Insane Minecraft Mods Testing! 😱

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Is St There we go there we go th this is a mod this is this is the mod that we’re adding anyways hold up let me fix my fov holy [ __ ] uh is everything working fine I’m pretty sure everything’s working fine now hello everyone welcome back to another stream uh today we’re going to

Be just reviewing some mods and stuff like that I wanted to check over some mods I I installed uh clearly we have like four tabs of mods one of them being the Kawaii the Kawai Cafe mod I forgot what it’s called actually hold up it is

Kawai Kaw the [ __ ] okay wait no there’s a specific name for this one kawai’s Foods I think yeah it it adds like various of like cookies and like little cafe [ __ ] right um but yeah uh very cool outfit oh my goodness I think I think my skin is

Kind of like messing with it because as you can see the 3D the 3D nness is uh a little a little you know weird but yeah um as you guys can see we have 3D modeling I don’t know if you guys can see it but um one of the mods that I

Added was 3D models if you can see the second layer that you guys add for your Skins are very 3D like so that’s another thing that I added of course I added the the backpack mods because hey why not I think we can also add like upgrades to

Like the thing also uh so if we go like where is it s sophisticated backpacks we can we have like different upgrades like magnet upgrade etc etc etc that’s pretty cool it it has loads of updates not updates upgrades Jesus Christ I can’t speak for some reason uh

So yeah we can just do that and um I I was so confused on how to like equip it because I I I don’t know much about this mod I’ll be honest with you guys but um basically to equip it all you need to do is just go to your

Inventory click on this little button over here and then you should have an area called back you can just click right there and boom we have it here woo yeah backpack mod for the win and all you have to do is just change your key binding because I changed mine uh

Apparently the key bind I forgot which one it was um I think I don’t know which one it was but apparently I wanted to I wanted to put the open backpack on B so if we Press B here we will have here we go the backpack pretty nice pretty nice all

Right let’s go to the more obvious things um what the [ __ ] is going on uh oh dude what was that wait Jennifer Jennifer started on what oh [ __ ] she just came back too didn’t sh yeah wait why did my stream not what the [ __ ] what huh I think the bot is not

Working why the [ __ ] did I not announce in the server the [ __ ] okay uh hold up did see someone live but like what is she streaming streaming lethal company ooh I miss Juniper it’s been a while since we’ve talked just recently um Whatchamacallit toast was like texting

Her and we were like oh damn she’s alive let’s go what in the world is that dude coming from this way no it’s loud going on what’s going on ah ah o ooh ooh ooh yeah oh God oh God oh God what is that what is that legit what is

That wait hold up what the [ __ ] I have subtitles on there’s nothing that can let’s go Up what okay what if we go down then what was that like legit I don’t know what mod that was I’ll be honest with you guys I don’t Know oh hey okay um H this is very unexpected I did not expect a cafe to be here I’ll be honest I know I scripted just the only two things I I I I had there this is not scripted what the [ __ ] is this coffee machine oo it’s a coffee

Machine and there’s like a little cup over here nice that’s pretty cool pretty freaking cool okay let’s continue to the to the other mods that I also installed as you guys can see variations of pigs as well so it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool we

Have like a lot of variety we also have new Mobs too what the [ __ ] is this it’s a bon I don’t know what the heck is that Bon I don’t know what is this I don’t know I I can’t I can’t oh uh huh I don’t

Know we have new new fruits new foods Etc we have floating islands just in case if you guys are feeling a little adventurous if you guys want to like climb up up there and uh and just you know explore for your for your own um I had to

Add this um this guy I’m not sure if the clouds work right now I don’t know like I’ll be honest I I think the clouds work I don’t know we’ve I’ve been having issues so with it like with the clouds recently and it’s kind of like it’s kind of

Stupid okay uh we can go today now but uh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay let’s see let’s see what other things this mod has okay we have the crate mod of course I’m not going to get into it uh today because there’s a lot a lot to get over

With uh the create mod uh but yeah I I was planning to have it uh in the in the mod pack we also have uh simple sword simply swords sorry not simple swords that the heck it is not simple at all um so yeah we have this apparently this is

Like more powerful right no there’s like wait it’s like 2.3 with the oh okay so they have like different abilities cool okay so that’s something uh we have born and Chaos too born and chaos is basically like different mobs different like stuff we have so much stuff to get go over I

Don’t think we can do it in like one episode uh but we also have way ston so we can like put like a um what’s it called teleportation area so we can just call this uh Spawn Two for now this Global yeah sure let’s make it Global

And then let’s say that we go all the way over here over this place right let’s just say let’s just say let’s just pretend right oh yeah we also have new blocks I think I think that was obvious let’s just say that this is our

Home and we’re going to put it Global as well so we can just go here and then we can just go to spawn oh that’s pretty cool then we can right click over here go back to home and that’s pretty cool but of course this can only be access

For like public spaces and stuff like that and as you can see we have a Waypoint there which will which is actually uh another thing that I was going to show you guys too as you guys can see in the chat the first thing that you guys see when you guys join is

Journey map press J so when we press J over here we have home and then we have spawn we have like way points and [ __ ] like that um you can like see where you died Etc um you can even yeah like I said you can add your own waypoints here

Like create a waypoint uh call it my ass uh put whatever color you want you know save and then it should be targeted there and then boom you have like a whole ass Tower over there it’s pretty cool it’s pretty nice it’s pretty helpful um for some people who might be

Losing some stuff you know personal stuff and all that stuff we have raccoons too cute little raccoons is pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself um so yeah I don’t know all of these are pretty freaking cool then we have warp Stones I’m guessing it it just teleports you

Right um I don’t know we also have artifacts um which if you guys don’t know about genin it’s basically kind of like that it adds like um not not benefits but skills it it basically gives you like little abilities so you can uh let’s say that we want a necklace

That has a chance to damage attackers we’re going to use this on like a skeleton or something uh or wait wait wait wait or or or we can use H what can we use actually we can use feral claws actually increases a wear attack speed that’s pretty cool right we need attack

Speed that’ be that’d be awesome so we need axe let’s grab an axe it’s pretty cool I if I do say so myself again uh then me we have we have to click over here let’s put on the necklace where the heck is the necklace

Okay there we go then we put the hands over here ooh nice okay now let’s put uh some how about we summon some he summon actually M miscellaneous miscellaneous miscellane I don’t know how to say it uh let’s add what is hostile I think spiders right spiders yeah

Spiders okay let’s add some spiders here um oh yeah it also has like a little little detail right there okay so we can do this boom oh oh ooh now as you guys can see um our axe attack speed was fast however if we remove this let’s remove that as well

You see how our axe is just slow now we summon the spider again we summon a spider again sorry Jesus Christ I can’t speak today I’m so excited to share this I’ll be honest with you like these mods are really cool if we attack the spider again our weapon reloads faster which is

Pretty handy in like battle situations if you want like um I think I think bows also work but like let’s say that you’re like an axe person right like you want to kill people with axe right this this little this little uh artifact is very helpful for people who love doing axes

And stuff like that also speaking of which oh my goodness we have an axe update let’s go back to Game Mode creative real quick and then get the bookshelves um we will explain why the heck the there are different colors for um for the Enchantment books it’s a long story

I know I know uh let’s let’s do this let’s do where is that playing dude what is that like it’s not even showing up maybe it’s like jukebox right maybe I don’t know okay uh we’re going to put this here there we go all right enchantment book there we go

Okay okay so if we go over here we will see holy crap wait we can add sharpness to our axe yes you can um you can add basically any um what’s it called attack um enchantments with it guys can add like I don’t know I think fire aspect Works hold up fire aspect

The [ __ ] I’m sorry I’m like what the [ __ ] uh okay then we’re going to get an anvil then we’re going to add this here yes you can you can get fire aspect to your freaking diamond axe who doesn’t want a freaking diamond axe fire aspect 2 dude like legit this is like the

Coolest thing you can get hello Mr red splatter dude red how you doing all right oh yeah these are peaches these are PE peach trees okay um where should we okay let’s summon that spider again all right see oh my God that’s pretty freaking cool all right then we added

Another mod for the enchantment table specifically we’re going to get lapis lazoi real quick okay we’re going to add this here diamond axe uh I think I need to De enchant it first um how do I de enchant uh grindstone maybe yeah I think it’s a grindstone

Yeah thank you red I guess all right let’s remove the enchantments here okay as you guys can see oh man efficiency to I want something else my to range not even close okay I don’t like these enchantments I don’t like them however if you do not like them you

Can always roll enchantments what does this do you may ask We reroll Them efficiency one sharpness one Smite V you know what I wanted Smite V on my axe let’s let’s give it Smite V and then you you get Smite V which is pretty freaking

Cool you also have these new um I think enchantment I think these are enchantments that’s pretty cool uh yeah you guys can see the the enchantments there’s a lot of like uh enchantment stuff happening too um I do not very much like the the the what’s it called

The new enchantment book look but eh I guess we can I guess we can pass through that but yeah um we we somehow have like boomerangs I don’t know why uh let’s just say [ __ ] it okay wow that worked is it going to come back yes it

Is okay I wonder can we attack like mobs from a distant range yes we can aha it didn’t scare me because I’m in Creative the M all right uh let’s remove all of this um let’s continue on I want to see the the born of chaos um mobs here real quick because

This is an interesting mod that like kind of uh sparked my interest let’s see we have like different Mo Mobs as well I can’t speak today for some reason I don’t know why uh 1 2 3 4 seven eight okay all right we’re going to go over a few

Mobs we have this little buddy called the skeleton uh demo man he have like he has dynamite in his [ __ ] I don’t know I think that’s cool we have the decaying zombie the poor dude that’s already decaying over here we have a baby skeleton spawn egg we

Have another baby I think I grabbed both of them yeah they’re the same thing all right we have barrel zombie spawn egg it’s a little zombie that’s [ __ ] in a [ __ ] uh barrel and we have the the Phantom creeper spawn egg kind of scary you don’t want to mess with him you

Don’t want to mess with him we have the door Knight spawn egg pretty freaking cool he has a door it’s kind of like Plants versus Zombies uh zombies isn’t it and we have the Restless Spirit oh you don’t want to mess with them and we have the skeleton Trasher oh my God this

Dude you don’t want to mess with this dude you want to have like powerful uh stuff right want to have powerful items uh let’s go continue with this one wait no we already have that one one one two three four five six 7 8 n all right

Let’s go over more of the of these because I’m actually more interested this uh uh we have the seared Spirit spawn egg ooh that is terrifying actually terrifying we have the pumpkin Spirit spawn egg pretty tall dude I think he’s like four blocks if I if I’m correct we have the Fireflight

Spawn EG which is oh Jesus Christ oh they have beef they have beef let’s let’s walk away we have the Diamond Termite spawn egg I don’t I don’t I don’t know how you can find these mobs I’ll be honest with you uh but it’s pretty pretty cute look at it pretty

Cute we have the bone scler SC SC bones bones collar spawn egg pretty sure these are like mob not like a bosses right I don’t know we have so many freaking mobs dude so many I don’t know why I get like two of them ooh ooh that’s scary all right we have the

Nightmare stalker spawning I’m guessing uh they become visible when when they target you or something like that that that’s my guess at least I hope I hope it’s not buggy but yeah um we also have the different weapons we have the dark ritual dagger it’s small but it could

Cause a lot of damage who knows o kind of like a diamond sword yeah we have a lot of weapons a lot of armor I won’t get into it again um but yeah it’s pretty freaking cool we also have like lamps here what the heck this lamps whoa

Heyo oh you can ride this too holy crap okay nice all right let’s get off is 1: a.m. go sleep we also have uh different structures over here of course um wouldn’t be a modded modded Adventure without structures we also have little things like this you know it’s pretty cool it’s pretty

Nice uh then you can right click over here it’ll tell you the Minecraft time not the real time of course but it’ll tell you the Minecraft time right here we have uh different we have a lot of things we have a lot of things as you guys can

Tell but yeah you guys can see nuget of experience what’s this uh oh oh that’s pretty cool okay blankon again there’s a lot of stuff there’s a lot of stuff uh up to you uh red but yeah we have a lot of stuff here

We have raw zinc we have oh my God so much stuff again so much stuff to to uncover today um but I can’t do it in like like a day um okay let’s continue um what else do we have we have dreams and desires what the hell is this this flywheel component

W uh I think this’s like an add-on to like um the create mod so again um you guys can like adventure with that one uh I’m going sleep okay take care red good night okay let’s continue on what is this dude yellow I I I don’t know I don’t know what that

Mod is oh actually hold up let me right click or let me middle click click infernal Evil Pumpkin what exactly is this in oh it’s born in chaos okay all right again again we have like so much stuff to like uncover and it’s oh so much so much take care

Bread I don’t know why I’m sweating it’s like 69 Dees what the heck all right uh what else do we have Jesus Christ dude yeah we have a lot of um damn I’m sorry I’m just baffled by how much stuff this is that this has and

It’s crazy uh we have a lot of like exploration stuff a lot of stuff I don’t know I don’t know how to I don’t know how to to some this up uh we’re going to grab stone bricks though real quick real quick we’re going to we’re going to grab

Stone bricks just normal stone bricks where the heck is it okay there we go and then we’re going to grab ah [ __ ] I forgot not artifact where is it where is it where is it I don’t know where it is what the hell uh oh okay we’re going to grab the

Catalyst so um if you guys don’t understand what’s going on already um or why I’m grabbing these things why I’m making it into like a portal frame you guys will understand in a bit we have New Dimensions and one of them as far as I know is the

Undergarden there a pretty cool new dimension um I’m pretty excited to show you guys uh in order to uh make the Catalyst I forgot how to make the Catalyst actually okay we can go to the Catalyst here uh Catalyst you guys can make it like this it’s pretty freaking expensive

But if you ask me I think it’s pretty worth it let’s go so we’re going to go into a new dimension oh it’s dark hello hello oh God I’m in the I’m in darkness I’m in darkness okay it’ll take a while since I since I am like not hosting this but

Like making a single players uh world with this it’s pretty laggy like I said because it’s rendering all this all these chunks um but as you guys can see we have a new world pretty scary but pretty colorful in a way you know oo nice this a pretty pretty scary place

You don’t you don’t want to Adventure alone here basically you have this little Pond which um is basically the void and if you’re not careful you’ll get you’ll get like a special type of poison which you do not want to touch or have by the way yeah you get this very

Lens I don’t know what the heck that means I don’t know if that’s an e if that even is a word in the dictionary God knows but yeah you don’t want to mess with that but we have new Mobs new monsters Etc again so much stuff is

Packed in this we have this little freaking mob I don’t know what you are what are you buddy Rod Beast we have Rod beasts beasts here it’s pretty cool we have new ores new weapons new God knows ah so many new blocks too it’s [ __ ] crazy this this this mod pack is freaking

Crazy um so yeah we can just explore further Etc all that stuff pretty freaking cool the water it’s not harmful I already checked I already played it in survival but I’m pretty sure that we have more stuff to explore here locate structure under guarding catacombs we’re going to quickly uh search for the

Catacombs if they have any at least born of PR apparently there’s a c uh there’s a catacomb in Dish coordinates let’s go over here quickly teleport over here and we have the catacombs pretty scary it’s just a it’s just a small thing you might say however

If you go inside I don’t know if you guys can even see here uh I can’t even see it’s so [ __ ] dark but uh basically let me grab a torch for you I’m sorry I can’t even see dude as you guys can see now you guys can

See this is this is far far bigger than a normal you know dungeon God it goes different ways we have different monsters too oh God that’s scary you don’t want to you don’t you don’t want to mess with those just saying you know you do not want to mess with these monsters over

Here so we can continue further uh in the dungeon pretty scary got you got these areas ooh you can access this store cauldron nice if you ever need water of course speaking of which actually hold up this is this could be the perfect time I think I think the mod is

Installed right uh let’s put uh game mode survival as you guys can see what is going on oh I’m thirsty I’m thirsty ah I can’t even drink oh God oh God uh hold okay water let’s grab some water okay the next mod is tough ass Nails why

Can I not right click what the hell hold up uh let’s see excuse me I need to check because I don’t think I configured my God can I stop [ __ ] hiccuping please Jesus Christ uh Dimensions undergarden undergarden no okay server config please f as nose it’s enabled what the

Hell you just not drink it the [ __ ] what I don’t know I know okay let’s just grab water bottle uh water yeah actually no let’s grab purified water canteen yeah oh game mode oh God we’re thirsty drink we have tough ass Nails basically what this mod is is um

Basically it adds thirst and temperature to the the the Minecraft world it’s pretty cool pretty cool however you do not want to go into Dimensions that don’t have water so always carry a canteen with you if not you might regret it maybe I think in the overworlds you can only

Like right click right um but for some reason it’s not doing that so it’s kind of weird I don’t know why it’s uh not doing that um but yeah uh let me take this torch real quick let’s explore this place real quick oh God oh God little Gremlin little

Gremlin all right I’m going to slash kill myself real quick we’re going to go back to the terrain over here oh boy we’re in here right now we should be getting more heat if I’m pretty I’m pretty sure yeah we get heat um which is really bad you

Don’t want to you don’t want to dehydrate nor [ __ ] die of hypothermia I I think that’s what it’s called right hypothermia hypothermia whichever um you you can jump in the water you know relax take a swim and your temperature will go back to normal as you guys can see in the little orb

Actually we’re getting a little chili little chili that’s good that’s good isn’t it maybe maybe a little all right I’m going to try to walk around let’s to see um if this mod actually works uh walk around walk around walking around the Christmas tree and Christmas okay Christmas is over chat Christmas is

Over no more Christmas no more Christmas I have a story to tell you guys but I don’t know if I should save it for like a for like a video or something like that I don’t know but um I thought it was funny how like I realized this while uh like there was

Parties and like Christmas and stuff like that okay we have our thirst um like one one bar oh shoot we’re heating up really really badly let’s jump into the water here we go and let’s drink water let’s just hold um sneak and right click why do you not want to work okay

What what world is this I I want to know what world is this because like I think I I think I added the what’s it called I think I added the con config like in the wrong world let’s see this has should be the wrong world

Right yes it is oh my God okay we have new world okay let me go to the config um for the people who are going to like um actually like play which is the theop members and friends as well um they won’t have to do this it will already be

Installed in the server like the config files and all that stuff but what you got what you guys want to do is go to the app datar roaming. Minecraft and then you guys want to go to like um your save file if you’re playing like on a

Single player world you want to go to your save file then go to the server that um you’re playing on right now where where’s mine I think it’s this one okay uh then once you see your save file you want to click on server config you need to see

Like tough as no uh- server do. T ml open that and then you’ll be able to see the [ __ ] wait hold on what did I did I do this wrong then hold up hold up something ain’t right something ain’t right oh so stupid I’m so stupid Jesus Christ dude

Minecraft Minecraft skibby RZ update get the [ __ ] out get the [ __ ] out hello Michael bingus how you doing okay yeah uh you want to go to tough as n-s server. T ML and then there should be I’m not showing you guys but there should be like a text that says enable

Hand drinking equals true I mean equals false you want to change that to true that’s when you know that it’s added there we go nice it works now nice I don’t know why the developers did this if they knew that people were going to try to like drink it because you know

This this temperature mod was clearly like um clearly added for RL craft and a lot of people are like oh yeah RL craft you know we got get to like um we get to right click and all that stuff to drink water it’s kind of weird that the devs just decided

Um we are burning up oh my god let’s let’s drink more water and pull ourselves ourself off oh my goodness dude but yeah again it’s kind of weird that the developers try to do that I don’t know I don’t know I I I I guess I’m just stupid we have integrated Dungeons and

Structures I don’t know exactly what that’s supposed to be but um we’ll check it out uh toughest NOS there we go we already checked it out we have croptop adds a lot of foods plants etc etc etc we have immersive ores which adds more Ores to the game we have Kawaii blocks

Of course kawai’s Foods simply swords my God Advanced nether uh netherite sorry you have like different like stats here and all that stuff I don’t know you guys can always search it up we have catalys I I’ll be honest I don’t know what this is supposed to

Be there’s a lot of mods I’m like huh what is this about have born in chaos debug I’m guessing that’s just like debug [ __ ] uh we also have yeah that’s pretty much we have Alex’s mobs which again adds more mobs to the game we have backpacks like I said we have the

Graveyard we still need to explore that area yeah um and we have a lot more like decoration blocks we have we have apparently new boats I don’t know why um let’s go check uh do yeah we have shards for some reason runes Etc again lots of lots of things for

People to just discover search their own stuff discover on their own what whatever um there’s still a work in progress by the way I’m not I’m not going to say like oh yeah the mod pack is finished like I would be lying if that was the case but yeah we have different posts

Too which is pretty cool could be could be pretty handy for people who are trying to like make some decorations here and there uh we also have new ladders pretty freaking cool we have crates as well uh we have gold bars that’s something new we have carpets we have coils sand

Wall uh different walls sorry we have uh framed glass pains as well we have deep slate furnace Blackstone furnace Oak Leaf hedge lots of different things basically we also have little stools here that you guys can craft sit on and yeah like it’s pretty fancy all right remove that um have paper wall

You guys are feeling fancy there we go pretty fancy I’m actually Barbarian but I changed my name oh nice hello Barbarian but yeah lots of decorations too okay uh apparently we have sweet Blossom saplings I never realized that actually let’s let’s let’s check this out okay bone meal b OO not

Very pinkish as I thought maybe because we’re in a we’re in a more like Sandy area we need to go all the way over there [ __ ] [ __ ] hell man but yeah um I hope you guys are doing great while while we’re while we’re flying over there to this area I was

Going to add the dual barrel roll mod if you guys don’t know which one that is is basically um adding like a new feature or like a new mechanic to the elytra it it was very weird to handle and I felt bad for like other members because like

They’re so used to the to the modern like elytra Fu I would I would feel bad for them to like actually like discover this new mechanic and all that stuff right we’re going to go actually be let’s go over here can we like teleport is my question CU last time

Teleport no oh yes we can nice nice nice nice that’s pretty cool okay uh let’s let’s try this it’s not very pinkish not not not very pinkish it’s weird I don’t know I don’t know how that’s supposed to work uh I’m pretty sure we have newer decorations too hold

On uh we yeah we have Flags we have presents just in case if we want to like decorate some stuff uh we have some gloves some item shelves some door mats some an hourglass we have different lanterns uh we have candle holders which is pretty freaking cool just saying we

Have an Enderman head Oo we have a statue too oh right armor armor STS oh my God okay I’ll show you guys the armor STS in a bit yeah um the statue pretty cool pretty cool little buddy H The Hourglass the doorm of course we can ooh

Rub our feet you know whatever um the item shelf I’m pretty sure yes we can we can add random items like let’s say we want to showcase our sword our magical sword guys can do that right click to grab it again too we also have a globe these are

Just the the the the the small amount of decoration blocks that was added in the in the funny this will also tell you your coordinates so I guess be careful if you right click on it if you’re streaming and right clicking on it um so yeah that’s pretty cool I think that’s

Pretty awesome all right we have uh let’s change the time zone or like time sorry time set day we have new armor stands if you guys don’t see the difference that’s okay I don’t blame you but oh oh the armor stands have arms now there’s a reason

For that let’s go grab this real quick and then let’s grab a sword as well we’re going to put on these things real quick and then this sword and then I think we sh uh control well at least for me it’s control right click but for uh

Default it’s shift right click Oh shoot what is this this looks pretty cool yeah uh basically rotations oh my God you can customize where the statue is looking oh my God and you guys can customize the body as well oh my God it’s thrusting whatever let’s leave it

There oh you can also move the arm too and also move the left arm pretty freaking cool if you ask me uh then we can move the right leg then the left leg pretty freaking cool how does it look like actually actually not that bad it looks like he’s actually sitting you can

Do like a lot of different decorations here it’s pretty freaking awesome let’s go ahead and uh Crouch right click and we have different poses as well you guys can choose different poses um if you guys want you guys can scroll through of course we’re going to

Put it we’re going to put him like this oh yeah he’s ready for action uh oh my God why do I keep doing that we can choose style too we can choose a small one an invisible one who knows base plate gone again you can do a lot of

Things with this it’s pretty cool I think it’s pretty cool um we’re going to put in no gravity the heck does that mean ah okay okay pretty cool I think that’s pretty cool pretty cool add-on we can show name too uh then we can just put like Stanley we’re going to put

We’re going to name him Stanley Stanly the the the guardian let’s actually put that Enderman head hold up Enderman head yeah look at him Stanley is ready for action oh my God I need to stop doing that um hold up he is looking at his sword with all

With all with his his power he knows what power he wields it is freaking crazy chat absolutely crazy can check the position too uh I’m guessing this’s like the coordinations um that you guys can put like on the armor stand at again it’s very technical

But it’s up to you guys if you want to uh move it around play with it all that stuff we can align it to Corner ooh line Center let’s put in the center for now uh yeah a lot again a lot of ments ooh pretty freaking cool just saying that’s

Pretty freaking awesome I need to stop doing that we can also add a shield if we want to actually let’s let’s do that Shield let’s add let’s have this one why not it’s a new one oh yeah now he’s ready for action dude look at Stanley dude he is

Ready to defeat some mobs dude he is ready to to become the all powerful King dude an actual King looking at his sword you can do like some roleplay stuff like this pretty freaking awesome oh my God look at him look at him staring at his

Sword he knows he knows how powerful he is he he he he he knows he knows he he he doesn’t he doesn’t yeah whatever let’s just continue but yeah lots of cool things lots of cool things I think I think this is a pretty cool little mod pack I I got

Um of course I will when I release the mod pack for not onlyu but also uh for people if anybody wants to play of course I will credit everyone in a Google doc of course because God they make amazing mods it’s freaking crazy um but I had so many issues with so many

Mods and I couldn’t add them because of that reason it kind of sucks because oh man kind of wish this mod was added this or that whatever but it kind of clashed with with other mods and then I don’t know there were a lot of stuff that I

Was just like eh whatever yeah like I said we have the crate mod again it’s up to you guys if you want if you want to like explore that these are the mods like I’m sure I want to keep but again uh I’ll have to see with a lot of people locate biome

We’re going to see what other biomes we have uh better M shaft we have better M shafts as well um I don’t know if we can like search this up okay there we go I was like huh the [ __ ] oh wait no it doesn’t show what the

[ __ ] that’s weird all right let’s search structures then H uh better M shafts let’s go for better Min shafts we should be able to see the M shafts for now oh was near us all long now the chunks are not rendering that fast I’ll be honest with

You that that’s like a little concern of mine the the chunks aren’t that fast but hopefully that’s that won’t be like a problem in the future but it did tell us that a m shaft was here I don’t know if it’s true though I doubt I don’t think so I think

We’re going too deep oh my goodness no this is a m shaft holy [ __ ] this actually looks really freaking cool yeah we have updated M shafts if you guys want to explore of course there’s a lot of things to explore here it’s freaking absolutely insane dude oh my

Goodness and the chunks are not rendering that well as you guys can see the chunks are not rendering that well oh my god dude what in the world again we have different mobs different stuff oh my God again there are so many things that I just tired I’m tired dude oh my

God so many things so many things to explore I don’t know I just want people to have fun I I I’m hoping to make a good mod pack uh with all of these Mods together combined have a random thing here I don’t I I don’t know why also

Have rope too so that’s pretty cool if you guys want to like use ropes for anything um other than BM but let’s not let’s let’s tray away from that uh we have a TNT thing here pretty cool good thing it’s not activated h i i legit thought I was I was going to

Regret that uh integrated Dungeons and structures I kind of want to explore that I didn’t I didn’t really explore that one integrated okay I’m guessing it’s these okay so we’re going to go to an abandoned house let’s see where that abandoned house is located at I don’t think it’s located

Anywhere I don’t think so oh no it’s loading it’s loading it’s just loading slow it’s trying to grab it it’s trying to grab it just just give it time but for now I’m going to try to see if I can put like some music in the background so

That way we can have something to relax to I don’t know if uh I have music on Dish though I don’t think so oh wait no we do we do we do we do it’s going to be loud though give me a sec ah I told you I’m sorry sorry for

Blowing your guys’s ears sorry all right we should be good to go now Jesus Christ I was loud dud my head hurts okay did we get the coordinates no we didn’t what the [ __ ] I think I think the server’s crashing oh it’s crashing it’s crashing all

Right again it’s a very it’s a huge work in progress right now uh but yeah hopefully hopefully we get to explore a lot more uh with this mod pack uh I don’t know if I should just jump in into it you know I kind of just want to jump into

The server just to see how good it looks um if there’s anything I need to change and all that stuff I just wanted to show you guys because I was pretty excited to show um and hopefully like showcase like what we have here but again there’s so much stuff that I just

Don’t think I can like cover it because again one I’m busy and then two um I need to organize this more a lot more because I I want it to be released as fast as possible so that way um people can play already um OptiFine is included

So people won’t have to like install op theun that’s good give me like one second okay aternos let’s pray that it works I hope it works Uh I think I removed everything I hope I don’t know if I did hold on see mods I remove the things that was unwanted I think I did yeah I did okay everything should be good everything should be good to go [ __ ] I forgot to regenerate the world I’m so

Stupid Oh wait we already got the [ __ ] thing hold up uh is it that far I feel like it shouldn’t be that far hold up oh my God it is that far holy [ __ ] dude oh my God okay we’re going to we’re going to see if I can if we can go over

There I doubt the water just floating there all right uh give me like one second so I can work on this server [ __ ] crazy okay okay apparently this is supposed to be the abandoned house can’t see it for now go all the way up let’s see let’s see what we can

Find who oh okay there we go I think I can I kind of see it in the as in the missing chunks oh yeah I do see it oh my God we do have an abandoned house here oh my goodness pretty crazy pretty crazy and we have

Like random structures as well you guys can explore these pretty cool you guys can make this into your own house too God knows God knows okay let’s let’s go back it sucks my computer’s [ __ ] struggling over here uh let’s go to cataclysm I don’t know got here actually

I have fys located the hell does that mean uh but Yeah oh my god dude Jesus Christ is that how far it is damn let’s go over there then all right oh my God it’s lagging okay uh the scuff is real chat the scuff is real h let’s generate regenerate this uh here we go there we go it should work

Now okay I’ll I’ll set that up later I won’t do it today well on this stream at least what is this oh my goodness hold up we have a sunken city holy [ __ ] dude yeah we have uh new structures I like I said so many times yes we have so many new structures

You guys can explore all of this it’s pretty freaking crazy again my my breath is just dying because again so much stuff dude so much stuff to explore and all that stuff right God this looks like a yeah yeah it’s a sunken city all right yeah we also have like

New Mobs so be careful with these little dudes it’s pretty scary uh let’s see let’s let stop the [ __ ] I don’t know if you guys heard that okay ooh this is scary pretty scary it’s freaking crazy I love this though ah looks so cool oh wa pretty

Cool new stuff to explore guys new stuff to explore new stuff to use Etc again still work in progress but pretty awesome it’s pretty awesome but yeah that’s all I wanted to show um I don’t know if we should continue the stream God the stream was

So freaking long what felt so short I don’t know why h but yeah like I said new Mobs new New Dimensions Etc uh still working on it still still working progress but uh we’ll slowly get uh into it I want to make this into like extremely modded I wanted to act

Proximity chat too but I need I need to check how that works and how um I should like go about it right yeah um God I know it was a short stream but I just wanted to show you guys I was too excited to like too excited to like kind

Of keep it a secret right but yeah there’s just a again work in progress I said it so many times work in progress work in progress work in progress but oh my God I’m so excited to show you guys what’s going on pretty excited pretty freaking

Excited uh but yeah thank you guys so much for watching spread the positivity I know it was a short stream but I will be back on my normal schedule hopefully very soon um we will be doing Indie Friday Indie Fridays born of bread all that juicy stuff we’re continue with BN

Of bread of course when I have a good sleep schedule but yeah um I’ve also been trying to get over some mental health stuff um there’s just been a lot of like cases right a lot of issues I’ve been having recently um that was like relating

To mental health so I’ll work on that I’ll work on it but I feel a lot better as you guys can tell my my energy uh there’s a new video coming up very very soon I’m not going to say when because I’m still working on it but we are

Introducing a new member into the fox cult verse if that makes sense we’re going to be adding a new not a new member a new person to the video video timeline right um but yeah there’s a lot of things I want to do this year hopefully I can get it done

Praying to God I’m praying to God we might also revised Geometry Dash God knows uh we’re going to do 2020 2020 mode a FNAF um hopefully very soon as well I don’t not right now kind of want to take a break from like strategy stuff and all that stuff that just takes my

Brain out I say that but like [ __ ] working with mods has been very annoying with my brain we’re also going to be playing a new game called Ultra kill so I hope you guys are excited for that one a lot of new stuff is coming soon so

I hope you guys are ready for that um but yeah thank you guys so much for watching spread the positivity hopefully this this video was long enough for me to actually have some stuff getting done right I just wanted to stream update you guys on stuff and all that stuff I’m

Doing great for now um but yeah thank you guys so much for watching spread the positivity and I hope you guys have a wonderful new freaking year I know I’m sorry I was supposed to stream on New Years but I didn’t because so God lots of stuff was happening at the at once

And it’s kind of uh I was stressed I was stressed but yeah thank you guys so much watching spread the positivity I’m tired I need to go peace out bye-bye

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  • AtpPrisons

    AtpPrisonsThis server is a multi functional prison server where you can PvP! We will also add more games that youc an play like Kit PvP! Read More

  • LegacyCraft – Semi-Vanilla SMP with whitelist, Dynmap – Starting Soon

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