Milo & Chip Speedrun vs Hunter in Realistic Minecraft

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Today I’m doing a speedrun challenge in Minecraft I’ll only have 10 minutes to destroy the ender dragon or else I lose the challenge can I win or will Milo hunt me down let’s begin the speedrunner challenge Milo I’ve still got 10 minutes to get to the end and kill the Ender

Dragon I can’t wait to beat you with this chip you’re such a bad speedrunner okay well then if I’m such a bad speedrunner can I get a 30second head stop yeah just cuz you’re lucky I’ll count to 30 and you run away okay St

Counting down 3 1 2 4 8 5 while Milo is counting down I’m going to be cheating using realistic Minecraft it makes the entire game use real gravity let’s make some basic tools and then I’ll show what happens when I break the dirt platform oh this just showed it perfectly

Breaking a block uses real gravity to break every single other block around it now I can craft anything I want using this let’s make a crafting table and we could also make some sticks as well okay this is really exciting we’ll put the crafting table down get a bunch of tools

And I think the first tool we need to craft is a shovel and it’s going to become pretty clear why we’re going to use this shovel to break the platform that Milo’s standing on okay okay I think he’s about to finish counting down so we’ve got to be quick chip your

Time’s up are you ready to die hang on what’s that going on down there what wo I’m falling oh oh Milo Milo’s even got realistic physics as well that’s horrible let’s mine this platform and get as many dirt blocks as we can possibly grab we want to have infinite

Building Material if we’re going to be properly speedrunning this game Let’s also grab the stairs I’m not sure how useful they’ll be but it’s important to get them let’s pick up our crafting table and get out of here we’ve made it into a different village without our houses and without a starting platform

And I need a whole bunch of food and supplies luckily we can break all this hay real quick using the new Gravity system who it’s so realistic how it all just falls into our hands let’s grab as much as we can come on I don’t want Milo

To show up and catch me off guard hang on a second maybe if this is realistic the villagers will have cool stuff inside their houses and wao look at that door opening it swings and it even gets stuck on me that’s pretty cool H there wasn’t anything in that house maybe in

This one uh no come on Villages I guess it’s realistic that they wouldn’t have a bunch of stuff but come on guys maybe in this one and wao I got some Le the armor it’s best if we take both of it so that Milo can’t grab any sneakily wow I look

Really fashionable let’s keep looking to see if there’s anything else we can snag hello villagers there’s nothing inside this house maybe this one over there it’s far enough away in the distance that oh never mind I forget I said anything these houses look really interesting this one is double siiz and

Look a chest hey I got emeralds and dandelion and some Oak saplings hey look a blacksmith and they even have an anvil out the front that’s pretty cool I wonder what could be inside of it look we have an iron chest plate two iron ingots and an efficiency five book as

Well as some bread this is perfect we’re really living large right now I think we need a new source of iron though we’ve only got two ingots and we need to get three if we want to make a pickaxe uh I think we’re about to make this Iron

Golem real Angry hey iron golem follow me oh gosh oh gosh we better be real quick we do not want him to catch us off guard okay now now let’s go up to this pillar and try and hit him from the top yeah come here Iron Golem hang on let’s

Check to see if Milo’s around okay luckily I don’t see him if Milo Catches Us now we’d be in a really bad position look the Iron Golem is actually breaking he’s losing his health really quickly thanks to our shovel come on let’s keep hitting him as much as we can to get him

Down to zero Hots before Milo arrives come on iron golem surely you can’t take much more of this the might of Chip is unmatched okay he’s only got one stage left before he’s going to fully drop down I wonder what a realistic Iron Golem death will uh-oh I think my shovel

Just broke don’t worry I have an iron chest plate that I can put on for Extra Protection in case Milo arrives let’s keep beating him down we can even use a bread stick I don’t think I’ve ever taken an iron golem down with a bread stick before until now we even got three

Extra iron ingots come on let’s craft a pickaxe as quick as we can we’ll put two sticks there and three iron ingots here boom iron pickaxe let’s break this crafting table and watch it shatter into realistic pieces boom perfect now let’s go over to this Anvil and get what we

Deserve but first we need to craft a sword to kill all these surrounding mobs to get as much experience as we can I’m sorry C this is exactly what I need oh I still don’t see Milo this is really good I guess we must have totally stumped him

When we destroyed that starting platform he’s probably struggling to find a way to get down this is perfect it means we have an opportunity to kill all of these mobs and get all of their experience to enchant with and done that should definitely be enough now I can go and

Enchant this pickaxe with efficiency five perfect let’s add this right now and boom I now have an efficiency five iron pickaxe watch how quickly I can mine things I’m even going to mine this Cobblestone so I can make a bunch more tools especially with this realistic

Gravity let’s make a stone axe this way we can mine wooden blocks really quickly as well just like this crafting table let’s go try and find a cave full of diamonds so it can help us speedrun the game quicker I found this cave but it’s

Not at Diamond level at all we’ve got to get really deep but I don’t know where Milo could be hang on a second Milo’s name tag oh gosh he’s right above us he’s a little further along in this cave than I am but let’s try to go underneath

Him and dig under him using the realistic gravity oh look out Milo you’re not going to like this wao what just happened it was me Milo I’ve got realistic mining gravity chip what are you doing down there you’re trying to get me with your realistic cheat I can’t

Believe this yep and now I’m going to mine underneath you you better watch out Milo no this is too scary get away from me I’m going to keep mining under you until I get you to fall down but ah there’s too much Stone in my face stop

It stop it chip you’re being so annoying I won’t stop it Milo where have you gone I’m over here and you can’t get me I’m meant to be getting you wait a second I don’t see his name tag anymore oh gosh I need to keep looking maybe further along

This cave I’ll keep mining but hey there he is stop you fell down I’m going to keep mining Milo I’ve so almost got you ah this is so bad the bee is trying to get me the bees have got you and now I’ve got you Milo bye-bye I’m going to

Keep looking for diamonds now that Milo is going to take a second to get back to us I think we need to keep looking through this cave to see how many diamonds we can find I don’t see any right now but we might if we keep digging deeper wo this gravity looks

Insane all the stone keeps shattering I’m kind of scared to go in there cuz I can’t see how far I’ve mined all right now that it’s cleared up let’s keep going down come on there’s got to be diamonds somewhere and whoa hang on a second I see lots of collapsing I think

I made it into a big diamond cave this is on deep slate level and that is exactly where diamonds spawn wait I see lots of iron let’s grab this this could come in super duper handy wa look we got a bunch of diamonds they must have

Fallen from the ceiling but hey we don’t have space in our inventory let’s clear out some of the junk Cobblestone I don’t need you right now wow we got so many diamonds I guess when you have the power of realistic physics you can grab anything you want let’s also grab this

Iron and this lapis this could be really handy if we want to enchant something now it’s time to make my diamond gear and weapons I really hope I have enough okay I have enough for diamond leggings and I definitely have enough for diamond boots my helmet’s also basically just

Leather and that’s not very important so we can get rid of that and put on a diamond helmet oh yeah I’m looking pretty groovy right now now we’re going to make a diamond sword as well one of the most powerful attacking items in the entire game and now we’re going to make

The oak planks into sticks and boom we can make a diamond axe this is another really powerful attacking item I think I’m going to save the final five diamonds for later we have no idea what amazing and useful things I could build with them but for now we do need to get

Out of this cave look perfect a lava lake this is exactly what we need because we really should be getting to the nether I think we need to grab some water though so we can make obsidian and perfect here is a lake it even has realistic physics waves that’s awesome

Let’s jump in and grab some water buckets I already have a bucket so let’s grab as much water as we can look it even ripples realistically that is so beautiful let’s take this and head back to the lake of lava in order to make a nether portal we need to place one

Bucket of water here and wo would you look at that smoke Rising that’s awesome now let’s mine out here perfect oh goodness I’m so excited to continue building this thing we need to grab our lava bucket and replace this stone block with pure lava which will turn it into

Obsidian in the end we’re going to get rid of the water so we can add actual nether portal material inside but for now we need it to stay now let’s put the water here and we have to go so quick with this lava bucket and b boom oh yeah

We’ve only got a couple more obsidian blocks left to place we’re doing really good only two left and we only have one obsidian block left to place boom there’s so much smoke right now but hang on a second I don’t have a flint and steel we’ve got to go grab that hang on

A sec okay I’ve got iron in my inventory and I have a bunch of wood so I can make a furnace and smelt it I’m going to use my Oak stairs as fuel because I have so many while I do that I’m going to go find some gravel I wonder where gravel

Could be that wooden shovel that I used to destroy the starting platform could have come in really handy by now but uh I guess we’ll we’ll have to find another way to mine it the first challenge is finding the gravel in the first place I

Do not see it anywhere maybe in the lake the lake is the perfect place to find gravel now let’s jump in the lake and try to get this gravel come on Wow even the particles float up and out of the water when we mine them that’s pretty

Cool okay ew we only got gravel that’s so boring let’s try and mine it as many times as we can until we get a flint boom we got flint and it only took about a 100 tries now let’s check on our iron to see if it’s smelting properly

And it’s all smelted that’s amazing now let’s craft our flint and steel and use it to light our portal into the realistic nether all right I’m really nervous to see how this goes but let’s just do it all right the nether portal is lit let’s gather up our furnace and

Our crafting table and head into the scary underworld of Minecraft wo is this the nether I can’t believe I made it that’s awesome all right I’ll leave my nether portal because that’s where Milo’s going to come through if he follows us and hey look is that is that

A fortress okay there’s only a huge lava lake in between us oh gosh all right we’ve got to be smart with this let’s try and Bridge our way over okay the dirt bridge is going well I’ve got to keep placing so carefully and okay there are Striders there I’m feeling

Suspicious the nether is quiet right now I feel like a ghast or a blaze is about to pop up out of any corner and jump scare me or Worse send me and my entire Bridge hurdling into the lava uh-oh like that guy let’s build a blockade okay

Luckily he didn’t manage to shoot us through but look at that realistic smoke coming off of him he must be really blazing okay oh no don’t let him through all right we need to find a way to bridge around without getting hit into the lava let’s be quick with this all

Right we need to place another barricade right now and we’ll hide behind it when he tries to shoot us again just like that all right now there are two blazes so we’ve got to be extra careful ow ow I’m on fire oh let’s not let this keep

Burning us all right let’s jump over into here and we’ll try and take down these blazes all right let’s run and blockade ourselves over here it’s time to eat some of our food I’ve used all my bread but I still have this raw mutton all right I’m Healed but come on Blaze

I’m going to take you guys down and use your rods to beat this game okay I’ve killed one and he shoted into a million realistic pieces I even got a blaze rod from one of them wow breaking the fire made a crazy crazy effect oh gosh there’s another Blaze let’s hide behind

Our dirt pillar heal up and fight him again okay we’ve lured him out and you us up all of his charge attacks now we can use our sword to take him down and get his blaze rods I hear Blaze crackling but I’m not sure where hang on

A second I just saw some really suspicious smoke maybe there’s one over here oh no look he’s down in the lava he was hiding inside the lava this whole time oh gosh okay I hope it doesn’t spawn more because I’m going to try and

Get back up to the bridge I need to go get more food if I want to have a chance of surviving oh no hey Blaze oh they did not want to leave me much time at all come here yeah I don’t think I can do it

Come on Blaze take this eat that all right now that the blaze are gone we’re going to use this opportunity to build back up to our original bridge I need to get back to the Overworld and grab some nourishment I’m really starving right now got to make sure Milo doesn’t see me

Going on this bridge I wonder where he is hey chip oh no Milo’s got arrows that can’t be good hey I’m going to get you look at me with my Bing hour you better watch out oh no he’s coming really close to hitting me wait a second maybe I can

Lure him onto the bridge come on Milo yeah that’s right come closer you need to get closer if you want to hit me stop running away from me scary pants Milo you’re really close to me now but you’re forgetting one thing what am I forgetting huh but you’re dum dum well

You’re forgetting that this is realistic Minecraft so the bridge is also realistic wait a second what no so when I break it you better run oh no this is bad wow bye-bye Milo now it’s my turn to get super mega blaze rods come on Blaze

I’m sure I can take you down they’re all hiding cuz they’re so scared of what I did to Milo hang on a second maybe if I threaten The Blaze by breaking their own Fortress they’ll be a little more willing to work things out with me oh

Hey we got to clutch we got to save ourselves oh no I’m dying in the lava and it’s realistic lava so it’s super duper hot come on we got to get out of this thing alive and wao we made it okay let’s Bridge back up to the Blaze I hope

We can make it before the fire burns us lava Fire Burns pretty hot but I think we can survive okay we managed to make it before we got totally burned we’ve only got half a heart left and hang on a second we only have 5 minutes to get

Enough blaze rods and beat this game we just need one more come on we can make it oh gosh I’m taking lots of damage here come on Blaze okay I’ve got six blaze rods that’s got to be enough now let me parkour my way out of here you

And your smoke can’t hurt me Blaze I’m making my way out of here and back to the portal it’s time to go find some Ender to get some Eyes of Ender come on Enderman you’re exactly what I need give me your ender pearls wow they looks so

Weird when I kill them in realistic Minecraft come on guys I need your loot to beat this game oh gosh ah he’s attacking me luckily my amazing diamond armor will protect me from him okay there’s another one come on let me get your pearls he dropped three that’s

Crazy oh yeah we’re on a really good luck streak right now come on let’s get as many of these as we can and he Dro two okay we only need a couple more and then we can take on the stronghold come back here Enderman you’re not going to

Take these blocks today because I’m going to take your pearls away okay we got 14 maybe the stronghold is in this direction I bet it is but huh what’s this I don’t remember this being part of any Village I’ve seen before maybe it’s new in some update or

Something right let’s close the door behind me but wao it’s like a big house and look a chest but wait a second that’s that’s not a chest that is a trapped chest that’s why there’s a ring around it and what’s underneath the trapped chest is that TNT hang on a

Second this isn’t a structure Milo did this and it’s a trap I got you Milo is that you hey you’ve locked me in here that’s right there’s no getting out wait you have OP armor and weapons too oh I don’t think I stand a very good chance

Of fighting Miler right now okay let me think how can I get out of here um okay be smart about this chip H what do I have in my inventory an egg let’s try this egg okay that didn’t work but it did spawn a chicken to help and look the

Realistic eggs on the floor I have a chicken in here Milo I don’t care I’m going to stop you from killing the ender dragon wait a minute I have a better idea over there is a pressure plate and over there is the TNT I think I can set

Up a trap we just have to make sure Milo isn’t looking let’s break the TNT under the chest and try and grab it wo I forgot about realistic Minecraft the bed collapsed we better do this quickly before Milo realizes what we’re doing okay let’s mine this pressure plate and

Oh I don’t know how much space I have all right we’ll grab that we have six TNTs as well that’s really handy in case we need to do something with them break this block and place the TNT here we’re going to put some TNTs around it as well

So the explosion is linked to multiple different bombs okay Milo’s there but he’s behind the obsidian so he can’t see now we just have to place a pressure plate here now we just have to climb this ladder and tell Milo that we’ve given up hey Milo hi chip I’ve given up

On this challenge you can come in and beat me Po baby chip that’s so sad all right chip I’ll come in hey open the door for me what’s up what’s that noise I had wait a second let’s find where the stronghold would be first we need to craft a bunch

Of Eyes of Ender boom we’ve got 12 of them now let’s let it tell us which way that the stronghold is okay it says it’s in this this direction let’s pick up that Eye of Ender that dropped and go look for the stronghold I’ve been here

Mining for a while and every single Eye of Ender is telling me that it’s here let’s continue mining down but I don’t want to mine down organically Milo left way too much TNT inside that place so I’m going to use them realistic TNT let’s hide behind this realistic grass

Wow that is insane look how big that hole is let’s see how quickly we can mine down using this stuff come on TNT you’re going to take me to the win look we found deep slate new strongholds and the latest versions of the game will always spawn at Deep slate levels let’s

Do a realistic water bucket clutch boom we did it now let’s place the final few blocks of TNT down on this part of the cave and watch as the stronghold reveals itself to us I can’t wait to see the look on Milo’s face when he sees me defeating the whole Ender Dragon let’s

Dig down two more Blocks place one more TNT and light this puppy up look we’ve fallen into the stronghold but uh-oh our collapsing is making blocks fall and it’s freed a bunch of silverfish I’m going to take you down with my sword yeah ew the silverfish are flopping everywhere that’s disgusting okay I’m

Going to break this spawner before any more Silverfish can come here look at all the rubble everywhere our destruction is insane but now all that stands in between me winning this game and defeating Milo is this end portal frame let’s place all these eyes in so that we can unlock the final Dimension

And defeat the dragon once and for all okay we made it but what why is there crying obsidian on the floor instead of regular obsidian this is not normal luckily I’ve got my bow and arrows that’ll help me uh-oh I hear the dragon let’s mine up as quick as we can I do

Not want Milo following us all right let’s water bucket out of here I hear Fireballs oh no I don’t want the dragon to kill me now we’ve come way too far look the potion effect from the dragon Fireball is inside maybe that’s what the crying obsidian is for it gives the

Dragon the ability to make make new Fireballs hang on a second those Towers don’t look normal I’m going to endel closer for a better look oh my goodness this is not regular obsidian this is crying obsidian I guess realistic Minecraft has some more tricks up its

Sleeve I can use my Ender pear to get up on top of this crying Obsidian Tower let’s do it I hope this lands okay I did and it landed on the end Crystal destroying it in an instant that is perfect I think the dragon might be coming for me though so we better

Keep an eye out now I’ve just got to get down from here but I wonder how I’m going to do that huh why did that crying obsidian just break wait a lot of the crying obsidian is breaking what is the dragon here no Milo hi chip I’ve got a

New tool that I’m going to use oh no hey don’t break the tower I need to get down from here come on down here chip I can’t just Bridge away because then Milo could use gravity to destroy it okay I need I need ender pearls okay I need to

Find a way around Milo to go collect more ender pearls that I can use to go from Tower to Tower I’m going to get you there’s no way you’re beating this Ender Dragon while Myer’s distracted breaking the last pillar of the tower I’m going to do a water bucket clutch in the other

Direction we’ve just got to wait and Now’s the Time okay go go go boom okay let’s get the end in wait chip where are you you’re not up there anymore that’s right Milo I escaped and now I’m collecting Ender pels to destroy the rest of the towers what that’s not fair

Yes it is Milo boom I landed on the end Crystal I’m kind of a pro I’m going to break this Tower as well oh no I’m going to get up on the Bedrock the Bedrock is immune to Breaking wow I’m breaking so many things right now let’s get that end

Crystal on top of the really tall tower this stupid Enderman is attacking me really Milo the Enderman is attacking you but don’t worry I’m still going to get you down from there oh I don’t think so Milo I’m going to take you down as well because I’m I’m going to Ender pel

To this next tower for my safety hey not fair boom I made it get back here boo no way Milo I’m never coming back you never will catch me you thought you could cheat with realistic Minecraft well I’m going to use it to my advantage Milo mining the towers is a really strong

Defense by Milo but I’m going to use my Ender pear to get all the way over to that iron block Jail boom I made it okay come on I’m going to put a thing down here and then break this end Crystal wow that launch projectiles everywhere let’s

Get up on this part before Milo starts breaking the tower again oh no I hear the dragon doing Fireballs come on let’s get these ender crystals while we can can you hear me breaking these towers cuz you’re going down oh no I’m on half a heart quick let’s run away and eat

Some bread I need to heal up quick I’m right on your tail chip you better hurry up all right well I’m going to Arrow you hey no you know I hate being shot with arrows ouch I need to end Pearl up onto these iron bars again again come on

Let’s go okay we made it inside but uh-oh this is a bad position to be in let’s break our way out of here and look the iron bars are collapsing before Milo breaks this one we’ve got to destroy the end Crystal though come on come on and

Boom chip get back here you think you’re so sneaky yeah I am and I’m a great aim that one really hurt I’m going to hurt the dragon even more you don’t have a chance the dragon’s not scared of you because I’m going to get you before you can get her

Well I’m going to Tower up this place before you can break it down get away from me stupid Enderman you’re distracting me from my mission oh no the dragon it hit me away but boom I can realistic block clutch now I’m going to pillar up this Tower again I haven’t

Seen Milo in a while so he’s probably planning something sneaky but while he’s doing that I can use the time wisely to take out as many crystals as I can all right I just need to bridge backwards using these iron bars and while I’m doing that I need to shoot the ender

Crystal down hey chip I’m right underneath you yeah not for long Milo I’m going from Tower to Tower destroying crystals and wait a minute that was the lost crystal I can now start taking on the dragon I’m going to get you down from here oh gosh he’s breaking the

Tower I don’t have many options is to where I can go from here come on Dragon you might be realistic but so is my skill you have no skill you’re a flop H I’m not a flop the only thing floppy is the towers and the dragon after I kill

It chip get down from that I’m going to start shooting at you uh-oh I don’t have many defenses against that I better follow Milo’s lead um I’m going to go down this way oh gosh Dad here chip I’m getting you this time get back Milo I’m building using these obsidian blocks to

Try and block you away nice try but that’s not going to stop me because I’m winning this come here oh gosh you do more damage than even the Enderman do what gear do you have I have all diamond gear and you can’t compete with me you and your silly blocks and your physics

I’m going to place water to try and push you away he now I’m all slow you’re such a stinky Gody chip now I’m going to start putting realistic Smokey fire behind me ouch that’s burning stop it now that I’ve done that I need to quickly look in my inventory for blocks

I’m in a bridge away using Cobblestone great the dragon just hit me and oh no chip something’s going wrong Milo the Endermen are attacking you oh there’s so many me and they’re trying to get me stop it while Milo’s distracted from the Enderman I can start taking down the

Dragon again ouch chip help me oh come back here no Milo I’m not going to help you I’m trying to beat this game okay the dragon’s on the perch while my Milo is distracted I’m going to try and take him on oh no these Ender are really

Getting me stop it Ender don’t stop it Enderman keep getting Milo I died perfect Milo’s gone let’s take down the Ender Dragon before before he gets back boom We shot down his Fireball projectile in midair come on Dragon Let Me Take You Down super quick Milo’s died

So it’s just me and you now I might be the speedrunner but I’m also going to hunt this dude down okay he’s perched on the thing now I can get under him and start attacking him like this super fast oh no he launched me up into his dragon

Breath but he’s already on half Health we can take him down I hope Milo doesn’t come back and try to defeat me before I can finish this thing hey enman stop destroying acting me I have a goal to achieve wow my aim’s gotten really good since I started becoming a speedrunner I

Guess it’s pretty good exercise running away from someone all day okay the dragon’s coming back down again I think this is my opportunity to finally take him down Boom the Torches are falling off the sides of the Tower and wao the dragon is getting really really low only

A couple more bow shots and he’s totally Dead He’s perching one last time let’s get in a final bow shot before using this opportunity to take him down and boom we totally just destroyed him the realistic Ender Dragon is no more look at him disintegrating into nothing while

We beat the game and get all this experience and the dragon egg we did it we won in realistic Minecraft take that Milo I’m the best speedrunner ever

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Milo and Chip are speedrunning Minecraft, but Chip is making it More REALISTIC? What happens when Chip takes thing Too far?

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    Crafty Survivor: 100 Days in Minecraft Trailer! In the Minecraft world, I took a dive, Survived 100 days, feeling alive. The trailer mod made it all so grand, Loot and treasures, found in the land. Crafting and building, with blocks so fine, Every challenge, I did redefine. Join me on this epic journey, don’t be late, In the world of Minecraft, where I create. Follow me on Discord, Insta, and Rooter, For more adventures, with a creative shooter. Hashtags galore, for all to see, Minecraft Hindi, the game for me. So come along, let’s have some fun, In the world of Minecraft, under the sun. I… Read More

  • Minecraft’s Sneaky Updates

    Minecraft's Sneaky Updates Exploring 101 Minecraft Changes Introduction Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, has undergone numerous changes over the years. From bug fixes to new features, the game continues to evolve, keeping players engaged and excited. Let’s delve into 101 Minecraft changes that have shaped the game’s landscape. Game Fixes and Enhancements 1. Bug Fixes: The Minecraft team has diligently worked to address various bugs and glitches, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for all users. 2. Performance Improvements: Optimizations have been made to enhance the game’s performance, allowing for better frame rates and smoother gameplay. 3. New Biomes: Players can now explore… Read More

  • Minecraft Snapshot 23w05a: Mojang Listens!

    Minecraft Snapshot 23w05a: Mojang Listens! My First Impressions on Minecraft Snapshot 23w05a OMG guys, so I just watched this super cool Minecraft video about the new snapshot 23w05a and let me tell you, it was lit! Like, Mojang really be listening to us, you know? They dropped some major updates in this one, like the OnSaitPas Update or something, I don’t know French but it sounds fancy haha. Snapshot 23w05a So the video starts off with the snapshot itself, showing all the new features and stuff. It’s like a whole new world, literally! And then they talk about this new world generation screen, like… Read More

  • Recreating Bulava in Minecraft Hardcore

    Recreating Bulava in Minecraft Hardcore My First Impressions on a Minecraft Video My First Impressions on a Minecraft Video Introduction OMG, so I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon this Minecraft video titled “😨 Я ВОССОЗДАЛ БУЛАВУ В Minecraft Hardcore…” and I was like, what even is this? But I clicked on it anyway because why not, right? Video Details Video Title 😨 Я ВОССОЗДАЛ БУЛАВУ В Minecraft Hardcore… Donation Link 🥞Донат Second Channel 🌟2 канал Discord 💚Дискорд My Thoughts At first, I was like, what’s with all these emojis in the title? But then I realized it’s probably just to grab attention…. Read More

  • Hoppy Easter: Bunny’s Carrot Speedrun

    Hoppy Easter: Bunny's Carrot Speedrun In a Lego world, where bunnies roam free, One bunny’s on a mission, as you can see. Speedrunning through, with a carrot in sight, Chomping it down with all of its might. Easter vibes in the air, so happy and bright, The bunny’s on a roll, such a delight. Minecraft music playing, setting the tone, As the bunny hops, never alone. Boom goes the vine, adding a beat, To the bunny’s journey, oh so sweet. Eating carrots in Minecraft, a familiar sound, In this Lego world, joy all around. So do you Carrot at all, in this fun tale?… Read More

  • F

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20.4 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20.4 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

  • &lAetherMC

    &lAetherMCWe are a custom survival server with a lot of custom plugins, u can fight custom bosses with our custom gear. Level up your skills to become the strongest on this server. I dare you ~owner Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – They’re as useless as a dirt block

    Minecraft Memes - They're as useless as a dirt block“They’re as useless as a shovel made out of diamond… wait, never mind, that’s actually pretty useful in Minecraft.” Read More

  • Ouch! The Only One Saying “Ow” #shorts

    Ouch! The Only One Saying "Ow" #shorts In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, I bring you the news, with a rhyming spree. Updates and features, all in a rhyme, Keeping it fun, every single time. From new mobs to biomes, and everything in between, I’ll keep you informed, with a rhyming sheen. So join me in the world of Minecraft delight, As we explore together, day and night. So follow along, as we journey through, The world of Minecraft, with a rhyming view. And remember to like, subscribe, and share, For more Minecraft news, with a rhyming flair. Read More

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    "Starting my day in Minecraft like a spicy hot potato" #meme When you start your morning in Minecraft and realize you’ve been up all night mining for diamonds instead of getting a good night’s sleep. Who needs rest when you have virtual riches, right? #priorities #minecraftlife Read More

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    Mysterious Minecraft 63: Curse UnleashedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Cursed Minecraft 63’, was uploaded by Recoil Mojo on 2024-03-23 14:00:11. It has garnered 13 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:47 or 47 seconds. Dive into the heart-stopping, laughter-filled, and utterly unpredictable world of the Cursed Walking Minecraft Mod Pack v1.20.1 through our thrilling series of YouTube Shorts! From battling relentless zombie hordes under the ominous glow of a Blood Moon to the unexpected comedy of aggressive bisons hijacking diamonds, each short packs a punch of adventure, survival, and a sprinkle of humor. 🔥 Survival Against All Odds: Witness the… Read More


    ULTIMATE MINECRAFT SOLO STREAM! JOIN NOW 🔥🎮 #TurniPalsVideo Information This video, titled ‘English Minecraft : 👍 Good stream | Playing Solo | Streaming with Turnip’, was uploaded by MEDEIROS MEDEIROS on 2024-01-12 06:45:10. It has garnered 1 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:48 or 1068 seconds. let’s play Minecraft: Thank you for watching my Minecraft stream. And for all the support you are showing! 🔥, If you liked my stream, please like and subscribe. It motivates me a lot. 🙂 And share my channel with your game friends. 🙂 See you on my next stream!!!, Become a star streamer –… Read More

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  • JoinCraft

    JoinCraftJoinCraft es un servidor nuevo, donde de momento tenemos un survival muy bien elaborado y poco a poco iremos añadiendo nuevas y divertidas modalidades donde podáis pasar los mejores momentos jugando a Minecraft.Estamos trabajando muy duro y vamos a seguir haciendolo para ofreceros la mejor calidad y jugabilidad posible. Read More

  • TheCrib SMP Java + Bedrock 1.20 Support all versions Survival Community Events

    Welcome to TheCrib Server TheCrib is a Survival, SMP, Factions, and Anarchy based server that focuses on quality of life features and values the player experience. Join us on Java & Bedrock. Server IP: Bedrock Port: 19132 Discord Server: Wiki: Read More

  • Minecraft server

    How to connect and play on this server? You must have the game version 1.20 installed. How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.20 Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load. Choose: Multiplayer Click the button “Direct connect”, or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button “Add server” In the field “Server address” write: (GL HF) Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - Me trying to clear phlegm out my throat in MinecraftLooks like this meme is really hitting the phlegm humor market hard, coming in with a solid score of 136! Who knew Minecraft and throat maintenance could go hand in hand. Read More

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    Flowing Fun: Craft a Waterfall Home in Minecraft! In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, We’re building a house with waterfalls, taking high dives. Surrounded by nature, a sight to behold, Crafting our dreams, in pixels of gold. Java Edition 1.20.4, the version we use, With BSL Shader and Prime’s HD Textures to choose. The music sets the mood, with beats that inspire, As we build our oasis, reaching higher and higher. Confusing Road, Day Off, It’s Summer, and Avocado too, The Edge by NIVIRO, a melody so true. Daddy’s Nap for a peaceful retreat, In Minecraft, our dreams and reality meet. So come along, join… Read More

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    Unbelievable: ButterJaffa Battles with Every Rare Devil Fruit in MINECRAFT! [No Mods]Video Information This video, titled ‘We FIGHT using EVERY DEVIL FRUIT Rarity in MINECRAFT!?! [No Mods]’, was uploaded by ButterJaffa on 2024-04-08 16:00:28. It has garnered 23314 views and 1442 likes. The duration of the video is 00:24:37 or 1477 seconds. Today me & my mate are jumping into the BEST One Piece server & battling using EVERY type of rarity when it comes to Devil Fruits. Starting at uncommon, then building all the way up to awakened mythical devil fruits!?! Oh and we do all of this, with NO MODS… Huhhhhh whattt!?! 💛 – Subscribe for More: ⇒ @ButterJaffa… Read More

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