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All right let’s get started today I discovered a really fun mod really I’m excited watch this Mikey I have everything we’ll need in this chest the first thing we’ll use is this dirt I’ll just Place some here like this okay what are you making 1 2 3 four blocks is this

Mod fun just like this taada it’s a portal made of diamond that’s not a real portal sure it is we can use it to go to a dirt World JJ there’s no dirt world I wouldn’t be so sure Mikey just watch what is that 3 2 1 boom it really is a

Dirt portal see oh bye Mikey whoops wait up wo what’s it like in there wo check it out everything is made of dirt this looks like an adventure adventuring sounds fun but look at this it’s a dirt house I wonder what it’s doing here so cozy there’s a chest think there’s any

Loot it must be something good if there’s a chest there must be treasure I hope you’re right let’s open it oh it’s just dirt no treasure for us so lame of course it’s just dirt I don’t know what I expected that’s a good point anyway let’s try exploring a bunch of

Different worlds I think I’ve seen enough of this dirt World me too let’s go home yikes hang on Mikey let’s get inside that security house where is it over here there’s wither skeletons everywhere seriously are you okay no hold on I’ll save you this looks like a

Security system JJ help me ouch what do I do Mikey’s in trouble oh no Mikey come back I’m on my way go around the arrows Mikey okay ouch no not the lava not again I give up I’ll turn off the security system this time please

Do okay it’s off here we go ouch okay turn it back on come on I made it nice good job thank you what is this place finally we’re safe why is there a house here I don’t know but it’s full of security systems free r armor there’s even a sofa

Oh and diamond armor awesome sweet should we look inside the chest I bet it’s something good let’s look let’s check it out 3 2 1 open wo a whole bunch of diamonds we’re rich awesome I could use these diamonds to make some equipment I made us a crafting table

Mikey thanks let’s craft diamond swords okay craft a sword and then I’ll take this diamond armor awesome now we’re fully equipped this is some serious bling huh Mikey we look so cool yeah we’re Unstoppable now you’re probably right but we should still be careful here very true ha greaty I can’t

Tell how much damage I’m taking let’s go back to the house ouch I’m getting shot who yikes run for it no JJ that was close oh I managed to survive you’re burning I might have to eat something fast this still might kill me oh no oh

No well Mikey I think I’ve had enough of this world I’m ready to leave me too let’s go okay this is the emerald world looks about how I expected it to there’s some kind of giant tunnel here what could it be for anything good in here see anything nice the tunnel’s huge huh

Huh what I see something amazing come look what’s so amazing huh is that is that a village I think so that’s so cool let’s check it out yeah Cannonball okay so many villagers I wonder how they got here and built this Village oh Mikey I brought lots of emerald blocks so you

Can have half this should be plenty oh thanks we might be able to do some TR in with the Villagers here good idea how about this one the Villager wearing purple it’s worth a shot I hope he has something good oh here’s a good one he

Can trade Redstone Dust to us I’ll take some Redstone nice trade wa he just let’s give him a try awesome cool the arrows go so far careful Mike oh no I’m sorry ouch this librarian will sell me a compass I’ll take one I’ll pass and a clock what four

Oh that’s right clocks don’t work right in other worlds yikes there’s no day or night here freaky what a waste of emeralds the compass too I like this place I could live here this Emerald world is super interesting but I think I’m ready to return to the portal and go

Home are there more worlds to explore this one was really fun actually I saved the most dangerous world for last we still have one portal to make so let’s go awesome all right then wow what what is this place it looks crazy dangerous no kidding just standing here is scary it’s incredible

It’s even more dangerous than I thought it would be maybe but I’m having fun by the way this is what I brought brought what show me oh the fire thingy you don’t want to try using it here do you well since we’re here huh the ground

Fell are you okay Mikey that’s quite a fall I have one heart left here I’ll make a platform for you to build up to thanks I appreciate the help okay I’m building back up wait where are you oh hi here take some TNT that should help now that now that

You’re back would you maybe like to blow something up blow it up how about we blow up the area where you’re standing wait what’s going to happen if we do this let’s find out can I do it sure just run as soon as it’s lit okay all right let’s do this

Ready y I’m nervous there’s just so much TNT 3 2 1 letop I lit myself too run Mikey run I’m going to die Mikey oh no uh-oh what happened let’s move is this the goal really let’s see wo we’ve come so far we’re really high up is that a house a

Weird place for a house do you think they’re bad guys in here too another boss let’s find out open H is it safe oh it is what’s this I don’t see any bad guys just a regular house seriously we came all this way up here to find a

Regular house I’m not sure what I expected who lives here though yeah look there’s a chest is there treasure inside let’s check let’s see what’s inside it must be incredible and uhuh open wao diamonds I’m so happy look Mikey there’s elytra too really H oh wow let’s put

These elytra on cool where should we fly from oh maybe we can go to the roof oh that’s a great idea just be careful okay got it w i Am almost fell wow this is amazing let’s use our elytra to fly down to the Village way better than stairs yeah let’s do it

JJ all right you ready yep 3 2 1 go we can fly past everything today was incredible woohoo awesome wow cool we’re flying this is amazing how’s this so much fun wow y this is so great woohoo we’re back a safe Landing what is it a bunch of villagers are here too h Huh it’s weird is that a staircase what could be up there it’s like a diamond staircase to Heaven impressive it looks like a it goes really high up wow all the villagers are staring where could it have come from Mikey

There’s a sign too what does it say it says do not enter in big letters a but I really want to go up I bet there’s some amazing Treasures up there am I right I am curious about what’s at the top too I know what the sign says but I’m really tempted

Come on let’s go coming I have to know what’s there all right here we go it looks like there’s a Long Way to the Top it’s a lot longer than I thought definitely wow there are chests here’s a lever ouch maybe there are weapons in one of these chests let’s check wo

Diamond swords here’s yours thanks now we can fight these aliens let’s get them thankfully they’re slow got one your turn wow yes nice huh that was it mhm but we can’t go down anymore I got a lever should we keep going that’s our only choice I’m guessing this lever will

Open it h let’s give it a try seriously what could be up there this staircase just keeps going and going yeah wow what’s up there let’s go it must be great right what is this place huh it looks like lava parkour there’s a clown and a robber guy

Ahead this seems dangerous ow what be careful right our only choice is to parkour across the diamonds that’s it yep yikes I’m scared keep going you go first we’re so high it’s making me dizzy watch out for that guy what do we do about the robber it’ll be fine y

Mikey seriously he knocked me off off you fell down all right watch me what are you doing I’ll get the robber H I need to attack while jumping ready yes nice I did it all right good job JJ careful of the edge that’s a really bad fall okay there’s one

More he seems like an enemy so let’s stop him I’ll push him into Mikey no way no not again he’s so strong careful yikes oh at least we took care of the clown we can move on let’s do this oh there’s a chest awesome maybe there’s

Something good inside let’s open it oh 3 2 1 open wo not bad Mikey we got katanas I’ll grab mine W katanas are so cool yeah Dum Golden Apple you’re eating it already I couldn’t resist I’ll eat too they’re great I feel stronger you’re right let’s go all the way to the top

The stairs keep going let’s go huh there’s something here H this is bad why he’s trapped why is the Villager in a cage let’s release him ready 3 2 1 oh hello weird yeah there’s a chest in here Mikey let’s take a look oh Shields nice

These will come in handy ooh let’s keep moving good idea wait a sec huh is that a trap Mikey no watch out come on we made it all right take the arrows out JJ that’s a good idea Mikey all right now we won’t get hit with arrows mhm let’s move sounds good what’s

Next hopefully no more traps watch this this what’s that some slime blocks we can’t go back up behind you what who are they help me use your Katana Mikey but I’m scared there are so many weird mask guys ow phew these guys are pretty tough just keep fighting them they’re strong come

On JJ we can fight them yeah stop it I’m low on health I’ll protect you ha here I go diamond swords are strong too back off creep but are they stronger than these guys no let’s fight yes I keep dying one left get him

Good job I did it I was able to beat the last one let’s go oh there’s something else here it’s an elevator let’s do this W up we go oh no JJ don’t come up huh look those guys I can beat them with my sword we can’t

Keep climbing if we don’t deal with them first take them down yeah we did it that was easy H there’s a chesty H there’s a chest what could be a inside let’s try opening it oh wow there’s a ton of armor and stuff perfect a powerful Katana and golden

Apples too hey this armor looks cool wo let’s put it on huh open wo diamonds I’m so happy look Mikey there’s elytra too really oh wow let’s put these elytra on cool elytra lets you fly through the air when equipped it’s awesome I want to try

Wow we got a bunch of diamonds too where should we fly from oh maybe we can go to the roof oh that’s a great idea just be careful okay got it w I almost fell wow this is amazing let’s use our elytra to fly down to the Village way better than stairs

Yeah let’s do it AJ

This video, titled ‘JJ Has The DIAMOND TOUCH, MIKEY Become DIAMOND In Minecraft – Maizen’, was uploaded by Maizan on 2024-02-26 15:31:29.
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JJ Has The DIAMOND TOUCH, MIKEY Become DIAMOND In Minecraft – Maizen

This is not an official Maizen channel, we make fan videos with JJ and Mikey. Our channel is exclusively for fans of Maizen. We are not trying to impersonate his personality, we just want to add new and interesting stories to his characters. We hope you enjoy our videos. Have a great day!

Original Maizen Channel – @maizenofficial

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