Meet the legendary GamerWolf in Minecraft! Can you handle the darkness?

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Playing Minecraft but I think it’s IP address not only we’re playing Minecraft but we’re playing with cave D welders he Brian and the man of the fog all in one with creepy sounds of course so how do we do it what my I I don’t know my IP though for Minecraft I don’t

Know oh my what the face this is so terrifying we’re my friend we’re we’re gonna run Duos on this so what David so how do we do it so so you you friends add server okay but how do I find my server IP though I don’t have

One hey great appreciate it but don’t worry we are GNA be playing herob Brian cave dwellers and the man of the fog all in one and we’re g to be so doing so much more Minecraft mods be a lot of fun coo what’s up oh yes yes I was on a Discord with

One my friends but if you guys can tell by the title of the video there are cave dwellers hobrien and the man of the fog all together in Minecraft and we got creepy and more terrifying sounds all right I might hop in one solo match just kind

Of and we’re going to be doing a whole bunch more Minecraft mods cuz one of the mods I I want to do I want to do is there the Super Saiyan mods so we got to complete Minecraft but as Saiyans going name this wolf this is on Java now inviting this

Is on Java I don’t know how to invite that’s what you me and David are still looking it up cuz we actually don’t know how to invite people on Java on Java is with a server code with IP address I don’t know how you find an IP on

Server but don’t worry we we will figure it out though I was eating a little bit of cereal too okay I okay okay I’m terrified herob Brien cave dwellers and man of the fog with more creepy sound oh the oh David sa the instruction oh it’s like a like an

Atmosphere type I thought the trees uh need so what they they messed it up a little bit where is my sprint button right here all right cuz you I use controls I crouch in Minecraft then Shi at Sprint D I don’t want to play no more yeah I’ll

You a ruin another portal Just What We Needed oh my God nope nope nope David I’m being chased I’m being chased I’m being chased what was that thing what was that thing had a red face like why do I do this at night D the textures are like there like

Textures on it to make it more like realistic I think it’s gone nothing to see here guy ah nothing I swear I just heard something so there’s the man of the fog there’s cave dwellers so when we go mining there’s there’s dwellers in the cave and there’s your O’Brien who

So first objective right now is find food how much sheep how much health do the sheep have here I got to turn this out a little bit more no that’s like the no that didn’t turn out anything sound oh master all right there we go there we go that’s a lot better huh

This is terrifying David because once it’s nighttime it’s going to get horri terrifying we already found one thing I don’t know what it was but it was in the forest so what’s what the surv P address you figure it out wait you can’t have the crafting menu oh

There we go I kind of need this I just cuted two crafting tables I don’t mean to do that just that there I’m going in the forest David what there’s a goat see I don’t know so wait we should try and complete the game in this world

Too cuz we would do a lot of like traveling adventuring tooing a base I David there’s a torch in a cabin in middle of the woods yeah I figure that oh it’s that cabin it’s a village hello guys don’t want me crash in here do you for all right

So do you just want to are you just going to stream a different game foret out this I can stre I just to unless you stream your own Minecraft mod in solos I wish had a map your’s calling me know scary yeah Garrett um I feel really bad

Why so you know how was just playing fortnite yeah last I hit play I Won okay I feel bad though because the last guy he had the he had like three mythics and I and he had a victory Crown so I guess he won his last match and I just killed

Him he could have that could have been his like his only game he could have been in the hospital that could his only game and you ruined it for him how do you feel now I’m very proud of it no do you see the description of my title my live

Stream yeah I saw it’s just I’m no I found I bumped into one of them terrifying you found it you forgot how to do it huh uh we’re we don’t know how to set an IP address on my mineecraft so we can set servers just look it up what David’s doing all right

That was lovely I guess I don’t know I guess it’s kind of calm in a during a daytime I guess but when it hits night I don’t have a base I don’t have a base yet guys and it’s almost night I streo the Super Saiyan mod tomorrow whoa what’s this it’s like a

Castle like a gated area uh there’s skeletons uh what is this Oh I might play something else these coffins actually have op stuff uh D is nighttime I’m actually so scared I’m actually so I see it I actually see it oh my gosh D look at my stream is staring right at me oh my gosh I see it I I need

Food you see are you my stream no I’m dang he’s not moving he’s just staring right at me oh my God just tell me when you’re on my stream oh my God there’s one right there and there’s one right there’s one right next to me oh my God he’s moving what is that

Thing there’s one right there too D do you see this yeah not look there that that glowy thing it’s I we need to figure out how so we become Super Saiyans together this is what oh my gosh there’s more there’s another cave I did yeah I I’m speed oh wait there’s skeleton they

Could shoot me off where here Brian so David so I think if we do Play This Together We need to build a base when it’s night when it’s morning time it’s night oh man we just have to Bunker down and that those either can I don’t even

Know I’m so scared ha to jump down I don’t I hate this that’s all right can this do the Super Saiyan I do super map with you but I don’t want to play this game no it’s terrifying there’s a skeleton There’s an actual skeleton I hear shooting an

Arrow I fell I fell I fell I fell I fell they texing me I fell oh no I fell oh I think’s terrifying good pig awesome oh crap what are those things oh my gosh did they fly what is this these are demon ghost flying things that your Brian oh my

Gosh dud why don’t you just stream Minecraft by yourself with mods actually loads of fun David I was about of hunger what I do is this my safe haven oh oh no what is that thing okay get away from me I’m stuck I’m stuck I got stuck I don’t know what that

Was so David this imagine us Super Saiyans becoming Super Saiyans and defeating Minecraft you best believe I’m going to go Super Saiyan blue just going to one punch that Dragon like or come oh that gu what get some of the abilities are in Minecraft instant Instant Transmission Kam

Kameha can give me one second Haven I’m currently running from my lie please please nope nope nope nope nope nope nope D they’re watching me I’m going to punch you that was herob Brien that was herob Brien that was herob Brien I just found here

Obrien he is stalking me so we found the man of the fog we found the cave dwellers and we found her obrien oh man this is actually terrifying what are you oh my God she’s m are terrified come on moon go I need the sun I should have built a base

Maybe we should do like a YouTube series on this like building a base and see like survival like see how many days we can survive you know I really want to do want us becoming Sans and beating Minecraft back up I know I love I love these C no I’m out

Oh the the water looks insane oh these are just normal fishes those are Pras what all right not fishes there are panas all right oh this weather outside is look at that look at that Horizon so I need your food oh man D this is terrifying I need to get a base

Build I think in certain ones these mobs can actually break down your door so yeah I don’t know what kind of Base I want where I find a tree or even a village a village will be op just CU I can steal resources these shaders are really

Insane all right I got use this sun as my advantage so I the keav are going to be terrifying though cuz I need diamonds in the future but the cave dwellers are be just camping the cuic that is donkey I thought about it but then I

Thought what if I can make it iron like an iron door okay herob Brian is watching me I heard a girl screen oh my gosh I’m at half a heart so I feel like just dying so I can just respawn back to normal oh no right there will be so op

Bruh all right then okay why did it put me in the highest point though got nether portal wait do you think we be safe in the nether okay I I have to take damage I have to there’s no other way down unless I make the base like we did

In our world like in a cave and make multiple doors and I could put a block and like like one dirt block maybe by the front door so they can’t get in they can break the door or open it but they can’t get in might to do

That but first we’re we would be a good place to build the base oh hi yo what’s up what if I hit you oh you do you do a lot of damage whoa what’s this uh bottomless pit that just that gam has made the advancement the Forgotten story yeah so I

Guess you know what hold up I heard that right behind me I heard someone luring right behind no nope not today nope just wait if I can merge mods I’ll merge this to with the Super Saiyan have to be one punching these fools like yeah now another mod that is where heal

Br’s in your world but he’s going to corrupt the world and destroy it and you have to find him and and stop him I mean there’s a lot of fun mods huh no can I make it I don’t see any fish I mean not fish these are PR on us the water looks

Insane just look at it it looks so realistic I have a trap doors once they go in it like falls down what up what that we found something guys we have found something oh if you guys didn’t know these coffins actually have stuff for you do you have nothing what do you

Have nothing either all right look at that that’s a castle wait hold up hold up I can’t speed build it won’t let me Speed Build in this one map so weird H the sun’s already getting ready to set SP too much time just running around do you know what oh these are

Stairs you scared me so bad the B is occupied TI of a all right so guys we found our base it’s too late it’s too late okay I was try and put one but a double click but sure no surely not I don’t know what that is but I think I’m safe hell

Villager hi want to spend a night at your place that’s if you’re cool cool cool yeah this is my bed now okay it’s like chiseled or something so ah hear this is this is wood dark oak wood yes yeah oh man this is terrifying David but

I can’t wait to become a Super Saiyan though again I’ve been transform into San I’m so my base leveling up wait actually I can do a double door right here David why am I so terrified it’s it’s like so foggy and rainy no I saw herob Brian and like one

It screamed like a like a girl scream like those horror M girl screams what is that dude it’s a lot more foggy now it’s like really foggy David I I’m looking herob Brien right in the eyes if anyone CH is in chat should I go to herob br buying

Him I have 25 apples so uh Dave oh he’s gone and he moved closer to my house he teleported now he’s closer but on the side I I mean I I looked away for a few seconds and he disappeared bro why is her bran so

Terrifying I’m go up to him and hit him and then anything fails I’m running back inside nope nope he teleported he teleported oh here o Brian there we go I I get inside all saan sound I hate this or are you playing what is that over there I wonder is like a

Big so David tomorrow do you want to get a call and try to figure out the IP server thing yeah cuz I want to play the random for D what’s up if you haven’t noticed we got herob bran we got cave dwellers and we got the men of the fog in our

World we ran into herob a few times and there’s panas and other scary mobs I think for future streams I think I want one of the mods I want to do so much is like the Super Saiyan one what’s this that’s Terri that’s terrifying I know what this

Needs that guy over there has it I think I know that that guy want that it’s like a all I don’t know what that is like a ritual thing I got summon don’t try the fishes they’re PR on us they’re terrifying terrifying just way when when it comes

Night it all breaks Lo I’m stealing this villager’s house so right now I need to make a farm get some more torches and everything but tears of a men I think this is what you want isn’t it I’m bring this just for a water bottle cuz why not have a water bottle

David us David you’re going to be like Ultra instin I’m going be ultra ego and we’re just going to be fighting the Ender Dragon the Wither storm wait what do we do that get the Wither storm herob Brien the Ander Dragon like in the warden and just us who has saans we got

To fight them all I we get like a whole bunch like a big giant War how fun that would be okay I come with a few new things huh that’s so weird I doesn’t want that yeah we’re just playing fortnite for a little bit oh man what’s this though break this

Huh try a different time oh try a oh time let’s do this okay now I know what n we have to do it at night but what does this do there’s a Gest here oh we have to do it at night we have to I bet that Su as herob Brian oh

Man if you like if you enjoy the live like it follow me I that’s Terri CU it just turned day so oh I mean that’s terrifying I mean well but I might post it in the Discord what other mods you guys want me to try but I think there we’re supposed to

Have a thunderstorm I think Sunday night so I’m going to post something on a Discord server so we’re going to play a horror game on M Minecraft during the thunderstorm which would be a lot of fun but no the water looks actually really cool all right but I still want to know

I I’m going to keep a hold of this cuz that villager though I got that I’m just kill hold up David I found her obrien he’s a sheep no that’s a possessed sheep his eyes are white the sheill that do not kill that sheep do

Not kill that sheep what do you mean do not kill the Sheep do not kill the Sheep I’m killing it no multip I just okay I wish I would list I wish I would have listen MTI it did yeah I’ve seen people do it I’m an

Idiot I still listen to you I know I’m an idiot I should have listened to you and they’re chasing me how do I how do I David herob found me no David herob Bren wrote the letter H out of block and what happened if herbody writes his whole name okay this is actually

Terrifying there’s possessed animals that you if you kill they multiply herob Brien is writing his name um I’m actually it’s actually terrified whoa we got bone meal okay you know what come on I’m going to kill the Sheep again come at me come on a little bit this

Way you said they multiply time they die right yeah all right I killed them twice and there two of them there’s four pretty much yeah I really hope I can’t I cannot mess this up can I wait they didn’t respawn or multiply they just vanished I shot them off the cliff into

A Ravine and they vanished what does that mean guys if you if you know what’s happening or played this map before please let me know David but they only multiplied once but I shove them off a ravine did that I’ll try and trap them I don’t know what

That but what if herob this because I did not I I don’t know what you cannot break those blocks though doesn’t show a thing you can break it but I really wish David can I merge M together if so I’ll merge this to be a super

I don’t know if you guys heard that but I oh my God your right behind me yo Brian are you funny what what if I hit here O’Brien he’s just staring at me did you do this I jumped so hard oh my gosh it Ted right at me I got blinded do

That oh my gosh lag no oh my God that’s herob Bri oh her herob Bri’s a jerk oh my gosh what oh my God that was terrifying David it’s almost David sun setting then moov almost out I don’t see any more possessed animals I can multiply no bro you feel like something is

Chasing you well hold up hold up hold up I just got a notification you feel like something is chasing you oh my I jumped so I jumped out of my Kell you missed it I you I got jump scared so bad there oh my go I might upload that

Clip honestly it’s kind of funny but no there was an altar over there I have to do I don’t want to do it I don’t want to do it I don’t want to do it but I have to but no herob bran is spilling his name and Kelly we did a little something

Different there’s cave dwellers there’s herrian and there is the man of the fog but who’s chasing me or who’s F or who’s stalking me oh I’m so scared but but there’s like a ritual thing over there it said try another time so I think I do that at night

Oh we are going to be making a series out of this we are is this once we can once we can figure out how to make this like a server so my friend so we can do this together we’re making a series out of it and we’re going to be doing multiple mods

Too y Brian leave me alone try try a different might be thundering I jumped over a skeleton I jumped over a skelet oh my gosh David is here Brian David David yeah what happens if your Brian is watching me at night and he’s blinking he Brian doesn’t blink what does that mean

David know what I’m a sayian d I’m a sayian we fight no more help look up Ace nope nope nope nope no herob is also spilling his name and we found a possessed sheep that if you kill it it like multiplies ma welcome no this is really

Fun we’re doing a lot more mods too but so terrifying I already jumped out of my chair a few times what is that thing like a barrel zombie got a fly more barrels we saw Herobrine a few times oh oh my gosh Bro Look What herob Brien wrote Oh My it was

Terrifying he wrote the letter H all right okay I want to do something in the morning so guys you didn’t hear that it was right outside my house you feel like something is sh uh David no it is the the letter H is still there though I don’t know why herob wrote the

Letter H wait I’m going get a CER to blow it up come on blow it up creeper blow it up let’s go I hope wait I really hope that doesn’t make more angry at me please don’t wow know what he David who I’m lost dude I’m lost he by and teleporting

Me into the middle of nowhere I’m nowhere near my base I don’t know what to do no more I broke your o Bran’s name he got mad David no he charged at me and he teleported me far away what oh that happened uh I don’t I don’t remember the command for

It what freeze it yeah no yeah I don’t remember to keybind but it reset the things you did E round oh my oh my oh my I don’t know I I I I’m so I don’t know I’m speechless all right oh there’s iron there’s iron there’s iron I can protect

Myself oh you’re right you’re right you’re right I do have a spawn point you are right bro David why didn’t you tell me her can teleport me there’s pan see I’m try to get killed by Pana why I one down lightning and the other one when you K it it just the

I’m back at home uh random for dude that was just a clutch idea you had DAV what happen if herob bran stops playing his name I’m not joking herob Bren legit put in h on well I’m streaming so I can’t really make this up because I can’t like

Stop stream build out of blocks I don’t know what blocks it is there’s ways to reset your monitor you know that right I did not I have not someone was ask me something but bro herob Brian is terrifying I know or possess sheeps just going to leave them

Alone I can’t why is your so terrifying cuz no he’ll try and spell his name cuz you said you watch a video on it and I don’t know what happens if he when when when he fully spells it but I know what happens if you break it okay shaders reloaded all

Right I’m going to go inside and craft but there’s still that ritual I just want to figure it out too all right five minutes all right so oh that’s I forgot here here I need an Axe and a pickaxe so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start like upgrading my

Base wait uh I think her I don’t know if is herob an entity or not what is your an entity or not yes he is D is it is it bad I feel like I mean stocked no the game like it gave me a meth saying you feel like something is

Watching you and there’s just a pairs of eyes he’s watching you there is it bad when you said that there was a sheep that was staring directly right at me with his head til walking oh my gosh why is your mind so terrifying oh man so I need a

Furnace so I just need like oh my go no those that means they’re possessed a white uh a fully white animal means they’re possessed sheeps can duplicate and other things I don’t know one can like set like track you with Ling the other one set the block under you on lava or

Something I actually have I have he is terrifying but no herob Brian he can write letters out of my house oh that’s terrifying I mean that’s not terrifying oh look at my beautiful furnit actually what do you have to offer me villager wait a cassette player what does a cassette player do

H I don’t know yet but I have some theories David yeah he is watching me I heard I just heard something yeah he’s talking he I hate that no I literally heard like a Teleport sound and like I don’t know uhuh yeah you’re leave me here to suffer

Alone until you actually man to get me in with you so I can sear with you yeah dang I know this is how I show my compassions you right you know what no I want get the Super Saiyan mod I’m going to just go Super Saiyan blue and just go

Bam bam that c are ruins all right byebye fine bye I’ll just be careful Crossing this too because I don’t know why you can’t speed build on this I already tried it it doesn’t let you no nothing I don’t know what I’m looking for hold up that look wait that’s this is

A oh I know this is this is a village right here would have been a chest what and this is the this is like a a village that’s like very old like I overrun cuz these are all the houses uh okay guys what does a Blood Moon mean I’m actually

Terrified what does The Bu MO mean what does a p MO mean DAV call D H got the wrong moment all right I don’t know if anyone still on stream but man what’s up you missed it uh a Blood Moon just appeared we Face herrian kind of have you ever played

Magic the Galler I have not Kelly you like thank you that’s great appreciated oh man this is terrifying I don’t like your I don’t like her see look normal Minecraft mod what hold up they can teleport you can drown y Brian please get away from me you’re in the water why are you

Everywhere wait hold up that’s a CH that’s a p that skeleton that’s P that skeleton that oh my gosh why that is a what is that what are these things bro what was that no it was like that thing that can like transform to a goat into like a

Per no guys I was I’m not even exaggerated when I say this herob Brian wrote an H right there I manag a creep to blow it up but it’s there still one block to remain and I have not been on any base and I will go in my to replay it but

Look there’s an e h e for herob bran oh my what happens this herob spells his whole name wait there’s a blood moon so maybe I can summon the ritual thing over there spiders are more terrifying why not he ain’t scary dang what mod did you get M can

Spell and no m m can teleport like he can teleport me away from my possessed skeletons just going to ignore all right no cuz I killed a sheep that was possessed and then multiplied and Y Brian to like jump like charge right at me Blinded Me and teleported me to the middle of

Nowhere no creepy laughing no bad and wasting your yeah oh man what’s what’s that normal witch creepers it’s nothing too bad anymore so BL noons aren’t scary we to make get a montage of me just getting jump scared I know we’re to get thunderstorm Sunday I want to play a horror game on

Sunday like the scariest Minecraft map I can find Minecraft mod but no herob Bri spelled he wrote e what whated I wonder what happens if he write his whole name oh that’s terrifying up P bear can I just love with you your Igloo I would fight but I I need food I made a mistake not grabbing food huh monster flesh what is that my gu a t it it’s more all right I’ll take your word I will take your word for it I’ll definitely try it oh dang monster just killed me monster skin dang

I hate the blood moon oh wait you can like jump farther on Ice oh my gosh you can actually jump so far and fast on Ice I have not play a among this VR cuz I actually don’t have a VR head right now but it sounds so it sounds so much fun and

Terrifying there a clown I don’t like you the clowns would be scary if I was scared of clowns but I’m not so whoops my turn to sleep you feel like something is chasing you it sets it on screen no cuz the whole screen went fog and likes me is chasing you I like

H oh the weather outside is frightful all right I huh I wonder if you kill up a dead skeleton I wonder nothing guess nothing maybe he’ll already burn his Sun that’s why oh man that was so terrifying so he put his name around my house might need a new house

I could have sworn I just heard herob Brian I heard like a tapping it okay this he is watching I hear like a tapping sound I hear him so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going try and get a lot of resources get more

Food and then if I can try and get iron armor well a lot of YouTubers do fake their videos just for cloud so turn on Discord oh what do you mean turn on Discord so I’m going to do this right now okay is it me or

I don’t know if it’s just me or is my pickaxe like dur blade is just going crazy down fast weird bad cheap uh is actually yeah yes yes yes huh he a you you weren’t here earlier but the whenever the ship is possessed it like multiplies okay Kelly that sounds

Interesting time no Mana is all right Manila is all right why M did nothing wrong but no Ace you missed it I’ll post like some parts on YouTube of this but no so right there I I had a creeper blow it up it’s spelled an

AG then what come after age up here O Brien e e right there oh it’s all right uh U look I think she said it by accident L because I can’t really access my YouTube Channel right now in a pain but I saw it I saw it I saw it Mandy I saw

It you know what I’m just going to go back home yes we are playing with moth we are playing with moth this is the herob Brian the the cave dwellers and the man of the fog mod I do want to do one mod when once I get friends in we’re going to

Become Super Saiyans and we got to complete the game and have an all out Super Saiyan battle in the sky with like instant transmission with like Kam com hul it’s going be insane let’s cook that meat up let cook the food up well thank you Kelly that’s great appreciated okay

So I think what I’m going to do is we go to wait till like a thunderstorm I think that’s when Herobrine’s really active so we can summon that ritual thing but first I need some pork chops I think right now I just need to upgrade my base okay

Actually for streamer to get his time for what do you mean M um Mia what you mean poor streamer I know I just kind of looking for food right at the moment like animals chicken cuz there is something over there I saw but it’s going to take a

Lot it’s going to take a lot of resources to get over there like some food that’s actually my first projective is Stone I actually don’t know what that mod is but I think we are going to post like a thing on Discord what kind of mods you I suggest ah there’s

Pig cuz I was going to go far cuz no no don’t kill animals yet I don’t know what you mean by that but cuz the first time I let the bathe he put a h and the Tak I got teleported and put away and die he put an

E we got some Cobblestone right now so that’s my goal but my second goal is I want to I’m I have a theory on something cuz every time I left the base for a while he Brian came and wrot a letter cuz he wrote this e so next is an R so

Decent because here I’ll show yeah right here see look try a different time and look they look like a ritual thing okay I see something in the distance I’m going to investigate cuz my friend he said he watched YouTubers play this and he says like that herob ban is

Like always watching you from a distance we actually just been there I’m keeping an eye on these mobs just because they have white eyes a jump scare will have oh I feel like it’s about to happen soon isn’t it okay so all this is mostly just ocean

To the one place we have in this is that is that direction 10 viewers that’s actually insane that’s actually insane but okay so I think at night we’re going to test a theory cuz herob bryen is actually writing his name around my base I just don’t know what happens if

You write this once he hit that e the final e of herob Brien the final letter or uh I bring you peace offering okay he doesn’t like chicken he does not like chicken that’s really good that’s actually pretty insane okay guys we don’t hear buy like chicken Honestly though we should do

More Minecraft mods okay guys it’s getting night time so now we need to like go this way where I haven’t explored get away from me that looks terrifying cuz my theory is if I’m away from my base long enough at night where herob is really active will he spill another it’s

Not oh that’s insane okay dwellers man of the fog here O’Brien oh my good also you can’t stay in water for too long because of pranas I’m saying that right but panas oh I want to do a GTA V mod so bad cuz there’s so many mods I want to

Do in GTA V mod but I have to wait till I get a better PC cuz GTA V is a little bit more on the PC like more demanding I don’t know got find him cuz this pack includes man of the Fall the cave dwellers and he Brian he Brian I see

You I have brought chicken again oh sup cow we’re just gonna just go this way you just do your own thing here O Brien just is that a baby skeleton skeletons weren’t op enough they made them babies they can move faster Dang I heard heavy breathing what is that hold up eyes I hate the little girl screen you’re playing emojis nope all my train was fap phobia what is that thing is that the man of the Fog sheep are you seeing this my God all right all those hearts are

Great okay flies are a menace to society B of B ban of flies no oh man it had dual it had dual it had two heads I do have a bad I’m very far from my base actually I’m probably going to die but that’s where my Theory comes

In cuz I just trying to get very far from my base cuz every time I went far from my base he briyan spell a letter yoink okay I should have done that I should have not done that because I don’t know there’s pros in here or not

Cuz I’ve been attacked once but maybe that’s only in the ocean and this like a little river lake know what maybe we need here thumb a little numb maybe we just need to find a cave and try to find a cave dweller the more in but that’s the thing though I’ll was

Try to find coal oh dang I had coal I used it all maybe there’s any more left I’ll grab it I think what I don’t know what mod I do next I know one mod I want to do though is a I’ve been saying a lot just a Super Saiyan mod it looks

L my Gody what is that I can’t no food I missed nope nope nope nope nope I couldn’t jump that have enough stanina nope I Sor I say I find out I’ll spin until he notice uh who growled that’s very unpolite sir see I’m going to go this way you guys are

Terrifying I got an auto do I use it I mean if you’re talking about fortnite Auto the Auto’s not bad but no I had a legendary pump what are you and I went up to close to someone I mean we were like right next to each other in fortnite Legend

Pump 20 damage the great Auto 80 damage okay that’s a real zombie huh oh here o Brian what is this is like a bunker guys what did we just find uh guys Grim what did I just summon slender man I to find all the papers Now where’s the idiot stamp I’m done I’m

Actually [Laughter] Nope oh home sweet home Okay I lied to everyone there’s also Slender Man and there is like this creature that turned to a goat into a person I don’t remember what that was called but yeah there’s Slender Man now oh great he’s going to be after me

Too but no uh I guess he did I guess it didn’t he didn’t spawn another ladder unless it’s pretty far but there’s still that broken H only one block cuz I made a creeper block blow up slender there is Slender Man you know what that’s enough for one night

Villager this is my roommate by the way turn on hit box all right this my roommate his name is Jeff okay I I didn’t know oh man I really need to pay oh man all right oh look guys who needs to be scared it’s a beautiful day the sun’s out the Flies are

Out not uh care in the world who knows oh man all right so actually fun fact I’m over here okay those are mosquitoes I think then so actually these great bro that’s broken not broken but I just found what did I just find okay everyone I think this every want to spam those

Hearts I’m actually terrified corpse yuck what is this nice briers ouch mine cart bruh hello why can we have more creepers those are really easy to kill nowadays huh huh what this far deep oh that oh I guess this how you get back up too but know

What use your use your Aimbot that way hold up nope just come on all right okay that was actually insane okay I’m putting my foot in there cuz I want to explore that so I might make a part two on these series no I might lit make a part two

Exploring that oh my that’s actually insane I just want to do a quick check okay he still haven’t placed any other Lads which is I don’t know so I might try to make a new chest full of weapons and stuff and resources so I need one for food and one for

Resources but I feel like there’s something else down there though so I need to go back down there with a iron with a shield and maybe I an iron sword or something we could make oh that’s that sheep scared me my heart dropped we could do tomorrow night

Too but I I know Sunday I I want I want to make it like a different stream because we can always come back to this but I play one of the most scariest map or mod there is in Minecraft when it’s thunderstorming cuz like why

Not no cuz every time I hear like a block break or a place or or a footstep I look around cuz cuz my friend said cuz he saw YouTubers play this map and he said that herob ban is always Wasing you from a distance which I don’t

Like all right fine I’ll do this then oh man I think to because I also want to when I’m when I’m off stream I want to look up that and how to activate it I don’t know if his name have to be spelled out first or it says try at a different time

And oh oh I actually might know how to activate it now cuz those things are like candles if you could have F and steel and light it then you we might be able to activate it huh I don’t know why I think of that earlier I just love the water it looks so

Peaceful oh man I’m glad I found a villager’s house oh that you [Laughter] I can’t kill it or it’s going to duplicate I can’t kill it though but I can all right come on little cheap yeah come on come On bye see they multiply but they can’t touch me now who’s the goat oh yeah don’t mess with me I told you he was watching me he possess a ship oh Jeff I’m home I need them sticks need a pickaxe all right now I need Stone I could just do

This I got Cobblestone but don’t pick but this will still work it’ll still work cuz I want to go back in that cave but I want torches though we definitely miss something okay if there’s like Slender and all these other mobs I don’t know what to expect once I go in there hey

You’re mean you are mean I going inside I’m telling Jeff we’re not playing with you no more doesn’t play fair oh there we go why is that on here I want weird all right Kelly I believe in you you can beat that you can beat her you

Can beat I don’t know how to say that name but you can get on the leaderboard all right now I want to get like a stone sword why you want to put all this in the chest so I don’t lose it be right back all right we’re going go more in

That cave though put you here bro herob Bryant is mean oh man we need more food cuz the one other thing I’ll try to do is find a village cuz I need emeralds why can I kill you I can’t though I need the cassette player I don’t know what that does

So all right well thank you we are going to be exploring that cave more and we do have torches I wa oh there we go all right oh I have played Roblox Roblox is fun Roblox is one of my favorite games okay I have played both fortnite and

Roblox I them both okay we were just streaming fortnite actually oh wait what you can hold this as a lantern oh that’s so cool actually I’m going to keep this here CU I die but what that’s so cool like actually I so all right can you turn this off you can’t

See well that’s cool that’s actually cool see there nothing be afraid of Minecraft no more I should brought blocks up the water can I put my off hand oh my I can’t don’t worry don’t worry Haven don’t worry we’re just playing this for a little bit what is there a new mob down

Here there has to be right there has to be cuz I ain’t find Slender Man but we have to find all papers too maybe we’ll do that in a video too maybe I just create a little short video like a little Montage of me just jumping out of my chair iron

I oh I I just right tap oh wait over oh what do you mean wait over first Pace on nice killing that Echo that’s terrifying I mean it would be less terrifying because I I like to listen to music my game but I couldn’t do it this

Time just because it’s a horror game I been I got jumped by three mobs you know what I need I need a sword because I I I need to focus on food actually now okay I need start taking this thing a little bit more ser I hate spiders so much how they

Crawl on wall like how they crawl it’s so terrifying but no I was I was out I was I Dro My Sword right here because I was trying to get hero BR that spell his name again you back huh are they be nice to us and I

Just go to sleep for once peacefully nothing terrifying hey Jeff I think herob Bran’s nice to us today we have beaten herob Brian fog still here we back in 10 all right well 10 I don’t mean 10 minutes or at 10 p.m. but like can sub that’s great

Appreciated cuz we will be doing more Minecraft mods huh all right nice Kelly nice monster hunter we could I kill a mo a mod mob I don’t know that’s weird CU I destroy the age but I wonder why herob Brien isn’t riding no more that’s weird I know there’s some other one I

Saw take what is that wait what was that it looked like a rat but it wasn’t a rat all right do you know what there’s only one way to be safe we build an island out there we’ll make our own Island that’s the only way to be safe so

Beard cuz I feel like in like right over there I’m being washed by him okay Kelly you are an absolute Pro at that game absolutely Pro dang are you kidding me there we go well I got a button there has to be another Island too right oh is that what I think it

Is it’s just okay oh you have to hit Crouch to get out oh okay guys we can do it now we can do it now what’s that it this is like a building no I was say I have a I can get a foot in steel now right here the fire charge

I think I can do that ritual that ritual thing now but what’s this and you tell me if I summon I don’t know uh what a terrifying sea monster pleas just tell me that’s just normal my fatigue all right that’s normal this is normal this the Elder Guardians okay this is

Normal was like Goliath or I don’t know not Goliath but I don’t remember what they’re called those sea monsters but I can I eat okay Java is weird you can’t eat while you’re doing this cuz there’s a few things I noticed you couldn’t do on this I don’t know if

This is this map or in jav in total but I no I can’t Speed Build like normal I can’t do quite a bit of things on Bedrock which I I don’t know if it’s if it’s like is it just this mode alone I guess that was just part of an

Ender thing but we got so much gold actually what I might do is put this GL on right now oh yeah I you don’t know this used to be my hair half red half blue yeah it’s my hair right now so you know all right keep an eye on them

But I want to head over there to that ritual scene cuz if I can summon it some fire ooh that’s that’s all right Kelly Bedrock bedrocks not bad but I just couldn’t it it’s easier for me to mod it on Java so that’s why that’s why I kind doing

Java first I’m G to put this gold in my chest so I don’t lose it yeah I I don’t lose it but this is coming with me I did not just waste my only Flint I did not just waste my only Flint I was trying to right

Click I did not just do that didn’t I I I did I well see I don’t know about hardcore mode I think is on Java I’m not for sure though or it could be a mod too oh end to me okay for a minute 50 all

Right so my attack is going to be a little slower than normal because the only thing that’s interesting me is this and of course that hero is actually spelling his name BR is this try a different time what’s it going to Spawn that can’t break with my mining fatigue on but I’m not see any mods right now it’s it’s peaceful you survived the blood moon hey back up back up back up like I was saying we survived the blood moon we survived that attack got jumped by a

Pig that’s embarrassing I die by a pig all my friends are going to say I die hero right I was like uh I don’t know all right I I want kill this Pig instead for food sun’s coming down again I do need to upgrade my porch my base

See maybe I like off stream cuz that might be a little boring I might try to like upgrade my base a little bit try to make it a little bit more roomy cuz I do cuz the reason why I’m trying to explore more cuz I’m trying to find another Village

So I found a village once it was like right on spawn Island land actually N I can’t I can’t do that cuz I need this cassette player so that’s what I really need no let me do that open this and put that in there oh my that’s awesome Kelly that’s

Awesome hold up so I have a I have a a strategy against your when he’s attacking me I can’t use my sword and deflect it but what if I throw an egg at him oh here Brian oh where are you 11 hours dang bro why does herob Brine do this it’s

Terrifying I don’t know what block this is though oh I bet 11 hours dang the Sun Goes Down star comes out a big moon I’m flying I’m flying what was that moth curse what was that what does a big moon mean should I be scared something ran in my

Face like is like trying to like make me fly what Wait oh my goodness oh wrong one oh I I ate it never mind so there is something called like a Blood Moon there’s something called a bigger Moon Moon I think each moon has like different mobs cuz right now I have the curse moth on me so I have jump boost slow falling

Mining fatigue and moth curse okay actually why is this kind of fun oh dear I what is that thing bro what what hey O Brien I’m sorry I threw an egg at you I’m sorry okay I threw a her I threw an egg at hero what is that I’m want to punch you

Because I don’t uh y Brian I’m I said I’m sorry I’m sorry I Ed you you’re o Brian I said I’m sorry but what is that thing why do you look friendly you’re not friendly I’m blind so you can teleport there’s more of you oh you’re an Enderman that makes

Sense what is that thing oh he T he Tel right from me he Tel right FR me I’m going to die by an Enderman instead by Nightmare I was a nightmare are you the man of the woods the fog you’re not invited you stay out I don’t like you

Either come my stuff still there hey zombie don’t mind me everyone wait oh what’s this oh like go helmet ow yes hey come here creeper okay I I got killed by a rat that even worse than a pig 2024 gamer wolf slain by a rat no cuz there’s a creeper there I’ll

I was trying to get the creeper to blow me up I trying to punch it right before it blew up so it could blow that thing that nightmare up you did not just trickshot me I’m going to I’m going to report you for Aimbot know how about I go to sleep

Huh all right Kelly all right no I was levitating so I currently I have a an arrow on my head in my leg and Dev is just looking at me just yes I have an arrow in my head if you let a spider in I swear you’re going back you’re going back out

There yes you go check I I want to go check do check find out check big baby that is so much four hearts that is so much damage but no did you see that giant moth thing that was not what was that what was that that thing was massive I think we’re

Safe character’s good how do I sign to Minecraft I use my Microsoft account like my Xbox Account oh my gosh what was that thing I got killed by a spider hold up did you hear that Echo not like that H your e okay call me crazy but I hear to me outside her house call me crazy oh how not burning oh my God they’re like sideways

Oh my gosh that’s actually kind of funny but no I’m trying to find oh my you’re stronger wait hold up hold up hold up hold up up what’s your favorite movie oh that’s a good qu that’s a great question I don’t actually that’s huh I think about that one I can’t think

On I think it’s not my not my all-time favorite movie because I need to think about a little bit I think some of the great good movies are like Into the Storm and twister what are pretty good like movies though though but I think my favorite movie would have

To be like Facing the Giants oh that’s a good movie or no a fireproof fireproof I know it’s crazy come on now try a different time parents a chant one sec huh you broke the red candle I know we have to light it on I know we have to light it

First all right Heen let me just find Herobrine one more time cuz I was trying to find him doing this doing a letter thing I make that to another live stream cuz what I’m thinking about doing is trying to find the center of the earth I

Might break my bed so I can go back to the spawn point I think was like I spawn in the middle of the forest and build up my own cabin house and build a fence all around it and see what happens all right okay now he’s put an e

I I wish I didn’t show that AG but wish I didn’t all right nice Kelly nice Phantom Embrace that is hard actually here want to try something dang so this is this is the exact same a gold sword in a br what can I make gold with

Oh had a little bit more gold CU I was plan on doing something with it but it’s just that there’s no point wait actually I I have an idea I know here Brian well there I know on a YouTube video I thought he likes gold so I’ll I’ll hit him with his own

Liking yeah now sheep are you possessed if so are you possessed all right are you possessed no yo Bob you possessed no he’s good he’s clear guys but one thing I do want to go back I don’t know if I can remember where it was at that slender

Thing cuz I know in the game if you clicked all seven pieces of paper you win seven or eight I can’t remember which one it was but what happened if you collect all the pieces of paper here cuz I collected one there in a world all right he want check keep going this

Way oh man I can’t wait to start like our Minecraft series it’s going be a lot of fun I do play on Java it’s Java I put on Java and bedrock that mining fatigue would be so annoying may need a crafting table not the hiccups boat was that you are you

Crab wait it does damage to me if I hit it oh get back you can swim that’s even more terrifying I was going to wait for this but that’s fun Kell that be fun that be fun for me I used to play on PC but I talking the keyboard it just felt I

Don’t know I keyboard more cuz I don’t like you back ouch well maybe should like a mob contest like and like I can get herob bran and Entity 303 to fight I there was the first mob sighing are we can you get over there what’s this monster rotten fish nice nice

Nice I would eat it but it’s rotten a blood moon has appeared yep guys fun ways to die so many so many Fun Ways To Die come on come on you won’t let’s go hey sheep who’s so tough now huh who’s so tough now ouch give me one second haven oh yeah

This is this is possessed sheep how do you feel about me now huh you can’t do nothing to me that sheep get hey the she started it it start to be possessed I just trapped it so I can’t hurt no more no more back up I hear you guys and we’re not playing

Don’t play fair but no the Minecraft series are going to get like 100 I mean 100 times better once I get this like server thing figure out we can invite people because I’m planning on doing the series with a friend it’s going be a lot of fun bruh dang you baned Minecraft bro what is that thing bro my guy’s Ready for War you just nope what are you no possess skeleton possess skeleton possess skeleton oh can you leave me alone I’m sorry guys look a village OU oh my gosh guys we actually found a village but I have like no

Health so we go this way a vill why the pain oh I see what my front yard looks like in a blood moon oh here O’Brian shut that actually I got to get rid of this creeper actually I’ll show you yeah I can join let me just show you guys me

Real quick with this creeper oh you’re possessed oh D you’re stronger so creeper we got this quick yeah come on blow up no hurry blow blow blow BL BL see look we destroy the H not the H the E so now I’ll join you Haven in the

SAG but I’m kind of showing you guys this real quick to that I did it with the H but now I destroy the E so now like a little L why are you so much stronger all right I died here I that skeleton all right two hours and 8

Minutes I think this is where we might end the live stream here and defin if you guys have a lot like any mod sucess you guys want me to play for stream definely let me know and we will definitely play it but yeah I think we’re going end live stream off here may

Here Ry a few times got jump scared a lot of times and yeah don’t I said I said hey but we will we’re just going to play off stream we’re past that two hour mark So I want to overuse my PC but it does I think it does have the go

Man cuz it we saw like a go transformed like a person thing and back into a goat but I never lied to you Haven honestly guys I think end the live stream here that might play some Minecraft with with a viewer off stream for a little bit in our own Minecraft

World and don’t worry we will be live tomorrow playing some more Minecraft mods cuz I had a lot of fun playing them and I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll catch you next live stream

This video, titled ‘Man of the Fog, Herobrine, And Cave Dwellers in Minecraft’, was uploaded by GamerWolf on 2024-03-23 05:53:36.
It has garnered 189 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 02:12:27 or 7947 seconds.

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    Deadly Minecraft Hardcore Mode 😵 Watch Kidd Sai's Close CallVideo Information This video, titled ‘Por poco hermano ☠️ #minecraft #games #chile #memes #minecrafthardcormode #twitch #clips’, was uploaded by kidd sai on 2024-03-29 20:50:41. It has garnered 182 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:21 or 21 seconds. 🛑Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Like!🛑 Read the full description for more info: ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Texture Pack: Trailers Vision By DiamonIsntHere Sens: 1600dpi 28% Fov: 90 View Bobbing: off Shaders: off ▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Recording program: OBS Studio Editing program: Adobe After Effects Editor: @Bl00Dvfx ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ My other networks: 💜Twitch: 🪩Tik Tok:… Read More

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    Shizo Clickbait: SleetMC Ambush Fail #MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘He Tried To SNEAK UP on me #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by SleetMC on 2024-01-09 01:00:22. It has garnered 2000 views and 29 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. Subscribe! ❤️sub❤️ | 🟦discord🟦 | 📷insta📷 | 🌴socials🌴 | Read More


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  • MythiCube

    MythiCubeWe’re a brand new server, looking to build a family! Experienced Staff, Actively Seeking Helpers, Testers, and Players Alike! Features: – Towny – BattlePass – Custom Items, Enchants & MythicMobs – Skills, Jobs & Quests – Starter Kits – RTP & Warps (Pending: Player Submissions Welcome!) – /Back on Death – Homes & TP – /Shop – Auctions/Economy Discord: IP: Read More

  • WhyNot SMP Semi-Vanilla 1.20 14+ WHITELIST

    Welcome to WhyNot SMP! This is a vanilla (or perhaps semi-vanilla) Minecraft server aimed at bringing players together from around the world to make new friends. Our server values peaceful gameplay and prohibits griefing. Rules will be provided in our Discord server. The server will open this week on the 5th and will run 24/7 with occasional maintenance. Although based in Australia, we strive to create an enjoyable experience for players worldwide. The server is open to those aged 14 and above, and anyone not following rules or causing issues will be removed. Join our Discord to get started! We… Read More


    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.16.5 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.16.5 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • Lavaque MC

    Lavaque MC Brand New SMP server for everyone to play. seanson one ends 28/05/2024 Features: Ranks, Economy, Player Vaults, MarketPlace, Spawn area, Auction House, Land Claiming and much more Join now to rise to the top and become the richest of LavaqueMC Read More

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