JJ vs Jamesy: Mob Battle Showdown

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Today we’re doing a FNAF mod battle with my friends but I’m going to be secretly cheating using this oneway glass which means that me we can see straight through but sopie can’t see anything are you guys ready for this FNAF mod battle Yeah I’m going to kick your boys but oh

No way we can’t let that happen 100,000 Robux is on the line but me and Lou think that FNAF mobs are the strongest in the game but sopie doesn’t agree so we’re going to be choosing some FNAF mobs to spawn in and I think I know EX

Exactly what we should start with Lou oh yeah lay it on me it’s going to be Freddy he’s by far the strongest for enough character you think I think so those jaws look super powerful look how sharp they are yeah and what is he holding right here it’s a microphone cuz

He loves singing let’s see what mob that Sophie is going to be spawning in to counter it remember she thinks that FNAF is terrible let’s have a look at what Sophie’s going to spawn in oh yeah I’m totally going to beat Lou and James’s mom with this one it seems to be some

Sort of yeah some sort of black and blue what could that be remember it’s not for Naf I don’t know let’s see oh my goodness a tit speaker man from skiy toilet he’s got to be the strongest skiy toilet Bob there is I need a spot a ton Lou this guy is super

Powerful he like fires missiles look he’s got a rocket launcher wait do you think our Freddy would even be able to destroy him that’s what I was going to say Jamesy I kind of think I’m having doubt Freddy so small compared to that guy well first things first let’s spawn

In a ton more Freddy’s I mean we’re not going to beat him with two are we so let’s make an army of them let’s do it this is looking a lot better already and secondly I think we need to destroy that speaker man wait a second Lou what is a

Speaker man scared of well James Z I’m glad you asked he’s electronics that must mean he’s scared of water I know my redstone contraptions are you’re so right Lou this gives me a plan come over here let’s go outside okay but why well we’re now going to sneak onto the roof

Of the mob battle arena you see we don’t have that long left until the game starts but before it does how about we kill a ton of the Titan speaker manans using some water okay sounds like a good idea all right Lou help me get some fake

Water you see not only is this water but it’s also poisonous water like radioactive or something so it’s like double as dangerous to them you’re going to be awesome let’s just hope it doesn’t turn him into like the Hulk or something all right l i want you to pour down some

Thick water through this hole and I’ll do it through this hole let’s do it in three 2 one and run back to side go go go go run back to our side go go go okay let’s see the damage it’s doing let’s see the damage it’s doing wait

Where is this water coming from oh my goodness Lou look at it it’s totally killing all the speaker man they’re all short circuiting oh I need to block it off oh go away water go away Lou look at that she’s going to go block it off okay

While she’s trying to fix the issue let’s finish off spawning all of our Freddy’s and then let’s start the round before she has time to respawn them in gotcha go go go Freddy FNAF for the win guys leave a comment down below if you’ve watched the new FNAF movie or not

It was so awesome wasn’t it well Sophie I’m glad that you fix your water issue but are you ready to my battle no stop sping the in it’s time is up okay wait how did you know about the water uh yeah the plumber came by and said

That there was a leak anyway enough of that let’s start the mob battle in three 2 1 and go Freddy Freddy Freddy oh my a crazy battle what’s going to happen I don’t know but the Titan Speakman are so huge but I think we have the numbers of Fage

Lou I don’t know Jamesy I can’t even see the Freddy’s in that big mass of speaker man yeah your Freddy’s are like little ants wait it’s actually going to be pretty close by the looks of it but oh no I think Freddy’s is being outnumbered King me what’s going on for

You’re letting me down by wait is any left uhoh that was the last one uh Lou we lost the first round is trash looks like those Robux are going to be mine oh 100,000 Robux is on the line okay Lou that was really embarrassing we’re totally losing right now but thankfully

It’s a best of five so we have a few more rounds to prove ourselves no let’s see what Sophie is going to SPO in this time I really want this Ro bugs let’s have a look at what this mob egg looks like well I’ve been going to the gym

Recently so I bet this mob be even stronger wait white and yellow and yellow I’m pretty sure I know someone who’s white and yellow I know let’s think it could be um a yellow look I don’t know let’s just wait until she spawns in come on uh wait a second is

That a mutant Sophie what is that Lou this is a version of Sophie but mutants from an alternate universe oh my gosh she’s definitely been putting in the hours of the gym unlik Freddy Lou I know you have a big crush on Sophie but would you still date that version of

Her I don’t know it’s kind of scaring me yeah it might just kill you when it go for a hug but anyway Lou now that we know that what she’s spawning in using this oneway glass we should probably pick up enough car so I can counter it

Uh any ideas H let me think Jamesy what about Bonnie I was thinking the same thing know Bonnie is a blue FNAF rabbit look it’s got a robot eye and a red bow tie that eye is definitely going to be able to see through Sophie’s defenses

And I bet this is a lot stronger than Freddy look how crazy it looks rabbits are kind of crazy and Lou we have an advance as you know it is an animatronic even when it gets injured it’s not going to give up it’s going to keep going

Until its heart gets ripped out yes un like Sophie yeah Sophie’s uh really weak so she’ll probably give up with in one punch but quickly let’s Spa a ton more in cuz she actually has way more mobs than us right now okay let’s do it well Lou unfortunately I don’t think they

Will attack mut and Louie but I have something that’s just as good a what is that Jamesy I’m kind of scared oh wait are we’re going to use villagers I bet we’re going to uh yeah we’re going to do something like that basically guys we’re

Going to make a trap with a bait but first of course we should build wait L there’s an existing trap from last time we could just use this attack perfect so we’re going to use something called trap doors because these actually have a special property where mobs can’t

Actually tell if they’re open or closed they just always presume that they look like this so if you close them like this they’re fall straight in it’s really genius to be honest with you oh wait a second I think I’m having regrets about this all right Lou get in survival mode

And then stand right at the back over here trust me okay but I’m a little scared we’re doing this to kill us many selfies as possible now get in survival mode I am in survival mode all right let’s open up a little hole over here

And get away get away no I don’t want to die okay perfect they’re all getting that pit now Lou I’m going to have to back away now so that I don’t get spotted by selfie all right guys look at oh my goodness look at this they’re all

Going towards Lou trying to eat him and in the proess are falling into the p and oh my goodness why is Sophie building a statue of herself I bet the mutant Sophie’s will be super motivated by this statue all right perfect it’s done now I just need to show wait a minute where

Did all my Mutant knees go where’s mutant Sophie get away from me oh Lou another one’s coming to eat you Lou what are you doing here hey Sophie anyways a mutant Sophie put me here what oh I don’t care Louie you have to leave and I’m blocking you off for

Good measure all right Lou come on let’s get out of here but it was a super effective plan look there’s literally uh 1 two three mutant Sophie’s left in her cage and look how many bodies we have we have like a billion of them yep the

Round is going to end soon so let’s Spa a few more in before she can spawn in more mutant sophies go oh Sophie are you serious with that statue right now I don’t like looking at this it’s making me uncomfortable yeah wait how can you

See my statue uh I’m around the side of the building oh my goodness stop peeking okay well anyway it doesn’t matter that’s the end of the round so we’re going to now mob battle these mobs you guys ready to fight let’s do it all right let’s start the battle in three 2

One and go come on buddies come on buddies you need to kill these merant sopies they can’t be that powerful come on oh my go they being wiped out oh my goodness there a swarm of wait why are these bodies so strong uh selfie I mean I knew you were weak

But I didn’t realize you going be that weak hey that’s a very nice oh just you wait the score is now 1 one which means we’re super close to that roadblox but Lou it’s not over yet we need to win the next round as well okie dokie we’re

Totally going to do that okay Lou the score is now 1 so we need to bring this back okay all right let’s see what she’s going to spawn in all right it’s a green and white mob what could this be green and white it can’t be FNAF member uh

Maybe it’s a green I don’t know oh what is that my goodness wait I can’t see his face is that what I think it is Lou I think it’s Frankenstein oh my goodness and it’s a giant one did you guys know that Frankenstein is basically just a bunch

Of zombies combined together it’s a be zombie but worse the thing with these are they’re super powerful and they really just don’t care if they take any damage so we need to counter this with something really cool Lou what could it be it needs to be a FNAF character

Remember cuz FNAF is op well we’ve used Freddy we’ve used Bonnie but what about ch oh my goodness it’s the chick I love chicks let’s spawn in this chica if you guys didn’t know chica is a little chick like a little chicken it looks super

Cute and it has this giant beak you know that beak is good for Lou what is it good for Jamesy chopping off people’s heads including Frankenstein I know since Frankenstein’s made out of a bunch of body part maybe she could just Peck his arm up and do you know what her bib

Says I know what it says it says uh uh I let’s she’s going to eat him the thing with chica is she’s super duper hungry all the time oh my gosh that’s crazy and there’s not a better tasting meal that a bit of rotten flesh anyway let’s fill up

Our side we’re going to have a flesh eating army yes as long as I don’t eat my flesh I won’t mind all right Lou now we need to figure out giant Frankenstein’s weakness so that we can fin her numbers down before the fight okay well I’ve got a pretty good idea

But I don’t know if it would work okay what are you thinking buddy well do you remember when we found out that killing a mutant zombie with fire was even better than just killing it regularly wait we should set them a fire yes okay this is brilliant so I have a plan for

This we’re going to go over here and we’re going to build a redstone contion so first we need to mine out a little hole here hopefully the Franken siles don’t wander out cuz I don’t want Sophie to notice we put some dispensers oh what are you doing buddy and then inside of

Here we’re going to put some fire charges and then we’ll make a wall out of these okay Jamesy I’m already starting on the Redstone of this oh my goodness Lou you’re such a redstone Master are you sure this is going to work it should if we connect it to a

Redstone Loop how about we do an observer Loop those are pretty fast I have to say so go ahead let’s do it and three 2 one and run back to side go go go go go go go and wao Lou it’s setting all the Frankenstein’s on fire look how quickly they’re dying where’s

All this coming from uh does she even realize Lou there’s a big red Contraption over there oh my goodness how do I make it stu oh I’m taking out all these Fire charges go away go away he’s taking out the fire charges instead of ruining the rexal machine and while

She’s distracting how about we get some fire Dynamite throw it boing boom boing boom wait a minute why are there still explosions oh oh no no no no no oh I need water I need water keep doing it keep doing it keep doing it fire them all up boy fire in

The hole no fire go away fire bed she’s trying to put it out with water Lou that’s not going to do anything oh my goodness there’s basically none of a Franken is it raining fire or something it’s raining fire okay L you know what the fire charge thing actually kind of

Give me an idea okay Jamesy but what idea did it give you I’m kind of scared we can make a chica spawning Loop look just watch me out here so I’m going to put a dispenser right here okay what we can do over here is we could do a loop

Like this Jamesy is it technically not cheating if red stone spawns on mobs I mean we can’t spawn the mobs when the battle starts but that’s not to say Redstone can’t you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking Lou and then simply we do a diamond fan right here and then we

Do some fans right here to blow it in into the battlefield ready to fight off we go into the battle it gets loded all the way over here I mean what is s going to do about this I mean she can’t stop it unless she comes onto our side and she

Would never do that yeah she is not allowed to what is she doing over there oh Louie what is going on over there look at it Go Lou it’s sping in tons of Frankenstein it’s all how is that working I’m I’m super confused right now oh me too it’s like every time lightning

Strikes more spawn okay I have an idea if Lightning’s striking there then there’s a simple solution we go up top and we block off the lightning from coming in oh it’s conveniently coming in through a here you see lightning can’t strike through bedrock so we just cover

This up but there should be any problems wait are you kidding me or something I’ve never heard that before no help me cover up there’s still a little bit of a showing there we go it sto working yay what how did that even work okay I’ll Trust judgment today Jamesy hey

Wait a minute how come my monster Factory stopped working well Sophie we knew exactly what you’re doing you have to go rid of that machine immediately oh how’d you guys figure it out okay Sophie anyway now that you’ve gotten rid of your machine are you ready to start this m

Battle yep I’m all set well let’s start this thing in three two one and go come on chica come on chica come on chica wait a minute what’s this thing is this spotting chica no no no that’s not my found it I just don’t know who’s going

To win there’s so many chers with so many Frankensteins left I know it’s kind of crazy Lou remember it score is 1 one we kind of need to win this round buddy oh but what if we don’t we’re going to lose all that robot I don’t know I want

100,000 robu wait this is coming down to the wire there’s only a few oh no no no no no fre I don’t actually know who’s going to win this there’s only a few cheers left I think we might actually win this guys come on come on come on

Come on come on come on come on kill the Frankensteins kill the Frankensteins oh wait Lou I think I think we might actually lose there not many chickens left come on no oh guys the score is now 21 Lou it’s not going well we need to

Win the next round and I Sophie we’ll win the entire Fair I know I’m worried okay Lou let’s have a look let’s see what the mob EG looks like this one should be good blue and yellow Lou what could it be I don’t know well let’s find oh my

Gody Wy wagy no wonder it was blue and yellow cuz it has yellow hands and feet and a blue body hoggy wagy is so tall he’s four blocks tall four blocks tall that’s like double as tall as my mama I know that’s like triple as tall as my D

Wait what uh yeah he’s pretty short anyway Lou what could we spawn in from FNAF that would be Huggy wuggy cuz remember FNAF is what we want to win well maybe we could do a mixture of the FNAF characters wait you’re right why didn’t I think about this maybe Freddy

And Bonnie would defeat Huggy wuggy because you know if you put them on top of each other they would be really tall wait a second Lou you might be right if we did stack them on top of each other they would be taller than huggy wagy

Lou look what I just did no way they’re actually so tall look look I’m going to make him ride on this one Bop there we go uh and then we’ll do the opposite where we click the Freddy first and there we go yes they’re totally going to beat

Those Huggy wagies okay let’s SP in a ton of Bonnies and Freddy’s so that we can win this Build Challenge remember guys we’re mounted them on top so that they’re taller than Huggy wuggy cuz that’s the only Advantage Huggy wuggy has he’s tall but he’s super weak so we

Make our guys even taller than that we winner Dy look at this I made a triple toall one wait what you can do that wao wait a second how are we ever going to lose now wait I know we could just stack them up to space wait a second Lou we’ve

Got an even taller one and then an even taller one okay I think we should stop there buddy you know how this is making them taller how about we try something a little bit different but a little bit similar in the same way oh wait what could we

Possibly try wait Lou I have a theory come out here I want to show you it to you I’m going to use a really op hidden command on this one to see if it works let me see and what Lou I basically just stretched him

How did you make him so tall and why does he look so Bing you think it’s good or should we keep doing you know what let’s do a mix wait maybe you can make some of them really wide as well okay let me see I’m going to make this one

Even taller I’m going to make him four times taller look at this oh my goodness that’s crazy who would win in a fight tall body or laggy Huggy wuggy I bet it would be pry look what I did to this one Lou I made him look like a pancake how

Is hugy Wy going to beat this guy to fight oh my goodness he looks like Gracie’s mom I know there’s no way they’re going to win hey why would you stay that Jamesy Gracie get out my room what’s Gracie doing in your room oh my goodness she’s just messing around

Anyway look at this dude can we try even wider Lou uh maybe give it a go and boom wow I’ve also just changed the general scale on some of these monsters look this body um is a little bit tall oh my gosh Jamesy there’s no way they’re going

To beat Titan B wait maybe I can do something real talk though Lou who do you think is more impressive the super lanky and Tall Freddy the super big General Bonnie or the tky Freddy I think this guy’s totally going to destroy anything in his pth he’s like a toddler

If he at too much Dons I just made him into a Mech it’s like this Freddy’s controlling him he seems to not like it though he’s spinning around in circles wait Lou what if we put this guy on top of this guy oh my goodness L this is

Maniacs all right Lou I’m pretty satisfied with our Shenanigans we’ve made some really obese ones we’ve St some on top of each other we made some really tall ones this should work perfectly yeah there’s no chance we’re going to lose wait what selfie bill over there since Huggy wuggy is a blue toy

This blue plushy should motivate them and make them even stronger it’s perfect oh no Lou she’s got way too many mobs and now she’s upgrading them with some sort of motivation that’s cringe we should blow it up all right Lou as you can see we’ve made a little hole

Straight above now there’s a special thing called TNT * 5 can you guess if your tiny little misc your brain what that means uh uh does it make the TNT 20 times stronger okay Lou be quiet no it makes the TNT five times stronger my gosh okay I’m going to blow

Them up are you ready okay Jamesy go ahead Jo Jo uh oh wait one of them missed one of Miss oh that was close that close that was close oh oh oh oh my goodness that was a lot more damage than expected quickly L run to the other side

Go what just happened why is there a giant crator uh Lou we did a lot more damage than I was expecting I know sopie I think a meteor righted your side yeah it looks like that plushy spawn is uh long long gone no my limited edition blue creeper

Plushies well Sophie I’m sorry that your base get bler but are you ready to sell the mob battle around yeah I guess all right let’s start this round in five 4 3 2 1 and go come on come on what is that like a giant Bonnie with

A giant Freddy inside of him there’s no way fredd giant Freddy just died one of them’s dead Lou are we actually losing this round are you serious right now I think our Freddy Mech died really quick there’s no way that he can survive surely guys right Jamesy it seems like

Huggy wuggies are getting absolutely destroyed in there he’s the old par but he’s so tiny compared to the other ones wait how is he still alive he he’s making like a Huggy wuggy tornado I see him I I can oh uh did I see him I think

I might just got a gpse of him wait guys there’s barely any Huggy wagies left but there’s still a tiny Freddy in there no way I can see him in there I can see him in there wait he’s right there come on Freddy you can do it you can do it come

On Freddie oh how is he has so much health this guy so strong how is this guy so strong he is literally a mini Legend gu short King no he died are you kidding me he was our strong strongest Ally okay guys it’s not over yet Lou the score is now 2

Two which means Sophie this is going to be the last round okay Lou I can’t believe it we just lost that round and the strategy did not work that one seemed so promising it’s okay this is the last round now this is where we can win 100,000 Robux and prove the FNAF

Is the best movie ever let’s see what she’s going to spawn in there’s no way they can beat this guy wait what oh my goodness Lou it’s kittysaurus from G band Bad six oh no Jamesy I don’t think there’s any way we can beat kittysaurus

Unless use all of the B bombs I don’t know Lou kittysaurus is a mix of dinosaur and kitty kitty because it’s super powerful and vengeous nness and dinosaurs cuz are huge and super manly oh no Lou I think the only way we can beat a kittysaurus it’s by spting Freddy

The singer Chico the chick and Bonnie the guitarist yes let’s just spot a bunch of them and see if we can win all threee all free all threee all threee let’s not Bobble with the riding thing anymore cuz clearly Heights does not equal string we learned that based on the tiny little

Short King well as you see we have an army of Freddy’s Bonnies and Chas but Sophie’s got an army of kittysaurus but Lou do you know what kitties are really scared of I know what kitties are scared of water that’s not what I was going to say buddy oh okay I

Was going to say creepers two but wait isn’t that the other way around it’s mutual how about we get some creepers and we blow them up so I’m going to come up here up here like this I’m going to do a similar thing to what we did with

The TNT and the water but I’m going to do it with creepers all right help me make some holes where we can spawn in creepers and drop them on Sophie’s ugly head okay let me make some here and I’ll make one more all the way over here guys

Don’t forget to like And subscribe if you’re enjoying the video so farou are you ready to drop some creepers above these Kitty sources I’m ready you spawn them in and I’ll flint and steal them so they blow up when they hit the ground 3

2 one go go go go flint and steal them up FL Ste them up FL Ste them up Flint steal the up not that one blow it up flow Flint steal up push him in and again again and again H Jamesy they’re just dying before they hit the ground

New plan we’re both look go invisible like this and then we’re going to sneak down and spawn some Creepers on the ground and blow them up why didn’t I think of this to start with oh sounds good it’s working it’s working it’s working blow it up wo why is there what

Why is there explosions all around me we’re going to blow up oh no these explosions are going to blow up on my catnip and kittysaurus wait wait catnip this is catnip Are you seriously it makes them like really scary yeah catnip makes cats really energetic and they

Really love it so uh that’s going to make the kitty sources super op so let’s blow up all this catnip oh no where are all these creepers coming from there’s a creeper Fox J flint and steal them quick flint and steal them as quickly as possible oh how

Do I get the to stop Kitty sorus is attack them or something it’s time to make a super Creeper army I’m going to Spa a ton of creepers right here and then I’m going to do summon lightning bolt because these Mutant Creepers make a big explosion yeah they also Dro mob heads

So I can look like a creeper now oh wait Jamesy I think my invisibility ran out uhoh Lou quickly get back to our side go go go go go go the creep ahead by the way oh man everything’s ruined we going have to fix all this quickly do you

Think she has any chance of Victory now I doubt it she has no catnip no motivation and wait does she have a chica and a Freddy on her side how did they get there imposters you traitors you will be gone whatever Lou let’s do one more thing to take the advantage on

Our hand I want you to get a bunch of potions because we’re going to get some strength we’re going to get some regeneration we’re going to get some leaping cuz that could be useful somehow there this St s St and using all these op potions we’re going to Splash them on

Our army to make them really motivated let’s go L these potions will make them heal really fast so they never can die will make them super strong so they can kill them really fast and really Speedy so they can avoid any attacks from the enemy caurus oh this is

Is going to be insane there’s no way we’re going to lose this round look now look how op I am Lou look give me a punch ah W well now that we have this Army do you think we’re need ready for this mod battle Lou oh I think we are

100% ready we could probably face off now and win I think we should Spa in a few more just in case Lou which was your favorite color out these three blue brown or yellow oh I’ll have to say I don’t know I’d have to say brown because

It’s the closest to red blue is obviously the best color here Sophie I see that you’ve spawned a bunch more of your catnip but are you ready to battle yep I’m ready okay Lou are you ready I’m ready let’s start this final battle for 100,000 Ru right now 3 2 1 go

Come on come on come on that’s a lot of kitty hey wait a minute you guys spawn in three different types of mobs yeah why is that in the RO book huh wait we’re totally p surprising her right now all the mobs wait the kitty the kitta are just eating the

Catnip they’re not even fighting they’re just eating I know they’re just falling over that no come on kitties imagine you were having a banquet mid fight and you were just eating the food while getting killed do you think that would be a good idea oh they were probably just trying

To power up oh this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t do three at the same time well this proves that FNAF movie was super duper awesome today I’m going to be doing a Minecraft mob B against my girlfriend but be cheating using this Elite crafting table like

This mutant zombie and boom this mutant zombies everywhere and I’ll also be using oneway glass to see what my girlfriend spawns hey Gracie hey Jamesy are we doing a regular mod battle today yep a totally totally regular one let’s go awesome okay guys I now have to watch

And see what Grazy he places wait she’s holding an egg okay it’s gray and yellow I wonder what it’s going to be let’s find out wo what is that oh those are some sort of goem okay I need to beat them they look super powerful all right

What am I going to craft H let me think okay I know exactly what I’m going to build so I’ll start with some obsidian down there a bit of these purple blocks and then some of this endstone let me know if you guys know what this mob’s

Going to be and then for the shoulders I’m going to use him as crying obsidian a bit more purple and then a bit more crying obsidian okay there we go I think my mob has been built and now all I do is press enter and there we go wait

They’re behind me oh my gosh look it’s exactly like what I built we have the cry obsidian shoulders and hands the obsidian and then of course the endstone blocks hopefully it will beat Gracie’s mob but before we start the mob battle I need to go prank Gracie to slow her down

Wait before I go what is that graci’s building some sort of statue to worship her Golems that’s not okay I need to prank this okay I’m going to morph into a bat and there we go I’m shrinking into a little bat and then I’ll sneak through

This little hole and there we go I’m on graci’s side now hopefully she doesn’t notice me okay I’m going to Brank her by destroying this statue okay I’m going to sneak a TNT into the middle of the statue right here she shouldn’t be able to notice that okay so that she doesn’t

Notice that it’s me I’m going to fly over here and enchant this bow with flame and there we go I can now blow up the statue from a Far Ready set go there we go it’s going to blow up it’s going to blow up what my my build how did that

Just blow up there was nothing around here okay guys she’s definitely distracted right now so now I can troll her mobs oh I know I have a great idea I’m going to throw poison on them wait why aren they dying wait guys this is poison resistance that’s not the right

Potion wait a second what’s this bat doing here uhoh guys stand still don’t let her know this is me a you have particles coming out of you are you hurt bad wait no it’s poison resistance I just got it of myself huh that’s weird uh-oh guys poison resistance is only

Made by humans which means she might figure out that it’s me as a bat maybe the Golems did it I’m sorry little bat I hope my Golems didn’t hurt you okay guys I’m going to try and fly around now to lose her hopefully she won’t be to see

Me cuz I’m only a tiny little bat oh he must have left I’m glad he’s safe okay and now I’m going to fly super duper high and spawn in a fallen mine cart Ready set go go my pretty go boom what no way that was a gigantic explosion

Guys I really hope she’s not figure out that it’s me okay I think I’m done trolling her I’m going to go back to my side okay Gracie I’m pretty much ready are you I’m ready too Jamesy huh what have you spawn do you mind telling me

Yeah I spawned a squa Golem wo I have an Ender Gard I think mine’s way better wait you spawn an Ender Guardian those are the strongest golems in the game okay Gracie are you ready for the walls to come down yes I’m ready let’s do it w Gracie they’re fighting they’re fighting

Look at them go you spawned a lot of Ender Guardians Jamesy wo but you have so many of these squalls I wonder who be the first to fall mine seems to be taking almost no damage there’s only one that’s taken damage so far wait all of yours are dying look they’re all dying

Straight away no this is so bad your enteries are doing way more damage than mine we have barely any left what no wait are there any left Gracie no just one but he seems like he’s a pacifist yeah he’s not attacking them well don’t worry guys I can do this for

Youy sorry Gracie well Gracie it looks like I won the first round this is so sad I wanted to win okay but the next round is going to be easy even crazier so let’s get going okay okay guys I now have to see what Gracie’s going to spawn this round so

Let’s give it a watch what egg is she going to pull out oh what is that that looks super weird I’m not sure it looks a little bit like a cat wait she switched to another one that one’s a lot lighter I don’t know what it is though

Let’s find out oh it’s a leopard that’s awesome what’s the other one oh a tiger she’s going for deadly cats this round interesting okay she’s going take a while to spawn all those in I now have to craft my counter and you know what I think I found something that’s super

Good against cats if you guys didn’t know creepers and cats hate each other so I’m going to build a big mutant creeper so he has black legs and then really long and scary legs like this and then it sort of comes in the middle like

That and then he has a long neck and then finally a creeper head on top wao that is super scary okay let’s press enter 3 2 1 and boom and we have all of our Mutant Creepers I think we got like eight that’s awesome as you can see they

Have these long SC hairy legs some black toes and then this really long creeper head it’s kind of spooky it’s a bit like Thomas exe okay but before we start the mob B I obviously need to go and CH Gracie because it’s just so much fun

This time I’m going to morph into a little cat and there we go I’ve morphed into a tiny little cat hopefully Gracie thinks that I’m just like a baby or something okay wo there’s so many tigers where even is she I don’t see her anywhere oh she’s right there oh he the

White tiger wo guys look at that it’s a super rare white tiger how did she get that wait a second there’s a cat in my side oh no she’s found me guys act natural act like a tiger Hello Kitty cat oh you’re so cute you’re trying to be a tiger aren’t you

Oh wait let me tame you let me get some fishies out uh oh guys this is not good because I’m a player she won’t be able to tame me it will give me away here kitty kitty here kitty kitty oh oh I need to run wait a second why is it not

Letting me tame him uh-oh guys she’s figuring it out I’m going to get out of here hide in the snow Le hide in the snow leopard where’d it go Crouch guys Crouch okay I think I’ve lost her oh I know I’ve got a super funny prank installed I’m going to Splash them all

With invisibility look if I throw it like that they all go invisible including me which means that Gracie or thinkig her army is all disappearing so let me just throw it everywhere like this I’ll just throw loads of invisibility everywhere wait a second I feel like there’s a bit less cats than

There were before uhoh I think she’s might have no disguise wait what is happening everything’s disappearing are they dying whatever it’s fine I’ll just spawn some more wait guys it’s backfiring it means she’s just spawning more cats this isn’t good now there’d be way more of them to kill my beauty

Creepers this is backfired wait guys look inside the cage it’s graci’s prize white tiger what if I just broke through the cage and they killed it wait a second where’ my white tiger go what’s the cat doing here this isn’t good you know what that’s fine cuz I

Have another white tiger right over here no no no this isn’t fair I’m going to go over and kill it as well yes I got it what no did the cat just kill my tiger oh guys I think she might be on TV let

Me get of here how dare you and I snuck through oh I made it back wonderful okay Gracie are you ready I’m ready Jamesy what have you spawned in I hear them well I spawned a bunch of big kitty cats cuz I love cats that’s awesome I spawn

In a creeper are you ready to battle a creeper no way creepers hate cats yeah well today they’re going to get revenge let’s fight oh no dang it wa Gracie look the creepers are flinging themselves into the Tigers oh they’re exploding everywhere I spawned so many tigers

Jamesy and leopards I can see that but aren’t they getting one shotted by my creepers no way yeah the creepers are just exploding everything but how many times can they explode wait this creeper is dying over here yes but when they die they do a giant explosion that was

Awesome they all just got sucked in here and exploded that was a crazy explo expion no way basically all my creepers just died to that explosion and a bunch of your Tigers but wait some of them survived yep and that means I won Jamesy no way they all just died at once that’s

Not fair you lost you lost okay guys I have to see what graci’s going to spoil in this round let’s have a look oh she’s holding what is that let me zoom in wait she’s building something she’s definitely going to build in some sort of black mob wait what is this it looks

A bit like an Enderman is that what she’s going to put in wao yeah she’s sping an Enderman that’s awesome okay I have to come up with something better oh I know I have an idea I have an idea this is going to require white purple

And black world so on the sides we’re going to have his big arms which have a bit of white a bit of purple and then a bit of black and that’s on both sides and then he has two long black legs and a black body and then also an Enon head

And finally he has a few little purple spots like one there and I’ll put one there as well and that should spawn in a mutant endon creature let’s find out ready let’s press enter 3 2 1 and boom and there we go that looks exactly like my drawing we have these crazy looking

Ender they’re called Blast Lings they have these awesome looking arms and then these weird looking faces they’re basically Enderman but steroids that should be more than enough to defeat Gracie these are way more powerful than regular Enderman wait speak of Gracie what is she doing she’s dancing right

Now wait Gracie why are you dancing oh I’m Dancy cuz I know I’m definitely going to win oh really you don’t even have any mobs right now I mean uh you’re not going to win wait how do you know I don’t have any mobs I just can’t hear

Any that’s all right guys you’re right though they teleported away wait did I just give it away okay guys she’s planting them in so I’ve got a funny troll idea I’m going to morph into an endermite do you guys know why let me know in the comments below if you said

It’s because Enderman are scared of emites you’d be totally correct they really hate them look guys they’re they try and wait does it not work because I’m morphed oh that’s a shame you know what I can just spawn in some water instead that should make them Tepee away ready boom look they all

Leaving what no where did the water come from I need to fill this up where’s my sponge guys when I put down water it makes all the enen leave look that one’s outside the cage which means he won’t be in her Army making her super duper weak

They keep teleporting away this is not good wait a second what’s this endite doing here I need to kill him uh-oh guys she knows that Ender’s hate me so she’s going to try and kill me ah she’s coming after me with a sword get away from me

Pretty lady wait a second I’ve never seen an end of my jump like that I got to hide I got to hide I got to hide I got to hide Juke juk Juke Juke oh oh she can’t fight me oh oh why is it hiding behind the chest this is so

Annoying okay I’m going to get out of there run run run run run run run run where’d it go it’s kind of weird the Enderman didn’t attack the Ender mine okay guys I just realized I forgot to destroy her statue so I’m going to do

That next I’m going to sneak to the top of the arena and then drop something from above I’ll place down some TNT like this and then blow it up with a flint and steel let’s go coms below where’s this TNT coming from is that the Ender

Mine ah she found me run run run no this makes no sense okay guys I successfully destroyed her statue amazing okay Gracie are you ready to battle I’m ready what did you spawn in so I spawned in something very tall dark and handsome wait it must be me you spawn in me

Didn’t you no Jamesy I spawned in Enderman silly no don’t you think I’m handsome well you’re handsome but you’re not very tall ah I’m very tall I’m literally two in a bit blocks okay whatever great to battle I’m ready let’s go look Gracie they’re fighting that’s a

Lot of mobs what are the end’s even doing they’re throwing some sort of projectile yeah wait a lot of the Endermen are outside of the map why do they t be away guys are you scared of my blast Lings yeah they’re scared your blast Lings look so much like my

Enderman that’s so weird H graci they keep teing in and out of the Arena to attack my blast Lings I know it’s crazy and your blastings look super strong what are they shooting they’re shooting at the endem on the ceiling but they they behind glass you guys are basically

Cheating how is that fair hey ha looks like my Endermen are cooler cuz they can actually teleport yeah you know what I’m going to just going to TP all the Endermen to the middle again there we go they can’t run wait they just ran hey stop it guys Enderman stop leaving

They’re just scared because I’m going to win no I’m going to win come on my blast Lings literally have a Minun there’s no way they lose oh one of them just died yes what do they shoot it looks like pink wall that’s what I was saying it’s

Really cool looking yeah it totally is pink wall oh we just killed another animon yes how do you keep spawning mobs that are so similar to mine I just pick what’s better always a that’s a coincidental w oh wao the enem are still fighting but they’re not doing a very

Good job okay Gracie I’m going to have to call it here I think I’ve got way more mobs in you yeah this fight is going on for way too long okay I win 21 nice job Jamesy next round okay guys let’s see what Gracie makes this round H

She’s pulling out a Target block what how is that useful and now she’s shooting arrows at it graci what are you doing huh she seems to be practicing her aim but why would she do that wait a second what is that egg it looks a bit

Like a polar bear or something wait no it’s a skeleton but she forgot to turn it to nighttime wait what’s she doing now is a black TNT graci is going to blow this whole Arena huh what is that going to do it looks like a black hole TNT wait it

Turned into nighttime that’s awesome and now she can spawn the skeletons without them burning oh she’s so smart okay guys if she’s going to do skeletons I need to do something way better so let me think okay so let’s get building this time I’m going to use the ultimate crafting table

Cuz it’s a bit bigger so for this mob I’m going to need some purple d in the middle some blue and also some of this like red I’m also going to need some gray in the middle like this there we go and then a bit more of this purple red

And blue the top and then at the top here I’m just going to put some more blue and that should be good I really hope that this is going to work and then up here I’m going to put a mutant skeleton skull and then on the left I’m

Going to give him this really cool neex staff which also has a bit of blue at the top isn’t that so cool and of course the skeleton’s going to be holding it okay I’m really hoping this is make the mob that I want all right 3 two 1 and

Boom and there we go yes it worked perfectly my drawing wasn’t perfect but I managed to get a necromancer as you can see it’s just a super tall skeleton he’s even taller than me he’s three blocks tall and has this awesome cape and this awesome crown and he’s holding

This really cool staff which we might be able to see that they sometimes Chuck into the air and catch look at this guy that’s super cool okay I think this is way better than Gracie’s M wait what is Gracie building Jamesy Jam J yes Gracie okay so for once I’m actually going to

Let you come over to my side no way should I just break through yep and I’ve deleted all my mobs so you can’t see what I spawned anyway okay Gracie you can’t come on to my side it’s too super secret okay fine that’s all right so

Wait what are we doing over here that’s a giant Target and I want to see who has better aim and also this is a hint to what my mob is oh really okay well Gracie you know that I’m an expert Archer right really prove it I will come

On this target is so big there’s no way anyone can miss well you know what not everyone is good at archery okay me for one I’m not that good to be honest all right let’s see who can hit the yellow thing the most out of three shots each

Okay here you go you go first me first yeah you go first okay I’m shy oh nice oh that was really close wo that’s awesome yes let’s go last shot Gracie come on last one I got this W you got all three I can’t even beat that all

Right Gracie it’s my turn now and I’m going to stand all the way up to the back of the wall ready oh okay and and boom nice boom and boom w Wait we drew wait Gracie I have an idea to make this even better what is it I’m going to

Replace the yellow worldall with a Target block and now the Bulls are is Tiny oh you’re right it’s just one little dot how am I going to get that we’ll take turns to see who can get bullo first you can go first cuz I love

You okay I’ll stand to the back of the wall just like you boom no no you missed unlucky my turn now okay your turn and boom Oh I was close I W the outter ring close than yours at least your turn hey okay I’ve got it this time for sure oh

You didn’t even hit the target oh I messed up okay Gracie this is my shot are you ready yep I’m ready 3 2 1 and go did it hit it did it hit it wait no way Gracie look wait you just picked it up oh my God no I saw it

Though yeah it was on the bullseye 100% right yeah it was that was amazing okay Gracie are you ready to battle I’m always ready Jamesy W okay yeah I don’t know about this guys all right ready 3 2 1 go go go go wait gra what’s happening

Did you spawn necromancers what are they doing they’re doing some magical spells they’re spawning in Zombies what no way necromancers are the strongest type of skeletons how did you know this they’re doing some sort of spells this is crazy I’m not sure if it’s going to work against all these skeletons though I

Hope it doesn’t I really want to win grae I honestly think your skeletons are killing more of themselves than me yeah they keep shooting themselves this is so silly all right well I guess we’re just going to have to find out what happens yep we will Gracie there’s not many mobs

Left it’s all cleared up so they can get easier shots on my necromancers no way the zombies did a lot of damage as well yeah really helpful I honestly don’t know who’s going to win I do have quite a few necromancers Le but you have a lot of skeletons the necromancers are so

Cool they’re like shooting spells like Harry Potter yeah but what’s happening is the skeletons are getting preoccupied with the zombies and not targeting the necromancers that’s good for me oh look at this Necromancer he’s going to kill this skeleton go buddy oh he keeps missing he’s not as good at aim as the

Skeleton why is skeletons getting so close to shoot him though guys get back oh he accidentally hit the zombie you guys are supposed to have good aim you know Jamesy look yeah they’re going to battle oh wo wo I don’t know who’s going to win looks like they all teamed up and

Created like a wall yeah I I think all your skeletons are pretty much dead Gracie there’s only like two of them I still have a couple left the skeletons are just being targeted by the zombies that’s crazy I think these skeletons switch sides yep I’m just going to get

Rid of them no okay I think you won James yeah what’s the score now 31 oh this is easy peasy okay guys let’s see what Gracie’s going to spawn in this round oh wait what she holding it looks like black and red wait no white and red

Wait what’s she doing she’s placing down some redstone blocks oh this girl confuses me so much sometimes and now she’s dancing wait what oh she’s spawning in a redstone Golem these are super scary guys look they’re four blocks tall they’re powered by a redstone block and sometimes they even

Turn orange Redstone gos are super powerful so I need to do something even more powerful if I want to win and I have the perfect idea okay I have got an idea I’m going to have these gray legs you know what I make them skinnier they

Need to be skinnier and then he’s got these massive obsidian fists and I’ll do this as well and you guys are going to love when this is built okay I’ll do the body up here and then finally the shoulders all right this is my build pretty much complete amazing okay then

Let me press enter and there we go look at all these never right monstrosities they’re Cally asleep but when they wake up oh my goody gosh they’re going to destroy Gracie okay I have to go over and prank her there’s no way that I’m going to win if she puts too many of

These Redstone Golems okay I have a plan there we go look at me guys I’m a redstone Golem oh wow his walk is so funny okay let me sneak on to graci side it’s not going to be easy I’m going to have to break a massive wall H let me

Break it oh guys she’s totally going to notice I have to hurry up okay I fit through place it back place it back ah okay I just did it wait what is she doing this massive Redstone Lighthouse is going to charge all of my Redstone Golems no way guys she’s super smart

She’s building a massive Redstone Tower which will make her Redstone Golems more powerful like even me I’m even feeling more powerful just standing here okay I have to troll her and I have a perfect idea so as you guys know Redstone blows up TNT which means if I just place a TNT

On this Tower it instantly blows up and now we run run run what what just happened no no no this is so funny is that TNT boom wait a second there shouldn’t be TNT around here is it the Redstone Tower this is working so well that means I

Have to destroy the Redstone but that also means my Golems won’t be as strong wait a second is this a glitch uh-oh I’m flying I’m flying I’m flying get down get down get down and run and hide hide and run I can’t even move okay let me

Get in here she want me to tell which one I am and boom that’s weird why was that one flying and where did it go it’s blending in with everything else Yep this is working super well okay I have to somehow kill more of these Redstone

GMS this far too many okay I have an idea I’m going to throw this Arrow Dynamite this will put arrows everywhere let’s throw up oh I hit the ceiling look at the arrows what what is happening where are these arrows coming from this is awesome wait I I can’t tell where

It’s coming from because they’re going everywhere uh oh guys I think we might have woken up the Met neite monstrosities okay I need to sneak back onto my son it’s not going to be easy I have to tole a massive hole to fit through ah there we go and boom bash B

Wait a second where is this one going no no no no no block the wall block the wall she can’t go on this side wait I’m so confused and let me move back into Jamesy pH did you see a redstone Golem go on to your side you know what Gracie

I totally did it mine through the wall and then ran out the field he’s not on my son anymore though don’t worry okay I’m going to go look for him he must have gone Rogue wait no no don’t go look for him let’s just do the M battle okay

Okay Jamesy are you ready yep let’s go boom boom boom boom wow they’re damaging each other Gracie no they keep placing down Redstone bombs that are attacking each other wait they are totally trying to kill each other and look my neite monstrosities are spiling lava and it’s

Going on to your side no way they’re spawning lava this is not okay everything is burnning but Gracie on the good side some my never Mones are getting a little bit low that’s good but they are way too tanky this is not good for me yeah and they

Are setting yours on fire and you guys keep killing each other it’s hilarious no it’s not hilarious it’s bad look at all these mines Gracie these are the Redstone GMS they spawn some sort of projectile that comes from the sky and hits like explodes really oh my God you

Rid oh wow look they’re climbing up the lava poles that can’t be fair oh hey get back down down there guys so the never myosis actually heal from the lava so whenever the lava disappears that means they’re healing up that’s way too op but Jamesy yeah don’t these bombs look kind

Of like cheese uh sure Gracie but look some of never saes are actually getting kind of low you’re right but there’s not a lot of redstone Golems left look yeah there’s only a few there’s one over here and I was going to say one over here but

Now he’s dead oh come on guys I had so many golems and now they’re all dead is this just the last one left over here oh he’s gone wao Gracie I almost killed all of yours with pretty much all my ones remaining oh good job Jamesy I can’t

Believe I lost okay Gracie it’s now 42 you have to win the next round if you want to have a chance okay I’m definitely going to win I swear on it okay guys let’s see what Gracie’s going to build this round I cannot let her win

Oh wait what’s she holding it looks a little bit like Soul Sand wait a second is she pulling a Wither no way that’s super dangerous Gracie ah it’s a wer oh my God she looks so happy about herself okay guys if she’s doing a Wither then I need something super powerful because

Withers are literally the hardest mob in the game way harder than an ender dragon and don’t you guys say otherwise first things first I’m going to give him a really cool gold sword so it will be like this down here and a bit of neak as

Well awesome and now I have to build his body with a bit of gold down here like this a bit of neak like this and then he has gold in the middle and then finally for his head he has two nevera horns and then obviously we need to connect up the

Sword over here with a gold little Spike and then on the right I’m going to give him a shield there we go okay hopefully this turns into the mob that I’m thinking about 3 2 1 and boom wao guys look at me with she spawned and she try

To crash my game oh leave a comment if you think I’m going to survive this video and don’t forget to like as well if she’s sping in Withers then I have to more that’s going to disguise myself oh I know I’m going to morph into a wither

Skeleton and I’ll get myself a stone St as well to blend in wait you know what I’ll do a neite sword that’s way more powerful amazing and now I’ll sneak on to her side break through this wall and yes I’m through okay how can I cause

Some Havoc wait I have an awesome idea this flesh eater sword has a special ability it allows me to shoot out the Wither heads which means that I can basically attack these Withers using their own attack so Gracie will be a tail awesome let me just start attacking

These Withers like this or even fly up and hit them from above wait how are my Withers taking damage uhoh this isn’t good she nosed because they took damage on the Boss Bar no that’s weird is it this Wither Skeleton here uhoh uh oh hold the ne

Sword hold the ne sword wait I can’t see where he went all their heads look the same how is she lost me that’s awesome okay I’m going to do a bit more damage I’ll even destroy this boom boom boom here it is I see him he’s holding a

Giant red sword no no no no no but why is there a wither skeleton here I only spawned Withers this isn’t good maybe she might think that I’m like a baby mayy wither or something I don’t know guys wait and I can’t attack him either though uhoh I think my time here is

Running out I need to do one last troll these suspicious things just keep happening and happening okay you know what my cover is blown I’m going to go back to my side there we go and I’m W back into Jamesy phew I’m now turning into my more handsome self I really hope

Gracie isn’t figur out that I’m trolling her oh she’s literally right there hello Gracie can you hear me I can see you through the wall there’s a name tag oh yeah Gracie I’m literally looking right at your name tag as well well I hope you’re ready Jamesy are you ready to

Fight of course I’m always ready to fight all right graci let’s go 3 2 1 go wo look at them fight each other Gracie this is awesome no way all the blocks are getting thrown about I don’t even know what’s going on my englishes are jumping up to attack the wers I am

Lagging so bad right now wao Gracie look at this my ignes just can’t reach your wers they’re trying to attack them but they keep keep not being able to reach I know that’s good my Withers have four range attacks yeah but sometimes they mess up but actually Lally hit each

Other which is good wao that was an awesome ability he just turned blue how did he do that wait if they turned blue that means they’re really low oh no I do actually see a lot of never Stars around which basically tells us that that one

Of them has died I already found six no that’s not good I don’t want my Withers to die I don’t know if you’ve killed any of my ignes I’m not quite sure but we’re going to have to figure out you have so many Withers up here as well which tells

Me you have a lot of left H wait how did they get outside I don’t know we’ll worry about that after no this one just died no no no please kill the withers wait Gracie when they stab a Wither they literally hold it down with a sword

That’s awesome wait that is cool it’s like he’s impaling the Wither wait did you see that he just jumped up and attacked one the ones in the air I really hate fighting ignes because they are so strong wait Gracie the ignes have a long range attack you see the little

Purple and blue orbs you’re right oh how did I not notice that before I think it’s only an ability if they’re blue that is so cool it looks like most of them are turning blue now which means they’re at least half Health yeah but that’s good that means I can kill the

Withers I’m not sure who’s winning this fight I know uh oh Gracie I see that a lot of your Withers are getting really low they are this is crazy you know when a Wither is low because they turn into their second form they start glowing a

Lot more can you see I didn’t know withers’s had a second form I’m such a noob so their first form they try and kill you with long range attack but the second form they go for more close range attacks but Jamesy where did you just

Get that sword from the red one uh I mean I picked up on the floor I mean yeah on the floor but none of them dropped that sword and I also saw a wither skeleton holding that sword earlier uh you know what I don’t know gra let’s just change the conversation

I’m getting really uh I’m getting really sad so please don’t talk about this anymore what oh guys wait the crafting table’s in let me break it oh oh that was close guys isn’t Jamesy so suspicious no no no no I’m not suspicious wo there’s not many of my

Ignes left Gracie they’re jumping up and everything yeah but you don’t have many wers each so I’m really just hoping I win this I really think I’m going to win to be honest I see a lot of dead remains of my ignes which is the gold ingots oh

Look there’s even some wither scales over here that’s cool oh yeah I placed those down but look jamy a lot of your ignes are dying no the two of them just died right in front of me that’s good for me JY it only looks like you have a couple auses

Left I know I Bo just died no way uhoh yeah and they’re taking a lot more damage now cuz they’re being focused oh no jamy I’m sorry but it looks like this is the end for you no Gracie they both just died let’s go okay Grazy the score is

Now what 44 yep it is looks like I won that because because the withers were way stronger from above okay the next round wins let’s go yeah okay guys let’s see what graci is going to spawn for the last round wait that’s not a mob that’s

A fence what is she doing now guys Gracie is so quirky sometimes don’t we just love that she’s my favorite oh wait what is that a bed what is she doing what the heck Gracie stop it she’s breeding some villagers guys this is a not mob B this is something way worse I

Don’t want to watch this this feels gross okay guys hopefully she stopped breeding let me have a look and wait what all her villagers turned evil no way okay well I can see what she’s going to trying and kill me with now okay guys if she’s going to have a bunch of these

Crazy villagers look some of them look so amazing I have to do something similar okay for this crafting recipe I’m going to need to put some gray down here for both feet like that and a bit more and then we’ll have a little blue ring like this okay and then a bit more

Gray up here and combine it into his body and then we’ll also have a golden helmet amazing okay on the right I’m going to put one of these awesome Shields and on the left I’m going to put some axes why do I hear fireworks but with that said this should spawn the mob

That I want Jamesy I’m done spawning my mobs can I come over wait you don’t come over uh yes sh just give me a few seconds please guys this is not good she’s going to come over and see my one my glass and my crafting table okay let

Me break the crafting table and then I have to get rid of this one my glass by clicking on it oh no no she sees this she’s going to know that I’m cheating Jamesy are you done yet you’re taking a while yeah you can come over you can

Come over I’m just uh there we go okay hello Gracie Jamesy what are you doing nothing I’m just waiting okay if you say so but I just wanted to let you know that no matter who wins today I still love you oh I love you too you little short little

Body so let’s play now are you done yeah let’s battle oh who’s this guy oh wait that’s one of my teammates well let me get a head start there we go hey Ready set go wo look at this battle that’s awesome there are a lots of rocks what’s

Happening I don’t know Gracie I think your lusers are doing some spells look these guys are are like Wizards wait who’s winning I don’t see many of my real Gods left yeah actually I think I might win this one oh my goodness what no there’s no way I lose this mob B are

You kidding me come on come on come on guys do more damage let me put a few more down oh hopefully she doesn’t notice hey I saw you do that no no no no no no you didn’t no you didn’t that is not fair no no no Gracie I think you

Killed all of my Royal Guards yep that’s probably the last of them and now my illusioners are killing each other oh no no I don’t want this I’m going to kill them more Gracie I can’t believe it you actually won today we’re doing an elemental mob battle but little does my

Girlfriend know that I’ll be cheating using oneway glass which means whatever she spawns I can put the exact counter okay Gracie today we’re doing an elemental battle which means if I put down an iron golem he’s so handsome okay let me try throwing a fire type at him

Wao he just turned into a neite monstrosity he’s G enormous Jamesy and look what he does Gracie W that’s so cool he even summons lava he’s definitely a fire typ okay Gracie let’s start the mob battle I can’t wait okay guys we first have to see what Gracie’s

Going to put down oh she’s doing zombies wait they’re burning what she just turned it into night time that’s not fair she’s placing down some more zombies now guys look she’s holding a potion wait let me zoom in what potion is that it looks a bit like the ice type

Let me see what this does wo guys look all the zombies turn into ice zombies they’re even holding snowballs those guys will be able to shoot snowballs at my enemy that is super cool okay this means I now have to come up with a counter what would be good against an

Ice zombie wait I have a super cool idea guys okay let me put down a diamond cross like this and then put a Golem head oh look it’s turned into a diamond golem I’ll put a bunch more of these down okay that should be enough then my

Plan is to throw a fire potion at them ready set and fro and there it’s turned into a lava Golem which is super powerful and because I use Diamond Golems instead of iron they have twice as much health making them super op okay Gracie are you ready yeah I think so

I’ve spawned a lot of um I don’t know if I should say yeah I’ll tell you what I spawn I put a bunch of lava Golems on my side and I used Diamond Golems as the base making them super powerful wait you did lava Golems oh no I did an ice type

Is lava stronger than ice I think it is I think I’m going to win this round are you ready oh no okay I guess we’ll see wa Gracie look they’re fighting Jamesy that’s amazing I don’t know who’s winning graci it looks like a bunch of your ice zombies are getting killed

Jamesy your gos are way stronger than my zombies yeah they look so funny when they’re running a bit like you crazy wait you saying I look funny yeah when you run but Gracie look you don’t have many zombies Left wait I know have you killed any of my Golems I’m not sure I

Guess our snowballs just aren’t that strong you have one baby left look at him oh I think he’s gone I can’t believe they even killed my baby zombies that’s horrible yeah well you should have recruited babies into your army to start with Gracie a you’re right okay guys I

Won the first round don’t leave yet because these potions are going to get even more crazy from now on okay guys I now have to see what graci is going to spawn for the next round oh she’s going for a chicken that’s normally super duper weak but we’ll have to see what

Potion she uses fire ice Earth or air wait what potion is she holding oh I just can’t quite see wait it looks a little bit like an air potion that’s super cool so if she throws that on a chicken it’s probably going to make it

Fly I wonder what it’ll turn into let me look wao guys look all of our chickens turned into bald eagles there’s even some baby ones wo B Gold Eagles are really cool but I reckon I can beat her with this round okay for this round I’m

Going to spawn in a bunch of villagers which are normally passive but I have an idea so I’ll spawn a bunch of them in okay there we go that should be enough villagers and I’m going to throw a earth type and Earth types will make any other

Earth type more powerful so if I throw this on a villager I’m going to get something super powerful okay ready 3 2 1 fire and there we go all my villagers have turned into indicators which are basically evil powerful versions of villagers there is no way I can lose

Against Gracie’s Bal Eagles okay Gracie are you ready I’m ready Jamesy what did you spawn in Gracie okay I’ll give you three hints okay and you have to guess what it is okay I spawned in something that flies is it a BAL Eagle what y just

A good guess that was just one hint I’m just a genius okay Gracie well I have a Vindicator wait a Vindicator oh oh no at least I have a flying Advantage oh Gracie look the eagle attacking the vindicators I know they’re flying so hard wait can my vindicators not even

Hit them oh no they can but only when they get really close you’re right oh I’m so glad my Eagles can fly okay I’m not sure who’s winning this Grazy you have tons of eagles left I know rise I think I might actually have a shot at

Winning Jam no this is not good what the Eagles are so powerful they’re like two hitting my vindicators there’s any these two come on buddy you did Kill Them Gracie I think he’s given up and join your team that’s amazing the Bal Eagle showed him who was really fast I’ve got

An idea you betrayed our team that was mean well Gracie I think you won this one so it’s 1 let’s go my potions are op okay okay guys I need to watch and see what Gracie spawns in what why she put a pink flower does she not know that

This is a mob battle not a decoration contest wrong video Gracie wait is she holding a potion let me zoom in wait is that an earth potion okay she’s going to turn these flowers into some sort of Earth creature oh she’s thr it wao what are these guys they’re some sort of

Flower monster they look kind of weak but we’ll have to see guys okay what can I counter it with h let me think wait you can set plants on fire and burn them down like trees okay I need to do a fire type I’ll get a blaze like this and I’m

Going to upgrade them there’s a special type of Blaze that I can do by putting a fire type on these blazes basically making them into a super fire type all right let me throw this and show you guys what I mean go go go potion and

There we go as you can see these are basically just op blazes they have the same sort of Shield as a blaze but they have a helmet and the shields have spikes on them they look way more powerful than a normal Blaze but I’m really hoping they are this armor should

Really help them but I have a feeling graz’s mobs are also really powerful well we’ll have to see okay Gracie I’ve spawned on my mobs in have you yep I spawned them all in okay well I’m not going to tell you what mob I spawn in

This round but I’ll tell you what potion I used yes tell me tell me okay I used a fire potion what oh no I did an Earth potion wait isn’t a fire a direct counter to an earth potion yeah and it’s even worse because mine have leaves you’re going to burn everything okay

Gracie I’m really hoping I win this round are you ready yeah ready okay Gracie they’re going to fight go go go wow what no way yours are super powerful Gracie I have no idea who’s winning me too to be honest there’s so many Vines yeah there’s so many Gracie they can’t

Even reach my blazes are attacking the vines instead of the things that are actually summoning them that’s op come on blazes stop getting distracted kill the guys are killing you no he died it’s because they’re creating walls to make sure the Blazers can’t get to them

That’s just super not fair wait Grace my Blaze just did a range attack I didn’t know they could do that they can yeah look he’s going after him and killing him he’s spinning like a torpedo go go go yes no I think I only have two guys

Left look here whoa wait I just realized I have loads of people over here wait grae this guy’s coming over look go go go no way oh no he’s been picked up by a flower come on come on come on yes he just breathed fire on him that was

Awesome fire is really stronger than Earth yeah gron you have none left yeah and you still have like half your army that’s not fair I win this round 2-1 good work okay let’s clean up this Arena okay let me see what graci is spawning wait she’s doing skeletons okay I wonder

What she’s going to turn them into what potion is she going to use let me see huh what is that okay it’s an earth type again she’s going to turn these into Warriors or something let me see okay she’s throwing it wao guys look she she spawned a bunch of these Warrior

Skeletons they have shields that look awesome some really cool pants and some other iron armor that makes them super powerful probably way more powerful than any other normal mob I have to count them for something really good here but what can I do okay for my base mob I’m

Going to spawn a bunch of grizzly bears which aren’t that powerful by themselves but I have a plan I’m going to Splash an ice potion on them and hopefully that makes something super powerful but we’ll have to see let me throw up and there we

Go okay it changed into a polar bear oh that really wasn’t what I was hoping for these aren’t that powerful there’s no way they can kill those skeletons wait maybe I can cheat I can throw the potion twice that means it’ll get upgraded twice please don’t tell Gracie in the

Comments so get super mad at me guys keep it a secret please okay let me throw this up in the air again please be good W it turned into four Frost mes these are way more powerful than polar bears there’s only four of them but that

Should be honestly enough to kill all of Gracie’s Army okay guys I really hope she doesn’t find out that I cheated okay Gracie I’m ready are you I’m ready okay well do you want to say what you put on your side yep I’ll let you know I used a

Skeleton I turned him into an OP skeleton with the Earth potion wao that’s pretty cool what a mutant skeleton yeah well a little bit different okay well Gracie I somehow turned a grizzly bear into a frost Moore what how does that make any sense yep with an ice potion of course it makes

Sense oh that’s so smart Jamesy wait that’s really strong yeah it’s super op I got lucky okay are you ready to battle yep I’m ready okay Gracie look they’re fighting wo uh-oh you wak up my Frost more bad decision look they’re freezing them no guys come on unfreeze wo they’re

Killing them all so fast that’s so awesome uhoh I don’t think you have enough of them Gracie your arrows don’t even hurt my guys I can’t believe you only had four Frost Ms and it looks like you’re still winning didn’t you know Gracie Frost Ms are immune to arrows

Meaning only your Warrior people could actually do any damage wait they’re immune to arrows no wait this guy’s going to die though come on Frost Mo defend yourself no the frost M’s dead there’s only three of them left yes come on guys we still have a chance wait you

Could actually win at this I think so as well wait this guy just woke up I swear okay Gracie there’s not many of your warriors left just a few over here my Warriors are basically doing no no damage to them W he got slammed it’s cuz they can’t even reach the frost Mall

Okay you only have what three of them left come on guys uh-oh that’s not good let’s go we can do it guys he’s tried to block over his shield Gracie but he failed oh my gosh this is so sad yep I win this round what’s the score now

Jamesy I’m winning 31 but don’t worry guys Gracie still has a chance to catch up what okay okay I need to make sure I do well the next round okay guys I had to watch and see what Grace is spawning in wait what is that an ant why is she

Doing an ant that’s so weird she must have some sort of plan there’s no way she do an ant wait guys look the ant’s climbing up the wall that’s so cool all right what potion is she holding let me zoom in that’s definitely an earth potion let me see what that does what

Just happened the ants turn into massive flying ants those are giant bugs they’re crazy and super powerful I have to do something to counter hm what can I do okay I think I’ve came up with an idea I’m going to do a bunch of these little lizards look how cool they look though

I’ll Spa a bunch in there we go some of them are green some of them are red and some of them are multicolor that’s super cool and because I’m scared I’m going to lose this round I’m going to cheat again I’m going to use two different potions

I’m going to do a fire potion and an air potion I’m going to from them at the same time ready 3 2 1 Fire and Air wo guys lizards can now fly and they’re fire type so these are fire dragons this one is super cool and red but this one’s

Really big okay that’s awesome I think I might win this round oh Gracie yes Jamesy are you ready yeah I’m always ready okay do you want to tell me what you spawn in this round or no you’re not going to like it but it’s really yucky huh okay mine are ancient creatures

Ancients what do you mean they’re a bit like dinosaurs dinosaurs please don’t tell me it’s dragons well we’re going to find out are you ready yep yep yep I’m ready okay Gracie look they’re fighting wo oh my gosh your bugs are attacking my dragons but my dragons finally set Yours

On fire I was worried they won’t going to Counterattack that’s not fair you know bugs are weak against fire right I don’t know Gracie wait look my dragons are attacking the arena come on guys attack the bugs not the arena I’m really glad we both have flying types otherwise

We’d be super weak that’s true wo look these two bugs are doing so much damage to this one dragon and look at the big big one over here Gracie he’s taking on like six buggies at the same time wait but Jamesy look down here there’s some dead dragons over here behind you no

They killed the first dragon okay but my big one over here seems to have killed a few of the bugs oh my gosh wait Gracie my big dragon died look no this was the prettiest dragon too well I don’t know why you’re saying No this means you’re

Probably going to win cuz I only have this one over here and that one left I was just pretending to be nice Jamesy don’t get it twisted oh no this bug’s chasing after this dragon they picked him up put him down put him down you

Meanie don’t let him go don’t let him go what this is not fair oh they’re gagging up him no orange Dragon you might win this round Gracie wait but your green dragon still going really strong yeah but he’s taking like four of the bugs okay but he set them on fire that’s a

Good start oh we killed two of the bugs wait no they all attacking him oh no he’s my last dragon they killed the baby one okay I killed one of your bugs uh-oh they’re all ganging up on him it’s the last one left he’s so strong I can’t

Believe he’s still alive no Gracie they killed him oh no don’t cry Jamesy it’s going to be okay okay I lost this round the score is now free to don’t cry jsy it’s okay I’m catching up besides you’re still in the lead okay Gracie okay the next round is a chance

For you to catch up yes I can’t wait okay guys I need to look through the oneway glass and see what Gracie’s spawning wait is she using endermites those are literally one of the weakest mobs in the game they do 0.5 hearts of damage but a hit I can’t wait to see

What it upgrades into H we’re going to find out what potions she’s going to use wait that’s an earth potion okay so she’s going to upgrade them let’s see what happens wo look they upgraded to Ender Guardians that is not fair they are way more powerful oh yeah she look looks

Happy okay whatever I’ve got a C of a counter wait I have an idea let me put a bunch of zombies and skeletons I’m going to put a ton of these zombies and skeletons down like this and instead of using one of these potions I’m going to

Use a different one I’m going to use Chemical X which should turn these on into mutants skeletons and zombies so let me throw them a bit on these like this and let me see if this works yep look they turn into their mutant selves that is way better okay let me do this

To the whole Army okay there we go pretty much all of my skeletons and zombies have upgraded into their mutant selves look how big they are they have massive biceps and massive chests this is super cool we have range and up close damage so hopefully my Army is nice and

Well-rounded of course we still have a few of these little weak ones walking around but not everyone wanted an upgrade never mind you’ll be the first one to die Jamesy wait Gracie I’m ready okay Gracie I’m going to tell you what I made my AR me let me say this is Super

Mutant it’s super mutant really what about you you must have spawned mutant zombies I did an Ender Guardian wo those are basically mutant Enderman but way more powerful I know right okay Gracie are you ready to battle yeah let’s go okay Gracie they’re going look at them

Go wow your Ender Guardians are way more big than my guys they’re literally twice the height of my mutant zombies and they’re bringing up giant purple walls too do you see yet yeah I do I I don’t see anyone dead yet though that’s a good

Sign at least I don’t think any of mine are dead yet either wait my Mutant Zombies been knocked down luckily they have three lives but that’s not a good sign that they’ve already been knocked no and look at the skeletons I see body parts everywhere wait yep all the mutant

Skars are dead and all the noral bot boys are dead as well so all I’ve got left is the mutant zombies but as you can see they’re way weaker than your Ender Guardians oh no that’s no good I mean it’s good for me no way these Ender

Gardin are just so powerful and there’s so many of them I had to stop holding back for this one yeah I’ve got a few of your Ender gardin weak some of them are half Health but you have so many yeah I think it’s pretty clear who’s the winner

Than this one I do think it’s kind of cool how they’re lifting them up and launch them into the sky your mutant zombies are just pounding on them uhoh another one just died not good I think that was your last one Jamesy I’m sorry Jamesy I bet you’re not better luck next

Time time but what’s the score now is it fre fre wait if the next round is the last one that means it determines who wins yep next round is the last one Gracie to whoever wins the next round wins oh my God I’m scared okay guys what

Is Gracie spawning in huh she’s putting some bees bees are super duper weak I could probably take on that whole armor with my fists but I have some ideas that they could really be good with an upgrade H I guess we’ll have to see what happens she’s about to throw her potion

Wait what is it what that’s not fair there’s so many big of these creen bees oh my gosh okay you know what uh I had to do something really good things this round okay what can I do oh I know I’ll put one of these dread Knights down it’s

Basically just like a villager Knight he has a really cool sword a cool shield and some decent armor but they should be really good for an upgrade I think so I’ll put a bunch of them down and I think I’m going to use an earth potion

These guys so I’ll throw it up like that oh guys they turn into the furus wut which is super cool look he has this massive axe this really cool armor and he also have a sword stuck in the back of him so you know I guess that may be a

Bit funny okay I think I’m all good these guys should be super powerful they’re currently sleeping though he Gracie what did you spawn in this round I spawned in some massive bees wao I wonder how big they truly are I spawn in some um I guess Iron Golems you could

Call them Iron Golems oh I wish I could see what you’re doing right now all right are you ready to mob battle yep I’m ready let’s go crazy look they’re attacking each other they woke up a bunch of the iron Knights really no way but some of my queen bees are mad at

Each other too I wonder how they’re going to get on because the ironit can’t really kill these little bees individually can they I don’t know but they do have large AOE attacks don’t forget that wow look at that big attack there oh he just got hit by a queen bee

No way wait I think my queen bee’s dead I guess we’re just going to have to find out how this goes well one of your iron Knights are all the way back here do you see it no but Gracie all these bees are trying to attack this guy but he won’t

Take any damage unless he’s vulnerable You’re right they don’t know the iron Knight’s weakness wait Gracie I think they killed a few of the iron Knights look really yeah there’s only like five or six of them left there’s no way I’m actually going to win right no no no

This is the last round I am definitely winning all the bees are attacking him from behind that’s why yeah it’s kind of working okay gracion you don’t have many big bees left there’s like what three of them four yeah and this one’s about to get killed yes no wow I just killed them

And flung them all the way over here that’s crazy yeah yeah kill all the little ones buddy uhoh the big be is coming for him another queen bee of mine just died over there I know I just saw him but you got attack off this guy at

Least come on guys it’s not that hard we just need to kill a little bit more wait Gracie I don’t see any of your bees anywhere did you lose no I I think they died because all the little ones died too wait Gracie that means I win today

We’re going to be doing a Minecraft mod battle wao she’s spawning in those wolves but because of this oneway glass I can see exactly what she’s spawning which means I can do the perfect counter and because everyone knows that cats are stronger than dogs I’m going to spawn in

A bunch of these tigers and there we go my whole Tiger Army is ready but just to be extra mean I’m going to morph into to a cat like that as you guys know dogs hate cats so I’m going to sneak through the glass right here and there we go I

Want Gracie’s side so I’ll get this little sword and let me kill some of these doggies so I can win the mud battle there we go yes I’m killing it wait where did this cat come from how is it setting my dogs on fire I’ve got to

Hide guys okay I think I’ve lost her H what is this it’s some sort of statue oh you know what I’ve got to destroy this let me get a TNT right here and a TNT there and there and then let me blow this all up my statue no yep I’m

Trolling Gracie I’m definitely going to win this first round okay let me get back on to my side okay Gracie are you ready I’m ready all right the walls that go down oh my God Gracie you did dogs I did cats that’s so cool no way you did

Cats y they’re Tigers I don’t know who’s winning because half my tigers are invisible oh wait they can go invisible I didn’t know that wait a second there’s not many left did you win what no way you somehow still won damn it okay you won the first round okay well next round

I’m definitely going to win okay what is Gracie placing this time oh she’s doing skeletons okay if she’s going to play skeletons I need to do something way better what if I did with a skeletons these are so much more powerful okay that’s a perfect idea and there are also

More into a skeleton myself and secretly sneak on to Gracie’s side there we go and now I can slowly kill her skeletons without her noticing so I’ll just get rid of this one and this one wait I have a better idea what if I get to sign and

Place this down and I make fun of Gracie I can then put these everywhere she’ll have no idea was me as well because I look like a skeleton wait a second sign Jamesy will win what come on skeletons aren’t you on my sign where did these

Signs even come from oh she thinks it was a skeleton that’s perfect and why are my skeletons Frozen right now what is happening I Wonder Skeletons wait a second why doesn’t the skeleton have a bow oh Gracie some skeletons just don’t spawn with bows oh Jamesy some of them

Don’t spawn with bows yep it’s super rare that’s so cool now I have a good look Skeleton on my team but sometimes they also spawn with weapons and can kill other skeletons what why is that happening no no no I can’t have this guy on my team it’s super rare it’s called a

Sabotage skeleton it doesn’t happen very often wait is this skeleton Invincible I can’t even attack him I’m trying to get him to stop he last for 4 minutes so you just have to wait until the end of that time now I just have to keep spawning

Enough so that he doesn’t kill them all okay guys while she’s doing that I’m going to sneak back onto my side hopefully she didn’t notice and then I think I’m going to need a few more of these wither skeletons to win she has so many skeletons wait I have a plan I can

Put some mutant SK skeletons on my side that should definitely help me win okay I’ll put a ton of these as well but we only have a few more seconds left Jamesy I hope you’re ready nearly oh my God Gracie they’re fighting who’s going to

Win oh you went for skeletons so did I how is this happening we keep getting super similar Ms uhoh Gracia I think I won that was so fast how did you know I was going to play skeletons yours are way stronger yep that means it’s 1 one

Okay let’s do the next round look oh my God a diamond golem okay I need to do something more powerful than that wait a second I have an idea I’m going to spawn in one of these this is an Ender Golem a bit like an iron golem as well except

Way way way more powerful so I’m going to put a bunch of these on my side like this and hopefully this will allow me to win this next round because it’s only one one okay let me mph into an iron golem and there we go I’m now an iron

Golem look how cool I am and now I can sneak onto Gracie’s side wait I don’t fit in this hole okay there we go now I’m really hoping she won’t notice the difference between me and the diamond ones we look almost the same and now while I’m over here I’m going to fight

Them with this red stone bow and arrow hopefully I can kill them wait they have so much health what okay I need to try and kill them as fast as possible uhoh I think I’ve been noticed hide why do I have an iron golem here did I accidentally make one I’m really hoping

She falls for it okay guys I have to do something how about I give her some roses maybe she’ll stop s what can Golems do this what is that what these roses how did they give me a rose that’s actually kind of sweet thanks Iron Golem

Oh my God I think it worked I think she’ll let me be now okay I’ll come over here get away from her a little bit yes okay she’s distracted now I can kill some more of these Diamond Golems let’s go okay Jamesy the round’s going to

Start now I hope you’re ready I to get back okay let me break through this wall and quick and let me de more okay Gracie are you ready I’m ready let’s go fight fight fight W wo we both did Golems except mine look way cooler you have

Ending Golems that’s not fair y but yours seem to be super powerful as well none of them have even died yet you’re right but yours are like literally throwing me in the air yeah okay but you have way more so you have maybe three Golems per my one I’ve not seen any of

Mine die yet though I’ve seen a few of yours die really they’re dying already y no oh you have killed one I can see it remains oh I think I’ve killed two actually or three oh I’m not actually sure who’s going to win it’s looking like I might win but over here there’s

So many diamond ones it’s really hard to tell but they are really weak oh come on I think I’m winning oh come on he just needs to kill all of these and I’ll be good yes he killed a bunch of all uh oh he’s dead Gracie it’s really

Close I don’t I don’t know who’s going to win here I think I might cuz yours do so much damage at once these are all really low they won’t take many more hits and I have a bunch more over there coming over oh but you just never killed

Another one of mine oh come on guys why are your just all over here doing nothing okay I can move them all in the middle okay Gracie I put them all back in the middle okay wait you might actually win oh no they’re super low

What no way no way that was so close I was really scared gosh damn it Gracie okay it’s 21 to you but I will catch back up wait what is that Gracie is spawning in a sun Chief those things spit out Sun stuff and it does so much

Damage okay I need to do something else which is fire to counteract it okay I’m going to spawn this in as you can see this is like a fire god a bit like a blaze but way more powerful he has this massive Shield to block damage and this

Humongous sword we should be able to kill those Sun Chiefs but I am going to need to spawn a bunch of them to be able to win they don’t have that much health honestly I’m not quite sure if they’re more or less powerful than graci’s so

I’m going to spawn as many in as I can there we go okay but I have to somehow troll Gracie other wayse she’ll definitely win and there we go I’ve morph into this little guy which is a baby version of what Gracie is spawning meaning she might believe that her own

Mob sumon me in so let me go over there look how funny I walk guys this is so cool oh wait I think she noticed me wait a second you’re like the sun shift but a bit smaller please don’t notice me please don’t know it’s me she’s looking

All over at me you’re kind of cute though hey if you want to help our team then go ahead yes okay I made it I’m going to run over here get away from her and then I’m going to get these potion and then I’m going to get these potions

Of poison uh that means I can poison the whole team all at once ready go go go go go go go go go oh no we’re all dying damn it wait I’ve been poisoned too what’s happening my sun Chiefs are dying no no no this is not good is this little

One throwing potions around oh no I’m going to run I’m going to run she’s chasing me get out of here no my statue you’re horrible okay let me come over here where’d he go and then I’m going to put down a bunch of this TNT there we go

Amazing what is happening right now why is everything blowing up okay let me go back on my side quick okay guys I think there’s not much time yep Jamesy let’s fight okay let’s go go go go go go oh my god do you have some sun chiefs no way

Wait what did you choose what esses they are so powerful and I think I’ve nearly already won yours is so strong and yours are all dead Gracie let’s go no way how did this happen Okay what is graci spawning wait a Wither no way that’s

Super op okay guys I’m going to have to do something super powerful to beat the withers wait what if I tried this okay this is the never scourage and it’s super powerful I’m really thinking it can beat the Wither but guys I’m not quite sure but I have a plan I’ll spawn

A bunch of these in as many as I can like like this and then I’m going to morph into a river myself and then using the flesh eater sword I can fire these wither heads so let me mine through the wall and pretend to be a Wither on

Gracie’s side okay I’m on Gracie’s side and as you can see this no way she’ll notice me I look exactly the same but using the flesh eater sword I can fire these wither heads and damage them wait are my Withers fighting what is happening okay I’m killing them all

Let’s go I’m shooting at these wers then we’re going to die hey it’s this one that’s firing at other ones why are you firing we’re on a team don’t you know that oh Gracie I think some of your mobs might be killing each other again yeah

It’s happening I don’t know why like I said it just happens sometimes you just get really unlucky no it’s so weird this is suspicious okay guys I have to C FL she’ll never know which one I am oh dang I lost him he looks like all the other

Withers and then I’m morphing to bat to get out of here there’s no way she’ll notice me when I’m a little bat like this and I can fit through one block and I’m back on my side I guess the Wither left I don’t see any more damage

Happening thank God all right Gracie you ready yep let me just spawn one more and boom I’m ready fight fight fight oh my God who is winning I have no idea no way we both chose nether mobs that’s amazing yeah my one seem to be jumping up to

Attack your Withers I’m not quite sure who’s winning though wao it’s like a massive Air Battle this is crazy yeah I don’t know if my guys can even hurt your Withers they don’t seem to be doing any damage there’s so much fire going on I have not seen anyone die yet yeah I

Don’t think anyone has they’re all so strong oh no these nether scorches are big yeah your wers are flying up here but I think they’re being attacked yeah they jump up so high wao Gracie a lot of them are dead now I’m not sure who’s

Winning I think it might be you really I hope so it really does kind of look like me huh oh a bunch of those wers over there dying great okay I think I might be winning no this is bad look how destroyed the reer is there’s nothing

Left this is so horrible what is even happening right now wait graci I think everyone’s dead apart from one it’s just this guy left which means I win no way just this guy and he has only taken one damage that’s crazy well now he’s taking two okay all right Gracie let’s quickly

Fix this Arena okay let’s get some dir and let’s put some blocks back ooh this is going to take forever yeah let’s keep playing missing blocks and let’s fit in the last blocks Gracie there we go nice job J let’s do the next round who’s

What’s the score 22 yeah I think it’s 22 now let’s keep going wait what she’s spawning in some Golems okay those are pretty weak to be honest but I have a really good counter there’s this mob called a frostmore and it’s basically a giant snow golem and as you can see he’s

Holding this Ice Crystal oh I just took it uh-oh and this Crystal he has allows him to freeze his enemies which should work perfectly against these Snow Golems so I’m going to spawn a bunch more of these in they’re super big so I can’t

Fit too many in my Arena and there we go but before I start fighting Gracie I have an idea I’ll do a little command and as you can see I’m a snow golem and I’ll break through this wall and there we go I splend right in I can throw

Snowballs at them to attack them how many snowballs does it take to kill a snow golem oh a lot thrown like a 100 at this point okay this is clearly not working that well let me try doing this yes what why are my snow golems fighing again Jamesy it happened again oh no

Gracie what are they doing this time one of them’s setting the other one’s on fire this is really bad there’s snow golem have you figured out which one it is I don’t know they they all look the same that’s very mean gracion they don’t all look the same they’re unique people

I don’t know what you’re talking about they literally just look like snowmen okay well Gracie I’m pretty much ready to fight are you no please give me just a couple more seconds okay fine all right guys I’m going to go back on to my side I’m ready to kill Gracie okay

Gracie let’s fight go go go let’s go wait they’re killing each other Gracie your snow GLS are hurting each other no guys don’t shoot ice balls at each other you’re so silly oh well Gracie how much damage are you doing to my fros BS cuz

To me it looks like you’re doing zero no they’re getting trampled oh my God like three left no they were frozen I think the frost balls actually did more damage to themselves than from your snow golems this is so bad come on how did you know

I was going to do something like snow golem I don’t know Gracie I’m just smarter and look at all these snows everywhere they’re the remains of your little guys this is so sad uhoh uhoh graci he doesn’t look very happy with you okay let’s do the next round I’m

Winning 32 okay what is Gracie going to spawn this round wait what is that oh my my gosh that is the dread Knight okay that’s a super powerful mob I need something even better to counter it this KN looks kind of like popular MMOs oh

What okay you know if she’s going to Spa a knight in I’ll do an even stronger one this guy is wearing even more powerful armor a powerful weapon axe that does so much damage and all this cool stuff and I’ll spawn a bunch more of these in

These should be able to handle graci’s Army no problem so I’ll make sure to spawn a bunch of them there we go okay I should go to Gracie’s side to troll her and there we go I’ve mored into a dreaded night let me mine through the

Wall and now she can’t even tell yes okay the only problem is I’m not holding a sword or a shield hopefully that’s not a big problem though so one I’m over here I can do some crazy stuff first things first let me burn a bunch of these guys like this yes I’m killing

Them all hopefully Grace doesn’t notice she’s doing something in a command block wait fire uh stop it guys oh my God I’m splitting so much in yes how’s the fire spreading all the way over here did that one just throw a freaking fire charge

Uhoh no way she didn’t know who I am I think I run away was it wait let me just do this that one doesn’t have a shield it must be that one guys watch this ready yes I’m so confused what is happening right now okay you know what I

Think I should probably go back to my side I’m blowing graci’s side all the way up look yeah that’s so funny what is happening oh I keep seeing these explosions occur Jamesy this is really weird okay go back to my side let’s go oh you could be on my team oh and you

Yep that’s fine Gracie are you ready no no no I don’t know what happened but all of my nights were set on fire and now I have way too little sorry Gracie but we’re going to start this round dang it all right three 2 one let’s fight wo oh

My God you have so many nights and so do I they’re all going to wake up and boom way we both did nights y there’s no way you’re winning this Grazy mine are so much more powerful they’re literally one shotting yours you have way too many

Come on come on come on kill them all kill them all one of them is almost half dead wait what no way I don’t believe that that’s not too bad but every time they swing they kill like 10 of mine area of effect damage amazing you don’t

Have many left that’s like 10 of your left Gracie I know come on guys hit them from the back come on come on come on win win win a few more we have to at least kill one right nope my Knights are just that much better oh my God you have

Like 10 left guys please and I think that’s it Gracie wait no yours killed one of mine what he just killed one yep no no no no no this is amazing he killed one of them somehow but that’s it come on he’s going to be dead now he’s nearly

Dead and there we go no wait there there’s one more left no not they’re all dead Gracie yes that was me I was cheating with more mod than oneway blocks wait so you could see it every time I placed a m yeah I was cheating I’m sorry that’s unfair I knew it video

I’m going be doing a mob battle but I’m going be cheating with morph mod Jamesy I’m ready to start I got all my mobs ready okay let’s go and with this camera mod I can spy on what Grace is placing down okay she’s placing these creepers H

That gives me an idea I can morph into this cat and with this morph I can troll Gracie so if I just sneak over she’s going to think that I’m just any normal cat because I look like one but guys these creepers are scared of cats look

At them run away look they’re all running away from me and Gracie has no idea wait what’s that cat doing here you need to get out oh my gosh it’s scaring all my creepers I can start killing her creepers this will give me an advantage

Get out of here where did this cat sneak in from uhoh she’s coming after me guys she’s trying to kill me okay I’ll go back onto my side get out come on come on come on Adam through and remember guys Gracie doesn’t know that I’m

Cheating of morph mod okay guys so on my team I’m going to spawn a bunch of these zombies now while these might not be as strong as the creepers I have a plan so let me make sure I have enough zombies and there we go so my plan is and there

We go I’ve mored into a zombie and now Gracie won’t be able to tell me apart from all the others so I can get a really op sword and use this to fight with the rest of the zombies are you ready Gracie I’m ready let’s go let’s go

Oh my God look at all those creepers I didn’t know you chose zombies yeah I chose zombies you have so many creepers though I know wait one of your zombies is so strong really what’s he doing I don’t know he’s like a lot faster than the other ones ra wait Gracie you have

Like no creepers left I know I can’t believe your team actually won wait look at one of my zombies he’s holding a sword I know I’ve never seen this before that’s crazy that’s so weird anyway I win the first round where are you though oh I got this bug recently where I’m

Invisible oh I’ll fix it okay okay okay guys I won the first round but now I have to see what Gracie’s doing on the next one wo she’s placing so many witches okay I have to do something smart here okay guys this gives me a

Perfect idea I can morph into a bat that will totally blend in with the witches she’ll never be able to know it’s me and then I could go onto her side and kill a bunch of her witches and troll with her okay let me start killing some of these

Witches okay I can keep killing these witches what is she doing is she building a statue wait let me check this out this is going to be the cutest statue ever I don’t know if I should add color or just keep her so purple she’s looking very witchy though oh she’s

Building a witch okay that’s interesting H maybe I could troll her by doing something crazy with this witch oh I know I have a funny idea I’m going to put some TNT down here like this hey why is the TNT at the base of my statue

That’s no good okay let me blow up and get of here wait hold lit it up no no no witches get out the way yes I blew up her statue that’s so funny okay guys I think I’m done trolling with Gracie now I’m going to go on to the other side but

I have a plan I’m going to spawn in a bunch of wither skeletons these guys are super strong but the most important thing is they don’t take damage from witches making them basically immune okay and not only that but I’m going to mutate into one of the these skeletons

And as you can see guys this guy is super powerful so I’ll get a bow and I’ll fight among my other skeletons okay I think I’m ready Jamesy I’m finished okay graci okay I’m putting the W down oh my God they’re fighting you did witches wait you did wither skeletons

Yeah you play so little yeah but they’re super powerful that none of them are going to die and look I even got one of the mutant skeletons yeah what’s this mutant skeleton doing here he’s fighting wait I think the witches don’t do any damage to the wither skeletons yep they

Literally do nothing I’m totally going to win this round oh it’s cuz they don’t take damage from potions and stuff that’s not fair yes it is I’m just smarter oh my goodness how did you know I was going to do witches that’s so smart wait one of my mutant skeletons

Placed down some TNT what wait that’s so weird oh my gosh that was a giant explosion look Gracie the mutant skeleton look he’s playing down TNT and blowing it up hey stop placing TNT I can’t stop him I can’t do anything no no no this is horrible skeleton how are you

Doing that I don’t remember them being able to I guess I’m going to win huh this round is going super well for me it’s almost like I know exactly what you’re going to place I know right you read me so well that mutant skeleton is definitely op it looks like I won this

Round Gracie come on witches you can do this nope they’re all dead I win no no dang it it’s not fair okay let me see what graci spoing in she’s not done anything yet oh she’s placing down blazes and some of these Soul ones as

Well okay I think I have an idea okay I had to do something that would counter it but first let me morph and go troll Gracie I’m going to morph into a snow golem and that’s because snowballs actually do a lot of damage to blazes

Like as much as a neite sword so I quickly mine through the wall and sneak onto her side hopefully she won’t notice me I’m going to try and blend in but with this I can kill the blazes with the Snowballs look at me go okay let me see

If I can kill as many as I can wo she’s building a blaze statue cool oh yes I’m killing them look at me go wait look at me place down the snow trail that’s so cool okay let me get a sign hey what’s the Snowman doing here oh no she’s no

Just me I’ve got to run guys where’d he go I’ve hidden let me hide around the soul blazes where is he his trail ends here okay let me put down this size James is is better okay I’m going to put them everywhere come on come on come on

Yes look at be signs I placed down wait a second where did all these signs come from uhoh She’s noticed James is better what James wait why is why are these signs praising James that’s so weird okay guys I have an idea what if I just

Spawned some of myself like this yes now these guys are going to help me look they’re fighting with the blazes okay I’m going to put done a ton of these they’re going to totally help me to kill some of these blazes oh look at them fight did my mod glitch why are they

Attacking each other yes come on come on more snowman what is happening guys attack the Snowman I think I’ve trolled Gracie enough I’m going to get out of here before she notices it’s me okay because she’s doing blazes I’m going to do this guys look at this this is a

Neite monstrosity it’s a neite Golem and I’m going to put in three of them there’s no way I lose this round I’m already winning two Z all right Gracie are you ready I’m ready I’ve even built in a statue you wo okay look what I’ve got Gracie look at them wait those look

So strong netherite monstrosities they’re spawning lava yeah there’s lava everywhere oh no Gracie they’re going to destroy our Arena I am lagging so bad right now this is awesome wo your statue is burning down I feel kind of bad no my statue Oh look The Glitch stopped I’m invisible now are you

Serious I’m right behind you look I can’t see you oh there you are I’m glad you’re not glitching anymore so Gracie I’ve killed a lot of your blazes but I don’t see any damage to my never monstrosities I know how are they not dying at all wait he’s on top of the

Statue look at him wo he is so tall wo he just shook the world oh my goodness they did some damage to yours yeah they done a little bit but you know I’m not that worried I think I’m going to win this round come on I’ve got a statue for

Good luck wa boom yes he just killed more of them let’s go no I don’t think I like this they do a lot of damage they really do only a few more blazes left come on blazes we can make a comeback come on wait Gracie look

They heal up oh they heal from going inside of lava wait that’s not fair at all yep all the damage you’ve done is gone I want to block the lava off no more lava oh no you removed all the lava that’s not fair let’s go they can no

Longer heal okay there’s just a few more blazes left come on blazes you can do this now it’s just this one and he’s dead and there’s just one left wait there’s one more no no behind here Jamesy look oh they’re coming for him look at them ready ready no look how

Ugly they are please you can do this come on no I win free Z okay for this round let me see what Grace is spawning in h she’s building an Enderman that must mean she’s making Ender yep there she goes H what would be good against an Enderman

Oh I have a brilliant idea Enderman are super scale of water so let me Mor into a dolphin there we go I’m now a dolphin wait I can’t see anything wait I have to be in water to be able to see I can see under water so let me go through here

And I’m going to spawn a bunch of water in look at them all oh my God I’m causing so much chaos right now where did all this water come from no it’s scaring all my end away they’re running away a dolphin how did a dolphin get here wait guys she’s placing down sponge

Oh I had to put down more water there’s no way she can win if I fill her whole Arena up with water okay I’m going to morph into a bat that would be a little bit easier let me get some TNT and a flint and steel cuz guys last round she said

It was good luck so if I kill it then she won’t have any good luck there we go wait a second no my statue it’s all gone okay guys while she’s fixing all of that I’m going to do my side now okay if she’s going to do

Enderman I have a plan what is better than Enderman if you said an Ender Golem you’re totally right look at this thing he’s basically a mutant Enderman but he’s basically an mutant Enderman but really cool so I’ll put a few of these and these should be totally strong

Enough to be able to kill Gracie’s Enderman and there we go all right Gracie are you ready yeah turn the wall down I’m doing it fight fight fight oh my God look at that what did you choose those are Enderman Golems we keep picking the same things dude that’s so

Weird wait who’s going to win mine or yours I’m not sure what’s stronger I know right I put a lot of mutant Enderman oh I don’t know you spawn on little minions and everything but mine looks super strong I know they’re like giant golems and super buff I’ve have

Not seen anyone die yet I think a couple Enderman have died but I’m not really sure look Jamesy one of them stuck in the wall no get down Mr Golem Enderman come on you’re dying oh no he’s dying it’s because the m and Enderman can pick

Them up and move them around that’s not fair that is op I’m glad I chose the mutant Enderman oh no I just saw another Golem die I think he might actually be winning are you serious let’s go I can’t wait another one died oh come on Golems oh no I think I might

Be winning all I’ve got is that one and this one come on come on go end okay there’s only one left Gracie over here let’s go let’s go kill him kill him wa let’s go no you won damn it guys that’s not good I just lost the

Last round if I lose this next round I’m definitely going to lose okay what’s Gracie spawning in wait what is this oh these are lava Golems okay that gives me a plan I can morph into a small lava Golem which is the baby version of what Gracie spawned in which means she’ll

Never be able to tell me aart she’ll think that I’m just a little baby so as you can see I’ve snuck into her side and now I’m going to kill some of her lava Golems let me kill them all what’s happening uhoh wait there’s little baby

What there’s so cute I didn’t know I could spawn them I have to act natural she thinks I’m a normal mom they’re so adorable I’ve never seen one so cute I just want to squish him what happens if I kill one of the adults right in front

Of her what wait there’s like five of you maybe she just thinks I didn’t like the mom oh she didn’t notice let me do it again huh what is happening right now are the baby ones killing the big ones babies rule ad don’t stroll I’m going to

Trap these two inside a hole okay well she’s distracted you know what I might as well just destroy her statue so I’m going to come up here and I’m going to do this I’m going to spawn some TNT mine carts and they’re going to fall down and

Explode wait a sec oh my gosh my build where are these mine carts coming from no but this gives me good luck I wonder where they are coming from she’s still not noticed me this is funny I’m so confused why are all these bad things happening are babies falling from the

Sky okay guys they’re lava Golems what if I spawn water on them is that going to hurt them no where’s the water coming from oh my gosh what is happening right now I can’t believe this okay guys I’m going to go back to my side before she

Gets too suspicious let me come over here and there we go okay guys if she’s going to spawn lava golems in I have a plan you see this is an ignis which is basically a fire Knight he should be super powerful at destroying those lava Golems so I’m just going to spawn enough

Of them in to be to take on Grace’s whole Army I’m really hoping these guys are strong enough okay and I’m also going to morph into one of them and there we go I’m morphed into an ignis okay Gracie are you ready to battle I’m so ready ready press the button all

Right I’m pressing it and fight wo wao what’s going on what happening wait my guys can jump in the air and attack from above you’re so crazy W this is really laggy I’m not sure who’s winning my ignes are taking basically zero damage the blocks are flying everywhere wait

You guys are pretty much all dead already how did you kill them so quickly this is not fair what are they all doing oh wow you only have a few lava Golems left oh that one’s dead no my statue didn’t work wait Gracie I think they

Were all gone no way that was way too fast well I think I win oh my gosh that’s not fair well Gracie unfortunately that’s all we have time for today which means I win that makes me so sad it makes me so sad I don’t

Care I’m killing guys gosh the bad B is so much scarier than rainbow friends what no way yeah you know what dy I think you’re right oh see selfie go of B is way scarier no way that’s ridiculous rainbow friends are so much stronger well we’re at the park no yes yes you

Know what if you guys are going to argue about whether rainbow friends or garden of bandand is stronger why don’t we just actually settle it in a mob fight no way that’s a genius idea let’s see which game is more powerful let’s go and then you’ll see I’m right finally we made it

To the maina so me and Gracie can be the same team versus you all right but you guys are going to see that rainbow friends are way stronger okay no well we’ll see about that yeah we will but Gracie what Sophie doesn’t know is that I secretly

Put a oneway glass wool here what is this no way now we can see exactly what she spawns and know how to counter it okay Gracie let’s see what she’s going to spawn in huh she’s not holding anything wait wait a second it’s a white and green egg but that doesn’t really

Mean anything let’s see what mob it is wait what it’s red from Rainbow friends the scientist wait he’s really smart and he can probably whip up a lot of potions yeah look at him his eyes are literally massive what could we do to counter him well tomaki and chatak is literally a

Raid for from go to a bman he is so strong yeah he’s a giant lizard okay yep let’s spawn him in all right and there we go where are there’s so many of them yeah let’s spawn these guys in there’s no way we can lose wait and this is

Perfect blue is the opposite of red they’ll definitely count to Red for friends oh no Gracie she’s spting in so many and because her red R friends are so small she can fit way more in than us you right our Chi and tomis are ginormous there’s not enough space we

Need some way to eliminate a ton of hopes before we even start did one of our tomat Takis get on the other side oh my goodness I guess it wait maybe we can go on the other side but disguised as red rainbow friends oh my goodness why did I think of that we

Can Morp into them okay let’s go over here and then Morp into them wow Gracie you’re red yep I walked right into them wow jamy just turn into rainbow friended red quick C get off quick quick oh oh okay one of them was stck over he close

The door oh no Jamesy I feel like something’s going to give us away all the all of them have the name tag red but and also we’re a little shorter what’s going on what why are we shorter what oh no hopefully Sophie doesn’t notice this though so should we start

Eliminating them I’m going to get a Min gun out I’m going to get a fire gun out what ready three two [Laughter] 1 huh what’s that sound why is there so much fire be careful Gracie don’t get noticed I’m oh what’s going on why are

All my friends on fire oh I need to spawn more in JY where are you I’ve lost you in a bunch of red people it’s okay I’m pretty obvious who I am I’m killing all the ones that are around me oh no what do I do uh maybe I got to

Start placing some water down hey Gracie I see you hi I think we’ve did enough damage we should go back to our side yeah let’s go let’s go but we have to sneak over really quietly Jamesy I just had a really good idea I’m being quiet

Don’t worry what’s up so you know how we had so much trouble getting across with them always like getting in the way why don’t we just put a secret door like this wao that’s genius yeah and now she won’t be able to see that it’s us from her side okay

There we go Gracie we’re now back to normal perfect oh wait I’m going to kill this guy where boom gy you’re hurting our own tataki and chamat Takis wait wait a second where’s sopie going she’s going all the way over there I think she’s breaking a hole in the glass what

Could she be doing she’s sneaking over here Sophie H oh no I wasn’t doing anything get back to your side you little cheeter that wasn’t cheating I was just letting my Reds out for a bathroom break oh my gosh well are you ready to battle

Yep I’m all set okay let’s start the M battle in three 2 1 and fight yes we’re totally going to win there’s no way we lose W you guys have a lot of tat Takis and chat Takis you have a lot of Reds wait I think we’re literally is swarming

Her there’s too many yes we’re eliminating all the Reds let’s go wait wait but they’re killing a lot of ours as well wait who’s going to win guys comment down below which team you think is going to win red rainbow friends or tataki and chamaki come on come on come

On we’ve got to win wait hey I think my RS are winning wait what no way that’s impossible there’s still a few more left Come On Come On fight them let’s go friends are too smart oh no way I thought the tomat were totally winning

Oh I don’t know anyway I think we should go to the next round don’t worry Gracie we’ve lost the first one but there’s plenty more to come okay a jamy we should have spawn more let’s fight okay crazy let’s see what Sophie’s going to split this round we need a win she’s

Holding a dark dark egg but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be it’s dog dog green she’s spawning in green what it’s green rainbow friends he’s tall really strong and he’s basically like a Stree as strong as a tree look he’s got this massive legs his massive

Arms his only weakness is that he’s blind oh you’re right and you know who could just beat him who could beat him Gracie well someone who could jump circles around him all day someone who could do some magic on him queen found a Leah she can jump over him and she can

Totally do some magic let’s spull her in and there we go look at her so it’s this big purple kangaroo with this really cute pink one I bet czy likes that I do she’s absolutely gorgeous and such a Cen SL and then she’s got this gold helmet

Too but let’s spawn a ton of these in that’s not a helmet Jamesy that’s a crown oh well Crown is just a helmet anyway look how many we’ve got there’s so many way Bia is slaying today and she even has these like little babies in her her

Pouch but anyway Gracie do you see how many Sophie has I know but is this cheating I want to Splash these leaing potions on them then they can jump super duper high that is cheating but let’s do it I’m going to help you out there we go they’ve all got jaum boosted thanks

Jamesy and do you know what green is super weak to what is green super weak to Gracie it’s basically like a tree and you know trees are really weak to fire true so wait what’s your plan I think we should get a bunch of nether rocks and

Put fire everywhere that way when they come over they’ll totally burn and die wait how about we just go over there and blow up all the blow up all the greens with fire t wait that’d be a wonderful idea let’s do that right now let’s go uh let’s go

To the ceiling Gracie I’m coming up okay Gracie now that we’re up here I suggest that we place a ton of these fire tncs down and then in a minute we’ll blow them up what oh Jamesy I have a foot and steel all look at this this is ow ow

Careful sorry you did that to me H get over it oh my gosh oh my gosh the I just fell as well did she see us no I don’t think so my gosh that was too close we need to patch this hole up okay I’ve covered it okay let’s blow them up ready

3 2 1 and go blow them up um I just fell down again this is not good yeah what’s going on why is there fire falling from the sky huh J she’s so confused she’s seen us run what that guy doing okay jamy when she comes over to our side we have to

Pretend like we never left okay yeah okay oh you guys did you just try to cheat wait what what are you talking about I saw you guys over there dropping fire TNT on my M sopie no Sophie what’s got into you we’ve been here the whole

Time are you feeling okay yeah oh right fine if you guys are so sure yep goodbye Sophie you you need to be okay um what’s wrong with her she fell for it Grazy yeah JY we totally just tricked her yeah okay um I guess we’re ready to battle

Then Sophie come to the Sophie come to the middle of the B Arena okay are you guys ready are you ready I’m ready okay Sophie are you ready to battle yep I’m all set are you guys ready yes let’s bring down the walls and battle in 5 4 3 2 1 and

Go W come on come on come on we need to win this please please Jamesy look Sophie made a half statue of the green guy oh my goodness is disgusting we need to get rid of it hey I wasn’t done wait wait’s even finished who’s winning I

Don’t know there’s a lot of colors going on oh my God there’s so much I think we’re winning but I’m not sure all of our purple kangaroos are bunching together Queen Bia really sad girls unit yeah they’re guying up on individual guys like oh my God guys calm

Down this is good though they’re working as a team while selfies isn’t as uman oh no yes we’re totally winning Oh I thought I was winning for a second but I guess they were just all grouped up yes look at them chase them down and eliminate them wooo the score

Is now one1 let’s play the next round yeah a you guys may have won this one but I’m going to win the next next round okay graci are you ready to see what Sophie’s going to Spore in this round yeah I’m surprised she hasn’t caught on

To us yet yeah I know she’s kind of silly okay so she’s got some sort of weird egg let’s see what it spawns in huh what is that orange oh my goodness orange rainbow friends that’s your favorite yes he’s a dinosaur I love him but what can we spawn

In what would be stronger than orange for friend I don’t think anything orang is the best color ever look at me I’m basically orange well wait a second what’s the opposite of orange uh blue yeah and do we have a character that’s blue oh oh we do na let’s SP nab na look

Ready wo yeah na looks amazing no na a VI to the Sun ah we to turn into night time okay thank you I mean it’s night there we go that’s much much better look at this guy he’s way taller than orange he has this really cool party hat you know

You can’t go wrong with that and he’s got this massive mouth that eats orange and look at the little orange babies he can eat those in one bite hey wait a minute why did it turn night all of a sudden oh no Gracie she might be onto us

She knows that we’re going to do some sort of zombie or skeleton um don’t worry Sophie um it must just be uh really dark all of a sudden that’s weird yeah okay uh anyway I think this should be really good C let’s put a ton of them

In I’m putting them in yes okay H I think there’s a way I could power these guys up I’m just going to make a couple of lava pits since orange is orange like lava I bet this lava will help power them up and they’ll totally beat up

Gracie and James’s Garden of band Band characters wait Gracie do you hear that this is not good we have to neutralize her lava yeah you know there’s one way to get rid of lava right I think I know what you’re thinking yeah let’s Mo into orange and

Sabotage a lava with water I’m Maring same I’m into I’m into orange as well okay I’m going to sneak For Her Shine I go to over here crazy kit where are you I don’t see you anywhere I lost you already I don’t have an orange name tag

Maybe that will help you okay no I’m just sticking around this lava pool right uh on task let’s get some water and there we go and let’s cover this up Gracie yeah water is probably Orange’s winess so let’s put a bunch of it everywhere yes especially to get rid of

This lava which is going to help her out huh why is there suddenly water everywhere oh all my all my lava is turning to obsidian yes let’s keep doing it Gracie yeah I need to BL this all up but Jamesy I don’t think this is enough this water isn’t hurting them enough as

We wanted to why don’t we do fake water wait that’s so smart why we make the basic water what was so silly if we do fake water then they’ll literally die from it it’s poisonous fake water fake water I’m placing it everywhere oh no how come all my oranges are dying to

This water yes this is oh you cover it up faster I bet she’s so confused right now oh what’s going on I can’t cover it up fast enough there’s so much Gracie we basically killed all of her mobs look yeah you know what I think we’ve

Done enough damage let’s go over to our side and spawn even more of our NAB nabs let’s go okay are you guys ready to battle oh oh yeah I’m all set well then let’s fight 3 2 1 and go wow wow W oh my goodness they’re so slow

They’re so slow they’re going to startop fighting each other I can’t believe this there’s so many wait Gracie look all the oranges ones are just dying oh no are look it’s not good where are they even going they’re just disappearing wait what do you mean this isn’t good this is

Great wait you’re right we’re NAB nab’s team oh I knew got an abandon was way stronger oh come on orange you’re better than this there barely any of them left yeah you know what Sophie it’s because we destroy all your lava pools your powerups just weren’t good enough wait

What you guys were the ones that did that I mean um there’s still a few more left maybe it’s not over guys maybe it’s not um yeah Sophie it wasn’t us I I misspoke don’t worry about it the fat lady hasn’t sung yet you’re acting you’re acting awfully SU Gracie what

We’re almost killing all of them yep there’s barely any left sorry Sophie but better let next time oh come on the last one well that be say now 21 to me and Grace but don’t worry there’s a few more rounds left okay Gracie it’s now 21

Let’s do the next round what is she going to spawn this time okay she’s holding a mob it looks black and red what does that mean though wait what why is it cion Jamesy sorry but you know cion is my favorite character why is it your favorite Gracie because she’s the

Only girl in Rainbow friends of course she’s my favorite true I guess you guys just love girls meanwhile I hate girls they stink huh jsy why would you say that okay Gracie I’m sorry I like you you’re the only one whatever I’m not going to help you figure out what you

Want to spawn this round okay hm what do I want to spawn well I think if if Sophie’s going to do your favorite mob we should do my favorite from G bamb band do you know what that is Gracie um is it Stinger Flynn yes it’s Stinger

Flyn I’m going to spawn him in look how big and scary he is wow of course I knew it it’s because he’s orange huh yep he’s orange and he’s cool unlike cyan how dare you oh my goodness Jamesy you know um I kind of have to use the

Rest room do you mind if I go go you know take a weed huh uh okay whatever I don’t care yeah yeah I’ll be right back what is wrong with Gracie she sounds so weird Okay this should be more than enough stick of bles there’s so many and

They’re so big uh I think I’m going to go over and troll Sophie wait who is that girl oh my God is Sophie getting a friend Albert and also why is there a yellow on top of a sign anyway this is totally cheating I need to go over there and say something

Sophie oh hey Jamesy what’s up what is this girl doing over here oh uh this is my friend Sarah she’s here to help me out why I never heard of this Sarah girl don’t talk to me girl’s rolling boy s and why pretty shy so that’s probably

Why she’s so mean as well well you know I heard that you said that girls aren’t that cool and you know I just don’t support that so be quiet and shut your mouth wait how would you have heard that I was on that side there’s a Bedrock war

In the way she’s got very good hearing there’s something sus going on here what’s your favorite color Sarah oh it’s pink of course huh the same as graci’s H okay that’s got me thinking um what’s your favorite food Sarah why are you asking me all these questions take me

Out to dinner first just answer the question maybe I’ll use this a take you out to dinner wo wao hey wait a minute Sarah you can’t say that Jamesy already has a girlfriend yeah I thought you already have a girlfriend Jamesy you want to take me out on a date no I

Wouldn’t take you out a date just tell me your favorite food oh my favorite food is cake like graci [Applause] too okay what is your second favorite color Sarah my second favorite color of course it’s the most beautiful color of all purple okay guys I’ve had enough of

This so I’m going to pull out the mob killer stick and I’m going to defeat this mob once for all that’s what hey that’s not how you treat a lady you shouldn’t be sck at her sorry but you’re obviously graci s graci why are you on Sophie’s

Side helping her what let you on the same team I’m so confused YY you literally said that girl suck and obviously I was going to help out my bestie who’s also a girl girls versus boys what oh guys are you a girl if so is that true oh gosh okay fine girls

Aren’t that bad yeah exactly boys and girls are equal and now that you’ve apologized we can go and work together again yeah Gracie I’m sorry let’s go and win this all right Jamesy let’s spot in more of these finger fints we need to show her whose boss guarded a fan ban

Yeah let’s do it okay Sophie are you ready to battle yep are you guys ready to lose you’re so funny you’re so funny anyway let’s bring down the vs and start fighting in 5 4 3 2 one and go come on singer Flyn kill these little science sticker FNS are huge yep sticker

Flyn is massive in the new game he’s ginormous wait huh yours is spitting webs at us that’s not fair Canan Canan is actually really strong oh no she’s not she’s weak oh it’s hard to see what’s going on with all these giant Stinger FNS in the way oh I don’t know

It’s going to be surprise he wins this one I’m not sure either I can’t really see any science anymore because of how small they are yes small and wake oh no I just saw a s of Flyn die come on say I believe in you there’s only a couple

Science and stier fints left wait where are they oh my goodness look all the signs are hide okay I’m going to use a special command to bring them all down okay yeah they can’t hide like that it’s not fair and there we go I P them all down wait

Jamesy come over here I have a secret trick wait what’s the trick Gracie using this I can make our I can make our Stinger FN way bigger look what my God how did that one grow just now crazy Sophie it must be a random glitch

Must have been a glitch must have been a glitch my yeah this is how Big Steer fo is actually in the real game yeah that’s about yeah well I think all the signs are gone never mind I guess it’s now free one oh yeah JY we’re totally in the

Lead yeah but Sophie can still definitely come back again it’s not over yes you wait I’ve got a really good one lined up next oh no okay I’m excited to see what it is okay let’s see what some he going to spawn this round Gracie okay

Okay what is it going to be wao blue rainbow friend huh wait blue rainbow friends he’s literally the first rainbow friends ever and he’s also really strong look at him he literally has a crown so he’s the king wao yeah you’re so right oh no what can we possibly spoil that’s

Going to beat it I don’t know what about bad bad it’s awful the opposite of blue wait that’s so true and he’s also kind of similar looking they both kind of look the same right wait and think about it blue is the first rainbow Friends character and badman is the first badman

Guard of Badman character yes let me spa in a few let’s have a look wo bad ban is tall maybe even tall than me well we need to spawn more of him in yeah look at these hats that super rainbow color and he’s got his tongue out just like

Blue is spitting out they’re basically the same character but Jamesy I’m not too confident in us with we have to do something so that we can get ahead of Sophie how how about we just blow up a whole side I think that’s a good idea

What with what kind of TNT though uh TNT * 5 what that means TNT that is five times stronger than normal okay I can’t wait to use that yay TNT * 5 there we go it’s blue it’s blue that looks really pretty oh it’s almost the same color as

The rainbow Friends Blue that she SP awning yeah it will be super funny almost ironic well Gracie are you ready to blow all these things up yeah I hope you’ve got a flint and steel in hand I’ve got a fire charge yeah a fire charge okay I want one too ready three

Two one go go go go go go go go go I want to be here as well T there we go oh no how strong that was Jamesy wo they were all dead that was easy peasy lemon squ squeezed oh what that took like half of my blues oh where did that

TNT come from uhoh jamy and Gracie again no go should I go over to your side again oh I can’t believe that they just came over and exploded all my Blues that’s it I’m done with these cheaters I’m going to get some strength potions and power up my Blues what what

Jeepsy did you hear her what that’s so unfair Grazy she’s using cheats as well using strength potions oh no what else is she going to do wait what she holding now is that is that a shrinking device yeah all right let’s see if this works what fancy she made a giant rainbow blue

Friend this is amazing I mean not good for us oh gosh yeah not good for us okay Gracie um let’s let’s make our army way bigger they’ve all just disappear yeah let’s create more bad BS and make them ginormous yeah let’s make them super huge look at this Jamesy look at this

What it’s way bigger than even selfies yeah leave it to me I’ll make them big and you should spawn them in okay okay okay I’m spawning them in I’m spaw them in make them Big C wow oh uh wow this is amazing all right Gracie are you ready

To battle them out once we put a few more down yeah I’m so ready we need to show her who boss Sophia are you ready all right I’m all set four three two one and fight come on B bad Come on B bad Come on B B you guys also have massive band

Bands yes duh of course why would you use big bman why would you make them big too are you trying to copy us yeah are you a little cheater a little cheater what I think you guys copied me what you talking about we have we don’t even know

What’s going on your side of the base but I thought I saw you two again hovering over my base and putting TNT down no no no that that was our twins I have a twin called um Hy Hy yeah once again you’re hallucinating you need to get some I don’t know some medicine

Maybe this sounds like cap anyway I think we’re winning there’s so many bad B there’s only a couple blue rainbow friends left I think yeah we really started off with way less but you know that blue ones don’t seem to to hit us we’re too big course the reason all our pets be

Decided to go outside of the cage Yep this is super duper easy it’s fine they’re just going on a little holiday yeah they’re just watching over like Guardians woohoo a there’s only a couple blue left well there we have it 41 and we basically won you know what J let’s do a

Deal I’m so confident that we’re going to win yep how about the next round winner win so even if you win it over you can win yep so basically whoever wins the next one wins let’s do it wait and you know what I just thought it an even

Better idea what why don’t we do two characters in the next round so each team can pick two different characters from their own game oh crazy crazy that sounds super fun let’s let’s do it okay greasy we’re totally going to win this round we have nothing to worry about

Yeah yeah yeah and we’re going to choose the two strongest characters from go to the Badman well just two on but we haven’t done so far but let’s see what Sophie’s going to do what’s her first mom wo pink wait are they even in the game they haven’t really been discussed

Yet so we have no idea how strong they actually are I’m excited to see how they play go yes so wait she’s using unreleased s isn’t that kind of cheating I I guess so but what else is she going to spawn she can choose two of them okay

Let’s have a look what w and yellow he’s ling a helicopter helicopter helicopter that’s because he can’t fly so he needs the helicopter but oh my goodness I guess she chose I guess she saved yellow for last because that’s her favorite it’s a terror doctor anyway how are we

Going to counter that well first things first I want to use one of the really silly mob from GH band ban which one I think we should do Mr kabo no way Mr Good Bob wait let me help you spawn him in wait grac stand next to

Me stand next to me hey and then look forward and then move forward in 3 2 1 prepare to be bad B prepare to be bad bad bad this guy is so cool look at him he’s got these po hats and everything but we’ve never actually seen him fight so

This is going to be another mystery yeah let’s Place him all down yeah let’s f a ton of him B boy we need loads of him all right Gracie let’s go back to the window and see oh wait she did the pink one what should I do for a second one

Yeah jimy we need one more who is a really strong G of Bamba mob that we haven’t done what about jumo Josh he’s literally so strong he beat up you know he beat up band band he beat up finger Flyn he beat up everybody that’s gray gray let’s do that and jumbo Josh

In this game is made using iron blocks cuz he’s like an iron golem he’s as strong as an iron golem and he’s also like basically built like iron yeah so let’s play it down and let’s have a look you can see why we think he looks like

An iron golem oh my God wait he’s attacking aab guys guys chill out you’re the save team jumbo jum but wait look how many of K Bobs is taking on at the same time he truly is the strongest the babies are at the front oh my goodness all right

Gracie I think I know how to make this work let’s put down a little wall in the middle so we can separate them oh you’re right that way they won’t attack each other yeah exactly looks like jumo Josh doesn’t really like anybody huh okay

There we go uh now on this side we can build the jumbo joshes like this oh well there’s still a few kops over here but never mind they can be sacrificed I’m going to Spa them in oh my goodness Grazy it’s taking ages to build these

Jumbo jorges and we only have a few seconds left watch this Jamesy I learned a new tool trick wait what are you spawn them in with an egg no I’m pooping them out of my B oh my goodness St that something that’s disgusting you know sometimes things must be done wait

What’s happened what’s happened what’s happened you’re so silly you put the on your own head anything I can’t see anything Gracie Gracie help me where are you stop moving around take the pumpkin off J I can’t see I can’t see I can’t see I going to see through your eyes

Okay I’m going to clear you no oh oh wait that’s a lot better I can see now oh yeah Jamesy this was what was on your head over here oh my good no wonder my hair is so sticky ew you smell like pumpkin oh my w pumpkins are kind of nice the pumpkin

Lattes okay but that’s not important right now what’s important is that our life is kind of on the line well Sophie are you ready to battle yep I’m ready to battle how about you guys oh I’ve always been ready yeah I was born ready well

Are you guys ready free three 2 1 and battle come on guys come on guys come on guys come on jumbo Josh kabs waa you guys spawned Mr Kabab and jumbo Josh yeah op combo wow Mr kab B’s got some pretty colorful hats on I know so is

This is a lot of colors wait is who’s frowing potions oh I think that’s my pink yeah yeah pink is throwing potions but wait look even when it gets low it’s drinking a health potion so we can never die that’s crazy and Y oh my gosh rainbow

Friends yellow is amazing look at this helicopter spinning it’s making me kind of dizzy yellow rainbow friends is trying to shoot arrows at them and I think it might be working you’re jumbo joshes don’t stand a chance uh wait all our kobs are almost dead Gracie are you serious Thorn it I guess

Kebab isn’t super duper strong he is kind of just a stick yeah he’s just a few sticks wrapped together with some tape but jumbo Josh he’s so powerful yeah he’s definitely doing most of the work come on come on come on jumbo Josh oh my pinks are super strong I doubt

That jumbo Josh can beat them oh I know that he can stop being so stupid okay there’s only a few left but there’s so many pinks left and uh not many kebabs oh my goodness gracious look gracious Gracie oh yeah gracious for Gracie but I think we’re kind of winning Jamesy it’s

Hard to tell I see a lot of Pinks but I also see lots of Kebabs I think the J joses they all are a little bit weak look you can see they’re weak but they getting these little cracks on them but still I think they’re doing pretty good

Wait a second I’m SE to think that jble Josh might be the strongest ever Pink is pretty strong but just not strong enough wait oh all my pinks go they just disapp so many oh wait there’s only a few left they’re running go kabobs oh the baby

Kabobs seem Fierce they’re PR fast too bad yellow rainbow friends can’t fly away oh wait oh oh that’s it we win we win Gracie oh no that our team is turning on each other anyway but at least we know we won yeah anyway I think

I think that proves that g of bamb is just a much scarier game than rainbow friends yeah sorry Sophie you’re incorrect all right I guess I’ll have to admit defeat what do you guys think do you guys like G the bandad more or rainbow friends comment your favorite

Today I’m doing a digital circus mob battle with my friends we have loads of digital circus mobs like these three and way way more but what my girlfriend here doesn’t know is that I’m going be choosing using one way class which means Lou we can see exactly what she’s

Spawning and encounter it oh this is amazing all right Lou the first round starts now let’s see what she’s going to spawn in okay she’s holding some sort of gray mob egg what do you think it is an aoka or something H Jamesy I’m not really sure what that could be maybe

Like one of those little flying things I don’t know maybe but remember Lou there is $500 to win here we need to make sure we win this let’s just see what it is for she spawns it in what is that a ravager with this ravager I’m totally

Going to win this B ble remember Lou she doesn’t know that we’re watching us right now the ravager is one the strongest mobs in the game it’s basically a giant bear I know what could we possibly do to counter this it’s so strong oh look at that s on the back I

Don’t know Lou we have to come up some sort of digital circus mob that’s op wait a second what if we spawn in the main character of dig circus I heard she’s going to be a kick to her wait seriously uh okay uh go ahead go ahead it’s

P i mean she does look kind of small and pathetic but she’s probably stronger in numbers yeah I don’t know if she can be a ravager but guys we have to use digital circus so this is the best we can do maybe she’s a lot stronger than

She looks like czy yeah she’s just got a sleeper build exactly all right now Lou we have to spawn a ton of these pomies because graci sping in a ton of ravagers it’s only fair Spa them in I know if those ravagers turn around and just hit pomy she’ll just collapse into like

Three pieces she’s got the blue and red theme going on the on the gold accents guys leave a comment down below if you’ve ever watched digital circus wait a second what is Gracie doing over there she’s got some sort of house TNT and a flint and steel wait is she making a

House for the ravagers This ravagers Love to raid Villages having a village on my side is going to fuel their anger uh oh my goodness Lou she just spawned in a house she’s making a village to make the ravages super angry oh no this isn’t good wait a second Lou

This C gives me an idea oh no what is your idea Jamesy you know who defends Villages from ravagers wait are you thinking what I’m thinking iron golems come on let’s go to the top of her build all right Lou as you know ravagers attack villagers look those

Poor villagers they’re about to get stampeded by a ton of ravagers look B no my God it’s a massacre so the villagers are going to need an army to defend them and what is better than an army of iron golems all right let me get the pumpkin

And you put the iron down we’re going to have like a streamline process let’s do it we’re going to do a manufacturing process okay you’re going to do the pump kid and I’m going to do the iron okay okay jamy go ahead 3 2 1 go go go boom

Um um why is he standing that how did how did he do that okay you know what we put iron fan right here to push him off okay look uh there we go where did this Iron Golem come from he’s killing my ravager stop oh no plan’s already uh

Getting messed up go go go go go there’s morea prot ah oh I need to get a weapon let’s reassess our quality control Lou reassess the quality control it looks like they’re killing the ravagers keep the manufacturing process going okay I mean we are kind of rushing this manufacturing process they’re dying

Really quick look at them quality is not important it’s all about quantity that’s what I believe in on this channel where are all of these Iron Golems coming from all right Lou I’m satisfacted with what we have achieved we have killed all of our ravages I’d say that’s a mission SU

Quickly get off the roof before she spots us let’s SP more pom before the time runs out on the first round go go go go go go go go come on come on SP the bed SP the bed go faster you know pomy is slightly yellow do you have a crush

On here uh no what are you talking about Lou you have a crush on any girl that comes into your life come on I miss it you think she’s cute no okay okay I do oh my goodness you’re such a weirdo hey Grazy are you ready for the first

Round ready for the first round oh these Iron Golems came out of nowhere and killed by ravagers I still haven’t finish killing well you’ve got 24 more seconds until we start the first round so you better spawn in some ravagers in oh my goodness I can’t spawn them in

Quick enough this is going to take forever why are you so big um cuz that was going to help me power up my uh mobs as well wait Jamesy how did you even know that I was scaled up uh um I can just I can hear you you sound double as

Loud right Lou right Lou uh yeah yeah for sure for sure you guys better not have any cameras looking at me I’m watching that would be weird all right the round is going to start in three two one and go go oh my go it’s St Lou P’s being killed

In one hit P’s being killed in one hit why are the them no defend the digital circus please what are you doing she’s not doing anything as any of the rabag just died just one I I wait I just saw ravager died I swear I just saw

Rer died this is looking really good JY that was py I just saw B fall over and die no I just saw another die I never just died come on what are we waiting for these ravages have no Chets we have an army come on just triple ravages triple come

On how’s it feel to lose it’s because you guys have so many ponies if I managed to spawn in more ravages I would have won yeah well whatever we have going to win those 500 to let’s go to the next round let’s do it all right Lou as usual we have to

Cheat by looking through this oneway class to know who she is spawning all right it looks like some sort of white mall I think it might be a snowman uh maybe she’s spawning a gas or something I don’t know a gas why would she spawn a

Gas be so stupid any right let’s just see what she’s going to spawn in I’m sure it’s going be terrible and we’ll win the a skeleton I mean that’s terrible Lou there’s no way we can lose this round they’re so weird yeah it’s going to be so easy what she holding

What’s she holding what’s that potion what’s going on what is what’s happening what’s happening oh no Lou she just turned them into M oh this is terrible James the mutant skeletons are so strong yeah they have giant crossbows guys look how big these bows and arrows are they’re attached to

Their arms they can’t even lose them they’re forced to have them and they fire arrows 1 billion miles an hour they escape the planet’s Universal gravitational pole they literally go through mobs so if we spawn an army they can shoot more at the same time Lou Who

Is super tough and strong and it’s a big boss dude who can take on the mut skeleton in the digital circus well I do know of one character and that’s Kane I mean he’s really strong he’s the boss of digital circus he should be able to take

It on he has all of the powers to do it oh here we are this is Kane from the digital circus he’s basically the showman and he has this really cool mouth with some fake teeth and some eyeballs in there and a stuff made out of gold which is a Bast the skeletons

Around the face wh yep he sues absolutely everything he could probably eat those skeletons alive yeah he’s not scared of anything I think he might actually have a chance against the mutant skeleton but Lou to give him the best shot we’re going to have to Spa

It way more of them Lou what do you call a group of canes is it a pack is it a cane you call them kanin oh it’s got a Kine oh my goodness we just patented did that all right Lou we need to somehow reduce her Army of

Mut skeletons there’s far too many of them what are skeletons scared of Jamesy what if we shot back back at them like America style oh wait shoot them with bows and arrows uh maybe I mean let’s give them a taste of their own medicine oh my golly gosh let’s go over here let

Follow me okay over here we’re going to build a redstone Contraption as you can see I already have a remnant of one from last time and we’re going to go over here and we’re going to get some dispensers now L we have to be careful

We do not want to get caught by the evil Grazy so you know what I’m going to give myself some invisibility and scash D did to me me too you missed scash there we are now we are invisible and then we put down these dispensers inside we’re going to put arrows of

Weakness like this one right here and this one also we’re going to do two of them so we put some weakness ones and weakness ones because this will make the skeletons way more terrible which means we’ll be easily able to beat them in a more battle L you see what I’m doing

Right now you see what I’m trying to do I see exactly what you’re doing Jamesy this is fullprof fullprof L even you can do it hey what’s that supposed to mean per think all right let’s Ser this Redstone and let’s eliminate these skeletons ST stand no chance against St

Yes sir okay now that we’ve got this Redstone set up we need to turn this into a clucky clock clock which good thing for us Lou I’m a clock master and a Consulting with the skiy Tet clock Titan I’m a genius Clocky uh okay you keep thinking that Jamesy oh

Yeah I will okay then boom boom boom and then we get a redstone swor and let’s get these skeletons lit up American style go go go go go go go look at them all right quickly let’s go back to our side before the evil Gracie spots us

Come on come on come on let’s go come on come on come on you here wait for come through the door waiting for you I am com through the door right now you should see me where are you oh you’re in bus jamy I’m here some chocolate milk unlike

Our dad’s oh yeah we’re back okay the boys are back all right let’s have a look at what’s happening to the skeletons oh my goodness they’re being killed by the arrows this is amazing they’re actually dying what’s going God why is there so many arrows shooting at

My music skeletons huh a dispenser and it’s shooting weakness arrows no no no no no no they’re all going to be weak we killed a ton more of her skeletons look oh my goodness they’re all dying wait why isn’t she destroying it oh there she goes oh I can’t have those killing by

Mutant skeletons oh my gosh look at them they have effects on them and now they’re definitely going to be weaker than before but don’t worry now that I have this target over here they can practice their aim and make sure that they always hit a bull’s eye I have good

And bad news good news is she isn’t realizing that a ton of her skeletons have been hit with weakness that’s why the weakness arrows are so good because even if we don’t kill them we still make them bad look I can the little potion effects of them bad news is she has a

Big Target for practicing aim yeah Jamesy I mean even if they’re weak they can still hit head shot so that’s not going to be good all right Lou how about we just blow this target up all right but how are we going to get over there Gracie’s definitely on edge already this

Is the the thing that is so good about modern technology we don’t need to go over there we can do it from the comfort of our own home I call this remote work ask your parents about it I’m sure they love it oh wait remote explosions oh okay we have something called Dynamite

Invented in the 1800s by Guy Fox all right you ready to blow this okay that’s a lot of history but just go ahead let’s get rid of this target 2 one p Target hits P what just happened no know what’s going on why did my tet to

Break oh yeah Lou we hit our mark is perfect let’s just hope she doesn’t turn around how did everything just disappear I’m so confused now the job is done let’s close this off all of our stuff has been killed and uh let’s SP in a few more caves before the round start yep

There’s no way we’re going to lose this round we uh made all of the stops necessary to win I’m ready I’m ready all right 3 2 1 and fall go oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh what do something do something do something Dy they had a lot of practice

Um they didn’t miss one shot oh no all the arrows went through all of our canes and killed all of them in one hit that was kind of op you guys thought you guys would win but these guys had lots of practice all right L it’s 111 it’s not over yet we

Can still win the 500 let’s go to round three all right L we need to win this round we can’t lose our $500 all right what you going to spawn in oh don’t tell me it’s another mutant skeleton are you serious oh it’s another white egg I don’t think this is a gas

This time oh he hates white eggs I don’t know what it is all right let’s hope she spawns in a chicken please please please yeah please be a chicken wait why is she building why is she building a Jamesy statue that’s me L look that’s me wait a

Second does this mean something Jamesy does this mean she’s spawning you or something no no she she couldn’t have the room of Jamesy mutant spawning wait she put free po oh my goodness this such me no this is terrible you’re kind of op you’ve

Kind of been going to the gym as well L be honest with me who’s more attractive me or the Jack version of me let me take a look I’m sorry to say this Jamesy but the music version is kind of hot oh my goodness it looks really small compared

To mutant Gracie as well look how tall she is look L look how big my chest is and my arms they’re huge I been go to the gym I don’t know about you Jamesy but graci is a little bigger than them as well so uh oh my goodness L this is

What happens when you eat really healthy food you don’t have fast food and you do lots of Sports at school oh my goodness okay L we have to figure out a mob that can beat mute at me and I know how strong I am so this is would be

Basically impossible well Jamesy you’re not as strong as you might think but do you know who Gracie has a crush on uh Lou we spawn in Jamesy we can’t spawn it in as well what are you trying to say no no no it’s Jack oh no guys he has a point Gracie

Does have a crush on Jack he’s super duper pink and that’s her favorite color he also has simar teeth to me as well and he’s super tall you know that women love tall guys right oh my goodness woman do love tour guys and look how short I am compared to him he can

Basically kiss me off the forehead Jamesy maybe if you don’t win this round graci’s going to leave you for J oh don’t say that okay we’re sping a ton of jaes I have to win this round I mean both of your names do start with a j so

Lou if I win this round then that means Gracie might break out with me and get with Jack but if I lose this round I’ll lose $500 what’s more important to me $500 are my girlfriend oh that’s a really tricky decision okay you know what I’ll

Just try my best and we’ll just have to see how it turns out I’m kind of hoping I lose but I’m kind of hoping I win too what do you think about all these jaes Lou do you think they’re big enough and tall enough and strong enough and cute

Enough oh yeah I think so I can kind of understand why Gracie likes him so much oh you know what I have an idea Lou oh no what is that if Gracie’s going to get with Jack and cheat on me then you know who James is going to get with no Jamesy

I I don’t know can you explain a little further py the cutest girl at the circus you animal uh let’s go there now let’s go all right we can’t go in there while she’ll see us so we need to go invisible W okay let’s go inside what

We’re going to do is we’re going to spawn in a ton of pomies and we’re going to make Gracie jealous hopefully Gracie will be like oh I love jamy so much and then we’ll all be good all right P new time go go go go go come on come on come

On bom bom bom they’re not attacking the jameses unfortunately so gra might F they’re flirting why is there so many pom knes and oh why are they talking to M and Jamesy get away from him he’s my boyfriend back off girl Lou just get defensive that might mean she likes me more than

Jack all right let me spawn a few of these and oh oh oh that was the wrong mob wait a second is that oh my God J James I mess up my plan a little bit can I get sh wa what’s happening I was just run aside why is Grazy screaming at

Jacks oh oh my God prob okay you can have jamy I don’t care oh my go you’re so gorgeous your pig skin is so beautiful lying stinky looking Pig come on L let’s go back to ourside now come on okay I can’t see you I’m going to presume you’re here let’s get some

Chocolate milk uh JY can you throw me your chocolate milk yes Lou you should always have a chocolate milk on hand knocked it out there we go thank you all right you know what this girl is a ling cheating stupid girl we’re going to beat

Her in a Rob ble okay agreed let’s do it let’s spawn in an army of jackses an absolute Army of chats an army of stupid pig people she won’t stand Aur Lou these Jacks is like the Smurfs if it was a Barbie E I hate the color

Pink guys leave a comment down below what your favorite color is it better not be pink Jamesy I mean he is wearing red I’ve kind of got to agree with Gracie on this one oh I I’m cuter than Jack I will prove that right now uh no you’re wearing orange he’s wearing red

He’s so much cooler E I think I’m all ready with my Army of little dogs since Jamesy loves doggies he we’re going to be so powerful not to mention I even created parkour Jamesy loves the color orange and parkour so these will definitely power him up oh Lou she has a

Point how does she know me so well we need to figure out a way to get rid of those doggy dogs they’re just going to help me out yeah but how are we going to get rid of a bunch of dogs I mean isn’t it a little inhumane to kill them what

Are dogs scared off Lou do you know uh I would say cats but that’s wrong you know what we’re going to put in skeletons they fight the skeletons and they’ll die which is what we want and the M James won’t so it’s perfect all right

Bo go go go skeletons boom boom boom as you can see the skeletons are attacking the dogs wait are they uh Jamesy they’re running away from the dogs they’re running away they’re scared of the dogs that’s fine they’re distracting them Gracie are you ready for this mob battle

Wait wait my dogs are distracted wait give me a second no we’re start right now are you ready I’m ready 3 2 1 go come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on just get him just pick me up me up use your

Long arms to wrap around him and throw him uh don’t defend Jack too much Jack I love you I think we’re winning gra be Qui it’s working it’s working time to use my doggies I’m sorry j I really just don’t know who’s winning I I I think I think we’re winning Lou I

Think J is winning do you think JX is winning I I think JX is winning maybe I I see a lot of Jamesy dying there yeah I see a lot of James is dying I see less Jax is dying but I do see Jax is dying

Though should I root for Jamesy or Jax I’m not sure uh maybe I’ll root for Jack no come on come on come on come on I mean yeah all right Gracie I hope I’ve shown you that Drax is a ruthless and terrible man he’s not worth dating date

Me instead I think you just went me fall for him more he’s so strong okay Grazy how about this if I beat you this my b not only do I get $500 but you’re also forbidden to talk to Jack ever H how about this if I win I dat Jack Instead you no good lying son of a person fine whatever I’m going to beat you anyway all right look at these spawn eggs so we’ve got a red spawn egg that’s pretty interesting wait just Chang it to a white one is that a blue one as well

Uh why is it white I don’t like that and purple as well wait a second Lou red is for fire is for ice purple is for electricity it’s some Elemental mob go I’m scared jamy there dragons is that a dragoning each other that’s kind of B they’re fighting each other she’s going

To have to pick oh my goodness who’s stronger this this is a more battle of itself whichever one stronger she’s going to spawn in who think is going to win Lou I think it will be the fire dragon I totally think it’s going to be the Lightning Dragon the Lightning

Dragon looks so cool look at it it’s lightning the what’s oh the fire’s dead it’s going to win the electricity or the ice the electricity has been frozen in place no but this ice dragon is so much better watch it’s going to shoot out a lightning bolt in like 3 seconds I think

Oh I’m so wait there’s a baby fire dragon in the mix as well look wait what no don’t bring babies into this oh the baby died oh no no no no no come on who’s winning I’m not sure they’re so suck oh my gosh ice J died it’s the

Electric Lightning Dragon this is the way I’m going to spawn a bunch of these it’s obviously the strongest wo look at the Lightning Dragon it’s so big oh my goodness Lou look at this giant electricity Dragon this is terrible how are we going to win against this thing so big so

Strong and mighty all right Lou you know who’s as old as wise as those electricity dragons wait I think I know who you’re talking about maybe it’s the longest survivor of the digital Cirus kinger you’re so right Lou this is Kingo not to be confused with gingers uh this

Guy is the oldest person at the digital circus and he’s also the craziest one AKA he’s got the least to lose so he’s going to be ruthless in the battlefield oh yeah look Lou do you even know what he is he just looks like a something strange uh jamy he’s literally

A chest piece he’s a king oh my goodness I didn’t even realize this until this second now that you mention it he is a king you slay King short King yep his wife would have been way stronger she was a queen oh my goodness she can move diagonally can you believe it Lou

Diagonally through the fourth dimension uh well KS can move diagonally too just not very far all right L we’ve got kinger Army not to be confused with a ginger Army now I’m going to build a dragon heart in the center of my side this is going to be the heart of my Army

Where even at all of our dragons why is it why why are they all gone oh my goodness look at this electricity dragon is so good wait are you telling me this Dragon H is spawning dragons two things number one I need some Dynamite I’m going to blow this thing to sming number

Two Lou I think we should do the biggest weakness against electricity you know that is what’s the biggest thing that electricity things are scared of uh non-conductive items of water water exactly if you spill some water on your iPad or your TV if breaks so we spawn

Some water on some of these dragons they should break too all right Lou let’s head up to the roof all right Lou while we’re up here I want to get some fake water do you know why fake water is better than real water Lou I already know this one because it’s

Poisonous yes fake water is as strong if not stronger than lava but it looks like water which means it’s super good all right let’s Spa in a ton of them ready so you do in the middle and I’ll do on the outside three 2 1 go go go water

Go the water SP the water there we go look at what’s happening to the dragons they are being poisoned they’re trying to fly away they’re trying to fly away go back toide quick run my check where is this water coming from Bon hurting them wait a second is this poisonous

Water I need to block it off now oh yes Lou look at this it’s working perfectly without the floor and now while she’s distracted blocking off all that water up there we can blow up her dragon her eliminated do it do it do it quicker quicker quicker Lou I’m going as quick

As I can as a man boom easy peasy where’s my dragon the dragons is lost no it’s not going to power up my dragons anymore those dragons are going to be defeated by our kinger maybe we should find like Knights or something to fight for him let’s multiply and exify these

Kingers to make them stronger okay all righty I’ve spawned a bunch more Lou you’re totally right let’s spawn in some iron Knights or something then to defend our King look at them they are oh my gosh ow wait no they’re revolting they’re fighting treason treason oh my

Goodness can you believe it Lou they tried to revolt so fast that was horrible maybe instead we should spawn some valan nightes I think these guys are stronger as well you think well what if they attack as well let’s give it a shot ready oh no they’re not attacking

Look they’re fine oh yeah these nights are going to defend kingers not to be confused with gingers all right Gracie are you ready to battle I just created a graveyard for all my dead dragons but yes I’m ready all right let 3 2 one and go wait all the dragons are quite strong

Dr W they’re electrocuting all of our mobs look at them our Knights are going in in there and they’re doing a ton of damage this is going so well Lou I think we’re eliminating the ton of the dragons look at them go there’s actually no way we’re

Going to win with this tiny hary surely they are so wait L there’s a giant one there’s a giant Valle night look W we’re so bad this is crazy what is that we have our own dragons we’ve not killed any of the Dragons of hers though this

Is not good Lou all the electricity is electrocuting oh Kings they don’t work so well when they’re being fried like donuts don’t worry I think he’s used to being fried he’s kind of crazy oh no come on what’s a drag isn’t doing anything kill the dragons please we out of kingers they’re

Killing the babies they’re killing the babies wait why are they fighting against the king passing a hole through the arena over here oh my goodness this is not going I’m going to make your kers upst no oh no wait a second is it just me I think we’ve killed some of the

Dragons look the little baby ones they’ve died look at that uh Jamesy that’s the little baby ones not the uh you know big ones the dragons have the kingers in their mouth it’s so funny looking they’re eating the kinger oh my goodness she’s right and I can see

Dead Knights on the ground this isn’t good it’s being a long battle though Lou I think I think the tide can be turned I it can be turned Lou it can be turned H maybe Jamesy but that dragon is literally flying how are they supposed

To reach it I don’t know but they just grabbed him yes slash him oh they just killed other bad and we only have one we only have two left we have we have three we have three they seem to be spawning somehow we we’re out of Kos no more Kos

We just have night come on come on on come on come on there two of them left oh come on oh Jamesy I don’t know about you this isn’t looking God I don’t think you guys are winning this one two knights two Dragon Knights one Dragon

Knight Dragon KN you you guys are going to lose I don’t know I don’t think graci’s dragons are going to die they seem to be really old and wise they’ve killed all of our malls winner winner chicken Dinner all right Lou as you know the score is now 22 which means this is the final and ultimate round we need to win this otherwise number one I’m going to lose my girlfriend that’s pretty bad but more importantly I’m not going to win $500 which is very important all right

Let’s have a look giant Gracie is saying rip to what is she building wait a second why did she build that uh why she build my grave it’s time for me to put them inside their grapes because they’re currently dead to me after I win this Build Challenge I’m breaking up with JT

Oh my goodness L she’s even scarier and cuter when she’s so big like this I just want to be crushed these pigs are not strong enough they remind me of chy I think I’ve got the perfect M for the last round oh no what she going to do it

Looks like a pig sport Lou which in which case it’s easy I mean how bad could it be it’s just a pig um Lou I think that’s a mutant hogland which is crazy cuz if you think about it a hogland in itself like this this is already a mutant let’s be honest

That is basically a mutant already right yeah it’s huge it’s literally a pig but buff and on steroids but when you spashing with this Chemical X stuff it turns into a it lost its skin Jamesy it turns into a mutant one this is the biggest mutant mob that is look it’s

Three blocks tall oh my gosh I’m kind of scared of this thing uh what could we possibly do to beat this it’s got these giant horns which is going to stab whatever we spawn with like and it’s got these spikes on its back so if you think you’ve killed it then you’re

Going to get stabed yeah jamy I get he’s super strong and all but we need to spawn something to beat him what can we possibly do there’s even one thing but I think it’s strong enough to beat a mutant hoglin what is that w what is that just

Tell me um it’s not something you would expect Lou it’s py uh pomy are you kidding me this versus that well did she win the first round Lou uh well I guess she did yeah and is she super duper cute and cuter than Gracie and am I going to date her

After I break up with Gracie uh okay I guess yes the answer is yes we’re going to spawn in pomy because Gracie is going to break it with me in which case I’m going to break it with her first and I’m going to give her pomy instead

Uh jamy you seem kind of jealous right now are you okay no I’m not jealous why would I ever be mad that graci is breaking up with me I don’t love Gracie at all so why would I be mad why I’m not upset why would I be upset Lou are you

Saying that I’m upset cuz I’m really not upset I’m really fine trust me I don’t like Gracie at all I actually like her I just made a YouTube channel with her because I didn’t like her cuz why would I make a YouTube channel with someone I didn’t

Like anyway why is it jackside Jamesy get over it man we need to find a way to weaken the these hoglins okay Lou what would weaken a hoglin wait look what graci’s doing she’s put a pile of food over there cuz wa second hogins are hungry Beast like Gracie they need food

To power up like Gracie wait Jamesy I’ve got an idea what if we poison the food if we poison the food what is what you a medieval evil person yes I was a chef for King Lou okay we’re going to do a separate operation firstly you’re going

To get a chest and some poisonous and you going to get some potatoes but not any normal potatoes you’re going to get poisonous po take these and this chest and what I want you to do is I want you to Tunnel underneath here and put in the

Chest a pile of chest filled with poisonous potatoes like put four or five chest full potatoes okay all right I can do that I well you do that I’ve got a idea I’ll see you in a second byebye I byebye all right guys so I’m going to Tunnel underneath Gracie’s side okay

Guys while Lou’s up to that I’m going to get some of these get some of these poison two potions because I’m going to use these to poison the food from from a wait look what ch’s doing she’s FR strength potions okay let me get over to

Where I saw the food okay I’m going to put a chest down oh yeah look I can see Lou come on Lou put the chest put a chest while Lou is doing that I’m going to sprinkle some poisonous potatoes some poisonous stuff on the food so that way

The food is poisonous and isn’t strength like Gracie’s giving it h what are all these green effects on the food maybe it’s just the strength bu there’s a chest and some poisonous potato all right here we go I’m going to put another one down oh wait guys look the

First hogl went to eat some of the food and he’s being poison perfect okay let’s do it more I need to poison all the hoglinger food it must be so delicious yummy yeah it’s so delicious so not poisonous yes all right just a few more

Of these chests and I should be all good hopefully Gracie doesn’t see me all right right let me just come out here and put one here and oh no oh no did I get seen did I get seen all right has Lou put down a t chest oh he has okay

Let’s meet back in my side why are my Hogs dying why are my Hogs dying very hurt huh this is the right oh they must have eaten something bad from my stockpile oh maybe something’s expired wait what’s this chest it’s full poison it’s potatoes what’s going on no no no no

No look at the hogins they ate the potatoes of no they are weak and immune to damage Lou where are you Lou Lou all right guys it’s time for me to get back to my side let’s meet Jamesy back I’m back hello how was the poisonous potato

Mission 3.0 oh it was easy I was pretty sure I was spotted at one point but I I guess Gracie’s blind Lou you know what I have an idea you know what Al one for us ja remember Jack won so are you saying we put pomy and Ja good graci what if we

Get py and JX to be in a relationship couple because they they match each other quite well and then we put both them together and then they work together as a cute couple like me and Gracie could be and attack the hogin that’ll make her jealous and we’ll

Totally win yes she’ll look at pomy and Jackson like oh that’s a cute relationship I want a cute relationship wait Jamesy he’s cute why if I had a relationship with him it’s a geni for plan I guess so Jamesy but uh we’ll get we’ll burn that bridge once we get to it

I don’t ever remember pulling poisonous potatoes in my food Stacks this isn’t right all right well Gracie are you ready to start this math b battle and lose your $500 I’m definitely going to win but whatever all right three two one go oh my goodness look at these wave

Attacks this is so not fair look how much damage they doing destroying oh my gosh are you joking me are you serious right now wait they just killed a hogin they just killed one look the pom’s here they’re killing the hogland kill the hogland kill them pomy

And Jack they’re a power couple there’s only there’s only two hoglins left we might actually win this Lou no no no come on hog come on help please kill this one here czy kill him kill him come on there’s still one oh he just destroy the wave come on

This is such a close round please please come on that was too easy 100% too easy all right Gracie admit it pomy and Jax are taken you have a loving boyfriend who you’re going to get back with right and I’m going to get $500 I guess I do

Pomx anyway okay with that s guys if you enjoyed the video then make sure to watch the next on your screen and I’ll see you then bye-bye byebye bye-bye

This video, titled ‘Mikey vs JJ HACKS in Mob Battle Competition’, was uploaded by Jamesy on 2024-02-24 15:00:00.
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Mikey vs JJ HACKS in Mob Battle Competition

Jamesy, Gracie, Louie and Sophie are playing Minecraft

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    Uncovering Minecraft's Dark SecretsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Scary Secrets 😱’, was uploaded by Mine Flaps on 2024-01-09 10:41:10. It has garnered 7 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:08:35 or 515 seconds. Minecraft Scary Secrets 😱 Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another amazing video Feel free to Share us your thoughts about this video in the comments section Hope you guys liked the video Show some love to the video Give this video a Like if you loved my video. And subscribe for more content like this See you in the next amazing… Read More

  • Unbelievable! Mini Green reveals FNAF’s strongest animatronic

    Unbelievable! Mini Green reveals FNAF's strongest animatronicVideo Information This video, titled ‘Qual o animatronic mais forte de fnaf’, was uploaded by Mini Green on 2024-01-14 13:09:47. It has garnered 37709 views and 7720 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:32 or 32 seconds. #minecraft #animation #curiosities #games #humor #shortsviral #viral #digitalcircus #tadc #brasil #shortsviral #fnaf #shorts The Third Bite In Fnaf The Third Bite In Fnaf The Third Bite In Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf The,Third,Bite,In,Fnaf (Tags) Ignore Minecraft building tips, Minecraft let’s play, Minecraft redstone tutorials, Minecraft survival guide, Minecraft mod showcases, Minecraft creative mode ideas, Minecraft best seeds, Minecraft PvP strategies, Minecraft… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Parkour & Pixel Art! PPL Request Pt. 3,564

    INSANE Minecraft Parkour & Pixel Art! PPL Request Pt. 3,564Video Information This video, titled ‘Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,564’, was uploaded by Relaxing Minecraft Parkour on 2024-01-10 10:14:41. It has garnered 2904 views and 107 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:13 or 13 seconds. Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,564 #minecraftpe #algorithm #artist you can get your short request video and post on your youtube channel mentioned me. if you also want to make your profile, just comment and then like the video. Please be patient if it takes a long time but I… Read More

  • Pikasaur Leveling Up Fast in Survival Mode!

    Pikasaur Leveling Up Fast in Survival Mode!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Multiplayer Surival | EP 1 | S1’, was uploaded by pikasaur on 2024-01-05 13:29:58. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:35:32 or 2132 seconds. Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/zombieboi4 Read More

  • Minecraft Monday Chaos! You won’t believe what happened…

    Minecraft Monday Chaos! You won't believe what happened...Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Monday (not on a Monday) [streamed 3/21/24]’, was uploaded by itsLimesbroVODs on 2024-04-14 04:25:50. It has garnered 0 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 04:05:11 or 14711 seconds. Twitch VOD reupload. Join me live twitch.tv/itsLimesbro on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I stream with split audio so listen to your own music if you’d like. Read More

  • Gamers beware: Advanced tips revealed! #shorts #minecraft

    Gamers beware: Advanced tips revealed! #shorts #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Don’t trust strangers! #shorts #funny #gaming #minecraft #prank’, was uploaded by Advanced Tips and Tricks on 2023-12-27 22:02:58. It has garnered 5427 views and 252 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. This is lowkey kinda like Undertale Read More

  • EPIC Blacksmith Cottage in Minecraft! 🔥

    EPIC Blacksmith Cottage in Minecraft! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘I Built a Cottagecore Blacksmith – Minecraft Chill Survival Let’s Play’, was uploaded by InfiniteDrift on 2024-02-13 15:00:05. It has garnered 11864 views and 718 likes. The duration of the video is 00:27:27 or 1647 seconds. Today in our Minecraft survival gameplay series we build a cottagecore blacksmith so we can easily trade iron for emeralds. Thanks for watching! Find me here! https://www.twitch.tv/infinitedrift_ https://twitter.com/InfiniteDrifft Need a server? BisectHosting has you covered Check them out here: https://bisecthosting.com/drift And use code “drift” for 25% off your first month! Get some Rogue Energy here! Link: https://rogueenergy.com/?ref=cZ47qyLz1u Use code… Read More

  • Malay the Gamer’s EPIC Minecraft Discovery #shorts

    Malay the Gamer's EPIC Minecraft Discovery #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Satisfying Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #herobrine’, was uploaded by Malay the Gamer on 2024-01-10 02:05:36. It has garnered 4804 views and 79 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:26 or 26 seconds. #shorts #viralshorts #shortvideo #trending #viral #ytshorts #youtubeshorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts #minecraftbedrock ##minecraftmemes #minecraftpe #minecraftanimation #minecraftmeme #minecraftlive #minecraftbuilding #minecraftsurvival #yessmartypie #himlands #technogamerz #technoblade #gamer #gamerfleet #game #games #gameplay #gamers #game #youtube #youtuber #100 #1000subscriber #1k #1million #100k #1ksubscribers #1m #subscribe #subscribers #sub #subscribetomychannel #like #comment #share #dream #clutch #mlg #logic #scatman #reels #reel #freefire #free #cod #fortnite #gta #op #cool #facebook #instagram #snapchat #hashtag #tutorial… Read More

  • EenGameLand MineTopia

    EenGameLand MineTopiaMineTopia server. Zoekt spelers die veel actief zijn en staff leden. Momenteel op aternos. Doneer geld voor een betere server. Like en aboneer op men youtube kanaal EenGameLand. playeengamelandbe.aternos.me Read More

  • Hell Hole SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP Whitelist

    Welcome to Hell Hole SMP! Hello Everyone! Today we are excited to announce the launch of Hell Hole SMP. My friends and I have been playing on this server and now we are opening it up for everyone to join us. We are based on Discord, where we have a few light plugins and datapacks to enhance gameplay and make things more fun and convenient. Come check us out and join the fun! Join us on Discord Link – Hell Hole Owner and Server Manager! Read More

  • The Pertarian [Vanilla] [SMP]

    The Pertarian  [Vanilla] [SMP]The Pertarian started as a small group of friends, on a small server but we wanted to branch out this update, and invite more people.if you would like to apply join our discordhttps://discord.gg/C4dWfZqJWe are on 1.20.4Using SimpleVoiceChat (optional)Basic datapacks for vanilla enjoyment, if your interested join the discord and apply we hope to see more people soon 🙂 Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Where tf is Water and Earth Charge?!”

    Looks like Minecraft needs to add some Avatar: The Last Airbender elements to their game! Water and Earth charges coming soon. Read More

  • Clampbug’s Hitbox: Brrr-ing Minecraft’s Core

    Clampbug's Hitbox: Brrr-ing Minecraft's Core In the world of Minecraft, a new creature appears, The Great Clampbug, with pincers that bring cheers. Its bladed pincer and armored shield, Make it a foe that many will yield. From a Java mod, this bug does emerge, With armor and weapons that truly surge. A break from The Mesocene, a new challenge awaits, As we dive into this creature, our skills we’ll demonstrate. But remember, dear viewers, this is just a game, A world of adventure, never the same. So join us on this journey, with rhymes and fun, As we explore Minecraft, under the sun. Read More

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    "Everyone's failing at Minecraft hot tubs" 🔥😂 #minecraft #meme When everyone tried to recreate this meme in Minecraft, they ended up building a blocky version of their disappointment instead. #minecraftfail #blockyhumor Read More

  • Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge!

    Surviving 100 Days in Solo Leveling World Challenge! Minecraft Solo Leveling: Surviving 100 Days in Sung Jin Woo’s World! Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft as you attempt to survive for 100 days in the shoes of Sung Jin Woo. Utilizing the solo leveling Minecraft mod, players start from the E rank and progress through dungeons to strengthen themselves, aiming to reach the coveted S rank. If you’re intrigued by this challenge, the mod link is provided below for you to experience it in your own Minecraft world. Challenges and Progression Starting with the awakening phase, players dive into their first task of… Read More

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    Insane New Hit Master 3D Gameplay 🤯 #viral #trendingVideo Information This video, titled ‘Hit Master 3D || Gameplay ,,#viral #gaming #trending #ytshorts #youtubeshorts #shorts #how’, was uploaded by TotalGaming on 2024-02-04 22:10:00. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. shorts spider-man skibidi toilet tiktok minecraft sonic granny healing spider-man 3d sound dj alu ki pudi bts cake decorating cat voice Read More

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    RTGame: Insane Minecraft Adventure!Video Information This video, titled ‘RTGame Streams: Minecraft Lets Play [13]’, was uploaded by RTGame Stream Archive on 2024-04-06 12:40:07. It has garnered 16959 views and 500 likes. The duration of the video is 04:12:23 or 15143 seconds. This video was streamed by RTGame, originally titled “Let’s Play Minecraft -!nobackseating”, and was broadcasted at April 4th 2024 ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgame ~Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RTGame ~Merch Shop: https://freshmerch.fm/collections/rtgame ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rtgamecrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~ RTGame streams on his Twitch channel on Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. All times are based in Ireland. This channel is… Read More

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    SNEAK PEAK: Unbelievable Elevator in MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘(WIP) Most Realistic Elevator In Minecraft’, was uploaded by Professorvatcraft on 2024-01-04 15:02:11. It has garnered 9462 views and 189 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:30 or 30 seconds. This is a 2 floors version. I’m currently working on a multi-floor version. If you are interested in helping. You can comment down below or you can dm me on my other social medias. Thanks for watching and hope you have a good day 😀 Read More

  • INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!

    INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Shark on 2024-04-14 20:16:27. It has garnered 37125 views and 2065 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:23 or 863 seconds. I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft! Today we’re using the super scary EL LICK to fool my friend in Minecraft! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVwQQvz8O_0aeFDBVcdhpg/join Merch – https://www.09sharkboy.com Subscribe! – http://bit.ly/1GtTBWj Join My Discord – https://discord.gg/shark My Socials Twitter – @09sharkboy Snapchat – TheLifeOfShark Instagram – @09sharkboy Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SharkMerch Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here… Read More

  • Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese Sweatshop

    Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese SweatshopVideo Information This video, titled ‘Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop?’, was uploaded by DiamondSlushie on 2024-01-15 15:30:15. It has garnered 1521 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop, @CozyMcQ thinks it can. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #smp #chinese #factory Read More

  • Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob Fight

    Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob FightVideo Information This video, titled ‘Skrier the bone demon vs Warden Plus | Minecraft Bedrock | Mob Battle’, was uploaded by Minecraft Bedrock Edition Battles on 2024-04-12 05:39:45. It has garnered 1510 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:05 or 725 seconds. Always watch my mob battles full until the end, trust me your missing out the cool action scenes Addons Used/Credits to the Creators Enderis mobs Addon: https://discord.com/invite/RZX9XNEB Warden Plus Addon: https://youtu.be/qsgA_8YfK_0?si=cccxZCvrXvzWWYmn If you like the video please, Don’t Forget to Leave a Like and Subscribe to the Channel. It really helps me make more… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shorts

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cabinet Design!! 😱🔥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Cabinet Design #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by GGnxtz on 2024-01-11 11:26:09. It has garnered 2478 views and 83 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. #Minecraft #MinecraftBuilds #MinecraftTutorial How To Build Minecraft Build Hacks, Minecraft Build Ideas, Simple Minecraft Builds, Easy Minecraft Builds. If you enjoy my Video’s/Short’s please make sure to like,comment,share and subscribe. Thanks! Read More

  • Insane 3D Snake Run Race with Zylona Games #101

    Insane 3D Snake Run Race with Zylona Games #101Video Information This video, titled ‘Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet’, was uploaded by Zylona Games on 2024-01-04 13:23:04. It has garnered 20 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. Snake run race 3d #101 #snakerun #cartoon #animation #minecraft #viraltiktok #skibiditoilet snake run race android snake run race gameplay snake run race ios snake run race max level snake run race 3d snake run race ad snake run race apk snake run race app snake run race app store snake run race mod apk snake run race part 1 snake… Read More

  • Nephthys Network

    Nephthys NetworkServidor survival para Minecraft Java y Bedrock 1.16.x Video: https://youtu.be/gAFXnxTkfu8 Características del server Survival pvp Duelos 1vs1 Clanes Meteoritos Piedras de protección Pase de batalla exclusivo del server Mascotas Tumbas para recuperar tus cosas Eventos de en el chat cada 20 min. Crea tus propios warps Nuevos encantamientos Mobs mejorados, más dificultad mc.nephthys.es Read More

  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More