Insane VR Gaming – Crazy RLCraft Adventure with FNAF 2!

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Good morning good morning everyone my voice is gone by the way so I might I might like um unfortunately I’m going to be actually fortunately hi everyone good morning hello roboo hello cultural hello Jan hello shoua hi son hi it’s on the bad slime I’ve been pretty consistent with my meds hi hyp Hi how was a chin it’s still not really that effective that much I don’t know nothing really changed hi Addie hello Yuki hello Dexter hello slime hi hi hi B hi so yeah my voice is kind of gone I think it’s because I was doing long streams recently so I’m so sorry but

Like later on when I’m playing like Dax add my 7 TV emote Dax add it add it hello Kissy Kissy Kissy hi welcome hello B hello no I’m not going to be playing rlcraft can you pe yeah my voice is gone uhoh it sounds like the small y Yeah holy [ __ ] uh it’s 2:30 what time is it when you live I have something to tell you I’ll got the my GOI and I think it’s going to be a crazy concept time zones wa W wait I forgot to like put wait wait wait wait wait wait I wasn’t ready Um I forgot to like connected oops good morning everyone uh currently it’s 6:30 uh for me for where I’m at so I’m from the Philippines fun facts for today that’s a fun fact for today but is it a fun fact I don’t know man hi she connected huh hi good morning

Everyone let me drink water by the way I’m so sorry but like even if I want to drink something hot the doctor said I’m not allowed to drink anything hot so even if I want to drink like hot tea oh that would sound so nice I’m not Allowed for a while I’m not allowed for only a while maybe like 4 days your voice are so cute oh thanks Abby oh Kenji viewer hi kendi is so sweet how’s the BBL yeah it’s going good shut up I don’t I will never have that I love him a yeah I noticed that

Kendry viewers are super super super super supportive like when it comes to like kenji’s like stuff it’s so cute hi everyone today I’m going to be playing big announcement big content today today is going to be FNAF VR no Dave the diver okay can I be honest Dave the diver is kind of me me me me me and I it [ __ ] up my viewer account because not really that many people are like interested so I might stream that on all so I can complete it

But other than that I’m not going to be streaming it continuously on my main because it’s been [ __ ] up my [ __ ] do not I love the game don’t play Pet Sim what’s pet Sim I love kji but he roasted my ass you probably [ __ ] deserve it if Kenji roasted you you deserved it it’s sy’s crack cocaine don’t forget uh you box booster yeah I need to practice D I’m not surprised da is that kind of game where people prefer themselves than to watch

Someone completely agree completely agree so I’ll I’ll finish it so that people can have the VOD for when they want watch it but I I won’t play it on Main okay no so if you ever if somebody ask in chat like hey dummy when are you

Completing da the diver I am going to do it but on alt not on Main I I I um it’s just not for it’s not it’s a kind of game that you can only get into if like youve already watched it or like you’re in your own

Playthrough or you watched it on the start of my playthrough and if that is not the case then usually it’s really [ __ ] boring yeah so expected on the VOD Channel exclusive ending on the YouTubes hi CST hi what the [ __ ] am I listening to dude you know what I’ve been like I

Really like this song I don’t know why I want to take a ride on a disco stick hello an J Wait hi is that is high removed no no my voice is so gone when I understood the lyrics wait yeah dude what the [ __ ] when I listen to this when I was young I didn’t know it was a sexual [Laughter] song Love gam play Love Game you

Want you in the game yeah ride on a disco stick and it never like I I had a such an isoc in mine I had no idea in the game right but it’s so like holy [ __ ] I had no idea it was so sexual what the [ __ ] um old music is so

Sexual oh how is the partner plus this month partner plus this month I posted it I posted it in the um announcements it’s in the Announcement we’re at 41 out of 350 for this month Happ you’re such a big fan of [ __ ] Sunny dude the fact that you’re named yourself people K4 is insane Von they some they R yo renan and me they’re OC say less get that partner plus T3

T3 thank you so much dude reenan has such a I’m not biased or anything but I really like renan’s like um oh see I’m I’m just saying man I’m just saying guys have I’m going to show it to you hold on let me show it to you let me

Show it to you I love I love art let me show you guys yeah look look look at their OC see a the hair at the the thingy here the white hair and then the color at the insides oh wait do you guys want see it oh how

Now have now have now do you see this take your pills no I forgot to like the OBS thingy oh do you want f are you in the game the love game I already am following oh and he’s a CS he’s a CS player love it he’s super good I was watching

Yesterday I was watching Dima W hack remember remember that and then I was like watching I was watching um and I was watching dimma and then I saw reenan on the chat I was like oh who’s this and then and then I looked and then I I saw that like profile

Picture had like an OC and I’m like oh isn’t it so cute I love this art I’m yanking artist honestly because our OC’s are kind of similar we should like share artists like our list of artists that you’re like you have and I’ll share mine Yeah I want to around on your disco oh dude why is the song So sexual but it’s such a art [Laughter] swing are you sing your legs at me is that that [ __ ] obvious why so this person is named T she’s my email address then look at my Boomie oh Boomie also shines what the [ __ ] can somebody make them talk oh I’ll I’ll do it play text

Me P online poers I [ __ ] up my [ __ ] steam Thingy what do you want to say boom dude my Yippy is so [ __ ] right now because my voice is gone dud listen to this listen to this it sounds so small now generating God seed P online P it’s so small my voice is [Laughter] gone ya Game oh Reddit time Reddit time and before it’s only one post it’s probably dxer let’s be real imagine if I’m [ __ ] completely correct oh it’s two I was wrong another day another what is this another day another Sligh Dude a dude [ __ ] rlcraft I can never play the game without [ __ ] dying every goddamn second another day another Sligh it’s so Dumb the yo airams can you send Your Meme here as well so that we can like see it forever and ever and not not like get buried in the Discord cuz what the problem with Discord is that it gets buried after oh guys new art I posted

New art it can oh dude do you want to see like different uh thingies off the art it’s kind of cool as [ __ ] I have a new tweet I’m waiting for it I’m going to caption it now I’d win isn’t that sick isn’t that so [ __ ] sick n I’d win it looks sick

In the game hi Amy hi are you in the um I’m going to say the word and I know you’re going to get kind of traumatized by hearing this word but did you get into um the RP did you get into or no pixel oh okay I guess not oh so I’m sorry

I’m sorry so my application got denied why do you don’t have Cloud let’s see you have 151 okay okay big following I mean big okay let’s see your YouTube’s and Twitter what would you get declined dude you’re 350k how did they decline you I don’t have enough clout why is it

Repeating what’s your first video Demi oh really oh I don’t think I’ve ever watched uh Emmy at with like YouTubes let me see [ __ ] down oh my God is that from the clumsy Channel what oh my God what size [ __ ] you got m e i really masculine El keeps

Running away from me though I don’t know why it’s like my horny this isn’t working on her I got to like me like induc this is exactly what I expected when I saw your DM to Billy [Laughter] eyelish damn oh my goodness I me hot I I’m looking respectfully I mean you’re

Hot nah I’d win is that a good ction are you on no pixel I can ask but I don’t want to be I don’t want to go to rpu right now maybe maybe next next like uh next like season or whatever the [ __ ] you call it I’ll ask I’ll use my com

Connections and if I can’t use my connection okay flex no this is going to be me please please please please please please please please next [Laughter] season I’m not sure they’ll be next season before GTA 6 oh my God you’re right well I guess it is what it is I

Guess I’ll just have fomo is what it is oh I I Yeahs I saw this so you have to as well Emy okay being on the Spectrum oh my God we’re so Alik firework firework firework wait there’s game play every time I join a stream this happens to me that’s Dem me bombing us I would never bum you I don’t want to make Emmy feel uncomfortable unlike you guys I would never want to make Emmy only I

Will only watch this watch it what is this Victoria’s Secret if you’re listening my fat ass coochie cannot fit in your tiny little underwears I’m always like lipping or something they’re so uncomfortable you need to make more and you need to have a bigger like yeah I mean she’s kind of cooking

Though I mean she she ain’t wrong so they ain’t built for like fat [ __ ] your daily dose of Internet this guy got the worst leg cramp possible after workout oh man I’m sorry looks like yo I had this before a long time ago it was after basketball practice God

Damn that’s years ago but this was after after basetball practice I whatever I could see the literal muscles go like [ __ ] got [ __ ] up sh oh my God I know that hurts so bad oh my God okay maybe not that bad oh no I can only see a bad thing happening oh No the spring gave out what the [ __ ] she was supposed to throw a coin behind her head into this Fountain but threw her phone instead no shut the [ __ ] up no dude that happened to me once as well I was throwing trash and I accidentally threw my [ __ ] phone in in instead of

The trash Y come on come on that is [ __ ] up oh my cat time cat meow please don’t hit the cat backs this guy’s truck started to catch on fire so he immediately went to a fire station the truck was only on fire for a few seconds so nobody wait that was so

Five head he knew to wait did a fire station what the [ __ ] got hurt and the truck wasn’t severely damaged what the [ __ ] oh my God what’s in those barrels oh dude those kinds of dogs are so pretty aren’t they look at their fur they have like wavy hair like oh they

Look so cute oh what are you doing buddy oh this poor guy couldn’t open his door oh don’t know we’re going to get her dude I don’t ever want to deal with this [ __ ] I don’t think we’re going to get her [Laughter] Laura hi damn okay Anna Do You Want to Build a

Snowman yeah okay yeah Do You Want to Build a Snowman imagine being gifted your own mug shot for Christmas dude this is going to sound so mentally ill of me but like I want a mug shot one day not because I’m doing illegal [ __ ] but just like the look of [Applause] it off me Mason Mason I don’t want it on my neck no I’d have a heart attack oh no not a ter cool what do you mean I just like the I just like the I like the um the the camera quality it’s like so it’s such

A thingy I don’t like this man I’d have a heart attack get it off get it off hi tox hi the aesthetic of being yo they’re going through it what the for some reason this makes me uncomfortable and this makes what is that a lizard what is that ew what is that a

Lizard for some reason this makes me uncomfortable here I’ll go the whole thing what’s happening e e is that his hair I don’t think he wants it a dude Rottweilers are literally the cutest I will die in this hill Rottweilers are the number one [ __ ] dog they’re so

[ __ ] cute I love them so much I love them so much they’re so cute as babies they’re so cute I don’t think he wants it give it that is the end of this video hopefully I made your day just a little better better and I’ll see you guys

Again very very soon later they wers oh my God they’re so cute I love them God such a cute dog what are the worst things about the rockweiler as a k and I behaviorist I work with lots of rockweilers but I with rockweilers when they go wrong so let’s

Look at some of these things that every time I say something every time I say I love something I search on YouTube the thing so I can show you guys the thing and then suddenly I get a Tik Tok all the [ __ ] time why this breed is a why

This car is the worst car that you can get why this like every single [ __ ] time really challenging breed or the things they’re not challenging he’s wrong I don’t give a [ __ ] three reasons that you should consider getting K me again Ki KI ra thank

You thank you so much oh I was watching karum a while ago and they talked about my [ __ ] chin oh my God hi also also I was watching Ki and then she was watching those like cop thingies you know those cop thingies you know what I’m talking about nobody else

I know this is uh and you’re cool they’re funny they are they’re so so addicting I can’t find like something that’s like really good though I recently I feel like I’ve watched everything already so I can’t watch it anymore rotweiler content oh I love rer without without Look Yo guys I my friend I have an in real life friend I I um and she’s been doing a lot of ADA cosplay recently and she has now gone into the loophole of Leon like really hardcore as hardcore as I am right and we were talking about it we we were talking about

It we I’m G dude dude it’s so bad it is actually so [ __ ] bad Leon edits dude I’m so happy I found someone who gets it Leon is like Leon it’s it’s so hard not to get Leon wow he he’s actually genu the most man I’ve ever

With this I like to break my Bo and and then the whole conversation became us like going back and for oh uh wait Love dude I’m not joking dude I’ve never I need to stop talking about this sorry oh my God de I still have that streamable Leon edit saved on my bookmarks I’m not down bad but he’s my genuinely out of all the like games I’ve ever played right I have crushes or

Whatever I get crushes and stuff like that you know what it is it is what it is I think we found the horniest vtuber excuse me I have a crush Dude the mother Bo don’t know how to act yeah I think it’s special what’s behind your back said I’m sorry I’m sorry there’s no way your first message is despair come on guys I I just really like Leon this always gets brought up this guy just thought of a genius

Idea like it’s F just G why don’t you just push the cap down since it’s not completely filled if you push it down it could fit oh yeah that’s literally it yeah yeah yeah this guy just thought of a genius idea I saw what you wrote on

Discord I hope his arms aren’t too big Oh oh this one is not that bad I feel like I feel like this one is not that bad because I just feel like I’m touching a stick never Mind okay um Jesus [ __ ] Christ that’s so [ __ ] Up I don’t like him today we’re going to find out I think he’s a red flag Conor what’s up sorry go back to the left the left Conor let me see close go closer wait go back to the left what is that left dude I’ve been finding more and

More people who do that the whole like oh my God the left the [ __ ] booer booer holy [ __ ] everything he ends with a T oh is that a little rabbit oh no I don’t want earing oh what guys what year of the animal are you I’m a year of the uh

Rabbit I want like a necklace or bracelet Stitch neckace no I don’t want a stitch neckace oh that’s the gems is that that’s my birthday yeah January it’s like a ruby okay go to the right oh Conor look look at the Double ones oh they’re so

Cute uh rooster sheep goat I’m the goat yeah okay snake okay goat monkey tiger the goat snake tiger horse rabbit snake dog I’m here of the Rat the rat germa I think you’re a rat sorry oh my god dude my ADH is so [ __ ] bad what’s 992 I’m not

Sure hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello no I like the double ones the double dummy P okay what is this I’m year of the Moon Moon year of the balding use a red flag what’s up sorry going to find out I think he’s a red

Flag wait I didn’t mean Ludwig what the I meant the guy I metant the [ __ ] guy with the insect [ __ ] dude no that’s so context I meant this guy he’s oh my no Ludwig is find flies first my cat or my laptop this guy is really a

Multi-millionaire you know what he is a red flag also good luck one Balloon 10 balloons a dude she looks like an alien those eyes I don’t know if it’s because the camera setup whatever but like like it looks like it’s it looks like it’s like an alien he pissing me off this is this why you oh Diamonds oh more diamond oh

Oh what is happening actually bro I told boor to wear the p and then he had the most like [ __ ] way too dang this this guy has a diamond chest piece oh my [ __ ] god do you like the [ __ ] is happening why is there another portal here mck no

Why what is actually dude if not for a scroll I would have been dead so long ago no he had a scroll that had regeneration three that’s why his health was like not even going down nah Chad do you want to know the real reason why she

She ended early she was like I’m such a [ __ ] n Chad do you booer booer n Chad do you want to know the real reason why she she ended early she was like I’m such a [ __ ] n Chad so satisfying is this the [ __ ] oh there’s nothing lame one ticket please okay

Dude okay dude Jesus Christ bro what do you mean thank you man this is such a classic thank you we’re going to go through a door guys we’re not doing this tonight I’m happy to take your tickets and refund them refund them no you need to

Get down you don’t like tall people yes or no refund or getting down your choice party pooper one ticket please do you like my drawing okay JY let’s see a dick Cheese’s dreams PE you’re dick cheese and you’re dream hole in it does the bear have a hole in it yeah I mean

Yeah oh my God 35 balloons oh God good Lord maybe this is an ad I don’t see streamers using laptops that much so I feel like maybe this is an ad question mark this guy takes his Trucking Sim very serious my Uno luck is unmatched we’d rather H dra

Card to this we’d rather her draw cards yeah sure I got you well okay well that does make her draw one more than she’s been drawing what the [ __ ] how was that fair true I need a Max would have been really bad if she had a plus two green though

That would have [ __ ] us over an instant impossible wait what color did very possible bacon oh it was green okay we got it out now we have no idea and it’s Bacon’s fault again it’s crazy how this deal this yeah I don’t know if he’s going to

Deal with that he didn’t deal with that that was not dealing with it yeah I know I mean I this down here why are we unironically watching YouTube shorts I have brain Rod a wild card four plus for me wait she doesn’t have a I don’t know I

Don’t know why yeah yeah oh my God [ __ ] made me draw those two cards it was 2+ fours my it’s insane so I was live streaming in my 11-year old super flat world and Mining a bunch of dirt when I Came Upon something really weird

What the heck what I know it’s wood but why is it there months went by and I still had no idea how that block got there until someone randomly sent me this video by Elliot X apparently I’m not the only one with this mysterious block the glitch is part of a function

In the Minecraft code that spawns random branches for large Oak within the function there’s a part of the code where one variable gets divided by another variable and it’s possible for that second variable to be zero and you guys know what happens when you divide by zero but most computer code deals

With dividing by Zero by just returning a zero instead of completely breaking and so instead of crashing the game the log just gets placed at the coordinates 00 0 right inside the Bedrock unfortunately this bug was patched out way back in Minecraft 1.8 but I’m just happy to have another cool piece of

Minecraft history in my world wow what is the most common gas in carbon dioxide Earth’s atmosphere uh carbon dioxide no oxygen oxygen no oh gas hydrogen yeah hydrogen gas a gas nitrogen yes nitrogen really why why is nitrogen the most the most common go whoa

78% our air is 4 fths nitrogen gas na education I just don’t remember AQ andr think it’s 6 months hi OG viewer alert hi nitrogen to make our DNA other parts of our body so why don’t we just breathe nitrogen turns out yeah why not nitrogen

Gas is really hard to break down it’s two nitrogen I don’t care like that what color absorbs all wavelength black of light and reflects none it was a tie rock paper scissors damn okay name a fivelet word that starts with a I said it about yes Abacus I meant to say Abacus

I I meant to say AB kiss but then I put that six letter words oh it has to be five oh I didn’t I need to work not watch YouTube shortes I’m sorry okay what do you call a substance that has a pH below it’s it’s acidic seven acidic yes what is 2

* eight 2 * 2 eight eight he got it first yeah yeah yeah come on what do you call a shape that has eight besides octagon OCT hexagon is six right okay uh name a three-letter word that starts with the P letter P literally Peg yeah slowy what’s the most populated country

That starts with the letter G George God Germany GH no they um were involved in World War II and one Germany Germany yes can you make it what is the most dude I love these kind of this is the worst phone number selector I don’t as you can see the fumes hey Dad

Can you turn my $100 Japanese Man Instagram messaged me and they were like hey oh my God no way have a table do you want to come to this event and I was like they don’t know I’m not Asian it’s called a how long does it take for you to get ready um depends

If I’m going on my G maybe like couple of hours see my boyfriend then maybe like 4 minutes they with him for quite some time now six yeah oh is he trying to act like a girl oh would you pay to get your hair washed and trimmed well my man Sons be

Money um sometimes it ranges if I want to look up a Brazilian bust out a Brazilian bust out I’ve never even heard that at the way he’s swaying as my M send me money but um I wear a CH so I don’t really get my hair done much as

I’m yo he’s kind of slay muso how long does it take look at this no I’d sleep through this for sure not even eight out of 10 nine out of 10 oh why is it like an actual like [ __ ] scary song four out of 10 Today what the [ __ ] did youan on I was like a Nintendo like thingy Like could you react to a song I’m not really a big fan of reacting show this do you see this this might look like sorry I was replying to somebody thank you all right Harry yes sir take a blind photo please thank you so much shy watch

Her reacts for number one okay see this is this is where things get actually I remember watching the kind of video from them and they were so weird to women I remember this actually I don’t know if it’s this specific video but I remember the way they like made them seem like

Objects from what I remember like they’re literally like it’s the most objectifying things that I’ve ever heard about like men talking about wom okay wa danger danger so danger Hollywood hasn’t taken YouTube very seriously how’s it going good how are you oh right VR oh today I’m going to be doing

VR that’s the point of these videos yeah but like the jubile ons you know the jubile ones where you like showcas it the thingy and whatever it’s kind of fine the way that they talk about the women and what their men even are completely fine but like the way that

They did it it was so God dude I I never felt the way that I felt when I saw that it was crazy wait what why Minecraft abandoned C418 music wait they abandoned him why he had like the best [ __ ] music ever the Thatcher effect here’s how it

Works the Thatcher effect is this weird phenomenon to where our brains can’t really process images that are upside something’s wrong here down these images look pretty normal right well when the video replays turn your phone upside down and see if things look different the Thatcher effect here’s how it works the Thatcher

Effect is this weird phenomenon to where our brains can’t really process images that are upside down these images look pretty normal right well when the video replays turn your phone upside down and see if things look different the thatch whoa whoa on you know when women are talking about

Men as like a like like really like a [ __ ] he men objectify me whatever the thingy I feel like I completely kind of understand now when they say men and now I think about that video that specific video have made me realize that some men

Are just like that and the way they talk about women and the way they like thing you know what I mean I I Now understand it because that’s extremely like you know what I mean but I feel like the people the men around me are just really

Not like that that I I could never really understand it because then again I’m like super inside and I’m indoors so the amount of people I meet is so small and the amount of people I meet are usually Gamers and gamers are usually fine question mark

This is one of 133 unreleased songs from Minecraft’s lost third album produced by is your one Go no let me show it to you is it a uh F uh is it what what’s that game what’s that uh I I need to show it to you I need to show it to you

What is it called [ __ ] something man no no not jubile the one I was talking to about the video so you see what I mean because like I don’t know if I’m over maybe maybe I don’t remember right it was Sidman beta Squad beta Squad um woman woman question

Mark this one I think no actually sir what size was the last one six no dread that’s guys got L for like they were so mean like literally all of these women in this [ __ ] videoos like all like super [ __ ] fine and pretty but the way they talked about them was so weird

From what I remember sorry girls the camera made a joke either all right tell him tell him Niko said that g got long foot Niko said you’ve got long foot SI six yeah I know I don’t sound by this I got size 13

Ft I how tall are you I’m 58 and a half you’re 5’8 and a half with that being said I think you know what you need to do and who needs to go so ladies just so you know it’s not me um making the decision you expect people that use beta

Squad as they channeling to be respectful number five the boys have decided to eliminate you I guess you’re right please reveal yourself hi oh wow oh my God damn she’s fine oh you are stunning well she’s gorgeous you are so pretty thank you what country you from C

Le and Irish no way oh my God that’s all you oh that’s all you big up you’re Harry’s country lovely to meet you lovely to meet you to good luck take care thank you you are stunning wow and you smell good and you dress nice and

You have nice skin and I like the armt and I like your bracelets I just like you all right anyway yeah I guess I was like I guess I I just never I I’ve never been surrounded by men like that so I just I

Just I don’t know like I I I it was my first time really like seeing that I I guess I’m just really sheltered I don’t really meet a lot of men no no after 10 years it’s time to make videos Tom Scott no this isn’t the standard YouTuber

Burnout apology video are there not any in your comai okay let me tell you about the men in comai oh my God your cast of your leg looks so cool it looks like Mecca I love it can I can can I see it closely I’m

Like yeah sure you can look at my my my my cast because my cast look like Mech [Laughter] legs that’s the man it’s in the computer science everybody’s lanyards everybody’s lanyards are their favorite wus I will never forget that everybody’s lanyards and comai and when I was in uni all of

Them had like the most like like it’s and then I’m like oh who who’s that in your land leard and then there like somebody said like oh this is my favorite wifeu and I’m like oh wow that’s so nice but I yeah and it’s not oh wo is me I’m

Leaving forever I’m going somewhere with this literally I’ve been throwing stuff at the internet so like yeah like the men are like not like they’re just like you know they’re like anime lovers and stuff like that did you go to UNI for weees like I don’t know it’s just like

That’s all of them were absolutely weebo comai ksai men in the Philippines were like absolute weebs which is completely fine I didn’t mind it but like that’s like the men usually weebs are like super super nice to women cuz you know they don’t really interact with a lot of

Women you know what I mean so they’re really nice they’re always so nice whenever I I I go to projects or whatever we’re talking or whatever they’re so [ __ ] nice I I love [ __ ] nerds dude since 1999 and for many many years that stuff went almost nowhere I had occasional bits of

Success but I could never make any of them last long long term I remember thinking so why you question marking me rephrase that I love nerds I love Geeks I don’t know I I’m not a big fan of like the type of guy that’s like a jock you know what I mean

I love [ __ ] nerd oh wait did I say it like that I [ __ ] love nerds there we go there we go because like I just I just don’t really like it when people are like too confident or what whatever I really like when people are it was I

Didn’t hear it thank you I was right I didn’t hear it too like I I like it when a guy is like extremely more of his like personality you know I mean like he’s funny down to earth whatever like he’s not IND delved of his like only his

Looks humble you know you know I I don’t like cocky people too much with like dating cocky people so I guess that’s the reason why I’ve never really met people like in the beta Squad in in that video talking about like people like that because I’ve I’ve never been

Surrounded by like like that I love [ __ ] nerds dude many times during all those years will any of this stuff I’m making ever work Jesus Christ well this did I didn’t know that back when I was filming the First videos for the series that was then called things you might not know I

Just H out my phone arms into it for 90 seconds with almost no research I really don’t like those videos now but the first of them was published exactly 10 years before this one to the minute 400 p.m. January the 1st 2014 for the first month of that format I was publishing a

Video almost every day what he’s growing white hair how old is he now wait I remember when he was like wait wait what how long has he been making videos for 17 years ago holy [ __ ] okay now I completely understand it watch it I think I’ll watch it in my own time I’ve always been a fan of Tom Scott’s videos it’ll be kind of sad that like a a a lot of like the future Generations won’t grow up with Tom

Scott I don’t care he’s hot I had the crush on him as well he’s like he’s like the way he’s just a cutie pie isn’t he nail apology video and it’s not oh W he’s a cutie pie I get you I get why you’d have a crushing him he’s a cutie

Pie me I’m leaving forever I’m going somewhere with this literally I’ve been throwing stuff at the internet since 1999 he’s a nerd is he a nerd can you stop can you stop can you stop okay of course he’s a nerd is this going to be a thing now

Everything connects de has a type leave me alone leave me alone and for many many years that stuff went almost nowhere I had occasional bits of success but I could never make any of them last long term I remember dummy what Leon is a nerd yeah Leon is such a dork oh

Oh I do have a type I never re yo I love dorky men oh yeah Jesse is such a dork oh I have a type wow I never noticed I love [ __ ] nerds dude since 1999 I did not phrase that right I did not phrase that right at all that’s such awkward

Phrasing so it was the truth dude I I don’t know dorky men stays on top bro I feel like I feel like women who are this is going to sound so crazy but I don’t [ __ ] care any women in chat any any women who are like are in the internet

247 like come on guys come on like I swear to God from all the women I met who was like always online as I am they love dorks as well as I do like I don’t know but then when I meet when I meet like more women who are

Like let’s say in real life let’s say from school their type of like men is like not dorky but when I meet women and like online and stuff like that like streamers Gamers blah BL people like meet in Discord stuff like that they love Doran as well like I think I think

That’s the reason why I think that’s the reason why you see you see the um oh my God oh my God have you ever noticed that in streaming and in the content creation world right you see the content creation right in the content space you ever see

That like the most gamer fied [ __ ] like whatever the most gamer boy glasses and everything whatever like literally like I play league for my livelihood type guy whatever right like the most dorky ass like man with a messy hairir white guy and then they have the most smoking hot

[ __ ] curvalicious [ __ ] women and they’re dating the most like hot ass woman as well dude I’m telling you man but she’s perpetually online it’s always going to be that way wow I drew that hair nice it’s always going to be that way it is what it is proter picture what do you mean

Mean oh my God dud I’m telling you man I’m telling you it’s real it’s real we love our dorky men look at him dude it’s real as long as you’re good at video games though if you’re dork but you’re not good at what you do you’re not the dork okay you’re not the

Dork type that women will like love it’s real like do you see how many women Korean women especially who have the biggest crush on um who is this uh Faker oh my God Faker has like so much women like drooling at the chance of like being with Faker I’m not joking

Dude he’s the best in the world yeah but that’s hot dude you know what I’m saying I don’t know anyway what if you have fun if you’re not super good then you have to be funny okay if you’re not really good whatever but you just make them like laugh and

[ __ ] it’s going to be good you know what I mean yeah Faker rejects a lot of them okay you know maybe not maybe not okay I said dorky not cringe okay I I did say that okay I said no D have you seen dosia from CS and his girlfriend [Laughter]

No dude this is the Most oh my God oh my God it’s so bad I’m going to add it for one second Removed it immediately what the [Laughter] [ __ ] red ban that emote puked no what Z’s a handsome guy you don’t want to see him like making Her I need to calm down I need drink M before I do VR so I don’t get a headache hold On All right I’m in my serenity dude I’ve been seeing so much new viewers in this channel guys I I’m so glad that you’re taking the time to um like watch me thank you so much much uh do you have a 3D model no I’m just going to have like my POV but I

Don’t have it redeem she comes first thank you I appreciate it it’s nice to see new people in chat human they some to tier one big On’s VR do you want okay press one in chat if just chatting continue for like maybe 30 more minutes minutes

Or like an hour or VR now because if I do VR now the moment that it’s done I’ll end stream because I’ll probably get a headache so if you want a longer stream I’ll do just chatting longer and then do VR or I’ll do VR VR later and have a

Longer stream no I sorry watching after Le company with PP hi Hi uh you get take our time so one oh oh okay wait one for just shatting two for for variety uh let’s reset the chat okay one for variety uh one for just shouting two for VR B hi think 37 mil Prim okay so let’s do more just shouting cuz like I have like Holy [ __ ] he hates it what the [ __ ] daxer unbend that Now you’re so mean no you are so mean be an everlasting memory to millions of people the same man who was turned away from Microsoft what could have been the best album ever produced in gaming history and once you hear the true reason behind it you’ll never want to touch Minecraft

Again wait what there a drama wait what they stop like using C418 music because of like some drama drama behind the scenes oh I have to know the tea guys I have to know the tea let’s let’s delve into it wow that is Minecraft is a simple

Game you’re put in a barebones world where the only limit is your oh my God I [ __ ] love when these videos have a guy that has a nice voice or just somebody that has a nice voice oh I love that [ __ ] so much imagination but

Whether you build a dirt house or a mega structure it was always still a sense of accomplishment when you play the game dude knew that he had to tap into this no I’m not calling him hot I’m just saying like it’s something to like listen to like

It’s easy the music bearable to hear on repeat he needed music that could really resonate with the vast emotions and feelings the game attempted to deliver with a game with infinite possibilities and scenarios it seems as though he would be faced with a near impossible task C418 was given full creative

Control over the game’s original soundtrack and within a few we c48 came up with what he believed at this time I think C4 18’s like um the way that he understands like how music will make you feel is insane IO I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a soundtrack like

Minecraft IO like you know when you’re playing Minecraft and you’re just like a dude you know what I mean and you just get hit by this feeling of the the song giv gives you this feeling of like Solitude like you feel kind of lonely listening to it right but at the same

Time it’s like not so lonely it’s weird was his magnum opus the songs named never get complimented two and songs simple Melody and little to no instruments other than a soothing muted piano it was perfect in fact these Melodies would end up becoming some of the most recognizable

Your mom doesn’t count aspect of Minecraft itself these songs would be named Minecraft Clark and the world-renowned [Laughter] Sweden it was something about the classic seven cords put in throughout music which ties these songs into one connected piece complimenting each other by its lack of percussion leading to

What would be a softer tone the only forceful thing in the music itself is the soothing syns which again just maintain the momentum of the music and add a light sound to the piano oh my God no other game or even artist have been able to replicate such a feeling as

Close as C418 up to this point in gaming making his music distinguished and recognizable every single biome had been given their own songs and unique soundtrack to paint an atmosphere that could leave a massive impact on millions of players lives these songs put players in this nostalgic Place wait really I I

Compliment a lot of people around me like I compliment Kenji when it’s like do I compliment everybody when it’s do like um you know what I mean I like complimenting people because I mean it memories of every other time the music has played during their experiences of

The game each note holding a choice while playing Minecraft itself it gives each sorry I I don’t mean wait let me pause so that we could like let’s talk about this and then let’s go back to the video um I I don’t remember you say

Comment a booer I say it off stream I like go like oh oh my God me and Boer had the most like girliest [ __ ] talk yesterday and I talked to him about like oh this will be better for your hair you should grow it out so that you’ll like I

I don’t think the buzz cut is like matching you I think you should grow out your hair this is what you do this is the slay I just want him to look better you know what I mean I want my friends to succeed in their own growth I just like dude classic gay

Friend yeah and in my opinion buzzcuts don’t look good on there’s only like a one percentage of men that even can like look good in a buzzcut and that’s like [ __ ] muscular fit men and I just and I honestly think they would look better if they just even grew it

Out but anyway my point is um sometimes it’s really hard to compliment somebody because sometimes you don’t want to give out the wrong intentions you know what I mean like I wouldn’t compliment a complete stranger unless like I’m in a good environment where it showcases where it’s a safe

Place you know what I mean like if I’m on stream and I compliment like a viewer or something I mean it I mean that I compliment you know what I mean but if I’m like in a party and I comim at somebody I feel like that may look

Weird because I’m in the setting of a party I wouldn’t compliment somebody in the thingy you know what I mean like I I don’t want to yeah yeah yeah for women it’s a bit harder too cuz you don’t want your compliment to get misinterpreted yeah yeah yeah all the people like all

The men in my life I compliment them a lot because like uh I like I like complimenting it feels good no it feels good to like tell somebody that like hey you’re looking good speak for yourself Kenji I complimented you a lot I tell a [ __ ] she has nice shoes

And she jump on me oh I guess it because you’re like K’s a good-looking guy so that’s probably why though song of C418 life a personal attachment Notch understood that the soundtrack had become Minecraft Staple in sales so as a result he knew he needed to make something special

Something that would allow the players to choose SS and emotions they wanted to feel so in version Alpha 1.0.14 Minecraft would release the newest feature to The idea and concept being created by C418 himself they even implemented these discs into the tutorials of Minecraft symbolizing the importance of the music in Minecraft itself and making the M element of the game to this day with a new set of music discs arriving would also come a new Minecraft original

Soundtrack evolving from Project Alpha to project wait is that the reason why when you play Minecraft now they have like this new [ __ ] soundtrack that doesn’t sound as good and whatever but with a unique sound differentiating it from the first album the original soundtrack would most believed was its

Peak this caused an expectation for each song in The Game’s original soundtrack an expectation C418 set that no other artist could match the promise of emitting an emotion that had the ability to Memories every artist needs to prove that they can put feelings in their own songs without forcefully implying what

Emotions should be played but rather allowing the players themselves to put meaning Behind the Music so when a game Run by a now fallen company was expected to replicate the success of C418 in their own story of Minecraft they had to do the impossible Minecraft story mode became

The next big step in Minecraft’s creative Journey they wanted to become more see like this voice is also like really readable uh I mean listenable there’s like a there’s like this like oh my God nothing feels worse than watching these like [ __ ] videos and then somebody’s has like this weird the

Sandbox and so they stepped into the world of interactive storytelling partnering up with Telltale to create Minecraft story mode while not a particular game looking back the game was the next I I feel like I feel like when you compare to this one an emotion that had the ability to hold memories

Every artist needs to prove that they can put feelings in their own songs without forcefully implying what emotions should be played but rather allowing the players themselves to put meaning behind the music so when a game Run by now fallen company was expected this is such a good overlay voice for

Like when storytelling and stuff because you just can’t help but like I’m intrigued you know what I mean to replicate the success of C418 in their own story of Minecraft they had to do the impossible Minecraft story mode became the next big step in Minecraft’s creative Journey they wanted to become

More than just a sound let me good world of interactive storytelling partnering up with Telltale to create Minecraft story mode well not a particularly good game looking B yeah see now they change the way like this guy he like talks faster he talks like more energetically

You know what I mean game was the next step in Minecraft’s Journey if there is one thing that Telltale has done well throughout their lifespan it’s have really good music games like tell dead Tales from the Borderlands The Wolf Among Us all of these games have exceptional and emotional music that

Helps to guide the story no one could catch this feeling in a game more than C4 18 and yet he was nowhere to be found Mojang had seemingly cut him out of the process these forgotten Symphonies from SE 18 could have been perfect for the game but instead they brought in Fresh

Faces trying to switch up a formula that been proven to work since C4 18’s first ever song was added to the game ano and Wells were the new faces for the music behind this emotionally driven storytelling Masterpiece they songs like I’s theme being so close but then feeling the need to descend into

Something that was by most means little bit too much the Simplicity behind Minecraft music allowed players to immerse themselves into this world they were creating being distracted by the music Wells kind of ruined that you could never fully invest your full focus into the game as the music just

Constantly pulled you out of it imagine ivor’s theme without the sudden climb inone and and then you could have had this exceptional Symphony that still lets you enjoy the story however antimon Wells had overdone it and this was not only exclusive to ival them tracks like

Pale blue dots Stone by Stone even the most recognizable song from Minecraft story mode it’s title theme ruined what could have been a harmonic symphony that unfortunately had a lackluster conclusion Minecraft story mode was meant to be the beginning of countless spin-offs and became the first failure

By Microsoft in attempt to replace se4 18 it would be years before Minecraft would yeah but why try to replace Perfection right I feel like once the one thing that all companies want is something that will forever for Their audience and their users to be addicted

To they don’t have their rights but it’s in the game he owns his music oh at doing Minecraft dungeons Mojang and Microsoft had turned their back on C418 and the player base were massively noticing this the soundtrack felt too much like a generic tail to game not

Enough like a Minecraft game when you listen to every other tto game soundtrack it fits flawlessly but with Minecraft it felt incredibly Hollow there is no emotion to anything that had been made for Minecraft story mode listen to the ending of the first Telltale The Walking Dead game oh good

God this this [ __ ] [ __ ] game made me cry like a [ __ ] River holy [ __ ] and in it you’ll hear a song called goodbye this is an example of Telltale generally being brilliant at composing music for their games however there is no one song in Minecraft story mode that is even remotely comparable to

Any of the songs from tells The Walking Dead the songs feel too Telltale and not enough Minecraft the soundtrack just wasn’t that good and people did Miss C418 Mojang noticed this and as such they went into damage control and teone and Wells would never produce another soundtrack for a Minecraft game ever again

D ho [ __ ] he got [ __ ] fired and instead we would see entirely new people coming into the scene but would these brand new composers live up to the standard that was set by C418 you know what maybe booer I told booer that I want to get snakeit and he was

Like I kendri I wanted to take snake bites and he [ __ ] edited my face to look more emo and [ __ ] and I was like dude you know what maybe they’re right maybe they’re right you know you know now I look at it yeah maybe maybe it doesn’t look that

Good I feel like she would look better without the S bite like but it fits her vibe at the same time like it’s a it’s her vibe you know what I mean new composers live up to the standard that was by c48 but maybe it’s not my

Vibe before this chapter starts I’d like to mention this is the very first long form upload I’ve ever made on this channel so it mean a while you could subscribe it’s completely free and you can change your mind whenever Minecraft at its core is a game based off

Simplicity which what the [ __ ] we’re getting more British to British holy [ __ ] we went from American British and more British holy [ __ ] to most people is reflected for its use of music but by the time of the aquatic I update C418 also this guy sounds like he’s like

Talking to his laptop [ __ ] mic only produced three more songs for the soundtrack and as unfortunate as it was these songs would Mark the end of C418 in Minecraft story as a new upcoming artist would enter the scene with a new mentality for the what was strangest of

It all was the timing of this occurrence since Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft they hadn’t communicated much with the community about the future of the game leading to speculations of the future but one thing at this point was for certain a large change was about to take place meet Lena rain a Canadian

Composer and musician mostly known for her work in games like Celeste where her music would play a significant role in enhancing the god it must be so crazy to have an opportunity to um [ __ ] recreate one of the best [ __ ] sound tracks which is like Minecraft I

Know celesti is really good as well but like can you imagine being like in charge of like changing the sun overall atmosphere and emotional impact description that felt awfully reminiscent of C418 in which Lena by this logic would become c41 18’s newest opponent but unfortunately for him he

Would meet what most people believe was his replacement Lena rain was also now given full creative control over a new music disc which would go on to be named pigstep a song that didn’t follow the usual format of Music we had come to love the game this sudden change to the

Game soundtrack would be hated by a large amount community in their eyes Minecraft was beginning to shift from this simple block game to this multibillion dollar brand but Lena rain got one thing wrong Minecraft music has always stood as an Ambient sound rather than its own independent being something

That to this point in gaming had not been replicated although this new track was met with a lot of praise it was also met with a lot of critics who’ go on to state that it was just too different a comparison that to be unbiased was fairly accurate but just as things

Seemed to be looking worse for C418 it only kept on getting worse and worse as another music disc would be added shortly after titled by a track produced by a musician named Samuel Alba a music disc wait a minute so C418 has all the rights right to his music so whenever

Somebody like plays it he still gets money from it oh my God he must be so rich holy [ __ ] oh my God it’s probably a multi-millionaire that only had one core purpose which would be to add law to the game by this point it was looking like a new dawn

From Minecraft where new composers were getting a shot in the Limelight but yet these composers could never really hit the same spot that C418 once hit C418 stated that he had something he considered finish especially since M after this quote was released things literally Minecraft was literally on my

Um Spotify R last year become more dicey on and off camera but behind this mask of new producers lay a hidden Minecraft album an album that was supposed to be to most people a new age for Minecraft an album that had been solely produced and composed by C418 himself this album

To this date has never been released to the public and the possibility of Disappearing at the time was slim to none and at the time the question rolling through everyone’s mind was why didn’t C418 just release the third album what is the future of Minecraft soundtrack and why is C418 gatekeeping

To what most people believed was the community split into two SE Pro change and pro Nostalgia prange stood for the game to introduce new musicians and composers in members like at the same time like I feel like the expectations for C4 C4 to do something

Good is so [ __ ] high that even if he does do like Mak some new music and whatever I feel like we’re so stuck on the past that we’ll never really love it as much as we do for his old music and maybe he’ll he doesn’t want to deal with

That having more permanent job in the game then on the pro Nostalgia side there would be an argument that without C418 there wouldn’t be Minecraft in the first place and that his third album would be a solution to Minecraft drout to either side there would be no

Compromise but little did they know that their Petty arguments would be pointless and to them with C4 and anticipate his third album or you let it die with new producers completely stealing his Thunder and permanently erasing his future impact Minecraft’s notorious third album was intended to be the stable of

Minecraft’s future Shifting the game in an unexpected New Direction and although we to this date have never first seen this album there’s still small pieces of it in existence C418 had stated that there would be three aquatic songs titled Dragonfish shuni a three songs that fit the Ambiance of projects Alpha

And beta but these would also Mark the very end of anything c48 would create for the main game but little did everyone realize tracks in Minecraft old console code four songs titled battle mode 1 battle mode 2 battle mode 3 and you guessed it Battle Mode 4 four tracks out

Of place compared to his other music you see Minecraft’s console edition would present a new section to the game mini gamess and for this new category a new soundtrack would need to follow a soundtrack which had largely been composed by C418 himself but behind the scenes there was an immense pressure put

On him as moang had requested an entire album to be produced in a time frame shorter than anything he’d seen so far this is what the gaming industry refers to as crunch something that C418 was strongly against up until this point in his career he would go to state in an

Interview with Anthony fantano that there was another music producer in the shadows that would go on to produce the rest of the mini game soundtrack who would go by the name of Gareth Coker a producer who would later become world-renowned for soundtracks like in the blind Forest as well as the entire

Soundtrack for Arc survival evolve he produced music that felt eerily similar to that of C418 if not almost identical the features c48 must feel like soundtra indistinguishable to that of C418 to Mo found to copycat replacement the Min section would not only Feature A Game Mode called battle but alongside this would

Also come other game modes like tumble and glide but these would feature somewhat of an interesting change compared to the battle game mode itself its soundtrack gone were the hints of Ambience that were created by C418 and now they would be replaced by an upbeat Melody that was atypical of what they

Seen up to this point in the game not only this but the instrumentation and themes were almost non-existent representations of what C418 had created it it was see by this point c48 it slowly stepped out of the Minecraft music industry as the game itself began to

Shift from the former shell it used to exist within Minecraft was simply too different and the soundtrack was no longer Minecraft and with a complete takeover by Microsoft it also marked the beginning of changes internally imagine being C418 and watching this video my ego would be [ __ ] high to the [ __ ] Moon that

Would change the game forever not only this but we begin to see Lena rain and newer composers becoming more frequently seen in the Minecraft sphere and with the upcoming 1.9 update would also come a new soundtrack introducing a new set of songs that would sound somewhat different from the original soundtrack

This marked the true end of Minecraft’s involvement with C418 1.9 would introduce a new style to the game’s original soundtrack as we would see wending become a prime example of the music completely shifting to a new style rather than it being the ambient music it once was it was instead shifting to

Fit a theme for an update songs like other side made players feel a sense of comfort but also strayed too far from the ambient soundtrack it once was and rather attempt to deliver on the theme of the update exploration everything was just wrong but realistically could it get any

Worse can you give me a mft has always been somewhat of a confusing Topic in the Minecraft Community but there’s always been one important question that was always overlooked by the public who owns Minecraft’s music project Alpha and project beta were both albums produced solely by

C418 in which were both developed at the exact same time as Minecraft was agreements were made during this time period that were simple as this Notch would still have ownership over his game but C418 in turn would also have ownership over his music music you see Mojang once it was in early development

Was only consisting of a few key members names involved being Notch Jeb miso and test fan but alongside this small roster would come a young C418 him and Notch had worked alongside each other on the small indie project known as Minecraft oh is it Notch not even like um working with Minecraft anymore

Because like Minecraft is now Microsoft maybe he doesn’t he sold it right maybe that’s why C4 um doesn’t really care for it anymore no because like Notch is gone and like the care for the game is like lower because his friend is literally not there

Anymore so like if I was C4 and I’m not working with Notch anymore I wouldn’t [ __ ] like care hopes of creating something it was back in 2014 MO had made one vital mistake with the rights to their music for their game their contracts up to this point in the development

C418 under Mojang as a commission I am Mo when you have too much time in your [ __ ] hands and you have like um lonely I think that you get [ __ ] crazy maybe you got too rich and whatever and then he [ __ ] just when you have too much

Time when you have too much time alone with your uh you go [ __ ] crazy other than working directly for them to produce oh God the [ __ ] one flaw in Minecraft’s plan would be a thorn in their foot forever as later down the line things will become more complicated C418 worked directly with

Notch and the other developers to create something that was unique to their game that would eventually turn into what they believed was the staple point of Minecraft every biome would have it own exclusive track to fit the ambience something that after c41 18’s departure was not replicated you may have noticed

By this point throughout the entire documentary you’ve just watched that we continuously mentioned the word replacement this is because by the end of 2016 we had come to learn that C418 had officially been replaced by a continuous rotation of new Independent Artists this would be for a reason far more complicated than ever

Expected up to this point under every C418 I like how you could see where people have like such different opinions on Notch like somebody said like Notch a lot of money to charity he’s a good guy just a bit depressed like somebody said like he is

Very much not a good guy proof I think that um imagine you’re a socially anxious guy then uh you make a crap blo of money then all of a sudden you want to be your friend I’m going get a B I don’t give a [ __ ] about notch because I

Don’t give a I don’t even know who he is uh other than being the creator of Minecraft that’s it like why the [ __ ] do I care track produced for Minecraft it would always feature its own ownership licensing information and it would always contain the name

C418 new artists like L rain and I’m a c a book if you have that much money I think it’s criminal not to donate but at that point upcoming artiss titled Kumi Tanaka would feature interesting descriptions to their music on YouTube and Spotify they had sold their to Microsoft which meant that Microsoft’s

Newest soundtrack would be owned by Microsoft themselves this concept isn’t something out of the ordinary in the video game soundtrack industry where artists would sell the rights to their soundtracks to larger companies this process would eventually lead artists to receive subsequent payments in exchange for this though but realistically it

Wouldn’t make any sense why replace C418 when you you could simply just purchase is music true actually well it would come out later the C418 had been approached by Microsoft privately but according to C418 they couldn’t strike a deal so instead it seemed like Microsoft needed

To find a replacement but why damn they got [ __ ] don’t talk to me well since the beginning of Minecraft they had been licensing his music rather than buying rights to it this original plan worked out better for both parties as a young C418 with no portfolio would be able to

Withhold the rights to his first OST that was his first OST imagine making peak in your first [ __ ] try that is Insane that is insane not so liquid Notch would be able to continue to create game without the necessary resources to create it but after Microsoft acquisition it would end in a greedy company wanting to own everything rather than keeping things the way it was Mo’s internal Runnings were killing its game where Minecraft

Felt an irresponsibility where they had to find a replacement someone to fill the Gap set by C418 which realistically would be the question everyone was asking is will we ever get this third album to this date there has been implications that eventually we will see the third

Forgotten album just not in the format we had intended C418 has stated that his lost third album will most likely be released to the public in the foreseeable future but sadly not in the game we had hoped and rather being uploaded to music streaming what are you saying a nerd one

Might say Demi your type is show weting can I not compliment a guide I’m watching platforms like Spotify and apple we’ve also been able to record record seven of these supposed tracks from this album those being the Aquatic update tracks as well as the four bottom mod tracks from Minecraft’s mini game

Soundtrack but the release date for this album is very distant from now as C418 has moved onto bigger project with new teams as it new team called Ivy roads has something in the works so what now well unfortunately we’ll never see this album due to the greed of Microsoft as

Well as disc continuous cycle of new artists but hey thank you guys so much for watching this do [ __ ] video it was nice to be honest I feel kind of bad for this is such a boomer take but like I don’t give a [ __ ] I feel really bad for the new generation of

Like kids that will never experience what it’s like to grow with a game like to see the game like develop into something and to see something like get released add it’ss like beta especially before because like we didn’t have like the most ADHD [ __ ] ever like games now

Days like you have so much choices of games now but back in the day you had like Halo Cod CS one point whatever [ __ ] thing um like it feels so yeah first fortnite kids feel nostalgic already of old fortnite can you believe that I feel nostalgic over Minecraft’s

Beta when when you went to and you could like play in servers and [ __ ] for the free version like isn’t it insane wait let me show you this is the first time I played Minecraft yeah this is where I played classic M all right I don’t

Believe this tree I don’t think it’s so nostalgic for me but I remember the days I was learning how to play Minecraft and I was watching uh yog cast and a lot of the sounds are this is my first Minecraft thingy yeah like wow like your first game is

Wow but now games are like a lot more like if you join Minecraft now compared to like joining Minecraft years ago it’s so much [ __ ] also good video if the creeper didn’t already exist modern Mojang wouldn’t even consider adding it to the game true Minecraft has lost its identity what

Made it truly special and honestly I never played Minecraft now I haven’t played Minecraft with the whole updates I think the latest Minecraft I played was maybe the cave update for like maybe one day but um I’m old Minecraft was never on my radar my first game was like

Pokemon Pokemon on the uh it was Mario I I think it was Super Mario and it’s not because they’ve kept updating the game in fact it was entirely possible for them to continue adding features to the game and still keep its original charm what the issue is as time has gone on

Mojang has changed paths on how they approach adding new content and the type of content they add in a way that has slowly but drastically made them lose sight of what made the game unique in the first place m I I think it it’s hard it’s hard because

Like what made Minecraft so wonderful is that it was one of the first games to really play with other people that you can have a vast like choices of making content in or playing with your friends or mods blah blah blah blah blah that makes spine so good but now you’re faced

With the consequence of like having more options where you have to make the game a lot more not like they add anything nothing is lost either oh yeah kind of first real multiplayer Sandbox game yeah literally it’s either I feel like it’s either Minecraft needs to stay at this

Like sad boxy game where you could still like whatever or you could switch Minecraft into this game where it’s more complicated and it’s more like so much [ __ ] with it but either or you’re going to have people disappointed I brought up the I think I think actually let me watch this video

Just before so let’s take a look at it if you didn’t know the creeper was created accident Notch was trying to code the pig model but he accidentally messed up the dimensions slopping the length and height creating the now distinct uh phallic silhouette of the creeper he liked it so much that he

Decided to use the shape somehow coming up with the concept of them sneaking up to the player and exploding bringing the creeper into existence back during the early stages of the game it seems like it was updated on the premise of this idea seems cool let’s add it the ghast

Ender Nether and End all seem to follow this line of thinking a cool idea was conceptualized and implemented if it worked it made it into the game M which is a starkly different vibe to how the game gets updated Now new updates seem actually wait true what can we add that

Will have the most gameplay benefit without drastically the caves thingy in the caves thingy was a really big change isn’t it wasn’t the caves exploration like a huge update where now cave like you don’t have to like strip mine anymore you have to like actually Adventure it’s forcing a player to

Adventure instead of just like strip mining modifi the base experience which is fine and I can see why they would approach the game this way but it leads to changes that from the game original appeal the reason why I don’t think the creeper would get added to the game now

If it didn’t already exist is because modern Mojang would deem it too extreme the fact that it is a common spawn is hard to hear and can be detrimental to the player all while not having a useful enough drop to Warrant its capabilities would make them turn the concept down a

Modern creeper would probably only spawn in a specific biome under specific circumstances wouldn’t be as brutal to the player and would drop something that has a hypers specific use only applicable to one circumstance look no further than the sniffer to see this type of addition in play the eggs only

Findable inside suspicious sand that spawns in warm ocean ruins and once hatched spawn a mob that gives you access to two pointless plants that work only as decorations I’d guess 95% of players won’t ever interact with the sniffer it’s too much of a hassle to get

For a payoff that isn’t worth the effort but isn’t there a warden isn’t there a warden or something which is a shame because the concept of the sniffer was great the idea of a prehistoric mob being able to locate ancient seeds is cool sadly wait

What does a warden even do though is it like I feel like they need to start adding what happens after the end or an in between between another and the end like you know what I mean like they really need if they really want to update the game where people are coming

Back or whatever they need to like back in the day Minecraft when they have updates or whatever it was huge like [ __ ] oh my God there’s a new [ __ ] world remember Aira what what do you call it the there was this thing in Minecraft called air air a Minecraft

Ather ather yeah I thought that was like going to the [ __ ] Minecraft thing oh [ __ ] Minecraft I thought this was like something going to happen that’s new but apparently it was fake yeah guys we added Pistons guys we added a frog SPS only in one biome and does nothing except Jump Around

Ah I get you now yeah no you’re right yeah I feel like old updates were so much more like hey guys we added Redstone where you could actually make Contraptions of your wildest [ __ ] imagination oh guys we added sticky thingies or we added like [ __ ] slime to make the Pistons like react better

They have like like every update corresponded or made your gameplay a little bit different in what you wanted like if you wanted like um uh pistons and mo uh potions were both mods thato and ripped yeah why don’t they do that now I feel like they need to start

Making like a new [ __ ] world like like what this one is let me see this trailer actually Whoa I was so hyped for this as well uh I I just remember concept the flying pigs I remember that but they need to start making like a Minecraft more I think they’re too scared I think they’re too scared of like adding things that will change your gameplay a little

Bit too much and changed the way like I think they were just like playing it so safe I I get what they are talking about like Minecraft lost his identity because like he probably yeah no I I agree with this video Mojang was too scared to make

The mob stand out too much too scared to make these seeds actually useful after all they wouldn’t want to add anything that would detract from the base experience too much yeah but the base experience is like every time back in the day like an update happens boom like

You know what I mean it’s a big thing I was like oh I’m so [ __ ] excited let’s play Minecraft again that Minecraft itch came back every like whatsoever months because of like how they updated the game like literally oh my [ __ ] god guys let’s let’s go to the end

Oh my God they they updated the end let’s try to do it again oh my you know what I mean Mojang is scared to update the game in a way that’ll have huge implications to its style but that reservation has caused it to slowly change into something different anyway and change in

A way that the players are seemingly getting sick of oh damn why Minecraft isn’t fun anymore Mojang sucks is Mojang getting lazy why Minecraft feels boring damn oing wants the game to still feel like Minecraft but yeah but the the the nice thing about Minecraft is that it’s ever

Growing Minecraft was so fun because like there’s updates so you you have a reason to come back to right those huge updates makes you like as a player go like holy [ __ ] Minecraft haded a new update I want to replay my entire [ __ ] world again from start to finish

You know what I mean Minecraft without experimentation stops feeling like Minecraft eventually regardless mobs are only a part of the issue though the game’s aesthetic has veered away from what it used to be as well putting a picture of old Minecraft and new Minecraft side by side holy

[ __ ] what the [ __ ] they both read as Minecraft but old Minecraft looks how I and I think most people visualize Minecraft it exudes the game’s fundamental aesthetic new Minecraft still added a Seer into flowers are you going to Revisited Minecraft because of it no you’re right about that you’re

Right that’s so sad though hi hamster hi it’s always so sad um it’s always sad because I grew up with Minecraft as well hey D I have a question what is the game of Tetris oh tetrio Tet is very obviously Minecraft but it’s lacking a quality that the old game had

An obvious one is saturation old Minecraft used to be extremely saturated I personally love that look though I could see a lot of people getting put off by it okay this guy is kind of rambling because like that’s old you’re he’s running off from Nostalgia yeah of

Course old [ __ ] Minecraft will have a feel to it but it can’t just like completely be the same after years from now like hello things need to change if you want player bases to come back and you want new players to come in you need to bring

In change and that’s just how it is games are going to change CS:GO is not going to be the same game as it was years ago what I truly think is the biggest change though is how the game approaches decorative blocks old Minecraft rarely expanded on the variety of block designs to inre

This causes a visual consistency regardless of the color a wool block looks like a wool block there was also a smaller pool of blocks that weren’t one to one block size you had stairs slabs fences oh guys I I’m going to be doing this um in my in my in my subathon in

The future but there will be a goal where new outfit where I I want an outfit that’s not so boo so I I I think I think I want the viewers to pick the new outfit so up to you we’ll do a voting or something I’ll

Pick the one though not voting by chat but chat yeah I suppose doors and pressure plates that weren’t the size block and that was essenti these additional blocks had a distinct silhouette with a limited Place ability meaning they would always stand out admidst theill Dem me put

Chatarina right next to you for a second like this hi hi yeah I want okay The Limited designs along with the smaller pool of block variety made earlier builds in Minecraft have a consistency to them ah I know what he’s trying to say now I get what he’s trying to say

Ah with a limited because like you had to be more like creative when it comes to like because of the limited amount you have to be more creative and [ __ ] like that but at the same time yeah true yeah I get what you’re trying to say I

Get it I flexibility meaning they would always stand out admidst a build the limited designs along with the smaller pool of block variety made earlier builds in Minecraft have a consistency to them Mojang has since shifted in how they approach decorative blocks opposed to having an expanded array of colors

They instead have a larger variety of block types just look at the sheer volume of stone blocks you can create in the game these are all great additions and I’m not against them in theory but due to the excess detail the game’s core aesthetic gets diluted slowly losing its

Charm there was a point in time when Minecraft’s textures were iconic because of how limited the texture pool true true wait did they change that what since they started increasing the degree of available textures oh my [ __ ] wait is there any use for these blocks anyway or is it just

Decorative like is there any use for these kinds of [ __ ] blocks that iconography has faded today there’s not a single new texture block that is as iconic as grass or Cobblestone increasing the block variety and removing limitations on how certain blocks can be placed has also had a

Negative side effect of whittling away Minecraft’s original visual appeal the level of detail you can achieve in a build now makes the game not readers Minecraft anymore at least not in the yeah I remember there was a rebuild of like uh something I saw in my Tik Tok

And it literally looks just the same as I thought it was a picture of a screenshot of the the game that they were replicating same way the original thick blocky look of older builds is lost in modern cre and I’m not saying these new block types and removal of placement limitations is

A bad thing in fact I think in theory it’s a good choice and I can see why they’ve done it I just think that as the game has gotten bigger and more content has been added this expansion has negatively impacted the aesthetic a great example of how Minecraft could

Have continued adding new features all while keeping its unique appeal is the better than Adventure mod a mod for Minecraft Beta 1. 7.3 that works as a whatif update that adds a plethora of new features while still keeping that authentic Minecraft feel this is mainly apparent in the decorative blocks adding

A tree of every color something that players have been asking for since the beta and Mojang seems very reluctant to do only adding one new tree type ah I know he’s cooking almost and also increasing the variety of stone types without cluttering the visual style simply changing the default Stone

Texture to keep visual consistency additions like these is what retains that original Minecraft aesthetic players have more creative options that once utilized still look fundamentally Minecraft there’s a lot more this mod adds and I genuinely recommend you give it a go especially if you aren’t too

Happy with the current state of the game now when it comes to how Mojang should approach mob Editions there’s a really great Twitter artist called Nune that I think is able to create unique and interesting mobs that I could genuinely see appearing in earlier versions of the

Game good God if I tried to like break a tree and then a [ __ ] tree mob comes up I will [ __ ] scream their gri concept is probably my favorite not only does it look super unique concept though but it’s ability running up to the player and snatching Whatever item

They’re holding at the time to put in its face is harmless fun it’s the type of thing I would expect to see oh that’s sick that’s I like that idea I’m not a big fan of the design though but I like that idea item they’re holding at time

That’s a sick idea I like a troll mobs I love troll mobs to put in its face is harmless fun it’s the type of thing I would expect to see in earlier versions of the game it matches the same kind of energy as the end which is something

Recent mobs have been lacking Mojang should be focusing on adding weird and wacky mobs instead of making players vote on what real life animal they want to spawn in on one section of their world that only exists to give them a feature they’ve been begging for for

Years even with all my critiques that’s not to say every recent update has been horrible the caves and cliffs update brought some much needed modifications true I agree I agree to Cave generation that blows anything previously out of the water and the nether update added a multitude of features to the once spar

Dim menion that it desperately needed in fact the nether update itself I think is one of the most solid updates I agree I agree I agree they’ve done and is one of the few recent updates that is in line with Minecraft’s original identity the new Mobs like The Strider are weird and

Unique and the new biomes are visually engaging without withdrawing from the ne’s atmosphere these updates show that Mojang is perfectly capable of creating contents that match Minecraft’s original appeal but they just aren’t at the moment and truth be told people give Mojang a lot of flak for how they handle

Updates and sometimes it’s valid but I think Mojang does actually want to add things that players have been asking for things that would have kept the game’s identity but have been hitting a roadblock that is stunting them that road block being Microsoft now that they own the game I’m sure they’re very

Strict on what gets added and probably are stopping the developers from changing things too much and I’m sure they request additions that moang might be aware are detracting from the experience but can’t push back on part of the reason I think the nether update was so good is because I think Microsoft

Was more lenient with the dimension seeing as it doesn’t carry the same iconography like the Overworld so Mojang was able to really Flex their creative juices and revamp the dimension in a whole bunch of unique ways that they might not be able to otherwise if they were updating the Overworld it might

Seem like I hate the current direction of the game but I really don’t I’ve been on and off playing Minecraft for 13 years I just miss how it used to be how it used to look and feel luckily for me Mojang is one of the few developers that

Easily allow you to play any early version of thank God yeah I [ __ ] love that they do this actually they make it so [ __ ] easy to like oh I want to play in this specific thingy ah I love that a game so if I ever really am

Missing that old Vibe I can just redownload it and immerse myself in that experience and thanks to the wonderful modding Community I can also change that experience to add things if I ever get bored Minecraft won’t ever be exactly what it was but it still has a chance to

Become something new that has an appeal just as enticing as it used to it just depends on if Mojang can find its footing and start engaging with the community’s critiques more willingly true they should have like more silly updates where they will backtrack from that update and stuff like that I wish

They did that because that’s such a good opportunity to bring in like um people to come back like oh my god dude look at this update of Minecraft it’s what is this [ __ ] rlcraft has a [ __ ] oh hell f [ __ ] no I will lose my [ __ ] if I ever have to go

Through that all right I think I think I’ve been doing um just shatting for a while now I think it’s I think it’s time wait a minute did I even download it VR I don’t even have it B oh OMG oh five nights at Freddy’s is this what you want to be I

Just don’t get it what is it called this one is this this is this a new one time to clock in the first oh [ __ ] this 1,000 give me one second let me download it $1,000 yeah I want I want a new um I want a new

I’ve been thinking about getting a new outfit that is more conservative like a very chill outfit you know what I mean I feel like I feel like this outfit is more of like um wait why is it not changing this outfit is more like oh I’m

My lore you know what I’m saying my lore my lore outfit you know what I’m saying like o did my lore slay you know what I mean and then this one is like my chill chill but it’s like a little bit too chill you know what I mean I feel like

It’s really like too chill I want like in the- Middle outfit like um maybe we can like what about a biker girl I want I I’ll think about it I’ll think about it give some please a long pajama skirt skirt a long pajama SC um so kind of casual clo theme that

Me yeah I’ll probably oh wow it only take two minutes that’s kind of fast holy [ __ ] thank God I have good internet now let’s calm down before the storm okay so I need to things oh well it’s it’s downloading let me me let me let me uh Jesus I turned [ __ ]

Swedish let me um what would I want to do set up my VR Yes okay I’m going to turn off my vber for a bit so I’m sorry I still don’t have my 3D my 3D model uh so um sorry about that oh I should have a heart rate sensor give me one second let me get my heart rate Sensor uh when do you expect the 3D model to be available uh end of January is the time that it is supposed to be ready but not now that’ll be kind of insane if it’s Now okay surely will [ __ ] I [ __ ] almost dropped my phone oh my [ __ ] holy [ __ ] bye tool do people actually care about this sub this VR what I wasn’t listening oh my God that made me jump I’m so sorry mod can you update the title thingy yeah I’m playing this Second oh please God oh my Lord you didn’t hear That okay I’m going to set up now is it done all right set up Time um please please be working like just just so so quickly and I don’t have anything to like change or anything and everything is great and lovely and and amazing and and great and I have nothing to change that is something that I’d love that’s my love of everything holy sh

Yes what was I supposed to do [ __ ] I forgot God damn it why am I so stupid oh this One so you’re going to see like unfortunately if you want to see my yeah there you’re going to see like my eye socket I don’t know how to like make that like Better does anybody know how to like make this better Oh good God it’s Worse maybe if I zoom it in you need help uh yeah a little bit zo how do I make it so that it doesn’t show the eye thingy click the thing in the menu that thing it should be to fix it oh uh FZ scale to symmetric this one is not that

Bad you’re going to see black at the left though okay X I think it’s y I think it’s x axis maybe okay yep it Is I can’t zoom in guys can I call you yeah please Please hello oh hello [ __ ] hold on I can hear you hello you have a Oculus right yeah Oculus Pro uh you you can use the Oculus like uh vision is way better than the steam one in my opinion I’m not using the one in Steam I’m using the Oculus

Mirror this is Oculus mirror yeah no shot yeah this is the Oculus mirror it’s on an app or whatever it was like an it was like a thingy in a thing you know what I mean I’ve never seen this version wait do me a favor okay go to um I did it oh

You fig you figured it out yeah I think I figured it out yeah that looks good I feel like the fov is a bit zoomed in there oh know quite a bit yeah that’s good that’s good oh big thank you zo do it does it I mean I

Didn’t do anything oh well it looks quite zoomed in though still a bit okay let me fix that is there way to zoom it out like quite a bit this one F you want to zoom that [ __ ] all the way out if possible okay go for

Uh when I like there oh [ __ ] is this Oculus mirror like the just the the exe yeah huh I don’t know what settings I use mine doesn’t look like this though can I say what settings you use yeah let me plug my heads in sec Maybe it’ll better if I bro troubleshooting VR is like the most annoying thing in the world why is it so zoomed in Z has a nice voice yeah has does have a nice voice where is my controllers thank you so much my God OMG one Sec why does it show the it shows the like eye socket yeah I don’t know why it does that I don’t have that on mine I don’t think I do at least wait opening up Oculus mirror yeah mine doesn’t look like that at all really oh [ __ ] I can hear you out my

[ __ ] Oculus now can you hear me yeah yeah why is it playing double the [ __ ] wait what wait let me share to you like how it looks okay oh my God this is so worse why is it doing doing that wait D you see my screen yeah yeah mine kind of does have

Black boxes like when you turn and [ __ ] yeah it does have a black Bo like box is it zoomed like I don’t know oh there’s a YouTube video I I’ll just follow the YouTube video dude all right YouTube welcome back to what there a YouTube video that I’ll just

Follow yeah but also you know Five Nights at Freddy’s like the application doesn’t look that bad if you just record that oh okay so you could just boot up the game and just literally just record the application itself it doesn’t look oh okay I’ll just do that then [ __ ] it

But I’m just scared because too shaky I hate when when you’re watching it’s shaky yeah boot it up and I’ll tell you if it look sh I think you need to set the Oculus mirror resolution to the right one oh that’s probably why what did I say oh the right eye Right The right one it’s already on the right Eye so weird what if you were to um use the steam VR one instead there’s a steam VR one yeah so I think if you can show me like your little you know like the little thing that pops up when you’re in CBR yeah I think if you like click on the

Little arrows yeah you should be able to see like display VR VI or Something I did it yeah that might be better and I think you can [ __ ] around with a settings you can change like the eye on that as well yeah okay I’ll close the mirror one since it’s having so much issues I know you you can [ __ ] around

With a mirror like I remember Flynn taught me how to do it like [ __ ] 3 years ago and you can make the mirror look really good probably like updated it so much now yeah I think I downloaded like a thing for OBS to make it like look really good

I can’t remember what it was Jesus yeah um I think this looks fine for now okay the [ __ ] is that I think it’s good now I would I would do your left eye left I think left’s better e I’m but I’m right eye dominant okay no it’s still one IE that’s how VR

Just is unfortunately but yeah this is how I see the world okay okay thank you zo all right good luck luck bye-bye bye-bye Bye-bye video so in today’s Video okay now fix the audio why what’s wrong with the audio is there something wrong with the audio hold up I need chat with me oh God damn it oh it was crackling oh no wait I need my my chaterino where is it sorry the chat was like God I wish I

Had the chat like on my arm thingy you know the arm thing you know what I mean I love oh wait [ __ ] my microphone is not the right one hold on sorry I should be using my VR microphone give me one second OVR yeah I don’t know how to set

That [ __ ] up I’ll do it in the future Maybe not today I’m a little bit lazy I have a headache oh no I’m going to drink my meds before uh maybe if I drink my meds it’ll feel better M time meds time I love me

Meds oh [ __ ] it didn’t cut equally oh I hate that so much much [ __ ] it I’ll just eat the big one today okay what was I going to do right my microphone right I completely forgot I’m going to use the I need to add okay let me remember let me remember I need

To add the Oculus Rift head headph oh I love wave XLR holy [ __ ] can I hear myself I’m hearing myself hello what the [ __ ] happened hello does it work now hi hi hi it worked hi everyone what do you mean vber voice this is how I sound like who are you

What do you mean hi hi everyone it made you sound younger oh because like it’s a different microphone I have like a studio microphone um what do you mean why how do I sound like yo you’re making me insecure hello hi hi bring her back why I’m this is

Me uh also it’s on strey when you’re voice high volume it sounds normal they’re tripping yeah this is how I sound like genuinely you guys are tripping oh comp is it comp no how about silk voice Studio yeah this is the one I want this one to be normalized

Hello oh hello hi how about now how does it sound now is it better like it’s not like you know getting too loud who is this what do you mean this is like my [ __ ] normal voice leave me alone leave me alone try just screamed at me okay is that okay the static

Um what was that wait did it peek is it bad can somebody clip it and show me that was bad new Pokemon cry earlier was better really you think so um that me your mic dude it’s not was it that bad I was scream fighting with somebody

In VR like a few days ago in new years’s and apparently I sounded like a [ __ ] maniac and I had no idea try just screamed at me okay oh my how about if I turn this off hello how about now does it sound better now

Um okay I’m G to try so much better is this better so much better okay okay now I’m gonna try to Scream better okay great okay okay so can you clip that for me so I could see so yeah scream shut the [ __ ] up can you remove the high pitch frequency and the EQ sure I could lower it dude my EQ is so [ __ ] weird LOL oh there’s so much in

Here okay how about now is it fine now yes hi Hi uh I’ll lower it a little bit because I think it’s clipping a lot okay how about okay okay now it’s so much better okay there we go okay are we good now are we sound so I I don’t feel so bad oh I think my [ __ ] VR just like disconnected

Oopsies what do you mean this is me this is my voice this my real voice how do I sound can somebody clip it for me I need to know what app is this uh it is wavelength uh you have to have like the actual like XLR though um yippee

I’m eating is this a new streamer what do you do I sound really different what do you Mean okay okay now it’s so much better okay there we go okay are we good now are we yeah we’re fine that’s literally how I sound like you guys are wi Chom okay oh God you can see this is how I see like I I like really move a

Lot what this has nothing to do with the [ __ ] stream hello hello hi wait I just realized why did the game not like even wait it did even like play the game it never even started up [ __ ] [ __ ] standable I don’t [ __ ] need stand oh my oh

Oh [ __ ] I threw away the straps I don’t really have the straps anymore is that a bad thing I’m sitting down I’m not b sorry um am I supposed to be this [ __ ] short hello they’re like [ __ ] humongous am I this short yo you need to [ __ ] back the

[ __ ] off holy [ __ ] she was [ __ ] sneaking on me how tall is she wait wait oh my God wait I’m getting get I’m getting kind of scared wait I’m getting kind of [ __ ] scared I don’t know why she looks so [ __ ] real why do I touch her okay never mind new

Game welcome to Fazbear orientation program entertainment is offering a new on the job training position for a future Pizza professional we would love to give you more details but for legal reasons are unable to without a signed non-disclosure agreement Fazbear entertainment acknowledges that past work conditions have not been ideal however we can

Provide you with a 100% safety intention guarantee to accept this position press or say one one we didn’t quite get that but we know what you intended oh welcome to the team your first day starts Now [Laughter] okay oh what’s up what’s happening oh I got a coin I got a coin a guc what am I supposed to do oh coin are those all the coins is there more more coins coin more coins coin coin why not okay I think

I’m okay I have five coins can I do something do you hear that use a touch screen on your computer oh um staff only birthday time Glam Freddy required assistance delivering a very special ice guys what do I do pogers D any I’ll do staff Cold Storage birthday time Glam Freddy requires assistant

Celebrating a very special ice cream cake find and recover Jimmy’s birthday cake from Freddy’s chest cavity hello okay hello is someone there um hi my ocular fluids have crystallized I am unable to process your appearance although we have just met I know I am in good hands after all you

Are a Fazbear Technic are you not please retrieve Little Jimmy’s birthday cake and place it on the birthday cart however I must warn you due to extreme temperature fluctuations I am not quite myself at the moment do be careful how do I do that is this what does that

Do what am I supposed to do oh here’s a cake Queen no not that cake little Jimmy’s cake is trapped inside my stomach hatch little Jimmy would know the difference well is what it is what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] what what the [ __ ] did I even it happened

Again no no not that cake little Jimmy’s cake is trapped inside my stomach hatch little Jimmy would know the difference coin okay so um exchange that to hot yeah is that is it just me or is the room getting hotter here you go how about that is that not

Good what am I supposed to do what’s this what is this hi booer what is this is that’s four what’s This how do I open your chest this this goes to the star oh huh the star this one where am I stupid where oh oh oh oh sorry okay let’s remove this battery it’s kind of old let’s put that there close that her okay can’t close it sorry my bad um okay

It seems that you have an issue with your it seems that you have an issue here let me oh [ __ ] sorry okay it’s downloading oh got hot it got hot in here oh what in the ultracore Instinct what the [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay okay okay okay okay I have this I don’t see anything I have to put here I’m kind of confused if I’m being honest what the [ __ ] am I supposed to do Freddy do you have something in your mouth maybe if I click [ __ ] you

Can okay can you like [ __ ] calm the [ __ ] down can he calm down can he calm down can he calm [ __ ] down this [ __ ] bear calm down once again I am stuck it is quite embarrassing oh [ __ ] it is it just me or is the room getting hotter yeah it is isn’t it

I feel like a [ __ ] professional I’m [ __ ] up Pat don’t you worry don’t you worry don’t you worry don’t you you worry okay Yippe [ __ ] now oh oh no um oh no a [ __ ] what am I supposed to do once again I am stuck it is quite embarrassing is it just me or is the room getting hotter he needs to stop saying that [ __ ] I will [ __ ] him I’m kidding that’s a joke

My sensors tell me that is very cold oh sorry did I do too much I’m kind of confused on what I’m supposed to do I’m like thinking about it and I’m like so confused on what I’m supposed to do he’s Cold when I when I remove the thingy in the chest right I remove the thingy in a chest what sh I [ __ ] forgot [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] I’m so [ __ ] fast god damn it why is it not opening calm down oh no tricks it is a delicious ice cream

Cake or so I’ve been told I cannot taste oh no I am receiving a cake removal alert please find something of suitable size to replace it with good job you are my Superstar really I’m a superstar guys e what the [ __ ] did I get hello glam Freddy where is there a

Coin I don’t like how you’re [ __ ] looking at me [ __ ] mate I will [ __ ] you up hear me I guess I’m done I want to do something else let’s do oh food prep I love I dude I love videos like this oh my God join the Glam Rock concession team

And become a food prep star yeah complete the orders on time okay uh don’t forget get the sauce tap the back of the sauce gun to change the sauces uh her okay I’m hungry uh don’t forget to cook the food make sure to enter the correct microwave code and hit the Bell when

You’re done this seems easy dude oh my God remember when I said I wanted to be like a um oh like I wanted to do this in the future oh my God this is exactly welcome to your new career in Food Service it is a task so simple a human can do it

Pay attention I am only going to say this once okay step one you will receive an order which tells you what food to prepare step two make that food okay step three place the food on the serving tray do not forget the sides and drinks

Step four ring the bell when the food is ready to be delivered to a hungry guest [ __ ] I I I I don’t remember what you said receive a new order and the cycle repeats for the rest of your life get old and are replaced by someone younger

Get the orders right or you will be severely reprend okay you have been adequately trained now prepare for the dinner rush okay got this okay so juices oh okay oh look at the stuff that’s morning Rush incoming okay I’m ready hi good morning welcome to Freddy

Fazbear what would you like oh corn yeah sure I can’t I can’t do this I can’t do this um Monty Festa Pizza opportunties must be Avail within 20 to 30 of every at all time oh we can still serve that hi welcome welcome to Freddy Fazbear pizza what would you like oh you would like beans

Yeah okay sure sure yeah here’s your beans and Freddy potato cheapap y let me uh heit that up for you real quick y here you [ __ ] [ __ ] don’t [ __ ] talk to me like that I’ll [ __ ] beat you up Burger King style [ __ ] serve that King style [ __ ] the food

CRA yeah hi welcome sour and lime kiding yeah and rocky rocky naos kind of a good guac what the the [ __ ] home Jesus Christ let me clean my station hi welcome to Burger King done nachos yep sure I got you let me heat that up for you don’t forget to

Leave me a tip you know how you know how it is where is Food shut the [ __ ] up spending opportunities must be available within 20 he talk to me so weird at all time hi welcome to um shut [ __ ] fat Ass fu F [ __ ] [ __ ] remember the to takes forever jump you mother [ __ ] are is that Rice ew fing disgusting spending opportunities must be available within 20 to 30 of damn two porches of rice good Lord yeah got you got you I’ll if you

Mess with me I swear to God I will jump out of the [ __ ] thing remember do you know that YouTube you don’t have video and [ __ ] um when it comes to keeping the happy yo I’m going to kind of good at this though not going to

Lie [ __ ] you up what the [ __ ] is she we that what where’s food oh no holy [ __ ] oh oh my God I’m sweating hi good good evening um oh [ __ ] time is going up yo yo yo yo yo we sending opportunities must be available within 20 to 30 days at all

Times yeah hi good morning I am waiting when ites to keeping the happy yeah just give me one [ __ ] second okay I’m I’m just one person here okay uh somebody got fired it was a whole deal it was a whole drama thing so like leave me oh let me double check

That so I’m only one working here except staff member and it’s is really weird um so please forgive me we’re kind of under staff at the moment as their serves are within regulation sorry you are not done ending opportunities must be available within 20 to 30 of every do not was must

Be I’m getting so tired plan ending opportunties must be available within why do you want [ __ ] hot sauce and guac with ham that’s so weird legally servable oh dude guys I think I was weirdly really good at that where’s my my toy a head chef bot

Yay I think I was really good at that good God why was that why was that so tiring what’s backstage arts and craft daycare get your hand and Nery with paints and paper pal and Superstar get Day Care ew oh my God you’re so small what do you

Mean this is like the perfect height isn’t it no guys this game like kind of like changes the height so that’s it’s better for you copy the art exactly uh use the dark gun to shoot the object you need sun will toss them to you don’t run out

Of time uh sun will get very upset I’m so hungry oh my God Freddy oh hello no friend welcome to the Superstar daycare you’re just in time for arts and crafts y just sit right there and don’t move go fetch whatever materials you need okay use that rubber d gun to tell

Me what art supplies you need from the fun fun craft cells just point and pick it’ll be so much fun I don’t get it try it now select that brush N good job good job now that you have a brush I guess what time it is it’s time to paint find numbers just follow the Happy Little Numbers they make all the hard color choices for you when you are done hit the button and I can evaluate your work

What are you waiting for Y guys I think I’m shutting Down 2 Something’s not right okay I did it it just works on so many guys I’m sorry I kind of I kind of shut down I will lie time to make paper pal will be forever andever andever all theary material hello hello what the [ __ ] dude I’m shutting the [ __ ] down this one is not for me this one is really not for me dude I yo I dude I shut the [ __ ] down I’m not going to lie I like literally shut down so bad holy [ __ ] good friend okay restart restart completely restart fresh mine fresh

Everything I’m so sorry my bad on that okay blue blue is here here and here and then some green over over here and here and down red on here here Europe and then some orange here um so Purple is that good missionary ready for your next project time to make paper Pals paper P be your friend what is this Oh ah Hello I can’t I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t do this one I can’t do this one this is too much this one is like too much for me I can’t I can’t I can’t my brain power is

Not that it’s not that good my brain power for that one is like really not that good I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t you’re so slow I I can’t do it dude because I need one hand to hold the like to hold my oh wait I could just

Tighten it oh let me just wait oh yeah I can tighten it oh there we go now I’m ready with my two hands turn completely the pizzas into the world armor pizzaa the pizza roller okay sure I’ll take pizzas I know how to make a pizza hi good morning what would you

Like to order at the pizza place um so you would like fries yeah sure I got you I love fries by the way you know I I think I would love love a like um I would love if you could the chat is like what was that something smells good is that for

Me is that for me um hi hi Wel do you want me to starve I heard my [ __ ] KNE crack no [ __ ] my fat ass I ate it how my oh [ __ ] she can really eat hey babyy baby mama sleep just saying she could really gobble that down no yo I feel somebody like beding on my neck

Hello damn there’s a big order [Applause] okay yeah you want tomato and meat okay got you you want tomato that’s a really weird one I’m not going to lie yeah got you now um meat and not meat eat not meat yep got you uh and

Then what sauce did you want with it the Freddy Fazbear sock yeah I it’s like literally one of my favorites bit [ __ ] work okay and then another damn another [ __ ] Pizza what sauce did you want that nacho sauce kind of B hi um next one please sorry everybody’s like gone for tonight it’s

[ __ ] Christmas and I need more money um got two fries we’re get a New Year’s but you um how how was your day you know yep I here you go sir oh [ __ ] me let me actually get ready with your do sir cuz I know that this is a pizza

Place you know what I’m saying Pizza Pizza where’s my pizza do you want me to starve wow a salad you are you’re really special you know that I I accept tips actually good Lord Dude holy [ __ ] W where’s my tip okay yeah no tip [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] over [ __ ] here God what a [ __ ] jackass hi welcome to Freddy Fazbear pizzaeria uh what would you where’s my fre what you’re making over there it’s there it’s so over dude that was kind of [ __ ] if you

Ask me the rolling pin was like [ __ ] lost I don’t know where the [ __ ] it was morning I to restart my entire [ __ ] day something smells Good dude I am so [ __ ] fast I am actually so fast so where’s my tip [ __ ] what the [ __ ] she gave you her tip [ __ ] this [ __ ] give me one second I need to reset mying [ __ ] I need to reset my view Pizza Pizza where’s my pizza what oh I click oh good

I did it too fast that’s insane I got in trouble for doing it too [ __ ] fast it’s so [ __ ] [ __ ] if you ask me something smells good I’ve been working here for years is that for me holy [ __ ] dude [ __ ] you need to back the [ __ ] off I just work here

Hi Pizza Pizza where’s my pizza what you making over there I’m trying to like fix my headset while playing a game I’m freaking the [ __ ] out what did I get wrong I didn’t roll it it’s natural cheese [ __ ] hey don’t touch that what you making over there finally are you happy now

[ __ ] okay dude I need to TI up I need to tie my hair oh my [ __ ] God I feel like I’m working on actual hi good morning um good morning Pizza Pizza where is my pizza something smells Good here [ __ ] you happy wo I’m sorry if I touched the mic a lot I I need to fix my [ __ ] headset it’s so uncomfortable right now something smells something smells good yeah it’s my [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] here was I C oh thank God I’m going

To I have a hair stuck in my eye is that for me salad got to thr out away got [ __ ] up l here go yay God [ __ ] the [ __ ] out of that [ __ ] robot that [ __ ] video is that for me oh [ __ ] okay hi good morning sir what would you like

Okay sure God damn it’s a bit in order something smells good is that for me yeah it’s for you is that for me okay this one this one this one oh thank God it didn’t [ __ ] oh was it good woo I am so [ __ ] fast it’s insane Pizza where’s my

Pizza pizza pizza where’s my pizza thick lemonade salad what kind of salad would you like with it wow you’re something smells tomato tell it again and no pizza pizza where’s my pizza off holy [ __ ] is everything okay beautiful holy fu am I done I got chica oh my God she’s such a bad

[ __ ] okay um what’s this I need to sit down real quick hold on give me a second my head hurts it’s a compression of my head that really [ __ ] hurts I need to loosen it but at the same time when I loosen it when I play too fast it would like

Um shake so [ __ ] much when I play but if I if I if I like tighten it and stuff and like it’s secure and all but like it’s not really worth it is it uh get a better strap no I have a top strap as and stuff how do you see chat I

I have this like application hello hello Hi give me one second let me like have my head and um have like a break from the compression of the [ __ ] headset I don’t do oh wait what the [ __ ] is that what ouch so tight I’m sitting down okay I’m sitting down my head hurts when I loosen it I already did

Loosen it but like look at that it shakes when I move my [ __ ] head maybe if I loosen it from the top okay I think it’s better now okay I think it’s better why is my left what the [ __ ] there’s a come your eye cushion for

Uh 100 % recommend life changing can you can you DM it to me in Discord like send it at me in Discord I don’t mind when people add me in Discord for like stuff like this but um can you send it can you like add me in Discord and send me the

Link so I can like purchase this like eye cushion whatever thingy for the Oculus Pro actually I don’t want to push it I I I I I’m reaching the limit of my head being like [ __ ] compressed I think that if I push it it might get worse where

I um will get a headache and I have to end stream so um I’ll continue this when I get my VR glasses thingy because I have my glasses on and it’s it I want to press it so much more near to my eyes but I cannot so that’s [ __ ]

Unfortunate I really want to do that so let me go back to my PC isn’t this sick isn’t this sick that I could just like change my microphone so [ __ ] easily oh [ __ ] I’m doing a in your live stream let me change my [ __ ] microphone do my thing oh [ __ ] I’m doing

A VR [ __ ] now I could just like turn it off and on holy [ __ ] this is like so nice to have right like this is actually so nice to have I need to order food I am hungry I’m Hungry dummy what is this let’s change that to hot yeah is that is it just me or is the room getting [Laughter] hotter that’s all you guys saw It come here yeah I literally right I was like come here can’t believe you said that to [Laughter] me I’m going to buy pizza guys I’ve been thinking of getting uh eye surgery do you think it’s a good idea yeah lasic I’ve been thinking about it I’ve been really really really really really

Thinking about it this one is good too hold on give me a second let me give me one second do you want to know my Prescription hi dude I am so [ __ ] fast I am actually so fast so where’s my tip [ __ ] oh my god dude I am so [ __ ] fast I am actually so fast so where’s my tip [ __ ] wait that’s how it sounds like when I scream it like goes to so [ __ ] [ __ ] so

Um it’s Chang that to hot I hate the microphone I don’t like the microphone I think I think a good idea is that I use this microphone instead I feel like this one is a lot better the one in the cooking stream especially that I’m still

In my room so the connections won’t like stagger or whatever what do you guys think should I use this microphone instead valve index it did better for sure for sure yeah is that is it just me or is the room getting hotter [Laughter] so it’s change that to H come

Here yeah is that is it just me or is the room getting hotter oh my God wait what the [ __ ] the [ __ ] are you typing bro if I told you like the height and weight would you do the the math yeah sure why not so the the height is 150 so 51 and

The weight is 47 kg no invite okay well I don’t know what the equation is do you know the equation I think it’s something over something then uh multiply by 100 oh my God he’s so [ __ ] okay wait I’ll figure it out one sec the begins oh my God he plays like a

Bot on your face I sh my side of my vision I was trying to work out my brain the equation still bro it’s 21 that’s Jesus are crafter div voices um h I think I’m GNA play the voices I need a break please don’t have the UR play

Valor and I kind of do like very slightly I really do Emy real let’s [ __ ] go congrats have fun you guys just spell me then magic happened yeah you know it is why aren’t you applying because I don’t even know how to [ __ ] play GTA in general congrats Emmy have fun I even know how give me one second I

Need to like take a break am my oh [ __ ] yeah I’m getting a bad headache but I don’t want to end stream I really don’t want to end stream can we have like a like a small little small little thingy oh why are the valve games why doesn’t valve make new games

Anymore half life portal Left 4 Dead Counter Strike valve is responsible for some of the most iconic games in gaming history and practically every game they’ve ever made has been a massive success if Ubisoft was valve they have already released halflife 19 some mess of a game milking the IP for all

It’s worth so where’s halflife 3 why doesn’t valve take advantage of their Sterling reputation to keep selling chart Toppers like so many others it doesn’t make sense but when you look at valve’s history It all becomes clear and there’s still hope we might get the game we’ve been waiting a decade for please

And it all started when valve was formed by two former Microsoft employees Gabe Nell and Mike Harrington these two guys saw how successful doom and Quake were and figured they could get into the industry choosing to make an FPS game on the Quake engine with a small team valve

Spent two years developing their first game halflife inov first shooter that told an amazing story good God that was so [ __ ] way to you need to understand the impact this title had on the industry Gamespot said it was the closest thing to a revolutionary step the genre had ever taken completely

Redefining the first-person shooters and preparing the way for games like Halo Call of Duty and Battlefield 2013 IGN said you could divide the FPS genre into pre and post halflife showing just how far halflife pushed technical envelope along with being universally praised by everyone the game was a massive monetary

Success with just one title you I was made fun of in school because I played halflife I will never forget that I I I I told everybody like Oh I’m a big fan of halflife and and they told me that I was a loser immediately became a Top Dog

Studio cash pretty rare for a first time developer and yeah I don’t know why the [ __ ] that happened T Fortress classic Counterstrike halflife 2 portal Left 4 Dead doat Two all of these titles came from them all games that redefined or created entire genres and the money just

Kept pouring in every one of these games elevated valve higher reaching a Godlike status and causing people to believe the studio and Gabe new could do no wrong for any other Studio that saw this level of success would have turned their Flagship IPS into yearly franchises but not valve

What makes them so different why not just print money making sequels like everyone else because they’ve got a unique strategy that works even better you see of all the IP valve owns only halflife came from valve originally Counter Strike halflife mod valve hard the really

I thought but I thought that like I know it was a mod at the start but like I thought that like valve really owns it anyway wait reset originally Counter Strike oh originally okay halflife mod valve hire the creators Dota 2 Warcraft 3 mod valve hire the lead designer Team Fortress

Quake mod valire the developers portal this next test is I love portal man I really wish I really hope for Portal 3 I’m really really really like hoping for it I’m such a big fat portal impossible originally freear game and valve hired the dev team Left 4 Dead made by Turtle

Rock Studios valve acquired them shortly before the game released you get it valve is an expert at letting their Community create value for them now this isn’t trying to diminish valve at all they see what gameplay Loops resonate well with the community hire the devs once they have something [ __ ] I’ve

Seen the number of hits and Trend Setters they have released can’t be a coincidence even if a valve game misses every once in a while artifact they know what they are doing but it’s much rarer for them to make their own game from the ground up and that’s because valve only

Makes their own games when certain conditions are met this strategy sets valve apart from the rest of their competition and his why valve has always been at the Forefront of their industry no one does it like them yes there are other Innovative Studios but they’re held back held back from trying unique

Strategies and forced to release new titles left and right forced by shareholders who expect bigger returns every year when you start taking outside financing those are often the people who are going to be perturbing your decisions in ways that sometimes are helpful and sometimes are you know the

Death of your company this is a key reason for valve success and why they release a new title so rarely valve is still a private company the same guy that started valve still has the majority control over not only 50% but he got 50.1% holy [ __ ] that’s so five head that

He kept the 1% so his like vote like matters the most oh and because the company isn’t accountable to anybody they are very careful about what games they release he explains to me that valve doesn’t move forward with projects that don’t seem promising or aren’t working out describing play testing as

Their judge and jury so valve religiously validates their games through Play testing and if they aren’t happy with the results they just scrap the project but don’t let that fool you into thinking valve doesn’t care about money they just have other ways to get it if we look at Val’s release schedule

Before 2013 and then after things look a little different before 2013 valve gave us all of these but after that year Val only released an Asian Counter-Strike spin-off artifact DOTA underlords app desk job and CS2 that makes me so sad all either spin-off games Tech demos or new engine ports since 2013 we’ve

Really only got two brand new games the lab and halflife Alex and there’s something in common with these games both are on VR and both are pushing valve’s newest technology that’s what’s changed valve used to be a game developer or at least someone that published great games that was the focus

But not anymore cuz way back in 2003 valve struck digital gold that year valve created steam originally it was just a platform to update valve’s titles online but then it replaced the world opponent Network an online servers for multiplayer following the change valve started off wow that is old as

[ __ ] this is old old this is like [ __ ] old player following the change valve started offering digital copies of valve games through Steam games Counter-Strike in half lifee 2 then finally valve made one of the greatest moves in gaming history they let thirdparty developers sell their games on Steam most know what

Happened next steam became the biggest online video game Marketplace in the world the platform brings in billions of dollars a year and valve barely has to do anything all of valve’s games combined don’t even come close to the money that steam brings in yeah but if

They have so much money then why not like you know still release games anyway like Portal 3 and half life three and whatever I know that they’re they’re more focusing on new uh game industry like VR and whatever but because valve gets 30% of every game just for context

To understand how much money that is it’s estimated that steam alone made valve around $10 billion whoa billion whoa in 2022 which means 30 to 40 billion dollar were transacted on the platform and that number is just growing yearly yeah it’s no surprise valve isn’t interested in making games anymore they

Just let others do it Val took the concept of let the community build for you to a whole new level why make your own games or even buy a validated games when you can just become the platform to host all the games valve just kept evolving no longer thinking in $1

Million but billions we could make trillions why make trillions when we could make billions when valve created steam in 2003 I imagine they saw it as a place to host all of their games and make updating easier but now that steam has become the go-to video game Marketplace

Valve prints money combine that with their big three Cash cows Counter-Strike Dota 2 and TF2 all making money valve is a flat Orem meaning it’s Gabe at the top then almost everybody else is under him so basically small Manpower that cannot release games at a pace of AAA games as

Studio does [ __ ] man he’s so I wonder what happens when gabin dies genuinely when it comes with valve and steam like like um will it become like a what happened with apple where it became so weird with the company and [ __ ] will it lose its like

Touch holy [ __ ] I’m so glad I was born in this generation because like I got to like experience the sort of a lot of stuff you know what I mean like I I I would hate to um sorry I still have a massive headache so I’m going to be talking like really

Softly u m can you pin this I did not experience it cuz I was broke I had like two gaming brothers who like played so much so I fortunately got to experience it and watch other people like I was always like a viewer because I would like I would love to watch my

Dad play and my brothers play so I would like watch them and I’ll be be like a little commentary viewer they always had one viewer and that was me but um I think for the future of steam and valve if you are hsy to this extent why

Put yourself through it because um for content for something new my patient my parents didn’t trust theme they made me print or the receipt when I bought a game oh my God from their in-game marketplaces there’s not really an incentive for valve to make more games so what does

This mean me for the future of Val as a studio will they ever make more games what about halfly 3 the game we’ve been waiting over a decade for this is your daily halflife 3 update there is no news well I still think there’s hope in an

Interview with IGN Gabe Newell said this halflight games are supposed to solve interesting problems and this lines up with what we’ve seen valve strives to innovate their games game engine steam their VR Hardware show that valve want to be on the Forefront of IND but the industry they’re working in now isn’t

Video games it’s game hardware and software when they make games now it’s to help sell their Innovations and show what they are capable of it’s why we got a Half-Life game for VR and not for PC or console so when will we ever get Half Life 3 we will eventually but Val won’t

Make it just to make it we’ll have to wait for Val to push something new some big Tech innovation in VR or steam or God forbid on mobile Val used to be a game publisher but now they’re Hardware manufa facturer and a software distributor I want valve to keep

Releasing great games just as much as the next guy but valve doesn’t make games anymore and our only hope is that valve creates something so Innovative that they finally release halflife 3 this week’s indie game highlight is Celeste which doesn’t need much of an intro since it’s pretty popular but

Thanks and if you haven’t tried this game you should it’s a 2d platformer with a very high skill level or you help to be honest um uh I’m I hope that valve I’m so glad that valve is not one of those like companies like Facebook or whatever that they just

Like release a new device every [ __ ] year new VR every single year upgrade upgrade upgrade they like upgrade only when it’s significant and I really appreciate that I love that but at the same time I’m really waiting for a new [ __ ] VR headset from valve that’s

Like pushing the thingy you know what I mean like because I there is no better [ __ ] VR headset when it comes to the mic than the valve index and I really want that but I don’t like the [ __ ] screen of the VR soon hopefully I’m hoping I’m hoping so bad we we are

Working on it dummy we hear you I have the Oculus Pro and the Oculus Pro is really nice I just get headaches so badly with VR especially like moving a lot in VR so I’m okay with VR chat because I’m not really moving that much but the moment

Like goes into like that kind of stuff it like [ __ ] up oh my God for once my food is coming what is this willpower for losers whoa what a couple of days ago I proudly showed my girlfriend this this expensive piece of Tupperware I got you put

Something in it set a timer and then it stays locked until the time runs out I told her I had been playing this video game too much and now I can keep myself from playing it by putting the game in this $60 piece of plastic she was a

Little concerned asking me can’t you just resist playing I’m listening and it says I’m a piece of crap what’s funny is I actually saw this thing on Shark Tank a while back and had the same reaction I think I’ll just save my money and and not eat the

Cookies this video is not an advertisement for this but it begs an interesting question what’s the difference between successfully resisting a Temptation and just not having a Temptation maybe you’ve heard of the Stanford marshmallow experiment researchers thought torturing kids would be fun so they sat kids down in front of

A marshmallow and told them I’m going to leave the room if you don’t eat the marshmallow you’ll get another marshmallow when to come back so you get to have two and then they left and watched the kids with a hidden camera for about 10 minutes the kids stared at

The marshmallow held it in their hands sniffed it and even snuck a lick or two Jesus maybe unsurprisingly only one third of the kids could resist the marshmallow he pressed his [ __ ] nose against that [ __ ] marshmallow long enough for the person to get back and then get the second marshmallow this

Little girl was interesting she ate the inside of the marshmallow she wanted us to think that she had not in it so she would get two but she ate it whether the kids did or didn’t eat it I think you’d agree they’re clearly exerting effort to resist the marshmallow a single

Marshmallow is an easy task for adults but we still use effort to resist things an alcoholic resisting a fully stocked mini fridge in his hotel room uses a lot of effort and then others would use far less effort to resist watching another episode of a good series when it’s time

To go to bed so is there a consequence of resisting Temptations even if you succeed a famous experiment by Roy bow meister and colleagues had 67 participants who hadn’t eaten for at least 3 hours walk into a room filled with the aroma of just baked chocolate

Chip cookies they sit down to a table with two bowls one filled with warm gooey chocolate chip cookies and the other one filled with radishes half of the people were told that they had to eat the radishes and couldn’t TCH touch the cookies afterwards they had the poor

Radish people and the lucky cookie people work on a mentally stressing puzzle the puzzle was actually impossible the point was to see how long people would try to do it the radish people gave up on the puzzle almost twice as fast on average they quit more than 10 minutes faster than the cookie

People holy [ __ ] that’s so sign idea is that the radish people were tired from using their willpower on resisting cookies so they had less willpower to use on the puzzle this is just one of almost 200 experiments that gave credibility to the concept of ego depletion the idea that

Willpower draws on a limited stock of energy willpower is like a muscle you can Tire it out so if you use a bunch of willpower on one thing then you have less energy to use later on resisting Temptations staying focused or even making good decisions now this idea was

Challenged by a 2015 paper so interesting a more recent 2018 paper said yes ego depletion is a thing some methods are just effective for testing it and some are not in any case I think we intuitively know that Temptations are distracting it’s going to be at least a

Little harder to focus on your work if you’re on a diet and your friend is baking pies and cookies or it’ll be hard to study if it’s Friday night and your friends keep texting you to come to a party an experiment from a 2012 study in the Journal of Personality and Social

Psychology had 205 adults wear a beeper that would ask them randomly throughout the day whether they were resisting a desire how strong that desire was and whether they were successful in resisting it or not they then took a look at the data of nearly 8,000 desire reports and found that the more desires

The person had resisted the more likely they were to give into future desires this kind of makes sense let’s say you have a long day at work unless you really like your job for the most part you are resisting desires resisting the desire to skip the 10: a.m. meeting

Or the desire to play games on your phone instead of actually working or the desire to take an extra long lunch break or resisting the desire to just go home early we might say that using all that willpower throughout the day then makes it harder to resist the desire to watch

Netflix on the couch instead of going to the gym but here’s what’s interesting in the study the people who were best at self-control and said that they were the type of person who was good at resisting Temptations they actually reported experiencing fewer Temptations throughout the study that is the

Diligent people with high self-control apparently were just using less self-control in a study titled what’s so great about self-control Marina MAV skaya and Michael inli gathered data from 159 University students and found that those exerting more self-control were not more successful in achieving their goals it was the people who

Planned their life so that they didn’t have to use self-control that were more successful so the difference between me and successful actor Tom Cruz is that while I’m figuring out how to resist the temptation to play games he would have just thrown them away since I’ve been working at home

Most of the time lately playing smash BRS is always an option because that option is always there I’m a little distracted by it I’ll be a bit tired from Reading papers or getting frustrated because I can’t think of what to write next and then I’ll be bargaining with myself like okay I’ll

Play for just 20 minutes and then work for an hour oh [ __ ] I think we’ve all done this [ __ ] dude oh my God or maybe play for 10 minutes and then work for 30 minutes so regardless of whether or not resisting the Temptation depletes my willpower energy

Just being tempted to play is at least distracting me this lowers my focus and worsens my productivity even though I’m not actually playing work by Glenn Wilson of Gresham college has found that when you’re trying to focus on a task even the simple temptation of an unread

Email sitting in your inbox reduces your effective IQ by 10 points only being tempted by wanting to check a shiny new email impairs your brain’s performance wa in James clear’s book Atomic habits he explains there’s a four-part habit cycle the Q craving response and reward first there’s a q let’s say you’re at

The office it’s 10:30 a.m. you’re a little bored tired and unfocused this feeling is a cue for a craving for coffee in response to the craving you get up and get a cup of coffee you are then rewarded for your behavior with the energy and the nice taste the coffee provides

Sides James Clear says that a habit will start to fall apart if one or some of these parts are missing let’s say you start sleeping properly 10:30 rolls around but you’re awake and alert so there’s no QE for coffee or let’s say you’re at the office you feel tired but

You respond to the queue differently you take a walk instead of coffee or let’s say you start drinking Decap coffee you respond to your craving by grabbing a cup of coffee but it doesn’t have that nice cat C reward any of these should help to weaken the

Habit clear says a really effective way for Breaking Bad Habits is to just make the que weaker or more obscured if seen cookies cues a craving to eat cookies then just put them where you can’t see them or better yet don’t buy them if you’re yeah I feel like if

You’re trying to lose weight and you buy cookies that’s on you to focus just turn your phone off instead of resisting the temptation to check your phone when you get get a notification rather than trying to exert yeah that’s what I do I realize that every time I get a notification I always

Look at my phone so Jer detected xcl xqcl so I I just completely disabled almost all notifications which is why when I’m not on my computer I think a little bit to respond to like text messages because like I remove all [ __ ] notifications on my phone I

Turned that [ __ ] off more willpower you can just strategize or plan better going back to the marshmallow study they found that the kids who successfully resisted the marshmallow were more successful later in life they were more confident more reliable less likely to become obese and even got better SAT

Scores but how did the successful kids do it did they just grit their teeth and fearlessly stare the marshmallow down not quite as reported in one of the original studies in investigating this the successful kids covered their eyes with their hands so they couldn’t see it they talked to themselves they sang

Invented games with their hands and feet they did whatever they could to take their mind off the marshmallow and didn’t rely so much on brute willpower similarly so they just removed it on view so their mind wouldn’t think about it that’s instead of like literally just constantly thinking about

That is such a smart thing though what it’s going to put fattening foods on your mind more taking the route home where you walk past the delicious smelling bakery or taking a different route home what’s going to have an alcoholic thinking about alcohol more booking a hotel with a stocked mini

Fridge or booking one without in my last video I talked about how having so many choices of things to do all the time can cause a persistent feeling of I dude you know what I hate the twitch servers so much l i could only watch streamers with 480p for days

Oh really that’s so [ __ ] [ __ ] dude I swear to God uh every time that I like okay I’m watching a stream right let’s say I’m watching zoy or like let’s say I’m watching yeah let’s say I’m watching zo so I’m watching right and it’s a 1080p the moment I on I look somewhere

Else I go back and it’s usually like at 180 right keep moving it annoys the [ __ ] out of me because like dude I’m still listening to the [ __ ] tab I want it to be 1080 I want to listen to it indecision of uncertainty should I do my work or play

Smash Brothers should I work out or watch Netflix or do my taxes each action provides its own reward for a cost taxes cost a lot of time and boring decisionmaking but rewards me with no more worries of huge fines Netflix costs time but rewards me with immediate enjoyment from your brain’s perspective

The action that provides the most reward for the cost is not always 100% clear and as I explained last time this indecisiveness this uncertainty can activate the brain in a way that generates anxiety and lowers your ability to focus so at least for me when I remove

One of the choices by locking it in this box it feels like my brain stops doing all those calculations and I’m more relaxed and more focused I would have thought that I would still want to play the game but just be annoyed that it’s stuck in the

Box but oddly enough I just forget about it another thing I’ve been using is this app for Mac called self-control you just add websites you don’t want to be able to access to a list and then you can’t access them this too is really effective and helps me relax and focus with no

Extra effort spent on resisting watching yeah I’m waiting for my medicine to like kick in and then we’re going to be playing uh either rlcraft or the voices I just waiting I’m waiting for my food and I’m waiting for the medicine to kick in cuz I am

Having a big migraine how to get away with murder we always have tons of choices throughout the day should I do this or that or just do this for a little bit and then do that productive thing Pizza a simple way to reduce that uncertainty and indecision and stop

Being distracted by these choices is to make the choices that you don’t want to make harder or simply delete them use less willpower not more that’s actually really I think I’m going to I think I spent a little bit too much time on Tik Tok so I think a way to like

Fix that is just to delete it right is it worth streaming in 2024 it depends on you I need this to get homework done yeah I Doom scroll sometimes like holy [ __ ] what is this double speak how to lie without lying my food’s here hold on oh what’s this

I haven’t watched a TED Talk for so [ __ ] long or like a TED video in general you’ve always aspired to be a professional artist at last this dream may become a reality and you’re creating a portfolio to submit to art programs but as the application deadline looms you suddenly find yourself unmotivated

And avoiding the canvas all together why does motivation seems so thickle and what even is it in the first place psychologists Define motivation as the desire or impetus to initiate and maintain a particular behavior in other words it’s the energy that drives you to do something I cannot take this [ __ ]

Type of artist thing it just reminds me of like the business kind of art stuff it’s bothering me I need to breathe oh my God 28 minutes ago Ruth is here we’re going to flip this baby and see what happens I love ew that kind of looks [ __ ]

Disgusting that’s a baby look at all the layers of the meat chees the BAM just barely visible but that makes it creamy and delicious bottom is the a little bit of the B sauce a slab of the of the lasagna that’s been nicely uh seared off oh my God that’s so beautiful you’re

Supposed to sear lasagna hello there welcome back to another episode of anything with Alin where I attempt to create a fun food from the videos that I like to watch in my spare time this episode we’re going for a 100 layer lasagna which is a dish that all those

Wait he has a I’ve been thinking of buying more um cookbooks I I really want to actually like cook more just in general I want to stop ordering food uh oh wait I just remembered okay things to do tomorrow schedule doctor’s appointment layer of lasagna which is is

A dish that although seems crazy is served by a couple of restaurants around the world this one in particular is served at La Palama restaurant in Toronto now I’ve had a bit of experience in I like having a book you know what I mean your birth month a

January cute he’s a baker February is a little strawberry eater March is a little artist April is [ __ ] skitso what the [ __ ] are those eyes this AI is so [ __ ] [ __ ] oh May is happy that are you a good cook o oh junior is a playful Boy a why what’s wrong with August what’s is July your ex or what people born in July okay okay how about my birthday um August oh August is so cute September my m bro what the [ __ ] did I do what dude what the [ __ ] did I

Do what the [ __ ] did July and [ __ ] October do Hello what the [ __ ] okay dude okay I was so excited to see what my July bunny would be dude what’s wrong with October babies I’m an October baby no man want braids braid yeah braids bro Britney if you could run along Oh Team Stop I’m sorry buddy you’re just will you be my girlfriend y Doom scrolling Alert Doom scrolling alert dude what the [ __ ] I was [ __ ] muted I like I said what the [ __ ] to the banana thingy very important question for you how often do you think about the Roman Empire I never think about the Roman Empire actually sometimes hey man hey

Man we’re going to go we’re going to go shoot it oh my God Leon 30th 1998 it’s a day I’ll never forget cop inside me died that day that night Raccoon City was wiped out thanks to the bioweapons created by Umbrella somehow I made it out I love him so much

What that [ __ ] shock me [ __ ] so it’s [Laughter] Completely oh my God the delivery driers is in the front of the [ __ ] door and I think he heard me doing that I’ll I’ll be right back Mike’s a [ __ ] so if that’s my cat who the [ __ ] is this he would he do like the balloons when they’re

Dude what the where the did he go literally what the don’t tell me he’s [Laughter] in no he definitely [ __ ] hurt it maybe maybe maybe I get the pass because maybe I sound like a cat maybe doing it like I didn’t sound like me hopefully did it sound like

Me no it was a delivery guy oh my [ __ ] god this seems very exciting a huge lasagna baked in a massive pan Which is baked and chilled and cut into small sections to be served up crispy for the diners and I think that’s a great idea so we’re going to do it cuz

It’s fun first things first is the pasta now we could use sore bot noodles but I think those would be a little too thick so we need these very very very thin to be able to layer properly in order to make this a lot easier we’re going to

Use the help of two food processors 16 cups of allpurpose flour or 280 G 24 eggs olive oil and 8 TP ofer salt these ingredients are going to get split evenly between each food processor and just set to pulse until they have reached almost a ball stage then I’m

Going to turn these out onto our work surface with put some Bene flour and KNE these for about 10 minutes until they nice and smooth my wrists have been hurting a little bit recently so after a little bit of eing I’m going to ask for

Rachel’s help to come in and do a lot of the heavy lifting thank you Rachel you’re making this a lot better and you definitely know how to need pasta dough a lot more than I do these two dough balls have been wrapped up and kneaded nicely they’re going to go into the

Fridge and rest while we repeat our whole process again now that our dough has been prepped we’re going to move on to the sauces we’re going to get started with our meat sauce which does require quite an amount of vegetables first I’m going to meming memories these are just going to

Get cut into small chunks and you’ll see why in a bit then we’re going to follow up with 16 celery ribs or stocks celery with the Eds trimmed off and again chopped up into rough chunks instead of hand chopping all these vegetables I thought we might as well just lean into

The food processor for this one because it’s all going to get cooked down anyways and would probably make a more smoother sauce we’re going to put the carrots in one food processor and the celery in another just blitzing them until they have basically broken down all the way what a beautiful color we

Have here these vegetables are all going to combine in one giant mixing bowl we work on our onions I’m going to go ahead and take eight large onions take off the skins and cut them into halves before throwing them in the food processor we’re also going to go with 20 garlic

Clubes spit between the food processors as well these are going to get Blitz out until they turn into a baslik situation and they go to the rest of our vegetables to join for a giant vegetable Fiesta kind of looks like mashed potatoes and it’s funny how the one with

The carrots in it was staining the onion so it could of looks like an orange creamsicle now that our vegetables are ready it is time to give them a nice cook so in a huge Dutch oven probably the biggest one we have we’re going to

Go ahead and put in two sticks of butter and once that gets simmering nice and hot we’re going to go ahead and throw in all of our vegetables mixing that up and letting them cook and soften this is going to take a while so while that goes

We’re going to go ahead and get started on our meat mixture separately in a large roasting tray we’re going to throw in 1 and 1/2 lb of Panetta which has been diced into small pieces we’re going to let the fat Brown itself but once it

Gets crispy we’re going to throw in 3 lb kid running around bumped into me and my GS like three times on the fourth time I shoved him with my arm and made him fall when I saw him running out way beef and 3 lbs of ground pork

Breaking down those lumps and mixing it around until everybody has started to get a nice color on it once everything is Thoroughly combined I decided it would be a good idea to speed things up by splitting these into two pans each just to create more surface area and not

Boil this thing the whole time through half of the vegetable mixture is going to a large walk and the meat mixture is going to get divided among two evenly sized stainless steel pans now there’s a lot of fat coming out in one of these and I don’t think we need that much so

We’re going to go ahead and use some paper towels to get a lot of that excess fat out once the meat is looking very Brown and started to crisp up on pretty oh that’s such a good Crisp that’s such a good crisp oh my d much all Sid to transfer one pan back

Into the first one because now it has shrunk down a little bit we’re going to go ahead and add six cans of tomato paste to our nice crispy browned meat mixture stir that around let that cook down and then we’re going to deglaze the empty pan with one bottle of red wine

While we put the other bottle of red wine into our meat mixture oh look fire now that’s cool now that a red wine is also cooked down and a lot of the alcohol has had a chance to evaporate we’re going to put this beautiful meat mixture back into our vegetables

Dividing it half among each then they’re going to to get some milk four cups between the both of them and we’re also going to add in four cups of stock between the both of them to add some seasoning and some flavor and some liquid once the liquids have been added

We’re going to take both off the heat and transfer the mixture from the walk into an oven safe stainless steel pot now we’re going to add in nine cans of puree Tomatoes across who the [ __ ] has this kind of like [ __ ] kitchen wear in their [ __ ] kitchen this is huge both of

Them as well as 4 tbsp of brown sugar per batch I love to add a little bit of brown sugar to my pasta sauce just to emphasize the sweetness of the tomatoes now once these are done they’re going to go into an oven at 350° for about 2 to 3

Hours until they’re nice and bubbly now that our massive amount of meat sauce has been accounted for it’s time to work on the bashall or the white sauce for our lasagna instead of a ricotta base filling like a lot of Western lasagna this would probably make a lot more

Sense taking into Super obvious when I’m eating I hope so I I I would hate for it not to be obvious when I’m eating lasagna so a white sauce that is a little bit thinner is my way to go in a large pot we’re going to go ahead and

Melt down and brown two sticks of butter usually you don’t Brown it but I like to Brown my butter cuz well it has a little bit more flavor once the butter has been evenly browned I’m adding in one cup of flour and stirring to make sure the raw

Flour taste has been cooked out then once the r has been nicely formed I’m going to add in one gallon of whole milk slowly making sure that it gets a chance to work out all of those lumps before adding more kind of like making a crepe

Or a pancake batter once the milk Dy are you going to get your wisdom teeth done oh wait she’s not British has been slowly added and her sauce looks relatively lump free we’re going to bring this up to a simmer so that the flour has a time to thicken the sauce

Then we’re going to add our seasoning about 10 seconds worth of grating fresh nutmeg into the sauce a tablespoon of brown Pepper and a tablespoon of salt our white sauce is now ready now it’s time to turn those pasta balls we had earlier into as many lasagna sheets as

Possible now in the 100 layers explained by the restaurant it’s not actually 100 layers of pasta it’s 33 layers of pasta 33 layers of red sauce and 33 layers of white sauce finished by either a layer of pasta or some more white sauce on top so we’re going to need about 33 layers

Of freshly made lasagna sheets which is quite a lot of pasta so we’re going to try to get these really nice and thin I’m taking each of these pasta balls cutting them into quarters and working with that one at a time I’m starting from the lowest setting which is the one

And the thickest and moving down to a two and then actually relaminating it by folding it over itself and starting it back again from one this is going to create a little bit more chew and some better structure for I was just about to ask why would you do that for our

Lasagna noodles so I like to do that at least once before proceeding to roll it down to its thinnest form these are going to get really really thin cuz I’m going all the way down to an eight meanwhile Rachel is over there helping me out but she has to use the manual

Crank one while I get to enjoy the luxuries of an electric powered pasta maker thank you Rachel for again after these sheets get super long and thin I’m going to go ahead and trim them into large flat sheets approximately the width or the length of our hotel pan process takes us about 2

Hours or so it’s a lot of manual rolling cutting trimming flowering and just trying to balance this pasta dough delicately on it is quite fun to play with a large amount of pasta dough almost like curtain drapes after our pasta dough has been all rolled out as

Flat as they can shaped and trimmed we’re going to go ahead and cook these pasta sheets now these are super thin and made with fresh pasta they only need about a minute in boiling water to cook that so I have three pans here both with salted boiling water and we’re going to

Cook all of these pasta the sheets to make sure that everything is ready for our assembly the test making and layer let me play Dark Souls right all 100 I have a huge hotel pan the biggest one we could find for commercial sales which is

About 6 to 7 in deep and the size of a sheet tray a half sheet to be exact first I’m going to take some oil and oil down the sides of this pan and then put enough parchment sheets to make sure that while we’re layering this this has

An easy release thinking for the future here then we begin our layering we start with a layer of pasta buy a layer of meat sauce which we have to be relatively not so generous with as we need to be able to make sure that we

Can get as many layers as in as we can so we’re going to first start out by spreading this thinly across all the pasta and giving it a nice few dollops of on top making sure that also gets smoothed out as well three layers down 97 to go we’re going to repeat the

Process over and over and over again starting with pasta following up with meat sauce and spreading a thin layer of Bal right on top approximately 15 layers through I forgot that we were supposed to also add cheese so on top of the Bal I’m grating some nice parmesan cheese

That doesn’t count as a layer but it should add to the flavor a little bit and after an hour or so we’re approximately halfway through we gotten up to 50 layers and well there’s 50 more to go so we just buckle down and get right to it pasta meat sauce bashel

Cheese pasta meat sauce B me cheese it’s quite satisfying to see this thing get larger and larger in height after about 2 hours or so we realized that we didn’t have any more pasta and we were counting the whole time steel have been vigilantly watching holy [ __ ] that’s like

That’s like forever my layering process and Counting each time we move up a different layer we got to 88 layers before we ran out of pasta but we still have meat sauce and vmall left over so we’re going to keep going and push through Rachel and Kendall found some

Dry lasagna noodles in a box that usually make lasagna woods so we’re just going to cook those off and use that to fill our remaining layers I’m not saying it’s fi but the amount of dry lasagna noodles that we boiled got us to 100 layers with no extra now I think that’s

Pretty cool for the final layer I’m taking our remaining bamel putting in a lot of our grated Parmesan cheese mixing that together and just lay I haven’t seen this for a long time we’re going to put this in an oven at 325 convection for about 3 hours it was going to be how

The [ __ ] does it cook in the middle how I don’t understand like I feel like this will like like burn off before it can even hit the middle an oven at 325 convection for about 3 hours it was good to be really late by the time lasagna was finished cooking so we

Did ask Andrew to help keep an eye on it and take it out after the 3-hour mark so thank you Andrew for doing that oh it uh it’s a little it’s a little crispy and probably burnt on top uh probably should have turned the convection off at some

Point that was our mistake but thank you to Andrew for taking this out covering it properly making sure that it is nicely sealed Andrew is now going to put this inside his outdoor grill which is off because it’s super cold outside and that seems to be the best way to

Naturally refrigerate this this thing cuz it won’t fit in the fridge this is me coming to retrieve my prize the next day we’re going to go ahead and take this downstairs and see what we got oh yeah top layer is definitely a little bit too too too charred for my taste now

I like crispy lasagna but I think this one’s probably not going to be edible let’s take off the top layer and see let’s just treat that as a sacrifice for the other 99 layers oh yeah don’t eat that that’s definitely burnt mm-m after trimming off the parts that are a little

Too dark it is time to flip this thing which is crazy to say oh it’s it’s almost go ahead and flip it that looks pretty cool really nice color on the outside even need the parchment it’s kind of slid right out perfect now that’s a lot of lasagna now for the

Reveal we’re going to go ahead and trim off the sides to keep as trimming and snack I’m not a big fan of big F that’s why like gigantic versions of normal food you know what I mean oh waa that pretty cool it’s like a super compressed massive brick of lasagna which is

Exactly what we did it’s always interesting to me that even though you laid the whole thing flat as we assembled it you always get these interesting wave patterns that go on not exactly sure why that happens but it looks pretty cool I’m going to clean

This up and make sure all the sides are trimmed off and nicely squared away making sure to save all of those trimmings as snacks for later and then we’re going to go ahead and just for fun grate a bunch of cheese and put some parsley on top even though this is not

Going to be the final way we serve this but I will say this is a pretty good looking lasagna for its size you can’t really hear it every everyone in the studio is crowding around and just giggling taking pictures of this crazy thing that we made I think that’s a good

Sign so in the restaurant how they do it is they make it for the size that they can slice it into really nice clean portions to be able to sear off during service so that’s exactly what we’re going to do we’re going to go ahead and

Cut a nice 1in thick slice of this lasagna make sure that it is trimmed down to a normal portion size and we’re going to sear this in some pan with a little bit of butter to make sure that it gets crispy once this is seared on

Both sides and each side has got it a chance to caramelize okay hold on okay wait wait a minute wait a minute oh get nice and crispy we’re going to go ahead and get ready to play out on a nice pool of our leftover meat sauce and a generous helping of grated peino

Romano cheese and a sprinkling of freshly chopped parsy compliment the final dish and I present to you our verion I don’t like it when there’s too much noodles to sauce for lasagnas and stuff I would rather have more sauce than there is pasta 100 layer lasagna found in restaurants across the world

But the real question is after all this work all this labor and all that time how does it taste you kind of need that extra sauce for the moisture and extra cheese for the saltiness to make this little brick of seared lasagna even tastier I think that’s a really cool way

Of serving lasagna instead of having to scoop it out of a nice dish we also made sure that absolutely 0% of this lasagna was wasted all of those trimmings and lift over lasagna was going to be trimmed up and sliced into large portions for our entire Studio to take

Home each person probably took home one to two giant gallon Ziploc bags with Brak of lasagna in it it’s going to be a great holiday the sad history of McDonald’s Happy Meal remember when Happy Meal like stuff is actually like so nice and it would like have toys in them

That you could actually play the McDonald’s Happy Meal is like the Manhattan Project of mar in to Children memories don’t talk to me about that and once the world saw kids lose their Collective Minds over that smiling little box and the surprise licensed toy inside there was no putting the genie

Back in the bottle but how did one of the most famous parent traps ever created come to be and how has it changed over the years this is a McDonald’s Happy Meal your kids will love it it’s F and fun in a box with games puzzles jokes and a prize a prize

Get yourself ready have you guys noticed that there’s a huge shrinking problem when it comes to buying food like the cost of the food is exactly the same but what you get is like so much smaller than it used to Be today on weird history food we’re serving up the kid-sized history of the Happy Meal but before we get started be sure to subscribe to the weird history food Channel and let us know in the comments below what other fast food Nostalgia you would like to hear about okay let’s get

Happy happy happy what it’s time for a Happy Meal at McDonald’s in 1974 Yolanda Fernandez deino also known as Donia Yoli opened Guatemala’s first ever McDonald’s franchise location alongside her husband host Jose being a mother herself Dona Yoli noticed that McDonald’s had no reasonably sized options for small

Children and 3 four and 5year olds were being made to eat the same big meals as their adult counterparts giving a toddler a Big Mac is asking them to grow up real fast this nine layer gastronomic Indulgence is known as a Big Mac what’s more getting young kids to make even the

Simplest decision can be a near impossible task and the Wii ones I think Big Macs are so overrated like I don’t get the appeal of having an extra bread in a burger when like just get a d like just get a quarter pounder or like a double cheeseburger like like the bread won’t

Really it feels you up more the sauce is good though wait they use different sauce in a Big Mac than they do in a Quarter Pounder possible task the we ones were often overwhelmed when it came time to order so Dona Yoli decided to make her very own child-friendly option

That had both smaller portion sizes and fewer choices she introduced to her restaurant the menu Ronald a kid-friendly option that came with a burger a small fry and a sunde it was an instant hit and McD’s corporate in Chicago took notice though it may be hard to imagine a time when kids

Wouldn’t throw their favorite Marvel superhero in front of a train for a trip to Mickey D’s McDonald’s had been losing steam among families and children for years the clown alone was no longer enough to lure them Jes that’s nightmare told me never to talk strangers well your brother’s right as always but I’m

Ronald McDonald the now defunct Burger Chef with its endless supply of free toys and the immortal Burger King seriously how long has that guy been on the throne had both made major moves to tear families out from Ronald’s clutches what’s more McDonald’s Had redesigned many of its restaurants away from the

Old white and red tile interiors and renovated them with brick walls you know like school kids love school there were no no longer as vibrant and welcoming as they once were and kids took notice McDonald’s needed to Pivot hard if they wanted to stay relevant in the Family

Market and Bob Bernstein was just the man for the job Bernstein’s Ad Agency had managed the company’s Marketing in several cities for over a decade he’d already tried out few stuff before such as the happy Cup and the sippy Dipper straw but even the cutest McDonald’s pencil puppet couldn’t bring in the

Rugrats one day while sitting at the breakfast table with the son burn Ste had an epiphany serial companies had been stuffing toy prizes within their boxes for decades and he noticed that kids would absolutely flip their wigs over even the smallest surprise these boxes often featured games puzzles and

Jokes on their side panels if McDonald’s could somehow capture The Wonder of the cereal box and sell it to their pint-sized customers the company’s wo would go the way of Birdie the early bird meaning they were turned into chicken nuggets In 1977 by combining Dono Yoli’s child siiz combo meals with Bernstein’s serial box inspired concept the Happy Meal made its us debut its name was a reference to a 1960s McDonald’s jingle that called the restaurant a happy place McDonald such a happy place McDonald kind of place your kind of place it was

Initially produced only regionally for McDonald’s franchise locations in Kansas City Denver and Phoenix man Phoenix gets all the good stuff its first iteration featured a regularized burger fries Keebler cookie a soda and a crackerjack toy the Box the food came in also featured several exterior panels with

Games puzzles and jokes just like those featured on the exterior of cereal boxes or should that be exteror boxes the kids loved it but the McDonald’s corporate heads and franchise owners alike remain skeptical they tested it out in Regional markets for two more years before finally giving it the green light Happy

Meal that last up in restaurants across the US in 1979 just in time for a tie-in with Ridley Scott’s alien oh turns out they skipped that one are you sorry sir that you brought your son along to see alien no ma’am I think he should have

Seen it it’s something that he needs to know that things could like that could happen in life that could be a true story this no way that’s a real [ __ ] interview he godamn had to watch alien uh it could happen anytime aliens can happen anytime first happy meals cost

A110 a pop and each contained a toy surprise kids never knew what toy they were going to get making the Happy Meal the perfect gateway to a future gambling addiction the initial prizes included the McDoodle stencil spinning tops and McDonald’s themed erasers wish we could have seen those kids faces light up when

They got their erasers later that same year the Happy Meal put forward its first ever movie tie-in featuring a Klingon commercial for Star Trek the motion picture along with a Star Trek themed Happy Meal box despite its immediate popularity among families and kids and thus its growing popularity

With the corporate office many franchise owners remained skeptical thus while the corporate heads were busy giving Dona Yoli the 1982 Ronald award for her idea her second Ronald award following her 1980 award for being the first franchisee to host children’s birthday parties many franchise owners refused to

Sell happy meals at their own locations they felt that constructing the happy meal boxes added too much to the already busy workloads of their employees and the toys took up too much valuable storage space within their restaurants likewise the Happy Meal came and went from Individual locations for its first

Couple years on the market and it wasn’t until 1984 before when McDonald’s introduced chicken nugget that the Happy Meal became a main stay in locations across the [Applause] nation McDonald slowly phased out Bob Bernstein’s idea of putting games puzzles and jokes on the Box’s exteriors and they instead focused on upping their

Prize game by collaborating with movie studios and popular toy brands in the process you want to pick my first do you want me to pick your first had Tay me okay send me the designs uh at me uh post it in the Reddit I I’ll I’ll most memorable choking hazards of the last 40 years like their 1982 partnership with Playmobile McDonald’s ordered 30 million Playmobile figures to give away with their Happy Meals Distributing 10 million of which after

Just one week the Figures were too small and thin though and they were quickly found by the consumer product safety commission to be hazardous for children under three McDonald’s issued an immediate voluntary recall and they offered to trade free cookies or ice cream in exchange for the bloodthirsty

Figures not a bad deal if you prefer eating sugar over plastic in 1983 McDonald’s got back on track with a partnership with Mattel they made officially branded Hot Wheels for their Happy Meals oh my God imagine how much that is right now imagine if you never open that

[ __ ] Hot Wheels thingy it’s probably so [ __ ] rare along with the Barbie loves McDonald’s playset for toy stores across the country Barbie mcet what the [ __ ] the rest of the80s Saw media tiin with Ghostbusters the barenstein Bears Muppet Babies My Little Pony and the Little Mermaid what the [ __ ] they also had food

Changeables which were basically just transformers that turned into McDonald’s Foods rather than high-speed Vehicles apparently the war for Cybertron was decided by fries and a coke McNugget Buddies vague Mr Potato Head knockoffs but in nugget form and Jungle Book wind ups which closed out the decade with

Walking versions of K sh I remember this I don’t know if I think I saw it in my house I don’t know if I remember it like seeing it but I I I I I think we have the toy in the house Khan and King Lou

No to I think it was from my uncle that was from America stars of Sega Sonic 3 go when the game’s over Sonic are you guys in there hey here’s a hint they’re at McDonald’s the ’90s kick things off with a Super Mario Brothers 3 partnership which put plastic Marios

Luigi’s Goombas and Koopas in households everywhere right alongside all the Nintendos that had recently arrived to destroy everyone’s reading comprehension these were then shortly followed by two separate DC Comic times one of which was considerably better received than the other toys featuring Looney Tunes characters and classic DC superhero

Costumes debuted in 1991 in case you ever wanted to see bugs and Daffy Juiced up like a pair of South Florida bouncers one year later the Golden Archers released what should have been a golden tie-in with the 1992 Blockbuster Batman Returns a movie that is very much not

For kids it was very violent it was total attack against kids the whole movie parents and Christian groups argued that the film’s violent content shouldn’t be promoted with toys intended for pushing the film’s graphic content on young children and McDonald’s actually canceled the promotion the rest

Of the decade was pretty smooth yo if you have that toy that’s probably so expensive as well god dude you know what my dad had like the original copy of the one of the first um um comics of I don’t remember but he he collected Comics before yeah but then my

Grandmother thought it was a waste of space so she threw it all when it was like in the cupboards or whatever oh my God if we had that [ __ ] dude it’s always like something though it’s always something sailing for the hamburger chain my dad wouldn’t like those cost so

Much I know right but like my dad was like when he was like still alive he was like oh my Comics even more media tians for their Happy Meals including Spider-Man powerus The Lion King and Mulan they also had major Partnerships with some of the country’s biggest toy brands like

Barbie fby I’m pretty sure the one remember two of those yeah yeah yeah yeah I have one of these I have one of these still all of these Partnerships pale in comparison to what may still be the biggest Happy Meal toy ever the Teeny Beanie beanie baby the following is in code

To oh good God the [ __ ] is that link avoid panic in the streets be eenie Bay AB Bay are at Bay at McDonald’s May first released in 1997 during the height of the Beanie Baby craze the original teeny beanie lineup was so coveted that McDonald’s had over 100 million of the

Little Critters made and if you’re thinking that should have been plenty you do not remember the Year 1997 customers bought up armloads of Happy Meals but told the cashiers to hold the food they only wanted the toys restaurants and major cities and across the Midwest quickly sold out and fist

Fights and brawls broke out in franch guys what is wrong with you oh my ches Across the Nation there were even reports of McDonald’s delivery men being assaulted as they tried to restock restaurants my God as a result kids were often left toyless while the adults around them racked up dozens of teeny

Beanies in hopes of an early retirement for each of the three years that followed McDonald’s came out with an allnew exclusive lineup of teeny beanies but they were never again able to repeat the fervor of that first teeny beanie Spring which is probably for the Best but if it’s so good why would they stop it in the New Millennium people have started to question McDonald’s practice of targeting children and many have accused the Happy Meals of being an unethical attempt to entice kids and undermine parents after all your parents don’t love you like SpongeBob toys do

Boy yeah mean a lot of those as concerns mounted over both America’s ever increasing obesity epidemic and its love affair with generating plastic waste these accusations only grew louder by the mid 2000s it seemed that everyone from parental groups to governmental bodies across the globe had had enough

Of the clown even Disney turned it back on the golden arches in 2006 and the two went over a decade without collaborating on any new promotions like rocket said it must have been love but it’s over now for a little while facing this pressure to change McDonald’s decided to take the

Issue headon and has spent the past 15 years attempting to address these concerns while the Happy Meal does still come with a toy the toy is now often made of 3D paper or recycled plastic what’s more so just not worth getting literally or recycled plastic what’s more McDonald’s has pledged to reduce fossil

Fuel based plastic usage 90% companywide by 2025 check back on this video in 2 years and let us know how they did all the while the company has cut both soft drinks and cheeseburgers from Happy Meals replacing the former with a choice of milk water or juice and the latter with plain

Hamburgers we don’t have that what the [ __ ] it’s called a Happy Meal not a sad meal they’ve also Shrunk the size of the kids fries and have added apple slices to all Happy Meal orders reducing the caloric value of the Happy Meal by 20% of the process today almost one in four

Orders in McDonald’s contains a Happy Meal and about 4 million happy I think that if you’re genuinely worried about your kids health you wouldn’t even be buying from McDonald’s in the first place meals are sold in more than 100 countries every day that amounts to over

1 billion Happy Meals sold per year or 1 billion tiny little toys like to push the agenda for a fast food restaurant to be more healthy for the kids is the most insane thing to even say is that will clutter up kids like the thing about Happy Meals especially with was supposed

To be like a special event like you’d have it every once like for me when I was growing up I had it like once every three months like I would not have McDonald’s that much but I would get it because of the toy or whatever like I completely like I’m

Happy for them that they’re like pushing the agenda and especially that McDonald’s are is super convenient for a lot of families especially nowadays with the food market and um inflation and stuff like that so I completely get it like don’t get me wrong I’m not judging like parents

But them rooms the world over most recently playing on millennial Nostalgia for childhood materialism McDonald’s tried his hand at making happy meals for adults they partnered up with Lifestyle brand cactus plant flea market to make the allnew combo which was basically just a box yo why did they look [ __ ]

Weird why do they look [ __ ] gor like why did they they look so why do they look So look at this girl next version of The Big Mac meal or 10piece McNugget meal but with a creepy little four statue to show off at work 40-year-old Happy Meal kids lost their ever loving Minds for these toys proving once and for all that no matter I miss when things were like speci

Like of course you wouldn’t have known it back in the day right if the ’90s or like the 1980s or something like that like but if you got something from the 1980s 1970s or something like that it’s so special from today but nothing that you can get today would be so special in

The future because we fixed all that kind of [ __ ] and mass production is like so hardcore that like having a prestique um thingy a PR it like it’s only for like Rolex stuff like that but not anym with like the first [ __ ] magazine of [ __ ] Spider-Man imagine having that right

Isn’t that so sad like you like this generation is not going to have that in the future like oh my God from 2024 the first ever yeah no you’re not going to have that that’s not going to be a thing anymore the first ever toy made by isn’t that so

Sad how old you get you’re never too old you think so they will more for clothes of like limited edition stuff but not like you don’t know that my dummy fan art could cost millions in the future yeah sure into a fist fight over Beanie Babies yeah underground you think did

You get happy for a Happy Meal but I don’t see toys like I like dude if I want to buy toy was made out of today it will be still available to buy fresh even in 10 years from now for sure you can buy the Lego set of like so easily

Five years ago like same like onopen and it’s even the same price because like people are not buying that [ __ ] oh really really okay but it’s Lego it’s already famous yeah but that’s the thing a lot of things that I already like you know it’s already like all

Famous there it’s like all famous already I don’t know I wish I kept my first [ __ ] time a got chees some Modern Lego pieces become rare though really the me S keep be the old model rare yeah that’s a rare one dude if you got my old uh stickers

That’s rare cuz I have no more of those poor maze oh no how information overload destroys your brain Netflix Tik Tok YouTube and Twitter oh God why is this recommended to me no no no no no when was the last time you simply turn I think I’m going to buy a

Tamagotchi I don’t know what went in my brain but I really want a tamagi in my bag [ __ ] this I’m buying a tamagi is it still available tamagi Philippines are they still selling Tamagotchis oh my God there’s a Facebook Marketplace for all tamagachi yeah here my tamagachi Philippines for sale reprise like

There’s a whole like group thingy that’s kind of exp yeah tamagachi are I’ve always been really [ __ ] expensive in my experience the original ones dude I was only allowed to have one tamagi my entire childhood because they were so expensive I was so lucky to have

One oh my god wow the New Gen is like having color whoa what the [ __ ] New Gen has it [ __ ] good what the [ __ ] yo what the hell I want to see my tamagi wait let me search tamagi uh my tamagi was tamagi line um what what’s it called when you like

See it like the history of tagoi uh what is it called like I want to say tamagi history transparent no no no no timeline okay my tamagi was oh here we go what the [ __ ] the grow [Laughter] chart yo people are hardcore D I got you yo I

Really want yo I am hardcore craving right now I’m hardcore like oh [ __ ] this is exactly what I needed wow tamagi history yeah dude that was like mine oh my god wow they’ve they’ve changed so much you know what I would care so much about my

Tamagi that I had a lanyard just for my tamagi whenever I go to school I would go to school I my T and [ __ ] like like wrapped around like oh my God R2D2 oh my and then I remember tamag GOI having this like crazy [ __ ] update right

They had this crazy [ __ ] update where if you have a tamagi you could go to the website and you could see your tamagi in the website and you could play with him in the web and I was like wow it was so crazy god dude I swear to God Tik Tok ruined my

Brain because that [ __ ] like made me so happy and now I’m like Doom scrolling oh no what happened to my [ __ ] attention span like I feel like it rotted a little bit in my country we didn’t have tamag GOI really a that sucks I really love tamag GOI

Mine looked like this one I think I could find it at home okay the next time I go home I I’ll look through my drawers If Ever I could like find my old one but this is like it looked like this one a little bit like maybe um hii oh

Youi guys you know what I I’ve been looking at artists recently again to like uh commission and follow and blah blah blah blah blah and I found uni and uni is so [ __ ] sweet and I’m going to be commissioning her soon when she opens her commissions give give me a second let me

Show you oh she’s almost at 5K oh wait can two people like follow so she can reach 5K you love spending money don’t you [ __ ] you [ __ ] you I saved money but the funny you know how I found her as an artist you know how I found

Her it’s because of this post like okay I’ll I’ll show you to tldr yo listen I saw this post right I saw this post and I was like dude this is weirdly really well drawn like I know it was a meme post right but I was like dude the hair

Was drawn really nicely the color usage was really done nicely so I was like Who’s the artist I have to check her out like I checked her I was like oh Yi me so I Googled like I I checked out Yi me right and I could see like the Shady is

Like really good I was like nah she’s good look at her OC it’s like so well made too I love it I I love it I love it also wait I I don’t know if you’re actually you are pretty open about it because of the the gallog um thingy but Filipino yes Twinsies love your art oh congrats on on reaching 5K huge Filipino mention Philippines mentioned congrats [Laughter] I can off believe I found you because of that [ __ ] video dude anyway guys I really need a new tamagi but I don’t like the new gens of tamaguchi because I

Don’t like how it can’t what the [ __ ] is this this video 55 minutes wait 1.1 mil I’m Alone I’m alone dude I leave me alone leave me alone guys come on no chat no links dude that me Dem C cuz I’m cats bye guys see you tomorrow goes on all yeah remember when I end the stream cuz I was so [ __ ] tired and then I hanged out

With booster for like literally an hour or so oh okay those are way too many blue names guys what’s with the okay T guys team orange team orange stand off guys I’m team orange this is me this is me I’m team orange okay team purple oh look team

Orange team orange okay team uh blue blue let’s see Team blue blue let’s see Team blue blue gang oh yeah blue is kind of you know wow that’s a strong ass blue I like my color oh team purple team purple yeah when you raid a booster he said

He’s going to stay up for long that he can raid you back oh did he really yeah that’s not going to [ __ ] happen Team Green Team Green hash mothering oh pink names on top what about me dumy you’re orange oh we’re matches how about

Red n Chad do you want to know the real reason why she she ended early she was like I’m such a [ __ ] horrible n Chad do you want to know the real reason why she she ended early she was like I’m such a [ __ ] horri n Chad bro I’m downloading this clip

Do you squirt and like cream pies and swallow Jesus Christ um the only thing I squirt is [ __ ] out of my ass um and then I have a mild seam and Allergy so I I don’t really like come being near me thanks anyway wait what how are you allergic to come that’s [ __ ]

Crazy holy [ __ ] do you squirt in like cream God this sence is so loud good [ __ ] God oh my God why do you God why is there so much weirdos this is so me I’m Alone it’s because like dude I you know what I’m going to I’m gonna say it I’m gonna say it if I am super super super super super super consistent in streaming that means I’m not hanging out with anyone anymore because I stop hanging out with anyone for consistency

I haven’t hanged out with my in life friends for a long time since like 3 months already for two months already because I told them like yo I’m going to try to be like more consistent on streaming so um I just I can’t I literally can’t because like whenever I

Play with them I get distracted and my energy level for stream will be lower and it will like be bad so um yeah I just I I don’t know man um maybe too consistent yeah and then like Jesse and I because of me streaming so [ __ ]

Much we haven’t hanged out for a long long time like even me and Jesse the last time we hanged out in a call like and did something was when I was watching the muscle Korean muscle show on stream how long ago was that yeah I yeah when you start doing

Well at work your personal life goes downhill yeah the 100 one a month or so ago y oh whoa a sale thank You but anyway yeah no I don’t know man it just is what it is I I don’t know um and then what the cursor really no he spent $10 I I see notification my phone the curs is not $10 anyway um yeah no that Jesse had to be like yo if you

Want to hang out let’s meet up on a date tell me a date and in my brain I can’t think of a date because I’m like but I want to stream every day um and our time zones are [ __ ] because the time that he’s awake is when I’m

Streaming but I don’t want to change the time that I stream and whatever so I might be taking every week a one day break you could take a one day off no but I want to be I want to Be oh this is so cute okay you are not no no no no no I don’t give a [ __ ] Ray you’re not getting this [ __ ] tattoo on you okay no this is signed off no you’re not getting this on your [ __ ] body but he’s so cute no no oh this is

Cool what is that reference by oh this is cute but like it’s cute though a ooh I feel like if you design this a little bit like if it’s not like I I feel like it’s more unequal and stuff like that it look cooler I like okay

This is going to sound so bad but I really like this one like I a small one and you’re like a little like if you put this a little bit on your like finger put this in your like finger and so you can see the little down whenever

You write you’ll see it oh my god dude whenever you like look down and you want to smile you look at your finger and you’ll see it fingers hurt not really between the thumb and index no no no when you’re yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah between the th and index so when

You’re writing when you look down and you’re writing something you’ll see it I think this guy would be sick yeah yeah yeah yeah I really like this like the spirits like like shake their heads yeah this one is like really nice I really like this one as

Well the thing about too I really like Toro’s design and everything and I love tooro but like I feel like it’s so you know what I mean I would rather have like theme stuff around it than my body habit it’s a little it’s a little

Basic it’s so overdone but I I love the love of like mono like this one this one but this one is like kind of like I I feel like you could do a little bit better in this design but I really love this one oh this one is really nice yeah but this

One like this one or this one oh this one I don’t know the significance of it so I don’t really have much to say cuz tattoos are usually but when it comes to like cute stuff I can I can I can say thing or toe oh yeah

There this gu that’s actually one of my favorites oh Man Studio [ __ ] gibli eating up my [ __ ] wallet you know what this is so [ __ ] embarrassing but I um God God good Lord this is so [ __ ] embarrassing so I ran out of money in

Japan and I had a few coins in my in my wallet and like 10,000 Yen left not 10,000 Yen 1,000 yen left which is I don’t even remember how much that is um and I was like oh my God I am going to go back home and I was with my sister

And her boyfriend right and I was like oh my God I’m going to go I keep I need to start drawing myself not as like my inner life self because this is how I draw my inner life self I need to stop doing that and draw um I need to draw my

Vtuber okay let me drop my V oh God oh my God my God I I [ __ ] again never mind whatever so anyway I was like outside right I was like literally outside and whatever and I was like oh my God and we passed by right I we passed by this hallway that had

Everything I’ve ever wanted to buy like we passed by right we were like walking down and whatever dude oh my God wait dummy you were the valerant vber yes I’m the valerant vber yeah yeah yeah yeah I used to like I used to play valerant so [ __ ] much and I quit because valerant

Did not make me happy anymore and there’s no condent in valerant anymore everything is just the same again you know what I mean it’s just like the same thing over and over and over again I feel bad I should have explained to my yo you me thank you so much for getting

Five thank you yeah I feel so bad for my like people who followed me or seen me in my thingy and I never explained to them why I left oh yeah anyway so we passed by this official too store oh my [ __ ] god it had everything every official thingy

That they’ve ever released for whatever everything and I was like oh my God I was like oh my God oh my God oh wait why did I do that oh my God you know I was like oh my God that’s so cool um so anyway I saw that right and I and then

The the realization comes in and I’m like looking at my wallet I’m like um I don’t have enough money and so I went to the corner that nobody can see me what I’m doing and I was like counting coins I was like literally in the corner of the [ __ ]

Room of the store C cords so I could see what I could afford with my wallet and I was like okay I can afford this I could I can so I why in the cour because I didn’t want people to see that I’m like counting I’m looking so Bor so

Anyway anyway I was in C coins and I could only afford a calendar I wanted to buy so much but all I bought was this really that do you see the calendar I have in my desk oh I’ll show you guys I’ll turn on cam hold on

Let me show you oh my God this is the only thing I can afford this the only thing I bought dude wait let me like see if this is it turned on yeah look why is it hello oop holy [ __ ] yo Focus yeah there yeah so that’s for January and you could

Change the like art for whichever whatever you want oh it’s so [ __ ] cute I really like it I love it so much and I keep it there oh I thought it would be big um yeah that’s all I could afford I that was all I could

Afford going broke for yeah dude it’s a nice one right uh yeah um I forgot the the name of this [ __ ] thingy I bet that light was never turned on this one [ __ ] you yes it has you need to work on spending and saving

Things that me no no no I I only put this amount of money to Japan right I told my mom to like oh okay I want this amount of money to be converted to Yan and that’s it right you know what I mean so I I only had a certain amount of

Money that is spendable oh my God wait have I told you guys the story of when me and my brother went out oh my god did I tell you about my story with my brother I have I not no okay let me okay new story time so me and my brother my mom

Went with her like um I don’t remember what my mom did I think my mom felt too sick to go so it was only me and my brother right I was like Yay and we were like oh my God fat people in the world unite I don’t know why we say that but

We say that oh um anyway so my brother right me and my brother we went to um this store together and I my mom before this happened right my mom gave me 10,000 Yen right 10,000 y I was like oh my God we rich I was like

Lou when she gave me this I was like oh my God I’m rich right and before that I also had 10,000 Yen that I haven’t spent yet for emergencies only so I had in total 20,000 yen and maybe like some coins right big I’m rich we’re going shopping The World Is

Ours and then and then my brother judge was also like that he was like yeah let’s go and then cuz my brother also got plus 10,000 Yen by my my mom right how do you JW so well with your mouse oh you’re so practice this of doing stupid doodling

First so anyway I was like yeah let’s let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m so excited I have so much money I’m so excited you know what I’m saying like I’m like so we went through the district we went through like the train and whatever yeah I was like yeah anyway

Right right Yi and then when I went in the train and everything and we went to the first store and I was like ooh oh and the sales lady right the sales lady she was so nice to me I was like oh my God this is so cute and it was like that

Kind of fashion in Japan where it’s like handmade blah blah blah blah blah and I’m like wow wow really you think this will look good on me and the girl was like yeah I think this was really the girl was like so nice and she was like

Yeah this would look really good on you you should try it out you should try it out right she was like yeah yeah yeah yeah and I’m like yeah and I didn’t check the price tag because I was like oh it’s not it’s probably not too much I mean it’s just a

Hoodie and pant so I got a hoodie one hoodie and one pants right and my brother was like wow yeah that looks that looks nice yeah yeah authentic Japan you know he was like authentic Japanese oh very nice very nice and I was like yeah and I was like I was like literally

Reply I was like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah and I was like yeah and I was so excited and everything and then we went to the cashier and then she scanned the tag of the jacket and the pants and the total became 36,000 Yen for those two items and I literally have social

Anxiety that I was just like too shy to like say anything when I was like looking at their price I was like I literally looked at like I like exactly like this I like I can feel my hair fall out in the floor I literally yeah I did the wait

Emoi I was like I’m so happy I like [Laughter] huh and I and I only have I only have 20,000 yet so so I looked at my brother right I did a side glance to my brother right I I was like judge by the way his name is Judge I was like judge

Um can I have your which is also Last I was like Jud can I have just just just do you still have the clothes hell [ __ ] yeah I oh God I’m not done with this story dude I’m not done with the story can I please help your bu and then my brother like also felt the situation

Right and he looked at me and he was like um uh okay okay he was like okay so my brother gave the 10,000 and I had to again I went to the changing of clothes and again I look at my and got the Co I’m literally C the coins in the [ __ ] again I’m counting [ __ ] money I’m like okay and my brother so anyway like when I say that we have no more money we I I gave I gave all my money what again and anyway in the corner anyway

Anyway anyway then later on right our day was so great right by the way by the way this happened all under 20 minutes I’m not [ __ ] joking we went to the train it took five minutes we went walking for like maybe 10 we went shopping and it like like dude I’m not

[ __ ] joking this happened all in the span of [ __ ] 20 minutes where all the money is when we were like yeah yeah we’re rich next scene um can I have some money please have some anyway so I was devastated right I was like so [ __ ] after like the

Clothe incident right I was so [ __ ] devastated I was walking around Japan I was like I don’t have any more money I don’t I can’t buy anything anymore I’m so poor like so sad I’m like Doom walking right I’m like literally Doom walking across the street with my brother and my

Brother’s laughing so hard at me he’s like literally laughing and then a glimmer of hope I’m like wait judge wait judge wait judge thoughts on this right toss in this yeah judge I have a plan judge we’ve never tried my card but not any

Card my do you know like um my what is it called in the Philippines um my gcash carard I don’t know what the American equip equivalent to this right is but like gcash is like this online thingy and I have a physical card right I have

A physical card so I got my gcat card I was like look yeah venmo I have my ven mode like Apple pay right and I was like judge we’ve never tried this card so we went to this like coin shop right where you could put your coins or whatever you’re joking right no

We we got we went to a coin shop right and we bought one coin purse one coin purse and the cashier asked for my card I look at her I’m worried but I need to be confident that it works so I’m like oh yeah here’s my card here’s my card right

Here’s my card and I give her my card and I’m like staring I’m like I’m like staring like right I was like I like literally like sweating I’m like it’s going to work right it’s going to work please work please don’t get declined please don’t get declined I’m like look at I’m

Like Su wedding I’m like good God please don’t [ __ ] Decline and then and then the no and then a notification like and then I see the card thingy and it goes green and no actually no it didn’t go green it went red I’m like in my head I was

Like it went red but apparently in Japan red me red means it went through I don’t [ __ ] know why in that [ __ ] specific thing I was like no but no and then she was like okay here you go and I looked at I was like oh it’s confirmed

And I’m like and I think about it right and I look at I Look to judge right I looked to judge again judge judge judge judge we’re not poor anymore judge we have we have money my gcash I can use my gcash like I’m like judge judge judge I can use my gash

My brother looked at me back and he was like oh my god oh no way no way right it’s also like shot so oh my God and then I checked again and you know how like fees right fees are like the problem that’s why we have we we changed the currency

Beforehand right that’s a thing like that’s the big thing so I check my phone so another hurdle right this is another hurdle I check my phone notification gcash right I check my phone and there’s a notification and it says gcash you withdraw or you use this amount guess what it had

0.5% that’s nothing credit cards are usually 5% credit cards are usually 10% gcash is actually the most goated [ __ ] app I’ve ever seen and it had almost exactly the same conversion rates as if I [ __ ] converted my [ __ ] money in the Philippines like it was so [ __ ] amazing and I went crazy with

Power again go back to the right judge judge you would have never believe what happened right y r r thank you so much thank you we’re join a c what the [ __ ] you’re in a cult also that emote is so [ __ ] cute where did you who did you

Commission hi hi R renan thank you so much guys can we have hearts and chat for renan thank thank you chica is my goat ah the classic chica is so [ __ ] good yeah chica was like my I was going to commission chica as well but then I

Was like holy [ __ ] I don’t want to wait for the wait list I need like a quick turn around for the emotes because like I always going to De and stuff like that but hi my name is dy I play variety I also play CS but I’m not good but you

Know I try my best actually I have my m moments I’m actually pretty good yeah dude I do an introduction now isn’t that crazy anyway so okay let me finish my story real quick but anyway I’m almost done with my story right I’m almost done so anyway I went [ __ ]

Crazy with power because I was like oh my God I have access to my bank account I realize yeah I’m luckily enough to be an OG commissioner damn big and I was like I was like Jud right I was going back right I was going back

I was like oh my God I can use my credit card in Japan and I got crazy enraged with [ __ ] powers like I could buy [ __ ] anything I could buy [ __ ] anything right and then um the reality set in that the time that I finally realized that I actually had

Access to my [ __ ] bank account the entire time um it was the last day in my Japan trip so uh yeah so this whole thing about being [ __ ] poor and everything in Japan and this like there were so many ups and downs in this day it was insane but it was insane dude

Hi do you get clothes though yeah do you want to see the clothes that I got in Japan you guys are going to laugh because it’s really [ __ ] ugly but the sales lady was just so nice I couldn’t say no you guys are going to laugh man you

Guys know you’re going to laugh I know you’re going to laugh I know I know you’re gonna laugh but I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care anymore I don’t care I don’t care let me show you the honey that I bought it’s kind of cute but I can’t use

It cuz it’s too hot in the Philippines but like look it’s a cat honey it’s like it’s kind of cute right anyway you’re not going to expect this you’re not going to expect this hold on hold on I’m not done this zipper wait wait wait let me open this zipper wait

Wait wait a minute okay the zipper right the zipper [ __ ] Focus the zipper a dude dude I got Yo I [ __ ] up so bad I [ __ ] up so bad I wasted so much money going as a [ __ ] adult woman she really enjoyed it a bit too much I like

That it’s not that bad then you [ __ ] opened the zipper no it was 25k Yen yes she was 25k Y no no no no I think it was 20K Yen and then the [ __ ] pants was 15K Yen do you want to see the pants oh good

God oh good god dude I’m so [ __ ] sad where it go okay there’s a story about these pants I was not supposed to buy these pants and whatever and and whatever dude oh my [ __ ] god oh I have I have a continuation of that story I have a continuation of that

[ __ ] story by the [ __ ] way by the [ __ ] way oh this going to suck so bad saying it I told this this story right this entire story right I told it to my sister and we were in the hotel room and my brother was there like we were just hanging out

Right and then and then my sister was like wait let me see the pants and I was like and then judge was like oh yeah I didn’t even I don’t even see the pants yet let’s see the pants let’s see the pants Demi so then I wear the pants and my sister

Literally went Omega [ __ ] and she was like clapping and she was like pointing at me and everything she was like she was like pointing at me because it looked like especially that I’m a bigger girl the pants looked a little like a diaper cuz like the pants let me explain how the

Pants is it’s one of these pants where it goes like this like it doesn’t end here it ends here so like it’s very like that and I thought it was cool cuz I was like oh my God GTO [ __ ] J JK fast like that so I fast like that

Here’s the pants that I overspend so much money for I’m never ever ever ever ever dude I’m never buying [ __ ] ever again this is the pants oh those are the pants good God it’s cute though I’m not gonna lie it’s actually cute though when I wear it

But like when I’m sitting down I look like I have a diaper I’m not gonna lie it’s so ugly no it’s not it’s not it’s really nice in real life I promise you it’s really nice in real life seagull cries I didn’t see it too late I already

Like fix up my [ __ ] room it’ll grow on guys when once I lose weight it’s all over it’s all over for y’all cuz cuz I can wear those fans again dude because like I have a [ __ ] oh my God so anyway those are the Japan

Stories that I don’t think I said yet or maybe I did but I never went to into detail Demi Japan Vlog when Oh I haven’t sent a footage yet to Hoku did you go to a so hear that you’re feeling better and Hyper again demo oh thank you yeah dude I was having like the biggest [ __ ] headache a while ago I went to I actually I went to Japan

Like multiple times cuz I live very close I’m from the Philippines it’s like a 5 hour flight I feel bad for like foreigners have to like do like [ __ ] crazy flight all right plants really fast yeah so kurum kurum Fish Market inaka was for sure the highlight of my triip oh you

Also went renan do you live close by D the Philippines to Japan if you if you buy oh we bought the tickets during a sale so our tickets were like $70 each oh my God judge can I oh wait a minute I just realized I can call my

Brother and he could like also tell you the story maybe I Mis like remembered it a little bit xross like at 14 months yeah notorious we live closer also don’t ever buy don’t ever buy plane flies without having a sale those plane flights are so way too expensive for

Like no [ __ ] reason I swear to God let me message oh no I I paid him back because I bought him like stuff in Japan that cost a 10K Yen with my card before I went hold on let me call Him Jud hello can you hear me uh I’m on stream right now they could hear you hello um do you remember when do you do you remember in Japan when we went our five people of the World Unite remember that yeah how much money did I have to buy borrow from you

You borrowed money from me yeah I remember when I had to buy the jacket and uh the pants and I had to be like oh I think that was like oh my God how much was that 12,000 yen that was 12,000 for jacket oh my go

Oh yeah I think got got cash yeah and then I had to like look at you I’m like judge give our money yeah that was like we looked at each other and you already know what what that meant yeah okay it’s because they didn’t show me

The price tag the price tag was so like hid didn’t check you didn’t check it was it was at a point where you can’t say no anymore y we were just too polite we couldn’t we couldn’t say no yeah I didn’t want to say no she already like she was so nice

Remember when she nice yeah she was about so nice she was giving you the like showing you the pants to match with it imagine that’s like that’s going to be 24,000 24,000 yen for the perfect pair I don’t I don’t think you’re ever going to use that jacket anymore

No yeah the sleeves are so long but like it’s cute though right it was cute you used my 10,000 Yen or a jacket that you’ll never use whatever bye judge okay bye-bye said hi oh they could hear you bye say bye say bye judge bye bye Chad enjoy

Bye I’ll use it no I I’ll definitely use those clothes in the future no I’ll I’ll 100% use those clothes I feel like playing CS I’m playing CS I don’t give a [ __ ] no why I need to I need to practice my I need to prti practice my

Russian do we stop crying yet oh wait I’m crying maybe next cooking stream cookie stream you can use a jacket the problem with the hoodie is that it’s like the way that it was designed the arms are like super longer than like the actual like thingy practice Opening

Knives okay let me do my weekly I want to get my case wait what it’s not Yet What I want my case I want my case so bad also I’m only going to play like a few games because I want to rank up to like 5K if okay here’s the deal here’s the deal if I lose I quit if I win I keep going thoughts imagine my first game I

Lose if I first game I lose an amount I I I play Minecraft or something might as well quit now one game stream no I’ll win nah I’d win nah I’d win I’d win trust trust me let’s roll okay is it cuz the gun name is Judge you [ __ ]

Dumbass I [ __ ] hate where to go D me n i’ win yeah that’s me yeah that’s me yeah i’ win oh uni do you have 7 TV by the way oh do you guys have 7 TV all of you guys have 7 TV press one chat if you have the 7 TV

So I’m so sick of playing it for now yay oh my God I hate the part of the song holy [ __ ] I have bttv what 7 TV wait are you serious so let’s roll yeah but like bttv is like yeah but 7 TV is like a third party

Thing the best part of the song you think that that’s the best part of the song am I having FPS isues 7 TV yeah it’s like for emotes and stuff you know how do you do you see this emote do you see this [ __ ] [ __ ] hello shut the [ __ ]

Hello’s they’re for stack by the way throwing a grenade there so much b b last one m oh my oh my terrorists Win I have to double check if my thingy is correct oh it’s all right microphone at least I need to like when I’m playing like valerin or like CS or whatever I need to get it better leak grenade my thing somebody in Med died from a [ __ ] deagle that’s insane

No I forgot I have a wire in my [ __ ] Mouse H going oh oh okay terrorists win am I bottom fragging oh thank God I’m not wait yes I hi Jade hi I can feel the max wi I feel like if I opened 10 cases today I would have a

Knif is that the Zuma knife no that’s the [ __ ] cool ass combo look at this [ __ ] combo okay look at this combo look at this knife look at dude I don’t know why sh [ __ ] I wanted to buy something else why is it hard rate at 90 because I’m stupid save me thank

You y I didn’t think there would be somebody else Yi I’m pretty sure he’s going to come from it here flash on your left oh my God the way he’s moving is giving me anxiety why might be on your right terrorists win oh I love this song fell in love with a

Girl in love and almost completely the World open 10 PES don’t be a you are one case away from getting a knife your next case will be a factory low float knife a for I don’t even know how much I live him for it’s because that [ __ ] like wooden stick Dave the diver aimim yeah I

Haven’t play s in a while oh my oh my oh my oh my dude I know I kind of want to buy it so [ __ ] bad you have no idea but I don’t want to waste money like is it actually a waste of money if I’m so in love terrorist

Win how much is it $10 byon figurine since you’re into dorks I already have a leon figurine so let’s go there’s an X XM that it says [ __ ] on it rare pattern really flash it’s $179 yeah $179 that I don’t want to spend buy another no nice go nice

Go nice girl nice girl nice no Throwing Fire can you spin your knife yeah sure I can of course I can counter terrorists win it’s all right nice go let’s go oh look who stop fragging look who St FR yes SP the knif yeah look at that I needed to like get

How many kills did I get that game I needed three kills to get a round win this [ __ ] grenade out grenade out I buy Something why is he waiting there that [ __ ] weirdo somebody was pushing a and they’re still going to be in B rocking ooh that’s so sad I think they’re pushing B bomb has been planted terrorists win I don’t know if they’re even trying I don’t think my teammates are even trying

Whatsoever every time I plays CS they never [ __ ] like try as I’m trying dude I’ll do it in the middle of the round because um if I make the M already off the bat then I have to like deal with SLS grenade out that guy is dead as

[ __ ] oh why did I [ __ ] continue to Peak hi tail how are you oh tail hi hased guys Saylor’s another vtuber as well I met them I met them um on new years’s dude that aim is atrocious maybe I’m being too mean I feel like my aim is not even that good

For me to like judge so hard actually I feel like my aim is fine so sometimes terrorist hi can we have a shout out for teal come on go come on go are you guys trying I’m trying but very hot man a it’s okay it’s okay we can do it we can do

It see I’m trying really hard to not be mean and I’m really Nice where is the [ __ ] help from my teammates you know what I mean I’m like [ __ ] oh my God please Walk Dude 2 and seven is crazy how’s stream it’s so perfect it’s so nice it’s so fun I’m having is so much fun yeah let’s give it to them boys let me spend the night I’m going to get a free gun right now right bomb has been planted if I aimed Lower oh my God it would have been a Dink no my heart rate is so fast terrorists win wouldn’t wouldn’t um if you have like a good degree a good whatever wouldn’t us be a very good like country for you for making good money like an American company like especially with a degree depending On on come On oh you’re in California right now they have it thr smoke flash I’m so [ __ ] why am I running I think I mentally gave up you’re also adorable makes sense now that you said you love orange and yellow and white aim a little bit holy [ __ ] I’m pausing the music I’m try Harding watch me like bring this team from a 1 and N to a 10 and N watch this going thank you Yuki watch this guys you’re not ready FY Champs throwing a grenade smoke uh what in be bomb in B hi Demon oh thank God he has a shotgun he oh okay it’s fine last one in me oh sorry out flash wow what a knife I delete my CS2 if you clutch can you believe it they’re a four sack why are they so bad I feel like if

You’re a four sack you’re going to be better right no way oh my God can I have please thank you I want to see my off skin honestly look at my off skin that’s so nice a souvenir desert Hydra doing sneaky hi FC F he’s watching my thing right dud dude I the last time I saw him in the map he was watch my

Left help help someone no he was he was looking there why would he suddenly change oh my lay down smoke am I stupid grenade but I really legitimately no no no no no I’m actually join this I’m actually joining this I don’t [ __ ] care throwing a

Grenade in the [ __ ] map you can see in bite right in bite where they’re pushing out or whatever the [ __ ] they’re ping out right there’s two main entrances the one here and the one here and I’m over I’m over here and somebody else is over here in this point of view

He has perfect SES on whether somebody’s pushing and he was here I was here so I was looking here so that I could fire this so that I can focus back here but the next thing I see in the [ __ ] in the [ __ ] thingy like what the [ __ ]

Are you playing on this play sure maybe no but I’m saying like why the [ __ ] did he start like walking away I don’t [ __ ] understand he started to walk towards me me uhoh uhoh no but at the same time bomb has been planted I’ve never lost so hard in a

Game in my life the only time I’ve ever lost this hard is against a [ __ ] hacker counterterrorist them report them wait are they hacking now he has aund oh Noob hacker bot hacker oh [ __ ] oh let’s rip it oh that is so unfortunate he crouched in the middle of

FL that’s so sad but he crouched exactly when I was about to shoot his head he crouched hacker question mark I don’t know I H he’s rank at 36 but his account is like [ __ ] 5 years why would you hack after 5 years like this counter terrorists win maybe a k

Hacked no I think he is just like a really good gamer I don’t think that he’s a hacker guys not everybody’s hacking if I open cases then I’d automatically win I’m not going to help them I’m lazy we don’t even have bombs or so get [ __ ] demon thank you so

Much I [ __ ] had to Blink thank you Dima when is Dima Don GNA play again that was so fun we need to play Lisa company again Dima deona I help with qu plus a thank you the triple d’s counterterrorist win guys I think we should play one more game wait wa wait wa wait wait wait

Please please please that doesn’t count that doesn’t count I went in a four stack that like like no guys come on oh my who is this God I’m so [ __ ] great they were a four stack then you could literally sleep if you you play One More You Spin the Wheel

Fine give me the wheel hi Lisa happy New Year fine open a case okay how about instead of spinning the wheel I open 10 cases no I just pulled my [ __ ] eyelash out Ouch no way no way oh I don’t want to play ancient again come on guys come on please let’s not let’s not do Val guys let’s just open 10 CS cases thoughts I don’t even have oh I can’t play Val because I don’t even have I uninstalled

It so I have to like restart my whole PC just to like play it I [Laughter] can’t yeah I literally uninstalled it D me honestly good for you yeah I I realized like it was like so suck Demi pants hi pal hi I can’t see it I don’t see

It why not why don’t I see it I’m going to restart chat oh I see I see I SK that street yo oh yeah I got raided by Dima maybe you’re watching oh not Dima sorry from fuing [ __ ] Ren geted okay I saw Di’s [ __ ] subscription thingy and I [ __ ] said

That people don’t have my [ __ ] drip cuz Oh I thought I saw somebody yo any need teammates question mark question mark any teammates I’m like looking at three different points where’s my teammates I bet those would go crazy with the Ninja Turtle shes oh my God you’re so right grenade go

Go oh God everybody’s like one shot oh this song is so nice terrorist win yeah yeah what the [ __ ] That me what’s with you with lithuanians I I don’t know yo I know so many [ __ ] lithu I know one two 3 4 5 I know like six lithuanians let’s move what the [ __ ] a Venoms and you judge me sadly the coolest people I’ve met are lithuanians or like the most talented

People I met hardworking question mark maybe hardworking no either there no way the one time I didn’t check my Corners because I was like there’s no way he’s there right L they’ve been through some [ __ ] yeah s they had to double time wait I’m with good teammates y I

Don’t want to try hard y unlucky unlocky unlocky you better try hard yeah but like yeah but like oh wow what the [ __ ] I did not even see yeah it’s either play I don’t want to play valerant though that [ __ ] makes me want to die in real life I’m not going to

Lieck terrorists win actually can we just do respin Val in 2024 valer is not even a bad game valer don’t get me wrong valer is not a bad game but like holy [ __ ] it like [ __ ] me up [ __ ] it I’ll play valerant since it was in the wheel spin guys

Sorry you said the wheel spin and now will spin that’s what you get guys look at my [ __ ] knife I don’t want to push this on my own can they push this nice shot oh I didn’t buy any like I didn’t buy any youil l [Applause] lol PL this thing no you nice

One uh where you guys from Thailand bro damn we are from Thailand you know Thailand uh how what do I say in there but say it in like the most American Way in the chat so I can like read it here we go silent mentioned so what uh so This what the [ __ ] Hi no I’m sensing a uh transion does this look like [ __ ] valorant to you yo left time die grenade you have a grenade the Bro counterterrorist win nicey hit banana damn okay I bought i b i I bought youtil okay I don’t know any lineups in this game even if I’ve been playing it for years but B but but oh [ __ ] but when you say butter it’s like but let’s do this quick but but uh

Um but the what was I saying what was I talking about I don’t remember oh Somebody went on fire Flash oh my God I almost shot him holy [ __ ] yeah I’m not pushing that can you shoot at a on my way to plant terrorist yeah y a

Nice whenever I scream my heart rate goes so high I every time you get killed you have to do five press up question no for a wheel spin yeah you’re actually [ __ ] stupid no No oh [ __ ] two 22 wow we killed them both with what the [ __ ] open a case for each point of damage you take thoughts reactions question markn Conn guys my eyes are so [ __ ] blurry I don’t know why oh because I’m actually having withdrawals L I completely Forgot guys I completely forgot I was going through withdrawals how’s the botox thing at me it hasn’t Tak effect yet away I need clean my glasses terrorists win yes yeah and PMSing don’t forget you know what I was watching my VL yesterday and I realized I have a really annoying

Voice like I get way too loud question mark you watch your own v v there was a part of the VA I needed to watch oh oh am I ending stream going have [ __ ] off in the I thought flash 1 maybe moreen one Flash oh [ __ ] oper oh oh God I’m

Stuck no way I have to peek counterterrorist win sorry my bad got on TR super low super low with a uh with a AK nice I can’t believe I died and I had a shotgun I Point Blank bomb has been pre need surgery Demi memories you don’t even know me before my surgery

Everything is post surgery are you [ __ ] what do you mean chepy chepy doy doy da daa flashbang grenade close left shot shot shot I don’t if I’m being honest the problem with CS2 is that I don’t know it’s kind of boring sometimes where did he die from am I

Tripping I don’t even know where he died from she used to be really knowledgeable before stream and then this happened what’s your thoughts on apex super fun Apex is super fun here we oh bro oh I’m smoked off oh the moment I went [ __ ] back are you [ __ ]

Serious I want to go in I’m bored a one ABC one one more terrorist they’re so good Dimension I’m so bad AK oh do he want M what okay I’m feeling a bit good about this one what do you say I want to play CS I’m bored thought was a [ __ ] I’m fine

Sh let me just push to the site and then I’ll help on the back I’m lay down smoke oh no oh my God I’m [ __ ] oh my God I’m [ __ ] oh my God I’m not butter fragging what that’s crazy I’m like doing so bad oh watch this guys in a long when dmy was good memories what rank is this uh 11.5 okay wait do you guys even play CS in the chat press one in chat if you do play CS

Okay what’s your rank are you [ __ ] serious long oh he’s B fagging with me I can see that n you still use nag counterterrorist win yeah stop lying let’s go let’s go send screenshot and then maybe I believe you no shot you’re 22k dude no way all

Right I go be with his B I’m on your friendless check your leaderboard sure I’ll check my leaderboard hold on hold on move out is that why you’re the most judgmental like there’s no way that ch is 22k with that side laptop ass dude maybe he’s a one to be 22k because of

His [Applause] laptop b b dude how do you guys enjoy CS2 it feels worse I completely agree I missed C go so [ __ ] much you have no idea terrorists win I hate those sub ticks I hate it as well I completely get um the hate for CS2 I complet completely hate

It 1.6 days I I never played 1.6 days I just like watched it with my brother back in the day 1.6 is like the the old old old one right like the peak of Cs wow they love me how many k are we doing no No long beot be Shot no to be long terrorist win no always like tried to like mer uh they continue with cs and updating it and um if you have both CS go and CS2 the community will be divided and it will be really bad go let’s go let’s go

Hi Robo zooid huh oh wait why did I say hi I mean like no roozid I not raging I’m actually quite calm grenade out I’m calm throwing smoke I didn’t actually expect somebody to be there dude you know what’s so crazy and I’m not going to I’m not I’m not going to

Like fter myself when I say this but um I play so bad when I’m PMSing and I play so good when I’m at my peak of like estrogen and [ __ ] like that I don’t know how to explain it I’m not [ __ ] even joking dude iist win I really wish I was joking but

Look at my game play like literally a week ago or two weeks ago and the the the the game play is completely different I’m not [ __ ] joking dude I’m really not even coping I’m not Coping guys I’m really not coping uh I play so much better when I sleep well and take M uh take my meds I’m currently quitting mine i d him oh one D connector connector I play so much during the full moon I die die die die die die die

Die terrorists win see I feel like that’s like a sub difference like there’s no way he actually like shot like that maybe he did but like you know what I mean it has to be he’s just bad no no shot I think we should save again stay right here is where we end

This the watch this perfect [ __ ] shot one Two no dick cheese it’s a week before it okay B actually bomb has planted yeah you’re my you’re supposed to K terrorists win all my mods are required to keep notes so that they wait why am I getting a diffuse kid as if I’m [ __ ] going to live I play

So [ __ ] aggressive I love it I love the adrenaline of running through my [ __ ] enemy team and getting head shot in the face I love it so addicting i d him I literally D him am I just [ __ ] how the games have been going bad I’ve been playing like stupid

[ __ ] oh my not a shot towards him counter they never push long I would I really want to push I Just MC girl whereever you are A me a me uh B I think they’re going to go back shot flash bomb has been planted one shot I got it no time no time no time no time win no thanks I didn’t Ace that was literally an ace that’s so sad remember when I said oh you know

What I don’t really need a diffuse kit that’s so sad actually even diffuse kid I don’t think I had time right nice shot out did I under a teammate [ __ ] bomb drop Counter okay I bought the diffuse K after I had enough money yay e oh my God I was so bad I think care for be okay I was so [ __ ] right God it’s so hard being so [ __ ] big brain you know what I mean it’s so hard having a massive [ __ ] brain cool

Okay oh connector connector uh one in a care for uh top I even knew I even [ __ ] knew but no I’m a dummy last one last one and uh spawn connector I hardly know her Jesus Christ a mean up he b mean no no no no before

What hi counterterrorist win the best of the best nice oh hi P hi get ready this is a free fire zone We be here be here grenade smoke B I’m known Uhoh yeah push okay push push push three three Belen Out grenade long Yeah I could an ace in this game fuers yeah they’re just vibing and chilling we open case or Val oh no oh no actually I I’ll open cases because actually I don’t want to spend money I’m trying to save but I don’t want to play Val [Laughter] G

Respin okay guys should we just respin cuz like a lot of people are just like not even [ __ ] with the thingy okay we Respin [Laughter] I guys you waiting patiently for like oh thank you monster thank you thank you okay I’ll I’ll call compliment oh God T so okay I’ll compliment air Venoms my genuine compliment to you is that I think your understanding of memes and the way that

You make a clip funnier but how you edit is extremely funny and I really like that me now me now dick cheese I’m skipping dick cheese Daxter thank you so much like like dude I wouldn’t be okay fine fine fine fine I have to be nice okay okay so

Hard no I complimented you a Venoms now dick cheese okay my genuine compliment to you is that I think that you make chatter at the chat a better place for a lot of other people to joke around with and you make other people feel comfortable because you’re um a little jokester

Okay uh I’ll do so what about me n Dax I already complimented you before okay let let’s let’s uh okay I’ll cppo the cppo my next my random compliment is to C I I like how he like uses the the combination of a lot of emotes around

The communities I I was think it’s so cute like the PSP emotes and my emotes and that he like shares the love of like who he like wants to support I think that’s very sweet Yeah guys that was hard I breathe guys this is Hardd IES I didn’t get a compliment it said three random CH Chatters I did three random ones that broke a sweat out of me jackass no there’s people in chat that I look forward to seeing their names so genuinely I’m not going to say who and

How many are there but like there are people that I feel very excited to see like when I stream I get excited to like stream do like whatever okay uh it’s over not me me Quick Clip the compliment has Pro them could be nicer chat guys that was really hard this emote is

So it’s so dude yeah I got the drip I got the drip guys I I know I know you’re jealous but like like you know I got the sub [Laughter] judge yeah guys this is me 25k Yen yeah I know um ever since then I’ve always looked at the price tag

Whenever I buy clothes now like really [ __ ] closely like really [ __ ] closely because you got to remember I don’t really go outside I don’t buy my clothes like in real life so I I forgot that like you and I have anxiety and I wanted to leave the stord as soon as

Possible so when I saw something I liked um I I wanted to leave the store immediately and I [ __ ] up because I didn’t look at the T the check I didn’t look at how much it would be I [ __ ] up I [ __ ] up Demi merch question

Mark so real you got finessed by the seller that’s about it no the seller was actually genuinely so nice and I really liked it I actually really like the clothes I’m not going to lie is it a little bit too immature maybe a little bit like maybe I should buy more clothes

That are not sweaters and jackets and whatever but I am addicted it is what it is so are snake bites but alas no I won’t get snake bites anymore I think that it’s one of those decisions where at the moment I like it but maybe in the

Future I won’t and I don’t want future me to be disappointed in current me I do want it though so I bought the I I I bought the fake ones hi so I can still have my feeling of having it and taking photos with it but the teardrop tattoo guys in the

Future if ever I do a charity event I will let chat pick my tattoo my first ever tattoo I’ll stream on Kick I don’t know if I’m allowed to stream that on like twitch or something horrible idea never playing voices again no the voices is like a

Good game like I had fun with it and I like the atmosphere of it but like at the same time I really want to play Rlcraft get Dem pants is a tattoo I would die hi open up the door you can’t stream getting tattoos on a twitch because I probably will like bleed and that’s not allowed yeah tattoos is fine but like the bleeding is not fine you should peep at Zora stream real quick am I

Dying no [ __ ] way no way what the [ __ ] is happening in Zo was it feel sore you you should be a you should be after all that performance you’re getting all the right spots dude Oscar takes a seat on a nearby machine he looks completely why is his camera

Stuck oh my God the thing him I thought it was this balls hanging oh my God so how was that you feeling better I feel great almost complete competition ready you’re a miracle worker Julian glad that I could help I’d better go put my stuff away and get ready for

The meeting no syny is way too good at that [ __ ] what the [ __ ] thanks again for helping me out Julian good luck with your interview are you sure that’s not his balls it’s not his [ __ ] balls they [ __ ] moving bro I know I know Oscar it’s his

Tail no it’s his tail it’s his tail it’s his tail he’s a [ __ ] shut up Julian hurries to the locker room so fast let’s find where my locker is would you call me [ __ ] h now where could my locker be it’s around here somewhere why does Julian actually remind me of queso Bro okay dude Julian searches for his lock trouble my my locker isn’t here either Julian sees the shower room and wonders if someone can help him not funny um hello is anybody there no sh I’m taking this off my screen right now bro there’s no way is anybody there Juliet Peaks around

The corner and oh oh there’s no there doesn’t seem to be anyone here show it what what do you think you’re doing dude I SNY oh no why didn’t we do this while the art section was broken that would have been so good come on probably it’s safe

According to deadly according to deadly guy it’s safe listen to One chatter do you believe that guy I like a furry I want to be I want to be here when it happened keep on your pants guys put your pants on right now click bro I’m scared I’m going for Click The Voice came from behind Julian oh oh it’s it’s fine he you come here often to take a sneak peek at the guys in the shower oh no it’s not what you think the large Rhino appears to be waiting for an explanation uh this is my first time here and I’m

Having trouble finding my locker I was looking for anyone who could offer me some help don’t ever say that again ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever oh my God oh look at this new art I posted look at it it looks cool right oh I have this

Art that I want to post and it it literally like matches with the nah i’ win nah i’ win right no wouldn can you start acting as cool as your artwork please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die die please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die please don’t

Die what the what the [ __ ] okay I got my stuff back let’s go back to my World me see enemy please don’t die I’m listening oh good good Whatever what was that dude lunchbox is not replying to me aware he hasn’t replied to me for like age what the [ __ ] should I be Worried should I like be like genuinely worried he replied to me last night oh did he actually be honest be honest be honest be honest now no I’ve never damed him oh yeah I don’t know I’m getting kind of worried dude I you want me to message a

Little bit I’m I’m getting a little bit worried not going to lie I have to put the crown I’m so [ __ ] sorry guys Missy with life maybe yeah maybe I’m not sure I guess we’ll really never know I guess um we’ll find out next time he does have Wi-Fi issues but he

Doesn’t have like no internet oh Minecraft music is so Pretty remove remove remove okay no actually I think I’m going to Adventure where I’ve never been before cuz like um lunchbox I not lunch box uh boost already went to the place where I already went to so I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to just go to the same

Place again and again and again now he went back to the to talk okay very nice very nice very good very nice very good very nice where did I hear that from long time ago where did I hear that from very good very nice no not Tik Tok is it

Actually any reason why you’re not using shaders oh do I have oh this one I think my game [ __ ] no no come on please don’t do this to me hello hello hello hello hello hello uh hello oh no my audio is not working no [ __ ] way hello

Hello yeah I know it’s working for you guys but it’s not working for me I can’t hear [ __ ] anymore oh my God it’s so quiet in my room oh good lord I’m going fuckingly insane holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ]

Holy [ __ ] maybe if I remove the shaders it will like fix that maybe maybe maybe please please please please please please please please please because I have to restart the computer if it’s not working anymore no I have to restart my PC no no it’s GG’s all right well sorry

Guys it’s either I just end stream or um I don’t know but like it’s really working I don’t know why I don’t know how to like restart it restart game first no I this happened before and I don’t know what’s wrong with it but like sometimes the thingies

Will yeah I have a dual PC setup where I can just like restart my PC but it’s like annoying and I would rather just go offline I’m just kidding I’ll just restart my PC and [ __ ] are you CL what’s clinching maybe okay how about yeah

Maybe if I do this and then maybe if I do that okay maybe if I unplug it then replug it okay maybe if I use something else maybe if I come back if maybe if I change this maybe if I change that maybe if I change

This no ninja don’t worry about it it’s my PC I don’t know why this happens if I’m being honest like I have no [ __ ] idea why suddenly my headset is not working or something like that look at zo stream there’s no point cuz I can’t even hear anything right

Now okay I’ll be right back guys BRB have some music while um intermission no I’m not leaving I I’ll just like restart my PC give me a second give me a second let me play you guys some music that you can enjoy do you hear It Okay W [Laughter] H yeah here Again I here again fix fix y Double PC W yeah I’m back yeah isn’t that so nice isn’t that so [ __ ] nice that I have like a double PC where I could do that I’m ah I’m so happy happy D I can’t hear you I could literally see in the microphone you can what do you mean [ __ ] you [ __ ]

You oh my god I’ve been streaming for seven hours is it going to be one of those short streams again hi moldy fan dude if I had like no double two PCS I would have ended stream already isn’t that insane what is this let’s change that to

Hot yeah is that is it just me or is the room getting hotter morning Rush incoming okay I’m ready hi good morning welcome to Freddy’s fazar what would you like oh corn yeah sure I can’t I can’t do this I can’t do this Rush incoming okay I’m ready hi

Good morning welcome to Freddy Faz what would you like oh corn yeah sure I can’t I can’t do this I can’t do this holy [ __ ] dude I am so [ __ ] fast I am actually so fast so where’s my tip [ __ ] yes I’ve seen Z stream yes I’ve seen I’ve

Seen guys I I need a better [ __ ] headset why is everything lagging that me lags um I think it’s just You level up a grave how do I level up my grave no I I want to level up on my own CU I’m a little bit of a like what do you guys what do you call it when you’re not really helpful at the moment knowledgeable knowledge of death

Bye ASU okay how do I do the knowledge of death oh I can form what the [ __ ] useless I’m sorry third tab I don’t think this is It the we was ready what are you talking about today is going to be a cozy short stream oh wait I didn’t just [ __ ] start I thought I just [ __ ] started my mental has restarted because of me eding like restarting my computer no this is cheetah’s um Farm not mine good you’re crazy

What oh I can level up something okay um this is not it where is it I’m going to wake why is booster not [ __ ] here honestly booster sounded so tired knowledgeable knowledge of death okay it’s on it um he binds okay okay this Zoom this VC this is uh

B okay this is for text chat okay this is with the thingy okay l d l button for what the [ __ ] I have quests Whoa I am not reading all that not going to lie oh I got a hat oh too much reading [Laughter] what the [ __ ] they know yeah they actually know how do I do it does anybody know just check the controls I don’t know press L this is l

Yes I feel like this is good okay and then okay so then I do my quests right okay so this is my quest I claim I have a tiny headt okay um do my quests do claim all minor hat oh I have so many hats I don’t like this one I like this

One a big br oh me because I’m [ __ ] big brained than a beard a beard does this say dumb dumb okay that’s not me I’m not doing that one okay which one do you guys like the think one I think I like the think one H

Interesting no you can’t even see the D because of my hair on the front so don’t care I like them but we can God damn it wait what does that say haha point and laugh whatever whatever everybody’s just [ __ ] haters man I swear to God Santa look at that oh I like that

One yeah I like that one the most okay let’s go back to the quests okay so I’ve never done uh this one Bounty do a bounty okay uh quest of make a furnace what the [ __ ] yes I have I’ve made a furnace before haven’t I have I really never made a

Furnace wow I really didn’t that’s insane wow a matchbox uh paper and slab paper and slab paper is made from paper is made From paper is made from sugar cane sugar cane that I do not have he scuba scuba thank you so much for the two months is this a bu friendly stream B I’m going to make a huge Farm actually I’m going to go make a farm I’m done I’m making a huge [ __ ] farm so I can just Farm XP from just farming and [ __ ] like that okay let’s see how many I have two seeds I have watermelon does watermelon give me XP question

Mark us your Scrolls you can c sugar can by using sugar and Cane you can craft sugar cane by using sugar cane and Cane okay I shall going to Adventure [ __ ] dude this is part of Minecraft is to make a [ __ ] base let me make my [ __ ] base how about that [ __ ]

Sorry I was L Really that was a little bit mean my bad oh [ __ ] I forgot that I need like water and a water B make a base then though dude I have a base right right there right there is that not a base come on that is a base that’s dot dot dot what are you

Trying to say what are you you trying to say say it [ __ ] that’s not a base okay how about I just move to another house it looks more it looks more presentable okay I’ll make my I’ll make my I’m going to make a house actually I want to be underground I’m going to

Move um I’m moving here o this seems nice actually I want to move over here not that one I lied here I’m moving here yeah I literally lied I don’t know why I’m such a liar why is there no [ __ ] good houses oh no no I don’t need to build my own like

Literally booster like moved into like a place where it doesn’t even have a [ __ ] thing I’m moving here I don’t [ __ ] care oh my God it doesn’t have a roof [Laughter] LOL oh this one it looks too fan see I don’t like it oh God I’m thirsty how about this one maybe this

One it has a gigantic [ __ ] hole this is so hard guys I’m having such a hard time to find a house I think I’ll just go with this one oh my the [ __ ] build your own I don’t know have to build my own [ __ ] house oh it’s hurting me oh

Parites yes you do no okay I’ll build it here I want my house here no it’s do near the ocean I want my house over here I’ll just rebuild like things that are here already and I’ll just redo it cuz I don’t like how it’s like looking like wow the lag is actually

Insane no sction thank you so much for the subscription Sean thankk you thank you so much for to tier one any tier oners any primers thank you so much okay let me build my house it will look good I promise I promise I’ll even move my buted

Already so many stuff yeah I will after I I made my base no it is cozy I’m cozy aren’t you guys cozy are you guys not cozy how many deaths do you have to me not more than a while ago God I love the aesthetic of my house it’s so

Lovely what the [ __ ] was that did you hear that I don’t have requirements to use a [ __ ] hoe hi kites I don’t know why but I’m feeling really claustrophobic in this [ __ ] house weirdly like I I can’t feel the error I don’t know man it’s making me feel Weird okay everything’s fine I can’t jump though I can’t die I really like the song that is playing right now I can’t feel the air the ants are trying to craw on my skin no but for real though literally that’s literally how it feels Like you’re just crazy I’m not crazy you’re [ __ ] crazy Hello hello oh hi M you scared the [ __ ] out of me Hi Dude I’m not going to lie that scared me so [ __ ] bad looks like that scared me really [ __ ] Badly my game’s crashing I want to say hi hiate the liosa one what does it do Where is it where’s my other stuff wait where did my other chest go you like this texture pack more CH oh it’s kind of ugly Actually I don’t think I like it you punched it what what is this yeah but I should still have it no how do I make this aesthetically wa what a nice stool and house shevy house move out now you can just break the walls and build new ones too lazy just leave

Outside like a hobo you prefer a research one called Unity similar but looks great might have a PE that what is this loveo thing what does it do is it like sound effect find a villager why are you talking what do you want me to say one I have nothing to say I’m

Chilling she’s talking to me she’s talking to her chat what do you mean what do you mean she’s not talking to me she said dumi no she did not weirdo stop lying I no she did not talk to me you guys are [ __ ] lying to me I know

You’re [ __ ] lying to me no come on don’t do this to me what do you mean what she did not say hello to me what are you guys talking about she did wait are you serious she’s offline you’re such a [ __ ] Liars you’re so [ __ ] Liars You’re such measy little [ __ ]

Liars man you guys lie for fun for like no reason why do you do that why says you I never lie I think I’m going to make it 10 by 10 or oh [ __ ] why is it happening I’m going to put all my stuff over here first and then I’ll move it later

Oh tell make a pretty Pace cool I need that [ __ ] off we’re just going to have like a really ugly entrance but I’ll fix it later okay everything is nice I kind of want it to go a bit deeper I just cuz I don’t want it to like

Collide with other people’s bases cuz I know Shar has an underground base somewhere I don’t know which one it is I’m making my Bas are you making a base yeah I’m making my base here ooh I’m making my base too cute o m one two three one two three one two

Two one two three I wonder which one sh four five I just don’t want to accidentally dig into it how come she has diamond armor because she knows this game I this is my first time playing [ __ ] and then I can make secret wait where am I I removed my bed oh no

Oh no I’ll just find a TI I’ll just find like a waypoint yeah it’s fine no it’s fine it’s fine I’ll just find a waypoint this is a village wait this is a nice [ __ ] Village though I’m not going to lie holy [ __ ] yo I got the P I got the

P why is he St weird find a waystone dummy well tell me what to do oh God good [ __ ] damn it I’m [ __ ] cold oh no I’m sorry I got scared I got so [ __ ] scared [Laughter] okay it’s affecting me so bad yo I’m so [ __ ] cold hi guys I’m shivering it’s too Cold Holy [ __ ] my ears On Holy [ __ ] Stop hypothermia [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] sh I cannot believe I’m I [ __ ] up this bad [Laughter] Dude I’m a villager and whoa why is there two music going on right now whoa I’ve never had that happen to me where there’s two a separate places there’s two songs playing right now it’s to you don’t hear It there’s two you guys just don’t know [ __ ] Minecraft and you’re [ __ ] deaf thank you Dustin there’s always been too it has always been too guys always it has always been can you [ __ ] excuse me oh my [ __ ] god where is all the loot at brother oh

Oh [ __ ] that’s why I hear a dragon oh my God okay um I think it’s not really worth it dumb asell where’s the waist Stone whoa iron fish tracker that’s insane whoa what is that sound oh I way pointers hello bye mystery and you a pointer oh my God this seems sussy

Yes oh look at me I’m all warm oh [ __ ] I don’t remember what I was going to say oh my God I really need to go to the restroom I need to pee so bad but I’m like kind of addicted Lis you’re a hoarder no so anyway uh guys any waste

Dog my house is 60,000 blocks away oh boy guys please a was someone would be really nice if you like ever see one live at you no I don’t want to do that I don’t like this there where where are you lying to me son of a

[ __ ] oh my God an actual Iron Golem rare can way stones even spawn in such structures that were added by other mods wait this is not added by our lcraft I’m confused yeah I’m eating chicken right in front of you so I need to go to a small village

Not a big town okay I’ll leave this place then what the [ __ ] is the point good God I’m thirsty please don’t make me sick yeah I’m only Glowing hi snowy okay I have to pass by the dragon but I’m sure it’s fine that’s when you give me the [ __ ] key are you serious dude I just saw murder I just saw life Mur murder holy [ __ ] that was a live [ __ ] murder there was the craziest [ __ ] po oh it’s a church and as we oh diamond block I don’t have a iron pickaxe so in guess it does not matter diamonds question

Mark um what diamonds this is lapis lazuli are you guys insane what you said I said Gold hello I died when I when I was trying to fix my stream I [ __ ] died hold on I have so much [ __ ] to like set up what the [ __ ] what dude is everything okay now why the [ __ ] did my computer have to do that what the [ __ ] oh it’s a

Church oh it’s a church and as we oh diamond block dude I think I’m stupid okay I’m going to okay I have a death place here what the [ __ ] everything is going wrong my OBS crashed in my other computer holy [ __ ] hello dude what is going on what is going on what the [ __ ] is that I’m losing it I’m actually losing it what is happening what the [ __ ] huh they’re seducing me oh dude I’m only missing one more oh dude if I could only find a [ __ ] Waypoint

Anyway I think I need to start adventuring maybe like um where should I Adventure let me look at the map oh what the [ __ ] hello okay I’m over hello dude so if I go here which I want to go here I’ll meet with dragons and I’ll instantly die which is fine it’s fine

Dude it’s fine how about if I go more left oh God damn it what is that it’s my VR headset I don’t know why but it’s disconnecting reconnecting so I’ll go through here instead I really hope I can find a way back home I sound I’m so desperate but like I

Really do hope I can find a way back home I TP no I got this yeah I have food for [ __ ] decades I I have food for my kids it’s insane like look at this oh my God whoa why is this perfectly squd um I’m on

Water oh I just realized maybe I could just make a boat and travel easier like that oh there I think there’s a structure at the of me hello good sir how are you today dude this is the worst [ __ ] Terrain in the [ __ ] world oh look at that Dragon

Great do not swim or walk on your own Dee why you will [ __ ] up the server memory when we played with Chen I meth walked for 10K blocks and whole server crashed because out of memory uh we don’t have the same chip posting server is yours also I literally have to I

Literally have to um this server is literally made for adventurine everybody’s adventurine oh oh good God I’m getting like so [ __ ] schizophrenic I’m getting so [ __ ] [ __ ] I got crispy bacon M make earplugs oh right how do I put them on okay on my way to find my way points to go back

Home I miss my home and I am lonely I miss my home I miss my home and I am lonely I don’t know where I’m going I’m all alone I miss my home I don’t I’m I miss my home I am so lonely and I don’t know I am I’m so lonely I’m So I don’t know where to go I got my own place for You I’m so alone I don’t got anybody yeah son of a [ __ ] oh my oh my God I think I died no I think I genuinely died let’s Go come back longer I have to do what I got to do to go home okay I got to do what I got to do another [ __ ] huge ass [ __ ] Village oh [ __ ] no I have to sleep I’ll just go find a house to sleep the [ __ ] did I go inside oh right is that a siren um it’s getting louder um guys it’s I think it’s getting louder no this is a different place I didn’t do a uturn this is

Different this is a different place I did not are you sure yes wait a minute why does this look so familiar oh [ __ ] yeah I did do a U-turn I’m sorry okay I’m going to go East only East only I promise the [ __ ] is that how the [ __ ] did I do you My home is [ __ ] wait What it’s 15 ,000 [ __ ] met away I I need to find a waypoint I’m not walking 15,000 [ __ ] Steps and I refuse to ask for help I don’t [ __ ] care what is that Scary adventure adventure adventure adventure I’m kidding what the [ __ ] was that I see you whoa look it’s uh sorry I’m probably going to get this wrong Autumn hi King no that’s spring oh hello what the [ __ ] he’s not going to that’s it that’s all y’all have okay yeah they jailed the gold block and do I have any water stuff

Nope wow I didn’t get parasites for the first [ __ ] time I think you hear a dragon no not the cold I hate the cold [ __ ] biomes is this this cooked is this cooked whoa look at that tree whoa oh look at the bear col

Bear I need to make a [ __ ] bed oh my God wait um how about the traveling bed do I not have a traveling bed what do you call that oh there’s a dungeon Dam okay hi Benedict only 21 months 21 demo much love everyone is that friendly is that guy friendly oh

Really oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no I’m sorry oh woo I escaped yeah no don’t do this booer good morning it’s a beautiful night F5 oh oh I look so [Applause] cute It’s you it’s you no no My balls are so [ __ ] shoveled up I Said You’re ballsy Wallies yeah Man you beautiful Night I don’t need this guys oh what’s that you it is a beautiful Night the [ __ ] wind is howling that’s how [ __ ] cold it is e ugly ass It’s Meow meow meow meow meow Meow meow Da Oh I’m tweaking I said Yeah I think I’m going crazy I can’t believe I’m [ __ ] 13,000 blocks away from my home at least it’s not [ __ ] 50 now right right I can’t believe you died to parasites and caused this Dragon then who what’s this what the [ __ ] it is a beautiful night I did they die oh my God I’m like one [ __ ] like a few XP to it no [ __ ] way oh oh oh my god oh oh my God I just brought [ __ ] home the the [ __ ] the okay and then the music [ __ ] comes up dude holy [ __ ] good Lord wait where did I die oh my all because of that Really God I can’t believe that that’s insane at least I have so much [ __ ] food now like I I went on an adventure had fun that was fun was that not fun guys one two three four five six no I have six DMS on Discord oh what the [ __ ] happened is there

Drama can you search the return scroll Dean that thing able to TP to way stones might be useful if something like this happens again uh if that happens again then like I it would be in my inventory not in my like where I die or like when I if I die

And stuff you know what I mean it’s just like a RNG thingy the whole why is that breaking am I tripping guys I will let you guys pick what what the [ __ ] is happening I I will I will let you guys pick what my base will

Be I think it’s to low to the ground still yeah like what block mahogany wood Diamond okay Bedrock okay purple terracota oh you want oh I should make it about the vtuber like orange and white and then purple as accents thoughts relatable I didn’t want to say it but um relatable question mark

Um I’m not very good at building so you guys can you guys be nice to me when I show you my building and stuff you’re going to be nice to me right when I will open up above my like build and [ __ ] no yeah I played for fvr but I got a headache

I like that okay I think one oh oh not this place aware I’ll die have hypothermia I did not wait cheetah clipped this and said how is this real okay what oh no I did not are you sure yes I [Laughter] did what the [ __ ] is my luck man I don’t

Know what the [ __ ] is going on are you sure yes I did not are you sure yes I did not are you sure yes I did not I don’t even know how that [ __ ] happens man I did not hit her I did not oh that’s so insane she is such a

Gamer I need to show you her Base by the way this is her base look at her base look at this oh my like what the hell that’s going to be me that’s going to be so what the [ __ ] why are they guys I’m going to make the biggest

[ __ ] base wait did I sleep I don’t remember I’m a little scared I kind of have PDS here yes I did right let me check the chat yeah yeah I did where are you and I’m so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream Tonight Good God I love my lag that’s probably why I’m dying so much I’m so laggy sure yeah no that’s not it sure yeah whatever guys you guys are just not Believers [ __ ] this I I don’t want this to ever be shown in the whole world Crash Landing what’s that I’ll do one one

More good [ __ ] damn it I don’t want any like mobs to spawn here awful hello sleep this game sucks true I just got gangbanged by seven big dudes and sleep seven skill issue seven of them someone’s mad someone’s a little bit tweaked it’s an old map that’s super unforgiving

[ __ ] that dude I’m already losing my [ __ ] marbles from this one oh wait why am I deleting that that’s like the one I delete why is he complaining about that a chupacabra at level three it’s so nice not dying anymore guys like just me making my base you

Know just chilling out you know it’s so nice like I’m so in peace right now just focusing oh you know what I’m going to make a pretty like I’m going to make a pretty base like everything’s I’m just at home chilling okay what you I think this wall needs clean

Up life is good life is genuinely so good okay let me give a good look around the place yeah so I need I’m going to be making this flooring different and the ceiling so I need to dig a little bit more so that there’s space for that right

For the flooring and stuff and the walls cuz it’ll be like smaller God damn it don’t have too much fun okay so I need sticks sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me can you hear me you have my bathro I’m coming what

F r talking to it’s not me stop gaslighting me texture pack ISC there’s a texture pack there is is this not the default texture pack what’s the default texture pack this isn’t normal this is default no you’re you’re you guys are I know you guys are trolling me I I know

It I know it I’m not dumb anymore okay I’m not dumb anymore you were dumb before no the [ __ ] am I hearing what’s burning no please no oh sounded like something’s burning why does your dude have a jiggle physic because it’s maturing leave her alone leave the block alone dude yo leave her [Laughter] alone oh man I love genuine question that mean when you read out loud chat message you change up the words do you read it like the actual words in your head or that’s how I read it if I change the words that’s CU I’m dyslexic so I see the words as sometimes

Something else oh dude I don’t know why but it’s never it justes it never looks big enough I I I don’t know why I don’t know if I’m overthinking it but like it it just doesn’t look good enough how do I check the rules the rules are

Nothing against to and don’t be weird and don’t annoy chat holy [ __ ] that scared the [ __ ] out of me oh my [ __ ] what the [ __ ] Hello uh J me what would you do if you’re okay with booer said yes would go I would say yes like if booer wanted me to go somewhere I would say yes is that the question or am I tripping out wait who said that message wait who

Said that message who said that message please please I can’t [ __ ] scroll because like Minecraft is really weird when I old tab I can’t [ __ ] check who messaged that yeah I can’t all would it would you be Psycho pych would you be philosophical and sit in your office chair think to yourself

These because do you think Humanity’s value and efforts could be pointless no I really don’t give a [ __ ] all I care about is that my Minecraft [ __ ] world looks ugly as [ __ ] this is good this is good okay now I put the walls what would you do if

When you so bus first said yes would go shut the fu what would you do if when you okay so bus first said yes would go yeah this looks good okay let me find now the blocks that I need I need orange blocks what the oh calm down [ __ ] oh [ __ ]

Sorry oh my God I’m going to actually what is happening what monster what the [ __ ] is going on oh [ __ ] the rain oh God the rain [Laughter] oh man dude what are these noises oh good God oh my God oh my Sleep I can’t leave can you sleep I am sleeping I am oh oh there we go yay dude there are spawners in the tree they’re everywhere unlucky okay you guys have fun I’ll go back what is this where did the den n sance live [Laughter] oh I hate you guys so

[ __ ] oh my God the fact they even did like actually pass by to [ __ ] Philippines what the [ __ ] what the oh my God is that why we’re short like in Malaysia and and around this area what the [ __ ] what are these [ __ ] noises hello I’m getting real sick and tired of [ __ ]

Guys I to go to [ __ ] I need to pee I need to pee bad oh dude I have this problem of when I’m So Into the game I hold my pee I need stop doing that I need be I I’m like a [ __ ] child I oh my God I need to go

V watch the best Minecraft world record Guys let me just I I think I need more like obsidian and stuff like that I I have enough okay I have enough um okay let me Adventure I got it I got it oh my God huge okay let me drink yep I’ll eat after this one thank God there’s

Another oh wait right right right right I got the um I forgot kind of low but I have a Fire Res potion or whatever so I’m good I kind of pretty lucky I have some like blazes already spawn here kind of good could be better but

Whatever going to eat got to eat got to eat got to eat J okay let me uh quickly fix the um thing yeah I don’t know a lot of other people a lot of people don’t know that I talk like a lot of languages okay let me like fix the end portal real

Quick here we go why you playing Norwegian because [ __ ] legol all right time to do the I need to check for the Ender thingies give me a second all right let’s okay let’s check okay woo all right I got to check another one give me one second guys let me run which

One think the follow I’m in the middle of a speedrun dude uh TJ thanks thank you so much for the follow I appreciate it much love this speed is for you baby all right I need to go right here Frankie thank you so much for the follow too you’re going to you’re going

To W oh [ __ ] I [ __ ] up you’re going to witness greatness hold on I checking checking checking checking uh scanning I know where it is locked in okay pretty good so what my Strat here is I’m going to go up there to the Tower and I’m

Going to try to do the actually I’m kind of scared I think I’m going to do the normal way of um yeah I think I’m going to do the normal way I I I don’t want to I don’t want to risk get you know what I

Mean okay time the beds the beds okay got to go run holy [ __ ] guys I’m kind of nervous I’m really nervous by H huge oh my God I did it guys it’s going to do it oh yeah yeah yeah yeah good spawn good spawn okay for For oh Terraria is a great examle of a game that Nails almost every feature it contains and I absolutely love it it’s an exploration focused combat heavy game uh what was that what do you guys mean I just finished a speedrun now I want to watch and continue my just shatting

Hello uh the do that’s my reward Just sh is my reward okay let’s go back into a real business real business okay I really want you know what I want guys what I really really want I want to build a new house hi bro now I’m back to the reality

That them gets killed over and over okay rude oh there’s like Spruce chest no there’s just normal like chest and stuff wake Up finally your house is really [ __ ] ugly okay Rude I made a new one why is there so much Velociraptors yeah they [ __ ] J my ass holy [ __ ] guys um guys I’m kind of n transer all your loot D me yeah I am going to but I’m I want to look for the blocks first and decorate

First actually no I should just transfer all the blocks so I don’t have to go back and forth ever again okay let me do that real quick okay the [ __ ] is this key what the [ __ ] what is this kid bringing me Guys I’m thinking of like um an aesthetic of maybe maybe my vtuber um maybe maybe like continuation of the orange and like darker colors what do you guys Think Sh help thank you sword is in [Laughter] the she just she just gave up why could you be like her I know I’m jealous as well she’s so perfect did you see her base I I show you that me why can’t you be like them

Shut up it will never be like that I’m sorry but you have to know the truth and that’s the that’s the truth L she look one look and said damn you live like this yeah no I don’t [ __ ] blame Her um I’m trying to level whenever I get level guys just let me cook okay let me cook Demi cooking aware dude I’ve been streaming for 9 hours holy [ __ ] how come when I break those chest it doesn’t come back I’m confused what the it’s gone what the

[ __ ] you know you can pick up chests um no obviously not because I’m not doing that right now hello why why don’t you you guys tell me anything the door okay That’s it I’ve officially moved out oh cheah thank you she’s so cool why can I guys does it hurt that I could never be like that we just accepted it I was [ __ ] joking okay guys I am done I want to this tomorrow it is [ __ ] 4 a.m. I’m Done I’m going live an old I’m going to go and good night every good night every good night good night I’ll see you guys next time I need the max win I need oh let’s read rain what the [ __ ] why is it um what was that I’m so

Lonely all right guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it thank you so much um go live an Al if you know my ult then that means you know my Discord and if you know my Discord then you know my old but bye

Every I will now say goodbye join the raid so that you can get points free points and and tell rainho I said hi hi tell R Said I’m Alone I’m alone all right guys bye bye bye Bye bye bye see you guys tomorrow I’ll stream again tomorrow bye bye everyone bye oh follow me on Twitter I’m I posted new art of the vtuber here here here please please all right bye he

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