Mari Yume: Minecraft Youtubers Forced to Give Gifts #BdaySurvival

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Bom um bum how much of chat should I show you think I should show all of that or should I like cut it so you can see the map yeah let’s cut it a little bit so you can see the map yeah what do you think

Yeah actually what if I bring you down a little bit more so you can like literally talk behind my ears can like whisper to me yeah hi everybody welcome back to my channel I’m Mari and I don’t have an F5 on my keyboard I don’t use like a big keyboard no more I

Have like a small keyboard so I don’t know how to do F5 on here that doesn’t exist for me darn it where my I hurt my oh that freaking hurt oh my God I hurt my I just slammed my hand I just slammed my freaking hand that’s oh

That hurts so bad that hurts so bad oh God okay that really hurt but hello it’s hard to believe how well animated the water is isn’t it gorgeous isn’t it gorgeous yeah I really hurt my pinky just now that kind of sucked um oh I do have an FN key

Oh what do you not like the first person view you like this better I forgot to change my skin I didn’t have Time whoops I didn’t have time to do that uh oh that’s okay we can uh we can uh what’s it called I’ll I’ll do it for tomorrow I just didn’t have time today shaders do make a huge difference uh like they make such a big difference and no press it

Again why you want me to look at you uh no I hate this oh God I hate this this is terrible I’m just stepping on you what why why do you want me to play it like this what it why I’m just looking down on you like the degenerates you

Are what shaders are these uh I don’t remember it’s uh I have it’s in my description I don’t remember the name of it you can press exclamation point shaders to find out what shaders I’m using I don’t remember like you’re asking too much of me you’re asking way too much of me right

Now ah let’s see um shoot what was I going to say um it’s good to see you all again thank you so much for all the birthday wishes by the way from yesterday um today we have a goal we’re going to be trying to make cake and I know we need

Eggs so we need chickens and we need sugar so we need sugar cane and I was talking to Bri and I think she said she had sugar cane back at the home base it’s for if you want to look at the camera for Content oh oh okay I understand now

Okay let’s go to your mom oh wow what the okay so Bri’s been cooking apparently Bri has really been cooking we have trees now and she has another animal she’s got a blue jay dude I’ve been gone for one day what happened there’s pillars now oh she wasn’t kidding when she said

She had sugarcane dude I literally what happened to the little farming plots that we had why is there just a hole here oh she made a dungeon for the restaurant that’s awesome wow wow okay so where are our little pots you need TNT to bake a real cake

You know shh no no no no no no no no no no no no see we’re good today we’re we’re so good we’re definitely well behaved and we’re not going to we’re not going to put any TNT in it you press F1 and gets rid of the UI I

Don’t mind the UI though it’s okay I don’t mind it uh yeah I was going to say I I know I didn’t get what the hell is that do you see that dude it’s only like day four I know it’s day three for me but it’s only day four and

People are building some Coliseum with lava flowing down from it bro what I don’t even know where Bri is to be honest so I yes buen Building buies building CO what what what is buies buing Co is this what is this what we’re calling the rest okay I guess this is what we’re calling the restaurant yeah dude I’m okay guys I I guess I have to play every day because like I feel like I missed so

Much you ever like take a break from watching like your favorite streamer because I don’t know life gets in the way and let’s say you’re gone for like a week and then you come back and then you realize your Oshi had completely rebranded red debuted it goes under a

New like for Persona I don’t know why that word just slipped uh like a new persona and yeah you just feel like everything that you once knew is gone I don’t even recognize this place anymore it’s almost kind of like ruins well at least she left the animals behind well I guess um

When we see her we’ll we’ll have like a little discussion on uh what she wants me to do but you know what that’s fine because we’re going to be we’re going to try to get some cake stuff so oh that’s so much bamboo oh she even took the time to organized the

Chest look at that she actually organized the chest Wow except this one this is the only one that I guess uh is going to suffer H okay so this one’s the block one so I put my blocks here I guess I’m putting my blocks here then and this and this uh okay where does she want the

Ores does she want oh she wants them here okay maybe she wants the potions here too where does she want the string I guess in here for now cobwebs in here yeah I will just put the cobes in here and I don’t know what she wants

With this so she can have that I will take the arrows because I’m going to be using a lot of bows I’m a Bowie what the heck oh I was like I hear voices in my head oh you have a little fox yeah what’s his name um um um homeless homeless I like that I like that Homeless it’s got a ring to it huh it does it’s very nice

It’s very nice dang what brings you over to this part blue oh I’m trying to find rare animals you know I I I am I I’ve heard what kind of rare animals you looking for um to be honest I don’t know what I’m looking for that’s why I’m looking

For Animals I saw um on day one when I reached to the edge of the map they had like these I don’t know if they’re like deer or what they are but they had antlers no way you found like a deer for real something like that had antlers on

It huh I’ve seen zebra from other people I’ve seen W hogs in the wild I’ve seen the regular you know the fox the pig all that stu um the birds are kind of rare you have a blue bird I have a cardinal and also uh the yellow one you have but

There’s also a robin oh and I have a cat just like you but it’s a a different color I’m going to be honest with you these aren’t even my pets well well there you go I stole them stole them it’s cool I love how we said that at the same

Time well these are Breeze animals I don’t know where she went uh I actually have no idea where she yeah she’s well I I think she’s here I actually let me see you don’t need to be seen with Bri she’s uh uh how do I say this

So a loser yeah oh shoot dude I’ve been gone for a day like yesterday was my birthday so I wasn’t on here oh happy late birthday thank you thank you I congratulations on being 21 again it’s crazy I yeah isn’t it crazy I it’s so

Nice to be able to drink again like it’s just it’s crazy legally you know I I’m on a search to get cake I I think Bri is starting to get sugarcane for me now I have to find chickens yeah oh those aren’t that bad the key there

Is not only to find the chicken is but to get to EG the egg and then throw the eggs down for more chickens you know that’s the key that’s really the key I thought you supposed to give them seeds yeah but you know when you get the

Eggs you throw them down so they make more chickens then you get more and by like braiding them through seeds and blah blah blah blah blah I see I see what you mean I I see what you you mean okay you know what you know what yeah

You can do it the regular way but the the eggs is op a lot of people don’t use that method dang I’m going to have to try that out then you know this really brings the question what came first the chicken or the egg and you know what I

Think today’s stream I’m going to find out yeah hey let me know when you figure that out because I’ve been wondering for probably at least probably eight months maybe going on nine so yeah I’d like to answer that dang that’s almost about to give birth you know that’s like that’s

Like a full ter exactly dang all right exactly I’ll let you get back with your fox hunting yeah well you have a good one and uh tell Bri that D4 said you know what I got you I got you man thank you we’ll cross again open up your mouth

Yeah hey Bri open up your mouth and then she when she goes say ah she goes ah just real quick I got you right in there right in the back I got you I’ll do that she’s gonna love it she’s gonna love that she love that take care thank you

See what a nice gu guy wow what a nice guy wait was the music really loud I can turn it down if it’s too loud I was a bit concerned about the cat noise for a second I thought was one no it’s it’s it’s this one it’s this loud one he talks a

Lot Bri actually like lit up torches too what a smart being like look at her dude she’s protecting me she’s protecting me is it sad that I just want to like sit here and just kind of like gaze like gaze over to the sky and look at the

Moon and the stars they’re so pretty um how do how do I load this again oh it’s like this oh yeah there we go I love my crossbow Okay so let me the spitting sound of my PE I’m going to do it I hope you realize like I will definitely do

It I think I want to sell these items I need to go get some crowns oh apparently we can trade crowns with each other too um so she has all this bamboo she has L I don’t know what happened to our pots but okay or the watering Can well I guess we’ll go sell these and then we’ll get ourselves some oh wait I should have torches oh I do I do I do have okay all right okay put that here okay let’s go let’s go sell these things have I gotten my no I have not I

Haven’t gotten any of my chicken birthday stuffs no I haven’t I have some stuff that’s coming in pretty soon oo it works oo it works it works a I’m a pro bow a pro bow gamer that’s right yeah I’m a pro bow gamer ah welcome in everyone come hang out and

Chill and VI as we go get we’re going to make cake that’s the goal goal is to make cake oh there’s just a lot of random holes oh my God I’m just watching him with his exotic animal oh he killed something I’m going to take that exp thank you

I can travel at night I’ve walked alone at night plenty of times I’ve only been kidnapped like if I had to give like a percentage of how many times people have attempted to kidnap me i’ I’ve been able to get to point A to point B just

Fine what mod pack is this uh I don’t know I don’t know I’m in an SMP so I have no idea thank you so much for the raave by the way sleepy thank you how you welcome everybody I’m Mari and we’re going to what is this who are you what are you Doing he’s just floating I think I think the plac looks good the light I feel like we’re peeking in on the conversation uh it it oh I feel like we’re peeking in on conversation he’s talking to he’s having an inner anime you like those anime moments you have those monologues he’s just

Monologuing oh wow the NPCs have changed a lot too oh we finally can sell blocks I heard that they organized all the blocks so now I I can finally like actually sell blocks nice I did not mean to hit you sir I’m I’m sorry for

That I don’t know he uh I think it is a Gyarados head he’s just floating I think he’s coming back though either that I’m hearing more noises in my head I don’t Know dude this looks so good this look the dude how are people already going this fast what the heck I don’t understand I literally don’t understand how people are able to do this so fast whoops buy this buy this oh God okay apparently I’m being attacked now

Yes yes this sucks dude this sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks they’re all attacking me they’re all attacking me this sucks I’m just trying to sell my fish who wants some this now want some this oh I think the skeleton does here we go there we go

Yay there we go there you go do I have a birthday yeah of course dude what the [ __ ] why are there so many of them I literally just want to sell my fish go away leave me alone I literally just want to sell my fish is that so much to ask for dude

Apparently children are attacking me and I hate them I hate children stupid little evil Gremlins stupid [ __ ] go away go away don’t touch me don’t talk to me don’t talk to me or my friend I’m an oky shot I guess I guess they can all burn in

Hell no charge your swe no oh I’m too smooth brain for that I’m just going to run away I’m going to run away and they’re all going to burn and die and I will eat this don’t you know fish Merchants are prone to mini zomb attack no Minecraft is super cool looking I

Have shaders turned on though that makes it look nice okay let’s go let’s let try this again now I’m pretty good with the bow and arrow if I do say so myself I’m glitching trying to eat okay well you know what to do get yourself

Some gamer Subs while I Rel log use for 10% off by the way that’s what I’m drinking today I’m drinking anime thighs by the way Minecraft is so good what is annp um you know you’re asking some really good questions here you’re asking some very good questions we do have a public server

That people can join um I’m in like a a private one but we do have like a public one so if you do exclamation point SMP you can join and have um what’s it called have the same exact map as us I think there’s a lot of people on right now

Too I’m drinking anime thighs from gamer subs and you could drink it too I want to sell These okay thanks I can’t do anything with the bass I don’t remember who wanted those somebody did oh wait he wanted them alive though oh I they’re just dead well now that I’ve sold all of that listen I don’t need to know what abbreviations mean I just need to abbreviate that’s all that

Matters oh my God you turned around you just met me and now you have to drink anime yes yes that’s how it works you need to drink thighs come on what’s what’s wrong with a little bit of thighs is it it’s pretty cool right right hi Liberty you’re pretty POG

Champ and your name is Justice I don’t have anything cool for all of you just yet okay I’m just broke and I’m poor and I’m a loser and I’m ugly I’m going to go back home I’m going to take this flint and I’m going to cook myself some

Food oh wait you don’t use Flint you use coal use coal Mari coal what’s the difference between the blast furnace and just a normal furnace And then we have a smoker can I put this in here oh oh oh hey now only two of those things are hey wait a minute what do you mean no I’m not only two of those things the true wait I’m going to get the sugar cane actually yes we’re on task today

We’re on task I I’m smart okay I know not to kill all of it we only we only do two I I know this now I know I’ve made this mistake I’ve made this mistake before cuz you’re supposed to let them grow right so you just leave them like that

Wait can I grow more if I plant more down the answer is yes why did Bri put it right here though why not just move it all the way over here somewhere I mean you have a hole down here you can use buckets of lava ooh I did not know

That I did not know that oh blast furnace that you smelt on ore blocks tools and armor oh Gamers Subs has Grandpa’s ashes and it’s called guacamole uh guacamole gamer fart that’s what you’re thinking of yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s what you’re thinking of all right well let’s go get some

Chickens then I I guess we’ll go find some chickens don’t try to do more sugar cane oh apparently I can’t plant anymore okay we have to go find chickens should I take no no wait no wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I promise we’re going to go get

Chickens I’m just uh making sure I have everything I need I’m unsure of myself I want my food okay now we’ll go now we’ll go we’ll go get some some chickens I need seeds for chickens I will find chickens I like the sound this makes it makes such a good sound

Thank you for the happy blad birthday messages I appreciate that thank you this is a big hole H this is a pretty body of water is this just naturally here did somebody make this cuz there’s like whatever this is is this supposed to be like a monument is someone making some Monument some

Statue God it’s so weird only I I should have played yesterday on my birthday I don’t know why I wanted to have like a fun celebration stream because like everyone’s doing all these cool things and all I do is just take and Destroy like what is this who made this what is

This supposed to be huh like what’s going on here what’s going on H eventually I will find chickens I’m hoping hello I have a question for you neck of the woods oh yes do you know where the chickens are uh Uh I saw one a bit ago I’ve been on a quest mountains in the mountains H I’m trying to find chickens darn okay we’re in a forested Highlands at the moment there was one back over this way they might still be there but they definitely spawned this

Way so what you’re saying is I’m I’m I’m dumb and I’m bad no just kidding I mean that’s also true all of my interaction all of my interactions you have been you showing me things the first thing was the [Laughter] hole and now it’s chickens I’m just trying

To remember how far away far back it was I’m just slowly trying to get the whole map revealed oh yeah no I I remember seeing one like literally just one yeah I think someone’s been hoarding them all so we like oh oh that’s a flower I did that earlier

Too um yeah I think someone has quite a few at their base and it’s stopping the like animal cap from spawning in the wild oh so we might need to call them oh you know what that makes sense okay I’m gone for one day one freaking

Day yeah well someone’s just been spam I think I think gassie has a decent number of chickens to be honest you might be able to just steal one that’s true I mean they notice how would they notice just one chicken going by you know it’s

Just just one I think they had about 30 or 40 of them so God notice yeah also I have a question for you you know since I I caught you over here you’re like the only person I saw over here what are you doing in the

Woods a so I’m just doing the whole map oh oh oh you just said that right yeah I was listening you’re good I mean JoJo’s just over that way you kind of see some campfire if you look across the water just straight across between those two red actually it depends on your

Render distance oh but it’s this way where you’re looking over there okay you know what you know what I I might I honestly might just ask if I could have a chicken cuz like I’m just trying to make cake it was my birthday yesterday

And I wanted to make a cake you want the eggs for let me check out my house quickly if I have eggs there one sec yeah yeah I literally just need an egg look at that see what happens when you ask everybody see what happens all I

Had to do is ask and now I can get an egg I just want an egg Ah that’s all it takes isn’t there a map item in this I I don’t know there might be uh R there is let me see I do not have any eggs unfortunately

That’s okay that’s okay I might just go over there and just ask like hey like I don’t need what I do have though was that oh my God you know what I appreciate this a lot I all I have is a seed is that honey that’s a that’s a bees nest full

Of honey how do you get honey uh I think you click on it with a bucket I’m going to test I love how you just dumped the bucket Let Me Google quickly ask if they like jazz I guess he doesn’t watch the Bee Movie it’s a glass bottle let me check

If I have any at harm oh if you don’t I definitely have one I just don’t have it on me I’m dumb so we’re not going to do the chicken I’m so going to get chickens cuz I need I need a lot of cake I’m not just

Getting one cake I need a lot a lot of cake well Im oh my God you scared me oh God glass bottles so yeah we’ll just try this out I’ll get ready to run okay is it working uh yeah I got some honey but they’re not they’re meant to attack and

They’re not attacking you know what I take the I was going to say we’ll take the wi I was ready I was so ready another thing you can do is you can have mobs show up on your uh the mini map yeah so if you just run around and just

See if a chicken spawns on there oh can that make him spawn yes well you can show them on that mini map as well so they’ll show up as a little chicken icon you know what I might have have to do that honestly dang okay all right I I I

Appreciate your help how do I say your name chickens uh J Dude J oh it is just J Dude I wasn’t sure if it was J Dude or Jude I was like I’m not sure I get Jude a lot MH I do get Jude a lot m i get you

Um but no definitely if uh Gass is on here I know he has chickens and a lot of them if you can find where his base is you can potentially just rans sack a couple chickens or some eggs you know that sounds so much more fun than

Actually doing like honest to God work so you know what oh I honestly thought that was about to sting you I thought there was like Hey I did too that’s why I was keeping an eye I was like is he angry might got to about to stab have you ever been licked

By a bee before huh well well think about it if a bee if you get stunned by a bee isn’t it kind of like being licked by them think about it they have honey right so if you have honey on you and a bee licks you then you get honey on your

Arm why why do I have honey on my arm because you didn’t tell me if you liked jazz oh [ __ ] good luck on your map by the way I’m going to go try to get chickens I like CH yeah get those chickens I hope you can find some thank you we’ll meet again

Probably and I’ll probably ask you for help on something else later on find something else at some point Thank you out for any chickens or eggs if I I appreciate it thank you thank you you too all right ooh I see the cabin over here okay I don’t think that’s how that works

I I I’ve been I have asked so many people on this SMP if they’ve been licked by a bee and they’ve all given me like a very confused like response I’m like is it really that difficult of a question like am I really asking like too much

But thank you for the happy play birthdays by the way thank you bye Jude oh oh J Jude oh who is this oh it’s a trophy oh wow this is so cozy wow they even put like a little oh my God this is so nice look they have like a whole layout over

Here JoJo j honey Mitsy this is so nice what the heck you find a chicken wait wait was there a chicken where did you see the chicken I don’t see it on my mini wait where did where did you see it where did you see the chicken chicken I see

Mobs we doing chicken wow I was hoping to see a chicken there are a lot of mobs over here I am looking at my mini map for chickens I am looking I am looking H H oh God I did not see that I was too busy looking at my mini map

Go away leave me alone I just want chickens dude why is everyone building such cool things here going on what is going on what what what I do I just teleport here and you just we we’re going to startop meeting like this I I mean hey hey it’s not my fault that you

Just so happen to be exactly where I am at the same time you nor of here you likeed around wa want careful behind you I I’ve just been wandering you’re just going to take it but don’t bully my friend No Bully don’t bully my friend No Bully No Bully No

Bully No Bully no anyway so it’s not my fault that you just shut up wherever I am that’s just is it must be Faith that’s a great anime series yes it is many episodes well depends are we talking about the anime or the mobile game or the the the visual

Novel oh don’t even get me started it’s too much that’s too much that’s how you know he’s a real fan who built this oh my God oh God I am not Oh oh I’ll take the salon oh it respawns stuff for me dude these are so much better Now I’m doing villager Impressions it’s a water bottle it has no effects on it but I’ll take it I didn’t realize these respawn so these don’t respa every week like we were thinking this definitely responded like look at these it’s j like the anime like the anime oh God they’re multiplying oh

Okay okay there’s just nothing there I Guess man is this the episode J Dude and Mario for a party I don’t know if I keep running into him I might I might do that and if you’re still working on your homework anime you should probably uh you should probably do you should probably do your homework you should you

Should probably do your homework oh give me that I want to put something right here cuz people come in here so like these areas that I’m in these are like little chest areas that you can go loot that respawn I’m guessing every couple of days or or something I don’t know but

Like I know people are going to come by here often so I kind of this is my idea I want to bake cakes and then next to the cakes like for example this is a perfect spot to put a cake and then buy the cake when people like come in like

Oh wow it’s cake and I want to have a sign that says cake and then like I want there to be some kind of like note or something and I want to write some kind of cryptic message or something you know like that’s kind of like my goal that’s

What I’m hoping for that’s why I need cakes because there are certain spawn areas that everybody’s going to be coming to and so I want to make cake throughout the whole S&P and just leave like these little notes these little Trails these little L bits you know how do I make

Sugar oh that’s it that’s it oh that’s easy nice I have sugar oh oh oh maybe I can find an egg in like a an area or Something no no no no no leave me alone don’t touch me don’t look at me don’t Don’t perceive me I am about a small noodle no there you go the cake is a lie I could do that I could there should be more areas around here for me to loot I

Did not check every little house like there could be another cake right here you know like I just want to have I just I just want to troll people ooh give me all of these I’m already full what the Heck I just ate a raw Cod I am an ID I thought it was Cooks okay um oh this is the cooked one oh Mario to make a cake at the sacrifice J dude it’s comments you know what you might be right I think you’re right also hello

Welcome in everyone we’re going to sacrifice people for our cake ooh that’s like good frosting I like that idea I like it I like it let’s put a pin on that remind me later I’ll forget in like 10 minutes m H oo what’s going on in here this is interesting oh

Oh okay yeah let’s just jumped out oh is that it oh that’s a little disappointing I guess h what about in you know it doesn’t matter anyways cuz I’m already stacked so why don’t we just go back homes yeah well they don’t need to know

I use people for it they don’t need to know who’s going to tell them not you right you wouldn’t tell them you’d be a good noodle right of course cuz you’re a good noodle you wouldn’t you wouldn’t betray me like that right yeah yeah so we’re good we’re okay Wow we have a lot of glass Bottles I’m G to put the Sug right here he just got a bucket of salmon can I breed salmon is that possible can you make the fish breed is that possible or is that not possible asking for a friend that’s a lot of stuff but know it I’m I’m trying okay it’s hard Minecraft is

Like one of the hardest games I’ve ever played all right I like to see you get eggs that fast yeah yeah you think about that okay let’s not eat wait can I sell I can sell the Cod I can sell the Cod you’re right Mari you’re right you

Can sell the Cod but you know what else you can do Mari you can steal yeah o I like that better no I can’t breed F that sucks that sucks and that’s stupid how many games I’ve played I’ve played I’ve played all of them i’ I’ve played all of the

Games um I got gifted a couple of games off my uh steam wish list I need to play them I need to play them we have a lot of games that I I want to play we’re going to keep going until I find whatever the heck that guy was

Talking about what was he talking about he said I don’t remember where he said that place was wait what are they all voting on he only cares to listen to lowercase letters Chad had text to speech him I’m going to senior assault if this old man doesn’t listen to me

What I don’t know what the I don’t know what they’re all talking about but I participated in this is Bri not online she’s not even online dude what she just hates me am I going to level up Expo no I’m not going I’m not going anywhere funs

And cools like that wait what happened to my map oh I was like what happened to my map okay Minecraft is hard you have to like build stuff you have to like actually craft and I’m not used to that I’m going pretty far how do I

Oh oh this is the map I was like how do I find out the map he said it’s by where the mountains are is where chickens are so does that mean I have to go over here Bri should hit J oh Bri what happened to our base where

Did all my plants go hey hold on I have questions for you first of all who the who the [ __ ] is this who’s this and then what is this and what are those and where am I and like and why did you plant the sugar cane right here by the chest I can’t

Multi this I’m about to get on I have made a deal a deal for our plants I worked hard for those what the heck egg oh oh egg yes I need eggs oh my God I need oh my I need eggs I need eggs right bre has changed this whole I I

Don’t even recognize this place anymore who am I has requested a telep oh I accepted I accepted I accept it oh you you found an egg egg egg egg egg how did you how did you get these egg I I came across someone’s base in the middle of

Nowhere while clearing out the map and they had a bunch of ducks so I just walked in there and they all dropped down eggs there’s ducks in this game there’s ducks okay okay okay Ducks now okay okay hear me out hear me out we steal the Ducks you can steal the

Duck you can steal the duck no I might I’ve literally I was like trying to figure out how to open up the map I was spamming every button and uh what’s it called uh out of nowhere I I saw you say egg and I was like oh oh okay egg oh

That’s why it looks like this it’s a duck egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg wait how do you make them reproduce uh seeds I believe the Ducks you just oh so you can throw that on the ground and it has a I think like a one

In 10 chance to spawn a baby duck and then they grow up and then if you have two ducks you can get more Ducks oh you want me to show you where the Ducks are so you can get more eggs yes let me figure out where my closest TP is okay probably

L egg Boy Egg boy I don’t know why everyone’s calling you egg boy right now egg Boy Egg EG egg yeah I think loot Village is probably the closest gotcha we should steal the Ducks Target player is not online what what what do you mean he’s not online what

Oh yes yes it’s just dead sou from here South is this way okay yeah also this is another loot Village if you haven’t hit these chest wait really wait there’s that animal oh my God that’s the rare animal that I saw oo the deer there’s like an animal

Net or something you can get and I have no idea how to get it wait what kind of animal there’s like an animal net for catching animals ooh I wonder if you catch it with is does it work on any animals I think so but I’m not sure cuz

I can’t find it in like the the item inventory system that they have for seeing all the items oh darn I was going to say cuz I’d have a new plan if that was the case I’d be like okay what we do is we get one of those and then we steal

People’s animals we steal the Ducks let me check the mod and see if I can find it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love how he’s just down to help me steal animals I’m not going to lie like this is this is awesome he’s just he’s just chill but

He’s like you know what L someone that had it earlier yeah yeah I canot find it in the side but yeah to the Ducks yes uhhuh oh see yeah feel free to hit these chests oh oh I’ll take those honestly what’s it called I I think these respawn um way sooner than

We realized because I think some of us were talking about how these respawn like a week but I the other spawn point that I went to like the treasure points they had like brand new things in there they do yeah so make make sure you actually take

Everything out of the chest because yeah the other spawn place that I went to stuff in there they don’t redo it I’m not that’s my theory because that would makees sense yeah yeah that’s what I think since um I it’s only been a couple of days but the other spawn place I had

Yeah I had new items in there damn I’m going to have to recheck all the ones yeah even if it’s like junk so it might not have redone yet oh yeah that yeah that makes sense it’s just a theory get you a homie that would help you hijack other people’s animals

Yeah like I’m not here to make anything creative and transformative and like help our economy I’m here to ruin the economy because I am the economy yep just here this is such a like remote random place I’m what the I was stuck he has such a weird way of like

Walking over here I’m like getting caught between these Vines oh oh my God why does he have so so many I don’t know duck aoy and you just walk around and they’ll just drop eggs randomly and then you can eat them oh so I don’t even have to steal a duck

I literally just have to like so the seeds is what makes them reproduce yeah so you can right click on them with seeds and they okay it might not be SE are they looking they’re looking at meing at you yeah they yeah they’re looking at me uh of two of

Them see love flating up from them it’s not well I have wheat I have wheat seeds is it bread maybe darn I left my bread back at the house uh I know for chickens it’s seeds yeah try that bread see if that works I’m going to name this home

No it’s not bread what the hell I named this duck so I can come back here for ducks you can’t steal me oh oh thank you thank you egg they’re not even like respawning eggs for me right now I’m just like come on guys come on come on don’t you don’t you want

Some of these come on oh they do is there like a max amount you can have in like a little area like this cuz I know this is kind of small um you will start hitting entity cramming and then they’ll just spontaneously die but that will be like

If you stand in there they start pushing around like crazy like if there’s any sort of space it’s fine oh okay that makes sense yeah yeah dang and this person is just who whose area is this I have no idea I tried finding there just as a sign to say leave the

Death but I can’t find anything else leave the Ducks alone hm yeah well we’re not we’re not we’re not touching the duck I mean I can’t read so I heard it poop one of them poop it yeah yeah yeah it’s like how I can’t read there’s nothing there absolutely nothing yeah you know

Just I just love how like you’re just you’re you’re just down like you know what yeah why not let’s just steal people Stu crime am I right well technically it’s not a crime because if they poop out the eggs and I pick it up I’m just helping the litter I’m picking up the

Littered if we’re not here to pick it up exactly the lag on the server yeah yeah exactly exactly I’ll be here for a bit I guess and I’ll try to spawn you how what’s the percentage you said it was 1% uh no that’s yeah so when you throw

The egg on the ground you’ll have I think it’s like 105% somewhere in there to SP a duck out of the egg okay um and then will lay an egg every to 10 minutes roughly gotcha Ducks take wheat seeds melon seeds and pumpkin seeds or beetroot

Seeds but I have oh is it because I was down there what if I do this it’s not working though can you right click on them with it no it’s not letting me right click reload Rel oh oh you’re right hold on one moment yep yep I was like what’s going on gamer

Subs uh you know use my code for uh um 10% off good luck it brings me good luck for the uh Ducks all right let’s try this now damn I think they just hate you I’m used to it is it really right click is it not is

It or is it left click wait check the here let me let me if you left click you’ll punch them oh yeah I don’t want that yeah uh check me some seeds let me give it a try see if something doubt it’s a really real emergency house

Fire what the hell apparently it’s a house fire you fed yours raw fish sounds oh I guess click on them that’s so weird well I guess I’ll come back to this it seems like was there a fire duck yeah oh I did I literally named it

Ducks all right I guess let’s go see what’s did you do SL spawn yeah okay okay all right let’s see what’s going on to the Firehouse Firehouse Firehouse make some good Subs I’m just saying oh my God oh boy what is going on it’s okay I’m going to just sit there and collect

Eggs the fire what is this there’s just no walls Anymore oh God turns out violence is the violence is always the answer Jesus Christ yes yes yes them yes I think I did one damage what the hell is that that’s it I’m just using the crossbow it’s the only I’m actually good at what the dude this is what happens when you allow

Transformers in a game guys we canot make fun of Pokey forever time wow my God are we we’re never going to recover from uhoh why are we the neighbor Shack not the Llama man oh no the neighbor Shack even too oh god wow also welcome and everybody uh as you can

Tell be to this is what happen you should probably call 911 oh oh God I’m out I should have got a kick for that get out of here wow wow man this crazy that’s crazy man this is crazy bases too his enchanting table got [ __ ] I did nothing this

Entire time I literally just kind of like showed up I did one hit and that was it to not be spey again no knows again looked like a genin impact I I kind of arrived near the end to be honest but everyone came look at all

These people who just came any of the snails spey oh my God snails there’s snails your Snails there’s like nothing here murder yeah it’s just blocks I’ll take those the arsonist becomes the victim you can’t hide behind a firehouse we know your true Colors my snails are on the roof I think man that’s crazy the the conspiracy runs deep it’s deep I’m convinced my birthday is Curse I’m not going to lie something bad always happens on my birthdays I’m so sorry oh well happy birthday it was yesterday it was yesterday but still

Okay the one day I’m not on there is a conspir I knew there was a conspiracy see this is oh screenshot this this is what I’m going to write on my cake you know how I said I’m going to leave little notes I should write this oh my

God oh my God we got to save this we got to save this we got to save this how do I how do I how do I screenshot how do I screenshot I need this written down I need to write this so I can mess with

People shoot how do I I how do I I don’t have a phone how do I take a picture Um Um here let me Stupid Zombies won’t leave me alone man this is so dumb I just want to take a picture of that open a notepad oh I don’t know what version of Minecraft this I actually I don’t know anything I am the worst person to be asking questions like

This I incapable of doing very simple tasks like taking a freaking screenshot okay um uh I’m going to open up a notepad because I need to mess with people I’m going to make a sticky note okay all right so they wrote in chat the arist becomes the victim you can’t hide behind a

Firehouse we know your true colors okay all right was there anything I can’t go up that far okay so it’s an Angus Golem was there any other words that were all like weird and ambiguous can I filter these can I filter These Warnings on the chat I wrote it down because these are

The signs I’m going to make when I want to mess with people I don’t follow the crowd good thing they stream be a v on you I mean hey they don’t need to know it was me they don’t need to know I won’t tell them if you don’t tell them anyways

Um okay let’s take our bets let’s take our BS let’s go back to your mom and let’s try to spawn some ducks I really hope I get a duck I really hope I wait wait should I like build a little thing for them here let’s build a little

Uh I don’t know how to build a thing is it a called a Fence oh um oh oh okay okay okay okay we’re cooking we’re cooking okay I Need Just One of These listen you might be dogging on me for like writing the down but that’s how I come up with all my ideas I just see something and I steal it and then make

It for Content that is how I do it that is my business model I have a cherry sapling nice they can sap on sap On I’m going to build some chicken well they’re not well they’re not chickens Mar they’re Ducks oh well this isn’t good what if I just put the gate right there I have a cherry gate my Gate’s pretty my gate is really pretty I have a pretty gate I have a very pretty gate

And you’re just jealous cuz you’re dumb wait the seab bears seab bears I need stick I need stick yes and now I need more fence I need more fence wait what how do I not have enough stupid this game is stupid give me my f i don’t want want

This stupid Spruce one I want Cherry also thank you so much I lost oh my cats hey lucky found me thank you so much for the sub I appreciate it thank you for the happy birthday wishes guys I appre I really do appreciate it um is this how you make a

Fence that’s not okay no I’m stupid okay it’s it’s stick stick fence fence fence fence yes I I know it’s a a SpongeBob It’s a SpongeBob R you know there are bears here I’m just saying there are indeed Bears they exist okay I I have to do stick

Stick this this this this give me stick stick stick stick yes and then this this this this this this this this give me give me more thank you the Blends yes yes yes no idea what they’re talking about but okay another clue if you must inquire directly salth from one that

Catches fire creates fire oh God as they all gather to fight away and S a treasure place today it Blends another clue if you must inquire directly south from one that creates fire I don’t care do I look like I can even like I don’t care you guys can have fun

Doing that I am going to focus on stealing things I mean committing to I mean I I am a good noodle where’s my little Gate entrance oh there it is how would you like to know the color blue it’s always blue the answer is always blue thank you for the birthday

Wishes everyone and if you would like some boba um that costs extra I can spit in your mouth would that be better it’s found by Hades so what you’re saying is I TP to Hades no no I’m just kidding shoot out the accept that’s kind of annoying Uh I want to make a little flooring real quick someone’s just on a horse we East I thought you said weast ooh you know what it doesn’t matter okay let’s let’s hope we get a duck let’s hope we get a duck I got a duck first try

Let’s go yeah let’s freaking I got it duck let’s go come on tell me that wasn’t cool I I I have priorities first of all okay but like second of all come on tell me that wasn’t cool tell me that wasn’t cool tell me that wasn’t cool huh yeah

Isn’t what were the chances of that happening huh huh huh yeah first try first try first try let’s go baby our cake mission’s really going to come to fruition myy doy everyone’s getting this really awesome cool sick treasure meanwhile I got a Duck um yep that was all my luck my luck was this one little tiny duck can I make it grow up how do I make it grow up do I I have to give it raw fish right you like raw fish eat it eat it eat eat the

Fish it is fish oh yeah eat the fish you’re so smart you’re such a smart little baby I’m going to get you more fish because I can’t do anything with the stupid Cod I literally can’t do anything with the Cod it’s just wasted material oh is that all my Cod oh oh oh

Oh I can ask you has any grapes um H do you eat cooked ones no no I guess I just eat the cooked ones will he die if I leave him alone you tear three Subs so how will the duck contribute to the I need eggs I

Need lots of eggs and I need sugar any want away W Wana and then he waddled away W Wana and then he waddled away Wana Wana to the very next day b b sorry I didn’t mean to yell in your ear sorry I have raw samon but I can sell

That this is is hard is Bri even online yet yo what the hell Bri she’s not she’s missing the duck doesn’t he despawn if you don’t give him a name how do I give him a name how do I give him a name how do I give

Him a name how do I name him how do I do I got to get a name tag okay I’ll go get a name tag I’ll get name I’ll go get a name tag right Now okay will he will will he stay will he stay will he stay will you be my pet duck it’s not working it’s not working am I glitched hold on let me reconnect what was your name what was his name it’s not letting me how do I it’s not

Working shouldn’t despawn just like where you found the egg okay okay you need an anvil why do I need an anvil an anvil will HT him why would I need an anvil I thought he would take seats but Anvil choosing the name then tagging I don’t know no to name the name tag oh this sounds so complicated I why can’t I just name him like why is it going to be so Complicated actually wait hold on give me back those Cherry saplings I’m going to go plant the cherries over here yeah I’ll I don’t know there we go the fire hall will be back better than ever stronger than ever more fire more on fire than ever you want to vote on calling him

Grapes I said the same thing now there’s a I’m just reading the how long does it take for him to grow do I just have to keep feeding him and no to embed the name on the name tag then right click Him uh do I have to give him a name or is he okay just by himself write names on the name tags not on the creature oh oh oh oh oh man Minecraft is so hard why can’t I just name him wait where’ this water can come from has this always been here

No well I guess I guess we have to go get fish for him or something or I can just do the easy thing where I just go over here duck H man everybody’s like all over the place right now look they’re all like over here who is this actually where the thing

Is who are these people are these people thanks con for hanging out there must be an anvil in the cave breed I don’t why do I need the Anvil though I don’t understand why I need it wait I don’t think these are people I think these are just

Things nice Ducks don’t touch my ducks poop more eggs for for me poop more eggs poop more eggs keep pooping poop poop more eggs now well or I will do the things I’m not supposed to do oh I could go fishing the army of crackers is going

Strong how do you load it’s been a while hi G Cola I am indeed an SMP you load a name onto the tag how do you do that though die die die die I don’t want to like make his Ducks die because of the mob so I’m going to like I’m going to

F off I guess I’ll just collect my last bit of eggs thank you eggs thank you thank you for the eggs and I’ll F off I have more eggs I did it I have two ducks I did it all by myself and I didn’t have to steal anything that is all my hard

Work I did it yay I did it I’m so proud of myself I did it I did it I did it I did it night night M I’m so happy now I have to make them I have to make them grow up somehow I guess I have to go fishing or

Some wait I think I can buy fish at the spawn area why are you backwards okay um oh wait I don’t think I can buy fish no I can’t buy fish oh no I can’t because he only buys you can only buy fishing rods from him and sell him fish you can’t actually

Buy fish darn what do you sell sofas a TV stand dude what oh okay can I I want to buy a plushy red also oh wait really how much is bread why is bread so much money how do we make bread um okay it’s just wheat that’s it that’s

It we are going to make them breed I have one wheat where do I get more wheat I’m just going to have to steal people’s wheat now damn that’s that’s crazy eat it eat the bread it’s not working it’s not working hey stay away from my ducks stay away from my

Ducks stay away from my ducks those are my ducks I’m going to have to build a wall to protect my ducks no one touches my ducks they’re my ducks they protect my ducks Google always like well then again this is a modded version so you know that could be

It to get more weed plant the seeds you gather in the ground with the help of a hoe I need a hoe you plant the seeds you gather I have one wheat seed I have many wheat seeds I need a hoe how do I make a hoe

Oh so you get a hoe and that’s how you do this okay I see you I see you give me one second I’m just going to I’m going to go use the I I have to go use litter box and then I will come back and we will

Get we will do this we will get more Wheats Yeah Okay I am back hello hi I’m back sorry that took me a little bit longer I I got I I I was doing stuff and by stuff I mean as I was Uh sorry I was y i Hopper would leave me alone in the bathroom Okay oh when did I get this iron pickaxe wait when did I get this this is mine who’s stuff um I was I was texting someone and I got distracted wait minute what’s this bug net oo uh okay she said she wanted white blocks so she can have white blocks

Now did I wash my hand why would you need to wash your hands in a litter box that doesn’t make any sense oh wait this is where she has the arrows oh okay so you says that oh wait he already grew into a big duck oh will you take the bread now no

Okay okay okay okay Okay so I just plant wheat here I I just plant like just like this oh wait you said I need the hoe first and then I do It so I need these and I need Plankies I’ll take these planks oh is that all it is it’s just it’s just this oh well that was easy now we need a hoe need this well I have I have some eggs but I have two ducks and I want to get as how do I make the sugar cane grow faster

I want to get what I need for this okay and now I plant seeds like this okay and um welcome in everyone and thank you Delta for hanging out tonight you have a good night now I take I need water and then I need a shovel Shovel need a shovel right right no like this right I I think this is how you Minecraft I think why did it grow back what what is going on I I told you this game is hard this game is hard and dumb okay okay wait what just happened where did my

Water what the where did my water go where did my water go is it really because I took okay I guess I can’t retake water it just has to be like this why would you drink my water it Lag sorry next time I’m going to charge you wait why does it all disappear though okay whatever fine I don’t need the stupid water anyways stupid idiot it’s fine whatever it’s fine as long as I can get my stuff to grow and I get some wheat okay that’s I I don’t

Care whatever it’s whatever we will sacrifice humans and hey you know you can listen to you can do both you can get ready for school and hang out I have so much wheat well I don’t know how long it’s going to take for this to grow

But wait do they eat the bread or do they eat the wheat I forgot I know they like Fish fill up three more buckets of water oh oh so that’s the problem Oh okay like that are you sure I have to do one more it’s not going to overflow oh you’re right it didn’t overflow oh oh oh you’re so smart oh oh time’s funny here in the dream realm it’s it’s something all Right I never know what time it is I have like the worst concept of time to be honest I need more sugar oh hey look it it finally grew wait do you think maybe the reason why this is growing so slow low is maybe this doesn’t have three buckets of

Water that cuz like this is growing this is getting water kind of fast and this has taking a while I don’t think I need oh look who decid to show up even have been here the whole time what is that on your head I won a

Prize when it is a uh I logged on for like 2 seconds to water crops and then I I won this and now I have a turkey balloon what yeah I don’t I you had to be there what do you mean you had to be I

Literally was gone for one day and you turn this whole place upside down who first of all who is this okay his name okay that’s Richard don’t bully him listen okay wait what happened to the where are the poted plants what happened why is there a hole what happened to the

Chef hat okay okay okay okay okay I’ve I I’ve done something like I okay this area no longer chef hat okay this is going to be our home okay we can build our home here because we are building our restaurant above a church CH above a what above a church a come with

Me come come I got these trees so we can build I got these trees so you can make pink blocks and we can make a cute pink what happened to my duck what happened to my duck what what I had two ducks oh wait he’s right here oh never

Mind okay okay okay never mind we’re okay okay show me show me the church thing that you were talking about okay um I’m kind of smooth brain got go through the gate don’t let him out I why okay okay all right if you hit Jay on your map

Okay when you you’ve done that you see in our close right there’s that giant Circle and then the big square with green dots I see yes okay those are our neighbors okay they are very generous they have struck a deal with us and they’re building a church and what we’re

Going to do is we’re going to put our restaurant in the church because what’s better than you know the the Church of puffer um the food after going to church so we’re going to um we’re going to live there well we’re going to run our business there be

Honest with me live yes did you make a deal with the devil no no no oh so if I join this church will I find the devil no you’ll find you’ll find poer um just just just come okay okay also thank you so much for the raid welcome in feel

Free to just chill with us welcome everybody sorry I was reading chat I was being nosy nosy I like being NOS we don’t have to run SL spawn oh okay I got my eggs that’s all I care about okay so right here this is this is this is the

Church wait is this really our neighbor well they’re building this for puffer okay don’t listen what wait what the false hope what what the Bri quiet while puffer popit Bri what are you sure we’re we’re we’re we’re allowed over here yeah and then this I don’t think this

Floor will be it I think the next floor is going to be our restaurant dang it I did the same thing you just did this floor you got it I believe you got it okay this is it fre there’s no windows here we can make Windows this is this is It’s I

Don’t feel so good be in here it’s fine once we cozy it up get some stuff down it’ll look great okay yeah this is where our restaurant’s going to be it’s one of these floors I don’t know which one I got to talk to them Dam I thought there was only one I

It’s that floor that you’re on oh guys I don’t know about this our restaurant dreams are coming true Bri what deal are we getting I mean I know we’re up here but like there’s no windows we can make windows it’s just like I said it’s just they’re still

Building it can make Windows okay okay I’ll Trust you cuz you’re my mom you’re my rat mom how do I climb down um oh okay I just yes sag okay um can I put a sign over here at some point how do I make a sign I want

To put a sign behind one of the benches saying um there is cake if you know where to look that’s what I want the sign to say okay I think we have signs in the base okay yeah this chest bottom chest seven Spruce signs okay how do we do this uh

You’ll right click it down okay oh and then yep and then you can type and there’s three lines so you can hit enter twice there’s three lines one okay how’s that look do you think that’s good uh yes and we can do this oh cuz I want to pick this back up and

Then I want to go plant it oh you have to ripe it you can do that that oh that’s how this oh oh okay yeah all right let’s go let’s go let’s Go let’s go let’s go let’s go wait hold on if you hello oh hey how’s it going you know where all good we’re checking out the church oh it’s looking nice huh yeah things are coming along pretty nice nice just be careful just be careful guys we

Had an attack at the fire hall I was there an attack yeah I mean you saw that that was pretty crazy huh yeah I’m really sorry for your for your loss it was was rough know it’s okay who’s going to take more than that it was mobs of

Like it was crazy goblins and freaking fire shoot like I wasn’t prepared but I didn’t have water or anything you know well we’ll get you that water you’ll get it oh thank you so much bud you know but you know watch out for the church bud

You never know when attack is going to happen keep an eye out thank you for warning us have some potatoes okay thank you you thank you hey have a good night guys thank you you too I I I look at this fire it’s not even going down oh wait it is

Oh it it wasn’t earlier got me some tighter okay cute yeah one more one more thanks okay so hi now it’s been a while since it’s seen you how are you doing all right um oh God so what’s the plan are we going to start building in there or

What uh no so someone’s building it like I said we don’t got to do anything Bri this sounds really I I don’t feel we go talk to snow let’s who’s snow what is snow what he’s the one I was telling you about he’s the one I made a deal with I thought his

Name was puffer like puffer I just met her church no snow me to deal with puffer as well oh all let’s see if he’s home turn on sound alerts are they are on are they not on I have I have the TTS monster thingy I’m scared of the church too yeah

I’m like I I don’t know what has gotten into Bri oh God now she’s Singing what the hell is going on I think he’s AFK we keep going okay ow oh this is a thing I saw earlier what the hell careful it’s hot corn Guild memb is only Brie should we be here look at this trophy he looking in the chest bro he what

The wow so these these three over here these three plots are ours wait what we’re yes huh so I moved our stuff over here because snow is a farmer and he said he’ll take care of okay so let me get I believe this is stuff for the restaurant too if you look

In this chest there’s food in there for the restaurant don’t take any for the restaurant there’s a cookie you want a cookie I have one already here take that cookie you want to see his pet oh my God you’re going to love his pet his pet I I

Helped him come up with the name wait Bri Bri let me let me let let me let me just get this straight so you met this guy mhm and this guy said that we can have I didn’t just meet him I was fishing and he said hey you can fish off

Our Bridge so mobs don’t [ __ ] with you and I was like thanks and then we started talking and then we started con you know like what’s it called evil no not evil um you guys no all I said was talk oh yeah your mic you making

Something weird oh oh oh sorry I I don’t what that that was weird so you talk to this guy and he says that we can he gave us this land and and we’re and now we can have a restaurant and a church for free that’s it he wants nothing else he

Paid me to mine stuff for him to help build it and he’s paying you to do this yeah and I told um I don’t know if I told you but he since he’s the one taking care of these he gets like a little bit of portion of what he sells

How little it’s how many inches 20% it’s like maybe 10% 20 I forget what I agreed it’s going to be five no see he’s doing a lot for us Mari I don’t know I don’t trust this snow person I’ll be the judge when I meet

Them nah we got to if he gives me more cookies I’ll I will reconsider my thoughts okay make sure to let him know that um let’s go look at his pet though so I think you’ll like him his name’s chip I help name him okay thank you so

Much by the way thank you B thank you for the pets I appreciate that he’s holding a chocolate chip cookie wait your pets can hold cookies well chip can what is this oh my God don’t don’t like click him or anything cuz he’ll come off the lead oh only look

Oh yeah he is cute he goes around a lot why are there three beds together um I don’t know um I don’t ask questions I just come and see chip and and say hi to him and leave oh okay okay yeah I don’t question anything and

Then this is where if we really really really want Stone I want Stone come down here ow this is where they I’m coming oh God this is where they had me do work this is where you work now what what what’s up with the why are there designated

Holes how which hole is yours all of them well not all of them but like most of them and I just we needed stone for the you saw what the church was made out of right of stone we made it yeah so I mined it for him and I think I have like

400 like Browns waiting for me from oh my God does does that mean you can can you buy can you buy things that feed my ducks um you can fish for that isn’t it fish yeah it’s fish you can fish for that Maui that takes so long isn’t there like another

Way yeah buying but do you have the money for it no but you do no I have 49 crowns to my name what did you do all with your crowns he didn’t give them to me yet cuz he didn’t have the money yet cuz he had to wait for his corn to sell

And I had to get off so he wrote it down in his notebook in his notebook yes uhuh okay first of all thank you so much for the bits again I appreciate it I I hope I hope I hope the text alert came went off all right Bri all right um I’ll

Give this a shot I’m going to teleport I’m going to teleport to him and Ja request my monies do you like hey it worked yay it worked I heard it I heard moy’s voice very moisty thank you thank you crazy what what is the freeze what did I

Do Bri has requested that you teleport them uh you see remember when I said I turns out I did but I didn’t know where I found it he Mr J dud knew it he got it how is it that you’re always where I am what okay you need to

Stop this is my elephant I’ve just escorted from my place no look the HP that’s not an doing the elephant delivery elephant delivery elep man you got that I thought I thought you were the I thought almost I thought oh oh look look look what I got look what I

Got many RS you’re not going to believe what I have to tell you later true it’s about to be morning so on the first try the first try is spawned and then the second try it also spawned what the [ __ ] yeah now I got two come come walk talk

And walk okay okay walk and talkie okay I just want to see where the elephant ends up so I can come visit him th crowns wait did you actually buy like how did you get him oh he was I they were like we need to find an

Elephant I was like I know where an elephant is next to my house so I took he spawned next to me he was just next to my house legary meww has spawned okay wait let’s get this in and then we’ll go do the thing yeah get it in get

It in get it in get in hurry up hurry up hurry up hurry that was a troll no you should break them up break them up oh God lava lava lava I don’t like our B anymore I don’t like our looking at wow you going to name him name him Mari

Flappy flappy look at those he is wait there’s already a George he looks like a baka ramp one day I don’t know if he’s going to that we’re going to need we’re going to need to make some uh amendments yeah we’re need to make some there we

Go oh what did he just don’t question just witness oh the picture frame one of the blocks you switch from your thing to the lead or did the lead drop you’re not leaded anymore no wait you just right click him and it drops the lead right or right click the pole I

Don’t have did anyone pick up the lead right click the lead him what is a lead what are they talking about you can I’m going to cry I’m going to cry there’s loads of wood ones in there they’re in the box to the right of the I

Don’t like the way he’s looking at me he does give a very judgmental stare yeah why he why he look like that he looks like a Kevin to me what that trunk dud isn’t that what that horse’s name is there’s a horse there’s a lot of Kevin around yeah

Behind that horse is called Kevin oh it’s just named horse for me well we named him Kevin he’s a free horse government name his oh I got you are you making it took me it took me so long uh look at the backpack he has that’s so Cool so this is the person that go uh put in you have to name tag him or honestly I would just in case yeah can you ride them no we tried putting a saddle on it does not work we were so sad we I don’t think it would fit you

Can ride a giraffe but ride can ride him I think you need a special flower and you can temporary ride him oh you need the flower that’s right Hello damn damn Speedy Speedy’s gonna be jealous I think wait hold up I’m literally just existing right now I’m just existing let me let me let me see get your get your screenshot buttons ready if this works screenshot buttons bro I’m streaming oh never mind I saw something

That said if you feeded a golden apple yeah damn damn we have some Saddles if you want to try throwing it on the horse wants it oh I already tried with the saddle you can use hay bales to breed them whoa we have so we need a second one wait yeah if we

Get a second one we can start a keep out you know these people don’t know who I am and I’m literally just here because you can ride those can we should we should we advertise elephant sightings yeah wait imagine just an elephant plastered outside the church that’d be kind of

Like that would be kind of cool that would be kind K I think he would get killed by the sushi guys and then turn in the food no he’s not fish we could sue if they tried doing that because they’re not fish yeah but they that’s false advertising I’m not I’m not the

FDA but I think they’ve sold human flesh before I’m sorry to be I would be sketchy in there yeah can be and can only be found with carves upon natural spawning I’m going to cry dude are you kidding me so sad Wait no that’s good that’s good that means the price remains

High yeah yeah so we can charge people to come look at so the uh the thousand crowns for the information uh you see this corn it’s invested currently give me a little bit and I can definitely get that too you too I have I have a I have a book of Deb you

Too how many people have you promised crowns it’s you right Mr snow what do you mean is it you that’s promising you’re writing in this book you this information this information from I hear voices in my head that tell me things how many voices do you have and

What are their names money a voice in my head what um well this is this is this is who my my my my Seuss Chef God she know yeah you’re the one who took my crops ah yeah I ow Bri I have it in my

Book where’s my book hold up I have I have a de he has a book he has the notes he’s got the receipts I don’t trust him I don’t trust him I’m glad I’m not the only what was that it’s 450 that’s how much I use I’ll tell you later you know

About the Burger King Burger the Burger King Burger that you can [ __ ] this Burger King burgers estrogen burgers that burger your burger and turn you into titties this is awesome is that Greg what what what what is that the elephant the elephant can talk I guess so wow that was

Impressive he does kind of look like Nick Cage now can’t unsee it I wasn’t really listening do I I get the money from my own no no no no no no no these your CRS have been have been planner boxers remember I I bought my God I can’t believe you’re

Here still so I made a deal with my chat I said if I if I ran into you like one more time we have to team up now uh oh oh true how many did you have this is this is our Arc 18 we’ll we’ll take Thea down finish

Quick and then we’ll steal this elant with mental I mean I’m part of the IRS did we start but that’s my of H yeah is taking other people’s things and giving them the money that pyramid saying we going to steal their elephant in front of them and they don’t say

Anything yeah that means they’re okay with it they didn’t say no yeah 100% wait a second so I just wanted to tell you so this I did something really cool you see this duck egg I threw it and I got a duck immediately at my base at my house you

Know it’s far away from here we’re going to we’re going to keep this elephant protected with our lives I got you’re blaming at me so you must be serious then tell me how long have you been a part of the church I built the church wait so it’s you

Okay well I’m just going to have to tell you this now so since you’re the architect uning um I left a Sign by one of the um the uh like the gospel chair thingies and um it it references cake so since you’re the architect of the area I

Need your help I want to make cakes because my birthday was yesterday and um I wanted to do a fun little treat where I have cake at the church now yeah I can’t make the cake just readily available I want people to go on like a

Little scavenger hunt so to say and get words of wisdom of the Gospel from the church by finding these cakes and if you’re the architect maybe you can help me find good places to put the cakes for people in the church yeah and as well as around other areas in the church okay

Yeah the elephant hostile find places to put some C you know where to get the cakes I’m going to make them that’s why I have all these eggs I’ve been collecting eggs and sugar cane and stuff we have no I the way to spread the gospel of the church

Is by letting people eat the cake I didn’t do that and we won’t put flesh in it a cake isn’t allowed food according to the gospel yeah yeah that’s absolutely that’s how we can spread the message of the church so yeah now that I

Know it’s you who built it so h i I will have to call church with cak so I’m down I’m down yeah yeah yes I have eggs so far and I have sugar so I just have to start making them mhm but I need more

Eggs I’m I need eggs I need lots of eggs wait that you fell into that one place with the eggs didn’t you well well these 19 chicken eggs that I have you have chicken eggs y you said we’re teaming up I got chicken eggs let’s freaking

Go yes yes the cake okay perfect God I’m glad I’m see good good good cool cool see I don’t need to be paid in crowns I just literally need I need ingredients for these cakes you just need cake I will also take cookies yourself oh we actually have a baker yes

Oh so we have like four Stacks accident pumpkin pies and things um it’s Roy he lives right beside the church he has a farm oh I know Roy okay all right Roy be bakon all day it would be Roy I think my mom’s dying oh you good yeah that’s water yeah

Okay that’s thirsty low key darn it’s not working this gu going to be so many I guess I just doesn’t work when there’s people around me that’s seems no I think I trust these guys honestly as long as I get what I want I think I can trust

Them what uh I actually I’m not going to lie debated knocking out this back wall of bamboo and building a barn you want me to build a barn back there for you I’d be down fre you just do things for him just like that I’m bored yeah is this what happens

When you go fishing with someone this is I just got money man you see this this crop around you I see a hole do you see you see if you this this crop brings home more money every time more money than the person who’s the richest person on the server

Has right now I thought you were the richest person I am in investment propertywise I’m rich but dollarwise I have one Crown you have one crown on you yeah but once I S I think am I getting mugged in my own Farm no I just I I’m

Not forcing I’m just like can I can I can I can I have it it ow why did you push me why am I being pushed who’s who’s touching me that was cl the elephant oh wait wait I’m just moving oh sorry I I was pressing my H anyway could I a crown

Uh please you you you’re you could you took my mom from me Le I could a crown hey hey there was no I I it wasn’t taken it was it was willingly you know that’s what they all say you if you wanted to join the uh not the

The group oh I’m already here oh I oh so you don’t know you don’t know who I am you have no idea what I’m about to do okay yeah well let’s keep it that way you can keep your crown don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry yeah

So tell me I’m nervous tell me why are you nervous cuz you just said I don’t know what you’re about to do what are you about to do I’m going to make a cake she’s making cake it was my birthday yesterday oh happy birthday yeah that’s why I wasn’t on the

Server when all of this happened crazy that on your birthday you wouldn’t be playing Minecraft well I thought about it but to be honest um and let let’s just say uh I felt like I felt like I could have a different type of cake I wanted this

Type of cake in Minecraft has only one type and I wanted a different type and honestly I realized that was a mistake because Brie sold our farm our house and like n our identities damn one day bro you cosigned for me sold your entire thing everything’s just gone I it’s all an investment

Mari he only has one crown on him that he wouldn’t even give to me yeah I’m richer than him right now that’s kind of crazy I hey I’m at 49 you want to round that up for me oh my I’m just getting mugged that’s what’s happening it’s not mugging if we are

Asking here you want some seeds I’ll give you some seeds are those are those regular seeds or like wheat seeds no you guys need pumpkin seeds I do I trash any seed that I actually like any planting normal seed that I get yeah that’s not the I mean they’re not

There’s no point to them really well well with them you can but that’s why I pay Roy oh I see what you’re doing yeah yeah we got a big melon farm cuz we’re going to start way too much money to make I see I see okay okay okay so you

Know yesterday was my birthday and um I noticed you don’t have a gift for me but I I can let that SL if uh if I have that Crown got you like 50 crowns I got you for sure like next year Minecraft next year have to check uh if you know what

If you can keep track of 365 Minecraft days a I was gonna say I will say that the F3 menu tells you the you know what I like you snow you’re pretty cool I’ll join your I’ll join your whatever you know the you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’ll join it we’re fa

Wa we’re the corn we’re the corn monks that’s what we are that’s monks or cult yeah it’s definitely a look at the building this is a cult it’s not a cult it’s I don’t know it looks pretty normal to me lava oh this more kind of cool right it

Was my idea I thought it was cool you’re missing it on one side though well don’t look at it from that angle that part wasn’t my idea oh is that your ideas listen man you steal my elephant I steal your ideas all right came in you walk

Through town with like a true content creator all right so what’s the plan what are we doing now um cakes yes I need the cakes I need lots of cakes you want the yeah we do the eggs for the cakes wait we have Roy’s Farm resources

Don’t we yes we do and I’m also completely sweating in my room so I’m going to go turn my air down real quick I’ll be right back okay now we rob him get the crown get the [Laughter] crown you got it let’s go leave yet I

Was still here give me the crows give [Laughter] me heyn can I borrow the fishing world I got to get some stuff I than you Happ birthday wishes I got I got there you go that one yeah cheers oh oh God careful that’s water am I about to get

Hades no you should go you should go turn your let’s go get the cake stuff come wow look at the Moon look at the Moon cool Moon I’ll be back okay oh that was so good M broke wait can just let it happen go to sleep to sleep

Block a little snow that’s what you get for being a stupid sussy Baka not sand it gets rid of the water we go there we go sleep new this is what happens when you are sussy Baka that’s right Kevin that’s right totally not a cult yeah we’re not a cult totally not a

Cult evence I just have a cookie man I we cookie all right Hells yeah cool so uh operation cake um let me give you a TPA okay one sec I can’t believe we just did that you were all my Witnesses by the way you saw that oh welcome to the hermit hle oh

Oh wow where am I wait uh if you press J you can see where we are wait I’m right by my house uh we’re a bit north of your place I believe oh wait why didn’t it show how do I make it show exactly where I

Am uh you just have to look around the map and look for the little blue icon blue icon that’s too much work I don’t care a little bit Inventory management is this your place yeah oh oh so you also have the same trophy everyone has all these cool

Trophies thank you so much for the raids by the way hello welcome I found two shers from an event oh no that one specifically is for unboxing a bunch of loot boxes wait there’s loot boxes in this game loot boxes you get it wait yeah the

The chests sorry the chest oh oh I was like whoa hold on dang dude that’s crazy wow this is nuts got an inventory full of [ __ ] I got to get rid of oh no that’s fair why you have like a nice little cozy place oh my God yeah Su how did you make

This I also won that from one of the Shulas what was that that big thing that attacked the firehouse earlier no no no this was on uh day two they did like a riddle and then there were shulkers hidden around and you had to find the shulkers and that’s what was in

The I completely ignored when all that was happening I think I was like I think I I don’t know what I was doing that on day two fell dang man this is what happens when I can’t read so he has his base off of one

Oh this one’s the private one but we do have a public one if you write if you do exclamation point s SMP you can see what our public one is potatoes I hope you had a good stream by the way thank you for the raid feel free

To come chill with us we are not in a cult cool I got the eggs we should be good to go uh feel free to set a uh way point up here a nice little oh okay back inside okay back inside back inside we don’t go

Outside I walk out there’s a creeper to my left a skeleton to my right uh yeah I was going to say I was I was creating a home so I couldn’t warn you oh yep yep yep dude this is down here’s also the you got the farm the trash bin the

Lounge room oh wow dude what the heck you got wheat oh wait no wait these are these are these are wait what is is it it’s a corn okay yeah wait what’s this wait where did you get these yeah my humble AB where did you get these yeah just chilling being chilling what

The that is this is really cool wow I almost just walked into that lava wow I am uh I am the smart totally smart I’m just doing my daily maintenance and we can bye squirel thank you for good like School elephant is so uh this is where they’re spawning

Apparently is on top of this mountain so what you do is you capitalize on the elephants oh yeah oh yeah and then you sell them for money hopefully daytime oh wow there’s a lot there’s a lot of things here what the heck oh yeah so much SPS up here why why

Don’t you have torches down here you should put torches most of the time wow there’s a lot of flowers here what the heck yeah I’ve got like all to die it’s great uh there is wait where the hell was that there like a cave entrance somewhere around here that goes all the

Way down to bedrock what how do you just h huh you picked a really good spot I just climbed up a hill on the first day and was just like yeah this looks good this looks good oh yeah we were standing on top of it oh we were standing on top of

It so this over here goes all the way down to bedrock just through this tiny this is and this is natural yeah this was just to heal what the how did you get this lucky what what do you get when you get bedrock like what

What’s what do you get down here oh just different ores spawn at different levels oh dang that’s a lucky find first you find the big hole what the Bro there ain’t no way first you find the hole spot on the map oh oh a legendary what what is a legendary otter

How much do you want for bro you have no crowns you have no Crowns All right so tell me how did Snow rope you into like whatever it is that they’re doing he got Bri what did he offer you well they were just like I’ll give

You a th crowns and I was like okay a thousand crowns Manny said that okay be honest with me do you trust this man how about can I Swift star thinkk he know wasn’t using the elephant oh wait it wasn’t for the elephant he just wanted to give you

1,000 crowns no no no it was for the elephant but I wasn’t using it so I was just like oh oh I see okay all right man I still haven’t shown you the best spot on the map so far okay okay okay I’m down I’m down I’m down let me eat this potato

Yeah yeah yeah what the welcome to the glow cave glow cave huh so there’s this like wait cherry blossom tree Canyon yeah I gave I told ozer about this and said they could build a t- shop here Homer future tea shop yeah what there’s a bear over there oh there is there’s a

Bear I wonder if I could sell it for a th000 crowns I’m kid you go over this side name your price no way theow cave oh dude that looks so cool yeah what do you want Oh God what do I want what should I ask for crowns all of them a Sher a

Choker a Shuler sh Sher box Sher chest that you can pick up and it keeps the items in it o yeah it basically doubles your inventory space no I think this also goes down to bedrock I don’t know how far it goes I haven’t really investigated this I

I love how I’m just yelling in the yelling in the chat yeah this is uh this is the little does he really want the bear though cuz like I okay I don’t I mean good luck getting press J and look where we are on the map yeah oh God

What it’s going to be a while I feel like if he really wants the bear he’s committed it’s a hell of a hike yeah yeah how do you tame the bear I you just go pet it no the last time I did that it killed

Me what did you did you use the wrong click I used this your sword I wanted to give it a haircut yeah you have to pet it with an empty hand oh yeah if you’re holding an item it doesn’t works then you just hit it but

If you if you’ve got an empty hand then you pet it and then you tame it and it follows you around like a like a wolf or a cat so it doesn’t want food no I’m not sure why but the Bears they they tried to mix it up with the

Mod pack do you want to try to walk in it over so let’s see if he really wants it cuz it’s kind of far I mean I oh so it’ll teleport to you if you teame it oh yes you can walk home and it’ll teleport with

You oh okay okay all right all right all right yeah Remember okay okay this is my moment I just right click it yeah oh no no left click with an empty hand with an empty hand okay like this okay okay okay okay I’m going to do it hi little guy hi hey can I pet you hi hey hey can I pet you

Hi ah you liar you fing Li you’re such an ass I knew it I knew it I knew It dang it I should have known better I should have known better well hi there I died from a bear again do you know how many times I’ve died from a bear attack listen Bears man it’s not about the last bear it’s the next bear now let’s go see this ugly

Thing all right I love ugly things okay I want to see ugly did you got to see the otter oh Fu it’s the cutest thing ever it’s the cutest D4 said a piece of [ __ ] but like it is the cutest thing ever but well if he doesn’t want it oh

I’m excited I didn’t know that there was otters in the game guys now there was an elephant earlier this place well don’t worry about that are you I think he used the wrong click no you’re such a liar God damn which one did you do left or right I did this

One yeah it’s the wrong click well well oh my God hello Kev Kevin I will commit crimes for you I will run all the banks here’s a flower Kevin for you Kev I God don’t want this he’s so cute Kev do you eat potatoes do you eat potatoes my gosh B

Potato for you Kevin H yeah Kevin you can have a I mean I will give you I will will’ll give you the world need ice he needs ice you like helmet Kevin they you like golden helmets I agree I like this IDE we we could test it I just wanted to know I

You know I just wanted to know if like you hit think I I would really like that honestly honestly Kevin’s not even that goodl looking Listen to I mean if this is the survival server leaving Kevin such a precious being out in the open like honestly he kind of Blends into

That flag post so like I didn’t even know that was him you heard that he’s very aware he’s very aware honestly final meal Kevin you’d be putting him out of hisy final meal he needs ice ERS love ice if I can’t have him nobody [Laughter] can give the OT to me or he

Dies jeez I like how the people we’re threatening aren’t even here so I mean I’m gonna go I have to investigate a situation bye guys it’s been fun bye bye okay do you think do you think that bear is okay do you think he’s still mad the bear

Yeah I think he’s was he ever really he’s going to find you in you sleep oh that’s fine I’m I’m oh that’s like my day job oh a bear finding it in the sleep that should be fine yeah you’ll wake up and he’ll just be standing over

You just drawing that’s like my day job though honestly like man it’s like office work you know oh yeah Bear’s in the office worst day Yeah just they areop looking at me Kevin Kevin I think he just tried to like lick your nose to no consent guys you better not

Hurt Kevin the obliterated of Worlds Kevin sucks wait em told me that you four were planning to kill Kevin the obliterator of Worlds actually we were told that you were planning on doing it we were told that something really Speedy would come by and I didn’t know what that meant and

Now I think I understand so what are you going to do there Kevin I told I told R Kevin Kevin the otter is the official mascot of my base like my focal point arter Kevin he is new to be messed with hold on that back one more time wh wh

Wh sh yeah why does he come to us then and not fishy business he welcomed us oh you know carpm carpm didn’t know you guys were Chile and seab bass like that oh my God I have a question yeah what’s up do you have any crowns uh let me check my crown balance

Crown balance how do you check it type in SL balance you can also see everyone’s crowns that are in the top 10 if you do SLB toop unfortunately I have six crowns to my name no that’s actually perfect so I don’t know if you realize this but yesterday was my birthday okay

And um I I noticed that everyone had given me a gift at um except you well looks like I dodged a bullet guys maybe in 364 days I can give you a gift or maybe in exchange for Kevin’s life I could have one Crown this doesn’t sound like a gift

Shut up shut up okay sorry I get confused and nervous One Crown you won’t kill Kevin the otter yeah I just want one Crown Speedy does anyone know how to pay people I I don’t know that’s what I’m trying to figure out that’s why I wanted

Someone to give me a crown oh T got killed by an anvil [ __ ] yeah I’ve been trying to figure out how to like actually give people crowns because we’re supposed to be able to and I’m trying to test the theory because somebody owes my mom crowns and I’m

Trying to see if we can actually give each other crowns crowns space pay and then they use the name I believe just one crown and we can and we can forget this ever happened oh [ __ ] yeah that’s how that works I sent one crowns yay and I got one crowns from

Halloween moon crab it’s perfect yay be cool Kevin you have a notary public for that do you have I sent you her I I sent the crown to you that he gave Happ birthday thanks Speedy thanks yay you know Speedy you helped me out a lot I’m going to actually tell my plan

With what I’m doing oh I would love to hear your evil plan hold on hold on who’s that who’s who is that uh that would be one of my friends slack he’s I deem him chill but he’s also not in range to hear anymore okay

Okay okay so so because you know it’s my birthday yesterday I’m decided I wasn’t here yesterday and I’m going to make cakes to kind of celebrate o okay and so I’m just going to let you know there’s going to be cakes around everyone’s like areas you just have to know where to look

Hond if you find the cakes I’m just going to tell you now let’s come chat the cake will never lie to you and whatever words of wisdoms you get from eating the cake trust that it’s a good place okay they will save you so where

Will I be able to pick up these cakes at Oh They’ll Come in due time you will see them Mary I’m very interested about this oh there’s more to come to this you’ll see you’ll see you see this right here do you see this special block yes

You know I like you so the cakes are the cakes are going to have interesting um information on them that I think will be very interesting to you that’s your hint [ __ ] [Laughter] R I guess he’s not slacking off then that’s good no absolutely not so Mary

I’m really eager to see the cakes I’m sure they’ll tastes delicious and I’m excited to be a part of any evil or regular plans that you it’s Mari yeah let me start over so first off my friend sidearms called you Mary the other day when we were um showing you that cool

Loot spot I know so that’s why I thought it was Mary it’s it’s definitely a himm thing so Mari um I am excited to see the cakes and be a part of any evil or normal plans that you may be a part of thanks I will get I will words are hard

Man you will see you will definitely see what is going to come ahead also have fun with Kevin I excited why is everyone naming their animals Kevin today oh is there a lot of Kevin going down yeah that’s what I was told Kevin uh I honestly Deluxe brought

This to me and said Kevin’s a great name for it um so maybe I’ll rename It Keith the obliterated World Liz you know what actually he kind of looks like a Keith you have you seen the elephant yet it has Nicholas Cage’s exact face it’s insane

Wait we just brought we just brought the when did you come by to see the elephant were you a part of elephant Squad when I was over there was where maybe where we were with the Bears I think you joined just off to speed oh okay that makes

What it was yeah I was talking to Hades and then disappeared cuz yeah okay happens dang all right well I guess the cake PL will have to come to fruition then pleasure doing business for yeah absolutely um we shall see how it plays out all right cake you have a good night

Speedy cake cake C cake cake cake do you want to uh SL home and then TPA yes we’ll get that cake production going haha these suckers are falling from my plan it’s all coming to plan all right where are the where the where are the Ducks over

Here ah oh they’re all grown up now oh God what are they doing you got egg you’ve got an egg yes uh you need to make another one for the for the chickens oh I oh then you can breed the chickens with seeds true dude why why are ducks so

Hard your all I heard was why are ducks so hard no that’s actually what I said I that that’s all I said no it it just cut off perfectly um I guess I can make it with this I mean you can cut down a tree make some more

Post how many aot do you have Jesus I don’t know that’s just like that’s Breeze doing um why won’t it let me craft more oh I need more sticks that’s why man building this stuff is so hard what trying to build these fences is hard I’m not good at at

Crafting takes me a million years to do this the sticks and the planks yes yes uh yes okay maybe now I have enough oh wa let’s see oh um did you run out yeah I’m going to go make more you got this believe okay now I definitely have

Enough you’re going to tell them you’re making the cake and then kill them for making the sh that’s that’s that’s future plans it’s going to be real awkward if I put these eggs down and they uh don’t spawn any chickens I believe in you I

Don’t oh oh oh okay one just need one more come on hey little guy come on oh my God come on oh my god dude they’re all just kind of watching you the Ducks are just like judging you there one left wait can I can I make this one poop more

Eggs uh it has to grow up into an adult and then it will how do I how do I make it grow get more eggs wait here okay wait wa wait wait okay oh he likes that he likes ooh he liked that how do I man I suck at this

Man I really suck at this dude I’m so bad I’m just going to punch this with my fist what season is this season this is season cake the server’s got a case at Kevin’s G it really does though wait where did my block go what the hello okay I I guess screw me

Then no no no no no come back I I need you to I I need you hey hey hey come here come here come here come here come here come here come here come here come here okay now come in here come in here come in here there you go yes you’re

Just going to have to stay in here for now I guess uh I don’t know you’re you’re just going to have to stay right there you’ve upset me oh this stupid thing you’re the one that’s threatening my ducks I hate you I hate you you stupid ugly stupid dumb

Dumb stupid look I can explain I got stuck I got stuck and these two and then they started jumping on this and then yeah I I got stuck come on come on oh there we go two chickens all right now I have to get my ducks I need to

Separate them you need a leash I have fish that will attract the Ducks at least what I have fish that will attract the Ducks no a leash a leash the fish though yeah they do yeah you can pull them with a leash oh yeah oh okay oh my

God I’ll get him oh wait now I’m stuck [ __ ] yeah you see you see what I mean uh science yeah oh nice I was just going to Arrow him too yeah bro how how how all right ducklings seeds um it’s in the chest I have a lot of seeds in the

Chest there we go I need you two to be separated oh oh aha there we go yeah yeah yeah easy yeah you can just use SL home to get out wait what you can use your home command oh that’s right you’re right right yeah God I’m such an

Idiot how long look look I don’t play Minecraft a whole lot if you couldn’t tell I kind of suck at this but you know what I have we have seeds if you have any wool you can use the carpet um and you can jump onto it but pets like animals can’t oh that’s

Why I tried doing like a slab and that’s why I couldn’t jump on it yeah was going to be cop it wait where did all my seeds go oh am I holding them I don’t know I had a lot of seeds oh okay those are the only ones in there oh Rook my

Seeds R it’s okay listen she said it’s all according to oh oh Bri I didn’t realize you were there I just got here what’s up no nothing I Bri look look what look what we did look what look what look what we did we look look look see see look I got

The Ducks and J do got the chickens nice I don’t want to rely on Roy Roy and I well we have a past we have a history he told me I was a smelly cat that’s unacceptable damn yeah this goes way back before Minecraft this was during the war oh the vtuber

War well we call it the V War I got to go back to Manny hold on okay ask him for the crowns I still can’t believe I still cannot believe I finagled a crown from Speedy that was pretty impressive that was it’s hard to get crowns up Speedy

Yeah I I didn’t think it would work I’m going to be I was just like maybe I can get him to maybe my whole goal was to get somebody to give me a crown today cuz I was like hm I wonder if the birthday trick will work oh you totally should you just

Should have been in chat be like everyone has to send me one Crown cuz it’s your birthday yeah I thought about that but like you know the history with Roy I didn’t want him to like say something you know think of the clickbait I tricked 30 streamers into giving me money for my

Birthday oh yeah you know that’s that is H I’m put Speedy face on it throw someone else’s face get the clicks get that great thumbnail oh man man you know this is why you should be a content creator not me honestly like you’re you’re good at

This you’re like I am a content creator Mari egg wa egg egg I need you to to poop more do you think if I a well is there a way to protect me where I could AFK here and just Harvest eggs probably not you would get murdered by skeletons

Darn there’s no way for me to like protect my area without like getting hurt you’d have to box yourself in like fully oh I might do that not going to lie yes I mean you could just okay in the chicken farm or the duck farm that

We found true but what if someone comes back would you say you got lost I got I just so happened to get lost fell you just tripped and fell into the duck pen ah you can’t breed them till their parents wait this doesn’t make them grow up no oh oh so I’m just

Wasting these have to wait a man yeah darn okay I guess I have to wait then hm well thankfully I’m grabbing wheat so I get do I get seeds from these yes or should I just hit a bunch of grass both I think I’ll have to do that dang

Man I want to actually start baking the cakes but I have to like get dinner oh that’s fair I know I know I have to get I have to get dinner I have to get up at like 4 in the morning unfortunately damn well you know since you were helped collaborate with this

This this area can be part of your home too it’s it’s kind of scuffed right now Bri and I are working on it but you can have half custody of these chickens and ducks for helping me that’s so good I’ve just been stealing F’s chicken eggs like I’ve just been stealing that’s pretty

Based yeah I mean technically it’s not stealing because they would have despawned anyway if no one was around you’re just recycling really stealing if they were going away I’m just helping with the lag for the server yeah I don’t see anything wrong with that exactly exactly yeah yeah I think but you’re

Just makes sense no difference yeah if you need cows steal them from fuya and then just rebreed them she gave everyone permission cuz there’s so many cows awesome that’s probably going to be the next one that okay cool cool man wait I forgot the rain what they got the rainbow

Corn wait from who 120 who plot though is it from mine and Breeze plots because that means it’s our rainbow corn you got to you got to call in your debts yeah but we should go over there and say yeah yeah let’s go take a look let’s go take a look um

Um when Bri’s not online what the I mean okay I I guess I guess I’ll just teleport to him cuz I didn’t set a home for that area I kind of forgot okay yeah I didn’t have a spawn there so I just I didn’t have a spawn there

Either I hope you did I just did spawn and started running that’s funny look they’re trying to escape I see them they’re trying to escape hey hey buddy yeah wait hey Buddy I I know it’s like to have a stroke but tell me which plot did you get that corn from no don’t even try that Bri don’t try me I know it was ours I know it was ours you can’t just say it was ours it was ours literally it was literally it

Was ours it was ours it was ours it was it was ours bought all of it off of us Mari he was ours it was ours oh yeah I guess I can pay you guys back also I’m not it’s it’s it’s not being sold it’s being the first one’s framed yeah it’s

Right there though but I’m going to put it in actually that’s pretty cool right that’s actually pretty cool you make it spin you got to make it spin spin it around oh Oo we should all right click it right click it oo faster faster oh it makes a funny noise it might take

Off at this point oh who left clicked that was the that was the wrong one that was the wrong macro I was the wrong macro well all right Bri I’m going to go get dinner now do you want some McDonald’s yeah can I get M chicken can

You text it to me yeah I got you wait can I get McChicken depends can you email me a chicken nugget depends I got two emeralds for with your name on it for a MC chicken but I don’t want emeralds she wants Crown oh no I don’t want Crown

Oh what that’s all that’s the only Curren what’s in your pockets what is in your pockets right now I got I got duck egg uh I want the duck egg you want the duck egg I just want the duck egg toonai for crowns J didn’t you give me the duck

Egg yeah I want the duck egg you want the duck egg yes consider it consider it a tax for my my wonderful presents it’s the entrance you know and it’s my birthday gift y y you’re really cool I like you thanks I work on that that muscle a

Lot anyway so you want chicken nugget that’s a gillionaire chicken not chicken nugget what well which one is it I was talking to the voices in my head sorry what happened just text me what you want and I’ll go get it but I I am going to log

Off for the night I uh I have to work early in the morning like I have to get up at 4 in the morning I do too yeah don’t stay up too late or I’m literally going to pour water on you oh God she

Knows where I sleep man I do damn see I know where Manny sleeps and it’s right under my desk what anyways thank you guys um um I well I’ll be on tomorrow so I I’ll see what you guys end up planning and tomorrow we will make the cake and

We will spread the gospel and we will become rich and famous we are actually taking over the server don’t let anyone else think you otherwise of us yes yes yes yes yes what one of us not a cult not a cult not a cult not a cult of us

Bye guys have a good mind day Minecraft M night bye bye she’s still here so that was fun everybody um I can’t believe I I really am just like so I can’t I can’t believe I got two people to give me something for my birthday am I a terrible

Person no not two people three people I can’t believe they actually did it that’s crazy that is what I find to be like wow wow um well thank you everyone so much for hanging out with me tonight I am I do have to go to Betty Bo now is my

Remember change your skin Oh yes tomorrow I will change my skin um actually I’m going to get dinner and then when I come back I’m going to change my skin right then so I don’t forget cuz I know myself I have to get up really really early like really early

I wasn’t supposed to work but um remember how I said it took a little bit to go to BRB I I got uh some unfortunate news so I am uh I have to work for a few hours tomorrow but it’s okay because tomorrow I have the tea house with Mr Underhill and

Evan every Monday we talk about like events going on in the v tubing scene on in a more positive light like we don’t just like focus on like the negatives like we try to talk about like good things that are happening and try to spread some more kindness in the community um

So I will be on Mr underhill’s stream on YouTube for that and then after that I will come back on Minecraft and we will actually make the cake I it took me forever to get the eggs as you can tell it’s really hard to get eggs I should

Have just stole them from Roy I don’t know why I I should have just stoen them from I’m going to steal from Roy anyways so thank you so much for hanging out with me today I hope you all have a good night everyone and yeah I’ll see you all tomorrow and remember everyone

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    Mickey's Minecraft Mayhem: Terminator Time! In a park, Mickey Mouse felt a bit bored, But a portal appeared, oh what a reward! He jumped right in, to a Minecraft land, Where dangers lurked, oh it was grand. Meeting new friends, facing the night, Mickey got creative, built a robot so bright. Armed to the teeth, with guns and missiles, Defending the village, against all thistles. Impressing the locals, with his engineering feat, Mickey showed them, how to beat the heat. Leaving behind, his creation so grand, Mickey’s adventure, left a mark in the sand. Friendship and innovation, the lessons he taught, In a world… Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter

    Minecraft Meme: The Hottest Blocky Banter “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? She couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftmemes #relationshipproblems 😂🎮 Read More

  • Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft

    Crafting a Fridge in Minecraft My First Impressions on “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” Introduction: OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and came across this Minecraft video titled “JAK ZBUDOWAĆ LODÓWKĘ W Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #viral” and I was like, what even is this? But I clicked on it anyway because why not, right? The Video: Okay, so the video starts with this dude named Wojan trying to build a fridge in Minecraft. Like, who even thinks of building a fridge in a game about mining and crafting? But hey, it’s kinda cool to see how creative people can get… Read More

  • Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413

    Unbelievable MUST HAVE Mob Armor Add-On | Prowl8413Video Information This video, titled ‘MUST SEE Add-On! Great Value! Mob Armor | Minecraft Marketplace’, was uploaded by Prowl8413 on 2024-04-15 12:00:21. It has garnered 2572 views and 196 likes. The duration of the video is 00:20:33 or 1233 seconds. Add-ons are starting to appear in the marketplace now, and some of them are really good! Looking for a great quality Minecraft server, at a great price? I recommend using Sparkedhost! All Prowl servers are hosted on Sparkedhost! Link: Code: Prowl All the links! Visit my website at Become a member to get access to perks: Follow… Read More