JJ & Mikey’s Terrifying Escape in Blood Rain – Minecraft (Maizen)

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Let’s get started today I’m here because Mikey has something he wants to show me you’re going to love it JJ I made a really cool zombie research lab zombie what now check it out wo that’s a zombie villager right that’s right bu he wasn’t

Always a zombie so I built a lab to try to cure him I’ve done a lot of research but I still haven’t found a way to cure him and turn him back to normal I’ve tried everything I can think of H here have some more are those cookies

Yeah it’s like I told you none of my ideas work he’s not eating anyway I still haven’t given up on my testing oh let me give you a tour of my zombie research lab sure what’s this place this is the zombie combat training area it’s a place where you can practice battling

Zombies pretty cool right AJ uh yeah it’s totally cool Mikey give it a try do some training fight the zombie uh can I use one of these swords of course that sounds fun it’s just the one zombie right yeah only one for now at least just don’t let your guard down ready JJ

Sure okay here I go wo start okay take this get him wait what Mikey I thought there would just be one zombie lesson one you never know how many zombies there are fine I can handle it huh yes what got it but there were three of them well done JJ you’ve gained

Some valuable experience fighting zombies oh how about I show you the research lab’s basement follow me JJ it’s down here below the trap door nice secret entrance thanks oh more zombies ready 3 2 1 go snow Golds fight the zombies are testing snow gols as a zombie defense system

Uh-oh come on hang in there no h they couldn’t be the zombies I love snow golems they’re so H and every single time they lose to the zombies I just don’t know why they haven’t won a single time I guess I just have to do more research well Mikey a snow golem

Snowball only do damage to things like blazes or the Ender Dragon they just can’t hurt zombies not even a little bit really I didn’t know that then does that mean all of this research was for nothing well you can always use snow golems as decoys and beat the zombies in

Other ways so my research wasn’t just a waste of time I forgot to tell you this earlier Mikey but H I’ve actually been researching zombies on my own in secret really you mean you have a zombie research lab too that’s right I built it myself W also I think my lab has exactly

The thing you need Mikey come with me huh exactly what I need what could that be let’s check it out wait here guys let’s go here we are wow it’s huge I know right how long did this take you to build oh is that a zombie

Villager I feel bad for him he can never go back to being a villager poor guy actually huh this zombie villager will be going back to normal what that’s impossible how here I’ll show you we’ll need a golden apple from this chest but before we do anything with that I’ll flip this lever

Flip W what did you just do first we have to give the zombie villager a dose of medicine okay and now comes the golden apple oh I’m just going to feed it to him you mean you’re not supposed to feed him any cookies that’s right now we just wait a few Minutes he’s CED see just like I said he’s back to normal wo this is the medication oh and here’s a golden apple wow use these to cure your friend now I can save him thank you yep I’m so excited okay come on out villager I’m glad he’s better he can go back home

Bye-bye hey Mikey want to take a look in here yeah what do you have in this area you’ll see what is this place you shouldn’t get too close why that’s the combat training area wow see that zombie yeah that’s the area to practice fighting zombies cool it’s like the one I

Made believe it or not I have experience fighting zombies I bet I could win no problem can I give it a try please well the zombie in there might look normal now but you can’t be too careful so take a look at this you should probably take some

Weapons and armor before going in there to fight that thing nah I don’t need any of that stuff this will only take a second so don’t worry about me JJ Mikey hang on huh I think you should reconsider don’t worry about me it’ll be just fine that’s not

Good let’s start the battle Mikey you’re trapped in there it’s fine huh look behind you it’s just one Z like what what is that thing get so big this isn’t so bad maybe I can still oh no help me ouch well that was sure embarrassing I

Tried to warn you Mikey you just tried to fight a super dangerous mutant zombie a mutant zombie This research lab is awesome that reminds me there’s something else I wanted to show you I can even mutate those Snow Golems you like so much really yeah just follow

Me wow you have so many snow golems in here and on the other side mutant zombies are you going to make them fight yep but I thought you already knew this snow golems can’t damage zombies if you make them fight the snow golems will all lose it’s pretty common College

JJ don’t worry Mikey they may be normal Snow Golems now but they won’t stay that way oh once they mutate things will get interesting ready sure 3 2 1 huh that was a dose of the mutation drug wow ready Mikey y let’s go the gate is open good luck Snow Golems they’re much stronger now wo Snow Golems are impressive what is that attack I love being on vacation this Cottage getaway was a great idea I’m right there with

You there’s nothing like a Woodland Retreat for a little RNR check out the river it’s so peaceful hey JJ yep come quick there’s something over there oh yeah what is it I don’t know I can’t tell from here it’s just a little too far away let’s go

See Mikey watch out this isn’t good get in the house hurry what was that just about the worst thing that could ever happen to us what do you mean we should stay in the cottage right what is it take a good look at it Mikey that

Is a red ogre what’s a red ogre they say if you look a red ogre in the eye then it will spend a 100 days trying to capture you no you’re kidding however if the ogre doesn’t succeed by midnight of the 100th night it’ll be the one to

Croak so all we have to do is hold out for 100 days do I have that right yep that’s the deal we need to get away from it we could make a run for it but we probably have to find another way out of here yeah h it’s just waiting for us out

There what do you think Mikey I’m not sure if we should leave well the good news is the ogre isn’t coming inside it’s too big it can’t fit through the front door that’s lucky but I wish it wasn’t guarding it I got an idea what is it since it’s

So focused on the front door we can just dash out the back you would never notice H it is stin put that could work want to go for it yeah come on follow me hurry hurry hurry I’m right behind you get back here Mikey quick in the house you can do It good work I’ll lock the door there pH did you see that it caught up to us in a matter of seconds it’s so much faster than I expected look at it go there’s no way we can outrun it oh any other ideas let me think there must be a solution what’s in

This room JJ oh it’s just the bedroom h Huh no way take a look at this wao a drill hang on that gives me an idea yeah we should use the drill to build a secret Escape tunnel it can’t chase after us if we’re hidden underground that might just work

Like all right then let’s get digging we have to pick a spot where it can’t see us then we can make our Escape how about over here yeah that should work here it goes first I’ll make a hole in the floor there now I’ll make

It wider good idea all right time to get tunneling can you make sure we’re in the clear oh we’re safe it definitely can’t see us wa this is going to be one professional looking tunnel we said it wow impressive huh yeah we’re definitely making that getaway this time

Look how fast we’re drilling that red ogre has no idea what we’re up to I think this is far enough let’s start digging our way back up there we go W hold on no you’re kidding it was waiting for us how did it know listen this plan isn’t going to

Work so what do we do let’s head back to the house okay if we can’t run then we need to fight we have to slay the ogre how are we supposed to do that it’s so strong come upstairs I’ve got something to show you H check this out check what out if you

Look carefully you’ll see a hidden door I was afraid something like this might happen so I installed a secret room and stocked it with things we might need that’s amazing come see what we’ve got inside this chest Mikey taada we’ve got revolvers and grenades to be used only

For self-defense of course wa might as well take this other stuff with us too I bet we could take down that ogre in one shot for sure thanks to our trusty revolvers why are there diving suits here oh you noticed them huh we might as well take them too better safe than

Sorry good thinking don’t will need them though I also grabbed the TNT and all the other stuff just in case already wearing the diving suit huh well now let’s slay this Oger you really think we need the TNT like you said better save from sorry so where’d that ogre

Go get it did it leave well I don’t see it there it is right below you Mikey lost it already d don’t worry I’m on it it doesn’t stand a chance against my trusty revolver take that that should do it no it’s coming for me shoot it Mikey why is it working down there help me out it’s not even fling he can’t slave this way a g are doing anything time to crank things up a notch if our bullets won’t do the trick then our grenades definitely take that and that and that and that and

That I’m out and they didn’t leave a scratch how’s that possible it’s hopeless it’s too strong what are we going to do I don’t know oh oh I just remembered something even if you attack a red ogre non-stop for 100 days it won’t die what couldn’t you have

Remembered that sooner well we can’t change the past but we can come up with a new plan mhm so we tried running and we tried slaying it but neither of those ideas worked right so let’s try staying in the house for 100 days instead great idea the ogre

Can’t fit through the door so we can just wait them out in here then when the time is up you’ll just give up and disappear Bingo luckily for us we have plenty of food this chest is practically full we’re definitely not going to St yeah there’s more than enough I’m you

Have to stay in here for 100 days and that’s what we’ll do all while filling up on pap let our 100 day Hideout Begin We’re almost there woohoo yep just a few more hours we may have gone a little overboard foodwise this is all we have left one piece of cake each I’m going to eat mine I’m a little hungry believe it or not I am to we’re officially out of food but

That shouldn’t be a problem as long as we survive the red ogre should disappear at midnight Midnight can’t come soon enough no kidding tomorrow we can finally live without Fear nice another wonderful morning time to start the day let’s step outside what hang on what’s going on huh everywhere I look there are freaky looking zombies Gathering what’s happening seriously this looks really bad I better grab some weapons what is this about those freaky zombies are everywhere waa what’s their deal they’re

Just hanging out around my house I definitely need to grab have some weapons I want to defend myself okay here we go down the hatch I need to hop across my secret lava security yes this is the place where I keep my Armory open all right the armor comes first

Let’s gear up I have a full set of diamond armor On next up let’s check the chest here’s where I keep my weapons let’s see I’ll need my Tesla gun and a laser rifle some ammo some obsidian too not to mention a whole bunch of TNT also I’ll need my diamond pickaxe golden apples and a flint and steel I

Should bring enough for Mikey too I bet all of this will be enough for both of us okay now I’m all loaded up let’s eliminate the zombes the outbreak before it gets out of hand I’ll take care of this unfortunately I can’t really see what’s going on from down here so I’ll

Need to climb up a little all right this should do it Woo you’re going down all right got one there we go awesome they’re going down one by one but there are still so many zombies Left who knows how long this will take there’s no end to them it’s going to be hard defending this place all by myself uh-oh I totally forgot about Mikey

That’s his house over there right is he doing okay I need to make a break for it here I go whoops shoot uh-oh they’re following me I better get to his right away please be safe Mikey he’s still Asleep Mikey get up hurry up Mikey come on wake up fighting oh JJ what’s up something terrible has happened Mikey whatever you do don’t go outside it’s not safe I promise what are you talking about huh no way well that’s what I was trying to tell you there are zombies [Applause]

Outside yikes there are mutant zombies everywhere why I don’t know likey but it’s okay I brought you some equipment take this armor oh thanks some weapons thanks I’m scared TNT flint and steel and some obsidian oops be careful right I also brought ammo thanks okay Mikey we have

To work together to slay those zombies are you with me all right thanks for the weapons and armor it should be a piece of cake to stop them all well I couldn’t much alone but together we can do it we have access to your roof right yep cool they look tough

Let’s go we got it nice there’s too many of them but it’s easy just blow stuff fighting Mikey get him use your laser rifle yes it’s working we’re actually healing them great slay them all these guys are really tough there’s no end to them is there no there are more behind

Us hang on my Ang there’s so many they just some I’ve got an idea miky you have to use our backup plan there’s too many to take down by hand what we going it do follow me ring this way to your house okay wao all right for our backup plan yeah

We’ll start by using some obsidian look like this oh H let’s take this off why come on there everything here we’re going to cover it up once the base is done see here uh and over here huh like this not bad are you building us a shelter oh you figured it out that’s

Right of course build a shelter to keep us safe no problem you’re on the right track but Mikey staying in the shelter won’t solve our zombie problem we’re going to do one more thing outside I guess we can’t hide forever now what the answer to that Mikey is right here

TNT oh we have lots of TNT let’s use it to make a massive explosion you sure with a big enough explosion we can wipe all the mutant zombies in one go nice obsidian is strong so we can survive the explosion from inside the shelter Wow Let’s go yeah there’s more than I

Thought wo let’s start building over here build upward okay to escape for the moment now what now we build from here leaving a trail of TNT behind us just like this woo yep by placing all of these explosives together like this m it’ll combine into one massive

Explosive I see keep it up yeah just like this it’s a giant TNT block yeah it’s coming along nicely sweet yep ooh it’s looking good let’s make it taller how big will this explosion be hopefully huge will it play them all an explosive this size should have no problem destroying all those zombies

Yeah yes there that should be good enough yay you’ll never believe this I’ve been sent to jail for a crime I didn’t commit my sentence 1 billion years I can’t live the rest of my life Behind Bars I mean I’m innocent I need to find a way out of

Here H Mr prisoner you’ll never escape from here no way look at the time your shift is about to start I’m got to get you to work follow Me but don’t you dare try to make a run for it h work huh okay I’m coming Good so my job is to break down these piles of gravel correct this is part of your sentence so do it right and don’t you even think about escaping got it yes sir well if it says in my sentence to break down this gravel I’m guessing that

Means I have to pick it up and carry it too where did that guard go oh there he is better get back to It I’m getting worn out breaking down and carrying gravel is back breaking work I need to rest ah the Ocean what hang on where’s the guard he’s looking the other way got to check out this chest while I have the chance H open sesame a lever no way what are the chances I’d find a lever in here I can’t let anyone see it I’m going to hide it in my

Inventory now then I should the guard quick he back to work you can’t fo me prer tell me what were you doing back there huh you were up to something I know it no empty your pockets all of them yes uh oh sorry I picked up some dirt by accident I didn’t

Mean to you can have it back H dirt huh yeah okay so you were carrying this dirt well that’s no good you can’t bring dirt back to your cell you’re not allowed to take anything out of the labor yard in fact understood in that case I’ll hand these

Over to you it must be time to wrap up for the day right oh yes it is good work phew close one I barely managed to keep the lever hidden I thought he had me for a second but I kept my cool like a Pro guard I’m hungry H could I have some dinner please oh sure here have some bread here here here here here here all right thanks this hit the spot don’t mention it wo 10 loaves amazing I might just eat them ball go ahead prisoner dig

In eat as much as you like but under no circumstances are you come back behind this counter understood uh well uh why is that oh um no reason mind your own business I don’t need to tell you anything just stay on that side where you belong is that clear

Uh well that sure piqu my curiosity H I can’t stop thinking about what he said why would he snap at me maybe there’s there’s something there that can help me escape I need to find out I should be able to use the lever I found to lead my

Cell I’ll wait for lights out then sneak in here I’m tired I should call it a night hey prisoner don’t even think about trying to escape you got that escape the thought never crossed my mind go ahead and get some sleep Mr guard all right good

Night okay the guard is gone that means it’s time to break out of here good thing I found this lever during my workshift it’s about to come in mighty handy the guards should all be asleep by now I’ll hide this here and open the door

Yes just shut it behind me all right now it’s off to the cafeteria it’s time to get snooping okay I’m in the cafeteria I have to figure out what that guard was hiding earlier he really didn’t want me coming behind the counter for some reason I can’t see

Much here’s a torch so how do I get back there maybe I can jump from this table I have to try there must be a clue for how I can make my Escape I can’t stay here for a billion years I’m innocent I have

To break out out yes I made the jump but now What oh oh there’s a secret passage I knew it my ticket out of here was in the cafeteria this whole time woohoo I bet I can use this to escape huh H hey what are you doing it’s the guard you broke out of your cell and I got you red-handed it’s

A good thing I came to have some dinner I got to get out of here Down the Hatch I guess bye thanks for everything stop right there sorry to run but I’m innocent wa he get back here W how deep is this hole Splash Landing what is this

Place please prisoner hi the guard followed me I said free run run run run run run run stop resisting this place is like a maze quit running never I won’t let you get away alligators or maybe crocodiles W they’re attacking the guard why are there alligators a ladder yes

Get down he’s right on my tail freeze in the name of the law that’s an order go go go go go whoops pick a path where’d you go there you are be found me run for it go run why is there lava down here whatever I

Just have to parkour my way to the other side I Won’t Let You Escape there has to be a way out he’s still coming oh the floor is dropping up from under me I’ve got to hurry before I fall in wa I fell in I can’t believe it that was

Close I managed to shake off the guard but now I don’t see a way out of here H wait a second could we be on an island yeah it’s an Island prison how am I supposed to escape from this oh hang on what’s at the top of that Tower it looks like a

Helicopter that’s exactly what it is if I can just find my way up there I can take that helicopter and make my Escape all right then new Mission I’ve got to break into that Tower I’ll bet there’s plenty of guards in that building h good thing I have a

Plan huh a prisoner broke out of a nearby jail and he’s considered to be extremely dangerous wa what if that escaped convict is hiding out here in the neighborhood oh that’s scary to think About H hang on hang on who’s There hey JJ Mikey what’s wrong something strange is happening at my house what do you mean well my stuff keeps disappearing there’s things I haven’t touched and I have no idea where they’re ending up that is weird uh take me to your house I’ll come take a look is this it yep H

Looks normal so far can I go in of course so what exactly is disappearing can you give me an example sure this morning I went to take some apples out of the fridge but they were gone I had nothing to eat for breakfast huh how did that happen it’s strange because everything

Looks to be perfectly normal with everything in its place H things aren’t in their place though my treasure is on missing too treasure huh that kind of stuff just doesn’t walk away I know no what get over here quick Mikey hurry what is it just follow me in here okay hurry Mikey I’m

Here now fill me in listen there was definitely something under your bed are you sure what did you see I couldn’t quite tell what it was but it gave me a really bad feeling it’s just your imagination come on I’ll show you fine I know I saw something go take

A look under your bed you’ll see you’re sure positive huh hm I don’t see anything under my bed where to go I swear it was here it must have heard that I spotted it and gone into hiding there must be a way to prove it I know let’s install a

Security camera then we can head back to my house you can spend the night you’ll be safer I think you’re getting carried away I’m perfectly fine here trust me Mikey now stay put I’ll go get the camera okay I’m back hey there was something under

Your bed I’m sure of it right I wasn’t just seeing things mhm I’m going to put the camera up here and activate let’s see if it works oh now we can keep an eye on your house remotely cool all right since your house has been compromised let’s head over to mine okay

Follow me so we may be hunkered down at my place but we can see everything through this security feed have you spotted anything weird JJ no not yet so far so good H listen we’re not going to see anything JJ it’s a one room house if something was hiding under my bed and

Stealing my stuff I’m sure I would have noticed it perhaps h Huh what hold on what is it look under the bookshelf you’re kidding me wao no way someone just came out from under my bookshelf he’s checking to see if the coast is clear and he’s holding a

Kitchen knife he’s not taking any chances he closed the curtains and he shut the door he clearly doesn’t want to be seen but what is he doing there in the first place H he’s going through your fridge Mikey my watermelon what’s he doing with

It huh come on I was going to have that for dinner a you know watermelon isn’t a meal right Mikey I can’t believe what I’m seeing it’s it’s terrifying wa he’s gone for now at least I can’t believe he was living right under my nose wait what I just remembered

Something uhhuh apparently earlier today a prisoner escaped from jail that clown must be him what you mean I have an escaped convict for a roommate I’m scared this would be a good time to poke around since he’s out of the house want to go take a closer look with me

Okay I wonder where he ran off to uh is it safe yeah but shut the door huh wow I didn’t even know my house had a Basement well it does why don’t we check it out okay but let’s be careful h a staircase I don’t like this proceed with caution we don’t know what’s down here that’s what scares me H I still can’t believe I have a basement what do you

See oh uh no way JJ yeah that that’s my old bed I’ve been wondering where it went too it went missing so I just made myself a new one to think it was stolen huh that’s a weird thing to take and then there’s this it’s the cake

I was going to have yesterday and look he ate some of it well that explains why your stuff has been disappearing the convict’s been stealing it what’s in here H seriously it’s it’s my treasure he took it what a jerk I can’t let him get away with

It you know what Mikey you’re right you deserve to get some payback we’re going to catch him and turn him into the police sounds like a Plan first things first let’s Place Another security camera so we can keep an eye on things down here great idea now we can spy on him in his Hideout all right next up why don’t we set some traps like a booby trap or something yeah let’s do it I brought

Just the thing for this TNT I say we hide it right under his bedo will this be deep enough Yeah now this is how you get payback mm okay almost done rigging it up there we go go perfect I put a ton of TNT in there nice what do you say we add a trap that floods the basement with lava that would be awesome all right

I’ll place the lava dispensers up in the ceiling just like this okay today we’re playing hide and seek Oh yay I love hide and seek but this just isn’t any game of hide-and seek this version’s special oh this time we’re playing with two items what are they these are the goggles of revealing

And these here uhuh this is what’s called a door Factory it’s a device that makes doors so Mikey which do you want I’ll give you first pick H the door Factory sounds interesting but how does it work exactly great question let me demonstrate first you set it down and uh let’s use some

Dirt blocks these will do okay they don’t have to be dirt blocks but this is just an example gotcha you want to line them up like this right then click on create door and [Applause] taada wo W where did they go they disappeared I’m not sure how that

Happened but cool super cool anyways like I mentioned earlier you can use any material to make these that means they’re perfect for secret entrances I’ll show you just bear with Me there you have it amazing and you can make as many as you want yep that’s right they don’t call it a door Factory for nothing in that caseo it’s a no-brainer I choose the door Factory cuz nothing beats hidden doors in hide and seek but I haven’t explained the goggles

Of revealing don’t you want to learn about them nope they’re just a pair of glasses right they can’t talk secret doors that’s it I’m sold on the door Factory let’s start I’ll hide you seek sure I made the right choice there’s no doubt about it hisden doors are the best

We’ll find out uh good luck I won’t need it I guess the goggles of revealing are mine H they’re pretty good too bad you didn’t want to hear about them uh tell me when you’re ready Mikey we’ll do ready I got a great hiding spot oh

Really well here I come bring it on you’ll never be able to find me okay time to put on my goggles of revealing and get seeking 3 2 1 go looking snazzy heads up Mikey what the goggles of revealing will reveal the truth to me which which means H I’ll soon know where

You’re hiding Ha Bingo I see you Mikey no you don’t I use a secret door to make a hideout you’ll never find I could hide here forever if I wanted to interesting a hideout I’ll never find you made a door yep I set up a hidden

Door in a place you would never ever think to look I’m sorry to say JJ you don’t stand a chance you seem confident you won’t find me but my God goles what’s that supposed to mean whatever I’m not scared aha my Hideout is totally safe wow your hidden door is

Fantastic is it made of stone no how’d you know I mean it doesn’t matter you’ll never find Me what are you sitting on how can he tell do you have a chair I do but how do you know I’m getting curious all right I’m coming in found you how my hiding spot was perfect I don’t get it nice setup Mikey you even have computer games sweet I thought I’d be

Here for a while but how did you track me down well I couldn’t have done it without my goggles of revealing I may have won but you did a great job making this thanks can we play again I want to try hiding one more time you don’t feel like switching nope okay

I’ll get hiding then and I’ll go wait on the other side of those trees again tell me when you’re ready Mikey I will I’m still looking for my spot you’re not going to find me this time I won’t let it Happen I’m ready here I come aha there he is sorry for the wait these goggles are so handy huh that’s an interesting place to hide where are you exactly I’m just curious no I’m nowhere special just an ordinary Place ordinary huh what do you mean by that ordinary seems to me like you’re

Underground underground no nope nope nope interesting how did you get down there down where aha what there’s a suspicious patch of carpet in the house uh well I don’t know anything about that seriously not a clue it’s a secret entrance H that makes things even more suspicious I’m in the basement well I’m

Not I’m in my hiding spot which isn’t there is that where you are it’s probably best if you go look somewhere else oh a second secret entrance you’re confused you should search somewhere else cuz I’m not down here hurry up found you what that was fast I really tried that time though I

Don’t get why my doors aren’t fooling you it’s because of the goggles of revealing yeah right they’re just goggles what do you want to do now one more chance I’m done losing your goggles they’re just glasses right I’ll defeat you this time let me hide again okay but

This is the last time sure tell me when you’re ready Mikey I Will I’m done you can start looking you sure yep wo you’re really far away you’re not going to find me this spot is super tricky H is that so youve beaten me before but not this time my spot is way too good you don’t stand a chance of finding Me where are you I’m in a really good spot tell me about it is it natural and cool wait how’d you know that but my door is too well hidden there’s no way you’ll find it we’ll see oh h what there huh no way how did you

Hi how did you do that my spot was perfect honestly you did a really good job your door was perfect I know but my glasses are just too strong here I’ll show you these are the goggles of revealing they’d let me see an outline of you no matter where you are that’s

How I can always see you seriously that is so overpowered yeah well that’s not fair wait I have an idea what if I’m Seeker the goggles can’t help you if you’re hiding let’s try that I’ll seek you hide uh okay if that’s what you want to

Do sure is I’ll call you when I’m ready then sounds good heads up I’m hiding like you wouldn’t believe mhm go ahead if I do this right you might never find me wow it’s already morning it’s so beautiful all right oh a villager good morning it’s going to be another wonderful day huh

Why don’t I go for a walk I should enjoy the sunshine while it’s here a wither skeleton wait hello what huh okay what just happened uh-oh I’m starting to feel a bit Dizzy huh what is this place hello I was taking a walk when all of a sudden a wither skeleton popped up and self-destructed right in front of me I can’t remember anything after that how do I get out of this Cage I’m Trapped is this a toilet it looks like I might be able to escape from here let’s see oh an Escape Route whoa there’s a ladder here let’s see where it goes oh I made it out of myself C I still have no clue where I am Though huh huh a wither skeleton wait no but this is a Mirror hang on why is there a wither skeleton in my reflection huh wait a minute I have a bad feeling about this am I the Wither Skeleton no way it can’t be that’s impossible the only explanation I can think of is that somehow a wither skeleton switched

Bodies with me if that’s the case I better tell everyone in the village what happened I escaped the cave and made it back to the Village I better tell the villagers who I really am so they’re not scared of me hey where did everybody go oh I found one behind the house

Hello don’t be scared it’s me JJ somehow my body got switched with a wither Skeleton oh wait where are you going I guess he believed me and went to tell the other villagers what a relief oh good he’s coming back hello Everyone wait what hold on are those swords uh-oh I guess they didn’t believe me after all wait we can talk about this I can’t expect them to believe me as long as I look like a wither skeleton it turns out the villagers didn’t believe me but Mikey is my closest friend if I

Talk to him I’m sure he’ll realize I’m telling the truth the villagers are sleeping now’s the best time to find Mikey and tell him what happened without being seen let’s do this ding dong h Huh oh GJ is that you oh it’s a wither skeleton it’s me huh I got turned into a

Wither skeleton please just open the door and hear me out okay Mikey no way a wither skeleton rang my doorbell I’m not opening this door no matter what I’m going back to bed wait Mikey come back this is devastating Mikey didn’t believe me but I’m not giv up yet I need

To convince him that I switched bodies with a wither skeleton I’ll try to convince him one more time hopefully he’ll hear what I have to say h Huh wait a minute what no way is that JJ it is that must be the wither skeleton that stole my body I think he’s

Tricking Mikey and pretending to be me open the door Mikey listen H hey huh I yikes a wither skeleton JJ Mikey that’s not me he’s an impostor JJ I need your help should we run what should we do huh you got to be kidding I’m not the

Enemy Mikey fight listen go this JJ is a wither skeleton you can do this JJ I need to run away there’s no way I can beat my original form especially when there’s a wither skeleton inside I don’t believe it Mikey was too scared to listen to me I can’t blame him

Not when I look like this I need to come up with a strategy to get the message to Mikey that I’m the real JJ here’s my plan I’ve got a cake with Mikey’s name on it this will get his attention for sure here Mikey nice Mikey look hi huh the wheer skeleton what’s

That it’s a cake Mikey here’s the deal I’ll give it to you if you listen to what I have to say does that sound like a deal to you huh you’re offering me an entire cake oh No way I’m not falling for your trick never take snacks from strangers I’m not eating that cake no matter what you still don’t believe me I don’t look like it but I’m actually JJ you’re a wither skeleton JJ’s inside my house right now I’ve got a big problem on my hands I was

So sure that Mikey would fall for the cake trick oh well H what’s he doing h h Huh huh what’s he up to what’s he doing I don’t get it I asked JJ to make me a hidden door why isn’t it working that’s weird JJ’s usually really good at making stuff like

That H Mikey huh it’s the winner skeleton mind if I take a look oh you’re right your door isn’t working yeah I’ll fix it what let me take a look oh there’s your problem H up here something’s wrong I need to adjust your Redstone circuit that should do it all

Better why don’t we give it a try sure okay your hidden Do’s fixed watch this see that it’s fixs oh awesome huh hang on a second does this mean that no way is it really you JJ you switched bodies with a wither skeleton you finally believe Me it’s already dark out oh I should make plans to hang out with Mikey H I think I’ll give him a video call okay here we go Oh hey JJ what’s up this cake is delicious it’s awesome Mikey hey did you want to hang out tomorrow oh sure let’s do something together it’ll be lots of fun huh uh Mikey what he disappeared where did he go go Mikey what happened who’s that huh was that a

Ghost seriously what happened could a ghost have attacked Mikey this is bad I have to save them uh I’ll take the computer with me all right I’m up to help Miky there’s his house that one let’s Go seriously what happened over there I need to hurry over why did he suddenly disappear h the lights are off is nobody home if Mikey is awake the light should be on I’m going to peek in the Window huh what huh whoa It’s the ghost oh it’s real that’s the one that got Mikey oh man it looks really strong and I’m unarmed if I try to fight that thing now I’ll lose okay I need to make some Diamond equipment then I can beat it I need to

Go mining first I really need to find a cave and fast all right I found a cave I need to hurry up and find those diamonds without equipment I’ll never beat the ghost where can I find them H oh there I see some if I hop down here okay I’m getting them

Yes there’s quite a few here but how many oh wao I found six but that still won’t be enough I need to find a lot more yes more diamonds M here’s more okay I have plenty of diamonds and now I can finally craft a set of diamond

Gear once this equipment is complete I need to rescue Mikey right away first comes the diamond armor I’m making it to increase my defensive power and then the diamond sword yes nice I prepared a full set of diamond equipment let’s put it on yes perfect with this I can go and save

Mikey all right here we go please be okay seriously you have to be all right here’s the house

This video, titled ‘How Mikey and JJ ESCAPE From SCARY VILLAGER in Blood Rain ? – Minecraft (Maizen)’, was uploaded by JJ MAIZEN & Mikey on 2024-03-16 17:31:57.
It has garnered 10441 views and 68 likes. The duration of the video is 01:01:16 or 3676 seconds.

How Mikey and JJ ESCAPE From SCARY VILLAGER in Blood Rain ? – Minecraft (Maizen)

This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with Mikey and JJ. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We’re not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new and interesting stories to his characters. We hope you enjoy our videos. Have a great day!

Maizen – https://www.youtube.com/@UCJHBJ7F-nAIlMGolm0Hu4vg

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    JoinCraftJoinCraft es un servidor nuevo, donde de momento tenemos un survival muy bien elaborado y poco a poco iremos añadiendo nuevas y divertidas modalidades donde podáis pasar los mejores momentos jugando a Minecraft.Estamos trabajando muy duro y vamos a seguir haciendolo para ofreceros la mejor calidad y jugabilidad posible. mc.joincraft.net Read More

  • TheCrib SMP Java + Bedrock 1.20 Support all versions Survival Community Events

    Welcome to TheCrib Server TheCrib is a Survival, SMP, Factions, and Anarchy based server that focuses on quality of life features and values the player experience. Join us on Java & Bedrock. Server IP: thecribmc.us.to Bedrock Port: 19132 Discord Server: discord.gg/thecribmc Wiki: wiki.thecrib.live Read More