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Hello hello chat am I too loud I’ve adjusted my mic position if you don’t know if you’re not in the Discord then why aren’t you in the Discord join the Discord but uh if you aren’t in the Discord uh if you’re not in the Discord uh I

Just found out today that the microphone I’ve been using there a pretty good mic um I’ve been using it for the last 4 and a half years and I’ve had it facing the wrong direction the entire time and so now you should be able to hear me better

Than you hear my keyboard the whole time I was trying to get a noise cancelling keyboard get a bunch of different things to make my keyboard like make less noise but I was the background noise according to my microphone and the keyboard was the main sound because it was facing the

Keyboard the whole time because of how OBS uh OBS no because of how uh Blue Yeti make their mics um I thought it was about OBS filters I was wrong the entire time I’m a professional streamer what can I say today we are doing some Minecraft we’re back doing

Minecraft yeah Minecraft oh wow Minecraft yeah so we’re doing Minecraft uh we’re doing it with um you turn the I turned the mic the wrong way around you’re hearing me backwards we can’t hear the keyboard anymore no oh bring back the funny bring back the clickey clacky guy I’m sure

You’ll still be able to hear my keyboard my streams aren’t going to be that far away from scuffed um it also means that to face the game playay I’m now facing my mic because I’ve had to move it to the other side of my monitors insane uh it

Probably should have been there in the first place uh we’re doing Minecraft we are doing a Sky Block randomizer so we are going to be stuck in the void um and every 30 seconds we get a random item and we have to to try and beat the Ender

Dragon with nothing but a Bedrock block um we are doing this with the Luigi’s friends if I had a boo button I would press the boo button but I’m sure I guess Applause is going to have to stand in for that yeah bo boo we won L solo

Content um yeah I don’t know if Zach’s joining us um he has been pretty much radio silent since I I I suggested the idea he was like yeah cool and then you know so you know surprise Zach appearance we’re talking before lawren had the any appearance of Zach is a surprise Zach

Appearance um but yeah we’ll see if he comes along um oh one block pogies why did you type that it’s even even stranger that you sent it all right let’s get into this let’s see what curs stuff they’re talking about okay I guarantee they’ve set up a bit that they they’re talking

About to themselves and they’re like okay we’re going to do this when all un mutes here we go hello no hello oh we’re not hallowing she tried to boo us and I called you out I called you out on the fact that you were going to do something when I came in the

Call predictable I was I’m just trying to you going to say hello that’s what Laura just said well I guess that’s not my fault that’s just what you do at a greeting don’t you actually so yeah maybe I just I got I got myself did you want us to

Stay silent the entire time no but you sure I assumed you’d you always plan a bit like that one time in phasmophobia where I turned around and you were just all staring we stayed silent the entire time yeah yeah there might be as this isn’t Zach jump scare yeah all right

Let’s let’s gaming are we all on the server I am the only one on the server I’m doing my best where did Minecraft go oh God the scuff is already started what are my eyes doing oh my game crashed oh my God and then there were two oh my God

Doing my best I’m doing my best I’m doing my best aart at the seams I didn’t even like go into a world or anything oh god oh it’s saying online plays not like I might be exposed to un moderated chat messages I don’t know if

I should join whoa uh oh we could say some messed up stuff and they wouldn’t censor it man all right those Minecraft come crashed again what the hell am I gonna do is your job at the right version son of a gun some epic music for

Usate are you updating Java live on my stream right now I’m doing my best man oh my goodness oh okay this is a just chatting stream apparently no there is a Tex support yeah this is this is it by way if anyone knows why my mouse and keyboard sto working every now

And then please hit me up it’s probably a driver problem isn’t it are they Wireless tried yeah no they they’re wired wait brain what did you say are they wired yes okay I’m I’m pretty wired myself I’m installing Java I was hard at work on preparations

For my big project today my big the big uh the big thing happening June July is halfway through the year which one it’s the secret one that we can’t talk about which one uh one of my many secrets that I know that there’s there two I I think

There’s only one what’s the second oh you can’t say it I mean they’re connected to each other but they’re two hi Lauren you’re in the game Lauren’s in the game okay I’ll get in the game now oh oh my God I installed jav why is it

Doing it to me oh copy exit code okay one sec uh control V could be Memory you know this hold let me go through curse Forge what’s a good emote for this just St oh I wish I had my C emotes in this chat I got to guys go watch all of my

Videos over and over again so I get enough watch time hours oh thank you everyone for coming to this tech support stream just sit on by we can have a nice chat anyone how how are your days is going anyone’s computers working the data pack if you do want to

Join nothing will break no it’s fine I’m I I I can just sit here I don’t trust that we’ll be in the game in the next like half hour okay look doing my best um I haven’t played Minecraft in ages how’s the mic sounding by the way do I sound do I sound

Cooler do I sound more less like a keyboard yeah I’m Crisp that’s me like the evil Chris anyone get that reference if you don’t get that reference here if you don’t get that reference you do have the time to go back through my very old videos you can

Probably watch all of my videos in this time you know I don’t get that reference ah you w you’re not an OG fake fan yeah fake fan are you even a real Luigi’s friend do you even know Luigi personally no you’re just a friend of a friend oh my goodness oh freaking narrator

Oh God settings okay I think I’m on to my third song in in my my background music playlist surely not since uh Lauren opened Minecraft has been like 8 minutes though I do see that it’s been 12 minutes hello hi please please everyone done crashed again oh my God I just think one

1.24 [ __ ] why I can’t even say the [ __ ] version Oh my God my PG familyfriendly stream has fallen apart Lauren I’m sorry it’s okay we only say freck around here do we I don’t know you can swear just you know there’s there’s so much more creative words out there Like everyone all possible you please use in a sentence Oh shme you for asking me to use shme in a sentence you shme can I can we play it on a different version uh are you on the right version is it kicking you out the game because you’re

On the right no she joined for a second okay it’s for some reason 1 120.4 crashes my game oh my God like I wasn’t even it was before I even joined the world it it crashed so this is easily the most sced stream uh did you look up how to like give it

More memory it could be something like but I look at 1.0.4 crashes those commas 20 El how hard would it be to set up Connect 4 on your stream right now I’m not playing Connect 4 with you Jazz I have some level of dignity left just no

Nothing that you will beat me at you know I was I was better than you at M Sweeper for like two days and then then you practiced you and your practiceing out there KN this Z em just dropped on the Discord what’s just happened on the Discord look in the fan art

Channel that is a pretty good emote I’ll be honest I might how about it’s just Zach looking down let me see I can probably get that up on the Stream I have the time I’m kidding I’m kidding uh I have to download it that’s one for the downloads folder there we

Go they don’t even know about the downloads folder there well in time um yeah look at this look at this chat look at this guy this is guy he can look at the chat the stream he’ll observe you best be on your best behavior this isn’t Zach is

Watching is he from above oh I see he died yeah this this is actually the funeral stream you secretly encoded the image with a virus in the text no oh I’m going to get this do play evil minion stream yeah you can only be evil that when when I tell you to

Be thank you by the way bouncy for the the awesome Pixel Art fan up it’s very cute might use that Sprite in a in a thumbnail for my uh my Game Dev streams coming up if you don’t mind J why have you opened Checkers in the park we’re playing checkers right what’s happened

Lauren it crashed again I gave it more RAM it crashed you are the common denominator here I feel like it’s not my fault I’m doing my best wow okay try going down versions and we’ll see what does work and I might be able to restart the

Server it’s going to break when it tries to give us 1.20 items though isn’t it um I don’t I’ve Got Magic don’t worry okay jazz is magic so don’t worry he’s like a hawk staring upon his prey look at him go you guys enjoying my legally distinct Animal Crossing playlist I added some

More to it today The Sweet Sound of not being sued well um where’ CH go there she my Discord denied me let me try 1.20 three does anyone know played three anyone in the chat know any ghost stories anything campfire Tales yeah Zach’s e your messages as as you send

Them Sweet Sound of paying off your taxes yeah he just he unhinges his jaw like a snake as you enter his void like more I’m seeing how long it takes me to crash so far so good okay okay are you on like Hypixel or something no I just loaded a world okay

CU it wasn’t the server it was just the game crashing I wasn’t even on like a server or anything I think it’s working so what um version of this 1.2.3 all right I might have to download that cuz I don’t think oh wait no I don’t have my optify

Or shaders on that version Oh my Suffer Well you’ve got plenty of time you got friends downloading it on on stream though new installation well which do you want more OptiFine or friends depends the quality of these friends are deteriorating by the second apparently can’t even open Minecraft Lauren has

Left was that funny did I do a funny I couldn’t hear it because I’m on stream mode darn you all right opening that going to the server computer with remote access I’ve had to create a release version of 1.2.3 I hope you’re happy I

Am IIT crashed oh my God we just got it working Laura what are you doing I don’t no maybe it’s because I’m clicking off of it I don’t know man if you’re in full screen mode and then you click off it might crash okay I won’t click off of it ever again we

Do yeah but then it doesn’t it records funny I’m recording Windows yeah but it record’s funny for me I don’t know how you fixed that but it record’s funny I just keep the bars maybe you just can’t record Minecraft cuz uh it’s too much for your PC well Minecraft Youtuber yeah but you

Know there’s a a point in everyone’s career where they have to you know pack away the tools and Say Goodbye a lot of YouTubers are doing that at the moment I am not retiring I haven’t even it made it big you’re right you need to build up a

Massive following so that you can retire you need to make everyone sad what’s the point of retiring if you aren’t breaking a few Hearts I retire from YouTube the day that someone cries when I retire and that’s a promise that’s a guarantee as soon as I know someone will

Cry when I retire I retire immediately capitalize on tears are you what how do I download all spooky boy named Timmy he died that is scary um I think Lauren’s making it work don’t worry we’ll get into the game any second now I did not

I’m going to I’m going to get into the game is the is is the server up on the new version is that no I’m still trying to download it okay I forgot that Weist on this version I don’t know that’s what I was thinking what fire alarm La just certain

Chat oh my everything she left cuz her fire alarms got of she set the building on fire she’s crashed so many times I’m thinking we might have to Pivot what is this stream are you sure you don’t want to play chess there’s just a big Zach on my screen Lauren’s on fire right

Now I have no idea what’s going on how do I even respond to that what her PC blew up exactly her PC has literally blown up oh my God the quick lightning round of Game Dev maybe we put the server on the older version cuz I don’t think it’s

The version that’s the problem cuz Lauren crashed anyway what do you mean the older version the 1.2.4 one that we switched from so the the newer version but it’s the one we tried older um and then we get to work as Lauren Burns and fire Zach’s arrived he

Says he was at the gym we’ve got Lauren replacement he everything will be fine why was Zach at the gym at 900 p.m. why wouldn’t you be there is this is the most cursed stream imaginable oh he might not be joining server is back up staring down

From the heavens he was at the gym at 9:00 p.m. Lauren is her building is on fire because the amount of time she’s crashed Minecraft and we still haven’t gotten into the game we’re we’re here all right let me switch over oh my game captures off because I switch versions one

Sec pick up this version of the game please where is it pick up this version okay I’m going to have to un full screen the game everything’s going great then full screen the game you know that makes sense no problems occurred whatsoever Lauren is not on fire we’re all fine all right is

The data pack working yes okay cuz I don’t see why it wouldn’t do you let let’s begin let’s begin bam it’s going we’re F oh it has started I can’t even comically Zoom because Lauren’s taking away that ability get out of here I had a bunch of

Items on me click here to claim a starter kit it it’s broken it broke what do you mean it’s broken I can’t claim a starter K okay I’ve got stairs y okay it’s all working out let me adjust my sound there yeah okay so uh how’s your day

Chat is this much different from the it support I can bet their day is going better than ours I wait I had things for a crafting table I had Woods no you didn’t no you didn’t those were illegal now you now you put that away hey

The no wait the Bedrock you’ve doomed us you got to do not this is my home okay do not touch that ever or else we lose everything we lose all of our progress man of all the things but you know the music perfectly cut out is it in your

Hand that was like a double take oh my god I’ve got a sign I just got NE quartz just like a single thing of nether quartz I can’t place anything here it’s stairs I think is the problem no oh yeah what are you going to what are you saying it’s my house J’s

House it’s a um you know housew woman gift just pass the pass oh thank you a smithing template how useful for my armor I’ll keep this I’ll treasure this forever all right I I’m starting to see why it was 15 seconds originally do you

Want me to turn it back down uh if you can you can have all right it’s about 20 seconds I think that’ll be okay okay all right I’ve got a gold nugget do we want we can share that out and a gold nugget what is this another oh my

God see I treat my friends well we don’t need Zach in the Stream we have Zack I was about to punch you off but then I remembered that yeah that would be very bad I have iron ore should I keep this for later uh place it like on

Top there go oh now I have The High Ground look at this I think I have the more Le full ground I’m going to add a w skull Pottery Shard that’ll come in handy I’m adding a wool block cuz that’ll be helpful for us to walk

On should I add Zach back to the the top I feel lonely without him what do you mean oh in the Stream yeah sure why not let me you got a pink toilet there you go you’ll be gazing down from the heavens he can just sit up there that’s

Fine that’s the Zach can’t believe learn how to fire alarm I’ve got a Wither Rose yeah everything’s gone wrong there isn’t a single thing that I got a diamond shovel wow okay we’re moving up with tools okay put our quartz slab here this will be my little seat that’ll be your

House yeah this is my house oh my God I just I just realized how close to the edge I was and I scared SC myself so much Brown shulker back deep slate coal ore put that there as well why can’t I place it because of this gu blocked our spawn area it’s fine

That’s the worst possible thing you could have done is put that there you going to go to sleep now oh thank you for for stopping by have a have a good night oh we can store our stuff in there that’s very nice yeah wow and if that explodes we can try and

Hastily pick it up before everything falls in the void having the valubles chest right next to the explosive is a great idea I think just in general okay oh I’ve got aelia leaves and ice I don’t know if these will Decay oh we could get a tree from it to aelia leaves drop

Saplings yeah I’ll put it in here for now did the aelia leaves drop saplings I don’t know but you can try it what’s the harm I’m going to try it it is also just I got an aelia tree block and a fungus you got a netherite o yeah

Serious dedication that good wow really getting all the tools yeah oh you got leaves oh I got dark oak leaves uh put put them on top of the Sher box cuz I can place anything don’t to I need the stuff to fall I got a recovery Compass

We can we can search the void for our loot that we’ve lost yeah I got a magenta Banner just add a nice little door to my house if I can place it I can’t place it never mind it’s my balcony I will enjoy Psychopaths that that’s great it really brings the

Whole Space together I think yes especially I can look down through the glass at like the void Beneath You mhm oh I got a glistering meel uh melon you know the the one melon type that you can’t eat great oh cooked chicken we can use

That so what what here do we have that would be useful I mean if we wanted a there’s absolutely nothing that’s useful if we wanted to make a Wither Farm we have a Wither Rose theia we can bone meal I believe to grow a tree black concrete oh you’re

Right okay we need bones then I’ve got some stairs here I can walk out my house I got another diamond shovel here take oh thank you I just gave it back to me let’s hold out our shuffles and show the world what what we can do oh wood oh my goodness okay all

Right I did it uh four space okay oh that is uh that’s definitely a spot to put it yeah it’s definitely put it there’s like five other blocks we’re working on the real estate okay will Breaking packed ice give us water no okay 90% sure it won’t I’ve got

Us a powered rail um if we want to ride off the edge then we’ve got that go on I’m good for now actually I’ve got another another SMI oh Lauren has it has it worked it’s snowing it’s snowing your fire alarm went off and it’s snowing yes anyway

Welcome oh you can add to you can add to Jazz’s balcony with that yeah hey you’re the only one without a uh a diamond shovel I hope you know that we’ve got two Diamond shovels already wow wow it’s modern art really really oh you got

Shoes I got a p Pottery piece jealous oh another one nice we can almost make a whole half a pot listen pots are storage so kind of O I’ve got dragon’s breath I’ve got storage I’ve got a cherry boat with a chest in it hey be careful where

You put that cuz we’re going to have to destroy it yeah Jazz put a end Crystal down immediately oh warped pressure PL this is this is going great oh now it’s even harder to reach wow we we’re just doing so well right now just wait until the

Monst I have got I’ve got shoes too we got shoes and diman shovels what have you got Lauren my brick slam nice no no no you’re snow bucket if anyone wants to do some clutches Oh Yeah from the where am I going to land from right there don’t fall there

We have got a bucket though that that is good yeah okay actually I’m going to destroy that no just pick it up and move it oh we’re just going to fall through yeah but you could have picked it up and moved it onto a platform and then why what is the

Point cuz it’ll be useful later presumably I don’t know what for but I got a br stand it’s freaking useful I’m slowly getting away from you guys it’s bring up oh I got lapis I’m going to move your candles oh is your is your place on fire Lauren stop putting

Candles all right cool all I have this candle another Sher nice I did put it sideways though that might get lock if you put something else I got a mine cart with a chest hey oh that’s very on the edge so watch out just got to add another block to it we’ll be Fine I got another log uh what do I use this for um just put it in the chest should we move the less valuable stuff into the one that could roll off the edge probably it’s fine actually what am I doing hold on I use my netherite hoe

To break those the most efficient tool does it not drop out of the mineart thought I could extract the chest I got another chest another boat even um should I keep this yeah yeah oh yeah oh Black Stone yeah we can make tools out of

That all right I’m going to work my way up with a staircase I got some more glass should I put this over with the other glass put it anywhere we could we got to make a rainbow glass Bridge I’ve got diamonds what do I get get 100 I’ve gotten 100

Items only had that bit before a bed oh I’m getting out of that it’s going to be uh fun I got a I I got a bucket of salmon actually that’s good actual water and food we can we got to breed the salmon we got to get more salmon why cuz then

We get infinite food source we can fish we can make an you you have to have a big enough area of water to fish properly yeah I’m going to I’m going to turn this stripped log into planks so that we can expand more okay

I have uh no I don’t that’s green wall I thought I had Moss which would have been very good my place is lit up no lovely now the monsters won’t spawn all right I got another Sher box nice okay things are looking up oh things are looking especially up

Now that I’ve got some Modern Art for us oh wow oh that so hard to access the choker box yeah sorry I slip no that’s great that’s great uh I have gravel so once we get iron which I think I placed a block of somewhere around there I think it’s at the bottom

Of this Tower so once we get a pickaxe we can make a flint and steel I’m going to make my own I feel like this thing has turned into an idol I’ve made my own private storage by accident this is your storage right here my private stuff no I’m taking this boat

Wow this’s my boat now disregard the word private immediately but okay I’m putting my my shoes and Spoon in there all right uh I got oak leaves oh nice yeah try and get a sapling NOP ah I did break it like two pixels away from those spine so oh don’t

Do that uh I’ve got a dead Bush we can get sticks if we get sand um I packed ice oh I got some petti that’s two of them there you go uh I’ve got how you can you make water from it I don’t think so no okay um I have got

Uh I’ve got two grass if we need seeds why didn’t you make these into slabs El oh you can do that can’t you mhm but that would that would have been I should make them into trap doors well no that’s longer you didn’t even have enough for trap

Doors slabs are more expensive than trap doors though no oh they’re six aren’t they yeah what’s two oh pressure plates how long have I been playing this game for I have a wooden hole hey the SL wow wow disrespect oh I got a firework I’m coppering it oh we can’t can’t use that

For anything though really we can make a nice uh what can you use copper for a lightning rod if we want to strike each other with lightning oh shoot M you did it I’m going to have to break this why not break the one on top of it oh wait

That one actually closes it completely I got coal wow okay I’m going to stack up the red concrete your boots away cuz I don’t want to die with them they’re precious to me I got a stone cutter oh a nice carpet for the end uh end of my

Bed I got a bunch of carpets oh no dead coral I got dead coral i’ got some more walls I can place these walls here to keep you guys out out of my area holy crap wow oh my God I have a god Apple when did I get

This I don’t know I’ve got to enchant a golden apple okay that’ll be good for the end fight you know that we we’re going to get to this stream no we’re not we’re easily going to get to the to the end F I’m sorry I need to move this

Candle need to add to the totem is it an orange one oh yes that’s ow you almost pushed me off oh my God you’re fine stop shoving I got a block of copper so if we want these ingots for anything what’s the nether look like I’m not sure oh I got an enchanting

Table and a beacon put the beacon up there it’s our lighthouse in case we lose our way out here how many poy shards do we have four okay where’s the crafting table under the per blue one where is anything out here there oh fish there we

Go I got netherite oh I got a flint and steel I’m getting some good stuff in here put the enchant nice more netherite NE direct stairs very useful oh we’re going higher yeah oops that’s fine I got a shield who wants it I’m just making this Tower of ore as tall as

Do you want the shield uh you can put it in the chest do you want the shield yeah I’ll take it okay how do you use armor no oh wait it is that okay oh oh you scar me I saw something fly through that little

Crack that scared me so much you need a smithing table I have a brush I have a brush you know one day we’re going to get a pickaxe and this whole or Tower is going to go down ell can you can you can oh you put a beacon on top never

Mind uh we can I was going to say we can keep going down but I don’t know if that’s easily possible you start a new one okay yeah we can do that right here I’ve got some brain coral I know how excited you guys were to get that so didn’t we have one

Already somewhere one of those signes hey a sign what’s it going to say oh I need to to the I got a carved pumpkin there you’ve blocked our way up there’s now a scary face when walking you can move it if you want to no no actually we can Crouch around cuz

There’s a stair it just makes it more inconvenient it’s perfect I’m putting concrete up here with some coral on it your house is terrible what do you mean it’s a lighthouse with another Lighthouse next to I got a diamond pickaxe oh my okay are we mining the

Or no my house it has to come down my house I’ll give you my armor stand if I’ll throw a glowing disc you can keep the candle can I have the iron and the diamond from my tower wow really please please all right what did I get

From this oh here I’ll M the stone as well no stop throwing things around the island it went through the one crack in the ground here it’s in this one steal what you want where’s the where’s the black stone I keep getting all the good stuff I got a netherite

Pick nice well yeah really you you insulted her with the the netherite ho and she really retaliated I mean you’re the one who’s looking a little underdressed ell Got a Friend how are you in full armor oh my I just need blocks to put them in I’m I’m

I need to make a stack up here uh mine this Jaz with your H with your pickaxe this guy yeah very important Black Stone yeah we need to we need to use that to make a another pickaxe actually no wait we have a pickaxe this is recursive we have two

Pickaxes I need more actual blocks so I can build my house back up it’s almost like you put them all above you I need I I’m going to take this black stone and put it here so I can get back upstairs wow I’m in desperate need

Of blocks ooh block I’m getting so many shirs make a pot I don’t want a pot I haven’t used them yet in the game I’m confused by them just put them in a triangle not a triangle why did I say that diamond and it makes a

Pot I’ve made a friend for myself cuz you guys are down there oh what’s the name being mean to me um his name is uh pumpkin guy the pumpkin uh face that’s his full name pumpkin guy uh pumpkin face there you go wait I got the perfect

Thing to add to the other side close enough oh yeah ring the bell for pumpkin guy pumpkin face can we get some pumpkin guy pumpkin face appreciation in the chat I’m not seeing I’m not seeing enough love for my my pumpkin guy pumpkin face he’s fallen on hard times recently

Why are you getting so many signs I don’t know we can ring the bell whenever you need my attention to come down from my my Palace I have food I’m coming ow food o wait we have more Beach don’t we I have two obsidian there’s more in here

Nice I got a blue Shuler back more concrete why are you building up this is my tower do you not like my tower we losing her Lauren I’m going to the sky limit where do I oh there we go honestly good riddens wow okay you’re not invited to the sky

Tower wait you have another salmon yeah I’ve been trying to make a home for him we can breed them we have two salmon can you breed salmon I think so I think you need SE grass and you can breed them then we have infinite fish as long as we have infinite

Seagrass which there is a plenty up here my friend oh well if we get lava we can make a thing bobber one of our friends will die though I love thing bers you made a little house for the guy my friend oh no I’ve blocked my

Stairs oh how dare you I just got a book and will I will write my diary here yep today I at pumpkin fan do we have a smithing table yet pumpkin no I got a diamond ho face here that’s not a smithing table this close enough is it a

Friend and en of the other two oh a door I can cut myself off from you guys hey be careful now Tower goodbye going well all right I got a horse spawn egg we can die we can bring life into this cruel world we already have look at

Lauren my that doesn’t count though cuz it’s Lauren oh I can hold on wait what you ow what should I name him Michael put a banner up I’m blocking your here I’ve got Moss carpet who want I got I have I got him a SE

Pickle oh I can’t place it cuz he’s in the way oh thank you ooh now I defin definitely need a the smithing table I’ve got a jungle hanging sign God can you give me a smiing table what are you writing on my house what are you writing on my house H

Hi stop how are you getting so many hanging signs I’ve got fish I can play your game go away there you oh that it to your that to Lauren go away Lauren uh oh I got golden carrot I’m starting to get hungry why all this work this hard work and effort I’m putting

In I could be so mean right now what do you mean you hey you don’t want to threaten me I’ve got I’ve got a secret weapon in my pocket what you do let me come down from my tower what’s happened here on your beeswax I got my own bed oh I haven’t

Been down there in so long I thought this was just a hole get out of my house scary your house has no walls nether does yours I have a door oh sorry yeah I’ll I’ll use it there yeah how come you get the bed oh there is I have a bed you my

Bed oh wait you need that to open your storage why do you have a hole in your living room I’m not giving you the bed it was an accident oh I don’t need a bed anyway just only loses sleep I just got another bed are you sure you can keep it

Fine actually I want that bed all right you want orange or gray uh Orange please get the gray one oh I got another bed wow how are you how are we getting so many beds in succession I know I want a smithing table oh I can block the hole nice standstone

There we go I’ve got another bed okay I’m making a bit of my scaffold out of beds now I got a sticky piston getting so many signs I’ve got a gold sword though that’s good I also have a gold sword Vanquish all the creatures yeah well

Nobody asked Jaz so you know okay I’m more special fine um hope it was my thing first I’ll be over here with my piston no you just took my sped you have a pistol take it back they went down the hole oh no it’s here it’s here it’s here the one why

That stop throw things around this hole it’s already taken enough stuff I’m keep getting smithing templates what a cool block to put on there I no smithing table oh we can’t open this ah yes so Lauren doors there was a Shuler box somewhere and I saw that there was a

Fence post placed on top of it so I was like oh I’ll break the fence post and I broke everything no I lost my netherite hole no you made a perfect hole but my tower from fall down oh my God I have a lot of stuff hold on I got

To put it my beautiful Tower is gone wow this might be wait you killed P you killed pumpkin God pumpkin hey we got the pot day two something awful has happened everything that was in the Shocker box is still in the Shocker box pumpkin guy I got my piston I got the

Fence I got the dragon egg the Jazzy slime Must Be Stopped my door is gone my drg you blew up everything and you’ve beaten the game because oh come this world is Fair hey I can make another pot my bed is gone I must remake my bed can we lose all the 20

Beds I got to rebuild pumpkin oh I got an observer I can I I put my diary away how do I get it out I this one how do I get it oh I like the pink one pink one’s mine give me my pink one

No I got a pink fine is that close enough pink stairs that’ll do I would actually like my pink stairs back wow thank you give me my pink Sher box an ink sack for you melody sorry I can’t hear you I’m too busy building got to block her all copper

You’re really the Val still here you’re really testing my friendship the team Dynamic is going flawlessly I don’t know if I would call that Flawless where where did all the 20 beds go I I’m building with one I have I have I’m borrowing this bed get cherry can we sleep the night

Away just sleeping up my stairs yeah let’s sleep good night everyone good night good ridd wow I’ve got a daylight sensor so we know when it’s time to sleep I got a bloody can I have my Sher box back I have a spare one I’ve used it here if you want to use

It I’m putting my diary away in case of emergencies no one is to touch it give me back my diary ja I put it back I just touched it Wow is it a crime to touch books you know the most important element of this is trust I don’t think we trust each other I have a I don’t we don’t have any dirt to put it on though nope not a look of dirt put it in the red box I licked that

Once how was it just thought I’d share you know how are you getting all the it was it was all right was a bit dirty mhm I still have so much stuff in my inventory I’m just trying to get rid of it oh here here’s another Sher no we’ll put that

There oh I have a totem of undying another Pottery Shard oh Pumpkin Man pumpkin pumpkin guy pumpkin face you’ve uh you’ve lost weight recently it because of that explosion it’s more like it’s gone to his head he’s just so smart another bed my life wow he’s

Waving oh yeah yeah that’s what it is no no wait no he’s he’s just he’s just being joined by his friend creeper guy Creeper face W he’s turning into the weaer yeah I’m making a makeshift boss to defeat you guys screw you something well I didn’t okay I’m cool

Now you have a smithing table yet no oh but when we do that will be great I’ve got this don’t destroy this buding amethyst cuz it’s actually kind of good I’ve got for what spy glasses so we can see all of the horrors we created forth

Blocks oh you’re right I take it all back all of it d everything ever oh I have an axe I take back all the bad things I’ve ever done and that’s a growing list it is I’m I’m coming down from my Palace who can’t believe this where can I God

Give me a sniffing table sniffing table table yeah we’re get we’re get we’re already Lo at the time by by adopting the darker side of the Luigi’s friends how is sniffing dark I was talking about drug is it dark I was I was talking about drugs get the get the gang out around

The the sniffing table and we can all do do some illegal substances family friendly vtuber right here yeah family friendly illegal substances there we go has anyone got any that I can place flowers on no cuz then we can play saplings on it can you place saplings on nyum cuz we got some

Nyum yeah but it has to be the certain I can land down from my tower here thank you Jess so thoughtful oh I have help I got blaze powder we’re getting closer more obsidian another candle just going up few more obsidians and we can get to the

Nether by a few I mean what’s 10 minus 10 minus three I found netherite Boots Lauren do you want my chain mail boots I’ve got an upgrade I’ve got another skull foro which one is it really testing my patience it would have been creepier if it was just a dude

Skull just the Steve one I got a crafting table I think there’s achievements in this by the way okay we want to respawn here don’t put there it’s a table lion I’ve got some storage up here now you use that boat yeah I sto I might throw this off the edge what is

It I have a great idea what is that what what was that Lauren kelp it was kelp oh it was kelp was it yeah yeah and we already have one so we don’t need another nothing need want to hide from me you would hide make another

Pot it’s not like TNT or something I got another s nice oh it’s not big enough for two I have to make it bigger oh Target block I’m making like a trap door Bridge here so I think plane should go up there as a nice gift for storage up there you

Know yeah yeah yeah right up there what’s H what’s what’s happening now I got a saddle for the horse yeah but put that in my chest we could ride him around watch you come out and be a baby we’ll be all sad hey n nice Lauren uh are you open to the

Idea of tropical cruises on your here Beach there’s water there’s sand the nice fishes didn’t we need sand for something what was it it for um to like Place something on oh uh dead Bush he I got a diamond ho where where’s the bush it’s in mine I

Think oh I have an echo Shard what’s that for that’s for if we want to respawn anchor which we already have there we yeah we got a stick Wow’s got it I got a map wow we had another stick whoa whole lot of nothing out here isn’t there yeah off we

Go actually I I got scared cuz the map covered the ground so I didn’t know if I’d fallen off or not cuz I just walked forward and wasn’t crouching that would have been a not a great end I’m going insane I just want a smithing table theine grew I just realized

That it’s going to come all the way up to my tower two Vines oh I just grew again three Vines make it a nice area up here oh I’ve got some cool stuff let me tell you what if I don’t oh you’re not ready for

This God has no mercy for us he has abandoned us again yeah an Anvil my Anvil I do the thing I do this thing Michael can we make an infinite water source uh yeah cool oh this is this is going so good I’ve developed a religion already yes what’ you do oh it’s this is perfect I’ve gotten literally all the correct things I need for this what is it what are you doing don’t

Worry don’t worry just stay here why you looking at my chest just just just for any old scraps what kind of scrap take that kind of cult scrap how do you spell Michelle uh there’s so many ways I think you’ll get it I got a soul campfire Michelle this is going so

Nicely I think we can cook stuff all right we have Michael and Michelle hey look at this chat we got a nice I got a y y God has returned yay he has Mercy For Us where’s my diary it’s going to become a Bible you put it somewhere I’ve got it what do

You mean it’s going to become a Bible don’t you worry I’m not making a religion at the top of this Tower you just said that you were going to make a religion there’s so many thingies to choose from oh another sh and really put a block there huh I’ll

Put water there instead that makes more sense oh I almost fell off oh my God you want some suspicious stew I still also still almost falling off the whole time oh there’s water down there there should be fine we’re fine what do you mean falling off you’re at the top of the

Thing I’m being pushed by what by who is no no don’t go go away it’s not ready yet what you don’t worry about you joined us in prayer woring you joined us in prayer today I saw my life flash before my eyes I can’t believe you do that well I did

It I heard your scream on stream I have it at like 1% that was scary yeah sorry if I peaked to mic or something chat we’re uh we’re praying to this this Zach in the sky this is our God right here this is uh he’s looking at my

Inventory oh this is uh this is us in prayer if I put it over my face it looks like like he’s reading the book he’s in deep thought over this book I got a honey block oh I have a cake the Piston grows Zach’s looking down at you guys and

Michelle just so you know Zach’s looking down the tower at you guys this looks like he’s looking normally in game this is just an above angle of him playing Minecraft just walking around make this a bit bigger Zach’s coming down the tower okay I need blocks

For that say hi to Z suit you got there oh went my face for a second there’s one block guys say hi to Zach he’s looking down at You oh I can probably sleep again where’ my bed go you’re right Z’s watching you sleep put him away there this is the best image I’ve ever captured go away he’s watching go for the image let let me put him back up he’s going back in this corner that was that’s genuinely

Terrifying all right let’s let’s go to sleep oh been pushed off the edge in bed you’re fine it’s just a nightmare scary yeah it’s all in your head just a nightmare you know you ever feel like you’re falling in your sleep oh I’ve got some cool stuff oh red

Candles that’s perfect for a cult I have an infite water source hey progress oh I’ve got a plan ahead of me here Jaz can I borrow one of your fence posts per chance no they’re being used I’m creating a fun ride what does that mean what are you

Doing surely you have another fence post no haven’t been given a I already got a fun ride your piston mechanism have Diamond horse armor for the the horse that you have oh yes could I have that and the saddle could I have that now yeah find the

Saddle I’ll give you another Beacon for it all right do you like a beacon oh you’ve got like a nice pattern on your armor oh I didn’t real you could do that here’s a saddle wow really tried to steal that from me I’ve got a trident oh ni big four definitely come in

Handy I can eat things now all right let me got another skeleton skull let me add it to my guy here let me put away all the possessions I see you what are you doing decorating what about you oh you know I’m just I’m just chilling this can only go well can I

Have a fence post no please Sur you’ll get a fence post if you ask nicely like Lauren D I got to go up to my praying Tower yeah I got to be closer to God in the heavens me please God give me a fence post it will put that in your supposed

Bible the Bible in Brackets the end thanks for reading there we go I’ve I’ve prayed to God he’s given me another book which is which is very nice he’s G me some carpet put that there you know oh a smithing table uh netherite upgrade I need to go on a stove

Mission I mean uh did I say that out loud mhm oops Jaz come over here uh well one second I’ll be right back give me give me a bit n be rude rude to do that all right is there not a fence post anywhere in amongst these

Things oh you need a fence post there’s one there’s one I’ve got one I got one I’ve got one okay okay okay prepare for your socks to be blown off Lauren all right my ant here so I’m going to try and be a bit more quiet okay what were you saying I’m just

Saying prepare for your socks to be blown off what if I don’t have socks on uh go go put some socks on real quick and then prepare for them to be blown off I don’t want to here we go oh I’ve got a diamond let me put that in the chest donate to

The church it’s important kids all right here we go now that I see what you’re doing and I uh uh uh come on please please don’t don’t walk off the edge don’t walk off the edge little horse should do this instead of R I’ve got a nice flower for

You oh my God this has never been scarier oh my God oh my God this is trying to get into the boat this is terrifying oh my God he’s walking he’s walking on the edge okay um okay look up no it’s all fine don’t you worry

Um this is the worst plan you ever had do not a great what I think you’re doing wish me luck gang wish me luck why are you throwing out this will be a fun ride I thought it would be like a carousel oh my [Laughter] goodness oh

My it’s ghost plant that didn’t work out witnessed a tragedy I I genuinely thought I would just sit there peacefully bing up and down peacefully I equipped him with all the stuff I just don’t I trusted that with all my faith I genuinely thought that was going to work it just s immediately

What was the name I didn’t even name the horse wow okay rip the horse Carousel Carousel the horse oh I don’t even have a lead anymore Oh I thought that was going to go so well in my mind there was no possible way that that could have failed oh

God Carousel we will avenge you yeah I’m writing this in my Bible there is another horse angel in heaven today Rest In Pieces Carousel the horse you’ll be missed I got a bone block so if we want to bone meal stuff we can Yeah we actually apparently have

Two I don’t know if I can go on after that grief I’ll be honest after all that hard work after all the hardship I it gave me in a row all the right items to make that work we gave you two of those I should

Have made like a a lower diving board to get him off of I think it was the initial force of falling that just pulled the got an actual chest oh the music stopped as I fell it all led up to that pivotal moment had no idea that was even going

To stop at that point that was insane oh my god do you have any dirt I do not I don’t have anything I got another pumpkin for you oh hell yeah the Wither is growing larger I like how it’s just elongating either side just keep getting longer

Well do you want to hold the funeral yeah I feel like we have to all right can we end this off with like a really overthe toop oh I just got a total on dying oh my God bring that bring that to the service can we end this off with an

Over-the-top like sad funeral for for the horse um enchanting table as well W where I get where do I put that flower I need to hold this and be sad here we go here’s some flowers where’s this funeral being held at the top in in the church obviously on oh I got another

Sapling all right come on everyone let me uh sorry one second let me uh how do I get I got a flower pot oh well we have plenty of Flowers this is a sad moment are you pulling up sad music maybe do you want this flower pot yes yes please oh it’s raining oh no oh Carousel you will be missed I don’t actually have a flower that fits in oh I do it just gave me one oh bad time to join

Ash OH welcome welcome nice to know I’m on stand I’m here on time for the funeral we’ve lost a dear and great soul today Cara sell the horse I wish you had that totem of dying before Oh take it I’m I’m take I’m putting my hat on and

Then I’m taking my head off out of out of sadness I just got a zombie head oh my God I’m going to light the a candle for Carousel the horse you didn’t live for long to a candle but in the in your short time you expressed love hearts

Towards us and you put on the armor the saddle and Dove off the edge with me riding on your back you trusted me and I am so sorry it didn’t really looked like it trusted you it ran away immediately yeah it tried to kill me as to its best ability

And I will throw off your favorite food this carrot to show my faith to you this isn’t Zach is looking down from above oh the Thunder the Thunder oh God looks down upon this cruel world knowing what he has done why is there a bow here who put a bow here

I th it off the edge I got a sapling we’re all living in the bowl of God oh we need dirt God please after this horrible sacrifice just give us dirt another I got another sapling as well please for so much you’ve taken away just give us this Things From Below

Them prophetic fallacy going hard exactly a music disc do we have a Juke we have a diamond make a juke box we need to play a sad tune I’m making a Juke back where is that crafting table Soldier was lost this day I can’t see I do have a mine cart

Hopper that would work but goodbye I don’t know goodbye Carousel oh go it’s this this like this the menacing sad one as well oh we have cat somewhere no Carousel why did you have to leave me when I threw you off that Ledge man what a Day oh my God wish Zach was here everything goes wrong when Zach doesn’t show up oh this what a sad sad World we’re in I’m about to stop my villain Arc next next time we do this we’ll carry on with this world and I’m I’m making my Evil Base

To in in retribution for the loss of Carousel the horse EV base who are you attacking I’m already up in the sky what does that have to do with being evil I can look down on you this is my evil I’m going to need that thing evil

Tunes what did you get what what did you actually get what what are you talking about music this is mine now this is for my evil this is my evil Tunes stop hitting me ow ow my face ow my face don’t hit me with your hoe ow it stays here you

Know no okay fine stays with me fine I get the disc though I have too much stuff in my inventory H what did you get what what what is the thing you’ve been hiding from me this whole time close us off secret yeah but what is the secret I understand it’s the

Secret what you get a diamond helmet one sec one sec one sec one sec one sec you going get SEC out in your trims oh I already had another right helmet God dang it what what did you get what did you get you want another have another helmet we’re about to finish

Anyway what what did you get a thing a weapon what weapon is it a cool one can you tell me Cliff yeah it’s like a it’s a cliffhanger of how am I going to combat this next stream better tune in what what did you what did an explosive is it

TNT no what other explosives are there an end Crystal like we demonstrated earlier when you blew up the entire base you really got me with that sound familiar Jaz and crystals huh how do we have got two flowers do we have a rail all right well somewhere no I got blown up never

Mind wow all right well thank you everyone for tuning in the horse die because of me yes it it warrants a villain up because I need to I need to make up for it in in oh there it is the horrible things that’s what I was looking for not the rail though I

Still need a rail all right well let me let me outro this thing how do I get you going away you deing yeah I’m going to I’m going to Deen and we can end up here we can carry on another day I’m almost up to your base whenever whenever you are

Free oh my God always here all right well thank you everyone for watching this has been a happy and then a sad a happy chaotic sad moment I think chaotic is the best word to use yeah I’m definitely going to make a stream highlights of this what if I

Make into Luigi’s friends video huh well rce you there oh no well go on quick end of the stream yeah I got go edit this well thank thank you everyone for coming by um we’ll we’ll get back to this when um Lauren are you free any time soon never never yeah that’s expected

She’s only free because of the fire alarm she’s actually outside on a field right now doing all this that’s why avoiding homework everything works all right well yeah two negatives make a positive all right thank you everyone for coming um I’ll see you next stream I’m glad to be back doing

Minecraft stuff I was a bit burnt out for a while but I’m I’m happy to be back carrying on cool things like this um this was very fun Jaz trying to photo pop in the background um yeah thank you everyone for coming oh oh my storage is full anyway yeah

Bye bye bye bye Bye

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  • INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!

    INSANE: Shark LICKS Friend in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Shark on 2024-04-14 20:16:27. It has garnered 37125 views and 2065 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:23 or 863 seconds. I Scared My Friend with EL LICK in Minecraft! Today we’re using the super scary EL LICK to fool my friend in Minecraft! BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVwQQvz8O_0aeFDBVcdhpg/join Merch – https://www.09sharkboy.com Subscribe! – http://bit.ly/1GtTBWj Join My Discord – https://discord.gg/shark My Socials Twitter – @09sharkboy Snapchat – TheLifeOfShark Instagram – @09sharkboy Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SharkMerch Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here… Read More

  • Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese Sweatshop

    Shocking Truth: DiamondSlushie Factory Revealed as Chinese SweatshopVideo Information This video, titled ‘Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop?’, was uploaded by DiamondSlushie on 2024-01-15 15:30:15. It has garnered 1521 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:11 or 11 seconds. Can a Factory be a Chinese Sweatshop, @CozyMcQ thinks it can. #minecraft #minecraftshorts #smp #chinese #factory Read More

  • Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob Fight

    Ultimate Battle: Bone Demon vs Warden! | Minecraft Mob FightVideo Information This video, titled ‘Skrier the bone demon vs Warden Plus | Minecraft Bedrock | Mob Battle’, was uploaded by Minecraft Bedrock Edition Battles on 2024-04-12 05:39:45. It has garnered 1510 views and 50 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:05 or 725 seconds. Always watch my mob battles full until the end, trust me your missing out the cool action scenes Addons Used/Credits to the Creators Enderis mobs Addon: https://discord.com/invite/RZX9XNEB Warden Plus Addon: https://youtu.be/qsgA_8YfK_0?si=cccxZCvrXvzWWYmn If you like the video please, Don’t Forget to Leave a Like and Subscribe to the Channel. It really helps me make more… Read More

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  • Nephthys Network

    Nephthys NetworkServidor survival para Minecraft Java y Bedrock 1.16.x Video: https://youtu.be/gAFXnxTkfu8 Características del server Survival pvp Duelos 1vs1 Clanes Meteoritos Piedras de protección Pase de batalla exclusivo del server Mascotas Tumbas para recuperar tus cosas Eventos de en el chat cada 20 min. Crea tus propios warps Nuevos encantamientos Mobs mejorados, más dificultad mc.nephthys.es Read More

  • Raw Charms – Vanilla Public SMP 1.20.4 – Active Community – No Limits – 30 Slots

    Server Information: Server IP: mc.twotimesacharm.com:25566 About TTAC: TTAC is a vanilla server with a friendly community and active players. We promote cooperation and reward players for bringing friends. Join us on our growing server! Server Features: Friendly Staff World Backups 24/7 Support No Lag Dedicated Server Discord Server Rules: Permanent Ban: No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Racism, Lag Machines, Threats, X-Ray, Bullying, Inappropriate Chat Allowed: PVP, Teaming, Farming, Griefing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding Additional Information: Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks Worlds Backed up Daily Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

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