Insane Minecraft Skyblock shenanigans with Bossvirus!

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I’m live hello bu um let’s check uh sound I’m using okay um I still have to text back on from uh also I wasn’t able to um why can’t I fly earlier there was also a problem with my armor so Auto jump is on why I I was busy with

Making things maybe work for 1.8.9 like uh my I think from last stream uh suggested but um also um no options controls how to jump off I don’t know why it’s on is it the armor why can’t I fly sword my inventory is pretty full yeah it takes a little bit while but

Going to 1.8 takes way too long um no like I can’t fly I’m I’m pressing space CU I’m only jumping maybe if I go to um Sky Block Hub I come back I should call both fires um he’s also live on Sky BL right now let need to notify because he maybe he

Doesn’t have Discord open when he uh streams uh no again accidentally video call I have a problem for some reason I can’t fly on the island is it cuz your cookie run out what am I now oh did your cookie run out yeah cookie run

Out then you have to get 9.8 mil to get another cookie n that’s a lot yeah I did that yesterday cuz M run out when I was feeling and understanding how to do dungeons our base isn’t built for not able to run because with my uh my Boost is

Still but God potion is still working so I’m really fast so I fell fall off the platform a lot and yeah I didn’t I thought it was connected to the pets and not to the no okay that’s that’s good to know I wasn’t wondering so since your KY run

Out if you die with a bunch of money half of half of it disappears so always bank once you have 100K oh that is what I thought so the money didn’t go down after a certain point and it was because the cookie yeah so once you get tank once you get

100K or you Bank out just just so you don’t have to waste time getting another 100K I guess I have to uh when whenever you’re in Hub world just deposit what’s good to farm to for a lot of money because I don’t think I can get a million this

Fast um I would say Enderman but you’re not that level yet what do you mean enough to slay them oh yeah you haven’t seen my stream or you don’t know I can play Ender with these I went I form a bunch of end okay I went for the uh the end pears and

Just might get lucky and get a summoning eye that you can sell I went for the end Island and I have a full Ender gear cuz it is I have a full Ender gear I’m your host going to look creepy that’s whole point not too creepy but cartoonish cartoonish

Creepy I’m going to work on doing a Slayer Quest don’t say a chat bro potato is a rare drop apparently from the zombie so you have another cookie activated uh yeah I just activated one and minutes how much are those cies 9. 9.8 mil

Cost 3 to five gems but I have zero gems you can you can get them from auction you can get them from um auction you just have to pay 9.8 or whatever price it is how did we get it the first time uh cuz it gives you a free cookie

When you start him ah mic working yeah okay Al for some reason the I tried to switch uh someone in my chat last uh stream said that it’s better to uh play on 1.8.9 yeah I’m I’m over at 1.8.9 are you on I’m 1.8.9 yeah

How do that does it work because I’m I I’ve tried a little bit before the stream but uh I got an I got an error message what from from what I know someone tried someone told you to use bad lion and it’s not that great in my

Opinion it’s okay if you’re starting off but little bit confusing Forge and added my own mods yeah but for some reason say up for some reason I cannot open Forge well of now it it looked no it’s wait bed line is it uh let me guess no it’s not thunderstorm that is

For for other games curse Forge I don’t even said like b line cuz these are all the mods I’m running let me look not a lot people are watching yet so I think I can bu your Fone mail looks creepy I can send you a zip file of the mods I’m

Using to yeah you’re looking definitely creepier of your CH model I can send you a zip file of all the mods I’m using okay in 1.8.9 yeah um since I got nro Plus for some reason wait I can do something even though is there transition that I can use for one time

Now my stream says to uh taking a short break stay tuned be right back I’ve added that to my stream but is there maybe a transition because now it is just a click I don’t use transition I just use a I use normal slides SL

If you go to uh like uh be right back uh overlay will be on stre on screen instantly there a thing that you’re going to have to do because it’s all different for everyone if you on the sale your way you’re going to have to figure out

Yourself yeah I think we should better work on the one um 1.8 thing all right I’ll sent you the mods folder and should I do that in the normal mods folder uh download 1.8.9 forge and drop that into Mods then it should it should download essential then you’re going to have to

Load up Minecraft again I already have 1.8 bit you might have to get rid of all the mods that’s if you’re using the Minecraft launcher I don’t use the launcher I use Cur Forge to manage it uh I do use the M launcher but I do have curse

Forge yeah I I made a new profile on curse Forge and just dropped the mods in that d game crashed unexpected air Sho um let me check on the mod folder ready mods send you a screenshot on Discord look at chat um I don’t understand no well yeah I left and then

Then Slayer Quest failed okay what’s the you have the mods yeah yeah and just uh drop that in the take the mods out and put the mods into the mods continue to download game yeah you’re going to have to download it yeah I know download unzip copy paste all the

Mods into your actual mods folder copy un zip yeah I already have install Forge for Minecraft 1.8.9 so if it is good I will be able to play yeah essential yeah then once that done it it closes the game so you have to relaunch it again yeah I already closed the

Game it should close by itself but whatever it might still work oh the game uh the luncher closed then then uh open Minecraft up again okay yeah 1.8 and what is reason why there is a dog on the loading I know you have that also no I have like

A Minecraft head that’s get head Parts I didn’t know the was for 1.8.9 already exist for every version it’s basically a social mod yeah but didn’t exist back then right when 1.8.9 came out I don’t think so okay let me start the game if I do the to back welcome back

I did I did a little uh I did the what would it be called options the level underneath level U floor one whatever it’s a test dungeon to see if I can if I remember broadcast sets super secret settings I just see that here static and

I can remember this from back in the day okay I hope this is normal yeah I just did that um playing no one’s doing dungeons so a few hours I looked at my racing even though I don’t have a watch so I’m going to wait a few hours and do dungeons

Again try to do floor one Uh if you want to Join can I use the Hypixel can we I can do with chat is just do some dungeons okay plus is not working Al so I have my name mask from uh the essential mod also I don’t see the difference with uh with lag just I feel like it is the same

Amount yeah it’s the same amount but you get fast travel and more easier so you don’t get the loading while world I’m pretty sure I Do the one puzzle one that I don’t understand is the water one but I maybe TI T to I don’t know maybe but yeah I understand the basic are all these mods allowed on server well why do you think I’m on the server yeah I know just I got baned ones

For using a map mod yeah you have to use a certain map well I don’t have a map mod I have a dungeon map mod yeah um I do get confused by the armor that I’m wearing I have dungeon mods down wardrobe I’m going to remove the things that have in my

Wardrobe um cuz after stream one gong helped me sub up some dungeon mods glasses P band I’m not using any of those I’m just using Forge and just added my own mods so yeah weird hor sty yeah I went through I’m going through the mod getting disted a little bit Luigi

No not switch broadcast I don’t even know what means okay um one thing that I’m get got used to was the S plus mod all right I should get the that figured out soon um this episode this stream is mostly figuring out how to switch things for me Pack oh yeah I can send you my texture pack that I’m using yeah that is fast there different one that I used but it’s at least better than seeing Minecraft weapons and not it’s easier to see the difference between what is what just drop the zip fire into your resource pack okay

Let me use to be right back okay I’m live go back switch back I wasn’t even using tank Um oh yeah I can’t sell anything so I need to do SL PC think two Milestone so I get rewards out of the uh chest I need to buff cookie to sell things yeah cookie pu it’s it’s the it’s the cookie cookie yeah it’s a 9.8 mil cookie if I

Sell inventory how much does it sell what does it sell you won’t even have close to enough you can buy it for 1 9.3 mil last time AG I think it was 9.8 can you not speak Russian chat I don’t understand it yeah be rude but know I also had people question in

My chat when I’m playing uh uh half life cuz that game is pretty popular there yeah someone is AFK well someone is invisible or something because I only see someone’s pad yeah proba probably one of the mods are conflicting cuz maybe one of them is hiding players to reduce

Lag I know bad wolf has that feature yeah I think that is doing it cuz when I get close to people some of them disappear oh M left so he was online guess I’m going to go to um when you buy a scroll will it be permanent okay only use it once

Scr to teleport to other [Applause] [Applause] places where to do St I just got the Slayer Quest yeah I think the first two slay quests are easy yeah the third one didn’t do enough damage I died I think I’m going to do that this thing I will probably build whenever I have flying Back is that maybe imp that makes you fly good I don’t think only cook that let you fly Island I Just Killed the boss in one head and I got a ravenger flash even when I kill kill the normal zombies with an a that doesn’t with a sweet a

That does so much damage to got some armor last stream some uh some people really helped me at the end people also one person ask if if I need any help and back then I didn’t need help now I do because the cookie run out I didn’t know this much

Was appended on the cookie what’s the command to view profiles again VI profiles yeah there’s command in my mods that lets me view other people’s profile to see what stuff they have you want to do it on me yeah I just don’t come for it yeah

Because last last stream I I I have been uh grinding a lot and I am like one step behind you maybe two steps right now cuz I have um pure Ender Armor pure Ender set I don’t even have end how did you do the end then I do

Have end armor in case I want to go to the end and find some end but I don’t have end armor on me right now I have dragon armor yeah but it’s for late I also upgraded my uh level up my uh enchanting a little

Bit Yeah I need to do some of that no I still have items that like that I yeah can choose I can finally right click without getting the shield because this one point uh that that that is a cool thing that I can right click the sword

Now how much block does it actually do because I never actually figured it out the only way I used it back then the block was to uh signal friendship or something like shift Now Ice and raffle ruin I hate that people kill steel when I’m fighting a monster with more Health that I can kill you both get the same loot yeah but I think I get more HP if I kill it alone uh no I don’t think so it

Be maybe I don’t know I don’t I don’t think so I kind of be dumb if it Is we close is spawning a boss okay I killed okay I’m not going to use my sta because it feels like the stuff is a little bit um overpowered just use it man Jesus Christ why he’s complaining about something fun these these these staffs do like 40,000

Damage I should already got my pickax I can do one hit that six, I normally do oh hell I just now noticed you in chat I didn’t get that line but I am in playing in 1.9 uh 1.8.9 zombie ring don’t want to do that uh Slayer

CR just got XP I did uh manually uh put the things here I think I can check move the the chat a little bit up because I don’t get that much messages um get into the garden so you can start making money oh yeah one thing that uh

Did happen um I I the cookie run out and I didn’t know I was depending on that cookies so much Um I’ve installed the boss vir mods the TM the chat [ __ ] sake open okay stream that page yeah technical difficulties how could people do it with just a button like last stream I was I everything I needed now I thing run out and I’m uh that’s a

Lot figured out I was relying on those things way too much yeah it’s like I’m in hell like actual hell instead of just I think I’m using that TT pack I’m not sure sure what is the F Sky texture pack I don’t know I don’t know which version I should pick then almost

There done chck could I make Scrolls I guess so I kind of not really can do I got that one it’s a res right no it’s a server thing the Scrolls that I’m looking at no I haven’t got MVP Plus I’ll get it next week and good thing about it it’s not monthly it’s a one time

Thing so that 50 is going to be in so much use pies are back Chang monthly is a MVP Plus+ but I can pay £10 a month so not not that bad your other texture packs while using it option res pack okay makes sense because it literally

Changes everything yeah say bed no I didn’t say bed what Bed Wars was for Lear back in the day I think I think the ranks are for everything on this on the server yeah thanks game I’m talking to my chat not you cuz the only things I play on the

Server is Sky Block and dropper I don’t do PVP stuff it’s not my thing why do you think I’m doing so well in here huh Mak so much progress because she don’t have a life I’m kidding all weird my Spotify on my steam deck started

Blown I got used to the old texture but it is also good that was weird I need one more villager to talk to get the talking to villager Quest that I haven’t really looked at ah Tom is the last one I got the villag quest only 50 coins that is nothing I five

XP that’s what’s up Welcome Back 40 hours in yep dude I got 43 hours in this game apparently I’ve been in private island more than the Hub are you doing a private island no I’m looking at my playtime stats yeah I know play detailed no I think I need like 100 hours yep

Good and some of those hours have been off stream I did say some cuz maybe 10 hours off stream a lot of them have been on stream do some dungeons yeah we can do some we can invite a clove into it as well have a free man dungeon event

Necklace and Slug and the golet should really be using the bad pick for this one I like this one better the high pixel plus I hopefully I didn’t crash did it crash I’m still in okay let’s do the first one then I’m in limbo uh if you want to help me get to

12 don’t even use this one now well chat probably saying no you can no no no no yeah I’m trying trying to open texture pack but it is a little bit laggy yeah check your internet connection okay I like these things more weird that he’s back what is the fastest way to get

Money at this moment am I am I do anything yeah I guess I’m going to go to the Ender [Applause] thing man you’re ready you want me to play oh yeah I thought that was you selecting healo is right to tell things from the if you’re going to uh

Holy [ __ ] I had 250 Health 250,000 whoa what level did you put me up bro floor free all the okay that’s why I died so quick I’m cookie now I need to think of where to sell things you can sell them from um diesel but where are the dealers do I

Need to go to H all the time all every time the dude that you have to but now I’m at the end in the end Island nothing I don’t know what’s going on oh yeah it’s after I’m going crazy oh so it’s just continue healing you yeah um six Z no zero

I already found it like I killed two watches and already found the Dragon Sword bow yeah I see it I see I’m at 67 right did you get the dragon sword BR back then uh dragon short bow yeah how long did it take you I already got it yeah but how

Long I think I’ve done it by doing the quest yeah I know but how many watches did you kill before you got us I don’t know man you think I’m paying attention how many kills because I killed like two watches and already got it at this point I killed 2 million of every

Mob hey M do you know uh how to enchant this or what to give it that’s pretty strong funny that we we we are relying on chat so much during the series yeah when I go into solo series then hopefully I won’t need to use chat as

Much and just reply to what the word they say of course end don’t workat look dumb table in crafting table [ __ ] idiot I can’t even open It game event starting now I’m one what do you mean Game is bugging out uh am I bugging what no I oh the game is bugging I thought you were talking to me have a game as username or the game Lord bro you really think you’re bugging out like maybe internet guess you can uh maybe Jesus Christ my AIO got [ __ ] a little

Bit itive fighting dragon I’m going to go back to that I can replicate game Crappy audio you guys want to hear it all right here it is again what your mic not working or you’re using own uh I can switch to eight bit yeah do voice

Are I’ve looked into it a little bit but well once again those two this Morgan Freeman or something ni just a random AR voice I know you think I’m more than free any one here I don’t you’re playing with AI voices what’s going on chat berserk again all right

Berserk I’m reading my chat man stop I know St that damage though you know it it doesn’t matter if I open up the chest cuz the whole thing you going to do is to um just do the thing really quickly all right I’m at two now huh you talk to the P dealer

Wait I wasn’t able to fly flying up anyway right Yes teport away okay um I’m almost at M3 objective fight the dragon 5 15 be 20 to be able going to the that place all right I’m at M3 now I I’ll hang back and let you do yours your thing ow this has 5 million health He all Right Oh Jesus Christ oh there there was two at the stor damn it damn it uh okay um wa this mod is insane you probably already know this but if you go to uh fast travel see an entire map yeah the um fancy looking one yeah C hates me when I do dungeons that

That’s that’s obviously what’s happening 58 108 108 I did you change your skin I remember you having red and blue eyes oh you still do okay I take his off but still this armor one I [ __ ] hate this one could be in a wait now I can fly I can’t get Jerry I’m at I’m I’m at two now okay

Now going to move Jerry down yep who here uh r that no delivery gas I’m not using a client okay [ __ ] Jesus say how to make it summoning eye how to make that that was quick uh think I am yes oh that was quick don’t get me oh oh oh no

No he’s literally blazing through everything I don’t know what to do put maze I’m so quiet I don’t know want interrupt you I don’t know biggest problem I’m facing is with with the can with the cookie yeah it’s it’s so hard without the cookie oh not so hard bch it’s it’s

Annoying oh that’s the creepers room [ __ ] that I’m not going in there ow Al it’s it’s hard to get back to the base can’t even jump if I do this yeah that that that will survice for now what room down here balls are pretty uh can buy slime B for a

Lot thank you for the sub welcome to hell maybe you shouldn’t say that or is she got do man it’s my style I know everyone on YouTube has to have their own style and I have mine Okay maybe you should exit the call because this isn’t yeah together must been quiet lately I don’t know now I have a problem with theable to build I’m kidding last time I was really busy with things how do you use the runes great the gem effect B your arrows apply the

Runes use to together and the r so it’s cosmetic I should make a chest for runes like I know I shouldn’t maybe not build without able to mine first but uh I kind of want to uh separate my uh my special stuff with the other stuff Pi up farming

Contest like maybe this is a nice place to start okay luckily I out outo pick it because that might also have been an uh a an cookie thing maybe a small space here use Birch CU of my haste I don’t know how long the god potion will last um remaining eight

Hours or eight days I don’t know know the speed does get a little bit annoying tonight only with the cookie buff you can to all those off I’m thinking we’re making a small building in the small house like this will be like a city on top there different buildings like one building for

Jerry I okay Ender boots Al why can I edit these even though I am in 1.8 and Cobblestone oak logs where’s the oak logs here okay whenever the G po runs out I also can’t do that anymore um maybe make the make the things outside of it more ah I’m jumping way too

High maybe I should have just leveled more I don’t know it gets full all the time and I can’t out like I used to just want to walk all the way back I guess I can makeable and a few uh chest pleas oh it doesn’t work because of the the bug yeah

Now then maybe do doing this how much runes are there let’s put the runes here there’s other the end stuff that I don’t want to sell because I don’t know what it does or just to worth it for later organizing is good no runes good C so you start making money okay

You said it earlier and I I got a little bit confused but I know I I now think what you mean was uh the garden okay you literally make money here before making some potion out of what was this I need weed first um I know there’s a weed Farm close

By yeah over there I guess I’m going to do weed farming now wait if I I’m going so fast inventory full going to Sam I haven’t done this yet so I guess I can do this oh you did it yeah I even got way more see this machine here compost posting insides so

It Okay Sky market purchase fuel um I to change that back like this looks insane now Forge potential date B SC update I don’t know what the most are this takes me back the old advancement achievement yeah not Trace broadcasting right yeah there you know there are more things on Twitch like YouTube b

Collection that looks like normal wardrobe Quest personal bank requires Emerald collection four now I know why I have so many emeralds means nearby desk okay um where is fuel oh Biofuel this compost bundle time SI just go to side you required prop meter can I put things in Barn skin medieval default collected wait so is this then medieval yeah that looks cool so if I change to default it taking time yeah look at this D instead of cobblestone it’s going back to that bit by bit it is changing I should change it back because I I I think I

Like the medieval I’m both prob did that later I’m now want to do what thing need about 100 Fe okay I’m interested what the SI does put AO plant not even there form d interesting even though I need a way to plant it back I think I 100 already

Do you have the ruler no price combat skill level 16 what is my combat skill right now combat skill 15 ah it’s pretty close use that where are you close h h Huh sings divil metal tra personal BS interesting yeah I don’t Know okay I got to St that a little bit um a never mind um I’m right now doing almost nothing um h hey Jerry yeah but I don’t have any enchanting pumpkins yeah I’m going to buy some Enchanted pumpkins uh huh I don’t Know let me try and do the composor how this works can make a composter bundle so this isn’t bone me or something so bound yeah I’m planting way too Slow Enchanted what J pumpkin need to compost to unlock This Um really 10 minutes it’s also really expensive ah what I want myel doesn’t look anymore like that I clicked on something here and it’s gone didn’t even know how to bring that back personal bank posard W bur that’s just this B that’s see whole Bank 3 million I need like

Nine I have nothing to propose Museum rank two I’m enchanting what’s this Dr type reforges here SEP with commas I don’t understand even know what thing I should do with the dragon SW bow probably Enchanted snipe cubis imping to spooks sh power and I need to go um I don’t understand this

Sure yeah the Minions on the island is full I Know if it survived it’s probably got some fire I don’t fully understand okay I need some uh runes this mine oh one of my minions is full need some Emerald collection it is for the thing yeah yeah I know I’m going to go up to check on it I did remove those things to make very space I don’t know we need a barn or something like an a building that where we connect that there will be special things that I’m needing the ruler here also somewhere this ladder is so annoying to go up um gu the ruler here yeah 2 minutes what’s gu you do with those composters sell them wait if we have a stack of DC can sell them for like a yeah knowing how expensive it was to make 20K to buy to sell sell it Like one minute I don’t know I need pumpkins and not the dungeon Hub Sky Block hub Serena from Pokemon the skins that they’re using But Okay I need some pumpkin seeds I guess Item all the pumpkin still have all a face right Yeah maybe I can find some fairy Souls here this jum boo I can go up here really Fast this Is I look their Al around this island oh over there one I think before the thing runs out that can maybe search for the fairy Souls where the normal Minecraft music is coming you need string right that’s the whole thing I forgot I even did that Um Morning do could do that on my private island any string yes also to the Garden oh no there’s some one other person you know how long that takes to get this okay just um using this to uh Farm I don’t know if it will work like this they are supposed to uh

Okay to test it out I’m going to put this part with uh blocks on above it and I’m removing it was fun with the the cookie active I didn’t know I took this much for granted with it also I haven’t had any I don’t have the be uh F what do you

Want the cars no oh can we spread across a garden plot with theat invention the lucky cat lucky Barn skin yeah I don’t have any gems Bana don’t even have one copper I don’t even know what they mean with copper because copper is like something that only later to Minecraft nothing in here

All right I need to go to the barn Island um fast travel bingo then starting dark auction I don’t know um do this this out of my own is a little bit hard can I see how many fairies on this island are best L spider then Gold Mine F Rift Crimson Ow farming Islands oh mult well so I need some Cobblestone could you bring me I guess so where slashback command all Right we don’t have a cobblestone minion anymore no ah you know because of this uh predicament I think I need to make an floor okay at certain levels I want the floor like um even though this is cool to look at and in and stack as it goes all the way

Down it’s not practical at all so right yeah free H where should I put it like this no that’s too high to to that part w SC struggling H for is right I’m being really Quiet just so much was fine before I got cookie because I didn’t have my base designed around able to be flying no I need to sell things how do I do that got to H it’s annoying what here special Serv here training slot okay so you can train it

Here like Pokemon okay level 100 bat can buy this one or lowest level oh there a pretty for the level 100 P yeah I’m going to wait oh Cobblestone that’s what I wanted to do I’m getting so confused notestone cestone you barely have any Cobblestone left inventory for let’s put this here

And then go to um I’m Going okay okay I’m sorry um um thank you oh this to sell things okay that that is good now I have a way to sell things here need to go way back to the Village okay let’s put some things in the back storage something like this and then Farm here okay potato level

Two maybe there are those places everywhere like uh love to do that to the place where I can actually get a lot of money maybe the Ender Farm some potatoes we need to craft it together to get uh maybe an enchanted for more like how much to make an enchanted potato for

Instance I think you can make it like this Or something let me check at the recipe book farming J SC two Stacks 25 is 400 450 yeah it’s definitely more welcoming to make an Uh from the cots Right one two three four oh no H much cards D are there in them I’m doing math pick up Everything and to get it you need Like 4200 ah I’m not good Ma I don’t know is an enchanted uh carrot more worth it than let me call him okay I’m live for like two hours okay all right um I mostly a question I just activated the shop in the messaged me through um essential oh I didn’t know see justest

Oh I didn’t how to do that oh you just open up Social in the Escape menu okay is it is it better to make Enchanted uh uh I’m farming carrots and potatoes but is it uh is it better uh for selling to make it Enchanted first uh no I would just

Tell cuz I don’t I don’t think there’s much point to enchant them unless you upgrad it does get more R I don’t think so it’s only a small amount so it’s not really worth much I think I need financial like I in my bank I have like

Um 3 million and that is far not enough to get a cookie I think I got 700 on me let me check how much I have in mine I don’t have a lot having to co-op there’s a 1.9 mil in co-op bank event starting now Jacob’s farming content contest oh I got a God I got a god potion from what you only lost 12 hours So and and you have 4.8k bits what are you doing to to get if you head to um Hub Yeah bits to get a god potion and a I can you get a cookie I I have already I have already a god potion active oh it’s mostly the thing uh God potions are like 1 million to buy you can get God potions and sell them you can to put them on

Bed yeah but no no one is going to buy it more than a million go low speed 1.8 mil so yes they will just get a god potion yeah SL ah and put on put on sell for 1.8 mil okay well 1 Point 8 five mil SE SS lowest

Price yeah the prices defitely increase but how do I how do I get a god potion should I are giving me one because the only way to get no you have you have bits to get your own oh yeah I have a I have a mod that shows me the or the auction

Price so if you sell it for the lowest bid then you get money I send you a screenshot on Discord There also so much junk in here that you can sell Oh 2 hours left and I can get another Upgrade and sell it For did you just plant down random seeds in the garden I plant some melons because I needed for the for Jerry not Sup welcome welcome to chat stream both yeah that’s what I saying I you can just go in there and click yeah I know I just don’t know if that was game yeah probably I don’t remember doing that probably because I have been in uh the garden but

These there is just a line forming in front of the thing look at Discord was that you uh let me check uh that was yeah I I tried to plant it back you you can right click the um book inside the um house but I’m going to break these anyway

Jesus Christ This is a mess if you do it from the heart it auto plants them oh my God you even putting pumpkins and [ __ ] in here this is a weak plot man why you putting pumpkins here do on the island not the garden okay yeah look at the uh like pumpkin

And a w plot soon I just need more the thing is I did the uh tutorial of this place earlier yeah and there is a line forming here and I don’t know how long that takes what line um you come to here oh that the the Villager line yeah

And he wants like uh I think you can have like threee Max and if you don’t do it fast enough they will despawn and let me deal with the garden stuff I know what I’m doing but for now that plot is a wheat plot until I get more upgrades yeah Now I need to s in the auction the god potion uh yeah you just put it at the price that I sent you the screenshot at then every now and then check back at the check back at the auction list then you have to take out the Money what do you need most of pumpkins or what minons or I just focus these villagers the villagers pumpkins you can just buy you can buy all the Villager stuff from um Dao that’s what I’ve been doing for like few a little bit 25 just I’ll deal with G mate you you

Deal with with wherever you I just saw steel um take it uh uh withdraw all right I’m going to I’m going to leave uh Discord cool okay I just um h right there trying to sell things um let’s open chat yeah I’m looking for it on the thing I don’t know Anymore I think I did it Wrong like here’s mine Anyway how to think I Ocean as take it back I don’t know Oh I canceled the auction now I’m going to try it Again um switch to bin One 8 50 H hi STP one what do I need to do what am I doing wrong I’m I just took it off and I’m now again selling it but now in the bin switch to auction so um I’ve now setled to auction uh 185 million like yeah

Eight bin on bin Great Bin auction oh should I make it to 9 should I make it to nine ah okay it’s still here just cre it been only let’s look yeah even though I don’t see it um close price bits Only ah here it is cuz I want to make money and I don’t know if it is worth it this one has like 4,000 some bought it fire CRA St OFA and what now collect auction don’t the does the Texas Go yeah I’m a little bit slow I don’t know personal bank deposit let’s deposit all now 4 million on my bank and I need to bring it somewhere um I need to get like um 10 million to be bu to buy a cookie or let me check if there’s a cookie

Searched no not that cookie buy two more God potions with the B shop bye cookie on bizar cookie boots how much yeah to buy it cost like 9 million basically 10 million I guess I’m going to buy the god potion even though I do need I think I

Also need c potions after this one runs out Wor it to sell all the god potions because um farming shop objective called talk to the carpenter um you get more bits when consume a new cookie ah sell the potion okay I’m going to sell it U manage auction is it both fires stuff yeah cable virus uh go back cre an auction

Right um switch your aution is already been then do the normal price or should I do it like um this amount because if I sell two I don’t get enough I think will people buy it if it is this amount yeah 1.9 million we need to think of the amount

Of people that will buy it because when I go in the auction I won’t buy it for this amount let’s do this Great Bin oh I can’t afford it oh yeah because I took everything if I uh run and sell stuff does it uh despawn can I just quickly go

To bank and pick up uh with draw let’s say one 10,000 okay see wait that is way more than I uh not enough yeah I know I need to sell stuff uh go to the fast Sell still I need to let’s just take a withdraw 20% this amount then men manage create a bin this amount then 190 five this amount again which auction now uh checked it’s actually bin create a bin a auction can I buy can I shell out again already got enough money from the bank

Wait do you need to sell it later or is it good to sell it after each other it dropped okay then I’m going to sell this for 85 million would sell this one for 85 million I hold it so now if I go to the thing I have

Like one for 85 and one for 95 no not okay also why are the days in uh dge IP they will sell yeah I don’t understand theonomy like things go down the prices go down prices go up hard to get track off uh maybe 10 minutes or 20 minutes okay eight bits for

That I think I need to um Farm some more um do you guys know the best way to get money fast with farming is the Ender Farm maybe I need to f one already bought auction B Okay click this one by back blank SE that isn’t the price I sell it for oh you get 1% off I think uh deposit let’s say half my Pur clet let’s give him myself all put all in here and withraw like uh 20% that’s still a lot deposit half that okay see lots is that the Ender place this

Place that is the best uh place I can grind right now but I need to open uh things to shop like um right now I own I can sell things here or need to go all the way back to the bazaar I can’t do uh be that anymore skeleton the the Enderman

Place okay I need to open the shop uh open place where I can s stuff I think cuz I just did that with the the Farm Island already going the wrong way storage um let’s bring this one and this one come at level 16 yeah I do need to get

That but I so the gold potion both of them Yeah I have an active God potion if I go to uh I don’t see the effects right now for some reason for 7 hours if actually gone if you die into your Pur oh really that too I thought because I I got used to the to the the cookie

So in some place I can sell stuff like here I will be careful and not die rare 10 how far am i there um I don’t know there the money or you will lose it yeah I only have like half a million but I guess it’s

Correct I bet I have nothing in my inventory um yes the bank bank uh deposit coins all Pur do I also lose my bits if I die I know I’ve tried to fix it multiple times but um didn’t work I got used to [Applause] it

I need to probably uh take time off and look at the delay okay that’s for safe to use this one is maybe a minute long at Most I go to pet and activate the Enderman pet I will be extra damaging some zots okay Hey those are Strong okay I only see lots I don’t know people are already farming them so they are technically stealing it for Me yeah I’m going to use this 2 million okay Just with endstone A okay just keep using the Ender sword instead a I should also go up and snipe them with my Uh there a damage fall off I think I’ve killed 25 I Think no Al where where’s the closest place where I can sell stuff A Isn’t yeah I took the slash uh I took uh this and then selling it like this for Granted He is just killing them in front of my eyes wait let me go to um Island found this one enchant in the eye uh Crystal fragment let just put it there and just sell those is there a way to get the seller uh on top on your

Island or two and always need to go to the hub okay let’s just sell some stuff Sold for some space but like 11k [Applause] now I think going back there and killing some zots I’m saying it’s probably wrong I think I’m doing saying it right okay and uh slimes I think they only spawn at the rain that’s why the Slime balls are a little bit

Rare compared to the other mob drops I’m breaking fall with the teleportation Ah 50 for what level um combat I’m already already level combat 16 did I need something level 16 level 18 okay maybe down here that’s level 20 I don’t understand this thing that one doesn’t do that much damage so I’m putting it back in the Back oh that’s right that is the thing I I knew there was a thing I could do with level 16 got level 18 even though I don’t think it is good to use it now while we’re in the end I think this is more effective in the end right full uh Ender

Set even though that is the next armor set I think the Ender set is still better in the end am I correct Gu so p is pretty exp uh special like from selling it I can like like make a 100 from pick up items directly go into your sa I don’t have any sacks maybe I can use that one even though I don’t know how to make a summoning eye or a small Dragon Stack Dragon claw I need to kill the under dragon for that like there is an whole uh bags scks and storage you have here storage pages on this slot to place it yeah backpack item I don’t have any maybe I should get one for more in uh more Space he that level From but I need a small shck first and for that I need to kill a dragon or something hope you have to fight the dragon even though I I don’t I don’t see any dragon here and I think uh I need to be level 20 to do so if it is through

The portal behind there Hey there both fired we in the same same Lobby okay killing the no I’m I’m missing every time everyone’s just killing this hot so fast what what do they I mean special Salot I just got a summoning eye by so is this item that you want that I Need or your ender pearls Yeah yeah but I need like if I’m want to use it in crafting like um I need a lot of these crystals if I’m want to make this or maybe I should sell it I think I need this small sack for that I need other riches still possible I think to make

For me but then Dragon Claw are there any shcks that I can use to uh store items while I’m far more H G salad yeah I guess I need salad for the for the can uh the the Thing and no I’m looking at my own chat oh I know what happened uh let me go to soo no that’s what happened uh so what what is it better okay I have a question where is it better to sell here in uh in a shop thing with the under thing

Or to sell it in the bazaar is there a difference no is it the B yeah or sell it here or is it just to sell the whole inventory here is it the Same but if there is the is there a price difference I will aell it coins yeah now I have 2 million in my inventory and uh deposit poers bance is 9 million I think I’m going to wait to get cookie because the cookie also takes

Time and then I need to get a new cookie so for this stream I won’t use the cookie what is this event Jacob’s farming contest I know Jacob what is this what is this I said what is this and I go in and then instantly what’s it this

Um top player increase their collection most and one mushroom potatoes so do I need to go to the mushroom potatoes 20 minutes active from the right I see with the motor Fri gave me go to the potato farm hey Tech blade okay maybe I should joke about that he is between the potatoes Let’s go this place collect cocoa beans I think what is the other thing I didn’t look at it um PR Lo CER event no I guess I need to collect some more potatoes yeah V 2,000 I’m not going to make it I’m just doing this to some inventory later and Stone

Rose wait a minute okay I’ve been live for like 3 hours Um what going to do it the end some row yeah gl’s B is 4,000 even though when I sell it here let me check 3,000 no that’s Good just farming Right I need to maybe a sack or something is there any crafting recipes um Enchanting um storage like storage Pages a backpack how to get a backpack is there any way or place maybe anyone is selling it oh I can also sell things h when you backpacks where can of buy some maybe right so also to sell stuff iron armor celest staright I’m already pass that armor set I never used

Them oh yeah should I put on my bow X sweet X I still have an uh like just 20 over 20 car I can’t keep up with that you know I started this stream with um doing the tavern things I can do that again even though I don’t want to die

Um Slayer level two can’t afford I can get this one go this [Applause] way okay what all that 19 okay I don’t see that much difference between playing on the later version of now okay fire jocky spawning a boss yeah I should uh maybe have my space I don’t know where yeah

Here just one shoted gr to L up okay all slain I also need to kill the Arness keeper even though I don’t know if I’m strong enough for that I don’t want to try with the without the cookie cuz it also removes the the super effects right the gold effects

Wait I see something there here use the bow here the bow is really good go is over there I see it but how do I get there no it’s not like the mushroom things they used to Bow yeah doesn’t Slayer crft look how many Kill still I don’t know how to get through

There I’m not one block big this bow is insane this one I already have like what here oh very so and uh Relic blood Rune still don’t know how to activate those oh all right this place crap I’m f is going Up crap crap crap crap crap no what did I lose 9k yeah I should be careful I still have my uh gold Potion I want die First what the kind of don’t Understand You like monst that they fished up he I got a lot of things from that getting the monsters that other people have fished up anyway I think I’m going to end it there this fire still alive D boots some boots spider than thunder don’t even thundering oh no it’s good for the Slime

Balls no they’re literally killing me okay okay I’m going to go through my inventory he done of course they getting killed by that guy wait I just realized I have 66 health I have exactly 666 health yeah uh no the competition can I jump from one Island to

Another yeah I think think I need to go back to um private okay let’s have another thing with fishing gear or something or just random stuff oh I think I can end the stream here I’ve been live for 3 hours it is long for me

I think B five will go stream a little bit longer So the creeper protect me because it’s level one what if I just punch it how much damage does do it doesn’t detect me because of the bags accessory I think here yeah level one monsters will no longer attack you Al was this uncommon common what is the uncommon spe +

One all these mods that I’m not familiar with that are enhancing the thing I should put some torches here if that even affects this no wait only 50 hours left in CER am I using things for my quiver um I guess didn’t know that anyway um get some torches hope down here about

This right no I want to know it’s already too late I want to know if it dropped CD okay no torch there torch there hopefully it doesn’t spawn any monsters I can keep it going down there because okay Al explosion creep Spa because they don’t

Need light or they do like T I don’t know anyway I’m going to end it here I this on camera My Stream Okay this off see me I like to have this on I think I’m going to end the stream here thanks for watching like And subscribe for more and see you next time I’m just tired I need to do other things in my day bye oh wait I almost Forgot I have an ending screen that’s funny Al you’re here minecft still I’m going to disconnect it and now I ending screen for no good reason why do you need one technically okay thanks for watching like subscribe for more and goodbye

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Stream 6 of skyblock i tried playing in 1.8.9 but alot didnt work so i rather want to play in the version that things do work

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