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Just like the straight lights lit this time like a fire in a blaz got to burn it down can’t be afraid to leave this all we got this far don’t know how I see danger in your they know we’ll burn down T night com in just like the

Sunrise know that we going to let it we going to let it hello hello hello everybody and welcome back to another live stream and yeah we we are back yeah yeah yeah let me just drink some water drink water stay hydrated boys and girls and nonbinaries I know I am so funny

Why am I talking like a bot right now and bro I I I made a thumbnail today okay I have a thumbnail today made by myself though it’s [ __ ] but still all right let me check if audio is working yep it is working fine and

There we go let me just open my WhatsApp and tell people that I’m streaming I am streaming all right so let’s join the repli craft and yeah boy yeah yeah yeah boy yeah yeah Um hey so this guy has made no progress on the cow farm that I told him to do hello D in chat timing oh by the join VC and let’s fly this [ __ ] keeps on breaking man what is This oh okay do I have permission here no oh wait he’s near the city itself I didn’t know that but I need the farm over there I need to work on this D um hello P where are comparators I told you where are the freaking comparators boy stupid ass

Dup I told the guy to make some comparators there’s just nine repeaters what the [ __ ] am I going to do with the repeaters but I still this work around something ouch just do as much as I can with the repeaters that bam buka bam bushka there we

Go I should have some Redstone Torches by the way but some reason I don’t but it’s okay did I make it sh [ __ ] okay I I hope this guy at least has some qus qus and hello P welcome welcome oh yeah I need the Frog

Lights and he can just stay here what is the quars dup I swear to God you did no work here man you every time I tell you to do some work you leave where is the freaking can you turn on oh no oh no fuel sad I think this is full though

Yeah no the sh is not full yet only okay so now we got to go to Nether huh man this is pain in the ass d you are there I need to keep finding it I told this guy we just get some quars make comparers and he said okay last time I

Told him to collect dir he didn’t I hope he did the Deep s at least least hope he has collected deep SL in the war okay now where the [ __ ] is fors all right do is just hope I don’t get shot by some idiot piglins I’m pretty close to Lava right now

Um let’s I don’t even need the all guys if you haven’t hit the like button yet what are you waiting for huh what are you waiting for Love Me Like You Do Me Like You do trust me like you do try trust me like you Do ining out I don’t know the lyrics I don’t know what I’m saying I’m going to get shot by the GH cuz I can hear some stupid cost yeah I hear stupid c i I hear stupid GH stupid GH are Anno I saw you chatting about like it

Will be the economy will become Indonesia what Indonesia uh in the enable SL cell command yeah you guys liter have like one millions in the pocket okay we like pay for groceries with 100K bills yeah exactly that’s what I mean I don’t want that kind of inflation in the

Server yeah even Lego is like 500k for a buck you know I never I never played with Lego damn because my made a Lego boat my parents never bought Lego for me when I was a kid basically I got no toys to be honest and what did you play you know

That thing you get for like a dollar like if you shake it it’ll just make some shing shing shing sounds oh that oh I only had that and Dad and now I’m growing up I don’t feel like playing with Legos and stuff oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh oh ROM

I got a free po chop nice oh yeah HS craft competitors fre Stone this is and the side brother this 32 texture pack is so confusing sometimes um where do I put that I need stone stone stone yeah there we go ston ston can I start the Cobble gen

Again but there’s no fuel in there I I do have I do have stone don’t worry Tores there who else would join I I’ll get people don’t worry oh cool also try to get some more people in UCA M like we have less than NE it’s okay having less people doesn’t

Matter it’s just about being people means you can tax them more but it’s just we need to be efficient that’s all by using every single person y hus hus go are you replying to what emoi he troll oh he’s just in a troll Emoji cuz it just showed a blank and it

Just showed a picture either VPN sucks like crazy or it’s just oh wait now I loaded yeah nice I fell down anyway back to watching the load logging in screen cuz it’s so L might as well change the location of my VPN just to get this work

Can somehow that trick always works for now we only have sugar cane and streams so um we should have a gold Farm but B dark snitch bro he just he just turned that around do you know the hermit craft uh builds I know how to make

Those and you know what kind of menaces hermit craft yep I remember last time when a when did night hi ni you need help mine as much block as you can and I’m back okay okay chill my man I gave my ball breaker to also

Jo okay it looks like I have to go to P nether or I can just go to my own portal that’s easier you make a liver again Cobblestone and stick cob stick on top of the Cobble I have freaking Stone if only I make automatic hobble Farm

Also soon yeah is there a way to make an automatic magma Farm no oh I I see a gas I see a gas I see a gas but I need magma where the hell is the magma where is the magma where is the Mago hey why is there like no mag

Okay just power it with a lever I’m guessing all I gotta do is I need um sugar I’m digging Stacks then need e strings I do I this go why can’t I find any then now I’m going to now I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to I’m going

To I’m going to take you out show you after to my friends he said turn again oh come on invalid I did andos there we go we stopped at 41 I have a mod that tracks how many entities are in like my area thise sugar too bad sugar can can’t be bone

Me why am I in a Soul Sand biome I need to find something better somewhere with Magma somewhere where I can xay from magma oh [ __ ] no I need it to be rotating so that means I need to find magma as well bro I found ancient debris before I

Found magma is that magma rare or something I guess yeah all right so 1 2 3 4 5 five and the third block here I’ll place that no why can’t I find that here I that here I place that oh gosh nuh gosh nuh gosh

Nuh now I need to fix the lighting I see a Magma Cube gives me magma blocks and I run wait magma can’t I make it into magma blocks wait magma oh come on I only have three magma who Jo the VC okay night hey Knight I need you to mine as

Many magma as you can I’m trying to find magma but I can’t find it and I found debris first I thought he’s muted in air bro it’s in the air oh wow nice keep falling in the lava pit I that I don’t think it’s that rare though

Some out of poppers I need to build more Hoppers only there’s like a magma Farm of some sort but pretty much a magma farm would require Magma Cube you got sub space so where is my iron I’m just right now I’m just downwards until I find are

16 oh let’s go magma found magma M it all what was here oh oh did I I I haven’t recharged my Wi-Fi it’s been like what 3 days the de they have been calling me every 5 minutes but I’m not picking up I’ll recharge today though I’ll recharge I’ll recharge it today though

Not a problem okay it’s just I forgot to recharge okay and I was busy that’s like the breath moment of the life right now we’re getting some like stuff hope hope I don’t fall in lava cuz this is actually close I’m like y level

27 Oh Boy how much stacks of magma do we need I don’t Know or does it sound like a mus stack and six need a lot of chest here and a lot of magma bamboom Bamba buka bka 62 and I need a chest another only my can detect black like that and I got 12 Hoppers I need more

Iron that and then sua blat I need to put this here like that and no I am not Russian I need to go to farm why do I encounter Bam um [ __ ] one two one two one two one two one two like this I goer ask do for a sh and

Put it there d uh provide the sh tonight all right okay I just got to find controls okay p in P can help gather some magma he’s in he’s in the game right now some Tex in the group SEO oh yeah that’s re he say he can’t he

Won’t be joining anymore I kick him from kick him kick him from the clan right oh my God I ran out and let me change the Allies uh oh you removed it okay good who is picking that up yeah just some put some magas wow wow just wow bro is such a genius

Um oh it’s sending in the strings oh come on there’s some lava here there’s no who who back oh oh I was so low I was so low I so the [ __ ] you saying buy I had like two hearts string f is goated bro y except when it crashes ah we can

Always restart it it just takes what two seconds to restart it what do you mean two seconds and two people it doesn’t need two people okay back oh boy I was half a heart half a heart half a heart but I somehow by by lucky luckiness lucky

Radius we have a lot of magma but we still kind to look at look out for the Bunches of lava that are here W I almost fell in the same hole again I almost okay test right now I’m just placing down trap door so I can actually gather

Mag he dug so much magma at this point that it’s just a crater need to make um gosh I don’t have plants again is either wood or stone don’t worry we need to make a control thing you know control flow for the L like sometimes the hopper can get clocked by

The one item we can always pause the transportation of that item okay I got I DET check the DFI Pig okay so I gold will stop the transportation of sugar cane and this will stop the transportation of sugar sorry stram oh oh yay I found some magma again near

Lava oh is being transported now girl but no cane I’ll stop this for now so the can goes forward now I need to build um I need to get water buckets one two three three and that and then one bucket I need to make and then I’ll build a you

Know going up and down system in this down syst yeah oh whoever red the infinite water source is genius with the iron bars I did that I placed down the iron bars instead shut up a idiot like you will never do that shut up BR just got called an

Idiot guys dup is racist do you know that I S if you put in that clip I will explode explode what anyways back to collecting mag people know that it’s a joke okay they understand that it’s a joke I know hey do you know that 550 divided by 2 is not

225 anyway back to going to get magma hey D look at the chat yeah um where are the water bubbles bro I don’t see any water you need to have you need to have water block oh at the bottom the Bottom’s got to be Soul Sand

Or magma and the entire column must be like water source blocks okay completely you mean yep ah that is why it wasn’t working then y the annoying part I detect a zombie oh bro Knight knocked me into lava I didn’t even knock yep he pushed me into

Lava all I did was just to like lower one block and he just pushed me into lava come on BR now need a lot of buckets two one two three means three three three just nine nine then go to Nether farm and repair it that simple nether Farm I mean n Farm n in the VC that idiot we got 12 stacks of net nobody’s in the Stream today that’s that’s basically me every single time I try something on my channel bro this magma is ping me so much I can’t even get up what the [ __ ] okay I see you got terrified by holding

Magma that’s basically the fear of drowning no in Minecraft not in Minecraft now this guy has zero hunger who Clan stats no vitals Clan vitals hey KU has none food none bro just get a food you can do SL clam spal to check out and it also does not detect netherite

There thought I heard how much magma do you need like six shs yeah six Su full damn we we’re almost we’re filling up one choke but I fill water here but but but the problem I’m getting is if I fill the water it’s just getting like it’s just if I break

The Block it’s just passing through it idea I’ll just use ladder I we’ll just use normal water to go up and down we don’t need this [ __ ] the funny thing the only person that isn’t in our clan that’s online is neon neon is in our clan no the only person that isn’t in

Our even now he isn’t in a clan yeah and now he ain’t online is there a magma Farm we can get tray with pigin but the thing is you need gold before that yeah that’s Slow today we have list of top five top numero s top numeros numero no numer one numer numer qu s with T I know somewhat of French okay I did French for one year in college but I still know barely damn bro they can’t say what what oh wait [ __ ] that’s Japanese

H um wait I know Jamel dead Bush umel com means what’s your name and and uh uh sa means I’m good sa SAA means how are you yeah yeah I’m see I’m genius bro so I’m going to build an automatic TNT I mean what the [ __ ] am I saying bro

Is not as r as I know that I’m going to see you know what [ __ ] it man I built a solder we need more stuff to put in so we can expand it Stone we already have it so we don’t need a solder for that uh this is just a

Temporary sugar cane Farm but it does work if I’m not wrong yes it does work I’m just keep that and the iron farm yeah we need something to do about that so we can put collect the iron upsters and if I’m not wrong Hopper mine cart will get stuck so

We need to use we need to use droppers right but if we use drop no wait but if we use droppers the problem will be you know even if the thing is full chest is full it’ll keep on pushing it which I do not want so we can just

Use popper mine cart yeah that that’ll be the better option we’ll make it in such way so there’s no way to stop right so where is the entrance this one is the entrance for the M okay from here all the way here I’m collecting magma so

Slowly this prob be the place where our Hopper mine C comes from could be a hole here there we go found it bit more around here that and that and from here the hopper mine c will go upwards oh no I can just make it completely under rather it goes down yeah

Map options so coordinates on I need to go back and check what are the coordinates of the iron farm all right go down ouch this Golem are still hitting me bro okay boy we got a lot of iron okay so it’s still see if I can get and then level is 26 26

Um I need to know downlo it’s minus 18661 26 1892 noted the coordinates and now I go back and to see if I can find a Bastion oh I just all pay you is there a Bastion here or is it just nonexistent almost fell in the Lava why is there so much dirt here finally reach 29 – 29 I found a another Fortress but not what I was looking for not claimed as well 19893 this way going straight this is start putting so it’s a 18661 oh that’s gen found it in the treasure room so I need to

Find a Bastion with the treasure Room but there is a ton of magma here I don’t think this is this one and that should be 26 blocks right X there we go and then 1893 there there we go reach the place let’s go I’m the magma let’s go want to make it bigger just in

Case the MC won’t stop in any circumstances Oh oh no Kean why am I lagging the was lagging even one end one H and one zombie sometimes in This Server lag back is insane bro I’m training my PvP with a piglin uh the thing with Magma is it looks infinite but it’s also near

Lava yeah you got a fire so when you want to farm it it’s just lava yep the magma still feels infinite I’m filling another I’m feeling a Sher ban have so much magma in here I think I took all of the magma oh NOP oh lava no wonder all right BR bro just

Failed e ne e so I think dark basically uh gaslighted you know gamination thinking that we are North Korea and stuff like that so we do not condone those things so he’s our rival now H wait you declare rivalry or yeah we’re not at War but rivalry yes in we are Rivals

Now I mean in the clan you didn’t set Rivals yeah it’s a indirect Riv cuz if we do it directly he might Declare War I mean we will still win because we have good P TI but still we we can still trade though so it’s like you know China and other

Countries they can still trade but they’re Rivals and in us maybe I don’t know if they trade or some stuff they do trade but almost every electronics goes from China not Taiwan or some [ __ ] no Taiwan is only chips I just hit a piglin as it fell so he fell directly into the

Lava he fell so Smooth smooth like butter Bor in spawn next oh now ke is in the wateren space the Deep dock oh magma is infinite in this never mind it just ended right and I said that they’re trolling you bro why is pay you love falling off Lads why does that guy keep dying all the time

I time to see what I can grab lanterns free lanterns yeah and lanterns are free for us anyways because we have iron farm nobody has as big of an iron farm as we do no one has a coal Farm though who coal Farm we don’t even have a coal

Farm you can’t make a coal Farm we technically do apparently remember for that you need uh tree farm farm yeah there a wiy farm we don’t we we can’t be asked to make a tree farm cuz tree farms is not even automatic I mean it I think I was

Planning to make an automatic Tree Farm I tell is why I told you to get I’m talking about Cal so yeah there is killing wither skeletons give you Cal okay yeah so I was planning on making Tree Farm charcoal is more efficient as a fuel you know

Oh yeah now I got to remember did did uh LS remove like a Wither farm he had a Wither Farm PW but it’s gone did he rename it or did he delete it it’s okay we would keep on point cuz I remember I claimed some part of that ship so I get some

Resources I griefed the exit Ika by way it wasn’t CLA why cuz it wasn’t play don’t tell anybody don’t worry I won’t I won’t snitch okay I’m going to go spawn let me see yes Z he’s got a decrease I’m going to see where are my claims

At well x x got the x is a 68 it should be around here not these straight 100 there’s like one chunk that was raining oh wait so I need to remember where did I claim in that clim my journey map would usually tell me

Where the thing is when it leaves gaps I don’t know where the hell it is oh Auto map all regions and it doesn’t work he doesn’t have a p War but I think I have travel there some I think it was on the nether have I died in the

Ne in that case and I can just go for a way point I mention the net oh I don’t well P nether just doesn’t work and I’m guessing P gold farm would be on the room and I just got to see where I would go from there yep he pretty

Much has built it like you can either copy it or just work on something gold F yep yeah he built it and then he’s like nah I’m not going to give it now after making for so long that is what betrayal is yeah oh is this fly I’m trying to fly fast

Oh I passed it now what is that is this Lava if I use a browser it’s going to help better h can you put a lot of uh logs or stick in auction house oh yeah I forgot to read the chat are you from Jor video yes I am from Jar video I’m sorry if I

Didn’t read the chat I was so busy building this [ __ ] oh someone here also dead there’s some news about the author of dragon yeah yeah I heard it I heard it that he died bro l l okay okay okay shut up so much buto I don’t need that much just take a take

The take the rest back take the rest back before anybody takes it um oh there’s some gun I throw what do I throw what do I throw what do I throw what do I throw the B you th the just gave me too much planks

Bro all right and then I need to make lever oh yeah nice no I need okay I’m at spawn let me see Bam Bam Bam Bam and then what do I throw what do I throw what do I throw yeah that’s go and it goes like this I don’t know the

Lyrics I don’t know what I’m saying at this point man I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m drunk I guess I am a drunk very very drunk I don’t know why you a very very drunk drunk but drunk drunk drunk so guys I would really appreciate it if

You hit the like button and sub subscribe to this [ __ ] subscribe to the channel because why not why wouldn’t you like And subscribe to this cute dead Bush never mind that was cringe cringe a all right so I’ll put the touch here and that should do the lighting for this

Part and then this part and then that part all right so all I got to do is Um wait do I have iron yes I do of course I do I need for my 1 two 3 4 five and 1 2 3 4 five and these here for now that like I can take a stack with me and then I have opers so all I need is a hopper mine

Part so Bamba like bambusa and bambusa there we go hop our mine oh Minecart not Minecraft all right and now uh how do place it there we go GG the train is going and it’s going to collect some iron for yep it’s collecting iron and some

Tulips and I don’t Poppy I don’t need tulip or poppy so we just take a stack of iron from here let’s go this way easier go up go up go up go up go up go up go up you know the thing about knowing multiple languages is you can collab with multiple

Creators yeah in your case you speak Hindi in collab with that guy Hindi English Nepali so I know somewhat of tumil also so yeah at this point no one knows where Lis we wiy Farm is that thing has tons of coal I that on this one can

Be and why didn’t I save the landmark I remember it’s Spruce biome but where I made a video on it so I’m but it’s on my bed wrong why is there so much poppy here I need to build iron s there as well bro all right just go

Up I need to build item solder in iron farm oh wait he he hey hey Skelly hey Skelly hey bro what the hell okay so 5 and negative okay so it’s got to be flying in this direction need some Hoppers I I don’t need lever can

That and I will need some a redstone torch and I will need um what else do I need chest yeah I have it and I really need W from dust I have it I need a repeater and a comparator I have it there we

Go go to the IR war and quickly fix it up item solder and it goes like this I’m gaining speed so fast oh come on I needed a liver here I forgot to bring it bro Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam like that bam bro do you have Rockets oh um only 35 but I need them so just make it bro there sugarcane farm bro there a

Item solder go there flying are you NE I’m trying yeah okay I’ll just put this in auction house then like I’ll give you like what 17 of them okay check check oxen house okay hopefully I don’t lag I will all right got bam where till where do I have the iron

Here okay we done got crazy NOS Faing comp but the thing is I need one more that and likeing yep it is this here then this should be facing the comparator I and then um I definitely do not too far I’m just I have like three sets ofas on me so if

One breaks I’m like oh hell no I’m going to get that red I don’t even know how I Got shut up wait more pipers Bad oh not so now I just need to fly this direction F upwards Moment go B bam bam Redstone now I can oh wait I should been the other side around he annoying 5,000 is wow hey Flame oh Okay that it’s facing the should be facing the comparator and if he’s facing it walk need to place the comparator that Then and redstone repeater where the [ __ ] repeater that and then red here and uh fill it up with Iron Stop perfect I’m grabbing sugar cane grab paper what only IR everything else go into this Hopper oh wait 17427 confused is bedrocks coordinates different from chop I don’t think so oh wait it’s 5889 God so it’s even farther than where I was cuz since the since the text is so small I

Can’t I keeply I need a dispens dispenser dispens need a dispenser where the heck is this penser finally I see the weaer farm and I think I think Lou tore the entire thing down I hate a bow a redstone dust and 1 2 3 4 5 six seven Cobblestone ah man

This nice I fell right making item solder at iron farm so all the flowers and St and the server IP oh yeah wait I’ll send it in the chat one second and I’ll also tell you and I also there is a step to join the server so I’ll tell you that as well

Invite people uh Missing okay yeah so once I send you the link go to uh the the the the RO called um roles and then you should click on want to get updates on our Minecraft server after that you’ll unlock a Minecraft category and go to Minecraft info channel to get the

Link and everything all right send you that there we go that’s the link oh come on did L reclaim or something thing I have like one chest full of each item also known as coal and Bone I wonder who unplayed this I definitely did um need the repeaters

How many strings do you need to make a bow three I hope it’s three yeah PR string I’ll just throw it away um thiser what do what oh I missing a bow bow pener there we go yeah GG dis iron Farm wait I didn’t unclaim I didn’t unclaim but then how the hell did this get claimed with a different own I do not know mod did this I will literally explode but I think else awesome who else of lava and here I need to start a redstone

Clock okay I said that P okay that actually did but it doesn’t responding so I had a claim but then where the hell did a claim go that’s the mod there yeah sometimes I wonder what what the hell happens in the server like one one day a claim belongs

To someone the next day it belongs to someone else okay this should work very confusing I just plac rocket in of the oh no iron should go from this Hopper let me see if it does But what do you need to okay that is working bro do you need coal I have a shulker full of coal bro I have another chest full of coal okay back to figure out what the farming yeah magma farming hey this one doesn’t have any poy now neither this one if this one

Should a lot of poy yep there we go poppy poppy poppy poppy I love poppy I hate poppy dispens server is tweaking bro your server is lagging or some [ __ ] yeah cuz I do in SL at home and it no work now it’s working it’s back y now it Up home withy withy okay there’s so much Cass in the dis bro I have B And um home home UC seea there you go seem like robas that never came back on yep r i real do does not come so made a Disposal system here why is this one not updating this is going from here but this one’s not updating at

All where is this one getting it poppy from yo I found a wallf oh wait it’s dropping from here right thaty Wy and time to to get my bones let’s see if our item solder is working now got a Max bat nice nice nice nice nice I had a power five I

Had had a power five bow bro but I gave it as a gift to our Tech Minister oh b ball breaker you gave that I don’t know as a sign of appreciation now where the [ __ ] is my bread let’s go I tamed the wolf oh night

Night night night do you have a do you have any trap doors right now you know what I’ll just go get it I now have a wall it away it’s okay because there is one small problem in the you know what in the middle right we should put trap doors there also

Oh I have so many mobs in my basement it’s ridiculous and I’ll put chest plate just in case just in the case I have so many mobs in my basement at this point six llamas uh three with skeleton horse and two dogs I don’t know

Why yeah thank you br or not working for me oh almost fell BR move night do not turn it off right now okay now you can’t turn it off help me oh wait now I know why you said about comparators I have some comparators is in my infantry I messed that

Up why is there a flashing repeater was that you this works can you put the rest of the Trap there what there’s sugar cane spring iron nothing and nothing we should add the poppies or some stuff ni come here I’ll give I’ll give you some trap doors

Wait yeah what there’s like some string overload yeah click on it click on it open it yeah it’s just stuck there strength is stuck there oh there you go it’s and night night night night wait why just why are they dropping oh yeah it’s pending on the

Wait ni they not dropping okay come here take this take this I pick this up wait I’ll drop it here pick it pick it pick it pick it oh wow oh wow bro TP TP BR panics like crazy do not remove the lava okay you didn’t die what the [ __ ]

How magic you didn’t do anything to the lava right let’s go I restarted it ah okay wait here you go please these two TOS I think from sword system is kind of broke so that means we won’t need the fence gate because the trap doors will do the

Job you can break the fence gates yeah break the fence gate um um uh place it back place it back place it back place it back place it back oh wait no no no it’s actually holding the water break it break it break break it that’s how they they’re falling in yeah

Yeah yeah they actually blocking the water flow see genius bro genius there we go now they’ll fall in more easily teleport to me oh never mind ah now they’ll fall in better cuz Iron Golems drown you know do they yep they do they’re colliding there we go they’re going

Boom ah this this this this one doesn’t matter that much the last one they they were barely even going and the farm is crazy I mean the Golem doesn’t spawn too fast anyway you know at this point a carrot Farm is I need to check if the items Knight come here

Teleport to me I’ll give you access to the item Auto so you can use the resources here we go you have trust for here we still don’t don’t have it like completely made up oh so this is for can I don’t know why this came here this is string and this is

Iron yeah I saw these two are still not I turned on the string serer apparently cuz it’s overloading what did it do I turned on the string what why did I turned and it on it’s overloading but so you what the fu it’s overloading why did you turn it

On I not turn on the stuper I turned on The Hoppers oh yeah why did they turn it oh okay got it but you turned up the sugar can Farm why cuz if the sugar can comes wait I’m trying to figure out then why was that

Unlocked this is the one is for sugar cane one is for string and one is for the other thing if the if the string Farm is overloading why did it even activate the string Farm bro you okay you you you you you okay the string Farm is working right

Now oh louw seems like louw like turned off turn off the string farm for now we don’t need the string farm right now there we go now it won’t deal anything why did he withdraw 5K just so I can get some totems we have a bro we have a lot of

Tot come here come to Pentagon where come to Pentagon we have a lot of totems come here somewhere in one of these chest oh the up yeah there somewhere in one of these chests nice a jackass okay he says he wants to fight so heck where oh who sent the Villager

Here anyways yeah um anyone has iron bars we need to trap I have by luck I have 55 iron bars give me give me give me give me someone sent the Villager here right will now go to the trading Hall go please give us good loot get perms you don’t have it

Wait I gave him perms there we go I gave you he’s B to grab some totems at this point unless he has too much now this villager went to oh yeah he definitely grabbed one totem grabb another totem he grabbed another totem why the hell is he grabbing totems at this who

Knight KN I just saw some totems vanish I need toems I saw you holding a totem bred this guy yo so if he wants to PVP where the hell are we going to PVP got I guess RTP is like now I will I will end the stream here and I’ll join

Probably later now you guys keep mining magma all right thank you for watching and if you enjoyed it make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel till then I’m signing out dead Bush just like the street lights lit this time like a fire in a blaze got to

Burn it down can’t be afraid to live this on we

This video, titled ‘Minecraft SMP LIVE Join Me[English]’, was uploaded by DeadBush on 2024-03-09 19:41:33.
It has garnered 24 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:28:20 or 5300 seconds.

Minecraft SMP & HiveMC [English]]I’m hosting a Minecraft bedrock event on Hive server with prizes for more information join the discord server and check the announcement channel

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Gaming Setup〛
Intel Core i7 11th Gen CPU | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD Storage | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti Graphics | ANT Esports MK 1500 MINI Keyboard & Archer Recurve 600 Mouse | JBL Headphones | Maono Microphone

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