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Oh H found the jungle H is I think it’s a jungle might not be a jungle no that’s a jungle tree I need cocoa or brown dye get what is it like a mini jungle par it hello poly that was like a mini jungle well it’s like a mini mini mini jungle jeez

Thinking back to the old boats you looked at them funny or ran into a lily pad or something they would get destroyed I was kind of hoping it would be a larger jungle than this derp derp derp I’m out here without a bed there’s a sheep sheep sound over this

Way I know I’m not going to get three wool one wall is there another sheep over here no can’t be out here without a bed I was hoping to grab some bamboo maybe some cocoa beans at least get like a handful of jungle saplings

But and I don’t want to tear up this bed or bring a bed with me to go exploring out here because if I die and I’ve picked up my bed then that means that uh I get teleported all the way back to to the other house like however many blocks far away that

Is but I do want to get the jungle saplings at least the man looks like there might be more jungle up there and no cocoa beans that I can see ah I don’t think it’s ripe though is it rip M it with nice interesting yeah yeah I didn’t expect it to take this

Long to get the four saplings or whatever the jungle SS I mean it’s about to be night time again pretty soon thought that was saplings what there might be some bamboo over there I’ve got enough saplings to make more saplings now or to make a big tree if I wanted to oh

Yeah it’s a weird jungle and it’s about to be night time and I didn’t get a bed was that a broken down portal and I know the monsters are just going to be just crazy to deal with no bamboo huh l pool looks like what Savannah is that bamboo that I see

No some stuff on fire over there melon CH got melons back at the house [Applause] boo Where is the biome thing a sparse jungle I was like yeah it does seem like a not regular jungle cuz it’s not I didn’t know that was a a thing now I don’t think that they do but do these portal locations link up to like points of interest in the nether

Like does it link up to a Bastion maybe I mean it would make sense if it did but I could also see it just being a random generated thing like that doesn’t really link up to anything for any particular reason magma that crying obsidian I know that’s good to have oh bamboo

It’s really all the bamboo that I need to start my own bamboo Farm back at the base for oh for still don’t know what to do with Beehives So on the one hand I could just leave The Square Room for the blazes and just Farm blaze rods that way on the other hand like I mean it’s a pretty good amount of work to build the thing that I wanted to build and I mean trying to describe it without like

Showing people what it is that I’m building I mean kind of doesn’t doesn’t really work like I need a bunch of Pistons I need a bunch of stone pressure plates so I’m pretty sure wooden pressure plates burn pretty sure they might not which I guess I could test that pretty quick

Pretty sure they burn well it won’t let me apply fire directly to it so maybe they don’t burn h I mean I don’t want to build the whole thing out of pressure plates and then have or wooden pressure plates and then have it get burned

But since I am doing a video I may as well I may as well build it and I mean it does make farming blazes a lot easier I got some wood in here some iron oh let me switch over to the creative world to test something real quick

I think that lava will burn up I guess they don’t burn okay cool so the other thing I wanted to test was um no I don’t want to hear the slimes at all you’re really Qui piston I don’t want to have to like the other design that I know that works uses

A redstone repeater to do what I want it to do and let me get a nonburn BL here I mean if it’s stone or Cobblestone or whatever but reinforc deep slate never seen that before so the way that it works is I’m going to need sticky pistons if I do it that way

And that’s not going to work okay so that’ll work and that’s why I needed the repeaters yes thank you thank you slime that’s good very good how did I do this I don’t remember but basically once I get the circuitry figured out there’s rows of these that well again rather

Than talk about it I should probably just do it I mean this is just for me to figure out the uh just to figure out the pattern that I used to use for the blaze spawner E I mean I don’t have to have each individual one go off I could just have the whole block go off so that mean I don’t need the repeater so if I do it this way yes I see you cat O cuz I don’t want to have to craft the repeaters or waste more Redstone than I need I mean that should work so then anytime anything hits one of these it pushes it down the hole so I should probably start with a 5x five I mean that’s that’s I think that’s even a

Better version than I had so basically the the blazes spawn and then they float down because they can’t attack anything and as soon as they contact one of these they get pushed down into another section that pushes them down into another section so me go up in the air a little bit over

Here the orange looking one should be the blades llama there we go did I go four blocks or five blocks I want five h why is this not spawning any blazes oh it’s because the white level it’s daytime so if I said it to night time yeah

Okay I think five might be too many I mean I don’t want to build all of this and then reduce my spawn so if I I think five is too many is is and then rather than complete the whole everything I’m just going to do one side

But now this works cuz then wherever that falls it just pushes them down to the next level and since I need two two blocks so I got to go down by two where’s the center here so piston pressure plate wait did I screw something up here

Here so it’s got to be three blocks I guess one two three yeah H there’s another problem is having it layered like that me I guess if I go down four blocks how did I do this before go back to the drawing board see I don’t want to be in survival

Mode in the blaze spawner room trying to figure this out while I’m getting hit in the head with the blazes so I know I use repeaters but I don’t want to use Repeaters I guess the easiest thing to do is to just go down three blocks ah see that’s the other problem is crap how did I do this I had a tiered system that whenever the blaze fell on one of these it would not come into here and of course with that

It’s and it would eventually shrink down into just the one block hole in the center again I don’t want to be doing this in survival mode and end up finding out the hard way that like I mean see I’m going to lose the spawn here because of that

But so spawn pad has to be in this corner so one two so then it’s going to be one less on each side I still have hasn’t figured out the mechanics of that like I think it was this it was [Applause] that but is there a way to achieve the same

Thing with just redstone I think so the problem with this though is it adds that extra block which I mean I could negotiate the distance far away from these this saves me from having to use all of these repeaters I think that’s the way I’m going to do it because then the whole

Set the whole thing goes off because doing it with just the individual blocks with the repeaters hooked up to it I’ve had blazes like land here and then get stuck here and then it never retracts and then they end up Stuck like permanently stuck and it like freezes the whole thing

Yeah I think this is going to be what I’m going to do and since the outside doesn’t really matter I can place well no that’s going to be a problem because I guess I’ll have to go down three blocks every time and I don’t think this fifth block is

Necessary for a spawn area I think they’ll only spawn within four blocks so let me look up a spawner in Minecraft monster spawner it should be what with should be four blocks on each side CU that’ll save me that’ll save me the headache of uh having stuff that just plane doesn’t

Work or that won’t get used like the blazes should never fall in that area mechanics freaking popup ads to take up the whole screen yeah okay so it is only the four blocks and then three up and down so this whole thing can be that much

Smaller and I could have left all that probably but whatever that’s the fourth block I’m trying to make all of those repeaters for each level like I’m probably probably going to run out of redstone and have to go mining Redstone so if I don’t do it with the non repeater method that’s down

I I mean I’m going to have to come down by the three blocks so I think even doing it this way I had to add the three blocks you know and instead of rather like as cool as this looks like I mean that might still work

As cool as this looks I mean this is kind of one of those things that you probably only build in Creative although I have built it in survival mode I’m wondering like since blazes aren’t affected by lava like what if I tried to build one that

Used lava I don’t think that they if they hit the lava me try that so come within like these many blocks like this is where it’s going to stop spawning one two three so that’s the spawn floor then I want them to plus as is going to be different in

The nether because lava spreads differently in the nether so I should probably go to the nether to build this m For Is is F For it’d be nice to turn off the particles is and I know that they’re immune know that blazes are immune to uh the lava but I’m not sure what they do in the lava slowly getting pushed into the lava I turn off the particles yeah see the thing about this is it

Slow so how many blocks is that that’s one two three can’t count one 2 3 4 four five 6 7 so it flows like water so it goes eight I mean this might be the simplest Blaze spawner design because and I can test it in survival mode after having built it too because

Yeah so if it goes eight oh that’s perfect I’m not going to build it with glass in survival mode this is just so I can see what’s happening I mean it’s real slow which that’s why I went with the Pistons is because with the Pistons they go down into the collection area really

Fast so I guess the solution to that would be is if I put this is if they sink then if I put the spawner block up the three blocks then when they sink and they spawn they’ll automatically be outside of the range of where the spawners going to detect

Them which speeds up the process so there’ll be more blazes spawned over the period that you want the blazes to be spawned I’m not sure if I want to like well I guess I could writing commands in this can be kind of difficult like what block am I looking at even uh

55 I see that makes it much easier and just copy and paste the whole thing oh crap so from there over to here all right for I didn’t know it made it that easy it used to be a lot harder to do This For now just manually fill in the top well why why bother doing that if the kill command works as well as it does is I don’t think I’m within the 16 blocks to activate it no way I am no I think I’m going with this I think I I think this is a

And since I don’t have uh slime farm or any slime I can’t make a sticky piston but this is a kind of thing where I would just make a head Crusher you just hit hit a switch and the Pistons mash the uh the ones in the collection

Spot but this does appear to be working ever so slowly because they can’t see you to Target you they’re not going to try to fly well for the most part I mean the Piston thing would have been a lot cooler but this works you just sit here and collect blazes and

Then hit them with the swipe sword so if I hollow out down by six blocks in a four block Cube and give a three block gap on the top that gives me maximum spawning it puts my character in range if I’m in the collection

Spot and all I have to do is put some lava buckets there it’s slow but it’s consistent and it doesn’t require like you know 40 Pistons or more I think I like this I think this is the the easiest blade spawner I think I’ve ever thought of and I mean I’m sure

Someone else must have come to the same conclusion because if you look at the criteria of the stuff that you’re able to do based on the mechanics of the game there’s usually only one good solution so this is probably like the standard Blaze spawner and it’s just taking be

This long to figure it out I can’t remember why I didn’t go with this instead of the other thing I think was because the lava was slow but this this works I mean plus they’re outside of the range of the detection area of the spawner I want just I guess we’re at the

Limit of how many can be in one spot yeah as it adds another one so you can’t just have an infinite collection spot and I you know I’ve never tried this but a splash water bottle I think that should hurt the blazes all at once it Does uh but we need quite a few of them but yeah as far as designs go I mean there’s usually like only one good way to do something because of the G the mechanics of the game and it’s like you know the cheapest house is you can build is a 3X3 dirt

House with a door on it so I mean like no I’m happy with this this is what this is what we’re going with so I don’t need the fifth Block in the area that I’m hollowing out freaking awesome I [Applause] I who Jee No apparently creepers can blow up a nether brick jeez and the other blaz spawner is right over there but it’s still too too far away to make it like a viable like I can’t make a double spawner out of that and death right there I guess a creeper went through the thing that’s

Frustrating I mean this is just close enough to be spawned and be a problem not a good thing I brought my lighter with me CU otherwise i’ would have to run all the way back to the house what is that is that a Bat [Applause] Oh where’s my food The creeper pooped right in my pants it wasn’t me it was it was a creeper how do I keep putting my food in here I think I’m going to go destroy that other Blaze spawner I mean trying to make a double Blaze spawner D M a a ah He A a M a I mean this is usually why I don’t bother with a blaz spawner you know the the farm aspect of it like A cuz usually get so many blazes blaze rods that you don’t really need to build a spawner and fire you going to get Me I left my arrows back at the other place and the uh the base heads out There A A Yeah I need to go get some Netherrack here uh where’s the best place to farm some Netherrack pig pig pig Yeah right here looks pretty Good A h M E A A d [Applause] a he that’s not good pig pig pig oh f yeah yeah I got to check something real quick I will be right back and we’re back and no like there’s not really an easy way to get Magma Cream which is what I was checking so yeah back into the

Fire and I forgot my arrows oh Oh Yeah Pig big big I don’t know why they’re trying to get in here man H h I I finally I knew it I knew it was going to spawn it on on the Block I was putting there I didn’t even have time to say It Oh and then digging down I’m probably going to regret that let me get out of the range of this spawner here past this blue line let me modify my thing here so um let me write down what the blaze uh Farm spawner block is 54 six 6992 so

All right so I G down like what three more blocks from this floor in the creative mode thing oh good h there A M Oh Oh Yeah A What is going on holy crap and there’s just going to keep spawning because all of these ones down here are outside of the range of the three blocks three block limit jeez I’m pretty sure there’s one that came through the portal too oh there’s a few of them that came through the

Portal some seems off here holy crap and everything was on fire going to make it strength po what did I do I figured out how to drown myself in the infinite water source be funny if it wasn’t true no I think I need to uh

I mean I’m almost done I just got to put in like what nine water or nine lava blocks I’m having a lot of fun though killing these blazes but this right here is precisely why why I made this house out Overworld so I could recuperate take a little bit of a

A break have a save point in case I die which I’m probably going to die um and make potions to go back into The Fray so I need nine lava buckets yeah they really don’t like my map there a oh big pig there get back get back get back get Back did I mess this up somehow I mean I must have looks like blaze rods get burnt Up how did I mess up my space I don’t think I filled in that wall is what it is crap Yeah it’s exactly what it is I forgot to do that wall oh crap Oh go A Oh jeez m Is there a lava source up here no ooh oo I agree Pigman I do uh and I don’t have my stuff uh where’s my fire potion I don’t have any let me let me get out of here there’s another Blaze over there oh I’m going the wrong way 6 hours later

See the weird part is is time is passing when I’m in the nether as it is in the Overworld and yet these aren’t growing which I mean that’s always how it’s worked but jeez so I shouldn’t need all nine of these buckets now I keep one just in case I need to

Work on something make my very last fire potion is I am having a lot of fun though fighting with these blazes and I mean the fact that that nether tunnel is right there is pretty convenient I think I am going to put some stairs in which uh yeah is yeah something seems wrong

Here no that’s that’s right never mind Oh oh oh oh all h Oh Going to have to turn them down holy wow I all Yeah no it works pretty good pretty happy with it the only thing I need to change is I need to put a a hopper there but no not really Oh C Oh oh all oh I think that some of them saw me before which is why they uh May that some of them saw me before which is why they’re like in attack mode instead of in passive mode where they’re just being spawned and floating down the thing oh they’re all still There oh Go well it works and I’ve got plenty of blaze rods and I’ve got an easy way back and forth to get here of course there’s just these two now I got to make a few trips back and forth I don’t think I have any sugar out

Here well I do have some in the uh the thing there make a speed potion I mean would it help if I was down level not getting hung up on anything Right oh Get now this works I’m good I’m happy I would like to say that it’s time well spent let me go peek in here and get shot in the face like see what’s happening no there’s not anything wrong they’re just taking their sweet time spawning and I mean I’ve already got

Another whole another stack of blaze rods so der der [Applause] der that was fun now I got to make some speed potions right do got to put a lighter in that box before I forget about it this way I can kind of consolidate the stuff that I’ve got and see what it is

That I’ve got that I want to bring back I’m going to have to probably have to make a few trips here so I need that I’m to bring this back CU I’m going to use it for and use it for the uh the furnaces back at the house

Yeah I’m going to have to make a lot of trips here so let me just start picking the stuff that I know that I want to bring first this I know I need I see this I wanted to leave there and I’m going to have to make two trips to bring it back cuz it doesn’t make sense to run all the way back down there and then run all the way back over here damn it I know that they’re not getting out down here

No just wasted his speed too potion Wa [Applause] is A C Mo moo [Applause] moo Oh M H got to duplicate that nether Map Here Is I don’t do it you floating ghost marshmallow don’t do it is m w I mean some of this stuff I’m probably going to leave out here but the majority of it I am going to bring back to the base You Oh He The Moooo H yeah I’m not sure if uh don’t think any of the villagers sell me magma cream no Crap I need to find a slime farm a a this should be the last trip Off Here Oh M power it’s so weird that when I play Minecraft and I you know have to venture off into the nether some really far away place and then get back to like your original base where you got like the majority of your stuff and it’s like it

Feels like you’ve made it home but it’s just a video game but like still feels like you made it home like I’m still not sure what to do with uh these 42 levels here there’s my water bucket not really sure what else I need to find in the nether not really much that I can think of Is well I might be able to make a fortune 3 pick but I think I’m going to call it a video here is every one of these ready to be harvested yes there all right this has to be one block up to go all the way to the corners but not a big

Deal h [Applause] a that’s a new Behavior you know I don’t know why I didn’t think to stand there until just [Applause] [Applause] oh uh wow he got me jeez just a little bit quicker than I was oh wow I’m still burning she almost killed

Me I almost lost all of this crap in the freaking lava another to another freaking Golem [Applause] a can he not fit through that space I know he came through here before oh well just clean up some of the golems in here [Applause] but yeah I think I’m calling it a video

Here thank you for watching thank you for subscribing I’m clicking the button right now

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finished the lava conveyor blaze spawner

works pretty good

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    Terrifying Bewitchment Mod in Minecraft: DeltaZangoose Ep 1Video Information This video, titled ‘Delta Does: Horror modded minecraft. Ep 1 – Starting Bewitchment’, was uploaded by DeltaZangoose on 2024-04-01 13:34:57. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:23 or 4103 seconds. Horror themed minecraft playthrough? Yes Please! DISCLAIMER: The mods I have installed are of a gore/horror nature. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to those sorts of themes. Apologies for the poor audio in the middle. All mods are the 1.20.1 versions using the Fabric mod loader. The mods I am using: The Graveyard YUNG’s Better Witch… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viral

    Insane Minecraft Zombie Animation! #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cool Zombie Minecraft animation #viral #minecraft #gaming #shorts #video #tranding #gameplay’, was uploaded by Me Mine Craft on 2024-04-11 15:38:24. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:50 or 50 seconds. Epic Minecraft Village Transformation: From Humble Hamlet to Thriving Metropolis #minecraft #gaming game,game playing in ai,summer walker playing games,playing games summer walker,playing games bryson tiller,bryson tiller playing games,game playing in artificial intelligence,game playing,android game,game play,playing games,playing,games,playing games video,playing games lyrics,playing games extended,examples of game playing algos,playing games music video,king games,role-playing game (game genre),pathfinder roleplaying game (game) minecraft,minecraft… Read More

  • Klonos DOMINATES Kids in Flawless Bedwars! #pvp #minecraftshorts

    Klonos DOMINATES Kids in Flawless Bedwars! #pvp #minecraftshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘I AM THE BEST AT FLAWLESSING KIDS!! #minecraft #bedwars #pvp #allmyfellas #minecraftshorts #minemen’, was uploaded by Klonos on 2024-01-03 12:12:03. It has garnered 2952 views and 75 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. ALL MY FELLAS Tags: #hypixel #minecraft #minemenclub #hypixelbedwars #bedwars #minecraftpvp #hypixelbridge #minecraftbedwars Subscribe for more Minecraft videos! Read More


    馃敟1K SUBS! BUILDING RAM MANDIR IN MINECRAFT LIVE! #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘ROAD TO 1K || Making RAM MANDIR In MINECRAFT || Minecraft Live #minecraft #rammandir’, was uploaded by Atharva Gaming on 2024-01-14 15:45:20. It has garnered 137 views and 26 likes. The duration of the video is 04:57:36 or 17856 seconds. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Stream Don’t Forgot To Like Share And Subscribe Discord Link- Upi Id – atharvab320@okicici Playing With @AbhiPlays_11 @omgaming323 @Yoichigaming22 Ignore tags:- #liveinsaan #triggeredinsaan minecraft, minecraft 100 days, minecraft house, minecraft song, minecraft house tutorial, minecraft music, minecraft legends, minecraft civilization, minecraft 1.19, minecraft mikey and jj, minecraft videos, minecraft… Read More

  • SoulCraft Vanilla – No Whitelist – HermitCraft – Rewards

    Welcome to Soulcraft! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! With its mature community, hermitcraft-style gameplay, and exciting rewards, Soulcraft is the ultimate destination for all Minecraft enthusiasts. Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in! Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 馃殌 Join us on Discord Read More

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    That’s a high score for a meme about pixels and blocks – clearly Minecraft players have a great sense of humor! Read More

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    Shadow Spell Successor: Megumi's Shikigami Quest In the world of Minecraft, spells return, Megumi Fushiguro, the shadow spell, we yearn. Taming shikigami, a challenge to face, In this magical realm, a new pace. Join me, Babu, your news reporter in rhyme, Bringing you updates, every single time. From the Jujutsu Craft spell combat module, To Chinese culture, a cultural treasure trove. Like and subscribe, show your support, For more Minecraft news of all sorts. Let’s dive into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth take wing. Read More

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    I froze time to save a dog in Minecraft #doggorescue Looks like this dog’s new superpower is being immune to creepers and skeletons in Minecraft! #doggohero #minecraftmagic Read More

  • Ultimate Nether Portal Guide

    Ultimate Nether Portal Guide Minecraft Noble Nether Portal Tutorial Introduction In a recent Minecraft video by TheySix, viewers were treated to a tutorial on creating an aesthetic and customizable Noble Nether Portal theme. The video showcases three different variants of the Nether portal, allowing players to choose the style that best suits their preferences. Build Details The Nether portal build is designed to be simple, easy, and visually appealing. It is emphasized that the build performance is non-intrusive, making it suitable for all players. The tutorial is fully automatic, guiding players through the process effortlessly. The Nether portal theme is compatible with various… Read More

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    Unleash EPIC Water Magic in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Water Magic in Minecraft!!’, was uploaded by THUNDER_Official on 2024-03-16 04:26:55. It has garnered 2068 views and 68 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Read More

  • Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!

    Unbelievable 12-Hour Minecraft Story Mode Marathon!Video Information This video, titled ‘minecraft story mode (maybe not 1 shot its 12 hours long cmon but lots of it)’, was uploaded by David Baron on 2024-04-11 01:48:48. It has garnered 3914 views and 216 likes. The duration of the video is 07:29:02 or 26942 seconds. FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: JOIN THE COMMUNITY: BIRD APP: Read More

  • Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gaming

    Nerd DESTROYS Universe in Minecraft! #funny #gamingVideo Information This video, titled ‘WHAT A NERD!!! #gaming #funny #funnymoments #funnyshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #funnymemes’, was uploaded by SpaceRain on 2024-03-17 18:30:51. It has garnered 431 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. In this short I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode. I hope everyone likes and enjoys this video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like this video, please consider following/Subscribing. It would really help me out a lot and help grow my channel. If you wish to contact me, please Email me at [email protected] Thank you and have… Read More

  • Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerz

    Insane Survival Build in Minecraft PE Ep. 14 ft. TechnoGamerzVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial’, was uploaded by Anil Gamers on 2024-01-09 04:00:32. It has garnered 102 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:44 or 164 seconds. Minecraft PE Survival Series Episode 14 Leptop Build @TechnoGamerzOfficial About : Hi Guess welcome back to the chenal aaj ham he minecraft ki survival series me jisme aaj ham banane wale Laptop Build. Your Queries: minecraft minecraft survival minecraft shorts minecraft challenge minecraft builds minecraft but minecraft mod minecraft survival series island minecraft mods top 5 minecraft builds minecraft pe/mobile… Read More

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  • Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 馃樀 Watch Kidd Sai’s Close Call

    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 馃樀 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano 鈽狅笍 #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 馃洃Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!馃洃 Read the full description for more info: 鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻 Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off 鈻冣杻 鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻 Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx 鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻 鈻 鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻 My other networks: 馃挏Twitch: 馃Tik Tok:… Read More

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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: IP: Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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