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For hello everybody hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Minecraft how’s everyone doing let me see ay n nerb psychu MBG oosik blazor Qui Pichu what’s up um oh I forgot to get my hold up didn’t have my stream overlay um go to that manager there not overlay that’s the

Manager we have wait Patrick what’s up um yeah what’s going on everybody it’s going to leave a mark Markiplier okay yeah we’re probably going to do a little bit of Minecrafting today not for super long um because I do want to work on Star ground more it’s hard to balance the

Minecrafting and the star grounding um but I think though it’ll be uh Minecraft will start to kind of eventually drop off that’s just the how Minecraft goes you know so but yeah but yeah we’ll do some uh Minecraft and then we’ll do uh some Game Dev um some of the things I

Want to work on in Star ground today is like working on uh well fixing some issues that were happening in V6 and then also um I want to do uh some quality of life stuff hopefully um there’s a few really good suggestions that some people left in the Forum so I

Uh will probably be adding some of that I think there was like some suggestions to do uh uh like little number indicators for how many items are required and I thought that was just a really nice easy way to display that initially I was going to do like a big

Menu but I think just for now I think just having the little number next to it so you know how many I think would be a really big help um yeah just little stuff like that so but anyway I suppose we can get into the MC gaming

Here um let me switch over to everything no way Minecraft um then desktop audio instead of application okay sorry for theit SM no you’re all good I you know there’s I really appreciate everyone putting the suggestions and stuff in the forums CU like there’s no like don’t ever feel bad

For putting too many no I appreciate it um but it’s it’s good to have all these different ideas and stuff um that I can look at so I really do appreciate it don’t ever feel like you’re putting too much in CU there there’s no such thing um yeah thank you though for doing

That I do appreciate it luckily it seems like V6 has been mostly bug free there’s a a few minor things but yeah that’s good um yeah let’s go look at your house yeah it’s looking pretty solid um there’s all this create stuff going on here oh this is crazy they got crushing wheel

Yeah pretty cool stuff I haven’t messed with crate too much um but maybe we’ll do some of that today love that emote yeah that’s epic so here’s what’s for MPGs come in okay oh right yeah there’s a look what he got set up for you here whoa ah what

Okay hey y yeah this is your storage room I guess it’s pretty cool yeah it’s cool stuff Though um so I am in a call with both Max and Ace so I’m actually going to probably be doing gaming with them um so I’m going to go ahead and undeen on Discord so let’s do it by I’m back what’s up no not much Sor I hate you I’m sorry Person watch on YouTube let’s go no that will you fool I am a fool you got slain by the president yeah Senpai ponia the president oh [ __ ] I forgot that my diamond helmet stays with me let’s go oh but now I’m slow cuz my [ __ ] leggings have speed what am I Doing I need to prepare oh yeah when uh when do you think that the end is going to happen I know we just started the server but like I would kind of like to get it out of the way I want to give people a little more time probably wait wait asan asan

Asan hold on come back go where my death go no come back come back come back it’s literally right here oh let’s go you walked right by me and I was like wait what yeah patch up the hole there go you come into the Cove I’ll come to The Cove [ __ ]

Yeah hey what might be time to go mining it might be yo I have a bunch of gold swords looting too cuz I’m the gamer apparently gamer 100 gaming 100000 hey biggy Miller what’s up how’s it going yeah we’re just doing a little bit of Minecrafting today then we’ll we’ll

Jump into uh star ground Game Dev stuff later um but everyone was on Minecraft so I’m like you know it is slow let me know how like Discord volume it’s too loudy going to try to convince a streamer to R Us let’s go don’t you don’t have to force it or anything but

Would be cool it is slow but it is cool oh it’s not that Slow yeah you can go up it is finicky though if you try and go up meow I was going to like put these I was going to dot these around spawn cuz it’s so [ __ ] sick it is badass how you make one of these a it’s pretty Simple you see steel laser sound’s probably going to get annoying good I to make all this [ __ ] for steel that’s waste that oh yeah it’s it’s god tier I mean just watch this God oh these have mending hold on I have Precision what wa looking look at these this is how I mine

Now it’s uh actually insane okay so uh keep in mind this is also Fortune three just insane how do I see if they have oh they do I’m breaking four mending that’s crazy and they have plus 6 L huh I give you more Arts inventory these are these are literally better than my

Diamond pants that I I’m currently wearing I mean how is the Discord volume are they too loud or anything or are we okay anyway thank you wait where the [ __ ] did my gloves go huh they keep I you did say that your gloves keep dying no they just keep disappearing

Weird I don’t get it where are my where did Keep Going XP goes insane with this you find like a really nice patch of diamonds you just mov keep disaar you find just so many diamonds that’s the crazy part you can just shred yeah we’re going to be building out a secret

Diamond dude I only have like one Diamond do you want to go mining I hate mining I’m going Min right now you want me to get you some yes sir dude the dude the big boys go mining dude you guys can come to my house in I

With me although I mean I got I got to drop was like a cartoon character where I could like take a big [ __ ] sandwich and then just like you know like stuff you want to be Shaggy you want to be Shaggy wait I didn’t read this part of chat

Jacob said me when the hot girl leggings give me speed that is said that a while ago I just didn’t read it I’m Sorry okay I’m hungry I might take a break and go eat go take a break and go eat yeah go I me we I have been streaming for 3 hours and that was my idea I said that no one else did I’m to take a break and go eat

Yeah no one else said that me I’m I’m the I’m homie I’m the prime homie Prime homie Prime that’s got to be a planet in Star ground me and The Simpsons me and The Simpsons Meet Transformers no way I would be crazy if that happened I would literally be like who fart

Simpson did you say fart Simpson no I said fart Simpson the one okay the one time I don’t make a fart joke CH is like did you say fart right there that’s crazy how that works yeah fart Simpson D fart Simpson that was my nickname in high school dude

My nickname in high school was epic guy nickname in high school was I wish dude hey cow fart [Laughter] man no oh Jacob’s a funny guy so true would you like to come m Max I would love to come to my my secret laboratory your secret laort yeah you

Mean my room someone found my mining spot dude someone found my cave and started mining at my cave I’m not mad oh God I got it sounded like you’re mad why would I be sounds like you’re mad dude I don’t Open Seas he’s mad I think dude I

Love love that movie I know dude they’re so good I got to dump this deep slate I just have too much you got to take a dump yes sometimes I just can’t take it anymore I can’t take it anymore eating a burger with no honey mustard eating a burger with no honey Mustard dude why would anyone ever eat a burger with no honey mustard that sounds like that’s me that’s me you would eat a burger with no honey mustard I bur I think you need to go take I think you need to uh you’re out of uh you’re you’re rushing me off

Stage yeah we’re booing you off stage bro this guy a burger with no honey mustard what kind of guys you are what kind of guys you are huh what kind of guys you are what kind of guy are you are I don’t know I don’t it’s been a long

Time it’s been a long time since I was a guy or you are are you at my secret laboratory yet Max I don’t know where your secret laboratory is so if you go to your room and then you go de I don’t so I’m in my room so go go down

The tunnel that goes deeper yeah and then go down I might end stream that’s fair I might endam okay I’ll take the rains raid me no oh we have a we have a we have a enchanting table yeah I made one that’s in my secret laboratory yeah well I’m

In uh let me see if I can find the way out oh yeah dude I’ve got I’ve got all the ores you could ever need or what how do I get out of here I’ve created a horrible lath William who’s William Squam I said Squam oh I uh I didn’t hear that

Um oh no end get out of here okay all right be back I’m sorry I did William he’s gone he is gone uh I just had to get out of the labyrinth really quick I’m going to feel really bad when we go mining you’ll see why what um where is out of

Here don’t ask me I don’t know to get in in the first place there’s a staircase I built that goes all the way down in the secret Laboratory that’s where I’ve been mining oh I think I found it uh actually while I’m up there I’m going to charge my laser really

Quick you’re what my laser Henderson’s Blast for Diamond burgund deine of the spell Warden exposive damage is reduced by 21% magic damage is reduced by 9% socketed three the item ignores 28% of durability damage projectile prodection five Fiverr thank you so much for the follow

Yo wait what where am I oh there’s the staircase dude I got to mark this cuz I’m going to lose this again Mark Mark and subscribe mark And subscribe holy crap it’s food time now I did a slash shout out so freaking go yeah that’s my version of a raid since I

Can’t raid you can’t raid oh I’m [ __ ] I’m not affiliate oh I didn’t know you need to be affiliate to you don’t need to be an affiliate to raid no can’t say sh awesome well I appreciate it thank you so much we acean we’ve been through this we were

Through this with chip it’s fine Jacob was like the only one watching and he’s in he’s in your stream now it’s fine okay oh I need six luminous shards I probably got that let me luminous you have six you have six luminous shards where’d you get those

From I don’t know I just figured mining I don’t have them no no no God I love that my stuff Auto smelts for me oh my goodness I set it up with this thing so just oh sometimes I wish I was Chip plays why because that’s all because yeah that’s fair

Because all right come to my house young man um I’m trying to figure out I’m trying to figure out if this is all right I’ll be back okay worth it come up oh yeah this is the one forgot the only way to get into your room is through my

Room yeah it’s crazy it’ll be a common area soon cuz I’m going to move into the lab full time you’re a lab man I’m the labin let’s see how much iron do I have now that’s a question a good smidge I want to get to a th okay I’m ready I’m ready Fredd do I have meat have pork dude do you want Wall’s steel touched iron leggings of the witch doctor dude that sounds they have protection IV uh they give you plus 30% speed and plus 25 5% uh okay here you go you lost me at

Speed yeah I lost you at speed I thought I would have you at that oh I mean you had me at speed that’s what I meant to say okay let’s go mining let’s go mining what is this Arcane Sands huh Sand Dude you have no idea actually how

Much I’ve been thinking about Sans V the universe oh yeah we got to do it soon I’ve been thinking about like like if I like actually like sat down and like choreo did the choreography for the fight it would be an epic [ __ ] fight I just wanted to talk about this because

They’re like cuz like Thanos is is literally was literally the most powerful being yeah without the gauntlet like like he was unbeatable yeah without the gauntlet and then he got the gauntlet and then he was like twice as powerful I know it’s crazy he could literally like alter reality but the

Only issue is it it would be it’s just I’m just saying it’s an interesting fight it’s like theoretically that’s unfair that’s that’s unfair see this is what I’m saying I said I was that’s unfair that’s unfair that’s not fair pick up the scres of the ores although I a fortune 3 on

This so I mean that’s not fair that’s fa I’m sorry I’m so sorry that’s that’s so fair it’s like literally just running at the wall and it’s just disappearing in front of my you are running at the wall essentially yeah I know I’m sorry and

Guess what I can upgrade this to do a 7 by S to do what a 7 by S I can just dig like a whole Quarry dude oh watch out is that a mark one or is that a mark two there’s a mark iiii okay they’re so

Like it’s so easy to make the Mark III compar to the mark one and two I don’t know what why this is so it’s like the same re this is literally H here I have an idea what if I also go make you a laser then we’re balanced as whole thing

Should be [ __ ] dude real Chad Chad I’m making eggs should I make scrambled eggs or over easy um I to ask you feel what do you feel at this moment either that’s why I’m asking oh scrambled or over easy I say over easy uh do you have like uh do you have

Uh do you miss some diamonds over here bloody bucko did I miss some diamonds no not anymore definitely scrambled I’ll try over easy and if they get [ __ ] up scramble in the in the all right going do whoa whoa whoa do you have ketchup and SL like ketchup I don’t like

Ketchup he’s not a SAU oh yeah you’re not a sauce guy you’re not a sauce guy I totally forgot about that my favorite breakfast when I was 14 was um it was uh eggs on toast with butter and a little bit of a little bit of little bit of little bit of

Little bit of uh ketchup on there that’s yum that’s yummers that is pretty yummers this is hacks this is know I feel bad that I built this it’s a little too powerful this this is like a this is what did it even cost to make not even that much just like some

Diamonds gold lapis pretty basic we’ll get you set up with one what mod is this mining gadgets not including that in my next mod pack yeah literally hacking yeah if I knew how powerful this was I probably would have banned it but it’s too late now you know the be has been

Unleashed cuz everyone else already has them and it’s like H well is there more diamonds every time I see the prosperity War I think it’s diamonds and it’s not this is like whoa watch out watch out chip oh God go this way how do we leave uh that’s the hard

Part we we’ll find oh that’s the balance see you get so loost you end up like you get like you walk like 10 million miles and then you you drop some oh there it goes it’s okay we get more watch out ship oh the lava all come through the lava oh

God am I making a labyrinth Under The Village uh yeah I am a sh watch out we’re in a pickle here you missed uh you missed and I’m honestly just here to commentate I’m not actually on an adventure with you that’s yeah sorry it’s okay now dude if

We have two mining lasers we would shred there wouldn’t be land left who needs land I need resources brother do you think this do you think the story is Right mining with the mining laser oh my God that’s going to be insane oh sorry I punched you by

Accident that’s okay uh that’s going to be literally insane that’s so easy yeah oh there’s also a modifier where it turns lava into obsidian automatically literally hacks I know lit hacks if we just get some snow I can build it some snow Yeah snow we need eight snowballs I it destroy it destroy

Destroy Build Destroy you’re wait what are these miners light oh cool yeah they automatically place lights it’s so convenient so you never have to playcraft ever again I can just sit here and become God my only you’re already God wait wait hold on I picked

Up some n not yet the thing with Technic packs like this is that this is the beginning like I’m nowhere close to being God yet Diamond what do you mean I still need more time to get into godhood I need to make Quantum armor and stuff God we are shredding aren’t

We yeah when I first saw it I was like oh I had like a sinking feeling in my stomach where I’m like uh you know cuz ooshi showed it off to me and I was like oh boy this is uh not good so I’m kind of Evil by like joining the

Dark side but it’s kind of also a I think it’s really funny how like the direction of Minecraft is like oh we’re you know you know we’re creating the environment it’s like a metaphor for uh global warming like we got to conserve all the creatures and all the things mod

Packs you are be to you’re going to become become capital is yeah inventory is full I can tell when all the items spew out everywhere I have two Diamond backpacks to hold all my stuff I need to get another what two Diamond backpacks and that’s excluding all of

The stone cuz the stone just adds up instant it’s like inventory is full so I have to exclude that lava watch out watch out let’s go uh this way this is silly yes yeah remember how like all those complaints that everyone was having is like oh man deep slate mining

Deep slate is such a chore I know so bad and this is this is the first size upgrade too once I get the 7 by7 I don’t know what I’m going to do with [Laughter] myself it’s just going to shred through the whole world yeah probably and also the range is insane

Look at the range right now that’s nuts that’s I know you have been hacking yeah I’m sorry I didn’t mean to but you know it’s just it’s how the cookie Crums what do you mean you didn’t mean to well I meant to but like I didn’t know how how insane

And easy was I didn’t know it would be hacks this early I know I mean hey don’t hate the play the mod pack tomor right I do I like the mod pack I think if it if it if we didn’t have this mod it would be

Fine name yeah I was just talking about how you showed me off the m mining laser it open something in my brain I turned into a little Goblin I’m like I’m going to make a mining laser you turned into you were already but fell it enabled my Goblin mode

Exactly I say power to the chaos let it but once you but once you you miss R all right there it goes Oh remember when diamonds used to be like waa you found diamonds no now that’s like finding Stone yeah you walked into several diamonds and just atomized them yeah I’m running out of power what yeah my mining laser has power it’s totally balanced right oh yeah shoot oh shoot

I guess that’s do a little pickle there is no balancing let’s be real with ourselves it is it is God mode even if lava rains down and kills you oh we know everyone wants to disable mob briefing I’ll do it real quick what I mean mobs can do to

To this more an annoyance though at this point it’s it’s just like a blown up spawn and stuff I mean it’s still like mobs will still hinder you it’s just now creepers won’t destroy everything so um hey what’s up welcome to the stream I see this mod pack in server as

Like a chill back like kick back and relax makes him funny it’s definitely more of a chill mod pack I would say but yeah yeah like I think that’s why the mining gadgets for me are fine like yeah I don’t know we don’t really I don’t feel the need to like balance anything

Personally I mean you know I don’t know it could be funny it’s uh it could be a funny moment yeah I mean honestly I’m going to be real for some of the stuff in these Technic packs this is actually not overpowered uh cuz there’s some things

That take a lot of resources like when you get into like the end of like mechanism and stuff it gets pretty insane actually so I say let it ride it just seems overpowered cuz we’re used to vanilla or like hardcore PS yeah yeah I mean if you think about it you could you

Could just get you know a beacon with haste and then destroy a whole Quarry in two seconds just as fast as you can with this so that’s true I leveled up I’m level 40 yo no way it’s a good way to get XP I started at

7 um mean some St ground uh be cing I I was I was grinding enemies chump like what the [ __ ] why the point I was I I was grinding enemies and Mining quarts in the nether like a chump apparently Tech is the way my brother technology comes for a soul man

Is playing it like n man thinks this is a yeah vanill ground yeah hey that’s kind of valid though I get it well yeah I do feel bad I mean hey if you miss some you missed some diamonds oh sorry about that um I mean you know honestly if it

Was my choice I would not put this mod on the server but it’s too late well it’s too late yeah I mean I don’t want to like retroactively you know punish the people who made the mining laser yeah no so it’s I mean I think it’s F I think it’s

Fine like it’s this type of mod pack I’m just not used to it yeah oh yeah I say like yeah excuse me sorry there like 14 people watching and I didn’t [ __ ] get I’m glad you made a uh uh an announcement in the uh thing about

The claims oh yeah it was becoming a really big problem like I couldn’t open my backpack in my house and that was the final straw I was like okay we’re done with this now cuz uh you can hand me some stuff if you want I I’m

A man with a I’m a man with a backpack too that is true yeah next time I run out of space I’ll throw it to you I’ll throw you a bone sorry sounds like a me um no you’re literally throwing me a bone come on here I wish I had a bone

Lit you’re making it so I feel at least a little useful yeah you could have done all this by your I mean you are literally doing all this by yourself no no you’re like uh you know that one mod the luggage [Laughter] mod I’m sorry why have why have why have

Friends when you could haveing laser I’m sorry I need a blacklist uh hold on this freaking uh tough is a little tough to deal With good one chip thank you God imagine if I did this on someone’s house you missed some diamonds you missed diamonds you fool you fool there are diamonds right here they have all that’s why you’re there man where the diamonds I I the diamond splatter yeah

I’m where they at they’re gone you got that was that was a good that was some good eating right there nice yeah I coach the eggs a little bit too much the Y is aren’t runny but you know oh yeah Ace on the trip can we go to bies yeah

Let’s go my brother went and then he brought back all this Loot and I was like heyo I got to go to [Laughter] bies you Miss diamonds bro you’re going to oh yeah we’re going to get a lot of bug reports and stuff from yeah well I have my laptop with me so

I’ll probably work on the game a little bit I do actually have to make a BuzzFeed quiz while I’m on the trip what yeah for one of my classes oh it’s like a creativity assignment and then I said I would be able to do it so I have to do it now but

That should be really easy I could get that done one day I mean you know it’s a BuzzFeed quiz I’m going to need this uranium cuz this this little mining laser chugs energy it just goes oh you who it’s God I need to myself when I

Belch I’m sorry I feel really bad okay I always feel bad when I do that mean burp you don’t feel bad when I when I when you burp on my stream what well your stream is oh that’s true the stream is Tech stream bro fluorite I thought this was osmium okay

But then again there is uh the toilet than all right let’s go home if we can find it how do we get out we’re going to be running for a minute that’s all I’ll say I can give you guys the cords oh God this is a Lab look at the map yes I

No imagine I can’t wait to get 7 by seven let’s go build that you mean you you build that you bu I’ll build one for you too let’s let’s get two mining lases you build one for me yeah it’s super easy to build it’s not that hard that’s [ __ ] up I

Know okay oh actually we’re really close to the staircase thank God yeah it’s just right over here I’m glad I dug out the you know actually with the mini map this this this is way easier to like do it it’s so much easier right it’s like

Your house is just you should build like a robot house that’s like half cozy cottage and half fuing crazy [ __ ] oh yeah asan what do you mean by Robo house Robo house like the house from Eureka where it’s like an AI I’m thinking like few minutes steel Golem guy you

Know like a like The Iron Giant but if he was half house oh okay monster house you mean not Monster House oh yeah Max check this out by the way Monster House is a horror movie so you see this little smelter Factory I have it set up so it

Auto smelt all my ores for me so as soon as I put them into the ma system it just does it for me how many diamonds did you need Ace whoa you got a bouncy boy up here yeah I do it’s fun to hit my head on the ceiling over and over

No I’m out of storage you’re out of storage more D um gold let’s make like 10 hard might upgrade your motherboard CPU and RAM Psy let’s go nice how much RAM you think about getting like 128 that’s a lot of ram a lot of ram dang uh insurus quartz actually have

Yeah let’s [ __ ] go I got it perfect uh that is a little bit too much 64 is like a good number but you know go off K okay so you needed do you want a stack of diamonds yeah how many diamonds do I have I have

200 yeah you can take a stack thank you you’re welcome enjoy Okay who wants a mining laser me okay pick me pick me I’ll pick you me did you want one ace well I don’t have any way to charge it okay yeah I’ll I’ll wait on that

Then okay Max it’s been built but it’s kind of stupid until you build easy holy [ __ ] right now how do you even charge stupid easy oh you just put it in a battery land laser I know right um which one mine okay that one’s mine I’m just

Going to put mine inside the I use a Advanced Energy Cube for mechanism okay can I put it in the uh in a um chip can I have three lapis please have six lapis yeah go ahead let take it out of the thing cuz immersive engineering’s energy type is

Fe yeah it’s all Fe Forge energy okay oh my God how much lapis do I have I just you have a lot to charge things I didn’t know how much you have so much lapis yeah I’m going to make you the fortune modifier so it gives you fortune 3 would you like

That whoa make a stack of blocks damn chip y what’s up chip look at the sword I made look at the sword I made I made it so good let’s see it this is literally the goat you want my axe yo let’s see it can you drop

It hey yo that’s pretty good oh and the 24% life steal my goodness yeah baby um after effect screws resist you get ddr5 that’s a that’s going to be expensive dude but you know uh you do it up if you can afford it that’s 64 gigs of uh um here’s a

Solution stop using After Effects that’s a crazy solution you said stop using After Effects are think want to admit I recommend Gau for game development I definitely do G is pretty Epic it’s very easy to get into pyu sent nothing oh he sent an emoji but I can’t nerd emojy because nerds [ __ ]

Correct this [ __ ] goober this goob he doesn’t want to accept the truth yeah that’s how yeah that’s how that’s how it is I need toxic masculinity spreads that’s so so true on God yeah I don’t see that it doesn’t show up on RAM it’s weird um didly doctor don’t move it it hurts

When I move my my neck to the left don’t move it them yeah well it’s not even like that though it’s like doctor it hurts whenever I slam my head against a brick wall like then just stop like yeah what is this what is the second bar

The bar on the left with the green on what on uh in your backpack what is that for oh it’s a toolbar I guess or like tool slots you have it too I think yeah I do I was just wondering oh quote of the day almost forgot about that let’s get oh

What’s the quote of the day yeah the last quote of the day was make lasagna not war um the new quote of the day will be um I’m going to get glow squiding it’s really hard to see on the dark side Android bad no no I won’t make

That the qu day uh make the quot of the day um make m not lasers two energ drink is bad for heart one on me Motion Graphics um there are definitely other programs that are good I’m not saying use premere Pro or denture resolve I’m just saying stop using After

Effects but after fix is really good it just Adobe sucks that’s the problem it’s just Adobe sucks s yeah Adobe products do uh kind of be little Adobe is like let’s just make the worst running thing ever possible and then do that with every app that we ever have

Made that [ __ ] oh yeah actually a quot of the day will be Adobe sucks or goddamn D1 hater what is that it’s true you are a hater for real I’m a hater yeah but a what’s you’re my you’re single-handedly my biggest fan but also biggest hater well hey you hate the

Things you love that’s what I always say that’s true that’s only me that said that I got to upgrade my prusher I can’t I can’t take it anymore I can’t take it anymore yeah I can’t take said you’re going to make I’m working on it there’s

A lot of modules I have to build so he’s going all out with it I yeah you got to upgrade it I’m not going to do a baby yeah there was so I made a diamond pickaxe so there was no no point in me making that essentially don’t worry

Diamonds D1 like oh D1 athlete okay yeah well I don’t know Sports let’s go now I can do a I have deep SL uh have a response for yousu nerd Emoji oh it doesn’t let me Crush that talking about sport sport sportball whoa what is this how did this happen happen outside

Or yeah where are you okay I’m out oh over here you can’t handle the truth how did that H how did this happen oh there’s no limit on sugar cane so it just grows it just keeps growing what do you mean there’s no I think it’s something of a Apothecary is that is

That no specifically Apothecary I think I don’t know what Apothecary does though no I think there’s a mod called Apothecary hold on never mind I I don’t think there is I don’t know I don’t know I think I’m dumb I think I’m dumb got confused I’m dum dum dum dum dum you’re

Foxy how dare you say that you’re dumb Dum diddly dum dum dum we we both know that you’re smart smart smly smart smart smart wow I’m sorry that was that was quy that was qu that was quy it’s quy yeah I’m making you a a battery pack

Max it’s going to it’s going to go freaking hard harder than you’ve ever harded before oh yeah dude you I want to make the creative battery but I can’t cuz I’m on creative mode okay what other what else do you want here I’ll give you the light

Upgrade no I’m out of iron nuggets no no that’s how I feel when I’m out of iron nuggets um hey Max do you want to go get us some snow so we can automatically freeze lava I guess I’m just saying I’m about to make you literally Gods so I think it’s a

Small sacrif has to pay that is true Tay Tay um like Frank it is like Frank oh okay how do I get the S by I can’t do the 7 by seven yet you need freaking four nether Stars no I need a block of netherite

Oh going to be spamming that em so we can get we can just go to the nether I know that before we’re going to go another I know but it’s just like oh boy it is it is like a wait a minute oh there’s so many modules that go into

This thing dude uhoh hey do you have ender pearls me yeah I need ender pearls to finish your mining laser uh chip BL do have how many do you need I made a diamond backpack but it doesn’t have more storage how many Ender Pearls do you need two I

Said Thank you does it only do armor is that what it is maybe I’m not really sure honestly I thought it gave more storage maybe it doesn’t okay I think that’s everything except the range upgrades let me do that how do I make a two

Three all right so I have to go find some Gorge danks no yeah where did I find that your mining laser is complete except for the snow part are these identical let’s see I don’t know where this no uh probably high up back from the timeout Zone welcome back Y no

Way that’s charging in here got to let it charge up it needs 10 million in the energy cube a block is the energy Cube it’s the it’s the one that says energy Cube this one what sorry Just Energy Cube sounds like something like it sounds like it’s not

Real well it’s not real yeah it’s not needle reactor it sounds like I so one time in high school I presented uh we were doing like debates and I was arguing I was I was doing like I was arguing like against uh like climate change Solutions yeah so I was just like you

Know what what I’m going to do is I instead of like trying to like play Devil’s Advocate and like be a businessman I’m just going to go full crazy like like conspiracy theorist like I’m going to make the whole idea was like we’re going to make a coal vault at

The bottom of the sea we’re going to take all the coal in the world and we’re going to put it in the vault at the bottom of the sea and all the all the nations have to fight all the all the nations have to fight over

It to see who who who deserves all the coal sounds like a good idea I think we should do that in Minecraft if we’re being honest oh I think we should make that I think I need I think I need to make a tier upgrade for my but I justamond that count

I need [ __ ] Lea oh God I need to upgrade my smelter that’s a little slow for my tastes am I still out of storage or am I okay now no that’s actually really easy what are you doing uh nothing okay man awaken supremium supremium that’s me right now all

Right not just upgrading for After Effects we also want to get good enough to move start making money for it yeah Max I like that you did the nothing I can’t believe this I have to take it from two people now I was joking I was quoting aan

Okay I was I was I was quoting that doesn’t it’s fine that’s not fair what doing with gravel does anyone know I don’t know sorry I got a chill down my spine when that happened I don’t know put an ice cube on your backed yeah a ghost made you do the

AL [ __ ] no way dude why would they do why would the ghosts do that the ghosts are my friends yeah they put prank sometimes like Pokemon okay whoa a Nether Star is required to oh my need a bunch of nether Stars we got to do some wither

Killing we do got to do some wither but we need to find the uh wither the Nether Fortress Yeah hey guys oh I can dyee my book any color that’s [ __ ] badass can I make it red too much about the specific what if it was purple being generated are going to be

The same so the first thing you need to know need reactor base where my purple where my purple at reactor case I don’t know what reactor Cas should I make basic or reinforced probably just basic for now is there any reason to make make reinforced anybody reinforced reactor

Casing yeah I don’t I mean I guess it is already purple oh I got to make a reactor it’s time what’s better better nuclear power dude you got hide blue oh yeah dude [ __ ] yeah um what’s the coolest color ah this be okay I see um the

Coolest color what is the coolest Blue by far I mean it is technically the coolest color cuz it’s the temperature right the color temperature yeah yeah but like I’m talking to like what’s the most awesome color most awesome color I think that honest I feel like H purple make a fusion reactor instead

Purple is the color of royalty I think that’s probably it I mean purple yeah but my book is already my oh God it’s so expensive to make this thing though I need ultimate controls units and maybe a different shade of blue like light blue like is there like a is there

Like a specific [ __ ] it go red red go red yeah I don’t believe that for a minute I’m trying to choose the color of my book guys help purple it’s already purple oh shoot like who said anything but yellow that’s not helpful but um I wanted to a color other than

About a solid blurple I likeed blurple I vote red red yeah that’s true keep saying it like like you’re M massively offended by saying red it’s fine oh I didn’t know I had this one full red did you just say red you just say I mean red canonically I mean if you want

To be angry all the time then make it red but that doesn’t what Red’s the color of passion bro come on I know like who said anything but yellow I’m going to make it yellow do yell just to spite him um really bullying PSU I know I feel

Bad I’m sorry yeah I’m not going to make a never mind probably the reason why he said anything but yellow that’s so true my bad Psy I’m sorry for sorry for your making sorry for making a mistake sorry I’m making two more storage cells I can’t I can make it black ooh ooh

Black might be black might be it fellas I think black it’s a shade but you know gaming what okay people that say that that’s white and black aren’t colors what is a color then I mean black and white are values but I do consider them colors I say

They’re all colors in my book bro anything I can see with my eye is a color you guys heard you guys heard it here first folks chip is not a racist not I can’t believe it engineer’s blueprint I need a [ __ ] blueprint to make these how do I get the blueprint oh

That’s not hard oh Mr X light is a racist I’m kidding do I have sand for this okay I need 5x five what’s 5 by five how do I get black di what are you on about bro it’s 25 I don’t know why I’m multiplying

C what dude yeah iron I am Nar is pretty cool does anyone know where I could get some black Dy from uh I do uh squid uh wait I’ll figure it out I’ll figure out how to give you black dye wait you will wait wait un ad for I just one okay I

Got it for you come here okay I’m coming home I am here hello so where am I going to put this nuclear reactor so it doesn’t blow up house character that’s like the best Muppet though you like yeah a fan favorite Muppet character let’s go means

A lot oh it’s probably it’s the big guy it’s the [ __ ] big guy that’s one thing big guy from big guy that’s no the big guy from The Muppet it’s the big Muppet guy yeah name look at this name is probably look hey yo that does go

Hard my go B what you’re saying his name wouldn’t be Charles I mean it’s I’m just like Charles as a name for a big monster guy that’s funny yeah Charles yeah Charles is a pretty funny name how do you make the Dominion controller Source gem but leave this Dominion at once you

Like that voice I do like it thank you I do also like the voice yeah I got make a basic reactor controller you’re kidding me I need yium delium yorum does sound like a fake word I need the yell that’s so easy dirty uranium sorry not me

Pal I just freaking smelt it I freaking smelt it that’s all I freaking do you freaking smelt theum is a fake word it’s not real anyone that says it’s real sorry you lose anything but yellow Rim huh dude I love that song cplay dude yeah they that one song can’t

Wait for my house to blow up I’m going to make a little you better be careful buddy boy I know I know you need at least one access port I like I need an access port can I get an access port thank you um you goobster dude I’m

Sorry goobster oh that makes three instant I don’t have to do [ __ ] [ __ ] sorry g G i need Stone but I don’t have stone what should I do get stone go get some Stone yeah I’ll guess so okay then what was the [ __ ] point of asking I’m sorry I’m sorry I need iron plate I need an iron blade I need an iron blate I’m n n n n

I’m going to eat on that iron plate bro I still don’t know if that’s a real song or not it’s got to be I didn’t come up with that thieves yeah that’s what I thought you know yeah dude I love that song me too I

Don’t know if it’s from C but it’s in C it probably isn’t to have two and one of them set to not in SE of Thieves I need two access ports it probably isn’t not from sea of Thieves no it’s probably a real song I need string there it

Is I need a kiss from a man I need a big kiss he gave it to me can’t believe and then you need at least one wa what the [ __ ] and one where did that come from fuel rod goes so these are magic and then you do the whole thing

And once it’s all done fake s um the one that people are trying to find on and the fuel rod goes redit more oh that one that one thing and thing and once it’s all done wait I need fuel rods how do I do that hello my fine man I have my fine

Man I have a quest for you okay what’s up Dr TR Dr Tash sorry well who are you giving the quest to is it just chip I’m assuming me right what’s the quest it will you’re having coolant both off you there’s three people but I’m assuming cardinal

Directions we get it no we get it I was just being pedantic like AED what is it what do you want what do you want new view what do you what do you want from us this one has reson Ender only in the cardinal direction the numbers are a couple don’t

Have to worry about space so much although you may the higher you build want to build it [Laughter] tall off a man I just thought I was just thinking of like the of Sonic tapping their foot all these build P form but don’t on top of the farm and watch the pig

Burn in fire that’s some that’s some straight up like yeah that is pretty SI something an actual psychopath would say but I could do it and so on and so oh so you just like okay so you say like a baby and then that you force them

To watch their family die that’s some straight up Frieza [ __ ] like Frieza would do that going to be the most power and the most basically The Wider you go and the more actual blocks of uh coolant there are between the power rod and the wall of the reactor Fusion uh the more efficient

It’s going to be so now we get to kind of the important part this is the part that really confuses people and that is how should you place your rods most efficiently and a lot of people say hey you should do like a like

Make it work for you as a car and put them in a checker board pattern the problem with that is that ler this later what do you mean what do you mean what is going on what’s wrong okay I got to listen to this right

And the other thing to is that when rods are placed next to each other directly next to each other they essentially eradiate each other and make them uh generate more power so this thing is generating 429,000 RF per tick and is using roughly 2.39 uh or. 23 so compare those this one

Over here generates a little bit more power and it’s more fuel efficient considerably more fuel efficient actually 020 okay so this is actually a better design than this one demonstrate that here we have nine rods okay three checkerboard a lot of talking nine rods or less which is going to be most

Reactors okay so I need a control rod for each of these um a man cuz I’m only making a 5x five let’s see so yeah I can only do a 5×5 I’ll just do a really basic one for now then so let’s get a control rod and then I’ll probably upgrade to a

Better one but I kind of just want to make the basic when it dies I unfollow the longer it’s alive the longer I stay all right I I’ll get working on that that’s going to be hard to do though I need to figure out a way to do that

Um magma Crucible oh I need to burn ender pearls that’s lame um stream reactors best cool know Cium it’s not real um water’s okay actually liquid sodium is really good can I do liquid sodium so how do I get liquid sodium liquid sodium try to give it evil challenging stream all righty sounds good or do I just have to put water in I have to condensate

Sodium which I put in Brine and I need to make a thermal evaporation controller uhoh we’re condensating gasas brine oh there’s so many steps so I need a chemical oxidizer dude there’s so many things I need oh No Dynamic tank there’s a lot that I need to do okay I’ll end def on Discord now to do okay I’m back where’d you go uh I I had to defen for one minut cuz I I was trying to focus on a tutorial on goob oh yeah yeah

Yeah yeah okay that’s what I thought yeah I’ve got my reactor components pretty much set up here nice you know what I got yeah what’s up tree stuff I got epic tree stuff my electrum where’s my electrum don’t I need like an energy Hello Operator Venus that didn’t deserve a laugh and

You know it you know like thank you that’s me right now that’s crazy that’s not GI that’s not Elvis That’s whoa Mama whoa mama uh oh man I need 24 on top on top she hey where am I going to put my nuclear reactor up your ass to the left dude wow

Oh my God you hear this guy I do hear it and I’m extremely disappoint I’ll put it outside my house won’t blow up right it won’t dude someone else already has a nuclear reactor yeah it probably won’t blow up you’re doing just then I got to get my

Solid not enough control rods oh yeah I actually need a control rod to do anything oh whoa whoa whoa whoa who or I need a F I think I can stack them how do I get more how do I get how do I do that how do I get

That how do I get these things do it too tall car is level 10 I Can chip place can I borrow your mining laser for a second uh um I suppose I just want to see if this charges it and that’s all yeah where you at I’m out in front of your house okay I don’t think it does cuz there’s no interface with the

Charger okay how do I do that what it could just be not making the right type of charger perhaps actually wait can you connect stuff that’s not immersive engineering to I think well here where you at let’s see place charger down or whatever oh I have to like have it powered like here

Just come to my here let’s go to the nether okay let’s go to my place you finally get to see make a gun do you have any Source gems Source jems I don’t know coming I’m going to get you oh come on yes yes yes I have speed on my leggings I do

Too I think I have 30% speed o whoa you’re doing some magic I’m going to move all this stuff later yeah whoa what is this infusive engineering That’s crazy dude yeah a freaking power setup dude check it out check it out check it out what that’s cool where’s your waist down

Okay I got to I got to put a bridge there yeah yeah there’s a tower in these [ __ ] cables and I get the so where’s the charger this this whole thing it’s charging station I don’t know if that is it’s working oh you can put it in

There oh I’m sorry okay yeah that’s sick yeah thank you you’re welcome oh yeah wait wait wo whoo wo look I got it hey yo let’s go yeah yeah this is pretty sick this is coming along you wanted to build that pirate ship at some point

Right oh yeah you want me to show you where the pirate ship location yeah real quick I want to get this reactor going tired of being a little stupid baby with stupid power watch out for the cow pit up here cow pit okay it’s over there I got to fix my w

Issue W oh yeah right in there yeah how are you flying I have a glider but I have cosmetic armor on so you can’t see it so in here yeah yeah that’d be epic we could do that we will do it be it would be pretty

Sick yeah have fun with uh nuclear [ __ ] thank you I hope I don’t blow up I’m going to go blow up I’m going to Oppenheimer Oppenheimer hey um do you barely no really no really man you want to Glide her by the way uh yes I’ll make you they break pretty easily

Um so they’re not as good as elytras like okay if you use fireworks with them it’ll consum easier okay I sacrific my pickaxe for you Max well do you want to know I hope you’re where did you get the source gems Source gems yeah where did you find

Them don’t know probably mining T by placing ma lapis or Amethyst in an imbuement chamber what um I’ll work on it I’ll work on making the [ __ ] is the [ __ ] is an imbu chamber um probably some mechanism stuff no it’s ours oh never mind you fall stupid I’m

Stupid and stinky the way you said that so God I need so much coal for this oh oh I can make that super easy I’m a gamer I’m a gamer I’m gaming congratulations holy [ __ ] oh my God I’m a gamer and I’m gaming can you believe it can you believe it oh

Okay no he’s not going no I think it was 10 yeah are you okay sorry I just screwed up bad I hope it was a nice uh nice scream oh my God that was a very clippable moment dude that was what you wanted right yeah holy I don’t know

Maybe put glass on the top cuz I’m a glassy type of guy all right this is the way to go the design that I personally use is this guy I must oh trying to get F of this guy Rod give you glider thank you plus two let’s

Go um so I need a power tab that’s what I need an active Forge Energy power tap what’s the difference between passive and active and one fuel rod and the I think this is this is passive yeah cuz an active setup would be with turbines I’m pretty

Sure I’m always blowing up your osik spot with the [ __ ] points oh yeah I’m like plus a million and they’re like no that’s not how it works oh this is light trolling yeah what’s up never heard assum you’re in stream uh okay so I need freaking oh are you okay yeah

Whoa doing some voodoo magic dude what the Yeah that’s mou how to yeah C Mod oh I’m playing on golf rules you gave me [Laughter] points it’s crazy uh I’ve not seen that before points possible yium how much yium would you like oh give you to your where the freak

Is my it’s like demon for B better let’s go dang I got to get some of that in me get that up purifi dream Ence Among Us can I can I do it can I eat it oh yeah I did see the Among Us that’s crazy should I eat it should I go

Ahead I just want to get confirmation on this you know there’s a valuable there’s some valuable stuff right now [Laughter] BL always see what strangers give to you yes sir whoa this lasts a long time this hits hard dude oh my goodness oh oh boy oh got to get more that can’t believe

This right this is the best version of drugs drugs as a pig farm going I have not had time to do it yet um I’m just going to finish my reactor then maybe we can get started on That okay let me place down this glass glass do you guys like glass I need get down glass 2 three 3 6 9 12 + 8 what’s 12 + 8 it’s 20 Frick I was off again yeah it’s okay I’m never on the money with math questions you’re close enough no you’re

Like right there man you asked me what 5 Time 5 was earlier and I said six yeah that’s true you remember what to do I do remember I will do it I just got to finish the reactor wait how did you put the [ __ ] mining Gadget in the charging station

Just right click on it I am right clicking on it oh I don’t know what to tell you oh it’s cuz I had torches in my off hand Weird I wish there was iron chests it’s too bad mean I have an me system so it’s not that bad but you Know oh I am tired of this smelter taking 2,000 make more power that’s why I’m making a nuclear reactor baby I wonder if Ender iio has that thing remember the wireless power transmitter o maybe I forget what that was called oh my God I need to like is there

A way to turn the mining lasers stuff off with shaders I don’t know oh my God I can’t [ __ ] use it if it blocks my entire [ __ ] Vision I know me too yeah yes yes okay now I’m going to make all the glass shoot out of glass it’s okay don’t

Cry yeah I won’t die I’ll get you that pig for hey what’s Up uh yeah go ahead chip I might need your help okay so I have this crazy thing yeah I’m making m magic stuff okay and I have to Y you can change the color of the beam yeah dude um give to a star bule to make them transport potions oh what does that

Mean I don’t understand what is what do you mean by that I can’t wait to turn my reactor on [ __ ] is a star bunkle star bunkle oh no IDE dear please have enough no this taking so long I’m going to have to upgrade it dude it’s too

Slow it takes 2,000 years to do anything and then I’m sad create stuff brother huh yeah but this is better cuz I can just do it easy it’s easy I mean crate’s cool I probably will I’m talking about the furnace yeah okay we’re about to get the most freaky

Say reactor anyone’s building the Minecraft server I don’t Know full few gers will be able to handle this right now yeah we are why are you talking like a redditor bro I don’t know know anyone would be able to head of this right now oh

No I’m sorry that I slipped in a Reddit [Laughter] mode man my full [ __ ] redditor I know I know I’m sorry kind of insane honestly I’m shocked I’m sorry so not your fault I mean it’s just it’s society’s fault if anything societ Society turned me into [Laughter] This yeah I like it I’m sorry I’ll stop okay ready I’m going to turn it on it’s going to blow up right I hope not whoa holy crap someone screamed no oh scram hope for the best yeah I’m not going to do that okay turn the reactor on void the reactants automatic

Mode set this to outlet mode fix the mining laser with shaders oh you fixed it oh freaking go dude just go that’s the inlet into your Shader settings yeah and you turn RP support to basic thank you Reddit that’s the only good thing about Reddit is troubleshooting that’s true sounds like

Trouble yeah if you have a weird problem like weird Tech problem or like a thing that you need a solution for Reddit is the is the Reddit does help was the truth on that yeah oh shoot for uh opinions not good very bad no if you go to wrer for opinions give up

Um how much energy is this making okay holy crap okay this generator makes a lot of energy I am a swimming in power and then it just I can just put a stack in there and just let it kind of Run Okay core Heat’s good casing heat fine internal energy buffer getting really

Full acean jump scar okay this is annoying the [ __ ] out of me why what’s up why can can both can either of you explain to me why no can I use like nuggets for this they do yium nuggets I need a pickaxe the pickaxe was not

Useless oh my God I didn’t realize how much energy this made I’m making too much energy help I don’t know how to help you what if the reactor blows up it won’t but what if it did man that suck that would suck actually wait I

Know how to use more energy get the UPG put it in the furnace yes I fixed my problem with your house what’ you do I [ __ ] puts two stairs down oh in the basement blocks that wasn’t me I didn’t make the basement basement has nothing to do with me

Brother so if rats invade your house you’re like H I can’t control what they do not calling Max a rat wow I can’t believe this I think you are calling me around offense I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it that I’m sorry this is crazy how about what if I

Change it what if I change it to unhinged hot man go to work huh how about that oh my God it’s just it’s burning all my fuel oh my God this fuel lasts forever this is going to last like a year dude should I make a new you should this

This stuff is epic it takes a lot of resources to get started like you need a ton of iron but once it’s going it’s really good it’s making more yellow R yellow R’s also super easy to get so I’m going to make more upgrade is it just

Yellow yeah you just need yellow oh it’s an ore you got to go find it big old thing of yellow yeah just go mine for ore oh ads I’m sorry about the ads I have to go get a bunch of [ __ ] iron right now yeah yeah I need more iron too

Actually I just used all of oh I’m actually not generating enough energy for lighter spin brother yeah I got to try that out it does like give you a boost sometimes like it’ll boost you forward a little bit if you’re flying like consistently yeah very cool inferium yeah I think I do actually

I’ I’d trade diamonds for iron um what about like one diamond for four iron would that work why is the mining laser not hurt mobs well never mind I realized that if I actually if I reinforce that thought process Then star ground makes no sense

Yeah we got to retain our world view and make sure we’re still right in the [Laughter] end oh my God ooh more drugs so it should be Auto ejecting the nuclear waste let’s see actually has it even generated any waste yet oh the output’s like too low I

See that’s a good idea like you’re thinking um how do I make it output more energy cuz it it’s produced a lot of energy but it just can’t get it to my stuff fast enough let’s see I mean my cables carry 51,000 per tick so that shouldn’t be the limiting factor unless it

Is stronger nuclear pollution mechanic when when uh soon actually I want to add nuclear power should I make it so the nuclear reactors and star ground blow up um that could be like the only one of the only damaging things in yeah fation if it blows up you lose the game and it

Destroys your entire Island don’t do that glow squid p f yeah we can do that um is there like a golden lasso the boy who lives there’s the Ender which I have one I can give you that okay I’ll probably just make my own I don’t let me kill these glow squid first

I have to get a better way to make end pearls mean I can Infuse a potentio sphere or just kill Enderman like a stupid fool oh okay stop it sorry stop moaning I’m sorry I’m sorry you don’t like the moaning some magic going on table what you oh shoot sorry oh

Shoot not on stream oh no dude he’s just shoot dro the thing a shoot a damn hey does anybody have an ender pearl so they would like to trade for that’s what people have been trying to get dude that’s a hot commodity right now I know it is people need ender

Pearls but I do have an Ender lead I will give you okay yeah I’d appreciate it is it on me no no idea what’s going on here I do have carrots recipe recipe are you for um oh yeah someone said to have some inferium come

To my house I got inferium I got a small wee bit you two end pearls uh you one how about I trade my inferium for your ender pearls I think that’s a fair trade wouldn’t you say ship chip about to engage in the most unfair trade of

All time what do you mean bro seems like a fair trade they also have a mining laser I’m pretty sure so it is fair actually chip becoming see that’s fair trade see it’s fair it’s fair trade look it’s fair trade they said it’s fair trade it’s okay my energy buffer is compl takes

Advantage of VI in No send the are these things man I don’t know probably things I mean that’s my assumption sh I still have so much raw silver the I’m coming raw silver raw lead raw actually silver I would like some raw osmium silver I uh silver silver I would like some silver I would

Like silver barely silver I barely know silver I barely thank you how much silver do you need um I would actually like a lot of it if you’re not going to use it um I can give you some I it’s all it’s not smelted yet though so come back

Later no I just realized that your cape is waving in the [ __ ] Wing yeah yours is too it’s epic I don’t see my cape but I see yours have fun with that I’m epic like that oh you have two ender pearls how much inferium do you want sorry I didn’t

See um I’m going to have enough space for all these all these little goblets what am I not to say I’m going to go up here and patiently await my uh silver okay no go goet is the funniest word smell first yeah no no no I can smell of it well I

Do want some of it I mean how much do you think would be fair no no I’m talking sorry person in chat oh okay person in chat sorry how much do you think would be fair for the two ender pearls cuz I do want to use it I need it

For the all the farming stuff eventually what are you doing what are you doing up there did I say you could do that sorry I’m waiting my silver okay it’ll take a bit it’s not going to be fast um so for what for the silver to smell to get

Ready but I’m working on making it bettery oh okay how much you want like a stack how much you don’t want well how much I want okay there you go knock knock who’s there to to whom to whom oh my God can’t believe this there’s someone patiently awaiting you on the way

Stone oh how much did you say you think was fair for two pearls cuz I want to keep most of it um do you have a mining laser I mean would you say like a stack is fair for two pearls or would you want more than that like half my stack do a

Laser how about stack for the two pearls would that be fair pleasure doing business with you okay I can give you more if you need it it’s up to you you want more okay how about another stack will that be fair oh you bring you brought coins how many you got

Oh they’re coming back uh what do you call a cross between a joke and rhetorical question I don’t know chip you have a glider how do I use it you have to put it on your on your chest plate slot no okay you have two blocks of coin

Piles um how about like two stacks for that that be fair or something oh that is the joke it’s 9 * 4 * 2 what’s 9 * 4 21 I just realized the joke I know me too let’s say uh nah not enough infu look I still want my

Infu five Stacks I don’t think it’s worth it I’m GNA be real I what are you confused about everything what the [ __ ] is it I mean look here’s what I’ll do I’ll give you two stacks for that much but I mean five stacks of inferium that’s like all my inferium so

Iic Chip plays debating or not debating negotiating is funny bargain two and a half I can do two and a half nose barg for your life but that’s as far as I’ll go and more than that and you’re you’re bleeding me dry so there you go you’re Cruiser bruis you’re Cruiser

Bruis pleasure doing business chip was it that a pleasure doing business what’ you call me no I’m joking um I have to go get a pig now Pig my I won’t say it that’s mean I think there’s a is there a black one over here I see

It on my map but I don’t see it oh here it is get over here I can’t pick up the pig Ace how does this lasso work Pig chilling how does this lasso work I punch it maybe oh yeah hello I need to get a better method of

Tra I wanted to do that with hob but I didn’t want to punch him and make him mad at me oh yeah well I think it’s okay actually it didn’t seem to anger him all you need for the farm is pigs and a with lava yeah I’ll do

That I’m talking about hob go because you can lead pigs but I don’t know if you can lead that’s true I tried to lead hotg and he wasn’t lead I didn’t want to risk it mhm he’s walking I’m sorry bless you bless okay so for this I’m going to need some

Buckets bucket of water and then I’m going to need some fences I have no Oak what shall I ever do man I’m really delayed aren’t I I’ll be right back we good I’m out of sticks now I think so do the test yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 3 2

1 yeah we’re we’re good okay okay so I have to make I can see your magic from through the floor Max that’s pretty crazy what I can see your magic emida through the floor can I see can you do it yeah look at my stream I’m looking at your stream here I’m looking

At it oh that’s funny yeah that’s strange there is a pedestal within three blocks what do you mean if I do what’s the pirates’s favorite letter of the alphabet I might know this one no it’s the N historians believe that most pirates are most likely illiterate oh damn that’s that’s

Unfortunate NAD nerb hitting us with the anti- jokes dud oh oh wait wait is this oh oh oh figuring out he’s figuring something out Secrets wait what that’s a ritual Brazier put the pigs next to the nuclear reactor so they grow big and [Laughter] strong

Oh [ __ ] oh wait I brought fences for a [Laughter] reason I think you might have stumbled on the best joke that was [ __ ] awesome God you do wait okay wait a [ __ ] got to make spawn town a little nicer YouTube chat right there no no it was all

Me okay I think I’ve figured it out I think I’ve done it I think I’ve done it oh my God X light is having uhoh um okay so there’s the broke it what do they break we need to make SP spawn Town better guys do you want to I said we

Were going to do that today yeah I want to make a charging or modific table for my thing though I got wait just stuck in our own little worlds and we forgot what community really means everyone’s on their phones they should living in real life living together with everyone else with the

Rest of us it’s okay I’ll I’ll have to what’s the word get the community together shift click to insert from your slots or drop upgrading I don’t believe it that’s not real still MC yeah but we’re about to probably switch over um as soon as I do this pig

Thing oh yeah how is your VR uh good I got it working I made it so you can pick up objects and throw them around and stuff it works pretty well and I think I fixed the floor issue it’s still like a tiny bit janky but I think that’s just how VR

Is um yeah and I think there’s a um with the pickups there’s like a range so you can like grab it and it kind of gravitates towards your hand so there’s a little bit of like wiggle room you know yeah so but we should be

Good but I wanted to do it anyways so that I could uh you know get used to 3D and VR so that we could make a VR game someday [ __ ] yeah yeah well the testing really sucks cuz you have to keep putting your VR headset on every two seconds yeah it’s pretty

Awful are we down for Civ yeah I mean I’m down for Civ uh I’ll do it after the stream if that’s you know if you’re still up but I need emeralds we need to make a villager farm and just Chaos Emeralds how many emeralds do I have oh I’m low on emys

You down for or still don’t know I just still don’t know uh Ethan has not contacted me so I don’t know stre tonight where are you Ethan you not got dark today SP Ethan are you such a creep right now sorry whoa I just got like a Ultra boost what just happened Ultra boost what did you four or more pigs okay we’ll do four four pigs four wi no what did you mean by that though it’s little bit don’t worry worry about it

Yeah I’ve Gotten Good at doing like the fake like guttural scream fade well like I’m not actually screaming that loud like I’m it’s so like breathy but like your parents are downstairs and you don’t want to annoy them scream kind of like that you know like the No No Yeah the classic

Yeah yeah not actually streaming Min is 2 no no no but it’s slj so joke oh joking oh God God God for real for real on G bro on G what’s on G real G bro one for scream let’s go that’s insane 100 it actually does

It I need one more Pig one more Pig for the the slaughter the massacre he’s not going to do it he’s scared I’m also scared I wouldn’t do if I actually scream H tempting but oi kind of controls the you know the point system so can’t get any fraudulent Point

Contributions oh the LA baby pig yeah I’m working on it one more Pig and I’m going to start breeding them and give them some time roses are red violets are blue are [Laughter] blue oh I can’t recreate that epic dip that he does yeah I wish I could it’s I have a

Skinny guy voice I don’t know what that means but maybe thank you what yeah what does that mean I don’t know I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing I need coal Christmas I’ve used up all my coal on my reactor oh yeah warning for the

Reactors holy [ __ ] thank you for giving me the [ __ ] like cheat code what she I just get I just become a really bad guy for Christmas and then I get a [ __ ] ton of coal oh dude that’s exactly what you got to do thank you only one baby I will do

That well I’ll wait for all the babies to grow up and then I’ll unleash you know got to Unleash the Beast yeah too bad I spent all this time making a pig for him now I’m going to kill them all I need only one baby must be made

Roses can also be many other colors including yellow pink and white and violets actually look more purple than blue H her name that’s insane any more and I must restart okay I feel like we’re just adding on rules just to add on rules now okay buddy all right you’re cruising for a

Bru yeah I forgot I can right click crops oh my goodness okay so how many did you say we needed at least four babies four or more pigs so we have four pigs now this is going to be hard to get the baby separated though chip when I hold right click on

My mining badget it doesn’t want to go did you charge it yeah it’s fully charged pretty much um come to me like it just whenever I hold it it doesn’t is it because Precision mode is on oh probably uh shift right click and turn it off oh yeah that’s what it was okay

We’re good okay how am I going to do this I’m going to have to wait for the perfect moment and then I’m going to have to get the lava so I don’t accidentally kill the baby this is going to be really difficult they must die at midnight come on

Dude you just keep adding on rules all right chip you’re got like this random Challenge from like a chat member who like just got here what else what did you expect buddy I know I know percentage of sorry to be that guy but I’m going to be that guy yeah you’ve done this

Yourself I know three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas yeah they didn’t even they didn’t even use any channel points just doing it that’s true I don’t know anything foolish little guy I know it’s okay I’ll still do it I don’t do anything for my viewers unless

They pay for it make it easy the baby out he’s about to pop an aut request on me [ __ ] two babies got generated I think in this game I think in this mod pack sometimes babies like there will be more than one baby the baby the baby kill one of the babies okay

Man God this dude is you’re messed up little fell aren’t you yeah I mean we knew that it’s a twitch it’s twitch chat what I know I know but it’s still like yo sorry what Baby D can I get can I get one more can I get more one

More well that’s going to be uh between me and you I think oh okay you’re going to send me a like actually I better keep him inside so he doesn’t grow up I just didn’t I you missed it I I heard it but I was in

The middle of you really have to wait for midnight can I just I defin chip so uh oh my cuz that was between me and Max that was was it wasn’t it would have been between meax and chip but chip is streaming right now

Yeah I don’t want the chat in on and and and twitch chat doesn’t get that for free yeah right I earned that oh come on you earn that by being my friend for years everyone must watch oh my God okay I need everyone to come over

Houseat you if you if you are friends with aceman you’ll get a yo you’ll get one yeah for free for for free yes sir he’s too easy bro he’s too easy is the whole ad astrod disabled I don’t know I don’t I don’t think it would be

Right I mean I see them blocks but maybe it is disabled I don’t know how do you get this funny ring around Exit got this cool ass [ __ ] ring around Them pockets what you Tak it to the Hoke pokei but then you turned yourself around I can’t believe that oh you’ll hop on psych all right yeah what’s up with the ring the Rings are pretty cool the ring of power oh those Rings the red rings MBG has a

Ring xite has a ring yeah how do I get a ring tell me right now everybody or I’m going to I’m going to ban everyone like the the Maho suai thing you need you need stuff oh my God okay you need to guys it’s night time hurry get to my

House everyone has to watch MPG is giving me an epic ring dude take me to the basement yo I will use this this elusive Diamond Sword of the storm on Dr Dr Tash over here I think we just hit with an ad tragedy it’s okay damn it we wait we

Wait you have a my my epic threat you have another layer to your basement MBG or did was I seeing things whoa you what the [ __ ] you look crazy this dude is insane he’s nuts there I think we’ve gathered up pretty much everyone I mean we need we still need

Acen and it’s not midnight you better hurry up yeah but soon it will be right click with armor what do you mean I clicked it with my imagine this baby grows do I have a ring now it probably will grow uh do not break that creeper head on okay please don’t break that

Yo what if I click it with a creeper head okay are you guys not coming I need a yes or no well I was getting my [ __ ] R mother Marcus the sneaky get him oh goodness there he goes okay I’m coming to the pig pen Jesus Christ I’m just okay okay I wanted

To get an epic ring and now I have an epic ring look man I’m just I’m getting these demands I’m I’m worried what will happen if I don’t do it okay that’s true that’s true ready don’t let the pigs out it’s pretty much midnight can I do

It yet yeah do it do it do it start the ritual okay we got the word oh psycho just joined should I wait but if we wait anym please don’t let the creeper blow up my reactor okay oh my God everyone’s all right go past midnight

Midnight’s when it’s in do it do it do it do it it the baby though yeah put the baby in baby in ready all right oh this is just like nothing I know we did it let’s go MBG and now this this baby will Feast upon its parents flesh that’s the slave

Part okay okay well that was uh something yeah okay we’re done yeah now you have to follow you have to subsscribe with twitch Prime you have to subscribe with twitch Prime and give me quadrillion bits no yeah no no no no he’s he’s joking but I’m not no

Don’t actually you don’t have to joking no I’m not joking you have to do now no I I am joking I’m not you will done it you really don’t have to do it hey whose mining laser is this dude then then then chip then get into like a one of those parasocial

Relationships with chip where where like you think he owes you things no actually chip is the one who’s going to get the par social relationship somehow oh no you have another request I’m sorry I think I’m done with Minecraft burn the forest I can’t this has gone too far look I’ll slaughter a

Family of innocent pigs tur climate change is to like what the [ __ ] yeah this is just I feel like I’m being manipulated into becoming evil yeah ow ow ow I’m not going to burn down everybody’s beautiful forests how am I going to go camping okay funny

No oh no I owe MBG gave me a bit oh no Murphy’s lot heard of off and then do it oh you’re right do fire tick false okay I’m going to do it yeah we’re burning down the forest you did it yeah whoa oh my God he’s burning down the forest guys o

Efficiency on the mining gadgets I’m so sorry it’s insane yeah have you gotten the 3X3 yet not yet I need ender pearls yeah me too brother it must be on fire and O hydrate if anyone has looting I do have an Enderman spaic yeah so if someone’s got

Looting I might be willing to do a little bit of havies give them takes the slaughter oh my God I fre pix oh spawning in the spawner that makes sense is there can that happen oh yeah you can we can set up Ender iio to spawn Enderman yeah I have

A spawner but it’s a cave one cave spider spawner I’ll work on that lat but uh I don’t know actually not sure which spawners you need you have another request oh my God now you owe me more sleep beside your nuclear reactor get superpowers I don’t believe you but I

Don’t know how to get in there without breaking my reactor so I don’t think I can I got cyanite oo I can make a reprocessor yo you got what the [ __ ] I know blow up a chunk of the earth okay too far I can’t I can’t do this I got gold

Excellent all right I think it’s time for me to switch to game deving and not Minecraft now damn I know but um you know but I’m that’s what I said I was going to do did you just go BM yes I’m a funny guy that’s what I

Do Channel points let’s go I’m one of those funny fellas funny fella one of those funny twitch guys guys I’m about to have I know we’re I know we’re like a diamond dozen nowadays but I’m I’m swear I’m one of the funny guys that’s that’s insane save for the Starr demo you can

Join the Discord there’s actually Alpha Testing signups there right now so totally welcome to do that instead fused quartz fused a game suggestion can you play metal Hells Slinger uh I’ve not heard of it but I can check it out why did you say that like like like

A like a in the funny voice I’m trying to open a straw and I Can’t Capri son I will destroy your family CA I’m just getting a little class how do I open my nice help hey Chad what’s your favorite anime I like Burger I like Burger I like Burger the Anime dude yeah D Munch is really good no no no no no I’m talking about the devil’s a part-timer bro come on Burger have you not seen Devils a parttime dingo is my favorite anime dingo oh dude Sword Art Online [ __ ] yeah hell yeah

Hell yeah bro I love that one guys I got a Capri Sun Dragon Ball Z that’s me drinking your Capri Sun dude oh no dude I can’t believe you drank his Capri son what the [ __ ] I just opened it got it all set up anime is obviously you a headache Capri does that

To me I don’t know why oh yeah pyu I realized when you asked me about the latest episode of invincible I did not watch the latest episode I didn’t realize there’s already another one so I did watch the new one last night but no spoilers man I need help I

Need I need help no more so I want to make my I want to make my [ __ ] Magic Room [ __ ] nuts beat up dungeons or demons with guns and talking skulls let’s go all right make my magic room um okay okay bye chip bye chip pleas bye

Have fun Gamers bye bye follow Hawaiian shirt experience bye subscribe to Hawaiian shirt experience twitch Prime okay byebye all right okay there they go okay now we can actually uh focus a little bit instead of just playing Minecraft um so you know what I mean by the impact frames out yeah I understand

A little better now I don’t know why but for some reason the animation quality was irking me with uh this recent episode because they highlighted it in the very beginning as that joke you know and then I just kept noticing it I’m like ah game you playing I’m not playing I’m

Making I’m going to make a game right now first off I’m going to read through Discord though uhoh I spoiled a new bot coming to the Discord server soon H worm Worlds yeah there’s that game I was helping that one person with this looks Cool nice so cool definitely got the stard do Valley Vibes kind of go around and Farm looking pretty sick hydrate again there we go got buy carrot seeds nice it’s looking pretty epic also this is looking really cool fantasy survivors let’s look at this this looks very nice f Way and then Programming blame me though what was evolving oh right here then what is in Starr General um an alpha General okay anyways did I hear about the kidnapping oh I woke up thank God uh the thing I’m going to be using is um unless I had one of the future

Dreams you know oh yeah I don’t know I don’t I can’t remember if they did that last season but yeah um we’re going to be using Gau yeah we’re going to change the category right now since we’re we’re uh moving into that so no more Minecraft now it is software and game

Development um let me just go get the correct title not going to bother changing on YouTube V6 fixes and quality of life okay a do a good go do o t uh this is that VR game by the way we did finish this last night uh but yeah it it works well we

Got um the ability to move objects with your hands no no no g o d o t a lot of people say God dot although that is incorrect also I know I said I was just going to read Invincible after season 2 but I think I’m just going to wait until

After season 3 cuz I forgot they animated both seasons once yeah they did do that so that’s cool yes there you got it good though um I don’t know exactly why it’s called good do I think there was um a movie or something called waiting for gdau or a

Play why is gdo called gdau yeah it was named after the play waiting for gdau so that’s why it’s called gdau I guess it’s derived from gdau a Corruption of God knows so that’s cool cre goes from the same count as you let’s go nice okay but we’re not going to work be

Working on this VR game we already finished that for now we’re going to work on Star ground um I recommend using gdau over other things I mean I definitely really love gdau I can’t really say that like um it’s better right because they all have their own um pros and cons you know

I’d say unreal is definitely better at like 3D stuff um so if you’re planning on like especially really high fidelity stuff use unreal that’s probably going to be your best bet for that um but I really love gdau it’s very easy to get into because it’s all python Python’s very easy to

Learn I also think the whole node based system is a really good way to keep things organized and add in functionality super fast gdau is definitely a fast engine that’s what I’ll say so but definitely give it a try at the very least you know if you’re trying to

Decide on a an engine for your next game I’m probably going to be sticking with gdau for quite some time because I’ve had a very good time using it um and it can do 3D you kind of also go into it knowing this like you know uh what’s the word this

Engine’s going to keep getting updated and more stuff is coming so you get that that promise of more to come you know you know what I mean uh which is a really good thing too um looks like we have to add one more person to the Minecraft go do that um all

Righty now why is Unreal Engine 5 called Unreal Engine 5 if Unreal Engine 5 is in the fifth install I don’t know why is the RTX 580 called the RTX 580 if it’s not actually the 5000 and 80th installment of the graphics card um but how do they make Unreal Engine 5

To make unreal if unreal wasn’t made yet to make Unreal Engine 5 to make unreal that’s that’s unreal it’s I’ll say um oh we got to hydrate Capri whoa did you see that the green screen’s being delayed did you see that that’s whack okay uh oik are you here I would

Like to talk to you okay you were mentioning how when you translate the game to Brazilian it’s not actually Brazilian but it’s like translating to Portuguese right I just want to confirm that yeah cuz I I really want to fix that that is not um proper so we have to

Figure out why that’s happening oh it could be because of that I think it’s because I didn’t have the code capitalized Let’s uh give that a try is there a specific word that’s different between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese that I can check uh to make sure it’s working

It’s really crazy just has optimized ra five is yeah it’s pretty good um rail’s pretty uh solid for 3D stuff of course it comes with uh you know its own downsides the problem is that unreal 5 is um difficult to use because it uses C++ and C+ C++ in and of itself isn’t

The worst but there’s a lot more technical things that you have to understand for that and you can use the blueprint uh system but oh I think I fixed it yeah do you see that it’s changing it Now so I think we’re good let’s get a change a lot going for this next build fixed an issue Where these was being translated to regular Portuguese okay that’s one issue fixed Soldier vacuum clear is getting dust um and you said do you have to know how to code outed of the wiki you do not so let me uh do a little tutorial for everyone on the wiki it’s not really

That hard um it’s just very intimidating but um luckily it’s pretty straightforward so let’s go to the crafter page for example so all you have to do is just edit it’s just text you don’t have to to code anything um there is some specific formatting but you can

Just look it up there’s a tons of like Wiki Pages for how to format your Wiki pages so it’s not too bad you can also like import images and stuff and there’s a lot of tools up here which will really help you out and those will just kind of do everything automatically for

You Um you can upload files on the right so you can upload like an image or whatever so that you can display it in the Wiki page and let’s say you want to make a new wiki page right so go up to the URL and type in the name of the page you

Want to create so let’s say I want to make uh a page for the furnace so it’ll bring you to this page and you can click create this page and now you’re creating the page for the furnace so yeah it’s really easy to do anyone can do it you

Just have to make an account um yeah should be easy to do but of course if there’s any issues you know doing it let me know search for lighter Amazon six matches why is GD called G if it’s not about a DOT on the move I don’t

Know regular sorry is is it like invalid to call it regular Portuguese what should I call it What does regular Portuguese like mean like just just Portuguese okay traditional Port Portuguese that’s probably a better term for it European Portuguese that’s the difference because like there’s like a I need to a word so that it’s clear that it’s a different kind of Portuguese yeah I’ll just call it

European Portuguese that’s probably a better term for that um yeah not that I’m not saying that Brazilian Portuguese is not regular Portuguese um that’s not what I mean it’s just that you know it’s named after the country Portugal so in my mind I always think that’s like the

Uh it’s for default but you know it’s a bad uh bad thought process how do you make holy water boil the hell of it yeah okay so anyways let’s take a look at all the bug reports here um it’s the best way to watch a fly fishing tournament live stream yeah to

General mes yeah I’m sorry oh yeah we also have um so MBG actually created a new wind Shader for us which is awesome so we’re going to actually apply that because the old one was kind of silly and bad um but I think this one is going to work much better for

Us so we’re going to have to take a look at how this really looks I think we can just go into the tree scene and look at it oh yeah it’s just working right off the bat so we can set like different strengths and stuff then the total

Offset so there are a few things we’re going to have to change here we said offset now we’re going to say total offset um yeah you know actually just to make it easy for myself I’m just going to rename this just to offset and this to just speed and we should be good

There so this is a little too strong let’s set the strength to two maybe one one would probably be enough um then you can see these are all the different values for the different sine waves so essentially what this is doing is just stacking three sine waves

Onto each other and so it kind of it’s like a pseudo random pattern um what’s really cool too they also did a Geo ra geog jebra uh function here which is really cool so we can uh load that into here I think somehow um I don’t know

Aign I don’t really want to do this I don’t want to save it how do I open it a local file there we go um we go to downloads and open this up so this is actually the function for the wind which is really cool yeah it’s never going to be truly

Random and honestly that’s totally fine it doesn’t matter um all we have to do is create the illusion of Randomness and using three sine waves is more than enough for that so this is the uh kind of pattern we get from the three sine waves and I think that looks pretty

Good please rested a bottle of water cuz it was one in three different States liquid and gas yeah nice uh what do you think of scratch as a game engine um it’s interesting I think uh scratch can be good but personally if it were me learning how to

Make games I would just jump straight into trying to learn how to program sorry just finishing my Capri um cuz the problem is that you start to rely on these buttons right and the like um visual scripting languages um and you know it’s I think it’s just better just

To get into the real meat of making a a game and scratch is cool you can do really amazing stuff in scratch um so you know if you like using I mean that’s the thing with any engine right is it just comes down to what do you enjoy the most and what

What um can do the most for you for me scratch is not I’m never going to use scratch you know I don’t like scratch but that doesn’t mean scratch is a bad engine by any means um if scratch Works super great for you in your needs do it

Up there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using scratch so that’s uh what I think about that everyone always has this opinion of like there’s the best engine or which engine should I use and really just like sure engines have strengths and weaknesses but it just comes down to what do you enjoy using the

Most I’ve really enjoyed using gdau and that’s why I’m using gdau and that’s pretty much all there is to it you can use other engines just fine so you want to use Unity want to use unreal want to use scratch game maker do it up so

Um yeah but m I think this is looking pretty good I think it’s just about how I want it seems to be not too insane uh it should have also applied to the tree of wisdom looks like it did I think his strength might be a little bit too much just cuz he’s

Bigger so I’m going to set the strength oh it wasn’t set back to one um yeah what I’m actually going to do do is set this default strength to one cuz one seems to be pretty good for most things um just a nice little sway back and

Forth yeah I mean it’s looking really good we’ll see if it does fix the issue um yeah so much simpler and to the point I think this Shader is going to work a lot better for what we’re trying to do here um probably runs even better than the other one did so that’s

Cool um yeah thank you so much MBG for working on that I really do appreciate it I think uh that’ll really help so and yeah we settle the let me just check that this actually I mean I’m sure it does but where’ the tree go

Oh so if I go to material I’m just going to change the offset oops it’s in the Sprite y that looks good what we got posture check no way using Gau to make my first game I’ll start working on Tuesday tonight awesome yeah that’s uh that’s really

Cool so let’s load into the game and see how this is Looking no no okay I hate dance party oh ads all right let’s wait for the ads first oh why why must I suffer I’m done this candy gone too far thank you for the bit MBG I appreciate it um okay we’re going to say there’s the

To fix an issue where the sway was to extreme on some computers b g let’s see the offset’s looking pretty good to me let’s take a look at like two trees next to each other y I think that’s like looking good how does that uh strength of

Windway look to everybody cuz I think that looks pretty good I don’t want it to be too extreme you know but it should be just enough to kind of add a little bit of motion that jelly ban I just ate was not good I’m not happy about that

One tasted like gas like propane it tastes like how propane smells and I don’t know how to feel about that I’m not happy about that time to dance yeah let us dance it up um we win FNAF oh right um I’ll check out your game after

The dance it’s too hard to play play and dance no background you see that little guy back there look who it is it’s totally not the star ground guy printed another one for Ace okay I’ll actually do it it um I need to switch to chatting

Mode you playing V6 awesome I hope uh it’s a good time power is definitely a different a little bit of a different Dynamic so I’d recommend starting a new save cuz it’s just uh kind of a whole different thing to uh yeah I did add coal actually cuz now

It’s you know needing power it’s kind of important to actually have more uh fuel sources hey MBG thank you for the bits should read a TP talk of doing this I’ll create one on the spot Um I’m not good at TP talks I don’t know we all know that our world is dying climate change racism the destruction of our oceans and coral reefs what can we as humans do about this the problem is that we are dedicating our solutions to a small minority of these carbon emitters which

Are these large corporate operations and factories but the problem is that there’s no valid solutions for a consumer consumers are just as much of a a contributor to global warming as everybody else is and so we need a better way to deal with this problem the solution to this is

Implementing carbon capture Solutions into the products that we as consumers use every day things like ovens microwaves dishwashers these are all great opportunities to integrate carbon capture Solutions into these devices that sit in our homes every day and by implementing carbon capture Solutions into these devices that are

Also producing carbon we can decrease emissions right at the source thank you that was my tedex talk there you go t let’s go jeez thank you for the bits dude I appreciate it I don’t know how much bits are worth but thank you clipped and shipped let’s go thank

You big boy excellent Ted do thank you oh yeah hey as sorry I didn’t say hello but yeah it’s been a minute but welcome yeah we’re just working on some Starr stuff I was playing Minecraft earlier um but we are no longer playing Minecraft cuz I want to actually work on

The game a little bit today let switch back to where we were okay 100 bits is $1 okay still appreciate it still Epic oh my goodness dude crazy you’re going to you’re going to get a little badge from the bits now let’s go okay so we’re fixing some good issues we’re on good

Track so let’s look at what else tree sway too much I’m going to mark this as partially resolved hey Ben Newan what’s up thank you so much for the resub yeah how’s it going it has been a minute what you’ve been up to thank you

So much for you are a living legend here at Big Boy Corp um the the loyal um Kofi content subscriber I really appreciate it yeah I do apologize for not having too much for that recently it’s just um it’s really hard to do like an extended Dev Vlog on stuff that like

I can’t really do um cuz we had multiple videos like that like I think um one was just like me talking about like the game on Steam so I don’t know what I would even do for a Kofi video for that because there’s not like anything to show off and for

The boss I mean I could I could do a Kofi video on the boss too kind of just show how the boss works but yeah I do apologize for that I’m hoping to get some more stuff up on Kofi I think I’ll probably put the old star ground builds

Up on Kofi for everyone to try out um but yeah but thank you so much for the support though I do really appreciate that an expert picking leaves and heating them in water it’s your specialty no way I can’t believe that okay so someone they found n SE in the

Somehow this is the or that was you oik how like what did you okay that was from 14 hours ago I have no idea how this happens it was instance base is null it’s when you do get node from an invalid path this just very weird I might actually have an idea for

How this has happened but we have to go into multiplayer to do it we’ll try it so go with the Kofi content I enjoy it all okay awesome Uh you’re going to head out in the Stream yeah I’ll hit you up as soon as we’re done with the stream here I’m ready to do some Civ so I’ll let you know so I think what could have happened I don’t think you were in multiplayer oosik but I think what could have

Happened is that one person was opening the Tesla coil menu and they were like cuz this could happen in multiplayer where someone else breaks the Tesla coil now all of a sudden your reference to this menu or to this network is null at least that’s my theory so we’re going to test

It what do you call someone who always Sayes the obvious someone Sayes the obvious I can’t believe that um I’m going to stop playing in Brazilian so I don’t know if my theorem will be correct we’re going to definitely try it out here so we opened this bottom right Tesa

Coil oh these don’t update on spawn I need to fix that so I’m going to break it oh but that doesn’t work because then you just can’t it deletes it um I wonder if you placed it and then you like opened it at the exact same time like

No I have to do it on the same frame otherwise it’s not going to work it’s not going to work I’m not fast enough it’s not that I don’t know I think it just must have updated the network and so you’re trying to get this reference to this network node which is

Giving you the values and then it just doesn’t work actually can you send me the oh can you send me your logs for this session so I can read what happened like if there are errors that came up please do that if you can certainly been a lot added since I

Was on stream yeah there’s been quite a bit of uh additions to the game so pretty crazy if I open on the same for I break it well it should just close out of the inventory if I do that so I don’t think that’ll work hold this can’t find Tesla coils huh

I don’t know why sometimes I just get these weird errors like with the players or you know all this stuff I just don’t know what it’s doing why that’s happening you know yeah let’s read these logs see if there’s something specific here leak exit weird window stuff generating

Dungeons trying to disconnect at one inventory Center container it’s loading it’s nine lines left let’s Down yeah I don’t know I’m just not sure I’ll keep trying to work away at it but well you didn’t have internet at the time it’s not that okay the burn time’s for different fuel sources the same no so for different fuel sources they last longer um Also let’s see now

We got to go all right thank you so much for coming to the stream I appreciate the jokes so have a have a good day or night yes different fuel sources burn for different amounts of time so uh wood burns for 6 seconds which is two items biofuel Burns for 24 seconds

Which is um four items right yeah and then uh fuel cells which is a new fuel source will burn for 48 seconds that’s the best one but you do need to take bof fuel and coal to craft them so there’s a give and take yeah I can’t place anything on the

Treadmill that’s a weird one let’s check that one out might just have the Collision box wrong could be because I just have this position in the wrong spot I have that as minus three let’s move that down did I just say minus three on that that’s not what I

Meant let’s put that to minus oops minus five move the Sprite down to five those will stay the same actually they’re going to have to move Collision move down to five player check moves down to five so because this one has I don’t think that’s the issue

H um let’s see what if you open it on the same frame you break it um yeah I think it’ll just break I think I might have read that there other bosses or just the mushroom right now uh right now it’s the mushroom but I think I do have a plan

For what the second dungeon will be so hopefully we can get started on that soon um we do research on these to make a fuel source page awesome yeah let me know if there’s any questions anybody ever has about like game mechanics just really specific things like um you

Know I don’t know how many resources does this thing take or how long does this last like let me know cuz I have all that information in the game like it’s all and I can tell you exactly how much so why would this not be it’s kind of

Weird it’s 32 by 32 well let’s go look at like the furnace for example um it’s strange cuz the Collision here isn’t anything different it’s just the exact same right so I don’t know why people can’t place underneath or next to the treadmill it’s very strange think we need the pure image

Yeah um is there a way to scale up images on like wik cuz I have all the raw Sprites but they’re tiny you know they’re only 32x 32 let me know if there’s a way to do that because I uh would like to blow up the images so they’re not super

Difficult to read and see um so what’s this they’re saying CL on the edge of tadal texture let you run out while still pring under and it has a no power symbols still powering a Tesla coil I think sometimes these things don’t um hit with that actually what do I have the it

Should be three so see that Z1 and his wife have played St I know that’s crazy right I saw that and that was insane that they both played it that was really cool to see yeah it’s so cool to see people play the game like that I totally noticed the massive

Increase in wish list from that it was insane I was like whoa this has actually made a massive difference oh so cool though yeah Z1 Z1 gaming yeah this is his channel hey did a Starr video pretty crazy it’s down here so welcome to Star ground it’s so weird hearing someone

Uh like introduce the game you know I don’t know welcome to Starr that’s just so crazy to me I uh it’s weird really cool though remember synotic videos oh that’s sick Yeah okay let’s see if this fix anything oh it’s not doing it right so that’s why you guys can’t place things under It right so we have to set this to zero let me get velocity player check should be masking for two what else is on Layer Two oh the spawn platform is on layer to well that’s wrong um I’m just going to do this I think we’re just going to say get Tree dot get nodes in group Player I think this will be better and then we’re going to say if I do distance we’re going to say if to I it’s less than like eight or whatever that should work a little bit better hopefully uh if I make a video on Star

Ground do I need to say that I rece the key from you uh you don’t have to I mean you can just mention in the description or whatever that it’s a an alpha testing you know but that’s uh pretty much it just so people don’t get confused but there’s no like

Um you know I’m not going to I don’t really care so if I place this down yeah it’s going to do that which is wrong what I need to do is set the building offset so what that involves is if we go to the building

Menu I think this is where we would do it it might not Be but we set a Sprite Offset actually I don’t think that’s going to work cuz it’ll just offset the Sprite so how am I going to do this cuz the issues with the death sorting like I need to literally physically like also this doesn’t seem to be working so that’s pretty Weird it’s probably not called player I bet it’s called players the group let’s see yeah so we will check the players group Let’s uh check this now uh the game is freezing that’s okay let me uh close these other tabs starting to get little laggy same with all these uh close other Tabs hopefully that’ll work I think it is working okay let’s see what happens so yeah now the range on this is smaller but we need to fix the where this is position though that’s a little funny H the problem is it has to do with all the depth sorting why sorting you know but if I set an Offset let’s uh we’re going to try some things here so I’m going to set the offset so we’ll set like minus 8 actually then move it down by eight then we can just keep all of our Collision shapes and stuff at Zero and hopefully this will Work we actually don’t really need the player check thing Anymore it’s just too risky power particles we don’t need those down so low keep those at 11 so let’s see what this Does oh I think that actually worked yeah it looks like we are good and we should be able to place buildings underneath it yeah okay so we fixed that treas me issue um it was just some weird funny spacing stuff but we’re all good now so let me Mark that fixed multiple issues

Related to the treadmill including sorting and not being able to items underneath it so I will Mark those as solved um there’s one more issue with this Though so if you put the treadmill down they’re showing that like this doesn’t work but it does it’s very strange I might have accidentally fixed it actually no cuz I think I have the same setup here show me that yeah so it’s a little weird for some reason this doesn’t seem

To be detec it here right um and like what if I break it and place it again that doesn’t work what if I break and do that again no so I think if I just increase the I did notice this issue a little bit um I

Think it comes down to the fact that this shape cast is not absolutely perfect like I think it’s a a tiny bit smaller than the area indicator this isn’t accurate but so don’t worry about that so all I have to do I’m just going to slightly increase the radius of the shape

Cast which is area size we’re just going to set it to like 98 and I think that’ll fix the issue in cases like that where it’s like obviously on the thing but it just isn’t connecting for some reason should got a let’s game it out to player game haven’t heard of

Them but I could there’s a pretty big chance I mean I can always ask them yeah um but yeah we could do that it’s awkward to ask people to play a game though you know I don’t like um H what’s the word like marketing myself it’s just it’s just

Awkward and I know it’s kind of like you know you got to do it but why is this still not working actually I’m going to go ahead and do this I’m going to do debug and then show visible Collision shapes it’s very strange that it’s not

Working just so I can actually like uh see where this is happening oh right I’m not using the shape cast for this that’s just for uh initializing so what I’m actually doing down here is checking distances and that’s why it doesn’t work cuz essentially what it’s doing is

Um it’s trying to get the center position of the treadmill and that’s how it’s like checking its distance and connecting it and that doesn’t really work so I’m going to have to change That um yeah let me give you all the information on fuel sources in their ASO I’ll just make a Liz I know you already asked me here but I’m just going to do it um I’ll give you the exact amount I was actually wrong with some of these so I

Apologize um but that’s good that I’m actually looking at the real values then then CO’s 12 so that’s all the fuel sources in the game and those are the exact values coded in so that should be very accurate let’s see let’s go back to the Tesla

Coil there probably a way I can correct for that difference in position this will be your first time making a Wiki page so might take me a while yeah no problem U I’m always happy to help you know let me know if there’s uh things that I need to do

So yeah so We’re looping through the area size which is up here so what we need to do is change it so we actually correct for the size of this object um let’s see oh man so what we could do is say Global position and then correct it for the Sprite size

But that could add a lot of lag so I don’t know trying to think what the best method here would be for fixing this I would use areas but I they’re pretty laggy doing distance checks is actually way less laggy which is funny okay well I think what we could do

Actually I know what to do so we’re going to say I position plus position direction to i. Global position so Direction two should return a vector and it’ll be just a one one thing um and we’re going to multiply this Vector Times let’s see I’m just making sure I’m doing the parentheses right yeah so we’re going to multiply the vector by the the width of the object in pixels so that’s what we’re going to have to figure out and how we’re going to do that successfully and I think the way we can

Do that is just get the width of the uh main Sprite Or actually all of them do have Collision boxes right and those are always a better representation of its actual boundaries so let’s do that it’s Collision shape 2D then we can just get the size time I Do sh do size dox it’s a long nasty line but it’ll do what we want I think so not everything has the exact same width as it does height on the Collision box you know so um it won’t always be absolutely perfect but it’s close enough I’m actually going to divide it

By two because otherwise it would be too much I don’t know if this is going to impact performance too much hopefully not but we’ll See okay this doesn’t seem to be working if we go down here uh this is a mess let me hide all these I thought i’ turned that off actually I would like to keep it enabled just a minute I think I accidentally have done it the other way and I think I I shrunk it by accident so I think I have to do minus actually so if we have negative

One yeah we don’t want to do that okay I think minus will work yeah I think that has worked so now if we take our treadmill oops don’t want to place it in the range of T over here oops it’s in range again okay so we just grab the edge of

It I think we’re good and then if we just move it just outside of that range like right there yeah but if we move it just in there then we’re good okay I fixed that issue so these should be very accurate even if it’s only slightly clipping The Edge it’ll still

Work like right there it’s just missing it so okay cool so let’s uh no longer show visible Clon shapes let’s go back To Alpha form So I’m just going to say that’s resolved crafter item number let’s do that we’re going to add another thing that is placeholder Numbers so let’s go to the slot so we have the amount tag I’m going to paste it again and then just call this amount placeholder let me place it in the right spot there we go so it should function oh that’s not Right let’s do this A Better Way paste it there so it’ll function the exact same as the other one does we’ll make it uh slightly less visible 150 just so now you actually know how much you need um so inside of the crafter we’re going to do some

Funnies so in recipe button which is this one here so we’re going to indicate how much it produces actually I think what I’m going to do is set the output in the crafter to uh have a filter slott Al so so we’re doing that in

Our in here this is where we set the recipe slot filters So I’m just making sure I’m doing this right I think there’s some code that I could get rid of so I have recipe reference and recipe I don’t know why um is there anywhere where I’m setting it so I’m saying great item dictionary okay that’s fine yeah so I have recipe reference and

Recipe and I don’t really need that oh but I’m only doing that ah I’m not going to bother changing right now so what we can do right here is we can actually set the filter of what our recipe is so we’re going to say slot filters we’re going to push back um recipe.

Output which I think is real I don’t know let’s go uh look at our Global script so I’m just going to set the output to the name of the thing um we’re going to go to recipe table Yeah output. name so now it should actually indicate

In the output slot of the crafter what the uh item is that you’re making which is just a nice little bonus this way the item is about to craft okay let’s check that out yes sir so that’s just better that way before I didn’t do that but that’s

Um going to be a lot better for us here then if you change it it shows yeah cool cool cool good stuff um so we’re going to have to change some other things too I think we’re going to have to add another um variable to the inventory component

Which is too bad here so I’m going to have to update that also then oh well trying to think if there’s any other way I can do this I mean I could modify the slot filters that’s not going to be fun Though Um Let’s see trying to think how we can go about this right in the best way possible so I’m going to say uh just going to create a new thing here Uh indicates the amount of requested Materals necessary materials export bar slot amounts okay oh now we’re going to have to update it which isn’t Fun so essentially I think we should be okay to just include it in let’s see where is it or actually yeah it doesn’t update Here so we’re going to go into the display so this is kind of the script that runs all the logic of this stuff uh Discord you said the duration of the fuel sources the duration on the furnace the same as on the burner yes so all the fuel is universally the same regardless

Of what the building is so whether it’s a furnace burner or the uh new building coming up soon it’ll always smelt for the same amount of time the time to craft each item might change someday but I think want to keep the fuel amounts constant just cuz it’s kind of

Nice but yeah that’s what we got going on right now new building yeah I do want to work on that um I want to fix some issues in quality of life things first but we will do that um unless we just want to work on the new buildings too cuz honestly I wouldn’t

Mind if if everyone’s okay maybe waiting at a smidge bit longer like a day so I mean I don’t think we have anything to gamebreaking so we should be okay trying to find documentation on formatting yeah formatting is it’s weird but uh one thing definitely to to take a look

At are these uh templates right so there’s all sorts of really really useful templates that you can use and it’s just like um like formatting templates or whatever like it’s just different like things that give you like a so it’s easy to like fill out things and I think someone used that for

Like the star ground page yeah these are the different types there’s a lot I think these are not all the types or it’s specifically media Wiki templates media Wiki is what it uses so you don’t have to look at Miry as necessarily I would probably recommend looking at these instead so yeah there’s

Different uh templates here these are kind of giving examples of some of the templates I think yeah um but there’s really Ed one someone used like a game release template or something um which was good um yeah linking to a template so you just have to find I know there’s a

Section that has like all the common templates if someone else knows where that is please let me know okay maybe this using templates I don’t know there are templates though and make your own format yeah no feel free to it would be good to make a format for like uh all the buildings and or items just so we kind of have that like it’s super easy to create new pages uh we

Probably don’t need a new page for every single item in the game just CU it seems kind of unnecessary where it’s just going to be like this is an item it uh does does whatever I mean unless everyone wants to it’s you know again I’m fine with that but it’s a lot of

Work so so we’re going to save slot or not if current placeholder timer that’s updating the placeholders yeah slot filters is not equal to last slot filters we update it so I’m going to have to add another thing onto this now which is a slot amounts so let’s go initialize

That so what we’re going to say in here is if inventory so we’re going to say slot amounts inventory. slot amounts so now we should have that update what’s in oh yeah just call it new amounts and then in update Place holders this is where we settle the

Icons so Wiki needs all the information that’s true yeah everyone’s totally welcome too I mean uh it’ probably be really good idea to set up a template like I said so that we can just like shoot them out quick you know what’s the name what is it link to whatever so we

Don’t have to format it again every single time and I don’t know I’ve never done any Wiki stuff so I’m not even close to knowing what I’m doing So um okay so this is for Iron Range So that’s if it’s an Array so we’re going to say slot Dot get no no 2D slash or actually it’s not there let’s go look back at our slot it’s under no 2D frame and an amount placeholder so then we’re going to say um amount my position then here it’s just I so hopefully we’ll be good on

That actually we have to say if how do we do a safe array access no I’m thinking about It can we use get that h we’ll just have to do a bunch of if statements so we’re going to have to say if that size is greater than greater than or equal to I minus one um let’s see so if we have a size of

Three and the index is two as long as it’s always greater than I and then we also have to have another one which is of slots uh pause it’s greater than pause and same down here so hopefully that’ll work so we should be able to set the

Number amounts for how much is requested I I want it to be like you know if it’s a furnace or something where it’s only one item we don’t have to really indicate that it’s just for things that actually need it like the Crafters because some things take like two

Materials to craft one thing so and we crashed oh I’m just so stupid don’t worry about it um I’m also going to go to the Crafter so now what we’re going to do Also sorry say sorry that I just immediately keep going Okay that song does go hard thank you acean put it on the playlist so should hopefully do that there’s a few more things I have to change Um I can’t believe you’re in the chat sorry for screaming Uh Okay How do I handle the number thing do I just have it on the exact thing no why s shock me I don’t know this is It’s just uh you know surprising I’m like oh my God it’s T man you know update placeholders am I just doing it here might be what I’m Doing do I have one items being displayed hold up don’t care right now just skip past all the issues I do show one item it’s fine you know it’s freaking fine I I check if the string is a valid integer oh is valid in True I think I have to do string. is no that’s not working is Val float oh is Validant um too many arguments I think I have to do it like that okay so we’re going to see what happens now not happy oh I just have to say string Psy popsies I’m sorry I’ll never do that voice again on stream um this man’s a go for me this fire

Music someone just trying to make digital music we almost respect the work of aceman let’s go big shout out to aceman different items in the furnace take different times to smell uh no uh as it stands right now I’m pretty sure every item takes exactly 3 seconds but I

Might change that in the future we’ll see I think it might just be a per machine basis though so like the smelter might have longer smelting times um yeah oh it does actually indicate the number of items now let’s go it doesn’t hide that I think it’s cuz I forgot to change

It in here yes sir here we go so now it’ll actually kind of show you like how many items do you need of each thing I think that’s much more clear so if I put some iron in there oh it’s just immediately going out to the chest I think we’re doing good

Does that show up for every single inventory now anything with a slot so that’s one thing is that it shows that everywhere well only in the crafter it’s kind of weird I think I’m going to make it so it doesn’t show one when it’s just one

Item okay so if I know a valid integer then I could probably just convert it into an INT right I’m looking at array whoops and then I can just say is it one oh it is make it invisible you know yeah just two int so we know it’s a valid in and then

We’re going to Say is greater than one so let’s check that yeah so so if it’s only one item it doesn’t show one cuz I mean there’s no real real reason to and honestly I’m probably also going to change that in the inventory just cuz I think it’s a much cleaner look you

Know I mean do you really need to see that there’s one item in your inventory you know it’s just kind of like redundant so we’re going to do pretty much the same exact kind of thing in here so it’s where we’re setting the amount that’s all the amount okay

Actually we know that that will always be a number so we’re just going to say if it’s greater than One it’s not even in our inventory yeah it just shows one nothing no number when it’s one item except when you pick it up though I guess we do tend to run into issues with that don’t We okay I’m going to ask chat right now would you prefer to have a little one next to your item when it’s one item or not which would work which would you prefer no one okay other thoughts What makes me think I have a spare one yeah cuz I’m totally fine changing that behavior so we can do that um it shouldn’t be too bad all I have to do is go into here um I’m going to do kind of the same thing I do here where I set the Amount um I think it’s in here yeah so we’re going to say if is greater than one so where do I set the other amount I’m guessing I’m sending it back to nothing ah yeah so if it’s greater than one else I’m just going to set it to

Nothing I also have to say pause here um yeah yeah okay same exact uh little check here not have to reference position that’s my opinion of saying that um yeah well no let’s just get rid of it then cuz I mean why you know why do we need it we don’t that’s the

Answer so these will no longer display a one when one is required yeah and same the inventory uh the only other thing left then is when you’re picking it up I think the one thing I will keep though is like for example when you have a Half Stack I need to clear

Inventory so here like it shows that there’s one one item in the stack I think that’s okay right cuz it’s it’s like a representation of how much are you splitting who that was weird wait so it’s one one then one without parenthesis why is that that why is that happening wait

What oh I found a bug I think so you right click it drop one item drop another item and then it just doesn’t do it I know why we actually have to do a similar thing to what we did in here or it’s just going to equal nothing there we go yeah

Okay and then the only other thing that we have to do now is that when you are holding an item I think that’s going to be in the item preview in UI inventory um in here cuz we have like the amount set up here you know set Alpha set cursor Play sound set Path we’re going to search for where we set amount might be in process or something a lot of references to a mountain here right here so reset cursor res set it back to nothing data sort yeah there we Go okay let us check on this now so once it gets to one item yeah so it’s just like you’re moving it around okay I think we’re all good with that then then um yeah it doesn’t show it up there also just looks nicer and like

This there’s no uh numbers next to your weapon components right which is uh Better so yeah cool I’ll mark that down as a change um it’s so machines That let’s display how much in the inventory so that when an item is only a stack of one the number um disappears we’re gaming I’m just going to say that’s resolved I’m pretty sure this is resolved um but we’ll wait on that you want to be able to turn off

Buildings it’s a little bit complicated to do that I really don’t want don’t know how this NL SC thing happened it’s very strange and I didn’t see anything super weird in the logs so I don’t know how to fix that n this whole thing is such a difficult problem to fix

Because it deled time clipping that one’s been resolved yeah you can drop items outside the island I’m probably going to make it so you cannot drop items anywhere where it is a collision box you know so you can’t drop them there actually I’m already checking for collisions with that aren’t

I so I think there’s a way I could tie that in this might be really easy um cuz I think we have like somewhere in the player we’ll find it it’s not the cursor might be like the mining Target build preview that one’s very specific um I’m just going to duplicate the cursor

One I think I’m just going to paste as a sibling we’re just going to call it cursor collision and that’ll only check for Collision points uh there’s a few more little bits of code I’m going to have to do in here yeah the same thing here um is this an input

Only yeah I want this happening all of the time regardless so right there uh the alpha form of the minor major issue tags bug reports yeah I mean pretty much I would say I wouldn’t really add them to the suggestion tags cuz it’s more of like you

Know a bug like this for example it’s kind of like a minor issue because it’s like you know it’s a problem but it’s kind of like it doesn’t cause any major gameplay problems like it’s just a thing that you can do that probably isn’t a good thing but it’s on your own like

It’s your own decision um so stuff like that I wouldn’t really apply that tag to uh anything that isn’t really a bug I wouldn’t put on suggestions anyone has thoughts or ideas oh yeah let me go ahead and check that out fuel sources yeah this looking good the only

Thing I Chang is don’t call it creating fuel sources I would I would honestly just make the page fuel you know that’s all I would do and just have all the information about fuel um so yeah I I think a good um I mean you can call it fuel sources

Too that’s fine um to me though fuel sources means the source of a fuel if that makes any sense I always try to simplify the page names as much as possible just so it’s super easy to find to navigate to um and reference but otherwise I think it’s looking really good though Yeah yeah yeah I’d probably call it just fuel I think it’s just the most straightforward you know yeah oh it’s creating because he’s editing it oh sorry I didn’t realize that was a thing um you can keep it as fuel sources honestly you know I mean that’s fine it

It doesn’t matter super minor thing but okay so now what we’re going to say here so if we’re going to have to go through a few few things here uh so inside the UI inventory so get parent uh get parent parent. get node cursor Collision that has or get overlapping

Bodies as long as it’s zero then you can do all your funnies so let’s give it a try on N instance I’m going to have to restart the game let me make sure this checks out so we have the UI inventory okay wait inventory canvas parent yeah should

Work so this should just check make sure you’re not trying to drop an item on a collision spot Uh oops my be so now if I do this and I try to place it oh I don’t know on top of the star launcher okay well that didn’t work oh wait no we’re okay actually I think maybe no now it’s just not working at all what is this set to there

One I’m going to go ahead and do this so it’s printing zero it’s just like always zero um it’s not really following my mouse how I want I don’t think is it not we’re just going to print Global position so if I put it on here it should be yeah it is not

Correct I think it’s cuz it’s not on position independent uh I think I have to do like get parent get Global Mouse position no it’s just not working that’s what’s happening it’s just following the player it’s not actually getting moved which is weird I don’t know

Why um I’m going to go ahead and print this which hopefully is doing stuff this music sounds like the main menu from lethal company I don’t know that I’ll look into that I don’t remember what that even sounds like honestly it’s been a minute since I played that

Game let’s go back to the item preview um I’m just going to hide that for one minute it’s not even printing from the player which is weird that’s pretty weird why is it not um we can go back to the last track it’s called Uh Okay God Spotify gravity waves I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here but it’s not um working see what I’m talking about I’m trying to I’m printing this every frame but it’s am I doing something wrong okay so I’m just the dumbest person in the

Universe I don’t know why I put it in there I thought it was the process event I’m just dumb oh Boy stupid Yeah it works Now it works uh pretty much flawlessly now okay I’m just okay no stretching hard we hardly stretching so what I’m going to say in here now a I said we’re going to change the color we’re going to change the color of the Sprite um let’s go to UI

Inventory so we’re just going to say you know uh visibility we’re just going to say modulate it’s equal to color uh r that is what we’ll do else it’ll be equal to one okay now if you’re hovering an item over something that you cannot place it down on top

Of then it will not let you drop it might also even change how dropping Works cuz right now it just you can drop it anywhere in the entire world right you can also build anywhere in the entire world um and I might set ranges on that unless people like that yeah now

You can’t dump it in the ocean anymore are there any thoughts on how the item dropping and stuff should work cuz like we have the option of just like placing it like this but sometimes it’s kind of hard with the inventory in the way you know um what we could do instead is

Uh make it so that when you drop your items it just shoots out of your body what are the thoughts on that or do people like the Precision of being able to like place them in specific spots you know or you dump your waist now dump it

Into the shredder Shredder is your uh your guy for that like the Precision okay well I’ll keep that for now should I set a cap on how far you can drop these things though so you can’t like do this and drop it across the entire world cuz that always just felt a little

Weird I think I will set a limit cuz it gets a little crazy sometimes I think there’s already a limit for Interactions which I think it’s down in here somewhere actually I think it’s just linked to the mining range cuz here’s the uh let me find it it’s where you’re hovering over a building right here yeah mining range I say we make a new one called like contract range equals like 128 or

Something for now start with that so now we have a few more things we got to go add so in build preview we’re going to say where’s the color here it is and Global position distance to uh get parent uh that Global position is less than I know I know it’s a little

Stinky so now there should be a range on building float and now oh it’s cuz I did not restart the game make that a flat also make the mining range of float cuz why not right why not could prevent possible calculation issues where we’re trying to calculate stuff with in and

Floats what time is it oh my God been knowwhere at 4 hours Already it’s pretty crazy so you can see there’s is now a range limmit on building never mind H let me fix that this is cuz I have to do the check again so as soon as it’s outside that range you can no longer build over there but

The range is still pretty decent so I mean should be okay like for example with conveyors now so this is essentially your building range which I think it’s pretty big you know it shouldn’t really present a massive issue or anything and then let’s go ahead and apply that

Same change over to the uhan inventory okay actually going to do this then we’re going to say parent that’s a little bit better and we’re going to say position what we’re going to say uh let’s also do this cursor object so now we can just say and cursor object. Global position.

Distance to player. Global position is less than player dot interact range okay players is not defined in the global scope oh I called it parent you know player makes more sense uh if I draw a fan art of you your profile picture I will I would gladly do it

No yeah because once on Lo we’re going to have to restart the game just got to get the stretches in make that spine go Long hey what’s up yeah Big Stretch how you been it’s been a little bit oops name the function the wrong thing chilling awesome yeah that’s epic all right so yeah now there is a range on dropping items I have to do a little bit more checks

Here I think I’m going to only do these checks um here let’s see um cuz we have this checking like if it’s in the grid which actually I don’t know why we’re doing this stupid well wait no we aren’t cuz this only happens once even though it’s

Like more code it’s actually better for performance so I’m just going to keep it like this cuz it only happens right when you click you don’t have to do this every frame um yeah that you see you still making progress awesome yeah yeah I’ve been uh making decent progress I’d

Say um I can kind of show off some of the the new things here just one Minute I do actually have to check every frame on this because I just realized uh it’s Fine but it’s just you know one object check this it’s not really that big of a deal if this was something I was doing in like a conveyor belt absolutely disgusting but it’s not So okay here’s what we’re doing here we’re just going to use this one so if it’s inside then we’re going to check let’s see how do we want to do This so if it’s inside or this is checking if it’s outside yeah let’s get rid of this one then we check is it all good then we check did we do this just drop one item um what does this actually function right is true otherwise if it’s this one right will be a

False so we’re saying if it’s inside of here we’re good now let’s actually just do this and then and we’ll only set it if we need To gets rid of a little bit of Code yeah so let’s try this out super quick so it’s fine in the inventory as soon as I bring it outside it’s too far away so if we zoom in closer yeah Although doesn’t seem to be letting me left click oh I’m just Dumb let’s try that out there we go okay so now there is a range on how far the items can actually go cuz it was a little silly before you could like drop an item across the entire world um although it would be kind of nice like

If you could like hide this menu or something like when you’re dropping an item you know just so you could like actually see it I wonder if I could set it up so that if you pick up an item and close out of your inventory you’re still holding the

Item but that would require a pretty significant rework of everything so not really a fun time then there’s a million other checks I’m going to have to do so I think it’s okay for now there’s still some cases where you can drop items in not good

Places like if we go to the dungeon actually cuz like I set up so you can’t like drop it on the furnaces and stuff But if we go to the dungeon you should still be able to drop it outside of the world so that’s not really ideal maybe I make it so that you can mine items you know what I mean if you mine an item you pick it Up so if I drop it at the maximum distance away which is right there it’s just a little bit different than my mining range but I don’t really want to change the mining Range H I don’t know that’s something we’re going to have to work out uh I was going to show off some new things on the game there for you uh BS so let’s go do that um first off there’s little numbers now for like the crafter and stuff so you know how

Much you’re actually doing um it does little particle effects and stuff which is cool what else we got the researcher you can research different things so I have this research active right now decorations there’s more things I’d like to do just quality of life type of things like maybe on the research if

It’s active it shows a progress bar right on the button I think that would be just a nice little visual thing yeah the Shader did work um works as fine you can see the trees uh swaying and doing its thing so thank you for that MPG um range limits to building and

Items I might make it so that you can press Q on an item and then it drops it just like out of your body did a similar UI thing this weekend ah nice it’s pretty cool so I think what I would do then is just add a progress bar to the

Button my buildings are creating something they have a live masking overlay kind of that access progress bar okay nice awesome that’s pretty cool just need to wait until the next update to see if it works correctly with everyone yeah we will do that so here’s

Our progress bar we can I think I might actually leave it as um a percent thing and I’ll just have it go from one to zero Hey thank you for the bits MBG I appreciate it um got to go have dinner be back in a bit sounds good thank you

Still doing dungeon generation oh yeah that was quite a while ago yeah I’ll have to show off some of the new things since then for sure I guess there’s a lot of new things then actually show off did I even have like saving and loading at that time I don’t even

Know um Power is also in the game now which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but you can place down these Tesla coils and then those will uh power up your nearby machines like The Collector um stuff like that so different machines require different power sources uh to generate

Power you have the burners over here these consume Fuel and then make Power pretty pretty straightforward there’s like a little power overlay of the satisfaction of the network generating consuming I going to play some star ground let’s go never played the update cuz I didn’t have time no that’s totally

Fair yeah feel free to uh the treadmill is kind of a manual source of power generation just for early game that works pretty well break that uh building menu has been updated a tiny bit the Splitters are much better now actually I don’t even know if Splitters existed back

Then but you can do a sorts of fun stuff with the Splitters now let’s uh get a chest here just put some items in but yeah splitter does work properly which is cool um so it’s going good just going to break all these yeah progress has been really steady got

A lot of people testing things out which is always nice TR for players ly um The Dungeons have been improved quite a bit since then um new enemies I don’t know if you can see the mushroom guys before um yeah you can break the decorations and then it drops little hearts and

Stuff which is cool um um yeah it’s real good though um enem send even attack oh right yeah that’s crazy yeah that was a long time ago it’s crazy um so easy to forget that it’s only been a few months but there’s so much that’s changed since then it’s crazy uh let’s

Revive like where you are uh at before or yeah you do Early Access yeah um I definitely want to do Early Access I think um cuz this is exactly the kind of game that would work well for that you know a uh automation Rogue like type of

Thing I think it would work just fine for that you know cuz it’s very uh sandboxy with the kind of Overworld messing around with different weapon types and stuff there’s a really all sorts of like um it’s a very flexible game I guess in terms of what what direction we

Can go with things and I think that works very well for Early Access um but I’m getting closer I’m tripping away at it I think Early Access is probably going to start in July um just cuz really the reason for that is I I want some time to work on

Fixing things and getting it exactly sort of how I want while I’m not busy with school cuz I’m graduating this spring and then I can actually focus on working on the game for a little bit which is nice um yeah and then I’ll just spend a few

Months kind of finishing things up and getting it nice and Polished and then uh then we’re ready for uh Early Access gradu be big yeah I know I’m I’m so ready to be done with school I’m like ah just all the trash I’m constantly having to put up with

Teachers and group projects I’m just like I’m just tired of it and I know of course it’s the exact same situation working in the real world you always have to put up with trash and garbage but it’ll be nice just to you know choose what trash and

Garbage I want to put up with at least a little bit um I don’t hate people but it’s just um I don’t know it’s frustrating sometimes with school it’s very uh restrictive in kind of like what I can choose to do what times I can do things

At cuz I mean I’d love to be able to just work on this make money from it and do it as a a job cuz flexible work hours um that’s a massive addition nice little bonus um I have complete creative control over everything there’s no uh you know regulations or whatever that I

Have to follow which is nice um it would just be a really really awesome time I think but obviously y it’s not a guaranteed thing I’m going to have to see how things work out but I think the plan is like after graduation I’m giving it one year we’re

Going to hit Game Dev hard and see where where things go um really as long as I can make minimum wage I’m fine I don’t care about making a lot of money if I can just have a house and not be homeless I think that’s a victory I really don’t care

About being rich um money’s cool and all money is great but the thing that I like much more than money is being happy um so you know I value my time way more than money cuz I mean what what good is money if I don’t even have time to use it you know

That that’s kind of what I’m thinking right now at least but yeah I don’t know yeah that’s the schedule just got to keep working away at it I need to do more Dev vogs devlogs are such a such a hassle editing and takes forever I mean I know Ace edits too but

It’s also just the other work that goes into it I have to write the scripts and record the footage and just all the setup to actually get started on editing I think that’s probably the worst part I’m based h no but I don’t know that’s where I’m

At yeah I just got a few more few more weeks until I’m done with school actually I think I graduated in May so just like one more month really to get through I think it’s like early May so close but yeah um okay so what was I going to do I was

Thinking about something oh yeah we were going to work on this um how am I going to do this I guess I’m just going to have to set this up like uh not the way I want cuz I’m going to have to change the oops not this s I’m going to have to

Change like the scale of this button which is you know not ideal it is what it is um so I’m going to have to say text Behavior we’re just going to actually save can I change the vertical text Behavior can I make the text just anchor at the top I don’t

Know but essentially I’ll just set the minimum size a little bit bigger but that’s the problem is that this text will always stay in the center of the button um and that’s not exactly what I want so I don’t know how to get around that think I can upload it if there’s

Anything else you think I should add oh yeah the page on the uh I think it’s looking pretty good to me unless you put more in here let’s see yeah this is looking pretty good to me um and the burner photo of the Furnace yeah I mean the photos are fine

I think that looks good there’s text in the uh in the game that aren’t in the translation sheet yeah it’s a work in progress to add all those in it’s uh it takes a lot of time but I’m going to be working on that of course tonight more um whenever I get

Time and uh again everyone else is also welcome to add more uh keys and stuff I think what we’re going to do is swap out certain things for keys so like for example with um oh I don’t know uh like the description of the conveyor we’re going to swap that out for a

Keyword instead and I think that’s just going to work a lot Better but yeah some keys don’t work which keys are those cuz I can take a look at those okay treadmill translated nice I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do this because the text I can’t get it to align vertically so it’s kind of a little bit of a problem

Um unless it’s like a theme override I don’t think so does anyone know how I could vertically align this I mean I guess I could add a margin and then put a text label inside but that’s just a lot of work um I mean I know I can do horizontal alignment but H well I guess the next best thing that we can do is just have this like underneath it just kind of like that I mean I wanted it to kind of stretch out and like include the Box you know or the progress bar I mean

Um but I’m not sure how we can even do that so it’s kind of too Bad I’m also going to have to change his button into a uh margin I’m pretty sure okay well I’m probably going to work that out later I think um we’ve been going for quite a bit 4 hours and 30 minutes so I am uh probably going to go raid someone let’s do

That and yeah I’ll work on this off camera yeah we’re get some good good progress done on fixing some issues with V6 and stuff so that’s always uh always nice um forgot to add the new translation I probably did I didn’t put the new translations in the sheet yet um

Because I want to swap them out to keys because it kind of becomes really annoying hey phantom hawy thank you so much for the follow yeah cuz on the sheet like it’s if I change anything in the description then all of our things are screwed up

And I have to update the CSV every single time so instead what we’re going to do is say like uh I’ll I’ll figure out a format for that but like for the oh I don’t know in the descriptions we’ll say conveyor V1 just like the name of

The object and that’s going to be the key for the description and it’s just going to work much better because what it’ll do is automatically translate that key into English so that’s going to work just fine Um then what we can do is just if we want to update the descriptions I just go in and change it in in the English Tab and we’re done we don’t have to mess with all the keys also it’s just too much of a hassle so yeah today’s score six let’s

Go not bad I’d say all right let’s go pick someone to raid um we have JD streaming he was in uh the stream last time so we could uh raid him I think yeah let’s do that um yeah that’s going to be it for the stream thank you everybody for

Coming hopefully the Minecraft earlier today was fun um yeah thank you that we had a lot of viewers today which is crazy and like a lot of like the whole stream like 20 people which is really insane so thank you so much for that for everybody coming to the stream today that’s really

Crazy to see actually um yeah we’re gonna R JD um yeah I think that’s everything I’m going to put this update out maybe tonight it’s probably going to be tomorrow um because I have a lot of stuff to do tonight a lot of school yeah if anyone’s interested in

The game feel free to join the Discord um Alpha Testing is open right now like like signups for Alpha Testing so if anyone is in interested in playing the game then sign up for that so yeah um probably close that this Wednesday I think oh shoot I have the

Raid tab open I can’t see what that was hold on hold on let me open another tab so I can see it MBG thank you for the bits welcome back we yeah sorry we’re just ending the stream um but I appreciate it yeah just about to start

This I’ll just start that okay thank you everybody more bits sheesh thank you so much for the bits I know it’s very sad but you know it’s time I got things to do so okay I’m going to end it off oh my goodness thank you for the

Bits thank you um thank you everybody I will be live next or this Wednesday hopefully again Wednesday is the kind of iffy day because sometimes I’m very busy with things during the week especially with school so yeah um anything else I need to mention I don’t think

So I think that’s everything uh also I want to get the project Showcase Video up very soon so hopefully we can do that oh Wednesday’s your birthday let’s go we’ll have to host a little birthday party if I do stream um might see you next stream awesome thank you everybody

Uh we’re going to go ahead and raid JD does Dev so I’ll see all of you another time bye goodbye Everybody that’s what

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    INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Shark on 2024-04-14 20:16:27. It has garnered 37125 views and 2065 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:23 or 863 seconds. I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft! Today we’re using the super scary EL LICK to fool my friend in Minecraft! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! Merch – Subscribe! – Join My Discord – My Socials Twitter – @09sharkboy Snapchat – TheLifeOfShark Instagram – @09sharkboy Facebook – Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here… Read More

  • Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese Sweatshop

    Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese SweatshopVideo Information This video, titled ‘Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop?’, was uploaded by DiamondSlushie on 2024-01-15 15:30:15. It has garnered 1521 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop, @CozyMcQ thinks it can. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #smp #chinese #factory Read More

  • Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob Fight

    Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob FightVideo Information This video, titled ‘Skrier the bone demon vs Warden Plus | Minecraft Bedrock | Mob Battle’, was uploaded by Minecraft Bedrock Edition Battles on 2024-04-12 05:39:45. It has garnered 1510 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:05 or 725 seconds. Always watch my mob battles full until the end, trust me your missing out the cool action scenes Addons Used/Credits to the Creators Enderis mobs Addon: Warden Plus Addon: If you like the video please, Don’t Forget to Leave a Like and Subscribe to the Channel. It really helps me make more… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shorts

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  • Nephthys Network

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  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

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