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Hey guys welcome back to my Minecraft world it’s episode 39 at uh yeah I’m back at the Frog Light Farm uh I realized I didn’t do a recap at the end of uh at the end at the start of last episode so I’m making sure I’m

Recapping what I did last time here so yeah built this Frog Light Farm I have afked it a bit um I’m I’ve actually taken like a shulker full of each frog light color so um yeah I have actually it has actually been great I didn’t AFK it for very long

Maybe half an hour or something yeah uh that’s uh that’s the Frog Light farm so today it’s uh uh what are we doing today oh yes houses uh got a row of houses built that as well they are built actually I’m recording this kind of out of sequence

Yeah the builds are actually done but oh dear every time I hear a a gas in another I always freak up yeah I’m also have recorded all this kind of uh just after the previous episode was done ah just remembered why this torch is here uh I can’t go out this way because

There’s spoilers there so let’s go this way um oh actually I can show you uh I I moved the Frog lights from last video uh I did put them here but I’ve I’ve put back the bookcase that was here just for the aesthetic um and I’ve separated out the

Frog lights into each of their different colors and I put them up here there we go and yeah full barrel of each so yeah this is my leftover stuff from uh from today’s build so I’ll put that away later um any updates uh it’s yeah it’s quite

Soon after I’ve put out that last video so actually the day that I’m recording this uh I’m about to make a text post on the YouTube channel and probably a tweet I’ll actually remember to use my Twitter account uh or a account I don’t know

What do you call tweets now I I don’t keep up with that um but yeah uh if you didn’t see the last video I mentioned that um I’d been playing Dak out 2 a bunch on the hermitcraft World download um do you do you guys want me to do that for a video

Uh I mean I’ve I’ve been playing it a lot and uh it’ll be fun to do that on a video but I I hadn’t planned to do it but I’ve seen tons of other people do it and maybe uh that’s something that uh people watching me here might want to see me

Do um it’s definitely scratches the itch that needed scratching uh when I was doing the the snapshot video when they added the trial Chambers but yeah D out is uh a lot more fun I think than the trial Chambers um but yeah I guess um I’ve not

Got much more to say just now I’ll talk more after the build but uh yeah I’ll go to sleep and I’ll see you in the build segment that I’ve already filmed okay so it’s time to start building more houses in the town we’ll look at this later on um but yeah these

Are the first houses um I guess in that I built in the town and I’m missing a door H this is what happens when you don’t keep control of the uh zombies at night any more doors missing before I go get a replacement uh that never had a door uh

Right yeah so this was the kind of first set of houses I built they’re kind of more like maybe apartment buildings or something kind of inspired by a certain Street in Edinburgh there we go um and yeah that street has all these like really quite colorful

Buildings in it so that’s what uh this is meant to be inspired by including a little cafe at the top end there then we did brought back that sort of vibe with a kind of almost Venice inspired set of houses is by the river so yeah similar sort of thing

Where it’s all these like tall townhouse sort of buildings um yeah varying Styles and and whatnot kind of eccentric I guess um but we’re kind of we’re departing from that quite substantially for this one so this is meant to be uh an old building from probably the founding of the

Town by the people that came from the start of village and kind of were founding a new settlement um and this is one of like the few uh preserved buildings I guess from that time where it’s the same architectural design that they brought over from the start of Village the bulk

Of the original building was saved and then it’s been sort of expanded on with the this modern style to make this uh like hybrid building I feel like you see this a bunch in places where there’s like old buildings and whatever uh but I feel like the one over here which kind

Of has similar style uh I feel like this one is like a modern build a more modern build where they’ve just copied the style and not just it wasn’t like an original building in the style so yeah this row of houses over here uh plus a shop actually um

These are going to be in that style entirely and they’ll kind of be this like preserved section of the town from like early days when it was first founded yeah i’ I worked from some pictures actually uh some photos of like chuda buildings like legit chuda buildings

Um and they’ve ended up being quite big which is kind of a surprise for me cuz I try not to build too large okay so I’ve already brought over my road supplies and then I just brought over the other shulkers which will have all the house materials in

Them okay then so time to get started and then uh come back for a walk [Applause] Through [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] come Okay guys welcome back uh just finished building this row of houses and I I’ve had some leftover armor stands from the schematic so I don’t know if I’ve missed them or and I just couldn’t tell but um but yeah uh it’s all done um I still have some bone meal on

Me just in case uh shall I let’s just sort this out uh I just want to make sure that’s fully grown just for the the full effect of what I was going for um yeah so uh as I said this is in the style of the start of Village um

And uh if I can find it I’ll put up the picture of like a row of Juda buildings that I used as inspiration for this yeah just put my own spin on it in in terms of like the the St of Village style so one of the sort of build challenges with

This was how do I sort of like Mark out where one building ends and the next one starts and I’ve toyed with swapping out the stone on the bottom layer use maybe deep slate or something but then I don’t like the way it would meld into the like the the

Sidewalk uh I tried this I put a different sort of foundation block uh on the different buildings which it kind of works if you’re looking for it um but yeah that didn’t really work either then I tried sort of Staggering like the depth of these buildings so like this

One comes out this far this one this far and so on um that also helps uh then the thing that I think kind of uh ties those all together is on this building the sort of uh flat segments where it’s Spruce I’ve got planks and then I

Alternate and I swap it out for stripped logs so it kind of separates the buildings a little bit and uh yeah I think it I think it works uh I could also maybe have um swapped out maybe oops ah you know what I’ve fallen down here so many times like behind the

Scenes between filming clips so I’m just going to do that for now um yeah I could have swapped out like the the roof trim and maybe did the uh the Deep State tiles instead of the bricks but I’ve done uniform bricks on every single building of this type

So yeah I’ve left it like that in fact did I do it over there uh no I’ve well okay this one doesn’t count uh as previously discussed but uh yeah so that’s this done uh let’s go into a bit more detail shall we so uh when I was designing this I

Started with this one and yeah I was like I I I initially actually designing these oh actually I’m just sorry um a bit scatter brand I’m remembering stuff that I wanted to fix um yeah when I was designing these in the creative world I was thinking oh

Let’s do like a generic house in this style that I can kind of copy and paste around um especially when I’m coming to do like the the little Villages and places that I’ve talked about before like in the different biomes yeah be like like at the very least like a a

Blank canvas building that I can build off of in in different places so yeah this one has a bit more effort put into the downstairs where uh like the the firl is a bit more thought out um and then upstairs I just gone for my normal like fake interior like just

Make it look like there’s something going on up there uh that I’ve done with like all the buildings over here and and and and whatever else wherever else I’ve done it yeah what I what I wanted to fix was I’ve got this Gap here let’s just no uh yeah

So just normal house stuff um I had issues trying to get this sort of thing going on that you see in like all the different like Tuda buildings and stuff so um some places where the uh the white bit for lack of a better description um where it’s only too wide I’ve done

This I’ve done this thing where I’ve kind of done the the double trapo thing which um yeah I don’t I don’t really like it actually um if you’re like paying attention to it but as do just walking past and you glance at it I think it works

Um oh that’s actually another thing that I did now that I’ve noticed it um the design that I’ve done previously with uh the start of Village stuff is buttons in the top corners and then the signs on the bottom in a strip um yeah because I’ve done this

Thing which I don’t know if I’ve done that in the start of Village actually doing the like fence gate stuff um and also I’ve done a bit more of the strips uh here than I I think I have done previously uh the buttons didn’t really fit um it just became too

Cluttered if I put the buttons in as well underneath the the fence gates so uh that’s another way I kind of separated the buildings is I swapped out the the blank signs for buttons instead uh and you can see I’ve even done it around the corner as well over

Here so next building these two kind of uh in the middle kind of yeah they have this dip in the Middle where we’ve got this little sort of garden thing outside uh and then yeah trying to get the uh fireplace in the Corner was kind of interesting um yeah and then just more

Fake interior upstairs uh I think actually these fireplaces don’t match the sort of the construction of it on the outside let me just sleep real quick yeah we’ve got this little like Greenery patch outside uh I wanted to use the new flowers finally uh I say finally I have actually

Used the uh what’s this one called the picture plant thing I’ve used that for the um the turnips outside the grocery store over there but uh yeah I don’t think I’ve used the torch flowes at all yet oh no T light I think I put them in the elf settlement

Somewhere um yeah and then just some some two tall roses bushes and then uh I think that’s Birch and that’s Oak for the bushes trying and uh I don’t know I kind of like the way cuz the Birch is darker uh and it’s further back set from the from the sidewalk than

The oak ones um it kind of makes it look more like it’s like shaded in the corner uh yeah I need to use Birch some more I can’t remember what I was watching recently I think it might have been actually I think it was walking around the hermitcraft season 9 World

Download there’s like the path leading up between grian’s base into Scar’s theme park and I think uh he used Birch leaves for all the bushes along the side of the road there and I thought oh that works really well like I normally have just done um aelia

Leaves but sometimes like this when you cross into a biome unsuspectingly it sticks out like a sore Farm um whereas like on the other one of these like willow trees I made kind of Blends in a lot better um yeah I just thought whatever biome that is on uh on hermitcraft

World uh the Birch leaves work sorry I want to try and work with them a bit more I know I’ve got a bunch like saved um like pre harvested so uh I can give that a go okay next building just another uh another fireplace uh the back of something in

The next building which uh is probably the more interesting of these more fake interior upstairs uh I guess yeah fake interior downstairs um right so the last one of these buildings is the biggest uh yeah so the kind of story behind this this one uh I think if I bring that

Picture up again that I worked from like as inspiration for this that’s um I mean I think they’re all shops from memory I’m not looking at it right now while I’m recording but uh yeah I wanted this to be a shop on the end and uh this is going to be I haven’t

Thought of a name for it yet but this is basically like a sweet shop SL school supplies shop because the this like area here like basically from like here to the to the library building there is going to be a school and that’s kind of the like my

Justification for these old style like buildings that have survived the development of the town over over time like the only other building in this style is like half rebuilt with this modern extension um I feel like um more of the the town’s resources might have been spent in this area to preserve the

School and the and this stuff so um yeah kind of sneak peek for what I’m planning to do with the school is it’ll be part like uh I don’t know like probably more like a Victorian era school it might be I I haven’t designed this part of it yet

Like the old style part of it but then it will also be kind of a more modern School uh construction like on the other half of it so yeah it’ll be like as the town has expanded uh the school needed to get bigger as well um and maybe

Like kids like travel here from the from the start of Village which isn’t too far away so yeah this that’s what this building is on the end it’s going to be a little shop and it’s a bit dark isn’t it let’s just hide a torch back here so

That that helps a bit doesn’t it let’s put it there so you can’t see like the smoke coming up as you walk in um yeah I kind of uh made these redundant um like light stands I wanted to use these um I wanted to use lanters

But then I also like this as the the light stand uh um but yeah Ah that’s what I meant to bring is books let me just go grab some books okay there we go I’ve put some books up um there’s another bookshelf here um yeah so I guess this will be

Like I don’t know school uniforms uh and then just got like books and stuff um I feel like I need more lighting over here let’s see if it’s safe okay we’re safe in here so I can uh come back to that later so yeah

Uh I need to put some stuff on on these bits to kind of be like uh oh I can get my uh the heads that I’ve uh gathered and put some stacks of books here and stuff as well and then we got like the little kiosk the little cash register area

Then uh we have actually got I quite like this little Archway um yeah I just I don’t know I feel like this is more of the shop maybe maybe there’s like shop security or something so so you don’t just like go in this bit and take something um I don’t know uh and

Then up here we just got more more stock I guess but I this could also just be like my my usual fake interior um got a bit of a view I need to block up this at some point uh and then we can see the uh like the

Naturally spawned Village which I need to remodel at some point down the line and then yeah kind of some more fake interior up here but then we’ve also got an extra stand up here where we can put another uniform type deal so uh yeah that’s these building’s done

Basically um let me just uh put some more stuff on display in here and I just had to actually make some leather armor thought I would never run out from all the like stuff I just kept from the uh skeleton farm that I always used to

Use uh right okay so yes done some more stuff uh I’ve now got some uh I guess we’ve got uhh wait hold on still not done I want to disenchant this stuff okay so we got yeah like a smart white shirt I guess some gray trousers and some black shoes nice and

Smart um yeah so we got uniforms now uh through a pile of books in the window and a couple at the back here and then it’s a human settlement so I had to include copper somehow so I guess this is like a I don’t know like when you go and

Like uh like gift shops and stuff and they’ve got like those uh little they’ll usually have like little baskets of rocks and minerals and crystals and stuff that’s sort of T maybe this is a sort of maybe like a paper weight or something a little chunk of copper

Orw then popop popop popop another one of these uh put in a little chest like maybe it’s a a small Minecraft themed pencil case or something then uh I did a little bit of uh there’s actually an invisible armor stand here holding a feather in the in a pot I think I did

This in oh I did it in the the uh boat house thing where I had the paint brush in a little pot like it’s being washed this maybe this is like a quill in an ink pot and I got some paper and maybe this is another paper we

Or it’s like a dusk toy Globe thing uh I that’s what I always think of with this even though it’s like just one corner of it think of it as a globe for some reason uh yeah so did some armor stuff here I think that’s it down here I’ve

Got one more armor to furnish upstairs and I don’t even need to do the whole thing do I cuz it’s like the boots aren’t going to be seen but I know it’s there so it’s going to bug me if I don’t put it there okay right all done ah there’s another

Armor stand right here you know what I’m going to take those boots back uh there we go I need another think I need another lamp here no I should be all right okay I need shirt and pants G hate that I just said pants okay now I’m

Done uh yeah let’s have a look from out here yes you can see the shoes here so that’s that was worth doing okay yes all done I’m quite happy with this um it’s nice nice to build in a sort of style that I’m more comfortable with for a change

Um like all this stuff doesn’t come as naturally to me as this cuz I guess this is more I don’t know what I’ve built since the beginning of Minecraft not to this like degree but it’s always been like the stone and wood sort of buildings trying to work with

Stuff to make it look like brick or working with uh funky colors and stuff that’s not something that I’ve practiced as much so uh yeah this was a a welcome break from that sort of thing so uh got this little patch here um I could find

Some more buildings to put along the way up but I think I want to keep this little strip uh of grass and stuff here and maybe stick some more trees on here and then as we come up here I think I want another row of houses um sort of with their backs facing

These and uh oh yeah I mentioned I would get backs of that I’ll talk about that in the outro but yeah oh I should mention the backs as well I did do backs um and actually this is a a mistake here um I haven’t fixed it properly so I need to

Fix that as well uh I’ll do that off camera though um basically I thought these this uh Hill that I’m standing on I thought it was taller and we wouldn’t necessarily see any of the back of this so uh this originally didn’t have this this extra bit here it was just flush

With the the back of the building so uh yeah I didn’t fix it properly in the schematic and it shows so I need to fix that but um yeah I’m I’m happy with how these came out so I said earlier that I I designed sort of

This one building and then I turned it into a row when I was looking at that photo to uh like for for inspiration so I’ve got some more houses um which are more sort of detached more I don’t know like middle class I guess houses

Um yeah I’ve got another one of those i’ I’ve like a couple of variants of it as well so um when I sort of copy and paste them they they’re not exactly the same but uh that’s what’s going to go over there so I guess uh I will close this segment and

Uh yeah I know I’m recording this out of sequence so on to the outro and yeah I’ll see you there h it was all a dream that was lame I’m sorry uh right so yeah build done I guess uh the thing that I said I would talk about on the

Outro is this uh this wool monstrosity over here so uh yeah I never planned for this to be the entrance to something but it’s not going to be the entrance to to a hospital so uh yeah I’ve I’ve I’ve had to sort of shift around

Some of my ideas for the town cuz I in my creative world uh up to about here here here all around here I’ve got and actually beyond the warehouse just over here uh and down to here everywhere I’ve got wall outlines of stuff that I want to

Build uh including the um in fact no it’s not just a wall outline now I’ve started building the school um actually that’s a lie I’ve built the floor I built the ground up where the school’s going to go uh and the the school is still well

Outlined um but yeah this is going to be a hospital um I yeah let’s go down here so uh I need to put in some like Services is that the right word for a for a hospital so I’ve got yeah hospital um I think I’m planning for

Like here somewhere to be the police station and then I think in sort of between the school and this like Factory area the secondary Factory area it’s going to be fire station um yeah I I want to do another old plus new thing I think I just talked about it

Actually in the build bit with the school being like old style school with uh like more modern architecture uh as another extension oh yeah looking at the the restaurant which is kind of the the exact thing I did with this but yeah it’s going to be more

Similar to the school I guess where it’s going to be more of a Victorian era building with modern extension so uh yeah that’s what this big ugly wo mess is over here um I guess uh my I I when I’m doing builds buildings this big

Um I try and have a sketch and like I might have shown one of these or once or twice before I think I definitely showed the the iron farm one uh where I looked at a bunch of factories and stuff anyway uh yeah my thinking at the moment having not

Sketched it out or anything yet is close to the castle this is going to be the more Victorian era building segment uh and that’s going to be um the entrance here is going to be into that bit of the building and this is going to be the more like waiting area

Kind of uh and maybe like there’s Wards here uh like upstairs um maybe like a reception area here and like a little bit of seating for waiting to see waiting to go see patients um or whatever for like visiting hours and stuff then this over

The the bit of Road here it’s going to be like one of those like connecting Bridges between buildings and then that’ll be a bit more modern and then the the the more modern bit will be this section over here which kind of takes us down to this

Level and then this will be like the emergency area the like a department sort of entrance or maybe it’ll be over here um yeah like ambulance area that sort of thing then uh I what I really want to do actually oh no this won’t be a ward area that’ll

Be um above the accident and emergency the ER bit for for Americans I guess um I really I don’t know if it’ll fit in this wall outline I might need to expand it but I want to do like a old school uh like uh what do they call it

Operating theater where it’s like the you have like oops you have like the bit in the middle and then uh seting around it cuz like people used to like pay to come and see autopsies and stuff is that right am I getting that right I don’t know but it was yeah I I

Figured that’s why they called it a theater because like people came to see it but um I guess it’s for teaching as well like but uh that yeah maybe that’ll fit here uh yeah maybe maybe it’ll fit so I guess operating theater here and then this will be

The reception area maybe this will be like converted into offices and stuff and then all the new like more modern hospital Tech uh is all over in this building so it might well it’s got to be bigger I just put this here is a this is

Where the building is going to be sort of thing but it’s got to be a bit taller because the bridge is connecting up here um but yeah that’s uh that’s for the future I I have no idea when I’m going to build that yet it’s going to be

Another of those things that’s kind of fleshing out the town yeah I guess I’m done for today next time uh it’s LW video time cuz we’re on episode 40 so uh what I’m going to do is I’m going to finally put some stuff in the museum so

Yeah I’m going to make a few exhibits and uh some stories to go alongside them uh which should be fun um and it’s kind of a low maintenance sort of thing build wise so um that frees up some time for me to do some extra stuff like get back to some

Music or uh yeah design some some more builds like the school or the hospital yeah so I guess that’s it for this video uh sorry if it was a bit kind of all over the place I’ve uh filmed some stuff out of sequence here and uh just for like

Necessity of the the times I was able to film stuff uninterrupted yeah uh let me know about decked out stuff if you want me to play some deck art for a video and uh let me know what you think of the builds from today uh be interested to hear people’s

Feedback um but yeah I guess that’s everything um if you wouldn’t mind helping me out maybe you could leave a like on the video uh if you want to join me on my world building Journey here maybe you could hit subscribe as well and yeah that’s everything for this one

Guys I’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching Bye-bye

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In this episode I build a row of houses (and a shop) in the sort of Tudor-ish style I used in my starter village and talk a little about some future builds I’m planning for the town I’m building

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    Crafty Poppy's Portal: Minecraft PE Delight In Minecraft PE, a portal was made, With Miss Delight, the mascot displayed. An anatomy teacher, with a story to tell, Living at school with his sister, farewell. Entertainment and fun, the key to this game, Support the video, it’s not just the same. Subscribe, like, comment, and share, Spread the joy, show that you care. Follow on Instagram, TikTok too, Join the fun, be part of the crew. Using tools like Kinemaster Pro, Creating content, letting creativity flow. In Minecraft, the adventure begins, With Miss Delight, the story spins. Crafting portals, exploring new lands, In the world… Read More

  • Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends

    Invisible Grass: Minecraft vs League of Legends Invisible in the grass, like League of Legends, Minecraft can be, A world of blocks and zombies, where friends can roam free. With updates and news, I’ll keep you in the loop, Crafting rhymes and stories, in every Minecraft scoop. From 1 million wardens to the ender dragon’s might, I’ll spin the finest rhymes, to keep your gaming light. So join me in the world of Minecraft, where creativity soars, And let’s explore together, through endless blocky doors. Read More

  • Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime

    Portal Battle: Miss Delight VS CatNap! 😹🔥 #catfight #poopyplaytime Miss Delight: “I may be small, but I pack a punch in Minecraft!” CatNap: “Oh please, I’ll just take a quick catnap and still beat you in the game!” Miss Delight: “You’re just a sleepy kitty, I’ll have you purring in defeat in no time!” CatNap: “Ha! You’re barking up the wrong tree, Miss Delight!” Audience: *laughs in confusion* #PortalBattle #MinecraftMadness Read More


    El ENCANTAMIENTO más DIVERTIDO en Minecraft My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment My First Impressions on the Best Minecraft Enchantment Introduction Heyyyy guuuurl, so like, I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this video about the best enchantment in Minecraft. And let me tell you, it was lit! Video Details ¿Cómo ESTE ENCANTAMIENTO se volvió en el MEJOR de Minecraft? Hola, cómo están, en este video hablaremos del Mejor encantamiento en Minecraft. tienes que saber que en Minecraft existen muchos encantamientos, lgunos encantamientos funcionan para armaduras, otros encantamiento funcionan para armas, y otros encantamiento para herramientas. y algunos encantamientos son para un… Read More

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    🍋 Insane LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! 🍋Video Information This video, titled ‘Playing a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Lemon on 2024-02-24 14:00:05. It has garnered 727 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:36 or 936 seconds. Today, Lemon and Lime Play a LUCKY BLOCK TOWER RACE in Minecraft! Who will end up being declared the winner? Watch to find out! Inspired by Aphmau Cash Nico Jeffy Maizen Mongo Omziscool Omz Kory Sunny and Melon #Minecraft #MinecraftMod #Lemon #LemonandLime Read More

  • We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!

    We became BABIES to hide from the police in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘MIKEY AND JJ became BABIES TO HIDE FROM THE POLICE in Minecraft ! CHILD JJ AND MIKEY!’, was uploaded by My Mikey JJ on 2024-02-15 20:21:07. It has garnered 3478 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:15 or 555 seconds. Read More

  • Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!

    Level Up Your Minecraft PvP Skills with Mr Gamer 2.0!Video Information This video, titled ‘P V P Minecraft Bedrock LIVE’, was uploaded by MR GAMER 2.O on 2024-04-01 00:18:14. It has garnered 59 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 01:59:48 or 7188 seconds. MinecrafT Play Minecraft Bedrock HARDCORE LIVE Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series Minecraft pocket edition Survival Series Minecraft Pe 1.20 Survival Series In Hindi Tags & Keywords🔖:- minecraft minecraft survival minecraft survival series minecraft survival series in hindi minecraft best survival series minecraft lets play minecraft 100 days minecraft pe minecraft hardcore minecraft pe survival minecraft pocket edition survival series mcpe in hindi… Read More

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    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

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    🔥1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

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    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀 Join us on Discord Read More

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    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: JOIN THE COMMUNITY: BIRD APP: Read More

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    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: 🪩Tik Tok:… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: IP: Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More