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I found new closed tunnels in Minecraft subscribe to the channel if you want to save tvom baby I’m watching you hey guys with you zomb back today let’s take a look at the new closed tunnels look there’s an interesting character here it’s a minion flopin Spider-Man we’ve

Got the man outside the window and Sonic XZ well let’s get started let’s start with the very first tunnel and head to the minion let’s look at them all don’t forget to poke a like And subscribe let’s go wow look how many minions there are and Minion hello minion don’t cry

What’s wrong my brothers they’re in other room separating me wait let me show you how to get to them oh and there’s a passageway look you can just climb up there no it doesn’t work that way I can’t get up there like you said yeah well we should put you all together

Guys each of the minions is in a different room look they password protected the whole thing oh no look at this there are a lot of chests here and which one contains the password I don’t know I’ve looked in chests and I’ve looked in drawers I can’t find it

Anywhere in a book 4 five let’s give it a shot look let’s give it a shot okay 4 5 the door is open let’s go oh my brother it’s so good to see you you’re so cool guys I’ve got you guys teamed up but we still need to team up with that

One over there and there’s still a door over there all right let’s try to move on to the next one shall we no it doesn’t go ahead and try it 1 2 3 4 what how did you do that well I guessed the password I’m going to try it now too 1 2

3 4 it’s working it’s so light yes where did you find the stop I didn’t find it yeah I get it he guessed it of course I didn’t find it I actually guessed it it’s an easy password I have one of these on cards everywhere well look all

Right I found it by the way and by the way you did good boy let’s take the minion with us and move on 1 2 3 4 okay there’s some kind of passageway here too we should check it out I’m going to put this here what we have inside here is a

Secret tunnel found this way what’s the secret tunnel I don’t know just in different directions oh the I’m afraid of getting lost the chest we came from 2 three let’s give it a try okay come on 2 three all right we can move on you’ve

Got to get all your MIM Nims they’ll be the only ones left yeah you bring it here all right let’s get the guys in front of me close two three I came this way where are you uh-huh here I am here’s one and here’s the other minion

All right yay that’s it thanks for that what do we got let me see wow these are all your Awards diamonds take it oh no granny you she kidnapped the minions they’re mine bye di he ran out there fast to get her oh you fluff of penin

You horrible horrible man I run hiding from him alone that’s how he’s wait wait wait where’d you go what and you don’t have to come Ben till you’re scary and huge I’m kind calm down I’m kind of course you are you look so scary you

Can’t be kind since I can’t be kind kind I have children I can’t I’m tired already all right fine but tell me I’ll believe you so be it what’s wrong the Str stronge headed have United and I’m just being taken and humiliated here I can’t do anything wait what I don’t

Understand siren’s heading against you yes Str strong-headed people humiliate me I’ll help you with that but I can fight them with these guns no I need to Cactus and pick Cactus to Cactus what do you need them for the cactus will make a downdraft to destroy them oh I get it I

Heard someone say that yes the only way to defeat the sulfur heads is with thorny cacti so you need a cactus cannon that’s cool come on yeah yeah yeah yeah all right I’ll help with that so how much do you need oh you’re not nudging

Me with your gun yes a little bit you need a lot now I’m cacti look I think I’m going to hang out with you here’s another one you’ve got a gun you’ve already scrapped right oh thank you very much everyone yeah here it is let me see

The cool one all the grhe heads are here flin come on yeah we should get into it let’s go back bang bang with those cacti of yours fall at them here you go sulf forhead we have to beat them I hit that one you fight this one oh look oh he

Almost dragged you into the portal now that was really tough good thing mine all got beat huh yeah thank you zombie yeah you’re welcome of course I’m always happy to help you out all right I’ll move on oh that’s great fluffin it’s okay but what are you doing fluff you

Said you were kind you broke my whole portal how am I going to get out of here you’re not going anywhere he broke me all to pieces flow on pensu it’s blowing up in your guys hey what I’m not going anywhere that’s it I’m evil now yeah that’s funny you’ve ruined everything

For me at all look gonds can I give you these diamonds and you’ll get off my back huh no volia get out of here before I eat you well it’s good for you all right let’s get out of here fast he’s too strong we’re running away a dies

Where did I end up there Spider-Man look at that Spider-Man is great oh great save me the grandmother in the ring kidnapped the minions and trapped me yeah I can see that oh there’s a real granny in there well let’s get in there and take a look giving you Elena to

Share with me come on what’s wrong with you this is the same granny who kidnapped them oh what are they doing to them beaten by ODS with axes all right listen Grandma granny I will destroy you take that ouch I after hit a minion sorry come on what does she want to do

To them guys Grandma granny here take this man I can’t even beat her she’s too strong so how am I supposed to get to them whoa what’s she doing yeah you made the minions fight me that’s not fair they’re kind and why are they fighting Grandma granny fight I told you he said

You were a freak hauh come on come on what were you doing why are they fighting each other it only breath evil grandma Granny’s bad you’re getting in my way on you sort it out for now I got a big million dooll fight coming up am I

Supposed to get hit by these boxes these are small boxu no you guys have to deal with them somehow here take that got me like this guys they got me in a wall okay we have to get them out of here sooner rather than later get in Monsters

But they’re not that strong you can overpower them get monstrosity oh bobka guys well all this time the minions are fighting each other that’s not fair okay and you’re going to Spider-Man is already helping me he seems to have gotten out on his own Spider-Man let’s

Go fight with the bobka game we’ve got to beat all these monsters getting Petty boxing great I’m with everyone now he said you’re still very ugly go ahead and hit hit hit okay Spider-Man yeah we got to to get the guys inside somehow I’m going to get myself some blocks and

Sneak right inside the ring all right let’s jump in here hey Grandma Granny on The Debt the important thing guys is you can’t beat the minions you catch it you’re off by a million dollars get out of here go away get out of here minions are supposed to be kind you can’t make

Them fight get out of here you’re in the way of my field for a million Doras what a million dollars you can’t do that minions are good it’s out of here granny I made them on purpose so they’d get a little teary I know I get that you’re so

Mean and nasty leave quickly are you going to get in my way or what I can’t understand it the place to deal with you no go find another place and do battle with someone else with your own monsters I’m not leaving here until I destroy you

What did she do God off guys she put a leech on me I can’t see anything that’s the way not to run away right now I have one plan you’re the one with the beer I didn’t plant it she’s infecting me with something all right Spider-Man

We got to get out of here give me a break granny Grady that’s enough all right guys we we’re just going to take the minions with us and get out of here okay so we have to somehow get them a great first second all right that’s it

Spider-Man come with me you have no one else to fight with that’s it you pissed me off over here haha we need to find the Portal Foster where it is there he is bye bye bye let’s duck into the portal hi there it’s fine it’s fine it’s

Fine it’s fine I landed and built a house yesterday of Loop’s man outside the window hiding run this way look come here that’s my bow We’re Alone do you mean you what he’s an evil monster you can’t be friends with him what are you saying he’s going to cheat you he’s bad

He and I are a loser by the way look how much Earth I’ve dug up just give it to me please it’s my everything oh sure here you don’t land I don’t really need it take it wait new thank you thank you maybe you shouldn’t trust him he is an

Evil monster after all what an evil monster that’s my lot he and I know how much ground we dig together oh oh oh oh oh he’s the one helping me and we’re getting married soon what okay okay nb’s a little scary okay I’ll move on you

Don’t have your keys no no I don’t know where the Buttercup is he hid it outside the window to play hideand-seek with me find an object called find the object I see something now I’m going to try to find that key okay I think he’s right up

There oh secret lever wa wow and here we are I didn’t jump in I’ll try to get it from here I had a block somewhere guys I just climbed up oh you’re a professional you don’t know how to do that okay all right nuic all right you’re the Nubble

One telling me I should be a professional of course you’re professional I don’t like professionals I don’t like it get out of here and okay as you know a good life with the man outside the window so let’s open this door and wow I’m right on the Block I

Press and the door opens where are you from that’s you’ve got me out of here already all right nuic good for you with that man outside the window I’ll move on oh Sonic great how are you doing oh how but you’re all cool cool normal I just

Saw a nuic a little scary weird you don’t think so oh yeah nuic is always weird with his land which one is crazy in the first place yeah oh those are some fun challenges you’re having and whoever gets through the fastest I already did by the way oh you’re Sonic

And you and you’re a slow zombie I’m immediate now look oh okay I’m immediate but I’m a little new botle I’ll be right through look I can handle it do you believe love the land you love the Earth but keep it on no I’m not that bad don’t

Be ridiculous let me try to pass I mean are the blocks slippery or am I a real newbile what a professional you are you goodness is far away yeah I guess I guess okay now I’m going to try to make a run at you how’s that I fall at your

Easiest challenges dreamer oh funny yeah funny I’m a total nerd you guys maybe I’m from the lava jerking thing what are you laughing at Sonic now look I’ll take my first attempts do you want some yeah if you don’t pass you’re a n well it’s not the first time I’ve fallen once but

I’ll pass look hop hop jump I’m being yanked lava so unfair oh here we go finally I can do it you’re about to fall it’s not as funny I can’t I’ll go through look op over here tasted it I’m telling you just a little little more of

The last block dreamer what have you done ouch seems like a headache where did I end up oops at the very beginning of the dreamer has sh malfunctioned you thought it was that simple sleepy head what are you doing scal Sonic and somewhere what other boosters are these

I can call them off look oops they’re gone they appear you what you made the challenge harder why is everything on fire in here spikes there was no such thing as’s dream you were a good Sonic weren’t you that’s it you’re going to suffer now and I’m not letting you out

Of here you’re wondering why I’m not helping you pass the test yeah yeah funny sure I’m still going to get through this whole thing it’s hot guys let’s jump gently and then there are the spikes guys we have to jump carefully ouch hot then spikes of lava ah I jumped

Right into the fire guys Sonic is messing with me what and if I pass I get a billion diamonds no oh ma’am that’s so unfair ouch you’re not looking for any Earth blocks I’m through that’s it all right then I’ve now defeated your HW as well you you’ve already called them off

What eating here goodbye you’re defeated okay bye well guys we defeated Sonic and went under the oh guys look it’s an ice boxy wa wait there’s a good sleeper well we still have to get to him first to defeat this giant monster sonic I’m coming to see you come on I’m waiting

For your s back we must guys urgently faster Sonic to save this box in ice but he is guarded does not allow to go to him but we destroyed it hey Sonic what’s going on here my friend Amy Rose is in trouble she’s been taken over by

Monsters and we need to rescue right away guys look Amy Rose is really behind bars so how do you get in Sonic there’s also some kind of chest that doesn’t make sense let’s get to him C can help us save Ros maybe there’s a key oh yeah

By the way let’s go see you guys need to get together with the dream catcher to rescue Amy Rose’s friend we’re going over so gently oh there’s really a tea here you were right the cobwebs take it maybe not from me what are you doing yes

Of course I’m going into the lava what are you doing look you’ve got a good idea you can stop the lava you know this is the key we can use to get through through I mean this web if monsters show up you can catch them right oh that’s

Right I can really catch them oh I got it yeah so be careful he’s back oh look God is back in the web where are you and you’re on top he’s got you in a box wow guys’s catching a box eating a box I’m in his box now I’m his present wow the

Gift of course it has to be one you’re not taking damage Sonic no I’m already down there’s something I don’t like about let’s destroy it it’s okay we beat him let’s go rescue our friend Rob boat come sit with me ouch let’s go okay you

Can jump in come on come on we got to go save the Roses the boat’s slow oh great hurry forward and Rose is waiting okay we got to get her out of here okay we’re here hi Amy Rose yeah hey you guys him to get me out of here of course that’s

Why we came here let us save the day so what’s in the chest of picss look this will help come on you’ve already opened a passage I’ll put a portal over there before that monster comes and I’ll dig through here and move on all right that’s it son come on zombie come on

Good Luck Sarah off we drove on oh guys oh Diamond rain what kind of monsters are these hello oh they’re scary look we have to be careful it really is Diamond rain oh my gosh okay I’ve got a pickaxe somewhere let’s try digging and see oh

We can’t go any farther they closed the portal okay that get the pics it’s a drill look I can do all at once oh there’s some trunks I can dig up and look at the chest of gold at all but that’s not what we need who’s shooting

Guys how do you get out of here no no no let’s get the pickaxe let’s try to get out of here I’ve got a couple of blocks right here right now there’s a trampoline on a trampoline so I want to did for diamonds guys there were diamonds we’re going to dig look Diamond

Rain standing ouch there’s someone here is that a multi a man who woke me up oh I’m sorry is that you I didn’t mean to come on let me out of here standing up I’ll get out there’s a lot of eyes at home why would you do that you’re going

To be in this hole forever in what pit don’t you lock me up with your many eyes wait wait wait I didn’t mean to steal your diamonds it’s your diamond farm it’s my everything absolutely what are you digging up here but I didn’t want to wait let me get out okay he’s burying

The dies me look I can’t get out of here okay we got to get out of here I tripped okay hold on big ey Let’s Make a Deal I only have time to pick up one Diamond maybe I’ll give it to you what a diamond which one well I took one Diamond by

Accident let me give it back to you you let me go all right come on everybody I got all the blocks out get out yeah I can see that I’ve got invisible blocks here I can’t get out you’re too smart or something zombie I don’t think I should let you out of here

At all I mean you don’t have to get me out of here guys yes please let me give you this diamond and all the ore I’ve mined and you let me out of here I still have nine emeralds come on get out get out okay you’re all cleaned up we’re

Going to jump in now we’ll have to make a deal with him I don’t have to hit him I just have to get out of here because he’s really scary you’ll see what’s that is that your monster or what of course my monsters it’s all mine absolutely all

My room okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay I got the key we can get out of here it’s all about giving all right all right Skyy here hold your diamond emeralds here’s lapis lazuli charcoal everything I got from your mind take it all right all right all right that’s it

Get back downstairs and get out and don’t give me a pass I don’t like you do I and honestly you got there come on come on guys this one doesn’t want to let go open it up and get out of here let’s get out of here fast oh guys we’re

In some kind of abandoned mind and there are a lot more resources here but Kirk was already taken from me okay don’t get lost look here it’s a minor girl hello hello hello dogs look the passageway is blocked you can help dig it up yeah I can see that look no I

Don’t have a pickaxe I must have lost it in some kind of test you don’t have a pickaxe can you can you find it in the mine is it hidden in the mine somewhere look I’ve heard rumors that there’s more hiding out here and I’d hate to meet yet

I want to go there later and I can see it you’ll also see a lot of diamonds you could have gotten from this door it needs to be opened but but be careful Legends say there are monsters out there show up oh okay well I’ll be careful

Okay I’ll be right there we need the boys to go look in the mind for a pickaxe she’s going to help us get through this so maybe somewhere in here we’ve got some kind of weird maze going on here guys we need to find the chest the diamond pickaxe that’s what we need

I had an iron before but lost the iron it’s a shame of course okay well we found a much cooler pickaxe I’ve already got myself three diamonds if anything we can buy it from her with those three diamonds in a lever I had time to look look look guys three diamonds buys a

Lever and now we can open this door okay I’ll have the lever please and I can get some lava from her I think I’ll need it all right let’s go in there and see what’s behind that door oh I was dreaming about John Jen hi great great

Oh we’re closing up ouch you can’t get in here the door only opens from this side ouch guys he broke the door we have to run faster it’s coming for us well we’ve got to lure him out somehow hey John I’m here okay guys as long as he’s

Coming this way all right let’s get some lava in here you can’t get through got it the mine is filled with lava ouch what have you done guys gon’s got a passageway on the other side here so while he’s coming we’re going to did faster and make a quick Escape all right

Digg in the portal all right let’s get out of here fast Vin’s here let’s go guys what the hell is this Stinger hi hey you’re in my hell yeah I think Stinger has become the king of hell look those infernal ketti toilets belong to him hey what the hell are you doing here

What’s he doing he’s me decided to run it back somewhere stop can I take your test there huh what else did you want no no no no no no all right guys let’s try to keep it short let’s go okay carefully you can stand here this is where we need

To get to a great checkpoint oh he’s trying to throw me guys off what do you think I’m not going to make it through your seven circles of hell huh of course you won’t ow he’s throwing me into the lava guys look he’s got a real hell of a

Crown Stinger take that or you can’t beat him that easily oh it’s hot Greco guys Stinger how do I destroy you let me shoot you I will not be destroyed I cannot be destroyed what’s your magic staff that’s not fair you really are one hell of a king ah it hurts all right

Guys let’s shoot at least I can beat your yeah but I can beat up your infernal toilets I’ve destroyed them all now don’t touch them now we’re going to destroy your minions all right maybe you’re like a dragon your heart’s destroyed now you and no it still

Doesn’t win you mean I shoot I can’t even be that unfair okay you asked for it I’ll take the demon staff oh no wait wait ouch it’s the TR that’s rolling me back how do you get there okay wait what’s that block there’s a heart drawn

On it wao wait Stinger Stinger yeah yeah yeah I’m all in I’ve lost I give up oh you’re really giving up aren’t you yes yes yes guys look I have a plan wao what are you doing trying to put me in jail well you’re giving up no no I’m not

Giving up that much all right let’s get out of here fast guys anyway we need to get to this block look I’ve got a plan it’s a Stinger’s heart chances are if we break this heart the Stinger will be defeated okay okay let’s try to do this

All you have to do is shoot him okay oh look it’s really starting to burn that’s it we’ve destroyed it okay Stinger guys all Stinger king of Hell defeated look oh it’s gotten so easy around here heart oh everybody let’s go plant his heart too that’s it folks the monster from

Hell has been wiped out we can go back we can go further more precisely let’s get out of here all right let’s go to the portal hello doctor minion hello my experiment is out of control man why you what kind of experiment oh dog guys what

Is this this what happened to the minion why is it purple what have you done I gave him some kind of medication I’m an inadvertent I’m a stupid doctor I’m a terrible person why did I ever go to the doctor’s office in the first place guys

It turns out yeah the medicine did him good he really turned purple oops also irritable he looks at me kind of a skew but he won’t bite me he’s a biter he goes crazy it’s all the medicine that’s it let me see if I can help you fix him

What am I supposed to do it requires a circuit to put everything together so we can make a healing Cannon and we’ll cure him a healing Cannon maybe one of mine will do look I got a machine gun shotgun won’t work ouch zombie zombie no we need

An electric Cannon now oh yeah I get it it’s electric waves all that stuff okay we’ll help you now let me build something from the schematic and there they are right there in the corner and these are the ones yeah I’m going to go through it and then I’ll find it well as

Much as I can find hopefully enough for this gun okay I’ve already found three of them oh that’s great okay guys we got to really help this ant minion cure this minion I hope it works out and you can support us with a like hopefully we guys

Can heal this minion and we can really save him all right let’s go this way oh that’s great I found another one this is probably the last one minion I’ve collected four of these come on let’s go faster let’s go faster let’s go faster let’s so you’re already building all

This stuff here for the healing Cannon all right guys we’re going to treat him now I hope it helps us okay uh-huh all right Chuckles I’m memorizing patterns turn around turn around I turn away I don’t look because the reality is that something’s going to work what is it

It’s created oh really cool how do I pick her up uh-huh that’s it you’re a sucker it’s some kind of therapeutic and can I try it I’m off I’ll try everything bye goodbye guys I’m going to cast it on a tree first in case the minion gets

Bonic let’s shoot into a tree wa it’s really powerful it’s some kind of electric Cannon electric real well bam it shoots electricity yes it can help cure any contagion yeah I hope she helps hello test subject Minion Let Me Take a Shot I’m not a doctor of course but I

Hope it helps come on 1 2 3 what is it you’ve gotten even bitter oh you’ve gotten kind hi oh he learned to talk hi so you what happened you were accidentally taken over by some virus and you turned that scary purple you’re not going to eat me the green one is

Delicious what I don’t taste good and he says Yum Yum Yum he wants to eat me guys let’s go now st stop at least don’t get eaten guys where can we hide is he going to eat me okay hurry up we got to get to that port portal over there okay you’re

Going to get hit with an electric Tannon ah guy he’s glowing things up get out of here fast run away from him into now guys look at the minions standing around what the hell is going on here let’s go through here toy plus Jack look Angela

Ben hello oh hey zombie that’s great how you haven’t even posted a video in a long time I mean I haven’t posted in a while I release new videos every day hey Ben hey Angela guys what are those I don’t think the notification lock is coming you have to press the Bell

Obligatorily obligatory obligatorily nowhere at all what did you guys do make your own Farms or something yeah zombie we need your help you can pick our beds please I really need your help I need help but I can help Angela you’re not going to fix yourself are you no I can’t

Do that I have pause oh okay well sure I understand wow wow am that’s some kind of super fertilizer with hearts in it yes it’s called heart fertilizer W look at you they must be going very fast here that’s funny okay I’m all packed I can

Do something here wow he’s got some kind of drill Angela can borrow you can let me pass guys Angela ran away I don’t know didn’t say anything guys we got this drill I don’t know why I need it oh minion Builder hello that’s great what’s the problem minion slaughtered them with

This with all sorts of rocks and I saw minions in there I thought they were just standing there mining for diamonds no I got them down it’s up to me as commander of the miners to save them but I’ve got nothing to save I’ve got all the picks everything’s left there or how

You got out of there I’ve been helping Angeli and Ben and I just earned myself this cool drill let me help you come on come on zombie save my friends see about digging one up take it with you so you don’t bury it in the cave again I’m

Going to keep going oh that’s great this is the guy helping minion Miner because as it goes these minions went into a mine where they’re not supposed to be still there could be some dire diamonds falling off here there we saved all the Minions there’s more emeralds in there

Oh I found my pickaxe too look at my pickaxe it’s cool you want me to show you come on I’m showing sh you I got myself some ore by the way emeralds iron gold what kind of pickaxe is that wo cool let me try to break it oh she

Breaks a lot of stuff at once too wow I can get a bunch of emeralds at once yes of course it’s a special Miner’s pickaxe and the only ones I and Michael Jackson have like that wow here you go look I’ll give you all the ore because you’re a

Minor and it belongs to you thank you very much all zomok sorry I have to get back to digging brackets all right guys Miner’s gone look right underground digging that’s funny he went looking for for diamonds for all of us I’m going to keep looking at what else is interesting

Wow guys there’s some Parkour in here oh lots of different scary monsters we’ll get to them in a moment okay oh there’s a blue rainbow friend jumping around now we’re going through get baly there you go well at least we got one taking care of so what do we have here speed potion

Oh they did me 44 ouch that’s great ouch I’ll get you zombie come here don’t oh I fa guys let’s go up let’s get away from him we’ve got to beat this nesty thing oh so how do you live hey blue come here huh come here dog we got to get the guys

Away from him Hoon went downstairs while he’s up we can make a run for it he’s got me spread out no okay he’s gaining on me guys let’s get out of here okay now down here all right that’s the way not to fall careful transition jump over

Here there’s lava going great blue blue lava has fallen guys look all right all blue we’ve got it figured out except I also defeated all these monsters look Daisy’s jumping up there too we got to beat her all right right we’ve Gilt with all the monsters hey boy healthy healthy

Wo wo wo wo So to that one the blue rainbow one is too weak compared to me yeah weak you know how he caught up with me was it scary at all where are you oops he’s catching up fast seriously you got to get away from him wow this place

Is on fire no no no I can’t handle him I have to run away from him anyway I burned the place down why are you so scary go away come here okay gu yeah the blue rainbow friend was easier to deal with I don’t have time to put out this

Fire all right well I say we just get out of here let’s run away kids oh guys what is this how you are you burning that I found myself oh mama long legs what’s she doing oh hey there zombie no I’m not here I’ll find you go away toy

Stop I’ll find it guys she closed the portal oh she opened her mom’s long legs can I come through no no no you’re not getting through guys she says there’s some kind of hide-and seek and she won’t let me out and she’s looking for me okay

Let’s try to hide here she seems to have lost it and she found me mom’s long legs are really finding me so how does she do it ouch all right we need to find the key to this door somewhere oh wait wait there’s another passageway let’s try to

Search here okay oh I think she sees me she’s following me okay he did it I can’t find it oh where did he go all right guys oh I found a key in some kind of potion I don’t know what it’s for how do we get out of here she’s coming right

Behind me let’s get out of here bye-bye ouch hold it right there you can’t catch up you can’t catch up guys let’s run the other way okay oh it’s already behind me we need to get through here now so how do you get up here oh that’s great I’m almost

Through there should be a chest here too yeah we’re taking the lever and another potion we’re going to try this potion now okay let’s get out of here how do you get out of here there’s mom long legs get off run away okay let’s try to

Use this potion come here come here you ouch oh what have you done no no not that Potion No guys it’s like a slowing down potion look she’s really slowed down and can’t help but catch up I feel really bad all right let’s get these guys open now lock okay I think the

Potion’s wearing off look she’s starting to move faster okay we need to put another potion in her mom the long legs have really slowed down e what are you doing stuck in there ouch why are you afraid of me I can’t I’m sick and I’m standing still I can’t do anything well

Of course you did then hold another potion this one will definitely help you she’s slimming down guys what is this oh no she summoned a new monster what are you Mama long legs you’re going to be sick zombie oh no no we got to get out

Of here now hurry up open it up all right let’s get the door open and get out of here oh guys with this side bovian toilet hop in here what’s going on oh neighbor hello hello hello what are you doing here oh what are you fighting about okay I’ll probably move

On uh-huh open up a passage further down that’s where I need to go I’m not going to fight you I know you’re mean or what’s with the spikes well that’s not fair what kind of test you’re making up here what isn’t that fair everything’s fair game all right do you want to come

Through yeah I want to get in there what’s with the spikes okay okay I’m cleaning up now hold on a second now that’s it I can pass come on in oh well I mean stop I mean it’s closed come talk to me what do you want me to do for you

You can have a key or something okay I’ve come up with a test a super cool one that you won’t pass 100% of the time and that’s why I won’t let you into this portal well if you pass this test maybe I’ll let you in well we’ll see I don’t

Know yet it doesn’t seem to mean any anything to me okay let me agree on what to do on the stairs I thought I was going to fly a jetpack I know how to do it by the way if you don’t pass here’s a look at this kab oh what’s wrong with

His face get out I’ll turn you into one ha I mean this lab is jumping around oh look and this is my friend don’t touch him your friend and who’s going to heat me I’m going to fall in there right I’ll put spikes on you don’t touch him all

Right fine let him not hit me he’s touching me he’s got me he attacked me first ouch let me try to get through from here yeah go for I passed out on the first try yeah you think it’s that simple there are ladders upon ladders to

Go through okay all right let’s try this guys and in the ring when I’m all about getting up there okay I’m going to get to that ring now look I need to put a ladder right here we’ll put a couple ladders on the side here look I’m

Already up there I’m not going to make it that I can see but I’m going to try to get through I don’t know if I’ll make it or not but we guys are going to try this look I’m already Opa how many have passed okay now I need to put a ladder

Right here up here what you’re giving up open the door for me what do I get him for you what what spiky B yes and you thought it would be here I thought I’d just take the stairs here we go again come on I’m done with monsters that’s it

Come on that’s not the deal neighbor no more monsters I don’t make deals with nice dudes okay yeah well the important thing is I’m in the lava it’s a piloto lava challenge you don’t touch the lava well it’s not a full-on lava shuttle it’s a very pathetic challenge actually

So how am I supposed to get up here there’s nothing for me to latch on to you didn’t think of it that’s your problem maybe you’ll get through but you won’t I can jump oh my God that’s not fair everything’s fair game okay I went

All in on the final checkpoint way to go zombie look I mean you’re actually yeah oh he gave me apples thank you so much I will eat them and go on to thank my apples oops dropped the apples I’ll cancel the apples then you can open the

Door for me oh listen it’s a good trade come on let me give you some apples all right go ahead open up open up come on I’ll right all apples all right all right zombie I’m off for now where too I’ve got to get through you cheater come

On open up all right so be it you passed my test today I’ll let you go some more but I’ll mess with you some more bye nasty neighbor guys let’s catch him together look he ran away with his friend all right let’s keep going what

The hell kind of curs is that leg length mom you’re back aren’t you I’m not a mom long legs I’m a cight mom or mom’s long legs what a horrible monster crossed you I’m just clean mom you don’t understand you get away from me this will fight most viciously ouch what kind of

Monsters are these I don’t want one of those we must we must let him fight you what kind of Creeper is that stop creating mutants you’re a nasty mutant yourself and you’re creating New Mutants ouch I beat him that’s it oh fight the next one come here stop calling me scary

Monsters oh he’s shooting me oh I can’t handle him he shoots my servants all right guys all right how did it happen so fast I’m oh I was just stopping around guys we have to take the stairs to the Past challenge to get up the stairs okay oh are you still here let’s

Get her out of here let’s get out of here I’ll hide she just summoned another monster better oops I fallen through the cracks guys where am I am I in some kind of underground tunnel or something I found some kind of secret passage mom long legs okay I found an axe leave me

Alone go away ah she called for someone else we got to get out of here now those monsters are coming for me go away get away from me so how do we beat them okay there’s another chest here what is this a aad sword wao guys let’s try to get

Out and fight this monster with this sword hey where are you yeah look at you now I’m going to take your monsters down real easy not that sword not that sword what you think he can win or something he can beat me not that he can beat me

At all I beat your Snowman in one punch oh that’s what creeper boys are little little mini creepers who are these people don’t blow up in here no away all right guys we got to do something to beat them now we’re going to blow them all up real quick they’re blowing up all

Over the place we need to beat this key or mom right now then we can weave otherwise she’ll keep summoning new monsters come here you get the sword we’ve defeated her guys the only thing left to do is to feed our little creepers to the end but they blew

Themselves up all right we can get out of here guys we’re opening a passageway monsters don’t have anymore all right lava we’re big time we’re slipping into the portal let’s get you guys back in there and these are the tunnels we got very interesting video it’s out I hope

You enjoyed it put a like support me with your Regal Channel subscription zomback was with you thank you all for watching check out the other videos and [Applause] bye-bye oh

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It has garnered 143 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:33:31 or 2011 seconds.


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