Insane plot twist: Lando is Minecraft’s REAL Creeper!

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This is Minecraft’s most controversial Creator people obsessively hate me and are making up lies about me from a million-dollar Empire to allegations of grooming hey I just want to say I love you and that you saved me I just want to say that you are my hero say I love you

Back a love you too this is the entire story of dream to get the full picture of this messy situation we must start back in 2019 Minecraft’s popularity is at the lowest it’s ever been since its release Battle Royale games like fortnite and Apex Legends took the

Internet by storm one by one Minecraft content creators were dropping like flies quitting the answer is simply yes I am quitting controversies these allegations are absolutely false or simply just disappearing forever and on top of that the few remaining creators were bringing in some of the lowest viewership of their entire careers on

YouTube I realized that real talk the viewership here on this channel not as high as it used to be the future of Minecraft was uncertain at best with major game updates slowing down it seemed like the 8-year-old game was quickly approaching the end of its time

On the internet little did anyone know a new Creator was about to rise from seemingly nowhere and rebuild the Minecraft Community from the ground up dream uploaded his first YouTube video in 2014 under the name dream TRS his channel focused on PVP and as the name implies super crazy Minecraft traps

Unfortunately a majority of dream’s early work was wiped from the internet the earliest archive video from dream is titled MCPVP MC teams Elite torch trap Montage Mega loot which is a mouthful to say the least this video follows dream and some of his friends as they showcase a

Minecraft sand trap the Montage lasts only about a minute and literally has no talking at all just you Minecraft and random stock music in the background unsurprisingly this isn’t the content that got dream famous with that being said it doesn’t mean that these videos weren’t key to his success dream in a

Majority of his videos on the now shutdown Minecraft server MCPVP MCPVP was the go-to server at the time for all things PVP Hunger Games capture the flag if it was a popular mini game it was on MCPVP and this is actually where dream met bad boy Halo

One of the first members of what we now know as the Dream Team following the closure of MCPVP in 2015 bad boy Halo opened up mun MC a majority of the staff from MCPVP made the jump to bad’s new server and Dream well dream became both an admin and developer on the server

Sapnap dreams longtime friend was made a senior mod this is where the two of them were introduced to George not found another admin developer on bad server munchymc although the trio met in 2015 they didn’t truly become the Dream Team until September of 2019 with the video

Last to leave the circle in Minecraft wins $1,000 earlier in the year dream entirely wiped his YouTube channel hoping to get a fresh start on the platform he came back with various one-off videos which were generally pretty successful but this video was different this video itself features a6d

Shadow girl Sky bad boy Halo George and sapnap in the group of them you guessed it fight to be the last one standing in a circle in Minecraft the format of the video was super similar to The Classic Mr Beast challenge just brought over to Minecraft with that a new type of

Minecraft content million views which is just insane although what made these videos so popular was not the format itself but the Friendship dynamic between George sapnap and dream it only only there was a way to profit off such an incredible group dynamic well maybe there was in March of 2020 the covid-19 pandemic

Forced millions of people to retreat into their home for months on end people are stuck in their homes begging for new entertainment dreams ideal viewer already naturally had an advantage before the pandemic they didn’t go outside didn’t have unnecessary human contact and they’d play or watch the

Same game for hours on in gaming YouTubers especially had a leg up because all their content could be made from their own house there was more time now than ever to jump on a game with all of your best friends and thus the dream SMP was born the original founding members of

The dream SMP were dream bad boy Halo George not found sapnap aam dude Punk it’s Alyssa and Callahan it started as a true and simple survival server just a group of friends playing Minecraft during the pandemic that would all quickly change though when Tommy in it

Was invited to the server Tommy in it joined the dream S&P in July of 2020 originally though dream did not want to invite him to the server at all however dream quickly realized he could use this to his Advantage when Tommy came on the server he acted like his normal chaotic

Self cursing at dream and George and chat stealing things and being a general chaotic addition to the server Tommy though gets quickly banned for his behavior until he apologizes and this brings the roleplay era of the dream S&P in the following weeks the server more than doubled in size tubbo Fundy puns

Purpled Sky J schlatt and Wilbur all made their first appearances by the end of July 2020 as the cast grew and grew so did the ever expanding storyline plot points began to be pre-written months in advance by dream and Tommy with the help of the new member Wilbur Su moments like

The fight for Lamberg Independence the Lamberg presidential election and the notorious discore kept fence hooked and built up Their audience to insane never seen before levels at the server’s Peak its members were commonly reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers every time they stream bad boy Halo got to 187,000 wilburt suit 215,000 sapnap

250,000 ,000 George not found 387,000 and Tommy in it 650,000 to put that in perspective this is the 16th highest peak viewer count of all time on Twitch to this day the most interesting and sort of odd thing about the dream S&P is that dream himself never actually made

Content on the server the audience could literally never see his perspective in a way it made dream and his character kind of elusive for those who didn’t know dream before the dream SMP it almost forces you to investigate him further leading you right back to his own

Between fans and the creators the dream S&P fandom was desperate for more content the internet was flooded with theories fanfiction and Fan Art it was nearly impossible to log onto social media in 2020 without running into some sort of dream content there were even giant dream S&P cosplay meetups at the

Various conventions popping up after Co had ended while dream Wilbur and Tommy were meticulous about the role playay on the server at its core the dream S&P was just a bunch of friends messing around it was the fans who took it to the next level though in just a year dream went

From having zero subscribers to nearly 16 million the risk he took by quitting his job Not only was worth it but paid him back tfold making over $10 million just from YouTube AdSense alone but it wouldn’t be all that great for dream forever Minecraft content had literally

Never been more popular not even at its peak in 2012 to 2014 I’ve never seen a game come back like Minecraft it’s it’s like way bigger than it was like when it first blew up in like I guess 2012 like with like Sky do Minecraft and all that

It’s like way bigger than it was back then the dream S&P was a hit unlike anyone had ever imagined a once in a lifetime type thing and the success spread to many other creators in the space too not just the ones directly involved with the dream SMP even Legacy

Creators like Captain Sparkles and Syndicate were seeing huge surges in their views dream S&P was so big that even people from outside the Minecraft Community wanted to get involved some of the most notable guest stars included ninja Poké man corpse husband KSI and even Mr Beast it doesn’t just stop at

YouTubers either Grammy award-winning rapper Lil NAX even joined the server dreams rapid rise to fame was unparallel in the YouTube industry but there’s something still holding him back that I assume everyone knows about dream had never shown his face not even once from the start of his YouTube channel in 2019

To the face reveal in 2022 he’d been a completely faceless Creator dream not showing his face though was originally an after thought so fa The Faceless thing is coincidence I I um obviously when you’re playing Minecraft you don’t have to show your face and then I blew

Up really quick so I didn’t I never had a chance to like think about showing myself I guess I just didn’t really I just played Minecraft as dream gain more fans more and more of them asked the question who actually is dream under the mask behind the strange character he

Played on the dream SMP to answer this question some began to draw fan art most of which depict a dream in his signature smiley face mask he noticed the popularity of the mask and decided to lean into it even more as his brand as Lockdown restrictions were let loose it

Became harder and harder for dream to remain faceless though inperson collaboration conventions and meetups were all fully off the table for him and that’s a big thing for a Creator to be missing out on at a certain point he couldn’t even go outside cuz I I HD I I

Like put stuff up in my windows I went out in the back of a car whenever I left my house I went to the dentist in another state because people knew I lived in the Orlando area dream teased this face reveal throughout his time as a faceless Creator one of the first

Being on December 31st 2020 I want to see what dream really looks Like this was done in a promotional video for Mr Beast 2020 YouTube Rewind people all over the Internet ran to Mr Beast video the next day to finally find out what dream actually looked like other creators began to join in on the fun the scuffed podcast did an April Fool’s

Prank where it looked like dream accidentally left his camera on when joining oh my God I am off tonight I made you out of play however it wasn’t dream on the camera it was a fellow Minecrafter named puns Danny Gonzalez did a similar April Fool’s joke on his twitch where he

Claimed to be dream yeah I guess let’s just do this uh here’s my real face the real dream held out on an official face reveal until late 2022 3 years after he started making content on YouTube on September 5th 2022 dream held a meeting on his personal Discord server

To update fans on content changes most of the updates though were very useless to say the least did you get a your chair I did but about halfway through this meeting he announced what was to his fans the unthinkable I’d reckon that um it will happen sometime between the 22nd and the

7th this was the point of no return dream was going to reveal his face within a month’s time on September 19th dream made a community post stating that the next video uploaded would be his unmasking and then on September 20th dream posted a screenshot of him recording the video to a Snapchat story

Finally on October 2nd 2022 dream posts the tweet that everybody was waiting for #d dreams face reveal trended on Twitter leading up to the video and then it happened hi it feels feels so awkward talking to a camera for the first time hi my name is Clay otherwise known as dream online

Dream’s life was changed forever not yet known whether for the good or for the bad but he no longer had his mask to hide behind dreams face R was met with mixed reviews everyone seemed to have an opinion on it and people were not holding back comparisons to Shane Dawson

Jackie Kennedy the weird white spider from Miss Spider stunny patch and even Rumple tilt skin from Shrek to be fair to Dream Most of the negative comments came from people outside of his fan base many of whom were just super confused as to why this random 20s something

Year-old who is flexing his jawline was flooding their timeline the video gained over 21 million views and 2.5 million likes within the day of posting it after his face reveal though he was immediately hit with groming allegations Twitter users oxy clean started a thread on October 4th detailing her

Interactions with dream when she was 17 she shared explicit messages between her and the YouTuber oxyclean went private then and the days after she went public with accusations dream responded to these claims on his private Twitter stating that they’re quote disgusting false allegations following this statement the situation began to calm

Down dream returned as scheduled to normal Minecraft content but the internet never forgets over the years dream snp’s popularity began to die down dream S&P streams were no longer pulling the hundreds of thousands of views they did during the height of the pandemic by 2022 many prominent members had already

Quit or were preparing to pursue personal projects instead of the S&P then on June 22nd the Minecraft YouTube Community was struck with a huge loss at only 23 years old technoblade lost his battle with cancer techno was one of the most beloved members of the community known of course for his

Incredible PVP skills and super good content this loss was understandably hard on techno’s closest friends and dream posted a memorium on his YouTube Community tab rest in peace technoblade I would not be half the person I am without being inspired challenged and uplifted by you and your endless

Storytelling resulting finally in a crazy ending tubble launches a nuke exploding all of the dream after a blinding light a new world is revealed there’s no war torn crater filled shell of a Minecraft server instead Green Grass and trees none of the characters even remembered each other and it was a

Fresh start for everyone following the ending of the dream SMP all of the prominent creators go their own way quacked started the qmp a multilingual s SMP with live translation and many regulars from the dream s SMP switched over to his project including tubo bad boy Halo and NAU some other creators

Began to expand outside of YouTube Wilbur suit’s band Lovejoy began to rise in popularity Tommy in it transitioned into live performance as well premiering his live show Tommy in it annoying at first many creators teased another season of the dream s SMP though tubo even ended the season finale with an

Interesting end card simply saying this is not the end as months passed without any further announcements it was clear that season 2 of The Dream s SMP was no longer coming in April of 2023 some of the server’s primary members reunited on the old server to kill the Ender Dragon

Finally ending the dream SMP once and for all but what did dream do the dream S&P was his passion project was he ready for it all to fall apart the dream S&P was over and the mask was off dream could finally focus on his career that

He wanted to have in music I went into music because of the storytelling aspect I had never even sang and I I but I had a story I wanted to tell I didn’t feel like I had a medium to Tell It On Dream released his first song road trip in

2021 he quickly followed that up with his second single mask to some controversy due to backlash from calling ADHD meds normal pills he later deleted the video quickly though he signed with Republic records in December 2022 for those who don’t know Republic records is a huge record label Under Universal some

Other artists signed include Ariana Grande Taylor Swift and fellow ex- Minecraft Youtuber turned music artist post Malone yeah post Malone actually was a Minecraft Youtuber then on June 9th dream released a video on his main account titled buy from dream after this video was uploaded all traces of dream’s

Face reveal were removed from his Public Accounts dream decided to be masked once more media Outlets everywhere spewed headlines about how bullying LED this giant Creator’s return to a masked and socially anxious life except dream wasn’t putting the mask back on at least not for long it was all a promotion for

His fourth single until I end up dead dream even put the pre-save link in the video’s description the single then released later that month on June 23rd then in July dream announced that he’d be releasing his debut EP to whoever wants to hear on September 1st when the

EP was finally released it debuted at 174 and the billboard 200 although well received by dream fans literally nobody else was bumping that EP it received an audience score on album of the year of 11 out of 100 dream hauled his EP Across America on the whoever wants to hear

Tour stopping in Orlando DC New York City Austin and La when watching the concert live streams it’s clear that this was dream’s first tour despite being used to performing live online it’s clear that transitioning to an in-person format was a big struggle and Tik Tok and reals were of course farming

It for funny clips remember when I said the internet never forgets well in November 2023 it was time for dreams Reckoning in the form of a little blue cat on November 15th a dream parody account posted one of Dreams selfies on Twitter captioned who want me actor Nick

Canu was not about to let this slide at all for those who don’t know him Nick canu is the actor behind hark in the fabl men Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Elton on The Walking Dead and most famously Gumball on The Amazing World of Gumball not only that but he

Also made some more YouTube content under the name junkie jener he even competed in Minecraft Monday an exclusive Minecraft YouTube event hosted by keemstar a few years back back to the self Nick canu replied with a simple and classy I want you dead to which the dream parody account replied blocked

With a picture of Nick canu then quote tweets the reply saying bro when you an actual pet you can’t joke about being a pet this interaction got millions of views prompting dream himself to reply in this tweet Dream accused K of assaulting him saying various slurs and verbally harassing an Uber driver the

Two continue to go back and forth over Twitter dream bringing out screenshots of kant’s apology to him the day after on November 18th dream released the actual video of kantu in the Uber hoping to clear his name the choice to Blackmail kantu with this video though was not met with good reactions people

Criticized dream for saving the video as blackmail for an undisclosed time in the future they questioned why he was even hanging out with canu who despite being visibly drunk was under the legal drinking age dream continued to try and defend himself on Twitter over and over and over to summarize though what dream

Claimed the video was taken in September 20123 dream was not the one recording kantu got drunk in his own and dream met kantu for the first time at the party that night also at some point during this whole thing someone posted videos of dream explicitly moaning on Snapchat

To a minor just believe me though when I say you don’t want to hear it on November 21st dream announced that he’ll be responding to these controversies now in a long form video on his YouTube channel 1 month later on December 19th he finally released his whole defense

Video this video itself was an hour and 22 minutes long and detailed every single one of his controversies starting with cheating on a speedrun I don’t think anyone came into this video expecting him to talk about his accidental cheating on a speedrun scam SC but he did once that was over dream

Started to go into detail about some of his more serious real world accusations these original accusations were widely criticized originally because of the inconsistent evidence he dropped screenshots and chat history for a majority of the serious accusations against him trying to prove his innocence at one point in the video he

Even reached out to a police station where one of the accusers claimed to have filed a report the police station though didn’t have dream’s real name listed anywhere on file then he dives into the video of Nick kantu in the Uber dream expanded on the situation and even

Brought the the Uber driver onto the video for an interview the Uber driver completely backed up dream’s idea of how things went down fans of course realized that dream though easily could have paid the Uber driver to say anything so it wasn’t really convincing after he put

Out that dumpster Fire Dream moved on to the strange video he sent on Snapchat that I mentioned before the alleged person who received this video on Snapchat is named Jamie however the account that posted the video was a completely Anonymous burner account made on the day of the accusations once again

Dream called the local police department asking if the burner account truly reported under the police like they claimed and his name was not on file Jamie the girl who was the victim allegedly reached out to dream to release his statement asking everyone to stop spreading the false story Dream

Ends the video by admitting that he may at sometimes have fueled parasocial relationships with his fans and to some that was admitting to grooming in a way he then ends the video by drawing some boundaries going forward with his fans don’t draw NSFW fan art of him it’s

Weird and don’t obsess over him which the dream fans really needed to hear finally he ends the video by clarifying that he’s no longer going to use Twitter and going to change how he behaves online overall the apology was fairly well received especially compared to other apology videos that came out last Year dream had a fair amount of evidence backing up his innocence every single accusation against him was talked about he can go back to happily making Minecraft videos and not getting into Twitter drama every week right well not exactly the man can’t keep his mouth

Shut but what did he do this time well I guess it’s less about what he did and more about what he allowed to happen around him in late February of this year shovel another Minecraft Creator came out with serious allegations of domestic abuse against Wilbur Su although she

Never mentioned his name fans were quick to put the pieces together of who she was talking about Wilbur released an apology if you can call it that writing off his behavior in the relationship as slobbish and disrespectful his tweet was not well received getting claims of

Using chat gbt to write it and a ton of others just mad at his response Wilbur also admitted to everything shuble accused him of and claimed the abuse was actually fun playful and somehow consensual which that just isn’t true many fellow creators came out Wilbur in his super odd response including sniffer

Purple and even Lil Tay got involved dream himself even released a statement condemning Wilbur’s response which was a bit of a surprise accusing him of either being dishonest with himself dishonest with us or both some other women in the YouTube Community started to come forward following shubbles another

Creator Alice came forward with even more damning accusations against Wilbur and went into detail about how he committed sa honor then on March 9th another Creator Katie came forward on stream with an essay accusation against George not found she didn’t mention him by name in the video once again but fans

Did some digging and figured out who it was later that night following her stream George tweets this quote I’ll be doing a very serious stream later today this post is just to make that clear I’m gathering all the information and evidence to share I have never and would never break someone’s sexual boundaries

Or assault anyone and Lil Tay came back with a heater for this one too oddly enough though George actually went radio silent after this he did not go on to stream later he wasn’t even seen on the internet until March 11th 2 Days Later where he hopped on stream with an

Entirely pre-recorded video in the video he claimed that Katie wanted him to physically touch her that she had to have changed her mind and regretted the interaction months later he blamed her changeing heart on her friend group and accused her friend group of manipulating her into accusing him of assault dream

Also started defending George on his personal accounts on Reddit he posted a 1300w essay titled my honest and open point of view in defense of George where he further accused Katie’s friend group of manipulating her into hating him and George then he turned further on other creators accusing them of dis honesty

Supporting victims for cloud stating quote support victims because they deserve it not when it benefits you KD though immediately follows these counter accusations with a 10-page document filled with evidence disproving literally everything that George said the next day George made another tweet a pretty weak tweet basically just

Saying he lied quote since reading Katie’s newest post my perspective on that night and my overall conclusion has massively changed as she introduced new information that I was not aware of at all before dream of course deleted his Reddit post leaving note saying new information has made his post outdated

Dream then went on a Twitter space on the morning of March 12th to defend himself saying quote I love George I think that obviously he’s been my best friend for a very long time and that doesn’t matter in the context of the situation I’m only saying that to give

Perspective into I’m just saying that that’s it I guess I probably missed things I didn’t write anything down I probably should have I don’t know anything else I can add this isn’t about me it’s about Katie um so I guess I’ll reiterate I’m sorry Katy I really am

That’s it after he went off the Twitter space he immediately deleted Leed the pretty messy recording which was probably for the best considering he really didn’t do much with it the dream Reddit pages are in shambles puns is accusing dream of trying to steal his girlfriend and nearly every Creator on

The platform has had something to say about this even dream’s Discord has been shut down by the moderators themselves 5 years later Minecraft YouTube seems to be exactly where it started in 2019 a community in shambles torn apart by controversy and super serious allegations why does this pattern of

Abuse always seem to repeat itself in this scene especially in the gaming Community maybe because of a rapid rise to fame that overwhelms these creators turning them into someone fully new I mean how do you come to terms with this new found money and power so suddenly

How long does it take before their moral conscious finally catches up to Them

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    The Rise Of Angels: Minecraft RoleplayVideo Information This video, titled ‘”Don’t judge a book by its cover”-Stories: The Rise Of Angels[EP22] || Minecraft Roleplay’, was uploaded by TheLilCrazymoney on 2024-04-08 00:28:18. It has garnered 884 views and 95 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:10 or 550 seconds. What happen to you…? 🌿+——————————————————-+🌿 I hope everyone likes the new video! Hopefully it came out alright! Also, do you have an idea of what’s going to happen next? Lemme know in the comments! OH! AND REMEMBER TO LIKE AND SHARE!! Ok. Have a great day.( •̀ ω •́ )✧ -🔔Don’t wanna miss the next video?… Read More

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    Ultimate Survival Adventure in Minecraft PE 1.20 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE 🔥Survival series EP – 1 in Bangali 1.20 🤩’, was uploaded by Cloud Gamer 07 on 2024-01-16 15:19:11. It has garnered 384 views and 15 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:03 or 183 seconds. Minecraft PE 🔥Survival series EP – 1 in Bangali 1.20 🤩 Hey Guys 🖐️ Welcome to the official channel of Cloud Gamer ☺️ In this channel I will upload gaming related content 🤩 I hope 🤞 you will enjoy my videos Watch the video till the end 😉 and leave a like if you enjoyed this video… Read More

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    Insane Cookie Factory in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Creating The ULTIMATE Cookie Factory In Minecraft Cookie Camp’, was uploaded by JeromeASF on 2024-03-21 22:11:11. It has garnered 38911 views and 1222 likes. The duration of the video is 02:58:31 or 10711 seconds. Creating The ULTIMATE Cookie Factory In Minecraft Cookie Camp Use Code “Jerome” for 30% off your order from our Server Hosting Partner Join our Community Server By Getting Supporter+ Supporter+ IP: ✅ Business Inquiries: [email protected] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➡️ Join our discord here: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ MY CHANNELS 🎮Roblox – @jeromeasfroblox 🎮Gaming – @JeromeACE 🎮Main – @JeromeASF ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ FOLLOW ME ✅ ➡️… Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Live Subscriber Showdown | Day #2Video Information This video, titled ‘MINECRAFT LIVE WITH SUBCRIBER | LIVE LIFESTEALSMP | JAVA+BEDROCK | SMP DAY #2 | STREAM #21’, was uploaded by RockyisLive on 2024-01-07 02:58:35. It has garnered 66 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 02:07:25 or 7645 seconds. Hey Everyone ! This is FIROZ here! Welcome to “RockyisLive” YouTube Live Stream Channel! Please SUBSCRIBE to RockyisLive, Thanks. Subscribe to our First YouTube Channel: Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube : Discord : Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : About : RockyisLive is a YouTube Streaming Gaming Channel, where… Read More

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    Unleashing Dark Secrets in Minecraft Roleplay SeriesVideo Information This video, titled ‘UN PASADO ENCARCELADO| FRACTALS (Cap 8:VIVIR O MORIR PARTE 1) SERIE DE MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY’, was uploaded by SoyRagam on 2024-03-24 20:00:06. It has garnered 69 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 00:49:00 or 2940 seconds. “Curiosity killed the cat” ======================================================== ==================================== ►Don’t forget to join discord so you don’t miss any news: ► SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: ►Mi Bio: ►Canal de Twitch: ►Canal de Kick: #video game Read More

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    EPIC HOLIDAY SURPRISE in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘TATİL YAKLAŞIYOR ! Minecraft Survival Games #214’, was uploaded by Centipede on 2024-01-17 15:31:13. It has garnered 368 views and 39 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:12 or 612 seconds. Greetings, I’m Pede, today the holiday is approaching, I shot a survival games video, I hope you liked it, muck :* Our Guild: Friends, do not forget to come to the discord server, leave a comment, tsk tsk ———– Centipede pack: come to discord ————- ———- Server ip: craftrise ———– DISCORD: ———————- Minecraft Nick;Centipede1,redmarlboro ——— — credits: I do not… Read More

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  • Ethis SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP 1.20 – Tight Knit Community – 16+ – LGBTQIA+ friendly – Whitelist

    Welcome to Ethis Community A warm and inclusive community where everyone can be friends. Here’s what we offer: Thorough Applications: Ensuring a fun and inclusive server environment Voicechat: Chat with ease using our voicechat mod Shopping District: Contribute to our cyberpunk district and start your own shops No TPA/Land Claiming: Keep it simple with vanilla mods Gamenights: Join our weekly gamenights for a change of pace Regular Events: Stay inspired with in-game events A history of 5 years: Join our long-lasting community for fun and friendship A variety of players: All are welcome, no expertise required To join, DM for… Read More

  • MINE AHIHI ► Refer to Website: -+-+-+-+- 2023 -+-+-+-+-

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • ~OLC Factions ~ NEW FACTIONS SERVER 1.20+ ~ In Game Shop ~ Leaderboards ~ Prizes

    OLC Factions is minecraft’s newest Factions server. The nostalgic feel of Factions. Play with friends or meet new players apart of our community. We have an ingame shop where you can farm and sell items to buy more gear to accelerate your growth. Make a faction and choose to make alliances or wage war. Become the biggest faction on the server. Leaderboards coming soon for Time Played AND Best Faction. Every month the winner of each subject will get a free donator rank.IP : Now! Read More

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