Minecraft Mondays: Ultimate Gamers Edition

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Okay that’s good I still ordered the new one though because there’s still the squealing the electric squealing that’s like that’s strange yeah but yeah I mean it was 80 80 bucks this one was 100 bucks that one’s 80 bucks and it’s going to be way better all right time for [ __ ]

Minecraft we will play for as long you want we’ll find my uh dead body oh God I forgot everything that happened last time I know exactly where I am yeah I I have no idea I’m in the middle of a frozen lake in the middle of the ice world with

No you died no no we didn’t die okay but I’m like I might as well be de feel like I’m not long for this world but no I I will try to survive I will strive to thrive yes let’s go let’s go all the kids are [ __ ] saying that

Now let’s go God damn it who’s saying that oh God who’s saying let’s go yeah feel like everybody says let’s go uh every time there’s there’s something exciting happening like there was a there was a Tekken tournament uh at quar War at uh Ground Control and uh

I was I was there with I forgot who I was with but they were just like let’s go all the time and um young men like something a young man something good will happen they’ll be like let’s go it’s just too much you haven’t heard people say

That yeah but not recently not recently how recently are we talking like years go oh really yeah maybe I caught on slow for some of these people is my laptop not working I still hear it all the time pin I don’t have a pin what pin settings account sign in options

What do you mean oh my Lord settings like in the [ __ ] on my computer uh I don’t know where this is okay I think I got it oh yeah the best Frank set up I keyboard on I’ve been sing this song I’ll probably be singing it all day it’s

Like uh why you put yourself a buet and a probably say that what the hell is that it’s just good [ __ ] it’s just a really good like it’s a it’s like a gospel style chorus on a great hip-hop Track by Bliss Ando the Australian hip-hop white boy Duo from 200 eight I

Want to say off their first album it’s just really good we should listen to it at some point it’s like very like gospel style and like sad but like really good I think the song is called like bullet in a Target and it’s I don’t know

Exactly who it’s about but I think it’s about like people who are trying really hard and they’re putting themselves between a bullet and a Target and like you know won’t be long before you blow yourself away you know trying to trying so hard to make things better in this

Crazy world that’s that’s my interet I don’t know really who it’s about or what it’s about yeah good though Social Work Vibes all right I’m in all right let’s do it where’s my sound I turn off the sound I did fail to log in invalid session what does that mean I don’t know

They told me to restart the game oh a treat bullet and AAR dude this is this is going to be a crazy [ __ ] adventure to get to get back it was such a bad idea and I feel like it was my idea to do the the demon

Gate the demon gate uh to the black the black gate the black gate the purple gate Gateway dimensional Gateway oh the nether portal yes the black yeah me that’s where it reminds oh God Jesus I’m in this frozen lake well it’s night time is it night time where

You there is okay yeah you should probably go to sleep we only have one bed yeah but I’m at my house oh good okay move dog okay how come I can’t why is it not how do I sleep oh there we go relax relax you’re going a million miles an hour

No not okay you were talking faster than I’ve ever heard you talk ever what no you just talking I’m mostly making fun of you just take a deep breath it’s going to be okay well you got to get back by yourself now I guess I have to I don’t

Know how I can possibly do that I don’t have a compass wait check the chest is there anything in there let see uh I will take these apples I will take kelp uh eight paper I guess I’ll take an aaad door do we need leather do we like

Leather I guess it’s like this boat and a warped wart block yeah the rest of is just dirt and stone and a c planks all right we’re going to [ __ ] do it got some white carpet we’re going to do it Bri and by we I mean me no you’re going to get

Lost okay uh well there is one there is one potential solution which is uh I just head in the direction that you are uh how do we figure that out like I I know which way is east because the sun’s Rising uh isn’t there like a coordinates button but oh is there

Oops I think you’re right I remember that I forget the button though oh F3 F3 function F3 uh coordinates XYZ I am uh so XY is what matters or XZ is what matters uh I don’t remember there was one in particular that matters all right well I can I can figure it out

Uh okay why doesn’t matter so uh yes so I am the first you’re looking at your coordinates mhm so the first and the third are the ones that matter so I am at uh 1600 by 1100 1600 11 yes what are your first and third coordinates 94 s and

901 okay so I need to go down on both uh all right I’m currently going down on both okay uh but I need to go much I bet I don’t need to go down that much in the first one so I’m going to say the first one is the north south

Axis uh okay I’m making this over complicated so yeah that was East so maybe that’s maybe X yeah X is X x must be the east west west axis X is that makes sense the x axis East West axis so I’m currently going east so increasing the East access increasing

The that the X AIS means I’m going east so I don’t want to go East I want to go North mostly North want to go mostly North and a little bit West okay cool all right so I’m southwest of you I don’t know what music

Is like in the ice world but it’s very like creepy and Christmasy right now and I don’t like it because I know I’m gonna have to fight through some [ __ ] snow in a minute here you don’t like it you maybe you should take the bed with you so you could

Sleep uh smart that’s really smart idea uh well no I love it but it’s like not good like it’s not a good like I’m not Safe this is going to get bad I do not want to die I have not that much on me fortunately have not that much on me just some Steel weapons and armor and stuff but I do have golden boots I I don’t really want to die oh dude there’s Barry treasure maps

In this chest I’m so glad I came back I only checked I only checked one chest I didn’t see there was another should I take these should I take the poisonous tomato or poisonous potato uh we don’t really need that I don’t think I need to

Poison I deserve to what I’m just kid let me take this uh bedge we talking about slang uh when was that Friday night must been Friday night was it Friday night no no Saturday night we were talking about slang um we were talking about Good slang and shitty

Slang so uh we thought sag and B was pretty good slang because it’s like just fun things that you’re doing with words whereas we thought like uh there was one quote that I hadn’t heard which is uh sticking out my gat for the rizzler oh we thought that was bad slang

We thought all that is just like gross well not gross but like like not creative like no yeah that was there’s a bunch of guys though so maybe it’s just sex sexist opinions guys and queers not to say that there aren’t queer guys but some people are queer and they’re not

Guys I used the words the gays in a class recently uh I was talking to my friend I was not I was not talking to the class I was talking to my friend and I was talking about how I love Portland and I was and uh something about like

Gender Norms in Portland and I just mentioned like yeah we got we got all the gays here I’m happy about it love the gays I think I said I love the gays I’m sure I do love the gays what did they say oh we were laughing about it funny

Uh my the my favorite member of my favorite podcast Michael moan uh says that like whenever like a bunch of gay people move into a neighborhood always makes the neighborhood better because they’re just they open up like weird coffee shops and like art art stuff and uh you know gays are always doing

Theater love theater it’s like you’re not supposed to say that you’re not supposed to be like oh this protected class like oh I love women I love this culture but like I don’t know there’s like so many cultures I love like I love Japanese culture and I love black American culture so like

But I can’t say like oh I love black American culture it’s like you’re not supposed to say that I just love it so much like it makes you seem like oh you’re just a white person who’s like fetishizing or otherizing other cultures or something that’s not good no I think what’s up I

Said that’s not good yeah it’s not good but I I don’t think I don’t think I agree with that I just like I like I like cultures uh cuz it’s not like I don’t care like the gayness of gay people isn’t what uh makes me sick say I

Love the gays uh I just like uh Gay Culture there’s like a lot of cool things in gay culture I love uh like CC Slaughters plays [ __ ] great dance music so I [ __ ] rock out I did that one did a couple times I’d like to go

Back you think my hot steak to be ruining your podcast no I love the podcast this is not a podcast what is this blue oh this is guys it’s a podcast for no it’s not podcast it’s fun to call it a podcast knowing it’s not because I’ll be honest

I actually do know that it’s not a podcast I can’t lie anymore I was lying the whole time and I knew the whole time I’m actually making great progress too like I’m I fortunately I somehow there’s no snow is it like a different season no like

Summer now okay he just moved into a different biome oh isn’t that funny how that works yes like you go over here and there’s lots of deserts and you go over here and there’s lots of snow stuff oh man this is so easy this goes

So well we next time we get uh separated we use the coordinate system oh I’m impressed with myself even though this wasn’t difficult at all I put in essentially no work I feel accomplished because I normally suck so much in in Minecraft so this is like good by my

Standards this a pretty like good you’re not here yet so you can still die uh that’s fair I do have the bed and I could just build a stone house real quick why do I hear a zombie it’s not like valheim where I need a [ __ ] fire

And like four walls and like air conditioning and everything in order to be able to sleep true was a zombie aie what were you at you were at like 900 by negative 900 uh it was like 9 40 something so yeah like 940 by like negative

900 yeah I guess that’s what that’s what I’m aiming for I am at 1,200 by uh uh 150 so I’m I’m definitely getting there I’m more I’m more than halfway there how about that yeah see it’s it’s all about the framing do you think I’d be good at

Sales a sales yeah like selling stuff for money I guess it depends on what you’re selling o selling [ __ ] uh practice stores oh door too Practice Sword that’s hard that’s a hard Market yeah seriously oh man that’ be that’ be a tough career constant feeling of defeat me up I’m not

Defeated should we um if I spend even like five seconds outside at night I think I might die okay uh um so I don’t necessarily need a ceiling do I no I guess not I’m just going to make a dirt house with no ceiling this is I have no standards

My get off my bed horse sleep all right let’s see if this is enough to slip you could just sleep wherever you don’t need to make a house um that’s a good point actually all right I slept yeah I guess what do I really need a house

For I just put the bed down that’s funny that there’s no sleeping bag that you just like lay a bed down just wherever you want dandilion I don’t need those dillian’s taking up space in my inventory dang damn dillian dude I like dang damn dillian what is that we just like um

It’s just to say oh I just took a screenshot instead of turning on my I did that too no you didn’t I did I did that before you did stop thinking that you’re me what do you Mean there’s a creeper over here oh there is in a spider I like uh gospel uh some gospel elements in like hip-hop choruses I don’t I couldn’t listen to like a whole album of gospel music though no no could you depends if it wasn’t like it’s all all very Christian that’s part of

It depends if it’s like someone’s like this is the [ __ ] bombus like 1977 like just heart heart of the Deep South Georgia Baptist Church gospel like the best of the best I yeah that’s fair someone’s like this album is a [ __ ] Jewel like yeah maybe

There a lot of music that I um that’s what I love about hip-hop there’s a lot of music that I like like the way it sounds and I respect it but I just like can’t listen to that much uh and then hip hop will just

[ __ ] cut it in for me at the perfect moment like not just cut it in but cut it in like right when the [ __ ] right after the drum break I’m like a it’s perfect I like uh hip hop samples like like a James Brown Screech there’s been a couple of

Those you know have you ever heard James Brown go like watch me like that kind of [ __ ] yeah that’s good [ __ ] yeah there’s some it’s just fun all right it’s time for a boat I have reached the water I’m really glad you left me a boat really oh did I leave

There you did although I could have easily made one but like is let’s go to the land I almost said let’s I almost said let’s go just by itself and I really didn’t like it maybe that’s why you haven’t been hearing it is because everybody started saying it and then

Everybody start everybody else started cringing also don’t say that things are cringe I say that they’re cringey is saying that things are cringy well yes except one is like more hip and fashionable and the other is like older people were saying things were cringey long before they said they were

Cringe I guess so how do I get out of the boat ship oh thanks I Mighty I am almost back I’m at a mere 933 by 61 night or thereabouts remember when we were pirates Bri Bri wa oh Jake was uh was asking about it want

Guys yeah it would take a lot for me only only just cuz the community like I did like the game but I just didn’t like getting bamboozled yeah seriously it’s getting [ __ ] by people it should be optional I just want to do the co-op yeah it should just be

Like a [ __ ] server with no people on it you me [ __ ] private server you never heard of private servers you dumb game yeah why can’t I have a private server are because the real Open Seas were full of Scoundrels and Vagabond and you must have full immersion by having

Someone teabag you after they shoot you in the face well it’s like that that’s like if you want to play like that then you can but if you don’t yeah it’s also like not immersive because they’re all just like 12-year-old trolls like it’s not like and they’re like talking [ __ ]

And they don’t sound like Pirates you know like there’s nothing immersive about it it’s immersion breaking if anything just reminds me that there’s these like dumb kids that’s why I can’t play I multiplayer games I just can’t yeah just like want to play yeah those like yeah I agree those like online

Multi like imagine playing fortnite or like imagine playing fortnite all the time like I can’t well I don’t think there’s like voice in fortnite but oh that’s good that’s a blessing yeah cuz I guess so many little kids play it they’re like it’s probably not a

Good idea to do that yeah that could go south dude there’s eggs chickens have been [ __ ] all over the tree that’s connected to my roof there’s chickens everywhere that’s so weird so many chicken that’s your chicken farm that you wanted to start is that what I said yeah you did dude my

House would be so cool and edgy if it wasn’t for all the these Cluckers clucking around it’d be so like japanesey and elegant and and legit but now it’s just [ __ ] Cluckers man something can’t escape I just can’t escape them they’re they’re invading there it’s an evasion it is an evasion it’s an

Immigration crisis oh no I know we got to close the borders oh such Ace House Chicken Land yeah put some white carpet there’s like I can you put a carpet on top of uh can you put your bed on top of a carpet I think it might

Float okay I know just where to put it then the White’s going to look a little weird but I’m excited this looks this is not very good no no maybe I just need to put it a different place I the white is just too it clashes too much too

Bright chick them get my room do we need to put some seeds in my hand and you’re G to lure them out your house I mean they’re not there’s a bunch of them at your door they kind of want to get out more

Oh did you kill them no I just just no I don’t kill trick hi buddies oh you’re so cute may be best friends I was just kidding about luring well I don’t want you in my house but I guess it’s okay that you’re on my property but I do want

You off my trees oh there’s so many of them they’re so cute that’s a lot so weird how how they get there I wonder you Cluckers you’re so funny a look how you Cluckers I like chicks like chicks in real life yeah you just like eat them what you

Just like to eat them uh I feel like it I actually like real like chickens in real life more than I like eating chicken I only eat chicken because it’s like a for like if I could give up chicken forever I’d be fine with that I

Would just eat like lamb and tofu oh my God if I want fried food I eat fried fish oh let me put it this way if I could give up eating chicken forever so that no no nice cute chicken would ever be killed again I would do it eating

Chicken is better for the environment because cows produce too much methane gas no I’m like not against raising chickens I’m just like I do love chickens and I think they like I like the only reason I’m going to keep eating chicken what’s up I said you don’t care about the

Environment cuz you no you said you’re going to eat beef instead of chicken well fair but like there’s also I mean f factory farming is the real issue like beef is not the issue but anyway we talk we talk about that but no I’m just the

Only reason I even said that was I’m just saying like I love I do love chicks and I think they’re very cute and cows are cute too oh yeah cows are cute that’s true I saw Tik Tok there is like a cuddling farm for cows you could go to a

Farm and cuddle the cows oh give a cow a nice hug yeah that’s super uh Aaron Clark’s mom has has two cows for pet that’s cute best friends I saw them like running around like playing like clumping on each other really funny so big they really big so big and

Derpy yeah I guess that’s a good point like what like it was a weird way to illustrate my point of how much I love chicks I love chicks so much that I would sacrifice more cows to dying because I love chick so like that doesn’t really make sense it’s an

Incoherent position that’s the kind of position you take after you smoke some weed which I did oh but not a lot and I did do some push-ups and stuff so I’m not total slug today like I was actually I guess I wasn’t a total slug yesterday

Either but I did eat a lot like I didn’t eat lunch yesterday I smoked weed and I didn’t eat lunch I was like oh I’ll just eat snacks but like when you don’t eat nutrient-dense food you get hungrier especially if they have the munchies so

I just like ate a [ __ ] ton of snacks like all day until it was time for dinner and then I ate dinner on top of that and I was like what am I doing to my body it was not good you know I did I uh uh I did have a

Good idea though born of like a good like innovate what is it necessity is the mother mother of uh Innovation invention yeah you ever heard that necessi mother invention uh I guess so all right well I didn’t have like a lot of snacks but I did have almond milk

Almond butter and raisins so I [ __ ] combined the almond milk and the almond butter in bowl and I whipped it until it was a pudding I made almond pudding and I put raisins in it it was [ __ ] awesome oh my God so good there’s no sugar in the almond milk so there’s no

Sugar no salt uh no no oils no additives and just pure almond well I mean there’s some some additives and almond milk but not a lot just like some gel and gum and [ __ ] but yeah no sugar and then the [ __ ] raisins have sugar and fiber all in it it was so good

R you think you would like it maybe it would be better if uh oh hi hi I made it yay I’m backu y that wasn’t so bad no it wasn’t oh wow you’re munching a crunch over there yeah eat some fish uh I need food uh my inventory is full of nonsense

Okay storage what is the uh so I do want to work on your farm uh then I think it’s not really fully grown yet actually at this point oh you’ve been working it well I think last time I played I did and it doesn’t like grow when you you’re

When you’re not playing only Grows Right that makes sense I’m the worst farm hand ever I told you I would start being an employee on your farm you are now one my employee I you know I’ve worked there a couple times but I just feel like I’ve been like a very lazy

Employee or chick oh you you want the chicken to stay inside oh no you can leave if he wants to I’ll just you the horsey there we go wow this is an experience he doesn’t have a saddle so he can’t really control him he just kind of goes wherever he wants to

Go that’s good I like that also I found these two fairies again and I roped them to the tree oh my God that’s crazy but they have little one of them has a gold and one of them has an emerald oh so they’re they’re friends they’re not PR

They’re not just prisoners they fall around anyway yeah cuz if you let them go they’ll follow us around and they get lost and stuff that’s how I lost them last time but then I found them again and I was like you’re not leaving you’re staying in the house so I died to the

Tree they’re probably not that intelligent they don’t seem like they’re like fully thinking creatures like they just kind of go after shiny things I guess they make weird noises though they sure do if they’re happy they’re probably if they’re laughing they’re probably having a good time I’m trying to justify our

Imprisonment of these obviously sentient creatures oh hi buddies are you nice doggos yeah these are my doggos oh they actually are bad dogs because they killed some sheep so I brought them down here you killed ships you dumb dogos yeah I got mad I was like

Stop don’t do that and then I put him in the basement so they don’t kill any more sheep that’s good you gotta quarantine them yeah okay I have uh material from the nether realm I also have uh treasure maps I forgot where all the storage is I forgot

Everything okay um carpet I have some carpet carpet I don’t I guess wool chest uh which one is that this one cool thank you oh you have a lot of wool [ __ ] I can I have some can I have some red wool yeah sweet I’ll make some [ __ ] carpet nice

That’s pretty cool nice that’s really cool that you let me do that and then uh uh myed where should I put the bed the extra bed oh I I could keep that you don’t need an extra bed yeah I don’t really have an extra bed uh leather leathery leather uh Lea I don’t

Remember really that’s soup just soup in there wow W is that food yeah it is food oh I put leather in this chest thank you my webcam keeps glitching glitching now I need to buy a new one so bad the time has come the time has been come been been done

Yeah for like two years now nice so annoying what what food should I take should I take bread and steak uh whatever you want thank you I will not take a lot because you know how great gets with dying yeah got some apples for you I guess I’ll keep the apples pick some

Apples all right what should we do on this Minecraft day dude good question today is a day of Minecrafting I will have to uh make some eggs at some point but I can eat while I play and then I will order uh some Tha Curry later yes I’m very excited today is

Order fruit day I’ve been very frugal I’ve not been spending a lot of money on food or anything so I’m I’m having te I got Korean barbecue yesterday oh what but we didn’t really do the barbecue part because there’s no tables that had like the the fire thing that’s fine I

Prefer that I don’t want to [ __ ] cook [ __ ] myself well the guy last time I went there the guy actually cooked it for us oh that’s nice on the plate yeah it’s in Scarsdale so it’s like really fancy I guess nice so like uh cooked it for us

We got some Bippity boity instead I love I love bity bar boot yeah it was so good [ __ ] is really good not not my I usually go for like my favorite thing at uh Korean place is usually like KOB like cby short ribs just like tender as [ __ ]

Beef short ribs and I and then I get all the [ __ ] side dishes yeah they came with some side dishes you got that turnip kimchi that’s I [ __ ] love that just chunks of just crunchy oh we did get the turn it was like I guess turn up

It was crunchy but it was not like spicy it was like in like vinegar sauce or something yeah like salty good yeah it was really good I love that [ __ ] yeah I’ll eat like I think there was one place where iorder like dishes more that turn [ __ ] like have

More turn I just want the turn up thing they were like this white boy has such basic taste this is all he can understand uh where am I putting sugar cane kelp uh kelp I guess in the plant box it okay I don’t know if there’s any maybe in this one actually

Okay yep C KY what about poison potato should I put it in the same one uh I guess I don’t really use or should I just should I just get rid of it no we could keep it keep everything I’ll put it in uh the plant chest okay that’s good what about uh

Treasure M sorry this taking so long but treasure um um I don’t know where I put treasure M maybe where I put the paper sureet and AAR oh wow with all this leather and all this paper we can make infinite books yeah we could cool uh Furniture chest oh no I I’ll you

Don’t need extra this door up here um what about stuff from the nether I’m pretty much done what about uh stuff from the nether oh Nether I think is no no no no I keep getting confused cuz both of the sides looks the same and I’m like which side am I on can

We write labels I can put like signs on it I guess can I do some of that for you well I guess maybe maybe when we come back for our next adventure that could be a task for me I’ll make some signs okay put yourself between a bullet and a

Target I promise I will try to restrain myself from saying that too much it’s really viby though yourself away uh I am almost done oh I have all this red wool yes that’s right um all right let me run back to my place put my stuff uh put some of my

Stuff away and then yes what are you what are you thinking well we still need Nether Warts still never found Nether Warts uh well I I got a bunch of nether work blocks no that’s not it you need to find nether fortress and it has nether Works in

It need some gold need to make potions with them I do not currently have a helmet if you’re still in the storage place can you grab me one I have a gold helmet uh sure I have gold boots I probably only want one gold thing I might have

Steel boots in my inventory in my chest though so yeah grab that gold helmet and I think I have Ste boots wait I don’t have a I need to make a shield uh I was wrong I don’t have steel boots okay I have steel boots thank

You yeah grab me those steel boots and the gold helmet then if that’s okay oh I have a lot of glow stone dust I thought it was gold I do have 21 gold nuggets so let me know if you need me to make anything gold don’t think

So all right put my gold boots away how do I make a shield oh there it is oh why do I hear an end in my house end in the house I just heard Enderman like really close to me dude I have so many eggs egg egg egg egg egg over abundance

Abundance oh there is that pig Fortress that we can [ __ ] up oh I forgot about that uh diamond store time maybe we just go over I could use I could use the one that has spider damage like the not’s precious one um I don’t know I guess we could breing

It um how do I make carpet uh don’t I think you just I have the red dye on the bottom oh the the wall okay cool yeah you’re right it’s only uh it’s only two you just let him down how do you ah there’s like a cool way to make it whatever it’s

Fine a cool way to make it to like yeah to make it like to make it in a very efficient way hold down shift and you press it that’s what it is yep oh yeah all right I’m going to see if I can a cozy red

Carpet I am I am ready by the way like okay I can’t stop what I’m doing you said you had to do something uh I think I’m good okay I have a little red carpet I don’t know if it looks good but what I’m doing for now

One thing I don’t have is torches I assume you have plenty um I think I have some I don’t know where they are I might have some coal I have no coal I have no coal I have sticks can I borrow some coal please I don’t know if I have coal maybe like

Coal being furnaces your what your furnace yeah okay I only have 50 torches it’s not a ton we might need to scavenge but as long as we bring as long as we have wood uh we can just make a crafting station as we find more coal on the

Road well there’s no Co coal in the nether oh quick coal gathering then gu sketchy without torches I’ll take the coal out of the furnaces okay I have three I have three coal oh there’s 37 coal in the upstairs furnace oh there’s tons of coal in the upstairs

Furnace I’ll take half of what’s in each of them or do you even use these furnaces anymore sometimes okay I’ll make some uh I’ll make some torches too okay made some torches here are my torches here are my torches my torches should I keep some yeah you can keep some 32

Torches I’ll put this coal back oh there’s a furnace I can put it back wonder where I can find a furnace i g to put the should I put the coal in this like bottom left furnace yeah first furnace firstness I have a redstone torch interesting I do have this diamond sword

On me oh thank you thank did I want this diamond sword the Arthur pod one H I guess you could bring it if you think it would not just be to get lost uh it might there’s Ender down here end oh um you know I I only have like

One I have one axe one uh one pickaxe I probably should have some extra stuff shouldn’t I um just a sword just an extra sword yeah fine okay no worries don’t worry Enderman not making eye contact D this looks so weird oh you built this

Yeah what yo this door is crazy what is this door oh the Redwood I guess from the red Forest that’s a beautiful design oh no I hear gas oh I don’t have a bow oh I don’t have a bow either should probably get a bow yeah let’s get bows we get bows

I forgot about the gas actually you you should you should do all the bow fighting I don’t want I don’t want to lose a bow waste a bow Ender get out of my house seriously bro we could try to kill him yeah should we uh don’t know he a

Home terrible he’s kind of annoying it’s it’s annoying to have a threat that like if we accidentally look in his direction that he could [ __ ] us up true you know like it’s kind of a kind of a ticking time bomb in a way we do need the ender Pearls cool well this is kind of a perfect opportunity I’ll take my diamond sword out okay all right ready yep go oh whoa damn good to know what kind of sword do you have what kind of whoa he’s pissed [ __ ] kidding me wait he’s not dead he’s dead I

Thought he was dead no now he is oh he oh the doggy’s almost di scary that’s so scary okay dead Dude that [ __ ] noise is terrifying unbelievable all right well Diamond sword’s a good idea I wish I had never heard that stupid song what song The Diamond Sword

Song but fortunately as I’ve said before I when I hear it in my head I hear your voice saying it so that’s better than the song itself all right let’s go plus you weren’t singing it like exactly you were singing it like just with your own twist

On it so it’s not nearly as annoying as if I so thank you thank you for that you should listen to the real one let me look out the window here all right so I kind of did something but it’s not completely finished cool say it’s a little

Jank I’m prepared for that oh wait we’re a bit of a shoe string operation we need I don’t mind dude I’m making eye contact with the gas oh no oh [ __ ] [ __ ] saw me oh hey don’t [ __ ] up my rail system it did it did [ __ ] up your rail what a

[ __ ] what the hell you got kill it where is it right [ __ ] you [ __ ] no my rail okay I’m get I’m going to move I’m going to get off the rails my rail I’m sorry you stupid you stupid [ __ ] this why I need the glass wall but I didn’t

Finish it oh sorry this to much glass I like the rails man it’s a good idea oh I have to fix it I don’t know if I have any rails over here I have six oh you’re making a you’re making tracks yeah that’s what you meant by rails I me

Like guard rails no well I need to finish the guard rails I guess okay okay I don’t know if the glass is really good though I thought the glass was protected but I don’t know if it really is maybe I should just make like a stone Cobblestone walls I wonder

What it be more resistant to fire all right put this real stop oh magma magma blocks jumping up or magma creatures all right here you go you looking for the magma no all right I don’t know how far it’s good because it might [ __ ] up oh you

Gave me that mine cart yeah oh Cool wow this is cool some glasses [ __ ] up wow you put in so much work B yep I did all this and then I gave up eventually I got bored this is so cool we don’t have to walk through the nether cuz it’s very dangerous yeah it

Is dangerous and this is super efficient how much glass I put don’t look at the bullet train this is the bullet train I need to replace some of that stone going [ __ ] Tokyo to Osaka Express awesome I need to replace all this Stone too over here cuz this Stone can

Break I you put Cobblestone you put in some serious work this is awesome it might be [ __ ] up at some certain point cuz I remember a gas was like [ __ ] me up oh there’s Pigman on the RO get off the rail get the [ __ ] off the rails you

Vagrants now I don’t have any spare change for you all right this part is a little sketch over here this is crazy I can’t believe how long this going on for yeah work do this you don’t have to die as much yeah you can just oh there’s

There’s a space here oh frick oh no oh no yeah I need to fix this part need to make more rails but we can just walk the rest of the way uh how does it just hit it with your sword oh with my sword yeah should just explode

Sketchy all right good job Ruby damn it’s not that much farther I this is pretty much the end I sneeze oh this part’s broken too over here yeah I need to put like protective walls around cuz gas kept [ __ ] me up oh yeah well I I mean it’s enough work

To build this thing putting up walls be even more so much work I made a little house over here this is the station oh cool yeah this is this is where we put the nether portal I see I see the nether portal that we have no no

Real use for well there is a village over there but oh is there okay that’s Co the ne this is our house it’s pretty good it’s a nice little bunker yeah out poost put some stuff in his Chest oh there is also another thing I forgot to bring kind of like a nether respawn point so if you die you could just respawn I’ll put the mine cart in here okay oh you just the same thing oh I want to make a a door somebody honking honking honing there yeah just

Snorting scary noises actually I just I just saw p man Mr PID oh I hear him if I hit a piece of stone with my sword does the sword get damage at all uh maybe or only only if I break it I don’t know should we go to the big man

Fortress oh I’m down yeah let’s do it oh watch out oh [ __ ] they’re already attacking us no that’s a skeleton you little [ __ ] wait did you try light them on fire yeah holy [ __ ] all if we get bamboozled then we just got to run back to the house okay

But this is like sand Soul Sand so it’s like hard to run oh yeah maybe we should make a path or something only have wood fine let just use the wood feel like if I try to help it’ll just slow you down chill be chill don’t [ __ ] with us cool guy cool

Guy I hear the making noises hey what’s up do you want some wood I keep making scary ass noises oh I got an achievement those are the days those are the days all right I guess this is it where all right I mean this is bone bone that looks really cool

Uh oh there you go like these lanterns yeah they’re pretty cool oh there’s a chest I see a chest it’s kind of a shitty Fortress it’s all [ __ ] up oh yeah hi pip p man Mr pit what are you getting or what you looking for chess they might get aggro if we

Open this chest so I’m ready I’ll back you up oh God I’m scared there he is I feel like we should kill them all before we open chest wait what we should kill them that makes sense oh get them oh no they’re all going to get triggered now

I’m cheesing them go ahead keep chees oh look out I’m going to die ah oh I’m dead [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I whated I don’t know how it happened what I didn’t sleep in my bed oh no no not again oh Jesus get my body Bri okay I want to like Tri guys

Jes all right well at least I know the coordinates we’re going to I starting essentially the center of the map so it’s not that bad my [ __ ] webcam is so bad again I hear so many pigs a load Stone oh my god he has full [ __ ] Armor dude holy [ __ ] okay he’s Dead so one thing that will make my once I get back to the house one thing I should get a mine cart that’ll help right yeah fre delete this spot I still hear pigs can’t kill this baby all right I made it back to the Little House thingy good job stuff in

Here W it did not last long I don’t know what this load load stone is oh I guess they can come through this way too just make sure you wear a helmet when you come back all right I’ll wear my gold boots is that what you mean

Yeah good tip all right uh gold boots I’ll get some food that’s it just gold boots food and uh mine cart easy peasy the best place to find mine carts are in the chest on top of the top of the track that lead to the farm yeah there’s someone

There all right I’m gonna go pee for e for for for oink big Mr P hello chef okay I’m back hi welcome back where are you back to the house oh that’s good pretty easy Journey it was day time gonna sleep so I I am going to

Sleep in my bed well yeah just lay down there for a second or I’m sorry just set my spawn point uh and then I’m going to oh first I’m set my spawn point and then I’m going to get a mine cart and a golden boots and uh and some

Food and then you want to just meet meet at the house the new house the The Outpost yeah I call the Outpost because that’s cool Outpost real cool people don’t have for out fors are for babies respawn Point set I don’t know why oh I know why because

Uh the [ __ ] the last place I slept was dude I’m lucky I didn’t respawn at the in the [ __ ] frozen lake I’m oh cuz I picked up the bed that’s why I didn’t oh true that makes sense okay fun all right golden boots uh nothing else just get some food I have

Any I don’t have any I feel happy in my hoodie on a Friday that’s another good song from that same album kick back with SPL high grade that’s something they rhymed with Friday it’s a good rhyme there’s like other Rhymes in there it’s really good

Song I’m G get some food so I can find the Sprint again wow so many PBS and sheps and animals animals everywhere it’s unreasonable all right I got in mine cart yay put on my shiny shoes get some Food I really like the entry this entry W to the staircase that I designed you know it’s nice it’s a nice Style and you you know you have to see it every time you go to the basement so it might as well be something you know attractive looking place all right taking some

Bread ch ch ch ch ch ch all right I’m going in I got my boots on that door to this door all right no gas this time well I actually do hear a gas but hopefully it doesn’t shoot at me oh that’ll be bad go

Go go go go go go that be really bad go go go go go go go oh no there’s a guest oh God it’s not looking at me it’s not looking at me it’s not looking at me it’s not looking at me oh it’s starting

Shoo at me no it hit the track you’re [ __ ] it hit the track behind me fortunately oh I got fix so I’m good it only it seems like it only hit one section of track I’m sorry R I don’t know what I could have done differently uh I just have to build a

Barrier around it yeah I guess I’ll help you with that if you want that’s good it takes so long yeah that main entry point seems to be the most vulnerable for some Reason like the ceilings are too low for gas here there could be a gas here oh man I love dude these are awesome [ __ ] sections like I love these trees these like weird underground glowing trees blue ones yeah they’re really pretty likey hi PBS hi pipm no eye contact slendermans

Man chuggy chug chug chug chugging along all right I’ve reached the end well I’ve reached the stopping point now I run if I fell right now that’d be hilarious it’s not going to happen is it not going to happen wonder what this load Stone thing is that I

Got oh there’s Pigman in the Fortress what the [ __ ] they walked in damn friend and he just walked out they open doors apparently oh [ __ ] good to know there smart pits smarter than the average pig pig please pick up please hi B Hello uh I’ll put my boots put my golden boots in the chat watch this video are you going to learn about the low sounds yeah okay while you do that I am actually going to oh I left the cart there I’m so stupid that’s okay oh no no

I’m not wearing gold I’m not wearing gold oh Jesus [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] I’m so sorry I wasn’t I didn’t think they would come down down [ __ ] stairs I don’t see my I don’t see my gold helmet by the way no it’s not do I have it I don’t have

It uh oh well use the shoes uh I’m just gonna start some eggs while you do that okay see these compasses I guess is yeah it’s a way to navigate use the compass with the load Stone and then the compass poat it goes towards the stone the [ __ ] you doing

Here idiot get the [ __ ] out uh so you’re already done with that yeah you already fig okay in that case I will not s theeg should I place the low Stone here I mean this is seems like a good place we don’t have a compass still I do

Not yeah but I placed it anyway sure for you oh I do have a compass actually oh man music’s getting [ __ ] nice epic U my second sword does not appear to be here um I do have a sword I think there thank you let’s see I’m leave steel boots in

There I got some torches some shortes uh I might as well get that mine cart shouldn’t I I about it are mine carts hard to make no in that case I’ll leave it for now where you at right here okay there’s a lot of pig here I

Don’t know triggered or not right now I’m going to not get surrounded we’re where did they come from all right I didn’t get everything in the Treasure there’s a bunch of gold stuff in there cool let’s do it but I don’t know if the plain ones the regular

Ones will probably get triggered too so they’re going to come after right I guess I want to be careful about where I am because I want to get hit in the back like quick take it works and sometimes it doesn’t work bunch of string bunch of arrows I see somebody

Running they be shooting the guy the crossbow is not shooting is he pointing it no maybe he didn’t see you take it maybe maybe the other guy break actually it’s probably better to just break chest and take everything in it like that oh they’re coming at you they’re coming at you oh

[ __ ] oh careful oh yeah that was wow that was almost my death this is terrible terrain yeah it’s really bad all right we can find some more chests I guess excuse me baby are you fighting are you attacking no no gu you don’t mind that we just killed your dead that’s

Fine doesn’t care he doesn’t even care P people they don’t feel emotions like you or me they’re all the same oh there’s a big chunk of gold right there look all that gold that’s gold yeah oh my gosh feel like there’s lava behind here there’s little PL lava Ho’s this black gilded

Black pretty cool gilded Blackstone Gilbert Blackstone sounds like some rich person h they get pissed if I take these lanterns no wonder yeah nobody’s attacking so far that’s good Saw pig man walk away yeah that’s right walk away do I have a test in my oh because I broke it

Forgot broke it smoked it oh there’s a brawler right there oh [ __ ] what if I can snipe him oh there’s two actually hold on oh he’s [ __ ] gone byebye nice oh I missed bang bang oh he’s dead you fell you saw the like little spectator thing yeah oh there’s a hole right

There scared of lava oh that’s a hole don’t go that way want some gold here but they might get triggered if I mine this gold oh they’re triggered ah where are you I don’t see where you went I went back oh hear them [ __ ] I do they’re above us yeah if you mind

It through are they right there uh I think there’s a couple layers in between but don’t mind anymore they’re going to come through no ion I is that a gold sword what is thatg us I got him nicely fought oh my God I want to risk swinging because probably would hit you

Yeah all right I need to get my health back you have steak in your inventory uh no I breb don’t care my steak I thought I put in a chest I think I did I was looking for it maybe I was looking that hard there’s so much lava over here that lava still

There that’s Polish Blackstone brick stair is pretty awesome oh [ __ ] I hate Lava holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] the Sea of Love enormous it’s like a lake of rotten R there’s the gold W oh yeah wow look at that F you skeleton a Bo right there thank you seon I think there’s a way to go back to our Hut from that

Way that we don’t have to go through this whole thing again okay but we we put on a slow unless there’s no more Pigman is that bone and gold kind of looks like a boar smooth quartz slab uh oh that fell should probably plug these holes all right ready

Sure I’ll keep watch with my sword guess nobody saw that ah I can’t why can’t I theyve probably been worshiping this this golden this golden block for like thousands of years probably and like so far nobody’s noticed that it’s disappearing but like in a second somebody will like eventually somebody will notice and

Be like what happened to the sacred golden block uh I don’t know if there’s any other chest around here this he fell down there oh God the piggies I don’t know if they’re triggered though we taking these lanterns can if you want to well hope won’t trigger friends

I hear a lot of piggies I don’t like them I don’t see any other chest though I got a couple lanterns oh there’s over there oh you fell in the lava dude that’s bad no you got to get out you’re G to die I’m not I’m not in the lava

What do I do I’ll eat I’ll eat yeah e you might die oh no I want to live why won’t it stop you’re good you’re good oh God I can’t eat more I’m not hungry I know you got to wait [ __ ] Jesus Christ sorry about that

Sloppy all right I guess we could go back to like the other place and go around sure I hear very mean Piggies right now seriously snorting and snarling I just [ __ ] accid press fortun I didn’t throw my sword into the [ __ ] void but I almost oh some gold

Here I don’t know if I want to take it trigger though don’t need it what was that Yoshi that’s the pigs that’s pip s there’s a [ __ ] boar right there though even stronger than a big snipe him he’s very slow why is he so slow this the Soul

Sand oh wow pun taking a lot arrows what you m is some quartz we’re back mhm we made it wow good job I don’t know if there’s any more chests in there at all oh here’s the golden helmet I just got that okay it has Thorn that reflects

Damage um oh maybe that makes sense uh let me pee and what what were you thinking of doing now well still have to find nether fortress true we could put all the valuables in here so we don’t if we die a lot of torches never I know I haven’t accomplished very

Much so far but I am I have become hungry it is lunchtime and so I propose that what what we can do is I will watch your stream and you can go on a little Expedition looking for something that that will require my H and I’ll just

Watch you do that and we can and I’ll you know tell you how such a great job you’re doing okay and uh and then uh and then I’ll join you through it to actually do it like if you find a fortress like you’ll bu around maybe you find a

Fortress and then I’ll say wow great job and then wow wow I’ll be just so amazed wow click that it’s good click the ads uh yeah or you know whatever you want yeah no I I I’ll click it that would help all right well I clicked an

Add I got Frost Prime on Twitch nice nice nice I don’t know what that is oh wait maybe I just went to Twitch and weren wasn’t actually you just clicked somebody else’s no I think it was somebody else’s stream there we go be right hopefully I don’t die out here okay

10 okay so you’re so you’re in the red zone right now yeah cool all right good I do need to find another Fortress and the comp and the compass is will lead you back to where I am to the yeah post M oh man the music’s getting good right now that’s really spooky

Oh I hear a piggy I’m near the blue mushroom though you can’t get me nope you see this uh I see I was talking to oh right I remember that take this with me actually oh he saw that I took it D no [ __ ] up leave me alone every time I take the

Leave he turns right around he’s like nice done got some good uh there’s a lot of gold here oh this a magma C I’m too scared to take the gold I want them to be triggered dude oranges are such a good like winter fruit [ __ ] oranges na oranges have an orange orange

Oh dude what is happening there’s a gast step away for once oh really he’s lurking I was killing some magma cubes and then this [ __ ] gas tries to snipe me who said that this Miku are kind of good for experience all right I’m still looking okay I I was a little confused

About the volume My volume was up I was hearing my music now I have muted my game never turned your stream up oh God I can hear my own stupid voice yeah you can uh I mean you don’t have to listen to the music in I guess

The twitch stream it’s not worth it I’m just watching I’ll just put on new macro blank how they always got new all the time he’s always he’s always coming out with [ __ ] I mean I guess that’s how he makes his money right gets ads on that I

Not I mean certainly not on archive.org I guess on YouTube yeah well do you have app Blocker on YouTube uh not anymore I don’t think it really like works anymore oh yeah you just should been trying to get rid of it but I don’t think uh

Uh I don’t think he even does have ads on his YouTube I don’t know where this [ __ ] makes his money if it’s the same person as uh as Gom uh then maybe he gets his [ __ ] through like selling G on merch I get a band camp email promotions about like

Merch is a merch the same as his album cover well the what ask it again what do you mean is the is the merch like the same as the album covers well he sells like tapes he sells like like eight track tapes or whatever oh he doesn’t sell

T-shirts I haven’t seen t-shirts he’s uh he sells I think uh vinyls he sells uh tapes what else he sell maybe maybe there’s a t-shirt most of you seems to be selling the music in like an old timey form oh well that still cost something to get those made though yeah for

Sure it’s very mysterious yeah he is super mysterious and I wonder if he’s the same as haircut for men and macro blank they’re all the same haircut for men yeah but but like genom it’s called like genom records and there’s other names like post like post will come out

Or out music will come out under like forbidden cream or like uh sanca there’s one they call like sanca oh forbidden cream is actually spelled forbidden creme oh nice wait should so I should click on I should click on this ad Danny DeVito I clicked on it yeah don’t

Say don’t say that you’re doing it sorry don’t say that I told you to do that no you’re right you’re right you’re right sorry I support you you made quality cont y oh my pickaxe broke do I have another one oh yeah I do I have a

Lot still making genin impact shorts on my YouTube channel you are yeah well I was I still am kind time even played that two years ago wow got a lot of footage yeah it’s like the community I mean it’s still going on like the game is like never ending so there’s still

Like a bunch of people playing it that’s funny so I was getting like good views on it and then I like switched over to another game and I wasn’t getting as many views and I was like oh [ __ ] and I switched back and it’s not like the same amount

Of views it’s kind of like di down you [ __ ] up I know I [ __ ] up people rely on you for the genin impact short amusing content I know I might play it again what is it shorts you said yeah YouTube shorts It’s kind of kind of like Tik Tok

And Instagram reals like it’s all the same [ __ ] it’s like that well every platform has like their own Tik Tock version of it now of reals uh yeah but it was originally like Tik Tok right well now they’re trying to ban Tik Tok so it’s like wait who’s

Trying to ban Tik Tok the government or what for what cuz they don’t like what oh oh yeah yeah yeah well they don’t like China as like in control of it so they’re like no [ __ ] you China wonder how that’s going to work cuz it’s so

Popular yeah I mean they can’t I don’t know if it’s like going to be a regional thing where just like we open up the app and it won’t work but I feel like once you have it on your phone it’s just like they can’t take it off your phone I

Don’t know or you I guess we can’t update it anymore like you can’t update maybe you could make it so like every internet provider in the country like just no longer will access their servers or whatever um I wonder if that I wonder if that’s a thing

Maybe that’s too computered for me I don’t know nothing about those sad though I never got Tik Tok famous that’s a that’s a goal I think you can leave unachieved in your life B and you’ll be all right what do you mean they had Creator fun they would give you

Money if you got to a certain point I I hope you you make money some other way but it’s F it’s fine it’s whatever I could do I just gota I don’t want to say oh what I’m actually not if it was a different platform I might know what

You’re gonna say but if it’s Tik Tac I’m not sure I was going to say go full [ __ ] but nobody says [ __ ] anymore yeah you’re not allowed to yeah I mean some big Scandal Maybe Scandal yeah you got fake drama or like real drama exactly no yeah just make it

Up but then people find out that you’re making it up then they’re going to be pissed CU people don’t like when you make up [ __ ] maybe you get even more famous when everybody’s pissed at you yeah but I don’t want that be a professional liar I don’t want

People to be pissed at me because then they’re going to come for my leg Yeah you never know you want to be like justice mullet oh that guy who like faked getting robbed or something fak getting like hate crime yeah that was hilarious yeah was he guest the thing is the the

Funniest thing about it that I heard was that he was saying that the two magga guys recognized him from the show Empire he was like hey that’s that uh you know esler nler from from Empire and the and the podcaster is probably like Moran who was talking about it was like as if

Somebody who’s like a [ __ ] hardcore racist Trump supporter has ever seen Empire no never who the [ __ ] you think you’re so famous that like everyone just knows who you that’s having a a I don’t know mental break I think yeah yeah what happened that made you think that you

Could do that and get away with it and and and within that that like you’re so famous that some random Maga dudes would recognize you like is this like a grandio delusion or is this is this like narcissistic personality know maybe it is I wonder if personality disorders are

Like more common now because of social media fame maybe I’m back to watching your stream I was ignore you before it’s okay nobody watches my stream I watch your fan you don’t watch me every day no I watch you like uh watch right now oh God I’m

Scared I don’t even know if this is like there’s so much lava in between all these like scattered ass Islands it’s like hard to get around I just want to find another Fortress can’t believe I know they were so common back in the day and then they added a bunch of random

[ __ ] oh I’m actually [ __ ] ah oh [ __ ] I don’t know where to go holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] oh I need to heat uh I don’t think he can get me from here holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] almost I did what was it what hit you I fell down I fell

Down a long like a oh there’s a gas right do and then the gas as soon as I fell two gas are right in front of me oh my God and I had like two two hearts I didn’t see the gas prob my sound I would heard them

Cackling at you I see one right there can you get out of my way please holy [ __ ] all right gu I’m going this way thank God I didn’t fall in lava yeah really why was there two gas though seriously come on what what the [ __ ] I heard them before who’s hacking this

Game somebody Is I hope whoever’s watching the stream is listen to macro what you’re promoting macro blank you guys should do a collab how I don’t even do any how I don’t play any instruments or anything just figure it out all right how many views does their um music

Get like each video uh good question let me see let me see I’m on uh I’m listen to archive.org right now oh but I do I I have donated to their band camp a few times so yeah you never donate to my B can that’s true make no what have I

Did I make content which is kind of like the same thing music is content totally yeah um let’s see so had 88,000 views 88,000 yeah oh his most his most recent one had 101,000 oo yeah exiled the exiled Lords I should do like full YouTube videos feel like people don’t really

Watch the live streams piggy what do you want what my question is why is okay getting you getting so you getting weird why you getting weird about it this baby he’s lost oh baby let me see yeah he’s right here oh baby little baby zombie pigman he was born baby born zombie pig

Baby oh [ __ ] I’m in the [ __ ] I don’t even know where I am anymore I got bambooz on this music is kind of creepy too how do you ride the hores I want to ride the horsey forget how to do that well you may not be a musician but your Twitch

Your twitching is an art your streaming is my Tad’s twitching no one Twitches quite like you why they call it twitch anyway so strange I mean when I think of games like uh Elden ring and uh uh Tekken there’s a lot of like twitch reflex built into

It something to do with that I don’t think so yeah no bro I’m like in [ __ ] corner I just want to find another Fortress I get it girl oh oh God I can go down more yo this music is [ __ ] scary I have a lot of this I want to

Hear it but I want to hear the sound my own voice oh my God some Doom music Pig it’s almost time for EG it’s probably pretty annoying if you’re not hearing what I’m hearing Destro my life oh is it yeah just being annoying because I just can’t

Imagine what I sound like to other people I’m like yeah they definitely want to hear me rap right now they’re so into [Laughter] it my life that’s funny some autism spectrum [ __ ] these pigs always sound confused yeah they do they’re like what are you doing here that okay I’m making my way slowly but I’m making it got this I will say even though I’ve like barely done any excise and smoke a lot of weed this weekend it has been a fun

Weekend like Z Zack came on last night hung out with me me and Potter for a while really yeah you remember old Zach in the old days we were all Pirates together and the old days you were shot by a skeleton you’re dead oh no I was yeah what the [ __ ] how

A skeleton get in there did this just happen yeah I just saw the notification all my stuff is going to disappear what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] I should have known I should have [ __ ] known uh all right I’ll respawn you got to go back my food it’s so annoying wait you equipped

Everything or you weren’t equipped yeah I was equipped oh no I thought you left it all in the chest you didn’t even equip I mean I guess I could have done that I just thought it was Secure I thought well there is a giant hole where the the train comes

Through that’s probably where it got in coming in why why would they come in and make so [ __ ] sense they come in dude I was about to eat my food man the whole point is to eat my food [ __ ] diamond sword oh no not the diamond sword dude what the

[ __ ] I guess I should have known but like what I I’m inside of why is somebody just like wandering in they do be wondering though of is going to be so [ __ ] no I got to get another mine cart I got to get another [ __ ] mine cart

Ding and I don’t there’s no other gold [ __ ] I have no other gold [ __ ] I have a lot of gold in the house in the house all right oh where are you are you in your house right now now I’m in your house oh

Okay what am I doing I got to get a mine cart I don’t want to [ __ ] [ __ ] Minecraft I guess I could have just logged out I should have just logged out honestly oh yeah you could have why didn’t I just [ __ ] log out well this

Next time I do that I thought I could just hang out just chill this in a safe place thought it was a safe place it’s not really safe unless you take a bunch of [ __ ] precautions you’re never really safe in Minecraft right now oh [ __ ] four

One four one the F where can I find like a gold Helmet or gold something uh in the equipment chest there might be something go pants wasting all your gold [ __ ] oh the baby pig ring the Baby Bo oh that’s so cute it’s like a war going on over

Here Wars versus the pig man’s there’s a pig zombie man in the portal like standing in the portal at our house that’s fine just leave him all right there better not be a [ __ ] gas I don’t want to deal with this oh yeah the

Gas sh I juster wait what what oh my God the C started going on its own are you kidding why maybe you didn’t get in fast enough that makes no sense all right I finally got in but like what what the [ __ ] and now it’s going so slowly why is

It going so slowly uh maybe didn’t hit a power rail yet all right a BRI too many weird things are happening I don’t like it I was just trying to have a nice meal I have to continually hold down forward I don’t think so no all

Right looks like I do yeah oh wait but the gas the gas killed it g shot the rail at like the middle part right now I’m going backwards on controllably oh the [ __ ] yeah that’s not good all right this is going well are you kidding me do I need a

Weapon to to to make the to pop it out no you could hit it with your fist I think oh don’t oh it [ __ ] went off again by itself I hate this is so te so annoying Bri I just want to eat my food oh great there’s a skeleton on the tracks what’s going to happen what’s going to [ __ ] happen now and I’m going so slowly it’s shooting me yep skeleton are shooting me again shoot me again all right I’m going right I’ve reached the part of the

TR yep I I can’t guess I have to climb up so I will get out of all right I’m holding the markart they’re still shooting me they’re still shooting me it’s on a slope like like the part that was destroyed was on a slope I just got it back got

Back my inventory oh Bri is not I I should have just [ __ ] Lo down you made it to the house no oh no I did not I hope my [ __ ] is still there Yeah oh God well I was wise to not take the good diamond sword I got the I mean they’re both I guess they’re both good but I got the you know arach diamond sword oh yeah that was a bad one the other one is sharpness three I’m glad that I didn’t waste

That oh my God three slend man’s fine I just make that contact feels slow than I remember are you on as all St well no I’m just I’m I’m still riding the mine cart oh so I just hit it with my fist until the till the cart Pops in my inventory

Yeah it should pop okay smacked a couple times see yeah he just got smacked a few times all right I’m running I’m running I’m running I hope my [ __ ] is still there I hope my [ __ ] is still there fortunately this music is so banging it’s helping keep my stress

Level down right now it’s like super interesting and dynamic 20 February 2014 or February 2024 man like still happening he’s he has not stopped cool what oh macro BL oh keep my keep my dral down what are you talking about okay all my [ __ ] is still here oh

Nice all right absorbed all of it absorbed all of it diamond sword golden this golden that diamond sword all right I’m locking out oh God damn all right well glad glad I got it Brey M have been worse true that only took five minutes or so I just smell my delicious beautiful

Egus I was like why why am I not eating them they’re mine they’re mine egus mine egus yeah I’m entitled I deserve this no one’s entitled you’re notled wait what what are you say I said no one’s entitled to anything oh my God I created these EGU no you didn’t I

Spawned the chickens who laid them no it was me I did it I did everything I am the father of the farmer what the mother of the farmer H how’s that possible I’m in my manic episod don’t question it I’m like uh whoever we were talking about who’s in mic

Episode uh delusions what are we talking about uh that guy from Empire yes yeah just I wonder what he’s doing right now I wonder this his dead career I hope he’s humbled and I hope he’s acting because maybe he was good at acting he probably was but but then he just [ __ ]

It all up for no reason I was like bro you were out here you had a job and like I’m glad he didn’t like accuse any I’m done it you did it yes I did it you done I found another Fortress yes you did how am I supposed to

Like how are you supposed to oh I see a blaze like oh we should have like obsidian or something to like make a oh we should have a way to get here quick but I don’t know there’s no way I could do that now yeah how could we uh

It’s going to be a big adventure I don’t know what we could do oh my God I’m never gonna well let me write down the coordinates actually smart smart that’s the only thing I could do here yeah yeah we go on a big Expedition one these days damn this took

Me so long to get here yeah what you found it yep I did it oh man I hope I could do anything as well as macro Blan mix music One of These Days Like Music wise or just like anything anything oh Z XY Z XY I’m too scared to go in

Though I see that Blaze and I’m like bro I’m not ready to get blaze most liability but sometimes I want you back so there’s like Blaze Spawners and we can’t like destroy the Blaze Spawners you just put like the torches on it cuz we need the blaze rods to make potions

And then there’s also nether warts in there so and we need to get the Nether wart sounds achievable maybe we should make like an obsidian portal there so we could Escape if we need to back to the real world but we’ll just like spawn randomly somewhere but it

Might be like a safe not it’s not going to be random but it’s going to be far away it be really really far away yeah so far away that I question the wisdom oh is that a [ __ ] Wither Skeleton I think it is oh we need those

Too I think what kind skeleton they’re like these dark gray skeletons wither skeletons like Withers like Mr Withers yeah did you know I was going to say that yeah of course uh there is a Wither boss I think we need the wither skeletons to do the Wither

Boss is it Withers is the boss Withers uh it doesn’t look like withs but I guess oh a blaze saw me oh how did you see me all the way over here that spooky all right I got the coordinates though I could try to go back I guess as opposed to

What like you spawning in and I just TP to you oh just a cheat um well I mean that is yeah it’s cheap but whatever you want I don’t care like this game is enough a challenge for me that like I don’t mind cutting some corners on stuff like

That I’m almost going put my launch together so SP back you make eggs and what else do you make uh eggs toast and I at an orange oh you put the eggs on the toast no no no why not eggs but toast it’s like a plate it’s not a

Sandwich but why not make a sandwich if you can make a sandwich why make a sandwich if you don’t have to because sandwiches are the best food see that’s where your argument falls apart what do you mean you could make an argument that like it’s more efficient or whatever and

Then I could counter with like yeah but efficiency isn’t everything and then you know whatever we could have we could have a dialogue but when you say it’s the best I’m like bro yeah say which is the best type of food that you can eat so indefensible you can’t you absolutely

Can’t you can’t even begin to do it you just what do you mean the bread cheese and a meat and then a vegetable and then that’s all you need all one go my God yeah that’s one way to get it but I can get all of that on a plate too yeah but

It’s not together and then the sauce you can put the sauce whatever kind of sauce you want God want to talk about sauce don’t even get me started on sauce what do you mean well like what about Curry you can’t have Curry as a sandwich that’s true the

Curry can only do so much with the curry you do so much with a sandwich n sandwich has more options no you’re right you’re right about that more combinations that you could do versatility and portability are not the most important things in life but I admit they’re good but does taste good

Too it’s not like sandwiches taste bad no just sandwiches tastes good Bon EG and cheese I love plates I love cutting bref dinner sandwich dinner sandwich yeah I really eat like a burger could be a dinner sand yeah burger the only you do I’m a traditional man oh yeah I don’t think you

Are not traditional no I guess yeah in some ways I bu by Traditions like what I can’t even think of anything uh yogurt for breakfast uh uh eggs sandwich for lunch and like U chick chicken and chicken potatoes or chicken rice for dinner yogurt I don’t think yogurt for breakfast is a man

Breakfast should be you need a stack of pancakes eggs toast sausages a thousand calorie breakfast yeah not necessary well the new man is is moderate in all things the true the true man the true new man I’m and temperate and um balance in his activities a new man

Eats nothing for breakfast because he can’t afford to eat CU you what I can’t afford to eat breakfast oh sad all right I come back in you want to pour back to me yeah let me I’m just mining a little bit oh yeah take your time get some experion so I can make

Another sword or whatever oh skellon he bambo on me skon Skelly all right now I should turn the volume back on so I can hear things can hear that skeleton coming up on you I hear all of it TP all right you just lost a viewer hello I lost a viewer sorry no my money sorry B I can only there’s only so much

I can do that’s why I need two monitors hey you’re not wrong so you could watch my stream on one monitor all the time and then you could do whatever I could have it playing on fire fox but you but you certainly didn’t tell me to do that

No nope or on your phone too at the same time but you didn’t tell me to do that no no no no no you definitely just you know saying things out loud hold on I’m going to I’m going to just go do something real quick that’s completely unrelated to what you just

Said okay what you didn’t say rather I didn’t say it no I don’t even know what it was you didn’t say I forgot actually I forgot too I also don’t know where my phone is all right let’s see should we leave this hell Escape It might be time it might be time honestly there’s a lot of mine carts in here yeah I got my steak I do have a railing or rail should I bring the quartz like a like a you know like tracks like train tracks oh yeah just have I just have one I don’t

Even know I felt like I need to tell you that’s bad I need to know everything you need to know yes I W to know what is that song it’s a Usher from like 2002 what do you mean what what’s the problem that’s crazy you just pulled

That out like that yeah I just remember I remember things no us you fan no but you know like certain things they were just on TV when you were a kid and you just can’t you wish you could forget them but you can’t wa was it like a what was

It just a pop song Usher a music video yeah it was a music video it was just him talking to some girl oh let’s go wait do you have uh do you have railings I have I have one no I don’t skeleton [ __ ] uh oh go

Backwards where M oh I have it there’s too many skeletons on the rail dude I need to make more rails I need to fix this whole entire rail system is [ __ ] up oh yeah what’s the last time we played this it was like a month ago was that well

Really maybe I’m not sure if we played this term maybe I should make another rail system to the nether portrait oh no there’s a gas can’t catch me can’t catch me I’m too fast I’m too fast I’m too fast oh he hit the [ __ ] rail oh well there goes my

Ride I got to put the fire out a [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I hear a Gas did hit this is why we need a secure a secure line Mhm keep out all the UN undesirable yeah oh no what happened I actually like as I was hitting the mineart a Zombie Pigman came right in my field of view oh and now they’re hit me oh oh my God I can’t believe it I can’t believe it are you [ __ ] kidding

Me come back that guy aimed at the mine cart and I swung and the instant that I swung he stepped right front of me oh my [ __ ] god there’s too many things oh no we’re so close to getting out of here how could how I was just on the

Tracks what the [ __ ] is the gas still there it wasn’t like right there all right let me see if there’s anything what the [ __ ] man save from this unbelievable so many barriers so many ways to instantly die um I don’t want this I don’t want this

Okay um don’t need any of that oh oh your clothes are here oh my [ __ ] dropped my knife on the too many things happening I’m so sorry why do I play this game I’m so bad at it f that [ __ ] up all the time defeat after defeat I’m so sorry I’m

Useless uh [ __ ] the nether Court I guess [ __ ] this little I’m a burden on society I need like social welfare I need [ __ ] disability checks in this game [ __ ] I got some of your stuff some fall probably I’m not going down there Diamond SW diamond sword I got your

Diamond sword that’s good that’s the main thing yeah like totally mundane I was just walk I got out of my car I walked around to the side of it and I was going to went to smack it super easy normal thing what were you trying to

Smack no the M cart oh to put in my inventory it’s a normal thing I had no all right now what should I’ve done I probably like I got in the mine cart and it started moving really slow so okay maybe I could have handled that better

Maybe I should have gotten out of the my carart and just fought that is where I should have done but I also would got I didn’t want to get like hit and then like pushed off the cliff you know I was like let me just get in the M cart hopefully I’ll

Get away before they kill me that’s not all where should I meet you um you can just meet me at the house all right almost thank you for all your help hello pigs and horses and fairies oh Jesus the mine cart like start falling out the

Sky I was like going down the really Steep Hill maybe there’s a missing piece there because it just like stopped and it just like launched itself into the sky put the mine cart in here I can do this I can do that I can make the whole map react to where I be

At that’s good line too right it’s good that’s a hook it’s kind of weird I could do this I could do that not the kind of Hip Hop I’m back hi welcome back Hello thanks for bailing me out again there’s your Stuff boots pants you have golden pants yeah okay I I won’t use them I use the boot oh well you just put it in chest I guess yep all right a lot thanks for all this golden helmet with thorns I’ll save because that can be like a good useful for a

Battle I guess yeah like if we know we have a battle upcoming eventually yeah put the carrots uh gold nice should I take these leather boots with projectile protection you can or I’m just wondering like what’s the least valuable is chain mail better than iron

Armor no I don’t think it is okay I just oh wait no I already have a shirt oh I have your steak oh thanks for that you go put this downstairs how do I I was just wondering how I make uh I forgot how to make armor how to go to

Forge but I remember now oh or rather like I don’t need to go to a forge unlike F no just go to the crafting table yeah exactly the qu a qu yes quack quack the qu where’s your like weapons chest uh yeah it should be over there on that side yeah

All right what should I do now uh did you per chance recover d uh uh iron axe iron pickaxe oh maybe a pickaxe okay let me see I’ll make the iron axe then I do have a pickaxe but it’s like halfway okay I’ll make is that your

Pickaxe I don’t know that’s sounds right it probably is oh there you go thank you that’s a couple pickaxes that’s good that’s good much coal do we have you have so much Redstone you okay yeah no where you going did you lose did you lose something

No no I didn’t lose anything I actually gained something okay what’ you getting I don’t know okay that’s all right oh new puppy hi buddy look at how big his head is it’s like the whole mass of the rest of his body they have baby they Frick I could do that while while

Sitting no I had to make him stand up oh yeah makes sense now what are we doing okay now I’m down for whatever whatever yes whatever you want and I will not die you go to the Fortress you make a railway to The Fortress I’m going to go

Back in the nether we need a break for the ne I’m fine with that let us let’s see feel like we explored so much places which direction haven’t we gone to went that way a lot ah baby this is chicken Hill chicken Hill that’s that’s pretty cool I like that there so many

Chickens did you do that on purpose well I kept making chickens in your house and then they kept going outside so now there’s chickens everywhere I see so yes and no yeah oh me and the horse were having a hug a that’s he came up and like hey

Gr my compass might be a little [ __ ] right now oh cu the thing you did yeah I might need to make a new Compass makes sense this could be like your nether Compass yeah the proper pronunciation is comp ass comp ass mhm I love Compass everybody loves a nice

Compass how do I make a car Bas oh now’s a good time for me to put my [ __ ] diamond sword back I not want to have that in my inventory oh yeah you put that [ __ ] back oh and the gold Dre I have a lot of iron boots I can switch it

Out okay I have new one guess I make some pickaxes actually can you grab uh an extra pair of iron boots for me since you’re there yeah thank you okay guess I’m good for an adventure I don’t think I need anything else are you good

Yeah Sun’s going down oh s first we got to sleep cool let good this red carpet looks Weird I have a vision in my head of the red carpet looking normal but I just can’t can’t actualize it I have to manifest it baby there you go oh thank you let’s go go into the woods into the woods see that uh I think I saw like half of it old

Thing actually like I had forgotten the way that sounded like I knew that I’d seen it in when I was a junior in high school my my high school put it on it was really good actually there was one one person in particular who like I

Hadn’t known him like like I knew him in a class and then like he was like the lead I was like oh [ __ ] this dude was in my class he’s got all this Talent like it was just a cool moment of like man like you never know about some people

You know and it was good and yeah the song was uh the woods I think I smoked a bowl before I went nice it was in like the darkest one about one of the darkest times in my life but I remember that being like a

Good experience I was like I’m glad I GL I did that that’s fun there’s ocean oh man dolphin dolphins there’s a boat here oh there’s two boats over here oh there old boats a long time ago that’s that boat yeah dolphin hi do you know oh hi hello to you

Too I go faster oh but I just Feel how do I see the other views huh like the third person you I forget what button that is oh um F5 oh yeah yeah now we’re swimming now we’re working the mushroom voting in Minecraft is very relaxing yeah it is nice sound of the ores I want to go swimming

You like swimming yeah you and I have hung out in the shallows of an ocean but we’ve never like swam a great deal I guess I haven’t I haven’t swam a distance in a long time yeah good workout It’s Hard Exercise me the ocean is kind of

Scary yeah you wouldn’t want to like go out deep you never know never know what kind of weird [ __ ] is in there oh is this where our old house is in the jungle biome oh I wonder maybe we left a boat there it would make my hopefully I never have to

Trek back there again because I’ll just have a respawn Point hopefully I’ll never forget again true that’s my goal I can make goals Minecraft goals life goals in general oh yes I remember this is the part where we cross over dripping dripping with vines this is the jungle this is our

Jungle nice dolphin’s following I love it nice buddy I got a dolphin following me too they they know they they know have a good time they’re like oh yeah let’s go for a let’s go for a run mhm for a nice swim swimming around the world swim around the

World around the world I think our house is there’s the house ah those were the good old days not for me I saw that house about an hour ago what I spawn there that’s so funny how did you get back follow the coordinates oh my

God didn’t take me too long took me like 5 10 minutes that’s so funny death takes us all death comes for us all did I lose my buddy oh no my buddy still still follow me it’s a dead end Hello friends are you having a nice

Time just run around with us see we go to fun places we have fun times we having fun they seem like they having fun they’re tackling and clicking and squeaking if you were an aquatic animal what would you Be I don’t know shark life appeals to me shark never stop moving apex predator that a jelly a jellies are cute a jelly and just float you just float and go really [ __ ] with the jellyfish I guess some doesn’t sea turtles like eat jellyfish

Though uh do they they got to be got to be a weird a rare weird breed that’s uh resist into the poison or whatever I think I’ve seen that like think maybe some yeah but I would think most creatures do not [ __ ] with jellyfish like they took one they

Take one look at all those tentacles and like that’s going to hurt and again sting this over here is an old portal see Porky what is it what do you smell flesh that’s from you’re still in third person I I got out of third person look at the lava

No damn it’s going to burn this whole place to the ground yeah wow this is a forest fire it’s old this isard nether portal that like I don’t know an abandoned nether portal If I was a robot I was living in like the Earth and all I had was Hello Dolly that would actually not be that bad well could be worse this could be worse do fun and seem seems pretty fun and wholesome it’s been a while since I

I think I watched I think we put on Hello Dolly like Camp speaking of like theater s oh at Camp tonic how was that camp Camp was good camp got better I was pretty uh I went there when I was like 11 through 15 and yeah summer after my 15th year was

Fun 14 as well pretty good I think I need a diamond pick to get the obsidian oh diamond sword won’t do it I don’t think so Diamond SW have yeah I think I need a diamond pickax ah stepped on some [ __ ] okay burn burn burn God stop I’m brewing some

Tea too so bye oh well it’s almost nighttime so oh no oh no you want to get into the safe space to do that get the boat got get the boat I guess the boat would be good but there is zombie um is there a village over

Here oh there’s a village here this perfect just sleep there yeah okay B badge Where’s b bad B BGE over here get in the boat the boat yeah go in the boat cross over to the other side of the river right here see me jumping down the river yes down by the river

Hello hurry get in the house saf get out of that bed all right you got to find a bed you got to find your all bed okay all right okay oh that’s not a door it’s a window why do I hear something really scary

Outside how do I get him out of his bed just just click it just right click on him and get up I hear something really scary that’s how I would react also my better hello smellers cat oh that’s the camel that was making that noise oh my God the camels are scary

Whoa all right I’m going to go pee again they’re like nice little cat but yeah go you could raid the village if you want ra it yeah just take everything in a chest and stuff ow I hit I walked into a cactus oh you [ __ ] scar my face for for e for for

B all h for for for e for e were you there you there this is dangerous I’m back I’m come to sleep okay sleeping I was saying like I was grateful for the break I I threw some kicks I did some push-ups and I was like

Oh this is nice and then I look at the screen and it’s like night time like night night has just Fallen like oh [ __ ] not this I just went to go eat I saw that they were eating dinner and I was like h i i I’ll eat

Too that’s nice got to eat some yeah did you get to eat enough yeah yeah I did what’s uh what’s the the the family I was about just like say your last name I say your other other pronunciation of your last name was like no I’m not gonna do

That what’s the B bat family uh um chicken and rice and salad the B batch clam did you take all the stuff of everybody’s houses yes I actually did okay for once did something valuable I have two emeralds and I’m going to give them to you oh nice

Emeralds come take them and lots of cactus do you want Cactus H you can keep that I made tea oh since you’re back uh it’s time for tea we so let me just take real okay make green green tea I saw a cat over here but I don’t know where it went

Looks like a gray cat gray and white cat there’s a skeleton like underwater he’s drowning D skeletons drown no I don’t think so I don’t really think they go underwater either and yet you CL there is such thing with this empty box there just a random box

Oh I think that’s we like farming and you put like stuff in there but I don’t does I think it makes [ __ ] white uh I mean bone meal or something I don’t bone sorry I just keep doing that today my good there’s some words that like because of the way they sound like

Aatopia and just because of like the connotation in English they’re just like metal as [ __ ] bone yeah bone is definitely I’m Ash Ash bone blood fear all right fire all very going across the river are you going join you down by the river huh did

You do the thing I mean I took a hit of weed and I tried to that’s true yeah uh where did I leave my boat there’s my oh I’m not going to the boat I’m going on the other side oh I’m going in the desert oh [ __ ] it’s a nice Village over

Here different village or the one we were just at the one you’re at where oh I see you Oh out of the rain no does a rain in the desert uh what it just here then that’s the rain but you’re not in the desert yet or you’re crossing over into the desert so that’s funny I heard I had like one second of rain while I was on

The ocean yeah I was in the river that uh that Village we were just at was in the desert biome right yeah that’s a desert village I like it I like the different styles the houses are different style bunny got hurt still never found a desert temple

Oh well I love this so cool so quiet is really quiet no wind rustles the leaves in the trees raining right there in this section oh it’s raining on the water I guess that’s silly that’s how that works that’s how nature works ah yes nature oh man it’s true that the nether

Is like pretty intense compared to this yeah there’s no like you can fall millions of pools of lava everywhere pools of lava and like giant pits that like lead straight to death like this is way less treacherous it’s regular old desert it’s just Nevada the Dooms where’s

The are those all sand are those sand dunes all sand yeah it’s all sand cool whoa it’s a big cave right here what if I can ever travel to like s radio hang on the D there that’d be weird there’s Dunes in Oregon there are that’s true that’s where Frank went bro Frank

Yeah is his name Frank or is his name Fred who Frank Herbert what he do you wrote Dune oh oh oh oh that’s cool nice he went to the sandunes in Oregon that’s it where he got inspired to write the book that makes sense was he do he take

A lot of acid I don’t know what was a 60 so maybe you did right that’s sick man I can’t wait to see that next one yeah it’s so good that is how I felt about the first the first remake I thought it was extremely good I yeah the first one was really

Good too but I didn’t see that in the movie theater no me neither oh yeah I should probably see this It’ll be such a grand visual production I should probably see before it see IMX I haven’t felt that an IMAX yeah did you see an IMAX no I

Wonder if I I don’t even know where the IMAX I guess in the Palisades but I don’t I don’t know if that’s still there I think there was an IMAX theater in the Palisades whoa the [ __ ] sh float yeah wow what maybe the rest of us

Spawn as we get closer I don’t think it is going to somebody set off some some TN is TNT and dynamite the same Thing I think I don’t know do you know that song by ACDC no TNT din this place looks familiar to me I feel like I’ve been here before this does look a little familiar actually let’s go this way yes it’s just like mediocre ACDC except it’s in some ways it’s more

Mediocre because uh Angus sings and Angus usually does not sing uh for good reason he never good but that’s fine has a beautiful voice D sounds like not wrong it it could be worse sometimes he just get a little gly gly yeah no that’s fair hey I think he

Was he was on key exactly that’s all that matters honestly is like great rappers make great hooks where they’re singing and they’re not very good at singing but they’re [ __ ] on key that’s all that matters more desert uh Bliss uh the the rapper Bliss from Bliss Ando he can rap and sing very

Well and so in their initial albums he would rap the verses and sing the hooks and it was great sing the choruses awesome choruses now in their 202 I guess they took some years off I didn’t really check but in their 2021 album that I listened to he does this like

First of all they’re definitely trying way too hard to sound modern and second of all he does the [ __ ] sing rapping [ __ ] he’s like well I can sing and I could rap so and like the sing rapping is just you’re just making uninteresting Melodies that it seems like you barely

Put any thought thought into you’re not inspiring Melody you’re just like singing random notes it feels like you’re singing random notes like kind of on like you’re on key okay but it’s just like meaningless meaningless patterns like there’s no like tension and resolution like there isn’t like Melodies like Melodies that people

Actually like think about and like try to make good get some of that yeah so I was like I was a little disappointed by that it’s like trying to work I like that sing rapid stuffy no who does that that that crap you kids are making these days who sing raps who

[ __ ] sing yeah I listen to none of these kids um who does does yachty sing rap I don’t know does he um [ __ ] I mean I I hate it and I don’t know any lyrics like I can rap You lyrics from other rappers for days but none of these people these

People ah the I don’t know if it’s it’s just the new like there’s the Trap and there’s the and there’s the sing WP the S wrapping has been happening for longer than there was trap I just always hated that what happened to the good old days of just kicking a kicking a good

Rhyme true get some of that cold like if you can’t sing just like hire somebody who can to sing your hook like that’s what you do that’s like some of wuen Clan’s best songs there was just like some awesome singer on them like speaking of the good old days

There’s like it starts with this sample of this woman being like whatever had people always say like whatever happened to the good old days like were the good old days even that good like just saying something about it it’s like kind of thought provoking and then like somebody you know some girls starts

Singing and it’s like really good and like thoughtful thought good thoughtful [ __ ] r h good old days uh got to bring it back oh there’s no way to bring it back no it’s fine I don’t want to live back then there was no macro blank back

Then there’s no macro blank there was no loaf music there’s like all kind awesome [ __ ] but I just like you know it was nice when you could go on the radio and hear like really tight verses there was time there was time J like Jay-Z was on the radio and

Eminem was on the radio and you know bigy was on the [ __ ] radio oh wow I just f a great deal holy [ __ ] that’s not you was I could I forgot I couldn’t run on those leaves you can’t Sprint on them on the on the tree leaves yeah maybe that’s what it

Was all right I’m in the water can I climb this oh you didn’t take damage though right CU you fell in the water no I took a little damage [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I hear a GLE y see if I can jump in the water oh [ __ ] oh uh water zombie [ __ ] I

Got to be on guard I hear him I am I’m just like I can’t really see much I don’t have my torches I thought I had torches hello I have some torches yeah thank you turn brightness on my TV also there you go turn up the brightness on my

TV all right there we go yeah I just I couldn’t see what the [ __ ] pretty cool though M I want to go here damn the air probably feels and smells amazing a rainstorm in like a jungle cave like this probably smells so good [ __ ] [ __ ] cleans [ __ ] is so cleansing oh I see

Him [ __ ] go back in the [ __ ] water seriously go decompose in the water decompose go go keep decomposing he’s already decomposing that’s a sore subject for zombies they don’t like you to mention it oh no I know say h their feelings I’m going in I think I see dude I can almost smell

It yeah ah baby zombie my AR misses [ __ ] ah look out get him ow I keep missing God damn it’s a regular zombie there we there we go I need to practice get back in So Many Zombies here yeah lot people dying on malaria in the jungle coming

Back these people got bit by giant ass bugs died in the jungle just tons of them lying in The Roots I want to go to some jungle man like [ __ ] see I I am I am afraid I afraid of the the bugs I’m not really afraid of anything else but I am afraid

Of the bugs not afraid of snakes like not as much like I’m I’m cautious of snakes but I’m willing to like there’s a giant slim over there oh nice how do we handle it slime there like magma cubes they split oh damn oh it’s a zombie oh [ __ ] there a

Lot ah like hitting the vines and not the zombie yeah yeah it’s annoying slime balls oh the little slime balls doesn’t matter how hard you hit them you could hit them with a a tiny strike you could like d you could click multiple times and it’ll still kill it good to

Know you know what I mean like you click a lot and it does no power yeah I think that will still kill a baby slime that’s how it seem it’s pretty big Forest yeah really I don’t see any frogs though frogs no frogs in the jungle they usually in J frog in the

Jungle how they no frogs such a such a big jungle jungle sorry jungle jungle jungle no frogs in the jungle with the frogs frog frog frog yeah frogs in the jungle oh oh the coral reef yes who holy [ __ ] it’s huge are you be are you buting for kidding

Me swim in there I don’t think there might be like different types of fish but I don’t know if there’s anything kill some kill some fish for food I don’t know these types of fish you could kill for food though like weird colorful fish [ __ ] is so sick the sea cucumbers that’s what

Makes it Glow it’s like a whole City yeah it is like a little city oh man ready for a night on in the town wow what a nice time in town okay well that was a nice time of town I got to go up and

Breathe uh what can I get rid of there we go I do want some SE cucumbers actually um where are you uh I don’t know where are you oh you went in deeper oh did I I didn’t go that deep in oh there you are there you so uh how do we

Identify um light oh I see it I see it yeah you could mine all this Coral too if you want Coral blocks okay are do you want it do you want some PE no don’t really need it’s it’s interesting but the SE so maybe focus on the seers

M Frog’s in the jungle that wow that’s that’s like weird weird in my head oh do you need to use shears to get it no I’m using my sword oh what are you using I used a pickaxe uh work oh no I got it oh it’s a sea

Pickle ha oh pickle they didn’t call it a sea C they call it a sea pickle that’s so Sil makes such a weird squishy sound squish I like the glowing that they’re glowing so could anything [ __ ] with us could a zombie [ __ ] with us maybe under water zombie

Good this is so so nice it’s so peaceful Co don’t really see anything else around here oh there’s cucumbers floating uh floating surf oh I think I’m not like picking up anymore I think that’s what’s happening I keep trying to pick them up and then they like I don’t pick them up

And they just blow up okay maybe so maybe we uh I gota like position myself above it when I harvest okay that worked they float up really fast actually yeah yeah so I’ll just position myself above them make sure to always keep your frogs in the jungle

Okay I want to start oh wait I forgot about breath are you drowning I almost dead I forgot about breath you can’t forget about breath no not breath not bread not breath not life not death yeah I don’t mind gathering in games but there has to be some story combat there

Has to be like a fun reason to gather I’m going deep in I’m going to the other side oh I see you you going you’re all over there I think I see you I think I have enough cucumbers Pi Pi I I guess they are pickled by now

They’ve been floating in the brine the brine of the earth maybe all the worlds a pickle and the C is just a prim you ever thought about that you left the game oh why’d you leave I don’t know how the what I really I was trying to go in

First person I mean third person mode and then it was all take because I Wasing back you’re just going to spawn in right just in the same place I don’t know or you spawn back in your bed I don’t know try no I yeah try try just come

Back in I bet you’ll be here well I guess because the server it like saves automatically I don’t need to save I would think not I I’ll I’ll exit to and just let me know when you’re back in okay I’m back okay I’m in Ocean

Hello I think I see you but I’m not sure if it’s you I see you it looks like you I don’t see your name no oh now I see it so these fish cannot be killed for food I don’t think so I don’t think he eat

Those yeah what a waste of good meat you know what I mean which is like the worst thing to say about somebody like like imagine a person dies and your response is like ah what a wait waste the good meat you know what I mean no matter how you mean that that’s like

Such a terrible thing to say oh my God like what do you mean that sexually or cannibalistic like it’s I’m sorry there’s something very like abusing about how debased how [ __ ] debased that is this is a pretty debase podcast I would say yeah yeah although admittedly it’s

Neither debase nor a podcast when I’m not here but when I am here then it becomes a debase podcast oh I’m not a streamer after all I’m a podcaster that’s true yes when are you gonna do another podcast maybe one day I mean it’s that wasn’t my first podcast I did a brief

Yeah with Autumn did uh what do they call it the fighting anti-intellectualism oh is that when you’re all like on a zoom call with a bunch of random people not random I remember that yeah not uh don’t I don’t think it was quality but I also don’t

Blame myself for that and uh yeah it’s uh it’s it’s nothing we had a good tie there was no how many views you get on that I got a couple views I don’t remember I I assume none but maybe you got 10 or something 10 yeah I don’t know it’s pretty good

Yes did they still do it or they stopped no no no I kind of lost contact with Nick because like Nick wanted like I really like Nick but Nick wanted to do like uh he wanted to to do Falls a lot you know he’s struggling he’s gone through it I

Felt like I couldn’t like show up for him oh I wasn’t really like I would do calls occasionally but the calls were hard it’d be like you know three hours on a zoom call like I just didn’t really want to yeah Facebook Messenger call it was cool and Nick was like the

Really the only one who Nick and Jessica but Jessica like wasn’t around nearly as much anyway oh Panda he has a baby baby panda yeah I saw baby can we make friends I don’t know if he’s going to attack us if we you’re so cute buddy we go close to face

Hi hi can I see your baby best friend can I see your baby what are you offering him what do you have fish do you want this fish it made a squeak they eat bamboo yeah looku at do the baby look It’s face oh I did a blip good job baby oh my God fliping I just spilled tea on myself because I went to clap that’s so funny are you okay I am okay that was a big that a pretty big te spell oh no was it hot

Uh it was hot but I had like a p it actually it actually feels kind of good I like a pants barrier it doesn’t feel uncomfortable yet it still feels like nice and warm oh that’s nice okay I’m G to change I’m G change okay change my

Pants I do not have actually you know I thought I’d soak through my pants you don’t need pants you know it’s interesting it didn’t soak through into my underwear but it made it warm like there’s like warmth on my underwear but not like soakage it’s not wet no it’s

Not wet it’s just the warmth enough spread from the pants isn’t that interesting the heat spread more than the water did that is really weird yep it’s pretty hot oh God you burned no I didn’t get burned or hurt at all dude I can’t believe I can’t believe

Oh that’s so awesome he’s standing up he’s having a snack he’s sitting he’s eating the B oh he’s sitting you’re right he’s just he’s just having a nice so cute having a good time buddy how about your baby does your baby want some does does he want more did did he give

You hearts does he love you now no they just eat I don’t think he can make them Frick no pandas are not known for doing that I thought the hearts was that they love you no the hores mean that they’re horny oh okay that’s fine and they can freck

Right I’m I don’t want to give the baby too much because then the baby will grow up and I want to be a baby a so you stay being a baby you’re a nice baby I like these guys they’re cute cute I don’t think you could tame

Them or anything oh he’s eating it he picked it up off the ground oh the baby’s flipping again he’s flipping why you flip like that baby he’s silly silly baby oh the panties are so cute all right we need to find a village or something sure because it’s getting

Dark and we’re going to be in the [ __ ] Wilderness again why don’t we just carry beds oh don’t no we should carry beds look at a Parrot what did they eat seeds yeah ni shf I don’t think there’s any jungle Villages I don’t know there might be [ __ ] Village hidden in the Mist Naruto um I don’t think that was in the jungle uh you’re right probably a Bamboo Village it should be what was Naruto’s Village the leaves

Hidden Leaf oh yeah hidden Leaf that’s right just one leaf it was hidden in one leaf whoa the whole universe in one leaf the whole town in one leaf that’s deep that’s deep bre when Bree is being deep it’s Bri that’s that’s where’s the other pandas I need more

Pandas yeah what is uh what is France now that we know that they’re uh so friendly polar bears are not that friendly are they not no oh God in this game or in real life probably both are there polar bears in this game yeah okay and they’re not

Friendly in this game nah they’re pretty mean I don’t know if panda bears are friendly but I’ve heard that polar bears are in real life are definitely not friendly I’ve heard polar bears most aggressive Bears and the biggest so scary the ones that we saw did not look that

Aggressive no remember yeah bro that honestly that kind of feels like torture how can you do that this thing is built for the [ __ ] Arctic how can you do that I don’t get it it shouldn’t be allowed No it should be a put in Canada all the the every polar bear

That’s in captivity we should keep them in cap captivity cuz hopefully one day we can like breed them and release them and restore their population back in the and restore the balance of nature you know after we avert climate change but all that should be in [ __ ] Norway

Canada like how dare you how dare you put a [ __ ] polar bear in Oregon in the summer or at least put him in some [ __ ] air conditioning that too look out [ __ ] [ __ ] hell I got my shield I got my shield up in but no maybe I didn’t maybe I didn’t get my

Shield up in time oh that was rough that was rough I going to get your stuff okay all right should should I get a couple beds should I get two beds just stay there and I’ll okay I’m going to respa I’m teleport back to you I had to

Pick up oh [ __ ] I’m in a I’m in the village I slept in the village oh yeah we’re not that far away no we’re not um what do I need to drop here I guess I we don’t need that need that hopefully no creepers come up when I’m doing this sorry everybody

Again it’s okay wearing a full suit of armor it’s like I haven’t seen a creeper in forever so like I saw I was like is that a zombie and I was like about to attack it and then okay I think I got most of the important

Stuff all right oh is that meat is that your steak I need to get that steak we don’t need meat all right I think that’s good I didn’t have an iron helmet I didn’t have any gold on did I no I don’t think yeah

I don’t think I think I put it all your sh too thanks thanks for the shield I’m going to sacrifice pickaxe I have too many what’s that [ __ ] oh that’s the pickaxe that I dropped okay okay okay bre’s always cleaning up my [ __ ] picking up off the ground just picking through my scattered

Bits of Flesh that got exploded all I’m coming in hello oh hey wow face to face that was cool hi hi baby zombie I hate the baby zombies oh the Iron Golem yo oh nice dude he got him he’s protecting the village should we sleep you want your stuff back first uh

Whatever you think there you go shoes helmet I’m not picking oh I’m picking you’re picking up I don’t why am oh okay it’s just proxim you’re still picking it up what how come you’re not picking it up I don’t know you’re right there is there a

Setting is there a setting that you can change no Auto pick up what there is there must be there’s the it’s V maybe it’s V try it again V there we go yeah it was V I had accidentally hit V oh SW and a shi and a pickaxe and uh your

Steak what else did you have probably some pants I didn’t see any pants all right well I got no pants that’s fine all right can I go down please pleasee okay Shi wow it’s really really not working is it it’s a little [ __ ] get out of bed oh bed I forgot

You may not rest now there are monsters nearby H really oh I’m sleeping okay good rake was blown up by the creeper I sure was I sure did fck you zombies Golem out here well oh watch out oh I didn’t even Iron Golem saved you yeah he’s broken he’s cracked

Like it looked like a different kind of zombie and I was like what is that is that a friendly one no it’s a desert zombie oh yeah I’ll take this oh my big broke take this hay B make some good bread out of this nice

Hey yeah what wheat oh but it says hay bale so I never put together that hay was made of wheat I guess so never really thought about it what are my horses are supposed to be probably grass yeah probably Grass Grass leaves berries maybe ah

I think I’ve heard of a horse eating a carrot before oh yeah they eat carrots so if they eat carrots that probably means they eat pretty much everything besides meat like you give it apples I’ve heard of horse is eating apples probably give it any kind of

Berry of course do not want to eat hay hay is like it’s like desperation food I I guess like they’re Wild Horses you know they’re not really going to be finding [ __ ] berries and hay and I mean well we’ll find grass maybe not I find some more carrots

But but grass for sure like green leaves and grass not like dry ass [ __ ] like pale hay that has like no nutrients maybe tast it’s better than nothing maybe it tastes good maybe it’s like eating pretzels maybe it’s like eating bread it’s like the horse bread bread

Would be like too soft and weak for them they need something like tougher to to feel good on their teeth wish I could looks kind of crunchy we should try no I won’t I’ve eaten grass yeah I eat grass too I don’t I don’t do it much I don’t

Think I’m not sure if I I may never eat grass again but I definitely have you think you will definitely eat grass again probably playing that classic Minecraft right now this this classic Go the music that’s playing for me oh nice it’s classic it’s a classic mus

Song the only music is playing for me is in my head your head Yeah a song that only I know that no one else know oh I help the fish I need fish to get kitty cats get your own kitty cat what get my cats yeah I don’t need a cat you don’t need a cat why not it’s

Cute um I don’t I don’t know why I don’t want C I guess it doesn’t fit with my Aesthetic how does it not fit with your aesthetic uh I don’t really have like a like a cat companion who’s like intelligent and there’s like a dynamic what about a black cat uh it doesn’t really matter what the color is like when I’m when I’m sitting my

Desk right my poetry there’s no cute thing coming up to cuddle me that’s the way I like it like that’s where I want to be alone well no just like having not having like the animal companion I mean it’s F like I would accept an animal companion if I was living with someone

As important to them you know like I’m not like totally against it but it’s just like I I like I like the perfect clean solitude and then you have humans over like you have humans in the space just not the animal yeah I’m just I’m digging it don’t really want to

Cle plus I’m allergic although I think that would change if I live with it if I remember like by the end of my time with Zach I think I had pretty much no symptoms and there with three cats at that time three or four cats oh man the Minecraft music is [ __ ] real

Right now where’s the cats they were over here there’s one are there many cats in this Village I saw like three but now only see one that’s the one I want oh hi buddy why you just came to say hi to me a you ran away that’s so

Cute he’s with the camel camel what are you doing here [ __ ] off camel cats are so funny are you funny buddy that’s the one I want no [ __ ] you come back okay yeah a cat [ __ ] down over here I like the cats in this game get the Zoomies and they just like run

Fast oh I got one nice that’s not the one I want though Campbell oh he’s got like a smile on his face what did camels eat I don’t know a he’s zoomed away what can I do for you buddy do you have to like hit them with

The fish well you have to like press the fish on them right but like they might run away but if you get them in time uh they must start to run away but then you like tag them with the the right click and then they’re friends

Yeah sometimes it takes a couple fish to get them right so it might not work but sometimes it just takes one see I’ll see if I can St up on it I’m trying to chase it with sprinting oh his friends big buddy you’re so cute so wait how does this work now he’s

Not following me but he he sit is he sat yep he I made him sit he has a collar on uh he does appear to have a color on oh then you got him nice you could right click him to like I think the cat’s [ __ ] dying oh

My God the cat just died he drowned what no no was that the one I wanted oh no what if that was the one I wanted and he [ __ ] drowned Why cat no fell in the water cat get maybe that was the one I wanted I can’t tell my cat is following

Me what kind of cat do you have it’s gray oh would you like to meet my C yeah I’m sorry about your loss Brey I know you you and that cat would have been great it’s not fair it’s not fair there’s another great cat over here the

Lord giveth and the lord taketh away that cat is going to a better place verily no it’s not I’m sorry no you’re right your go your house would been the best place my cat help come here cat I have a fish yeah the cat is following me it’s my bu

This cat’s going in the water too dude don’t do that I can’t I can’t lose another one I have my come on come out the water out the water out let’s go oh thank God he sat oh come on cat oh we had the same cat cat oh same

Cat nice yeah same great cat and I have another cat over here too nice be sitting s him down yeah where is he he’s over here come on cat I already have that kind of cat though SES cat you was like the orange and black and white one I forget what those are

Called but I think he killed himself all right going I’m going to sleep sleep yeah get out of that bed get out that [ __ ] bed y [ __ ] you don’t deserve it it’s my [ __ ] Del did you change your P next time huh you change your

Pants uh no I didn’t need to I thought it so through my underwear that’s I was going to change are you just sitting in wet pant right now they’re not that way I mean they’re scrub pants so they’re like the fastest Ry yeah you know I don’t I don’t use all

My like like I’ve been teaching like I haven’t been working on the floor like at last week and then this week I’m teaching too so like I don’t need my scrub pants so they’re just I just wear them and they’re just the most comfortable [ __ ] are they really that

Comfortable oh well yeah I mean I I got the figs F I got the $50 scrub pants Oh damn yeah and they’re like jogger cut like they’re great yeah they are extremely comfortable they got fat pockets they got like a little secret pocket it’s like in the wa it’s like tucked in the

Waistband and it’s got uh it’s got a picture of like a pill or a key on it it’s cool you keep your you keep your pill in here keep your keys in here what did that sheep do he’s burning that [ __ ] to the ground sheep yeah sheep was near to fire he’s

Staring at it what do you thinking sheep what’s on your devilish mind devilish sheep mind see I’m burning this [ __ ] to the ground I don’t [ __ ] she’s like I’ve had enough enough of you stupid humans know well I guess the villagers are humans too dude a [ __ ] sheep or a

Cow going like psychotic and like rampaging that’s pretty scary like imagine their wild eyes and they they big teeth yeah like mad Cal disas like imagine them like bucking around like that [ __ ] is Scary like sheep psychosis is that’s like a that’s like a demon that’s that demon that sheep possessed he got the demon in him po I beat the first mission of New Game Plus in Neo last night and the first boss is this mezuki which is a a yo-kai that’s got like a [ __ ]

Rotting horse face e really really scary it’s like screaming and freaking out at you with it big ass teeth yeah dude horses are scary oh wait this is the original house got to go around MH ah what a nice boat stroll take a stroll in the boat a thr in the boat yes

Yes let’s we can write a sailor’s poem The Ore is my feet and my feet pitter patter as we paddle P paddle on the ocean blue H yo ho me mies we ride on horses made of boat horses made with the wind at our backs and the Seas beneath our

Stomachs we ride on horses made of boat Superior two boats made of horse which would not be very flotation device style would not float well insufficient boy wow I’m sorry I’m to stop that was fun that time people ask me hey Greg oh You Freestyle pick a freestyle and I say no

I don’t freestyle because I know I’m just too good as I just demonstrated oh that’s what you say versus made of boat uh no no I say I I don’t freestyle because I’m not good at it which is true although I did have one good freestyle

Uh I I’ve had a couple good freestyles in my life when I was in the float but that’s that’s rare and very self about it like I’m very embarrassed at the prospect of King a bad freestyle kicking it free style sty I’m gonna kick it freestyle that is who kick it kick it

Making a sound that sounds like a record scratch into a shitty mic on the stco headset probably just not sound good no that’s oh man nobody wants to hear that [ __ ] nobody wants to hear that [ __ ] Greg shut the [ __ ] up Greg Jesus Christ I bring shame upon myself my family no I’m

Sorry I’m sorry for apologizing now I know which latitude we’re going to or which I know which coordinates we’re going to oh yeah would that help um I think it’s somewhere around here we find like where the orange boat is we are pretty close actually we know where

It is perfect where we park it park the car park the boat there’s the orange boat nice good job all right we’re good I’m coming I’m coming and there’s a too so that’s good let me hear you we made it back we made it good job what a profound Adventure we saw

Some cool [ __ ] we saw uh we saw [ __ ] sea pickles yeah and we saw panda bears yeah we saw pandas that what a great foray into the unknown just not becoming known you got wrecked by a creeper there was a bit of her getting wrecked actually know I

Remember I forgot about that I think maybe maybe I hit him with my sword and then he like backed up into your face I don’t think so no I like I was like there and I like was going to go attack him because I thought it was a zombie

But I was like wait that looks a little different what was that again it was behind me I didn’t even see him and then I turned around and I saw him at the last second I was like cre oh no and then it was too late it was already

Done well that was a good that’s gonna be a good YouTube short oh yeah probably up the stairs up up up up up the stairs we go hello chicks can I start killing chicks I guess yeah you want to kill the chicken I don’t mind killing the

Chickens why do you want to kill them it’s clutter chicken clutter yeah and the eggs that’s how you make more chicken technically yes but I will counter that by arguing that there was a way to make less chicken why would you want less chicken though cuz I told you cuz the

Clutter cuz of the the noise or I kill a little baby chicken though that’s too sad I can’t do it I have so many go shovels bu all these dead checks with a little baby they’re just little bires that’s true you I don’t have to kill them I can

Stop you were already killing them well yeah I already killed a few oh my God I’ll stop I’ll stop killing I thought I was helping the household bring some chicks down oh you see how many animals are living in my house that’s a good point there’s no there’s no limit how do our

Cats oh I yeah [ __ ] it that’s tough I don’t I don’t know how you I don’t know how you do it I guess you have to walk them back but that’s that would be annoying oh yeah to cook uh to cook chicken I just

Put it in the in the oven right yeah in the furnace yeah we need coal what we do with eggs put them in the food chest eggs how do you spell eggs a egg oh you got you got a good amount of feathers one feather do you know how

Makes how many arrows uh I don’t know is a lot don’t I’m sorry oh this is your axe that you brought ah yes thank you so much I’ll put them in the chest toles no wrong one this one oh there we go move Sandstone shut up

Pig you do we still have Pitman prisoner yep he’s still there he’s never goingon to leave what a guy he’s an old friend p Man he’s a man and a p what should I do with uh this raw salmon uh you could cook it I guess it I’m a it I’ll keep this cook chicken actually no I’m gonna put this cook chicken in the chest because you know Greg Greg just can’t really shouldn’t really have

Nice things I will I will lose them how many times you die today how many times like four three or four was it really three or four I don’t know maybe two or three uh should I uh uh what’s better what do you like better chicken or steak uh in Minecraft steak probably

Steak is better okay I’m going s back in real life chck uh well that’s fair that actually know I remember we talk about that pig man all right now go mining okay okay [ __ ] it let’s do it let me get uh let me get a couple extra picks or one extra pick

I should make a metal one right if you want uh I shouldn’t use this gold pickaxe right is that precious valuable no it’s not no then I’ll take it I don’t know if gold is really good it’s kind of [ __ ] oh it is bad it

Is [ __ ] yeah right stone stone is is uh even better so yeah I’ll make I’ll make U iron then yeah we got Iron Pig man I don’t know why that’s happening in my head p uh did you did you put the sticks somewhere sticks maybe in the wood

Chest I I’m looking there I will just Mi or it might not be anymore I don’t know that’s fine oh no there’s some there’s some sticks I’mma use oh that’s so we got this good salmon uh what do you like better salmon or chicken in this game probably salmon I don’t

Know don’t really eat chicken that much in this game yeah Mak sense that’s why so many chickens well that’s a weird I’m not sure if that’s CA relationship pbh all right I’m putting this cooked salmon good cooked salmon raw salmon uh okay okay okay I have do you

Want an extra pickaxe uh I think I have enough I have three pickaxes is that good yeah it’s good I have three pickaxes and I have about 30 food items and I have uh one sword I’m probably good right um yeah think should have a shield

We just can’t give me that much because it’s just too much [ __ ] for you to pick up every time I like carry stuff but yeah okay I am ready when you Are we can go to the cave I usually go to but I don’t know if it’s cleared out at this point right go to a new cave do you have bread I have 18 bread I think I picked up your bread okay I don’t know you want

All that bread though that’s too much bread for me to care I’m going to put some the back but thank you but still like in a stack you know yeah but yeah I just don’t want to waste it okay that’s my all right eat e e and runski

There this cave system that I was working on okay it’s pretty deep oh [ __ ] dude you put some nice stairs yeah I did I had so much of the stone had a lot of it nice yes I just used it is it from the nether yeah that two dire this one’s like

There’s water so we can’t really go that way this way I remember kind of cleared this way a little bit I maybe there’s some more places I haven’t gone to maybe this way there was like a more more Cave System yeah did a lot yeah hell yeah lot of

Money respect respect B you smash the rocket you slash the zombie yeah I did a lot at fish and you died and you lived and I came back I got some got my stuff and then I have like a little thing over here going on nice but then I made another deeper cave

This way oh and this is just like for Diamond um diamond mining I guess yes and I was gonna di I have some diamond ore I think that’s not mined yet down here because I wanted to get a pickaxe that had like fortune on it so I could get like more

Diamond out of out of it but I don’t really think it matters that much so I’m just G to mine it [ __ ] it can i m diamond with steel with ir iron yeah with Iron’s good oh yeah of course you can that makes yeah so this is

The I think some negative 58 that’s where Diamond spawns the most I think I read that somewhere okay that no lower no higher I guess it could be oh why did I put a barrier there there must be Lava over there I put a line there so I wouldn’t

Go across that way okay okay oh here’s some gold already got a lot of gold and here’s a diamond right here there’s a torch Diamond I mean we could just do this or we could just go cave exploring instead uh yeah whatever you want I put

A line over there that means don’t go that way I your faithful employee dedicated employee fell the hole I would have bailed you out I am a good dedicated employee I am loyal to the company the company you don’t seem like a CEO though you’re more more like a

Monarchy a monarchy right like you rather rule this like a like a queen like a monarch rather than like a corporate that’s the way I view you I don’t view you as like a har CEO I feel he was like a silly Queen a silly Queen

Yes like Off With His Head haha now we have a naked party naked party I don’t know bring out the cat boys the dancing cat boys that’s the kind of que you would do instead of jesters I have catboys yeah yeah I could totally imagine that being what you would do that’s

Funny get this IR right here okay that’s Good’s a little bit gold right there up there that’s as good as gold I don’t think I reach that some water dripping down I see oh there goes the water oh did I do that no I did that yeah that whole Cavern is filled

With water oh [ __ ] there’s a little bit gold right here this is like all the leftover [ __ ] I guess I didn’ts that you don’t like leftovers no I I definitely focus on leftovers that is to say I don’t let what I I’ve never had any leftovers go to waste

That’s good sometimes stuff that I cook will go to waste but not much of it and never leftovers although I guess leftovers is relative because if you cook something and then you put in the and then you put the rest of in the fridge I guess that’s technically

Leftovers yeah so yeah I I definitely [ __ ] with left I leftovers all the time IE nothing with leftovers Prett I leftovers two-third of the time yeah I need a lot of leftovers too oh God there’s water here that’s the way to do it what am I going to do just cook

Every day just cook a big meal every day the cooking is so annoying I like I like cooking but I like cooking like in moderation like I’ll cook you know one big meal and then I eat it for four day three or four days three or four day yeah you know

Like I make like five pieces of chicken and I make uh you know like a whole big pot of big pan of broccoli and then I eat a piece of chicken and a piece of broccoli every night or not one piece of broccoli jeez a piece of chicken and a

Pile of broccoli every night broccoli please no I I deserve more what do you mean you deserve more I deserve more broccolis my ankles bod likes broccoli dude well that’s very cute and funny he doesn’t really like healthy food though but I think he does like broccoli that’s his that’s like all you

Meat that’s true if you if you ate raw brocc like I don’t like raw broccoli but if I ate raw broccoli all the time I’d be very healthy there’s a ton of calcium there I’ve heard and like lots of [ __ ] that’s probably a good way to get

Strong bones you know [ __ ] on raw broccoli but [ __ ] that dude there’s like no one said D do you like raw broccoli it’s all right it’s like not even all right in my opinion like raw raw I mean you got to cook it right spil it right what spoil it boil

It yeah oh Bo boiling is one way to do it but yeah you can eat raw broccoli but it’s so hard yeah it is hard it sucks no don’t don’t boil my just just roast that roast that [ __ ] like like don’t make me eat like I’ve just heard

That it’s really healthy but like don’t make me do that I refuse spider just committed suicide rest in peace I hear it we’re getting to the enemy area where is he I hear a baby zombie [ __ ] he’s right in your face dude well here’s the baby zomie chose him that was pretty good

Yeah [ __ ] you baby check them corners for real hi bat wow can bat be friends uh I don’t think they could be friends but they’re they’re not going to hurt you you’re like a little flying Mickey Mouse yeah they’re really cute I hear a lot of zombies There’s lava here oh there’s

Diamond across there zombies are [ __ ] hissing and gurgling and I don’t even know what gurgle gurle oh there’s twoo M carts right there right next to each other that’s crazy mine carts are my cart okay okay okay post is clear it’s clear it’s clear yeah you you

Really do check the corns check them deep yeah I do got make sure nothing’s going to creep up on us yeah is this the way where the diamond is or oh it’s this way this way come on some gold under there too one Diamond kidding me are you

[ __ ] kidding me no way dude oh that’s really suck I need a fist full of diamonds right now I require that’s so your Twitchy fans twitchers has to has to send me some diamonds what yeah like a fist why they have to you that somebody’s got to take the

Responsibility for after diamonds we’ve been getting today somebody’s got to step up and you know what it can be you yes you there’s no one there’s no one here time the end can’t believe nobody’s watching our quality stream yeah so sad have Monday and it’s early

But I guess it’s not it’s kind of dinner time for you guys yeah it is be to oh the M cards oh there’s lots of railings in here that’s a should I take thems yeah got a name tag diamond yeah and an iron pickaxe nice good can I give some valuable [ __ ] okay

Like what like a diamond like a gold like a Lapis like a rare and then okay I don’t see anything over here oh there’s a spider under there what are you doing what do you think you’re doing I’m grounding all right um how do I get back I think this way oh

There door I all right back in here back up here the spiky Place mhm music’s very mellow and thoughtful creeper okay he stuck on the little piece of rock oh he exploded I was blocking you a piece of chit soap is Laz there’s a Creeper down there though llo rapis

Llo oh there a creeper and there’s a skeleton over there there’s actually two Creepers ah okay there are two Creepers over there oh man the music’s actually going [ __ ] off right now it’s still chill but like awesome like echoing kind of fast so look at this area so big whoa oh [ __ ]

Am I stuck on Rock I think I am all right I’m kind of running out of torches I only have 13 I have um 18 oh there diamond diamond come there one oh there’s another two there eight they are never heard this song before it’s great this giant waterfall who

Whoa it’s a big open area over here holy [ __ ] this is [ __ ] huge U you can kind of fly in this game in Creator mode no oh the item that you could get oh a little Glide would be very nice oh we never really used that in

Valheim didn’t we get like a Glide oh yeah was like a cape or something yes when they release the next bi which hopefully they will someday we’ll fly around some go up here that’s another word that’s kind of metal gold we must you looking for gold well it’s evil just because it’s

Evil doesn’t mean it’s metal materialism is not metal somebody Point although actually evil is metal evil things are metal kind of but they’re not truly metal the most metal things are like [ __ ] imagery of demons and zombies and swords and hell and but also like righteousness and justice justice is [ __ ] better might

I ran out of torure uh let me give you mine I have 13 a zombie behind you oh no I only gave you one torch and I I don’t have a weapon out all right I’m just gonna I’m just gonna yes all right this need to be lit a

Little bit there a zombie ah it’s a gold zombie he’s so fancy you get that armor seriously bro bro brother although sometimes I’m not even sure if you are my bro oh Bri watching D did I tell you no by S crunchy roll it’s good yeah you

Like it it’s like kind of kind of cheesy uh I try not to listen to music uh what do you meantion to music is started I them song I I I listened to the beginning of the intro song what was it like it was uh like rat it was like Japanese rap silly

I think there’s two songs from that series that are like cool songs I mean some some of the songs in the driving sequences are pretty cool some of them are pretty lame there’s a lot of English lyrics that are bad yeah and that’s unfortunate but the the the driving songs the driving music

Is often pretty cool it’s like it’s bumpin like some pumpin 90s like club music so good yeah it’s pretty good it’s pretty good and the the driving like the driving sequences are like fun to watch like fun action so yeah I’m digging I’m kind of investing the story and the

Because you know it’s kind of they kind of do in like a shown in like martial arts way like he he was driving all this time and he had the the cup of water in the passenger SE in the in the cup holder and he can’t spill any water even

Though he’s driving crazy fast so it’s like yeah cool kind of like martial oh wow yeah that’s funny yeah it’s cool it’s like he drove he drove every day for five years uh this winding road with cup of water in the cup holder it made him a master driver because his dad

Before him was a master driver I ran on torches again yeah that’s we gotta go back okay that was a good that was a uh good outing felt productive got some stuff yeah stuff that’s what we got you’re right about that Wonder there’s any torches in my I guess I could make

Some if I have any coal in my chest over there oh yeah we haven’t got a lot of coal no is this where my chest is no where’s my chest more this way yeah there it is I think I’m more than halfway done with hearts of

Stone oh really um I met old geared Von ever’s dead wife Iris oh yeah remember that [ __ ] yeah dude that was [ __ ] freaky yeah it’s crazy do you remember the fight with her in the endless hallway like the in the endless hallway yeah like you like you meet her and she like

Comes out of a painting and she’s like a just like a freaky ghost floating ghost like before you meet her like before you meet the real her she’s like a shade of her comes out and it’s like this freaky ghost and it’s like a very difficult

Boss fight maybe like oh man o and like the hallway becomes like endless all of a sudden you’re in like a [ __ ] interdimensional like endless hallway yo it was not easy and the gardener The Gardener is like a FL Golem yeah I remember that guy

That guy’s [ __ ] up he has no nose no eyes no ears he’s got him out though scary sorry I’m talking about video games while we’re playing different video games all right I got some torches all right let’s do it nice my space board is a little squeaky space butt space

Board space butt space bar yeah oh nice I like how you went from board to button to bar space button space there’s a button that I press and it makes me go to space yay space shoots me into space you press the space button and

Like a pod you have like a pod built into your the seat of your pants that like forms like just it just like explodes into a like a pod it like unfolds into like a perfect space pod and then shoots you upwards through the ceiling bust through the ceiling the

Way B I think it’s time for us to press the space button I’m pressing it I’ll meet you in space bye bye everyone see you in space Goodbye goodbye now I’m going off to space place is in space b is zombie zombie zombie he’s stuck [ __ ] he’s stuck all damn [ __ ] Abyss it doesn’t go down that far oh Jesus Christ look at this it’s a [ __ ] war zone down there there’s no way I’m going down

There bro oh is there a lot of enemies look at them all two Creepers two spiders oh two skeletons oh I think a spider just despawned a spider jockey though we got SPID jockey oh like from B’s gate kind of it’s just a skeleton riding

As a spider oh I didn’t know could hear that is it like a big spider like an extra big spider yeah it’s the regular well the spider it’s a rare enemy actually I did see a baby pig pig man ride a baby boar yes I remember that that was really cute but I

Never seen that it is funny that like humans can ride on top can like if they domesticate an animal they can just like ride them as rides there’s so many enemies I don’t know if it’s a good idea to go down there we could make a staircase down there and just find them

One at a time strategy light guess we could damn the cavern y so much [ __ ] Redstone though I don’t even know what to do with it yeah honestly make a million compasses I you could do some Redstone engineering but oh really yeah my brain doesn’t work that good all that what does it

Involve uh I guess you could use the Redstone kind of like electricity and like power up machines and stuff like that [ __ ] cool bate that’s [ __ ] cool yeah I M that is very cool oh you’re making like a spiral stair kind of oh [ __ ] there’s an amethyst cave right here Skeleton ding we’re home oh there’s a skeleton right there all right hopefully there’s nothing else in here ding so there could so we got to be careful cuz one of these could open up onto like a lake right a lake oh [ __ ] yeah there could like if we knock through an amethyst it

Could there could be water on the other side I mean it could we usually see like a drip of water come down before I know that yeah so you just like no they’re like oh this is not water’s going to come down here jingling D jingling jingling dong I do like the amethyst song yeah it’s pretty Dingle Dingle Dingle dong Dingle dong Dingl ding Ding d Dong oh there a creeper oh there three there’s three creepers why so many this one’s coming up oh [ __ ] I got a barrier where he go oh there he is creepy [ __ ] come here yeah he’s hiding in the corn corner I got him I got one hey creeper come here

Do you see me I’m over here yeah come here come here [ __ ] come here come here my God they go in the [ __ ] corner I can’t see them anymore they’re hiding oh I see him popped out popped in popped out [ __ ] we made eye contact I don’t know what to

Do wi in the hole Yeah but then they’re all going to walk in right well let’s see this one I don’t see them anymore you see where’ they go oh oh there’s the other one come on got him okay think we’re clear going in check out this big

Cavern that [ __ ] spider right there yeah should we get rid of it so it doesn’t [ __ ] with us later uh probably a what a big c Spider of blocking their their first leap for some Reason I think I’m like I think I’m not working hello b or you’re not a b you’re a fat B I autoa fly around it’s a cave BB pretty much it’s like a mouse BB it’s like another path behind the waterfall oh my God there’s so many [ __ ] skeletons that’s what really

Gets you as the skeletons shooting you from every direction y Agro one I keep walking that way there’s a gaggle creepers over there oh here he goes oh [ __ ] this ow C off his legs careful don’t go too close oh they’re fighting each other let him fight let

Him fight let him fight oh nice when that happens okay he’s going to be aggroed on us now all right we’re clearing this place out cool yeah I do like owning this Cavern just get like the really dark spots over here oh [ __ ] I hear a zombie are you zombie oh here he

Is zombie do not no where the [ __ ] where’s the Skelly I don’t know he shot you from above but I don’t see where oh he’s right here he’s right in your base must have dropped down yeah can I give you my arrows Seven Arrows I don’t have a

Pickaxe I got shot in the face uh I will give you the I have uh three pickaxes I have many pickaxes I mean I don’t have a bow right you little [ __ ] I like to kill you know there was a [ __ ] ton of creepers maybe they despawned I don’t see them

Anymore d d diamond sword holy [ __ ] we got an enchanted axe or something there’s a lot of iron around one creeper it’s a zombie zomb me behind you spider good clearing them out all right this is my last torch good D we really cleared out this huge Cavin

Yeah but they’re going to respawn if it’s not lit up properly uh like in the parts like they’ll respawn the dark Parts yeah right right right that’s pretty good though mhm that’s not bad all right back to back to the house uh yeah mine is iron oh

Yes there a little bit of iron around oh there’s some Diamond up here [ __ ] there’s a lot in here wrong good yes that that’s right oh yeah yeah that’s what I said I said yeah I said oh yeah let me hear you say yeah that’s in a macro blank song it goes go

It’s hardore let’s go on up go back up you go rise oh [ __ ] I fell it’s a little sketchy here know what again I’m going take the waterfall up nice smart there’s a piece of diamond right there I don’t think I can get it though oh [ __ ] get out okay all right I’m

Good I saw where you just were but I’m not I’m oh I’m not 100% on where you’re going um so I can just swim up a waterfall yeah okay I see you there you are guess it just go this way did you build these wooden platforms no

These are already here yeah I guess this be a lot for though sh up water zombie nobody cares yeah nobody cares dude oh there’s a slime there’s a slime that’s fine look at him slime what are you doing here oh that is a weird place for a slime isn’t

It sometimes they spawn in caves it’s like kind of rare oh Sho nice decim okay decim so I think we go this way is it this way I think it’s up steps up this way no um oh up this way then this way yeah then this way

Fire then it’s um oh over here where all these torches are at right here I remember and then you go up the stairs c c c we survived and we didn’t die we survived didn’t die y y Enderman in the house again let’s [ __ ] him up you ready wait let me eat first

Okay okay but I want to aggro him with my eyes should I use my diamond no I don’t think that’s a good idea Diamond no don’t AG don’t Arro him uh yes you should use your diamond I agree all right ready all right yep I’m ready oh disappeared [ __ ] Enderman where are

You is he dead I don’t think he’s dead I think you’re right I think he’s not dead edman come back are you coward I don’t know where he went I don’t like that we have an angry Enderman dis vanish in the house you could be anywhere be

Anywhere today is a good day to Die end get out of our house Ender yeah it’s like a haunted Spirit like a haunted by a evil spirit you got to sprinkle salt everywhere cook this too iron yeah and cooked gold it’s a thunderstorm oh no my house is geted St

By lightning again oh no that be pretty Bad oh yeah the last lightning strike was really bad wasn’t it yeah it was burn down almost all my house [ __ ] dude wow a lot of ameth yeah you do do you put the amethyst shard in a different place uh maybe it’s in like the one of

The like the gold chest maybe I don’t know so much Redstone good Godly Gods good go the gagas there’s a lot of redone my gods my oh my grapes oh my God I don’t like that yeah W that sounds awesome though I do love I love

Thunder I gotta find where to put the [ __ ] drip Stone where do I put the [ __ ] uh the amethyst just same place oh that makes sense [ __ ] drip Stone ah good good so what’s the deal with bows bows is it possible to repair them yeah you

Can if you put two like broken bows next to each other and a crafting table you could repair I see I see it would just turn into one bow right that’s fine the trick is to wait until they’re both almost dead right I guess I got some arrows yes we have we

Have a lot of arrows actually we could wage war you have an arrow of slowness that’s nice um how you feeling BR you you think you’re almost ready to call our Minecraft session yeah I guess so I’m going to make a diamond pickaxe Unbreaking efficiency and Unbreaking lame where’s the fortune I don’t want that do you want a diamond pickaxe uh no I don’t feel like I need one you should save it but it’s not giving me the enchantment that I want I’m sorry I give you sympathy that’s all I give

You sympathy and validation you want to incy three why do you keep trying to Pawn off your crappy stuff on me oh I got silk touch on it actually ni what that me you can mine things that are really soft and not break them like ice i like that yeah

Key it’s key pry key it’s pretty key I guess yes Fortune two that’s good enough get the [ __ ] off that sheep [ __ ] hell I just keep making Diamond pickax why well you you’re looking for one in particular specific effect well I kind of got the effect that I wanted but

It was just two and not three oh my God so greedy I’m just kid see if I can get three you deserve the best oh I can’t even get it it was Unbreaking anyway lame I ran out of um enchantment level I need over 30 and now I have 26

Actually I need so how many Diamond Pickaxes do you have four but one is not Enchanted the others are enchanted are we sure that’s a good use of diamond pickaxes are we sure about that yeah I mean I guess they’re oh wait I already had a diamond that was Unbreaking oh have

Five do you want one uh no you should save it I have I have iron are you scared you’re going to lose it yes I live my whole life based on fear my primary motivation is fear fear of we have two stacks of 64 Diamond that’s pretty good yeah feel good about that

That is pretty good oh I to put the lapis back so we could we could make full sets of diamond AR armor for our next big raid if there’s like a big battle well when we kill the Ender Dragon yeah we definitely need diamond armor nice Enchanted too probably hell

Yeah so what do you need for more enchantment um this your experience bar the green bar oh right oh I have 10 should I use it for something you have 10 yeah uh no to get the big one you need like 30 level 30 okay you kept dying so you lost all your

Enchantment every time you died that’s how that works ah death yes me and death are old friends ah but a nice home I love my home what a lovely home I’m not sure if the carpet is is necessary this looks a little awkward looks like it doesn’t have a place

There I don’t have a place maybe it does May if I just make a little bigger my normally impec imp impeccable decoror SK fail why do I fail B fail fail I fail fail fail that looks okay maybe I would be interested to hear what you think about it we don’t have any windows we have back window me yeah yeah it’s a little awkward right yeah now I guess that’s better better but it’s it’s just feels pointless

But I guess so is everything so is all decoration yeah you overthink it yeah that’s true so it’s I mean it’s fine it’s kind kind of nice to have a cozy rug in the makes makes the room a little more cozy hely yeah that’s true it’s sounds different like yeah it

Doesy I like that that makes me feel like I’m cozy cozy in my house cring cring CR I wanted I want to have it go like straight up to the bed but then that makes it look awkward yeah that looks weird yep that’s fine it’s okay let’s just be a little square three

By3 Ah that’s a cozy room I’m proud of my cozy room oh but I was going to make like lanterns I think I got two lanterns from the pig okay pig man I I would hang them um in my in I would hang them in here let me get them thank

You yeah they will look cool in here Bang Yeah I guess it’s a little dark in here be ni if there’s some light in this my cozy little little yeah I can’t for Fore myself ever like really designing a a building like really doing that much like I’ll never I

I doubt I’ll ever like design the flooring of a building that I end up got have a lot of money like to do that but yeah I’ll try to once I have more space I’ll try to decorate it and make it cool like this is your chest open like this what

The hell my chest is just sitting open yeah is it open this one not not for me it’s open for me whoa oh there it goes it closed weird all right well you go oh thank you oh four of them wow okay see let’s see what happen cool Clank

Clank GNA get rid of these torches we G to leave the Torches I kind of like having both just makes it even brighter you don’t like the low light no no I was like I was really enjoying the the brightness I mean still kind of like a warm glow of candle light

But maybe right maybe the low light five would be better I kind of like the other ones so this is this is good I don’t know about the placement do you want to place them differently you want it to be like even I don’t know if I want it to be

Even because I I I like having one over the table but maybe that’s maybe that’s what doesn’t make sense maybe I guess i’ rather be even that’s good where yeah I think I there maybe I can make it a little more even yeah why do I hear a skeleton

Outside there’s no skeletons allowed on my Mountain that’s right that’s [ __ ] see [ __ ] this enchanted bow too [ __ ] You you think you are coming on my property with an enchanted nice nice That’s Right power one on this bow it’s almost dead well could you uh feed another bow to it and repair uh I don’t think I can cuz it’s Enchanted so I don’t think it

Would um get repaired like that I think there’s way to do it oh yeah kind of redundant having these uh these lamps here I’m going them a little bit torches I do like having these torches on the like the mantle piece like whatever there we go that’s

Rocky oh thank you for the suggestion bre what a cool addition I guess this looks a little yes ha jump and spin oh you you jumped and spin so much you got dizzy what you got in here a lot of eggs eggs yeah I do exit I will chickens there’s no more

Chickens in here and you know what look how clean and quiet it is isn’t that isn’t amazing how that works it’s boring it’s fine so boring about the chickens chickens they have their place the place is somewhere else in your house no no no no a so

Cozy there was a weird place for a torch but I kind of kind of want it back H I don’t like the I don’t like the pockets of Darkness they remind me of my IM mortality what oh my God ah what a what a beautiful property

We have we have conquered this world R yes we’ve done a very good job conquering and if you look at uh the tower on top of your house you see it’s all in the Name of Love yeah because we just love all the puppies and cats and uh and sheeps of

The world and we just want to go out and meet everybody in the pandas and the Dolphins y y the Dolphins in Minecraft you can swim with the dolphins and you can roll around with the panda babies that’s why we play it wow beautiful beautiful and successful it won’t be long before blew

Yourself a wow wow wow oh [ __ ] got Shield up I will block you what do you have in your hand a bone what a bone smack people with the bone oh you threw the bone throw me a bone will You I did yeah just hanging out in Greg’s house hey everybody come on over to Greg’s house it’s fully decorated it’s got red Carpeting and lanterns wow lanterns Galore hey kids come on down to Greg’s house no you can’t open my table door that’s my table door oh my

Gosh no it’s you’re not supposed to know it’s a door it’s supposed to look like a regular table it does but it could do that too but that’s fine that makes it easy it’s got an easy door flap action for cleaning the underside cleaning all the gum off the

Underside customers just stick they’re they’re chewing their gum and they just stick their chewing G what the [ __ ] I can’t believe it how is that what oh my God oh my God what the [ __ ] all right come on back and get your stuff because I don’t want you

Know easier if you come get it it’s okay cuz I set my spawn in your bed okay hi Jesus Christ Oh no you’re I did it how could how did that that was so Random I didn’t know there was a creeper there it wasn’t your

Fault my poor I was just over go back to my house and then of course oh man um here’s your doors nice got any Mossy block I got some there you go I only got two all right I I think I have some other ones Jesus why why I didn’t do nothing to

Nobody wow this is like the second time your front door blew up seriously what am I what have I done it deser This all right well I gotta fix it yeah you got to fix it oh man brutal oh man you you reacting like that how am I supposed to I don’t know I don’t know what to feel I’m gonna throw up now I don’t know why my nose is stuffy all of a

Sudden the [ __ ] happened here think I got allergies and my windows not even open though well that’s none of my business I’m just gonna go just happens this is the perfect time to play [ __ ] hell sock yeah wa what the pretty sany oh really I don’t get to see the bir Dan I Got I glad you’re having a good time universe hates me y plenty of M snow blocks I want I want to see the bird dancing but I want you were here the song’s over all right fine fine cold world out there every it is it

Really is that was the first time I died today yeah wow and you got a good thing use saw your experience well I used I still had like 26 levels oh sh but I did use it so that’s good dancing bird B’s desk yeah he is look at him he’s going Crazy see dancing bir I se was his head noting up and down a little bit what that’s his dance he’s shaking it right now I see his head moving up and down like a tiny bit well you gota watch my stream oh he only dances for me I guess Bri BR at

Twitch.tv oh wow he is [ __ ] rocking out holy [ __ ] yeah look at him Go what is happening I just you’re um yeah there is now he’s rocking out he’s rocking out real good so Cute I [ __ ] I respect that I respect the game it’s funny I like it I’m GL I got to see Bluey is that Bluey yeah blue nice Bluey all what my buddy’s name he’s got cool subsonic subsonic Wall-E subsonic W Walter Subic we got we got nice friends we got nice nice animal friends yay that’s a lucky thing that’s very lucky thing see all my cats upstairs even though we lost three cats oh yeah rip they drowned hi cats I forget their names Garfield meiku meiku that’s mik right that’s

Moscow that’s Miss cookie cookie Miss cookie why are you pushing them cat Pig why is there a pig up here I don’t even know why there a here asleep sleep okay I’ll sleep too all right oh someone actually commented on my YouTube just passing through shorts and

Ended up in your stream God I miss MyCraft peaceful is have a good time y’all oh thank you so much that’s very nice to say that’s nice isn’t it nice when people are nice yeah nice and peaceful they were watching my genin shorts youc that’s how you get them that’s how you hook

Them okay and then once they’re hooked then you get them into get them into the quality content I start doing NPC videos NPC videos yeah where you act like an NPC oh like the live those are like Tik Tok live videos but I don’t know people

Still do that I think that might be done that was tooop I guess some some people probably still do it but it’s not really as popular anymore right well I already played the closing song so yeah it’s about that time let me just uh repair the last little bit Sky oh

Your house is still blown up yeah a little bit slow building um I feel I did This uh now if you quit do I do I leave uh I don’t know well whatever I’m just gonna finish fixing this a little bit I’m just going to make like a stone axe real quick so take your time um um leave whenever you want and I’ll I’ll be

Short between a bullet and a Target I think I I don’t know if he’ll stay like he might get booted out that’s fine I’m not like I’ve I’ve done pretty much everything I wanted to do I’m just doing some fishing touches but yeah like honestly like I don’t care if you’re filling

Around stone ax Stone ax Stone and my axe my a my ass you have my my ass that’s not what G said yeah you said that didn’t say that you sure this the ex ended version you said that I think I didn’t see that the exerted extended version

Oh that’s a secret version lord of the Cochran oh [ __ ] I didn’t make that up that was from uh four-year-old virgin I think like he brings over this uh have you seen a four-year-old virgin not really all right well Paul rud brings over like this big box of porn tapes to

Try to get uh Steve Carell to uh J off why does he need him to jerk off he he doesn’t need it to he’s just like they’re talking and it comes up in conversation that hey you put a chicken in here no it comes it comes up in

Conversation that not only does Steve Carell uh has never had sex he also doesn’t jerk off much and so Paul’s like dude man like what’s going on with you like you don’t even jerk off like you gotta you you got to let you know let it

Out a little bit you know and so he uh he brings over a big box of corn tapes and it’s not that funny of a movie and I stopped watching it halfway through because I I used to like it and I I used

I used to love it I used to think it was very funny and uh yeah I just couldn’t really get into it I thought it was kind of dumb oh no yeah I just not in the right head space for it maybe he’s as seual actually Steve Steve crell yeah Steve cr’s character

Yeah well no that’s not how the movie turns out he’s not as sexual oh maybe he was pressured into having sex but really he never wanted to because he was asexual uh well he was he was pressured by the other guys into like having one night stands and [ __ ] that wasn’t that wasn’t

For him and then he met a girl that he really likes and that’s the end of you like that no you little baby chicks you’re so cute hi buddy what are you doing my chick I’m saying hi how they get out there I’ll l m

No what are you doing what you do you throw an egg in there oh so sometimes they shatter so there’s egg yolk and broken shell all over the floor of my house all the time oh my God you just throwing eggs and some of them hatch and some of them

Don’t yeah there’s just egg yolk everywhere there’s egg Yol covering the whole floor that’s why the floor is so sticky all the time I can’t believe it I thought the floor was sticky for the other reason oh what dude I can’t believe you do that to

Me that’s the only way to get chicko in there that’s a terrible thing that you do no you’re not supposed to do that that’s their home that’s where they grow oh my God you do that to my house and then when they’re old enough they leave that’s what they’re born oh my

Gosh I do not want all these chicken yeah so many dude realistically Wally would just like attack them no Wally would be friends with them no you’re right he just W’s the alpha he would dominate I don’t know oh man I love my house with the lanterns on Looks So

Co yes my house is complete I have the lanterns I have the red carpet I could not be happier with my home thank you rub thank you for letting me rent uh stay build on your property with no rent rent free there is rent uh yeah there kind of is rent it’s the

Chicken oh the chicken tags the so it’s not it’s like reverse rent it’s like you let me build on your property for free but I have to give your your chickens like a place to stay is that what it is yes hit you with chick no you with a piece of cook chicken

No how you know I was in here I was crouching nothing hatched they’re all Duds ah damag no I don’t think so oh it’s that okay I think it maybe it will now because my food went down it might do damage but I don’t

Know uh no oh wait yeah it did it did half damage you chicks this is my chicken Army you got yeah you got some serious got some serious chicken troops did you throw a million eggs and not one of them hatched I did like 12 eggs and none of

Them hatched and you flipped my table up didn’t you well I was being attacked I panicked and I flipped the table that’s such a weird table that makes no sense for yeah me just accidentally like trigger the switch and then all the food just slides off and shatters on the ground

Honestly that’s a good idea is it yeah I mean you could manually flip a table I’ve seen it done oh yeah oh yeah you kidding me flip the table those tables on CSU get oh I mean like get a restaurant no that that’s crazy yeah seen it lots of tables get

Flipped I’ve had a chair thrown at me in a while cuz our chairs on south of CSU weigh like 100 pounds oh damn well there was one guy who’s doing curls with him oh but like you could tell based on looking at him that he could probably do curls

With it like it wasn’t a surprise yeah like oh okay dude I guess yeah sure and um go ahead do that yeah that’s not the kind of guy you’re like hey stop doing that nice guy when he’s not like when his psychosis doesn’t like up I hear that I’m hearing that where

What do you mean I don’t know I I don’t know exactly where it is cuz I’m upstairs I’m in my cozy little bedroom but I hear something happening it sounds kind of like eggshells and yolks splattering all over the floor have you no no shame B I’m leaving I’m out of

Here it’s not worth it I’m moving I’m moving to Mexico Mexico there’s no Mexico in Minecraft going to the desert biome I’m leaving that’s where you want to live no I like in the desert Bi I don’t think I’m hungry enough to justify ordering Curry I just don’t think that’s like the move you don’t know if you’re hungry enough to justify or Curry no I don’t think I I don’t think I will I have some left over pasta so I’ll eat like a protein bar now

And then I’ll have the pasta with some cheese later got to get the Bippity B I was thinking about it but I just like I would want to have like a big appetite and I just I had like a really big lunch so I don’t egg and toast yeah I had a

Lot I had four eggs oh damn yeah this is one of those days it’s a was a four egg it felt like a four egg day but I was I was wrong it wasn’t it wasn’t no that’s Okay say fun session R yes thank you for hosting me yes I spilled some tea on my pants but you know that happens that’s so funny I I I kind of knew it was going to happen I like put my tea in like near where my hands were so if I clapped it

Would have just smashed it to like right on my lap which is exactly what happened I did [Laughter] clap you’re clapping for the B baby I remember why you remember why I CLA cuz the band in a roll that’s the best reason to clap yeah that was really

Good virtual Panda I applaud you panda panda panda it was a good Panda best Panda nice nice you panda

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