JAX Catches POMNI! What Happens Next? Minecraft Circus

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Hello everyone guys how do you see it right now I’m in my laboratory and I want to brew a new potion I really love doing this I think I’ll need to go for some new ingredients now let’s go quickly haha look it seems Kane has left for his own business and his laboratory

Is unattended now let’s hurry and see what he brewed there we can go there and take something before he notices there seems to be a lot of different potions here I think we can take one of them and he won’t notice at all I can’t believe

It this one is labeled as a love potion I haven’t seen it for a long time it seems he brewed it very recently I wonder how it can be used the main thing is for Kane not to notice me here otherwise he’ll be angry we need to

Leave here as soon as possible although I think he won’t notice let’s hurry to pomy I think we can try this potion on her I hope it will work and she will love me so guys I got this potion and now I’ll go home I think I’ll need to

Hide it and then go to pomy and test it on her the main thing is not to use it now at any moment Kane can come and take it from me if he notice is missing we should run home and hide him oh my gosh

What are you doing here kfo how did you get into my house get out of here I heard you have a very interesting potion which you stole from your friend maybe you’ll show it to me I’m very curious to see it I don’t have any potion you

Imagined it come on show me I know you have it if you don’t show it you’ll regret it I wouldn’t risk my health if I were you I have nothing I just wanted to go home and relax I have one last offer for you if you give it to me I won’t do

Anything to you but if you don’t you’ll regret it all right I’ll give you everything now just don’t touch me it’s a love potion I stole it from Kane if anything it’s your fault not mine I didn’t steal anything that’s how you should have given it to me right away

I’m not afraid of anyone I can confidently say that you stole it haha you know I’m the main one in this circus don’t tell anyone about this everyone get out of here I really need to relax all right I actually needed to fly off to take care of my own business this

Clown is so annoying I wanted to use this potion for my own purposes and now he took it from me I don’t know what to do seems like I’ll have to do nothing but play computer games today how sad I’ve come up with a brilliant plan it

Seems Jack thought he could get away with it so easily but it’s not going to be that way let’s quick I managed to transform into him now I can prank him I think we should quickly lure him into a trap and then go to pomy he’s just playing on the computer and suspects

Nothing let’s set up the trap for him here how clever I am only I can come up with such Insidious plans haha hey Jax come here quickly I have a surprise for you who are you why do you look so much like me where did you even come from

Here it’s a very long story it doesn’t matter come to me quickly I have a surprise for you haha I’m going to teach you a lesson you’re not real no what have you done why did you set up a trap here haha this is so cool guys look it

Seems my plan worked now I can go and have fun with my friends Jacks without them suspecting anything let’s see how this potion works on pomy let’s go and try it out hey guys I finally finished cleaning up my house now I think we can

Go for a walk with my friends today is a very sunny day oh hi Jax what are you doing here you almost scared me haha hi pomy how are you I came here to invite you for a walk outside today the weather is really nice yeah you’re right let’s

Go quickly and swim in the pool I think the water there is very warm now and we can have fun without any problems let’s go to the beach instead look how sunny it is there we’ll need to clear the ice here spring has already come and it

Still hasn’t melted I think we can handle it later everything will be fine we’ll definitely clear it up let’s quickly swim in the lake I think swimming in the pool now won’t be much fun you seem somewhat suspicious today Jax oh no everything’s normal as usual let’s just swim together and then have

Fun we can go to Kane’s circus or his laboratory he was just brewing new potions that sounds really cool by the way I’ve prepared a potion for you I think you’ll definitely like it how did you know about it I saw the potion sticking out of your pocket by the way

You’re holding it in your hands now yes you’re right this is the exact potion I wanted to try on you look how beautiful it is are you sure it’s safe wait something is happening to me I can’t understand understand what it is hang on you look very handsome and attractive

Today I never noticed you have such huge muscles I just carried a lot of carrots and now I’m very big and strong it’s normal maybe we could go for a walk or have fun somewhere we can go to my place it’s clean there I’ve been cleaning all

Morning that’s a great idea let’s go have fun there’s renovation at my place and it’s very messy there I think going to your place would be a great idea I have a very delicious cake that I saved for such an occasion we can have fun and

Have some tea with cake that’s awesome I really love sweets you seem somewhat suspicious you said you never eat anything other than carrots are you sure everything’s okay with you yes everything’s fine with me don’t worry I recently decided to try the cake and I really liked it now I eat cakes and

Carrots wow now I can make cake for you someone help me kmo has trapped me help me hold on did you hear that scream what was that no I didn’t hear anything at all someone asked for help the voice sounded like Jack oh my gosh what just

Happened how did you turn into Jack what did you do to him tell me quickly it was me all along I trans formed into your friend using the potion where’s my friend what did you do to him show me quickly where did you put him have you

Completely lost your mind why did you do this what did he do to you I locked him in the basement of his house why did you throw the potion at me I realized something was wrong here I was just curious to see your reaction and besides

It’s time for me to go about my business so good luck to you I hope you’ll help your friend haha guys we need to figure out how to get him out of there urgently I don’t know understand what’s happening today it’s a very strange day kmo decided to transform into Jax just to

Prank me I think I heard that he was here somewhere look it’s JX Hi how are you well as you can see things aren’t going great thank you so much for opening this hatch it was jammed and I couldn’t get out where did that clown go

He just flew off to take care of his own business I saw him literally a couple of minutes ago if he were here I would have definitely taught him a lesson he lured me into into a trap and left me here that sounds really bad what even

Happened here how did he turn into guys today is such a beautiful day in our amazing digital circus today I went out for a walk oh look there’s kane hey Kane hi what are you doing there oh hi pomy I’m not doing anything what about you

Wanted something no I just went out for a walk and saw you standing here so I decided to ask what you’re doing well I was running home listen pomy are you busy right now well I was about to take a bath but did you want to suggest

Something if you have time could you hold on to a potion that I’m going to give you a potion what kind of potion do I need to hold on to this potion I have in my hand I can’t say what it does or its properties yet because I haven’t

Studied it but I’d ask you to keep it safe okay no problem yes I can hold on to this potion when can you pick it up I’ll pick it up from you a bit later when I return I’ve got some things to do now all right I’m off to my circus and

You be careful with that potion this is so so strange guys Kane gave me some potion I don’t even know what it does well at least I should be careful I’m going to take a bath on the second floor yeah guys I’m really tired today and I

Want to take a bath by the way guys don’t forget to like And subscribe to the channel if you want to find out what this potion Kane gave me is look guys it seems pomy is at home now and she’s taking a bath she doesn’t even suspect

That I’m here below and I want to watch her yes this is very good good I think now I’ll go up and spy it’s going to be really fun I know she has things in her bathroom that I can take I heard some strange sound like someone under my

Window oh my gosh J what are you doing there I’m bathing here and you mean to tell me you’re standing under my window and saying you want to spy on me oh guys did I say that out loud that’s very very bad I’m going to teach you a lesson come

Here now I’ll show you what it means to spy on me you can’t do anything to me anyway way you’re too far for me and you won’t do anything to me oh I won’t do anything all right let’s see about that catch this Jax I hope you like this

Potion stop what did you throw at me some potion stop what what was that potion I think I’m feeling sick stop pretending to be sick I know it’s not true it’s just some red potion I don’t think it could be dangerous but I really feel very sick I’m not lying please help

Me what was that potion come down I feel really bad right now please help me it seems he’s just eaten too much of his spoiled carrots and feels bad all right I’m coming down wait for me he always has some problems and thinks it’s because of me guys I completely forgot I

Need to turn off the water never forget to turn off the water or it could be really bad let’s hurry up it’ll be really bad if it’s all because of the potion I feel very bad it’s getting worse and worse after your potion before that everything was fine well the potion

Is from Kane I don’t know what it does so I can’t tell you anything from Kane how did you even have it well he gave it to me to keep safe and then you angered me so I threw it at you nothing would have happened if you hadn’t decided to

Spy on me hey Kane listen it seems we’ve gotten into big trouble what’s wrong guys why are you so scared we have a question for you what happens if someone accidentally gets hit by the potion you gave me I don’t know why such questions or why are you asking this the potion

Hit someone unfortunately yes I threw it at Jack but it was an accident and I didn’t mean to oh my gosh this is very very bad news I studied this potion in my lab and it was an abstraction potion are you kidding me an abstraction potion

Pomy what have you done why did you throw it at me I didn’t know what the potion was if I had known I wouldn’t have thrown it if you hadn’t been spying on me none of this would have happened guys what do we do now this seems really really bad

Kane why did you even give me this potion if you knew I might accidentally throw it oh guys I think I’m getting worse I feel very bad and my head hurts I think I need to lie down urgently guys maybe we should take him home to bed I

Think he needs some rest yes he needs to lie down and he’ll probably feel better I’ve never dealt with this before but I think everything will be okay just don’t worry what if he gets even worse what will we do then I don’t know but I think we’ll definitely come up with something

I can’t walk anymore it seems I might faint any minute my head hurts terribly and my vision is getting dark those are bad signs you definitely need rest oh yes I really feel better already I think I’ll lie down a bit and then we can all

Go for a walk together first you need to feel better then we can think about walks yes I think if you lie down here you’ll feel better usually when someone is hit by a potion they need time to rest and recover I hope I’ll be okay because I really hate being sick you

Guys know I hope our digital friends will support me with a like and a comment I think then I’ll feel better hey you’re getting kind of aggressive Jack why is he hitting everyone I don’t know maybe because he’s very tired right now and that’s why he’s behaving like

This so what are we going to do guys do we have a plan if rest doesn’t help him I think we need to cheer him up somehow and I think I already have a plan what’s the plan tell us how can we cheer him up I know that Jax really loves gifts I

Think if we give him one of the presents under our Christmas tree he will be very happy yes that’s really a cool plan I think we can cheer him up let’s hurry no guys not here these are gifts for our digital viewers our gifts are under the

Big Christmas tree look how many there are I think we should take a couple of gifts especially for Jack I wonder what’s inside them let’s take the big red gift it looks really cool I think there’s something very cool Inside Yes guys I picked this gift especially for

Jax let’s go to him and give him this gift if someone gave me something like this I would be really happy usually when you feel bad and someone gives you gifts it lifts your mood and makes you feel better you’re right pomy everyone loves gifts I think he will like this

Gift too guys are you ready I think we can go to him now oh my gosh guys I have very very bad news for you it seems our friend has turned into CMO oh no this is really bad he turned into calmo well maybe we can appease him with gifts it

Seems he doesn’t want gifts we need to run now he just wants to catch us how did this happen why is he chasing us I didn’t think things would get this bad apparently he didn’t like our gifts that’s why he was aggressive quick guys let’s run across the ice he won’t be

Able to catch us calmo can’t walk on ice so he probably won’t be able to chase us that’s a good idea Kane how could he not like the gifts I’m just joking he has already turned into an abstraction and now he can’t control himself guys wait

Where is he it seems he’s not chasing us he can fly too I didn’t know that an abstraction could fly of course he can it’s calmo he can not only fly but he literally can do everything oh no guys it looks like he didn’t fall behind he’s

Running after us I have a plan we need to split up quickly then he won’t be able to catch all of us hey kmo come here and catch me come on I know you can’t can’t climb up here guys look he’s standing still and can’t do anything to

Me because he can’t climb Heights oh no it seems he broke the blocks under me and I fell hey CMO run here and catch me can you hear me I’m here look run after me guys I have a brilliant plan on how I can lure him into a trap I already said

He’s afraid of ice our entire Lake in The Amazing digital circus is covered with ice and now I can lure him onto the ice and he won’t get out of here look it really worked and now he can’t get out of here he can only spin in place and

That’s really good guys we did it and now he’s trapped hooray you did it but what are we going to do now how will we save him I don’t know yet but I think we’ll definitely come up with something let’s wait for pomy and together think

Of a resue plan Kane I saw how you lured him onto the ice it was really great you did a great job but what do we do next how do we save him I don’t know but look how funny he runs on that ice it’s funny

To watch from the side that’s very good but now we need to figure out how to save Jax I think we need to get the restoration potion the one that will save him from abstraction well where can we get this potion do you know I think

We should check at my house I seem to have had some restoration potion it might help us why didn’t we throw this potion at him earlier before he turned into this monster well because we didn’t know he could turn into that we thought he’d lie in bed and feel better guys the

Potion we need isn’t here but I’ll Brew it now I’ve learned to make a very good restoration potion oh no look how huge he’s becoming it seems he’s very angry at us now and wants to get out of there we need to hurry before he gets even bigger it

Looks really scary hey Kane hurry up before he gets as big as our digital circuit yes guys almost done I’m almost finished look I’ve made the potion and now we can save our friend oh that’s great come down quickly and let’s throw this potion at him just

Look how big he is yes let’s go quickly and throw this potion at him he’s growing every second and we need to slow him down I hope this potion really helps us but what if this potion doesn’t work and he doesn’t turn back into Jacks usually this potion always works and I

Think now everything will be fine you guys stay here and I’ll go throw this potion at him guys now I’ll throw this potion and everything will be fine just look how big he’s become oh no what happened I threw the potion and he got even bigger guys just look he’s become

So big that he’s starting to disappear guys I have bad news the potion didn’t work and he got even bigger what do we do now Kane you said it always works what went wrong this time I don’t know but we need to come up with something

Just look he seems even angrier pomy why did you throw that potion at him I threw the potion at him by accident he was spying on me and I couldn’t think of anything better than to throw that potion at him well that’s very bad never throw a potion at anyone if you don’t

Know what it does oh no guys look it seems he’s running towards us and he managed to get out we urgently need to run away from him before he catches us look how huge he is he’s so big he’s even disappearing it’s very scary look it seems he stopped and can’t run any

Further good we need another plan what can we do if even your potion didn’t help I know I might have brewed the wrong restoration potion because I’m not yet good at making it and most likely I know where we can get another potion that will help us and where do we go

Where is this potion the potion is at the waterfall we need to get on the mine cart and ride the rail straight to the waterfall I remember there was a potion there that will help us oh that’s a very good idea let’s do that then I hope this

Potion will help our friends friend let’s go quickly guys we need to save him as fast as we can you guys go on the mine carts and I’ll fly next to you it seems he’s only getting bigger we need to hurry with this potion if we don’t

Want him to catch up with us yes yes I think we can handle this now if you say this potion will really help then we just need to get it look guys it seems he’s running towards us he noticed us and now he wants to catch up this is

Very very bad news he’s so huge that he’s even disappearing can you imagine yes it’s really bad but I think we can get this potion from the chest and help Jax I took this potion from kfmo when I was in his lair I studied it and hid it

In a chest right at the waterfall especially for such a situation let’s run quickly before he gets even bigger if he gets larger he might be able to escape you’re right py we can’t let that happen look at all these parrots there are so many of them they’re getting in

Our way it seems in our amazing digital circus there are now so many of them and they have occupied the entire Railway way just look guys he’s standing right here and it seems he might be able to break out soon we need to get to the top

Of the waterfall and find the potion we need I hope kopo hasn’t reached it and taken it but what if it’s not there what will we do then we don’t have another potion like that I think we’ll figure something out but first we need to check

Maybe cough mod didn’t get to it climb up quickly let’s find out now it seems he’s getting even closer guys and we should hurry up if he gets out it will be very bad for us and where is this chest with the potion you talked about let’s take it quickly here’s the chest

I’ll check it now and take the restoration potion let’s see great guys the potion is here just look at how it looks it’s the strongest potion in our amazing digital circus excellent throw it quickly we’ll wait for you here be careful and come back to us immediately yes throw it quickly look

How huge he’s become we need to act faster so I need to aim guys let’s go you’re so huge that you even did disappear now I’ll help you Jax we’ll save you our friend I’m throwing this potion Now 1 2 3 um why didn’t anything happen why didn’t the potion work

There’s no effect at all guys it seems I have bad news the potion didn’t work this has never happened before it always worked look guys it seems to be working he’s getting smaller oh yes guys it worked he’s shrinking and seems not so strong anymore of course I thought he

Would immediately turn back into Jax but this is good too oh look he seems to be running away from us now this looks funny and we need to catch him quick after him we need to intercept him before he gets away now he’s afraid of us which means he’ll shrink even more

You did a great job Kane for thinking of taking this potion I don’t know what we would do without your advice let’s run after him quickly now we’ll save our friend Jax hey Kane do you have any plan on how we can turn him back oh look how

Small he’s become yes I have a plan and I think it will work look look how tiny he is now he looks very cute like this I think he’s scared of us and trying to escape so we can’t catch him it seems he’s completely lost his strength and

Now all that’s left is to use my staff and we’ll save Jax are you sure your staff will turn kmo back into Jax it’s not just any staff but a magical one it’s the most powerful in our amazing digital circus why didn’t you use it

Earlier when kfo was on the ice we could have avoided looking for the potion because he was very big and it might not have worked now I’ll hit him with the staff and everything will be fine look it seems to have worked hooray guys thank you so

Much for saving me I really didn’t like being kfmo I couldn’t control myself but why were you spying on me in the first place if you hadn’t been spying I wouldn’t have thrown that potion at you sorry pomy I didn’t mean to anyway you shouldn’t throw unknown potions at

Friends enough with the quarreling friends the important thing is that today we saved JX and everything is good just pomy don’t throw potions that I give you anymore sorry Kane I won’t do it again guys thank you everyone for watching subscribe to the channel and like the video don’t forget that our

Show is made possible thanks to you and you are our best digital friends thank you for watching good luck to everyone and goodbye bye all guys everybody bye-bye never throw potions at friends it can end very bad welcome to the amazing digital circus today Jax decided

To sneak into pne’s house and spy on her in the bathroom hey guys today’s video is going to be super fun and awesome it’ll totally lift your mood and make you smile don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel oh man guys today I want to

Sneak a peek at pomy I’ve got this clever plan and pomy won’t have a clue just in case I’ve got a backup plan to make a quick exit I’ve been thinking about how to sneak a peek at pomy when she’s taking a bath and figured out a

Way to build a bridge from my house to hers wow yeah the view from here is legit now I can watch pomy taking her bath through her window and if she spots me I’ll just bolt back to my place wow I just love taking baths it’s such an

Amazing way to chill out and take care of myself yeah for real taking baths in this incredible digital world is super cool I really like it I think pomy is getting suspicious got to dash back to my place before she sees me oh my gosh guys I absolutely

Love taking a hot bath it’s such an awesome way to chill out and take care of myself in this wild digital circus taking a bath is so nice seriously guys a hot bath really helps to unwind after a tough day I wonder where my friends are got to head downstairs and check

Let’s go guys I’m super curious about where Jax is oh my gosh what is this guys it looks like some kind of bridge leading to Jax’s house to my house what does it mean who built this this bridge guys we need to go up and see really

Curious about who built this bridge and why so let’s head up and figure it all out so guys I’m already upstairs let’s break this glass to try to figure out what’s happening here yeah really everything looks super weird and it’s unclear who would need to build this

Bridge oh my gosh guys it’s Jax it’s you I just knew it get over here now Jack did you build this bridge to watch me no no I wasn’t watching you I didn’t build this bridge at all I don’t know where it came from I’ve been with Kane all this

Time I have no clue where this bridge could have come from I definitely didn’t have anything to do with it come on Jax come on out what will Kane say if I ask him whether he was with you why did this weird Bridge end up leading right to my

Window all right it was me I just wanted to connect our home so we could easily visit each other are you kidding me I know why you bu built this bridge to spy on me in the bathroom this bridge leads right to my window remove your Bridge

Before Cain sees it meanwhile I’ll go for a walk and check on Kane Kane Kane hello you look really strange and unusual like something’s changed in you you’ve changed a lot oh yes the thing is in our amazing digital circus there’s been a new update and now my model looks much better than before write in the comments which cane model

You think is better the new one or the old one yeah you really do look better than before but that’s not what we’re talking about right now I need your help Kane Jax is spying on me again now he’s built a bridge to my house to watch me well I

Have an idea I recently got some new cameras and I can give them to you we’ll Place cameras in Jax’s house and you can watch him anytime here take these cameras and the computer you can use to watch Jax can we install the cameras without Jax noticing

Them because if he sees the cameras he’ll definitely break them the cameras are very discreet he definitely won’t notice them because he usually doesn’t notice anything except his missing carrot haha yes pomy take these cameras the computer blocks and a ladder they’ll help you sneak into his house and set up

The cameras Kane will you help me install the cameras in his house it would be really boring to do it alone just keep an eye out to make sure Jax doesn’t come home and see us installing the cameras distract him if needed yeah sure I remember I can help

You why does Jax always bother you it seems like he likes you that’s why he behaves like this well look Kane do you see there’s no window here come over here look this is the very bridge that Jack’s built all right now I’ll break this bridge and we’ll set up the cameras

Be careful don’t fall just like that good yes I think this spot for the camera will be very good what do you think Kane he won’t notice it will he this spot is really good for a camera I think Jax won’t notice it JX won’t notice the camera so now I’ll connect it

Like this to the computer there the camera is connected just two more cameras to place then I can watch Jax at any time now I’ll break these blocks Kane can you please board up my window while I set up the cameras in Jax’s house yes yes I’ll board up the window

And then we’ll go set up cameras in Jax’s house wait for me downstairs I’ll come down in a bit so guys I need to quickly go down the ladder and set up the rest of the cameras all right guys let’s put a camera here and then go up the ladder

Into Jax’s house to place cameras so I can see what’s happening in his house we have to get up to gently climb the stairs come on guys I can look there’s Jax looking out the window be very careful while he’s distracted looking out the window we need to set up the

Cameras connect them and leave unnoticed great you you did it let’s go come down Kane faster hurry get down the ladder before he sees us looks like you were right he really doesn’t notice anything ha now I have access to video from his house anytime thank you so much Kane I

Couldn’t have done it without you glad I could help if you need anything just ask Jax has been behaving badly lately and really deserves a punishment if he tries to spy on you again or builds another Bridge tell me and I’ll help deal with him all right good Kane if I need help

I’ll ask you thanks I’ll go home and watch what Jax is up to on my computer I’m really curious about what he’s doing and whether he’ll spy on me again oh my gosh just look at him he’s going to build another bridge that naughty guy

Why is he doing this I told him not to build a bridge but he wants to spy on me again now he’s about to finish the bridge and we’ll start spying on me again guys he built a bridge right to my window and now he’s going to watch me in

The bathroom guys look he’s almost finished his bridge look guys he’s peering through the window into my room let’s switch to another camera and see what’s there Jax has already returned to his house and he seems upset that I wasn’t there look at him he’s back at his

House ho ho I built the bridge to her window again but unfortunately she’s not home well no big deal I’ll come by later and watch her huh-huh so guys I have to go and tell about it Kane guys did you hear what he said he wants to spy on me

Again but I wasn’t home so let’s go up to my bathroom and see what’s happening there really curious why Jax built his Bridge again indeed the cameras weren’t lying the bridge is built I need to hurry down and go to Kane he can definitely help me figure out how to teach Jax’s a

Lesson let’s run guys I’ll tell Kane everything and he’ll surely help me Jax needs to be taught a lesson Kane Kane are you home I need your help again Jax has built another Bridge from my house to his and he’s spying on me when I’m in the bath I just saw him on

The camera holy moly I didn’t even know JX was capable of that good thing we installed the cameras now we have proof it was really Jax he needs to be taught a lesson yes I saw him building his bridge to me he built the bridge and then

Looked through the window into my room didn’t see me and went back to his house I heard him saying that I wasn’t home but he’ll return later when I’m taking a bath again H looks like that might really be the case do you have any ideas

On how to teach him a lesson let’s hurry Kane I’ll probably come up with something I think so if you come up with some way that would be great because other than tying him to a chair and leaving him in front of a carrot I can’t think of anything else

Haha Kane you haven’t forgotten how you can transform into me have you we can catch Jax red-handed for instance you dress up as me and take a bath splashing around meanwhile Jax will come over the bridge to you and watch I’ll sneak up behind him scare him and he’ll fall off his own

Bridge yes pomy is a very good plan I can turn into you haha now I look like you so what should I do next sit in this bath and wait Jack should be coming soon and he’ll be watching you meanwhile I’ll be watching from the cameras all right guys

Let’s see if Jax will be spying on us so guys let’s see what’s happening on the camera there’s ja he’s appeared in the frame he’s looking in the window and seems not to be doing anything yet where is he moving to I think guys he’s heading towards the bridge and now he’s

Going to watch me look at him I’m going to turn off the camera and watch him from below yeah yes he’s really watching me in the window as I bathe let’s check another camera Jax has become so bold look at what he’s doing let’s switch to

Camera he’s looking in the window at me bathing we must teach him a lesson all right guys let’s go up the stairs and teach him now I need to scare him the main thing is to approach unnoticed so Jack suspects nothing let’s go guys he’s looking in the window I hope he doesn’t

Hear me approaching I must get up quietly and place the cameras you need to sneak up on the roof and quietly approach him and scare him so that he has no desire to watch anyone Jax does not see me and does not turn around if I

Do everything quietly I can scare him so now we have to go through this bridge and I will show this Jack what is entertainment so guys the main thing is not to scare it Jax what are you doing here again are you spying on me through the window again what happened pomy wife

Why are there two of you why are you in the bathroom here pomy please don’t hit me pomy I didn’t do anything wrong nothing wrong you’re spying on me again I told you not to do that I don’t like being watched please please forgive me I

Won’t do it again I promise please don’t punish me I don’t believe you Jax why are you watching PNE she told you she doesn’t like it when you watch her I understand everything but what you did was really wrong I think you need to apologize and never do it again please

Forgive me guys I just like pomy and I love watching her through the window you know you can’t do that why don’t you listen to anyone not even your friend Kane okay guys enough saying I’m bad I won’t do it anymore I apologized why do you keep being mean to me we’re still

Friends aren’t we promise you this won’t happen again I won’t watch anymore remembering everything I’m off bye everyone bye stop we’re not done with you yet he ran away Kane what do we do with him next should we chase him and still teach him a

Lesson ah I think we can’t catch Jax he runs twice as fast as us I don’t know how to teach him a lesson right now today I really wanted to swim at the beach and I think we can postpone punishing Jax for later and relax a bit

Today was a very eventful day yes you’re right Kane then I guess I’ll go home take a bath without anyone watching me now I’ll go up the stairs and finally take a bath oh yes I’ve missed a warm bath I need to relax it’s good that no

One will be watching me now you guys also like to take a hot bath I always swim in it oh yeah I need to freshen up a bit and then I can go to the beach to swim with cane and have a great time Kane is probably waiting for me the

Weather is so beautiful outside let’s look out the window yes indeed Kane is already swimming and waiting for me I need to hurry but first I need to find some perfume to smell nice and wash my hands yes good after the bath I feel

Better oh my gosh oh my gosh J you’re so bold why are you spying on me again why are you hiding behind my wardrobe I’m going to teach you a lesson now running away you won’t get far from me I’ll catch you you haven’t learned your lesson ja Kane catch him Kane he’s

Running towards you he was again sitting behind my wardrobe and watching me you won’t catch me I’ll run away ha Kane don’t stop me oh so you were watching PNE again we told you nobody likes being watched and you keep doing it no J I think you need to think about your

Behavior hey Jax stop and stay right there what why should I stop you’ll see for yourself now what’s this what are you doing no don’t don’t yes we will you’ll get your carrot just try to reach it let me out of here friends why what are you doing I

Didn’t do anything that’s for getting caught well let him think about his behavior and meanwhile we’ll go and break the bridge guys we’re already up here and now I’m going to break this bridge Jax is sitting and thinking about his behavior I’m breaking the bridge and it’s done the bridge is broken hooray

Jax won’t be spying on me anymore what shall we do next Jax has a whole stash of carrots here well I don’t know Jax has some kind of Attraction built right out of his house maybe we should try his ride it looks really cool to me and I

Think it could be very interesting Kane do you think it’s a good idea yeah of course why not try it out all right let’s try this attraction I hope Jax hasn’t set any traps on the way haha by the way Kane do you see that strange black goo over there yes it’s

The trace of Cavo it could be very dangerous we need to tell JX about it and come check it out together all right guys I think in the next episode we’ll find out what this black spot is well Kane shall we go you go first I’ll follow you oh this is so

Much fun guys oh my God I love love it such a great Amusement I really like the high speed wow this is really fun good thing Jack’s put this Railway here I think by the time I check on our friend before we forget about him he’s been

Sitting there a long time and maybe it’s time to get him out Jack trying to escape our trap Jax stop I didn’t let you go wait wait Kane he’s running away catch him Kane I can’t catch him he runs too fast think of something we can’t

Catch him well he got away but we’ll catch him in the next episode yes we’ll catch and punish him in the next episode this episode is coming to an end guys please like And subscribe to the channel to support us we really work hard for you and thank you so much for watching

We hope that in the next episode we’ll catch Jax and he won’t escape from us yes guys we’ll definitely manage it byby hey there awesome friends welcome to the amazing digital circus it’s me again your buddy pomy and I’m here with my botanist Pals today we’ve all gathered to take a stroll actually

Today’s our date guys did you forget ja that was just a joke we’re just out for a walk forget the date so what are we going to do today pomy honestly haven’t figured it out yet but I suggest we hit the beach first and decide there what

We’ll do today let’s hurry to the beach I can’t wait to breathe in that Lake air guys look it’s fullon winter in our amazing digital circus and it’s snowing everyone’s gearing up for the new year it’s only 5 days away we’re working hard for the new year gifts prepped and

Planning our New Year’s Eve bash plus we’ve got gifts for you our digital audience we’ll show you soon and tell you how to win them guys check it out our Lake’s totally frozen over man I wish I could swim in its warm Waters right now missing summer so much guys

Hit like And subscribe if you’re waiting for summer and those summer breaks but hey now we can boat across this icy lake I think in the next episodes we’ll definitely have a real race I mean a competition on this ice guys we came to this beach to decide what we’re doing

Today right exactly what are we going to do today I’m totally out of ideas Jax what do you think I don’t know pomy but I miss our pool so much I’d give anything for a swim in it that’s a great idea I just hope the pool water isn’t as

Cold as last time my wrist cramped up so bad yeah we can totally go swimming in the pool it’ll be fun and our viewers love watching us swim just afraid it might be super cold and the pool’s all iced over right today I washed up in

That pool the water’s really warm and if we get cold and soaked there’s a fire pit to warm up by all right let’s hit the pool by the way where’s Kane haven’t seen him today started shooting this episode in the digital circus but didn’t see Kane there I don’t know where he is

But he said he’d spend all day in his lab studying rats he’s testing potions on them didn’t hear anything about a lab what potion is he testing I don’t know what he’s testing in his lab that’s the lab near the mysterious portal it’s super interesting but I bet he’ll get

Bored and come hang out with us soon guys enough chatting Let’s go swim in the pool let’s dive into our pool water look it’s a bit icy around the edges but overall it’s swim ready just don’t touch the ice it’s super sharp and can easily tear up our clothes hey pomy what are

You doing you almost pushed me in stop touching me I’m not tactile he well if you’re not tactile then you need to become one jump in the water botanist oh my God it’s so cold here such an ice bath how I pushed you in so unexpectedly

And you fell so clumsily ragi come down into the water I’m jumping in too oh my God God in such cold water there’s no room for fun you can only catch a cold in this yeah it’s cool today but what did you expect in December exactly

Winter’s here and we have to deal with the fact that the pool water isn’t the warmest but look at that sky isn’t it way prettier in Winter I could watch it forever like meditation pomy there’s no room for philosophy on our Channel sorry guys got carried away with some nonsense

There you really scared me with your behavior it looked like you were drowning please pomy don’t do that again it looks ter terrifying there you go again stop diving hey Jax what are your plans for today what do you want to do today to be honest I’d really like to go

On a date with you you want to go on a date with me who are you and who am I it’s like going on a date with a pig well I don’t want to stoop to that level okay I was just kidding I agree to go on

A date with you oh wow that’s great then this evening we can spend time together all right it’s a date let’s meet at 4:00 p.m. I agree to go on a date with you I’m ready to be with you forever how can you talk about such things in front of

Others I may not be a stranger but we’re all hanging out together and you two are planning a date just for yourselves rtha you got it all wrong the thing is we are indeed hanging out together now but in the evening Jax and I will go on a date

So there’s nothing wrong with that you seriously want to go on a date without inviting me I should be the star of your date you’ve lost your minds I’ll consider your proposal and maybe someday invite you to a triple date but I think it won’t be today unless pomy wants it

You misunderstood Agatha don’t be offended I understood perfectly and now I’m leaving you I don’t want to be around traitors goodbye guys I can’t even call you friends anymore I’m so upset with them and now I don’t want to talk to them anymore how could they

Betray me I’m their best friend I just got an idea on how to teach them a lesson you’ll find out soon but I’ll keep it a secret for now to make this episode more interesting I think it’s a truly brilliant plan to put these egoists pomy and Jacks in their place

They’ll remember this for the rest of their lives and they’ll never never refuse me again I hope you’re ready to see this it’s incredible I thought up this trap a long time ago but I think Now’s the Time to use it just need to remember where I hit it it was so long

Ago I can’t remember right it’s not behind the lighthouse it’s inside the lighthouse how could I forget that great I’m in position here I’ll set a trap for my friends or rather I can’t call them friends anymore a trap for my offenders or more simply traitors my plan is to

Make a trap here in lure pomy and when she comes she’ll fall through because I’ll disguise the pit with with special camouflage material while pomy is stuck in this trap I’ll go on a date with JX it annoys me that he pays more attention to pomy than to me guys look how well

This is turning out the camouflage blends perfectly with the neighboring floor this means if pomy isn’t careful with the Floor Covering she won’t even realize there’s a real Pit here too bad I had to break a piece of the wall to get out and not fall into my own trap

But strategy requires sacrifices all right I’ll put the wall back so as not to give away the Trap I hope this trap Works actually I’m sure my trap works now I need to hurry to pomy and try to lure her here I think she won’t agree

Just like that so I’ll say there’s some kind of surprise for her here excellent guys I’ve prepared everything for my plan and now I need to call or rather lure paly into my pit look how few gifts are under this umbrella but I think Kane will bring much more as New Year’s

Approaches so write your real address in the comments to participate in the New Year’s gift contest if you win we can send it to you and also like And subscribe to the channel to participate in the contest I won’t waste another minute and we’ll go try to lure pomy out

Of the pool and make her follow me guys I’m back how are you what are you doing as you see we’re swimming and having a great time we’ve really fallen for each other today rega I can tell from your behavior that you want something from us

Why did you come confess I came to say that I have a gift for you actually the gift is only for pomy can you believe it I prepared a real surprise for her friends should spoil each other with gifts you’re serious you prepared a

Surprise for me but you were mad at me I didn’t think upset people give gifts no it’s not like that actually I’m not upset I admit I was wrong so as an apology I want to make a surprise for you I totally love gifts and surprises it’s my passion actually I love gifts

Too can you give me a gift as well no sorry j there’s no gift for you today the gift is only for pomy I knew it always forgotten about me but I’ll remember what you did you won’t get a gift from me for New Year sorry Jack but

Pom follow me I’ll show you where your surprise is because it can’t be moved we have to go to it I’m really curious about what it is follow me I’ll show you what I’ve prepared for you for New Year’s and as an apology I think you’ll really really like this surprise it’s

Truly cool I’m amazed that you went to such lengths to prepare a gift by the way do we have far to go because I’m starting to get tired of walking you’ll find out soon it’s going to be really interesting the gift is inside this Lighthouse yes right inside it weird

What kind of gift could be in a lighthouse this is so suspicious but so intriguing I can’t believe you prepared such a cool gift that you hid it in a lighthouse I promise there’s something unusual there you’ll have incredible emotions it’s strange why are you giving

A gift to me and not someone else well because you’re my only friend here it’s not practical to give gifts to guys they can buy everything for themselves all right then I believe you I’ll go into this Lighthouse and see what’s there and what’s this reatha it’s a dead end here

Just go straight ahead all right ouch what’s this hole in the floor where have I just fallen into haha perfect pomy fell into the Trap my plan worked brilliantly hey what are you doing why did you set this trap for me get me out

Of here right now I won’t let you out no matter how much you beg maybe you could at least explain why all this just because I’m jealous that you’re hanging out with Jackson I’m not that’s a mean thing to do let me out we’re supposed to

Be good friends why did you trap me here you said there was a surprise for me here you lied but now I can go on a date with Jax while you sit here and cry wiping your tears with your sleev please don’t leave me here alone great guys it

Worked and she fell into my trap now she can’t get out and the worms will eat her now nothing will stop me from asking Jax out on a date and I’m sure he’ll agree because he’s very simple and doesn’t care which girl he goes on a date with

But it’s important to me who he goes on a date with I hope he agrees and is in a good mood right now because I want to drink tea take a walk and hopefully he’ll kiss me goodbye guys look there’s Kane hi buddy hi Raga good to see you

What are you doing here alone oh nothing just walking I try to breathe fresh air Every Day I’m free now and finished working so could you keep me company and take a walk with me it’s just so boring being alone on the beach sure let’s go

Swim in the pool and call Jax great idea let’s hurry hey JX what are you doing here why aren’t you swimming in the pool I saw that there are many interesting things here board games drinks and all unclaimed I decided to check them all out I love drinks and board games yeah

Drinks are delicious especially I love drinking Coca-Cola it’s my favorite drink guys shall we swim in the pool you know Kane I’m so tired of the pool for today and besides my fur is still wet I’d rather go ice boating that’s indeed a great idea to go ice boating I’m in

Yeah let’s head to the lake hop in boats and have a race it’s going to be super fun yeah let’s head to the lake hop in boats and have a race it’s going to be super fun but hey guys what if we skate on the ice track instead it’s way safer

All right team check it out we’re already near our ice trck let’s grab the boats from the chest and glide on the ice the first one to the Finish Line wins this is going to be so cool we’re catching up to you Kane you’re in trouble now no chance of winning he’s

Got no shot we’ll overtake him oh no guys something’s up with my boat it’s stuck or frozen to the ice wait for me just a small hiccup I’ll be there in a jiffy awesome am I moving but man steering this boat is tough it’s all over the place must have gotten up on

The wrong side of the bed today cuz I’m swaying side to side can’t even make these tight turns guys I’m getting seasick wait up why are you all so far ahead newbies should be upfront and respected it’s my first time in this kind of ride we’ll wait for you at the

Finish Line hurry up finally made it a bit late but I’m here proud of myself hey guys where’s pomy why isn’t she hanging out with us didn’t get sick from swimming every day did she Kane no worries she’s not sick she hung out with us then swam and then ratha gave her a

Gift and took her away did she like your gift Kain where did she go then true I gave her a gift then she decided to go home to rest I don’t know what happened next cuz I went for a walk with Jax right away that’s a bummer it’s not as

Fun without her I’d love to give her a hug right now maybe we should swing by her place see if she’s up for a walk or help out if she’s not feeling well guys I think she’s really tired today she kept falling asleep so maybe we shouldn’t disturb her it wouldn’t be

Cool no we are her friends we should help each other out so let’s go check on her see if she’s okay or if her health took a dive yeah Kane you’re right we need to see how she’s doing she might really be feeling unwell we should be

Ready to help guys maybe we shouldn’t go to her place after all I don’t want to wake her up she’ll be grumpy because of her insomnia she’s always trying to sleep and we’ll just wake her up during her nap which is double terrible but it’s weird that she went home so quickly

Then nothing weird about it she was just really tired let’s check on her quietly so we don’t wake her up oh no looks like she’s not here no sign she was here recently either this is super worrying but if she’s not here where could she be considering how tired she was she’s not

Sleeping in a snow drift is she I don’t know let’s check upstairs maybe she’s there yeah good idea there’s a big chance pne’s upstairs chilling in the jacuzzi follow me up the stairs quietly so we don’t scare her all right I’m coming up behind you I hope pom’s really

In the jacuzzi right now wait for me guys I’m coming so is pomy up here or is she still missing uh she’s not here either this is so strange the jacuzzi water is cold which means pomy hasn’t been here since morning listen ra are you hiding something from me you want to

Tell me something why would you think I want to tell you something no I’m not hiding anything why would you think that judging by how you’re shaking with fear it seems like you’re definitely hiding something all right guys I’ll tell you everything just don’t hit me please the

Thing is I was super jealous of pomy because she was going on a date with Jax so I set up a trap for her to eliminate my competition for the bunny’s Heart and Hand have you lost your mind a trap for a friend how could you even think of

That Kane let’s go down ritha show us where this trap is is right now okay I’ll show you the Trap don’t worry she’s fine there were no bear traps or spikes it’s just a regular pit she’s sitting there waiting for someone to help her out ragi you’ve gone crazy you know we

Shouldn’t do this especially to our friends I know but at that moment I was only thinking about the date with you morality didn’t even cross my mind I still can’t believe you could stoop so low this is just terrible I’ll never forgive you Raga where do we go is it

Far no we’re almost there my trap is near the lighthouse only about 100 M left great then hurry and show us the way because this place is huge I doubt I’ll find the Trap where pomy is here we are guys pomy is inside the lighthouse

Come on in guys help me please get me out of here ratha why did you lock me in here you’re awful and coldblooded PNE what happened to you are you okay yeah I’m fine just ragath lured me into this trap under the guise of a gift I’ve been

Sitting here for 2 hours because she was jealous of us she was envious that you were going on a date with me and she wasn’t so she decided to eliminate the competition help me get out of here please break it faster does anyone have

A pickaxe or some tool to get me out of here quicker earthworms are starting to crawl on me climb out now thank you so much Kane I’m so grateful you helped me out of that pit I couldn’t have done it alone and I would have broken a nail why

Did you do this confess why you locked me in that pit I felt like I was Mr Beast buried alive it was horrible I’m waiting for your apology please forgive me guys I was just envious and wanted to go on a date with Jax in short I wanted

To be in your place in your skin pomy guys please don’t fight we’re still friends we should live in harmony right yeah Kane you’re right okay we won’t fight but I’m still upset with ratha thanks for the flower Jack ratha here this is for you thank you so much pomy I

Feel like our friendship isn’t totally lost let’s run to the tree and open some of the Christmas presents I’m super curious to see what comes out of these Lucky Blocks yeah let’s go I’m also really curious to see what’s in the gifts I hope there’s a brand new

Electric scooter Jax keep your dreams to yourself the main thing is everything ended on a good note today I hope ritha won’t act like this anymore if she does it again we’ll punish her by putting her in jail for 15 days but today I’ll turn a blind eye to this incident thank you

So much you’re very kind because I wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s in jail guys let’s hurry to the tree I already see a ton of gifts under it guys look how many gifts we have here looks like Santa Claus them here yeah but we’ll open these gifts in the next

Episode because it’s time to wrap up so dear friends thank you so much for watching be sure to like And subscribe to the channel if you likeed this episode because it was really interesting also write in the comments your real address so we can send you

Christmas gifts and with you was me pomy and my Bist friends bye-bye hey guys check out our amazing digital circus celebration Winter’s here and it’s snowing for the first time yep kids New Year years is coming up and that’s why we’re decorating our Christmas tree today look everyone we’ve got a great

Christmas tree in our amazing digital circus I’m so excited that New Year’s is almost here I’m super excited too New Year’s is my absolute favorite holiday I love New Year’s too because it snows and we get to build our tree I really enjoy setting up gifts for our digital friends

Giving gifts is really fun so we’ve decorated the tree what should we do now I’d love to hang out with you guys really decorate the Christmas tree very much fun it charges me New Year mood guys write in comments do you like to decorate the tree for the New Year yes

In our amazing digital circus everyone dresses up the tree for the new year but today we did not invite JX because we want to surprise him he’s going to love it I’ll be back soon the thing is I have to go to the big snowman I have to

Finish something so I can’t hang out right now you guys have fun here and I’ll be back soon okay Kane we’ll stay here while you finish up that huge snowman look everyone how big it is it took me so much time I built it all by myself this snowman I sculpted all week

And spent a lot of time guys like And subscribe to the channel if you want to build the same snowman haha They didn’t ask me to help decorate the tree but you know what I’ll get my revenge I’ve got a plan yeah I’m really upset they didn’t

Ask me so I’m going to ruin their holiday I just have to wait for everyone to leave and then do what I came up with I can already imagine how they’ll react to the fact that their gifts were stolen from under the Christmas tree looks like we’ve decorated the tree and placed all

The gifts it looks pretty good good looks great and now our Christmas tree is really ready for New Year’s guys write in the comments what wish you’ll make for the new year also hit like And subscribe to the channel if you want your wish to come true we’re really

Excited to read what wishes you want to make for the new year hey ratha I think we forgot something we forgot to put the Garland on our tree let’s go to my house and get it quickly yeah let’s go we totally forgot about the Garland look

They’ve left the tree this is my chance to steal all their gifts just look guys they they really decorated this tree without me and see how many presents are here now I’ll break them all so they know what it’s like to decorate the tree without me I’m so mad they didn’t invite

Me so I’ll break all these gifts seems I feel like a kma who constantly makes us feel bad but if I was invited to decorate the tree with them I wouldn’t break their gifts just understand I am very upset with them there that looks better almost no gifts left I think

They’ll be really upset when they see this St guys what’s JX doing there is he stealing all our gifts why would he do that when we prepared them for him we need to watch him and see what he’s planning next look guys I broke all the gifts and now when they come back

They’ll be so upset to find their gifts stolen they’ll probably think it was kofo since he’s always up to Mischief so upset to find their gifts stolen they’ll probably think it was kofo since he’s always up to Mischief look guys there they are running soon they’ll see and

Find out their gifts are gone this is going to be so funny rtha wait a sec where are our gifts we put here why is there not a single gift left what happened something bad happened and someone broke our gifts they were all here and now they’re gone who could have

Taken them what happened who would just take all our gifts it was probably CMO because he always causes trouble and he must have taken our gifts now oh this is terrible what do we do now why would he need our gifts I don’t know maybe because he’s a villain okay we still

Have a few gifts left let’s set them up I don’t want to celebrate New Year’s without gifts under the tree yeah let’s set them up I hope kfo doesn’t break them again or I’ll be really upset guys it seems the girls are upset thinking kmo took all their gifts but it

Was Jack’s I have to tell them everything but first I’ll keep an eye on him a bit longer I need to understand why he’s doing this I have to tell them everything but first look they really think it was CMO they have no idea it was me who took all their gifts seems

Like they’ve set them up again and when they leave I’ll I’ll be able to take them again this is such a great plan I love it all right we’ve put all the gifts back I hope no one steals them this time I think we need to run to Kane

And his big snowman and tell him all about this situation yeah let’s do that we need to tell Kane about the situation he hates it when someone steals New Year’s gifts hey we forgot the garlands at home with all this gift disappearance thing let’s run and grab them yeah let’s

Go quickly and then head to Kane and tell him all about this look guys they left again I can take all these gifts again I wonder how they’ll react when I take their gifts for the second time oh look Jax is breaking our gifts again look at him he’s breaking all the gifts

Pomy and Raga set up that’s what you get for decorating the tree without me I thought we were friends but they didn’t invite me to decorate the tree what to do with him now why is he doing this it seems like he wants us to be without

Gifts this New Year all right I’ll go finish the Snowman for now oh my gosh look reatha our gifts are gone again from under the tree someone broke them again what’s going on I don’t know what’s happening someone is stealing our gifts right from under the Christmas

Tree this is so strange where are our gifts what happened we have no gifts left this is so sad maybe it was you who stole these gifts no I’ve been with you the whole time how could I have stolen these gifts yeah you’ve been with me the

Whole time but where could they be what do we do now I don’t know what to do next and Kane is going to be so upset when he finds out there are no more gifts under the tree and someone stole them yeah I think we have to go to Kane and

Tell him about this situation I hope he won’t be too angry that his gifts are gone Kane can help us he always helps us in different situations by the way he built this ice Road this is a very interesting attraction and also a quick way to move around our amazing digital

Circus I really like it oh guys look at all these snowmen this is so cool and it means New Year’s is getting close and in our amazing digital circus these snowmen have appeared cool and it means new New Year’s is getting close and in our amazing digital circus these snowmen

Have appeared o Kane are you here listen we’ve had big trouble someone is stealing our gifts that we leave under the tree yeah our gifts were stolen twice from under the tree can you believe it I know who stole the gifts it was Jack’s when you guys left the tree I

Saw him come up and break all your gifts he was hiding behind the tree and waited for you to leave it was Jack’s why would he do that those were his gifts too we thought it was cof because he’s always doing something bad to us yes it was him

I don’t understand why he did it either those were his gifts so what do we do now are you sure it was Jax he usually doesn’t do things like this yes I’m sure it was him let’s all go together and see follow me and I’ll show you everything

Why would he do that I thought it was kmo but not JX it’s really strange Jax usually plays pranks on us but they’re not this hurtful it’s almost New Year’s and he just broke these gifts why did he do it I think we’ll find out soon Kan is

Going to take us to him oh my gosh look it’s really Jax he’s standing there breaking our Christmas tree he’s the one who broke our gifts why is he doing this why is he breaking our tree he’s ruining our New Year’s mood tree he’s the one

Who broke our gifts why is he doing this why is he breaking our tree we need to teach him a lesson for what he’s done let’s catch him and punish him so guys you saw that it was really Jax yes it was him I didn’t expect this from him

Hey Jack come here we’re going to teach you a lesson why did you do this why did you break our gifts and are destroying the tree guys stop please I didn’t do anything wrong so it was you breaking our gifts all this time we thought it

Was kfmo but it was you you didn’t invite me to decorate the tree and I felt left out you decorated the tree without me and it really hurt my feelings and why did you decide to just break all these gifts do you even know that we prepared all these gifts for you

To surprise you what these were gifts for me why did I do this it doesn’t matter now who the gifts were for because they’re gone now ratha take him home we’ll think of some punishment for him it doesn’t matter now who the gifts were for because they’re gone now ratha take him

Home we’ll think of some punishment for him stealing gifts from us we have to teach him a lesson he did an ugly thing to all of us and in addition broke the gifts we were preparing for him guys I’ll fix our Christmas tree now it looks

Really better guys maybe no need for a punishment I didn’t know you were preparing these gifts for me I just thought you didn’t invite me so I decided to break them even if the gifts weren’t for you why did you break them you just wanted to make things worse for

Everyone guys you sorted out with Jax here I have to go to the circus for Urgent matters yeah okay we’ll wait for you here we’ll think of what to do with Jax maybe don’t do anything please forgive me I definitely won’t do it again I don’t believe you now go home

We’ll come up with something don’t do anything please forgive me I definitely won’t do it again I don’t believe you now go home so you’re going to face the consequences for what you did I’m taking away these candies and you won’t be eating them anymore no please give me

Back those New Year’s candies they’re my favorite treat no I won’t give them back because this is your punishment that’s right pomy he broke the gifts and you took his sweets in return that seems unfair I apologized I won’t do anything like that again let’s show you your

Punishment now oh my gosh it’s kmo what’s he doing here I will steal all gifts from you you and ruin your holiday oh no guys this is really bad guys run to my house where are you running to no it seems he’s chasing after my friends

Ratha he’s chasing us we need to start running faster he’s gaining on us oh no guys this is really bad news kfmo is chasing after my friends and he’s likely to catch them I need to think of something fast I think I should run to Kane and tell him all about this I’m

Wondering where cfmo came from and what does he want in our amazing digital circus okay I hope Kane can help us and we can come up with something together he always helps us in tough situations Kane are you here I have bad news what happened Jax you look scared

Yes because a really bad situation happened kfmo attacked us and kidnapped our friends PNE and ratha I managed to get into the house and he didn’t touch me but ran after them what where did he come from he wasn’t here before are you sure he kidnapped them yes I saw him

Chasing them and then they disappeared where could they be I don’t know but I can fly around now and see where he might have taken them yeah go ahead I’ll wait for you here go and have a look I’m off then wait for me here where could

They be where might calmo have taken them this is very intriguing let’s check the lighthouse they don’t seem to be here I would have probably seen them from a distance where could calmo take them they’re not here in my laboratory either maybe they are behind this red

Door let’s check it out guys I have a feeling they might be there no they’re not here either guys I think I’ve checked all the places they could be oh wait what is this place do you see it too this is very strange because this place wasn’t here before it

Looks like some kind of protrusion in the mountain oh my gosh look there’s a cave and PNE and ratha are inside hi guys how are you feeling did calmo bring you here Kane yes we’re okay please save us from here we don’t like it here kmo

Put us here but he left and he’s not here now we don’t have much time you need to think of something quickly oh we’re so glad you found us and you’re going to get us out of here we’re waiting hurry up yes I know Jax told me

About it so I’m here don’t worry I’ll definitely think of something yes Jax and I will definitely come up with a way to rescue you from here hey Jax I think I found our friends where did you find them why didn’t you bring them here are

They okay yes they’re fine but I need your help to save them they’re up there on the mountain CMO took them there that’s terrible how are we going to rescue them they’re at such a high altitude but I have a plan on how we can

Help them I think we can use water to help them come down that’s a great idea indeed they can jump into the water and save themselves I think we need to build a small pool now that will help them come down safely I’m already starting to

Build it and I think if you help me we can finish it really quickly of course my friend I’ll help you finish this pool I’m so glad our friends are okay and we be with us soon I’m also very relieved that kofo didn’t do anything to them and

They’re fine we’ll be hanging out together soon yeah just make sure you don’t break the toys we put on the tree again I really didn’t like what you did sorry please forgive me I won’t do it again I was just really upset that I wasn’t invited see you should find out

The situation first before jumping to conclusions the gifts were meant for you as a surprise look we’ve almost finished building the pool now we just need to fill it with water go ahead fill it with water and let’s wait for our friends to jump in I hope everything goes well I

Know ratha is afraid of heights but I think she can jump into the water I think they’ll manage this task and we’ll be able to jump know ragi is afraid of heights but I think she can jump into the water I think they’ll manage this task and we’ll be able to jump oops

Something went wrong and I accidentally spilled water right into our amazing digital circus no worries just make sure to clean up all this water later guys we finish now you can jump down and you’ll get right into this pool don’t be afraid to jump with you all will be fine let’s

Jump guys hooray great job we did it Well Done friends tell us how did cfmo catch you we were in Jax’s house then went outside and saw kfmo after that he chased us and I passed out waking up up there yes that’s exactly what happened it was terrible thank you so much

Jackson Kane for saving us we couldn’t have managed on our own I’m glad everything ended well let’s go to our Christmas tree then yes let’s run I’m so eager to see our tree hey ja why did you behave like this today why did you break our gifts we were preparing them for you

How could I know you were preparing them for me I thought you didn’t invite me just because you didn’t want me to help decorate the tree with you how could you think that we always invite you well sorry guys I just didn’t know you wanted

To give me that gift and I was really hurt that you didn’t invite me okay I think we can forgive you today because New Year’s is soon we shouldn’t be mad at each other guys I have a great idea how we can forgive Jax and have a good

Time if he broke the presentence and now our tree looks very ugly we can all dress it up together Kane you’re right this is a very good idea and I think so we can forgive JX for what he did today thanks a lot guys let’s then set up

These gifts together now yeah let’s set up these gifts quickly it’s going to be so much fun here Jack take the gifts and set them up quickly with these gifts our Christmas tree looks really great I like how we’ve placed them yes guys now my New Year’s mood is even better just look

How everything looks I’ll put some more gifts on top and it’s going to look great now the Christmas tree looks even better guys with these gifts the tree looks very festive I really like it thank you so much for decorating this tree with me you see you could first

Understand why you were not invited and only then resent we all love you very much ja decorating this tree with me you see you could first understand why you were not invited and only then resent we all love you I think we can finish this wonderful episode here thank you all for

Watching leave likes and subscribe to the channel remember our show is only possible because of you you are our best digital viewers yes yes guys thank you all for watching good luck and bye-bye to everyone best digital viewers yes yes guys thank you all for watching good luck and bye-bye to everyone

This video, titled ‘JAX CAUGHT POMNI! WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO WITH HER? AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS in Minecraft’, was uploaded by POMNI – Minecraft on 2024-03-02 20:00:04.
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Welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus in Minecraft! Exciting adventures await you here with Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, Caine, and their friends. Every day in the Amazing Circus, there are many interesting events, so be sure to watch the videos until the end and support our heroes. Enjoy the show!

Credits: GLITCH / Gooseworx

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    Minecraft 2 Leak: Insane Real Song by MemnicusVideo Information This video, titled ‘New minecraft 2 leak (real) song by @Memnicus’, was uploaded by Been on 2023-12-30 10:32:40. It has garnered 218 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. Song by @Memnicus here is the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSwcTiurwwk Memnicus channel: https://www.youtube.com/@UC70Gov_qr1CF_euitGoWY7g Read More

  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: https://discord.gg/CEvV2fjwWb IP: play.mythicube.com play.mythicube.com Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More