’re fancy like Denny’s right Shady okay but how are you going to stop it what if I do this oh it still goes hey we don’t need any of this stuff anymore that was sick Mia that was awesome yay I’m glad it worked you mean that was

Sick cash yeah I know but like Mia thought of the idea you know cuz she built it all right oh the chopper was so easy yay that was like the poopiest dropper of all time and now we can press the button it just the exit oh and it t

Us to the start oh this was definitely an a eight out of 10 it was amazing no it wasn’t no it wasn’t this was a mid out of 10 an 8 out of 10 means be beat mine but you know what that one was way better than mine I’m not going to Lime

You it was very difficult to get it all right is she changing the sign oh Pop you want to see one that’s even better I say we race through mine okay sounds like a deal or something time starts now go go go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh

Hey n no I’m first already someone still my my cart y’all doubted me for what all right let’s go come on I’m going I the catches a leak Shady was trolling at the start I need to go fast no Zoe died Zoe died already how cuz she’s buns oh gosh

Oh okay I got to get out of here boom nice well what is this place this place is huge I’m behind you ni always behind me what this is so cool this place is going to be difficult you guys got to make sure to hit all the levers before

Exiting oh okay hit the levers before what is this this is insane wait is this this is this a lever inside of here y am I obligated to hit them I’m going to to do this parkour okay boom each room has a lever at the end of it and you got to

Complete all the parkours to hit the lever oh okay that makes sense that lever has been pulled all right find the other colored rooms gosh this is insane cash how’ you build this so uh no reason don’t look at my phone call history he definitely had a little bit of help I

Think so what do you mean no I didn’t that lever what did it activate um something for the end something for the end you’ll see just make sure you flick all six of them okay got it I reached the end and wait it looks like there’s multiple doors you’re right C we flick

Multiple levers all right I need to find the other rooms that’s what I’m saying we’ve only done ready green so far we need the other two I found a blue room what and it has speed yep you got to do blue and the last one’s purple oh I’m in

The purple right now oh nice okay I’m going to do the blue all right Dan all right which means that someone’s probably camping the door right now to defeat the speed run n they’re probably having a picnic near the door or something gosh wait this blue level is

Actually hard this like Neo jumps and stuff okay I flicked the purple lever wait what okay well I’ll flick on the blue one give me a second this is actually orange and blue all right Dan all right nice I did the new Jump which is the hardest part of this parkour now

We can just speed run through this thing and F this last all right CH be help oh gosh we got to go see if they’re picnicking near the doors we can’t let them do that they are picnicing through the doors all right I’m going through I’m going through go

Go go where’s shagi I don’t know but he might be behind which is good cuz Shady’s always good go go go looks like we need to shoot all these targets shoot all the targets shoot all the targets I’ll be kid you’re getting in the way who’s hitting me y’all cannot beat me at

Archery game pigeon y’all are sabotaging oh the door’s open it worked it worked let me in let me in go go go go go go go I did it I did it I did it okay come on come on come on I got to go everyone claim a puzzle I’m claiming this one

Back here wait what okay I’m claiming this one over here you got to figure out how to get it down to the bottom I’ll claim this one okay uh wait where’s the water at the top okay beans okay I need to get the water to the bottom so I need

To FP the green one and then the pink one all right so green and then pink and then purple all right that should be easy D why is it the bottom first one done I’m going to do this one as well Zoe what are you doing are you king me

Dude Zoe you you ruined it mine’s literally impossible mine’s Impossible Too no Zoe you’re just bad okay you do it then that’s what I thought Zoe mine is widly impossible uh oh gosh can we just open the door oh hi Shady what is that shady you’re on the other side of

The door hello buaka looks like cashes had some bugs in it he did not test it out Miner it’s okay I got this go we’re free Ender pears end pearls go go go go go go go go go the grind don’t stop Nah The Grind has stopped the grind don’t

Stop let’s go no the grind does stop every now and then yeah if we die but we just going to make sure not to die oh my gosh I am so low right now or if some real life stuff get in your way boom I’m

At the end oh no no no has the grind stopped the grinding tempor really been paused but it’s okay I’m here ow ow I’m back in the game I’m going get over here I’m back on oh okay okay okay okay next room wait what is this oh

No water here there water in here I’m I’m running I’m running I think I see something right here quart to La no you only opened that oh I did are you serious you skipped a warden fight I did and I defeated it you didn’t even read

The sign on the chest did you this is called vations and it gives me a stink break so Co all right worker what do you think of that this was amazing it has to be a 10 out of 10 a 10 jeez okay cash even

Though I know you got a lot of help from the miners you know I guess you win oh yes sir lucky but I got third place so that’s all that matters I think Shady got last I’m sorry Shady nah all right let’s go hey if you want to

Watch more n catch Adventures they click one on the screen if you enjoy then please subscribe bye guys subscribe bye bye

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Today, Nico has a $1 versus $1,000,000 GAINT MAZE challenge in Minecraft! Nico and his friends compete to see who can build the best giant maze! Will Nico get the $1 budget or the $1,000,000 budget?! Watch to find out!

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    Uncover Minecraft's Hidden Loot! #shorts #minecraftquiz In the world of Minecraft, secrets abound, Hidden items waiting to be found. Can you spot the difference, can you see, The item that’s hidden, where it shouldn’t be? Subscribe for more quizzes, more fun to be had, Join the adventure, it’s never too bad. With game commentary, and a female touch, We’ll keep you entertained, we love it so much. So come along, join the fun, In the world of Minecraft, under the sun. Spot the hidden item, test your skill, And remember, in rhymes, we always will. Read More

  • 29岁潘周丹热梗合集

    29岁潘周丹热梗合集 Welcome to the World of Minecraft with 方块轩! 方块轩, a prominent creator in the Minecraft community, brings a unique twist to MC animations. Their channel is dedicated to blending internet memes with humor to spread joy and laughter. As the only official channel of 方块轩, they ensure that all videos are original and not pirated content. What to Expect: – Daily updates with exciting original content. – A focus on creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere. – Incorporation of popular internet memes for a modern touch. Channels and Content: – MC Funny: Watch hilarious Minecraft animations at [MC Funny](…. Read More

  • DawnCraft Hindi: Better Than Minecraft?!

    DawnCraft Hindi: Better Than Minecraft?! Welcome to Dawncraft: A Minecraft Modpack Adventure! Step into the world of Dawncraft, a custom Minecraft modpack that promises to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. With over 200+ mods, Dawncraft offers a plethora of features that will keep you engaged for hours on end. What Makes Dawncraft Stand Out? One of the key highlights of Dawncraft is the abundance of bosses, storyline, quests, custom weapons, and much more. The modpack introduces a whole new level of depth and complexity to the Minecraft universe, making it a must-play for any avid gamer. Embark on Epic Quests Immerse yourself… Read More

  • Riding Rollercoasters in Minecraft Challenge

    Riding Rollercoasters in Minecraft Challenge The World of Minecraft: A Creative Sandbox Adventure Minecraft, a beloved sandbox video game, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its unique blend of creativity and exploration. In this virtual world made up of blocks, players have the freedom to build, mine, craft, and embark on various adventures. Let’s delve into the fascinating features that make Minecraft a standout in the gaming world. Endless Possibilities in Minecraft One of the key attractions of Minecraft is its open-ended gameplay, allowing players to unleash their creativity without limits. Whether you’re constructing elaborate structures, exploring vast landscapes, or engaging in… Read More

  • Ouch! The Only One Saying “Ow” #shorts

    Ouch! The Only One Saying "Ow" #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, I bring you the news, with a rhyming spree. Updates and features, all in a rhyme, Keeping it fun, every single time. From new mobs to biomes, and everything in between, I’ll keep you informed, with a rhyming sheen. So join me in the world of Minecraft delight, As we explore together, day and night. So follow along, as we journey through, The world of Minecraft, with a rhyming view. And remember to like, subscribe, and share, For more Minecraft news, with a rhyming flair. Read More

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    Crafting Iron Golem in Minecraft My Minecraft Adventure Welcome to My Minecraft Adventure! Chapter 1: The Iron Golem So, like, I was scrolling through YouTube, right? And I stumbled upon this video about how to make/spawn an Iron Golem in Minecraft. I was like, “OMG, I need to watch this!” Video Details: How to Make/Spawn IRON GOLEM in Minecraft (Bedrock/PE/Java) Working Fastest Plane in Minecraft – Watch Here This video is about: Minecraft iron golem tutorial Minecraft iron farm How to spawn iron golem Iron golem farm design Chapter 2: My Thoughts After watching the video, I was like, “Whoa, I never knew you… Read More

  • Punny Upgrade: Crafting Better Rhymes #shorts

    Punny Upgrade: Crafting Better Rhymes #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks reign supreme, I bring you the news, like a digital dream. From updates to tips, I’ve got it all covered, In rhymes that will leave you utterly smothered. So join me on this journey, through pixels and blocks, As we explore the world, with all its shocks. I’ll be your guide, your source of delight, In the realm of Minecraft, where everything’s bright. So come along, and let’s have some fun, In this world of creativity, under the sun. I’ll be your news reporter, with rhymes that ignite, Bringing you the latest,… Read More

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    Minecraft Battle Royale: Mutant Zombie vs Freddy vs Jimbei! 🔥 When you’re trying to have a peaceful day in Minecraft but suddenly you’re caught in the middle of a mutant zombie, Freddy, and Jimbei showdown. Talk about unexpected guests at your virtual house party! #minecraftmayhem #unexpectedbattles Read More

  • 1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge

    1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft: Surviving the Challenge The Epic Journey of Surviving 1,000 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft Embark on a thrilling adventure as a hardcore Minecraft player recently hit 8,000 days in their world. To commemorate this milestone, they have created an epic movie showcasing the madness of god apple farms and bedrock farms. So, grab your popcorn and witness the incredible journey unfold before your eyes! Celebrating 8,000 Days of Hardcore Survival Surviving in hardcore mode in Minecraft is no easy feat. With limited resources and the constant threat of permadeath, every decision matters. The player’s dedication and skill have allowed them to thrive for… Read More

  • Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations!

    Join Minewind Minecraft Server for Epic Sand Art Creations! Welcome to! Today we stumbled upon a mesmerizing YouTube video featuring Satisfying Minecraft Sand Art of a Creeper with a Golden Retriever Hat. The pixel picture created by stacking sand on torches and then breaking them to reveal the final image is truly a work of art. While watching this video, we couldn’t help but think about the endless possibilities for creativity and expression in Minecraft. If you’re someone who enjoys unique and visually appealing creations like this sand art, then you’ll love the Minewind Minecraft Server. Minewind offers a vibrant and dynamic community of players who are… Read More

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    DIY Abandoned Mini-Games Lobby: Ruined Fountain My First Impressions on Minecraft Video My First Impressions on Minecraft Video Minecraft: How To Build The Abandoned Mini-Games Lobby – Episode 1 – Ruined Fountain OMG, so like, today I watched this super cool Minecraft video on how to build an abandoned mini-games lobby! It was all about editing the classic lobby Fountain to make it look all spooky and derelict. I was shooketh, but in a good way, you know? First Thoughts When I first clicked on the video, I was like, “Whoa, this is gonna be epic!” The YouTuber was so chill and funny, and I… Read More

  • Shaggy’s Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4life

    Shaggy's Insane Minecraft Adventure: DAY 1 Hardcore Livestream! #badboy4lifeVideo Information This video, titled ‘DAY 1 HARDCORE MINECRAFT // DON’T MINE AT NIGHT #badboy4life [MINECRAFT] [Livestream]’, was uploaded by Im Shaggy on 2024-03-06 13:25:59. It has garnered 53 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 04:04:28 or 14668 seconds. G’day Barrels, Please Consider Subscribing xx 🎤Join the Discord🎤 Shaders: Resource Packs: Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Mobs Battle

    Ultimate Minecraft Mobs BattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft |Mobs Battle| Corrupted Champion VS World of Bosses’, was uploaded by 100 Hundred Plus on 2024-03-21 17:06:31. It has garnered 1117 views and 48 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:48 or 1428 seconds. Hello My Friends… I Hope You’re Doing Fine …Please Be Happy And Subscribe To my Channel and Give me Your Opinion in Comments … Thanks Mods : The Graveyard Link : World of Bosses Link : My Main Channel The Twilight Forest Cosmic Fiend Archaic Sentinel Mutant More Mutant Beasts Blue Skies Summoner Farseer Vanilla Mobs… Read More

  • Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #Shorts

    Unbelievable: Skibidi Toilet in Minecraft #ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Spar1er on 2024-02-17 03:00:01. It has garnered 6809 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. skibidi toilet in minecraft #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft mod,minecraft challenge,minecraft funny,minecraft update,minecraft but challenge,minecraft survival,minecraft seed,minecraft how to,minecraft facts,minecraft,minecraft rarest,minecraft hardcore,minecraft,minecraft speedrun,minecraft pero,minecraft memes,minecraft shorts,minecraft tagalog,minecraft bedrock,minecraft 100 days,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft meme shorts Read More

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  • UNBELIEVABLE MODS! PART 69 #minecraft #mods

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    Join Wilk SMP now - Free Bedrock + PE SMPVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴’, was uploaded by DEWILK GAMING on 2024-03-28 14:38:24. It has garnered 180 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:13 or 613 seconds. Minecraft Public SMP – Free to Join ! | Wilk SMP | Bedrock + PE SMP | Minecraft LIVE 🔴 #games #videogames #minecraftbuild #minecraftindonesia #minecraftonly #minecraftdiaries #minecraftart #minecraftersonly #minecraft #minecraftskins #minecraftdaily #minecraftedit #minecraftserver #minecraft_pe #minecraftforever #minecraftcake #minecrafyuniverse #minecraftpocketedition#minecrafters #minecrafter #minecraftmemes #minecrafts #minecraftbuilds box #minecraftparty #minecraft #minecrafthouse #minecraftmonday #minecraftcreations… Read More

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    The Rock's Jaw-Dropping Minecraft Nature 🌳🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Beautiful nature of minecraft❤️🩵……#shorts’, was uploaded by The Rock highlight on 2024-03-02 15:22:59. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • EradicaMC

    EradicaMCTowny – MCMMO – Custom: Ranks, Jobs, Crates – Player: Economy, Market, Auction – Legendary: Weapons, Armour, Tools Read More

  • MCEssence – Vanilla SMP

    Welcome to MC Essence! Are you tired of the chaos on other servers? Join our vanilla SMP for a more balanced and enjoyable experience. MC Essence started in 2021 and is now on its third season. Our theme is old-school Minecraft fun with strict rules against griefing and stealing. We have plugins in place to rollback any damage caused by griefers, ensuring a safe environment for all players. Check us out and see if MC Essence is the right fit for you! Join our Discord: Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Typos in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Typos in Minecraft"Looks like someone needs to recheck their spelling enchantments before casting that meme! Read More

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    Join Minewind Server for a Thrilling Minecraft Experience! Are you a fan of Minecraft mods and looking to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further! While watching a tutorial on how to get Fluix Dust in the Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) mod for Minecraft 1.19+, you may have realized the importance of being part of a thriving Minecraft community. If you’re seeking a server where you can put your newfound knowledge to the test and interact with like-minded players, Minewind is the place to be. With a vibrant community, unique gameplay features, and endless possibilities for exploration and creativity, Minewind offers an unparalleled Minecraft experience. Join us… Read More

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    Crafting Memories: Minecraft's Score Welcome to Eggy Bread XD, where gaming shines, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more in line. Hit like, hit subscribe, for content divine, Bell icon for updates, so you’re always in prime. Gaming galore, with a playful touch, Minecraft explosions, redstone clutch. Xbox, PS, Nintendo, all in the mix, Eggy Bread XD, gaming fix. Slime Rancher, Fall Guys, Rocket League too, Gaming community, engaging crew. PC gaming, shorts that thrill, Eggy Bread XD, the ultimate skill. Read More

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    Fatal Error: When Your Minecraft House Burns Down When you spend hours building the perfect Minecraft house, only to realize you forgot to put a door on it. #fatalerror #minecraftfail 😂🏠🚪 Read More

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    Discover the Ultimate Minecraft Experience at Minewind Server Welcome to, where we bring you the latest updates and trends in the Minecraft community! Today, we want to introduce you to a unique way of learning German – through Minecraft. In a recent YouTube video titled “Finally Home again!! [Comprehensible Input German],” Monday Morning showcases how gaming can be used as a tool for language learning and entertainment. By immersing yourself in the virtual world of Minecraft, you can pick up new words and phrases in German while having fun at the same time. If you’re looking to expand your language skills and enjoy gaming, then joining… Read More

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    Minecraft Pitch Perfect: Crafting Cricket Chaos Welcome back to Minecraft, where we craft with glee, Today’s adventure, a cricket pitch you’ll see. From laying the foundation to adding the last stitch, Join us on this journey, it’s a Minecraft pitch! Grab your virtual bat, let’s swing and hit, In the world of Minecraft, where creativity is lit. Follow along as we build, block by block, Creating a cricket pitch that truly rocks. Like, share, and subscribe for more Minecraft fun, Stay tuned for the next episode, we’ve only just begun. Diamond Gaming YT, leading the way, In the world of Minecraft, where we play and… Read More

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    Experience the Ultimate Fun on Minewind Minecraft Server! Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers with boring gameplay and lackluster features? Look no further than Minewind! With its unique blend of survival, PvP, and roleplaying elements, Minewind offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience like no other. Imagine exploring a vast and immersive world filled with endless possibilities, where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer looking for adventure, Minewind has something for everyone. Join us today at YT.MINEWIND.NET and embark on a journey unlike any other. Make new friends, conquer challenges, and unleash your creativity… Read More

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    Discover the Best Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4 and Join Minewind Server Now! Welcome to! Are you a fan of exploring new and exciting Minecraft worlds? If so, you need to check out the top 5 awesome seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4 featured in the latest YouTube video “Top 5 AWESOME Seeds for Minecraft 1.20.4!” These seeds offer a variety of landscapes and structures, including mountains, woodland mansions, villages, cliffs, temples, mushroom islands, and more! If you’re ready to embark on a new Minecraft adventure, make sure to visit the Seed Coordinates provided in the video description. Each seed comes with its own unique features and challenges, making gameplay even more thrilling… Read More

  • Crazy Gaming Myths! Is Jack_Bhaiya Real?

    Crazy Gaming Myths! Is Jack_Bhaiya Real?Video Information This video, titled ‘Chhichora Jack_Bhaiya @AnshuBisht #gamerfleet #minecraft #fleetsmp #jackbhaiya #herobrine’, was uploaded by Mythes on 2024-01-14 02:30:02. It has garnered 7872 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:52 or 52 seconds. #payalzoneroast #gamerfleet #payalzoneroasted FleetSMP new Member🤣😂😂 Ballu Beta😄 @Gamerfleet hardest mlg 😍😯😳#jackbhaiya #anshubisht #gamerfleet Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a video from us. CREATIVE INDIAN GAMERS in Minecraft 🔴 techno gamerz, bbs, mythpat, live Insaan, fleet, yessmartypie Gamer fleet vs Me MLG clutch @GamerFleet @TechnoGamerzOfficial #mlg #minecraft @YesSmartyPie is All in one… Read More

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  • MooseLands

    Kit PvP server, in need of a developer. Yeah, it isn’t great. It is in progress, and that is what we are making. Read More

  • FroobWorld Semi-Vanilla SMP PvE 1.20.4

    Server Information IP: Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our Website Dynmap: Check out our Dynmap About FroobWorld FroobWorld is a small survival server that has been running since 2011. If you enjoy old-school SMP, you will love our server. Rules include no griefing, no stealing, no cheating, and keeping chat at PG-13 levels. Features Land claiming with no size limit Lockette-style chest locking /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands Long-term maps 32 chunk view distance No donations or prizes for votes Read More

  • Formo Craft

    Formo CraftNon-Premiun Server 100% Survival 1.20.4 | Job | Economy | ProtectionCome in and Invite your Friends, the game is 100% survival. Play a fair game. Read More