Locked players in Cube for 1000 days? Anarchy!

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What happens if you leave a 100 players in a confined space for a week this is the story of a journey from Stone Age of orines to an ancient civilization that embraced Christianity where is small world traveling from one corner to another took less than a minute newcomers spawned in a desert the stones throw away from a dead Hill at the edge of a forest and in jungles with welcoming parrots what else is missing for Blissful coexistence of course elegant

Statues and it was with their construction that the most interesting things began in chats they dewi the territories plant Majestic constructions and world domination all while quietly looting but then a met panc with a lighter appeared in an instant a fif of the trees were burned down and Only the Rain saved the

Rest in the desert small squads had already formed Hing into the mines to make a name for themselves later those who weren’t picked settled near the spawn they welcomed anyone with a microphone into their ranks and took out their resentment on others eventually the Hermits became the largest clan in

The cube with more than 20 members they had parties and carelessly had fun without worrying about the future some managed to escape from them one of those was crusty he had already crafted iron armor and Was preparing to take revenge for the humili ations someone occupied the

Dead Hill and the forest edge with the intention of building a castle on Bones they destroyed and plundered anyone who dared to come close meanwhile the miners had acquired diamond armor not without the help of cheats those using such shortcuts were quickly dealed with the N

Stood out in particular he used a full set of cheats created several accounts almost exceed my admin account and managed to go beyond the Cub’s boundary to leave his Mark Ruster rider was also spotted using cheats but upon being tough he repented and promised to build a giant Cross to Aton for his

Actions despite their numerical Advantage the hermit’s only weapon was still a wooden axe it was decided to rob the reach they attacked in groups and easily obtained Shields and swords the base expanded the Hermits demonstrated their strength and increased the already considerable number of enemies upon learning about

The madness happening on the surface miners decided to settle deep underground to avoid risking their loot bases were built developed and conquered but six Brave and armed Daredevils emerged onto the surface with one goal ascending Heavens one was building other set on his neck supervising ultimately it was a neck

Failure that sent them all tumbling down to earth the loot was scooped up by Hermits who were already waiting Below on the second try they finally managed to settle into the the clouds and it seems that due to the lack of oxygen they had a new goal everything below the

Clouds must be destroyed and it could have worked out the fifth part of the cube was already covered with lava and within a minute it turned into the first lava cast Hermits noticing the approaching apocalypse decided to deal with crazy lava casters and were already ascending in an elevator with aess but

Unfriendly guests were already awaited and redirected back down building a staircase was not an option as the castle on the hill had declared war at a very unconvenient time guys offended by Hermits gradually became Mountain dwellers too they leveraged High Ground Advantage inflicting significant damage and then retreating back to their

Elevation where easily repelled attacks Hermits were overwhelmed they lacked an energetic leader who could organize a proper defense their base became an easy target for coordinated attacks from all sides and lava pouring from the sky marked the end of Confrontation once a mighty Clan fell apart some joined the lava coasters

Others clan on the mountain and some remained Carefree Hermits though they had to move from their established spots as it became too dangerous here and then a miracle happened the lava costers declared themselves the Arbiters of Harmony and prosperity let’s turn a blind ey to the destruction of Nature

And the four great walls the walls are necessary to complicate movement across the cube with them the flow of mad arys from Spawn destroying everything in their path will slow down a large crowd on the ground awaited the opportunity to join the eelic heavens but leaders only

Allowed to select few to ascend others as expected made their way to the castle where local inhabitants continued to pray on the week however they did not bother Rusty Rider an ordinary Traver with an unusual ability to negotiate his silver chunk attracted followers and soon he was collecting Cobblestone from

Everyone for a huge cross that he had promised to build earlier even though it’s Anarchy be kinder it seemed that a balance had be found in the world that was until players went to sleep in the morning great lava coasters and the castle were left in Ruins at

Night miners who managed to upgrade to Diamond ranks emerged onto the surface under the leadership of The Prudent Kian they were griefing and rebelled in other suffering all the r Rider managed to stand against them the lavoc cust served as an excellent shelter for a small wooden charge where Rusty was able to

Unite the shattered Clans he proclaimed himself the greatest and gave his followers a new purpose serving the God here everyone found something to do aimless Wanderers were fed and allowed to join the church reach the bed bottom of the Sacred well and you’re accepted the diamonds despised them and and

Launched raids forcing the church to worry about protection and to deploy patrols there were plenty of reasons to hate for example periodic Crusades to spawn forced newcomers to join without my choice either God or death obviously tensions within the organization grew and enemies and spies emerged Kwan

Managed to murder the priest sparking a battle Angry Crowd chased after the diamonds in the end they cornered and killed Kwan Sprint an immediate response followed he overcame three at once and retrieved the Lost items after 35 hours the cube resembled a dump Cobblestone shattered terrain and bombs aimlessly fighting at spawn but

There were also a dozen mini bases being stealy constructed on shift to avoid drawing the attention of diamonds Workaholics devoted to their God fought desperately but clumsily constant defeats were undermining the church Authority Rusty Rider couldn’t take it anymore and vanished then rless diamonds destroyed Farms looted chests and burned

Down buildings all that remained were ruins and Ashes great base but I have to destroy it the naked peasants were not about to give up armed with stone axes they declared a hat hunt and called the fully armored diamonds of guard who fled to the top of the world the hunters built a

Ladder out of dirt although it was impossible to Corner anyone in the tight space of the heavens the war led to a harsh division of the cube diamonds ruled skies and caves pison sized the surface but they couldn’t progress without access to mines after learning about followers success Rider returned with a

Determination to restore order and stability in the charge Community the Renaissance began they eliminated flammable wood from building materials and canceled the Crusades now they’re building the best community the territory gradually recovered and the cross expanded in size they built the village underground farms and a huge roof that protected them from

Lava casts the develop lost they gained an endless dream of new followers who didn’t want to leave alone and only the Phantoms prevented them from fully enjoying their Existence suddenly aneg Diamond killed R Rider this once again raises concerns about safety the charge still had a lot of haters elections for the role of military commander began everything was as it should be glorious Spees sweet promises and brls the votes turned out to be almost almost equal CU he can Rest PE spend the night under cross praying earnestly that they would leave to see the morning and they did it the house has got a bit twisted but now there was an animal farm and a shop attempts to break the roof and pour lavac casts for failed

The only way to reach charge was through the main entrance or one of the many tunnels duck by diamond not everyone was having fun reading the Bible a group emerged proclaiming themselves as Alex and voice LIF in the lavacast overall the world became a little more peaceful and Greener the

Forgotten stairs came in handly for populating the sky islands players managed to involve and start working on their own projects the first suffering gives the notion of the pleasure of tormenting canaz Nezar was revealed it brought New Opportunities potion better armor and a new home some feared the unknown While

Others geared up pushed each other into lava and built portal traps peasant as expected were no in a hurry to go to the nether but pmix one of diamonds rushed to join them he was tired of Destruction so he decided to create in response to the Betrayal Kwan promised to destroy

The Char once again wait wasn’t long the charge had rotted from within the rebel sized an underground farm with its narrow entrance destroyed Food Supplies and then laid Siege to the charge Rusty ryer has vanished once again he’s a good speaker but not a leader the charge has fallen once more

This time forever the end of the charge created the wave of mistrust an hour ago inspired peasons stood shoulder to shoulder creating greatness and now they fear to Cal near each other and it wasn’t just for no reason they were constantly haunted they had to hide from diamonds in the caves the underground

Part of the cube turned into endless catacombs you could wander for hours through the narrow winding tunnels never suspecting what might be around the corner meanwhile qan built a trap at spal made of four lava casts new Fox had to break Cobblestone with their hands he managed to get revenge for betral and

Ruin everyone’s life alter of reflection disappointed with God they took a strange Pastime the pit a few players began their digging in silence soon joined by merry makers they duck a chunk for 8 hours straight a chunk that United the community but for what they decided to build a city right in the

Pit chances of survival on the surface were zero and the communal farm and indentations invols that became rooms turned out to be a worthy replacement for a charge Yan didn’t rush to destroy the town tired of breaking and killing Innocents he realized happiness wasn’t in that and joined a cheerful group

Together they dreamed about complex mechanisms an elicit lab a villager farm and cute pigs and KY kept attacking with an axe entertaining the workers with stone pickaxes those for main least constantly engaged in conflicts never give up to wonders build a paradise here after their Oreal in the catacombs many still moved around

Crouching everyone understood the rule don’t get rich and you won’t be bothered so instead of grinding they turned the ruins of lava casters into a village restored the charge now it’s a symbol of resilience in face of adversity no one destroyed the village only occasionally build some pranks Rusty rer considered

The place his own even though he had no real influence there but the city in the pit which was constantly under attack had to be abundant the villagers relocated to the ne’s roof where you can’t reach with just a stone ax sadly there is no water or BS they barely

Managed to grow food on dry patches of land with much effort they even trans transer a zombie villager up there but the traitor immediately finished him off there is nothing except for death meanwhile Overworld was being flooded by hand crusty conducted the process laying on a chair with such an approach they

Achieved little fluing a thirt of the spound ARA then joined the rapidly developing nether roof it became a magnet for players here they forgot about dis agreements and created the perfect Community Aquino spoke about their desire to flute the world of q1 inspired by the idea he brought brains to the

Project he built a mechanism capable of submerging a cube underw in just a few hours not everyone liked this idea but nobody could stop them Now Atlantis newcomer spawn on lava casts in caves or a surviving Village thanks to its ceiling bases and caves became more relevant than ever Ry Rider finally announced the completion of the Cross construction extreme conductions in the nether only brought players closer together they managed to breed villagers

With great effort each player equipped themselves with Diamond Armor they built an iron farm a graveyard and by the end organized A Farewell concert at Ed by everyone after the concert Cy couldn’t resist temptation and blew up the stage throughout the event he advocated for detachment from society he took pride in

His solo ventures of pouring clasts and trying to harm everyone advocating for Independence he failed to realize that he was more dependent on society than anyone Else not everyone could understand that true happiness lies in coming to together to achieve great goals leave a like And subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any new videos

This video, titled ‘I locked players in Cube for 1000 days! Anarchy in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by Fantomasik on 2024-03-29 17:25:04.
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I locked 100 players in a Cube in a Minecraft server with no rules for 100 days! Inside they set up Anarchy like on 2b2t! I’ll tell the story of how they tried to survive, pouring Lavocasts, gathering in big clans and building majestic structures.

0:00 – About the world
1:00 – The Hermits
2:40 – Lavocasters
5:17 – Village
10:00 – Hell
10:13 – The Diamond Men
11:40 – City in the Pit
13:17 – Life on the Roof of Hell
14:06 – Atlantis

C418 & Lena Raine – Minecraft OST

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